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 - Class of 1962

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5 5 E 1 V 5 4: 'E Q E 5 a a 5, L M w. 4, 5 F 1 5 5 a E E E Q E i I x F E I P F I fx H-as .Ak 0 -lf., ,.,. , ,- I I I 1 A 1 K 1 v I i i I v V , X 5 3 Y Lv 5. li M la. E ,4 -2 Y 'z W, b J x t L Y E 3 i ik 5 1 s 1 J 3 K i , 35, an sniff ,. 0.112 in SCAKGIZM4 fd gli' z..MIT'x,b-ei dklvi 259.6-ra ,virgin ,,714,,, ,,,-A,,,,.f,,,-,ip ,jL,P,. .4 .fwylunx nlsizsifnnnf. Akviwwnfirnfi 1-p1g:5nil1ujfm-i,,l1rf'f':r-lr.-'Jr' .mol-YJ- -1- ' 1 ' :rim-:limi'i1-and ..1....- .4,....u,vm..-mJ.:h........ ..1.. ..,.,. .. 11 N- L .A ,Lf ,ff v' 1 f-hr,-'11:,r:!'!f1'- :ff -L''-f2'1i::fw::uf-fr-1::f'L'1 :'-4- r - 'f1f,f 'fffd r f Ef'v:f'1f1f1-11'f f1:11:21fn11'Air-wwfff-1:' Q''7 7'Q'7''! f3'!':,'!- fi- . . , -.- ' 1 9 ,- - .1 , 1 , . -- - .- ll ,yr a . 1 1 4 ,J -ff . -' , , .- 1.. V . ,f,...fQv ,.. -1... 1.-- vp 31---, -,A11,4,5iLAA.H .5 ,-Aff, ,A -.. .-,. -. ,- . .-.H - - W H 3 . M... 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 I x - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 x 1 F 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 I 1 1 5501 - Aww, f'y1fT4!i3u:.1n:.- ,,,vi5r.L'7',3,,. 5 . ., I-'i-U-T-.i1p'v i.L'.r.s:5,a. ay:- z, nv 1 - 14,-H -1 -1 Y . ., -.., . . ,M , .1 ',. .JA :1n.h11uJn1T.l-1, rg -, L mmm up 1.24: n u -11151.-1.-1,4.n null, ,,,'g,,.1,.' ,qw ,Jn-':1.'r: mi gig N mi K K .R , ,, L Nm ULN K, wi ' ' ' ' 1- - , ,. , ' 'K' ': + 'l'S '2vlguA,.n 12,5 1 1 1 i , 1 X , 4 5 1 I 1 7 ,X YQ ,V 1 . 1 f 1 41' ,, 1 V 15 if 1 i 11 gi- 1 1 12 I albionian i' 'A' 'A' if ir ir 'k ir if 'lr ir 962 , 1 1 ,. 'A ,, , 1 , . Q Z v f f 4 f W- 1 ' 4: ff ., I . I' I ,N rf' ff I 1 If 1 i If I if 'xt 5 ,1 X J Rf .f gf 3 I u f' 2 A 2 I 1 Q K 1 ' if if 1 Ei 1 ' If 5 f 1 3 K ,G M :zu f if . . A: x wh - ., a 1 U' ,ff W K 'Tri Y L L i ,Q 1 I ' N Mx .-v--.4-,,.......,., . 'tax xxx, X1 W XX wx .w ' ' a 6 Q 2 '-N QNXL W, M 's ef K .AV-A 5 fj.gL'LQ Mt W- JJ, ,wwf PLE 5 - ,,..., .1.,x- Qqggf x,,M,wMA7,,,. ww --C? Qi ,A filwm' 7 'sf EMg ' ' X 'KX -Q, 4C.m,,,,.,w 2 z ,A V X W2 if f are-1 11 N r , A 4 1 I 1 Q., fl 1 Q w. V 'H I' A. Lf ' L i. 1 1 1 . I 11. ,, :AH r. X, if ll E? va 1 l i L W 1 1 1 J A ? ,V -, v . , ,ya - - ' - . , ' V' ,Fi -1 i , f , gg .2254 , N: A - -5 ' x A , V. - I - . f -' ' f'-.,'1. :- ,Q -A-'1y,,'242 N Aix ' l- ' r 49:1, dj.- c 4. .VI .B Vg :,. mg, .9 V4 - .,,. Y. .., ,ml , ,., Z . .X . w., . 1 4 . J 'fm ' , va 'V - A' H 1-'qggff ,r. : f 1 7' 1- I -f ' 1 , 1' I V, , . - '9' .1 ' , , 1. . fn:-fm--fl -f' I , , wif. my Hz V I eff.. , 4 f ' K if ,, ' - 1 K 'Q ,mar-,J . - ' 1 1 ,z . I ii -Q53 F Q-af . 12 , 'I ff :X '37 fi' f,'?fi'l.'1Vtr- ., 4, ,V f : V QQ K : AV' ,I ' 'ZA , gn: '.f','1f.9jir1. I X I ,, 'iffy' ,-M ,Sym V s.. 1 1- V , X ,I , '-41595 ,7 - 'F':'F-QE' -- , '- , LQ, ,21,.W-v 5 -.iff- - Q 'f ' ?? ff .fr ' V:-V . fl .,. .-I K, 1 1 A V 9-' ' . ' f -.L7 431- 9: -X9 I ' , 1' , ggg'g,Qg+f' j , 2? , . J '.',',f . ' pg - A . 5, F . N, fu VS 7135 . ,Um .ifw n' . kg-, :Q -faif..'fww ' k ' Wlwffaw. Xl' . A . Q 3, ' Xl .- K , - 'W-, 1-fi-5 'L V' - If 1 . X I . Y I f Msxzx Malaya tq.g,, .4 H , . '-. ', ' ' , 'f.wl- 'fy ' i1:'L ' , . k ,V ' 'fyfv 'Si' Q. , ' Vvfdz . J.',,- w X. ' Q ,Fil-p,Q'-',.i,, .t 'K Aki' - 'a'p,l' K f i-- ,A,1Q,u'f? 5 1? 4 t ' N 1 W 4 H A I Q ' I X . N I V Y I V , . 1 ' 1 I . .'t ST . Q ,, 4, 4 P 4 -5 ' :AN K . 1 5 2 f S' 5 - fx: . ': -. - - .1 N: I i . Q - -w i i - I fx ' Q' xQN - 1 - k SX x 4 ' fx f xx- X ix X X5 F59 1 N , . ' x .N X i UA E M3 RSISC N , ,ff-1.4 af . .A 5- L Q - , X xf . . XXX. fu N X ' ,4 V. v.,. ' X X .tr , 21,352-pc.--, -,L-3 Mi., Q 5 , .- - -1 H t-3 f I Q -l,g1-.min .4w::,F'g4 ,:3.,:. 'mg 'nz V A 1. - - . ,. -V .- . - . ' .. ' -1- -fi ' .- ' , .. ,,. W ' .' l I ' I' , 'i l' ' ' 'i - , - M . V, ' . . 1 Y . -V - 39 .. - ,,, ! Q administration and faculty x 'A' 'A' nl' ir ir ir if ir 'A' 'k if XX.. , X, l If x 'R biiu 3 W'- x XX ...... Qi ,A ,,,.,..,,....x-- ....,,x V , ' A x. I j, if ant v, w , 01 4 , :.- ,N -.., ....- X IE - I. R- 1 A.- Q- f-7 J' X12 1 v '1,-X Ain ifg ,Q uf, :fi ,, . 'fbi :HQ QE' ,,,,1 Mm 1 0. uf: .T . Ii 2. U A' igif ,L , qi: aff J-'I :iii fy' - 7: - 311 Jf, ZF H1 . !... Y yr, 1 1 .gg iff? :J If ' Q31 :ij .lx '.4 4- fv' V: 'LQ -1 H5 -.1i 41, ray-' .1 'i,l. vi- f :Qs 5 .1 if - II -he 11? wel' Af' JJ q,, :qv ,i jf? .L Tm 11237 .. L ,-fg- 'fl : .- uf. Q11 '19 ful: it-' 4, H, it 'Til if 5 - v. Lg? :FI iff? Ed , 17 T. -+- 15-5 . :J gif? ,4 ,fn-' - ffl Sl' , 4. -:fi 3: Si bf: - . . Q: 1 '.' :E .1--A up , ..i.. gif' .wi H U. 4 ' J- ... fall ,45- 4?-. ig. 1 T.-' - I3 '. I 11-1 - 4? , ,1 ,zsg ,hr Y i .ff , JZ fir a , ,L-f ', WILLIAM W. WHITEHOUSE, Th.D., Ph.D., LL.D. President Emeritus WAYNE H. FLEENOR, B.D., D.D. Director of Church and Campus Relations PAUL R. TRAUTMAN, B.A., D.B.A. Business Manager , ..,,., v --...f-. 'n , -.-Q ...-.4 - . ,..'f,s. -...' 1 I . I I , VL i i . I. ,L I I I I Q I li i, S r E I I X it I X 1 ws New I is essex is I fswrx sg SX :ggxgs J New Xzvgf I' iiswze Q gs Messy I 1 jess, A . I xii? XXX v Q N Na ,f x NN We Q fiathmws WALTER B. SPRANDEL, A.M. Dean of Men BENJAMIN MORTON, B.S., M.A. Director of College Relations ROBERT G. KELSEY, M.A. Office Manager and Purchasing Agent I I I i ,ff I , it ,i,, I M , f , yfggpi, 5 I ,', , I f , W, , , rf r,, ,Q my ,,,,i Qrf Q I rnrt , ,,,f 4 4 . I 'R I - ' J WW f'W' 'I X ,f I , X It ,W f,f, fl, , Qui, V L, siii i . ' .JQH 'lf .,n. ,.,.. f ..i, f - ....... ,.,, ,,.,, , awww AUDREY KENYON WILDER, M.A., L.H.D. Dean of Women MARVIN F. PAHL, B.A. Registrar I EDMOND H. BABBITT, B.B., D.D. Director of Development 9 -- 411219 ,- ., ..1-r'.-- .,. ,.,. -T11-v--,w- ,,,1v'. 1, --. ,s-, g.1,,,q-,-,w , v 4 - -A Q ,- administration t SECRETARIAL STAFF SEATED: LIBRARY SEATED: Mr. Edward N. Mac Conomy Librarian Miss M. Elizabeth Hance Assistant Librarian STANDING: Mr. David D. Morris Acquisitions and Reference Assistant Mrs. Richard Smith Library Aassistant Mrs. Walter Rogers Cataloger Mrs. John L. Cheek Reserve Room Assistant Mrs. Jean P. Keller Library Assistant Mrs. Lynn Mallory Placement Bureau Secretary Mrs. Richard Wade Secretary to Mr Kelsey STANDING: Mrs. Charles Gardner Secretary to the President Miss Doris Allen Secretary to the Dean Yfifli FOOD SERVICE Mrs. Joseph Baldwin Assistant to Director, Baldwin Hall Mr. Dale A. Henson Director Mrs. Jean Heinig Assistant to Director, Susanna Wesley Hall YI? SEATED: Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. STANDING: Mrs. Mrs. is Mrs. Mrs. Mr. ADMISSIONS AND REGlSTRAR'S OFFICE Mrs. Norma Harger BUSINESS OFFICE William Baker Bookkeeper Ronald Hagaman Bookkeeper Arthur Anderson Bookkeeper Deana Healy Machine Operator Erma Dickerson Cashier Clarence Bowers Bookstore Manager Frederick Schultz Assistant Bookstore Manager Leo L. Harris Chief Accountant Records Clerk HOUSEMQTHERS Mrs. Ralph Cromas Assistant in Registrar's Office Mrs. Marion P. Richmire Mrs. Fred Clements House Director of West Hall Secretary to Registrar Mrs. G. L. Klinetelter House Director of East Hall f STANDING: Mrs. Raymond Garneau Mrs. George D. Prentice Mrs. Harriet Baldwin Substitute Assistant Director of Susanna Wesley Hall House Director at Dean Hall Director of Housing for Women -1 lv I, '. -:gi .,, -ffl F' I. tx:-4'1 J 54 I --Ig ,fs Fil 4 Q L if I. rg g. t-191 'ii if ,E gg iff I-.Il .-. . Y, YE 5 4, ' . I, i .-1 'Z an IT 1 .' '-A S v gil I' 32 ii 7 I 1: ,,., : -3 1 'I si :I i 133 I fn HF! iff 54 I' A 53 5 1' 'il I I zj 'Q -ii 1 '-4 ua t . T. I 1, ..- ?l . .A I' -H pi: I 'ff ,I H ra. . .1 W. . . I' ,fi I .ls 'ii -H. . i.. . J l I, 'Le-I AZ? f!! Aga . Vp 'Q-F1 . I 'fx ,- I .feif 1 '.l All ' f' -I e 'VI QL! Qf' ,4. F172 W1 'f ff faculty E. MAYNARD ARIS, M.B.A. Professor of Economics and Business Administration IOn Leave, T961-625 KENNETH C. BALLOU, M.A. Associate Professor of Biology BETTY BEESE, NLS. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women VERNON L. BOBBITT, M.A. Professor of Art EDNA BOWERSOX, M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics NIAURICE L. BRANCH, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics CARL W. BRAUTlGAM,XEd.D. Lecturer in Education ELSIE M. BUTT, M.A. Instructor in Religious Education PAUL H. CARNELL, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry THOMAS M. CARTER, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology JOHN L. CHEEK, Ph.D. Professor of Religion PEARL L. CHEN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology ARTHUR M. CHICKERING, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biology PAUL L. COOK, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry CEDRIC DEMPSEY, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Men Mvkx fi! CLARA L. DIXON Assistant Professor of Biology CHARLOTTE DUFF, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women JOSEPHINE DUNN, M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women J. LESLIE ENGSTROM, M.A. Assistant Professor of Economic Business Administration KEITH J. FENNIMORE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English CONSTANCE FOWLER, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art MORLEY FRASER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men J. V. GARLAND, Ph.D. Professor of Speech EUGENE M. GIBSON, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages WILLIAM P. GIDDING S, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM J. GILBERT, Ph.D. Professor of Biology San ROBERT H. GILDART, M.S. in J. Assistant Professor of English and Journalism WILLIAM R. B. GILLHAM, Ph.D. Instructor in Religion and Philosophy JUSTIN L. GLATHART, Ph.D. Professor of Physics NANCY J. GRAFFAM, M.S.E. Assistant Professor of Education .. .. - .,- ...- -.. ..- V--. -.r'- C. - -1.--Q -v... - --.. -,, ., ..- .,. 1 Q I I . .H In Q 11 1 I ' 'I ,A f I T '1 u--I: .T E if? 31 4. lla .1 ' -'J .I I4 7 I' ' - .. 1 I! II lr F4 fl l'?' nl 5 qv '75 tc. fu . Y, ,N 51 'Lf' 1 ., 1 .1- I I-.1 I 1' I I fl 'ga ,. it II ' V! I gg '4 'iz ti I 12 .- .3 gi ,' 'E F Q . s F, . Q., -A. 2 4 1 it. , in ral .J 1 ,gn H -Jfff 4'5 mg gft 4 91 :lin iff .- 511 , 5 1 1 ee -V! 7-9 ' fi FJ .1-I .I . ,. f ' Q ,, Eli-T1 l' H! .LT r Q: .- 1 i-' ' . :II .Zi 're ,Lu TAI WZ' X' ...F P1441 -'tt - I -,,,, , 'flrj QM! we .,, 7: rf 4 ,415 faculty DONALD E. GRAY, M.S. Instructor in Sociology CHARLES F. HAMPTON, M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech L. ELLIS HANNA, B.Ed. Associate-Professor of Physics CHARLES O. HARDY, M.A. Instructor in Political Science JOHN E. HART, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ISOLDE HENNINGER, M.A. Associate Professor of Modern Languages JOSEPH C. HESTON, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. CHARLOTTE HICKS, M.A. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages IOn Leave, 1961-621 . ELIZABETH R. HOSMER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English EDMUND E. INGALLS, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics MRS. EDMUND E. INGALLS, PhD Professor of Chemistry JOSEPH J. IRWIN, Ph.D. Professor of English and Journalisma MRS. JOSEPH J. IRWIN, B.A. Instructor in English and Sociology ELKIN R. ISAAC, M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men COY H. JAMES, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History fi. 'f 1514 .'4.-i. -I.'.',-t .,. . ,. 'f - Y . - , . .I JEAN P. KELLER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Spanish THADDEUS K. KETCHUM, M.A. Instructor in English CARL KOBERNICK, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages SHEILA KRAGNESS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of French RICHARD B. LEACH, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art THOMAS R. LEIDY, Ph.D. Instructor in Psychology RALPH G. LONG, M.A. Assistant Professor of Music JULIA MC CUNE, M.A. Associate Professor of English ELEANOR T. MC LAUGHLIN, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology W. MAURICE MC LEAN, M.A. Instructor in Psychology JACQUELINE MAAG, M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music HELEN H. MANNING, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech ANTHONY NIASTRO, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration KEITH W. MOORE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics PORTIA M. MORRIS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Home Economics -- 1.11-a An, .,--.Q f ,'-- . . ---. , if '3 i. s 1 1, ,- .1 it f -'lx -Gi fi .4 , . -wi 'ff .L+ ' K1 . T if AM L 15' 'la ' il r li ' E Pi.. lil W ' F' if: sw '11 il -u 1' . 1? 'S if P F' u 42 '! ti . 1:- bb 1: .I :LE .il fl ,A W: -1 , .. ,xii D til, 1 a 11 ,- s. i -fl Inj Ml -ff? Quill ti: , if Tel I ij L 13 k vs 12 f l I- v ,iii f 1 3-5 .rl t .,, -2 :ws i4,. rl' . ,T- 'f-14 li I 'I '- el: . Li f fn --, i .Fill fb r2 Yi f 'L QI Ga fu: We 19:31 , nl faculty ALBERT H. MUNK, M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry ARTHUR W. MUNK, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy ELSIE MUNRO, M.A. Associate Professor of English FRANK C. PEARSON, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music GERTRUDE PETCH, M.A. Instructor in Education HOWARD E. PETTERSEN, M.A. Associate Professor of Physics l. W. POLK, M.A. Associate Professor of Economics DARRELL H. POLLARD, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science G. ROBINA QUALE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History fOn Leave i96l-625 JULIAN S. RAMMELKAMP, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History JAMES H. L. ROACH, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology MRS. JAMES H. L. ROACH, M.A. Instructor in Psychology PAULINE RODGERS, M.A. Professor of Home Economics LOTTA M. ROGERS, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology JOHN A. ROSS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology MVIJIIU liilll Ill' 1 nu l IF I 1 lush' - .-'s.l.- -.-N .-.. .. t..,.-...- ..,., HOWARD Instructor LEONARD Instructor Education HOWARD Instructor SAAR, M.S. in Ed. in Mathematics SCHURMUR, M.A. in Physical for Men D. SMALL, M.Mus. in Music D. RICHARD SMITH, Ph.D. Instructor in Speech PAUL STEWART, M.A. Instructor in Art EWELL A. STOWELL, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology DAVID L. STRICKLER, M.A. Professor of Music CHARLES L. SWAN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology ANTHONY TAFFS, M.A. Associate Professor of Music CORNELIUS vanZWO'LL, M.A. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages JAMES C. WALTZ, M.A. Instructor in History DAVID H. WELKER, Ph.D. Professor of Speech faculty not pictured O. FERDINAND BALE, M.A. JAMES D. SEBASTIAN, M.S ALICE E WHITCOMB MA Assistant Professor of Classics Instructor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of Nl0d9f'n LUCILLE E. BREMNER, Ph.D. DWIGHT STEWARD, M.A. Languages Instructor in Spanish DEAN G. DILLERY, M.Sc. Instructor in Biology MARY PACKER, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Women Instructor in English STANLEY WARNER, B.A. Lecturer in Economics 'rr nf ' '1': 'T'21112Y: f1.'-T' tuclents ffl- ? .ff X wx Cl 3' uv - N , l ,...,, , Y 5 Y 'V x f -------g:i4:1':.':1Z1..i.i':i '--TCE!! ' ' 'K 7' ' ff .'...1 ffl AQ,... .,. , ...., E A k- Y A 'Lu 1 13... f J f 1 ,ig K , '1-- .za-as, XX .M ..,,... W. .,,,.., .',.----'-4' MMD 1 1 L W Qi-----...-., -Si STUDENT COUNCIL n FRONT ROW: Hotchkiss, G., Roe, Stricker, record- Bitzer, Eastwood, Kinder, Appelt, Clark, C., Clark ing secretary, Huber, vice-president, Cawthorne, T. C., Anders, Hendrick. president, Guenther, treasurer, McKinley, corres- BACK ROW: Allan? Brooks, 5-i Wise: Sleighfl D. ponding Secretary: Clark, D. Harrison, M., Royle, Rich, Miller, E. E., Clarke, c SECOND ROW: Fraser, J., Grimshaw, Wagoner, C., Bremer, W. M. student council The Student council ot T961-T962 made a complete overhall ot the student social pro- gram. The student body approved the action by voting tor an increase in the social taxsin January. A completely new constitution was drawn up by the council to replace the former outdated one. The group placed a suggestion box in the Union to give students a better oppor- tunity to exercise their right ot representation. A magazine rack was also placed in the Union. The council chose magazines that were outspoken in their tielol to stimulate thoughts concerning current problems and world attairs. SOPHOMORES Aishton, secretary, Clark, T. C. presi- dent, Wheeler, J., vice-president, Rafh- bun, Treasurer. XX. sis class officers SENIORS Lapinski, lreasurerg Dougherty, vice-presi- dent, Roe, president, Bogart, secretary. JUNIORS Zabinski, secretary, Shurmur, vice-presi dent, Royle, president, Willis, P., Treas urer. FRESHMEN Rich, presiclern, Fox, T., vice-president, Erickson, J. D., secretary, Paolgelt, T., Treasurer. In I E ,Qs : -I '. 4 ,,,, 1 E 6 I ci I 'i 4 I I I EA 1 fl 'I .. :YJ ' 'Q' I' A H ,1 If 'I MA 1. .51 ,' Ar: 'iz YT V' I I C .1 Inga . 5' 'Ii I- E fl si' I lv! I I 5 , ME , -a 1l 'i ll' L 'I if . I ff- 579 795 . '-I 'T Ji? ,Q ,fm 55 721 'fi K 44' f 'T T ' -!'l - J Q, 1 ' A in I .32 l I h E l, I --E Y, ,,, , ... Ir- 1.. if Il- ' I 4' m -.