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,vv 'E' 1 Lp y 23:-I ,Q i ,. vii k P , . A'+:ffg4,5g1fgsf 11960 Aillbionian Albion College Albion, Michigan Ann Wood Editor Janice DeCou Associate Editor Robert Cudney Sports Editors John Hedetniemi H. Walter Boehringer Business Manager Robert Andrews Assistant Business Manager James Sampson Cover Design Mr. Robert Gildart Advisors Mr. Leslie Engstrom In this year of 1960 Albion College marks its 125th anniversary. Upon this occasion it is natural to look back across the years to see how the school has pro- gressed from a small seminary to its present status, and we hope here to aid your journey back. Man 1T1uSt not re- main in the past, however, and we re- mind you ever to keep this in mind. Happy Birthday, Albion, and may you have many more. View Of Campus From Laboratory, 1894 ,, if iw., Albiwn College 3 3 I FQ. -W5 .7 Qi,- wi xr-5, iris K .14-. it '.r5'n3f Nw. " ' :'3,Qf?iab -W5 nf , -. ,. " ,, .-f -5.-"Q, -,off W-'Q F.. 1 ' as ' 12" "T 'iff lg - V . -1 , ...., ,A JN., . I I , , 1-. - ,. ":,,0,,., 4lN4,.Lq,.w-1 U' , A . J- ,-- cu ,-5' -' . -. , 391 Q" I . A -H' -A ' , -- '- A- ,--"T,:q . A - -1 -5 - . , - 1- " - -. -. Y ,, ' '. v 33,4 ,uf-' ' "'?fM'. . -'-Q-" - N .. ,un -' 15 J ' r ' ' M' 'Jw . ff "-an .-.,:" " . JJJA. , L Q , ,M ,sc-, it f-- if'--e x-':...'If , , 4. . me 772, ,f "7f'.3., up-". ' L- .l".?' " rf, X. ff - :i fm. 'I - v '.., - W-'F , BMP". .5--1 "-X ' , ' - K 1. Z' ' . . Q3'.f-rP".4'Q'Q"'?"'.Mvf1 Sf if -. . HQ - is 4 "F-.' 'fig-V - "MP" 2' "Q "",'?- '5-nf" 'fi ' 'a .- - " "' fm .---'1 -,,. W.-.----1. .- - -f ,ugiw-v.f.', 2 ,' Q..- -lfgi: 7 rf..--A JA- 1 A 1, , -A-+6 'K fi f. 1 1' ' K 1 .' V . - -2 - -' . .V ' ,fl 1 , -- . T M! ug' 1:1-1 ,,x.,7,aF:E4 T, .Jn A . yr., S.. WA QI " ', rm Af' .LJ ' "'. "nfl SP?-x - -2, .' If-, 'f ' . L..3,m- fwiz ' M .-.'-fm. w f.-.'p1wzQ-wa ' .. . - W--wav ' - A L Q- "iw-'f'-.'-,tfwit,-viii' -' 3 43,1 Q .H -. ., , H a, 543, ' ,f,. Nr.. .gy 155: ,. 1 ,-:-lLp,-1L,a:- N lg' fu' -".,5.,Qg,pf,:-1. :elf 'fit N 5-'K i'E?f3TgQ'ZT'3l2iiq- v '. v'-,4i-.,1'.: v SIE -. x,. anon ,- -' - Wx 'qi--' .N ,, :...,' ' W ,, ' . - ' " f' . - ' ,. VT, ' . 3.4 1 -' 'je - 'vb ' ' L ' fy- ' M4 ff"'1755Q5w': G' W ' " '- S W-"' .-..f+r.a fs.. Q -W ,-gf 1" H". y LL- 2153, uffiy ,R .. 1' : 1 "x L' 'H ' "H-1 J,,1:,7X" - . 2. .N gg. .1 ,. f,22.:,'w -fm' E. I ., """ .QA 'mf'-' "' 'ELET ' 2' ' -f . 4 PECL , 1, . if 2 QM 2622" ', "fl . Q JLKY w H .P ' f f F Lia.: 1 5 ' -A A. , ,r -P .- 2-'V A-, my Sr'-2?."Xq."3'.. NI- ...dildo -4, hi., nv -.,vUa-pw - U, wg mf w .r 55? wif W 1.1 iw , fu ,-':i i. x qv A ' J ,103 , w . :'3'f!jg'-41s-qyf.: A , , 4 l xr,- ,LE5 , ki-N5 ,R .. ' 1m-7.-x 2:5 , ' Ll. 'gi 12,--ls-.,?' kg ,-f-fm k gfirgf. v., -5 ,. 'x , A V , ,wif-Qfif'-" 1 -H-'fp U- ,. ,, -...V , '-r2"'.'v:g,-gfua-,S5,,,.N..f ,. ,-sf. N, NJ" yi' w-. n -- A-' 3 4' A ,- ,' '21,-'eff-.ffm W ,-Q-gwiggfixf ' gf? . x .13 W- . Mi ' 1- 'Q 5n:Kg5T,ya3e, ug , V ,gy N-,tml r . ,N MM--W ' 15 , fd?-i2F?'aw?"'7' I Y W f ' 4' f sr' V ' ii 4 Mil -k ,f F 3 y Fi , fu ffwwf 'S 1 'fry' .frfuifp HP" , ,, , .. ,fx-a?g.4,, h f lj --Ffa, ' -.ffl ' -g ,. W. ., . ,. -. ..-5 .-531. , , Q f. . -' f-rf.. W an ' .. .- W ' ' ' m,.iSs.m, Eg , , ,,. H ' , wwf'f554Q 1 , f " L. Y W. s ,W N , .f8Sf...m5Qo,1.,.H 1 Q .. W -::4m:: ug .. . . VUNQQ . , ,, On October 28, 1891, near Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England, William Whitcomb White- house was born. As he grew older he became em- ployed as a fireman of a locomotive in an iron Works. Next he worked as a meat cutter for a grocer in town. Desire for an education caused him to borrow S45 for Steerage passage to the United States, which he paid back after getting a job. Once here he earned five degrees from iive different schools. He came to Albion College in 1922 as pro- fessor of Economics and became Dean in 1929. In 1939 Dr. Whitehouse left Albion for six years to become Dean of Liberal Arts at Wayne University, and returned in 1945 as president of the college. During his term as president Albion's endow- ments have increased 265 per cent in book value, an increase of more than S4 million. College as- sets have increased more than 39.5 million in book value. In the past fifteen years six buildings have been erected, and one remodeled, the new ones be- ing Seaton hall, Baldwin hall, East hall, West hall, Dorothy McVittie Kresge dining hall, and Goodrich chapel. North hall was remodeled. It can be easily seen that Albion College has truly benefited from the eiiorts of this man. ,f '!g5?l:" - ,3g4w,rJw, D .Q . ff -fm-Q X I N 511 V ' 'T'-'-X J 1' if sf -23' ' '-Ni. if' '51 EV- N M r "I T' . M .. Ga ' L . "X, 4lv 56525 F 1 - L4e0R,AT GFX GRY liege 5 1 XV af :fi 'C ,vi V5 "QV CNMNASDUM. Agri wf V2 mf ky' 1' A .V Li' JT.: Fa! ,J V .sf ,J R x' 5' f Q KJ NQRTH MIDDLE BUILDING. L K CHAPEL CGJNSERVATORY Two Views Of Campus, Late Nineteenth Or Early Twentieth Century. .I Q n . A - ..,rf4l3l"FLl" -Vf- IA-as I . ' Srl A 21:33 "xv ' ' f W' 'X ' H fl him 'wg ,. fe . .. .fafxfzmggf AK, I H X, A l -,-' ' . lla , . . A - , 'N ' 1 . J... A ,, 1 Nh l 'Y M f V' A mum' U .. -v.. Il , D 0 - IW, , ,N glmxvw w -62? .q fl ' ' - V ' ' " ' 7 4 ' Q -' T ' i i' ' W.. f. -1--A, ,' ,g. 'M ' . - , X ,:'. .1 W rlffi ff 1 M-. I - ' ' E 1, .,,,,, I 1 rv, - XP. ldplz' -1 . Y, ,.-f. we , - Z ! V 1, ' 'gg - '51 FI" F1 a - , - -' X ' 1 I J V' -' , gp. f ' I 11 , -pfqvlggiawlwil Q E 1 fn- , ' J ,L , ' . - 5 QTL, ' E :.:fIF:7-rffmf ' ' 'T' 1' -' L -- - ' . f' V " ' 3RUP0:EEl N Nr 1 , agar- ,A I--V . 4 M, , it 1 :saw nmnmxcz T . , Vw A ' AP: V ,675 ' ' .'.'iNTER-LAU Fiat. -, l"" '-135 ' f- ' .. Y . - ' ',1,,...-5... ff -115.54 Ammon cu1.x.x-:ua ' mg: 'WW H'-sg f 4-'f "4'i"!fT? 1 rr!-w.-w:.q-wh, f-1 ' North Hall And Central Building In The Early 1900's. w I f 0 Homecoming First prize freshman float. House decorations. Margaret Bennett, Homecoming queen. The winners. "Chickering and the Spider." "The Matchmaker." "Albion, Dear Albion. . . ' The crowning. The crowd. The parade. 11 ' -4 Graduation time. Derby day. Delt's won it last spring. TKE's take top. "Whose was the hat I saw you in?" Commencement day. Discussions at the lodges. "O Come A11 Ye Faithful CRC's Wor1d's Fair. UN bound. "Now, if we can just get it all in the Everyone digs in at the annual The harvest wreath, symbol of fall room. . . " Christmas smorgasbord. Pledging, men shout. It's dinner time at Baldwin. Registration line. Girls Watch. Albion College becomes an historical sight. The Watch. Oops! Where'd that come from? Art exhibits are often quite controversial. --u....... The union, pre-Baldwin era. 42 1 wif: 1 FSE ,? Rf? i , ,Q-1, ',,- Q1 gl 77" 1 k' Y V 111 -51-':'19-F H 111m 1:1 H115 -N 2 554.5 E 1 H' 111 M F 5111111 an W 111 ' 111 11" 11 5 H Si 115ml ' H H 111111 H. Jr" 1' 1' H1 1 11 1 11 ' 11" H1111 1151 111, ?'111111 111 111 111111 jj jf ,,, 1 11111 11111 1 Q H g...d' 11 N 1 1111111 111 11 1 11 2 1 11" ,, 2 U1 11 1 '1111 11 111 1 A H M xc W W W M M 11 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 i' '1 1 111111 1"11"' 1 11. 1f. 51 .,,111.1 1. 111 M1111 1 X 1 1112 1111 1111111 1 5--1: :J m 111 1111 " 11 1? -E "mum V ' ' ' 1 -1111:-11 11- 1111 Ka 113193-VL? 91411 111 2 A . 1 111 11 2- 1 1111 11 'M --W 11 ' W J, . 11 11 1 1 S H 1 1111 1 111 1, 111 11 111 1111 M1 Q 5 1 11 E W 11 11 W 1235 11 - 111 111, 1' '111 '21 111: D ' ' ' 1 11- 'i J 1 --mm A: 111111 1: as 111 1 111 "1 1 Q' ,V Q 5 W H A 11 11 111 115151 -11.2 if 152 1 1211111 1 Hi - 1 A! 11 11 1111 A. W, . L K1 W 1 X H' 1 31 :11 11 -1511111 111 11-2 A-3. E 1, ff 1:1 1 1-11 M 1-"-'S 1U 1? Hg 3 W1 U 1 1 Q 59 Q: Xi H11 2:11 1111 me 1, 1, V11 1111.1 1 1.11111 11111111 1 1111512 f 1111 11 M , ,, 1 fj 2 , H Q13 11 1111 111 111-f11QS1,fg1,' 1,1 :fs H1 as af 1511111111-ff M xm H aa 11 11,1 311 1 1121 1 312: 1 N 1 ,Win ,151 11,1111 1 1111 11 1 1g 11- 1 11 11:1 11 .-1 1 11 15211 1 - uf ,351 1-Hiinl 14.4. .- 1 E 2 ' 1' r 3.161 " W s'1..i . LM , 1 6-nl: 1 0' . X ' A , , 1 "-'N .,L- 1 - 1 1 r hm 1, uf-f 1 , - 1 -1' Q Q 1 Am. ' gi' - - . ,F I -.' ,ss J -.:. 1., - ' wc: W- Y ' 1 -q 1 1 . 'W Y A ggi ,Q1 '- A -111 1 1 - ' 1 151 1 f' f l il! 1 a , 1 Z I ,, '31 - 4 55" 1 ..,...1--..m, .... ' , , sw 1 - - 1 L 11 ' 2 11 .1 :fi-, .., Q Y IL' 1- ' ' ,QW , 45 -2 . 'f F X . l 3, "d ' 'A . 1 ' 1 ,?'i'1?'.1Qlf, " 11.. ., f 111 I K 1 1 1 1 1 11 ...1 V w'33:iK?R -1, :A K3 N W if I1 R A 11: . 4 -1.1.?':p-Jz: 1 V1 5 gwif , X ,Q 12111 111 sf ' F: lx :V X H Z . 31: xg. V ' K, -1 me 1 01 " Y .N 1 i 2 I AQ 5311 M1 1 'X ' 1 J Q . A .'i" J' ' 1 f' 'S-' ' Z- g Ei- 5 l 11 . ww " N. 111 rf i5P?'?"'T"'!'f 'mf L " ' f 4 E gi 1 11111. 1 - ff '15 11' -1 , , ' ' . 1 '1 F. - 1? V f - - ' Ilflfg X m Y1 f zz 29 A13 1- 4 , V' V-" 11512 11- 1 1 " 11 A 1111121 T121 1 1 1: gi 41 11 1 11 , 1 'A 9, 4 5111-1111 r f' 1111211 1 1,1 ., 1 31112911 1 '11 iff Q, f rg i if V' Q56 11 F .5 ' 11 :fi K1 1' .1 11 5? 5- ' ' 1-1111 ii, 11- in K ' 1' , J M -1111 Q ' ,M It -2 f - ,, 3, ' .1 11 W 1 11W - '111 ' 1 ' ' U - f 1 as 'Q M 2 1, .. ,E 3111?-1 gg .111 ,1 1' -- nk Q Q - 1 1 , 1 .1 - f-Q ' L-975. , 11:2 f' J' 1 J1111- V fs ' 1 wwf- ha 1 ' ' M 11 3 K N 1 I 1, ..,,, ' "QL 5, 1 I I u 11.111 Student Council One of the main objectives of the Student council is to channel all campus-Wide ideas, pro- posals and opinions through this organization. Yearly duties of the council include all-cam- pus elections, supervision of Homecoming festiv- ities, and many other extra-curricular activities. This year the Council began by sponsoring a freshman party during orientation Week. Most of the all-campus dances are also sponsored by the Council. The Blood Bank program and the annual T.B. stamp sales drive are two important projects made possible by Student council efforts. The group also supports the Foreign Student move- ment on campus by donating large sums of money to this organization. STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT Row: J. Elliott, A. me, recording secretaryg Blakeman, president, H. holmg Royleg Calkins, S. thorne, Edwardsg Corke. A.. W. S. The Association of Women Students, a group of self-governing women who represent the female student body in all matters concerning dormitory life, sponsored many successful activities this year. A pajama party for freshman Women to help them become acquainted with the school and board opened the year. The annual leadership dinner for outstanding women leaders on campus, all-campus study breaks, a upenny-night," the hanging of the harvest wreath, the annual Christ- mas breakfast, and a dorm dance were some of the activities sponsored by the AWS. A.VV.S. FRONT Row: A. Elliott: Van Campg Youkerg J. Elliott SECOND Row: Dean Wilder K. Thompson, t r e a s u r e r Mertz, vice president, J. L. Smith, president, Mrs. Pren- tice. BACK Row: Lohrman Westerman, A. Lepard, corre- sponding secretary, Shields, Uehling, Molner, recording secretary. YL' Lepard, B. Hamiltong Grind- staff, Nottg McKinsey. SEC- OND Row: Meader, Dorland, corresponding secretary, Sei- Mongomery, treasurer, Pran- ian. BACK Row: Eatong Scup- Johnsong M. Bradley, Caw- ,...- . FRESHMAN WOMEN'S COUNCIL FRONT Row: McRoberts, treasurerg Purslow, vice pres- identg Transue, presidentg Rosebrough, secretary. BACK Row: L. Campbell, Pirkag Brinserg Chauncyg V. Pattong Carlisleg Mertz, advisor. Seaton l-lall Committee The main function of the Seaton Hall Com- mittee is to represent the dormitory residents, and direct and guide their activities. This year the Committee has sponsored a number of Seaton Hall arties for the Freshman men and their dates. This group Works with the Freshmen women's group in planning inter-dorm parties and other activities. The group also sets up an intra-dorm sports program where each corridor competes against the others. On a larger scale the Freshman men enter in the campus intramural program. Freshman Women's Council Representatives from each freshman corridor and annex compose the Freshman Womenis council. They meet once a week to discuss prob- lems and plan activities which this year included decorating the campus at Christmas, and the cor- ridor carol sing at Christmas, a coffee hour at the Methodist church following the Sunday service, a leadership dinner in the spring for outstanding freshman women, and May baskets on the doors of the Senior Women students. is '52-Es. M SEATON HALL COMMITTEE FRONT Row: P. Hainesg J. Youngg Mrs. I-Iardingg Royle, presidentg Calver, vice presi- dent. BACK Row: Holmang Coggang Hoffmeyerg S. John- son, Robertsong P. Andreae. Campus Religious Council The Campus Religious Council serves to fos- ter those programs which arise from the express- ed needs and interests of the students. It also serves as the coordinating body of the religious organizations on Albionis campus. The Foreign Student program, the World University Service program, the World's Fair project, Faculty Fire- sides and symposiums, Chapel series speakers, and student worship services Were among the pro- grams sponsored by the council this year. CAMPUS RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FRONT Row: Dr. Cheek, Rei- noehlg Pass, presidentg Van- Camp, secretary, Hobe, treas- urer, Ransford. SECOND Row: H. Stevens, M. Wheel- er, J. Elliott, Rodewald, Odleg Flockeg Weston. BACK Row: Berndtg Hardyg S. Baker, W. Richards, J. Sebastian, Pe- ters. Publications Council The publication, finance, distribution, pub- licity, and editorial content of the Albionian, Pleiad, and Campus directory are directed by the Publications Council. This council consists of four students elected by the student body, Dr. Joseph Irwin, Mr. Robert Gildart, and Mr. Leslie Engstrom. This year in addition to the regular business, the council set up the staff for the 1960-61 Cam- pus Directory, a move which should facilitate get- ting the book out earlier next fall. If PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL FRONT Row: Schimmelpfen nig, secretary, V. Hoshal president, S h a r o n Baker BACK Row: Mr. Engstrom, treasurer, Dr. Irwin, Mr. Gil- dart, vice president. .ge E C1 Q. SPANISH CLUB FRONT Row: Jefferson, Knuth, secretary, Kniskern, president, M. McDonald, vice president, D. Adams, treas- urer, Miss Henninger. BACK Row: N. Olsen, Knudsen, Lafer, Peck, Westerman, Dr. Keller, N. Patrick, Jerome, J. Hall, Clucas, Karnok. French Club Le Cercle Francais this year had a variety of programs to try to increase its members, knowl- edge of French life, people and customs. Activities of the club included a Christmas party, a panel discussion, records, slides, and talks on France. The chief purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for conversation in French. l L Spanish Club During this year the Spanish Club received a first hand report on Mexico as seen by the stu- dent, from Karel Knudsen, Charlotte Knuth, and Linda Wilcox. Jose Anadon, freshman student from Chile, presented a talk on Christmas in his native land. Brazil and the Portuguese language, a Latin American banquet, and a PanAmerican celebra- tion were three other highlights of the club's ac- tivities, which ended with a spring picnic in Vic- tory park. l FRENCH CLUB FRONT Row: Stokes, New- ing, Reinoehl, Kipp, Bratz- ler, L. Fleming. SECOND Row: Emeric, N. Kay, sec- retary, Ainstutz, vice presi- dent, Paige, president, Ray- mond, treasurer, Ehrhart- Dr. Keller. THIRD Row: Flocke, Ford, Nelson, Se- kera, M. Mathews, R. Mc- Nally, LaRiviere, L. McNal- ly, S. Bowers. BACK Row: Angove, Brandenburg: D. Abbott, S. Matthews, Hoov- erman, Sevener, Long, J, Se- bastian, Manley. , gf M .. f . A .L Q A German Club "Der Deutsche Bundv highlighted its activi- ties this year by selling German calendars, hold- ing its traditional German Christmas program, and a spring picnic. The club presented programs through mov- ies, the European travelogs of students Sue Fuller and Richard Hecock, and outside speakers, to try to lwiden students, knowledge of Germany and its cu ture. GERMAN CLUB FRONT Row: M. Sjoholm- a Hanmer, Mertz, Couse, Mc- Cotter, J. A. Wagner, Dadd, P. Eschtruth, N. Hiltz. SEC- oND Row: Bedell, Miss Hen- ninger, Boss, treasurer, R. Karman, vice president, Hor- ton, president, Baxter, corre- sponding secretary, S. Full- er, recording secretary, Cook, Mr. Kobernik, Mr. VanZwo1l. THIRD Row: Eastwood, He- cock, VVhitman, Bankert, Meader, K. Atkins, H. Bent- ley, Keller, Hooverman, S. J. Miller, Hetler, VanCamp, Weston, Edwards. BACK Row: Berndt, Peters, B. Fox, Hoag, Ritter, R. Murray, S. Wagner, D. M. Hines, Boehr- inger, S. L. Baker, W. Rich- ards, J. Brown, Pixley, Springer, Barich. Eta Sigma Phi A trip to the University of Michigan to see Greek and Roman archaeology was the highlight this year of Eta Sigma Phi, national honorary classical fraternity. Eta Sigma Phi this year opened its meetings to all students interested in Classics. Programs of special interest were discussions on Homer's "Illiad" led by Harley DeLuerere, and Horace led by Mary Shiere. Requirements for membership are a major or minor in the classics department, a 2.0 average in this department, and a 1.5 over-all average. The purpose of Eta Sigma Phi is to gain greater understanding of classical culture and its influence on our contemporary society. ETA SIGMA PHI DeLeurere, secretary, Mr. Bale, Tortelli, president. CHEMISTRY AFFILIATES FRONT Row: V. Hoshalg Bo liog Steimelg Schneider, Ben jamins. SECOND Row: Dr Cook, Dr. D. Ingalls, Swain secretary-treasurerg Mr. Munkg Weston, president Dr. Keppelg Dr. Finholt. BACK Row: R. D. Smith, C. At- kinsg Lifeg Eastwoodg ,lenn- ingsg G. Lockwoodg Gibbon, Sandford. Beta Beta Beta Several outstanding programs highlighted the year for Beta Beta Bet-a, national biology hon- orary. Dr. William J. Gilbert opened the yearis activities with his "Mid-Ocean Chronicle," a dis- cussion of his marine algae research in Hawaii. Dr. Ruben Kahn of the University of Michi- gan presented his "Careers in Research" in No- vember and R. D. Burroughs of the state conser- vation department spoke on i'Zoological Findings of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" in December to round out the first semester. Second semester highlights included Dr. A. M. Chickerincgis lecture on spiders, and the pre- sentation an discussion of honors papers pre- pared by Verne Hoshal and Nancy Kay. Chemistry Athliates A field trip to Dow Chemical Company at Midland, Michigan, captured the spotlight in this year's activities of Chemistry Affiliates. Phillip Elving, recent winner of the Fisher Award in An- alytical Chemistry, provided another top program attraction with his talk, "The Scientific Alchemy? His program was illustrated with rare books on the subject. Other outstanding programs were Paul Voor- heis' comic lecture, "Ions Do Not Existf the movie "Modern Alchemy," and reports of students en- gaged in independent study. This organization is affiliated with American Chemical Society and is concerned with promot- ing an interest in the field of chemistry. BETA BETA BETA FRONT Row: Dr. Stowellg Rodewald, secretaryg E. VVil- son, presidentg Renfrew, vice presidentg V. Hoshal, Dr. Chickering. BACK Row: Gil- rayg J. Schultzg Bowen, C. Atkinsg Stoneg Blakemang Higgs, N. Kay. PHYSICS CLUB tary-treasurerg Dr. Glathartg Linne, vice president, Hoov- erman. BACK Row: Buck, P. Smith, Withrowg Wardg F. Robinson, DeGroff. 