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' i% - 1973 Albionian Ir yZ - - 1 m Table of contents Cover photograph by Paul Sudlow 4 Introduction Nothing like this ever came before. . .before. 10 Class of ' 73 What do you mean. . .seven dollars for a paper cap and gown?! " 42 For seniors only: reviewing ' 69- ' 70 . . .stomping cans for Walter Cronkite. . . t he Great Susie Sleep-in. . .4 dead in Ohio. . . 44 Underclassmen . . .if you only knew 85 The best (and worst) of Keller Graffiti No, it ' s not new. They ' re found chipped on the pyramids, too. Moral: Progress is a ballpoint pen. 88 Faculty Not really a bad sort, even if they did take away our intermediate grades. 116 The 12-1 student faculty ratio: in memoriam Who gets the axe? $%? " ■{ , 118 Greeks There ' s more to being Greek than meets the paddle. 146 Organizations Let ' s get together (at least once). 168 Sports It isn ' t whether you win or lose. . .unless you ' re on athletic scholarship, of course. 182 Election ' 72 " And now, our newly elected leader, the people ' s choice, the lesser of two evils... " 184 Homecoming Floats, football (we lost), Teegarden and Van Winkle, and the darn ' dest people showed up. 194 Advertisers Take a look. This book wouldn ' t be here if it weren ' t for them. Editor, Mark Dixon; Business Manager, Lindy Shannon; In- troduction, Mark Dixon; Class of ' 73 and Underclassmen, Debby Barry, Mark Dixon, Gretchen Kreitzer, Judy Leonard, Julie Shireling; People. . .more than just faces, and Reviewing ' 69- ' 70, Mark Dixon; Graffiti, anomymous; Faculty, Debby Barry, Judy Leonard; The 12-1 Student Faculty Ratio: In Memoriam, Mark Dixon; Greeks, Holly Conway, Jan Corey, Julie Shireling; Organizations, Mark Dixon, Gretchen Kreitzer, Judy Leonard; Sports, Judy Leonard, Julie Shirel- ing, Shannon Rose; Election, Mark Dixon; Homecoming, Debby Barry; Index, Lindy Shannon; Ad salespeople, Jack Godfrey, Ken Klos, Gretchen Kreitzer, Debbie Peggs, Carol Rutz, Julie Shireling. Photographers: Bruce Annett, Mark Dixon, Dave Grimord, Fred Hill, Kevin Matter, Seth Norman, Kay Pearson, Kathy van Voorst. Special thanks to Fred Volkman for all the pictures that we ripped off from him. The Editor 5? l $ its a fair wind blowin ' warm out of the south over my shoulder. Guess I ' ll set a course and go. -David Crosby Stephen Stills Class Of 73 I ®f ted WILLIAM MARK ABBOTT mllililiiii MARTHA JANE ANDERSON FRANK RICHARD BACHOLZKY ► r 2 v v " tiNp . - jrf|- ■ B M F 7 V E r b j i 1 " t v ■ s 1 ■I H itii " M - Hi»v iV x | l • 7 ¥ 4 Ulr i f I $S m ., -«£ $ ♦ £, , m - h , , ■■ A ? rl « L •• ' mk v " . f 0 ' ■ Overleaf: an Albion College graduating class, sometime in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. " butch " hynd THOMAS BAKER STEVEN WALKER BANNOW GERALD L. BAXTER SALLY COTTER BAXTER JANET LYNNE BEARD JO ANNE BERGERSEN BARBARA D. BIRKS MARK EDWARD BOCK GLORIA DIANE BOWEN NANCY BOYNTON WAYNE L. BRENNEMAN MARGO BROGAN LEONARD MACKAY BROGDON PENTHA JO BROUSE CHARLES MAYBURY BROWN barb mistele and martha smits ALBERT CLARENCE BROWN CRAIG CLAYTON CAMPBELL JANEBURCKHALTER PAULF. BURRY ISAAC-JACOBEIN CAMPBELL LISA ANNECARL BARBARA CARLSON KENNETH RAYMOND CARLSON jan sperry K.ARLA FAY CHRISTENSON DENICE MARIE CIRNER DEBBIE CLARK s V LAUEP RADIO SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK PAUL RICHARD COGGER jenny lee CATHERINE SUE COLEMAN KAREN L. COLLINS GRETCHEN CONNELLY VIRGINIA LYNNE COOK DEN1SE ELAINE COONS DENISE CORTIS lisa carl and randy loselle MARY ELIZABETH COURY MARSHA GENTRY CRUESOE MICHELE CUBBISON " V K m A. CLARKE DARLINGTON DIANNE KAY DAWSON SUSAN KATHRYN DEFOE DANIEL ROLAND DENISON iJL a i REBECCA ANN DEYOUNG MARK EVANS DIXON frank bacholzky DANIEL H. DOHERTY RICHARD P. DOYLE DENNIS MICHAEL DUTTLINGER GAIL ERNEST LYNNE ERNST BARRY FEINSTEIN FRANK P. FISHER. Ill LYNN ANNE FISHER NANCY ELLEN FLES RICHARD H. GARRETT BRUCE F. GENTILE becky neal eddie alvarez dearborn Jenifer lonergan south bend, indiana dr. arthur munk albion sam wibberly canterbury, conn. " Although I have nothing but contempt for false, counterfeit, pseudo-conscientious ob- jectors who preach peace abroad while they produce violence at home, my heart goes out to all sincere conscien- tious objectors. (They are) the finest products of our culture. " -Dr. Arthur Munk In elimination of half grades, I don ' t feel that the faculty acted with sufficient knowledge of possible consequences. Furthermore, they showed disrespect for the students ' opinion on this issue, -eddie alvarez People. . . " Do women during their college years, channel themselves into fields which are solely female oriented, i.e. education, music, sociology? " Do women choose careers (so to speak) as stop-gaps until a knight in shining armor presents them with an engagement ring? " Do professors bypass professional work in their fields when it is produced by women? " Buck up, sisters, the worst is yet to come. The problems of sexual discrimination which you may or may not be aware of right now, at Albion College, will become even more obvious when you begin fending for yourself in the working world. " -Jenifer lonergan " My relationship to Christ is a very personal, living relationship. It is at the heart of my life. He has shown me where God ' s love is and where real life and peace is in the world. " -sam wibberly " The decision to bear children is a basic human right; the decision not to bear children should be likewise. The present (abortion) law denies this basic freedom... " -Karen Vescio Dear water of Albion, .---.;. Your name comes up so often that I believe its high time somebody wrote you a letter, and thanked you for orange stripes from the faucets of the white sinks, making teeth brushing a little more of a chore, keeping our throats dry, ruining the coca cola, and just generally laying waste to the coffee that I ' m trying to drink. -craig smith ...More Than Just Faces craig smith spring lake karen vescio saginaw GAIL GETTINGER cathy coleman RONALD D.GIFFORD n i PHILIP GILES NANCY GLOVER mark chase LYNN SARA GOLDBAUM MARK GOLDMAN REAVIS GRAHAM JANEGREENAWALT JENNIFER HALE BEVERLY JANE HANSEN DENNIS H. HEINZE John mclaughlin and cathy vereeke JUDITH ANN HERRING PAULA MARIE HINES GARY ALLAN HOLLIDGE MARTHA SENNETT HORSBURGH DAMON RAY HI FFMAN BARBARA 1MBODEN DAVIDJOHNSON ROBERT FRYER HYND LYNN M.JANOWITZ KEVIN BRUCE KARIKOMI - m ww MM ■ ' 77m wjMBM i n SSMS LARRY ARTHUR KASTL NYANN SUE KING ANNE KENT JEFFREY AVEDIS KEZLARIAN ELIZABETH KILBOURN JANET KINZINGER KAREN KOETS ' ruthie ' KENNETH CHARLES LAETZ 26 LYNNELANGAA ROBERT LEE LANHAM JR. SUSAN GAY LARSON 1L JENNIFER J. LEE SHERRY A. LEE KATHLEEN ALLYSON LIEDER EDWARD W.L1ND sap JOHNH.LINDELL Vwti-. STEVEN CHARLES LING LINDA KAY LONDON RANDOLPH ERIC LOSELLE KAREN LUDLOW " the cuda ' ROBIN ANN LUDWIG u RICHARD M. LYNN JR. ' Our final honorary doctorate goes to John P. Lind, who kicked in three million clams for a chem lab. " Drawing by Stevenson; fel972 The New Yorker Magazine, Inc. BEN H. LYONS III doug Zimmerman, andy welch, and evan lash CAROLYN MARIE MCDONALD STEPHEN DOUGLAS MCGRAW JOHN M. MCLAUGHLIN JR. lynn janowitz MICHAEL C.MAIER PENELOPE RUTH MARKS ANN MASON JANE MATHERNE BARBARA ANN MENEAR martha anderson and barry feinstein GEOFFREY ERIC MERSZEI WILLIAM MESTREZAT MARY ELLEN MEYERS BECKY MIKESHOCK cheryl bowman JOHN J. MILLER MARGARET MAUREEN MILLER PATRICIA A. MILLER sara swift and bill snyder CATHERINE CRAIG MINER BARBARA G. MISTELE nancy glover RICHARD WARREN MITCHELL FRANK WILLIAM MOLER JAMES ROBERT MOLLOY BILL MORRIS MARY PERKINS MORRIS RONALD G. MUSTO JANICE F.NAKAMURA REBECCA NEAL S. Y KENNETH E. NEMETH TERRY L.NEWTON WALTER H. NICHOLS, JR. CURTIS E.NORPELL LINDA K. NYDAM JANET MARGARET O ' NEILL RAFAEL VICENTE OREJUELAQ. MARTIN KEITH O ' ROURKE KAY E. PEARSON RICHARD WILLIAM PHELPS SUSAN PRESSENTIN LEWIS ERROL PULSIPHER denise coons and jane themak PERRY CURTIS RAGLIN MICHAEL G.RANDALL THOMAS L.RENSHAW LESLIE RICHARDSON lynn goldbaum ►CATHERINE MARGARET ROBANDT WALTER OSBOURNE ROBINSON ERIC P. RODES CAROL ANN RUTZ JOHN ROBERT ROSE JEFF SANDERS joanne bergersen DAVID SCOTT SAURMAN LYNN ALAN SCHRAM DONNA SCHWARZWAELDER SHERRY E. SCOTT 35 KAREN SEEBOHM REBECCA SHAFER MARY KATHRYN SHOBERG MARGARET JANE SINDT jeff boylan NANCY SIVY SHARON SLAUGHTER RANDOLPH L.SMITH MARTHA JANE SMITS WILLIAM AYERS SNYDER kay pearson LYNN TAYLOR SOUTHWORTH DANIEL J. STAUB ROBERT STEPHENSON CHARLES RAY STINGLEY barb reid HEIDI STONEMAN SUSAN STRAUCH LESLIE D. SUTTER lynne langaa JOHNSWARTLEY LYNNORA LEE TAYLOR JANE LOUISE THEMAK. PETER K.THIRY reggie eusey ELLEN THOMAS VINCENT THOMAS John miller PAUL TOBIAS ROBERT D. TOWNSEND REGINALD J. TROMBLY KAREN VESCIO VIRGINIA VOGEL BRUCE ALAN VOGLESONG torn williams THOMAS J. WALL JR. DONNA LEE WATKINS CURTIS A. WEAVER, JR. JAMES K.IRK.MAN WHITE ANDREW M.WELCH LOUIS ELDEAN WHITE jim molloy HB HMHflllHHi alex simon j ,, " ' VVVV , »♦ ? lis! ' DAVID OWEN WILLIAMS THOMAS POE WILLIAMS NANCY E. WILSON CHARLES MACK WOODWARD Graduation (sing to tune of Tipperary) MARCIA L. YOUNGDAHL MARY PAT ZALIAGIRIS It ' s a long way to graduation, It ' s a long way to go; It ' s a long way to graduation, To the sheepskin with a bow; Then, Good-bye, dear old campus, Farewell, college thrills; It ' s a long way to graduation And the end of college bills. -from 1912 Albionian DOUGLAS C. ZIMMERMAN DIANNEZUBALIK sue rubin Reviewing ' 69- ' 70 I Seniors: remember the ' good old days ' of freshman year?... (Copyright-The Valley Daily News, Tarentum, Pa.) Above: Kent State - 4 dead in Ohio. Right: Students leave Bellemont Manor after hearing Dr. Bernard T. Lomas, chairman of the Board of Trustees ' committee on student affairs, announce that the fate of open housing proposals would be decided May 23. Open Housing Ihie Vietnam Moratorium - Oct. 15,1969 " This country must become ungovernable as long as the war goes on. " -Robert Koch, 70 Below: Moratorium organizers explain the nationwide protest to interested tudents. 0CK-IHOEM, BRTC Albion became ecology-conscious, SEE was founded, Cass St. filled with students stomping cans, and CBS television told everybody all about it. on May 23 Court injunctions are the tools of incompetence. lEat § hop Below, left: The first draft lottery. Below: Cartoonist Bill Mauldin gave one of the few good lectures in Chapel. sc P t.i¥ isK©:a!L. DfcflFTY W M5 Time it was And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence . . . -Simon and Garfunkle Underclassmen Class Of 1974 Overleaf: Freshman sophomore tug-of-war 1907 BENNOD. BONKOWSKI KENNETH L. BOURJAILY LAURIE BUHR scott clement REBECCA LYN COLLINS JOHN FREDERICK DAUGHERTY MARTHA ANN CARTWRIGHT LYNNE CLARKE MARGARET JO DAWE MARK WILLIAM DENNETT mo tejam REBECCA L. DENNEY LISA FRIEDRICHS PAMELA FRITSCH FREDERIC L. FULLER II JACK BRENT GODFREY JEANNE RUTH GOUDIE sue deisley PAMELA S. GRAHAM - - - lynn Stevenson WILLIAM R. GRAY STEPHEN GREENHALGH SUSAN MERRILL GREHL EVELYN GRUEN JEAN LYNNE HEINZE JOHN A. HENDRIE, JR. JULIA HERSCHELMAN KAREN HILBISH FREDERICS. HILL AUTUMN HOLDREN basil sorrells PAUL HOLDREN WARREN CHRISTOPHER HUFF CAROL L. HULETT DEBRA JORDAN SUSAN K.INDIG JULIE ANN MARSHALL SUSAN JANE MATILO ANNE MAXSON MELODY A. MERCER ERIC L. MOOREHEAD bruce glendening CATHERINE A. MOSES MARILOUISE MYCKO MAUREEN O ' HARA MELANIE O ' NEILL MARGARET PATRICK MARK PERCIVAL BETH PERRY SUSAN POLGAR sue jones PAUL POMEROY CARMELLEEQUIGLEY DOUGLAS K. ROBINSON MARSHA ROONEY PATRICIA RYDELEK. SUZANNE SCHEPPLER phoebe white SIDNEY KAY SIMONIAN HAROLD SINGER SUSAN J. SVENDSON ALBERT RUSSELL TERRELL MARY REED THORNTON DIANE WILLEMIN RICHARD LEE YORK ELLEN KAY ZIENERT martha cartwright Class Of ' 75 JULIE ANN ANDERSEN DAVID P. ANDERSON P.K.ANDERSON v ANDREWS. ARBURY III MARK ARMSTRONG p. k. anderson BARBARA BOYD SUSAN LYNN BROVALD DAVID ROBERT BRUEGEL JANICE ROSE BUDD DAVID LEE CAMP GARY ROBERT CARMICHAEL NANCHRISTENSEN BETSEY CLARKE debbie murray I- t . i KAREN MARIE COLLINS FRANK L. CORNELIUS PAULCOUGHLIN KARLCOUYOUMJIAN, JR. paul COUghlin WILLIAM NORMAN SUSAN E. DEWITT SCOTT E. DORNBIRER RICHARD ERIC DUNCAN ELIZABETH G. EMACK DAVIS CATHERINE L. HARRISON SANDRA JANE HARVEY JOHN M. HUFF mary listcher and mark witherup PATRICIA SUE KARRES PETE W. KENDALL THOMAS H. KERNOHAN SARAH ELIZABETH KINYON KRAIG KLUNGNESS JON ROGER KNOLL ken alexander and Jennifer trail JUDITH MARIE KIM S. KRAUSHAAR KNOWLTON i LINDA KREIDLER AMY LABARGE debbie roe LYNN L. LABICK NANCY ANNETTE LAYMAN GAIL EVE LEMANSKI BARBARA LEWIS JILL MARJORIE LINDOW MARY CHRISTINA LITSCHER WENDY ANNE MARSH DEBORAH MURRAY KIMNEUHOFF LISA KAREN PALMER PATRICIA A. PAULSON WILLIAM POLESCHUK. GREGPRIESTAP WILLIAM THOMAS RENTON CYNTHIA LOUISE REYNOLDS JOHN MICHAEL RICHARDSON CLYDE RICKARD r Wt4 chris ernst, doug gillen DALE ROBERT ROBBINS DEBORAH JEAN ROE FRED ANDREW ROHN III brad powers ROBERT LAWRENCE RUSCH MARJORIE JOANNE SCHENCK. MICHAEL CHARLES SMITH REBECCA GRAHAM SNYDER MARKH. SOPER kristin walden THOMAS EUGENE SOWLES MARTHA LOUISE NANCY C.SWANCUTT JACQUELINTASKER bill payne THOMAS LOYD TERRY JENNIFER TRAIL AVA LYN TROMBLY MICHAEL JON TROUT KIMBERLY VAN DUINE anne jackson RONALD VER PLANCK ANN CHRISTINE VOGT sue brochu BARBARA VORECH V KRISTIN WALDEN DAPHNE WALTON REBECCA L. WARNER Hi MARILYN WARREN JEFFREY MAURICE WHITE JESSE WILLIAM WHITE ELISABETH D. WOLCOTT ELLEN E. WORKMAN EMILAMIYESHAYA HELEN L. YIANNATJI SARAH JEAN ZIMMERMANN COLLEEN MARIE AALSBURG mmmmmm CAROLYN ACKER MARY SUSAN ALBERS Class Of ' 76 PAULGEROW ANDERSON JOHNM.ANTLE JOHN JOSEPH ARMELAGOS CAROL LINDA ATHENS KAREN LOUISE BALLOR JACQUELINE J. BARR BRUCE A. BARRON DEBORAH LOU BARRY SUSAN M. BATTLE ANNE MARIE BAYER freshman cheerleaders JULIANNE BEAL g£i JEFFREY ROBERT BARCIE B. BELFIT BEAN MICHELE ANISE BENNETT SALLY RUTH BERGER DANIEL G. BEYER sue whittaker BEVERLY JANE BITTERMAN BRUCE M. BOWERS JAMES DOUGLAS BREEDEN BARBARA BROWN MARY MARGARET BROWN russ webster WYNELLE BROWN JEFFREY M. BRUCE THOMAS L. BULLER DIANE MARIE BURTON MATTHEW C. BUSH nancy mcalpine CHERYL LYNN CALLIS JAN1NE K. CAMPBELL DEBORAH A. CARSON CAROL CASSELMAN DUFF DAVID CHAMBERLAIN BRANTLY KIM CHAPPELL BETHANNE CHRISTENSEN ZACK ALAN CLAYTON tf fliii,. I ■ V I 1 ' ' % • IIS £3 i. ©AVID BURT CLOUGH N. RICHARD COLBATH CORRIECOOK kathy- roberts CAROL BERNICE COOLEY TOM PETER CORDEN GLENN COUGHENOUR ANN LORENE COWAN DAVE CRAWFORD GUY CRAWFORD KIMBERLY ANN CROSSLEY jean rosbolt REBECCA