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1gj. X7 1 vi' K , g 1 .W f if A . FZ , 5 G 4 , ., 4 va rsfj uv ,.,, Qzefv- 4, 1-5 . xi X. ,,,'-. x-7A Q. 'Q-A., . x 'E :,1f"Ff4i.. .' . .Q , JM. .' . ri .- 1 ? K b - La- 'f 14' '. 4. V Ev v. hr.. if , ,v .Q I ' x 1 .. ?'.-4: ' - ..,, .. .. 'H -o if . 'N 'turf ,5 i O' n lr 4, Ai. , Wm.: f' 45- ir L.. VV. x ly.. 4,ifv- ,4 yw. . -I -A 1 3 I - igfhgl . .YQ 5 K LH,-' . 54' a, ' 'J . K 1 . vi. .1 Q au. N ',,. ,,-' A 4 5' i 4 . , .! 4.7 ., ' 32- 'Q Fi ' vw , ff . 5-JA.. +1 1 1- ' ,.: gw.. ,H fx-M' 'ff 'fy v v , , 4' . ,,.,. , , ..-M mmm, THE CBEIEWEBCIDN H9433 6 I A I THEODORE N. ANDERSON DEDICA TION To Mr. Theodore Anderson, who has taught us the value of genlal comradeshxp and sincere friendship, we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty one dedicate this, our year-book. 'Sill'- FRIENDSHIP R. W. Emerson "A ruddy drop of manly blood The surging sea out-weighs, The world uncertain comes and goes, The lover rooted stays. I fancied he was fled,- And, after many a year, Glowed unexhausted kindliness Like daily sunrise there. My careful heart was free again, O friend, my bosom said, Through thee alone the sky is arched, Through thee the rose is red. All things through thee take nobler And look beyond the earth, The mill-round of our fate appears A sun-path in the worth. Me, too, thy nobleness has taught To master my despair, The fountains of my hidden life Are through thy friendship fairf, form FUREWORD "Lives of great men all remind as We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leave hehind us Footprints on the sands of time." Through the year the students of Albion High School have Worked and played together, lived Democracy in its finest form. Our school, portraying the kind of world in which we shall live, is a real laboratory of democratic living. Here we learn that in a free World one must accept his responsibilities as well as enjoy his privileges, and only as all citizens shall do this can we, as a school or as a nation, be truly happy. The CHEVRON records in picture and in story the activities that have occupied the students and faculty in school. Many whose names and pictures appear in these pages will depart from school this year, ready to take their places in the larger life that lies ahead. As they have left "footprints on the sands of time" in school, so will they continue on through life knowing, as Well may we all, that "Not enjoyment and not sorrow ls our destined end or way, Bat to act that each tomorrow Finds as farther than today." .MW 0 WNW at W'Lff MM ADMINISTRATIUN CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS A aww WM at W' g - -RR I ff!!! i QT: f 1 j- f 5 S 1 i,,y,,f ig . ' Eg as i215 K lil' ff R, f fl my 1 ,f X X xxx f -X SN ff X -'X X I 3,7 x ,V 5 1' S x W5 sixxs X xx ! 1 ' ' X l X X xv SN'-.Qxxxq 0 0 0 H W MR. CARL I. BERGERSON Superintendent of Schools X10 BOARD OF EDUCATION STANLEY T. BARS. FRANCIS MRS. GEORLIE H. DANIEL VVOODS BLAKE MILLER IDUGAN VV ALTER JOHN H. IZLODOETT LARWOOO HAROLD PASQUALE GEORGE IVIRS. JOSEPH W QROWTHER DILAURA HOUGHTON MCGUIRE Oy I . ,.- 1 IIILDA VVALSH Dean of Girls, English IV GLADYS AADAME J? aim, CHARLES C. IDVXINIICO High School Principal rllRIVISOND TWIIEODORE N. ANDERSON JOHN ANTES Social Studies lwathenmtics JNL ANNA L. BALL English I, ll junior High Social Science Mathematics KATHERINE II. BILLINGS SAD115 MARIE BRITTON X12 ,...-...-: , CLARENCE C0014 lmiiistrial Arts EVELYN A. CRILLINS High School Librarian DOREEN SUNDELL WILI.1ABl RIONACELLI Art Science KATIIEIXINE CIWLE junior High lVlutl1en11ztics VV ALTER DERRICTK General Science Swami EVELYN S. FISHER JEAN LAIRD Home Economics Home Economics IRENE IIARRICAN French, History C my HAZEL GANIMUJ IIELENA M. IIOLQAN NELLIE C. Ix1CKENNA Ltlflll, Socml SHflIiL'S jzmior High Hrzglislz flunim' High School AIARY li. .VXLLLN ll'1'11E1. A1UNSON X'VILl,IAM SHERMAN A111516 l'hysicnl Fd11cati01'1 A?QViL'lllfIlVL' 1YIAYlXlli D. IXl1MS'l'lRONG S'1'AN1,uv P. rlqIlLlSSELl.IJ. JESSIE C. V1XLN1A junior High Salma! lxzslrlmzerzml Nfusic Latin X14 QiLADYS Ci1LLETTE ELTA SLAGIIT JOSEPH M. SCIINITZER cj01ll7ll81"Cil1i lzzzvlish I, ll, III Drmzmtics, Iilocutimz, 6 English Ill . . X ,IQ CEXRIHIE P. PRATT ELNA M. F. TOOMBS ILLIZABETII A. CRAUE rrL't1Ci1C7"iVl'cjil!l7'gU Special Crmic' I'ri14mry Cil'lT1ll1IIL11" School l'1:ANuus ll. LiR1NN1iLL iXlARY V. S. SAN11onn IDA Lfxnwoou Priuzary First Grade First Grade my MELVA D. TRIPP Minnow C. HASSETT IXNNA DEASY Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade IRENE DELANEY VVILLIAIXI NESTLE ivlARY G. DUGGAN Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade EIXIILY E. BEEBIAN Biology ATICIIAEL SPIERDOWIS Physical Ihstructiori ELIZABETH B. NVEBSTER School Nurse ETIIEL M. Tuouvn jimior High School i NELLIE P. PAYNE ' Fourth Grade NELLIE ZARBO QiLADYS S. PEDLER Sixth Grade Sixth Grade X16 lin Memoriam Eunice Richardson After a long, serious illness, Miss Eunice Richardson of the Faculty passed away November 12, 1940. Practically all of Miss Richardson's life was spent in Albion where she attended school, graduating in 1911. After finishing at Brockport Normal, she accepted a position at New York Mills. During the First World War, she Hdid her bit" in Washington until she returned to Albion, where as a Fifth and Sixth Grade teacher, she taught for over twenty years. Because of her sturdy character and high principle, Miss Richardson personified the Ideal Teacher who gave completely of herself to her pupils and her position. Al- though her ill health was apparent to all, she never used her sickness as an excuse for neglecting her work. She toiled far beyond her strength and resigned only when she could carry on no longer. Truly, Miss Richardson was a lovely person and a real soldier. Lillian A. Achilles The community was shocked, April 17, to hear of the sudden death of Miss Lillian A. Achilles as she was on her way to work. Fragile and delicate, Miss Achilles had been in poor health, nevertheless, she had been able to attend her duties at the Library. Born in Ridgeway, 1871, Miss Lillian A. Achilles of three score and ten years had come to symbolize all that is good and beautiful in our midst. Helping to found, cradling, nuturing it, she gave to Swan Library a vitality that has made it a living force in the town. Many citizens, young and old, are eager readers because of the gracious presence of Miss Achilles at her desk. Although she realistically became a part of this modern age with its hurly-burly crudities, Miss Achilles never lost the kindly refinement of a Nineteenth Century Gentle- woman. 17y GMWWV ow U10 wwc9A 041 uw' N -i 1, 1- ...- .- XX """" X 1.--v .... X ....... ,...... I ... ""1-. ...- ,...... - ,,.."""l'-T - ...---o 'Q .. I - -,.... ,.--"" ,,..-- -f'-' : S Q -2 I XX -QT : X --1 Q Q Qs' - x ' --..T" -' l - : L -, ..- 'U 1.1 s 11 , ' 6 12, ..... -Q -1u. .--u 4-f ig.. ...-1 ,,.1f g ,,,-- it X Q-Q .i g 1... ...-. ,,...1 ,.,--v ....- X'Fi i ,....-- . ,....- b , ,-,gi . X. " --- gi ..... ,..-. X -.- ... 5 X 1 ,,... ?. ,..-- lx -3, ,...- S A-, ,,.f- i ,,-, ,.- -. , ... -- 1 i ,...... , ,,..-- - '-4--' i--41 Q , ...4 4 ,..... -X --' 'if .... 2 -1- - S: + - . g -k ' Q., i... 5 -"i Q ....-, -- Q... -1- 5 41:- .lr V--. x Top llow: Kinyon Brooks, 'I'reasiirei'g Clyde Simpson, Vice l'i'esimIei1t.. Bottom Iiow: llorothy Ulzrke-, Sei-i'etzii'y: Ilolrert i'i'ockv-i', I'i'a-sinh-iii. , THE SENIOR CLASS HISTORY President ...........,A..-S............... ROBENT Ciiocxun Vice President ..S....-....................S CTLYDE SHXIPSON Secretary .,...........,.,.,......... .- ..... TDOROTIIY BLAKE Treasurer-l5ii'st Semester ......,.....,..... Tnoixiixs MCNALL Second Semester .................. K1NvON BROOKS Faculty Adviser .... - ....e,,,,.,....,......... Miss YVALSH ln the fall of 1937 Albion lligh School opened its doors to welcome more than one hundred timid Freshmen. It was their good fortune to have Miss Adams as adviser during their Freshman, Sophomore, and Iunior years. Under her guidance several functions were held which gave the class members social experience. During their Freshman year. parties were held at Christmas and in the spring. The following year the outstand- ing social event was a successful l'lallowe'en masquerade party. During their junior year the class sponsored a magazine drive to finance their junior Banquet and Prom. Last fall, as Seniors, they returned to school with a more thoughtful and serious attitude. aware that this was to be their last year at Albion lligh School. Under the guidance of Miss Wzilsli they found greater responsibilities awaiting them. ln early fall a meeting was called for the purpose of electing officers. The new democratic method of voting was employed in the school this year for the first time. Thomas McNall served very ably as treasurer during the first semester, but his heavy school schedule necessitated his resignation. Kinyon Brooks was then appointed to succeed him. Autumn's social event for the Seniors was the highly successful Football Prom. Another very delightful occasion was the Easter Ball, which everyone wholeheartedly enjoyed. This was soon followed by the formal Commencement exercises, which concluded their careers as students of Albion Iligh School. May their glories increase with each successive year. X20 ARTHUR ALLEN HATtI! Example is always mom efficacious than prccept. JEAN ANDERSON Iljtdjrlizll An attractive- style and '1 phrasing nlannclr-vn0ug'h to catch the heart of a bankel s SOH. BARBARA RALCON1 Impulsivo, earnest, prompt OBOLJJ if? to act makes her grim-rous thought a fact. Nl 'X DOROTIIX' l3ARRus "Dm'01l1y" Moro remarkable than man of few words is woman of ff-W words. AMOS BEEDON '413'111cl1" His witty remarks put laughter into thc heart? of X f many. ,f If f -2 fl 1 I f MOA" l DOROTHY BLAKE X22 M.