Albion College - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI)

 - Class of 1950

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1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 ALBIONIAN 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 SEATON HALL RESIDENCE FOR MEN 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 - 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960 1959 1958 1957 1956 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 CD. □, U g m TREE □ 1 r JJO n , o . 1 f 1 1 T ' . - K F E T PROPOSED PLAN FOR FUTURE CAMPUS FACULTY COMMENCEMENT PROCESSION ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY PRESIDENT WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOUSE, Th.D., Ph.D., LL.D. ADMINISTRATION JOHN L. SEATON, Ph.D.. D.D.. LL.D. Litt.D., L.H.D. President Emeritus AUDREY KENYON WILDER, M.A. Dean of Women EMIL LEFFLER, A.M., LL.D. Dean PAUL R. TRAUTMAN, B.A. Business Manager MARVIN F. PAHL, B.A. Registrar and Director of Admissions WAYNE H. FLEENOR, B.D., D.D. Director of Public Relations ADMINISTRATION MR. AARON J. SHARP Field Secretary MR. R. A. BURCETT Supt. of Buildings and Grounds MRS. JOSEPH BALDWIN Seaton Hall Hostess MRS. CHARLES GARDNER Secretary to the President MRS. ERMA W. DICKERSON Cashier MISS MARY O ' BRYANT Bookkeeper MRS. ANNA H. ROGERS Secretary in Alumni Office MR. K. J. HOLLINSHEAD Alumni Secretary MRS. EARL C. POST Records Supervisor MRS. FREDA KERR MRS. JOHN CLEMENS MRS. L. T. ROBINSON MRS. T. M. HARPER MRS. GLADYS SEARS MRS. ELIZABETH BLATTERMAN MRS. ALTA KEIHAUER MRS. ISABEL E. BUSHNELL MRS. HARRIET BALDWIN MRS. ELLA M. EVERISS MRS. V. J. HUFTON MRS. CARNETT M. PARKS Housemothers ADMINISTRATION MRS. N. J. WEISS Assistant Librarian MISS NORMA HAMMOND Librarian MISS ELIZABETH READ Reserve Room Librarian MISS EMMA M. SPIEGEL Health Service and Seaton Hall Nurse DR. CLIFFORD B. TAYLOR College Physician MISS MARY E. BLATCHLEY Dormitory Nurse MRS. DANIEL LAWLER Assistant to Registrar MISS LOYIS CARTER Assistant in Registrar ' s Office MISS DOROTHY DOTY Receptionist MRS. CHARLES RICKER Secretary to the Deans MRS. NORMA L. HARCER Assistant in Registrars ' Office MRS. LYNN C. MALLORY Secretary in Public Relations MRS. ELLEN B. WEBSTER Assistant to Director of Food Service MISS MARY R. PARSONS Director of Food Service MRS. ARTHUR SMITH Food Director of Student Center MRS. MAXINE M. FORSYTH Assistant Director of Food Service OTIS J. ACCERTT. M.A. Instructor in Speech DELMAR W. ANDERSON, M.A. Head Football Coach and Instructor in Physical Education E. MAYNARD ARIS. M.B.A. Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration SUZANNE AXWORTHY, A.M. Instructor in Piano and Theory KENNETH BALLOU, M.A. Instructor in Biology HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE, A.M. Ph.D. Professor of English Literature FACULTY MARGARET P. BEDFORD. M.S. Instructor in Biology MRS. JAMES W. BROCK, M.A. Instructor in Piano VERNON L. BOBBITT, A.M. Associate Professor of Art PAUL H. CARNELL, M.A.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry JAMES W. BROCK. M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech THOMAS M. CARTER, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology BEULAH C. CHAMP, A.M. Assistant Professor of Speech and English JOHN L. CHEEK, A.M.. D.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religion A. M. CHICKERING, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology JEANNETTE CHURCH, A.B. Instructor in Spanish MARGARET COOPER, M.A. PAUL COX, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages Assistant Professor of Mathematics FACULTY MARY N. DAGGER, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages CLARA L. DIXON, M.S. Instructor in Biology DOROTHY C. ENGLE, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry RUBY RICHIE ERWIN, M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Econcmics JOSEPHINE DUNN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women KEITH J. FENNIMORE, A.M. Instructor in English NELLIE C FIELD. Mus.B. Instructor in Piano and Children ' s Classes CONSTANCE E. FOWLER, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art J. V. CARLAND, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Speech DONALD M. GILBERT. A.M., Fh.D WILLIAM J. GILBERT, M.S.. Ph.D. JUSTIN L. GLATHART, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Associate Professor of Biology Professor of Physics FACULTY ROYAL G. HALL, A.M., Ph.D. Henry M. Loud Professor of History VERA B. HALL. A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages LOREN E. HANNA, Ed.B. Assistant Professor of Physics WILLIAM C. HARTON. A.M Instructor in Education HENDRICKSON, A.M., Ph.D. ;ssor of History and Political EDMUND E. INGALLS. M.S.. Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics JOSEPH J. IRWIN, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English and Journalism COY H. JAMES, A.M. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science MARY L. LANG, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education for Women HAROLD D. LARSEN, A.M., Ph.D. W. W. Brockway Professor of JOHN H. LAVELY, S.T.B. Associate Professor of Philosophy JULIA E. McCUNE. A.M. Assistant Professor of English FACULTY MARY E. McKINNEY, A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Classics W. MAURICE McLEAN, A.M. Instructor in Psychology JACQUELINE MAAC, Mus.M. Instructor in Voice ALBERT H. MUNK, M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry BERNARD J. OLIVER, B.D., M.A Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology CONWAY PETERS, Mus.M., Ph.D. Professor of Violin and Conducting HOWARD E. PETTERSEN. A.M. Assistant Professor of Physics PAULINE RODCERS, MA. Associate Professor of Home Economics J. W. POLK, MA. DAVID L. RANDALL. A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics Professor of Chemistry LOTTA M ROGERS. M.S Assistant Professor of Biology CLEMENT E. ROOD. Ph.M. Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy FACULTY LOUIS U. ROWLAND. Mus.B., Mus.D. Director of Music ELSIE B SILKWORTH, A.M. Instructor in English MARILYN W. SCOTT, A.M. Instructor in Psychology ELEANOR M. SENN. M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages E. R. SLEIGHT, A.M.. Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics WALTER B, SPRANDEL, A.M. Associate Professor of Physical Education DALE R. SPRANKLE, A.M. Director of Athletics and Physical DAVID L. STRICKLER, A.M. Assistant Professor of Voice ANTHONY TAFFS, M.A. Instructor in English WALTER A. TERPENNINC, Ph.D. Professor of Economics DONALD D, TEWES, M.A. Instructor in Psychology W. LEWIS TROYER, B.D., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology FACULTY F. DUDLEICH VERNOR, Mus.D. Instructor in Organ :eorce walkotten. a.m. Instructor in Education CRETCHEN WRIGHT, M.A. Instructor in Speech FACULTY WITHOUT PICTURES ISOLDE HENNINCER, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages MARION P. TERPENNINC, A.M. Instructor in German UPPERCLASS CHAPEL AUDIENCE CLENNA ABERNETHY Royal Oak WAA; Home economics club THOMAS ADRIANSON Battle Creek Delta Sigmi Phi, secretary; Choir JO ANNE ALEXANDER Jackson Independent Women ' s league, treasurer; Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Forum club; Band CLAIRE ADAMS Highland Park Independent Women ' s league; Albion College Players; YWCA DONALD ALEXANDER Hillsdale Who ' s Who; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, treasurer; Albionian editor-in-chief, associate editor Albion College Players; Choir Choral Society; Pleiad; Physics club; Wesley Fellowship; YMCA BARBARA ALLEN Detroit Delta Zeta; Albion College Players; Canterbury club.WANR SENIORS CATHERINE ALLEN New York, New York Albion College Players JERRY ALVERSON Ithaca Tau Kappa Epsilon, dent; Forum club SYLVIA ANDERSON Farmington LYLE ALLIS Buchanan Tau Kappa Epsilon; Physxs club DONNA ANDERSON Wilmette, Illinois Delta Camma; Kappa Pi, corre- sponding secretary; Albion Col- lege Players; Choir, secretary; Choral society, YWCA, student counselor VERLE ANDERSON Iron Mountain Kappa Pi; Albion College Play- ers; Home Economics club; Spanish club; WAA; YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa RICHARD APPL Brookfield, Illinois Alpha Tau Omega; Chemistry club, president; Physics club; Cross country; Football; Track DONALD BACHMAN Williamston Sociology club; Wesley Fellow- ship; YMCA GERALD BAILEY Rockford Alpha Tau Omega, treasurer, vice-president DONALD ASHDOWN Union City Independent Men ' s union; Foot- ball; Track BARBARA BAILEY Highland Park, Illinois Delta Gamma; Albion College Players; German club; Physics club; WAA HAROLD BAILEY Adrian Sigma Nu, president; Interfra- ternity council, president; Albion College Players; Wesley Fellow- ship; YMCA SENIORS WILBUR BANGS Albion A club; Economics club; Tennis DONALD BARNHART Constantine MARK BASCOM Detroit JOHN BARGER Algonac Sigma Chi; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia; Band; Orchestra EDNA BARTLEY Deckerville Home Economics club; WAA; YWCA; Zeta Epsilon Lambda MICHAEL BASHA Cleveland, Ohio A club; Economics club; Base- ball RALPH BAUCHEY Adrian Alpha Tau Omega; A club; Basketball; Football ADAROSE BEACH Ironwood Independent Women ' s league, secretary; Student council; Al- bion College Players; Contribu- tors ' club; Forensics; French club; Choral society JOAN BEDFORD Fort Wayne, Indiana Delta Gamma, vice-president; Beta Beta Beta, president; Stu- dent council; WAA; YWCA, student counselor DON BAUMCARTNER Saginaw Sigma Chi, president; Interfra- ternity council, president, vice- president, treasurer; German club RONALD BECK Milan Sigma Chi, secretarv, treasurer; Kappa Mu Epsilon: Economics club CLAUD BEHN Birmingham Sigma Chi SENIORS JEAN BENGEL Jackson Alpha Chi Omega ; WAA ; YWCA CHARLES BERTSCH Grand Rapids Omicron Delta Kaopa; Who ' s Who; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Campus Religious council, vice- president; Michigan Methodist Student movement, state treas- urer; Wesley Fellowship, treas- urer, vice-president, president; YMCA; Choir, treasurer, presi- dent; Madrigal singers BEVERLY BICKEL Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; YWCA JAMES BERCLUND Benton Harbor Alpha Tau Omega; A club; Golf MARCIA BERTSCH Grand Rapids Wesley Fellowship FRANCES BIGLER North Libery, Indiana Choir, Wesley Fellowship JULIUS BINDER Flint Albion College Players; Soci ology club JOHN BIRD Eaton Rapids Goodrich club; Physics club; World Federalists HAROLD BLOOMQUIST Muskegon Albion College Players; Con- tributors ' club; French club NEIL BINTZ Charlotte Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Rho, secretary; World Federalists, president; Chi Epsilon, vice- president; Debate; Forum club; Campus Religious council; Wes- ley Fellowship, vice-president; Oratory; Choral society; Omi- cron Delta Kappa JANE BLANCHARD Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; Choir; Ma- drigal singers; French club; YWCA, student counselor WILLIAM BRINES Detroit Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball; Track YMCA; SENIORS OLIVER BURNES Albion Delta Sigma Phi; YMCA; Track FRANK BURT Detroit YMCA; Choir JOHN BUTTERFIELD Romeo Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band; Orchestra SANFORD BURR Plymouth Campus Religious council; presi- dent; Chi Epsilon. secretary, president; Wesley Fellowship, president; YMCA JEAN BUTER Grand Rapids Delta Gamma; Sociology club; WAA DOLORES CALHOUN Chicago, Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha; Theta Alpha Phi; Albion College Players, sec- retary; French club; Speakers ' bureau; YWCA RUTH CALLAHAN Pontiac Delta Zeta; Kappa Pi, treasurer YWCA JOHN CARTWRICHT Detroit Tau Kappa Epsilon; A club; Economics club; Forum club; YMCA; Cross country; Track JAMES CHAMBERLIN Grand Rapids DAVID CARR Pontiac Delta Tau Delta, president; In- terfraternity council, secretary, treasurer; German club; vice- president; Band; Choir DAVID CEDERQUIST St. Johns Sigma Chi Players Albion College NEIL COCHRANE Charlotte Sigma Nu, treasurer; Albanian, business manager; Economics club, vice-president SENIORS LAWRENCE COLLINS Sturgis Sigma Chi; Band; Canterbury club, president; Campus Re- ligious council, treasurer; Or- chestra; YWCA DON CULBERTSON Plymouth Independent Men ' s union DAVID CURHAN Detroit PAUL CREAMER Winona Lake, Indiana Kappa Pi; Albion College Play- ers; Choral society JACQUELYN CUMMINGS Detroit Kappa Delta; AWS board; Stu- dent council; Who ' s Who; WAA board; Albionian; Campus Re- ligious council; YWCA, presi- dent, vice-president: Choral so- ciety JAMES CUSTER Bayonne, New Jersey Football CLARENCE DAILEY Jackson Chemistry club ARTHUR DELL Port Huron Sigma Chi; French club; World Federalists DONALD DeWITT St. Johns Alpha Tau Omega MARGARET DEARINC Pontiac Kappa Delta; Albion College Players; WAA; YWCA BRUCE DENNO Lansing Tau Kappa Epsilon WILBUR DICK Niles Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band; Orchestra SENIORS RICHARD DIX Delaware, Ohio Independent Men ' s union MURIEL DONALDSON Detroit Delta Zeta, recording secretary Sigma Alpha lota; WAA YWCA; Zeta Epsilon Lambda Choral society. Drum majore tte Orchestra LESLIE ENCSTROM Albion Economics club BARBARA DONAHUE Detroit Kappa Delta, vice-president; Al pha Phi Gamma; Mortar Board freshman class secretary; Al bionian; Albion College Players Campus directory, editor; Con tributors ' club; Pleiad; WAA YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa JOHN ENGEL Detroit Sigma Chi; Interfraternity coun- cil; Pleiad RICHARD FIELD Shaker Heights, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma, charter member; Biology club; Chemistry club; German club; Physics club, Campus Re- ligious council; YMCA; Track FRED FISKE Lansing Tau Kappa Epsilon; Economics club; Wesley Fellowship; Ten- nis; Phi Beta Kappa RICHARD FRANSTED Napoleon ALBERT FREVERT Alma Tau Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Choir; Chi Epsi- lon; Wesley Fellowship cabinet; A club; Tennis; Choral society; World Federalists; Phi Beta Kappa DEANE FLORIA Munising Sigma Nu; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Chemistry club, president; Physics club; A club; Football MARGARET FRENCH Holland Delta Gamma; Orchestra; So- ciology club; WAA; YWCA MAURICE GALBREATH South Haven Tau Kappa Epsilon; A club; Track; Golf SENIORS MARY LOU GARTUNG Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; Panhellenic council, treasurer; Pleiad; Al- bion College Plavers; Home Economics club; WAA board; YWCA, cabinet BURL CLENDENINC Pittsford Independent Men ' s club ROBERT GORDON Parma RAYMOND GILLESPIE Albion Kappa Mu Epsilon, president; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band; Orchestra WILLIAM CONNE Detroit CHARLES CROSS Pleasant Ridge Delta Tau Delta; Sociology club MARVIN CROSTIC Fowlerville Tau Kappa Epsilon: Chemistry club, secretary-treasurer; Inter- fraternity council, secretary; German club; A club; Baseball DOUGLAS HACKETT Albion Sigma Nu DANIEL HARRINGTON Detroit Delta Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Chemistry club; Albion College Players; Physics club, president; Choir; Madrigal singers; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa JOYCE CUTHAT Chicago, Illinois Independent Women ' s league, president; Choral society; Phi Beta Kappa DAVID HARMER Grand Rapids Kappa Mu Epsilon; Theta Alpha Phi, president; Albion