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-ik 'W-M..,,.W,.,X X 4,1 ,V 'M ...,m, x wa 300 .a ..f- ef ali' Q, 'Hayman 1 Q ,IM . 1:5 H-'1 f f The Alhi Albion Area High School Albion, Pa. 4185 X 9 Pm. Ed1tor 1n Chlef ASSISIRHI Edltor Secretary Treasurer Subscrlpuons Art Ed1tor Club Edltor Athleuc Ednor Mus1c Ed1tor L1terary Ed1tor Commerclal Ed1tor Departments Ed1tor Plctu res Adverns mg Photography Advisor ..... Literary Advisor . . . Alhl faff Mary Kay Se1p1er Judy Smlth Marcxa Consedme Martha Artello Paul Parobeck Marc1a Consedme Judy Snuth Susan Leopold Benny Greer Carol Rogers Charles Lynch Anna Marte King G1or1a Roberts J 1m Allbum Nancy Anderson Mary Ann Repel Sam Palmer Dan Sabol Chrls Terr1Jl , , Mr. Cassidy .....Mrs.Orr Deducahon Eagerly awamng our most prec1ous moments we pause to see the mold our hves so as we meet the challengmg world w1th knowledge and open arms It is w1th our grateful expression of thanks we dedxcate our 1957 A1h1 to you Mrs Orr 43 I I reflection of our guidance as shown by you. We feel you have helped 1' chool Board The Board ofEdueat1on plays IH rmportant role rn furtherlng the functrons of Alhr Ir consrsts of frfteen members headed by Pres1 dent Ernest Kennedy Mr Kennedy deserves much cred1r for h1s endless effort and ume spent wrth the Board These men esrablrsh school PO1lC16S and are responsxble for the edueatronal affarrs of the school chstrret Jomlure Board The Board ot Slhool D1reuorsofAlb1on Area and Sprrngfleld approved and agreed on an arrangement ro Or grate lllLll' schools under Jornt 2idlIllll1SIl'3IlOl1 at a meeung held May 22 Errher board may wrrhdraw from the agreement by norlce brxen on or before The auron was formed by stare rulrngs and the nenesslly of quallfyug for snare money wi reh wrll pax almost three fonrrhs ofthe rosrs of the burldrng and operauon of the schools I . 4 . . . . Y April 1, of any school year. To the members of the Class of 1957 It has been a p1easantpr1v11ege for your teachers to work wtth you durmg the past s1x years You have been problems at umes but more often you have prov1ded us the msplratlon for greater efforts W hope, stncerely that we have been able to tnstill Ln you a sp1r1t of cooperatton and good wtll and that you WLU. contmue your fine records Furthermore we would hope that the lessons you have learned at A1h1 wtll be always an encouragement to clean effectlve hvmg wherever and tn whatever ctrcumstances you may ftnd yourselves Please come back to VISII us often. Your Pr1nc1pa1 Charles Gtlbert Message To The enuors Ttme and fate w111 bear us onward Scatter us afar Let the lessons you have taught us, Be our gtudmg star ' A1111 Alma Mater Dear Graduates of 1957 As you are scattered by mme and fate over the world 1n the many years ahead, and you w1ll be, our hope and prayer IS that the kxndness, honesty, and serv1ce for others you have shown as loyal students of AJh1, w1l1 be your guldmg stars to ltves as good Amertcans Please come back to Alh1, someumes Good luck and happmess to each one of you! Supervlslng Prmctpal Don Thompson X ' : . S . . . . e '57 . . ' . ' I l Y I ,,. . I .. , 4 A5-1-tv ,-A Ax Office Practice I 1 MRS SCHAFFER School Nurse VIRS llxllx IEANETTE DUDA WR BIS! OP Secretary to Nirs Lxsek s Q I'11CfC1USIOd121l'l Dr Thompson Asslstanr 3 7 QA Eff .igfb 5, ' X .- v, K Q n f' Q , 1 X Andy Carl Roy H H Rrchard She rm an Revak Bossard Huston Teed Wolfe chool Helpers Mrs Caldwell Mrs Maxwell Mrs Huya Some more school helpers are the bus drrvers and the cafeteua work e The bus dr1vers bflflff the students to school everyday 1l'1 all klnds of weather and at noon the cooks have a warm meal prepared for the students The students at Alh1 w1sh to thank them EDITH BEIGHLEY Geneva College B Commercial PAUL CASSIDY Edmboro S T C B S Unlversrty of Pittsburgh M A Ed Science DARWIN COOK Slrppery Rock S T C B S University of Pittsburgh M A Ed History Geography Wafu? sq? al SAM CIANFLOCCO Slippery Rock S T C B S d SOC131 Studies English ALICE HAZER Edinboro 5,T,C, English Social Studies .nfl MICHAEL DOVENSKY A I ' Indiana s T C S MARY ELDER University of Pittsburgh Clarion S.T.C.g B.S. Ed. M-A- Library Science Science WESLEY FREEBURG L ibfafian Penn State Edinboro S.T.C. Clarion S.T.C. g B.S. Social Studies Geography Drivers Training JACK HILL Shppery Rock S T C B World Hrstory Elementary Physlcal Ed JOSEPH LISEK Drake UHIVCISIIY, B.S. Health Physxcal Ed. RUTH KINGSLEY Western Reserve A B L01l1l'1'lb13 UHIVCISIIY M A WILLIAM KING Math Westmmrster B P S M M M Ed KATHERINE KENNEY Umversxty of M1ch1gan Ed1nboro S T C MUSIC S Band French Enghsh 4 .1 KATHRYN MARTIN Indxana S.T.C., B.S Commerclal STEVEN MELLON Penn State B.S., M.A. Ed. Industnal Arts HELEN MERSHON Shppery Rock S.T.C., B.S Enghsh Math ' . . . . 3 . S. V 1 B . . Ed. D . . 9 A 41 . f L 1 .A K - Q ' ' ' , T OLIVE MULHOLLAND Ir1d1ana S T C B S Home Economlcs Cafeterla CAROLINE UMSTEAD Indlana S T C Home Economlcs JEAN O LEARY Amerlcan College of Phys1cal Ed B P E Concord1a College B Health Phys1ca1 Educauon RUTH ORR Western Reserve Math Enghsh VICTOR TORTORELLI Carnegle Instltute B A Un1vers1ty of Plttsburgh Art PAUL TAYLOR Clanon S T C B Penn State 'vi Ed P O D C1v1cs Algebra I Guxdance JULIA STANTON Ed1nboro S T C B S Math Hlstory MARY STEARNS Edmboro S T C B S d Enghsh Soclal Studles .ing -xi -gd' WILLIAM KRAMER Edmboro S T C Student Teacher RUSSELL WASSER Penn State B S Avrtculture Educauon Voc monal Aomculture IN MEMORIAM We the students of Alblon Area H1gh School would hke to ded1cate thls poruon of the A1111 to Donald Cushmg bus drlver for seven years Donald Cushmg passed away December 9 1956 after an extended 11lness Mr Cushmg born tn Pntsburqh had been a res1dent of the Cranesvrlle com muntty for the past clcvtn ycars The students and faculty w1l.l ever remember h1m for hls fme sp1r1t and cooperatlon for hrs loyal serv1ce to the school, and for hrs fuendlmess to all he knew 'si f , . 154 , ' 0- , 'Q A , M V- 4 l : . . L, g . F1 . A . , . . . . ,, .,, . . , . , . ' I . I - - ' A D J Q l . . . lzniurf- ffm c'.S:i',11 f C' b QQ 'i DENNIS ADAMSON Course: General Ambition: Chug-a-lug with Mort and beathim . . . Sportsman, par excellence . . .honorary member of G.A.A. the Joe, who knew in the Senior Play!!! KEITH ALLEN Course: General Ambition: Plumber-steani-fin ter, or machinist Seen in the art room .. TV fan... leisure spent assembling model planes. LE ROY BALL Course: Academic Ambition: Join the Air Force ...Enjoyed four years of Science. . . easy going red- head ...Enjoys tinkering with cars. MARTHA ANN ARTELLO Course: Academic Ambition: Lead a quiet happy life Records basketball plays ... portrayed AuntCaro- line . . . Secretary ofCamera Club and Yearbook. FREDERICK BARTON Course: General Ambition: Gunsmith. Favorite club is Youth for Christ. . . Natural comic. . . fond of archery and hunting. W If .A -M JACK ASHTON Course: General Ambition: Have Mr. G.lbert's job. . . a smile for everyone . , . fishing and hunting en- thusiast. . . rods that ialopy. MARY ANN BIENERTH Course: General Ambition: Secretary. . . tops in basketball . . . everybody's friend . . . radiant long hair . . . history fiend. ,' A X 1 E 1 BARBARA BLACK Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Likes shorthand ... Swims . .. Midg- et F. H.A. member . .. Flir- tatious skater. GEORGE DAHLIN Course: Academic Ambition: Engineer ... Known for his motor-cycle En- tranced with the wonder of Solid and Trig . .. Enjoyed the 4-H Club. 1 JUDY BOYER Course: Commercial Ambition: Receptionist. P e p py Cheerleader ... Played the Educated brat in the Class plays ... very active in clubs and class work. DAVE CURRAN Course: Academic Ambition: Teacher or Navy career Carried the pigskin on the gridiron Class Offi- cer for three years . .. Reserved by the Navy. -4 ' .sb f'1 b 'W-...lf .J 1 JOYCE BUTLER Course: General Ambition: Dental Assistant . . . Mixed many a fine dish Quiet and friendly Plays badminton ... Athletic. ANNA IEAN CONNERS Course: H wme Economics. Ambition: Housewife Lends a helping hand... Seen in Home Ec. Room . . . Skates and Swims. Q RONALD CHURCH Course: General Ambition: Professional Guitar- ist . . . Clever writer of poetry . . . on the quietside .. . enjoys Senior Science. PHY LLIS DANA Course: Commercial Ambition: Private Secretary Joyce is her pet peeve ... Col- lects sheet music G. A. A. SI8.l'. oi BETTY ANN DIBBLE Course: Home Etrononiics. JAMES DEMMERY Ambition: Bc a housewife - Course: General Dyn a ni i c Blonde ... spends Ambition: Mfg. landing gears leisure time skating . . . Enjoys for Fords ... Sends the feriiin- F. H. A. LOIS DAUGHERTY ine gender car mechanic Course: Commefcial . , . actor and singer, Ambition: Housewife Sings like a bird Has made the first step toward her ambition ... Tri-Hi-Y President. DANIEL DONCH Course: General Ambition: Drafting Whiz on his sad sax Casanova A 6-N hot-rod enthusiast. IDA NP-E EBNER Course: Home Economics MARLENE ELNIllll'LE Ambition: Housewife Mod- Course: Commercial est and quiet.. . excellent Ambition: Make the best of the cook and skater. future .. . Swift roller skater Bouncy cheerleader Friend to everyone. . H11 '01 MILDRIID LINHIPLE Course Gunral 1 111011 L 1 1a x Ill IVE. MARGAR1:T GEHR C ldflllgl plaxu 5lI1gb Course C o1111x1Lrc1al km WorkQar RLQLS I IL Ambmon Tops III eurclanal M Lku 011111 lwllli flgld Ncvupapu and veal' hoo I',plSl I11I11n hmm ss MARY JANE HENERETTY lgadu' 11.15111 ot xhonhand Coursf. Iiorm LLo11o11111s ANNA MARIE IxING Loursf. -hadL1111L DAWN kXAP1 A111h111on X Ju11rna1sL 1 1111011 Nursg L hrn. IO Sul Dlspaldl deadllne. 111141115 l'o111L H A qua scanhmg for a n11ll1ona1re l1orsLh.1ck rxdcs 1n lusun. IIIIIC 111 ghorus g A111h111on Nursg 1 o c s S aiu plgnlx IRLD KIEDAIQFH Coursu Vouauonal Agrlculturc Amhmon Own a largg farm Exc.LIler1L future farmer matcn rucs stocx Qars IANI:T KEMLIING Course Home Econormcs A111b111o11 Model Loves a l1vg parlv member of Glrls Lnsemhle dnwes a flashy car . H . A11 h' : 1V 'X 11,131 ll '- ' 4 ly... ' :I fl 'K' : ' 21' ' k ' A 1 I c ' ' A :.' 1...dr'vus.1 ll... tak' Home EC. gg H , : 1 L 4 K 4 A Q a1...:' 'N . : .' ' : T. . 1' '. - - Course: H 'mc EVOHOINICS f:liIl3IiOllS dru111111er rushing . I - ' 1 X11 b : . ' at lh - - IY1 - ' . .. ' I Y . . . 'cn ', ', 1 . Q '7T4'fiT'.V , Q W ff '., is . , 1 'N ' . 7 GARRY klxAPP Course Vuratronal Agra ul lure Arnbrlron farur rn un Navy Many hours rn footbal 1s lOlllPLIlllOll 1 tlr twru Il a ms L ll ll s a llllllb H? LARRY KNAPP Course Voeauonal Agrtcul ture Al'llblllOll Be a boat racer l-ound Brology vcrx mteresrmg real eool rug cutter lnttrtsts arc lurnrrug and at l JAME9 LAQHER C oursc Xeadtu ru AlllhlllOll Mtuaruc Outer Rorneo iroru Cranesvtlle lrkes UD l1kcsuu11t1r1g, and SWllll nrng JOHN KRANS Course Acadennc lblI1Oll Owr1 a 57 Convcrrrhle Qu1et strong type rn the Nauonal Guard llllIlIS females ELEALOR LA SCl:K Course Commercral Ambrtron Recs ptronrst cheerleader Tr1H1Y1s favorue clu b sleepy t1r11e a SWllllS 'ev 'B xx DOLOREQ KUVIK Course Comrrrern ral AlIlhlIlOD Prrxate Qcrnrarg, Grrls Lnseruhlc plays ren s enjoyed slrortlrand sw lllS l1lrL .1 f1Sll EHJAXOR KUZMA Course Cornrrrercral Ambrrrou Be a sceretarx Sweet and lrrcndly traxels a ot A r11er11er qurtt around school M , x , 'Ax' I q AH : l 'T Ford ni ' , .4 , si '.,, - . ' trnrl pug. K V' , r r ' Ida d'1....sw11' nd gl-H I - A H 1 :N ,u 1 ..rr'. B.1.. . h ' R an X .Ji IT 'YS' PATRICIA LASHER Course: Home Economics Ambition: Housewife . . . Likes a good time .. . a ring on her finger . .. likes Home EC. EDWARD PAROBECK Course: Agriculture Ambition: Own a dairy farm Seen tampering with cars . .. enjoys FFA ... wide eyed Casanova Spends most of leisure time hunting .. . enjoys POD class f?j Q? CHARLES LYNCH Course: Academic Ambition: Become a midship- man at Annapolis Drum major . .. strong tenor in mixed chorus . . . tnath whiz. SAMUEL H. PALMER Course: Academic Ambition: Engineering Degree . . . Push over for red-heads . . . Head it an of camera club Brownie with a camera . .. Car- ries that pigskin. f t -Ll fi JOHN MANKO Course: Academic Ambition: Mechanical Engineer plays baseball on the football team excels in mechanical drawing and letter- ing. WILLIAM MUKLEY Course: .ficadeiitic Aiitbilioii: Principal of Alhi All-around athlete roving Romeo Fondf?J of 9th Grade. 4 RONALD MC CONEGLY Course: .lC3dSllll'C. Ambition: Play Pro Baseball Uncle Milty Ir. Blond Whiz? under the banltboards . .. Chem. crazy. RICHARD PAVOLKO Course: Academic Ambition: Own a black 58 L inc oln convertible . . . Elvis Presley Fan . . . Alhi'sMr. Foot- ball likes lrish nicknames .. . can sing up a storm. LARUE PAYNE Course: Academic Ambition:'Live in Alaska and run a free animal range Quiet red-head excels in gym . . . avid horseback rider. CLARA ROBERTS Course: Commercial Ambition: Physical Education Teacher ... Alhi's outdoor gal . . . Blonde homhshell . .. GAA Jokester Member of FBLA. use at -vf' IUDITH PREST Course: Home Economics. Ambition: Practical nurse in Infants Ho m e . . . Helps sup- port Shadeland . . . Dances to the Missouri Fox hunters memberofFHA . . . Zany Driver. MARY ANN REPEL Course: Commercial A in bit ion: 3f9U0gf3DllCr .. Busy business manager .., Future all settled .. . Sophisti- cate in Senior play . . . a smooth alto in the chorus. JACK RANDALL Course: Academic Ambition: History Teacher . .. Shy U5 Type . . . High musical ability ... everybody's pal. . . Hi-Y enthusiast. JIM RANDALL Course: General Ambition: Own a saloon .. Whiz at pool . . . Second home the bowling alley . . . artist. GLORIA ROBERTS Course: Commercial Ambition: Getmarried and have a family Uses tons of sta- tioncry . . . wears out typewriters in 213 member of FBLA . .. shorthand whiz. ROXANNE SENYO Course: Commercial Ambition: Obtain a good com- mercial job Seen rodding with the girls . . . FBLA mem- ber . .. outstanding in GAA and girls sports. 'C 5 1' .J MARILYN SABOL Course: General Ambition: Nurse Active in Home Economics .. . Hobby of Square Dancing . . . Member of Tri-lli-Y. RALPH SNOW Course: General Ambition: Bricklayer or Marine Career . . . Lives for Football . . . sends the opposite sex . . . spends leisure loafing around town. Ar SANDRA SABOVIK Course: Commercial Ambition: To be aComrnercial Teacher . . . Poetry Lover . . . Athletic star . . . excels in com- mercial . . . a minor riot. MARY KAY SEIPLER Course: Commercial. A m bit ion: Be an Elementary teacher Good at all she does .. . Yearbook Editor .. Senior Class President. 'vi 9 JAY SEATON Course: Academic Ambition: Be good at what I decide to do Red headed Bomb-shell .. . Swimming ex- pert. . . loves a good time. BOB SNYDER Course: General Ambition: Sing on Firestone TV Program Harry James rival. . . inspiring voice . .. all- around guy ... actor. Y i f RONALD STURTAVANT Course: General Ambition: Race C ars His life revolves around his car ... enjoyed mechanical drawing . .. goes hunting. IAMES SWANEY Course: Academic Ambition: A drycleanerowner .. . Giftofgab . . . riotous end- man athletic minded everyone's friend, none's en- emy. ss Ns.. i RICHARD SURAY Course: Academic Ambition: Draftsman . . . Mem- ber of Youth for Christ ... Out-doors man.. . got a kick out of Biology. SILAS WALKER Course: Academic Ambition: Cabinet M a k e r . . Reserved by the National Guard . .. Hunting and fishing enthusi- ast . .. really goes for Chemis- try. 