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! Q 5 i 5 . i I s - 1 i 1 Q H r i K 1 1 i I i x I S E 1 x I E i 1 1 E s 1 i 1 5 1 L 1 I 5 E 1 a I I 1 4 1 E 1 i 1 1 5 I i i p V 5 r ' ' ""3'w-"""i154?ai!l12:F1' '-13153 -' . - " 5"'-W-'Wig' "WV, Q' WX we 'PI"" "STV"".'L-51l,L-Iliff'-if'ifF'4.'5'if'-'7ETP-"" 3-'-'WX' "WalT-'-".".-Zi'-9.3132 l!X'iaicf9l???7 ,. L " , . . . -41 TNI -121.-.z X - Z., , , , N' . . .XA,q,XXX , . . ', .iif Q, -' .:. f.--F - ,3l'1.Q ,' ' ,Han X ,' ' FAX, , rx ,zu '. f1f', .QN , - 1:Lu,g.34Xy, V .' .X,, .r"11,",, X ' 'f1..--1-V ,, F?-X,, 1.1 ,:,.,, . - -:wx -,'i,,' X34 ,X,,Q,. 5, X -,.f- ,,,,, X, ' ,1,X,- .bu . , ',,-'za X MQ, ,f, . . .X aa 3 , 1 Nun- ,MX- i5"M5. v ' ,-'hs' , ':m1lw,,3," ' p M52 fi , ,, ggi,-w ' : gkjfif.. v -- fi, L ff- , Q .,"'1,V f- .W -N ri -.gwXX,,.nJX ., " . ru, 4 -.:X,,wi::"'-- w 1 2-.+,', ,.f1Xyu'w NWN, ,X .. l. ,X . XXX 5'?:F5"u - -,w.,, ,,.-,W 1' . WH, ,,, ' Xia. .N , , .za , .- I-. s, ,, '. nb? rw. .I ' 1 45 V, ff , ,, ., :,X,iJ"'li'li'f'-3 Q s1'.' 1 -' ' 'FY' , F. , ? ,H , XL ' :f?'.iV!-, 'T if :"' ' 2 rf'-,,Xf,, - Hg,- X , W, 5- Ulkba ,XX ,X X X if-1, ,, .Xf,, X-u5,X',,': E1 ' jf-j,XXX'.Xi ,,, 4 A, ,X , XX, , , Xa, , , X X-gq99jg:jj7'n-Qfiwuga' X ,.',, .. , ,. L ,. qfs,,,ag,, jug XX X ,,, " my Aur,',r,,,. M 4 . - A-'Al-f r .,,- . -1, rx-',f1,!e' ' mL ' 'Y - ,' , , ,, .,.X .XX X. Q,X,,X. ' 4 , , X . ,Wf'., ,, t'.'. 'L' Pj," --6, 'GV , wg, X'.,,',, .' -X P vit- N ',,f.X X- , ,XXX ,XXX , f.1:x,.': ' . 7,5 , . ., , X A ' . A , - X X .,- . ,,,gg. . - . . X, 'f ,z-'X ' f, 1 ' A rXjf3:-4, wil 1 . v r:i-HL," 'V' -' -cg ,,XX , ' f4""',.,uuL -1 , , .Q ,,, 1 A . C Egiwi XX: '- 'il . ,Exif-X:1,,: -. 1 XXX., XX.,,,X,X ,, , X MM, . , -+g'g7::'i 11' "'x- ' - gp- J- . - -' .11?'31?1'-W' . . J -ls j .,. ,X .. XX fl, X,:g..:XX.,ip-.' -,,, , fa X . . mr .- ' 3, , ,f - , X X X . A r .' - " '- - sf -F . - ff, - .-V1' . , X , ,, , NL- ' .s-'39, . . va 5, . - -Lu, f , ,- 1 v , , , X 'fe . ,, ,, v F, lr? 1 . -ffl' 'rr X- X -, ,, . .XX K .-. ,,,. , :ig l'V ' "1 ,v , X' X' " ' ' em ' . , , . , ' ,pn X, a ' ., -- ,rv ,f,,. ,FA-9, 1 ' ", ' j, M ,, ., , . - N ,,,,, Q ' L . . 1 a - ' ,, lf, ,L W . 4' u ' ', U I 'Y , 1 .im-. X ' X X X 1 1"'X,,,ii',""4 - X . , ' ' '31,-,,,..,1 ,X , XX . '-'51 .L"?'?'rp---, ,- 1'- . ,-.,,,Xj'.'if.',','X -'H' -. X' v': L K, 4' ' .. , X . , . , . ,r 3, , ',,,, . . , W J-, - 'QFTQQ - L "',,,, , X sl , V -' ,.,.--.X .X ,XX- p . 3 .-.iv ', ,,,.:Xf --nga mp, Xd 'gh X , X W- ,X , -mu V1 ,- x , . ' v , X,X ,M X , , ,,. A ,x Q, 4, ,'X1.,l ,, , X XV.XX3X,X X, ,im Q. gi .. me . 'e . J. X "W -, , ' H ,, 1 ,,,, ' ' , ' 4 I . X ,, , , , , N " f r. QQ' 'P , MJ, X 1 -,,, Y, - su! IU "1 JJ' 'iv 1. 3,1 .p Pu, .X Xa- 6 "- jXX31+X ' :'-W, 3 . K "' 'N ,,,, 1,4 aj: ,Af 5, ':fQ,f ,, ..,, 1 2:7 51 K. EL J' " Q 5973? 1 , 'm ,U ' an . . ,er XJ hr, 3, , -'A ,fi v 'L "5UL4,N'L, ,ik F.: .r if' Y i., 1 1 :xi 4. 5 HR' ,iff - "Sei: -em .sv 3.. . 'L i wp , ILS ix. f'af9i,!'b:fi1,L ' ' "' 'Shif- 's CHE RO 50 Published by the Students of ALBION HIGH SCHOOL, ALBION, NEW YORK Dedication To Mr. Breuilly, whose friendly "service with a smile" has become a virtual tradi- tion at Albion High School, this yearls Chevron is affectionately dedicated. Foreword Gersey Islands' loss was Albion's gain in the person of Mr. Jack Breuilly, faithful custodian of Albion Public Schools. Dur- ing 32 long years in the service of this school, Mr. Breuilly has seen countless dances, athletic events, parties, and routine school days. We of the Chevron Staff are endeavoring to depict school life as seen through his eyes. 3 sunny' 1 "Good Morning". This cheery saluta- tion as familiar as Mr. Breuilly himself has greeted many a student and teacher. At his regular post by the west door, Mr. Breuilly watches the passing parade. A group of teachers saunters by. Through their minds run thoughts of report card marks - deadline today - attendance re- ports that just won't balance, detention night for one, drill classes for another, papers to be corrected, tests to be made out, noon duty in the crowded cafeteria, decoration suggestions for the dance com- mittee, all the everyday duties of a teacher. Mr. Breuilly smiles for he knows that in spite of all the difficulties, they like teach- ing. A raised mark, the confession that drill class meant the difference between a passing mark and failure, the realization that finally a student understands are plentiful compensation for long hours of work. CARL I. BERGERSON Superintendent of Schools ,of ,Of ,QQ ,gt ,Ot ,ot ,Qt ,QQ ,Q. Q The Chevron Stott, speaking for the entire student body, wishes to extend its congratula- tions to Mr. Bergerson, on the onniversory of his twenty-fifth year as Superintendent of the Albion Public Schools. ,Of 104 ,oc ,gf ,gl ,of ,QQ ,gg ,Qc ,Q CHARLES C. D'AM1co Principal 331110 VNU Board of Education lst Row-Francis A. Sturges, Martha R. Hart, Dorothy S. Blake 2nd Row-Daniel F. Dugan, John A. Jackson, Stanley T. Woods 3rd Row-Edith R. Miller, Leonard A. Depczynski, Pasquale DiLaura 7 1 5 Top Row MR. BERGERSON Superintendent MR. SAN FORD Seventh Grade MR. SHERMAN Instrumental Music MR. NEW Agriculture MR. D'AMlCO Principal Top Row MISS D'AMlCO Fitth Grade MRS. BRADLEY Fourth Grade MISS DENNISON Second Grade MISS WELLS Fourth Grade MISS GRINNELL First Grade MRS. PEDLER Teacher-in-Charge High Sc 3rd Row MISS HOGAN English MRS. TRUMBLE Vocal Music MRS. WILLEY Sixth Grade MR. MONACELLI Science MR. SPIERDOWIS Boys' Physical Education MR. BIORDI Seventh Grade MR. SCHROEDER Commercial MR. ANDERSON Science and Math Grammar 3rd Row MRS. FIEGL Second Grade MISS PI LATO Third Grade MISS LARWOOD First Grade MISS NEAL Third Grade MISS HASSETT Second Grade 6 hoo I Faculty 2nd Row MISS DILAURA Commercial MISS WOODS Home Economics MISS HAZEL Sixth Grade MRS. SPRAGUE Seventh Grade MISS BILLINGS Social Studies MRS. SCHNITZER English MR. PARKER Social Studies MR. RICKEY Industrial Arts School Faculty 2nd Row MISS DUGGAN Fifth Grade MRS. NUDD Special MRS. MCCABE Primary MISS DEASY Third Grade MRS. COFFEY Primary 'lst Row MISS VALNIA Latin MISS BALL English MISS McARTHUR Homemaking MISS TRIVISOND English MISS GANIARD Social Studies MISS COLLINS Librarian MISS CORBETT Dean of Girls - English MRS. I-IARRIGAN French 'lst Row MRS. FULLER Primary MRS. LASCELL Second Grade MRS. LARWOOD Fourth Grade UAH Mr. D'Amico has unlocked the door to the Inner Sanctum. Save for a few whis- pering stragglers the noise has settled down to the slow hum of an average school day. A scared looking student hurries by clutching a green pass remembering the gum he enjoyed yesterday. Carefully written excuses are exchanged for pink slips. The bell rings and classes begin. Mr. Breuilly pursuing his duties, passes the Science Room. Intent young faces re- veal that a test is in progress - noon study hall for those who fail. From the Chem- istry Room comes an odor of hydrogen- sulphide, smelling very much like rotten eggsg farther down the corridor a student leaves Study Hall, a library pass in his hand. And so it is on through the build- ing. Sophomore English and "The Tale of Two Citiesng American History anal The Monroe Doctrineg from the gym the sound of marching feet. Just an average day thinks Mr. Breuilly as he leans against his broom. Q, IN if we Q 1 W N WWWMMN, .,,,, M ,MWW,W,.W Wm ,WV W Wig? A .,,w,2wmw-wiww' w"fff""'ff' K ,J++ ' 'W' vfx 2? -92, -- N ' ' :s:a:- QQ X 3 D, x vw' V f 'W 1 R. Penosock, J. Howard, K. Axtell, K. McKenna Class of '50 We are Albion High School's mid-century class! On June 27, 1950 we will have finally made our way through enough history, English, math and language classes to have our names entered as alumni. If we ever thought we were busy before, this year topped all our previous records. Our class officers were: President - - - - JOHN HOWARD Vice-President - KENNETH AXTELL Secretary - - RITA PENASACK Treasurer ----- KAREN MCKENNA Every Tuesday morning during homeroom periods, we had Class meetings - they will always be, to say the least, unforgettable. Since our treasury was, to put it mildly, low, we entered into a flurry of selling newspaper subscriptions. The Senior Tea, to which we invited the faculty and our parents was a big success due partly to the good work of Ann Monacelli, Carol Francis, and Florence Yaskulski. If anyone noticed a few sleepy seniors during October and November, they were probably members of the cast of Tish, the senior play. The play went off with the usual number of mistakes, which only added to the fun. Because of Ioan 'luliands efforts we had two successful skating parties. Nearly every- one had to limp into Home Room the next day but it was worth it. We ave our treasury another boost by selling Christmas paper. Who will ever forget "Timmy's" leer as he said, "Pay for that paper or else!" Hamburg, pickles, and chocolate milk constituted the main diet of those who attended the Christmas party. We thought that we could make a success of the Football Prom. Although everyone worked hard and had a good time, it was a financial failure. But the dances that we sponsored after basketball games brought in a little money to our depleted treasury. Then there was the Easter Ball, with its sidewalk cafe theme, which we'll always remember and which brought in a S640 profit. Selling candy after school was another project the class undertook. Bob Janus, Ruth Nickerson, Carol Francis, and Leonard Radzinski, Carl Babcock, Eleanor Sidari, and Ioan 'luliano besides having to sell the candy also had to keep the mice from eating it. What a year! A moonlight tobaggan party on Pine Hill, ushering for Back to School Night, ordering class pins - more things to tuck away into memories of our senior year. And there,s more to come. Carol Francis, Clenn Sprague, lohn Ferris, and Rodger Wagner are choosing their committees for Class Day. A picnic at Hamlin Beach is being planned by Pat Ludwick and Richard Hollenbeckg Carl Babcock is in charge of our trip to Crystal Beach. Finally will come Craduation Day - 1950. 12 Presiding This Year RICHARD ABBOTT Richard Abbot's favorite pastimes are his old Ford and girls, ln be- tween these two proiects, he found time to win himself letters in bas- ketball and soccer at Ontario High School from which he transferred to Albion. Richard has no definite plans for next year. EDITH AXTELL Edith has been very active in school. She was vice-president of the F. H. A., an active member of the band, Glee Club, and girls' sports. Among other things Edith's special interests are sewing, cooking, and baby sitting. She plans to attend "Bryant and Stratton" business school in Buffalo next year. ALTHEA BABCOCK "Bing" is a girl who always has a smile. She is president of the Com- mercial Club. She was president of 326 in her sophomore year. Hob- bies include embroidering and look- ing through magazines for ideas on how to fix her home. LAURENCE BILICKI Laurence is a member of the F. F. A. and played intramural basketball on its team. He enjoys square dancing and declares that girls and driving his limousine are his fav- orite interests. He plans to work aftter graduation if he can get a yo . LAWRENCE BROOKS "Curly" hopes next year to find a steady job, so that he can enjoy his pastimes of girls and cars on a sound financial basis. Lawrence also has the distinction of always bein?