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'cl Q S A E f P ? vs E 3 v. Q 3 .3 5 if 3 lf F Qi E ii Q, T g. 2 ai ai K. Q, is 9 if Z' L, E 1 N 5 I E f, k MN,x?T E 1 .-, ,N -, if ' x -ig rx ' , tu, . Li., .,, U, V4 K rw 1 . ..... N , - 5:54, w,YK1'i'g. f..-. -Lx: f A., ., V, 'A' -mx, 5, - 'g . , I fi 1 5 1 r ww ,xv f., ,M , 'xr ' fx M' . , 'Q as " fa 1 5. A. - 5 A Q., p.'1l,'v-, ,,- Ag w' " -HQ.. 4 .VR ,,.,i.-315, , ' 351155 it .anis . ...a, A M u , - , ...QS .- W.. ' K, 35... i f , fl 5:-. fm ., ,,f..,. A f 6 ff, 5, L '-155.5 . f :tk , Y' 'gif 5, ,. ,"'-:E:1.,.fb, Q57 33 ,.- 3, -'Q ,Qif L1 ' if ,fi THE CIIEVRIIN 1945 ,1 N.. Y. 5 .5 W ' Y! a , A , I N M ' ' 'Li , 'fr ,., .,,.1ff. ' - 'ff ' . ' I ' .,,HQ21 "g5. , l , 1,,..q fx . j av. ' .r- NA-:' ,,. , ,.:,:p'q-I '1 ' ' 'i '1 "':.,A'1"'3"?' ' 7 . - ..- . ' Gifrfdfz idly! - ,I - W' . - , 'vga fy ' , ,riixx--. fri.. Kiwi? :v """ " ,M ,Q ,i . ., A . K,- muz . 3 5:5 ' uhh 49.0-'L,,.,eH agawivn -n' K' ' L Published by the Students of ALBIIIN HIGH SCll00L, ALBIIIN, NEW Y0llK f.u'llA':J y'- K',!gI" Q xl, I-x ',,,1-If My 4-"W ,vars V-n 'ww' 040' M. ff. ,WW ,.,..v,v- M, ...H 1-QVNU ns RW? db , E 1 X nm -1. -v ,-. Q.,-1 Mau.:- unuw-. -...... -4. -ww an-www umm-aw n-nw.. -v-an ,,. ,,,,,.. qu-uv wvwvn- "HK" ww-11 of vwarrs: rxtmrvr vzfvprg-.5 -...W n w ,,,, Vuiovvrla 4,-for-4 f-mv- yn ...... --uw 4.-..n-1-mm. Man -..Mu 4...-....,.. xv. M .Ja www' -Q v-,A 4--eww.. nvunamm vu. M-.--,-N nw u-.qw usda .uw wp QW..- ww- fmmzv- W q,-nf... ful.-vv-'wvu ' """" 'w M Q fm, I, . , ...,.A,- ,,.. - h ' , ' ,-M.-1,,.,.-.. ' ' ' nnru . ..,........ WMM. , . R U L .I I , Y , . z 5' W U M I N, .V .,..,,,,.. T 4 Z U V f -, .,.....n., ,, ' , -' A I ', M, M -, ,x..J'r. h Q , , . .......... , , f ,....,,.:. V 4 ., . -V A w..-v..-fm,-. h A . - H, ' . N V I , ,' fu , ' -1 , , f - , . I 1 '-W - .,,A,, iktkiitktkikikiktktkik DEDICATIQIN With a sense of sincere humility, we, the "Chevron" Staff of Albion High School, dedicate this yearbook to our service men and women, former students of Albion High School. Wherever they may be, our thoughts go with them. We pray that they may soon return to a peaceful America. ifkikiiriifvftfaiksfkifkvfkikik K K l K l-K-K-l-K-l-i-l-K-K-l----l-K-l-l- l-K-l-l-l-K-K-i-K-K-K-K-l-K K K i FOREWOBll It has been a common but most welcome experience this year to see boys in uniform wandering through the halls of Albion High School, visiting their old classrooms, arguing with teachers as to exactly which seat they used to occupy. The uniforms may differg the ranks may diiferg but in one respect the boys are all alike-sooner or later they get around to that eager phrase, "Remember when . . . Pm These boys may be far away from Albion High School now, but they have shown us that they will never forget their school days. It is for them that the "Chevron" Staff has edited this year- book. We hope our letters will give them pictures of our life at school during the years of 1944-1945. More than this, however, we hope our letters may help the boys to recapture memories of their own days at Albion High School . . . to "remember when." K-l-K-l-K-l-i-K-i-K-l-!-l-i-K-K-K-K-K-lul-l-i-l-l-K-l-K-l-L-Q-L- C 0 N T E N T S ADMIN ISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS l.0ua5 Gdldh ADMINISTRATION - Ar-A'n.goNy CIARICO Board of Education Faculty Student Council -mn. CARL I. BERGERSON Smaerintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION STANLEY T. MRS. FRANCIS H. IMIRS. GEORGE II. IDANIEL F. Woons BLAKE MILLER DUGAN JOHN H. WALTER I. LARWOOD BLODGETT HAROLD PASQUALE GEORGE MRS. JOSEPH CROWTHER DILAURA H OUGHTON M CGUIRE FACULTY CHARLES C. D,AM1co High School Principal THEODORE N. ANDERSON .lh4L1lilC1il6iflCS, Science KATHERINE H. BILLINGS SADIE MARIE BRITTON junior High School Studies Mathematics KATHERINE COYLE lxlARGERY DAYTON junior High lwathenzatics Physical Eolucation ANNA L. BALL English I, II, III EVELYN A. COLLINS High School Lihrarian IIELEN E. DONOVAN junior High School FACULTY M. ELIZABETH ELSON Dean of Girls, English IV GLADYS GILLETTE Commercial HELENA M. HOGAN junior High English EVELYN S. FISHER H AZEL GANIARD Home Economics Social Studies IRENE HARRIGAN CARL HEINTZ French, History C Industrial Arts 3 JEAN LAIRD PETER LAURINI Home Economics Instrumental Music FACULTY BERNARD LYNCH STEWART NEW MAY W. SCHNITZER junior High School Agriculture English III, Dramatics LOP-AINE M- SPRAGUE MICHAEI, SPIERDOWIS DOREEN SUNDELL ,lumof High 5011001 Physical Instruction Aff GILDA TRIVISOND MARY E. TRUMBLE JESSIE C. VALNIA English I, II Music Latin FACULTY GLADYS S. PEDLER Teacherhin-Charge Grammar School DOROTHY Foshan MILDRED HAZEL WILLIAM NESTLE Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade MARY G. DUGGAN MELVA D. TRIPP ANNA DEASY Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade FACULTY IDA LARWOOD First Grade EMILY E. BEEMAN Biology KATHERINE COFFEY Primary MARY MCCABE Fourth Grade FRANCES H. GRINNELL HELEN I. YOUNCS First Grade NORMA DILAURA Commercial Suhjects MARION C. HASSETT Second Grade MARY MCKENNA Second Grade Special Grade FRANK SCHULTZ Instrumental Music MARIAN JOHNSON Third Grade ELIZABETH P. WEBSTER School Nurse The students of Albion High School wish to express their appreciation for the frlendship, kindness, and helpful instruction of Mrs. Melva Tripp and Mr. Carl HCIDIZ, who are leaving at the end of this year. Both students and teachers wish them happiness in their new positions. Top Row: M. Phillips. H. Holliday, W. Howard, D. Henry. R. Monacell, L. Thompson, L. Galan, R. Canham. W. Sadlowski. 4th Row: G. Wright, C. Clement, G. Gibbs, E. Godfrey, M. Wickham, R. Graczyk, I. Sadlowski, J. Howard, H. Earnst, R. Sadowski, C. Pawlaczyk. 3rd Row: M. Swabb, B. Judwiek, B. Berns, I. Salviski, H. Buck, J. Herman, R. Ayrault, S. Beach, G. Radzinski. J. Banker. 