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• " • •}■ Russell G. Marsh Editor-in-Chief Leslie W. Fleming Business Manager IS THE FIFTY-FIRST VOLUME OF THE ALBION COLLEGE YEARBOOK PUBLISHED BY THE STU- DENTS OF ALBION COLLEGE AT ALBION, MICHIGAN. Do scholar, poet, orator, lover of the classics, teacher of Latin and Greek to Al- bion students for nearly a quarter of a century, this Albionian is respect- fully dedicated. ? ° 3 M E s N •v ■(• J- 8 £ n ' o m v X o ! 0dO 19 OV 4 Administration Division . . . North Hall Division . . . Robinson Hall Division . . . Chapel Division ... In and Around Division . . . Gymnasium Division . . . Class Division . . . Fraternity Division . . . Advertisements . . . The End. % A £.ft 1 1 «Wj . iK» Z. " «$£ " v . v.. a % » ' 4»3 lift. tt» Lumutt sinn A.B., S.T.B.. P - D - D.D., LLC. Lm.D. PRESIDENT EDUCATOR gE ntleman SCHOLAR { Worsen ana « •? £; iB«h£fc£ ■ fc ° " ° ' " to JrViese sicaiors A ma 0 S ne a naqe r Page 9 I U Page 10 FIRST ROW: MARIAN FRANCES ADAMS, A.B., B.S., Librarian; HENRY MARTIN BATTENHOUSE, A.B., S.T.B., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of the English Language and Literature; VERA HELEN BUCK, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ass ' t. Professor of Modern Languages; THOMAS MILTON CARTER, A.B., S.T.B., A.M., Ph.D., Professor Education and Psychology. SECOND ROW: BEULAH G. CHAMP, A.B., B.O., A.M., Director of Dramatics; ARTHUR MERTON CHICKERING, Ph.B., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Bi- ology; ANNE ELIZABETH CROSBY, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Chemistry and Biology; JOSEPHINE DUNN, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Physical Education for Women. THIRD ROW: DOROTHY GAIL ENGLE, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ass ' t. Professor of Chemistry; THORREL B. FEST, A.B., M.Ph., Ass ' t. Pro- fessor of Speech; NELLIE FIELD, A.B., Mus.B., Instructor in Piano; HAROLD Q. FULLER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ass ' t. Professor of Physics. FOURTH ROW: HOWARD EUGENE GEIGER, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Instructor in Sociology and Psychology; DONALD M. GILBERT, Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Mod- ern Languages; FREDERIC SAMUEL GOODRICH, A.B., A.M., D.D., Litt.D., College Chaplain and Professor Emeritus of the English Bible; ROYAL GLENN HALL, A.B., B.D., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of History. FIFTH ROW: ROSE HAMM, A.B., Instructor in Public School Music; LESTER HARGER, A.B., Field Secretary; ARTHUR HENRY HARROP, A.M., Ph.D., LLD., Professor Emeritus of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature; WILLIAM C. HARTON, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Education. SIXTH ROW: HOMER O. HENDRICKSON, A.B., B.D., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of History and Political Science; ANNA K. J. HOLLINSHEAD, A. B., A.M., Instructor in English; KENNETH J. HOLLINSHEAD, A.B., Alumni Secretary; EDMUND E. INGALLS, Ph.B., M.F., M.S., Ph.D., Ass ' t. Professor of Mathematics. SEVENTH ROW: JOSEPH JAMES IRWIN, A.B., A.M., Instructor in English and Journalism; CHARLES KRAFT, A.B., D.B., Ph.D., Ass ' t. Professor of Bible and Religion; CARROLL P. LAHMAN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Speech; PEARL A. LUDY, B. S., A.M., Instructor in Home Economics. Page II u oo Page 12 FIRST ROW: JULIA ELIZABETH McCUNE, A.B., A.M., Instructor in English; JOHN SEDBERRY MARSHALL, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Associate Professor of Psychology; EDWARD T. MILLER, A.B., M.B.A., Ass ' t. Professor of Economics and Business Administration; GERTRUDE MUL- HOLLAN, A.B., Director of Placement. SECOND ROW: MARVIN PAHL, A.B., Ass ' t. to the Presi- dent; CONWAY PETERS, Mus.B., Mus.M., Associate Professor of Stringed and Wind Instruments and Director of Band and Orchestra; GERALD W. PRESCOTT, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology; DAVID LINDSEY RANDALL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. THIRD ROW: GEORGE GUSTAV RATHJE, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in French and German; KATHERINE RAUSCH, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Home Economics; LOTTA MAE ROGERS, A.B., M.S., Ass ' t. Pro- fessor of Biology; CLEMENT EUGENE ROOD, Ph.B., Ph.M., Professor Emeritus of Physics and As- tronomy. FOURTH ROW: LOUIS UPTON ROWLAND, Mus.B., Director of Registrations in Music, Professor of Piano and Theory, and Instructor in Organ; DOROTHY MAY SCHULLIAN, A.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Ancient Languages; JOHN GRANVILLE SCHROCK, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Fine Arts; EDWIN ROSCOE SLEIGHT, B.S., A.M., Sc.D., Professor of Mathematics. FIFTH ROW: RAYMOND GEORGE SPENCER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Physics; DALE R. SPRANKLE, A.B., A.M., Ass ' t. Director of Physical Education; CHRISTINE TAYLOR, A.B., Ass ' t. Registrar; WALTER A. TERPEN- NING, A.B., Ph.D., Professor Economics and Business Administration. SIXTH ROW: RUTH THOMAS, B.S., Business Secretary; FRANK DUDLEIGH VERNOR, Instructor in Organ; EDWARD FRANK VOLT- MER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Director of Physical Education; THEODORE DUNSTAN VOSBURGH, B.Mus., M.Mus., Director of Vocal Organizations and Teacher of Singing. SEVENTH ROW: GEORGE WAL- KOTTEN, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Education; TED WATTS, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Ass ' t. Coach; RUTH ORR WEISS, A.B., B.S., in L.S., Ass ' t. in Library; KATHRYN WRIGHT, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Ass ' t. Librarian and Cataloger. Page 13 Eugene B. Elliott, ' 24; Harold S. Moulton, ' 07; William W. Whitehouse, Prentiss M. Brown, ' II; Smith Burnham, ' 92; Homer Folks, ' 89; F. Ernest Johnson, ' 06; Dorothy Schullian, Charles F. Kraft, Mrs. K. J, Hollinshead, Carroll P. Lahman, Harold Fuller. Seated: Owen R. Lovejoy, ' 91; Albert J. Phillips, ' 21; Mark E. Putnam, ' 10; Marshall R. Reed, ' 14; Frederick A. Russell, ' 08; Mrs. Bessie B. White, 98; Dean Marjorie Hope Nicholson. Frederic S. Goodrich, Arthur H. Harrop, President John L. Seaton, D. M. Gilbert, J. S. Marshall. Albion ' s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, oldest scholastic honor society, was established on November 8, 1940, as the Beta Chapter of Michigan. It is one of 141 chapters in the United States. Dr. Majorie Hope Nicolson, national president of Phi Beta Kappa, presided at the installation at which the same ritual was used that has established chapters in the leading educati onal institutions of the country since its founding at the College of William and Mary in Virginia on December 5, 1776. President John L. Seaton was initiated as the sole foundation member, and thirteen alumni and honorary members were in- ducted at the same time. Those students who excel throughout the entire four years of college work may be chosen members of the society. Elec- tion to Phi Beta Kappa is the highest scholastic honor that can be conferred upon an undergraduate. FACULTY AND ALUMNI MEMBERS Eugene B. Elliott, ' 24 Harold G. Moulton, ' 07 W. W. Whitehouse Prentiss M. Brown Smith Burnham, ' 92 Homer Folks, ' 89 F. Ernest Johnson, ' 06 Dorothy Schullian Charles F. Kraft Mrs. K. J. Hollinshead Carroll P. Lahman Harold Fuller Owen R. Loveioy, ' 91 Albert J. Phillips, Mark E. Putnam, Marshall R. Reed, ' 21 ' 10 Frederick A. Russell, ' 08 Mrs. Bessie B. White, ' 98 Frederic S. Goodrich Arthur H. Harrop President John L. Seaton D. M. Gilbert J. S. Marshall Jane Anderson Thomas Foster Margaret Garred STUDENT MEMBERS Thomas Brock Arthur Dibden Paul Dunn Anne Lois Marie Kinney ichards Page 14 C TD Nixon, Cummings, Dr. Sleight, Thomas. Kitsman, Doten. Brock, Plate, Stowe. A representative group, composed of members of the senior, junior, and sophomore classes, the Student Council was formed to act as intermediary between the students and faculty, and to represent student opinion in all campus activities. The Council strives to aid the student body as a whole to sense that through participation and management, Albion college activities will be based on student interests. OFFICERS THOMAS BROCK HARRIE BLEECKER MILDRED PLATE KATHRYN KITSMAN President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Seniors Harrie Bleecker Thomas Brock Marian Doten Mildred Plate Arthur Dibden MEMBERS Juniors Kathryn Kitsman Frank Renter Doris Stowe Howard Thomas Sophomores Truman Cummings Isabelle Nixon it Oo r ° M po! I CoU« c , es , ? e ad 3 A p a n ' a " PW a rt a s soc» a e p aV ets BK- j E$s ■Sr £ . If iT f 1 - ' .