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.W ?', 1 .2 Mx N S . .. K "' 4 ,. I S - J'fQf?i?'f.i2J-Q ,fr .4u?5.f N' ' x F' ,, i . '-. N ' - , .. 's '. I4'4Ji7',vf -. bi-v ' -'T' - , .+',,. P, ' 6721- 'J- I -aff,I.,5X:AX .1 I .-,ay I ,ff TI IIII:?,II , ,.IQI,.- 4 ' Y 4 ' ' 'S fin- . . . - - - I -. . Y--. -R:f.i-.Y ' , pf ---Av .f - f ,ff - ., 'H -4. ,.I N " -gg I II - I I -rn I- ... ,. II . w -- I - I I ' NSQ- Y:-f:-L A -:-'UI . "-25' 4. "'ii7Tf':' 4 5 45 wg - -fb Hg, .. XE Q5 ' f-. . 'wg ff' 1 .ef I -'I .- .I IILI F yd, Nh, - - -... - . L. .' I I ,Ii I ix, . xxx II .h ,MI I, ,,r!...-2. II, 15,.3I,IIIII ww II ...f . ,.,.- ,Z-,I,.I gi -,IXwc.,IkIII .SI I I II I I I III, fc I, ,... I f I, P "'g'f'1f. " 3'vx..1 - W "Wy.'-"H 4 .fu -.P 'Ff+?.f ' J. - u 551' - - , .5 a.. . if ' 'r -1 - "af - - 2- -' .4-ff. 'A ' ,' '. - ' ' Nm - xg QTY 4 5- if ' "ily 45" " - T'44f'- 9' '-.if LY 47- 44' .' Mb . 4 " 4 ' 4 f ,ig x IIN' . 'grad -II,1j'Zg4'IggI,I . - 4 glafg-'S - -M . -,Uv , I :.',- qc ,Q --.- - - . U I : ,.,I. , - L "XIII Q -.3 . "XE,-" ,M - ' F. Q 4 : - - -f ,,,- f,,,,. ff' . f - J -. I II . .. ,III , ,I I I .I , -S I I I -I. , . I . .I . I I s-,XA-xg I . IIIIQKI II,-QM A - -1-as -f"d'wI:I,,I:II:I I, If 'I ,, I I ,lJ.,fI L , "- ' 4 X ' 7 -. . I. f. 1' .Hf- I I. - ' dr 'I- - . ' -M Pi' , ' , - 15- , .,, ' - ' . -in ... - - 'Q ' Q .. 5- .'f - K- ' - .4 ' -" ,.- - ' .- 4 -- -. 3 . . 'QT 91- ,sg V'2""' .uf-' .' ff . - an XIII -,L I.. I I Z., 9-.-' - '1 . . ' I, ,g A ,L ,M --, 'I -- ,f 1II- ,. , I , .r .r I 7. ,I. ' ' .I . an I- , " I , -.- .Z ,, N F . 'Y S - - , I- I , . is IIQI I 1 'Q jfs. .KI .III II II . I2 I I I 3. . 1- "'5,.. . - ' fs., 4' 1 .LSI 1 , S . . . ,4 . . - -f 4 - '. - .- -' ' " ' " --'--. -.. . -- P ,, . I ,-,I ' ' 1 ILS A g-.j " . Q.- - -' - . f-:wt. f' ' .L '-- -- B , ' I III-I5 I :..,, an IILI . . - "' " - -ff . , 'nf' ' . 1 A f .. . .---'r N - ig , . V K . .1 . J II, ' , I , N- A , " If - 3 -41, Z . X . , . . , , I . ' . A 4? J - " 1---f -1.1- 4 v ., 4 , -.," X4 4 V 1" . J., I , V, I .NI ' II III Q. ,E-' ,..,I 4 4, g I ,vm III I I .x,- . f ci., I. " 4 I -II, I I., I I . .--V .. . -. F ' 4 - -- Y , ,. x I -, ' ,4 ' '. f, fj '- - "A ' f. ' if . -. Q .--Q . I . ICI 1, . Im .I II,.II . II I V- 'X 4's. -' M ' . ,T-4""' '--5 ' 5-' ' -fr I , J-, . , -:I . wi . ' I I -5.-'I-pf k f,:'i,:" Y. ' 'I I I I ' 3- I- R I, I , ' ' ' ' f5f....' f-" up-' . f . 'N 'ti ' ' 4' Q ,.. . nf' 'F - 1-, - I ,A ,. . . KI I .- j, I . -I -2 II I I ISI .xI:. If. sggg . .I I 'Iv ' gf 4:29 II'?",IIT-.. 1..,II- . . II II In I, -T ' . 'YC' 5 fel,C ff. 'V - 1 ""5E., 7:11 4 . 15. Fl 4' A 1ii:1"-.:'?5"' 4 ' EQ Aff 'f- --- '- A ' 3.--JI. 1? " ,. .- ' '54 fi' t : f f .' .F A- ' ':-T 11. ' X a "dw Q' "' 4 .sn ' . -L an . 5- ' - . ' .. f-.. - --. . : Q- .,. - -' .. ., Q, - V. 1 - 1 - - . 3 13 , +L- .I IIy - . I -, II I f ZII 7 IIIIN IIII, 173: -fIIv XI I I 1 K. . I w,. , I .. mv .- - se ,, f' " If ,,. qv- JF. ii- - f ,III5 I 1. .' f' : LI., ,ix -,. ., . ..,g:.. .I II, r.-1 rain! .P ang?" . . " '17 - 'G N51-M., 4, W" , f'-Y' CT'-,gg ar f' 4,2 1 J HlHI Alma Mater Albion High School, Alma Maier ' School we love so well Let each loyal son and daughier, Loud her praises tell. Time andfaiih will bear us onward Scatter us afar Lei ihe lessons you have laugh! us Be our guiding siar. The Class of 1945 Albion High School f f Albion, Pennsylvania ALHI 1945 Presentation DEDICATION CLASSES ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES FACULTY SPORTS ALHI STAFF FEATURES SENIoRS PATRONS Foreword ln the face of certain shortcomings, the Senior Class of 1945 has accepted the challenge to offset these deficiencies and produce a yearbook. The present struggle would be in vain if We did not exert even a little effort to prove that those things worth having are Worth keeping. Foremost among these things are the student and the school, the mold which helps to set the student to become an all-round citizen of his community. We, Seniors of Alhi, are thankful that the citizens of our community realize the above to their fullest extent possible and enable us to continue with our edu- cation in a school equipped to develop the abilities of its pupils. As you leaf through the pages of this book, we, the Senior Class of 19415, hope that it will bring back to you fond memories of your happy and carefree days, and a realization that regardless of conditions, the true American "carries onf' ALHI. 1945 Dedication Bliss Jean Levine We, the Seniors of 1945, devotedly dedicate this Yearbook to Miss Jean Levine, faithful adviser of our Junior and Senior Years. Always on hand to help out Wherever she can in addition to her regular duties, she successfully helped us over the rough spots. During our Junior year, under her management, the Class Play entitled 6'Don't Keep Him Waitingw and the Junior and Senior Prom proved to be great successes. We are deeply indebted to her for guiding us through these last two memorable years of our High School Days at Alhi. ALHI 1945 Administration Board of Education Willard C. Johnson, E. J. L. Anderson, F. F. Foley, W. lil. Miles, T. E. Rees Not pictured is member Harry J. Smith Lt. Donald C. Thompson Supervising Principal C0n milifary lea1:e.J Dr. James E. Eicher Charles C. Gilbert Supervising Principal High 3011001 Principal ALHI 1945 Faculty Row 3-Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lindell, Mr. Cassidy, Mr. Lisek, Miss Carrara, Miss Buchanan, Mr. Bartley, Reverend Harthan, Mr. Venman. Row 2-Mr. Gilbert, Miss Feyas, Miss Timmons, Miss Kingsley, Mrs. McCurdy, Miss McNamara, Mr. Badger, Mrs. Hanna, .Miss Crojvley. Row 1-Miss Stowe, Miss Duff. Miss Leichliter, Miss Levine, Mrs. Jones, Mrs..Sm1th, Dr, Eicher. Not photographed here is Mr. Wiggins-who replaced Mr. Venman as supervisor of Agriculture. James E. Eicher University of Pittsburgh, B.S. in Ed. State College M.A. Ph. D. School Administration C0n leave from State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa.D Charles C. Gilbert Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Pennsylvania State College, M.Ed. Principal ol' A. H. S. Mathematics Jesse WI. Badger Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Art Education y Lloyd T. Bartley State Teachers College Ithaca College B.S. Music Education Ruth I. Buchanan Allegheny College, B.A. Spanish, Physical Education Irene K. Carrara Pennsylvania State College, B.A. English Paul S. Cassidy Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. Pennsylvania State College Science, Pre-Flight lwargaret lw. Crowley Mercyhurst College B.S. Home Economics Alice Eliazbeth Duff Grove City College, B.A. Social Studies lwary Agnes Feyas Villa Maria College, B.S. Commercial lllrs. Thelma Hannah Edinhoro State Teachers College University ol' Pittsburgh Elementary Subjects F. W. Harthan Ohio Northern, Ph.B. Social Studies lllrs. Veryl Jones Edinboro State Teachers College Elementary Education Ruth Kingsley Western Reserve University, B.A. Flora Stone Mather College Mathematics lllartha Jean Leichli ter State Teachers' College, California, Pa., B.S. English-School Secretary Jean Levine Allegheny College, B.A. English Samuel Lewis Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Vocational Agriculture Ernest Lindell Taylor University, B.A. Mathematics, Geography, Shop Joseph J. Lisek, Jr. Drake University, B.S. Physical Education lVIrs. Willa lWIcCurdy Edinboro State Teachers College California State Teachers College Elementary Education lllaude lVIeNamara Edinboro State Teachers College Duke University Elementary Education Helen S. Smith Edinboro State Teachers College Lock Haven Penn State, B.S. Elementary Education Dlary L. Stowe Edinboro State Teachers College Elementary Subjects Charles S. Wiggins Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Agriculture ALHI 1945 Alhi StaH - 1945 The Alhi StaH Grace Kategianesv- ,,.-..A,,,, Ediior Agnes Nakich ..., - , Rozella Ulan, . - Grace Connors- . - Helen Smock ..., Elaine Thomas- , - - ,Assistant Editor Business Manager , , , - - ,Advertising - , - - ,Secretary - - - -Treasurer Shirley Patton .... ...,,. C lass Editor Ruth Robison ..., .,,, C lass Prophecy Doris Kerns ...., Fred Woodworth - , - , , ..., Literary Editor -------,Spvris Llnnle Drury ...., ..,.,.,,.,.... A ri lllary I. Kaufer ....,,, Sam lWIcArthur, , , J.