-ll? lXlARY BOKMAN "l3okie" A warm smile for every- one is truly a rare gift. I IENRY ROvvMAN "Hawk" Quiet and unassuming- the best kind of a friend to have. KINYON BROOKS "Ted" By the work, one knows the Workman. IRVING Bunn ll H Buck He had withal a merry wit And was not shy of using it. DOROTHY CIIICK HD0tU Dance, girl, dance! XZIRGINIA RORELLO ll ll She's mild and meek- when she's asleep-maybe. HOWARD BROOKS "Howie" Owe no man anything, but to love one another. ALBURTON BRUNDAGE "Burt" Study to show thyself ap- proved unto God, a Work- YYIZIVI. ROSE BURCIO IKROSBU Like all, she has a tongue at will but is never loud. ELEANOR COFFEY llIa17aI7 She's like a good sermon vvshort and snappy. RUTH CLARK l'Ruth" Modest she seems-not shy. VIRGINIA CLARK H'li171'Ijf'H Much learning doth make thee mad. ROBERT CROCKER 1 llgolfl .1 X All the great are dying- and I'm not feeling so Well. ff.- ,J lh1ARY D,AGOSTINO "Doggie" Her athletic ability sur- passes many. PATRICIA QIDAILEY uljatn How lovely common things 4 must seem to you yi l , Who have such lovely eyes X l to see them through. 3 IDELORES DANIELS H U De She put her problems aside for a brainy day. EUGENE DAUM llcrandyll If she undervalue me What care I how fair she be? ELIZABETH DAY fllgettyll A sunny disposition is half the battle. LAUREL DELANO Kidd!! When she speaks, The air, a charter'd libertine, is still, And the mute wonder lurketh In men's ears, To steal her sweet and IWARXL DI QUIT-10 honey'd sentences. MHVY Her aid one need not fear to ask-she's glad to help with any task. I X zsy X 9 Emvm DIPALMA "Shorty" My heart is like u bird. FnANc1s DONOVON "Francis" I would do what I pleased. ANDREVV EIBL lKAWdy!l ln action faithful and in honor dear, Who broke no promise, serv- ed no private end, NVho gained no title but who lost no friend. FRANCIS FANCHER KI A' ' U Pmnlue We may live Without friends, We may live without books, Hut civilized man cannot live without cooks. FRANK FINTAK llpinnyll He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. - v JAMES HLINGERFORD "ji1111ney" I have a great work in hand. LILLIAN ll0LT HKit7I She never turned her steps, but marched face for- ward. IxRNOLD ClARRISON HLefty7l Happy am I-from care I am free, Why can't they all be con- tented like me? ED AR G14 RT 4 qt ' 5 old-fashioned way 0' a n' a livin'. X! RICHARD ClIlX1INSKI ll ll Baron For it always has been his way Never to do till tomorrow What was assigned for today. ClERTRUDE GIIRNEH' Cmrtw Red hair-u sunny smile- what else could be asked for? IOAN l IARDING Ujfjfl Stately and tall she moves in the hall, the chief of a thousand for grace. EST!-IEP. l'lARMEl'l "DzflJloy" She's all my fancy painted herg she's lovely, she's divine. Z ' Hmiiuarm ELSI. ENDERSON "Elsie" Silence more musical than any song. N A EL llILL Hpnt!7 X' L ur light so shine be- , X re men, kj at they may see your good work. uf. 4 25f . Y -Q" .4 R' . D ,.. '. S S 'fe 'v ,X H . E ii ROBERT INGRAM KIBOW I place my hands back of my head, relax, and contem- plate something which repre- sents great quiet and tran- quility. ELIZABETH KAMS If ' H Lzzzy Rich in good works. ROBERT KELSEY l1B0bl! With his disposition, Bob will never lack friends. DOROTHY LIENHART MDCK, "Fair and softly goes far." FRANK LUDINGTON IA' Il Frank RUTH INGRAINI "Di1nples" A friendly girl-with dim- pled grin--and flirting eyes with mischief in. LOUISE KELLY HLiZll lt's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice. GLADYS LARSON "Gladys" Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. LORETTA LONG H ' H Lone It well becomes atwoman to be modest and retiring. Brockport's loss is our gain. CURTIS LYNIAN "Curt" A rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. X26 JOSEPH lX1ACK 1110637 Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. SARA McK1ssocK Clmrie A true friend is forever a friend. BERNADINE iVlILLER H I Pl Berme Observe her ease of man- ner and match her if you can. EDITH lXiONACELLI IIEdieU Forget thee, never! EDNA Nlonmsn "Eddie" Heart on her lips and soul Within her eyes Soft as her climes and sunny as her skies. STANLEY lX'lATTERN "Sinn" When I feel like- exercis- ing, l just lie down until thr- feeling goes away. TTIOBIAS NCNALL H H T01lI1iIJ' Whistle, and shf-'ll como to you. ANTONETTE lh1ONACELLI HT,i1'H7j'H As merry as the d long. M AYNARD Moons Hgfucill What would a convi- bo without Maynard! rl-'ONIASINO NENNI HDOZZJIH ay is ntion She is well paid that is satisfied. 27g :jk HON IDAVID NESBITT Hldindylf He may be chicken-hearted but he's not meek. LEONARD CDSBORN "Ossie" lt may be said that his wit shines at the expense of his memory. KENNETII PETTINE 111481111 Mr. Cook's right-hand man! llELEN PLIISKWA "Helen" Gentle of speech, benefi- cvnt of mind. GERTRUDE POELIXIA H" ' 'Y 1 rudze She was as good as she was fair NonoqNone on earth above herg As pure in thought as angels are 'l'o know her was to love her. LIICILLE NFSBITT H I7 Seal Liked by everyone-for more reasons than one. llfmnv PARKER Parker" Ford cars make Henry's monev, Parke-r's money buys Henry's Ford. 14 LESLENE PHILLIPS UBOFY Of all the things you wear, Your expression is the most important. LOUISE Ponclans "I-o1Iise" She is the quiet kind whose nature never varies. ROGER PRATT 4rR0gJ1 Roger plus cows equals Croesus plus money. X28 W ----- a WILFRED PRESTON "Blondie" The load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. IXNGELO Ricci x1Angvr Diligence is the Mother of good fortune. CLYDE SIMPSON fl U Tommy A wise man is strongg yea, a man of knowledge increases strength. VV-ILMA SNYDER H U nyoler Her hear is as true as steel. CHARLOTTE STEELE fl U Steele In her tongue is the law of kindness. lXlELVIN QUAGLIANA HQ'uigH When duty and pleasure clash, Let duty go to smash. JANET Ross lljanetlf I am not afraid of to- morrow, for I have seen yes- terday and I love today. LEONARD SNYDER 'ISneeze" A great orator is truly im- pressive. VELMA STAFFORD "Dede" Soft peace she brings And opens in each heart a little heaven. JANET STRICRLAND H I l' Sunshine An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. 7 2? f 29l ELEANOR STYMus ll 1 H lilcfmfm' Wvll, timid silunco hath more cloqucnco than speech. Dc um VFEBA Lm "Don Ili-r heart is likc a singing: llird. MAC PVIIEOIJORAKOS ll 'V H Cfreek l always dare to be as funny as I can. l313'r1'v Tumi, MBCHJVU Ge-ntlo hor ways and goritli- hvi' spooch. JOSEPH 'TOlXIAS1NO Klloell No lcgacy is as rich as honvsty. VIANET SUTTON "S1fttrm" There-'s nothing half so mvc-ot in llfe as love's young dream. ROSE TEBALDI ff I! R0 Let thy words bo few. PETER PFIIEODORAKOS "Pete" Thu bigger they corne, the ll2l1'1lC1' they fall. CDLETA THOMAS "Oletie" Silvncc- is golden, but sho's off tho gold standard. lXlAHj0RIE TOWNSEND "Marge" A soft answer turneth away wrath. X80 BETTY TYLER H H Boots Manners alone beam nity on all. dig- GERALD VANVLEET H ' If Ozzze He was a gentleman from sole to crown, clean-favored, and imperially slim. HOPE TYLER "Punkie" Joys too exquisite to last, and yet more exquisite when past. Munmw WEAVER llMurryil Truth is the highest thing that man may keep. 1 w EDWARD WIELGOSZ I 11Edu . S Step by step the ladder is ' , - ascended. A ' i? X X .3 R fll-ELEN ILLIAMS Q ' ifstubll A merry heart makegre ' cheerful countenance. - K IN MEMORIAM DOROTHY YUNGFLEISCH "How good a thing it is, those candid eyes that saw a truth as truth, and lies as lies will never see the taint of compromise. She'll never he a part of sorrows past- Here rests a dream, here rests a faith intact." 51" X- FF PF From the ashes Of eternity a flame we could not hold has gone into the everlasting. For so brief a time, she who has passed from Our sight but not from our heart, flung the light of her glowing presence upon our lives. Because the Class of 1941 glimpsed that gleam, the shadow will forever be less intense and the remembrance more vivid. 811 JUNIOR CLASS OF 1942 l,l'L'SlI.lL'lll .,,,,,,.........AA,v.........,.. KENNn'1'u Nuxioisi Vice Presizleiil --.. ......,-...........7.. DonoTnv XIANXXLEET Secremrj' ..s,. ., H.........,,...........W.. MARILYN DELANU Trerisiirer ..g.,A........,.,,.............s ..