■IS .» Rgy, Burch, Dr. Hendrickson, Mr. Irwin, Ward, Wil PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL To serve a year on the Publications Council, four upper class students are elected by the student body, and two faculty members are appointed by the administration of the college. With control of campus publications as its purpose, the council elects the staffs of the " Pleiad " and " Albionian, " and supervises the editorial policies, financial control, and opera- tion of all campus publications which carry advertising. OFFICERS HELEN WILLIAMS . MR. JOSEPH J. IRWIN . VIRGINIA FIGY DR. H. O. HENDRICKSON President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. J. J. Irwin Dr. H. O. Hendrickson MEMBERS Montgomery Burch John Ward Virginia Figy Helen Williams Page 18 Page 19 Thomas, Whitley. Rininger, Sibert, McCoy, Stewart, Fleming, Mr, Irwin, Compton, Montie, Marsh, Smith, Fisch. ALBIONIAN THE 1941 ALBIONIAN Albion College, Albion, Mich. 1941 Albionian Staff Albion College Albion, Michigan Dear Staff Members: One thing that makes the wheels of production and industry turn unceasingly in this democratic nation is cooperation. In looking back over the wo.k of producing this 1941 Albionian, I can truth- fully say that this annual was democratically pro- duced. Your working faithfully without reward or compensation, except perhaps a by-line, has made producing this book a genuine pleasure to me. There is little enough to say right here except " Thanks a lot " for your help and the fine spirit in which it was given. Sincerely yours. Russell G. Marsh, Editor Page 20 THE PLEIAD Albion College Weekly Editorial Staff The PLEIAD Albion College Ladies and Gentlemen: The days of one-man collegiate journalism are, fortunately, gone with the era of the raccoon coat and the " rah-rah " college boy. College news- papers today, whether they be weeklies like ours or large scale dailies, demand a capable staff of trained and gualified associate editors. In looking back upon this school year, I recognize the fact that the publication of the PLEIAD week after week has been through the unstinted efforts of those of you on the staff. For your cooperation I can only express my sincere appreciation, and to those of you who next year will carry on in the PLEIAD tradition I give you my best wishes. Sincerely yours, Richard L. Ford, Editor PLEIAD Newman Vanson, Montie, Sharpe, Mr. Irwin, Perry, Whitley, Modraclc, Burnes. lenjamin, Bright, McCoy, Kellogg, Hart, Ford, Rapp. Page 21 Mr. Irwin, McCoy, Dr. Battenhouse, Montie. Rapp, Ford, Highstone, Marsh, Kellogg. Reorganized on campus in 1939 with five members, Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary co-educational journalistic fraternity, honors those students who have excelled in journal- istic activities. Requirements for membership are, a high scholarship, and the holding of a responsible editing or busi- ness position on the " Albionian " or " Pleiad " for a minimum of a year. MEMBERS Dr. H. M. Battenhouse Richard L. Ford Warren Highstone Robert McCoy Russell Marsh Reita Montie Mary Adelaide Kellogg Luceille Rapp FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. Joseph J. Irwin Page 22 c td Sibert, Stouffer, Miss Champ, Mr. Irwin, Mr. Fest. Schnaitman, Beach, Reavey, Morgan, Murphy. A probationary group, the Albion College Associ ate Players, fulfill a prerequisite for membership in the Albion College Players. Membership in the Associate Players is gained through tryouts each fall, production work, and merits earned by work in dramatic productions. After being admitted into the organization, members work for points towards full mem- bership. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Beulah G. Champ Henrietta Beach Alfred Edyvean Elinor Murphy Marian Reavey MEMBERS Helen Schnaitrr Charles Sibert Shirlie Stouffer Robert Scott Ruth Morgan Ross Smith William Steele Page 23 ,% ••• . ' ; 1 . m 3. — " , 1-.MTS- «» . ' ■- • " ■ 0° fO %eVv oaS De Ma ob a Oe ba e l b f fenC n O b Spam 4 ' Vmd F " r «P r fii ■ n ii 1 ! i II Tl M ' £B! O ■ %w Jackson. Munson, Bunce, Ford, Doten. Anderson, Evans, Dr. Kraft, Mr. Yinger. Miss Gray, Mrs. Yinger, Kellogg. Jones. Reavey, Fitch, Dibden, Laubach. Selzer. The Campus Religious Council, which functions to coordinate all the religious activities on the campus, is composed of the officers and one advisor from each campus religious organiza- tion. The council sponsored Religious Emphasis Week, whose main speaker was Dr. Harold F. Carr, of Court Street Metho- dist church. Flint. OFFICERS RICHARD FITCH President MARIAN REAVEY Secretary ARTHUR DIBDEN Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR .... Dr. Charles Kraft MEMBERS Jane Anderson Ross Bunce Arthur Dibden Donn Doten Betty Evans Richard Fitch Richard Ford Margaret Haight Arthur Jackson Eleanor Jones Mary Adelaide Kellogg Marian Kurtz Caryl Laubach Robert McCoy Hugh Munson Mrs. Marvin Pahl Marian Reavey Mary Lou Selzer Jack Turner Mr. G. Dempster Yinger Mrs. G. Dempster Yinger Page 26 Staple, Edyvean, Figge, Nixon. Clayton, McCoy, Mr. Yinger, Dr. Kraft, Dote Friend, Ford, Fitch, Dibden, Whipple, Jenne Having friendship and usefulness as ifs two-fold aim, Chi Epsilon is organized for men students who are planning to enter social service work of a religious nature. Several religious leaders met with the group during the year. OFFICERS RICHARD FITCH President ART HUR DIBDEN Vice-president ARTHUR JACKSON Secretary FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. F. S. Goodrich Dr. Charles Kraft The Rev. G. Dempster Yinger Ross Bunce Ralph Churchill Earl Clayton Arthur Dibden Donn Doten Albert Edyvean Frederick Figge MEMBERS Richard Fitch Richard Ford Arthur Jackson Frank Jenne Melvin Miller Robert McCoy James Nixon Fred Nolting William Rickard Edgar Smith Richard Staple Jackson Turner Richard Weeks George Whipple Rogers, Helzer, Brehmer, Foster, Stowe, Adamy. Lingott, Kittredge, Sessions, Rowe, Stram, Minshull, Riddick. Eddy, Buchda, Heath, Mrs. Geiger, Mrs. Kraft, Tripp, Cooley. Essex, Whitley, Sturman, Evans, Heystek, Selzer, Jones. Zeta Epsilon Lambda has as its members, women students who wish to enter Christian or social service work. Meetings are held twice monthly, at which times, the group discusses questions of religious and vocational interest. Each member is a " Big Sister " to some small girl, usually a student in grade school. OFFICERS MARGARET HAISHT ELIZABETH EVANS . ELEANOR JONES . MARY LOUISE SELZER President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Winona Adamy Marjorie Brehmer Joan Buchda Marjorie Butler Mary Chamboy Marjorie Cooley Ruth Durkee Donna Essex Elizabeth Evans Phyllis Foster Margaret Haight Joy Heath MEMBERS Grace Helzer Eleanor Heystek Eleanor Jones Janet Kittredge Marilyn Lingott Hazel McGoon Christine Minshull Isabelle Nixon Marian Reavey Elizabeth Jane Reed Mary Jane Richards Reba Richard Marianna Riddick Martha Rowe Mary Louise Selzer Dorothy Sessions Patricia Sommer Doris Stowe Naomi Staple Evelyn Stramm Elizabeth Sturman Eleanor Tripp Jean Walrad Dorothy Whitley FACULTY ADVISORS Mrs. Henry M. Battenhouse Mrs. Howard E. Geiqer Mrs. Charles F. Kraft Mrs. G. Dempster Yinqer Page 28 C T3 Miss Champ, Mr. Fest, Dean Leffler, Dr. Hendrickson, Mr Doten, Tapert, Wiener, Brock, McDougal, Fisch, Fleming. Pahl, Dr. Buck. Oldest of the national forensic honor societies, Delta Sigma Rho, has been established on campus for thirty years, having been founded here in 1911. Throughout the United States there are seventy chapters of this fraternity. To become a member a student must have junior standing, and his work in intercollegiate forensic competition must be of consistent high character that warrants election into the fraternity. OFFICERS THOMAS BROCK . ELIZABETH McDOUGAL President Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Carroll P. Lahman Elizabeth Abbott Thomas Brock Donn Doten Kathryn Fisch MEMBERS Leslie Fleming Elizabeth McDougal Lois Tapert Roberta Wiener FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Thorrel B. Fest Dr. Carroll P. Lahme Mr. Marvin