College Players; Chemistry club; German club; Physics club; Band; Or- chestra; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa JAMES HARRISON Highland Park Delta Tau Delta; A club; Tennis SENIORS CEORGE HARTMANN Albion Chi Epsilon, vice-president; Campus Religious council; Clas- sics club; Phi Beta Kappa HELEN HAWVER Fort Wayne, Indiana Delta Gamma, recording secre- tary; Kappa Pi; Home Economics club; Choir; YWCA CHARLES HELD Wyandotte Forum club; A club, treasurer; Basketball; Football; Track manager ROBERT HAWES Albion Sigma Chi; Sociology club; Band HUGH HECK Detroit Alpha Tau Omega: club; Physics club Chemistry CATHERINE HENDRICK Muskegon Heights Who ' s Who; AWS board; Stu- dent council ; Weslev Fellowship, cabinet; WAA, board; YWCA; Band DOROTHY HENCST Grand Rapids Zera Tau Alpha; Home Eco- nomics club, president; Choir, vice-president; Choral society; Wesley Fellowship: YWCA REX HOOVER Waldron JAMES INCLIS Petoskey Tau Kappa Epsilon. treasurer; Economics club; YMCA BAREARA HILL Kansas City, Missouri Delta Gamma; Contributors ' club; Debate; WAA, board; Albion College Players HARRY HUNTER Detroit Delta Tau Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Tennis; Badminton GERALDINE IWERKS Oxford SENIORS DOROTHY JACKSON Detroit Delta Zeta, president; Alpha Lambda Delta, historian; Beta Beta Beta; Panhellenic council; Spanish club; WAA; YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa WILLIAM JEFFREY Battle Creek Tau Kappa Epsilon: Chemistry club; Physics club; YMCA; A club; Cross country OWEN JOHNSON Jackson Phi Beta Kappa WT CLARK JACOT Detroit Tau Kappa Epsilon; Who ' s Who; Senior class president; Student council, president; Sigma Delta Psi, treasurer; A club, treasurer; Cross country; Track WESLEY JEND Detroit Independent Men ' s union YMCA BETTY JONES DeWitt Alpha Xi Delta, vice-president; Mortar Board, editor; AWS board; Sociology club, secretary- treasurer, president; WAA; YWCA, vice-president HARRY JONES Detroit Delta Sigma Phi, president; Campus Religious council, treas- urer; Chi Epsilon, secretary; YMCA, vice-president; Albion College Players EDWIN KEHE Hamburg, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; A club; Football; Ten- nis; Track OLGA KLIMOVICH Albion Band; Sociology club; WAA GEORGE KAY Battle Creek Delta Tau Delta; Forum club, vice-president; Economics club ERNESTINE KEIM Detroit Sigma Alpha lota, treasurer; Choir; Zeta Epsilon Lambda cabinet; Campus Religious coun- cil; Wesley Fellowship; YWCA cabinet, student counselor ROBERT KNIGHT Pontiac Tau Kappa Epsilon; Economics club SENIORS JANE KOEPEL Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA; WAA, president MELVIN KURTZ Alpena Goodrich club; Economics club; Basketball; Football HAROLD LANTIS Jackson EDWARD KRAUTHEIM Muskegon Economics club LOIS LANGE Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, president; Home Economics club; YWCA; WAA LOIS LARSON Muskegon Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA; Epsilon Lambda; WAA HARRY LAWRIE Detroit Tau Kappa Epsilon; Physics club, vice-president; YMCA DONALD LESTER Algonac Contributors ' club, president; World Federalists; YMCA; Phi Beta Kappa JOAN LINDBERC Winnetka. Illinois Delta Gamma, vice-president; Home Economics club, secretary; Panhellenic council: WAA DONALD LEE Mt. Pleasant Sigma Chi, president, vice-presi- dent; Interfraternity council, vice-president; Omicron Delta Kappa, treasurer; Freshman class vice-president; Senior class treasurer; A club; MIAA stu- dent representative; Basketball PEIRCE LEWIS Pleasant Ridge Delta Tau Delta, corresponding secretary; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia, vice-president; Who ' s Who; Contributors ' club; Forum club; president; Debate; Ora- tory; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa WAYNE LINDOW Marine City Delta Tau Delta SENIORS JEANNE LONG Detroit Aloha Chi Omega, vice-presi dent; French club; Pleiad; YWCA; WAA MARYLYN McCORMICK Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer, sec- retary; Mortar Board, president; Who ' s Who; Albion College Players; AWS, treasurer; Or- chestra; Spanish club; Student council, secretary; YWCA, vice- president; WAA; Extemporane- ous speaking; Presbyterian stu- dent fellowship john Mcdonald Wyandotte Sigma Chi, president; Omicron Delta Kappa; Interfraternity council, vice-president; Con- tributors ' club, president; Choir; German club BETTY LYNN Homer Independent Women ' s league; Albion College Plavers; Kappa Pi RICHARD MacDONALD Muskegon Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who; Junior class vice-president: Beta Beta Beta; Interfraternity council YMCA, president; Classics club Chemistry club; German club A club, secretary; Cross country captain, most valuable award 1947; Football; Track PHILIP McKEAN Grand Rapids Tau Kappa Epsilon. secretary; Kappa Mu Epsilon; YMCA ROBERT McNALLY Detroit Delta Sigma Phi, president, vice- president; Physics club THOMAS MAINWARINC Bay Village, Ohio Sigma Nu, president; Interfra- ternity council, treasurer; French club, vice-president: YMCA MARJORIE MANICOLD Union City SALLY MACKENZIE East Lansing Alpha Xi De lta, president; Who ' s Who; AWS. vice-presi- dent; Zeta Epsilon Lambda, vice-president; WAA, vice- president; YWCA JOHN MALEJAN Highland Park Delta Tau Delta; YMCA; Foot- ball DONNA MEADEMA Grand Rapids Zeta Tau Alpha; Senior class secretary; Albion College Play- ers; Forum club; Publications council, secretary; WAA; Zeta Epsilon Lambda; YWCA; Phi Beta Kappa SENIORS CALVIN MICHAEL Flint Delta Sigma Phi JACQUELINE MILLER Vassar Mortar Board; AWS board; Campus Religious council; Dean Hall, president; Sociology club; Wesley Fellowship. cabinet; Zeta Epsilon Lambda, president JANICE MONTGOMERY Detroit Alpha Chi Omega, president; Panhellenic council; WAA; YW CA, student counselor CHARLES MILLER Port Huron Sociology club PHILIP MISKE Detroit Sigma Nu; YMCA; Track KENNETH MORGAN Albion Tau Kappa Epsilon ROBERT MORRISON Detroit Delta Tau Delta; A club: Track THOMAS MORTON Muskegon Heights Tau Kappa Epsilon; Economics club KENNETH NELSON Traverse City A club, secretary; Economics club, president; Baseball; Omi- cron Delta Kappa DURYEA MORTON Greenwich, Connecticut Delta Tau Delta, vice-president; Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Alpha Phi; Albion College Play- ers, president, treasurer HARRIETTE MYER Constantine Band; Orchestra; Classical club; Dean hall, secretary-treasurer; WAA board; Wesley Fellow- ship; Zeta Epsilon Lambda WILLIAM NEWMAN Detroit Sigma Chi; Economics club SENIORS JEAN NORLAND Detroit Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer board member LAURENCE OLSON Grand Rapids Band; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, president; Wesley Fel- lowship PATRICIA PAGE Onsted Delta Gamma. corresponding secretary; Sociology club; WAA; YWCA FRED NOYES Rochester Tau Kappa Epsilon EARLE ORIMSTON Flushing Delta Sigma Phi, secretary; Al- bion College Players, vice-presi- dent; Forensics RHODA PANCBURN Detroit Alpha Chi Omega; Forum club; YWCA; WAA MARIAN DURMAN PARKS Saginaw Alpha Xi Delta; Spanish club; WAA CAROL JANE PAXTON Detroit Delta Camma, treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta, president; AWS, secretary; Mortar Board, treas- urer; Sigma Aipha Iota, presi- dent, treasurer; Who ' s Who; Albion College Players; Choir; YWCA; WAA; Phi Beta Kappa VIRGINIA PETERMAN Grand Rapids Delta Gamma MARY ELLEN PASMORE Howell Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president; Mortar Board, secretary; Albion College Players; Forum club; Kappa Pi; Spanish club; YWCA cabinet; WAA, treasurer; Phi Beta Kappa PATRICIA PERRY Lansing Alpha Xi Delta; AWS, presi- dent; Albion College Players; Panhellenic Council, president; Publications council; Oratory; YWCA; WAA board MARVIN PHILLIPS Flint Albion College Players; tributors ' club SENIORS PERRY PHILLIPS Homer Kappa Pi MAX POLLEY Buchanan Tau Kappa Epsilon; Campus Re- ligious council; Chi Epsilon, treasurer, vice-president; Classi- cal club, secretary, treasurer, vice-president; A club; Track; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa EDWARD PULSE Jackson German club DARL POCHERT Ov osso Sigma Chi; Boxing: Football; Track; Wrestling JOYCE POWELS Highland Park WALTER PURDY Jackson PATRICIA QUICK Muskegon Kappa Delta; Spanish club; YWCA. student counselor; WAA; Campus Directory, editor LEWIS REDMOND Detroit Chi Epsilon; Sociology club ROBERT RICHARDS Detroit Delta Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Gamma; Pleiad, editor-in-chief, manag- ing editor; Contributors ' club; Choral society; Phi Beta Kappa MARJORIE RAHN Flint Zem Tau Alpha; YWCA HERBERT FREDENBURC Albion MA ' JRICE REED Grand Rapids Sigma Chi SENIORS HUGH ROBINS Battle Creek Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, sec- retary; Albion Coliege Players; Band; Orchestra; YMCA RONALD RUNCIMAN Lansing Delta Tau Delta CARL SATTELBERG Chicago, Illinois Chi Epsilon, secretary; Campus Religious council, president; Choir; Choral society; CUssics club; Wesley Fellowship, vice- president; YMCA; Omicron Delta Kappa CHARLES RICKER Albion Sigma Chi; Chemistry club; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Physics club, president, secretary - treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa PHYLLIS ROE Belleville Zeta Tau Alpha; Senior class vice-president; Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer; Home Econom- ics club; Michigan Home Eco- nomics Association of College Clubs, president; Kappa Pi; YWCA; WAA RICHARD SCHAIBLE Albion Economics club HAMILTON SCHARFF Detroit Delta Tau Delta, secretary; Con- tributors ' club; Pleiad; Sopho- more class treasurer; WANR JOSEPH SHARA Rochester MARVIN SHEBEL Marshall Sigma Nu; A club, ores. dent; Football, captain; French club; YMCA MURIEL SCHLORFF Crosse Pointe Delta Zeta; WAA; YVVCA KEITH SHAW Bay City Delta Tau Delta; club: YMCA Economics VANCE SHEPHARD Elgin, Illinois Goodrich club ; Kappa Pi ; Physics club; Choral society; YMCA SENIORS LESTER SHIERE West Somerville, Massachusetts Goodrich club, president, sec- retary-treasurer; German club, vice-president; Canterbury club; World Federalists LAGUSSIE SIMMONS Albion Zeta Epsilon Lambda, YWCA DALE SMITH White Cloud Alpha Tau Omega, president; Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Phi Mu Alpha Sintonia, presi- dent; Interfraternity council, president; Choir, treasurer; Ma- drigal singers VINCENT 5IGREN Muskegon A club; Baseball; Basketball, most valuable player award. 1950 WILLIAM SIMPSON Vassar Tau Kappa Epsilon; club; YMCA Physics DEWEY SMITH Sandusky, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia; Canterbury club, president; Campus Religious council, treasurer; Choir; Ma- drigal singers; Choral society; Sociology club; YMCA KENNETH SMITH Jackson A club; Football RAYMOND SMITH Lake Odessa Sigma Nu ; Forum club FELICIA STECEMAN Detroit Kappa Delta, president; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who; Forum club, secretary-treasurer; Panhellenic council; Spanish club; WAA board ;YWCA. student counselor PHYLLIS CHISHOLM SMITH Detroit Sigma Alpha lota, secretary; Dean Hall, president; Choir; Madrigal singers FLORENCE SPALDING Crosse Pointe Farms Alpha Xi Delta, recording sec- retary; Debate; Forensics; Ora- tory; Spanish club; Albion Col- lege Players; WAA board, World Federalists; YWCA cabinet, stu- dent counselor DARYL STEVENS Albion Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA SENIORS JOHN STITT ClenEllyn, Illinois Sigma Chi; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- tonia; Interfraternity council; Choir; Madrigal singers; Cer- man club HAROLD STRAYER Adrian Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball HAROLD TABER Battle Creek Independent Men ' s union; Soci- ology club; Spanish club; YMCA, secretary; Wesley Fellowship WANETA STEVENSSTOBAUCH East Detroit Home Economics club, treasurer; State Home Economics club, vice-president; Spanish club EDWARD ST. THOMAS Escanaba Independent Men ' s unior MELVIN TESSIN Marshall Tau Kappa Epsilon JEAN THARP Bronson Alpha Chi Omega, correspond- ing secretary; Chemistry club; Contributors ' club, vice-presi- dent; Albion College Players; Sociology club, secretary; WAA board; YWCA, secretary, stu- dent counselor ROBERT L. THOMPSON Newaygo Alpha Tau Omega; A club; So- ciology club; Track; YMCA TED TITUS Albion Sigma Nu;Omicron Delta Kappa; Interfraternity council; Choir; Spanish club, president; French club, secretary; Portuguese club; YMCA CHARLES THOMPSON Ferndale Phi Eta Sigma; Biology club; Chemistry club; German club; Phi Beta Kappa JOHN TINCOFF Richmond RICHARD TORLEY Pontiac Delta Tau Delta; YMCA SENIORS PATRICIA TOWNSHEND Detroit WAA; YWCA, student coun- selor WILLIAM VALENTINE Detroit Independent Men ' s union ELIZABETH VERDOW Detroit Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer, cor- responding secretary; Kappa Pi recording secretary; Zeta Epsi- lon Lambda; WAA; YWCA MAX TOY Lansing Chi Epsilon; YMCA, president, treasurer; Campus Religious council; Choral society GEORGE VALRANCE Plymouth Delta Tau Delta; Football ; Choir; YMCA WILLIAM VICKERS Louisville, Mississippi LAWRENCE WADE Ypsilanti Coodrich club; Who ' s Who; Kappa Pi, vice-president; Chi Epsilon; Band; Orchestra; Con- tributors ' club; World Federal- ists; Student Council; Wesley Fellowship; YMCA SHIRLEY WATSON Ferndale Delta Camma, president; Mortar Board, vice-president; Who ' s Who; Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-president; Alpha Phi Cam- ma; Pleiad, editor - in - chief, managing editor; Panhellenic council; Contributors ' club; Al- banian; WAA; YWCA; Wom- en ' s Handbook, editor WILLIAM WEST Marquette Tau Kappa Epsilon RUSSELL WARD Cement City Delta Sigma Phi, treasurer MARY WEAVER Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, corresponding secretary; Home Economics club; WAA, secretary; YWCA cabinet ROBERT WHEATON Jackson Chemistry club SENIORS MARVIN WICKHAM South Haven Alpha Tau Omega MARGARET YODER Ypsilanti Kappa Delta, secretary; Kappa Pi; YWCA; WAA CERALD ZICK Albion Biology club; Chemistry club CLARK WURM Rockford Omicron Delta Kappa; Junior class president; A club, vice- president; Baseball; Pleiad; YMCA RICHARD ZEMMER Lapeer Sigma Chi JACK ZIMMERMAN Albion Sigma Chi, secretary; Alpha Phi Camma; Delta Sigma Rho, presi- dent; Who ' s Who; Theta Alpha Phi; Albion College Players; Economics club, treasurer; De- bate; Extemporaneous speak- ing; Pleiad, business manager; Cmicron Delta Kappa VICTOR AIRD LEE ALPERN NANCY AURENTZ JOHN BAIRD ALVIN BALLARD ELIZABETH BARTON JOHN BATEK ALICE BEHNKE TOM BENNETT CHARLES BIBBINCS DONALD BIRD DAVID BOLANDER FRANCIS BRYANT RICHARD A. BURROWS JACK CALDWELL LAURA CAMPBELL JUNIORS HELEN CANSFIELD CARL CAPPEL ANN CARMIEN CHRIS CHRIST ELIZABETH CHRYSLER H " ' 83b JAMES CLARK mm ROBERT CLARK w% JOHN CLAYTON ERNEST COAD :;jffBB j0Q PATRICIA COLLINS 1 ROBERT COSCRAVE KATHLEEN COSTER 3ARBARA COULTER DOUGLAS DARLING ELIZABETH DAY JOANNA DEAN 1ARY ELLEN DECKERT DON DE VOE ROBERT ECCLESTCN ROBERT ENCLE CHARLES ENOS DOROTHY EVANS RICHARD FARLEY MARY ANDREA FIELD NANCY FLEENOR ALBERT FOSTER JOANNE FRITZ WILLIAM FRYER RICHARD FURNEY BARBARA GAUSS BARBARA CEIL CAROLYN GETTY JUNIORS ARNOLD GIBB JUNE GRAHAM ERNEST GROSS JAMES HADDEN EDMUND HAGAN RAYMOND HAGAN SHIRLEY HAMILTON RUSSELL HANLON ELEANOR HARGER