-4g t-:ie last one to take his seat in . . JOHN E. ALCORN John, otherwise known as "Acorn", is one of those outdoor he-men who like to go camping. John likes to participate in all sports. Next year John would like to attend college or become a salesman. KENNETH AXTELL Kenny is vice president of the senior homeroom, treasurer of the F. F. A. and had the honor of ob- taining the Empire Farmer Award this year. His plans include Michi- gan State next year but now his worries center around keeping his car running. CARL BABCOCK "Scuffy" is a hard working boy. He works at Bakeman's garage part time, goes to school and still has time to participate in sports and the! club program. Scuffy is es- pecially interested in fishing, eat- ing, girls, and cars. Next year he plans to take a P, G. DONNA BOYCE "Honey" is a sharp little lassie whose beauty was widely recognized in her sophomore year when she was crowned queen of the Easter Ball. She played the lead in the senior play this year and spoke for Signor Prize in her junior year. THOMAS A. BROWN "Loafin' " is Tom's favorite pastime but his activities speck louder than his words. His membership in the Hi-Y, work as manager of advertis- ing staff of the Clarion-Echo, and his athletic activities prove he doesn't loaf too much. He has re- ceived a letter in four sports. Next year he plans to take a P. G. course. 13 DOROTHY BROWNE "Dot" is a quiet girl who likes to read and listen to popular music. She has been an active member of Senior Service Squad and Com- mercial Club. She plans for a position as a bookkeeper in the future. CAROL ANN BUTTON Carol claims her favorite pastime is "smiling" and we classmates know that Carol has been busy "smilin' thru" many activities such as the Chevron Staff, Clarion-Echo, and S. S. S. She loves to cook and next year she wants to become a sales- girl in Rochester. JANICE CHESBRO Many parades have revealed the twirling talent of "Chessie", our head majorette. A very musical girl she has been active in Band and Glee Club. She is also an ex- pert swimmer and has a great liking for a Plymouth car. RUTH ANN CURTIS Extra-curricular activities seem to take up a major portion of Ruth's time. She spoke for Signor Prize in her junior year, was a member of typing staff last year, and is manager of it this year. She is scheduling operator for the audio- visual club this year, ELMER C. DILODOVICO Elmer says his nickname is "Elmer DiddIe". Elmer's hobbies are listen- ing to the radio and reading sport magazines. His favorite pastime is sleeping, He says he will "work" in the future - probably go into farming. 14 HARRY BUCK Harry has been active in track and in the F. F. A. He has been Treasurer, Vice-President and Presi- dent of the F. F. A. Harry says that there is no time for hobbies on a farm but his favorite pastime is hunting woodchucks. A member of the National Honor Society, Harry is planning to enter Cornell Univer- sity next year. , HELEN CAMPBELL Helen is especiall famous for her crowning glory, her blonde hair. She was in the Glee Club and in the senior play. As far as the fu- ture is concerned, she plans to do secretarial work, and later set up house-keeping. WANDA CORWIN Wanda, who joined us in our Junior year, is usually busy with her various activities. She spoke for Signor Prize, she was in the Senior Play, and she took part in the Junior Town Meeting of the Air. She is also corresponding secretary of the Student Council. PAUL DAVIS "Sam" has supplied the F. F. A. with good times since his freshman year besides holding the esteemed office of Watch Dog in that organization. He spends his time repairing his battered '29 Chevrolet plus working in the onions a little now and then. ROY DUTTON Roy's nickname is "Runion". Roy has been active in Glee Club and has served on various decoration committees since coming to Albion High. Roy's hobby is carving and miniature building. He loves to dance and specializes in South American dancing, since he spent quite a few years in South America. Roy plans to enlist in the Navy. ALICE EWALD "Janie" is a member of the Com- mercial Club, and was a member of the Glee Club in her Freshman year. Her hobby is trying out recipes. Since Alice would like to get a job right after graduation, her favorite pastime is looking at help-wanted ods. CAROL ANN FRANCIS "Skeets", an active member of girls' basketball, hockey, baseball, and any other sport available, likes to travel. Listening to popular music and collecting glasses be- tween S. S. S. and Chevron Staff meetings ore her favorite pastimes. VIRGINIA GIARIZZO "Ginny" is a member of the Glee Club and of the Commercial Club. She likes to dance, listen to music, take pictures, and go roller skat- ing. She plans to become a house- wife next year. ALICE HEYDEN A quiet, shy girl with an attractive smile is our Alice. She has been active in Glee Club and is a mem- ber of Senior Service Squad. Her plans are indefinite - perhaps school -- perhaps work. RICHARD HOLLENBECK Dick, who is valedictorian this year, has been treasurer and president respectively of the Future Farmers of America and is business man- ager of the Chevron this year. He is a member of the National l-ionor Society and is an Empire Farmer this year. JOHN FERRIS Everyone will vouch for the fact that John is the mainstay of the tenor section of the Glee Club. Senior Play, managing sports, speaking contests, plus Empire Boys' State, which he counts as one of his biggest thrills, have left him little extra time. SHIRLEY FURNESS "Blondie" belongs to the girls' base- ball team. She was a member of the Glee Club for one year. Her hobby, strange as it may seem, is collecting bottles. She'd like to be a telephone operator next year. Since she is quite a letter-writer, she' may spend time writing between ca s. JULE ANNE HAZARD Jule's artistic talents have provided many attractive advertisement post- ers. We'll always remember her realistic dancing couple at the Match-Me-Hop. She was promotion editor of the Chevron this year, president of the Art Club, and head cheerleader. CARL HINMAN Carl didn't want to admit very much about himself, but he did tell us he is a good sportsman, hunting, and fishing included. He told us, too, he wants to work on the farm in future years and some day own his own. JOHN HOWARD John is our "Mr. President", and a very capable and good one, too. John is a busy man. He works at the A. 8. P. partime, participates in many school activities, and spends a great deal of his time with his "convertible". John's pastime is seeing people in his office at the "Sugar Bowl". Some- day he wants to become a window display mon. 15 WALTER HOWARD "Waldo" claims he has a very unique string of pastimes - eating, sleeping, loafing and then resting after the strain. He has invested his savings in a i930 blue Chevy and he furnishes transportation for most of the school. He likes Dixie- land Jazz and Stan Kenton records. ROBERT JANUS A quick tongue and a ready joke have earned Bob the reputation of the wit of the senior class. His musical talents on the piano accordion have kept him in demand for entertainment. He has been active on both the circulation and promotion staffs of the Chevron. SOPHIE JOSWIAK "Archie" as her friends call her, is a pretty busy girl. The S. S. S., F. H. A. and Glee Club keep her busy enough, but she is even busier looking and planning for the future. "Archie" is getting married in July and is moving to Kentucky. She'd better practice up on her "square dancing." ELWOOD KUTTRUFF "Gus" came to Albion from Ontario where he was vice president of the freshman class. His hobbies are collecting banners and making model planes and he has been very much interested in the Photography Club. His favorite pastime is sleep- ing - no future plans. PATRICIA LUDWICK Patricia Ludwick's favorite pastime seems to be laughing. She is a member of Glee Club, Senior Ser- vice Squad and the Photography Club, "Pete" likes to read, listen to records and also travel west. 16 GERALD HUGHES Doc's four years in the Future Farmers of America certainly pre- pared him for his future. He wants to work on their farm. Be- sides all these agricultural interests, Doc likes to ride horse back, teach Sunday School and see movies. Re- laxing and reading are his pastimes. ORTON JOHNSON Orton has been a four year member of the F. F. A. and spends his time raising rabbits and fragrant flowers on Pine Hill. Listening to the radio and going to church seem to be his favorite pastimes. JOAN JULIANA Joan's ability to plan a good time was illustrated this year when she successfully engineered two senior skating parties. She has been an active member of Junior Red Crass and a hard-working gal on many a decorating committee. We'll re- member Joan happily sailing along in her automobile. She'll enter nursing school in the fall. MARILYN LUDWICK "Lin" has been an active partici- pant in girls' sports, and on S. S. Sfer. Marilyn derives great pleas- ure out of playing baseball, sleep- ing and thinking things all over. She is going to Highland Hospital next year. PATRICIA LUSK "Pat", whose red hair doesn't mean temper, but determination, intends to be a telephone operator. Her seeming quietness turns to skill on the basketball court or any other sports field. When anyone wants the best "sub" for any sport, "Pot" is the first one they ask far. SHIRLEY ANN MCKENNA Shirley McKenna's favorite pastime is reading. However, she has many hobbies such as cooking, and sew- ing. She belongs to the F. H. A. and the 4-H. Shirley would like to take the dietetics course at Can- ton, New York. BETTY MILLER Betty certainly hasn't been responsi- ble for much of the noise in 238. She is a quiet, little girl but a good worker in the Commercial Club. Her hobbies and special interests are taking pictures and collecting plants. Her favorite pastime is reading. She plans to become a secretary sometime in the future. ANN MONACELLI Ann is a varsity cheerleader, a member of the S. S. S. and presi- dent of the Listeners Club. She was chairman of the senior tea and is active in all sports in which she has won several awards. ROBERT NENNI Robert is one of the less noisy seniors. Perhaps he saves his energy for singing in Glee Club, Christmas Choir and the Spring Concert. He likes to read, and watch television as well as the more active sports - baseball and foot- ball. Robert may ioin the Army Air Force next year. ROBERT NICKERSON "Nick" dr "Nickie" has been active in football, track, baseball, basket- ball and other sports during his high school years. This year he was President of the Varsity Club. Nick has been awarded a letter and chev- ron in football, a letter and chevron in track, and a letter in baseball and a letter in volleyball. KAREN MCKENNA Active is one word that will fit "Mary" to perfection. She was in the senior play, is treasurer of the senior class, co-editor of the Chev- ron this year and assistant editor of it last year, and editor of the Clarion-Echo. RALPH MILLER RaIph's fine voice has been an asset to our school. The Glee Club will miss