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'SQLIOLIIQUI qSn0.Iq1 Aulu xlooq sgq1 sn dlaq xg 01 H9091 PUOJ QT' Fa 5 Q 5, .IQAQII 01 995 0129 Oli .u-up 'ugnihfz SV M la 5100 DIOUCI IIFM AQH .19 q 9 'uanogloj QAX IIUI IS IIE os-1,1961 SHI O I I rn -4 3 93 5 E- O11 ,. . 5 3 " , m Lv 7' O sa o 4 -1 C ca E F F' U1 '54 .Q if ro 'U P S P 2 H no - ...- Qi o "' cn -. - co "' : -1 9' .. Q F 5' Q' 'c co :. 5, 1 3 2 Ei 5 S 5 3 a-4 I' x' N3 ro- 'Fl o ki 3 -1: as P1 E 3 un H rn 0 CD 2 22 E, 7 ra i-n FP fl. E F' H a-4 O Allw Staff s Miles, Parker, Rindo, Greenlee, Leehan, Hough, Bell, Carter :nd Taylor, Lenhardt, Kaufer, Madden, Miss Foley, Fink, Allburn Duda Smock Robert Greenlee Stewart Madden Bill Leehan ,.,.. Jean Carter ..,.., Robert Rindo ,. Russell Lenhardt Hubert Taylor ., Elsie Hough , Ruth Fink ..... Margaret Duda , .. . Marlene Smock Ronald Parker ,. Connie Allburn . Nancy Mott .,.., Barbara Bell Dan Kaufer . Patti Patterson ., . Irene Radtke Helen Borland , David Miles .. Martha Carrier . Janice Waldo .. Editor .. Assistant Editor Business Manager ,. , ,Treasurer Subscriptions . Subscriptions . . .. Subscriptions ,. .. Ads Manager .. Ads . .. Ads .. , Ads Art Editor Art Editor ,. Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Staff Literary Staff Literary Staff Literary Staff , Photography ,, .. Typist . Typist I School Boaro' . . . SCHOOL BOARD Top Row, left to right - Ellsworth Sherman, William Kaufer, Martin Hill, Glenn Smith,, .lohn Duda, Jr., Charles Kemling, Harry Gevin, Randall Rogers, James Connors. Seated, left to right -- Dale Mooney. William Young, Mrs. Elizabeth Dorchester. Mrs. Hallie Cook, Joseph Funkhouser, Sr., Ernest Kennedy. Mr. June Ashton. Mrs. Alice Scott, Dr. Glenn J. Greer. Willard C Johnson, E, T. Leehan. Donald C Thompson, Supervising Principal Charles C. Gilbert. Principal O F F I C E F O R C E MILDRED KING CHARLES MARSHALL Facufty . EDITH BEIGHLEY P. H. AUGUSTINE COLLEEN FOLEY DOROTHY SHAFFER JILDA DeAUGUSTINO MICHAEL DOVENSKY JACK HILL MARY TIMMONS STEVEN MELLON RUTH KINGSLEY JOSEPH LISEK WILLIAM KING VICTOR TORTORELLI AUDREY NONOMAQUE WESLEY FREEBURG OLIVE MULHOLLAND ALICE HAZER JULIA STANTON PATRICIA SCHULTZ RUTH ORR CARLTON HARRY PAUL CASSIDY K ROXY DUNN ATHERINE KENNY The Seniors 4 CLOYED DANA Shop Course Ambition - Own a con- vertible Boys Chorus 2-3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Camera Club V.-Pres. 4 Class President 4 Student Council Pres. 4 Patrol 1 JEAN CARTER General Course Ambition - Teach some cute little fellow that one and one are two Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Minstrel 2-3-4 Yearbook 4 ding, 591, 0 ROBERT GREENLEE General Course Ambition f Live in Bradford Class Officer 2-4 Yearbook 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3 Track 3 Basketball 1-2-3 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 District Chorus 4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Baccalaureate Choir 3 Newspaper 2-4 PATTI PATTERSON General Course Ambition - Make other people happy Dance Band Conductog 4 Student Conductor -3-4 District Band 4 Tr High Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 District Chorus 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Drum Majorette 1-2-3-4 Minstrel 1-2-3-4 Dance Band 2-3-4 Baccalaureate Orch. 2-3 Graduation Orchestra 2-3 Senior Ensemble 4 Class Officer 1-2-4 FHA 4 Student Council 1-2-3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 ANDY ADAMSON General Course Ambition - Sell tails to tailless animals .I r. High Chorus 1 WALLACE ALEXANDER Academic Course Ambition - Dictator ol' Russia Art Craft 4 Football 1 Bcslfetball 2 Jr. High Chorus 1 Senior Play 4 WILMA BARTKO Academic Course Ambition - Go to California Baccalaureate Choir 3 Jr. High Chorus Baccalaureate Orchestra 'I Graduation Orchestra 3 Senior Ensemble 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-1 Girls Chorus 2-3-1 Band 1-2-3-1 FBLA 4 District Chorus 4 Pep Club 4 Minstrel 2-3- '- Senior Play -1 Junior Play 3 All-Star Band 2 BOYNE BOYD General Course Ambition - To be a sergeant in the Wacs Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Baccalaureate Choir 2-3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 ERNEST AHLGR 'I Academic Course Ambition - Sleep the clock around Football Basketball Baseball Sportsman Club Jr. Hieh C horus DORIS ANN ANDERSON Ce1i:r'l Cours Ambition -- Music Teacher Band Ir. High Chorus Mixed Chorus Girls Chorus Minstrel All-Star Band Dance Orchestra District Band Girls Shop District Chorus State Band Junior Play Senior Play HELEN BOBLAND General Course Ambition - Make Good G. A. A. Yearbook ALICE CHAMBERLAIN Home Ec Course Ambition - To be the "tailor" in the Taylor household Jr. High Chorus Cheerleader Girls Chorus Mixed Chorus Tri-Hi-Y FHA Baccalaureate Choir Senior Ensemble Minstrel JESSE CHASE Agriculture Course Ambition - Manufacturer of snowballs in Mexico FFA 1-2-3 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Sportsman 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 JAMES CONNORS Academic Course Ambition Go to college Jr. High Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Baccalaureate Choir 3 Senior Ensemble 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-4 Track 3-4 Junior Play 3 Girls Shop Instructor 4 Senior Sportsman 3 CHARLES CURTIS Industrial Arts Ambition - Own Med- ved's ambition Student Council 1 Basketball 1-2 Camera Club President 4 Jr, High Chorus 1 Sportsman Club 3 Boys Chorus 2 MARGARET DIMON Home Ec Course Ambition Go to art school Girls Chorus 2-3 Minstrel 2-3 Jr. High Chorus 1 FRED CONNORS General Course Ambition Own Cleve- land Indians Basketball Manager 2-3-4 Football Manager 2-3-4 Jr, High Chorus 1 HAROLD COOK Academic Course Ambition - To sleep in chemistry class Jr. High Chorus ' Boys Chorus 2 Jr. Band 1 Camera Club 2-3-4 Sportsman Club 3 ROBERTA DEVIES Home Ec Course Ambition To be a famous cook FHA 2-3-4 FHA Treasurer 3 Library Vice President 4 MARGARET DUDA Home Ec Course Ambition - Be a girls basketball star Cheerleading 1-2-3-4 FHA 2-3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 3-4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 G. A. A. 3-4 Yearbook 4 Sr. High Pep Club 4 Jr. High Chorus 1 MAURICE EBNER Industrial Arts Ambition - To be President Jr. High Chorus 1 BARBARA FRITZGES Commercial Course Ambition To be a success in whatever I do G. A. A. President 4 G. A. A. V.-President 3 FBLA President 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Camera Club 3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3 CHARLES GOETZ Academic Course Ambition - Traveling Salesman Camera Club 3-4 Senior Play 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr, High Chorus 1 Football 2 District Chorus 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Jr. Band 1 Senior Ensemble 4 LARRY GREENLEE Industrial Arts Ambition -To be success- ful at whatever it is Football 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 RUTH 1-'INK Home Ec Course Ambition - To spend spring in Paris Camera Club 3-4 F. H. A. 1 G. A. A. 1 Yearbook 4 Pep Club 1 Minstrel 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 JOYCE GLASS Commercial Course Ambition Take a "slow boat" to China with that certain fellow Jr. High Chorus 1 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Baccalaureate Choir 3 G. A. A. Treasurer 4 FHA 2-3 FBLA 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Library Club 1 Camera Club Secretary 3-4 Newspaper 2-3-4 Senior High Dramatics 3 .Iunior Play 3 JAMES GRAFF Industrial Arts Ambition - T0 be an average guy Boys Chorus 2 Sportsman Club 4 Jr. High Chorus 1 EUGENE HANAS General Course Ambition To always be happy Jr. High Chorus 1 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Sportsman Club 3-4 FFA 1 SHIRLEY HOOVER Home Ec Course Ambition - Have ahappy home and family Library Club 1 Band 1-2 Chorus 1-2 Sophomore Play 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Girls Shop 4 FHA 4 JOYCE HUSTON Academic Course Ambition - Become a nurse Band 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Orchestra 4 Senior Ensemble 4 Minstrel 4 Baccalaureate Orchestra 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Pep Club 4 FBLA 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 Yearbook 4 District Chorus 4 ARNOLD JONES Shop Course Ambition 4 .Tack of all trades Boys Chorus 2-3 Senior Play 4 Sportsman Club 4 DANIEL KAUFER Academic Course Ambition - Go to college Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus Pres. 4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Basketball 1-2-4 Track 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Band Vice President 4 District Chorus 3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Sportsman Club 3 Camera Club 2-3-4 Newspaper 4 Class Officer 2-3 ELSIE HOUGH Home EC Course Ambition - Always to be young Ma, Da Queen 4 Balfd y 1-2-3-4 Majorette l-2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 1-2-3-4 Baccalaureate Choir 3 District Chorus 4 All-Star Band 2 All-Star Majorette 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 FHA President 4 FHA Vice-President 3 Yearbook 4 Tri-Hy-Y 3 Pep Club 4 DALE JOHNSON Shop Course Ambition - Own a cotton plantation in Alaska Varsity Football 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Minstrel 2-3-4 Band l-2 All-Star Band 1 