Pahl Dr. John L. Seaton PHI KAPPA DELTA MEMBERS Dr. Vera Buck Miss Beulah Chan Dr. H. O. Hendricksc Dean Emil Leffler Dr. R. G. Spencer Millett. Olthoff, Fai Miller, Overy, Gray Pollard. Buys, Flerr Feller, Slier, Gable. •Ar. Fest, Sibert, Curtis, q, Peterson, Brock, Dote The men s debate teams participated in 69 debates this year. They met 23 different schools, including, besides Michigan colleges, several out-state colleges. In the State Tournament, they won nine out of 12 debates, tieing for second place with Wayne University. The men ' s debate teams won 20 out of 33 decision debates. A team comprised of Thomas Brock and William Buys rep- resented the college at the mid-western Delta Sigma Rho tournament at the University of Wisconsin. At the home extempore speaking contest, for the N. J. Weiss cup, James Curtis, a freshman, placed first. Leslie Fleming placed second. Curtis also took first place over ten colleges in the state extempore contest sponsored by the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League. Donn Doten, won first place in the home contest in oratory to select a representative for the state contest held by the M.I.S.L. Melvin Miller placed second. Doten took second place at the state contest and fourth place among 22 con- testants at the University of Wisconsin, with the same oration. Melvin Miller was awarded first prize in the local peace oratory contest which was held to choose a representative for the state contest sponsored by the Intercollegiate Peace as- sociation. Daniel Siler placed second. At the invitational Delta Sigma Rho tournament at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Thomas Brock was awarded first place among 46 contestants. Page 30 Fisch, Wiener, Mr. Fest, Harton, Kettell, Flinn. McDougal, Moritz, Davison, Kurtz, Farmer, Corbishley. A season which included 43 debates was concluded by the Women ' s Debate team with ten decision debates won out of 26. Only two veterans, Roberta Wiener and Kathryn Fisch, were members of this year ' s team. Besides several Michigan colleges, the teams met seven out-of-state schools. Miss Wiener and Betsy Jane Davison represented the college at the Delta Sigma Rho tournament at Madison, Wisconsin. Betty McDougal won first place in the home contest in extempore speaking. She was awarded the K. S. Hance cup. In the state contest, Miss McDougal won third place. In the home contest for the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League, oratory contest, Miss McDougal won first place, Marian Kurtz won second and Tess Hensick won third place. Miss McDougal took third place in the state contest. An innovation this year designed to give students oppor- tunity to appear before real audiences and to serve com- munity groups with worthwhile programs. During the season, more than thirty different groups, including high schools, clubs, and churches, were furnished programs of lectures, symposiums on Latin America, readings, and plays. Thirty-five different students participated once or more, and between two and three thousand persons heard the programs. Page 31 Sibert, Pitsch, Figge, Beach, Foster, Fleming, Barnes. Buys, Randall, Biastock, Dr. Hall, Dr. Hendrickson, Durkee, Stegeman. Palmiter, Williams, Dow, Dibden, Brock, Berryman, Whitley. The Forum club is composed of upperclassmen majoring or minoring in the social sciences who show particular interest and ability in the field. The organization encourages a better understanding and interpretation of contemporary problems by group discussions and presentation of papers by the members. OFFICERS THOMAS BROCK BONNIE BERRYMAN GORDON DOW President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. R. G. Hall Dr. H. O. Hendrickson Henry Barnes Barry Beach Bonnie Berryman Helen L Biastock Thomas Brock William Buys Mary Chamboy Henry Cooper MEMBERS Arthur Dibden Gordon Dow Ruth Durkee Frederick Figge Richard Fitch Leslie Fleming Tess Hensick Sheldon Mills Mary K. McKale Helen Palmiter Richard Pitsch Helen Randall Frank Renter Charles Sibert Jean Stegeman Dorothy Whitley Helen Williams Page 32 Miss Crosby, Palmer, LeVett, Dr. Chickering, Garlinghouse, Percy, Miss Rogers. Plate, Yurchenko, Perkins, D. Chickering, Coffey, Foster. Founded in 1896, the Biology club is the oldest depart- mental club on the campus. Members of the club are students majoring or minoring in biology who have maintained at least a " B " average in the field. The club has monthly round table discussions with student reports on subjects of current interest in the field of science. OFFICERS MARVIN PERKINS . JOHN YURCHENCO DONALD CHICKERING President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. A. M. Chickering Dr. G. W. Prescott Miss Ann Crosby Miss Lotta Rogers Clifford Bramer Donald Chickering George Coffey Phyllis Foster Jack Garlinghouse Harry LeVett MEMBERS Dale Palmer Donald Percy Marvin Perkins Mildred Plate John Yurchenco Margaret Zolliker Page 33 C TD C TD Silverman, Whipple, Miss Schullian, Moritz, Tull, Stowell. Purdy, Jones, Powell, Kellogg, Weeks, Laughrey, Ellerby. Students in the Latin or Greek departments may be mem- bers of the Classical club. Its main objectives are better to acquaint the students with the Greek and Latin civilizations and culture, and to stimulate an interest in ancient literature. OFFICERS MARY ADELAIDE KELLOGG . FREDERICK POWELL RICHARD WEEKS . President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Dorothy Schullian Helen Ellerby Eleanor Jones Mary Adelaide Kellogg Patricia Laughrey Leslie Mayhew Hazel Moritz Frederick Powell MEMBERS Helen Purdy Leonard Silverman Sheldon Stowell Roberta Tull Patricia Van Wagoner Richard Weeks George Whipple Page 34 Ellerby, Roberts, Lapham, Black, Gloor, Lord, Moffett, Essex. Fisch, MacDonald, Smith, Peterson, Dr. Gilbert, Clement, Wirts, Henry. Weeks, Lawrence, Johnson, Von der Heydt, Walrad, Jackson, Kinney. Le Cercle Francais is composed of students who are major- ing or minoring in French. Its monthly meetings are conducted in French. Songs, games, informal talks, and discussions of French customs are the order of the evening. OFFICERS CLAYONE JOHNSON JAMES von der HEYDT JEAN WALRAD ROBERTA WIENER . President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. D. M. Gilbert Marianna Baldwin Catherine Black Jane Clement Helen Ellerby Donna Essex Kathryn Fisch Gloria Gloor Helen Harton Maida Henry Jean Jackson Clayone Johnson MEMBERS Anna Marie Kinney Jane Klein Maurice Laney Lucille Lapham Margaret Lawrence Verne Lester Laura Marie Lord Elizabeth Lynd Mary MacDonald Donald Overy Thomas Peterson Ruth Roberts Patricia Sommer Kathleen Smith Andrew Sharf Barbara Vestling James von der Heydt Jean Walrad Roberta Wiener Mary Wirts Kenneth Wilson Page 35 Betz, Pitsch. Stiers. Stilwell, Wilson. Ellis, Percy. Goodale. Maxwell. Stewart. Peterson. Putnam, Dr. Rathje, Lingott, Flinn, Cleary. Puvogle. Reed. Cartwright, Kinney, Szekely, Jewell, Mata, Cjukin, Adam Die Deutche Gesselschaft makes a special effort in all of its meetings to encourage the use of German in conversation. The members are studying the background and customs of the Ger- man people. Students who are majoring or minoring in Ger- man, and have a " B " average in the field may become members. OFFICERS PETER SZEKELY ANNA MARIE KINNEY SHIRLEY JEWELL President Vice-president Secretary FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. G. G. Rathje MEMBERS Winona Adamy Cliff Bramer Carolyn Cartwright Hazel Caukin Elizabeth Cleary George Ellis Fred Rgge Barbara Flinn Shirley Jewell Anna Marie Kinney Marylyn Lingott Valerie Mata Peggy Maxwell Donald Percy Jewell Peterson Richard Pitsch Doris Putnam Patricia Puvogle Mrs. G. G. Rathie Elsie Mae Reed Harlan Rice Peter Szekely Jean Stewart Rosemary Sleeman Lawrence Stie r s Geor ge Stilwell Dean Wilson Page 36 CLTD Cofer, Peterson, Van Osdol, Newman, Williams. Lockhart, Brehmer, Dr. Buck, Durkee, Post, Bahlman. Brown, Kirkby, Clement, Ellinger, Foster, Flanigan, Whiteman The Spanish club endeavors to acquaint its members with the Spanish language and the people who speak it. At one of the meetings, which are conducted entirely in Spanish, en- tertainers from the University of Detroit were present. OFFICERS WAYNE ELLINGER President THOMAS FOSTER Vice-president JANE CLEMENT Secretary DORIS FLANIGAN Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Vera Buck