0 e Physics Club Bruce Berndt led the Physics club this year in promoting its purpose to further an interest in physics and to help its members study topics of current interest in pure and applied physics. The club heard a number of distinguished speakers this year, among them, Mr. Leonard Batz, one of the worldis foremost authorities on gyroscopes, who spoke on the "Use of Gyroscopes in Missilesf' Another speaker was Dr. George Alers of the Ford research center in Detroit, who spoke on "Applications of Ultrasonicsf' Other projects of the club Were a Christmas party and a trip to Chicago in which club mem- ers visited the Museum of Science and Industry, and the laboratories of the University of Chicago. Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathematics fraternity to recognize students of superior ability in mathematics and to develop an appreciation of the science Alpha chapter's program was highlighted during the year with a talk given by Prof. Harry Carver, departmental head of mathematics at Uni- versity of Michigan. KAPPA MU EPSILON FRONT Row: Dr. E. Ingalls Shields, secretaryg Hetler president, Dadd, vice presi dent, Dr. Moore. BACK Row: Angoveg Schneiderg DeLeur- ere, Coyeg Sjoholmg Berndt Bellaireg Koch. FRONT Row: Naser, secre- FORUM CLUB FRONT Row: Pearson, Love joyg Kniskerng Koch, Jeffer son. SECOND Row: Mr. Ram melkamp, C. Sprandel, presi- dent, Harrett, secretary, Dr. Qualeg L. Allen, treasurer, Dr. James. BACK Row: Gris- ingerg Diveng A. Phillips, Kleebg Turk, Urick, Ohmang B. Fox, R. Fleming, Heaton. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society whose purpose is to stimulate scholarship, inter- est, recognition, and research in the field of his- tory and political science. To be eligible for membership a student must have a major or minor in either of the fields, a 2.0 average in the department, and an all-college average of 1.5. Forum Club The main activities of the Forum Club in- cluded a spring trip to Washington, D.C., and the attendance by some of the club members at the International Relations Conference at DePauw University, Chicago. A number of interesting speakers were brought to the club meetings, and an all-campus movie entitled "Power Among Men" was sponsored by the Forum Club. PHI ALPHA THETA B. Fox, president, R. Flem- ing, treasurer, Kniskern, sec- retaryg Turk, vice president. A 4.8 - Education Club The Education Club is a member of the Stu- dent National Education Association and the Student Michigan Education Association. It pro- vides student teachers with practical experience in Working together. This program covers all phases of elementary and secondary education. Highlighting their program this year was guest speaker, Sarah Zwarensteyen, principal of the Michigan School for the Blind. She brought with her three blind students to demonstrate how to teach the blind. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB FRONT Row: Beattyg Hughes Readg Dorlandg Burns. SEC OND Row: Dr. Hestong Knud seng Gunnerson, secretary Waller, presidentg R. Clark vice presidentg Schelligg Dr McLean. THIRD Row: Roush Brunsong Hinkstong Vander- Laang Christenseng D. Mar- ting Maceronig Lee. BACK Row: Thorneg J. Woodg Carl- song Spencerg Richardg Lambg R. Knapp. EDUCATION CLUB FRONT Row: Throopq E Hemingerg Benseng Burns A. Walterg Stokesg Osterg S Stoneg N. Olseng Koch Corkeg Eaton. SECOND Row: Hundleyg J. Matthewsg B Smithg Hoffa, secretaryg Ste- vermang R. Fleming, treasur- erg Lohrman, presidentg M Miller, vice presidentg J. Al- leng B. Butcherg Moskowg B Martin. THIRD Row: Boehr- : Grifling Pelloweg S. Smith, Peckg Laferg Titusg Schellig, P. J. Millerg Hulbertg B. Stewartg Strongg Henryg Ueh- lingg Readg Weiskopfg A. ingerg Dorlandg Grisinger Lepardg Dinger. BACK Row: Ticeg Bennettg Flockeg C. Curtisg Westermang Lottg J. L. Smithg Wertg Paigeg Rob- leeg P. A. Millerg C. Heming- erg P. Scottg Ottmang Ray- , mondg Ruddg Raeside. Psychology Club The main objective of the Psychology club is to create interest and participation in all aspects of psychology on and off the campus. The club's guest speakers this year were pri- marily recent alumni of Albion college who are now working in state mental institutions. The fall field trip to the Kalamazoo State Mental hos ital was just one of the outside inter- ests sharedp by the club members, Who also co- operated with the Y.M.C.A. in planning some spring trips to other state mental institutions. ECONOMICS CLUB FRONT Row: Mr. Aris, Boss Grootenhuis, treasurer, Mor- ris, president, S. Warner, vice president, J. Place, sec retary, Dr. Branch. BACK Row: Mr. Engstrom, Fehsen feld, Mclntyreg McDowell, E Conaway, D. E. Hinesg Rom sek, Kleeb, Gillespie, Mr. Polk. Sociology Club The purpose of the Sociology club, composed of students majoring or minoring in sociology, is to discuss and stud ertinent social questions. Each month the clull lias a speaker to discuss a social problem in his particular field. This year the club has been to nearby Starr Commonwealth for dinner. Also a Chicago field trip was made in December to study certain prob- lems confronting metropolitan areas. Economies Club The Economics club, a departmental hon- orary, strives to create further interest in the field of economics, and to gain additional knowledge and experience in this field. Highlightinfg the Economics club program this year were our guest speakers brought to campus. They were Ned A. Kilmer, vice president of the City Bank and Trust Co., Dr. Harold G. Moulton, president of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Oliver H. Faaborg of Investors Diversified Services, Inc., Jackson, and Robert B. Bennett, treasurer of Dow Chemical Co. SOCIOLOGY CLUB FRONT Row: Dr. Swan, Bo- veeg Gee, secretary, Clark, president, Breymeyerg Crum, Lamb. BACK Row: Boynton, B. Knight, A. Elliottg R. Schoeng A. Lapham, Kole, Brunsong Ammerman, Boe- keg Stokes, Ravas. Home Economics Club The purpose of the Home Economics club is to promote a better understanding of home eco- nomics in every day life. This year the group had programs concern- ing the American Home Economics Association and the National Home Economics Association. Other programs included a tour of the Baldwin kitchen, a discussion on the opportunities in home economics in summer jobs and graduate school, a program on "the Hat." The group also again sponsored the annual "Bride's Tea," and an "A" Blanket project. For the latter, the girls sewed the "A,'s' on the athletic award blankets. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FRONT Row: Petersen, A. Cowles, J. Baker, Rea, Muir, Nott, N. Olsen. SECOND Row: Dr. Morris, Miss Rodg- ers, Craig, secretary, Quirk, president, C. Curtis, vice presiden, Ball, treasurer, B. Hosley, Miss Bowersox. BACK ROW: R. McNally, Behrens, Dinger, Bratzler, Throop, Reinoehl, Schloff, Harmsen, Schellig. Art Club Art Club meetings were highlighted this year by numerous speakers, including one student and one faculty member. Dr. Charles L. Swan, guest speaker at the J an- uary meeting, spoke on "Art of the Middle East and India," a sociological study of the subject. James Sampson's "A Tramp Through Europev in March called special attention to his experience in1European art galleries and other centers of cu ture. The yearis largest attendance watched Steve Davidek, Flint artist, do two paintings at one time in his program, "I Do a Painting." ART CLUB FRONT Row: Gulliver, Yoki A. Cowles, Lyallg Ottman. SECOND Row: Mr. Leach Mr. Stewart, Pardington, president, Streit, secretary J. Schultz, vice president, LaRiviere, Mr. Bobbitt. BACK Row: Bensen, Rea, Dougher- ty, Kischer, N. Patrick, Dobbs, Strong, Clucas, Peter- son. Youngs, K. Atkins, Hartwig, PHI BETA KAPPA FRONT Row: J. O. Krsul, Camerong Mr. Bale, Dr. Bahmg Dr. Chickeringg Mr. Morris, Enyart, Hood. BACK Row: Jordan, Kammertg Hough, J. A. Krsulq Terryg Carpenter: Coxford, D. Shaf- fer. Whois Who Twenty-two senior men and women of Al- bion college were listed this year in "Whos Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges," a national directory of campus leaders. The students were selected by a student-fac- ulty committee on the basis of personality, schol- arship, character, leadership, and extra-curricu- lar participation. The purpose of the honor is to recognize stu- dents Who have made outstanding contributions to campus life. Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776, is the old- est and most distinguished national honorary scholastic fraternity. Membership in this collegi- ate society is based on character and scholastic excellence in the liberal arts. Beta chapter, established here in 1940, is one of four in the state of Michigan. Members are elected in March from the senior class. The officers this year were Mr. Ferdinand Bale, president, Dr. Keith Fennimore, vice-presi- dent, and Dr. David Morris, secretary-treasurer. ri WHO'S WHO FRONT Row: Fehsenfeld, L. Wilcox, Rayinondg Pranian, Jefferson, Hoffa. SECOND Row: Lohrmang M. KaY9 J. L. Smith, Rodewaldg S. War- ner, V. Hoshalg Blakeniang Koch. BACK Row: Waller, Turkg Calkins. Pass, Hudson. ,555 A , . - ' sw ' ' Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary society for freshman Women. The basic requirement for membership is a 2.5 average or above during the first or both semesters of the freshman year. The members sponsored a "Smarty Party" for freshmen who attained 2.3 averages. They also continued the freshman tutoring program, and served refreshments at Meet-the-College Day. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRONT Row: Bratzler, vice presidentg Miss Maagg Yoki, presidentg Emeric, secretaryg D. Emmertg DeCou, treasur- erg N. Hiltsg VVarren. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary society for freshman men who have obtained a 2.5 scho- lastic average or better during their freshman year. Tapping for the society is held in the spring. Under the leadership of John Schneider, the society this year has striven to promote good scholarship among freshman men by setting up high ideals and by offering tutorial services for those who are having difficulties. PHI ETA SIGMA FRONT Row: McGil1icuddy Cawthorne, vice president Schneider, presidentg Dr Stowell. BACK Row: Rade macherg Crockettg Eastwood G. Hurstg N. Warner. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA FRONT Row: Kreiderg Coye vice presidentg V. Hoshal president, Dr. Mooreg Morris BACK Row: Berndtg Pass Hudsong S. Warner, Vour- nakisg Turk. Mortar Board The tapping of junior women into Mortar Board occurs at a dinner early in May. The wom- en selected serve during their senior year. Mortar Board sponsored the "Last Lecture Series" last April featuring Dr. James, Dr. Carnell, and Mr. Taffs. The Mortar Board Section Meet- ing was held at Albion this year, and Mortar Board sponsored the annual sophomore scholar- ship dinner. The group also sponsored an all-campus reading and discussion of Henry Commageris latest book in connection with the noted histor- ian's spring visit. Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is a national rnen's leadership honor society admitting junior and sen- ior men who have been outstanding in two of the five phases of campus life. These fields consist of scholarship, athletics, student government, social and religious organizations, publications, speech, music, and the dramatic arts. The organization unites the most represent- ative men in all phases of campus life. MORTAR BOARD FRONT Row: Hoffa, vice president, Fehsenfeld, presi- dent, C. Curtis, secretary. BACK Row: Raymondg L. Wilcox, treasurerg Jefferson. A Club club membership is limited to those men who attain the distinction of winning a varsity let- ter. The club sponsored a sock hop in the fall the night of "Bust Out." Proceeds from the dance went to the foreign student fund. Officers were John Vournakis, president, Richard Larson, vice-president, Frederick Saw- chuk, secretary, William Pincoe, treasurer, and Gordon Blakeman, publicity chairman. W.A.A. FRONT Row: Munt, S. Mar- tin, Youker, B. Smith, treas- urer, Grindstaff, C. Lewis, Fairgrieve. SECOND Row: Miss Duff, Rowe, vice presi- dent, Raymond, president, Miss Dunn, Lovejoy, secre- tary, Miss Beese. BACK Row: D. Chapman, Streit, P. A. Miller, B. Hamilton, C. Lap- ham, Breymeyer, L. Norton, Ball, Carroll, Flocke. A CLUB FRONT Rows S. Holmes, is, president, Blakeman, Bar- ich, Early. SECOND Row, M. Stone, J. Sebastian, Rise, Krieg, Kirkland, Coye, Lar- son, vice president. BACK Row, Lapinski, Hurd, D. E. Hines, C h 0 p e, Allmand, Padgett, Springer. WAA Albion was president school of the American Recreation Federation of Michigan College VVom- en this year. WAA sponsored a freshman marathon swim, an inter-sorority synchronized show, and intra- mural swimming meets for sororities and fresh- men. The group offered 16 sports to girls this year, including WMIAA tennis, archery, and inter- school hockey. Members were awarded for out- standing work and accomplishments at the an- nual spring banquet. Christensen, Fliss, Vournak- CHEERLEADERS FRONT Row: J. Reed, co-cap tain, Rea, co-captain, K. S Miller, S. Baker, captain BACK Row: Reis, N. Warn- er, Gierman, Platt: Grisdale S. Clark. Philosophy Club The Philosophy club strives to further the "philosophical spirit" among interested students by providing an opportunity for informal discus- sion and presentation of papers by students and outside speakers. This year the club had a series of guest speakers who spoke on "Plato's Republic", relig- ion as a creative in security, the place of pleasure in the good life, philosolphy of law, Neo-Orthodoxy, and the comparative re igions of the world. 