2nd Row: E. McColl, W. J. Neal, M. Pilato, B. Murray, A. Waterson, M. Daniels, P. Hakes, M. Robinson, A. DeCarlo. lst Row: C. Licurse, S. Dragon, R. Canham, M. Covell, C. Button, E. Salvatore, A. Sullivan, T. Brown, R. Nickerson, E. Batt. STUDENT COUNCIL Dear Ken, May 1, 1945 You probably donlt remember me, for I was only a Freshman when you were President of Student Council. However, I remember you very clearly for the won- derful work you did as President. Maybe you recall Alvin Watersoii, dashing young Senior of today. Well, he was elected President of this year's Student Council. Marcia Daniels was chosen Vice-President, and Beverly Murray is Secretary and Treasurer. Did you ever have to work at the stand during the football games when you were in school? If so, perhaps this little account will sound only too familiar. A com- mittee was formed from the members of Student Council to sell refreshments at the games. Theoretically, this was a good idea, but those who volunteered for the work bumped up against a little stark reality. It was a pitiful sight they -made, with mustard smeared all over their faces and behind their ears, and with rain, which accompanied nearly every game, continually drenching them. The work was profit- able if not pleasurable, however, for Student Council has made more money this year than in any former year. lncidentally, all the workers did survive. Another event that was harrowing in its preparation but most enjoyable as a finished product was the Annual Football Prom, put on by the Student Council in honor of the football players, whom were all proud of for having won at least one game. Besides being a well-arranged event, the Prom was a great help in raising funds for the Athletic Association. The student Council kept order in the halls by means of strict-faced monitors. There have been a few times when the monitors have made more noise than the students, but, all in all, they have done a fine job and have made our halls just about as peaceful as we think they should be. Since l'm writing this while on monitor duty, llll have to end now, for seventh period is just about over, and I'd better prepare for the bus-rush. Take care of yourself. Tom CLASSES OF ALBION HIGH SCHOOL Low? Galan Senior Class Officers Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Eighth Grades Seventh Grades wvw' '3 8 Q 6 5 JE' vu au' in V Yup QW T v9.5 . 5' U' lu Il mx." -., J J an wi' W ' u K-w F Ni ll UIHN Q. 1' Y --Nj- i 1' 9' br QQ, f W s ". -. - .. 'V' ' - M F". w W J' 9 . Y' wig 'ww' X U mv N' gf ' "'M"f'P' -rwfv' no gf uv Q my C 4- Y. 9' V N Q' '1. 7 'V' K -,1.- ' V ,ily N, 'f' '1"4r41s,u' W V :YI-L.- wa ,N YQ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS M. Robinson, A. DeCarlo. W. J. Neal. E. McColl SENIOR CLASS May l. 1945 Dear Les, Congratulations on being accepted for O. C. S.! l bet it'll be different from your high school days. Remember them? Were now able to look back and re- member too, for it's almost the end of the trail for the Class of A45. We remember how, as luniors, we tried to avoid rhetoricals, but it was no use. We laugh now, but it wasnit funny then! We take a bow for having surpassed any preceding class in the magazine drive. With the money earned from this campaign we financed the Iunior Prom. We remember the Easter Ball, a highlight of our Senior year. We really had our headaches, trying to make three different shades of green all seem to match and to make our colorful decorations seem spring-like. You should have seen the Senior Play that was never put on. After weeks of practicing and having heart failure as Anthony DeCarlo turned somersaults over the footlights, we finally had to give up having the play because of the fuel shortage. l am enclosing a snapshot of our officers. That is Anthony DeCarlo at the desk: he's our President and also Valedictorian. Wilma lean Neal is Vice-President and Salutatoriang Esther McColl, Treasurerg and Marilyn Robinson, Secretary. Yes, now we are dignified Seniors and very quiet in homeroom. Of course. Miss Elson and Mr. Anderson might have a different opinion, but how could 238 be quiet when kids like Iohn Coffey, Patsy Burgio, and Ioe Nenni get together for the sole purpose of making Bill Bradley give out with his tinkling laugh? Our graduating class is doomed to lean on the feminine side this year, since several of the boys have left for the Armed Forces. The Navy has taken Levi Wood- cookg Lee Spanton has enlisted in the Merchant Marinesg Delois Thompson is an air cadetg joseph Nenni expects to be in the Army soong and Keith Hinman, Tommy Dragon, and Alvin Waterson are awaiting their call from' the Merchant Marines and Air Corps respectively. It's the end of the trail, we know. But remembering that Albion High School, as any American school, is a symbol of what you are fighting for, we, also, are now ready to take our places in the confused world of today. Dick CAROLINE ALLIS "There Are Smiles That Make You Happy" IANICE BARNUIXT I'm Thinking Tonight My Blue Eyes" EVELYN BATES "Don't Fence Me In" WILLIAM T. BRADLEY "Umbriago" PATSY BURCIO "The Sheik of Araby" of JOYCE MILDRED ALLEN "Dark Eyes" Lois I. BANKER "Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Could Fall in Love?" MARJ ORIE G. BOWMAN "Margie" LYELL BUCKNER "You've Got To Be a Football Hero" JOHN COEEEY "Scatterbrain" 21 TONY R. DECARLO "The Mu-sic Stopped" JOAN DEFELIOE "Let'5 Take the Long Way Home" THOINIAS L. DRAGON "Cow, Cow Boogie" ALEXANDER EGLOEE "On the Sunny Side of the Street" JESSIE GRILLO "Star Eyes" DOROTHY F. COMSTOCR "There's Something About a Soldier" MARILYN 1. DEZETTER "Are You Having Any Fun?" KENNETH E. DREW "Shine On, Harvest Moon" GWENDOLYN FORSAITH "I Dream of You" RALPH W. GAVENDA "How Many Hearts Have You Broken?" 22 PEARL HAKES "Angels of Mercy" KEITH HINMAN "I Was Taken for a Sleigh Ride in CD" MARION JABLONSKI I Fall in Love Too Easily" LELAH FAYE LACEY "I Came Here to Talk for Joe" ELINOR MARION LEEPER "My Heart Sings" CHARLOTTE GURNEY You Are But a Dream" BARBARA IRVINE "Together" KARL M. KAST "Ain't Misbehavin' " MARY JANE KUHN "Constantly" MARIAN MACIOSZEK "People Will Say We're in Love" 23 EUGENE LEIGH "Do I Worry, You Know Very Well I Do" ESTHER JEAN MCCOLL "I'll Keep My Heart Under Lock and Key" MAR JORIE MOORE When There's a Breeze On LAKE Louise" BEVERLY MURRAY "I Dream of Genie With the Auburn Hair" ELIZABETH NICKERSON "Nursey, Come Over Here and Hold My Hand" lVlARGARET lVlARKS Poured My Heart lnto a Song" JOHN MICHALAK "Oh, Johnny, Oh!" CORINNE MONACELL "Breathless" WILMA IEAN NEAL Give Me My Boots and Saddle" JOSEPH V. NENNI "I Don't Want to Make History" 24 GERALDINE PALMER "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" RAIMONDO M. PILATO "Sweet and Lovely" MILDRED PLUMMER "A Journey to a Star" MARILYN ROBINSON "Play, Fiddle, Play" LAURA SANFORD "Chatterbox" CAROL PARKER "The Old Square Dance Is Back Again" ESTIIER PAWLACZYK "My Heart Tells Me" JUDSON RAYMOND "Lazy Bones" JUNE ALICE SANFORD "He's Just My Bill" MERLE L. SANFORD "Whispering" 25 GERALD SCHARPING "Racing U7 With the Moon" FRANCIS SKINNER Smoke Gets in Your Eye ELAINE SMITH "I'll See You Again" LEE SPANTON, IR. "I Love Life" DELOIS THOMPSON "Winged Victory" DENNIS SHEELAR "Come, Irene, on My Mowmg Machine" DAHLIA SOCCIARELLI "Waiting" ELOISE SMITH "Sweet Eloise" ALBERTA SPINKS Shuffle Off to Buffalo" RUTH TUCKER "Tico, Tico" ALVIN C. WATEBSON "Straighten UD and Fly Right" FLORENCE WEBB 'Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes" MAEJOBIE E. WILCOX My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time" PATRICIA YouNcs Gonna Build a Big Fence Around Waterportn SHIRLEY WESTFALL "Sing Me a Song of the Islands" ELIZABETH WEBB "My Sister and I" LEVI Wooncoorc, IB. "Memories" CLARA YASKULSKI "The Charm of You" JOAN ZORN "Happy-Go-Lucky" 27 Top Row: W. Oliver, W. Howard, C. Brunne, W. Nickerson, R. Nudd, C. Stucko, K. Kelley, D. Gartland, R. Sadowski, L. Sadowski. 