Sportsman Club 4 CHARLES JORDAN Shop Course Ambition - To travel Sportsman Club 4 RONALD KEITH General Course Ambition - Get married and settle down to a happy married life Industrial Arts 4 Jr, High Chorus 1 ALVIN LASHER Shop Course Ambition - Jack of all trades Sportsman Club 4 Boys Chorus 2-3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Camera Club 2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 STEWART MADDEN Academic Course Ambition - Lead a happy life Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Camera Club 4 Senior Play 4 Baseball 3-4 Yearbook 4 Sportsman Club 3 EDWARD MEEKER General Course Ambition - To own the Albion Kendall Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Girls Shop Instructor 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Football 1-2 CAROLYN MITCHELL Commercial Course Ambition - To be suc- cessful in everything I try to do FBLA Treasurer 4 Newspaper 3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 WILLIAM LEEHAN Academic Course Ambition - To get mar- ried and have a foot- ball team and 5 cheerleaders Girls Shop Instructor 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Football I-2-3-4 Track 3-4 Boys Chorus 2 Jr. High Chorus 1 Sportsman Club 3 Mixed Chorus 2 Dist. 10 Track Meet 3-4 Yearbook 4 DAVID MEDVED General Course Ambition - Own a ton of pure uranium ore Camera Club 3-4 Basketball l -2 Sportsman Club 3 FFA 1-2 Jr. High Chorus 1 LOIS MERRITT Commercial Course Ambition ---- To be a Sec- retary for the Navy Girls Chorus 2-3 Jr. High Chorus 1 G. A. A. Vice-Pres. 4 G. A. A. Secretary 3 FHA 2 Junior Play 3 FBLA 4 Camera Club 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Newspaper 2-3 RONALD PARKER General Course Ambition -- To shake hands with the man in the moon .lr. High Chorus 1 Minstrel 2 Junior High Football 1 Varsity Football 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 3 Class Officer 2 Yearbook 4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 FRANCIS PAVOLKO General Course Ambition - To be a Thespian Minstrel 2-3-4 Senior Ensemble 4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Baccalaureate Choir 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Football l-2 Baseball 2-4 Track 4 FBLA 4 Art Crafts Club 3 Newspaper 3-4 JANICE PAYNE Home Ec Course Ambition -- To be a beautician G. A. A. 1-2 Tap Club 2 Senior Play 4 F. H. A. 3-4 Cafeteria 3 Girls Shop 4 DOROTHY POHMAN . General Course Ambition - Lead a hap- py and successful life FBLA 4 Girls Chorus 4 Girls Shop 3 - 4 LLOYD RICKAHD General Course Ambition ---- Be a playboy Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Sportsman Club 3 JANE PAYNE Academic Course Ambition - To be a school teacher FTA 3 G. A. A. 3 Newspaper 3 Debate Team 3 DONALD PODOLL General Course Ambition - To be suc- cessful Basketball 1-2-3-4 1' ootball 1-2-3 .lr. High Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-4 Sportsman Club 3-4 Art Crafts Club 1-2 IRENE RADTKE Academic Course Ambition - To be 3 nurse Jr. High Chorus 1 Girls Chorus 2 Cafeteria 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3 FBLA 4 Newspaper 1 Yearbook 4 SHARON ROY Commercial Course Ambition Switchboard Operator G. A. A. 1-2-4 FBLA 4 Newspaper 4 Tumbling Ward 2 EDWARD SABOL General Course Ambition f f Visit the Old Country FFA 1-2 Sportsman Club 3-4 Band 1 Jr. High Chorus 1 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Football 3-4 Jr, Varsity Basketball 2 EDWARD SLATTERY Academic Course Ambition - Run the Transatlantic Truck- ing Company Jr. High Chorus I .l. V. Basketball 2 JACK SPAULDING General Course Ambition - - Be a Jack of all trades Basketball 1-2 Football 1 Sportsman Club 3-4 Student Council 4 Mixed Chorus 2 ,lr. High Chorus 1 ALICE SUSCHECK Commercial Course Ambition -- Become a beautician Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 .Ir. High Chorus l Girls Shop 4 Minstrel 2-3-4 FBLA 4 Student Council 1 Senior High Drarnatics 3 SANDRA SHANK Home Ec Course Ambition - To be a happy married woman G. A. A. , 1-2-3 Dramatics 2 Girls Chorus 1-2 FHA 4 Newspaper 4 Girls Shop 3 Cafeteria 2 MARLENE SMOCK Home Ec Course Ambition - Get married and raise little Dibbles Camera Club 3 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 District Chorus 3-4 State Chorus 4 Baccalaureate Choir 2-3 Girls Ensemble 2 Senior Ensemble 4 Minstrel 1-2-3-4 All-Star Band 2 All-Star Majorette 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Yearbook 4 FHA 2-3-4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Jr. High Band 1 Cafeteria 1-2 JOSEPH SUROVICK Shop Course Ambition f Ride in a flying saucer Band 1-2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Newspaper 4 .lr. High Chorus 1 GORDON TAYLOR Shop Course Ambition-Join the Navy Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Minstrel 2-3-4 Sportsman Club 4 HUBERT TAYLOR Shop Course Ambition f To have a '63 Cadillac in '57 Football 1-3 Baseball 3 Basketball 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Minstrel 2-3-1 Yearbook 4 J ANICE WALDO Commercial Course Ambition -- To travel Girls Chorus 2 Jr. High Chorus 1 Girls Shop 4 FBLA 4 JACK YOUNG General Course Ambition - Play for the Globe Trotters Jr. High Chorus 1 Sportsman Club 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 MARTHA CARRIER Commercial Course Ambition - Act as a mother to an ornhan- age of young children Camera Club FBLA FBLA Officer FHA GAA 2-3- GAA Officer 3- Tri-Hi-Y Sr. High Chorus Girls Chorus 2-3- Mixed Chorus 2-3- Newspaper 2- Minstrel 2-3- Pep Club Junior Play Yearbook VERGIL TAYLOR Ambition - Grow white strawberries in Red China Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Minstrel 1-2-3-4 All-Star Band 2 District Chorus 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys Chorus 2-3-4 Jr. High Chorus 1 Baccalaureate Choir 3 Baccalaureate Orchestra 2 Senior Ensemble 4 Girls Shop Instructor 4 Baseball 3-4 MARY WAPPES Commercial Course Ambition - To travel Business Manager 2-3-4 Wigwam Chatter 2-3-4 Newspaper Editor 4 Class Officer 2-3 .I unior Play 3 FBLA 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Girls Chorus 2-3-4 .lunior Chorus 1 Minstrel 2-3-4 VERNA YUSKO Commercial Course Ambition - To be a private secretary some day Girls Chorus 2 Jr. High Chorus 1 Girls Shop 4 FBLA 4 Class History . . . Perhaps the most significant thought that we, as Seniors, have, is our future dreamed-of careers. Let us reminisce a bit--back to September, 1950. Students from Platea, Cranesville, Conneaut and Elk Creek Townships, were brought to Alhi to com- bine as its "Class ofl95-1-". There were over ninety of us then. ln October we, attracted some notice from the Sophomores' Initiation. We were an eye-catch- ing sight during the day with a warm-hearted welcome party at night. Our offi- cers for the year were chosen as: President, Farook Hasan, Vice-President, Lloyd Rickard, Secretary, Sue Burger, Teasurer, Margaret Duda, Home Room Treas- llrers, Doris Anderson. .loyce Huston, Patti Patterson. September, 1951-Yes, then we were beginning to worry about the Prom to be sponsored in another year. Wie had our first concession at the Albion Community Fair. Our uglasses with the ping-pong balls" game was a great success. After the election of the following officers: President, Ronald Parker, Vice-President, Daniel Kaufer, Secretary, Patti Patterson, Treasurer, Peggy Wappes, we proceeded to design a humbling initiation for the Freshmen. ln place of the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Dance our class sponsored a 4'Leap Year Dance". Each gal shyly invited the man of her choice as well as treating him later. lve managed a stand at the Mardi Gras to help replenish our weak monetary funds. September, 1952-We were Juniors! Only two more years. Our class was dwindling down now that solne seventeen-year-olds had taken jobs. This was a big election year for our country and our class nominers joined in cam- paigning for their prospective officers. The following month they were elected, as follows: President, Daniel Kaufer, Vice-President, ,lack Young, Secretary, Peggy Wappes, Treasurer, ,lean Carter. Excitement throbbed in each heart when we chose and ordered our glittering class rings. During the fall some of our dramatic talent presented a delightful comedy, 4'Good Night, Ladiesn. As everyone of us sought to provide "the best Prom yet," we sponsored several record dances after the home basketball games. Combined efforts and ideas changed the usual Junior and Senior Prom this year. A fine luncheon was served cafeteria style in Alhiis gymnasium as Juniors, Seniors, and Faculty gathered about the tables in groups of four. The dance which followed at the Edinboro Country Club was highlighted by thc crowning of "King" Glenn Patton and "Queen" Joanne Huston. September 1953 -- This was the year we had looked fondly forward to with anticipation. Again, for the final time we lnoved our stand down to the "Fair" grounds to set up a uboomingw business. The following officers were diligently elected: President, Cloyed Dana, Vice-President, Robert Greenlee, Secretary, Patti Patterson, Treasurer, ,lean Carter. One of the best plays ever presented at Alhi was given that fall. Many sincere comments were made to us on our production of the mystery, "The Old NTZIIPS Moneyfi Again we were requested to consider another change, that is, the formerly Senior Yearbook was now to be converted into a School Yearbook. This proposition was ac- cepted and six of us were named on the staff. We ioincd the Christlnas festivi- ties with a splendid semi-formal uSnow Ball Dance" which was enjoyed regard- less of a small financial loss. Throughout the spring we ordered invitations, and were also measured for caps and gowns in May. The Juniors honored us with a delicious banquet served on a Thursday night with the dance the follow- ing night at Edinboro Country Club. Our class was the first to graduate from our new school building which we entered during April. Uur last event was a graduation dance in the following week. Now our names, too, join the files of ttAlhi Alumni." Aff Around' Boy and Girl . JOYCE HUSTON Alhi is proud of '5Chic,, Young and Joyce Huston whom the student body elected as the All Around Boy and Girl. They were chosen from the Senior Class on the basis of these qualifications: The All Around Boy or girl: l. has high moral character. 