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1 H W ,.,,.,:,.:,:,,, ..,. : .. . .. .. U V 5 , . ,fg::3:1- ., ij 5 N- : ' 4 A 'HE Z.,5:.f5i:efi,QjI5:: - A z . 9,4081 'M K9 5: ..,....... 7 .,,. ,. .QE .,.,.: is 1:14. 5 :l F ..,,:gg:: 1 get S"- V ...,., . . 6 k ge ' sf' mx. , A 'G t , M Q., I 1. 'Z ,T Q, ff , V W ' A, ' 1. gym NM, uf 21 JW4 x -up A, an-111 -gf:'fg,:2.:-..:::,j-gg:g.r:2,.::.-ws g 2: 21233. i 5Ii5E,.i"j'w:2E:G 55: it iE225:S.:g- L I5-:..:? ,E .... . ,,..:. .A U ix is s. Km fr Q. H-if vm u i,,,e.:3 5:,::,q::,,..g:. Q2 4. is f K w g F? 1 "' 'Vlh QA? 'W' NM. . .Z ,I . 4 , .,5. W 1 ' va 1. V "' E1' 55" :Il f::'E'.' ,. ,,:,,-: .,,,M . ,, , T, I ,. Q A gf K v f a y i 1' 'PA 5 V '41 ' 113 1- gy X, 2 M gi M A1435 V . M fwfkz, 4 W , ?Q1il'x" is ' ff ,gm vm W f V 'Q 'Su H 1 kifilg 13553555 vnigii w, . . .Q Z.: ,,,, fe Eff' M V+, 3115. , 'A ' .,i .... , ...... . , ..,.., ,B :ggxglxq 3 252' N 51 a FOREWORD This yearbook, 6'The Alhi" serves as a window through which the outer world catches a glimpse of the activities and spirit of the high school. - In order that this view may portray the true ideals, the window must be flawless. The Seniors have put much work into this yearbook, and it is our hope and aim that we have preserved fond memories of the past year's achievements. If we have done this, our effort has not been in vain. DEDICATION . . . To Mr. Gilbert, who has so patient- ly helped us during our Senior Hi days and whose guidance and example have been a constant inspiration to the students of Albion Area High School, the Class of 1948 affectionately and gratefully dedicatcs this yearbook, The Alhi. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948: You have attained a major accomplishment in your life - graduation from high school. Congratulations upon this achievement. May you have continued success in your future undertakings. As you go forth into the many and varied pursuits of your lives. we are confident of your ability and your purpose. We like your spirit - that typical American Spirit - which enables you to face the future with courage and determination. We like your resolution that the efforts of your parents and your teachers in your behalf shall not have been in vain. but rather shall they be the inspiration for continuing the American Way of life. We like your frankness and your calmness in the face of problems. We like your tolerance and your prejudices. In fact, we like everything about you: and we feel that your graduation is concrete expression of your appreciation of our faith and trust in you. Because you are what you are and what you have demonstrated, we are extremely proud to place America in your hands. This trust we know you shall accept with con- cern and with the determination to make the world a "better place in which to live." May God bless you and yours. CHARLES C. GILBERT IN MEMORY In nuzmory of Virgil Mosher, former President of our vlass, whose early and tragic death deprived us of fl loyal and helpful classmate and true friend. THANKS The Alhi Staff of ,48 wishes to thank . . . ,lOSLYN'S STUDIO for their excellent work of photography, in both individual and group pictures. GRACE CONRATH, of the Albion News, for her time and patience with us. MR. AUGUSTINE for his help and guidance. PATRONS OF ALBION and ERIE vicinity for helping to finance "The Alhi". The en- tire FACULTY for excusing their students from classes to work on the yearbook. MR. THOMPSON and MR. GILBERT for helping in every way possible to make this yearbook a success. Without the help and cooperation of these people the '48 edition of "The Alhi" would have been impossible. ALMA MATER . . . Albion High School, Alma Mater, School we love so well Let each loyal son and daughter Loud their praises tell. Time and faith will bear us onward Scatter us afar Let the lessons you have taught us Be our guiding star. ADMINISTRATION ALBION AREA BOARD OF EDUCATION . . . Lelc to Right: Harold Teed, William M. Miles, Merle Sawdy, Ernest Kennedy, E. Ronald Raymond, Willard C. Johnson, Mrs. Devena Bossard, George M. Sawdy Knot picturedb. ALBION BOROUGH O Thomas E. Rees, President William III. Miles Secretary Mearl E. Taylor Treasurer Willard C. Johnson E. T. Leehan CONNEAUT TOWNSHIP O T. E. Sherman, President Mrs. Devena Bossard, Secretary Merle Sawdy, Treasurer F. W. Harthan Mrs. Lilian Kaufer CRANESVILLE BOROUGH O Ernest Kennedy, President Mrs. Opal Kennedy, Secretary Frank Selden Mrs. Ann Reynolds Harold Teed ELK CREEK TOWNSHIP O George M. Sawdy, President E. Ronald Raymond, Treasurer Kenneth Ball Earl Miller P. E. Aldrich I , f XXX X XX XXWAQ ff PAUL S. CASSIDY We think that Mr. Cassidy With straight hair would look a fright, Would he scare the students If he straightened it some night? Edinboro State Teachers College: B. S, University of Pittsburgh: M. Ed. Pennsylvania State Teachers College Science Geography RUTH LINDELL Mrs. Lindell is rather little And a tiny bit shy, But you'll get your lessons Or she'l1 know the reason why! Taylor University: B. A. Languages Library English DOROTHY FULLER Mrs. Fuller enjoys laugh- ing She surely likes to joke, We don't know what would happen If her laughing gear got broke. Grove City College English Social Studies JOSEPH J. LISEK, JR. One of the biggest things in Alhi Is our Coach Joe His teams are on the ball And they really make a show. Drake University: B. S. Physical Education ROBERT OLSON Mr. Olson teaches biology He is well known for his grin, But rarely in an argument Does he ever give in. Edinboro State Teachers College: B. S. Columbia University Science Social Studies Mathematics MARY TIMMONS Miss Timmons is wise in many ways, English she does teach, For from her we learn Those complicated parts of speech. Edinboro State Teachers Collegeg B. A. University ol' Pittsburgh English PERCY H. AUGUSTINE Mr. Augustine is a merry Frenchman With hair as black as coal, He is jolly to be around And he helps us reach our goal. Edinboro State Teachers College: B. S. University of Pittsburghg M. Ed. Pennsylvania State Teachers College Columbia University Guidance Social Studies WESLEY C. FREEBURG If I were Mr. Freeburg I'm sure I'd lose my head And after one trip with those driver students I'd drop dead. 'Clarion State Teachers College: B, S. Social Studies Assistant Coach Driver's Training GRACE MARY KATEGIANES Miss Grace Kategianes teaches typing students To push the proper keys, And her athletic ability Is nothing at which to sneeze. Grove City College Commercial CHARLES S. WIGGINS Mr. Wiggins, tall and dark, Teaches the boys how to farm, How to milk a cow, to set a hen, And keep the corn from harm. Pennsylvania State Teachers College: B. S. Agriculture WILLIAM KING Mr. King, our music director, Is fond of making noise. We think he has a lot of fun With the girls and boys. Westminster College: B. P. S, M. University of Michigan Music NAOMI E. BILLINGSLEE Miss Billingslee is forever Teaching us girls to cook and sew, But does she teach us future wives How to catch our man Oh, Nooo! Indiana State Teachers College: B. S. Home Economics MARY ZETZ Miss Zetz, the goddess Venus, With flowing black hair. Just go to the bookkeeping YOOITI. And you'l1 find her there. Grove City College: B. S. Commercial STEPHEN MELLON Mr. Mellon is always busy Working around the shop, But if he's got his finger atop that nail Don't let the hammer drop! Pennsylvania State Teachers College: B. S. Pennsylvania State Teachers College: M. Ed. Industrial Education WILLIAM WOOD Woody teaches music And makes it lots of fun. He'll always help a worthy cause IIe's liked by everyone. Drake University Westminster College Music CHESTER M. EISAMAN Mr. Eisaman teaches the young artists In our Albion School, His pastime is swimming In the Edinboro pool. Edinboro State Teachers College: B. S. Art Ed. Art RUTH M. KINGSLEY Miss Kingsley is the teacher Who is forever stressing Math. As by the ear she leads us Up the Algebra path. Flora Stone Mather College Western Reserve Universityg B. A. Mathematics PAULINE KATEGIANES Polly our office secretary Certainly isn't a crank, There is no one she likes to be with Quite as much as Frank. brove City College Secretarial Certificate Office Secretary 'K MWF' ELIZABETH OAKES Miss Oakes, our nurse, Has a very important job to do, She has a hand in the health and happiness Oi' every one of you, St. Vincent's Hospital: R. N. CHARLES C. GILBERT Mr. Gilbert and that great bright smile Will stay with us For a long, long while. Edinboro State Teachers College: B. A. Pennsylvania State Teachers Collegeg M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Mathematics High School Principal DONALD C. THOMPSON Mr. Thompson has a deep voice Resounding with impend- ing doom, And with fear we tremble As we walk into his little office room. Grove City Collegeg B. S. University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State Teachers Cillegeg M. Ed. Supervising Principal AREA ELEMENTARY FACULTY . . CONNEAUT TOWNSHIP Mrs. Geraldine Brvwtser, Keepvillc Mrs. Goldie Pattis, Valley Mrs. Dorothy Randall Tracy llflrs. Clara Svrgvant, Beech Grove Mrs. Julia Stanton, Kirlders Corners Mrs. Edla Watvrs, Bumpus !VIrs. Dorothy Shaffer, Nurse CRANESVILLE BOROUGH Mrs. Ruth Smith flliss Garnet Wright Mrs. Velma Consedinv ELK CREEK TOWNSHIP Mr. Anton Anderson, Ivarea lWrs. Ardith Nval, Lavery Mrs. Florvnrv llladden, Pont Mrs. Kathlvvn Consvdinv, Sawfly Mrs. Ellvn Hough, Wellsburg Mrs. Carrie Cherry, Wellsburg Mr. Walter Tozivr Wellsburg Mrs. Alice Gilbvrt, Wellsburg ALBION ELEMENTARY TEACHERS . . . 'TT Mrs. Veryl Jones . . . Mrs. Helen Burns . . . Miss Maude McNamara Mrs. Willa McCurdy . . . Mrs. Thelma Hannah . . . Mrs. Sara Rudler ALHI STAFF As you open wide the covers Recall those swvvt and precious 0 tl '. ,48 Alhi nienwrws ug ,Ts ,ll l th I t Of friends and svhoolmarvs dear 1 opt you glmm roug mu To let earh lesson bv a ronstant the pages guidp find drwlm Of dllys grill? by- Throughout varh coming year. Co-Editors Assistant Editors Business Manager Assistant ....., . , .. Advertising Manager Literary Editor , Class Editor A Class Prophecy . Class Will . ,.., .. Class History Photographs Assistant Class Reporter A , Activity Reporters Sports Reporters , Art Editor . , A Music Reporter , Snaps .... . ...,..,. , Baby Pictures . Typists .....,.,...,..,., Advisor , Margaret Peters Steffy Wolchik , , ,. Nick Kategianes Betty Somjai Harry Suscheck Tom Leehan .. .. Shirley Smith . .. . Dick Brooks , Maurice Lindell Dorothy Tucker Virginia Wallace . . .. . , Phyllis Fobes Mildred Joslin Mary Kathryn Rood . Ann Pentield .. Mary DeFede Orest Seneta . Rudy Bilich Betty Carrier . Barbara Merritt Lee Orr .. Josephine Lascek . ,.,.. Carol Connors Wilda Otis ., , . Jeane Forbes Marian Forbes Delores Graves Irene Onest . , Mr. Augustine SENIORS ffl? ANLA ARNOLD BENTLEY "Arnie" To swab the decks, he carries a pail, Arno1d's true ambition is to sail. Indian Dispatch 2 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 3 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Vice President Boys' Chorus 4 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Basketball 3 All-County Football 4 Swimming 4 Course-General Ambition-To Sail RUDY BILICH nnudy.. His acting ability is supreme, This he proved in "Almost Eighteen". Basketball 1, 2, 4 Football 1, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus Pres. 4 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 All-District Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Student Council 4 Class President 2 Orchestra 2 Al Hi Staff 4 All-County Football 4 Dramatic Club Pres. 4 Course-Academic Ambition'-F. B. I. WILLIAM BLAIR "Bi11' Bill, the guy with an alibi, Will sure be missed when he leaves Alhi. Baseball 4 Band 1, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 3 Boys' Chorus 4 History Club 1 Class Play 4 All-Star Band 4 Intramural Basketball. 1. 2. 3 Dramatic Club 4 Jr. Hi Basketball 1 Course-Academic Ambition-Lawyer RICHARD BROOKS nDicku To be a millionaire is Dick's aim, He'1l settle for Law which is the same. Mixed Chorus 3 Boys' Chorus 3 Swimming 2, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2 Class Treasurer 4 Football 3 Basketball 2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Dramatic Club 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Junior Red Cross Course-Academic Ambition-To be a Success GLENN BROUGHTON nBuzzn Glenn, the seas appeal to him, He'll be a sailor when he learns to swim. F. F. A. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Mechanic BETTY CARRIER "Florence" Betty, who is full of pep and fun, Has made friends with everyone. Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2 3 Student Council 1, 2 G. A. A. 4 Commercial Club 3 Teen Topics Club 2 Cranesville Yearbook 2 Cranesville Newspaper 2 Alhi Staff 4 Science Club 1 Class Play 1 Swimming 4 Office Practice 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Receptionist CAROL CONNORS "Connie" Connie is our singing star, In future lile she should go far. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus, Secretary, 3 Girls' Chorus, Vice-Pres., 4 Mixed Ensemble 3 All-County Chorus 3 Band 1, 2 History Club 1 Art Club 1 Class Play 4 Home Ec Club, Treasurer 4 Alhi Staff 4 All-District Chorus 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Opera Singer CHARLES CONNORS "Firmin" Vic has humor that fills us with glee, What an A-1 comedian he could be. Football 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 Jr. High Basketball 1 Course-General Ambition-To be rich. WAYNE COONFER "Skunk" Wayne's the guy we all call "Skunk", He's full of mischief and has plenty of spunk. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 3 Hi-Y Secretary 3 Swimming 1, 2, 4 Spanish Club 2 Course-General Ambition-Mechanic ALICE CRAIG "Feather" Alice, who leads a quiet life. Will make some fellow a pleasant wife. Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec Club Reporter 3 Home Ec. Club, Vice- President 4 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 G. A. A, 2 Course-Home Ec. Ambition-Beautician VIVIAN CROSBY avi.. Vivian soon will go down the aisle, With a gown of white and the latest style. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 3 Teen Topic Club 2 Cranesville Newspaper 2 Cranesville Yearbook 2 Office Practice 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 4 G, A. A. 4 Play 1 Science Club 1 Course-General Ambition-To settle down RICHARD DOUGHERTY "Dobo" Football is Dick's favorite trait, Many an opponent dis- covered this too late. Football 3, 4 F. A. A. 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 All-County Football 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Jack of all trades.. MARY DEFEDE ' "Skipper" Mary left us for a while. It was then we missed her pleasant smile. Press Club 2 G. A. A. 2, 4 Band 2, 4 Indian Dispatch 2 Girls' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Home Ec Club Treasurer3 Catholic Action 3 Alhi Staff 4 Basketball 1, 2 All-District Chorus 4 All-star Band 2 Course-Commercial Ambition-Airline Hostess MARCELLA DOMARACKI "Marcy" When we see Marcy driv- ing a car, We often wonder if she'll get far, G. A. A. 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Athletic Board 3 Basketball 1 Class Plav 3 Course--Commercial Ambition-Stenographer CHARLES DUNN "Chuck" A build like Atlas has our Chuck, He'll be an electrical engineer with luck. Football, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 3 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Intramural Basketball 2 All-District Chorus 4 Swimming 1, 2, 4 Spanish Club 2 Course-Academic Ambition-Electrical Engineer PHYLLIS FOBES uphiln A speedy typist is this lass. In fact the fastest one in class. Cheerleader 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 G A. A. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,, 4 All-Star Cheerleader 3, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 3 Intramural Basketball 3,4 Play 3 Class Play 4 Student Council Treasurer 4 All-District Chorus 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary i JEANE FORBES "Gremlin" As a nurse Jeane will hold your hand, But just to take your pulse, you understand. Home Ec Club 4 G. A. A. 1 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Press Club 2 History Club 1 Junior Red Cross 1 Class Play 4 Alhi Staff 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Nurse MARIAN FORBES "Forbes" Marian is ever so sincere and quiet, If she stays so small she'll not need a diet. Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Student Council 2 Basketball 1, 2 Cranesville Newspaper 2 Teen Topic Club 2 Cranesville Yearbook 2 Office Practice 2 Alhi Staff 4 Science Club 1 Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary EDMOND GALLOWAY .,Ed,, In each of his classes, Ed can be found, But he's so quiet you'd not know he's around. History Club 1 Junior Red Cross 1 Hi-Y 3 Course-Academic Ambition-Machinist RALPH GODENSCHWAGER "Goldie" Ralph has the longest name of all, But it's no longer than he is tall, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Mechanic DELORES GRAVES "Tools" Delores has learned to cook and sew, In Home Ec. there's hard- ly a thing she doesn't know. Home Ec. Club 1, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club Secretary 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Junior Fair Director 4 Swimming 2 Dramatic Club 4 Course-Home Economics Ambition-Beautician GEORGE HARRINGTON Hsimpu George, who is so easy going and full of fun, Likes to watch the pedestrians run. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Mechanic HAROLD HARRINGTON .,Ha1.. Hal's who's an authority on all meat. Claims his favorite is still pigs' feet. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2 Intramural Basketball 2 Class Play 4 Course--Agriculture Ambition-Butcher MARILYN WHITNEY WILLIAMS Marilyn knows her future plan, 'Cause she's already capt- ured her man. History Club 1 Art Club 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Class Secretary 2, 3 Girls' Glee Club 3 Course-Academic Ambition-to be a success RICHARD JOHNSON "Rich" Dick has even learned in school, At which side of the cow to put the milking stool, Football 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Vice President 4 Dramatic Club 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Modern Farmer HAROLD JONES "J onese" A steady heart which never whirles, Because his smile is not for girls. Student Council 1, 2 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4 Basketball 2 Science Club 1 Course-General Ambition-Jack oi' all trades MILDRED JOSLIN "Millie" Millie has a future plan, She'll be happy with her man. Press Club 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G. A. A., Vice President 4 Girls' Shop Club 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Alhi Staff 4 Cafeteria 1, 2, 3 History Club 1 Swimming 2, 4 Indian Dispatch 1, 2, 4 Junior Red Cross 1 Dramatic Club, Secretary 4 Course--Academic Ambition-Physical Ed, Teacher NICK KATEGIANES "Nick" A contractor is what he yearns to be, He'll build you a mansion for a nominal fee. Student Council 3, 4 Boys' Chorus President 4 Hi-Y Secretary 3 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Football 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 Class Vice President 4 Alhi Staff 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Student Council President 4 Dramatic Club 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Contractor JOSEPHINE LASCEK HJ-on .Io has a technique for designing dresses, The latest styles is what she stresses. Art Club 1, 2 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Cafeteria 1 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Dress Designer 'roM LEEHAN "Nobby" The one question that led Tom to success, Was "Hello Bill, how's the hardware business?" Football, 2, 3, 4 I-Ti-Y 1, 2, 3 Bovs' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Class Play 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Dramatic Club Treasurerfl Swimming 4 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus Secretary- Treasurer 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Tool and die maker MAURICE LINDELL ,,Moe.. Although Moe's mind car- ries a load, His chemistry experiments are sure to explode. Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Science Club 1, 2 Indian Dispatch Staff 2, 3 Band 2 Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Alhi Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 Swimming 1, 2, 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Mechanic DANE MARCINOWSKI MANY.. Dane's ambition is to sail the sea, In bell-bottom trousers of our Navy. Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Swimming 2, 4 Student Council 2, 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Navy ROGER MCELHINEY ..Mac.. Mac is the guy with the artist's touch, His sketches show his personality much. Class Play 4 Football 4 Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Journalist BARBARA MERRITT "Bobbie" Bobby's really not a boy. But a gal who brings us 303'- Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A. A, 3, 4 G. A. A. President 4 Dramatic Club 2, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Class Secretary 4 Alhi Staff 4 Girls Shop Club 4 All-District Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Athletic Business Manager 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 3,4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Physical Ed. Teacher IRENE ONEST "Irene" Irene is full of energy and pep. As can be seen by her bouncing step. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 All-Star Chorus 3 Intramural Basketball 1, G. A. A. 3. 4 Science Club 1 Play 1 Teen Topic Club 2 Alhi Staff 4 Cranesville Newspaper 2 Dramatic Club 4 Swimming 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Commercial Teacher 2, 3,4 LEE ORR norrn Lee, the man with the body supreme, Was an asset to our foot- ball team, Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Class President 1 Student Council 2 Hi-Y 1, 2 Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 3 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Swimming 2, 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Electrical Engineer WILDA OTIS noaisu Wilda's desire is to travel afar, But first however, she must buy a car. History Club 1 Art Club 1 Home Ec Club 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 3 All-County Chorus 3 Band 2 Class Play 4 Course-Academic Ambition-To travel 4 4 ANN PENFIELD upenu Ann will make an excel- lent secretary, Until she decides to marry. Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 All-Star Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec Club Secretary 1 Dramatic Club 2, 4 G. A. A. 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Class Play 4 Alhi Staff 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Swimming 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Medical Secretary MARGARET PETERS "Margie" Margie's interests do not change, She's got a diamond to prove this gain. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria 1, 3 Dramatic Club 1, 3 Wigwam Chatter 3, 4 Ci-Editor Alhi Staff 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3 Class Play 4 Home Ec Club 1 Indian Dispatch Staff 2, 4 Press Club 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Girls' Chorus 1, ,2, 3 Swimming 2, 4 Co-Editor Indian Dispatch 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Nurse WILLIAM PODOLL "Pood1e" Bill played defense on the basketball team, Opponents regarded him with considerable es- teem. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 All-Star Football 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 All-District Chorus 4 Swimming l, 2 Course-General Ambition-To live an easy life. NORMA RANDALL "Randy" Norma can be seen for nearly a mile, That radiant glow is her sweet smile. Home Ec. Club 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Dramatic Club 2 Girls Shop 3, 4 Cafeteria 1 Course-Academic Ambition-Nurse MARY ROOD ..Babe.. Babe is short we must confess. Yet to all her friends she brings happiness. Cheerleader 1 Home Ec Club 1 Dramatic Club 2, 4 Dramatic Club Play 2 G. A. A. 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Alhi Staff 4 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Cafeteria 1 Swimming 4 All-District Chorus 4 Course--Commercial Ambition-Stenographer ALYCE SABOL "Sabol" To sing is all that Alyce wishes, She often sings while doing dishes. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Home Ec Club 1, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Girls Ensemble 3 All-County Band 2, 4 All-County Chorus 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 3 Swimming 2, 4 Dramatic Club 4 All-District Chorus 4 Course-General Ambition-Vocalist OREST SENETA nzenou Orest is found to have ex- ceptional talent, He's the best boy music- ian, we proved by ballot. Baseball 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Indian Dispatch 4 Swimming 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 All-District Chorus 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Engineer .W-aww' GRACE SISAK "Gracie" Grace is the girl who yearns to dance, She'll make good when she gets her chance, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2 Swimming 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Indian Dispatch Staff' 3 G, A. A, 2 Home EC Club 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2 Course-Home Ec. Ambition-Dancer -k DONALD SMITH "Snuffy" In leaving the seas Don was really wisc For in a thorough educa- tion A better future lies. Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Safety Patrol 1, 2 Hi-Y 2 F, F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Course-Agriculture Ambition-To be happy if Armed Service SHIRLEY SMITH "Cookie" Her nimble fingers brought forth melody, As they lightly tapped the ivory. Library Club 1 Dramatic Club Secretary 2 Class Play 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 3 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Home Ec Club Reporter 4 Alhi Staff 4 Dramatic Club 2, 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Pianist BETTY SOMJ AI "Boshie" Betty, who is always courteous and neat, Looks shiny and bright from head to feet. Commercial Club 3 Home Ec Club 2 Alhi Staff 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 3 Girls' Chorus 3 Girls Shop Club 3 Cafeteria 1 Class Play 4 G. A. A. 3 Dramatic Club 4 Office Practice 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Receptionist HARRY SUSCHECK "Hank" This lad who has hair so clark, Is quite an active glowing spark. F. F. A, 1, 2 F. F. A. Ass't Secretary 1 F, F. A. Secretary 2 Hi-Y 3 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Alhi Staff 4 Dramatic Club Vice Presi- dent 4 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Swimming 4 All-District Chorus Course-Academic Ambition-To be a success EDWIN TANNER ,.Ed.. Ed is a drummer in our band His reverberations echoed Throughout the land. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus Intramural Basketball 1 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Science Club 1 Course-General Ambition-Tool and Die Maker DOROTHY TUCKER nDaisYu In classroom and athletics "Daisy" did well We all agree She really is swell, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Ec Club President 1 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2, 4 Girls Shop Club 3, 4 All-Star Cheerleader 3, 4 Class President 4 Class Vice President 1. 3 Student Council Secretary 3 Class Play Alhi Staff 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 4 Spanish Club President 2 Course-Academic Ambition-Elementary Teacher -kADAM HODACK. JR. "chickie" Adam's quest to be an admiral is forsaken, A course for a professor- ship he's now taken. Basketball 1, 2 Softball 1, 2 Science Club 1, 2 Boys' Chorus 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Course-General Ambition-Maintenance man at GE 'F Armed Service VIRGINIA WALLACE ..GinnY,, Ginny can easily a novel compose, Students may someday study her prose. Class President 3 Class Vice President 2 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Dramatic Club 2 G, A. A. 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 Swimming 2, 4 Indian Dispatch Staff 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 3 Alhi Staff 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Novelist GEORGE WHITE nnocu "Doc" has a future shining brightly His newspaper deliveries Varv but slightly, F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2 Course-Agriculture Ambition-Big game hunt- er STEFANIA WOLCHIK "Steffy" A pleasant girl, thoughtful and polite, Ever eager to do what is right. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4 All-District Chorus 4 Home Ec Club 1, 3, 4 Home Ec Club Treasurer4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2, 4 Student Council Vice President 1 Class Treasurer 2 Ass't Editor Indian Dis- patch 2, 3 Co-Editor Indian Dispatch 4 Co-Editor of Alhi 4 Class Play 4 Course-Home Ec Ambition-Physical Ed. Teacher LOUISE HODACK "Monkey" Louise, the bride will settle down, And be a housewife in our town. Basketball 1, 2, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Aloha Chorus 4 Home Ec Club 4 Swimming 2, 4 History Club 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Course-General Ambition-Photo Tinter SENIOR ADVISORS . . . Miss Grace Kaiegianes . . . Mr. P. H. Augustine . . . Mrs. Dorothy Fuller Graduating But Not Pictured . . . ,Ion James is graduating with the Class of '48 although his picture docs not appear in our yearbook. CLASS HISTORY . . . As the warriors of the tribe of '48 look back over the twelve years at Alhi reservation, they realize it is far distant from the bewildered first year papooses to proud braves and maidens, but we have accomplished the great task we so gallantly attacked. The main attraction of our grade school life was the rhythm band which was organized in the third grade under the directorship of Ann Penfield. With the help of the Elementary teachers we were prepared for further andvancement across the bridge of youth. lt took us some time to blaze our trail around the high school tepee, but with the assistance of the upper class braves we managed to survive. The fun started in our Freshman year when we were initiated by a tribe known as the Sophomores. The great event, we as Sophomores, looked forward to was our revenge attack on those "green little freshmen". This time we came out the victors as was expected, but the Freshman tribe took its defeat with a smile and everyone had a uwhopper of a time" to long remember. As the ambitious ,lunior tribe we had a profitable stand Labor Day and also at the Community Fair. We raised Wampum for our prom by sponsoring dances after the basketball games and a Christmas dance with music furnished by Fritz Whittaker. We also collected more revenue by selling greeting cards. Our Prom, with a South Sea Island theme, was a great success and the Big Chiefs and their maidens enjoyed it immensely. To make this yearbook possible, we worked very hard this last year. Under the leadership of Dorothy Tucker we raised money by presenting 64Almost Eighteen", directed by Mr. Gilbert, and sponsored a Christmas dance. And now, we, as Senior braves, are ready to prepare ourselves for the future. Soon we will don our caps and gowns and add another feather to our head dress. We, the Senior tribe of the Alhi reservation, wish to thank all those who made our graduation possible. CLASS WILL . . . We the Senior Clas.s of Albion A-rea High School, of the year, of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-eight, be- ing in sound mind and bocly, bequeath our choice and worldy possessions as follows: ARNOLD BENTLEY - wills his trips to the forge room to lack Chapin. RUDY BILICH - wills his hitch-hiking ability to Mr. Gilbert in case his Ford becomes tempermental. BILL BLAIR - wills his empty bottles to Koehlers Brewery. DICK BROOKS - wills his address to any beautiful girl. GLENN BROUGHTON - leaves his troubles to True Story Magazine. BETTY CARRIER - wills her last name to the pigeons. VIC CONNORS - wills his ears to the Air Corps. CAROL CONNORS - Wills her voice to anoth- er chirping canary, Avis McArthur. NVAYNE COONFER - wills his nick name, Skunk, to a flowery person in the junior Class, Rose DeFede. ALICE CRAIG - wills her pleasant manner to Cecilia Repel. VIVIAN CROSBY - wills that stone on her left hand to Hoy for the matching band. DICK DAUGHERTY - wills his favorite cue stick to Dick Shearer. MARY DeFEDE - wills her stack of books she carries home night after night to the Althof girls. MARCELLA DOMARACKI - wills her in- terest in the boys to the Navy. CHARLES DUNN - wills his interest in short girls to Dick Carr. PIIYLLIS FOBES - wills her interest in Chevies to Danis Chevrolet garage. JEANE FORBES - wills her nick name 'Gremlinl' to an air corps man, named Pete. MARIAN FORBES - wills her shyness to Martha Byers. EDMOND GALLOWAY - wills his speed to Donna Mae Teed. RALPH GODENSCHWAGER - wills his curls to Leahis Beauty Shoppe. DELORES GRAVES - wills her last name to Mr. VVernple. GEORGE HARRINGTON - wills his interest in horses to Betty Io Consedine. HAL HARRINGTON -- wills his seat in the principal's office to Dick Kendig. ADAM HODACK - will not will his wife to any one. LOUISE HODACK - wills her place at Alhi to her future family. RICHARD IOHNSON - wills his car troubles to Charles Pacak, who understands a Chevie. HAROLD IONES - wills his books to George, to burn. MILDRED JOSLIN -- wills her last name to john Bryan to use as an attorney. NICK KATEGIANES - wills his Chevie truck to anyone who needs a quick pick-up for a date. .IOSEPIIINE LASCEK - wills her dress de- signs to a Powers Model. TOM LEEHAN - won't give up his interest in girls. MAURICE LINDELL - wills his ability to make explosive mixtures in chemistry to Lewis Keiser. DANE MARCINOWSKI - wills his place on the football squad to Gordy Johnson. ROGER MCELHINEY - wills his traveleris ex- perience to any one, for a price. BARBARA MERRITT - wills her climple to Bernard Onachilia to match the ones in his cheeks. IRENE ONEST - wills her talkative ways to Cora Craig. LEE ORR - wills his Charles Atlas book back to the library. NVILDA OTIS - wills her position in the Perry Theatre to David O. Selznick. ANN PENFIELD - wills her giggle to Stella Brooks. MARGARET PETERS - wills her blush to anyone who finds it convenient. BILL PODOLL - wills his seat in the Senior class to Norma Dodge. NORMA RANDALL - has decided to keep her interest in George to herself for the future. MARY ROOD R wills her interest in Girard to the ball team. ALYCE SABOL - wills her last name to be used in Saks Fur Industry. OREST SENETA - wills her music ability to Spike Iones. GRACE SISAK - wills her pin-ups to Ioslynis Studio. DON SMITH - wills his common name to Bertha Knickerbocker. SHIRLEY SMITH - wills the Cambridge at- tractions to any other preacher's daughter in Albion. BETTY SOMJAI - keeps her interest in Orrs for her own canoe. HARRY SUSCHECK - wills his popularity with the 7th grade girls to Louie Weaver. EDWIN TANNER - wills his short legs to Gerald Connors. DOROTHY TUCKER - wills her slim waist line to Coach Lisek. VIRGINIA WALLACE - wills Peggy her beat up jeans. GEORGE WIIITE - wills Elmer Fudd his name, "D0c". MARILYN VVILLIAMS - loves her family too much to will them to any one. STEFFY WOLCHIK - Wills her pie baking ability to anyone with a lot of crust. CLASS PROPHECY. . . Through the clouded haze of mystery Toward future years I climb, As swiftly in the hour glass Fall the white sands of time. In 1955, a modern Atomic era Has revolutionized the earth, And Professor Maurice Lindell Has given the rocket birth. The former Betty Somjai, Now wife of Lee Orr, the tease, Has gone to the moon with her husband To see if it's made of green cheese. XVayne Coonfer, our reckless driver, Got into his new air-car, Flew off with a burst of speed, And collided with a star. Scientists, Harry Suscheck and Orest Seneta, Have gone on a journey to plantets un- known. To finance their expedition, They asked wealthy Vic Connors for a loan. Steffy Wolchik and Barbara Merritt, And their group of bright, athletic stars, Engage in pole-vaulting contests On the distant planet, Mars. While back on the ancient earth below, Fashions are changing once more, For dress-designer Josephine Lascek No longer lets skirts sweep the floor. With Mary Rood and Marian Forbes as secretaries, The business world is doing well, But the big boss is beginning to wonder If Phyllis Fobes will ever learn to spell. Glenn Broughton, the successful mech- anic, Slipped on a wrench and hurt his head. He awoke to think himself in heaven For nurses Norma Randall and Ieane Forbes XVere beside his bed. Lovely receptionist, Betty Carrier, Is always bright and gay, And stenographer, Marcella Domaracki, Still chatters away. In a neat, clean kitchen Alice Craig whips up a cake, For ever since her Home Ec. days, Alice has loved to bake. Vivian Crosby is now married, And has two red headed boys. She is busy all day long Picking up their toys. Happy together are Louise and Adam Hodack, Our contented Mr. and Mrs., In their new home they lead a domestic life, And mend their quarrels with kisses. Among the rocky Connecticut hills, In a rambling farm house of white, Novelist Virginia Wallace, Gets her inspiration to write. Mrs. Ed Williams, our housewife, ls busy cooking and scrubbing floors, She takes good care of Phyllis Dawn, And her husband, whom she adores. Bill Blair is a lawyer, An expert on criminal cases, And Harold Jones spends both time and money, Watching the horse