-1 HJ, .A lil ,li ' -.1 Mi I-I Aj: r 'bit I , Ls GA ,. li 22 fx.: ,,. , 1 .. ill ,, . faq , 5,1 ,af 1. ew fplr ' IL.. I -Ui 'Et seniors DAVID ABBOTT MIDLAND CHARLENE HAMPTON ADAMS ALBION Psychology-Sociology Pi Beta Phi, vice-president, recording secretary Beta Beta Beta French Club Psychology Club Intramural Debate Novice Debate CHRISTOPHER ALLAN EATON RAPIDS Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Beta Beta Beta Los Hispanistas Spanish Club, president Student Council Phi Beta Kappa JUNE M. BAKER RICI-ILAND Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta Band Home Economics Club Education Club French Club Albion College Players Sophomore Follies MARGARET BARRY ROYAL OAK History Zeta Tau Alpha Education Club BEATRICE A. ADAMS CHESANING Sociology Albion Fellows Zeta Epsilon Lambda Sociology Club Psychology Club MSM YWCA LYNN G. ALBEE CASS CITY Economics-Business Administration Sigma Chi, recording secretary pledge trainer Psychology Club PETER W. BACON MIDLAND JUDITH BANKERT SHELBY Psychology-Sociology Theta Alpha Phi, vice president Albion College Players Sociology Club German Club Young Republicans ANN BAUMGARTNER BERKLEY English Kappa Alpha Theta, vice president corresponding secretary Publications Council Philosophy Club VVAA Education Club ALAN BEDELL CADILLAC German Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Albion College Players German Club ALICE L. BENTLEY ROYAL OAK PHILLIP R. BENTLEY WILMETTE, ILLINOIS BARBARA BLOMGREN LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi, pledge trainer, rush chairman AWS, second vice-president Home Economics Club WAA KAREN BOEKE MIDLAND History Pi Beta Phi, corresponding secretary YWCA Choral Society Sociology Club Forum Club Psychology Club WAA GALE BEHRENS CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS Home Economics Delta Gamma, president rush chairman Alpha Omicron Los Hispanistas Who's Who Panhellenic Council, president secretary Education Club Home Economics Club HOMER IVI. BENTLEY EATON RAPIDS Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon German Club Economics Club EILEEN BLAGK DETROIT English Kappa Delta Contributors' Club Forum Club German Club Education Club Young Democrats GARELD BOEHLKE ALBION History Delta Tau Delta JANE BOGART EVANSTON, ILLINOIS English Zeta Tau Alpha, vice presldent pledge trainer Junior Class, secretary Senior Class, secretary Education Club Sophomore Follies WAA .I ,Z 5 I. u f I . I 9,5 IH X 1.2 .ga 7' F J. ,I il A a I 4 ffl il M If I 59 ,L ' E ,A ,q l .1 fl I 1 . L' .' , A I, 'I Iii '-up-. I-1' l F 3 ..l . -5 I? '- .Ili- 'ilk I' 'J I4 , - 1 5 'S in ' , ..-. T ,- i ,gi-l in 'S f 'fn ,-H 827 ll rl 5 ij' 4, 'rin E fl! .,. -. J, a. :, I va I! -. A-Vi l' Ia ,. -. J' - .7 fl , .,, 11 , ,. .fx KJ ,WI . A E. ,,lI VA, vw , ,, - ,rg IAJA4 Hi' 1-I 'ess , ,PJ ..i tiff I .V A 'z' i .UA wa 7 1 If A mfg I T! 0:41 HAROLD C. BOLTON GREAT NECK, NEW YORK Economics Alpha Tau Omega BARBARA BOYNTON TEcuIvIsEI-I P Sociology German Club Sociology Club, vice-president Philosophy Club MSM WAA KATHRYN J. BRATZLER OKEMOS Home Economics Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-president Mortar Board, vice-president Alpha Omicron X Le Cenacle Albion Fellows Who's Who AWS, corresponding fsecretary WAA, 'secretary r Le Cercle Francais Home Economics Club, vice-president YWCA, treasurer Albion College Players Education Club Campus Religious Council Zeta Epsilon Lambda, president ELAINE BROOKS ERENIONT Biology Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Beta Beta, vice-president Who's Who Choir WAA KENNETH A. BROWN DETROIT Economics . Delta Tau Delta Foreign Student Committee 24 -i .-.-,-.--I A . . .. E E. . MARGARET BOYDEN JACKSON Speech Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Alpha Phi Education Club Albion College Players Choir SUSAN BRADNER LIVONIA Elementary Education Delta Gamma, rush chairman Foreign Student Committee Education Club Spanish Club WAA DAVID E. BRAUN SAGINAW Economics Delta Tau Delta, recording secretary Alpha Phi Gamma, president Pleiad, editor-in-chief Spanish Club Sophomore Follies YMCA JAMES R. BROWN OTSEGO Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon, secretary Delta Sigma Rho, president Phi Alpha Theta Albion Fellows Forum Club, president Debate, Captain Campus Directory, editor Philosophy Club German Club ' Pleiad LYNN BROWN MIDLAND Mathematics-Psychology Pi Beta Phi, rush chairman, president Kappa Mu Epsilon Who's Who WAA Education Club Psychology Club Panhellenic Council, secretary, trksne t RICHARD CAISTER MARLETTE DENNIS CAWTHORNE MANISTEE Political Science-I-Iistory- Economics Sigma Chi, president IFC Omicron Delta Kappa, president Phi Eta Sigma, vice-president Phi Beta Kappa Delta Sigma Rho Who's Who Albion Fellows Student Council, president Sophomore Class, president Foreign Student Committee, treasurer Campus Relations Council Pleiad DIANNE CHAPMAN CLARKSTON English Contributors' Club, president WAA YWCA, secretary Choral Society JAMES A. CLEMO PALM BEACH IsLEs, FLORIDA Economics Delta Tau Delta IFC MONTE CLUTE ROCHESTER MARIANNE CALDERONE BATTLE CREEK DAVID CHALK BIRMINGHAM FREDERICK CLAUSEN SAULT STE. MARIE Art Delta Tau Delta SHIRLEY J. CLUCAS DETROIT Art Delta Zeta, activities chairman, social chairman WAA Art Club Spanish Club Education Club DAVID F. COOLEY BAY CITY Biology Sigma Nu, secretary IP I. '4 Ii ' ,ad fl I G 'Fi 35 1.0.1 E2 If I ,SI J. ,- if .a af 'la '. I 'E -'Tw y IEE is ,sv ' , Z .4 ,A L- -4 F 'I I I v If i if IL, ft L H12 IL Y' 14 iq: F: 1 J, I? - Il.-. 1 - ,it YU L4 'xg ft. - r . I ,.4 I 1 , I 41? 5 rr! I 1' FB . n at 1 1.4 if -as I , 'Pal A 1 1 Z. Q uv. ,si l ff fe i T1 Q 'W I, ,L 'vt ,Tl ..I. ..I fs, .I ',-I M Tia '-n A' .I :I 'fir ,Ai ,L I., AIU! il , rbi ,...-I 552 F9175 mi ELSA COUSE NoRTHvILLE Chemistry I Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer, president AWS German Club Chemistry Club, secretary, treasurer Band Choral Society Synchronized Swimming CRC Freshman Council, treasurer WUS I I CONNIE CRANE CUYAHOGA FALLS, oHIo Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, social chairman, rush chairman Education Club WAA NANCY DAILY CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega, first vice-president Alpha Omicron Who's Who AWS, President Home Economics Club, treasurer Sophomore Class, secretary WAA Panhellenic Council I .IUDITH DAVIS LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Sociology Alpha Xi Delta WAA Sociology Club HARLEY DE LEURERE HOBART, INDIANA Latin ' WILLIAM CRAMER NILES CECILY CUMMINGS GREENVILLE English Delta Zeta Theta Alpha Phi, vice-president Albion College Players, vice-president Choir Wesley Players Pleiad, copy editor WANR WILLIAM J. DALRYMPLE SOUTHFIELD , Economics-Psychology United Student Fellowship, president Presbyterian College Fellowship, president Pleiad, reporter, cartoonist Psychology Club .IANICE DE -COU VASSAR History Alpha Xi Delta, vice-president Mortar Board, president Alpha Phi Gamma Phi Alpha Theta Who's Who Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer Albionian, editor, associate editor Pleiad Forum Club Education Club AWS, first vice-president, corresponding i secretary Panhellenic Council LYNNE DOUGHERTY GROSSE POINTE WOODS Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, rush chairman, secretary WAA Education Club, president Sophomore Follies Senior Class, vice-president ll 26 Choral Society JOAN DUDLEY GRAND RAPIDS English Le Cenacle WAA Education Club French Club, secretary RICHARD ELWELL RICHLAND Biology Delta Sigma Phi, president Spanish Club Psychology Club IFC Track DARLENE EMMERT owosso History Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Alpha Theta, secretary Delta Sigma Rho Phi Beta Kappa CRC, vice-president Albion College Players Forum Club, vice-president Philosophy Club, secretary MSM Spanish Club YWCA Student Council Debate JAMES FARRAND coLoN Economics LINDA FLEMING RoYAL oAK Sociology and Speech Kappa Delta, rush chairman, vice-president Le Cenacle, president Theta Alpha Phi, secretary Who's Who Albion Fellows Phi Beta Kappa Sociology Club, secretary, treasurer French Club, president Education Club Psychology Club Albion College Players Wesley Players .. . .. c,,,.,,1, GREGORY EASTWOOD HUNTINGTON WOODS Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Beta Beta MSM, president Campus Relations Board JENNE EMERIC CASNOVIA Biology Delta Zeta, rush chairman, president Panhellenic Council Beta Beta Beta Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary Albion Fellows KAREN FALLER COLDWATER English Kappa Delta, corresponding secretary WAA AWS Education Club Sociology Club Pleiad Band Psychology Club JANET E. FERGUSON WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta, social chairman Education Club WAA HERBERT GABEHART FLAT ROCK A: v-gf':j-, , -f'-- '- 15:-I li fit. L-'fc P lit 5' Sl 2 sv l' T :I IP' . .- mf 131 ' km' IL. T A I T, 53 '- .31 Z iI , E3 F I 63 by '31 EES 'r lf- 'H It, .u L Il il 1' fel li T, E Lv I. I :T l . A if 6 I ':: 3 1 . L .QLII I G5 ., ,, I1 'Z I F-5 U ffl T' A-3' C 1 , -I F - r Iv f A.. -'Ad ' iv! ,A ' J ,i-1 , -:L ' Li I- ,Ji-: In D-an 5, .. z 71.23 .jf- - 65: 'ali V. I 1 rm . n '. I ' ' R-.I fri! , , Ki 4. '7l I , 'FZ' .iff I Q. gg IMT W l'l 'TIF' I . 'I 33,5 . T-J! file Eff ' rff F -re . fglp: Ui. CLINTON J . GALLOWAY IONIA Sociology Goodrich Club Eta Sigma Phi, president Chi Epsilon JUDITH A. GEYER CLEVELAND, OHIO Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha French Club Education Club WALTER GRISDALE ROYAL OAK History Tau Kappa Epsilon Choir HARLO HAINES ALBION RONALD HALSTEAD GRAND RAPIDS Psychology 1 Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma MSM Chi Epsilon l' 28 JILL GARDNER SPARTA Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Albion Fellows Education Club, treasurer Student Council WAA Choral Society C. ELIZABETH GRINDSTAFF GLENN ELLYN, ILLINOIS English Kappa Alpha Theta, president Freshman Council, president AWS WAA, vice-president Sophomore Follies STEPHEN GUENTHER DETROIT Business Administration Delta Tau Delta, rush chairman Student Council, treasurer Psychology Club Basketball RICHARD HALL EATON RAPIDS Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president Albion Fellows Kappa Mu Epsilon, president Who's Who Phi Beta Kappa Philosophy Club, president, vice-president German Club WHITNEY HAMES CLAWSON 4,7 twat pm? U95 EC 1 1,2 I Nm I I l E IE? RQ. We W! it ut 'R Um E M l l FRANCIS HARROLD RIVER EoREsT, ILLINOIS JULIA HAUGHEY BATTLE CREEK English Delta Zeta, vice-president Alpha Phi Gamma, secretary-treasurer Contributors Club Albion Fellows Pleiad, managing editor, editor-in-chief Marie Guy Kimball Memorial Award Novice Debate MARGARET HEINDEL MIDLAND Sociology ANDREA HEPINSTALL ALBION NANCY HILTS REDFORD TOWNSHIP English-German Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta Albion Fellows Who's Who Contributors Club, vice-president German Club, vice-president Band Orchestra Choral Society Briton Christian Fellowship MSM RICHARD J. HATHAWAY PONTIAC History Tau Kappa Epsilon IFC Phi Alpha Theta, president Forum Club CAROL HEARD PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Speech Delta Gamma WAA Psychology Club Education Club WANR RUTH HENDRICK MUSKEGON Psychology-Mathematics Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic Council Who's Who Mortar Board Albion Fellows Student Council CRC, vice-president Campus Relations Board, chairman MSM WAA Choir Choral Society European Study Program DAVID HEPINSTALL ALBION History RAYMOND J. HOAG, JR LowELL Mathematics Goodrich Club, president Omicron Delta Kappa, vice-president Kappa Mu Epsilon German Club Football, co-captain All MIAA Baseball Who's Who 'Ili T-. 5. n..1l.4..'.:1l I 1 il :ri fa '- k'Y 7 'H if 'J 1 ic th r 'H 'il I ,a in 'Iii '+A . my L vie 'I1 'PJ- il , lzlll 1' if - z an i -:is ii' 1: '35 ll P' 'ii- .+ Q T1 ' H 'il , 4 if l It . sl iil JP, :iii Jin .!-4 gil ... ii: i UT l V i.n g ..s I fl I 15 1' T rj -. Eff! E.: 5 ,: L.: pi: 'FQ 'f .- - V. .M l' az'- ,f ff .fm f M ll .. 'E i-' l , --'T , B114 , , Li I '15 E71 IF! fzff 'l nl: '5175 1.1 :i 7 ,yi f .. 'I IL-1 ,UB LIL, .' :!' ,aa K-71 yuh if U' SPENCER HOLMES GRAND RAPIDS Biology Sigma Chi Beta Beta Beta Who's Who Student Council Publications Council Junior Class, president LINDA HUFF FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega Los Hispanistas Education Club, vice-president AWS Panhellenic Council, treasurer Spanish Club Freshman Council MICHAEL HUTSON ROYAL OAK BARBARA JARVIS ORTONVILLE Music Sigma Alpha lota, treasurer president Choir Choral Society Carol Singers JOANNA JOHNSON ALBION Elementary Education Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary, vice-president, rush chairman Student Council, corresponding secretary Panhellenic Council Choral Society Education Club ' so ROBERT M. HUBBARD DETROIT Economics- Business Administration Sigma Chi, treasurer Economics Club treasurer, vice-president Spanish Club Psychology Club NANCY HUNSICKER AKRON, ol-no Home Economics Delta Gamma WAA VVANR Home Economics Club Panhellenic Council CAROL ISHAM LouisvlLLE, KENTUCKY Sociology T DOROTHY JEROME GROSSE POINTE Elementary Education Delta Zeta Education Club Spanish Club WAA Choral Society CAROL JONES SOUTH HAVEN Art Delta Gamma, social chairman Art Club MAURICE JONES FLINT Economics Alpha Tau Omega THOMAS KIRKLAND BATTLE CREEK GARY LAMPINEN ROCHESTER Biology Delta Sigma Phi Student Council Young Democrats YMCA MARY LEMKE EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Biology Delta Gamma, corresponding secretary Beta Beta Beta Spanish Club Education Club JOHN LIGHTBODY DETROIT ROBERT L. KELLY OLIVET Spanish-English Sigma Chi Los Hispanistas Cross Country Spanish Club NANCY KISCHER WILMETTE, ILLINOIS Art Kappa Alpha Theta Panhellenic Council WAA Art Club RONALD LAPINSKI WYANDOTTE CAROL LEWIS .IoNEsvILLE Physical Education Alpha Chi Omega WAA, secretary, president Education Club PETER LONG MONROE Ri: I I fan ff II. .D 50- 12 I' 'F fi 1' I . L-4 l?9 I1 .ca i , ,.-' I ,I R 2 31 ,ii . I ' L 155 I I -T it 'PI 54 ll f -:I .1 9' ,fi '41 Ie '-tif. VF 1-I? ' 7 K .u .4 I. 1 Fi If. 'I .rl V I. lu 'I Iwi: ' fa I I-1 I IF l ,Q I .I -: S. .Q-I F' I5 Y Q LIE -Q :3 54 2-J .gi ', JH I fi I 1 F 76' I is ' , 2' Ii an N15 'E-1 ' rt'-' ' ET! I xi- - ,ol .rg I Q -12 I f . I- I i I, l ..-. II L.. I Mil I 14:7 I 1 , - ,.. I'r44 l l. I J, .Jil .Ii .. P 473 I I I - A l ,, .. J I up I r-'gi I 'iii ug' 12, I fr tl ,,-1l,l 411' Ibigl -4 , Ptlg 'A'-:alt 'lla l , ,,,.-,- A ,V A rf, , PRISCILLA LYALL GRossE POINTE Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha Sociology Club Pleiad Sophomore Follies RUTH E. McDONALD RIVERSIDE, CONNECTICUT History- Elementary Education Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary WAA Education Club Philosophy Club, secretary, treasurer Choral Society LETA McNALLY DAYTON, OHIO Economics Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer Economics Club, secretary AWS, treasurer Home Economics Club French Club WAA KENNETH L. MANLEY BIRMINGHAM Economics Delta Tau Delta Psychology Club WILLIAM MATE MIDLAND 32 GALE ANN MCDONALD SIX LAKES History Pi Beta Phi Phi Alpha Theta Home Economics Club Forum Club Spanish Club Orchestra DONALYN McKINSEY FERNDALE Elementary Education Phi Beta Phi Freshman Council WAA Education Club Home Economics Club RETA McNALLY DAYTON, OHIO Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta, pledge trainer, Corresponding secretary WAA French Club Home Economics Club, secretary ROBERT MARTIN GRAND RAPIDS Economics Alpha Tau Omega Young Republicans MARY MATHEWS COLDWATER English Alpha Phi Gamma French Club Pleiad, reporter, copy editor Albionian, editor-in-chief W?- I l , -nm-. -V SCOTT MATHEWS SAGINAW SANDRA MEADER GRAND RAPIDS German Delta Gamma, first vice-president German Club Student Council SUSAN MILLER NORTH MANCHESTER, INDIANA German Kappa Delta German Club, president, secretary Panhellenic Council, social chairman AWS Education Club WAA Student Council MILTON MOORE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS KATHRYN MURDICK GAYLORD Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, second vice-president WAA Publications Council, secretary Education Club NANCY KAY MAYER CHELSEA Elementary Education Phi Beta Phi, social chairman Education Club WAA Panhellenic Council HELEN MAE MEYN GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron, president Home Economics Club YWCA BON NY MITCHELL ROCHESTER Elementary Education Kappa Delta Education Club Student Council JUDITH A. MUELLER CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Art Kappa Delta Le Cenacle, secretary, treasurer Albion Fellows Phi Beta Kappa Junior Class, secretary WAA Student Council CRC Education Club Art Club, president LAIRD MURRAY COOPERSVILLE Political Science-History Economics Sigma Chi Forum Club Young Democrats -n 'l', 'YYY' ' in , f IL' fit: Q is I .v l ,J C59 ill 'f il ', 'F' .34 4 gi '. i A xifiq' As, -mum 4,-.. QI ir? if Q4 -.. 4 'aq- I 1 A iilfl f' J 2 ll ff I- N . K 'V .fl L lu 0 li, - 4 I: '13 I: .g .5 I- , -- ' E A ,. l .,,I P -5 1! fit il 5,3 att - va . fit 1 w .-,A if! . .. . 'D ES B Il 1.1 2 ' . 14 ,,I ,. ... , ,Q Q .A 1 ,mu I A 7' i.-i 14144-4 luv-- .1' - . .Ti l 1,34 I'-' I ,- I 'st I If ROBERT MURRAY EAST GRAND RAPIDS Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Beta Beta, vice-president, president Albion College Players, treasurer, president Theta Alpha Phi, treasurer MSM Who's Who German Club Wesley Players JANET NEWING DETROIT Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta, recording secretary Education Club French Club Sociology Club Young Republicans Band, secretary, treasurer HELEN NOTT HILLSDALE Home Economics Pi Beta Phi, treasurer Mortar Board, secretary Alpha Omicron Orchestra JAMES PALERMO SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO Biology Sigma Nu, vice-president Beta Beta Beta MARY ANN PENHALIGEN MIDLAND Elementary ' Education Kappa Alpha Theta, second vice-president, pledge trainer French Club Education Club Choral Society 34 JUDITH NELSON ROYAL OAK French French Club, treasurer Education Club World Friendship Club Briton Christian Fellowship LINDA NORTON BIRMINGHAM Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chairman WAA French Club Sociology Club Education Club Art Club Synchronized Swimming Sophomore Follies JOHN PADGETT LANSING Biology Sigma Chi, vice-president Beta Beta Beta Psychology Club, president Freedom Forum, president Football, manager GERALD C. PARSONS GRAND LEDGE Sociology-Economics Goodrich Club Sociology Club Band KENNETH PETERS ADRIAN N I C15 NANCY PHILLIPS st. JOSEPH Biology Delta Zeta Beta Beta Beta Theta Alpha Phi Albion College Players Band Choral Society Panhellenic Council Education Club STEPHEN A. PLATT GRAND HAVEN Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon Swimming Psychology Club, vice-president Sociology Club JOHN J. RADEMACHER IONIA Biology Sigma Chi Beta Beta Beta Phi Eta Sigma Chemistry Club JANET REED STURGIS Biology Alpha Xi Delta, social chairman Young Republicans ROBERT REYNOLDS DETROIT EDWARD S. PIGGINS GROssE POINTE SHORES NANCY PRATT FARWELL Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Freshman Council WAA Educational Club Zeta Epsilon Lambda CRC JUDITH A. RANCK COMSTOCK PARK Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta French Club Education Club WAA Choral Society CAROLYN A. REINOEHL LEGRANGE, INDIANA Home Economics Pi Beta Phi, corresponding secretary Alpha Omicron, secretary-treasurer French Club Home Economics Club, vice-president president World Friendship Club, secretary CRC Zeta Epsilon Lambda, vice-president HAROLD B. RICE, JR. DETROIT Psychology-Chemistry Sigma Chi 1:79 If '1 t I' I' 1 'G' 'I .I .f F I, IT. 12 'sa 'sa 'Fd H7 . A4 Q-Z I. :I 9 ' :I .I 'I ,g,.