Mrs. H. E. Geiger Cyrus AtLee Janet Bahlman Arnold Boe Marjorie Brehmer Elizabeth Brown Jean Carter Jane Clement Arthur Cofer MEMBERS Robert Dales William Dodds Ruth Durkee Wayne Ellinger Doris Flanigan Thomas Foster Beatrice Kettell Ruth Kirkby Jean Lockhart Kenneth Newman Thomas Peterson Robert Pinney Shirley Post Eugene VanOsdol Charlotte Whitema Helen Williams Page 37 O.r S V II 1 N| tj Mm IK Ooro CVo ' 1 ' fca ' 6 a ° Of° . ,e »a ,b a ? a s A MP , a Co ' , e«J ? aN e 5 C .VA C - •■ n II ■■: 11 • ' — JS- — »v. if ■T " 1 " Composed of forty-nine voices, the a capella choir sang in sixteen cities in Michigan and Indiana during its annual tour. It presented nineteen concerts in churches and high schools. The home concert was March 21 in the college chapel. During the year the group sang at Homecoming, and par- ticipated in the oratorio, " The Messiah, " by Handel. Mr. Theodore Vosburgh is the director. Sopranos Beverly Adams Emily Ash Maryhelen Bates Elizabeth Birdsall Fern Edwards Barbara Graham Mary Helen Gregory Grace Helzer Betty Hossfeld Marguerite Howard Betty Kettell June Lemon Jean Martin Arra Morgan V. Rachel Pierce Emma Lou Rogers Doris Stowe MEMBERS Bethany Sullivan Marjorie Wardell Dorothy Whitley Altos Helen L. Biastock Carolyn Lang Marylyn Lingott Laura Marie Lord Florence Norton Marianna Riddick Barbara Schumacher Gloria Seeger Phyllis Wagner Cynthia Walker Janet Wheatley Dorothy Jane Witters Tenors Richard Anderson Joseph Bogue Hugh Deale Thomas Gamble Robert Harper Clifford Jayson Leroy Lake William Rickard Basses Robert Deneen Donald Dick Bruce Feighner Richard Fitch Cecil Giles Emory Gregory Robert Sill Justin Sleight Walton Woody Page 40 C-TD First Violins Robert Peters, Principal Jack Souder Anna Marie Kinney Lawrence Stiers Douglas Packard Lloyd Smith Lawrence Scott Lynn Smith Edward Kleinschmid Second Violins Helen Ackley, Principal Betty Carnck Vernon Meeks Joan Thompson Marian Blanding Earl Jolls Carolyn Cartwrlght Violas George Brewer, Principal John Talbot Isobel Mcintosh William Finni MEMBERS Violoncellos Alfred Stender, Principal Helen Smith Ruth Roberts Harriet Magoon Kathleen Smith Contra Basses Fern Capron, Prin Robert Palmiter Dorothy Telfer Mary Henton Flutes Joseph Britton Robert Finch Margaret Fobert Oboes Betty Bearss Glen Linton Clarinets Kirk Richtmeyer Howard Ellis Wallace Maynard Arthur Cofer ipal bassoons Kathleen Hagerman Dan Orr French Horns Frank Pearson Richard Cornell Wayne Ellinger Gauin Moore Fred Powell Trumpets Robert Souter Joseph Petovello Leroy Benjamin Trombones Robert Reber Maurice Laney Geary Miller Tympani Robert Saxon Percussion Clifford Sampson Lester Clute Kathryn Kitsman The 55-piece Albion College Orches- tra, directed by Mr. Conway Peters, played 19 concerts on its spring tour this year. Included on the program was a modern symphony composed by Mr. Peters, " On the Trail, " from Grofe ' s " Grand Canyon Suite, " and Popper ' s " Hungarian Rhapsody, " with a violon- cello solo by Alfred Stender. Page 41 Lapham, Akley, Hagerman, Whitley, Graham. Kinney, Carrick, Ingram, Schumacher, Lord, Edwards. Mrs. Rowland, Srowe, Bates, Norton, Wagner, Biastock, Mrs. Vosburgh. Lambda Mu, local honorary music sorority, was organized in 1930. Members are chosen each year on the basis of interest shown in music, general participation in music, and scholarship. The sorority aims to further the interest in music on the Albion campus and encourage a cooperative spirit among women musicians of the college. FLORENCE NORTON MARYHELEN BATES . DORIS STOWE . PHYLLIS WAGNER . OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Mrs. Marvin Pahl Mrs. Louis U. Rowland Mrs. Theodore Vosburgh MEMBERS Helen Ackley Maryhelen Bates Helen L. Biastock Betty Carrick Fern Edwards Barbara Graham Kathleen Hagerman Dorothy Whitley Margaret Ingram Anna Marie Kinney Lucille Lapham Laura Marie Lord Florence Norton Barbara Schumacher Phyllis Wagner Page 42 Cornell, Lake, Petovello, Meeks, Peters, Feighner, Laney, Perry. Gregory, Dean, Mr. Rowland, Mr. Peters, Mr. Vosburgh, Mr. Pahl, Souder. Brewer, Ford, Gamble, Pearson, Bogue, Giles, Lynn Smith, Lloyd Smith. The only national men ' s musical fraternity in America, Phi Mil Alpha Sinfonia was founded locally in 1931, and reor- ganized this year. The fraternity recognizes outstanding musical ability and honors those who have contributed extensively to the musical life of Albion College. OFFICERS JOSEPH BOGUE President FRANK PEARSON Vice-president LYNN SMITH Secretary CECIL GILES Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS AND ALUMNI MEMBERS Professor L. U. Rowland Mr. Theodore Vosburgh HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Marvi n Pahl Mr, . Conway Peters Dr. John L. Seatc n MEMBERS Joseph Bogue Thomas Gamble Robert Perry George Brewer Cecil Giles Robert Peters Richard Cornell Emery Gregory Joseph Petovello Robert Dean Leroy Lake Jack Souder Bruce Feighner Maurice Laney Lloyd Smith Robert Finch Vernon Meeks Lynn Smith Richard Ford Frank Pearson Page 43 Miller, Hensick, McCoy, Dibden, Vanson, Smith. Wolfe, M. Doten, Fitch, Davison, Jenne. Miss Champ, Flanigan, Mr. Fest, Mr. Irwin, Black, Kettell. Graham, Tapert, Kurtz, D. Doten, Manning, Baker, Robinson. Requirements for membership in the Albion College Players, local dramatic club, are ability in dramatic or production work and membership in the associated group of the Players. Election to Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary dramatic fraternity, may be achieved by those students who are members of the Albion College Players and who do commendable work in either pro- duction or actual dramatic work while in college. Epsilon chapter of Albion College was installed in May, 1929. " What a Life, " by Clifford Goldsmith, " You Can ' t Take It With You, " by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, and a visual adaption of the radio play, " Air Raid, " by Archibald McLeish, are productions of this year ' s season. OFFICERS DONN DOTEN . MARIAN KURTZ LOIS TAPERT . FAITH MANNING President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Beulah G. Champ Charlotte Baker Ross Bunce Betsy Davison Arthur Dibden Donn Doten Marian Doten Richard Fitch Doris Flanigan Barbara Graham MEMBERS Don Hensick Frank Jenne Beatrice Kettell Marian Kurtz F-iith Manning Melvin Miller Robert McCoy Anne Robinson Elizabeth Slack Lloyd Smith Lois Tapert Jean Stewart Peter T. Vanson Vernon Wolfe Dr, Caroll P. Lahman Mr. Thorell B. Fest Miss Beulah Champ Mr. Joseph J. Irwin Page 44 Murphy, StoufFer, Slack, Davison, Tapert, Flanigan, Robinson, Dibden, Beach, Baldu Whitley, Schnaitman, Graham, Baker, Kettell, Manning. M. Doten, Fitch, Hensick, Edyvean, Vanson, Flanigan. Page 45 Ingram, Hughes, Baker, Jackson, Reavey. Figy, Miss Gray, Flanigan, Mrs. Pahl. Hendren, Laubach, Kellogg, Kurtz, Anderson. Fulfilling the work of establishing a closer link between students and of enriching their lives through religious, social, and intellectual expression, the Y.W.C.A. carried out an ex- tensive program this year. Monthly meetings, weekly vesper services, social work in two of the city schools, aiding in spon- soring the Freshman Mixer, and providing " Big Sisters " for freshman women, are among the activities of the local group. OFFICERS MARY ADELAIDE KELLOGG JANE ANDERSON . CARYL LAUBACH . MARIAN KURTZ President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Charlotte Baker Virginia Figy Doris Flanigan Margaret Hendren Tess Hensick CABINET Patricia Hughes Margaret Ingram Jean Jackson Marian Reavey Janet Wheatley FACULTY ADVISORS Dean Marian Gray Mrs. Marvin Pahl Page 46 Feller, Ford, Hadfey, Peterson, Anderson, Voglesong, Vv Preston, Millett, Packard, Overy, Lee, Britton, Souder. Youngs, Cofer, Jones, Dr. Kraft, E. Benjamin, Linn, Braley. Schroeder, R. Benjamin, Wolfe, Bunce, Doten, Munson, McCoy, Perry. DONN DOTEN . ROSS BUNCE . HUGH MUNSON JACKSON TURNER OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Charles F. Kraft Edgar Anderson E. Leroy Benjamin Robert Benjamin Orville Braley Joseph Britton Ross Bunce John Chilson Arthur Cofer Marshall Cook Hugh Deale Donn Doten Erwin Feller Robert Ford Robert Friend Richard Hadley James Hollingsworth Robert Huber Nien Tzu Hwang Earle Jones W. Douglas Lee MEMBERS Ernest Longman Robert McCoy Ralph Millett Alan Moore Hugh Munson Donald Overy Douglas Packard Morris Parslow