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'iii ,xg ., W W v 8 5 'mme M- W s 0 W fav-QM. -,fvwwtmhw 42 W 4 w fqwiw W4- wr ..p K k,x,k 1 ,vw 'fiWffwg1li,1 ? X 1 7 ff s Q 0 ' j V The Girls of the 1958 Graduating Class SENIORS 9 ADMINISTRATION 27 'he Alhi 1957-58 Albion, Pennsylvania UNDERCLASSMEN 33 STUDENT LIFE 43 DEPARTMENTS 53 , . sf no . Q ff!! 4 jf MUSIC 63 ATHLETICS Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And in departing, leave behind us, Footprints on thc sands of time. Longfellow As wo 9,0 through Iifo wo not only Ieavo footprints in tht, sands of umo but footprints on the bridf cs as wp cross from one, achievemont to a st111hi,hc,r oaI Editor in Chief Assistant Editor Secretary Treasurer Subscriptions Art Editor Club Editor Athletic Editor Music Editor Literary Editor Commercial . Department Editor Pictures .... Advertising . . Photography . Advisor . Alh aff 3 Judy smith Marcia Consedinc Frances Serpler Paul Parobeck Alice Lenhardt Linda Stanton Susan Leopold Bcn Greer Carol Rogers Frances Seipler Mary Ann Kireta Roxie Rogers . Jim Allburn . . Nancy Anderson . . Charles Babbitt . . Dan Sabol Chris Terrill Denny Hull Mr. Paul Cassidy REVEREND F. W. HARTHAN We, as the last class graduating from Albion Area High School, take this opportunity to thank Mr. Harthan for his contribution to the Albion Schools. Mr. Harthan has long been a symbol of Albion Schools, where he taught in the social study department for twenty-six years. He began teaching in Ohio in 1894. Mr. Harthan's life was devoted to the development of character in young people, and for that the students and administration of A1- bion I-Iigh School wish to dedicate this yearbook to him. 4 k DOCTOR L. R. UMBURN The Senior Class of 1958 wishes to express their gratitude and appreciation to the late Doctor Umburn, who so faithfully served our community for nearly fifty years. He will long be remembered for his co-operation and outstanding contributions to the school. The more prominent attributes of his character were unsel- fishness and kindness to his fellow man. Always willing to help or care for the sick, Doc impressed himself lastingly in the minds of all. 5 -. ALBION AREA SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS The members of the School Board are C Ernest Kennedy Charles H Marshall Merle I3 Sawdy Ellsworth Sherman Willard Johnson William Young Harry Gevin Mrs Agnes Mwdar and W11l1am Har ringtorl. ERNEST KENNEDY The Albion Area School Board is headed again this year by PresidentErnest Kennedy. His endless effort and time spent with the board deserves much praise and many thanks. 6 'FQ L':o-.W 'buf- QCHOOL HELPER9 Very unportant people ln any school are the helpers whlch mclude the bus drxvers and cafeterla workers Through 1ll klnds of weather 11kSlIl'll.1ll'l6Il our bus dr1vers go on, when the noon bell rlngs you can be sure that the laches ln the cafeterla w1ll be busy preparmg, and servmg, excellent meals to our student body Wlth the comblned effort of these school helpers our school IS run successfully We wlsh to express to them our s1ncere apprecmuon 1nd thanks Mr Ned B1shop the School Custod1an also deserves many thanks Our school IS clean and neat due to lus countless unseen dunes In the lower corner is Mr Charles Marshall the school secretary who should be included Thanks! ug- .lf N. 1' 7 To the 1958 Graduates, Albion Area High School: You have reached an important place in your life's journey -- graduation from high school. You have achieved this worthy goal as a result of much sacrifice and toil, not only by you, but also by many other people. We are proud of you, your efforts, and your records. We are confident you can and will take your rightful place in our society, and that you will substantiate our faith in you. While you are leaving our direct supervision, we wish to assure you that we shall always consider you our pupils, and we shall be most pleased to continue to help you in any way we can. Congratulations and the Best of everything. Your Principal CHARLES C. GILBERT CUnkj Message To The eniors So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When duty whispers low, Thou must The youth replies, I can. --Emerson Dear Alhi Graduates of 1958: Through the years of school life, you have met well the challenge of Emerson's words inscribed on the PIHQUC on the Alhi lobby. Face now the challenge of duty in your Sputnik world with a like fortitude. Remember that det- ermination, friendliness, honesty, persistence and reverence are essential qualities of a successful life of service in your space age, as they were in the days of Emerson. Come home to Alhi, sometimes. Happiness and success to each one of you. Supervising Principal DON THOMPSON gT1iQTS cabin mls ' 1 vnllsiluwlmv--F .- VT Ellglglbwl- l 2 I-:dm Ill' W-.N SGQQ H N... kv! X 1? .r , k i . 1 I H A ' 1 1 i I L 1 5 1 1 1 if f, i . ! 1 I 5 2 ' nlli il ., 4 Q ' 1 ll I' 47 A 4 I 11 L I -,J A 1 ' 1 5 sung: LRE: i Q- N , AX 3 . ' . ,,..... S'E4E.f'1 bw., Q ' 5, i'-ii- ', it-2' IQQV V . Vptlla . -x .xy xy. xnxx: iv . 4 in 4X U-ll JAMES ALLBURN Jim COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Pilot atom powered airplane. Jeff Chand1er's stand-in. . .Seen at candy counter. . . Debonair Min- strel Interlocutor. MARTHA ALLEN Marty COURSE: General AMBITION: To see the world . . . Seen at the show . . . Quiet but, oh my! . . . Likes to Poke around. NANCY L. ANDERSON Nance COURSE: General AMBITION: Draw shmooes for Walt Disney . . . Little brat in the class plays . . . Practicing to bea number one embezzler. CHARLES BABBITT Chuck COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Find a cute blond. Crew-cut Casanova in a real hot Ford. . .a football crown decor- ates his dresser. . .Jim's candy counter sidekick. JAMES BURRELL Birdbrain COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Be on a lonely road with Gina Lollobridgida. . .Carried the Doc kit for the gridiron runners. . .Really knows the score at bas- ketball games. 10 Q01 RUTH CARD Ruthie COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: To be a secretary. . . Shy Gal. . .Tops in the commer- cial field. . .Pretty smile sets off her face to perfection. FRANK CARTER Mouse COURSE: General AMBITION: Be a jet pilot. .Drives a furniture-filled station wagon. . .Real hep on stage managing. . .Fu- ture hopes include dating laync Mansfield. WILLIAM CONSEDINE Bill COURSE: General AMBITION: To be a history teach- er. He enjoys putting around Lake Erie during the summer. . .Avid Canasta player. . .Strong silent type. JOHN DEMMERY Johnny COURSE: General AMBITION: G0 Steady. Blackface jokester. . .A real ar- dent pizza fan. . .Really hep on the basketball court. NICK DONCH Donchie COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Medical Lab Tech- nician. Front row tenor. . .Seen juggling test tubes in the lab. . .Drives a 57 black and white Chevie. ll if f,.f ' 1 ew. Q l f . -Agn 'UQ ,, 2' -.W .PA 1 -.3 If Z! ,Q i .Nadi f 'gui A , S f X. h af as THOMAS DUDA Satch COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Excavation Contractor. Plans to dig a hole to China. . . Drives a flashy DeSoto. . .Seen with Dan. . .This gentlemen prefers blon- des. ANN LEE FIELD Fie1dsie COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: Medical assistant sec- retary. Extremely fond q?J of the Air Borne. . .One of those flirtatious, Alhi Dancing Majorettesf' ADELE FRITZGES Pat COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: Work for the F.B.l. Seen at the Perry candy counter. . .Really likes those fellas. . .Home Economic courses prepare her for later life. HAROLD GOEBLE Bud COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Go to college. A real math whiz. . .Red-headed skin-beater. . .Student director for the Senior Play. . .Carefree and friendly. KENNETH GRAFF Kenny COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Work his way through college. Business Manager for the Senior Play. . .Quiet, studious type. . .Seen working in the library. I2 ,.. 