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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1953 volume:

91- 1 ri f . A V xr J, V A" A .1 ' I f ,' N 1 , f' . , r V 1 . .x ' I 'If f 'la . 4 . I . I. 0 - ' ef -I f' ' fn V I 1 I A I 11" ,- P ,I Al, . iw 953 L-Dblhd Q7 QS? l he enior Gass Of Lgfbznon gfiglz Qglcfzoof jqflyion, neg ii :E ' f " 4 ' af ! Page 2 new .... r --4- , tit. 44: . em ,ws f sf :ft z Qt .,, ..,,.., 2 ,ters P - '- ' mf' '12 1 fa ,Jaw There is a striking similarity between a career in Albion High School and great stage performance. The hum of activity in the office, classrooms, auditorium and gym is al- , apparent. The directors, actors, stagehands and settings are all pres- serving together as a unit. Only from the integration of these elements a successful production result. Overseeing the entire production is the faculty. ln the theatrical World correspond to the directors Who help the stars to realize their potenti- With their knowledge and experience, they see to it that the ensemble is served by the best efforts of each individual. For a successful production, no element approaches the importance of the stars, the seniors. Since they made their debuts in A.H.S. four years ago, their accomplishments have covered a wide range. Through constant and improvement of their performances in every field, the seniors finally obtained the success and recognition of stardom. In every cast there are supporting players. The understudies to the lead- ig! v ing performers are the juniors who are preparing to accept the lead next year and to create a new standard for tomorrow. A successful performance which involves the most careful coordination is credited to the sophomores. Without efficient stagehands who are fast becoming familiar with the art of production at Albion High School there could be no stage play. The freshmen as youthful aspirants also assume an important role on the stage. Although they are beginning their careers by auditioning for parts, they will display their talents in academic work and extra-curricular activities until they finally become absorbed in the living theater. In a short time, the curtain will fall upon the final and greatest perform- ance of the year-graduation. At that moment, the class of '53 Will depart forever from the stage, footlights and applause of the living theater in which they have spent the last four years. Because they will always remain an important part of the history of Albion High School, this edition of the Albacard will serve future generations as a reminder of the deeds and ac- complishments of the class of 1953. , iiffy , ,M, 1 ,, 8262 " wb S2 ala ygf Wig 5521? If afar Q57 gf two fffiaf z4'M A,rwi ,.MV ,,.,4W 4 W Z' " f? W, if-Wy, 4 Ma i gift? 3? 'f wif, 23,21 2 f, YVIW, if 4 ,497 5, A . if 1 Q I If f 5? he A Z 4 I M 4 mg YJ .14 1 Vlifftt? QMTL4? , ,ptfifw ., wg tj." ' ti, Page 3 l CDO watwn Wllfl QIMOVS mstratwn Pug UHLOVS op OHTOVQS FCS H1241 .gctmutws vertmsemen ts 6, 61- ' fd WH . Us S' g- .. Sh . C711 .. JU' . A W Q' prd' his-or The smallest candle ills a mile with its 'rays . . . Emerson In school lite we have learned to appreciate tine music which provides beauty and emotional balance in the ordinary routine of living. To Mr. Cald- well, who in his fourteen years of guidance has instilled in us this beauty and self expression, we dedicate the 1953 Albacard. His high ideals, sincere interest and faith in students of Albion High School have inspired them to their finest efforts. Page 5 'UN Nr Page 6 Principal Merlin Menagh Superintendent Gail L. Sims Always aiming for a better school program, Merlin Menagh, principal of Albion High School, combines the suggestions of students and faculty with his own ideas to build a successful school policy. Under the supervision of Gail L. Sims, superintendent ot schools, the Albion Public Schools can look forward to the con- tinuance of sound basic school policies and steadily improved methods ol instruction and learning. Jw. Q22' School Board Supt, G, L. Sims, D. Hudson, R. Blatter, G. Karges, L. Sherwood, R. Flotree, R, Medlin B Holmes The duties oi the school board members are varied and numerous. At their regular and special meetings, they discuss problems ot school policies, set up the budget, hire teachers and serve as custodians ot all school property. Supervising the construction of the 5355000 grade school and auditorium has taken innumerable hours from their own private and business lives. Their service is great, and because they are civic minded leaders they continue to serve the community year after year without remuneration. Assisting otlice secretary Dorothy Petersen with routine duties are Glenys Larson, Patsy Warner and Sandy Miller. 'D X Q3-, ,, v Jjfj , ' Q NMMA! I" , ' X ,f 1 Plavs and music productions demand much time and patience on the part of the directors and all those who assist in the Wavs ot advertising, pro- gram making, staging and ticket selling. Supervisors ot the Iunior-Senior banquet and prom find their projects are made financially pos- sible by various junior class business activities. Baccalaureate and commencement call for spe- cial practice and decorating. Then, too, the teachers must share in the duties ot ticket selling and taking at all public affairs. All these activities provide the opportunity for a closer relationship between students and teachers. Ivan Calf-lwell heads the music department and plans all music activities Miss Milada Dolezal, accompanist, teaches Qmerican history and normal bloloclf' and Geqprcl Science 9391 l ina, Haskins . Glen Hilliaas, instructor . cation, auto driving and government sees fhe rural yowh m ,I ,i 1 ill l X JD-Q ff , g ' , mg. Young Qmeflccms PVGPUTG for Cf good methods of agricultu xi . "Entrance of the stars." lim Brown, Vice-Pres., Mary Barnes, Treas.g Dennis Sullivan, Secy., Frank Sowokinos, Pres. enlofs . . . . they distinguished themselves Ultimately, in the last year in Albion High School, seniors attained the peak in star per- formances. Senior members constituted staffs of the school paper, the Cardinal, and the year- book, The Albacard. The seniors were the top officers of major school organizations and claimed the Color Day queen, 4-H queen, the drum major, and Miss Albion. They were hosts at the annual Newcomer party and tied 5 Page 10 with other classes in reaching 1002 sales of the yearbook. Senior members of school teams helped to bring home victories and the class play cast produced another hit. But the climaxing feature of the year came at com- mencement When the senior class Wearing caps and gowns of maroon became the first to march down the aisle of the new auditorium. 3--i .1--cy l it-as. QTWOOD, GENE "Study as if you were to live forever. Live as il you were to die tomorrow." Vcc Fld, Class Officer 1 Secy -2 Treas.-3 Treas, Foot- lifill l-L'L 3L--ll., Track 3, County Govt 3, FFQ l-2-3 'liiifis-1 Pies, Stud-nt Council -1 Vic-Pres, HQ" Club BQRNES, MQRY CQTHERINE "She was born with the gilt ol laughter." Coilf-go Prop., Clafs Ozfif'-r 4 Trias, Music 2l.-3l.