CORDON HARLEY ROBERT HARRISON EILEEN HART PHYLLIS HASSBERGER BARBARA HEARST EDNA HEIMBURGER GLORIA HENDERSON LOIS HILDEBRANDT LOUISE HOFFS PEGGY HOLCOMB RUTH HCLLOWELL MARY ANNE HORN WILLIAM HORN WILLIAM HCRST RAY HOTCHKISS WILLIAM HOUCK PATRICIA HOYT HERBERT HUMPHREY KENAN JACOBI GUY JAMESON BUD JOHNS DAVID KAY NATHAN KENNY JUNIORS EDWARD KLOPP ARTHUR KNITTEL HELEN KOEPEL FRED KRUGEL MARY LADD DOROTHY LAMSON WILLIAM LATHAM ROBERT LINDKE CARLEEN LOFF PAUL LOWDER FLOYD LYSTER MARTIN McGINNIS JOHN McKILLOP MAUREEN McLAIN NANCY McSWEEN DOLORES MARONICK SHIRLEY MARSH KIRK MARSHALL CHARLES MEYER REX MILLER JEAN MONTGOMERY MAXINE NEBERCAL JACK NEWELL PHILIP NIEMANN BARBARA ODCERS JAMES OLIVER RAYMOND PARELLO ROBERT PASSINEAU FHILIP PAUL MARJORIE PETERSON THOMAS PLESSNER ANN RATHBONE JUNIORS HELEN RAYLE MARY REED SIDNEY RENTE HOWARD RICHARDSON ROBERT RITZMAN RHODA ROBERTS RAYMOND SANKUER NAN SARTIN THOMAS SAWYER ANNE SCHWARTZ DONALD SHELY REID SHIMMEL THOMAS SILER PAMELE SILKWORTH JOANNE SLUYTER M. MARILYN SMITH NORBERT SMITH ROBERT SMITH JOHN SOMMERS MARILYN STEVENS HARRISON SUDBOROUCH LEWIS SUTTON WESLEY TODD WILLIAM VAN ARSDALEN VERA VAN BUREN DIANE VAN LEEUWEN GEORGE WAGNER WILLIAM WATSON JUNIORS THOMAS WATTS DONALD WELDAY MARILYN WENTWORTH MARK WHEELER NANCY WILCOX THOMAS WILSON DONALD WINGARD MILLICENT WORTH RICHARD YOKUM BUD YOUNG FRANCES YOUNG RALPH YTTERBERC Jacqueline Abbott, Gwendolyn Alford, Beverly Allen, Joyce Aris LaVerne Baker, Julia Barna, Honor Bates, Roger Bates George Bauer, Warren Bayless, Robert Beattie, Gloria Beatty Darrel Biggs, Bernard Billman, Mary Blatchly, Ruth Brigg, Edward Brigham, Barbara Brown, Richard Burns, Gerald Carlson SOPHOMORES Donald Carter, Jean Chanay, Clarence Christensen, Jack Clark Bruce Corneil, Max Cornell, Elizabeth Corr, William Coughenour Margaret Cretcher, Margaret Crissey, Myrlen Crosby, Nancy Crosby Norma Cunningham, Dan Curtiss, Lois Dalenburg, William Dalman Kenneth Davis, Norman Decker, Joyce Delaney, Eugene DeMaggio ana Malcolm De Young, Rodney Depp, Joseph Dougheiry, Shirley Douglas Cretchen Duday, James Dunne, James Ebel, Dwight Egbert Coria Elkow, Madelyn Ellis, Cale Elms, Margaret Elwood Lois Engman, Keith Engstrom, Mercedes Erickson, Mary Ertell William Ferguson, Laura Fillmore, Carol Floria, Maurice Fowler SOPHOMORES Barbara Fox, Patricia Frasher, Lawrence French, Robert Frey Duane Fultz, Nancy Gauss, Herbert Gerhard, Carolyn Gilbert Elian Goodell, Muriel Goodell, Carol Gorenflo, Ali Grant-Watters Audrey Grieves, Kenneth Grodavent, Harold Gronseth, Richard L. Hall Adaline Halsted, Mary Hamm, Marjorie Harger, Hugh Harness Helen Hayward, Elsie Heinrichs, Charles Herbert, Linus Heydon Walter Hinrichs, Kenneth Hock, Carol Hoffman, Ronald Hogg Barbara Holmes, Lee Holmes, Dolores Hough, Charles Hovey David Howe. Barbara Howlett, Joan Hunsicker, Alex Irwin Leila Jackson, Dorothy Jend, James Johnson, James Johnston SOPHOMORES Patricia Johnston, Paul Jones, Beverly Juday, Alphonse Juecstock 3enson Kaser, Robert Kay, Grace Kidder, Janice Kihan William Kloster, Lois Knopf, Mary Kuehne, Richard Kuhn Bernard Kusbel, Kenneth Lane, Cordon Lawrence, Burton Leavitt Hildegard Leopold, Donald Lincoln, Don Little, Ruth Lord Wfk . r l O.GI Charles Luxmore, Patricia McCann, Robert McDonald, Madelon McCroarty Jean Marion, Donald Martin, George Martin, Lloyd Mayes John Meyers, Marilyn Moat, David Mohrhardt, Jere Morris Sylvia Morris, Carolyn Mulligan, James Navarre, Nancy Nebel Mary Niehoff, Mary Northrup, Eleanor Norton, Beverly Nuckolls SOPHOMORES Martin O ' Dell, Mary Oliver, David Owen, Camilla Parlin Mary Haycock Passineau, Mary Lois Perkins, Robert Perkins, Bonnie Perry Freja Peterson, Joyce Phillips, Robert Porte, Laura Ransom Willa Ray, Marian Readhead, Phyllis Reitzel, Jack Renick Rosemary Renshaw, Rachel Rich, William Riley, Dorothy Roberts £S C | 0 ; Clara Robertson, Carl Robinson, Elizabeth Runkel, Donald Sattelberg James Schaack. Mary Lou Scupholm, Robert Sechler, David Seelye Royce Shaffer, Robert Shimmel, Jack Short, Shirley Sias Patricia Simpson, Marilyn J. Smith, Lea Spanier, Mark Spinney Harold Stevens, John Telfer, Barbara Thorn, Beverly Thomas SOPHOMORES Nancy Titus, Patricia Trombley, Jacqueline Trout, Paul Ungrodt Raymond Vernier, James Vick, Caryl Vogel, Douglas Wagner Barbara Walker, Carol Wear, Doreen Webb, Charlotte Wellman Jeanne Werle, Lida Westenfelder, Roland Wilkms, William Wilkinson Ruelle Williams. Donald Wilson, Charles Wilson, Beverly Yates Joyce Akerly, Janet Albaugh, Thomas Allen, Dolores Anderson, Lorraine Anderson Polly Arbaugh, Nadine Arthurs, Charles Ayre, Alice Bachman, Roger Baer Don Baker, Gladys Baker, Stewart Baker, Ruth Balkema, Shirley arnes Bruce Barr, Henry Barsch, Robert Bassett, Hildegard Beck, Carol Bender Elwood Bender, Austin Bitney, Frances Blair, Barbara Blanding Walter Bodle FRESHMEN Ralph Boe, Robert Bollman, Alan Bonnell, Donald Boothroyd, William Bow Merrilynn Bradford, Lois Bradley, Lucy Bradner, Donald Braman, Jeannette Braun Dwight Briggs, Mary Brown, Ralph Brown, Jane Browning, Joyce Bucklin Lorna Bugbee, John Bull, Conrad Berkman, Alline Burns, Richard C. Burrows Dominic Calcagno, Jane Caley, Mary Cansfield, Esther Catton, Jane Chapman Sarah Chapman, June Charlier, Marilyn Chisholm, June Chrisman, Brian Coates Nancy Comstock, Everett Conklin, Barton Connors, Jocelyn Cook. Arthur Cooke Marylou Cortis, James Cox, Mary Craft, Anthea Crago, Judith Cretcher Alice Cripe, John Crossley, Carolyn Custer, Muriel Dalgleish, Mark Dance Marilyn Davidson, Jay Dean, Joseph deNicola, Robert DeVinney, Barbara Dibbern James Dobie, Vmod Doshi. John Douglas, Billy Duncan, Jacqueline Dunham FRESHMEN Jcyce Dusendorf, Margaret Dykstra, David Eash. Jeanet Ehinger James Eichstedt Nan Elliott, Molly Engel. Audrey Eppler, Thomas Faylor, Williar Fetner Paul Fey, Harold Filbrandt, Patricia Finney, Glen Ford, Johr Forgie William Foster, David Fowler, Robert Fowler, William Fritz. Charles Frost Phillip Fry, Mary Funk, Sharon Gates, Ann Gehman, Richard Cergle Richard Gilbert, Clark Gleason, Joan Gloor, Janice Gockel, Charles Golinvaux C P l S Ok f % TV T ? j ) Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Cray, James Creig, Valda Grerten- berger, Mary Hadder Gene Haggard, Nancy Hainsey, Charles Hall, Patsy Hamilton, Leo Handley Martha Hanna, Jane Hawver, Carole Hedstrom, Harvey Heim- bach, Robert Hemstreet Dwight Hendricks, Norma Hendrickson, James Hi;gins, Anna Hill, Jack Hiller Mary Jane Hoesch, Charles Hoffman, Donald Holbrcok, Helen Holmes, James Holmes FRESHMEN Geraldine Holser, Sally Hood, Charles Howell, Margaret Hudson, Loren Humphrey Donice Hurst, Wayne Husband, Charles Hutchings, Dorothy Irwin, Roger Jackson Joanne Jacoby, Louis Jodry, David Johnso n, Richard Johnson, Cynthia Keasey Wayne Keehn, David Kelley, Shirlee Keltner, Carolyn Kendeigh, Shirlee Kennedy Elaine Kerr, Colin Keys, Minnie Kirkbride, Bruce Kresge, Janet Kull Wanda Lafler, Wilbur Lane, William Lang, Geraldine Larsen, Edythanne Larson QfS , - 5 ' James Lee, John Leitch, Ccrinne Leland, Richard Lewis, Barbara Lindbloom James Lone, Ruth Loveland, Margaret Lytle, Donald McClelland, Ceorge McCill Hope McKenzie, Lois McLeese, Maynard McNeil, Charles Madden, Maribeth Magel Yolanda Mahan, Rhoda Mainville, Robert Major, Eileen Malnar, James Manning Phyllis Manning, Olive Manson, Jean Marcy, Donald Maron, Alice Maynard FRESHMEN John Metzker, Harry Mighion, Robert Miles, Clarence Miller, Frances Miller Royce Miller, Leslie Morford, Patricia Muehlenbeck, Martens Mueller. Rosamond Murdock Audrey Murphy, John Mysing, Russell Nankervis, Norman Nasson, Howard Nebel Kathleen Nebergal, Ann Neffner, Dorothy Newhart, Roger Nielsen, William Nihart Sam Niles, Janet Nordstrom, Patricia Norris, Marilyn Noyes, Lois Nutting Peter Oakes, Jocelyn Olcott, Barbara Orr, Dorothy Orr, Lloyd Orr Phyllis Palmiter, August Panella, Irving Par;ch, Mar-jean Penhale, Frank Perkin Dorothy Peterson, George Peterson, Sarah Philip, Frank Pletten- berg, John J. Porter Loris Porter, Robert Prescott, Janet Rademacher, Gloria R;:.uchle, George Raville John Reault, Glenn Reinier, Kay Rennie, Mary Reutinger, Ethel Rice Helen Rice, Joan Richards, James Richardson, Pat Ridencur Maria Riesco FRESHMEN James Robinson, Mary Rodgers, Patricia Roe, Virginia Rose, Joyce Rowe JoAnne Russell, Peggy Sale, Patricia Sanford, Fred Sawyer, Thomas Saxton John Schaefer, Shirley Schmidt, Norma Schnapp, Carol Scott, Susanne Scott Ivan Sergent, Joseph Serra, Walter Seyffert, Marilynn Shangle, Curtis Sheffield Marjorie Shelly, James Sherman, Donald Sieg (deceased) Robert Siegel, Frederick Singer Betty Smith, Janet Smith, Loreen Snyder, John Sperr, Merrill Srigley i M Janet Steele, John Stetson, Alan Stevenson, John Stewart, David Stone Phyllis Stratton, James Studdard, Ned Sudborough, Stanley Swanson, Sally Synan Ward Taylor, George Teachman, Charles Thomas, John Thompson, Roberta Titus Jean Tomion, Ruth Tower, Harley Transue, Carolyn Tredwell, Roger Tuck Jack Turnbull, Mark Turpen, Virginia Valentine, Jacquelyn VanderVenn, Katharyn Van Corden FRESHMEN Shirley Vinson, James Wagner, Paul Wagner, Arno Wall- schlaeger, Marjorie Ward Marjorie Watson, Prosser Watts, James Wells, Edith Werback, Floyd Weymoulh Eetty Wheeler, Dorolose Wheeler, William Whitecraft, Joyce Wiek, Joan Wilkinson Barbara Williams, Don Williams, Margaret Willoughby, Diana Wilson, Joyce Wisely Frances Wolter, Randolph Wood, Beverly Worthington, Thomas Wurdock, Virginia Wyman James Wyse, Noel Yaney, Myron Yonker, Roger Ytterberg, Ann Zitzewitz Seniors Adams, Richard Anthony, Frank Bahs, Donald Baker, Kenneth Baker, Lowell Baldwin, Gerald Barrow, Russell Benson, Carlton Bergstrom, Robert Bishop, Charles Bishop, Robert Bond, Walter Boone, Robert Cameron, Wallace Canna, Joseph Carstens, John Clark, Joan Craddock, James Dalley. Richard Davis, Cordon Dobbs, Robert Douglass, Donald Foor, Richard Frantz, William Fretz, Ruth Cascoyne, Elizabeth Gates, Philip Gesko, Samuel Greenman, William Gregory, Amos Hammond, William Heym, Harold Howard, Robert Jacobs, Merton Jefferies, Richard Johnson, Bernard Johnson, Owen Johnson, Tom Johnson, William Larson, Armand Larson, Richard Lichwardt, Gordon Linton, Robert Lowmaster, Richard Ludy, Richard McCall, Richard McCredie, Donald Niemann, Leroy Nixon, John D. Nixon, John S. Palmer, Robert Purves, William Reed, Paul Ronan, Keith Rosbolt, Helen DeVoe Ross, Philip Rudesille. Phyllis Perkins Scranton, Donald Smith, Douglas Somers, Dwight Stafford, John Stokoe, William Stoudinger, Kenneth Talbot, John Tobias, Richard Tompert, Robert Toner, Russell Van Schoick, John Vickers, William Waltmire, Russell Juniors Adams, Joseph Alderson, Glenn Allen, Richard Amos, Norman Atkinson, James Ball, Robert Barnes, Gerald Batsakis, John Baughman, John Beard, Nancy Beard, Winona Benedict, James Bennett. Don Berndt, William Berry, Maxwell Black, Lawrence Boayue, Joseph Bowerman, Elizabeth Brasher, Clyde Brown, Aubrey Brown, Ernestine Brown, John Burket, Richard Carducci, Alexander Carson, James Closson, Jason Cooley, Paul Coutts, Robert Crane, James Crawford, Richard Cuiss, Victor Curtis, Jack Davenport, Alan Davenport, Russell Dean, Duane DeBuck, William Densome, Darrell Dettman, James Diehl, Wilbur Dobie, Sara Earl, Thad Ehlert, Milton Fairbanks, Edna Fersch, Eleanor Fischer, Frederick Friese, Paul Fritts, Earl Furniss, Lou Gaskell, Willie Gates, Calvin Gleason, Lee Cray, James Crebel, Dorothea Grebel, Philip Groat, Wayne Gruschow, Donald Hagadone, Theodore Hagan, John Hahn, William Hall, Richard E. Heath, Donald Hidenfelter, Harry Jenkins, Lawrence Jennings, Edward Johnson, Richard Khanna, Ramesh Kresge, Stanley Leenhouts, Doris Ludington, John McCullough, Sheldon McKinley, Robert McRae, Doris Maas, William Malasky, John Marvin, Charles Mead, Ronald Meisel, Robert Meyers, Earl Miller, Lloyd Nidelcheff, John Niemann, Mary Norton, James Paul, Raymond Pierce, James STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES Roberts, Claude Rudesill, Bryce Rue, Arthur Sash, Donald Scott, Arthur Sharp, John Shenefelt, William Shurlow, Elmer Siebert, William Smallwood, John Southwell, Verl Spanier, Manus Stark, Robert Stoner, Patricia Strickfaden, Jack Struwe, William Sturtridge, Burton Sunstedt, Betty Swanson, Edward Trombley, Gerald Van Sickle, Earl Wahlberg, William Watson, Eleanor Weeks, William Wells, Lisle White, John Wickham, Patricia Wieland, Roger Wilcox, David Wilson, Lyle Yost, William Young, James Young, Joan Sophomores Adams, James Albertzart, Richard Allen, Archie Anderson, Pearleen Anderton, Frank Balciulis, Charles Barry, John Bartosek, Charles Bartrop, James Base, Robert Batzer, Clyde Baughey, Jack Beckman, Kenneth Beechler, Richard Bigley, Richard Blumenthal, David Blythe, Joseph Boyd, Nancy Boyson, Robert Brautigam, Dale Bruno, Henry Buchbinder, Joan Butters, Jack Castell, William Cole, John Conklin, Stella Coon, Donald Crosthwaite, Charles Dart, Ruelle Darvay, Charlotte Dickerson, Gar Driscoll, Jo Anne Dyke, Ceroid Eash, Douglas Ehlen, Rae Elwyn, Richard Ferry, John Fischer, Curtis Foote, Jesse Foote, Mary Frey, Benjamin Gates, Howard Gervais, Gerald Gold, Helen Goodman, Stanley Green, Matthew Griffith, William Grove, Kenneth Guilford, Ira Haas, John Hall, Richard H. Hameister, Robert Hartz, John Miller, George Hasler, Walter Hawes, Lawrence Heminger, George Higgins, Fay Hole, Lewis Hooper, Robert Hoopingardner, Doyle Horton, Mary Huff, Richard Jacobus, Michael Japinga, Roger Johnson, Herbert Joranko, Frank Jordon, Luben Karlstrom, Lars Kay, Mary Kelly, Charles Kemp, Jere Klemm, Roger Klimovich, Jennie Kotarski, Francis Knoll, James Krohns, Eva LaFreniere, Lois Lamping, William Leeke, David Lenhoff, Bentley Lenkey, Emil Long, Harry Lonsberry, Leo MacGuffey, Henry McAra, Alden McKimball, Fred Majdeski, Edward Mohl, Charles Monahan, William Moore, David Moore, Theodore Murphy, Robert Neidlinger, Doris Newell, Philip Noyes, David Olsen, Robert Park, Robert Parker, Ralph Parr, Robert Peden, Melvin Perkins, Owen Peterson, Ronald Piening, Lawrence Pinkney, Arnold Pixley, Don Pritchert, Charles Purton, Kingsley Raine, Malcolm Rankin, Katha Reitzel, Glenn Richer, Ramona Rogers, John Roulier, Randolphe Rowan, Roy Rowlinson, David Ruesink, Ralph Scholes, Betty Jean Secontine, Dorothy Sharer, David Sharp, Jack Smith, Elisabeth Smith, Helen Smith, Stanford Spier, Dick Stanton, Charles Stelle, Robert Stormer, Sally Sullivan, Donnell Thompson, Kathrvn Thompson, Roberl H. Tomion, Jack Toner, Marion Trudgeon, Mary Turner, James Turner, William Tymkin, Harry Upjohn, James Van Camp, Mary Van Deusen, William Vandivort, Donald Van Epps, George Van Every, Walter Vedder, Robert Vick, Herbert Walter, Thomas Warren, Robert Weaver, George Weiss, William Weston, George Whetstone, Ralph Willis, John Wurmlinger, Nicholas SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ' The Panhellenic council is composed of the presidents and an elected representative from each of the six national Panhellenic sororities on campus: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta. Kappa Delta, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Officers are Patricia Perry, presi- dent; Anne Schwartz, secretary, and Mary Lou Cartung, treasurer. Presidency of the council ro- tates each year. The council awards two $75 scholarships each year, sponsors the Panhellenic