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5 1 i e n E I ai 7fze Gfxeaaan- -1947 -A AJ 1 N "xii VJ 11 4 I . r.-Y.N.-----, ' l VA ,A AI 11923 ag "'- . K L 'o . ll -"Fr:-'f4I'y, 1 gf I 1 J-LQ F-f JACK KILIY Published by the students of , y ALUIUII HIGH S0-H0014-AQLUIUN, NEW YURK afzeazafwl Students of Albion High School are to submit themselves to a glare of flash bulbs and a barrage of questions tomorrow as they welcome staff reporters and photographers of the popular magazine, THESE TIMES. In keeping with its policy of presenting to the public a monthly pictorial essay, "The American Way," THESE TIMES is now gathering material for its next feature, a study of a typical small-town high school. Albion High is proud of the fact that it is to be "interviewed" by THESE TIMES as a typical American school and stands ready to cooperate in every way possible. Members of the senior class have been appointed by Principal Charles C. D'Amico to conduct the staff representatives throughout the school, presenting to them the various classes and activities and explaining their purposes and accomplishments. Both teachers and students have expressed the hope that the pictured essay in THESE TIMES will bring to the attention of the public not only the activities of one small high school but also the contributions of every small-town school in America to a demo- cratic way of life. A CONSCIENTIOUS AND DEVOTED TEACHER, A LOYAL FRIEND, AND A GOOD COMPANION. MISS VALNIA IS DEVOTED TO THE CLASSICS, SHE HAS TRIED TO INSTILL IN HER PUPILS THE SAME LOVE OF LEARNING, HIGH IDEALS AND WISE PHILOSOPHY SHE HAS ABSORBED FROM HER STUDY OF ROMAN CULTURE. TO MISS JESSIE VALNIA WE AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE THIS BOOK. , gfhlwfe fm 94 '7W'4 TINES ADMINISTRATION Board of Education Faculty Student Council CLASSES OF ALBION HIGH SCHOOL Senior Class Post Graduates Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Eighth Grades Seventh Grades HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Chevron Staff National Honor Society Senior Play Masque and Gavel Junior Red Cross Clarion-Echo Future Farmers of America Senior Service Squad Aeroneers Art Classes Boys' Athletics Girls' Athletics Music Department MISCELLANEOUS Advertisements Classroom Pictures Snapshots Activities Pictures Senior Catalog P l u C9444 ww. gm w 59-fm' h vw: 372'- E :- E 3 N R K 1 , ' 1 1 CARL I. BERGERSON Superintendent of Schools , .7':'5LY-V5 3,155 ',4"f3l5l. W ' ,137 ,J fy'-4,':,..i , vi I If K. .'-fur.. --, ' '11 ' . .. , A ' 'V 4. -I ' O 01 'Of 101 10 O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 O BOARD OF EDUCATION 1 - DOROTHY SIGNOR BLAKE, President CARL I. BERGERSON, Clerk JOHN A. JACKSON GEORGE HOUCHTON PASQUALE DILAURA ' FRANCIS A. STURGES DANIEL F. DUGAN EDITH R.VMILLER STANLEY T. WQoDs MARTHA R. HART STANDING COMMITTEES Teachers MR. Woons MRS. MILLER MR. STURGES Firuznce ' MR. HOUGHTON MR. DUGAN MR. JACKSON Building and Grounds ' MR. DILAURA MR. JACKSON O O 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O' -O4 'O O O O 0 0 FACULTY CHARLES C. D'AMiCO High School Principal HAROLDAANDERSON THEODORE N. ANDERSON ANNA L. BALL C0mme"C'0l 5UbleCl5 Mathematics, Science English l, ll, lll KATHERINE H. BILLINGS SADIE MARIE BRITTON EVELYN A. COLLlNS Junior High School Studies Mathematics School Librarian 10 FACULTY KATHERINE COYLE M. ELIZABETE' EVELYN s. FISHER Junior High Mothemotics Deon of GMS' HQ 'S Home Economics HAZEL GANIARD IRENE HARRIGAN HELENA M. HOGAN Social Studies French, History C Junior High English JEAN LAIRD BERNARD LYNCH GEORGE F- LYON Home Economics Junior High School IVYSTFUYUSHTOI MUSIC ii 111 FACULTY I R MCKEY MAY W SCHNITZER STEWART NEW OSCA , - I Agriculture Industrial Arts E"'9l'Sl" 'II' Dromcmcs MICHAEL SPIERDOWIS LORAINE M. SPRAGUE DOREEN SUNDEI-L Physical Instruction Junior High School Aff GILDA TRIVISOND MARY E. TRUMBLE JESSIE C. VALNIA English I, Il Music' Latin 12 FACULTY GLADYS S. PEDLER Teacher-in-Charge Grammar School ANNA DEASY MILDRED HAZEL MARY G. DUGGAN Third Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade FRANCES H- GRINNELL SHIRLEY WIMER DGROTHY HARRIS FiI'ST Gmde Third Grade Fourth Grade WILLIAM NESTLE Fifth Grade FACULTY IRMA FIOCCA HELEN J. YOUNGS Special Grade Sixth Grade EMILY E. BEEMAN NORMA DI LAURA WILLIAM A. MONACELLI Biology Commercial Subjects Science CHRISTINE PAULUS ELIZABETH WEBSTER RUTH BRADLEY Junior High School School Nurse Fourth Grade KATHERINE COFFEY MARION HASSETT MARY McCABE Primary Second Grade Second Grade IDA J. LARWOOD NELLIE WILLEY i1 'VR ' 'Emi-'WLM ,fql ig A TRIBUTE Unbeknown to her, the Chevron Staff is smugglmg 1n a few Words of apprecjatiorp gf. our friend and adviser Miss Elson, who is5i ing Albion High this june. We have all come to love Miss Elson very much, and soon we shall be with- out her gracious, kindly presence and her pleasant, genial companionship. Well certainly miss her about school but we wish the greatest success and happiness in her new field. Good luck! First Grade Primary , A ,H Q SX 'gfiqf U,fJ-if-1-' gel f I uk if fiif . . .A I Qi5b'Ix'7 QA V' y ' I -I I ' ll It I J Q T , Top Row lleft To rlghtl: R. Canharn, T. Sanfilippo, L. Canham, K. Burroughs, D. Socciarclli, R. Burroughs R, Bacon, L. Golan, D. Paine, W. Harling. 4th Row: B. Church, C, Gray, R. Dunn, R. Denniston, l. Sadlowski, R. Penasack, D. Canhom, J. Bokman E. Murphy, M. Filer. 3rd Row: K, Hollinger, G. Howard, L. Lauren, G. Brunne, J. Hucknall, M. Coville, C. Button, J. Sanfilippo M. Boyle, F. Barber. h I 2nd Row: J. Forder, N. Sturges, J. Banker, H. Soule, J. Clarrco, R. Graczyk, H. Piedmont, M. Stucko M. Hyland. lst Row: D. Salisbury, J. Alcorn, R. Weaver, F. Eibl, J. Ferris, H. Parker. STUDENT COUNCIL First, and justly so, in our tour of Albion High, we shall visit 312, scene of the semifmonthly meetings of thc Student Council. Representing the student body, Student Council, composed of the presidents and secretaries of the various home rooms, acts as both a school manager and a leader of extra-curricular activities. The many duties which faced the Council this year were successfully executed under the capable hands of president, Louis Calan, and vice-president, jose Palacios, who were elected by the students, and Phyllis Van Stone, treasurer, and Carol Cray, secretary, who were appointed by a faculty-student committee. Mr. Anderson again showed his helpfulness as faculty advisor. First of the many Council activities this year was l the sponsoring of the annual Football Prom. Decora- tions for the Prom definitely were on the original side. And, of course, what would the football games have been without the Student Councils hot-dog stand? Faithfully the volunteer workers served the football fans, and from the resulting proceeds, mem- bers hope to make a gift to the school as they did last year, when a contribution was made to the movie projector fund. Another activity of which our school is proud was the assuming of the sponsorship of a needy school in France. Perhaps the most important accomplish- ment of the Council this year was the drafting and , adoption of a new constitution, accurately and care- fully written so that Albion High may have a well OFFICERS organized school government. 15 .3 ,K SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS D. Soccicrelli, W. Hurling, J. Hucknoll, M. Filer SENIOR CLASS Here is the senior home room, popularly known as 258, and these bright looking, studious pupils make up the senior class. Under the guidance of Miss Elson, this year most of them have ignored her pleas for "quiet", kept on the approved list, and lost their taste for chewing gum. As freshmen, of course, the present seniors were just typical freshmen-green and meek as they come. By their sophomore year, however, members of the class had begun to establish themselves as distinct personalitiesln the fall of their junior year, they struggled valiantly to make a 55161 profit from the annual magazine sales campaign. lt seems that the class of '46 had specialized in two-year subscriptions the year previously, and the modest profits that the class of '47 made were realized only through pressure and fast talking. Of course they dutifully, if not joyfully, took part in rhetoricals and planned a wonderful junior Prom-May pole, spring flowers, and all. So here they are, completing their last year, which has been a busy one. Early in the fall, they elected officers: Don Socciarelli, president, Wells Harling, vice- president, Marilyn Filer, treasurer, and lanice Hucknall, secretary. Uncomfortably conscious of their rather shaky financial status, the seniors rapidly developed grasping ways, the first money-raising venture being the chartering of busses to transport students to out-of-town football games. Throughout the year senior girls have sold candy after school on Fridays, proof of their salesmanship resting in the fact that they finally got rid of the yeast bars. Traditional hurdles have been cleared: trudging the last mile clown the corridor to 210 to receive the death blow -senior pictures, ordering calling carrls and announce- ments, to say nothing of paying for them, the Easter Ball with its masterpiece, a