2. is dependable. 3. is punctual 4. is able to wget alongi' with faculty as well as fellow students. 5. is never guilty of "blowing his top," in the classroom or as a sportsman. ' 6 is able to get along with members of the same sex as well as members of the opposite. 7. is a good sport. 8. is always neat and clean in appearance. 9. has achieved scholastically to the best of his or her ability. JACK YOUNG A Q f A se s fi V fs XD ...Jag ,fl Class Wil! . The senior class of 1954, of the city of Albion, county of Erie, state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and body, do declare this to be their final and last testament. TESTATUR BEQUEST AINDY ADAMSON - wavy hair .................. .......,.... ERNEST AHLCREN -- English Literature .. ..... .. WALLACE ALEXANDER - gym class LEGATOR lVIr. Gilbert English peasants Burton Bateman DORIS ANDERSON --- chair in band ................................ Marilyn Tobin WIILMA BARTKO - good attendanse in orchestra ........ Gary Robinson HELEN BORLAND - lousy spelling ........................ ......... N ancy Mott BOYE BOYD - pink knees and almond shaped eyes ........ Miss Schultz MARTHA CARRIER - freckles ................................... ...... P at Zovack .JEAN CARTER - height ........................................... ...... B ob Rindo ALICE CHAMBERLAIN - not her 'GTaylor,' boy ...... ....... T o Anyone JESSE CHASE 0- driving experience ......... ....... ..... lW I arie Savage FRED CONNORS - bench tweezers ............ ....... L arry Keiser JAMES CONNORS - place on the bench ............................ Larry Keiser HAROLD COOK - place in gym class ......................., Leo Knickerbocker CHARLES CURTIS - interest on Hill Top Road ................ Jimmy Robb CLOYED DANA -- driving ability ............................................ John Gage ROBERTA DEVIES - upper teeth ....... ....... B etty Lou Demmery MARGARET DIMON - hair ........................ ...... H arriet Bateman MARGARET DUDA '- basketball ability ..... ......... S teve Onest MAURICE EBNER - eyes ........................ ....... L loyd Rickard RUTH FINK - love of a Freeman ........ .... ....... A n ne Lee Fields BARBARA FRITZCES - love for JOYCE GLASS - flashy nightgown gym class ............ Marjorie Oravetz of Willie's P.J. party Bev Taylor CHARLES GOETZ -- janitor's soap ................ poor, misled cider drinker JAMES GRAFF - report card .......... .............................. B ill Hunt LARRY GREENLEE - speed .......... .... a ny future football player ROBERT GREENLEE - ability ........ ...............................,.. ? EUGENE HANAS - English book ................................ ..... E ngland SHIRLEY HOOVER - good times and silly moods ...... ....... A nyone ELSIE HOUGII - basketball ability ....,................... ............ , Joe Greer JOYCE HUSTON -sf dancing ........... ..... N ladolyn Payne DALE JOHNSON '-- study halls ...... Ron Rickard Class W1'ff . ARNOLD JONES '- art class ........ ........ I' lugene Knapp CHARLES JORDAN -- Model A ............................................ Clair Flick DANIEL KAUFER - thrilling rides in the blue goose .... Ray Lasher RONALD KEITH -- pep and energy ................................ John Pavolko ALVIN LASHER -- gym class ................................... ....... .I Ohn Pavolko WILLIAM LEEHAN - bloody noses and fat lips .................... John Gage STEVVART MADDEN - "inspector's mustachew ...... Leonard Onest DAVID MEDVED - right hand ...... .............. ....... B e v Taylor EDW7ARD MEEKER -- technique ...... ....... B ill Bartfai LOIS MERRITT - love for English ........ ........ h er sister CAROLYN MITCHELL - pony tail ..... ............,.. A nyone RONALD PARKER - "A's" .......,............ ....... B ob Brewster PATTI PATTERSON - good attendance FRANCIS PAVOLKO - ability to present nothing but stupidity JANE PAYNE - Latin .................................. JANICE PAYNE -A little boyfriend, John DONALD PODOLL A+- speed and energy .. Shirley Westfall to the class .. any hard-w Pavolko ........ Anyone orking student Gayle Ashton Johnny Onest IRENE RADTKE -- shorthand .................... ....... C aroline Dana LLOYD RICKARD -- love ..................... ...... . loan Hollister SHARON ROY - shorthand ability ........... ........ B ev Taylor EDWARD SABOL - place in gym class . ..... John Gage SANDRA SHANK - study hall giggles ................................ any sourpuss EDWARD SLATTERY - ability to leave them laughing .... Miss Foley MA RLENE SMOCK - herself ........................................ Mr. Harry Dibble JACK SPAULDINC- V- plane geometry brain .... worthy underclassman JOE SUROVICK - science class .................................................... anyone ALICE SUSCHECK - place in shorthand ........ ..... C arolyn Hayes GORDON TAYLOR - corny jokes .................................... Milton Berle HUBERT TAYLOR -- high-powered Ford and milk route .... Bob Rindo VERGIL TAYLOR - basketball playing ability ............ 1954-55 team MARY WAPPES -- noon hours in the typing room .... anyone with time JANICE WALDO - long hair ........................................ Ruth Ann Beery JACK YOUNG - basketball ability ........... .... ............ J o hn Gage Rita Fisher VERNA YUSKO - place in front of the mirror ................ The senior class of l954, do hereby leave this last will and testa- ment to their successors, the class of 1955, with the sincere hope that they may put to use. to the best of your ability, all things bequeathed! them and that they will enjoy a richer and fuller year a In witness whereof, the Senior Class, the testators, s Seniors. have set their hand on this thirtieth day of March, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four. Class Prophecy . The year is now 1974, and twenty years have gone past since l was last home. A friend and l planned, with the help of Barb Fritzges, our travel con- sultant, a trip from California, my home at the present time, across the U. S. to our old home town of Albion, to see how many of our old classmates had achieved their ambitions. I picked up the phone to call a taxi and I heard the charming voice of Roberta Devies. The taxi arrived, and struggling with our luggage, Harold Cook, the driver, assisted us to the airport where we will board a T. XV. A. air- liner designed by Maurice Ebner. To our amazement the porters, Buster Alexander and Bill Leehan in- quired, '4Where do you think you're going?" During our conversation we learned that Alvin Lasher and Arnold Jones were airplane mechanics here. Wandering over for an ice cream cone, we were greeted by Dot Pohman, who filled our order. To thc runway we fled to catch sight of the governor, Boyne Boyd, ac- companied by Ron Parker and Vergil Taylor, his body guards The friendly voice of Helen Borland soon summoned us to our plane where we were greeted by our hostess, .lean Carter, who informed us that Ron Keith and Don Podoll were pilot and co-pilot. Settling ourselves i11 the cozy seats, our curiosity about the news of the day was aroused and we borrowed a morning paper from a Wave, Doris Anderson. The headlines blurted out the latest developments of the Dana' Rocket, by Dr. David Medved on which Andy Adamson and ,lim Graff were to be the first passengers. The reporter of this story was none other than Peggy W'appes. To renew acquaintances, we strolled up to the cockpit. While talking, they pointed out a ranch owned by Larry Greenlee, and the new dam con- structed by the Hanas and Johnson Construction Co. Soon we were making our first landing for fuel at Fargo, N. D. Who should our gaze fall upon except a keeper of law and order, Sgt. Gordon Taylor, who suggested we visit Jesse Chase, the town's judge. A visit with him revealed the townis mayor to be none other than Fred Connors, who was assisted by ,lack Spaulding and ,lim Connors, prominent lawyers and attorneys. The screech of an ambulancse, driven by Ed Meeker, rounding the corner. sent us scurrying to the accident on the next block, which involved our old classmates Janice Payne and Wilma Bartko. Dr. Robert Greenlee and his nurse, Joyce Huston arrived on the scene soon after us, and hurried the injured patients off to the Jordan Memorial. We sent flowers for them with Erne Ahlgren, the messenger. The excitement ended, we again boarded our