-4L, Ole-if-tta 7-3 Glen 'Tub l-2-3--1, Eaiid 2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Gl.nri.,on Music Ciziitp 4, Clioral Ciinzc 2-3--1, Band Clinic 2-3-fl, Saxoyhori-Q Quartet 3-4, Modern Music Ma-,ta-rs 1' Volleyball 3-4. Clcieerlcader ll.-31.--ll., Class 3 llay 3 R+-aaings 2 County Govt 3, PH Q l-2-3-4, State THQ, Convention l, C:-.te Woikshop 2, Pep Club l Convention-2L-3L Secy.-4L, Color Day Princess. T' Gfass Gofors - - - Black and White Gfass cgafower - - - Red rose Gfass Tnolto BHRTLETT, MHRIQNNE "Her voice is ever soft. gentle and low." Commercial, Count Govt. 3- Biolo . ci b 2 s ., riin. l-2-3-42 Pep bmi- 31.-ffl., gy U My BENTIEN, HRDETH "Everyone has zz laughing place." 'lcrmfil Trainina, Music 3L-4L- Oseretta 3, Madriqal 3, Glee Club 2-3-4, Band 2-3-4: Choir 3-4, Cho'al Clinic 3-1, Band Clinic 2-3-4, Saxophone Quartet 3-4, Class gl1ayL3, l-Qct Play 2, County Govt. 3, F,T.Fl. 3-4, Pep in 4, BENTIEN, CHROLYN "Measure your mind's height by the shade it casts." Normal Tirrininq, Music QL-31.-4L. Operetta 3, Glee Club l-2-3-4, Band 2- Choir 2-3-4, Choral Clinic 2-3-4: Band Clinic 2, Vollyball 3-4 Class Play 3, Girls State 3, PTR 3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Coloi Day Princess, BERTHELSEN, RUTH E. "There is no excellence without difficulty." Cf"f-do Pwr, Class Officer 1 Treas -3 Pres, Music 21.- 3l.-4l., Oreretta 3 G:'ls Sextf'-t l-2, Glee Club l-2-3-4, Hfmfl l-7 3-4, Char 2-3-4, Gunnison Music Camp 4: Choral Clinic 2-3-4, Band Clinic 7-3 Cla'inet Quartet IT-3, County Govt 3. Flllfl l-2, S'atc- FHR Conven- tion 2- Cmtf- Wfzrlcshop 2 Stud:-nt Council 2-3 Tr-'-as.-4, Peg. CQ ik, 21.-31. Trea: -4L Pres, Color Day Maid of Honor. i ll Success Awaits at Labor's Gates fp 1 l 1 l l I l l 1 1 l Q l l l E CHRVER, DON "Fortune gives her hand to a hold man." G lg 1' b ll 1.2L-31-4L7 B 1111911 1-2-3-4: Track 1,'ifl3fr?gOunfftGf,v1, 3, "Q" c1ubc5-:f4,acqfd1nQ1151011 ll. COOK, DEWEY S. "'I'here's a time tor all things." Normal Trainingg Biology Club 2, F.T.Q. 3-4g F.F.R, l-2g Fllbacard Stdllg Cardinal Stall ll. COOPER, DQLE E. "I think that I think: therefore I think that I am." College Prepp Class Ollicer l Vice-Pres.g football Bl.-4l.g Basketball l-2-3-4g Track l-2,3-45 Boxing ll.g Fl Club 1,2-3-4. COURTNEY, WYLENE IOYCE "H light heart lives long." Cweneralg Librarian 3g Cardinal Stall I. Page 12 BRQNNON, lOHN "He who has a head won't want for a hat." College Prepg Football 3-fi: Basketball 2-35 Track 2-3-45 County Govt. 35 Bxology Club 25 F.F.Fl. l. BRIESE, MHRY "Pleasant words are as honey comb, sweet to the soul and health to the bone." Commercialp Operetta 2, Glee Club l-2-3-47 Se-xtet I-2g Choir 2-4: Choral Clinic 25 Librarian 2-3g F.I'I.Fl. l-25 Pep Club l-31.-4g Cardinal lg Press Convention. BROWN, IIM "Fl man is what he is: he is not what he was." College Prepg Class Officer 1 Pres.-2Pres.-4Vice-Pres.g Choir 2-3g Football lL-QL-3L-4l.g Basketball 1,25 Biology Club 2: Student Council 3g "Q" Club 1-2-3-4 Vice-Pres.g Color Day Prince, BRUGGER, DON "Finish each day and be done with it. Tomorrow is another day." Voc. 913.5 F.F.Q. l-2-345 Cardinal Stall ll, DFIRLING, lOl-IN "Mon's a watch who is only wound up once." Voc. Qgp Biology Club 2, F.F.Fl, l-2-3-4, Cardinal Stall ll. DQWKINS, BETTY "Silence is wisdom when speaking is folly." General: Glee Club l-4, Cardinal Stall l. DEVLIN, MQRY "I was born to talk and talk l must." Commercial: Music 2L-3l.-lll.g Operetta 2-3, Madrigal 31 Sextet l-2, Glee Club l-2-3-45 Band 2-3-flg Choir 2-fl-45 Gunnison Muszc Camp 4, Qua'r'et 3, Choral Clinic 2-3-4, State Choral Clinxc 3, Band Clinic 2-37 Fine Flrts Festival 3, Modern Music Masters 4 Vice-Pres, Class Play 37 l-Flct Play 3, FH.Fl l-2-3-4, Pep Club l-Zl.-31.-fll. Vice- Pres, Hlbacard Stall, Cardinal Stall ll, Color Day Princess. DUNQGQN, DERHLD LEHMON "Manners make the man." College Prepg Class Officer 2 Vice-Pres.y Football 41.5 Basketball 3l.-fll,g Track Zl.-3l..-41.5 County Govt. 3, l:'.F.fl. l-7-3 Vicff-Prefs, Student Councvl 2-3-4 Pres., "H" Club 2-3-4, Color Day Prince, s an-Y -- ESHU, LOIS L. 'The best mirror is cr 1riend's eye." General, Cardinal Stall Il. EWING, NORMHN "No one escapes talking nonsense: the misfortune is to do it seriously." Voc Ha, Music QL-'BL-Ill.: Ooereltc 2-3, Maclriqal 31 Band 2-'?-4, Cliozr 2-3-4, Wayne Music Camp 4, Choral Clinic 2-2-4, Band Clrnlc 2-3-4, Class Play 35 F,F.Fl. l-2-3-4. GARDER, MILAN "Speak little and well and they will think you are someone." Vcc H15 Football 2-3, County Govt 3, FFR, l-2-3-45 Card.n'rl Staff l, GETZFRID, THOMRS I. "I never trouble trouble till trouble troubles me." "oc Q75 County C'i'.'t 3, Flffl. 2-3--l, fliliacard Stall. C'r'd.na1 llg Colo: l'Hry Trina-. Page 13 1-1 Q-Q, 4. Page 14 HOEFER, MILDRED L. "Make room in your heart for a friend." Generalg Librarian 2-47 F.H.H. l-2g Cardinal Statt II. HUNTER, MYRNH "Manners, not gold, are a woman's best adorn- ment." Normal Trainingg Music 3Lg Opeietta 37 Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Choir.3-47 Choral Clinic 3, County Govt. 3: F.T.Fl, 3 Secy.-fly FH Pl. l-2-3 Treas.-4 Pres.: F.H.Fl, District Pres. fig State EH Il Convention 2-31 Kearney Workshop 3- Crete Vforlcshoo 1-2, Student Council 2-4 Secy.7 Pep Club 3-4g Color Day Queen. ' HRMS, lVFl FRRNCES "Without kindness there can be no true pay." Commercial. Librarian 2-3-4g Cardinal Staff l. IUSTUS, RDERIN LUDWIG "He is the best scholar who hath learned to live well." Voc. Rag FFR. 3-4 Vice-Presq Student Council l. GRHHQM, ROBERT LEE "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep." General: Football l-2-'lg Baeltc-tball l-21 Track l-QL-'EL Biology Club 2, "fl" Club 2-3-4 HRRDER, VIRGINIR "Good humor makes all things tolerable." Commerc alg Music 3L-4Lp Oiteretta 2-3g Sextet, l-2, Triple 4 i Cl Trio 35 Clee Club l-2-3-45 Qxarte' 3, Choir 2-3-4g .nmol Clinic 2-3--lg State Choral Clinic 3-45 Fine Qrts Festival 33 Modern Music Masters 4 Presg EHR. 1-2-3-fl, State EH H, Convention 3-4: Kearney Workshop 45 Pep Club 2-3L-4Lg Filbacard Staff: Cardinal ll. HRWLEY, ELLEN V. "Pack all your troubles in the bottom of your heart and smile." General. HENRICHS, MHRGHRET H. "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere." Generali Librarian 35 F.ll.Fl. l-2g Cardinal Staff l. Il" is KQRQBEL, MQRLENE M. "Our character is like a stamp on our souls." Commercialg Music IL-2L-31.-dl.: Glee Club l-2: Band l-2-3-l Wayne Clinic 4: Band Clinic l-2-3-4g F.H.Q. 1-2-3g Pep Club I-2L-3-41 Cardinal Staff I, KINZIE, RUBY - "Be amiable if you would be loved." C-encraly Biology Club 25 F.H,Fl. 2-3. KLQSSEN, MERLE :lou should hammer your iron when it's glowing ot." Voc. Plg.p F.F.Fl. 2-3-45 Cardinal Staff ll. KRHFT, MQRIE L. "Patience will overcome all things." Commercialg Librarian 2-3-41 Biology Club 2. WJ KR9US, MQRY LOU A 3' "The secret of true greatness is simplicity." Commercialg Cardinal Staff I. LOUGH, DELWYN DUHNE "I am not afraid of work: I could lay down beside it and go to sleep." Voc, Flgg Football Manager 4g Track 47 F.F.Fl, l-2-3-4. MHNNLEIN, KPITHLEEN M. "Hitch your wagon to a star." General, Music 31.