'i CHARLES GRAHAM Chas COURSE: Industrial Arts AMBITION: Drive race cars. Long sideburns. . .really tricky. . .Gone on that Sophomorel. . .A real hep hunter. BENJAMIN GREER Ben COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Be a doctor. Visitor at 15 Second Avenue. . . Portrayed Sammy in A Ready- Made Family . . .Active in foot- ball and track. RICHARD GRESH Dick COURSE: General AMBITION: To be a carpenter or a machinist. Seen with Tom and George. . . Really goes for hunting. . .Sixth period ZITI classes see him every day. GEORGE GURIEL Chico COURSE: Academic AMBITION: To play major league baseball. Sccrctly desires to beat Bob Fel- lers strike out record. . .Really gets those rebounds on the court. FRANK HIRBY Frank COURSE: General AMBITION: Retire to the South Sea Islands and eat bananas. Seen in the Library. . .Faithful mem- ber of the stage crew for class plays. HW Q T 54 1- -2 . All 4-J 'Sunni hiv Q 'B' i i DANIEL .TOSLIN Blondie COURSE: General AMBITION: Be a state cop. Mighty hunter. . .Goes for out-of- town gals. . .Seen on the gridiron sidelines. LEO KEISER Slim COURSE: Academic AMBITION: To be a girls' gym instructor. Haunts the pool room. . .Really did a bang-up job in the Junior and Senior Plays. . .Wants to start a men's Slenderella Salon. DONNA KINNEY Donnie COURSE: Home Economics AMBITION: To be a nurse. West Virginia accent. . .Enjoys art class. . .Good natural athlete. MARY ANN KIRETA Red COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: To become a secretary or a receptionist. Longs to be able to wear one of Kim Novak's dresses. . .Money- wise redhead. . .Vibrant alto. . . Thinks Jeff Chandler is terrific. . .E-ecause???? KAY LASHER ..Kay.. COURSE: General AMBITION: To have a home of her own. Pert, peppy and happy with J im and Kim. . .Welcome transfer from Edinboro's F.H.A. 14 M 'XRGARET MITCHE LL Margie COURSE: Academic AMBITION: To be a nurse. Plays a swinging sax. . .Really went over Big in the Senior Play. . .Would like to be a woman cop so she could pinch Mr. Dovensky. WOODROW MOONEY Woody COURSE: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: Own a farm . . . One of those famous Anderson Square Dancers . . . Friendly farmer who longs to own a pink Cadil- lac. RUTH NIGH Rughie'i COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: Own a '55 Red Chevy. Seen making sodas at Bunny's . . . Really enjoys a good joke . . . A sparkling, personality . . . Bub- bles all over. THERESE ONACHILA Terry COURSE: Commercial AMBlTlONg Work for the F.B.I. Shy gal. . .Everybodys friend. . . Secretly desires to go around the world in 80 days. . .Seen in the typing room. STEPHEN ONEST Stevie COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Travel. Needs a new alarm clock. . .Wants to own a T Bird someday. . . Shy Romeo. . .An asset to the baseball team. . .Really makes those shots in basketball. . .Seen with Bruce. 15 KENNETH PARKER Kenny COURSE General AMBITION Go to College THE POOL HALL KID Is vomg to be the fxrst to rtde 1n the Sput luck Lxvens up Fourth Per1od Enqhsh PAUL PAROBECK Moose COURSE Academlc AMBITION To be a chemtst Future plans lnclude p1ay1ngGordon Hathaway on the Steve Allen Show Plays a real coolClar1net. ROGER PATTON OU COURSE General destvner Expert paper eurplane avlator Freckle faced bully 111 the Jumor Pl1y NORMA PAVOLKO Norm COURSE General AMBITION To travel Pretty member of the May Queen Court. D1gs baby blue eyes and red halr Tough dectston to make? RUTH PAYNE Ruth COURSE General AMBITION To get up tn the morn mg and feel wtde awake Frlendly red head Long bratcls amwze all I6 AIR OD! AMBITION: To be an automobile -4' PATRICK PODOLL Loddy COURSE: General AMBITION: Live an easy life. Star on the football field too. . . Our own Bob Cousy. . . Big pool shark. . .Really attracts the female gender. GEORGE RANDALL Gorgeous George COUSE: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: Be an aircraft mechan- ic. Quiet farm boy who hunts and fishes most of his spare time. . .Rods a tractor at R.F.D. Albion. PATRICIA LOU RINDO Patti COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Kindergarten Teacher. She'd adore to dance all night with Ricky Nelson. . .Snare Drummer for Pep Band. . .A real goin' gal in a Big Black Merc. THOMAS ROAN Tom COURSE: General AMBITION: Get a job. Yearns to get a new car. . .One of Miss Kenneys' ambitious f?J En- glish students. . .Spends most ofhis time enjoying life. JAMES A. ROBB .T. Austin COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Electronics Engineer Digs anything electric. . .Dancing drummer boy at Alhi. . .Really threw the audience at the Senior Play with his fits. 17 R E -J Y 'i GARY ROBISON Geronimo COURSE: Academic AMBITION: Areonautical engineer. Entertaining public speaker. . .Goes wild for the sophomore class. . . Equally enthusiastic about chemistry class. CAROL ROGERS Carol COURSE: General AMBITION: Home Economics Teacher. Plans to be the first Lady Presi- dent. . .Warbled many solos both at vespers and the Minstrel. ROXIE ROGERS Rox COURSE: Commercial AMBITION: Airline hostess. An angora ring on her finger. . . Watchest number 32 in basketball. . .This ga1's figure should be seen in Seventeen. ALAN SABOL Bud COURSE: General AMBITION: Be a successful far- mer. Yearns to own a souped up car. . . This skilled hunter can also farm up a storm. CHARLES SABOL Ci-azylegsn COURSE: Industrial Arts AMBITION: Lead a happy success- ful life. A real hep football player. . .Wow's them all with his crazy jokes. . . A real camera fiend. 18 FRANCES SEIPLER Franny COURSE Commerc1a1 AMBITION To be a secretary Can type up a storm Her pony ta11 g1VCS cause for comment Seen IH the offtce Gets a real luck out of those crazy parues DIANA MILDRED SHEARER M1lhe COURSE Academlc AMBITION Metl1ca1Technolog1sts Seen 1n a hot 57 Ford Plays trumpet 1n our Alh1 Band Smgs flrst soprano tn our m1xed chorus Prefers the qu1etstud1ous type DELORES SMIALEK Dee COURSE Commerclal AMBITION To graduate w1th a slgned d1D1OlTl3 Says she IS gonna be a mud ln a boys dorm Blond bombshell JUDY SMITH Sm1tt1e COURSE General AMBITION Flnd a gentleman w o prefers brunettes Pamtbrush Ill hand she can really do some clever tucks Plays p1ano for chorus JAINICE SWAINSON Swede COURSE General IXMBITION Own the Klllg Rmch 1n Texas Plans to beat Sputmck to Mars and clatm It for herself Smgs flrst soprano ln mlxed chorus I9 'SJ if If ..-QQ '--.gskyl DONALD TALLMAN Don COURSE: Industrial Arts AMBITION: To be a stock car driv- er. One of these days he plans to run a sports car in the corridors of our Alma Mater. . .Quiet hunter. DUANE TAYLOR Duane COURSE: General AMBITION: Succeed in whatever he does. Pining for a '58 Olds. . .This grid runner sure kept the holes open for the Alhi eleven. .TANICE TAYLOR Ian COURSE: General AMBITION: To be a home eco- nomics teacher. Really excells in G.A.A. . .Good natured, and plans to be an assist- ant to Carol Rogers as a house mother. LAVON TAYLOR Tootsie COURSE: General AMBITION: Graduate with a signed diploma. Plans to get married and raise lit- tle Adamsons. In the car line, she prefers green and white Fords. Sings soprano in chorus. MARIE YARNELL Marie COURSE: General AMBITION: To find a good Chris- tian boy. Seen in the cafeteria. . .This girl's high Christian standards would do justice to the best. 20 F.- : 4 QW! GEORG1 NFLSON llawk COURSE. Cenerwl AMBHION Be 1 meclnmc Those bwby blue eyes send the falr er sex Yewrns to own a Cor Vette qeen Wllll DICX lles the lundsome newcomer who 113115 from lx me ant-1' 5-uv-' 'QQ'-'F 1-wwf any 21 RICHARD DI ARM! NT DICK COURSE X5 I'lCl11IllI l1 AMBITION Togqrwdmte Likes to race mrs Qeen ln lblne Pontnc W1Ill 1 eertnn blue eyed blonde PI'CSldLIllI of F I' A One of Mr Vmssers ever lovln NG boys enior Officers The class of 1958 was headed by James Allburn. HIS cabmet cons1sted of Paul absent when the p1cture was taken. The Before 1946 and After 1958 Parobeck, Vice-President: Margaret Mitchell, Secretary: and Harold Geobleg who was en ior BEST STUDENTS - Frances Seipler - Ben Greer uperlativ BEST ACTORS - Leo Keiser - Nancy Anderson BEST DANCERS - Ann Field - John Demmery T BEST SPORTSMANSHIP 1' Duane Taylor w 4 ,X Janice Taylor 35-If 1 1 BEST PERSONALITY Jim Allburn Margie Mitchell 6 Y si X BEST SUBJECT STUDENTS Judy Smith, Artg Mary Ann Kireta, Commereialg Jan Taylor, Home 530301111353 Margie Mitchell, Musieg Ben Greer, Academicg Woody Mooney, Agriculture. 