him next year after his four year stay. RaIph's relaxing pastimes are reading books and taking pictures. Ralph doesn't know whether to go on to school or get cz job. V KENNETH MONACELLI Ken is a football letterman, and president of the Aeroneers. He certainly is well-qualified for this job since he holds a private flying license. Ken will enlist in the Air Force after graduation. CALVIN NESBITT "Pete" is president of the Student Council, a member of the N. H. S., secretary of the F. F. A. and an Empire Farmer. He spends his spare time horseback riding and announc- ing his bachelorhood intentions. He'Il enter Cornell next fall. RUTH NICKERSON "Pudge" is a member of the Glee Club, Student Council, S. S. S., Com- mercial Club and typing staff of the Chevron. She is recording secretary of the Student Council and Secre- tary of the S. S. S. She likes to read and cook. Sounds as if she doesn't have much spare time! 17 HENRY PARKER "Hank's" hobbies are photography and scouting. He has been active in Clarion-Echo, Student Council and Promotion Staff of the Chev- ron. His hearty laugh is his best identification. CHARLES PEDLER "Hold it just a minute, please" are CharIes', our camera bug's famous words. Photography is his main in- terest. But Charles finds time to be Co-Editor of the Chevron, a member of the Clarion-Echo staff, a strong bass in the Glee Club, and a member of the Dance Band. Charles plans to go to Hamilton College next year. LEONARD RADZINSKI Leonard Radzinski has been a very active member of our class. "Chubby" has served on a number of the Chevron staffs and on the Student Council. He likes to listen to songs by Maggie Whiting. JOANN RICE "Jo", as she is known to her class- mates, proves the fact "good things come in little packages." Jo is in- terested mostly in skating of all kinds, and music. She has been very active in Glee Club. Her plans fog the future are just to find a io . FRANCIS SCHRADER "Clem's" first love is driving and saving money for gas for his "atomic super-six". Clem has been in the F. F. A. for four years. He wants to work on the farm in future years. His favorite pastimes are driving and playing cards ino gambling allowedl. 18 DAVID PASK If you ever hear a loud 'Alla in the hall you can be sure that it's Dave. Sports, Student Council, and a list of other activities take up his school time. He still finds time to drive his car and date. RITA PENASACK Rita has been an active member of the Chevron Staff and Glee Club and is secretary of her senior home- room as well as co-chairman of the Junior Red Cross Council. She is a member of the N. H. S. and plans to go to nursing school next year. MARILYN RAYMOND "Maril" would like to be a nurse. Most of her activities are in prep- aration for her future. But in spite of that, she has ample time to read, participate in sports, and sleep, as she says she loves to do. She better do it now, because she won't have much time to sleep next year. KENNETH RUSH Kenny is an outdoor lover. His in- terests in farming, hunting, fishing and trapping prove that. Kenny has been active in the F. F. A. far he was vice-president last year. Kenny loves to dance, date and eat candy. Next year he wants to work on the farm. MARTHA SCUPIEN Martha Scupien is fond of reading and good music. She is a member of the S. S. S. and the F. H. A. Next year, "Marty" plans to get a job while waiting for a certain young Coast Guardsman. MARY ANN SCUPIEN Mary Ann's activities have been concerned mostly with sports. She has been an active member of basketball and volleyball teams as well as a member of the typing staff of the Chevron. She likes to read and listen to the radio. BRADLEY SHELP "Brad", who is advertising manager of the Chevron, vice-president of the Audio-Visual Club, track man- ager, president of the French Club, and a member of the National Honor Society, plans to go to Alle- ghany College to prepare to carry on at Albion Motor Co. ELEANOR SIDARI Elly's good spirits and her fun- loving nature are only a few of her assets. She likes girls' sports and has been active in softball and volley ball. Elly loves to knit sox and baby sit. For the future she wants to secure a iob and be suc- cessful. BEVERLY SMITH Although Bev, one of the more glamorous girls in 238 only attends school in the morning she makes up for the whole day. Besides being in numerous clubs, knitting and reading she manages to hold a iob downtown. GLENN SPRAGUE Glenn Know-wait-a-minutel Sprague is planning to attend Hamilton College. Glenn likes reading, swimming, and baseball. Manag- ing the football team, pole voulting, ping pong, Senior Play and Signor Prize took most of Glenn's time. PATSY SEDITA "Pasquale" is usually busy think- ing up an answer for every ques- tion, but he takes time out to be on active member of the Glee Club, the Senior Publicity Staff, and on sports teams. He wants to become a draftsman next year and in fu- ture years to come. WILLIAM E. SHULER William Shuler hopes to attend Cor- nell next year. ln the meantime, he is busy collecting stamps and pictures of movie stars. Bill is a member of the Glee Club and Vice- President of the Scribblers Club. MARY ANN SLEDZINSKI Mary Ann has been awarded num- erals for her wide participation in most of the girls' sports, such as, basketball, volleyball, bowling, base- ball and hockey. She is secretary of the Commercial Club. Her hob- bies include cooking, reading, and driving a car. LOIS SNYDER Lois' vitality, ready smile, and will- ingness to tool around will be long remembered. She is treasurer of Student Council and Senior Service Squad, and she won Signor Prize in her junior year. She has been ac- tive in band tor two years and has earned her band letter. DAVID STEVENSON David Stevenson is a member of the Glee Club ond the Hi-Y. He also finds time to enjoy his hobby, stamp collecting. "Stevie" plans to work for a year and then attend a trade school. 19 MARY ANN STUCKO Mary Ann Stucko has been a busy girl these past four years. Besides Glee Club and the S. S. S., she en- joys reading, dancing and roller- skating. Mary Ann plans to attend a school of nursing in September. ARNOLD SULLIVAN "Arnie" or "SulIy" as most of his friends call him was on the Chev- ron staff, on the bowling and tennis squads and is President of the Audio-Visual Club. Arnie's hobbies and special interests are model air- plane construction, hunting, bowl- ing and tennis. His favorite pas- time is loafing. Arnie plans to go to college and then go into business. LARIE VAGG "Curly" has been very active in Band, Aereoneers, Audio-Visual Club and Swingmasters. His curly hair and constant argument about the best make of car makes it easy to identify him. CECIL WARD We'll remember Cecil for his sax playing, his frequent absences from school, and for his slicked-back hair. Band, and F. F. A. have been his main interests throughout high school. This year he helped form the new dance band - The Swing- masters. FLORENCE YASKULSKI "Freckles" is secretary of the Na- tional Honor Society and has been a Red Cross representative for two years. She won the five-dollar award for the best History essay and went to Girls' State last year. 20 DAVID STURGES Dave is that ideal mixture of sports enthusiast and scholar. He's not only president of the National Honor Society, but also a member of the basketball squad, and the tennis team, and is photography editor of the Chevron. Next year he'll attend the University of Roch- ester to study Chemistry. Spell salutatorian, Dave! THEODORE SWIERCZNSKI "Stan" has been active in football, track and is a member of the Var- sity Club. He has been awarded a letter and chevron in football and o letter and chevron in track. "Stan's" favorite pastime is spend- ing money and traveling. Ted is entering the Maybin Import-Export Institute at New Orleans, La., this August. RODGER WAGNER "Bones" who, when not playing baseball, basketball, or football, en- joys swimming and girls, is a con- firmed Ioafer. He has a large stamp collection and likes camping. Next gear he plans to return as a Post raduate. RUSSELL WILLIAMS Russell Williams, "Rusty", who in- tends to join the Coast Guard or get a iob after leaving school, likes hunting. Rusty's hobby is collect- ing guns. He says that his favorite pastime is girls. Well, what Senior boy's isn't? EARL YOUNG Prof. has been a member of the F. F. A. during his high school years, likes hunting and swimming and certain species of labor. He may enter a trade school after graduation or ioin the Navy. CHARLES ZICARI Chuck is our "muscle man" - our wrestler. He likes to box and wrestle, but his main interests are woodworking and drawing. He spends some of his time drawing pictures and "just thinking". Next year Chuck is unsure of what he wants to do. He just can't decide. Ezghty two Hopeful Graduates ROBERT HERMAN Bob is an employee of Harrison's in Lockport from midnight to six in the morning and a student at A. H. S, from nine o'cIock on. Bob is an ambitious boy. In the future, he wants to Take a nice, long, trip and rest after this busy year. 21 Top Row: F. Keding, R. Snyder, K O'Brien, R, Dawley, J. Scievo E. Haines Second Row: G. Plummer, J. Smith, D. Bacon, D. Brust, J. Keeler Third Row: B. Bower, J. Larwood S. Cole, A. Gorgen, F. Romani owski, A. Waodam Bottom Row: I. Smith, M. Ricci, P Miller, S. Sands Top Row: R. Clark, R. Grimble, J Merrill, P. Maine, W. Norman, N. Ireland Second Row: B. Enzie, R. Bokman, R. D'Amico, V. Graczyk, F Sledzinski, L. Miller, B. Klein Bottom Row: B. Eddy, B. Sanford M. Rizzo, N. Lee, M. Boyle, P Sargent C4644 of '51 The Iuniors began this, their busiest year, by electing officers. Ioan Larvvood was chosen as president, Kenneth Hollinger as vice-president, Beverly Enzie as secretary and Leroy Burroughs as treasurer. The junior class this year conducted the largest magazine campaign in the history of the school. The class sold 531,424.50 of magazine subscriptions and cele- brated this triumph with a party. Square dances, games, and refreshments consti- tuted the evenings entertainment. The most popular activities in which the Junior boys and girls participated were both girls' and boys' sports, Glee Club and Band. The girls have taken part in every sport possible in the school. Clee Club also had many members of the Junior class and Band offered quite a number of juniors the opportunity to display their frlents. The junior boys were quite prominent this year in football, basketball, and baseball. Three Junior girls were on the Varsity cheerleading squad this year. They were Bita Bokman, Barbara Bower, and Nan Lee. As the yearbook goes to press, the junior girls are looking forward to their initia- tion into the Senior Service Squad. They are also eyeing with delight the daisy chain which they will have to make. Top Row: A. Brockenbury, D. Henry, F. Needect, R. Arm- strong, L. Rytlewski, H. Boldwin Second Row: D. Storkweother, H. Curtis, C. Rickey, B. Raymond, D. Salisbury, F. Morrow, J. Mc- Kenna Bottom Row: B. O'Kone, S. Rush, H. Dickinson, H. Piedmont, M. L. Bossinciit, J. Ludwick ski, G. lngrom, K. Hollinger, L. Burroughs, R, Leigh Second Row: P. Robinson, D. De- N. Louren, G. Brown, M. Forcler Bottom