-. f '7' A t if . 57 di 'S-'QI ' if 'UE - -If 'Lf f .el 1 .- 5 5' 3 I, ' . ,lg I' .lg Q I3 Tl I: .- 4 I HJ as ,I 'ff -al E :si It . 'IZ AI ' . , :I Z .I 4 Z- ' lr ' ffl I .it 'Eff 1-5 --I I' - E3 :J I1 A . 1! 1' I if ,rn - .. M? 'vqg fl! 'A-sq ,,.. WILLIAM A. RICHARDS NEGAUNEE Philosophy Goodrich Club Albion Fellows CRC Chi Epsilon, president Philosophy Club German Club Choral Society DOROTHY RIEMENSCHNEIDER DETROIT Economics-Psychology Alpha Chi Omega, recording secretary Economics Club Psychology Club WILLIAM RITTER DETROIT Philosophy Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, president, treasurer Philosophy Club, ,vice-president Chi Epsilon German Club FRED A. ROBINSON CARLETON Speech Tau Kappa Epsilon Physics Club Education Club Debate Assistant ELIZABETH ROSE GRAND RAPIDS German-Sociology Delta Gamma, pledge president, second vice-president Beta Beta Beta Phi Beta Kappa Student Council AWS WAA German Club WILLIAM H. RICHARDSON ALGONAC JON RISE PONTIAC Economics-History Alpha Tau Omega Football Track DAVID ROAT BIRMINGHAM . ROBERT E. ROE SAULT STE. MARIE Biology Sigma Chi Beta Beta Beta Football Senior Class, president Seaton Hall Council, vice-president Chemistry Affiliate MSM, vice-president NANCY ROUSE BLOOMFIELD HILLS Education Alpha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary French Club Education Club 'Nqr-I1 . . X, , ., PAUL E. RUBENSTEIN DETROIT Speech Tau Kappa Epsilon Education Club Spanish Club Sociology Club Debate THOMAS SAGENDORF GRAND RAPIDS Sociology Tau Kappa Epsilon, president Who's Who Omicron Delta Kappa CRC MSM Student Council German Club Philosophy Club Sociology Club Chi Epsilon A Club Football Track SUSAN SARCHET CARO Psychology Alpha Chi Omega, rush chairman, first vice-president Albion Fellows Psychology 'Club, secretary RUTH SCHOEN WHITMORE LAKE Elementary Education Sociology Club Education Club JEROME SEYMOUR GROSSE POINTE PARK Delta Tau Delta Young Republicans Chemistry Club .,- K-.- A I. I- .I-1--iff.. qs -I A A- PATRICIA RUHLY BIRMINGHAM Spanish-Psychology Alpha Xi Delta, pledge trainer Los Hispanistas, secretary-treasurer, president Spanish Club, secretary Junior Class, vice-president Education Club Psychology Club PAUL SANDFORD MILFORD Chemistry-Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon Chemistry Club secretary, treasurer Philosophy Club JOHN A. SCHNEIDER SAGINAW Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma, president Kappa Mu Epsilon Randall Award Albion Fellows Phi Beta Kappa MSM Physics Club Football German Club Chemistry Affiliates, president Freshman Class, treasurer BRENDA SEELEY NOVI Art Art Club Education Club Band MARIAN SIMON GROSSE POINTE Elementary Education . p I . Q .Q -ai I' , I in :iq 71 TJ 1 I 51 as F4 L: If 'A 1 1: 1, : a . ,ai f 2 -E' 'll il J . ,.. H A-. 'B in I ...t I F' WI' S 4 ' is :I f ,E .23 li t. 11 . .p ll: L-4 ul-d 'il Nl . I Q4 1 I , . n .1 ,. I ! I- I 1 '- . ,H 'RI ' .1 i '- qw . ,,- . g,.A I ,J I-A x If . an MARGARET SJOHOLM I LUDINGTON Mathematics-Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon, secretary-treasurer German Club ARTHUR SMITH PORT HURON BENJAMIN SNYDER ALBION Biology Sigma Nu Beta Beta Beta Psychology Club IFC DIANA STOKES BIRMINGHAM Elementary Education Kappa Delta, secretary Education Club Cheerleading Psychology Club Freshman Class, secretary WAA K MICHAEL SURNS MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 38 B-F CHARLES R. SMETHELLS BANGOR Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Band ROBERT SMITH GROSSE ILE DALE V. SPRINGER LANSING , History-Economics Sigma Chi, vice-president Omicron Delta Kappa Who's Who Football, co-captain Student Council, vice-president CRC, president German Club, vice-president Economics Club Forum Club Freshman Council SULETTE STRADER GARDEN CITY Speech Alpha Chi Omega, second vice-president, pledge trainer Theta Alpha Phi, president AWS, recording secretary Delta Sigma Rho Albion College Players WAA Presbyterian College Fellowship Michigan Oratorical Contest, second place JANICE TILMAN SARASOTA, FLORIDA I History-Psychology Alpha Chi Omega, president Panhellenic Council Student Council i mia hum me ,Be I. ..' S.. hte WSJ se I M .th HARI b, i i l IWW Ecmt lifts: Im ,QE ' Ki 1 I I.: i i 'flu 'Ute I l z , l l l l l l . .u.. . KAREN A. TITLOW UTICA Mathematics Freshman Council WAA GRETCHEN VAN CAMP FARMINGTON Mathematics-Biology Kappa Alpha Theta, treasurer Beta Beta Beta Kappa Mu Epsilon Who's Who Albion Fellows German Club, corresponding secretary, recording secretary Freshman Council, secretary AWS, second vice-president CRC, secretary WAA Band, treasurer CLARK WAREHAM ORCHARD LAKE Economics-Psychology Alpha Tau Omega Psychology Club Foreign Student Committee Sophomore 'Tollies NELSON A. WARNER HowELL Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Rho Beta Beta Beta Who's Who IFC, president, secretary WILLIAM WATT DETROIT CAROLINE TUFFORD DETROIT JUDITH LYNN WAGNER CHELSEA Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha French Club Education Club SALLY COLLINS WAREHAM DETROIT Education Alpha Xi Delta, president Psychology Club Education Club WAA Philosophy Club NANCY WATSON DETROIT Political Science Forum Club THOMAS WELLS HUNTINGTON WOODS Economics Delta Tau Delta -A I 1-H 'H' 'Y ur inf F 'F i ., ,uv -E 5 ,I .4 S, ,N .4 - ' ,- I t Pa J Z f 21 :Ta fi F 1 Q? Fi if 'f I 12 IP S f 4' fg I- 1 ji .: rr F' . I- ,, i 1 Iv! .2 4 -a 45 n 4 I, '5 Iv I II' S , .- ,I I. Liv 1 J a ,, 1! gi -A as I- . II 33 V! I . L5 793 i 2 i 1! 5 . P44 J! C5 M fu l ' I I if , ,A -1 5 va Q ..f F 1 , .,, - ir-I ' S!! A-m Af , J 1. - I '.. 4' ,P ,- ,fi tl'-4 4 L' I . I '-il Q .- WJ' me 'fs 955 '22 I Q , 751, f S' T35 if ' , fu: A . ,f A r vi A -v..- A r-1' iv' - STEPHEN WHEELER EAST GRAND RAPIDS JAMES WILLIAMS SAGINAW Business Administration Delta Tau Delta, president Spanish Club Psychology Club I IFC JAMES WOODBURNE ESSEXVILLE Chemistry X Sigma Chi, president, vice-president IFC Physics Club, vice-president Chemistry Club JAMES YEOMANS BIRMINGHAM EVELYN YOUKER RIVER FOREST, ILLINOIS Biology y Kappa Delta, president, vice-president Mortar Board, treasurer Beta Beta Beta Who's Who WAA, president AWS 40 I--. ,- W- Y.. , U , ELIZABETH WHITMAN GRAND RAPIDS Elementary Education Kappa Delta, treasurer German Club Education Club WAA BRUCE WIRICK SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA QUENTIN WOOMER DETROIT ELIZABETH YOKI SOUTHFIELD Biology Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta Phi Beta Kappa Art Club X Choir, secretary Carol Singers president I l l I I I l l l DAVID BROWN GROSSE POINTE CHARLES G. CAMPBELL II ADRIAN CLARK CHIPMAN ALBION RODNEY COATES UTICA VIRGINIA CROUCH COLE FARMINGTON, MISSOURI WILLIAM CRANE SAGINAW R. BRUCE EARLY GREENVILLE ' WALTER ESCHTRUTH GRAND LEDGE MARCIA FAIRGRIEVE GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT GEORGE FISHELL DETROIT ROBERT FOSS MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN MICHAEL FRITZ CASS CITY MALCOLM FULLENWIDER DETROIT CHARLES GORHAM BOGOTA, COLOMBIA DENNIS GROAT LANSING ,..,..--.- Q . 'In . .. seniors not pictured CHARLES GROSS HUNTINGTON WOODS ADOLPH GRUNDMAN CHICAGO HAROLD HADDON FENTON JAMES HAMMOND NORTHVILLE ROBERT HARRIS MORENCI JOHN F. HELPAP SAGINAW GREGORY HORNIE DETROIT WILLIAM ' HOSLEY WALLED LAKE RICHARD KINDER GROSSE POINTE DAVID KRAUSE SOUTHFIELD JAMES LEISENRING BATTLE CREEK DAVID LEWIS GROSSE ILE GARY METHNER MIDLAND H. CHARLES MOORE BAY CITY LAWRENCE NICKEL BIRMINGHAM SARAH ODLE DETROIT .. AJ, .,, I .M-,,. ..-. -,-. Q ,,-1 ,bL,.v .., O -, V.. L- E, ..A- .., .-...--. - CHARLES PATTERSON BELLEVILLE JACKIE PUGH BIRMINGHAM PATRICIA PURSELL THREE RIVERS ROBIN REED ALBION KARL RIEMENSCHNEIDER CHELSEA RICHARD RILEY BIRMINGHAM LAWRENCE SENKO BERKLEY THOMAS SEVENER VASSAR THEODORE J. SHUDARK MIDLAND JOHN E. SLEIGHT BATTLE CREEK COLIN STEWART BIRMINGHAM RICHARD M. SUMMERS HUNTINGTON WOODS FRIEDEL V. WENZ PAW PAW JOHN WOLFE JACKSON CARA E. YOUNG ALBION ' p,-ur.: 4:1 -vguvsnx cp' 1-,,1 YEZ'lLffI-, ZP...-I-vZfQ4,'t asia- .Ir ,Q-.. .v EJ:.'s' ' ' i-.,1 -E ip..b ,--i,,,,,,. - ,,.,...,.,.'.,.-,,,- ..r .-....,----t.1-1rg.:ni-'s .. --4.-.u.,.... .- 4-u 1. Q..-n -,--....--,.... ..-.C.,-...-..-,..,- ,.V rv-vm-:free-f'L-Vw'-'ff-..fs-242-al-'ei '1'iQe',x.z ., . - . -,-.,..-,-.4,4!.f1-L -- vi-,dt iv .4 . -F.'5ti,.,lQjyA:-,.igj-P5'ph1-igig-ill, mi..-7-1-V .1 --1. nfn.r.,r1 V juniors Marcia Bouma William H Bremer William M Bremer Grace Brierley John Abbott Karen Appelt Peter Beck Jacqueline Biktasy Marcia Black Margaret Blackwood . . J F is l Joy Carter James Catto Margaret Chapman Susan Clark Christiana Clarke Lincla Cooper James Curts Susan Dayton Donna Dervvick Ross Dingwall Sharon Briggs Cynthia Brown Donald Camen Susanna Capper N fx! 4 U Q.. I pl ir- nv.: rf- napa 4 5--l,'4,p.,,p laaprgyg . -11,41 .H ..- .Q F P rn wg.- R. - -ws..n- . 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Bruce Pierce Richard Pixley Michael Pohlman ,.-Y- -. . - ... ..,fY.,f-Viv ---- .- V.. ,vw --.. .Y -,.- ,,...-.,..-.. ...-- 1 - ,-:QT .-71.7 lr K ' -' . '-- W f. '. ' sophomores 1 l Virginia Reed Patricia Riopelle Holly Robinson Jean Polderman Larry Pratt Patricia Quinn Kent Rathbun John Rogers Stanley Rulapaugh x E iffy? as v X 3 , ..., .... . mt' Q t ,Q wi X f f l X ,I x Jay Sexton Cynthia Schewe Lynn Schirs John Schmidt John Sealy JoAnne Sebela .,: A .' 1,-9 J xt. I . all N 1 ' , ,.,. wg.-.4 1---s----------1 li' J 1 so WSE T Donald Shepherd Lois Skagerberg Lenore Skinkle Karen Slade Jon Smith L Loran Smith Robert A. Smith Rosemary Smith Frances 'Smock Karen Sommer Margaret Spa nenberg Claudia Stafford Roger Stevenson Richard Swanson 6 Nelly Tan Frank Tegge James Tinker Mary Totten Barbara Tuttle Michael Umphrey Steve Valinet Leon Van Aelst Philip Van' Dam Michael vonGuttenberg J Marie Warn David Whitaker Martha White Gloria Wilk Neil 'Williams Thomas Wise Ronald Witmer Barbara Zook ,A ,, L . ff of Q W x 4 H I jf asgz- - ,L Q 741.9 f J f My 1 at X5 M W VW f 1 f A f J , Q.. 1 Q K auf Q 1 wr ixg X, ' f l . -iqnvlgl f e,.....-av s....a' .,f-'Mk ef ff , nw F f, . Lf . 4' YQ A A i ' ' ggsanl ki 5 A . 'Iv si,-is f f' 'k -. f Q, U , 4 L K I ' ff -,fl I Air. ffm we f - il Al . 'Q W f 211 vi'-5Q 5Af ,- l i l c E 1-S Ha, . W, f ,mr , L ' X l x e ' s Qs ri e x gg Y ' - - .,.- nu.,-. 4, , .Q-du, ,,, N- L n-rl-warn..-'n.-rpg!-r .qvm!5r my-lsailri.,--,4alf...,:,-14 ,,.,,.',v,',4r-, Y V --.Am :ff QR? 'C'-7 1 XX X w W Karen Bell, David Benian, David Biddulph, Suzanne Bien Carol Bishop Carolyn Black, Clifford Blossom, Gary Boardman, Mary Boccaccio, John Bodell. Marilyn Boersema, Larry Bohannon, Stephen Bolan, Robert Bostrom, Mary Bouton. James Brackett, William Brame Jr., Constance Brenner, Ezra Bridge, Sidney Brooks Jr. freshmen Burlin Ackles, Daniel Adams, Jr., Mary Kay Adams, Lucille Alexander, Jill Anderson. Mary Ann Arnt John Ashton Howard Atesian Dennis Austin Elizabeth Austin James Baker John Baker Bonnie Ball Whitney Ballantine Jr Janet Barber John Barker Kathleen Baselle James Batzer Peter Beachy Mary Bedarbis ,, ,qw Y , ..,.--,.. - . . V D - 1 - , . ,., - , fjf-, . ' 1-,-, ,Wyan- l fl vf' ai! ZS.. t , i si - YIM Carol Cooke, Sylvia Crowl, William Cudlipp, Margot Cummings, Judith Cunningham. Dick Dana, Mar Susan D'Haem. tha Darvay, Mary Davis, James DeFrancis, Doris Dibble, Bonita Dolaskie, Richard Dorman, April DuVal, Robert Ebersole. Joan Edwards, Lynn Elliott, Craig Ernerick, Ronald Emmert, Susan Engfer. 4 f ' W S? ,f f X R-X W Q s 3' f W lf , , l W., i f J freshmen Bette Jo Brubaker, David Bullock, Mary Burns, Warren Buttler, John Butt. John Cameron, Alan Campbell, Betty Chapin, Bonnie Chapin, Judith Chapman. Robert Chimovitz, Samuel Chizmar, Judith Christl, Charles Clark lll, Robert Clark. Steven Clark, James Clarke, George Cogan,,, Neil 16-ole, Jr., Peter Colwell. ' .:' V3 My 'tx J M ,,'- ' ,..., , 11 if f N If ' :ix X sr 7 f Q ,N cg Us fs C 1' w 'rll1 EA X X x :MXN ' ,, . A X X Scllffei iw: 5 , Q x sv' ati X , gi 'F S s N 1lrS ' X X Xbfi'-LBS -NA f its Y nf-.'QL as X 4, 4 l 3 H 'Q i. 1' Y N' 1 ful-'sf U ua 4 . ,.'... ,.i..,..,,,-'.,, ,y WH' I,-,, .1 . .- 1,-, -V '3Pl3Y' -'1f i!f?' 'r:L'f.'if:,'3.f .f'L.i'1:1 11-' A'1'g-Q.-,frryf-if 1 paws-...H if .H XXX 3 X we A 8 L -xss. X Fx is X Cora Lynne Final. N 4 Q gi . l. J W X as N E X X X XX XXX X xx X X X ss X: XX Roger Fogarty. Bette Gaines. Rebecca Ciaodsell, Richard Gould, Donald Graul, Richard Graybill, Diane Gresham. Mary Griffin, Jeffrey Groehn, John Gruel, James Gunter, Karen Himmink. Katherine Harger, Gretchen Hargesheimer, Pinckney Hargrove, Donald Harrington, Richard Hart. Sue Ann Hathaway, Dale Henderson, John Hicks, Harold Hill, Judith Hoenle. Gelbach, Carol Getzfrid. ,, ww ,.,' , Y, -F ,---,W - A -v-,. --'- 45: - f- ---1 f rf -. ..., .. -,...,,,-,,.,,.-7 ... -- , .... -.- -.,-, ,- L -pf-zvrff f z - . x I A 1' 'umi4'4m ... Y Judith Erickson, Jane Ericson, Susan Evans, Larry Fideler, Catherine Findley, Edna Finkle, Gerald Fitch, Ronald Flegal, John Foss, Thomas Fox, Gayla Fricke, Anne Frytogle, Keith Galloway, Robert Gardner, Paul Geisler, Eleanore QTNV. ,.,,, , 1 c , . IK' , fe If Q X 'Wg 7 is X Af ill as .Q wb 1 .ff X 2 'N .X :- wg ' rx, X. If. If C13 SQ Kathryn Kinde, Thomas King, Woody King, Robert Kingsley, Paul Kinney. Deanna Kinsey, David Kitchen, Navyne Kline, Susan Knickerbocker, Charles Kuechenmeister. Grace Kuhns, David Kull, Ruth Lacy, Joyce Laird, Sharon Larner, Doris Laycock, Fulton J. Leach, Suzanne Lehman, John Lennie, Katherine Lewis. freshmen Lu Ann Hogman, Sheila Holly, Glenn House, Jr., Dale Houseman, Nancy Lee Housman. Richard Howard, Lynn Howe, Howard Hoyt, Diane Hubbard, Carl Hubinger. Sharon Hudson, Harold Jayne, Marilyn Jerome, Judith Johansen, Blair J. Johnstone. Douglas Jones, Carol Juhnke, Kapnick, Virginia Kent. Ronald Jyleen, Douglas X X .S NWS Nwlzxx s 51. X X Q..yi.,, fa 4 il N 1 -'fhfl'-'fu'-tr, '--.l... --, . 4. ., , ,QA fx ' ' ' ' J Ifl' ' ' ' P,l.ff,7 '7!'Tf!if' '! !LlIfi Y.'fi'L1- jf'.'1lf g1, 2-fjij ,4'1 ,'f!,j!T'-jsrgl 1 '5g,u:nlirgsrq1- vhs-,qu nfl -1-'w-ni,--um ...u--- -1 A 5 .. X v x i Q -fi it X Q X 1 ix' ,kk N, , . ...Av l -N i X x xx N Q 5 xixg- R X 'Q X X was 'Q x N x a sv X howl' X X 1? 1 - is N1 X X X Qs' , ' 'THR fl' ll 'L ' - Qx s R XXX X . W' . 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James McMillin, Paul Maccaloee, Mary Kay Maginniss, Nancy Maharg, Gloria Maire. f ,ff S X 4 X .pc sw 7 f 5' 6 nh EN W 1 4 Q0 , X nv R- , 'fu L X f- , R . 5 In 7 rf V X f :. L ggxw .. 9 1121, 1 al 4+ 3, ivixc, H355 gy' m ' f 45 4, wif f Q, ENS Kgs gjgif?l2jf3.igX ,: WWW ,: Z M ,,,,,,W R ., L X, I ,.2a,zu.m.s 4 Wi . .. . , ,, if s l 4 ,sv-.---,.Y.- - - V -,.V----hs- ..- ,- ji if YYY '3 - .rv r ' 4-. 1 ., . , f ,Ski I 1, be 2 K X , I 1 i X 1 E J 'L ' if O 'MY X I .K . I i N 53595 X RX 1 x , ' Q9 . x.:,1.a,..s:?um 1,.f ' - I' x it Q Sandra Peters, Kathryn Peters, Barbara Pigott, Leex Pike, Barbara Pocklington. Nancy Pomeroy, Larry Porzsott, Joellyn Prout, Kristine Puvogel, William Pyles. Alice Quartermaine, Sue Race, Heather Ralph, Barbara Rice, John Rich. Aubrey Roberts, Jr., Charles Robertson, Jean Robinson, Georgann Rock, Susan Rollent. L kafzisfb' 2. S. f 1 freshmen Eric' Nims, Paul Novvakovvski, Phillip Ohlman, Carol Nl. Olsen, Ronald O'Neil. Louise Oppy, Lee Ormsby, Jill Oswald, Barbara Ott, Nancy Otto. Prudence Otto, Thomas Padgett, Marilyn Paiot, Valerie Palliaer, G. Thompson Pantlincl. Walter Panzar, Robert Papenfus, Jean Pastor, Nancy Peckover, Jon Peele. ' sv :X A - , ,, -i:,l, . NX X N N X W Q qw X as X s QS s X i n 6. ' Q qul - 1 X , . ., -.L-pw. - , , 'IQ 5' '11 I . N NK we S16 f.f5,w'A'., ,,:1. , ..... a R N N XX Y Q . 'J X44 kg- 'eff l 'Ns fv-'rv I 'O f ..,,,..-v -433' ' Q A mas' wie Barbara Shafer, George Shick, Janet Shields. S S ix frm 5 1, .'l i 4 Ny! Y S 'S+ t 'K n M. Shafer, Richard Shannon, Jess Ronald Shier, Ann Shippee, Carol Shirilla, David Shoemaker, Daniel Siefer. if 6 72414 s f f X X 3 ' . f :lE5.- :'Q. . 4 ,WW :-5. X, 4,0 H ww N ' if Q Qc f 1 x f a f S X 'E Roger Roller, Mary Rose, Judith Rosendall, Philip Rowan, Elizabeth Rutter. Stephen Salisbury, Frank Sayre, Nancy Scamehorn, George Schaiberger, Jr., Jennifer Schmidt. Helen Schoenhals, James Scherman, John Schott, Julia Sch uett, Norman Schuett. Craig Schuler, Marilyn Scutt, John Searles, Frances Karen Sellhorn. . Mt- W xiii: Gai, x-is . 1 x , 1 A .rx ,,g- . f fa l 'Y if 1 N Janet Sienkiewicz, Martha Simmons, Sharon Simpson, Gary 6 X i Sirrine, Johathan Slagh 7 X' j Q ta S ' f -N if M X N ag 5' X 5 l in xl Douglas Sleight, Bruce Pamela Smith. Smith, Kimloal Smith, Michael Smith, , X' a W- ,, , , f, XX Sebek, :w g 1 X 4 Sa- X six M 3- R35 S? 5 1 Staffs f s Ji il Y, t i l!'