Albion College - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI)

 - Class of 1953

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43 ee ay Be ii ox BY Mls. nim = Baldwin Hall nea ey RU ON PAN % in qa” ae fee SS NOS NN ACN NANA A iret V Frater ni Ly Row ow by wv had ! oe — : eee Bes oh oeee Ba 4 ia i ae B80 582 22K Se TT LL Bae Oe its the a ae, Tv) | ed ee : f : ) ’ - Oe p= eee ee RET | atherings baldwin hall New addition to the campus Opening day for Baldwin Hall The main dining room The newest kitchen equipment and snack bar A view from the back A place for student g homecoming . 1952 Sigma Chi winning house decoration Delta Sigma Phi winning fraternity float and best float in parade Delta Zeta winning sorority float Seaton Hall winning Independent float Alpha Xi Delta float Delta Tau Delta float Sigma Nu house decoration homecoming 1952 Alpha Chi Omega float Tau Kappa Epsilon house decoration Alumni luncheon in Baldwin Hall Presentation of a new score- roard by classes of 49 and " 52 The band at the Homecoming game Jomecoming game with Alma Crowning of Homecoming Queen Awarding of Trophies campus life Orientation open house at Susanna Wesley Hall’ Alan Seager, of an English panel program A fall hayride “The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife” Symposium on the armed forces In the art lab The AWS board New shelves for the Pleiad office — ays f = ae ure? ve ANN” Gs eds Goodbye to Dr. and Mrs. Royal G. Hall Presentation to Dr. and Mrs. Louis U. Rowland In the physics lab An art exhibit At the home management Orchestra rehearsal Studying language with Hanging of the Harvest records campus life Delta Zeta singing in the Song Fest Mr. Dave and choir members Albion-Kalamazoo game The kitchen crew at SWH Sigma Chi’s at the Fraternity Sing Play make-up Spring outings Graduation ce Se ; SEs ES PE RE ES ST administration President William Whitcomb Whitehouse, Th.D., Ph.D., LL.D. administration EMIL LEFFLER, M.A., LL.D. AUDREY KENYON WILDER, M.A. WALTER B. SPRANDEL, A.M. Dean Dean of Women Dean of Men JOHN L. SEATON, Ph.D., D.D., LED. UitgDs Lib: President Emeritus WAYNE H. FLEENOR, B.D.,D.D. Marvin FE. PAHL, B.A. PAUL R. TRAUTMAN, B.A. Director of Public Relations Registrar and Director Business Manager of Admissions SECOND Row: Mrs. John Clemens, Mrs. Austin E. Jury, Mrs. Nona P. Bodge, Mrs. Meta S. Depta, Mrs. Isabel E. Bushnell, Mrs. Freda Kerr, Mrs. L. T. Robinson, Mrs. Earl Cunningham. First Row: Mrs. V. J. Hufton, Mrs. Harriet Baldwin, Mrs. Alberta Sudbrink, Mrs. Eleanor Lord, Mrs. T. M. Harper. SEATON HALL DIRECTOR Mr. Leon Gordon HEALTH SERVICE Dr. CLIFFORD B. TAYLOR, M.D. College Physician MIss NATALIE Kriss, R.N. Dormitory Nurse MRS, CHARLES L. SWAN, R.N. Annex Nurse MIss WINIFRED PAGE, R.N. Health Service and Seaton Hall Nurse FoOoD SERVICE Mrs. MAXINE FORSYTH Assistant Director of Food Service Mrs. EDITH HERBST Assistant Director of Food Service Miss MARY R. PARSONS Director of Food Service Mrs. JOSEPH BALDWIN Assistant Director of Food Service administration PUBLIC RELATIONS Mr. AARON J. SHARP, A.B. Executive Secretary of Advancement Council Mr. GAROLD E. DYKE, A.B. Field Representative Mr, FRANK BONTA, A.B. Admissions Counselor ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR’S OFFICE Mrs, DALE OMO Secretary to the Registrar Mrs. NORMA L. HARGER Records Clerk Mrs. FRANK BONTA Assistant in Registrar’s Office LIBRARY Mrs. H. D. LARSEN Reserve Room Assistant Mr. David D. Morris, M.A., BS " ins: Reference and Reserve Room Assistant Mrs. WALTER ROGERS, A.M., B.S. Cataloger Miss ELIZABETH HANCE, A.B., AN Bette Los Reference Librarian Miss NORMA M. HAMMOND, BS Liseevice: Librarian SECRETARIAL STAFF Miss Doris M. ALLEN Secretary to the Deans Mrs. LYNN C. MALLORY Placement Bureau Secretary Mrs. CHARLES GARDNER Secretary to the President ALUMNI OFFICE Mrs. EARL C. POST Records Supervisor Mr. KENNETH J. HOLLINSHEAD, A.B. Alumni Secretary Mrs. ANNA H. ROGERS Office Secretary BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. EDWARD A. VINSON Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Miss MARY O’BRYANT, A.B. Bookkeeper Mrs. ERMA W. DICKERSON Cashier Mrs. LEVANT WHEATON Assistant Bookkeeper ee ee faculty Otis J. AGGERTT, M.A. Instructor in Speech DELMAR W. ANDERSON, M.A. Head Football Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education E. MAYNARD ARIS, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration KENNETH C. BALLOU, A.M. Instructor in Biology HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature BETTY BEESE, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education for Women VERNON L. Bossitt, A.M. Associate Professor of Art EDNA BOWERSOX, M.A. Instructor in Home Economics JAMES W. BROCK, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech Mrs. JAMES W. BROCK, Mus. M. Instructor in Piano PAUL H. CARNELL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry THOMAS M. CARTER, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology faculty JOHN L. CHEEK, D.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religion A. M. CHICKERING, Ph.D. Professor of Biology FREDERICK G. DETWEILER, B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Sociology CLARA L. DIxoNn, M.S. Instructor in Biology JOSEPHINE DUNN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women KEITH J. FENNIMORE, A.M. I nstructor in English NELLIE G. FIELD, Mus. B. Instructor in Piano and Children’s Classes CONSTANCE E. FOWLER, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art J. V. GARLAND, Ph.D. Professor of Speech DONALD M. GILBERT, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages WILLIAM J. GILBERT, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology J. L. GLATHART, Ph.D. Professor of Physics ROYAL G. HALL, Ph.D. Henry M. Loud Professor of History VERA BUCK HALL, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages LOREN E. HANNA, Ed.B. Assistant Professor of Physics WILLIAM C. HARTON, A.M. Instructor in Education HOMER O. HENDRICKSON, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science ELIZABETH HOsMER, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Mrs, EDMUND E. INGALLS, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry EDMUND E. INGALLS, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics JOSEPH J. IRWIN, Ph.D. Professor of English and Journalism ELKIN ISAAC, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education and Assistant Coach Coy H. JAMES, A.M. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science SHEILA I. KRAGNESS, Ph.D. Instructor in French faculty HAROLD D. LARSEN, Ph.D. W. W. Brockway Professor of Mathematics JULIA E. MCCUNE, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Mary E. MCKINNEY, Ph.D. Professor of Classics ELEANOR T. MCLAUGHLIN, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology W. MAURICE MCLEAN, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology JACQUELINE MAAG, Mus. M. Instructor in Voice and Music History BERNARD G. MILLER, M.S. Instructor in Accounting KEITH Moore, M.A., Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mrs. DAvip D. Morris, Ph.D. Lecturer in Home Economics ALBERT H. MUNK, M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry ARTHUR W. MUNK, B.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy FRANK C. PEARSON, M. Mus. Instructor in Theory and Piano ee ee rn CONWAY PETERS, Ph.D. Professor of Violin and Conducting and Director of Band and Orchestra HOWARD E. PETTERSEN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physics J. W. PoLk, M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics DARRELL H. POLLARD, M.A. Instructor in History and Political Science DAvID L. RANDALL, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry PAULINE RODGERS, A.M. Associate Professor of Home Economics LOTTA M. ROGERS, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology CLEMENT E. Roop, Ph.M. Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy Louis U. ROWLAND, Mus. B., Mus. D. Director of Music, Professor of Piano and Theory, and Instructor in Organ DOROTHY VAN WINKEL SIMRALL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology E. R. SLEIGHT, A.M., Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics DALE R. SPRANKLE, A.M. Director of Athletics and Physical Education Pod DAVID L. STRICKLER, A.M. Associate Professor of Voice and Director of Vocal Organizations CHARLES L. SWAN, B.D., Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Sociology ANTHONY TAFFS, M.A. Assistant Professor of English WALTER A. TERPENNING, Ph.D. Professor of Economics F, DUDLEIGH VERNOR, Mus. D. Instructor in Organ GEORGE WALKOTTEN, A.M. Instructor in Education ALICE E. WHITCOMB, A.M. Instructor in Modern Languages GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, B.B.A., C.P.A. « Lecturer in Economics FACULTY NOT PICTURED: HENRY BECKENBACH, B.S. Graduate Assistant in Physical Education Department MARGARET HATTON, M.A. Instructor in Speech ISOLDE A. HENNINGER, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages ELSIE MUNRO, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English ELSIE B. SILKWORTH, A.M. Instructor in English students DAVID L. STRICKLER, A.M. Associate Professor of Voice and Director of Vocal Organizations CHARLES L. SWAN, B.D., Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Sociology ANTHONY TAFFS, M.A. Assistant Professor of English WALTER A. TERPENNING, Ph.D. Professor of Economics F. DUDLEIGH VERNOR, Mus. D. Instructor in Organ GEORGE W ALKOTTEN, A.M. Instructor in Education ALICE E. WHITCOMB, A.M. Instructor in Modern Languages GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, B.B.A., C.P.A. Lecturer in Economics FACULTY Not PICTURED: HENRY BECKENBACH, B.S. Graduate Assistant in Physical Education Department MARGARET HATTON, M.A. Instructor in Speech ISOLDE A. HENNINGER, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages ELSIE MUNRO, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English ELSIE B. SILKWORTH, A.M. Instructor in English se nee the € f f ; students seniors THOMAS ALLEN Buffalo, New York Sigma Chi; Chemistry club; A club; Swim- ming team, captain, most valuable member Saginaw Delta Tau Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Chemistry club; Psychology club; YMCA be BARSCH POLLY ARBAUGH Two Rivers, Wisconsin Delta Gamma, vice- president; Mortar Board; Alpha Phi Gam- ma; Who's Who; Con- tributors’ club; Los His- panistas; Albionian, as- sociate editor, editor-in- chief; Pleiad; Pan Hel- lenic council, treasurer; Art club; Spanish club HILDEGARD BECK Lansing Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Jota, vice-president; AWS board, secretary; Choir; Choral society; German club; WAA; YWCA Lois ARTHUR Wenham, Massachusetts Le Cenacle; Los His- panistas; Spanish club; Phi Beta Kappa ELWOOD BENDER Shelby Tau Kappa Epsilon, sec- retary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Albion College Players, treasurer; Forum club, president; WANR; Wesley Fel- lowship; Cross Country; YMCA DON BAKER Dayton, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon, president; Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Chi Epsilon; Who's Who; Interfraternity council, Freshman and Junior class, president; Student council; Camp- us Religious council, vice-president; Wesley Fellowship, German club PAUL BERNARDO Detroit Alpha Tau Omega; Psy- chology club, vice-pres- ident, YMCA CORINNE BARGER Albion Delta Zeta; Forum club; Band; Orchestra; YWCA cabinet; WAA ROBERT BETZ Youngstown, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon; Forum club; Spanish club; A club; Baseball, captain; Basketball, co- captain seniors JEANETTE BLACK Milan Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Band; Orchestra, YWCA | RALPH BOE Allegan Alpha Tau Omega, secretary; Who’s Who; Student council, president; Speakers’ bureau; WANR; A club; Basketball; Football ROBERT BOLLMAN Evanston, Illinois Alpha Tau Omega; Interfra- ternity council, secretary; Eco- nomics club, treasurer; Forum club, vice-president; Philoso- phy club; Spanish club NANCY BORTLE Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary; Student council; French Club; Psychology club; WAA board; YWCA WILLIAM Bow Saginaw Delta Tau Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Chemistry club; YMCA MERRILYN BRADFORD Sparta Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota, secretary; AWS board; Choir, secretary; Madrigal singers; Choral society; Span- ish club; YWCA DWIGHT BRIGGS Detroit Economics club, president ROBERT BROWNE Battle Creek Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pleiad JOYCE BUCKLIN Bronson Crescents, secretary; Student council; Home Economics club, president; Band; Or- chestra; YWCA ROBERT BULL Sparta Delta Tau Delta; Philosophy club RICHARD BURROWS Dowagiac Sigma Chi, vice-president; Delta Sigma Rho; World Fed- eralists, vice-president; Forum club ESTHER CATTON White Pigeon Sigma Alpha Iota; Psychology club; Band; Orchestra; YWCA DOROTHY CHADDERDON Battle Creek Crescents; Zeta Epsilon Lamb- da; Sociology club; YWCA SALLY CHAPMAN Leslie Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Wesley Fellowship, secretary; Choral society; WAA; YWCA MARILYN CHISHOLM Detroit Delta Zeta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choir, Madrigal singers; Choral society JOHN CLARK Constantine Goodrich club, secretary-trea- surer; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia; Student council; Band; Orchestra JOHN COLE Flint NANCy COMSTOCK Grand Rapids Crescents; Zeta Epsilon Lamb- da, secretary; Wesley Fellow- ship, vice-president; Sociolo- gy club; Choral society; WAA; YWCA BARTON CONNORS Northville Goodrich club, secretary; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band; Orchestra; YMCA JOCELYN COOK Grand Rapids Alpha Xi Delta; Student council, secretary; Home Eco- nomics club, vice-president; WAA; YWCA seniors NORMA COSGROVE Port Huron Kappa Delta; Home Economics club; Choral society; YWCA Mi JOHN CyRUS Ypsilanti Independent Men’s un- ion, secretary; Student council; Canterbury club, treasurer; Physics club, secretary - treasur- er; Psychology club; Swimming team MARY CRAFT Battle Creek Alpha Chi Omega, sec- retary; Contributors’ club; Albion College Players; Home Econom- ics clubs) Waa: YWCA MURIEL DALGLEISH Detroit Alpha Chi Omega, pres- ident; Pan Hellenic council; Home Econom- ics club; Psychology club; WAA; YWCA SHIRLEY CRANDALL Detroit Psychology club NADINE DEBUSK Trenton Alpha Chi Omega; Choir; Choral society; WANR; WAA; YWCA ALICE CRIPE Lewiston, New York Delta Zeta, secretary; Sociology club, vice- president, secretary- treasurer; WAA: YWCA ROBERT DEVINNEY Jackson Tau Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice-president; Wesley Fellowship, president; YMCA, president: Campus Religious council; A club; Track; Cross country JOHN CROSSLEY Detroit Sigma Nu; Albion Col lege Players; WANR Beulah Champ Dram award JACQUELINE DUNHAM Bay Village, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega, vices president; Who's Who Junior class, secretary Student council; AWS board, treasurer; WAA) board; Psychology clubj YWCA YCE DUSENDORF F troit lta Zeta, president; prtar Board, treasurer; }ta Epsilon Lambda; is Hispanistas,; Who's o; Pan Hellenic lincil, president, sec- ; Campus Reli- bus council, secretary; lanish club, secretary; ench club; WAA; WCA } ' | | DREY EPPLER VILLE ichmond elta Zeta, vice-presi- ent; Alpha Lambda elta; Sigma Alpha ta; Contributors’ club; WCA, vice-president; and; Choral society; ‘hi Beta Kappa MARGARET DYKSTRA Detroit Crescents; Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Albion Col- lege Players; Spanish club THOMAS FAYLOR Lansing Tau Kappa Epsilon; So- ciology club; YMCA DAVID EASH Holland Delta Sigma Phi; Kap- pa Mu Epsilon; Theta Alpha Phi; ACS Stu- dent Affiliates, presi- dent; Albion College Players WILLIAM FETNER Detroit Sigma Nu; Cross coun- try; Track WILLIAM ELY Jackson HAROLD FILBRANDT South Haven Chi Epsilon, treasurer; Eta Sigma Phi; World Federalists; Wesley Fel- lowship; YMCA MOLLY ENGLE Lansing Kappa Delta; Sopho- more class, secretary; Publications’ council, president, secretary; Student council; AWS board; Art club; Choral Society; WAA PHILIP FOWLER Jackson A club; Basketball seniors SHIRLEY FULTZ Albion Delta Zeta; Sigma Alpha Iota, president, treasurer; Spanish club; Band; Orches- tra; Jennie Worthington mu- sic award ROBERT FURNEY Detroit Sigma Chi; Swimming team; YMCA ANN GEHMAN Vermontville Zeta Tau Alpha; Zeta Epsi- lon Lambda, secretary; Art club; Spanish club; WAA; YWCA JOAN GLOOR Detroit Psychology club; WAA; YWCA MALCOLM GOODWIN Wyandotte Tau Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon; ACS Student Af- filiates, secretary - treasurer; Chemistry club; Physics club; Band; Wesley Fellowship; Track; YMCA VALDA GRETTENBERGER Okemos Chemistry club; Wesley Fel- lowship KENNETH GRODAVENT Battle Creek Delta Tau Delta; Chi Epsilon, president, treasurer; Beta Beta Beta; Junior class, treasurer; Campus Religious council, president; Philosophy club; A club; Cross country, mana- ger; YMCA J. ERNEST GROsS Detroit Delta Tau Delta NANCY HAINSEY Saginaw Delta Gamma, president; Pan Hellenic council; Albionian; Forum club; WAA; YWCA RICHARD HALL Grass Lake Sigma Nu; Chi Epsilon, sec- retary; Choir; Sociology club; Wesley Fellowship; Track PATTI HAMILTON Charlevoix Art club JAMES HEARST Grosse Pointe Psychology club, president; Sociology club CAROLE HEDSTROM LaPorte, Indiana Alpha Chi Omega, corre- sponding secretary; Senior class, vice - president, A WS vice - president; Albion Col- lege Players; WANR; WAA; YWCA JAMES HIGGINS Grosse Pointe Farms Goodrich club; Philosophy club; Psychology club; Sociol- ogy club; Wesley Fellowship; YMCA ANNA HILL HORN Detroit Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Phi Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; Pleiad, desk editor; Women’s Handbook, editor, WAA board; Phi Beta Kappa DONALD HOLBROOK Clare Alpha Tau Omega, vice-presi- dent; Pre-law club, president; Forum club HELEN HOLMES Harrisville Sigma Alpha Iota, treasurer; Band; Orchestra; Choral so- ciety; WAA JOHN HOOKEY Wyandotte Alpha Tau Omega; Psycho- logy club, treasurer; Spanish club CHARLES HUBBARD East Lansing Delta Tau Delta; Interfra- ternity council; Campus Reli- gious council; Canterbury club, president, YMCA MARGARET HUDSON Pleasant Ridge Alpha Xi Delta; Home Eco- nomics club; Spanish club; WAA; YWCA seniors ROGER JACKSON Wyandotte Sigma Nu; Albion Col- lege Players; Speakers’ bureau; WANR; Foot- ball trainer NORMAN KEEHN Monroe Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa, treasurer; Who's Who; Los Hispanistas; A club, president, secretary; Spanish club, president, treasurer; Forum club; Cross country, captain, most valuable member; Track JOANNE JACOBY Trenton Zeta Epsilon Lambda, treasurer; Who's Who; Albion College Players; Campus Religious council; Sociology club; Wesley Fellowship; WAA CAROLYN KENDEIGH BARRY Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, trea- surer; Home Economics club; Sociology club; Choral society, WAA; YWCA JOAN JEDLICKA Chicago, Illinois Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Contributors’ club; Wesley Fellowship; YWCA SHIRLEY KENNEDY Wayne Art club; Sociology club; Spanish club; YWCA DONALD JOHNSON Royal Oak Delta Sigma Phi, trea- surer; Phi Eta Sigma, treasurer; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Economics