-,l3iaT'1'v lxlYERS Cflczss zlrlifiser .A.H,.........g......... . ..... Miss PIQRIVISOND "'l'i1i1e, you old gypsy mari, Y lrlfill you not slay, Pitt up your cnrrwan just for one day? in lflaunting conviction lilte a wellfearned aura, almost two hundred juniors walk the corridors of .Xlhion lligh today, not unaware, however, that in i933 the doors swung open to admit a group of thoroughlyhfrightened youngsters. Miss Trivisond, their class adviser, helping to guide their uncertain destinies with a firm. friendly hand, has led them toward the final triumph! These proud upperfelassmen held their first party in Decemher. ln the fall, hoping to augment their finances, the class conducted a most successful magazine campaign, and in lN'larch with true lrish friendliness joined the Sophomore Class in a eelehration dedicated to the lrish saint. ln liehruary. memhers of the class received the symhol of their prestige and honor, the .lunior llingg later, some purchased gold pins. With the arrival of spring, came the hig eventl Eagerly anticipated hy all loyal juniors, the annual Banquet and Prom was well attended and its memory tucked away in lavender for future years. To prove that it was not all laughter and merriment the class pledged several of its memhers to that criterion of super achievement, the National llonor Society. As the sun dial marks the passing hours, so for the Class of '42 did these in- cidents weave a thread of enduring memory. Surely, these youngsters will continue to march steadfastly toward ultimate victory and conclude their lligh School Pil- grimage in a hurst of gloryl X82 Dan Acchione Lovrina Acri James Aina Mary Allen Mary Ruth Arnold Gordon Atkinson Jean Babbitt Edna Ball Herbert Bandelner Junior Barber Rose Barber Elda Barnum Carl Belson Alfred Blandino Veronica Bokman Harris Boyce Winthrop Brown Arthur Brundish Betty Budd Esther Bulmore Mary Canale Betty Mae Chapman Eleanor Clark Angeline Clementi Ilolaert Coffey Donald Cole Irene Colonna Geraldine Condoluci Helen Connor Colin Corke Sarah Rose Cox Clara Czachorowski Reid Daum Donald DeGraff Marilyn DeLan0 Ruby DeMay Edmund DePalma Peter DePalma John Dragon Walter Dragon Margaret Dungan Arlene Dutton Gerald Eddy Ruth Emery Carl Fancher Jean Ferris Wilbur Foote Constance Forder Gertrude Forsaith Leonard Gartland Marjorie Garrity Avis Gay Mary Gay James Gibbs Ruth Gibson Eugene Gminski Louis Gorney Donald Grimes Arthur Gurzinski Lawrence Hamilton Barbara Harding Beatrice Hazard Mary Louise Heady John Heard Richard Heard Pauline Herman Alvara Hoot William Hudson George Johnson Herbert Kams Amos Kelsey Warren Kendrick Ellen Kirby Shirley Kleindienst Lois Klinke Wilma Larson Arthur Levandowski Leonard Levandowski John Linkowski Alfred Long Emma Lukowski Wendell Mack Mary Maddock Florence Mager Viola Manella John Martillotta Joseph Massaro David Mathes Harold Michalak Betty Miles Donald Miles Dorothy Miller Marilyn Miller Genevieve Monacelli Joseph Monacelli Leatrice Monacelli Patsy Musso Betty Myers Stanley Nayman Charles Neri Patsy Neri Delfino Nenni Kenneth Nimon Margaret Noon Burton Odell Emily Oliver John Pawlaczyk Betty Parsons Helen Parsons Joseph Piazza Leonard Radzinski Dick Rice Lorraine Rice Mary Richardson Derrick Ross Alma Russell Lena Russelli Chester Sadowski Jennie Saeva Martha Saeva Eleanor Sanderson Delos Sanford Edward Scharping Nancy Schaffer Ruth Schnitzer Marion Seeley Catherine Sheelar George Sheelar Urwin Staines Carrie Mae Stetson Joan Stimson Velma Stymus Edward Sullivan Eleanor Thomas Gerald Tucker Margaret Tyler Hurley VanAernum Dorothy VanVleet Theodore Vick Richard Wasmund Raymond Webster John Weeks Mary Weites George Wooster 38 ffl fl ,X V sa-, -151,1 'o x'-V f SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1943 President --.. .,,. - -. .....,,A.........,, it ec- --lJoN.x1.o llrooixi Vice Presitlem ,,,.,.....,,,,......., ,,, , -PA'r'ruc:m l31,ANno Secretary ....,, , .,.......vA,......,., .g... - ,Lovma KELLY Treasurer ....,.A.A...,A, - ......,,,...... ALLEN CoMs'roCK Class Adviser ... ,......,,,.....,. ,,..... ,, Miss S1,Acz1i'r Vllell, so we are Sophomoresl VVe have reached the hallvfway marls in our high school career, aided hy Miss Slaght, our class adviser. We are noxv taking on new responsihilities. As Freshmen we held several parties. As Sophomorcs we have had one party held on Novcmher twentyfninth. which was attended hy ahout seventy-five memhers. VVC now feel more mature and are participating in many additional extra- curricular activities, some of which are Clee Cluh. Camera Cluh, Orchestra, Band, Athletics, and such. hlany members have achieved the honor roll. VVC are doing everything possihle to uphold the reputation of the high school and hope we shall he a class long rememhered hy Alhion lligh. X34 Q Aw yi June A dams Peter Aina Helen Albanese Rose Marie Albanese Carrel Bachman Carson Bailey Dorothy Bilicki Patricia Blando Donald Bloom Fred Bloom lsabel Bloom John Boag John Bradley Alice Bradt Mary Lou Brannigan Ansel Brennan Eleanor Brooks Gerald Brooks Edward Brundish Betty Budd Joseph Canale Dorrance Casselman Florence Ann Chase Carmel Christopher James Clark Allen Comstock Clara D'Agostino Jacqueline D'Amico Thomas D'Amico Louis Daniels Elizabeth Daum Eolabelle Daum Dorothy Donovan Chester DiPalma Jean Duross Henry Eddy Helen Engle Louise Fletcher Roy Ford Robert Furmanski Leonard Garrity Caroline Gaylord Emma Goodwin Helen Grant Joseph Greco Jean Grimes Donald Hoag Allen Higgins Gertrude Hofert Nina I-lollenbeck Mary Elizabeth Hudson Shirley Ingram George Irwin Edward Jablonski Elizabeth Janus Betty Johnson Pauline Johnson Arthur Kaminski Eleanor Karls Rolland Kast Lovina Kelley Doris Kinnear June Klotzbach Lois Klinke Louis Kornow Dorothy Lee Naomi Lonnen Earl Lovewell Eleanor Mack Marilyn Merrill Arthur Miles Shirley Miller Robert Moore Eleanor Monacelli John McGuire Harold McMullen Josephine Nenni Dorothy Newbould Delight Nickerson lva Pask Patricia Palmer James Pettine Norma Pittman Audrey Porter Ruth Putnam Marion Quintern Marion Reed Marion Revelas Sophia Revelas Leonard Rice Lynn Robinson Thomas Ross Elberta Rowley Dorothy Ruhlman Eleanor Sadowski Charles Sedita Jane Salisbury Dora Seager Arlene Socciarelli Kathryn Soule Hubert Standish Richard Sterczynski Jack Stirk Donna Strickland Lorraine Stucko Elliot Snyder Gerald Thaine Laurel Thompson Gordon Townsend Josephine Trupiano Calvin Tripp Emily Yaskulski Roland Vink Evelyn Weaver Inez Webster Eleanor Wells Frances Louise Wilson Donald Wetherbee Jeannette Wetherbee Landall Wetherbee Kathleen Whalen Ruth White Margaret Whitney Lucille Willimott Vera Winden Harry Wolffe Rose Zambito :my FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1944 Presi1i'e111 ,, ,,,,,,,,,.g.......,.A.. ., ...AA,A, lXlA'l'IllQVV CNISZEK Vice Presiilemt ................................, EMMA llnsL Secretary mul Treusifrci' .A,,,.,,.,,A,,,,,, Euczemi PIENIMZEK Class llistmfifm g, . ,v, ,,w ., v IMJILLINE MACK Class Adviser ..,,g.,,.,.vv,,,,.,.,v,,g.,,,,A., ,Miss Lfxlnlm As lireshmen we have ltept rather closely to our worli, getting a good start on our secondary education. Nevertheless, with the help ol bliss Laird. our adviser, we have managed to sandwich in two parties to help us to get better acquainted socially. The first one was held in the gym on November l. As a means of entertainf ment the members daneed, participated in games, and were entertained by Margaret hlarlts and Evelyn Sadowslti, who rendered vocal numbers. Cider and doughnuts were served later to the seventy-five or eighty present. Miss Laird, Mathew Ciszek, Virginia hlonacelli and Florence Soeciarelli deserve our thanlxs lior taking charge of such a delightful party. The second party was held on February 28 in the Gymnasium. There were eighty present. We played games, danced, held an amateur show, and ate ice cream and cake. hlr. Sherman and Mr. Coolt favored us with some songs ol' "The Good Old Days." It was because of the cooperation of Mathew Ciszelt, loy Clement, Emma Eibl working with Miss Laird, who was in charge, that the party was a success. Next year we intend that you shall hear more of us! X86 Dorothy Adams Bernard Allen Eleanor Allen Joyce Allen llarbara Amish Riving Ausman Gwendolyn llakeman Winston Rarrus Evelyn Bates Doris Batt Louise Batt Wilfred Ratt LaVerne Relson Katheryn Benthin Virginia Bilicki Glenyce Rlissett Marion Bloom Henry Bokman Jack Borello Martha Lee Brannigan Doreen Brown Dorothy Jane Brown William Campbell Charles Carr Mathew Ciszek Phyllis Christopher Beulah Clark Joy Clement Frances Clementi Lois Cleveland Rudolph Condoluei Lorraine Crane Frances Cusimano Sam D'Agostino Mary D'Alesio Elio D'Andrea lda D'Andrea Marilyn DeZetter John Donahue Emma Eibl Alice Ergott Evelyn Fancher Earle Filer Dorothy Fisher Frank Forder l-Jetty Francis Dorothea Fulton Carl Gavenda Joseph Giarrizzo Virginia Gminski Doris Grimes Max Gruszczynski Dorothy Haines Norman Hilbert Geraldine Hill Joyce Howard Richard Howard Francis Howe Sherman Hudson Evelyn ireland Barbara Jeffrey Jean Judwick James Juliano Martha Kaminski Jean Kams Laverne Kast Merwin Kast Pauline Kast Robert Kelley Clara Kidney Carl Klopp Edith Knickerboek Lloyd Kuhn Donald Landauer Robert Lee er Dorothy Levandowski Elizabeth Lewis Emily Linko Ruth Lonnen Nellie Ludington Henry Lukowski Adeline Mack Grace Manzella Margaret Marks Teresa Martillotta Ma1'y Alice Mathes Frank Mauragris Clark Miller Garland Miller Francis Monacelli Gene Monacelli Harold Monacelli Robert Monacelli Rose Monacelli Virginia Monacelli Marjorie Moore Arlene Morrish Frances Moran Anna Nenni Harold Nesbitt Elinor Nickerson Irene Nochelski Adeline Nowicki Patricia O'Dea Sophia Ostrowski Gerald Paine Robert Palmer Carol Parker Jean Pask William Passarelli Eugene Pieniaszek Frances Pickett Angelo Restivo Lorraine Richards l Theodore Riemer Anthony Sacheli Evelyn Sadowski Delores Sanford Jane Sanford Angeline Sedita Donald Scharping George Scharping' Vincent Sheelar Francis Skinner Virginia Sledzik Norma Smith Dale Snow Florence Socciarelli Joseph Stanton Allen Starks Janet Steele Raymond Sterczynski Jean Stimson Eleanor Strouse Ellen Joan Sullivan Rernadine Telga Guy Terra Josephine Tomasino June Tompkins Pauline Trupiano Ruth Tucker Richard Vanderlaan Geraldine Vella Ralph Webster Shirley Westfall Marion Williams William Wittman Betty Wolffe Jane Wolfrom Carl Yungfleisch Edward Zwiefka Genevieve Zwiefka my EIGHTH GRADE Sixih Ilc1w-- .lm-ssiv Hrillw, ,X11li11111y In-4':11'l11, f1t't1Vg.l't' Ir.11111x1111, I4'1'.111i-: Si1I:11'i, ll:1Ip!1 1:1lX't'Il1lil, lCslI11-1' M1'I'ull, I:lill','l'l S:111l'-11'1l. l:K'Yl'I'!j' M111'1':1y, 41XVl'll4llllj'll lf'111's21itl1, 'l'!111111:1s l'11si111:11111, Milwiiw-11 l'l11111111111', .lusx-1111 Ii111'1:i11, l"iI'Il1 llnw M1-V111 S:111i'111'1I, IM1'41ll1y i'11111sl111'lc, X'1'I'2l .XIkiIlHIlIl, .l41y:'.- .Xll111, 1.1-vi XX'm1111l4-mrlc, Mil1l1'1-il M111'1':1y, -IH?