?' lvl- !,i tiff ! ll, cf' Fil' f'-4 FII' rw- ui V vi , 1,4 I -af l 'J-.. 1 -1-e l Pi. E Q5 '4 . -C I r-f ...Q .ful f!.:f. A ai' .,,,, .gf 'iff I , 91.2, , Lg , 52: l 'T -,.l 21' W, 143' P-. 'f,.. in Q-5 fig 'rw :iff ET, Fl'- 11:1 l Pit' Fi? l.g1 f 'vl Pl' !'- V i-ul' -rc- F2 , 'i--f . l.n.-L i F'- kr! ifty R! ll il.. L'-., v-mx flirt 'F'-L 1137 rv-I. iii.: Pai, Tk, lf: LL ii' ki' rift If freshmen Patricia Smith, Richard Smith Bert Smock Douglas Southward, Robert Spagnoll x Q fx -.1 ' qv' E V x,,. ,, XZ? 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LAW p.A-new . , 'f 'X 1',- - it l-'!'i',..'L' '!f'!l2, ,, .:',f' '!,, l!!llf Yfiflfrf,2,fLjV,.,f1lF,!Qi'j:',-V3'f.1lTHjgf-ij-j2'2gj,,,3el1l' g-gpgvrgifwfqywj-1,251:gl 533 -qrl.:1rq'.i,1-N'-.A,t.f.4'.. 'X I-fins .- 1 Q. S Football co captains, Ray Hoag and Dale Springer Queen, Ellie Stricker 1'T'5 fpv l-.,...,-...., , 4 YYY, K Dennis Cawthorne, Student council P president, crowns queen l il 'i tl il, ll' , , Delta Sigs decorate house 3 ' s ., - s 5?i,ws 4 .52-17 lj 1 v :A '. . 1 ' l MEM. 'V+' We If ' f if fii 'Q-A, ',- 92' Q A A f-5 l- fi 3 ya u w at fygi its .ni ,rg-JZ., H , .- sig, , ' sh., s ,ww , R . x My .. v if Sgt' A tg N ' , ff' ' fl T565 Eta., ,,,,,,,,, M 5 , . . is--, l l 1- Y, , L 0 f X L11 V ip Y s f t , nixljif new Q s l a: - s il l go - ' I ,vi s li-f if ,?Q,f1f A' ' fffiii' ff 1 diss! N Z.. ,s,s . Ig , 5 F, i X Aw, .,. H , X 5 , L t, X f i i ll K . - I -I :,, i y Q. 51 if ' ' s so as f W2 . WH: use Y :'.1, ' - .zap , I 3' f 1 Q if y sw , ,ss ss ,, .Mgipl l ? 5tlSS i4 t J l ' Q f. fi L my N- L AL f v N :Wa 7 , if ,ow-vw ss ss l w 5 1 4 .1 Ml C' sl it lr X :Y W , , V Y A 1 0,1 W, lrfl I ,3 4, 'L' If' ii' is. M. , 'S , ls 1. N -ggi 17. i . Az-, ,L : 'L Kmmfmi . . . ?lmi w' K - 5 X x 1 - , , r w l A :Ni , 25 X QV X fs l l f M ' f- v fiflf 'V ' s . 1, f ' ' 5 ,F af., '13-2' t f il I -'Q ,El--A 'iv E113 .. fhf- ,I is Y was M L Q: Y 4 2 X . if In ff m i V, X ' - p s Q H ' . ' 'IP A , ,mf 1 .W i l. fe ' 's s 'lf l i ' ' gf' t , l 'xv 4 i 1: Q i aj, it X i f E lu, , ,,,, V V ' s r i age. Q M if daily, 1 5. ft yi' sy f 1., H .. Mflfffssg., gp- vjgg I s'-. , i -. 5 ' sx,3w.3:- . ., C' . i . we-ZW S tl' -Q 1, r 1 ii it l le if 3 -T - --.---- Y- w- -. Y-aff 1 fy- -Q -1- -.v-V-i-Adv , Y , l I l association of women students The Association of Women Students in its role as the governing board of vvomen students, is concerned with all phases of dor- mitory life. The board is elected each spring. The group meets with freshman women during orientation week to help acquaint them vvith campus life. They sponsored a lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Drew this year. Other activities included the hanging of the harvest wreath, the dorm dance, the an- nual leadership dinner, penny nights, sen- ior vveek, and the Christmas breakfast. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS urer, LoPrete. woodie. seaton hall staffs R Seaton Hall staff includes senior men who serve as proctors in Seaton hall, dormitory for freshman men. All Freshmen are required to live in the dormitory systemf Mr. Norman Hefke is the new Seaton di- rector. Mrs. VanRhyn acts as assistant direc- tor, and Mrs. Moore is the dormitory recep- tionist. SEATON HALL STAFF FRONT ROW: Mate, Mrs. Moore, receptionist, Mrs. VanRhyn, assist- ant director, Hefke, director, Springer. BACK ROW: Woomer, Morgan, Eastvyood, Roe, Cawthorne, Hoag. FRONT ROW: Bratzler, secretary Blomgren, DeCou, vice-president Daily, president, Starr, Evans, treas BACK ROW: Hotchkiss, J., Res Stricker, Cattell, Beard, Derwick McNally, L., Faller, Ruemele, Dun J. D., CraTT. ...Y--,T L- . ., . ,T 'Q ,lg -4, gwgalplgq,.t.:y.!--1,211-nga,-r'nlw 1-Yinrsrr n-nl-r,,.i-slfuifm..-f1i.4ig.. , ,I-.T Hui-n,,,.4-. ,, - qi-Yrs-JQT ,Ev-,-51,7141--.. Tqljmq 1 A- ---1-' --.-- V-4.u.,,i,, - ,-,,. Y-,,.,,1 L., ... LMT, , ,4.. gh, . , FRESHMAN WOMEN'S COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Barber, Sculf, vice- presideni, Walker, S., presidenT, Rose, Nl., secretary, Fryfogle. BACK ROW: Wygant, Trostmiller Kinsey, DeCou, advisor, Erickson A I O Q freshman womens council The Freshman Women's council is com- posed of represenTaTives from each freshman corridor and annex. The main purpose of This group is To promoTe inTeresT in and knowledge of eFFecTive group living. The group meeTs weekly. Their acTiviTies Tor The year included The Ball and Chain dance in March, May day baskeTs for senior women, freshman leadereh-ip dinner, and ChrisTmas Freshman songTesT seaton hall council The SeaTon hall commiTTee provides The social life for The dormiTory residenTs, and acTs as Their governing body. The commiTTee sponsored several SeaTon hall parTies This year. DormiTory Teams, seT up by The commiTTee, parTicipaTed in inTramural and inTradorm aTh- leTic acTiviTies. .,,...,,,.- , ..Y. -........-.-..-, 1-'Ff .-'T,. ?T .. SEATON HALL COUNClL FRONT ROW: Cawfhorne, Smith presidenT, Brooks, S., presidenT Woodvvorfh, Treasurer, Mr. Hefke SECOND ROW: Salisbury, Bos from, Clark, C., Panflind, Titley Butt. BACK ROW: ATesian, Walker, H. Benian, Blossom, Tallman, Jayne R., secreTary, Sleight, D., vice- I I I YQ CAMPUS RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Kinder, Emmert vice-president, Springer, president Sommer, secretary, Jacobus, treas urer. SECOND ROW: Pomeroy, Marsh D., Crane, W., Hotchkiss, G. Marshall, L., Livak. BACK ROW: Smith, G., Richards campus religious council' The Campus Religious council sponsored several WUS chapel programs including the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter chapel services. They also sponsored talks by tive foreign students. One tireside was held for discussion of the Berlin crisis. The council is composed ot representa- tives trom various campus groups having re- ligious interests. It serves as a co-ordinating organization for these groups. . publications council The Publications council is the governing body which supervises the publications of the Pleiad, Albionian, and Campusrdirectory. Stu- clent members are elected each spring by the student booly. ' - Duties of the council include handling ti- nances and administering programs of pub- licity anol public relations for the Pleiad and Albionian. They also elect the editors for cam- pus publications. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Holmes, president, Murdick, secretary-treasurer, Peters. BACK ROW: Mr. Engstrom, Dr. Irwin, Rivers, Mr. Gildart. W., Eastwood, Smith, P., Farrar. ' -' 'rin' L fx .na ... ALBION FELLOWS FRONT ROW: Emeric, Stobaugh, -Xdams, B., McDonald, M. J., Muell- erxxeiss, Fleming, L., Hendrick, Li- xak, Bratzler, SECOND ROW: Schneider, Good- now, Miller, E. E., Adams, C., Price, Gass, J. E., Lyons, Sarchet, VanCamp, Mueller, Warner, Sev- ener, Smith, J. BACK ROW: Brown, J., Caw- thorne, Potter, Bacon, Pierce, R. B., Eastwood, Green, D., Hall, R. S., Kinglsey, J., Jones, S., Hep- install, D. albion fellows Albion Fellows is a title which is award- ed to students in recognition of an average ot 2.7 or above for one semester. The group was formed last year to give students with exceptionally high scholarship, recognition and special privileges. i , i - . . ., , , , , -51? 5lf'fTl'i'1 f fill'-11.1-1 7: '2i'f-',i-ff. ..'.',-L7H!L'1W Q'f I w 1 .i - FN phi beta kappa Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest national hon- orary, recognizes those seniors who have ex- celled in the tield ot liberal arts. Students must have obtained a 2.4 overall average by the end of the first semester of their senior year to gain initiation in the society. Students must also show high character and leadership qualities. The total number of students tapped each year must not exceed T096 of the senior class. Beta chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was found- ed at Albion in 1940. PHI BETA KAPPA FRONT ROW: Fuller, C., Dr. Quale Mr. TaFFs, Dr. Norris, Dr. Hadas Baldwin, Mr. Morris. BACK ROW: Martin, D., Kreider Hardy, G., Swain, Hobe, Baker S., Crochett, Hurst, Berndt. . ...- .V .,,--.- -,. -.. -.-, - , - avg?- ' f - F - 1 -r- .-ff--.: -' -'-'1 'f :i'vf-fm-f L' : -- . --.MH - 1 I ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRONT ROW: Dr. Hosmer, Mar- shall, L., president. BACK ROW: Stafford, secretary, Barron, treasurer, Littleton, S., vice-president. alpha lambda delta L Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scho- lastic honorary society for freshman women attaining a 2.5 average or better during their first semester. X The society promotes intelligent living and high standards of learning, and encour- ages superior scholastic attainment among freshman women in institutions of higher learning. Members gave tutoring to freshman wom- en and acted as hostesses for Meet-the-Col- lege Day. The group threw a Sparty Party ford freshman women who had done vvell at mi s. phi eta sigma A 2.5 scholastic average or better ob- tained by men oluring their freshman year en- ables them to be tapped for membership in Phi Eta Sigma. This year, under the leadership of Wil- liam Mick, the honrorary has increased its emphasis on tutorial services. Any freshman in need of help was eligible for tutoring. The tapping ceremonies take place in February and from then on members are un- der the guidance of Dr. Stovvell, faculty ad- visor. PHI ETA SlGMA FRONT ROW: Smith, J., treasurer, Smith, G., vice-president, Mick, president, Miller, E., secretary, T Dr. Stowell. T l BACK ROW: Green, D., Betwee, l Conner, Eastwood, Rogers, Katz. - 'u-.N .. ' - V' I I n' 'lrvrrrrr-vrlt my .q:n'1ir q-nu-11,4 I wg -,.ix,1,J, . pq- - - - ' ,Y -4 M,-T .: '. .1,-'..iLif -1:L'n'sr .1 ' -wi- MORTAR BOARD FRONT ROW: Mrs. Irwin, Bratz- Ier, vice-president, DeCou, presi- dem, Noir, secretary. BACK ROW: Hills, Hendrick, You- lier, Treasurer, Quirk. mortar board Members of MorTar board, a naTional senior vvomen's honorary, are selecTed on The basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. Junior women are Tapped early in May and serve during Their senior year. The group held a coFFee hour Tor Their alumnae during The homecoming weekend and organized The ChrisTmas decoraTion conTesT be- Tween freshman women corridors., They also held a dinner Tor sopho'm'ore women wiTh a 2.0 average or beTTer and sponsored Talks on currenT news Topics by several professors. Nancy HilTs aTTended a naTional conven- Tion of The honorary aT The UniversiTy oT Okla- homa lasT summer. omicron delta kappa Omicron DelTa Kappa is a naTional men's leadership fraTerniTy on campus. The candi- daTes musT be iunior or senion men. Members are chosen on a oasis of lead- ership in Two or more areas ouT of five. The five Tields are: scholarship, aThleTics, sTudenT governmenT, social and religious organizaTions, publicaTions, speech, music, and The dramaTic arTs. -f-. . ,L .-- -- 1 rw: 1'--1 fu Q ,.'1 f-1: A .iff OMlCRON DELTA KAPPA Cavvfhorne, presidenrg EasTwood , .L.. ?.. .-,-......-,-- .- 3 r--'- -' - fr- ---V .-.-.--W + ,, ,., Springer, H o a g, vice-presiclenT FRONT ROW: Schnellg Livak, pres- ident: Egbert. BACK ROW: Mullerweiss, Dayton, E Ckson, J. L., McDonald, M. J. 5 Q l O A34 who's who . The membership of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is limited to seniors picked by a committee of students and faculty. The honor of represent- ing Albion College is based on leadership, personality, and scholarship. This year, twenty-one Albion students will be in the national directory published an- nually. ' WHO'S WHO FRONT ROW: Daily, Behrens, Not? Hendrick, Brown, L., Youker: Flem ing, L. SECOND ROW: Hiltsp Van Camp DeCou: Bratzler, Brooks, E., Quirk BACK ROW: Cawthorne, Groat Murray, R., Eastwood, Sagendorf Springerg Holmes: Warner. young women's christian C association The Christian fellowship of the Y.W.C.A. oFfers activities in four areas: Christian faith and heritage, social responsibility, personal and campus life, and,,fMMprfld relations. ' This year the group sponsored the Y- sister program, a breakfast for freshman wom- en, a horn of plenty dinner, and student-fac- ulty discussions on modern literature. They also gave food baskets to needy persons at Thanksgiving time and sponsored the Big and Little Sister program for girls in the local elementary schools. vv. c. A, I I Ll n I.. .if 4 V , CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION . 'WIKI' ' If 4fTsu.1-f '-f-Lfnrsv .1 FRONT ROW: Gooclnow, treasui I er, Starr, Hector, president. BACK ROW: Robinson, H., secre tary, Mr. Bryce, Ralph. christian science organization The Christian Science Organization held open meetings each Thursday during the year in Boyd Meditation chapel. The group spon- sored a movie, The Story of Christian Sci- ence, in January. methoclist student movement A meeting of the National Quadrennial Conference at the University of Illinois initiat- ed a new year of MSM. Eight representatives attended the conference from Albion and re- turned to guide the group in meetings defin- ing Religion Through the Arts. Programs included a talk by Mr. Bobbitt of the art department, a worship service in jazz, and performance by the Wesley Players. Other activities included regular visits by members to Starr Commonwealth for Boys. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT FRONT ROW: Newhouse, treasur er, Knickerbocker, L., vice-presi dent, Eastwood, president, Cowles secretary. SECOND ROW: Bikfasy, Beard Smith, R. J., Marshall, L., Sed rick, Hendrick. BACK ROW: Clark, T. C., Royle Farrar, Platt. -gh A... .. g,-,LT-.r-. - - . ....- -Y --- - -.-,vi v---- i V-L Y-,J -- ,- chi epsilon For men inTeresTed in enTering The min- isTerial field and relaTed areas, Chi Epsilon of- fers a rich experience. Ted Farrar led The club as presidenT This year. Dr. Jameson Jones, former ediTor of Mo- Tive magazine and well-known Teacher Talked To The group in February. OTher acTiviTies in- cluded boTh a fall and spring picnic. Dr. Cheek, The faculTy advisor, showed a series of slides enTiTled From Paris To lerusalem by CHI EPSILON FRONT ROW: Mahoney, Cannon Knickerbocker, vice-presidenT, Far rar, president, WiTmer, secrefary BACK ROW: DeLeurere, Richards W., Boardman, Leddy, Lo'rT, Gallo way. ' ' zeta epsilon lambda Volkswagen. ZETA EPSILON LAMBDA FRONT ROW: Kline, LuTher, Parm- alee, vice-president, STiff, presi- dent EgberT, secretary-Treasurer, Smith, R. BACK ROW: Reinoehl, Andersen, B90lal'biSi Brown, C., Kinsey, Bratz- ler, Reed, V., Jenkins, Bikfasy. ZeTa Epsilon Lambda is an organizaTion Tor women inTeresTeelf,-sign church relaTed or so- cial service vocaTions. This year iZeTa Epsilon Lambda make weekly visiTs To The elderly people aT The WinneTT home in Albion and worked wiTh a local welfare family. They also had apicnic wiTh Chi Epsilon. SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW: Dr. Gibson: All nan: Patton, V., treasurer: Liplse Lresident: Hutchings, vice-pres? cent: Miss Bremer: Dr. Keller. sECOND ROW: Lane: DeShon skggerloerg: Fraser, J.: Becker, C. scoff, M. H.: Patton, N.: Cramer, Xl man, J. B. BACK ROW: Gass, J. E.: Clarke .: Peckham: Ruhly: Woods: Hepp ner: Nevergold: Carter, J. A. ay. .: Wilkinson: Aishton: Zimmer- f spanish club The purpose of- The Spanish club is To complemenT The classroom learning of The Spanish sTudenT. The programs of This organ- izaTion are mainly designed To TurTher enlighT- en The sTudenT of The culTural aspecTs oT Span- ish-speaking counTries and To help him realize The place oT This language in The over-all cul- Tural picTure. Trench club The French club encourages sTudenTs To become inTeresTed in French liTeraTure, arT, and cusroms. The club sponsored The movie Le Gour- geois GenTilhomme during The second semes- Ter. STudenTs who had Traveled in France pre- senTed program of slides and lecTures. FRENCH CLUB Donald, M.: McKercher, Treasurer: Royle, presidenT: Mullervveiss, vice- presidenf: Derwick, secretary: Miss Whitcomlo. SECOND ROW: Aishton: Fleming, L.: Robinson, M.: Keene: Madi- son: Gliessman: Miller, G.: Conk- lin, Nl. J.: Ranck: Bikfasy. Goodnow: Ashley: PasTor, M. FRONT ROW: Dr. Kragness: Mc- BACK ROW: SmiTh,'J.: McGilliard: J.: rglifl f l '1 IJ r . J . ,. .. lkf' lyw lnilq lg we Ji? T14 ' ,,,,. Qt' V114 l 257 I 1' ' yi, 73 .,, ,, 51 ,,..,1 iff., .nv .Hg ' 9: l '51, 'mfg Lg- ' 'Un' -r- Fir- 54 1 . fur, l..'i 1 l 1--fr li' i mg - A l , fri' iffy ,fr sa- . hfis rib L mf , 1.4. . . F I . 62-1 .-fi.. WLT ly,,Rl ' .. .1 J rf, 5-14 I iq: 'AW ru! iff' ,- il? PIL 95? rvvl V .:..! :T fri P11 'rp ! ui' T rl- lr-2 il. I ,,.,T riie. .- l-- T lt, ' Un: I A QE: E--1, .215 ' ,. 'bv I-lr ,.. .,. lif' 1 :yi l-1. zz- co' S, i fp. . 1-,,, if l H i I.. A4.l v dqw H' I-J 'V' ,. , Elf ' L if 4 .iplg - T ff-' -21 P' :IE F ' 'CJ ' Fi' . ' gb. h 'QI U15 , 3111. .- .-. nn 1 ..- . 3. kf' -' 'WL Hifi -' CWA fill: ggi! 5253. Fil ' nl L, V1 A, fT EAT I ETA SIGMA PHI FRONT ROW DeLeurere secreta rytreasurer McDonald M Gallo Way C president Stricker vce president BACK ROW Smith S Mr Mac Conomy Mr Bale David Q. A. .4 ' l A german club Sandra Meader, Grand Rapids senior, spoke to The club about the year which she spent in Germany. Mr. TatTs also spoke to the group about The German composer, Franz Liszt. During The holiday season, The club had a program typitying a German Christmas, and They went caroling Together. They also spon- sored a German movie. GERMAN CLUB FRONT ROW: Beard, Burt, Couse Ecklund, Sedrick, LoPrete, Jack son. SECOND ROW: Hepinstall, Hepin stall,,treasurer, Van Camp, re corcling secretary, Parmalee, cor responding secretary, Miss Henn inger, Hilts, vice-president, Mead er, Bedell, Sherman. THIRD ROW: Ritter, Robinson, H. Dick, Glidden, Littleton, Stricker Payne, North, Capper, Black, E. Smith, M. G. BACK ROW: Springer, Winchnal E m e r y, vonGuttenberg, H o a g Pierce, Miller, Mahoney, Pixley 1 Ransto rd, Ott. G I eta sigma ph The purpose oT Eta Sigma Phi, national honorary fraternity, is to gain greater under- standing and deeper appreciation of classical culture and its influence on our contemporary society. ' Requirements tor membership are a ma- jor or minor in the classics department, a 2.0 average in this department, and a l.5 over- all average. 