Row: G. Goy, F. Showver, J, Poul, P. VcinStone, R. Bob- cock, I. Bloom 23 Top Row: L. Noymon, R. Borkow- Corlo, J. Jockson, N. Lofferty, Top Row: R. Hill, R, Rook, R. Can- ham, A. Coville, R. O'l-learn J, Paganelli, C, Parker, E Richmond, G. Stymus Second Row: N. Wilson, J. Forder, B. Bradley Third Row: M. DiPasqua, L. Sidari C. Miller, J. SanFilippo, D Goris, G, Snow Bottom Row: M. Manley, J. Hol- linger, N. Piedmont Top Row: R. Canuteson, L, Miller R. Rytlewski, F. Spong, S Canale, E. Graczyk, K. Collins M, Bradley Second Row: J, Judwick, R. De- Carlo, J. Hargrove, J. Clark, P Hathaway, C. Weaver, C. Sar- gent Third Row: S. Hutchison, M, Mc- Kenna, M, Jackson, L. Socia- relli, C. Sherwin, S. Johnson Bottom Row: F. Knight, C Spriegle, J. irvine, D. Daniels Elma of '52 Almost two years gone! Only two to gol But vve'll be sorry when our time comes to graduate. This year with .lean Forder, Presidentg Marcia Sledzinski, Vice- President, and loan Sanfilippo as secretary-treasurer, we have had a successful but not too eventful year. We can boast of Delores Goris, our varsity cheerleader, and janet Lauren, .loan Martina, Norma Piedmont and Barbara Radzinski, our junior Varsity cheerleaders. We also have an interest in girls' sports. A team of sophomore girls won the basketball sports day event though they had no basketball in gym. When in need of life-saving, just call a sophomore boyg he can save you. At least it works on the mat. Dont tell the Juniors but actually we copied their idea and had dancing lessons on Friday noon. Thanks to our teachers, Miss Ganiard, Miss DiLaura, and Mr. Schroeder, we can dance, at least theoretically. We had a party in the spring which although poorly attended was a great success. Miss Caniard with her coveralls and Mr. Schroeder with a girdle helped make the fun. How many sophomores are brave enough to take a World History regents when vou don't have to? About 30. Who? VVell that would be telling. i Even though next year means rhetoricals we still are looking forward to it. 00 WU Top Row: J. Pilato, H. Hicks, . Janus, D. Noreck, S. Neri, . Radzinski, S. Telga Second Row: D. Perry, A, Grim, . Weaver, M. Park, L. Rose, . Munn, B. Bloom Third Row: A. Ugorek, R. Weaver, J. Wagner, R. Monacelli, S. Daniels, B. Dawley Bottom Row: E. Jackson, Z. Brege, B. Radzinski, J. Martina Top Row: P. Manno, R. Denniston lyn, J, Long, F. Newlands, D Thiel drews, D. Bates, A. Marquis, S Mathes, A. DiLodovico Third Row: B. Miller, J. Lauren H. Sledzik, B. Foster, D. Chat field, E. Staines Bottom Row: V. Freeman, M. Sled zlnski, J. Noreck, E. Stevezyn s 1 25 N. Mattice, V. Culmo, E. Jose Second Rowz: J. Reschke, B. An- Top Row: R. Hannon, H. Lowman D. WGQQ, C. Beach, I. Fishl baugh, R. Collins, F. Stymus, D. VanNormc1n Second Row: A. Staines, B. Shuler, D. Grimble, D. Coffey, G. Fran- cis, D. O'Brien, S. Hargrove Bottom Row: P. A rault E. Ricci Y I V R. Burgio, M. Weale, G. Key- mel, H. Brown Top Row: D. Pawlaczyk, C. Walter R. Miller, P. Hicks, N. Baldwin, D. Sadowski, E. Miller, D. Ferris Second Row: S. Wilkins, N. Fergen, J. Eibl, M. Dawley, R. Ferris, H. Woolston, A. Phillips Bottom Row: B. D'Amico, M. Jul- iana, M. Rytlewski, L. Daniels, F. Standish, J. Draper GZQ44 of '53 The freshman of 1950 started their first year at Albion High S-chool with spirited campaigns for class officers. The elections resulted in Delores Vagg as president, Pauline Hicks as vice-president, and Norman Penasack as secretary-treasurer. Many freshman boys and girls then joined extra-curricular activities: glee club, band, and sports. As freshman rooters excitedly cheered them on, Robert Hannan and Donald Pawlaczyk made their basketball debuts, scoring for the junior Varsity team. Three of our talented girls, Sandra Hargrave, Ann Phillips and Helen Brown, were chosen as majorettes - while four others, Claire Clement, Dixie Dragon, Maralee Juliana, and Nancy Spierdowis, gave their all to cheerleading. "Buy some Swan -- Buy some Swan - Buy some Swan today!" - Everyone re- members that soap wrapper campaign at Christmas time. It certainly was fun - especially singing lVliss Beeman's song to the tune of "Jingle Bells" over the public address system. Along with these activities and enjoying Mr. Parkers humor, the freshmen held a successful party in April. Top Row: E. Marshall, R. DeCarlo, L. Radzinski, D, Dragon, M. Dickinson, D. VGQQ, L. Di- Pasqua, M. Smith, L. Buck Second Row: H. Mathews, J. Klopp, H. Tower, J. Keding, V. Mar- tina, A. Wolcott Bottom Row: M. Edwards, M. Lud- wick, F. Pecorella, R. Hughson, B. Coy, L. Wilkins Gordon Second Row: E. Becker, D. O'Hearn H. Brust, J. Giarizzo, D. Vagg G. Wetherbee, N. Spierdowis celli, J. Wagner, S. Gillette R. Miller, S. Nudd 27 Top Row: N. Penasack, G. LaMont, E. Blake, M. Trumble, V. Kel- ley, J. Preston, H. Klopp, C. Bottom Row: B. Jeffery, J. Mona- Top Row 3rd Row: 2nd Row: lst Row: Top Row 3rd Rowi 2nd Row lst Row: Eighth Grade . Mori, D. Brace, R. Keymel, E. Bloom, D. Cliff, D. Baldwin, L. Boyce, S. Evans, G. VanStone L. Morrow, J, Woodham, A. Zicari, W. Eggleston Hudson, S. Sands, C. Bell, D. Martense, J. Burroughs, M. Hill, R. Atwell, A. Eddy, H Richmond, A. Telovsky, L. Hill, J. Johnson, A, Quintern, J. Houghton, D. McKee Hinman, M. Passarell, D, Clarke, D. Magner, D. Wolffe, D. Collins, L. Smith, K. Downey D. Dawson, R. Miller, B, Forrester, H. Decker Miller, P. Harvey, L.. Kuhn, M. Sullivan, J. Penasack, C. Tower, J. Cox, R. Brown, J. Coloney, D. Grazywacz, A. Finney, J. Collins Johnson, W. Neal, R. Trolley, C. Cox, D. Stockton, M, Freeman E. Newlands M, L. Lewan dowski, B. Janus, W. Covis,A Klingenberger, E. Tucker, C. Garrod, L. Winkley - Hawkins, C. London, R. Williams, P. Knight, R. Smith, J. Piedmont, R. Belcher J. Reschke ic. Wilkins, F. Liciiisi, P, col-win, D. Joslyn, R, Richmond, E. Shelley, L. Spalla ' ' McKenna, H. Ireland, M. Draper, M. Smith, A. Fitch, N. Chrzan, J. Bates M. Hicks, M Jackson, D. Rook, M. Staines, W. Batt V A Culmo, E. Wells, J. Abbott, S. Brooks, J. Barry, G, Manno, P. Townsend, J. Ruhlman, J. Wilkins, B. Axtell 28 Top Row. 2nd Row: lsf Row: Top Row: 2nd Row Ist Row: R. R. C. Seventh Grade Lenf, H. Hawkins, A. Foote, D. Irvine, H. Lawrence, M. Raymond, B. Durranf, M. Newbolt M. Durranf, C. Jacobs, J. Sacco, C. Weaver, R. Rogers, D. Parker Anderson, J. Stockton, C, Sargent, R. Hobbs, C. Owens, D. Showver, R. Hurling, B. Pahufo C. Brace, A. Kuhn, R. Coville, W. Snyder, D. Poland, A. Ford, R, Brackenbury Barrows, J. Blackman, L. Miller, M. Standish, B. Sandle, B, Kennedy, M. L. Manfredi, A Giarrizzo, B. Restivo, J. Nudd, J. Robinson R. Nachelski, R. Forresfer, B. Kidney, R. Hoot, D. Reamer, F. Baker, J. Cliff, M. Daniels A, Kerchiner, L, Kelley, M. Johnson, D. Steele, G. Hildreth, R, Sadowski K. Whiting, W. Smith, C. Plummer, R, Rush, D, Burns, R. Sfirk, J. Miller, M. Davis, G. Ferris J. E. Maine, K. Bieber, N. Sfarkweather, D. Hill, J. Dennlsfon, D. Webster, D. Vipman Treble, J. Minckley, G. Allport, M, Merrill, M. J. Walburn, M. Narburgh, G, Markle, S, Reed M. A. Dock, G, Kaminski, S. Snyder 29 Top Row 2nd Row: lst Row: Top Row 2nd Row lst Row: Sixth Grade C, Dufcher, F. Parker, G. Wells, R. Parker, S. Beach, B, Rosenblum, B. Narburgh, L, Brooks C. Merrill, T. Kennedy M. Ranieri, S. Monagan, R, Grimm, J. Henderson, H. Stone, M. Dawley, T, Grzywacz, D Goffovi, T. Craddock, M. LaMonT, C. Wahl l. Crawshow, B. Dunn, C. Lash, M. A. Osborn, S. Holliday, L. Kennedy, D. Buckland, O. Jacobs M. Hill C. McGaffick, D. Letfis, D. Young, H. Kelley, P. Bigger, B. Bigger, H. Babcock, L. Johnson R. Standish, L. Freernctn R. Williams, R. Smifh, D, Lusk, D. Dowley, L. Hudson, R. Markle, G. Smith, M. Pecorella I. Miller, J, Brown I, Long, R. M. Gibbs, J. DeCarlo, M. Brundish, R. Tower, G. Eibl, D. Gofls, M. Gibbs, P, Leigh 30 Albion High S chool' s Playboys POST GRADUATES Top Row: B. Smith, D. Conhom, H. Smitn Bottom Row: T. SonFiIi o, B. D'Andreo, R. Hazel, DP G. Monacelli, R. Miller Class of '49 Last year's graduates have been well distributed, some furthering their educa- tion in higher schools and colleges, other having found work. Six girls, Rosalie Canham, Joyce Herman, Betty Kirby, Joan Sullivan, Betty Rowe and Helen Hudson are attending R. B. I., Joyce DeZetter and Robert Denniston are at Fredonia State Teachers College, Marion Hyland and Mary Sullivan are attending the New York State Agricultural and Technical Institute at Canton, Ruth McMahon, John Lettis and Terry Cole are at R. I. T., and Ralph Brown, Richard Dickinson and Philip Enzie are attending Cornell. Others attending college are Alice Bloom at Buffalo State Teachers College, Delores Chatfield at Stephens College, Stephanie Dragon at Keuka, Elizabeth Hend- erson at Brockport State Teachers College, Jane Parker at Wooster College, Marilyn Shular at Bryant Stratton in Buffalo, Eva Tebaldi at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, Genevieve Zwifka at Saint Jerome's Hospital in Batavia and Elizabeth Spalla at Platts- burg State Teachers College. John Holman is attending Canterbury College, Indiana, Robert Paganelli is at Hamilton, Joseph Tomasino is at Morrisville, Marcus Phillips at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute, Gus Revelas at the School of Commerce in Rochester, William Sadlowski at Michigan State and Ralph Dollinger at Niagara University. Those working in the Community of Albion are June Earnst who is working at Kedings Bakery, Margaret Jones is delivering milk for Baconis Homestead Dair , Rose Marie Miller is a clerk at Coulds Flower Store, Lena Pettine works at Reliablle Cleaners, Janice Ferris is a telephone operator, Ronald Ayrault is at Dailey's Motor Co., and Robert Bacon is working at Snyders Laboratory. Joe Ciarico has joined the army. Ann Jeffery, Muriel Daum, Cheryl Barnes, Patricia Daniels and Shirley Allen have all changed their names to Mrs. Our Post Graduates class has been increasing until now we have eleven boys and one girl. Dave Cariham is President of the P. C.'s, Bill Smith, Vice-President, Howard Smith, Secretary, and Royce Hazel, Treasurer. The rest of the class is con- sisted of Guido Monacelli, Bill Maine, Ronald Miller, Roy Salmon, Thomas San- filippo, Thomas Roberts, Burt D'Andrea and Carolyn McFarland, who came all the way home from Florida to be the only girl in Mr. Monacelli's homeroom. Canham, D'Andrea, and Sanfilippo soon expect to be working at Harrison-Radiator in Lockport. 