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 - Class of 1952

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,A w Q! 31 E um Qu ,re pin. mam. nz. .M x g 54 , . ' rr! fa' ' X 'gf' ,H ' N 1 Q. 4.4 1" 5' If fl Annuuzu Sian Editor-in-Chief. Mary Joe Romanchuk Copy Editors. . . Photo Editor. . . L't Ad ' I erary vnsor Busines Advisor. Bookkeeper .... On behalf of the Senior class the "Breeze" staff with great honor dedi- Cates the l952 "Breeze" annual to Miss Pearl Stephens. Her work with the Junior High students will long be remembered. During the past years she has been the advisor to the Junior High Student Council and the Monitor's Club. She has long been a friend to the members of the Senior class. The memories of the moments in her class room and our work with her will linger in our hearts long after graduation day. vzfziw Ronald Jay Bennett Student Council, l, 2, 3, President, lg Debate, l 2, 4, Spring Speech, l, 2, 3, 4, Breeze Play, 25 Junior Ex., 3, Operetta, 2, Thespian Club Presi- dent, 4, Look Club Pres- ident, 33 Junior Red Cross Council President, 3 3 Executive Board, 2, 3, Hi-Y Club, 2, Chapel Committee, 2, 35 Tennis 33 Honor Society, 4 u Ralph Asp Beverly Jean Baldwin Monitors Club, l ,Chap- el Committee, l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary l, 2, Chair- man, 4g Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, l, 2, 3. 4, Orchestra, l, 2, 33 "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Ju- nior Ex., 3, Honor So- ciety, 3, 45 Thespian Troupe, 43 Breeze An- nual, 45 F. H. A. 4. Jack Lynnford Beilfuss Football 2 3 Track 3 4 Betty Louise Blodgett Library Staff, 2, 3, 4 "AH Club, 2, ciee Club: 4, Honor Society,,4 Lucy lrene Beilfuss Tenth Grade Play, 2, Operetta, 23 Clee Club, l, 2, 3, Librarian, 25 Mixed Choir, 4, Thes- pian Troups, 4, F. H. A., 4, Junior Red Cross Council, President, 4 .X -fl 59? 5' A 5' Janet Helen Bricker Monitors Club, l Carol Bradford Ann Josephine Bricker Monitors Club, l J, J! Marion Brock Jean Eleanor Brooks Recreation Board, l, 2, 3, 43 A Club, 2, 3, 41 F. H. A., 2, 3, 43 Usher's Club, 4, Thespian Club, 4 Clinton Edward Brown Track, l 3 Football, 3 Katie Ruth Collins Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4 l Jane Elizabeth Butters Monitors Club, lg "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Junior Ex., 3, Execu- tive Board, 3, 43 Thes- pian Troupe, 3, 45 Span- ish Club, 45 F. H. A., 45 Honor Society, 4, Class Secretary, 3 Grace Elaine Collins Ninth Grade Play, lg Latin Club, l gGlee Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 43 "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Club, 3, 49 F. H. A., 43 Usher's Club, 4 Martha Jeanne Connor French Club, 3, 4, SGC' retary, 45 Usher's Club, 3, 4, Mixed Choir, 4 Mary Ann Conrad F. H. A., 2, 3, 4, Secre tary, 3, President, 4 Glee Club, 3, 4, Treas urer, 3, Librarian, 4 Willie Coney Not Graduating Richard Deal H Y 3 4 Track, 4 Barbara Arlene Dobson Executive Board, l, 2 AClub 2 3 4'F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, lficle-President: 3, Ushers Club, 3, 4 Head Usher, 4 Mary Lou Embury A Club, 2 Robert N. Culver Ninth Grade Play, l 3 Spring Speech, I, 2, Hi- Y Club, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary, 3, Junior Ex., 3: French Club, 3, 43 Breeze Staff, 3, 4, Photo Editor-Annual, 43 Thes- pian Troupe, 4 Joanne J. Cunningham Student Council, l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, l, Treas- urer, 3, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club, l 5 Ju- nior Red Cross Council, 2, 33 Recreation Board, 2, 3, 43 French Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Thespian Troupe, 43 F. H. A., 4, Class Vice- President, 4 ident, 4 Jon W Dean Class Secretary l Foot ball, l,2 3 4 Baseball 3, 43 Science Club Pres Jane Jeanette Fisher Spring Speech, l 3 Band, l, 2, A Club, 2, 31F. H. A., 33 Orchestra, 3, Usher's Club, 4, Breeze Staff, Bookkeeper, 3, 4 Thomas English Joanne C. Fick Monitor's Club, l 5 Citi- zenship Award, l g Latin Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary, 25 Jr. High Student Council, l gSr. High Stu- dent Council, 2, 33 A Club, 2, 3, 4g Executive Board, 3, Class Secre- tary, 4, F. H. A., 43 Breeze Staff, Annual Co-Copy Editor, 4, Honor Society, 4 Norman Hershel Fox Football, l , 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, l, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Colt, l, 2, 3, 4 Debate, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President, 3 Student Council, 3, 4 Recreation Board, l, 3 3, Spring Speech, 2, 4 Ernestine Gallup Not Graduating Betty Anne Foley Latin Club, l 3 Executi Board, 25 A Club, 2, 4, F. H. A., 2, 3. Song Leader, 43 Ushe Club, 3, 43 Cheerlead 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross, Thespian Club, 4, Cl Club, 3, Librarian, Recreation Board, Spanish Club, 4 -lelen Crenevitch .ook Club, l, 2, F. . x., 2, 3, 4, A Club, -, Point Keeper, 'hespian Club, 3, 3 7ootball Queen, Iheerleader, 2, 3, 3 lreeze Thespian Play, , 4 Sharon Lee Clee Club, l, 4, A Club, 2, 3, Debate, 2, Spring Speech, 2: Chapel Choir, 33 French Club, 3, 43 Thespian Club, 43 F. H. A., 4 Mary Lou Creenman A Club, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pian Club, 3, 45 F. H. A., H 2,3, 3: 4 4: 4 Patricia Ann Hamilton Latin Club, lp A Club, 2, 3, 45 Thespian Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3 Q F. H. A., 4, Tenth Grade Play, 23 Choir, 43 Junior Red Cross Council, 4, Honor Leslie Levon Harris Track, l, 2, 43 Softball i, 2, 3, 4 v Phyllis Louise Hastings Latin Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2, A Club, 2, 3 5 Spanish Club, 33 Science Club, 4 Society, 43 Salutatorian, 4 Hal Ci. Hawes Chapel Choir, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Assistant Football Manager, 3, Football Manager, 41 Track Manager, 4 Frederick Heidenreich Baseball, 33 Thespian Club, 3, 4, Sergeant-ab Arms, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Secretary, 4 Lucille A. Heisler A Club, 2, 3, 4, Assist- ant Point Keeper, 35 Thespian Club, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 45 Qlee Club, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 43 Tenth Grade Play, Jr. Ex. F.H.A -l Carl Frederick Henke Football, l 3 Tenth Grade Play, Mixed Choir, 25 3,4 Jean Ellen Henke Latin Club, lg Band, lg Orchestra, l 5 A Club, 2, 3, Thespian Club, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir, 2, 3, 4, Executive Board, 4 Judith Anne Henderson Cheerleader l AClu 2, 35 Junior Ex Mixe Choir, 3 4 ani Club, 3 4 Treasure 4, Thespian Club 3 ,X- Joyce Ellen Hollabaugh A Club, 2, 3, A., 2, 3, 4 Kathryn Margaret Hicks A Club, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, l,2g Science Club, 4 Clifford Hill, Jr. Track, l, Z, 3, 4, Foot ball, 2, Choir, 4 Robert D. Holtz lll Class Treasurer, l 3 Foot- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 45 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 Marie Hunt 3, 4, Chapel Ruth Elaine Holland Student Council, l, 2, 3, Debate, l, 2, 3, 4, Spring Speech, l, 2, 3, 4, Executive Board, l, Vice-President, 33 A Club, 2, 3, 4, Look Club, 2, Latin Club, 3, 