3rd Row: V. Smith, Marion Wickham, A. Ciarico, M. Morrison, D. Nichols, M. Penasack, W. Gray, R. Restivo, M. Dollinger. 2nd Row: E. Whipple, G. Kelley, G. Howard, G. Marks, J. Donahue, B. Revelas, Marie Gurzenski, H. Willsea. lst Row: J. Miller, P. Staines, E. Godfrey, A. Smith, J. Canale, J. Mann, B. Appleton, J. Gould. JUNIGR CLASS May 1, 1945 Dear Bob, l received your letter asking for goingsaon about school, and l apologize for not answering sooner Ca little matter of too much homework to doj. Since this is my Iunior year, most of the news will have a third year slant to it, if you don't object too much. To begin at the beginning, here are our class officers. Howard Holliday is President, with lames King as his only vice. Jennie Brooks and -lean Donahue are filling the posts of Secretary and Treasurer in that order. Now for some really big news. As you probably know, one of the fund-raising schemes of the Iuniors in past years has been the selling of magazine subscriptions. Well, this yearls class got down to business and really 'ioutclassedu all previous efforts with a grand total of S961 collected. The hard work of the team captains and their fellow students has set a mark which will be hard to equal. Top Row: S. Landauer, K. Hudson, D. Mansell, P. Chorney, W. Spanton, M. Mattern, J. Anderson, C. Paganelli. A. Tower, R. Paul, D. Burdett. 3rd Row: F. Egloff, K. Black, S, Vanderlaan, B. Bell, H. Earnst, Margaret Gurzenski, G. Bloom, V. Rice, E. Bosley, E. Jedzejewski, J. Brooks. 2nd Row: N. Barber, P. Saeco, K. Duross, R. Appleton, M. Rowley, L. Thompson, A. Burprio, M. Conroy, G. Radzinski. D. Jaworski, A. Juliano. lst Row: R. Bidell, B. Caldwell, R. Henry, B. Stoney, T. Smith, C. Clement, H. Holliday. M. Daniels, J. King, A. Ellis. JUNIOR CLASS As the school year wears on, the number of juniors taking part in extra- curricular activities has become more and more evident. You'd probably be amazed at our variety of interests. We can point with what we feel is pardonable pride to the third-year students who are participating in athletics or in the activities of the music department. Then there are the Signor Prize Speakers. I'1l name them in hope that you will recognize a familiar name. They are: Marie Gurzenski, Mary Penasack, Muriel Rowley, Barbara Stoney, Marion Wickhziin, Anthony Ciarico, Kirk Hudson, James King, Charles Paganelli, and Patsy Sacco. Muriel Rowley and Charles Paganelli were the prize winners. Of course it vvouldnlt do to leave out an account of the Junior Prom, especially since something new was added to it. Instead of the usual routine of such an affair, we held a banquet after the dance, and I think that a general opinion of satisfaction was expressed by all who attended. The more serious activities of the class are also due for mention. Seven Juniors were taken into the membership of the National Honor Society this spring, and they were initiated with the same ceremony through which you went. Well, Bob, I guess I've just about run out of talk for the time being. You can expect another letter in a short time, and in the meantime, you'lI write me, won't you? Harry Top Row: P. Kelley, R. Dix, R. Allen, D. Brooks, P. Ricci, R. Canham, J. Wieczorek, L. Bil.icki T. Church. 3rd Row: J. Saeva., G. Wright, D. Winkley, S. Smith, E. Dragon, B. Shuler, E. Parsons, M. Filer, A. Christopher, A. Ward. 2nd Row: M. Swabb, G. Coville, G. Woolston, B. Ben-ns, B. Merrill, M. J. Francis, E. Herman, M. Daum, J. Draper, B. Ferris. U lst Row: G. Gibbs, L. L. Hakes, L. Barrus, S. Giarrizzo, C. Batt, M. J. Allen, J. Rice, C. Klopp, R. Nenni, M. Sanford. SOPHOMORE CLASS lklay 1, 1945 Dear Lynn, Although you're in the Service now, once you were a Sophomore, and l sup- pose you know many of the members of the Class of y47. Therefore, l'm going to tell you about our activities this year. We began with a bang in a really close election. Before a president could be chosen, we had to vote several times. Finally Audrey Blissctt came out on top. You probably remember Elsie Dragon. Well, she was chosen Vice-President, while Beverly Ferris was named Secretary and Barbara hlerrill, Treasurer. Right away, to try out our new officers, we had to have a Hallowe'en party. It was, of course, held in the gym, with the traditional decorations of corn shocks, pumpkins, and black cats, as well as orange and black paper. As was expected, during the games some over-enthusiastic members of the class overturned the corn shocks, but even that didnlt stop the fun, instead, it added to it. There were stacks Top Rowg D. Brooks, A. Blissett, D. Heard, J. Kelly, M. Lubawy, L. Galan, B. Strickland, J. Kirby. 3rd Row: M. Hanas, L. Bagnato, T. Cummings, B. Button, J. Townsend, J. Gaylord, J. Murray, G. Canale, W. Harling. 2nd Row: M. Martina, B. Ciarico, M. Vella. J. Perry, M. Wigley, P. VanStone, M. Houtz, J. Hilbert, G. Brunne. lst Row: D. Socciarelli, C. Gray, H. Jackson, D. Sanford, V. Trupiano, B. Kruger, D. Denniston, J. Ellis, L. Woolston, M. L. Brown. SOPHOMORE CLASS and stacks of huge, delicious donuts, and great pitchcrs of icy cold cider. Mr. Nestle, acting as chaperon, won a huge rat trap as a prize and immediately proceeded to catch the tail of Miss Ganiard's jacket in it, but, all in all, there were no other serious casualties. During the recent War Bond Drive, Home Room 347, led by Miss Diluaura, bought more stamps and bonds than any other homeroom-over S400 worth! But a Freshman homeroom, with fewer pupils, had a higher percentage, so the Sophomore homeroom humbly bowed to defeat. The other Sophomore homerooms were super- intended by Miss Gillette and Miss Valnia, and they also made an excellent showing in the drive. Well, it's getting late, so I'd better stop. l think you have just about all the news of importance concerning the Sophomores anyway. Thanks for the letter you wrote. From what you said, it sounds as if perhaps you will be able to come home on leave some time in May. Don't forget to come up to school and visit us if and when you do convince your commanding officer that he can do without you for a fe da s. W y Jack Top Row: W. Parsons. D. W. Henry, B. Drew, B. Jackson, W. Seagrer. R. Brown, J. Murray, D. Cromwell, J. Shultz, H. Bakeman, M. Ruhlman. 4th Row: G. Engle, J. Palacios, V. Lowman, J. Stucko, J. Dailey, L. Murray, F. Sheelar, R. Young, G. Albanese, A. Ferris. 