Duane Perry Frank Peterson Walter Preston Hamilton W. Ratledge Robert Schroeder Richard Staple James Tobias Jackson Turner William Voglesong Vernon Wolfe Duane Wright Richard Youngs Page 47 •J .» si 3 a?pa cs CWb . CWb H A mi if 11 11 T " V aMtiC7T7tincfUiC " vujsEt M " W Lift ' I :!» nil V W Moffet, Needham, Brehmer, Wirts. Flanigan, Northrup, Breed, Minshull, Baldwin. Riley, Himmelspach, Laubach, Buchda, Benjamin, Johnson, Graham, Koerner, Carter. Anderson, Telfer, Gregory, Battenhouse, Mr. Shrock, Montie, Peterman, Shideman, Hollingsworth. Students majoring or minoring in art who have maintained a " B " average in the department are members of the Art club, providing they have been recommended by the instructor and approved by the club. The exhibition room of the library was the scene of several exhibits sponsored by the club. The theme of the annual art club ball was Surrealism. OFFICERS CHARLES PETERMAN REITA MONTIE . ESTHER BATTENHOUSE EMORY GREGORY . President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. John G. Shrock Jane Anderson Maryanna Baldwin Esther Battenhouse Robert Benjamin Nancy Breed Marjorle Brehmer Joan Buchda Margaret Close Jean Carter Doris Flanigan MEMBERS Barbara Graham Betty Needham Emory Gregory Lois Northrup Theresa Himmelspach Charles Petermt Betty Hollingsworth Elizabeth Reed Lois Reader Houghton Lois Richards Marjorie Koerner Cheryl Riley Caryl Laubach Mary Jo Shiden Christine Minshull Dorothy Telfer Evelyn Moffett Mary Wirts Reita Montie Page 50 C-T3 Coffey, Worgess, Meeks, Chandler, Garlinghouse, Zeis, Sav Perkins, Bennert, Dr. Engel, Dr. Randall, Putnam, Jenne. Brown, Caukin, Plate, Allen, Kitsman, Foster, Newman. The purpose of the Chemistry club is to secure tor its mem- bers the advantages arising from a discussion of chemical prob- lems; and a broader and more intimate knowledge of chemistry. Any student is eligible for membership provided he shall have completed his first two semesters of chemistry, and shall have at least three semesters of chemistry before he graduates. He must have a " B " average in the field and be recommended by the faculty members of the club. MEMBERS Garald Allen Paul Beebe Betty Brown Hazel Caukin Edward Chandler George Coffey Phyllis Foster Jack Garlinghouse Frank Jenne Kathryn Kitsman Merrit Meeks John Newman Dale Palmer Marvin Perkins Mildred Plate Mark Putnam Webster Sawyer Eleanor Tripp Duane Worgess Myron Zeis HONORARY MEMBER Milton Bennert FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Ann Crosby Dr. Dorothy Engle Dr. D. L. Randall Page 51 Fischer. Surland, Hadley. Telander, Longman, Maynar, Sawyer, Tobias, Dr. Ingalls, Dr. Sleight, Steers, Sunya Evans. Betz, Blake, Allen, Dunn, Ingram, Shepard. Kappa Mu Epsi Ion, national honorary mathematical society, was founded with the purpose of providing a society for the recognition of students in mathematics and to bring them together in fraternal relationship, thus furthering in them an interest in mathematics. Albion ' s chapter is Michigan Alpha. GARALD ALLEN PAUL DUNN BARBARA BLAKE, OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. E. R. Sleight Dr. E. E. Ingalls Garald Allen Lorna Betz Barbara Blake Paul Dunn Elizabeth Evans Ralph Fischer Richard Hadley Margaret Ingram David Lawler Ernest Longman MEMBERS Robert Maynard Mark Putnam Webster Sawyer Helen Shepard William Steers Andrew Sunyar Charles Surland Jack Telander James Tobias Emmett Ward Page 52 Dr. Fuller, Hadley, Telander, Dr. Spencer, Berlin, Per Stone, Surland, Dunn, Maynard, Reber, Longman. Monthly meetings, occasional visits to research laboratories and factories, and outside speakers acquaint the members of the Physics club with current discoveries and developments in the field of physics. Individual student reports have shown considerable research technique. Members of the club are students interested in the further study of physics. CTD OFFICERS PAUL DUNN CHARLES SURLAND ROBERT MAYNARD . President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. R. G. Spencer Dr. H. 0- Fuller MEMBERS Herbert Bank Roger Berlin Paul Dunn Ralph Fischer Richard Hadley David Lawler Ernest Longman Robert Maynard Eugene Perrine Robert Reber John Stone Andrew Sunyar Charles Surland Jack Telander Phillip Towle James Tobias Page 53 Taperr, Gloor, Benjamin, Vanson, McCoy, Doten, Montie, Bahlman. Lawrence, Berryman, Miss McCune. Dr. Battenhouse, Mr. Irwin, Jones, Reavy, Ew Rapp, Fisch, Whitley, Houghton, Battenhouse, Smith, Kellogg, Edwards. The college ' s outstanding writers compose the Contributors ' club, which endeavors to encourage creative writing within the group. Requirements for membership are a major or minor in English and a " B " average in the field. At its monthly meet- ings, the discussion of current literary topics and presentation of original contributions stimulate literary interest. Janet Bahlman Esther Battenhouse Bonnie Berryman Robert Benjamin Donn Doten Marian Doten Fern Edwards Willa Ewing Kathryn Fisch Gloria Gloor Lois Reader Houghton MEMBERS Eleanor Jones Mary Adelaide Kellogg Margaret Lawrence Robert McCoy Reita Montie Luceille Rapp Marian Reavey Louis Reichle Kathleen Smith Lois Tapert Peter T. Vanson Dorothy Whitley FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Julia McCune Miss Marian Gray Dr. H. M. Battenhouse Mr. Joseph J. Irwin Miss Adams, Schoultz, Mr. Miller, Hadley, Dr. Randall. Brown, Lombard, Nixon, Burch, Smith. To carry on a textbook and supplies business at the lowest possible cost for the advantage of the students is the purpose of the Co-operative association. Since 1893, the organization has been instrumental in lowering the cost of textbooks twenty to thirty per cent. The board of directors is composed of three faculty members and six students. Each year the student body elects three sophomores to serve a term of two years. OFFICERS MR. E. T. MILLER . MARVIN SCHOULTZ DR. D. L RANDALL . President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. E. T. Miller Dr. D. L Randall Miss Marian Adams Elizabeth Brown Montgomery Burch Richard Hadley Herbert Lombard Isabelle Nixon Marvin Schoultz Kathleen Smith Page 55 Cooley, Rowe, Rietz, Close. Miss Ludy, Jackson, Miss Rausch, Slowey, Whitelam, Selzer. Lucas, Trucks, Brooks, Tuchtenhagen, Thompson, Proctor, Krehl. The Home Economics club is affiliated with state and na- tional associations. Composed of women majoring in home economics who maintain a " B " average in the field, the or- ganization desires to promote a better understanding of home economics and its purpose in everyday life. OFFICERS MARGARET GARRED LINDOW JEANICE TUCHTENHAGEN . HELEN THOMPSON . President Vice-president Secretary Sally Brooks Margaret Close Marjorie Cooley Margaret Garred Lindow Jean Jackson MEMBERS Elizabeth Kaiser Marian Krehl Elizabeth Lucas Dorothy Proctor Marie Reitz Martha Rowe Mary Louise Selzer Barbara Slowey Helen Thompson Eleanor Tripp Beth Trucks Jeanice Tuchtenhagen Elizabeth Whitelam Page 56 Fisch, Jackson, Plate, Whitelam. Mrs. Wolfe, Doten, Miss Gray, Lawrence. Thompson, R ansom, Kurtz, Manning, Randall To maintain order and to provide a successful and working social program in the dormitories, the executive board of the Women ' s Self Government Association exists. Four officers, six proctors, Miss Marian Gray, dean of women, and Mrs. F. Fay Wolfe, housemother, compose the board. Each year stu- dent members are elected by the association of women students of Susanna Wesley Hall, Ingham house, Avenue house, and Dean Hall. OFFICERS MARIAN KURTZ President VERONICA RANSOM .... Vice-president FAITH MANNING Secretary HELEN RANDALL Treasurer PROCTORS Kathryn Fisch Helen Thompson Jean Jackson Elizabeth Whitelam Margaret Lawrence Marian Doten, Dean Mildred Plate Hall representative Page 57 Whitelam, Miss Champ, Miss Gray, Miss Engle, Fisch. Manning, Lawrence, Plate. Kurtz, Tapert. The installation of Mortar Board, national honorary society for senior women, on the campus, was an event of the year. Chevron, a local honorary society, preceded Mortar Board here. Between five and twenty second semester junior women are chosen each year for membership. The basis for selection is founded on scholarship, leadership, and service. OFFICERS MILDRED PLATE MARGARET LAWRENCE MARIAN KURTZ LOIS TAPERT . FAITH MANNING . President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Historian FACULTY ADVISORS Dean