31 ACH III Noon time is activity time at Albion lligh. hir. Breuilly sits in the auditorium - the last seat in the last row - his favorite spot. He is watching the Glee Club stamping and clapping to "Country Style" in preparation for the Spring Concert. VVatching, he remembers the many student productions he has seen take shape on this very stage: the Senior Play featuring the merry misadventures of "Tish" Carberryg the solemn initiation ceremony of the Na- tional Honor Societyg the "new, improved" band finding time for practice and more practiceg and the four scared Seniors who represented Albion on the ,lunior Town Nleeting of the Air. Nor were activities confined to the auditorium. Chevron editors attended a week-end conference in Syracuse, the F. F. A. famong other thingsl graced the Cornell Farm and Home VVeek with their presence and the Student Council sent representatives to the Inter-High Conference in Rochester. "Yes, it's been a busy year and it's not over yetf' muses Mr. Breuilly thinking of daisy chains, class night, and graduation. US! Ili ff" Y, ici: 49 SJ , , 523 , X ., Q rw-i Fx: E 4 First Picture Cleft to rightj Back Row: H. Smith, H. Piedmont, H. Brown A. Grimm, D. Canhom First Row: R. Hazel, R. Penasack, B. Radzin- ski, W. Smith Second Picture Back Row: J. Howard, R. Honnon, S. Rush D. VcinNormon, D. Posk First Row: D. Boyce, M. Juliona, J. Jockson, M. Ricci Third Picture Back Row: K. Axtell, H. Hicks, K. McKenna, R. Rook, D. Brust First Rowt C. Sherwin, J. Clork, P. Robinson, J. Forder Fourth Picture J. McKenna, R. Nickerson, C. Nesbitt, W. Corwin, L. Snyder Fifth Picture L. Miller, S. Reed, M. Hicks, E. Standish, S. Snyder, C. Bell, M. Passorrelli Sixth Picture Back Row: J. Woodham, H. Klopp, C. Kling- enbergcr Second Row: N. Fergcn, P. Knight, A. F. Vinny First Row: l. Fishbough, J. Monnacelli 4 - 1 S. C. Launches C. P. During '49 and '50 the Student Council usually met in 312 or the auditorium. Calvin Nesbitt as president, called the meeting to order, and Ruth Nickerson, sec- retary, called roll and read the minutes. Then Lois Snyder gave the Council's financial standing. Not to be left out are Jack McKenna, vice-president, Wanda Corwin, corresponding secretary, and Mr. Anderson as advisor. Once again in September, the Student Council managed the hot dog stand during the football season, but didn't sponsor the Football Prom. Instead, the dance this year was taken over by the seniors. At Christmas time, jean Jackson headed a group who repaired toys for worthy families. Around December the council was deep in thought on plans for the club program. The plans for the club program were discussed by the council and teachers at a supper meeting, and after much work and planning, the clubs held their first meeting in February. Buses were chartered by Student Council for transportation to games. Early in the spring, Benjamin Franklin again held the Social Science Forum, to which Wanda Corwin, Richard Hollenbeck, Jean Jackson, and John Merrill were sent as delegates from Albion. In April, the annual Student Council conference was held in York Central School. The four delegates, Ruth Nickerson, Ioan Larwood, David Brust, and Judy Clark, who attended this conference, exhibited our present club program and also submitted the plans for the "Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Programn as a future project. Red Cross Has Red Letter Year The Junior Red Cross Council chose two capable leaders at the beginning of the year. Rita Penasacli and Kenneth Collins were elected co-chairmen. The Junior Red Cross Council consists of one member chosen from each home- room. Every student is a member of the Junior Red Cross, but all are not active members. Miss DiLaura is advisor. The Junior Red Cross has had a busy year. ln International activities, a chest, made by the shop boys, was filled with school supplies, reference books, and recreational equipment furnished by the student body. VVhen the chest was filled, it was sent to VVashington, D. C., and from there forwarded to a foreign school. Also under our International Art Pro- gram, drawings, showing American life, were made by pupils of Miss Sundell. These pictures were sent abroad to foster goodwill among the children of the world. The Junior Red Cross has again this year given services to the Batavia Veterans Hospital. The Council has made holiday nut cups and given three parties for the veterans. Our chapter of the Junior Red Cross helped at the llarvest and Spring parties but put on the Christmas party by themselves. The Council provided the en- tertainment, door prize tickets, decorations, and assisted with the refreshments. In community service, the Red Cross has done clerical work for the County Cirl Scout Committee and the Cancer Drive. Mr. Cayle Starnes, Chief of Education of American Red Cross Blood Program, came to Albion High School in February to introduce blood studies to the school. Since then the Council sponsored a poster contest to promote understanding of the Qed Cross Blood Program. TOP PICTURE S. Nudd, M. Merrill, S. Beech, R. Penosock, D. O'Brien, W. Bott MIDDLE PICTURE C. Miller, G. Browne, M. Jackson, F. Yosqulski, R. Bokmon, S. Hargrove BOTTOM PICTURE R. Borkowski, K. Collins, J. Penosock, R. Atwell, D. Irvine, C. Zicclri Top Row: H. Buck, R. Hazel, J. Ferris, C. Nesbitt, R. Hollenbeck, C. Pedler Bottom Row: F. Yoskulski, D. Sturges, R. Penosock The Cream of the Crop The National Honor Society, under the supervision of Mr. D'Amico, began the year with a membership of seven -H six seniors, Harry Buck, John Ferris, Calvin Nes- bitt, Charles Pedler, Rita Penasack, David Sturges, and Florence Yaskulski, and one P. G., Royce Hazel. At the first meeting David Sturges was elected Presidentg Richard Hollenbeck, Vice-President, Florence Yaskulski, Secretaryg and Rita Penasack, Treasurer. lt was decided to have a meeting on the first Monday of each month with a special speaker. Speakers included Father Brown, Austin Bergerson, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Monacelli. One of the main projects of the N. H. S. during the year was to monitor at the front door during noon-hours. The N. H. S. during the year subscribed to three copies a month of "Student Life". These were placed in the library, and in rooms 238 and 233 for the students to read. On May lst, four Seniors, Wanda Corwin, Karen McKenna, Bradley Shelp and Glenn Sprague and three Juniors, David Brust, Richard Cooper and lean Jackson were inducted into the Society at the annual induction ceremony. After the cere- mony, a tea was held in the home-ec. room for the parents and N. H. S. members. 37 CAST OF CHARACTERS Letitia Ca rberry, Tish - - - - Donna Boyce Lizzie ,... .,,-,,,--- Aggie ...C.f.. Ellen Leighton - Charlie Sands -- Sheriff Lenn Pike Luther Hopkins Callie .....,. Chorita .,...., Wesley Andrews Bettina Trent -- Denby Grimes -- Dorice Gaylord - - -Wanda Corwin ----- -Lois Snyder --Karen McKenna -----John Ferris ---David Sturges ----Glen Sprague Florence Yaskulski - - - -Rita Penasock ---Charles Pedler --Helen Campbell Kenneth Monacelli - - - -Beverly Smith Senior Play Features Jet-Propelled Planes and Three Old Maids Hey, are you going to try out for l'Tish"? A'Tish"l What on earth is that? Why itis the senior play of course. That's how the news got around, and soon tryouts were over. Soon the scrcalled lucky people of the cast were wondering just how lucky they really were. Nearly ever evening for about two months was spent in hard labor. Dress rehearsal went offy as expected - terrible. Everybody had the gigglesg the sound effects were rather astounding, even if they weren't realistic. Poor Lem and Tish were left in a very awkward position when Aggie and Lizzie failed to make their entrances on time. Everyone was delighted with Charita's large vocabulary - "Ugh!" All the members of the cast were relieved when both Bettina and Wesley re- membered to bring their suitcases. Wesley had been used to carrying an imaginary suitcase. Poor Callie suffered terribly from Luther Hopkins Cher fatherb attitude toward her friend Ellen. Several hurried exits were completed by Callie from the lunch room when she heard her father coming. After all, no one else would want to bear the brunt of his wrath either. The light-fingered movie director, Mr. Denby Grimes, soon met his Waterloo, along with his accomplice, Miss Dorice Gaylord. who made her entrance along with the sound of a jet plane. Our sound effects man was a little confused. Ellen. are you convinced that you hate Charlie? After all, you only said it about four times. Youll give the poor boy an inferiority complex. The Senior Play certainly was a new experience for everyone. Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow The Future Farmers of America, Albion Chapter, known to the school as the "Ag" boys, have had one very busy year. First of all the officers are elected: Presi- dent, llarry Buck, Vice-President, Herman Hicksg Secretary, Calvin Nesbitt, Treas- urer, Kenneth Axtellg Reporter, Kenneth Rush, Watcli-dcig, john Long. Then judgment, better known as initia- tion, was passed on the freshmen. It was all right though - who minds standing up all the time? Soon after Mr. New finally got around to send the order in, our jackets came. And with hir. News persuasion, money was collected to buy a jacket for him. The Christmas season brought more work - and fun. All the money from the Christmas trees that were sold really gave the treasury a boost. The party to which each member brought a girl was a lot of fun for everyone. Probably no one will ever forget Mr. News plea for senior girls to come with some of the shy boys. After everyone was tired of dancing and basket- ball, "eats'i, consisting of well done hot dogs, milk and pie were served. The llorticultural show in Rochester brought many honors to the boys. Richard llollenbeck won second prize in the speak- ing contest and will represent this district in the state finals. The exhibits that were shown were marked second high and a team composed of Lawrence Rilicki, Cal- vin Nesbitt and llarry Buck won a prize for judging. An annual visit to Farm and Home Week at Cornell was the next event. The F. F. A. basketball team won some and lost some. A Father and Son banquet and a trip to Crystal Beach helped to round out the years activities. The present F. F. A. Chapter is an out- standing one. It is noted not only for its inclination to have good times and its ability along agricultural lines, but also for its scholastic achievement. Three 1119111- bers have been awarded thc degree, Em- pire Farlner - Calvin Nesbitt and Richard llollenbeck last year, and Kenneth Axtell this year. Three members, Harry Ruck, Calvin Nesbitt and Richard flollenbeck will enter Cornell next fall. Top Row: M. Smith, G. LaMont, M. Dowley, D. Vogg, H. Tower, E, Stymus, D. Ferris lst Row: R. Ferris, D. Vogg, E. Allan, G. Wetherbee, D. Grimble Top Row: J. Wogner, R. Hill, K. Kuhn, D. Jonus H. Hicks, J. Long, R. Dowley, G. Sfymus lst Row: G. Ingram, C. Sorgcnf, T. Roberts, D. Henry Left to right: H. Baldwin, G. Hughes, O. Johnson K. Axtell, R. Young, H. Buck lst Row: Mr. New, P. Davis, L. Bilicki, C. Word BockKRcEw:hF. Scnroder, R. Hollenbeck, C. Nesbitt, . us f Left to right: F. Newlands, D. Mogner, D. Stockton, D. O'Heorn, R. Grimble, J. Keding, W. Neol, K. Monccelli, J. Piedmont, J. Woodhom, L. Voggs, K. Eible, J. Reschke, E. Haines, H. Howkins, Mr. Rickey, D. Dawson "Straigl1ten Up and Fly Right" The Aereoneers Club, established to encourage youth activity in aviation through the construction and flying of model aircraft, last fall elected Ken Monacelli, Presi- dent, Floyd Newlands, Vice-President, and Larie Vagg, Secretary-Treasurer. Ken Monacelli, Larie Vagg, Floyd Newlands, Richard Grimble and Arthur Coville inducted as new members Don Dawson, Gilbert Frances, Eugene Haines, Herbert Hawkins, john Keding, Donald Waglmer, William Neal, john Piedmont, Iohn Reschke, Donald Stockton, James Woodham, Donald O'Hern and John Eible. Our sole sources of income this year consisted of funds derived from the Student Council for the care of the hot-dog stands and from candy sales at the home basket- ball games. During the first semester, we conducted hour long meetings every Monday noon. Later, we started to hold our meetings during the regular club activity period, and in addition, we met at least one hour every week. The members are constructing many different types of model airplanes. We are planning to fly our gasoline-powered model planes on the athletic field this spring. 