'Qi vu-if ANGELINE SUROVICK Course: General Ambition: Typist in a telc- plione Co. . . . Drives a lot... likes hunting Qboysj . .. sings in Mixed Chorus. WILLIAM WEHRUNG Course: General Ambition: A machinist mate in the navy tinkers with cars wants to be a bachelor . . . seen hunting. . . FFA mem- ber. Q -ani' t 1 DO' WILLIAMS Course Agrlculture Ambrtron Dr1vL a trtck ALBERT POBERTS Course General Ambmon Be a draftsman lrkcscars spends allhls spare IIITIC drawrng IICHARD WILLIAMS spent mme hunrmgfgrrlsj Course General raxorrte Club 15 FFA goes Al'IIb1Il0fl Be a '70 year man for farming IP the Navy Has those bowl mv alles flngers hkes all JOHN WOLFE outdoors sports vers Good m Course Atadermc a Ambrrron Draftsman Crazx 1 , r fl - If H if .h Y, n . -Az: H I I O - ...uujc ' : ' ' fl- ' ' : - j ' K 1: oi . .D : , . , A .U at 1 G.E. ' s W V I tiv' 'S ' g' 1 . f 1 H ' ' ': i . A 4 F' HAROID VORSE Course Atademtt Ambrtlon Fo be a Machmrst rl e favontc ac rty 1 a ccrtarn rr Moony Wtlly m the Sr Play enjoyed all sports over that Bantam Tweety seen rn the dana room sports rmnded RICHARD WRIGHT Course Academlc Ambrtron To become a draft sman Npends r oney P foolrshness Rods hrs car brarns rn 111at'1 real swell 1 Mary Repel Sk1pp Lynch if B EST DA NC ERS BEST PERSONALITY IDIS Daugherty Ron Sturtevant BEST SPORTSMEN Ron McConeg1y Peggy Gehr BEST STUDENTS BEST ACTORS Mary Kay Serpler Sam Palmer jack Randall Judy Boyer John Manko Glorra Roberts Rrch Pawolko enuor Superlahves BEST DRAFTSMAN COIWMERCIAL SHOP INSTRUMENTALIST SINGER A nn a Mane Krng Bob Snyder Q 4' 4, 3 ' rf , , M, 1 ' . V 1 A i Q F, . , , - , ., X , - xr ff rf M - , 'fr A .-,,, uf -, i, ,, 2, , V , ' f ' 'w:, . -,,, lv ' , ' .- ' V W A . - , , ,A 0 1 f A V f Af QQ' i Z .., , ' fr ' I ' Q . 7 Q -Q A, . - k : . , ! 3 9 .2 ' 'V if 'br Y 5 ' . Q I SEATED M Gehr A. L Daugherty M. Repel NL Setpler M Emhlple 13-ilu Prom Commutiee The Students ptctured above headed the var1ous Prom comrruttees They alded um bu11d1ng the g1g8.l'lI1C star and crystal ball, planned the banquet h1redJ1mrny s Shea s Orchestra and decorated the gymansmm to stut the celestrtal theme. As a result of these and other students efforts the prom Sta1rway to the Stars was one of the most beautiful seen at A1111 and 1S one of the cher1shed school memor1es for all who attended STANDING D Curran G Dahlul R. Sturtevant B Snyder R. Pavolko emor Ffucers MISS Kennv ADVISOR B. Snyder VICE PRESIDENT M. Elnhlple SECRETARY D. Curran TREASURER M. K. Selpler PRESIDENT J. Boyer f A ,, HW, M .Q K J., Manko I ,, ' ' 5 . . . . . ' . , , 9 u - lv I I I E I U Class Wall The Class of 1957 Albron Area Hrgh School berng of sound mrnd and body make thrs therr last w1ll and testament and therefore bequeath the followrng to the1r fellow students teachers and frrends TESTATOR Dennre Adamson Kerth Allen Martha Artello Jack Ashton LeRoy Ball Fred Barton Mary Ann Brenerth Barbara Black Judy Boyer Joyce Butler Ronald Church Anna Jtan Connors Dave Curran George Dahlrn Phyllrs Dana Lors Daugherty James Demmery Betty Drbble Danrel Donch Marlene Ernhrple Mrldred Ernhrple Margaret Gehr Mary Jane Henretty .Janet Keml1ng Fred Kredarsch Anna Marre Krng Dawn Knapp Garry Knapp Larry Knapp John Krans Delores Kuvrk Eleanor Kuzma E eanor Laseck James Lasher Patsy Lasher Charles Lynch John Manko Ronald McConegly Wrllram Morley Robert Moyer Sam Palmer Edward Parobeck Drck Pavolko BEQUEST Ann Lee H1s abrlrty IH sports Club 3CI1V1I16S and homework Hrs seat rn deteutron Hrs curly harr Hrs sense of humor Her A rn hrstory Her flrrtrng Her brother Tommy Her place rn gym class Hrs seat 1D detentron class Her shortness Hrs lrcense for holdmg hands Hrs football abrlrty and werght Her typmg abrlrty Her dentrst apporntments Hrs seat rn the bass sectron Her seat rn Mrss Kenney s Englrsh class Hrs 41 Chevrolet Her school enthusrasm P O D book Posrtron as Mr Cranfloccos secretary Her werght The boys A llfe srze plcture of Elvrs Her broken drumstrcks A prcture of Elvrs Presley Hrs Twrn brother H1s butch harr cut Natronal Guard Her empty Pepsr bottles Her slender frgure Her safe dr1v1ng ab1l1ty'7 '7 IS o Her dark brown harr rs snack between meals H15 cow Hrs helght Hrs tr1ps across the border Hrs sense of humor IS butch har: cut Hrs F s Hrs craze for the freshman and sophomore grrls RECIPIENT B111 Orr Marshall and Crarg Allen Rrchard Gresh Butch Mlnch Mr Grlbert Lee DeArment A needy person Dorothy Englrsh To Mr Dovensky and next years Brology class to drspose of as they wrshl Sally Brewster Butch Mrnch Frances Serpler Marrlyn Ward Tommy Boyer Sally Brewster Ann Lee Fteld Carol Rogers Alrce Drbble Homer Lewrs Junky ard Butch Mrnch Margle Ross A capable commercral student Mlss Kenney Peggy Kemlrng MISS Krngsley Jrmmy Robb Mrss Krrlgsley Connre Kulyk Mr Grlbert Mr Cook Lrbby Allen Betty Klobusnxk Nancy Anderson Tom Hosack Becky Campbell Lefty Rundall Ronny Watral Ronnte H111 Btll Orr Vamprra The teachers that wxsh they had enough harr to wear one Hrs cousm Paul John Manko I Ida Mae Ebner Her dentist appointments To anyone who wants them H' j b H' H. . - . 51 FOR I 1 hue Pu e Jlldllll Pre t J ek Randall Jll'IlR1Ild1ll N1 1ry Xnn Repel I Herr Glo 1 1 IPobert5 NI1r1lxn 5 bol I y weaton Mary Kay Se1p1er Rox tnne Senyo Bob Snyder Ron 1ld Sturtew 111t R1ch rd wuray Angelme Surowck J me5 Swaney S1115 W Hlker XN1ll1 am V ehrunt, Don W1ll1am5 Rrchard W1 vm John IN olfe D1ck Wnght Harold Vorse Endtng WUI I rouble Iht front se1t1n 7 1 HIS soberness H15 empty case A bunch of lolhpop Her blll'HI'TlCI' s vw uses r po 1t1on ls one of Nlr I rvlo 5 5ec et1r1e Her rbrlrty to get the bus 1n the mornmg HIS 1b1l1ty to get home late Her m rnners He hound dog H15 C he y HIS 5 me dr1v Q H15 1n5eLt COHECIIOII X IWTOOIII to 5weep up the ubner left from squeahng around corner5 H1Sbl1Ck curly ha1r H15 he1ght H15 Ford X11 the 5,1rl5 I ut one HIS Bowlmg Alley Fmgers short Walk to School 5 Brunsl P Allh15b1ll plawng ADIIIIY RH IPILNI nx one vxl o need more X To IOISIII Nancy Xnderson Henry XICIIICII B rb HO1115 er Cheyenne Un5u5pect1ne underclass men hrnrny Rea Xnybody w ro need5 ll but doesnt want lt Harold Sabov1h Elvrs Presley Io wtueocks Irmce, xcrpler NI Dovensky D1 ana whe1 er XI G1lnert Ronme H111 X safe dr1ver Rrlph snow Melvm Burnett B111 Gallent HIS brother Ronme HIS brother John The Cla5s of lilo does hereby leave th15 w1lI to thelr 5ueQe5so 5 w1tl bope5 that tl ey use ll Illlllg b queathed tothe be5t of the1r ah1l1tx In WIUICSS thereof the testators set therr h1nd to the tbove doeument 'I'EfJ', 1' ' lilly 2ST II ,J ' gn ' lr -1 H N ' S A' 5 Q ' Ll? 11r. r ' 1' ' C I A ff Y 4 L I., c I I . L 'f ' Q ,Q ft CIlz1rz1 I-I s ' ' -' 'aj . 2 Ili , Ile ' 1' . . r', ' A Kr ' I. ' r . ' 5 1 L I 1' ill. I ' ' ' ' ' ' . I ' ' ., A g I A' Ralph Snow iophomore girls Dick Morley K ' 1 ' ' V fm-,wg-yyfa ' ' 5 . . Q .A '4 ' '. ' in! T1 A - ' a T ' A R ' ' 1 r. 1 K A I . A r ' 'Q L' ar A 5 . ' A 1 ' 1 r. ' ' V- Y, 7 U A I L A ' ' ' l 1' 1 I 7 ' ' . 'll1z. 5 A A 1 ' I A , ,. . ' ' Hi' L' Z 'Q 'f' 1'7 ' , A A' ' . 'T, ' ' L ' -2 r, A 1 , A A 3 I' Is its e- . . , . Y , , -' 4 Q ' . Class Prophecy After seemmgly centurtes of travel, larrlved at Ltttle Albton on the Moon I enjoyed a very smooth Eltght from planet Earth w1th LEROY BALL as ptlot and DAVE CURRAN co pnot The rocker was fi-V the latest development of JAMES LASHER and oontamed all the very latest comforts Thtnk I 11 go over and buy the latest issue of L1fe The edttor IS none other than FRED BARTON I-hs feature art1c1e 1S about ANGELINE SUROVICK and her latest book, The Democrattc Way of Hooking Your Man, tn ten short volumes Ouchl ll I dldn t see that hole, and Ihurt my ankle Ihad better have tt taken care of Hey taxllll Why 1ftt 1sn IIACK ASHTON Jack sa1d that h1s atom manc molecular car IS JOHN WOLFE S latest Cl'63I10l'l. lt s called the Bantam SatelJ.1te Ihear that MARGARET GEHR LS prtvate secretary to the president There s Doc s place up ahead Wow! Those vacuum brakes certamly workl They were mvented by ED PAROBECK. Here comes the nurse MARJLYN SABOL She tumed on the T V set whtle I m wa1ting for Doc Hey there s the half mme performance of the Yale vs A1r Academy Football game. ANNA MARIE KING 1S thehead drummer of the Yale Moon Cadets How does that g1r1 rate? JUDY PREST sounded real hep on her clarmet w1th the A1r Academy Jet Propelled Band MARTHA ARTELLO 1S the town chiropractor Looks ltke Mart kept her prorruse to take over old Doc s busmess Now that I've discovered I have a