- , Jack Youngs .... Miss Irene Carrara ..,. ,,,,,,,. A dviser Greetings , Home Economics ,-,-,,,,Science - - - ,Class Will The Alhi Stall' enjoyed working on the yearbook and we hope that it will provide you with many hours of enjoyment both now and in the years to come. We have tried to put between its covers a lasting picture of Albion High School days both for the Seniors and the lower olassmen. We hope that it will also afford enjoyment to those boys who are not graduating with us because they were called by Uncle Sam. We wish to thank Miss Carrara, the business people, Alhi students, and others who helped in making this yearbook a success. THE ALHI STAFF SENIHHS Senior Class Officers J ack Merritt, 'Vice Presidenib Grace Kategiancs, Presidenij Agnes Nakich, Secretaryb Fred Woodworth, Treasurer. AIJII 1945 Ti?" TQ' i7'Q' "P'i"Q" "?'?"Qv"'l" "T'?""5' "l""Y"Q" "I" ' HAROLD ASON Class Play. 3 Football, 1 Mixed Chorus, 1 Science Club, 4 Course-Academic A mbition-Aviation LOIS CALDWELL Mixed Chorus, 3, 4 Glee Club, 2 Play, 2 Home Ec. Club, 4 English Club, 4 Tri-Hi-Y Club Treasurer, 4 Cafeteria, 3 Course-Academic Ambition-Nurse GRACE CONNORS Class Play, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Alhi Staff, 4 All-County gym exhibition, Secretary. 3 All-County Chorus, 1 Student Council, 2 Press Club, 3, 4 Math Club, 4 G. A. A., 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Librarian, 1, 2 Inter-class basketball, 1, 2, Course-Academic Ambition-Navy Nurse DANIEL DOUGLAS Agriculture, 2, 3, 4 Ag watch dog, 3 Press Club, 2 Treasurer, 2 Chorus, 1 Course-General Ambition-Farmer IIARRY DRURY Basketball, 1, 2, 3 Football, 3, 4 Dramatics, 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, 2 F. F. A., 3 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Boys Chorus, 1, 2 Course-Academic Am bi tion-Chicken Farm KITTY DRURY Press Club, 4 Home Ee. Club, 4 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Cafeteria, 2, 3, 4 Course-General Ambitione- To be a Success LINNIE DRURY Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Home Economics Club, 4 Press Club, 4 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Cafeteria, 2, 3 Course-General Ambition-To be a Success FRANCES DURAN Class Secretary, 3 Press Club, 3 Play, 3 Commercial Club, 4 Gir1's Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Acapella, 1, 2 Cafeteria, 3 Volley Ball, 1, 2, 4 Mushball, 2, 3 Course-Commercial Ambition-Stenographer AIJII 1945 ELEANOR E. EINHIPLE Home Ee. Cluh, 4 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria, 2, 3 Course-General Ambition-Nurse JOHN FRENZEL F. F. A., 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 All-County Chorus, 1. Science Club, 4 Boy's Chorus, 2 Course-General Ambition-Air Corps Mechanic JULIA GLUS Play, 3 Treasurer, 3 Press Club, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1. 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mushball, 1, 2, 3 Home Ee. Club, 4 Course-General Ambition-To be a Success JOHN W. HOROSCHUCK Play. 3 Speaker, 3 Course-General AmbitionwTo be a Modern Farmer ' GRACE KATEGIANES President, 4 Plays, 2, 3, 4 Editor School Paper, 3 Editor Yearbook, 4 G. A. A., 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. Tearnleader, 3 Pres. Commercial Club, 4 Secretary, 2 Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Office Secretary, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3 All-County Chorus, 1 All-County Exhibition. 1 Sports Queen, 2 Business Mgr. Athletic Association Press Club, 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary MARY IRENE KAUFER Band, 1. 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus. 1, 2, 3, 4 All-County Chorus, 1 Librarian, 1, 2 Cafeteria, 2, 3 News Reporter, 2 Play Prompter, 3 Tri-lli-Y, 4 Voice Class, 4 Alhi Staff. 4 English Club, 4 Hume Ee. Club, 4 Play, 4 Course-Academic Ambition-Navy Nurse DORIS KERNS Chorus, 1. 2, 3. 4 G. A. A., l, 2, 3 Class Play, 3 Treasurer, 3 Acapella. 2, 3 Math Club, 4 Press Reporter, 3, 4 Debate, 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Alhi Stalf, 4 All-County Chorus, 1 lnterelass Basketball, 2, 3 Reporter, 3 Voice Class, 4 Course-Academic Ambition-To be different ALBERT KLOBUSNIK Ag., 2, 3, 4 Vice President Ag., 1 President, Ag., 2 Treasurer Ag., 3 Reporter of Ag.. 4 Student Council, 2, 3 Press Club, 3 Course-General Ambition-General Shop Worker AIJII 1945 "P"Qf"Y"Q" PAUL LA SCEK Football, 2 F. F. A., 3 Patrol, 1 Course-Academic Ambition-Aviator BOB LAYVR ENCE Voc, Ag., 2, 3 President F. F. A.. 3 Vice President Math Club, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3 All-County Chorus, 1 Football, 2, 3, 4 All Star East-lVest Gam:-, 4 All County Team, 4 Vice President, 1 Boys Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Course-A cademic Amhitionf-Merchant Marines ERNEST McINTIRE Chorus, l, 2 Band, 2 Newspaper Staff. 1, 2 Boys Chorus. 1, 2 Course-Academic Ambition-To become an Engineer JAMES DICNEISII Band. 2, 3 Boys Chorus, 1, 2 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2 Course-Acadrmic Ambition-To be a Success ilf"7'ii"'T"Q-"'l""l"iY"Qf"7"Q" '7'Q""Y'?" 2 z JACK MER RITT Football, 4 Class Officer, 1, 2, 3, 4 sCourse--General Ambi tion-Undecided WILLA RD MILLER Voc. Ag, 2, 3 Football, 4 Mushball, 1, 2 Plays, 2, 3 Student Council, 3 Chorus, 1 Course-General Amhi tion-Navy THELMA MINUTELLO Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria, 2, 3 Home Ee. Club, 4 Course-Home Economics Ambi tion-Beau tician AGNES NAKICH President, l Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4 Secretary, 4 Play, 2, 3 President Home Ec. Club, Student Council, 2, 3 Press Club, 2, 3, 4 Mushhall, l, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Assistant Editor Alhi, 4 4 Course-Vocational Ambition-To hc a Success 10 ALHI 1945 ' PAUL ONACHILA Vocational Ag., 2, 3 Football, 4 All County Football, 4 Course-General Ambition-'Undecided WILLIAM PANKO Voc. A ., 2, 3, 4 Footbai, 4 Course-General Ambition-Undecided SHIRLEY PATTON All County Chorus, 1 Cheerleader, 3 Secretary, 1 Plays, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Alhi Staff, 4 Acapella, 3 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 G. A. A., 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club, 4 Press Club, 3, 4 Librarian, 1, 2 Interelass Basketball, 1, 2, 3 Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary RUTH ROBISON History Club, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 All County Chorus, 1 Cafeteria, 3 Alhi Staff, 4 Course-Academic Ambition-To travel HELEN SMOCK Play, 4 Cheerleader, 3, 4 Class Play, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Commercial Club, 4 lllixed Chorus, 2, 3 Alhi Staff, 4 Gym Exhibition, 1 All County Chorus, 1 Press Club, 3, 4 V. Pres. Commercial Club, 4 G.A.A.,1, 2, 3 Librarian, 2 G, A. A. Teamleader, 3 lnterclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing, 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-S tenographer GLADYS STEVENS Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Cafeteria, 2 Commercial Club, 4 Alhi StaH', 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary WI LLIAM SUSCHECK - Mixed Chorus, 1, 2 Boys Chorus, 1, 2 F. F. A., 2, 3, 4 Course-General Ambition-To have a business ol' my own VERONICA TERCHO Gym, 1 All County Chorus, 1 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club, 4 Course-Commercial Ambition-Undecided AIJII 1945 ELAINE THOMAS Vice President, 3 Commercial Club, 4 Tri-Hi-Y Club, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 4 Play, 2, 3 School Paper Staff, 3 Yearbook Staff, 4 Librarian, 2 Cafeteria, 1, 2 Course-General AmbitionfBeautician RUTH TOMLINSON Student Council, 3 Press Club, 2 Girls Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Play, 3 Home Economic Treasurer, 4 Course--General Ambition-To bc a Success ROSELLA ULAN Editor Indian Dispatch, 4 Press Club Reporter, 2 Dramatic Club, 2, 4 Mixed Chorus, 1 All County Chorus, 1 Student Council, 3 Home Economics Club, 2, 4 Play, 3, 4 Alhi Staff, 4 Librarian, 2, 3 Cafeteria, 2 Course-Voc. Home Economics Ambition-Home Ee. Teacher DANE WARNER Science Club, 4 Band, 1 Safety Patrol, 1, 2 Interclass Basketball, 3, 4 Play, 4 Press Club, 3 Course-Academic Ambition-Electrical Engineer DUANE WEIDLER School Patrol, 1, 2, 3 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Director, 3, 4 President Music Association, 4 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Boy's Chorus, 2, 3 Acapella Choir, 2, 3 Projection Crew, 2, 3, 4 Class President, 2, 3 Press Club, 2, 4 Football Mgr., 1 Plays, 2, 3 Science Club, 4 Alhi Staff, 4 Ccu rse-General Ambition-To Succeed DONALD WOLFE Wrestling, 2 Football, 3 Play, 3, 4 Football, 4 Basketball. 