A. CZEBATUL JANEDAUM PAUL DAVIS PETER DAWSON JOSEPH DENNIS DAY KENDRA DEACON KRISTAGAYLE DIETRICH DAVID MICHAEL DILLON iA DENNIS A. DOLGAN julie harrison and harold BARRY A. DOUBLESTEIN ANDREYDUZEY ROBERTA LYNN EARLY JEANINE ELLIS GARY LEE FLEGAL PAULA V. FLEMING ROBERT KEVIN ENGERSKI TOM ERICKSON A 1 -. RICHARD D. ERLA torn buller MARKHOYTFRAKER sheree speakman and jane kincaid JUDITH A. FREEMAN NANCY A. FREEDMAN MARKA.FREVERT BARBARA A. FRINK CYNTHIA FRITSCH RICHARDGAMBLE KELLY ADRIENNE GARDNER TRACEYJONGARE PHILIPEDMUND GEISSINGER JOHNC.GHOLZ DAN GREEN STEWART DIXON GRIEST BARBARA HALE JO ANN MARIE HALE . . . grumble . . . gosh darn kid . . . mumble . . . why ' d she hafta bring so much stuff, anyway? . . . LAMAR FLUHART HALL DAVID SCOTT HAMES BERNARD JAMES MARK G. HARSTAD HARROLD ALICIA HATTON £ " " M m S i ! |::if J LOUISA JANE HAYWARD PRISCILLA HUBBS CAROL EILEEN JACKSON DAV1DB. JOHNS DAVIDALAN JOHNSON PAULJOHNSON sue chapelle ARPRILLE ADAMS JORDAN CONSTANCE JORDAN TIMOTHY ERNST KABOT ELLYNANNEKINDY ERIC BULL KINNEY CHRISTOPHER ROBERT KLEINSMITH RICHARD KNAPP GRETCHEN ELIZABETH KREITZER PAM KRUCK CONRAD STEPHEN KUNKEL SUE ANNE LADD Craig bock NANCY E. LAFOUNTAIN MARK KENT LEACH MARK S. LESLIE BOB LUSCOMBE THOMAS L. LUDINGTON betsy millman DONNA LYNDS CATHERINE ANNE MCCRAY GARY ROBERT McCLAIN LYNNELISEMADER ISSA A. R. MANAI BRUCE FRAZER MacFARLANE roger wiesenauer blair Mckenzie karen lynn manthey sam markovichjr. KENNETH MAROTZKEJR. MICHAEL EARL MARSH DALE ROBERTSON MEAD CYNTHIA L.MERRILL KATHERINEJANE MESSINA K.ATHYS. MILLER RANDY ROBERT MOELLER MIRIAM MONTGOMERY BETH LOUISE MOXLEY BONNIE SUSAN MYERS ANGELA DENISE NAPIER DALENEFF COLETTA NELSON RUTH MARIE NIEMANN sally atwood PHYLLIS ANN ELIZABETH OLSON NANCY OLSON OBLANDER JEFFREY SCOTT RICK R. PAMPLIN CHRISTINE PARKER julie shireling OSLUND RANDALL J. PARKER MARGARET A. PENNINGER ' A W H ROBERT W.PESCHEL sue garrett MICHAEL PETERS SUSAN PHILLIPS DAVID LEE PIERCE POLLY WYNNE PLATTS ANN ELIZABETH POLCYN JAMES R.QUINN SHARON RUTH QUINN I SHELLEY RADER NANCY ANN RAPSON KEVIN REID KAY RICHARDSON THOMAS D. RICHARDSON I I I MICHAEL ROEDER KATHY LYNN ROSEMA cathy cliff, sue ash, ann polcyn JANET LYNN ROTHENBERG ARTHUR HENRY ROTTENBILLER EDWARD THOMAS BARRY MATHEW RUDNER JAYNEL. RYGH ROWLING RICK SAKAL ELLEN SANDBERG doreen valassis CHARLES WILLIAM THOMAS LEE SCHAAR GILBERT F. SAUTER SCHMIDT pat campbell JEROME H. SCHRAMM, JR. WINSTON SCOTT SEBOLT BARRY W. SHELLENBARGER JULIE SHIRELING PAUL EDWARD SHRODE LYNN MARIE SILLER cindy fritsch GORDON NEILSON SIMS i. PETER SLEPSKY JAN SMYTH MARK ROBERT STACEY PAMELA STEERE SHEREE TERESA SPEAKMAN ■ i CYNTHIA C.SPENCER PAUL D. SPENCER mm TODD CHARLES STEVENS SHERYLK. STOCKING KAREN FRANCES STEWART MARY LOU STOREY JUDITH ANN STIMSON ROBERT WILLIAM STOVER john armelagos kathy miller and julie beal TIMOTHY ARTHUR WILLIAM WAI-LAM SZE ANDREW WILLIAM STRUTZ SZERDI IV ■ m mm H9H W : If i FRANK D. TAYLOR MARGARET ELLEN TEEPLE JEFFERY ALAN TERRILL 81 ALLEN D.TUCKER LAURIE L. VALDE BOBVANCLEEF LAURA VANDERBOUT MIKE WAGNER ANNE S. WEAVER RUSSELL MARTIN WEBSTER BARBARA JANE WEIKER KAREN ELIZABETH THERESEWELLER JOHN WHITAKER COLLEEN CAROL WHITE NANCY ANNE WHITE albert zatkoff robert gren ALISON WILBUR STEVEN E. WILLIAMS JANE WOOD SHELLEY ELIZABETH WOODBURY MARK.WILTSE DOUGLAS G. WORLEY STEVEN JAMES YACKEY ALBERT MOHR ZATKOFF TERRY ZANGKAS WILLIAM JAMES ZELLER JAMES FREDERICH ZERWECK People... " Albion College is a small, middled ass college with a lot of blind people. People tend to go around with their eyes closed as to what ' s happening. " I was very surprised that a school with such highly educated students could be this way. " -peter upton " I was really disappointed when I first came here. I had a lot more elevated ideas of college life; I expected too much of students. There was too much emphasis put on dating, and too many students were afraid to bring relationships down to a friendly level. They have to put on a whole new face just to go down to eat. " -gretchen kreitzer " For myself it was a hard thing to consider - living on campus in a dormitory. Maybe I ' m not doing all I could (for Student Senate) by living off campus, but I have to think of my own peace of mind. " -fred statler peter upton Sussex, england gretchen kreitzer lake forest, ill. fred statler kalamazoo ..More Than Just Faces doug matthews royal oak " The smartest thing the fraternities could do is to drop their national affiliation with all the tm la and rigamarole it entails and just live together as friends. " -doug matthews ' . ' . ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' . ' •: UiiMT ttWUkfiBuHtTBS be TP SMM ei4l»S»»W»«D » r T» 8« 0i uUe «. ' Jltezhk, ju, j4nou " fJBMI " Speak straight . . . that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts. " Faculty Bernard Lomas - President 90 (Overleaf: faculty of the recently formed Albion College. I880 ' s.) Administration Ewell A. Slowell - Chairman J. Bruce Guyselman Clara L. Dixon Richard D. Mortenson Dean G. Dillery Biology David M. Hines M m Chemistry Robe rt E. Dininny • w t t -Jwk John W. Crump - Chairman Dennis C. Gaswick Daniel M Steffenson Economics Richard A. Minadeo John A. Tatom, James F. McCarley, Maurice L. Branch John S. McConnell E. Maynard Aris - Chairman Keith J. Fennimore Joseph J. Irwin Robert H Gildart English Education Sol M. Elkin - Chairman Nancy G. Held George R. Reed Geology History WHV COULDN ' T 5HE HAVE 6IVEN US A MOPLE-CHOICE TE5T ? I HATE IT WHEN iW HAVE TO KNOld WHAT WU ' KE LUf?lTlM6 A50UT... Wesley A. Dick © 1970 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. David S. Gillespie G Robina Quale Judith Laikin Elkin Charles H. Held Julian S. RammelKamp James - Chairman Home Ec. Marilyn A. Duke - Chairman Susan K Smith Roger V. Bevan Max E. Noordhoorn Claude Bonora Alain Bonora Languages Renato J. Gonzalez Henry Rottenbiller Thomas Doran David Slrickler - Chairman Music Math David Ballard John Wenzel Philosophy KtST K0B»K CONfERENCE %£ $ l ' i : " im HISTORICAL 3 COLLECTION Arthur Munk Jack Padgett Ralph Davis Albert Anderson Phys. Ed. Belly Beese LeRoy G. Millis Thomas J. Taylor Elian R. Isaac - Chairman Michael M. Turner H. Morley Fraser t Physics David W. Kammer John A. Williams Charles W. Ricker - Chairman Martin A. Ludington Justin Glathart Political Science Joseph Zikmund II - Chairman Bruce Borlhwick Charles Schutz Psychology Frances Lucas - Chairman Religion John Cheek Frank Fnck Sociology and Anthropology John Wilson Dowell Smith Speech Anthonv B. Schroeder Helen H. Manning - Chairman Carole Jo Oosting J. Thomas Oosting Jon M. Fitzgerald Samuel L. Grossman Visual Arts Richard B. Leach Vernon L. Bobbitt - Chairman Wayne S. Brown vesley dick - history anthony schroeder - speech edna rieger - languages bruce conger - english The 12-1 Student- Faculty Ratio: In Memoriam jerry troxell - music . .; " ' v: - ' - ' ronald ettinger - psychology thomas keough - education jeegook kim - religion " ... those who wish to follow me are welcome with my hand ... " - Elton John Greeks Above: SAI Songfest, 1972. Below: Nancy Layman and Linda Kreidler. Homecoming (Overleaf:) Albion College ' s first sorority. Delta Gamma, sometime in the early I880 ' s.) Sarah Zimmermann participating in the Halloween drive for Unicef. Alpha Chi Omega The Alpha Chi ' s list of activities in- cluded weekly get-togethers with freshmen to rap and share good times, weekly visits to the hospital ' s children ' s ward to read stories and play games, the making of tray favors for the sick, and a serenade for the elderly. Christmas saw them sponsoring a children ' s party with the Sigma Nu ' s. Regular events such as the " Carnation Dinner " to honor one outstanding member a month and the " Study Bug " to boost the morale of a member who faced a rough exam were also held. 1. Candy Quigley 2. Carol Fetzer 3. Nancy Layman 4. Ilene Mann 5. Sarah Zimmermann 6. Laurie Lancaster 7. Lynne Futter 8. Sally Wilson 9. Mary Coury 10. Nancy Fisk 11. Ellen Wisner 12. Marty Anderson 13. Mary Ann Neitzel 14. Julie Andersen 15. Lynn Janowitz 16. Donna Watkins 17. Karen Miller 18. Marcia Knapp 19. Connie Hydrick 20. Linda Kreidler 21. Sue Svendson 22. Ja ne Kincaid 23. Linda Vivian 24. Lois Berry 25. Corinne Musser 26. Diane Wild 27. Cathy Miner 28. Janet Morrison 29. Barb Boyd 30. Colleen McDermott 31. Ginny Stevens 32. Sue Larson 33. Melanie Sorokin 34. Marti Libke 35. Cathy Woods 36. Sue Jones 37. Cathy Vereeke Alpha Xi Delta The Alpha Xis ' fall semester was filled with events such as the Festival of the Forks Bake Sale, Homecoming activities — a float with the ATOs and a tea after the game, a " Cider Mill " with the Thetas, and a UNICEF drive with the Alpha Chi ' s and a Halloween party. Two dances at Starr Com- monwealth were held in November as well as a get-together with the Alpha Xis at U. of M. They finished up the semester with a Christ- mas party for local underprivileged children held with the Sigma Chis, their chapter party and caroling around town. The second semester was highlighted by the Founder ' s Day celebration, the Panhel formal, and Greek Week. 1 . Marcia Youngdahl 2. Anne Kent 3. Beth Perry 4. Karen Hilbish 5. Holly Hafenback 6. Denise Durkacy 7. Kim VanDuine 8. Deb Jordan 9. Cindy Reynolds 10. JoAnn Kravutske 1 1. Sue Kindig 12. Elka Hokanson 13. Nancy Sivy 14. Kathy Coen 15. Beth Harmon 16. Ahvy Ford 17. Lavonne Jirikovic 18. Lynn Labick 19. Barb Bell 20. Nancy Peterson 21. Lark Senn 22. Mary Kempers 23. Jan Nakamura 24. Sue Miller 25. Dar- cy Maunders 26. Gayle Smith 27. Carol Geneczko 28. Diane Shotwell 29. Jan Willingham 30. Sue Matilo 31. Sue Rubin 32. Carolyn Richardson 33. Mary Beth McDonald 34. Leslie Thomas 35. Sue Alston 36. Sandy Harvey Festival of the Forks Bake Sale " Windmills of my mind, windows of the world Kim Neuhoff stitches some jean patches for Hannah ' s Giftshop. .behind the scenes at Hannah ' s Giftshop Mary Fuelberth makes cookies for a pledge party. Delta Gamma Among Delta Gammas many events were a pledge dinner held at an Italian restaurant in Jackson, the D.G. Dad ' s Day, a tea for D.G. alums, a formal dinner dance in Jackson, and a guest speaker on the role of women in socie- ty. Traditional events included the PanHel formal as well as the Senior Farewell and Parent ' s Day. They also held a Halloween par- ty for the Day Care Center and Starr Com- monwealth and made children ' s storybooks for the blind. Contributions went to their national philanthropy, Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. Their special Christmas event was " Hannah ' s Giftshop. " 1. Debbie Peggs 2. Priscilla Cooper 3. Sue Etue 4. Nan Christensen 5. Barb Imboden 6. Nan Swancutt 7. Sue Matheson 8. Lynn Ford 9. Liz Wolcott 10. Cheryl Ford 11. Kathy Lieder 12. Sue Scheppler 13. Sue Nevill 14. Lindy Shannon 15. Muggs Pauly 16. Lisa Friedrichs 17. Linda Ackley 18. Mary Fuelberth 19. Marge Schenck 20. Lynn Langaa 21. Judy Heartwell 22. Sue Polgar 23. Barb Birks 24. Sue Brochu 25. Lynn Mikeshock 26. Lynn Stevenson 27. Cathy Fraser 28. Lucy Hermann 29. Kim Kraushaar 30. Pam Fritsch 31. Kim Neuhoff 32. Ginny Graves 33. Pat Klein 34. Sue Cosby 35. Jennifer Trail 36. Nancy Newell 37. Karen Knudson Kappa Alpha Theta The Thetas ' projects this year included a Christmas party for unwed mothers, an " un- birthday " party for underprivileged kids, and a " kite-fly " for school children. The sorority also works on a fund-raising project to support their national philanthropy, The Institute of Logepedics in Wichita, Kansas which is the largest live-in institute for the correction of speech and hearing impediments in the country. Regular social functions included dances, keggers, Mom and daughter overnighters, " smarty parties, " firesides. Dad ' s Day, Parent ' s Weekend, intramural teamsports, and the spring formal. 1 . Megan Snyder 2. Kristin Walden 3. Carolyn Brown 4. Lynn Harris 5. Peggy Reinhart 6. Peggy Gorey 7. Debby Timmons 8. Martha Smits 9. Wendy Messinger 10. Linda Vermeulen 11. Joey Edwards 12. Sue Brovald 13. Chris Ernst 14. Vicky Newell 15. Melody Mercer 16. Connie Taylor 17. Kathy Harrison 18. Amy Beechler 19. Jane Themak 20. Kathy Hess 21. Tori Butler 22. Libby Emack 23. Tina Pagnucco 24. Karen Koets 25. Jeannie Colette 26. Becky Williams 27. Jenni Lee 28. Barb Mistele 29. Lani Chichester 30. Sissy Knor r 31. Jane Forrer 32. Kay Vermeulen 33. Nancy Hopkins 34. Sue Dewitt 35. Ginny Hedgecock 36. Betsy Clark 37. Sally Stark Kay Vermeulen lends a hand with Theta-Teke Homecoming float. Thetas are friendly? Ginny Hedgecock and friend. Lynne Clarke participates in Greek Week activities. Sally Ernst, Homecoming. The KD ' s celebrate with their new pledge class. Kappa Delta Children rank high on the Kappa Delta list of not-to-be-forgottens, as evidenced by their many projects involving them. Tray favors for the hospitalized and Day Care Centers were made at Christmas time along with a party co-sponsored with the Delt Sigs, featuring a visit from Santa. Money was raised for their national philanthropy. The Crippled Children ' s Home in Richmond, Virginia as well as for the sponsoring of an Indian girl in Nevada. Traditional events included Dad ' s Day, Kappa Delta Parent ' s Day, and the Senior Farewell. Gifts were given to the graduating girls. The Kappa Deltas also participated in the Blood Drive. A celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Sigma Pi chapter ended the year. 1. Kathy Martien 2. Mary Litscher 3. Nyann King 4. Sidney Simonian 5. Nancy McGuire 6. Jennifer Hale 7. Gail Gettinger 8. Marilyn Warren 9. Carol Carr 10. Jillane Lynas 11. Jacqueline Tasker 12. Mary Ellen Meyers 13. Jill Lindow 14. Susan Brake 15. Patricia Paulson 16. Elizabeth MacDonald 17. Ann Bartlebaugh 18. Diane Willemin 19. Lynne Clarke 20. Pris Collens 21. Jan Thorne 22. Carol Paine 23. Kymlyn Best 24. Diane Zubalik 25. Ann MacPherson 26. Barbara Putnam 27. Janet Hands 28. Laurie Buhr 29. Sally Ernst 30. Leslie Richardson 31. Becky Collins 32. Gail Lemanski 33. Chris Vogt 34. Pam Campbell 35. Nancy Martin 36. Julie Marshall 37. Martha Horsburgh 38. Sarah Clark 39. Barbara Lewis 40. June Lambert Pi Beta Phi This fall the Pi Beta Phis received two national scholarship awards. They had the highest academic average in the nation for a chapter their size. The years activities were many and varied. There were social events like a homecoming