club; German club; Phi Beta Kappa FRED KISTLER Stockbridge Tau Kappa Epsilon, treasurer; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Phi Eta Sig- ma, treasurer; Econom- ics club, vice-president; Wesley Fellowship, president, treasurer; Campus Religious coun- cil; Psychology club; YMCA MARY JOHNSTONE Dyer, Indiana Delta Gamma; Art club, secretary; Home Eco- nomics club W. EUGENE LANE Almont Sigma Chi; Economics club MELVIN LARIMER ‘ ¥ sronson Alpha Tau Omega; Ymicron Delta Kappa, ice-president; Phi Mu pha Sinfonia, vice- resident; Junior class, easurer; Choir, presi- ent; Madrigal singers; club; Football ta RICHARD LEWIS Detroit higma Nu, vice-presi- lent; French club; Phil- ssophy club; Pleiad; MCA GERALDINE LARSEN Detroit Alpha Chi Omega, trea- surer; Home Economics club; Psychology club; WAA; YWCA BARBARA LINDBLOM Auburn, Indiana Alpha Xi Delta, vice- president; Who’s Who; AWS board, president; Student council; Sociol- ogy club; WAA board; YWCA EDYTHEANN LARSON Elmhurst, Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha, presi- dent; Pan Hellenic council; Art club; WAA; YWCA RAY LOESCHNER Grandville Sigma Nu; Sigma Delta Psi, president; Forum club; Pre-law club; Choral society; A club; Track, captain; Football ELIZABETH LENKEY Albion Delta Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; ACS student affiliates THOMAS McCoy Benton Harbor Alpha Tau Omega; Ec- onomics club; A club; Football; Track EMIL LENKEY Albion ELINOR MCLAREN Detroit Alpha Xi Delta, corre- sponding secretary; Senior class, secretary; WAA board: YWCA seniors YOLANDA MAHAN Ferndale Zeta Tau Alpha; Beta Beta Beta, “WAA treasure: YWCA JAMES MANNING Lakewood, Ohio Goodrich club, president, vice- president; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon; Student council; Pleiad; Physics club, vice-president; Canterbury club; YMCA OLIVE MANSON Elmhurst, Illinois Alpha Chi Omega, vice-presi- dent; Art club; Sociology club; WAA; YWCA KATHARINE MANY Ferndale Alpha Xi Delta; Psychology club; “WAN RS WAA: YWCA JEAN MARCY Marcellus, New York Kappa Delta, vice-president; Alpha Lambda Delta, vice- president; Mortar Board, sec- retary; Who’s Who; YWCA, president; Campus Religious council, secretary; Spanish club, secretary; Home Eco- nomics club; Choral society; WAA; Phi Beta Kappa JOY MARSHALL Chesaning Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Psy- chology club; Sociology club; Wesley Fellowship; Band; WAA ALICE MAYNARD Port Huron Kappa Delta; YWCA NINA MILLER Burlington, Wisconsin Crescents, treasurer; Kap pa Mu Epsilon; Contributors’ club; Sociology club; Band; Orchestra; Wesley Fellow- ship; WAA; YWCA LESLIE MORFORD Big Rapids Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student council; Classical club; Forum club; Pre-law club; WANR PATRICIA MUEHLENBECK Petoskey Alpha Xi Delta; WAA; YWCA MARTENS MUELLER Marshall Psychology club; Sociology club RUSSELL NANKERVIS Detroit Sigma Nu; Track ANN NEFFNER Detroit Delta Gamma, recording sec- retary; Alpha Phi Gamma; Mortar Board; Pleiad, editor- in-chief, managing editor; Contributors’ club; Spanish club; WAA; YWCA SAM NEIBERG Chicago, Illinoi s A club, secretary; Cross coun- try; Track, manager DOROTHY NEWHART Libertyville, Illinois Kappa Delta; Psychology club; WAA; YWCA ROGER NIELSEN Ionia Chi Epsilon; ACS Student Af- filiates; Chemistry club; Wes- ley Fellowship; YMCA WILLIAM NIHART Fayette, Ohio Sigma Nu PATRICIA NORRIS Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-presi- dent; Art club; WAA,; YWCA PRESTON ORR North Branch Sigma Chi, secretary; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; World Fed- eralists; Band M. MARJEAN PENHALE Plymouth Zeta Tau Alpha; Contribu- tors’ club, vice-president; Psy- chology club; Band; WAA; YWCA seniors RHODA PERKINS Dearborn Alpha Xi Delta; Beta Beta Beta, president; Alpha Lambda Delta; Albionian; Pleiad; Campus Directory; WAA, secretary; Chem- istry club; YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa GEORGE RAVILLE Cheboygan Goodrich club, vice- president; Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia, president, secretary; Pleiad; Band; Orchestra EARL POLESKI Wyandotte Alpha Tau Omega, president, vice - presi- dent; Omicron Delta Kappa; Interfraternity council; A club, trea- surer; Swimming team GEORGE REED Albion WANR, station mana- ger; Forum club; Span- ish club; Speakers’ bu- reau; YMCA JOHN PORTER Grand Rapids Delta Tau Delta, trea- surer; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Albionian, business manager KAY RENNIE Ann Arbor Theta Alpha Phi; Al- bion College Players, president, WANR LORIS PORTER South Haven Alpha Xi Delta, presi- dent, Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer; Mor- tar Board, vice - presi- dent; Who’s Who; Pan Hellenic council; Eco- nomics club, secretary; French club; Philoso- phy clubs WA ae YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa HELEN RICE Chesaning Alpha Chi Omega, trea- surer; Home Economics club; WAA; YWCA JANET RADEMACHER Ionia Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Art club; Choir; Choral society; WAA; YWCA | JAMES RICHARDSON Clare Alpha Tau Omega, trea- surer; Phi Eta Sigma; Who's Who; Senior class, president; Student council; Economics club; Physics club; Phi Beta Kappa +o ye = ; She) 2S { } ok Se | Maria RiEsco | Lima, Peru |Crescents; Contributors’ club, president; YWCA, secretary; Spanish club; Wesley Fellowship | ; | PATRICIA SANFORD Lansing Delta Zeta, correspond- ing secretary; Beta Beta Beta; Los Hispanistas; Student council; ACS Student Affiliates, secre- tary - treasurer; Spanish club, secretary; Choir; Madrigal singers; Chor- jal society; Speakers’ bu- reau; WAA board; YWCA MARY JANE RODGERS Flint Alpha Chi Omega, vice- president; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Psychology club; WAA; YWCA DAviID SAXMAN Sault Ste. Marie Sigma Nu; Philosophy club; Wesley Fellow- ship; YMCA PATRICIA ROE Laingsburg Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Pi; Zeta Epsilon Lamb- da; Art club, treasurer; Home Economics club; Philosophy club; Span- ish club; Choral society; Wesley Fellowship; YWCA —) ROBERT SECHLER Elmhurst, Illinois Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa JOYCE ROWE Hancock AWS board; Sociology club; WAA; YWCA Wel ge. peer aee nis Soe ee tet a eee ee , wows 4 he a ‘ DOROTHY SECONTINE Detroit Albion College Players; Sociology club; YWCA JAMES RUPP Saginaw Delta Tau Delta; YMCA lil, a ne 1p Brockton, Mass. Beta Beta Beta; A club: Psychology club He DAVID SHAVE seniors ROBERT SIEGEL Janesville, Wisconsin Delta Tau Delta; Tennis, most valuable player DOROTHY SMETANA Monroe Zeta Tau Alpha; Contribu- tors’ club; Spanish club; YWCA cabinet JANET SMITH Detroit Delta Gamma, treasurer; Psy- chology club; YWCA cabi- net; WAA JOHN STETSON Grosse Pointe Farms Alpha Tau Omega; Contribu- tors’ club, secretary-treasurer; Forum club; Sociology club; Phi Beta Kappa WARD TAYLOR Grand Ledge Sigma Chi, president; Beta Beta Beta; Interfraternity council; ACS Student Affili- ates CHARLES THOMAS Coldwater Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; In- terfraternity council; Forum club; French club; World Federalists; Band ROBERT THOMPSON Albion WILLIAM THOMS Centerville Alpha Tau Omega; Physics club; Psychology club; YMCA JEAN TOMION Fowlerville Kappa Delta, president; Mor- tar Board, president; Kappa Pi; Who's Who; Campus Re- ligious council, president; Art club; Choir; Madrigal singers; YWCA cabinet; Most out- standing senior woman award RUTH TOWER Battle Creek Delta Zeta, treasurer; Zeta Epsilon Lambda, president, treasurer; Eta Sigma Phi; Los Hispanistas, president, secre- tary; Spanish club, vic e-presi- dent; Campus Religious coun- cil; Canterbury club; Band; WAA; YWCA VIRGINIA VALENTINE Louisville, Kentucky Delta Gamma; Alpha Phi Gamma; Who's Who; Pan Hellenic council, secretary; Student council; Publications’ council; Albionian, senior ed- itor; Pleiad; AWS board; WAA, president, vice-presi- dent; Sociology club KATHARYN VAN GORDEN Albion Delta Gamma; Home Eco- nomics club, secretary; WAA board; YWCA PAUL WAGNER Goodrich Sigma Chi; Los Hispanistas; Albion College Players; Span- ish club JEAN WALLACE Flint Sigma Alpha Iota, vice-presi- dent; Choir; Madrigal sing- ers; Choral society CHARLES WALLSCHLAEGER Owosso Sigma Nu, secretary; Inter- fraternity council; Art club MARJORIE WARD Detroit Kappa Mu Epsilon, secretary- treasurer; ACS Student Affi- liates, vice-president; Chem- istry club; Choral society PROSSER WATTS Huntington, Indiana Sigma Nu, president, secre- tary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who; Student council- treasurer; Interfraternity coun- cil; Economics club; Forum club; Philosophy club WILLIAM WHITECRAFT Battle Creek Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice- president; Senior class, trea- surer; Spanish club, treasurer. JOYCE WIEK Grosse Pointe Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Al- pha Phi, secretary; Zeta Ep- silon Lambda; Albion Col- lege Players, secretary; Wes- ley Players, president; Home Economics club; Speakers’ bu- reau; YWCA JOAN WILKINSON Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; Contribu- tors’ club, treasurer; Home Economics club; Pleiad: WAA:;: YWCA seniors JOYCE WISELY Flint Alpha Xi Delta, record- ing secretary, Forum club, secretary - treasur- er; WAA; YWCA DAVID YOH Clarkston Sigma Nu; Chi Epsilon; Philosophy club; YMCA FRANCES WOLTER Ypsilanti Delta Gamma, corre- sponding secretary; So- ciology club; WAA; YWCA MYRON YONKER Elgin, Illinois Alpha Tau Omega; Chi Epsilon; Sociology club, president; Psychology club; Wesley Fellow- ship; Swimming team RANDOLPH Woop Houghton Lake Alpha Tau Omega; Psy- chology club; Sociology club Armstrong, William Baldwin, John de Nicola, Joseph Dunne, Sidney Enos, Judith Fey, Paul Flanagan, Gerald Fowler, David Frost, June Gates, Zolene Gilbert, Richard Haggard, Gene Hammond, Roy VIRGINIA WYMAN Belleville Alpha Chi Omega, pres- ident; Mortar Board; Who's Who; Los His- panistas; Pan Hellenic council; Contributors’ club; French club; Spanish club; YWCA cabinet; WAA SENIORS NOT PICTURED NOEL YANEY Oak Park, Illinois Delta Tau Delta, pres dent, secretary; Whe Who; Interfraterni council, president; Ph sics club; YMCA Houghton, George Hummon, John Khanna, Omesh Kribs, Natalie McConkey, William Mayo, Deming Nasson, Norman Oakes, James Plettenberg, Frank Porter, John W. Stewart, Paul Thompson, John Wikstrom, Robert Juniors Nor PicrURED— Adams, James Anderson, Charles Arbetman, Gilbert Ball, Janice Barr, Bruce Barry, Jack Barry, Marilyn Beaver, Robert Bitney, Austin Black, Noel Blanchard, Priscilla Brockway, Gloria Brundage, John Byle, Larry Carey, Rolph Carstens, Ronald Case, Allen Clark, George Cook, Celia Davis, James Davis, John Dempsey, Cedric Dettman, Prentiss Elliott, George Engelman, Robert Etterich, Waltraud Fenske, Herbert Ferguson, Richard Francis, William Golinvaux, Charles Grant, Robert Grigg, Harold Haggard, Guy Handley, Leo Hemstreet, Robert Hevel, Norman Hodgkinson, Charles Hoisington, Dorothy Howser, McKenzie SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES Abbott, Joan Adams, Edwin Baker, Richard Ball, Cecil Bedient, Kendall Benjamin, Geraldine Bennett, James Benz, Philip Best, Norlo Bishop, Lewis Borrello, Leo Bower, Ralph Brewer, Barbara Broquet, Ronald Burnett, Clark Burrows, John Closson, Paul Coates, Brian Collier, Corinne Congdon, David Croasdale, Raymond Downer, Ronald Duncan, Nancy Dunlop, John Eason, John Eastman, Roberta Elliott, Emerson Finch, Paul Flanagan, Luther French, Maynard Gordon, Bruce Grant, James Grebe, Jo Green, Melvin Greenlee, Barbara Gregory, Kenneth Grier, David Grose, Marjorie Hafemeister, Elaine Haller, Howard Hansen, Paul Heap, Susan Heath, Andreas Jerome, Mary Keehn, Wayne Klein, David Lardie, John Lark, Ben Leak, David Little, Susan Lock, Margaret Luecke, Conrad Lynas, Sally McCullough, Dawn MacDonald, Robert McElwee, Donald Martin, James Mastney, Jack Meader, Willard Miller, Mary Mohl, Margaret Nebel, Richard Neithercut, James Heidenreich, John Hoag, Glenn Hoffmeyer, James Kanold, William Kareck, James Krause, Edward Laser, Chloan Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Jack MacDonald, Marilyn McFerran, Mary Jane McMechan, David Maki, Elmer Marshall, Richard Meeth, Robert Millar, Charles Mulholland, Kathleen Mundhenke, Betty Myers, Marjorie Needham, Jane Newell, Donald Northrup, Ralph Norton, Elizabeth Nulf, Thomas Palmer, Sally Pietz, Don Prescott, Robert Redhead, Janice Richmond, William Roe, Donald Sauer, Frederick Schnapp, Norma Schwaderer, Nancy Shurmur, Leonard Stephenson, Jerry Stevens, Eugene Stowe, Ann Sweet, Roger Valentine, David Vincent, William Walker, John Young, Peter Parkinson, Ralph Pederson, Edna Peterson, Robert Pollard, Richard Poole, Duane Roe, Lehr Schermer, John Schock, William Serra, Joseph Siviter, John Strane, Robert Sullivan, Lawrence Sydow, Thomas Tincoft, Thomas Van Gorden, Mary Wagenschutz, Marilyn Welch, Richard Wellington, William Wilson, Carole Wreford, Fred Young, Dolores juniors Albert Aldrich, Cameron Ambler, Ruth Anderson. Carl Armbruster, James Barrett, Leroy Barry, George Benko. William Biggs, Judith Bingham, John Boddy, Thomas Bonino, Barbara Bouda. James Bradshaw, Shirley Brady, Elizabeth Brockett, Roland Burkholtz, Bruce Campbell, Edmund Cambell. William Cansfield, Donald Carmien, Barbara Carne, Earl Carpp, Suzanne Carter, Joan Christopher. Nancy Collier, Marilyn Collins, Shanna Collins. Patricia Conlon, Marilyn Corey, Roberta Cosner, Virginia Crossley. Kaye Custer, Robert Cutcher, John Dawe, Marejane DeCou, Daniel Dewey. Philip Doster, Inez Draper, Norman Eifler, Ann Elms, Elizabeth Ertell, Guy Frick. Alan Gardner, John Gilbert, Gail Gorenflo, Barbara Gorham, Margaret Graham, Jacqueline Grant. juniors David Gray, Olina Grill, Melvin Gutherie. Nancy Guy, Shirley Haner, Marlene Hesse, Richard Higgs. Leonard Howard, Robert Hughes, Edna Humphrey, Stuart Jeske, Allen Jirasek. Donna Kay, Maureen Kennedy, William Kessel, Elagene Kettel, Sonya Kingsley, Barbara Kinzel. Constance Kinzie, Thomas Knight, Doris LaFever, Burton Lamkin, Mary Lou Landman, Joyce Landon. Priscilla Lewis, June Luke, Jack McCall. Glenn McFarland, Hugh McKay, Susan McKnight, Marjorie MacMillan. Richard Marshall, Annabelle Marshbanks, Harry Marson, Sally Mehrer, Arkie Meinert. Frank Merrick, James Merrifield, Kenneth Miller, Harold Mondol, Patricia Moody, Herschel Murray. Esther Nevins, Allan Nichols, Elizabeth Nicholson, Anne Packer, John Pangborn, Shirley Pearson. Gretchen Personius, Patricia Picard, Ruth Pollock. Carol Poosch, John Poulos, Barbara Priest, Elizabeth Rauchbauer. . Elizabeth Renfrew, Robert Rosevear, Douglas Sandt, Glenna Sawyer. Carol Sheneman, Lois Shook, Jack Short, Neal Singles. Betty Smoot, Robert Spiess, Jay Starkey. | bi q Phyllis Starkweather, Nancy Steele, Joseph Sterling. Earle Stine, Donna Stutesman, Alan Swan, Frances Taylor. June Tennant, Dorothy Thomas, John Thompson, Charles Tomlinson, Carolyn Townsend. Beverley Trimble, John Vincent, George Walkotten, Naomi Walton, Johanna Weltman, Ruth Williams. Daniel Williamson, Christine Wilson, Joan Wingeier, Barbara Wright. sophomores Carolyn Alcorn, Jane Allan, Linda Bacon, Marianne Barkley, Marian Behnke, Caroline Beslock. Madelon Botma, Darwin Bowers, Ruth Bowker, Donald Boysen, James Bradner, James Braid, Robert Brandel. Judith Brockway, Barbara Brown, Barbara Brown, James Burwell, Charles Campbell, Beth Capitanio, Anne Chapman, Peter Christ. Paul Clemo, Patricia Clemons, James Crandall, Louise Crist, Gayle Crosby, Nancy Crowe, Douglas Dean. Carolyn Dobie, Joyce Dodge, Lucille Fillmore, Richard Fowler, Robert Friberg, Joanne Friedrich. -- ' ay =i ames Garber, Lawrence Garber, Patricia Garrity, Philip Glotfelty, Peter Gryson, Ralph Gwinn. ) } ; I Gloria Hall, Sallie Hall, Mary Harrison, Dorothy Hart, Richard Hart, Elaine Hawkins, Colleen Hiatt. James Hill, Marilyn Israel, Judith Ives, John Joyner, Clark Keyes, Elisa Klahm, David Klein, Joyce Kline. Nancy Knuth, Robert Kouts, Nancy Lane, John Larson, Walter Lawrence, Oscar Link, Bob Lomerson. Norman Macdonald, Donald McIntyre, Timothy Mallare, Andrea Maurer, Marjorie Mihlethaler, Thomas Misner. sophomores Elmer Morehouse, Thomas Morgan, Charles Morrill, Marjorie Morse, Doris Mumbulo, James Murray. Nasser Nejad, Janet Nugent, Edwin Oakes, James Owen, Jane Parshall, Marilyn Pearson, Susan Pentz. Margaret Plotts, Robert Race, Carol Ransom, Virginia Renshaw, James Reutter, Robert Reynolds, Patricia Richter, Barbara Roeper. Suzanne Rupp, Rosanne Salm, Frances Schiesser, Robert Schock, Robert Selberg, Margaret Sherwood, Lois Shirtum. Warren Silverthorn, Phyllis Skagerberg, Lois Smith, Dorothy Snell, Donald Snizik, Mary Stanaway. Paul Stoops, Richard Swanson, Morris Tabor, Marilyn Tagsold, Jack Taylor, Don Teeters. James Timmons, Charlotte Treadwell, Jobel Tyson, Margaret Vance, Rhea Van't Roer, Marilyn Verhaag, Valerie Walker. Thomas Walter, Thomas Walters, Nancy Weinmann, Joyce Weiss, Robert Wellfare, Joan Wieting, John Williams, Don Young. Robert Young, Dewaine Zerbe. freshmen Richard Abbott, Robert Abraham, Richard Akey, Mary Albright, Robert Allison, Janet Angove, Winifred Angove. Barbara Archer, Joyce Armentrout, James Asplin, Ann Austin, Carol Austin, Dixie Auxter, Mary Baker, Charles Ball. James Ballard, Clifford Ballheim, Clyde Barnebee, Charles Bates, Diana Beatty, Mary Behan, Joan Benford, Ronald Bennett, Roberta Berkes. David Bethell, Mary Lou Bjorkquist, Douglas Black, William Blair, Julia Blake, Constance Blessing, Anne Boulton, Maynard Bowers, Beverly Bowles, Roy Braginton. Addison Brink, Betty Brown, Marilyn Brown, Tom Brown, Philip Burgess, Alden Burns, Sylvia Burns, Richard Busch, James Buysse. Donald Byrn, Henry Cage, John Cansfield, Richard Cansfield, Von Cellars, John Cermak, Ro- berta Chapman, Carol Chenoweth. a) 2S . William Ciereman, George Clifford, Richard Closson, Nile Coble, Verna Collins, Eugene Cook, Stephen Cooper, Joanne Cunningham. Carol Custer, Charles Davis, William Dawkins, Janet Delaney, Donald Dempster, Josephine DeRosa, Theo- dore Doane, Harmon Drake, Jane Durman. Kenneth Duryea, Ann Dustman, Janet Dykstra, Tiana Economos, Elizabeth Edmond, Joan Elliott, Thomas Elliott, Ron- ald Entenman, JoAnn Epley, Shirley Ernst. John Ertell, Robert Erwin, Richard Fabian, Irene Faylor, Mary Fenderson, Jacqulyn Ferry, Arthur Fletcher, Richard Fluke, Ray Fohey. Marjory Foster, Elaine Foust, Barbara Frey, Jay Fuller, Barbara Galentine, Hedwig Geiger, Harry Gibson, Carolyn Gilbert. Sharon Gillett, Edward Gilman, Doris Glover, Barbara Guy, Joanne Handy, Jack Hanford, Elsie Hansen. freshmen Douglas Harger, Kirke Harrington, Phyllis Harrison, Mary Lou Hauer, Barbara Hawke, Kathleen Hendrickson, Larry Hepinstall. Walter Hierholzer, Pete Hill, Horace Hocking, Mary Hofbauer, Ruth Holland, Richard Holman, Nancy Howe, Nancy Hoyt. John Hubbel, Jack Huffman, Richard Humphrey, Judith Hunter, Mary James, David Jarrard, John Jefferies, Judith Johnson, Darwin Jones. Richard Jones, Tyre Jones, Mary Kaechele, Grace Keen, Kay Keller, Robert Kelly, Richard Kemp, Janice Kiefer, Ralph Kiessling, Janice Kline. Edward Kress, Barbara Lamb, Brien Lang, Richard Lawson, William Leckie, Doris Lee, Thomas Lennox, Judith Lewis, Marilyn Lewis. John Libcke, John Lignell, Robert Luedeka, David Lutz, Nancy McClelland, Richard McEwen, Patricia McGinnity, John McHale. Janet McInally, Jean McIver, Janet