-11l.g Open'-tin 3 Glen Club 2-35 Choir 3-45 Choral Clinic 35 Librarian 3-4 Class Play 3, County Govt. 35 Biology 2g Cardinal Sta!! ll. MEYSENBURG, IOHN "He is a tool who cannot be angry. but he is a wise man who will not be." Voc Flgg f' ffl l-Q-3-4, Cardinal Stall ll. Page 15 NOBLE, IHCK "Everyone has his lot and a wide world before him." Voc. Ra: Football 2-35 Boxing l5 F.F.Fl. l-2-3-4 Treas,5 Cardinal Stall ll. O'BRlEN, DOUGLHS T. "Dost thou love lite? Then waste not time lor time is the stuff life is made ol." General5 Band 45 Choir 45 Band Clinic 45 Football 3-4L5 Basketball 45 Track 45 County Govt. 35 Cardinal Staff I5 Color Day Prince. PETERSON, GRYLORD "We know what we ure. but not what we may be." Normal Training5 Choir 45 Choral Clinic 45 Basketball l-2-3-45 Track 2-35 Boxing I5 Football Student Manager 35 Class Play 35 Readings 35 Biology Club 25 F.T.R. 3-45 Cardinal Stall ll. PORTER, RODNEY DEE "When fortune knocks, be sure to open the door." College Prep.5 Football l-3L-4L5 Basketball 2-3-45 Track lg-2-35 Boxing lg Biology 25 "H" Club 3-45 Color Day rince. Page 16 ' Qgufjggv . ICHHEL, CRROL "Beauty is power. and a smile its sword." Generalg Glee Club l-25 Choir 2-45 F.H.Q. 1-45 Pep Club 253-45 Cardinal Stall lg Press Convention 45 Color Day rincess. MILLS, IIM "No man ever distinguished himself who could not bear to be laughed at." Normal Training5 Class Play 35 County Govt. 35 F.T.H. 3 Treas.-4 Pres5 F.l-'.R. 1-25 Student Council 1. MULLIN, MRRY ELIZHBETH "Rings on her lingers and bells on her toes: she shall have music wherever she goes." Commercial5 Music 2L-3L-4L5 Operetta 2-35 Madrigal 35 Triple Trio 35 Sextet l-25 Quartet 35 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Choral Clinic 2-3-45 State Choral Clinic 3-45 Band Clinic 2-35 Modern Music Masters 45 Fine I-lrt: Festival 35 Cheerleader 2l..-3l..-4L l'lead5 F.H.Q. l-2-3-45 Kearney Workshop 45 Pep Club l-2l..-3L-4L5 Card- inal Statl II5 Color Day Princess. NIEMEYER, GENE "Eat, drink and he merry for tomorrow we may die." C1eneral5 Music 2L-3L5 Band l-2-35 Football 1-2-35 Track 1-25 Biology Club 25 Cardinal Staff Il. AWN OUITER, RUTH M. "Daughter of the gods-divinely tall." Ncvmcl Tmxnxnqy Musxc fl.-flLA'll..: Mcdrlqal 3: Glee Club l-l'-3. Clwxr J-3-Aly Cl:0'r1l Clmmc 2-3-45 Soxtct l-75 Quar- I-'Y fl-4. lxloalr-'n Muslc Mazztf-Is 11 Sf-Cy: l-Flct Play 2-3: lvl' Fl 3 -1, Fll fl l-Z? fl-41. K:-srncy Workshop 3: Dlstricl l' ll fl Cc-nw-nhon l-ff-3-4, Pep Club l-2L-3l.-4l.g Hlbocard lfslllorg Ccnlzncl Stull I. REDLER, VIVIQN "The eyes are ihe pearls of the lace." Commf-rcml, FII fl. l-2, Ccrrdlnal Sm!! ll. REYNOLDSON, ROBERT LeROY "Why are Qhe days so long and lhs nighis so short?" Generalg l-Plc! Play 35 Curdincxl Stall I. RIECK, NORMQ IEHN :laugh every lime you feel tickled and laugh once m awhile anyway." Commorclalg Music 2-I.-3Lg Opcrettcx 3g Glee Club l-2g Band l-2-3-45 Choxr 31 Chorul Clxmc 3. Band Clinic 1-2- 3145 F.llH. l-2-3, Cordlncl ll. f rf, 19' 'tg T qw. .ff ,hx V I .E nifty .ug . - 1-4 Qfq , A' , ..l:?...g A W3 . 5593? 1 ' - me RODDY, TOM I. "He has a hear! as sound as a bell." General, SCHILOUSKY, RUTH "No one can lmow everything." Generalg F.H.H. 'Zg Pep Club 3-45 Cardinal l. SCHMRDEKE, IOFINNE "True friends are like diamonds-precious and ra KWH pf" r U v' re." COmm9YClGlQ Glee Club l-2g Band 2-3-4g Cardinal ll. SCHWQRTZ, BILL "Love mo. love my car." Gerteralg Football 35 Basketball 25 Biology Club 2. Page 17 STREETER, IJOIS CLHUDETTE "No limit but the sky." Commercialp Music 2L-3L-4l.: Operetta 2-3: Triple Trio 37 Giee Club l-2-3-47 Band 2-3-4: Choir 2-3-47 Gunnison Music Camp 47 Choral Clinic 2-3'4i Drum Maior Rssist- ant 47 Band Clinic 2-3-47 Brass Quartet 2-37 Modern Music Masters 47 Volleyball 3-47 Cheerleader 47 Class Play 37 County Govt. 37 F71-l.Q. 1-27 Pep Club I-2l..-3-47 Hlbacard Staff7 Cardinal Staff II7 Color Day Princess. SULLIVHN, DENNIS "I want someone to laugh with me." General7 Class Officer 4 Secy., Oneretta 2-37 Octet 27 Choir 2-3-47 Choral Clinic 2-3-47 State Choral Clinic 47 Football l-2L-3l.-4l.7 Basketball l-2-31.-4L7 Track 1-27 "R" Club 2-3-4 Pres.7 Color Day Prince. TESCH, LOIS "Short in height, but long in ambition." Commercial7 Glee Club 17 Choral Clinic 17 Volleyball 3-fl: Librarian 47 County Govt, 37 Biology Club 27 F.H.Q. 2-2-3-45 Pep Club 2l.-31.-47 Fllbacard Staff7 Cardinal Staff THOMPSON, HLICE IUNE "H teacher is like a candle which enlightens others in consuming itself." Normal Training7 Class Officer 3 Secy,7 Music lL-2L- 31.-41.7 Operetta 2-37 Glee Club 1-2-3-47 Band l-2-3-47 Choir 2-3-47 Gunnison Music Como 47 Wayne Clinic 37 Cho'al Clinic 2-3-47 State Band Clinic 3-47 Drum Major 4: Band Clinic 1-2-47 Brass Quartet 27 Brass Sextet 37 Modern Music Masters 47 Fine Qrts Festival 37 County Govt. 37 F.T.f-l. 3-47 FH!-l. 2-3-4 Secy.7 State Pl-l.H. Convention 37 Crete Workshon 37 Student Council 47 Pep Club 3L-4L7 Qlbacard Staff 47 Cardinal Editor I7 Press Convention 47 Color Day Princess. Page 18 SCRIVEN, MQY LOU "Have patience-the time will present itself." Colleae PTSD.: Glee Club l-2-3-4- Choir 27 Wayne Clinic 37 l".l'l.Q. 1-2-3-47 Pep Club 1-2l.-3l.-4L7 Cardinal I7 Press Convention. SOWOKINOS, FRPINK "Reason and iudgment are the qualities ot leader- ship." College Prep.7 Class Officer 3 Vice-Pres,-4 Pres.: Oper- etta 37 Choir 3-47 Choral Clinic 3-47 Football Zl..-3L-4L7 County Govt. 37 Boys State 37 F.F.Q. l-2-3 Secy.7 Stu- dent Council 3 Vice-Pres.-4 Treas,7 "Pl" Club 2-3-4. STHNDERWICK, BILL "lt seems to me a man is made to act rather than to know." Voc. t'lg.7 Music 31.-4l.7 Operetta 37 Band 2-3-47 Choir 3-47 Gunnison Music Camp 47 Choral Clinic 3-47 State Choral Clinic 47 Band Clinic 3-47 Modern Music Masters 4 Treasq Brass Quartet 37 Football 1-2-47 Basketball 2-3-47 Track l7 Class Play 37 1-Qct Play l-27 Color Day Prince. STHUB, HHROLD "Tomorrow's life is too late: live today." Voc. Hag Football l-2-47 Basketball l-3-47 Track l7 Box- ing 17 l5',F,Fl, 1-2-3-47 Cardinal I7 Color Day Prince. 15' THOMPSON, MQRIORIE 'I shall go sollly all my years." Comr'if:rcial5 Music 3l.-41.5 Operetta 2-3: Octet 25 Triple Trio 35 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Band 3-4: Choir 2-3-45 Gun- nison Music Camp 45 Choral Clinic 2-3-4: State Choral Clinic 45- Band Clinic 45 Modern Music Masters 45 Fine flrts Fnstival 3, Class Play 3 Student Director5 County Govt. 35 FHP1. l-2-3 Vice-Pres.-4: State F.I-IH, Con- vention 35 Crete Workshop 2-35 Pep Club 3-45 Color Day Princess. TINKER, LaVONNE MINERVIQ "Ioys are our wings: sorrows our spurs." General5 Cardinal I. WHITE, IERRY "I came, I saw, I conquered." General, Band 45 Choir 45 Modern Music Masters 45 Music 4L, Color Day Prince, WHITED, CONNIE "Our ideals are our better selves." Normal Training5 Class Play 35 1-Flct Play 25 Headings 3- County Govt. 35 PTH, 3-4, I".H.Fl. 1-25 Qlbacard Stall 45 Cardinal Stall Il. WHITED, NORMR "Life is short. so let's make merry." Generalj Librarian 2-35 F,I'l.Q. 15 Cardinal Staff II. WOODWORTH, HHRON "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." Ge-neral5 Class Officer 2 Secy,5 Basketball 1-2-3I.