float built with the Sigma Chis, keggers, informal get togethers with freshmen and other sororities, songfest, and their traditional " angel-in-disguise " dinner. There were goodwill projects which included a used clothing sale in the Albion Attic to help the needy, the placing of trash barrels around cam- pus, and the raising of funds to support their national philanthropy, the Arrowmount School in Gatlingburg, Tennessee. I. Barb Vorech 2. Jane Walker 3. Becky Denney 4. Paula Romonoyske 5. Jan Sperry 6. Lynne McNaughton 7. Linda Sjoberg 8. Sherry Scolt 9. Sally Kinyon 10. Mary Fletcher 11. Sandy Sperry 12. JoAnne Bergersen 13. Ginny Vogel 14. Carolyn McDonald 15. Cheryl Bennett 16. Marsha MacDonald 17. Karen Collins 18. Mary Pat Zahagans 19. Cathy Campbell 20. Leslie Sutter 21. Sally Pittman 22. Gretchen Bell Festival of the Forks Bake Sale Barb Vorech: hie! Keep your Albion clean. GREEK WEEK, 1972 Long Way , From Olympus Winning isn ' t necessarily the object of the Water Follies. Derby Day: " Got him! ?t X ,o e - •A v " If - ? ; — -4s 5k i- vs ' M Top: Pizza, anyone? Vito Sztykeil serves up dinner to president, Larry Kastl. Above: Bob Basselman doesn ' t ever plan to be out of " Bud. " Right: When the ATO ' s throw the " party of the century, " everybody goes! Alpha Tau Omega 0. Harold Kuhn 1. John Gumppers 2. Charlie Brown 3. Vito Sztykiel 4. Steve Frantz 5. Reggie Trombley 6. Randy Link 7. Jerry Falet 8. Tom Kernohan 9. Ray White 10. Mark Rundle 11. Tom Wolfe 12. Bob Basselman 13. Mom 14. Mark Armstrong 15. Mark Thorsby 16. Pete " Sweets " Thiry 17. Larry Kastl 18. Al Cirilli 19. Bob Rusch 20. Mike Maiew 21. Scott Pyykkonen 22. Craig Rundle 23. Mike Smith An all-campus blast, held at the Latin American Club, was the first big event on the ATOs calendar this year. A " Robin Hood Party " started off the month of October, followed by a series of small keggers with other Greeks. The semester was brought to a close with the " Christmas Spirits Party " for actives and rushees. The annual " Roman Toga Party " was the first big event of the second semester with all in attendance in Roman costume. Togas were exchanged for formal attire for the Spr- ing Formal early in March. The second all- campus blast ended the month. The " Hell ' s Angels Party " , held in April, provided the opportunity for the true greaser to show himself (or his comb). Delta Sigma Phi The Delt Sigs played for keeps with their annual " Millionaires ' Party " held in December to raise money for the geriatrics ward at the Albion Community Hospital. Dinners for two were given to the high money winners of the evening. Later in December the Delt Sigs, along with Kappa Delta sorority, sponsored a Christmas party for the grade schoolers of the community. The big party of the second semester was the " Sailors ' Ball. " A little league baseball team and a basketball team are projects ol the Dell Sigs. They coach the boys and provide them with jerseys. The fraternity athletic team also competes with the Starr Commonwealth team. 1. Frank Pysz 2. Dan Schiman 3. Chuck Scholl 4. Willie Davies 5. Jack McClellan 6. Perry Raglin 7. Stan Nelson 8. Kevin Robbins 9. Dave Timma 10. John Yarbrough 11. Wayne Lawrence 12. Alex Kelin 13. Bob (Ziggy) Zigmanth 14. Steve Croasdale 15. Grant Stokoe 16. Bill Elliott 17. Doan Hanson 18. Dan Vecchioni 19. John Aldrich 20. Jim (Hamburger) Fredericks 21. Gary Carmichael 22. Ron Verplanck 23. Dennis Meyers 24. Greg Priestap 25. John (Coop) Cooper 26. Mark Vanderkaay 27. Ron Hendrix 28. Pat Kemp 29. Mike Lawley 30. Steve Ling 31. Tom Lipp 32. Bill Whittney 33. Bill Rhodes 34. Bill Abbott Bill Rhodes prepares to spin the " Wheel of For- tune " at the Delt Sig " Millionaires ' Party " in December. Grant Stokoe " observes Albion " from the KD- Delt Sig float at Homecoming. Eric Moorehead Fred Rohn, Scoil Blue, and Marti Libke- Homecoming, Greek Week- 1972 Connne Musser and Scott Olds seem to be enjoying the Delt party at the Conservation Club. November 18. Delta Tau Delta The Delts have tried this year to put forth a greater effort in civic activities. They have pledged themselves to the job of maintaining the beauty of one of the area lakes, have become involved in the Reach program, and are helping coach and finance the Little League Baseball team of Albion. The " Li ' l Abner Party ' " and the " Hawaiian Party ' " are two annual events the Dells put on. The house is transformed into a tropical paradise of palm trees, sandy beaches, lakes and waterfalls. A dinner of Polynesian delicacies is followed by dancing. The Hawaiian party " provides the perfect setting for all who come to dream of their island in the sun. " 1. Hugh Beatty 2. Bob Currier 3. George Hubbard 4. Lew Lamoine 5. Dave Johnson 6. Jack Hendrie 7. Gary Hollidge 8. Shar 9. Joel Johnson 10. Dave Cameron 11. Chris Dalm 12. Dave Wheelock 13. Warren Gallagher 14. Tim Bender 15. Tim Hamilton 16. Phil Tobias 17. Walt McCarthy 18. Tim Dolby 19. John Lindsey 20. JoeHaines2l. Mike Savoie 22. Mark White 23. Rob Yudin 24. Rick Gillett 25. Armen Megregian 26. Dick Stilwill 27. Rollin Gish 28. Alan Bergmans 29. Jed Mooney 30. Fred Rohn 31. John Yarbourgh 32. Barry Feinstein 33. Tim Driggs 34. Scott Blue 35. John Howland 36. Greg Kundinger Sigma Chi The Sigma Chis ended summer and began the school year with a picnic at the Homer swimming hole. The remainder of September was kept busy with a number of keggers enjoyed with other Greeks. October began with the Homecoming semi- formal featuring the rock band " Julia " . The highlight of November was the annual " Hell ' s Angels Party " . And the final event of the year was the Christmas party, put on for the underprivileged children of the Albion area. The Sweetheart Formal in Ann Arbor was the first big event of the spring semester. In March the Sigs turned their attention to the " Block of Dimes " drive for the March of Dimes " drive for the March of Dimes. April was climaxed by the annual Derby Dav games and raffles. I. Frank Fisher 2. Andy Welch 3. Charlie Lighthall 4. Ken Bourjaily 5. Chuck Bennet 6. Norm Marroli 7. Dave Johnson 8. Doug Biggs 9. Ron Musto 10. JoeAboodll. Steve McCarthy 12. Andy Price 13. Dave Nichols 14. Tom Drake 15. Bill Payne 16 Jack Slayer 17. John Skulstad 18. Doug Zimmerman 19. Doug McCuislon 20. Tom Williams 21. Gerry Heaton 22. John Sosey 23. Rob Bekken 24. Bill Giannetti 25. Mike Nobel 26 Bill Bringham 27. Dave Bruegel 28. Jeff Tucker 29. Mark Schaefer 30. Al Headbloom 31. Curt Norpell 32. Jeff Weedman 33. Bruce Gentile 34. Tom Carnwath 35. Al Meinre 36. Ken Collier 37. Brian McClean Derby Day, 1972 Dave Bruegel helps assemble the Pi Phi-Sigma Chi float. Alan, somebody ' s watching you! Chris Binkley Don Steft ' e and Skip Brant instruct an Albion youngster on the finer points of basketball. lL Charly James. Homecoming, 1972. Tug-o-war. Greek Week, 1972. Sigma Nu The Sigma Nus have tried this year to direct more attention to civic, campus, and internal programs. Under the auspices of the Recreational Department of Albion, they head up a basketball team for the fourth and fifth graders at the local elementary schools. The children are taught the skills of the game at practice sessions held weekly. The learning experience is valuable to the fraterni- ty men as well as to the youngsters. The Sigma Nus, along with the Alpha Chis, sponsored a Christmas party for under-privileged children in Albion and aided in the collection of funds for Muscular Dystrophy later in the year. 1. Clyde Rickard 2. Walt Robinson 3. Jeff Kezlarian 4. Ken Nemeth 5. Don Steffee 6. George Spencer 7. Molly 8. Jack Lindell 9. Basil Sorrels 10. Kim Strable 11. Bill Hartmann 12. Ken Bush 13. Phil Reynolds 14. Bill Morris 15. Tim Baxter 16. Bill Dobbins 17. Chris Binkley 18. Tom Schaiberger 19. Jay Brown 20. Ron Gifford 21. Fred Garman 22. Denny Wahr 23. John Swartz 24. Steve Greenhaugh 25. Scott Clement 26. Bill Poleschuk 27. Mark Cotton 28. Mike Coda 29. Bill Scofield 30. John Martin 31. Charly James 32. Rick Rodes 33. Dave Little 34. Lee McFall 35. Greg Rankin 36. Marshal Neal 37. Jim Strauss 38. Steve Sloan 39. Pete Scnaiberger 40. Randy Degeus 41. Skip Brant 42. Otto Orange 43. Steve McGraw 44. Bill Stoffer Tau Kappa Epsilon Moving in was made easier for the freshmen this fall when the TKLs lent a help- ing hand. Later, a freshman mixer was held. The " Roaring 20 ' s Party " was the climax to the first month of school. The TKhs received a National Public Service award from the national during October. The month was ushered out by the Halloween parly. November was also a party month with the " Casino Part " and a kegger on the list. December was by far the busiest month for the TKEs with a Christmas party for the children at Coldwaler Hospital, a kegger with the Alpha Xis. and their house party. The second semester included a cocktail rush part) and a spring formal held in Ann Arbor. xzr 1. Bob Jacobson 2. Mike Esaak 3. Bill Davis 4. Glenn West 5. Rick Schmidt 6. Seth Norman 7. Bob Kosnic 8. Steve Clark 9. Al Anderson 10. Rick Clemens 11, Art Carewe 12. Tim Lindow 13. Marty Griffin 14. Randy Chase 15. Rick Eubank 16. Steve Heinz 17. Bill Hidenfelter 18. Bob Cady 19. Rick Youle 20. Bob Hileman 21. Dave Dupree 22. Bob Slaby 23. Gordy Steele 24. Bob Doer 25. Jerry Palamar 26. Dave Anderson 27. Jay Witzig 28. Bob Kendall 29. Craig Eby 30. Steve Steinway 31. Steve Blatchly 32. Rob Bygrave 33. Phil Beale 34. Bob Wright 35. Tom McClellan 36. Jim Schoener 39. Doug Hanes 40. Bruce Springer I.M. Basketball The Charge of the Light Brigade? ' Wfastite KirV: Homecoming I being you being all of us breathing one. -Ziska Organizations I [X m k if ! X ?? Vie " " ' 1 M Hi ' £ 2± i Jrjiliril i Li n y j; , ,. " = ALBION COLLEGE PLAYERS PRESENT PLEASANT Conceited Comedie CALLED, Much ado about nothing w J b p " {, 1 Conceived and aucmenteJ By Wm.Snakejbere. Dec. 8,? 8--15 Dec. 10 2:30 DICKIE HALL (Overleaf: A women ' s gym class in what is now the Home Ec Building at the turn of the century.) I Below: John Warnock adjusts spotlights in Dickie Hall auditorium. f Albion College Players 1. Indians March 2,3,4. 2. Three Penny Opera .... . April 27,28,29. 3 3. Gaslight October 6,7,8. h i 4. Much Ado About NothingDecember 8,9,10. Below: Lee Richardson helps another set take form. The Great Goodrich Club Bust Not everybody loves a (plant) lover ... v , i ' is-i - ■ ' V • ' ' t— - w , i Tj Goodrich Club and Friends. Row One, sitting on ground: " Pops " Snell, " Casey " Graham. Dick Thomas. Row Two: Marsi Parker, Mark Branch (President), " Joannie, " John " Rosebud " Rose. Standing: Bill Tarrant. Row Three: Tim Graim. Michelle Levitt, Jack " Sluggo " McClear, Alex Simon. Row Four: Mar- ty Pierson, Barb Mayo. Above: An Albion police officer inspects confiscated marijuana plants. Right: Tim Graim stands guard as other Goodrich Club members look on. On Oct. 12, 1972, Albion City Police Chief Louis Disser and eight officers raided Goodrich Club as a result of information given to the police that cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants were being grown in a closet of the club. The plants were dis- covered earlier during a routine fire safety inspec- tion. Twelve students were arraigned in the 10th district court in Albion Oct. 19 before Judge Paul Nicolich. Each was charged with being " a dis- orderly person under section 52.2-20 of Albion City Ordinances by occupying a place where an il- legal occupation, contrary to the Public Acts, was permitted and conducted to wit, the raising of marijuana. " Each pleaded guilty and each was ordered to pay $64 in fines and costs. SEE Cedes Recycle Center Community involved in ecology program SEE (Save the Environment :hrough Ecology) began the year by realizing one of its long term goals, :he involvement of the community in ;he ecology movement. The Recycle Center, formerly run by college students, was taken over by a citizens ' roup. Christmas cards made from recycled paper were sold during December. With the help of Barb Zikmund, professor of religion and member of the city council, SEE embarked on a plan which if eventually approved, will ban non-returnable bottles in Al- bion. In April, SEE sponsored the Hike-a-thon, participants trekking the country roads for whatever their sponsors would pay. Profits went to SEE and the Michigan Student En- vironmental Confederation (M.S.E.C), which lobbies in the state legislature on ecological concerns. Kneeling: Jeff White, chairperson of political action committee. Row One: Dave Murphy; Dale Neff; Heidi Hohman, chairperson of consumer education committee; Alan Clayton; Ruth Niemann; Tree; Fred Hill; Jayne Hildebrand, librarian; Ginnie Killough. Back: Lynn Schram. Missing: Lynne Ernst, Susan Strauch (co-chairpersons of public education committee. Left: Lynne Ernst carries the SEE banner in the Homecoming parade. Above: An Albion citizen stacks papers in the Recycle Center, taken over by the community this year. WEXL ' Radio Free Albion ' Frequencies East Hall Fraternities Sealon Hall Twin Towers Wesley Hall West Hall Whitehouse Hall 580 750 650 580 -580 580 580 Back Warren Huff, Cindy Fritsch, Al Graettinger, Hawkeye Stevens, John Huff. From. R. J. Hronek, Roxane Rix, Peter Upton, Dave Murphy, Greg Bell. Bill Davies, Ellen Kindy, Karl Couyoumjian, Len Brogdon, Mark Witherup. " Hello out there. This is Dave Aldrich speaking to you from high atop Baldwin Hall, overlooking beautiful downtown Albion . . . " " Sometimes I ' ll be sitting here doing my show, " confided one WEXL DJ, " and wonder if anyone out there is even listening. " Several of the station ' s personnel have expressed this feeling in recent years and this insecurity, coupled with recurrent mechanical breakdowns, have made the student radio sta- tion an " on-again, off-again " operation. Since 1968, when WFXL succeeded WANR, A. C. ' s radion station of the fifties and early sixties, nearly everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. All the transmitters went out, cables were in- advertently severed, and, one year, the station had to shut down because it was jamming the security force ' s walkie-talkies. But WEXL survived all that and, this year, with everything working, they broadcast Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to midnight. Remaining now is, perhaps, the hardest task: (I) letting it be known that their inefficient days