4 ' 1 1115? rrrilrii-J I Ty!,'511-114, gli,-'-sgliqwpywg if, ,,1L.a.,,' T, . ,, ., W CHEMISTRY AFFILIATES FRONT ROW: Couse, Green, D. Schneider, president, Sandford, sec- retary-Treasurer, Livak, Zook. BACK ROW: Dr. Cook, Jones, M. P., Kelly, NI., Potter, Wichnal Dr. Carnell, Dr. Giddings, Rans- ford. chemistry affiliates A new -program in conjunction with The chemistry majors was the outstanding feature ot this year's Chemistry Attiliates. The result was to produce more and varied meetings aT which students gained experience in giving re- ports and participating more Tully. Dr. Covacic from Case Institute ot Tech- nology spoke on Chemistry ot Cancer in February. Dr. Paul Carnell was The group tac- ulty advisor, and The club was directed by John Schneider, This year's president. beta beta beta Beta Beta Beta, national biology honorary society, formed a new policy ot selecting a broad and generally unknown topic as The year's theme. Members this year chose Oce- onography as the topic. Several speakers were invited to lecture on the topic. The society held their annual picnic in May. - 'H ..., .-..... ..,. ... .,.- .-..-...,.-. .,... ,.,- -- -',-:v1T'.r'--. f ' r BETA BETA BETA Rose, E., Gottschall. Zabinski. . Snyder. -, - . f ,H ,.,4,,..f,..--.. . , K . Y--:. I1-7, - -.-:V , ,-7 ar- ,.-,...,.. .Y-A FRONT ROW: Mr. Ballou, Brooks E., vice-president, Murray, R., pres ident, Tuttord, secretary-Treasurer SECOND ROW: Youker, Yoki, Van Camp, Adams, C., Lemke, Shiere BACK ROW: Rademacher, Paclg ett, J., Eastwood, Roe, Warner PHYSICS CLUB FRONT ROW: Packard, Shepherd, Dr Glathart, Smith, P. BACK ROW: Harley, Wichnal, Knickerbocker, L., Fleming, J., Green, D. KAPPA MU EPSILON FRONT ROW: Dr. Moore, Purdo Place, vice-president, Hall, R. S president, Sioholm, secretary-treas urer,' Wells, H., Mr. Saar, Mr. Se bastian. SECOND ROW: Sandford, Schneid er, Van Camp, Cummings, M. A. Marshall, L., Littleton, C., Bouma McCracken, Green, D. BACK ROW: Abbott, D., Megre gian, Montgomery, Knickerbocker L., Smith, P., Hoag, Curts, Schultz kappa mu epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fraternity, strives to develop an appreciation of the science. g Alpha chapter was host this year to a regional conference in April. The group also featured lecturestfsrom several outstanding mathematicians in its program. physics club The Physics Club brought nationally fa- mous speakers to the campus on different oc- casions to promote an interest in the study of physics, to inform members on recent develop- ments in physics, and to emphasize the im- portance of physics in life. Among the highlights of this year's club activities was the club's exhibition of a mass spectrometer at a state-vvide science fair in Kalamazoo. For the annual Meet-the-College Day, the club sponsored an open house in the Physics building. 1 I - :.L,, ,,:.e'-1-F' ' J.-1, -1r'f:'f -rw: FORUM CLUB FRONT ROW: liniskern, Dr. Rain inelkainp, Einniert, vice-president Brown, J., president Watson, sec- retary-Treasurer, Dr. James, Black E. SECOND ROW: McDonald, G. Lenz, DeCou, Young, Murray, L. D., Hoben. BACK ROW: Hathaway, R., CluTe Crane, W., Kinder, HepinsTall, D forum club InvesTigaTion and discussion of currenT in- TernaTional relaTions quesTion is The purpose of The Forum club's monThly meeTings. These gaTherings include sTudenT programs and guesT experTs in The inTernaTional relaTions field. Spe- cial placed on group discussions. , .. -if 717331ZfN ii'f-'5'.1.!i' ! .ii5P!'!T.g'1,gl1': phi alpha theta Phi Alpha TheTa, The naTional honor so- cieTy for The sTudy of hisTory, is composed of sTudenTs and faculTy members from disTin- guished American colleges and universiTies. The Albion chapTer, founded in The spring of l959, has done much To promoTe individual efforTs as well as general sTudy in The field of hisTory. The members This year aTTended The reg- ional meeTing of The honor fraTerniTy aT The UniversiTy of DeTroiT. David HepinsTall read an original paper. AT The formal iniTiaTion in The spring, Dr. Quale, associaTe professor of hisTory, was The main speaker. fe' - - .. f---',, -.- ,.- -,sf ,..-v.-,. e1,':'., .. ..r PHI ALPHA THETA J., HaThaway, R. -. .. -,.... .,..,.,.. -.... 1 f fr..- .-.,.-J.-.,,. -.- - ..- ,T ,,.:Y-..,17 ,....,-,.. FRONT ROW: Dr. Rammelkamp Kniskern, Dr. James, HepinsTall D BACK ROW: CluTe, EmmerT, Brown HOME ECONOMICS CLUB economics club The Economics club, sponsored by The de- parTmenT of economics and business adminis- TraTion, provides means of discussing and in- vesTigaTing economicuand business problems of common inTeresT To members. This year, under The presidency of James Leisenring, The Economics club broughT many area businessmen To The campus To speak. IT was also responsible for The Three-day visiT of Dr. Herold Groves, professor aT The Uni- versiTy of Wisconsin. The club Took a Trip in The spring. ECONOMICS CLUB FRONT ROW: Dr. Branch, Hub bard, R., vice-president, Leisen ring, president, McNally, L., sec reTary, Mr. EngsTrom. BACK ROW: Wells, H., MCCraCk en, Riemenschneider, D., Crane W.f Michaelson, Young, Hepin sTaII, D. home economics club FRONT ROWE Miss Bowersox Daily, McNally, R., secreTaryg Rei rioehl, presidenT, BraTzler, vice I0feSICleI'1Ti Uggen, Miss Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Dr. Morris, Mc Donald, G., Bakery Hunsicker, Sfaf ford, McKinsey, Schnellg Hook. BACK ROW: Meyn, IPasTor, B. Blomgrerig McNally, L., Behrens PirTleg Molfzau. W Home Economics club is organized To pro- moTe professional aTTiTudes and inTeresT in The field of Home Economics. Among The highlighTs of The year was The elecTion of Louise STarr To The office of Province presidenT of The American Home Ec- onomics AssociaTion. The club sponsored The annual Bride's Tea and a panel on Home Economics curric- ulum. The group collecTed usedf.paTTerns and maTerial and senT Them To Chili for use in Home Economics courses There. EDUCATION CLUB FRONT ROXIV: Hotchkiss, J., MC- Kinlev, Phillips: North, Hoben Reis, Baker, Noble, Faller, Os xxald, Barry, Stokes, Crane, Car ter E., Evans, C., Bikfasy. SECOND ROW: Loomis, Reinert- son, Norton, Briggs, Bradner, Gard ner, treasurer, Pursell, secretary Hutt, vice-president, Dougherty president, Seeley, Bogart, Geyer Ranck, McKinsey, Black, E. THIRD ROW: Stobaugh, Green wood, Pirtle, Pastor, B., Uggen Patton, N., Scott, M. H., Hepp ner, Derwick, Zinnecker, DeCou Hover, Taup, Wagner, Newing Mayer, Brown, L., Cattell, Patton V., Clark, S., Chapman, M. BACK ROW: McFarlane, Transue Black, G., Brown, C., Steck, Scott J., Shannette, Sellers, J., Schreib- er, Knickerbocker, Appelt, Woods, Panhaligen, Blomgren, Jerome, D., Nevergold, Carter, J. A., Bent- ley, S. I I I ld i'5'1'll-I' 1 . , --W -Q-'W '7' V 'lf--fo 11 -ftll' TWBP1 1 -'E'f'.'2iT-'3,1f,-'!.u '7l f'1!F-'fiI.1 . .'e'.1.i1f'w:'1tJ'1f'iw' -ff' -f-,L-'V 1 , f, ,ff education club Education club has the largest member- ship ot any .group on campus. It provides turther knowledge and preparation in the tield ot teaching. A tea tor all teachers in Albion, a Christ- mas party tor a grade school class, and the MEA annual convention highlighted the activ- ities ot the club. Dr. Bushong, superintendent ot Grosse Pointe schools gave a lecture on the Russian school system. psychology club The Psychology club gives people inter-' ested in the tield an opportunity to observe the newest developments in psychology. The club also tries to give members a chance to practically apply what they learn. This year the club was led by John Padgett, president and Greg Hornie, vice-pres- ident. One ot the year's highlights was a field trip to the Kalamazoo State Hospital. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB FRONT ROW: Dr. Heston, M Helper. ams, C., Riemenschneider, D Taup, Wareham, S., Maynard, M Evans, K., Stokes. J. R., Snyder. Leidy, Sarchet, secretary, Platt vice-president, Padgett, J., pres: dent, Hornie, treasurer, Dr. Roach SECOND ROW: Adams, B., Boeke McFarlane, Odle, Heard, Burt, Ad BACK ROW: Hubbard, R., Dal rymple, Hutson, Farrar, Manley Guenther, Wareham, C., Williams philosophy club The purpose of The Philosophy club This year has been To sTimulaTe an inTeresT in phil- osophical maTTersxon Albion's campus. The club was led by Thomas Sevener, presidenT and William RiTTer, vice-presidenT. The TaculTy advisor is Dr. ArThur W. Munk. The club broughT several ouTside speak- ers To The campus, including Dr. STanley ld- zerda, Dean oT The Honors College of Michi- gan STaTe universiTy. PHILOSOPHY CLUB FRONT ROW: BoynTon, Dr. Munk RiTTer, vice-presidemg Sevener, pres denT, EmmerT, secreTary. BACK ROW: Taylor, B., HuTson M., Richards, W., WaTTs, E., Odle Miller, S. J. ' sociology club The Sociology club is an organizaTion Tor all sTudenTs inTeresTed in This field. lT meeTs once a monTh To discuss some special Tield of sociology. The main evenT oT The year is a Tield Trip, Taken This year To Milwaukee. HighlighTs of The Trip were visiTs To divorce courTs, urban renewal proiecTs, counTy hospiTals, a YMCA play, curaTive workshops, and The Jewish CommuniTy cenTer. SOCIOLOGY CLUB FRONT ROW: Dr. Swan, Helper Boynton, vice-presiclenT, Odle, pres idenT, Fleming, L., secretary-Treas urer, Knisley, Pugh, Mr. Gray. sEcoND ROW: Adams, B., Burr- Maynard, M., Krengel, AppelT, Brauclier, Zinnecker, Evans, K. BACK ROW: Boekeg Miller, S. J. Hames, Valinefg PlaTT, Brown, C. Hoben DELTA SIGNXA RHO FRONT ROW: Smith, P., Brown, 'P' '1 ,Js'r'-rfvrfiff. . ' 1 I-,-,. P4 si 1 1 1 J., president, Emmett, Boyer. BACK ROW: Cawthorne, Conner, Warner, Lauderbach, Mr. Hamp- ton. delta sigma rho Delta Sigma Rho, national honorary fo- rensics fraternity, was founded on The A.Ibion college campus in 1911. The main purpose of this society is to recognize meritorious service in the forensic t1eId and to encourage par- ticipation in forensic activities. Members must have participated in Eve or more intercollegiate debates or the equiva- lent and They must have an overall B average during The year of election to The group. debate Resolved: That labor organizations should be placed under The supervision of anti-Trust legislation. This year under The direction of Mr. Charles Hampton, The Team debated This question and finished with an excellent rec- ord. Captained by Jim Brown, the group won both divisions of the Goshen College Invita- tional. It tied for first place in the Eastern Illinois Invitational Tournament and won the Anderson College Invitational. The team also participated in the qualify- ing round of the West Point Invitational tournament. DEBATE FRONT ROW: Lauderbach, Brown, J., Boyer, Beck. BACK ROW: Martin, F., Smith, K., Mr. Hampton, Jones, S., Smith, ,, ,O ,.w.- ....-.---v -.- - 4 .1- --- ----V . fy, .A 'G' CONTRIBUTORS' CLUB FRONT ROW: Capper, Black, E. secretary, Chapman, D., president Hilts, vice-president. BACK ROW: Totten, Mullerweiss Dr. Irwin, Bouma, McDonald, M. Hotchkiss, J. o I 0 contributors club The Contributors' Club, an English Hon- orary, sponsored four movies This year. They included, The Mouse That Roared, Othello, Our Man in Havana, and All the King's Men. They also prepared a literary magazine composed of student work. The club's monthly meetings were based on a discussion of writing ideas. Members participated in a trip to Ann Arbor to attend a production of Graham Green's play, Living alpha phi gamma Room. ALPHA PHI GAMMA FRONT ROW: Bikfasy, Mathews M., Cummings, C., Peters, K. E. vice-president, Braun, president DQCOU: Haughey, secretary-treas urer. BACK ROW: Ozenbaugh, Lefler Neilson, Dr. Irwin, Grice, Blake man, Mr. Gildartg Gusting Goudie. Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary iournalistic fraternity, elects its members on the basis of individual ability, and editorial service on either the Albionian or the Pleiad. It recognizes individual ability and achieve- ment in college and university journalism and serves and promotes the welfare of the col- lege through journalism. ALBION COLLEGE PLAYERS FRONT ROW: Dr. Welker, Stra- dery Murray, R., president, Cum- mings, C., vice-president, Han- sen, T. BACK ROW: Emmert, Black, H., Royle, Bankerh Boydenp Flem- ing, L. Q , ,y allaion college players A- ' gl , Ma Sam Miszewski and Sule'rTe Strader in Ladies in ReTiremenT Albion College Players, a dramaTic club, This year produced Three plays, Ladies in Re- TiremenT, The Madvvoman of ChailloT, and Our American Cousin. The Wonderful Tang was produced Tor children's TheaTer. ln addiTion, The group acTed as hosTs To The Canadian Players when They presenTed The Lady's NoT For Burning as a parT of The lecTure-concerT series. I n 1 --7 Ll 1 fl ln l 'TP I TV I.- 5'! LA IA I J--P theta alpha phi TheTa Alpha Phi is a naTional dramaTics honorary TraTerniTy. To be eligible Tor mem- bership, a sTudenT musT be a member of The Albion College players, and he musT be acTive in TheaTer work. The group proposes To increase inTeresT, sTimulaTe creaTive'ness, and develope arTisTic abiliTy in all of The TheaTer arTs. TheTa Alpha Phi sponsored The TheaTer Trip To New York This spring. YOUNG REPUBLICANS FRONT ROW Knisley secreTary Huber chairman Orr vicechair THETA ALPHA PHl FRONT ROW: Cummings, C., first vice-president, Boyden, secretary, STrader, presidenT, Dr. Welker. BACK ROW: Fleming, L., Murray, denT. young republicans The Young Republicans club began The year by being hosTs To a How To GeT ElecT- ed Conference. The group also aTTended The Young Republicans convenTion in PorT Huron and The MidwesT CevnTerence in Indianapolis. GuesT speakers included Mr. Blaque Knirk, Con-Con delegaTe, Mr. Rockwell T. GusT, can- didaTe Tor office of LT. Governor, and Sen- aTor John STahlin. man Smith K Treasurer BACK ROW Lauderbach DeFran cis Davies Deason R., Treasurer, Bankerf, vice-presi- T T i . if'- 'iii' .',.. M i. nl rn-Apu. 4 I.-- 'Ai---- i '1,'lii-1:- r--avvinvxqmfnv . :uri nf -ni U... a ,- .I -,i , . ,.,, f A- , N -- ---V-T .--.- . .i, i,-.4, 'il ..1-H12-f.:i'jTi i'... TP.',!'4 'S 7111, '1, -3'E,4,FVen -.Q-frgiq. T-5, -1, 1 y 4 , 4 . ..- .. .. .... ..4. Y 1 .1.- J.. . J ' r QSK , J .-T-T. 4 5 1 V L I ,QW . , YW f H V M 7 T7 T J 'W .. Q T' W7 - ' - ' - ' f 5lQMA ALPHA IOTA X r T, . y T FRoNT ROW: Robinson, H., ui-qu i T ,Q hart, C., secreiary, Jarvis, presi ' 1 - denT, Hulbert vice-president, Glid - den, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Noll, Schewe, Stiff, . f Manning, Stobaugh, Evans, K. Black, M., Totten. Q sigma alpha iota Sigma Alpha IoTa, naTional Women's music fraTerniTy, requires ThaT iTs members obTain a 1.2 overall scholasTic average and a l.8 aver- age in music courses. Members musT also have ouTsTanding musical abiliTy. One of The group's main acTiviTies is The annual inTer-sororiTy song fesT, won This year by The lndependenT women, direcTed by Bar- bara Jarvis. Miss Jarvis was also The recipienT of The group's annual music scholarship. OTher acTiviTies included monThly musi- cales and The American Composer's concerT, presenTed wiTh Phi Mu Alpflffa Sinfonia. phi mu alpha sinlonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, naTional music fraTerniTy, selecTs men for acTive parTicipaTion in The musical life of The college. The fra- TerniTy sponsored The WinTer QuarTeT Sing and The lnTerfraTerniTy Song fesT, held in The spring. The proceeds of boTh evenTs were direcTed Towards an annual scholarship for deserving music sTudenTs. Phi Mu Alpha also sang during The inTer- mission of The Sigma Alpha IoTa sororiTy sing, and vviTh The women's musical fraTerniTy spon- sored an All-American composers concerT. The fraTerniTy also ushered during The various mu- sical evenTs on campus This year. field. W. H., Marrin, G., Rogers, Pixley. Royle, Crane, W. 'L if .T'.. f -f-- .--V -vw me . ,- ,. --,--- f:' -H ' TT xv. . 1f-' A-' PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRONT ROW: Smith, M. G., B dell, secreTary, Wheeler, S., vice presidenT, Ritter, presidenT, Cra mer, W., Treasurer, David, Mans SECOND ROW: Mate, Richardson boTT, J., Grisdale, Lee, Marc BACK ROW: Croll, Pierce, R. B Wolfe, EvereTT, von Guffenberg BAND THIRD ROW: Barron, Newing, Mahoney, Van Aelst, Phill, Keene, FRONT ROW: Clark, T., Evans, C. E., Cramer, M. A., Dickerson, Williamson, P., Fleming, T., Gass, J., Fleming, J., Cameron, Glason, Glidden, Goodnow, deBeaumont, Sampson, J. E., Wilkinson, E. Sexton, Sayre, Shephard, Early. SECOND ROW: Faller, Cooper, D., Gigoney, Gibson, Litteton, Phillips, BACK ROW: Beagle, Lawrence, Mansfield, Barrett, K., Mr. Long, N., Wichnal, Eppler, Erickson, J., Hilts, Lint, Crockett. Abbot, J. f l band The Albion College Symphonic band and Marching band, under the direction of Dr. Ralph G. Long, offered outsanding music this year. The All 'piece Symphonic band presented on February 7, a program of pleasurable and stimulating selections. The group also made their annual spring tour of Michigan. The Marching band added much color and gaity at the football games and other fall events. .'. ti in vvr-1 Il- I- 'n s in! ful-1, :rv f..,.,f1i4-...t ',,'..',,,-4... , -, ,, 41 .. ', Ar, ,n V, 1 'I' -,i..1 '.!.A ,V .. ,al ,,, ,. -w, -1, 1, gig-,,,,l,.,A,12,u, A, 1.,,,i .LJ'yg., ,lp Ah. A 1 A 1, , l Dmi.--t..-- -N. -v.