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E a.. E E v if nwxzaamanzg- a:A w7'..4---- ' - 1- 's' , ' ..-...4-n-1.9.4. 4,..,,-s..nhl, , n ' ,Q 249,41- I 0 114 '2 nu- l I 9 5 3 Albuon Hugh School Albo New Yok ' . Published by the sfudems h of i n, r L-. Tl-IE CHEVRON STAFF Co-Editors - DIXIE DRAGON, ROBERT HANNAN Assistant Editors - MARCIA Hrcxs, LUCIANO SPALLA Literary Editor - - - - FRANCES PECORELLA Senior Editor - - DAVID VAN NORMAN Business Manager - - ROBERT DECARLO Promotion Manager ---- ENID BLAKE Advertising Managers - - DELoREs VACG, RICHARD FERRIS Circnlation Manager - - - - NANCY SPIERDOWIS Typing Manager - - - - MARLENE WEALE Assistant Photography Editor - - ANN WOLCOTT 3f- 3f- X- Promotion Enid Blake, Sydney Brownell, Donald Hill, Susan Beach, Betty Bigger, Peggy Bigger, Beth Rosenblum, Connie Bell, Mary Jackson, Arlene Ciarizzio, Barbara Restivo, Mary Lou Manfredi, Jean Monacelli, Claire Clement, Mary Lou Trumble, Rae Burgio, Helen Mathews, Ann Wolcott, Betty Pahuta, Mary Narburgh, Mickeline Ranieri, Donald Sadowski, Dykman Poland, Debbie O'Brien, Marjorie Draper, Richard Ferris, Janice Nudd, Mae Saeva, Stanley Bouter, Jane Treble 3F 3F 35 Advertising Norma Baldwin, Joan Bates, Marjorie Bates, Dorothy Buckland, Nancy Chrzan, Joyce Coloney, Ida Crawshaw, Lucille D'Angelo, David Dawson, Mary Ann DeCarlo, Helen Decker, Marjorie Draper, John Eible, Marguerite Fackler, Ann Finney, Alice Fitch, Richard Griffin, Pauline Hicks, Jeanette Johnson, Virginia Kelley, Herbert Lowman, Margot McKenna, Roxanne Miller, Shirley Miller, Eleanor Minckley, Dawn Minier, Susan Monagan, James O'Brien, Adele Page, Marie Passarell, Betty Ricci, Beth Rosenblum, Sue Sands, Bea Sedita, Barbara Shuler, Mary Staines, Eleanor Standish, Donald Steele, Carrie Wahl, Sandra Waldo, Victoria Wawizyniak, Hazel Woolston 3f' FF 3' Literary Maralee Juliana, David Grimble, Harold Brust, Don Vagg, Elizabeth Perry, Arnold Mori, Karl Klingenberger, Margot McKenna, Sue Sands, Mary Keeler, Francis Nayman, Mary Ann Dock, Janice Minckley, Joan Robinson, Elaine Coloney, James Dykstra 35 31' 31- Circulation Priscilla Standish, Betty Bigger, Mary Ann DeCarlo, Pat Leigh, llah Long, Shirley Sargent, Marlene Weale, Marjorie Durrant, Mary Daniels, Sandra Waldo, Betty Ricci, Carolyn Miller, Jean Preston, Joan Bates, Maralee Juliana, Eileen Baker, Marjorie Narburgh, Joanne Cunningham, Arlene Dunn 35 35 31' Typing Pat Ayrault, Loretta Daniels, Mary Ludwick, Jean Preston INTRODUCTION "Without music life would be a mistake." For wherever there is music in life, there must he harmony. It is to the music that has so enriched our lives at Albion High School that the Chevron of 1953 raises its baton. DRUM MAJORS Q Q W-m ,Wm ,wg WWW 5 L N 3. W ir N: . m 1 A x N S 5 XSS , xg FX ? .Af SS Yi x 6 ag "' N if 5 X N W ,nz mwwqv' , , 40 KW , s A 5.2 ' 6 gg, fmwwf' LMj5f331jQ Q2 , , :7+f5f5ff', x , '3 -fggfglf ,fx 55, in gf-A + f fi 4. ,.wj23Q' 2,112 SQ 195342, sf WM p 3,13 f w N? J' W M54 4 X94 x fwfz aff" M, " l4Za"1 40 A n 'ff 'f S4:'Mf,'3,:w wfsii ' 1 ? Y i J 2 E W 2 F, . Y 4 CARL I. BERGERSON S1fperintende14t of Schools E V' 1 ,1. w ,N ,N 1 I , A 5 ii 51 annum- - - .vf 5"' W frrvffr-1-F -:1m:fm"'f'1'1"'f"rt' TWT ' 1 T" ':T"W7f-i ' 'vr"?"vrf::"'v :.:f1rf7':frn:-,N W, l E fx W 4 mb E Q E Ei . A W 5 i fi ? H, 's 2 7 5 M, 11' 3 5 3 1 1 i , Q E H E 4 w 1 l , x Y NN ., . 7-M' -.-.4 ,Km wqlfy.-g.f-1-L CHARLES C. D'AM1co Principal 1a:vazs1:w.r: 1: :xp - '-:L-'.f".rc--' 1 rf r w ::' : ' :- BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Francis A. Sturges, Leonard A, Depczynski Seated: Dorothy S. Blake, Stanley T. Wood Daniel F. Dugan, John A. Jackson, Martha R. Hart Edith R. Miller, Pasquale DeLaura 8 FACULTY Standing: Margaret Landfear, English IV, May Schnitzer, English III, Bernard Lynch, English I, Public Speaking. Seated: Marjorie Mahoney, Junior High Eng- Iishj Anna L. Ball, English I 81 II. Standing: Hazel G. D'Amico, Latin, Frederick Campbell, Social Studies, Norman Hll, Social Studies. Seated: Irene Harrigan, French, Katherine H. Billings, Junior High Social Studies. Theodore N. Anderson, Mathematics, Science, William A. Monacelli, Science, Helena M. Hogan, Junior High Mathematics. FACULTY Standing: Oscar Rickey, Industrial Arts, Stewart New, Agriculture. Seated: Edith Anderson, Homemakingg Arlene Boice, Homemakingg Anne O. Holt, Com- mercial, Norma DiLaura, Guidance. Standing: Janet Hatch, Girls' Physical Educa- tion, Harold Hopkins, Boys' Physical Ed- ucation, Driver Education, Michael Spier- dowis, Boys' Physical Education. Seated: Constance Elwood, Oral Hygiene, Thelma Richardson, School Nurse. Moses Sherman, Instrumental Music, Sara Lee Beard, Vocal Music Supervisor, Mary Trumble, Vocal. IO FACU LTY Standing: Josephine Bell, 5th Grade, Mary Dugan, 5th Grade, Margaret Engle, 5th Grade, Helen Nudd, Opportunity. Seated: Blanche Larwood, 4th Grade, Leona Wells, 4th Grade. Standing: Florence Pilato, 3rd Grade, June Lascell, 2nd Grade, Wilma Neal, 3rd Grade, Marion Hassett, 2nd Grade, Anna Deasy, 3rd Grade. Seated: Jean Hippchen, 2nd Grade, Marion Balschmiter, 3rd Grade. Standing: Inez Kleinsmith, lst Grade, Joanne Hopkins, Kindergarten, Katherine Coffey, Kindergarten. Seated: Corinne Pahura, lst Grade, Mary McCabe, Kindergarten. NOT PICTURED Doreen Sundell, Art, Evelyn Collins, Librarian, Sadie M. Britton, Mathematics, Emily E. Beeman, Science. Ruth Bradley, 4th Grade, Frances Grinnell, lst Grade. FACULTY Gladys S. Pedler, Teacher in Charge Albion Grammar School SIXTH 8. SEVENTH GRADES John Joy, Lorraine Sprague, Nellie Willey, Edmund Biordi, Mildred Hazel. Absent: Roland Sanford. IN MEIVIORIAIVI A Tribute "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal" - THOMAS MOORE For her many years of service to Albion High School, she will always be remem- bered. The years were long and happy ones, although she had more than her share of burdens. She deeply loved her subject and taught it well. Many are the students who passed a difficult Latin regents because of her help and guidance. Yes, we, the students and teachers of Albion High School, wish to pay tribute to Miss Jessie Valnia for her constant and devoted service to the school and the subject she loved so well. THE BIG BRASS Z? M Q12 My 14 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS Slips appear!! Piggy banks disappear!! The officers, President, George LaMont, Vice President, Nancy Spierdowis, Secretary, Maralee Juliana, Treasurer, David Van Norman and the whole gang in 238 agree that itls all a barrel of fun. Through our class advisers, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Landfear and our efficient rules and student cooperation, our homeroom operated quite smoothly. Our first activity was the senior play. Tryouts, more tryouts, practice and then on December 5, 1952 "The Moon Makes Three" was a success. Our class did a fine job and feel that we were well represented by the cast. Funds reached a new low mark and we worked on the football stand to enrich our treasury. The whole school was surprised in November when the seniors appeared in their best bib-and-tuck for the senior tea. Besides all the work setting tables and making punch and coffee by the gallon, we even got a day off from English class. ln spite of the fact that the officers shook hands more this day than ever before, everyone had a fine time. Our Christmas party this year was a little hurried because many seniors were working in Newberryys to supplement their Christmas money. After our tureen supper, we all had a wonderful time, especially Jeanna who was privileged enough to sit on Santa's lap. The year wouldn't have been complete without the usual trips to the Medina skating rink. We should have brought a cushion engraved with "especially for you." It would have come in handy for Charley. On February 17, 1953 we took a slightly longer trip to Rochester to see the musi- cal comedy, "Cuys and Dollsf' Richard Ferris's big cigar wasn't a very big hit in the lobby of the Auditorium, especially for the women. Of course seniors always have to eat! We had dinner in Rochester and before we invaded Albion, we stopped for a snack. All the way home we were giving three cheers for Allis Chalmers - "Hurrah! Hurrah! 1-1urrah!'i These trips depleted our treasury considerably but we all agreed it was well worth it. The class of '53 had representatives in cheerleading, girls' sports, various boys' sports, band, glee club, operetta, and various clubs. Senior pictures, calling cards, graduation announcements, and finally class day and commencement. Summing up the year in one word, it's been HTREMENDOUSH D. VonNormon, G. LaMont, N. Spierdowis, M Juluona ERVIN ALLEN PATRICIA AYRAULT NORMA BALDWIN ENID BLAKE Allegmmente Con Tinto Badinage Maestate STANLEY BOUTER IIAROLD BRUST LOYD BUCK RAYIVIONDA Bunclo Modesto Allentnto Con Fiducia Con Anima ww CLAIRE CLEMENT DONALD COFFEY BETTY ANN D'AMIcO LORETTA DANIELS Fackeltanz Sognamio Nettamente Brioso ROBERT DECARLO MABLE DICKINSON DIXIE DRAGON MARY EDWARDS Buffone Dilettosamente Sirenen - Gesang Naive Q16 JOHN EIBL RICHARD FERIIIS IRENE FISHBAUGH GILBERT FRANCES Con Indifferenza Ampolloso Compiacente Burlescamente I i JOE GIARRIZZO SHIRLEY GILLETTE DAVID GRIMBLE ROBERT HANNAN Muestria Nettigkeit Bauerisch Largo ma non troppo 17 M1 SANDRA HARGRAVE JAMES HARMON WILLIAM HARRISON PAULINE I"IICKS Buffa Accentuato Magodi Cal-ma MARAI.EE JULIANA JOHN KEDING VIRGINIA KELLEY GERALDINE KEYMEL Cotillion Con Innocenza Intenzionate Tempestoso M18 JOHN KLOPP clEORCF LAIVIONT IIERBERT LOWMAN AIARY Lunwxcx Crm Vigorc Corifeo Tobend C701llL'diCVlVl6' EROIXIE IYIAKOWSKI EDWARD 1X1ARSlIALL VINCENT IVIARTINA IIELEN MATHEWS Con Facilim Tepedita Tardo Clissato 19 ROXANNE MILLER :IEA Con Dolce Mzmiem MONACELLI SHIRLEY NUDD DEBORAH O,BRIEN N Brummer Artiglich Con Dolcezza DONALD OTIEARN