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yi: .V My , .vw . Q-', H.. .-k - ' x Q' 4 . 1.5: gs- : ., . ,.- ,MW .. X, 1? W 4 .J qw ., 1,1 -34' ,-.0 wxqfff' f- ' . KT? ff". 'mv , . - ,. i T ' rf A 1 41 . xy ' T153 A "Ui tf,.vI.5?,V S- ggimn X H .3 w4,4,,V. . ., 5 , -if Q kbcjx .X ,ax A k gui :Ma-:' 'f:,-, ,v..m .-.,.,., L. .-. w .st- .. 1.5 'ra' ... . 4 qw W Hwff-Ill: -1- l W- -- 1 llevlfom I 55 A rw s lu bq lzlwe bt ae is Albion Centtgl School N I I X ll Y' ' '1 ' ' l 1 ' r songs ! 5 41 L sf :X ' :I lu: 1- 4.1471 V A D , l lg'??e'fQ-ffii I su 2 . - l- 'f?'TT'f' 'F f 1f 1 , ' K "4 X.,-Wafv' l A l .E , l ' lvl" i 1 ,w ?u , 9 I Dublis eJ A U' n " - 'f' wb 1 of A . Y K 4 it Albion, ,ew Yorlq Q ' I l . ' o A, ,ff b 7 il ' srmsz' ' ir i W V Y, . 4 J. rs . '-1'f',i5lff1' 'fl INTRODUCTION 2' The Chexron of 1955 IS a maglc mlrror the past present future all The past IS gone the present IS now and the future? We hold up our mrrror to the llfe of Alblon Central l-hgh School We are tomorrows past , . . . A 1 v 9 v ' 1 r ac v 'J I I 5 'D DEDICATION "Mirror, mirror on the wall Past, Present, Future I . . . Miss BALL." "Miss Ball taught us that." Faces of students shine back from the mirror of her teaching. She has reflected the high standards of scholarship of Albion. The Chevron shows the integrity of her judgment for she was its friend for many years. Weppolish the mirror of this issue of the Chevron in dedication to Anna Ball. CARL I. BERGERSON Superintendent of Schools CHARLES C. D'AM1co Principal 4 Of'SO!T5Or-7012301 PO O YOLl2C' O '50 O O IOFTOC' 304 O O O O O O O O -1 BOARD OF EDUCATION LEONARD DEPCZYNSK1 jA1x1Es PARSONS PASQUALE IDILAURA JOSEPH SADLER DOROTHY BLAKE STANLEY WOODS Louis IIOLLENBECK GORDON IVICIVIURRAY DONALD NESBITT O4 POC IO O O O O O C O O O O C7 O O O O O O O O O O FACU LTY "The best mirror is an old friend." NORMA R. DILAURA Director of Guidance TIIEODORE ANDERSON, Vice-Principal ln charge of Census, Attendance, and Transportation DOREEN SUNDELL Arr Supervisor of High School MOSES SHERMAN Supervisor of Instrumental Music of High School MARY A. TRU1X4BLE Supervisor of Vocal Music of High School MICHAEL SPIERDOWIS Physical Education - Boys IANET H. BAILEY Physical Education - Girls DR. A. ELSON School Physician ELEANOR CUSACK School Nurse MARGARET D. LANDFEAR Dean of Girls and English ANNA L. BALL English MAY W. SCHNITZER English BERNARD LYNCH English and Public Speaking EVELYN A. COLLINS Librarian M ARJORIE MAHONEY Social Studies NORMAN HILL Social Studies IRENE HARRIGAN Social Studies and French HAZEL G. D,AhIICO Latin SADIE M. BRITTON Mathematics WILLIAM A. MONACELLI Science EIXIILY E. BEEMAN General Science and Biology I lu STEWART NEW Agriculture ANNE HOLT Commercial ROY W. SOHROEDER Commercial EDITH ANDERSON H Omemalcin g PAMELA STOREY Homemaking and Health KATHLEEN PENDERGAST I iomemakin g OSCAR L. RICKEY Industrial Arts HAROLD HOPKINS Auto Driver Education Physical Education l'lELENA HOGAN unior High Mathematics KATIIARINE BILLINGS nior High Social Studies EDIIIUND BIORDI 7th Grade ROLAND SANFORD 7th Grade MILDRED HAZEL 7th Grade LORRAINE SPRACUE 7th Grade NELLIE VVILLEY 7th Grade ELMA SANFORD 6th Grade l'lESPER SCHARETT 6th Grade lVlARTHA HART 8th Grade JULIA MCGUIRE School Accountant FACUL'Y THEODORE JANET H. KATHARINE EDMUND EVELYN A. ANDERSON BAILEY BILLINGS BIORDI COLLINS ELEANOR HAZEL G. NORMA IRENE MARTHA CUSACK D'AMlCO on LAURA HARRIGAN -I V HART- vwig.. 8 alll! MILDRED NORMAN HELENA ANNE HAROLD HAZEI. HILL HOGAN HOLT HOPKINS of fo o o o o o o o of"1o4-' 101 rO o o o o o o o o o o '-wc I FAC U LTY MARGARET D. BERNARD MARJORIE JULIA WILLIAM A LANDFEAR LYNCH MAHONEY MCGUIRE MONACELLI STEWART KATHLEEN OSCAR L, ELMA ROLAND NEW PENDERGAST RICKEY SANFORD SANFORD HESPER ROY W. MOSES MICHAEL PAMELA SCHARETT SCHROEDER SHERMAN SPIERDOWIS STOREY 'O O O 501 PO O O O O O O C O O O 0 O O O O O O O O FACULTY MARY A. NELLIE TRUMBLE WILLEY FACULTY ITEMS Mr. Norman Hill is the new Student Council advisor along with Mr. Anderson. Mr. Sherman has a new girll Miss Hatch has a new name, Mrs. Bailey. Mr. Hopkins is the A. C. S. fishing expert while Mr. Anderson and lXlr. Host are the hunting experts. We were all glad when Mrs. Landfear got back from California because we were afraid she'd be leaving A. C. S. to go to work for M. C. M. Everyone from A. C. S. found it quite interesting to have Miss Storey with us. The health of everybody at A. C. S. has been much better since Mrs. Cusack has been with us. Mrs. Harrigan has been quite busy this year since so many pupils have taken an interest in French. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O D O O O O O O O O O In order to know your true identity, see what the mirror reflects X XX X Y xx X X X KX X kkx, X X Q XXX XXX rx Lkkkx K K xx Xxxxk XXX xx X X X x XX 4 X - X .X XX M N 'xx 517' .,:, Ig? I 'fy A V1 ay wx L WN fi! ELZX N. . ,V vu ' 65 - 5-,Hr '51 gr. . 'jfkq ff? ' I in V if f . FQ 2 2 by VV k Vmiti-7.1: rl .4 ff, ,- - :A fn ,J 'if-? V 'V - in , f . P--mmm I 1-..zgffifzf1i!,,'gq?1,ig?Q itatj , A Y X -,Yk :V U- 1 5 ' ---,Q q 4 , ' 1 fs: r X 5 l SN 'iv - W' 45 'fi if-L'f'f. gd! gi? .ff E H - ,',yf' xx, D? ka i sf t - 2 N E .' 1. ' ' L15 W- l :. F r A 1 , P . w QM 4 lg I L32 ff'xi5.4 54 3 45' Kifml ETF: ciiwa wi 4,1 W Qglq Eg' , I Zfsf f ex' i ,ff . 4 'Q -,QI-1 - f . , f-.-31? .s,- - rg. ' iff .,, rg P if 7177 ' 'mxzf-ll V "f'f 5i-ffl ,, ,.f '1--. ,A,, f ' ll , I :4,,3.Yg Q Taj- iiafj ?f::,,ff,5gl3kG:,f., 't L71 L ,, ,.YY,, . YV ,xglgil:i,:5igflwk'4iq ' A -ii'-W !.,,:,' .Pl K 'Mi-X-5.L! U - Mx? 1 ' fhn--my fm, - -.Lg-,-ZY!'4'mj,4cig?k L L A N "'-2,4 M Wi! W -i..Ls 3 f '----.. M A-21, K 1 fix, M? ' Q. g , Q X, g1yi-i- fi-QQ 2 R X 11f l'-.fiiflf ...iF-wlujx ' "7':1:- 5:3 SENIOR OFFICERS M. KEELER, A. KUHN, M. Dock, SARCENT SENIOR CLASS "Where's a mirror?" "ls my hair alright?" "Hows my tie, is it straight?" Many seniors uttered these phrases as they were preparing for their pictures. "There goes that Nayman kid collecting money againfl was often heard last October as the dollar bills filled his large, empty pockets. "No dollars, no pictureln was the thought that finally convinced even the best of our misers. Early in September the popular vote of the entire class chose Arnold Kuhn as president, by some strange coincidence, lVlary Keeler as vice-president, hilary Ann Dock as treasurer, and Shirley Sargent as secretary. The students' choice has proven to be a good one. On November 6, the student body of ACS was greatly shocked by the appear- ance of the Seniors in their Sunday best with hair combed and even shoes shinedl The occasion was none other than our annual Senior Tea, the really formal occasion of our school year. In spite of the crowded supply room and lumpy punch, everyone enjoyed themselves and after it was over said "It wasn't so bad after all." Soon it was Christmas time and the seniors again assembled after school for the annual Christmas Party. A spaghetti dinner was prepared and served by our Senior llome-EC. students under the direction of Miss Pendergast. Santa Claus was there, too, and he even brought presents for Mrs. Landfear, Mr. Anderson, and Miss Pendergast. The evening was rounded out by games and music in which everyone took part. ln January, the spotlights of the theatre world shown brightly on the ACS stage. The production "Charley's Aunt", starring our seniors under the direction of Mr. Bernard Lynch, was one of the best ever presented by ACS students and there were more people there than ever before. On February 23, the class boarded buses and invaded the Auditorium theatre in Rochester to see the 'Pajama Came." This year our trip to the theatre was much more enjoyable due to the lower seats and less Nhigh altitude bloody nosesf, The old saying "Time Flies, can be experienced best by a high school senior. No other year in school proves to be so interesting or busy. Ir seems to pass by so quickly. Cnly a few short weeks ago we came back to school from the summer Of POC..JO1 ,O O O O O ,HJOCIIDOK O O O 0 , O' O O O O O P vacation and here it is, Commencement. C1LADYS ALLPORT HI1CVl11y Penny" FRANK BABCOCK I 1 Urcules DUANE BERNS "Smokey Stover" CILEMENT BOKMAN HPIITTZSBIH ,Oc :Of 101 ,Q RICHARD ANDERSON "Little Tommy Tucker' CAROL BACON UAf1I'lUQilZH Dk JEAN BLACKlXlAN "ja1al1erw0cky" JANE BOUTER "Shorty" If ,Qc--my ,04 104 ,QQ ,Q4 -704 :QQ 77,04 ro of ,gf ,Q gf 701 yo CAROL BIIACE "Myrtle" RAYMOND BRUSKI "Terry Lee" JOAN CLIFF "Queen of Hearts" PIIILIP DAILEY "Simple Simon" IRICIIARD BRAKENBURY Kljnclzfl VVILLIAAI BURGIO "Little King" DAVID COLLINS "Davey Crockef' IVIARY SUE IDAILEY "Snow VVhite" 0 o 0 0 o o 0 o o o o o ,o1 :oc -0- :of :cf fo 14 NIARY lJAN1ELS lljillll RUTH DOTY "Dear Binh" 1x'1ARjORlE DLIRRAN1' "Marjorie Daw" ZXRNOLD FOOTE "Dr. jake!" 9 IX1ARY ANN DOCK "Mistress Mary" BARBARA DLIRRANT "The Pussy Cat" clORDON FERRIS lt' ll Superman ZXRNOLD FORD "Li'l Abner" 0 ,QQ ,QQ ,QQ 10. ,QQ ,Qi ,Of -Q1 ,of 104 I 7 .1 Q4 ,QQ ,gf 104 ,Q ,Of ,Of wg- ,QQ ,QQ .0 ! is Q,- ARLENE GIARRIZZO "Gretel" RONALD HARLING ff If Romeo ROGER HOBRS 'Casey At Bat" DANIEL Iunwlcx "Mn Peepers" RICHARD GRIFFIN "The Spider" DONALD HILL "Mn Hyde" ROBERT HOOT "Robin Hood" GLORIA KAINIINSKI "Hazel" O1 'O' 20 O' 111.201 'O' 'Os-.201 'Ol 'O O' 'OK O O O O O Lf . M ARY KEELER Little Red Riding Hood" ROBERTA KUBICA "Mary H artlinen ERLING lVlAINE "The Mad Scientist u GERTRLIDE lVIARKLE "The lVlilkmaiol" ANN KIRCHNER "Mother Goose" ARNOLD KUIIN 1'Tlte Big Baal Ufolf' lx1ARY Lou lVlANFREDI "Little Lulu" lXlARCIA lX1ERRILL "Little Bo Peep" O O O '7 O O O O O Ol 17 1 ,Of-' DOY O O O1 P04401 O O O O VO JAMES MILLER "Roscoe Sweeney" SHIRLEY MILLER "Lucy Locket" 'IOETTE iX'1CKENNA "Daisey Mae" MARY NARBURGH "Old Mother Hubbard" C, O O O N-1 JI 59- wuvuput LOIS MILLER 'ifloldylocksi' JANICE' IXAINCKLEY f'Little Miss Muffetn FRANCIS NAYRIAN "Sherlock H ol1nes" ANN NEURERIBURG "Little Orphan Annie" O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O .18 M ARION NEWLANDS "Dixie Dugan" .IANES OlBRlEN KKHapl7J!!f JOHN PAIIURA USI11'1Cl1l1t'I1'lH