4 President Science Club, 4 Course--General Ambition-Eat lots, sleep plenty, die many times FRED WOODWORTH Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Acapella Choir, 3, 4 Boys Chorus, 3 Class Plays, 2, 3, 4 ' ' All County Gym Exhibition, 1 All County Chorus, 1 All County Band, 1 Math Club, 4 Student Council, 2, 3, 4 Pres. Student Council, 4 Alhi Staif, 4 Treasurer, 4 Basketball, 3, 4 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Course-Academic Ambition-To be a good pilot and to get along with the world JACK YOUNGS Band, 1 Alhi Staff, 4 All-County Chorus, 1 President Math Club, 4 Football, 4 Mixed Chorus, 2 Plays, 2, 3, 4 Course--Academic Ambition-To be a good pilot AIJII 1945 Not pictured but grad- uating with the class are: Mike Rock Henry Halchin Sam lIcArthur Tereszll Naglowski Senior MILDRED YOUSCHAK Play, 3 Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3 Girls Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Home Economics Club, 4 Mushball, 1, 2, 3 Cafeteria, 3 Course-General Ambition-Beautician Advisers iliss Irene Carrara Miss Jgan Levine Alhi Adviser Senior Class Adviser 13 AIJII 1945 Class Will We the Senior Class of l945, being of sane mind CEU and body, do hereby proclaim this, our Last Will and Testament on this, the first day of May, one thousand nine- hundred and forty-tive: Harold Ason-Bequeaths his ability to grow to be a big tall man to Steve Gallant. Lois Caldwell-Bequeaths unto Doris Hewitt a book on '6Today l Am A Woman." Grace Connors-Wills her barnyard travels to Jean Johnson Daniel Douglas-Wills his wartime courtesy to customers to Mickey McBeth. Harry Drury-Wills his perfect atten- dance to Judd Harrington. Kitty Drury-Wills her horse and buggy to Grace Randall. Linnie Drury-Wills her interest in school to Louise Coonfer Frances Duran-Wills her bus ride to Frances Lasher. Eleanor Einhiple-Wills her interest in Home Ec. to Mary Onuschak. John Frenzel-Doesn't will his journeys to Pont to anyone. Julia Glus-Wills her plow to Bob Hilgendorf. Henry Halchin-Wills l1is boisterous- ness to John Bausch. John Horoschuk-Wills his curly hair to Harold Teed Grace Kategianes-Wills her happy times to Joyce Shiely. lllary Irene liaufer-Wills her Spot in the band to Genevieve Peters. Doris Kerns-Wills her singing voice to Harold Madden. Albert Klobusnik-Wills his double checking assignments to Bill Blair. Paul Lascek-Wills his garage talent to the next fellow with a Ford. Bob Lawrence-Wills his tractor to Bob Powell. Sam McArthur-Wills Albion High School to anyone who will take it. Ernest Mclntire-Wills his studious- ness to Bay Miller. James NIcNeish-Wills his rest seat at the Bessemer to Fisher. Jack Merritt-Wills his good neighbor policy to Donald Richardson. Willard Nliller-Wills his "knock down and dragout technique to Fred Moon. Thelma Minutello-Wills her long walk Lo Vic Connors. Theresa Naglowski-Leaves her reputa- tion as a man-hater to Betty Bright. Agnes Nakich-Wills her scientific mind to Margaret Smith. Paul Onachila-Wills his bashfulness to Russell Fobes. William Panko-Leaves before any- thing else happens to him. Shirley Patton-Wills her defensive tactics to anyone else who needs them. Ruth Robison-Wills her ability to master any subject to the Ball Brothers. Mike Rock-Wills his oar finishing speed to Ronald Taylor. Helen Smock-Wills her laugh to Jess Cunningham. Gladys Stevens-Wills her shyness to Mary Ann Wolfe. AIJII 1945 Class Will Continued William Suscheck-Wills his romancin g on the bus to Clifford McQuaid. Veronica Tercho-Wills her neatness to Dracilla. Elaine Thomas-Wills her ride on the "Bessemer Bullet" to Helen Scott. Ruth T omlinson-Wills her blonde hair to Joe Buschak. Rozella Ulan-Wills her armed forces strategy to the Navy. Dane Warner-Wills his mechanical genius to Pete Mitchell. Duane Weidler-Wills his technique on the trumpet to Harry James. Donald Wolfe-Leaves Finally. Fred Woodworth-Wills his beak to the next gobbler in line. Jack Youngs-Wills his dry humor to any Junior who is all-wet. Mildred Youschak-Wills her figure skating to Bay Stadler. The Alhi Staff-Leaves the Adviser Miss Carrara, to the next year's staff. We hope they are more thoughtful than we are. g To the Dear Freshmen-Some red paint to harmonize with their greeness, and all available toys not used by the sophomores, to while away the dreary study hall hc-urs. To the Sophomores-The marvelous two-year olds, who are fussy, bashful, and pessimistic, a needed shove and some self- confidence. To the Juniors-The rooms that we so tearfully abdicated, and all the drawing and gum we have left on our desks. To the entire Faculty-We leave all the amazing knowledge and startling infor- mation on our examination papers. To Miss Levine and Mr. Harthan, the girls and boys of Room 4 and 7 leave thanks for your undying patience in the morning and at noon and for after-school rushes. Class History g After finishing the first six grades and getting ready to start our seventh grade in the high school, we were quite a "devilish sort." Our spirit was high as we joined together with the other students of S'Alhi.i' Our first year here was a trying one for the upper-class men, with our 'ihustling and bustling," 'Sup and downw and 'fin and out" the halls. During the year we were in the eighth grade, we thought we had settled down somewhat, and the thing that caught our "ever graspingi' attention was the Freshman Initiation. This kept us wondering what our own would be like the fol- lowing year. Our initiation came during our Freshman year. "Yeow, what a time!" The Sophomores had us scared Hsillyf' Where was our poise? To tell the truth it had disappeared, Waiting to show up later. The night of initiation came and we had a silly time of it. Our Sophomore year we started planning our initiation for the up and coming Freshman. We thought up the most "treacherous of treachery," to try on the poor Freshman. We certainly had them frightened. Labor Day of our Junior year found us Ulaboringn over a stand of pop and ice cream. In the evening we held a dance and made very good profits which were needed greatly for our Prom. The Junior Play contributed much to our Prom and was a lot of fun. Then came the best and last of all, our Senior Year, with plans for a yearbook that is Htopsf' That poise which was spoken of earlier has made its debut this year. The only sad feature of our most promising graduation is that many of our boys and yes, our girls too, will be cff to war. We pray to God in humble prayer that He will watch over them and keep them safe from all evils. 15 ALH1 1945 Class Prophecy Today is June I, 1957 and this is your know all-tell all reporter DORIS KERNS bringing you the Alumni Party of the Class of '45 via television radio direct from Pattonis Paradise. SHIRLEY bought the restaurant after working there for ten years. Two of the Hrst arrivals are those charming gals, ELAINE THOMAS and THELMA MINUTELLO, who are the co-owners of a beauty salon on Fifth Avenue. The President of the United States JACK YOUNGS with his chic looking secretary GRACE KATEGIAN ES now enter. They have just safely arrived on "The Bullet" ably engineered by BILL PANKO. Patrolmen HENRY HALCHIN and HAROLD ASON escorted them to the restaurant. We spy AGNES NAKICH and JOHNNY FRENZEL who are arguing over whether their eldest daughter should be allowed to go out on dates. Nurses MARY IRENE KAUFER, GRACE CONNORS, and LOIS CALDWELL are discussing their beloved work. They are connected with the Walter Reed, Baltimore Memorial, and Buffalo Hospitals, respectively. They are joined by blonde ROZELLA ULAN, whose latest book "Men Prefer Blondes" Cshe should knowl has become a best seller. Waitress HELEN SMOCK now begins to serve refreshments. She is still waiting for that certain question from boyfriend, Bill. Oh well, they say life begins at 40. In a far corner we notice Air Corp Pilot JIM MCNEISH, football pro, FRED WOODWORTH, and Marine BOB LAWRENCE, trying to outdo each other with some of their best tall tales. I wonder if itis gals or fish this time. A woman listener at the edge of the group is seen to be JULIA GLUS, a fandancer at a thriving place on the East side. She beckons GLADYS STEVENS, who looks