-45 Biology Club 25 Cardinal Stall I. YOUNG, HRDITH "Speech is silver, silence is golden." llormal Training5 Music 3L5 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Librarian 2-35 Biology Club 25 I-'.T.Q. 3-45 Cardinal Staff Il. YOUNG, GENE "Men ot lew words are the best men." Voc l'lg5 F,F.Q l-2-3-45 Cardinal ll. Page 19 "Waiting for his big chance." Fllan Bowman, Tre-as., Iohn Beckmann, Pres.g Glenn Hartsock, Secy.g Bill Roberts, Vice-Pres. xguniors. . . . they honored themselves As juniors, when approaching the height of the four year run, ability in salesmanship was recognized. All of this made possible the memorable Iunior-Senior banquet and prom and a generous gift to the school to be given next year. Iuniors made the largest showing in girls' glee and the class reached 1007, sales Page 20 of the Albacard with the other classes. By combining their dramatic talents in a good comedy play, furiously campaigning for "coun- ty offices" and offering their talent and time to school activities and organizations, they proved they were fine supporting players to the leading performers. 'CS' M 43 ,Z ,l vb-dt -J Og in 2 a I . Kathleen Ptdamson lean Bartels Don Beckenhauer Merlin Becker Iohn Beckrnann LaVonne Bennett Fllan Bowman Harlan Brickel Marlene Brie-se Frederica Carnahan Barbara Collins Mary Ellen Curran Lynn Cyrus Virginia Donaldson Marilyn Dorf Leon Draeger Dorothy Dafoe Verna Dutoe Bill Grapes Roger Hare .J . ,. y we a 43 :W fifgx Q 1 M nik 'VK 'ft fl , C -era ll" S l-1 I ,D -sf l -A' "'...E CT? ,,-1 x -3 Glenn Hartsock Ivalou Hawley Don Irwin Kathryn Kelly Dick Michael Lee lohnsori lack Kiester Nona Morgan I, I X Y, nf'-vi . 'nl ..'. 'fi :sun Donna Hornclka Keith Howell Iariice Iustus Belle Leach Gerry Myers Gary Keeshan Ieanette Magsamen Rosemary Niemeyer 'Q 1 as , , Q3 A, ' . Q l Xu QM' awk Q?- Q", M18 mx l Kay Kee-Shan Darlene Maybon Don Noble af-JU! . WF' -4:4577 if W X M- -ai .. , 4 Ae X-.Q ,. ,114 wrnztnrTPF"'5" i ii ' 5 S' .J 1' ' A wif. 'Q -it 4-lf' ...v- Luaria Qualsett Ronald Roddy Robert Taylor 1' wat? 4 N? Claudia O'Brien Ioan Quiter Marvin Schademarm Loran Wallick 149 'Q' .13 lea. if .1 OU' -A Lou Pauly Carol Pike Mike Redler Richard Spiegel Patsy Warner 'Z yf,qA V,rV' f X c i.. L n J- X 'C-Q' '5 4.-l ii f Bill Roberts Keith Stewart lack Williams Q fa J be . A 1 .af 'F' , I 1- , 2: X Shirley Potter Patty Roberts Kay Stilliriger Shirley 'Wilmot A , . .A-9' 7' I Page 24 "The ones behind the scenes." Bob Snyder, Secy,p Beverly Hamel, Vice-Presg Nancy Wilson, Pres.g Valborg Paulson, Treas. csjopfzomores. . . . they proved themselves The sophomore year brought greater re- only girl class president was a sophomore. sponsibilities. The members of the class made During the second year ol school, the soph- the largest showing in choir and also reached omores who have served as able stagehands the 1007, goal for sale of year-books. The have become a requisite part of life at A.H.S. 51m 5. 'A v ., f P2 .jg 'E H ,Q s or R g -1, . 1 ,.V.' , V f Loran Qndmg Carolme Flrbuthnot Harold Babcock Roscoe Barilett Herman Beckgr Blame Berg Gary Choat Carolyn Donaldson Iiikmpiia Betty Brandt Ioetta Cunnmgham Iarold Elvers Ioan Carder Pauline Curran Vlrgll Erxckson cf 4-av JC Nd' 1-ucv Sarah Carnahan Clarence Darllng Iune Fox 1,336.- D1ck Carver Kay Doerrng Ioan Fro1stad 5-nv' AA Nw 7331 NO' "Y O -I fi Beverly Hamel Bob Heckmqm Ronald Iahde Marlene Iensen Norma Iohnson Tom Kelley LgV0m-le Kiehl Laureen Kraus Marlene Kruse Glenys Larson Vaughn Lawrence Mike Lough Bill McCollough Darwin McWilliams Rosie Mannlein Scott Maricle Gene Meysenburg Cynthia Mignery Sandy Miller Ioe Mullin Kay Mullin Ioseph Niemeyer Margaret Noble Milan Nore Donnie Norskov , - V J ,, ,W 5 K X 1-L I W My , , V . kr , js, ,Magi A W ' N L ..DI, ' as . 3- 1, " ff V if 1' tfli '2' 1 .Q . ' "il, 5 1-445 1-In X - ff' "'J:' 5 4 f ,, 1 . I W 1 Marjorie Norslcov Rrlene Palmer Dewayne Proctor Carol Richards Barbara Paproski Gary Paulsen Valborq Paulson lim Ridgeway Bilse Robinson Charlotte Rolf Claire Qnn Schafer Mollie Schomburg Royce Sherrill lack Whited Bob Snyder Charles Whitt Catherine Schroe Carol Taylor Dean Wilson 3 , :ti Z AJ der Virqil Soda Marion Shafer Ioan Taylor Ronalfi Van Meter Nancy Wilson Flrlen Zaruba NJ LLL.: 97' , ,-ff Page 28 "Beginning of a career." Kennard Fleek, Treasg Ioan Freese, Vice-Pres.g David Sullivan, Secyq Herbert Hansen, Pres. CE-eshnmn . . . . they found themselves 'Curtain going up!" might have been heard had the class of '55 made its debut on Broad- way instead ot Albion High School. Upper classmen appeared as foreboding as any audi- ence. Weeks progressed and soon self-assur- ance was gained by such ways as reaching the top in Albacard sales. As apprentice freshmen sought advice from older, more ex perienced students. The new crop of fresh men has proved that they are Worthy ot be coming sophomores. f-5 1 K - vo. y s 2 179 1 -J 4 1155 ,, . I9 J N' ,177-'Q fxa L4 f' T ,' 2 ,X-3 I " I A . 9 '2- '5 if -f ,. V . I fs X. , " H ' A . at A i ,, 2 I 4 .1-Q.: 1 'X ,Q 5941 5' V' lu f 6 , . V!! y ,. if N 4, Q ku Q4 l l :if " 1 'I M A il H. Y ls 'AQ -af V ' 4: -J 41.1 Harlan Garder Mary Kelley v if if I , . Q " 'IQ A.A, -. "" J 'f' l 'A ',.V f .. 'l -' ,z ,Y A,,, . Q ADW . V I If I D Q , 1' 'V , ,fa if 1 9 Mr an jack Hustin Hrnold Beckenhauer Bill Berney Iohlene Bogner Vernon Borer jo Qym Bremer Don Collins Marlene Cook Donna Cornwell Leoda Courtney Larry Donscheski Pat Fitzgerald Kennard Fleek lack Freese Ioan Preese Herbert Hansen Marie Herse Robert Irwin Barbara Iohnson Bill Keeshan Shirley Kinzie Mary Flnn Klassen Clinton Leach Marilyn Leitschuck Donna Medinger Hlbert Miller E PHE 4 'Kwik' ,,,., ',,a-va' .-vw 41- '96-as 'V' .Z ,-of xrigf Q-GY ,k , -J' 5 5 3' K , ' 0 V , M4.,..,J , 5,1 ,, A 1. 4, 'S' , 5 'P -w ,,,. Of X ' Q-7" a 4:9 . xx Q. Q . ,l y ,li 1 ' 1 ' ' X A . iv ' ,X if . 15' ' 4 1 nl 1 fx, 4 A I x I " l - I J 'f J.. l A ,fa ' , Z - N, -4--vw Hi ,s Q' I., s i V l cgf .Wx 'fi ...ff W 1-1, A A 4 P in 'V 'Ji P .4 -.1 y f M t v , 2 VVWA: e AX " ll'-.J All in A- ' 4' gn lg' ' , , ' "if" ,:,A:,- mi. V' Q if-Jig' ,, l M ii, I 1 -A I ,xi H X . ' yy if , mlm, , fm. 2 L. 1, Gary Morgan Fern Ogden Gaile Peck Shop Iohn Moore Iohn Olnes Lamar Peterson David Myers Robert Palmer Phyllis Pieper Barbara Niemeyer Marion Niemeyer Charlotte Paproski Hrthur Pauly Gurney Pittenger Leslie Pope The blackboard is frequenily used for drill in fundamental processes by Iohn Kula's freshman math classes. ------.......! tools and blueprints in the hands of freshmen produce articles of skill under careful guidance of Coach Webb. .im 1. 1 Z -6 ...qv 1 F ..- 1-J M ,+- R v Q fl r,.fv A Patsy Quiter Frankie Redler Gerald Riegle Carroll Rolf Mary Rutten lim Schafer Elvin SCl'1WGf1Z Marilyn Scott Shirley Sexton Robert Spiegel David Sullivan Dan Thomazin Iune Woods Goldie Woodworth Edwin Wooten Most students have at least one supervised study period daily. 1 . 