ball in the spring and regulates rushing procedure on the campus. This year deferred rushing was initiated with each rushee required to have a 1.4 scholarship average. Lange. Hassber Mackenzie INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL ' The Interfraternity council is composed of two representatives from each of the six Creek letter fraternities on campus. The group acts to promote fraternal harmony in problems that per- tain to the fraternity system as a whole. The officers are William Stokoe, president; John Luding- ton, vice-president; Alvin Ballard, secretary, and William Blythe, treasurer. ' The Council directs rushing activities for the six fraternities and had charge of the preparations for the annual Inter- fraternity ball which was held Dec. 10 with the theme, ' An Evening in Paris. " Ray Anthony and his orchestra supplied the music for the second year. The Council also has charge of the voting for the Creek Goddess. Shely, Blythe, Lee, Titus Ballard, Can Ma ng. Baun rtner, Stok -ALPHA CHI OMEGA ' Vogel, Grieves, Morris, Barion, J. Roberts, Craft, Larsen, Manson, Rodgers, Reed, Jean Montgomer : Wellman, Dalenburg. R. Roberts, Caley, Wiek. Sar;in. Noyes. Bates, Scupholm, Marion, McRae Transue, Lamson, Long, Janice Montgomery, Tharp, Bengel, Pangburn rure: Cortis. Dalgleish. Hedstrom. Manigold, Ransom, Rice, Watson, Wickham Beta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was organized on the Albion college campus on May 27, 1887. Of- ficers are Janice Montgomery, president; Jeanne Long, vice-president; Marjorie Manigold, secretary; Jean Tharp, corresponding secretary, and Dorothy Lamson, treasurer. Scholastic qualification for membership in Alpha Chi Omega sorority is a 1 .6 average. Activities for the year included a fa ther-daughter weiner roast preceded by attendance at a football game, a mother-daughter banquet, participation in the blood donor drive of Sheldon Memorial hospital in Albion, and a Christmas party with alumnae of the chapter. Other activities included the celebration of Hera day on March ] with dinner at the lodge, a party for children, packing of groceries for needy families, a series of Saturday luncheons prepared by sorority mothers and daughters, a dinner dance with Delta Gamma in February, annual Christmas caroling, and the presentation, at the annual Sigma Alpha lota Song Fest, of the Jennie Worthington cup which is awarded to the senior woman outstanding in the field of music. ■ALPHA XI DELTA- Th ' rd ro Lindblon : Cook, Malnei N. Beard. Spa Westenfelder. D. Peterson, Ma n. Manning, Porter, Wisely, Hudson, Reitzel. Lotf. Smith, Blair. Brown, Crosby. Hill. Cunningha ler. Sale, Anderson ' ille. M. Peterson, Briggs, Graham, aker. W. Beard, Finney, Russell. : Coster. Noi not in picturi nd. Spalding, Perry. Mackenzie. Jones. Verdow. Larson. Hart Alford. Driscoll. Harger, Rademacher Led by Sally Mackenzie, president. Alpha Xi Delta participated in the following activities during the 1949- ' 50 school year: Parents ' week end; Homecoming banquet; Halloween hayride and party; the chapter convo- cation at the University of Michigan; Christmas caroling; Christmas party with the alumnae; winter formal at Battle Creek; senior banquet; spaghetti dinner given by the seniors; spring ball in Jackson; Mothers ' week end; annual banquet for the basketball team, and Friday afternoon cozies. Other officers for the year included Betty Jones, vice-president; Elizabeth Verdow, corresponding secre- tary; Florence Spalding, recording secretary, and Jean Norland, treasurer. Alpha Xi Delta was founded nationally April 17, 1893. and Phi chapter was installed locally Nov, 5, 1915. •DELTA GAMMA ' Third row: J. Smith, Grant-Watters, Engman, Heinrichs, Gockel, Hood. Buter. Lindberg, Getty, Wear. P Second row: Carmien, Rayle, Worth, Werle, Rosbolt, Dean, Leopold, Causs, Campbell, Passineau. Dibben Funk, Hainsey, Duday First row: Bailey, Peterman, Hill, Paxton. S. Watson, Bedford, Page, H. Hawver, French, Anderson Not in picture: Beatty, Burns, Neffner, E. Watson lin, Charlier. E. Smith Arbaugh. J. Hawver, Delta Gamma was founded Jan. 2, 1874, at Lewis school, Oxford, Miss., and Albion ' s Zeta chapter came here Jan. 17, 1883. Shirley Watson is president and other officers are Joan Bedford, vice-president; Helen Hawver, recording secretary; Patricia Page, corresponding secretary, and Carol Jane Paxton, treasurer. Activi- ties of the chapter included: Homecoming banquet; annual football banquet at Parker inn; Christmas party and fashion show with the alumnae; Delta-Gamma-Alpha Chi Omega annual format dinner-dance; spring formal; State day meeting of all chapters in Lansing, and senior picnic and skits in May. Delta Gamma mem- bsrship qualifications require that a candidate attain a scholastic average of 1 .7. DELTA ZETA- Third row: Nebel. Fillmore. Corr. Cripe. Dobie, Buchbinder. Hunsicker, Cretcher. Dusendorf, Sias. Erickson, Hough. Sanford, Frasher Second row: Oliver. Webb, Douglas. Crago, Boyd, Tredwell, Leland, Marsh. Odgers, Crissey. Eppler. Tower. Vinson, Elwood First row: Callahan, Krohns. Stoner, Donaldson. Jackson. Schlorff. Coulter. Leenhouts, Hassberger. Ertell Not in picture: McLain. Neidlinger, Stormer. Trudgeon. Young Delta Zeta was founded Oct. 24, 1902. at Miami university. Oxford. Ohio, and came to Albion ' s campus May II. 1940. Officers this year were: Dorothy Jackson, president; Barbara Coulter, vice-president; Muriel Donaldson, recording secretary; Doris Leenhcuts, corresponding secretary, and Muriel Schlorff, treasurer. Many activities were sponsored by the group, among them: Homecoming dinner; winter formal; Christmas party by the Mothers ' club in Detroit; Christmas party for poor children; date nights at the lodge; monthly pledge-active Saturday luncheon and bridge parties at the lodge; parents ' week end picnic; Sigma Alpha lota song fest cup, March 24, 1950, and the spring " Rose Ball " formal. Membership qualifications of this organization are that " members shall be chosen for moral, social and intellectual worth, congenial disposition, lady-like demeanor and a high sense of honor. The scholarship re- quirement shall be such as is required by the local college Panhellenic council. " •KAPPA DELTA ' Third row: Kilian, Dearing. Deckert, Magel, Young, Field, Runkel, Ceil. Holcomb. Smith. Trout. Kidder Second row: Quick, Harger, Engel, Marcy, Murdock, Hoffs. Hoyt, Phillips. Cretcher. Holmes, Nuckoll First row: Day, Hearst, Schwartz, Donahue, Stegeman. Yoder, Evans, Cummings, Hayward, Perkins Not in picture: Ak erley, Chrisman, Maynard, Miller, Werbeck Dorothy Evans was elected as president of Kappa Delta sorority this year. Other officers are Barbara Ceil, vice-president; Mary Ellen Deckert, recording secretary, and Beverly Nuckolls, treasurer. Kappa Delta was awarded the Homecoming sorority float cup, Oct. I 5, and the WAA activity cup, Nov. 4. Other activities were: Homecoming banquet; annual philanthropy drive, Nov. 7; annual spaghetti dinner, Dec. 12; winter formal, Jan. 7; annual open-house before Panhellenic ball, March 25; spring dinner-dance, May 20; Parents ' day, May 14, and senior picnic, May 8. Kappa Delta was founded nationally Oct. 23, 1897, and came to this campus March 24, 1923. Member- ship qualifications are: a candidate must take the first degree upon meeting faculty, Panhellenic, college chap- ter and Kappa Delta constitutional requirements; a pledge must take the second degree after meeting college Panhellenic and chapter requirements for initiation, and the neophyte may take the third degree after receiving the first and second degrees and passing the pledge examination. ZETA TAU ALPHA K Nebergal, Hildebrandt, Olco ' t, Valentine, Niehoff. Cansfield, Cehn Balkerr Thrd row: Blanchard, Meadema, Ba Fritz, Larson. Synan. Gilbert Second row: Kendeigh, H. Koepel, Henderson. Johnston. Jend, Hoffman, Philip. Calhoun. Bickel Norton. Ladd, Titus. Silkworth, Aurenti First row: Hengst, J. Koepel. Weaver, M. Nebergal. Pasmore, Lange, McCormick, Cartung, Roe, Rahn Not in picture: Beck, Hanna. Mahan. McKenzie. Trombley Activities of the year for the Albion chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha included the founders ' day service in October, the Homecoming banquet for the alumnae of the chapter, the Hallowe ' en costume party, a mother- daughter Christmas party, traditional caroling of the patronesses at Christmas time, a pledge party at the lodge in January, and the annual spring formal in Battle Creek in May. The winning of the all-soroity and all- campus scholarship cup, parents ' day, and the breakfast honoring seniors completed their season ' s activities. Beta Tau chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha, which demands a 1.5 scholarship average for membership, came to the Albion college campus in 1929. Lois Lange is president of the chapter; Mary Ellen Pasmore, vice-president ; Marylyn McCormick. secretary; Mary Weaver, corresponding secretary, and Maxine Nebergal, treasurer. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Third row: Wilson, Appl, Hadden, Sash, Hanlon, Heck, Hotchkiss, D. F. Smith Ytterberg, Ritzman, Wilcox Second row: Thompson, R. C. Shimmel, D. D. Smith, DeWitt, Vandivort, Walte Norton, Adams. R. A. Shimmel First row: VanArsdalen, Carson, Meisel, Dr. Gilbert, Mrs. Stevens, Stokoe, Bailey, Oliver, Marshall, Kenny nes, Wickham. Houck, Young, Watson, erglund, Johns. Newell. Boone, Murphy, Third row: Maas, Hovey, Luxmoore. Hookey. Weymouth. Todd. Wells. Boe. Green. Weidle Second row: Douglas. Thorns, Dance, Wood, Richardson, Cornsll, Tuck, Keehn, McClelland, Poleski First row: Bitney, McKimball, Gerguson, Yonker, Holbrook, Sjllivan, Stevens, Ungrodt The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity returned to the campus this fall the possessors of the all-sports, minor- sports and the major-sports trophies won during the 1948- ' 49 school year. In defense of these awards the members added the intramural championships in football, cross country, tennis, horse shoes and basketball free throw. The high point of the Alpha Tau Omega social season was Feb. 18 when the fraternity collaborated with Sigma Nu fraternity for the annual Blackfoot-Whitefoot ball. The spring dinner-dance was given in April. Other special days on the social calendar were the Alumni Homecoming banquet, Founder ' s Day on March 1 1 , a Christmas party for underprivileged children and Parents ' day. The officers are William Stokoe, president; Gerald Bailey, v ice-president; Robert Meisel, treasurer, and James Oliver, secretary. The chapter advisor is Dr. W. J. Gilbert. .DELTA SIGMA PHI Third row: Hogg. Ward, Baker, D, R. Eash, Palmer, Goodman, Miller. Bi Second row: Barrosek, Burns, Baldwin. Cole, Van Schoick, Lindke. Kler First row: Moore. Passineau. Corneil, Alberrzart, Mrs. Black, Jones, On man. Base, Kehe, Spanier, Lincoln, Bauer, Davenport m, Blythe, Jameson. Jacobus. Beckman liston. Hall. Horn Third row: Hammond, Bartrop, Plessner. Barr, Howe, Saxton, D. Johnson Second row: Berndt. Sharer, Purton, MacDonald, Eichstedt, Hoffman. Turner First row: McCill. Vick, D. T, Eash. McCinnis, J. Johnson. Baughman, Panella Not in picture: Adrianson, Burker. Foster. Cergle. Hammond, McNally, Michael, Sergent, Waltrr Delta Sigma Phi ' s purpose is to give the intimate, beneficent fellowship with good men which is necessary to full development, and to supplement cultural and professional education with training in those qualifications for citizenship and leadership which are not definitely or directly a part of the college function. To help achieve this. Delta Sigma Phi ' s members must have a good character, acceptable scholarship and have served a satisfactory pledgeship. The officers for the year were Joseph Blythe, president; Ronald Hogg, secretary, and Richard Burket, treasurer. ice-president; Robert Palmer, During Homecoming week, the Delt Sigs held the annual Alumni Homecoming banquet. The same month the house was decorated for a Cay Nineties party. At Christmas time, the fraternity gave a party for needy children of the community. But the highlight of the Delt Sig social season was the annual Sailor ' s ball which was held in March. The group also gave a spring formal besides the holding of the annual waffle breakfast. DELTA TAU DELTA ' Third row: T. Johnson, Somers, Lyster, Hunter. Runciman, Siegel, Valrance, Gruschow. Harrington, Lichtwardt. C. Johnson, Mc Second row: Shely. Ball, Larson, Ford, Basset. Engstrom, Simon, Hock, Cross. Farley. Dunne. Malejan First row: Wagner, Mohl, French, Clark, Mrs, Temple, Carr, Scharff, Richards, Lewis Third Cardut v. Friese, Holn Cicchella C, Cle Coll, R. John Ha Wiles, Porter, Rente, Peterson. Heym, Lee, Yaney, Barsch. Second row: Hubbard, Rupp, Bull, Cox. Wyse, Torley, Parker, Kelly. Thompson, Husband, Ludington, Monahan, Turpen First row: Crodavent. Harrison, Kay. Sharp, Shaw. Harley. Lindow. L. Cleason. Cross Not in picture: Hall, Irwin, Schaefer. Williams The big point of the Delta Tau Delta social calendar was the eighteenth annual Black and White which was celebrated between semesters. This three-day party included a dinner-dance in Jackson, a house party, and a snow party. Other highlights of the social program were the Homecoming banquet, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, an exchange dinner with the Sigma Chi ' s and a spring party. A Friday after- noon coffee hour was initiated with members of the six sororities as guests. In February, Epsilon chapter was host to the Northern division regional conference. Delegates from ten chapters in five states attended the two-day meeting. The national president of Delta Tau Delta visited the chapter in January. The officers for the year were John Ludington, president; William Monahan, vice-president; Richard Farley, recording secretary; James Clark, corresponding secretary, and Donald Cruschow, treasurer. SIGMA CHI J4 c d Third row: Weeks, DeBusk. R. A. Burrows, Paul, Meyer, Malasky, Bintz. A. Gregory, Earl, Gates, Bishop, Baumgartner, R. Allen Second row: Baldwin, Diehl, Zimmerman, Ross, Reed, Pochert, Cederquist. Nixon. Barger, Hagan, Ronan, Trombley, Siler First row: Beck, Zemmer, Newman, Engel, Carstens, Mrs. Harger, Lee. R. Hawes, Stitt, Strickfaden Third row: Dell. Reitzel, Furney, Short, Grove, L. Hawes, Shatter, Wagner, Coates, Howell, Wilson, Burkman, Fry Second row: T. Allen. Frasier, Collins. Barry, Bigley, Wurmlinger, Lawrence. Wilkins, Fowler, R. C. Burrows, Transue, R. Gregory First row: Bodle. Lane, Taylor, Butters, Hall, Ricker, Siebert. Olsen, Miller, Upiohn Not in picture: Behn, Foor, Frantz. McDonald, Parker, Tincoff. Tompert In the Sigma Chi fraternity male students of good moral character who have maintained an honorable standing in scholarship have banded together with the following expressed purpose: incentive to honorable action, development of the higher qualities of the mind and nobler feelings of the heart. The officers for the fall term of 1949 were Donald Lee, president; John Carstens, vice-president; Robert Hawes, secretary, and Ronald Beck, treasurer. The spring term of 1950 officers were Donald Baumgartner, president; Amos F. Gregory, vice-president; George Miller, secretary, and Ronald Beck, treasurer. At the annual Sweetheart ball held Nov. 12, Donna Meadema was crowned the chapter ' s sweetheart. The fraternity ' s spring formal in May along with several house parties given throughout the year were among the high points of the year ' s social calendar. In March, an exchange dinner was held with Delta Tau Delta. SIGMA NU Third row: Marvin, Yocum, Batsakis, Johnson, Bailey, Lowmaster, Parks, Swanson, Miske. Wheeler, Titus, Parr Second row: W. Smith, Kaser, Bibbings, R, Smith, Yost, Bennett. Kay, D. McDonald. Perkins, Furniss, Herbert First row: S. Smith. T. Watts, Cochran, Mainwaring. Mrs. Dean, Amos, Welday, Hameister Third row: Lewis, Hinrichs, Briggs, Madden, Elwyn, Wallschlaeger, M. Watts, R. McDonald, Jones, Oakes, Serra Second row: Coodell, Jodry, Reed, Reault, Weston, Jackson, Crossley, Kuhn, Wurdock, Fetner, Major First row: Mighion, Karlstrom, Joranko, Riley, Elms, Wingard. Foster, Spier Not in picture: Armstrong. Baer, Bolander, Carstens, Christensen, Crosthwaite, Dettman, Floria, Gates, Hall, Humphrey, Keys. Kresge, Leitch, Metsher, Nankervis, Nasson, Niles, Pierce, Vaughn The Gamma Gamma chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity was founded in 1896, 33 years after the national founding at Virginia Military institute. The 1949- ' 50 school year saw a meeting of the Sigma Nu chapters of Michigan at Michigan State college. The occasion was a basketball tournament. Gamma was awarded the cup for the best fraternity float as well as the trophy for the best all-round float at Homecoming. The winning theme was the meeting of Stanley and Livingston. The chapter barbershop quartet won the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia cup with the singing of " Ain ' t That a Shame? " The sports trophy for ping-pong was also won by the fraternity this year. The high point of the social year was the Blackfoot-Whitefoot ball held in conjunction with the Alpha Tau Omega fr aternity in February. The Sigma Nu ' s own White Star weekend held this spring was the fraternity ' s biggest party of the year. Other activities included the annual Melon feed and hay-ride. The officers were Thomas Mainv and Neil Cochrane, treasurer. ing, president; Norman Amos, vice-president; Richard Elwyn, secretary, ' TAU KAPPA EPSILON Third row: Crostic, Sommers, Frevert, Fisher, Harrison, Christ, Baker, Fiske, Field, Croat, Cappel, Jeffrey, Niemann, Denno Second row: Lawrie, Polley, Stevens. Davis, Knight, Allis, Engle. Noyes, Stark, Wahlberg, Jacot, Barnhardt First row: Inglis, Cartwright, Morgan, Alverson, Mrs. Lord, Ballard, Simpson, McCall, McKean Third row: Singer, Bonnell, Teachman, Miles. Coughenour, Kelly. Wilson. Sawyer Second row: Castile, Sharp, Spinney, Faylor, Cerhardt, Whitecraft. Holmes. DeMag Carter First row: Tomicn, Fixley, Porte, Ferry, Cilchrest, Perkins, Little, Lonsberry, Warren Baker, Bucklin. Vernier, Bates, Lenkey io. Turnbull. Bender, Whitehead, Saelye, Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s purpose may be expressed in one word: service. Its channels of service include four classes: the college, the undergraduate members, the chapter ' s alumni and the national fraternity of which it is a part. The chapter as a whole was honored when Teke, the fraternity ' s national magazine, chose Omega as the " Chapter of the Month " in the spring of 1950. This honor was given on the basis of all around campus activity. The Tekes won the Dean ' s scholarship for the entire school year of 1948- ' 49 and had a spring semester average of 1.89. They also successfully defended their league volleyball title for the third year. At the 1949 Homecoming the chapter won the cup for the best house decoration for the second year in a row. The highlight of the social season was the Festival of the Red Carnation which was held in the spring. Other social events included the pledge-active hard-times party and the All Teke Night which honored the alumni. A Christmas party for needy children of the town was also given. The officers were Alvin Ballard, president; Jerry Alverson, vice-president; James McKean, secretary, and Robert Warren, treasurer. INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S LEAGUE ' The Independent Women ' s league is a member of the National Independent Students ' associa- tion and open to all women who are not affiliated with a sorority. Officers are Joyce Cuthat, presi- dent; Mary Kay, first semester vice-president; Leila Jackson, second semester vice-president; Muriel Coodell, secretary, and Jo Anne Alexander, treasurer. Mrs. Royal C. Hall is the group sponsor. The organization had a party with Goodrich club in the fall, a Homecoming banquet for alumnae, and sent a delegate and candidate for queen to the national convention. Jackson, Walke GOODRICH CLUB Membership in Goodrich club depends upon one ' s need, character and potential usefulness. The group is a cooperative organization designed to provide inexpensive living facilities for men. The central aim of the club is to foster fellowship, promote scholarship, instill cooperative spirit and uphold reverence for Christian ideals. The groups ' activities included a hayride, a mustache growing contest before the Christmas Darty, and various date nights. The officers for the year are Fay Higgins, president; Burton Sturtridge, vice-president; Milton Ehlert, secretary, and Duane Dean, treasurer. Second row: Roulier, Hole, Leonard, O. Khanna First row: Anderton, Fritts. Sturtridg i, Ehlert, Higgins, Dean, Shanefelt Gates, Bird. Wade, Creenn Shepard, ' THE CLASS MENAGERIE " -PHI BETA KAPPA- Albion shares with the University of Michigan possession of the only two chapters of Ph, Beta Kappa in the state. This society, founded in 1776, is the oldest of the Creek-letter societies. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage scholarship and breadth of cultural interests. Beta chapter of Albion is composed of faculty Phi Beta Kappa members and students who have been elected on the basis of scholarship, character and cultural interests as prescribed by the chapter constitution. A restricted number of alumni and honorary memberships are extended to persons who have achieved scholarly distinction since graduation (rem college. Officers are Mr. Walter Sprandel, president; Dr. Harold Larsen, vice-president, and Dr. W. Lewis Troyer, secretary-treasurer. Third row: Crone. Allen, Oddy, Wykoff. Bailey, Boothroyd. Lee. Constantine, Naumoff Second row: Harrison, Haetele, Brines. Patterson, Brown. Dr. Chickenng, Judge Pope, Dr. Lapp First row: Dr. Gilbert. Miss Church, Mrs. Cooper. Mr. Sprandel. Miss McKinney. Dr. Whitehouse. Dr. Troyer, Dr. Larson, Miss Axworthy, Dr. Carland, Mrs. Hollinshead. Dr. Cilbert ■WHO ' S WHO- The purpose of " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is to recognize students who, on the basis of scholarship, cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular ac- tivities, citizenship and service to the school, show promise of future usefulness to business and society. On the basis of the above criteria, students are selected by a special committee of faculty members appointed by the Dean and Student council members. Second row: Jacot. Alexander. Ber sch, Zimmerman. Wade, Lewis, Cun First row: McCormick, Hendrick. Watson, Paxton, Stegeman, Mackenz Not in picture: R. MacDonald, Frevert ■MORTAR BOARD ' Eight members and one honorary member, Mrs. W. W. Whitehouse, were tapped last year for Mortar Board, national honorary organization for senior women. These women were selected because they have maintained high scholarship, demonstrated outstanding leadership and have shown loyal and continued service to their Alma Mater. No chapter may have fewer than five or more than 20 members. Marylyn McCormick is president; Shirley Watson, vice-president; Mary Ellen Pasmore, secretary, and Carol Jane Paxton, treasurer. Activities of Mortar Board include serving at the senior reception, ushering at Commencement, sponsoring the Red Cross drive and selling Christmas cards. Sponsors are Miss Dorothy Engle and Mrs. Howard Pettersen. Fecond row: Watscn, Miller. Donahue. Paxton, Pasmore, McCormick First row: Stegeman, Mrs. Pettersen. Dr. Engle, Jones OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Character, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals are the bases upon which men are selected for Omicron Delta Kappa. Officers are Dale Smith, president; Albert Frevert, vice-president; Dr. W. Lewis Troyer, secretary, and Donald Lee, treasurer. Mr. Walter B. Sprandel is the advisor. The purpose of the organization is, first, to recognize men who have attained a h ' gh standard of efficiency in collegiate activities; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life, and third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual in- terest and understanding. Second row: Dr. Troyer, Floria, Wurm, Dr. Battenhouse, Lee First row: Richards, Mr. Sprandel. Smith, Dr. Chickering. Bertsch Not in picture: Frevert, J. MacDonald, Morton. Dr. Rowland. Dr. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary organization for freshman women who have attained z scholastic average of 2.5 either after their first semester or for their entire freshman year. Mem- bers maintain active standing during their sophcmore year and then become collegiate alumnae This year ' s officers are Joan Hunsicker, president; Eleanor Norton, vice-president; Carol Hoffman, secretary, and Margaret Crissey, treasurer. Miss Jeannett Church and Miss Clara Dixon are senior advisors and Carol Jane Paxton is junior advisor. Activities of the organization include serving the alumni dinner at Homecoming and being hostesses to camous visitors. Second row: Paxton, Johnston, Crosby, Renshaw, Crissey First row: Hoffman. Miss Church. Hunsicker, Miss Dixon, Norton Net in picture: Lord PHI ETA SIGMA ' Membership to Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary men ' s fraternity, is limited to freshman men who have attained a scholastic average of 2.5 or more at the end of their first semester. The fra- ternity was brought to Albion ' s campus in January, 1949, to promote a higher, standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic attainment among the freshman men. Officers are Robert Sechlar, president; James Dettman, vice-president; Paul Jones, treasurer, and Roger Klemm, secretary. Dr. A. M. Chickering and Dean Emil Leffler are the advisors. Second row: Stevens, Ehlert, Harrington, Klemm. Jones, Johnston, Krugel First row: Dettman. Dr. Leffler. Dr. Chickering. Sechler Not in picture: Casteel, Kemp, Potter STUDENT COUNCIL Clark Jacot, president, led Student council activities this year. Other officers are William Shcnefelt, vice-president; Nancy Crosby, secretary, and Chris Christ, treasurer. Dr. T. M. Carter is the advisor. Members are chosen to represent college classes, fraternities, sororities and independent organizations. The Council conducts elections for class officers, Council representatives and Home- coming queen ; directs nominations for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; " plans a freshman mixer, " Bust Outs, " Big Three Week End and other college dances; helps to plan Home- coming, and works with the Calendar committee. CAMPUS RELIGIOUS COUNCIL- Sponsoring Religious Emphasis week, campus forum speakers, Easter Matin services and the drive to bring a displaced person to study at Albion were among the activities of the Campus Re- ligious council this year. Designed for the stimulation and promotion of religious thinking and co- ordination of religious activities on campus, the Council is headed by Carl Sattelberg. James Benedict, vice-president; Carol Hoffman, secretary, and Lawrence Collins, treasurer, complete the slate of officers. Dr. John L. Cheek; Dr. Wayne Fleenor, and Mr. Howard E. Pettersen advise the group. Second row: Burr, Toy, Mr. Pettersen, Hollowell, Burrows, Polley, Miller, Frevert First row: Dr. Fleenor, Benedict, Sattelberg, Hoffman, Dr. Cheek Not in picture: Collins, Cummings ' ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Serving as a self-government association for the women of Albion college, the AWS board directs and provides for all the activities cf the dormitory and annexes. The board appoints com- mittees to have charge of Thursday afternoon teas, the special Wednesday night dinners, Christmas breakfast and special Big Three Week End festivities, and acts as a governing group. The officers of the Association of Women Students are Patricia Perry, president; Sally Mackenzie, vice-presi- dent; Carol Jane Paxton, secretary, and Marylyn McCormick, treasurer. SEATON HALL HOUSE COMMITTEE The Seaton hall house committee is composed of two members elected from each floor to coordinate the student-administration affairs of the men in the dormitory. The committee is as- sisted by Mrs. Joseph Baldwin, Seaton hall hostess, and Mr. Maurice McLean, director of Seaton hall. The officers are Bruce Kresge, president; James Lee. vice-president and social chairman; Maurice Fowler, secretary- treasurer, and John Sperr, public relations. The committee has organ- ized a faculty reception, an open house, a Christmas party for the men in Seaton hall, and a sleighnde. Second row: Lee. Fowler. Barsch First row Rupp, Kresge, Wunderlin, Allen YWCA Providing a counseling system for freshman women and printing calendars of campus events for the year have been two new YWCA activities for this year. The group also helped plan fresh- man orientation week, sponsored ten weekly meetings for freshman women with out-of-town speakers, provided weekly vespers in the dormitory under student leadership, and sold candy and soft drinks in the dormitory to raise money to send delegates to the national conference at Geneva. The Albion college YWCA has exchanged visits with Jackson and Hillsdale. The officers are Jacquelyn Cummings, president; Marylyn McCormick, vice-president; Jean Tharp, secretary, and Betty Jones, treasurer. Second row: Spalding, Pasmore, Evans. Miller, First row: Spanier, Tharp, Cummings, McCorm Not in picture: Leenhouts, Kay, H -tung, Hoffman, Henc Jones, Reitzel Anderson, Wilcox YMCA To interpret and promote the Christian way of living for the individual is the purpose of the YMCA. This group was directed by Max Toy, president; James Benedict, vice-president; Milton Ehlert, secretary; Stanley Kresge, treasurer, and Mr. Howard E. Petterson, advisor. In carrying out its purpose the Y has sponsored many activities. They helped in freshman orientation by sponsoring a picnic for men and joint vespers and a dance with the YWCA. They worked with boys ' clubs in town, participated in the Campus Religious council, provided important speakers for open meetings, exchanged visits with other Y ' s in the state, and sponsored movies. ZETA EPSILON LAMBDA Cooperating with the YWCA for the annual Horn-of-Plenty dinner at Thanksgiving time, working with the school children through Big and Little Sister clubs at both Dalrymple and West Ward schools, as well as many other social services mark the activities of Zeta Epsilor Lambda, a group formed to create a fellowship of college women interested in Christian social service. Mrs. John L. Cheek advises the group. Officers of Zeta Epsilon Lambda are Ruth Hollo- well, president; Alice Behnke, vice-president; Doris Neidlinger, secretary, and Leila Jackson, treasurer. Third row: Thoms. Readhead. Comstock. Blandmg, Robertson. Larson. Marshall