stunning in a dress designed by that ace designer, ELEANOR EIN HIPLE. The noted inventor SAMUEL MCARTHUR is sleeping in a corner. He has just invented a gadget for doing his thinking while he sleeps. Another of his inven- tions keeps track of his books and blueprints. That sultry beauty, VERONICA TERCHO, a John Robert Powers model is sitting at a table with DANE WARNER, who is a clown with the Ringling Brothers Circus. He hasn't strayed far from the antics we used to know. Surrounded by girls is DON WOLFE who has just divorced his fifth wife and is marrying his sixth, RUTH TOMLINSON, the second Tuesday of next week. Once a Wolfe, always a Wc-lf, so the saying goes. Nearby are FRANCES DURAN and PAUL ONACHILLA, who are talking with HARRY DRURY, principal of the Albion Schools, about the best school for their six year old daughter, Teresa, whom we hear was named after Paul's old flame, TERESA NAGLOWSKI. LINNIE and KITTY DRURY now own a large horse ranch down in New Mexico, which is often visited by cowboys, ALBERT KLOBUSNIK and BILL SUSCHECK. CI wonder why9J JACK MER- RITT is arguing with Professor PAUL LASCEK trying to convince him that the earth is flat. At a round table, sit a very amiable group, among whom are WILLARD MILLER, who now owns and operates the Albion Feed Mill and his secretary, MILDRED YOUSCHAK. They are becoming Wealthy selling chicken feed to the Plymouth Rock Chicken Farm operated by MIKE ROCK. He, in turn, sells his eggs to ERNEST McINTIRE, who is experimenting with them in making synthetic tires for airplanes. Ernest says if the experiment fails, just contact JOHN HOROSCHUCK, the local mortician, who will be glad to commence his life's ambition. They disturb DAN DOUGLAS, who is writing his column "Corn for the Corny" for the town's home newspaper. As the adventuress RUTH ROBISON enters, DUANE WEIDLER and his Sappy Sentimentalists give out with 6'Albion High School Alma Materl' and that's our cue to switch you back to the station. 16 ALHI 1945 All-around Boy and Girl l Fred Woodworth Grace Kategianes Grace and Fred have been selected as the All-around girl and boy of Albion High School. These two Seniors possess qualities of leadership, character, personality, and loyalty that other students of Alhi respect. Grace has been the leader of her class, a participant in almost every type of activity, well-liked by her class-mates, and an honor student. Fred has served as the President of Student Ccuncil h Alb' of Albion High School, is apopular Senior, and active in athletics. To these two seniors of w cm ion High School and its student body may be proud, we say "Carry On" for your success s also the success of Albion High. Ideal Girl Ideal Boy Hair like Frances Duran Eyes like Linnie Drury Complexion like Agnes Nakich Dimples like Kitty Drury Sweetness like Elaine Thomas Pleasantness like Eleanor Einhiple Brains like Ruth Robison Disposition like Lois Caldwell Pep like Helen Smock Neatness like Veronica Tercho Teeth like Teresa Naglowski Smile like Shirley Patton Friendliness like Mary Irene Kaufer Personality like Grace Kategianes Voice like Doris Kerns Figure like Rozella Ulan Legs like Grace Connors Freckles like Mildred Youschak Shyness like Thelma Minutello Flirt like Julia Glus Courtesy like Ruth Tomlinson Hair like John Horoschuck Eyes like Harry Drury Physique like Fred Woodworth Smile like Henry Halchin Courtesy like James McNeish Originality like Don Wolfe Personality like Jack Youngs Brains like Harold Ason Pep like Jack Merritt Voice like Duane Weidler Neatness like John Frenzel Teeth like William Suscheck Disposition like Albert Klobusnlk Dimples like Willard Miller Speed like Sam McArthur Humor like Bob Lawrence Legs like Dane Warner Arms like Bill Panko Shyness like Paul Onachila Friendliness like Paul Lascek J olliness like Dan Douglas Independent like Mike Rock Ambition like Ernest Mclntire ALH1 1945 Senior Play I J A three act comedy, "Professor, How Could You"-was the play selected by the Senior Class and supervised by Miss Martha Jean Leichliter. Keats Perry, a young professor, played by Fred Woodworth, has been offered a deanship, providing he gets married. This is a problem for Keats, for the only girl he has ever been interested in is Cleopatra. So he has asked Grandfather Perry, Don Wolfe, and his friend John Appleby, Harry Drury, and the bane of his life, Vicky Randolph acted by Shirley Patton, and the butler, Boggins, .lack Youngs to help him choose a wife. The candidates, Priscilla Morley, who is a sweet young thing, played by Bozella Ulang Valerie Whitman, the southern charmer acted by Grace Kategianesg and Tootsie Bean, the giggly lass of twenty-nine played by Helen Smock, prove to be quite a headache for him, especially when he becomes engaged to all three. Grandma Perry, acted by Mary Irene Kaufer, adds a homey atmosphere by her con- stant babying of the professor and Butcher Boy Bean, the prize fighter, acted by Dane Warner. ' A story that presents life at its best and Worst, this play will be remembered by the Seniors who participated and the audience who enjoyed its gay and light-hearted atmosphere. 18 EHISSIS Class Presidents Grace Kategianes, Harold Nladden, Paul NIcKnight, Lee Orr, Charles Pacak, Bill Keep. ALHI 1945 Here are the Freshmen . . . Green as Grass Row 6-Rudy Bilich, George White, Virgil Parker, Dane Marcinowski, Bill Chapman, Bill Church, Edwin Tanner, Dick Johnson, Harry Suscheck, Dick Brooks, Arnold Bentley, Charles Dunn. Row 5-Mr. Badger, George Roan, Edmond Galloway, Ellsworth Greenfield, Melvin Barton, Lee Orr, Tom Leehan, Bill Podoll, Dick Scott, Richard Shearer, Daniel Wheeler, Ralph Godenschwager. Row 4-Eugene Lascb, Leonard Crane, Marvin Youngs, Ann Penfield, Mary K. Hood, Margaret Peters, Esther Kmecik, Dick Briggs, John James, Billy Blair, George Harrington, Alice Sabol, Irene Sharie. Row 3-Virginia Wallace, Grace Sisak, Betty Carrier, Doris Dyne, Alice Craig, Bozine Gollmer, Steffy Wolchik, Barbara Merritt, Mary Defede, Mildred Joslin, Edith Roan, Delores Graves. Row 2-Norma Randall, Wilda Otis, Marilyn Whitney, Anna Mae Conley, Betty Somjai, Geraldine Elegeer, Dorothy Tucker, Phyllis Fobes, Josephine Lascek, Carol Connors, Geraldine Kelly. Row 1-Harold Harrington, Wayne Coonfer, Vic Connors, John Yazemiak, Nick Kategianes, Orest Seneta, Maurice Lindell. Of the approximately seventy-two members of the freshman class the following officers were elected: President, Lee Orr,Vice President, Dorothy Tucker, Secretary, Esther Kmecikg Treasurer, Nick Kategianes. At the beginning of the year the freshmen were initiated as usual. We found ourselves carrying pails and baskets full of books, and wearing ribbons of all colors. It was a lot of fun and we thank the sophomores for the good time. The class has unanimously decided on its outstanding members. The most admired girl of the freshman class is Steffy Wolchik, the mo-st admired boy is Lee Orr, and the most intelligent person of the freshman class is Maurice Lindell. The outstand- ing basketball players are Vic Connors and Nick Kategianes. 20 ALHI 1945 Then comes the Sophomores . . . with Plenty of Brass Row 6-Earl Freeman, George Eyster, Norman Stevens, Richard Schutt, Rokert Craig, Steve Tercho, Jack Prose, Eugene Einhiple, Scott Shcrretts, Paul McKnight, Sam Craig, Lyle First, Donald Smith. Row 5-Eugene Davis, Douglas Briggs, .lack Tower, Bay Sta dler, Earl Peckham, Mike Cherry, Jack Funkhouser, Frank Christy, John Teed, Robert Mosher, Prckert Salisbury, George Graff. Row 4-Barbara Carrier, Pauline Panko, Grace Hites, Jean Walts, Bernice Douglas, Lillian Curtis, Lydia Kaluzin, Marjorie Weidler, Mary Anne Wolfe, Helen VVilson, Clifford McQuaid. Row 3-Miss Ruth Buchanan, Eleanor Kean, Mary Fay Watson, Marie Leehan, Marion Kessler. Gladys Tucker, Norma Johrson. .lane Whittaker, Eugene Ball, Bill Sommerville. Row 2-Iva Robison, Norma Skeel, Marilyn Smock, June Sheldon, Marion Madden, Weltha James, Eileen Wygant, Freda Taylor, Antonetta Minutello, Jimmy Hessler. Row 1-Grace Dunbar, Phylis Neal, Anna Craig, Lucille Elegeer, Alice Klobusnilc, Marie Koltes, Ruth Duran, Alice Pavolko, Neva Shearer, Laurel Scott, Bill Kaufer, Bernard Prepel. The class elected Paul McKnight, Presidentg Mary Faye Watson, Vice Presidentg Marion Madden, Secretary, and Bob Craig, Treasurer. Tl1e main event of the year was the initiation of the Freshmen. We had three days to "torment" them. A