plane, and were glad to see T. V. stars, Francis Pavolko and Marlene Smock come on board. We landedi in Chicago and went to visit the stockyards owned by Ed Sabol, Chuck Curtis, and Stewart llfadden and managed by Joe Suroviek. Being very tired we decided to stay overnight. Early the next morning we hired Margaret Dimon as our guide, and started our tour of the city. Typical of women, we hurried to the nearest dress shop. Among the many models were Maggie Dada and Patti Pat- terson. My favorite dress turned out to be a creation by Fink and Chamberlain, the world's finest designers. Class Prophecy . Attired in these exquisite numbers, we boarded the plane the following morning. At last we were Erie bound! Over the radio came the soft, soothing music of Dan Kaufer and his band, interrupted on the hour with a sportscast by Charles Geotz. As we came in for the landing, we looked out the window of the plane and saw a group of people waiting for someoneg probably an important person, such as Martha Carrier, tl1e famous war correspondent. As we got nearer to this group, we thought that two of them looked familiar. Who should it be, but Janice Waldo, society editor for the Albion News, and Alice Suscheck, its new owner. Sitting down at the counter at the Boston Store, we chatted about old times and the accomplishments over the last twenty years. Who should appear from the kitchen but Sharon Roy, known as Erie's finest cook. Wle certainly enjoyed our tasty meal! Up 12th Street to the familiar old Bes- semer station we scrambled to board the dependable 'LBessemer Bulleti' for Albion. Wye followed Carolyn Mitchell who shouted a recognizing "HH" as she struggled to get her twill daughters on the train. Elsie Hough, another house- wife, was ahead of her, managing a curly-haired little son and many parcels from shopping. Even the train traveled at a more modern pace and soon we were gathering together our baggage, ending our conversations, and looking for Albion as we remembered it. A stately, distinguished, white-haired man stands out on the platform. Janice says it's Mr. Gilbert. Albion is keeping up with the times. Ed Slattery owns a huge chemical plant with Joyce Class and Lloyd Rickard as his chief assistants. As we amble down Main Street our eye catches sight of Verna Yusko and Sandy Shank's new clothing store featuring the 'gcity-slickerl' clothes. My, oh, my! They seem to be a fad everywhere. Not only the store caught our eye but also a street- cleaner. Who would ever have recognized our old class president, Chick Young, as a street-cleaner? We stopped for some ice cream at Hubert Taylofs magnificent new '4Blue Heaven" which now stands where our old hangout, NBunny's" once stood. And to our surprise, who would you guess to be the head waitress? None other than Shirley Hoover. Vlfowi On the way to the Albion Hotel, we met Lois Merritt, the most wealthy woman in town. She said she just must hurry along for she had to attend a bridge party given by Irene Radtke, Professor of English, and Jane Payne, French Professor. Both teach at the new Albionite College. ln our hotel room we checked over our list we had and realized we had viisted every one of our old classmates again. Satisfied with their acclnp- lishments, we lay down to a peaceful night's sleep, our mind at rest. SECRET YEARNING SEEN HEARD SAYING NAME S Q: Q N S Q Q Li 2 L H vall l Office Post he on t Hanging up 0716 G Real li nd w-A T6 And Adamson, of Russia Dictator office uch E cn B Q B S P Oh! 97' Alexander, Wallace-Bust N N E QD N 3:3 2 S 2 U -E 2 C -E 2. 2 Q .3 Q.. 5 3 Q: Lb 'a : 2 E 2 2 S :C Doris Tlfl- A is Anderson, Dor ist Art Trapeze OHS WL fa ll be U T h the gang VVit mixed-up kid :X N 2 R lb N 5 P- .Q E E E .. Q A: '12 2 FQ 54 S :S .2 Q: vi 9-B 2 N 16 2 2 51: S Q: VJ 2 Us N N Q TG 'T X c qi 2 5 e S S 3 Q 'E 3 N S 2 Ii 3 E Q K1-: I S Q.. I Bert e- Boyd, Boyn Q: E1 QB 5' S ii u 'Q W-I 5 Q. 2 E N Ib 3 ff? 35 2 C P4 QD E .Q Q' 16 2 Q N O 3 N 2. Q 2 ff. E Ilu Carrier, M artha'-M art y N -N -4-: .3 :S Q U N9 rr: U L 3 -N 3 vs 3 QD D ZS '5- Ps 3 Q Q SET N N -I1 'B 2 T. Q 3 m ,. N4 L Q Z QL .2 Q. N Q 2 3 N 5 E 2 Q Q -E Q 'UQ You -Squirt Carter, jean y,s boss bo e that Taylor T b N N. lim IVith all Q 2 Q 2 S Q U L. if I Q: .Ll 2: 41 S N 2 N L Q3 E E N U Q R Q: 'S It 'ix fs .Eu .EQ ,ga 532 1Q'93 mv: 53 "GE EQ L S33 .QQ 'S In EN Q Q: 2 H 2 l 5525 -. ZQ: STE YJ 2 it CI. Q3 S Q: 'Q N 9-'33 SLN' c 'Q VJ Q: N Q91 53-5 U22 77 522 is .-5 35 SZ Qc: UU 2 Q -E Q fr: VJ QD N CL -E S -vs VD It '46 2 lb Q 2 'Q crowfls he Follows I mething to eat? So That? hafs YV rl Q2 N il. I 'U N rr. v-L cf 2 Q 2 E U VJ NSN 0.2 LL'-SL 'iss 2.3 Eff Q3 '45 32 gh 33 B4 'E QQ -U3 rs 5 ...E SQ E Q53 Q EE fi 53 .Ei NSE 5-2 I is ii QQ :LJ -1- 55 UU If Q. Q I0 3 E I? Il CUTHPUI1 To own a trucking ufer hKa VV it e? M ho? VV llflll D d- l oye Dana, C ZS -N L A U 1-. F4 'F T 2 E E QD 'Q -N -4-: U -M 'Q C Q 'is 'D -1- S C' , IIS Bunn do you? 5 Q- C I wk Aw.: 2 C Q Q Q Q 2 QT 2. 'QQ 8 Q: 'S Q. CC iff .E LD N Q O 0 O' Q 3 SQ: '4'-NL.: SEQ .Ewa 'QOIEAM N. 3, 3+Q2Q Q-Q'sVb Bi CL m E-E emi! Y-X Q: GENE USES N3 Q sf Gif E425 Q BZ 95 S N '4Q .i-2 CL 2 Q 'E 2 -E553 o.: ,Bi HQE Ji-2.92 QQN1: Lac, 5 E IL E I in- 'C N N 22- S3 Q: CL. E N.Q:-N. VJNN-AH 222 'E 2C TJ Utfzs Q:'!'g-- rams iff :C 11' Q :ll Q: 'SL Qn-E? wh N 32 ,Q"x. .Life ESQ? Q 325-SCE :Phil gzr.- .ex-3.22 QEQE 2:g Q35 2225. 2--- ----.-N QQLQLL US F orc en's Armed Wom loin the -H 4 00711 R In Gee! Barbara-Barb tzges, :- rN P-L se reindeer H0 Hook that red cl 2 if-4 Q Q .S Q S 'DQ 342 Q is! B Q 'M- In er! HQ' 11 ii He ce-I o Zh -Q Q. T G17 va Q U 2 3 2 9:3 3 -U 30 35 Bn-N 32 Q C s fi.: QS C U-2 E ui? E1 61:62 53 22 isis 2: QC ii Q QQ EE 5154 "QS .X E E UE I2 sl QQ: SS lf-2 Q?-2 'Gas Cs UU rack .star e T Horn I I owls the weather? Il S L 2 'J I 3 E 3 N S Q2 Greenl Quarterback for Cleveland Browns I'0 Edinbo tl N Q: N Q: L S cn S Q: 51 'W - vii Qi Hs 2 .- Q .L L Q: Q e I QT Q: 'TN' Q: TJ R U 'Z Q: .E N N 'U 2 U 'Wx Q 9-'A QD Q: N 'is 2 2 Q .. U onyls ht T .52 2 93 K-aa Q Th 6716 gene-G anus, Eu H Q E. 18 W N 5 Q: vi U .- -S 'Z N Q: 'UQ In 2 N W 2 2 Q: Q Q Y is LL Q Li S. Q 2: 2 it cm Q 3 I Q. we E R -N Q 5 Q. v-9. 3 If C Nu 5 Q.: 'CJ 54 C. lb 2- ,,. -N ki I N 9 -1: vN ll .Q B11 N N Q.. "H N4 Q: .N Q G Sl. 'Hb 2 is S 3.2 -..- 'U 'N Q: Q: 5 2 H M 22 2 2 cl Bu 01' 01,411 ool N' Q VD '2 C Q - 9 5 TJ Q QL N C 2 'S 2? Z3 FE 3 5 s. IQ. Q '-. I N Q 'S S C '4- 4 N N '5- '54 b .T C cm. fl. rx. n.. s C .N N Q Q B .Q B Q: CD E Q: 2 S Q3 E O Q 93 nth Qi 2 2 Q: M 2' fl -N 2 cm.. .E Q E 2 9- 'U 2 E QI Q? 2: Q 2. 2 2: 2 'S Q the mountains in Live Lasher l V ith A Al V Ag. U 3 re,s a In ie The vu D rnolcl-Ion jones, A travel To gboro 2 -N :N .-Q QN S XVhere to snow? Charles-Duke jordan, girls around bas-hful S0 be to N ot the Blue Goose In Henry john -Dan Daniel lil Kauf 'Hufzoly 9 11 1 1113-51 :fo -u -u cu F ei 2. -.. C -4 I Od 110 00 lll VI 351 U0 2 pouasap 015-3 1 PU .4 .4 N. Ct N. N .Q . Ch Co 5 .2 T 'U CB TQ VE N I CD v-1 L12 O ca S hu I It '11 3 Q. 'WP adnon 1112l1J9blSlIH ua Jalivlrl II amllaf lfllfl 1171 S1 I is umm SE? in P-'S' as S1 S5 .173 G T? FQ! :S J: O ZF' 332 ,N -II 35' FF JE VJ :- 'i :E 'ag 3. no 'S 52 Q: sw w rm E 2. 2 m 'QE' ce N fre: SNA at 'r H-4'-T E: E5 3.35 F' tn cz F i 'Jollivl u9qnH 0511 H- 5 .5 N Q s.. Z. 3 UQ U Q 2 C 'S S. IQ 5. fs. 77' cm ci cm .I N :s - - if E :I TQ P-I ... Q. Z2 if N 2 F l Q N4-. 3. ru E 2.0 E O. N Lf? E LE. DN III 'apalpsn S QOQIV V- ' I 5 5? 5 N I UQ he -v U' CE .2 x E. 3 UQ IUUOJ SI H llfl pumfg 910 O liul :YE 2:2 - can :E-A' yrs, IPS sz N i EFF we: wx-rm 755, FSE Ct C5 is w- ... fm YT : : FE f 12: N Ez: QYRN- new 352 'gmail 'wa :- Q 2 kv N Z Emi' N 2.Q'-' Rio Na, 225 B w In uf ff? U25- 1 rw "' '-+. -. SE: II'-22 ZECQ EF? G . rv-2.5 2? mm i m zz F 5. mlgclg-pmmpg O 1 N. E isa ual slli ICI JU .ll 11 sq 011 111,11 J013llOT1q P9111 O O O 'E' 'S' E- E E S iz '-1 Q D E. S S S. I E' E' T 2 F IL Q fi f Q Z rf: N 'JC Q 5 S 3 gd a 5' 'U gy: CD w' 3 ? S2 ' ru CE If JE ET Z Q - Fa gf 2 .. 3 ,U 51 a UQ cm 'cs '-I C N FL. X' C 'Tl H : 3 N4 I 'U Q 77' CE I-4 CD .. it W: Q i Ft 2 N. Il! Q I 3 N Q Ch C i T: S' In 3 Q E -. U' N. 9? ml 'U 511 -. .- Z: I3 - fs -N.. Q QN. ce O N. Q. .N .. .. Z. Nr. i2 -1 C' 'N O :S 2. ff .Q 'u0s.1oJ4nd Jfld-HJUJ 'LL C2 ev . C6 Sh CJ 'Q 91113 IPIHIUJV' V 11 NIIUIUJD ug Joqgmu as-11011 Cl D C, Q Q- IUJUIJ 5' H- 395111161 11913115-plnuoy I '1 FE '-Q. fi -e CE Fw 22 'a : Co S m Q D Z -n F' '13 E2 2 I ..- B' P W P?- fu F5 T' 2. F c- :I 9: 55. . :I : 'E EN :D N v 2 N N. 5 - C4 rw A - 3 Q .,.. ,.. -1 N - -. : : -. :li .- cs : cu UQ Q E ru 'P A '-I Q E' N N. JN Q 3 1: N C : I S -.: FE - - F-I ... N N N. CE 2. 'C Q S 2 7? 3 O .- C E 3 m .E S CE C4 - H. it C3 Cb -. FE U2 fl: e-. -s PF Q Cu Q Pb -.. Q fl Y sz C' N Q N S. Q .. N Q. Cm S U Q E. I' N E ru c Z4 -. 2 S2 -1 CE P+ 'I Q. 51 Pr' Q Dv re cu 1 E. : cn S 3 Ch S 8.1311 VI C Q A N 3 2 9: 'S 2 O Q unld 10 P' C5 in U' CH V-1 lb N E. 3 I 3: he E m. Q av N. Cn Fife ,F .. fl T Fi 3. UQ 2. : UC 3 N Q ?f' N4 .- cz N YW Z' 'N O : YC 2. cu E CZ CE E. Ps 3' Q -. N A -. N N 3 -s "-I 25 Go E +c :- 'I' L' S .4 CQ 71' CE '-3: ur BU Q I3 i I DO 1: 3 z li 11 'mod ug 1112? sspt my JZ jo Hgqzuasa-V 03 OP 1131011 195' ul -. -. C: N I 51 fx s. ZZ .- .. -x ... ... 