3rd Row: H. Townsend, B. Brundish, L. Bennett, R. Graczyk, I. Salviski, E. Smith, J. Seaxrer, S. Beach, K. Spinks, B. L. Bennett. J. Miller. 2nd Row: S. Pittman, E. D'Amico, J. Levandowski, J. Zwifka, R. Buckner, W. Swabb, J. Banker. W. Gay, N. Sturges, T. Strickland. lst Row: F. Kelley, J. Rohland, E. Salvatore, I". Sabo, T. Mendolia, W. Caldwell, L. Rice, I. Woodruff, A. Knickerbocker, H. Webber. FRESHMAN CLASS lVlay 1, 1945 Dear Mike, Your mother told me that you have been promoted recently to staff sergeant. I should imagine that you're very proud right about now. Certainly we are all proud of you. In your last letter you asked how things were going along in Albion High School these days. Well, pardon 1ny prejudiced outlook-after all, l am a Frosh myself- but l would say that the Freshman Class looks "mighty sharpn this year. The go- getters and energetic people you can find in that class! just to prove 1ny boasting has some justification, listen to this. A few months back, our school had a Bond Drive, with each homeroom assigned a certain quota. All the Freshman homerooms exceeded their quotas, but bliss Ganiardls Freshmen won the five-dollar prize. They arcn't sure to what use the money will be put, but they are seriously thinking of buying a flag. Top Row: A. Bradt, D. Barber, J. Postle, J. Rearner, F. Garrod, S. O'Kane, R. Kurzawski, L. Canham J. Wolfe, L. Thompson, J. Telovsky. 4th Row: C. K'1rls. D. Terra, P. Coffey, S. Kleinrlienst, M. Clementi. I. Sadowski, L. Ruchaj, A. Merry, R. Merrill. 3rd Row: G. Salisbury, A. Restivo, L. Sidari, IJ. Paine, W. Bennett, IJ. Sanford, W, Sigismgnd, E. Downey, T. Roberts, J. Gurney. 2nd Row: R. Bloom, R. Smith, P. Kelley, H. Soule, W. Ostrowski, B. Star-kweather, J. Gurzinski, M. A. Janus, L. Marks, S. Telga. Ist Row: B. Oakes, J. Bokman, C. Zavitz, J. Weaver, A. Bieber, B. Allen. R. O'Brien, E. Forder, C. Lic-urse, FRESHMAN CLASS Before l go any farther. l'd better tell you just who our guiding lights are this year. You remember Lowell Thompson? He was a rolyfpoly little boy when you were in school, but you should see what a smooth fellow he is now. Lowell is our President and is ably assisted by Vice-President Nancy Sturges. The Honorable l'Meatball" Dailey is the secretary and also is in charge of the few pennies that the freshmen hold dear. The Freshmen had quite u party on November 3. Our class has some promising jitterbugs, but they also do pretty well on the square dances. The refreshments were exceptionally goodg lkliss Ball claims we had the best fruit punch she has ever tasted. If you could come back to visit our school for a day, you would realize that the Freshmen this year aren't much different from those of your day. We may still bc what the Seniors like to call timid and green, but things that are green at least show promise of life. Well, it's almost quarter to five now, so I think l'cl better close. Guess where l'vc been writing this-that's right, in Detention! Remember, l'm only a Freshman, and live got a lot to learn. Jin EIGHTI-I GRADE Top Row: T. Sanfilippo, D. Chapman, C. Draper, R. Ferris, G. Revelas, C. Shervin, R. Herman, A Licht. R. Denniston, P. Kelley. 4th Row: L, Eddy, L. Allen, F. Uuorek, A. Bloom, R. Weaver, C. Calkins, J. Ferris, W. Keene, J. Herman, R. Dia-kinson, J. Tomasino. 3rd Row: 'l'. Doyle, H. Johnson, E, Goodwin, A. ll':xI'llll'C2l, M. Sheelar, R. Miller, I. Haskell. J. Lettis, A. Jeffery, R. Ayrault. 2nd Row: E. Davis, M. Bailev, G. Monacelli, S. Smith, W. llel'uty, J. Earnst, T. Cole, J. Sullivan, P. Enzie, IT. Chatfielil. lst Row: R. Canham, IJ. lilark, R. Pagranelli, J. Ciarivo, ll. Fovillc, li. Canham. L. Brooks, V. Ileljoty, H. Smith. Top Row: M. Phillips, H. Yaskulski, A. Dennis, W. Smith, C. Bigger, R. Dollinyzer. F. Anderson, W. Sacllowski, E. Webster, D. Bills. 4th Row: D. Barber, B. Rowe, C. Cummings, I. Sacllowski, M. Jones, E. Slnalla, B. Tucker, R. McMahon, J. Piedmont. 3rd Row: H. Hudson, M. Hyland, E. Wells, J. Alll7Ol't, G. Ei-kler, G. Kaniecki, R. M. Miller, R. Bavon P. Daniels, C. Barnes. 2nd Row: B. A. Kirby, H. Sage, B. Forsythe, W. Makowski, S. Dragon, R. Salmon, E. Tebaldi, D Weaver, L. Pettine. lst Row: C. Monacelli, C. Bennett, D. Henry, G. Monacelli, M. Sullivan, F. Pammonetti. H. Sanford, D. Ruhland, B. Cox. 1 SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: E. Euloff, C. Zicari, E. Miller, H. Baldwin, B. Shelp, B. Church, ll. Furmanski, J. Howard, M. McMullen, E. Earley, C. Pedler. 3rd Row: M. Weather, K. Mm-Kenna. P. Lyons, A. Sullivan, M. Raymond, ll. Pask, A. Babcock, E. Burprio, H. Burk, R. Wagner. 2nd Row: R, Williams, R. Burroughs. D. Sturges, M. Scupien, R. Vim-kner. C. Ward, P. Sedita, R. Licurse, R. Nickerson, M. Stevens. 1:-it Row: B. Miller, T. Brown, A. Ewald, E. Batt, L. Snyder, R. Nivkerson, V. fliarrizzo, K. Axtell, E. Axtell. K. Rush, Top Row: B. Andrews, J. White, K. Hale, C. Salisburv, R. Sedita, A. Neal, B. Smith, P. Culmo, E. Fox-der, J. Robinson, C. Pawlaczyk. 4th Row: J. Haskell, F. Yaskulski, E. Sidari, L. Bilicki, J. Juliana, IJ. Ferris, M. A. Sledzinski, L. Vapzpz, R. Dawley, R. Merrill. 3rd Row: C. Nesbitt, C. Babcock, P. Davis, C. Button, W. Howard. IP. Stevenson, F. Sledzinski, G. Kreiwaitis, K. Monacelli, M. Scupien. Znd Row: K. Bridgeman, B. Bradley. T. Super, A. Buoy, J. Clement, M. Coville, R. Eckler. R. Crom- well, F. Schrader, J. Rice, E. Crawford. lst Row: P. Ludwick, M. Gurney, C. Francis. R. Nenni, L. Radzinski, A. Monagelli M. Ludwivk. , P. Lusk, CLASS OF 1944 - AS OF 1945 Ni-ff A ARMY Ray Callard Lloyd Cornwell- Chester DiPalma Joseph Giarrizzo Francis Monacell Gene Monacell George Chamberlain Iohn Donahue Earle Filer Sherman Hudson Donald Landauer Darrel Bachman Winston Barrus Max Grusczynski Marion Bloom Mary D'Alesio Dorothy Fisher NAVY ARMY AIR CORPS NURSE CORPS COLLEGE Clark Miller Theodore Riemer Anthony Sacheli Dale Snow William VVittman Henry Eddy Hubert Standish Ralph Weites Donald Bloom Hurley Van Aeinum Richard Howard William Passarelli Donald Wetherbee Mary Alice Mathes .lean Pask Dorothy Jane Brown-Endicott junior College Joy Clement-University of Buffalo Irving Cook-Houghton College Clara D,Agostino-Cortland Virginia Gminski-Albany State Teacher's lean Iudwick-Brockport State Teacher's Laverne Kast-Purdue University Robert Kelley-Wooster College Robert Monacell-Notre Dame Loraine Richards-Brockport State Teacher's lean Stimson-Endicott junior College Eleanor Strouse-Elmira College Shirley Thompson-Alfred University Pauline Trupiano-Brockport State Teacher's Geraldine Vella-Buffalo State Teacheris BUSINESS SCHOOL Kathryn Benthin-R. B. I. Dorothea Fulton-Chown Business School Geraldine Hill-R. B. I. Betty Johnson-R. B. I. Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Wittiest Girl .... Wittiest Boy .... Best Dressed Girl HOME ROOM 238 THE SENIOR CATALOG - --- -- -Barbara Irvine - -- -Bill Bradley - --Laura Sanford - -- -Bill Bradley - -- -- ---Mamie Pilato Best Dressed Boy -------- Iohn Michalak Brightest Girl -------- Brightest Boy ---- H andsoinest Boy ----- Prettiest Girl ---- Love Sick Girl --- -- Wilma lean Neal - - - - -Anthony DeCarlo --Alvin Waterson --Patricia Youngs --Beverly Murray Love Sick Boy --- ---- Eugene Leigh Lazy Senior -- Smiling Senior - Neatest Senior - Woiiian Hater - -- - -Thomas Dragon - - Patricia Youngs -- - -Mamie Pilato - - -- -Kenneth Drew Time Waster ------------- john Coffey Most Studious ------ Elizabeth Nickerson Most Musical Girl ------ Margaret Marks Most Musical Boy ----- Most Artistic --------- Most Talkative ------ Best Dancer CGirlD ---- - - - - -Bill Bradley -Shirley Westfall -Dahlia Socciarelli Geraldine Palmer Best Dancer CBoyD ------ Ralph Gavenda Most Athletic Boy - Most Athletic Girl Ideal Wife ------- -- -- -Francis Skinner - - - - -- -Barbara Irvine - - - - -Beverly Murray Ideal Husband ---------- Eugene Leigh Most Courteous Girl ------- Pearl Hakes Most Courteous Boy ----- Alvin Waterson Most Anihitious ---- Elizabeth Nickerson Best Speaker ------ Ten O'clock Scholar Most Talented --- Best Disposition --- Best Executive - Quietest ---- - Class Bahy ---- -- -- - -Janice Barnum - - - - Francis Skinner - -- ---Bill Bradley - - - - - -Esther McColl --- -Alvin Waterson - - - -Alexander Egloff ---------joan Zorn HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES - Chevron Staff AN-ri-tony CMQICO National Honor Society Music Department Senior Service Squad F. F. A. Boys' Athletics Girls' Athletics Aeroneers , ,-1'., if jJi.ffj,gg,g, 1 1. .v,f,.f..fw , ., 1 "M ,w,.' A Y- 1 JINNIE Posnf Top Row: M. Sanford, R. Pilate. A. Waterson, J. Brooks, H. Holliday, M. Wickham, G. Coville, G. Scharping, W. Gray, F. Skinner. 3rd Row: G. Radzinski, M. Robinson, P. Kelley, M. Rowley, M. Swabb, B. Bell. P. Burgio. 2nd Row: D. Socciarelli, P. VanStone, J. Michalak, B. Irvine, C. Paganelli, P. Hakes, M. Penasack, ' -' F J. B - . A. Ciauco, B. eiiis, annum lst Row: R. Canham, A. DeCarlo, E. Nickerson, B. Murray, E. Leigh, E. Leener. q CHEVRON STAFF Co-Editors - - - - PEARL HAKES, BARBARA IRVINE Assistant Editors - CHARLES PACANELLI, MARY PENASACK Business Manager ---- JANICE BARNUM Faculty Directors ELIZABETH ELsoN, ANNA BALL LITERARY STAFF CIRCULATION STAFF Elizabeth Nickerson, Chairman Alvin Wzltersony Chairman Jennie Brooks John Michalak Vvzmdu Gray Elinor Leeper Anthony DeCarlo Beverly Murray Porter Kelley Jean Miller Betty Francis Dominic Socciarelli Marilyn Swabb Eugene Leigh Phyllis VanStone ADVERTISING STAFF t PUBLICITYISTAFF . Patsy Burgio, Chnirntozn Pauline Kast, Marilyn Robinson, garbam B611 Howard Holliday C0'Chm'meW Robert Canham Mamie Pilato Beverly Ferris Genevieve Badzinski Gloria Coville Merle Sanford Gerald Scharping Francis Skinner Marion Wickham ART STAFF Leonard Bilicki Anthony Ciarico Louis Galan james Postle Duane Smith NEW MEMBERS Seniors: Janice Barnum, Anthony DeCarlo, Pearl Hakes, Elinor Leeper, Eugene Leigh, Raimonda M. Pilato, Gerald Scharping. Juniors: Dean Gartland, William Howard, James King, Jean Miller. Charles Paganelli, Mary Penasack, Muriel Rowley. E. Nickerson, B. Murray, W. J. Neal NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY May 1, 1945 Dear Jean, Of course I know you are terribly busy with your du-ties in the Cadet Nurse Corps, but today I was looking through the secretary's book for the National Honor Society, and I became interested in the articles on the purpose and standards of the society. I thought that you, as a member, would be interested too. I found that the Albion Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools was first organized in 1935. The object of the Chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worth- while leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Albion High School. Membership in this chapter is based on scholarship, service, leader- ship, and character. You probably remember that the speeches made during the initiation ceremony in assembly dealt with scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Do you think you will ever be able to forget the day you were initiated? I know my knees were ever so shaky. There were only three Seniors who were old members, so they had quite a problem as to what they should do about electing officers. Now, I don't know whether I should tell you this or not, but as long as you are a member, I guess it will be all right. They went into a huddle with Miss Elson and finally arrived at a solution on how to elect officers. They drew lots! Of course, I know that isn't the way the books say to elect officers, but what else was there to do? It turned out that Elizabeth Nickerson became President, Wilma lean Neal, Vice-President, and Bev- erly Murray, Secretary and Treasurer. I certainly hope the new members get as much satisfaction out of being mem- bers of the National Honor Society as I, and I know you also, have had. I'll write again later to tell you all about the spring initiation ceremonyj ll 1 GLEE CLUB Top Row: H. Bakeman, P. Chorney, R. Nudd, B. Stoney, C. Paganelli, A. Ciarico, M. Filer, G. Wright, J. Coffey, C. Brunne, W. Bradley. 4th Row: E, Dragon, H. Earnst, P. Colley, E. Webb, M. Wilcox, F. Webb, J. Gaylord, B. Bell, S. Smith, V. Lowman, L. Lacey. 3rd Row: P. Enzie, S. Kleindienst, M. Martina, P. Youngs, M. Vella, P. VanStone, E. Herman, B. Button, B. Ferris, J. Hilbert, J. l7eFelice. 2nd Row: J. Zorn, J. Barnum, R. Brown, M. Pilato, A. DeCarlo, G. Brunne, P. Sacco, M. L. Brown J. Mann, B. Ciarico. lst Row: M, Janus, M. Conroy, R. Paganelli, M. J. Francis, B. Irvine, M. Rowley, J. Donahue, R. Graczyk. v 1 Top Row: L. Bilicki, D. Bills, H. Holliday, J. Reamer, M. Penasack. C. Parker, M. Bowman, K. Hudson, W. J. Neal, IJ. Denniston. 4th Row: R. Nenni, L. Hakes, G. Palmer, L. Sanford, E. Smith, .I. Murray, I.. Thompson, R. Johnson, J. Kirby. 3rd Row: IJ. Comstock, IJ. Jaworski, J. Grillo, M. Marks, C. Monacell, D. Socciarelli, G. Marks, M. Gurzenski, M. Sanford. 2nd Row: J. Gurzenski, M. Wickham, M. J. Allen, E. Godfrey, S. fliarrizzo, E. Parsons, B. Shular, K. Black, C. Marks. lst. Row: N. Sturges, H. Soule, C. Zavitz, H. Sage, R. Bacon, A. Juliano, B. Berns, D. Paine. SENIOR BAND Top Row: S. Church, M. Phillips, C. Pawlaczyk, G. Engle, D. Barber, P. Sacco. J. Howard, E, Nickerson, P. Kelley, J. Kirby. 4th Row: K. Hudson, J. King, W. Sigismond, D. Sturges, P. Staines, W. Howard, R. Monacelli, W, Bradley, H. Holliday, Mr. Laurini. 