huge Easter basket full of balloons which broke bv remote control, and the making of the consecutive approved lists. Scholastically they set quite a record, with 13 of the seniors Cover 1696 of the classl maintaining averages of over 9096. Porter Kelley is the valedictorian and Marv loan Allen, the salutatorian. The rest of the year will be equally busy. Yet to come are Class Day, the big picnic, Graduation Ball, and, finally, the Commencement exercises. The Class of 1947 will be able to carry with them many fond memories as they leave Albion High School. MARY JOAN ALLEN No beauty's like the beauty of the mind. Louxs BAGNATO The cheerful live longest in years. LEONARD BILICKI Painting is silent poetry. N ATALIE BOAG Silence is golden, but she's oft the gold standard. GRACE M. BRUNNE But oh, she dances such a way! No sun upon an Easter-day ls half so fine a sight. ROLAND ALLEN When joy and duty clash, Let duty go to smash. BETTY BERNs A merry heart makes a cheer- ful countenance. AUDREY BLISSETT A town that boasts inhabitants like me Can have no lack of good society. MARY Lou BROWN Born with a gift of laughter and A sense that the world is mad. BARBARA BUTTON But there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream, 19 GERALD CANALE Between jest and earnest. ROBERT CANIIAM am in earnest-l will not equivocate-l will not ex- cuse-l will not retreat one inchp l will be heard. SANFORD CHURCH He had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade and a hand to execute. TIIORSTON CUMMINGS When l feel like exercising, l iust lie down until the feeling goes away. MARILYN DAUM They're only truly great who are truly good. ANN COOPER Observe her ease of manner and match her if you can. ALFRED CHRISTOPHER For it always has been his way Never to do till tomorrow What was assigned for today. BARBARA CIARIOO lmpulsive, earnest, prompt to act. Makes her generous thought a fact. GLORIA COVILLE Red hair-a sunny smile-what else could be asked for? DONALD DENNISTON A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. 20 ROBERT Dlx I place my hands back of my head, relax and contem- plate something which represents great quiet and tranquility. POLLY FAGAN For, tying her bonnet under her chin, She tied a young man's heart within. BEVERLEY FERRIS Her smile is something to find your way with in the dark. MARY DIANE FRANCIS Sunshine and rain at once, her smiles and tears. Louis GALAN A good mind possesses a king- dom. ELSIE DRAGON Serious? Well hardly. Studious? Rarely. Athletic? Absolutely. Original? Decidedly. JOYCE DRAPER God sent his singers down on earth To cheer us up with songs of mirth. FLORENCE ECLOFF The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. MARILYN FILER Success is by acting, not wishing. JESSIE GAYLARD lt well becomes a woman to be modest and retiring. 21 GERALD GIBBS There is no policy like polite- SANDRA ANN GIARRIZZO Her eyes are stars of twilight ness, and a good manner fair is the best thing in the Like twilight's too her dusky world. hair, CAROL GRAY Fair she was, in that she had never studied to be fairer than Nature made her. LAURA Lou HAKES The mirror of all courtesy. EMILY HERMAN lt's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice. DIANICE HUCKNALL WELLS HARLING If there is a virtue in the world at which we should always aim, it is cheerfulness. DONALD HEARD Happy am l-from care I am free, Why can't they all be contented like me? ' ROBERT HECKMAN Speech is great, but silence is greater. JOYCE I-IILBERT A friendly girl--with dimpled Soft peace she brings grin- And PPWS 'n each heart G And flirting eyes with mischief little heaven. in. 22 IAIARLAND JACKSON As good-natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leather. PORTER KELLEY There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and wait- ing. RYTA KRZEWINSKI Little friends may prove great friends. MAx LUBAWY Whistle, and she'll come to you. MICHAEL MATTERN And certainly, he was a good fellow. DOLORES JAWORSKI The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. JACK KELLY He was a gentleman from sole to crown, clean-favored and imperially slim. CHARLOTTE KLOPP Do you not know l am a woman? When I think I must speak. JULIUS MAREK He is never less at leisure, than when at leisure. MARILYN MARTINA And as the bright sun glorifies the sky So is her face illumined with her eyes. 28 BARBARA MERRILL For where there are Irish there's loving and fighting. JANICE MURRAY l'Il speak in a monstrous little voice. RUDOLPH NENNI A woman's a woman, but a pipe is a good smoke. IENNIE PERRY l hate nobody-l am in love with the world. JEANIE Mix She is the quiet kind whose nature never varies. VIOLET NEAL A warm smile for everyone is truly a rare gift. ESTHER PARSONS Life's a pleasant institution Let us take it as it comes. PETER Ricci Nothing to do and all day to do it in. LEONARD SADowsK1 JOHN RICE Keep your face always toward . . the sunshine and the The wise are polite all the world Shadows will fan behind over. you- 24 JOSEPH SAEVA You've gotta be a football hero- MAR JORIE SANFORD As merry as the day is long. DUANE SMITH Life is my college. May l graduate well, and earn some honors! DOMINIC SOCCIARELLI From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth. MARILYN SWABB Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness, and all her paths are peace. DOROTHY SANFORD Not that I love study less, but that l love fun more. BEVERLY SHULER A face as gentle as candlelight. SALLY SMITH She's all my fancy painted her, she's lovely, she's divine. MARGARET VELLA See where she comes, ap- parell'd like the spring. ASHLEY WARD Caesar was ambitious and look what he got. 25 PHYLLIS VANSTONE And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small heod could carry all she knew. JOSEPH WIECZOREK I worry not, for what's the use? To worry bores me like the deuce. GLENN WOOLSTON I will sit down now, but the time will come When you will hear from me. MADELINE WIGLBY By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece. GWENDOLYN WRIGHT A sunny disposition is half the VVILLIANI OLIVER Always a smile for everyone ' Rarher sober, but full of fun. IJELOIS THOMPSON I always dare to be as funny as l can. battle. BARTON SALISBURY He had withal a merry wit And was not shy of using it. LEVI Wooncoox Why should the devil have the fun? In Memoriam BARBARA JUDWICK Class of 1947 G Top Row: G. Howard, V. Chamberlain, R. Sterczynski, B. Caldwell, S. Landauer, J. Tomas 0 D Bu d lst Row: T. Smith, L, Lauren, M. Gurzenskl. THE POST GRADUATES ln the scientific atmosphere of 316, midst lingering odors of chemistry experi- ments, the Post Craduate class reigns supreme, the envy of many an undergraduate. Under the leadership of Lucile Lauren, president, and Cale Howard, secretary- treasurer, the P. Cfs have been slightly more active this year than their predecessors. At Christmas time, they decorated the gym for the Annual Charity Ball, sponsored by the Service Club for the benefit of the Cirl Scouts. Up until the time of this effort, they had planned to have a formal dance on Valentines Day, but when they discovered how much work was involved, they decided that they didnit really want to sponsor a dance. At the beginning of the year the P. Cfs numbered fifteen students. Their fate, however, resembles that of the ten little Indians. After a few weeks Charles Brunne was called into the service. At the end of the football season they lost Dale Burdett and Stanley Landauer. Virginia Chamberlain left their midst at the beginning of the second term. Last, but by no means the least, to leave was Thomas "Smitty" Smith at the end of the basketball season. The class now consists of Barbara Cald- well, Marie Curzenski, Cale Howard, Lucile Lauren, Don Mansell, Richard Sterczyn- ski, and Ioseph Tomasino. Barbara and Don come only in the mornings, and Marie and Cale come only in the afternoons. The rest valiantly carry on all day. The P. C.'s claim that they have had more fun this year than in any other year of school. They like their homeroom very much and are agreed that no one could have a nicer teacher than their Mr. Monacelli. They will always remember this best year of their lives. Top Row lleft to righfl: S. O'Kane, H. Alcorn, W. Swabb, R. Brown, J. Wolfe, J. Dailey, L. Canham, J. Murray, A. Bradf. 4th lEow:AJ. Gurney, J. Palacios, J. Stucko, J. Zwifka, J. Gurzenski, R. Merrill, G. Engle, J. Telovsky, . D' mico. 3rd Row: H. Soule, H. Townsend, E. Forder, T. Mendolia, F. Sabo, B. Brundish, J. Banker. V 2nd Row: C. Zavilz, S. Kleindiensl, R. Johnson, J. Miller, J. Lewandowski, D. Barber, A. Ferris, E. Salvatore. lst Row: D. Terra, L. Marks, N. Sturges, C. Gavenda, D. Sanford, C. Karls. THE JUNIOR CLASS l President - GREGORY ENGLE Vice-President - MARY ANN IANUS Secretary-Treasurer - DWIGHT PAINE Class Advisors - MISS BRITTON MRS. I IARRIGAN MRS. SCHNITZER Home Rooms 222, 333, 344 OFFICERS 28 Top Row ileft to rightlz R. Bloom, B. Jackson, J. Seager, J. Postle, F. Sheelar, D. Paine, R. Young B. Drew, W. Parsons. 3rd Row: G. Albanese, L. Rice, H. Bakeman, G. Salisbury, P. Coffey, D. Cromwell, E. Downey, J. Weaver V. Lowman. 