Second row: Dusendorf, Steele, Wiek. Niehoff. Miller, Hamilton, Walker. Conklin First row: Tower. Jackson. Mrs. Cheek. Hollowell, Mrs. Yinger. Neidlinger, Behnke Not in picture: Abbott, Chnsman, Corr, Douglas. Coodell, Crettenberger. Halsted, Hough, Kay. Keim, McRae. Rowe, Sluyter, VanderVen, Worthington CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon is composed of college men who are preparing for Christian work in the min- istry, missions and religious social work. They are united to promote Christian thinking and fel- lowship on the campus and within the group. Albert Frevert heads the organization with Max Polley, vice-president; Donald Sattelberg, secretary; Kenneth Crodavent, treasurer, and Richard L. Hall, worship chairman. Sponsors of the group are Dr. John L. Cheek, Dr. Wayne Fleenor, Mr. John H. Lavely, and Dr. John Tennant of the Albion First Methodist church. Third row: Reinier. Filbrandt. Bintz. Burr. Nielsen. C. Sattelberg. Sherman, Davenport. Short, Willis, Croat Second row: Hartman. Brown, Redmond, Baker. Gilbert. Frost. Fiske. Lowder, Davis, Taber, Smith. Spinney First row: Dr. Cheek, Polley, Frevert, D. Sattelberg, Crodavent, Sutton, Wilson PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL ' The Publications council elects the editor, rranaging editor, business manager and circulation manager of the Pleiad, and the editor, associate editor and business manager of the Albionian for the coming year. Student members of the Council are elected by popular vote of the student body while the treasurer is appointed by the administration. The organization supervises the editorial and business policies and the staffs of the Albionian, Pleiad and Student directory. Roy Johns is presi- dent, assisted by Donna Meadema as secretary. Dr. H. 0. Hendrickson is treasurer and Dr. Joseph J. Irwin is vice-president. Carolyn Cetty and Barbara Hearst are the other members of the Council. Johns, Cetty, Meaden ALPHA PHI GAMMA ' Alpha Phi Gamma is a national honorary journalistic fraternity which serves to recognize in- dividual ability and achievement in journalism in colleges and universities; to serve and promote the welfare of the college through journalism, and to establish cordial relationships between the students and members of the profession. All members earn their membership by work on college publications and are expected to continue to work on publications. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin is the fac- ulty advisor. Second row: Alex; inder. Zimmei -man First r. w: McLain, Watson, Dr. Irwi Not in picture: Dr Battenhouse, Johi Harley, Cansfield, Richards ■ALBIONIAN ' Donald Alexander, editor-in-chief, headed the staff of the Albionian this year. He was aided by Helen Cansfield. associate editor; Neil Cochrane, business manager; Barbara Hearst, class editor, and staff members chosen from among members of the newswriting and newsediting classes. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin served as advisor, assisted by Dr. H. 0. Hendrickson and Mr. Anthony Taffs. The Albionian is published annually to record student activities and to picture students and faculty members. Work begins nearly a year before the book is published and progresses through the planning and designing stages, through the hands of photographer, copywriters and editors, engraver, printer, binder and cover manufacturer until the book is ready for dis- tribution. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin, Faculty Advisor Neil Cochrane, Business Manager Helen Cansfield. Associate Editor Dr. H. 0. Hendrickson, Business Advisor aid Alexander. Editor Second row: Dunne, Crant-Watters, Reed, Harle -irst row: Mr. Taffs, Harger. Nuckolls. Hearst PLEAID Shiriey Watson, Editor The Pleiad, published each week throughout the college year, presents news and features of campus life of interest to the student body. It serves also as a laboratory for members of the newswriting and news- editing classes who staff the paper, which is organized as nearly as possible like a professional newspaper. Shirley Watson was editor-in-chief assisted by Maureen McLain, managing editor. Bud Johns was sports editor and Jack Zimmerman business manager. Other students who by previous training were qualified to do so served on the copy desk. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin was advisor while Mr. Anthony Taffs was his editorial assistant and Dr. H. O. Hendrickson directed the business policies. Copy for the paper is gathered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the editors have planned the work at a Monday press conference. The copy is edited on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the paper is made up Thursday afternocns, and printed and distributed on Friday morn- ings. Dr. Joseph J. Irwin, Faculty Advisor Maureen McLain, Managing Editor Dr. H O. Hendrickson, Business Advisor Jack Zimmerman, Business Manager Second row: Johnston, Harger, Dunne, Cran t-Watters, Nuckolls, Jueckstock, Harley. Richards First row: Alexander, Mr. Taffs. Donahue, Loff, Cansfieid, Hearst BAND- The Albion college band played for football and basketball games under the direction of Dr. Conway Peters as well as leading the Homecoming parade and a Christmas parade for the city of Albion. April 16-25, the organization went on its annual tour during which it played an average of three concerts a day in several Michigan cities, including Bay City and Detroit. Flutes: Johnston. Tredwell. Eash, Irwin; Oboes: Smith, Renier; Clarinet linger. Catton. Goodwin, Balkema, Snyder, Penhale, Eppler. Hiller: Bassoc French Horns: Spanier, Hoopingarner, C. Kelly, Anderson, Weiss: Altos: Engstrom, Clark, D. Kelly; Trumpets: Fultz, Clayton, Dick Black. Miller Saxophones: Gauss, Tower, Maron; Trombones: Gates. Meyers, Horst, Connors. Conklin; Drums: Wade, Highlund, Stormer; Tympani : Coulter. rger. Dickerson, Hunsicker, Neid- 3or, Peterson, Leland. l, Worthington, Webb; Baritones: lie. Talbot. ■; Basses: Butterfield, Sturtridge, •ORCHESTRA- Besides accompanying the band on its tour, April 16-25, the Albion College Orchestra pre- sented its home concert in the Chapel on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 19. The Orchestra, which has full instrumentation, is directed by Dr. Conway Peters. First Violins: French, Vedder. B. Smith, Wilcox, Whetstone, Sanford, Inman; Second Violins: Vinson, Thomas. Dobie. Robertson, Miller. Dick. Clayton, Conners; Violas: Fr. Mangrum, Robins. Talbot, Oliver, Rauchbauer, Clark; Cellos: Halsted, McCormick. Neidhnger, M. Gates; Basses: Donaldson. Butterf ' eld. Cray, Palmiter. Flutes: Johnston, Tredwell, Eash, Irwin; Oboes: R. Smith, Reinier; English Horn: R. Smith; Clarinets: Barger. Dickerson, Hunsicker, Hiller. Catton; Bass Clarinet: Hiller; Bassoons: Foor, Peterson, Leland. French Horns: Spanier. Hoopingarner, Kelly, Anderson, Weiss; Trumpets: Fultz, Black, Trombones: C. Gates. Meyers, Horst, Bucklyn; Tuba: Sturtridge; Celesta: Hunsicker; Percussic Worthington; Tympani: Coulter, « ' • c •rV -JL i, tnv.i r ' « . , v; ■4-lX ' f ' k ' + ' ' ' ' A CAPPELLA CHOIR The a cappella choir sang at the Homecoming alumni banquet and joined with the Choral society in presenting the Christmas portions of " The Messiah " in December. The remainder was presented in March. The annual tour, April 18 to 26, included concerts in Michigan cities and Chicago. Officers are Charles Bertsch, president ; Carolyn Getty, secretary, and Dale Smith, treasurer. Fourth row: Hemstreet, D. P. Smith, Coad. Davenport, Handley, Lawrence, Engle. Ferry, Harrington, Porter, Weeks, Bertsch, Enos, N. Smith, Cibb Third row: Parello. Wurdock, Bayless, D. Sattelberg, Johnson, Bornell, C. Sattelberg, Keys, D. F. Smith. Alex- ander, Hanlon. riall, Burt, Fcv, Metsker Second row: Hearst. Erickson, McCann. Knopf. Hoyt, Hoffs. Fillmore, Getty, Willoughby, M. Smith. Engman, Read- head. Odgers, Arthurs, Sluyter, Barnes First row: Finney, Bigler, Russell, P. Smith, Chisholm. Anderson. Hengst, Keim, Mr. Strickler. Paxton. Tomion. Bradford, Burns, Blanchard, Thorn, Heimburger, Perkins Not in picture: Baker. Blair. Larimer. Nebergal, Nieman, Rademacher MADRIGAL SINGERS ' Programs in Lake Odessa; Okemos; Metropolitan Methodist church, Detroit; Christ church, Cranbrook; Hastings; Main Street Methodist church, Lansing, and Albion made up the activities of the Madrigal Singers this year. The purpose of the group is to present the best in vocal litera- ture, both ancient and modern. The organization is directed by Mr. David L. Strickler. :ond row: D. P. Smith, D. st row: Blanchard, M. Sm Ferry. Bertsch, N. Smith, Mr. Strickler kson, Odgers, P. Smith. Heimberger — — • — -i - " ' mE) M Be Bks .. ■ k Bi : . j| [- 1 m m H I 1 Ha ■- ■ J B h tm gs Bt a ■ BjjB a L 1 1 W ' W J mm if ' ■■:■-■ ' Ml SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Led by Carol Jane Paxton, president, Sigma Alpha lota sponsored a piano-organ recital by Mrs. Clark Dean and Mrs. Clen Kemler, the annual Song Fest Feb. 24, and Sunday afternoon mu- sicales at Susanna Wesley hall. Members attended the SAI State Day at Ann Arbor. Other of- ficers of the fraternity are Barbara Coulter, vice president; Phyllis Smith, secretary, and Ernestine Keim, treasurer. Mrs. James W. Brock, Mrs. Robert Kelsey and Mrs. Louis U. Rowland are pat- ronesses. The purpose of this national professional music fraternity is to study and practice th2 goodness of life, the beauty of art and the meaning of music. Second row: Thomas, Hunsicker First row: Sartin, Hoyt, Chisholn Not in picture: Hearst Odgers. Hofts, Fersch, Kay, Do Coulte This Keii PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA ' Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national music fraternity, endeavors to advance the cause of music, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music and to give recognition to outstand- ing worth in musical activity. Dale Smith, president; Donald Bahs, vice-president; Hugh Robins, secretary, and Donald Alexander, treasurer, headed the organization this year. Dr. Louis U. Rowland and Mr. David L. Strickler are advisors. Phi Mu Alpha sponsored the annual Quartet sing and th . Interfraternity sing during the year. Third row: Weiss, Olson, Barger. Bayless, Meyers, Clayton, Fultz Second row: Niemann, Clark, Cates, Ferrv, LucNngton. Hoopingarner. Bahs. Miller First row: Dr. Rowland, Butterfield, D. P. Smith, Bertsch, D. F. Smith. Robins, Dick, Alexander, Mr. Strickler DELTA SIGMA RHO Delta Sigma Rho serves as the honorary fraternity for debaters. Students must be juniors or seniors and have participated in two years of intercollegiate speech activity to be eligible for membership. As an honorary the group carries on few campus activities. This year it did, however, sponsor a campus forum on the topic, " Must America Co the Way of Great Britain? " Five other colleges joined in these discussions. Members also participated in the forum on movies. For these forums the group brought 29 distinguished guests to the campus. Jack Zimmerman is president of the group; Neil Bintz, secretary; Mr. D. Maynard Aris, treasurer, and Dr. J. V. Garland, major advisor. FORENSICS Forensics is composed of three speech elements: debate, oratory and extemporaneous speak- ing. The debaters have participated in debates at the University of Indiana, Northwestern university. University of Wisconsin and in the state tournament at Lansing. They also sponsored a state practice debate at Albion. In the annual extemporaneous contest Oct. 26 Joanna Dean and Max Cornell were the winners. In the state finals at Ypsilanti Joanna Dean placed fourth. In the state oratorical and extemporaneous peace speech contest in Albion Jack Zimmerman tied for second place in the men ' s extemporaneous contest and Ann Rathbone placed first in the women ' s oratory. Advisors are Dr. J. V. Garland and Mr. Otis J. Aggertt. Third row: Brigham, Cornell, Lonsberry, Pinkney. Sherman Second row: Walker, Wilkins, Wilson. Wagner. Carmien, Beach F ' r-t row: Mr. Aggertt, Hotchkiss, Lewis, Ear 1 , Bintz, Dr. Garland ' ALBION COLLEGE PLAYERS ' The Albion College Players are the dramatics production organization on Albion ' s campus. Organized as an extra-curricular activity of the speech department, it is run on a seasonal basis with a minimum of three major full-length productions. This year the Players have produced " The Class Menagerie " by Tennessee Williams; " Night Must Fall " by Emlyn Williams, and " The Rivals " by Richard B. Sheridan. In addition to these they assisted in producing seven one-act plays directed by members of the play direction class. Only members of Players can serve in executive positions as heads of crews on productions. The officers are Duryea Morton, first semester president; John Nixon, second semester president; Earle Ormiston, vice-president; Dolores Calhoun, secretary, Phi jp Paul, treasurer, and Mr. James W. Brock, advisor. Third n Second First ro Hassberger. Anderson, Meadema, Pasmore, Creamer. Rathbone. Bradner, Cold, Akerley : Harmer. Morris, deNicola. Cray. Dean, Brigham. Cornell. Lyster, Curtis, Olcott Zimmerman, Siler. Nixon, Morton, Mr. Brock, Calhoun, Paul Ormiston, Lynn " MM ' Hi H ' i ' f HI HIH 1 ' V I% A ' Mil: pfllwJ h ' THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi is an honorary fraternity for recognition of achievement in dramatic art with members chosen from the upperclassmen. They have participated in several full-length ploys, either in dramatic roles or as production executives. David Harmer was president this year; Ann Rathbone, secretary-treasurer; and Mr. James Brock, advisor. The chief function of the group is to serve as a nucleus for stimulating interest in the theater and in sponsoring activities other than direct pro- duction. One of these activities was presenting Prof. Donald Buell, director of the Michigan State college theater, to the student body as a speaker on modern art, February 10. Seccnd row: Nixon. First row: Rathbone, Not in picture: Calh Morton. Paul DRAMATICS ACTION " NIGHT MUST FALL ' Sheffield Rathbone Harger Brigham Rathbone Sudborough BACKSTAGE CREWS Zimmerman Ormiston Gilbert Harmer Lenhoff Allen Creamer Dean Beach Lynn Morton Anderson WORLD FEDERALISTS To educate all those interested in the implications of world government is the aim of the World Federalists. The group, advised by Dr. Royal C. Hall, set aside a week in April as World Federalist week during which Dr. Preston Slosson, professor of history at the University of Michigan, spoke. Other activities of the club included a chapel debate on world government and the circulation of a monthly newspaper, " The Albion Federalist. " Officers are Neil Bintz, president; William Sh;n- efelt, vice-president; Eileen Hart, secretary, and Leila Jackson, treasurer. Third row: Frevert. Wade. Sheffield, R. A. Burrows. R. C. Burrow Second row: Wilkins, Heydon, J. Bird, Bintz, Dell, Siler First row: Carmien. Jackson, Shenefelt, Earl, Ronan, Evans Not in picture: Bartrop, D. Bird. Davenport. Dean, Dickerson, Filbr, comb. Hole, Japinga, Lee, Rogers, Sartin, Schwartz, Shiere, It, Cilbe Rogers, Coodell, Hart, He SIGMA DELTA PSI Albion college was granted a chapter of Sigma Delta Psi last year to promote physical, mental and moral development of college students. Only four