1 Typing is a popular course and Miss Oye finds her sophomore classes crowded, Physics offered to both juniors and seniors isn't too difficult under Iohn Kula's guiding hand. Fashioning garments for the style show re- quires time and patience for students and Miss Baskin alike. Lessons in auto driving and mechanics taught by Glen Hilligas make safer and saner drivers. f ZX , P V 'N Aww A l' Q A 4' 4 'On rio Miss Randles English classes study choral reading as a phase of interpretative literature. dI'l7'lOl'ly . . . Music activities in Albion High School are numerous. Opportunities exist for students to participate as soloists, in small ensembles, or in large vocal and instrumental groups. The band, composed of 64 members, di- rected by Ivan Caldwell, with Alice Thompson and Lois Streeter as student directors, played and marched often. First semester events included participation in clinics at Central City and North Platte, attendance at Band Day in Lincoln and Melody Round-Up in Hastings. Director Ivan Caldwell holds the ban- ner awarded Fllbion High School for first place honors won at Bk-Sar-Ben while Rlice Thompson, student director, looks at a medal held by her assistant, Lois Streeter. vocal anal instrumental Also, playing at the local county fair and marching at the Platte County Fair. Invitational participation at Ak-Sar-Ben re- sulted in a first place rating with a banner awarded the school and a medal given each band member. Harvest of Harmony competi- tion brought second place honors. Second semester band activities include a spring concert and participation in the district music contest. O O 5 Page 34 FF EE 'CE CC 115 ff- X. x nk v 1 plays a clinic song. Guest conductor Gerhard Schroth of Chicago and local director Ivan Caldwell look on as Milcxdo Dolezal, accompanist, -I. -lg.. , i f 5, x-Q - - ' 'gr' ,'.f" . V., G. V 1 I :Q - -,-",-- Wx ' of-'.,,,. ,ff H JQAQ ,V 1 , . 9"'2s. 2 of-a . .aff , . -H rv., '-2 j , 715 Q" 'iff .. , - ' gm '22, '-vf' fw,,f" , M v ' '- Q ,,, If 6 M is X sz , and any qs! gb " r M-f rf v nf 0,311 'Q F 'ii P ii... Ain The Albion Modern Music Masters con- stitute chapter number 25 cmd the first chapter in Nebraska. Inspired by Ivan Caldwell and organized to promote music activity in the school and community, Ql- bion's officers I. White, B. Standerwick, M. Devlin, R. Quiter, and V, Harder lay the groundwork for a worthwhile music organization. , A , A , ,. , K ,,. gif!! ' I if ,A , " EI .Lf ff " 'f ' "'-'f i V .-'l r' . . , an t t ' l -F4 The Eighth Rnnual Choral Clinic was held in the new auditorium in Ianuary in spite of a blizzard. Eighteen schools responded to a general invitation issued by director lvan Caldwell. Practice ses- sions twice daily were climaxed by a public concert at the end of the two day clinic. For the second time, a workshop was held to help instructors of participat- ing schools with their particular music problems. Milada Dolezal has accompan- ied for most of the Hlbion clinics. Here the massed chorus of A500 stu- dents awaits the pleasure of guest con- ductor Gerhard Schroth at the public concert concluding the choral clinic. Page 37 The madrigal is composed of ten seniors and three sophomores. R. Berthelsen, M. Thompson, V. Harder, M. Hunter, M. Mullin, M. Devlin, L. Streeter, R. Quiter, A. Thompson, N. Ewing, I. White and B. Standerwick are the seniors. B. Berg, B. McCollough and I. Mullin complete the group. ff 3 -Q t , 1' a H1232 f iw K X No requirements are necessary to join choir during first semester, but tryouts are needed second semester because membership is limited to 60, the number of white robes and red stoles Worn during public performances. Events highlighting the choir calendar are state clinic, the Christmas program, local choral clinic, district contest and a spring concert. Ni.-v its ,Xfi- 'Sh-wi 1 Q Ka, if Q-- my Sullivan drives over for Fllbion's second touch- down in the Fllbion-Fullerton game. ALBION 6 STANTON 0 Using the single win formation, the favored Albion Cards defeated the Stanton Mustangs in their first game of the season. Beckmann made the only touchdown on a Wide end sweep in the second quarter. C7-eamwork . . . smooth cnc! steaalg With I7 returning lettermen, the heavy Cardinal team finished the season with 4 wins, 5 losses. The Redbirds were under the leader- ship of two new coaches, Bob Webb and Dick Powers. ALBION 7 FRIEND 6 With Sowokinos charging from the I-yard line and Robinson booting the extra point, the Cardinals won over Friend in the first home game of the season. ALBION 33 NELIGH I3 An 80-yard touchdown by Beckmann started the Redbirds toward victory over the Neligh Warriors. Other touchdowns were made by Sullivan, Beckmann, Booton, and Berg. ALBION I3 ORD 20 The Ord Chanticleers slipped by the late start- ing Redbirds to Win by 7 points. Cardinal touch- downs came in the final quarter with Beckmann going over for both tallies. Football squad lines up for formal shot. BRCK: H. Babcock, E. Schwartz, M. Shafer, D. Michael, B. Roberts, I. Brannon, E. Woolen. THIRD: Coach Webb, Student Mgr. D. Lou h, B. McCollough, D. Myers, G. Hartsock, D. Dunagan, G. Morgan, D. O'Brien, T. Kelley, L. VVallick, L, Pauly, Coach gowers. SECOND: Student Mgr. R. Snyder, B. Grapes, M. Nore, V. Lawrence, D. lrwin, R. Sherrill, K. Stewart, B. Standerwick, I. Ridge- way, H. Bowman, B, Berg, Student Mgr. Fl. Pauly. FIRST: I. Beckmann, D. Carver, G. Keeshan, D. Cooper, I. Brown, R. Porter, G. Fltwood, K. Howell, L. Iohnson, D. Sullivan, F. Sowokinos. :V .M - iii. ii. Bti Q 5 r 8 :- Y Q A Qi' Ki 3 rw' ALBION 40 AURORA 55 After a short-lived first quarter lead, the Albion Cards came out on the bottom of a 55-40 score. ALBION 50 NEWMAN GROVE 38 ALBION 40 NEWMAN GROVE 43 The Redbirds outfought the Newman Bluejays to a -12-point victory. In their second match, the hard fighting Cards were downed by the Bluejays. ALBION 57 FULLERTON 62 ALBION 52 FULLERTON 57 The Cardinals lost ground to the Fullerton Warriors in a seesaw battle. The Redbirds were edged out in overtime play in the return match. ALBION 49 COLUMBUS 39 X l' fl' he Gbtds won a surprising victory over the 1 " I f, m ch favored Discoverers in one of the rnost pf lf' 4 iting games of the season. In the ffl AJ' ALBION 37 GENOA 39 ALBION 76 GENOA 59 IPAQ, bion ca s, er he c chi g off Bob Weill? foug o t ta dlsontlffahllight vrxiidine oss 'f' 1 . e R ljbircji played dlose gl sb anddlign finexylftefl fvictories. It :MV f fr" , I. t I V r 9' . ' f I I v , ' .. ' c it ll' ,fx l."'I1,Iv +L' .J JD' A IK Aix va l ' A , I W o 1 , - 5 X t 1 5 1. , r t' 11 il ". Xff 4 lsfnl Q O The Redbirds opened the season with an over- time battle against the victorious Genoa Orioles. Revenging this earlier defeat, the A1- bion quintet then ran over Genoa 76-59. ALBION 47 ST. EDWARD 43 ALBION 48 ST. EDWARD 68 The Albion quintet dropped the favored St. Edward Beavers in their first game in the new auditorium. In the return game, the Beavers clawed their way to a victory over the Redbirds. X- x 5 f .' , , V ? .1 .' Vqiily players D. Cooper, B. Robinson, K. Stewart, R. Porter, Fl. Woodworth, D. Irwin, D. Sullivan, M Nore JD. Dunagan, and L. Iohnson watch Coach Webb as he explains some basketball tactics. H Albion Opponents 