-'W' 52lHfUl'1i, ln1Y1-1'111- Milvs, i'i1:11'l11l11- 11llI'llL'X, I-Z:11'I Ilevylv, I1111'11Ii1y Hull, Wilii:1111 K11I111s. I"11111'll1 l111W---M:11'.i111'iv I!11w111:111, K4-11111-111 IP11-W, M:1111i11 I'ii:1l41. I':1lsy l5l11':li11, lIa11'11 Yzlskllsn-ki, XVz11'111-1' IIz11'li112'- M11V,2'z11'1l ,XlI1:1111fsv, 1it'Ul'3.!,'i' lflxw-11-ll, Mz11'i1- l!i1I1-FI, I1111111is S111-1-I:11', N111'111:1 l1'II1'i1-11, X'i1'g:,'i11i:1 3l2lZlll', 'I'i111111:1:4 l':1l1111':1. I'l1i1'1l Iiuw K11'UI',!,1' M111'14z1y, M:11'i4i11 Iklznffiwszvk, l.l1iS!:ilIlk!'I', I.z1111':1 iizllc-s, NIXIWYII lfllrlms, .Xllbl'l'l1l Spinks, Il11ssk'li!'I', .I:111iw- I:ilI'llllllI, Ilulu-1'l 'l'17NYI1St'lI1i, Ifllizailn-111 Nivkx-1's1111, 'I'I1111:1:1s lv1':1y:'4111, M:11'ily11 ll4il1i11sn111, .l11l111 Il:11141x':l11. ' ' - ' ' ' ' " W- ' 4' - :'1i' 411 ':11'1i 4l1'1'1-1141, lP:1l1li:1 S111'1'i:11'1-Ili, IM111all1l 5l'4'llIllI l.-1w- l..1111'11 N111I1111l, Nllllbll h.11x.1,i111111111 M1i11111 11, I lxx 14111-k, lfllsii- M1111:1v1-lli, ll:1y11111111i H111-1-:11'1'i11, l:A'I'2ll.lill1' !'z1l1114-1', N1111xi11 iZl:1114l11, !':111'i1-1:1 Y111111g's, I+'1'1-11 I.111'zz1k, First linw In-lmis 'l'l14111111s4111, lI111't1111 Smith, .l11s1111I1 N4-11111, liz11'l Kaul, H1-121111 S1'I1:11'11i11p:', A111-11 t'l1ilwi11, V1'illi:1111 I'1':ullv5', .l111I,Q1111 lC:1511111111l, Xvilliillll Hj'l'llI1l, SEVENTH GRADE 1 Sixth liuw, H111-k, 1.1-11111 Iliglit I+'1':111kli11 XYl1it1-, ll:11'1-y 14111111113 V011-1' 111111-111-y, 411-111'g'v Ilinlwl, XV'i1liz1111 Ulivn-1', Silii'lt'Y Sl111lf-1', AI2ll'4ilYI'it' XYi1'ki1z1111, Xvilllilil K1I'1lj', luilI'iHll XVi1'kl1:1111, XX'illi11111 ll11w111'1l, Pliyllis K1-11111. Fziiwil i'z11's1i11s. l"iI'Il1 Ilow -In-Iuiws .Iz1wm11'ski, t'111's1I11-1111 Milli-1', llim-l1:11'1l I'-llll, .X11lI11111y f'iiII'i1'lP, lI1'l1'I11' XYilsv:1, A111121 Mau- XYI1:1ln-11, I!111'1'1111gl1s S11'i1'kl11111I, M111'i1-I lluwlwy, l?.1l1- ll11w1.1'1i, ,li-2111 XIill1-1', .li-1111111 llwmks. 11'11111'tl1 llfiw--luv:-1x11 liuslm-y, .I:11111-s King, lmrwmlliy I,r111g:, lC11L:'v111- In-igl1, l'1iI'1ll 1'll'Illt'Iil, l'l1:11'l1-s XX'111I'1'n111, Siilllil S:11l:11'i, .xllllil .I11Ii:111o, l!z11'l1:11'z1 lim-ll, 121-1111x'ivx'v ll:11lzi11sk1, 'I'l1i1'1I llmvw--Iii1'I1:11'1l XYm11lN, Mary t'11111'11x' 4ll"ll'1' l:llt'1'i2lI'1lIi lI41w:11'4l Il1illi1l.1y, 4'l1:11'l411l1- llll4'il2l.i, ll11l11i114' ' ' ' N 1 ns I1 111 H1-imlis, Ii:11'li:11':1 I11-vvlzls, N1-il W1-lls,' l'vg:p.:'y ImIli11g:111', .KIM-1-1 Smith, Imsi- I.1slix'11, lz111l .'12l4ll . 1: IM-11:1I1111-, 311111111111 I-111310, S1-1111111 Huw V-t'l1:11'I1-4 1121111111-, .l11y1'1- XV:-lls, I':1lS5'Sz11:I111, Ninn Gi:11'1'izz11, I'c-lei' Mzxrvks, Ruse- lltllllllvll, XYilli11111 Ni1'k4-1's4111, .I1-1111i1- 1'z111:1l1', 1101111111 Szuluwskii Yi1'u,'i11i:1 llivv, St:111l:-3' l.z1111l:111v1', IC1'11s-sIi111- Gmll'1'1-X, .lullll Kl11lZl1:11'k, Xlillj' flillmny. First Huw IN1111 l'1ml1-, l3l'2lll 1lz114ll:1111l, l+I1lw111'1l4l1111l1l. .xllillll NllXVll1l'Ilili, .Xlx'i11 l'111ilv, QI11 Smith, J111111 A 1 Nlilllll, .X1'1111I1l 'l'11w.11-, .Xl1'1'1-11 1'i11'is11111l11-13 Synllii-5' t'11x,M11-1111111 M:11111'11, yas Q: . 'T' wr-I W 1-of 'l'liird llow: Hoy Rutledge, LaVerne XVier:1, Xxdlllillll Uziseim-lit, Arnold llzulzinski, Burr H1-acly, llulwrt liiclwy ble:-onml How: Lilcilimla Spraegiie, Edward llonan, Clare Lewis, lluth liakexnan, XVil1ian1 Kast, TCVJII-l0Zll'l Ulifl' First How: Audrey Tintlale, Arnold l'JiI.aura, Aviv llolleiiber-k, llicliard Lyman, Pauline Gartland, Michael Rokman, Velma l-'ord President ...A... .,.,...,....,........... . .-RICI1iXRD LYIVIAN Vice President --- .................,.v,.. AUDREY TINDALE , Secretary ....q....... -, .................. IXVIS IHIOLLENBECK , , lx Treasurer .................. -c .......... AnNoLD DILAURA Ar the beginning of the school term, nineteen of last lune's graduates returned to Albion High School as post graduates, a number of whom eventually increased to twenty-nine. At their first meeting, the P. Cfs elected officers, using the new democratic method inaugurated this year. The most important accomplishment of the class was the purchase of a radio. A Thanksgiving dance, held on November 20, was a decided success and made possible the payment for the radio. This dance was arranged and conducted by a committee consisting of Evadean Cliff, Audrey Tindale, Willizim Casement, Arnold DiLaura, Thomas Heard, and Edward Ronan. The first semesters roll call of post graduates was as follows: Ruth Rakeman, lane Reach, Franklin Broadwell, George Callard, Wfilliam Casement, Evadean Cliff, Catherine Christopher, Arnold DiLaura, Velma Ford, Pauline Cartland, Ruth Harding. Burr lleady, Thomas Heard, Avis Hollenbeclc, VVilliam Kast, Clare Lewis, Richard Lyman, Marjorie Moore, Joyce Murray, Hilda Peters, Arnold Radzinski, Hubert Richey, Edward Ronan, Roy Rutledge, Ioyce Smith, Lucinda Sprague, Dorothy Staines, Audrey Tindale, and LaVerne Wiers. During the second half, five of those left school, and one more, Michael Bok- man, returned, making the total number twenty-five. 89f L 6 4,,,,zf-IW' W WNW' X 1, x Www Qx xl fx' - , ,ff wi . of ,,,., , Wm? Q . MQ? 2 M r YE' Q wfqlf' 0? x :E :""inw W ' mf of' I Vw UML Fourth llowz Avis Hollenbeck. llicliard Gminski, Gerald Vain Vleet, llohert, Crocker ldflwaril lionzin, Kinyon Brooks, Yvllllillll Hudson 'l'l1irfl llow: llorotliy llzlim-S, l1iLl'lJ2lI'1l lizllvoin, lilmlu liilldllllll, Ninn llollenlieck, lllllil lllQ,il'2llll, .Xrnolml lizn'i'iscni, .lanvt Ross, Sillil Mvliissuvk, la-slr-ne Phillips, John Dragon John NVQ-i-ks, Allvn l'UlllSll!l'k Sevunrl llow: Marilyn Ilelmno, Luilrai Andre-ws, Ann Hollinger, lvlary lliiluilio, Mars ll',-Xgwvstiiio, .lzu-miilmlliriv lYAniiwr, Hora 'I'eh:1lili, Ge-urge Jolinsrrn, Hose 'I'1-lmlfli, Clyie Simpson, l'm'tis Lymzln First How: l'l1lVV1Ll'1l S4'll2lI'Ilillg', lmuise Kelley, Gertrude Pnelmzl, Peter ll:-Pnllnal, lkllll DeLano, Dorothy Blake, Iiutli S1-linitzer, i'll2ll'lPS l4'zxlconio, Patricia Dailey, Beatrice llzibbitt, lie-nnelh P4-tlinx-, .lvllil Amlmrs CHEVRON STAFF Fiiitors-iii-Chief Dorothy Blake, Laurel DeLano Assistant Editors Ruth Schnitzer, Peter DePalma Biisincss Staff ManagcrfCurtis Lyman Assistant Managers-Janet Ross, John Dragon Literary Staff General Chairman-Gertrude Poelma Class Histories Staff Chairman-Elda Barnum Marilyn DeLano, Jacqueline D'Amico, Dorothy Haines, Avis Hollenbcck Activities Staff Chairman-Patricia Dailey Jean Gillette, Charles Falconio, Sara McKissock, Nina Hollenbeck, Leonard Snyder, Robert Crocker Sports Staff Chairman-Clyde Simpson Edward Ronan, Kinyon Brooks, Arnold Garrison, Mary D'Agostino Arr Staff Chairman-Louise Kelley John Weeks, Mary DiGuilio, Laura Andrews, George Johnson, Richard Gminski, Dora Tebaldi Photography Staff Chairman-Barbara Balcom Kenneth Pettinc, Leslene Phillips Publicity Staff Co-Chairmen-Jean Anderson, Ruth Ingram William Hudson, Rose Tebaldi, Leonard Snyder Advisers Miss Walsh, Miss Ball, Mr. Antes, Mr. Cook Typists Beatrice Babbitt, Gertrude Poelma, Rose Tebaldi, Andrew Eibl, Edna Morrish, Leslene Phillips, Hilda Peters X42 Top llow: llonaltl Bloom, Josephine Trupiano, Ps-tex' lli'l,2lllll1l., Joseph Piazza, lf2ltl16'l'll'll-' l56'l1llllll, Allen Uonislom-lc. Bottom How: Janet Ross, li2ll'llZll'il lg2llt'i'l!'ll, Audrey 'I'in4l:ile. Avis llollenln-ek, Amos I-Ieetlon, Pzltrieia Ilailey, lioy lllltlerleje. CLARION-ECHO Co-Ftlilors .................. lovers SIXTITII, Avis IIOLLENRFCK Business Mmfirzger ................,.......... AMos BEEDoN Circiilziiion Mmmger ............,... s ME. AnNoLn IJILAURA Feature Manager .........v................ AUDREY TINDALE Faculty Adviser .A.,A................ W1LL1Aix1 A. MLJNACELLI Established lune 1938 by the consolidation of the Albion Iligh Schools "Echo" and "Clarion", the HClarionfEeho" entered its third year of publication last fall. CofEditors when school began in the fall were hflargaret Dragon and loyce Smith. Margaret lelt school just before the beginning ot the new term, and Avis llollenbeck, who had lormerlv been an assivnment editor, was chosen to till the . C7 vacancv. On hlarch 7 the "ClarionfEcho" staff sponsored one of their popular question and answer programs. comprised ol four pupils and tour teachers. ln the spring the stall members visited a newspaper plant in Rochester. Besides Jrintinv its school a ver ever week, the "Clarion-Echo" staff furnished l .e .. ll 1 , ,, . . . the "Orleans American' and the Orleans Re ubllcan with school news to uubhsh in . l their weekly papers. The "Clarion-Echo" has several aims. One of the main purposes is to give due publicity to school affairs and to keep school activities before the teachers and mem- bers of the student body. Another is to develop interest in school activities, to pro- mote school spirit and to offer to a few members ol the student body an opportunity to learn some of the problems faced by those whose duty it is to publish a weekly paper. my Both Miss Allen and the Clee Club deserve considerable credit for their superior A' J Q iii GIRLS' GLEE CLUB As always, the Clee Club rendered invaluable services to the musical depart- ment of Albion lligh School. The entire Chorus of 135 voices appeared at both the Band Concert and Commencement exercises, and special groups were selected for the Christmas Choir and Operetta. The Choir entertained the Parent-Teachers group as well as members of the Presbyterian Church shortly helorc Christmas. The program at school consisted of several selections hy the choir and solos hy hlargaret Nlarlxs, Joyce Smith, Amos liecdon and llurley Vanflernum. This year's operetta was the "ll. M. S. Pinalioref' which, seven year ago, was the first Cilbert and Sullivan vehicle for Albion students. ln the 1941 production, leading roles were portrayed hy Arnold Carrison, as the captaing Margaret lllarlis, as losephincg Mr. Schnitzer, as Sir loseph Porterg and Dora Tebaldi, as the 1atter's cousin lleheg lean Cillette depicted Little lluttcrcupg Amos Beedon, llalph Raclt- strawg and the 1atter's mate, John llradley. Sailors on the "Pinal'ore" and relatives of Sir losCbh were Dortrzlyed bl' the chorus of over 30 voices. achievements. Lovrina Acri Barbara Amish Patricia Dailey Jacqueline D'Amico Erma DiPalma Jean Dungan Helen Engle Alice Ergott Ruth Gibson Jean Gillette Dorothy Haines Esther Harmer Sopranos Mary Louise Heady Joyce Howard Mary Elizabeth Hudson Betty Johnson Pauline Kast Margaret Marks Marilyn Merrill Edith Monacelli Betty Myers Peggy Noon Adeline Nowicki Leslenc Phillips Marion Revelas Evelyn Sadowski Joyce Smith Kathryn Soule Charlotte Steele Joan Stimson Eleanor Strouse Dora Tebaldi Rose Tebaldi Laurel Thompson Audrey Tindale Jane Wolfrom X44 James Aina Gordon Atkinson Carson Bailey Amos Beedon Gerald Blandino Donald Bloom John Bradley Donald Cole Charles Falconio Arnold Garrison Winston Barrus Carl Belson Harrison Boyce William Bradley Ansel Brennan Charles Carr John Coffey Peter DePalma Earl Filer BOYS' GLEE CLUB Basses Richard Gminski Lawrence Hamilton John Heard William Kast Clare Lewis Richard Lyman John Martillotta John McGuire Arthur Miles Patsy Musso Tcnors Max Gruszczynski Sherman Hudson George Johnson Arthur Kaminski Laverne Kast Buddy Miller Francis Monacelli Gene Monacelli Robert Monacelli Harold Nesbitt Kenneth Nimon Joseph Piazza Melvin Quagliana Anthony Saehc-lli Mac Theodorakos Hurley VanAernu1n John Weeks Clyde Simpson Francis Skinner Elliott Snyder Leonard Snyder Urwin Staines Edward Sullivan William Wittman Jean Anderson Gwendolyn Bakeman Edna Ball Elda Barnum Dorothy Blake Patricia Blando Veronica Bokman Dorothy Brown Esther Bulmore Mary Canale Ruth Clark Mary D'Alesio Elizabeth Day Bette Eaton Altos Velma Ford - Virginia Gminski Geraldine Hill Gertrude Hofert Lillian Holt Elizabeth Janus Shirley Kleindienst Edith Knickerbocker Naomi Lonnen Mary Maddock Dorothy Miller Anna Nenni Tomasina Nenni Patricia Palmer Sophia Revelas Elberta Rowley Almah Russell Eleanor Sanderson Ruth Schnitzer Angeline Sedita Jean Stimson Josephine Trupiano Pauline Trupiano Dorothy VanVleet Geraldine Vella Mary Weit s A. ns, 1 ' fp Irene Nochelski LLK' ' 45f ORCHESTRA 'l'hii'1l Row: Ellen Kirby, Harry Parke-1', l'l1l1e1'ta Ilowley, Lovina Kelley, Gertrude Poelnia, Gerald Van Vlevt, Charles l"als-onio, Edward Sullivan, 'Flioinas MeNall, John Hraillvv Suvonnl llowz Xvllllillll Kuhns, Gcrtrurll- llofcrt, liulry IM-May, llorotliy l"islu'I'. l42lll!'t'l IM-Iizlno, .Izu-14111-lilie Il'A1nieo, llolu-rt Moiiaeelli, .ln-an lllllliiilll, lielna lVllll'I'lSll, Peter IM-Pzillna. 41, ' Inst Iiow: 114-itrllcle I'ivni:1:1zck, 114-in-vin-vu Monzu-4-lli, Furl lislson, Marilyn IH-llauo, .lack Stirk, Kvnnn-tli Nilnun, llarohl Michzilzlk, Ilarlan XVoo4l:4, .lann-s King, Leonard Siiyder, Ilicliaiwl l4XlllGl'l, Illlila li2ll'lllllll, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The Alhion lligh School lland and Orchestra under the direction of Nr. Trusselle have shown an enormous improvement this year. The most outstanding feature was the selection of hoys and girls for participation in the All-State hlusic Clinic held at Rochester. Those fortunate enough to attend were lohn Bradley, French liorng Ruhy Dehlay, clarinet, Charles Faleonio, tromhoneg Edward Sullivan. tromhoneg James King, violing janet Sutton, saxophone and Cerald VanVleet, sousaphone. The Band lahorcd diligently in preparation for competition with other school hands at Barker, where the Spring Music Festival was held this year, and the result was one of extreme satisfaction. hlemhers from hoth the Band and Orchestra ape pearcd in solo numhers. The Swing Band, which made its dehut last year, continued to glorify its already illustrious career. The group entertained the student hodies of hoth Albion and Medina lligh Schools, the latter on an exchange program. Mr. Trusselle also conducted and taught the lunior Band, an organization which hoasts thirty memhers. Each person is instructed to read signs, letters and symholsg he is taught to play as a unit rather than as an individual: he ohtains experience hy participating in a group: and learns to play and cooperate with others. Those who were fortunate to attend the State finals at lainestown were lluhy Dehlay, Peter Depalma, Charles ljalconio, Lovina Kelley, james King, Elherta Rowley, Edward Sullivan, Kathryn Soule. From these Peter Depalma, Edward Sullivan, and Iames King were picked to go to the Nationals at Atlantic City. X46 BAND llfth llow: Gertrude Poelma, Angelo Ricci, Burr Heady, John Bradley, XVilliam Kulins, Jack Stirk, Lovina Kelley, Elberta Rowley. urtli How: f1ll?l,l'1l-'S lfalvonio, Edward Sullivan, Estlie-r Harmer, Ellen Kirby, Furl lfanl-lier, Gerald Van Vleet, llavid Matlies, llose 'l'c-lmaldi, Gene Monzu-elli, Miclizllzlk. 11rd llow: Dorothy Lee, Louise Kelley, Edna Morxisli, Xxvllllkllll Howard, Paul Staines, John lylm-Guire, Uliarlolte Steele, Jean Gillette, Calvin Tripp, llnrry I':u'kvr. mond How: Margaret Noon, Dorothy lfislii-r, Jean Ferris, l'lmrles l'2lI'l', llnby Ilvlllziy, Evelyn NYvu,ver, Gertrude Hofert, .loss-ph Massuro, JHIIIUS King, Laurel llvllllllll. at How: Marilyn Uellano, Donald I4fllNl2Lll9I', Leonard Osborne, Frank lforller, .lunel Steele, llic-hard Howard, Frank Monau-elli, Robert Mona:-elli, llis-hard Gminski, Lynn Robinson, Tliomas McNall, VVilliam Casement, Margaret .lean llllllflfilll, William Bradley, .loan Stiinson. Carl Belson Jane Beach Elda Barnum John Bradley Jean Dungan Jacqueline D'Amico Peter DePalma Marilyn DeLano Laurel DeLano Ruby DeMay Jane Beach John Bradley William Bradley Charles Carr Peter DePalma Jean Dungan Ruby DeMay Laurel DeLano Frank Forder Carl Fancher Charles Falconio Dorothy Fisher Jean Ferris Jean Gillette Richard Gminski Gertrude Hofert William Howard Senior Orchestra Charles Falconio Dorothy Fisher Gertrude Hofert Barbara Jeffrey Lovina Kelley Ellen Kirby William Kuhns Richard Lyman Genevieve Monacelli Harold Michalak Band Burr Heady Mary Louise Heady Louise Kelley Lovina Kelley Ellen Kirby William Kuhns James King Donald Landauer Dorothy Lee David Mathes Francis Monacelli Joe Massaro Thomas McNall Robert Monacelli Peggy Noon Leonard Osborne Harry Parker Thomas McNall Kenneth Nimon Gertrude Pieniaszek Harry Parker Elherta Rowley Edward Sullivan .Tenet Sutton Jack Stirk Leonard Snyder Harlan Woods Gertrude Poelma Angelo Ricci Elberta Rowley Ifynn Robinson Janet Steele Janet Sutton Jack Stirk Edward Sullivan Charlotte Steele Rose Tebaldi Calvin Tripp Evelyn Weaver Gerald VanVleet Esther Harmer Iral Clendenon Paul Staines 471 'Pop Row: Clyde Simpson, Avis Hollenbeck, Hubert Richey, Lucinda Sprague, Burr Heady, Elda Barnum, Roy Rutledge. Bottom How: Mary lJiGuiIio, Gertrumle Poelmri. T4Hlll'Ql Ileliztno, 'I'l1o1nz1s Ms'Nall, Szlru Mcliissoek, llarlmra Hzlleoin, Audrey 'l'in1l:LlL-. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Presitlent ........... ..... ......... L A UREL TTELANO V ice President .................. .--SARA lXfloK1ssocK Secretary ......................... DOROTHY BLAKE Treasurer - ...................... THOMAS lVlCNALL 'ilset hint that seeketh cease not from his search until he find" ldeals are like stars for bv following them we reach our destiny. The National Honor Society, founded in 1903 by the Department of Secondary School Principals, has for its purpose four cardinal objectives. Those pupils who enter the portals of this organization pledge themselves to "bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead so that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life, and to forget self in service." In April the fourteen members of Albion High School met in the llome Economics Room for their first meeting of this school year with Mrs. Wtird llurlburt as guest speaker of the evening. Plans were initiated for the establishment of a "Lost and Found" Department by thc Society. At thc induction ceremony of April 28 the following candidates were admitted to the Society: Edna Ball, Kinyon Brooks, Esther Bulmore, Eleanor Clark, Marilyn Delaano, Gertrude Gurney, Curtis Lyman, Betty Myers, Kenneth Pettine, Leslene Phillips, Ruth Schnitzer, Gerald VanVleet, Dorothy VanVlcct, John VVeeks. "So climh high, And having set your steps regard not -much The tlownward laughter clinging at your feet, Nor mferuiuch the warning, only know, As well as you know down from lantern-light, That far ahove you, for you, and within you, There hurns and shines and lives, unwavering And always yours, the truth." X48 iff -1 1 uc-iiufx, .uuivr nuns, rivicr. riumnwn, i.i.muirL ninux vv.-, .tour nun-,....ui. 