students have successfully passed the athletic tests required for membership thus far, but trials are being held regularly for those who are interested. The tests cover skills in running, jumping, throwing and swimming. Candidates must also meet the requirements for scholarship, physical condition and posture. The group ' s officers are: Jack Sharp, president; Harry Hidenfelter, vice-president; Robert Eggleston, secretary, and Clark Jacot, treasurer. Mr. Delmar Anderson, Dr. W. J. Gilbert, Mr. Howard Peterson, Mr. Walter Sprandle, and Mr. Dale Sprankle are faculty members. Mr Dr. Gilbert. Mr. Sprankle. Mr. derson, Hidenfelter. Sharp. Mr Eggleston BETA BETA BETA ' The big event of the year for the Biology club was its installation as Alpha Alpha chapter of Beta Beta Beta, national biological fraternity. It had been organized as the Biology club since 1896. Dr. A. M. Chickering is faculty advisor for the group with Joan Bedford, as the president of the organization; Herbert Humphrey, vice-president, and William Yost, secretary-treasurer. The organization emphasizes independent intellectual study in some problem of biological science and fosters fellowship. An open house of the biology department was held in the spring. Second row: Mr. Ballou, Jackson. Dettman, Johnson, Field. Thompson, Zick, Batsakis, Dr. Gilbert First row: Miss Dixon, Dr. Chickering, Yost. Bedford, Humphrey, Miss Bedford, Miss Rogers Not in picture: Benedict, Hunter, MacDonald, Marsh CHEMISTRY CLUB Richard Appl, president, has led the Chemistry club in its activities this year. Other officers are Deane Floria, vice-president; Marvin Crostic, secretary-treasurer, and David Harmer, program chairman. Dr. David L. Randall is the faculty advisor. The purpose of the club is to secure for the members the advantages arising from discussions of chemical problems, to create a broader and more intimate knowledge of chemistry, and to further the study of this science at Albion college. Monthly lectures by students, faculty and guest speakers are sponsored by the club. Third row: Bauer, Grove. Sankuer. Dailey, Irw Second row: Vogel, Klemm, Hock, Decker, Hi First row: Hamm, Dr. Randall, Grostic, Appl, i Not in picture: Dr. Carnell, Floria, Hanlon, Heinrich, Mr Warren, Wheaton i, Benedict, Jones, Batsaki: rington, Elwyn. Yost, Field, armer, Dr. Engle, Lord Munk. Park, Heck Ricker, -CLASSICAL CLUB To further the inspiration of those who are interested in the ancient classics is the purpose of the Classical club with Dr. Mary E. McKinney as its advisor. Monthly meetings thrs year were devoted to the study of Roman festivals. Mr. Ralph Merriam, Chicago lawyer, spoke on Plato at an open meeting soonsored by the club in November. The annual club banquet was held February 14. Lois Hildebrandt acts as president of the club; Max Polley. vice-president, and Joyce Phillips, secretary- treasurer. Second row: Mohrhardt, Renshaw, First row: Pol ' ey, Hildebrandt, Dr. Not in picture: Beckman, McDon Myer, Oliver, Kusbel McKinnev, Hagerman lid. Mohl, Newell. Phillips ' CONTRIBUTORS ' CLUB ' The Contributors ' club was formed to promote good writing and to gain appreciation of good writing, Harrison Sudborough is the president of the club, and Jean Tharp is vice-president. Helen Rayle serves as secretary and Doris McRae, as treasurer. Faculty members and advisors of the Contributors ' club are Dr. Henry M. Battenhouse, Mr. Keith J. Fennimore, Miss Julia McCune, and Mrs. Elsie B. Silkworth. The club members are English majors who have a two-point average in the field. Second row: McDonald. Reed, Grieves. Wade, J. Phillips, Lenhoff. Hoffman, Bloomquist First row: Tharp, Beach, Rayle, Lester, McRae, Johnston, Nuckolls Not in picture: Beckman. Gutha , Harger, M. Phillips. Sartm, Scharff, Sudburough ECONOMICS CLUB- Kenneth Nelson presides over meetings of the Economics club, which was organized with the idea of creating interest in special economic and business administrative activities among the students. Mr. Maynard E. Aris and Dr. Walter A. Terpenning sponsor the club. The club ' s activi- ties this year included the second annual Business and Economics conference and two field trips, one to Chicago and the other to Detroit. Neil Cochrane serves as vice-president, and Elizabeth Cascoyne is secretary. Jack Zimmerman is treasurer of the organization. Third row: Kay. New Second row: Ballard, First row: Mr. Aris, nan, Zimmerman. Beck, Inglis, Ytterberg, Gregory Cartwright, Knight, Christ, Meisel, Krautheim, Kurtz, Schaible Cochrane, Cascoyne, Nelson, Miss O ' Bryant, Dr. Terpenning, FORUM CLUB Monthly forums and discussions on subjects of current national and international interest con- stitute a regular activity of the Forum club. It also invites outside speakers with interesting ex- periences and a knowledge of world affairs to stimulate interest in current problems of national and international importance. The membership of the club is limited to 30 junior and senior history or political science majors. The officers are Peirce Lewis, president; George Kay, vice- president, and Felicia Stegeman, secretary-treasurer. Dr. H. O. Hendrickson, assisted by Dr. Royal C. Hall and Mr. Coy James, advises the club. Third row Mackenzie, Alpern, Meadema, Alexander, Hart, Panj Second row: Weiday, Cartwright, Alverson, Christ, Roberts, Sorr First row: Earl, Smith, Kay. Lewis, Stegeman, Dr. Hendrickson, FRENCH CLUB The French club met six times during the year with Dr. D. M. Gilbert, Miss Isolde Henninger. Joan Richards. Lea Spanier, and Miss Eleanor Senn as principal speakers at various meetings. Members of the French composition and conversation class presented an original play at the Christ- mas meeting and a picnic was given in May. The club ' s purpose is to encourage members to take an active interest in French literature, art and the life of the French people, and to furnisH an opportunity to use French in conversation. Ruth Hollowell, president; June Graham, vice- president; Audrey Grieves, secretary, and Lea Spanier, treasurer, led the group. Mrs. Hugh Coop- er was the advisor. Third row: Wilson, Young. Smith. Krugel Second row: Fleenor, BBrna, Hcnrichs, Norton, BeaJty, B ach First row: Graham. Hollowell. Grieves, Mrs. Cooper GERMAN CLUB The German club conducts monthly meetings in German and attempts to foster intellectual, social and practical understanding of German customs. Early in the fall Dr. Mary E. McKmney, advisor of the club, spoke to the group on the Goethe Bicentennial convocation at Aspen, Colo The club has since participated in a state-wide Goethe celebration at Mt. Pleasant and a Goethe musical celebration in Detroit. In February they traveled to East Lansing to see a German movie. They also sponsored the annual German Christmas song fest. Officers of the club are Fred Krugei. president; Lester Shiere, vice-president; Hildegard Leopold, secretary, and Edward Pulse, treasurer. Third row: Roulier, Park. Jones. McDonald, Grostic Second row: Bailey. Schaack. Kloster, Coon. Seehler. Runkle First row: Pulse. Shiere, Krugel, Dr. McKinney, Leopold HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ' The Home Economics club, sponsored by Miss Pauline Rodgers was organized to promote interest in vocational and practical home economics and to investigate present day problems re- lating to the home and community. Dorothy Hengst is president of the club which is a member of the Michigan and American Home Economics associations. Other officers are Joan Lindberg, vice-president; Frances Young, secretary; Edna Heimburger, treasurer. The club presented an introductory tea for freshman women in the fall and, in the spring, the annual Brides ' tea, and a lecturer on modern fashions in silver. Titus, Hawver, Weaver. Lang eimburger, Roe, Lindberg, Mi: Beatty, Thorn, Ande Rogers, Hengst. Frit2 £L® KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fraternity, attempts to develop an apprecia- tion of the value and beauty of mathematics in students of superior ability in the mathematics field. It sponsors a series of monthly programs to aid in the development of this appreciation. The club is directed by Raymond Gillespie, president; Albert Foster, vice-president; Patricia Collins, secretary-treasurer; Jack Newell, program chairma n, and Dr. Harold D. Larsen, faculty advisor. Third row: McKean, Ricker, Floria, Harmer, Mr. Cox, Fischer Second row: Warren, Fryer, Horn, Kehe, Harrington, Diehl, Burrows, Dr. Ingalls First row: Newell, Collins, Foster, Gillespie. Dr. Larsen Not in picture: Anderton, Beatty, Brautigan, Ehlert, Ferguson, Haas, Higgins, Jones, Kidder, Klemm, Krohns, KAPPA PI Kappi Pi, national honorary art society, was brought to Albion ' s campus to create a fellow- ship for art students on campus and to increase the appreciation and understanding of art. The club is sponsored by Mr. Vernon Bobbitt and Miss Constance Fowler, and the officers are Lawrence Wade, president; Marilyn Stevens, vice-president; Elizabeth Verdow, recording secretary; Vera Van Buren, corresponding secretary; William Watson, treasurer; Donna Anderson, social chairman, and Jean Montgomery, historian. Activities this year included monthly programs dealing with " The Art World, " including lectures by Mr. Bobbitt, Mr. John Frazer Mills and Dr. Ernst Sheyer. A panel discussion was held on the topic of " Art Vocations. " Third row: La Freniere, Silkworth, Callahan. Oliver. Lynn, Shepard. Yoder, V. Anderson, Deckert Second row: Yocum. Behnke. Hawver. Rosbolt. Spier. Sias, Rayle, Pasmore. Creamer. Engle First row: Mr. Bobbitt. W. Watson. D. Anderson. Wade, Montgomery. VanBuren. Verdow. Miss Fowler Not in picture: Phillips. Roe, S ' evens. Vogel, Wear PHYSICS CLUB The Physics club was formed by the advanced students in the department, in conjunction with the teaching staff, to stimulate interest and research and to encourage independent study in the field of physics. The club was led this year by Daniel Harrington, president; Harry Lawrie, vice- president, and Charles Ricker, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisors are Dr. Justin Clathart, Mr. Loren Hanna and Mr. Howard Petterson. The club has sponsored guest speakers from the indus- trial and scientific fields, and it has published a monthly physics problem with a prize presen ted to the student offering the best solution. Combined meetings of the Physics club and Kappa Mu Epsilon were held in December and February. Johnson, Khanna. Floria, Bailey, r. Clathart, Ricker, Harrington. L Mr SOCIOLOGY CLUB The purpose of the Sociology club is to stimulate interest in current international and com- munity sociological problems and to aid the student in viewing them from an objective angle. Ad- visors for the group are Dr. W. L. Troyer and Dr. B. J. Oliver. Betty Jones, president; Peggy Holcomb. vice-president; and Jean Tharp, secretary-treasurer, serve as the officers of the club. Activities for the year besides outside speakers at each meeting included a two-day field trip to Grand Rapids in the fall and a picnic in May. Second row: Page, Redmond, Croat. Buter. Taber. Transue, C. Miller, Sutton, Klimovich, Ellis, Hamilton First row: Thompson, Perkins, McRae, Tharp, Jones, Holcomb, Jackson, Hendrick, Bachman Not in picture: Alford, Frost, Hamilton, Hawes, Hough, J. Miller, Nebel SPANISH CLUB- Helen Koepel, president of the Spanish club, has led the group this year in stimulating an in- terest in the literature, art and customs of Spain and Latin America. The club also offers an op- portunity for the students to practice speaking Spanish. Other officers of the organization are Wallace Cameron, vice-president; Nancy Fleenor, secretary, and Dorothy Lamson, treasurer. Miss Mary N. Dagger is the faculty sponsor. The club gave a program in chapel on Pan-American day and they prepared a dinner in the spring, serving only Latin American dishes. Third row: Jackson, McKillop, Bauer, Krugel, Pasmore Second row: Engman, Reitzel, Wheeler, Titus, Loff First row: Lamson, Fleenor, Koepel, Cameron, Miss Dagger. Miss Church Not in picture: Mrs. Cooper, Ertell, Gilbert, Harger, Hearst, Mulli| BRITON CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FOOTBALL Fifth row: Cervais, Frantz, Maas, Lamping, Swanson, Martin, Held, Weston, Leeke Fourth row: Balcinlis, Porter, Pinkney, Guilford, Blumenthal, Adams. Baughey, Kehe. Welch Third row: Hidenfelter, Wurmlinger, Stelle, Cicchcl a, Dunne, Berry, Weidle, Brautigam, Frost Second row: Bennett, Wilcox, Coughenour, Monahan, Carducci, Hodgin, Jueckstock, Joranko, Deusen, Mr. Sprandel First row: Mr. Matlhews, Mr, Anderson, Shurlow, Carson, Frey, Shebel, Smith, Stanton. Ma Maieski. Rowan The Albion college Britons, playing their second season under the direc- tion of Coach Del Anderson, chalked up a record of two wins and one tie against six losses during the 1949 campaign. Opening their nine-game season a week earlier than usual, the Britons smothered the Defiance Ohio I col- lege team, 30-7, on the turf at Alumni field. The Albion eleven then drew one of the toughest assignments of the year when they entertained the Wabash Cavemen from Crawfordsville, Ind. A see-saw battle ended in a 19-19 tie. The Britons took the longest road trip of the season the first week in October to Carroll col!ege. Waukesha, Wis., where they dropped the tilt 17-7. Opening MIAA grid warfare, the Britons went to Adrian and clashed with the Bulldogs, losing 26-7. The succeeding week, the Kalmazoo Horn- ets came to Alumni field for the Homecoming c ' ay game. They left with a 21 -7 victory. The Purple and Cold gridsters ac- counted for their second win by whipping the Olivet Comets, 12-6; on the last Saturday in October the Britons bowed to the Alma Scots, 14- 6. They closed 1 heir home season losing to Hope college, 21-6. In the finale of the year, the Hiibdale Dales won out 21 -7. Although the Albion team went victorless in MIAA competition, the Briton ' s Ed Madjeski was honored by being selected as a guard on the AM - Star first team. Cames Opponents Albioi Defiance college 7 30 Wabash college 19 19 Carroll college 17 7 Adrian college 26 7 Kalamazoo colleg: ! 