ANGELO PANEPINTO "Sleepy" JANICE Nunn "Cin0lerella" PATRICK O,DONNELL 1'Baslzful" BETTY PAHUTA 'Betty Crocker" DANIEL PARKER f'Daniel Boone" ,Ol ,Qc 104 ,ox ,904 I0 ,Of ,QQ ,Of ,gf ,Q4 fo O .201 w04 ,of ,Q ,Of ,Ol ,O ,OL ,C RosAL1E PIAZZA Little lodine's Pal" DYCKMAN POLAND fl J ll I ogo PATRICIA R1cE "Little Iodine" ROGER Rusu "VVimpy" CHARLES PLUMIXIER "Dennis the Menace" BARBARA RESTIVO "L0uellt1 Parsons" joAN IROBINSON "Town M 01tse" JOSEPH SAcco "Forest Prince" ,OL ,QQ ,QQ icq 0 Q ,gf ,QQ ,QQ ,Qi :oe ,Of of sos 04 ,ox :O 20 ROBERT SADOWSKI NAI Cappu BETTY SARGENT 'Little Betty Blue" EDWARD SHERVIN "Gorgeous George" SHIRLEY SNYDER "Emily Post" Q ,Qt 0 wcf ,QQ ,O ,gf ,Q IVIAE SAEVA "jenny VVren" SHIRLEY SARGEN1' 'ADragon Lady" WAYNE SIXIITH "Sl1cggo" AAARILYN STANDISH "Millie" ,OK 5Oa,JOIQOf 304 PO! PO! POk..2O4 POC 701 :O POQYJO NORBIAN STARKWEATHER "Dogwood" DONALD STEELE "Alley Oop" IVIARCIA TIIAINE "Blondie" JANE TREBLE "Country M ouse" LORRAINE STEIER fl ' ' Il Anme Lorne ROBERT ST1R1c "The Lone Ranger" EDWIN TOWER "Pied Piper" IERRY WAHL "Santa Claus" 22 ,Q o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Ao 1-un.. -' CLINTON VVEAVER HROl7i1ZSO1'7 Crusoe" ROY VVILLIAIXIS ujiooqn bb' In Memory of Sandra Hart Heaven gives its favorites early death." - Byron KENNETH W1 IITING "Smiling jack" 25 JUNIOR OFFICERS W. NARBURGH, P. FRASER, C. PETRONIO, M. CTIBBS JUNIOR ctass "How many did you sell?" "Come on, we have to beat last year's classf, "We did it! We made it!" were common sayings. Ycs, we were successful in keeping up the tradition of selling more magazines and profiting more than the class before us in the junior Magazine Campaign. Elaine Coloney and Susan Monagan were the two highest sellers but many people received certificates for salesmanship. Marcia Gibbs took over the full time treasury that resulted from the magazine campaign. As class president, Carl Petronio led the junior class, William Narburgh was elected vice-president while Patricia Fraser became secretary. VVC attended the lee Capades in Buffalo. Although there was a slight mix-up in seating and we were quite a ways up, we could see quite well with the help of our super-sensitive binoculars. Two to tango? A hundred to tango! Mrs. Merkel, a dancing teacher from Batavia, devoted an hour on two Fridays to teaching us the waltz, fox-trot, and rumba. 'iShould Comic Books Be Banned?" That was the topic discussed on the Junior Town Meeting of the Air. Dan Cottovi and Sue Lester were against the banning while Elaine Coloney and Race Bergman were for it. Sue Monagan was chosen for the Varsity cheering squad. Nancy Bielinski cheered for the layvees. Many junior boys played Varsity basketball and football. Both teams were very good this year. A play was put on by the juniors in an assembly. Many took part in Christmas Choir and the operetta "The Forest Prince." Now we are looking forward to our senior year and hoping it will be a successful one for all. C O O O O rOQ-.QO4 vC C O C O O O O O O O O O O O JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: J. Morton, M. Pecorella, R. Parker, G, Wells, R. Brownell, R. Gillette, M. lngraham, J, London G. Smith, R. Beardsley, S, Lester, C. Wahl, P. Bigger 3rd Row: P. Lake, S. Coy, K, Brust, J. Burroughs, D. Weather, F, Parker, D. Young, C. McGaffick P. Ciarico, D. Dawley, L. Brooks, l. Crawshaw 2nd Row: M. Ludwick, B. Barstow, D. Buckland, I. Long, P. Leigh, T. Grzywacz, M. Stucko, G. Ugorek M. Ranieri lst Row: L. Hudson, M. Beach, J. DeCarIo, A. Page, J. Henderson, F. Hawkins, S. Juliana, R. Smith R. Williams Top Row: B. Bigger, A. Thiel, M. Hill, J. Zummo, R. Markle, D. Snell, T. Kaminski, W. Dale, H. Babcock H. Ford, R. Shawver, S. Stuart, T. Neal, B. Rosenblum 3rd Row: R. McMurray, M. Lamont, D. Gattovi, T. Burgio, L. Atwell, W. Hayden, R. Bergman, E. Banos K. Bloom, C. Petronio, T. Craddock, A. D'Amico, S. Beach, R. Grimm 2nd Row: P. Fraser, S. Monagan, R. Sadler, A, Burgis, E, Coloney, S. Moore, O. Jacobs, M. Monacelli S. Cunningham lst Row. N. Bielinski, J. Starch, A. Baker, K. Rush, S. Wells, L. Smith, D, Sullivan, R. Gibbs, P. Robinson M. Gibbs i 1 som-IOMORE OFFICERS SOPHGIVIORE CLASS "On stage, curtain going up." Cast in order of appearance - President, john Craddock, Veep, Tom Canale, Secretary, Ann Navarra, and Treasurer, Gerry Pilato. ln this year's show, Mrs. llolt, Mrs. Mahoney, Mr. Hill, and Mrs Schroeder proved to he invaluable props - in all 57's undertakings. Act I of our performance included activities. VVC contributed a sum of money to the Good Will Fund. This has been a practice of our's for two years and we hope to continue doing this in the Future. This takes the place of giving gifts at Christmas. Act II - BUMP, BUMP! BRUISE! BRUISEF The report from our Medina skating party. Act IH - Members of the class took part in many intramural activities. Our boys made up a good portion of the lunior Varsity basketball, baseball, and football team. Charles Derwick was one of our Varsity star basketball players. The junior Varsity cheering squad included Sophomores Mary Anne DeCarlo, Faye Hatch, Bea Leigh and Dawn Minier. Eleanor Minckley was the only tenth year girl to be a varsity cheerleader. Nice going, Tub! Hcurtain on '57!" o o o of offs: eric vo fogbcr o o o o o 0 o o o o Top: T. CANALE, Cimnnocic Seated: C. PILATO, A. Nrxvaimx SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row: E. Frank, W. Kirchner, R. Willimott, J. Baxter, J. Bigger, B. Leigh, A. Snyder, J, Jones N. Newton, J. Craddock, M. McKenna, C. Henderson, T. Conole, G. Eornst 3rd Row: J. Dovis, R. Morkle, D. Jeffery, M. Little, F. Manno, M. Budynski, M. Telga, E. Shawver D. Ruhlrnan, C. Morton, K. Morshall, J. Albertson, A. Klingenberger, P. Canham, J. West T. Graham 2nd Row: J. Draper, M, Dourn, W. Weeks, G. Pilato, S. Pecorello, J. Tiffany, L. Meale, D. Clark J. Daniels, N. Gibbs, S. Waldo, R. Mafhes lst Row: K. Skellen, M. Osborne, H. Bouter, C. Noreck, B. Nenni, C. Twordokus, M. Zicari, B. Smith M. Brust, B. Adduci, D. Boker Top Row: W. Jackson, W. Allen, E. Reed, P. Frocchi, D. Lucas, C. Derwick, A. Proctor, K. Rhodey R. Preston, V. Lupo, P. McKenna, D. Draper, R. Hales 3rd Row: S. Hubbell, D. Gregg, F. Hatch, M. Hart, M. Bates, L. D'AngeIo, M. Romanowski, J. Brace R. Reed, R, Hoog, F. Long, N. Brown 2nd Row: J. Fisher, R. Broley, C. Giorrizzo, A. Brackenbury, J. Ellis, R. Pilon, G. Batt, D. Licursi J. Babcock lst Row: P. Standish, D, Minier, M. Noon, B. Brownell, A. Novorra, E. Minckley, B. Sedita, M. DeCorIo B. Ferris, J, Woodcock FRESHMAN CLASS L. l lARVEY FRESHIVIAN CLASS September brings school and it is an especially important year to the Freshman Class, for now they are in high school. To start things right in their high school career, the freshmen elected David Spierdowis as president, Linda Harvey, vice- president and Martha Standish, secretary and treasurer. Our president, David Spicrdowis honored his class by playing varsity football. Several other freshmen took part in junior varsity football and basketball. The superiority and strength of the freshman class did not stop here. Oh! Nol Not by any meansl Among many musically inclined freshmen who participated in Christmas Choir and the Opcretta was Karen Horton who had one of the leads in the operctta. Claudia McCullough and Marta Lamanna really are a credit to their class because ot their unusual ability in art. They both received a prize in the Scholastic Art Contest. At Christmas, instead of having a party or exchanging gifts, the freshmen class showed their generosity by collecting money which they gave to welfare. But don't think all the freshmen do is work. They enjoyed themselves tremen- dously at their Skating Party at Medina during February. llad it not been for Mrs. D'Amico, bliss Becman, and Miss Ball, their advisers, the freshman class surely would not have met with such success. -x S D. SPIERDOWIS, M, STANDISH, ipoimiaorg-:cc:3of-3, ct,-um?-J, of ,oe,,Joo sO,,m. Q ,of .mf Q J Oc o :ot-..:o 251 I Top Row: J 3rd Row: D 2nd Row: J lst Rowt FRESHMAN CLASS Reed, J. Roth, M. Davis, C. McCullough, B. Grimm, H. Grzywocz, M. Standish, K, Horton A. Daniels, E. Brown, M. Batt, A. Stockton, M. Howlett, M. Sargent, B, Ludwick Starkweother, R. Scholl, L. Johnson, R. Kelly, E. Clement, R. Shuch, C. Keitel, F. Daniels E. Smith, A. DeCarlo, L. Cliff, A. Corbett, D. Burnside, V. Buckner, C. Bloom MacGaffick, L. Moore, P, Jones, R. Brodie, S. Pienioszek, D. Wells, P. Allen, R. Reed F. Lippert, A. Cote, D. Stockton, W. Poland B. Willimott, M. Finney, P. Gaze, J. Koch, S. Scoppa, F. Manfredi, E. Boker, I. Loss Top Row: B. 3rd Row: S. 2nd Row: A lst Row: B. Blackman, E. D'Angelo, N. Bertch, M. Petronio, L. Bell, M. Spriegel, J. Lent, C. Spinks, L. Harvey, l. Maine, E. Hughes, J. Bruski, E. Proctor, M. Ashley, B. Chcpman Morrow, M. Hochbruckner, C, DePoty, J. Hales, M. Piazza, J. McGlenn, D. Keitel, D. Splerdowis, M. Woltcr, F. Hildreth, G. Erwoy, M. Cote, G. Ulionelli, T. Greene, J. Dawlcy, C. Miller Albright, J. Plummer, G. Collins, J. Recimer, P. Gillette, B. Canhom, D. Beach, D. Eddy E. Nelson, C, Parker, M. Johnson Allport, A. Allport, B. Daniels, M. Lamanno, M. Narburgh, M. Wolcott, R. Quintern P, Stratton, C. Dale, C. Britt SIXTH GRADE Mrs. Scharett and Mrs. Sanford have the two sixth grades that are in the high school building. Both grades have been very busy this year. Mrs. Sanford's room put on a Christmas play and this spring they have been learning to do the fox trot, waltz and square dance. Both rooms are learning to work on committees. Mrs. Scharett's room has done much research on the British Isles. SEVENTH GRADE The seventh grades have had a very busy time this year. Each room had a basketball team and there has been a great deal of competition between the rooms. So far 217 is the winner. Some of the seventh raders iarticinated in an assembly Jrovram called, "I Like fl I I . l L It Here". The entire student body benefited from this performance. EIGI-ITI-I GRADE This is the largest eighth grade that Albion has ever had and it has been