DONALD PAWLACZYK FRANCES PEOORELLA NORMAN PIENIASZEK Legerete Enjouement Con Diligenza Beharrlick Q20 JEAN PRESTON LANVRENCE RADZINSKI BETTY RICCI MARGARET RYTLEWSKI Caloroso Molto Adagio Spasshaft Con Garbo DONALD SADOWSKI BARBARA SHULER NANCY SPIERDOWIS ALICE STAINES Tmvaille Leggerezza Calore Sereno 21 RE ELEANOR STANDISH EDWARD STYINIUS PIARRY TOWER 1VIARY Lou TRUINIBLE Avec Gout Pensoso Tuthorn Keck Heit DAVID X7AGG DELORES VAGG DONALD VAGG DAVID VAN NORMAN Energisch Massig Sclmell Villareccio Veemente Rl 22 JANE WAGNER CHARLES WALTER MARLENE WEALE Pooliglione Unruhig Agilite GERALD WETHEREEE ANN WOLCOTT HAZEL WOOLSTON Sempre Ritardando Danseuse Tmnquillo 23Q,Q ACCOMPANIMENT 'W .""'NwQ.,QmW-N..,,W was JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS S. Miller, M. Hicks, S. Brownell JUNIOR CLASS This year's junior Class was both capable and versatile. Try out for cheer- leading? Sure, Sue Sands became a varsity cheerleaderg Ann Finney and Joyce Coloney were on the V. squad. Athletics? Of course! The junior Class was well represented in wrestling, track, football, basketball, and baseball. Money? Perhaps our greatest project in which each junior took part was the magazine cam- paign in which we sold almost S2300 worth of periodicals. With some of our earnings we enjoyed a trip to Buffalo to see the lee Follies. We have had two skating parties and we enjoyed an ice cream and cake party held in the gym. Great success? We feel that our success was brought about by the efforts of our officers, Elizabeth Perry. Presidentg Marcia Hicks, Vice-President, Sydne Brownell, Secretary, and Shirley Miller, Treasurer. Which junior ring do you want? Oh, I wonder who'll speak in Signor Prize? What, you made National Honor Society! Where'll I ever get 1000 words for that essay? How will l ever pass that regents exam? Our advisers, Mrs. Schnitzer, Mrs. Harrigan, and Miss Britton just tell us to be confident. Coming to the end - Regents - Making the daisy chain - Packing up and moving to 238. IN MEMORY OF DAVID DAWSON "So we stand silent, having lost so soon The best of us, the high and silver flute." These words are a fitting tribute to the memory of a classmate whose fine character and kind deeds will long be remembered in the halls of Albion High. Top Rowi J. 3rd Row: K. 2nd Row: P. lst Row: G. Top Row: C. 3rd Row: 2nd Row: B. lst Row: A. F. JUNIOR CLASS Cunningham, B. Janus, L. Boyce, W, Neal, J. Gaze, L. Spalla, R. Trolley, K. Klingenberger, J. Penesack, L, Winckley, D. Magner Wilkins, J. Cox, M. Freeman, N. Armstrong, D. Cliff, P. Harvey, M DiPalrna, G. VanStone, M. Smith, H. lreland, A. Quintern, J. Burroughs Knight, N. Coyis, J. Bates, A. De Bbouwt, M. Hicks, R. Miller, A. Fitch, D. Clark, D. Wolfe Kettle, S. Miller, E. Wells, M. Passarelli, J. Coloney, M. Jackson, S. Brownell, W. Batt 'rx Tower, D. Stockton, D. Joslyn, J. Piazza, A. Zicari, R. Afwell, E. Bloom, W. Elsrer, D. Brace, A. Mori Licursi, L. Hill, A. Teloysky, F. Wells, M. Hill, M. Staines, J. Johnson, D. Baldwin, P. Townsend, E, Newlands, M. Leyandowski Axtell, J. Hlnrnan, C. Bell, S. Sands, D. Rook, H. Decker, K. Downey, D. Dawson, E. Tucker Finney, M. Sullivan, N. Hudson, L. Wilkins, M. Draper, J. Collins, D. Grazywacz, L. McKenna 27 lf SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS A. Kuhn, M. Durront SOPHOMORE CLASS 'AAnd the vote goes up and up and up!" And as the results come in, we find the Sophomore Class President is . . . Arnold . . . Creally JakeD Kuhn!! From that point on the girls went "up and up!" as Arlene Ciarrizzo became Vice-President and Mar- jorie Durrant became Secretary-Treasurer. A'Boom, Boomlv went the Class of 1955 as it began its series of activities with a somewhat traditional skating party on November 26, and again on March 10. These parties included our best times with everything from spills to the bus ride home. We rate an "A" for representation in activities this year. Chuckie Plummer, George Hildreth and Dick Griffin did quite well for themselves on the Varsity bas- ketball squad. Several boys made the V. basketball team, while others played on Albionls football and baseball squads. "Herb" Steele set a new V. basketball scoring record by setting up 29 points in one game. The girls shone in intramurals, besides having Barb Restivo and Arlene Ciarrizzo cheering for the Vfs. Sopho- more boys and girls participated in both Clee Club and Band. Two Sophomores, Mae Saeva and Joe Sacco had leads in the spring operetta, "Chimes of Normandy." Robert Kubica can be identified by her baton with which she led the band down the field at many football games. Weire almost past the middle now and next year we will be upper classmen. my 28 SOPHDMORE CLASS Top Raw: A. Kuhn, C. Bokman, L. Kelley, C. Jacobs, D. Webster, A. Foote G. Wahl C. Prawel D. Collins, R. Bruski, J. Miller, F. Nayman, c. Rom, J. stork ' ' ' 3rd Row: N. Starkxyeather, -E. Shervin, B. Pahura, C. Markle, M. Manfredi, C. Plummer, J. O'Brien, W. Smith, R. Stlrk, J. Sacco, E. Maine, A. Ford, G. Ferris, R Harling 2nd Row: M. Newlands, R. Griffin, R. Brownell, B. Bielinski, J. Paluch, -L. Stiller, B. Durrant, M. Dock, M. Saeva, R. Hobbs lst Row: J. Bouter, M. Walburn, J. Minckley, B. Sargent, A. Giarrizzo, S. Sargent, R. Kubica, M. Durrant, J. Blackman, C. Bacon Top Row: D. McPhail, S. Miller, D. Shawver, J. Daniels, C. Weaver, T. Lunt, R. Brackenbury, R. Sadowski, G. Hildreth, A. Panepinto, D. Poland, D. Parker, R. Hoot, D. Steele 3rd Row. J. Stockton, W. Capstick, D. Barnes, T. Tower, K. Whiting, A. Kirchner, B. Restlvo, F. Babcock, J. Nudd, R. Dailey, D. Hill, J. Pahura, F-. Baker 2nd Row: J. Cliff, J. McKenna, M. Narburgh, B. Sandle, L. Miller, M. Thaine, C. Brace, D. Reamer, M. Merrill, J. Robinson lst Row: G. Allport, R. Anderson, R. Rush, R. Doty, R. Piazza, A. Neuremburg, P. Rice, J. Trcblc, M. Keeler 29 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS C. Archbald, H. Babcock, I. Crawshow FRESHIVIAN CLASS One down and three to gol That's our class standing at A. H. S. We got to first base when Constance Archbald became President, Harold Babcock, Vice Presi- dent, and Ida Crawshaw, Secretary-Treasurer. On November 1, 1952 and March 9, 1953, we were safe at second and the class attended skating parties in Medina. Spills, aching feet, blisters, and a good timel As we rounded another base, both boys and girls took an active part in the noon hour intra-mural program. Although we had no representation on either cheerleading squad, several girls participated in the tryouts. If you don't succeed, try, try, again. That's our motto. We are extremely proud to have had a member of the freshman class, Thomas Burgio, on the Varsity football squad. The Iunior Varsity squad, supported mostly by freshmen, wound up the season undefeated. Several freshman boys - Carlton Barclift, Frederick Parker, Lee Brooks. Matt Pecorclla, Harold Babcock, and William Narburgh - participated in Junior Varsity basketball. We also have musical notes in our class, too. A number of freshmen were chosen for band and glee club. Christmas Choir and the chorus of the operetta, "Chimes of Normandy," wouldn't have been complete without the freshmen. We're almost to home plate now as the year draws to a close. We've had fun and a lot of memories will linger. We are looking forward to next year as sophomores and two down and two to go. We owe a great deal of our accomplishments to Miss Ball, Miss Beeman, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Monacelli. ao E 3 FRESH MAN CLASS Top Row: P. Leigh, S. Monagan, A. D'Arnico, R. Bergman, R. Daniels, L. Atwell, M. Pecorclla, W Narburgh, M. Hill, R. Talbert, S. Stuart, J. Burroughs, J. Hollinger, B. Bigger, B. Roscnblurn D. Lettus, D. Young 3rd Row K. Petronio, A. Page, M. Prawel, G. Eibl, C. Lash, J. Proctor, S. Juliana, S. Cunningham, l. Long G. Ugorek, C. Wahl, R. Sadler, C. Archbald, F. Kenyan, S. Moore, M. Ranieri, G. Smith M. LaMont, J. Morten 2nd Row. F. Parker, D. Sullivan, O. Jacobs, R. Tower, T. Kaminski, D. Dunn, R. Zummo, R. Wells, S Wells, J. DeCarlo, L. Smith, D. Radzinskn lst Row: R. Grimm, N. Bielinski, K. Rush, R. Bearclsley, H. Ford, J. London, T. Grazywacz, l. Miller K. Brust Top Raw: J. McCarthy, T. Craddock, W. Dale, K. Bloom, R Snyder, R. Parker, P. Ciarico, L Brooks, H. Babcock, C. Barcliff, E. Coloncy, C. Dutcher, W. Heyden, J. Hollinger, J. Wethcrbee, S Beach, P. Bigger, T. Burgia 3rd Row: D. Gotts, M. Gibbs, M. D'Amico, P. Fraser, M. Stucko, A. Burgess, I. Crawshaw, M. Fackler, D. Long, C. Campbell, S. Monacelli, A. Thiel, D. Buckland, R. Gibbs, R. Kettle, N. Covis, S. Coy, R. Gillette 2nd Row: C. MacGaffick, S. Smith, E. Ludwick, T. Neal, D. Gottovi, D, Dawlcy, J. Dykstra, F. Hawkins, J. Schultz, R. Markle, D. Baker, E. Loss lst Row: R. Williams, L. Hudson, M. Daniels, J. Fintak, R. McMurray, D. Snell, R Smith, R. Shawver, M. Ingram, J. Henderson ElC.l-lTH GRADES Top Row: E, Reed, M, Sayles, K. Rhodey, R. Braley, W. Jackson, J, Lunt, C. Rayrnond, H. Hudson, P. McKenna, J. Albertson, N. Hart, P. Standish, C. Derwick, T. Zambito 3rd Row: J. West, M. Hughes, P. Kelley, M. McKenna, V. Lupo, J, Ellis, M. Osborne, K. Downey, J. Davis, V. Wawrzyniak, N. Gibbs, B. Ferris, E. Shawvei, S. Hubbell, D. Gregg, F. Hatch 2nd Row: J. Eornst, N. Brown, T. Graham, W, Kirchner, R, Mathes, M. DeCarlo, D. Baker, D. Minier, J. Fisher, C. Giarrizzo lst Row: M. Brust, C, Noreck, G. Edwards, W. Weeks, J, Allen, R. Markle, S. Waldo, J. Tiffany, S. Erway, H. Morrow Top Row: L, D'Angelo, C. Morton, D. Ruhlman, J. Woodcook, N. Dawley, J. Babcock, C. Newbald D. Draper, W. Allen, M. MacGaffick, A. Klingenberger, J. Bigger, D. Lucas, R. Preston M, Howes 3rd Row: R. Pilon, K. Coville, F. Manno, J. Corbett, G. Pilato, D. Reamer, S. Fletcher, C. Henderson M. Bates, M. Budynski, K. Marshall, K. Skellen, J. Draper, M. Zicari 2nd Row: C. TwarDokus, P. Canham, R. Willmott, G. Batt, J. Brace, A. Brakenbury, B. Sedita, T. Canale C. Newton, D. Hannan lst Row: H. Bouter, B. Nenni, J. Daniels, J. Craddock, B. Leigh, E. Minckley, S. Pecorella, L. Meale D. Jeffery, C. Long ' .32 SEVENTH GRADES Top Row: M. Ashley, J. Reed, H. Farnham, L. Johnson, M. W It J. S a er, tratton, J. Roth, J. Lee, G. Draper, A. DeCarlo, D. Spierdowis 3rd Row: B. Grimm, E. Hughes, M. Howlett, C. S ' k G pin s, . Collins, C. McCollough, B. Chapman, L. Bell, B. Blackman, E. D'Angela, K. Horton, N. Bertsch, C. Lash, L. Roy 2nd Row: T. Greene, J. Downey, D. Eddy, M. Davis, M. Lamanna, L. Harvey, M. Finney, B. Daniels, R. Schuck, C. Parker lst Row: J. Allen, D. Lusk, B. Allport, R. Reed, D. King, J. MacGaffick, L. Moore, F. Cicsiclski, J. Plummer, J. Reamer Top Row: P. O'Hare, E. Clement, L. Cliff, E. Baker, M. Batt, G. Narburgh, C. Benson, E. Kidney, F. Daniels, F. Hildreth, C. Keitel 3rd Row: J. Lent, C. Miller, H. Grazywacz, D. Starkweather, S. Morrow, J. Dawley, M. Hockbruckner, I. Maine, O. Gilnor, M. Standish, D. Keitel, D. Parker, E. Nelson 2nd Row: P. Allen, R. Brodie, R. Daniels, D. Stockton, O. Elster, P. Gillette, B. Canham, W. Poland, M. Wolcott, R. Kelley lst Row: J. Koch, B. Wilmont, C. Britt, S. Coville, F. Monfredi, P. Stratton, E. Brown, P. Gotts, A. Allport ix- xxx SIXTH GRADES Top Row: R. Klingenberger, K. Bell, L. True, J, Martin, D. Baker, G. LeFrois, R. Hill, R. Walls, M. S Robinson, D. aeva 3rd Row: B. Hakes, G, Severns, J. Dutcher, S, Brooks, L. Harvey, M. Walburn, R. Walls, N. Bagnato 2nd Row: J. Wetherbee, D. Hill, M. Clark, E. Draper, B. Lose, R. Durrant, F. Babcock, E, Narburgh, G. Gottoyi lst Row: K. Hubbell, M. Treble, M. Batt, M. Draper, W. Thompson, T. Anderson, N. Weeks, D. Minckley, B. Eddy 315 .-54 Top Row: R. Skilton, S. DeHond, J. Williams, W, Hawkins, F. Budynski, D. Ergott, E. Johnson, A. Preston 3rd Row: D. Reid, K. Cutting, D. Buckland, K. Dykstra, D. Marshall, B. Daniels, P. Miller, R. Lyons, N. Chrzan 2nd Row: F. Lyons, C. Dawson, S. McCartney, A. Baker, P. Wilkins, S. Gavenda, P. Fackler, F. Jeffery, M Fockler J Tb I r lst Row: D. Loscell, D. Stone, E. Christopher, D. O'Dell, D. Sandie, J. Graham, R. Eibl, E. Lonnen, . 1 e io GLOSSARY OF TERMS a--65 accentuato-at-chen-too-a'-to .... strongly accented ogilite-a-zhe-le-ta .......... ......... a gility allegramente-aI-la-gra-men'-te -- ---cheerfully allentato-al-len-ta'-to ....... - - -relaxed ampolloso-am-pol-lo'-so -- ---inflated artiglich-ar-tikh-Iikh - - - ------ pretty avec gout-a-vek goo - - - - -artistically badinage-ba-de-nazh - - - -playfulness bauerisch-boi'-er-ish - - - ......-- ruSfiC beharrlich-be-harr'-likh - - - - - -perserveringly brioso-bre-o'-so ------ -..- v ivaciously brummer-broom'-mer - ----.-- grumbler buffq-boof-fd ----- - - - ---- a comic actress buffone-boof-fo'-ne ..............------ ie?-fel' burlescamente-boonles-ka-men'-te - - - - -jokingly calma-kal'-ma - - - -calmness calore-ka-lo-re ..... ....--- G r1l'hUSi0Sm Caloroso-ka-lo-ro'-so -- comedienneeko-mad-yen' compiacente-kom-pi-a-ch con onima-kon a'-ni-ma -------------fiery - - - - -woman who plays a comic part -- -------amiable with animation an'-te con diligenza-kon de-li-jen'-tsa ....- with diligence con dolce maniera-kon dol'-che ma-ni-a'-ra -... con dolcezzo-kon dol-che con facilita-kon fa-che-Ii-ta' -- con fiducio-kon fe-doo'-cha -- with simplicity t-tsa --- ---with softness ---with ease ---confidently con garbo-kon gar'-bo -----...--.-.... dointily con indifferenza-kon in-def-fe-ren'tso -------- -with indifference con innocenza--kon in-no-chen'-tsa --with innocence con tinto-kon ten'-to --- con vigore-kon ve-go'-re corifeo-ko-ri-fa'-o ------ coti Ilion-ko-te-yon - - -with variety of expression ------------powerfully ---chief leader ------petticoat danseuse-dan-suz' ----.-------- a female dancer di lettosamente-de- let-to-s enregisch-en-er'zhish -- eniovement-anzhu-mon' a-men'-te ----- agreeobly - .----- ---energetic --------- -----playful fackeltanz-fak'-el-tants .--- -----. t arch holder glissato-glis-sa'-to - - - - -smooth lntenzionate-in-ten-tsi-o-na'-to ---- - - -promised lieCk l"lelf-liek'-l"tlf ........,, , ,--,- qggurqnce largo ma non troppo-lar'-go ma non trop'-po --- slow, but not too slow legerete-la-zhar-ta --------- ,,-,-,,,, - ffivolgfy leggerezza-led-jer-et'-tsa -- maestate-ma-as-ta'-te - maestria-ma-as-tre'-a - ------ - - -fickleness --------dignity -- - -skill, dexterity m0Q0Cll-m0-Q0-di -----... .....-. s trolling comic massig schnell-mas'-sikh-schnel modesto--mo-das'-to --------- molto-adagio-mol-to a-da-io -- - - - moderately fast -------modest - - -very slowly H0 'Ve'-'10 'SV ----- ------- ....... - u naffected nettamente-net-to-men'-te nettigkeit-net'tikh-kit - - - pensoso-pen-so'-so - --.. padiglione-pa-del-yo-'ne -- -----in a neat manner - - - - - - - -clearness - - - - - - -thoughtful - - - - - - -butterfly sempre rita rdando-sem'-pre re-ta r-dan'-do .---- - r slackening in speed SIl'eI'l0-Se-FO -nO .......,,,,,,,,--,. ---Serene sirenen-gesang-zir-en'-en-ge-zang' ---------- - - - - - - - - - -siren song, with fascinating character sognando-son-yan'-do ---------,-,-,,,, dreamy spasshalt-spas'-haft -- tardo-tar'-do ----------- tempestoso-tem-pes-to'-so - ----- merry - - - -slow in time - - -indifference tepedita-ta-pe-di-ta' ---- -------- f empesfuoug fobend-fo'-bent --...--...- .---,,-, , boigtergug tranquillo-tran-kwil'-lo ----- ------------ q uiet travaille-tra-vi-yo ---- worked, i tuthorn-toot'-horn -- unruhig-oon-roo'ikh - n difficult passages - -the cowherd's horn ----------restless veemente-va-a-men'-te -- --vehement, forceful viIlareccio-vel-la-ret'-cho -----------rural 35 REPERTOIRE x x R Qt 5 Mr.- Xv was Q .ur sm i +f.S".,.K 4 ,lllllr ' - an-r,,,,,.....-sig ,MNMM .A . X ...Q 'll was CHEVRON A new room! A new table! Ah-h-h-hll cry Adviser Mrs. Landfear and Co Editors D. Dra on and R. Hannon, Assistant Editors M. Hicks and L. Spalla, Senior Editor D. Van 'orman and Business Manager R. DeCarlo. We finally pushed Mr. Anderson out of 310 and moved from "the closet" to a new work-shop. "Money - Money - Money - Lack of it is driving me crazy" - sighs Enid Blake, head of Promotion Staff. Enid and her staff overcame that problem through the Variety Show, Friday movies, the Cake Walk, the Spring Dance. Delores Vagg, Co-Chairman of the Advertising Staff became slightly annoyed with the other Co-Chairman Richard Ferris, because he was always leaving his master list in his locker when a meeting was called. These two and their staff did make a great advancement in Chevron advertising though, by perking up the ads with photographs. "Don't you think you could have your articles in by next Friday, then?,' -A asks Fran Pecorella, head of the Literary Staff, as she tries to meet the deadline. The write-ups were finally handed in and all enjoyed reading them. "Psstl Psstl What's that word - Now why would anyone write around a piece of paper?" wonders Marlene Weale, head of the Typing Staff. The deciphering really didn't take too long. "One-two-three-four - Money, Money dropping, dropping, hear the pennies fall," chants Nancy Spierdowis, laboring hard over her task as Circulation Manager. This year the Circulation Staff promoted a contest to see which homeroom could get in the most money every week. It turned out to be quite successful. Although the days of taking pictures were hectic and the editors were pestered by students who wanted to know the theme and the senior catalogue, the deadlines were met. The Chevron Staff hopes it has pleased the Studnts of A. H. S. with its larger, earlier published yearbook. EDITORIAL STAFF Top Row: R. Hannon, D. Van Norman, L. Spalla lst Row: D. Dragon, Mrs. Landfear, M. Hicks LITERARY STAFF Top Row: M. McKenna, J. Robinson, H. Brust, F. Nayman, A. Mori, D. Poland, E. Coloney, M. Keeler, lst Row: J. Dykstra M. Dock, J. Minckley, M. Daniels, M. Juliana, F Pecorella TYPING STAFF Top Row: L. Daniels, J. Preston Ist Row: P. Ayrault, M. Weale, M. Ludwick CIRCULATION STAFF Top Row B. Bigger, P. Leigh, J. Cunningham, M. Durrant, M. Daniels, J. Bates, P. Standish, I. Long lst Row: N. Spierdowis, M. Jackson, E. Baker, S. Sargent, C. Miller, M. Draper, M. Juliana, S. Waldo, M. DeCarlo, M. Narburgh ADVERTISING STAFF Top Row: I. Crawshaw, D. Dawson, R. Johnson, B. Shuler, M. Staines, P. Hicks, A. Fitch, A. Page, L. D'Angelo, B. Rosenblum, V. Kelley, D. Buckman, N. Chrzan, B. Ricci grd Row: HN Lowman, M. Draper, J. Bates, M. McKenna, S. Sands, H. Decker, D. Steele nd Row I st Row: Top Row . Baldwin, R. Miller, A. Finney, B. Sedita, R. Ferris, D. Vagg, D. Minier, M. DeCarlo, H. Woolston, J. Eible, E. Standish S. Miller, M. Bates, M. Fackler, V. Wawrzyniak, J. Coloney, S. Waldo, E. Minckley, S. Monagan PROMOTION STAFF M. Jackson, R. Brownell, R. DeCarlo, D. Hill, D. Sadowski, R. Ferris, D. Vagg, S. Brownell, C. Bell, M. Narburgh, J. Monacelli 2nd Row' J. Treble, M. Manfredi, A. Wolcott, C. Clement, P. Bigger, S. Beach, B. Bigger, M. Ranieri, B. Rosenblum, E. Blake, M. Trumble, D. Poland I lst Row: M. Saeva, M. Draper, H. Mathews, R. Burgio, D. O'Brien, J. Nudd, B. Restivo EDITORIAL STAFF CIRCULATION STAFF LITERARY STAFF ADVERTISING STAFF TYPING STAFF PROMOTION STAFF :sq WL if Top Row: G. LaMont, N. Spierdowis, E. Blake, M. Draper, Top Row: D. Steele, G. Hildreih, E. Coloney, S. Monagan D. Sadowski, D. Van Norman, J. Bates, M. Passarelli P. Leigh, M. Daniels, S. Sargent lst Row: M. Juliana, J. Cunningham, A. Finney, S. Brownell lst Row: P. Bigger, M. Saeva, B. Durrant, J. DeCarlo Standing: M. Narburgh, C. Miller, C. Lash, E. Baker, R. Johnson, D. Gregg, P. Standish, J. Ellis, M. DeCarlo, Standing: S. Gillette, F. Pecorella, M. Hicks, J. Harmon D. Baker, S. Waldo Seated: M. Jackson, R. Hannon, D. Dragon Seated: F. Daniels .,i, 40 STUDENT COUNCIL Ever have your