races. Ralph Godenschwager, the tiller of the soil, Works both late and long, But when he rises each morning, He starts the day with a song. Ed Galloway is a machinist Who is doing well in his trade, VVhile Tom Leehan, now a tool and die maker, Certainly is well paid. After taking this peek into the future, Through a gypsy's crystal ball, l,ll say good luck and much success - Best wishes to you all. l PROPHECY CON'T Delores Graves, the beautician says, "Beauty is as beauty does. Get one of my lovely permanents And your hair won't be a mass of fuzzf, Nick Kategianes, our brilliant contractor, Is building modern houses by the score, And Dane Marcinowski, who is in the Navy, Has reached beautiful Hawaiiis golden shore. Farmers, George and Hal Harrington and Dick johnson, Have each found a pretty wife They live in peace and contentment For they like their country life. Arnold Bentley, famous for his water colors, As an artist has reached the top - And Charlie Dunn - you've guessed it -- ls a motor-cycle cop. Richard Brooks, with no ambition at all, Is now a wealthy movie star, He is widely known for his love scenes YVith beautiful Hedy LaMarr. "Twas many year.s ago in late morning Church bells for Mildred Joslin and Harold did chime - No longer a maid with a host of cats Millie reflects, "1t's been a long, long timef' Mary Defede lives in quiet solitude, In a picturesque house overlooking a quiet lake, While in a busy college lab, Rudy Bilich dissects a huge black snake. A long sharp whistle, a weary toot, A train roars through the night. Inside, Ed Tanner, the sleepy engineer, Keeps his eyes glued to the tracks in sight. Dorothy Tucker is once again "A great, big kindergarden goil". Cause as a children's teacher She makes the kiddies toil. Little Carol Connors, With a voice of pure gold, Is a famous opera singer XVho is doing well, Fm told. Doc White is in South Africa Tracking down big game. Though he hasn,t shot an elephant yet, He hopes to, just the same. For commercial teacher, Irene Onest, The pupils get their work well done, But the students have teacher Shirley Smith Always on the run. Longing for the open spaces YVilda Otis traveled far and wide, 'Til one day she came back To be someoneis blushing bride. Baker. carpenter, farmer, lawyer - Dick Daugherty is Jack-of-all-trades, Uihile Bill Podoll still sits in the Pool Room And u'hi.:tles at the lovely maids. Happy-go-lucky Don Smith Is as carefree as a dove, Eut journalist Roger McElhiney Still ponders the problem of love. Mid bright lights, and splendor, And lauglzter so gay, Grace Sisak, a talented dancer, Trips merrily away. Popular new ballads Are more pleasing by far, When sung by Alyce Sabol, The new singing star. To become Mrs. Earl Freeman, Medical Secretary, Ann Penfield has just Quit her job, While with a house full of kiddies, Margaret Peters has, for years, been Happily married to Bob. ALL AROUND BOY and GIRL . . . Alhi is proud to present to you its All .W Around Girl and Boy: Dorothy Tueker und Nick Kategianes. The Senior High Sehool has Chosen these two members of the Senior Class upon their outstanding qualities of character, leadership, loyalty, and personality. IDEAL BOY Hair like IVayn,e Coonfer Eyes like Harry Suseheek Physique like Lee Orr Dimples like Tom Leehan Studious like lVlauriee Lindell Neat like Dirk Brooks Teeth like Dane fllareinowski Smile like Glenn Broughton Musical like Orest Seneta Flirt like Roger lIleElhiney Athletic like Bill Podoll Slow like George Harrington Disposition like Arnold Bentley Height like Dick Johnson Carefree like Dick Daugherty SI1y like Ed Galloway Artistie like Adam Hodaek Friendly like Hal Harrington Good natured like Charles Dunn Quiet like Harold Jones Sincere like Ed Tanner Clothes like Nick Kategianes Cheerful like Ralph Godensehwager Witty like Vie Connors Courteous like Rudy Bilieh Humor like Bill Blair Independent like Don Smith Talkative like George White IDEAL GIRL Hair like Virginia Il7'allaee Eyes like Barbara Qllerritt Figure like Delores Graves Uimples like Alyee Sabol Studious like Irene Onest Neat like Qllargaret Peters Teeth like Ann Penfield Smile like Mareella Doniaraeki Voice like Carol Connors Flirt like Phyllis Fobes Active like Mildred Joslin Slow like Crave Sisak Disposition like Betty Carrier Height like Vivian Crosby Carefree like ,Ieane Forbes Shy like Marian Forbes Artistic like Josephine Laseek Friendly like Shirley Smith Personality like Steffy Wolehik Quiet like Louise Hodak Sincere like Mary DeF'ede Complexion like Norma Randall Ambition like Dorothy Tucker Lucky like lI7ilda Otis Small like lllary Bood Legs like Betty Somjai Even temper like Alice Craig SENIOR MAJORETTE - CHEERLEADERS I Wi- ' 132 x z v I Al U 5 ,rw is 1 5 i it an Alyce Sabol . . . Don Smith . . . Ann Penfield . . . Shirley Smith . . .Dorothy Tucker Milderd Joslin . . . Bill Blair . . . Norma Randall . . . Wilda Otis Arnold Bentley . . . Vivian Crosby . . . Irene Onest , -,, igqpg-nav-cv' f, , Wit' S we i 1 -,rss E Maurice Lindell . . . Marilyn Williams . . . Virginia Wallace . . . Barbara Merriii Betty Carrier . . . Adam Hodack . . . Ed Tanner . . . Mary Rood . . . Jeane Forbes Carol Connors . . . Marcella Domaracki lc enierl . . . Louise Hodack . . . Phyllis Fobes A ., ., Q s Q l J li fig? iff 1' i , I R is n I l I SENIOR NAME Arnold Bentley Rudy Bilich Bill Blair Dick Brooks Glenn Broughton Betty Carrier Carol Connors Vic Connors Wayne Coonfer Alice Craig Vivian Crosby Dick Daugherty Mary DeFede Marcella Domaracki Charles Dunn Phyllis F obes Jeanne Forbes Marian Forbes Ed Galloway Ralph Godenschwager Delores Graves George Harrington Hal Harrington Louise Hodack Dick Johnson Harold Jones CHARACTERISTICS SEEN Looking for George Hitch-hiking home ln the forge room just across the border Loafing or sleeping With Betty Ann Young Singing solos YVith lack Chapin Going out to Homer Laschs' Running for the bus Always with Roy Skating at Shadeland Working at Shiely's Waiting for Josephine Down by the briklge Horse back riding Climbing the cliff IValking with Ray Delivering papers Back in the woods Saturday night dances Laboring at Majors In the principalls office IVith Adam On the road Accompanying Bentley I l l SECRET AMBITION To raise marihauana Big time wrestler Have plenty of wives Be a professional gambler To tell teachers off Become famous To grow up Do away with all women To strike it rich To be a professional hair dresser To be five feet, two inches Football Rough character Airline Hostess To marry a widow with six kids Marry a rich man To be o man hater To make a good wife To be a politician Have broad shoulders like Mr. Gilbert Fixing flat tires Ballet Dancer IVander off to North America Do the Hula at an assembly Banker Be a married bachelor , HEARD SAYING Hey! I ones Thutls the way they used to do it in the old country Be careful Bud Going to Conneauti' Go jump in the creek Honestly! Tell me something Now, that's a darn shame Ever so clever Oh! Horse feathers Yea! It is No!! You shouldn,t do it You make me so m-a-a-d! That's tough!! Isnlt that clever! You name it, you can have it, Tucker That's tough!! That's what I like about the South By garsh!! Oh! Nuts!! E-Gatls! What Fun Free to wander Blarney!! If you say so Wherels Bentley?? Qs- ' SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS NAME Mildred Joslin Nick Kategianes Josephine Lascek Tom Leehan Maurice Lindell Barbara Merritt Dane Marcinowski Irene Onest Lee Orr Wilda Otis Ann Penfield Margaret Peters Bill Podoll Norma Randall Mary Bood Alyce Sabol Grace Sisak Orest Seneta Don Smith Shirley Smith Betty Somjai Harry Suscheck Ed Tanner Daisy Tucker Virginia Wallace George White Steffy Wolchik I n l SEEN SECRET AMBITION Driving a ,47 Chevy Have a waistline like Daisy's Entering the bank building At the Albion Dinor Playing Johnson's pin ball machines At home studying Selling tickets at games Sneaking out of school Working at Wemple,s Wandering through the halls At the movie theatre On the Pont road With Bob Loitering in the halls Working at Moore,s In a 1929 Chevy Boarding the Bessemer Bullet on Saturday Drawing girls At Pageville dances In Podollls pool room Teasing Orest With Lee On Rhodes' bus VV rir' king for the Blatt Bros. ln Tackerls bolt and nut dept In a Ford pick-up Carrying a musket At the bowling alley To run a gambling house Airline llostess Make the "dies", for a flying submarine To get an easy job with good pay To have a 23 inch waist line Veterinarian in a glue factory Get a higher education Marry a rich woman To get married To be a Free-man To have natural curly hair To travel To lose weight To become a good skater To be a monkey wrench in a bakery and tighten the nuts Be u chiropractor Beat Orr in a ping-pong tourney To make dynamos for fire flys To be an atomic bomb Marry an actor Marry a rich woman Gig game hunter Two sets of -twins Enroll at Yale To be a big game hunter To go to jail HEARD SAYING Do you have your Algebra doneii? Save your money!! I llllllfff oughta,, but I will Get out!! Gel out!! Thatls a lot of rot!! Oh! You're kidding!! Heavens to Betsy! You ainlt kiddin!! Jees!! Hey! Florence Ya it is! I1-in-m-m, thatls nice Golly!! You dropped something! Isrft' that clever?P Jeese!! No kidding!! Broom Ka!! Now feature that!! Honest to Pete!! Holy cow!! Birds and Bees Hey! Jeanne, who's thatP?? Oh! Papa!!! HowPPP No kidding!! Sitting, left to right: Dorothy Tucker. Tom Leehan, Margaret Peters Standing, left to right: Barbara Merritt. Steffy Wolchik, Roger Mclflhlney, Maurice Lindell, Rudy Bilich, Ann Penfield. Sitting: R Standing, oger McElhiney. left to right: Phyllis Fobes, Betty Somjai, Bill Blair MEMORIES . . . In our moments of reminiscing our days at Alhi, we recall Septenlber '46, the month we took our place as the Junior tribe at the local reservation. That was the big moment in our school life, which we had so eagerly anticipated all those years. We sponsored many activities and hops that year, but we remember the 6'Snowball',, our Christmas dance for which Fritz Whittaker furnished the music, as our most successful. Then we realized it was almost time for the big Senior tribe to be taking their leave from the reservation so we honored them with the best Prom and Banquet possible. How lucky we were to have such a grand place as the newly built Legion Hall for our feast! And remember how hard every Junior worked to make the gym look nice, how we decorated it with blue and yellow stripes of crepe paper, all attached to a big wheel in the center, and how we carried out the South Sea lsland the111e with a cute little hut on one side of the gym, palm trees placed here and there, and artificial grass, which all helped to give the proper effect ? And remember the thrill we got that night. when we arrived all dressed up in our best bib and tucker? The lights were turn- ed down low and the lilting music of Bob Sprenall's Orchestra seemed to flow dreamily through the island, which was packed to its capacity. Then there was Bill Somerville and Norma Johnson who were presented with gifts. Didnit they make a cute reigning King and Queen? Yes, that was May 27, a real night to come in our list of successes. The summer seemed to fly by and before we knew it we had been whirled into the busy life of being the Senior tribe. This year we attacked the first thespian adventure of our tribe's career. It was titled "Almost Eighteen", and we presented it in the month of November. We all remember how patiently the Cast and stage hands worked under our faithful director, Mr. Gilbert. In running over the names in the cast we recall how Rudy Bilich, as father, rocked the aud- ience with laughter, and how Ann Penfield, as Beatrice, turned that laughter to tears as she burst into those realistic sobs. Will you ever forget Roger McElhiney, who played the role of Eddie, when he was crooning into that old floor lamp that Dad was going to have refinished. And there was Steffy Wolchik, who play- ed the part of Mother to the fullest extent. What a time our teen-agers Betty Somjai and Phyllis Fobes had in holding their young lovers, Bill Blair and Roger. Uh yes -- there was Uncle George, played by Tom Leehan, who had a new philosophy for working as little as possible, and Dorothy Tucker as Mabel Warren, who idolized George. Also in the cast was the committee, portrayed by Maurice Lindell, Barbara Merritt, and Margaret Peters, whose ambition it was to punish Eddie for what they believed a disgraceful act. After enduring the usual ups and downs of a play we realized what a lot of fun we'd had. The Junior Tribe gave a grand Prom and Banquet in honor