2nd Row: J. Bokman, R. Graczyk, S. Pittman, R. Buckner, I. Sadowski, M. Clementi, S. Telga, L. Sidari. ist Row: N. Hill, C. Licurse, B. Oakes, W. Caldwell, I. Salviski, M. A. Janus. Absent: L. Bennett, K. Burroughs, D. Henry, W. Sigismond, R. Smith, K. Spinks, L. Thompson. Although the junior homerooms are scattered throughout the building, when the juniors meet as a class, their activities are the results of united action and cooperation. Since September, 1942, when they came to Albion High School as seventh graders, they have worked well together and have had many good times. After election of officers, the juniors embarked on the process of labeling them- selves students of A. H. S. Following much debate and consideration, they made their choice of class rings, which arrived before the beginning of the second semester. As is the custom, in the fall they conducted a magazine sale contest to raise funds for class activities. Under the leadership of Greg Engle, general chairman of the campaign, and Lowell Thompson and William Sigismond, team captains, they worked diligently and were rewarded with a profit of over S5350 on a total sale of over 3850. ln january a party featuring games, dancing and refreshments was given the winning team CThompsonisD by Sigismond's team. Throughout the year, juniors participated in rhetorical programs under the direction of Mrs. Schnitzer. Contestants chosen for the Signor Prize Contest, held May 9, were: Geraldine Albanese, Patricia Coffey, Mary Ann janus, Ruth Ann johnson, Haleda Townsend, Dwight Paine, William Parsons, William Sigismond, Lowell Thompson, and Charles Zavitz. The junior Prom, May 16, with its gay decorations, was only another illustration of just what can be accomplished when energetic juniors are back of a project. Climaxing their artistic endeavors, the juniors will gather daisies and decorate the arches for the Senior Class Day program, realizing that in one short year, they themselves will be the seniors marching down the aisle. Top Row Cleft to rightlzu R. Herman, D. Banker, G. Revelas, A. Licht, R. Higlcy, E. Webster, D. Chapman, S. Kenyon, M. Phillips, R. Muller. 4th Row: R, McMahon, J. Herman, R. Miller, H. Smith, R. Weaver, W. Keene, D. Weaver, P. Enzie, L. Eddy, A. Dennis. 3rd Row: I. Sadlowski, S. Allen, B. Kirby, B. Rowe, B. Rytlewski, J, Piedmont, E. Spalla, H. Sago, R. Bacon, F, Kelley, C. Biggar. 2nd Row: M. Daum, M. Hyland, R. Canham, S. Smith, M. Ronan, J. Earnst, D. Chattield, J, Sullivan, S. Dragon. lst Row: J. Ciarico, A. Allport, M. Sullivan, P. Daniels, L. Pettine, B. Cox, A. Jeffrey, L. Brooks. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS XVILLIAM SMUH President - VicefPresident DAYTON BILLS Secretary-Treasurer' - IRENE SADLOWSKI Class Advisors MR. 1-1. ANDERSON Miss DILAURA MISS C3ANIARD Home Rooms 326, 347, 349 OFFICERS 30 l i Top Row fleft to rightb: Sherwin, W. Mokowski, R Soimon, R. Dollinger, W. Sodlowski D. B'II J , is, . Tomosmo, H. Yoskulski, W. Smith, M. Rycin, T. Scintilippo. Ath Row: D. A. Henry, R. Pcgunelli, R. Ayroult, C. Bennett, J. DeZetter, T. Cole, H. Anderson, J Romcznowski, G. Monocelli, R. Dickinson. 3rd Row: L. Sledzik, B. Henderson, R. Hazel, R. Dunn, J. Ferris, C. Calkins, D. Mock, B. Tucker G. Eckler 2nd ' ist Row. W. Roth, M. L. Schoonover, D Noon, A. Bloom, D. Coville, M. Sheelar, E. Teboidi, IG. Zwifko D. Ccnhom. sow C. Monocelli, G. Monaceili, F. Popponetti, M. LoGczlbo, J. Parker, H. Johnson, C. Barnes . iller. No article about Albion High School would be complete without including mention of our very promising sophomore class. As freshmen, the Class of '49 had an unusually good start last year: they entered whole-heartedly into sports, music, and-of course- their studies, and held a fine party in March. The sophomores continued to participate earnestly in school activities this year and seemed to excel in whatever field they entered. In the field of sports, Ralph Dollinger was one of the two Genesee-Orleans champion bowlers, two class members, Donald Chapman and Dayton Bills, were on the varsity team in football, and Tommy Sanfilippo was one of the first five on the varsity basketball team. Girls, too, took an active part in sports. They organized a basketball team of their own and played against the senior girls' team and against other sophomore teams in play-days with Holley, Batavia, and Medina. ln the field of home economics, Shirley Allen was chosen Albion High School's Cherry Pie Champion, and Betty Ann Kirby won a Many sophomores blue ribbon at a 4-H demonstration which was held in A. H. S. were in glee club and were members of the Christmas Choir and the annual operetta. The sophomore arty, which was to have been held on March 28, was post- poned until the middlh of May on account of illness and bad weather. In spite of this bit of bad luck, this year was a successful one for the Class of '49, and its past and probable future achievements should be of credit to Albion High School. 31 1 Top 41h 3rd 2nd I sl Row lleft to rightli T. Swierczynski, K. Bridgeman, B. Shelp, R. Wagner, R, Krzewinski, R. Yaskulski, R. Janus, H. Thompson, G. Hughes, H. Baldwin. Row: E. Young, A. Vickner, L. Bilicki, K. Monacelli, E. Forrester, M. Raymond, E. Forder, E. DiLodovico, D. Crawford, F. Schrader. Row: H. Parker, L. Snyder, M. Scupien, R. Penasack, A. Monacelli, M. A. Sledzinski, D. Boyce, R. Newbould, G. Sprague, R. Merrill. Row: J. Rice, C. Salisbury, C. Button, R. Vickner, L. Radziriski, R. Nenni, P, Fletcher, P. Davis, T. Brown. Row: R. Curtis, F. Sledzinski, D. Browne, W. Howard, P. Lusk, M. Stevens, M. A. Stucko. THE FRESHMAN CLASS DAVID PASK President Vice-President - JAMES ROBINSON Secretary-Treasurer KAREN N1CKEN NA - IVIISS BALL IVIISS BEEMAN N11SS TRIVISKJND Miss VALNIA 232, 303, 325, 336 Faculty Advisors Home Rooms OFFICERS 82 Top Row ileft to rightlz R. Williams, R. Burroughs, J. Clement, D, Pask, J. Robinson, A. Sullivan, R Hoilenbeck, C. Pedler, E. Egiotf, R. Janus. 4th Row: D, Sturges, R. Nickerson, R. Sedita, C. Zicari, H. Buck, J. Howard. 3rd Row: K. Axtell, C. Nesbitt, S. Kidney, F. B. Smith, R. Nickerson, C. Babcock. 2nd Row: P. Ludwick, J. Juliana, K. Rush, L. J. Ferris. 'ist Row: C. Francis, M. Ludwick, D. Ferris, B. G. Steinhorst, J. Wittleder, K. Hole, C. Ward, W, Shuler Yoskuiski, A. Buoy, A. Heyden, K. McKenna, B. Church Vagg, A. Babcock, T. Maioiepsza, E. Axtell, M. Coville Miller, J. Alcorn, S. Furness, A, Ewold, R. Licurse. Really to begin at the beginning, we think any story of high school life should start off with a discussion of the freshmen. This yearls frosh, conscious of their importance as the Class of 1950, mid way mark in the Twentieth Century, started the year off rioht b electin office l O y g rs ear y in the fall. Then, with high hopes. they bent on accomplishing more than any of their predecessors, but somehow all these dreams did not materialize Even as eighth d h h gra ers, t ey ad been looking forward to the annual freshman party so plans were 7 started for it early in February. However, "Ole Man Winter" was against them and 7 the party was postponed time and again. Although unsuccessful in their attempts for a party, they were successes in other f' l . ' ' ie ds Members of the freshman class took an active part in sports and other extra- curricular activities. T b - R ' ' - wo oys James obinson and David Pask were members of the Second Five Reserves, while the freshman girls formed a basketball team that played at noon time. Some of the freshman members of Student Council helped in collecting money for the French school and in packing boxes for the Junior Red Cross. Perhaps they did not accomplish all they wished, however, the freshmen will remember the year as one full of interesting and worthwhile activities. In Memoriam RVTARGARET COVILLE ELLEN DAVIS Class of 1950 83 1 EIGHTH GRADE R l ft 1 ri htl: R. Clark, E. Miller, F. Birch, B. O'Kane,1J. Larwocd, B. Raymond, J. Anderson, Top owle o g W. Norman, J. McKenna, C. Rickey, D. Bacon, W. Dunn, r-l. Dickinson, B. Enzie, B. Bloom, D. Furmanski, L. Eckler. 3rd Row: F. Keding, R. Leigh, R. Hughson, A. Neal, H. Bennett, N, Lee, J, Culmo, J. Schoonover, J. Lyons, L, Burroughs, R. Cooper, G. Ingram. 2nd Row: J, Navarro, N. Lafferty, D. DeCarIo, l. Goodwin, J. Smith, G. Plummer, P. VanStone, A. Allen, N. Lauren, M. Posk, R. Block, P. Smith. A V , lst Row: R. Grimble, R. Snyder, M. Becker, B. Eddy, F. Neidert, B. Sanford, K. O'Brien, J, Ludwick, J, Hill, F. Shawver, C. Woodruff. Top Row lleft to rightbz J. Soeva, K. Hollinger, F. Miller, M. Ryan, E. Murphy, J. Boyle, E. Crawford, D Reed, R, Tindale, M. Hazel, M. Gray. k H P' d nf, J. Smith, E. Thiel 4th Row: M. L. Basinait, A. Woodham, l. Sobo, M. Forder, L. Bo emon, , ie mo , N. Irelond, K. Hale, P. Sedita. 3rd Row: E. Sidori, E. Alger, V. Groczyk, F. Murray, P. Miller, R. Bloom, M. Rizzo, I, Bloom, S. Sonds M. Boyle, 2nd Row: J. Paul, R. Babcock, F. Eibl, J. Sanford, P. Sargent, F. Morrow, D. Salisbury, J, Keeler, M. Ricci lst Row: G. Gay, S. Rush, M. Sledzinski, D. Starkweather, N. Motfice, H. Curtis, D. Henry, R. Collins R. D'Amico. SEVENTH GRADE l -... Top Row lleft to rightl: D. Ryan, D. Perry, D. Rogers, M. Bradley, H. Shifton, G. Babcock, D. Thiel, J. Sanfilippo, H. Goodwin, F, Barber, D. Newbould. 