4, President, 3, Secre- tary, 4, Jr. Red Cross, 3, 43 Thespian Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 4, Honor Society, 3.4 Kracko Science Club, 4, Treas- Janice Kline William Hurdelbrink Doris Arlene Jacks Rockville High School, Rockville, Indiana, l, 2, Secretary of Class, lg Foreign Correspondence Club, lg Band, l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus pianist, l, 25 Chapel Choir pianist, 3, Girls Glee Club, 4, Pres- ident, 4, Accompanist, 43 Look Club, 3, 4, pianist, 3, 45 Chapel pianist, 4, Honor Socie- fy. 4 Lorraine Colleen urer, 4, Latin Club, l, 2, Treasurer, 2 Karl L. Lagoy Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, 23 Football Co- captain, All Twin Valley, Honorable Mention, All State Robert Arthur Lambrecht Football, 2, 3 Latin Club, l, 2, 3, 4 Clee Club, l, 2, 3, Ac- companist, l, 2, 3, Sec- retary, 2, President, 3 Jenny Worthington D A. R. Music Award, 3 Orchestra, l 3 A Club, 2 3, 43 F. H. A., 4 Joe Lee Football, I, 2, Co-cap- tain, 2, Manager, 4 Baskefbaii, 1, 2, Track, I, 2, Baseball, I, 2 Choir, 4, President, 4 Mansfield, ohio, Foot: ball, 3, Basketball, 3 Track, 35 Baseball, 3 Billy Jean Lewis Latin Club, I, 2, 3, Look Club, I, 2 3everly Jean -ockwood .atin Club, 25 Choir, 3, I Suzette Betty Marsh AClub, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A Arms, 3 wgmanwfssvi-Mg Charles Napoleon Mclntosh Football, I, 2, 3, Bas- ketball, 2, Track, 2, 3g Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Board, 2, Class Officer, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Chapel Choir, 3, President, 33 Chapel Committee, 4 Robert lVlcKim 2. 3, 4, Sergeant-at June Frances Milham Library, l, 2, F. H. A., 43 Spanish Club, 4 Monica Jean Messacar Executive Board, l 3 Lat- in Club, l 5 A Club, 2, 32 Choir, 33 F. H. A., 45 Thespian Club, 4 Virgil Duane Metzler Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball, 3, 4, Jr. Ex., 33 Hi- Y, 3,4 Dolores Jean Miller Executive Board, l, 2, Vice - President, lg Spring Speech, l, 2: Class Play, l, 2, Span- ish Club, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pian Club, 2, 3, 43 A Club, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Board, 3, 4, F. H. A., 4, Usher's Club, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4, Breeze Staff, 3, 4, Co-feature editor, 3, Paper Editor, 4, Jr. Ex., 33 Honor So- ciety, 4 Dolores Jeanne Miller F. H. A., 2, 3, 410'-f-IS Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 4 Nancy Carol Miller A Club, 2, 3, 4, Library Staff, l,2, 3, 4, Recrea- tion Board, l, 2, 3, 4, Chairman, 43 F. H. A., 2, 3, 4, President, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Thespian Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres- ident, 4, Clee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, President, 4, Jr. Ex., 33 Senior Class Treasurer, 4, Honor Society, 3, 4 Wulllam Morse Mabel Arlene Nash Latin Club, li A Club, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A., 4 Harold Neitzka Shirley Ann Mills Look Club, l Q A Club, 2- Noreen Moorehead Latin Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, A Club, 2, 3, clee Club, 3,4 Joe Munk Central High School, Grand Forkes, North Dakota, l, 2, 3: Cen- tralian Chorus, 2, 33 Male Chorus, 33 Oper- ettas, l, Z, 3, Jr. Class Play, 3, Debate, 2, 33 Latin Club, l, 2, 33 Honor Junior, 35 Albion High School, Debate, 45 Hi-Y, 4, Football, 4, Breeze Play, 4, Honor Society, 4 Steve Pasick Baseball, 2, 3, ball, 3, 4 4, Foot- Marlene Peters LOOK Club, l, 2, 3, 43 Choir, 33 Clee Club, 43 French Club, 3, 4, Pres- ident 4 Shirley Arlene Peters DeVere J. Noakes Look Club, l g Honor So- ciety, 4 Barbara Jean Nutt Latin Club, lg A Club, 2, 3, 4, Librarian,'2, 3, 43 Jr. Ex,, 33 Thespian Club, 3, 4, F. H. A., 4 Andy Paskett Basketball, 3, 4, Base ball, 3, 4 Margaret Marie Purucker Spanish Club, 4 Dolores Mae Rarnpy "A" Club, 2, 3, A., 2, 3, 4 net Marie ymond eerleader, l 3 Class ecutive Board, l 3 "A" ab, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A., 4 Betty Evelyn Reynolds Mary JoeAnna Romanchuk Latin Club, lg Band, l, 23 Orchestra, lg Ninth Grade Play, lg Clee Club, l, 23 Thesoian Club, l, Z, 3, 4, Class Treasurer, 23 "A" Club, 2, 3, Sergeant at Arms, 23 Class Executive Board, 3: Spring Speech, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Council, 45 F. H. A., 43 "Breeze" - Thespian Play, 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor of "Breeze," 3, Editor - in - chief of "Breeze" Annual, 4 Duane A. Ruff Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 43 Basket- ball Manager, 3, 43 Track, 3, 4, Thespian Club, 4 Dolores Marie Rumse Y Clee Club, l, 2, 3, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A., l, 2, 3, Ushers Club, 3, 4 John Willard Seedorf Football, 2, United States Navy, 4 Don Skinner Class President, l Football, l, 2, 3 l Charles Walter Sprandel Track, l, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Club, Z, 3, 45 "Breeze" -Thespian Play, 3, 45 Thespian Club, 3, 4, Class Representative, 4 George R. Stallworth Basketball, l, 2, 33 Football, 2, 3, Track, 2, 3 Jeanne Yvonne Tawney Ninth Cirade Play, l Girl's Glee Club, l 5 Exe cutive Board, 2, "A Club, 2, Breeze Play, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Troupe 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir, 3, 43 Cheerleader, 2, 3 4, French Club, 3, 4 Margaret Louise Taylor Monitors Club, l g Span- ish Club, l, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, F. H. A., 4, Honor Society, 3, 4, Student Council, 4, Vice-President, 43 De- bate, l, 2, 3, 43 Spring Speech, l, 3, Executive Board, 3, 4, D. A. R. Award, 43 Junior Ex., 3, Thespian Club, 3, 4, French Club, 45 Recrea- tion Board, 3, 4. Lauralee Thomas Latin Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, l, Pres- ident, 2, French Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, 33 Spanish Club, 3, 4, President, 45 "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 43 Executive Bloard, 45 Honor Society, Susan Gail Steinhauer Monitors Club, l 3 Class Secretary, 2, Spanish Club, l, Z, 3, 4g French Club 2, 3, 4, President, 35 "A" Club, 2, 3, 4. Point-Keeper, 4, Thes- pian Club, 3, 43 Junior Ex., 3, Student Council. 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Breeze Play, 3: F. H. A.. 45 Honor Society, 3, 4 Valedictorian Richard Tate Track, l, 2, 4, Football, l,2, 3,4 evil si, F Lewis William Taylor Executive Board, l, 2 3, 45 Mixed Choir, 3 4, Football, l, 2, 3 Track, l, 2, 3, 43 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 4 Richard Trine Class Executive Board l 5 Football, l, 3, 4 Alice Marie Tuttle David D. Veramay Basketball, l, 23 Base- ball, l, 2, 3, Football, l, 2, 3 J Betty Thompson "A" Club, 25 Spanish Club 45 Clee Club, 4 Beverly Thompson "A" Club, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 43 Clee Club, 4, Second Semester Treas- urer James H. Turnbull Class Vice-President, l Football, l, 2, 3, 4 Track, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2g Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4 llan B Walker otball Manager, l Donald Edward Veramay Football, l, 25 Junior Ex., 33 Sports Editor of "Breeze," 33 Baseball, 3, 45 Thespian Club, 43 LOOK Club, 4, Presi- dent, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Honor Society, 4 Alfred H. Voelker Monitors Club, l 3 Foot- ball, Zg Thespian Club, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3. 