31 Genoa 33 32 St. Edward 40 20 Aurora 21 18 Newman Grove 28 Fullerton 44 20 Columbus 33 29 Ord 25 22 St. Edward 40 37 Neligh 31 18 Newman Grove 38 Central City 52 41 Genoa 46 32 Fullerton 38 47 Albion A11 Stars 23 24 David City 46 Beckmann does his bit to maintain a lead over the Ne- ligh Warriors. The Iunior Cards under the coaching of saw action in every game with few exceptions Dick Powers finished the season with 5 wins Six boys will move up to the first team to fill and l0 losses. The 14 inexperienced Redbirds vacancies. nrdinals learn new plays Backs to camera: I. Ridgeway, V. Lawrence, G. Keeshan. Back row: H. Becker, B. Berg, B, Irwin, T. Kelley, M. Lough First row' Coach Powers D. Myers, B. Snyder, G. Morgan, H Hansen Page 44 Ra Intramural Team Stcmdings W L Cardinals 5 3 Cornborers 4 3 Eagles 4 3 Lakers 4 3 Panthers 4 3 Irish 3 4 Yanks 3 4 Bums 1 6 Toumament Results Yanks First place Panthers Second place sex The Iunior Cards whip up a victory over the Nelighx Warriors with Nore scoring 10 points for Hlbion. ' In an attempt to bring to all interested high tered for intramurals. Games were played twice school boys a chance to participate in basket- Weekly and all teams participated in a touma- ball, Merlin Menagh chose eight evenly ment which climaxed the season. matched teams from among the 54 who regis- Grapes helps the Cardinals win from the Yanks. The Irish make a good start winning the game with the Lakers. Page 45 F F. H. Officers G. Htwood, Fl. Iustus, Fl. Bowman, D. Noble, D. Michael, and I. Noble mix and sell feed which is as organization proyect. I 1 . - 9 .,,, .f,. .. fx -xw ,- N 9 Q ' iv 4 I 'A M. Hunter and G. Fltwood were chosen king and queen of F.F.Fl. and F,H.H. on the basis of personality and outstanding work in their or- ganizations. luos voluntary anal valuable Aims forming the basis of Future Farmer activities in the Albion Chapter are twofold: l. to encourage members to become estab- lished in farming during their high school days. 2. to develop a cooperative effort among mem- bers. The chapter consistently urges its mem- bers to develop farming programs leading to stability in agriculture. On a cooperative basis, a mineral feed is mixed and shop supplies bought. Members conduct a stand at athletic events and sell farm equipment to raise funds. Membership consists of 14 Greenhands and 42 Chapter Farmers. Eldor Splittgerber is the sponsor. F.F.A. members work on a wagon box, typical of the many projects undertaken by the group and individ- uals. iv W rw, .:-4' J' 'Er ia 3. I ' '1 E . The t-'.H.H. float won third place and S25 at o g I I T .. A K Boone County Fair AN--s...., Clothes appropriate for church were modeled in one of the scenes of the Style Revue. Hlbion's F.H.H. week in November proved to be one of the highlights of the organiza- tion's year. 690 pounds of used clothing were collected, doughnuts and coffee were sold as a service to voters on election day, doing odd jobs in the community netted 21335, the group attended church in a body and the flag was rededicated at a United Nations program. M. Hunter, local president, also served as dis- trict president and Hlbion was proud of hav ing a candidate, G. Myers, for state historian from district seven. Hn application for honor chapter was submitted. Pl style show "Fash- ion Weekendf' featuring 48 models, wearing clothes ranging from coats to pajamas cli- rnaxed a sewing project. Hmong other activi- ties, an all-school party was jointly sponsored with F. F. Q. Virginia Baskin is sponsor of the Future Homernakers of Hmerica. Futura Homemakers of Hmericcx meet for monthly session Buds M llrferse, F. Ogden, V. Donaldson, Scriven, M. Norskov, M. Cook, I. Taylor C. Mignery, C. Sshroeder, G. Larsen, B arn,, M. Mullin, B. Paproski, M. Bartlett, M. Devlin. Thir?:BC Rolf, D. Homolka, M. Dorf, G. Peck, C. Poproski, P. Pteper, I. Freese, M. Leitschuck, M. Scott, I.. Tesch, M. Thompson . arnes. Second: B. Iohnson, P. Quiter, I. Bartels, I. Woods, Miss Baskin, P. Curran, N. Wilson, M. Curran, C. Donaldson, Fldviser Dorothy Petersen, L. Oualsett, I. Carder, C. Hrbuthnot. First: G. Myers, B. Quiter, Chapter Mother Mr . I h C N bl s o n urran, H, Thompson, M. Hunter, Hdviser Mrs. Max Porter, V Harder, M, o e. '-v O' 13 9 Student librarians M. Hoeter, M. Kraft, I. Iiams, L. Tesch and E. Hawley engage in the duties of the day. Hn improved library system came into being this year when the open shelf arrangement was adopted. Sixty-two books were purchased as well as a new set oi Encyclopedia Brittanica. Nine student librarians check out an average of 100 books a week and 28 magazines per period. Cleda Randles is library sponsor. For the first time in the history of the normal training department, the future teachers, guided by Milada Dolezal, have had the opportunity of observing Work in a rural demonstration school Senior students are privileged to devote two iull weeks to observation and student teaching in rural schools. Graduates qualify for at least an initial participation in the profession oi teaching. Future teachers experiment with an art idea after a demonstration lesson by one of their classmates. Regular trips to District 2 in the school bus driven by Chris Niemeyer, custodian, were made by H. Young, D. Cook, M. Mills, R. Ouiter, M. Hunter, C. Bentjen, G. Peterson, Miss Dolezal, I. Iustus, Fl. Thompson, C. Whited, I. Magsamen, V. Donaldson and Q. Bentjen. 'X Ml- '.?1f. "' P The Cardinal, a bi-weekly publi- cation of the journalism class taught by Dolores Flotree, strives to pre- sent the news accurately and im- partially and to cooperate with the school in fostering loyalty, in boost- ing worthy activities and upholding the traditions and ideals of Fllbion High School. Fl new class each semester learns to recognize, find, and write newsg then mimeograph their own school paper. Copies totaling 525 are distributed to stu- dents and patrons once every two weeks. events . ormal and informal Early in the year, the seniors were hosts at the Newcomer Party, the first event in the new building. Before long, the seniors, di- rected by Glen Hilligas, were launching the annual County Government project, with last year's Boy and Girl Staters heading the Na- tionalist and Federalist parties. Soon, the Ql- bacard staff was selected by Dolores Flotree and Milada Dolezal and within two weeks' time, the business staff had given Pllbion busi- ness men an opportunity to purchase ads in the yearbook. 