MaclIvor, Janet McLeese, Hugh McKinnon, Jean McManus, Bruce McNeilage, Carole Mack. Sylvia Malott, Mary Mathias, Joanne Matthews, Duane Mayhew, Sally Miller, Harold Mills, Marilyn Mitchell, Thomas Mohr, Gwenyth Morris. Hugh Morrison, Margaret Morrison, Peter Mosienko, Robert Mulligan, Ada Jean Muma, Joe Munk, Nancy Murray, | Bob Mutch, Peter Nagel, John Nash. Audrey Neidlinger, James Neupert (deceased), Edwin Niehaus, Barbara Olson, James Oosting, Walter Owensby, Lee Parkison, Doris Peacock, Herb Peterson. Richard Peterson, Beverly Pettigrew, Edward Pickell, Irwin Pierce, Harold Pogats, Hannah Provence, Kathryn Randall, Barbara Reed. | Kent Reed, Virginia Reed, Loretta Reis, Jack Ressler, Ruth Riddering, Sharrell Rob- | ertson, Jerry Rochte. freshmen + He bs wt ria Wale an a Gee Pa elie Ot PR HA MT i em Dorothy Rogers, Joanne Runkel, Evelyn Sanders, Carole Sanford, Stewart Saul, Marion Saxton, Edward Schied. Harold Schlosser, Lee Seelinger, Philip Seelinger, Tom Sellers, James Shehan, Barbara Shipman, Nancy Shoniker, Luella Short. : Sharla Smith, Virginia Smith, Mary Smoot, Vonda Smyth, Edwin Spetman, Sally Squire, Barbara Starkey, Carl Steele, Gwen Steele. Theodore Stein, Caralee Stevens, Judith Stone, Suzanne Stough, Carol Street, Leslie Sunblad, Marilyn Sweeney, Murray Swindell, Charles Thayer, Philip Thibideau. Lauralee Thomas, Laura Tower, Nancy Trufant, Wallace Tupper, Luene Turner, John Twichell, Patricia Umphrey, Bernard Ungredt, Deeon Utley. Paul Van Hook, Phyllis Van Weelden, Marilyn Van Zee, Marilyn Verduin, Richard Vitek, Vir- ginia Vogel, Jane Vydareny, Jacqueline Wagner. Kenneth Wallace, Bill Walling, Walter Ward, Sally Ware, Joan Warren, Richard atts, Barbara Wear, Bruce Wein. Ellamarie illingham, Floyd Willison, Charles Wills, Robert Wilson, Mary Wittenbach, Lois Wyman, Winthrop Yinger, Marilyn Young. Darrel Weller, Mabel Westenfelder, William White, Mary Whitmore, Jane Whittemore, Robert Wilcox, Maurice Wildt, Geraldine Wilkinson, Sue Williamson. FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Alquist, John Anderson, James Anderson, William Ash, Willis Bain, Barbara Barton, Charles Bennett, Ronald J. Blaubach, Otto Bradd, Cynthia Buckmaster, Alan Burkman, George Burry, Kenneth Burton, Margaret Button, Nancy Campbell, Ronald Catarino, Albert Cation, Janet Chappel, Kenneth Cleaves, Vilma Cline, John Clinger, Ruth Conklin, Floyd Crawford, Elwyn Davidson, John Dean, Jon DiCarlo, Robert Donastorg, Fausto Donastorg, Hector Dorland, Ann Elder, Carol-Ann Epstein, Jerry Farough, Raymond Fink, Grace Fitzgerald, Charles Foltz, Nathan Foster, Virginia Fox, Norman Gibson, James Gordon, Richard Hagans, Nancy Harley, Joanna Harris, Phyllis Holley, Arthur Hunter, Alice Hunter, Samuel Irwin, Carolyn Jackson, Allen Jones, David Judge, Patrick Kaiser, Nolan Kelly, Thomas Koerner, Barbara Korbecki, Joseph Kristek, Marx Langs, Shirley Larson, Joyce Laube, Gerry Lewicki, Ann Lewis, Ann Lewis, Charles MacDonald, Robert Martin, Coby Marvin, Lynn Mathias, Stewart Metzler, Virgil Meyer, Howard Monteith, Donald Muir, Albert Newsome, Joan Payne, Charlene Pinkston, Donald Protsman, Georgiana Pugh, Patrick Quirk, Judith Rimes, Robert Ritt, Elvin Schwaderer, Thomas Scupholm, Nancy Shaw, Donna Smallwood, Mary Ellen Smith, Neil Sprandel, Charles Stahl, Milton Steeby, John Steinsultz, Donald Steward, Douglas Stout, Donald Stutesman, Rebecca Teal, Marilyn Thompson, Betty Thompson, Beverly Thuemmeler, Eleanor Thurston, Gilbert Totten, Robert Van Tassel, Loren Webber, Robert Weis, Norman Weldon, Margaret Whitcomb, William Williams, Ida Williams, Jack Winans, Roger Rl tre 4 i ea A! APIS e02ic1 TH : i j; =e WW 2) ler ’ pa) '} =| ee . FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Alquist, John Anderson, James Anderson, William Ash, Willis Bain, Barbara Barton, Charles Bennett, Ronald J. Blaubach, Otto Bradd, Cynthia Buckmaster, Alan Burkman, George Burry, Kenneth Burton, Margaret Button, Nancy Campbell, Ronald Catarino, Albert Cation, Janet Chappel, Kenneth Cleaves, Vilma Cline, John Clinger, Ruth Conklin, Floyd Crawford, Elwyn Davidson, John Dean, Jon DiCarlo, Robert Donastorg, Fausto Donastorg, Hector Dorland, Ann Elder, Carol-Ann Epstein, Jerry Farough, Raymond Fink, Grace Fitzgerald, Charles Foltz, Nathan Foster, Virginia Fox, Norman Gibson, James Gordon, Richard Hagans, Nancy Harley, Joanna Harris, Phyllis Holley, Arthur Hunter, Alice Hunter, Samuel Irwin, Carolyn Jackson, Allen Jones, David Judge, Patrick Kaiser, Nolan Kelly, Thomas Koerner, Barbara Korbecki, Joseph Kristek, Marx Langs, Shirley Larson, Joyce Laube, Gerry Lewicki, Ann Lewis, Ann Lewis, Charles MacDonald, Robert Martin, Coby Marvin, Lynn Mathias, Stewart Metzler, Virgil Meyer, Howard Monteith, Donald Muir, Albert Newsome, Joan Payne, Charlene Pinkston, Donald Protsman, Georgiana Pugh, Patrick Quirk, Judith Rimes, Robert Ritt, Elvin Schwaderer, Thomas Scupholm, Nancy Shaw, Donna Smallwood, Mary Ellen Smith, Neil Sprandel, Charles Stahl, Milton Steeby, John Steinsultz, Donald Steward, Douglas Stout, Donald Stutesman, Rebecca Teal, Marilyn Thompson, Betty Thompson, Beverly Thuemmeler, Eleanor Thurston, Gilbert Totten, Robert Van Tassel, Loren Webber, Robert Weis, Norman Weldon, Margaret Whitcomb, William Williams, Ida Williams, Jack Winans, Roger ne — P= publications council The primary function of the Publications council is to supervise the publication of the Albionian, Pleiad and the Campus Directory. It also directs the editorial and financial policies and the staffs for these student publications. The student members, elected by popular vote of the student body, and the faculty members, appointed by the administration, elect the editor, managing editor and busi- ness manager of the Pleiad, and the editor, associate editor and business manager of the Albionian. The officers this year were Molly Engle, president; Mr. Anthony Taffs, vice-president; George Benko, secretary, and Dr. Joseph J. Irwin, treasurer. Other members were John Gilbert and Virginia Valentine. The council is the representative governing body of the Publications Association which is made up of all students, faculty and trustees of the college. It is organized as a non-profit corporation. Funds for the operation of the publications are derived from student fees and from ad- SECOND Row: Dr. Irwin, Valentine, Mr. Taffs, Gilbert: vertising and subscriptions sold. First Row: Benko, Engle. SECOND Row: Arbaugh, Dr. Irwin, Neffner; FIRST RoW: Mr. Taffs, Valentine. aa alpha phi gamma Alpha Phi Gamma, national honorary journalistic fra- ternity, serves and promotes the welfare of the college through journalism and establishes cordial relationships between the students and members of the profession. Mem- bers are chosen on the basis of individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in college and uni- versities, by the members of the previous chapter. Although the group carries on no campus activities, it serves tO promote a greater interest in journalism among the students and encourages better publications. The faculty advisor is Dr. Joseph J. Irwin, professor of English and journalism. Mr. Paul R. Trautman is also a member. Nationally Alpha Phi Gamma has achieved distinction through its consistent adherence to the honorary basis. It has kept rigidly to its collegiate limitations and has thus retained its individuality and high standards. It goes out side the college circle to give special honorary membership to men and women of mark and distinction in journalism. albionian Polly Arbaugh, editor-in-chief, headed the staff of the Albionian this year. She was aided by Gail Gorenflo, as- sociate editor; Jack McCall, business manager; Virginia Valentine, senior editor; Duane Poole, sports editor, Patricia Roe, art editor, and staff members chosen from interested students in the news writing and news editing classes. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin served as business advisor and Mr. Anthony Taffs as editorial advisor to the book, while the Publica- tions council supervised plans and policy. Work started nearly a year ago, when editors began planning the layout and design of the book. The first job of the school year was to photograph individuals for class pictures, and to photograph the various campus organiza- tions. Each organization and student pays for pictures, which, combined with advertising funds, and an alloted budget from the college, pays the cost of the book. When photography is finished, copywriters and copy- readers begin to work, writing identifications and stories. Redhead, Stanaway, Poole, Valen- tine, Hart, Walker, McFerran: Not IN PICTURE: Boysen, Kinzel, Walton. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin Business Advisor Jack McCall Business Manager Mr. Anthony Taffs Faculty Advisor Gail Gorenflo Associate Editor By the middle of March copy begins going to the printer. Engraving proofs and copy proofs are combined to make a dummy, from which the book is printed. The cover design is created in the fall, and is to be ready by early May, when the book is sent to the binders to be trimmed and bound. Late May or early June sees the completion and dis- tribution of the Al- bionian. Polly Arbaugh, editor-in-chief. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin Business Advisor James Martin Business Manager Carol Poosch Managing Editor Mr. Anthony Taffs Faculty Advisor pleiad Appearing weekly, the Albion College Pleiad is a student Work each week began on Monday afternoon as the publication, containing news and features of campus and editors and advisors met to discuss and plan the issue. town events of interest to Albion students. Editor-in-chief Students from the news writing and news editing classes this year was Ann Neffner. Carol Poosch served as manag- were assigned a different “beat” each week, and began ing editor, while collecting and writing news to be handed in Tuesday Anna Hill and Mari- afternoon. lyn Corey filled desk On Tuesday evenings the staff and copyreaders from the editor positions. class worked in the Pleiad office writing headlines and James Martin was checking copy, while the editor planned the layout and the business mana- lead stories. The same procedure was followed on Wednes- ger and John Brun- day evenings, completing the gathering and processing of dage sports editor. news. Faculty advisor was Mr. Anthony Taffs, and Dr. Joseph J. Ir- win was business ad- Supervising the setting and correcting proofs of the Pleiad were done by editor and managing editor on Thurs- day afternoons. The finished product, often “hot from the press” was waiting for Albion students, for no cost Friday visor. noon. Some of the regularly included items in the Pleiad are editorials, and letters to the editor, Much Ado, a humorous Ann Neffner, editor-in-chief. column composed of contributed items from students and staff, a Sports Slants column, interpreting and predicting news to come, and coverage of all campus activities. SECOND ROW: Parshall, Klein, Hart; FIRST ROW: Alcorn, Poole, Hill, Corey, Brundage; NOT IN PICTURI Boysen, Eastman, Grose, McFerran, Stanaway. FOURTH ROW: Tomion, Jones, Crissey, Parr, Casteel; THIRD RoW: Spanier, Orwall, Johnston, Griffith, Renshaw, Young, Cros- by; SECOND Row: Dr. Chickering, Mr. Morris, Mr. Sprandel, phi beta kappa Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most distinguished of the national honorary scholastic societies, founded in 1776. Michigan’s Beta chapter was established at Albion college on November 8, 1940. Memberts-in-course are elected yearly, primarily on the basis of broad cultural interests and scholarly achievements. Only those students are eligible for election who have completed, at the end of the election year, their last two years of work at Albion college. A minimum grade-point average of 2.4 must have been obtained to warrant consideration, but attainment of this mortar board Character, scholarship, leadership and service in campus life are the basis upon which women are selected for Mortar Board, national women’s honorary society. This organization, in which no less than five and no more than 20 members may be chosen, tapped the eight most out- standing senior women last year. The elected officers include Jean Tomion, president; Loris Porter, vice-president; Jean Marcy, secretary; Joyce Dusendorf, treasurer; Virginia Wyman, historian and Ann Neffner, editor. Playing host for the Michigan Mortar Board convention, selling Christmas cards, giving the Homecoming alumnae coffee hour, a scholarship dinner, sponsoring a guest speaker in the spring, serving at senior reception and ushering at Commencement were some of the Mortar Board activities for this year. Mrs. Clara Dixon, Mrs. Joseph J. Irwin and Miss Audrey K. Wilder served as sponsors. Dr. W. J. Gilbert, Dr. Larsen, Mr. Taffs; First Row: Dr. D. M. Gilbert, Dr. Kragness, Dr. Troyer, Dr. McKinney, Dr. White- house, Dr. Garland, Mrs. Hollinshead, Dr. Battenhouse. or a higher average may not be interpreted as automatically sufficient for election. A restricted number of alumni and honorary memberships are extended to persons who have achieved scholarly distinction since graduation from college. Officers this year were Dr. J. V. Garland, president; Dr. Sheila Kragness, vice-president and Mr. David D. Morris, secretary-treasurer. THIRD Row: Wyman, Dusendorf, Arbaugh; SECOND Row: Marcy, Neffner, Porter; FIRST ROW: Miss Dixon, Tomion, Miss Wilder; NOT IN PICTURE: Mrs. Irwin. | who’s who On the basis of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, serv- ice and cooperation in academic and extracurricular activi- ties, 17 senior men and women were selected to represent Albion college in the 1952-53 edition of “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.” These students were selected by the Dean and the Stu- dent council according to promise of future usefulness to business and society. This group carries on no campus activities, its main purpose being to give recognition to those students who have accomplished and benefited the most in their four years of college. FOURTH RoW: Richardson, Hummon, Boe, Baker; THIRD Row: Dusendorf, Wyman, Marcy, Lindblom; SECOND Row: Arbaugh, Keehn, Valentine; First RoW: Jacoby, Yaney, Tomion; NOT IN PICTURE: Dunham, Porter, Watts. THIRD ROW: Poleski, Keehn, DeVinney, Kistler; SECOND Row: Larimer, Thomas, Watts, Bender; FIRST ROW: Dr. Randall, Baker, Mr. Aris; NOT IN PICTURE: Mr. Anderson, Baldwin, de Nicola, Dr. Hall, Hummon, Mr. Isaac, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Pollard. omicron delta kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, national men’s leadership honor society, has as its purpose to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in college activities, to inspire others along similar lines, to bring together in mutual interest the most representative men in all phases of college life and to unite in fellowship members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Men are elected from the junior and senior classes on the basis of outstanding position in one of the following six phases of campus life: athletics, dramatic arts, music, scholarship, social and religious organizations or speech and publications. Officers during the last year were Don Baker, president; Melvin Larimer, vice-president; Mr. E Maynard Aris, secretary, and Norman Keehn, treasurer. J student council Furnishing efficient and adequate leadership in the direc- tion of all student activities, considering all-campus prob- lems, and promoting the welfare of the student body, the Student council was headed this year by Ralph Boe, presi- dent. Other officers included James Davis, vice-president; Donna Kay, secretary; and Prosser Watts, treasurer. Dr. Thomas M. Carter acted as advisor. The council, which meets every Wednesday evening, is represented by every campus group and has twelve work- ing committees covering all campus needs, as well as spon- soring all-school social activities, planning Bust Outs and Big Three week-end activities. A special Baldwin Hall committee was formed this year, to deal with the problems of the new student center. The council also sponsored a bridge tournament, raised funds for a Kalamazoo college athletic stricken with polio, and sponsored the annual TB drive on campus. THIRD ROW: Wilson, Doster, De- Vinney, Swan, Boysen, Lamkin, Joy- ner, Murray, Benko; SECOND Row: Tower, Grebe, Bacon, Friedrich, Mar- cy, Dusendorf, Lynas, Wingeier, Ja- coby, Barkley; First Row: Dr. Car- nell, Dr. Fleenor, Baker, Tomion, Dr. Cheek, Mr. Aris; NOT IN PICTURE: Campbell, Cation, Hierholzer, Mac- donald. THIRD RoW: Murray, Klein, Taber, Cyrus, Campbell, Carmien, Christ; SECOND ROW: Renshaw, McKnight, Hofbauer, P. Sanford, Brewer, Win- geier; FIRST ROW: Davis, Kay, Boe, Lindblom, Richardson; NoT IN PIc- TURE: Bucklin, Burgess, Collins, Grant, Lynas, Miller, Parshall, C. San- ford, Timmons, Watts. campus religious council The purpose of the Campus Religious council is to promote religious thinking and coordinate religious activi- ties on the campus. The activities of the council this year included sponsoring several forums, one of which included Dr. Gerard Priestly, discussing the United Nations; ob- servance of the “Universal Day of Prayer for Students:” a World Student Service Fund campaign in the spring; Christmas and Easter candlelight services, and two religious emphasis weeks. “Religion Is Life Week,” November 14-20, was planned to include each student, and was conducted entirely by students and faculty. The spring religious emphasis week, May 11-12, featured the application of religion in various occupations. This year's officers were Jean Tomion, president; Donald Baker, vice-president; Jean Marcy, secretary, and Alan Swan, treasurer. Dr. John Cheek, Dr. Wayne Fleenor, Dr. Paul Carnell and Mr. E. Maynard Aris were the advisors to the group. Se SECOND ROW: Bradford, Personius, Kay, Little, Gorenflo, Carter, Ren- shaw, Humphrey; First Row: Beck, Hedstrom, Mrs. Sudbrink, Miss Wild- er, Lindblom, Dunham. AWS board Directing the activities of the dormitory and the annexes, the AWS board serves as a self-governing body for the women of Albion college. The Christmas breakfast, the leadership dinner, Big Three week-end activities, birthday dinners, Thursday afternoon teas, and special Wednesday night dinners were planned by committees appointed by the board. This year semi-formal, instead of formal, attire was substituted for the monthly birthday dinners, and Sunday THIRD ROW: Kemp, Brown; SECOND ROW: Martin, Marvin; First Row: Dewey, Mr. Gordon, Burns; NOT IN PICTURE: Conklin, Fitzgerald, Yinger. afternoon formal teas were initiated into the schedule of activities planned by the board. Magazines and newspapers for the women students were also purchased. Executive officers were Barbara Lindblom, president; Carole Hedstrom, vice-president; Hildegard Beck, secre- tary, and Jacqueline Dunham, treasurer. Officers are nom- inated by a committee made up of an elected representative from each class, and by the existing AWS board. All women in the dormitory system participate in the election. Mrs. Alberta Sudbrink and Miss Audrey K. Wilder were ad- visors to the group. seaton hall committee Forming dormitory policies, planning social functions, and spending allotted money are the activities of the gov- erning body of Seaton hall. This committee, composed of the house officers and floor