41 CIRCULATION STAFF Top Row: R. Penosock, J. Forder, A, Gri B. Radzinski, M. Hicks Second Row: M. Passarelli, C. Bell, F. Ya: ski, S. Rush, M. Ricci, H. Brown Bottom Row: S. Reed, E. Standish, J. Sc J. Monacelli, M. Juliano, L. Miller ADVERTISING STAFF Top Row: B. Bower, J. Howard, C. Nes W, Corwin, A. DiLodovico, R. Clork Second Row: B. Shelp, J. Soevo, N. Piedm G, Snow, A. Morquis Third Row: D. Salisbury, R. Borkowski, Brust, F. Keding PROMOTION STAFF Top Row: N. Wilson, L. Radzinski, F. Ked R. Janus, D. Sturges, B. Radzinski Second Row: S. Mothes, J. Hargrove, J. I- ard, D. Goris, C. Button Bottom Row: J, Wahl, J. Jackson, J. Laur EDITORIAL STAFF Standing' R Hollenbeck C P . , , . edler Seated: S. Cole, S. McKenna TYPING STATFF R. Curtis, M. S ' cupsen, H. Campbell, M. Fon R. Nickerson LITERARY STAFF Top Row: B. Enzie, J. Larwood, P. Robin Second Row: C. Rickev, C. Francis, J. Clc P. Hathawoy, H. Shitton Third Row: P. Vanstone, N. Lee, M. Bo' J. Ferris Bottom Row: L. Snyder, D. Dragon I . 1 ,- 5' V Chevron Finds Lack of Money is Root of All Evil ln spite of a sorely depleted treasury, this year's Chevron Staff worked long and hard to put out a "bigger and betterf Chevron. ldeas were gathered at the annual conference of the Empire State Scholastic Press Association held in Syracuse early in October. The members of the editorial staff who attended were Sara Cole, Karen McKenna, Richard Cooper, Charles Pedler, and Davis Sturges. Besides gaining many points for a better yearbook, they managed to get thoroughly soaked at the Syracuse-Temple football game, and endanger life and limb leaning precariously out the fifth floor window of the Hotel Syracuse. The Promotion Staff under Jule Hazard who had the all-important task of raising money began the year's activities with a super-duper hayride. The affair was even more of a success than the staff had bargained for, necessitating two trips in the tractor-drawn wagons. Movies were shown throughout the year and the next big roduction was the lVlatch-Me-flop, featuring dressed-alike twosornes. Prizes were p . , awarded for the most original costumes. The Advertising Staff headed by Bradley Shelp took over a great part of the burden of financing the yearbook. Scurrying around town collecting money for ads, they played an important part in the successful production of the Chevron. The Circulation Staff under the leadership of Florence Yaskulski went through a trying but successful year collecting Chevron subscriptions. One could identify a member of this staff by the familiar phrase 'fflSl.75, after May l - 32.00. Remember students? lVloney coming in from these various sources was faithfully counted and deposited by the business manager, Richard flollenbeck. He also drew checks to - I pay bills, and there were many of those. The Literary Staff under the direction of Nan Lee gathered material for write- ups. Although some difficulty was encountered in meeting the deadline. write-ups were finally re-arranged, proof-read, and ready for Ruth Curtis' typing staff, and finally the resses. Rita Penasack lanned the senior section. . P P S ff h s that the T50 Chevron With its improved cover and altered interior the ta ope will be the best yet. C larion-E cho Assembles S taff Because of numerous other activities in school, the Clarion-Echo did not accom- plish much, this year. Karen McKenna was named editor-in-chief, Jean jackson, as managing editorg Fred Kecling, circulation managerg Beverly Enzie and Tom Brown, promotion managersg and Dave Pask as sports manager. Mr. Monacelli was our capable advisor. Because of the little sup- port received by the students on the Clarion-Echo staff, the paper was not dis- tributed as often as we would like to have it. llowever, the paper managed to publish the Honor Rolls regularly, carry a feature story on a prominent senior and gather the important facts on school events such as the Senior Play, Christmas Choir, Match- lVle-Hop, Easter Ball and stories on all athletic events. The gossip column, with its more per- sonal note, was also eagerly awaited bv Clarion-Echo readers. EDITORIAL STAFF Stonding:: D. Sturges, D. Posk, F. Keding Seated: J. Jackson, K, McKenna, B, Enzie Standing: D, Chotfield, T, Brown, D. Dragon Seated: M, Boyle, C. Pedler, J, Clork Left to Right: C. Button, N. Lee, L. Rodzinski Axtell, J. Ludwick ,E, Top Row: M. Stucko, H. Campbell, A. Heyden, F. Ycskulski, M. Scupien, C. Frcncis, J, Chesbro Second Row: R, Penosock, K. McKenna, C. Button, S. Joswiok, E. Sidori, A. Monocelli, P. Ludwick, M, Ludwick Third Row: R. Nickerson, L. Snyder, D. Boyce, W. Corwin, D. Browne, P. Lusk, M. Scupien Holiday Cheer is S. S. S. Project The Senior Service Squad started off with hopes of making this year a very worthwhile one. Its officers are headed by Mary Ann Stucko as president, Wanda Corwin, vice-president, Ruth Nickerson, secretary, and Lois Snyder, treasurer. At Christmas, the girls made up a number of Christmas baskets filled with canned goods which they distributed to needy families. Right now they are busy planning the initiation of the Junior girls. They are also planning to have a bake sale in the near future. 45 Christmas Choir and Spring Concert Occupy Clee Club The Clee Club under the direction 0 Mrs. Trumble has been very active thi year. The Christmas Choir in its annua concert sang several songs. Among then were Jesu, Joy of lVlan's Desiring, The Christ Child, The Holy Child, In Thr Little Town of Bethlehem, Break Fortl Oh Beauteous Heavenly Light. Insteac of an Operetta, a Spring Concert was held Among the selections were Country Style O Sing Your Song, Some Enchantec Evening, Little Boy Blue, Two Crenadiers The boys' octet consisting of Charles Ped ler, lwarlc Bradley, Boy Dutton, Davin Van Norman, john Ferris, Balph Miller LaVe1'ne Miller, john Paganelli, sang Dry Bones, The Army Air Corps Song, ant Sleigh Bide. The Cirls' Clec Club sang Fairy Flutes, The Land of Nod, and One hflorning ln the Meadow, Sherman Marches To Victory "How do you do. Are you Mr. Sherman, our new music teacher?" "When will Band begin?" "Are we going to have a German Band?" These and many more questions were what Mr. Sherman heard when he arrived here. Weivc certainly had our noses to the grindstone this year. We had rehearsals three times a week and one sectional rehearsal plus one music lesson a week. In the long run it paid off. Starting at the beginning of the school year we had a full schedule with the Football games, the All-State Band, the Dance Band, the German Band, the "Free-Supperersn who certainly made fools of themselves, our Pop Concert and the Band Dance. May 5 and 7 were big days, as we were putting on a joint Spring Concert with the Glee Club and participating in the Spring Festival at Amherst. Playing for Commencement rounded out the year. Our "Pop Concert" was really something. Who will ever forget Mr. Sherman with his beautiful wig, glasses and baton? The "William Tell Overturei' made a big hit. Our German Band held forth at the Medina basketball game. In spite of the fact that they specialized in corn, they played quite well. The Dance-Band was another thing which went off with great success. We certainly increased our def pleted Ulzank-cLcc014nt!!!" A Dance Band was formed with all the leading players of the band included. Their first performances prophesy increasing success. Besides all our fun, we have been working toward the "Uniform Fund" and we hope to proudly display new uniforms next fall. 47 l'?W" 9 A SFZ fi- wg mai- Em ma VHEC JUNIOR TUWK HIETIHG i V, WN,, :ND M 9 Outside the Classroom CPAGE 483 41K Upper Left: The Visual Aids Club has given val- uable service to the school this year. They are shown here receiving instructions on proper projec- tion technique. Upper Right: Judging from their expressions, Karen and Jule were surprised by the camera as they painted signs for the Football Prom. Middle Left: WHEC traveled to Albion to tran- scribe our Town Meeting on the subject "Shall We Recognize Communist Russia?" The participants were Wanda Corwin, Karen McKenna, Charles Pedler, and Bradley Shelp. Middle Right: Voted by his team mates the "most valuable player of the year", Guido Monacelli was rewarded by the Seniors with a tie clasp at the annual Football Prom. Lower Left and Right: Pausing for a moment on the rink at one of the popular skating parties are these four seniors and their advisor, Despite a strenuous evening their spirits were still high for the bus ride home. CPAGE 491 hw Top: A popular new feature at Albion High School this year were the Swingmasters who played for various school events. Middle: The Christmas Choir presented its tra- ditionally excellent program of Christmas music on the day before Christmas vacation. Bottom: The high-stepping maiorettes lived up to the standards set for them by the band. ll I And now school is over for the day. There is the usual rush down the stairs, out the door to the Walk and to waiting cars and buses. But today several students pass Mr. Breuilly on their way to the bleachers. A baseball game with Navman and Smith sharing pitching honors, is the attraction. just the right kind of weather for baseball, decides Mr. Breuilly. Still, he doesnlt forget that the team has been backed by their schoolmates in all sorts of weather. In the fall during football season even rain and victorious opponents failed to dampen their enthusiasm. Basketball was even more exciting. The game with Holley that was touch and go till the last seconds when Albion won, those Swish shots of Burtls, the out of town games with champions such as John Marshall - theg were the high lights of the season. Now it's spring again - time for highfjumping, shot-putting and relay raccs. Win or lose, concludes Mr. Breuilly, athletics are im' portant in high school. Nw - " Q N x - Q ' 5 , E. 3 Q 5 Yi gi M .1 Xb Q W . 