4, "Breeze"-Thespian Play, l, 3, Sports Editor of "Breeze," 33 Tennis, 3 5 Student Council, 3, 4, President, 43 Science Club, 4, Spanish Club, 41 Honor Society, 4 Barbara Ann Warner Clee Club, l, 23 Choir Z, 4g Thespian Club, 3 Richard Allen Weaver Football, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball, 3, 4 Rlchard L. Weckman Football I . , 2, 3, 4. Choir, 3, 45 Track, 3, 4 Maxine Wheaton "A" Club, 25 F. H. A 4, Choir, 4 Huey Wheeler Basketball, l Jack D. Wilson Jr. High Student Coun- cil, l, Vice-President, l 3 Ninth Grade Play, l 3 Latin Club, lg Student Council, 2, 43 Class President, 35 Thespian Club, 3, 43 Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Junior Ex., 3, Honor Society, 4 Sherman George Wimberly Harry Worden Football, l, 2, 3, 4, C0- Captain, 43 Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 43 Track, I, 2, 3, 4 Mary Jane Worden F. H. A., 4, choir, 4 Andrew Chavers Football, 2, 35 Debate, 2, 33 Dramatics, 3 Jackson High School Bernice Zaremba Class Executive Board, 21 F. H. A., 4g Ushers Club, 3, 4 Jack Burnett Zeluff Band, l, 2, 3 Duane Hagerty United States Marine Corps, 4 years Semin Cfaoo, ' f are il ga x. Joanne Fick, Secretary, Don Skinner, President, Nancy Miller, Treasurer, Joanne Cunningham, Vice President Charles Mclntosh, Sergeant-at-Arms class fflduisaais Mr. Kenneth Higgins Mr' RalDl'1 Graves Class Song Our high school days are over, Living has just begun, May the praise of our Alma Mater, In memory ever be sung. The day we have long awaited Comes here to greet us nowg To our teachers who've always led us, We now most humbly bow. We've had troubles, we've had heartaches, We've had times both good and bad, But to leave it all so quickly, Makes us all a little sad. We've reached the end of our journey, Our life begins anew, We're the graduating Seniors Of the class of "52"! Music: Arlene .lacks Joanne Fick Words: Arlene Jacks Joanne Fick Ruth Holland Class COl0l'S Blue and White Class Flower Cafnaflon Class Motto "climb though the rocks be rugged." 1952 Tnpufcvaitg .Tall Iharles Sprandel ack Wilson lob Holtz Iharles Sprandel oseph Munk lob Holtz loseph Munk Jon Skinner lonald Bennett Suddy Fox ack Wilson .ewis Taylor -larry Worden Iharles Sprandel Iarl Lagoy ack Wilson ack Zeluff ack Zeluff luddy Fox lames Turnbull oseph Munk Iarl Lagoy oe Lee on Dean klfred Voelker David Veramay Wittiest Mary Joe Romanchuk Most Chivalrous and Charming Biggest Flirts Most Talkative Most Studious Biggest Bluffs Most Dignified Best Dressed Apple Polisher Cutest Prettiest Hair Most Peppy Most Athletic Most Fun Prettiest eyes Prettiest smile Most bashful Quietest Best Dancer Funniest Laugh Most likely to succeed Most popular Biggest feet, and smallest Best Shapes Best looking and prettiest Cutest Couple Barbara Warner Jeanne T: .fney Mary Lou Greenman Susan Steinhauer Mary Lou Creenman and 1 Mary Joe Romanchuk Lauralee Thomas Joanne Cunningham Nancy Miller .4 Joanne Cunningham Mary Ann Conrad E 5 Betty Blodgett ll Helen Crenevitch Barbara Dobson Best Shapes Suzie Marsh Maxine Wheaton Marlene Peters Shirley Peters Jeanne Tawney Joyce Hollrbaugh Peg Taylor Joanne Cunningham Mary Ann Conrad Betty Foley Joanne Fick Joanne Fick ,, .9 W fast lv! 5 jk . ig. .. - .-g r iffs: .welter 1 - . Mig .gf ....-is -- -.,, ,. ,, Q 5 2-, ,wi -.5-'Ut' - ru I Li? i J- 'iii 1 l . rf. - l I 4. , L kr wif-3' -if? A ' 4,x'ff,,f Z", 3 -555251 YQ if 9th Grade: K. Courtwright, A. Farley, K. Carrier, L. Lagoy, 7th Grade: P. Pickens, D, Harrison B. Jasanas, G. Pearson, L. Louis. iv fu? class 8th Grade: P. Zeindler, M. Patterson, R. Zeluff, J. Beilfuss. 4,12 , -I GRADE CLASS OFFICERS -d: R. Thompson, Vice Presidentg D. McAuliffe, President 'eckenridge, Secretaryg J. Morgan, Sergeant- at-Arms iing: M. Patterson, Treasurer H GRADE CLASS OFFICERS ed: D. Trippett, President, K. Vafiadis, Vice President tding: D. Davidson, Secretary, R. Cant, Sergeant-at-Arms noblauch, Treasurer w- is n 5. X Q s . Doris Harris A Jo Harris - Anne Hastings 3 4 H' Le adfbf Of 4 Ralph Ackley I ' DaI'Wlf'1 Adams - ' Ann Anderson ' A fi , , Eileen Anderson Dick Andreas ' blvlillicent Baldwin an ,, . - , Dave Ball , we Jim Banks ' ' E Q Mary Lou Bearman C ' if ,Kent Bentley Q . W ' Bev Bramble A Vx ' ' xv Nelda Bratcher eree ' .i'1:1.. ,Q V , , , r ' Carol Bricker H , 1 5 L. ,. ,. V' Y John Bushinski -fi A llr- ri QM A I Q Charles Bussing C P Carmela Campo .. - ii I K 1 I at J Jerry Cartwright L Chuck Christner l Joyce Clawson 1' i .. Harold Cornell i y 1 , f Darlene Counterman K5 A,'-- J Elaine Creps slr? 5 V -v i 32 l . Ron Cunningham x K Donna Davidson 3 J I Norman Davis 5 Q Dave Driscoll s o ,D r AQ ' at , Joann Drumm , ar- ' 7 Tim Felisky ,. ' , - I I . W Q Q 5 , A Nancy Fenley A Sandra Fischer A i Frances Fitts , 'iii -iv . Nancy Fitts ' 3 gf Q ,, .. Nancy Cale L ' X V A A Q. V ' " J Louise Gallup . V K . A 315 x XS W K X V E l""- fiif Ar" L, 7 Ron Cant il' ' fi Bill Cenh l f James Certh Q. . ii ,s -f Reg Gil' ,I B 'ir A I 'f y.,: " 1 Grace Griffin Y' . Joan Grucza I , i H V Y L as R Af , .'. x Katherine Heidenreich 5 ,A,,-, Don Henderson Janice Herrick C Tom Hoaglin Lois Holtz Evelyn Howard Virginia Howell Bonnie Hubbell Maria Ilinsky Q Olga llinsky .. ..,. Steve Janus if 5 N ,ggi ll lb Bev Jenkins Bill Kearney ,an Knoblauch lx D Shirley Kreger 524 4' .f Barbara LaShell , C . ffl fS1,MffiIi.'5ii?if1f5 5 f Y ., I , 3 J A . fn' rw, ,.c- A, gg, 7 - we 1,1 , rf -: :vii Q, w . W wwgs . :gf ' , i flff, ' .- Tl ' 'i Q R . "'. fig f , " , . . 1, . . , M R - L 5 s if gn . 9, ef "J ' 1 13323 7 . " 1 . " .W 'A ff is X A y lx 193 Shirley Locke Joan Loomis Nancy Lusk Marlene Lutzke 3 Bob Manino Dorothy Mather Ann McAuliffe Rolland Mclntosh Norma Meek Virginia Miller -,Virginia Mills ,Olga Mitchell Mary Nash Larry Moreland Howard Murray 9 Judy Nass Shirley Noss Janet Osmun Shirley Osgood ,Joan Osmun Linda Pasick Shirley Peters Gretchen Pieske ,Ralph Pieske 7Charles Prescott Nancy Radtke Doris Radtke Valerie Radee Joyce Raymond - Calvin Reed Harold Reid Ann Riley Clarence Ruff Mary Rundquist 7 Gerry Shaw Barbara Scherer Earl Schultz Ray Sims Pat Stockton 7 Keith Swathwood Donna Timmons 7Elaine Tomchuk Dave Trautman Dave Trippett Mary Lou Troyer Dick Turner Tom Tuthill Katie Vafiadis Claudia Van Meter 7Marian Van Schoick Phyllis Wallace Bill Walsh Nancy Warner Nancy Watson Barb Weaver Q 45 vi Q5 S , , 1 i S W 1 J 1 1 -rii 1 we 5' J iaeeii X0 D ..,s X '-s -at Lt A 'i 1 l' if- it Ari i i ii .-.fx -, .sei if ' Q sqm tw is-F 53 a ,P - sc 3- g ' 5 ,,-' ' ' - '- ' 1 il sl H' -.:,, f X H t I A he i r' 1 ' J 'J' ra 1 f i Q1 l x 'F' v Q X . taxa , my ,X , if .1 f ' it 5 ns f-, 5 -,EN X' K , .-gsm r' 1' -. - 'A ?"'W"" iirii ', N5 ' 1 Larry Weir ' Aubrey Wheeler Margorie Wilder 7Tom Wimberly - .ia , X. X i L . . 