4 L' -AW-M7 i QQ Cheerleaders Six coeds and four men comprised the cheer- leading squad this year. The group cheered at all football games, both home and away, and were at all home basketball games as well as one away game. Students were introduced to new cheers, and saw previously used ones revised. The fel- lows added tumbling routines to spark things up. The cheerleaders sold pompoms at the Home- coming game, and helped to make a success the Homecoming pep rally, which began with a snake dance from the dorms leading to the A field. Uniforms were purchased for the men. These consisted of purple sweaters and white pants, the opposite of the girlsi New white crew neck sweat- ers were purchased for the girls. PHILOSOPHY CLUB FRONT Row: J. L. Case, Betts, D. Fowler, secretary, Pass, president, Rodewald, vice president, Dr. Munk, Dadd, D. Emmert. BACK Row: R. McDonald, Collins, R. Andrews, Bacon, D. An- drews, J. D. Reed: S. L. Bak- er, Hoovernian, R. Hall, R. D. Smith, Bonyton. ls , METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT FRONT Row: Stobaugh, Li- vakg Voigts, Braund, Karres. SECOND Row: Odle, E. Ham- ilton, secretary, D. Martin, president, L. Wilcox, vice president, S. Cowles, Stuart Baker. BACK Row: Reinoehl, B. Cowles, Chauncy, Rose- broughg J. E. Hover, P. Smith, DeLeurere, A. Ste- vens, Forbes. Methodist Student Christian Seienee Movement Organization Throughout the year the Methodist Student Movement held discussions on race relations, various forms of worship, courtship and dating. Some members attended the 18th ecumenical student conference on the Christian World Mis- sion, Dec. 27 to Jan. 2 in Athens, Ohio. Other M.S.M. activities included a religious dance group, the Wesleyan Players, Work with the residents of Starr Commonwealth for Boys, and Work with the high school Methodist Youth Fellowship. This year the Albion College Christian Sci- ence organization held services each Thursday evening in the Boyd Meditation chapel. These meetings were open to any interested student. The group helped purchase a portable organ for use in the Boyd meditation chapel. In May the organization also brought to cam- pus Mr. Elbert Slaughter, of Dallas, Texas, who is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lec- tureship. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION FRONT Row: Mrs. Hicks, A. Wood, reader, Starr, secre tary. BACK Row: Woods Goodnow, Hector, Flocke, president. f l I l Y.W.C.A. FRONT Row: J. A. Wagner, D. Einmert, G. Patrick. SEC- oND Row: Raeside, D. Chap- man, secretary, Alger, presi- dent, Raymond, vice presi- dent, J. L. Case, treasurer. BACK Row: Livak, A. Elliott, Bratzler, Risley, Fair, Car- ney, Dadd. YMCA. The aim of the Young Menis Christian Asso- ciation is to offer Christian fellowship and an op- portunity to work in service activities. This group began the year by sponsoring the Freshman "Mix-Master" dance and an all campus dance. Each year the Y.M.C.A. attends two statewide meetings with the Y.W.C.A. The purpose of the meetings are to enable members to hear views on the religious and moral aspect of life. The Y.M. also co-operated with the psychol- ogy department in planning visits to some of the state mental institutions. YWCA The YWCA is divided into four commissions which deal with world relations, Christian faith and heritage, social responsibility, and personal and campus life. The group this year participated in two state conferences and worked on service projects at state hospitals in Coldwater and Lapeer. The members also sponsored the Y-sister program and breakfast, vesper services in the dormitories, the Horn-of-Plenty dinner, and the Big and Little Sister program. Y.M.C.A. FRONT Row: R. Boyer, Hill, Peters, president, Swain, vice president, Bellaire, J. Abbott. SECOND Row: Wamsley, sec- retary, Moffet, Goodnow, J. Urquhart, Utterback, Shill- er, P. Smith, Toombs, J. Jones. BACK Row: Parker, J. Green, Carpenter, Platt, P. Bradley, Braun, Corliss. Zeta Epsilon Lambda Zeta Epsilon Lambda is a christian service organization for Women interested in church re- lated or social service vocations. Group activities this year included babysit- ting for a welfare family each Sunday afternoon, Campus Religious council projects, and a pop- corn-ball sale. ZETA EPSILON LAMBDA FRONT Row: Mundhenk- Carneyg Pratt, Bikfasy. SEC- OND Row: Raymond, secre- tary, Dadd, J. Elliott, presi- dentg Reinoehl, vice presi- dentg Strayer. BACK Row: C. Brown, A. Elliott, Risley, Voigts, Stobaugh, Webster. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon is an organization of men stu- dents Who plan to enter some form of religious work. This year the group began and ended their activities with picnics. During the year they held a discussion on religion and emotions, Dr. Swan spoke on his experiences with the church in India, and on the pre-ministerial predicament. In April gie students visited St. Gregoryis Priory in Three ivers. CHI EPSILON FRONT Row: D. Miles, sec- retary, S. L. Baker, presi- dent, Persons, vice presi- dentg Dr. Cheek. BACK Row: Tortellig Ritter, S. Wagnerg Woomerg DeLeurere, treasur- er, Galloway. Decisions of the Supreme Court. WANR FRONT Row: Mann, Yeagerg S. Matthews, engineerg B. Fox, program directorg R. Fleming, station manager, Pellowe, assistant s t a t i o n managerg McDowell, J. Al- len. SECOND Row: Hauser, engineerg L. Flemingg G. Thompson, Budd, Emeryg Bestg D. Emmertg Carney, Raeside, Walls. BACK Row: Sevener, Hecockg DeLeurereg Urickq W. Morrison, Wolfeg Bedellg Purcell, M. Harrison. Debate This year the debate topic was Resolved: That Congress should Have the Power to Reverse Albion won the Eastern Illinois Invitational tournament this year, and received three out of five "superiors debating certificates given at the MISL Debate Tournament. Stanley Warner placed sixth in a field of debaters from seventeen of the top schools in the Midwest at the West Point Invitational Regional tournament at South Bend, Indiana. As members of the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech league, Virginia Baldwin, who placed first, and Wilson Hayden, who placed third, were awarded citations for excellence in extemporane- ous speaking. A RA WANR WANR, the "Voice of Albion College," broad- casts music, news, and a variety of other programs weekly from 570 on the radio dial of Albion col- lege students. Several new programs have been carried this year including Shakespear plays from WUOM, the University of Michigan station, recordings on the culture and life of foreign countries, and discus- sions of problems in the community and on the Albion campus by faculty members. This year also marks the first time that an- nouncement have been made for campus organ- izations to any extent. DEBATE FRONT Row: S. Warner: V. Hoshal. BACK Row: R. Boy- er, P. Smith, Mr. Hampton, J . Brown. ,, J. . ' fx BL rl ,fam , ---we was - A Albion College Players ALBION COLLEGE PLAYERS FRONT Row: P. Scott, G. Thompson, secretary, Pur- cell, treasurer, B. Hummel, Gee, president, Pellowe, vice president, Dr. M a n n i n g. BACK Row: Ruddg Cook, V. Hoshal, Patchettg McDowell, N. Patrickg A. Smith, H. Johnson. 4' Theta Alpha Phi Albion College Players is an organization in which persons with common interests and goals in drama and the theatre can contribute. Their first presentation this year was Thorn- ton Wilder's comedy, "The Matchmaker." The next play of the season was "All My Sonsf an in- tense drama by Arthur Miller. The final play was "Sunrise at Campobellof' based on the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Players also pre- sented the fairy-tale "RumpelstiltskinU in con- nection With the Albion branch of AAUW. In addition to a Christmas-initiation party, the group entertained the Canadian Players, held a spring picnic, and participated in the first theatre tour for Albion students. Theta Alpha Phi is a national honorary dra- matics fraternity whose purpose is to increase in- terest, stimulate creativeness, and foster artistic achievement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theater. To be eligible for membership, the student must be a member of the Albion College Players, and must be continually active in theater work on campus. THETA ALPHA PHI FRONT Row: B. Hummel secretary-treasurer, N. Pat rick, president, S. Treadwell, vice president: Dr. Manning. BACK Row: Gee, Cook, Pur- cell, McDowell, Pellowe. T' ALPHA PHI GAMMA FIRST Row: A. Woodg De- Coug Haughey. BACK Row: Turkg Mr. Taffsg Hedetniemig Mr. Gildart. Contributors? Club Contributors' club, an English honorary, chose as its major project to sponsor four movies entitled "Knock on any Doorj' "Henry Vj' "Winter- setf' and "Lavender Hall Mobf, The club has pre- pared two literary supplements for the Pleiad and a book list for prospective freshmen. lt also at- tended the play "J, BF, in Detroit. Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Gamma is a national honorary journalistic fraternity which recognizes individual ability and achievement in college and university journalism. It serves and promotes the Welfare of the college through journalism, and helps to bring together students interested in journalism. Members are elected on the basis of indi- vidual ability, and must have held an editorial position on either the Albionian or the Pleiad for at least one year. or I 17 CONTRIBUTORS' CLUB FRONT ROW: Jeffersong Am- stutz, secretaryg Hoffa, presi- dentg Hardies, vice presidentg L. Wilcox, treasurer. BACK Row: Hortong S. Cowlesg N. Hiltzg A. Smithg Carrollg H. Johnsong K. Thonipsong D. Chapman. 3. gig Hedetniemig Cudney, Mr. Gildartg A. Woodg Sampson, DeCou. Albionian Ann Wood edited the Albionian this year. She was assisted by Janice DeCou, associate ed- itor, John Hedetniemi and Robert Cudney, sports editors g Walter Boehringer, business manager, and Robert Andrews, assistant business manager. Othe staff members were Normakay Ralston, Ann Jones, Nancy Mayer, and members of the news writing class. Mr. Robert Gildart and Mrs. Leslie Engstrom were faculty advisors. Work on the 1960 Albionian began last spring with taking pictures of events which occur- red after the 1959 book went to press. During the summer the editor worked on layout and spe- cial ideas and in the fall, class and club pictures immediately started the ball rolling. As pictures were received from the Cphotog- rapher, t e staff cropped, sized, and paste them, then sent them to the engraver. Copy began coming in, and by April the com- pleted page dummies were all in the ands of the printer. In May the books were sent to the bindry where the covers were attached. James Sampson designed the 1960 cover. It shows the future towards which we must look at the same time that the past 125 years, suggested on the inside pages of the book, are contemplated. Mr. Engstrom, Boehringer, Andrews: Mr. Gildart. Mr. Engstrom, Purcell, Mr. Gildart. iil TP f ., 1,- 'fa A gf X get K y Q Braung Turk, Mr. Gildartg Haughey. Pleiadl The Albion College Pleiad this year was un- der the editorship of Richard Turk, assisted by managing editor Judy Haughey. The Pleiad pub- lished an "extra'i for the first time in its history, announcing the retirement of President W, W. Whitehouse and the appointment of Dr. Louis W. Norris to succeed him. Two literary supplements were compiled, edited, and published wit 1 the aid of the Contributors, club and Dr. Joseph J. Irwin. Assignments were handed out each Friday by Turk to staff reporters enrolled in t h e News Writing and News Ed- iting classes. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Turk, Miss Haughey, and sports editor John Hedet- niemi received copy, edit- ed and headlined it, and sent it down to the Albion Recorder. Thursday af- ternoon the editor and manager read galley and page proofs at the Re- corder. The paper was printed e a c h Friday morning, brought to the campus, and distributed to students and faculty. Those on the staff de- serving special recogni- tion were Philip Purcell, business manager, Thomas Kirkland, pho- tographer, Robert Fowl- er, iirst semester sports . editor, staff writers Kay Johnson, Robert Cudney, si and Karen Faller, Holly Johnson, the writer of "Much Ado," and the re- porters and cub report- ers. F a c ul ty advisers were Robert H. Gildart and Leslie J. Engstrom. Taliaferrog Haughey, Runiple, Miesen, Kirkland, Petersg W. Eschtruthg Litzenburger, Helpap, Lyall. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national musical fraternity, elects men to membership on the basis of active participation in the musical life of the college. The fraternity annually sponsors the Winter Quartet Sing and the Interfraternity Sing held in the Spring. The proceeds are offered for scholar- ships for deserving music students. They also sang during intermission of the Sigma Alpha Iota sorority sing. PHI MU ALPHA FRONT Row: D. Smith- Turk, treasurer, R. Burgess vice president, Hardies, pres- ident, H. Stevens, secretary, D, M. Hines, Mr. Pearson. SECOND Row: Wyse, Irwin, Pixley, Early, Hecock, Woo- mer, McCord, Boys. BACK Row: Bedell, S. Wheeler, Ritter, P. Harrison, Wolfe, Cramer, Brandenburg. a s Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota, national musical fraterni- ty for women, elects its members on the basis of active participation in the musical life of the col- ege. The year's activities began with a tea for prospective members in the fall. They also had joint meetings with Phi Mu Alpha at which mem- bers of the musical faculty spoke. The women at- tended a State Day in Grosse Pointe, and a work- shop in Ann Arbor. In March they held their an- nual American Composers Concert with Phi Mu Alpha. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA FRONT Row: Moreland, sec- rectaryg A. Walter, vice presi- dent, MacKenzie, president, Pritchard, treasurer. BACK ROW: deBeaumont, Schrod- er, S. Davis, Jarvis, Arnold. BAND FRONT Row: A. Walterg Meader, Gilchrist, VanCampg Knudsen. SECOND Row: Irwing Faller, Wyse, Ott, N. Phillips WichnalgWo1fe, deBeaumontg Goodnow. THIRD Row: C. Evans, Parsonsg Newingg D. Abbott, Williamson, Smethellsg G Nye, Epplerg Fullenwiderg N. Hiltzg J. Erickson. FOURTH Row: Mr. Long, Early, Sayreg Bacon, Lowe, Denning, W. Crane, J Abbottg Crockett, Dickstein. BACK Row: Bedellg H. Stevens, K. Olsen, M. Wheeler. Band The Albion College Symphonic band and Marching band, under the direction of Mr. Ralph G. Long, offered both students and guests out- standing music this past year. The Symphonic band presented two concerts, both based on music by American composers. Along with their regularly scheduled concerts, the Symphonic band also took their annual spring tour. This yearis trip included an extensive tour throughout out Michigan. The Marching band added color at the foot- ball games and pep rallies. Orchestra The Albion College Orchestra began the year by accompanying the Choral Society in their an- nual Christmas concert. In February they gave a concert of four major works by Wagner, Bach, Schubert and Rogers. In the spring the orchestra combined with area professional musicians to ac- company the first production of Mr. Taffs, mod- ern dance opera, "The Ten Virgins? The chamber orchestra, a smaller group se- lected from the college orchestra, accompanied the spring production of the Ballet, "Les Saisonsf' 'ghis group also went on tour with the college and. l ORCHESTRA FRONT Row: Foulke, Nottg MacNealg Bates. SECOND Row: Bitzer, S. Rogersgliisleyg Hol- man, Knudseng M. G. Smithg Dr. Moore, Meaderg C. Evans, Mr. Taffs, K. Olsen. THIRD Row: M. Bryceg G. McDonald, Holler, J. Abbottg B. Cowles, A. Stevens, Goodnowg deBeaumontg C. Curtis, J, Erickson, M. Wheeler, Mr. Longg Mrs. Longg S. Cowles. BACK Row: H. H. Hanson, S. Ericksong A. Gorman, Fullenwider. CHOIR FRONT ROW: Cummings, Schoenhals, Hendrick, Pritchard, Peck, Yoki, M. Black, L. Wilcox, Sedrick, Jar- vis, Arnold, P. Mills, MacKenzie, Knack. SECOND Row: N. Burgess, Lundberg, Transue, Hook, J. Hulbert, Manning, Hockley, Keller, Voigts, J. Hall, Stobaugh, A. Elliott, Waddell, Hetler. THIRD Row: Mate, Ger- rnain, W. Richardson, S. Wheeler, Fitch, Hardies, G. Martin, Brandenburg, Grisdale, Ransford, Pixley' a Cramer, G. Johnson, H. Stevens, Parker. BACK Row: Woomer, Cook, R. Burgess, Waller, P. Haines, Turk- Hecock, Calkins, Royle, R. Reed, Ritter, Cupps, R. Seeley, Hull, Jessup. 1 0 0 Choir The Albion College A Cappella choir, con- ducted by Mr. David Strickler, again played an important part in chapel services this year with the singing of anthems. Along with their Weekly performances, the group took part in the Choral Society concert pre- sented at Christmas. The Choir also played host to the second annual Church Choir festival held at the Goodrich chapel. This year's tour took the A Cappella Choir throughout Southern Michigan and Chicago. Carol Singers The Carol Singers, a selected group of the A Cappella Choir, presented several performances during the Yule season. The group gave Christmas concerts in Battle Creek, Eaton Rapids, and to the Rotary club in Albion. They also appeared twice on radio station WJR, Detroit. CAROL SINGERS FRONT Row: M. A. Mac Kenzie, Arnold, Pritchard Rinn, Yoki, L. Wilcox. SEC OND Row: Hook, D. Smith, J. Hall, Pixley, Branden- burg, Keller, A. Elliott, P Mills. BACK Row: Hecock, R. Reed, Fitch, Ritter, R. Burgess, Woomer, Royle, R. Calkins. ti is PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FRONT Row: Knudseng L. Brown, Secretaryg Harrett, presidentg Quirk, treasurerg Burnsg M. Andreae. BACK Row: S. Stoneg Hundleyg Craigg Rodewaldg Lohrmang J. Alleng DeCoug A. Wood. llnterifraternity Council The Interfraternity Ball was the outstand- ing event of IFC this year. The band was that of Johnny Harberd. "Somethin' Smith and the Red- headsj' a popular recording group, were featured during intermission. Also during intermission, Sue Paulson was crowned 1960 Greek Goddess. IFC was in charge of all-campus fraternity business which included setting up rushing dates and schedules. The council cooperated with the Student council in bringing The Four Freshmen to cam- pus in April. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council consists of two ac- tives and one pledge representative from each of the eight sororities. The groupis main functions are to establish and regulate rush schedules and rules. This year the council continued to support Petrina Biskari, their adopted Greek orphan. The Panhellenic Ball this year was a "dressy" dance instead of the formal of the past years. The theme was "Mardi Gras." Two S100 scholarships were awarded to worthy sorority women on campus. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL FRONT Row: Weissg Waller, treasurerg Carlyle, presidentg Vournakis, vice presidentg Dean Sprandel. BACK Row: Calkinsg Boxallg Bonfieldg Spenglerg Bendallg J. W. Smithg W. Butcherg J. Lewis. Y.. 1899 is 1 L Mg- T?W .gf ' ,. WL , H, ' Q.. :1g?eS., 2 E WE Q 7 'bs 55 AW VE 1 1 Q gig nl, fx H Q 'V f f 'F' W J V' L ff. 1.1 T' ' Y- . -1 Our sam 45 zur-gsm." craig.. H H 1-331-. H .-. if M .sa ,i.,im3i .. Mg. at FRONT Row: Stone, Stoddard, Brown, Fribergg Kriegg Rise, Hurd, G. Blakemang Gunn, Larson, W. Nolandg Bowers, Sawchuk. SECOND Row: Coach Shurmur, J. Shurmurg Vournakisg R. Smith, Lapinski, Kingsley, Foss, Wadleyg An- drewsg Marsh, Elsener, B. Blakemangb J. Nolandg Kreider, Harmon, Springer, Coach Fraser. THIRD Row: Ass't Coach Kareckg Hood, D. Smith, Ludwig: Rlemenschneiderg Tomlinson, Holmes, Sagendorfg Hoag, Thompsong Wellsg Schnei- der, Zimmerman, Knickerbocker, Williams, Barnhill. FOURTH Row: Piggins, M. Smith, Palermo, Weber, Jones, Cluteg Martens, Heimeng King, Cullum, Papenfusg Lutz, Krucki, Clausen. BACK Row: Clarke, Gould, Haines, Harrison, Stew- art, Voss, Madillg Blazekg Pearce, Nye: Champ, Snider. FOOTBALL What the '59 edition of the Albion college football team lacked in experience, it made up in determination and hustle in a rebuilding year. Despite the loss of 22 members from the '58 club which won first-place MIAA laurels, head coach Morley Fraser's squad fashioned a respectable 3-3 league record and a 4-4 overall mark. Eight seniors played the final games of their college careers during the break-even campaign. They were co-captains Jim Hurd, and Gordie Blakeman, Bill Noland, Bill Friberg, and Tom Hood, backs, Rex Harkness, end, Fred Sawchuk, tackle, and Jim Krucki, center. Powerful fullback Jim Hurd, an all-MIAA selection for the third year gave the Britons their chief scoring punch. He tallied 48 points to lead the league in scoring, finished second in rushing with 458 yards, ran his career rushing total to 2,094 yards to establish a new Albion record, and was named to the all state Small College first team. In addition Hurd became the second play- er in college gridiron history to try the ranks of the professionals when he signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers. Other Britons who achieved all-MIAA status were Mike Stone, Rex Harkness, and Jim Kreider. Stone, one of the most explosive break-away run- ners in the league, managed seventh place in league rushing although he missed two games be- cause of injuries. Harkness, a sure tackler and excellent pass receiver, and Kreider, a defensive backfield specialist, both turned in outstanding jobs throughout the season. Fred Sawchuk, a standout in his offensive and defensive tackle po- sition, was named Most Valuable Player by his fellow Britons. 1959 FOOTBALL RECORD ALBION OPPONENT 27 Ohio Northern 6 0 Hope 7 33 Kalamazoo 1 3 27 Adrian 1 4 7 Hillsdale 34 33 Olivet 20 8 Wooster 1 5 14 Alma 33 MIAA FINAL STANDINGS TEAM W L PCT. Hillsdale 6 O 1.000 Hope 5 1 .833 Alma 4 2 .666 Albion 3 3 .500 Adrian 1 5 .166 Kalamazoo 1 5 .1 66 Olivet 1 5 .1 66 ai BASKETBALL In a break-even conference season, new head coach Cedric Dempsey guided the Briton basket- ball team to a third place finish in the MIAA. The club compiled a 10-12 overall season record and a 7-7 league mark. The Britons were a young team which lacked height and depth, but they gained considerable poise by using an alert and hustling defensive formula. On offense the team counted on bal- anced scoring and got double figure averages from Captain Garth Richey, Bill Losey, Adolph Grund- man, and Dale Terrell. Losey led the club in scor- ing with 302 points. Only two members of the fifteen-man squad, Richey and Losey, will be lost to the team through graduation so the Britons can look forward to an outstanding season next year. 1' ' FRONT Row Trexler Terrell Groat Richey Losey Grundman, Barichg Coach Dempsey. BACK Row: Coach Isaac, Neilson manager Patchett Hostetler Gabehart N Hansen Kaechele, Cameng DeGrazia, Berquistg Anderson, manager. ALBION 52 79 64 71 62 68 77 75 84 81 61 E. M. U. Kalamazoo Adrian Hillsdale Bluffton Wooster Olivet W. Ontario Kenyon Manchester Calvin 1959360 BASKETBALL RECORD Alma Hope E. M. U. Adrian Earlham Hillsdale Olivet Calvin Alma Holpe Ka amazoo OPPONENT 79 1 10 58 83 69 76 50 76 79 80 73 FRONT Row: Asslt Coach Bakerg Banovicg L. Mastellerg McConkieg Radzikg Senkog Coach Fraser. SECOND Row: Emang Coyeg J. Mastellerg Lockwoodg VanGilderg Hulceg Claeys. THIRD Row: Grundmang Flackg McNa1lyg Fauschg Sissong Smithg Althouse. BACK Row: Ludwigg Reynoldsg Bowersg Sellersg Majkowiczg Muir. BASEBALL The 1959 baseball team accomplished what no Briton ball club had done in 33 years when they won ten of their last eleven games to bring the MIAA pennant to Albion. After absorbing a loss to Hillsdale in the third conference game, the Britons ripped through league opposition with a vengeance, losing only once more in the campaign to compile a 12-2 MIAA record. ln all games the team Was 13-5 in- cluding a tough 1-O setback to the Spartans of Michigan State University. The Britons, championship drive represented a great team effort and 22 players were awarded varsity letters. Purple and Gold representatives on the all-MIAA squad Were Ron Banovic and Dave Althouse, pitchersg Dick McNally, catcherg and Bob McConkie and Larry Masteller, outfield- ers. The team chose Chuck Coye, one of the Brit- ons' most consistent hitters since his freshman year, to captain the club in 1960. 1 959 BASEBALL U. of Detroit U. of Detroit M. S. U. M. S. U. Adrian Adrian Hillsdale Hillsdale Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Alma Alma Hope Hope Olivet Olivet Calvin Calvin RECORD OPPONENT 4 4 1 11 4 3 6 3 5 5 3 2 5 3 2 1 O 3 TRACK Albion's powerful track team proved its league superiority once again by running away with the MIAA championship for the sixth straight year in 1959. The team, coached bril- liantly by Elkin Isaac and J. W. Polk, nearly doubled the score of the second-place team at the conference meet in Kalamazoo. Two Briton runners established new con- ference records during the MIAA meet. Garth Richey set a new standard in the high hurdles when he broke the tape in 15 seconds flat, and Jim Kreider lowered the 880-yard run record to 1 :59.7 Team co-captains Jim Taup and Don Otero closed out their careers with consistent victories. Mike Stone in the 100-yard dash, Phil Williams in the low hurdles, George Emmert in the shot put and discus, and Bud Hudson in the javelin also turned in excellent performances throughout the season. Winning all four of their league meets, the Britons remained undefeated in MIAA competi- tion for the third year in a row. The track crown was Albion's twelfth in the last fifteen years. ALBION 87 49 731!2 96 89 671f2 93 55V2 95V2 50 ... flak I -was 1959 TRACK RECORD U. of Chicago U. of Detroit Manchester Hillsdale Kalamazoo Wheaton Calvin Oberlin Hope U. of Chicago OPPONENT 40 81 57V2 35 41 63V2 38 71V2 35V2 80 FRONT Row: Gorham, Kreider, Elwell, Lynam, J. Taup, Otero, Gudum, Caister, Crays, G. Emmert. SECOND Row: Andrews, manager, Stone, Rise, Angove, Rogers, Anderson, Patterson, McCaslin, G. Hurst, Berndt, Blakeman, W. Hurst, Willey, manager. BACK Row: Ass't coach Polk, Riley, Mills, Shipp, Graybill, Richey, Krieg, Chope, Barnes, Early, Jones, Coach Isaac. FRONT Row Smith managerg Brinkerg W. Hurstg Jonesg Krawiecg S. Eatong Gorham Gibbons manager BACK Row Coach Dempsey Summersg G. Hurstg Beelerg Fergusong Jacobusg Pattersong Kelly Coach Polk A cross country squad composed mostly of sophomores greeted a new coach this year in Ced- ric Dempsey. The young team progressed rapid- ly and recorded an impressive 5-2 league mark to finish third in the MIAA behind Calvin and Kalamazoo. In overall competition the Britons were 7-4. The team can look forward to a promising season next fall since eight of the nine major let- ter winners will be returning. Heading the list is re-elected captain John J ones. Senior Glen Krawiec, the only graduating major letter winner, was elected most valuable player by his fellow harriers. 1959 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD ALBION OPPONENT Jackson Hope Kalamazoo 15 15 30 36 ghici Wegeyan 37 ' e CROSS COUNTRY ig Acdxrxialliig ren 50 25 15 15 Hillsdale Calvin U. of Chicago Olivet Alma Briton Jim Sebastian, a 200-yard breaststrok- er unbeaten in 11 matches, led the Albion swim- ming team to a 7-4 season record. Sebastian low- ered the Kresge pool and varsity record to 2:20.4 in the event. He was named the teamls most val- uable swimmer. Other Albion swimmers who registered varsi- ty records were Jim Russell, 5:19.4 in the 440- yard freestyle, Keir Campbell, 2:22.7 in the 200- yard backstrokeg Jim Sampson, 2:27.6 in the 200- yard individual medley, and diver Steve Platt, who stacked up 211 total points in the DePauw meet. In addition the Briton relay team composed of Campbell, Tom Kirkland, Sebastian, and Tom Allmand reduced the 400-yard medley standard to 4 : 1 1.8. Sebastian and Sampson were elected co- captains after the final dual meet. Two swim- mers will be lost to the team next year, Dennis Tibble will transfer, and Ken Wylie will graduate. SWIMMING 1959-'60 SWIMMING RECORD ALBION OPPONENT 57 Central Michigan 37 67 Bay City JC 28 26 Miami U. 69 59 Kent State 34 32 W. M. U. 63 65 Wayne State 29 59 Central Michigan 36 38 Ohio Wesleyan 57 68 Calvin 28 47 DePauw 48 53 Ball State 42 FRONT ROW: Kirkland, Kinsleyg Andreaeg Campbell, Platt, DeGolia, Wylie, Bremer. BACK ROW: Coach Shurmur Sebastian, Russell, Sampsong Hectorg Tibble, McClurg, Dunn, Allmand. GOLF Only three major letter winners were among the returning members of the Britons, 1959 golf team. Nevertheless Albion won four out of seven league matches, and finished fifth in the MIAA tourney. Brian Bell, shooting consistently in the 70,s, was the mainstay of Coach E. Maynard Aris, squad. The graduating senior carded the best Al- bion round in each of the eleven season matches. Other linksters who played well for the Brit- ons were John Krsul, Dick Carpenter, Harry Buoscio, and Ed Christensen. The team's overall record was 4-5-1. 1959 GOLF RECORD FRONT Row: Elkins, Linne. BACK Row: Coach Keller, ALBION OPPONENT 3 E. M. U. 1 7 9 Tri-State 9 V2 E. M. U. 171!2 8V2 Alma 61!2 7 Hope 8 8 Olivet 7 1 Hillsdale 1 4 1 21!2 Calvin 2V2 1 4V2 Adrian V2 2V2 Kalamazoo 1 21!2 Coach Aris, Carpenter, Krsul, Buoscio, Fliss, Bell. S. Holmes, Krafftg J. Burt, manager. TlENNllS Dr. Jean Keller, making his debut as tennis coach, guided the 1959 Briton netmen to a highly successful 9-2 overall record, and a 6-1 league mark to finish in the runner-up spot behind MIAA champion Kalamazoo. The team was paced by the brilliant play of its graduating captain, Dale Brubaker, who played in the number one singles bracket for the third year in succession. Returning veterans this year for the Britons were captain-elect Larry Elkins, who has one of the most powerful serves in the league, John Krafft, and Spencer Holmes, who as a freshman was a pleasant surprise on the 1959 team. 1959 TENNIS RECORD ALBION OPPONENT 9 U. of Detroit O 5 Hillsdale 2 6 Navy Pier 1 5 Grand Rapids JC 2 7 Calvin 0 4 E. M. U. 5 5 Adrian 2 5 Hope 2 7 Olivet 0 O Kalamazoo 7 4 Alma 3 2 v 1 gk-ga .. ,nf 57" ' ...Q ' . , --nv-'..4: E ' . gif- . J YH' -N ' .. -.. Fl ,li v I , , '- ur ' H a s J N . .-5 ' ',.' r ' .iff ff" ji' QS, gi, , Af ma- ,. K f -' "FQ -- na- . S1 :.p-ri: .lm 113.13 : ,lk vlwflkeq A 5- 'f '. ':g 31. ' "f"' f ' 2" V -- ' u... 2' ' N f A' .W ,,,,1.uA-ng. X kv' , 5 l .-... .M 41 14: 1 f., . . , . .431 - .1 ., f. .11 .4 A I M' 1, 'Q f ' -Q2 iw rff1. 'i' T At xy, f' 5 4-3.-.T N f sw - is I' ff ,. ,fgl .. ' A R f "E H lf' fi' - ' A A - . . l , A Q! E .iz E4 5 A - ,gf 'Ef:f.- '-, 7' ' '!- H ff, if I il.: -. gig ,LL 4,-x L, 4g.k.g :3 i -' h fzgw YZF" li M' 54 "'nG"lL ' " . 'Z r ' A 5: .", 3 "-.-2 ,."'!q ' ,NNN 5? Q. -'c"'i3. , x :- f gif fx! ,' '-sg-3 ,, A' 1. Y- VV.. arf!!-1" . ful . .. . f 3 5 . 4. -sr I T4 V , 5 --4 M.. . Y TM 'Q -vj:T'il-Si e V . 1 . K an-.a-:m1'5:'-.5 L' I --I' . "'...,d'tSY W 5 ...,. WA . Ui 1 f 'Q - N " A '71 . . x , mf H-"4 ,ff-1, -- , , ' , 3 1L-:.,,xL.,A qv u k V , ,, :,.gQg:gi"'l 3" - Y "" U hn' 'MA cf .-Sri K V7 q'a :Q 'vb 'F x 2 m'm1-t,i3Ait3 W 1"'?-vhfiifnmrvgf ma, ' i'35"'E:s .X-sm 'TJ' H' . u J n Y , 1 if , 1 ,.r 1- wzgiiififsss.. ffssinu 'Q-ia., 1 J' V' M-'f-v Y V-:Q a F wx www , A ' V - -01 Q122ses:fzssrxsfsszisssfssaff H 3 53 fa was - iii? we ffm ww v' 1, 1 -W M5 View In Alpha Chi Omega Hall, 1894 .--.1 1..-.5.,i , eps' Q -f ' 5 .-'.,:, .... b . - - ,. Our ffiliafrzes l :ggi fi: Zeta Tau Alpha The Zeta Tau Alphas began their year with the fall formal with the Delta Zetas at the Hart Hotel in Battle Creek. i Other activities for the year included adopt- ing an Albion family, a dessert for the cross coun- try team, and a hillbilly date night. The Zetas entertained the Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha Mothers' club at a tea in the spring, and the year was climaxed with the Winning of sec- pnd place in the annual Sigma Alpha Iota song es . a an ,, -" - - ,Q t - ' 1-r 9, 1 1 iw rx I h I P S196 115.14 5 , , 4 .1 I , we , ZETA TAU ALPHA FRONT Row: Dygert, Lovejoy, B. Butcher, recording secretary, Breyineyer, Hoffa, vice-president, Rudd, president, B. Smith, secretary, Beatty, A. Elliott, Carroll, W. Read. SECOND Row: J. Harris, Tucker, Raymond, S. Gilbert, Gillespie, Flocke, J. Chapman, Rea, J. Wagner, Rodewald, Raeside, Badenoch, Hewett, Boyden, K. Olsen, Hendrick, Couse, A. Cooper. BACK Row: K. Thompson, Hutchings, Phipps, Pirtle, S. Erickson, H. Hanson, Munro, J. Case, Mullan, B. J. Martin, Wallace, Brierley, Wyant, Urquhart, Reis, Neukom, M. Uhrie, Riggs, Bogart. it wx. g.m.,. , .X X .i J l xl l A p I I s 3' ', nf - . J . Jf,-n...,,'h.- :2,.'- 44 .uf ri "' 'L 459 Wt, '4 .qfgzfb Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi began its second year on campus comfortably settled in a new lodge only one house away from the dorm. The Pi Phis held an open house before their fall formal with the Thetas at the Albion Con- servation Club. At Christmasttime the girls joined the all- campus carol sing and made the holidays merry for a local needy family. The pledges gave a "Baby Party" for the ac- tives, who had to Wear dia ers and play kiddy games. Refreshments for tlge evening were an- imal crackers and cocoa in baby bottles. The spring formal in May at the Embers in Holt ended the festivities of the year. PI BETA PHI FRONT Row: Meyng Mayerg Gulliverg Morseg McKinseyg Boekeg S. Young. SECOND Row: C. Youngg S. Fullerg Hamp- ton, recording secretaryg B. I. Martin, corresponding secretaryg N. Schultz, presidentg A. Wood, vice-presidentg C. Cur- tis, treasurerg Blomgreng L. Browng Ottman. BACK Row: Capperg Goodspeedg Braundg N. Pattong Lenzg Barneyg Tjos- semg J. Hoverg-Gardnerg Batesg Maplesg Shupeg Kesler. Kappa Delta The Kappa Deltas Won distinction this year with the crowning of their candidate Sue Paulson as Greek Goddess and by winning the trophy for the best sorority float in the Homecoming parade. d The yearis activities began with the fall for- l mal with the Alpha Xi Deltas at Jack Howard's Escape in Battle Creek. The KD's adopted an Albion family and gave a Christmas party with Delta Sigma Phi for some Albion children. They also sent Christmas gifts to their philanthropy, the Crippled Children's hos- W pital in Virginia. .P '-" The annual spring dinner dance was held at N:f' Q 23 the Otsego hotel in Jackson. Other spring activ- yfyiK'f3 if ities included winning third place in the Sigma .-4 Alpha Iota Song fest, the annual Parents, day, and the picnic with the track team. KAPPA DELTA FIRST Row: Burnsg M. Eatong Sleightg Uehling, vice-presidentg Jefferson, presidentg Baldwing Schoenhals, treasurerg M. Miller, secretaryg P. Scottg Benseng Lapham. SECOND Row: .S.wift5 Kezlariang S. Stoneg Hanmerg Mitchellg Lottg Whitmang S. Starrg Muellerg Schimmelpfennigg A. Laphamg K. Phillipsg Ryang Priesg Youkerg L. Fleming Pritchardg Stokes. BACK Row: Sobolikg S. McFarlaneg S. Clarkg Paulsong E. Smithg K. Blackg S. Millerg Transueg Ruckelg Fallerg Pughg Carneyg E. Blackg Dunwoodieg Leyrer. Kappa Alpha Theta Fall activities for the Kappa Alpha Thetas in- cluded a formal dance at the Albion Conservation Club with Pi Beta Phi, and a Dad's day. V , The group held a Christmas shower for their national philanthropy and attended a Christmas party given by the alumnae at the home of Presi- dent and Mrs. Whitehouse. The year came to an end with a dessert for the swimming team, Parents' week-end, and a dinner dance at the Cascades in Jackson. 