of our gradua- tion, on May 27. Our parents and friends gathered to proudly witness us walking across the stage as our names were called, to receive that very important piece of papyrus, which had been our goal those last twelve years. When the end drew near we realized it was a time of sadness as well as rejoicing, for we would soon be leaving Alhi to take our responsibility for the many problems we must cope with in our troubled civilization. But we have much to be thankful for too - the friendships we have gained, the education we have achieved, and the joys and sadness we have shared. It was a lot of fun - Wasn't it??? Sitting, left to right: Jeane Forbes, Betty Somjai, Steffy Wolchik, Dorothy Tucker, Margaret Peters, Barbara Merritt, Ann Penfield, Phyllis Fobes. Standing: Carol Connors, Dick Brooks, Bill Blair, Rudy Bilich, Roger McElhiney, Tom Leehan, Charles Dunn, Maurice Lindell, Hal Harrington, Wilda Otis, Mr. Gilbert. SENIOR I'D LIKE TO BE . . . ARNOLD BENTLEY - Bill Blair because he always has a snipe. RUDY BILICH - Dick Brooks because he is a genius in his own peculiar way. BILL BLAIR - Ralph Godenschwager because he has such a long name. DICK BROOKS - Roger McElhiney because he understands the Racing form. GLENN BROUGHTON - Dick Daugherty be- cause he can sleep so easy in class, and hasn't a care in the world. BETTY CARRIER - Mary DeFecle because sheis so quiet. CAROL CONNORS - Margaret Peter.s be- cause she has already captured her man. CHARLES CONNORS - Ed Galloway be- cause he's never in trouble. NVAYNE COONFER - Donald Smith because his ambition is to be a beautician. ALICE CRAIG - Marcella Domaracki because of her pretty teeth. VIVIAN CROSBY - Alice Craig because she is always friendly and even tempered. RICHARD DAUGHERTY - Torn Leehan be- cause of his ability with women. MARY DeFEDE - Adam Hodack because he has traveled a lot. MARCELLA DOMARACKI - Mirian Forbes because of her beautiful blue eyes. CHARLES DUNN - Maurice Lindell because of his brain. PHYLLIS FOBES - Betty Carrier because of her pep. 'IEANE FORBES - Virginia Wallace because she is so graceful. MARIAN FORBES - Ann Penfield because she is smart. ED GALLOWAY - Hal Harrington because he can dance. RALPH GODENSCHWAGER - George Har- rington because he can take out his teeth when he brushes them. DELORES GRAVES - Grace Sisak because of her ability to draw. GEORGE HARRINGTON - sfeffy YVolchik because she always has a cheerful smile for everyone. HAL HARRINGTON - Richard Johnson be- cause he's tall. ADAM HODACK - Dane Marcinowski be- cause he is an energetic student. RICHARD JOHNSON - Wayne Coonfer be- cause he has such an easy life. HAROLD IONES - Bill Podoll because of his athletic ability. MILDRED ,IOSLIN - Betty Somjai because her hair is always neat and curly. NICK KATEGIANES - Ed Tanner because he is so tall. IOSEPHINE LASCEK - Arnold Bentley be- cause of his gift of alibis. TOM LEEHAN - Rudy Bilich because of his acting ability. MAURICE LINDELL - Orest Seneta because of his ability to play baseball and the ac- cordian. DANE MARCINOWSKI - George While' be- cause he is going to be an unsuccessful sailor. ROGER McELHINEY - Vivian Crosby be- cause her love problem is solved. BARBARA MERRITT - Mary Rood because she has no brothers. IRENE ONEST - Phyllis Fohes because of her cute pug nose. LEE ORR - Harold Iones because he has 100 ways to get out of class. WILDA OTIS - Barbara Merritt because she has some brothers. ANN PENFIELD - Wilda Otis because she has little feet. MARGARET PETERS - Irene Onest because she doesn't have to use Columbus, method of typing. BILL PODOLL - Harry Suscheck because he has such fame with the 7th grade girls. NORMA RANDALL -- Alyce Sabol because of her singing ability. MARY ROOD - Dorothy Tucker because of her height. ALYCE SABOL - Delores Graves because of her figure. OREST SENETA - Nick Kategianes because he always has a means of transportation. GRACE SISAK - Ieane Forbes because she doesn't have to ride a school bus. DON SMITH - Shirley Smith because I like the name Smith and she's got it. SHIRLEY SMITH - Carol Connors because of her musical ability and smallness of stature. BETTY SOMIAI - Vic Connors because he can say the word "didn't', correctly. HARRY SUSCHECK - Lee Orr because of his swell personality. EDWVIN TANNER - Charles Dunn because of his ability, "resistence,'. DOROTHY TUCKER - Mildred Ioslirl be- cause of her ability as a Chemistry Lab partner. VIRGINIA VVALLACE - Norma Randall be- cause of her cute smile. GEORGE WHITE - Glenn Broughton be- cause he's going to be an admiral. STEFFY WOLCHIK - Iosephine Lascek be- cause of her artistic ability. COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM . . . ff HIGH HONORS f Maurice Lindell Margaret Peters Stefania YVolehik Virginia WVallace Aim Penfield Rudolph Bilieh Dorothy Tucker i' HONOR if AWARDS . . . Shirley Smith Mary K. Rood Orest Seneta Harry Suseheck Irene Onest Nick Kategianes, Barbara Merritt Mary DeFede Ir. Richard Brooks Charles V. Connors Lee Orr Tom Leehan Mildred Joslin Dane Marcinowski Marian M. Forbes Wilda Otis it Listed in order of rank. The following have been chosen for these awards because of their achieve- ment, attitude, and not on general scholarship alone. In many cases the faculty found it difficult to choose among those who were highest in each particular field. Agriculture ..,. ,.., . Dane Marc-inowski Langmzges .,.,. .. Shirley Smith Art ., ,. .... ,.,,. osephine Lascek Matliematics ..... Maurice Lindell Commercial ...,.. ,..,.. A nn Penfield Music .,.........,........... .,.., A lyce Sabol English ....... ,.,.. ly Iargaret Peters Physical Education William Podoll Home Ee ,..,., ,. Delores Graves Science .. .. ............., ..,. IN iaurice Lindell Industrial Arts .... . ..,. Harold jones Social Studies Rudolph Bilich CHEMISTRY LAB . . . SUBSTANCE Saccharine Oxygen Ammonium Mercury Diamond Nitroglycerin Gold Chlorine Copper Hydrogen Sulfur Cobalt Cellophane Radium Sodium SOUL MATES CHARACTERISTIC Very Sweet Life Giving Suffocating Hard to Handle Too Hard Dangerous Shines Green Brilliant Very Light Chiefly Found In Masses Capable of reaching high polish Reveals Everything Newly found Very Active Betty Somjai - Bill Podoll Ann Penfield - Dick Brooks Phyllis Fobes - Arnold Bentley Delores Graves - Hal Harrington Irene Onest - George Harrington Betty Carrier - Vic Connors Margaret Peters - Maurice Lindell Mildred Joslin - Lee Orr Alyce Sabol - Orest Seneta Mary DeFede - Tom Leehan Steffy YVolchik - Rudy Bilich Norma Randall - Harry Suscheck LIKE Band Music Cheer Leaders Chemistry Class Bill Blair Alg. II Norma Dodge's drix 'ing Millie Joslinls Ring Freehurg's Car Maurice Lindell Martha Byers Senior Fellows Gilbert's Ford Final Exams Alhidrac Club Student Council Best Looking Best Dressed Most Popular Best Dancers Noisiest NVittiest Best Students Best Athletes Best Musicians Neatest Actress and Actor Most Sincere THEN and NOW . . . 1936 1,... W if , QQ 'SQHV 1948 UNDERCLASSMEN r w JUNIORS . . . Front Row, left to right: Richard Thayer, Bill Sawdy, Russel Hites, Frank Craig, Melvin Taylor, Donald Hough, John Madden, Bob Heath, Lester Tharpe, Ben Smith, Andy Chuzie, Roswell Drury, Victor Dimon, Harold Swift, David Wheeler, Second Row: Esther Crosby, Bertha Knickerbocker, Stella Brooks, Vesta Graff, Martha Gibbue, Barbara Heintz, Martha Byers, Zola Hills, Norma Cherry, Jackie Rausch, Joan Dunn, Helen Robinson, Rose DeFede, Betty Ann Youngs, Margaret Wallace, Joanne Otis, Elaine Neal, Lorene Browand, Miss Billingslee. Third Row: Mr. Eisaman, Lois Patten, Cora Craig, Norma Dodge, Marylane Connors, Mary Housten, Julia Peckelnicky, Florene Martin, Clara Mae Curtis, Josephine Martin, Loretta Jones, Helen Bristol, Pat Brown, Nancy Thompson, Avis MacArthur, Claire Whaley, Elsie Stickner, Miss Zetz. Fourth Row: Paul Madden, Bernard Onachila, Dick Wolfe, Ed Knapp, Charles Pacak, Louie Weaver, Jack Chapin, Gerald Swanson, Dick Koski, Dick Kendig, Charles Bateman, Wilbur Kean, Arnold Horoschuck, Arthur Mclntire, George Sabol, Bill Merritt, Joe Kulik, Ed Mikovich. The starting event of our year as the Junior tribe was the election of officers. The following were chosen: President, lid Knappg Vice President, Clara Curtis: Secretary, Norma Dodgeg and Treasurer, Helen Bristol. Our representatives for Student Council were Paul Madden and Jackie Rausch. Labor Day and Fair season passed early in the year, with the ,lunior con- cessions right in the center of the midways. We did well on both of these but they were only the beginning. After that the class held a free dance, sold cards, pens, assign-aids, and then we presented a three-act comedy, "Daffy Dillsw, on March 31st and April lst. All these activities were to raise wampum for our main event of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. One of the highlights of our year as juniors was the new style class rings which we introduced to Alhi. Now that our successful year is drawing to a close we realize we have had a lot of fun working together, and we are anticipating an even bigger and better '48 and '49, when we will be the Senior warriors of Alhi. SOPHOMORES . . . Front Row, left to right: Harold Connors, Bob Shearer, Joe Smialek, Burnell Jones, Paul Winder, Lee Madden, Gerry Crosby, Robert Long, Bill Chuzie, Edward Minch, Leroy Canfield, Jim Meeker, Jack Meeker, Richard Kemling, Gerry Connors. Second Row: Florence Curtis, Nadine Strait, June Barton, Delores Dyne, Theresa Dugan, Doris Stiffler, Caroline Swanson, Velma Blood, Dorothy Eyster, Virginia Lindell, Nancy Belden, Dorothy Knapp, Dorothy Randall, Martha Carberry, Nancy Surovick, Katherine Duran. Third Row: Miss Kingsley, Jan Seaton, Ruth Patten, Carol Hosack, June Ebner, Lucille Case, Delores Wnek, Frances Lang, Louise Haranin, Dorothy Skeel, Joyce Brooks, Carol Smith, Crystal Otis, Betty Jo Consedine, Fanny Kulyk, Barbara Deitz, Nancy Medrick, Lucille Craig, Marlene Althof, Cecilia Repel, Marilyn Althof, Jerry Denham, Donna Mae Teed, Evelyn Stevens, Pat Boyer, Mr. Cassidy, Sally Connors. Fourth Row: Lewis McBeth, Lauren Hill, Joe Szuminski, Steve Wolchik, George Sisak, Eugene Shearer, Lloyd Hollister, Jack Mclntire, Dick Carr, Stanley McClintock, Dick Rose, John Bryan, Bob VanDusen, John Kuhn, Carl Johnson, Vernard Pond, Ray Peters. This year's Sophomore tribe, consisting of seventy-five members, elected the following officers: President ............ ............. D ick Carr Vice President .... .... L ouise Haranin Secretary ............ .. Dorothy Randall Treasurer .............. ............................. D orothy Skeel Student Council ............ Joyce Brooks and Dick Rose Under the direction of our advisors, Miss Kingsley and Mr. Cassidy, we were able to accomplish many events. The most notable of these was the war against the Freshmen, our Freshman initiation. We raised wampum for our class treasury by holding a concession at the Community Fair and by sponsoring a St. Valentine's Dance and St. Patrick's Dance. We were able to carve both of these as big successes on our totem pole. Now we are looking forward to a bigger year as the Junior tribe and our next ycar's prom. FRESHMEN . . . Front Row, left to right: John Russell Lasher, Ralph Floyd Barris. Second Row: Patsy Church, Gabel, Jim Parker, Merle Kean, Bill Davis, Willis Ebner, Robinson, Joe Belden, Dalton Houston, Arnold Tobin, Weltha Parker, Lauretta Keeney, Helen Duris, Joyce Mikovich, Grace Sawdy, Joann Greenlee, Shirley Barton, Elsie Dunda, Juanita Jones, Hazel Salhoff, Sterling, Lillian Swift, Ruth Bennett, Dorothy Brown, Jean Heintz, Virginia Joann Ignocheck. Third Row: Eileen Lawrence, Beverly Neal, Ida Lou Hill, Dorothy Hazen, Martha Homansky, Mary Ann Lance, Elizabeth Tercho, Evelyn Hanas, Ann Angerer, Virginia Moyer, Margaret Somjai, Suzanne Wiley. Susan Byers, Frances Brown, Joan Richardson, Edna Mae Baxter, Veronica Surovick, Joanne Nagel, Mary Ellen Marcinowski, Carolyn Merritt, Shirley Ball, Cora Ball, Doris Hills, Mr. Olson. Fourth Row: Mr. Mellon, Clifford Stevens, Bill Bristol, Bill Kuvleski, Clarence Hyde, Martin Duran, Jim Ticknor, Robert Houston. Charles Carberry. Andy Bartfai, Fred Oravetz, John Sawdy, Bill Youngs, Harold Youngs, Joe Gehr, Bob Morgan. Fifth Row: Ronny Demmery, Raymond Godfrey, Harold Chase, Warren Harpst, Donald Harpst, Robert Lang, Ernest Dyne, Donald Greenlee, Eugene Onest, John Yatzor, Joe Fehr, Charles Sawdy, Raymond Kreider, Clarence Warner, Bill Wallace. This ycar's Freshman tribe, under the direction of our advisors, Mr. Olson and Mr. Mellon elected the following officers: President ............ ..... ............. B i ll Bristol Vice President ..... Joann Richardson Secretary ............ .. Lauretta Keeney Treasurer .............. .......... S hirley Ball Student Council ............................................ Doris Hills One of the events which caused much war-llooping in our tribe, was the three days of torture during which the Sophomore tribe initiated us. But we must admit we took it like great warriors and had much fun. The tribe was happy to have a few boys from our class out for football and a great number out for Junior High Basketball. EIGHTH GRADE . . . Sitting, left to right: Barbara Banfield, Jane Ticknor, Natalie Hodack, Mary Ann Burke, Dorothy Carr, Gloria Bentley, Edith Belden, Rosa Tharpc, Marlene Kingen, Barbara Emmett. First Row: Lloyd Patterson, Lewis Keiser, Jack Lawrence, George Lascek, Charles Woodworth, Charles' Farquhar, Harold Heath, Paul Parker, Mr. Freeburg. Second Row: Clair Cherry, Jim Harrington, Norma Kendig, Ed Keeney, Francis Snyder, Ed Strasser, Gerald Galloway, Bob Johnson, George Winiarczyk, Jim Slattery. Our tribe, under the direction of our big chief, Mr. Frecburg, elected the following officers: A' President .......... .......... D orothy Carr Vice-President ................... Ed Strasser Treasurer .......... ..... G eorgc Winiarczwk Secretary ................................. .......... .... J a ne Ticknor The representative of our tribe to serve on the Student Council was Ed Strasser. The tribe threw a party at the pond o11c of those cold winter nights in January. We had great fun skating, after which we sat around the fire and ate hot dogs, and making a pow-wow with our Chief Freeburg. We are now anxiously awaiting next year when the Sophomore tribe will wage the annual war against us, and we will sign the peace treaty, which will name us as one of the big Four Tribes on the Alhi reservation. I Sitting, left to right: Arlene Wallace, Mirian Randall, Marlene Beibel, Carol Shearer, Martha Randall, Elizabeth Ann Rees, Alma Tharpe. Second Row: Miss Timmons, Rudolph Lascek, Joyce Ann Trout, Phyllis Anderson, Lucille Hoch, Donna Mae Jeannerette, Howard Eyster. Third Row: Gordon Johnson, Dick Taylor, Glenn Patten, James Caldwell, Fred Carherry, Bob Knott, Edward Heath. SEVENTH GRADE . . . As the Seventh Grade tribe we were proud to enter the reservation of the junior High School. Here we found that our studies and activities increased and we now realized that our trail will be long before our journey will be ended and we leave the reservation in l953. The Seventh Grade tribe, under the direction of their advisor, Miss 'l'ilnnions, elected the following offieers: President ........., James Caldwell Yiee President .... ............ l liek Taylor Secretary ........ .... P hyllis Anderson Treasurer .................................................. Carol Shearer The representative of our class chosen to serve on Student Council was Marlene Biebel. The tribe enjoyed a pow-wow at the Valentine and Christmas Parties at which they served refreshments of sandwiches, and cookies. CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS Dorothy Tucker President Nick Kategianes, Vice President Barbara Merritt, Secretary Richard Brooks, Treasurer I JUNIORS Edwin Knapp, President Clara Curtis, Vice President Norma Dodge, Secretary Helen Bristol Treasurer 0 SOPHOMORES Dick Carr, President Louise Haranin, Vice President Dorothy Randall, Secretary Dorothy Skevl, Treasurer 0 FRESHMEN Bill Bristol, President Joanne Richardson, Vice President Lauretta Keeney, Secretary Shirley Ball, Treasurer TOM - TOM REPORT . . . SEPTEMBER 2 ll 12 17-20 26 27 OCTOBER 2 8 10 10 16-17 22 24 31 NOVEMBER 5 12 15 18 21 24-25 26-30 28 DECEMBER 9 10 19 19 20 25- 5 - 1948 - JANUARY 13 16 19-20 23 30 FEBRUARY 6 14 27 MARCH 4- 6 10 12 17 31- 1 APRIL 23 MAY 23 25 27 28 Doors to 1947-48 school year opened. Band displayed ability at Conneautville Fair. Kick-oft game with Harborcreek. Third annual Community Fair. Cheerleaders donned new uniforms. Mr. Gilbert broke his arm. Annual Snake Dance. Seniors were measured for caps and gowns. Freshman Initiation. Crowning of the Football Queen. Teachers Institute . . . OH! BOY! NO SCHOOL ! I ! Cast chosen for "Almost Eighteen". F. F. A. sponsored a Hayride. Annual Halloween Party. Graduation pictures were taken. Basketball practice began. Football Banquet at Kinsman, Ohio. Play Cast visited the Playhouse. Annual East-West All-Star Game. Senior Class presented "Almost Eighteen". Thanksgiving Vacation. Juniors sponsored the "Turkey Hop". Girls' Glee Club journeyed to WLEU. Student Council was organized. First Indian Dispatch sale. Chorus journeyed to Conneautville and Edinboro. Seniors sponsored Neil Charles' Orchestra. Christmas Vacation. Seniors prepared for the Essay Contest. Miss Zetz honored on her birthday in assembly. Semester Exams . . . OH BROTHER l ! ! Alhi Faculty outscored Edinboro in Basketball. Basketball team journeyed to North East. Close basketball game at Girard. Sophomores sponsored a Valentine's Dance. Seniors played their last game at Harborcreek. Junior High Tournament. Girard Chorus and Band visited us. Seniors won over the Faculty. Sophomores sponsored the St. Patrick's Day Dance Juniors presented "The Daffy Dil1s". A. H. S. Festival at Edinboro. Baccalaureate. Prom and Banquet. Commencement. Our last day of school ! ! ! ACTIVITIES 'JI if gg W W? N49 ww: f . bf 18 as 19+- FW fi? STUDENT COUNCIL . . . Sitting, left to right: Dick Rose, Jackie Rausch, Nick Kategianes, Phyllis Fobes, Paul Madden. Standing: Jim Ticknor, Mr. Gilbert, Ed Strasser, Doris Hills, Harry Suscheck, Rudy Bilich, Joyce Brooks. Bill Kuvleski, Marlene Beibel. The Student Council, which is the representative of the student body in many of the school's functions, is made up of one representative, chosen from each homeroom, in grades seven through twelve. Officers chosen by the entire student body to preside over the 19-L7 and 1948 council were: President ........ ..... N ick Kategianes Vice-President .... Paul Madden Secretary ........ Jackie Rausch Treasurer .............. .... P hyllis Fobes Faculty Advisor ..... .... N lr. Gilbert The council, with the eo-operation of the students, was able to complete a number of successful projects. Among these were the clean-up and auction sale. the noon hour dance, placing of mirror.: in the locker rooms and, last but fore- most, their discovery of a new system for gym clothes. DISPATCH STAFF . . . Sitting, left to right: Nick Kategianes, Mildred Joslin, Virginia Wallace, Steffy Wolchik, Miss Timmons, Margaret Peters, Avis MacArthur, Barara Merritt, Dick Brooks. First Row: Louise Haranin, Fanny Kulik, Shirley Smith, Tom Leehan, Dorothy Tucker, Charles Pacak, Clara Curtis, Orest Seneta, Helen Bristol, John Madden, Norma Dodge, Marylane Connors. Second Row: Dick Rose, Dick Taylor, Marlene Biebel, Lloyd Patterson, Lauretta Keeney, Dorothy Hazen, Dorothy Carr, Jim Parker, Phyllis Anderson, Ed Strasser. The ulndian Dispatch", our school newspaper, is the voice of the student body of Alhi. lt enables the students to present their views of school life and is a means of publication for the student activities, resulting in keener interest in school affairs. lt is also an opportunity for those students interested in journalism to receive experience in this field. The staff, headed by co-editors, Steffy Wolcliik and Margaret Peters: assistant editors, Virginia Wallzlce, Avis McArthur, and Martha Ann Byers, business manager, Dick Brooks, and Miss Timmons, our advisor, who worked with us so patiently and earnestly, was able to present to the students of Alhi '21 new type of publication. lt has been the aim of previous Dispatch staffs to pub- lish a paper printed by the Albion News, but this is the first year the staff has been successful in doing so. This was made possible by the business firms who purchased advertising space. A neater and more uniform paper was thus ob- tained and it is our hope that this service may continue in coming years. r FFA .... Sitting, left to right: Bill Kuvleski, Merle Kean, Bill Young, Jim Meeker, Clifford Stevens, Jack Meeker, Richard Kemling, Joe Smialek, Martin Duran, Willis Ebner First Row: Wilbur Kean, Dick Daugherty, Mike Tercho, Melvin Taylor, Dick Johnson, Dane Marcinowski, Charles Pacak, Bill Sawdy, Harold Swift, Bill Chuzie. Second Row: Glenn Broughton, Ralph Godenschwager, Charles Bateman, George White, Hal Harrington, Joe Kulik, Ed Mikovich, Steve Walchik, Bob l-loroschuck, John Yatzor, Mr. Wiggins. Third Row: Fred Oravetz, Arnold Tobin, Laurell I-lill, Russell I-lites, Dalton Houston, Joe Szuminski, William Onest, Vic Dimon, John Kuhn, George Harrington, Ernest Dyne, Don Smith, Floyd Barris. The Albion Chapter of the Future Farmers of America, under the super- vision of Mr. Wiggins, is a national organization, which prepares a future farmer for his life occupation by giving him ideas on solving his problems and making wise decisions in this field through experimental and project work. One of the main events of the year, the Annual Father and Son Banquet, was held at the American Legion Ha l. Among other activities which the Chapter participated in were, the F. F. A. Chapter Farmers Initiation, which was held in Albion, and the State Farm Show at Harrisburg. The boys joined the basket- ball league, competing against other F. F. A. organizations. The officers elected for the year were: President ................................... .... D ane Marclnowskl Vice-President Richard Johnson Secretary .......... ......... ll like Tercho Treasurer .... ........ B ill Sawdy Reporter Charles Pacak F H.A .... Front Row, left to right: Carol Connors, Delores Graves, Steffy Wolchik, Alice Craig, Miss Billingslee. Second Row: Wilda Otis, Nancy Surovick, Barbara Dietz, Lucille Craig, Shirley Smith, Jeane Forbes. Third Row: Cora Craig, June Ebner, Martha Gibble, Alyce Sabol, Lorene Browand, Florence Curtis, Dorothy Case. This fall the F. H. A. began the year by nominating and electing the follow- ing officers: President - Steffy Wolchikg Vice-President - Alice Craig, Secretary - Delores Graves, Treasurer - Carol Connors. The news reporter is Shirley Smith, and Grace Sisak is the historian. The club's motto is "Toward New Horizonsv and their flower is the red rose. Their many activities included a lunch for Alumni Home Coming. They sponsored two hay rides, held a Christmas Party for the club, and sponsored a Christmas tea for the teachers. Members entered the Cherry Pie Baking contest, sponsored by the Cherry Growers Association, and Steffy Wolcrhik was chosen as "Alhi's Champion Cherry Pie Baker". The group sold hot dogs at basketball games and donated their profits to the March of Dimes. 1 NF, 2f'KwW4"mwk iw A.A. Sitting, left to right: Mary Rood, Steffy Wolchik, Avis MacArthur. Mildred Joslin, Barbara Merritt, Clara Curtis, Norma Dodge, Rose DeFede, Pat Brown. Front Row: Martha Byers, Donna Teed, Lois Patten, Ann Penfield, Irene Onest, Martha Carberry, Zola Hills, Miss Mary Zetz, Miss Grace Kategianes, Miss Pauline Kategianes, Nancy Thompson, Virginia Lindell, Evelyn Stevens, Margaret Peters. Second Row: Marylane Connors, Alyce Sabol, Joan Dunn, Dorothy Skeel, Dorothy Randall, Josephine Martin, Helen Bristol, Phyllis Fobes, Norma Cherry, Carol Smith, Lorene Browand. Third Row: Margaret Wallace, Claire Whaley, Helen Robinson, Dorothy Tucker, Vivian Crosby, Betty Carrier, Virginia Wallace, Betty Jo Consedine, Joan Otis, Jackie Rausch, Florene Martin. The G. A. A., under the supervision of the Misses Grace and Pauline Kate- gianes, and Miss Mary Zetz, entered in many of the school activities such as field hockey, basketball, table tennis, swimming, volley ball, dancing and all other sports. They have the use of the gym twice weekly. The officers elected in October werc: President, Barbara Merritt: Vice President, Mildred Joslin, Secretary, Clara Mae Curtis, Treasurer, Norma Dodge, Publicity Manager, Avis McArthur. The G. A. A. also sponsored record dances after basketball games, and served refreshments at the games. The money earned goes toward awards which are to be given to the members who earned them on the basis of a point system. GIRLS SHOP . . . Left to Right: Dorothy Skeel, Ruth Patten, Steffy Wolchik, Dorothy Tucker, Norma Randall, Mr. Mellon, Barbara Merritt, Lauretta Keeney, Carol Smith, Mildred Joslin. The girls shop, which was organized last year, has continued proving that the girls are remarkable carpenters. The girls, under the supervision of Mr. Mellon, have had a chance to show their originality in wood-work, not only in good work, but in highly attractive finishes to their projects. Mildred Joslin, Barbara Merritt, Norma Randall, and Steffy Wolchik have made end tables. Some of the girls, Carol Smith, Dorothy Skeel, Ruth Patton and Lauretta Keeney, have made magazine and book racks as their projects. Dorothy Tucker made her project in plastic - a set of pin-up lamps. The clubfmct once a week. Thcy used many of their study halls and spare moments to finish their projects. This proves that the future housewives will be carpenters as well as homemakers. l I ALHIDRAC . . . Front Row, left to right: Miss Kingsley, Tom Leehan, Harry Suscheck, Rudy Bilich, Mildred Joslin, Dorothy Tucker. Second Row: Mary K. Rood, Alyce Sabol, Steffy Wolchik, Shirley Smith, Ann Penfield, Betty Somjai. Barbara Merritt, Irene Onest. Third Row: Bill Blair, Orest Seneta, Dick Johnson, Dane Marcinowski, Richard Brooks, Nick Kategianes, Maurice Llndell, Mr. Gilbert, Margaret Peters fnot plcturedb. The i'Alhidrac", under the direction of Mr. Gilbert and Miss Kingsley, is a dramatic club which was organized by a nucleus of twenty-two Seniors and other selective members of Senior Hi School who have met the requirements of the Constitution of the club, good scholastic standing being its prime requisite. The main purpose of the organization is to enable those interested in dramatics to further develop their abilities. The club has set up a high point system as a basis for obtaining pins. lt is their aim to make it an honor to wear an Alhidrac pin. A strong foundation has been laid to enable the Alllidrac to become a permanent and credible organization of Alhi. The officers elected were: President ........... ........ R udy Bilich Vice-President .... .... H arry Suscheck Secretary ......... .... M ildred Joslin Treasurer ..... Tom Leehan SAFETY PATROL . . . Front Row, left to right: Lloyd Patterson, Howard Eyster, Fred Carberry, Jack Lawrence, Louis Keiser, Bob Knott. Second Row: Mr. Olson, Bill Bristol, Bill Wallace, Donald Harpst, Harold Heath, Charles Carberry, Ed Gehr, George Winiarczyk. Third Row: Gordon Johnson, Bob Johnson, Ed Strasser, Joe Beldon, Warren Harpst, Dick Taylor, Ed Heath. The Patrol was under the supervision of Mr. Olson this year. After a late start, it turned out to be a commendable job of directing students to and from school. The Patrol was divided into two sections with Bill Bristol and Don Harpst as captains. The two sections competed against each other in duty and in games played at patrol parties. Un rainy days the boys donned their new rain capes and caps donated to them by the V.F.VV. Also among their new equipment were the safety signs plac- ed in the highway when the children were on their way to and from school. These were furnished by the l'.F.W. and American Legion. Wlwpw, H -1 -,-Z--.,.,,1?w.N, .M W., W. ws, ,J . BAND . . . Ml Sitting, left to right: Beverly Shiely, Merle Kean, Ed Knapp, Don Hough, Claire Whaleyy Eileen Lawrence, Bill Youngs, Grace Sawdy, Clara Curtis, Bill Young, Clair Cherry, Lois Patton, John Patton, Florene Martin, Lewis Keiser, Dorothy Hazen, John Sawdy, Alyee Sabol, Bill Bristol, Norma Cherry, John Madden, Florence Bateman, Carol Smith, Donna Teed, Cecelia Repel, Joanna Nagel, Stanley McClintock, Harold Youngs, Dick Rose, Bob Morgan. Standing: Mr. King, Susan Wiley, Helen Bristol, Vivian Crosby, Irene Onest, Bill Blair, Ann Angerer, Ed Tanner, Edna Baxter, Helen Robinson, Ann Penfield, Pat Boyer, Betty Jo Consedine, Jan Seaton, Evelyn Stevens. The Band of Alhi started its music program, on Labor Day, leading the parade on our home football field. lt is composed of forty-five members, who have played at all the home football games boosting the morale of the boys and adding great enthusiasm among the spectators. The football season ended by the Band playing at the Annual Lion's All-Star Football Game. Besides their many activities they participated in the exercises, on Harihan Day, held November 8th, and presented concerts at Conneautville, Edinbcro, and the Albion Fair. The Band members have worked hard this year, earning money for the New Band Uniforms by holding rummage and bake sales. Also a minstrel show was presented by the Mixed Chorus and Band for the same cause. lVl'CI1ll10l'S of the Band were presented witll pins, letters, and sweaters to those who earned them and who helped to further the musical life of our school. The Band finished its successful year with the Annual Spring Concert, held May 7th. Several solo and ensemble numbers were presented, which were enjoyed very much by the community and student body. ED CHORUS . . . Sitting, left to right: Betty Jo Consedine, Steffy Wolchik, Shirley Smith, Delores Graves, Barbara Merritt, Phyllis Fobes, Mary Rood, Helen Bristol, Alyce Sabol, Mary DeFede, Clara Mae Curtis, Clair Whaley, Helen Robinson, Carol Connors, Wilda Otis, Irene Onest, Jeane Forbes, Avis MacArthur, Josephine Lascck, Virginia Wallace. Front Row: Mr. King, Pat Brown, Rose DeFede, Jackie Rausch, Normx Cherry, Martha Ann Byers, Beverly Shicly, Rudy Bilich, Tom Leehan, John Madden, Frank Craig, George Harrington, Wilbur Kean, Lorene Browantl, Marylane Connors, Norma Dodge, Joanne Otis, Nancy Thompson, Bertha Knickerbocker, Nancy Surovick, Delores Dyne, Caroline Swanson. Second Row: Lucille Craig, Pat Boyer, Martha Carberry, Virginia Lindell, Cecilia Repel, Jan Seaton, Evelyn Stevens, John Patton, Charles Dunn, Dick Rose, Gerald Swanson, Dick Carr, Ed Knapp, Lee Orr, Don Hough, Nadine Strait, Sally Connors, Crystal Otis, Joyce Brooks, Lucille Haranin, Dorothy Randall, Carol Smith, Jerry Denham. Third Row: Harold Connors, Carl Johnson, Ed Minch, Gerry Salhoff, Bob Smock, Charles Connors, Bill Merritt, Dane Marcinowski, Bill Podoll, Orest Seneta, Nick Kategianes, George Sabol, Arnold Bentley, Maurice Lindell, Lee Madden, Jack Chapin, Gerry Connors, Richard Kemling, Paul Madden, George Sisak, Lauren Hill, Harry Suscheck, John Bryan, Charles Pacak. The Mixed Chorus, composed of a hundred voices, has given many success- ful concerts. Among these were appearances at Conneautville and Edinboro. Un Sunday afternoon, December 21, Vesper Services and a pageant were rendered for the Community. The same program was presented December 23 for the student body. . . In May, the annual spring concert was presented to the community and was a great delight to the audience. Elections were as follows: President, Rudy Bilich, Vice President, Clara Mae Curtis, Secretary and Treasurer, Tom Leehan. s E 3 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB . . . Sitting, left to rght: Steffy Wolchik, Shirley Smith, Delores Graves, Barbara Merritt, Phyllis Fobes, Mary Rood, Mary DeFede, Alyce Sabol, Carol Connors, Wilda Otis, Irene Onest, Jeane Forbes, Virginia Wallace, Josephine Lascek. Front Row: Mr. King, Martha Byers, Norma Cherry, Pat Brown, Josephine Martin, Rose DeFede, Jackie Rausch, Betty Jo Consedine, Beverly Shiely, Lorene Browand, Marylane Connors, Joanne Otis, Nancy Thompson, Dorothy Skeel, Norma Dodge. Second Row: Pat Boyer, Martha Carberry, Cecelia Repel, Virginia Lindell, Grace Sisak, Julia Pekelnicky, Helen Bristol, Clara Curtis, Claire Whaley, Helen Robinson, Carol Smith, Avis McArthur, Crystal Otis, Joyce Brooks, Louise Haranln. Third Row: Dorothy Knapp, Evelyn Stevens, Donna Locke, Carol Hosack, Marlene Althof, Caroline Swanson, Barbara Deitz, Doris Stiffler, Cora Craig, Dorothy Randall, Nadine Strait, Sally Connors, Ruth Patten. This group, which consists of sixty voices, has been active this year. Decem- ber 16 they presented a program of Christmas carols over station WLEU for the benefit of the Tuberculosis Campaign. Besides their monthly club meetings, they presented several programs for the student body of Alhi. Elections resulted as follows: President, Helen Bristol, Vice President, Carol Connors, Secretary, Steffy Wolchikg Pianist, Pat Brown. BOYS' GLEE CLUB . . . Front Row, left to right: Dick Rose, Maurice Lindell, Rudy Bilich, Tom Leehan, John Madden, Frank Craig, George Harrington, Wilbur Kean, Don Hough, John Bryan, Gerry Connors. Second Row: Orest Seneta, Bill Podoll, Nick Kategianes, Vic Connors, John Patton, Gerald Swanson, Dick Carr, Charles Dunn, Arnold Bentley, Ed Knapp, Lee Orr, Jack Chapin. Third Row: Ed Minch, Bill Blair, Harold Connors, Bob Smock, Dane Marcinowski, Bill Merritt, Gerry Salhoff, Paul Madden, George Sisak, Charles Pacak, Harry Suscheck. Fourth Row: David Wheeler, Joe Kulik, George Sabol, Bob VanDusen, Melvin Taylor, Louis Weaver, Don Smith, Mr. King. Boys' Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. King, has done much to make the musical talent an interest in the school this year. Among this group of forty-five voices several were chosen to sing in the District Chorus at Edinboro. The officers of the Glee Club are: President .......................... Nick Kategianes Vice President Arnold Bentley Secretary ........ Charles Pacak MAJORETTES . . . ,N.,,.g, 'Mfg aw- We -pw, 4:x,.f-W5 ,. f 5 q"'2' 7. 'FQ H, auf' nr in 2 dew Sitting: Ann Penfield. Standing, left to right: Barbara Bell, Pat Boyer, Helen Robinson, Edna Mae Baxter, Betty Jo Consedine, Pat Patterson. V? Q SPORTS BUSINESS MANAGERS . . . WIGWAM CHATTER Writers of the Wigwam Chatter for the Albion News are Margaret Peters and Clara Mae Curtis. Mar- garet, who has been a writer for two years, will receive the Conrath Jour- nalism Award at graduation. Clara Mae has been an active worker this year and will replace Margaret next year. Business managers are Barbara Merritt and Marylane Connors, who are seen as you step up to buy your ticket. They do all the secretarial work for Mr. Cassidy and as a reward for their efforts these girls receive u sweater in their Senior year. I ATHLETICS M! X .X AA A Qx Bill Podoll Lee Orr Vic Connors Nick Kategianes Paul Madden Iohnny Patton Coach Lisek Dick Carr Glenn Broughton Maurice Lindell Front Row, left to right: Paul Madden, Charles Connors, Johnny Patton, Coach Lisek, Nick Kategianes, Bill Podoll. Lee Orr. Second Row: Glenn Broughton, Dick Wolfe, Bill Merritt, Ed Knapp, Dick Carr, Jack Chapin, Maurice Lindell, Lester Tharpe. Rudy Bilich. VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . The Albion indians' 47-4-8 basketball squad opened its season by defeating Springboro 46 to 20. The team was beaten a few times because it lacked the necessary height, but showed great fighting spirit and good sportsmanship on the hardwoods. They were never beaten by more than seven points in league compe- tition and finished fifth in the league standings. Their revord read with 10 victories against ll setbacks. The departing Senior lettermen from the team are: Nick Kategianes, Lee Orr, Vic Connors, Bill Podoll, Maurice Lindell, and Glenn Broughton. The entire team extends its thanks to Coach Lisek for all his work in making the team a success. 46 Albion Springboro 20 Albion W. Springfield 41 Albion Edinboro 16 Albion Millcreek 48 Albion Conneautville 51 Albion North East 42 Albion W. Springfield 36 Albion Harborcreek 44 Albion Springboro 28 Albion Girard 36 Albion Edinboro 16 Albion Cambridge Springs 40 Albion Conneautville 49 Albion Lawrence Park 37 Albion Girard 24 Albion Wesleyville 34 Albion Cambridge Springs 37 Albion Millcreek 44 Albion Lawrence Park 36 Albion North East 30 Albion Wesleyville 37 Albion Harborcreek H- 3' Rudy Bilich Dick Daugherty Charles Connors Louie Weaver John Bryan John Horoschuck Gerald Salhoff Jack Chapin Bill Podoll Co-captains Lee Orr Dane Marcinowski Arnold Bentley Tom Leehan Charles Dunn Robert Long Gerald Swanson Dick Carr Paul Madden Charles Pacak Harold Connors, Manager 4' - ,Zi 1' Qfi.i' n x ,QW 1 ' v -s v .- "' wx , V 4- - ,V YY' F ,Hes 'W 6 , W A fw "X 1 ., . . a W K p MXN In - .,. ,wa-W , ,. F''N2n"'TSfLww?xJ,.' .1 R - ' -1 :A V W W h Z2 f Q-Wwe w .ww 'A V 1.11 4 . , 0 f . ,aa f ,fx - Vx A W.. . 1 w f ,digg . 53 ja , k 1 LM .U , Nw, .gm 1.