are past and, (2) getting students to listen. Keeping hacking, people. Band Seated: Bruce Barron, Autumn Holdren, Duff Chamberlain, Ellen Workman, Bonnie Trine, John Daugherty, Mark Percival, Dale Neff, Lynn Siller, Scott King, Janice Hook, Judith Knowlton, Marsha MacDonald, Linda Fullerton, Wendy Bartlett. Standing: Mike Eisinger, Don Esch, Dana Rogers, Carl Langer, Doug Sahrbeck, Bob Slaby, Jeff Bruce, James Goll, Mr. Mackie. Left: Dana Rogers, Doug Sahrbeck, and Bob Slaby add to the excite- ment of the Albion- Wabash game with their instruments. Choir Front Row: Marsha Bowen, Ginnie Killough, Kelly Gardner, Kay Pearson, Jan Smyth, Sally Berger, Laura Pollock, Barbara Rowley, Marge Busse, Sue Pressentin, Colleen Aalsburg, Mary Storey, Barb Busch, Janice Budd, Katie Warnock, Susan Cosby, Barb Nash, Lynne Ford. Second Row: Marlene Steiner, Jan Corey, Nancy White, Jenny Lynn Smith, Barbara Boyd, Ruth Niemann, Priscilla Cooper, Sue Henry, Becky Shafer, Kim Kraushaar, Martha Redford, Susan Ash, Sue Kindig, Lisa Palmer, Marilyn Warren, Ann L. Strohbeck, Lagratta Mitchell. Third Row: Paul Cogger, Eric Bash, Eric Bull Kinney, Larry Dyer, Doyle Kitchell, Alan Clayton, Craig R. Bennett, Bob Jacobson, David Dewitt, Reavis Graham, Steve Ling, Paul Johnson, Mike Milligan, James Molloy. Fourth Row: Steve Blatchly, Paul E. Shrode, John Tome, Dave Pike, Randy Heydenburg, Richard Duncan, Chuck Cook, Bill Simmons, Kevin Matter, Rob Mumford, Rob Miller, Paul Walker, Bill Gray. " Mr. Dave " Strickler illustrates the first tenet of a good choir member. . .practice, prac- tice, practice. . . Orchestra Front: Colleen White, Marlene Steiner, Arthur Rottenbiller, Becky Denney, Jay Higgs, Donnie Sue Killough, Phyllis Oblander, Jan Favorite, Kay Anderson, Pam Graham, Bev Hansen, Laura Rothrock, Penny Marks, Debbie Dechow, Linda Fullerton, Debbie Barry, Miriam Montgomery, Becky Mikeshock, Wendy Bartlett, Paul Wahby, Lynn Mikeshock, Sue Konopka, Philip Mason, Director. Back: Peter Daw- son, Ellen Workman, Bonnie Trine, Jayne Hildebrand, Jean Rosbolt, Autumn Holdren, Dana Rogers, Sue Kindig, Ruth Niemann, Brett McCleneghan, Tom Hassan. Sports Editors Steve McGraw (left) and Chuck Judson (right) discuss the layout with Robert Chrislner, a compositor at the Recorder Press. Jenifer Lonergan, Managing Editor Albion Pleiad EDITOR IN CHIEf KAREN VESCIO MANAGING EDITOR JENIFER LONERGAN Mbion Concur Weekly Pounded bv Class of ' K6 629 9451 SPORTS EDITORS 629-6907 BUSINESS MANAGER CHUCK JUDSON GAIL ERNEST IcBe Year In the Publications and STEVE McGRAW 6299591 Association or Albion College 629 9028 Assistant Business Manager George Molme, 629 5581 Office Telephone Ii29-:1220 Office IS205 li-2ur, Baldwin Hall Photographer Fred Hill Office Hour 1 l m to 5 | m. and 7 |i m lo 10 |i ni Tuesday and Wednesday News Editor Circulation Manager Dan Vecchioni Mart Griffin STAFF: Judy Collins, Marda Gerts, Jir n Harrold. Acilai Hatcher, Brent Lacy, Ken Marotzke, Gay Parshall, Brad Powers, Howard Sloval Jim Strauss, John Strayer, Ji ■n Sumbler, Jane Thcmak, Mark Witherup, Man Griffin This is what it ' s all about: Assistant Business Manager George Moline picks up another Friday ' s Pleiad. Editor Mark Dixon and Business Manager Lindv Shannon. Front, left: Kathy vanVoorst. Front, right: Lindy Shannon, Mark Dixon. Row one: Jan Corey, Kay Pearson, Judy Leonard. Row two: Kevin Matter, Gretchen Kreitzer, Julie Shireling, Debbie Peggs, Holly Conway. Back row: Fred Hill, Carol Rutz, Bruce Annette. Fred Hill, Head Photographer In This Forest as dead leaves tumble through minds apart separate scattered by thoughts in disorder left forgotten under unthinking unheeding foot of care less time not fast upon a learning tree once grown tall and wide with roots wound deep now left bare to break and die who are we but children abandoned alone in this forest. Penny Blank Lack of funds burns forest ' The College literary publication, " in this forest, " is dead. Charles Leeds, dean of student development, said a cutback in funds last year eliminated the budget for " in this forest. " The most recent issue of the magazine, released a few weeks ago, was the result of a misunderstanding concerning the budget, Leeds ex- plained. The administration had not planned to allocate money toward the publi- cation this year, he said. Apparently the publications council, that funded the magazine originally, was not aware of the cutback, he added. The College had agreed to try to help kick-off the magazine in 1971 when the first issue of " in this forest " was released, Leeds mentioned. The administration is not currently considering a re-funding of the magazine, he said. (reprinted from Pleiad 2 9 73) i Editorial Staff. Front: Dan Vecchioni, Bob Stephenson. Middle: Nancy McAlpine, Liz Owens, Jane Schram, Phil Giles. Back: Rick Pamplin. Missing: Adlai Hatcher. Marjory Maine, where have you gone? Where are we going, after going so far? What has become of your children, like mine? Did the mist swallow them, too? So many times I watched you, all those years—. How could you have lived through so many late-late shows, while I fell asleep just when your worst troubles came? Who is left to care or even to wonder where we have gone after going so far? Sally Ernst Vito Signorella looked through me this afternoon Turning me inside out; He has been places we have never been; Knows life as no one else can. At fourteen, Vito is wise but not necessarily happy. Vito ' s mother comes to see him often, Talking to him in her simple voice on the events of the week: " . . .and Papa lost his job yesterday. We are all Praying for him to find another soon. Rosa had the lead role in the school play last Friday. She was so beautiful, I wish that you could have seen her, Vito! I was proud. Old Mrs. Cassinni died last week. You remember her, don ' t you, Vito? Always helping people and never asking any for herself. It makes no sense; Why did she have to die? You can tell me, Vito. Only you can tell me. Winter has come upon us at last. It will be cold. Aahh, well; it is time for me to leave again, All the family says hello, Take care of yourself, Vito, Mama gives you her love. " -Yeltraws 1. Jon Mark of Mark Almond " does his thing " in Kresge Gymnasium, Nov. 4, 1972 2. The Executive Board. Front: Grant Stokoe, Major Events; Sherry Scott, Cultural Events; Bill Vander- : salm, Treasurer; Nan Christensen, Recreation. Back: John Erickson, Informal Events; Steve McCarthy, Chairman; Bill Payne, Vice Chairman; Al Daniels, Student Senate Representative; Susan Alston, Secretary; Susan Kindig, Publicity; " Fast Eddie " Alvarez, Bouncer; Tom Wall, Friday Night Movies. 3. J. Geils Band (Sept. 24, 1972) 4. Gordon Lightfoot plays to a packed Goodrich Chapel, Feb. 8, 1973 5. The Whiz Kids made a big hit in " The Baldwin Dance Palace " , Dec. 2, 1972. Union Board Above: Sally Taber looks over some of the material offered in the Women ' s Resource Center. Right: Susan Defoe listens in on a CSW rap session. Commission On The Status Of Women Does womanhood mean motherhood? (and vice versa) Educating college women to the opportunities and obstacles which confront them is the objective of the Commission on the Status of Women. This year CSW sponsored a careers seminar to inform Albion women of the job opportunities available to them. A resource center and library was opened in Twin Towers with in- formation on job opportunities, discrimination, birth control, and other issues pertaining to women. The Commission sponsors bi-weekly rap sessions where such topics as virginity and Albion ' s dating situation are discussed. Rides to a Free Clinic in Jackson are provided for those women who wish to receive the pap test and or contraceptives. The Commission also became involved in the con- troversy over abortion law reform, co-sponsoring with ZPG a debate on the abortion proposal on the November ballot. Executive Board. Front: Helen Fong, publicity and national concerns; Denise Durkacy, programs and traditions. Middle: Susan Defoe, socio-political concerns. Back: Cathy Swanson, advisor; Charlotte Morrison, president; Susan Brochu, cam- pus concerns. j£ 4 JJ 5, c ' - 1 ym mm Cheerleaders W i .V " v. Br i idHr! • Ml - ' ■ ' -Xc- 1 jfl ' ■ , i " ' ' ' - PuB i K JS l BF ■• ' 3KNB - F jfl m4RB i v iiH Margo Brogan and Marcia Knapp © 1972 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Kneeling: Nancy Swift (secretary), Kris Bishop, Barbara Birks (president), Carol Hulett, Dianne Dawson, Jeanne Goudie (vice president). Standing: Janet Willingham, Martha Anderson, Julia Herschelman, Margaret Pauly, Patricia Rydelek, Susan Atlee (treasurer). Women s Athletic Association What do you do if you re a jock, and a girl? The Women ' s Athletic Association (WAA) is a group of women students which organizes and sponsors athletic competition on an inter- collegiate as well as an intramural level. Through WAA sponsorship, sororities, freshman corridors, and independent teams face eac h other in volleyball, flag football, tennis, archery, canoeing, basketball, and other sports. Right: Carol Hulett finds that a sprained ankle is one of basketball ' s " occupational hazards. " :■■■■- . •■■ i ■.;■■: i ; !!i1: : ' ji " th alpha lambda delta carolyn acker susan ash sally atwood anne bayer ann blackford mary bueche diane burton elizabeth chlystek rebecca czebatul linda dzwigalski jeanine ellis judith freeman lory furse marda gerts marsha hoffman carol jones leslie kanberg nancy lafountain Catharine lamont ann mestrovic Christine parker susan phillips laura pollock sharon quinn lois rodenbeck janet smyth mortar board kay anderson susan atlee barbara birks margo brogan penny brouse vicki chessin michele cubbison dianne dawson gail gettinger . jane greenawalt kathy lieder carolyn mcdonald rebecca neal : lee richardson sherry scott jan sperry diane wild Sport . . . the toy department of life - Howard Cosell Sports Overleaf: The team thai beal U. of M., 1891. (And lost to Albion High School two weeks later.) HIP I ' Hill f il I nJI TI ' l !E S«S4iff2Sa;trf£ ?i«33SLi 3? W. ■ ■HBrEtEafcv ■ ; ' Row One: Taylor, Day, Frantz, Parker, Rundle, Nemeth, Newton, Brown, Salvadore. Row Two: Isaac, White, Carman, Kernohan, Bowen, Kota, Dobbins, Basselman, Cummins. Row Three: Thiry, Lyster, Stuart, Ytterberg, Strable, Radcliffe, Pyykkonen, Thorsby. Row Four: Kastl, Bennett, Doublestein, Cook, Mynesberge, Moon, Marsh, Whitford. Row Five: Wikstrom, Columbus, Erickson, Engerski, ' Mackey, Cook, Cooley, Suhrenrich. Row Six: Trout, Lefer, Morningstar, Wolven, Bailey, Engel, Sowles, Went, Geissinger. Row Seven: Lindemood, McQuiston, Linz, Barkley, Pike, Fay, Kuhn, Wolfe. Row Eight: Knoblet, Kendziorski, Chappell, Falat, Armelagos, Lucas, Armstrong, Knoll, Rusch, Link rr iMfN. ' SEC. f - ; - ' X ■DOWN 4 QTR.i c VISITORS .j. HOME ' 7 YARDS TO Track-Spring ' 72 mmwm Row One: Jack McClellan, Rob Yudin, John Cooper, Bill Spencer (captain). Evan Lash, Reggie Trombly, John Bacholzky. Row Two: Werner Imre, Mike Walker, Gary Stokes, Gary Wolcott, Dave Little, Grey Stevens, Mark Clark, Ken Collier, Charles Aldrich. Row Three: Tom Taylor (coach), Larry Foe, Tom Hassan, Dave Mclntee, Mike Klee, Scott Olds, Elkin Isaac (assist, coach). Season ' s Record W Albion 59 Spring Arbor Albion 49 Hillsdale Albion 7i Olivet Albion 58 Alma Albion ty Hope Albion : Adrian Albion 102 Calvin Kalamazoo Won: 1 Lost: 7 6 85 90 72 91 104 77 43 Werner Imre, high point scorer for the Briton tracksters, competes in the Alma Meet. Crdss Country-Fall ' 72 Season ' s Record Hf Albion 46 Hillsdale Itltiion 25 Spring Arbor Vlbion 32 Hope Albipn 7th in G.L.C.A. Albion 15 Calvin ;.v Albion 20 Albion 31 Albion 15 Albipn 46 Albion 4th in MIAA Won: 4 Lost: 4 Adrian Alma Olivet Kalamazoo :- 17 35 24 Row One: Greg Stevens, Gary Stokes (co-captain), Mark Bock (co-captain), Mike Walker. Row Two: Bob Stover, George Spencer, Rolland Cole, Charles Aldrich, Jim Sexton. Row Three: Morley Fraser (Coach), Jim Reader (Manager), Jeff Oslund, Bob Culbertson. Row One: Scott Olds, Drew Birach (captain), Chris Conrad, Alan Meinke, Hugh Beattie, Todd Marshall, Erik Erikson. Row Two: John Cooper, Jim Flack, Allen Daniels, Wayne Lawrence, Robert Begle, Otto Kern, Geoff Merszei, Mike Turner (coach). Row Three: Dave Gruen. Dave Barrett, Fred Gazale, Mike Noble, Tang Chui Ming. Mike Roeder, Marty O ' Rourke. Row Four: Tom Martini, Herman Sze, Steve Moore, Mike Martin, Wally Arthur. Soccer Record ► •■ ' ■ Season ' s Albion 10 Jackson Com. 3 Albion 2 Spring Arbor 3 Albion 3 Central Mich. 5 Albion I) Aurora Oakland 3 Albion 1 Albion 4 Saginaw Vally 1 Albion 4 Kalamazoo 1 Albion Hope 2 Albion Calvin 3 Albion 2 Kalamazoo Albion 1 M1AA (Calvin) 2 Albion 5 MIAA (Kazoo) 1 won: 5 lost: 6 ■ ' ;..:, Swimming Season Record Albion 82 Calvin 27 Albion 71 Adrian 42 Albion 24 Wayne State 89 Albion 42 Oakland 68 Albion 43 Valparaiso 67 Albion 44 Won: 3 Lost: 4 2nd in M.I.A.A. 5tb in O.L.CA. Kalamazoo 69 Row One: Rick Horner, John Karazim, Tom Williams, Alvin Baker. Row Two: Ken Pero, Kurt Oldenburg, Jon Scieszka, Craig Ellis, John Aldrich. Row Three: Bob Wikstrom (coach), Dennis Cot- camp, Randy Parker, Kirk Bailey, Mark Williams. Basketball Left to right: Roy Millis (Coach), Spencer Goodyear, John Kirtland, Damon Huffman (co-captain), Craig Campbell, Charles Ytterberg, Bill Morris, Jim Strauss, Scott Clement, Dennis Wahr, Jay Brown (co-captain), Tom Sowles, Mark Rundle, Greg Rankin. Wrestling Row One: Bob Grigg, Randy Smith (captain), Ted Miller, Chris Kleinsmith. Row Two: Paul Holdren, Tom Richardson, Jim Moore, Dave Cornell, Dave Masta, Row Three: Al Kastl (Coach), Joe Abood, Rick Garrett, Larry Mynesberge, Mark Lindemood (Manager). J J £! . ! Season Record Albion )ver Tri-State in forfeit. r 35 Albion 34 Hope AHliI Albion 22 Saginaw Valley Albion 36 Hope 15 Albion 9 Olivet 33 Albion 36 Kalamazoo 21 Albion 36 Adrian 27 Albion 24 Calvin 16 Albion 21 Won: 8 Lost: 1 Kalamazoo 19 3rd in M.I.A.A. -ena 2nd in G.L.C.A. « JU J Rick Garrett prepares to pin a Hope opponent. Baseball-1972 Row One: Doug Wagner, Steve Greenhalgh, Chuck Arey (co-captain), Jeff Kexlarian (co-captain), Bob Dorr, Don McClellan, Jim Gorey, Rick Rodes, Doug Fraser (Bat Boy), Rick Bowman, Row Two: Terry Newton, Bill Cummings, Bill Dobbins, Kim Strable, Doug Pippenger, Tim Arter, Glenn Errington, Scot Stuart, Row Three: Jim Reader (Student Assistant), Scott