32 it 'N is .. :gg ,fs-ff1f ss Q 1 . ,gf L. its , M of v Q 3 - .4 31 w f x X 'Q x L v 41' vii N as ' X gl Q Q Y 5 t -+.:gg?e 3 ' ...:.s3'e. ,I ff I 1 'Q I Q C 'E -K et. .wi Tun Y 'Q . Ei' , ,. .Q . , rs 1-. J' ,li r . Q, Q Q 1 1-ik Mb, , - 11.5 ps as 7 fi. , Ht, ' Vila. 1 if l I i hi is gr? K Y as-9 4- 5 . I XJ! L Ks X wa sb Q ANS sa- iw Bob Wheaton . ' 1 , xi J 1 -. fa- L S W 5 Q' -Q Delores Wood -.111 "' 'f' it ik' , Lv we 5 wx- ... -- R .W I .. Is' , 1-.Q :W Q gfaim L sy , 1555 f F X K , 4 - 9 R I uv ff , ,fxsl .. y, .-.-. -,-..,yi- ,Qv A v t ' it W... 96 g X Y Yr N .. ,A 'Ln' Lil 'JV . fx-A Z 'I , rx Q i i 1 an- n Vx , its i M aiui LCK000' U -- 3 Grace Baldwin - , Fred Bartel John Barton W Norman Bearman f Rena Behling pJim Berkley Dick Bird Don Boldt Jerry Booth Katie Bradley . ?Vf55jV Q51 'V gi Pat Breckenridge i - is Barbara Brown ,. V Shirley Bryden . 'J John Carroll 1.-3' P- Dick Carnicom 'Q 'F .iwwi , A... , Gary C00mbS ' Katie Connor V H Mary Ann Courtwright Elizabeth Cox Margie De Wil' Valerie Desy Janis Dean Joan Dailey Danny Earl Patricia Enlow nfl, will a f?f-mf-E' 1 1 Qi A V . Donna French ,. Ruth Grenevitch if' ' V Jack Crucza VV i" ' V Brenda Hyde i . LW Marcia Holmes K 'ii an .,, VV X DOH Holmes -:Kip Hoag X X Kay Henderson V, ,Tiff Phyliss Harris "f 1 f Donna Harden ,K V ., Tv Sf fa V V J V Doug Hagemann ' , Richard Jacob Steve Jankovic 3 ' Duane Johns it Pau' Jones ff-wx L - " N jar. V lil: V , DV . Shirley Kellogg Sue Ann Kemler Wayne Kidder Elizabeth Kimmer Donald Konkle 3Richard Kozbiel 7Jon Krebs Connie Lee Nancy Lockwood Doug Lutzke Bert Marshall Carol Marshall S Q .f - 1' .1 ' . i 11.54 ' i James Marshall K Pl'lYllis Marshall ' L - Norman Martin 'YY A .' ,v g g ' yi! , David McAuliffe li Q S if Reba Mclntosh John McKinney Q i George Momtsios 'A Devoine Moorehead I VM O 7ElIen Morgan f John Morgan 1. Billy Bob Niecko 5Roger Neuter p Dixie Nugent Joyce Oakes John Okley David Olson Mildred Patterson Ray Pearson Warren Pederson Robert Pierce bLeon Poirier Don Prue Cuy Rathbun Dick Reid Jack Reynolds Elsie Ringle Hamid Roat Phyllis Rosin i f Janet Ru msey ' 1 X as Q is N I 'Tr-A A ,gi K Marilyn Sargent- H Q - i a is Jerry Sayles Arnold Sanders Bernice Stallworth ,Clare Sandusky 7 Alpheus Simmons John Shimkus Jon Sprandel Jim Stancroff Kay Stevenson Dean Stetler i sl , . flag X Q if ix J V .5 Yi Sally Steinhauer mb Dick Tymkew 5 Joanne Tymkew Eleanor Voelker Shirley Wallace 7 Arnold Weaver 6 , Gordon West 'Ep r"Vi .til sl. Ji i , K. ,cc . . sw I l S tr 4 3' fi , i Jim Weidner Ardith Weir Victor Williams Ralph Wirebaugh Jim White ,Ronald Wochholz mist., J 1l I If, F. 35? A .L 'r a ' E tag- A ' Y 4 f A ifilf . ., ' A lzidix S: ii, L. J jpeg: at ii, - " K , I , , 45.5, J If f sis 1""f if J we Y Br! l A' R Q' 1 A L 7 I ,N I .4 I 23137215 ' 'f Y ,gl 'r al g s i-5 l 5 i ? , is .722 M 3 fi g'l -if i -' 1 I st, " fe Y i E We . X .,, if a 1 xv 2 F -1 i 5 'X i L1 Hr il l . S5535 Ay A C if .. 1 ,, J s 'I i Y Q1 1.:1 B 1 hi' ,.., Q i n, K- ,g a ,g,:f.i , .rpg jf ,ii G? ,b 3 . M, I ..'- " Eg, . 1 W K T--' . I - F 4 ff -L. f l W, l. ni G 33.7 5 'ieizl ' -J. ,, . k Q ., if A M . t f azfsf Q. 3 l ., ' D ":?:?'gf., ,,. A - ii P faw. if ,Brawl 7 ,sg ,fx Q Prix xg, D as Lusk P ,, at c ani . tx . 2 Blow o, Nw 'U' 5 H ' at "fr E 5 gasp: li, 1 i 2 - f M. 1 :Q ii 'li i t .. , , 'I . 'wm- V. w , E . ii .I , ' Q i. 1 J ' -' flfkaz "-. 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Robert Hopson Dale Hoyt Janet Houseman Ruth Hull Duane Humphry Calista Jennings Judi Karbler David Kaiser 1955 , Q t, L S S Melvin Kemp if J x at X Mary Ann Knickerbocker gL:L , i Y i Clint Knoblauch Ronald Kreger - Sophia Kulikowski Lucille Lagoy . Clifford Lee Lane Q Joyce Lazarus ' 4- U George Lusk - b e ' George Markham V - . x x l H' , .Tr Delores Marron ' 7 ' , SallY Marsh - 'J ' Desmond Martin ffJosephine Masternak S Pat McAuliffe Harold Michael A S A Dorothy Miller . .- ' 'J 4 if James Moore -2 v Ronald Morgan Carol Munk J s 7'Sherren Mymachod Thomas Nash James Osburn ,U V .3 David Osmun 'J 5 Dick Oxenrider P b Marsha Pasick K A . 1 ' William Parks A - r I, . -1 l i ll ' Q John Patrick Harold Perdue Mary Perigan pHenry Pittelkow - Nanette Poirier f-' Nancy Pombier Joann Radee ' ' ,i 49 Shirley Radee Robert Rausch Ann Richards Russell Richards I . Wallace Robertson 3: - Q Richard Robilliard i t -' .- A Lelah Root if r X K f. 1 Dave Rundquist Max Rutz N'Paul Sawchuk Barbara Sibal :,Dick Sheffield s Y 39 T :jk Q i F K. P F J 17 f J S sa. :X 1 LaVern Smith Ralph Sleeper X A f gf' Q 1 lr ' P' aa ii Johnny Spears David Swan T r Marilyn Taylor Bill Teachout ' Sz i Ji-ROl'13ld Tilley , ,-,a Harry Wallace iiss is as 2 'L Wi . :gil it f 1.3 its P T v 2 af' Q ff- we ' W W- 1 5 I if li if gl 4 Q " " 4 , is x , . i .fr e X, . 1 l are W Q J! il A , ', li J ix . K.: a so .r .V s is A 'G ll "' i sc i, x Q lf! gf hx l gl l I ll Q SE 3 , Q X It Q Q... L i ' nina ids 4 ,I - 35 B P Fi , ll 'S - 3' . ,. . 1.1-w e x ii We W n , w 5 5 W :vga Q I ,J E ti' William Thompson W L V 4 " Q ' 49 . Q iai S, - v 4 1 N Jack Waterbury Gilbert Weaver 7"Richard Weaver Imogene Weishar tty 5 Donald Ward if Kay Willey ','L Shirley Wilder 5 Esther Williams A l Virgil Williams Marilyn Wheeler Florence Wheaton Roger Whiting Gloria Wright John Younglove YLJE Pye . .. .1521 ' 'Pk , .. U L 'K ,. gas S ffff ,si-. - f Si iii' at Q l wx' his! A A W' K 1. ,R , Sl x L i X if . . Q ,,, 4 ,ai x Nr 'M i s t ss s 5 if Zi' Q x Q 5 X Q V we .. . .ra . Q ' d 4 , ...G i - Y Sy K Xi-L X ,Q g. ,,, I C I .e iw- .fx if : 5 52 it ll i l ' il i 2 if il ' f is ,1-X i I l Q li 4 Q" 'YS , X ,Ji ii P ' tail gggiu - 1, . - .n f ' gf' .. 1. - " Q H ,, G L , s ' :li .'f"LJ-:- , R TY pf M V - .. E A J ,Q Q gs i V h if? r ' E til i' , i a Fl KK ul lv ls xy :Ll M: ill 0 -sa W i ' z .mi : 5 1 V 'Pa . . :Lf as S 1' Q' in is vi N Q qi f , i 4 in V ' an . 5153- lfffiiglfc 51 513515 'VU ' wa kwfk, , S ,vigrx r i if K Q N age f z, M V H ill .frkf-' ' is 'LK'7 'ftiiitii .w , QA M ' 3, f N . 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A Terry Donaldson " 5 Dianne Dorland Mike Eagen Wayland Eckmyre ri.'3,'f David Eddy 1 ff Jack Eddy L Rosie Edmonds f 3pPriscilla Felisky g Ruth Fernau ' "' Kenneth Fischer -, ' Lucille Frymark ' it Beverly Gallup l , M...--1, Lee Gallup George Gamble John Garland Jon Hawes Mary Jo Henke Susie Herrick Robert Hill June Holland Eloise Holmes Janice Holmes 7James Hunter Barbara Janus Darlene Kimmer Ernest Kirby Larry Kittinger Roger Klein Linda Knickerbocker -f'Joanne Krebs 4Donald Laity Margaret Landis Phyllis Lee Bobbl' Ma 'fin Elaine Martin ' Jon Martin as ' Judy Matthew m Q It Donna McMillen . J I ' l' Vera McMillen Phvllis Minor 1936 Margaret Mitz Katherine Munk L PRonnie Nass ' Kay Paskett ' if Sf i ki I K we Q we , i iff 1 . ., Y Xb Q W 5 ' f X kk X -'K S so , X x ' . . F .. -of , " e -E5 Marie Patterson Patsy Parton ,S is gg Deanna Pearson y .Q S S fl Q . Q. Norman Pieske , SH S 'Q ' 5 57 Sl., - tc . Wg' . r.Lena Pittelkow f R .L S str- A 3 1' - - -.,' ,,f . ' Kenneth Porter -S ' Q. Stl A Sf Rosie Powell ' ' Susan Quigg R S l . S rrt' we ' V -'Donna Robakon Q ' S S E Y N' 'f--' "'b Maria Ragusa ' Q . .gf if 5 ja Carolyn Raymond . 