3rd Row: P. Hathaway, D. Newboulcl. J. Schoonover, A. Marquis, J. Clark, M. Reed, J. Forder, J. Jackson, M. Manley, B. Andrews, R. Hill. 2nd Row: M. DiPosquo, V. Freeman, A. Knight, R. DeCcirlo, E. Staines, G. Stymus, J. Wagner, B. Eckler, F. Knight. lst Row: B. Miller, A. DiLodovico, L. Miller, J. Long, A. Coville, J. lrvine, A. Grillo. Top Row lleft to rightjz E. Ferris, R. Monno, S., Miller, N. Piedmont, D. Brundl h R. C s , anham, N. Baldwin, J. Hollinger, E. Janus, R. Denniston, T. Grimes. 3rd Row: D. Hildreth, D. Daniels, S. Hutchinson, M. Jackson, R. Collins, E. Miller, A. Smith, J. Wahl, B. Foster, V. Kelley. 2nd Row: D. Goris, L. Thurber, R. Reed, K. Collins, V. Culmo, J. Poganelli, L. Henry, E. Jackson, D. Chctfield. lst Row: J. Lauren, J. Martina, R Rook, R. Weaver, R. Miller, C. Weaver, A. Grimm, C.. Miller. ow me fume! J 5 X 410 q x x m, ' IH ,, it . 'F . QI I i ' 0 K W - "' 2 if-Q: f in Q Z4 E? A :5i.'i..,y A f n :l g ,M QQ- CQ SX Q' H W, .X X L kr LW- , 3 ,SX XX . 343 2 N 'LEO.A' 69 W 311.1051 ,v-,.N,, .,-.,. 5 ,.,.,,?.-,.,,..W,,-,,f.,f-.-.,..-,..,. ., f ww-fr . ...,...,,...,..,-.---f-My .. 1 r- n 1 4 KJ, 3 x 'X P. VonStone, M. Filer, L. Golon, D. Smith NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ultimate goal of most of our juniors and seniors is that of being chosen a member of the National Honor Society. Founded in 1903 by the Department of Secondary School Principals, the Na- tional Council of the National Honor Society granted a charter to the Albion chapter in 1935. Membership is based on personal excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service, the four initials of which appear on the emblem and on all N. H. S. pins. The purpose of the society is not only to acknowledge work well done by the student, but also to be of service to the school. It encourages interest in scholarship, leadership, character, and service, and is, therefore, a benefit to both student and school. During the first semester, with only four members, the National Honor Society's activities were somewhat limited. Election of officers was a problem, but a problem that was quickly settled by drawing lots for the four offices. Duane Smith became president, Louis Calan, vice-president, Phyllis Van Stone, secretary, and Marilyn Filer, treasurer. In early spring, the following students were initiated into the society: Mary Joan Allen, Grace Brunne, Robert Canham, Ann Cooper, Beverly Ferris, Gerald Gibbs, Carol Cray, Laura Lou Hakes, VVells Harling, Janice Hucknall, Porter Kelley, Janice Murray, Marilyn Swabb, Margaret Vella, all seniors, and Dwight Paine, William Parsons, lames Postle, and Lowell Thompson, juniors. After the formal initiation, always so impressive, the home making department served tea to thc members, their parents, and the faculty. Plans are underway for a picnic at Sea Breeze, and a banquet for members will be held toward the end of the school year. We are proud of A. H. S.'s charter from the National Council, but we are even more proud of the individual members who make up our Albion National Honor Society. I 1 l i I Sfondmg :V Sgismond, D. Paine, L. Thompson, Mrs. Schnitzer, D. Denniston, P. Kelley, R. Conhom, H Jac son Seated W Parsons, B. Ciarico, G. Coville, M. Vello, M. Filer, P. VonStone, J. Murray, R. Dix, B. Merrill. SENIOR PLAY Members of the Senior Play cast will never forget the fun of rehearsing and the pride they took in presenting junior Miss this year. With the help of Mrs. joseph Schnitzer, their dramatics coach, the play was cast in late September, and work really began in earnest. During the two days in October that school was recessed for a teachers' conven- ton, the cast came to school all day for both days. The seniors rehearsed constantly, painting the scenery in the shop when they weren't needed on stage. The plot of the play was extremely hilarious. Judy Graves, played by Phyllis Van Stone, kept her family in an uproar with the ideas she got from the movies. She drove her bewildered mother and father, played by Marilyn Filer and Porter Kelley, nearly insane. Barbara Merrill, as Puffy Adams, her bosom friend from downstairs, always managed to breeze blithely in at the wrong times and upset everything even more. Other leading roles were handled very capably by Bob Canham and Janice Murray, who supplied the "love interest", lVlargaret Vella, 'ludy's sophisticated Older sister, and Lowell Thompson, a blustering business tycoon. The actors were a little tense the night of the play, especially while waiting backstage for their respective cues. The moment that relieved them all of tension was in the first act, when the maid, played by Barbara Ciarico, left the stage angrily and inadvertently knocked over a tray of dishes. The audience seemed to enjoy big Bobby Dix's energetic entrance, the slap on the back, and the handshake he planted on Porter Kelley, nearly flooring him. junior Miss had another appreciative audience when the cast traveled over to the Batavia Veterans' Hospital and presented the play for the veterans. The many enjoyable and amusing incidents, and the many favorable comments from the audience made the Senior Play a memorable occurrence in our school year. Top Row: R. Canham, W. Parsons, D. Paine, R Dix, J. Murray, D. Socciarelli, S. Church 2nd Row: L. Thompson, L. Lauren, B. Merrill, G. Coville, P. Kelley, M. Filer, W. Sigismond P VanStone lst Rcw: G. Brunne, G, Howard, L. L. Hakes, B, Shuler, B. Ciarico, M. Vella, E. Herman M J Allen MASQUE AND GAVEL Nearing the end of its first full year of existence, Albion's chapter of the Masque and Gavel has declared its aims and has made some of them an actuality. The Masque and Gavel is a national dramatic organization with the motto of: "Speech for use-nationally recognized." lts three requirements for membership are "Learning, integrity, speechf' Membership is granted to those high school pupils doing outstanding work in dramatics and public speaking. Like the National Honor Society, it is a reward for work well done. In the fall, the organization elected its officers. Marilyn Filer is president, Phyllis Van Stone, vice-president, Laura Lou Hakes, secretary, and Donald Denniston, treasurer. Other members during the first semester included Gale Howard and Lucile Lauren, post graduates, and Mary Ioan Allen, Robert Ganham, Barbara Ciarico, Sanford Ghurch, Harland jackson, and Beverly Shuler, seniors. Several interesting programs were arranged by Mary Ioan Allen, including the reading of I Remember Mama. Another activity of the group was attending different plays in the surrounding communities, in order that the members might learn more of dramatics and methods of play production. Outstanding was the performance of The Night of january l6tl1, given at Brockport State Teachers' Gollege. Production of several short plays is to be the main feature of this year's work. Since all Signor Prize speakers and all members of the Senior Play cast auto- matically become members, among those to be initiated in May are: Grace Bmnne, Gloria Goville, Robert Dix, Emily Herman, Porter Kelley, Barbara Merrill, Janice Murray, Dwight Paine, William Parsons, William Sigismond, Dominic Socciarelli, Lowell Thompson, and Margaret Vella. Much can be expected from this group in the line of fine Work. JUNIOR RED CROSS Savonlinna, l8-2-47 We, the pupils of the second class in the public school of Savonlinna, Finland, thank you heartily for the box of gifts and for your greetings which you have sent us. God bless the American Junior Red Cross and its great big home America. With many greetings, Anne Maaranen, Teacher ot the ll Class This letter is only one of the many that the Albion Chapter of the junior Red Cross has received this year in acknowledgment of its gifts and services. Guided by cofehairmen lVlarily Filer and Nancy Sturges, with Miss Norma Dilaaura as faculty fponsor, the 'lunior Red Cross has upheld its repatanon as one of the most active organizations in our school, with a 10096 enrollment of all pupils. Council members have directed and participated in varied but always valuable activities throughout the year. On holidays from llalloween through Memorial Day, the veterans of the Batavia Veterans' llospital were pleased recip.ents of candy, favors, and holiday napkins and nut cups made by artistically inclined members. They also sponsored the presentation of the senior play for the Batavia veterans. 120 educational gift boxes for children of war torn areas were packed and sent overseas, as were Christmas boxes for soldiers overseas. The ,lunior Red Cross predicts that by Iluly, six afghans will be ready to be sent to veterans' hospitals. Also it is shipping some 80 textbooks, 35 professional journals, 225 notebooks and 450 pencils to UNRRA for distribution to underprivileged children in China. There should be no doubt in anyonels mind that our junior Red Cross is a worthwhile organization, conscientiously performing tasks of great importance. Top Row: R. Bacon, I. Sadlowski, M. Hyland, R. Penasack, M. Ryan, J. Forder, J. Hucknall J Alcorn G. Howard. 2nd Row: B. Church, N. Sturges, M, Filer, M. Coville. lst Row: E. Murphy, V. Lowman, R. Graczyk, H. Piedmont. 