'Eff ' KAPPA ALPHA THETA FRONT Row: Horton, G. Thompson, Harrett, Knudsen, recording secretary, Kempf, corresponding secretary, Koch, president, Steimel, treasurer, N. Olsen, Westerrnan, vice-president, J. Molner. SECOND Row: Rinn, Kischer, Peck, Am- stutz, Halward, Winsor, Norton, Goodrich, Penhaligen, Bassett, Grindstaff, Grant, Ebbert, Baumgartner, Fromhart, Fairgrieve, Bowers. BACK Row: Sweeny, J. Case, Nutt, Feiker, Van Wagoner, Reinertson, Nevergold, Shannette, Van Camp, Heppner, Loomis, Lindow, Seime, Bitzer, Rock, Howe, Notman, M. Shiere, Rumsey, Tufford, Knack. Delta Zeta The Delta Zetas began their fall activities with a formal at the Post Tavern in Battle Creek with Zeta Tau Alpha. Among other projects, the sorority continued its sponsorship of a patient at Carville hospital and gave a basket to a needy Albion family at Christmastime. Spring activities included a box social with the Motheris Club from Detroit and a formal at the Elk's Club in Battle Creek. . The group won first place in the annual Sig- . ma Alpha Iota Song fest. fb A mae., X---gt ?-gijiif Q"'5hx1i'13'iI V llmllli DELTA ZETA FRONT Row: Corkeg Schelligg Roushg Knuth, corresponding secretaryg Emeric, vice-presidentg Fehsenfeld, presidentg Wilcox, vice-presidentg S. Cowles, recording secretaryg Hook, treasurerg Schloffg B. Hosley. SECOND Row: Nlanng Dingerg Menochg Karnokg Arnoldg Peterseng Clucasg Titusg Mottg Jankeg Toddg Haugheyg R. McDonaldg Daddg'Cra1gg K. Knapp. BACK ROW: Cummingsg McNeilage5 B. Knightg Priceg Spindlerg Muellerweisg Woodsg Ameiseng S. Millerg J. Hallg B. Cowlesg C. Browng Purslowg Dartg N. Phillipsg Bremer. Delta Gamma The fall activities for the Delta Gammas in- cluded the annual football banquet and a dinner dance with Alpha Chi Omega at the Hart Hotel in Battle Creek. t The annual Hannahis gift shop was held for l the foreign student fund and for the benefit of the T blind. The group held their spring formal at the Al- bion Conservation Club and dinner was served at the lodge before the dance. The Parents, week- end climaxed the spring semester. - C T -Ib ' Lv.. x , ,jjj .- 3' .gf ' -Q 91" DELTA GAMMA FRONT Row: M. Lepardg Mertzg Bodkin, treasurerg M. Kayg Brunson, vice presidentg Hughes, presidentg Casner, re- cording secretaryg A. Lepard, corresponding secretaryg J. Alleng Streitg Walter. SECOND Row: Vaderg E. Hemingerg Robsong Alcorng Heardg Meaderg Schreurg Schwartzg Boothg Gilrayg Spearg Lundbergg Behrensg Struckg G. B. McKay. BACK Row: Bergmang Dalsimerg D. Atkinsg M. Marting Marchg Rossg Householderg Lemkeg H. Blackg Knothg Bradnerg Hawleyg Visg J. Scottg K. Payneg P. Johnsong Cooperg E. Carterg S. Millerg E. Rose. Alpha Xi Delta The first events of the year for the Alpha Xi Deltas were the annual Parents' Day and a spaghetti dinner at Mannoia's. Later in the fall the group Won the all-sorority scholarship trophy. The fall formal was held at Jack Hovvard's Escape in Battle Creek with the Kappa Deltas. A snow party with the Sigma Nus highlighted the Winter activities and Christmas brought a a-lparty for needy children with Tau Kappa Ep- si on. Spring activities included an Easter basket to a needy Albion family, a dessert for the Sigma Chis, the basketball banquet, and a dinner dance at the Hart Hotel in Battle Creek. . T. n- I' l ALPHA XI DELTA FRONT Row: Dovvlingg M. Andreaeg P. A, Millerg Harmseng B. Hamiltong Pinneyg.K. Conaway. SECQND Row: Stever- man, corresponding secretaryg R. McNallyg deBeaumont, treasurerg B. Stewart, vice-presidentg Crisinger, presidentg Diven, recording secretaryg E. Smithg M. Milesg Weiskopf. THIRD Row: Lieboldg Bryceg Lyonsg Kippg Pondg LaR1v1ereg Sekerag DeCoug Ruhlyg Youngsg L. McNallyg Derwickg Marsdeng Barker. BACK Row: Waddellg C. Evansg J. Montgom- eryg Misnerg Fieldg F. Walterg Schroderg Romanicg Edmonsong S. Briggsg C. Clarkeg Pedersong Hullermang Ranckg Forbesg Bandfield. Q Alpha Chi Omega The Alpha Chi Omegas came back to school in the fall to a newly redecorated lodge. . Parents, Day and the fall formal with the J Delta Gammas at the Hart Hotel in Battle Creek -H --A A highlighted the fall activities. J A Christmas party was held for the children of Crowell school. Spring activities included the annual picnic for the baseball team and a spring formal at the Albion Conservation Club. JEL. A 'gllfilfi fe :H fe F N 2 L ZZ? .fe Sufi li 1-' , .:' , . , y .L ' V1 I " , . W Lg , V I 0 ALPHA CHI OMEGA FRONT Row: Robleeg Dorlandg E. Patrickg Henry, corresponding secretaryg V. Emmert, vice-presidentg Kwis, presi- dentg H. Johnson, recording secretaryg Keller, vice-presidentg Hetler, treasurerg Wertg J. Smithg Lohrman. SECOND Row: Gunnersong J. Matthewsg Dailyg Cudinig Straderg Beachg Rouseg D. Sniderg A. Smithg Brooksg P. Millerg Palrnerg S. Bakerg Moskowg C. Craneg Tilman. BACK Row: Murdickg Nobleg Powellg Gassg M. Shiereg Sellersg J. Carterg Osgoodg Barnilnghglmg K. Hanseng Schreiberg Clevelandg Wagonerg Huffg S. Bentleyg M. Blackg Taliaferrog L. Starrg Reynoldsg Dal- v1n1g ur o. TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: R. Hallg Potterg Sayreg A. Holmesg Griceg Brinkerg P. Hainesg C. McFarlaneg Toepferg G. Smithg Schneiderg Fritz. SECOND Row: D. Bentleyg Allang C. Clarkeg Moring Royleg Maxfieldg Moffetg E. Andersong Plattg G. Gabehartg W. Hamesg Bedellg Sanfordg Harrellg F. Robinsong Hendry, BACK Row: Parkerg D. Smithg Grisdaleg Haightg D. T. Smithg S. Jonesg Cuppsg H. Gabehartg Eastwoodg Ritterg R. Murrayg Smethelsg N. War- nerg S. Mathewsg Rogers. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT Row: Bacon, treasurerg W. Hurst, vice presidentg Shookg Leitchg Mom Katzg Stoddard, presidentg J. Brown, secretaryg Halsteadg McConnell. SECOND Row: Wallerg G. Hurstg R. Hiltzg Hecockg Purcellg T. Karmang Lenong D. Andrevvsg Hobeg Sagendorfg Vydarenyg Klang R. Boyerg Petersg Brightg Berresg Bellaire. BACK Row: Willeyg J. Wilcoxg V. Hoshalg S. Warnerg R. Karmang Andersong D. M. Hinesg McDowellg Calkinsg Hughesg Passg Hardyg W. Smithg Pixleyg Walters. -5 .Cl I X-TVKN Tau Kappa Epsilon fa ' x The Tau Kappa Epsilons began the year by winning the all-campus and all-fraternity scholar- ship trophies. Fall activities included a formal dance at Jack I-loWard's Escape in Battle Creek, and a hay- ride and barn dance. The TKES serenaded all the sororities on campus the night of fall pledging. Other group functions included a party for underprivileged children with the Alpha Xi Deltas, Parents' day, and the spring formal, "Festival of l l the Red Carnationsf at the Embers in Holt. 1 . , TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: J. Greeng Buddg J. Long. SECOND Row: Hubbardg N. Reedg Winfieldg Carleyg J. Jonesg D. Lewisg VanderLaan. THIRD Row: Nashg W. Bremerg M. Bremerg Gusting Heimang Grundmang Buddeg Row- landg Kingg Mickg Riceg Rootg Nobleg Albee. BACK Row: Schulzeg Brockleyg R. Placeg Jacobusg O'Brieng Dunng Fergusong Kaecheleg Duettingg Coggang Goudieg Davisong Fintong Randolph Smithg Schiedg Willis. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT Row: J. Knight, corresponding secretaryg G. Jeroineg J. Place, treasurerg Mrs. Maceg J. Lewis, pres- identg Bader, vice presidentg Dalzellg L. Walls, secretary. SECOND Row: Tennyg W. Butcherg Kellyg Chris- tenseng Wadleyg McGillicuddyg Barichg D. Adamsg Padgettg DeGoliag Haydeng L. Murrayg Linneg Corlissg Rademacherg Leege. BACK Row: Bruceg Mastersg Mooreg Klimeckyg S. Holmesg Springerg Longg Hostetlerg O'Neill5 Durandg Roeg Patchettg Cawthorneg J. Sebastiang H. M. Hansong Woodburne. ra l ' J V, o o Sigma Chi The Sigma Chis began the year by topping all other fraternities with their Homecoming house decorations. At the annual Sweetheart Ball held at the Post Tavern in Battle Creek, Sharon Baker was crowned Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Spring activities included the annual Derby Day. The purpose of this event is to promote bet- . ter relations among Greek letter groups on cam- pus. -Y . '- - L- - , - -1. . A - -N' Y 1x - , fsuqsgg , Y sri .. , . ,F --.,,,. ' ,A 'K-A ' " . ' Infa- TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: Cramerg Stewartg Palermog Weberg C. Thompsong Laceyg Rivers. SECOND ROW: Porterg B. Har- risong D. Morrisong R. Huntg G. Lockwoodg Cooleyg Walkerg T. Osborng Handg Hoddyg Richg Neilson. BACK Row: Champeg Gortong M. Harrisong T. Royerg Sinclairg Milliesg Elsenerg Marshg Terrellg Martensg D. Zim- merman. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW: J. Woodg Bossg J. Schultzg Fliss, presidentg M1's. Daleyg Larsen, vice presidentg Hintzg Hoodg G. Blakeman. SECOND ROW: Praniang Uhrieg C. Osborng Vournakisg Rutterg Juddg Nolandg Pincoeg Hookwayg Bow- ersg Trexlerg J. W. Smith. BACK Row: Bachg Thorneg Kevittg R. Fowlerg Baderg Spencerg D. Williamsg N. Han- seng D. E. Hinesg Bushalag Tuckerg Armstrongg Bonner. 0 I Sigma Nu , 4, 1- g .W . . gif ts-at Q:-.Q Xgffl s The Sigma Nus distinguished themselves in Intramural sports again this year by Winning the all sports trophy, and the major and minor sports trophies. The year's social activities began with the an- nual Blackfoot-Whitefoot formal at the Conserva- tion club in Albion. Other events of the year in- cluded a snow party with the Aldpha Xi Deltas, a pledge house party, and Parents' ay. The year ended with the White Star ball, l l which was held at the Otsego Hotel in Jackson. TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: Hartsookg Brewsterg Kinsleyg Silcoxg Laceyg Wellsg Russellg McCrackeng Kurtz. SECOND Row: Do- denhoffg Boehlkeg Curtisg R. Bakeg Cattog T. Schultzg Nyeg Grimshaw. BACK Row: Heffnerg Haughtong J. Abbottg Lauppeg McClurgg Lincolng Chambersg K. Browng Helpapg Shoskey. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT Row: Maceronig Angoveg Braun, recording secretaryg McCaslin, treasurerg Mrs. Templeg Caister, presi- dent- G Sebastian- Leisenringg T. Robinson. SECOND Row: Harroldg Smallwoodg Clauseng Guentherg J. Wil- liamsg Crossg Dantz Wyseg Hornieg T. Browng Fishellg Carlyleg Senko. BACK Row: Fossg Gunng Manleyg Wells Rick Smithg Hubbleg McCordg Corwing Krauseg Krafftg Woomerg Lifeg Bolio. Delta Tau Delta ' -ff A'-I rx 'kxvf :fy Delta Tau Delta was a double winner in Homecoming float competition this year. They received cups for the best fraternity float and the best over-all float in the parade. At Black and White, held in February, Jo- anne Krebs was crowned Delta Tau Delta Sweet- heart. Other activities of the year included Win- ning second place in the fraternity quartet sing, winning the football and track trophies, a bundle party, Parents' day, and a spring formal at the Hart hotel in Battle Creek. 1 I FRONT Row: Elwellg Wirick, treasurerg H. Stevens, vice presidentg R. Reynolds, presidentg Mrs. Masong Ben jamins, secretaryg Cookg W. Richardsong Lampinen. SECOND Row: Boehringerg Hammondg D. Abbottg Paige Withrowg Bendallg Alwardg Finkg M. Bradleyg Boxallg Huffmang P, Harrisong R. Andrewsg Jessup. BACK Row: Naserg Deang Ransfordg Packardg Chalkg W. Hosleyg Wamsleyg Shillerg Gayg Emeryg Goodnowg LeFevreg Brand enburgg R. Germaing K. Campbell. , , Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi began this years activities with their fall formal at the Parker Inn in Albion. Christmas brought a party for underprivileged children with the Kappa Deltas. A Viking houseparty was held in April, and the year ended with the Carnation Ball at The Embers in Battle Creek. A i 1- TOP PICTURE FRONT Row: Chipmang Cluteg Harmong G. Smithg Stittg Riseg R. Marting Surnsg Kirkland. SECOND Row: Mc Kercherg McLandressg Warehamg Kingong A. Smithg Boltong Kriegg Calverg Campbellg Wardg S. Clarkg M. Jones Ludwig. BACK Row: C. Andrewsg Hutsong G. Elliottg Teetzelg Madillg Gouldg Kingsleyg Forshewg Roabg Wilkinson Healdg Summersg J. Shurmur. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT Row: Miskeg Spengler, vice presidentg Scupholm, treasurerg Weiss, presidentg Mrs. Stevensg Miesen, sec retaryg Wylieg Everinghamg DeGroff. SECOND Row: Ashleyg Weinerg Kinderg Tibbleg Pullong Kentg Lapinski Huyckg Coyeg Pardingtong Lindell. BACK Row: DeVriesg Wattg Darlingg Hosking Allmandg Chopeg Haddon Leightong Patmosg Loveg Barryg Hoehner. Alpha Tau Omega The Alpha Tau Omegas began the yearis ac- tivities with the annual Blackfoot-Whitefoot dance. A Beatnick houseparty was held on Fri- day night and the weekend ended with the formal at the Conservation club in Albion. Other activities of the year included an Ori- ental house party, desserts with Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Chi Omega, Parents, day, and the spring Sweetheart Ball. The group is currently planning to remodel the house kitchen and to build two new study- rooms. .FRONT Row: Edwardsg Hoagg Swain, secretaryg Urick presldent Mrs Roberts S Baker vice piesident Per sons, treasurerg.Ott. SECOND Row: G. Smithg D. Miles Foulke Farrar Hooverman W Eschtruth Holman Sevenerg R. Smith' Ragle- Tortelli- Parsons- Irwin BACK Row D Smith W R ha d W N Knickerbockerg S. Wagnerg Cullunfig B. Fox? Dobbs Hinkston Galloway IC I S est Patuck KR J. , 4- v y. , jr I N X if One of the most important activities of the Goodrich club for this year was the building of a new recreation room in their basement. The highlight of the clubis social season was the annual mustache party held in March. Prizes were awarded for the most fertile, most futile, and most unique mustaches. Other club functions include a hayride, a Christmas smarty for needy children of Albion, and the spring ormal at the Parker Inn in Albion. Robinson Hall Before The Fire Of The Early 192O's. gas- 'Qz' esi A 'gg ,G xx?-W?" If 'ff-f , W in i iw, xi' 'W 1' wgffikk fl' iilwmgg Fai I Jae l l NNW 'fluff -ma fi A ruff-'i' P jf!-l ,P fffzl-QI V534 'K f-if -2 fi! 12.1 "' il ' ,se E-1--1Lf3i1:, i H -122:22 '.j'?E"i"!'EQ? : wi N39 1 . -ff, ,. . V, N .,., 1 1115, 27, -1 .lf 7- 1, 'viii-:xiii 'wi' R 5 . 11559-lm " Mllll'lW'5"": ' 1 lg,7,,e'7is?i:a54 'V V aus .- l' . fe " "SS Q, Sim' if - ' ' 2, 2 'i?5!' V 3-wk ' r:.s4"cI5Nf1 f-effil -:ag-,, :QM L H-f'-'w-www , W , J-el U1PZ "f"W'UuuulI1I4W J., 3' V ' 4 We ,vi Y YQAVN ,J J.: .N jzifmfsz E. 1.1, fr,-gl ,'g41'Jj!5IH51'9l, ,Lal Lin A 3 H, ' ' '7 A "'AF1Z'1-f.i75 5"fl-1:-P'-F1 4U rl , ,, ": .. fa 'P - , .- : ?5'i4'7?"::4fZ 'ile f , 15 '1-fp, ,fx f .iiiigeif wif:-'fi" Q, , va-' Central Building, 1843. "Susie,' College Chapel Rostrum With Faculty, 1894. Dr. Lewis W. Norris, President Elect. I EMIL LEEFLER, M.A., LL.D. JOHN L. SEATON, PH.D., LL.D., L1rT.D., WAYNE H. FLEENOR, B.D., D.D. Academic Dean L-H-D Director of Public Relations President Emeritus AUDREY KENYON WILDER, M.A., L.H.D, WALTER B. SPRANDEL, A.M. PAUL R. TRAUTMAN, B.A. Dean of Women Dean of Men Business Manager is MARVIN F. PAHL, B.A. EDMOND H. BABBITT, B.D., D.D. ROBERT G. KELSEY Registrar and Director of Director of Development Office Manager and Purchasing Admissions Agent Administration SEATON HALL STAFF BUSINESS OFFICE MRSESRACE MOORE MRs.BCL1Al1l.ENcE BOWERS SEATED: eceptlonist 00 eeper MR- JACK YOUNG MRS. ERMA DICKERSON MRS'BEg1T1FeS5,eEIERKE Co-Director of Seaton Hall Cashier MRs. ROY L. HARDING Co-Director of Seaton Hall and Hostess HOU SEMOTHERS MRS. G. L. KLINEFELTER House Director of East Hall MRS. MARION P. R101-nvuRE House Director of West Hall MRS. V. J. HUFTON House Director of Dean Hall STANDING: D MRS. GEORGE D. PRENTICE Director of Housing for Women MRS. PAUL J. OIT Assistant Director of Susanna Wesley Hall 78 MRS. FREDERICK SCHULTZ Assistant in Bookstore MRS. MAX WILKINSON Office Assistant MRS. HELEN RAYNOR Bookstore Manager MRS. DOROTHY ANDERSON Bookkeeper . ? LIBRARY ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR'S MR. DAVID MORRIS Miss M. ELIZABETH HANCE OFFICE Reference and Reserve Room Assistant Assistant Librarian MRS- NORMA HARGER MRS. WALTER ROGERS MRS. JEAN P. KELLER Records Clerk Cataloguer Library Assistant MRS. ELOISE SMELTZER MRS. JOHN L. CHEEK Secretary to the Registrar Reserve Room Assistant SEATED, MRS. RALPH CROMAS SEATED2 M155 NORTYIA HAMMOND Assistant in Registrar's Office Librarian gr' I l SECRETARIAL STAFF FOOD SERVICE MRS. CHARLES GARDNER MRS. JosEPH BALDWIN Secretary to the President Assistant to Director, Baldwin Hall MISS DORIS ALLEN MR. GEORGE TRITTSCHUH Secretary to the Deans Director SEATED1 MRS. JEAN HEINIG MRS. LYNN MALLORY Assistant to Director, Placement Bureau Secretary Susanna Wesley Hall Faculty MAURICE S. ALBERDA, M.A. Instructor in English E. MAYNARD ARIS, M.B.A. Professor of Economics and Business Administration BETTY BEESE, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women VERNON L. BOBBITT, A.M. Professor of Art EDNA M. BowEEsox, M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics MAURICE L. BRANCH, PHD. Associate Professor of Economics LUCILLE V. BRAUN, M.A, Instructor in Modern Languages MRS. ELSIE M. BUTT, M.A. Instructor in Religious Education THOMAS M. CARTER, PH.D. Professor of Education and Psychology JOHN L. CHEEK, PH.D. Professor of Religion PEARL L. CHEN, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Biology A. MERTON CHICKERING, PH.D. Professor Emeritus of Biology PAUL L. CooK, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry CEDRIC W. DEMPSEY, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Men JOSEPH B. DUCKWORTH, A.M. 80 Instructor in Speech CHARLOTTE DUEF, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Women JOSEPHINE DUNN, A.M. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women J. LESLIE ENGSTROM, M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics KEITH J. FENNIMORE, PH.D. Associate Professor of English JAMES A. FIN1-IOLT, PI-I.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry MORLEY FRASER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men J. V. GARLAND, PH.D. Professor of Speech WILLIAM J. GILBERT, PH.D. Professor of Biology ROBERT H. GILDART, M.S. IN J. Assistant Professor of English and Journalism JUSTIN L. GLATHART, PH.D. Professor of Physics CHARLES HAMPTON, M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech L. ELLIS HANNA, ED.B. Assistant Professor of Physics JOHN E. HART, PH.D. Assistant Professor of English ISOLDE HENNINGER, A.M. Associate Professor of Modern Languages JOSEPH C. HESTON, PH.D. Professor of Psychology Faculty MRS. CHARLOTTE Hicxs, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages ELIZABETH R. HOSMER, PH.D. Assistant Professor of English MRS. EDMUND E. INGALLS, PH.D. Professor of Chemistry EDMUND E. INGALLS, PI-LD. Professor of Mathematics JOSEPH J. IRWIN, PH.D. Professor of English and Journalism MRS. JosEPI-I IRWIN, B.A. Instructor in English ELKIN R. ISAAC, A.M. Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men COY H. JAMES, PH.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science JEAN P. KELLER, PILD. Associate Professor of Modern Languages RoBER'r KEPPEL, PII.D. Instructor in Chemistry CARL KOBERNIK, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages SIIEILA I. KRAGNESS, PHD. Assistant Professor of French HAROLD D. LARSEN, PH.D. Professor of Mathematics RICHARD B. LEACH, M.A. Assistant Professor of Ceramics and Art RALPH G. LONG, M.A. 82 Instructor in Music JULIA E. MCCUNE, A.M. Associate Professor of English ELEANOR T. MCLAUGHLIN, PH.D. Professor of Education and Psychology W. MAURICE MCLEAN, ED.D. Professor of Psychology MRS. W. MAURICE MCLRAN, A.M. Instructor in Psychology JACQUELINE MAAC, M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Voice and Music MRS. HELEN H. MANNING, PH.D. Associate Professor of Speech W. KEITH MOORE, PH.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics MRS. DAVID D. MORRIS, P1-LD. Associate Professor of Home Economics ARTHUR W. MUNK, PH.D. Professor of Philosophy ELSIE MUNRO, A.M. Associate Professor of English FRANK C. PEARSON, M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Theory and Piano GERTRUDE PETCH, M.A. Lecturer in Education HOWARD E. PETTERSEN, M.A. Associate Professor of Physics J. W. POLK, M.A. Associate Professor of Economics DARRELL H. POLLARD, PH.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science Faculty RICHARD L. POWELL, A.M. Instructor in Speech G. ROBINA QUALE, PH.D. Instructor in History JULIAN S. RAMMELKAMP, M.A. Assistant Professor of History PAULINE RODGERS, A.M. Professor of Home Economics LOTTA M. ROGERS, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology LEONARD F. SHURMUR, A.M. Instructor in Physical Education for Men HOWARD D. SMALL, B.M. Instructor in Music PAUL L. STEWART, M.A. Instructor in Art ELWELL A. STOWELL, PH.D. Associate Professor of Biology DAVID L. STRIGKLER, A.M. Professor of Voice CHARLES L. SWAN, PH.D. Associate Professor of Sociology ANTHONY TAFFS, M.A. Associate Professor of Piano and Theory GEORGE WALKOTTEN, A.M. Lecturer in Education ALICE E. WHITCOMB, A.M. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, B.B.A., C.P.A Lecturer in Economics 84 O. FERDINAND BALE, M.A. Assistant Professor of Classics JEROLD R. BAUM, M.A. Instructor in English PAUL H, CARNELL, PH.D. Professor of Chemistry CSabbatical Leave, 1959-19603 CLARA L. DIXON, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology CONSTANCE FOWLER, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art CSabbatical Leave, 1959-19603 NOEL FRANCISCO, PH.D. Associate Professor of Sociology DONALD M. GILBERT, PH.D. Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages RICHARD MCCHESNEY, M.S. Instructor in Mathematics KENNETH BALLOU, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology FACULTY NOT PICTURED CORNELIUS VANZWOLL, M.A. ALBERT H. MUNK, M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry Mas. GORDON PACKER, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education for Women DAVID L. RANDALL, PH.D. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry CLEMENT E. RooD, PH.M. Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy LoU1s U. ROWLAND, MUS, D. Professor Emeritus of Music E. R. SLEIGHT, Sc.D. Professor Emeritus DALE R. SPRANKLE, A.M. Professor Emeritus Education for Men WALTER A. TERPENNING, Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor of Modern Languages of Mathematics of Physical PH.D. of Economics A Class In College Gymnasium, 1894 i ff' Seniors DENNIS L. ADAMS ROYAL OAK Economics Sigma Chi, social chairman Spanish Club, treasurer Football JANE ALLEN HOMER Speech Delta Gamma Panhellenic Council JOHN BADER PORTSMOUTH, OHIO History-Political Science Sigma Chi WANR Track Philosophy Club SHARON BAKER THREE RIVERS Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega Cheerleading, co-captain, c Student Council Publications Council Education Club JEFFREY W. BARRY GRossE POINTE PARK Economics, Latin Alpha Tau Omega Eta Sigma Phi Marching Band Symphonic Band 88 aptain MARGARET ADAMS BIRMINGHAM English Presbyterian College Fellowship secretary YWCA Education Club LAURA ALLEN ROCHESTER History Kappa Delta Forum Club, treasurer Junior Class, vice president Student Council, secretary WILLIAM A. BAKE NORTHVILLE History Delta Sigma Phi WANR Student Council Sophomore Follies MARY ELIZABETH BALL GRAND RAPIDS Home Economics Home Economics Club WAA, treasurer ROBERT BAXTER FLINT Biology Phi Beta Kappa MARTHA BEATTY HOWELL Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha WAA Psychology Club YWCA Education Club SHIRLEY M. BENSEN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Elementary Education Kappa Delta, corresponding secretary, recording secretary Education Club Art Club Sociology Club Sophomore Follies TRUMAN BICUM HUNTINGTON WooDs Economics, History-Political Science Delta Tau Delta, treasurer Forum Club H. WALTER BOEHRINGER SAGINAW History Delta Sigma Phi German Club Education Club Albionian, business manager WILLIAM BONNER PoNTIAc Sociology Sigma Nu PETER BEGLE ORCHARD LAKE Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Chemistry Affiliates TOSHIKO BETSUMIYA Toxvo, JAPAN Sociology GORDON JOHN BLAKEMAN PAW PAW Biology Sigina Nu Beta Beta Beta Student Council, president Football, captain Track, captain A Club ROBERT BONFIELD EAST GRAND RAPIDS Biology Delta Tau Delta, president Beta Beta Beta Golf EDWARD H. BOSS, JR. BELLWOOD, ILLINOIS Economics Sigma Nu Economics Club German Club, treasurer Choir ROBERTA BOVEE WILLIAMSTON Sociology Sociology Club WILLIAM BRIGHT HIGHLAND PARK Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Methodist Student Movement, treasurer Campus Religious Council, vice president Track HARRY R, BUOSCIO CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sociology Alpha Delta Gamma Sociology Club Spanish Club Economics Club Golf, captain Basketball RAY WILLIAM BURGESS DEARBORN English Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, vice president Philosophy Club Choir, treasurer Carol Singers Choral Society JACK H. BURT EAST TAWAS Economics 90 WINFRED BOWEN GARY, INDIANA Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Track PHILIP L. BROOKS CORUNNA Physical Education Baseball NANCY L. BURGESS DETROIT Speech Education Club Psychology Club Methodist Student Movement A Cappella Choir Choral Society WANR YWCA GAIL L. BURNS Gnossia POINTE WooDs Elementary Education Kappa Delta Panhellenic Council Psychology Club Education Club Sophomore Follies KATHERINE SHRADER BURT MIDLAND Art Home Economics Club BARBARA BUTCHER GAYLORD Education Zeta Tau Alpha, corresponding secretary YWCA WAA RICHARD CALKINS GRAND RAPIDS Music Tau Kappa Epsilon, president Who's Who Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Student Council Campus Religious Council Interfraternity Council Choir, president Carol Singers MARVIN E. CAMBURN ALBION Mathematics RUTH CASNER STURGIS Elmentary Education Delta Gamma, recording secretary Education Club Choral Society CHARLOTTE CRUM VVYANDOTTE Sociology Sociology Club ROSS CALAME EVANSTON, ILLINOIS History Tau Kappa Epsilon JOYCE WEEMAN CAMBURN MONROE Home Economics JOHN CARLYLE PLAINWELL Economics, English, History- Political Science Delta Tau Delta Interfraternity Council, secretary president Forum Club French Club Philosophy Club CAROL A. CORKE LATHRUP VILLAGE Art Delta Zeta Student Council Panhellenic Council Education Club Art Club WAA Synchronized Swimming ROBERT CUDN EY CROSWELL Speech Pleiad WANR Spanish Club Albionian, sports editor 91 CAROLYN CURTIS BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Home Economics Pi Beta Phi, treasurer Mortar Board, secretary Alpha Omicron, president Alpha Lambda Delta Home Economics Club Band Orchestra Student Council Education Club Methodist Student Movement MICHAEL S. DANT Ovvosso English Delta Tau Delta, recording secretary, corresponding secretary Student Council Junior Class, president Campus Relations Council Basketball Sophomore Follies WILLIAM DeVRIES GRAND RAPIDS Speech Alpha Tau Omega JUDITH DIVEN BIRMINGHAM History Alpha Xi Delta, recording secretary Forum Club M. DIANE DORLAND ALBION Elementary Education, Psychology Alpha Chi Omega Education Club Psychology Club Student Council, corresponding secretary Calendar Committee Choral Society 92 DANIEL PAUL DALZELL IONIA Biology Sigma Chi Beta Beta Beta Chemistry Affiliates C. SUZANNE ZIMMERMAN DAVIS KEEGO HARBOR Music Delta Zeta Sigma Alpha Iota A Cappella Choir Choral Society Carol Singers Sophomore Follies MARY ELIZABETH DINGER WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT Elementary Education Delta Zeta, pledge president Panhellenic Council Education Club Home Economics Club YWCA Choral Society WAA PAUL T. DOBBS ROYAL OAK Art Goodrich Club WANR Art Club Spanish Club VIRGINIA DOWLING BLOOMFIELD HILLS Elementary Education BARBARA MAYNARD DYGERT ALBION History-Political Science MARILYN J. EATON JACKSON English Kappa Delta LARRY ELKINS HILLSIDE, ILLINOIS Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice president Omicron Delta Kappa Kappa Mu Epsilon Interfraternity Council, treasurer Tennis, captain PAULA ESCHTRUTH GRAND LEDGE Biology Beta Beta Beta German Club NANCY FEHSENFELD GRAND RAPIDS Economics Delta Zeta, president, rush chairman Mortar Board, president Who's Who Economics Club WAA AWS Phi Beta Kappa BERTON G. DYGERT ALBION Political Science H. HERBERT EDWARDS HIGHLAND Biology Goodrich Club Beta Beta Beta VIRGINIA EMMERT DEARBORN Education Alpha Chi Omega, vice Senior Class, secretary Junior Class, secretary Art Club Education Club WAA Horne Economics Club ANN L. FAULKNER BERRIEN SPRINGS Art MARY P. FELISKY ALBION English president 93 BERT FETTERS ALBION Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon FELIX L. FLISS BATTLE CREEK Biology, Economics Sigma Nu, president Psychology Club A Club Golf Interfraternity Council WILLIAM FRIBERG GRAND RAPIDS Biology, Physical Education Sigma Nu Football Baseball A Club LOREN GIBBONS POINT AUX PINS Clzemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Chemistry Affiliates GEORGE L. GREIN REED CITY Biology 94 ROSS ARLEN FLEMING LYONs, OHIO History Goodrich Club Phi Alpha Theta WANR, station manager A Cappella Choir Choral Society Forum Club Education Club, treasurer Intramural Discussion, manager BARRY FOX TOLEDO, OHIO History Phi Beta Kappa Phi Alpha Theta Phi Eta Signia Goodrich Club Forum Club German Club WANR, program director PAMELA DIANE GEE ALMA English Zeta Tau Alpha, rush chairman Theta Alpha Phi Sociology Club, secretary-treasurer Albion College Players HOLLY GRANT SAGINAW Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Education Club Psychology Club Panhellenic Council CYNTHIA C. GRIFFIN LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS Elementary Education SALLY MARIE GRISINGER BLOOMFII-:LD HILLS History Alpha Xi Delta, president Forum Club Education Club WAA Psychology Club LYNN GUNNERSON DETROIT Psychology Alpha Chi Omega, social chairman Psychology club, secretary- treasurer Panhellenic Council MARYLYN COYE HARRETT GRAND RAPIDS History, Biology Kappa Alpha Theta, vice president Beta Beta Beta Phi Alpha Theta WAA Forum Club, secretary Panhellenic Council, president FORREST W. HEATON BETHESOA, MARYLAND Economics, Political Science Delta Tau Delta CAROLYN HEMIN GER MIDLAND History Education Club YWCA Choral Society E Q ,A 1 JOHN A. GROOTENHUIS COOPERSVILLE Economics Economics Club MANO HARDIES BERKLEY English Tau Kappa Epsilon Contributors' Club, vice president Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, president A Cappella Choir, treasurer Choral Society World University Service, treasurer German Club KENNETH A. HARTUNG DETROIT Biology Sigma Nu JOHN THOMAS HEDETNIEMI FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA English Alpha Phi Gamma Spanish Club, treasurer Albionian, sports editor Pleiad, copy editor, sports editor SUSAN C. HENRY GRAND RAPIDS Education Alpha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary Home Economics Club YWCA Education Club 95 DONALD E. HINES DETROIT Economics RICHARD HINTZ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Economics Sigma Nu, treasurer German Club Psychology Club BARBARA HOCKLEY DETROIT History A Cappella Choir World Friendship Club BENJAMIN G. HOFFMAN FENTON TOWNSHIP Political Science ROBERTA J. HORTON GRAND RAPIDS English, German Kappa Alpha Theta German Club 96 EMERY HINKSTON BAY CITY Psychology Goodrich Club, vice president Chi Epsilon, secretary, treasurer Psychology Club Intramural sports BARBARA M. HOBBS JACKSON English BARBARA HOFFA DETROIT English Zeta Tau Alpha, vice president Contributors, Club, president Le Cenacle Mortar Board, vice president Who's Who Education Club, secretary Phi Beta Kappa ROGER H. HOOVERMAN SAGINAW Physics Goodrich Club Phi Eta Sigma Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa Physics Club, president German Club French Club Philosophy Club WANR Presbyterian College Fellowship AGNES J. HOSHAL LI-:NNoN Education Methodist Student Movement VERNE L. HOSHAL, JR. DURAND Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice president Omicron Delta Kappa, president Delta Sigma Rho, president Beta Beta Beta Theta Alpha Phi Who's Who Phi Beta Kappa Publications Council, president Varsity Debate Albion College Players LEE HUBBLE BAY CITY Mathematics Delta Tau Delta Kappa Mu Epsilon Chemistry Affiliates Education Club Physics Club JUDITH ANN HUGHES ST. JosEPH Economics Delta Gamma, treasurer, WAA Psychology Club JAMES A. HURD THREE RIVERS Economics Sigma Nu SANDRA JEFFERSON DETROIT English, Spanish Kappa Delta, president Los Hispanistas, president Contributors' Club Whois Who Mortar Board Spanish Club, president Forum Club WAA WANR Pleiad president BARBARA HOSLEY WALLED LAKE Home Economics Delta Zeta Home Economics Club, treasurer French Club Band Choral Society WAA EARL NELSON HUDSON III CLAWSON Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon, secretary Who's Who Omicron Delta Kappa Kappa Mu Epsilon German Club Football Baseball Track Methodist Student Movement BARBARA HUMMEL GRAND RAPIDS Speech Theta Alpha Phi, secretary Albion College Players WANR Synchronized Swimming WAA Sociology Club YWCA Spanish Club Methodist Student Movement PAUL CURTIS IRWIN DETROIT Music Goodrich Club Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Band Education Club CHARLES JESSUP PINCONNING Biology Delta Sigma Phi, scholarship chairman Beta Beta Beta Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 97 HOLLY JOHNSON GRAND RAPIDS English Alpha Chi Omega, recording secretary Contributors' Club Albion College Players Phi Beta Kappa DAVID S. JONES DETROIT Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Beta Beta WANR Psychology Club NANCY KAY DETROIT Biology Beta Beta Beta Chemistr Affiliates Y French Club, secretary ANN KEMPF FLINT Psychology, English Kappa Alpha Theta secretary Economics Club Pleiad French Club Psychology Club KAREN L. KNAPP ALPENA Education Delta Zeta Education Club 98 corresponding KAY L. JOHNSON DEARBORN History MARGARET