picture taken in the hospital while you were surrounded with beautiful women? That's what happened to President Robert llannan when at the start of the year he was laid up with a broken leg. The women, Cwho were quite pleased to have an excuse to visit their handsome superiorl were the Vice-President. hlarcia llicks, Recording Secretary, Frances Pecorella, Corresponding Secretary, lXlary llackson, and Treasurer, Shirley Gillette. VVhen "l lerkyu was well and ahle again, the Student Council formed new come mittees and councils. Dixie Dragon was appointed chairman of the Extra-Curricular and Awards Council and lim llaimon was appointed head of the Traffic and Safety Council. Other committees included election, sportsmanship, puhlicity, assemhly. orientation and constitution. They worked hard to improve our school. As the year progressed, we entertained the Medina Student Council officers and put in a new seating arrangement into elfect to keep the seniors from filihustering. Our Feet were weary as we marked from homeroom to homeroom selling lucky charms and hanners. Even lXli'. lffkmico didnt know if we were selling rahhit leer or rahhit's ioots. But, if we ever purchase a student camera, our ciiorts will he well worthwhile and if Dragons car keeps going, we expect to attend the fifth annual Student Council Conference at Penn Yan on April 21. JUNIOR RED CROSS Snipl A eraelvle as paper is liolded. A ribbon is tied. And another Christmas present for men in the Armed Forces has been wrapped. After the homeroom representatives were elected and organized, Margot McKenna and Sandra llargrave were voted co-chairmen, Sue Sands, Secretary, and hliss Dil-aura, adviser. lVorl4 4 yesl Fun 4 loads! Rewards - manyf The Albion -lunior Red Cross sent 200 tray favors for holidays ol' the year and 25 gifts ol' toilet articles to the mein' bers ol' the llatavia Veterans' llospital. Our able members also gave their best in stenographic assistance to the Albion Red Cross Fund and Blood Donor Drive. in the luture, we plan to contribute to the deserving lnterfNational Childrenis liund. ilihis yeai"s activities will long be remembered by evervonc from representatives to veterans. ltis been a lot ol' yvorking-liun to us not only because we enjoy cd it but also because vve thinlx we really liound out the meaning ol' service. Snap! Another year is gone as vacation time comes again. Top Row M. McKenna, L Daniels, G. Kettle Standing: M. Clark, K. Bell, M. Walburn, P. Gotts lst Row: M. Draper, Miss DILauro, S. Sands Seated: R. Allport Top Row: C. Plummer, F. Babcock, R. Snyder Top Raw: J. Lent, P. Kelley, D. Minner lst Row: E. Ludwick, R. Sadler lst Row: D. Lucas, R. Kettle 4Il Top Row: J. Gaze, R. Ferris, C. Derwick, T. Canale, D. Gottovi, D. Steele, E. Tower, D. Van Norman, Director M. Sherman, E. Blake 4th Row: R. Hannon, D. Poland, R. Trolley, R. Hoot, D. Saeva, L. Harvey, M. Wolcott, A. DeCarlo, C. Atwell, M. Dickenson, C. Keitel, G. LaMont, D. Hannon, N. Brown, D. Vagg, K. Whiting, D. Joslyn 3rd Row: B. Hart, S. Hubbell, J. Piazza, D. Dragon, D. Wolfe, G. Smith, L. Brooks, M. Sayles, A. Kuhn, R. Harling, T. Craddock, J. Craddock 2nd Row: P. Hicks, M. Merrill, J. Robinson, M. DeCarlo, T. Graham, J. Sacco, R. Decarlo lst Row: B. Grimm, B. Sedita, D. Gregg, R. Kubica, F. Hatch, G. Pilato, C. Britt BAND TIME: IO music-filled months of ,52 and '53 SETTING: A. H. S. ACT I - Septenrloer to January Scene l - Across the gridiron comes the stirring music of a big brass band. Commands ring out in the crisp fall air and the AHS marching band comes swinging down the field as high-stepping majorettes strut and twirl in countermarches and flank movements. Football is in the air and the band answers the crowdis enthusiasm by putting on a great show. Scene 2 - A rainy weekend in November rolls around and four AHS bandsmcn arc off to Ncwfane for a Sectional All-State Festival. Playing in a 100-piece concert band thrills the Albion members: Pauline Hicks, Robert DeCarlo, George LaMont. and Dykman Poland. ACT ll - january to june Scene l - The annual spring music festival at Barker acts as an incentive to make the band members get down to hard work. They succeed in polishing five selections and enter competition at the festival. Some also compete in solo work. Scene 2. - Weeks of 8:20 rehearsals on dreary Thursday mornings pay off when it comes to presenting a pop concert in addition to a regular spring presentation of music. The director, Mr. Sherman, takes a terrific beating while making the events successful, but manages to emerge unscathed and ready to go again. Scene 3 - The year climaxes as the band plays the strains to which the seniors march down the aisle to the graduation exercises. A, .2 GLEE CLUB "Heaven be with mel" "Stay where you are!" "And who talks so freely of Serpolette?" "ls it a ghost I see?,' "Tell Bell, Ding Dong, Ding Dong". "What means this noise and clatter?" No member of the "Chimes of Normandy" operetta cast or, we hope, the audience, will ever forget the performance of Mae Saeva as Germaine, lim Harmon as de Corneville, Ann Finney as Serpolette, joe Sacco as Grenicheaux, Dave Van Norman as Caspard, and Luciano Spalla as the Bailli. Syclne Brownell, as Manette, and Dixie Dragon, as Gertrude, added a little extra life to the story with their gossip and dancing, while the chorus did the rest. The combined boys, and girls' glee clubs, in addition to the fun at operetta re- hearsals, also enjoyed presenting a concert of Christmas music, and singing at the graduation exercises. The boys were greatly outnumbered by the girls, however, tha? had little effect on the quality of the music and the boys didn't seem to mind at a l. Two members of the chorus, Harmon and Van Norman, represented A. H. S. at the All-State sectional at Newfane. Later, the two boys, plus Sacco, were fortu- nate to be members of the chorus, made up of students from all over the state, which sang in Klcinhans Music Hall in Buffalo. The girls lost out on making either trip, but hope to be accepted in future years. Everything undertaken by the glee clubs was considered a success, for Mrs. Trumble, director of the chorus, had again perfected a choral group worthy of Albion High School's pride. Top Row: M. Merrill, R. Gibbs, D. Buckland, J. Coloney, M. Saeva, D. Gottovi, J. Ellis, T, Craddock, B. Sargent, M. Gibbs, J. Proctor, M, Fockler, J. Treble, K. Rush, S. Brownell, J. Minkley, P Rice S Sar ent A Neuerembur ' f 4 Q ', - 9 5th Row: M. Jackson, C. Bell, C. Jacobs, M. Durrant, C. Kelley, J. Cliff, M. Hill, M. Sayles, R. Bergman, J. Sacco, J. Harmon, J. Makowski, D. Van Norman, D. Steele, R. Sadowski, R. Hoot, L. Boyce, J. Gaze, J. Morten, W. Dale, J. Cunningham, A. Fitch, J. Robinson, A. Kirchner, M. Dock, J. Hinman, R. Piazza 4th Row: E. Blake, D. Dragon, M. LaMont, M. Ranieri, C. Lash, S. Monagan, E. Coloney, L. Smith, A, Burgess, B. Bigger, S. Beach, P. Bigger, S. Wells, D. Sullivan, C. Campbell, M. D'Amico 3rd Row: Mrs. Trumble, D. Baker, A. Finney, M. Manfredi, S. Juliana, J. DeCarlo, C. Wahl, S. Moore, A. Page, A. Wolcott, D. O'Brien, G. Keymel, A Staines, E. Kenyon, C. Archbald, R. Burgfo, H. Matthews, L. Daniels, H. Woolston, S. Coy, G. Allport, C. Brace, F. Wells, M. Smith, J Collin D Baldw' T Grah R W'll' . s, . ln, . am, , I larns 2nd Row: J. Henderson, I. Miller, B. Kirchner, M. Dawley, R. Griffin, J. O'Brien, P. Dailey, V. Lupo, R. Ferris, A. Foote, G. Batt, K. Downey, E. Maine, R. Anderson, D. Vagg, L. Brooks, C. Borcliff lst Row: R. Sadler, S. Monacelli, P. Fraser, N. Bielinski, I. Crawshaw, I. Long, P. Leigh, E. Newlands, J. Blackman, C. Bacon, M. Trumble, N. Hudson, J. Nudd, P. Ayrault, J. Monacelli, A. Giarrizzo, B. Restivo Standing: F. Pecorella, R. Hannon, D. Von Norman Seated: Adviser C. D'Amico, M. Juliana, D. Dragon, N. Spierdowis NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The meeting is called to order by the president of the Albion Chapter of the National Honor Society, David Van Norman. Roll call is taken and the minutes of the previous meeting are read by Maralee Juliana, Secretary. Treasurer, Robert Hannan, reports our financial standing and then the group is off on a lively dis- cussion of committee reports and old and new business. It is reported that the Society is still in charge of noon duty in the front hall each day. The members also monitor the halls each night at the close of school and help new students with their lockers. The meetings are held at the homes of the members. The date for the next meeting is set and Dixie Dragon, Vice President, oliers to have it at her home. Frances Pecorella brings up the subject of the new members who will be elected to National Honor Society in the Spring. It is suggested, by Nancy Spierdowis, that we begin, at once, making plans for the initiation of the new members and the tea for teachers, parents, and members that will follow. Everyone agrees and after fur- ther discussion, and a peek at the clock, David calls for a motion of adjournment. The members of the junior and Senior Classes who were elected new members of the National Honor Society in the Spring are: Robert DeCarlo, Shirley Gillette, George LaMont, Norman Pieniaszek, Donald Sadowski, Marlene Weale, Constance Bell, Sydne Brownell, Joyce Coloney, David Dawson, Mary jackson, and Elizabeth Perry. Q44 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Initiation time comes. Everyone likes it except the Freshmen and several upper classmen, but it's all in fun and everybody has a good time to go along with the delicious refreshments at the end. At present we have 41 active members in our local chapter, including our able officers, President, Luciano Spalla, Vice-President, Dave Dawson, Secretary, Ronald Harling, Treasurer, George LaMont, Reporter, Richard Ferris, and Watch Dog, Danny Snell. The FFA is one, if