42 CLARION - ECHO November 7 was a big day in Albion High School, for it marked the reappearance of the Clarion-Echo after a heart-felt absence of four years. Actually, the Clarion- Eclfzo was first issued in 1938, with weekly publication continuing until 1942, when it was interrupted by the war. With the return of Mr. Monacelli, journalism classes began this fall, and soon publication of the paper became routine matter. After several weeks of publication of the Clarion-Echo, a permanent staff was selected, with Louis Galan as editor, Carol Gray and Robert Canham, assistant editors, Grace Brunne, Lucile Lauren, Beverley Ferris, and Margaret Vella, feature editors, Donald Heard, sports editor, Gale Howard, exchange editor, Sanford Church, cir- culation manager, and lose Palacios, assistant circulation manager. Volume 5, Number 1, the first copy, featured news of the Football Prom, the presentation of junior Miss, the Junior Red Cross Enrollment Campaign, and com- ments about the coming Albion-Medina Football game. Features which have ap- pealed to the 225 subscribers are the story published each week about some outstanding senior, the sports page, and the numerous pictures of A. H. S. personalities. In the Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game the faculty crashed through to a ques- tionable victory of 42-26, thanks to the help of secret weapon Harold Anderson, the accurate foul shots of Mr. D'Amico, and the vigorous running with the ball of Mystery Monacelli, Sure-Shot Spierdowis, Shorty Lyon, and Eagle-Eye Anderson. Cheerleaders New and Lynch, charmingly attired in their petticoats, sweaters, flow- ing curls, and hair ribbons, did much to keep up the morale of the students. While the publication of the Clarion-Echo involves much steady, arduous work the results are appreciated by the students, not only because of the high caliber of the paper itself, but also because of the invaluable experience which the reporters gain in learning to write clearly, concisely, and correctly. Top Row: L. L. Hakes, B. Ferris, J. Hilbert, G. Brunne, B. Cicirlco, J. Murray, C. Gray. 2nd Row: D. Heard, J. Kelly, T. Church, J. Palacios, G. Gibbs, L. Golan, R. Canhcirn. lst Row: B. Berns, M. Vella, M. Swobb, J. Huckriall, J. Draper, L. Lauren. Absent: G. Howard, M. J. Allen, D. Paine, B. Merrill, M. Gurzenski, N. Bong, C. Gavenda, E. Dragon G. Albanese, M. Martino, B. Button. Tcp Row Cleft 'fo rightl: B. Drew, J. Telovsky, T. Cummings, R. Janus, R. Allen, R. Young, S. O'Kone. 3rd Row: G. Hughes, H. Buck, R. Dickinson, R. Weaver, C. Sherwin, W. Keene, R. Yoskulski, F. Sheelar, D. Banker, J. Murray, A. Word. 2nd Row: K. Hale, J. Weaver, R. Janus, E. Young, E. Downey, F. Schroder, R. Hollenbeck, D. Weaver, P. Ricci, Mr. New. lst RQOWA J.HWitTleder, C. Nesbitt, F. Kelley, W. Caldwell, K Rush, P. Davis, R. Newbould, D. Coville, . xte . FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Next, behold the brave and busy tillers of the soil, our experimenters in the realm of scientific agriculture. Approximately the third oldest chapter in New York State, the Albion Chapter of the national organization has, since its founding main tained a high standard of achievement. YVith Ashley Ward as president, and under the direction of agriculture teacher Mr. New, the FFA has made considerable progress this year. jesse Weavcr handl tl the club's finances, while John Telovsky kept the books and records. Burton Dicvx assisted Ashley VVard in the capacity of vice-president. The boys repeated the query, "Wa1it to buy a Christmas tree?" mlny times is divided into two teams, they sought to replenish their coffers by selling u eroreens By selling tickets on a Combination RCA radio, to be given to some lucky person on May 22, the young farmers piled up additional profits. At the time that thc FFA boys purchased this radio, they also bought a similar model to be used in thc gym to provide music for school dances. Another of their activities was basketball. Although the FFA intramural cage team, with Stanley O'Kane as captain, fared rather badly, winning only one game of seven, the boys did better in bowling. They had four bowling teams of which Telovsky, Ward, Drew, and Roland Allen were captains. The FFA has grown in numbers this year, having acquired 14 new members Each one has a project-many, more than one-which enables him to get first hand practice and information in some branch of farming. Dairy and poultry irc favorite projects with the FFA boys, but many raise crops, too. - 44 Top Row: M. Filer, F. Egloff, S. Smith, A. Cooper, C. Gray, B. Shuler, M. Martina, B. Button, J. Hilbert E. Dragon, J. Murray, G. Wright. 2nd Row: J. Gaylard, M. Vella, R. Krzewinski, D. Jaworski, B. Ferris, G. Howard, E. Parsons, M. J. Allen M. L. Brown, P. Fagan, G. Brunne, M. Sanford, L. L. Hakes, D. Sanford. lst Row: J. Hucknall, M. Wigley, M. Gurzenski, B. Berns, P. VanStone, M. J. Francis, J. Draper, G Coville, E. Herman, M. Swabb, B. Merrill. SENIOR SERVICE SQUAD A truly literary quality pervaded A. H. S. on a certain Friday last May as would- be members of the Senior Service Squad, impersonating characters from well-known books, walked through the halls in everything from wooden shoes to bare fcet. Everyone, from Little Black Sambo to Madame Deliarge and Sinbad the Sailor, was at school that day. Roman senators in togas and laurel wreaths stalked down thc corridors, on friendly terms with Tom Sawyers and Huck Finns, Pocahontas, Old Mother Hubbard and Scrooge. ln the afternoon assembly program, the various per- sonalities, stepping out of the pages of a huge story book, identified themselves to the audience and were awarded prizes for their characterizations. The initiation ban- quet at the Methodist Church completed the day's activities. At the first meeting this year, called by Miss Fisher, faculty advisor, the fol- lowing girls were chosen as officers: Emily Herman, president, Sally Smith, vice- president, Marilyn Swabb, secretary, and Laura Lou Hakes, treasurer. With the help of Mr. D'Amico, the S. S. S. was influential in obtaining the services of two speakers, who addressed junior and senior girls on subjects dealing with their choice of vocations. On May 8, Miss Shaedlich, a graduate nurse from Rochester General Hospital, discussed opportunities offered in the nursing profession. Later in May a representative from R. B. I. discussed business etiquette. Other plans include a picnic at Highland Park during the lilac season. Funds to carry on activities were raised by sale of candy and school dances. Since its organization in 1935 as a club for senior girls, the S. S. S. has worked to realize its aim-to render service to Albion High School. AERONEERS Down here in the shop, surrounded by glue, paper, diagrams, pieces of wood, etc., the Aeroneers meet and work twice each week during homeroom periods. With l.ouis Calan as president, Gregory Engle as vice-president, Marc Phillips as secrctaryf treasurer, and Mr. Rickey as adviser, the club is living proof of the fact that the goal of the organization-the promotion of interest in aviation through the study and building of model airplanes and gliders-has been attained. In late November the initiation of five new members was held in the gym, with a basketball game and refreshments following the customary initiation stunts. The new members are: Lloyd Eddy, Charles Rickey, Kenneth Monacelli, Dean Henry, and Leroy Burroughs. Club members have sold Albion High School banners and badges to help in- crease the school spirit and, incidentally of course, the treasury. During the football season they set up the hot dog stand and helped to sell refreshments, receiving a portion of the profits for their aid. All Aeroneers have purchased airplane models, ranging in size from rubber powered scale models to a big gasoline powered control-line scale model, paying for them, as well as other supplies, out of the ample treasury. At present Louis Calan and Greg Engle are working on solid scale models, Charles Rickey and William Par- sons are constructing gliders, and Dean Henry is making a Thunderbolt model air- plane. Kenneth Monacellfs project is a War Hawk P-40, and Lester Canhamis, a U-Control gasoline power plane. The builders plan to fly their planes this summer and will use the solid scale models for display purposes. In January, Lyman Stetson, an Albion alumnus and former Aeroneer, presented the club with a gasoline powered model airplane with a nine-foot wing span. The boys plan to fix up the model next year and fly it as a project. Many former members of the Aeroneers have taken up aviation as a career, and the present members are hoping to keep up the tradition, if possible. l i D. Henry, Golan, L. Conhom, W. Parsons, Mr. Rickey, C. Rickey, M. Phillips, L. Eddy, K. Monocelli . ng e. ART CLASSES 343 has been a busy place this year, for it is here that the art classes meet and, by skillful use of paint, brushes, crayons, and paper, achieve results which win the envy and awe of the rest of the students. This has been an especially busy year for the art classes. Work was indus- triously begun early in the year on large colored portraits, which took several weeks to complete. The finished products, picturing subjects ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Frank Sinatra, were displayed for a time in the corridor on the first floor. From time to time completed art projects were displayed on the wall outside the drawing room. At the approach of the Christmas season, student artists appropriately planned a Christmas card project, designing and painting cards of an enlarged size and enterinv them in the Harry Doehla Art Competition. Many received recognition for this work in the form of scrolls, awarding them honorable mention in the state. Outstanding among the groupis activities was a trip to Rochester to see the art exhibition at Sibley's in which the work of students of many schools around Roch- ester was presented. From there they went to the Memorial Art Gallery, where they saw many paintings by prominent artists as well as art work preserved from former civilizations. At present some of the craftwork of the art classes is being displayed on the third floor. lncluded in the varied collection are sculptured objects, boxes and trays gaily decorated with abstract designs, and scarfs with painted designs. Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, friendly looking lions, not quite so friendly snakes, modernistic ele- phants, and panthers and pandas parade along the walls in a colorful display of jungle life. Thus it can be seen that Miss Sundell's art classes have done much this year not only in developing their talents, but also in helping to make our school a more attractive, cheerful place for us to come to. ART CLUB - 1 1 1' 1 1 1 l 1 47 BO YS' ATHLETICS With the first day of school last fall, the A. H. S. football team started its train- ing. Right from the start, the boys worked hard and long to be tough and ready to go for their first game, with Brighton. This game they won, along with the games with Oakfield and East Rochester. But then the tide turned, and they lost to LeRoy, Batavia, and Fairport. Before the team began gettin in shape for the season, Coach Spierdowis had made it known that even if we clldn't win another game, we were going to beat Medina. He felt, and the team agreed, that it would mean more to win over Medina than to win every other game. Came the day for the big classic. Medina arrived, feeling very sure they would win, but when the game was over and we had won 28 to 7, they did not feel quite so good. That was a happy day for A. H. S. The following boys who won and lost together are a great bunch of pals who took the bad alon with the good without a word of complaint or blame: Dale Burdett, center anlll co-captain, Robert Dix, right guard, Donald Chapman, right tackle, Stanley Landauer, ri ht end and co-captain, Dayton Bills, left guard, Henry Bakeman, left tackle, Louis Calan, left end, joseph Saeva, quarterback, Porter Kelley, left half, james Wolfe, right end, and Max Lubawy, fullback. After joe Saeva got his broken wrist, Dale Burdett played backfield, and john Dailey went in as center. Although the record of the basketball team was not exceptional this year, it did give its followers a good time and many surprises. Not only the varsity, but also the junior varsity played hard and came up with many an exciting game. The thrill of the season, of course, was the second game with Medina on our own court. Medina had won the first game, when the second game came around, they felt just as confi- dent as they had in football, and just as before, they got a great surprise, when the A. H. S. team went to town and beat them 48 to 26. Another big moment came at the end of the home game with Brockport, when the highest number of points ever scored on the home court by an Albion team, 51, was made by our varsity. At that time, joe Saeva broke another record when he made the highest individual score, 20, yet achieved by an Albion player on our court. Of the twelve games played this season, Albion won only three, but each one came as a surprise and with a high score. jimmy Wolfe, who was named on the Genesee-Orleans All-League quintet for 1947, turned out to be high scorer with 131 points, and although joe Saeva couldn't start to play until the season was practically half over, he came up to second lace with 79 points. Sanfilippo, Dailey, Harling, Christopher, Salisbury, Zavitz, Lulbawy, and Gibbs all turned in good jobs too. With the close of the 1946 basketball season, the baseball stars were just waiting for nice weather so they could get out on the field and start the ball flyin . As the season progressed, the boys showed up pretty well, but the game with Oakfield was the climax. The A. H. S. team was "in the groove" that day, and they ran circles around the bewildered Oakfield nine. At the end of the season, our team had nine wins to its credit and seven losses. The 1946 track team also had a fairly successful season. They did not come out on top at too many meets, but they always managed to stay in sight of the top. Again it could be called a good season because they beat Medina. Many boys who had not showed up too well before came up in one leap and placed either first or second. Such performances rather discouraged Medina, and when the meet was over, Albion had won by a safe margin. The relay team, which consisted of Paul, Galan, Lubawy, and Palacios, placed high in most of the meets and went to the Sectionals, where they placed fifth, a good record. Along with the rest of the team, they showed up well and gave the other teams some stiff competition. BASKETBALL Top Row: K. Burroughs, L. Canham, J. Robinson, J. Dailey, J. Wolfe, M. Lubawy, W. Smith, R. Dollinger, Mr. Spicrdowis. A 2nd Row: J Sccva, G. Salisbury W. Harling, T. Smilh, T. Sanfilippo, A. Chrisiopher, H. Bakcrnan, ist Row: E.'SalvaToxc, C, zoviizf J. Bokman, J. Pciucios, D. Pcsk, vv. Swabb. FOOTBALL Top Rowi S. Landauer, T. Sanfilippo, R. Dix, J Robinson, R. Brown, J, Dailey, H. Alcorn, R. Herman, S. Kenyon, P, Kelley, H. Yaskulski, J. Wolfe, M. Lubawy, D. Bills, D, Chapman, M. Ryan, D. Heard. 2nd Row: W. Smith, L. Golan, R. Dickinson, G. Salisbury, K. Monacell, R. Nickerson, P. Sedifa, T. Brown J. F. Saevo, J. Saeva, D. Burdett, T, Swierczynski, Fl. Dollinger, J. Tomasino, K. Burroughs, J, Postle lst Row: C. Zavitz, L. Eddy, J. Gurney, G. Monacelli, J. Gurzenski, L. Bagnato, A. Sullivan, R. Leigh I. Paiacios, J. Howard, G. Revelas, T, Cole, H. Bakemon, T. Smith. i 1 I BASE BA LL-'I 947 Top Row: L. Sidcri, E. D'Amico, L. Bagnoro. Ist Row: R. Dollinger, J. Saevci, J. Wolfe, M. Lubowy. ' TRACK-'I 947 Top Row: G. Gibbs, J. Gurney, J. Pcilczcios, D. Heard, J. Soevo. 2nd Row: T, Sonfilippo, L. Golan, H. Bckemcm, W. Smith, P, Kelley. Ist Row: L. Ccnhom, M. Phillips, M. Lubawy, R. Dix. 50 ROUND ABOUT SCHOOL Baskefball Varsity. 5. Ag. Shop. Art Club, 6. Cafeteria Line Lunch Time in 318. 7. Girls' Bowling. Cafeteria Staff. 8. Boys' Bowling, CHEERLEADERS S D czgon J, Sullivan, M. J. Francis, H. Soule, J. Hilbert, M. Martino, M. L. Brown fobsentb. GIRLS' ATHLETICS Despite the fact that Albion lligh had no girls' physical instructor this year, with the help of Coach Spierdowis, the girls, athletic program followed an enthusiastic and spirited course. Basketball, the first activity on the schedule, was begun by the selection of six senior girls to represent Albion High at the various play days. Those chosen were Dorothy Sanford, Marjorie Sanford, and Charlotte Klopp as forwards, and Elsie Dragon, Marilyn Swabb, and Carol Gray as guards. A junior varsity was also selected composed of the following sophomore girls: Sue Smith, Delores Chatfield, Marian Hyland, Rosalie Canham, Joyce Herman as forwards, and ,loan Sullivan, june Earnst, Dorothy Noon, and Betty Rowe as guards. These two varsity teams played basketball two noons a week, in every game but one, the senior team was the victor. Both teams tried their skill by contesting against the boys' varsity team in three games. Although the girls played hard to prove their ability on the basketball court, they were defeated by the boys. The first of several games played with various schools was the game against Holley, which our varsity won by a close score of 30-25. Next on the schedule was a play day at Batavia. Albion was represented by Emily Herman, Janice lWurray, Dorothy Sanford, Marjorie Sanford, Charlotte Klopp, Rita Krzewinski, Beverly Shuler, and Barbara Caldwell, and Gwen Wright, who was chosen by the team as manager. At this play day they were victorious over Attica and Elba, but lost to Alexander. At the end of the season, Albionls varsity defeated both Medina and llolley on the home court, but lost their last game to Batavia. Again this year the girls attempted to defeat the boys in volleyball but were un- successful. They, of course, could not risk wounding the boys' feelings by revealing to them that 'girls aren't actually the weaker sex. CA good excuse anywayj ln the fall thirty-five girls went out for bowling, and later on, they formed teams. At the conclusion of the year the ten highest bowlers will compete against the boys. This time they may not be so considerate of the boys, feelings. VOLLEYBALL Top Row: G. Wright, D. Sanford, M. Swabb, S. Smith, R. Krzewinskr, M. Sanford, I. Sadowski, C. Gray. 3rd Row. C. Klopp, E. Herman, B. Shuler, M. Hyland, R. Canharn, A. Cooper, B. Ciarico 2nd Row: M. L. Brown, H. Soule, M, Ronan, J. Sullivan, J. Earnsf, S. Srnith D. Chalfield. lst Row: S. Dragon, E. Dragon, G. Brunne, G, Coville, M. Martina, J. Hilbelrl. BASKETBALL Top Raw: R. Krzewinski, B. Shuler, M. Sanford. 