'llllll'4l llow: llutli Clark, Charlotte Steele, Bette Eaton, Elsie Henderson, Mary VW-ites, Hlizzilwtli Rains, Hernzuline Miller, O14-ta 'l'llUlll2lS, lic-tty Thiel, Lucy Benson, Elilzt liZli'lllllll, Avis Hollenlic-ek, Marv l7iGllilio. Ser-onrl liow: Velma If'orml, l+'rzLm-es llareelona, llutli Gibson, Marjorie 'I'ownsensl, Hetty Tyler, 1'atherinc Slieelar, Dorothy Graezyk Adelaide liassinait Edna Morrisli Marv lioknian, Ifaurel lieiiano, Elizabeth Day, Esther Harnier. l l l in Iilliin Holt Pi 1111 1 H lirlin Ifinrt Stii klanml Mui Virhli ison l'xul1 in lfirst ls 'L i 2 , is r 1 ':. : ' g, . ' 1 . ' f' ' , 1 t - i '1 J , u 'z -2 t'liIi', llope Tyler, Marjorie Nast, vlvlllllil Snyder, Sara Mt-Kissock, llosi- 'I'ebaldi, .Xntoinctte Monacelli, l'ii'lIl2l I7iPalina, Dora 'l'r-lwalxli, Dolores Daniels, Dorothy llarrus. SENIOR SERVICE SQUAD PY'L'SilfiCl'If ................................. SARA MCKISSOCK Vice President ...................,...... GERTRUDE CiURNEY Secretary ...........................,...... iVlARJOR1E KAST Treasifrcr ................................. WILMA SNYDEP. Adviser ...................................... Miss FISHER Since its origin in 1934, the Senior Service Squad has successfully accom- plished its aim for the furtherance of good-fellowship among its members, for par- ticipation and service in school and community activities, and for the cooperation of Senior girls. This year the interesting theme, "As We See Ourselvesfi was selected. During the first semester both Miss Adams and Mr. Bergerson aided in developing this topic, and other speakers presented various aspects of the same subject. The Club has attempted to be of some benefit in its service activities this year. Members of the squad served regularly as monitors, whose duty it is to keep order in the corridors, as well as to provide information for school guests. During the Christmas season, the girls displayed outstanding cooperation. Each member donated either food or money for baskets which were prepared to aid needy families. Plans for the social activities of the Club aroused an intense interest among the members. These events consisted of a roller-skating party, several dances, and the annual Senior Service Squad Banquet. Several sources were discovered for financing the Club activities. During the football season, stickers were sold and at basketball games both schedule pencils and candy were available to the students for 'i nominal fee. Noon-hour dances also served to increase finances of the Club. in addition to our financial aid and our social activities our greatest support has been proffered by our adviser, Miss Evelyn Fisher, to whom we hereby acl knowledge our very sincere gratitude. 49f Top How: Donald Bloom, John Martillotta, James Aina, Joseph Piazza. Bottgna Row: Leonard Garrity, Louise Kelley, Kenneth Pettine, Nina Hollenbeck, Carl e son. CAMERA CLUB President ....... - - -L - - - .... KENNETH PETTINE Vice President ..... ...... - - - - - -IXLLEN COMSTOCK Secretary ........ .......... - --NINA TIOLLENBECK Treasurer ...................... ........... L oU1sE KELLEY Adviser ................................... CLARENCE COOK "Our success is measured, Not hy what we'd like to do, But by the sincere and honest efforts, That see our wishes through." The theory, "Practice makes perfect", was allowed a trial by hir. Cook in Camera Club as the members strove to master the act of photography. The mem- bership, limited to those who possess experience in photography and an interest in attending Camera Club meetings, enabled the group to attempt more advanced fields of work. After a demonstration of enlarging by Mr. Cook, the members tried individual work. Some of the group brought pictures, the negatives of which were lost, and they were successful in producing them. It had been intended that the Camera Club should take a trip to Eastman Kodak Company to view the new types of cameras, but because of the companys participation in government work, visitors are not allowed. The club discussed the problem of pursuing its hobby economically, and at the beginning of the second semester it was accordingly suggested that some of the necessary darkroom equipment be made. Therefore, projects such as printing boxes and enlargers were undertaken in the shop under the guidance of Mr. Cook. N50 lfourth llow, Left to Right: Henry Tiukowski, James Clark, Calvin Tripp, Roland Vink, Donald Scharping, Iteicl Ilaum, George VV0oster, Arthur Allen, Hurley VanAernuin, l'arI lfaneher, Gerald Paine, Harold Nesbitt, Henry Rowman, 'Vliirrl ltow: Frank Mauragis, Joseph Piazza, Patsy Musso, Gordon Townsr-ntl, XValter llragwn, lludolph Coniloluvi, Garland Miller, Holland Nast, Ili:-k liiee, VVilluur Foote, James Gibbs, Carl Yun5.rilf-izsch, Varl Hart-mia, lit-rnarri Allen. S1-cond llow: George Sher-lar, Stewart Svtlore, Henry ldllklllilll, Merwin liast, Ulmrlcs Carr, Iloluert Kelsey, Louis Kornow, LaYe-riic Nelson, XVinthrop Brown, .lost-ph Giarrizzo, ll2lYl'l'lll' lYebt-r, lialpll YVeitc':4. lfirst Ilow: llavirl Mathew, James Aina, llc-onursl Snyder, Ilelos Sanforrl, I-lerbe-rt fiZlll!l4'Ill4'l', Ilogrs-r Pratt, lylaynarrl Moors-, David Nesbitt,.lJan .Xl't'lll0UB, Herbert liaius, Joseph Mar-k, Hoy Iforrl, l'rwin Staines. ' FUTURE FARMERS or AMERICA President ................................ lVfAYNARD TNTOORE Vice President ---.. ............................ ROGER PRATT Secretary-Treasurer ......................... DAVID NESBITT Reporter .............................. I IERBERT BANDEBIER iifatchdog ................................. ROBERT KELSEY Adviser ................................ WILLIAM SHEIHNIAN The Albion Chapter of the Future Farmers of America commenced the 1940-41 year by attending the New York Worldis Fair in a group. Approximately thirty-five boys undertook this trip. At the State Fair the Albion Chapter was awarded more ribbons than was any other. Here Roger Pratt placed fifth in the Horse ludging Contest, while David Nesbitt qualified for eighth place in Apple lodging and sixth place in Potato Judging. At Rochester's Western New York Horticultural Show, our Apple judging Team, composed of Roger Pratt, Herbert Randemer, and David Nes- bitt, secured champion honors and received a large trophy cup. Also, David Nesbitt defeated competitors by gaining first place. Five of the members attended the Na- tional F. F. A. Convention at Kansas City with their adviser, hir. Willizim Sherman. Twelve of our members participated in Farm and Home week at Cornell, and the boys competed favorably in their various contests. Leonard Snyder was awarded third place in the seed identification contest and the chapter received a small plaque. Franklin Rroadwcll scored eleventh in the Plant Diseased contest and David Nesbitt fifteenth in potato judging. The boys have enjoyed a very active program of sports with basketball, football, baseball and track predominating. The club also sponsored a Father and Son's Ran- quet, several picnics, and a dance. Also this spring the chapter sponsored an amateur show with Clinton Ruehlman, radio star of Station VVCR in Buffalo, as master of ceremonies. Many amateurs took part, and three girls from the State School for the Rlind won first place. This provided our treasury with the money to carry on the rest of the spring activities. my CAST OF "STAGE DOOR" , it Third Row: Ruth Schnitzer, lfranc-es Faneher, Robert Ingram, Dorothy Van Vleet, lliehard Lyman, Je-an Anderson, Edward Ronan, Gerald Van Vleet. Su-woml llow: Nancy Seli:iI'fer, Uurtis Tivinan, XVilnm Snwlr-1, Marilyn Merrill, T4PSl0llk' Phillips, Sara Ms-Kissoc-k, tlertrurle l'or-lnia. Dora 'l'elval1li. Beatrice llalwlvitt. First llow: Ilixtli Ilarllligr, Ann llollinger, Tlionias Ms'Nall. liaurel llehano, ll0lJCl'1 Uroeker, llutli Ingram, K'l12ll'l'Jli lfaleonio, llorolliy lilake, l'ati'ieia Dailey. DRAMATICS AND PUBLIC SPEAKING One of the maxims of Publius Syrus is translated, "Speech is a mirror of the soul, as a man speaks, so is he." find Thcmistocles said, "il mans discourse is like to a rich Persian carpet, the beautiful figures and patterns of which can be shown only by spreading and extending it out." This year it has been the chief endeavor of the students of public speaking and drama in Albion lligh School, to try to exemplify in some slight degree through their work, the spirit indicated in these txvo quotations. First there has been an effort to develop the individual in mind and spirit, secondly, the students have tried to create rich patterns of growth by the sharing of the wisdom of the great minds of all ages. In dramatics three projects have been attempted. On October lo, 1940, the Seniors. assisted by several others, gave a highly successful performance of the Edna Ferber-George Kaufman comedy, "Stage Door". This is a splendid vehicle for high school performance because it portrays some of the hopes. fears and problems of young people. This play provided an opportunity for a large number of students to act a great variety of roles. Outstanding in smoothness, diction and character in- terpretation, this play was very well received. X52 I i .F y 'I up liow: Kenneth Nllllfllr, John VW-eks, Edna Ball, l.:rwi'c-rim-v Hamilton, Ulyflv Simpson, Jean Gillette, Ilorotliy Yan V14-et, .Ioan Stilnzsoli. Hottnin liow: lidwzirrl Sl'llIlI'IPll1g', ldsthm-r Hlilnirnw, Inu-otliy Ptlake, 'I'hom:is M1-Nall, Lzinrel llelinnn, Kenneth Petlino, Sara Mcliissfzr-k, .Minis Kelsey. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS and SIGNOR PRIZE SPEAKERS Five students prepared and presented the one-act comedy, "Wlio Gets the Car Tonight," by Chris Sergel, as a means of developing student interest in dramatics. This playlet provided recreation at a high school assembly, at a P. T. A. meeting and in an exchange assembly program at Medina High School. As a means of demonstrating a different type of dramatic expression, the inter- lude "Nevertheless," by Stuart Wrillzice, was given at an assembly. A delightfully written playlet, it pleased the audience with its grace and charm. Approximately every two weeks, an assembly program has been given through- out the year, usually presenting six speakers, who occasionally have been assisted by some of the schools musicians. An endeavor has been made to provide programs of sufficient variety to furnish interesting topics for all groups in the student body. llistory, poetry, drama, humor and selections have been interpreted by some sixty students, who have worked hard to present enjoyable and commendable programs. lr is interesting to note that whenever requests have been made for additional pro- grams, volunteers have made these preparations very easy. As a fundamental train- ing for the highly important Signer Prize and Commencement programs, the bi- monthly assemblies are invaluable practice. For through the experience of appearing before a large audience, the student gains poise, self-confidence and skill, and eventually develops his natural abilities into a rich pattern Hwhich can be shown only by spreading and extending it outf' mm A W -W Q --iiii -Q -W - Ab-3 f ,0f-.0'f.