not the most active of all clubs at Albion High. Under the capable supervision of Mr. New, the FFA has many traditional activities but still undertakes many new ones each year. We raised money by working for Mr. New and then transferring the money into the treasury. We also won all four individual places in the tomato division of the New York State Vegetable Canners Contest which netted us 57500. Our other activities included field trips, a father and son banquet, a 2-day trip to the Farm and Home Week Convention at Cornell, basketball games, and the nomination of George LaMont for the Empire Farmer Award. Losh Spalla won top honors in local, county, regional and zone speaking contests. The fruit judging team won a place at the Horticultural Show in Rochester. As our activities come to an end, we are planning an annual picnic at Crystal Beach. We really do a lot of hard work along with our fun. Top Rowi J. Henderson, R. Trolley, E. Tower, R. Brackenbury, D. Wolfe, C. Shervin, A. Ford, D. Parker, L. Atwell, R. Snyder, K. Downey 3rd Row: D. Weatherbee, R. Hobbs, D. Vagg, A. Foote, C. Petronio, L. Roth, D. Grimble, L. Winkley, E. Stymus, E. Bloom, D. Webster, A. Kuhn, D. Vagg, C. Bokman 2nd Row: E. Allen, D. Dawson, R. Harling, D. Snell, L. Spalla, G. LaMont, R. Ferris, Mr. New lst Row: R. Markle, R. Kettle, W. Narburgh, D. Wells, H. Ford, M. Ingram, T. Kaminski 4553 Standing: E. Lonnen, L. Harvey, C. Benson, R. Hill, M. S. 3rd Circle: J. Graham, N. Chrzan, M. Lamana, P. Kelley, D. Gregg, T. Anderson, I.. Cliff, D. Eddy, D. Hannon, J. Fisher 2nd Circle: N. Bielinski, E. Shawver, D. Ruhlman, W. Poland, C. LeFrois, F. Ciesielski, S. Wells, J. Wetherbee, D. Lucas, J. Leigh, E. Christopher, C. Brooks, N. Bagnato lst Circle: K. Rush, A. Baker, D. Baker, B. Grimm, J. Koch, D. Keitl Not in picture: J. Dykstra, J. West, C. Keitl, W. Allen, M. Brust, G. Thompson, J. Gavenda, D. Lascell, K. Hubbell, M. Budynski 1UNloR BAND "All right!! One, two, three, playf, Mr. Sherman director bellows as his big arms start the Junior Band off. The band consists of about 40 members. Twice a week, the participants, who are mostly sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, meet for re- hearsals. After the seniors leave in June, the Junior Band people who have enough knowledge of their instruments will fill in the vacancies. The Junior Band participates in the annual Spring Concert. The members of the band choose three or four selections and prepare them for the concert. Mr. Sherman's arms stop the music as an- other year draws to a close. QRLJ46 Top Row: R. Ferris, Mi. Sherman, D. Poland, R. Hoot, R. Trolley, D. Joslyn, K. Whiting lst Row: R. DeCarlo, M. Sayles, J. Sacco, K. Downey DANCE BAND Most of the student body has heard the High School Dance Band and have marveled at its amazing ability to play the latest hit tunes and the ever popular ballads. Who can resist Keith Downey's pleasing piano playing, the haunting melodies of Dyke Poland, Bob Hoot, and Mr. Sherman, the mel- low trombone playing of Ken Whiting, Don Joslyn, and Jim Harmon, and the soothing strains on the saxophone by Joe Sacco, Bob De- Carlo, Marv Sayles, and Don Steele. Last but not least, the tantalizing rhythm of Dick "The Rainbow Ferris and his drums. Also, Faye Hatch, Jack Gaze, and Dave Wolfe have very capably filled in when members of the Band have been absent. l Top Row: Adviser O. Rickey, C. London, B. Rosenblum M. Levondowski, J. Kedinq, W. Harrison, V. Martina ' 2nd Row: D. Sadowski, D. Stockton, C. Walter, M. Staines, D. Grazywocz lst Row: R. Brownell, R. Tower, D. Berns, C. Bokman AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB When we hear the announcement, "there will be movies this noon," it brings to mind a noon hour of fun and relaxation. Noon movies, showing pictures for History and English classes as well as other organizations such as the Student Council or the Chevron staff, is just one of the functions of the Audio-Visual Club. Under the supervision of Mr. Rickey, the members learn not onl how to operate the ma- chines but they also obtain a clear understand- ing of the entire process of making motion pictures. At the beginning of the school year, the members elected officers: President, Don Sadow- ski, Vice-President, Mary Lou Levandowskig and Secretary, Mary Staines. Although the machines don't always operate in the desired fashion, the club considers this a very successful ear and the students of A. H. S. thank them Kar the enjoyment they have brought. Standing: C. Bell, J. Coloney, S. Brownell, E. Blake, F Pecorella, D. Rook, J. Hinman, A. Telovsky, P. Harvey J. Burroughs, D. Van Norman Seated: D. Dragon, G. Francis, N. Spierdowis Kneeling: D. Dawson, K. Klingenberger, W. Batt, S. Sands, M. Jackson, L. Spalla CLARION-ECHO "No Clarion-Echo again this week!" This cry echoed through A. H. S. until Mr. Monacelli took action and appointed a staff. Dragon and Spierdowis were made the "brains of the outfit" and Coloney, Jackson, Sands, Francis and Spalla were appointed assisting editors. Since Decem- ber the editors and reporters from grades 6-12 have slaved away in order that all school events and gossip could appear in bi-monthly editions. The paper was highlighted with feature articles on outstanding students, for which con- fidential information was gotten from pumping Mrs. Hannan to conducting surveys. The chemistry students offered to help haggard Mr. Monacelli set type until they heard they would have to start at quarter to 4 on Fri- day morning. The paper continued successfully however, and was read and enjoyed by the students. 47Q 1 Standing: B. Janus, H. Ireland, C. McKenna, D. Sullivan, G. Kettle, E. Tower, B. Bielinski, C. Parker, S. Miller, M. McKenna Back Row: R. Brackenbury, F. Wells, L. Boyce, J. Wagner, J. Johnson, M. Staines, J. Hinman, A. Telovsky, B. Durrant, D. Rook, D. Cliff, M. Draper, N. Armstrong 2nd Row: D. Coville, D. Berns, J. O'Brien, D. Grzywacz, J. Monacelli, R. Burgio, E. Sargent, L. Hudson, G. Keymel, H. Matthews, M. DiPaIma, M. Ludwick lst Row' M. Manfredi, D. Long, K. Covis, S. Miller, D. Buckland, P. Standish, D. Baker, N. Hudson COMMERCIAL CLUB If we didn't learn anything else this year, we will always remember never to leave a file drawer open because nylons are expensive and so are tailoring jobs! Our advisers, Mrs. Holt and Mr. Schroeder know from experience! Our Commercial Club has been an active organization this year. Under the leadership of President, Geraldine Kettleg Vice President, Colon Towerg Secretary, Anna Telovskyg and Treasurer, Margot McKenna, we have had a lot of fun and have completed some interesting and entertaining projects. Lois McKenna and Wil- liam Burgio, as Sergeants-at-Arms, have worked very hard this year. As part of our activities, we conducted a sur- vey to find a part-time employment for Albion school students. Later on, a lecture for our enjoyment, was given by Mr. Miller on "Monroe Calculating Machines." The club members entertained with a buffet supper and a movie on "The Duties of a Secretary" at a joint meet- ing with the Medina Commercial Club. Mr. Paul Haines was the guest speaker and spoke on insurance. lla! 46 Top Row. W. Smith, B. Restivo, N. Spierdowis, A. Panepinto, A. Wolcott, C. Barcliff, D. Dragon, L. Spalla, G. Francis, S. Sands, M. Weale, G. LaMont, D. Vagg 2nd Row: J. Preston, C. Plummer, E. Allen, J. Coloney, F. Pecorella, A. Giarrizzo, J. Monacelli, P. Ayrault, M. Juliana, A. Finney, E. Blake, Advisor M. Spierdowis lst Row: N. Pieniaszek, D. Steele, R. Hannon, D. Brace, S. ji-loot, D. Pawlaczyk, J. Gaze, R. Brown, D. Joslyn, . el'l'IS VARSITY CLUB Sportsmanship is an important part of every high school function. In Albion High School, this ideal is held high by members of the Varsity Club. Under the supervision of Mr. Spierdowis, the members of the club have completed what they consider a very successful year. Because of very busy schedules, the members have not elected officers for the year, but enjoyed joint meetings with the Hi-Y, as well as other numerous activities. To the members of the Varsity Club, the students of A. H. S. extend their "congratula- tionsv for the fine work they have done in keep- ing our school one with sportsmanlike traditions. All the students who are involved in athletics, are looking forward to the annual Awards Ban- quet sponsored by the Varsity Club. At the ban- quet, not only are the letters given out, but the Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Awards are presented to the senior boy and girl who best exemplify the characteristics of good sportsmen. These awards prove that A. I-l. S. can lose a game, and not be defeated. Top Row: H. Lowman, F. Babcock, J. Stark, H. Brust, L. Buck, D. Poland, G. Hildreth, D. Pawlawczyk, K. Kling- enberger, J. Penasack, V. Martina, D. Brace, R. Hoot, R. Hannan 3rd Row: R. Bruski, C. Tower, R. Ferris, J. Gaze, G. Francis, J. Piazza, J. Sacco, A. Foote, D. Joslyn, R. Atwell, D. Webster, D. O'Hearn, L. Spalla, J. Wahl 2nd Row: A. Mori, W. Smith, C. Plummer, D. Coliins, T. Lunt, C. Dutcher, D. Griffin, C. Prawl, A. Ford, C. Bokman, D. Steele lst Row: P. Dailey, D. Dawson, R. Shawver, E. Tower, S. Bouter, R. Rush, C. Barcliff, J. O'Brien, J. Pahura HI-Y CLUB Splash! There goes president Herb Lowman into the pool. Splash! Splash! Splash! follow Harold Brust, secretary-treasurer, and jim Har- mon and Norm Pieniaszek, Sergeants-at-arms. They're at one of the many swimming parties held by the I-li-Y boys at the Batavia Y. M. C. A. Ducking, diving, and dipping, they're all having a wonderful time. Can't you just see them? But wait, what's missing from this picture? Oh yes - SPLASH!! It's Mr. Schroeder, the boys' adviser, jumping right into the fun as usual. The Hi-Y members are not always water- logged, however. The boys also enjoy getting together with