- 1 - . - . V . . ., ,, , , N ,U 'V 1 I . T. -..M .....i... ..,.J...u.m ,i...r... ,...1....ra.l.' ..,4.. .1 4..n.,Ji.:ral:,.lu:-tla1iO::lC.a,:.1'43, 1-:Jr cn.. ' 4 ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW: Meaderg Sienkiewiczp Gliddenp Dickersonp Widickf Strandloergg THIRD ROW: Quartermainep Simonsy Jones, D.p Fullenweidery Fleming, T. Wilkinsong Cochran. Gassy Earlyp Housef Bacong McDonald. SECOND ROW: Barronp Coamerg Flegalf Cooperp Goodnowp Spagnolip BACK ROW: Mr. Longg Mrs. Etling: Dr. Smithg Manstieldf Beagleg New Hogmanf Littetong Ericksong Kingp Hiltsg Lint. many Montogomeryp Early. orchestra The Albion College orchestra under the direction ot Dr. Ralph Long began the year loy accompanying the Choral society in their annual Christmas concert. Their concert in April featured Mr. Forrest Etling as guest conductor. The orchestra ac- companied the Symphonic band on its tour of Michigan in the spring. 87 , .. .. -- O , f-,--1.--,--:frv -A'--A 111 .t'.-f -: .:- ' - - f i.-'ffl-ffm . ,, -..,.., .A.. .- .. - ,- v, ..-,-ff .- 7 : 'f2Tvj. F' ' 4' -' -' -- 1' - ' - -' ' ' - ' CHOIR THIRD ROW: Mate, Paiot, Transue, Stricker, Schoenhals, Prout FRONT ROW: Rowe, P., Totten, M., Van Loo., Final, Baselle, J., Stobaugh, Wells, K., Spanenberg, Manning, Hulbert, Neither Jarvis, McFarlane, Boyden, Fraser, J., Yoki, Stiff, Robinson, H., cut, Kemp, Gliessman, Engfer, Kent, Parker. 'k,Hd ,5.,Kl'1,Sld,HCl'k. Sedrlc U son ' U ns a e en nc D FOURTH ROW: Beck, Pixley, Schmidt, Martin, G., Wheeler, S. SECOND ROW: Knickerbocker, S., Black, M., Abbott, B., Cun- Nott, Huktala, Hetler, -Croll, Woomer, Jayne, Rogers, J., Grisdale ningham, Schewe, Murray, B. Ransford, Cramer, W., Champe, Friestad, Taylor, B. BACK ROW: David, Marsh, D., Burch, Kingsley, R., Chizmar, Royle, Ebersole, Everett, Marsh, W., Fennimore, Cameron, C., Jacobs, Ritter, Pierce, R. B., Butt, J., Richardson, W. H. choir The Albion College A Cappella choir, con- ducted by Mr. David Strickler, has this year, as in the past, presented the choral music in the chapel services. It has also presented many concerts on and off campus. X The A Cappella choir this year toured the east coast, singing in churches and high schools. carol singers The Carol Singers, a group of 25 per- sons selected from the A Cappella Choir pres- ented several programs of Christmas carols during the holiday season. They were heard in convocation, at a program in Charlotte, and at the University of Michigan. Their final appearance of the year vvas at a Lincoln's Day dinner in Battle Creek where they presented a repertoire of patriotic music. ' CAROL SINGERS FRONT ROW: Totten, Rowe, P., Jarvis, Fraser, J., Black, M., Stiff, Robinson, H., Hudson, S. SECOND ROW: P ix l e y, Mate, Schewe, Manning, Hulbert, Tran- sue, Rogers, J., Friestad. BACK ROW: Richardson, W. H., Wheeler, S., Hetler, Royle, Ever- ett, Fennimore, Ritter, Woomer, Martin, G. or'- M, ..., -x v - - ,-u.-ff, --A-A 4'--Q.--fv,.r-.,--rqf..-1 , L , Y Ak A ll ,-l':r1-L:-v'f fp- 4 in-n vrzj 4,-5 2: yr .fu-ya, :wif T31-:vv-iz wir- -1 Q --'L 1 -1 5 1 ri vjxlcx 15,1 111 -ri 4' -.V-srvjvw v. .' -ws'-r s 'fri-Q.-- -.. . 4 - , fl Y , , .14 .,,.g.,--......A.1p.e,--...-1...-1L-'-4 1-al.-1,.'1 .'-12.12 ml- ,La 'Q '.L ' -' - ' U ' The H. P. Moller Organ in Goodrich Chapel 1,1 ,-L' Q 1 be M 15, ! :MI -5- ,.' . md-Gem 'Wu 'T- i 1 .Z l Q Howard D. Small, Instructor in Music and College Organist ,,,,---'- ' I1 F f ..c..1 Q,......-5 A ,M -Jf .. ,.,,-,.,...,....-V1-11 P., fj..,. -- ..-.-,,. ,,,,, M, ,, ,, .,..c,.Y Af -- - Y -'e - i vw - ,. 1' -' C A , N A, f The A Cappella Choir W1 pleiad PLEIAD Mr. GildarT, Blakeman, sporTs ed- T iTor, Braun, ediforg Goudie man- aging editor. The Albion College Pleiad This year was ediTed by David Braun. AssisTing him was Bill Goudie, The sTaFF's managing ediTor. The members of The News WriTing and News EdiTing classes served as reporTers, cov- ering all of The general assignmenTs Through beaTs and also doing several special assign- menTs. Bruce Blakeman, assisTed by Howard Neilson, kepT an up-To-daTe accounT of Albion's sporTs evenTs for The. newspaper. , YYVYYY - fm-1 df? l 'X Friday kicked-off The Pleiad's work-week when Braun issued assignmenTs To his reporT- ers and called The weekly ediTors' meeTing To discuss The coming issue. Tuesday and Wednesday nighTs, The ed- iTors gaThered incoming copy, copyread and headlined iT, and senT iT To The 'Albion Re- corder To be prinTed. Thursday aTTernoons, They read and correcTed The galley and page proofs aT The prinTer. The newspaper was prinTed Friday mornings and Then Taken To The campus To be disTribuTed To The sTudenTs and TaculTy. FaculTy advisors were RoberT H. GildarT and J. Leslie EngsTrom. PLEIAD Mr. EngsTrom, Ozenbaugh, busi- ness manager. mings. Neilson, Swanson, Goudie: T song Cooley, Gustinp Grice: Lim alblonlan ALBIONIAN Work on. The 1962 Albionian began in The spring of 1961 when picTures of spring evenTs were Taken. Cover and Theme ideas were decided upon during The summer, and in The Tall, class and club picTures were Taken. PicTures received from The phoTographer were cropped, sized, pasTed and Then senT To The engraver. ciaTe ediTor. AT The beginning of The second semesTer, work on The copy began. The copy was Then senT To The prinTer. Engraving proofs and copy proofs were combined To make a dummy from which The book was prinTed.T The book was Then senT To The binders in Chicago, and The Albionians were disTribuTed To The sTudenTs laTe in May. Mr. Giidartf MaThews, ediTor, Neil- 1 son, sporTs editor, Bikfasy, asso- ' ALBIONIAN Lefler, business manager, Mr. Eng- sTrom, Hallbauer, assistant busi- ness manager. rip' ir- -, Y l . ,g 1 95 ri L: 3 if ffl T -51 4. iq, .-L' , . PY ' ,, , 'L in rdf, . I if 'L A 55 .-- 1 --, . 1.. 1 '. F915 li' V WLT In ' PJ '1 L... 51 P12 1 ' 1 tt 1 lf -, ,, , cs HT! T '14 '. ,- '.T Y: :M S13 . - 'Q'- .. 1 .J r, ef.. . ES, f .Tis L .-. B -px. 1 ,I-. -. 11821 2, -T ii' Fe- -Je H if 'ein J' We 5 as 'T ii. ' . g...., H , ..,r- Ff' -'I 'fy , E1-'i Z1 ' 'Q Ei, :T .- in - Q I I r -' I ' 1 ki Ir- , iii Z Sl L- Ad gi N i .U . ET' F4 J F2 3 Vg, a :Ly 3 :xl 7 Composed of two representatives from INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL I FRONT ROW: Hunt, secretary, Hammond, treasurer, Warner, pres- ident, Kingsley, vice-president, EI- vvell. BACK ROW: Snyder, Woodburne Davison, Sagendort, Clemo, Bol- PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Hunsicker, DeShon treasurer, Derwick, secretary, Beh rens, president, Diller, vice-presi dent, Hendrick, Hutchings. BACK ROW: Phillips, Parmelee LaRowe, Chapman, M., Tiossem Heppner, Hutt, Miller, N. panhellenlc council each ot AIbion's eight sororities, the Panhel- lenic council co-orrdfinates the work ot the sororities and makes all rules regarding rush. After much debate this year, the group de- cided to retain matriculation rush instead of be- ginning deterred rush. The council gave money to the Foreign Student committee as its philanthropic proiect tor the year. One ot the yeaf's main social events, the Panhellenic ball was sponsored by the group. mterfratermty cbunql The IFC Ball was highlighted by the Play- mates and The Johnny Harberd band. Cora Lynne Final was chosen Greek Goddess. Dur- ing the spring, IFC ran the first Oil Can Der- by Il Consisting of two members ot each tra- ternity on campus, the IFC continued to eval- uate and revise constitution and rushing rules. They also helped to initiate the .plan ot hang- ing traternity and sorority paddles in the stu- dent center. n, Williams, J. R. I O s.-. i rl 1115411 u,..,.','gQ. T ll I I I ,l Il .l-!,gv-1 I -1 In all-sill'-rw-I-r ll 1 la 4- III lf. n F.l.T l I 4 in .1 rn 4 ' i ,I H d I I 4 W I .4 l . --wiv rr rdf.-iq Jn, -1 ,. I, Q, .. l 3 - TOP PICTURE FRONT ROW: Croll, Budnik, MacFarlane, Mathews, R., Barrett, D., Dunn, R., Hall, R. M., Teichman, Kilby. SECOND ROW: MacMorran, Ashley, Hanson, Ladd, Megregian, Harley, Rasmussen, Aves, Williams, N., David, Ketrow. BACK ROW: Huebner, Clark, T. C., Leach, Madill, J. L., Gruel, Titley, McDonald, D., Dana, Shick, Ulmanis, Kapnick, Peele. , fif.-7.-.Ax .... .., BOTTOM PICTURE X FRONT ROW: Martin, R., Rise, Kirkland, T., Kingsley J., president, Mrs. Whitney, Yeomans, treasurer, Clute Jones, M. A., Andrews. SECOND ROW: Tinker, Lightbody, J., Budd, Surns Hutson, Porter, J., Forshew, Kinder, Smith, R. A. Smith, R. R., Smith, A., vice-president. BACK ROW: Clark, E. S., Gould, F., Budde, Rose T., Watt, Boyes, Harris, W., Silcox, Camen, Molner Yearger, J. alpha tau omega ld' 'fc The ATO's began the year's activities with Black-Foot White-Foot held with the Sigma Nu's at the Duck Lake Country Club. At Christ- mas time, they had a party tor underpriv- ileged children. The group vvas in second place scholas- tically among the fraternities this year. Other activities included tiresides, Parents' day in May, desserts with sororities, and TGIF par- ties. The Spring formal was held at the Hol- iday Inn in Jackson. Y ---7- - f - :.--: f --1--.f .-1--Y f--- -:A - -- - - A-at .-5 -H ff 1' l TOP PICTURE FRONT ROW: WalTers, DenTon, Gass, J. H., Garlick, Ma- honey, Henderson, Johnston, Schmidf, J. H. SECOND ROW: Wilcox, W., Pixley, Cannon, Swingle, Spagnoli, Lepard, P., Voorheis, Houseman, D., Shepherd D. C. BACK ROW: Caswell, SexTon, ToTTen, A., Wise, RoeTman Cameron, C., Hagedorn, Adams, D., Meinke, Meinig. 1 0 O delta sigma phi BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: Schulke, Emery, Richardson, R., Mrs. Mason, Linr, Smith, J., Hetler, McAllister. SECOND ROW: Jones, M. P., Danford, Kelly, M. L., Van Aelsf, Hosley, Goodnovv, Packard, Ransford, Richardson, W. H., Elwell. BACK ROW: Alobort, D., Hallloauer, Marsh, W., Beagle, Shudark,Wiler, Lampinen, Chalk. fu ss u X X N ,X ' ,XXX P: bi X ' ' --4 5 is T The DelT Sigs held Their Tall formal aT The Embers in HolT. They also had Their an- nual ChrisTmas parTy vviTh KD's Tor underprivi- leged children. They Took Third place in The quarTeT sing and second place in The inTerTraTerniTy song TesT. Their spring dinner dance was held aT The Hayes horel in Jackson, OTher acTixiTies included The annual parenls day, desseris xxirh sororiTies, and house parties. - +.s..f.:f..:.....r:...:...s..a.a.:s:.4.:s.:-:.:-gf.4.,'i,-J.:.Tg:.:::.s.:s..:e:..a:.a'.:r:.:.z.:f:a1fzilzfiwtii2.21413559251Saiisisaltaii-.2asara.i.f4'f,'12.3.17-,' i135b',-aw w' ar' TOP PICTURE FRONT ROW: Northway, Lucas, Soderquist, Rank, Wheeler, J., Walton, J., Fox, J., Johnson, G., Phelps. SECOND ROW: Lacey, Hart, Vore, McDowell, McCadie, Pant- lind, Gardner, Meade, Guenther, Walton, D., Baker, J. T. BACK ROW: Wheeler, S., Boehlke, Low, House, Brooks, Ackles, Hill, Strand, Beers. l . Delta Tau Delta held their Third annual New Year Eve's party This year. Katherine Murdick was crowned Delt sweetheart at The annual Black-White Tormal at The Holiday lnn in Jackson. T Spring events included The annual pledge Tormal in April and a rock and roll party with The Sigma Nu's in May. Other activities included desserts and TGIF parties with sororities, and The Spring Parent's Day. l f' 'i':-- --r-.. 1 1 BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: Williams, J., Braun, Schetters, vice-president, Wells H., treasurer, Osgood, president, Mrs. Seymour, Kinsley, Kurtz Clark, T. C., Heftner. SECOND ROW: Grimshavv, Wheelerf' S., Haines, H., Guenther Krause, Hornie, Clemo, Brown, K., Goudie, Martin, J., Russell J., Catto, Schultz, T., Portman, Dodenhoff. BACK ROW: Clausen, Curts, Seymour, Wells, T. C., Tellman Lauppe, McClurg, Curtis, K., Harrold, Helpap, Abbott, J., Mc Cracken, Nye, Andreae. delta tau delta - rv ,. ,-.-v.... --- - . .1 -.- -.-,A ..-V., . ,..--...,- M- f f--v-1--va: x TOP PICTURE FRONT ROW: Christensen, R., Fox, T., Makowsky, Coe Heiman, Early, B. SECOND ROW: Marshall, J. W., Coggon, McMillin Rathburn, Foss, J., Blair, Mclver, Betwee, Maibauer Marshall, J. B., McMillin. THIRD ROW: Graul, Willis, L., Walker, H., Biddulph Hansz, Woodworth, Butler, LaVanway, Meyn, N., Sleight, D., Montgomery, Fox, R., Padgett, T., Dahl, Lott. BACK ROW: Cooley, J., Shoemaker, Sayre, Gray, Mun son, Roller, Lepard, J., Schott, Vander Weg, Taylor, sigma chi 721, . ,fcgmfyyf :fi lly ywgiwyfiiwiyh, 'IJ' eg s ,r .. m...-...... em., .JM my ,ew .... ...m,s:6W4i,' ' I J., Rowan, Gustin, Davidson, S., Kuechenmeister, Tegge. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: Carmody, Green, J., Bremer, W. M., Fischer, R. W., Schulze, Findley, J., Bremer, W. H., Cheney. SECOND ROW: Willis, P., Long, J., Noble, D., Dalzell, Davison, Springer, Conner, Rademacher. TOP ROW: Padgett, J., Holmes, Jacobus, Dunn, J., Roe, O'Brien, Duetting, Olsson, Munger. 'ws EF. J! , , ' s .. N .59 , i' Q5 Izxif Q F93 ?'.J .ik fx X rQ.,QiQ Scholarship was an important part ot the Sigma Chi activities, as they won the scholar- ship trophy and the scholarship improvement trophy tor the second semester ot '60-'oi and also tour national Sigma Chi scholarship awards. Linda Cooper was named sweetheart ot Sigma Chi at the annual Sweetheart hall held at the Holiday lnn in Jackson. The Sigma Chi Derby day was the start- er ot the pig three day week-end in the spring. The spring formal was held at the Charlotte Country club, preceded hx' a steal. roast at Wilder's Creek park. .li1'+l JV. ,, IL. ,- .1 - .-...l,,.-...i. l 1vu lui -ann. lT, 'lI llnil' l 1 T HT I-Atv' -'ui I T H- -vnu TOP PICTURE FRONT ROW: Bloomquist, Spencer, D. V., Metzger, Bailey, Kordon, VanDam, Deardortf, Fleming, T. SECOND ROW: Bohannon, Ellertsen, Harris, G., Lapekas, Fleming, J., Worthy, Valluzzo, Bennett. BACK ROW: Searles, Smock, B., Papentus, R., Rice, Rich, Galloway, K., Shafer, G. M., Combs, Bommarito, Neal. Wim? 9 14? .. .194 X.. .2-Zh' K .p jc ,I , ' 'J' s ' . , 1 A 'A V! iv ,7. PLL ? J- ' ' '. f.1',f'e-, I y- as I., f-If.,-1 .I egg' 7. xaljiia .J Ty 45, . The Executive secretary of The National fraternity was The guest speaker at The Sigma Nu Alumni dinner on homecoming weekend. Also in the Tall, The Sigma Nu's initiated a weekly lecture series aT Their house. The annual Black-Foot, White-Foot was held with The ATO's aT The Duck Lake Coun- try club. Dr. Swan played Santa Claus aT a Christmas party given Tor underprivileged chil- dren oT Albion. The Scholarship Improvement Trophy was won by The Sigma Nu's Tor The Tirst semester OT 'ol-'62 Debbie Hutchings was named sweetheart of Sigma Nu aT The White Star Tormal aT The Hayes hotel in Jackson. v--l v-lcv-, NL X BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: Snyder Harrison, M., Palermo, J., Mrs. Daley Terrell, Cooley, D., Cramer, W., Stewart, D. SECOND ROW: .WrighT, Martens, Neilson, Royer, T., Ship man, Hora, Morgan, Hunt, Champe, Zimmerman, D. Porter, W'. BACK ROW: McNally, J., Gorton, Rivers, Groom, Elsener G., Rulapaugh, Waler, B., Dragon, Blakeman, Marsh, D., Lutz sigma nu ,- ,,, , ,I -,.v,,- .c - - ....v.- .C.,....-- ,.--..... -,, ,...-- ve., ..n.-'w.1a' ul an 1 .T l,,,g,,,.,,ii,g,,Y.J- li I 4 '41 TOP PICTURE . FRONT ROW: Lauderbach, Fletcher, Valinet, Ormsby, Luding- ton, Fitch, J., Waggoner, T., Lawrence, J., Cook, J. SECOND ROW: Geisler, Cole, N., Canfield, Thomas, J., Moon Hubinger, March, N., Mielke, Lindblad, Schorman, Matrin, F. Lee, R., Harrington, Ohlmann, Clark, S. BACK ROW: Zarrilli, Smith, L., Hart, Shannon, Nester, Hargrove, Maccabee, P., Schmidtke, Emerick, C., Maxwell, R., Groehn Tallman. tau kappa epsilon i BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: Nott, D., H'oT1es,' S., Maxtield, Sealy, Green, D., Mrs. Katz, French, president, Dickerson, Smith, D., Judey, Boyer. SECOND ROW: Utterback, Galoehart, H. E., Grisdale, Haines, P., Robinson, F., Hendry, Eastwood, Gabehart, H. V., Sagen- dorf, Barks, Spolar, Franseth, Dean, Beck, Rubenstein. BACK ROW: Schneider, Fritz, Brown, J., Platt, Peters, K. E., Allan, Bacon, Hall, R. S., Bentley, H., Hames, Murray, R., Hathaway, R. J., Rogers. ' I g .S f Q.. IRNQS Tau Kappa Epsilon won the Homecoming house decorations, and their tall tormal was held at the Hart hotel in Battle Creek. At Christmas, the TKE's gave a Christmas party tor underprivileged children. They took second place in the quartet sing and won the scholarship trophy tor the tirst semester. The year ended with the winning ot the Phi Mu Alpha songtest, a Roaring Twenties houseparty, and the Spring Dinner dance held at the Battle Creek Country club. .....4nnnn:nmng. .-- -,, . I-lil il rl'-5-1 :fu FRONT ROW: Ragle, Treasurer, SmiTh, M. G., secreTary, EschTruTh, Knickerbocker, L., presidenT, Mrs. RoberTs, Pohlman, Mansfield, vice- presidenT, Brinker. SECOND ROW: Wang, Seve-ner, Hoag, Parsons, F., Miller, E. E., Fennimore, Mignotg Elzy, Johannides, Hukfalag Clason,Ash1ori. Goodrich Club began Their social acTivi- Ties in The Tall vviTh a hayride and barn parTy. AT ChrisTmas Time They gave a parTy Tor Un- derprivileged boys of Albion. A musTache parTy was anoTher highlighi OT GC's social program where a prize was given Tor The besT musTache. ' ln The spring They held Their formal aT The Cascades CounTry Club in Jackson. goodrlch club rl' xfi ' --., I L35 - , i f I rv. Ui bfi FM 3 if-5 11 'F 511 I.: Ill! ii! V Mb 1 pi- N1 M ' IFA' rf ' L ,,.' X Li I 3, wi f' .WJI ,, We Qifir. --02 1963269 3 10.9- ' . i f ,z6?,fffEgs , A ' in Highlighting The fall acTiviTies for Alpha Chi Omega was The Pledge formal held with The Alpha Xi's aT The VFW hall in Marshall. AT Christmas Time The Alpha Chi's held Their annual parTy for needy children of Albion. alpha Chl omega Albion's chapter was especially honored To host over 300 other Befa chapTer members and national officers aT a 75Th Anniversary dinner in May. , ' A Dinner dance at The Hotel Hayes in Jackson and ParenT's day concluded spring acTiviTies. ' ALPHA CHI OMEGA FRONT ROW: Huff, Lewis, C., Sellers, J., Polderman, recording secretary, Purdo, treasurer, Sarchet, first vice-president, Tilman, president, Murdick, second vice-president, Bentley, S., corresponding secretary, Crane, C., Gass, J. E., Rouse, Daily. SECOND ROW: Diller, Everman, Noble, C., Kwis, Powell, Starr, Moyer, Newcomer, Sorokin, Wells, Schreiber, Spanenberg, Wagoner, Peck- ham, Madison, Punches, Skinkle, Carter, J. A., Parsons, N., Clime, Black, M. THIRD ROW: Lewis, K., Findley, C., Knickerbocker, S., Watts, M. E., Hoenle, Fuller, Littleton, D., Hathaway, S., Timmons, Maharg, Wha' len, Payne, Rosendall, Gresham, Woodburn, Ott, McKinnis. ,B , . ,. , , M 1 K -' 1- .lr-'-j 1 W Tv'-vi-'l rl'1 ! h'ii-v,nL:'l-T. 