23 CLASS WILL The Class of 1958, Albion Area High School, being, of sound mind and body, make this their last will and testament and therefore bequeath the followinc, to their fellow students teachers and friends. FESTATOR James Allburn 'xl artha Allen Naney Anderson Charles Babbitt J'1llleS Burrell Ruth C ard 1 rank C 'trter William Const dine Richard DeArment John Demmery Niek Doneh Thomas Duda Ann Lee l'1eld Adele I ritz llarold t eoble Ixellllelll Crwff C harles Q raham Riehard L I'eSl1 eeor t Guriel l ranklin llirby Diniel Joslin Leo lxelser Donna Mae leinney Nlary kireta kay Lasher Xlwr 1l'et Xlitehell Woodrow Mooney Ceor e Nelson Puth N1 1 Hltlese Olliell Steph n Onest BEQUEST My Candy sellinf' Job at noon My Parakeet seed My sophistieated parts in the Junior and Senior plays My car My varsity managine, job My l'n lish elasses My shortness 'xly heieht Intuition of being boss the family My J V Euperience My ability to get to school on time Some hair Gettin to school at twenty to nine Ability to play leap frog my typinf errors intellectual capacity my math elasses y little black book y battinfr averafte my grades talent for trouble About fifty pounds ller place in tl1e senio class My Job at Bush s suceess in marrtaf e y bloomers from the Senior Play lXaw1 ehewinf tobacco ybrother Jim shyness alarm eloek 24 RECIPIENT Frank Bartosek John Dem m ery Alice Lenhardt Denny Mooney Jimmy Kuvik My llth grade brother Bill Gallant Jim Kuvrk Mr Taylor Jim Kuvlk Dave Tower 'vlr Gilbert Mareia Consedine Bonnie Sherman Lois Madden Becky llarner Jim Klemm All who don t have one Anyone who wtll take it Anyone who wants to Hunk Jimmy Kuvik Ron llill Jean Thomton Aliee Lenhart Carol Borland Taylor Miss Kenney Richard Campbell Jimmy lxlemm St Vincents llospital Linda Altoff Bruee Bates K I L I 1 A L A, , .. , , ' . ft ' H -Y x ' 'e , T I 5 l ff I U ' H H ' ' H' A of . 3. .' 1 s ' p H' H ' 1 . . 1 ' gcs ' ' L s K H t 5- - All ' A H H ,- , , X L My ' . s .' 1 T :H 1 All ' J' ' T Benjamin Greer My musical ability My little brother 'H 2 - M ' H ' H ' if tip M ' D D' ' ' I ' ' All 5 H H L I ' 4 ' . I S. s 1 ' s ' I- - A ye I c I ' v ' -1 ' . H My H ' ' gf . tn. H . ' H H M H H ' ' H H H MyF.'.f.' ards ' N ZH gn- H My H 1 ' 5 r A ' ' x dll H , L . ' 3 D e t H ila My H A ' L Q - et - My . L H H H- H fxxlllkfll I wrlu P'lu1 Piroluul N grP1t1ou Xormi Pwollxo xl th P 1x1 wtruk odo Q K or L Run Pwlrmm kmdo Vhomw Rom mum Ixobln , ry hobnou C, lrol Rox L rx hoxn Ro Ln rX11 lI1 S zbol C hwrlcs Sabol D1 mi Hhk auf Dplorm 5IUl'11Lk Judrth Snuth hmm L Sw 'mmou Doulld 15111111111 Hmm 1 15 or mmm I1 r Iikun Ix or 'ximk '1 wrm 1 ood 1 urls m Al hm 'xly Irpmh Timm y F L In 1 itll 1 Qood umu Xiy bl'11LlN Aluhly 1013185 ioorhwll Imvrilun md Qrammwr laookx 'xly Book of Vuquktu Book 'l11LilL3LllL1'b 'xiy burmd out rulmo Lulu N U01 Ubonh 'zluhty oftr1L.11d1y DuFSU'15lOl1 y low w ilk 111 thy mom V hoo xN wud DLIlL1l9 I' 1511 N ndb to mhool y mtural blond hair y blush 11 thy Pbnny Ar H fm pr 1111 K 1 m L111 1lSI1xl1xxx My foolbwll aluhty Anhty to lou um II I r xruor I3 L X13 lon mir QTL HIIOILI John U1 om 111 x IYX Oyt IM L 31011 'Il MBV RTL 1 x Kiln Q fy 'lx lllI11lxIP wmr Pwtnuz Wiy Pmllufm Uruc L Bmw Ilomld NUROVILII Rom rm Jams lL u LJ Ill Uimly Wm Nlf11fOJL1'l UWL11 31 M x, g lk 5 xnllly Johnny Pitum Idllll XOISL SSO 7 L11 WX p iXg TMS W1 to Ikll' SLILQLNNOIS, vll L 1 k H K Nl I W1 my lk koi Lu twu ur K ww u L1OQll1 um 25 w H 'wr My ri L 1 ' sic . H 4 5 1 , , N-q L ix X - 7 C, . Yu lyk ' aft' A ,011 'sic I gilsl LT wus D 'x r j H1111 ,' L g' ' L ' J 1' If 'l1'll P1 il'IC w 1' 5 All' Rpm! P, 'UP 11 Y V' 1 'IOJVV ,I Ex 51- L lg111 ,' - g XL g, L 5 5,1135 Ilummuy L X' . 1' ' ' VID 'fkk ' TILCMM' ' K5 .. 'S L ' 2 t' I-,111 1' 1 'IL I. 'X ' . ' , ' 4 ' JT 'IA-QI1. '1 Us W My 1 1 Any -1 ' y 1.3- 1 Myq' N . Q- gg-: M ,I 1 'I ' N' K -i . 51 M, 11 . 1 -I . , ' '- i L My guxzl' Ifrulnml Frances Sciplcr My swcaturs Karull mis 'Q . Q 'L 1 1 ly ' ' ' . ' ' rf '. 1 M K ' Ur: '12- ' C ' M . ' X ndx L ,, ' :5 L S '. . My long ' gg- Q13 Cz al QI - f. 1 L X11 yfg' ' l:r'. . 2 '. '1 ,. A ' ' ' LVN' C1111 :xrt Ia :y1o 1 ELI Misl' 1'y ,.' cyl lu ' grids . 11 .' QI E' Thu C151 141958, docs hr -T j lu f' 1' '11 1 t' I V' I1 Ilkilkw that L11 'y lm 111 Ihix Us lW!k11ICl1IhCLl to 111- Vest of fllxil' 111 '1ity. I1 'L 11 'r- K, 1 ' x LM 5, nxt th -ir Imml In Ju . I o 'X 5 1 ' . CLASS HIS TORY Well eleven years of school have come and gone and here we are Senlors We are now awaltlng what the future w1ll brmg What wlll our career be? W111 we marry or stay S1l'lg16'7 W111 our ambttlons meet success? We can now look back and remember the 6XC1I1Hg yet funny and Ch11d1Sh thlngs we d1d 1n our flrst years of school Remember ID our Freshman year how we suffered through the rxgors of an lmtlatlon put on by the Sophomores and stlll sm1led'P We also sponsored our very f1rst record dance By the mme we were Sopho mores we felt llke professlonals when we put on the annual SADIE HAWKINS dance. In our Junlor year we were really busy We put on all sorts of dances THE SOCK HOP THE CORN BALL and the PANDA HOP At the PANDA HOP we mtroduced the xdea of class mascots Ours was a Teddy Bear and the gym was decorated Wlth as many of them as It could posslbly hold. They were hanglng from the basketball hoops Slttlllg on the bleachers and there was a good slzed plle of them ln the mlddle of the floor We used the money from these events to put on the ,Tumor Semor Prom and Banquet. Another money maklng project was the .Tumor Play WI-lO'S A SISSYV It was presented ln Aprll and was a huge success No one w1l1 ever forget how scared he was just before the f1rst curtaln went up The Prom and Banquet the blggest events of the year were held by the Junlors as usual Only thls nc everythlng wasn t usual because WE were the ,Tumors The Banquet was held ID the Catechetlcal Center and was decorated 1n the Junlor Class colors of Green and Whlte The Prom was at the hlgh school Gym and lts theme was Down by the Old Mlllstream. W111 you ever forget how we palnted the old m1ll and the strugghng to put up the theme name? Those good umes w1ll be hard to forget Someumes the mlll wheel squeaked so loudly that Ilmmy Shea s orchestra could hardly be heard But on the whole It was a be1ut1ful Prom and everyone enjoyed themselves xmmensely The ,Tumors just sat and looked and rem embered the jumble the gym had been just a few hours before The Semor play A READY MADE FAMILY was an even greater success than the ,Tumor play had been. However we made It through that and after a hectlc Sen1or year we flnally marched down the aud1 tor1um alsle to the War March of the Prlests 'md took our seats on the stage We llstened to the fare well speeches recelved our d1p1omas and sang the Alma Mater All of a sudden there we were the Alma Mater st1ll 1n our ears Alumml As the last class to graduate from Alblon Area Hxgh School we would 11ke to thank the teachers of Alhl for puttlng up w1th us for so many years We hope that everyone has as much fun IH thelr h1gh school days as we d1d Good luck to you all ln the future ALBION HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER SCHOOL WE LOVE SO WELL LET EACH LOYAL SON AND DAUGHTER LOUD YOUR PRAISES TELL TIME AND FATE WILL BEAR US ONWARD SCATTER US AFAR LET THE LESSONS YOU HAVE TAUGHT US BE OUR GUIDING STAR. 26 9 a n . . ' u n . L . c ' 1 l n r n 0 l 0 1 1 n . - , . u 1 u 1 ' Q- , , . . . ,rl , , , n . H . ,, . . . o s 1 . 