3rd Row: E. Godfrey, R. Miller, B. Murray, M. Conroy, M, Rowley, J. Barnum, E. Batt, A. Sullivan, G. Revelas. C. Parker, W. Neal. 2nd Row: J. Piedmont, R. Sedita, K. Duross, M. Clementi, A, Merry, C. Brunne, L. Ruchaj, B. Appleton. U lst Row: J. Banker, H. Sa.nford, B. Judwlck. MUSIC May 1, 1945 Dear George, I have just heard about your forming a dance band at the base. You always were "on the beami' in the music department. Well, I wish you and your trombone lots of luck. Our school band has been quite busy this year. You should have heard them blaring forth at the pep assemblies and beating it out on the Four Corners as the climax of the Pep Parade before the Medina game. We have a strong band in more ways than one. Imagine Pat Sacco sturdily blowing sweet notes out of a tuba that is twice as big as he is. The orchestra played at Signor Prize and, of course, will accompany the Seniors as they "process, on Commencement night. If you ever want any professional advice on musical matters, ask our music de- partment. Weive trained one music teacher for Hollywood. Mr. Laurini left for the West Coast in February, and Mr. Schultz, from Rochester, became our capable conductor. Our Clee Club did all right for itself, too. The Christmas Choir gave a splen- did program of carols at the Baptist Church on Christmas Eve and at school on an earlier date. And the operettal It even overcame the jinx of having been presented on Friday, the thirteenth. llere is the plot, briefly. A marchioness, Margaret Marks, masquerades, for reasons of safety, a peasant girl. After some confusion- both on-stage and back-stageeshe promises to marry a young man, Bill Bradley, who had saved her from drowning. Of course they live happily ever after. It really took Kirk Hudson to play the maniac convincingly in i'The Chimes of Normandyv, while Bill Bradley threw himself into the part of making practiced love to Margie Marks. As usual, the entire Clee Club will sing at Commencement. I only hope that you will be able to get home at that time as you have planned, then you can see and hear for yourself what a really fine Music Department we have. ,lack Top Row: W. J. Neal, E. McColl, M. Bowman, C. Parker, J. DeFelice. M. Plummer, C. Allis, E Bates, G. Forsaith, R. Tucker. 3rd Row: C. Yaskulski, M. J. Kuhn, L. Sanford, B. Murray, G. Palmer, B. Appleton, J. Sanford, E. Leeper, E. Pawlaczyk, M. Moore. 2nd Row: R. Pilato, D. Comstock, B. Irvine, D. Soeciarelli, C. Monacell, S. Westfall, M. Marks, M. Sanford, P. Youngs, E. Nickerson. lst Row: M. Jablonski, C. Gurney, E. Webb, A. Spinks, P. Hakes. F. Webb, M. Wilcox, J. Zorn, J. Barnum. SENIOR SERVICE SQUAD May l, 1945 Dear Don, Do you remember when I wrote you about our initiation into the S. S. S.P Well, it's our turn this year, and lim telling you I certainly wouldn't want to be a Iunior this year. Our first meeting was held in the cafeteria quite early in the school year. After some confusion, Pearl Hakes was elected President, Eloise Smith, Vice-President, and Alberta Spinks, Secretary and Treasurer. Eloise moved to Rochester in January, so Patricia Youngs was elected as Vice-President to take her place. In a meeting before Christmas vacation, when Pearl was asked what activities we wanted to have, many suggestions came up. Some one who, like all of us, didn't know how much sleighing weather would be ahead, suggested a sleigh ride. Another suggested a caroling party, so what do you think we did? Yes, we combined them and set the date for December 19. But, because only thirteen people, counting four teachers, turned up that night, we went caroling in cars. Would you like to know what happened when they visited the hospital? Why donit you write to Ianice Barnum and find out? l'm sure she'd be more than glad to tell you. Well, with cold feet and hoarse voices, the party dropped in at Miss Fishers home afterwards for refreshments. We had a "lVlr. Anthonyv program, which was going to be put on in assembly, semi-rehearsed, but-as you already know-the storm came. We had so much school work to catch up on after our sudden vacations which occurred about every other week during the winter that the program was dropped, and it hasn't been men- tioned since. , We were out of school so much that we couldn't accomplish much more than dances in the gym during noon hours, but, as l said before, we are all looking for- ward now to initiating the new members. If you have any fiendish ideas for initia- tion stunts, please send them on to me when you write next. l promise I'll never let the poor Junior girls know who the master-mind was who invented their torture. Janie Top Row: D. Brooks, R. Allen, P. Ricci, G. Scharping, G. Gibbs, L. Buckner, D. Sheelar, A. Chris- topher, L. Woodcook, J. Kirby. 3rd Row: W. Seager, T. Dragon, K. Kelley, J. Murray, R. Young, S. O'Kane, T. Tower, K. Drew, J. Telovsky. 2nd Row: F. Sheelar, D. Cromwell, T. Cummings, A. Ward, L. Woolston, W. Ostrowski, K. Kast, W. Swabb. lst Row: K. Drew, T. Strickland, W. Bennett, J. Roland. W. Caldwell, J. Weaver, L. Bennett. H. Webber, Mr. New. F. F. A. lVlay 1, 1945 I-li, "Red"l I suppose by now youre used to the "bell bottom trousers, and have traded your jitterbug for a sailor's hornpipe. Sampson must seem pretty far away from Albion High School, but l'm awfully glad to know that you're still interested in getting some school news. You were asking about the F. F. A. Well, you're in a pretty good position to know that the Future Farmers of America arenit headed directly for a future of farming-Uncle Sam will take care of that-but this year they did a really grand job of preparing for the more distant future in farming. You probably know that the boys have a new teacher. Mr. Sherman left early in the first semester, and Mr. New Cthat's no jokcg itys really his nameD took over. Before Mr. Sherman left, the boys bought a War Bond and gave it to him. Mr. New is a fine man, and the fellows like him very much. He certainly keeps them busy with field trips and meetings. And speaking of field trips, that one to Kenneth Drewis farm proved one point-fields can be muddy. Ralph Gavenda is President of the F. F. A. this yearg Gerald Scharping is Vice- Presidentg Lyell Buckner, Secretaryg Dennis Sheelar, Reporter, and Gerald Gibbs holds the money bags. And do they have money! lust before Christmas the boys divided into two teams and sold Christmas trees. They made over S125 on the deal, so a party was in order. With the money made from the sale of the trees, the boys hired an orchestra and had a party. The Home Ec. girls were invited-they fur- nished the refreshments. Nice planning, huh? If the F. F. A. carries on next year as well as this, lim pretty certain that by the time you are home to stay, the Albion countryside will be flourishing. Until then, lots of luck. Tom J. J. C. D. F. S. E. D. R. M W. l. Saeva Nenni Brunne Mansell Skinner Landauer Leigh Burdett Monacell . Spierdowis Nickerson FOOTBALL lst Row: Top Row: 2nd Row: P. W. F. R. C. P. P. D. L. S. E. D. Kelley Nickerson Skinner Paul Brunne Sacco Burgiu Burdett Buckner Landauer Leigh Mansell BASKETBALL BASEBALL ALL STAR INTRAMURAL TRACK BOYS' ATHLETICS May 1, 1945 Dear Art, Remember the days when you were on the high school football and basketball teams? 