scavenger hunt was the outstanding activity and the winners were spared from their last day of 'ctorturef' We are looking forward to our J unior-Senior Prom next year-hoping to make it one of the best at AHS. 21 ALHI 1945 These are the Juniors . . . Our ,High Spirited Class Row 7-Alexander Mikovich, Steve Gallant, Harold Teed, Harold Madden, Jim Swanson, Fred Lasher, Eugene Fisher, Ronald Taylor, Donald Mclntire, Jim Cherry, Donald Cole. Row 6-Paul Medved, Joe Haranin, Jim Kean, Dorsen Hamilton, Gerald Teed, Robert Powell, Paul Mitchell, Charlie Crosby, Jess Cunningham, Duane Hazen. Row 5-Carl Sheldon, Joe Buschak, Russell F obes, Alex Onuschak, Bob Kuhn, John Rausch, Doris Hewitt, Jane Venman, Virginia Halchin, Eloise Elegeer, Gladys Jones, Alice Dunn, Louise Coonfer. Row 4-Bob Hilgendorf, Hilda Bilich, Mildred Shkuratoff, Ruth Hites, Genevieve Peters, Lucille Malena, Grace Randall, Tillie Engle, Dolores Magner, Mary Fillak, Vera Horoschuck. Row 3-Dolores Miehl, Esther Patton, Veronica Lascek, Doris Rood, Miss Ruth Kingsley, Thelma Holder, Helen Scott, Mildred Leninsky, Vera Seneta, Mary Onuschak, Alice Hanas, Irene Marcinowski, Betty Bright, Margaret Smith. Row 2-Ray Miller, Martha Connors, Marjorie Martin, Jean Johnson, Francis Lasher, Joyce Shiely, Doris Salhoff, Jean Peckham, Julia Somjai, Bertha Sherman, Alice Conley. Row 1-Garner McBeth, Russell Beam, John Ball, Donald Richardson, Judd Harrington, Fred Moon, Pauline Winiarczyk. The Junior Class, one of the largest classes in Alhi this year, elected the follow- ing officers: President, Harold Madden, Vice President, Jean Peckham, Secretary Frances Lasher, Treasurer, Doris Hewitt. The J unioris Labor Day stand and the Junior-Senior prom were two of the high- lights of the year. 22 ALHI 1945 "'0" "'Y"W- 'I-'iF"T"Q-"'P"Q-"T"1-"'P"1' Eighth Grade I I .--- Row 4--Bobby Heath, Bill Merritt, John Patton, Elwin Hoover, Jay Stayrook, Paul Madden Edmond Knapp Charles Pacak John M dd , , a en, Dick Kendig, Ben Smith. Row 3-Miss Duff: Helen Robison Margaret Wallace Marth G'b , , a 1 ble, Ida Mae Gehr, Helen Thayer, Joanne Otis, Frank Craig. Row 2-Beverly Shiely, Helen Bristol, Rose Defede, Regina Downey, Claire VVhaley Avis McArthur, Zola Hills N , , ancy Thompson. Row 1-Martha Mitchell, Mary Elaine Connors, Norma Dodge, Lois Patten, Martha Byers, Norma Cherry, Louella Venman, Dick Wolfe. Seventh Grade Row 4-Edward Minch, Bob Smook, Robert Van Dusen, Dick Rose, Stanley McClintock, Eugene Shearer, Dick Carr Gerald Connors Ro 3 Sh' l , . w - ir ey Carskaddon, Betty Jo Consedine, Jack Flick, Lewis McBeth, Robert Long, Mr. E. Lindell. Row 2-Dorothy Eyster, Nancy Belden, Maude Bishop, Mildred Stevens, Virginia Lindell, Martha Carberry, Joyce Brooks. Harold Connors. Row 1-Leroy Canfield, Patty Gehr, Ruth Patten, Dorothy Randall, Crystal Otis, Sally Connors, Patty Boyer. 23 1945 'l""lfi'l""l""lf"O""l""l" -O" 3f'ilf'vl"il"'vl""l"'ilf"l"il""l""l' -Pu?" Buzzin' Around ,, WW.,......w.--u Top Row-Margaret Smith, Dane and Linnie . . . Eager to take oif . , . Camera Shy. Center Row!Schickle stops to picnic . . . Duane takes a ride . . . Down at the Hole swimming hole." ' R 'e the Personality kid . . . Spring fever Bottom Row-Pals, Helen Smoek and Margie . . . onn1 , and Agnes . . . The Three Musketeers. 24 HUHVIIHS 1 a ALHIg gg gg g g 1945 Student Council 1 Y w r Row 2-Dr. Eicher, Dorson Hamilton, Fred Woodworth, Jack Rose. Row 1-Norma Johnson, John Madden, Gerald Connors, Vic Connors, Julia Somjai. Not pictured but members: Harry Drury, Steffy Wolchik. The Student Council, a group of class representatives Whose duty it is to govern the students of Alhi, held its first meeting on October 23, 1944. During . . I . A hi this meeting the Council selected as its officers. President, Fred Woodwort , V ice President, Steffy Wolchikg Secretary, Julia Somjaig Treasurer, Harry Drury. During the year the Council has sponsored a number of activities, among which were a Hallovsie'en party and auction, and the placing of the service flag in the gymnasium. Other important questions taken up by the Council Were: ' ' ' ' ' f 1 I l stic the banning from athletics of students who Were ineligible because o ow sc io a standards, the defacing of school property, thefts, and the destroying of other peoples' books. Since the enrollment of Alhi was increased greatly during the year, the Council found itself with a larger student body to control, but the students aided the Council immensely by conducting themselves properly and making Alhi a better place for all. 26 A L H I 1 9 4 5 I MUSIC The Music Department, under the direction of Mr. Bartley, has worked hard to back the school spirit fostered in Alhi. The band, led by its group of majorettes, With Marjorie Weidler as leader, was a great help during football season. Come ram or shine, the band was out on the field with the boys, bolstering their morale and adding to the atmosphere of the sport. During basketball season, the band was also present to cheer the boys on to victory and to fill the crowd with enthusiasm. During the Christmas Season a Christmas pageant Was presented by the grade school f b tl P. T ' ' or o 1 . A. meeting and assembly. In the Spring an operetta and concert were also presented. A vote of thanks is due to the band and chorus members and Mr. Bartley, who have h l d t ' ' ' e pe o make Alhi a gayer place IH which to work. g ll 27 AIJII 1945 'lf"lf'?" qr1.r-.gfi.r- 'l""l"'il""l' 'l""l' Band Mixed Chorus AIJII Tri Hi-Y l L. Row 3-Marie Koltas, Gladys Tucker, Helen Smock, Shirley Patten, Grace Kategianes, Grace Connors Margaret Smith Ela' Th , D , me cmas, Virginia Wallace. Row 2-Miss Levine, Neva Shearer, Mary 1. Kaufer. Kitty Drury. Linnie Drury, Marion Kessler, Mary Onuschak, Alice Hanas, Irene Marcinowski. R 1 Al' Y Y . ow - 1ce Dunn, Lois Caldwell, Jean Johnson, Bette Bright, Doris Hewitt, Norma Johnson, Martha Connors, Alice Conley. 1944-45 mark the first years for a Tri-Hi-Y Club in Albion High School. This club, sponsored by Miss Levine, is affiliated with Pennsylvania Federated Tri-Hi-Y Clubs and the State Headquarters of the Young Womens Christian Association. The purpose of our club is "T C M ' ' o reate, alntain, and Extend Throughout the School and Community High Standards of Christian Character." The Club colors of Bed, White and Blue express '6Sacrifice, Purity, Loyalty" and are exemplified in the Triangle, Torch, and Circle. . I A bean bake was the first thing sponsored this year We had charge of the Thanks- giving and Washingtcn's Day Assembly in which all the girls took part. The biggest event of' th 7 ' ' ' ' ' e year was our X alentlne Dance, at which individual heart shaped programs were distributed and refreshments were served. We had an excellent orchestra and the event. proved to be a great success. The officers elected Were: Bette Bright, Presidentg Jean Johnson, Vice Presidentg Norma Johnson, Secretaryg Doris Hewitt, Corresponding Secretaryg Lois Caldwell, Treasurer. Congratulations are in order to these girls and Miss Levine for the Wonderful start which they have given to the Tri-Hi-Y Club of Alhi. 29 1945 ALHI 1945 Hi-Y Row 4-Bobby Smock, Paul Madden, Bill Podoll, Nick Kategianes, Dick Briggs, Jay Stayrook, Lee Orr, Bill Chapman, Vic Connors, Gerald Connors, Jack Flick, Harold Connors. Row 3- ll O S t Geor e White Wayne Coonfer Edwin Tanner Dick Brooks, Probert Powe , rest eme a, g , . , Elwin Einhiple, Billy Blair, Harold Harrington, Bobert Long, Bill Keep. Row 2-Bobert Mosher. Norman Stevens, Mike Cherry, Arnold Bentley, Virgil Parker, Duane Hazen, Bob Craig, ' ' ll R 1-Le 's McBeth Bobby Bill Kaufer, Scott Sherretts, Jess Cunningham, Mr. Linde . ow wi , Van Dusen John Patton, Dick Carr, James Hossler, Jim-Swanson. Stanley McClintock, Eugene Shearer, Dick Bose, Edward Minch, Dick Kendig, Maurice Lindell. The Hi-Y, a new club sponsored by Mr. Lindell, has promoted a new interest for Alhi boys who are of good standing, schclastieally and ethically. The Hi-Y has as its purpose "To Create, Maintain, and Extend Throughout the School and Community, High Standards of Christian Character," In addition to this aim, the organization believes in a four-square development to develop Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living. The members of the Hi-Y have enjoyed their organization under the supervision of Mr. Lindell and hope to have a still better club next year. 30 S P HHI8 Joyce Shiel y Helen Smack lylargaret Smith NIHSCOI .limmy Scott Sherretts Willard llliller Harold lwadden Fred Woodwvorlh Judd Harrington Harold Teed Ray Stacllel' John Rausch Bill Podoll Ray Miller Not pictured but also on sc Harry Drury Bob Lawrence Jiln Swanson Bill Panko Coach Lisek Gerald Teed Don Wolfe Jack Youngs Pete Rlitehell Paul Onaehila Dick Briggs Rudy Bilich-Russel F obes ALHI 1945 Football The Red and Black gridders opened on Labor Day before a capacity crowd playing Union City to a 0-0 tie. Coach Lisek had a green squad, most of the boys playing football for the first time. The boys earning letters were Frank Chuzie, Harry Drury, Judd Harrington, Robert Lawrence, Harold Madden, Jack Merritt, Willard Miller, Paul Onachila, Bill Panko, Bill Podoll, John Rausch, Scott Sherrett, Bill Somerville, Raymond Stadler, James Swanson, Gerald Teed, Harold Teed, Donald Wolfe, Fred Wood- worth and Jack Youngs. Harold Teed was picked on the All West County Team. The following boys were selected to play on the East West Came: Donald Wolfe, Paul Onachila, Robert Lawrence. Nine lettermen plus a number of promising candidates will bolster the Albion 1945 for tall hopes. . Albion Games Opponenis 0 ..,r. rrr.. U nion City .... .... 