representatives, was headed by Daniel Dewey, president. This year they sponsored a hay-ride in the fall, and a Friday night dance and party after one of the college plays Several inter-dormitory social events were also scheduled during the year. Other officers for this year were Alden Burns, vice president; David Martin, secretary, and Charles Fitzgerald treasurer. Mr. Leon M. Gordon acted as advisor to the committee. Second semester officers were Dewey, president; Tom Brown, vice-president; John Cansfield, secretary and Richard Kemp, treasurer THIRD Row: M. J. Smith, Grebe, Botma, Little, J. Smith, Renfrew, Tomion; SECOND Row: Riesco, Bacon, Carter, Miss Whitcomb, Cripe, Fried- rich, Grose, Miss Dixon, Personius, Wingeier, Lynas; FiIRsT ROW: Mrs. Robinson, Miss Wygal, Marcy, Rauille, Wyman, Mrs. Pettersen; NOT IN PIC- TURE: Mrs. Hall, Stutesman, Van- Gorden. YWCA Under the direction of Jean Marcy, president, the YWCA has provided a counseling system for freshmen women. helped with orientation week, and provided weekly vespers in the dormitory under student leadership. It also was co-sponsor of the Horn of Plenty dinner at Thanksgiving time. Together with the YMCA on this campus they began publishing a monthly state “Y” paper. Working together through commissions, the group spon- sored monthly programs in various fields. The women have participated in many state-wide activities, and a large dele- gation is being sponsored at the Regional Conference at Geneva. Helping Miss Marcy were Audrey Eppler Raville, vice- president; Nora Riesco, secretary, and Alice Cripe, trea- surer. Betty Renfrew was secretary during the second semester, and Virginia Wyman was state chairman of the YMCA. The advisors were Miss Clara L. Dixon, Mrs. Royal G. Hall, Mrs. Howard E. Pettersen, Mrs. LeRoy Robinson, and Miss Alice E. Whitcomb. YMCA The YMCA is a fellowship of students and faculty who desire to discover the highest ideals of Christian living and service and to have a part in making these ideals Operative on the campus and throughout the world. This year the YMCA worked with the Boys’ club in Albion and provided sandwiches for the players after home basketball games. They began working with the YWCA on campus with the joint publication of the state “Y News,” which is a monthly newspaper. Several delegates were also sent to the district fall and spring conferences, and to the regional conference at Geneva, Wisconsin, in June. They also helped with the freshman orientation week. Officers this year were Herschel Murray, president; John Joyner, vice-president; Donald Boysen, secretary, and James Grant, treasurer. Mr. Howard Pettersen was the advisor to the group. SECOND RoW: Grodavent, DeVin- mney, Taber, Mr. Pettersen, Saxman: FIRST ROW: Grant, Joyner, Murray, Boysen; NOT IN PICTURE: Lamkin. Se ee All ee Pio ———e SECOND Row: Kistler, R. Fowler, Dewey, Howard, Pangborn, Cutcher; First Row: Mr. Pollard, Braid, | | | | phi eta sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national men’s honorary fraternity which recognizes outstanding scholarship among freshmen men. Membership is open only to those who attain an average of 2.5 or better at the end of their first semester in college. The aims of the group are to encourage high scholastic achievement among freshmen men and to aid them in their studies. The group is trying, in selecting new mem- bers, to choose those with other achievements than those merely in the field of scholarship. One project of the fraternity this year was to study and plan improvement of study conditions in the men’s dormitory. Peter Christ led the group this year, while James Tim- mons served as vice-president; Richard Pollard, secretary; James Braid, treasurer, and Morris Taber, historian. Mr. Darrell H. Pollard was the advisor. FOURTH ROW: Lane, Myers, Hart; THIRD ROW: Roeper, Hafemeister, Beslock, Sherwood; SECOND Row: Weinmann, Vance, Weiss, Renshaw; First ROW: Capitanio, Friedrich, Miss Dixon, Miss Wilder, McFerran, Bacon. Christ, Timmons, Pollard, Taber; NoT IN PICTURE: Busch, Eliiot, Grier, Har- rington, Hierholzer, Humphrey, Kai- ser, Libcke, Munk, Strob2, Weller. alpha lambda delta Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary organization for freshmen women who have attained a scholastic average of 2.5 either after their first semester or for their entire freshman year. Tapping occurs in chapel twice a year. The purpose of this honorary is to promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic attainment among the freshmen women. Officers for the year have been Joanne Friedrich, presi- dent; Beth Capitanio, vice-president; Mary Jane McFerran, secretary, and Linda Bacon, treasurer. Activities included a Smarty party, honoring freshmen women with the qualifying scholarship, serving alumni luncheon at Homecoming, conducting a March of Dimes campaign and being hostesses and guides to guests on campus. Sponsoring Alpha Lambda Delta were Miss Clara Dixon and Miss Audrey K. Wilder. Flutes: Crist, L. Smith, Hauer, Weller; Oboes: Millar, M. Lewis; Clarinets: Sullivan, Hoisington, Catton, Mack, Cermak, Schlosser, Penhale, A. Raville, Draper, Goodwin, Martin, Hookey, V. Smith; Bassoons: Personius, Wildt; Saxophones: Poulos, Pierce, Street, Kiessling, Pollard; Horns: Holmes, Cline, Pugh, Grigg; Trumpets: band Under the direction of Dr. Conway Peters, the Albion college band performed at college football and basketball games. The band finished its season with a home concert in the Chapel on Tuesday evening, April 28. The band played in Michigan and neighboring states on its annual tour from April 19-26. On tour, the band played both modern and classical selections, and several solos. First Violins: Fultz, Dykstra, Etterich, Elder, Stevens, Christ, Sweeney; Second Violins: Walker, Israel, Dobie, Custer, Protsman, Catton; Violas: Clark, Connors, Elliot; Cellos: Valentine, Boulton, Tagsold, Blake; Basses: Dewey, Faylor, Spiess, Sterling; Harp: Tagsold; Flutes: Crist, L. Smith, Hauer, Wagenschutz, Weller; Oboes: Millar, M. Lewis; Clarinets: Sullivan, Hoisington, Hookey, R. Ravi lle, McFarland, Stout, Ferry, Wallace, Clemo, Brady; Altos: Fultz, Jones, Davis; Trombones: Connors, Heath, Zerbe, Bucklin, White, Bower, Custer; Baritones: J. Clark, Gilman, Cansfield, Mohl, Wills; Basses: Dewey, Orr. Selberg, McNeilage; Tympani: Nugent; Percussion: Duryea, Pickell, Townsend; Harp: Tagsold. orchestra The 60-piece Albion college orchestra, with full instru- mentation, presented its home concert on Thursday evening, February 19, under the direction of Dr. Conway Peters. It played Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony No. 41; “Scenes Pittoresques” by Massenet; the Spanish Rhapsody “Espana” by Chabrier, and the Ballet Music from the opera “La Gioconda” by Ponchielli. The orchestra accompanied the band on its annual spring tour. The program included two selections by Tchaikovsky. Draper; Bassoons: Barger, Wildt, Personius; Saxophone: Martin; Trumpets: R. Raville, McFarland, Stout, Ferry; Horns: Holmes, Cline, Pugh, Grigg; Trombones: Heath, Zetbe, White, Bower; Tuba: Selberg; Tympani: Nugent; Percussion: Duryea, Pickell, Townsend, Davis. PS FOURTH RoW: Ferguson, Poole, Black, Owen, Bowers, Closson, Klein, é Mulligan, Sweet, Hart, Thibideau, Roch- te, Carpp, Fenske; THIRD Row: Singles, Marson, Howard, J. Bradford, Link, Burgess, Larimer, Hummon, Gardner, Lignell, Armbruster, Merrifield, Hem- street; SECOND ROW: Behnke, Wieting, Grebe, Packer, Howe, Sanford, Hagans, Mumbulo, Van’t Roer, Young, Robert- son, Smyth, Wear, Kiefer, Baker, Stark- weather, Taylor, Glover; FIRST Row: Turner, W. Angove, M. Bradford, Tomion, Skagerberg, Dodge, Bain, Wal- lace, Economos, Rademacher, Wingeier, Fillmore, J. Angove, MacMillan, Klahm; Mr. Strickler. a cappella choir The Albion college a cappella choir began its activities this year by singing for the dedication services at Children’s village, Ferndale, September 26, and by singing at the Alumni luncheon during Homecoming. December 14 was the date of the annual Christmas concert, including in its four parts, a group of old sacred numbers, a section of contemporary selections, a group of carols, and finally, a cantata for soloists, choralists and organ. From April 20-28 the choir, traveling in two buses, visited Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania, pre- senting a noon program in high schools and an evening program in churches. Preceding this was a spring home con- cert, featuring its tour program. In March the choir joined the Albion College Choral society to present Haydn’s “The Creation.” Officers were Melvin Larimer, president; James Merrifield, treasurer, and Merrilyn Bradford, secretary. Mr. David L. Strickler is the director. carol singers The Albion college carol singers, formerly called ma dri- gals, are organized to present the best in vocal literature, both ancient and modern. Functioning primarily at Christ- mas time, the group presents programs to college audiences and to local groups. At a Christmas chapel program December 7-8 the carol singers presented three groups of carols. A collection of carols from different countries comprised the first group, while the second was of different nationalities, and the third by 20th century composers. The same program was presented for the Women’s Society of Christian Service, and the Fortnightly Fellowship. Mr. David L. Strickler directs the group. SECOND ROW: Howard, Fenske, Poole, Klein, Mr. Strickler, Carpp, Lerimer, Hummon, Singles, Merri- field; FIRST RoW: Bradford, Tomion, Skagerberg, Sanford, Wallace, Dodge, Taylor, MacMi'lan. THIRD RoW: Sullivan, Speiss, Swan, Merrifield, Singles; SECOND RoW: Mr. Strickler, Dewey, McFarland, Clark, Fenske, Carpp, Valentine, Mr. Pear- son; FIRST ROW: Mr. Taffs, Hummon, Raville, Ferguson, Mr. Trautman, Mr. Fennimore; NOT IN PICTURE: Con- nors, Elliott, Heath, Howard, Joyner, Klein, Larimer, Link, Millar, Mondol, Orr, Porter, Poole, Poulos, Dr. Row- land, Zerbe. phi mu alpha sinfonia To advance the cause of music and to give recognition to outstanding men stu dents in the field of music are the aims of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national music fraternity. The chapter sponsored the Interfraternity Quartet sing, January 16, and an Interfraternity Song fest, May 25, in Victory park, this year. The fraternity gave two performances of an American composition, “Testament of Freedom,” by Randall Thomp- son in Chapel, February 23-24. This work, based on the SECOND Row: Dr. Brock, Dr. Garland; First Row: Thomas, Lock, Gilbert; NOT IN PICTURE: Burrows, Mr. Aris, Mr. Pahl, Mr. Pollard. writings of Thomas Jefferson, was also performed for local groups in Albion. Dr. Louis U. Rowland, director of music, was made a chapter honorary member in recognition of his 27 years of service to Albion college. The chapter presented Dr. Rowland with an album of long-playing records of his own compositions. George Raville was president; Melvin Larimer, vice-pres- ident; Richard Ferguson, secretary; John Hummon, trea- surer; Daniel Dewey, alumni secretary; James Merrifield, historian, and David H. Klein, warden. Mr. Frank Pearson was the group’s advisor. delta sigma rho Membership in Delta Sigma Rho, the oldest national honorary forensic society, is limited to students who have creditably represented the college in varsity forensics, in- cluding debates, discussions, and oratorical contests. The local chapter was founded in 1911. The society took part in an annual debate contest at DePauw University on February 21, and although no awards were given, two members received excellent ratings. A delegation also attended the National Student Congress in Chicago April 9, 10, 11, to discuss and debate ‘inflation and how to curb it.’ Students members include Richard Burrows, president; Margaret Lock, secretary; John Gilbert and Charles Thomas. Faculty members are Mr. E. Maynard Aris, Mr. Darrell H. Pollard, Mr. Aaron Sharp and Dr. James W. Brock. Dr. J. V. Garland is sponsor of the group. sigma alpha tota Sigma Alpha Iota, national musical fraternity for women, sponsored the annual SAI songfest, presented monthly dormitory musicales and gave an American composer's re- cital, featuring music done vocally and instrumentally. With Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia the fraternity honored the Row- lands at a reception. Shirley Fultz was president; Jean Wallace, vice-president; Merrilynn Bradford, recording secretary; Marjorie Mac- Millan, corresponding secretary, and Helen Holmes, trea- surer. Patronesses were Mrs. W. Clark Dean, Mrs. Robert G. Kelsey, Mrs. Louis U. Rowland, Mrs. Frank Pearson, theta alpha phi Giving recognition to achievement in arts of the theater acting, directing and producing—Theta Alpha Phi is the national honorary dramatics fraternity. Only juniors and seniors who have qualified as full members of the Albion College Players and who have distinguished themselves in some phase of dramatics are eligible for membership. This year the local chapter became the national head- quarters and home of the fraternity as Dr. James W. Brock assumed his duties as secretary-treasurer of the organization. Officers this year were John Baldwin, first semester presi- dent; Joseph de Nicola, second semester president, and Kay Rennie, secretary-treasurer. The group advisors were Mr. Otis J. Aggertt, Dr. James W. Brock, Miss Beulah Champ and Dr. J. V. Garland. THIRD Row: Ball, Kinzie, Person- ius, Nugent, Catton, Chisholm, Mac- Donald; SECOND Row: Beck, Dodge, Draper, Eppler, Tagsold, Packer, Starkweather, Rademacher; FIRST Row: Bradford, Holmes, Fultz, Mrs. Brock, Wallace, MacMillan; NOT IN PICTURE: Walker. Mrs. H. L. Smith, Mrs. Walter Sprandel, Mrs. David Strickler, Mrs. James Brock, Mrs. Ilo Steck, Mrs. W. W. Whitehouse and Mrs. Conway Peters. The aims of the group are to support the field of music, to foster cultural interest in our nation, to promote appre- ciation of the relationships between good music and satis- factory living and to give moral and material aid to its members. SECOND RoW: Eash, Lock, Dr. Brock, Gates; FIRST Row: Rennie, Baldwin, Wiek; Nor IN PICTURE: de Nicola, Gilbert, Mr. Aggertt. albion college players The Albion College Players was organized to stimulate interest in dramatic arts and crafts and to provide experi- ence in all phases of theatre work. Students become mem- bers of the organization when their activities in two fields of drama work have amounted to one hundred points. For Homecoming this year the group produced Fay Kanin’s “Goodbye My Fancy.” Dr. James W. Brock directs the plays and has a student as- sistant for each play. Joanne Ja- coby assisted on this play. Also in October, the Players sponsored the Barter Theatre of Virginia’s professional production, “The Merchant of Venice.” Androcles and the Lion Shaw March 13-14 Ibsen’s “Ghosts” was presented by the Players in December, and Darkness at Noon Kingsley December 14-15, 1951 THIRD ROW: Bennett, Eash, Jira- sek, Lamkin, McHale, Marshbanks, Benko, Frick; SECOND Row: LaFever, Sawyer, Hedstrom, Craft, Rennie, Walton, Hawkins, Starkweather, Capi- tanio, Smoot; FIRST Row: Dr. Brock, Lock, Bender, Baldwin, Gates, Wiek, Corey; NoT IN PIcTuRE: Baker, Bower, Crosley, Dean, de Nicola, Dodge, Fillmore, Gilbert, Gordon, Grose, Hendricks, Howser, Jackson, Jacoby, Keehn, McLaren, Mondol, Reed, Reynolds, Singles, Trimble, Wilkinson. as the spring production the group offered “Androcles and the Lion” by George Bernard Shaw. Kay Rennie was the student assistant. The cast traveled, with its own stage sets, to perform at Fort Custer and at Ferris Institute in Big Rapids. This year the organization was directed by John Baldwin, first semester president; Kay Rennie, second semester presi- dent; S. Zolene Gates, vice-president; Joyce Wiek, secre- tary; Elwood Bender, treasurer; Marilyn Corey, historian, and Dr. Brock, faculty advisor. In the spring the Drama Work- shop presented short plays, en- couraging participation of all in- terested students. Plays were di- rected by Gilbert Arbetman, Roger Jackson, Allan Jirasek, An- nabelle Marshbanks, Harold Mon- dol and Joyce Wiek. Ghosts Ibsen Goodbye, My Fancy Kanin October 10-11 December 12-13 THIRD Row: Frick, Taber, Lamkin, Munk, Bennett, Hocking, Barton; SEC- OND ROW: McHale, Sherwood, Teal, Olson, Hart, LaFever; First Row: Dr. Garland, Gates, Thomas, Lock, Gilbert, Hedstrom, Cyrus; NOT IN PICTURE: Mr. Aggertt, Dean, Gordon, Holland, Howe, Nankervis. forensics The discussion program of Albion speakers included “How We Can Best Combat Communism” and “Youth In A Warring World,” this year. The program consisted of two campus-wide hearings and forums. Many specialists attended the discussions. David Y. Klein was manager of intramural debate which entered its third year. Speakers also participated in the activities sponsored by the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech league. These include debate, extemporaneous speaking, discussion and interpre- tative reading. The novice squad took part in the State Novice Debate tournament held at Albion, November 27. WANR The three-fold function of WANR is to provide students with radio entertainment, to furnish experience for those entering the profession and to prepare teachers in the field of speech. The staff consists of George Reed, station manager; Nadine DeBusk, assistant station manager; Doris La Fever, traffic manager; Elizabeth Brockett, assistant traffic mana- ger; Priscilla Blanchard, program director; George Hough- ton, chief engineer; Elwood Bender, chief announcer; Eliza- beth Lewis, publicity, and Zolene Gates and Glenna Saw- yer, music directors. Dr. James W. Brock was the advisor. WANR operates under 570 kilocycles and is transmitted into Seaton and Susanna Wesley dormitories. The station is run by students who are interested in the field, and several affiliated speech classes, which also participate in the radio programs. Representatives attended the State Discussion festival held at Mt. Pleasant, November 14. Albion was also represented at the Tournament of Ora- tors Regional contest in Detroit in April. The tournament, which discusses famous men, used John Marshall as their subject this year. Students were sent to clubs and schools throughout Michigan to present programs under the aus- pices of the Speakers bureau. Dr. J. V. Garland and Mr. Otis J. Aggertt were advisors. THIRD ROW: Sawyer, Bender, Blanchard; SECOND Row: Lewis, LaFever; FIRST ROW: Reed, DeBusk, Houghton; NOT IN PICTURE: Dr. Brock, Brockett, Gates. zeta epsilon lambda The purpose of Zeta Epsilon Lambda, to create a fellow- ship of college women in religious and social service, was carried out this year by its activities. They included the co-sponsoring of the annual Horn-of-Plenty dinner at Thanksgiving with the YWCA, helping with the patients at Sheldon Memorial hospital and the continuance of the Big and Little Sister clubs at Dalrymple and West Ward schools. Work was done in Albion churches and church choirs. Regular programs included speakers involved in church work of all kinds and two college alumnae. A spring picnic took place with Chi Epsilon. Officers working with president Ruth Tower were Joyce Dusendorf, vice-president, Edna Humphrey, secretary; Joanne Jacoby, treasurer, and Nancy Comstock, program chairman. Mrs. John Cheek and Mrs. John Tennant were advisors to the group. FOURTH ROW: Glotfelty, Closson, Selberg, Burns, Stine, Murray; THIRD Row: Lutz, Taber, Cermak, Doane, Armbruster, Hocking; SECOND Row: Jones, Walter, Brown, Mohr, Grant, Parkison; FIRST Row: Nielson, Gro- davent, Braid, Doster, Millar, Sax- Q 8 FOURTH Row: Stevens, Friedrich, Short, Chenoweth, Personius, Bacon; THIRD Row: Chapman, Fillmore, Stelle, Brown, Botma, Trimble, Tru- fant, Draper, Wingeier; SECOND Row: Smoot, Turner, Salm, Carter, Comstock, Grill, Lynas, Roe, Jedlicka, Provence; FIRST RoW: Mrs. Tennant, Humphrey, Dusendorf, Tower, Jaco- by, Mrs. Cheek. chi epsilon Chi Epsilon, men’s pre-ministerial organization, is a fellowship of students preparing for Christian service in the ministry, missions or religious social work. They are united to promote Christian thinking and fellowship on the campus and within the group. Monthly meetings featured speakers from local organi- zations and Dr. Rockwell Smith of Garrett Theological seminary of Chicago at the January meeting. An annual spring picnic was given with the Zeta Epsilon Lambda group. mpage | Officers for the year were Philip Doster, president; Roger Sweet, vice-president; Wendall Millar, secretary; James Braid, treasurer; Richard Gilbert, deputations; Ken- neth Grodavent, worship chairman, and John Hummon, Campus Religious council representative. Sponsors of the group are Dr. John L. Cheek, and Dr. John Tennant of the First Methodist church of Albion. aa) aa, © man; NOT IN PICTURE: Baker, Ben- nett, Bissett, Filbrandt, Flanagan, Fowler, Fuller, Gilbert, Hanford, Hummon, Hunter, Keehn, Mondol, Morrill, Owensby, Short, Smalley, Swan, Sweet, Wellfare, Yinger, Yoh, j Yonker. SECOND RoW: Tennant, Mahan, Howard, Hill, Lenkey; First Row: Mr. Ballou, Cutcher, Perkins, Cans- field, Miss Rogers, Dr. Gilbert; Not IN PICTURE: Dr. Chickering, Miss Dixon, Barsch, Bingham, Bow, Con- lon, Dettman, Fenske, Grodavent, Hodgkinson, Howard, Merrick, Rein- hard, Sanford, Shave, Smalley, Stine, F. Taylor, W. Taylor, Vincent. beta beta beta Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary society for students of the biological sciences who achieve superior academic records and exhibit special aptitude in biology. To stimu- late sound scholarship, to promote the spreading of scien- tific truth and to encourage investigation in the life sciences are the objectives of the group. One of the highlights of the year was the March 19 meeting at which Dr. Melvin Knisely of the Medical college of South Carolina, a graduate of Albion college, spoke kappa mu epsilon Led by Ronald Carstens as president, Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fraternity, attempted to further the enjoyment, knowled ge and appreciation of mathematics in students of superior ability in this field. Weekly meetings aided in the development of this appreciation. No outside speakers attend meetings, for two senior members present the programs, while the juniors prepare refreshments. The fraternity’s national convention took place at St. Mary's Retreat in Battle Creek last April. The chapter, one of three in Michigan, sent three delegates. Other officers were Robert DeVinney, vice-president: Marjorie Ward, secretary-treasurer, and John Pangborn, program chairman. Club sponsors were Dr. Harold D. Lar- sen, Dr. Edmund Ingalls and Dr. Keith Moore. Bees r. . on the relation of science to the world situation today, following a dinner in his honor at Baldwin hall. Tri-Beta also sponsored several trips to the Ott Biological preserve during the spring semester. Officers of the group were Rhoda Perkins, president; William Cansfield, vice-president; Robert Cutcher, secre- tary-treasurer, and Ward Taylor, historian. Dr. A. M. Chick- ering was the faculty sponsor. THIRD ROW: Pangborn, Knight, DeVinney, Tomlinson; SECOND RoW: Miller, Dr. Ingalls, Goodwin, Rodgers; First Row: Car- stens, Dr. Moore, Ward; NOT IN PICTURE: Young. chemical affiliates To stimulate interest in chemistry is the purpose of the Chemistry affiliates, officially known as the Student Affili- ates of the American Chemical society. The group par- ticipated in various field trips, such as visiting the Dow- Corning and Dow Chemical plants in Midland, and brought various guest speakers to the campus. An alumnus of Albion college, Dr. Roy E. Heath, 36, consulting chemist of the MacDonald corporation of De- troit, spoke to the group on “The Chemist in Industry.” Guests at this lecture were members of the Michigan State college chapter of A.C.S. Dr. Lawrence Quill, professor of chemistry at Michigan State college, also spoke to the group on the topic, “Careers in Chemistry.” Officers of the club were David Eash, president; Mar- jorie Ward, vice-president, and Patricia Sanford, secretary- treasurer. Dr. David L. Randall acted as faculty advisor and sponsor. THIRD Row: Ambler, Closson, Zerby, Starkey, Mr. Pettersen; SECOND ROW: Yaney, Goodwin, Fowler, Young, Tomlinson, Larson, Pangborn; FiIrRsT ROW: Dr. Glathart, Jefferies, Walkotten, Manning, Cyrus, Mr. Hanna; NOT IN PICTURE: Boddy, Dewey, Fenske, Gwinn, Krause, Rich- ardson, Spiess, Ward. SECOND Row: Grettenberger, Barry, Taylor, Larson, Bradshaw, AI- len, Nielsen, Barsch, Lenkey; FIRST - Row: Dr. Carnell, Dr. Randall, Ward, Eash, Sanford; Munk, Dr. Ingalls. physics club The Physics club, organized to further interest in the field of physics, was led this year by George Walkotten, president; James Manning, vice-president; John Cyrus, sec- retary-treasurer, and John Jefferies, reporter to the Pleiad. The group made a tour of the University of Michigan’s physics department, and it also held an open house in May. Leading men in the field of physics spoke to the group at weekly meetings. Mr. John Bryce, head metallurgist at Albion Malleable Iron company, spoke on the topic, “The Casting Industry,” and a representative from the Bell Tele- phone company gave a demonstration of the new telephone system at a joint meeting of the club and the Albion So- ciety of Engineers. The Albion college Physics club is a member of the National American Institute of Physics. Club sponsors were Dr. J. L. Glathart, Mr. Loren E. Hanna and Mr. Howard E. Pettersen. economics club Officers of the Economics club this year were Dwight Briggs, president; Fred Kistler, vice-president, Loris Porter, secretary, and Robert Bollman, treasurer. Beginning the year’s activities was a field trip to Chicago in the fall. The club visited Marshall Field and company, the Merchandise Mart and the Board of Trade. The fifth annual Economics conference took place on campus March 21. Problems of merchandising and social security were discussed. Another field trip was taken in the spring to Detroit to visit essential industries. Various Albion business men were invited to speak to the club at the regular meetings. Faculty advisors for the club are Mr. E. Maynard Aris, Dean Emil Leffler, Mr. J. W. Polk and Dr. Walter A. Terpenning. forum club The Forum club, sponsored by the department of history and political science, is limited to 30 juniors and seniors who have a grade average of 2.0 in the majors of history and political science. The organization holds monthly dis- cussions, led by members of the group, concerning topics of national and international scope. The group discussed such topics as “Government Employment,” “Administra- tion’s Foreign Policy in Europe and Asia,” and “National Elections” this year. FOURTH RoW: McKay, Watts, McCoy; THIRD Row: McCall, Richardson, Lane; SECOND ROW: Bollman, Kistler; FIRST ROW: Mr. Aris, Briggs, Mr. Terpenning; NoT IN PICTURE: Black, de Nicola, Dunne, Hesse, Hevel, Dean Leffler, Mr. Polk, Porter, Valentine. The club sent representatives to the International Rela- tions conference at Kalamazoo February 13-14. The group also initiated a drive to send relief to the flooded areas of Europe. Elwood Bender was president of the club this year. Other officers were Robert Bollman, vice-president, and Joyce Wisely, secretary-treasurer. Dr. H. O. Hendrickson was faculty advisor to the group. Dr. Royal G. Hall, Mr. Coy James and Mr. Darrell H. Pollard were faculty members. THIRD RoW: Young, Frick, Stetson, Watts, Thomas, Gilbert; SECOND Row: Carmein, Hainsey, Luke, Wise- ly, Bollman; Frrst Row: Mr. James, Dr. Hall, Bender, Dr. Hendrickson; Not IN PicrurE: Barger, Betz, Bou- | da, Burrows, de Nicola, Doster, Elms, Fowler, Hevel, Holbrook, Hummon, Humphrey, Keehn, Loeschner, Mor- ford, Reed, Stutesman, Swan, Valen cine. sociology club In trying to acquaint people with the Opportunities for professional work in sociology, the Sociology club took several field trips throughout the year. The first of these trips was taken to Chicago in the fall. A field trip to Battle Creek in October to help in the investigation of adult needs and motivations for voluntary participation in educational activity was also made. The club planned several dinner meetings during the year. One of these was the spaghetti dinner in January. A joint meeting with the Psychology club took place in December. Other trips took place to Ionia State prison, the Detroit House of Correction and the State department of social work in Lansing. A dinner-discussion meeting took place in March on the “Problems and Potentialities of the Negro Community in Albion.” Officers for the year were Myron Yonker, president; Alice Cripe, vice-president, and Gretchen Personius, secre- tary-treasurer. FOURTH ROW: J. E. Davis, Muel- ler, Cyrus, Coates, Higgins; THIRD RoW: Wood, Larsen, Smith, Many, Gates, Newhart, Thoms; SECOND RoW: Crandall, Stowe, Dalgleish, Mehrer, Elms, Bortle, Dunham, Pic- ard; FIRST Row: Dr. Simrall, Bitney, Hearst, Bernardo, Hookey, Dr. Mc- Lean; NOT IN PICTURE: Barsch, Biggs, Boe, Catton, J. Davis, Ely, Gardner Gorham, Kettell, Kistler, Mrs. Lord McConkey, McKnight, Mrs. McLean, Marshall, Mastney, Miller, Oakes, Penhale, Prescott, Rodgers, Sauer, Sin- gles, Stelle. ’ FOURTH ROW: Marson, Ambler, Stetson, Lomerson, Hearst; THIRD Row: Pollock, Morris, Hawke, Ken- nedy, Comstock, Stelle, N. Miller, Bowker, Greenlee; SECOND Row: Wingeier, Lynas, G. Hall, S. Hall, Capitanio, Smith, Smoot; First Row: Jacoby, Cripe, Yonker, Personius, Chadderdon; NOT IN PICTURE: Arm- bruster, Baker, Blanchard, Collier, Faylor, Filbrandt, Friedrich, Grant, Grebe, R. Hall, Kay, E. Lewis, P. Lewis, Lindblom, McCoy, Manson, Marshall, Mehrer, M. Miller, Mondol, Newell, Palmer, Schwaderer, Short, Stanaway, Wagenshutz, Walton. psychology club To further an interest in psychology in all its aspects and to supplement academic offerings in the field is the purpose of the Psychology club. The club met its purpose by participating in field trips and by hearing speakers on various phases of psychology. The group visited the Ionia State hospital in February. The trip included a tour of the hospital and a clinic for discussion of individual cases. Speakers during the year included Dr. H. E. Geiger, consulting industrial psychologist for Dow Chemical com- pany, Midland, and Mr. Irving Lacey, personnel director for the Corning Glass company, Albion. Mr. Lacey’s topic was “Psychological Principles in Personal Relations in In- dustry.” The club was led in its activities by James Hearst, presi- dent; James Bernardo, vice-president; Austin Bitney, sec- retary, and John Hookey, treasurer. Dr. Maurice McLean and Dr. Dorothy Simrall served as faculty advisors for the group. THIRD ROW: Jedlicka, Myers, Wy- man, Parshall, Corey, Wieting, Stark- weather, SECOND ROW: MacMillan, Arbaugh, Guy, Smetana, Christopher, Miller, Gorenflo, Walker; First Row: Wilkinson, Penhale, Stetson, Riesco, Miss McCune; NOT IN PICTURE: Ep- pler, Miller, Picard. contributors’ club The major project of the Contributors’ club this year has been to make a list of the winners of the Marie Guy Kimball prize since it was started in 1921. The group also attempted to collect the prize-winning essays for a per- manent file. In March, the club held its second annual fine arts open house for other departmental clubs. A book review was given by Marjean Penhale and the writings of Nina Miller and John Stetson were discussed. At the Christmas party, each member read his favorite Christmas poem or story. The purpose of the club has been to foster the develop- ment and appreciation of creative writing. The group has been led this year by Nora Riesco, president; Marjean Penhale, vice-president; John Stetson, secretary, and Joan Wilkinson, treasurer. Miss Julia McCune served as faculty advisor to the group. = - ae wr r » a ye | Se bh Bes or art club Leading the activities of the Art club this year were Frank Plettenberg, president; Margaret Lock, vice-president; Mary Johnstone, secretary; Patricia Roe, treasurer, and Charles Wallschlaeger, historian. At meetings of the club, members heard Dr. James W. Brock speak on “Art in the Theater;” saw the color film, “More Than Meets the Eye;” watched slides taken by Polly Arbaugh in Europe, and saw two-color movies on the making of Pueblo Indian pottery and baskets taken by Plettenberg. The group supervised the Student Art gallery in Baldwin hall, where the work of students was exhibited continuously, and held the Annual Sidewalk Art sale in the spring. Mem- bers attended the Twenty-fifth Annual Spaghetti dinner in costumes representing paintings and characters from paint- ings. Members of Kappa Pi, national honorary art fra- ternity, included Paul Stewart, chairman; Mr. Bobbitt and Miss Fowler, sponsors; Miss Roe, and Jean Tomion. FOURTH ROW: Thomas, Arbaugh, Behnke, Gehman, Stewart, G. Brock- way, Williams, Landman; THIRD Row: J. Brockway, Rademacher, Ball, Morse, Nugent, Renfrew, S. Collins, Kennedy; SECOND Row: LaFever, Poosch, Tomion, Engle, Shirtum, Nor- ris, M. Collins, Larson, Hamilton; First Row: Mr. Bobbitt, Johnstone, Lock, Plettenberg, Roe, Wallschlaeger, Miss Fowler. german club The purpose of the German club is to offer an oppor- tunity to speak the language and to foster a feeling of unity between faculty and students interested in Germany. The German club sponsored the annual German song fest before Christmas. Highlights of the program presented by members of the club were a community sing of Christ- mas songs, German Christmas customs, German Santa Claus poem, and a reading of the German scriptural Christmas story. The club also went to the University of Michigan in January and heard the Vienna choir boys present an operetta and songs of famous German composers. Waltraud Etterich led the club as president this year. Other officers were Myrtha Mikulaschek, vice-president; Peter Mosienko, secretary, and William Schock, treasurer. Dr. Mary E. McKinney is the faculty sponsor of the club. THIRD ROW: Dusendorf, Grill, Stelle, Myers, Garrity; SECOND Row: McFerran, Capitanio, Brockway, Car- ter, Treadwell, Verhaag, Lane, DeCou; FIRST Row: Dr. Kragness, Kinzie, J. Gilbert, Etterich, Collins, Dr. Gil- bert; NOT IN PIcrurRE: Arthur, Bark- ley, Garber, Mrs. Gilbert, Hart, Hum- mon, James, Jirasek, Lewicki, Merri- field, Sherwood, Smalley, Stewart, Street, Tagsold, Thomas, Vincent, Wyman. THIRD ROW: Joyner, Gryson, Rey- nolds, Pollard; SECOND Row: Best, Kinzie, Kline, Schiesser, Crosby, Ives; FIRST ROW: Elder, Dr. McKinney, Etterich, Mosienko; NOT IN PICTURE: Bradner, Mikulaschek, Morrill, Roe- per, Schnapp, Schock. french club The French club was led this year by John Gilbert. Other officers were Waltraud Etterich, vice-president; Shanna Collins, secretary, and Constance Kinzie, treasurer. Activities of the club were a Christmas party which took place at the home of Dr. D. M. Gilbert, faculty advisor, and a picnic in the spring. Throughout the year, movies were shown portraying life in France and aiding the mem- bers to develop more fluency in speaking the language. Two former members of the club showed slides of their Euro- pean trip at the February meeting. The purpose of the organization is to encourage mem- bers to take an active interest in French literature, art and the life of the French people, and to furnish an oppor- tunity to use French in conversation. The club sponsored informal conversation hours each Thursday in Baldwin hall. Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Sheila Kragness are the club’s advisors. ee a | FIFTH RoW: Benko, Wagner, Tim- mons, Carpp, Knight, Keyes, Camp- bell, Garber, Hoffmeyer, Gilbert; FOURTH ROW: Gray, Reed, Richter, Beslock, Behnke, Nevins, Dusendorf, Grant, Walton, Christ, Williams; THIRD ROW: Vance, Van Gorden, Wyman, Crossley, Carne, Stutesman, Starkweather, Rauchbauer, McCul- lough, Cook; SECOND ROW: Wein- mann, Elms, Smetana, Christopher, Arthur, Riesco, Arbaugh, Weiss, Ken- nedy; FIRST ROW: Bollman, White- craft, Tower, Miss Whitcomb, Keehn, Sanford, Shook; Not IN PICTURE: Hastings, McIntyre, Norton. spanish club The activities of the Spanish club this year included spon- soring the film, “Don Quixote”; celebrating Pan-American day; entertaining the Albion high school Spanish club at a meeting, and sponsoring weekly Spanish coffee hours in Baldwin hall. Miss Alice E. Whitcomb was faculty advisor for the group, and officers were Norman Keehn, president; Ruth Tower, vice-president; Patricia Sanford, secretary, and Wil- liam Whitecraft, treasurer. SECOND RoW: Tower, Braid, Klein, Filbrandt, Little: First Row: de Nicola, Dr. McKinney, Keehn. be oo re Se . To promote the speaking of Spanish has been the pur- pose of the Spanish honorary, “Los Hispanistas.” The honorary was founded two years ago, but has been inactive since then until its revival this year. Keehn had charge of drawing up a new constitution. Members of “Los Hispan- istas” were Miss Tower, president; Lois Shook, secretary and Polly Arbaugh, Lois Arthur, Joyce Dusendorf, Keehn, Miss Sanford, Paul Wagner, Ruth Williams and Virginia Wyman. 