sprained ankle I'm on my way over to have my pre scrtptton ftlled Is that CHARLES LYNCH behif the counter? And look who s h1s very able 8SSlSI3.IlI BETTY DIBBLEI Sk1pp mmtfoned that SAM PALMER 15 the new Chemlstry teacher He IS inventmg a dye for red hatr and escorted me around Our first stop was mthe math room w1th Dr RICHARD WRIGHT teaching lus math students that two CANNOT live as cheaply as one. JOYCE BUTLER the home econorrucs teacher doesn t beheve that and tells her glrls so Oh what a stench!! It s GEORGE DAI-ILIN teachmg h1s Biology students to d1ssect frogs SANDY SABOVIK lS the comrnerctal teacher What a neat lookmg room! What s that racket? It s JOHN MANKO teachmg the girls some new Judo drllls tn gym class Wh1le we re here let s go and see RONNIE CHURCH the mus1c teacher Qutetl He s maklng a recordlng of the Moonllghts ELEANOR KUZMA hts 11brar1an sa1d that th1s 15 the famous strmg band that won the Internattogal Champwnshtp at Mars jmfthe way to town we listened to the bubblmg music of J ACK RANDALL and h1s maglc trumpet BOB SNYDER sang lus latest htt Yay: are my Moonshtne wrttten by DAN DONCH who IS famous m h1s 9wn r1ght for h1s sad sax It came from the opera Alh1 by JANE KEMLING and the fancy background arrangement was made by the o e and only RIC PAVOLKO It s early yet soJ ack stakmgmeover to the WILLIAM BROTHERS Company makers of the newest model gtmble shaft and Hnmgan pins DICK tntroduced me to h1s head salesman JOHN KRANS who IS one of the rtchest men on the moon. We also met SILAS WALKER ch1ef machuust DICK SURAY was worktng on scxennfic 1mprovements Q1 the way back to the offxce Dick sa1d that his brother DON took an order over to JAY SEATON S Mercury Garage The EINHIPLE twms MARLENE and MILDRED are seen demonstratmg the latest hardtop and convernble models What a beaunful office! It 1S done Ill breath takmg whtte pme. It was dBS1g'l6d by MARY ANN REPEL It couldn t be. But there IS GLORIA ROBERTS as recepttomst I'm on my way to the school, Alhi Moon. The principal, WILLIAM MORLEY, met me vo . ' . . . ' . - f - . . ,, I . ,, .' . x I f After our tour we stopped at LASCEK S Dmer ELEANOR personally wa1ted on us JUDY BUYER came Ill to get some of PATSY LASHER S freshly baked pies JUDY IS now ch1ef cook and bottle washer on a certam frutt farm. ANNA JEAN CONNERS stopped 1n wxth her blond curly headed twms After lunch we rode out to the KNAPP TWINS Dude Ranch, GARRY and LARRY showed some of the recreauons offered CLARA ROBERTS IS teaclung some poor soul to r1de Oops he just fell off Well, for Pete s sake, he IS a she and It s LOIS DAUGHERTY RALPH SNOW just came out of the swxmmmg pool. RALPH S coach is JIM DEMMERY who accompamed h1m to the Olymplcs J' IM Informed me that DENNIE ADAMSON and RONNIE MCCONEGLY played on the Moon Champtonslup basketball team that beat the r1val planet by a landsltde KEITH ALLEN and HAROLD VORSE who are on the Interplanetary baseball team, are trammg here at the ranch. JIM also remmded us that ROXANNE SENYO brought home quxte a few rlbbons In the fxgure skatmg d1v1s1on Guess gtrls are just as good sportsmen as boys because MARY ANN BIENERTH was the top scorer III the Gtrls Basketball Team. PHYLLIS DANA was the force causmg more pomts on the team. FRED KIEDAISCH also has a ranch near by We went over to see FRED S thoroughbred horses LARUE PAYNE ts the horsemanwho dehghts IH showtng them to prospecttve customers Gozng back to town we stopped at SWANEY'S Dry Cleaners Here ,TIM had IDA MAE EBNER cookmg up new 1deas for bustness Most of the clothes brought to JIM seem to be des1gned by HENRETTY and BLACK. MARY J' ANE and BARB cause many ups and downs m the fashlon world I must go back to the rocket statlon and head for A1b1on, Pennsylvarua Earth DAWN KNAPP mother of three moppets fromMercer rodeback wtth me She sald that BILL WEHRUNC ALBERT ROBERTS was navtgator on the rocket back home Also on the trtp w1th me was MARY KAY SEIPLER She had about twenty assorted types of cluldren w1th her Shocked I asked her about them It seems that she IS head mlstress of the most fash1onable gtrls school U1 the Unlted States At last I arrtved home After getting out my old yearbook I reahzed that lhad seen all of my former classmates As I blow off the dust and leaf through the now yellow pages I relax 1n my easy chatr and dream of all my frlends getttng what they wanted out of hfe, and so happy tn their present occupatzons May the ent1rety of thetr hves be as pleasant as II was way back Ill 56 and 51 4-ff?-' XXXDZ finally caught the buck that he missed back in I956. It seems he's. the game warden here. 0 i thx' X al I n W 1 f 1 f f Q. ff Class Hustory Now that the long awa1ted day has arr1ved we as Semors can eagerly look ahead to our var1ous careers and dream of 'ulf11l1ng our amb1t1ons But as we look back over the past four years tt IS astoundmg how much ground we have covered 1n so httle tlme As Freshmen we were Jomed by students from Platea Cranesvtlle Conneaut and Elk Creek Townshtps We were naturally a httle awed by the b1g Semors and bowed to the Sophomores as we were humlhated tn Freshman lmttauon Ptcture the boys 1n sh1rts and bows and the QIFIS m mens sh1rts and jeans our faces smeared w1th hpstlck grovehng and sruvellng to the mlghty Sophomores But as our Sophomore year approached we had our revenge on the Freshmen Our class had the honor tn 1n1t1at1ng the Freshmen for the ftrst ume tn our spac1ous new bulldtng They also sponsored a class stand at the fan' and other camlvals The class held several dances as we looked forward to our ,Tumor year and the Prom. Our Jtuuor year brought many shouts of Joy and happtness We presented Who Ktlled Aunt Carolme wh1ch was a success Ill sptte of a fallmg lamp fhckermg l1ghts and a three legged cha1r The second Spaghetu supper was a huge success as the f1rst thanks to our advlsor Mr Evan Nardone Am1d many dances and other money ra1s1ng projects we fmally ra1sed enough to present a spectacular prom and banquet The magazme campatgn atded tremendously m the struggle for Staxrway to the Stars The banquet was served tn the Cathechaucal Center and the dance m the Htgh School. TheGym was decorated Wllh blue and whxte crepe paper w1th hangtng s1lver stars The cethng was centered w1th a revolvmg crystal ball wh1ch sent stars wh1rl1ng around the ent1re settmg. Jimmy Shea sorchestra played Sta1rway to the Stars as the couples ascended the stalrway tnto a huge star wh1ch h1ghhghted the heavenly setung Ftnally after years of Waltlflg and planmng we approached our Sen1or year Before we reahzed lt graduat1on plans were well on the1r way Inv1tat1ons were ordered p1ctures taken and we were measured for caps and gowns We presented a comedy You Can t Klss Carohne wluch was very well rece1ved and acqutred many favorable comments We attended the Prom staged 1n our honor by the ,Tumors and then we were on our last step on the ladder to graduat1on Baccalaureate and Graduatton followed raptdly and before we reahzed II our days at Alh1 were concluded The Class of 1957 would hke to extend the1r heart felt appreciatxon to all the teachers who labored endlessly that we may be lntelhgent and well mformed CIIIZEIIS We now Jotn the ranks of ALHI ALUMNL 1 1 1 1 5 . 1 . , 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 . . . U . . ,, . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 , , , . 1 0 1 ra ' 11 ' - I 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 u - 11 1 1 1 . . 1 1 ll I ' ' V' 1 1 1 , . 