both an exciting and a busy year for them. In the fall they had a skating party and they are going to have another one the last of April. Many of the eighth graders have traveled to such places as South America, the Carribeans, Arizona, and Florida and have had many interesting and exciting things to tell the class. The math classes have all been busy making colored geometric figures in beautiful patterns. Zin jliklemuriam ELAINE EISI-IER Bom: Jah, QQ, 194: Died: Ijebruar-14 QQ, IQ55 EIGHTH GRADE Top Rowt A. Townsend, D. Buckland, R Wildbahn, D. Stone, W. Mull, R. Juliana, L. Haylett, C. Renolds L. Babcock, J. Beardsley, S. Pittman, R. Klingenberger, M. Clark, V. Morrison, L. True C. Seyerns, B. Daniels 3rd Row: K. Bell, W. Hughes, K. Cutting, R. Hill, L. Spore, R. Eddie, G. Greenlee, A. Gursslin, A. Preston J. Denniston, N. Dunn, E. Marshall, F. Budynski, R. Freeman 2nd Row: M. lngrahom, R, Miller, D. Derwick, D, Hill, B. Brodie, B. Hakes, F. Jetferys, B. Klotzbach S. McCartney, B. Tokotch, E. Johnson lst Row: G. Gottovi, D. Minckley, N. Weeks, J. Weatherbee, J. Graham, E, Christopher, E. Eibl B. Brooks, K. Lake, G. Walburn Top Row: J. Fisk, K. Dykstra, E. Draper, J. Gavenda, J. McMurray, S. Bartlett, L. Rodey, D. Baker, S. DeHond, N. Chrzan, C. LeFrois, F. Babcock, C. Kennedy, G. Snell, P. Wilkins, E. Davis 3rd Row: K. Gay, L. Haylett, J. Dutcher, L. Marth, D. Burnside, D. Saeva, M. Turner, D. Ergott, D. Holbrook, G. Narburgh, B. Huber, W. Hawkins, L. Harvey, D. Williams 2nd Row: C. Foryone, M. Batt, J. Williams, S. Potting, B. Lose, B. Eddy, K. Hubbell, M. Treble, A. Snell, C. Dawson, R. Cleveland lst Row: R. Johnson, D. Sandle, E. London, T. Anderson, L. Allen, N. Bagnoto, W. Schmackpepper, R. Durrant, A. Baker, D. Rush SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: D. Fenton, G. Gregg, C. Keltel, S. Miller, W. Horton, N. Mortillofto, S. Brooks, B. Holght, D. Gillette, J. Wilson, C, Enzie 3rd Row: D. Showler, D. Pestol, R. Kinneor, D. Bertsch, O. Rossiter, G. Kimboll, R. Soule, R. Daniels, L. Londfeor, R. Lomont 2nd Row: R. Normon, G. Shoovcr, K. Shultz, G. Rush, C. Chick, G, Coloney, D. Solvotore, L. Stondish, T. Chompeney lst Row: J. Hort, B. Reomer, L. Brust, D. Knight, R. Newton, S. Myers, D. Joroszek, J. Sullivon, B. Kominski SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: J. Klott, L. Porker, R. l-lorrodine, J. Resfivo, L. Bowen, C. Wolburn, C. Alger, A. Norburgh C. Cook 3rd Row: M, Hollidoy, P. Stockton, D. Benton, G. Tower, J. Copurso, R. Preston, S. Pohuto, G. Buck, H. Johnson, C. Soyers 2nd Row: R. Houston, F. Seitzer, J, Mclienno, A. Eibl, R. Forder, J. Miles, J. Longhorn, J. Newton, D. Erwoy lst Row: R. Doty, C. Preston, M. Hlgley, D. Vogg, 5. Broer, M. Cox, N. Sanford, F. Cox, D. LeFro1s, W. Wells SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: S. Frew, L. lngrahom, M. Farnum, A, Fisher, L. Baync, A. Colella, R. Klatzbach, D. Hulfs D. Eurgof, L. Thorpe, B. Embf 3rd Row: R. Robinson, T. Maclu, D. Ellis, M, Pilon, R. Farnum, V. Higginbofhan, B. Mix, E. Parker B. Moore, G. Burnside 2nd Row: G. Roof, K. McKenna, J. Parsons, M, Johnson, L. Brooks, D. Greenlee, D. Slizewski, J. Scibeffa J. Monagan lst Row: J. Narburgh, L. Narburgh, S. Ferris, S. Ruhlmon, B. Sfeier, E. Tower, C. Juliana, R. Daurn SIXTH GRADE Top Row: C. Thaine, J. Taylor, R, Howes, R. Atwell, R. Smith, D. Sanford, B. Webster, B. Wilson, D. Smith, C. Palmer, R. Turner, B. Boyer, R. Howes 3rd Row: J. Morrison, C. Hughson, J. McKenna, T. Carfer, J. McKenna, D. Gibson, E. Loss, G. Hooper, P. Jones, L. Vagg, S. James, S. Peglow 2nd Row: A, Hadsaead, S. Brown, P. Kidney, P. Howlett, S. Woolsfon, W. Little, R. Farnham, J. Buffs, D. icci lst Row: C. Allen, T. Twardokus, D. Meddaugh, L. Lonnen, J. Peruzzini, C. Govenda, M. Shiyely, A. Horch, D. Carlsfon For life is the mirror of king and slave, 'tis just what we are and XX XXXXXXX t XX Xttt xx xt Xt -t .X K X X X X X X NN X tx X Xt Gym , x I0 4 I 1 ,S Q : S - H I S 1- - fl I - I - I 5. I - li A I 5 I I 'l I I I I - n I In Q I I I - - 1 I - - 1 - 1 H I E N! Inu! f.. ' ?'1 ++- -gp ., -f . P A 5. f- ,.-I--,, , +v . .. - . - V- . r ff - 4, -'T 1, , ., , b , , lx V A A 2 ,ff wwf- "f"-vu 1. N E I -,,'. - 1 I I 4" 1' A l 5 H I is K : '- xv Q l s la. My V 1' c.4 5 Q? . Y 1 1 Q fi ' 4, 1 : ' I I , f HI if l . , , g + llig ' . 0 Q5 1 gl , 1 . ll ' -+ ' -5 1' . Q 'i 1 5 " 1 ' !, 1 wx 7 H. f I 5 4 r A 'i A' V . hh" 2: -A,-,J , - ,, -,: - . A V, .ff-f ll " """' ' . -: -'M llllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllilla CHEVRON STAFF News! For the first time in years the traditionally broke Chevron Staff is in the black and it wasn't done with mirrors! Where's the key to 3lO? l:ranny's got it - No? VVell maybe Herb has it. Rosalie, what did you do with it? The staff under the supervision of Mrs. Landfear and the Co-Editors Don Steele and Arlene Ciarrizzo has functioned efficiently this year except for a few minor problems that hardly phased us at all. Cetting those tall people into short pictures has been the problem of Richard Anderson, photography editor. 'AI want you kids to get your ads in by next weekf' is Ronnie Harlingls and Mae Saeva's favorite saying as they prod their advertising staff into getting those hard to get ads. "Micky Mouse and his friends can now be seen in color at the noon movies, for a slight increase in price, of course." The noon movies, beanies, and the football dance are only a few of the money raising schemes of the promotion staff under the able direction of Erling Maine and Mary Daniels. And do we let all this beautiful capital go floating around? Why, of course not, we spend it, and our Business Man- ager, Dyck Poland is the one who sees that it gets spent right. The beauty CPD of this yearis book can be attributed mainly to the efforts of Bob Sadowski, Art Editor. Long, long hours have been spent by Mary Keeler, Literary Editor, pouring over and revising articles not to mention equally long hours spent by Rosalie Piazza and her typing staff translating them into legible copy. What would we do without the Seniors, and what would the Chevron Staff do without Franny Nayman, Senior Editor, who has been one of the steadiest and busiest inhabitants of 310. But who takes over when the Seniors are busy elsewhere? Why co-editors VVally Dale and Sue Lester. Last but not least comes Pat Rice, Circulation Manager, and her staff. When the other staffs are done, her work begins for it's her work to see that all the Chevrons xvclvc made are sold. C O O O Of POC.-zCs C C O C O O O O O O O O O O O CHEVRON EDITORIAL STAFF Standing: M. KEELER, S. LESTER F. lXlAYlXlAN, MRS. LANDFEAR, VV DXLE Seated: D. STEELE, A. Crfxmuzzo TYPING STAFF R. Doty, R. Piazza, L. Miller, L. Steier, B. Restivo PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF R. Bergman, R. Hales, R. Brownell, R. Anderson ADVERTISING STAFF Top Row: C. Bloom, B. Dawley, E. Christopher, R. Juliana, J. Dutcher, W. Hughes, J. Denniston, R. Greenlee, D. Holbrook 3rd Row: E. Ludwick, P. Leigh, L. D'Angelo, C. Britt, l. Crawshaw, D. Buckland, C. McCullough, C. Spinks, C. Miller, N. Bertsch, P. Frazer 2nd Row: S. Scoppa, J. Koch, P. Gaze, M. Saeva, R. Harling, G. Collins, L. Harvey lst Row: S. Moore, E. Coloney, A. Daniels, J. Roth, E. Baker Top 2nd lst Top l st Top 3rd 2nd lst CIRCULATION STAFF Row: S. Broer, S. Waldo, E. Shawver, D. Salvatore L. Narburgh, D. Baker, B. Brodie Row: J. Bigger, P. Bigger, H. Grzywacz, L. D'Angelo S. Sargent, C. Soinks, E. Davis, M. lngraham Row: P, Rice, P. Fraser, I. Crawshaw, D, Buckland M. Wolcott, D. Knight LITERARY STAFF Row: M, Keeler, T. Neal, F, Nayrnan, D. Poland E. Maine, S. Beach, P. Rice, l. Long, B. Brownell Row: E. Coloney, G. Pilato, S. Pecarella, A. Navarra, F. Hatch PROMOTION STAFF Row: F. Hatch, D, Minier, B. Brodie, L. True, D. Hill, C. Bokman, D. Judwick, G. Pilato, B. Durrant, S, Waldo, B. Brownell, B. Grimm, M. Manfredi Row: D. Sullivan, N. Chrzan, G. Gottovi, B. Daniels, N. Bielinski, J. Nudd, L. D'Angelo, B. Rosenblum, B. Sargent, J. DeCarlo, S. Juliana, J. Treble, C. Brace, B. Pahuta, M. Narburgh Row: N. Bertsch, D. Starkweather, M. Batt, E. Maine, M. Daniels, B. Bigger, S, Sargent, O. Jacobs, I. Crawshaw Row: K, Bell, K. Hubbell, R. Sadcller, S. Beach, I. Long, P. Bigger, M. Ranieri, A. Navarro, M. McKenna EXECUTIVE COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL Tap Row: K. Horton, G. Pilato, C. Splnks, J. Edwards T R z . M . A . vv . ' . Op OW S Omgon' P Rme' G Chl' D GOWN" R J. cmddock, A, Decorio, R. Pilon, J. Roth, M. women Harling I R : A. G- 4 A4 b H. Grzywacz St OW Iomzzo' Neurem wg Seated: S. Waldo, J. Bigger, L, D'Angelo STUDENT COUNCH- STUDENT couNcu. Top Row: M. Daniels, M. Dock, M. Keeler, B. Bigger, Top Row: 5, Broer, D. Knight, M. Higley S. Beach 2nd Row: K. Bell, E. Davis, D. Derrick, B. Brodie, M 2nd Row: D Poland, E. Maine, A. Kuhn, D, Steele Ingraharn, J. Hart lst Row: P. Leigh, E. Coloney, I. Crawshaw, D. Buckland, lst Row: R, Preston, D. Salvatore, D. Slizewski, J. Shawver S. Sargent L. Narburgh, J. Monagan, J. Capurso STUDENT COUNCIL 'Ulppoint a committee" seems to he the slogan of this yearis Student Council which meets hieweelxly during the activity period on Monday mornings. President, Ronald l larling. searches the group hopefully for volunteers hut he sees none. Lilie- wise the other members of the executive committee peer ahout the room: Daniel Cottovi, a very wise and witty vice-presidentg Pat Rice, secretary. shorthand notehoolt in handg Ann Neuremhurg, a whiz of a trcasurerg and Susan hlonagan, a capahle recording secretary. It is through the wonderful works of these appointed committees that the Student Council has accomplished the things it has. lior instance, one of the newest and hcst services to the school is a school store. The liinance Committee memhers laeep it well supplied with paper, pencils, ctc.. to Fill emergncy needs of all students. 