9 eta sigma phi The Classical club of Albion college became Gamma Zeta chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, a society which was na- tionalized in 1924, and incorporated under the laws of the state of Illinois in 1927, as the honorary undergraduate classical fraternity. Installation of officers for the school year, 1952-'53, also took place at this meeting in May, 1952. The purpose of the club is to further the knowledge of those interested in Greek and Latin. The annual Roman banquet was held in February, complete with ancient Roman dress, food and decorations. Entertainment was typically Roman, with a duel and satirical dialogue. Officers of the group were Joseph de Nicola, president; Wayne Keehn, vice-president; James Braid, secretary; Susan Little, treasurer, and Harold Filbrandt. ser geant-at- arms. Dr. Mary E. McKinney was faculty advisor of the club. home economics club The purpose of the Home Economics club is to bring together those interested in home economics and to ac- quaint them with the Michigan and the National Home Economics associations, with which the local chapter is affiliated. Activities this year included the Annual Bride’s tea in May and a Christmas party for all freshmen enrolled in home economics classes. Two members attended the Pro- vince Seven workshop for the department of College clubs, American Home Economics association in February. FOURTH ROW: Marcy, Gorham, Mohl, Larsen, Craft, Hart; ‘THIRD RoW: Townsend, Anderson, Carter, Trimble, Wilkinson, Wiek, Crossley; SECOND ROW: Kendeigh, Cosgrove, Draper, Hudson, Poosch, Hawkins, Hesse, Dalgleish; First Row: Dr. Morris, Moody, Cook, Van Gorden, Bucklin, Miss Rodgers, Rice, Miss Bowersox; NOT IN PICTURE: Cosner, Johnstone, Little, Roe, Scupholm, Shirtum. May 1 about ten members were hostesses to a Michigan Home Economics Association meeting in Battle Creek. The group toured the Kellogg and Post factories and attended an international dinner. As a service project the club has sewed the letters on the school’s awarded athletic blankets. Officers were Joyce Bucklin, president; Jocelyn Cook, vice-president; Katharyn Van Gorden, secretary; Patricia Moody, treasurer, and Helen Rice, publicity chairman. Miss Edna Bowersox, Mrs. David D. Morris and Miss Pauline Rodgers were the group’s advisors. sororities and fraternities home economics club The purpose of the Home Economics club is to bring together those interested in home economics and to ac- quaint them with the Michigan and the National Home Economics associations, with which the local chapter is affiliated. Activities this year included the Annual Bride’s tea in May and a Christmas party for all freshmen enrolled in home economics classes. Two members attended the Pro- vince Seven workshop for the department of College clubs, American Home Economics association in February. FOURTH ROW: Marcy, Gorham, Mohl, Larsen, Craft, Hart; THIRD Row: Townsend, Anderson, Carter, Trimble, Wilkinson, Wiek, Crossley; SECOND ROW: Kendeigh, Cosgrove, Draper, Hudson, Poosch, Hawkins, Hesse, Dalgleish; First Row: Dr. Morris, Moody, Cook, Van Gorden, Bucklin, Miss Rodgers, Rice, Miss Bowersox; NOT IN PICTURE: Cosner, Johnstone, Little, Roe, Scupholm, Shirtum. May 1 about ten members were hostesses to a Michigan Home Economics Association meeting in Battle Creek. The group toured the Kellogg and Post factories and attended an international dinner. As a service project the club has sewed the letters on the school’s awarded athletic blankets. Officers were Joyce Bucklin, president; Jocelyn Cook, vice-president; Katharyn Van Gorden, secretary; Patricia Moody, treasurer, and Helen Rice, publicity chairman. Miss Edna Bowersox, Mrs. David D. Morris and Miss Pauline Rodgers were the group’s advisors. ie. as ce SS NY) YU ° = sfoced i op yond “peed O PY) fraternities | | t . i Muma, G. Hall, S. Hall, Riddering, Foust, Morrison, Betty Brown, Laube, Harley, Matthews, Clinger, Crowe; SECOND ROW: McFer- ran, Skagerberg, Sherwood, Greenlee, Hart, Parshall, Barbara alpha chi omega Officers of Alpha Chi Omega were Virginia Wyman, president; Jacqueline Dunham and Mary Jane Rodgers, vice-presidents; Mary Craft, recording secretary; Carole Hedstrom, corresponding secretary, and Helen Rice, trea- surer. The chapter began the fall activities with the annual Homecoming banquet for alumnae. The seventh annual dinner-dance with Delta Gamma took place in December at the Cascades Country club in Jackson. Baldwin hall was the scene of the Father-Daughter banquet. One of the biggest events of the fall semester was the Alpha Chi Omega-Delta Gamma football game which was played on the Alumni field. The Alpha Chi’s, the losing team, entertained the Delta Gamma players and coaches at a dinner following the game. A Christmas party was given for the group by the alumnae. The chapter gave its annual Christmas party for under-privileged children in Albion. Baskets for needy Albion families were also packed. A Mothers’ Day dinner took place in May. The chapter continued its support of a Polish war orphan living in England under the Foster Parents’ plan. This is the second year that the chapter has given this support. THIRD Row: Albright, Behan, Stough, Armentrout, Kiefer, Brown, Nevins, Lock, Collier, Tagsold, Barbara Anne Brown, Vance, Packer, McKnight; First Row: Wiek, DeBusk, Rice Hedstrom, Dunham, Wyman, Rodgers, Craft, Larsen, Dalgleish, Manson, Christopher; NOT IN PICTURE: Cation, Lee, Quirk, Richter. Alpha Chi Omega placed second in the annual sorority Song fest. They were led by Anne Packer, junior. New officers taking office in March were Phyllis Skager- berg, president; Nancy Crowe and Barbara Greenlee, vice- presidents; Nancy Collier, recording secretary; Anne Packer, corresponding secretary, and Mary Jane McFerran, treasurer. Founded nationally in 1885 Founded at Albion in 1887 alpha x1 delta Alpha Xi Delta began this year by winning two scholar- ship cups—the Helen Knappen Scripps cup awarded to the sorority having the highest average and also the fra- ternity-sorority cup awarded to the group having the highest marks. Alpha Xi Delta also won the Women’s Intramural cup for the sorority having the most participation in all the WAA activities for the year 1951-52. Starting the year’s activities was the Homecoming ban- quet. Next came the fall dinner-dance which took place in Battle Creek. Two Christmas parties were given—one for the chapter by the pledges and one by the alumnae. The chapter also sent a Christmas package to a needy family in Albion. A rummage sale in co-operation with the alumnae also took place. The annual basketball banquet was an activity of the second semester. Other second semester activities were Mothers’ week end, date night, the senior spaghetti dinner and a Founder’s Day program and party. A summer house- party concluded the year’s activities. Officers for the fall semester were Loris Porter, presi- dent; Barbara Lindblom, vice-president; Elinor McLaren, THIRD Row: Austin, Cunningham, Garrity, Dorland, Benford, Durman, Westenfelder, Koerner, Bjorkquist, Harrison, Lacey, Williamson, Mihlethaler, McLeese, Runkel, Sanford, Hendrickson; SECOND RoW: Hesse, Conlon, Carne, Best, Mundhenke, Luke, Founded nationally in 1893 Founded at Albion in 1915 corresponding secretary; Joyce Wisely, recording secretary, and Anna Hill, treasurer. Taking office in the spring semester were Marjo Miller, president; June Luke, vice-president; Barbara Priest, cor- responding secretary; Carol Poosch, recording secretary, and Patricia Conlon, treasurer. Alpha Xi Delta placed third in the annual sorority Song Fest which took place in Feb- ruary. They were led by Janet Rademacher, senior. Walton, Grant, Pearson, Eastman, Poosch, Treadwell, Priest, Palmer, Brewer; FIRST ROW: Many, Cook, Muehlenbeck, Hill, Lindblom, Porter, Wisely, McLaren, Roe, Rademacher, Hudson, Perkins; NOT IN PICTURE: Delaney, Newsome, Reis, Scupholm. | | | ) THIRD Row: Mitchell, Boulton, Berkes, Brown, Wear, DeRosa, Beatty, Shipman, Vydareny, Handy, Saxton, Randall, Whitmore, Whittemore, Economos, Epley; SECOND Row: Alcorn, Ransom, Lane, Redhead, Weinmann, Roeper, Sheneman, Utley, Kline, Bes- delta gamma Led by Nancy Hainsey, president, Delta Gamma began the year’s activities with a Homecoming banquet in Oc- tober. The chapter entertained at an all-college open house after the Hillsdale game. The next big event was the winter dinner-dance with Alpha Chi Omega which this year took place at the Cascades Country club in Jackson. The pledges entertained the pledges of all campus sororities at an afternoon tea in October. The annual football banquet for the victorious college team was the next event. In accordance with the chapter's national project of reading to the blind, the chapter did local work in reading to a blind student and an alumna. Another event of the fall semester was the football game with Alpha Chi Omega which Delta Gamma won 6-0. A Christmas party was given which the alumnae attended. The spring semester was just as full of activities. An Easter party for underprivileged children was given by the chapter. Parents’ week end took place in May with a ban- quet and open house. The chapter also attended a state convention which took place March 9. Other officers for the fall semester were Polly Arbaugh, vice-president; Ann lock, Friedrich, Norton, Kingsley, Collins, Crossley; FIRST RoW: Johnstone, Little, Valentine, Smith, Neffner, Hainsey, Arbaugh, Wolter, K. Van Gorden, M. Van Gorden; NOT IN PICTURE: Blessing, Murray, Weldon, Willingham. Neffner, recording secretary; Frances Wolter, correspond- ing secretary and Janet Smith, treasurer. Officers for the spring semester were Susan Little, presi- dent; Elizabeth Norton, vice-president; Virginia Arbaugh Crossley, recording secretary; Carol Sheneman, correspond- ing secretary, and Sonya Kingsley, treasurer. Founded nationally in 1873 Founded at Albion in 1883 delta zeta Delta Zeta officers this year were Joyce Dusendorf, presi- dent; Audrey Eppler, first vice-president; Gretchen Per- sonius, second vice-president; Alice Cripe, recording sec- retary; Patricia Sanford, corresponding secretary, and Ruth Tower, treasurer. The first event of the year's activities was a housewarming in the redecorated lodge. Two members attended the golden jubilee convention which took place in New Orleans during the summer and brought back many useful ideas. Following the housewarm- ing, the chapter began plans for the Homecoming banquet. Delta Zeta won the cup for the outstanding sorority float in the Homecoming parade. The winter formal took place in Battle Creek. The next activity was a rummage sale with the Albion alumnae chapter. One of the activities which extended over the whole year was the pledge-active project of visit- ing shut-ins. A pledge-active date night in a French cabaret theme took place at the lodge in February. Another spring activity was the pledge-active field day. The Parents’ picnic also took place in the spring. The last THIRD ROW: Tower, James, Bain, Thomas, Bradd, Protsman, Chenoweth, Neidlinger, Hofbauer, Robertson, Wieting, Hawke, Hunter, Ernst, Grill; SECOND Row: Bowles, Humphrey, McInally, Founded nationally in 1902 Founded at Albion in 1940 activity of the year was the senior breakfast. Marianne Barkley was awarded the scholarship cup for the most improvement in grades. Officers elected in the spring were Ann Stowe, president; Maureen Kennedy, vice-president; Edna Humphrey, record- ing secretary; Dorothy Thomas, corresponding secretary, and Gretchen Personius, treasurer. Wright, Dobie, Wagenschutz, Kennedy, Van’t Roer, Bacon, Stark- weather, McCullough, Ferry, Barkley, Wilkinson, Stowe, Smoot; FIRST ROW: Thomas, Chisholm, Cripe, R. Tower, Dusendorf, Eppler, Sanford, Personius, Gates, Fultz; NOT IN PICTURE: Brady. THIRD Row: Sweeney, W. Angove, Faylor, McClelland, John- son, V. Smith, Guy, Shoniker, Street, Olson, Stutesman, Irwin, Elliott, §. Smith, McIver, J. Angove; SECOND Row: Capitanio, Laser, Stanaway, Hawkins, Williams, Pollock, Rupp, Kay, Moody, kappa delta The officers of Kappa Delta this year were Jean Tomion, president; Jean Marcy, vice-president; Gail Gorenflo, sec- retary, and Barbara Bouda, treasurer. The year’s activities were begun with the annual Homecoming banquet which this year took place at the lodge. A Homecoming open house also took place after the football game. The juniors and seniors challenged the sophomores and freshmen to a volleyball game at the annual spaghetti dinner which took place at the lodge in November. The winter formal with Zeta Tau Alpha took place in Baldwin hall. The chapter packed Christmas baskets for needy fam- ilies in Albion. Another activity of the fall semester was a date night in November. The chapter then began working on plans for an all-college open house before the Panhellenic ball. The pledges planned a date night in April. Other spring ac- tivities were Parents’ day and the spring dinner-dance. The chapter gave a track picnic for the second year. The seniors were honored at a senior picnic in May. The chapter attended State day at Michigan State college in East Lansing also in May. Warren, Chapman, McGinnity, Abbott, Elms, Graham, Hiatt, Picard, Plotts; FIRST ROW: Cosgrove, Newhart, Blanchard, Engle, Gorenflo, Tomion, Marcy, Bouda, Taylor, Bradford, Maynard; NOT IN PICTURE: Burns, Glover. Officers for the spring semester were Priscilla Blanchard, president; Gail Gorenflo, vice-president; Donna Kay, sec- retary, and Miss Bouda, treasurer. Winifred Angove, fresh- man, was elected Greek Goddess to reign at the Pan- hellenic ball. Kappa Delta won first place in the annual sorority Song Fest for the second consecutive year. They were led by Merrilynn Bradford, senior. Founded nationally in 1897 Founded at Albion in 1923 zeta tau alpha Leading Zeta Tau Alpha for this year was Edytheann Larson, president. The chapter began a full year of activi- ties with a Homecoming banquet. The next activity was a costume party, which took place at the lodge in October. This was the fall date night. Other fall activities included the winter formal with Kappa Delta, held this year at Baldwin hall. A patroness tea was given for Mrs. Royal G. Hall. Christmas activities included a party at the lodge and helping to wrap Christmas packages at Percy Jones Army hospital in Battle Creek. The chapter also had a rummage sale in the fall. After Christmas, the chapter began making plans for the spring activities. The pledges served dinner for the actives at the lodge in February, and after the dinner a show night took place. The Parent's week end in May and the spring dinner-dance followed. The seniors were honored at the Senior break- fast. One of the last activities was the annual bride’s tea. One of the highlights of the season was State Day, which this year took place at Albion with the chapter acting as THIRD Row: Pettigrew, Landman, Gilbert, Verduin, Umphrey, Frey, Maclvor, Ware, Draper, Squire, Lynas, Wagner, Keller, Jerome, Duncan; SECOND Row: Smith, Etterich, Brockway, Cos- ner, Schiesser, Mack, Wilson, Young, Kinzie, Anderson, Kinzel, Founded nationally in 1898 Founded at Albion in 1929 hostesses. Other officers for 1951-52 were Patricia Norris, vice-president; Nancy Bortle, secretary; Nancy Stele, trea- surer, and Ann Gehman, historian. Elected in the spring to lead the chapter for the re- mainder of the year were Suzanne Carter, president; Miss Stelle, vice-president; June Tennant, secretary; Lucille Fill- more, treasurer, and Sally Lynas, historian. Tennant, Maurer, Fillmore; First Row: Kendeigh, Beck, Pen- hale, Stelle, Norris, Larson, Bortle, Gehman, Carter, Mahan, Wil- kinson, Smetana; NOT IN PICTURE: Auxter, Blake, Collins, Harris, Hauer, Miller, Stevens, Turner. i yy Sy le THIRD Row: Hill, Pierce, Jefferies, Newell, R. Cansfield, Beaver, Van Hook, Steinsultz, Zerby, Asplin, Ressler, Swindell, Tupper, Ungrodt, Owensby, Nash; SECOND Row: Libcke, Fitz- gerald, Anderson, Thayer, Stout, Rochte, Nagel, Sandt, Snizik, Allison, Reed, Krause, Wilson; First Row: Burkman, Blair, Akey, Drake, Kemp, Gibson, C. Martin, Oosting, McNeilage, Ward, Hepinstall; THIRD Row: Ambler, Martin, Burkholtz, Mc- alpha tau omega Led by Earl Poleski, president, the year’s Alpha Tau Omega activities began with the annual Blackfoot-White- foot formal dance with Sigma Nu, November 22, at the Jackson County building. A costume party followed next on the schedule. Club Alpha Tau featured the sands and palm trees of the mysterious south sea islands, while a band provided music. Wearing dark suits and red shoe string bow ties, the ATO quartet won second place in the annual quartet sing. The quartet, John Hookey, Melvin Larimer, Willard Mea- der and Neal Singles sang “Sweet Lorraine” and “Way Down Yonder.” A conclave for the five Michigan chapters of Alpha Tau Omega took place in Albion, May 23. Athletic events including all sports contested intramurally were awarded with trophies, and with an all-sports trophy. The evening was concluded with a dance in Baldwin hall. Substituting Help Week for Hell Week, in the fall the f ‘ye uae ) ’ Nie - a Farland, Reinhard, Eifler, Meader, Bernardo, Walkotten, J. E. Davis, Wood, Yonker; SECOND Row: Bitney, Keehn, Young, Frick, Boddy, McConkey, Shurmur, Hearst, Eason, Singles, Sulli- van, Grigg; FIRST ROW: Stetson, Hookey, Richardson, Poleski, Mrs. Stevens, Holbrook, Bollman, Thoms, McCoy; Nort IN PIc- TURE: Abbott, Boe, Burnett, Hodgkinson, Kristik, Mosienko, Stahl, Van Tassel. ATO’s made their project the complete exterior painting of a home in Albion, where illness had prevented its being painted previously. The fraternity plans to continue this policy of social service. Winter Hell week saw the redec- orating of the chapter’s house, dining room, hall and kitchen. Other officers for the year were Donald Holbrook, vice- president; Ralph Boe, secretary, and James Richardson, treasurer. New officers are Leonard Shurmur, president; Richard Reinhard, vice-president; James Martin, treasurer; Cameron Ambler, historian; Glenn McFarland, secretary. Founded nationally in 1865 Founded at Albion in 1889 delta sigma phi A ferocious pink, fire-breathing dragon with green spots captured two trophies for the Delta Sigma Phi’s this year at Homecoming time. St. George, complete with sword and short, swishing knight's costume, challenged him at every turn. The group won the cup for the best fraternity float in the parade and a trophy for the best float in the entire Homecoming parade. Leading off the social activities for the year was a modern counterpart of Aladdin’s genie, who turned the house into a scene from old Bagdad, for the annual winter costume party. For the next event we found quaint costumed sailors taking over at the annual Sailor’s ball. The entire chapter attended a conclave of Michigan chapters of Delta Sigma Phi, at Ypsilanti November 9, to install a new chapter. Following the sorority Song Fest, the chapter enter- tained the winning sorority at a Saturday open house. Spring activities included a Parents’ week end in May, featuring field day festivities and the Coronation Ball at which the chapter chose a sweetheart. THIRD Row: Fletcher, Willson, Dempster, Lomerson, Dawkins, Hammond; SECOND Row: McHugh, Hart, Barr, Maki, Custer, Gregory, Nulf, Eash; First Row: Hoag, Grant, Handley, Mastney, Founded nationally in 1899 Founded at Albion in 1919 During the year the chapter members have been redec- orating the house. Hell week duties included painting the housemother’s apartment. The spring project was to re- model a card room. Activities have been directed by the house manager. Officers for the fall semester were Jack Mastney, presi- dent; John Baldwin, vice-president; Ralph Gwinn, secre- tary, and Leo Handley, treasurer. Second semester officers were Mastney, president; Gwinn, vice-president; Kenneth Gregory, secretary, and Handley, treasurer. Baldwin, Gwinn, Bonino; NOT IN PICTURE: Mrs. Thompson, Crawford, Haller, Harger, Johnson. THIRD Row: Hill, Thurston, Morgan, Sydow, Fohey, Bowers, Timmons, Pollard, Cage, Dean, Meyer; SECOND ROW: Clifford, Croasdale, Monteith, Reutter, Ash, Buckmaster, Munk, Reynolds, Borrello; FIRST ROW: Murray, Swanson, Benz, Clemo, Brandel, Glotfelty, J. Cansfield, Kouts, Misner; THIRD ROW: Hubbard, Bull, Neithercut, Kessel, Nebel, Biggs, Marson, Broquet; SECOND delta tau delta Dressed in white dinner jackets, tuxedo trousers, and plaid cumberbunds, the Delta Tau Delta fraternity quartet won the annual quartet sing. Composed of Herbert Fenske, Leonard Howard, John Hummon and John Porter, the quartet sang “Baby Face” and “Hello, My Baby.” The music was styled and arranged by Hummon. At the twenty-first annual Black and White week end, taking place between semesters, Sally Palmer was crowned queen. The dinner-dance occurred at the Arbor Hills coun- try club. Preceding the dance was a snow party at the Cascades in Jackson. Other social events were a costume party based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death,” where guests cavorted about in 18th-century costumes typical of Poe’s stories. Five Thanksgiving baskets were distributed to needy