KAY DUNDEE Sociology Delta Gamma, vice president Who's Who Sociology Club, vice president Campus Religious Council, secretary Methodist Student Movement, secretary GAIL KELLER DETROIT Chemistry Alpha Chi Omega, v Chemistry Affiliates German Club A Cappella Choir Carol Singers ROBERT E. KLEEB CORUNNA H istory, Economics RONALD J. KNAPP PORT HURON Psychology ice president JANE KNEUKER DETROIT Speech Alpha Chi Omega Intermural Debate, manager JUDITH KOCH PORT HURON Mathematics Kappa Alpha Theta, president Kappa Mu Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer Who's Who Phi Beta Kappa WAA Education Club Sophomore class vice president Forum Club, secretary JAMES KRUCKI GRAND RAPIDS Mathematics BRUCE LACEY DETRIOT Biology Delta Tau Delta, corresponding secretary Beta Beta Beta Chemistry Affiliates ANNE LEPARD Sroncrs Elementary Education Delta Gamma, corresponding secretary Band Student Council AWS, corresponding secretary Education Club Choral Society KAREL KNUDSEN GWINN Psychology, Sociology Kappa Alpha Theta, recording secretary Alpha Lambda Delta Panhellenic Council, president Psychology Club Spanish Club Band, secretary Orchestra WAA Phi Beta Kappa J OANNE M. KREBS ALBION Economics SONJA KWIS FINDLAY, OHIO Biology Alpha Chi Omega, president Student Council Panhellenic Council Psychology Club CAROLE LAPHAM Gnosse POINTE Physical Education Kappa Delta MARY JEAN LEPARD GRAND RAPIDS English Delta Gamma, scholarship chairman Contributors' Club Foreign Student Committee German Club Methodist Student Movement Campus Religious Council JOHN LEWIS FARMINGTON Economics Sigma Chi, president, vice president Football Track Interfraternity Council ANN LOHRMAN DETROIT Sociology Alpha Chi Omega, president Who's Who WAA Education Club, president Panhellenic Council Sociology Club Senior Class, vice president AWS NORMAN D. LOVE HOWELL Physics MARTHA ANN MacKENZIE HOLLAND Music Delta Zeta Sigina Alpha Iota, vice president, president A Cappella Choir Choral Society Carol Singers MARILYN J. MCDONALD ROCKFORD Spanish Los Hispanistas Spanish Club, vice president 100 Hlllnglezzu H isa" U 7' .acyl H Elm, DONALD G. LOCKWOOD GRossE POINTE Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Pleiad Band Orchestra WILLIAM LOSEY STURGIS Economics Delta Tau Delta, Recording secretary Basketball Spanish Club DOREEN LOVEJOY MILFORD History Zeta Tau Alpha Forum Club WAA, secretary Freshman Council, vice president JOHN D. MCCORD LAFAYETTE, INDIANA Speech Delta Tau Delta, recording secretary Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Band Drum Major Sophomore Follies, Co-author, director CHARLES S. MCINTYRE II MONROE Economics, Political Science- History Economics Club JUDITH MATTHEWS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Choral Society Synchronized Swimming Education Club MARILYN RUTH MERTZ HAMBURG, NEW YORK German, Sociology Delta Gamma AWS, vice president German Club YWCA, secretary J ANI S MOLNER DETROIT Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta, corresponding secretary AWS, recording secretary Education Club Spanish Club DONALD L. MORRIS MOUNT CLEMENS Economics Delta Tau Delta, treasurer Economics Club, president Los Hispanistas, vice president Omicron Delta Kappa Philosophy Club JOYCE O'BRIEN BLOOMFIELD HILLS Art, Home Economics I . lwfzj :lim A 3, - 1.1 SHEILA MENOCH BIRMINGHAM English Delta Zeta YWCA Foreign Student Committee Campus Religious Council Choral Society Education Club WUS Auction Chairman MARILYNN MILLER KALAMAZOO English Kappa Delta, secretary Education Club, vice president YWCA WAA ETHEL MORELAND DETROIT Music Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary Choral Society A Cappella Choir CAROL ZIMMERMAN MORSE MUSKEGON Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi, recording secretary Synchronized Swimming Education Club Choral Society DAVID WILLIAM OHMAN II GRANDVILLE History-Political Science, Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon Forum Club Economics Club WANR 10 DAVID W. OSBERG BATTLE CREEK Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon Campus Religious Council Philosophy Club Band EMORY JAMES PATMOS ADRIAN Biology Alpha Tau Omega Education Club DEANNA F. PEARSON ALBION Political Science DAVID PIXLEY DETROIT Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia German Club Marching Band Carol Singers HARVEY V. PRANIAN, JR. BLOOMFIELD HILLS English Sigma Nu Choir FRED PASS, JR. DETRIOT His tory-Political Science, Philosophy Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Rho Omicron Delta Kappa Whois Who Phi Beta Kappa Debate Campus Religious Council Philosophy Club, president Chi Epsilon ELEANOR PATRICK DETROIT Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega Education Club Student Council ARLEN E PHILLIPS ROMEO Political Science JAMES K. PLACE Sr. JOSEPH Economics Sigma Chi, treasurer Economics Club, secretary Cross Country MARY RAYMOND SAGINAW Elementary Education, His to: y Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer Mortar Board Philosophy Club Tennis Senior Class, president Student Council, president Who's Who Chi Epsilon 02 Who's Who Le Cenacle, secretary Student Council Education Club French Club, treasurer YWCA, vice president WAA, president Zeta Epsilon Lambda WANDA READ CHAGRIN FALLS, OHIO Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, socia Education Club Psychology Club WAA GARTH A. RICHEY LANSING Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon GRACE J. ROBLEE LINCOIN, NEBRASKA Elementary Education THOMAS ROMSEK BLISSFIELD l chairman Economics, Political Science Economics Club Basketball Betty Ashcroft Pierce Prize CAROLE LEE RUDD ROCHESTER Elementary Eclucation Zeta Tau Alpha, president, rush chairman WAA Albion College Players YWCA Education Club, state historian gf CAROL RICHARDSON DETROIT Education Zeta Tau Alpha PAUL D. RIMER PLYMOUTH Chemistry Chemistry Club Physics Club WANR MARY RODEWALD MUSKEGON Biology Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Beta Beta Who's Who AWS Board Panhellenic Council Philosophy Club MSM German Club Campus Religious Co Orchestra uncil LINDA KATHERINE ROWE MT. LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA History Alpha Phi Beta Beta Beta Band Education Club Forum Club WAA, vice president Field Hockey JANET SCHELLIG NEW BALTIMORE Elementary Eclucatio Education Club TL Horne Economics Club Psychology Club WAA Pleiad YWCA 103 MARY SCHLOFF PLYMOUTH Home Economics Delta Zeta Home Economics JAMES SCHULTZ BAY CITY Art Sigma Nu Art Club Beta Beta Beta ANN C. SLEIGHT BATTLE CREEK Club Elementary Education Kappa Delta BEVERLY SMITH JACKSON Education Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary WAA, treasurer Education Club Student Council JAMES SMITH COLDWATER Economics, History 104 MARILYN KAY SCHOENHALS SOUTHFIELD Elementary Education Kappa Delta, treasurer Education Club Art Club A Cappella Choir Choral Society JULIA SHAW ANN ARBOR Elementary Education Kappa Delta WAA Education Club THOMAS M. SMALLWOOD PALMS Biology ERMA SMITH DETROIT Art Alpha Xi Delta, rush chairman Art Club Education Club WAA JUDITH L. SMITH ALBION Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, rus Who's Who AWS, president Education Club Home Economics Club chairman RICHARD B. SMITH GRANDVILLE History Delta Tau Delta WARREN SMITH WYANDOTTE Physics Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa German Club Philosophy Club Physics Club MATTHEW SPENCE SAGINAW Economics CHARLES SPRANDEL ALBION History BARBARA STEWART GRAND RAPIDS Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta, vice president AWS Board Education Club Psychology Club YWCA RONALD SMITH QUINCY Chemistry MARY REED SNOW THREE RIVERS Education Delta Gamma Synchronized Swimming Education Club GEORGE SPENCER DETROIT Economics JANET E. STEVERMAN SAGINAW Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta, corresponding secretary Los Hispanistas Education Club Psychology Club WAA Spanish Club YWCA J OANNE STREIT DETROIT Art Delta Gamma Art Club, secretary-treasurer WAA 105 SUSAN STRONG OXFORD Art Kappa Delta Art Club Education Club, vice president WANR CAROL THROOP DETROIT Education Home Economics Club Christian Science Organization, secretary-treasurer JAMES TORTELLI FERNDALE History Goodrich Club Eta Sigma Phi WILLIAM TURNBULL DETROIT Economics JAMES M. WALLER JACKSON Sociology Tau Kappa Epsilon Who's Who lnterfraternity Council Sophomore class president g Student Council Psychology Club Swimming, Co-Captain Sociology Club Publications Council Marching Band 106 WARD SUSSEX DETROIT History Alpha Tau Omega JOYCE TICE YALE Education Choral Society Briton Christian Fellowship Education Club RICHARD TURK GRAND BLANC History Delta Tau Delta Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Phi Gamma Phi Alpha Theta Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, treasurer Pleiad, editor German Club Forum Club Phi Beta Kappa HOWARD PAUL VOORHEIS FARMINGTON Chemistry ANNA MAE WALTER AUBURN, INDIANA Music Delta Gamma Sigma Alpha Iota, vice president Le Cenacle, president Orchestra Band, treasurer, secretary Choral Society Education Club Panhellenic Council, treasurer FREDERICK WALTERS JACKSON Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon STANLEY L. WARNER ALBION Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon Debate MARTIN ELLIOTT WEISS PORT HURON Economics Alpha Tau Omega, president Forum Club, vice president Interfraternity Council, treasurer ELIZABETH WESTON DETROIT C heniis try Alpha Lambda Delta Chemistry Affiliates, president, secretary-treasurer German Club Campus Religious Council Presbyterian College Fellowship Choral Society Student Council Phi Beta Kappa DAVID J. WILLIAMS ST. JOSEPH Economics JAMES L. WARNER DETROIT Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Education Club DONNA A. WEISKOPF DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS Elementary Eflucation SONIA WERT MANSFIELD, OHIO Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, scholarship chairman Alpha Lambda Delta WAA Sociology Club Education Club Choral Society YWCA Psychology Club LINDA WILCOX DETROIT English, Spanish Delta Zeta, vice president, treasurer Who's Who Mortar Board, treasurer Contributors' Club, treasurer Los Hispanistas Methodist Student lVIOve1nent WAA Choir Carol Singers EDWARD W. WILSON OVID Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Beta Beta, president Albion College Players Omicron Delta Kappa Campus Religious Council, president Campus Relations Council A Cappella Choir Methodist Student Movement 10 PHYLLIS WINSOR Art MARSHALL Kappa Alpha Theta WAA Education Club JACK WOOD HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS Psychology Sigma Nu Psychology Club Football 108 ANN W. WOOD EAST LANSING English Pi Beta Phi, vice president Alpha Phi Gamma Albionian, editor Pleiad, news editor Christian Science Organization president, reader Campus Religious Council Panhellenic Council Student Directory, editor Women's Handbook, editor DAVID ALTHOUSE WYANDOTTE Economics JOHN B. ALWARD CAMDEN Political Science Delta Sigma Phi, president Philosophy Club DRAKE H. ATKINSON GRAND RAPIDS History-Political Science RONALD BERRY BATTLE CREEK Economics H. EDWARD CONAWAY ALBION Economics CHARLES R. COYE STURGIS Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega, corresponding secretary Kappa Mu Epsilon, president Omicron Delta Kappa, vice president Baseball, co-captain Physics Club Education Club DAVID FOWLER ALPENA Philosophy Tau Kappa Epsilon Philosophy Club, secretary- treasurer EDWARD C. GOODMAN DETROIT Economics Sigma Chi REX L. HARKNESS EATON RAPIDS Mathematics THOMAS HOOD ADRIAN Biology Sigma Nu A Club Football Track Seniors Not Pictured KAREN J OHNSTONE SAGINAW Biology Beta Beta Beta DALE M. KENNY ALBION History GLEN P. KRAWIEC CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Swimming EUGENE E. KIRSCH HARTFORD German, History German Club, vice president Choir JOHN KRAFFT, JR. BAY CITY History-Political Science Delta Tau Delta Forum Club Tennis Basketball Sophomore Follies DAVID LAMB GROSSE POINTE Sociology ROBERT E. MCCONKIE BATTLE CREEK Biology JAMES MARKUNAS DETROIT Psychology BARBARA MOSKOW RoMEo Elementary Education MARILYNN MUNT MOUNT CLEMENS Physical Education WAA Board WILLIAM NOLAND READING Economics W. GARY OWENS AU GRES Psychology ROBERT PAIGE ALPENA French FREDERICK JAMES SAWCHUK ALBION Biology Sigma Nu Beta Beta Beta Football J OANA SNOW ALBION Economics, German TAYLOR COOK SNOW ALLEGAN Economics Delta Tau Delta WANR Psychology Club NEIL SPENGLER ARGIIBOLD, OHIO Education, History Alpha Tau Omega, vice president Interfraternity Council Education Club MICHAEL STARLING HARBOR SPRINGS Economics SUZANNE WILLIAMS TREADWELL ALBION Speech J. RICHARD VYDARENY BATTLE CREEK Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice president Beta Beta Beta Tennis Basketball Cross Country Psychology Club KENNETH CHARLES WYLIE CLIO History Alpha Tau Omega Forum Club, vice president Swimming, co-captain Philosophy Club A Club, secretary Methodist Student Movement 10 Juniors Estelle Arnstutz Ralph Armstrong Nancy Arnold Jens Bach Stuart Baker Virginia Baldwin Ronald Bellaire Margaret Bennett Bruce Berndt Judith Bodkin James Boxall Michael Bradley Paul Bradley Mac Briggs Keir Campbell Nancy Carroll Hector Chabut Judith Chapman Robert Clark Susan Cowles John Crocket Barbara Dadd Marie deBeaumont Stephen Dickstein Stanley Eaton Marian Ehrhart Ann Elliott Janet Elliott Frederick Farr Ann Flocke O U? Carolyn Fuller Sue Fuller Peter Gay Gerst Gibbon Marianne Gillespie Barbara Gilray Janet Hall Janice Harris Barbara Hartwig Richard Hecock Elizabeth Hemenger Gwen Hetler Richard Hiltz Marilyn Hook Charles Hookway Lynn Hulbert Susan Hundley Wilbur Hurst Patricia Jarrad Martha Karnock Janet Kelly Peter Klan Alice Kniskern Katherine Lafer Douglas Lee Jeffrey Life Peter LeFevre Katherine Liebold Nancy Litzenburger Nancy Lott Juniors Thomas McDowell William McNally Louis Maceroni Eric MacGillivray Kaye Mann Beverly Martin David Miles E Martha Miles Penelope Ann Miller Penelope Jane Miller Michael Ogles Karen Olsen Chase Osborn Janet Oster Eugene Ott Jane Ottman Nyle Patrick Carol Peck Susan Pellowe Donald Persons JoAn Petersen Karen Pritchard Philip Purcell Martha Quirk Patricia Ravas Lyle Richard Catherine Ruble Patricia Scott Linda Shields Audrey Smith 2 !"'4 il' Donald Smith Shirley Smith Gerald Snider Taylor Snow Reed Soper Joanne Steimel Anne Sitevens Herbert Stevens William Stoddard Karleen Strayer Richard Swain J ack Thorne Linda Titus Thomas Trexler Sara Uehling Walter Urick Larry Walls Claudia Westerman , J I , A Q 13,-1 Q lgbr' 1 X.4,' ., rzk. H Chris Boys, Susan Bradner, David Braun, Cyn- thia Bremer, Nancy Bridenstine. Janet Brooks, David Brown, James Brown, Kenneth Brown, Larry Buys. Richard Caister, David Carpenter, Dennis Caw- thorne, Robin Cerny, Shirley Clucas. Rodney Coates, Ann Cooper, Elsa Couse, Ann Cowles, William Cramer. William Crane Donald Ciays Judith Davis . f-1 si'5'fizeEfi5is- '5. M, X -X A - 1 . -.E-4.s.,y,, .N - -awfrafsffaef-f1:Lfm,iQ .. Y vile xi "' , 1 ,- An S 1 ,, 1" 'Z Sophornores David Abbott, Beatrice Adams, Chris Allan Sue Amrnerman, Eric Anderson. Tammy Badenoch, June Baker, Donald Barich Russell Barnhill, Peg Barry. Allen Bedell, David Benjamins, Homer Bentley Mary Betts, Gerald Boehlke. Jane Bogart, Harold Bolton, Susan Bowers Margaret Boyden, Barbara Boynton. , -. . fe' in I I L. 2 x 'Q fn. 'E ,LHR lk J QU ' T7 I ' ws ., at W., -9' Is Q' ,J ' H 3 A a -'.'. 7' ' M , ,F Janice DeCou, Willard DeGroff. ?g , 4 . Mary Downing, Joan Dudley, Greg Eastwood, l . - 5 - 'K . Richard Elwell, Jenne Emeric. , J .E "'A H A Darlene Emlnert, VValter Eschtruth, Karen Fall- lv., " " ., , QQ, t ,N er, Janet Ferguson, Patricia Finley. ' ' I . 'V -- Mfrs :. 341545. ' .Go in K J I V , ' F" Linda Fleming, Mary Ford, Michael Fritz, Her- fqfk r Q, ,f - L 4 1 ,, l bert Gabehart, Clinton Galloway. ' ' ' T5 A gf, an 'G -at a t f J Walter Grisdale Stephen Guenther. - "l: ii I ii ":l' '- f , 1 7 ' 'Qt I Barbara Gardner, Judy Geyer, Charles Gorham, A- , I f sl .rI. it H 'B ' Er 1 I Ar' .M gi. . Q, J 125.3 ' it 15 - ? 'S "' f . I E uf- 'Y FAQ N- a G 7 H is - Y- Karen Gulliver, Richard Hall, Ronald Halstead, Mary Halward, Elizabeth Hamilton. Harold Hanson, Lou away, Wilson Hayden, Charles Heald. Carol Heard, M Ruth Hendrick, Tasha Hewett. David Hickman, Nancy Hilts Mary Hirt Gre is Harrell, Richard Hath- argaret Heindel, John Helpap, 1 : g' ory Hornie, Robert Hubbard. Nancy Hunsicker, Michael Hutson, Carol I h ' ' s am, Barbara Jarvis, Dorothy Jerome. 115 ,. Sophornores 1 ' ' ll ' Fr i Q K , fl' . Y . H ' ' ' u- ' " L fp 2 . ' Joanna Johnson, Robert Kelly, Kirn Kezlarian, 0 U ' ' t V I Richard Kinder, Bethann Kipp. ll - , 1 - 'Se Q .ef mf f J ' I Y , . - V ' gf - it ' , V E Nancy Kischer, Brenda Knight, Katherine Kole, V e ,L 2 Harold Lamkin, Andrew Leitch. N " Ar, - J 3.5. Q Mary Lemke, Carol Lewis, John Liddle, Pris- ' 1 M 'P ' - V cilla Lyall Martha Lytle. , -,ff A , , I . " FQ' J ' u.. T f"'-j:- ..,. ' Ruth McDonald, Charles McFarlane, Donalyn 2. 