9.11 classes reached 1007, in buying Hlbacards and the staff rewarded all with a party. During the second semester the senior class play, "Fog Island," directed by Mabel Roberts, was presented. Senior speak- ers, coached by Helen Oye, participated in commencement exercises to conclude the year's activities. Federalists enjoy hearing their tellowrnen campaign for office. at 's-1 X v' ,I I I N. I . t . Students buy candy of junior salesmen at Iemeyer G C5515 C noon cmd after school in the main hallway. L-f -'t Under the leadership of Milada Dolezal, juniors entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of County Government and profited greatly from the Legion-sponsored program. ln No- vember, the three-act comedy "Down to Earth" was produced under the direction of QNX- 4 . ' X M. Curran and another successful candidate for the office of Clerk of the District Court receive instruction from Mrs. Chris n tan in the offi e. Mabel Roberts, assisted by Helen Oye. Throughout the year, under the supervision of Miss Dolezal, voluntary service in the sales of candy and cards netted sufficient funds to finance the junior-senior banquet and prom directed by Barbara Plouzek. Cast ol Iunior Play. "Down to Earth," pole! lor camom Standing: I. Kiester, D. Spiegel, I. Iustus, D. Beckenhauer, S. Wilmot, K. Hdamson, H. Brickel, I. Williams, Student director L Qualsett, K Keeshan. Seated: P. Warner, R. Hare, I. Quiter, P. Roberts. V 2 '1 til 'E 8 5 1? 1 :I Q .5 l 1 W ill ,' I if E! 21 rn .' i 2 H xt' t t' f 3 ' I ig t Q is 1 . 1. 44. 4, , , Q' f. t gl ll I , it ' . n L .1- li iN,ll'i 5 I ., ff A 1 49 it if t ' t v 5 Q. Iuniors and seniors dance to the music of the Swing Kings at the 1952 prom. Iuniors of last year, with Sally Howell as sponsor, were hosts at a "Southern Garden" banquet held in the Methodist church basement. 'iw "-3" , ' ':gxl,..-J H ,xv ,. - Page 54 f' , F111 who attended the junior- senior prom in 1952 were guests of a group of senior parents who held open house in the Legion Club rooms. ID ,J if 4 r D. Beckenhauer, C. Hrbuthnot, K. Kelly, L. Qualsett and K. Keeshan, all winners ot the local declamatory contest, make preparation for the district contest with their instructor, Mabel Roberts. Hnxious students await the 8:40 a. m bell on the main steps of the building. ,B-4 .,, Ping pong tables installed in the two lower halls are in constant use during noon and afterschool hours. lbs Rev. l. C. G. Campbell, pastor of the Hlbion Congregational church, gives the main address at the formal M dedication of the new building. .l .ls Grade school classes pour out of the new building at noon dis- missal. The S355,000 grade school and auditorium was formally dedicated during Education Week before an audience of 1200. Supt. G. L. Sims presided. Members of the school board, R. I. Blotter, C. B. Holmes, Lynn Sherwood, G. t 1 Wm-nu fi-"' t f 'Q , , Q- . m Mu wg! WH J. , S. Karges, and Don Hudson were introduced by President R. P. Medlin. Choral music was provided by the high school choir. Grade school classes were held before the program so that patrons might see classes in session. xv, Don Hudson and Mary Knott present an Ftmerican flag, a gift of the V.F.W. and Huxiliary. R. P. Medlin, president of the board of education, gives a history of the new building at the dedication ceremony. To the 125 busrness men of Alblon who have purchased ads and to the professlonal men who have contnbuted toward thls page the staff and sponsors, on behalf of the school acknowledge all hnancral support wlfuch helped make thls pubhca tron poss1ble Page 59 S 4 vi 'if " , 4. , Soles Hudson Cars-Willys Jeeps Services G M C Trucks-New Body ond Point Shop Boone Counfy's Largest Cor Dealer Orville and Kenneth Bolin, Owners Phone 322 Albion, Nebr. A Friend '1 'O ia Li ',. S Y.- 'N ,Q , . . N---sg N. - . ., 4 . J .. . ' L f ,E 'S ar S r x...' . ' ,f .WL .4 LEO J. SOUTHWORTH GAMBLE'S St. Edward, Nebr. Phone 9F1l1 AUTHORIZED DEALERS Breeder and Shipper of Purebred Forms, and Don smiml o,,,,e,, S otted Poland Chino Hogs p Page 60 Hogs for sole ot all times w e,f,,fyDAlRv ?- xr X V ,v V 1 , 1 I CREMES I cones nuns sunnnfs curs on naw? ,,. . AMW? L,,,,,,,,.,, DAIRY CREME DRIVE-IN V 5"r- : : .,... CONSUMERS PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT SY J- M' MCDONALD co' "Thrift is our business" McDonalds 5' 'ms f I R. T. FLOTREE INSURANCE Ls.. f KRAUSE IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Massey-Horris DeLavoI Cream Se orotors Hydraulic Formhond Loader Clyde L. Krause p Albion, Nebraska Page 61 DOERING'S The place to go for the brands you know Rothmoor Swansdown Betty Rose Marce Paul Sachs Pet te Lady Mary Muffet Carole King Gay Gibson Helen Harper Townwear Seamprufe M ss Swank PITTENGER HOTEL AND CAFE The Pittengers Gurney and Mildred Congratulations from HANSEN S BARBER SHOP SUCHANEK Cleaners and Tailors For Particular Dressers C E Hulse Shoe Fixery CI1 Turek Shoe Hospital E pert Shoe Rebuilding Alb on KELLY S LUNCH Hamburgers Coffee-Soup Soda Pop lce Cream Congratulations to the Class of 53 DONALDSON STOCK FARM COAST TO COAST STORE Congratulations to Class of 53 FARMERS UNION CO OPERATIVE Gas and Oil Co Housewa es Auto Suppl es Hardware Sport ng Goods Electrical Supplies Page 62 l i 1 0 O . d . X A A i I ' I . I - - Locally Owned Nationally Organ I r 1 i - - i - . . ALBION COMMERCIAL CLUB 50th Year Continuous Community Service A Friend AIbion's Drum Mcior, Miss Alice Thompson, os presented by our studio I S T E W A R T S T U D O 1,, 1' ro . G ' -, T-.4 wg, SULLIVAN MOTORS Your Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Deoler Phone 50 Albion Page 63 2 ADAMSON GREENHOUSE e Pope Service to please everyone for all occasions Flower Telegraph Delivery THOMPSON S COFFEE SHOP OLIVERIUS SHOE STORE The Home of Good Shoes L fe St de A t R blee Red Goo e Rob Hood Wo e es Alblon Nebraska Congratulatuons Sensors SUP S HATCHERY Chucks Feeds Supplles Congratulatuons Grads of 53 WEITZEL ABSTRACT C0 J Red BOONE THEATER Congratulations to the Class of 53 Pho STILLY S GARAGE Autornotlve Electrlc Service Motor Tune up Albxon Nebr Berg s Grocery and Service Stahon Phone for Food Have It Delivered Phone 392 602 W Falrvnew Alblon Nebr Cong ratulatlons HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE TH E SMART SHOPPE Congrotulatlons to the Class of DIVAN VARIETY Page 64 Carri T. Adamson, r ri tor I I If H 1 i ri ir S cp o Buster Brown - i in ' s in lv rin ' I Phone 56 Albion, Nebr. ' I I . Carroll . i , Pres. I I 0 Q Earle E. Stillingcr, Prop. ne B8 ' , . ' ' ' , ' '53 H H Q I wr- - STElNER'S JEWELRY STORE Bulova and Elgin Watches-Art Carved Diamonds Sheaffer and Parker Pens Phone 2 Albion, Nebr. L ff . 5 X fi fi 51332, fag ,il 5 sl fl' fa PM Y fi R vm fa, fig, ,pl , ilk? ff' . -A .L I , in If J7'7UIMu-. Q E 5 SHERWO0D'S DRUG THE REXALL STORE Phone 20 Z? ' 3 5 l 2 i, 'S f E li! Sl? :ai 2 ' ., E-2 sf?-E53 gf gif: 5 ' 's - lil' if 94, 2 I Q qi P - 'I' . - 'I : ... - G , J , 1, - ' ,I ,I 3 J ai ? ' 'Q I ...I I ii E Y?- 3 1 J I 2 5 KD 1 1 2 I ' all 'n'n'i2'Z 2573 fili- fir, 1 W7 1 1 N, 5 -'55 W. J. SMITH For 75 Years FURNITURE F R THE ALBION NEWS -w UNE AL HOME has been supporting Albion Enterprises - Q ai, Q in ur ,J l -.