2 C N -s F. C7 - N ZS' P- .Q SCILPOOII CGIGDCJGV SEPTEMBER 2 School started 11 Fairview at Albion 18 Albion at Lawrence Park 25 Union City at Albion 25 Junior Record Dance 29 Antrim Bureau: Baillier's Theatot L OCTOBER 2 Albion at Wesleyville 9 Edinboro at Albion 17 Albion at Youngsville 23 Conneaut Valley at Al-bion 23 Junior Record Dance 30 Albion at Girard 30 P. T. A. Halloween Dance NOVEMBER A 6 'Cambridge Springs at Albion 6 F. H. A. Hayride 9 General Motors Program 12 Senior Play 13 Senior Play 20 Sadie Hawkins Dance CSophomores1 23 Basketball Clinic 27 McKean at Albion 27 Junior Record Dance DECEMBER 1 Fairview at Albion 4 West Springfield at Albion 5 F. F. A. Donkey Basketball 8 Conneaut Valley at Albion 11 Albion at Cambridge Springs 15 Albion at Conneaut Valley 15-16 Sweater Fund movie 18 Albion at Conneaut, Ohio 20 Christm-as Vespers 22 West Springfield at Albion 23 Vacation Begins JANUARY 5 North East at Albion 8 Albion at Union City 12 Albion at Harborcreek 14 District Chorus at Edinboro 15 District Chorus at Edinboro 15 Edinboro at Albion 16 District Chorus at Edinboro 19 Wesleyville at Albion 22 Albion at Lawrence Park 26 Girard at Albion 28 Antrim Bureau: "The Marionettes 29 Freshman Record Dance ab n SCIl700l Calenddf FEBRUARY 2 Albion at North East 4 State Chorus at Meadville 5 State Chorus at Meadville 5 Union City at Albion 5 Junior Record Dance 6 State Chorus at Meadville 9 Harborcreek at Albion 11 Albion at Edinboro 12 Freshman Class Dance 16 Albion at Wesleyville 18 District Band at Union City 19 Lawrence Park at Albion 19 District Band at Union City 19 Junior Record Dance 20 District Band at Union City 22 Antrim Bureau: Charles Ramsden 23 Albion at Girard MARCH 4 Junior High Tournament 5 Junior High Tournament 6 Junior High Tournament 12 Mardi Gras tJuniorsD 18 State Band at Punxsutawney 19 State Band at Punxsutawney 20 State Band at Punxsutawney 25 Minstrel-itis 26 Minstrel-itis APRIL 1 State F. H. A. Convention 2 State F. H. A. Convention 3 State F. H. A. Convention 8 District Orchestra at Oil City 9 District Orchestra at Oil City 12 Move to new school 10 District Orchestra at Oil City 22 Junior Class Play 23 Junior Class Play 26 F. F. A. Banquet 30 Barbershop Parade MAY 6 Albion at West Springfield 7 Spring Concert 12 Antrim Bureau: HWallace Chimes' 13 Junior-Senior Banquet 14 Prom 16 Baccalaureate 20 West Springfield at Albion 21 Commencement 27 Senior Dance-Old Gym 29 School's out 7 1. Bartfai, Wil- liam 2. Beebe, Louise 3. Beebe, Richard 4. Bell, Barbara 5. Bishop, Caro- lyn 6. Brewster, Rob- ert 7. Brewster, Thomas 8. Chase, Earl 9. Cherry, Her- bert 10. Dana, Caroline ll. DeArment, Claire 12. Devies, Ron- ald 13. Dihble, Del- ores 14. Dickey, Elmer 15. Drury, Alice 16. Dujuambi, Mo- na 17. Fisher, Rita 18. Flick, Clair 19. Freeman, Dan 20. Gage, John 21. Gevin, Edith 22. Hale, Dolores 23. Hayes, Caro- lyn 24. Hollister, .loan 25. Hollister, Joyce 26. Homansky, Robert 27. Hunt, David 28. Jordan, Mar- cius 29. Jordan, Mar- tha 30. Keiser, Larry 31. Kemling, Charles 32. King, Donald 33. Knapp, E11 gene 34. Knapp, Jack 35. Knickerbock- er, Leo 36. Kuvlesky, Ed- ward 37. Lasher, Raymond 38. Lenhardt, Russell 39. McCabe. Wan- da 40. McGuire, Ray- mond . ' 3 1 ,"' P '1 J W S. li! 'ew-F-9' .4 . . Class of '55 41. Mikovich, - . Jack - 42. Mitchell, Mar- . N ilyn 'E' f N E Q' 43. Morley, John 3, z.. :4,:,: ' 'b-'1 "'- 4 , 44. onesr, John fi :"f :::"' T H . y 45. Onest, Leon- , 5 .- , Nl V. , , ard l Q 1 ...A Q. I .flow Kil l - 46. Owens, Gerald -17. Parker, Rich- ard -- ' 48. Patten, Gail if W 49.1-ayne, Mado- -v A lyn 50. Pavolko, 1 Kathleen 5l.Pavolko, Rob- ert 52.Rausch, Joanne 53.Rindo, Robert G it 54. Risley, Yvonne 55. Ritchey, Nlyrle Y 56. Robison, Bar- bara V 57. Sabovik, Sonia i 58. Sanyo, Rodney ' 2 ' 59. Shank, John S W is . fl-Q 60. Smith, La- ,Ev Q AA E A. -.... I . v e r n e X X 61. Smith, Millie .P sz. Steinhoff, , Kenneth "': 1 63. Swift, Donna ""::'::"' -'V 1 'Y ,' 64. Sydow, George ' 'Y 65. Thornton, Gil- zz' ' ' ' bert ."'i'1 N 5 ' ' ,.,' .,.l 66. Tobin, Marilyn 67. VanMeter. 3 gg Mary fm , 68. Vorse, Melva N 69. Walker, Geo. 4 . 70. Wallace, Bar- . barn ri 71.wZl.l'd, Roberta . ' E 72. Westfall, Q x " Shirley X F 1 73.Wickwire, V Thomas 74. wise, Vlillis A b My l 4 H 75.Wolfo, Bonita I la, i -..., . .-...Q l.Allhurn, Con- nie 2. Ball, Marilyn 3. Bates, Gordon 4. Bateman, Bur- ton 5. Beery, Ruth Ann 6. Boyd, Mar- garet 7. Burke, Lois 8. Burnett, Anna 9. Carrier, David 10. Demmery, Betty Lou 11 . Duda, Jeanette 12. Dunlap, Charles 13. Fink, Donna 14. Forbes, William 15. Giddings, James 16. Greer, Joseph 17. Hazen, Barbara 18. Hemstreet, Diana 19. Hewitt, Patricia 20. Hull, Judy 21. Hunt, Bill 22. Huston, Dorothy 23. Johnson, Geo. 24. Kreider, Deloris 25. Kuhn, Gordon 26. Marshall, Keneth 27. Meeker, Rolly 28. Meneely, Paul 29. Merritt, Janet 30. Miles, David 31.Nea1, Edgar 32. Pavolko, John 33. Peters, Willard 34.Prest, Patricia 35. Randall, Mel- vm 36. Randall, Robt. 37. Rickard, Ron- ald 38. Robb, Celaine 39. Ryan, Edna 40. Salhoff, Lois 41. Savage, Marie 42. Shearer, Kenneth 43. Shearer, Raymond 44. Sterling, Barbara 45. Stevens, Norma 46. Stifler, Carol 47. Swan, Marie 48. Swanson, Richard 49. Taylor, Beverley 30. Taylor, Robt. Sl. Thornton, Gilbert 52. Vorse, Eileen 53. William, Kenneth 54. Winnie, Geo. 55. Wise, Eunice 56. Zovack, Patricia 57. Leopold, Howard 58. Podoll, Theodore 59.Hoch, Robert 60. Tower, Betty 61. Tucker, Shirley P ,sf 7 be Q. 1 i . . .I fl Class of '56 .,.,. 1: 5 Zi , V .,-54 ...W :IIAT , :I :H fi A 4' M E .. C QD -C vs CD g LL Lynch ton, Palmer, A rlmnson, urse, Ash re, V Wick ii i Dahlin, right BOYS - VV Prest, Bateman, Brew- Laseek, Kemling, GIRLS - Popka, Boyer. Dibhlu, Repcl, Parohek. Knapp, Weh rung, Ball, G. ayer, Gabel Th Seipler, Bien- Keith, Kuvick, Senyo, hovik, Einhiple, Sa Kuzma, er, Artello, , Taylor. ll Manko, Williams, Brisley, Barton, Walker, Ha ll da Ran v Sturdevant enretty, Connors. th, H 91' Randall, Church, Sargent. Reddin, cGuire, Knapp, Henretty. BI orley, NI SW3.I'lS0l1, ohe rts, C R iple, Surovick, nh berts, King, Ei R0 ner, G. Eb hr, Ge Cur- I ashe r, Keith, Yay. waney, bunch, Mischler, Su S lffy, lko, Mctioneg Pavo Messenge r, Shank, Thornton, and. l'0W Lashc r, Dana, B PD, H21 K l. Sab Flick, oyer M Richards, Pier. Wright, Williams, IIS F3 Beldon, K 9, Seaton, Wolf ran, Payne. M03 'IIYPUYH 'UOQSUH '159U0 'II0D0cI '10S!3H 'UUMI 'UIISUI' 'UUUIIIV '?l3q0-19d 'S umm 'ux 'lal-U19 '9Iq90H 00 'um xlsmougruuw '! 3 'augpasuo IIUDUYH UDV 'SIU 'KIU2I.l9Cl Cl0!:I 'wldws 'q 'sxoiog 39d 'sla IAI NUS! 'Jai 9l-I IU JS '1aa1 'Q M011 non 'u aesol-1 'ri H 'KSIIIIQ Aaq l 'S6 HBA '11-naw aesog 'rl IIYL LU epv 'un 'SIU 011 gm '.1o1K1:,1, Lsxaiog 'saiizuxj EH pl! S'0 Hlll uazfmg 'vial '1 uni-1 3 'II9 Till IU 'HDUIW '.I9X.!I-EJ YS 'I0fl 'xxaluwaq 0 '11 01198 'I 'JJY-'D LLI59-ID 5l!ll31I-I D 'Y 191112 hlanzaqg 2101.421 'll1!UlS I 'uusxapug 'llall-U!IAI faufhzd amaxg PM 'J U 9U ll p Mo l!H 'Sq I3 'II9lI01!IAl 'agpllli' 1.4121 'epnq 'umqm-9 'Jn 'UUIQYH 'qagxplv 21.3919 'I .nog El KUYIIV K05II04U?d E3 AIU PI0!d Di 'S 'EIUHOBUU 'UIJJ emag 'xapxug ',1 02 n ug 'xasgayl S 'uosgq UH161 fs S M 'UE MMM, 5.1 W Ll DJ 8 . on fo F NC 'CQJ C Q2 b QD W3 rley. Mo C- Kna pp, Zagi Sawdy, I. den, Gabel, Wrigh feta. ung, K Yo Lenhardt ndnll, McCabe, Rn eery, Owens, B Sherman. Row 1 - Sanford. Jordan, Bates. Rogers, t. CD DeArm atral, W Bright 4 - Billet, N' Ro S. IT! illia nsedine, W hbaum,, Swaney. Co ric K ill. Taylor. H Patten, hronick. C Terrill, Smith. urran. es, Kaufer, Keith, C il M Hrdlicka, Sawdy. itchey Podluzne, Rhodes. R ff nho ei St Kinney, Vorse, ow 2 II ase. Win- h C Sabol, Bolle, I. allan G Hudacky, Gehr, Dickson, Tower, Row 5 Ster ing. Ryan, llister, H0 Ryan, Thornton, Gevin, nett. ng, Sabovik, Aldrich, Kreider, Bur ship, Ki ad- M Leopold. Hudac ky, Snyder, Sherman, Northrop, Parker, Bemis. Row 3 They have been quite at-tive in trying to please the students and hope Student Council . . . Sitting, left to right: Shearer, Ashton, Tobin, Dana, Allburn, Wolfe, Mott, Huston. Standing: Mr. Gilbert, Barton, Messinger, Walker, Artello, King, Madden, Palmer. SPONSOR: Mr. Gilbert Officers: President--Cloyeti Dana Vice-Presirlent-Connie Allhurn Secretary-Marilyn Tobin Treasurer---Bonnie Wfolfe FUNCT lON: To help solve the problems of the students. The Student Council sponsored several noon movies and Antrim Bureau programs for entertainment for the students. Shortly before the new High School was open to the public Mr. Thomp- son and Mr. Gilhert took the Council up to look it over as they had to help with the planning of the Dedication for the New High School. to continue to please them. MEMBERS: Cloyed Dana Jack Spaulding George Walker Nancy Mott Gayle Ashton Ray Shearer Dorothy Huston Shirley Messenger Martha Artello Fred Barton Sammy Palmer Frances Seipler Teresa Onachila Lois Madden George King Marilyn Tobin Bonnie Wolfe Connie Allburn Seniorpfay . . . 