Williams, Joe Haines, Fred Rohn, Jesse White, Tom Sowles, John Baker, Morley Fraser (Coach), Row Four: Don Steffee, Steve Bearman, Chip Althen, Tim Dolbee, Tom Wall. Season ' s Re Albion 6 Albion 10 Albion 3 Albion 1 Albion 4 Albion 4 f Albion 2 : Albion 14 ' . Albion 5 Albion Albion 5 7 Albion 1 Albion 5 Albion 9 Albion 6 Albion 1 Albion 5 Albion Albion 3 Won: 8 Lost: 10 Tied: 1 Oakland 9 Oakland 2 M.S.U. 12 M.S.U. 11 Detroit U. 16 Spring Arbor Spring Arbor Calvin 10 8 2 Calvin 10 Hope Hope Olivet 1 5 5 Olivet 4 Adrian 2 Adrian 2 Kalamazoo 1 Kalamazoo 4 Alma 2 Alma 4 John Baker scores a home run against Hope. Golf Row One: Dave Walker, Dennis Wahr, Daniel Taylor (captain). Row Two: Roy Millis (Coach), Chuck Judson, Steve Krohn, Jim Orth, Gary Hollidge. Season ' s Record Albion 423 University of Michigan 439 Albion 320 Spring Arbor 322 Albion 5 Calvin 10 Albion 6 ' 2 Alma 8 Albion 1 Hope 14 Albion 8 Olivet 7 Albion 2 Adrian 13 Albion 3 Won: 7 Lost: 1 Kalamazoo 12 Tennis - Spring ' 72 Row One: Ken Laetz, Wayne Lawrence, Gerald Baxter, David Lomas (captain), Rob Bekken, Doug Hanes, Kevin Matter, Michael Turner (Coach). Row Two: Tony Leonard, John Kirtland, Jed Mooney, Bob Lanham, Andy Dzul, Phil Ross. Row Three: Dave Anderson, Lee Kochenderfer, Bill Poleschuk, Stan Benjamin, Dave White. Albion 4 Albion 7 Albion 3 Albion 1 Albion 1 Albion 9 Albion 9 Albion Season ' s Record Grand Valley Spring Arbor Calvin Alma Hope Olivet Adrian Kalamazoo ...Won: 3 Lost:5 SthinMlAA Election ' 72 Local demo crates reverse trend Albion College was Nixon territory from the beginning. Polls on both sides showed it. Of a total 1,162 students polled in October, 626 (54.15%) were for President Nixon and 286 (24.60%) sup- ported Senator McGovern, with 250 (21.25%) un- decided. The remainder of the campaign on cam- pus was a " tug-of-war " for these undecided voters. Major concerns voiced by those polled were the war in Vietnam, inflation, rising unemploy- ment, and Senator McGovern ' s controversial welfare program. On the community scene, however, the race was not so clear-cut. Bruce Duke, co-ordinator of the McGovern campaign and also the college ' s placement director, headed a staff of about 100 hardworking volunteers from the college and com- munity. When the votes were tallied, Senator McGovern had 1943 votes to President Nixon ' s 1932, winning the community by 11 votes. QEMOCRSTir, REPUBLICAN 1 Top: Gary Jackson and Nancy Fisk examine the ballot before entering the voting booth. Right: Mary Pat Zaliagiris distributes leaflets for her candidate during the pre-election campaign blitz. Left: Student co-ordinators of the McGovern campaign, Vicki Chessin and Marty O ' Rourke. Below: Co-ordinators of campus campaign for Nixon, Marcia Hepler and Bill Vandersalm. Bottom, left: Vicki Chessin and Doug Matthews discuss campaign strategy with Bruce Duke. Bottom, right: Students watch election returns in the Keller. " A sincere man is one who believes his own propaganda. " 1972 Homecoming Court - Back: Jenny Lee, Sarah Clark. Middle: Barb Mistele, Mary Coury, Martha Smits. From. Debra Clark, Diane Dawson. Homecoming -1972 " Okay, so Cirilli fakes it to Gumpper, cuts right and throws it to Rundle who laterals to . . . " nkumnii ncbv w Tit Gee, I dunno. Morley didn ' t tell me what to do after the tackle. RMNKEO f £E ToDftY? Senior Activities Directory ABBOTT. WILLIAM MARK Jackson; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Sociology and Economics; Delta Sigma Phi; Albion College Fellow; Union Board; academic status committee; grading reform committee. ALVAREZ, EDDIE Dearborn; MAJOR Economics; MINOR History; Union Board Albionian; Admissions; Twin Towers Lounge Club, founder and president. ANDERSON, MARTHA JANE Bethesda, Maryland; MAJOR: Physical Educa- tion; MINOR : Biology- Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Council, secretary. BACHOLZKY, FRANK RICHARD Fulton, Iowa; MAJOR Religion; MINOR Khilosophy and Economics igma Nu. BAKER. THOMAS Sparta; MAJOR: Psychology. BAN NOW, STEVEN WALKER Benton Harbor; MAJOR Political Science and English; Union Board, chairman of cultural affairs and major events committees; Student Senate; Academic Policy Committee; Resident Ad- visor; A.C. Concert Lecture Series Committee; Track; Lincoln Inn Law Club; Developing Skills; Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Who ' s Who. BAXTER, GERALD L. Hastings: MAJOR: Economics; Delta Tau Delta; Tennis; Omicron Delta Ep- silon, secretary. H BAXTER. SALLY COTTER Hastings: MAJOR: Economics: Kappa Alpha Theta; Commission on the Status of Women; Long Range Planning Committee; Alpha Lambda Delta. BEARD. JANET LYNNE Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR English; MINOR Psychology and Education Alpha Chi Omega. BEKKEN. ROBERT JOHN East Lansing; MAJOR Political Science and Economics; Sigma Chi: VVhitehouse Dorm Council, secretary, treasurer; Student Affairs Board; Student Senate, Ad Hoc Committee on Finances: Tennis; Students for Milliken. chair- man; Students for Griffin, chairman; Lincoln Inn Law Club; Republican Club; fellowship of Christian Athletes. BERGERSEN, JO ANNE Saginaw; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Spanish; Pi Beta Phi, publicity chairman; Susanna Wesley Hous-e Council. BIRKS, BARBARA D. Downers Grove, III.; MAJOR: Psychology and Physical Education: Delta Gamma, rush chairman; Psi Chi; Commission on the Status of Women, campus concerns committee; Mortar Board; Intercollegiate Field Hockey; Intercollegiate Basketball; Women ' s Athletic Association, Presi- dent. BOCK, MARK EDWARD Birmingham; MAJOR: English; Cross Country; Track. BOWEN, GLORIA DIANE Hamilton, Georgia; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: English; Women ' s Athletic Association. BOYNTON, NANCY Grand Rapids; MAJOR: Math and German; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Reach; Union Board. BRENNEMAN, WAYNE L Oxford, Ohio; MAJOR Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigm Albion College Fellow. BROGAN, MARGO Jackson; MAJOR: Physical Education and English; MINOR: Education; Mortar Board. vice president: Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion, vice president, social chairman: Commission on the Status of Women, publicity cheerleader. BROGDON, MACKAY Detroit; MAJOR: Psychology; WEXL: Resi- dent Assistant; Track; Pleiad. BROUSE, PENTHA JO Sturgis; MAJOR: Biology; German Club, Mortar Board, treasurer; Beta Beta Beta, secretary. BROWN, ALBERT CLARENCE Marshall; MAJOR: Chemistry. BROWN, CHARLES MAY BURY chairman; LEONARD St. Ignace: MAJOR: History, Alpha Tau Omega, Football; Big Brother; Reach. BURCKHALTER, JANE Ann Arbor; MAJOR: Psychology; MINOR: Sociology; Psi Chi; Reach. BURRY, PAUL F. Southfield; MAJOR: Biol- ogy: MINOR: Chemistry; Union Board. Alj CAMPBELL, CRAIG CLAYTON Rochester, Minn.; MAJOR Physics; MINOR Philosophy; Chess Club Union Board; Student Senate. CAMPBELL, 1SAAC-JACOBE1N Detroit; ' MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration. CARL. LISA ANNE Madison, Ohio: MAJOR: Home Economics; Student Assistant. CARLSON, BARBARA Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: English; secondary teaching cer- tificate. CARLSON, KENNETH RAYMOND Muskegon, MAJOR: Political Science; Cross Country, Track, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lincoln ' s Inn, Law Club, vice president; Resident Assistant. CARNEY, IRENE ftfc Ludington; MAJOR: Spanish; Alpha Lambda Delta; Albion College Fellow. CARNWATH, THOMAS H. Ottsville, Pa.;MAJOR: History and Political Science CHAMBERLAIN, JANICE LYNN Chagrin Falls, Ohio; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Biology and Education; Pi Beta Phi; WEXL; Project 250; Albionian; Student Senate, staff secretary; WAA; Publications Council; Alumni Office Assistant; Union Board; SEE; Young Republicans; Briton Round Table. CHESSIN, VICK1 Birmingham; MAJOR: Biology; SEE, director; McGovern campaign coor- dinator; W.A.A.; Mortar Board: Beta Beta Beta. CHRISTENSON, KARLA FAY Dearborn: MAJOR: Biology; MINOR: German; Beta Beta Beta. C1RNER, DEN1CE MARIE Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: English; K-12 Teacher ' s Certificate; Union Board, publicity. CLARK, DEBBIE Albion; MAJOR: French; MINOR: English. CLARK, SARAH ELIZABETH Shenandoah, la.; MAJOR: History; Kappa Delta, chaplain; Panhellenic Coun- cil, publicity, president; Ad- visor to Junior Panhel; Greek Week Committee; Homecoming Committee. COGGER, PAUL RICHARD South Lyon: MAJOR: Music; Band; Orchestra; Choir; Choral Society. COLEMAN, CATHERINE SUE Dallas, Texas; MAJOR: Art; Afro-American Union; Delta Sigma Theta. COLLINS, KAREN L. I Ann Arbor; MAJOR: Sociology; Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic Council, rush chairman; Union Board, chairman. CONNELLY, GRETCHEN Cassopolis; MAJOR: Spanish; Education. COOK, VIRGINIA LYNNE N. Palm Beach, Florida; MAJOR: Geology; MINOR: French; Delta Gamma. COONS, DEN1SE ELAINE Troy; MAJOR: Psychology. CORTIS, DENISE Allen Park; MAJOR: Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi; Albion Fellow; Reach. COURY, MARY ELIZABETH Geneva, IlI.;MAJOI Speech; MINOR: English; Alpha Chi Omega, 2nd vice president, house chairman; AWS programs board; Snow Queen contestant; Ad- missions Office. CRUESOE, MARSHA GENTRY St. Louis, Mo.: MAJOR: Physical Education; MINOR: Home Economics; WAA; Afro-American Union. CUBBISON, MICHELE Berkley; MAJOR: French, secondary education; MINOR: English; Albion College Fellow; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Education Club, vice president; French House, )R: president; G renoble Program; French Club; Helpline; Developing Skills. DARLINGTON, A. CLARKE Flint; MAJOR: Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Albion Area Social Work; ZPG. DAWSON, DIANNE KAY ... St. Louis; MAJOR: Physical Education; MINOR: Spanish; AWS; Commission on the Status of Women, president; Union Board; Faculty Affairs Board; Stu- dent Affairs Board; WAA; East Hall House Council, president; Susanna Wesley Complex Council, president; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mor- tar Board; Resident Assis- tant; Assistant Head Resi- dent. DEFOE, SUSAN KATHRYN Berkley; MAJOR: Political Science; Commission on the Status of Women. DENINSON, DANIEL ROLAND Mt. Pleasant; MAJOR: Psychology, Sociology; Psi Chi; Reach, vice president, co-chairman. DE YOUNG, REBECCA ANN Glen Cove, N.Y.; MAJOR: French; MINOR: Spanish; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta? French Club; Spanish Club. DIXON, MARK EVANS East Grand Rapids; MAJOR: English; Union Board, publicity; Pleiad, reporter; Albionian, editor- -in-chief. DOHERTY, DANIEL H. Dracut, Mass.; MAJOR: Biology; Beta Beta Beta. DOYLE, RICHARD P. Shelby, Ohio; MAJOR: Psychology; MINOR: Sociology; Ski Club; Psi Chi. DUTTLINGER, DENNIS MICHAEL Albion; MAJOR: Economics; MINOR: Political Science, Education; Omicron Delta Epsilon, vice president; Education Club; Economics Club. ERNEST, GAIL Dearborn Hts.; MAJOR: Economics; Pleiad, business manager; WAA, Omicron Delta Epsilon. FEINSTEIN, BARRY Sepulveda, Ca.; MAJOR: Biology; Delta Tau Delta. FISHER, FRANK P. Grand Rapids; MAJOR: Business Administration; Sigma Chi, president; Union Board. FISHER, LYNN ANNE Chevy Chase, Md.; MAJOR: Art, English. FLES, NANCY ELLEN Muskegon; MAJOR: Math Math Club; Choral Society. GARRETT, RICHARD H. Bay Village, Ohio; MAJOR Biology; MINOR Psychology, Economics Lacrosse Club; Wrestling. Union Board, Friday Night Movie Committee; F.C.A.; IM Football, Soccer, and Softball. GENTILE, BRUCE F. Stiver Spring, Md.; MAJOR: Business Administration; Sigma Chi; Lacrosse. GETTINGER, GAIL La Porte, Ind.; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta, president; Mortar Board, secretary. GIFFORD, RONALD D. Battle Creek; MAJOR: Political Science; Lincoln ' s Inn Law Club; Football; Sigma Nu, vice president, president; IFC. GILES, PHILIP LAURENCE Albany, NY.; MAJOR: Religion; Orchestra. GLOVER, NANCY Grosse Pointe; MAJOR: English. GOLDBAUM, LYNN SARA Benton Harbor; MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration; Economics Club; Omicron Delta Ep- silon, president. GOLDMAN, MARK Massapequa Park, N.Y.; MAJOR: Psychology; Basketball. GRAHAM, REAVIS Chesterfield, Mo.; MAJOR: History; Choir, president; Who ' s Who; Albion College Players. GREENAWALD, JANE Portage: MAJOR: Spanish; Delta Gamma; SPAN, Choral Society; Choir; Mor- tar Board. HALE, JENNIFER St. Louis, Mo.; MAJOR: Home Economics; Kappa Delta, secretary; Home Economics Club, president; Alpha Omicron; Girl ' s Field Hockey. HANSEN, BEVERLY JANE Midland; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Elementary Education; . Field Hockey; Orchestra. HEINZE, DENNIS H. Midland; MAJOR: Economics, History; Lin- coln ' s Inn Law Club; Union Board; History Club. HERRING, JUDITH ANN Findlay, Ohio; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Geology; Delta Gamma; Junior Panhellenic Council; ,c Council. ULA MARIE Muskegon Heights; MAJOR: Political Science; MINOR: French; Dean ' Hall, secretary. HOLLIDGE, GARY ALLAN Grosse Pointe; MAJOR: Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta, social chairman; Reach; Golf. HORSBURGH, MARTHA SENNETT Cleveland, Ohio; MAJOR: Geology; Kappa Delta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. HUFFMAN, DAMON RAY Homer; MAJOR: Physical Education, English; MINOR: Industrial Arts; Basketball; Track. HYND, ROBERT FRYER Benton Harbor; MAJOR: Chemistry; MINOR: Biology, Sociology; Foot- ball; Chem Lab Assistant. IMBODEN, BARBARA Ch agrin Fal Is, Ohio; MAJOR: Biology: MINOR: Art, Chemistry; Union Board, Friday Night Movie Committee; SEE: Delta Gamma; Beta Beta Beta. JANOWITZ, LYNN M. Cleveland, Ohio; MAJOR: Biology; MINOR: Chemistry, Language; Alpha Chi Omega. JOHNSON, DAVID Farming ton; MAJOR: Economics. KARIKOMI, KEVIN BRUCE Webberville; MAJOR: Biology. KASTL, LARRY ARTHUR Midland; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Physical Educa- tion; Alpha Tau Omega, pledge trainer, president; IFC, secretarv. KENT, ANNE Kalamazoo; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: Education; Alpha Yj Delta KEZLARIAN, JEFFREY AVEDIS Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Biology; MINOR: Chemistry; Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Baseball; Albion Area Ambulance; Senior Men ' s Hockey League. K1LBOURN, ELIZABETH Grosse Pointe; MAJOR: Art. KING, NYANN SUE