1 , . ' 1 ' ' u 11 ofa T5 r1:1i155m1: n O -fl JJ D O C o 0 D ' 3 X oo - ' f Sl dx N 9 xf' FIRST ROW D Mmch N Sar em N Pavolko R, N1gh ,T THXIOI A Fruzges F Van Meeder SECOND ROW J' Demmerx W Mooney N Donch K Parker L Ke1ser J Allburn C Babbm THIRD ROW C Graham R. Gresh A Sabol B Roberts M K1reta D Srruahk D Tallman Juniors FIRST ROW: C. Rogers, M. Mitchell, P. Rindo, N. Ander- son, A. Fields, SECOND ROW: Mr. King, G. Robinson, P, Pa ro- beck, J. Smith, R, Rogers, B. Geoble, J. Robb. ach111a M Allen L Taylor R. Patton D Joshn M Yamell M Ross W Bean C Devxes SECOND ROW F Selpler B Greer S Mott B Cons1dme B Orr C Sabol D Taylor T M3rC1HOWSh1 D Kenney THIRD ROW F Hlrby F H11' dxcka K, Graff T Duda G Gur1e1 R. DeArmer1t G Ran dall H Aldrich 0 , . . ' . . FIRST ROW: T. Roan, T. On- Jumor Albton s ,Tumor Class of 1956 1957 spent a prosperous and eventful year They were led by thetr off1cers Prestdent Ben Greer V1ce Prestdent Steve Onest Secretary Roxxe Rogers Treasurer Nancy Anderson andClass Adv1sor Mr Freburg. The class earned money for the prom by sponsorlng var1ous projects Some of these were dances for whlch the gYIl'lI13S1l1Il'1 was very cleverly decorated bake sales and the Jutuor Play The J'uruor Play Who s a S1 sy was a huge sucoess were the ,Tumor Senlor Banquet and Prom The gymnasmm was beaunfully decorated tn green and whtte.. The mus1c was supplted by popular ,T 1mmy Shea and h1s Orchestra Ja Teddy The ,Tumor class mascot was the Panda Bear The bear was cleverly mtroduced at one of the many dances sponsored by the Juxuors durmg the early part of the year It wrll often appear at dances and varxous other acuvmes sponsored by the 58 graduates vu 3 XX X f QSS E5 0 C I Qt The long-awaited event of the year finally arrived on May 2 and 3. These Q, 'X at 'Q ,' xt T , I o . F tm . . . . . il' -5 ' X E9 1 FIRST ROW: Mrs, Martin, L. Hill, C. Kinney, A. Lenhardt, K, Dates, M, Beery. SECOND ROW: L. Kii-eta, J. Gable, G, Gevin, M, Kemlingg, D, Dean, B. Roades. THIRD ROW: J, Mooney, L. Black, J. Chrom- ik, F. McCabe, P. Krichbaum, B. Hudacky. ophomores FIRST ROW A Patton E Vorse H Swaney M Burnett B Sherman S Leopold SEC OIxD ROW D Sabol L Sawdx R, Morlev G Keith IN Tax lor E Zajic R, Wright B Winship C Gehr THIRDROW R, Aldrich B Knaop J Hud acky L Johnson M Consedine P Podluzne H Chase L De Ai-mem B Boite FIRST ROW J Steinhoff M Sawdy D Hull L Woomer L Allen D Ivhles R, Roberts R. Campbell. SECOND ROW R. Xwatral D Hollis W Gal lam D Tower G Smith L Kaufer L Sherman C Ter rill THIRD ROW Mr Doven sky T Curran B Bates S Brewster P Young E Parker D Taylor L Madden P Lash er I 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 , 1 , . 1 1 1 j f 1 U - . . - O 1 - 1 - 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 5 u l 1 - : 1 1 1 5 ' I 9 Y 1 , 1 1 ' Y 1 ' - - 1 - .1 , ' r ,F .1 o 1 - . I ' , Y ' I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' 1, 1 1 1 ophomore ffucers Eugene O Leary Susan Leopold B111 Gallant Dan M1leS Mrs Orr The Sophomore Class thrs year was headed by Eugene O Leary Pres1denr Dan M1les Vxce Pres1dent Susan Leopold Secretary B111 Gallant Treasurer Some of the b1g events of the year were a Sad1e Hawkms Day Dance several other dances and a verv successful magazlne campmgn, A mascot the Kangaroo was chosen by the class and was a symbol of the magazme sales The class i symbol a pa1r of shoes and records also symbohzes the act1v1t1es of the class FIRST ROW I Beebe R Ter r111 M Ntgh A Dunlap M Black M Morley W MacAdoo D Holhs .T Vorse SECOND ROW K F1es K. Talman J' Hudacky B Burnett H Bast lan T I-Iudacky G Burnett W D1etz R Taylor Mr C1an flocco THIRD ROW E Cath cart T W11Sd0U M Fa1rbanks S Roberts L Eskms J' Bolte R. Randall M Allen L Pat ten FIRST ROW D Melmck B Brxsley D M1kOV1Ch L Ba tuskx M, Fhesch J FFIIZQCS J Eskms C Lenhardt W To zlers B Tlcknor SECOND ROW Mrs Stearns J Duda M Ward R. Grate, J' Krans D Nagel N Ulan L Payne, J' Dewey M McCabe THIRD ROW C Swan L Rundell M, Wolfe O Bates P O Leary A Rhoades G Huya K. Kovacs C Crosby N Yus FIRST ROW J' Klemm P Har ayda D D1eh1 A Rouse N Brunner B Klobusmk B Spauldmg O Shup D Ebner R. Sturtevant L Taylor SEC OND ROW D Brown ,T Feller M, Podluzne N Sterhng B He1ges E Beam D Rausch B. Barton L Lynch IN. Mach- achek. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Orr L. Black D. Schmidt B Le- Posa B. Hamer T Thomp- son J. Youschak G,McArthur M, Shaffer E. Hemstreet F, Taylor. I Eighth Grade I Frrst Row Drbble Devles Altoff Butler Peatz Bem1s Second Row Barton Jones Davrs Rose Horoschuck S. Clark W . H111 Eighth Grade FIRST ROW B Hrrby S Wrckwrre R, Ward M Wrlhams J Mata sowslu W Erdman D Zrnn D Artello M Payne SECOND ROW L Sherman E Rouse R. Henretty ,T Wrlhams W Tornrsh D Burns G Graham I Mathras R. Snow Mrs Stanton THIRD ROW D Drns er Freshmen Thr rd Row Chromxk Brshop Brewer Brshop Enghsh Gulu Connors Gage I T T R. Rice, C. Moyer, A. Shearer, D. Hayes, T, Church, D. Hollister, A. ' C. ' , L. ---- G. , 1. , F. ' ' N. E. ' ----- D. ' so S. R. M' D. . D. P. E. FIRST ROW L Stanton B Tay lor V Wheeler M Zerruck C Stralt L Manko A Va.n Meter M. T1cknor P Seelman M Onest M Moyer L Roan. SECOND ROW I Mrtchel, M. Homansky P McBr1de K. nell I Parobeck G Petrus ,T Walker F WICRWIFS G Pet ergal C Jones Mr Mellon. THIRD ROW M S11f1eS .T A dams E Leehan P Harayda B Bush B Shakesoeare C Swanson D Cassrdy V Tod dy G Hanas C Graham M. Gevm FIRST ROW G Makson, L Randall G Ball .T Leehan .T Yusko R, Swank J' Kuvxk SECOND ROW R. Greenlee C Woomer S Mllhalch J' Max well J' Hosack M Stlffler THIRD ROW D Moonev .T Retser R. Peters B Meeker L Mrtchell G Robmson Mr Wassor FIRST ROW T Shearer A Carr I Randall N Lally C Flrst R. H111. SECOND ROW Mr H111 J' Gulu I Nlgh I Kohut G Ha.nas W Rogers Mr Tortorelh THIRD ROW S Church B Smock M, Stev- ens L. Mott L. Goedecker P Orr L. Patton Fresh m en Kuvlesky: C. . Kulyk, Tar- aft W 5 Asfn Q, v I F M 'V W 4 , ,611 3 s gnl:: Q 2 v , Q . v ' ' ,, M I Q TQ . all ,t ' ' 2 my V ' ,Y H yd I m ,fW ff ' 1 - 'f e 1 A 1, , x uw, , 1 l v 3 -ff vi 'i'-7: if M nn? W S' 'il' Hp' tl, ww, f Yi 1' g . K 0 I Q if if 2- AV 'S chool Calendar SEPTEMBER 4 School opens 26 Teachers Institute OCTOBER 26 Antrim Bureau Program NOVEMBER 22 Vacation 30 Freshmen Dance DECEMBER Football Banquet Teachers Institute Antrim Bureau Program Senior Play Chorus Christmas Seal Telecast Christmas Vespers Christmas Concert and Play Vacation Holiday Dance JANUARY 10 District Chorus at Cochranton 25 Movie Honor Society 31 All State Chorus FEBRUARY Assembly Senior State Chorus District Band Assembly Dramatics 8 District Band U N Dance Senior Tri MARCH Honor Society Initiation All State Band All State Band All State Band Assembly Dramat1cs 9 Minstrel Minstrel APRIL 5 11 Assembly . . . Grade 11 District Orchestra Junior Play 12 Junior Play 16 1 7 Easter Assembly Senior Tri-Hi-Y Farewell Candlelight Service Assembly . . . Baton Twirlers County Volley Ball Tournament Play Day 24 26 30 MAY Junior Seruor Banquet All State Orchestra Junior Senior Prom All State Orchestra Assembly Grade 10 Seruor High Spring Conce May Day Baccalaureate Memorial Day Commencement rt and Dinner .TUNE '7 Last day of school H YISWX 4 :WX ., er ati Qgglm 9 . . 4 .. 6 ' 10 ' - ' 7 ' - 8 ' . . . 11 . 16 . . . . 16 ' 24 21 ' 26 24 . . 28 ' 31 1 . . . ' - 2 T -'I 14 ' ' DT- Q-D - 15 . . . ' T T' 16 ' ' 22 . . . . . ' '- i-Y 5. . I .. 1 . .. . 11,1 14 - NQ 15 - Deep River Quartet 1 . 'V 16 - . Q Q.. 22 . . . ' 1 - ' 'Ni M . : nr F N, 1 - Sal 28 1 if --X , p- ! 1 ' fr. Aff?-I A 1 ' 5'-41 u 1 A rig -ll IIJZII If Y' f in Tf i a Advertxsmg Com mlttee Sl1bSCf1pI1OI1S Offxcers Staff Members Photography TYDISIS fudeni Council The Student Council which is representative of the student body is made up of one repre sentative chosen from each homeroom grades seven to twelve Officers chosen by the en tire student body to over council were preside President Charles Lynch Vice President Susan Leopold Secretary Mary K Seipler Treasurer Ben Greer The council with the co operation of the students was able to complete a n mber of successful projects The Future Business Leaders of America Chapter is a group of senior highschool students who are enrolled in the business department or in at least one business subject. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to develop and encour- age an interest in the field of business as an occupation, to show the value of cooperative effort, and to prepare its mem- bers for the role they will have as citizens of the community after graduation The FBLA members type the menus for the cafeteria and postthem on the bulletin boards each week Adopting a needy area family and providing a Christmas basket for them has become an annual custom F. B. L. A. . O .gy . I .- I cnll I V , - . . . .. . . ' A Y I A The Green Thumb Club was organized three years ago by students who were interested in growing plants. Mr. Wasser is the advisor. Teen Age Book Club rs orgamzed by teen agers to en able them to acqulre a wtde range of good books at a low cost Selecttons are made to su1t varred tastes 1flC1Ud1Dg f1ct1on anrmal stones clas SICS mystenes and other read rng enjoyed by young people Offlcers are reen Thumb , ll li? v ' 'PQ .V .kk,, ,gf Alhr s newspaper The Indian Dispatch was published monthly by an efficient crew of Junior High and Senror I-hgh students The staff was very grateful to Mrs Stearns for her help and cooperatron thrs year The staff consisted of Anna Marie Klng Edltor Paul Parobeck Assistant Editor Linda Stanton Secretary Trea surer Trl-HI-Y nduan 'Wiz-V Dispatch The Tri-Hi-Y started off the year by conducting a candlelight service with the Hi-Y taking part in the year They packed baskets for needy families and made several trip to the infirmary to sing. Miss Kenney's interest was greatlyappreciated by the club. The officers for the year: Lois Daugherty, President Roxie Rogers, Vice-President Ann Lee Fields, Secretary Judy Boyer, Treasurer Pat Rindo, Chaplin Jumor Tru-Hu-Y Youth For Christ Club is an inter denominational group of Senlor students banded togeth er to promote spiritual grow th through Bible study Christ ran fellowship among students h1ghChr1st1an11v1ng an a means of fighting Juvenile delrnquen cy inter club activity and loyalty to Church and pastor The officers are Fred Barton President RrchardSuray Vice President Linda Stanton, Sec retary Treasurer M a r y Y a r nell Publicity Chairman Ed 1th Vorse Songleader Lily Batuskr Assistant Songleader The Junior Tri-Hi-Y Club is composed of seventh , eighth, and ninth grade girls. Their purpose is to strengthen their bodies, develop their minds. worship God, and work togeth- er for a finer community and a better world. The officers are June Bishop. President: Carol Hill. Vice-Presidentg Lily Batuski, Secretary, Roberts McConeg1y, Treasurer, Ie a n Krans, Chaplain, Linda Stan- ton, Program Chairman. Youth For Chrusf Club 1 The purpose of the Future Homemakers of America is to promote a growing appreciation for the joys and satisfaction of homemaking. The members are girls from the senior high school who have had at least one year of home economics. They have enjoyed such activities as a square dance. Some of the girls went to Harrisburg for the Farm Show. Officers for this year are: President, D. Knapp Vice-President, A. Fields Secretary. J. Boyer Treasurer, M. Mitchell F.F The Future Farmers of America IS an educational club closely connected with the vo c a t 1 o n al agriculture course One of its purposes 1S to devel op leadership and further inter est in farming an interesting display at the Albion fair This year some of the members also went to the Farm Show in Harrisburg The officers for this year are President N Taylor Vice President W Mooney Secretary R Campbell Treasurer W Bolte Fo H o A9 0 Ao Each year the club sets up History One of the big clubs this year is the Twirler sClub This club was a group of fellows and girls eager to learn how to twirl These students were taught by the regular maJor ettes Xt the end of the year an are AnnLee Field President Diana Gage Vice Presrdent Marcia Consechne Secretary Judy Chromik Treasurer ll The Historian Club is a new club this year and began off the year by sponsoring two movies. Other events of the year were field trips, projects, and a trip to E.S.T.C. for a conference. The officers cho- sen by the club were: Marcia Consedine, Presidentg Steve Mott, Vice-President, Fred Barton, Secretary-Treasurer. Twlrlers Clu I I assembly was put on. Officers Dj' The Library Club this year is under the direction of Miss Elder, who is doing a wonder- ful job. The club has bought new plastic covers for some of the books and keep the library in order with posters inform- ing us of new books. The officers of the Library Club are: President, Bob Snyder Vice-President, Janice Taylor Secretary, Nick Donch Treasurer, Kenny Graff portsmen nfl Library Club This is a boys club com posed of boys from the senior high school This club had various activities this year Several guests invited to speak at the club s meetings They spoke to the boys on hunting and trapping and similar top rcs in which the boys were interested Mr Freeburg has been the advisor of the club since ll was established G.A The Girls Athletic sso ciation had a fine team in basketball and volleyball and gave a tough rivalry for the Officers for the year were President Sandy Sabovik Vice President Marlene Ein hiple Secretary Roxanne Senyo and Treasurer Peggy Gehr Hi-Y The Hi-Y is a division of the Y. M. C.A. The boys were led by President Jack Randall, Vice-President Dave Curran, Secretary Paul Paro- beck, Treasurer Harold Vorse, and Chaplin Ben Greer. They along with the Tri- Hi-Y held several Teen Talk parties, attended rallies, had Induction services, and candle- light farewell services for the seniors. Mr. Hill was their advi- sor. O Ao . I rxx ' neighboring towns. . y . g . - . I .- ' : . Varsity The Varsity A is a club or- ganized for students who have won a varsity letter. This year was the first year of the club. It held a very successful bake sale, the profits going to the sweater fund. The officers are: President, James Swaney Vice-President, Steve Onest Secretary-Treasurer Mary Ann Repel Mr. Hill and Mrs. Orr were the advisors. - - , , ervice Club A club organized of boys who are willing to work behind the scenes in the auditorium Mr L1SCCk was the advisor and he along with the boys made the club very successful one for its first year and the gymnasium. wav ig Cassldy Camera II The Cam ra Club was very acuve th1s year as ll has been rn prevrous years The Camera Club s brggest proJects th1s year were the yearbook and the semor portrarts some of wh1ch were done m tones of blue or sepla as well as black and white They also d1d the semor exchange p1ctures all of which were done very well Leadmo the Camera Club as presrdent for the second strarghr year was Sam Palmer assrsted by Chrls Terr1Il as Vrce Presldent Marnha Artello as Secretary and Eugene OLeary as Treasurer I ., ,. V, , M ,,,r,, Wfw N, I . P V4 ,!' il 3 7 las 1:5 f K Q-rm fi! -, as ...Z -Q-'gif 5 ,- 'L J ,- ,is rg sf fe 'V K ,,: 1 5 , I 55? 7 .5 4 X,L: MA 3 ff. M, Nw ,Kr ye ,gh q YB? Y f 33 4255 ,mf as f LW .. . 24 ' WWW 1'5- v mf, 4 f W t 4' W W, 4 , Q ,W My YW! Q My haww, ,MM.,,,, 33 if +5 2 Je 'V ,AM x if w,wA.hl .,.,...., K wiv! if ,, .. u in up aA., . .W ss. 5 EW . ffm A f-.wi A. , -sr A mf' f al gi 2, f M ft 'I . ,fd dx .- in 1 -' 1 k?'?v1 1 QM. 1' 74.2, mf ms f gg Hifi Y' iii: 4- M. and -I 4,32 1 ' ,a .1 , ' 7 .J5'-- fifvg, 1 u 4 'fit . , T, E, i-'E , 'QQ wa.. 4 , Y V: , . . . 25 54 'B x it ,,. 