Marian Gray Miss Beulah Champ Dr. Dorothy Engle MEMBERS Kathryn Fisch Faith Manning Margaret Garred Lindow Mildred Plate Marian Kurtz Lois Tapert Margaret Lawrence Elizabeth Whitelam Page 58 Selzer, Wiener, Stewar Kitsman, Miss Schulli, Brown, Shepard, Somi Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary society for fresh- man women, recognizes outstanding scholastic attainment of women in their freshman year. The society was installed on Albion ' s campus in the Spring of 1940. Members are required to have a 2.5 average for the first semester or for the entire freshman year. Alpha Lambda Delta encourages " intellectual living and a higher standard of learning. " PATRICIA SOMMER . HELEN SHEPARD ELIZABETH BROWN . BETSY DAVISON MARJORIE COOLEY OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Historian Kathryn Kitsman Valerie Mata Hazel Moritz Mildred Neil MEMBERS Elsie Mae Reed Helen Schnaitman Mary Louise Selzer Jean Stewart HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Marian Gray Dr. Dorothy Schullian Miss Christine Taylor Roberta Wiener Page 59 « - ■ f 8 A m ' ft ' ---a W - r -; 1 « i m. ■ ' - ■ ML - 7 j - - 1 M H p r J T . «r y T ■■ rtL-Wl ' 1 , -Jfi -,-atJ Perkins, Carrick, Hartung, Skinner, Broad, H. Ellerby. Ackley. Betty Kettell, Mrs. Leffler, Steptoe, Daskaloff. Proctor, Sturman, Beatrice Kettell, Capron, Evans, Foster The Independent Women ' s League was organized to pro- vide social and athletic activity among non-sorority women. Throughout the year the league provides social functions, in- cluding dances, and weekly meetings, and encourages scholar- ship improvement among the group. OFFICERS ELIZABETH EVANS . ELIZABETH JANE REED ELIZABETH STURMAN BEATRICE KETTELL . President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Dorothy Schullian Mrs. Emil Leffler Helen Ackley Adele Broad Fern Capron Betty Carrick Mary Daskaloff Helen Ellerby Elizabeth Evans Phyllis Foster MEMBERS Margaret Haight Winifred Hartung Beatrice Kettell Arlene Perkins Dorothy Proctor Elizabeth Jane Reed Betsy Skinner Jean Steptoe Elizabeth Sturman Page 60 Page 61 .• I - ' H ' • •- .•k« - T Y. .... ff«« Jaf tA aS ' wi sW iVe fea« Sar W M sW ©oV n faf 5 W ■ e W II I I I TIT fres an Va c 3 r ywurtaji Mel!. Maynard, Moore, Surland. Schlcss, Sanford, Mills, Tobias, Stanford, Thomas, Trimble. Garlinghouse, Toutant, Sunyar, Dr. Voltmer, Coach Watts, Hawkins, Simpson, Hadley. Blashkiw, Renda, Long, VanderLinde, Hart. Peterson, Fleming, Barnes. Stevens. A group based upon athletic awards and individual ability, the Varsity club has been especially cooperative in taking part in the activities of " Big 3 " week-end, the choice of Miss Briton, migrations to foreign fields in the interest of athletic competi- tion, and the ever impressive " Vigilante Council, " the group whose duty it is to impress freshmen with the campus traditions. OFFICERS ROBERT M. HART President ALBERT NICHOLLS Vice-President HARRIE BLEEKER Secretary Page 64 Hatton, Thatcher, Case, Slusser, Close, Blending, VanSyckel, Palmer, Blake, Doten, Shepard, Tripp. Rowe, Jackson, Moritz, Johnson, Morgan, Gloor, Manning, Post, Hendren, Baumgartner, Caukin, Ingrari Goodale, Holland, Lemon, Henry, Figy, Williams, Kitsman, Lucas, Stegeman. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS HAZEL CAUKIN MARIAN DOTEN JEAN BAUMGARTNER MARGARET HENDREN President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer SPORT MANAGERS MARTHA ROWE Archery KATHRYN KITSMAN Badminton ELEANORE TRIPP Basketball SHIRLEY POST Bowling BARBARA BLAKE . . . . . . .Canoeing RUTH DURKEE Hiking MARGARET INGRAM Hockey BETTY GOODALE Swimming JO ANN HOLLAND Tennis HELEN WILLIAMS Volleyball Page 65 Hagen, Simpson, Tobias, Surland, Blashkiw, Robbins, Duguid, Hawkins. Stanford, Schloss. Mgr. Wilde, Mgr. Hadley, Telander. Thomas, Trimble, Toutant, Miller, Stevens, Sanford. Sunyar, Coach Watts, CoacS Sprankle. Dodds. Hayhoe, Beach, Rybock, Alsip, Renda. Long, Hart, Nicholls, Grimes, Ptak, Fles, Vanderlinde. VARSITY FOOTBALL Compiling a record of seven wins against one defeat, the 1940 Albion college gridiron squad was successful in its de- fense of the MIAA championship, bringing to Albion, for the first time in the history of the school, two successive football titles. Displaying a powerful offense combined with a strong de- fense, the Britons were victorious in seven of their eight games, winning all six conference games, with the only defeat of the season coming at the hands of a strong non-conference foe, Lake Forest, in the last game of the year. The season ended, as far as the MIAA standings were con- cerned, when the Albionites overpowered a scrappy Alma team in the Homecoming game by a 12-0 final score. With the league championship depending on the outcome of this con- test, the Britons opened up with a hard running attack that placed them in the lead at an early point in the game. From this point on they were successful in staving off any threats by the Scots, and went on to add another touchdown and an- other MIAA title for the Spranklemen. Some of the highlights in the 1940 campaign were the Page 66 Linn, Cress, Lanzi, Boone, Brown, Applegate. Coach McElhaney, Krostue, Clucas, Hagadus, Sparling, Smith, Schavey, Kincaid, Mgr. Conn. Wauthier, Snelqrove, Howland, Graham, Safronoff, Martin, Churchill, Mitchell, Shank, Chilson. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL selections of Walt Ptak, Morry Trimble and Charles Vander- Linde to the All MIAA first team. At a later date Ptak re- ceived the honor of being placed on the annual Little All- American team, composed of players from the small college and university teams throughout the country. Until their defeat at the hands of the Lake Forest squad, the Britons were the only undefeated team in the state, and one of the few undefeated teams in the country. By virtue of this record, and their record of six wins against no defeats in con- ference games, and the showing made against powerful non- conference foes, the 1940 Briton squad may well be classed as one of the best teams ever to represent Albion. In spite of a non-competitive system, the 1940 freshman squad gave promise of a battle for positions on next year ' s varsity team by the showings made in scrimmages against the varsity and in the numerous intra-squad games played. The freshman season is now placed on a schedule that consists of instruction in football fundamentals and in learning the tactics employed by MIAA opponents for scrimmages against the varsity eleven. Page 67 ft 3 Mgr. McCoy. Elliott. Mills, Salisbury, Peterson, Peterman, Federico, Kru Coach Watts. Barnes, Fleming, Bleeker, Moore, Luxenberg. Krall, Frazer. Wilbur, Trimble, Palmer. Burns, Te lande Maynard, Cooper, Beban. Coach Sprankle. 1840 VARSITY TRACK For the second consecutive year the Briton outdoor track squad proved the class of the MIAA by winning the 1940 outdoor track title, scoring a decisive victory. The Albionites accounted for a total of 74 points, compared to their closest rival Kalamazoo, who tallied 54. In competition with individual schools, the Albion squad accounted for a record of two wins against two losses, and in a triangular meet with Adrian and Olivet, emerged vic- torious by a large margin. The first contest of the year found the Britons winning over Hillsdale, 83-48. The following week saw the Albion team lose a close one to Bowling Green, Ken- tucky, ending up on the short end of a 781 2-521 2 score. Gaining momentum in preparation for their defense of the MIAA championship, the Britons won a hotly contested meet with Grand Rapids Junior College, 68 l 2-62 l 2 . In the last two contests of the year, both triangular meets, the Spranklemen lost out to Ohio Wesleyan, but were victorious in the meet with Adrian and Olivet. Page 68 Sl.uier. Lester, McKitrick, Dallas, Peterson, Mcintosh, Jackson, Landon, Coach Sprankle. Richard, Orth, Dales, Dick, Churchill, Schmid, Brown, Fleury, Stevens, Newcomb. 