3 fi has S Q2 1,, .S Hi W5 f Q .L ! ted Blasdell Albion Tres U ndefea rn Otherwzse Poor Year The Albion High School griders started out the football season in a game with Clarence Central under the supervision of Coach Spierdowis and Coach Parker, the new assistant coach at A. H. S. The captain of the team this year was Cuido Monacelli, who was also voted "most valuable player" of the year. The year's first touchdown was scored by Patsy Sedita in the game with Amherst. There were several injuries, but, in spite of these, we tied previously un- defeated Blasedale. Many of the players were post-graduates and will be leaving us this year. These are Dave Canham, Cuido Monacelli, Bill Smith, Tom Sanflippo, Howard Smith, and Lloyd Eddy. Coach Spierdowis and Coach Parker had many headaches after games, both from screaming orders at the players and from cheering when we made a touchdown. Let us not forget the other boys who worked hard on the gridiron and who re- ceived their letters. They are Carl Babcock, Tom Brown, Dave Canham, Clark Kuhn, Guido Monacelli, Kenny Monacelli, Lenny Nayman, Sam Neri, Bob Nick- erson, John Pilato, Jae Saeva, Bill Tindale, Roger Wagner, and Patsy Sedita. Some of these boys also received their chevrons. Although this football season was not too successful, we all appreciate the boys hard work and wish them better luck next year. 52 Albion Wins Nine, Loses Six in Exciting Cage Season Albion High Schools basketball squad finished the 1949-1950 season with an overall record of 9 games won and 6 games lost. Albion fared better in non-league competition, winning eight games while losing only three, than they did in league play, in which they dropped three of four games to their opponents. However, two of the league contests were very close and might have gone either way. In league competition Albion won one out of two games from Medina but twic lost to LeRoy, the league champions. In non-league competition Albion twice defeated Holley, Middleport, and Ken- dall, won one game out of two from Brockport, defeated Bergen once and lost twice to John Marshall High of Rochester. However, the losses to the city school were well justified as that same team won the city high school championship. The varsity included ten boys, who were all awarded letters this Spring. These include Thomas Brown, David Canham, Richard Cooper, Albert D'Andrea, Robert Leigh, Leonard Nayman, Patsy Seclita, Willizlm Smith, David Sturges, Rodger Wagner, and David Stevenson, manager. The Albion basketball squad worked very hard during the year and played very well in all of their games. They certainly deserve a lot of credit. C 53 , Rookie Team Fielded by Coach Biordi Although last year's baseball team had an unimpressive record of four wins and eight losses, several pla ers showed improvement. Ralph Dollinger pitched two one- hitters, one against LeR,oy, which we Won four to one. He also struck out fourteen batters in the seven inning contest in the same game. The other one-hitter was against Medina, in which Dollinger struck out sixteen batters in seven innings as Albion won five to one. During the season, Albion scored 56 runs to their opponents' 63 runs. 'lim Wolfe and Ralph Dollinger were four-year lettermen, while Joe Ciarico, Lloyd Eddy, Tom Brown and Leonard Nayman received letters for the second time. First-year lettermen were Guido Monacelli, Leroy Burroughs, john Merrill, Paul Vanstone, Robert Nickerson and John Paul. Managers were Arnold Licht and Joe Tomasino. Lloyd Eddy was probably the bravest player, for it was his job to catch for some of our wild, young pitchers like Iohn Paul and Leonard Nayman. Wolfe, Brown and Dollinger were the power hitters of the team, Merrill supplied the spirit at short-stop, and Joe Ciarico made several fine stops at second. Leonard Nayman not only pitched and played first base well, but also hit among the best. Iohn Paul showed great improvement in pitching, and is one of our good prospects. The very few balls that somehow eluded the fine infield combination were quickly retrieved by Leroy Burroughs, Paul VanStone, Bob Nickerson, and Guido Monacelli who covered the outfield like a blanket. The 1950 season started with a win from Holley. The next game with Brock- port ended ll-6. As we go to press the team travels to LeRoy. 54 New Track Team and Veteran Field Performers Promise Successful Meets The Albion High School track team had a very succes f l team won five meets, tied one and meet at Amh su season last e . The , took a fourth l ' erst. Albion lo Albion H' ' ar p ace in the Western Cilonference st the county meet to Batavia by a slim one point. ighs track squad had several outstanding members during its 1949 season. lim Wolfe was undefeated in all competition last year except for the sectionals in which he placed third. jim threw the shot a distance of 49 ft. 65 in. Dave Pask was undefeated last year in the high jump in dual, triangular and quadrangular meets. Dave cleared the bar at 5 ft. 75 in. but was unable to tie or break the school record of 5 ft. 85 in. The 440 relay team set a new track record by covering the distance in 46.4. This team consisted of Ayrault, Phillips, Canham, and Paganelli. There were l6 boys on the squad who earned letters last spring. Feeling the loss of many key lettermen from last yearis squad, the 1950 track team has gotten off to a slow start. There are only eight returning lettennen this year. So far the squad has lost four meets to Trott Vocational of Niagara Falls, Alexander, Brockport, and Batavia. However, they are still in the running and hope to win three dual meets and the county meet. 55 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Top Row: E. Sidari, D. Maartense, H, Ireland, P. Hicks Bottom Row: M. Ludwick, M. Draper, A. Monacelli GIRLS' BASKETBALL Top Row: N. Piedmont, J. Lauren Bottom Row: B. Radzinski, D. Goris, D. Dragon, J. SanFiIippo, J. Hargrave GIRLS' BOWLING Top Row: J, Preston, M. A. Sledzinski, B. Foster Bottom Row: M. Weale, P. Lusk ACKNOWLEDGMENT CHEVRON wishes to thank Mr. Monacelli for taking Varsity Sports pictures. Girls Display Athletic Prowess at Play Days The girls this year have certainly shown enthusiasm in the many sports activities supervised by Mrs. Biordi. The school year was started off with field hockey. Forty- eight girls turned out for this sport which was played during gym periods and after school. The next sport participated in was archery. Last year, only Seniors were allowed to have archery, but this year, the sport was not so limited. Volleyball was next on our sports calendar and for this activity, eighty-two girls turned out. Intramurals held the spotlight on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the winter weeks. Two leagues were set up which were most originally named the Cereal and Shampoo leagues. One of the most loved sports is basketball. Sixty-four girls went out for intra- murals in this sport. The teams were divided into two lea ues, the Huff league and the Soap league. The 7th grade also participated in baslgetball intramurals and made up four teams. A cheerleading clinic was held in Holley to discuss and remedy some of the problems which arise in cheerleading. This clinic proved to be most helpful in bringing about better feelings among the cheerleaders of all the schools involved. A new idea was brought about by the P. T. A. to have a Parents' Night at school. Both girls' and boys' gym classes helped to provide the parents with an interesting gym demonstration. Bowling took its place in our sports field. This activity was composed of four teams. Softball was started in the spring and many girls were seen at practice. There were a number of playdays this year in which Albion participated. The first playday was the swimming meet held in Batavia on December 10th. One or two of Albionls mermaids came home with a gold fish as first prize. The next playday was the basketball playday held in Medina on February llth. Our newly formed team came home with the honors. A volleyball playday followed on March 18th in Albion. Nine schools participated and the victor was Batavia. As our yearbook goes to press, the girls' spring sports schedule promises to include tennis. The addition of this sport will be a bang-up climax to the girls, sports year of 1950. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: D. Goris, A. Monocelli, B. Bower, J. Hczcrd, D. Dragon, N. Lee egwx-11 5 X? L. ,. , W A' 1 i Y Q. ' IAA f5Z ' 1 aim . My G. - Y, l HM 'ef' 'wif k Q, I my , gy: Q zz 'S lg K Vi QQ-Q AV. ., . ' 3,-3 . W , -- . - J.. -1 -Q my - - fp. - H i 1, 15.4 i if '-' Q f wi ,.1' ,f .11 '- ..,f . M- .. ,- I , 96 1 Y 54 A Q'?M"" ?3?3Q1f h h z' ff K wz z L ' ' , ' 'dflfif if 4, J- X :Q W k Q , . S +. Q 1 x 1.1 he A.. f , my f I 2 W K 3 X Vin 511 48 f an H H 4 lyk qi f l if 4 x A an ii Mwwvwuyagqnn- H-wawuuz,wm..v.w L- ur 5 . E 2 ? i i ui' 4 fi F .... ...... qi.. . , mkmd Q Q NT" f - ,.MliiQsiSixEi7:L.5kzm..,-A37 ' ' . Y J'-J la' KOPPOSITE PAGEJ J. V. BASKETBALL Top Row: J. McKenna, F. Neidert, R. DeCarlo, E. Merry, D. Henry, C. Gordon, M. Bradley, N. Penasock Second Row: A. Brackenbury, D. Brace, H. Klopp, R. O'Hearn First Row: R. Hannon, R. Monocelli, S. Neri, J. Pogonelli, Coach Sanford J. V. CHEERLEADERS J. Martino, B. Radzinski, N. Piedmont, J. Lauren, N. Spierdowis, C. Clement, M. Juliana GIRLS' HOCKEY Top Row: G. Snow, B. Radzinski, M. Dickinson, J. Martina, P. Lusk, B. Jeffery Seated: C. Clement, C. Shervin, M. L. Basinait, Z. Brege, A. Marquis, Mrs. Biordi BOYS' VOLLEYBALL Top Row: G. Monacelll, D. Pask, N. Ireland, D. Canham Second Row: J. Saeva, L. Noyman, W. Norman, R. Miller First Row: R. Nickerson, R. Abbott, T. Brown, K. Rush, R. Hazel WRESTLING TEAM Top Row: N. Penasack, P. VanStone, K. O'Brien, H. Klopp, Coach Spierdowis, R. Collins, C. Kuhn, L. DiPosquo, R. Conhom Second Row: R. Babcock, Mgr., J. Klopp, M. Noreck, C. Cox, J. Francis, G. Plummer First Row: J. Saeva, A. Coville, C. Zicari, J. Pilato GIRLS' TUMBLING Top Row: J. Martina, Z. Brege, M. L. Trumble, F. Pecorella, M. Juliana Bottom Row: A. Wolcott, J. Lauren, N. Lauren, A. Woodham, B. Radzinski, H. Brown, A. Phillips, D. Goris CLUB PROGRAM In spite of a late start, the Club Program is finally a reality. Operating on a Wednesday Schedule two Fridays a month enables both service and social clubs to have a much needed meeting time. The twenty clubs started indicate a wide variety of interests and promise to make next year a full one. The secretaries of the follow- ing clubs have submitted reports of their activities: Hi-Y The Alpha Chapter of Albion Hi-Y club was formed during the month of February for the following purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of character". The Hi-Y Club has for its specific objectives: 1. Clean speech, 2. Clean athletics, 3. Clean scholar- shipg 4. Clean sportsmanship. The Club has taken several trips to Batavia for swimming. At a swim party in February, the officers and members were inducted b the members of the Batavia Hi-Y Club. Our activity period has included basketball once a week, and a speaker of general interest to the members in the regular club period. The officers of the club are: President, Richard Cooperg Vice-President, James Kellerp Secretary- Treasurerg Jerry Smithg Sergeant-at-Arms, Leonard Naymang Advisor, Roy W. Schroeder. Junior F. H. A. The junior Future I-Iomemakers of America consists of Freshman and Sophomore girls interested in homemaking. The officers which were elected at the formation of the club are President, Ioyce Irvine, Vice-President, Beverly Dawleyg Secretary, Florence Birchg Treasurer, Vera Freeman, and Advisor, Miss MacArthur. The goal of the organization is learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better in the future. Activities thus far this year have been a tureen supper and demonstration of homemaking activities. The