0 . , . I r n K 9 0 9 I n 1 n n ' ' u ' n ' - , 4 a ' ' ll iv v n ' I u n ' - ' 9 n - q - at 4 an Cllvmonfst WW Y' if X I V , x i my Wax X s XX wi XX fa YN M! MARGARET BEARD Indlana S T C B S 1n Educauon Typmg PAUL CASSIDY Edmboro S T C Umversuy of Plttsburgh M A Ed SCICHCC DARWIN COOK Shppery Rock S T B S d UDIVCISIIY of Plllibllfgh M A Ed HISIOFY Geography WESLEY FREEBURG Perm State Edmboro S T C Clanon S T C B S Soc1a1 Stud1es Geography Drxvers Trammg ,346 SAM CIANFLOCCO Shppery Rock S T C B S d SOC13l Studles Enghsh MICHAEL DOVENSKY Indlana S T C B S d Un1vers1ty of Plttsburgh M A Ed Sc1ence WILLIS GILL Ed1nboro S T B S d H1story Geography JULIA H STANTON Edinboro S T C B S d Math English PAUL TAYLOR Clarion S T C B S d Penn State M Ed P O D CIVICS Algebra I Guidance RUSSELL WASSER Penn State B S d Agriculture Education Vocational Agriculture HELEN L. O'NEIL National University E. S. T. C. A. B. Social Studies English MAI Y STLARNS Ed n oro S T C S English Social Studlcs VICTOR TORTORELLI Carncgic Institute, B A d UDIVCISIIY of Pittsburgh r JOSEPH BUGGAN Carnegie Institute of Technology Edmboro S T C Algebra I Tug PhyS1CS Scmor SCIGHCC BERNARD TWARDOWSKI Edinboro S. T. C. B. S. Geography Biology HELEN MERSHON Slippery Rock S. T. C. B. S. English Math JANET C MILLER Allogheny College Ponn Stato Umversrty Enqhsh JEAN O LEARY Ama,r1c1n Collurc of Physroal Educauon Concordxa Collage Ikalth Physrcal Educauon JOANNA ROBB Indrana S T C Shorthand Typrns Offlco Practrco Busmoss Law Salosmanshrp J? 'Q' OLIVE MULHOLLAND Indrana S T C Home Economrcs Cafeterra GLADYS PFAU Clarxon S T C Lrbrary Scmncc CAROLYN SHAITER Umvcrsrty of Colorado Indlana S T C HO11lCl'D3klI1S JACK HILL Slippery Rock S T Penn State World History Penn History Gencral Science WILLIAM KING Westminister B P S M M M Ed University of Michigan Music Band Sr Jr Chorus Instrumental JOSEPH LISEK Drake University B Health Physical Education vi mf? .uh I.'!' ALICE IIAZER Edinboro S. T. C. English Social Studies KATHERINE KENNIIY Edinhoro S T C S French Envlish RUTH KINGSLIIY Western Rescrvc A B Columbia University M Math STEVE MELLON Penn State M A Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawmo W fmwffs OI FICE PRACTICE MRS DOROTHY SHAFFER School Num, MARGARET BEARD Socrotary to Mr Gllbort xx. MONICA LISECK BLANCHE HILL 54,91-313-fy to Dr Thompggn and CHARLOTTE HENNAN ASSISIHJII Sourot rms 32 DR BETTY BROWN School Gmdanco Duogtor 6f f, dem I awgmem W ,rw ff fn! FIRST ROW SECOND ROW B. Rgiades Mr. King M. Consedine P. Van Slyke D. Hull D. TaY101' L. Madden J. Steinhoff J. Chromik S. Leopold Juniors FIRST ROW L. Hill R. Randall P. Lasher R. Roberts C. Kinney M. Beery SECOND ROW Mrs. O'Leary C. Taylor I. Gable S. Brewster P. Young E. Parker L. Johnson D. Maine M. Sawdy H. Swaney B. Hudacky THIRD ROW R. Copenhager C. Gher B. Bates R. Watral B. Winship D. Tower J. Keith H. Sabovik C. Northrup B. Bolte C. Terrill C. Chase FIRST ROW A. Lenhardr D. Card R. Campbell D. Miles B. Knapp M. Burnett E. Mauk E. Vorse SECOND ROW A. Hrdlicka. L. Woomer H. Thomton P. Kemling G. Gevin L. Kireta C. Richy B. Sherman L. Black Mr. Freeburg Junior Class fficers 'A ii The Junior Class, headed by President Eugene O'Leary, found themselves quite busy this year. The outstanding event was the Junior - Senior Prom entitled Shangri-la. The Prom, which took place on May 9, was very originally decorated in an Oriental motif. Along with the Prom, the Juniors also pre- sented a class play, the Junior - Senior Banquet, and several dances. Assisting Gene in his position were D. Hull, Vice-Presidentg L. Madden, Secretaryg and P. Pod- luzne, Treasurer. The Advisor was Mrs. Jean O'- Leary. The class mascot was the kangaroo, 'Leap- ing Lena. 35 S ROW A. Dibhle J. Kuvik J. Yusko W. Swanson D. Mooney R. Swank G. Ball L. Randall F. Bemis SECOND ROW Mr. Dovensky S. Patten J. Bishop M. Silfies R. Jones D. Davis J. Walker S. Chrc E. Leehan A. Van Meter THIRD ROW N. Ryan G. Petergal M. Stiffler W. Rogxers J. Niggh li. Hanas R. Shakespeare J. Maxwell C. Woomer M. llomansky R. Greenly C. First T. Goedecker G. Robinson FIRST ROW R. llill V. Wheeler B. Taylor P. Seelman J. Fleigrer C. Strait L. Stanton T. Shearer G. Neal SECOND ROW L. Manko J. Randall D. English P. Marcinowski S. Clark P. LaPosa S. Barton K. Kulveski V. Toddy M. McBride THIRD ROW Miss Kenney G. Hanas M. Gevin R. Peters I. Hosack W. Bush C. Swanson J. Kohut F. Wickwire C. Graham J. Gulu E. Jones D. Tennies FIRST ROW C. Devies L. Roan G. Butler M. Zemcik N. Brewer S. Gulu M. Ticknor I. Mitchell L. Althoff M. Moyer SECOND ROW Miss Robb M. Yarnell P. Ilarayda C. Kulyk M. Stevens I. Parobeck E. Horusehuck S. Adams S. Church N. Lally FIRST ROW SECOND ROW D. Melnic Mrs. Shaffer D. Iiillister M. Fleish J. Eskins E. Rouse D. Artello J. Matthias J. Fritzges G. Burnett N. Yusko B. LePosa M. Black B. Hirby I. Beebe I. Boodly Led by President Ellen Leehan, the Sophomores' biggest event was a Sa.die Hawkins Dance. The other officers include Vice-President, Susan Bartong Secre- tary, John Kohutg and Treasurer, Shirley Chromik. The class undertook a very successful Heart Fund Campaign for which they were highly praised. The class decided upon a tiger for their class mascot. vfgg FIRST ROW G. Maksin D. Gage B. Smock V. Petrus A. Carr SECOND ROW Mr. Kinu, B. Meeker D. Cassidy S. Mahalik J. Leehan FIRST ROW H. Vorse M. Morley S. Roberts I. Krans N. Ulan B. Hamer N. Randall L. Payne G. Harayda. SECOND ROW Mr. Hill C. Lenhardt L. Patten K. Kovack R. Henretti R. Burns R. Dewey R. Laylor I. Duda R. Rice B. Terrill Freshmen FIRST ROW B. Brisle B. Macdoo D. Diehl R. Ward I. Hudacky R. Bumett W. Kinsey L. Sherman I . Klemm MI. Wasser SECOND ROW W. Deitz A. Hudacky L. Eskins G. Graham M. Williams A. Rhoades I. Peters N. Mahachik R. Senyo FIRST ROW Mr. Mellon B. Ticknor D. Hayes T. Church M. Fairbanks R. Taylor T. Wilston D. Dinger R. Malena SECOND ROW B. Kobusnik S. wickwire M. Podluzne M. Ward S. Sterling D. Schmidt G. Huya S. Perry O. Shup THIRD ROW D. Zinn M. Allen M. Wolfe K. Tallman J. Midozoski J. williams D. Negal W. Erdman T. Black C. Crosby T. Rundell Freshmen FIRST ROW D. Brown K. Fies L. Batuski D. Ebner I. Feller N. Bruner J . Youschak B. Spaulding SECOND ROW L. Taylor E. Beam L. Lynch D. Rouse P. O'Leary B. Barton M. Shaffer G. McArthur TIIIRD ROW Mr. Cianflocc W. Tozier E. Hemstreet D. Carr R. Heiges T. Thompson O. Bates E. Cathcart R. Sturetvant EIRST RO W E. Randall L. Gable N. Copeland R. Payne M. Dibble 'I'. Boyer C. Hill Mrs. Stanton SECOND ROW K. Mauk R. Dominsky J. Schmidt I. White B. Adams B. Shakespeare C Stufflebeam B. Leech B. Campbell THIRD ROW J. Sherman P. First G Thomas O Dates R. Taylor L. Jones D Carr S. Mellon T Onest I3. Bates 8th Grade Homerooms it FIRST ROW W. Bevies R. Williams R. Rickard R. Beery D. Williams L. Taylor D. Beckman T. Mauk J. Patten L. Keiser L. Kulyk SECOND ROW C. Carbaugh Y. Van Meter S. Miller J. Neal C. Kireta FIRST ROW S. Black B. Kinsey S. Hill J. Jeffers I. Gillette G. Bartosek C. Strait S. Lavery SECOND ROW B. Walker C. Curran S. Stahlman Dewey Rindo B. Hosack C. Hill . Dean Heath A. Gallant Mrs. Miller THIRD ROW Barker Graves Lenhardt Senyo Erdman Shauberger Taylor Erickson Pomeroy . Carter Taylor B . Tercho McCone gly Heintz Taylor THIRD ROW Y arnell R. Fetterolf Ley M. Doran Fornish Greer Keith Shearer Ohmer Card FIRST ROW T. Westfall A. Kuvlesky I. Graff D. Lynch G. Popka J. Mooney C. Copeland T. Kreider A. Crosby L. Taylor Mr. Gill SECOND ROW L. Chamberlain S. Hull V. Dunla.p FIRST ROW I. Ebert K. Leopold G. Rodgers B. Taylor P. Babbitt C. Tobin D. Allburn I. Kennedy R. Carbaugh H. Thomas G. Guriel SECOND ROW Miss Mershon N. Owen D. Carter FIRST ROW N. Dibble L. Knapp M. Sawdy M. Tortorelli N. Rhoades J. LcPosa J. Glass L. Freeborg, I. Nigh SECOND ROW L. Conners J. Kuvik N. White P. Park M. Duda I. Ward 7th Grade Homerooms K. Otis D. Fornish F. Podoll J. Maxwell D. Rausch V. Shupe B. Burnett THIRD ROW G. Gevin R. Deihl A. Risley R. Flaugh