1,11 bet the memories of your good old high school athletic days were preitty vivid around Armistice Day when you knew weid be playing our Medina game. Although our football team lost five games and won only one, we stoutly main- tain that we had a good team. There wasn't a game in which the boys didn't give their opponents a tough battle and a run for their money. Here are the scores of the season: Opponent Albion Brighton ..... ..... 2 0 0 Oakfield ...-... --- 20 East Rochester --- --- 19 25 0 7 7 LeBoy ...... .. - - - - - 6 Fairport ...... ........ 6 Medina ........... .......... 2 6 0 We had a cooperative, fast-moving basketball team this year that made a good record. Under Coach's expert guidance, the team won nearly half the games that were played. The boys had to work hard, sweating every night from four to six o'c1ock in practice, but they were repaid by becoming one of the outstanding basket- ball teams of the county. The varsity men were last ycar's lettermen, wi-th the ex- ception of a few boys who made the second-five varsity for thc first time this year. 1'11 jot down the scores of the games just in case you are fond of statistics: Opponent Albion Middleport .......... CU 15 C2D 32 C11 31 C2D 34 Hilton .....,..A.... C12 26 C21 20 CU 31 C25 21 Kendall .................. -. .... 19 38 Batavia ...... ..... C 1D 26 C2D 30 CU 36 C2D 18 Holley ........,.... CU 35 C22 25 CD 30 C25 21 Brockport ..................... 23 20 LeRoy ............. CD 35 C2D 35 C11 33 C2D 18 Medina ..... ..... C 1D 29 C2D 38 CU 35 C21 26 Oakfield .... ...,... C 12 35 C2D 53 CU 12 C22 31 Our spring activities are about to start, and from the looks of things, we are to have a very good baseball team and track team. 1 can't give you any specific details about these teams now, but 1 promise 1'11 write you play-by-play, step-by-step accounts of the events in my letters later on. Harry VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL Top Row: I'. Youngs, B. Irvine, H. Earnst Top Row: B. Irvine, H. Earnst, M. Rowley Znml Row: M. Conroy. G. Forsaith, I.. Sanford Znxl Row: E. Dragon, M. Conroy, B. Bell lst Row: J. Donahue, E. Dragon, L. Hakes lst Row: G. Fnrsaith, J. Donahue, J. Brooks CHEERLEADERS BASEBALL Top Row: J. Hilbert, M. J. Francis, H. Souls Top Row: B. Stoney, J. Sanford. M. Bowman 1:41, Row: C. Monacell, B. Irvine, M. Rowley Znml Row: G. Fox-saith, M. L. Brown. M. Sanford E. Drzuzon lst, Row: J. Hilbert, C. Gray HOCKEY Ton Row: J. Sullivan, J. Earnst, N. Sturges, V. Lowman, P. Coffey. B. Caldwell, J. Herman, M. Hyland, M. Wickham, R. Sedita, Miss Dayton. 2nd Row: S. Giarrizzo. S. Smith, B. Forsaith, S. Kleindienst, J. Hilbert, H. Soule, J. Banker, S. Dragon, L. Sanford. Ist Row: H. Earnst, M. Rowley, L. Hakes, E. Dragon, B. Bell, M. Conroy, B. Irvine. GIRLS' ATHLETICS May l, 1945 Dear joe, Amidst the feeble moans and groans of gym class, I shall attempt to write. I say "attempt" because for the past two weeks we have done nothing but exercises. Of course, there is marching and drill work in that line. Your little sister is in this period gym class, and she really has a rugged time 'ito the rear marching" and "open ordern-ing down the center of the gym. It's amazing the patience Miss Dayton has. This year has been fun. We started out by playing field hockey. Donlt you remember seeing us out there when you were practicing football? We nearly frozel A few girls still have their faint "battle scars"-hockey sticks are hardl Then volley ball. I always liked that. We had six teams and played off our games during the noon-hour. We thought we were good if we could keep the ball going over the net five times. Shortly, after Christmas, girls' afterfschool and intra-mural basketball started. The girls who went out after school have the advantage over the others because they learned several different techniques both in guarding and making up new plays. We have gone to quite a few 'lplay-daysl' at Batavia, and Albion has been host to Ba- tavia here. The pingepong and badminton tournaments are yet to be played off. Quite a few girls have signed up for them. From what I hear, there is some "good material", so the finals probably will be close. Along in lklay, girls' softball will begin. I stand up to bat, swing wildly at every ball, and then, if l do happen to hit it, I throw my bat so far I'm just automatically put Hour". But we do have a few good batters. When Mary Conroy or Elsie Dragon is up, the poor fielders have to chase practically over to Smithis garage, while the batter nonchalantly walks from base to base. For the second year the Girls' Athletic Association has been organized. The officers-Barbara Irvine, President, Barbara Stoney, Vice-President, and Sally Smith, Secretary and Treasurerfwere elected in the early part of the year. The girls have had parties and have raised money by sponsoring noonfhour dances. Since the time is running short, I shall have to bring this to a close. Let us hear from you whenever it is possible. JH 1 L. Galan, C. Karls, A. Knickerbocker. R. Sadowski, E. Smith, W. Parsons, A. Burgio, G. Engle AERONEERS May 1, 1945 Dear Darrel, Albion High School is very grateful to you for your help in making the Aeroneers what they are today, the future flyers of America. Under your leader- ship in that first year or so, the members showed their stuff. Now, as then, the boys are striving to better themselves for the flying of tomorrow. The Aces have elected these officers, some of whom I think you'll recognize by name: Creg Engle, Presidentg Chet Karls, Secretary, and Bill Parsons, Treasurer. Under the leadership of Mr. Heintz, the boys are making good progress. They have built glider airplanes, which they tried out in the gymnasium. As a result of the contest Ernest Smith won. There are eleven members in allffour new members were enlisted recently. I need not say much about the initiations, but to quote some remarks from the boys, it was "pretty ruggedv. One boyis comment consisted of just HWhew!H We have in the shop a list of members of former years, such as you, who are now in the Armed Forces. With you first on the list, they are: Navy, Matt Ciszek, Donald Bloom, Earle Filer, and Ceorge Chamberlain, Army-Elliott Snyder and Clark Miller. The Aeroneers have been visited by a representative of the State Department at Albany. He told the boys that, out of the few schools having such organizations, Albion High has the best Aeroneers Club he has ever seen. He has also asked to have the regional meets held here at Albion. All that makes them feel pretty good. We are all proud of the Aeroneers and hope that they will keep up the good work. So to you and to these Hellcats of tomorrow we say, 4'Keep ,Em Flyingli' Dick P. S. How do you like the photo of the boys that l'm enclosing? 