'S S sS,,!l' S Q S Q .Q Elizabeth Reese P f A 'S Q X ' Versil Redding E fy 1 r 1 Q 9 hi Beatrice Riker l' 3 ' fi -iii A ' 1 f S it u I r 3 A Ilene Ringle fl V S Homer Root -4 . '- S Q ' Norma Samson SS 'ii L S ,D Y v Vickie Sanders " Qi - "" y Y ' ,ai E f ii ft! pFred Sawchukr l'rL I iit i 5 SS " S S , MBVY Ann Schroeder ' ,"' 3' i S ' fi' ,I Norman Seedorf , U ii i ,f A 5 Mary Lou Shaw A S ve-Mike Sheffield . ' Elaine Sleeper S, S S an Q N Dean smith aj , ' " -S . g 4 f ,i v Judy Smith ' S f 'S j tr. X Stafford smiih G' iq if is S aaoo .gc it 1 Wilmajean Smith ' l I i 1 N X S A i J ' ,givin 1 is z gt, W S wlli S t as Q ' Willie Smith 41? S S " . i Virginia Stahl S S SS S .ai . S S S ji 9 li ' 1 Mary Lou Stallworth S Q, S 'T ' f' 1' Skiii W ,,,. 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Lupe Gonzales Benny Grenevitch Margaret Grucza Helen Haines Linda Hale Janice Harrier Daniel Harrison Sherry Hefner Shirley Helton Linda Henderson Prudy Handerson Sanda Herrick 'iiiii Joanne Hull . Shirley Hunter Betty Hose Mike Jacobs , . ' i William Jasenas V Raymond Jennings June Johns Ann Johnson Tim Karbler Richard Kemp Jerry Kreger plvlarilyn Lange 1mer iw :auf es 1 195 I Louise Lewis Marilyn Lewis Esther Little if Basil Masse ""Mary Lou Masternak Bob McAuliffe Raymond McCullough Phyliss Michael Joan Millern P tt M' er .-E Rlebeeca Moorehead Verne Moreland Midgie Newell Don Nowery Brian Pohl Donna Passmore Cecil Patrick Dolores Patrick Tommy Potter Ronnie Peace Ora Peters Jim Peterson Patti Pickens Tf'Gilbert Pierson J- Carol Pombier Dixie Pressley Paula Reichow Tom Richards Monya Romanowski Jim Sanders Tom Sandusky David Schuring fn- Gary Sebstain Marylee Skinner Matt Spears Brent Smith David Smith Benny Snyder 5-Ernestine Snyder Florence Snyder Doran Stockton Kay Thompson Walter Thompson Lawrence Trine Rosemary Trine Fred Underwood Charline Van Order Loretta Wales Wiley Walker Dale Wardwell Jill Waterbury 9 Sandy Watts , J' Mattie Weakley Phillip Whitehead Duane West Joan Wilbur Fred Wilder Linda Wilder Sue Willey Betty Williamson Bob Williamson Nancy Wright ,y,. J 71 J GU 'f'as'r:,V liz! "Er 1 f use Wt. 1 N A F t , gif? Q N ,f-. . ' fx 4. ,-af 'X as la? is Ei f if get vat 1' t2 T l 1 Vlkll l it . i.. ,k ,Q . E all K.- its RM in .t fx it Q if S .. H XK 5, if yy! A 1-3, X1 5 is Wx X Ep at t Q-tif' -' . .. ..e-:,:,-: w -- ...,,:- iss, . v Sit' li X ids L. i if E if ..., s . ,X Q s v 'Wins ff 4, 'Q .fi 'w 1 X . t I wt -. ' is Xt N' X V, v X H Q t X Q x x R1 gx 4 9 ' . ,.. J. 3.5. S' I ,I if X 1 I, Y Q -- Q. . ' sq .E-at K0 - ,X J K , Qi 'iii if Q kk'y'k .7 in X. I fa' S 23 Q . 'ss X X ti Hsie- K Y' 1 -.,,n I .N , - . -. fl. ' ' 'Nik . f .Y 59 T Q Q- S .. EMR? S we ' A A QF ' h it A. X Q 'N 1 'I gtw xllv-' ,v f 92 'K . ' I h i i--- ' P 3 Q K R. i avi I 'f . .Q '- W ' S . J c,sc Y . . 'F of S., ' 'W - 1 ! - izsiffg seal 1s-. -11 X. I is ' ,J-f ...- ,W . .-.. N s... 1 . ,f -fr" '-h- wi .,.,-. ' K K - is Q ,J ,R 5 mf J ff - l ZF . , -0. . , ' ' "K iv ' 35 S 49 - f A .1' ' 1 is 9 Q ll! ii 3. X, wi Q U- .f .. iffg. V BOOKSTORE Joe Inman, DeVere Noakes JANITORS Seated: Mr. Holtz, Mr. Boman, Mr. Inman Standing: Mr. Linsey, Mr. Norton, Mr. Passmore, Mr. Mather nn-pin--no-ma-suv-iw--'H OICHG-0-Z vw, OFFICE HELP Seated: Mrs. T. Henley, Miss C. Russell l Standing: M. L. Greenman, J. Hollobaugh, B. Baldwin, J, Fisher LUNCHROOM Mary Nashg Shirley Lockeg IN KaiSer. Cook: Miss Pradgeon, Supervisorg Shirley Peters 9 ' 4 ,Q 1 4 :pn lr' fnfx ,, 1-. 5 Q, 1 5' Q .9 NWN I Q xx? Hua i 1 ' 'Jin 4 ' Q 'Q 'y sw 'X . .,s ,ve euwipals lvlr. William Harton and lvlr. Harry Williams are two well known figures in Albion High School. Mr. Harton has been the principal of the high school since l922. Among his many duties are the manage- ment of the faculty, advisor of the senior high school council, advisor of the Honor Society, watching over the seniors activities and just being a friend to every- one. He is well known for his genial sense of humor. Mr. Williams has been the recreational leader in the high school prior to becoming the junior high principal in l948. He is still active as the leader of the Recrea- tion department in our city. Mr. Williams is recog- nized by his friendliness and his jolly personality. Both contribute many hours of hard work to help make our school better. Selma! Qaawl Left to right: Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Cavanagh, Mr. G. Walkotten, Superintendent of Schools, M'r. Smith, Mr. Mather, Mr. Cartwright. 'faculty Seated: Mr. Jerome Sacharski, Miss Margaret Hatton, Mr. Ordell McElhaney, Miss Leila Osgerby. Standing: Mr. John McDonald, Mr. Benjamin Hage. On floor: Miss Genevieve Hartzler, Miss Jerrie Jump, Miss Harriet Corwin. Seated: Miss Mary Jane Grabenstein, Mr. Joseph Miller, Mr. Ellsworth Anderson, Miss Pearl Stephens. Standing: Mr. James Harrison, Mr. Vernon Baldwin, Mr. Ralph Graves, Mr. Ernest Cutting. W gs -1 is 5. 'fwlllu TOP PICTURE: On Floor-Miss Marcille Pridgeon, Miss Martha Zemke Seated-Mr. John Schuring, Miss lva Fleming, Mr. Arthur Ullrey, Mrs. Mary Kearney Standing-Mr. Marc Zeluff, Mr. Kenneth Higgins, Mr. Richard Bentley, Mr. l. A. Robbins BOTTOM PICTURE: On Floor-Mrs, Eloise Ten Have, Miss Lydia Phillips Seated-Miss Helen Heiber, Mr. Ernest Cray, Mr. Basi ason, rs I M M . Ethel Fleenor, Mr. Dan Goldsmith, Mrs. Olga Hicks Q 5 4 Z1 K . Q I f 5 S W E 5 A A x ? X K s E s I Y 5 Q z 1 S , E 1 Q r Q I I 1 i S Z fbekate Seated: P. Taylor, B. Fox, Mrs. Ethel Fleenor, Coach, T. Felisky, J. Cartright Standing: R. Bennett, M. Pasick, R. Pearson, J. Munk, J. Bentley, S. Mymachod, R. Holland Sucietg lst Row: B. Baldwin, N. Miller, S. Steinhauer, P. Taylor, R. Holland Znd Row: N. Watson, D. Miller, L. Pasick, J. Butters, B. Blodgett. L- Th0mHS. M- Baldwin 3rd Row: E. Schultz, J. Fick, D, Noakes, A. Voelker, J. Wilson, D. Veramay 4th Row: R. Bennett, J. Munk, D. Trippett, P. Hamilton, T. Felisky This page sponsored by Miller Jewelers ag 5 ' sages ' Seated: J. Dailey, E. Schultz, J. Cunningham, P Taylor A Voelker S Steinhauer B Fox S Steinhauer Standing: N. Watson, M. Lutzke, A. Simmons, J.. Wilson, Pasick,lD. Hagemannl, Trautman, C. Mc-lntosh, K Stevenson, B. Walsh, B. Hyde, M. Patterson, D. Davidson. ' S ' Standing: M. Newell, R. Clifford, J. Anderson, J. Garrison, C. Munk, R. Bird, W. Thompson. Seated: J. Krebs, D. White, M, Rutz, R. Wagoner, J. Foley Miss pearl Stephens. This page sponsored by Cem Dairy 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row lst Row' .Wzeopian Cfuli Miss Jump, Advisor, D. Trautman, C. Sprandel, L. Pasick, R. Bennett, R. Holland, P. Hamilton, F Heidenreich J. Tawney, L. Heisler, M. L. Greenman, N. Miller, J. Cunningham, J. Henderson, N. Cale, N. Bratcher B. Nutt, J. Bentley D. Miller, M. Messecar, D. Ruff, M. J. Romanchuk, D. Henderson, J. Wilson, D. Veramay, J. Butters J. Brooks P. Taylor, B. Warner, B. Culver, A. Voelker, L. Beilfuss, J. Henke, G. Collins ' qowzd lst Row: Harry Williams, Advisor, M. Lutzke, N. Miller, J. Brooks, B. Foley 2nd Row: C. Raymond, J. Bentley, J. Anderson, N. Cale, J. Cunningham, N. Lockwood, N. Aris, S. Bussler 3rd Row: M. Lockwood, D. Miller, A. Riley, D. Trautman, J. Cartwright, K. Stevenson, O. Mitchell 4th Row: P. Taylor, S. Janus, D. Hagemann, C. Reed, J. Henke, J. Booth, J. Dailey This page sponsored by Hoag's Fuel and Feed ...QQUQ i Pwr" ".93'zeeze"-.7 km flag Cao 'THE MORE THE MERRIERH Seated: R. Cunningham, M, Lockwood, C. Knoblauch, T. Richards, J. Jenkins, M. Patterson, S. Comstock, C Baldwin, S. Radee, M. L. Troyer, B. Martin Standing: B. Foley, C. Sandusky, D. Stetler, P. Felisky, C. Raymond, L. Weidner, N. Ariss B Hubbell J Tawney C. Sprandel, M.AJ. Romanchuk, N. Bratcher, N. Warner, H. Crenevitch, M. Taylor, S. Bussler, J. Bentley, D. Traut- man, J. Cartwright, J. Munk, S. Janus, Miss J. Jump, Director ' fha Hlag' Migg Jump, Director, N. Warner, D. Trautman, M. Lockwood, V. Mills, S. Janus, N. Gale, S. Locke, R. Cunning ham, J. Clawson, J. Cartwright, E. Anderson, A. Riley, Student DiI'6CfOF This page sponsored by Everett Cavanagh 0 I L: lst Row: Mr. Mason, C. Mclntosh, C. Ruff, T. Wimberly, J. Wilson, D. Ruff, F. Heidenreich, Mr. Goldsmith gnd Row: J. Sprandel, S. Janus, D. Trautman, A. Simmons, T. Tuthill, R. Cunningham, V. Metzler, N. Fox, L oiner 3rd Row: E. Schultz, V. Williams, D. Deal, R. Cant, B. Walsh, J. Cartwright, R. Culver, R. Wirebaugh 4th Row: R. Holtz, D. Ball, J. Turnbull, B. Kearney, C. Reed, J. Munk, A. Voelker U fb fu R lst Row: D. Noakes. E. Kimmer, D. Veramay, M. Morlock, A. Jacks, Mr. J. McDonald, advisor. 2nd Row: J. Harrier, P. Felisky, D. Smith, S. Peters, B. Heath, D. Oxenrider, S. Osgood, N. Fouts, C. Criffen, l. Vandermer, lvl. Peters. 3rd Row: G. Fouts, B. Heath, E. Holmes, S. Veramay, D. Adams, R. Ackley, B. Adams, D. Kimmer, B. Davis, J. Dolph This page sponsored by E. W. KiessIing's Jewelry if 95 S i d . L. 'tif' Q I if K xl.: G S Li X. u Q, J ' W f B E R . R . .si . , . . -45 ,..f, , . .N . - f . f - . -- .. . . aq, Q. . J m , V. . i. A . w 75 . ww, s 'llofzew C015 lst Row: E. Tomchak, D. Rumsey, M. Lutzke, D. Miller, B. Dobson, D. Countermari, K. Vafiadis, B. Foley. 2nd Row: M. Lockwood, J. Brooks, M. Van Schoick, G. Collins, J. Fisher, S. Nass, M. Connor, B. Zaremba. I I Standing-Back Row: K. Carrier, K. Cheek, G. Connor, W. Cornell A Farley J. Henke, B Hoagliri sending-Maqdle Row: E. Cooper, w. Bahr, cg. Monk, D. osmlm, 'P. Edwiifds, E. Egnamk, M. Pesick, J. Radee. Sealed: R. Clifford, J. Houseman, L. Henderson. Members not in picture: B. Fetters, J. Osburn, B. Teachout, R. Hull, R, Dean, M. Holmes, R. Fisher. This page sponsored by Estelle Dress Shop lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: l st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: fa 9 I 79' 'l.fH.:4. Miss Pridgeon, Advisor, K. Heidenreich, V. Howell, M. A. Conrad, N. Miller, J. Knoblauch, B. Foley Mrs. Roland Miller, Parent Advisor. L. Heisler, J. Miller, J. Milham, B. Dobson, G. Collins, D. Rampy, J. Raymond, D. Miller, J. Cunningham M. L. Creenman, S. Marsh, H. Crenevitch, B. Baldwin, J. Henderson, J. Fick, J. Brooks, M. Nash. J. Hollabaugh, B. Zaremba, M. Messacar, M. Wheaton, L. Beilfuss, P. Hamilton, S. Steinhauer, J. Butters A. Riley, M. VanSchoick, V. Radee, S. Nass, M. Lockwood, S. Fischer, B. Bramble, S. Locke. D. Woods, P. Brekenridge, S. Kemler, S. Radee, B. Egnatuk, C. Marshall, S. Hale, N. Ariss, K. Bradley, M. DeWitt, M. Baldwin. J. Dean, D. Cieisen, R. Grenevitch, B. Sibal, P. Harris, N. Poirier, M. Sargent, M. A. Knickerbocker, P. Marshall. C. Shaw, C. Van Meter, J. Herrick, P. Rossin, D. Howard, D. Harris, R. Behling, S. Wallace, D. Harden, A. Richards. This page sponsored by Vaughn Women's Store - X ,V ii, A Q in Q , 63 'P' iii 'E' n fl me V all Null First row: N. Watson, S. Steinhauer, J. Butters, P. Taylor, M, Baldwin, L. Thomas, C. Marshall, B. Baldwin. Second row: L. Heisler, B. Dobson, J. Cunningham, S. Marsh, C. Collins, D. Rampy, J. Hollabaugh, J. Raymond M. J. Greenman, B. Foley. Third rowK,VR gowell, D. Rumsey, N. Miller, J. Brooks, H. Grenevitch, P. Hamilton, L. Kracko, J. Fick, D. Miller . a ee. Last row: J. Crucza, E. Anderson, L. Pasick, A. Riley, N. Warner, K. Heidenreich, S. Kreger, M. Van Schoick J. Knoblauch, B. Bramble. lbottom picturel First row: N. Fouts, L. Holtz, J. Raymond, E. Tomchak, M. Lutzke, D. Counterman, N. Bratcher, K. Vafiadis. Second row: P. Breckenridge, B. Brown, J. Oakes, S. Fischer, C. Van Meter, P. Stockton, G. Shaw, K. Bradley, P Vafiadis. Third row: S. Kemler, P. Rossin, E. Morgan, S. Bryden, S. Steinhauer, R. Crenevitch, M. A. Courtright, P. Mar- shall, M. DeWitt. Last row: M. Patterson, M. Sargent, R. Behling, S. Wallace, P. Harris, J. Dailey, K. Stevenson, K. Connor, C Baldwin, N. Lockwood, B. Hyde. This page sponsored by Gittleman's ' ' aw. flu ww V. , il lu Y ...F -wg. A -R, K .EY N mn. QWT 1. fl 'lf Q1 'MWF eenah Clull lst Row: V. Radee, M. Connor, M. Peters, J. Cunningham, Mrs. O. Hicks, Advisor 2nd Row: J. Houseman, D. Clifford, J. Drumm, M. Lutzke, J. Anderson, P. Felisky 3rd Row: I. Anderson, J. Crucza, M. Taylor, L. Pasick, N. Cale, L. Thomas, S. Clllett 4th Row: D. Osburn, K. Cheek, D. Trippett, B. Culver, S. Steinhauer, P. Taylor Spanish elull lst Row: Mrs. O. Hicks, Advisor, J. Henderson, L. Heisler, L. Thomas, S. Sfeinhauer, J. Milham, M. Purucker and Row: B. Foley, G. Baldwin, J. Butters, D. Trautrnan, J. Carlwright, R. Pearson, D. Radtke, P. Stockton, D avidson ad BRow: V. Howell, P. Taylor, S. Janus, D. Veramay, K. Heidenreich, B. Thompson, D. Miller, N. Bratcher . aldwin 4llhkRow: A. Riley, J. Clawson, D. Andreas, N. Davis, C. Reed, A. Voelker, S. Steinhauer, B. Thompson, E. Tom- c u This page sponsored by Moore's Music Store I lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row Mr. J. Sacharski, Advisor, R. Holland, N. Warner, M. Dimitrievich, M. A. Courtright, E. Morgan A. Hastings, P. Hastings, L. Thomas, B. Brown, O. llinsky, J. Rumsey, J. Nass M. L. Troyer, J. Kline, J. Lewis, J. C-rucza, M. Nash, M. Rundquist, V. Mills B. Baldwin, J. Fick, F. Jasienski, B. Walsh, L. Kracko, N. Moorehead i-Wag-Chem eluli lst Row: Mr. A. Ullery, Advisor, J. Kline, J. Dean, A, Hastings, A. Farley, Mr. V. Baldwin, Advisor 2nd Row: P. Hastings, M. Peters, N. Miller, J. Lewis, M. Dirnitrievich, R. Wochholz, K. Bentley 3rd Row: F. Wheaton, R. Stashevsky, J. White, R. Wirebaugh, D. Henderson, P. McAuliffe, F. Sawchuk This page sponsored by Albion Hardware lst Row: 2nd Row Trimm, J 3rd Row: Teachout 4th Row L. Taylor n ll li Qlii- -- Quad S. Wallace, P. Edwards, B. Fetters, L. Wall, J, Herrick, P. Henshaw, K Munk F Wheaton : J. Smith, D. Dorland, D. Adams, S. Comstock, G. Gamble, R. Stashevsky B Davis J Anderson M J . Crucza, J. Garland, D. Campbell S. Williams, S. Smith, G. Pearson, S. Bussler, A. Walker, A. Jacks, R Whiting D Johns J Spears B , R. Zeluff, B. Masse, R. Cornell, A. Weaver, J. Oakley, J. Patrick, J. Garrison J Crucza M Baldwin Mr. I. A. Robbins, Director, D, Hagerty, R. Fisher, G. Momtsios, J. Hoaglin J Sprandel J Younglove B. Baldwin, P. Vafiadis fifimw Stall ls' Rowr S- Kemler, M. A Courtright B Blodgett W Bahr N Radtke N Miller N Watson D R dtk - . - , . . . . . a e 2nd Row: J. Oakes, J. C-erth, D. Harden, M, L. Deyoe, Miss Osgerby, Librarian J Osmun S Andrews A Weir N. Fouts, P. Davis 3rd Row: S. Radee, W. Kidder, Mrs. Bartell, Assistant Librarian, C. Rutz, l. Weishar C Connor This page sponsored by Weaver's Restaurant ixwl Cham lst Row: Miss Grabenstein, Director, J. Henderson, E. Morgan, S. Peters, L. Vandermer, N. Fouts J Tawn C. C-riftin, A. Hastings, M. J. Worden, P. Breckenridge, D. Timmons, J. Loomis, S. Bryden, Bl Hyde. ey Znd Row: P. Hamilton, K. Heidenreich, L. Beilfuss, L. Pasick, B. Warner, M. Connor, R. Case, B. Lockwood O. Mitchell, E. Heap, P. Harris, M. Wheaton, N, Warner, J. Henke. 