D. Alexander J. Toddy L. Thornton C. Strait T. Slater R. Maksin H. Wiggins S. Revaek J. Ulan S. Dietz D. Vorse THIRD ROW I. Gillette S. Podluzne P. Krieg R. Ward R. Dewey R. Brecse K. Friend R. Wright K. Pollock M. Eddy I. Sterling N. Matasowski D. Dietz THIRD ROW F. Bartosck H. Thomas W. Randall J. Mitchell G. Woods E. Taylor D. Adams D. Brisley D. Ticknor I. Artello E. Randall Basketball Alb1on at Strong Vmcent BEPTEMBLR School opens l3 Football Edrnboro at 20 Fa1rv1ew at A1b10ll OCTOBER FHA ln1t1at1on Alb1on at Umon C1ty GE House of Magtc Weslcyvlllc at A1b1on Albron at North East r1 H1 Y Inductxon Alb1on A1b1on at Lawrence Park NOVEMBER G1rard at Albron FHA Dance Alb1on at Waterford Iumor Tn H1 Y Inducuon Sad1e Hawklns Dance FFA Donkey Basketball game Thanksgxvmq Vacatron DECEMBER East H19 at Alb1on Senlor Play VSISIIY A Dance Conneaut Valley at A1b1on Alblon at Cambrrdge Iunror High playday A1b1on at Lawrence Park Antrrm Bureau Modern MUSIC Masters Inducuon Albron at Weslcyvrlle Cambndge at A1b1on Chrrstmas Vacauon bcgms Chnstmas Vespers PTA Chnstmas Dance JANUARY End of Vacatlon Alblon at G1rard McKean at A1b1on FTA Dance Albron at Lawrence Park Sprrngfleld at Alb1on Iunlor Dance A1b1on at Edxnboro A1b1on at Conneaut Valley Falrvxew at A1b1on FHA Dane L, FEBRUARY G1rard at A1b1on Alb1on McKean at HIYVILW Alb1on Cochranton Albron Spr1ngf1e1d Alb1on Fa11'v1ew MARC H '7 Iumor H1g,h Tournament 8 Sophomore Dance 21 FTA Dance 25 Antr1m Bureau APRIL Easter Vacauon End of Vacauon Mmstrelhte FFA Banquet Student Councrl Conventron Iun1or Play Sc1ence Fa1r at Edmboro Frlm Macbeth Wes Hopkms Dance Baseball A1b1on at Spnngfreld MAY Alblon at Fa1rv1ew PGP Dance Sprmg Concert West Spnngfreld at Alblon ,Tumor Senlor Banquet Jumor Sen1or Prom Fa1rv1ew at A1b1on May Day Antr1m Bureau Alb1on at G1rard Baccalaureate Commencement VHISIFY A Dance Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety Inducuon Senror Awards Assembly Last Day of School 4 - ' 7 ' vs. F' 'H 11 ' at 1 -- - 14 ' at ' ' 4 - -- 21 ' at ' ' 9 . 1. 'uv 1.1 8 ' - ' 18 ' 23 T 1- '- ' ' 25 ' . 1 ' T ' 4 v 8 ' , T 7 ' . .- .- . 11 ' ' 15 . ' T ' 14 a n 22 29 --R . V . . - 4 1 25 v ., .. 26 ' 28 - . . . 3 , V . 5 ' . 6 H H 3 I 1 4 o 1 10 ' . ' 2 , . 5 ' 13 A V 3 X 7 . . V . . 8 ' - ' . . 9 ' - ' 17 D 3 ' 12 . . . 20 - A - 14 . . . , . 15 ' 22 ' 1 ' - ' 27 . 18 - 22 23 ' A 28 .' ' ' 2 - ' ' ' 3 . - ao 10 1 ' 14 ' ,17 ' '- ' 24 ' ' 28 ' . 42 T1 fwx X, fi f X S ,, X X x ? fx I X x i xxx 4. 53.1-:jr ZAQX x x Z x 4 M X 9 at f' O X X , G I X X I 7X fx x Z fx 'lx 5 f i W XX J, I -, , V X N ' XX X TY ff Ng , K 4fjfXX , as f X ' fx Q Q : 7 fqg fx fx 5' fix xii. gf x ,xg - WE 44 Alhi taff At Work ADVERTISING OFFICERS COMMERCIAL STAFF SUBSCRIPTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY ART MEMBERS Cassudy Camera u The C3SS1dY Camera Club has long, been an 1nst1tut1on at A.u'l.l Wherever p1ctures are to be taken, the Camera Club members appear Included 1n then' acuvmes are takmg all Yearbook, Prom, and Mm strel p1ctures Thexr advlsor xs Mr Paul Cass1dy 'F I x J X 8 wi , ma' l T rf 7 f 3' enior High chool Student Council iudeni Council The Student Council had a very busy year. The members sponsored all antrim bureau programs, conducted a contest which named the new joint Springfield-Albion High School, and also conducted a con- test to name the team and choose the colors for the new Northwestern High School. They are mainly a group which represents a student government within the school itself, and solve many problems for the students and faculty of Alhi. Eight members of the council represented Albion at the annual Student Coun- cil Convention held at Girard. The officers, under Advisor Mr. Darwin Cook were: James Allburn, Presidentg Susan Leopold, Vice-Presidentg Ellen Leehan, Secretary: and Steve Onest, Treasurer. Junior High School iudeni Council I O Indlan Dispatch The Indian Dispatch is the high school newspaper. It is published once a week and is available to all the students free ofcharge. The cost of supplies and expenses are paid for by the school board. The members follow a stiff schedule to get the paper out once a week, but they do a fine job and every Tuesday morning the students at Alhi look forward to the Indian Dispatch. Advisors are Mrs. Mary Stearns and Miss Joanna Robb. Carol Rogers was Editor: Patti Podluzne, Co-Editor, Jerry Leehan, Set-up-Editorg and Linda Stanton, Features. Varshy H The Varsity A is a club of senior high students who have earned a letter in some Varsity activity at Alhi. The club sponsored several record dances, one of which featured Wes Hopkins, and also backed a bake sale. All of the money earned went toward buying sweaters for the seniors. Mr. Jack Hill was the Advisor. The officers were: Mary Ann Kireta, President, Bi1lGa1- lant, Vice-Presidentg Ann Lee Field, Sec- retaryg and Nancy Anderson, Treasurer. I ' r gfl-as i 2 - r moke ignah and VVar Drums Smoke Signals, written by Susan Leo- pold is a we-:kly column in the A lbion News. It is news concerning the activities and stu- dents at Alhi. War Drums, written by Jerry Leehan, appears also in the Albion News. It is a coverage of all the K sports activities at Alhi. l fl A .,.. The Future Farmers of America is an educa- tional club closely con- nected with the vocational ayiculture course. One of its purposes is to develop leadership and further interest in farming. The club is very a.c- tive under the direction of Mr. Russell Wasser. They feature many projects in the Albion Fair, and sent several members to the Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. NW H F 4 f A ture Home- makers of America had their induction service on October 1, 1957 and nine- teen were inducted. The club advisor is Mrs. Caro- lyn Shaffer, and the four officers are: President, Janice Taylor, Vice-Presi- dent, Pat Podluzneg Secre- tary, Ann Lee Field, and Treasurer,Janice Steinhoff. A very active club, they participated in an Essay contest, sold sweat-shirts and cook books, presented their annual May Day cere- mony, and sent representa- tives to the State Confer- ence at Penn State.CAt- tendance a.t a. sub -regional meeting was among their many activities. President . . . . . . Ann Lee Field Vice-President . . . . . Mary Ann Kireta Secretary . . .... Linda Kireta Treasurer ...... . . . Nancy Anderson Chaplain ........ . . . Susan Leopold Program Chairman . . . . . Patti Rindo The Hi-Y Club is another of the busy clubs at Alhi. They began the year with a candle light service and induction of officers. Three of the members represented Albion when the Y.M.C.A. sponsored Youth in Government Assembly on Febru- ary 28 and March 1. The assem- blymen were Dick Cassidy, J im Robb, and Gary Robinson. Officers under Advisor, Mr. Paul Taylor were: President ........ Gary Robison Vice-President ..... Ben Greer Secretary .... .... D an Miles Treasurer . . . . Larry Kaufer Chaplin . . . . . . Paul Parobeck Tri-Hi-Y The Tri-Hi-Y had a very busy year. First they held a candle light service at which the officers for 1957-58 were inducted. They sent a basketful of food to a needy fam- ily at Thanksgiving and one at Eas- ter. They played Santa Claus for some small children at Christmas, and sent candy to the Erie County Infirmary on Va1entine's Day.Seven members attended a conference at Franklin in April, and Susan Bar- ton represented our club at theGen- eral Assembly in Harrisburg early in May. The officers under advisor, Miss Katherine Kenney were: The aviation club is one of Alhi's newer clubs. It consists of a group of boys interested in aer- onautics. These boys spent many club hours in figuring out different flights, flight times, conditions of weather, and other aeronautical sub- jects. They learned to read weather maps and studied the different air- planes. The advisors ofthe club were Mr. ,Tack Hill and Mr. Russellwas- ser. FE., as V...' is Aviation Club ervice Club Md A .. ,,....