1 The class of '54 presented a drama this year. Wfhe Old Marfs Moneyf' directed by Miss Schultz, was the first at- tempt ever made at a really serious drama. The play was presented two evenings, November l2, and l3, at 3:l5. Starring in the plan, as A11- gus Kilpatrick, was Francis Pavolko. The plot concerned the scheming of Joel Kilpat- rick tllavid Medved! and his sweetheart, Brenda France 1'Patti Pattersonb, to get the old man's money. Elsie Hough, as Angus' competent secretary, was a thoroughly convincing Katharine Fer- rick. The champions of jus- tice in the drama were nurse Ellin Dana 1'Joyce Hustonj and Doctor Mark Steel fDan t Kauferii. Diversion from the main plot was provided by the efforts of housekeeper Back Row - Pavolko, Medved, Alexander, Madden, Kaufer. Front Row - Patterson, Payne, Hough, Miss Schultz, Bartko, Huston. Laura Miller lwilnia Bart- kol and her crippled daugh- ter ,ludy Llanice Payne! to secure financial assistance for ,ludy's badly needed op- eration. Stewart Madden was cast as lawyer Walter Jordan, and Buster Alexander as Rocky Crump, a racketeer of the George Raft variety. The performances of these two added much to the play, es- peeially the antics of gam- bler Rocky when he was uout for bloodfi Mystery, murder, and in- trigue skipped through the lovely setting designed by stage manager Cloyed Dana. Wllhe Old Maifs Money" was well attended and high- ly accepted by the public and student body as a fine example of thc more serious type of high school drama. Standing - Boyd, Greenlee, Jones, Chase, Lasher, Goetz, Dana. Sitting - Miss Schultz, Fink, Anderson, Duda. Junior play . . . Front Row - Smith, Hayes, Risley, Bell, Tobin, Swift. Row 2 - Fisher, Bishop, Miss Schultz, Dana, Robison, DeArment, Jordan. Row 3 - Horoschuck, Freeman, Owens, Flick. Knapp, Devies, Knapp. Row 4 - Kuvlesky, Gage, Steinhoff, Brewster, Jordan. The class of '55 presented a hilarious western comedy called HDcspera'te Ambrosevg the first play ever to he given i11 the new high school. lt was per- formed 011 April 22 and 23, at 8:15. The play, which was directed by Miss Schultz, featured a large cast, clever costumingg, lively dialogue, and authentic western situaitons complete with six-guns and a fist fight. The story was of Ambrose and Bert, two vaudeville comedians who found themselves stranded in the lawless town of l-lead Nlanis Gulch. They were mistakenly identified as two of the XVest's most feared desperadocs4Homer the Kid and Gun Smoke Carter. The crooked sheriff and his cronies spend half their time trying to eliminate them, along with Anne and Nancy Martin who had inherited the Dead 313075 Gulch Hotel. The action develops into a free- for-all where the girls marry the villainsg the heroes are in the hoosegow and confusion reigns supreme. As in all Wiestern thrillers, the heroes save the day. The cast and crew ofhllesperate AlllhI'0S6a, turned in a fine performance. As the first play in the new school, it was very successful. C 'O I flv 6 Th atral. urobeck, W iffler, P 0, Si d Kin mith, r,S Carrie w an, , S nl-'J b, Ki Rob , Tobin, ll Anderso l Row ls ll. itche Anderson, M hnson, Randall, Cherry, J0 Kaufer, v ly 91190 --M 0 WV R lh obison. rtko, R Prest, Sumvick, Ba Surovick. Ilollister, Cassidy, rest. P Hvmslreet, Tuuke r, Allhu rn, le, 'l':1ylm'. Fisher, Robison, Einhip K0 v. Znd Uonsed ne. Zovack, lds. Bell, Fie Tzlylu r. lock, Hough, ll , S ll H1 llister, H0 Sth K1-iser, Patterson, Lynch h GI Boyd. Eillhiple, Payne. l, D9Armen Huston, Drury, Dunn, Owens. IU' lit 3rd U5 irfs, hor ker T uc Carrier. Wise, Robison, Tower, ston, Hu ell, Risley, --B 4 Row derson. An Suscheck. Salhoff, Hewitt, Cassidy, Pohman, Bossard, vetz, I3 ry, 0 68 wan, Hull, Ashton, B S De.-Xrment, ROVV 2 - obin, Pulte r- r. 'I' he Chamberlain, Fis Bartko, Mott, Allburn, ock, Sm 5- Row Stiffler, Hough. son, Duda. Glass, Mitchell, lor, Tay Ball, Hollister, Robb, Zovack, Carter, 31 Rn w hlolxej, ',b1sa1An51 'Jaxaaw - M031 pmg 'xaueg 'xiamxoz 51111011 3'l5!II0H 'J 'HHH 911 grep 'u 9ll5!d 'ugqol '1 oslaned 'u 3 'm1loAud 'Auaq 'aaluaam-9 'sxouuog 'xagneg - M03 mg '1nlA'e1 'asgm 'UJYUIO 'U-UUIIIV 'UUIM KUFU-199 '?l30U-IS M110 'Z16 G 'vpn UJUS 'DJUSSOH 'Ja '-9 'uosuqor 'qougw c HOP 'UOSII 'a DUZ 'qsaug 1331123 - M03 '3J0lIU!01S 'quawlvaq iurlu 'uvms 'Haag 'uozqsv J 'u0Hm0u .IE nj, 'Jap BID 'Ja 'Apgsseg g 'aaluaaxg 'ggoqyeg Ku '.l0lKB,L 'Suppl 'p li? LI 011 -M A05 uqsnzw 'oxuo II 'qagAox1gw 'xxlsunwog 'IIQH Xalsgu 'u01snH 'asm II 'wlsmo L9JI0AA osng fill 'xp ddBM 'SS apuv fuosl 196119 'uoslmmg 'uopod JSI 08 AA 'JSSLIO 'aslzqg Hlasgayl M 'uffnsa unmfnq 'UI d 01 :ls 'UOISHH Aqosntql 'lmws K-101.421, 455219 'epuq 'q3u0H 'axgllfjaw 'IIOPOJ 09 'Z19 X! 9 Ll JO S17 Q The Aff'1iCfvoru5 . . . The Mixed Chorus, assisted by both the Girls' and Boys' Choruses, presented their usual two serious concerts this year. The first, the Annual Christmas Vespers, took place on the Sunday before Christmas, and thc second, the Spring Concert, took place in early May. ln addition to these, they were called upon to assist with the dedication ceremonies of the new Albion Area High School. On the lighter side, the chorus furnished all of the vocal talent for uMinstrelitis", which was probably the best received of any of the high school minstrel shows. ln addition to the local programs, the Mixed Chorus presented a broad- cast for the Erie County Health and Tuberculosis Society in December, and, at the request of the organization, made a tape recording in May which will be used next fall on the early Christmas Seal broadcast programs. Eleven members of the Chorus were selected for the Pennsylvania Music Educators Associatiorfs Northwest District Chorus, which was held at Edinboro. Those attending were: Doris Anderson, Yvilma Bartko, Charles Goetz, Robert Greenlee. Elsie Hough, Joyce Huston, Danny Kaufer, Patti Patterson, Marlene Smock, Yergil Taylor, Marilyn Tobin. From these eleven, Marlene SlllOCli was chosen to attend All-State Chorus, which was held at Meadville. Chorus officers for the year were: President ..,.. .. ,. . Danny Kaufer Vice-President ..,. ., Vergil Taylor Secretary-Treasurer ,...., Joyce Huston Student Director .,r.. . Patti Patterson Accompanists: Doris Anderson. Nancy Mott. Patti Patterson Section Leaders: Barbara Bell, lst Sop.: Nancy Mott. 2nd Sop.: Marilyn Tobin. lst Alto: Patti Patterson. 2nd Alto: Vergil Taylor. lst Tenor: Hubert Tay- lor. 2nd Tenor: Herbert Cherry. Bari- tone: Robert Greenlee. Bass. The Affvigancn' . . The Alhi Marching Band was Very active during the early months of the school year, performing at football games as well as taking part in many parades here and throughout the Northwestern District of Pennsylvania. One of the features of the marching unit was the MDancing Majorettesn, who not only performed with the band, but did many dance routines at basket- ball games. Their most successful appearance of the year was at the annual high school minstrel. Much of the success of this group is due to the efforts of Head Twirler Barbara Bell, who organized and rehearsed the various dance routines. Another featured performer with the marching band was aSkipper" Lynch, the only male twirler in the area. "Skips, fine work throughout the year was the cause of much favorable comment wherever the band made an appearance. The concert band made early appearances at the Albion Area and Edin- boro Fairs, where they played outdoor concerts. The big concert program of the year for the band was, as usual, the annual Spring Concert. The entire marching unit was headed again this year by Drum Majorette Patti Patterson, who was responsible for the conduct of the group during all appearances. Five members of the band were selected to participate in the North- western District Band Festival, sponsored yearly by the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association and held this year in Union City. Alhi Bandsmen attending were: Doris Anderson, Connie Allburn, Anna Marie King, Barbara Robison, and Patti Patterson. ln competitive sectional tryouts held at Dis- trict Baud, all five placed high enough to become eligible for All-State Band. When the State Selections Committee met, Doris Anderson was chosen to repre- sent ALHI in All-State, Wrestern Division, which was held in Punxsutawney. Dance Qrchestra . . . Alhi's Dance Orchestra was organized again this year for the fourth successive season. The group is self-supporting and all members must be band members except, of course, i11 the case of an instrument which cannot be used in the regular band. The orchestra rehearsed each Monday night throughout most of the year. Their main function this year was their appearance in "lVlinstrelilis", where they played several selections and assisted in accompanying the soloists. DANCE BAND Row 1 - Patterson, Hol- lister, Cassidy, Cherry, Hollister, Robison. Row 2 - Meneely, Kauf- er, Tobin, Anderson, DeArment, Tucker, Boyd. Row 3 - Mr. King, All- burn, King, Taylor. MAIORETTES Middle - Patterson Left io right: Consedine. Fields, Zovack, Hough. Bell. Smock, Hull. Hollister. Lynch Smack Hough Patterson C- I R L S S H O P ART CRAFT Back Row - B. Alexander, D. Keis- er, B. Homansky, Mr. Tortorelli, P, Savage, -I. Hollister, Sabol, l-l. Vorse, Tower, W. Wise, Billot, D. King, F. Clem, H. Minch, C. Dun- lap, D. Belden. Front Row -- W. McCabe, K. Par- ker, Wright, Gehr, N. Dicfkson, .l. Berell, Burnett, Eldridge. Row Row Ro W Ro w 1. - Hoover, Randall Owens, Spaulding, Sargent. Senyo. Hunt. Jones, Lasher 2. - Sahol, Hanas, Ahlgren, Jordan, Graff, Shank, Knickerbocker. 3. - Barlfai, Senyo, Randall, KIIZIPI7. Winne, Thornton, Freeman. 4. - Meeker, Johnson, Forbes, Giddings, Richards, Mr. Freeburg, Ritrhey, Chase Johnson, Hrewster, Rivhzxrds, Moyer. Ashton. Henretty. 