'lihc monitors, who are ever faithful to their hall patrols, are hecoining stronger and more effective each day. Their ioh is made easier by the Student Councils successful efforts in opening two study halls in the early morning hours where students can spend time reading magazines, talking or studying until homerooms open. To convert i'wallflowers" into "constant partyfgocrsf' the Student Council is also providing dancing lessons. The Student Council this year can add many other accomplishments to its hit which can be credited to our advisor, Nr. llill, and our President, the various ff! appointed committees and cooperation of all memheis. JUNIOR RED CROSS EXTRA! EXTRN Read all about itl The Albion Chapter of the 'lunior Red Cross reached an all-high record this year during the annual fund drive. Students of Albion Central School contributed close to 9390. Because of this fund, the -Iunior Red Cross was able to carry on its many activities. Vllith bliss Dilaaura acting as advisor, Matt Pccorella was appointed chairman and Miehcline Ranier elected secretary. Student representatives elected from each homeroom completed a most efficient staff. As a matter of Chrislnias spirit the Red Cross sent boxes overseas. At the Batavia Veterans' Hospital, they gave a party and gifts for many of the patients. During the year, gift boxes were assembled and to less fortunate persons in various needy countries. Our council donated S50 to the Childrens Fund. Yes, the Red Cross is always ready to give and to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Often times we don't realize just what the work of the Red Cross is. Their reward is satisfaction through SCIAYICC. Wlhat a fine example of a human interest story. JuNioR RED cRoss JUN'oR RED CROSS Standing: J- McKenna, C- Gcvendol G. Gregg M. Pecorello, Miss DiLaura, M. Ranieri Seated: M. Johnson, S. Pahuta, D. Ellis, C. Chick JUNIOR RED CROSS Top Row: J. Daniels JUNIOR RED CROSS 2nd Row: R. Skinner, L. Atwell, S. Beach Standing: J. McMurray, M. Piazza lst Row: J. Treble, C. Derwick Seated: K. Hubbell, E. Brown, D. Rush Top Row: C. Derwick, D. Soevo, A. DeCcirlo, T. Croddock, D. Lucas, D. Poland, J. Gcvendo, L. Harvey, J. West, J. Jones, E. Tower, D. Steele, W. Allen, R. Holes, N, Brown, J. Fisher, D. Snell, R. Broley 3rd Row: S. Stewart, D. Bognoto, D. Greenlee, R. Hoot, R. Horling, D. Derwick, P. Allen, F. Cielsielski, E, Moine, C. Keifel, N. Chrzon, J. Fisk, J. Grohom, K. Hubbell, M. Sherman, T. Concile 2nd Row: J. Koch, M. Merrill, M. Bates, M. Budynski, M. Hart, J. Robinson, J. Copurso, M. DeCorlo, B. Grimm, R. Greenlee, L. Brocks lst Row: K. Rush, A. Boker, D. Boker, S. Lester, S. Hubbell, J. Croddock, J. Socco, F. Hatch SENIOR BAND "Let's get an early start" is the motto of this year's band. Under the baton of Mr. Sherman and with Don Steele, as president, 'loe Sacco, vice-president, Sue Lester, secretary: and Sharon llubbell, treasurerp as well as our librarians Marjorie Bates, Patricia Kelly and loan Gavenda, our band has blared its way to success. The blare of the trumpets and the boom, boom, boom of the big bass drum, our band helped cheer our team on to victory during its successful football season. Every- one enjoyed the colorful formations and the smart stepping of our band and the rwirlers. Very soon after the football season, several members of our band, .lohn Craddocli, liaye llatcli. Dyck Poland, Kenneth VVhiting, and Thomas Craddoclx, left for Arcade to participate in the All4State Sectionals. On March 4, after some tedious rehearsals and lasteminute script changes, our band put on its annual Spring Pop Concert. None of us will forget the dreamy music of "September Song" and Hllegin the Beguineu or the snappy marches l'La Sorcllan and HB01'l1l3LlSI0ii or the mysterious music of 'iDragnet". VVith everyone elated over the success of our pop concert, we plunged into the tremendous taslx of preparing for the annual Spring hlusic Festival. VVe managed to survive the olf lxey rehearsals, and by playing such pieces as 'lliugal Fantasia" and i'River jordan" we received a very good rating in fourth grade music. As a fitting final, we played an old, familiar tune for the class of '55, rounding out our band's activities for this year with a perfect score. W7e leave behind a record for next years band to try to surpass. -N S ' i.Ofloffzct,..JOQi4DQ,yC4Jgg1 c C vo4"vOf wo: no :Oc 204 Yyrjv 4, to O O 101 f ,Of ,Of S01 vOf 101 rOf 101 xox ,Qt ,at 504 xox Q04 yorkim mQ4""'s0f ,Q JUNIOR BAND Top Raw: C. Parker, Mr, Sherman, E. Lonnen, P. Allen, F. Ciesielski, D, Derwick, K. Rhadey, J. Jones, R. Hales, W. Parker, R, Kinnear, G. Buck, T. Anderson, P, Howlett 2nd Raw: D, Holbrook, F. Long, K. Shultz, J, Butts, J. Weatherbee, E. Christopher, P. Jones, R. l-larradine lst Rowi D. Keitel, C. Keitel, S. Myres, M. Johnson, D. Vagg, A. Fisher PEP BAND Back Row: Mr, Sherman, R. Brayley, W. Allen, J. West, J. Jones, E. Maine, J. Fisher, S. Stewart, C. Parker, T. Canale Front Row: D. Poland, D, Saeva, J. Graham, J, Craddock, P. Allen K C-LEE CLUB "Fooll Get off the throne!" "Hoi We're marchingln "I-lail Vaslavln These quips are well known by this year's operetta cast. This year, the operetta was "The Forest Prince", and it was ably directed by Mrs. Trumble. The leads were played by joe Sacco as Vaslav, Mae Saeva as Tatiana, Bob Hoot as the Czar and john Ellis as Ivan. Other roles were Adele Page as Mather Vanya, Karen Horton as Sonia, Thomas Craddock as lllytch and Rodger Mathes as thc court jester. The operetta was only one of a number of this year's undertakings. First on the agenda was the All State program. From a hundred and ten glee club members, consisting of eighty girls and thirty boys, five persons were chosen to attend the annual musical presentation on November fifth and sixth. They were joe Sacco, Donald "Herb,' Steele, Bob Hoot, Richardson Anderson and janice Minckley. After the All State program, the glee club worked on the Christmas Choir. After many weeks of daily practice, the performances were given on December sixteenth and twenty-first. The numbers which were presented to the student body were "jesu, joy of lVlan's Desiringf' "Whence Comes This Rush of Wings?,' and the "Sweet Refrain". Solos were 'Silent Night" by joe Sacco, "Come to the Stablel' by Mae Saeva, and "Birthday of a Kingl' by jolm Ellis. After the operetta, which was presented on April first, the glee club began their work on the commencement exercises, the last of the yearly musical presentations. The glee club has worked very hard this year and they, along with Mrs. Trumble, should be highly commended on the excellent results. F TWIRLERS Standing: F. Hatch, B. Grimm, R. Kubico, C. Britt, C. McCullough Kneeling: J. Lent, S, Broer, S. Ruhlmcn, G. Piloto -f-x S O O O O O O Of' 504 O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O ' GLEE CLUB Tap Row: R. Bergman, R. Hoot, T. Cradclock, R. l-lales, D. Holbrook, G. Batt, N. Brown, J. Ellis, J. Hales, L. Kelley, A. Kirchner 3rd Row: S. Snyder, J. Cliff, E. Coloney, S. Beach, P. Bigger, M. Lamont, M. McKenna, M. Standish, C. McCullough, C. Spinks, M. Romanowski, K. Horton, S. Hubbell, P. Standish 2nd Row: J. Minckley, J. Davis, J. DeCarlo, M. Daum, M. Walcott, E. Minckley, M. DeCarlo, M. Lamanna lst Row: M. Dock, I. Crawshaw, O. Jacobs, D. Gregg, S. Monagan, C. Campbell, L. Smith Top Row: D. Steele, V. Lupo, R. Greenlee, D. Gottovi, J. Sacco, B. Bigger, D. Buckland, S. Cunningham, S. Monacelli, S. Coy, J. Robinson, M. Merrill, P. Leigh, R. Sadler 3rd Row: l. Long, M. Saeva, J. Reed, J. Rath, A. Daniels, I. Maine, F. Manno, E. Frak, M. Gibbs, T. Green, E. Blackman, J. Blackman, A. Burgess, P. Lake, C. Miller, S. Dale, Mrs. Trumble 2nd Row: D. Minier, S. Scoppa, E. Ludwick, R. Mathes, R. Juliana, R. Brodie, E. Lonnen, P. Gage, M. Finney lst Row: F. l-latch S. Juliana, A. Page, J. Lent, L. Harvey, B. Brownell, B. Leigh, N. Bielinski Standing: D. Poland, E. Maine, R. Hariing Seated: Mr. D'Amico, M. Dock, P. Rice, M. Daniels NATIONAL I-IONGR SOCIETY Character, scholarship, leadership, and service paraded through the homemaliing room at least once a month when the National Honor Society meetings were held there. At the first few meetings, there were only six members to be found: President, Dyckman Polandg Vice-President, Mary Danielsg Secretary. Pat Rice: and Treasurer, hlary Ann Dock. Oh yesl How could anyone forget Erling Maine and Ronald lrlarling with their enlightening advice and brilliant remarks. The meetings always turned out to be a success with some sort of entertainment on hand. Refreshments were served too. They were enjoyed by all except one male member who claimed that the cookies resembled sugar-coated golf balls. ln the early part of spring, seven senior members joined our happy group. They were: Arlene Giarrizzo, Barbara Durrant, Rosalie Piazza, Ruty Doty, Don Steele, Richard Anderson, and Daniel judwick. With the coming of initiation, twelve new "honest to goodnessi' members not just candidates, and a pleasant tea to celebrate the launching of another successful year chalked up for N. H. S. O O O O OL..204 O O O O O O O O O C O O O O O O FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA We are one of the third oldest chapters of the FFA in New York State, and so we take due pride in our organization. Our group of thirty-nine members is headed by Edward Sherving veep is Daniel Parkerg Edwin Tower, treasurerg Roger Hobbs, secretary, Ronald Kettle, reporter, and Robert Kelley, watchdog. Although the EFA is not one of the largest groups in the school, we are probably the most active, at least in raising money. Our potato drive netted us S50 and our calendar drive put S300 more in our treasury. VVho says the farmers are debtors? The Albion FFA chapter formed, as usual, an excellent basketball team. Our boys' aching muscles were rewarded when we defeated our opponents. We are now looking forward to June. when we will take our yearly trip to Crystal Beach. Top Row: R. Broyley, M. Ingrohom, G. Wells, R. Morkle, E. Reed, L. Atwell, G. Weofherbee, T. Kominski, R, Hurling, G. Bott 3rd Row: D. Snell, C. Pefronio, A. Ford, C. Bokmcn, E. Smith, C, Keitel, Mr. New, M. Wolters, K. Rhodey, R. Brockenbury, A. Foote, W. Norburg, N. Newton 2nd Row: F. Long, R. Kelley, R. Hobbs, E. Shervin, D. Parker, E. Tower, R. Kettle, A. Brackenbury lst Row: R. Willimott, B. Conhom rw. Z o o ,of we o o o o ,or-'vof ro o o o o o o or-0 sogggo. ,O TRAFFIC AND SAFETY COUNCIL Seofed: W. Ncrburgh, J. Ellis, G. Wohl, J, Burroughs, D. Hill Kneeling: S. Lester, C. McCullough AWARDS COUNCIL Standing: K. Bell, M. Pecorello, l-l. Grzywocz, Mrs, Boiley Sealed: M. Soevo, R. Sadler, A. Giorrizzo, C. Enzie, G, Pilofo OC5Ol'OCiV', iPCf4Qi1C24MD k0-.,.