'rv nw -r5n'bq'uiqi-ral: qui-f ,. :Us 4,4 qmi4'u-1 gi :gy-1 n v-'gulf' ff ur . piagnlrpif- n,n rl: -nl 1'-1 A pi.,-gm ,.. 'law'-1 Q all , - - i. '. ., .- , . V -1 - -5- M- M 'T ' i-A i - -'-'T -'ff -- 'V -- 1' ,- -f A. V- f-: -1 ' .', . 1. r . ... 131:-I-quwlili v waves- u 1 iw slim' r Y-'ilu u'n1-ifn.wa:-.-dm .afvrtu-1-.lbm m1.rnln-un'-math-1 mv 1 !'vfn4!'v !1F':'F' !F Fr! !Fl 'F!'Y'1'7'HELP!,F'!10f-rijligyqig u '31,.,'ig,.r..4 iff. -m'f,-1-'-f'!'-'flflrni il, A3 'E ' -llfffig 11 P -'Ng ' A:-fa my ,-4 i :li This Tall The Alpha Xi's proudly seTTled in Their new lodge. ParenT's day and an all- campus open house provided opporTuniTies To show off The new lodge. The Tall Pledge Tormal was held aT The VFW building in BaTTle Creek wiTh The DelTa ZeTa's ChrisTmas broughT The annual parTy wiTh Tau Kappa Epsilon Tor The needy children of Albion and a ChrisTmas Tree decoraTing daTe nighT. Spring acTiviTies included The baskeTball desserT and The Spring formal held aT The Cascades in Jackson. P an 1 l l f . , 5 A A , J 'mi lfgf, , A i wi T T'-1.1.1 m - ,, J, V ln 1 s :Hi Z!.kgC':f3V 'gay I 1 1 iii? A Tn ..fxlf.g1i4aa ,is'g,,L,55 .5 Jill.. l l' 4 f':'r'if 1 5 T-J Ft' ' ' i5,ii1,li53' 19,9 L, f- I, liikg, ,MTH 'gfxja ,f -T is 374 ' 5' fb? sa. Sig? , , g 3315 V. .i ,V Y 2 mx if ..,- -f , fwfr , .' 2+ 1 T ls 5 TT. , wi., ' ,gf T ' gl, 3 'P rf? .i .,4 . Af . A I ' 'N---vw ,ll Y, ' Hia ' . ff l fi 59: . f'-af. HY HF 'alf.J.- ' - , ai, , -- ... , ,M .5 ,L L 4 . , 5 5 L lla, 'il if 392' P li' 5 fkaimllfl lily, f ?f?'1-Enspeeitl M 25 N ,w gl H lk' l , g LTL,-Q-xii. , WT i gf' PA Q' s f V, ff' i'i WW' V lf. uiiwf' Mg F' . , 1 A , i'55'lW 3if E V , ....5.el,.i....v,,,4,..,M4..7fhM'-mvAg MM I ,X ' . 2 V, , ' I i .M-c94l'qg,,NW ' L I if 2 :'!x1?:Wfr11li-l..n.,.. rd' ' f'5 ':c:,,.Q..:. alpha xi delta x 1 ALPHA Xl DELTA FRONT ROW: Derwick, Ruhly, McNally, Treasurer, Decou, Evans, C., vice-presidenff Wareham, S., pre-Sidenif Reed, J., McNally, R., Corre- sponding secretary, Lyons, Ranck, Davis, J. A SECOND ROW: Treynor, Sanderson, Sibley, secretary, Briggs, Harlan: l'lellSTI'Omi CGFTGF, K-7 VVlll0U9l'1lOYi Pederson: PBSTOF, B-i NlHf'l0i Humphrey, Clarke, C., Baker, L. fl li l l l i l l E. l l l l l i A BACK ROW: Jackson, Tucker, Sullivan, Barber, Pastor, J., LighTbody, S., Gefzfrid, Cooke, Needham, Shirilla, Oswald, J., Palliaer, Miller, N. lOl li N l Ji: - ' A -' ill' --,... ... . 1 . .--,-,,.1'1--1r1- ,,,,,, ., -,.,. - .. -. -V -3.--sv-,.v f-JJ -,. r i-f.. -4 Y l Z'f'7f1 1' AM . -Z Q -W., .4 'vu'-f'f' if' ,V 3 Z lf? ,Zigi DelTa Gamma began The year wiTh The Pledge Tormal held aT The V.F.VV. hall in Mar- shall vviTh The Alpha Chi's. For The second year in a row, a DG was chosen The SweeThearT of Sigma Chi. This year The honor wenT To Linda Cooper of Kalama- zoo. delta gamma OTher acTiviTies included The annual TooT- loall desserT, The bride's Tea, ParenTs' day and The Seniorpicnic. The girls also read.To a blind alum and enTerTained'TraTerniTies aT cof- Tee's aT The lodge. The annual Spring dinner dance was held aT The HarT hoTel in BaTTle Creek. DELTA GAMMA FRONT ROW: Quirkf Carfer, E., recording secretaryp Hunsickery Black, H.g Rose, E.p Behrens, presidentf Meader, vice-presidentg Heardg Bradnerg Lemke, corresponding secretaryg Norfh, Treasurer. Egsgvslll? EISZNQVESI I-Pggliii GoT'rschallf Towellg Oswald, E.f CaTTellp Burtp Meriwetherg Fitzgeraldp Scott, .l.f Manningg Hodgesf Cooper, L.: BACK ROW- Laycock- Goodsell- Pefers K S' Lehman Marquis Maginniss Graham K Nl' Sl 'cl ,I M I ' ' I I - -I I I I .' alre- C1I11ll . .- Hoqman- Vlelchf Miner: Acklandg Juhnke. ' I ' ' ' ' ' ll ll-ytc H I l l I , FI I It'F'lf 'A E fl V 'lN'I fa!-In ss.11.,.. 5 , it NN,-H ,.iL1'.I','A',nq. F ul ,J H KIKX wx , x... ,J N ui The Delta. Zetas began this years activi- ties with their fall formal held at The Elks' Temple in Battle Creek. Other activities included desserts with fra- ternities, date nights, and the annual Parents' day. Valentines Day was festive with a Dad's day at the Parker lnn. Carpet parties were held on Wednesday afternoons with each so- rority. The spring formal was held at the VFW hall in Marshall. The sorority also sponsored its annual Ugly Man Contest among the fra- ternities and donated proceeds to the Foreign Students' fund. ' DELTA ZETA FRONT ROW C .ns C Phillips Haughey. Jerome D Johnson J vlcepresudent Emeric president Price Purslow treasurer : ummlg, .7 I 1 ' Cl - -C l , t . SElZ:C5ZDWECg?,3' Ninas Ssecgejvilyn C Evans K, Keyes K. Barron J Warn M Hover Pierce K Seelye McKinley Frelberg Stobaugh : I er, .5 Y , -I 1 -I ' 'l',:lllF3lgSoRnC5W H d G hm J Stanbury- Shafer! B' Monroe R Crer J E Nelthercut Rutter Jerome M Jenkins Totten : ar yg ra a , .5 1 I -1 Keyes, S. -vs...-V, , A . , U i .A , 1. , Y 1 ,K . ,, ... , .- -.-... W- . 4 .,- -fl. 4 ,pi rs 1 - -1 ,:-A flgv .:'1 5, 'L Y ' ,P 'fl' 'TLG rg..--Eyglz. 'Ju-zu ' ri- -fl-'Q -' 'A' ' Ii. -4, ,, .. , . ,. ...vw :-L .ll -A 4- '-f, '. P' ..-' .1+u..:L.,'..A. -A A - A - V T A 1191-' .-JS-253.1 ' LS- - V-A---A kappa alpha theta . A as 'T The Fall Tormal was The highlighT of Tall acTiviTies Tor The TheTa's This year. Two SmarT- ie parTies were also held honoring Those girls wiTh high scholasTic averages. AT ChrisTmas Time, There was a lodge shower and a DecoraTion parTy. LaTer in The year, The TheTa's Took second place in The an- nual song hTesT. OTher acTiviTies included Dad's day, Par- enTs' day, daTe nighTs, and The Spring formal. i KAPPA ALPHA THETA FRONT ROW: Goodwillie, Steck, Nutt, Nleriam, Nyerges, Kemp, Oakley, Smith, S., Davis, M. SECOND ROW: Kischer, Norton, TuFFord, recording secretary, Fairgrieve, corresponding secreTary, Baumgartner, vice-president, Grind- staFF, president, Penhaligen, Van Camp, Treasurer, Ferguson, J., Rock, N., Shiere, Hotchkiss, J. THIRD ROW: Rumsey, Shanneffe, Howe, P., Bitzer, Gherardini, He ner, Nov k- N' ll- R b h Byrne, Newing, Ruemele, Hill, R. pp a , :co s, ose roug , Loomis, Rush, Nevergold, Bone, FOURTH ROW: Williams, M., VanLoo, Christl, Engfer, Walker, S., OTTo, P., Rock, G., Evans, S., Mui' h, J., Diloble, Zimmerman, J. A.: lO4 P Y Brenner, Huloubard, D., Olsen, C., Rice, B., Pyvogel, Griffin. l A.. .f 1 - x . Il 'X nk 'w.i'u, :vu-'-glll,ny1'Qv-4 nan 4'-n'!rjl'-vying lv V 1,11 - utvitnla-L 111- -4 nl..-pta'-1. ,.,- ,, L17 1 '- ll ., 1 u nmfu .IW rpg- I' n it I I-ull '11-..-dm .ff wlhyg ,mhrurl I Q H',.ul,:'i..,. .,f-gfig,7fg,.:'2,.,1 .1.,11.,,5 Q l',,,gT' f 1 4 K 1 , ,. .. . ... .1.,,. .. . My N hs' l A XY!-v l T' '? f A' . 7 -N. ll Tp al. K Agfa. 'Ut ji laili 0 rw, The Kappa Delta's began the year's activities with the Fall Pledge formal at the Hart Hotel in Battle Creek. The night before the formal, a date night was held in the new- ly remodeled lodge. The KD's and the Delta Sigma Phi's spon- sored a Christmas party for the underprivi- leged children of Albion. Spring activities included an Alumni din- ner, the Spring dinner dance at the Holiday lnn in Jackson, Parents' day, and a picnic for the track team. s. ' With a '2.l'T. grade average for the first semester of the year, the sorority proudly won the scholarship trophies for the highest sorority scholastic average and the highest fraternity-sorority average. kappa delta KAPPA DELTA FRONT ROW: Miller, S. J., Mueller, Mitchell, Bratzler, Greenwood, Stokes, secretary, Fleming, L., vice-president, Youker president Whit man, treasurer, Sobolik, assistant treasurer, Dunwoodie, Faller, Black, E. SECOND ROW: DeShon, Gabehart, D., Clark, S. G., Fraser, J., Reed, V., Glasser, Meeks, Smith, R. J., Braford, Taup Transue McFarlane Skagerburg, Harshaw, Moltzau, Pugh, Sedrick, Zabinski.' THIRD ROW: Kleinert, Hammink, Harger, Otto, N., Cunningham, Brubaker, Pigott, Anderson, Schoenhals, West, J. Nlarshall L Austin E., Nicula, Maynard, J., McDowell, J., Van Wagnen, Aishton, Weber, M., Scutt. Y ,... .,..,- .V - Y --- - -.-ef-,f f '--:rf - J 'gay--A gy- W- - . 3 v: '1 -3 umm. '-- ' --4 + ' -. -- .-.,-, - -' Q, . - .., -- ., N-.-,. - 1- -. 5- '- n rp :ffm x..r,. .,-5. '-'L -Jag! -gg'-,Lvn x.4m,1.n-.u.1 as..-.L 4. 1 - I ,. . , Lf A ' T . K . V V I X, ,. he L .- - X A ' lx ,x . . t .. X X V -. X .I ,. ri: YW wrt 1' ,f 1 pi beta phi x X t Q i 'ff ' f ' K '-,'- ' f ,Y if Q. ,Q A Ag . ,, ou 1J'.2Q! The Pi Phi's began The year with Their fall formal held at The Cascades in Jackson. AT Christmas Time They had a party aT The home of President and Mrs. Norris, and The girls also provided a Merry Christmas for an Albion needy family. Kathy Baselle, Hillsdale freshman, was chosen dorm queen aT The dance, Cupid Capers. . g Spring activities included parties with fra- ternities, Parents' day, senior farewell, and The Spring formal held aT The Embers in Holt. l PI BETA PHI FRONT ROW: Stiff, Tiossem, Blomgren, Mayer, Young, recording secretary, Boeke, corresponding secretary, Brown, L., president, Hamp ton, Nott, treasurer, Maples, Parmelee, Meyn, Reinoehl. SECOND ROW: Capper, Miller, G. S., McKinsey, Becker, C., Gliessman, Patton, N., Maynard, M., Krengel, Grove, Hotchkiss, G., Len: Norris, ROFF, Pratt, Gardner, McDonald, G., Cramer, M. A., Marcy. THIRD ROW: Stafford, Shields, Sellhorn, Baselle, Luther, Ball, Burns, Rollent, MacDonald, Maynard, A., Cochran, Wriqht, M., Peckover Arnt, Conklin, M. J. T06 1' . V -. 'Y' ' '- '1 t'vT', f 'Ft '? :.1'-'gI7'!'l' 1 T T P' v 1 1 :isa sv 'il'1l'.'.'Il Ol'lPJl llll'I'llS lli-d:l.l'l'l1',Nlb7'liZ'f-f'Ql1-1Q1 , ,. ,pw-nl H vqaafi-ails: 1 rj' isvlqm 'fur nina DIV 1 1 A 14-inning xxx. -, , ff 1X -3166 T1 15 ' sem , ' YQEQ-g.TT'fs Zeta Tau Alpha started The year by having The best sorority float in The Homecoming parade. They also vvon The activities cup for The Third semester in a row. Other fall activities included The pledge formal aT The Hart hotel in Battle Creek, The annual dessert with The cross-country Team, and a Christmas party given by The iuniors. Cora Lynne Final, ZeTa's candidate, was chosen Greek Goddess aT The IFC ball. Spring activities included Parents' day, senior farewell, date night, and The annual spring formal -held aT The Elk's Club in Battle Creek. ZETA TAU ALPHA FRONT ROW, Patton V, Boyden. Wagner- Barry, Bogart, vice president Couse president Dougherty recording secretary Uhrie treas urer, Hendrick, Geyer, Hutchings SECOND ROW: Dorsey, Neukon, Reis, Naylor, Bartlett, Boy Sine 9 Farthing, Pirtle, Sampson. 'l'HlRD RQW' Allen- Fryfogle- Final- Elliott L.- Boersma, Steiner Stearns Zahnow Strueter Allman Wooster Parr Morley Ericson Tr0ST miller, West, P., Schnell, Boccaccio, Lewis, S., Slade: Black, C .V -- F- J . ::, J ' ' 'f Stanley Kresge Dr. Norris Howard Lawrence The Inauguration of President Norris Dr. Norris and Arlhur S. Flemming Nlrs. Eleanor Roosevell visiTs campus Dr. Norris and The Rev. R. B. Pierce, president of the Albion college Parents association v in M 'I 1 k , 4 51 'D ll N I2 f ix :f Q, f r , rl .1 3. gn N 1 I A u , ,. A 1 '1 1 1 I 1 I 1 '1 1 1 U x I . I :Q I X W :N I 1 V f dx I . v,, A-me , -, , Y-. Q x, , v , - . , '- I 14. . . W I , 4 . , thletics 'A' ir ir 'A' 'A' ir if X 'A' 'Ir 'Ir N. lx X V V .. ....-....l......, , -T-1-,i.i---L... xNN.... f' Q ff , 4 .J x, j I V V Aff 1 :- 7 I , ,AAA ., A gl' ff --. aff ,Q , K X, If, I f .. .4q .,A,.,- x 1 -1V..V,, ffl -A Ilnvi ,uhuul , .'.4.A..'.,,.. 1 X ,...,. I . , , ,,.. , f LA z ,X ff , N ,ff 11' .V : 4 4,.,.,,, '-Nb Q i 5 . 1--2 , ll ,L., In .. .N s , NX I 'i S- ' X XAXX 'ff ff in 2323 2 N I hz: ,,...,.A.., ..A,. , 4.,:::i i in X 5 N I A ' 4 f 5 . X Z:-.Q 5 -1 .IX X A :iz .... ...... .. A' . V A 'M'-',, -is .A.'A .... ........ .. ..,. N- , Q i'i i : 11 , ' W 1 ' q zvzq 'S -. '4' If .'.... M... f 1 f x w i , , ,. X JJ-ff if 1 1 .- - l r: L ' W, a ' '- 35:32 1 Q gf 5 Q lm U 5., ' 2 . 2f- N' 'fig -- T..--T'-'I' 1 A :, SSTL ,.,.1E 5 gi H33 x Zi i , ' . , .A ' f , , :EE W5 E E' ' mf ix LJ J N v A 4 A 4 X' 1 - ' -XXL ' fl, , '.A, '.'.'.,'.'.. 5 ..: ..'.'.'11..::: H xx ,,,,,,, Q g f. f' - ' f,,, I X 212 xi' X f 5 3 1' , if M fi' 4.,, 2 ' ' i ' 752 fl 4' r Q W- L 3-,ff M 1 , f x , w i lulrg If I ,,, ...,.,. ,.,.., . . H A A ,...,..... NW' H ,,, , If K A A 'A's ' A-A-- A . A ..4.,,45,,,,,A . .. ,b.'A'f 4, A,.. , ,.... A lij: Nix I ... ....,.x .,,.... . .m,,,,,,,sQ,xX P M.....i:3: wh f - 'N V F f , I f' f if f N' ' XX 5 J 3 x : 3' ., Q 45,1 A-fa ff ' 04,1 fL.f1u,: r'5-k1ai:' liar. ,:f' ,,,:'- fzrlvsffss:u.:,f' ,-:,-ff'-1D.'s.Lc,:-f-e:1uSf1,.1 gfivri-'rzirsxxf-2311 1.P,L'3Q'ff'f 'i b H1 1 I FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Methner,. G.,'-Moore, M., Clute, Smith, R. R., Springer, Hoag, Rise, Gould, F., Madill, J. B., Shurmur, J., Christiansen, D. L. SECOND ROW: Galloway, C., Sagendorf, Elzy, Richard, S., Elsener, G., Methner, T., Barrett, D., Dunn, R., Knickerbocker, L., Hornus, Porritt, Willis, Clausen. THIRD ROW: Lapinski, Salisbury, Bostrom, Chandler, Elsener, J., Makowsky, Kime, Blakeman, Martens, Bommarito, Worthy, Thompson, Yeager, R. ' FOURTH ROW: Shafer, G., Downs, Adamson, Clinger, Dana, Shick, Ogood, Esperti, Walton, Hora, Livingston, Gorton, DeGrazia. BACK ROW: Madill, J. L., Ulmanis, Peele,x Gardner, R., Neal, Wallis, Wiethoff, Spencer, D. C., Teeter, Mr. Jones, Mm Kareck, Mr. Shur- mur, Mr. Fraser. football ! For the third time in the last four years, the Albion College football squad chalked up the MIAA title in the '61 season. The team racked up a perfect 8-O record and was the only undefeated eleven in the state. In addition to the fine team performance, many honors were bestowed upon individual mem- bers. End Gary Methner, guard Joe Shurmur, quar- terback Frank Gould, halfback Ray Hoag, and full- back J. B. Elzy all were selected as all-MIAA of- fensive team members. Britons on the defensive platoon of the squad included Shurmur, guard Milt Moore, tackle Terry Methner, and safetyman Bob Porritt. The Michigan small college all-state also includ- ed Gould, Elzy, Hoag, Shurmur, and Gary Methner. Elzy was also selected to the Methodist all-Ameri- can team. Shurmur was voted the most valuable player in the MIAA and was named to the second team of the small college all-American team. Co- captain Dale Springer became the first small col- lege student ever to be awarded the Red Blaik Fellowship award. The Britons will surely feel the absence of eight graduating seniors who ended their collegi- ate careers in l9ol. They are Dale Springer, .lon Rise, Monte Clute, Gary Methner, Tom Sagendort, Bob Smith, Ray Hoag, and Milt Moore. -v 1' hrdmiv-In-qa+.,u.,a-nw,-4 fu 141-1 171:11 1 ff sflurqniuffq, .,.,., , ,,,.,1 ,mp '- -- X 'i Y -, ' '1 ' 5' '1 11 d1 l'-4 -offs---v-wg .-awp.-1 mm, q-5:-1' . img.:-rfu-4,.-vw 1...',qy1.p.. A ,'.i,,,,.,,,g 4--, , y . , . , , . ft'VXWVTU9?'f i i 'i'i1U'W'lllfvd1I iviii y' v.1 'l il' T V 1' ,' '1M'l 'll ' 'I' '1 . 'iii 'Ma-1 . 1 ' 'l '1 l l ' 'Z-AV 'r P .7 7 !'f'lfr!'5:..'7 ff1 'I fb' '17 f'f 'ff 4 fi' Af' Y 1 1., . X. ,,, . . . , .. .V 9 if ! . 1 id 'HAY' v . f Y Q ,xi 1-ily jul V Yn:vT,:,hi.'7V1 -upgvvwxlrr-.L A Y 4. 'L Q At ,R ,Pfuggill,,'g5:7ig.T',hi.,, H lf' II yy, e--f- - --f - --u..,.,,-cw,..,-:,2,i-.1 1,1 fha, ,M . ,.,., .MMT V 63 1' Coach Fraser and N graduating seniors. Y v .......... 5 1 v i , : 1 1961 Football Record . 1 Albion 1 Opponent ' 2 13 Easfern Michigan Universiiy O l 15 Kalamazoo O ' 26 Hope 14 35 Anderson 6 13 Olivei O 1 1 28 Ferris 6 21 Alma 12 6 35 Adrian 17 . 'I Coach Shurrnur, Co-captain Springer, and Coach Fraser. Joe and Fritz Shurmur. ,,.--.R .. -V , .- ,.,,'7,', f- A J , . 1-.. -- 113 lvl v Y - -wK'--v'- 1 F- Y VY r,..,.,.,,, v ,V...,......,, --,,,, , , W Y...,, HT- rpm-ju-.ivufiw-'in-rr .4 11 BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Mick, Chandler, Blech, DeGrazia, GroaT, Grundman, Blossom, PraTT, L., Meinke, manager. BACK ROW: Mr. Dempsey, Sirrine, Pylesp McDonald, P., Clark, C., Vandraiss, Papenfus, J., Camen, SleighT, D., Cooley, J., Terrell basketball For The second sTraighT season, The BriTon cagers posTed an overall record of 9-12. However, Their improved 7-5 record in MIAA compeTiTion en- abled Them To move up one noTch in The sTand- ings, finishing TourTh. ' The BriTons were led by Co-CapTains Denny GroaT and Adolph Grundman, who are also The only Two graduaTing seniors on This year's squad. GroaT placed Third in MIAA scoring and was named The Team's mosT valuable player for The second sTraighT year. The Team seemed To maTure Towards The end of The campaign and should be a real TiTIe confend- er during The i962-'63 season. 11 l!Y'i'rv.+vwn-1w1l1Q' - Q-,Qing'qw-'!,.g,15,,,,,,,,,fg21.115515--7Q'h 7 ti W 7 ,J 7 I 4 I g 4 1 IM M r 1 I h ,Q .rn rtrllsix, 1961-'62 Basketball Record Albion Opponent 57 Wooster 72 l Adrian 6 O Ctorteitj 64 Concordia 72 68 Wheaton 81 62 Manchester 82 75 Earlham 46 84 Calvin 68 69 Bluffton 49 70 Olivet 60 72 Hope 92 61 Kalamazoo 77 59 Concordia 77 83 Alma 63 90 Adrian 63 73 Eastern Michigan University 80 76 Hope - 93 74 Olivet 68 ' 42 Kalamazoo 69 72 Aquinas 76 73 Calvin 75 - new ,v-1 :r 7 s..T ,., M- ,M ,.-.- ., .. - .--M - - ,lj-7j ,,,, . , V Li BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Hoag, Bowers, Pincoe, W., Sisson, Senko, Fausch, Papentus, J. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fraser, Ludwig, Sprandel, D., Willias, Shoskey, Reynolds, Knickerbocker, L., DeGrazia. THIRD ROW: Ketrow, Porritt, Christiansen, D. L., Sprandel, D., Nye, Methner, G., Smith, R. R., Grundman. FOURTH ROW: Mathews, R., Thompson, Richardson, W. P., Althouse, Lindblad,Ghilani, Richarson,.:'l?,. ' BACK ROW: Gray, Smith, L., Steinacker, Blair, Ashley. baseball By finishing third with a 7-5 record the T961 Briton baseball squad moved up a place in the MIAA. ln respect to their overall record, the Brit- ons also improved with a TO-TO record. The T961 season marked the ends ot collegi- ate careers tor Co-Captains Bud Bowers and Bill Pincoe, Roger Fausch, Skip Sisson, and Larry Senko. Britons Skip Sisson and Claire were named to the all-MIAA nine. at second base and outfield po- sitions. Freshman pitcher Gary Ketrow was named the team's most valuable player. Albion O 2 3 ll 6 l O 3 6 ll 7 ll 2 4 3 3 7 ll 1. 3 l 1960-'61 Baseball Record Opponent Carson-Newman 4 Carson-Newman 5 Tennessee Tech. 5 Hanover 3 Wayne State 5 Michigan State University T6 Michigan State University 4 Adrian O Adrian 2 Kalamazoo T2 Kalamazoo O Calvin i Calvin 4 University of Detroit University ot Detroit O Hope l-lope 4 Olivet 2 Olivet 4 Alma 4 Alma 8 3 3 Ctieb O nik' 'Z . .. 4 'L ' -,- -- ...4-1, . .1,s. .v.i.,,,-',,.,,.,,,,,.N,,,,.-,l.'-,..L'y!., A ,-4.1, rl A . Q X U , 44' W, A -vt'-0-rsfafygfvfvrvywufrq Q-Qqrgmgls, j.,.b,'l',' at fi --. - 4 . - ..f .... . . ,' ,Pg , 11:1 'FPS 5,-2 -',1--a-f'--'-'-f f- '.- -lf-fp-w- -,iw .-,ff 1' .1 1. rf. ,. ' V, . T v - ---- -,J M- .1 ' ,, ., ,N , ,-iz!-qty' in .wrufbi lid' , ! , if r f. If J' 'J l - '- 'f Pl fy- -' .fi 5- Z ', tr ' W t f fa' ' - T Mr.-1 .'Mr s.'ufu.:411'-,rg-Qflrfn-n wr.ztffffzrt1.?f7.!f:'!:.1'-iff? 'ist-sffftfsfhsiw,sf-ref,-xlff-ig'f.v-'ff'-'nf-,,.'A1p,.,' .J -l .. J .-..4l.,J.,,.-i-Ji,.. .. ,., A, 4 -,A l. .,,...5'. TRACK FRONT ROW: Brinker, Berndt, Minnich, Clarke, C. C., Elzy, Hurst, W., Montgomery, Hanes, Larson, Woodburne. SECOND ROW: Mr. Polk, Rise, Osgood, Hurst, G., Ferguson, J. L., Montgomery, H., Mills, Kreider, Vandraiss, Sagendort, Graybill, M., Madill, Judd, Prill. BACK ROW: Grimshaw, Rathloun, Worthy, Ritterson, Conwell, Holmes, A., Jones, J., Barrett, Porter, Jacobus, Wheeler, Riley, Vorce. The T961 Briton track team staged a come- back and moved up three notches to finish second in the MIAA. Overall the Britons were 6-3. The season ot 1961 ended the collegiate ca- reers ot harriers Jim Krieder, Nelson Mills, Harry Montgomery, Bruce Berndt, Gail Hurst, Wilbur Hurst, John Jones, Don Judd, and Butch Larson. Harry Montgomery was named the team's most valuable player by his teammates. trac 1961 Track Albion T05 Olivet l l2V2 Adrian 51 Oberlin 87 Alma 77Vs Manchester 80 Kalamazoo 63 Calvin 5O Wheaton 91 Va Hope ' .pg -t' f 5',.?T P: : 'f i'e - ' ' Record Opponent 25 l SV2 72 39 5326 49 67 72 38M -f,-r..--.wp4rF,,.-4171-gvuarswww-:fully L. -,..-:...1- - Q-.-w 1114 CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW: Montgomery: Aloellp Cooley, J.p Gorhamp Vorce. BACK ROW: Smith, R.p Brinkerg Shoemakerp Handy Wenzy PaTTersonf Conwellg Mr. Dempsey. Cl'0SS By Taking second place in The MIAA The 1961 Albion college Thinclads repeaTed Their 1960 finish. Overall, The squad was 8-1, losing only To league champion Calvin. CapTain, Charles Gorham and Charlie PaTTerson ended Their collegiaTe campaigns wiTh The 1961 season. Mike Conwell was selecTed The mosT val- uable player on The squad. country 1961 Cross CounTry Recorcl Albion Opponent 23 Jackson J. C. 38 28 Ohio Wesleyan 29 21 Kalamazoo 34 27 Hope 32 46. Calvin 32 27 Chicago 28 18 Alma 40 18 Adrian 45 'litem We-v , ifql . igi ...W ' 'gr ii, 1.,'5 if is 1- - .A -., LJ Tc.. z 1.n-!j', ,g,,w,-r,. +1 ' T' ' ' T ' ' 'f '1 - v-1- - A 4 f -' T- T ,. . , , - . . . ,. Q L Yi Q Q l dy .5 iq-.,.,.a.-',',J.1.J , ,,.: 1 'TJl '1f '5g-1-qu-.1-gi-.1-q-'-ruin-,law-.. ,A . i -, , ,. , , ' ' ' 'r 4' ' A' -f -A--A' - fi -4 .. :r irlw f elm -. fr. - F 'l 'l 9' '- ' 4' - iii .'1i!.'!I'fL.7': 'f' . f 'f I -fl' 4-.'1'.'i-if!fi:'1. :f1flmm',:r.11'1!!'1ft1.i?11.PY:'9:.?!:i?i'!iv'gie3ftwffrgg,f-flap-ly-fwfqa.w':af fa.-.i.E,., ' -4 1 L.--4 'I Tilt. ga ,ns SWIMMING FRONT ROW: Hector, Malibauer, Blamyp PanTlind, Munson, FiTch, Russell, Smith, M. H. BACK ROW: Mr. Shurmur, Kifcheng Kapnick, Bremer, W. M., Rowan, Taylor, J., Kirkland, T., PlaTTf Horner. swimming The T961 season proved To be an oTT-year Tor FriTz Shurmur's men as They posTed a 5-6 record. CapTain .lim Russell was voTed The Team's mosT .valuable player and was re-elecTed capTain Tor The T962 campaign. Swimmers ending Their collegiaTe careers were Tom Kirkland and STeve PlaTT. As This small num- ber oT losses indicaies, The BriTons will have loTs of experience To build on nexT year vviTh a greaT amounT oT iT Tied up in The Treshman and sopho- more classes. 'I96'l-'62 Swimming Record 4 Albion Opponent 46 CenTral Michigan University 49 5l Valparaiso ' 44 38 Ohio Wesleyan 57 55 Wayne STaTe 40 34 KenT STaTe 61 52 Slippery Rock 42 28 WesTern Michigan UniversiTy 62 42 DePauw 53 20 Kenyon 75 49 CenTral Michigan UniversiTy 46 49 Ball STaTe 46 fvmwn Irv:'-7 vg-,rex-I-fri' .Y iff-F,,T .-- f,.iY .,T'j,g,Q',iAV ff------- . . 7.4 v f... . .1-1-,. , -,. ,Af 57-.,:y-efjya--,fgmv-wif -yvf,f711:vzw7ujSrT ypxY . ...1 4, 4- 1- -. - 'Y'-'..i-.. 1 3 golf 1961 Golf Record ' Albion Opponent Kalamazoo 13 12 Eastern Michigan University 4 3 Aquinas 13 8V2 Hope - 7V2 8172 Olivet 7172 8V2 Alma 7V2 9 Calvin 7 3 Eastern Michigan University 13 13 Adrian 3 The 1961 golf squad posted a. 5-1 record in MIAA competition to place second in the MIAA. The year was highlighted by Captain Dave Krause's medalist honors in the annual league meet at Kal- amazoo. Overall, the team posted a creditable 6-3 record. GOLF FRONT ROW: Curtis: MacFarlane: Krause: Rank. SECOND ROW: Willey: Kelly, M: Druim: Hookvvay: Munger: Han- son: Kilby: Dr. Pollard. BACK ROW: Utterback: Waggoner, T.: Harrison, B.: Valluzzo: Hugg- man: Green, D. tennis 1961 Tennis Record Albion - Opponent 9 University of Detroit 9 5 Alma ' 2 1 Calvin 6 7 Aquinas 2 2 Adrian 5 7 Olivet O 1 Kalamazoo' 6 2 Hope 5 3 Eastern Michigan University 6 An overall record of 3-6 was posted by the 1961 Albion College tennis squad. It improved its league record to 2-4 but still was forced to settle for fifth place in the MIAA. TENNIS FRONT ROW: Brown, D.: Holmes Smith, A.: Plumb. SECOND ROW: Dr. Keller: Dud dleson: Hammond: Betwee: Os born. BACK ROW: Neitzke: McKercher: Bailey: Lucas: Hand. i.ggfc u v, I X . , -4 V 1 ' .A V .. 'J T , - . 1 '.,'l 1'f 'N'4 'f, -1F .l'l 'fl--uf!-d'rn alarms. 'full' ul-v n-w-.wif-rw'u-4 v-1 ' 1'-'wa-v . r' ,.r - A r I ' , . , .1 , .. - .. 1,, , X , . I - -,I -. ...1.,. . 4. 12.4 . .4311-',,-Aaf 'MA' -. 1 , -F151-Lf ,WP'1a',1'-1,1---,f'-,vw V- -V '-fa-4 -9- '9f'3Ql9 .! 3 .! . -5'?'!5,'.d' Us,'i9'6'N:Qtr-rT?!f.s1iH.-1:-1.'371i3iqlv-J5rgfn!m'f'51!.:!vglhggffqg'q',:gg7i!g1'1gv '-fj!,f?'r'?v!'1rf!f.'5F151-11+Hrn!'f-fisflgwwfdgafgnyila ,52.g1ijq,ivgfa .fa.uT-- ld :,.'..fg1Z,,,5.g . . -. .. -- ... V- . ... .. .. ,...4 . .1..... ...z.g...1.-,.s1..1'... g.:u....a 4 L, Q..- :1L.a,-.'- M 3 X 1, 4, .5 i. 1 xx.. R M, H4 J' Q-6 . '25 ow: 5 Y W x 'v -. 'Nr ig, w 'U 'Q 1, QQ' .. X. Gary and Terry Methner Roger Dunn Malt Moore Dave Shoemaker V V Ji -I, ,,,..,. ,. V, -. .P ,. - -V.-fy-.f.,..F-rF5. -212-'f - .f , , ,, ,,,.. ,.,- , ,.- - - 7.1.1-.-V., . ,- 1--, ,,-,f1 7-1'ff- . .'-'r .'-'H -- ,, . - , .. ,-, 1 --. , f-- -4 ', f --. . - vm K. -I ra -W- fvg-nu-vnuxu-e-r ' .. ',,Q.,-,J ,-f,, Y ' TL' -.-.,-Q-.-',V... y.-,,--,,......-. .....,..,.,,,..-,,- .,.. , f f 4 A -v . - - - , -, ,V ., , V. , ' H 'f , gr : . ......i, 5vt i!Qyj'1,3'J!.'!!.'v-r1mv'-r1,e:--n--.---f----L--'L'-A -----e'-- -'-A'-Y - me - '- - ' fl' 'L' T 'L 'T I. 2 , s N51 ESQ- cg: XE T' Q i , X 5 -f ziggy t 2f'!, tt t tttc fwwk, L' ' 6555 '1g'zw-- Q f .. ,,,- YT? . g K X blblv ff, xx. X., T CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROVV: Ruemele, Wagoner T captain, Oswald. A 1 sg BACK ROW: Meriamg Littleton, D. rf Aishton. cheedeaders Six Albion co-eds cheered the Britons on to the football championship and many basket- ball victories this year. The cheerleaders were chosen in the tall by a committee of students and faculty on the basis ot pep, ability, and poise. Introduced to the treshmenc during orien- tation week, the cheerleaders acquainted the new students with the school yells. Spirit characterized football season as they spon- sored the They pom sale, big game Homecoming pep rally. organized a car caravan, a pom- and other pep rally for Albion's with Adrian. IW. rt 1 ' l - -5 I ,vu ,. Q . , , X , -N 'L f' ' .urn ' ,ivy g 1 ' 'H it' 31' j' -5' N'-his rn 3 In ,Laps -fr-1 its-1 in ru -n1vn'ql!1 -rlpnw as nhvieif---4.1v..r n-in f '-1 1 i - 'r sin-snuvQ,yi1q-v 011-1 'I4Q'ilQ4l-Ulf -not , i v l - , 1.45 V,..f ',' :J ' '! ' ' ' A' 1 . . 1 4 ll nw! 11 n .Yu h ,h,augTq5ygnjl5i1Qlq3g 'ifilfquf-'fl!'1fQl,'ig'il-f WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Miss Duff, Bratzler secretary, Maples, vice-president Lewis, C., president, Dunwoodie treasurer, Miss Beese, Miss Dunn SECOND ROW: Aishton, Sampson Y o u lc e r, Skagerberg, Wagoner, Woods, Dick, Keyes, K., Faller Titlow. BACK ROW: Hunsicker, Jenkins VanCamp, Parsons, N., Schreiber Hover, Fitzgerald, Gass, J. E. Purdo, MacAbee, DeShon. 7':flfifqyilqzglrlf-vi'7'i'evilfdllfynliriilfaluymu .J,a1.l.,u1z-rf-1 i 4 ,'.-Mvmifj . ., --.,:, 1--H -... 4,---.. ., :,. 1.v,L.u1-4':J'..' -' - U- - ---. ,.,... 14, as women's athletic association W.A.A., tor the tirst time this year, spon- sored an all-campus Fun Night. lt also placed 9th out of 31 schools entered in a national bowling tournament. The group sponsored the annual freshmen marathon swim, all inter-sorority athletic com- petition and concessions at home games. Out- standing members were honored at a banquet in the spring. V, I., yg..zr:.l11.D p.lri-Lil-1 TI'll51 'Ui A M W .v:,, -gn - pail? A-yi a ...,.v12u.a,- -Us 1-a .Jin -5- f- p 11.1-V, .- ALBI COLLEGE Chartered in 1835 lts primary function-the all-around development of youth Through The classroom, The laboratory, the- library and extracurricular and social activities Christian Enrollment - 1400 Coeducational Able Faculty Liberal Arts Excellent Equipment Four-Year Moderate Cost A College of Distinguished Alumni Pre-professional courses are offered in dentistry, engineering, forestry, T l medical technology, law, nursing, the Christian ministry I and other areas of religious service T l l Fall Semester Begins September l6 T T l T i l Full Accreditation by North Central Association of College and Secondary Schools American Association of University Women American Chemical Society American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education The University Senate of the Methodist Church , Michigan State Department of Public Instruction Louis William Norris, Ph.D., LL.D., LiTT.D., President P 5 BOARD OF DIRECTORS LEFT TO R'GHT Robert A. Maynard, '46 Ronald vv. Back, '50 Robert I. Knight, '50 Mark S. Putnam, '4l Katherine McAuliffe Moore, '25 Leigh T. Prettyman, '36, Treasurer Mark H. Piper, Jr., '37 Jeff Sharp, '46, Director of Alumni Relations Marian Clark Corwin, '35 Louis W. Norris, President, Albion College Robert W. Freligh, '47, President James W- Chapman, '34 Amos F. Gregory, Jr., '50 lhe Hlhlen College Hlumnl Hsseeiallen This is the Way to Maintain Your Many College Friendships. Participate in the Albion Alumni Fund- The Annual Giving Pogram of Albion Alumni Exists to serve Albion through its Alumni ALUMNI CLUBS ARE ,LOCATED ACROSS THE COUNTRY rr l 'J i 51 1 r 91' l ri! Pi, ' t r-0 , lf- 5ff ft! ' Q '11 l in 4 .LIT Ll. , Qi .i -,, rg.- ,.- --Ay Ar f -L' L., 'IAA- F91 Li-Fi ,. m'., S4 we -a L.-'Y ll! 51 ,. gm' si. C' 'A' ,iv me , In ef f- .1 ,.l ful MJ ' : 3' :Iv a I .. f ..' .I V, t,. if Ea, f ,ru ,, . l', it ..-, H33 J ,. er, l' .A 1 r 1 .1 li' e f 5 ll all - '. lf P+ .: i 'K 'H Lf. bi- I 'P 1 ng. v.- -- l' EJ, 24.1 i 1,1 f'. . eff H' 'a l-Z. e rid EE. hr J P Fat , g 2 5 1 ki ' '- F, mlb bt? 9 rf rr HF' rj Hail .J ,,j,.l . A I E E2 1 wi. .-, ui! 5' . 7f VAUGHN'S Men's STore - Ladies' Slore A Quality Clothing' At A Saving JEWELRY IS THE FINEST GlFT ' Tnohtenhagms Jewell' Harnillon Eleclric Walches - Elgin JEWELRY and WATCH REPAIRS Orange Blossom Diamonds 215 S. Superior Albion, Mich WE GIVE S84H GREEN STAMPS WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE' ongrallfnfalfiolfw lo file Cfcm o DQ Earl D. Ausfin AUSUH STUDIG Official College Photographers Earl D. Ausfin, Prop. 414 S. Superior Albion, Mich. l Seniors-Y g tives will be on file for future ordering. E I me-A g . .'i' UDI. lvl - an all Congratulations To The CLASS OF T962 . Q.: PENN EYQS PRINTING OiAlIKinds STATIONERY- ADVERTISING THE ART CRAFT PRESS MAPLE CITY AUTO Authorized Buick, Pontiac and Opel Sales and Service 9 Repair on All Makes 0-1fCompIeTe Collision Service 9 Wheel Balancing 0 Brake Service 0 Wrecker Service We Call for and Deliver .Your Car MAPLE CITY AUTO CO. f, 0149 'Q 6'Say it with F lowers CORSAGES I BOUQUETS CLI-LRK'S FLOWERS 407 Perry Street Phone NA9-3I27 Congroirulorlions fo The Clolss of '62 ome Laundry SYKES PURE SERVICE ' AAA Road Service Corner of Michigan and Superior Phone NA 9-8573 ALBION HARDWARE J. L. Frye, Owner Hardware - Paint - Glass - Sporiing Goods WHERE QUALITY AND VALUE MEET 3l3 S. Superior ST. Dial NA 9-4192 TRMNGLE Pizza Pefe's PLUMBING and HEATING, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR To The Class of T962 Dial NA 9-3057 115 vv. Cass si. CASS Slwopposife my Hall Q ALBION, MICHIGAN NA 9-6680 is I AN of ALBIO IiI I 0 9 Congratulatzons to the Class of so 62 rirhe Bank With A Future PARKER BEST Wishes Tgfhgclaggbgf Biliclie Uldsmnbile Sales THE PARKER INN Martha Hays, Supervisor Theoolore Bilicke Phone 629-4166 Albion, Michigan ff I l'?'l I, 'TIT' .1 'l'T'w V In lf- p 4 -.- ,-f -1f.-4-4 e',, vw. . I'-'E 'ff'-3 if-,x1V,x-.Al ,QQ 'F ZH-v..-,,, CartWright's Shoesv for Qualify Shoe Brands FLORSHEINI AIRSTEP ROBLEE LIFE STRIDE ' SMARTAIRE PEDWIN HUSH PUPPIES U.S. KEDS FINEST CLOTHING FOR COLLEGIATES WU G53 MIIIIVS and now wma III S. Superior Phone NA 9-8752 CohgraTuIaTiohs To The CLASS of I962 Glhia CD12 Hunan AT Five PoinTs NA 9-2667 PIZZA - SAN DWICH ES CONGRATULATIONS I TO THE CLASS OF '62 BISHOP FURNITURE Congratulations from UIIIIIII SIEEI PRODUCTS IIIIIIIPIIIIU W- ..-vu. :Qu--vz.f'-u . '-.A fa'-1'-1'.ri.'.1-, 4. ff -wg x1r:Ix-53-'--TTI1' 725: ffl'-1 ,, f:5,,,,..M,,r- ., .wi ..-, ,-..,-,,-,,,Y ,- ,-.- ,., ,- ,- QUALITY BAKERY EQUIPMENT WENDWAY CONVEYORS PALLETAINERS HI-LO PORTABLE GRILLS ---a.- ,Q ' . --:.. ff- '!- 'f- I -1 .r I'-A-tv-amz! ,-LL , .w1.'T? .221-. -.ffm -1- 1' - l fl I I T LEM Ifwofoea From The Ivy Store B ess Highway I-94 Albion, M h Q I Phone NA 9-8075 I 9 I hd I Uhr Snuifv Shvnm I fo hw 'nd I Arrow Pendleton Dobbs MWGDCQQYSSQSSQM nnnlon oonnnon I' f SELF-SERVE Ol' l300Ii STIIIHI HEATING WATER HEATING I REFRIGERATION I I GARBAGE DISPOSAL CLOTHES DRYING X Text Books - Stationery - Supplies Southeastern michigan Gas Compano Phone NA 9-3938 E I b' II d T893 M Mdl BesM ge . happiness anol good fortune Albion Lumber Co. 'ofhiqiiss of Heaolquarfers Tor Lumber, Paini E C ST M Ph e NA 92295 I 1 i I I r I I I I I fi I I I If IsII vs 1 Q 4 .,. COHQWUIGIIOHS +0 The EcI's Standard Service Class of I962 ATLAS TIRES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES PauI Hawes Drug Store I 101 N. Superior NA 9-4673 609 S. Superior Uity Bank 82 Trust Co. Weafherwax - CGNGRA-I-ULA-I-'ONS - WALLGREEN AGENCY TO -I-I-IE CLASS OF 2I7 S. Superior Phone NA 9-2987 I962 ALBION, MICHIGAN Besf Wishes from ALBIDN MALLEABLE IRON COMPANY uQuality Castings Since 1888 ,4r',:'f'2I'sFeI5.iff:1'4 Q-'rgfrirsi -i'3l'JLT7i'L'4-1Q31'2'- WE PROUDLY SERVE Home Dairy Products Supply . . f' - P bl T 'T HS9l'Ul7lg the Commumty for 30 Yearsg' Ol 'Ce or-la e ypewrl ers A Compleie Office Service Q Home and Store Delivery ' Phone NA 9-8000 101 N. Arm si. Phone NA 9-2041 210 S. Superior Albion Congrarulaiions To The Diamonds-Bulova Waiches Class of 1962 Fransican China Gense, lniernaiional, and Oneida Stainless - - Bora wa' ' Rainbow Dairy Bar Reliable Watch Repair S H, , I C Fine Engraving, Diamond Serfing U 'Van S Ce ream All Work Done on Premises l 1 Compliments of. . . , 0 ormng Glass Works Qfllbion Plant? ALBION, MICHIGAN 6GCorning Can Do Almost Anything With Glass -il-'- '-'-' ' I Y H '-r I-' ' A '-1, 'I - -1' uf, '-r' ' gr 'ry TW 'r-1 I Besf Wishes fo fhe Class o T962 AL CN DIV S ON McGRAW-'EDISON COMPANY Compliments of. . . The Recorder Press Cempanu CI-Iome of The Albion Evening Recorderb ALBION, MICHIGAN Printers of the Albionznn and the Plame! 54-.-,Q ' :Q g:1g.7fyL -:Egan-.L-1 1193: Congrafulalions Albion College on your L S wk 1962 CAS t Bohm and Albion Drive-In Theatres 0ng1f'0Lf1fLf0LIfi0n5 an MJ W6 Q5 fo file Cfom of 7962 THE ALBICDNIAN STAFF l and Tl-IE PLEIAD STAFF . . -. 19 3 Q '14, '15 Zn! MIS 1, Ani 'sn ' p ,giniiin if 2-' ' nf . ,LA rlffxlk A -'y L1 -- ..f1:A.,,J 5' 2 ,J 5 g1.,A,2,,4j,, 'S' jr - , ' A' ', L, , 115 4, ' 1 'T ji, L, ,- ' Af V - 4- 1' 14,59 ,ff -Mfk H74 -1-1,-' iq -If -' X- 1 'LQA H - fu-,1f.-MA, gif. J AIG Aj 'A I gg' rl ' -'W f 1 7 3 111- ' ' 1 ' 1-fr, .', 'A . 11 2.l. -: . 'As f R171 . .?W: Y!H:J'--1'i4 '1.f1'lfi:J:' 'f'Af'- 1-ir-MQ-111 i2'L'.--55'f1 LHg,,'.',A,1EiHj1fQfL4-:,'E N ll l I .- I Q , im? QEANQ, v f. Elf: , m ix!! -1 A 1 :12. fX QQ N ,V 5 Q rw A., :A AA f. -x. AA M -A A. ,A A ,, . A : A-11: -X K -X .QNX A Q f+ Z list' gg, A A , ,vb Z M W A? 594121 I .AA A riff'-zr xifii tr. -A A N 1 A- :+V Lim Af -Q if zffffff- AA w r' A' Alas- QW, -AAA LJ' 51 Wm f A 'L 'A x ff - A , -ww , .vs - Lis .sf 4 .:imAf2xwf1i5f Z. ser, 'L Z ., Q zgiix igffgfgiff , r4,gTQF1gfg is 1.',',5R. . H . ' 52, i -,AA - gli: ma 1 M fwf 41.-A .2 .M Aywviwp ,,-, f M W AK ,Mu M . .. A AA . ,, VA , -N sys .ik yrxa., MY, w .Q AA , 1, .. ligff? 'Af . ii A w,'AA. 4 A . . 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