Midland; MAJOR: German; MINOR: Biology, English; Kappa Delta, Editor; Ger- man Club, Education Club. KNELLER, LINDA Brooklyn, NY.; MAJOR: Psychology. KNORR, ELLEN O. Clarendon Hills, III.; MAJOR: English, Psychology; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cheerleader. KOETS, KAREN Kalamazoo; MAJOR French; Kappa Alpha Theta: Women ' s Volleyball and Tennis. KRYSTOSEK, PAUL NELSON Lombard, 111.: MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration. LAETZ, KENNETH CHARLES Lapeer; MAJOR: History, Spanish; Teaching Cer- tificate; Tennis; Morelia Program; Lincoln ' s Inn Law Club, Soccer; Club Int- nacional Dela Casa Inter. LANGAA. LYNNE Cleveland; MAJOR: Religion; Delta Gamma. LANHAM JR., ROBERT LEE Birmingham; MAJOR: Economics, Spanish; Spanish Club; Tennis; Intramurals; Albion College Players, ap- prentice. LARSON, SUSAN GAY Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Economics, Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer. LEE, JENNIFER J. Traverse City; MAJOR: French; MINOR: History, Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, presi dent; Cheerleader; Christian Science College Organiza- tion; Assistant Head Resi- dent; French Club, WAA. LEE, SHERRY A. Detroit; MAJOR: Sociology. LIEDER, KATHLEEN ALLYSON Dearborn; MAJOR: Psychology; MINOR: Economics; Delta Gamma, president; intramurals; Field Hockey; Mortar Board; Psi Chi. V— LIND. EDWARD W. Rochester, N.Y.; MAJOR: Visual Arts. LINDELL, JOHN H. Lakewood, N.Y.; MAJOR: Chemistry; MINOR: Physical Education; In- tramurals; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, vice president, president. LING, STEVEN CHARLES Lansing; MAJOR: History; MINOR: English; Delta Sigma Phi; Choir; Briton Singers, Student Senate. LONDON, LINDA KAY Saginaw; MAJOR: Biology; Delta Gamma; Panhellenic Council; Beta Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta, president; Reach. LOSELLE, RANEOLPH ERIC Southgate; MAJOR: Economics; MINOR: Math; Ski Club. LUDWIG, ROBIN ANN Rochester; MAJOR: Ger- man; MINOR: Spanish. LYNN JR., RICHARD M. Lakewood, N.Y.; MAJOR: Biology. LYONS III, BEH H. Detroit; MAJOR: History. MASON, ANN Kalamazoo; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Political Science, Secondary Educa- tion. Mcdonald, carolyn marie Jackson; MAJOR: Biology; Pi Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board; Alpha Lamb- da Delta. McGRAW, STEPHEN DOUGLAS Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: History; MINOR: English; Sigma Nu, rush chairman; IFC; Pleiad, sports editor; Phi Alpha Theta, president. Mclaughlin jr., john m. Jackson; MAJOR: Political Science; Swimming. MAIER, MICHAEL C. Saginaw; MAJOR: Biology; Alpha Tau Omega, steward; Beta Beta Beta. MARKS, PENELOPE RUTH Richland; MAJOR: Music; WAA; Republican ' s Club; Chamber Orchestra, secretary; Tennis; Jackson Symphony Orchestra; Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra. MATHERNE, JANE Grand Blanc; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: Spanish; Teaching Certificate. MENEAR, BARBARA ANN Flint; MAJOR: Philosophy; President of Freshman orridor; Albion Women ' s rvice League; Choral ociety. MERSZEI, GEOFFERY ERIC Zurich, Switzerland; AJOR: Economics and German; Soccer. ESTREZAT, WILLIAM Grand Blanc; MAJOR: Biology; Intramurals; Albion Area Ambulance; Ski Club; Beta Beta Beta. MEYERS, MARY ELLEN Franklin; MAJOR: Spanish; Kappa Delta, treasurer. MIKESHOCK, BECKY Detroit; MAJOR: Music Education; MINOR: Math; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota, president; Orchestra; Jackson Symphony Orchestra. MILLER, JOHN J. Kalamazoo; MAJOR: Psychology, Speech; Student Senate; WEXL, program director, station manager; Union Board; Reach. MILLER, MARGARET MAUREEN Hanover, Ind.; MAJOR: English. MILLER, PATRICIA A. Cleveland, Ohio, MAJOR: Physical Education; MINOR: Elementary Educa- tion; Delta Gamma; WAA. MINER, CATHERINE CRAIG Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: French; MINOR: English; Teaching Certificate; Alpha Chi Omega, rush chairman, president; A.W.S., programs board. MISTELE, BARBARA G. Lathrup Village; MAJOR: French, English; Kappa Alpha Thera, rush chairman; WAA. MITCHELL, RICHARD WARREN St. Clair; MAJOR: Economics; MINOR: Art. MOLER, FRANK WILLIAM Coldwater; MAJOR: Chemistry; Union Board, Major Events Committee; Beta Beta Beta; Albion Fellow; Phi Eta Sigma. MOLLOY, JAMES ROBERT East Grand Rapids; MAJOR: French, Speech; Albion College Choir; Al- bion College Players; Theta Alpha Phi. MORRIS, BILL Columbus, Ohio; MAJOR: Economics; Sigma Nu, pledge marshall, social chair- man; IFC, president, Basket- ball, co-captain; Homecom- ing Planning Committee. MORRIS, MARY PERKINS M amaroneck, N . Y. ; MAJOR: Visual Arts; MINOR: English; K-12 Teacher Certificate. MUSTO, RONALD G. Birmingham; MAJOR: Biology; MINOR: Chemistry, Political Science; Sigma Chi, house manager, steward; Student Senate, chairman, academic affairs board; Student Intern, Office of College Relations and Development. NEAL, REBECCA Fraser; MAJOR: Religion; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mor- tar Board; Who ' s Who; Al- bion Fellow; SEE; Reach, director; Student Co-Or- dinator of Religious Activity; Dean Hall, vice president. NEMETH, KENNETH E. Mt. Clemens; MAJO Geology; Sigma Nu secretary; Football, co-cap- tain; Basketball; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa, presi- dent. NEWTON, TERRY L. Battle Creek; MAJOR: Physical Education; MINOR: History; Alpha Tau Omega; Football; Baseball. NICHOLS, JR., WALTER H. Battle Creek; MAJOR: Sociology; City Youth Of- ficer. NORPELL, CURTIS E. Newark, Ohio; MAJOR: Biology; Sigma Chi; l.M. Tennis. NYDAM, LINDA K. Grand Rapids; MAJOR: Math; MINOR: French; Mathemaddicts, co-chair- man; French Club; Alpha Lembda Delta; Albion Fellows. O ' NEILL, JANET MARGARET Southfield; MAJOR: Psychology. OREJUELA Q., RAFAEL VICENTE Bogota, Columbia; MAJOR: Economics; MINOR: Spanish; International Club; O ' ROURKE, MARTIN KEITH Sewickley, Pa.; MAJOR: Psychology, Economics; Delta Tau Delta; Resident Assistant; Soccer, Reach, Psi Chi; Co-ordinator of McGovern campaign. PEARSON, KAY E. Dearborn; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: Elementary Educa- tion; Choir, treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; SPAN; SEE; Student Manager for Special Meals; Albionian, photographer. PHELPS, RICHARD WILLIAM Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Psychology; MINOR: Physics, Math; Psi Chi, presi- dent; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Eta Phi Sigma; Omicron Delta Kap- pa, secretary; Albion Fellow. PRESSENTIN, SUSAN Jackson; MAJOR: French; MINOR: German; Albion College Choir; Briton Singers; Choral Society; Grenoble Program. PULSIPHER, LEWIS ERROL Bellevue; MAJOR: History. RAGLIN, PERRY CURTIS Milford; MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration; Delta Sigma Phi, president. NDALL, MICHAEL G. Houghton Lake; MAJOR: Economics, Business Ad- ministration; Reach; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Student Senate, elections committee; Union Board, movie committee, recreation committee; Pro- ject 250, raffle committee. RENSHAW, THOMAS L. Lambertville; MAJOR: Biology; Sigma Nu. RICHARDSON, LESLIE Pleasant Ridge; MAJOR: Speech Communications and Theatre; Kappa Delta, membership chairman; Mor- tar Board; Theta Alpha Phi; Albion College Players. ROBANDT, KATHERINE MARGARET St, Joseph; MAJOR: English. ROBINSON, WALTER OSBOURNE St. Louis, Mo.; MAJOR: Business, Drama; Sigma Nu; Theta Alpha Phi, president; Afro-American Union; Al- bion College Players. RODES, ERIC P. Flint; MAJOR: Psychology. ROSE, JOHN ROBERT Grand Rapids; MAJOR: Biology; Beta Beta Beta. RUTZ, CAROL ANN Watervliet; MAJOR: Speech; Delta Gamma, foun- dations chairman, housemanager; Albionian, ad salesperson. SANDERS, JEFF St. Clair; MAJOR: Economics; Basketball. SAURMAN, DAVID SCOTT Grand Rapids; MAJOR: Economics; Omicron Delta Epsilon. SCHRAM, LYNN ALAN Berkley; MAJOR: Biology; Beta Beta Beta; SEE; Band. SCHWARZWAELDER, DONNA Mason; MAJOR: Psychology. SCOTT, SHERRY E. Garden City; MAJOR: Biology; Pi Beta Phi, presi- dent; Union Board, chair- man of cultural events com- mittee; Mortar Board, presi- dent; Alpha Lambda Delta; president; Beta Beta Beta; WAA. SEEBOHM, KAREN Iowa City, Iowa; MAJOR: Psychology; Psi Chi. SHAFER, REBECCA Logansport, Ind.; MAJOR: Spanish; MINOR: Elemen- tary Education; Choir; Tutoring; SEE, WAA. SHOBERG, MARY KATHRYN Cedarville; MAJOR: Home Economics; Home Economics Club. SINDT, MARGARET JANE Albion; MAJOR: English; MINOR: Political Science; Pi Beta Phi. SIVY, NANCY Troy; MAJOR: Economics; Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer, recording secretary; W AA. SMITH, RANDOLPH L. Flint; MAJOR: Physical Education; MINOR: Math and Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wrestling, captain; Publications Council; Stu- dent Directory, editor; Education Club; Outing Club. SMITS, MARTHA JANE St. Joseph; MAJOR: English; MINOR: French; Kappa Alpha Theta; Union Board; WAA; Ski Club; Reach. SNYDER, WILLIAM AYERS Southfield; MAJOR: Economics, Sociology. STAUB, DANIEL J. McSherrytown, Pa.; MAJOR: Chemistry; MINOR: Mathematics. STEPHENSON, ROBERT Detroit; MAJOR: English; Theater. STINGLEY, CHARLES RAY Chicago; MAJOR: English; MINOR: History. STONEMAN, HEIDI Grandville; MAJOR: Music; Band; Orchestra; Albion College Players; Theta Alpha Phi; Choral Society. STRAUCH, SUSAN Midland; MAJOR: Biology, English; SEE; Beta Beta Beta; Albionian, business manager. SUTTER, LESLIE D. Southgate; MAJOR: Visual Arts; MINOR: Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi. SWARTLEY, JOHN Jackson; MAJOR: English. TAYLOR, LYNNORA LEE St. Joseph; MAJOR: Spanish; MINOR: Mathematics, Secondary Education; Mathematics Club. THEMAK, JANE LOUISE Cleveland Heights, Ohio; MAJOR: English; Kappa Alpha Theta. THIRY, PETER K. Grand Rapids; MAJOR; Physical Education; MINOR: German; Football. THOMAS, ELLEN Northville; MAJOR: Art; MINOR: Psychology; SEE; Fine Arts Semester in New York. TOBIAS, PAUL Birmingham; MAJOR: Economics, Business Ad- ministration, Delta Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Ep- silon. TOWNSEND, ROBERT D. Jackson; MAJOR: History; MINOR: Political Science; Lincoln ' s Inn Law Club; Phi Alpha Theta. TROMBLY, REGINALD J. Mt. Clemens; MAJOR: Mathematics, Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega. VESCIO, KAREN Saginaw, MAJOR: English, Spanish; Teacher Education Committee; Pleiad, news editor, managing editor; editor-in-chief; student assis- tant to Morelia. VOGEL, VIRGINIA Manchester; MAJOR: English, Speech; MINOR: Education; Pi Beta Phi, traditions; Commission on the Status of Women; Albion College Players. VOGLESONG, BRUCE ALAN Rochester, N.Y.; MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration. WALL, THOMAS J. Detroit; MAJOR: Economics, Business Ad- ministration; MINOR: Psychology; Union Board, chairman of movie com- mittee; FCA, public relations chairman. WATKINS, DONNA LEE Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Math and Physics; Alpha Chi Omega, vice president; Society of Physics Students; Ski Club. WEAVER, CURTIS A. Fraser; MAJOR: Political Science, German; Choir; Al- bion College Players, ap- prentice; President ' s Com- mittee on Inter ' l House; Inter ' l House Dedication, chairman. WELCH, ANDREW M. Dearborn; MAJOR: Biology; MINOR: Chemistry; Sigma Chi; Homecoming Parade, chair- man. WHITE, LOUIS ELDEAN Jackson; MAJOR: Biology. WHITE, NANCY KATHLEEN Litchfield; MAJOR: Psychology; Psi Chi. WILD, DIANE Fraser, MAJOR: Math, Economics; Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Senate; Mor- tar Board; RA; Campus Guide. WILLIAMS, THOMAS POE Bloomfield Hills; MAJOR: Economics and Business Ad- ministration; MINOR: Political Science; Sigma Chi;lFC; Swimming; Little League Baseball Coach. WILSON, NANCY E. Elmhurst, 111.; MAJOR: Sociology, Spanish. WOODWARD, CHARLES MACK Orlando, Florida; MAJOR: English; Alpha Tau Omega, president; IFC; Greek Week Committee. YOUNGDAHL, MARCIA L. Ann Arbor; MAJOR: French; MINOR: Spanish; Alpha Xi Delta. ZALIAGIRIS, MARY PAT Livonia; MAJOR: Math; MINOR: Biology; Pi Beta Phi, rush aide, social chair- man. ZIMMERMAN, DOUGLAS C. Northbrook, III.; MAJOR: Sociology, Economics; Sigma Chi. ZUBALIK, DIANNE Pontiac; MAJOR: Biology, English; Kappa Delta, Choral Society. Faculty And Administration B; Bi Anderson, Albert 107 Aris, Maynard 95 Aiuto, Russell 93 B Ballard, David 106 Ballou, Kenneth 93 Baumgartner, Ingeborg 103 ieese, Betty 108 Bennett, Stephanie 97 Bevan, Roger 102 Bobbitt, Vernon 115 Bolitho, Albert 104 Bonora, Alain 102 Bonora, Claude 102 Borthwick, Bruce 110 Branch, Maurice 95 Brown, Larry 96 Brown, Wayne 115 Bush, Elliott 97 C Carson, Gordon 91 Cheek, John 1 12 Conger, Bruce 96, 1 16 Cook, James 97 Cook, Paul 94 Cooper, Robert 1 13 Cowan, Bruce 104 Crump, John 94 D Davis, Ralph 107 Dick, Wesley 100,116 Dillery, Dean 92 Dininny, Robert 94 Dixon, Clara 92 Doran, Thomas 104 Duke, Bruce 91,183 Duke, Marilyn 101 akin, Judith 100 Elkin. Sol 98 Ettinger, Ronald 117 F Feiss, Geoffrey 99 Fennimore, Keith 96 Fingeret, Alan 1 1 1 Fitzgerald, Jon 1 14 Fraser, Morley 108,173,179 • Frick, Frank 1 12 Frick, Willard 1 1 1 Fryxell, Ronald 106 Gaswick, Dennis 94 Gilbert, William 91 Gildart, Robert 96 Gillespie, David 100 Gillham, William 112 Glathart, Justin 109 Golden, Paul 107 Gonzalez, Renato 103 Goodnow, Jack 91 Grossman, Samuel 114 Guyselman, Bruce 92 H Hart, John 96 Heise, Karl 102 Held, Charles 100 Held, Nancy 98 Hines, David 93 Hogberg, David 1 1 Hosmer, Elizabeth Hostetler, John 1 1 1 1 Irwin, Joseph 96 Isaac, Elkin 108,172 J James, Coy 100 Kammer, David 10 Keller, Jean 102 Keough, Thomas 98,117 Kim, Jeegook 117 Kragness, Sheila 103 L Leach, Richard 115 Leeds, Charles 91 Lomas, Bernard 90 Lucas, Frances 111 Ludington, Martin 109 M Maag, Jacqueline 10S Machek, Frank 115 Mackie, James 105,153 Manning, Helen 1 14 Mason, Philip 105,155 McCarley, James 95 McConnell, John 95 McLaughlin, Eleanor 98 Miller, Eugene 97 Millis, Leroy 108,177,181 Minadeo, Richard 95 Moore, John 113 Moore, Keith 106 Mortenson, Richard 92 Munk, Arthur 107 Noordhorn, Max 102 Notestein, Robert 113 O Oosting, Carole 114 Oosting, Thomas 114 Padgett, Jack 107 Parker, John 99 Pickell, Edward 105 Quale, Robina 100 Rammelkamp, Julian 100 Reed, George 98 Rice, Rita 114 Ricker, Charles 109 Rieger, Edna 103,116 Rottenbiller, Henry 