0 7 ..rr. ,r,.. S t. Michaels .,,, --r, 6 7 ...., .,,,. G irard D... ..r. 4 4 6 ..rr. ,.... F airview ..,.. H... 6 19 ...., ..... E dinboro .... .rr. 6 6 .r..r .,.rr W aterford .,.., ,... 6 2 ....r rr.. C ambridge Springs ...,. .... 3 2 34 ALHI 1945 Basketball Coach Joe Lisekis 1944-45 Albion Redskins had a fairly successful season having had to rebuild after two consecutive championships and losing his first twelve men rom last year s squad. The Indlans finished ln fourth place in the league with seven wins and seven losses. Coach Lisek is looking forward towards next year's basketball team, for he loses but one letterman, Fred Woodworth. Returning lettermen are Gerald Teed, Harold Teed, Harold Madden, Judd Harrington, Jim Swanson, Bob Powell, Dorson Hamilton, Jack Tower, Scott Sherrett, besides these, some promising sophomores and Jr. Hi. players will add strength to the squad. , ' Gerald Teed, a newcomer to our basketball team, had a great season, scoring 274 points. Albion 19 St. Michaels ...... ----11 Albion 36 Fairview-------- Albion 9 Conneautville .... ..,, 4 2 Albion 17 Girard .......,.... Albion 23 Springboro .......,. .... 1 8 Albion 24 West Springfield ..... Albion 15 Edinboro ................. 25 Albion 24 Waterford ........, Albion 22 Cambridge Springs ........, 34 Albion 25 Wattsburg ...... Albion 15 Fairview .,....,..... ..., 1 0 Albion 21 Springboro ..... Albion 18 West Springfield .... ..., 3 2 Albion 20 Wattsburg ..... Albion 26 Conneautville .... .... 4 2 Albion 57 St. Michaels ,... Albion 26 Waterford ........ ..,, 2 0 Albion 29 McKean ...,. Albion 13 Edinboro ,........., .... 2 1 Albion 27 McKean ..... Albion 25 Cambridge Springs- - - .... 30 Albion 36 Girard i.,.. - - - - Albion points scored ......,.. ..... 5 27 Opponents points scored ...... Albion average per game- - - -- .... 24 Opponents average per game- ----- ---1f866 -27.5 ALHI 1945 Jr. High Basketball I Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion 23 30 47 31 26 36 21 17 38 Albion '2 1 42 Albion Home Games Cambridge Springs ......... 37 Fairview ......,.,... ,,... 1 7 Cranesville .....,.. ..... 1 0 Springboro ..,.., ..,.. 4 Conneautville - - - ,... - 17 Edinboro ......, ..... 1 0 Girard ...,.Y..l.,, ...., 1 4 West Springfield ..... .Y... 1 1 Waterford ....... A - - - 6 Wattsburg ..,. ...,, 2 2 McKean ,.., - , - 2 Albion ..... .... 6 59 The Junior High Basketball team, coached by Paul Cassidy, has had a very successful year. The boys lost only three league ,games and one non-league game, rounding up the season by holding second place in the league. Cambridge Springs held first place. A record of the games played and the scores are as above. Albion Albion Albion 41 Albion 24 Albion 20 Albion 21 35 36 40 24 18 Albion Albion Albion Albion 30 Albion 38 Opponents, - , Away Games Edinboro ........ West Springfield - , Waterford ........ Cambridge Springs Fairview ..,.,.,., Springboro .,.,.,. Wattsburg ...... St. Michaels ...., Cranesville ..,. Girard ...,.,..... Conneautville .... ----------,----347 ALHI 1945 Basketball Tournaments' The Junior-Hi Tournament was a 11ew venture for tl1e Al-Hi Athletic Associa- tion. The objectives of the tournament were to arouse more interest in Junior- Hi basketball, develop basketball skill, good sportsmanship, fair play and clean living. We invited Girard, Conneautville, Springboro, Wattsburg, Waterford, Cambridge Springs, West Springfield and Albion. The invitations were all accepted and the tournament got under way Thursday, March 15, at 6:00 P. M. The first evening of the tournament Went as expected, except for the Albion- Girard game. Coach Cassidyis boys took the lead and held it to the final minutes when Girard rallied and tied the score, 23 all. In the over time period, Girard outscored Albion 7 to 5, winning tl1e game 28 to 30. This was tl1e best game of the tournament. The other winners were Cambridge Springs, Wattsburg and VVest Springfield. The second evening brought the down-fall of Cambridge at the hands of Wattsburgg the score was Wattsburg 27, Cambridge 21. West Springfield, Albion and Conneautville were also Winners. Saturday night found the gym filled witl1 nearly 500 basketball fans from all over this area. Albion played Conneautville for the consolation cup. Albion had an easy victory by a score of 48 to 22. The Championship Contenders were West Springfield and Wattsburg. This game was close throughout and was tied 17 all at the end of the game. In the over-time period West Springfield got a field goal and Wattsburg one foul, thus, West Springfield nosed out Wattsburg, 19 to 18. The cups and individual awards were presented by Mr. C. C. Gilbert. West Springfield took championship trophy, Wattsburg runners-up and Albion con- solation. Nick Kategianes 1'eceived the medal for tournament high score with 53 points. Peterson of West Springfield received the medal for high foul score. We are sure tl1e tournament was a great success. The objectives we set up were achieved, the competing teams were good sports and had a good time. The games were well attended and we hope we can have many more tournaments. The Albion Junior-Hi team and Coach, Paul Cassidy, wish to thank all those who made this fine tournament possible. 37 ALHI 1945 Future Farmers of America Row 3QGeorge Harrington, Probert Mosher, Norman Stevens, Carl Shcldon, WVilliam Suscheck, Paul Medved, John Horoschuck, Harry Suscheck. Row 2-Mr. Wiggins. Mr. Lewis, Richard Scott, Alex Onuschak, Pete Winiarczyk. Steve Tercho, .I ack Funkhouser, Carl Peckham, Marvin Youngs, Clifford McQuaid. Row 1-Ralph Godenschwager, Richard Johnson, Bill Chapman, Albert Klobusnik, Raymond Miller, Joe Haranin, Frank Christy, Dane Marcinowski, Hal Harrington, George Roan. The Future Farmers of America, sponsored by Mr. Wiggins and Mr. Lewis, is a national organization of, by, and for, farm boys studying Vocational Agriculture in Public Secondary Schools. From the time a boy is initiated as a "Green', until he leaves as a Future Farmer or State Farmer, he is encouraged to be industrious in his studies and in his research, experimental, and project work. The chapter has purchased a registered Hampshire, a boar, and has been doing some remodeling Work this year. It has built an office for the shop and Agriculture teachers, and tool cupboards. In addition to this the organization is just finishing a combination project and paint room. The officers that were elected are: President, Ray Millerg Vice President, Joe Haraning Reporter, Albert Klobusnikg Treasurer, Joe Buschakg Secretary, Frank Christy, Adviser, Mr. Wiggins. 38 AIJII 1945 Snaps of Alhi lit 4 Top Row-Julia strikes a pose O th Z . . . ur ree em Zem Nurse maids . . . Abe, a former class- mate . . . Doris Hood faces camera. Bottom Row-The roaring 'fourties'-it goes, folks . . the team . . . The Alhi bathing beauties. 