3rd Row: J. Lee, J. Krebs, H. Hawes, N. Bearman, D. Weckman, L. Moreland, C. Henke J. Crucza D.. Swan J- Barton, D' Sfeflefy H. Murray, C. Sandusky, B. Certh, K. Cheek, C. Turner. l l giefs glee Null lst Row: A. Jacks, L. Thigpen, J. Raymond, N. Watson, D. Davidson, M. Conrad, J. Tymkew, M. DeWitt, K. Bradley, A. Howard, G. Robinson, V. Mills, C. Woods, B. Hubbell, Miss Grabenstein, Director. 2nd Row: S. Fischer, J. Miller, M. Lockwood, N. Lusk, E. Tomchak, J. Nass, M. Holmes, M. Peters, L. Heisler, N. Miller, B. Thompson, L. Holtz, R. Sattler, M. Rundquist, N. Bratcher. 3rd Row: L. Lagoy, P. Rossin, M. Sargent, K. Henderson, J. Osmun, C. Calderone, N. Lockwood, B. Morey, J. Certh, D. Wood, C. Shaw, J. Clawson, B. Heath, K. Collins, B, Heath, S. Kreger. 4th Row: E. Howard, M. L. Bearman, E. Kimmer, C. Van Meter, E. Anderson, S. Locke, B. Blodgett, B. Thompson, V. Miller, C. Pieske, N. McAuliffe, J. Knoblau ch, C. Collins, M. VanSchoick, A. Anderson, N. Moorehead. This DHHS Sponsored bv Kroger and Comnanv ' 1'n- l Wk Q 'Age K K .Stl 'xii 'fry-mafsfacp Seated: Mr. Joseph Miller, Business Advisory N. Bratcher, D. Miller, M. J. Romanchuk, J. Fick, B. Baldwin M James Harrison, Advisor ' Standing: E. Tomchak, S, Janus, J. Fisher, B. Culver, L. Pasick, M. Bearrnan, M. Lutzke, N. Watson Seated: K. Thompson, B. Baldwin, Chairman, B. Hyde, Secretary, Mrs. E. Fleenor, Advisor Standing: M, Lutzke, D. Olsson, T. Felisky, C. Mclntosh, M. Pasick, R. Zeluff This page sponsored by Homestead Savings and Loan Association YQ'-" 'ont row: Coach D. Goldsmith, Mgr. D. Henderson, B. Holtz, J. Turnbull, H. Worden, K. L D. T V Q agoy, ate, R. Weaver, Mgr. H. Hawes, Coach O. McElhaney. -cond row: Mgr. B. Kearney, J. Munk, B. Fox, V. Metzler, C. Hill, J. Dean, D. Weckman, S. Pasick, D. Tymkew, D, Trippett, Mgr. Joe Lee. Z a tcla row: J. Mackey, K. Bentley, D. Turner, E. Schultz, J. Morgan, J. Berkley, D. Boldt, N. Bearman. kg NS ll L X x lllcwsilq 'faawull J I Jw PM . , fl' ,Q V 4 E, K . h ly... . ' . :rg -, l .y ' f . 'A Nm QA .W . . .Q if K J ,ff JH J wk- YN H ffr' -5' mx 1 ' A 'a H . .gig lll + S XX Q . V, J . X f gk Dlx, wx 4 Tuna. mf, ,.mm,4 L... razm ,244 N" 1 maze sponsored bv Brownrirlee Drug xg ii 'UI' "WlI" 6 i?TEell,l The 1951 'f L , Varsity foot- b a I I s q u- a d, H coached by Ordell McElhaney and his assistant Dan Gold- smith, having a l-5 rec- ord, was not the most impressive team in the Twin Valley Conference but they man- aged to stay out of the basement by defeating Coldwater. Albion placed Karl Lagoy, co-captain, on the Detroit Free Press honorable mention list. Due to serious injuries early in the season Harry Worden, co-captain, honorable mention for all-conference back in 1950, and Bob Holtz, outstanding fullback on the "SO" squad, were side- lined for the major portion of the season. The "Wildcats," out of a squad of 28, boasted eight sophomores, four of them playing in the starting lines. This inexperience partially explains the rather poor sea- son, also strengthen next year's varsity team. , 'E A ggi Q Q ,Y J A ix W it N ,ft ..'!.,, . 11 w 'ami QL, Xi M. K 'lm 1. H3 ge, , 5? sian- --2, 1 X ws X F' iii, t it s x 'X . l East Jackson 6-6 Albion Sturgis 20-6 Albion B .C. Central 21 -O Albion Lakeview 33-6 Albi0f'l East Lansing 42-O Albion Adrian l9-8 Albion Coldwater 6- l 9 Albion Marshall 39-6 Albion Wes mms D. Driscoll, A. Farley, J. Waterbury, D. McAuliffe, J. Sayles, C. Bommarito, Captain, J. Weidner, H. Craw ford, N. Martin, H. Wallace, D. Thompson R. Wirebaugh, D. Carnicom, D. Moorehead, L. Poirier, D. Dobson, S. Calderone, K. Carrier, B. Parks, K. Cheek, B. Evans, C. Knoblauch 3rd Row: Coach Anderson, J. Carroll, F. Klinkel, D. Martin, R. Kreger, D. Rundquist, R. Pearson, D. Kaiser, J. Krebs, B. Adams, Coach Saeiarski G. Rathbun, K. Brooks, W. Cornell, G. Turner, C. Sandusky, H. Cornelius, D. Cornell, D. Swan, J. Grucza Swwllw 'Eighth granule 'foawuu lst row: B. Corner, B. Martin, D. Foster, B. Bird, R. Peace, E. Reynolds, A. Bidlack, R. Bohanna, A. Harris, J. Eddy, P. Hagerty, C. Baldwin 2nd Row: D. Weidner, R. Barge, J. Little, F. Wilder, B. Walker, D. Nowrey, W, Crum, D. Yorkey, L. Whitehead, B. Hill lst Row: Znd Row: 4th Row: 3rd Row: M. Ashley, R. Foster, J. Peterson, D. Vincent, L. Gallup, T. Streeter, B. Grenevitch, N.. Court, R. Eagen J. Wolter, M. Jacobs, J. Vornakis g 4th Row: J. Foley, L. Kittenger, F. Cornelius, B. Snyder, E. Kirby, K. Bilicke, F. Sawchuk, T. Donaldson, A. Robin- son. M. Eagen This page sponsored by Mitchell's Confectionery f J 1 ff..-ffl si - - SX '- na ,'k . fgiiiwjisl -if J J X if l Seated: J. Powell, R Collins, S. Snyder W Harrier, R. Whiting D. Prue, D R d H C - . - , . , . f d, H. R d, M. yofifick, L. Taylor, c. Rathbun. ee 'aw O' ee nee ing: B, Holtz, W. Cornell, S. Caldero e, A. F l ,R. G t, B. Ad , B. C th, C. S d k D. W k J, Bielfuss, D. BaIl,C. Hill, v. Mefzler. n Ney an am er an Us Y' ec man' Sat:-1nding?C'o:cIl'1, Dan Goldsmith, Manager, W. Thompsong D. Trippett, D. Ruff, R. Wirebaugh, J. Morgan, R. earson, c ntosh, K. Bennett, J. Banks, D. Moorehead, H. Hawes, Manager, Coach, B. Mason. Qaselall Seated: C. Bommarito, D. Hagemann, L. Poirier, S. Pasick, K. Carrier. D- Tymkew. D- DHSCOH- D' Comeu- S rggiigyj' fX.iraEfa,EemIey, H. Cornell, B, Bryden, J. Morgan, R. Sims, V. Williams, H. Cornelius, J. McKinney D. B ll, B. L mbrecht. , . Stanjingz Cciach, J. Sachariski, R. Cunningham, R. KFSSCY, T- VV'f'QbeflY- R- Morgan- R- F'5he" J' Krebs' J Dean, J. Barton, A. Walker, L. Gonzales, D. Clifford, C. KI'1OblHUCl1. Coach, J- H386- This page sponsored by Morse Cleaners aestlq Gas ke Niall Seated: T. Wimberly, N. Martin, H. Worden, D. Ball, C. Sprandel, B. Fox Standing: Coach B. Mason, K. B l J. McKinney, D. Ruff, Manager ent ey, A. Wheeler, A.Paskett, K. Bennett, J. Morgan, Waseca e Seated: J. Wiedner, B. Manley, R. Pearson, K. Carrier, D. McAuliffe, D. Moorehead, D. Hagemann, bury, lon floorl A. Simmons, Manager. Standing: Coach J. Hage, D. Sheffield, E. Snyder, J. Hunter, G. Collier, J. Powell, R. Weaver, D. Poirier, C. Lane, Coach J. Sacharski This page sponsored by Huffmarfs e x .. ll l lil i 1 J l f I, .. ld, ,C SE ' Mgfi? . ,xv K - S 32. Q. ' 'D i s 1 ' r x y 2 . ' fy' V L 3 . Qt .1 .1 l .:', -if , Jack Water- Tymkew, L. A 5 n r l lf' .1 L? f Ni 'J l i iii. Tennis or - me k, D. Sh ff' ld, c. comer t Eflillflff Eg2?ff"E5'Ande'Z3m R. Bjnnftt. K. check. J. Caffwnehf- D- Tfaufman' C' Reed gal Seated: C. Collier, R. Richards Kneeling: B. Fox, R. Fisher, R. Cunningham Not in picture: Coach, J. Austin This page sponsored by BIaisdeII's 5 I Kneeling: J. Bentley, C. Raymond, J. Anderson Standing: J. Tawney, R. Crenevitch, L. Taylor, H. Crenevifch, D. Davidson ' '3acvzd Seated: E. Schultz, H. Hawes Standing: M. Patterson, A. Simmons, Mr. McElhaney, AdviSOf, D. Ruff This page sponsored by J. C. Penney Co. Q 1 B 3 fx? Us . ,W-H 45.5, -Q I may Special "Thanks" are extended to Pam Rae Nessel- road and James Allen Dean for acting as the models for our "Breeze" annual division pages. Pam is a member of the class of l962. She is a 2nd grader at Washington Gardner Grade School and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nesselroad, 408 E. Cass Street. Jimmy is a first grader at Washington Gardner Grade School and will be in the graduating class of 1963. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Dean, 4ll E. Cass Street. Thanks a lots, kidsl You did a swell job! Thanks are also extended to the Vaughns' Mens Store and the Vaughns' Womens Store for their help with the costumes and props. Sargents Flowers contributed the flowers worn by Pam and Jimmy. The- "Breeze" staff enjoyed working with Mr. Edward Vandenberg and his studio staff. Their hard work and good pictures made this annual. Our annual was put together this year by the staff at Edwards Brothers in Ann Arbor with all type coming from the Jackson Typesetting Company in Jackson. Thanks to all! The "Breeze" Annual Staff ALBION DRIVE-IN THEATRE ENIOY THE LATEST AND BEST SHOWS N THE BEST SE OF THE HOUSE YOUR OWN CAR lllli mmf -ll ,.r I AT , g l ,LIL fl his .T jg U if Alblon Albuon Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albron Albion Albion BUSINESS DIRECTORY Bowlmg Lanes College Drlve In Theatre Elevator Hardware Industries n Lumber Co Malleable Iron Co Motor Sales Pastry Shop Art Craft Press Avery Cleaners Bushop s Furmture Blalsdell s Clothmg Brooks Furnace Co Brownrndge Drug Store Came s Pamt and Paper Campbell Auto Sales Cartwrughts Shoe Store Chlchester Studuo Coca Cola Bottling Co Commercial 6' Savlngs Bank Cornmg Glass Works Decker Manufacturmg Co Dlckerson s Cleaners Dorann Pastry Shoppe E W Knesslungs Jewelry Estelle Dress Shop Everett Cavanagh Fred s Market Frost Shoe Store Gale Manufacturmg Co Gamble s Hardware Gem Dairy Glttleman s Clothlng Store J C Penney Co Hawes Drug Store Hoag s Fuel and Feed Homestead Savmgs and Loan Huffman s Clothmg Store Koon s Hardware Kroger G Co Lonergan s Manufacturing CO Maple Cnty Auto Co McDougal and Young Mnller Jewelers Mitchell s Confectaonery Morse Cleaners Power s Dress Shop Royal Sandwxch Shop Russ Muller Chevrolet Sargent s Flowers Star Shoe Servnce Tuchtenhagen s Jewelry Unnon Steel Products Vanden Berg Studio Vaughn Men s Store Vaughn Women s Store Wallace Grocery Weatherwax Drug Store Weaver s Restaurant Western Auto omlv :men fa o C0611 ' COA! gdlgflg 60I'lll0ally ' ' ............ 74 7 ' ...... . ' .................. 72 ' ............... ' '- .......... 68 ' ' ' ' ................. 77 .. . ....... ' ................ 55 ' ........ ' ',l-c... ..... 7l ' ' . .............. 70 ' . ' . ........ 70 ' ' ' ....... 72 ' ...... ' .............. 73 . ............ . ' ' ' ............... 7l .... .. ' ' ' .............. 65 ' ......... .. ' . .............. 75 ' ' ' ' ........... 6l Moore's Music Store ....... " ' ........... 60 ......... .. ' ' .... ..... 7 3 ' ...... . ' ' ............... 72 ' - .... . - ' . ............ 69 ' ........ .. ' ' ....... 74 ' ......... . ' ............. 7l ' .... A ' . ........ 7l ' ..... . ' ' ' ............. 70 ' ........ . .' " .......... 50 ' ' ....... ..... .... 7 O ' ....... V . .......... 7l 6 7 7 ALBION MALLEABLE IRON COMPANY NM40 'B f888o DICKERSON'S DRY CLSANSRS 119 N Superior Albion Mich Tel. 4205 GOOD LUCK SENIORSI DORANN PASTRY SHOPPE CONGRATULATIONS! FRED S MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF RUSS MILLER CHEVROLET 214 Mxchigan Avenue CONGRATULATIONS' ALBION LUMBER CO CONGRATULATIONS' McDOUGAL 6. YOUNG COMPLIMENTS OF AVFRY CLEANERS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' THE WALLACE GROCERY Cameras F11ms Supphes Developmg Prmtmq Enlarqmg l1!6tIl6lell EF? S1140 414 S Superlor St D101 4911 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS e G 9 5 L he CORNING GLASS WORKS ALBIONS NEWEST INDUSTRIAL NEIGHBOR BISHOP AIb1o1'1 Industnes Inc Furmture Company MANUFACTURERS OF INDUSTRIAL 103 9 N S CASTERS HOWARD REED DON COPELAND f 2 Campbell Auto Sales Decker Monufoctunng DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS C k S M C 9 f Lf To The Closs of 1952 GALE MANUFACTURING CO Gonqrcxtulcxtions, Seniors! Comphments of - . uperior St. Compliments of Congmt 1 ions Gloss o '5 "Your Dependobl Dod D 1 " CO- T T 1 . - Albion, 'h' 2 I on ra, u L0n5- Gnmpgmenfa 0 CI-IICHESTER STUDIO 'QL fegit in your Own Cnmmnnify in-u nn: Albion. College ' chartered in 1835 before Michigan was a state, has prepared its students for posts of leadership through- out the World. A 4-year, Christian liberal arts college, it offers pre-professional courses in DENTISTRY, ENGINEER- ING, LAW, MEDICINE, the MINISTRY, NURSING, FORESTRY, and LABORATORY TECHNIQUES. FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE MOST IMPORTANT SCHOLASTIC SOCIETIES High School students may submit application for enrollment upon completion of the junior year. FALL SEMESTER 1952 BEGINS SEPTEMBER 14 0 one of the WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOUSE, President Nation's Outstanding ALBION' MICHIGAN Colleges Our Compliments to the CONGRATULATIONS Class of '52 I th . rom 6 Alblon Motor Sales Co ART' CRAFT PRESS Albion, Michigan I-'ORD and MERCURY DEALER COmp1'me-nts COnqrOtu1c1t'Ons Class Of 52 Cctrtvvrtght s Western Auto Store SHOE STORE OOMPLIMENTS OF TUCHTENHAGEN S COMPLIMENTS OF VAUGHN co wmv MEN S STORE COMPUMENTS OF OOD LUCK s1aNtORs1 ALBION PAs'rnY sHOP HAWES DRUG STORE COngrOtu1Ot1Ons Lonergcm MOnutOctur1ng CO Heating Refrigeration-Venti1OtiOn Air Conditioning 1 1 1 At the Sign of the ku MAPLE CITY AUTO CO Bulck Sales and Servlce Market Place A1b1on M1ch1gan CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS SENIORS f 952 1 THE COMMERCIAL 81 SAVINGS BANK Alb M ROYAL SANDWICH SHOP GOOD LUCK SENIORSI TO ENIOY AMERICA S NO 1 PASTIME BOWL AT ALBION BOWLING LANES C I h 1 We ook forward with conf'd in your f ure and th f entire school system. ion, ichigan f 1952 Umon Steel Products Company o s W S KOONS HARDWARE WEATHERWAX CONGRATULATIONS Gnd GOOD LUCK to fA ,SD X 1952 BROOKS FURNACE COMPANY gongrafufafiona 0 Me .Simian of CO GRATULAT O S G O and SENI R BEST IHES e eniord 0 -Y iw if Y aiffeii . My w ,, if , rift? mt 15 ,.VV 1 I w 53 feng, .arg 'Qi .A Q 'TQW 3E.N.'a nik , I . 'if' nw L? 'Pi 'su-Rv? L ws 4 iuiii 1 .1 ,wg s I F2 53 fail k I K Q N M . " -rf K, 'ERN-..L5." , f .X ' ,wi 1-ff A I r K f : 1 A . X 2 - L , , Q ,. T. W,- ".. vi ik. x u l, If .,,kNN -Furs w , . 1 ff' eff xx '1 Y .V g , 1 J' V- W... ,,, Xp-2 . h,.r .J- J,-r W1-N

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Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 25

1952, pg 25

Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 38

1952, pg 38

Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 15

1952, pg 15

Albion High School - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

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