2nd Row: D. Sanford, C. Klopp, E. Dragon. G. Wrighl, J. Hilbert, M. Swabb, C. Gray. lst Rowr J. Herman, B. Rowe, J. Sullivan, S. Smith, M. Hyland, J. Earnsf, M. Ronan. 53 BAND Top Row lleft to rigntl: J. Weaver, W. Keene, M. Ryan, H. Shifton, R. Weaver, P. VanStone, G. Revelas, R. Dickinson, J. Piedmont. 3rd Row: S. Sands, 'Mr. Lyon,lQ. Rickey, L. Ruchaj, J. Paganelli, G. Engle, R. Licurse, J. Howard, J. Banker. 2nd -llgovgh MH Phillips, W. Slgnsrnond, R. M, Miller, R. Sedita, M. Clementi, A. DiLodJvico, C. Ward, , UVC Ist Row: N. Lauren, L, Petfine, J. Lauren, G. Gay, J. Juliana, R. Bokman. Music plays an important role here in Albion High School. Each ye r the glee club presents a Christmas concert, an operetta, and a program' at Commen ement Our band plays at football games and gives an enjoyable concert every spring Mrs. Trumble, our most capable director of the glee club, selected her Lhristmas Choir early, and in December choir members, clad in the traditional white surplices and singing on a softly lighted stage against a background of glowing candles, created a beautifully reverent mood appropriate for the beginning of the Christmas ea on Immediately after Christmas, the cast for the operetta Martha was chosen, and rehearsals started right away. Joyce Draper, in the role of Martha, Dwight Paine as Lionel, Nancy Sturges as Nancy, and Donald Dennistcn as Plunket, together with the chorus, dressed in colorful peasant costumes, helped to make the operetta, pre sented May 2, a big success. The operetta was the story of a hiring fair in England during the reign of Queen Mary. The two girls, Martha and Nancy, who were really members of royalty posed as commoners and were hired as maids by Plunket and Lionel. The girls had to serve for a year, and they found that kind of work was no fun. Of course, in the end Nancy married Plunket and Martha Married Lionel. One of the many amusing scenes occurred when Tristan, Porter Kelley, a precise, stuffy old cousin of Marthi s, was taught to dance. ln 121, the music room, student musicians meet during the week it schedulcd intervals for lessons with Mr. Lyon, and on Fridays the band members report for group rehearsals. During the football season, the band helped to rouse school spirit in the pep assemblies and at the home games. Before the Medina game the bind led the pep parade, as A. H. S. students marched down to the Four Corners for their cheers predicting the actual victory. At the present time, Mr. Lyon is planning the annual Band Concert, this year to feature a saxophone quartet, which will tikc place in early June. - 1 - - K K K - - 54 Top Row lleft to rightj: M. Gray, R. Miller, R. Pagonelli, L. Sadowski, N. Boag, R. Krzewinski, J. Murray E. Spallo, V. Trupiano, P. Enzie, R. Dennisfon, P. Keliey. Row: E. Haines, J. Gurzenski, J. DeZetter, L. Sledzik, D. Jaworski, B. Shuler, R. Penasack, S. Smith E. Dragon, P. Sedita, L. Bognato Row: A Monocelli, F. Yaskulski, L. Snyder, L. L. Hakes, E. Tebaldi, S. Allen, I. Sadlowski, P. Fagan E. Herman, J. Parker, B Henderson. 4th 3rd 2nd Rowi J. Ferris, T. Malolepsza, G. Zwifka, M. Vella, W. Roth, A. Ewald, M. J. Francis, H. Soule N. Sturges, C. Nesbitt. lst Row: C. Francis, M. Ludwick, P. Fletcher, M. Sullivan, H. Johnson, M. A. Sledzinski, C. Button B. Merrill. GLEE CLUB Top 4th 3rd Row Cleft to rightl: D. Paine, M. Ryan, J. Wittleder, M. Filer, A. Heyden, R. McMahon, C. Barnes E, Young, B. Ferris, J. Earnst, R. Hollenbeck, R. Brown, J. Dailey, E. Webster. Row: E. Forder, B. Button, M. Martino, J. Hilbert, B. Ciarico, J. Bokman, J. Gaylard, S, Giarrizzo M. L. Brown, S. Kleindienst, P. Coffey, R. Johnson. Row: S. Smith, J. Sullivan, R. Canhom, S. Dragon, B. Kirby, G. Brunne, M. J. Allen, M. A. Janus R. Groczyk, M. A. Stucko, E. Axtell, S. Kidney. 2nd Row: R. Babcock, M. Ronan, D. Chatfield, P. Van Stone, H. Bakeman, J. Draper, J. Hucknall, B. Berns, J. Herman, R. Nenni. lst Row: N. Hill, S. Furness, M. Sheelar, D. Boyce, J. Ciarico, F. Papponetti, C. Moncxcelli, L. Pettine, R. Nickerson. - 1 I I 55 f Wow 0'G!a-ck - 1402 Wd! 14 b, H412 A C '9 3 CIC 95: 2 ' , ,fo ' R M W 3 2 We French 2 Chem. Lab Homemaking A PQRTRAITS AND GROUP PICTURES IN CHEVRQN I Photographed BY MGSER STUDIO, INC nton Avenue North Rochester 2, Ne CRAF F EY-THURBER Compliments of A E! Insurance Agency I SANFORD B' CHURCH General Insurance Albion, N. Y. 110 East Avenue I Albion, New York MOORE BUS LINES l O Robert H. Moore, wner I Buses for All Occasions PHONE 649 Albion, N. Y. COFFEY BROTHERS That Good Gulf Gasoline Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil ACCESSORIES TIRES Compliments of G' M' C' Tot? Trucks Servzce Works SUNOCO GASOLINE KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES ...Qi H SMITH BROS. m W bf' C' s"::"""" """"i,h 250 327 East Ave., Albion, N. Y. as mgton . one , , Gasoline Oil 60 Compliments of INC. ALBION AUTO PARTS Albion - Medina I L. E. Starkweather I-'0ckP0"t - Mid'-'neP0"t PHONE 401 PHONE 518 East Bank Street PEOPLES MARKET , Burgio and Sons, Prop. Compliments 142 Clinton St., Albion, N. Y. f QUALITY GROCERIES 8: MEATS 0 FRESH DRESSED POULTRY J S I Fruits 8: Vegetables - Baked Goods oe a vatore Dairy Products - Confectionery and and Soft Drinks - School Supplies ' ' and Notions Michael Christopher We Deliver PHONE 74 Compliments of HALSTEAD OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Socony Products 419 West State Street PHONE 327 McNALL Kz McNALL Funeral Directors Diedrich W. Mansell, Licensed Manager PHONE 77 Geometry Typing Class English 3 CITIZENS DAIRY Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream Products 43 Main Street-Phone 527 Compliments of CHARLES G. SIGNOR D I R E C T O R S F H Bl k Ed d B A hb ld Benj. G. Wilson Ward B4 Wilson President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary - Charles G. Signor Growers Cold Storage Co., Inc Telephone 2541 I WATERPORT, N. Y. Birds Eye Frosted Foods WESTERN NEW YORK'S MODERN F IREPROOF COLD STORAGE Orleans County's Greatest sl-1oEs'roRE D U G A N ' S 'BOSTONIAN" Shoes for Men VlTALlTY" Shoes for Women J. I-I. SAYERS, INC. LEADING IN CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS O Large Assortment of FINE SPORTS WEAR Albion, N. Y. JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. S. 223 South Main St. A 'A 0 a 'IlQL!.ID+Y Albion, New York Jeweler Compliments of R I A L T O ALBION, N. Y. 4 CONGRATULATIONS Engle-Harrison to the Motor Co. C hrysler-Pl ymouth Sales and Service CLASS OF 1947 CORNER PHARMACY Albion, New York Compliments Woods 8a Sprague Milling Co. of ' WHOLESALE FEED A Q P Co. Pastry - Bread - Cake -- Pancake F L O U R Compliments of . Compliments of WILKINSON and The Albion Furniture Co. CANHAM North Main St. PHONE 34 Electrical Store Compliments of Congratulations THE cLAss OF 1947 NEWSROOM NEWELL J. MAXON Prop. O Curry' s Toggery Shoppe 65 Business Law World History English 4 Compliments of D A L E ' S Albion's Cnly Independent SUPER MARKET iii' L 1lyO d d0p d COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliments of Congratulations" CLASS OF 1947 M U N S O N ' S S O D A S P A B t Sh eau y oppe 57 Main Street Il ITY STORES Over 65 Departments of HIGH QUALITY MERCHANDISE At Lower Prices 39 N. Main St. SAVE AT UNITY Phone: Albion 67 TIBBITS 8: SON E. K. BELL "Hy-Quality" Taxi Service Jewelers CALL 61 Albion, New York R. H. Dollinger, D. D. S. Albion, N. Y. Joseph's Store Plumbing, Tinning, Heating AIR CONDITIONING Odd Fellows Temple Albion, New York ADAM P. DANIELS Coal and Coke LANDAUER'S For the Best in LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S WEAR . DRY CO 'D Meats and Groceries 0 S NOTIONS Stanley J. Landauer, Sr. '23 318 Stanley J. Landauer, Jr. '46 337 E. Caroline sf. Albion Albion Phone 221 7 FEETHURT. KUTNER,S HEADQUARTERS Dr. Sch0ll's ALBION - MEDINA Complete Foot-Comfort Service Carol King Teen Timers Corrective Shoes Scientilically Fitted for Men, Women, and Children by Dresses Originals Graduate Attendants. . Gold Stripe ROBERTS sHoE sToRE NYM 15 W. Bank St. Albion, N. Y. Phone 480 SEAL TEST ICE CREAM Nights - Sundays - Holidays B . B . T R U M B L E Greyhound Albion, N. Y. 69 Blissett's Children's Shop Chester and Beatrice Blissett I nfants' and C hildren' s Compliments of Albion Doughnut Shop "Where Those Good Downyflake Doughnuts Come From' A p p a r e l 121 Main sf. Phone so-w H, DART PQRTER Burnwell Bottled Gas R A N G E S Complete ' Space Heaters Refrigerators Insurance Service 3 Marine Midland Trust Co. Bldg. Phone 347 Albion, N. Y. General Appliances Marquart's Appliance 125 N. Main St. Phone 80-J ine Qggoofls an! Qaialogs girly griniing Qc. mlLion, Oflew Cyan! 70 Compliments Compliments of of SMITH'S Volk's Hosiery and Millinery RESTAURANT Compliments Compliments of of MARSH HARDWARE Q J. J. NEWBERRY West Bank Street Albion, New York Compliments of NEW YORK STATE GAS 8: ELECTRIC Merrill Funeral Homes Roy T. Merrill Erva M. Steele D' Courtesy - Service . Efficiency I n s u r a n c e Since 1914 e 'Ambulance Service Piiciie 192 Residence zoz-J ALBION HOU-EY Rialto 'ni atre Build' g Compliments of WALTER'S V- WYLLIE CLEANERS All Types of Cleaning and Laundry ' 24 Hour Service of Pressing and Repairs V 108 East Bank Street Albion, New York I Compliments of 2 Lunches - Dinners - Banquets i 1 SUGAR BOWL R A Y 5 110 Main Street n 1 19 Main Street Albion, New York See Our New Modern Banquet Room W i L LLL L LL L LL We V at at L L ,,L,,eL L, LEON A. PARSONS Commercial Photographer Special Prices on Student and Graduation Pictures 229 South Main Street Phone 1078 Compliments of DAILEY MOTOR COMPANY Dodge-Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks Comer of W. Academy and Washington Phone 52 1. Whaf's the trouble? 