39 E E ALHI 1945 ' -TTT' Press Club Row 4-Grace Kategianes, Shirley Patton, Marie Leehan, Marion Kessler, Bette Bright, Dick Carr, Maurice Lindell, Harold Connors, Donald Richardson. Row 3-Margaret Peters, Jane Whittaker, Mary Faye Watson, Marilyn Smock, Gladys Tucker, Mary Anne Wolfe, Bob Craig, Grace Connors, Doris Kerns, Miss Carrara. Row 2-Agnes Nakich, Rozella Ulan, Neva Shearer, Irene Marcinowski, Wilda Otis, Mildred Joslin, Jean Forbes, Kitty Drury, Julia Glus, Pauline Panko, Marion Madden. Row 1-Stanley McClintock, Eugene Shearer, Dick Bose, Patty Gehr, Sally Connors, Martha Byers, Lois Caldwell, Mary I. Kaufer, Linnie Drury, Jack Flick. The Press Club, under tl1e sponsorship of Miss Irene Carrara, had as its yearly project, the publishing of Alhi's monthly newspaper, The Indian Dispatch. A staff to edit the newspaper, class reporters, and business manager was appointed. The staff was headed by Rozella Ulan, Editor, Duane Weidler, I-Ielen Wolchick, and Jean Peck- ham, Assistant Editors, Donald Richardson, Business Manager, and Bob Craig, Assistant Business Manager. The Club had several aims: primarily, it was to give to students who W ire interested in writing, an opportunity to write and express their views and the views of others and secondly, the Club carried out the project of keeping Alhi graduates who are now in service, informed about Alhi activities and students. 40 ALHI 1945 Math Club Row 3-Doris Kerns, Miss Kingsley, Betty Bright. Row 2-Cliff McQuaid, Robert Powell, Helen Scott, Jim Swanson, Mike Cherry, Doris Hewitt. Jean Johnson Fred Woodworth Row 1-Harold Madden. Judd Harrington, .Harold Tecd, Grace Connors,7Margaret Smith, lDorson Hamilton, Gerald Teed. The Math Club, under the direction of Miss Kingsley has had a successful year. The Club elected the following as officers: President, .lack Youugsg Vice President, Bob Lawrenceg Treasurer, Helen Scott, Secretary, Margaret Smith. During the year, tl1e club arranged to have speakers from various positions in town talk to the members and present their views concerning the use of mathematics in every day life. In addition to this, the club presented a musical program in assembly. The high-light of our projects was the making of a college-entrance requirement chart for office use. Students who have plans of continuing their studies beyond high school may consult the chart and discover just what course they should take in high school. We feel that this is a worthwhile project and that it will help to guide students in their choice of subjects. 41 ALHI 1945 Spanish Club W Row 2-Bill Kaufcr, Marjorie Weidler, Miss Buchanan, June Sheldon, Iva Robison. Row 1- Elwin Einhiple, Myron Cherry, Bob Craig, Lamel Scott, Duane Hazen, .lack Rose. Not pictured are members: Mildred Leninsky, George Eyster. The Spanish Club under the direction of Miss Buchanan, has carried out some very Worthwhile projects during the year. One of the most interesting projects was a trip to the Erie Museum on December 1. The members were guided through the Museum to see the various exhibits and were also shown movies of crafts from the Philippine Islands, Panama Canal, and Mexico. During the Christmas season, the club held a Mexican pinata and studied the holiday customs of the Latin-American countries. During the second semester, each member studied one of the Latin-American countries and worked on a project of that country. One member has made a poster stamp collection of the South American countries. Correspondence between students of the club and students of South America is also being carried on as a result of a club project. The club has proved to be very interesting, and has stimulated a greater interest in the Spanish language and customs. 42 ALHI 1945 Home Economics Row 5-Martha Byers, Thelma Minutello, Linnie Drury, Neva Shearer, Rose Defede, Regina Downey, Martha Mitchell, Ida Mae Gher, Sally Connors. Row 4-Lois Caldwell, Margaret Peters, Alice Sabol, Phyllis Fobes, Irene Shari, Mildred Shkuratoff, Eleanor Einhiple, Freda Taylor, Maude Bishop, Rozella Ulan, Mary Elaine Connors. Row 3-Mary K. Rood, Norma Dodge, Geraldine Kelly, Alice Randall, Geraldine Elegeer, Anna Craig, Audrey Brock, Alice Craig, Martha Carberry, Doris Dyne, Julia Glus, Mildred Youschak. Row 2-Esther Kmecik, Patty Boyer, Betty Jo Consedine, Miss Crowley, Mary Irene Kaufer, Dolores Graves, Edith Roan, Lillian Curtis, Antonetta Minutello, Nancy Thompson, Grace Sisak, Anna Mae Conley, Helen Thayer. Row 1-Lois Patten, Kitty Drury, Joan Dunn, Mary Defede, Ann Penfield, Dorothy Tucker, Agnes Nakich, Veronica Nakich, Ruth Tomlinson, Norma Skeel, Phyllis Neal, Dorothy Randall. The Home Economics Department under the direction of Miss Margaret Crowley, is composed of Junior and Senior High school girls. In conjunction with the department, the girls have formed a Vocational Home Economics Club, the V, H. E., a Junior Club, and a Senior Club to accommodate the large enrollment. Officers for the Senior Club are: Agnes Nakich, president, Veronica Nakich, vice president, Norma Skeel, secretary, Ruth Tomlinson, treasurer and Helen Wilson, reporter. Junior Club officers are: Dorothy Tucker, president, Steffy Wolchik, vice president, Ann Penfield, secretary, Mary Defede, treasurer and Joann Dunn, reporter. One of the first activities was the trip to Mercyhurst College. In addition the club has taken the responsibility of serving in the cafeteria, planning menus and serving at banquets. During the football and basketball seasons the girls sold hot dogs and pop. Pins were awarded to girls with the highest number of points for outside work. 43 ALHI 19t15 Art Club l Row 3-Dorothy Eyster, Charles Pacak, Robert Heath, Mr. Badger. Row 2-Martha Mitchell, Ida Mae Gehr, Margaret Wallace, Martha Gibble, Joanne Otis, Beverly Shiely, Crystal Otis. Row 1-Mar Elaine Connors Martha Ann Byers, Joan Dunn, Norma Jane Dodge, Rose Dcfede, Y y Clair Elaine Whaley, Norma Cherry. The Art Department, under the supervision of Mr. Badger, has been very active this year. One of the first things that the Alhi Art students did was to form the Art Club under the management of the following students: President, Mary Elaine Connors, Vice President, Martha Mitchellg Secretary, Claire Elaine Whaleyg Treasurer, Charles Pacakg and Reporter, Bose Defede. An all year-round project which the Art Club supervises is the making of posters for football and basketball games, school plays, parties, dances, and other activities sponsored by classes and clubs of Alhi. Several dances were held-the proceeds of which were contributed to the expense of the make-up kit purchased for the Art Department. A unit on the art of make-up was also a project of the Club. Students who have showed ability in creating characters, through facial make-up, assisted the make-up committee for the Senior Class play. 44 ALHI 1945 Conunercial Club Row 3-James Gollmer, Julia Somjai, Lucille Malena, Dolores Magner, Thelma Holder, Louise Coonfer, Bertha Sherman, Frances Duran, Donald Richardson. Row 2-Doris Hood, Ginny Peters, Frances Lasher, Hilda Bilich, Esther Patten, Grace Randall, Martha Ccnnors, Mary Onuschek. Row 1-Grace Kategianes, Shirley Patton, Helen Smock, Elaine Thomas, Alice Dunn, Tillie Engle, Alice Conley, Miss Feyas. The Commercial Club, supervised by Miss Feyas, was organized in September, 1944. Elections were held with the following results: President, Grace Kategianesg Vice President, Helen Smockg Secretary, Dolores Miehlg Treasurer, Julia Somjai. The members decided that the main purpose of the club would be to increase their typing and shorthand speed and accuracy. Social activities would also be incorporated into the club's program. The Club membership totaled 32. The Commercial Department has only 18 typewritersg consequently, all members could not use them at the same time, so the club was divided into three sections: Typewriting I which meets every second Friday of the month, Typewriting II which meets on the fourth Friday of the month. A general meeting of all members is held on the first Friday of the month. 45 ALHI 1945 Science Club Row 4-Dick Wolfe, Elwin Hoover, Paul Madden, Jay Stayrook, Frank Craig. Row 3-John Ball, Paul Mitchell, Paul McKnight, .lim Hossl r, John Frenzel. Row 2-Russell Fobes, Edmund Knapp, Ronald Taylor, Dane Warner, Harold Ason, Dick Schutt, Mr. Cassidy. Row 1-Eugene ?iihe1MF5eld Moon, Bob Hilgendorf, Don Wolfe, Maurice Lindell, Dick Kendig, Bill Merritt, 0 n a en. The Science Club, organized under the supervision of Mr. Cassidy, elected as its officers: President, Don Wolfeg Secretary, Dick Schutt, Treasurer, Sam McArthur. The purpose of the club, is to give scientifically minded pupils an opportunity to further explore their individual interests in science. The programs were varied, consisting of science demonstrations, outside speakers, and movies of special interest to the science group. A basketball and volley ball team were organized and played other club teams in the school. The Science club is affiliated with the National Science Club of America, from which it regularly receives science bulletins and materials for many scientific demonstrations. 