5 'ie GAA .... lst Row - Vorse, Messenger, King. Tlnr Row - Ashton, Robb, Stifler, Vorse, Tower. Merritt. 3rd Row - Fisher, Borland, Burke, Taylor, Allburn, Cassidy. 4th Row' - Duda, Merritt. Roy, Carrier, Fritzges, Glass. X 4 W lr. 4 2 r 1 s 1. Borland 2. Carrier 3, Fritzges -1. Glass 5. Merritt PATROL BOYS lst Row - Dinger, First, Keiser, Terrill, Boyer, Knapp. 2nd Row -- Finucan, McArthur, Strait, Jordan, Fies, Randall, Win- ship. 3rd Row - Sherman, VanMeter, Northrop, Hudacky, Williams, 0'- Leary, 0'Leary. '-1 GREEN THUMB 1st Row - Mr. Harry, Morley, Hull, Terrill, Hudacky, f0fficersJ President, Carter. Vice-President, Taylor, Secretary, Shearer, Treasurer, Robb, Sanford, Lasher, Campbell, Simlick. Znd Row -- Winship, Adams, O'Leary, Zajic. Sterling, Adams, Hosack, Joslin, Graff, Sabovik, Snyder. 3rd Row - Curren, Duzla, Graham, Devies, Boite, Keith Devies, Sherman, Burnett, DcArment, Mitchell, Chase. L I B R A R Y C L U B Row 1, Dana, Ward, Miss Schultz, Hale, Gevin, DeArment, Hemstreet. Row 2.Pav0li10, Shearer, Williams, Knapp, Walker, Devies, Knapp, Beebe. INDIAN DISPATCH 'First Row - Shearer, Kaufer, Rindo, Pavolko, Wvolfe, Rausch, Bell, Tobin, Mitchell. Wappes. Second Row -- Taylor, McGuire, Roy, Bossard, Salhoff, Prest, Robb, Shearer, Podoll, Third Row - Lascek, King, Dujuambi. Shenk, Hazen, Huston, Taylor, Tower, Surovick, Williams. Fourth Row -- Risley, Hemstreet, Dana, Pavolko, Mitchell, Artello, Swan, Carter, Lynch. IUNIOR HIGH DRAMA Row I - Kemling, Krichbaum, Patten, Johnson, Leo- pold, Chromik, Hill, McCabe, Taylor, Gabel, Ster- ling. Row 2 - Owens, Consedine, Madden, Ryan, Parker, Ryan, Thornton. Podluzne, Steinhoff, Sanford. Row 3 - Miss Schultz, Kaufer, Miles, Aldrich, San- ford, DeArment, Lasher, Morley, Hull, Sawdy, Sabovick. WIGWAM CHATTER Seated - Cassidy, Wappes. Bell. Standing - Miss Foley. First Row - Patterson, Robb, Payne, Swift, Risley, Hough, Duda, Smock, Ball. Second Row - Westfall, Hull, Zovack, Bossard, Salhoff, Taylor, Chamberlain, Shank, Pavolko, Bishop. Third Row - Fink, Wise, Stevens, Hewitt, Tower, Rausch, Smith, Devies, DeArment. Fourth Row - Payne, Jordan, Dujuambi, Kreider, Hoover, Fink, Fisher, Dibble, McCabe. SPONSOR: Mrs. Roxy Dunn CHAPTER MOTHER: iwrs. Alice Gilbert F. H. A. stands for Future Holnemakcrs of America. 1. Richards, Reddin, Williams, Sargent, Parobeck, Moyer, Wearing. Dickey, Chase, Knickerbocker, Ritchey, Thornton, Randall, Bateman. 3. Mr. Harry, Klinapp, Gage, Brewster, Freeman, Thornton, Jordan. SPONSOR: Mr. C. lj. Harry' F. B. L. A. 1. Miss DeAugustino, Bartko, Car- rier, Fritzges, Mitchell, Wappes. 2.Stiffler, Bossard, Salhoff, Hull, Huston. . 3. Van Meter, Patten, Roy, Glass, Suscheck, Waldo. 4. Zovack, Radtke, Dana, Mitchell, Smith, Hayes, Pohman, Yusko. SPONSOR: ijilda DeAugustino,r The Future Business Leaders of America is the national organization for students in business education. The purpose is to help prepare the student for employment in tl1e fielil of' business and also to strengthen anfl develop his personality. . I U N I O R P E P C 1. Swaney, Lenhardt. L 2. Allen, Beam, Randall, Rhodes, Kireta, Dibble, Messenger, Merritt, Messenger, Young, McCabe Beery, Sawdy. U 3. Ward,0nachila, Payne, Brewer, Peters, l-lemstreet, Mischler, Mitchell, Anderson, Seipler, Winne, Fritzges. B 4. Rogers, Patten, Swan, Aldrich. Onest, Smith, Curran, Bates, Kaufer Hollister, Hudacky. 5. Pavolko, Sargent, Pavolko, Lascek, Miss Nonumaque. 6. Knapp, Lasher, Bateman, Seipler, Krizma, Surovick, Thornton, Shank, Popka Repel, Roberts, King. SPUNSUR: l'Miss Audrey 'Nonomaqueb To learn all cheers and school songs used at Football and Basketball games, so that they can better participate in the cheering at these events. There are no officers. The cheerleaders teach the cheers and songs to the groups. The members are anyone in the Junior or Senior High School who wishes to learn the songs and cheers. uaft 01 111591 puoaagp OH 'D'-KM 'IOLISQIS 'r UOIKHJ. 'H H El .9 :Su deux .P .d 'osluvw 'u UW azgng 'gg 'uosuqo 1' '11 'fl 'ua.l21qv .IEXUYH xr. 'Moa 'sl 'n 19619 'r 'u0p0a Tl HI 01 JJ IIS NIJ., 1 Pl 'H - YMUH A J ',-1 'asm p0 'G 'HU SW!! 'Ja 'lawlvd 'S 'HBH "I 'u 511911 'Q H13 IIOI' '31 'aaiuaaxfg "1 'uosu aluaamg 'Q 'xianqosoxog-1 1' AP-WRU!!! 'H 0ru0AvJ '11 'r unogg uog 'p 'B 011 HH'sJ H 'H00 CWS I0 OT' aqsxzq 'V 'aiu .H KJ nqaaq .X fu 'umlsmw 'M 'Kellum o 'H 'almovw 'u '11 'H BWEAA 'aagm 'J 'JBILIOSHAI S ET SN' O fs!- CN Q: 1 5' Q Q, Q Football . Football reasons may come and go, but whenever the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days are crisp and clear the minds of the Albionites will drift back to the exciting afternoons of the 1953-1954 football season. The football squad enjoyed practicing and playing together from late in the hot summer days to the chilly, wet days of November. The Albion boys of 1933 opened the season with a loss to Fairview by the discouraging score-32 to 6. Bill Leehan, Jerry Horoschuck, and George John- son played a very creditable game. But after a week of hard work and clever planning by the coaches they bounced back to take the next two succeeding games from Lawrence Park 18-0 and Union City 19-18 respectively, the last being a thriller up to the final minute. The Union City game was considered the best played game of the season with Albion winning by the slim margin of 19-18. The Big Bears from Union City were one of the largest and heaviest teams that the Albion boys were up against. But the Allii lndians were much faster and smoother and thus proved to be the better team in the end. Superb blocking by L. Greenlee, B. Boyd, and L. Rickard in the baekfield, and magnificent line play by A. Lasher, J. Gage, B. Pavolko, and J. Young enabled B. Greenlee to score three times on long jaunts, and G. Johnson to punch across the winning point. The game with Girard was a thrilling and hard-fought game with Albion losing on a number of bad breaks. T. Wickwire, R. Hocli, J. Giddings, young but willing players, played a good game. And we could always depend upon our stalwart center, ubigv Ron Parker. All in all, the squad enjoyed playing, had a wonderful season, and learned much. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Fairview ..., 32 Lawrence Park 0 Union City . .. 18 Wesleyville ,, .,.., 13 Youngsville . . .. 13 Conneautville . ...,. 13 Edinboro i. ..... 13 Girard ........ . 22 Cambridge Springs 38 Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Letterman Left to Right, Top - Parker, B. Greenlee, Young, Rickard 2nd - Sabol, Boyd, Leehan, L. Greenlee 3rd -- Lasher, Johnson, Giddings, Wise Bottom -- I-Ioroschuck, Pavolko, Hoch, Gage S S 'O NO -4.1 Q2 Qc Vi 'C ls 'O Boyd, King, Parker, ndo, , Ri Young fai, Bart Onest, Podoll, W- R0 First Rickard, McGuire. ster, TCW Ke ser, Walker, Kaufer, Wise, B lt, ..- Lenhnrc Morley, Mr. Hill, OW R ond Sec Mgr. Connors, ansky, Hom I M021 unmg 'll0S '-I5-WIA! II0P0d 'P-1931 NH II? 'uosuqo - g M041 L ',1ao.l9 'uqux Axsuammq 'JW Joyunf AQUSJQA T Cb vu PW CD fi- ON Q: Q S 'C NO 4sJ GJ Q4 V1 'U CQ igfv Of i Jun onsedine, , l' ldrich , A mx: ry BIT! D Patten, Gabiley, K, Lise Mr. Burell, 3 Q- Wa McGuire, Onest, Allburn, KET, al W ll, Ba P0d0ll, K1-riser, Tower, Wood Mott, Kaufe r, Mr. Babbitt, Burnett, Orr, ral, 0'Leary Curran, Miles. Lasher, Bolte, Hull, Aldrich, Snyder, ales, lVIgl'., B ch yH I. 4. orley, M ire, lckw W Taylor Conegley, Mc Greer Adamson, er, IH Pill E. VVulf -I 0l'l8y. M 7, Sironey, Geeriol KFZIII tterm en Top - King, Rindo, McGuire Middle - Parker, Rickard Bottom - Young, Bartfai, Boyd Albion ....,. 58-38 n Varsity Basketball The varsity basketball team, although they did not have a very successful season, had a very enjoyable time practicing and playing together. Mr. Hill had R. Parker and L. Rickard hack as lettermen, and also received a lot of assistance from B. Boyd, .l. Young. U. King, WV. Bartfai, R. Rindo, R. McGuire. and D. Kaufer. In league competition they won 6 and lost 8 games, doing very well in the last half of league play. Those who lettered were: R. Parker, I.. Rickard, B. Boyd, J. Young, Sen iors. Juniors who lettered were: R. Rindo, D. King, R. McGuire, and WV. Bart- fai. it League Games League Record 2-5 First half 4--3 Second half 6--3 Won- 8 Lost-13 Coach-jack Hill Manager-Fred Connors Captain-Jack Young , .. .. McKean .. ,. 50-53 .i,., ..,.,.i, Fairview 57--66 .. ,. West Springfield .. 42-50 ....,.. Conneaui Valley . ...,. 62-65 .. Cambridge Springs 55-71 Conneaut Valley . ,,., 52'-55 .. ,...,. Conneaui, Ohio . . .. 43-53 ,... West Springfield ,. 52-59 , .. , .,., North East . 43-55 ,. A Union City .. 43-53 . Harborcreek 52-61 . , Edinboro 85--63 61-59 51-55 54-53 37-66 64-56 74-73 . .,,. 60-58 . , , 58-S4 ., ., 62-58 58-S2 Wesleyville Lawrence Park ., Girard Wattsburg North East , Union City Harborcreek Edinboro Wesleyville Lawrence Park A Girard Junior High Basketball The Junior High basketball team under the direction of uCoach" Lisek had one of the best seasons it has had in a very long time. The team won 13 games in sucvession. Coach Lisek had as guards Denny Adamson and Sammy Palmer. At center he had tall and aggressive Ron McConegly: at forwards, Bill Morley and Benny Greer. Also he had Ken Wickwire, Bob McGuire, .lohn Kraus, .lim Swaney and Wayne Taylor. The little Ll a oosesll of Alhi were av fressive ball la ers at all times anfl P P eb P Y henceforth were able to outplay their opponents. JUNIOR HIGH SCORES Albion ..... .. ,,.., 56-17 ..... McKean " .. .... 