-G iyfu 3CkiTCc K, JOKHLPC4 :Ox :Oc 104 704 :Om J -I6 ATH LETIC COUNCIL Standing: A. Foote, H. Hopkins, J. Bailey, M, Hazel, E. Biordi, D. Gottovi Seated: J. Craddock, P, Standish, D. Steele, M. Keeler, S. Monacelli SPECIAL COUNCILS "Clive credit where credit is duel" Yes, that's the aim of the Awards Council as it fills our activity sheets for extrafcurricular activities and carefully records earned points on each students card. At the end of the year, the worlt of the Council will he climaxed hy a special assemhly, when the coveted awards will he handed out. ln addition, the Awards Council, as head of the eluh program, has issued charters to all cluhs at Alhion Central. ulflcy, youl Ever hear of the speed limit?" 'lerry Vllahl and his Traffic and Safety Council are right on hand to call attention to tiny infraction of the safety laws set up to protect the lives and property of the students. Then, too, there's the matter ol' issuing little yellow cards to newly licensed drivers who just can't wait to drive to school. An attempt hy the Council to have a traffic light set up on the highway in front of the school had to he ahandoned hecause of a state law. This Council deserves the cooperation of the entire student hotly in its elforts to malxe our safety record a good one. During this, their third year of existence, the three Special Councils have functioned with gratifying success under the leadership of Arlene Ciarrizzo, .lerry VVahl and 'illerhn Steele. The purpose of the Athletic Council is to foster clean living and good sports- manship among its athletes and to set up standards for other students to follow. llloe to the thoughtless athlete who forgets that rules are not made to he hrolienl So far this year seven offenders have pleaded their cases before the Council for violation of training rules. That its efforts have not heen in vain is proved hy the many victories scored hy Albion teams during the 195-l-1955 season, and the atmosf phere of good sportsmanship that prevails at the games. ,Qt ,Q ,of ,Of ,Qt ,ot ,Qt ,Qt ,ot ,Q ,Qt ,Qt ,Qt ,Qt ,Qt ,Qt ,Ot ,QQ ,Qt ,Q Tap Raw: M. Newlands, M. Durrant, S. Dailey, l. Crawshaw, D. Buckland, B. Barstow, M. Ludwick, M. Standish, J. Sacco, R. Hales, D. Berns, D. Judwick, P. Dailey, E. Maine, D. Poland, S. Beach, A. Snyder, B. Bigger, D. Steele, R. Bergman 5th Row: G. Markle, J. Robinson, A. Giarrizza, A. Neuremburg, M, Merrill, B. Pahuta, E. Sargent, M, Manfredi, B. Restivo, J. Nudd, M. Keeler, B. Rosenblurn 4th Row: S, Pecorella, B. Sedita, D. Gregg, E, Coloney, I, Long, P, Leigh, J. O'Brien, J. Craddock, J. West, R. Hoag, R. Mathes, J. Treble, R. Sadowski 3rd Row: C. Norek, A. Page, C. Campbell, J. DeCarIo, S. Juliano, M. Telga, M. DeCarlo, R. Piazza, O. Jacobs, B. Durrant, S. Hubbell, P. Standish, E. Frank, S. Sargent, R. Kubica, M. Gibbs, P. Fraser, C. Bacon 2nd Row: G. Allport, B. Johnson, R. Markle, J. Davis, B. Smith, M. Noon, B. Adduci, D. Baker, M. Brust, S. Waldo, J, Tiffany lst Raw: J. Blackman, F. Manno, D. Minier, R. Doty, M. Rornanowski, P, Rice, L Miller, G. Pilato, A. Navarro, E, Minckley DRAlVlATlCS CLUB Under the excellent guidance and experience of Mr. Lynch, a well rounded program has been set up for this school year. So far, the club has sponsored a play called "The Lampu which proved to be a great success. The future plans include such features as: a theater trip to Rochester, several 011C-HCI plays, and a fun night. To help things along, we have elected sev- eral committees. The new officers of the Dramatics Club are as follows: President. Joe Saccog Vicefpresident, Ann Neuremburgg Secretary, Betty Biggerg and Treasurer, Marcia hlerrill. -fm S of o o o wot Jo: Q o at va- ,af So- o o o c a- wot ,of ,of o o Top Row: B. Klotzbclch, P. Fraser, I. Maine, W. Poland, D. Judwick, J. Denniston, J. Nudd, I. Crawshaw, J. McKenna, G. Pilato lst Row: R. Sadler, D. Poland, D. Goffovi, M. Keeler, B. Durranf, J. Burroughs CLARION-ECHO VVho's got some "brainy" ideas on a feature? . . . Have you got any more gossip? . . . Hey, John, wake up, this is a meeting, not the Waldorf! . . . When is the Clarion-Echo coming out? . . . I got my story in on time! . . . Gee, Mary, I ean't get him to say anything when l interview him! The Clarion-Echo was ably piloted by Mary Keeler, with Dan Gottovi as her assistant. Although the support of the reporters has not been too great this year, we managed to put out several issues. 'll laven't you finished that "scoop" yet? There is a deadline to be met, so hurry!" . . . Among all the hubbub, a poor soul, whose name is Mr. Monaeelli incidentally, was knocking himself out acting as our advisor. O O O 704.201 O O O O O O O .JO O O O O O O O L2 HI-Y CLUB Top Row: J. Pahuro, C. Bokman, P. Frocchi, A. Ford, F Parker, D, Lucas, D. Poland, R. Bergman, C. Derwick, D. Hill, W. Smith, R. Foote, R. Griffin 41h Row! P. Ciarlco, W. Dale, D. Spierdowis, A. Panepinto, D. Gottovi, T. Craddock, V. Lupo, L. Brooks, K. Rhodey W. Allen, R. Brackenbury 3rd Row: A. D'Amico, J. Zummo, J. London, E. Tower, E. Shervin, J. O'Brien, R. Bielinski, M. Pecorella, J. Sacco L. Licursi, L. Atwell, H, Babcock 2nd Row: P. Canham, A. Brackenbury, G. Earnst, G, Wahl R. Hoof, C. Plummer, J. Burroughs, D. Steele, Mr Schroeder, T. Canale, R. McMurray lst RROWEI R. Kettle, J. Craddock, J. Ellis, G. Batt, J. West , I on HI-Y CLUB The lli-Y Club met early lust autumn und elected Charles Plummer, president, 'lolin Bur! roughs, vice-president. Robert Hoot. secretary- treusurer, Herb Steele and Gerry Wzilil as SCl'gC21DI'Llt'ilI'ITlS. The boys had a few gym nights during the year but Mr. Schroeder was ill quite often during the school year and has not been able to devote as much time to the club as he would like to. -Fw S AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB , Top Row: A. Klingenberger, M. Bates, A. Stockton, H. Grzywacz 2nd Row: G. Wells, D. Berns, J. Fisher, J. Babcock, C. Petronio, R. Grimm lst Row: Mr. Rickey, R. Brownell, M. Standish, R. Gibbs, B. Rosenblum, M, Petronio AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Lights blaze, sound cracliles, a whirring noise is heard and into action goes Albion Centrals most active club. Richard Brownell, who was absent from school almost the entire year due to illness, was chosen by his fellow club members as president. Marcin llart was elected vice president and Rose- mary Gibbs sccretarvftreasurer. Under the direction of Mr. Rickey, the clubs advisor, the members have shown movies and slides for classes. assemblies. und noon movies. . L 3 O O Q O O O O CJ O MDQYJQQ or 101 so Q Q of P01 ,Q Q ,Q J. SU FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Top Row: D. Clark, R. Kubica, J. Blackman, A. Thiel, M. Durrant, J. Davis, B. Johnson, G. Allport 3rd Row: G. Kaminski, R. Markle, C. Morton, G. Markle, A. Klingenberger, P. Robinson, M. Narburgh, C. Bacon 2nd Row: M. Standish, B. Pahuta, M, Newlands, Miss Pendergost, M. Gibbs, A. Snyder, L. Kelley lsf Row: J. Draper, M. Osborn, L. D'Angelo Top 3rd 2nd lst COMMERCIAL CLUB Row: A. Stockton, H. Grzywccz, M. Durrant, M. New- lands, C. Bacon, D. Starkweother, M, Sargent, J. Koch Row' R. Bielinski, D. Berns, M. Bott, R. Doty, l. Craw- shaw, D. Baker, R. Quintern, L. D'Angelo, E. Huges, A. Allport Row: L. Miller, W. Burgio, E. Sargent, C, Brace, M. Manfredi, M. Standish Row: C. Weaver, P. Rice, J. Nudd, S. Sargent, B. Restivo, B. Pahuia, J. O'Brien COMMERCIAL CLUB Businessl Business! Business! This year the ollieers of our very business-like elub are as follows: President, Lois Millerg Vice President, VVilliam Burgio: Secretary, Betty Sargent: Treas- urer, Carol Brace. One of the things our elub has done this year was to have a guest speaker from the Telef phone Office which the members enjoyed im- mensely. The speaker, Miss Roberts, explained some of the aetivities performed by her depart- ment. There have also been several films on telephone work. rx Z C 0 J 4 ...JW U O O O O O ul Jo o ot o zu o o o I 1 SENIOR PLAY "CHARLEY'S AUNT" by Brandon Thomas CAST OF CHARACTERS jack Chesney - A Brassctt - - Charles VVylteham - A Kitty Verdun Amy Spettigue - Fancourt Babberly - Colonel Francis Chesney Stephen Spcttigue Maud f--- Donna Lucia D'rXlyadorez Ela Delahay A - V Donald Steele Richard Anderson Dyckman Poland Mac Saeva Mary Keeler Joe Sacco Robert floor - Erling Maine Ann Neuremburg Mary Daniels Arlene Giarrizzo The cast survived the long and strenuous rehearsals until January 7 when they finally presented i'Charleyls Aunt." As usual, it was a big succes. The auditorium was filled to capacity. When the curtain went up, the audience was not dis- appointed. Behind this is a little story. Early in the fall the grapevine around 238 said that tryouts for the play were going to be held soon. Rumors did not fail us because soon afterward, Mr. Lynch was around to announce tryouts. After the cast of eleven was chosen, rehearsals were in full swing. Wlieii the date was set for ,lanuary 7, everyone was really confused. But the night finally came and the play was a big success. Yes, and it will be a long time before we forget the fun and experiences of "Charley's Auntf, -Fw S C 5 JO 304 O Op Qc Q K. C O4 O O O O O O O O O Cl C' Tlme Out Vm from Brazil where the nuts come from Oh! Mr. Speffique "Dor1't yell af me, Herb" On Stage Back Stage The servants AII dressed up and no place To go 104 ,oc :of nos1.2Of ,Of ,QA vo. ,QQ ,04 :QQ ,of ,QQ ,Q1 ,QQ ,QQ wQ4 ,Of 104 ,QQ 2 ,Vx Z In order to know your true identity, see what the mirror reflects X X XX X XX X X X XX XX X X xx X X XX X x X XX NX X X X Xx 'Ist STRING FOOTBALL CHAMPS Top Row: A. Foote, J. Babcock, C. Plummer, W, Smnth First Row: C. Derwick, P. Ciorico, L. Afwell, D, Sfeele, D. Spierdowls, G. Wahl, R. Griffin l -.1-1 24 ,Mhz . - ., ': - .Q . , -+i:i,... HQQWF' 'b-s A- 9' -I-0 Juv 5' .Bib-Lgnss .11-1 Jeni 1 hw- , -1 Y -. 