21 7 Olivet college 6 12 Alma college 14 6 Hope college 21 6 Hillsdale college 21 7 FOOTBALL Betz, Little, Anders. Held. Eggleston. Bo Ir. Andersen, Sigren, Joranko, Humphrey, Fowler ' erkins, Hurst, Pinkney. Maas rry, Frost, Clark, Mohl, Allen, Forter The Britons wrote into the score books a record of 10 wins against 15 losses for the 1949- ' 50 basketball season ending the MIAA conference race in a three-way tie for third place and capturing the first MIAA round-robin tournament. Vince Sigren, who was co-winner of the tournament ' s most valuable player award, was chosen the most valuable player for the season by his teammates. Max Berry was elected honorary captain. In their seasonal excursions, the Britons did not fair too well. In their swing to the east, they downed Toronto university and lost to Buffalo State Teachers college. During the Christmas holidays and the Ohio road trip, Albion was credited with four losses; however, two of them by three points or less. The In- diana trip was none too successful for the Britons lost to Wabash and Tri-State. After dropping their first three MIAA games, the Britons came back to chalk up thei r initial league win over Hope. They followed it up with wins over Adrian and Hillsdale, and topped it off by handing the Kalamazoo Hornets their first and only league loss. They closed their court warfare by whipping Adrian fnr the second time. In the annual Rotary basketball carnival, Albion won a surprising vi university Tartars, 53-44 Olivet college Wayne university Alma college Buffalo State Teachers Toronto university Hillsdale college Wooster college Western Reserve universi Mount Union college Wooster college Ashland college MIAA TOURNAMENT Alma college Adrian college Kalamazoo college Kalamazoo college Hope college Adrian college Wabash college Tri-State college Alma college Olivet college Hillsdale college Kalamazoo college Hope college Adrian college tory over the Wayn Opponents Albio 51 49 44 53 41 37 61 54 50 69 51 41 75 56 y 81 66 40 39 69 56 67 64 47 68 56 58 48 55 65 53 56 59 65 68 66 59 75 63 61 29 57 54 43 50 44 59 59 48 59 63 Mr. Del mar Anderson, a Eggleston Mr. Walter Sprandel, he ;istant coach Fourth row: Mr. Sprankle, Hagadone. Aller Third row: Jacot, Pinkney, Polley, Garett, Second row: Vandivort. Ball, McGregor, First row: Cappel, Sharp. Shenefelt, Maas. Sprandel )s. Haas, Hagan nfelter, Davis, Van Schoi ck, Trombley Perkins. Brown, Briggs, Eggleston The Briton trackmen under the guidance of Coach Walter B. Sprandel won their fourth consecutive post-war track crown by downing Adrian in the MIAA track meet at Kalamazoo on May 20, 1949. The Britons lost only one meet out of eight during the outdoor season and that was to Adrian. However, in the league meet, Albion came back to score 76 Vz points to 56-1 3 for the second place Adrian. In the MIAA meet, the thinclads took six firsts and showed strong bal- ance in retaining their crown. Max Polley was a double winner for the Britons when he broke the tape in the 100 and 220-yard dash. Jerry Trombley won the quarter-mile and Ted Hagadone won the mile run. In the field events, John Haas took the disc title. Albion ' s other first came in the mile relay. Don Vandivort, Bill Shenefelt, Bill Van Schoick and Trombley were clocked in 3:30.4 to set a new MIAA mark for that event. The team elected Trombley as the most valuable Briton runner and also chose Polley to captain the team dur- ing the 1950 season. For the third consecutive year, Albion col- lege ' s cross country team annexed the MIAA cross country title, as Ted Hagadone success- fully defended his individual runner ' s title for the second straight year. The Britons in the last three years have dropped only one race each season, but in MIAA league competition, the Albion runners ' records remain clean. Albion opened its season at the University of Illinois, Chicago branch, and won 20-35. Running at Bowling Green university the Britons dropped their only race of the year 34-23. Against MIAA foes, the Purple-and-Cold thin- clads downed Adrian, 20-43, and Kalamazoo, 15-48. In a tri-angular race, the Britons totaled 26 points to best Central Michigan college, who had 37, and Toledo university with 70 points. Coach Dale Sprankle ' s charges easily bypassed Alma 15-50 and ended their dual meets topp- ling Hope 17-44. The Britons concluded their season running in the Central Collegiate Cross Country race at Ypsilanti. Here Hagadone placed twenty- first in a field of over a hundred runners and the Albion team ninth against such powers as Notre Dame, Purdue and Michigan State. Second row: Richardson, Keehn, Crodavent, Cappel, Stewart, Hagadone, Vandivort, Tuck, Passarelli, Serra, Mr Sprankle First row: Heydon, Dobie, Wahlberg. J. Holmes. L. Holmes, Trombley, Sharp, Shenefelt, Davis Third row: Basha. Wurm, Kirby, Spiker, Ferguson. Monahan, Weideman Second row: Martin, Weidle. Marvin, McKimball, Nelson, Wellington, Cerhart. Mr. Ande First row: Joranko, Wilcox. Crostic. Scofield, Ballard, Berry, Hoover, Clendenning Coach Del Anderson ' s baseball team finished in second pl ace over the shortened MIAA 1948 league season. The Britons ' record of three wins against two losses in league play placed them behind only Hillsdale who did not lose an MIAA game. Adrian, Alma and Hope finished in a three- way tie for third place with records of two wins and three losses. Kala- mazoo was the cellar club and won only one game in five league starts. The championship play-offs were scheduled for May 19 at Kalamazoo with the four top teams competing. Hope lost the drawing to break the three-way tie and thus Hillsdale was to have played Adrian and Albion was to meet Alma. The winners and losers were scheduled to meet but rain can- celled all four games and it was de- cided by the league officials to count the pre-play-off standings for the all-sports points. The Albion team thus finished its season with a record of 1 1 wins in 14 starts. Fred McKimball and Clark Wurm were the Britons ' leading pitchers while Max Berry, Marv Cros- tic and Bill Scofield lead the batsmen. The golf and tennis teams of Albion college each had successful seasons during 1949. Under Coach E. Maynard Aris the golfers finished the year with a record of nine wins and two losses. The tennis team led by Mr. Ralph M. Powers ended the year with an eight wins against four losses record. The golfers lost only one MIAA match and thus finished the season in a three-way tie for first place with Alma and Hillsdale. In the league tournament which counts 50 per- cent of the championship, the Britons held a three stroke edge after the first 18 holes. Alma and Hillsdale followed the Britons in that order. On the second round Albion slipped to third place and lost the championship to Alma by a seven-stroke margin. The tennis team went into the tournament in third place and slipped a position during the field-day play. Alma, by winning two important matches from the Britons on the last day of the tournament, edged by the Britons to finish in third position behind Kalamazoo and Hope. In the golf tournament, freshman Chuck Mohl was the medal winner for the Britons with a 76-81 — 157. Mohl was nominated as the most valuable man on the Albion team for his play throughout the season. Bill Casteel won the same honor from the tennis team. French, Hadden, Kasler, Calbreath, Wagner, Mr. An Second row: Mr. Powers, Kehe, Fiske. White, Jones First row: Gregory, Casteel, Frevert, Ungrodt W CLUB Albion college athletes who have earned varsity letters compose the membership of the " A " club. The club strives to improve Albion ' s athletx standing and foster better relations with schools as well as to keep sportsmanship among the students and athletes on a high plane. The officers are James Carson, president; Thomas Bennett, vice-president; William Maas, secretary, and Charles Marvin, treasurer. The advisor is Athletic Director Dale R. Sprankle. Among the activities that the " A " club sponsors are the Big Three Week End. most valuable player awards and social events for the club members. nett, Pinkney, Hidenfelter. Ba ' ndivort. Keehn, Hagadone, Bale Third row: Brautigam. Second row: Richardson First row: Haas, Mr. Sprankle, Sharp, Prey Not in picture: Bangs. Burglund, Cappel, Casteel, Chri Kehe, Lee, R. MacDonald, McKimball. Maideski, Moh Thompson, Wilcox. Wurm, Ytterberg. Nelson. Maas, Ritzman, Amos, Bake Little, Jueckstock. Marvin, Held i, Carson. Jameson Eggleston. Frost, Hadden, Held, Holmes, Joranko, in, Shebel, Shurlow, Shenefelt, Stanton, Stokoe. WAA BOARD The Women ' s Athletic association of Albion college was formed to promote athletics, to create a love of sports and to foster the ideal of good sportsmanship. It is a member of the na- tional Athletic Federation of College Women, which is based on the idea " Play for Play ' s Sake. " The association this year was led by Jane Koepel, president; Sally Mackenzie, vice-president; Mary Weaver, secretary, and Mary Ellen Pasmore, treasurer. Martha Graham and her company of mod- ern dancers were brought to Albion this year under the sponsorship of the association, and a high school play day was held here for six high schools. Second row: Ertell, Myer, Stegeman, Ceil, Tharp. Roberts First row: Norland, H. Koepel, Pasmore, J. Koepel, Mackenzie. Spalding, Nuckolls Not in picture: Cummings. Cartung, Henderson, Hendrick. Hill. Leenhouts WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS FIELD HOCKEY SWIMMING BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL CAMPUS AT HOMECOMING AD LIBS ADVERTISEMENTS The Homecoming Dance SWH Freshmen ' s Float Sorority Square Four Mijhtie; The Marching Band " Convention Ha ' The Teke House at Homecoming That . . . Type ' Coming Sl Surveying Lab. A Hayride Ibeginni The Student Center Minds after Matters The Dean Hall Float Queen of Homecoming issn The Independent Men ' s Float The Opening of Seaton Hall The Stockwell Memorial Library The ZTA Float The Homecoming Dance ATO and Sigma Nl Representative Men ' The Class Menagerie ' The First Methodist Church Looking Toward The Eat Shop The Delt Sig House at Homecoming P. E. 111-112 The Student Center, 1 :05 p. m. The Sigma Nu Float The ATO Float ton Albion, Michigan Chartered in L835 Seaton Hall, new dormitory for Freshman Men A coeducational Christian college, one of the largest privately administered colleges in Michigan. Albion is highly accredited by the nation ' s most important scholastic groups. Its current enrollment is now over 1250. A four-year liberal arts education is offered, with opportunity also for three-year pre- professional courses in dentistry, engineering, forestry, laboratory techniques, law. medicine, and nursing under a combined course arrangement with universities and professional schools. Courses preparatory for the Christian ministry and other forms of religious service are also featured. Fourteen national honor societies including Phi Beta Kappa have chapters at Albion. ABLE FACl " LTY EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT MODERATE COST Fall Semester Begins September 10 Full Accreditation by i orln Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools American Association of University Women The University Senate of the Methodist Church National Association of Schools of Music Michigan State Department of Public Instruction WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOl SE. Ph.D.. Th.l).. LL.D.. President THOMSON ' S Flowers for All Occasions We Telegraph Flowers 112 E. Erie Street KOON ' S HARDWARE Citizens Lumber Company Lumber and Builders ' Supplies Dial 5536 Albion, Mich. Compliments of the UNION STORE Stylish Clothing for Men and Women ON CREDIT 117 So. Superior St. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1950 J.C. Penney Co. Paul J. Hawes Drug Store 101 N. Superior Phone 4 6 73 lore PRINTING Of All Kinds STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES The ART CRAFT PRESS Royal Sandwich Shop JUICY STEAKS and CHOPS Noon-Day Plate Lunch Home Cooked MALTEDS SUNDAES Our Three Prides Sanitation - Courtesy - Service 2(13 X. Superior Phone 28 05 Albion. Michigan Bernie Sayles, Owner CORSAGES Our Specialty 2 C Styled for Every Occasion araent s J ' lowers Block South of the High School Dial 3127 Compliments of 4laddln O le leaned Phone 4261 Pick-Up Deliver Congratulations to the Class of 1950 ALBION FROZEN FOOD MARKET 201 Market Place Dial 4 L. F. Blaisdell Einest Clothing For Collegiates 1 1 1 S. Superior Phone 5 7 52 Weaver ' s Restaurant Waffles - Dinners - Short Orders Closed 2 P. M. Wednesdays Coiner Cass and Superior Miller Jewelers a square deal alwaus 115 South Superior Street McDouga Young Compliments of Up- •To -Date Electric Shoe Repair Corner Cass and Superior HOME LAUNDRY 203 E. Erie Phone 4129 BULLEN ' S DRY GOODS Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear and General Drv Goods EJL en 5 210 S. Superior SINCE 1893 3 ' b i» y p Glamour Poses Quality Frames Chichester Studio 210 V 2 S. Superior (Over Bullen ' s Store) Albion. Michigan Phone 4G90 Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Accessories " Exclusive But Not Expensive " L dtette UJmS5 J kop Huff man s ' The Men ' s Store " Furnishings :-: Clothing Phone 3 793 310 So. Superior Street ALBION HARDWARE GENERAL HARDWARE Boydell Paint Sporting Goods H. H. Snyder BISHOP ' S FURNITURE CO. Dial 3196 Albion, Michigan " EDDIE " ANDREWS, Mgr. Compliments of The Kecorder J mte Lo. Printers of The Albionian and The Pleiad The Recorder Press Co. I HOME OF ALBION EVENING RECORDER! Albion Michigan Weatherwax !17 S. Superior Phone 298 ' ALBION, MICHIGAN DICKERSON ' S " Our Scientific Cleaning Makes Fabrics Young Again " Dial 1205 119 N. Superior St. ALBION, MICHIGAN If Your Girl Can ' t Cook Don ' t Trade Her Off- Come to the COLLEGE Oaf SHOP A1BI0N MALLEABLE L onaratuiiatlonS to the Cla66 of 1950 Albion Malleable Iron Co. High Grade Castings Since 1888 Maple City Auto Co. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Car Washing - Greasing - Brake Service Complete Collision Service Wheels Straightened, Balanced and Aligned Market Place Dial 39 3 Booth FURNITURE - APPLIANCES HARDWARE 106 E. Erie 400 S. Superior Where All Friends Meet at the SUGAR BOWL Don and Lois Dial OSSG Albion. Mich. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 BOHM and ALBION J heaters The Albion College Alumni Association Founded 1853 Office Est. 1926 Inc. IS 72 " Conservator oj the Past. Aid to the Present. Advocate of the Future " MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN ALUMNI COUNCIL Invites the Membership and Cooperation oj Every Former Student oj Albion Through the Albion Fuirl .Membership Entitles the Holder to Io Triumphe. Bulletins, and Insures the Continuing of Many College Friendships and Contacts K. J. HOLLINSHEAD. Sec ' y Albion. Michigan ALBION LUMBER CO. All Kinds of Lumber, Builders ' Supplies Builders ' Hardware and Paint E. Cass St. Phone 2295 Our nation needs minds like yours, trained in the art of communicating ideas. Today ' s world-wide confus misunderstanding are natural by-products of shallow thinking, thoughtless speaking and foggy writing. To you the graduate, the faculty and the student body of Albion College we say well done. May we add hope that you will continue to write clearly — speak up — speak out for the principles that will keep America free! Service E n g Company SS W. CANFIELD ETROIT 1, MICHIGAN aii i5eit lA iikei Jo Jke L u of 1950 Lonergan Manufacturing Company Albion, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1950 Union Steel Products Company Albion, Michigan ion L otteqe (l3ook S tom .MRS. W. FINUCAN, Mgr. Established 189J DECKER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Albion, Michigan he Lja ' afce Kjas uovur to HEAT YOUR HOME — COOK YOUR FOOD SUPPLY REFRIGERATION — HEAT YOUR WATER UJependablu and C c epenaaDtu conotmica Albion Gas Light Co Phone 3938 Cameras - Films - Supplies Portrait and Commercial Developing - Printing - Enlarging Photographers VANDEN BERG 414 So. Superior Street Albion, Michigan Edward H. Vanden Berg, Prop. Telephone 4911 K onara tu la tloni U66 4 1950 KINGSKRAFT Manufacturers of Your ALBIONIAN Covers KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. 325 W. Huron St. Chicago 11, Illinois The ALBIONIAN WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS TO ALL BUSINESSES WHO HAVE ADVERTISED IN THIS PUBLICATION AND TO ASSURE THEM OF OUR CONTINUED STUDENT PATRONAGE 5- -$ O " ■£ p ■

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