-a'yeLus1u.:' ,Jw - Third Row: Dan Acchione, Kenneth Pettine, Leonard Snyder, Harold Michalak, Jack Phillips, Manuel Altman, Coach Michael Spierdowis. Second How: Frank Ludington, Arthur Gurzinski, Russell Soper, James Aina, Grayson Norman, Norbert Noreck, Leo Donahue, Leonard Mager. First How: Frank Fintak, Gordon Atkinson, Henry Eddy, Sam D'Agostino, Assistant Manager, Edward Ronan, Manager. BASEBALL The 1940 Albion High School Baseball Team successfully defended their Cenesee'Orleans championship by winning seven out of eight league games. Approximately thirty-nine players answered Coach Spierdowis' call at the be- ginning of the season, but because of the withdrawal of some boys and the elimina- tion of others from the squad, by the end of the season twenty-two players were reporting for practice. The nucleus of the 1940 nine consisted of Russell Soper and Grayson Norman, pitchers, Leo Donahue, shortstop, and Leonard lVlager, center field. The remainder of the starting line-up was usually composed of Ludington, Pettine, Curzinski, and Acchione with Boccaccio, Fintak, and Altman also seeing quite a bit of action. The manager of the 1940 team was Edward Ronan. For two years Albion High eliminated all its opponents until the finals in Roch- ester. But each time the Albion boys, although they apparently possessed the spirit, ability, and the support, seemed unable to come out on top. The team trimmed Warsaw High to the tune of 15 to 2 in the semiefinals. In the finals, the boys lost a hard fought ball game to Canandaigua through no fault of their own, as each one played his best game of the season. The final score of the Canandaigua game was 5-4. Chronologically the scores of the season's games are as follows: Albion 3-Holley 1 Albion 1-Oakfield 0 Albion 14-Scottsville 3 Albion 5-Holley 2 Albion 9-LeRoy 5 Albion 1-Medina 2 Albion 3-Oakfield l Albion 15-Warsaw 2 Albion l5-LeRoy 1 Albion 10-Scottsville 9 Albion 7-Medina 3 Albion 4-Canandaigua 5 X54 fX.t fx KJ . 'l'l1ird How: Clyde Simpson, Manager, Thomas Cusimano, John Martillotta, Patsy Museo, Ilan Acchione, Herbert llandeaner, Burr Hezldy, Stanley Mattern, Kinyon Brooks, VVarren Kendrick, Gordon Atkinson. Second Row: Coacli Michael Spierdowis, Howard Brooks, Edward Ronan, John Linko, Amos Hee-don, Arthur Gurzinski, Peter Theodorakos, James Aina, Melvin Quagliana, Mac Theodorakos, Joseph Piazza, Leo Donahue, Henry Eddy, NNalter Derrick, Asst. Coach. First How: John Bradley, Asst. Manager, Arthur Miles, Hurley Van Aernum, Anthony Saeheli, llit-hard Stervzynskl, Harold Monavelli, Donald Bloom, John Donahue, Gerald Eddy, Frank Fintak, Darrel Barlinlan, l"rant'is Howe, Asst. Manager. FOOTBALL The Albion High School Football Team had a most successful season this year, winning five out of seven games. Much credit is due Coach Spierdowis and Assistant Coach Derrick for their capable leadership, as well as Co-captains Peter Theodorakos and James Aina and Manager Clyde Simpson. "Pete's" indomitable fighting spirit and hard play bolstered the team's morale throughout the season. Several of the boys have hung up their football togs for the last time at Albion High. Co-captains James Aina and Peter Theodorakos will be sorely missed next year, as will backs Edward Ronan and Howard Brooks, and lineman Melvin Quag- liana. Leo Donahue, four year quarterback who left school in the middle of the season, will also be missing from the line-up when the Purple and White take the field again next year. The scores are as follows: Albion 6-East Aurora 7 Albion 14-Akron 0 Albion 20-LeRoy 7 Albion 15-East Rochester 6 Albion 12-Fairport 18 Albion 26-Medina O Albion 13-Oakfield O ssy 'I'hird How: Arthur Levandowski, Eugene Grninski, Kinyon Brooks, John Linkowski. Second How: 1'Jai'i'y1 HOKIIIZRII, Gordon Atkinson, .lose-ph Greco, Patsy Nc-nni, Joseph Massaro, Nunzio Saova, James .lnli:mo, Jose-ph Piazza. lfirst Row: Leonard Snyder, 'l'hom:ts Mi-Null, 1'I11w:ti'd Ilonzin, Uhzlrles l"z1lr-onio, Kenneth Petline, Arnold Gaim-ison, Cliarles Neri. BASKETBALL The 1940-41 Basketball season proved an unfortunate one, since the team lost every game. All eight games of the Genesee-Orleans County League games, as well as the six non-league games resulted in decisions unfavorable to Albion. Probably the most notable game of the entire season was the one with lflolley. Until the last minutes of play there was a continual tie, however, llollcy emerged final victor. To say that the season was unfavorable in every respect would be false. Credit is due a gallant team who faced superior opposition with unfailing courage. Twelve letters were awarded instead of the usual ten, Albion 18-Hilton 43 Albion 2.3-Oakfield 51 Albion 22-Holley 37 Albion 19-Brighton 36 Albion 10-Perry 31 Albion 25-Batavia 51 Albion 19-LeRoy 46 Albion 31-Medina 40 Albion 22-Perry 44 Albion 30-Oakfield 51 Albion 25-I lolley 27 Albion 31-Batavia 63 Albion 22-LeRoy 47 Albion 27-Nledina 37 X56 CHEERLEADERS fi nw: llllwallmr 'lwhiblllklfi lmlwvilly Yun Ylevt, .Imam Stimson, Hum- Vlvlqlilllli lulluln H4 uw: I"r:lm'4-s liznlwflnllzx, lffdwslrsl Snllzupinpr, 'l'I1-nllms Smith, l':xt1'i4'i:n Iizlilvy. Track Team Bowling Team Tumbling Team Tennis Team 571 GIRLS' ATHLETICS X58 Association Basketball Hockey Play Day Softball Bowling Volleyball GIRLS' ATHLETICS Dorothy VanVleet was chosen manager of the thirty girls who reported for hockey. Practice was held two nights a week. The selection of two teams which played a threeegame series concluded the season. Members of the teams were as follows: Captain Leatrice Monacelli, Frances Barcelona, Betty Budd, Patricia Dailey, Erma DiPalma, Helen Engle, Dorothy VanVleet, Dorothy Lee, Viola Manella, Peggy Noon, Katherine Souleg and Captain Clara D'Agostino, Dorothy Blake, Irene Colonna, Lorraine Stucco, Lorraine Crane, Mary D'Agostino, Doris Kinnear, Eleanor Monacelli, Betty Myers, Laura Sanford, and Rose Tebaldi. The former team won two of the three games. This is the third consecutive year of success for the girls' basketball. Two play-day teams were chosen from the forty-six girls who reported for practice. The girls practiced two nights a week after school and exchanged play-days with Holley and Medina. Intramural basketball teams were formed in order to give the rural girls an opportunity to participate in this sport. In all, six teams contended during the lunch hours. The teams and their captains were as follows: Frances Barcelona's "Frenesee's," Helen Albanese's "Toppers," Esther Harmer's "Hammers," Leatrice Monacelli's "Ozzies," Lorraine Stuccds "La Conga's," and Clara D'Agostino's "Phantoms," This year the girls from each gym class formed a volley ball team and elected the following captains: Gertrude Gurney, Virginia Borello, Dorothy Van Vleet, Evadean Cliff, Mary D'Agostino, and Louise Kelley. Mary D'Agostino's winning team played five games and lost none. Eighty-five girls reported for badminton and fifty-eight for ping-pong. Prac- tice was held two nights a week after school and on VV ednesday from three to four o'clock. Other sports in which the girls participated were tennis, softball, and association. 5 , Q -4 515.13 ,wif fi TN . .Q V f .ff L fl X C jf, gg . --'if ': 2 59f aww WMA ww' Q E fi ff ff X gif-5 ! w wm i ' Xxx 1 f ' ' -D - X 955. - l f, -V , ' 'W 'zuuxzrffarm.1uZEf4, M in . 6 A .. ff I .. I 5 9 i ? if lr' l" f ' f f ' 1 1-X hi 4 7 I' ' 60 X "' i2:, Q 1rL . N ,,,!4A VW, QWW' ' Z I 'I f 411 i I " f . f I-' -b.... ..... . , ffvvx f xx! -H? r X yx Qomjajzmemis Ojfijme S E N ll CGD H3 CC lL ZA S S H9413 ALBION HIGH SCHOOL MARINE MIDLAND la T Comvmw OF ALBION xM 01443 2 32 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BALCOM BROTHERS Fertilizers - Insecticides PRODUCE Phone 577 Albion, N. Y. Compliments of NEW YORK STATE GAS 8z ELECTRIC my McCormick - Deering Sales - FARM IMPLEMENTS - Service JOHN FIVE CORNERS H. LARWOOD PHONE 27 E. K. BELL Taxi and Bus Service Call 61 N 1 i +x.w. 'IIQLLIDAY Jeweler Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 29 E. Bank St., Albion, N. Y. Joseph F. Watt Plumbing, Tinning, Heating AIR CONDITIONING Odd Fellows Temple Albion, New York TOM'S STAND THOMAS FITZGERALD, Prop. MILLION DOLLAR HIGHWAY AT KNOWLESVILLE, N. Y. Phone Medina 650-R Chicken Pies - Hamburgs 8: Hots HOT Compliments of E L H O L L E Y Holley, New York X64 Most Popular Girl .... Most Popular Boy --- VVittiest Girl ...... Wittiest Boy ...... Best Dressed Girl .... Best Dressed Boy .... Brightest Boy --- Brightest Girl --- Handsomest Boy --- Prettiest Girl --- Dancer-Girl --- Dancer-Boy ...... Most Athletic Boy --- Most Athletic Girl -- Ideal Wife ..... Ideal Husband ...... Most Courteous Boy Most Courteous Girl Most Sophisticated - Cutest Girl ........ Best Notewriter -- Lazy Senior ..... Smiling Senior .... Neatest ........ Woman Hater .... Time VVaster --- Day Dreamer --- Most Studious .... Most Musical --- Most Artistic .... Most Talkative .... Best Disposition --- Most Ambitious .... Ten Olclock Scholar Most Talented ....... Quietest ........ Most Eccentric --- Best Speaker .... Best Executive .... Class Baby ........ Did Most for Class - CATALOG ------DOROTHY BLAKE --THOMAS MCNALL --VIRGINIA BORELLO --ARNOLD GARRISON -----JEAN ANDERSON --THOMAS MONAII. ----CLYDE SIMPSON - - - - LAUREL DELANO - - - - - ROBERT CROOKER - - - -JEAN ANDERSON FRANCES BARCELONA ----HOWARD BROOKS - - - -KINYON BROOKS - -MARY D,AGOSTINO - - - - -JANET SUTTON - - - - - GERALD VANVLEET - - -ROBERT CROOKER - - - - - SARA MCKISSOCK - - - - LESLENE PHILLIPS - - - -- -RUTH INGRAM - - - - -- - -ROSE TERALDI - - - - MELVIN QUAGLIANA - - - - -CHARLES FALCONIO - - -PATRICIA DAILEY - -MANUEL ALTMAN - - - - HOWARD BROOKS - - - - ROBERT INGRAM - - - - -DONALD FILER - -THOMAS MCNALL - - - - -LOUISE KELLEY - - - -ROSE TEDALDI - - - - -ANDREW EIBL - - - -CLYDE SIMPSON - -THOMAS MON ALL - - -LAUREL DELANO -----HENRY BOWMAN --------JANET Ross ----LAUREL DELANO - - - - -ROBERT CROCKER - - - - -CURTIS LYMAN -----ANDREW EIBL my H. DART PORTER Compliments of TRIPP 8: HUBBELL Complete Insurance Service Texaco Service Trust co. Bldg. Albion, N. Albion- N- Y- Orleans County's Greatest SHOE STORE DUGAN'S "BOSTONlAN" Shoes for Men "VITAl..lTY" Shoes for Women EARL D. LEIGH I n s u r a n c e 0 Phone 192 Residence 455W Rialto Theatre Building N. L. C O L E Lumber JOHN A. JACKSON, D. D. S. and 223 South Main St. .- , . Alb' , N Y lt Buxldmg Maternal 'on ew or ALBION HOLLEY R. H. DOLLINGER, D.D.S Albion, New York Compliments of Karl Wolfe, '25 Albion, N. Y. X66 Myers Electrical Store ELECTRIC SERVICE Motors, Radios, Appliances Electric Refrigerators GREGG'S RED 8: WHITE STORE 1 44 Clinton Street PHONE 223 I Electric Devices and Supplies Delivery Service IVAH CHADWICK Garage Tow Service Phone 143 124 East State Street I N S U R A N C E 327 East Ave., Albion, N. Y. ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? Gasoline F RO-JOY ICE CREAM Whitman's Chocolate Flavor T R U M B L E ' S 12 East Bank St., Albion, N. Y. J. B. Merrill 8: Son Roy T. Merrill, Licensee FUNERAL DIRECTORS - Ambulance Service Albion Holley MONACELLI BROTHERS Groceries, Meats and General Merchandise East State Street, corner Clarendon Street TELEPHONE 579 ALBION, N. Y. my F H Bl k Ed d B A hh ld Benj. G. Wilson Ward B. Wilson P d t V P d t Treasurer Secretary Ch l G S , Director Growers Cold torage Co., Inc. Telephone 2541 WATERPORT, N. Y. WESTERN NEW YORK'S MODERN F IRE PROOF COLD STORAGE Woods 8: Sprague Milling Co. Congratulations CLASS OF 1941 O WHOLESALE FEED ' ' Pastry - Bread - Cake - Pancake Curryvs Toggery Shoppe F L O U R R. H. MOORE Bus Service Albion, N. Y. X68 I ,,3 Y 1 5 , ai f 5 Xl' if FLWMWLWUU, kgmq A Mqiyffff 5 .1.1Q,E.v LiA a-zmwmwmmm-, AL,,.L, . , , ,,,, . ,, IF:-ma. 0-sv. ru!-" ,, M W W , ha 9 U f ' LQ -gg S vafbffgvmwfq A S :P A ft ll wfqm-M-if n54zaA, af ' .-Q.-.Q-wM....w.w-w,,M..,,..,,M.A...........,.,Y..A, Hazurahx -'A----..M..................,....N .. -MM A., , ..,.. , 4 , K ,4 H I ffkymg. Med' M-A ? 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Our Economy Service Starts at 85c Free Call and Delivery Service ALL GARMENTS INSURED WHILE IN OUR HANDS Dresses Cleaned Without Shrinkage HATS CLEANED RELIABLE CLEANERS Phone zo-1 JOHNNY sAEvA Albion, N. Y. Compliments of SIGNOR, REED, SIGNOR my Compliments of DR. GEORGE S. BAKEMAN Roberts Shoe Store Nationally Known Orthopedic Shoes Phone 92-W New Improved Corrective Features Dentist Albion, N. Y. W. Bank St. Graduation Gifts and Compliments of Cards ORLEANS REPUBLICAN 0 F R E E M A N ' S QUALITY DRUG STORE Albion, New York Harrison-Blodgett Co ALBION, N. Y. Compliments of Albion Bottling Works T. C. Sanfilippo, Prop. 128 Washington St. Phone 250 .ALBION MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Phone 102 Albion, N. Y. X72 st L5-71 2.51 C 8 I K'-NNW N- xK x xxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxXxxNlXXk' xxx xxx xxkxx xxxx X 1 5 x X ZZ zif P X f J' f 5 ff 1- 1! 5 A X E- f 1 4 If 'Q Q 1 I . . . r f r E P 'R J i Y' I 1 2 I Y' 6 X 5 Dlly Sh 150-1050 I I Sophomore-party F November 29 , Z7 "dk j'f""' I ' F 'D FT Decennbe C,'XQY:ty Boll AHS GYM .Dec 2,4 Fqf5 Johns vw YcheSTYa 1 Cl-w.stMAs our -o-OTCl'x6StYA QC. Q2 I XD Valentune Dance Emmy SHERMAN + ,UI I OQCHESTRA A FY ity Cbvucnry l4,l94l :Di'AYwQlYxfg955O'l3OO -W4 - N' -.lj .fx my Compliments of SANFORD B. CHURCH Albion, N. Y. Compliments of GEO. P. DOOLITTLE, D. D. S. Albion, New York Phone 280 Compliments of J. H. SAYERS, INC. MARSH HARDWARE LEADING IN 0 CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS O West Bank Street Albion, New York Albion, N. Y. GOULD'S FLOWERS, Inc. CARY B. FISH , Insurance Albion - Medina - Lockport '-Li" Middleport Phone 195-Albion o PHONE 97 East Bank Street ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS Compliments of Pahura and Salvatore Albion, N. Y. ORLEANS DAIRY Cream Top Milk 27 Bank Street PHONE 518 ALBION, N. Y. X74 Compliments of SNIDER PACKING CORPORATION COFFEY BROTHERS That Good Gulf Gasoline Kerosene, Range and Furnace Oil ACCESSORIES TIRES Bastian Brothers Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Designers of Emblems for Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities ENGRAVED PERSONAL CARDS CELLULOID BUTTONS W. R. Tiefel, District Manager 75f FLOWER SHOP Reflecting Exquisite Taste Always CORSAGES A SPECIALTY E,, Member f F. T D. A. Albion, N. Y. Phone 119 CHOOSE THE MATERIALS foryour SEWING PROJECT at Lanclauer 8x Strouse ALBlON'S ONLY DRY GOODS STORE A very complete line of Quality Piece Goods and Sewing Accessor Awaits your selection. HIGLEY ELECTRIC for Everything Electrical PHONE 130 ll Main Street . Compliments of JERRY'S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE 23 East Bank Street Albion, N. Y. J. D'Anclrea 39 M St Alb PHONE 67 Compliments of UNITY STORE X 76 SCHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES FOR EVERY OCCASION J I E, -S K g. 5 Sf 1 5. Eg W4 , hm ,...,...........,-..-M---w-Q--v--' TAM QLAWL i Uzwm,,k - mwmwwmmmw-wa-Mm. W, MMWwwf,,,.1 Wyklawwybicznf q.q1n, ,,,, K ,.. Ecofwfmxiv " by 4 , ,, K L.. it M Q1 Q! Q. J 1 9 .f 4 Q -. ' ar 'X' 1 n...,y 'f ' .Lg CLPNW wpa. wwww, 1 , f77M..TY7w-A44 .-53+ M : '- 1 . wig- ' 45" 4f2'1,6Wif-1 'MMPJE1 hill. . .LM.1.wa.,Q.4 aw. ...A,A,.L.,, ,,,,,4k ,A , .i,, i,t,,,,QM ,A ' 11"-4 lm-NI' !7,.:c.,,.,, Codblpczi: W 1 Cg...,z-:L7 UAL, 2 4 5194 k-LL? TAM " !27LtA,4L4',tn,v4.0 Compliments of AMOCO SERVICE STATION West Ave. William Weeks Compliments of DRAPER'S GARAGE DAY AND NIGHT 1'ow1Nc sERvlcE General Repairing Phone646 Compliments of SOCONY VACUUM OIL COMPANY, INC West State St. Phone 327 Best Wishes of SMITH PHOTOGRAPH STUDIOS Medina Albion X78 Compliments of HARRISON BARTLETT ROCHESTER GERMICIDE COMPANY Rochester, New York CITIZENS DAIRY Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream Products 43 Main Street-Phone 527 COLBURN LUMBER COMPANY Dealer in Lumber and Building Material DU PONT PAINTS Phone 259 West Bank Street Albion, New York 19g ALBION PROVISION CO. M e a t M a r k e t 53 Main St. Phone 541 FREE DELIVERY Quality Meats and Courteous Service Albion's New Modern Equipped Sanitary Meat Ma Compliments of ALBION AUTO PARTS L. E. STARKWEATHER Phone 401 J. H. ROBINSON Phones zz and asa Richfield Gasoline and Products IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES geo N LEO ENGLE GARAGE Hudson Sales and Service Sinclair Gas and Oils Main Street Albion, New Yor Com vlimcnts of 1 l COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK, N. Y. l INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY Mildred W. Haines Paul R. Haines Empire Block Phone 390 Albion, N. Y. We Specialize in Insurance to Suit YOUR Needs S e Us for Fire, Liability, Accident, Bonds, Cfmmpensation, Life, Hospitalization, Inland Marine, Boat, Tornado, and Allied Lines of Coverage I .cr Allvion Recreation Home of Albion High School Bowling Leagues PETER JOHNSON W Class 'Af E NEWSPAPER W Albion Auveniser m 39 N. PLATT ST. Printing III' AIhlunAdvel1lser m llll l 1. Q 9 1 C miss .A M . . W PHONE 1 mi EIIIIIIIIIIIIIII "I'l'l'I'I'l"I'l"I!I'I'I!T! 81 y Compliments of ANN'S BEAUTY sHoP Eulalie Babbitt H- Beauty Shoppe Phone 23 Theatre Block Compliments of Compliments of Ross Zavitz LeVere Brown The Corner Pharmacy ALB1oN, N. Y. For Compliments Better Baked Goods f 0 Go To Wilcox Hardware Albion, New York Albion Home Bakery 26 East Bank Street A. C. KEDING I The Music Center of Compliments Western New York W 0 0 D S 81 V I C K LEVIS Music STORES Albltlll, N. Y. 33 South Ave. and 412 E. Main St ROCHESTER "Home of the Steinway Piano" X82 Compliments of U N D E R W O O D Standard, N oiseless and Portable Typewriters Ribbons and Carbon Paper W. J. FITCHETT Phone 1276 230 First Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. BOOSTERS BRADBURY SALES 8: SERVICE CLAYTON SCHARPING RALPH MOSHER GEORGE SMITH CHARLES E. HART CHARLES GARRISON F. W. TRIPPENSEE JERRY PALMER ALBION IND. SUPER MARKET E. C. WITI' FRANK MONACELLI H. P. HAWKS ELMER WAHL JOHN SHOURDS say glue goals cmd? Qczfalogues gclajy gprinling Qc. mlbion, qlnilew Cyorl Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Albion' s Shopping Center Compliments of GETTIE E. SIMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY CHARLES L. NUDD Trucking - Produce ALBION, N. Y. X84 Q A .ff Qi? E, , Rf wr. 5- , .r A Q , S 'Me w- :K-iri- , vi . --'92-Zia!-9-w . ,, 1-. . ,A 4 Qx I. iz" AA .Q : -wr 1 f

Suggestions in the Albion High School - Chevron Yearbook (Albion, NY) collection:

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