46 ALHIJ 1945 Safety Patrol Row 3-Harold Connors, Robert Long, Maurice Lindell, Frank Craig. Row 2-Mr. Cassidy, John Patton, Jay Stayrook, Dick Carr, Dick Wolfe, Paul Madden. Duane Hazen, Bob Craig, Jack Rose. Row 1-Eugene Shearer, Bill Keep, Gerald Connors, Bob Smock, John James, Dick Bose, Bill Merritt, Harold Harrington, Dick Kendig. Chemistry The Chemistry classes this year were separated into two groups consisting of vocational and academic. This division was made to meet the needs of these special groups. The academic group Was given a type of chemistry to prepare them for college entrance, while the vocational group was given more practical chemistry. We of the science departments sincerely hope that in the near future all of our great scientific knowledge will be used to make this World a better place in which to live, instead of being used as a means of death and destruction as is now the case. The Pre-Flight course was extended to a whole year course, having an enrollment of 15 pupils whose special interest is aviation. The main subject fields explored were meterology, airplane structure, aircraft engines, airplane instruments, navigation and civil air regulations. This course is designed to give basic instruction in all of the above mentioned fields, and in many respects is of great aid to the boys entering the armed service. The Pre-Flight class in conjunction With Fundamentals of Electricity and Fundamentals of Machines are specially designed to prepare the boys for military service. 47 ALHI 1945 Around Albion Top Row-Helen and Stcffy . . . FFA on a Iicld trip . . . Mr. Cassidy and his safe. Center Row-Youngs ready for action . . . .lim and Dane land for Steify . . . Looks good, doesn't she- Bottom Row-Mascot Jimmy, getting lessons from the boys . . . Time out at Moores. 48 ALHI 1945 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945 ROGERS BROTHERS CORPORATION ALBION, PENNSYLVANIA AIJII 1945 Compliments of SUNNYSIDE DAIRY H. H. TEED Into each yearbook goes the desire to make it, not just as good as the preceding years, but a little better. So it is at P1obb's, we strive each year to make our store a better place to trade. Robb's Quality Market Albion , Penna. K BEST WISHES J.W. Johnson E3 Son Albion, Penna. YOUR PROPOSITION-AND OURS We solicit your deposits, having in mind that if you need assistance at any time, it is our purpose to help you in so far as it is consistent with sound banking. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System THE FIRST NATIUNAI. BANK At Albion AIJII 1945 BREESE TIRE COMPANY MEET YOUR FRIENDS at the BUICK AND PONTIAC MAIN RESTAURANT Albion, Penna' Main Street Conneaut, O SHOES HOSIERY BAGS Ln I Compliments of ... ofcourse Tenth and Peach ALBION LUIWIBER CODIPANY Erie, Pa. L O N G ' S Womens and Misses' WEARING APPAREL PEOPLES STORE MENS AND BOYS' WEAR 917 State St. Erie, Pa. 217 Main St. Conneau O STINSON,S GOOD FOOD SOFT DRINKS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Erie, Pennsylvania Compliments Qf STEWARD'S RESTAURANT 241 HOUR SERVICE George D. Jones, Manager ALHI COMPLIMENTS OF The Albion Restaurant Everything an Up-To-The-Minute Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Drug SWS Shwld be! State Street Jewelers Assn X EB CONRADS S DARLINGHS CUT RATE DRUG STORE HIRSCH MACK'S MARVIN'S Albion, Penna. POST SEYMOUIFS ALHI 1945 ' "l""l"i7'1'T" "?'Y'?"i7" COMPLIMENTS OF Swanson Boat Oar Factory MANUFACTURERS OF BOAT OAKS AND CANOE PADDLES Albion, Pennsylvania 53 A L H I 19 4 5 Where To Eat- Compliments of FLORENCE HOSSLER,S RESTAURANT COLLINS-TOWER INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of EVELYN'S BEAUTY SALON WE GIVE COLD WAVES Jane Burnett, Operator Compliments of GOOD HOME COOKED MEALS Compliments of THE BARNS STORE DRY GOODS AND SHOES READY-TO-WEAR Albion, Penna. Compliments of PENFIELD'S DRY CLEANING ALBION DINOR Compliments of W. E. CONSEDINE Congratulations to THE SENIOR CLASS from PELTON'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Albion, Penna. ALHI 1945 iY"T'?" "P"Q" il' "lv 'lf il' "P"Q" "I" 10' 'lf il' "l""lf"l" "lf"l" 10' 'if "I" "7'Q"' Complimenfs of THOMAS E. REES THE REXALL STORE Albion, Penna. Congraiulaiions to THE SENIOR CLASS from E. F. BRISTOL Your Friendly F urnilure Dealerw Albion, Penna. Congraiulaiions to THE SENIOR CLASS from SHIELY K WELLS SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY A Arrow Shirts Clothcroft Suits Escort Ties Albion, Penna. "Since 1885', 55 Bud Sport Clothing ALH1 B 1945 -7415" 'V 'fir'-If R. H. SKELLIE MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 391 Albion, Pa. Compliments of HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of GENEVIEVE KINGEN BEAUTY SHOP Lundys Lane, Pa. Cold Ray Permanents Congratulations to THE SENIOR CLASS from STEINHOFF GREENHOUSE So. Main St. Phone 119-Red Albion, Pa. 11--V Compliments of THE PELTON COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Conneaut, Ohio The practical way to show the results of your education is to buy your food at HILL BROTHERS Cranesville, Pa. Compliments of J. RALPH McLAUGHLIN DEPENDABLE JEWELER 223 Dliain St. Conneaut, O. Compliments of CONNEAUT SUGAR BOWL SODAS - LUNCHES - DINNERS Conneaut, Ohio ALHI 1945 Compliments of BLATT BROTHERS New PERRY THEATRE Ulf it's good We,ll have it' COMPLIMENTS OF LOYAL ORDER OIF MOOSE ALBION LODGE 381 5 ALHI 1945 Compliments of Congratulations to HARRIS 8 SERGEANT THE SENIOR CLASS YOUR FORD DEALER Nick Kaieqicmes Albion, Penna. WESTERN AUTO Associate Store Compliments of AUTO ACCESSORIES W E I3 B SS D I 0 CLOTHING AND SPORTING GOODS Main Street Conneaut, O. Home Owned by K. H. Bright Phone 89-Red 58 1945 ALHI Complimenis of TRASK, PRESCOTT 81 RICHARDSON CO. Erie, Penna. Compliments of TOWER Sz TICKNOR SUNOCO STATION Albion, Pa. Phone 641 BULOVA WATCHES KUPSOLE DIAMONDS MATSON JEWELRY 237 Main St. Conneaut, O. Compliments of CITY DRY CLEANERS "WE DO ALL KINDS OF CLEANING" Phone 12-404 203 Blain St. Conneaut, O. "'l" il""l""F"Y'?' Compliments of M. J. HARRINGTON MEATS AND GROCERIES Albion, Penna. Congraiulations SENIORS OF 1945 TUCKER'S Home Appliances Hardware and Sporting Goods Complimenis of L. D. McBETH OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Albion, Penna. Complimenls of FOBES DAIRY Albion, Pa. ALHI 1945 I Compliments of Meet Your Friends ai- SANITARY FARMS HAZEI-'5 ICE CREADI BAR Erie, Penna. "On the Corner" Compliments of Compliments of Boston Store Albion Telephone Erie, Penna. Company 60 ALHI 1945 Compliments of The American Legion Compliments of C. L. WEMPLE Albion, Pa. Cranesville, Pa. Complimenis of Charles Kennedy 8 Sons E GENERAL MERCHANDISE Cranesville, Pa. ERIE DAILY TIMES Read by 'ININE OUT OF TENH NEW ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIR Best Grade Leather and Rubber Heels Gus O. Gladd 6 Canal St. GUS POP INN Best Pop Corn - Rich and Tasty - Staie Si. Open Tues. - Wed. - Sat. evenings ALH1 1945 COMPLIMENTS OF THE ALBION Physicians and Dentists L. R. UMBURN, M.D. W. D. HUSTEAD, D.D.S. G. J. GREER, M.D. G. A. RIZNER, M.D. G. P. SPAULDING, M.D. C. M. BARNS, D.D.S. P. A. CLEMENT, D.D.S. 62 ALHI 1945 The Senior Class of 1945 wishes to thank The ALHI Art Department and Mr. Badger for the fine arrangement of the composi- tes-especially the football composite and snapshot pages. Webb's Studio, Conneaut, Ohio, for the excellent work of photography for both individual and group pictures. Grace Conrath of the Albion News for her time and effort expended on the arrange- ment and layout of the ALHI YEARBOOK. Ensign Elaine Ghering, former Albion Art teacher, for the Cover Design which has been used for the ALHI yearbook for the past four years. Patrons of Albion and Erie vicinity for their cooperation in financing the 1945 ALHI annual. The Albion Board of Education, Dr. Eicher and Mr. Gilbert for helping to make this yearbook possible and a success. 63 Autographs

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