-- The Service Club consists of Junior High boys who are called upon to set up the bleachers for pep meetings and basketball games, set up the stage, and do general jobs around the school for faculty and students. The club advisor is Mr. ,Toe Liseck, and has no officers. MW The officers of this club are: Ruth Card, PresidentgGrace Gevin, Vice-Presid-:ntg Peggy Kemling, Secretaryg and Florence McCabe, Treasurer. The Future Business Leaders of America Club is headed by Miss Joanna Robb. The purpose of this organization is to develop and en- courage an interest in the field of business as an occupation. Nine of these F.l3.L,A. mem- bers attendcd the Region I Meeting at Youngsville on March 27. They also sponsored their annual PGP Dance. Another project was selling ball-point pens. The Future Teachers of America is another of the popular clubs at Alhi. The purpose of this club is to teach the students how to get along and converse with other people. It also teaches them some of the duties and what is expected of a teacher. Several members of the club attended two of the F.T.A. Conferences, one at Lawrence Park and one at Edinboro. The club sponsored a record dance featuring F1attop from Erie. The money from this dance was to go as a scholarship to a senior interested in teaching. They also sponsored a candy sale at noon hour. Mr. Paul Taylor and Mr. Sam Cianflocco were advisors for the club. mm The officers of this club were: Carol Rogers, Presidentg George Maksin, Vice-President: Janice Taylor, Secretaryg and Fred Tay- lor, Treasurer. The Historians Club is agroup of Junior and Senior high students who enjoy the study of history. The club sponsored many activities in- cluding a movie entitled Helen of Troy for the student body. Mr. Jack Hill was the Advisor for the club. The officers were: Charles Northrup, PresidentgLarry Sawdy, Secretaryg and George King, Treasurer. Library Club Historian's Club The Library Club consists of students who help the librarian, Miss Pfau, take care of the library books. The officers of this club are: Ken Graff, Presidentg Nick Donch, Vice- Presidentg Peggy Kemling, Secre- tary: and Tom Duda, Treasurer. To raise money for the pur- chase of new books and the re- pairing of old ones, the club spon- sored bake sales and candy sales. jg Ppmfgm can S X!! Tgg W x Pm I Ill.. I ' -3--Q- 5 xy 5 P4 J V ' ... 1 g r.'A X, Q., h F-it J ' V -3 ' -5-gi X AQ nun 'ff,.,,,m X ,.,. X 3' ,... Wu, Q 'I i Q nn' X Villllllllgulhiq . - 1 Ulu -N., n lllmlllllllh XX Jill Q '5 A Iwi. lf' aww: T:-- ' X ll -..... I rr N X I f F Hzzw QQ ., , . , 4-gwjxf , 3 - ,Q A Rx .14-.5 . f gl 5 1 , . ,W x M . A . . . 1 , v 'Z2':5arQ4': -gp , , r 1-ogy: ,V LKff,-A , A Q, xr QW 'Q 'W if . X w ,,1V ,L in S f--L ' 15 ,, 2 EQ w 'F y mx A 'in 3 -iq. v,-A g' f Aff: gl 5W,,wm:if Y. JH' 'SF sf A 3? rhuiiiv-is ig-sm ............----f M-3 4 R .. A :Q K N g e'i?s,1 V ' f z 2 'Zvi ww if - .Jiri 1 . Eg, 6 .X gig? 32 is 5 X x ,I .U . 4 fx X535 'S ,fz 'i -7k. 1 wk 5 X. ,J i-iw: -,ff ,U 'fa K . W. wi, Q- M-. V ,Q-'aww , ,,x.w.,A, ,W i ., -MR fs ., M. - if-W. . Mi . 1 fx-.H rf 1- V fl Q: r Q, A Q 'Sb if XE? 6 ,H 1 we 1 4' S GMX .Q .sul 3 .F v ,Q Gln wi 99 f' IQ4 -an A' A -nw mum- Biology Since biology is the study of life, these students have gained knowledge of the sim- plest through to the most com- plex forms. They also worked diligently on annual projects. 56 French I French I, in addition to vocabulary and grammar, has as its aim the study of the language with emphasis upon many French expressions cur- rently used. French H French II continues with advanced grammar and syntax as well as focusing study upon the contributions made by France to the heritage of the world. Chemistry The Chemistry Class of 1957-58 was one of the best. We read, discussed and experi- mented in thc fascinating field of electron-atoms and mole- cules. We came to appreciate and understand many of the wonders of chemical changes in our world. Physics 'l'hc Physics Class was small, but very high-quality. We studied and experimented with many of the physical won- ders of our world. We built rockets, jet motors, and air- planes to take to the County Science Fair. s.. Xfs-H Senior cience Ihe non tcadeimc group of seniors studied advinced general science Fhey were busy applying scientific prm eip es to daily livinc needs enior Math Senior Mathematics is not primarily a class for seniors. Rather, it is the general course in mathematics designed for those people in senior high school who are not specializing in academic work and who have taken no other math. It is a practical course planned to meet the needs of the average citizen in buying, selling, and insurance. Algebra ll Algebra II is taught for the students who are going to college or to some trade school. It is given to those students who plan to con- tinue with science or math. Others may elect it, if they so desire. Plane Plane Geometry is offered for the academic students who plan to enter a college requiring it. Also, it is taken as an elective by many who, for one reason or another, desire it. Solid Geometry is a one-semester subject taught exclusively for college-going students. Along with it, since it does not require full time, is taught an advanced work book in Algebra. Trig Trigonometry is given in the second semester, following Solid Geometry. It includes the completion of the pre-college Algebra started in Solid Geometry in addition to work with slide rule. After learning the types of wood and the uses of tools, the boys in Industrial Shop made hop many useful projects. Some which were produced included end tables, chests, gun racks, and desks. Art The Art students this year made posters for projects. During the course, perspective drawing and character sketches were reviewed. Also included were outdoor sketching, finger painting, cut-outs, water colors, and charcoal drawing. Mechanical Drawing In Mechanical Drawing, the students learned lettering, inking, and blue-print reading. The type ofdrawings done this year were ortheographic projections, auxiliary views and sections. af.:-WJ kb. ln.. Courses given in the junior and senior year to give basic principles of selling and to help students learn the fundamentals of business contracts and rights. Business and Law Driver's Training horihand I The principles of shorthand are taught to junior commercial students inShorthand I. They learn to take dictation and to trans- cribe it into business letters. 60 This course is of- fered in the junior year to commercial students. They learn to type basic letters and problems that will be found in office typ- ing. They also learn the use of the ditto and mimeo- graph processes. Typing II llomemaking is for those girls who wish to go to college to become home economists, or who intend to establish homes of their own after high school, and wish to have the skills and knowleges necessary to maintain an efficient and happy home life. Manual skills are developed on an equal basis with academic learning. Such units as Child Care and Guidance, Per- sonality and Etiquette, Consumer Education, Textiles and Laundering, Home Furnishings, Marriage and Family Relations, and Home Care of the Sick are included in the course as well as Foods, Nutrition and Clothing courses. I . 1 ...