Junior F. H. A. does not intend to become a national chapter until next year. Senior F. H. A. The senior chapter of F. H. A. has twenty-five members. Plans were made for a field trip, a Cood Grooming Demonstration and the adoption of a Foreign I-lomemaking class. We also planned a tureen dinner one evening in April. Library Club The Library Club's officers for this year are President, Nor- man Penasackg Vice-President, Shirley Nudd, and Secretary, Zola Brege. These are also committee chairmen: Program committee, Robert Collins, Social committee, Betty Ricci, Magazine committee, Crace Mannog Publicity committee, Loraine Wilkins. The members of the Library Club have the privilege of reading all new books first, and assisting Miss Collins in the library. All Library Club members will be scheduled to work in the library in their free periods during the day. Tri Dell' Tri Delt Cthree d'sD stands for dramatics, discussion, and debate. The Tri Delt Club has a very large membership. The total stands at thirty-eight members. Several projects have to be undertaken at one time in order to keep all of our members busy. At our first meeting under the sponsorship of Miss Corbett and Mr. Anderson, we elected as our officers Rita Bokman, President, Janet Lauren, Vice-Presidentg and Ioan Larwood, Secretary and Treasurer. Our first inspiration was to have a play, but because time was short we started working on a radio play "Junior Miss" in which we act, direct and make our own sound effects. Our intentions are to give this radio play over the school public address system. The forming of debate teams to present debates with teams of other nearby schools is also one of our aims. We like our successful bull sessions bringing out points of dating, home life and other topics of importance. 60 PURTRAITS A N D GROUP PICTURES 1 N CHEVRON Pbofograpbed B Y MCDSER STUDIO, INC LINTON AVENUE NORTH ROCHESTER 2, NEW STONE 2440 - 41 ALBION MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Cadillac PHONE 102 ALBION, NEW YORK COMPLETE FARM SERVICE 309 DEERE EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE GENUINE PARTS BOLENS Garden Tractors JOHN BEAN Spray Machines and Dusters G L F AGENCY DeLaval Cream Separators and Milking Machines Ontario Grain Drills ALSO BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND COAL RALPH J. VICK 8x SONS, INC. 128 WEST AVENUE PHONE 128 ALBION, N. Y 62 Serving the Banking Needs of Albion For Over 90 Years MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY OF ALBION Member f F deral Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of D A L E ' S Albion's Only Independent SUPER MARKET Locally Owned and Operated 63 CONTINENTAL FOODS, INC ALBION, NEW YORK A Member of the Lipton Tea Family Compliments of COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY Albion, New York Compliments of ALBION BUS LINES ALLEN J. MooRE, owner 64 CITIZENS DAIRY Grade A Pasteurizecl Milk and Cream P 26 Main Street -- Phone 523 roducts Compliments of Gaiam COMPANY ,fl ,Wa Compliments of DAILEY MOTOR CO., INC. Dodge - Plymouth W. Academy and Washington Sts. Phone 52 A L B I O N Compliments of FRANK'S BAKERY 65 Compliments of Birds Eye - Snider Division GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION MAPLE MANOR South Main Street Albion, New Y Modern Rooms - Reasonable Rates Telephone 337 66 0 COFFEY BROTHERS, INC. Buick Cars ........ International Trucks That Good Gulf Gasoline Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil Accessories - Tires Compliments of INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mildred W. Haines Paul R. Haines PHONE 390 Albion 665-J-Z Barre Center 974-J-2 Barre Center Compliments of Growers Cold Storage, Co., Inc. WATERPORT, N. Y. Birds Eye Frosted Foods FRANCIS H. BLAKE FRANCIS I-I. BLAKE, JR. President Vice-President -BENJAMIN G. WILSON WARD B. WILSON Treasurer Secretary 67 ESTABLISHED U X I 9 0 7 FURNITURE STORE A L B I O N N Y FUNERAL HOME I M I 9 ' - 52 N. MAIN ST.. DNONE H5 l55 S.MAlN SI PHONE 77 THOMAS C. MENAU.. MGR. SHIRLEY NIUELL-.LIC.MGl. 1 Compliments of HQME BAKERY RIALTO THEATRE The Home of ALBION, N. Y. B B k d . etter a e Goods Movzes Are Better Crder Too Large or Too Small Than Ever 47 Main St., Albion, N. Y. 68 RELIABLE CLEANERS We OPCYUU? THE GREAT A. 8: P. Our Own Plant TEA CO' ALBION, N. Y. JOHNNY SAEVA, Owner Phone 204 Albion, N. Y. "HANK" BAKEMAN Compliments of Gas - Lubrication - Oil P I N E I-I I L L Tires - Accessories - Tubes F A R M S East Ave and Platt St., Albion, N. Y. Phone 70 69 MOORE BUS LINES Robert H. Moore, Owner Buses for All Occasions PHONE 649 ALBION, N. Y. Compliments of The Albion Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishings North Main St. PHONE 34 "Good Health to You . . From Rexallv If it's a Prescription bring it to H. P. HAWKS The Rexall Drug Store J. H. SAYERS, INC. LEADING IN CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS O Large Assortment of FINE SPORTS WEAR Albion, N. Y. Courtesy of WALTER'S Smart Women's Wear Accessories - Millinery 105 Main St., Albion, N. Y. Compliments of Woods 85 Sprague WILKINSON M'u"'g Co' 0 C WHOLESALE FEED Pastry - Bread - Cake - Pancake Electrical Store F L Q U R BILL'S AUTO AND SPORTING SUPPLIES Compliments Automobile Tires and Aceessorie Of Fishing Tackle, Guns and Ammunition Wheel Gund, ST. MARY'S ATHLETIC Phone 565-J 136 N. Main St. Albion, N. Y. KINGS!-EY,S MONACELLI BROS. Cleaners and Dyers Satisfaction Guaranteed 17 W. Bank St. Albion, N. Y. GROCERIES MEATS PHONE 579 I ALBION Compliments WHEN IN TROUBLE of FRIENDS' PACKING C ALL HUBBELL CO., INC. Compliments Compliments of of ALBION Orleans FORD SALES, INC, Republican-American Compliments of HALSTEAD OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products 419 West State Street Phone 327 CRAF F EY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 110 East Avenue Albion, New Yor Sherwood Car Service ADAM P. DANIELS N. Main Albion, N. Y. Phone 383 n'Richfield Productsn Meats and Grocerzes PHONE 318 V ACCESSORIES 337 E Car I' St Alb' 'muzs - BA'rrER1Es ' 0 me ' 'O Merrill Funeral Homes CARY B FISH Since 1914 Ambulance Service Insurance Roy T. Merrill Erva M. Steele ALBION HOLLEY Phone 195-Albion Compliments of Compliments of SAYLES PHARMACY KARL WOLF E 103 North Main Phone 104 JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. s. vi-x.NN. 223 South Main St. 'I Albion, New York Jeweler Our Shoes Are Always Compliments Smart They're in a Class of Their Own of J A S O N 107 Main Street Albion, New York G' Compliments of Blissett's Cl1ilf:lren's Shop I nfants' and C hildren' s A p p a r e l ALBION MEDINA Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Compliments of Compliments of Charles V. Paganelli SMITH'S RESTAURANT Real Estate ancl Insurance FEET HURT? INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HEADQUARTERS Dr. Scl1olI's Complete Foot-Comfort Service Corrective Shoes Scientiiically Fitted for Men, Women, and Children by Graduate Attendants. ROBERTS SHOE STORE 15 W. Bank St. Albion, N. Y. Phone 480 Farm Implements and Supplies SALES and SERVICE Harradine Implement Co. FIVE CORNERS PHONE 27 Wallpapers Paints Home Furnishings T H O M P S O N ' S zz E. Bank street Albion, N. Y. Bottled Gas and Appliances 400 Satisfied Bottled Gas Customers Marquart's Appliance 125 N. Main St. Albion, N. Y. Compliments of COLONIAL FILLING STATION 29 West Bank Street Joseph Watt's Store Plumbing, Tinning, Heating AIR CONDITIONING Odd Fellows Temple Albion, New York Compliments of Dock, Jordan 8: Dock F loor Covering Contractors 1 S Carpet, Linoleum and Tile Laying CLOTHING STORE and Repairing ' Al . N Y WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED N' Mm st' "M" ' ' 131 N. Main sf. Albion, N. Y. Phone 1091 Compliments Compliments of of MARSH HARDWARE O B. B. TRUMBLE Albion, New York West Bank Street Albion, New York Congratulations Classofl950 Landauefs Stanley J. Landauer, Sr. '23 Stanley J. Landauer, Jr. '46 T A X I 24 HOUR SERVICE D'Agostino Bros. Phone 61 Compliments of ALBION OIL CO. The Best of Luck To All THE CORNER PHARMACY ALBION, N. Y. Allen S. Lowman, Prop. Daniel K, Weale, Mgr "I t' s later than you think . ." Why not pause and refresh yourself at WOLCOTT'S DAIRY BAR East Avenue Albion, N. Y. Fountain Service Sodas, Sunclaes, Milk Shakes, etc. Snack Bar Red Hots, Pork Hots, etc. Frozen Foods Misc. Groceries DAIRY PRODUCTS 7:00 A. M. - 12:00 P. M. PHONE 518 Compliments of SANFORD B. CHURCH Compliments Congratulations, Class of '50 of B L O O M ' S Joe S8.lV8.t0l'e and PHONE 119 Michael Christopher All Arrangements and Designs 117 Main street Completely Made in Our Shop P 0 N TIA C H. DART PORTER INSURANCE Sales and Service H. 3 Marine Midland Trust Co. Bld Albion, New York Compliments of INC' SMITH BROS. Albion ' Medina G. M. C. - Sales - Service Lockport - Middleport PHONE 5318 General Repairs Compliments of Compliments ALBION AUTO PARTS of L. E. Starkweather PHONE 401 JACK DONAHUE ALBION LUMBER CO. WESTERN AUTO Building Service Sporting Goods Phone 344 LEE MAINE, Owner ED. KAVANAUG1-1, Mgr. and Auto Supplies E. J. ROSS HARDWARE Farm and Electrical Compliments Supplies of Acme Quality Paints , , R. H. DOLLINGER, D.D.S 128-130 Main St. Albion, N. Y. Compliments Congratulations Class of 1950 of C U R R Y ' S WALTER ROWLEY Behind the doors of THE GIFT BOX Compliments of ALBION BEVERAGES you will find: -'- Records, Monogramming, Stationery, Custom Made Slips Covers and Drapes T. C- Sanfilippo, P,-op, and I-ibbi' Glassware 128 Washington St. Phone 250 Compliments of F ISCI'1ER'S NEWSROOM 105 N. Main St., Albion, N. Y. "MIKE" DAVIS F IRESTONE STORE 127 North Main St. Albion, N. Y Monuments and Markers WM. E. KARNS, JR. PHONE 138 ALBION Compliments of Leonard A. Depczynski Compliments ENGLE . HARRISON of MOTOR co. GREG-G'S 225 E. B... st. ph... 267 RED and WHITE STORE Chrysler and Plymouth PHONE 800-J SALES and SERVICE Compliments of ALBION RECREATION ARCHBALD AND CO. Waterport, N. Y. BASTIAN BROS., CCD. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive High School Jewelry - Engraved Commencement Announcements - Name Cards MR. GEORGE D. KILLIP, District Manager P. 0. Box 170 Rochester l, N. Y. A ine QQBOOLS am! Qafajogs gray Cgriniing Qc. -mildew, Ofzew Cyan-L. 80 A H. ,il- fu: ,mf . 4 'si . A' f ' ,. . . , , , 4 ' -, f ,, :. ...g. A r .4 .-a w ,411 32' L ' N' . I 'i ,rs ,fin . 11.12 '?"v',1, , 1 VP A !"i' E.- ' L Y -ZYVI Y. 4. ' uf' gf 1 .49 . 4: ' gill? "M V' .ni . 1, W, h M., ,-Z A ,r.3f:c . ,. . -I n ,. wi 4 ' " 3 T. ff W! I.. L1-y'-. f, . fi' if, 4 Ku. 1 xl 554 '14, 4 , 1 ' I . ,,-T. , . 4 - - . irffiii 'I vez:-fi 1 1 X, A 4 L ,JM34 L -. 1. :- "?. i - ,:,.f - vim. J if-.4 3 5. ' -r Y L , ' . 1,44 . . 'E-.7 I fl - - "ff 1 M 'I ' f ' . -15 A ,,.' I 1 -A. J, . n 1 6 Y s' nl ge W1 a -if Q 'K g vu 2 1 A ! " 'A , 1 -Vi'-1 '.. 4-ME, , " :4f'4' '- ' . 1 X A . . Q' 115- V ,- U I - lin V ,X - ,g31,,,,sii: E M, ,g P A, ,,, 157' , fi- 'V f , ! 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Suggestions in the Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) collection:

Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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