1 qs- M., .- 4-.. ,, , . ,V ,. A, . . ,., , - ,, v , . ,P O z' ..., -V .L . .Q 5. . , .rd I.,,.,, W ,. Y - e-X... , . , -.. . . . ,.... .-444. """L .-, mv- .,. . r .- Q FOOTBALL The sportis mirror this year reflected Cloryl Gloryl Gloryl Llndcfeatedl A fitting tribute to Coach Spierdowis in his twenty-fifth year of coaching at Alhion is the undefeated record raelted up by his 1954 grid team, his first in eighteen years. Under his careful supervision, the team, sparlted by Co-Captains Arnold lioote and Don Steele, and ten other lettermen from last year were in the hest of conf dition and training throughout the season. The ahle baclifield of Chuelx Plummer, A. nl. Panepinto, X'Vayne Smith, and Arnold Foote gained its ground lx-hind a tref mendous thirteen hundred pound line, Alhion's heaviest ever, composed of, left to right. Diclt Griffin, Gerry Wfahl, David Spicrdowis, Don Steele, Lawrence Atwell, Phil Ciarico, and Chuck Derwiela. This year, the team was champion of the newly formed AlonroefOrleansfNiagara League. During the season there were many outstanding examples of the spirit and adaptahility of this great team which played only its first two games with the first string intact. giving hint at its capahle reserve poyver and outstanding team strength. Also, in the LeRoy game it hecame the first Albion team to come from hehind, 13-O. at half time to win. The only mar on the tcam's record was a tie with llrocltport. Ar the time of the last game of the season, there would he a three way tie among Albion, Brockport, and hletlina, who also tied Brocltport, il' we only tied hledina. Albion, though only a slight favorite, managed to decisively defeat our arch rival for the fourth year in a row in the Armistice Day Classic. Game Albion Opponent Newtane at Albion League Middleport at Albion League Albion at LeRoy Albion at Brockport League Monroe at Albion Albion at Wilson League Medina at Albion League Top Row: W. Dale, C. Petronio, T. Burgio, D. Spierclowis, C. Derwick, D. Poland, L. Brooks, W. Narburgh, V. Lupo 2nd Row: M. Pecorella, M. Ingraham, C. Plummer, W. Smith, J. Babcock, J. O'Brien, L. Atwell, R. Griffin, G. Wahl, Coach Spierdowis lst Row: P. Ciarico, E. Ulianelli, J. Sacco, D. Steele, A. Foote, A. Brackenbury, D. Gottovi, A. Ford Top Row: Mr. Biordi, F. Parker, D. Steele, C. Derwick, R. Hoot, R. Brockenbury, L. Brooks, J. Burroughs lst Row: C. Plummer, R. Griffin, A. D'Amico, R. Pilon, E. Tower, M. Pecorello BASKETBALL Three cheers for the Albion High School Basketball Team for they have Cer! tainly done their job in making this year a successful one all the way around. They ended up the year by winning the Genesee-Orleans League Championship, and played in the seetionals. Although they didnt win, these boys deserve a lot of credit for the outstanding way they played and the wonderful sportsmanship they displayed. Richard Griffin, who played his final basketball game for Albion this year, broke Richard Coopers record for the most points scored through the whole year. On the whole, the entire team contributed a lot, for they scored more points this year than has been scored in previous years. Albion BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ,L ..,L......L...,.....LL, Kendoll 47 Albion --- Holley 68 Albion -,, Amherst 74 Albion ,- LeRoy 46 Albion -E Brockport 52 0 O O O O Oi 'OK 'O' O 0 O O O O O O O4 'Of' O OC' 50 BASEBALL The lirst balmy days of Snrinv will find Coach Ho vkins out on the diamond . . l n l sizing up the perlormance ol his potential champions, and the baseball friends of Albion Central asking hopefully, "How about it, Coach - another league champion- NH ship and a trip to the sectionals: "Therc's a very good chance," predicts Coach Hopkins, who, in his first year as coach, piloted the smooth-functioning Purple and White team to the league Cham' pionship and a try at the secrionals. The team of '54 played good ball, ending its season with 8 wins and 4 losses, and setting thc pace for the '55 team by taking the league championship in its stride, though it missed out in the sectionals by a loss to Newark. With the exception of Ernie Clark, who moved to Medina, and Klingenberger, Caze and Penasack, who left our midst last Iune, all of last year's men are expected to bc back on the diamond this season. Returning lettermen include Chuck Plummer, Dick Brackcnbury, Roger Hobbs, and Cordon Wells. On the mound, john Bur- roughs, john Pahura and Chuck Derwick are scheduled to give a good account of themselves, as will Dick Criffin behind the plate. Don Steele and Lee Brooks will hold down the lst and 2nd base positions. There is every indication that the 1955 baseball season will be one of the most successful in the history of the Purple and White. Cood luck, boys! We're right behind youl Standing: F. Daniels, S. Pieniaszek, D. Parker, P. Frocchi, W. Weeks, V. Lupo, J. Daniels, D. Spierdowis, E. Ulianelli, J. Ellis, R. Pilon, J. Fisher, D. Beach, A. Brackenbury, R. Skinner, D. Hannon, R. Braley, F. Lippert, K. Rhodey, R, Eibl, F. Long, D. Wells, C. Parker Kneeling: Coach Hopkins, G. Bott, G. Wells, P. Ciarico, C. Plummer, R. Hobbs, R. Griffin, J. Burroughs, A. D'Amico, L. Brooks, R. Brockenbury, D. Steele 3 O O O O RCI POF 504 5Oki.2Of PO C O O O O O O O O O O 5 Top Row: G. Anderson, W. Poland, W. Schmackpfefter, D. Erway, G. Snell, L. Sebring 2nd Row: Coach Spierdowis, C. Petronio, W. Smith, L. Atwell, W. Dale, D, Spierdowis, J. Fisher, G. Batt lst Row: R. Hobbs, C. Benson, W. Narburgh, A. Ford, R. Griffin, T. Canale, D. Poland, T. Craddock, G. Erway TRACK The track team reported for practice lklonday, April 4, and a good season is expected. The returning lettermen are Captain Dick Griffin, pole vault, Gordon Ferris, four-forty, Arnold Foote, pole vaultg Dyck Poland, eight-eighty, Bill Narburgh, two-twenty, VVayne Smith, broad jumpg Ronnie Harling, dashes and relays, and Arnold Ford in the dashes and relays. The following men are outstanding in their events: Don Stockton, mile, Tom Ganale, mile, Larry Atwell, shot put and discuss, George liildreth, four-fortyg Roger Hobbs, hurdlesg Tom Graddock, hurdlesg lim Fisher, relaysg Dick Brayley, relays and dashes, and Gerald Erway, relays and dashes. The team is rounded out by four men who are trying out for the first time, Glen Anderson, Donald Erway, George Snell, and Williain Schmackpfeffer. The team has a good schedule which starts April 27. It is as follows: April 27 - Holley at Albion Moy 4 - Albion, Oakfield, and Alexander at Alexander May ll - LeRoy, Corfu, Alden, and Albion at Albion May l4 - Relays at LeRoy May l8 - Bi-County Meet at Batavia May 25 - Batavia at Albion June l - Albion at Brockport June 4 - Sectionals at Rochester O O O O O O O Of 'O' 'O O O O JO O O O O O O O 'CJ BOWLING TEAM P. O'DonneIl J. O'Brieri, J. Pahura, D. Radzinski Absentfl. Daniels, G. Bonds WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: D. Erwov, W. Smith, G. Wahl, L. Atwell, G. Sullivan 2nd Raw' Coach Spierdowls, G. Erway, E. Shevliri, D. Wells, E. Tower lst Row: l., Johnson, A. Cote 6 F. F. A. BASKETBALL R. Hobbs, R. Harling, A. Kuhn, D. Parker, W. Narburgh R. Kettle J. V. BASKETBALL Top Row: J. Jones, D. Splerdowis, F. Daniels, A. DeCarlo V. Lupo 2nd Row: G. Batt, J. Denniston, J. Craddock, J. Fisher J. Ellis, W. Poland, E. Ulianclll lst Raw: D. Parker, G. Earnst, R. Brooks, B. Canham G. Edwards, R. Brodie MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS The hoys on the howling team have worlied hard this year. They have howlecl each weela for a period of ten weelis and were selected to represent Albion Gentral School in a county elimination tournament. The winners of this tournament will represent Cienesee-Orleans Gounty in a section howling tournament held in Rochester. The li. li. A. basketball team, headed by Ronald llarling, has made a fine showing this year. The team has played each of the fix e schools in this county twice, malying a total of ten games. They will meet Wfilson at lXliddleport for the playoffs. llard luelx was with the .lunior Varsity hasliethall team this year. The squad had one win and fifteen losses. lYlost of last ycaris first string was promoted to this year's Varsity team. which is probably the reason for so many losses. Good lucli next year boysl Edwin Tower is the captain of this years wrestling squad. liiye of last yearis lettermen, who are Edwin Tower. Leland llohnson, Ed Shcryin, Gerald Erway, T'Vayne Smith, and Gerald Vllahl. will compete in the semi-finals and finals at Hrocli- port' State Teachers College. Attica 37 --, Middleport O ,s Perry 47 ssssss Letchworth 36 -D Middleport l5 -s WRESTLING SCHEDULE Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Batavia Blind School 23 ..... Albion Medina O ..s,s -- Albion 25 Alden l4 .s..s.,,,,,, --- Albion 26 43 Alexander 29 -, so Albion l3 GI RLS' ATHLETICS This year a new organization has been added to the Albion Central School in the line of activities. This is the Girls' Athletic Association. Mary Daniels heads the G. A. A. as President, with Sue Monagan as Vice President, Barbara Bestivo as Secretary and Glaudia McGollough as Treasurer. The representatives from the homerooms to the G. A. A. are: Senior representative-Betty Sargent, Junior repre- sentative-Betty Bigger, Sophomore representative-Mary Ann Osborn, Freshman representative-Martha Standish, Eighth Grade representative-Joan Gavenda, and Seventh Grade representative-Dora Fenton. Volleyball comes first in the line of activities. Sixteen Juniors and Seniors went to Medina for a playday. Each team played two games. We won two games and lost two. We had a very nice time. Some girls also participated in the volleyball games which were played during the noon hour. Betty Sargent is