- C The Agriculture class was taught byMr Wasser The Ag boys appeared on television several times this year and had several projects. After the closing of school the Ag boys took a trip through the South- ern states and they all had a very enjoyable time. They visited many farms and points of interest. Girls' Gym Girls' Gym classes aim to better each girl physically, mentally and socially. Junior high classes aim at organization and the ability to play together. Senior high tends to develop the skills of major sports. Boys' Health The Boys' Health program emphasizes the safety measures which are so important in the group living situation. Here, a group is learning about oxygen and its importance to respiration. Girls' Heallh Girls' Health classes are conducted in six different units. These are extensive studies of the systems of the body. How they work and what they do. Emphasis is placed on how to maintain and keep the body in good running order. Boys' Gym The Boys' Physical Education provides an out- let for physical exertion and recreation which in turn tends to build and develop healthy bodies. At Alhi many different activities are given in physical education classes to fit the needs and likes of all participants. Music Department rl-M The Modern Muslc Masters Natxonal Muslc Honor Soclety was organlzed ln the SPYIDQ of 1957 under the dlrectxon of Wxlllam Kmg To be e11g1ble for membersh1p IH the Tr1 M one must mamtaln at least a 'B average 1n both musrc and academxc subjects pass a r1g1d exammation concermng the rules and regulatxons of the orgmza t1on perform a solo and possess a good personahty and character Ass1st1ngMr Kmg as the sponsor of the group are Mr Paul Taylor and Mr Charles Gllbert. gressed the group gamed recognizanon through the student body when tt presented an assembly 1n December Th1s assembly conslsted of the Wlnter Inductlon of new members On March 29 1958 the group sponsored the Warsaw l-hgh School Band Concert. The Sprmg Induct1on of new members was held 1n May wlth parents and frlends as guests Pres1dent Judy S mith Vlce Pres1dent Margle Mltchell Secretary Nancy Anderson Treasurer Paul Parobeck Hlstorlan Carol Rogers 63 T . The 1957-58 season began with the group selling ball point pens. As the year pro- . S X w Q ws - an .S'A in is X . ' X ffm f ' x ' ' X , Q' ' A 'f Y ' Q K' ' 91 5 VV . A 5. 3 K A -,Q K X fd K ,K Yi. 1 .1 - 1 :,. Y I is 3 A K 5 1 A fu, X..- SQ 5 IL Ae. 1 A Y i -4' T, .kkk L. iff as m . ,, - .. ,N - 1 . 'fm .. , l 'W' nv- nt D ffulin-iw aw 1 ar 'ff 41 Q w. :M if WQQL 3, , ,, - 1 f , ' 1- Wig x,s,?r Si A A Y s I 2 5 , A- 5 G ,X ' 7 lg? 4. ,QC 'K -nf A N L I L IJ ,fa 4,xL U ' Y - ' ' ' lvl! if C IRIS TM AS VESPERS the dlrecuon of N r under The Chnstmas Vespers presented by the M1xed Chorus on De WHS W1111arn Kmg 1n the hugh school aud1tor1un The large 1957 22 cember TIUSIC aid the beauuful rendmo s auchence en joyed organ I .. ' , ' ' 11 . . . . . . H I I . z ' cial feature. De W3S8S IC LIS ITI MinstreIIite Moon-Maids dancing to the Planet Rock Judy Smith Jim Robb in SUIQS his tap routine Summertime M. Consedine D- Shearer A. Field H. Swaney have team in Dinner Lollipop with Drac The 1958 minstrel was described by viewers as Al- most Professional. The theme was outer space and the sec- ond act was enacted as a pic- nic on the moon. While wait- ing for the crew to remove green cheese from the engine, a variety show was held. A few of the outstanding acts are pictured above. Mr. King di- rected the cast. Dan Miles sings Ma, She s Making Eyes At Me The Satallite Brothers in their version?'? of Doncha Just Know It The endmen for the Min- stre1lite were Dan Miles Tim Curran, John Demmery, and Denny Hull. Each end- man put across several funny jokes and did his own solo. ,Tim Allburn returned for his second year as interlocutor. 1 67 ection Leaders The duties of the chorus section leaders consists of checking attendance and keeping their section intact during rehearsals. They are elected by the members of their section early in the fall. This year's were: Paula Young, alto, Gene O'Leary, Bass and Baritone, Dorothy Taylor, First Soprano, Margie Mitchell, Second Soprano, and not pictured was Tim Curran, Tenor. Girls Ensemble The Girls' Ensemble has had a rather inactive year singing only at the Christmas Vespers and the Spring Concert. Accompanisls Judy Smith and Mary Silfies served as the very able accompanists for the chorus this year. Lois Madden also assisted them by play- ing the organ in the Christmas Concert. This is Judy's third year under the direction ofMr. King. Mello Dears The Mello Dears, a division of the Girls' Ensemble, presented several enjoyable selec- tions at the meetings of various organizations this spring. MAJORETTES Many long and tedious hours were spent in re- hearsals by the majorettes in preparation for their widely known maneuvers performed at the half time periods of football and bas- ketball games. The high- stepping twirlers also par- ticipated in the 1958 version of the Minstrel- lite. Marcial Consedine and Diana Gage, the cho- reographers, should also be commended for the patience and planning of the twir1er's routines. ANN LEE FIELD Ann Lee deserves much praise for a job well done. For the past two years she has held the posi- tion of Head Twirler, carefully guid- ing and instructing the majorettes in the fine performances. Q 'mm W W X gk ex . ' KL? XR . A N' 1 X 'Vi L x N x 'V w 8 'f X I H ! X .., -KW I WA A ff A 3 Q' Z . 1- gig?-1 M 'S S AW. 5 E Q Q.. 5 N556 K2 - S 29 as Sim f' I N A S 'N A , 'fl , 'Nm .bg if 1 ,G ,ef y I if 4 Q n.., ,, , 1 Q0 a A , Q, 3 A Y' f K 4, I af' 4 V' ii' ? qi if ,,, wr 1 '7 W ,Q , 'W pad p- I 'K K x we M' 1 Our last game if Qs' gf Q . iq .. Q :fs nl r Q' uf 1 -fx-LZ'.5x , .' .Lyn .-.L X j or CLIE Cheerleaders Sue Leopold, Helen Swaney, Paula, Young, Sandy Clark Alice Lcnhardt and Margie Zemcik. Varsity D0 Susan Baxton Lynda Lynch Do Rausch Dian Mid Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Junior High Cheerleaders Hill H111 use Kireta Rogers Hull emor 'M Grudders PAT PODOLL Halfback VQ 1' CHUCK SABOL Tackle J BEN GREER Quarterback JIM ALLBURN STEVE ONEST n I1 CHU .l ROGER PATTON Halfback CK BABBITT Q 'L' Fullback DUANE TAYLOR Tackle 0 tas .. o A vzzl, Q ' ,. T in A 1 f S3 4 K ' e fx , L X 5 K. K E F, E' s 76 Varsity Football Team Although the team trounced Union City this year, it was not the outstanding game. A1bion's tie with Edinboro, one of the highest rated teams in the League, proved to be the best game of the year. Because of the flu epidemic, the schedule was not completed. The team will miss the graduating seniors: J. Allburn, C. Babbitt, B. Greer, S. Onest, R. Patton, P. Podoll, C. Sabol, and D. Taylor. The coaching staff consisted of: Carwin Cook, head coach ,Tack H111 assistant coachg and Michael Dovensky, junior high coach. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Albion 0 Edinboro Albion 6 Fairview Albion 14 Conneaut Valley Albion 13 Wesleyville Albion 16 Union City Albion 6 Waterford 77 Hilrwel ki U M fa XM? J 4 Q Q 3 . ,zz sq ,mw www .M wx .5 -x wk 1 ., 31 'QNX M55 gg: Q . s ii 3 L: l eniors Mix an E l 1 ' X ,, - Y , Q BEN GREER JOHN DEMMERY CHUCK BABBITT 5 bTEVE NS ROGER PATTEN ONEST BUD GOEBLE M E I--Q' JIM ALLBURN P, GEORGE GURIEL jf LODDY PODOI L ff' 79 1 if -.e Q E 3 f ut 5 f R J' ,RV GQ I- ? N131 5 ' QQ' ' af 15,-V' 1 , I , . xg A V xA, I.. .G-J, U . 5 Y E A Q EA Q V x 1 ' ff 4 K , L4 my , ,7 6 Varslty Basketball Team Alblon s hope for a county champ1onsh1pvan1shed 1ntoth1rd place Probably the most mterestmg and hardest fought games of the year were Wlth West S pr1ngf1eld each school w1nnmg one game. Chosen for the all county squad th1s year were B1l1Gallant and Ben Greer Ben Greer and Steve Onest represented Allu at the All Star Game. Mentor for the Vars1ty squad IS .T ack H111 Llsted below are the games played tn the year 1957 58 LOST Strong Vmcent Erle East Lawerence Park Lawerence Park Glrard Lawerence Park Edmboro Conneaut Valley Guard Cochranton West Sprmgfleld WON Conneaut Valley Cambndge Spnngs Cambndge Sprmgs West Spr1ngf1eld Farrvlew McKean FBIIVIEW Edxnboro I ' 38-'75 ' 49-59 ' ' 45-52 . ' ' Wesleyville 58-59 McKean 58-66 ' ' ' 55-'74 ' ' 63-'77 ' 45-48 ' ' 49-68 ' ' 53-'77 52-78 ' ' 51-55 80 Junior Varsuty Basketball Coach Mxke Dovensky brought h1s J V team through a very successful season Wlfllllllg fourteen games and losmg two One of the greatest tr1umphs of the season was thexr unexpected w1n over Erxe East. L1sted below are the games of the year 1957 58 WON Erle East Conncaut Valley Cambrxdge Spnngs Wcsleyvxlle Cambudge Spnngs West Sprlngfleld Edmboro Conneaut Valley Fa1rv1ew Guard Conneaut 26-21 Cochranton 49-46 