2. Waitin' for the bus. 3. When wc were young. 4 Post and present. 5. A gay senorita. 6. Realiy, now 7. Friends, Romans, countrymen 8. Having fun? 9. Ridiculous Romans. 10. Wonder what they'lI catch? 11. WOYKIHI hard? 12. Amtnfious group. 13. Moiher me 14. In a Fog. 15, Baby Smitty is Token for o ride. 16. Our class president. BASTIAN BROS. CC. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Class Jewelry Genuine Engraved Commencement Announcement and Engraved Personal Cards MR. GEORGE D. KILLIP, District Manager OB Albion Advertiser Still the Best tur Better AUVEllTlSlNB and Pl3lllXlTlNI3 Compliments of INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mildred W. Haines Paul R. Haines PHONE Oiice 390 Residence 686-F-3 RELIABLE CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Plant JOHNNY SAEVA-Owner Phone 204 Albion, Production Loans Installment Loan Business Loans Personal Loans Machinery and Equipment Loans Mortgage Loans In fact for any type of loan- See the "Trust Company" first MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY OF ALBION 1 unease Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporati REFRIGERATORS - APPLIANCES WASHING MACHINES PLUMBING 8: HEATING JOE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 27 East Bank Street Phones: 612-W, 440 Joseph Juliana, Prop. Compliments of Charles V. Paganelli Real Estate - Insurance DeCarlo's Hardware - For Quality Merchandise Go to a Quality Store Compliments of JOE DE CARLO 8: CO. Hardware - Plumbing - Heating - Paints Compliments of Mike DonateIli's Barber Shop Compliments of Dock, Jordan 8: Dock Floor Covering Contractors 131 N. Main St. Albion, N. Y. Phone 1091 Compliments of BOB'S BAKERY Sherwood Car Service N. Main Albion, N. Y. Phone 383 "Richfield Products" ACCESSORIES TIRES - BATTERIES 76 Compliments of COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY Albion, New York E. J. ROSS HARDWARE MONACELLI BROS. , , cnocnmlas Acme Qualzty Pamts MEATS Farm Supplies PHONE 579 ALBION Compliments of Compliments Orleans Of Republican-American Albifm ReCfeati0n INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm Implements and Supplies Sales and Service WILLIAMS AND HARRADINE Flvs conmans PHONE 27 77 See next page for identification , 1 , 4--50. ,Q- I V ld f n and Solutafori 2 Ch y P C ntest Winners. 3 C I 1' ST ff -Clarion-E h A Ch Ed t 4.201 1 ' , 41.201 DO 5 L T y Staff Members - Ch 6 Phy Lab. 7 F tb II Heroes. 8 S Q Prize Winners - 1946 Compliments of ROBBINS 8: DAVIS Firestone Home and Auto Supplies Store Phone 37 53 Main St. Albion, N. Y. IVAH CHADWICK Phone 143 142 East State Street I N S U R A N C E ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? ESSO Colonial Filling Station Grimes Bros. ' Corner Bank and Liberty ' Albion, N. Y TEL. ALBION 57 1 Auto Accessories Verified Lubrication ALBION MOTOR CO. Compliments of Chevrolet - Oldsmobile SAMMEPS CLOTHING STORE PHONE 102 N. Main St. Albion, N. Y. Albion, New York Complimentsof F. A. READ, Inc. Compliments of B. DR. GEORGE S. BAKEMAN Insurance Dentist Phone 92,w Phone 195-Albion Compliments of ALBION BUS LINES Allen J. Moore, Owner Best by Test of Service l Esso Petroleum Products Compliments of Distributed by ALBION OIL COMPANY A KARL WOLFE Esso Burners-Call Herbert Dawson, 449-M Petroleum Products 597 Compliments of THE KIRK N. COLE LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of Birds Eye - Snider Division GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION See nexf poqe for identification 0 O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 l. Class of '46.' 2. The Gang. 3. The A. H. S. Eleven. 4. Toot it, George! 5. Old fashioned days. 6. King sized daisy. 7. Got your lines learned? R. Young Love! 9. S. S. S. initiation fun. 10. We beat Brighton! 11. Let's have a homer now! 12. What a load! 13. Crazy people! 14. Wooden shoes and bare feet. 15. Three little maids in blue. 16. Where's John Smith? 17. He loves me-he loves me not. 18. A fragile piece of China. 19. Smile pretty, please! 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 O 0 O O Compliments of "When in Trouble SAYLES PHARMACY Call Hubbell" 103 North Main .Phone 104 As Always- Catering to You SEND HER FLOWERS From FLOWER SHOP Compliments of Compliments GRISWOLD of FLORAL SHOP BEN, THE TIRE MAN 123 N. Main St. Phone 166 GREGG'S Red and White Store 144 South Clinton Street Cor. Washington Street THE GIFT BOX with its corner door, wishes the Class of '47 Success Galore! J. H. ROBINSON Richfield Products Delco Burners Fuel Oil - Coal PHONES Albion 22 - Albion 383 IS THE For li B I PLACE Better Baked Goods 0 0 0 T0 G0 GoTo 0 S4 years' leadership in train- ing youth for Business as a Profession. I New terms in Day School he- gin every 3 months. Many career courses, all offering diplomas. 0 No previous commercial train- ing required. 0 Associate Member of Ameri- can Association of Junior Colleges. 0 Homelike Residence Halls. Rochester Business Institute 172 Clinton Ave. So., Rochester 4, N. Y. Albion Home Bakery 49 NORTH MAIN STREET A. C. KEDING KINGSLEY'S Cleaners and Dyers Satisfaction Guaranteed 17 W. Bank St. Albion, N. Y 84 Compliments of FRIENDS' PACKING CO., INC. , Albion Portrait Stuclio CARTER S CAB FRED LESTER, Photographer , Graduation - School - Chauffeur - Wedd 24 Haur Servlce 4 Baby - Groups - Commercial l PHONE 253-J Phone Albion 1050 I 4 East Bank sf. Albion, N. R COMPLETE FARM SERVICE SALES AND SERVICE GENUINE PARTS JOHN DEERE Farm Machinery JOHN BEAN Spray Machines and Dusters C L F AGENCY Del..aval Cream Separators and Milking Machines Ontario Grain Drills Papec Machines ALso BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND COAL RALPH J. VICK 8: SONS, INC. 128 West Avenue Phones 128 and 226 Albion. N. Y. . Compliments of ALBION FARMERS MACHINE SERVICE Ford - Ferguson Tractors Phone 24 E. Bank St. v W O L T S Compliments Homogenized Vitamin D Milk and of Home Made Ice Cream GEORGE G. woLco1"r, PROP Albi0l'l Pl'0dUCe C0mPanY 518 E A CONTINENTAL FOODS, INC. DIVISION OF Thomas J. Lipton, Inc. THE SENIOR CATALOG Gi Most Popular Girls ...A,...... ......., ,... - --Mary 'lane Francis, Joyce llilbert Nlost Popular Boy .... .............. D ominic Socciarelli Wittiest Girl ....... Wittiest Boys ...... .... Best Dressed Seniors - - ................ Mary Lou Brown Barton Salisbury, Don Socciarelli - .....,.... Margaret Vella, 'lack Kelly Brightest Seniors --- .,,,. Mary Joan Allen, Porter Kelley Prettiest Girl ..... -- ................... Carol Gray Handsomest Boy .... .... - . ............. Joseph Saeva Lazy Senior ........ - ..... Ashley Ward Diligent Senior .... -- ........ Duane Smith Smiling Senior ....... Most Friendly Girl .... Most Friendly Boys --- ---------Mary Jane Francis -----------Mary Jane Francis ---Don Socciarelli, Robert Dix Neatest Senior ----- ------------------ I ack Kelly VVoman Hater ---- --------------- R udolph Nenni Time Wasters -------- ----Ashley Ward, Barton Salisbury Most Musical Girl ---- ------------------- I oyce Draper Most Musical Boys ---- ----- T ed Church, Harland jackson Nlost Artistic ------- ----------------- D uane Smith Most Original ---- ---- B etty Berns, Marilyn Swabb Most Talkative --- --.--------------- Natalie Boag Best Dancers ------- ,---Grace Brunne, Audrey Blissett lllost Athletic Girls --- ---- Elsie Dragon, Dorothy Sanford Most Athletic Boy ---- ------------------ I oseph Saeva Ideal Wives ---------- ----- S ally Smith, Pauline Fagan Ideal Hushand --------- ---------------- B arton Salisbury Most Courteous Seniors --- , , I ' ----. ------ . --------- M arilyn Daum Most Ambitious ------ Qutetest ---------- Best Speaker ----- Best Actress ------ Best Actor --------- Most Versatile -.----- Ten O'cl0ck Scholars Best Executive ---- ---Janice Murray, Duane Smith - - -------- Louis Galan - - - - -Emily Herman ---- ------Barbara Ciarico ----------------Porter Kelley - - ------------- Marilyn Swabb ---- -----Porter Kelley, Grace Brunne Best Disposition ---- -- ---------------Janice Murray - - --Louis Galan Nad Sa Un Um. 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Suggestions in the Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) collection:

Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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