103 S Sapala, John 103 Schroeder, Anthony 114,116 Schutz, Charles 1 10 Scott, Richard 93 Shtogren, John 96 Siegel, Michael 111 Smith, Do well 113 Smith, Sue 101 Steffenson, Daniel 94 Stewart, Paul 115 Stohl, Johan 112 Stowell, Ewell 92 Strickler, David 104,154 Swanson, Cathy 162 Taffs, Anthony 104 Tatom, John 95 Taylor, Lawrence 99 Taylor, Thomas 108,172 Thomas, Frank 97 Troxell, Jerry 105,117 Turner, Michael 108,174,181 W Wenzel, John 106 Williams, John 109 : — Wilson, John 113 Winkel, Brian 106 Workman, William 99 Wyss, Hal 97 Y Who ' s Where Aalsburg, Colleen 64; 154 Abbott, William 12;136;166 Abood, Frederic 140; 178 Acker, Carolyn 64;167 Ackley, Linda 12S Albers, Mary 64 Aldrich, Charles 172;173 Aldrich, David 152 Aldrich, John 1 36; 175 Alexander, Kenneth 58 Allen, Jr., Fred 163 Allison, Lispnard 163 Alston, Susan 122; 161 Alvarez, Edgar 12;20;161 Anderson, Allen 144 Anderson, David 54;144;181 Anderson, Kay 155;167 Anderson, Martha 12;30;121;165 Anderson, Pamela 54 Anderson, Paul 64 Anderson, William 46 Annett, Jr., Bruce 46;157 Antle, John 64 Arbury, Andrew 54 Armelagos, John 64;81 Armstrong, John 46 Armstrong, Mark 54;135 Arnold, Martha 54 Arter, Timothy 179 Arthur, Wallace 174 Ash, Susan 78;154;167 Athens, Carol 64 Atlee, Susan 165;167 Atwood, Sally 76; 1 67 Austin, Ronald 166 Bacholzky, Frank 12;18 Bacholzky, John 172 Bailey, Kirk 175 Bailey, Mark 46 Baker, Alvin 46; 175 Baker, John 179 Baker, Thomas 12 Bailor, Karen 64 Bannow, Steven I2;I66 Barr, Jacqueline 64 Barrett, David 174 Barron, Bruce 64; 153 Barry, Deborah 64; 1 55 Bartlebaugh, Ann 129 Bartlett, Wendy 153; 155 Bash, Eric 154 Basselmart, Robert 134:135 Battle, Susan 64 Baxter, Gerald 12;I81 Baxter, Sally 12 Baxter, Timothy 143 Bayer, Anne 65; 167 Beal, Julianne 65; " 8l ' Beal, Sally 46 Beale, Phil 144 Bean, Jeffrey 65 Beard, Janet 13 Bearman, Mark 179 Beattle, Hugh 139; 174 Bee, Beverly 46 Beechler, Amy 54; 126 Begle, Robert 174 Bekken, Robert 1 3; 140; 1 66; 18 1 Belfit, Barcie 65 Bell, Barbara 54; 122; 123 Bell, Gregory 152. Bell, Gretchen54;130;l31 Bell, Viola 46 Bender, Timothy 139 Benjamin, Stanley 181 Bennett, Charles 140 Bennett, Cheryl 130:131 Bennett, Craig 154 Bennett, Michele 65 Berger, Sally 65; 1 54 Bergersen, Joanne I3;35;130;131 Bergmans, Alan 139 Berry, Lois 120; 121 Best, Kymlyn 129 Beyer, Daniel 65 Biggs, Douglas 140 Binkley, Christopher 142; 143 Birach, Joseph 174 Birks, Barbara 13;125;I65;166;167 Bishop, Kristine 165 Bitterman, Beverly 65 Blackford, Ann 167 Blackwell, Judith 46 Blatehly. Stephen 144; 154 Blue, Scott 138; 139 Bock, Craig 74 Bock, Mark 13; 173 Boley, Arthur 46 Bonkowski, Benno 46 Bonnell, Ruth 166 Bourjaily, Kenneth 47; 140 Bowen, Gloria 13 Bowen, Marsha 154 Bowers, Bruce 65 Bowman, Cheryl 30 Bowman, Richard 179 Boyd, Barbara 55;121;154 Boyko, Timothy 166 Boylan, Thomas 36 Boynton, Nancy 13 Brake, Susan 129 Branch, Mark 150 Brant, Greg 142; 143 Breeden, James 66 Brenneman, Wayne 13; 166 Bringham, Jr., William 140 Brochu, Susan 63; 125; 162 Brogan, Margo 13;164;167 Brogdon, Leonard 13;163;I52 Brouse, Pentha 14; 167 Brovald, Susan 55; 126 Brown, Albert 14 Brown, Barbara 66 Brown, C. Wynelle 66 Brown, Charles 14; 135 Brown. Mary 66 Brown, Rhonda ' 66 Brown. III. James 143;176 Browne, Carolyn 126 Bruce, Jeffrey 66; 153 Bruegel, David 55;140;141 Budd, Janice 55; 154 Bueche. Mary 167 Buhr, Laurie 47; 129 Buller, Thomas I3;66;69 Burckhalter. Jane 14 Burry, Paul 14 I Burton, Diane 66; 1 67 Busch, Barbara 154 Bush, Kenneth 143 Bush, Matthew 66 Busse, Margaret 154 Butler, Victoria 126 Bygrave, Robert 144 Cady, Donald 144 Callis, Cheryl 66 Cameron, David 139 Camp, David 55 Campbell, Catherine 130 Campbell, Craig 13;14;176 Campbell, Isaac 14 Campbell, Janine 66 Campbell, Pamela 129 Campbell, Patricia 79 Carewe, Arthur 144 Carl, Lisa 14; 17 Carlson, Kenneth 14; 1 66 Carmichael, Gary 55;136 Carmitchel, Linda 120;121 Carney, Irene 15:166 Carnwath, Thomas 15; 140 Carr. Carol 129; 1 64 Carson, Deborah 67 Cartwright, Martha 47;53 Casselrhan, Carol 67 Chamberlain, Duff 67; 1 53 Chamberlain, Janice 15;166 Chapelle, Susan 73 Chappell, Brantly 67 Chase, Murk 22 Chase, Randolph 144 Chavis, Patrick 163 Chessin, Vicki 1 5; 166; 1 67; 1 83 Chichester, Lani 126 Chlyslek, Elizabeth 167 Christensen, Beth 67 Christensen, Nancy 55; 1 25; 1 6 1 Chrislenson, Karla 15 Cirilli, Alan 135 Cirner, Denice 16 Clark, Debra I6;184 Clark, Sarah 16; 129; 166; 184 Clarke, C. Lynne 47; 128; 129 Clarke, Elizabeth 55; 126 Clayton, Zack 67; 151; 154 Clement, Scott 47;143;176 Clements, Richard 144 Cliff, Catherine 78 Clough, David 67 Coen, Kathryn 122 Cogger. Paul 16; 154 Colbath, Norman 67 Cole, Rolland 173 Coleman, Catherine 16;22 Collens, Priscilla 129 Collette. Jeanne 126 Collier, Kenneth 55:140:172 Collins, Judith 55 Collins, Karen L. 16; 130; 131 ; 166 Collins, Karen M. 56 Collins, Rebecca 47; 129 Connelly, Mary 16 Conrad, John 174 Conway, Holly 157 Cook, Charles 154 Cook, Corali 67 Cook, Virginia 16 Cooley. Carol 67 Coons, Denise 17;34 Cooper, John 136;172;174 Cooper, Priscilla 125;154 Corden, Thomas 67 Corey, Janice 154; 157 Cornelius, III, Franklin 56 Cornell, David 176 Cortis, Denise 17; 166 Cosby, Susan 125;154 Cotcamp, Dennis 175 Cotton, Mark 143 Coughenour, Glenn 67 Coughlin, Paul 56 Coury, Mary 17;121;184 Couyoumjian, Karl 56;57;152 Cowan, Ann 68 Craig, Curtis 163 Crawford, David 68 Crawford, Guy 68 Croasdale, Stephen 136 Crossley, Kimberly 68 Cruesoe, Marsha 17 Cubbison, Michele 17;166;167 Culbertson, Robert 173 Cummins, William 179 Currier, Robert 139 Czebatul, Rebecca 68; 167 Dalm, Stephen 139 Daniels, Allen 161;174 Darian, Vigen 50 Darlington, Jr., Albert 17 Daugherty, John 47; 153 Daum, Jane 68 Davies, William 136; 152 Davis, Paul 68 Davis, William 56; 144 Dawe, Margaret 47 Dawson, Dianne 17;28;165;166; 167; 184 Dawson. Peter 68; 155 Day, Joseph 68 Deacon, Kendra 68 Defoe, Susan 17; 162 Degeus, Randy 143 Deisley, Susan 48 Denison, Daniel 17 Dennett, Mark 47 Denney, Rebecca 47; 130; 131; 1 55 Deskins, Leslie 163 Dewitt, David 154 Dewitt, Susan 56; 1 26 Deyoung, Rebecca 18 Dietrich, Krista 68 Dillon, David 69 Dixon, Mark 18:157 Dobbins, William 143;179 Doherty, Daniel 18 Dolbee, Tim 139;179 Dolgan, Dennis 69 Dornbirer, Scott 56 Dorr. Robert 1 44; 1 79 Doublestein, Barry 69 Doyle, Richard 18 Drake, Thomas 140 Driggs, Timothy 139 Duncan, Richard 56; 154 Dupree, David 144 Durkacy, Denise 122; 162 Duttlinger, Dennis 18 Duzey, Andrey 69 Dyer, Lawrence 154 Dzul. Andrew 181 Dzwigalski, Linda 167 Early, Roberta 69 Eby, Craig 144 Edwards, Joanne 126 Eisinger. Michael 153 Elliott, William 136:166 Ellis, Craig 175 Ellis, Jeanine 69;167 Emack, Elizabeth 56; 126 Engerski, Robert 69 Erickson, John 56; 161 Erickson, Thomas 69 Erikson, II, Erick 174 Erla, Richard 69 Ernest, Gail 18 Ernest, Christine 60:126 Ernst Lynne, 18; 151; 166 Ernst, Sallyanne 128; 129 Errington, Glenn 179 Esakk, Michael 144 Esch, Don 153 Etue, Suzanne 125 Eubank, Richard 144 Eusey, Regina 138 Falat, Jerry 135 Feinstein, Barry 18;30;139 Fetzer, Carol 121 Fisher, Frank 18; 140 Fisher, Lynn 18 Fisk, Nancy 121; 182 Flack, James 174 Flegal, Gary 69 Fleming, Paula 69 Fles, Nancy 19 Fletcher, Marian 1 30; 1 3 1 Fong, Helen 161 Ford, Cheryl 125 Ford, Evelyn 56; 122; 123 Ford, Lynne 125; 154 Fordham, Pamela 127 Forrer, Jane 126 Fraker, Mark 70 Frantz, Stephen 135 Fraser, Catherine 125 Freedman. Nancy 70 Freeman, Judith 70; 167 Frevert, Mark 70 Friederichs, James 136 Friedrichs, Lisa 47; 125 Frink, Barbara 70 Fritsch. Cynthia 70;80;152 Fritsch, Pamela 48; 125 Fuelberth, Mary 124; 125 Fuller, II, Frederic 48 Fullerton, Linda 56; 153; 155 Furse, Lory 167 Futter, Lynne 121 Gabel, Sara 164 Gallagher, Warren 139 Gamble, Richard 70 Gardner, Kelly 70; 154 Gare, Tracey 70 Garman, Fred 143 Garrett, Richard 1 9; 178 Garrett, Sue 77 Gazale, Frederick 174 Geissinger, Philip 70 Geneczko, Carol 122 Gentile. Bruce 19; 140 Gerls, Marda 56; 167 Gettinger. Gail 22; 129; 167 Gholz, John 70 Giannetti, William 140 Giffin, David 48 Gifford, Ronald 22:143:166 Giles. Philip 22:158 Gillen. Douglas 60 Gillett, Jr., Richard 139; 166 Gish, III, Rollin 139 Glendening. Bruce 51 Glover. Nancy 22:31 Godfre . Jack 48 Goldbaum. Lynn 22:34 Goldman, Mark 22 Goll. James 153 Good) ear, JV, David 176 Gorey, Margaret 126 Gcrey. Jr.. Hugh 179 Goudie, Jeanne 48; 1 65 Graeltinger. Alan 152 Graham, Jane 150 Graham, Pam 48.155 Graham. Reavis 22: 154:166 Graim. Timoth) 150 Graves. Virginia 125 Gray, William 48:154 Green. Daniel 71 Greenawalt. Jane 23,167 Greenhalgh. Stephen 48,143.179 Grehl. Susan 48 Gren. 11. Robert 83 Griest. Stewart 71 Griffin. Martin 144 Grigg, Robert 178 Grisier, Jane 56 wLli Gruen. David 174 Gruen, Evel n 148 Gampper, John 57.135 Hafenbrack. Holly 57;122 Haines. Joseph 139; 179 Hale. Barbara 7| Hale. Jennifer 23:129 Hale. Joann 71 Hall, Lamar 71 Hames. David 71 Hamilton. Timothy 139 Hands. Janet 129 Hanes, Douglas 144:181 Hansen. Beverly 23; 155 Hansen. Doan 136 Hanson. Elizabeth 57 Harmon. Elizabeth 122 Harper. Jr. Ambus 50:16? Harris. Marilyn 126 Harrison, Catherine 5 " ; 126. Harrison. Julia 69 Harrold. Bernard 71 Harstad, Mark 71 Hartman. William 143 Harvey, Sandra 57:122:123 Hassan. Thomas I55;l 7 2 Hatton. Alicia 71 Haxward. Louisa 71 Headbloom. Alan 140:141 Heartwell. Judith LTS Heaton. Gerald 140 Hedgcock, Virginia 126:127 Heinz. Stephen 144 Heinze. Dennis 23 Heinze, Jean 49 Hendne. Susan 72 Hendne. Jr., John 49;139 Hendnx, Ronald 136 Henry, Susan 72:154 Hepler. Marcj 183 Herring. Judilh 23 Herrmann. Lucy 125 Herschelman, Julia 49; 165 He boer. Patricia 46 He ' sdenburg. Randall 154 Hidenfelter. William 144 Higgs, Ja 72:155 Hilbish. Karen 49;I22;I23 Hildehrand. Jayne 151:155 Hileman. Robert 144 Hill. Frederic 49;I51;I57 Hines. Paula 23 Hoefle. Gary 72 Hoffman. Marsha 167 Hohmar.. Heidi 151 Hokanson, Elsa 122 123 Holdren, Autumn 49, 153,155 Holdren, Paul 49.I7K Holhdge, Garv 23,139:1 Holzapfel. Kathleen 72 Hones. Gerard 72 • Hook. Janice 72:153 Hopkins. Nancy 122.126 Horner. Richard 175 Horsburgh. Martha 23:129 Holland. John 139 Holland. Margaret 72 192 Hronek. Richard 152 Hubbard. George 139 Hubbs. Priscilla 72 Huff. John 57:152 Hull Warren 49 152 Huffman, Damon 24:176 Hulett, Carol 49 Hunt, Kathleen 57 Hvdrick, Constance 121 Hynd. Robert 24;12 imboden. Barbara 24;125 Imre, Werner 172 Jackson. Anne 62 Jackson, Carol 72 Jackson. Gary 182 Jacobson. Robert 144:154:166 James. II. Charles 142.143 Janowitz. Lynn 24;29;120;121 Jirikovic, Lavonne 122; 123 Johns, David 72 Johnson. David A. 72 Johnson. David G. 24; 140 Johnson, David K. 139 Johnson. Joel 139 Johnson, Paul 72:154 Johnston. Jr.. Robert 166 Jones. Jeffrey 73 Jones, Kurt 73 Jones. Robert 73 Jones. Suzanne 51:121 Jordan. Aprille 73 Jordan, Constance 73 Jordan, Debra 49; 122; 123 Judson. Charles 156:180 Kabot, Timothy 73 Kadela. Jams 73 Kanberg, Leslie 167 Karazim, John 175 Karikomi, Kevin 24 Karres, Patricia 57 asl, Louise 82 Kastl, Larry 25;134;I35 Keating, Philip 143 Kelin, Alexander 136 Kelly, Karen 73 Kemp. Patrick 136 Kempers. Mary 122 Kendall. Peter ' 58 Kendall, Robert 144 Jones. Carol 167 Kent. Edith 25:122 Kern, Otto 174 Kernohan, Thomas 58; 135 Kezlanan, Jeffre 25;143;179 Kilanski. Charles 73 Kilbourn, Elizabeth 25 Killough, Virginia 151:154 Kincaid, Jane 70;121 Kindig. Susan 49; 122; 154; 155; 161 Kindv. Ellen 73; 152 King. N ' yann 25:129 King. Scott 153 Kinney, Eric 73:154 Kinyon, Sarah 58; 130 Kjnzinger, Janet 25 Kirtland, John 176:181 Kitchell. Doyle 154 Klein, Patrice 125 Kleinsmith, Christopher 73; 178 Klungness, Kraig 58 Knapp, Marica 120:121:164 Knapp. Richard 74 Kneller, Linda 26 Knoll. Jon 58 Knorr. Ellen 26:126 Knowlton, Judith 58; 153 Knudson. Karen 50; 125 Kochenderfer. Lee 181 Koets. Karen 26:126 Kosnik. Robert 144 Kota. John 143 Kraushaar. Kim 58:125.154 Kravutske. Joann 50:122 Kreidler. Linda 58; 120; 12 1 Kreitzer. Gretehen 74;84;157 ohn. Sleien 180 tick. Pamela k K ystosek. Paul iSw Kuhn, Harold 135 Kundinger. Gregory 139 Kunkel. Conrad 74 Labarge. Amy 58 Labick. Lvnn 58:122 Ladd. Sue 74 Laetz. Kenneth 26:181 Lafountain, Nancy 74:167 pi JV Lambert. June 129 Lamoine, Louis 139 Lamont. Catharine 167 Lancaster, Laurel 121 Langaa, Lynne 26:38,125 Langer. Carlton 153 Lanham. Jr., Robert 26:181 Larsen, Julie 121 Larson. Susan 26 Lash. Evan 29:172 Laurie. Barbara 50 Lawley. Michael 136 Lawrence, Wayne 136:I74;181 Layman, Nancy 58; 120; 121 Leach. Mark 74 Lee, Jennifer 16:27:126:184 Lee, Sherry 27; 163 Lemanski, Gail 59:129 Leonard, Anthony 181 Leonard, Judith 50; 157 Leroy, John 4:50 Leslie, Mark 74 Levine, Arm 74 Levitt, Michele 150 Lewis. Barbara 59; 129 Libke. Martha 121:138 Lieder, Kathleen 27; 125; 167 Lighthall. Charles 140 Lind, Edward 27 Lmdell. John 27;143 Lindemood, Mark 17s Lindow, Jill 59; 129 Lindow, Timothy 144 Lindsey. John 139 Ling, Steven 27:136:154 Link. Randolph 135 Lipp, Thomas 136 Litscher. Mary 57;59:129 Little, David 43: 172 Loeffler, Nancy 74 Lomas, David 181 London, Linda 27 Lonergan, Jennifer 20; 156 Loselle. Randolph 17;27 Ludington, Thomas 74 Ludlow, Karen 28 Ludwig, Robin 28 Luscombe, Robert 74 Lynas, Jillane 59:129 Lynds. Donna 75 Lynn, Jr., Richard 28 Lyons, III, Benjamin 28 MacDonald, Elizabeth 59:129 MacDonald. Marsha 130;131;I53 MacFarlane, Bruce 75 Mackey, James 50; 163 MacPherson, Ann 129 Mader, Lynn 75 Maier, Michael 29:135 Maloof, Joanna 29 Manai. Issa 75 Mann, Ilene 120:121 Manthey, Karen 75 Markes, Frances 59 Markovich, Sammy 75 Marks, Penelope 29; 15: Marotzke, Kenneth 75 Marsh, Michael 75 Marsh, Wendy 59 Marshall, Julie 50; 129 Marshall, Todd 174 Martien, Katherine 129 Martin, John 143 Martin. Michael 174 Martin, Nancy 129 Martini. Thomas 174 Mason. Ann 29 Masta, David 178 Matherne. Jane 30 Matheson, Susan 125 Matilo, Susan 50,122 Matter, Mark 154; 1 57; 181 Matthews, Douglas 84,183 Maunders, Darcy 122 Maxson, Anne 50 Mayo, Barbara 150 McAlpine, Nancy 66; 158 McCarthy, Stephen 50;140;16l McCarthv, Walter 139 McClain, Gary 75 McClean, Brian 140 McClear, John 150 McClellan. Jr.. Jack 136;172 McCray, Catherine 175 if - McCuiston, Douglas 140 McDermott. Colleen 50;121 McDonald. Carolyn 29; 130; 167 McDonald, Marybeth 122 McFall, Lee 143 McGraw, Stephen 29; 143; 156 McGuire, Nancy 129 McKellar. John 59 McKenzie, Blair 75 McLaughlin, John 23;29 McLellan, Thomas 144 McNaughton, Lynne 1 30; 1 3 1 Mead. Dale 76 Megregian, Armen 139 Meinke, Alan 140:174 Menear, Barbara 30 Mercer, Melody 51:126 Merollis, Norman 140 Merrill, Cynthia 76 Merszei, Geoffery 