families in Albion as a part of the fraternity’s social service work in the community. Spring activities included a Row: Fenske, Pietz, Carpp, Black, Porter, Rupp, Carey, Carmien; FIRST ROW: Bow, Hummon, Va lentine, Yaney, Mrs. Temple, Howard, W. Cansfield, Barsch, Grodavent; NOT IN PIC- TURE: Anderson, Barry, Biggs, Bishop, Brundage, Gross, Holtz, Leckie, Lewis, MacDonald, Metzler, Poole, Schwaderer, Siegel, Weis. mothers’ week end in April with a banquet, and a Delta Tau Delta State day with the other chapters. The latter included a baseball game and informal get-together after- wards. Officers for the first semester were Noel Yaney, presi- dent; Leonard Howard, vice-president; William Cansfield, recording secretary; John Brundage, corresponding secre- tary, and David Valentine, treasurer. Second semester offi- cers were Richard Swanson, president; Donald Pietz, vice- president; Harry Marson, secretary, and Noel Black, treasurer. Founded nationally in 1859 Founded at Albion in 1876 sigma chi A huge paper-stuffed Briton ironing out a rather under- nourished Alma Scot won the Sigma Chi’s the Homecoming house decoration’s trophy. Preceding the Sigma Chi Sweetheart ball this year was a Roman Toga party. Albion students searching old Latin books for pictures of the Roman toga came up with some novel interpretations for costumes. The house was a picture of Roman days with couples lounging on cushions on the stone floor and eating from tables laden with grapes, figs and shrimp. Chickens roasted on a spit over a fire in the middle of the floor, while chain-laden slaves carried out the pseudo-Romans’ commands. The Fred A. Perine trophy for the fraternity showing the most scholastic improvement was won by the “Sigs.” Mary Craft was named the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi for 1952-53. THIRD RoW: Larson, Heath, Buysse, Boysen, Schied, L. Garber, Gryson; SECOND Row: Ertell, Shehan, Stoops, Campbell, McEwen, Williams, D. Y. Klein, Mayhew; First Row: Niehaus, Wills, Silverthorn, Cooper, Rimes, J. Garber, Peterson, Kress. THIRD Row: Gilbert, Dawe, Wagner, Roe, McKay, Kanold; SECOND Founded nationally in 1855 Founded at Albion in 1886 Early in the second semester, at the annual parents’ week end, the mothers were initiated into the “Sigmas.” Other spring activities included the annual spring formal pre- ceded by a steak roast. A Derby Day track meet for the sororities was inaugurated on the campus this year by the “Sigs.” First semester officers were Ward Taylor, president; Charles Anderson, vice-president; Leroy Barry, secretary, and Hugh McKay, treasurer. Second semester officers were John Gilbert, president; Lawrence Garber, vice-president; Preston Orr, secretary, and McKay, treasurer. Row: Gray, Short, Sterling, Sauer, Meeth, Golinvaux, Bradshaw, Furney; First Row: Thomas, L. Barry, Anderson, Mrs. Harger, Taylor, Orr, Allen, Lane; Nor IN PICTURE: Baken, Burrows, Epstein, McKinnon, Richmond, Tincoff. | - | FOURTH ROW: Marvin, McKinnon, Bradner, Burns, Mangold, Williams, Mulligan, Luedeka, Korbecki, -Seelinger, Fox; THIRD Row: Vitek, Sprandel, Jones, Abraham, Kareck, Lewis, Ballheim, Taylor, Downer, Congdon, Gilman; SECOND RoW: Huffman, Dean, Dunlop, Macdonald, Weston, Walters, Green, Cook; FIRST Row: Parkison, Walling, Mutch, Fabian, Watts, Friberg, Burwell; sigma nu Sigma Nu’s social activities began this year with the annual October Melon Feed and hayride, and an ox-roast. At Homecoming time the chapter honored returning alumni with a banquet at the house. The annual Blackfoot- Whitefoot formal dance with the ATO’s at the Jackson County building completed the fall calendar. Proving the wood-gathering ability of the Sigma Nu’s, the fraternity retired the Homecoming bonfire cup, after three straight wins, and also the basketball shooting cup. February saw a community service project launched. An entire chapter of industrious Sigma Nu’s busied themselves painting and redecorating the African Methodist Episcopal Zion church of Albion. A democratic group of characters sang their way to third place in the annual interfraternity quartet sing. A bum, a policeman, a top-hatted gentleman and a street cleaner were portrayed by Ray Loeschner, David Leak, Robert Mulligan, and Alden Burns. Ga x cae Gt w THIRD ROW: MacDonald, Stephenson, Thompson, Barrett, Howser, Walker, Campbell, Dettman, Clark; SECOND RoW: Lardie, Mayo, Wikstrom, Carstens, Meinert, Luecke, Loeschner, Crossley, Nihart, Fetner; FIRST RoW: Saxman, Yoh, Wallschlaeger, Watts, Mrs. Dean, Lewis, Jackson, Nankervis; NOT IN PICTURE: Bennett, Higgs, Jones, Leak, Nasson, Oakes, Serra, Wallace. The body of Joseph Stalin lay in state, and peasants in hob-nailed boots filed past in an appropriately timed Rus- sian costume party, entitled “Big Brother is Watching.” The White Star week end, May 23, at Arbor Hills Coun- try club, and a parents’ week end with a Saturday picnic and Sunday banquet with speaker, rounded out the year’s events. Officers for the year were Prosser Watts, president; David Leak, vice-president; Norman Nasson, treasurer, and Prentiss Dettman, secretary. Founded nationally in 1869 Founded at Albion in 1895 tau kappa epsilon The Tekes, by dint of long hours of toil by the midnight oil, captured the Dean Scholarship cup, presented by Sigma Chi to the fraternity with the highest scholastic average. Highlighting the year’s social calendar was the annual winter formal. A special distinction was attached to the event this year, for the Tekes were the first to take ad- vantage of the dancing facilities of new Baldwin hall. At Hallowe'en a party appropriately called “Gruesome Twosome” was given. Couples dressed in the traditional ghost and goblin costumes, in addition to some less con- ventional monsters, flitted to and fro amongst homey grave- yard decorations. A second house party, this one entitled “Fools’ Paradise” featured an assortment of costumed couples in an insane setting listening to a daffy jazz band. November 4 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary banquet, which took place in Toledo. THIRD ROW: Lawson, Hubbel, Coble, Cellars, Ballard, Selberg, Kiessling, Mills, Duryea, Burgess, Ball, Morehouse, Crandal; SEC- OND RoW: Busch, Armbruster, Gordon, Sunblad, Stein, Bennett, Yinger, Kelly, Black, Lignell, Elliott, Winans, Ciereman; FIRST Row: Pugh, Spetman, Brown, Jones, Hanford, Bates, Byrn, Clos- son, Marshall; THIRD ROW: Doster, Cutcher, Benko, Gutherie, Founded nationally in 1899 Founded at Albion in 1927 Spring activities included a Parents’ week end in April with a tea for the mothers while the dads played ball, and a dinner in Baldwin hall. The Battle Creek country club was the setting for the spring formal, which took place May 23. The Teke sweetheart was chosen for this occasion. Officers for the first semester were Don Baker, presi- dent; William Whitecraft, vice-president; Elwood Bender, secretary, and Fred Kistler, treasurer. Second semester offi- cers were Philip Doster, president; John Poulos, vice-presi- dent; Stuart Jeske, secretary, and Melvin Gutherie, treasurer. Hansen, Finch, Lamkin, Knight, Poulos, Gardner, Lark, Northrup, Christ, Jeske; SECOND ROW: Goodwin, Morford, Williamson, DeVinney, Faylor, Mondol, Morrill, Owen, Oakes, Young, Keyes, Link, Schermer, Browne; First ROW: McCall, Swan, Kistler, Baker, Mrs. Childs, Whitecraft, Merrifield, Bender, Grier; NOT IN PICTURE: Arbetman, Burrows, Campbell, French, Guthrie, Joyner, Lang, Rosevear, Saul, Seelinger, Tomlinson, Wilcox, Wildt. A Meee Alf fT» f 5 panhellenic council The president and one elected representative from each of the six national sororities on campus make up the Pan- hellenic council. The offices rotate yearly. This year’s offi- cers were Joyce Dusendorf, president; Virginia Valentine, secretary, and Joan Christopher, treasurer, with Miss Au- drey K. Wilder, advisor. Rushing is the council's biggest job, setting up the party schedules and informal rushing periods. This year’s rush- ing consisted of a September tea, then a round of cozies, followed by informal parties and formal parties. Spring rush was informal. In addition to this the council recognizes the outstand- ing senior sorority woman of the year, awards three scholar- ships to Panhellenic members and sponsors the annual Panhellenic formal dance, which was entitled “Hearts in Harmony’ this year. In April the six groups on campus met for a Panhellenic workshop, to compare and help with each other’s problems. This purpose of exchanging ideas among sororities is to make each sorority stronger and more workable. FOURTH ROW: Wyman, Tomion, Blanchard, Priest; THIRD Row: Personius, Larsen; SECOND ROW: Hainsey, Carter, Porter; First Row: Christopher, Dusendorf, Valentine, Miss Wilder. FOURTH Row: Jeske, Watts; THIRD ROW: Fenske, Mastney, Taylor; SECOND Row: Gilbert, Poleski; Handley; First Row: Wallschlaeger, Baker, Yaney, Bollman. interfraternity council As the Interfraternity council was organized to act as the coordinating group in governing the activities of the six national fraternities on campus, it is composed of the president and an elected representative from each fraternity. The annual Interfraternity ball, January 17, presented by the council in Baldwin hall, featured Buddy Morrow. Rushing was set up and carried out by the council. An IFC committee sets up rushing rules and schedules which are approved by the chapters. Both fall and spring rushing ee consist of one party of any kind for each fraternity. Working with an administration committee, the IFC discussed im- proving the health service for the college students First semester officers were Noel Yaney, president; Don Baker, vice-president; Robert Bollman, secretary, and | Charles Wallschlaeger, treasurer. These offices were filled in the second semester by Jack Mastney, president; John Gilbert, vice-president; Herbert Fenske, secretary, and Don Baker, treasurer. crescents The purpose of the Crescents, Independent Women’s league, is to provide an opportunity for all unaffiliated women to join in fellowship and service, to organize an athletic program and social activities for all unaffiliated women, to encourage high scholarship and to improve town and college inter-relationship by organized activities. Mem- bership is open to all women on campus, provided that they have no sorority affiliation. The officers were Marjorie MacMillan, president; Joan Wingeier, vice-president; Joyce Bucklin, recording secre- tary; Elizabeth Nicholson, corresponding secretary, and Nina Miller, treasurer. Faculty sponsors were Mrs. E. May- nard Aris, Mrs. William J. Gilbert and Mrs. Darrell H. Pollard. Activities for the year included a Homecoming banquet for alumnae, a dinner for Mrs. Royal G. Hall, an informal party with the Independent Men’s union and participation in the annual Songfest. All the activities of the Independent Women’s league are planned to give unaffiliated women the opportunity to work as members of a group and as citizens in their community. THIRD ROW: Bower, Connors, Clos- son, Murray, Lutz; SECOND Row: Grant, Higgins, Millar, Taber, Spiess, Khanna; First Row: Starkey, Vin- cent, Mrs. Gates, Manning, Clark; NOT IN PICTURE: Raville, Wellfare. THIRD RoW: Bucklin, Nicholson, Marshbanks, Trimble, Comstock, Myers, Harrison; SECOND Row: Chad- derdon, Riesco, Rauchbauer, Holland, Renshaw, Miller, DeCou, Wittenbach; First Row: Mrs. Pollard, Wingeier, MacMillan, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Aris; NOT IN PICTURE: Benjamin, Dyk- stra, Jacoby, Lewis, Pearson, Shirtum, Turner, Weltman, Wilson. goodrich club Charles Millar led the Goodrich club as president this year. Other officers were John Vincent, vice-president; James Grant, secretary, and Robert Wellfare, treasurer, The purpose of this club is to provide inexpensive living facili- ties for men attending Albion college. Their four-point aim is to foster fellowship, promote scholarship, instill cooperation and uphold reverence for Christian ideals. Social activities for the year included a fall hayride, a Hallowe'en party and a Mustache party. Following Thanks- giving every man began his mustache, which was allowed to grow until the “Gay Nineties” party before Christmas. With a barbershop atmosphere the mustaches were judged and prizes given for the best and the most futile. A Christ- mas party was given for underprivileged children of Albion. Throughout the year the Goodrich Club conducted ex- change dinners with Dean Hall. On March 7, combining with the Crescents, the club presented “The Starlight Ball,” at Baldwin Hall. Concluding the year’s activities was a spring picnic. crescents The purpose of the Crescents, Independent Women’s league, is to provide an opportunity for all unaffiliated women to join in fellowship and service, to organize an athletic program and social activities for all unaffiliated women, to encourage high scholarship and to improve town and college inter-relationship by organized activities. Mem- bership is open to all women on campus, provided that they have no sorority affiliation. The officers were Marjorie MacMillan, president; Joan Wingeier, vice-president; Joyce Bucklin, recording secre- tary; Elizabeth Nicholson, corresponding secretary, and Nina Miller, treasurer. Faculty sponsors were Mrs. E. May- nard Aris, Mrs. William J. Gilbert and Mrs. Darrell H. Pollard. Activities for the year included a Homecoming banquet for alumnae, a dinner for Mrs. Royal G. Hall, an informal party with the Independent Men’s union and participation in the annual Songfest. All the activities of the Independent Women’s league are planned to give unaffiliated women the opportunity to work as members of a group and as citizens in their community. THIRD ROW: Bower, Connors, Clos- son, Murray, Lutz; SECOND Row: Grant, Higgins, Millar, Taber, Spiess, Khanna; FIRSt Row: Starkey, Vin- cent, Mrs. Gates, Manning, Clark; NOT IN PICTURE: Raville, Wellfare. THIRD ROW: Bucklin, Nicholson, Marshbanks, Trimble, Comstock, Myers, Harrison; SECOND RoW: Chad- derdon, Riesco, Rauchbauer, Holland, Renshaw, Miller, DeCou, Wittenbach; First Row: Mrs. Pollard, Wingeier, MacMillan, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Aris; NoT IN PICTURE: Benjamin, Dyk- stra, Jacoby, Lewis, Pearson, Shirtum, Turner, Weltman, Wilson. goodrich club Charles Millar led the Goodrich club as president this year. Other officers were John Vincent, vice-president; James Grant, secretary, and Robert Wellfare, treasurer. The purpose of this club is to provide inexpensive living facili- ties for men attending Albion college. Their four-point aim is to foster fellowship, promote scholarship, instill cooperation and uphold reverence for Christian ideals. Social activities for the year included a fall hayride, a Hallowe'en party and a Mustache party. Following Thanks- giving every man began his mustache, which was allowed to grow until the “Gay Nineties” party before Christmas. With a barbershop atmosphere the mustaches were judged and prizes given for the best and the most futile. A Christ- mas party was given for underprivileged children of Albion. Throughout the year the Goodrich Club conducted ex- change dinners with Dean Hall. On March 7, combining with the Crescents, the club presented “The Starlight Ball,” at Baldwin Hall. Concluding the year’s activities was a spring picnic. Ye f : } } r je le | “ | {ite { +4 1X ——— Halfback Bob Wikstrom and guard Ray Loeschner, graduating seniors, leave gaps in the 1953 line-up which will be hard to fill. Wikstrom, who scored 84 points during the season to become the state’s leading point-maker, was chosen most valuable player in the MIAA. Wik scored four times in the Hillsdale game to pick up 288 yards on 12 plays. Loeschner, whose consistent toe added a point to most Briton touchdowns, was named to the Little All-America team. His number 53 jersey has been retired and joins Ed Madjeski’s number 55 and Walt Ptak’s number 40 in the Kresge gymnasium trophy case. Madjeski re- ceived the honor and Ptak was named to the team in 1940. Guard John Porter and center Cedric Dempsey were the two big guns in Al- bion’s 1952-53 basketball line-up. Por- ter, who has been leading MIAA scorer for the last two years, became the first Albion hoopster to score over 1,000 points. He attained that mark in the Hope game as he dropped in 34 points to tie the school’s single game scoring record. Dempsey snapped the single game mark on two occasions during the sea- son. The lanky pivot man dumped in 34 points against DePauw and raised that total by four in the season finale against Michigan Normal. Porter and Dempsey finished second and third in league scoring this year. Porter was chosen honorary captain, and Dempsey was named the squad's most valuable player. FIFTH ROW: Downer, Meeth, Dean, Scheid, Steward, Lewis, Ritt, Fabian, Parkison; FOURTH ROW: Judge, Braginton, Mutch, Jackson, Boone, T. Kelly, Astle, Reutter, R. Kelly, Taylor, Man- gold, Hanford, Brink, Catarino, Murray; THIRD Row: MclIntyre, Elliot, Nash, Conklin, Shehan, Clifford, Drake, Kareck, Byle, Fri- football Romping over all its MIAA opponents, Albion’s football team won its first league championship since 1940. The title was a climax to the consistent improvement in Briton pigskin squads since coach Del Anderson came to the campus. Under the guidance of Coach Anderson, Albion teams have won 19 games, lost five and tied one in the past three years. The Britons’ only loss of the season was to Michigan Tech. In a driving snowstorm the Engineers defeated Albion, 21-7. Graduation cost Albion seven letter winners. Lost to the squad are Bill Armstrong, Sid Dunne, Ray Loeschner, Tom McCoy, Melvin Larimer, John Hummon and Bob Wikstrom. Armstrong was captain of the 1952 champions. Loesch- ner was elected to the Little All-America team and Wik- strom was chosen to receive the MIAA most valuable player award. The Britons, individually and collectively, made their mark in the record books. In defeating Kalamazoo to sew up the championship, they set an all-time, single-game scoring record. The Albion squad ran up 59 points while holding the Hornets to only one touchdown. Halfback Wikstrom ended the season as the state’s top scorer wi th an 84-point total. berg, Hierholtzer, Christ, Hummon; SECOND Row: Mr. Isaac, Mr. Van Deusen, Kouts, Shurmer, Dempsey, Grant, Swan, Thompson, Steele, Mr. Anderson; First RoW: Marvin, Richmond, Wikstrom, Larimer, Loeschner, Boe, Armstrong, MacDonald, Bates. Five Britons were named to the MIAA all-conference squad. End John Walker and Loeschner won positions on both the offensive and defensive units. Wikstrom received a halfback berth on the offensive team, and Dunne and Allen Jackson were named defensive tackle and halfback, respectively. THE BRITONS’ 1952 RECORD Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Wabash Mich. Tech Hillsdale Wilmington Adrian Kalamazoo New scoring record breaking one set in 1919 when Albion defeated Alma, 55-0. Wikstrom Loeschner Coaches Elkin Isaac, Del Anderson and Bill Van Deusen. Armstrong Larimer Driving for a first down. SECOND RoW: Sprandel, coach; Jackson, Weiss, Reutter, David- son, Holman, Engleman, Fluke, Epstein, Merrick, Isaac; FIRST basketball The 1952-53 basketball squad was responsible for several changes in the record book. On two occasions the Britons smashed single-game scor- ing records. Albion’s 102 points against Hillsdale replaced a record set February 21, 1951, in a contest with Hope. In that game Albion defeated the Hollanders, 101-65. One week later the Britons romped over Olivet, 103-66, to push the mark up one more notch. Guard John Porter and center Ced Dempsey, both selec- tions to the 1951-52 MIAA all-conference team, upped the individual scoring record. Dempsey scored 34 points against DePauw for an all- time Albion record. Porter tied that mark against Hope, but Ced came back to match the same record against Hills- Row: Walling, Brink, Betz, Roe, Dempsey, Friberg, Buysse, Meeth, Beaver, Porter. dale one game later. In the final league tilt of the season, Dempsey pushed the mark up four points as he scored 38 points against Adrian. Albion ended the season with a 7-5 league mark. The MIAA race ended in a two-way deadlock as Kalamazoo and Hope both finished with 10-2 records. Hope edged the Hornets, 91-85, in a post season play-off. The 1952-53 season was Coach Walter Sprandel’s last as he left to take over full-time duties as dean of men. In the last 11 years under coach Sprandel, Briton teams have won 61 league contests while dropping 31 MIAA en- counters. Elkin Isaac was assistant coach and will become head mentor next season. Exciting action in the Albion-Kalamazoo court game. The Briton’s Bob Beaver jumps against Manny Glasser of Kala- mazoo, above, and John Porter, Albion ace, drib- bles in for a shot, below. Hope Hillsdale Michigan Norman .... Adrian Alma Kalamazoo Calvin Hillsdale Hope Michigan Normal .... Walter Sprandel, vet- eran basketball mentor, and Elkin Isaac, who will take over the head coaching reins next winter. cross countr Mf Albion’s cross country team won its sixth consecutive The Britons extended their league winning streak to 35 MIAA crown as it defeated each of its league opponents straight victories and placed themselves in a position to and placed runners in the first four positions at the con- tie a 20-year-old league record of seven consecutive MIAA ference meet. championships which was set by Kalamazoo. Albion took wins from Jackson junior college, Alma, Hope, Hillsdale, Adrian, Olivet, University of Chicago and University of Illinois, Chicago branch. It dropped meets to Bowling Green State university and Ohio Wesleyan. Norm Keehn was captain of the 1952 squad. He also was chosen the team’s most valuable runner. Al Nichols and Elmer Morehouse were named co-captains of the 1953 harriers. Dale Sprankle coached the squad. 