1 N ' 'i W5 WV , 3. i ,X f. aa L I ,nw 29 'L 'Sf , fa gg. v ., x , f , 'Q a if V .1 4, 471564, f I Ra -nw. ww Y. ,, f my vg5?iw ,, I3uHogy These classes made a thr ough study of lrvrng thmgs from humans behavror to plants and ammals Thev dlssected and warned much knowledge on xarrou trrps French I The students 1n French I learn the basrc fundamentals of the French language and customs Mxss Kenney the French mstructor also acqualnts them wrth the French habrts French H French ll IS the advanced study of French C1v1l1zat1on They cover advanced grammar and syntax Chemistry These are college prepar- atory students. They delved into the secrets of elements andtheircompounds. The ex- periments were performed on laboratory days. Physucs The Physrcs class studred pressure and werfhts amonv the other physrcal problems They m ide extensrve searches lll mechanrcs and clectr1c1tx un. BYIIOI' CIBIICB These students study ad vanced freneral scxence They cox er most ofthe fundamental prrncrples rn scrence Algebra ll Th1S class cons1sts of puprls who a re contlnurng from Algebra I These are college preparatory stu dents enior Math These students are prepanng for the future 1n studymg checks and balances and lnterest and d1scount Trig Th1s1s the most advanced math course offered at A1b1on These students study advanced geometry and algebra Geometry The Plane students many theor They take apart ffeometnc con strucuon ums during the course of the year. o ' ' . , . I . Mechanical Drawing Tlus course rs for students rn Lerested rn engrneerrng They go rnto the frne pornts of blue prmts among other studres rn thrs frelcl The boys takmg Shop make many useful and beautrful preces of work Some made thrs year were endtables lamps chest and Hun racks 'WR XX, Druvers Training Our Dr1ver s Trammg program IS a fme asset to the yourw drlvers of today It axds safe and sane dl'1V1I1g They dr1ve 11'1 the dual control car as well as study the mech- anics ofthe road. The shorthand II students warn a practrcal knowledge of the Gregg Shorthand system Toward the end of the year they taken letters rn shorthand These students are contmued from Typrng I They 1ncrease the1r speed Sklll and accuracy durmg t1e1r second year Thrs class IS composed of students who are prepaunv for a VOCHIIOH after graduatlon They study the art of balanclng books and profrt and loss . I O I ' I 6 . . begin transcribing after having W ' fr I ' . Fi IL E X-Q--, ii --L. X11 These boys learn many practxcal thlnos on fa r m 1 n g wh1ch may be apphed when they Graduate and get a farm of thelr own They go on many f1e1d tr1ps and do much work IH the Agnculrure Shop Q -JC' The +r1r1s rn Home Econ omrcs wrll be the mothers and housuvrvesoftomorrow They prepare themselves IH cookm sewmg, and clrrld care 'lun-r 4 7 s A c f 1 7 I ' I r 9 Q ' l ' Q-I Z 'xr - .. - - A4 D - V ' ' U O' . ll'S UI Health These Junior girls study the workrng of the human body Thts class answers many ofthe questrons they may have concemlng the be h3V1OI ofthe systems 1n the body The grrls have done a vanety of thtngs such as exerctses volley ball basketball and work on the trampohne The boys mn gym classes do a varxty of thlngs to bu11d up the body ball 1n season and basketball other nmes Many boys go IHIO wexght hfung and trampollne arusrry and coordination. They play base- Under theduecuon of Mr W11l1am Kmg, the m1xed chorus completed a very success ful year The f1rst concert was presented on WICUte1ev1s1on for the Tubercu1os1s Assoc1at1on Tape recordmgs were also made and played on the rad1o The Chnstmas Vespers were held on December 16 wxth a large aud1ence attendmg The tenth annual mmstrel was held tn March wlth many new sohsts 1.r1 addmon to the returnlng ones The annual sprmv concert was presented mn Max 1' W, 1- . .J . - DISTRICT CHORUS The Northwestern Pennsvlvama DISIFICI Chorus was held th1s year 1U Cochranton Pennsvlvarua The members of the M1xed Chorus who attended were Lo1s Daughertv Anna Marle Kmg, ,Tudv Smxth Bob Snyder Sklpp Lynch and Jun Dernmery SQ! KX Lt gli ,pir- CHORUS OFFICER5 CHORUS SECTION LEADERS The Mued Chorus chose Sk1pp Lynch as rhexr pres1dent Hewas asslst The Chorus Secuon Leaders were ed by Bob Snyder as v1ce pres1denr and flrst soD1'3H0 CHPO1 Rogers Second Mar Rebel as secretary treasurer soprano Anna Mane Kmg f1rst alto Judy Boyer second who Marcla Con sedlne f1rst tenor D1ckPavo1ko second tenor Sklpp L nch banrone Denny Adamson 1nd bass JIITI Demmer . . , 4 . . . . , I . , y . W 5 'S 5 I I xg 3 is 'I ' 5 A V 1 5 Q ix I 1 ., 4, Q 'Q ,Y A 5 ,gk Q ' 1 if Ili 1 9 4 ll . V 1 . ,I I I ' I I I I y - l , . . 3 . , . l I L I . - 2 . ' 1 1 A l 2 , y . Mmstrel These well known and unpred xctable funny men added jest and excrtment to our tenth annual mrn strels They have become one of the hlgnhlwhts of the mrnstrel A s1de from the fact that they can put over a Joke they all must be able to sxnr Accompanust Judy Smlth our able accom pan1st has studled prano wh1ch ts certaxnly evldent ID her capable accompamng of the chorus Judy also smgs second alto and attended D1oIl'1Cl Chorus Mr Kung Mr Kmg IS the d1rector of both hand and chorus He devotes much of h1s extra t1me to the mus rc department wh1ch certarnly shows whenever a muslcal orgamzatlon appears Wlthouthlm the band and chorus could not funct1on as well as they do I - 'Y' ' - D . ' n '1 D. l 0 . . . r . . 1 I ' - v - .' . Glrls Ensemble Band Off1cers D1str1ct Band Q i D Eastern Nat1ona1 Band and Orchestra Boys Ensemble X Y x . ,A ,E 2 Marcua Consedune n Duane Gage Marcra Consedme and Drana Gage are the choregraphers for A1h1 s Dancxng Majorettes They spend hours planmng and rehears mg the varrous dances These long hours of pracuce are very evrdent when ll comes ume to present therr excellent routmes Sklpp Lynch Drum MaJor bklpp Lynch led the A1h1 marchrng hand durmg the football season and he deserves much credlt for the f1ne Job he has done 'ws I x.,5-f' 5: Ann Lee Fields Ann Lee led the twrrlers on the f1e1d duung the years football nalfume shows Her mstrucuon and guidance has Helped turn out a crack IW1l'11l'Ig squad Q P- L ' -41' Q.. W a- elm , 2l'l The Nm, x7 edtuon of the X1h1March1ngBand gave all the fans a thr11l at the football games and also a few parades. The hlwlllhf of thelr season was a contmtuty routme See AXITICFICHU F1rst whrch was applauded anudst scattered showers at the G1rard game Thls xear's band stepped on the freld rewchmc, a ttoal of 206 steps per mmute. Skmp Lynch led the band for his last wear. sernor band member Anna Marxe Kmg was hterally showered Wlth honors She placed flrst rn her second tear, she was selected to be one of thep6rLuSS10111SIS at DISIFICI Orchestra The hlqhhqht of her wear w as attendmz the Eastern Nauonal INLISIC Assocrauon to play m the Eastern Natlonal Band, 015' gig .fg .4 A 2, 1 A 'Q , V 3 34 5 , C 5 1 4 . Q 1 ff t 5 f a V ' . ? ? ' d 4, E, i 5 W L M -V V. ' Q i ? of rf 3 1 :.- 4 Q 5 Y L 2 ' ' ' Y' 22 ' f V 1 f, 1 .ef A 5 fs - f 1 f .i 5 , r 1 5 3 ff? Q f r 5 V aa mf 5 L ' V A . , M fir 1 4, ' ' 'I 2 L 'gd 2 Y . Z , E, f E 2 f T ' h ' 5 ig I ' f a E e : a - , ,, V , 5 I ' sl I 1 K 2 V s E t as . . , aj , A' ' Q. . A w ' V SJ It ....- I' Q , I c K 4' -L lm K we ' A 'gfegvf ,g 5 -f a. -, Q -mv v Ae, ,..v f ,Y ,7 L'-sp-q or 1 5 1 Z 55 - f Q 0- -4. -t.. -4.. I- 4.. mx- -f, f-W , 5 5 3 , W, S 5.2 L x LA' W an '2'a?v'MN Other members attending District Band were Marge Mitchell, Paul Parobeck, Nancy Anderson, Dorothy Taylor, and Marcia Consedine. The Spring Concert was a highlight for the band which presented a very enjoyable program. Senior band members: Anna Marie King, Bob Snyder, J ack Randall, Mildred and Marlene Einhiple, and Skipp Lynch all agree some of their happiest moments were spent in the band. kan I ,,, .st -4 .49 -C i an -4 si? 5 f 'S '9 7' L MAJORETTEs The Xllu Majorettes have become w1de1y known and acclauned IllI'OUQ,llOLlI the County Thexr Lnteresunf' and chttmult maneuvers have become a speclal feature at both football and basketball games Thev yearlv appear 1D the A1h1 Mmstrels Then' exe catchmg routme Roarmszf, 20 s won them burstmg applause at the G1rard and Fort LeBoeuf basketball Qames BAND SECTION LEADERS The band secuon leaders are seleeted bw a tryout commttee on the bas1s of thexr ab1htv F0 P1215 their 1I1Str'1ment. They are commonlv called f1rstcha1r people The. recewe extra pomts applicable to their Alhl sweater and extra DFIVIISQCC. 'fm T12 1155 fac- T 0 F i o- -- L C 0 GL Q .p Q0 .UQ O . F Q19 U U is X LEFT TO RIGHT Ann Parton Alrce Lenhardt Marlene Emhrple Eleanor Lascek Helen Swaney Judy Boyer Varsrty Cheerleaders Eleanor Lascek Judy Boyer Marlene Ernhrple Z n , 1 ' . 