30; 174 Messana, Frank 166 Messina, Katharine 76 Messinger, Wendy 126 Mestrezat. William 30 Mestrovic. Ann 167 Meyer, Dennis 136 Mevers, Marv 30; 129 Mikeshock, Becky 30;I55 Mikeshock, Lvnn 125;155 Miller, John 30;39 Miller, Karen 121 Miller, Kathleen 81;96 Miller, Margaret 30 Miller, Patricia 31 Miller, Robert 154 Miller, Susan 122 Miller. Ted 178 Milligan, Michael 154 Millman, Betsy 74 Miner, Catherine 31;121 Mistele, Barbara 14;31;I26:184 Mitchell. Lagratta 154 . Mitchell. Richard 31 Moeller, Randolph 76 Moler, Frank 31:166 • Moline, George 156 Molloy, James 3l;40:154 Montgomery. Miriam 76:155 Mooney, Jr., Gerard 1 39; 18 1 Moore, James 178 Moore, Stephen Moorehead, Eric 51; 137 Morris. Mary 32 Morris, William 31; 143; 176 Morrison, Charlotte 162 Morrison, Janet 121 Moses, Catherine 5 1 Moxley, Beth 76 Muml ' ord, Robert 154 Murphy, David 151,152 Murray, Deborah 55:59 Musser, Corinne 121:138 Musto, Ronald 32:140:166 Mycko, Marilouise 51 Myers, Bonita 76 Mynsberge. Lawrence 178 Nakamura, Janice 32; 122 Napier, Angela 76 ' » Nash, Barbara 154 Neal, Marshall 143 Neal, Rebecca 19;32;166;167 Neff. Dale 76;151:153 Neff. Jane 76 Neitzel, Mary 121 Nelson, Colett$76;163 Nelson. Stanley 136 Nemeth. Kenneth 32;143;166 Neuhoff, Mary 60; 124; 1 25 Nevill, Suzanne 125 Newell, Nancy 125 Newell, Vicki 126 Newton, Terry 32; 179 Nichols, David 140 Nichols, Jr., Walter 32 Niemann. Ruth 76:151:154:155 Noble, Michael 140 Norman, Seth 144 Norpell, Curtis 33:140 Norpell, Mary 78 Nydam. Linda 33; 166 Oblander, Phyllis 77; 155 O ' Hara Ann 51 Oldenburg. Kurt 175 Olds, Scott I38;I72;174 Olson, Elizabeth 77 Olson, Nancy 77 O ' Neill, Janet 33 O ' Neill, Melanie 51 Orange, Richard 143 Orejuela, Rafael 33 O ' Rourke, Martin 33; 174 ; 183.. Orth, James 180 Oslund, Jeffrey 77; 173 Owens, Elizabeth 158 Page, Billy 8 Pagnucco, Tina 126 Paine, Carol 129 Palamar, Gerard 144 Palmer, Lisa 60; 154 Pamplin, Rick 77; 158 Parker, Christine 77; 167 Parker, Marsi 150 Parker, Randall 77; 175 Paszkowski, Cynthia 166 Patrick, Margaret 151 Paulson, Patrcia 60; 129 Pauly, Margaret 125;165 Payne William 62; 140; 161 Pearson, Kay 33;37;154;157 Peggs, Deborah 125; 157 Penninger, Margaret 77 Percival, Mark 51;I44;153 Pero, Kenneth 175 Perry, Elizabeth 51;122;123 Peschel, Robert 77 Peters, Michael 77 Peterson, Nancy 122 Phelps, Richard 33;166 Phillips, Susan 77; 167 Pierce, David 77 Pierson, Martha 150 Pike, David 154 Pippenger, Douglas 179 Pittman, Sally 130 Platts, Polly 78 Polcyn, Ann 78 Poleschuk, William 60;143;181 Polgar, Susan 51;125 Pollock, Paul 52 Pomeroy, Paul 52 Powers, Bradley 61; 149 Pressentin, Susan 33:154 Price, Andrew 140 Priestap, Gregory 60; 136 Pulsipher, Lewis 34 Putnam, Barbara 129 Pysz, Francis 136 Pyykkonen, Scott 135 Quigley, Carmel 52; 121 Quinn, James 78 Quinn, Sharon 78;167 Rader, Shelly 78 Raglin, Perry 34; 136 Randall, Michael 34 Rankin, Gregory 143; 167 Rapson, Nancy 78 Reader, James 173; 174 Redford, Martha 154 Reid, Barbara 37 Reid, Donald 78 Reid, Gary 166 Reinhart, Peggy 126 Renshaw, Thomas 34 Renton, William 60 Reynolds, Cynthia 60; 122; 123 Rhodes, II, William 136; 137 Richardson, Carolyn 122;123 Richardson, John 60 Richardson, Kay 78 Richardson, Leslie 34;149;167 Richardson, Thomas 78;178 Rickard, Clyde 60; 143 Rix, Roxanne 152 Robandt, Katherine 34 Robbins, Dale 60 Robbins, Kevin 136 Roberts, Catherine 67 Robinson, Douglas 52;53 Robinson, Walter 34; 143; 163; 166 Rodenbeck, Lois 167 Rodes, Eric 35; 143; 166; 178 Roe, Deborah 61;58 Roeder, Michael 78; 174 Rogers, Dana 153; 155 Rohn, III, Fred 61;138;139;179 Romonoyske, Paula 130; 131 Rooney, Marsha 52 Rosbolt, Jean 68; 155 Rose, John 35; 1 50 Rosema, Kathy 78 Ross, Philip 181 Rothenberg, Janet 79 Rottenbiller, Arthur 79; 155 Rowley, Barbara 154 Rowling, Edward 79 Rubin, Susan 41;122 Rudner, Barry 79 Rundle, Craig 135 Rundle, Mark 135; 176 Rusch, Robert 61; 135 Rutz, Carol 35; 157 Rydelek, Patricia 52; 165 Rygh, Jayne 79 Sahrbeck, Douglas 153 Sakal, Edwin 79 Sandberg, Ellen 79 Sanders, Jeffrey 35 Saurman, David 35 Sauter, Charles 79 Savoie, Michael 139 Schaar, Thomas 79 Schaefer, Mark 140 Schaiberger, Peter 143 Schaiberger, Thomas 143 Schenck, Marjorie 61 Scheppler, Suzanne 52:125 Schiman, Dan 136 Schmidt, Jr., Gilbert 79 Schmitt, Richard 144 Schoener, James 144 Scholl, Charles 136 Schram, Jane 158 Schram, Lynn 35; 151 Schramm, Jerome 79 Schwartz, John 143 Schwarzwaelder, Donna 35 Scieszka, Jon 175 Scofield, William 52; 143 Scott, Sherry 35; 130; 161; 166 Sebolt, Winston 79 Seebohm. Karen 36 Senn, Elizabeth 122; 123 Sexton, James 173 Shafer, Rebecca 36; 154 Shannon, Melinda 125; 157 Shellenbarger, Barry 79 Shireling, Julie 77;80;157 Shoberg, Mary 36 Sholund, Cheryl 59 Shotwell, Diane 61;122;123 Shrode, Paul 80:154 Siller, Lynn 80:153 Simmons, William 52; 154 Simon. Alex 40; 150 Simonian, Sidney 52; 129 Sims, Gordon 80 Sindt, Margaret 36 Singer, Harold 53 Sivy, Nancy 36; 122 Sjoberg, Linda 61;130;131 Skulstad, John 140 Slaby, Robert 61; 144; 153 Slaughter, Sharon 36 Slepsky, Peter 80 Sloan, John 143 Smith, Craig 21 Smith, Gayle 122;123 Smith, Jenny 154 sfn Smith, Michael 61;135 Smith, Randolph 36; 178 Smits, Martha 14;36;126;184 Smyth, Janet 80; 1 54; 167 Snell, Clare 150 Snyder, Megan 126 Snyder, Rebecca 61 Snyder, William 31;37 Soper, Mark 61 Sorokin, Melanie 121 Sorrells, Jr., Basil 49; 143 Sosey, John 140 Southworth, Lynn 37 Sowles, Thomas 62;176;179 Speakman, Sheree 70;80 Spencer, Cynthia 80 Spencer, George 143 Spencer, Paul 80 Sperry, Jan 15;130;I31;167 Sperry, Sandra 130; 131 ■Spiegel, James 144 Springer, Bruce 144 Stacey, Mark 80 Stark, Sarah 126 Statler, Frederick 84 Staub, Daniel 37 Steele, Gordon 144 Steere, Pamela 80 Steffee, Donald 143; 179 Steiner, Marlene 154; 155 Steinway, Steven 144 Stephenson, Robert 37; 158; 166 Stevens, Gregory 53; 1 72; 173 Stevens, John 152 Stevens, Todd 81 Stevens, Virginia 121 Stevenson, Lynn 48; 125 Stewart, Karenjj 1 Stilwill, Richard 139 Stimson, Judith 81 Stingley, Aline 53 Stingley, Charles 37 Stocking. Shervl 81 Stoffer. William 143 Stokes, Gary 172; 173 Stokoe, Grant 136;137:161 Stoneman, Heidi 37 Storey, Mary 8I;154 Stpyall, Howard 53 Stover, Robert 81 Strable, Kim 143; 179 Strauch, Susan 37 Strauss, James ,143; 176 Strayer, John 140 Strohbeck, Ann 154 Strutz. Timothy 81 ; ' Stuart, Sco| Sunder, Rd Susag, Man Sutter, Lesf Svendson, Swancutt, Swartley, J| Swift, NanJ Sze, Herman 174 Sze, William 81 Szerdi. Andrew 81 Sztvkiel, Witold 134;135 Taber, Sallv 162 Tang. Chut 174 Tarrant. William 150 . Tasker. Jacqueiin 62;129;164 Taylor, Constance 126 Taylor, Daniel 166:180 Taylor, Frank 81 Taylor, Lynnora 38 Teeple, Margaret 81 Tejani, Mohezin 47 Terrell, Albert 53; 163 Terrill, Jeffrey 81 Terry, Thomas 62 Themak, Jane 34;38; 126; 127 Thiry, Peter 38; 135 Thomas. Ellen 38 Thomas, Leslie 122; 123 Thomas, Vincent 38 Thorns, Richard 150 Thorne, Jan 129 Thornton, Mary 53 Thorsby, Mark 135 Timma, David 136 Timmons, Deborah 126 Tobias, Paul 39 Tobias, Philip 139 Tome, John 154 Townsend, Robert 39 Trail, Jennifer. 58;62; 125 Trine, Bonnie 53;153;155 Trombly, Ava 62 Trombly, Reginald 39; 135; 172 Trout, Michael 62 Tucker, Allen 82 Tucker, Jeffrey 140 Upton, Raymond 84; 152 Valassis, Doreen 79 Valde, Laurie 82 . Vancleef, Robert 82 Vanderbout, Laura 82 Vanderkay, Mark 136 Vandersalm, William 1 61; 183 Vanduine, Kimberly 62;122 vanVoorst, Kathryri 157 Vecchioni, Daniel 136; 1 58 Vereeke, Catherine 23; 120; 121 Vermeulen, Kay 126; 127 Vermeulen, Linda 126 Verplanck, Ronald 62; 136 Vescio, Karen 2 1 ;39; 1 56; 166 Vivian, Linda 121 Vogel, Virginia 39; 130 Vogelsong, Bruce 39 Vogt, Ann 62; 129 Vorech, Barbara 63; 130; 131 Wagner, Douglas 179 Wagner, Michael 82 Wahr, Dennis I43;176;180 Walden, Kristin 61:63,126 Walker, David 82; 180 Walker, Jane 130 Walker, Michael 172; 1 73 Walker, Paul 154 Wall, Jr., Thomas 39;161;1 Walton, Daphne 6 " Ward, Susan 82 Warner, Rebecca 63 Warnock, John 149 Warnock, Kathleen 82; 1 54 Warren, Marilyn 63;129;154 Watkins, Donna 39; 121 Weaver, Anne 82 Weaver. Curtis 40 Webster, Russell. 66:82 Weedman, Jeffrey 140 Weiker, Barbara 82 Welch. Andrew 29;40:140 Weller, Karen 82 West, Glen 144 Wheelock, David 139 Whitaker, John 82 White, Colleen 83:155 White, Jaffles 40 •White, Jeffrey 63 White- Jesse 63; 179 White, Louis 40 - ' White, Mark 139 White, Nancy A, 83; 154 White, Nancy K. 40;166 White. Phoebe 52;53 White, III, Ray 135. Whitney, Robert 136 Whittaker, Susan 65 Wibberley, Sam 20; 1,66 Wiesenauer,. Roger -75 Wilbur, Alison 83 Wild, Diane 4O;120;121;i66;!67 Wilder, Karen 53 Wiley, Alice 40- Willemin, Diane 53; 129 Williams, Becky 126 Williams, David 41 Williams, Mark 175 Willaims, Scott 179 Williams, Steven 83 Williams, Thomas 39;41;140;175 Willingham, Janet 122:165 Wilson, Nancy 41 Wilson, Sally 121 Wiltse, Mark 83 Wisner, Ellen 1 20; 121 Witherup, Mark 57; 152 Witzlg, John 144 Wolcott, Elizabeth 63:125 Wolfe, Thomas 135 Wood, Jane 83 Woodbury, Shelley 83 ' Woods, Cathy 121 Woodward, Charles 41 Workman, Ellen 63; 153; 155, Worley, Dougli Wrigh t, Robert 144 Yackey, Steven 83 Yarbrough, John 136; 139 Yeshaya, Emil 63 Yiannatji, Helen 63 York, Richard 53 Youle, Richard 144 Youngdahl, Marcia 41; 122 Ytterberg, Charles 176 Yudin. Robert 139:172 " " " Zaliagiris, Mary 41,1 30; 131:182 Zangkas, Terry 83 Zatkoff, Albert 83 Zeller, William 83 Zerweck, James 83 Zienert, Ellen 53 Zigmanth, Robert 136 Zimmerman, Douglas 29;412;140 Zimmerman. Sarah 63; 120; 121 Zubalik, Dianne 41:129 SUPtftvoR STRUCT, AA A dvertisers FIRST with flu FIX EST n l tirsi in service, with an entire rit liloi k dt oied in i he rare nt your C ' adilku Wuh iiail limousine service in your office in New i enter ur dovMiiovMi area while we service your Kenlal cars .in .ii-i, available l)algl« i h ( aiiillai . offering [he kind n! .tiieniion and cart- you vsmilit evpect from the stale ' s larue-i ( .mIiII.ii dealer MMkc ' 73 t.IKO ( a- s venue n Hf thr CM KwililinK Served h the entire free».i svstn Phone IK ri-O. ' JOO we ' re here on your account tor loans, checking, savings and trusts CITY By4NK Jackson Albion Homer Parma CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1973 SHAIBLE ' S PARTY STORI Beer— Wine- Food— Cards 5 Points BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1973 Ml ' H I Hll fflBHjl MAPLE CITY Wall ! . : ' Swil AUTO j 9B « MmUjjgp COMPANY Best Wishes Class of 1973 BUICK.-PONTIAC GM WESTERN AUTO OPEL ALBION 216 S. Superior 629-8509 ALBION COLLEGE BOOK STORE TEXTBOOKS -STATIONARY-SUPPLIES SWEATSHIRTS-GILT ITEMS located on the lower level of Goodrich Chapel Compliments of 214 East Michigan Albion, Michigan ThefBANK ol ALBION Downtown. Neit to Post Office • Town and Country Branch. Next to Felpausch itabtr F O.I.C CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 73 Zkw£ STAG BAR LIQUOR • SANDWICHES BEER - WINE HBHHH Compliments of . Corning Glass Works Albion Plant Albion, Michigan OF ALBION INTERSTATE 94 AT 28 MILE ROAD ALBION, MICHIGAN 49224 TELEPHONE 629 9411, AC. 517 CHALLENGE The dimension of the cast metals industry today, which is constantly enlarging and expanding with the in- troduction of new concepts and tech- niques, can be primarily attributed to the high quality of the young men who are entering the industry. The college graduate who accepts the challenge of a career in founding bears a great re- sponsibility in solving the complex problems within the framework of a 20th century technology. HAYES-ALBION CORP ALBION MALLEABLE DIVISION BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1973 Over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing facilitie devoted exclusively to the production of: Air Condit • Central Air Conditioning Sysi • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers • Electric, Gas and Oil Heating Products • Electronic Air Cleaners fc 5T In the tradition of scientist-inventor, Thomas A. Edison, the employees of McGraw-EdisonCompany strive to carry on the heritage of this famous American. We are proud of our Company, and the fine spirit of teamwork that has enabled us to obtain a position of leadership in the manufacture and marketing of quality comfort conditioning products for home, office and industry. McGraw-Edison Company Air Comfort Division Albion, Michigan 49224 McGraw-Edison Company a CLASS OF NINETEEN SEVENTY-TWO COR GRATULATIOIVS . . . THE NEXT STEP IS UP TO YOU BEST WISHES from MILLER ' S JEWELERS ALBION ' S LARGEST QUALITY JEWELER RELAXING DINING and COCKTAILS 124 E. MICHIGAN AVE. ALBION GOOD LUCK Garrison Pharmacy 101 N. Superior Telephone: 629-4673 Congratulations Howard Reed Furniture Albion Best Wishes Corsages Bouquets 407 Perry Street N A 9-2 1 3 1 YOUNG ' S APPAREL ARNOLD PALMER JANTZEN PENDLETON BOBBIE BROOKS BOTANY 500 LEVIS GIVE US YOUR APPETITE! call 629-5544 FOR HOI • FAST • FREE DELIVERY BY THE PIZZA COMPANY 200 SOUTK SUPERIOR STREET ALBION, MICHIGAN 49224 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1973 -WILDERNESS BRIDGE- Backpacks India Print Bedspreads Blacklites Paraphernalia. ' Good Things For The Head Body ' Congratulations Class of 1973 B J ' s NITE LIFE TRINE ELECTRIC CO., INC. Jack Weston and Dick Trine Electrical Contracting LIGHTING FIXTURES Established Since 1932 Phone 629-4220 408 S. Superior Albion, Mich. WILKING OFFICE SUPPLY GIFT SHOP 210 S. Superior HALLMARK CARDS AND PARTY GOODS- Complete Line of Office Supplies and Office Furniture. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1973. CARTWRIGHT SHOES Quality At Your Feet Sebago Florsheim Hush Puppies — Pedwin Airstep Smartaire U.S. Keds Serving This Area For 20 Years. Congratulations Triangle Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Mechanical Contractor Albion Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1973 lectncal Contractors ror: Science Center — Goodrich Chapel Twin Towers Dormitory — Whilehouse Hall Fraternity Housing — Susanna Wesley Hall International House Baldwin Hall Rem. hpworth Hall Rem. m — CONGRATULATIONS FROM . . Union Steel Products Co. Division of Eagle Pitcher Industries Serving Industry and Supporting Higher Education GOOD LUCK Albion Hardware J. L. FRYE, owner Hardware — Paint — Glass Sporting Goods 313 S. Superior St. BON VOYAGE to the CLASS OF 1973 Fashion Shop Downtown Albion Phone 629-4426 " Backward, O ' backward Turn time in your (light. Make me a child again Just lor tonight. " • Jt. WL W fli •ii iiwiiir. ■ v jV

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