1340 FRESHMAN TRACK The 1941 indoor season found the Britons once again leading the way, this time placing first with a total of 45 points, as com- pared to 3 6 1 2 for Hillsdale, Kalamazoo, 33; Alma, 2 6 1 2 " Adrian, 2; and Hope, O. This meet found Henry Barnes cutting 30 seconds off of his own two mile record, and setting a new record of 10:9. In two events that were run for the first time, Bruce Stevens turned in the winning times, and automatically becomes the record holder. These two events were the 75 yard and 220 yard dashes. Another record was accounted for by the 880 yard relay team, which in addition to establishing the new MIAA record, also set a new MIAA record for the Yost Field House. Not to be outdone by the varsity squads, the 1940 fresh- men squad turned in a stellar performance in the outdoor meet for yearling teams, and added another championship for the Britons. The Spranklemen turned in a total of 89 points, as compared to 39 for Kalamazoo, their closest rival. Page 69 Coach Voltmer, Bohn, Coach Watts. Meli, Grimes, Nester, Chandler, VanderLinde, Mills, Cook, Sanford, Trimble, Mgr, Drinkwater VARSITY BASKETBALL With a decided absence of experienced material, and with strength of the team depending on a number of men from last year ' s freshman squad, the 1940-1941 Briton basketball squad turned in a record of seven wins against seven losses. The season opener found the Albion cagers on the short end of a 58-36 score in the contest with a powerful Calvin five. The Britons soon found themselves, and in the next two en- counters, both against the Hillsdale quintet, accounted for two MIAA victories, the first by a 42-28 margin, and the second win showing a 40-29 victory. The Voltmerites then lost four successive games, the first at the hands of a sur- prisingly strong Olivet five by a 35-34 score, a close 31-29 loss to the out-state Tri-State five, an overwhelming 55-20 defeat at the hands of Alma, and a 35-31 upset by the Hope team. The Britons bounced back into the win column the following week with a 34-28 win over Adrian, and a one-point 29-28 victory at the expense of the Kalamazoo squad. The Britons continued their winning way the following game by avenging a previous defeat in Indiana, when they conquered the powerful Tri-State team in one of the most thrilling games ever seen in the Kresge Gymnasium. After playing to a tie score at the end of the regulation time, the Albionites went on to win in two overtime periods by a 44-41 score. The Briton cagers were once again defeated by the MIAA championship Alma five, this time by a 48-25 final score. The final three contests of the season saw the Britons compile a record of one win while dropping two. The strong Hope five defeated the home cagers by a 32-25 score, then a 35-3 I win over the Adrian squad, and the season finished with a 40-33 loss at the hands of Kalamazoo. Page 70 aley, Smith, Fiahaven, Peterson, Nelson, Coach Voltmer 1940 VARSITY TENNIS With a record of seven wins against one defeat, and by virtue of placing second in the MIAA conference, the 1940 edition of the tennis team may well be classed as one of the strongest teams ever to represent Albion on the courts. The only defeat of the season came at the hands of the always powerful Kalamazoo team by a 7-0 margin. The re- mainder of the matches found the Britons winning by decisive margins over MIAA foes, and also claiming one victory over a non-conference opponent. The members of the team were Hayden Smith, Don Nelson, Tom Fiahaven, Orville Braley, Bill Houghton, and Ralph Peterson. Page 71 Nelles, Thomas, Turnblom, Adams, Alsip, Coach Spencer 1340 VARSITY GOLF With the return of three lettermen in the persons of Fritz Adams, Ed Alsip and Mort Nelles, and with the addition of Ken Turnblom and Bud Thomas, the 1940 Briton golf squad, under the tutelage of Dr. Raymond G. Spencer, stroked to a conference record of four wins against two defeats, and were the winner in one meeting with a non-conference foe, defeating Calvin on the home course by a ? ' 2 - ' 2 score - In the MIAA Field Day Meet, the Albionites were in second place at the end of the first day of firing, but slipped into third hole as the final scores were posted. Bud Thomas paced the Britons with a 156 total, putting together two rounds of 78. The 1941 season will find the return of two veterans, who with the assistance of some freshmen prospects should form the nucleus for a strong team. Page 72 HOCKEY: Blake, Kitsman, Baumgartner, Thatcher, Moritz, Blanding, Durkee, Holt, Staple, Heystek, Stramm, Ingram, Caukin, Henton, Fisher. BOWLING: Hossfeld, Heath, Liter, Burrell, Cox, Johnson, Earp, Black, Buyton. SPORTS: Rowe, Ingram, Holland, Kitsman, Williams, Caukin, Hendren, Shepard, Baumgartner, Blake, Jo Dunn, Post, Doten, Goodale. SWIMMING: Dalzell, George, Flanigan, Castle. Page 73 ••mw " . jtt l0 !L.o » e V. I Stoi ji i " r V4C ' ?%£■! A Page 76 FIRST ROW: Ackley, Helen E., Homer, Lambda Mu, 3, 4, Independent Women ' s league, 3, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1,2,3,4; Allen, Garald, LaGrange, Ind., Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry, 3, 4, president, 4, president Kappa Mu Epsilon, 4; Alsip, Edward L, Roseville, Football, Basketball, Golf; Anderson, Jane, Detroit, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., I, 2, 3,4, Art club, 2, 3, 4, French club, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., vice-presi Jent, 4, Zeta Tau Alpha secretary, 4; Ash, Emily F., Three Rivers, Alpha Xi Delta, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Choir, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. SECOND ROW: Aughton, Henry J., Hamden, Conn., Sigma Chi, Physics club, 2, Football, I, Track, I; Bahlman, Janet, Cincinnati, Ohio, Zeta Tau Alpha, Contributors ' club, 4, Spanish club, 4; Bank, Herbert C, Saginaw, Physics club; Barker, Florence M., Detroit, Kappa Delta, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Volley ball, 2; Barnes, Henry, Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, " A " club. Basketball, I, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, captain, 4, Y.M.C.A. THIRD ROW: Battenhouse, Esther L, Albion, Kappa Delta, Home Economics club, I, 2, Art club, 2, 3, 4, Con- tributors ' club, 2, 3, 4, president, 4, Choir, I, Volley ball, I, 4; Beach, Barry B., Grand Rapids, Sigma Nu, German club, " A " club, Football, 3, 4; Beebe, Paul, Akron, Ohio, Sigma Chi, Chemistry club; Berryman, Bonnie H., Highland Park, Al- pha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary, 4, Contributors ' club, 4, Forum club, 4, secretary, 4, Choir, I, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Volley ball, 4; Blake, Barbara J., Kalamazoo, Dean Hall, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A., I , 2, 3, 4. FOURTH ROW: Blashkiw, Peter G., Grand Rapids, Sigma Nu, " A " club, Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, Track, 3; Bleecker, Harrle L, Lansing, Goodrich club, Track, 1,2, 3, Student council, 4, vice-president, 4, " A " club, secretary-treasurer, 4, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Physics club. 2, 3, 4, Albion college players, 3, 4; Boe, Arnold M., Detroit, Alpha Tau Omega, secretary, 3, Spanish club, 4; Bradford, Geraldine M., Albion, Alpha Chi Omega. Brewer, George E., Flint, Phi Mu Alpha, 4, Y.M.- C.A., 2. 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2. 3, 4, String Quartet, 3, 4. FIFTH ROW: Brock, Thomas D., Plymouth, Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president, 4, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, president, 3, 4, Economics club, 3, 4, president, 4, Forum club, 3, 4, president, 4, Student council, 3, 4, president, 4, " Who ' s Who " member, Ti-Me, 4, president, 4, Debate, I , 2, 3, 4, State Oratory, I, 3, State Extempore champion, 2; Butterfield, Erwin A., Rutland, Vt., Delta Tau Delta; Buys, William E., North Muskegon, Goodrich club, Delta Sigma Rho, 4, Forum club, 4, French club, 2, Y.M.C.A., 4, Debate, 2, 3, 4. Oratory, 4; Carty, R. Lee, Albion, Y.M.C.A.; Caukin, Hazel B., Hastings, Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary, 3, German club, vice-president, 3, Chemistry club, W.A.A.. treasurer, 3, president, 4, Hockey, I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 1,2, 3. SIXTH ROW: Chamboy, Mary V., Port Huron, French club, Forum club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Clayton, L. Earl, Hoagland, Ind., Chi Epsilon, 4, Y.M.C.A., 4; Cook, Marshall H., Hastings, Sigma Nu, president, 3, 4; interfraternity council, president, 4, vice-president, 3, " A " club, Co-op Board, Y.M.C.A.. Track, I, 2, Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; Cooper, Henry G., Detroit, Alpha Tau Omega, Track, 3, 4; Cowan, Grant E., Royal Oak, Delta Sigma Phi, sophomore class treasurer. CO o TO CO o o TO —I 6 Page 77 Page 78 FIRST ROW: Deale, Hugh S., Michigan City, Ind., Fiske Lodge, vice-president, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Track, 4; Dean, Jean- nette E., Jackson, Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A., Basketball, 3, Volley ball, 3; Dibden, Arthur J., Chesaning, Goodrich club, vice-president, 4, French club, 2, Forum club, 4, vice-president, 4, Chi Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, vice-president, 4, Y.M.C.A., 3, 4, Campus Religious council, 4, treasurer, 4, Albion college players, 3, 4, Debate, I ; Dick, John A., Niles, Delta Sigma Phi, Y.M.C.A., Track, I, Football, I; Dodds, William F., Ellwood City, Pa., " A " club, 3, 4, Spanish club, Football, 3, 4. SECOND ROW: Doten, Donn P., Bay City, Goodrich club, football manager, I, 2, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4, president, 4, Business manager, 3, 4, " Who ' s Who " , 4, Ti-Me, 4, Albion college players, I, 2, 3, 4, Y.M.C.A., 1,2, 3, 4, Contributors ' club, 4, Y.M.C.A. president, 4, Campus Religious council. 