1 0 r Yi f 5 : J. Platz, oung, S. Junror Varsrty Cheerleaders Junror Hugh Cheerleaders C 0 0 O O LEFT TO g M. Morley 1 r, C. Hi ' S am Palmer Halfback B111 Morley Fullback Ralph Sno Center Dick Pavolko Tackle Le Roy Ball Guard Denny Adamson Quarterback George Dahlm Tackle -N AW in B111 Wehrung Guard I J H '51 Larry Knapp Tackle Kexth Allen Halfback Jack Ashton Guard Garry Knapp Halfback ohn Manko n John Krans Guard 'V L wl-.J-1-1 Varsuty Football Team One of the high poxnts of the 1956 season was the Conneaut Valley Alblon game whlch ended IH a me score Alblon chalked up two w1ns and s1x defeats durmg the season. Outstandmg among the varsuy players were the returnmg lettermen R1chard Pavolko B111 Morley Sam Palmer and Ben Greer The coordmauon and team work ev1dent IhlS year are attnbuted to the trammg and ex perlence gamed at the football camo at Wesley Woods under the gu1dance of coaches Darw1n Cook and Jack H111, VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES A Ib1Ol1 A lb1on Alb1on A lb1on Al b1on A lb1on A lb1on A lb1on A lb1on Edlnboro Fa1rv1ew Conneaut Valley Union Clty Wes1eyv111e NorthEast Lawrence Park Guard 25 Waterford 5-un-O Junuor Varsuty Football The ,Tumor lhgh and ,T V Football teams furthered thelr lmowled eof football through pt wctlces and mmes The ,Tumor hlnll team was under the guldance of Mr Doveusky md thc coach of the J V s was Mr H111 Besldes the knowledve of football th y also learned ood sportsmmslup Jumor Hugh Football img! EWQEEWEEEE Varsity Basketball Hopes were h.1gh for a wmnmg league team thls year but results d1d not tally The Ind1an qulntet had what II took but could not seem to make the grade Although the team won many of ns games the two best games of the games of the year both losers were wlth Conneaut Valley The squad coached by Mentor ,T ack H111 was D1v1s1on I Champs at the Hohdaf Tournament at Waterford TOURNAMENT A1b1Ol'1 FEIIIVICXV Albton Northeast Alb1OIl 61 Wesleyvrlle 1, 111 Morley Denny Adamson l Kelth Allen bam Palmer Coach Jack H111 John Wolfe Ron McConeg1y The game grvrng the J V team the brggest thr111 thrs season was the A1b1on Grrard game played on the Grrard court The score was tred at the half but the teams sparked by Coach Do vensky s energetrc pep talk durrng the half forged on to a vrctory Outstandlng J V stars who w111 help to make up next year s Vars1ty were hm Allbum John Demmery and Chuck Babbltt A1b1on Albron A1b1on A1b1on A1b1on Albxon A1b1on Alblon A1b1on A1b1on Albron Albxon Albxon Albron Albxon A1b1on 29 I V SCORES Shake1yv111e Cambrldge Spung Conneaut Valley W cs1eyv111e Grrard Waterford West Spnngfreld Ed1nboro Conneaut Valley Fa1rv1ew Grrard Waterford West Sprrngfreld Edrnboro Farrvrew Lawrence Park . 58 . . 30 . . ' 36 . 45 . Albion 36 Cambridge Springs . 2,7 . ' 22 . 35 . . . 34 . ' 26 . 30 . . . 24 . ' 53 . 75 . . . 54 . . 43 . . Jumor Hugh Basketball The Jumor Hlgh enjoyed a prof1tab1e season wmmng eleven games and droppmg two De SDIIC th1s f1ne record and there herculan efforts they placed second 1n the 13th Annual Jumor H1gh Tournament held at A1b1on Coachrng laurels for th1s mrghty team were shared by Sam CISDHOCCO and Russell Wasser Alblon Alblon Alb1on Albron A1b1on A1b1on Alblon Alblon Albron Albxon A1b1on Alb1on A1b1on Alb1on Alblon 23 Tournament Lawrence Park Cambrldge Sprmgs Conneaut Valley Cambrldge Spnngs West Sprmgfleld Edmboro Conneaut Valley Fa1rv1ew McKean West Sprlngfleld Lawrence Park Edlnboro Grrard Edmboro Conneaut Valley I O ' 38 . 40 . . ' 35 . 38 . . Albion '72 McKean . 39 . ' 25 . 38 . . ' 48 . 42 . . ' 48 . 42 . . 34 . . 3,7 . KINEEI ING M Einhiple J' Chromik B Shernnn A Lenhardt R. Senyo STANDIING 5 Bremster P ioung M Cunsedine, P Dam M Einhiple 5 Sabovik. The Girls Athletic Association had a fine team in basketball and volle fball and gave Officers for Lhe eir were. Sandm Sabovik President Vice President Marlene Einhiple Roxanne Senvo Secremr and Pee nv Cenr was Treasurer A V A I . ' - . 1 . . , . 1 , . , . V '. ' , . ' J, . 1 ' . K , . ' ' , '. ' Ll tough rivalry for the neighboring towns, ' 1 S ' . . 1 B' LU. I ' - G 0 0 A 0 SEATED- S Onest S Palmer S Mott E Burnett G Toddy STANDING Mr Clan Manko R. Watral, Baseball Tne 1956 baseball team came out second m the western county league T1e return 1110 lettermen were. B111 Morley S1m Palm r Butch Wolfe and Steve Mott The team was under the d1rect1on of Mr C1anflocco flocco, B. Morley, R. Pavolko, G. Guriel, K. Allen, G: Johnson, C. Wi11is,..T. Wolfe, J. fi C7 Track Albron can well be proud of the record made by rts track team Representmg at the Stare Track Meet at Penn State were Joe Greer rn the pole vault compeuuon 'Ronny Rlckard rn the Javelm throw and Gordy Khun who competed IH the hrgh Jump event DFBCIICCS and trammg for Track 3CI1V1I1CS were supervlsed by Mr Freeburg and Mr Cook I Busmess Managers Linda Johnson Mary Ann Repel Mary Ann Kireta Managers Managers are the backbone of the team Although they do not recelve the glory and pub11c1ty that the members of the team do thelr work and concern IS certamly apprec1ated by then- team m mbers 7-8 Grade Team FIRST ROW Mr Taylor Larr Knlvk D1ck Ohrner M1chae1 Wolfe Teddy Onest Duane Kemlms Dennv Ohmer SECOND ROW Tom Boyer Dale WIHIHIUS Dennv Carr Bobby Greer Lamont Jones THIRD ROW Leon Ke1ser LCWIS Rundall Bob Helges, Dave Nagel. I . . P .f . . V . . u e I . . I I a I . Y . . . ,gp . 4 I I 1 . . . . 1 I 1 ' I I X 1 , 'Q it .Q9.4l EMO-If vivg Why fa 'LQ-. ax., GY L 'MF if is! V 'I AQ' I .. I ,. if Q J -S, 's,sN' Parent-Teacher s Assocuatuon ll chool I T N Ilfldel the leadershlp of Presldent Krnfv Randall sponsored many lnteresuh DlOf'l'llll Amunf Lhese lnclhde stud nt exchanve pulel dlscusslons Chrlstmas d nu. speakers on x wrlols well LIIOSCI subjects Ofllul ofhcers nmlude Vlce Presuient M s DororhvCreer Secretarx Mrs am Sllfles lreas rel Mrs Mir eCuLran The ll T A mshes to thank m lHDC1S and students for th r flne co operauon and help ln 1l'llxlll rh P l A s cfforts verx smaess u STANDING: Reverend Mott Mrs, lxrwns Mrs Adamson, SEATEIM Mrs. Silfies Mrs. Bog er Mrs, Greer Mr, Randall Mr. Goeble Mrs. Goeble. Puxue Photos , Sklpp Lynch 1 5' in.- L 'Hs. ,Y auf Mary Ann B1enerth Grand Central btatxon Iartha Artello I Inners Clara Roberts Dxclx Surray is 1 hm Demmerx Eleanor Kuzma Sam Palmer Baroara Black , apilllww if Bill Zxlorlev 'xlary kay Seipler 3. 1-qw, Imam Joyce Butler X 1 lyn s abol 'in4..,, ,IIITIHIQ Swaney Garry and Larry Kaupp CMS V .W dj -F u lg.:-r 7 as -t:s,'-2 .?'E .L'v J , A Ama Jean Connors Patsy Lasher f.Oflily .Sturtevam naps And Qunps Steady old blfl Mary Jane The bkatlng Wluzzes Cauvht 111 the act' Who lse but Lee s'P Lombs away COM Seat was 3 My Harem Pat and Judy Caught you' Y Glamor Gals Bather a and Phyliss Yaiww lhnm Bottle Baby , F A ooo . . . a Chorus Line? DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR HURCHES M THODIST CHURCH Alblon Pennsylvanla LAWRENCE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOCTORS RIZNER GREER CLEMENT ADAMS HUSTEAD 11 -ill J Albion, Pennsylvania gy N R COLLEGIATE P Kunsus C ty I li TE - D.: VV' four' N:p': ,' - 3 -3 HKTU7' NUME ,FUKE i C L.4A'.cwc: U A s Mvvsc ,QUMOX Ca 'film N Xia 137 Clfmvfi R QMQU WARE Yo Q, fq Lui wg kxo Q V' Nu XZWEQJ o 'ix IZ US 7' 6 E 2 Z6 Rx sw 5,5 Hffzka C: QV, F Sf: ,vo ,gzzlzs 7-4219 D D U fvxm. - W 513 EQ: Q Y '40 -mv'-I 0 'BNI rf'f',,.,f- 1 1 i - I 3-EJ Uxoxmv r' 4, y 5,-91Zy'5 A 55' -U I . ee 12 A755 nf 00 iQ44'fVf.s Wfcffkip E-3f0AYf3' 3 Cofvffokza' 'Mcgrfjs y l ,- f ,L fgwwm i l 5 5- s . Q C1 5 31, 'B ', AL'N' Cu 1'G D-WFS un R I ,, Q-A i flsf our J-9' AKDTIS NJM5- E137 eu? Af lz 5- 1' N .2 I 'gpggs IR 0. , , U D N Nl 2 .WSU oxo ' 'Sw' J S Comvops 97 W: vit on 'fx 44 EQ f f . 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Suggestions in the Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) collection:

Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Alhi Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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