the volleyball manager. Next in the line of sports comes basketball. We are planning on attending a playday at Medina. Each class is to be represented on the team. Many girls took part in the noon hour basketball activities. Janice Minckley is the baskbetball manager. Bowling is one game which is played after school. There are about eighty girls signed up to bowl either Tuesday or Wednesday after school. We came in 5th place out of fifteen who bowled in a telgraphic meet last year and are hoping to do better this year. Rosemary Sadler is the bowling manager. Stunts and Tumbling comes up next in classes. There is quite a bit of exercise involved but most of the girls really enjoy themselves. Softball is next in the field of sports. Last year Medina and Holley came here for a playday. We hope we can do it again this year. As summer draws near it brings the enjoying sport of tennis. We had a nice group out for tennis last year and we hope to have a few more this year. If possible it would be nice to have a match with another school. Our cadets this year have been Miss Jermyn, Miss Lehrner and Miss Green. O O O O O O O O O 01,0 O O O O O O 0F10 O O O -""N S VARSITY CHEERLEADERS J. Minckley, M. Soevo, B. Resfivo, J. Nudd, S. Monogon, E. Minckley, A. Giorrizzo i J. V. CHEERLEADERS Standing: D. Gregg, D. Minier, F. Hotch Kneeling: B. Leigh, N. Bielinski, M. DeCorIo oi2of7..1og3f,4ipf1 ifcgigmzioilxo41Dmf'wgr'1qi Li 104 ,QQ ,CQ 101 V04 ,Of ,Qi -,O GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Teo Raw: B. Sargent, B. Bigger 2nd Row: M. Daniels, S. Managan, B. Reslivo, C. Mc Culleugh, M. Standish Isl Row: R. Sadler, J. Gavenclo, G. Pilato, D. Fenton, J. Minckley GIRLS' BASEBALL Top Row: M. Dock, B. Pahufo, J. Robinson, J. Treble lsT Row: P. Leigh, J. Bigger, J. Koch, B. Rosenblum, P Bigger GIRLS' BOWLING Top Row: J. Nudd, J. Bigger, J. Tiffany, S. Pecorella, M Dock, B. Pahuto, J. Robinson 2nd Raw: S. Hubbell, M. McKenna, F. Hatch, P. Fraser A. Allporf, E. Ludwick, J. Koch lst Row: M. Saeva, J. Minckley, J. Blackman, M. Durronf M. Newlands, A. Giarrizze VOLLEYBALL Top Row: B. Restivo, P, Leigh, S. Monagan, J. Nudcl S. Beach, B. Bigger 2nd Row: M. Newlands, M. Durronf, B. Durrant, M. Daniels J. Robinson, B. Sargenf lst Row: J, Boufer, F. Howkins, G. Allport, J. Rebinson GIRLS' BASKETBALL Top Row: R, Defy 2nd Row: E. Minckley, P. Leigh, J. Mincklcy, S. Dailey l. Long lsf Row: J, Bouler, E. Sargent GIRLS' TENNIS J, Robinson, J. Minckley, M. Daniels, B. Pahura, M. Dock 6.5 1 Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy SENIOR CATALOGUE - -- -PATRICIA RICE - ---ARNOLD KUHN Wtttiest Girl --.--- ----..-- B ETTY SARGENT lUittiest Boy ----- Brightest Girl ---- Brightest Boy ---- Prettiest Girl ---. Handsouiest Bot' ...-- -- CHARLES PLuIxIIx1ER - - - -lVlARY DANIELS ------DYCK POLAND --------JOAN CLIFF -KENNETH WHITING Best Dressed Girl ---- ------ M ARY KEELER Best Dressed Boy - Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy Most Musical Girl Most Musical Boy Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl -------------ROBERT HOOT ---------SHIRLEY SARGENT --- ------ ARNOLD KUHN - -M ARCIA lVlERRILL --------loE SACCO - - - ----- RICHARD CiRIFFIN - - - ----- BETTY SARCENT Most Quiet Girl --- ------- Lois lVlILLER Most Quiet Boy --- ---- CLINTON WEAVER Best Actress ----- Best Actor ----- Ideal Vlfife ------ Ideal Husband --- Neatest Senior --- Woirian-Hater --- --------lVlAE SAEvA --------JOE SACCO -----IANICE MINCKLEY -----RICHARD GRIFFIN ------PATRICIA RICE ----PAT O,DONNELL DO YOU Arnold Kuhn's stopping for a Hsmackn on the way home from Rochester? The mad hunt for the key to 3lO? Ann Neuremburgls bringing her lunch to Study Hall - thought it was Wednesday? The day Mr. D'Amico called the license of his own car to be moved? The lumpy punch at the Senior Tea? The "Echo Cheer" as done by the teachers? The day joe Saccds car froze up? The "air sickness" at the Ice Follies? The day that our French friend Philippe Nlorizet had all the girls under ninety in a swoon? Best Executive ---- Most Versatile ---- - - - -RONALD HARLINC - - -- - - -DONALD STEELE M ost Responsible ----------- RONALD HARLINC Best Speaker --------- -RICHARD BRACKENBURY Most Ambitious -------------- ERLING M AINE Biggest Nuisance to Teachers- - -PHILIP DAILEY Best Dancer --.----------------- MAE SAEVA Gayest Chatterbox -- ----- SHIRLEY SARGENT Most Smilinf' -.--- ----- I OETTE MCKENNA 5 Most Diligent --- - - - - - -DANIEL lUDWICK Most Artistic ---- --------- R OBERT SADOWSKI M ost Original ----- RICHARD ANDERSON Most lihelv to Succeed -------- DYCK POLAND Best Disposition ---------- TenfO'cloch Scholar Best Figure -------- - Best Physique ----- Most Efficient -.--- Most Poised -.-- Most Atomic --- Most Courteous --- Most Relaxed ----- ANN NELIREMBURG --- ------- DONALD HILL - ----IANICE NUDD --FRANK BABCOCK - - - -lNlARY DANIELS . ------ lVlARY KEELER - - - - -BARBARA RESTIVO ANN NEUREIIIDURG -- - - -A. PANEPINTO Best Santa Claus ---- ----.- l ERRY WAHL REMEMBER When Erling coulcln't remove his hat, because he didnlt have it on? The assembly program when lim Miller saw "More Birds!" The bus trip to Buffalo when we spoke deaf and dumb language? Gerry Wahl being Santa to all the girls? John Pahura's buying a diamond for twenty-seven cents? Arlene and lanice as flat tires at the pep assembly? The mothballs in the radiators? The day the Editors ate Herb Steele's lunch? Mae and loe as Maw and Paw Larkin? The Chevron Variety Show - Anne and Connie "Why Did You Believe Me?" The mad dash home on the bus from Rochester? The day Erling Maine flew the flag - what, no flag? The bumps and bruises from the skating parties? Herb Steele walking up the walls of the Hotel Syracuse? Mary I-ou Manfredi's timing when Mrs. Landfear asked if we ran a kindergarten 64 s in 238? P L f f 5 Xay z1 1f'zfzs ezvaelas ALBION 509 HOLLEY 503 Lost minute instructions "S'sters" "Muff" and "Jeff" Country girl Logs Whot's in The bottle? Ploy boli Country boy Heove-Ho Cheer up Albion "A" Mixing drinks JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. S. 223 South Maul St. Albion, New York KAST ATLANTIC SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Service Complete Lubrication Car Washing PHONE 149 Best Wishes to the Class of '55 Wilkinson and Canham Electric Store Compliments of MONAGAN'S GULF SERVICE J. R. JULIANA Plumbing and Heating You Don't Have a Truck Unless You Own a G M C SMITH BROTHERS 327 East Avenue AL-BION, NEW YORK THE MUNGER HARDWARE 58 North Main Street SHEET METAL MATERIALS TOOLS - HOUSEWARES PLUMBING SUPPLIES and FIXTURES PAINTS, BRUSI-IES and GLASS Phone 266 Albion, New York Congratulations and All Best Wishes To The Class of '55 BLOOM'S FLOWER SHOP Since 1934 1 1 ,s 'N 4 H 7 1 ,, 1 H TOWN AND COUNTRY Fashions F rocks and Accessories ALBION, NEW YORK Telephone 395 Charles V. Paganelli Real Estate - Insurance Rialto Theatre Bldg. i M 1 , K W V wi 11 , M 4 H l l 1 Albion, N. Y. Merrill Funeral Homes Since 1914 Phones 366 ALBION HOLLEY M HOLLENBECK 8: HOBBS iF Breeding of Registered I Holstein Cattle l Carnation Breeding PHONE WATERPORT 2897 ALBION,r238-M-2 w .Ei.-- L . 7-7- C We U 3 Compliment. of P, U ALBION DINER 1 l HAROLD and J. L. BROOKS In Compliments of LeVERE B. BROWN lm Farm Bureau Insurance ll Co.' s Representative 1 Phone 1275 l s. ELTON MILLER 5 Richfield Products Groceries Cold Meats I U TOBACCO - ICE CREAM BATTERIES - TIRES Run In Before You Run Out Barre Center - Albion, N. Y., 68 R.N Compliments of ROWLEY'S I. G. A. STORE AND LOCKER SERVICE P r. lx x 'Q ,. m r l I R. 8: B. MARKET 337 Caroline St. Groceries And Choice Meats ' COIIIIJHIIICIITQ. V , ot W NEILAN BROTHERS h T , -feel Y B CIJIIIIJHIIICIIU of E IN TR BLE WH N OU Dr. George S. Bakeman CALL HUBBELL n Denfisf Phone 92-W ALBION Best Wishes FORD SALES, INC- PEG and DON'S 103 North Main Street Al'. ion, New York 210 N, Main xi, .B .B B EL A .ji V Compliments of CAR SERVICE l N. Main st. o JOSEPH DE CARLO'S Albion, N. Y. Phone 383 "Richfield Products" L Plumbing ' Heating LUBRICATION H Sheet Metal Truck and Car Tire Service 138 N. Main St. Phone 391 Compliments of THE ALBION FURNITURE STORE Complete Home Furnishings North Main St. Phone 34 Compliments of SURPLUS STORE I3 East Bank Street Albion, New York Compliments of MARQUART'S APPLIANCES Sales and Service 125 North Main Albion, New York Phone 1400 Congratulations Class of ' 55 L A N D A U E R ' S CELEBRATING OVER 90 YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE TO ALBION AND VICINITY Stanley J. Landauer, Sr., '23 Donald G. Landauer, '44 Stanley J. Landauer, Jr., '46 The Lineup Actors? Whof o mess Hord Worker Come ond get if Dump The frosh! "H th F" ey ere New boord The Lomp Surprised? Cute Couple Wow! Compliment l T H O M P S O N , S of i Paint Wallpaper Venetian Blinds Furnitur W A L T E R , S Aluminum Windows DRESS sHoP Phmm 53 Main Street Albion, New York Albion, New York l . . Compliments oi K A R L W O L F E sAMMET,S Lindsay Automatic CLOTHING STORE ll N. Mn.. sf. Albion, N. Y. Water Softeners Compliments Compliments X of f l KARNS 0 1 FURNITURE STORE and JASON'S SHOE STORE KARNS MONUMENTS Compliments of Compliments Joe Salvatore from and Michael Christopher , F. H. HILDRE-I-H 111 Main Street 72 EARL D. LEIGH ilJOSEPHWATTSSTOREl I N S U R A N C E Plumbing -. Tinning f A11 K' cl l He"""g 0 In S . Air Conditioning l Phone 192 g oaa Fellows Temple Albion, N. Y. ee -ei e- O jf e -ee O O le no ee Complitlnents Compliments of ' la RICCI'S FISCHER'S NEWSROOM l BEAUTY SALON I 105 N- Main St-1 Albion, N- Y- 133 East Bank St. Phone 1436 Q OQJIL ll MCMURRAYS l COMPANY l SPORTING GOODS , , l STORE Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products J! X 136 N. Mann Phone 256-W 419 West State Street Phone 327 Albion' New York O. ess .AA .2 ni - If I Cmnplimc-nts Compliments of N of , ALBION BEVERAGES ALBION DONUT SHOP V ' -., "WHEN Youuuz DowN BY THE T- C smmippo, Pm. CANAL DROP IN? 128 Washington St. Phone 250 , ,W O if I . O- on -O l 73 W A Ahy Relation? Prnvme cycs Double trouble What happened? Who1'5 behind