36-34 ...,. ........ F airview 32-18 ., West Springfield 48-28 ., West Springfield 53-31 .. Edinboro 53-ll Edinboro 36-26 Lawrence Park 55-24 ,..,.i.,.... Watisburg 39-29 Conneaut Valley 44-30 .. Cambridge Spgs. 48-27 Lawrence Park 58-23 ., Conneaut Valley 54-33 .. Cambridge Spgs. Total 612 331 'D IOAI-SH M Qnump OQRR R aunNAMENT' N SOLRTIA Con 5' If Q sz 3 Q- at op is -3 7- 7? I N E' If 2 .. i 2 . Qi Q 5' P- D .4 5 QD 2 2 1 Q . Sq J . N' " , ,- 'I R A ll cu u Y . qg -. 2 ,l -. 4 3 I ' cn ' n 1 E 1 u fl. - 5- 1 I E' IL '1 55 PN :Q 7' cr Q X J F QQ MENT' RNA H OU 'fi I or O I :a 'D MENT All TJURNA MY 1 Q03 7D4Mefa,ffn J' B03 650011 3 WHY '7::45yf,e ywl-'N SHUI-ffl of ,RON fvlc aaN5qLY lo. KDEN FVDQMSQN Q Q KX 5 M5 3x 523 Q3 Ex- EE QQ xt 55: Sal EQ Q: Wei Q01 01 Ei Qs 7-l'c'3Ck Glenn Patton, Jim Caldwell, Larry Greenlee April 28. 1953-Conneaut. Ohio versus Albion. Highlights- Caldwell-3rd in Discus. 3rd in Shot Put R. Greenlee-5 feet SW inches in High Jump L. Greenlee-3rd in Low Hurdles, Broad Jump. 22-yard Dash DlS'l'HIC'l' 10 AT ERIE llistrivt 10 meet was hclfl at Erie with many of the boys from Albion par- ticipating. Those who won the honor of going to the State Meet were: ,l. Calci- well, who placed in the Javelin with ll throw of 169 feet: li. Grvelllev in the 180-yard l.ow Hurdles, znul G. Patton in the Broad Jump. Slate Nh-et ut Penn State saw ,lzunes Caldwell plzwc lth in the ,lzwf-lin und Larry i:l'0PlllE?6' plum' Sth in the 180-yurrl Low Hurdles. Baseball Taylor, Mikovich, Knott, Payne, Carherry, Onest, Caldwell, Johnson, Kreider, Lascek The baseball team had 5 victories and 3 defeats, but learned a lot during the season. Une of the highlights of the season was ,loe 0nest's no-hitter against West Springfield. Those who lettered were ,loe Unest, Leonard Krcider, Uick Taylor, Ron Parker, ,lack Young, George Johnson, Willis Wise, Lloyd Rickard, Rudy Lascek, ,lim Caldwell. Fred Carberry, Allan Payne and ,lim Mikovicll. SCORES Albion A ,. .,.,... 1-1 ,.,..t, West Springfield Albion .. . . 0-2 ., ,....,..... Fairview Albion ..,.. . , 2-0 ,..,... .... E dinboro Albion , , . ,. .2--0 .,,. McKean 0 lweevxaaw Q . S VARSITY Burke, Taylor, Rausch, Wolfe, Hollister, Duda Margaret Duda SPONSUR: Wliss .MuIroy Nlllllllllilfllll' CIl9Cl'IH1llIl!l'S urv IIUFIIIPII to Iozul the cheers at Football and BaskotImII gannrrs amI with IIN- coops-rlion of tho students, keep a true Sportsman-Iike atti- lufIv il ovary guum. IUNIOR HIGH IUNIOR VARSITY Row I - Boyd, Boyer, Duda Rlessinger, Young, Dibhle, Merritt. La-nhm-dl, Swann-y Row 2 - Allhurn, Hewitt, Tower, Lnsuek, Hazen HONORABLE MENTION . . With sincere respect and gratitude, We of the teaching staff and student body wish to thank Fred Connors. This lad gave willingly, endless hours of Work toward the sports program at Albion. Fred served both the football and basketball squads as manager from 1950- l954. BUSINESS MANAGERS Ashton, Mr. Mellon, Wappes. Ball Ernie Ahlgren Ernie Ahlgren, another of Alhi's letter winners, whose picture was inadvertently left off the page of individual football snaps. 1. Dana, Goetz, Cook, Mr. Cassidy, Curtis, Rindo, Miles, Leopold, 1. Glass, Steinhoff Palmer Mr. Cassidy, Dana., Curtis CAMERA CLUB.. 1. Marshall, Shearer 2. Keiser, Lenhardt, Glass, Fritzges, Morley, Kuvlesky, Steinhoff 3. Meneely, Kaufer, Lasher, Beebe, Onest, Medved SPONSOR : M r. Cassifly Camera Club is coniposefl of stuflents who are interested in photography as a hobby. They are continually developing skills in taking pictures, flevel- oping and printing negatives. enlarging aufl copying pictures anfl the use of ull types of czuncras and lighting. The Club is sell'-supporting by being of servici- to the school and community. Some of the IlliljOl' activities ure pictures for the school Yearbook, senior exchange pictures and all community pictures for the Erie Daily Times. l 1 1 i l Dale Johnson ,lim Connors These boys. although not letter winners, are deserving of praise for their assistance for four years on the field. DRIVER TRAINING . . . DRM? fFeixN!s6QAQ ef sow mea MGM Albion Area High was one of the first schools in the county to set up an vxtensive drivers training program. As 21 result, our town can boast an lower 2ll'l'iIiCIll rate among the high school members. CAFETERIA Left io Right - Mrs. Boyer, Mrs. Caldwell CUSTODIANS . . 1. Robert Barton Z. Miguel Guillen 3. Ned Bishop, Head Janitor 1. That Old Gang. 2. C. A. A. Float. 3. The Weed Gang. 4 Swimming Champs. 5. Junior Play Cast. 6. Exploring. 7. Young Champs. 8. Nlishohaving. 9. Posing. 10. School's Ont '3 n K .9 .ggi E fi X ' V 6 if if . ' :::::':' ' h 4 E u 1,, - I 7 ' V f 5:51 n nn +nnn. . f QM Freshnuul. Z. Wutl and Jeff. 3. F. H. A. Convention The Girls. 5. Play Pravtico. 6. vl,CVill1l2lk0l'S. Greenloal Broihvrs. 8. Wrillkillg to School. 10, ll. wfollrngz ut Hvartf' 'W s , gk, 5 ' .:2:z.g:z:iEEI:1.5:,', 2 lm W ww' N. MU? 93 t li gf , iff, in f A 1.5! . x Q L1 wr L 4- Q f ff: 6 ggi. 5, 1, .3 E ,::,, U ,E . . N -5-is. , " . 1. Wllat Dears! 2. 0141 Nlaifis. 3. Mountaineers. 4. Young illll1 Sweet. 5 Lawyer Madden. 6. Big Sister. True Lovgrs. 8. Ronlunco. 9. Fishing Bait. 10. Guilty Ones. 11.Brotl1'fr1y Love. 12. What All Catch! 13. Resting 14. Want ah Ride? 1. Soil Lover. 2. Good Fishing. 3. Junior Prom. 4. Three hfusketecrs. 5. Big Mun Now. 6. Initiution. 7. Girlish Looking. 8. On Display 9. Behind the Scenes. 10. Baby. 11. Lovers. 12. King 1 1111 1 Queen for zu Night. 13. Still Reaching. 14. Goin' My Way? 7-fvanfc You O Mr. Gilbert Albion News Mr. Shumaker Mr. Tortorelli Student Body Faculty Camera Uluh Autographs Autographs A utograpfzs Rogers Brothers Corporation Albion, pennsylvania Swanson Boat Car Factory Albion, pennsylvania I ROGERS GENERAL STORE Lundys Lune, Pa. ASHTON'S STORE Plateau. Pa. Enjoy ICE CREAM and Dairy Products ro uced and Mzlllufzwtllrel Pd IVAREA GENERAL STORE in Albion by FOBES DAIRY DR HUSTEAD, D, D, S. DR, R A, GLEMENT, D, DR, I-I T, ELLSWORTH, DR. G. 1. GREER, M D, D. S. DDS DR, L, R UMBURN, M D DRG G. A RIZNER, M, D, DR. j. R, FRIEND ERIE COC0-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY F1-ie, Pa. Cnngramlations, Seniors of '54 TUCKER'S HOME APPLIANCES Sporting Goods Hardware FERGUSON C7 CONNORS NIUBILGAS and OIL A lbion, Pa. JOHN DUDA, Jr. CASE FARM IMPLEMENTS SHIELY'S Albion, pil. Congrntulutiunr, Svniors LOFTUS IEWELRY Albion, Pa. FORTUNE-BYERS CO Connfezmt, Uhio CIIAS. KENNEDY 81 SON MERCHANDISE Albigne Pa, I Cranesville, Pa. W. L. Mcflurdy Mutual of Omaha Insurance Albion, Pu. ROBBIS MARKET A lbion, Pa. sooo LUCK, SENIORSI TOWNE CLEANERS ALBION LUMBER CO. TERRI LL CHEVROLET Albion, Pa. KENDALL SERVICE STATION Albion, Pa. Compliments of LEOPOLD'S SERVICENTER Albion, Pa. Compliments of HULL OIL CO. Albion, Pu. Congratulations from H. H. TEED and Son SUN NYSIDE DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Quality that Counts Cranesville, Pa. 1 l L. L. BROWN Feefl - Lime - Fertilizer Coal - Cement Phono 221 Cranesville, Pa. LAWRENCE LOCKER HOME FREEZER LOCKER R. D. 1 Albion, Pa. CHERRY FARM SUPPLY R. D. 2 Albion, Pa. IAM ES P. SUMMERS Funeral Home 188 Slate St. Albion, Pa. Compliments of Oravetz Greenhouse Smart Corsuges and Floral Arrangements At Attractive Prices Let Us Take Cure of Your Flower Needs For Any Uccasion or Season WWQ Are Only As Far Away As Your Phone" Call 1181 Albion, Pa. HITES MOBILE RADIO 5' TV Cranesville, Pa. STEI NHOFF'S GREENHOUSE nFlowvrs For All Occasions" Phone 431 Albion, Pa. LOOMIS GEN ERAL STORE R. D. 1, Albion Phone 5454 STAUB'S FARM MACHINERY Springboro, Pa. Pierpont, Ohio HARRY GEVIN Plumbing Heating Albion, Pa. S. G. HOUC-H GARAGE Lundys Lane, Pa. CO!llpliIllBIllS of THE GIRARD MFG. CU. I Girard Penns 'lvania v Y A. L. Shumaker Studio PORTRAIT and QWIMERCIAL 21-Hour Photo Service Phone GR. 4539 Girard, Pa C. L. WEMPLE Funeral Home Albion, Pu. Cranesvillc, Pa. Compliments of HAYS MFG. CO. Compliments of The Albion News BOSTO N STO R E Erie, Pa. Congratulations from EPP FURNITURE CO. Erie, Pa. Conlpliinents of THE G. M. WHITNEY CO. Conneaut, Ollio THE PEOPLE'S STORE lllen's and Boys' Furnishings Conneaut, Ohio BLICICS STUDIO Conneuut, Ohio CON NEAUT CREAMERY LlOllllPillli, Ohio PELTON DEPARTMENT STORE Conneuut, Ohio CLLlllplllll8l1IS of MURRAY STUDIO Conneuut, Ohio llhone 42-731 DEAN WIBLE MOTOR CO. 228 Harbor Street Conneaut, Ohio ALBION HARDWARE and Appliances "Your General Elvciric Dealerv Electrical Appliances Paints - Varnishcs Sporting Cooils Hunting and Fishing Supplies Phone 171 Albion, Pa Congratulations to Class of ,54 ALBION STYLE SHOP Ilzulies Wezlr for All Occasions Congratulations from MOORE'S DRUG STORE "Moore For Lessv Albion, Pa. Cook's Luiilber Co. Plat:-a, Pu. hfllay your efforts be crowned with success-the fruit of honest Endeavor" McBETH'S STORE Phone l3l Albion, Pa. HOCH'S MARKET Albion, Pa. WCS'l61'll Auto Albion, Pa. PARKER Home Appliances Bendix -- Emerson - Kelvinutor ,lewolry anfl Gift Items Largo Toy Selection Albion, Pa. BRUCE C. MAJOR "Home Furnishings" Albion, Pa. SKELLIE'S GROCERY STORE Albion, Pa. BUNNY'S ICE CREAM BAR " Your Favorite Spotv Sunnlzles Soilas THOMAS E. REES "THE REXALL STORE, Albion, Pa. IOHNSON MILL Albion, Pa.

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