'S-wr' ADVERTISEMENTS - L Louis i- sawn Advertisements Snapshots Autographs 51-V Landauer 8z Strouse The Dry Goods Store Look at Our ' Hosiery, Glove and Underwear Depertments When in Need of Goods in Our Line. FEET HURT? DON'T SUFFER NEEDLESSLY! We now feature the new Dr. Scholl's LAMINEX PLASTIC ARCH SUPPORTS QA war-born miracle in foot reliefj which offers a totally new kind of relief for tired, painful, aching feet. ROBERTS SHOE STORE Albion, New York Congratulations! COI'IlpIi!T1CI'l'fS of M U N S O N ' S Beauty Shoppe S O D A S P A 57 Main Street Air -- Boat - Bus Western Union . B. B. TRUMBLE so E. Bank sr. Albion, N. Y. U N I T Y Department Stores E. K. BELL Over 65 Departments of High Quality Merchandise Taxi and Bus Service at Lower Prices SAVE at UNITY Call 61 39 Main St. ALBION 67 54 Compliments of DALI-TS i' ir A1bion's Only Independent SUPER MARKET 'Ir 'lr L lly 0 C1 d Op d R. H. Dollinger, D. D. S. Albion, N. Y. K U T N E R ' S ALBION - MEDINA Carol King Gold Stripe Dresses Hose Compliments of Anchor Restaurant Chilclren's 8z Misses' Shop Chester and Beatrice Blissett Infants' and Children' s A p p a r e l Dinners Lunches . RAY'S DINER Compllments of W A L T E. R ' S n 19 Mann St. Matheos Ice Cream to Serve or Take Out COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY Dealer in Lumber and Building Material DU PONT PAINTS Phone 259 West Bank Street Albion, New York BOWLING Top Row: B. Rowe, J. Herman, L. Sanford, E. McColl, H. Earnst, E. Spalla. 4th Row: B. Ciarico, M. L. Brown, .l. Hilbert, M. Martina, S. Kleindienst, K. Duross, G. Howard, W. Gray, C. Gray, G. Wright. 3rd Row: R. McMahon, M. Vella, L. Hakes, M. Conroy. S. Giarrizzo, B. Stoney, M. Rowley, ' D M ayton, 2nd Rows: M. J. Allen, M. Wickham, G. Brunne, E. Bates, B. Bell, C. Stucko, M. Morrison, J. Townsend. lst Row: B. Kirby, D. Chatfield, E. Dragon, M. Dollinger. C0ml'llmC'lt5 Compliments of of Volk's Hosiery and Millinery J. J. NEWBERRY Compliments of Compliments MARSH HARDWARE of 0 N ll' ' R t t e le S es auran West Bank Street Albion, New York 5 Compliments R I A L T 0' ALBION, N. Y. Compliments of NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC 8: GAS J. B. Merrill 8: Son Roy T. Merrill, Licensee FUNERAL DIRECT ORS Ambulance Service Compliments of . ALBION DINER Walter M. Clntfielcl, Prop. Albion Holley EARL D. LEIGH Conn-tuhtiom Insurance CLASSOFl945 I C Phone 192 Residence 527-R Cul-ry,' Toggery Shoppe Rialto Theatre Building i JUNIOR BAND Top Row: M. Phillips, C. Pawlaczyk, J. Murray, E. Batt, Mr. Laurini, H. Hudson, J. Howard S. Vanderlaan, W. Keene. 3rd Row: P. Kelley, J. Seager, T. Roberts, R. Licurse, R. Williams, R. Dickinson, R. Weaver. 2nd Row: A. Buoy, D. Weaver, B. Kirby, B. Smith, P. Kelley, L. Snyder, L. VHEZ. R. Merrill C. Nesbitt, H. Sage. J. Weaver. lst Row: B. Church, R. Sedita, P. Sedita, T. Brown. Compliments of INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mrs. Mildred W. Haines PHONE Office 390 Residence 686-F-3 Compliments of IRWIN MARKET Owned by C. ROWE and A. PILON MA111 E Mmm n ll T Comm Y OF ALBION MIDI4 get wo 2 4 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CRAFFEY-THURBER Compliments of Insurance Agency SANFORD B. CHURCH General Insurance Albion' N' Y' 110 East Avenue Albion, New York MOORE BUS LINES Robert H. Moore, Owner Buses for All Occasions PHONE 649 Albion, N. Y. If Z1 lil. COFFEY BROTHERS That Good Gulf Gasoline Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil ACCESSORIES TIRES Our Economy Service Starts at 85c Free Call and Delivery Service ALL GARMENTS INSURED WHILE IN OUR HANDS Dresses Cleaned Without Shrinkage HATS CLEANED RELIABLE CLEANERS Phone 204 JOHNNY sAE.vA Albion, N. Y. Compliments of Albion Bottling Works PEOPLE'S MARKET T. C. Sanfilip , Prop. 128 Washington St. Phone 250 Ch0iCe Meats I I and Groceries G. M. C. Tow . Trucks Service E. Bunclo PHONE 74 Cor. Clinton and Washington Sts. 327 East Ave., Albion, N. Y. Gasoline Oil J. H. ROBINSON Phones 22 and 383 Richfield Gasoline and Products IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES Compliments of Compliments of DR. GEORGE S. BAKEMAN Pahura and Salvatore Dentist Albion, N. Y. Phan, 92-W Compliments of HALSTEAD OIL COMPANY West State St. Phone 327 McNALL 8: McNALL Funeral Directors Diedrich W. 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Hoping to be able to do business 105 E, Bank Sf, PHONE 397 after the war! IVAI-I CHADWICK Phone 143 ' 142 E s S a S r e Buy a Bond TODAY! " "' "f I N S U R A N C E ARE You FULLY Pnorsrfrnm Compl BIRDS EYE - SNIDER Division of General Foods Corporation McCormick - Deering Sales - FARM IMPLEMENTS - Service JOHN H. LARWOOD FIVE CORNERS PHONE 27 JAMES w. HUBBELL E S S 0 Texaco Products , golomal, F llllng Station GOODYEAR TIRES Grimes Bros EXIDE BATTERIES c r Bank .na Labmy ' Alb N Y Albion, N. Y. Phone 225 TEL. ALBION 571 Auto Accessories Verified Lubricatio KIRK N. COLE DEALER IN Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cedar Posts, Sash, Doors, Windows Lowe Brothers Paint and Painters Supplies Office and Yard: West Avenue at West Academy PHONE 344 ALBION, N. Y BASTIAN BROS. CO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive Class Jewelry and Commencement Announcements Name Cards Essential War Work OPPORTUNITY For YOU aAlANlZEn sllll SSHn E TRAINING X , CAREER fulfils- i f TIBBITS 8: SON "Hy-Quality" Jewelers Albion, New York Let R.B.I.'s famous "Success Clinic" show you the career for which you are best suit- ed . . . and let R.B.I.'s exclusive "Balanced Business Training" properly prepare you for that career- You'Il find training here a real pleasure. Our newly modernized school offers you the finest facilities of any busi- ness school in America . . . New, cheerful, soundproof classrooms, new, scientific light- ing, most up-to-date equipment. New day school terms begin every 3 months. Write today for full particulars. Rochester Business Institute 172 Clinton Ave., South Rochester 4, New York 70 Joseph Watt's Store Plumbing, Tinning, Heating AIR CONDITIONING Odd Fellows Temple Albion, New York ,.....--- ine M0045 am! Qaiafogs Cgriniiwg Qc. wlgion, Ofzew Cyan! ADAM P. 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