the many girls of the Varsity Club for joint fun nights in the gym. This club certainly does add "zip" to the social life of A. H. S., besides symbolizing its high standards of sportsmanship and cleanliness. Top Row: A. Fitch, J. Gaze, J. Sacco, L. Spalla, J. Bur- roughs, E. Blake, J. Cunningham, B. Rosenblum, E. Tower, J. Piazza, R. Sadowski, K. Klingenberger, J. Penesack, D. Steele, D. Van Norman 3rd Row: M. Hicks, S. Brownell, J. Hinman, W. Batt, D. Vagg, B. Schuler, P. Harvey, A. Wolcott, P. Hicks, C. Jacobs, H. Ireland, N. Spierdowis, D. Dragon, S. Sands, M. Smith 2nd Row: C. Bell, A. DeBbouwt, J. Coloney, J. Bates, M. Passarelli, M. Saeva, A. Page, M. Manfredi, M. Jackson lst Row: A. Finney, D. Coville, G. Kettle, R. Piazza, A. Neuremburg, J. Collins, E. Wells, M. Draper DRAIVIATIC CLUB Even though we see birds - more birds, in the A. H. S. auditorium, the main objective of the Dramatic Club this year is to further the dramatic ability of its members. Under the very capable leadership of Mr. Lynch, it has at- tempted to learn and have fun at the same time. The reading and discussion of plays has occupied the club's hours and given us some good and practical ideas concerning the state. The Dramatic Club chose their leaders of 1952 and 1953 at the beginning of the club program year. Maralee Juliana was elected President, Aprille DeBbouwt, Vice-President, Ioan Cunningham, Secretary, and Karl Kling- enberger, Treasurer. We presented "Life of the Party." The future plans include three one-act plays, "Summons of Sariel", "She Was Only a Farmer's Daughter", and "Minor Miracle", for an evening performance skits, and a theatre party at the Rochester Arena Theatre. We've had a lot of fun this past year, and we hope to have accomplishments - more accom- plishments in the coming year. 49 KIA 'HO TRAFFIC AND SAFETY COUNCIL Standing: Advusor H, Hopkins, D. Dawson, L. Spallo, J. Harmon, C. Derwlck, G. Wahl Seated: M. Dickunson, D Vagg, C. McCulloch, M. Daniels, E. Kenyon fav i S 3 , i Tix 5 fi HIM! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND AWARDS COUNCIL Standungz J. Preston, H, Grazywacz, D. Dragon, G. Pilato, R. Horling, C. Bell, S, Miller Seated: Adviser J, Hatch SPORTSMANSHIP COUNCIL Standing: E. Perry, Mr. Sanford, Mr, Hopkins, A. Wolcott Seated: R. Hannon, Miss Hatch, Mr. Campbell, Miss Hazel, A. Giarizzo SPECIAL COUNCILS 'AOrderl Order!" cries Mr. Campbell, head of the Sportsmanship Council. "First Case". Some poor misguided athlete is going to be tried by the Sportsmanship Coun- cil because he has violated one of the laws set up to enforce good sportsmanship and clean living in Albion High School. Smoking, drinking, and keeping late hours do not fit into the program of a real high school athlete or cheerleader. The Sportsman- ship Council hopes to show boys and girls in our high school how much they will profit hy following the few but necessary rules of good sportsmanship. "Wliat you-all think you're goin' s'fast?" Jim Hannon's authoritative voice rings clear as he puts into effect the laws of the Traffic and Safety Council. Cars of Albion High students must be registered and drivers must have permits to be allowed to drive to school. As the council expands, its duties will become larger. It will conduct fire drills in the building as well as traffic on the school campus. "I-Ielp! Ah-h-h-h!" screams Dixie Dragon, head of the Extra-Curricular and Awards Council, as the Sophomores pounce on her. This Council, heading the club program is also using a new system for awards called the point system. The Sopho- mores apparently didn't want to be the guinea pigs for the testing of this new system, so it is starting with the Freshmen only. Students are awarded points for not only participation in sports but also for class averages and honors, such as class officer. If enough credits are earned, a school letter is awarded. These three organizations are the new sub-councils of the Student Council. 5 13,252 SENIOR PLAY "THE MOON MAKES THREE" by Aurond Harris CAST OF CHARACTERS Grandma Jackson - Iohn Henry Bailey Marsue Bailey CMarsyD Eleanor Bailey Ann Bailey - Nickie Barlow Eve Wilson - Frank Hall - Mrs. Bailey - Freddie Smith - Terry Randolph Wendel Wilcox - FRANCES PECORELLA JOHN Durcmzn - DIXIE DRAGON - ENID BLAKE - DELORES VAGG NORMAN PIENIASZEK - ANN WoLcoTr - DON VAGG NANCY SPIERDOWIS GEORGE LAMONT - JIM HARMON DAVID VANNORMAN jenny May West - - MARY Lou TRUMBLE Minetta Miller - - MARALEE JULIANA Roger Armstrong - - HERBERT LOWMAN The William Tell Overture started - the lights were lowered - the curtain opened. A spry white-haired Creally corn starchD lady limps across the stage shout- ing "It's time for Superboyf, After weeks of practice CPD on December 5, 1952, "The Moon Makes Three", under the direction of Mr. Lynch, had started. And, we thought tryouts and re- hearsals were exciting! "I was the only girl who could split," "It's utterly utter!", "QUIE.T". These are familiar to the cast but Freddie's cute legs, Marsy's pigtails, and Nickie's Indian dance will never be forgotten. Weddings are nerve wracking, especially for the groom, but not many bridesmaids carry a size ten shoe. Rehearsals, left-over punch from the Senior Tea, Writing on the scenery, butter- flies in the stomach, and the applause are all behind us. But we still say "Yes, You and Me and the Moon makes three." Grandma Grows Grey Till I Waltz Again With You Early Stages Waiting to Cut the Wedding Coke What Are You Wearing To The Masquerade?" Bridal Party I' , i VICTORY MARCH 5 4. Af 5 Z. 5 ii 2 fi Wai 11 122 FOOTBALL A cool breeze in the air - the familiar cheers of an excited crowd and cheering section - Coach Spierdowis yelling instructions from the sidelines - these are but a few of the memories that will cling to remind us of another football season gone by. Spirits were high and injuries few except for Vinnie lVlartina's sprained ankle and Don 1oslyn's pulled shoulder muscle. The team got off to a good start by tying the first two games: a 6 to 6 tic with Brockport and a 7 to 7 tie with Williamsville. After dropping the next game to Clarence by a score of 13 to O, we rallied to beat LeRoy 7 to 6 - the first time a LeRoy team has been beaten by Albion on their own field since 1941. After LeRoy came Depew, whom we beat 21 to 63 then we dropped the next one to Akron 21 to 7. The next game was the devastating victory over Perry 55 to 7 Cthe highest score an Albion team has ever reached.D The final game ended this great season by retaining the Orleans County Championship and crushing the Medina eleven 21 to 6. Much credit goes to Coach Spierdowis, John Ioy and our two Co-Captains, Ozzie Francis and Normie Pieniaszek. Next year the team will miss these Senior boys: David Vagg, James Harmon, Ozzie Frances, Norm Pieniaszek, Vinnie Martina, Loyd Buck, Erwin Allen, Ceorge LaMont, John Klopp, and a junior, Don Brace. l1ere's hoping next year's team has a successful season. 1952 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES Brockport 6 .......... Albion 6 Depew 6 ............. Albion Williamsville 7 -- ---Albion 7 Akron 21 Albion Clarence 13 --- ---Albion O Perry 7 --- ----Albion LeRoy 6 ----- ---Albion 7 Tap Row: T. Burgio, J. Penasack, L. Buck, J A. Panepinto Medina 6 Albion . Harmon, N. Pieniaszek, D. Brace, V. Martina, D Steele Znd Row: A. Foote, R, Brown, G. Francis K. Klingenberger, L. Spallc, J. Gaze, G. Wahl, R. Ferris ' S T J. KI D. Vagg, E. Allen, D. Joslyn, Coach M. Splerdowls Ist Row. Coach J. Joy, G. LaMont, . Bou er, opp, 166 Standing: L. Spalla, J. Penasack, H. Hannon, N. Pienioszek, A. Mori, D. Brace, D. Pawloczyk Kneeling: R. Griffin, C. Plummer, J. Gaze, D. Sadowski, K. Klingenberger BASKETBALL Although it ended the season with a record of 5 wins and 10 losses, the 1952.-1953 varsity squad proved to be a hustling, high-scoring aggregation. The boys fared much better on their home court, winning 5 and losing 2, than on the road, where they dropped 8 straight games. ln league competition, they split the two game series with Medina and LeRoy, missing a trip to the sectionals as the result of a heart-breaking 67-66 loss to Medina in the final game of a playoff, resulting from a three-way tie for league leadership. Brace, Hannan, Pawlaczyk, Pieniaszek, and Sadowski played their final game for the Purple and White. Highlights of the season: Aches and pains from early season exercises - record- breaking 81 points against Medina - Normie's free haircut - Dick Griffin's game winning basket in the overtime period against Oakfield - the Lions ,Club banquet - lack Gaze's driving jump shots in practice. Albion 77 ........ Brockport 6l Batavia 69 -- BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Middleport -- ..... Albion - .,.. Albion 55 39 47 Albion 8l --- -- Batavia 63 - Albion 54 -- - Medina 68 - Albion 52 - --- LeRoy 43 Albion 64 ---. .... Holley 57 Medina 80 - - Albion 56 LeRoy 52 ..... .... A lbion 48 Holley 76 -- - Albion 73 Middleport 55 --- --- Albion 53 Brockport 95 - Albion 6l Oakfield 48 - --- ..... Albion Medina 67 36 Albion 66 -- -- Albion 66 Oakfield 64 57 W 58 Top Row: Mr. Biordi, J. Pohuro, J. Gaze, C. Plummer, D. Griffin, G, Ferris, R. Rcidzinski, W. Smith, D. Steele, D. Noreck, G. LaMont, J. Sacco, A. Ponepinfo, R. Hobbs, R. Brokenbury, J. O'Brien Isf Row: L. Miller, K. Klingenberger, J. Harmon, J. Klopp, R. Hannon, A. Mori, N. Pienioszek, J. Penoscick, D. Sodowski, D. Powloczyk, D. Dawson BASEBALL One fine spring afternoon at A. H. S., smiles and bright chatter flooded the hall outside senior homeroom. They came as a result of beaming Coach Biordi's showing of the recently arrived, new baseball uniforms. Soon after, the baseball squad of '53 proudly donned the new uniforms and began practice. The team, formed around a nucleus of eight returning lettermen including Klopp, Klingenberger, Sadowski, Harmon, Penesack, Pieniaszek, Pawlaczyk and Hannan, looked forward to another successful season. They intended to work hard to keep up with the '52 record of ll wins and 3 losses, the Genesee-Orleans league championship, and the sectional finals in Red Wing Stadium. Although the team had lost a good and experienced catcher, Butch Radzinski, they placed their faith in Karl Klingenbergerls attempt to learn the catching skill. Indeed, all students were fill with the baseball spirit this spring. "Take Me Out to the Ball Camel' again became the most popular tune of the day. Bock Row: D. Vogg, N. Pienioszek, D. Brace, Coach Spierdowis Front Row: J, Dennisron, G. Froncis, L. Johnson, G. LoMont TRACK SPRING!!! - lt's time for Coach Spierdowis to begin working with his speedy athletes. The 1952 version of the A. H. S. track team had a highly successful season, being undefeated in most meets. Many of last year's track men advanced to the sectionals where they made creditable showings. The outlook for this year is very hopeful, respite the fact that there are only 7 returning lettermen from last yearis championship squad. The lettermen are Brace, Miller, Hildreth, johnson, Vagg, Gaze, and Spalla. Our track teams in the past have always given a good account of themselves and we are sure they shall continue. So, to the members of the track team, the students of A. fl. S. wish speed and strength. PRE-SEASON PREDICTIONS: Coach predicts Brace will be slower this year. Reason -- Ile won't have Paganelli chasing him. Spalla predicts he will throw the shot an easy 50 feet this year - left handed. Dick Miller predicts that only one runner will beat him in the mile event - a distance runner. The first meet of the 1953 season is with Corfu at Corfu on Wediiesday, May 6. followed by Holley at Albion on May 9. 59 14,1 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Top Row: Mr. Campbell, W. Dale, P. Ciorico, J. Craddock, D. Spierdawis, L. Atwell, C. Derwick, E. Bonus 2nd Row: D. Lusk, D. Pilon, D. Goftovi, K. Bloom, K. Brusf, F. Daniels, D. Saeva, K. Cov.lle, R, Edwards lst Row: D. Wells, L. Brooks, J. Babcock, G. Smith, C. Barcllff, H. Babcock, J. Burroughs, M. Pecorella JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row. E. Tower, W. Smith, A. Panepinto, R. Hoot, D, Steele, D. Parker, F. Parker, R. Brackenbury lst Row: J. O'Brien, M. Pecorella, L. Brooks, W. Narburgh, H. Babcock, C. Barcluff WRESTLING TEAM VOLLEYBALL To Row: P. Dailey, C. Prowl, G. Wahl, R. Daniels, F. Top Row: G. LaMont, H. Brust, H. Lowman L. Buck R Babcock DeCario, Coach Spierdowis, F., Babcock, J'. Harmon D 2nd Row: S. Bauter, J. Cox, J. Babcock, J. Sacco, L. John- 0 Hearn, V- Mamma' W- Harmon son D. Spierdowis, V. Martina, J. Makowski, R. Atwell 'st Row: Pa'ker, D. Dawson, J. Eibl, R. Hobbs, R Rush lst Row P. Knight, I. Miller, J. Piedemonte, D. Vagg, J. G Ferns, 5- Bower Klopp, E. Tower, Coach Spierdowis, R. Miller, K. Whiting, R Ferris MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS Veteran grunt and groaners under Co-Captains Don Vagg and John Klopp initiated a crop of new muscle benders and then proceeded to lead the 1953 Wrestling Team on to a very successful season. Letter winners or those who have the equivalent in points are Ed Tower, Dick Miller, Loren Johnson, Leland Johnson, Don Vagg, John Klopp, Frank Babcock, Vinnie Martina, Jerome Makowski and Jerry Wahl. Winning seven matches before tasting defeat, the team's record to date is ten victories and only one loss. The team is undefeated in league com tition. The veteran nucleus of this year's team was John Klopp, Jerome Makowslfii Don Vagg, Dick Miller and Loren Johnson. John Klopp, one of the best wrestlers A. H. S. has seen in a long time, is still undefeated this year. What boys would ever practice volleyball in the Batavia High School shower rooms besides Lowman, Francis, Brust, Buck, Stymus, Harmon, Harrison, Dawson, Piazza, LaMont, and DeCarlo? The Albion volleyball team just made it to Batavia in Ozzie's Ford and Herbie's Packard. In fact, the probably got there in 5 or 10 minutes. They were scheduled to play three games, ut they were defeated in the first two 15 to 8 and 15 to 6. Batavia seemed to stick to that number 15. The guys were really "on the ballv and even though their success was limited, the fun they had balanced the season. A. H. S. sports fans were impressed with the fine showings made by the Junior Varsity football and basketball teams. The football squad finished the season un- defeated. The basketball squad had more hard luck, but is sure to shape up to make an excellent Varsity team in the future. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS S Sonds, A. Wolcott, D. Dragon, C. Clement N. Spierdowis, M. Juliana, P. Ayrault GI RLS' ATHLETICS After the addition of a bouncing baby boy, the girls of Albion High School much regretted the absence of Mrs. Biordi as physical educational director. Even though we can't remember our numbers at roll call and are somewhat crowded in the lockers, our athletic curriculum has been ably supervised by Miss janet Hatch. On September 26, 1952 several girls participated in cheerleading tryouts. leana Monacelli, Joyce Coloney, Ann Finney, Arlene Giarrizzo, Barbara Restivo, Delores Vagg, and Eleanor Minckley were named for the junior Varsity squad. Six seniors, Nancy Spierdowis, Dixie Dragon, Claire Clement, Patricia Ayrault, Ann Wolcott, and Maralee luliana made up the Varsity squad with a junior, Sue Sands, as alternate. The first semester intra-mural program included both field hockey and soccer. Two field hockey teams and four soccer teams were confronted with the problem of "sticks" and black and blue marks. Next on the sport's schedule was volleyball, which was played during gym periods and noon hours. Of the thirteen volleyball teams, the juniors took the honors. At the end of the season an all star team was chosen. Basketball then appeared on the agenda. This activity included twelve intra- mural teams. A few unsuccessful attempts were made to engage in inter-scholastic basketball games. For a while, clothing seemed to be disappearing and appearing in the locker rooms. "Showers, here I comef' if you had a birthday on a gym day. Ask Enid and Fran, they know! At present, we're trying to learn the new dance steps. When weather permits, we will begin our softball schedule. Sore muscles, kicks, net balls, over-guarding. and striking out. Accomplishments are not too outstanding, but the fun excelled. Q62 VOLLEYBALL SOCCER Top Row: J, Minckley, N. Spierdowis, D. Dragon, M. Wecile, Top Row: D. Dragon, P. Hicks, F. Pecorcllo J. Robinson ist Row: A. Wolcott, J. Preston, N. Spicrdowis, M. Wecle ist Row: S. Miller, S. Monogon, P. Ayroulf, J. Collins, M.JuIionc1, M. Dickinson P. Leigh BASEBALL BASKETBALL Top Row: S. Sands, R. Miller, M. Draper, E. Coloney, D J. McKenna, M. Fockler, J. Coloney, A. Wolcott, M. Dickin- Grywocz son, M. Weole, P. Harvey, A. Telovsky is? Row: J. Monacelli, B Sorgent, B. Restivo, I, Long HOCKEY J. V. CHEERLEADERS S. Pccoreilo, M Juliono, F. Pecorello, N. Spierdowis, M. B. Resfivo, D. Vogg, J. Monocelii, J. Coloney, A. Finney Weole, M Dickinson, D. Dragon, A. Wolcoff, M, Minier E. Minckiey 653 ',i Most Popular Girl SENIOR CATALOG - - - .... CLAIRE CLEMENT Most Popular Boy --- .... GILBERT FRANCIS Wittiest Girl ...... Wittiest Boy --- Brightest Girl -- Brightest Boy -- Prettiest Girl .... Best Dressed Girl --- -- - - -- -IANE WACNER - - -ROBERT DECARLO - - -- -DIXIE DRAGON - - - -DAVID VANNORb'1AN ----- --SHIRLEY NUDD DONALD PAWLACZYK Handsomest Boy --.----- -FRANCES PECORELLA Best Dressed Boy --- ---- VINCENT MARTINA Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy Most Nlusical Girl Most Musical Boy Most Athletic Boy ------ Most Athletic Girl Most Quiet Girl --- Most Quiet Boy --- Best Actress --- Best Actor ---- Ideal Wife .---- Ideal Husband --- 64 -NANCY SPIERDOVVIS -- ---- GILBERT FRANCIS --- ----- PAULINE IIICKS - - - -IAMES HARMON -NORMAN PIENIASZEK -- ---- MARLENE WEAI.E - -- -lVlARY EDWARDS - - -DONALD COFFEY - - -- -DELORES VAGG - - - - H ERBERT LOWM AN -----JANE WACNER --- -IDAVID VAOG Neatest Senior --- --- -FRANCES PECORELLA I-aziest Senior --- ...- JEROME MAICOWSKI Wonian-Hater -- -.-- ROBERT PIANNAN Best Executive --- .--- lVIARALEE ILILIANA Most Versatile ----- ------- D IXIE DRAGON Most Besponsihle Best Speaker --- -- ---. SHIRLEY GILLETTE NORMAN PIENIASZEK Most Ambitious ----------- lN1ARALEE IULIANA Biggest Nuisance to Teachers --RICHARD FERRIS Best Dancer -------.-------- JAMES HARMON Most Talkative - - - ---- PATRICIA AYRAULT Most Smiling --- ---- RAYMONDA BURGIO Most Diligent --- ---NANCY SPIERDOWIS Most Artistic ------.------ SANDRA HARCRAVE Most Original ------------------ ENID BLAKE T Most Likely to Succeed ---DAVID VANlNORMAN Best Disposition ------.--- MABLE DICKINSON Ten-G'clock Scholar ------ JEROME IVIAKOWSKI Most Courteous Senior ---------- ENID BLAKE TO be awarded Emily Post Award and Blue Book on Class Night r gClyL'lfl,1"1fL S ?8 BTS ALBION 509 HOLLEY 503 E. J. ROSS HARDWARE 1 128-130 Main st. R' sz B' MARKET Electrical Appliances 337 Caroline st. F arm Sqpplieso Groceries Acme Quality Paints And Choice Meats Albion, New York 5 KINGSLEY'S GREGG'S Cleaners and Dyers REFl?Oc'ggIgTxgIg:3TE Satisfaction Guaranteed 144 so Clinton st. I7 W. Bank St. Albion, N. Y. DELIVERY SERVICE - Phone 800-J Compliments of MARQUART'S APPLIANCES ALBION, N. Y. JAMES H. ROBINSON OIL CO. Richfield Products Delco Burners Coal Fuel Oil ALBION, N. Y. MEDINA, N- Y- 7 ESTABLISHED 1 1 Ney I 9 0 7 C' 1 l FURNITURE STORE A L B l O N. N- Y FUNERAL HOME 52 ILHAIII ST.. IDE IIS ' I ISC SJIAIII ST. MOON! 1? FUNERAL HOME FURNITURE STORE 156 S. Main St. - Phone 77 52 N. Main St. - Phone 115 Thomas C. McNall, Lic. Mgr. Homer L. Marple, Mgr. , The Best of Luck Comphments To All of THE ENGLE , HARRISON CORNER PHARMACY CO. ' ALBION, N. Y. Allen S. Lowman, Prop. Daniel K. Weale, Mgr COFFEY BROTHERS, INC. Buick Cars ........ International Trucks That Good Gulf Gasoline Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil Accessories - Tires Congratulations, Class of 1953 ALBION LUMBER CO. LEE MAINE, Owner Phone 344 l Speechless for The first time No stage fright here Hawaiian Holiday Relax, Nancy, the pIay's over Grandma cmd her beau Here Comes The Bride ls it spiked? On with The war point The leading ladies celebrate Ice cream and cake for "Curly" Daring Deboters Steady quartet INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mildred W. Haines Paul R. Haines P H 0 N E S Albion 390 Barre 974-J-2 Albion 1334 Compliments of Grade A Pasteurizecl and D A L E ' S Homogenized Milk and Cream Albion' s Only Independent Products SUPER MARKET 26 Main Street Phone 523 Locally Owned and Operated Best Wishes to Class of ' 53 MR. and MRS. LEON C. GRINNELL 70 SCHARPING'S FIRESTONE OF ALBION Tires and Tubes Batteries Hardware 4 Service Entrance 9 Platt St. Phone 37 Albion Adverti or WSUKNITEEBS S PU EUSHERS Auto Accessories l Housewares K Sporting Goods 1 39 N. Main St. I I I C C C I I I I I I O Faithfully Q g Serving 5 ' Community . ' For . . 25 Years ' I I I C I I Q Q 71 Compliment J U N E ' S S H O P of 17 North Main St. R d ALBION eC0r S Interior Decorating FORl?Ni:ALE'S' SURPLUS OUTLET Compliments of STORE YOUR A. 8x P. 13 E. Bank St. Phone 827 Borssub' Prop. The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co Compliments of THE ALBION FURNITURE STORE IMPLEMENT CO. Complete . . Home Furnishings Five Corners Albion, N. Y. North Main St. Phone 34 p Compliments of JOSEPH DE CARLO'S STORE Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal 138 N. Main sf. Phone 391 l 72 For a Career in Professional Nursing Apply to the Director of Nurses DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Riley Street Buffalo 8, N. Y. e B W' h Best Wishes est ls es ' J 91 PEG and DON'S f m U Main and Caroline U BALCOM PRODUCE CO l I W fs f79C1.Cl!1-SZS N . 111 N - . s Oo! Kpjear 6930045 ss CSJLZII i?jjri11f1'11g -gvmfon, qjfflv Compliments of THE QUAKER MAID CO., INC. BRocKPoR'r, N. Y. Ann Page Foods COMPLETE FARM SERVICE 305 DEERE E Q U I P M E N I SALES AND SERVICE GENUINE PARTS CA TE RPI LLER Tractors JOHN BEAN Spray Machines and Dusters BOLENS Garden Tractors G L F AGENCY DeLaval Cream Separators and Milking Machines New Holland Farm Equipment Ontario Grain Drills ALSO BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND COAL RALPH J. VICK 8: SONS, INC. 128 wEs'r AVENUE PHONE 128 ALBION, N. Y. Compliments of STARKWEATHER FREIGHT LINES Daily Service Between Rochester and Buffalo ROCHESTER ALBION BUFFALO Genesee 1647 222 Mohawk 3825 RAYBURN'S JEWELERS ALBION HOLLEY 509 503 L U l 1 l POULTRY Live and Dressed Compliments of Home Grown TURKEYS SAYLES PHARMACY BROWNELL POULTRY 103 North Main Phone 104 M WHOLESALE - RETAIL Compliments of Compliments of BEALIl'l'i'CLiLON COLONNA BARBER SHOP 133 East Bank Sl. Phone 1435 Bank St, Albign, New York Compliment. JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. S. of Dr George S Bakeman 223 South Main St. Dentist Albion, New York Phone 92-W Compliments of ALBION BEVERAGES .-g.-. T. C. Sanfllippo, Prop. 128 Washington St. Phone 250 Compliments of HALSTEAD OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products 419 West State Street Phone 327 76 MOORE BUS LINES ROBER1' H. Moons, owner Buses for All Occasions Phone 649 Albion, N. Y. i i Compliments ARCHBALD AND C0 of ALBION DONUT SHOP Waterport, N. Y. JACK DONAHUE H. 8z A. SUPERETTE Henry 8: Agnes Radzinski Meats, Groceries, Vegetables and Sundries R. F. D. 4 Telephone 274-R-l HIGLEY ELECTRIC Hotpoint Agency Ranges, Refrigerators, Freezers, Sinks, Dishwashers Automatic Washers, Dryers, and Garbage Disposals Compliment J. H. SAYERS, Inc. Men' s and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings A Good Store in a Good Town Albion, New York .Rs A . I mf' . V .fir 1, 3 U Sideline card game Karl set for a set shot Footwork at the football dance Varsrty dons wmtcr woolncs Dan't bablcs and basketball mix, Coach? Vnctory Varsity! Not another overtime! Alumnl versus Varsity J. V. smlles mean vrctorv Color Guard, 'Ten-tuon! 5ODhISTICOfCd Sensors Compliment of WM. E. KARNS, JR. WHEN IN TROUBLE CALL HUBBELL Compliments of Compliments Joe Salvatore f o and Michael Christopher 117 Main Street Leonard A. Depczynski . G. STANLEY ALLEN C ongratulatzons chu of 1953 General Electric Appliances C U R R Y ' S 58 N. Main Tel. 1357 ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in All Beauty Work Compliments of T H O M P S O N ' S THOMAS J. LIPTON, INC ALBION, NEW Yonx Compliments of 1. J. NEWBERRY ak co. D'AGOSTlNO BROS. Taxi Service EARLE C. WALTERS Men' s Apparel Shop Radio Dispatched - Bquipped With 2'way Radio Nationally Advertised ALBION 61 24 HouR PHONE SERVICE M en,-9 and BOYS, Wear l d C b - Safe and Cou S , no E BANK ST 27 E. Bank Street, Albion, New York Compliments B. Of Insurance Phone 195 Albion, N. Y. J. R. JULIANA Complimvflfs of Plumbing and Heating K A R L W O L F E lei: R 4 ,A ,B T 6, igrwgqi, W, ,AV M4 SHERWOOD , CAR SERVICE T ALBION DRUG STORE , N- Main sf- R. G. GARDNER Albion, N. Y. Phone 383 2' uleichfield Productssn 1 The Store LUBRICATION Albion, New York Truck and Car Tire Service i 82 Ready to Take off Dawn comes to "The Pinnacle" "Oaring" up the creek Don of Donnds party When Winnie was Batting I6 Block Label, Mabel? Five Foot Two wins the prize English IV classes serve cider Hix on Dix Wha1's up, Winnie? No. 1 Strutrer "Cheese," Marlene Two Brave Bondsman Maytag Washers BURT A. LARWOOD 274 N. Main Street Phone 486 Albion, New York Compliments of CHARLES E. HART 235 South Main Street Albion, New York Compliments of ALBION RECREATION THOMAS N. ORLANDO 14 West Avenue Albion, New York Charles V. Paganelli Compliments of Real Estate - Insurance SAMMI-1T'S Rialto Theatre Bldg. i CLOTHING STORE Albion, N- Y- V N. Main St. Albion, N. Y. Compliments of A Inc t Lee's Chilclren's Shop Albion New York Infants' and Children's Pl10ns97 A p p a r e I Shoes and Toys Flowers tor All u Occaszons East Bank St. Albion, N. Y. 84 Serving the Youth of Albion For Over 85 Years Congratulations to the Class of 1953 L A N D A U E R ' S Stanley J. Landauer, '23 Donald G. Landauer '44 Stanley J. Landauer, Jr., '46 Compliments of BEl..l..'S SERVICE STATION Quality Dairy Products WOLCOTT'S Milk Milk Shakes Sundaes Sodas Compliments of S M I T H B R O S . G. M. C. Trucks JOSEPH WATTS STORE Plumbing - Tinning S I S . Heating aes - ervlce , , , , Arr Condztlonzng GENERAL REPAIRS AND 0 M A CHINE WORK Odd Fellows Temple Alblon, N. Y. Compliments Best Wishes to the of Class of '53 wALTER's Wlk, dc h 1 lnS0n an an am D R E S S S H O P . Electric Store 53 Main Street Albion, New York Compliments of FISCI-lER'S NEWSROOM 105 N. Main sf., Albion, N. Y. Compliments of DAILEY MOTOR CO. EARL D. LEIGH BI-00M,S INSURANCE FLOWER SHOP of A11 Kinds Since 1934 phone 192 Congratulations and All Best Wishe 86 Coke of Dlxic's No slumbering here Local yokels of the Greeks Look owoy Ann, toward Dixie-land Seventeen Slumberers Doily Double for 0 growmg boy Future Homcmokers of America Chevron party for Pope Al 87 l Compliments of COLONIAL FILLING STATION 29 West Bank Street Compliments of FRANK'S BAKERY CRAF F EY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 110 East Avenue Albion, New York , , ,,,,7,1 88 DOCK,JORDAN 8: DOCK PHONE 1093 Floor Covering Contractors Carpet, Linoleum and Tile Laying and Repairing WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED 131 N. Main St. ALBION, NEW YORK I ' T Y J. ALLEN BENTLEY Farm Equipment Oliver - New Idea - Ontario Drills Boggs Graders - Iron Age H. DART PORTER INSURANCE 3 Marine Trust Co. Building Albion, New York QE Y- Ph B re 666 Albion, N. Y., R. F. D. 2 a arre en ftB Ctel Serving the Banking Needs of Albion For Over 93 Years ALBION OFFICE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of Westem New York Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments FRIENDS PACKING CO. "To See Right See Hildrethv Eyes Examined Hearing Aids and Batteries Prescriptions Filled F. H. HILDRETH 107 E. Bank St. Albion, New York O Q 5 'Q' Q . U K3 X x w... Yi Rf X xv Si M X? 'f x W go R K X gk E BASTIAN BRCS., CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive High School Jewelry - Engraved Commencement Announcements - Name Cards MR. GEORGE D. KILLIP, B 170, Rochester, N Y A FRIEND BEST WISHES From America's No. 1 Bag Maker BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. Compliments of Growers Cold Storage, Co., Inc. WATERPORT, N. Y. Refrigerated Warehousing and Transportation FRANCIS H. BLAKE EDWARD B. ARCHBALD FRANCIS H. BLAKE, JR President Vice-President Vice-President BENJAMIN G. WILSON WARD B. WILSON Treasurer Secretary Compliments of THE SUGAR BOWL MAPLE MANOR 167 South Main Street Albion, New Yor Modern Rooms - Reasonable Rates Telephone 337 Complimentsof HICKEY-FREEMAN COMPANY N ALBION MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cadillac Phone 102 Albion, New Yo Compliments of HUNT FOODS, INC. ALBION,N.Y. Senior portraits and group pictures made by 1 1 l I .l -if MCDSER STUDIO, INC. 27 Clinton Avenue North Rochester, New York 96 PORTRAITURE Graduation Engagements Wedding Candids Bridal Formals Baby Candids Fine Copy Work r 1 .1 VF, Q ,Q ZW.: ' ,f. : . W ' , . x , , .W 4-Q Ax- ' .nf g , W .'.fv, 72 'vm nf r MW-1'--QV.: L L' V A ,mf X gym, ,X-. I -, gr-41. , 1 -'X ,pm - ,, pw u ,J A f,-ff ' Q N A fm LANL,- .4. my .,Q.v1.: , MX , 1955 41- .9 vw .'-f--faJr,w?' , - gm ' ' 1 M n1qL,!,2i .f 'mg X, . , , 4W,,,,- . ,sw ,EP Ji an -. 4- -1. , -.- -, , ---V - , ,.-, . V, - 4- -ww

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