'zz' Q? . ' - - X McKinsey, Robert McLandress Leta McNally. A, 5 4 7 'kiwi' B 9 Q J... A Hr ? ' -rf ' Reta McNally, Robert Martin, Jane Martini, 1" 'J' Mary Mathews, Scott Matthews. " x , ' Q rl . it :FX . r- all V J A 2 Q " -m tx L" . in " "" psf f. . Helen Meyn, Maryann Mlchaelson, Susan Miller, Sandra Mott, Judy Mueller. 'X , X J, A ', 1 ' K Marcia Mundhenk, John Nathan, Judy Nelson, Helen Nott, Sarah Odle. John Padgett, Gerald Parsons, Judy Payne, Helen Pendill, Kenneth Peters. Nancy Phillips, William Phillips, Nancy Pratt, Marjorie Pries, Patricia Pursell. 116 .ig Q S-J... ce .ml A Y .1 N 1 , Nc . , , f 3 Q-, Y- V5 . V V . 1' 1' 'yy' ' -- ik X H I 72,39 Q I 1 Z E ' ' -' H 1' ' X 1 W 4 M xj John Rademacher, Vesta Rea, Janet Reed, W' ' z Judy Reed, William Richards. in -I H Sharon Rinn, Frederick Robinson, Thomas V 1 , . ' Robinson, Claudia Ryan, Paul Sanford. Y - 'N John Schneider, Margaret Schwartz, Carolyn ,Q if ff' a 6 Seirne, Jenelle Sekera, Margaret Sjoholm. V I X MA A fx X Vx A I ., -5 I 4 .ii-s ci, J A .A Charles Sinethells, Dorothy Snider, Elaine , -, I ' Spear, Dale Springer, Diana Stokes. 7 g I' 416 Q I , . 9 .V ' if T, J ' "' ' Michael Strang, Carol Stuart, Michael Surns, X I V L ' Jane Swift, Barbara Taliaferro. t ' l ua. -its 1X Y- , H V , ,SJ Patricia Taylor, Dale Terrell, Janice Tilman, 2' ' I if U D James Toepfer, Bronwen VanWagoner. ' 'Xa ' A ll.. 14 1 f 1 . 9 r I Q e ery Wadley, Judith Ann Wagner, Stanley it 4 l 4: X Wagner, Richard Ward, Sharon Warren. g Q V, Z .. 'Y A ff X ,,,, J Elizabeth Whitman, James Williams, Paul " r , Williamson, David Withrow, John Wolfe. 44' AAA ' R. , 'J 'fx -s ,E P -- , ' ' Quentin Woomer, Elizabeth Yoki, Evelyn b, ' F Youker, Signia Young. X 11 7 Freshmen in JJ cur , . .. ,j John Abbott, Susan Ameisen, Janet Andreae, Phil gl Andreae, Karen Appelt, Diane Atkins. ' , Caroline Barker, Sara Barningham, Nancy Bates, 0 'B , Douglas Bathey, Peter Beck, James Behling. N I ,, 4 Sandra Bentley, Barbara Bergrnan, Jacqueline Bik- I fasy, Susan Bitzer, Kay Black, Hester Black. a ' V - 1 . i x Ga Z? Marcia Black, Margaret Blackwood, Barbara Bole, V In Marcia Bourna, Judy Boyer, Roy Boyer. , o Susan Braund, William H. Bremer, William M. ' . Bremer, John Brewster, Grace Brierley, Sharon Briggs. ' 1 S I . . J "' l 1' 3, John Brinker, Hollis Brower, Cynthia Brown, Gail 5 N X' ' Bryce, Sarah Buck, Jon Budd. H L "j Fred Budde, Coleen Bunker, Lenore Burman, George Burrows, David Calver, Donald Cagmen. Linda Campbell, Suzanna Capper, Ann Carlisle, Loretta Carney, Elizabeth Carter, Joy Carter. X we N Judy Case, Patricia Cattell, James Catto, Robert ,N l Chambers, Margaret Chapman, Richard Chapman. - s "' 3'L1ZW'5l22FIffi4. . , J Grace Chauncy, Spaulding Clark, Susan Clark, ' gr. ' Thomas Clark, Carl Clarke, Christiana Clarke. ,N I n .:-- z fi .fir 118 Y I I .351 .A K f 1 'U ., . :,,t l Q L , ,..,, 1... :-A" :J -L E ,J I gk . ca 4 . , J ,KN -1 A . 1. 'wi V J,-2'-J - l X , i ' 8 I ,W . 5. .X .I L, -X - , X . .Nz v. x. ,li .sf all Q y . .75-. I' , f r 'P AL l 94 K. A -. - f. is If ,,, E sf 4 - -5 1 , 4 -12: James Coogan, Frank Colladay, Mary Jane Conklin, Diane Cooper, Linda Cooper, Vern Cooper. Barbara Cowles, Helen Cudini, Ken Curtis, James Curts, Kathryn Dalvini, Judy Davies. Jayne Davis, Susan Dayton, John Dean, Donna Derwick, Peter Dodenhoff, Sharon Douglass. William Duddleson, Michael Duetting, James Dunn, Carol Dunwoodie, David Easley, Sharon Edmonson. Mary Eidt, Gary Elliott, Richard Emery, Karen Eng- vvell, Dolores Enright, Ruth Eppler. Judy Erickson, Carole Evans, Carolyn Evans, Karen Evans, Justine Fair, Nancy Feiker. James Ferguson, Barbara Field, John Findley, Rob- ert Finton, Jane Dell Forbes, Frank Forshew. Ralph Foulke, Donna Fox, Ann Freiberg, Rebecca Fulton, Eugene Gabehart, Judy Gass. Richard Gehringer, Gerald Gilfand, William Ger- main, Jo-Mary German, Jan Gierman, Barbara Gilchrist. James Goodnow, Gail Goodspeed, John Gorton, Nancy Gottschall, William Goudie, Linda Green. 119 Freshmen Karen Greenwood, Michael Grice, Thomas Grim Shaw, Daniel Gustin, Cynthia Hadley, Paul Haight, Peter Haines, John Hallbauer, Susan Hamilton, David Hand, Karen Hansen, Harle Hanson. son, David Hartsook, Herbert Haughton, Mary Hawley. ' .1 33' 1 David Harrelson, Michael Harrison, William Harri- 'E X Linda Henline, Sue Heppner, Patricia Hoben, Jayne Hodges, Thomas I-Ioffmeyer, Mary Holler. Nancy Hosken, Gail Hotchkiss, Joan Hotchkiss, Janet Hover, Julianne Hover, Polly Howe. Joanne Hulbert, Brian Hull, Dorothy Hummel, Richard Hunt, Deborah Hutchings, Patricia Johnson. Steven Johnson, Ann Jones, Stephen Jones, Bruce Juergens, Gary Kaake, Christopher Kaechele. Cheryl Karres, Karin Kesler, Dennis King, Stephen Kinsley, Julie Knack, Sally Knoth. James Kurtz, William Lang, Frederick Lauppe, Hugh Lefler, Nancy Lenz, Betty Leyrer. John Lightbody, Joyce Livak, Barbara Loomis, Linda LoPrete, Margaret Lowe, Susan Lundberg. 20 i-vs ,aa l :- , .aw mi-1 i gx lv .. X 1 T5 -we! l'i" ' 4 l i ai .- 'V' F' 4 V H t ,. :QA 4 r f ,,,,, ,Q " 9 .Q .' J E safea rn- V Q, F5 U.: i :elif as Q .1 15. 'Q .1 " 4 i gl I . 31 1 Ye .Ft ,td fs, J 1 g L: E1 l S ll ta 9 -x so 'Q' Mary Ann Lyons, Samuel McClurg, Mary Jane Mc- Donald, Suzanne McFarlane, George McKay, Pamela McKinley. Yvonne McRoberts, James Madill, Judy Manning, Sandra Maples, Rebecca March, David Marsh. Bruce Martens, Bonnie Martin, Gary Martin, James Martin, Mary Martin, Mary Maynard. William Maynard, Mary Merritt, William Mick, K. Sue Miller, Sally Miller, Susan L. Miller. Beverly Misner, James Millies, Arthur Moffet, Judy Montgomery, Gary Morgan, Frances Morin. Donald Morrison, William Morrison, Ann Mueller- weiss, Karen Munro, Howard Neilson, Charles Neitzke. Judy Newbill, Walter Nitz, Cathryn Noble, Joanna Norris, Carole North, Douglas Nott. Susan Nutt, Carol Nyerges, William O'Brien, Mary O'Connell, Ellen Oswald, Garry Packard. Ronald Parker, Bonnie Pastor, Nancy Patton, Vir- ginia Patton, Susan Paulson, Katherine Payne. Mary Peckham, Linda Pederson, Caroline Peterman, Roberta Phillips, Alice Phipps, Louann Pirtle. 12 Freshmen Robert Place, John Porter, Gordon Potter, Margaret Powell, Anne Preston, Carol Price. John Prichard, Jacqueline Pugh, Sarah Pulling, Barbara Purdo, Pamela Purslow, Gary Ragle. Normakay Ralston, Judy Ranck, George Ransford, John Ransom, Marilyn Reinertson, Patricia Reis. Bernard Rhines, Robert Richmond, Patricia Riggs, Connie Risley, Louis Rivers, Marie Robinson. Nancy Rock, Darlene Roff, Patricia Romanic, Robert Root, Jane Rosebrough, Janice Ross, Jon Rowland, Peter Royer, Thomas Royer, James Royle, Pat Ruckel, Ruth Rumple. James Russell, Charles St. Louis, William Sayre, Judy Schnell, Barbara Schreiber, Thomas Schultz. Duane Schulze, Helen Scott, Joan Scott, Gail Sed- rick, Sharon Seelye, Scott Seeley. Priscilla Seibert, Jo Ann Sellers, John Sellers, Judy Shannette, Martha Shire, Mary Shire. John Shiller, Paul Shillington, William Shoskey, Marjean Shupe, Marian Simon, John Sinclair. 122 , ,. . . .Q , I ' .,. , , , - N-..i..,.:' iv . , I "" 9 f V egg. ,f:, l' rf? sais 5 gl- 'rv V? It V X Dean Smith, Deems Smith, Geoffrey Smith, Perry I -'V' V H -' Smith, Nancy Sobolik, Roger Spolar. 33 David Sprandel, Dennis Sprandel, Dorian Sprandel, Sharon Staley, Martha Stiff, Milan Stitt. lf Q W 'J Carolyn Stobaugh, Dale Stockley, Eleanor Stricker, ,h r . V John Stringer, James Sumbler, Gerald Sundberg. ! n is I 'N ' 5 ., ' Bruce Taylor, Dorothy Tea, Daniel Teetzel, Richard I ' A Thompson, Marcia Tjossem, Nicholas Toombs. at Margaret Uhrie, James Urquhart, Jane Urquhart. Carol Voigts, Donna Waddell, Susanne Wagoner. Q if Kathleen Wallace, Allen Wamsley, Nancy Watson, Joyce Webster, Ann Weddell, Harry Wells. C' K . - wr- J . . . . . . kj i Mary VV1ll1ams, Phil Willis, Joanna Wilmurth, E -L fda- f . ' Martha Wittenbach, Meredith Woods, Judy Wyant, uri r .. g.W,i7 fffzf 355321. 2 - " - J S err be l . . ,SE Jesseca Wycoff, John Yeager, Kathleen Zinnecker. Tamara Transue, Caroline Tufford, Phyllis Uggen, Robert Utterback. Barbara VanHousen, Betty Veitch, 12 24 ,N -,-., ,. .-1-445. '17 , - , M 'gifs :c'-n3.jj2'f ,W .. .f , . .:f1':'l ffl 722' The Albion Campus in the 18505 ALBIO COLLEG Chartered in 1835 by the Legislative Council ofthe Territory of Michigan, this year celebrates its 125m Annihersarg Christian Enrollment-1300 Coeducational Able Faculty Liberal Arts Excellent Equipment Four-Year Moderate Cost "A College of Distinguished Alumni" Pre-professional courses are offered in dentistry, engineering, forestry, medical technology, law, nursing, the Christian ministry and other areas of religious service. Fcill Semester Begins September ll Full Accreditation by North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools American Association of University Women American Chemical Society American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education The University Senate of the Methodist Church Michigan State Department of Public instruction William Whitcomb Whitehouse Louis William Norris President President-Elect Robert H. Gass, '37, Chairman, Albion Alumni Fund Board Kenneth B. Hollidge, '35, President, Albion College Alumni Association A. Jefferson Sharp, '46, Director of Alumni Relations The Hlhinn College Hlumni Hssociatiun This is the Way to Maintain Your Many College Friendships. Participate in the Albion Alumni Funcl- The Annual Giving Program of Albion Alumni Exists to serve Albion through its Alumni ALUNINI CLUBS ARE LOCATED ACROSS THE COUNTRY 125 Compliments of... Corning Glass Works Cfllbion Plantf ALBION, NIICHIGAN 5GCorning Can Do Almost Anything With Glassv Congratulations from UHIUH STEEL PRODUCTS UUTIIPHTIU Manufacfurers of QUALITY BAKERY EQUIPMENT WENDWAY CONVEYORS PALLETAINERS HI-LO PORTABLE GRILLS Congratulations to the Class of l96O Rainbow Dairy Bar Sullivan's Ice-Cream Congratulations Albion College l lr lr lr lr It :E on your lg 125tH ANNIVERSARY 'I 1 if Bohm and Albion Drive-In lr ig Theatres 'I lr v-v-vAv-v-v-v-rvAv-v-v-v-v-v-v-vAv-vAvAv-v-vAv-v-v-vAvAv-v-v-v-'Av-v-v-rxfvAvAv-v-v-v-v-v-v-'Av-'Av-.-vAvAvAv-vAv-v-'Av-vAvAv-v-v-v-v BAK of LBIU Bank In Albion" lm' "Buy In Albwnf' ongralfzfnfoefiond fo ffm KLM of '60 REMEMBER-This Home-Owned Community Bank was established to SSVVG YOU. AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'A'AvA A A A AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAAAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvA A Congratulations to the Class ot 1960 C swam axwggfigf' 112 S. Superior Street Phone NA 9-3576 Verne Plassman Doug Lufzke 127' Q PRINTING OfAIIKincIs STATIONERY ADVERTISING THE ART CRAFT PRESS I ALBloN HARDWARE J. L. Frye, Owner Hardware - Painfs - Glass - Sporting Goods 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 1: WHERE QUALITY AND VALUE MEET 'I I Ig 313 s. superior si. Dial NA Q-4192 :I 'I ,I if I hr 11 nn Recommended by Duncan Hines PARKER "Best Wishes To The Class of 1960" When passing Through Albion in The fufure why no? renew old acquainfances and stop at 3 1 hr Jlnn A AAAA AA A AAAAAAAAA A A A A A A AA A A AAAAAA A A A A A AAAAAAAAAAA AA AAA A A AAAA:s,.::::: A ongraflfa Kalfiond fo flw 6K0-L55 of 7 960 Home Laundr Compliments of . Ihe Heeerder Press Cempanu ALBION, MICHIGAN Printers of the Albionicm and the Pleiczcz' 'v'v4v'vAvAvAwl24vAv4v4v4vLAv4wlSfvAvAvAvAv v v v Weafherwax fbauq Slime WALLGREEN AGENCY S. Superior Phone NA 9-2987 ALBION, MICHIGAN 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 4 'I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I CARTVVRIGHTS for Qualify Shoe Brands FLORSHEIM AIRSTEP ROBLEE LIFE STRIDE SMARTAIRE PEDWIN v'v'v'vAv'vAwlNl2Av4v'v'v'v-iv'-lSAvAvAv'vAvA v4v0v4v9v9v'v9q9v9v9q4q9q9v4v4v5r4qAvAv'v'v'vLv'w4w'llSf' 'I 'I IEWELERS 33553:f:5?fEE3EfEiEfE3f:f5IQEFE-II' I'I5IEIf111-rf:VgV:I11-I:I52:-1-rfzigfgf'-'frE5I5E3E53j-7:1-1'3:2:2-"':j:r-:f:g5:3-2:IE513535:Q.5:5-24-151rE:1:f:5:-:r:5::1::r-:rg -if-312:'15-1-2-,:j-:.':5E-fcfzifgp' II5 South Superior Srreef I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I FINEST CLOTHING FOR COLLEGIATES YIIUNIYS rrrrrrrrs were rrr 5. superior Phone NA 9-8752 129 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-----A-A- AAA. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrvvvv .--AA-A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAA vAv4vAv"vAv'4 WE PROUDLY SERVE Home Dairy Products "Serving the Community for 27 Years" M Home and Store Delivery 1o1 N. Ann sf. Phone NA 9-2041 Fuln it '1 4, , ,. '1 '1 '1 1 i 950 Eg A :ENTER , 1 Ig . '1 '1 '1 '1 11 41 GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE AAA Road Service 250 CAR BLACK TOP PARKING CENTER Corner of Michigan and Superior P 1 41 41 41 41 41 11 41 41 41 11 41 11 41 Phone NA 9-8573 11 11 11 '1 Besf Wishes fo ihe Class of 1960 COOLERATOR DIVISICN MCGRAW- EDISON COMPANY -QUALITY PRODUCTS Fon THE Home AND INDUSTRY- Wilking Office Supply Office Supplies - Portable Typewriters A Complete Office Service Phone NA 9-8000 121 N. Superior Albion Albion Lumber Co. Headquarters for Lumber, Paint Bulletin Boards. Tools for Rent E. Cass St. Phone NA 9-2295 l?fffffifffffffffffffffffffff!vAvAv'vQ Mcike GAS Your Dcaily Servant for COOKING HEATING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION GARBAGE DISPOSAL CLOTHES DRYING Swmmmmnlmmmm Gm lmmmnu Phone NA 9-3938 4-4-4------A--A---------4A-A-----Q Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Paul Hawes Drug Store lOl N. Superior NA 9-4673 ,AvAvAv4vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv-vAvAvAvAvAvAvAv4vAvAvAvAvAv4v'vAvAvAvAv Bob Hrmstrnng Ford, Inc. FORD and MERCURY SALES and SERVICE Phone NA 9-3969 ALBION, MICHIGAN -AA----A-AA---AAAAAAAAAAA4-4-4444 ALBIU CULLEGE 300K TURE f2x Text Books - Stationery - Supplies Mrs. Helen Raynor, Manager Established 1893 2 Congratulations to Class of "l96O" 1311111111111 ' A 'PY PASTRY 205 N. Superior NA 9-2014 Av'vAv4vAwl2LNNNNAvAv'wl2'vkkA A?fvAfviAv4vNA?ffvAf STAR ,. LITE si MOTEL Highway US-12 Albion, Michigan Phone NA 9-8075 A ' 't' g court f attractively furni h cl '1 h th T T 11 1 l1 tl " ' lt 1 li lr lr 'r lr lr lr In 4: AAA pp cl D H pp cl w45Av4v4vAvAv v vAvAvAvAvA ongraffoffalfiona fo Me 661,55 0 '60 Austin Professional Photography Earl D. Austin, Prop. 414 S. Superior Albion, Mich. S ' Y g t ll b fl f f t d ' g Earl Austin 11 Good Luck to the Class of 1960 6 .1 'P 3 . . uSay lt wzth Flowers CORSAGES BOUQUETS CLARICS FLOWERS 407 Perry Street Phone NA 9-3127 A 4 il 41 awe QUALITY CASTINGS SINCE 1888 ALBION MAllEABlE IRON 4 Queen For A Day T. V. Shoe Grace Walker Shoes for Women John C. Roberts Shoes for Men WELLS SHOES City Bank 81 Tint Co. - CONGRATULATIONS - TO THE CLASS OF T960 ,-A-A--AAA----A-A-----A-A-----AAA-A-A vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ---AAA-----------A-------A---AAA .Toe's Barber Shop "You clon't have to wait . . .So you're never late And to reserve time Doesn't cost you a dime" HAIRCUTS BY APPOINTMENT STOP IN OR CALL NA 9-8142 I04 N. SUPERIOR vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Congratulations To the CLASS OF 1960 J. C. Penney Co. ,AAAA--AAA-AA------------AA-AA- -AAA-AAA----A-AAA---A----------A---A- qv Illestem Hula Home - Automobile - Bicycle ancl Garden Supplies BOOTH'S Hardware Floor Coverings IO6 E. Erie 400 S. Superior Ken Booth Jack Booth v'v'v'vAv'v'v'vAvAv'v'vAvAv4v-v'vAvA-4vAvA-AvAvAvAv'v'v'v v JEWELRY IS THE FINEST GIFT Tuohtenhagen's Jewelry Hamilton Electric Watches-Elgin Tissat JEWELRY and WATCH REPAIRS 215 S. Superior Albion, Mich. vAvAvAvAv4vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA-Av4v4v4vAvAvAvAv'vAv'v'v'vAvAv4vAvAv'v'v4 T R I A N G LE PLUMBING and HEATING, Inc. MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR Dial NA 9-3057 II5 W. Cass St. ALBION, MICHIGAN MAPLE CITY AUTO Authorized Buick, Pontiac and Opel Sales and Service 0 Repair on All Makes 0 Complete Collision Service 0 Wheel Balancing 0 Brake Service 0 Wrecker Service We Call for and Deliver Your Car MAPLE CITY AUTO CO. Market Place Albion 5AvAvAv4vAvAvNAvAvAvAvAvAvAflvAvAv4vAvAv vAvAvAvAvAv'vAvAvAJ colt Tuthill Jewelry Diamonds - Watches l hour crystal service Straps and Bands while Albion Paint Spot Home of Fraternity Paints Congratulations to Class ot 1960 ,ALAAAAAAAAAAAAA--AAAAA-A-AAAAAAAAQ Congratulations to the Class of '60 The Albionian Staif and you wait Reliable Watch Repair Engraving Complete and Quick Service Silverware DICKERSON'S Dry Cleaners "Our Scientific Cleaning Makes Fabrics Young Again" Dial NA 9-4205 ll? N. Superior St. ALBION, MICHIGAN 2-Hour Service - White Shirts Biliclie Uldsmuhile Sales 525 AUSTIN AVENUE Albion, Michigan Theodore Bilicke Phone NA 9-4166 135 LL'fr- .o ' s 'JAN 71 craftsmanship . .. attention to detail . . . high standards of quality . . . these are lIreseent's contributions to the sueeess of any sehool year hook. 6 cniscsrrr :rrcrmvrrrc corvrmrv 344 N. CHURCH ST. KALAMAZUU, MICH

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