- Jnssfa ' A . , F. n 6,3-L FIRST NATIONAL BANK JAMES FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP Member of F.D,l,C, "Soy it with flowers-Say if with ours" Page 65 BILL S MARKET C M Aushn HI WAY HOTEL Family Style Meals Rooms Steak Dlnners Phone Albron Nebr Charles and Bessie Kaufman Frozen Food Center Your Locker Plant Complete Service Albron Ice and Locker Servrce Phone 206 Alblon Brlse J Robinson Prop GILMER S GROCERY FREE DELIVERY Phone 85 2nd and Walnut For smart clothing and sportswear vlsnt PAPEZ BROS CLOTHING STORE BERG S SUPER SERVICE Lawrence Berg COOK'S RADIO SERVICE Philco Radlos and Refrigerators Complete Radno Servuce Duotherm Gas Appliances Zenath Radlos and Appllances ADAMSON TRANSFER GENERAL HAULING Phone 357 It s Safe to Save at COUNCIL OAK Your F lend at Mealtlme Congratulations Grads of 53 DAVID T CARDER Real Estate-Loans Insurance Page 66 I . , , - 33 ' , , ' 1 t D I Congratulations to the Class of '53 I . I , 15 VI ' x f I S . VA 4, V it .Avg ,v ' Jfxy 4 ' ff .' . .WZ gglfelflilgaa - 5 ' n . A ' ' ., , ,., " " .,.. J. ' y H.. . A m :,,f'Y5,W ,,,QW. ,V 5, x ,,.-.-,Zia . A, .1 -+L, 91.41454-we .. . I N V Q . ,, 1 ,1-fzffww ,',,',., 1 A L , ,.. ww, , '--. v J.. ---'. - M . ,j - f.. 1 Avg- , , -' .'-f51'54'f gg- A f-'fig 'T' ,:2"'W,f'4 1 --A' -5 ' .A - A, -. ,wry .- -121. ,K H mn ' "",,,, ' .. -fm. ,.ffdIT1'-'5l"f'2 wwf , f f .'f+.1, .1?" -': A ' " .. .. - COMMUNITY HOSPITAL BOONE COUNTY Albion, Nebraska 4"-M., . .9 " - GEORGE HUTCHINSON WHITE MQTQRS l. r -Q, 'V V 'f"'.. Tkfi... ,...!,.-W AIbion's New Alfalfa Dehydrating Plant Designed to Grow with the Alfalfa Acreage in its Territory Page 67 Dan J Fuller Leon L Nelson Auctioneers and Llcensed Real Estate Brokers WILSON S Congratulatnons to the Class of 53 MANDY RASMUSSEN WARNER FARM suPPLY or Shellmg Haul ng Ball ng Phone 3212 Alblon Nebr ALLIS CHALMERS NEW IDEA NORGE APPLIANCES WOLF BROTHERS Stocker and Feeder Cattle Alb on Nebraska For over Forty Years Never a Bum Steer' Congratulatlons to the Class of 53 BRANNON S Seed Fertnlnzer Truck Service Phone 'I78 Alblon Nebr Phone 121 Congratulations to the Class of 53 WESTERN AUTO Associate Store Congratulatuons to the Class of 53 CLEM S BAR Page 68 4 I d 0 - 1 f . i ,i , . i, . , I , . - I . I I Up-To-Date Beauty Salon DORIS McFARLAND Phone Alblon Nebr BISEL PLUMBING AND HEATING 8th and Main WATERMAN WATERBURG GAS AND OIL FURNACES Best Wushes to Class of 53 .lack Anderson Barber Shop Johnson and Beckwlth Auchon Co AUCTIONEERS REA1 ESTATE 216 S Thnrd St Phone 129 Schoenmg's Furniture and Roller Runk Second and Church SI' JAH DE HARDWARE Perfechon and Monarch Ranges and Heaters Paints and Onls Field and Garden Seeds Phone I44 Alblon Nebraska ALBION NATIONAL BANK A Roll of Honor Bank Alblon Nebraska S235 000 OO Member of F D I C WEST END GROCERY Complete Lune of Grocer es Open evemngs and Sundays Phone 227R Mrs Clarence Reynoldson DEWEY MILLER INSURANCE 2, FINANCE Phone 460 Alblon Nebr Page 70 4 ' , . 1 l . Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits I - W 1 - . E' , IIIII QHQQQ . wll"""" i, ...,...ii... T -',.f Skelgos Semce Since '31 CHERNY and WATSON LUMBER CO. KINNIER HOME APPLIANCE "Y0u'II Like Our Weigh" Phone 'I4 , Y A lfftillf ff-Kiffz 'M QUITER MOTORS Why Shop Around? Come to PENNEY'S FIRST u,,., h., 'L :ff r 1 , 4 4 Q 0 Q Q lszmn I IIIII iiiii I I ' 5 I S I I --'1 F , I I ., " ' ' A A f Q, -7:5-3 5' V ' . jffisffkkw' - I, ,..4 I 'S ff..-ffl., I' - ' 5 any I f .. il' 'Ml' 'Y- A ,. - fa 4' ...--.,,,,, K I. ' 'F - .eral-yq4,5y,., wr . i- V . 'iq NORCO FEED MILLS RAY'S SKELLY SERVICE STATION 1 13 wen Mein Phone 86 Lubrication-Car RV:lI:1:'I'::13E:?fenIRZ:,c:Iing--Vulconizing 141 S. Fiffh SC. Phone 27 III I' Good Luck to Albion Hugh School FRANK SVQBQDA PRQDUCE Swlft s Ice Cream Swlfts Brookfield Buffer BRUCE FARRIS Best Wushes to the Class of 53 Plumb ng Heat: g Alblon Nebr Wrnter and Summer Anr Cond honung WILTSE S REPAIR SERVICE Oscar Wlltse--Phone 7'I Alblon Elevator and Lumber Co The Farmers Place Hardware and Palnts H Hanneman Manager Phone 67 WALLICK RADIATOR SERVICE New and Used Radlators Phone I75 Alblon Nehr We Wash You Contmued Success Throughout Your Career BUCHANAN OIL C0 DXGeosea dOls D X and D X Ethyl Moto Fuel Count y and Town Del ve es Congratulations to the Class of 53 ALBION POULTRY CO MWD IVAN JOHNSON PLUMBING Phone 3'I9X Albion Nebr Page 72 - , . , . ' I i - 'n I , . . . i. . , . . H , ,, Lumber-Grain-Coal-Case Machinery and Parts I ' I ' I . . . evli I - r n I - - r r i ri , . 2 I , .ts , ,Y 'ww -A , '57 I its - , S ,-4" Homes EQUIPMENT co. McCormick Farm Machines- 'Ha ALBION SALES PAVILION Sole every Saturday Boone County's Largest Sale Leon S. Nelson Roy Flanog Owners and Managers M M' " 7- 'vncxen nvlt gmq 5 PACKARD FLYING SERVICE Airport Facilities-Aerial Crop Spraying- Chartcr Flights-Flight Instruction- Aircraft Rental-Luscoritbe Sales and Service International Farm Machines-Refrigeration S4-f' I c AT HI 'il 7- ,Awww f 4,1-vw, Spiegel's Independent Service Socony Vacuum Products-Mobilgas Oil, Gas, Fuel, Grease, Mobiloiis on Fred Spiegel Phone 107 MORTENSEN'S DAIRY Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products Page 73 Congratulations to Class of 53 PETS KA BROS Refr gerat on a d Appl a ce Sales a d Serv ce Wh rlpool Washe s No ge Appl a ces Congratulatlons to the Class of 53 CONNELLY S LUNCH Whlted Alblon Electric Shop Pho e 69 Kelv ator Ref gerato s Elect cal Appl ances d F t Sales a d Servnce Theo Gartner-Melv n Eggleston CARPENTERS CONTRACTORS Congratulatuons Class of 53 MIKE SIEDLYK CURREN BLACKSMITH SHOP Bll C KANSAS NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS Alb on Neb asko SCHILOUSKY Used Auto Pa ts fo y C Truck A akes a d o es We Buy W ecks Alb o Auto Pa ts Pho e 429 CARPENTERS Hghch rylvy F Ad WlterSe Page 74 ' I ' I i i n i n n i , i r r i n n . i in ri r .k ri i an ix ures n . Congratulations to the Class of '53 ' I I i urren, P p. r r our ar or ll m n rn d l Y " i n r n i , r Rev. Har a e ' a i bl E I -I ' 'L , f, . Ib-rg QA 311- an 'U-1: SERUM and LINCOLN INSURANCE H BUREAU . w' er financed Q H f'f'f Conh-oiled P ,I 51f?iF,'j,I,n I Jaw- 7 :br ryf,r-Mrfgrg, f' 'Hp Tsa- 'Claim CHEMICALS AUTOMOBILE and FARH PROTECTOR -we ,.., ... ,Q x FARM BUREAU p1f',,VolcE-If OQGDESIIZED FAQMEQ5 FA:E':1gEURR5AU BO0Nf COUNTY FAN! HLMAU L.L"SU355'Yfim in FARM BUREAU .llggs Peterson Spray Palnhng Ralph Paffs General Ageni Charles Evans Specual Agent 3lRYICgg SQUARE DEAL ELECTRIC ADAMSON STANDARD SERVICE . "5P2Ck" Phone 214 Anno" and I-Mano Gasoline Bafferies PM 432 R 2:58, 5223255 Acceswzizz 'if'- HARBOTTLE'S IRON AND METAL YARD Page 75 l 'he Journal- Star Printing Co. has beena leader in the yearbook field. OPRINTING OLITHOGR PHING OPHOTO E GRAVING JUURNAL - STAR PRINTING 60. 926 P STREET , LINCIILN, NEBRASKA w r 1'a:" 7 11 my -sw. 4 4 H v I i 1 y X. , fl h, , N - -. f., "mi-,,f,' ' . A -. 4368 ff 1' . 1. ' 'Ci Q-if V 1, . ..v. ' ,Q Qfi lm ,. sig x xv I 'U 7' J. 3 .51 ,Ay -1' LF. ... ,,, J'- fr '51 ,L-' ,, 1-.. 4 f sq . -' W .

Suggestions in the Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) collection:

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 29

1953, pg 29

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 43

1953, pg 43

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 67

1953, pg 67

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 78

1953, pg 78

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Albion High School - Albacard Yearbook (Albion, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 29

1953, pg 29

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