The Clown? lT's In This Trot! Trot! to Boston All heaped up Again? Behind The scones Drummer boy I f Best Wishes to Class of '55 MR. and MRS. LEON C. GRINNELL ALLPORT'S BAKERY Our Goods Are Always the Same, and Always the Best We Specialize in Rolls, Party Cookies and Cakes For All Oc Phone 87 Y R R CCRRL R WR With Best Wishes A I X 'ILX-:Nile l Rl 0' 'lD"XY as I' Croton - Hamilton - Elgin l l Watches n I W l Albion, New York Phone 423 M casions. Albion, New York Compliments of SAYLES PHARMACY 103 North Main Phone 104 GREGG'S RED AND WHITE FOOD STORE 144 South Clinton St. timnplimcnts of EDDIE'S DRIVE-IN MARKET The Finest .Meats in Town CHOICE CUTS 146 Caro-line St. Phone 1291 Weekdays -- 8:00 a. m. - 9 p. m. Sundays - 9:00 a. m. - 1 p. m. C mnplmlcnt. I 1 Y w Y i of 4 MARY M. CRADDOCK Albion, New York COFFEY BROTHERS, INC. Buick Cars International Trucks THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil ACCESSORIES - TIRES Compliment N nf FRIEND'S PACKING CO., INC. EARLE C. WALTERS Men's Apparel Shop Nationally Advertised Men' s and Boys' Wear 27 E. Bank Street, Albion, New York CUIIIIIIIIIICIII of X ALBION - HOLLEY PENNYSAVER ALBION DRUG STORE R. G. GARDNER The REXALL Store Albion, New York 0 Phone 25 Compliments of BUD'S MOBIL SERVICE Tires - Batteries .Light Repairs 24 HOUR SERVICE 19 East Ave. Phone 604 Orleans G L F farm Products Coop, Inc. SEED - FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIAL and COLD STORAGE Albion, New York T O W N T A X I Phone 1455 24 Hour Service HARRADINE IMPLEMENT CO. DUSTERS - SPRAYERS FARM MACHINERY REFRIGERATION Q.OIlllJlll1lClllS of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER JAMES MICELI Five Corners Albion, N. Y. Phone 27 E 8: O RESTAURANT C . ongratulatlons Banquets - Dinners Ll1I1Ch88 Class of 1955 Main Street Albion, N. Y. C U R R Y y S Phone 490 Compliments Quality Dairy Products W O L C O T T ' S of Milk Milk Shakes Leonard A. Depczynski S undaes Sodas She ickes the coke "The Gong" Small, Medlum, Large Muscles Wxde eyed wonder Two and one Lote or corly? Guess who? I5 The water wot? NDN Thomas Lipton, Inc: ALBION, NEW YORK COLONIAL FILLING STATION GEORGE F. CRIMES, Proprietor Auto Accessories Verified Esso Lubrication Corner of Bank and Liberty Streets, Albion, N. Y. Phone 571 Compliments of COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY GEORGE B. CURTIS, owner Albion, New York Compliments of DALE 8z SON SUPER MARKET, INC. Albion, New York Compliments of HENRY G. KEELER - General Contractor Albion, New York MOORE Bus LINES ig ROBERT H. MOORE, Owner w Buses for All Occasions Phone 649 Albion, N. Y. BENTLEY BROS. Farm Equipment W . . . l Oliver - New Idea - Ontario Drills t Boggs Graders - Iron Age Phone Barre 666 Albion, N. Y., R. F. D. Z fat Barre Center, 7777 YV Y PM Y YYYY nrirmr lr W WW 1 Compliments of DOCK FLOORS INC. n Floor and Wall Coverings 127 North Main Street Phone 1091 Albion, New York RENO A. DOCK, President S ,ES EE, .E S EEEWEE MILITELLO PONTIAC W SALES and SERVICE P Y Dollar For Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac 170 North Main Street Albion, New York , S. J. MILITELLO Telephone Albion 91 W 1 cc ee e 1-1, .... E he ,IH 81 f 82 It's sn The lor! Trick shoif Aiomic Arnold Swmg time Jump! "No busmcss like show business" Hero Comes home! "Oh you beautiful doll!" Little Wheels Bug wheels Whose Tipsy Bug grm Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 ESTABLISHED j I 9 O 7 IISIC FURJIJTURESTORE A'-5'oN N Y I M I , O 0 52 N. IN ST., PHONE II5 J. H. ROBINSON OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Delco Oil Furnaces PHONE 22 ALBION, NEW YORK Compliments of THE QUAKER MAID All Electrical CO., INC. , l Services Brockport, N. Y. Ann Page .Foods I west Bank sf. Albion, N Y E X 1 -.-Q A I.- . , Compliments of THE CORNER PHARMACY DANIEL K. WEALE ALFREL J. KUBICA, PH. G H. 8.1 A. SUPERETTE Henry 8: Agnes Radzinski Meats, Groceries, Vegetables and Sundries R. F. D. 4 Telephone 881-J Compliments of THE WOODS 8: SPRAGUE MILLING CO., INC. Locally Owned and Operated by A. H. S. Graduates Howard L. Woods Stanley T. Woods James A. Brodie Loraine M. Sprague Charles S. Woods CRAFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 110 East Avenue Albion, New York Compliments of GUIDO'S SUPER MARKET "We Specialize in the Best" 409 - 311 East State Street Phone 1499 Compliments of BELL'S SERVICE STATION W I M N CITIZENS DAIRY 3 I M Best Wishes N Grade A Pasteurized and t Homogenized Milk l : f and Cream from Products r Q I BALCOM PRODUCE CO Ii 26 Main Street Phone 523 86 f-- - -----Y -7 - H" iff - Compliments of J. H. SAYERS, Inc. Men's and Boys' Clothing and urnishings "A Good Store in a Good Town" s N sf N M A M s Best Wishes to Class of 1955 s FRANK S. NAYMAN H Radio Televis n Sound Servic H s w ::. Q fb D' q 1 0 5 Ch Z 45? na 55 1 H E 3 365393 5393 EQ? s s Q3 36 Q 0 Q 0 0 Q . . . . E95 Best For Prlnflng and Adverflslng EV? :pa wa 1,05 W1 aaa wif E-12-3 an wa an W mx wa QQ? 1 H. DART PORTER I N S U R A N C E 3 Marine Trust Co. Building Albion, New York Compliments of STARKWEATHER FREIGHT LINES Daily Service Between Rochester and Buffalo ROCHESTER ALBION BUFFALO Genesee 1647 222 Mohawk 3825 Congratulations to the Class of '55 From DYNACOLOR CORPORATION "As Each of You Stand on the Threshold of Tremendous Living Congratulations Class of 1955 ALBION LUMBER COMPANY LEE MAINE, Owner 206 West Avenue Albion, New Y 0 BASTIA BROS., CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive High School Jewelry - Engraved Commencement Announcements - Name Cards MR. GEORGE D. Kll..l..lP, Box 170, Rochester, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 You have our sincere wish for a future Filled with success and prosperity. The services of our bank are available to you, and we invite you to call on us at any time we can be of assistance either personally or financially. ALBION OFFICE THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of Western New York Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments Of Compliments g il ORLEANS of TRAVEL BUREAU A L B I O N ,l r B. B. TRUMBLE, Prop. R E C R E A T I 0 N l J Greyhound Terminal Phone Albion 72 Albion, N INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mildred W. Haines Paul R. Haines P H O N E S Albion 390 Barre 974-J-2 Albion 1334 CHEVRON STAFF Co-Editors - - - - DONALD STEELE, ARLENE GIARRIZZO Assistant Editors - - - SUE LESTER, WALLACE DALE Literary Editor - ---- MARY KEELER Senior Editor - - - FRANCIS NAYMAN Business Manager - - DYCKMAN POLAND Promotion Managers RJARY DANIELS, ERLING MAINE Advertising Managers MAE SAEVA, RONALD HARLING Circulation Manager - - - - PATRICIA RICE Typing Manager - ROSALIE PIAZZA Art Manager - ROBERT SADOWSKI Pliotography Manager ----- - RICHARD ANDERSON Promotion Staff Marilyn Batt, Susan Beach, Kay Bell, Nancy Bertsch, Nancy Bielinski, Betty Bigger, Peggy Bigger, Clement Bokman, Beth Brodie, Carol Brace, Beverly Brownell, Carol Campbell, Norma Chrzan, Sally Coville, lda Crawshaw, Betty Daniels, Joan DeCarlo, Lucille D'Angelo, Barbara Durrant, Gail Gottovi, Bonnie Grimm, Faye Hatch, Don Hill, Kay Hubbell, Onalee Jacobs, Daniel Judwick, Sharon Juliana, Marcia Ludwick, Mary Lou Manfredi, Francis Manno, Ilah Long, Mary McKenna, Dawn Minier, Sally Moore, Mary Norburgh, Ann Navarro, Cynthia Noreck, Janice Nudd, Betty Pahuta, Shirley Pecorello, Gerry Pilato, Willie Poland, Micheline Raniere, Beth Rosenblum, Rosemary Sadler, Betty Sargent, Shirley Snyder, Darla Starkweather, DeLono Sullivan, Jane Treble, Linda True, Sondra Waldo Photograplfty Staff Richard Brownell, Race Bergman, Edward Shervin, Robert Hales Literary Staff Susan Beach, Terry Neal, Erling Maine, Dyck Poland, Faye Hatch, Patricia Rice, Rosalie Piazza, Elaine Coloney, Ann Navarro, Beverley Brownell, Shirley Pecorello, Ilah Long, Francis Nayman, Gerry Pilato, Mary Keeler, Daniel Judwick Typing Staff Barbara Restivo, Lorraine Steier, Ruth Doty, Lois Miller Advertising Staff Duane Holbrook, Ronald Greenlee, John Denniston, Parm Wilder, Wayne Hughes, Robert Juliana, Fred Babcock, Connie Bloom, Shirley Scoppa, Janet Koch, Grace Ann Collins, Adrienne Daniels, John Dutcher, Eugene Christopher, Betty Ludwick, Nancy Bertsch, Jane Roth, Pat Gaze, Sally Coville, Joyce Dawley, Eileen Baker, Claudia McCullough, Linda Harvey, Carolyn Miller, Claudia Britt, Carol Spinks, Marjorie Bates, Lucille D'Angelo, Dorothy Buckland, Susan Monagan, Elaine Coloney, Pat Fraser, Patricia Leigh, Sally Moore, Dorothy Gregg, Carol Campbell, lda Crawshaw CRAZY MIXED UP KIDS C 1 I t ot J. 1. NEWBERRY sl C0 DON'T BUY DOLLARS- BUY VALUE Bedtime WOW! Dozen Dwllwcs Swing Musxc Kids Agom Moof Coke Time Monkcyshines NIQIWYYADITC Proud Formly "WheeI of ForTur1c" Hong on COMPLETE FARM SERVICE 303 DEERE EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE GENUINE PARTS CA TERPILLER Tractors JOHN BEAN Spray Machines and Dusters BOLENS Garden Tractors DeLaval Cream Separators and Milking Machines New Holland Farm Equipment I Ontario Grain Drills BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND COAL Automatic Heating Equipment RALPH J. VICK 8: SONS, INC. 128 WEST AVENUE PHONE 128 ALBION, N. Y. ALBION MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cadillac Phone 102 Albion, New York Senior portraits and group pictures made by MQSER TUDIG, INC. 27 Clinton Avenue North Rochester, New York Eddy Printing CO. Albion, N. Y. PORTRAITURE Graduation Engagements Wedding Candids Bridal Formals Baby Candids Fine Copy Work 0..- 1Q.,- J" I ,,, 'J - ff ' vzrli' x.-'.... V f ,w:. ,, 4 ' -. , wr. , f ' Y r"-'. N'L'..., 1 -H vf, V ,ur V., ,fl - A Q, . .V .,. an-4-,f w . .,4 -A G, ., x 71' 'i ' ,. ,wa V- . .311-1 .- - .Q t .-,Jn ua: -x ,. ff. '. '.,q.'f,. ,, Y V " T , A " zuyifgv 4 , xpgfiz.-11' ' 123' ff -, . 4 w ., . ,? ' 'T .3 , . , ,. . X .r fn nf - ,wil .. ' xy, I-H. H .. -5-gjgqvuf-,wg . "' . MM- ,, .H .51 , g., gr V fx .f, K 1, W xy 1 :aL ,, . fu ug. .na U. s W J' '- 'Jil , ,r-. . " Mn-. W 1 , J Q 5 1 .,, 1 , ' ' ',f ,. ,W .,.. Ex

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