Edinboro 44-27 81 LOST Strong V1ncent Guard Conncaut Junuor Hugh Basketball A crushmg blow befell the ,Tumor l-hgh team when they lost the second nlght of the fourteenth annual tournament. They played an average season w1nn1ng slxteen games and IOSIHQ mne Tom Thompson freshman center was chosen to be on the J'un1or 1-hgh All Tournament Team. Guldlng the team was Coach Russ Wasser LOST Conneaut Valley Cambudge Sprmgs Conneaut Valley Fa1rv1ew West Sprlngfxeld T OURNAM ENT WON Lawrence Park Cambudge Sprmgs West Sprmgfxeld Ed1nboro Ed1nboro McKean Falrvlew Alblon 19 Wattsburg 26 Alblon 44 North East 18 82 O O 14-36 ' ' 23-24 , ' ' Lawrence Park 32-39 McKean 15-50 ' ' ,' ' 20-29 ' ' ' 28-30 ' Hi Junior gh CONNEAUT VALLEY GIRARD --CHAMPIONH --CHAMPION RUNNER-UPU Tournament ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM LAWRENCE PARK WATTSBURG --CONSOLATIONU --CONSOLATION RUNNER-UPU 5 ,Y 5 T fag gif S U,,x, 5 ,S X 19 9 P W A Y- ffklnaf 184 3 Baseball The 1958 baseball team was under the d1I'eJCI10I'l of Mr H111. Th1s was Mr H1113 flrst year w1th the base runners ROW ONE Mr H111 T Shearer S Onest J Maxwell R Patton J Demmery J ROW TWO M Onest H Johnson L Rundell D Burns R Greenlee M Homansky ROW THREE V Wheeler W Macadoo M Burnett G Gunel H Geoble P Podoll L Jones 84 Kuvik, R. Payne. PATRICK PODOLL QTEVE ONEST HAROLD GEOBLE JOHN DEMNHIRY ROGER PA TTEN 85 if Kawafwafwfgzfg .gb-f 3,1298 4, 3, 'Q' ww we-mf CEORCL CURIEL 1' KEN PARKER DUA NE TAYLOR .QA 4, ,f 1. - . - Q 'Q T' L,.,.:' - Vfl,,,m. ' ig Q f X fn? rim-w M 1' 'M ' fag , . y, ,Q ' I X ,' 'iw .f4ff32m,f,f,,, My A' - i?x Mf.: 'y3fi1 Rafi! if 'Yi ' ,i 3. T ,gg,,,, V.,-. , 4 ..w.:'-f , ' f 4 .4 jf if ' 1 Aw' , ,lf f4.,,wa: 5? w f 1, Minn' D, fgffr' .,4,j,uf .- A ,,,','l1, , ,N - ww-n f, fig Off. 'uf WW, . W M , I ' Y ' I . . A . v . 3 E Ben Greer Bill Gallant Bill Gallant and Ben Greer, after winning their respective events in the county track meet, placed high enough in the district meet to participate in the track and field meet at Penn State. Bill placed third in the state with the javelin, with a throw of more than 183 feet, which is Albion's new school record. Last year those who participated in the state meet were Denny Adamson, Ronald MoConegly, Sam Palmer, and Ben Greer in the mile relay. Bill Gallant competed in the javelin throwing event. '57 Baseball 8.- .8 M . A, it v ROW TWO: Mr. Cianflocco, S. Mott, K. Parker, G. Guriel, W. MorleY. .T. Wolfe, J. Maxwell, R. Watrel. ROW ONE: T. Shearer, S. Palmer, K. Allen. I. Krans, S. Onest, H. Vorse. 86 Alhu-All -Stars FOOTBALL B Gallant J Allburn D Taylor mm K ALI COUNTY PLAYERS BASKETBALL B Gallant B Greer ALL COUNTY PLAYERS B. Gallant TRACK B. Greer 1 Q 3 I STATE MEET PARTICIPANTS B Gruer PLAYLR OF TIHI WEEK S Onust ALL STAR GAME 87 , , , . . , wk -,, f T Y ' T . IQSSS . .Y M553 4 I - I ' w . - . Business Managers On hand at every game were the busmess managers Mary Ann Ktreta Ltnda John son and Ellen Leehan The glrls took care of selhng t1ckets and keeplng books for the Athletlc Assoclatxon. Thelr adv1sor IS Mr Steven Mellon. ports Managers ff. -if VI The yearbook staff wlshes to thank and commend the graduatmg team managers James Burrell and Danny J os11n for the faxthful way 1n whlch they performed the many dunes and tasks of then offxce ' .kL. k E GAA The G A A enjoyed a very acuve and successful year Not only dtd they rematn undefeated through basketball but also won the County Volleyball Cham plonshlp Roberta Jones makes a shot tn basketball, ably guarded by Sally Brewster. Teammate Nancy Antler son looks up hopefully. ea1am.::t.:Q..-r -,-ss ss:-sagem to A E n a 89 Churches Doctors DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR METHODIST CHURCH ST PHILLIPS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH A1b1on Pcnnsylvama CIOSSIHQVIHS Pcrmsylvama ST LAWRENCE CATHOLIC CHURCH Alblon Pennsylvanla LUTHERAN CHURCH Alblon Pennsylvarua UNITED BRETHERN CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH Cranesvxlla Pennsylvama UNITED BRETHERN CHURCH Cranesvxllc Pennsylvama UNITED BRETHERN CHURCH Platea Pennsylvama 90 GREER RIZNER HU STEAD CLEMENT ADAMS ANDERSON Sprmgfleld Albion , Pennsylvania 1 , A F' S 'Q if ug' Ii :HIE M ll , . ,. f- fi x s i ,J A 'QF I aim, 1 .shi Qw 5. H Z ?g? , , xv- K, o 0 Qzzaag' Y .VQOQ 'JEL Q i --am .1 FW '1- C ROGERS +P bun.. r' Y' I ALLBURN C BABBITT B. GREER J SMITH 11 -nl D. SHEARER 92 lh... B GREER D. IOSLIN X Q Hey then. snot a match? Why not'P Rebul w1thout a eausc, Pumlu Puople Eater 4' Let s have a party' Hi, ugly!! wi Cutuns, Capers R1de'm cowguls 4 Jays 93 '5 ,gk 3Musl Lturs Paul Who us 'P 1 1310101 y Booboo rx i Buddxps udp' I Brothcrly low .., x .1 ,ffl N-A Ilqypuan Dmcpr Chbers I V 94 Q - ,Y 4 ,. .. Hg U f .... i g ' L j 3-J! Q x dy ' - 5' l K K .1 i 1 . Q D , Hz 4 ' is V1 M A R Sag, P I 14 ,il M S LI s A gr 'F' 2 -. x 'k Q35 ' , L, ' -sf f I 4 ' 1 i 1 , I A . K X f N xx A ' s J' 'Q' if X A . M g 'J N af A It O .gf ix J' I -A A . In , '. - ,, V' v 1 4 Q 1 m f- F 5. . 1 Q f A F gl J Q K xx , I . . V t . K in n ii I kt X 1 4 A f K lf K. ' r 533 L X-. ' Pool Shark Am t I cute? Budd1es to the end' What cha do1n Inz'P Semor send off dance Award wmners Lovers Sm11e I ' 95 Here C0 P my olka Dot Blklm 17765 hm SANYSQK .. .. W, A -K-.H-. .....W.... .. x Lg. 'FF wi' In it wil 3 4 , ww' I 96 1958 GRADUATING CLASS OF , P. Parobeck, B. 61' Graff, F. Seipl ery, I. Allburn, K. lor, I. Demm ay Patten, D. T litchell, D. Shearer, R. lx ONE: C. Rogers, M. W RO Kireta., A. Field. N. Anderson, M. ith, Greer, I. Sm achilla, d, T. On Cal' , D. Kinney, R. Rogers, R. 11 6 Yam M L. Taylor, Swanson, onch, P. Rindo, J. , D. Joslin, N. D ROW TWO: F. Carter Allen. M er YH Pa itzges, D. Smialek, R. Fr A. ent, an, F. Hirby, R. DeArm Tallm Gresh, D. on, P. Podoll, R. els ,C-.N l bitt, A. Sabo ab , C. Graham, C. B E: R. Nigh, I. Taylor ROW T Lasher. ,K. volko Pa N. ,G. , K. Parker ol ab Consedine , C. S , W. Duda, L. Ke ser, G. Robison --4 Randall, W. Mooney, T. J. Burrell, C. bb I. Ro R: OU RO W F DSSI. ei, H. oeobie, s. o UI' G --4 HARTHAN AWARD BABE RUTH LIONS CLUB SERVICE BAUSCII AND LOMB SCIENTIFIC CONRATH AWARD IN .IOURNALISM D A R SCHOOL AWARDS Agriculture A rt Commercial E nglish I Iomemaking Industrial A rts enior peakers A d I Awards I SENIOR AWARDS- -1958 Margaret Mitchell Paul Parobeck Mary Ann Kireta Charles Babbitt James Allburn Benjamin Greer Carol Rogers Judy Smith Margaret Mitchell Woodrow Mooney Judy Smith Mary Ann Kireta Benjamin Greer Janice Taylor Charles S abol LANGUAGE CFrenchJ Benjamin Greer MATHEMATICS 1311165 Allbllrli MUSIC Margaret Mitchell PHYSICAL EDUCATION fBoysJ BenjaminGrecr PHYSICAL EDUCATION fGirlsJ Nancy A ndcrson SCIENCE James Allburn SOCIAL STUDIES Kenneth Graff if - - mwixww +0-ff 000903 A ' ll... .ful lui. -'-'7 Personalities 02 ? QJF f- 140,41 w QQ l ' V w,.. WS LYS? ' 1 '5 Q X E ,Qmm-nG S V' 5 f. F i xi ' f X xL W, ' -1 V - x ,I Q Q K N A . . 151 ' as W ,N 3, i Q. V Y 1 V L i Q 5 fm 4 Q 1.1 . ' svgfx gy ffm ,px ' it 1 K. 'l K, Qian it gs g .i gy INTER COLLEGIATE P S PACTORY POMI Kansas City Publmhew Caxev Mnwuvumwrvw HuuRB'1'dr'A UFHIE th --fha LL is 's 'c P0 if S H31 ua 'ds a '3E: ' .'i0'-ltvw? illllll ,I QQ! I Q.. ettffvff f Qu ou. 5 Us 'im 5 A30 offS C v F 6 W 8 Cafe 'Xf- 0 ,tb ic ' . ,pan . L C'- Rudgae: 5909. ot f Sl - I, ' Hs'b35'M.bNa, R dw -r rr ' M1 54, Jer er ' 1',m-,Ken-s tl U2lOP'f .nncseuls , - S't'ClN '- U- SON' I on BINNY3 -. - bel' nv l F074 F T. eefs -,ff ' PQLAEBL L.ue, r gewkanli' ' ns ef f 9 '.q3,3ar'5 ' zen' -Mgnn J l rR-H'-S' 3 :.Y3656'5 ' .X 3 I 2 0 vw 3 0:a 2 6 uc 0 -4d J' 2-1 I -if a. , O .23 - X-910 m - u. 5. 52. ' a fo E no 5 L 8 0 Q- 3 'U' L 9 J 5 la A -W i JCJPVI ' SEE' 4: '5 304-'43 0 7 U7U.'d Z 0 N do z QQ U 1 'f 1 3 ' fu -L J j 1 dy lm 01 tn sz 3' -u - 3 .I P .1 ,,, 5 an 0 E ls lo QD W' ll Suns, 5162 paw-3 QWMS' Qv N I Tu' G KS 3 .germ SVOY. b 5oNS ger-4' ' ,: I F LW, Q xae. 0 th 7' 'LL 'Lu we W

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