1952 TEAM RECORD Jackson J. C. Bowling Green Albion Albion Albion Hillsdale Albion Ohio Wesleyan Adtian 2i-aus cnet 32 Olivers ee steer 44 Harriers on their way. Albion ... Chicago wae sen oe Albion Illinois THIRD RoW: Fitzgerald, Barton, Parkinson, Ertell, Gibson, berg, Plettenberg, Stewart, Keehn, Nichols, DeVinney, Mr. Metzler, Steeby, Hepinstall; SECOND Row: Grodavent, Crandall, Sprankle. Morehouse, Kemp, Lawrence, Meyer, Williams; FIRST RoW: Nei- | Deusen, Benko, Bethell, Sni- | zik, Burkman, Ward, Oakes; | SECOND ROW: Bishop, Benz, | Kessel, Burrey, Allen; FIRST THIRD ROW: Coach Van Row: Hepinstall, Kress, An- derson, Mallare, Ash, Furney. SW HTM gs 1952-53 SWIMMING RECORD The Albion college tanksters dropped only two meets, PULL Peco ttes tveieses eet REIT ARPE AGCR BO) cdr en crensnncnctes 34 while winning six. The swimmers took wins from Uni- AENOEL f ty xesiniscsns 18 Beloit, Bowling Green .......... 55, 22 versity of Illinois, Chicago branch; Bay City junior college; PATCHED tries pees seve UE ERMA REEE Pec ay ish vexcas cocnranestnesevin 9 DePauw; Ohio Wesleyan; Ontario, and Central Michigan. POE Act iansboninsies SE Me Pier airs eansinnsaSechindsceeniens 26 Albion was defeated by Beloit and Bowling Green in a PRIMM Speke sas acces APA Wh OCSIOV ALT 9... cccsetaesanesis cesarean, 34 triangular meet, and Niagara college. AiniGn Boot. USB dan a 55 Several school records were lowered by the Britons and (MSCS tye TR ENON Ee esas incgas aisesitswosesacronsccass 34 visiting squads. The 400-yard free style relay team twice AUROIGAerA csc 68 Central Michigan .....c..sccssssesseeee 16 chopped time off the previous Albion mark. In the On- tario meet, the team composed of Dean Ward, Bill Ash, George Burkman and Tom Allen set the new mark of 3:49.5. Ash lowered his 150-yard individual medley time to 1:44.1, and Allen narrowed the 440-yard free style A quartet of swimmers all set to go. mark to 5:24.9. ae cme Oakes sliced the 200-yard breaststroke to 2:45.8. Allen also lowered his 220-yard free style mark to 2:45.8. Beloit and Bowling Green swimmers narrowed six records when they visited the Kresge gym. New times were set in the 150-yard individual medley, 200-yard back- stroke, 300-yard medley relay, 50-yard freestyle, 400-yard freestyle relay and 200-yard breaststroke. Allen was named the squad’s most valuable swimmer. Dean Ward and Bill Kessel were selected co-captains of the 1953-54 team. baseball The Briton baseball team ended its season with a record of 10 wins and seven losses to bring coach Del Anderson's four-year coaching record to 47 victories and 17 defeats. Albion split double-headers with each of its MIAA op- ponents to finish the season in a deadlock with Hillsdale for second and third place. A 1,200 mile spring tri netted the Britons three wins while they dropped two games and tied another. Albion journeyed to Hope for its first league encounter winning the first game of a double-header, 2-1, and losing the nightcap, 4-2, after 12 innings. After a Dutchman out- fielder smacked Bob Betz’ first pitch for a homer, the Briton hurler tightened up and allowed only five more hits to hand Albion its first league win of the season. Ced Dempsey lost a pitching duel when Hope pushed across two runs in the fourteenth inning to break a 2-2 deadlock. Albion dropped the first game of its double-header with Alma, 9-1, but came back strong in the second contest to win, 10-1. Dempsey pitched the second game, allowing only seven hits and one run, which came in the last frame. The Britons split another MIAA double-header as Hills- dale romped to a 13-3 win in the opener. Albion came back in the nightcap to edge the Dales, 7-6. Freshman Jim Murray put the Britons out in front in the opening frame with a long homer. Because of graduation and other causes the 1952 season was the last for infielders Bill Ferguson, Dick Gergle, Frank THIRD RoW: Kouts, Dempsey, Maki, Reutter, Con- klin; SECOND Row: Roe, Tomlinson, Morrill, Fimehe Shurmur, Betz, Murray, Coach An- derson; FIRST Row: Martin, Jordon, Jor- anko, Little, Pink- ney, Parker, Gergle. Joranko, Jim Knapp and Jim Godwin; outfielders Don Little, Arnold Pinkney and Warren Fable, and pitchers Ralph Parker, Bruce Kresge and Lou Jordon. Non-league games gave the Britons wins over Moorehead State, Transylvania, Berea, Tri-State and Indiana Tech. They dropped tilts to Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Fort Custer and Wooster. Warm-up practices in the spring. | . ag track After seven years of completely dominating the MIAA track scene, Albion was nosed out by Hope, 79 1 5 to 75 17 20, in the MIAA field day at Kalamazoo. The Britons took five first places in the event as Charlie Frost won the shot put and discus. Tom McCoy took a first place in the javelin throw and Paul Stewart finished in front in the 440-yard run. Albion won the mile relay with Jim Timmons, Dick Nebel, Stewart and Jack Sharp. Albion’s long win streak was snapped at 21 meets when Wooster college of Ohio edged the Briton thinclads, 75 to 71. Albion won each of its other meets as the Britons out- ran the University of Illinois, Chicago Branch, 821 to 4814; University of Chicago, 75 to 57; Hope, 704 to 6014; Bowling Green and Bluffton, 7212 - 681% - 18, Adrian and Hillsdale, 10614 - 2914 - 26 1 6. Jack Sharp was Albion’s outstanding individual star as he set two new Briton records during the 1952 season. In the University of Chicago meet, the speedy senior trimmed the 100-yard dash mark to 9.9 seconds. Sharp contributed 1714 points to the Albion total in the same meet as he also took first places in the 220-yard dash and broad jump, ran on the winning relay team and took a third in the high jump. THIRD RoW: Ne- bel, P. Stewart, Kemp, L. Holmes, J. Holmes, Macdon- ald, Keehn, Misner, Brundage; SECOND Row: Neiberg, Lor- enz, O'Dell, Taylor, Towns, De Vinney, J. Stewart, Pletten- berg; FIRST Row: Mr. Sprankle, Mc- Coy, Gray, Tim- mons, Frost, Young, Sharp, Loeschner, Mr. Sprandel. Britons out front. In the Wooster meet, Sharp set a new Albion 440-yard record as he ran the distance in 50 seconds. In a meet with Adrian and Hillsdale, Sharp picked up first places in the 100 and 220-yard dashes, the high jump and broad jump. The 1952 season was the last for coach Walter Sprandel who assumed duties last fall as dean of men. golf Undefeated in league competition, Albion college’s 1952 golf team successfully defended its MIAA championship title for the third straight year. The Briton squad, coached by Mr. E. Maynard Aris, won eight dual meets while dropping three. The linksters took wins from DePauw, Adrian, Kalamazoo, Tri-State, Alma, Hillsdale, Hope and the University of Illinois, Chicago branch. They were defeated by Hanover, the University of Michigan and the University of Louisville. A new Albion scoring record was set when the squad shot an aggregate 361 against Hillsdale for an average of 72.2 per man. Chuck Mohl and Larry French were the only 1952 golfers lost by graduation. Other members of the team were Al Nichols, Jack Lewis, Don Carmien, Ron Carstens and Jim Martin. SECOND ROW: Stewart, Siegel, Mr. Boyd, Benko; First Row: Clark, Ungrodt. 4 THT Le f HY ty gs rid bf + HTH SECOND ROW: Mr. Aris, French, Mohl, Lewis, Nichols; FIRST ROW: Martin, Carmien. tennis For the third time in as many years, Albion college’s tennis team finished the MIAA season in third place. Completing their schedule with a three-won, five-lost record, the Britons finished behind Kalamazoo and Hope. Albion scored wins over Adrian, Alma and Hillsdale while losing to Kalamazoo, DePauw, Lake Forest, Wayne and the University of Illinois, Chicago branch. Members of the 1952 squad were George Clark, Herb Johnson, Bob Siegel, Tom Stewart and Paul Ungrodt. Mr. Joe Boyd was coach. Siegel had the best individual record with six singles wins against four losses. He teamed with Ungrodt to net the best doubles record, 6-2. sigma delta psi Sigma Delta Psi, national honorary athletic fraternity, recognizes as members any man doing passing college work and eligible for collegiate competition, who has met the requirements in the various events listed by the fraternity. Some of these events are shot put, javelin throw, chin vault, rope climb, hand stand, front flip, mile, 100-yard dash and other dashes, 120-yard low hurdles, high jump, baseball throw, football punt, and swimming. Candidates must also meet the requirements of scholarship, physical condition and posture. The only collegiate member this year was Ray Loeschner. Faculty members are Mr. Delmar Anderson, Dr. W. J. Gilbert, Mr. Elkin Isaac, Mr. Howard Pettersen, Mr. Wal- ter Sprandel, and Mr. Dale Sprankle. ‘V club Striving to improve Albion’s athletic standing and to keep a high level of sportsmanship among students and athletics, the “A” club is comprised of Albion college ath- letes who have earned varsity letters in any sport. This year the group included in its activities an all- college jazz concert, featuring a guest orchestra in a night club atmosphere, a funds drive to help an injured Kalama- zoo football and basketball player, and sponsored Big Three week end, May 8 and 9. THIRD Row: Larimer, Stewart, Walker, Taylor, Martin, Burk- man, Oakes, Meader, Timmons, Ash, Nebel, Lawrence, Kessel, Merrick; SECOND Row: Clark, Murray, Benko, Mallare, Loeschner, Wikstrom, Swan, Allen, Morehouse, Shurmur, DeVinney, Mac- Donald, Gray; First Row: Mr. Sprankle, Nichols, Young, R. Schock, Poleski, Neiberg, Keehn, Thompson, McCoy, Ward, W. Shock, Mr. Isaac; NOT IN PICTURE: Adams, Armstrong, Barton, SECOND Row: Mr. Isaac, Mr. Pettersen, Mr. Sprandel; First Row: Mr. Anderson, Loeschner, Mr. Sprankle. Big Three week end consisted of a Friday night carnival, with all groups having concession stands, organized games between freshmen and sophomore men, the well-known tug-of-war across the Kalamazoo river, and an all-college dance. Officers are Al Nichols, president; James Murray, vice- president; George Benko, secretary, and Leonard Shurmur, treasurer. Members of the executive council are John Walker, David Gray and Jack Thompson. Bates, Bennett, Betz, Boe, Brink, Brundage, Byle, Carmien, Car- stens, Catarino, Clifford, Conklin, Dempsey, Downer, Dunne, Fabian, Fetner, Fowler, Friberg, Gibson, Glotfelty, Grant, Groda- vent, Hemming, Hepinstall, Hummon, Jackson, Judge, Kareck, Kemp, Kouts, A. Lewis, J. Lewis, McIntyre, Maki, Marvin, Parkin- son, Porter, Reutter, Richmond, Shave, Siegel, Steele, Steward, Tomlinson, Welch. THIRD Row: Christopher, Little, K. Van Gorden, Nevins, Trimble, Brown, M. Van Gorden, Crowe; SEC- OND Row: Sawyer, Tennant, Picard, Mihlethaler, Sanford, Gorenflo, Mc- Laren, Conlon; First ROW: Miss Dunn, Perkins, Valentine, Luke, Ma- han, Miss Bese; NOT IN PICTURE: Dunham, Parshall. W AA board The purpose of the Woman’s Athletic association is to The W.A.A. earns its money by selling concessions at promote athletics, to create a love of sports and to foster the college athletic events. This year the association is good sportsmanship. Officers included Virginia Valentine, using some of its funds to send a representative to the ‘ president; June Luke, vice-president; Rhoda Perkins, sec- Convention of the Athletic Federation of College Women retary, and Yolanda Mahan, treasurer. to take place at Stanford university. , Membership is open to any college woman who fulfills . the following requirements: participation in three sports, Every semester the W.A.A. awards an intramural cup 4 one of which must be classified to the campus organization which : as a major sport, and acceptance earns the greatest number of . by the W.A.A. board. The sports they feature include hockey, out- ing, badminton, archery, bowling, basketball, volleyball, swimming, snow sports, so ftball, canoeing, tennis and ping-pong. points for participation in all the activities promoted by W.A.A. during the year. Fall—field hockey Basketball—Alpha Chi’s versus : Unaffiliated Volleyball All-Star games WAA bowling season if ; ip 4 il bY cA ‘ TER cage hatalaad eS Lehi data ALBION MALLEABLE TRON CO. Moore INDUSTRY compliments modern education. In Albion industry and education are able to work together because they are working toward the same goal... that of a better product. Whether it is a student or a casting, the finest facilities and men are at work in Albion to produce the “A COMPLETE OFFICE SERVICE” DECKER WILKING OFFICE MANUFACTURING SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 500 CORNING GLASS WORKS ALBION, MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1953 DICKERSON’S 0 ag RUSS MILLER “Our Scientific Cleaning Makes CHEVROLET, Inc. Fabrics Young Again” SALES ae) SERVICE Dial 4205 119 N. Superior St. ALBION, MICHIGAN ALBION, MICHIGAN GENERAL HARDWARE BOYDELL PAINT FINEST CLOTHING SPORTING GOODS FOR COLLEGIATES ALBION HARDWARE BLAISDELL YOUNG Dial 4192 111 S. Superior Phone 5752 H. H. Snyder J. L. Frye West Wishes to the CAE of 1953 CR Lonergan Manufacturing Company ALBION, MICHIGAN Citizens QUAEITY SBUIE Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDERS’ McDougal Young SUPPLIES Dial 5536 Albion, Mich. Phone 2874 ——=—— ALBION Matheson’s Service Station YOUR SUNOCO DEALER 202 Michigan Avenue MRS. WINIFRED FINUCAN Mgr. 1952-53 LADIES’ READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Cartwright 3 SI, oe Sie MICHIGAN Cw Albion College Book Store MRS. HELEN RAYNOR Mgr. 1953-54 Established 1893 KOON’S “Exclusive But Not Expensive” HARDWARE HOUSE OF COLOR ESTELLE DRESS SHOP ALBION, MICHIGAN S ; Sh PRINTING argent 5 owers Of All Kinds ST ATi O NIE RY CORSAGES Our Specialty OFFICE SUPPLIES Styled for Every Occasion THE Block Soltek Heal! School ART CRAFT PRESS Congratulations to the CLES of 1953 Union Steel Products Company ALBION, MICHIGAN 1903 . . . Our Golden Anniversary . . . 1953 WSooth’s ALADDIN CLEANERS FURNITURE ee 400 S. Superior CAINES PAINT WALLPAPER HUFFMAN’S “THE MEN’S STORE” Specialists in Furnishi lothi Decorating Needs urnishings ¢ Clothing Phone 5793 310 So. Superior Street ALBION, MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1953 SERVICE ENGRAVING C0. 85 W. Cansfield Avenue Detroit, Mich. a ae ee cans Be Rag mae Congratulations to the Compliments of CLASS OF 1953 J. C. Penney Co HOME LAUNDRY 203 E. Erie Phone 4129 Maple City Auto Co. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Car Washing e¢ Greasing e Brake Service Complete Collision Service Wheels Straightened, Balanced and Aligned Market Place Dial 3936 Miller Jewelers ‘A Square deal alyays” 115 South Superior Street BISHOP’S Furniture Company Dial 3196 ALBION, MICHIGAN HOWARD REED DON COPELAND Albion Lumber Co. All Kinds of Lumber, Builders’ Supplies Builders’ Hardware and Paint EmCassest. Phone 2295 Weatherwax Drag ‘Sige 217 S. Superior Phone 2987 ALBION, MICHIGAN Make Gas Your Daily Servant COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION GARBAGE DISPOSAL ALBION GAS LIGHT CO. PHONE 3938 CAMERAS — FILMS — SUPPLIES PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL DEVELOPING — PRINTING — ENLARGING PHOTOGRAPHERS VAINOEIN= BERG Sitio ed: CBee. Shop HC 414 So. Superior Street Albion, Michigan Be Telephone 4911 Edward H. Vanden Berg, Prop. ALBION COLLEGE A Co-educational Christian College Robinson Hall Tower " A College of Distinguished Alumni " Albion urges students to continue their education, increasing their potential usefulness to themselves and to Society ABLE FACULTY EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT MODERATE COST Fall Semester Begins September 13 Full Accreditation by North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools American Association of University Women The University Senate of the Methodist Church American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Michigan State Department of Public Instruction WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOUSE, Ph.D., Th.D., LL.D., President Congratulations to the Class of 1953 KINGSCRAFT Manufacturers of your ALBIONIAN Covers RINGorokt PRESo, INC. 100 E. Ohio St. CHICAGO 11, ILLINOIS THE ALBION COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PAUL J. HAWES Founded 1853 Office Est. 1926 Inc. 1872 DRUG STORE “Conservator of the Past, Aid to the Present, Advocate of the Future” 101 N. Superior Phone 4673 MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN ALUMNI COUNCIL Invites the Membership and Cooperation Peete itch tthe Class of Every Former Student of Albion ; : 2 Pirevahihe Albion Fund of 1953 in the Year’s Ahead Membership Entitles the Holder to lo Triumphe, eee Conca faondtine ond COLLEGE EAT SHOP Contacts “WHERE THE BRITONS MEET TO EAT” K. J. HOLLINSHEAD, Sec’y. Albion, Mich. PRINTED BY Ge ID frre Printing ane Cngrading C8 DY pores Ohio BS Aisa College iy ereey Drew Hall | t hig ipiqdatclek-nieurkiekabal eg eeiak eb eh : t Leer bors. ere ‘he 7”. ee =x ars Mens BOSS NSS SN. aN “ ae Ee in Ae i aii BE eC GS Sis uy wep es MA, Fr ey 9 = Ait igz ihe) aie thee det pa

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