-,4 J 'f V - 1 4 Jywigff M. , , .. i, ymgw, ,. V My - - VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . Front Row, left to right: Lee Orr, Dane Marcinowski, Charles Dunn. Arnold Bentley, Rudy Bilich, Dick Daugherty, Tom Leehan. Second Row: Vic Connors, Roger McElhiney. Bill Podoll. Although the Redskins had nineteen returning lettermen from last year's squad they still lacked the predominating size and weight, which is vitally need- ed on the gridiron. To overcome this handicap, the boys showed a great fighting spirit and good sportsmanship. They ended the season with three victories and four losses. The Senior lettcrmen are Arnold Bentley, Rudy Bilich, Charles Dunn, Lee Orr, Bill Podoll, Richard Daugherty, Tom Leehan, Dane Nlarcinowski, and Charles Connors. Arnold Bentley and Bill Podoll were selected by the team to play for the VVest in the Annual All-Star game in Erie. We, the boys of the ,47 football team, wish to extend our thanks to Coach Lisek and Assistant Coach Freeburg for their patience and hard work to make our tcam what it was. 0 Albion Harborcreek 12 0 Albion Conneaufville 21 27 Albion Edinboro 0 23 Albion Cambridge Springs 0 0 Albion Girard 12 7 Albion Lawrence park 5 6 Albion North East 12 First Row, left to right: Jack Chapin, Robert Long, Jack Mclntire, Dick Carr, John Bryan, Charles Pacak, Louie Weaver, Gerry Salhoff, :Gerald Swanson. Second Row: Dick Daugherty, Charles Dunn, Arnold Bentley, Roger McElhiney, Tom Leehan, Rudy Bilich, Dane Marcinowski, Lee Orr, Bill Podoll, Vic Connors, Paul Madden. Third Row: Gerry Crosby, Charles Carberry, Bob Lang, Carl Johnson, Steve Wolchik. Dick Rose, Bill Chuzie, Bob Smock, Joe Kulik, Bob Snyder, Bill Davis. Fourth Row: Coach Freeburg. Paul Parker, George Winiarczyk, Bill Young, Bill Wallace, Lester Tharpe, Harold Connors, Coach Lisek. ?,,l EEL: 1 . ,N JUNIOR HI BASKETBALL . . . Front Row, left to right: Dick Taylor, Jim Ticknor, George Winiarczyk. Second Row: Harold Youngs, Bob Snyder, Ronny Demmery, Don Harpst, Bill Bristol. Third Row: Warren Harpst, Ed Strasser, Jim Caldwell, Charles Woodworth, Paul Parker, Clair Cherry, Coach Cassidy. The ,Iunior Hi's first practice was very impressive to their Coach, Mr. Cassidy. Forty boys turned out for the first practice but Coach Cassidy had to cut his squad to 15 members. The squad's first team was built around the three returning lettermen - Demmery, Snyder, and Harpst. Although they showed fighting spirit they lacked the necessary height and experience. The lettermen for the 47-4-8 season are Ronny Demmery, Bob Snyder, Don Harpst, Grover Beam, Harold Youngs, Bill Bristol, and Myron Cherry. The boys made steady improvement throughout the year and ended the season with 4 victories against 10 defeats. 15 Albion Edinboro Albion Linesville 21 Albion W. Springfield Albion Cambridge Springs 26 Albion Springboro Albion Lawrence Park 26 Albion Edinboro Albion Cambridge Springs 16 Albion W. Springfield Albion Academy 17 Albion Springboro Albion Conneautville 26 Albion Lawrence Park Albion Linesville .IUNICR VARSITY Right to Left: Harold Connors, Gerry Connors, Gerry Crosby, Robert Long, Carl Jhonson, Bob Smock, John Bryan, Steve Wolchik, Dick Rose, Stanley McClintock, Dick Koski, Gerald Swanson, Eugene Shearer, Coach Freeburg. For the second year Mr. Freeburg has coached the Junior varsity squad into a fairly smooth working team. The experience these boys gained while playing Junior Varsity Basketball, enables them to hold a better position on the Varsity team in the coming year. The lettermen leaving the squad are Richard Koski, Gerald Swanson, Gerald Connors, Bob Long, Stanley McClintock, Bob Smock, Richard Bose and john Bryan. BASEBALL . . . Front Row, left to right: Harold Cnnnors, Bill Podoll, Ward Norton, Lester Tharpe, Vic Connors, Orest Seneta, Paul Madden, Dick Rose, Vernard Pond. Second Row: Mr. Freeburg, Dick Daugherty, Bill Merritt, John Patton, Scott Sherretts, Dick Carr, Gerald Swanson, Ed Williams, Jack Tower, Bernard Onachila, Kenneth Nye. For the second year Alhi has fielded a baseball team under the direction of Coach Freeburg. The lack of hitting power and pitchers was a disadvantage to the team. Nevertheless, they ended the season with two wins against six defeats, which was a great ilnprovenlent over the previous year. The Senior lettermen are Jack Tower, Elwin Einhipple, and Scott Sherretts. - Victory, Victory, is our cry 2 bits 4 bits V-I-C-T-O-R-Y A re we with them? Wffll I guess Albion High School Yes! Yes! Yes! 6 bits, u dollar Everyone from Albion Stand up and holler Yea Albion! Q SENIOR HI CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HI CHEERLEADERS 4 JUNIOR HI TOURNAMENT . . . Left to right: Harold Youngs, Milton Erb, Harold Taylor. Jack Augustine, George Carson. The fourth annual ,lunior Hi Basketball Tournament opened its doors on March 4th with eight invited ,Ir-Hi teams participating. At the end of Thursday night's games we found lfdinboro, West Springfield, Cambridge Springs, and Albion in the Championship brackets with McKean. Springboro, W'aterford and Conneautville in the Consolation braket. Friday night's battles found Springfield and Cambridge left to battle it out for the chauipionshipg while Waterford and Springboro were left to fight for the Consolation prize. Although Albion played a hard and furious battle they weren,t quite up to the Cambridge Springs 'sBlue Devilsf, Un the final night a eapaeity crowd withnessed the ujunior Bismisn of XVater- ford nose out the 66Springers,' of Springboro for the Consolation awards: while the E'Kittens', of Wfest Springfield pitted the uBlu.e Devils of Cambridge Springs for the Championship. After the games an All-Star team was presented to the spectators. Five play- ers were picked by the coaches whose teams participated in the tournament and they were picked by their playing of the first two nights. Our own Alhi fresh- man, Harold Youngs, was among those ehosen. The others who were included were ,lack Augustine and George Carson from Wfest Springfield, 'Vlilton Erb and Harold Taylor of lfdinboro. Awards were then presented to ,lack Augustine for being high scorer and to Robert Carr of Springboro for being high foul scorer. ln addition to the Championship trophy presented to West Springfield. a Championship Runner-up trophy was presented to Cambridge Springs. Yvaterford was given the Consolation trophy and Springboro the Runner-up. lndividual medals for each player were presented to the team winning the trophy. The tournament was enjoyed by everyone and we want to thank the speeta- tors for their cooperation in making it a success. SNAPS PA'- LYS 3 'LF' x X, . xo XO 55 x HXXX T fx 6' 5 'X YG f QM1?QQb 323 AFX A X f xl Tk A Uxxx X 0. V ' v f Af Nu xxxjxx 5 9 400 mmf Q 1: xy Xgk 5 .X U 'WNQXXK 5 1 QQ? A bgkx Y. S ax ll X ' xy 'LQ "H X Sieffy . . Glamour boy . . Ginny . . The new look . . Boss lady . . Future sislers-in-law Delores and Nuisance . . K. P. Memories . . Our Band unfit .,,, if Wk f-I-gr L ,K 5- Ssfi A ff A 5 Y ' ,F 'f , z A 3' :.:-" , . A i 8 if if M1ss SGIVICS Stanon of 48 Semor Stand at the Fan' Legs . . Margie workm . . We dxdni know" ln ev--p..... .W .MM we-..., 1 A M-we Cousins . . "Ye Ole Swimmin' 'O1e" . . Louise's man . . Caught in the act!! . . Senior lassies . . Ai the beach . . Hockey fans . . Freshie fashions . . Voice of Ambition .nd Pals . . Takin' it easy . . Buddies . . Jeane . . Coach Joe's family . . Winter fun Loafin' on the job . . Thai's a lotta bull . . Tommy and Jimmy . . Our hula dancer v '.: 1 ,Q f , ' 5 mu? kunfg WE iiiwm ev 2 , Q Q'- 'Q A :W lg' Q A Q , -7 iv.: ' 1 'M' ' L. " 2' Q F A I, . A , 1 , . . it 'K K 5 vi 9 ' we E-fig' WY 'QV .AQ Q f fam 'I of uv Q, t we A V9 ESI S TERRORS OF ENGLISH . . . If an S and an I, and an O and a U, With an X at the end spell Su, And an E and a Y and E spell I, Pray what is a speller to do? it Q 4? Then if also an S and an I and a G And a H E D spell side, T here's nothing much left for a speller to do But go commit siouxeyesighed. ii it it Lives of great men oft remind us We can build up wealth in time, By cutting church on Sunday morn And saving up that little dime. Q 5 it "I would I were a birdf' she sang, And each disgusted one Thought to himself wickedly, "I would I were a gun." it it if? Lives of Seniors all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And by asking foolish questions Take up all the teachefs time. if 6 Ur You can take a horse to water, But you can,t make him drink: You can take a pony to class, But you canit make it think. G it if Great big pads of leather, Great big caps of felt, Make the football fellows, Look as though thegfd melt. 4 48 ir Our father fell upon the ice Because he could not stand - He saw the glorious stars and stripes WV e saw our fatherland. it B 4 Mary had a little head Its fleece with gold aglow, She topped it with a new-style hat, And hid a movie show. 1? 15 it I crept upstairs, my shoes in my hand lust as the night took wing - And I saw my Pa four feet above Doing the same darn thing. 3 Q Tk "Your teeth are like the starsf' he said. The maidenis eyes grew bright. "Your teeth are like the starsf, he said, "they all come out at nightf' ADVERTISING O L0 UPLI WE VPS OF Swanson Boat Oar Factory ALBION PBNNQYLVANIA O Compliments Of H I LL and TH RASH ER Cranesville, Pa. Compliments Of ALBION RECREATION Compliments SANITARY FARMS DAIRY Erie, Pa. Miss Oakes - "What is a spinal cord?" Susan Byers-"A ridge of bones. 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D. 42 ROIIU-3 6N courteous convenient loan. . , Alblon, Pe-nn'a I g I Congratulations to GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 FIRST NATIONAL BANK GENEVIEVE'S BEAUTY SALON AT ALBION Phone 582 Lundys Lane I 1 i pil: il: -I- COMPLIMEN TS OF Albion Area's Physicians and Dentists L. R. UMBURN. M. D. W. D. HUSTEAD. D. D. S. G. J. GREER. M. D. G. A. RIZNER. M. D. C. M. BARNS. D. D. S. P. A. CLEMENT. D. D. S. J. R. FRIEND. D. C.. N. D. FINAL EXAM . . . TRUE-FALSE 1. ' Bill Blair is the guy with most alibis. ., . 2. Phyllis Fobes has never had a boyfriend. .. .... . ,..,. . . ., 3. Ida Lou Hill has natural curly hair. ........,......,....... . 4. Margaret Peters has no idea what a diamond looks like. ....,.....,........... , 5. Adam and Louise Hodack are the first married couple to graduate from Alhi. .....,.,..........,.... . 6. Charlie Dunn's interest is in tall girls. .,.......,.,........... . 7. Maurice Lindell never has his lessons. ................,...... . 8. Louie Weaver has the best physique in the Junior Class. Donna Mae Teed has never experienced milking a cow. . .. Mary Rood's interest in Girard is strictly confined to 9. 10. teams. .....................,. . COMPLETION l. ..,..,.......,..,... ....... .,.....,. . . 2. .................... .,........,.....,.. . was ping-pong champ for two years. is married to a former Alhi teacher. their ball 3. Members of Alhi faculty who served in the armed services are .. and 4. ....,..,.......,.... ,.... .,..,....., , is always seen in the music room. 5. Albion won ,..,.....,.. league basketball games. 6. ....,..,.,.....,...,........ is the teacher who enjoys laughing. 7. ,... ....... a nd ........,....,.,.....,.. are football co-captains. 8. .... ,...... a nd ....,...,...........,....,.. are the most popular Senior couple. 9. .,..,..,.,..,....,.. , ......,....,.,....., , graduated from Alhi. and .. ,. ..,..... are high school teachers who 10. ......, .,.......,.......... a nd .,..... ,.... a re Alh1's All-Round boy and girl. MULTIPLE CHOICE l. Ed Knapp plays the drum sax trumpet. 2. Lee Orr is always never seldom seen with Betty. 3. The Band will look awful snazzy cute in their new uniforms. 4. Mr. Lisek teaches girls' ballet shorthand gym. 5. Steffy is our champion cherry apple pumpkin pie baker. 6. Wilda Otis' feet remind usrof. L booties, sailboats suitcases. 7. After the basketball games we always go to the Swan J'ohnson's Pulakos. The Seniors were worried quite sure positive Hal Harrington would graduate with them. 9. Mildred Joslin always seldom never has a way to get to s 10. Gerald Swanson looks up down sideways at his teachers. 8. MATCHING Arnold Bentley 1. 2. Roger McElhiney 3. George Harrington Miss Kingsley 5. Nick Kategianes 6. Delores Graves Dick Brooks 8. Virginia Wallace 9. Josephine Lascek 10. 4. 7. Harry Suscheck Charlie .......... l. 2. The Shape .,.... 3. artist ...,..,,.,...... 4. poet .....,.......... 5. typical farmer .............., 6. guns ............,... 7. highest individual scorer chool. 8. most popular Senior boy . . 9. semmester graduate ,..,...,.. 10. ninth grade girls ..,.,..,..,.. . QQ. ' Q, M. 'FH- .1 -x.,, Q N , ,,.,-- 4 'il J J J . 4 , 1, .,:. , , n W. - 12' if W 1 R 1 , ,, .. , Wg., ,, Xe ,, X' A-,nin.4g,f I az' ? :E k7.f'lE xr f f,l,Q3 ' 31: .J Q. 4 , '.Z 0 421 f b x ii: QQ - 'lf' 4 - X, HEY ,. .,,..:, X 2 i . Q L: "Z 'Riga i5.g5:r15.i:szE: Pf"':"f -'-"-' U ' " K, ww- ::,::fW"""F"' 2' 5:2 , fffzi-f f 2 , .,,5:-- ' ,,. ., ::EfE' A, V ' " Hz. . Q 1 , 35 W S 13: S .,, X .H WWW 4 2 3, ,L gg, . , ,V ' ' .:..g,g,f:ai5:-,: .. :., ' 2:21 g: A ,K 1' .ag f:: ':. f A -q V, ' .,.,: 1 ,r V3 . W wiifkgwiv 5 V ' zs' -W 4 iv , N N 3 ,,, A li mm" X Ui , fffuh' K viii? N ,QQ - if 2 Q, 2 A- JFK 5 Q :af 9 Af ,E -1 S ' xx ' 1 w 4

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