3, 4, " A " club, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Debate, I, 2, 3, Oratory: Doten, Marian M., Bay City, Dean Hall, president, 4, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, vice-president, 4, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics club, I, 2, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 1 , 2. 3, 4, Albion college players, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 4, Contributors ' club 4, vice-president, 4, Student council, 4, W.S.G.A. Board, 4: Dunn, Paul F., Albion, Physics club, 3, 4, president, 4, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4. vice-president, 4; Durkee, Ruth V., Flint, Dean Hall, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Forum club, Spanish club, Hockey, Basketball, Volley ball; Edwards, Fern E., Royal Oak, Alpha Chi Omega, Lambda Mu, 4, Contributors ' club, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4. THIRD ROW: Ellinger.Wayne W., Allegan, Spanish club, 2, 3, 4, secretary, 3, presi- dent, 4, Band, 1,2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4; Embler, Betty L, Detroit, Spanish club, 2, Y.W.C.A.; Ewing, Willa M., Albion, Contributors ' club, Choir; Fisch, Kathryn J., Rogers City, Alpha Xi Delta, president, 3, 4, W.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Con- tributors ' club, 4, French club, 4, German club, Mortar Board, 4, Pan-Hellenic council, 2, 3, 4, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, Debate, I. 2, 3, 4, Oratory, 3, 4, W.S.G.A. Board, 4, Y.W.C.A., Albionian staff, 4, Pleiad staff, 2, Zeta Epsilon Lambda; Fleming, Leslie W., Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, treasurer, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Forum club, Spanish club, Economics club, " A " club, Albionian business manager, 4, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, Debate, 2, 3, 4, Oratory, 3, 4, Pleiad staff, 3, 4. FOURTH ROW: Fles, Robert J., Muskegon, Sigma Nu, Football, 3, 4; Ford, Richard L, Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Gamma, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha, 4, Forum club, Chi Epsilon, Y.M.C.A., Campus Religious council, 4, Wesley Fellowship, president, 4, Pleiad editor, 3, 4, " Who ' s Who " , 4; Foster, Thomas G., Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Spanish club, I, 2, 3, 4, Economics club, 3, 4, Forum club, 4; Friend, Robert C, East Grand Rapids, Goodrich club, Chi Epsiion, I, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha, I, 2, 3, Economics club, 4, Y.M.C.A., 3, 4, Campus Religious council, 3, Choir, I, 2, 3; Garred, Margaret M., Detroit, Delta Gamma, vice-president, 4, Home Economics club, president, 4, Spanish club, president, 3, 4, Chevron, Bas- ketball, Volley ball. FIFTH ROW: Gloor, Gloria L, Detroit, Delta Gamma, secretary, 4, Freshman class vice-president, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics club, I, 2, Art club, 2, 3, 4, French club, 3, 4, Contributors ' club, 2, 3, 4; Goodale, Mary E., Huntington, Ind., Dean Hall, Zeta Tau Alpha, Choir, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., German club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Pleiad staff, 3; Grimes, Robert A., Flint, Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4; Hansen, Raymond C, Ludington, Sigma Chi; Hart, Robert M., Detroit, Sigma Chi, " A " club, 2, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer, 3, president, 4, Football, 1,2, 3, 4, Track, I, Pleiad sports editor, 3. Pleiad business manager, 4. SIXTH ROW: Hayhoe, Robert C, St. Johns, Tau Kappa Epsilon, " A " club, Junior class treasurer, Football, I, 2, 3, 4; Heath, Joy P., Birmingham, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Y.W.C.A., Bowling, 4; Henderson, Elizabeth A., Detroit, Delta Gamma, Spanish club, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A., 3, 4; Hensick, Tess E., Detroit, Alpha Chi Omega, W.S.G.A. Board, Y.W.C.A., Contributors ' club, Albion college players; Highstone, Warren R., St. Ignace, Alpha Phi Gamma, 3, 4, Managing editor of Pleiad, 3, Economics club. CO o TO CO o o TO —I o z m Page 79 • Pa | BO FIRST ROW: Ingram, Margaret J., Detroit, Kappa Delta, treasurer, 4, Lambda Mu, I, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer, 3, Spanish club, I, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A. Board, 2, 3, 4, Albionian staff, 3, Campus Re- ligious council, 3; Ironside, Marcia A., Hastings, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A. , I, 2, Y.W.C.A.; Johnson, Clayone F., Detroit, Delta Gamma, treasurer, I, 2, 3, 4, Volley ball, I, 3, 4, W.A.A., 4, Art club, 2, 3, 4, treasurer, 3, French club, I, 2, 3, 4, president, 4, Senior class secretary, Y.W.C.A., I; Kellogg, Mary A., Morenci, Alpha Xi Delta, secretary, 3, 4, Pleiad staff, 3, 4, Debate, I. 2, Classical club, I, 2, 3, 4, president, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, secretary, 3, president, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda. I, 2, 3, Wesley Fellowship, secretary, 4; Kinney, Anna M., Fruitport, Zeta Tau Alpha, French club, 3, 4, Lambda Mu, 4, German club, 3, 4, vice-president, 4, Orchestra. 3, 4, Y.W.C.A.. 3, 4. SECOND ROW: Koerner, Marjorie A., Saginaw, Alpha Chi Omega, pledge president, 3, Art club, 3, 4, Swimming, 4, Volley ball; Krauth, Howard L, Lapeer, Alpha Tau Omega, vice-president, 4, Spanish club, vice-president, 3, Track, 2, Golf, 4; Krehl, Marion E., Detroit, Kappa Delta, Home Economics club, W.A.A.; Kuhn, Robert E., Detroit, Sigma Nu, Pleiad staff, I, 2; Kurtz, Marian L, Alpena, Alpha Xi Delta, secretary, 4, W.A.A., 3. 4, Albion college payers, I, 2, 3, 4, vice-president, 4, Y.W.C.A., 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3,4, Chevron, 3, 4, secretary, 4, Mortar Board, 4, Vice-president sophomore class, " W.S.G.A., president, 4, Campus Religious council, 2, 3, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Debate, 2, 3, " Who ' s Who " . 4, Oratory. THIRD ROW: Laubach, Caryl J., Detroit. Alpha Chi Omega, Art club, 3, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, secretary, 4; Lauer, John H., Akron, Ohio, Sigma Nu, Track, Basketball; Lawrence, E. Margaret, Grand Rapids, Delta Gamma, president, 4, French club. 2, 3, 4, Contributors ' club, 4, Chevron, 4, vice-president, 4, Mortar Board, 4; Lemon, June E., Cleveland, Ohio, Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary, 4, W.A.A., Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A.; Levett, Harry L., Chicago, III., Alpha Tau Omega, president, 3, 4, In- terfraternity council. Biology club, German club, Track, I. FOURTH ROW: Lombard, Herbert L, Hart, Delta Sigma Phi, president, 4, Interfraternity council, Co-op Board, Choir, 2, 3, Bookstore manager, 4, Football, I ; McDougal, M. Eliza- beth, Detroit, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, I, 2, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, Debate, 2, 3, Ora- tory, 3, 4, Extempore, 3; Manning, Faith L., Lansing, Alpha Xi Delta, vice-president, 4, W.A.A., Albion college players, I, 2, 3, 4, Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4, treasurer, 4, W.S.G.A., secretary, 4, Junior class vice-president, Chevron, 4, Mortar Board, 4; Marsh, Russell G., Albion, Sigma Chi, vice-president. 4, Albionian, 3. 4. Editor, 4, Alpha Phi Gamma, 4, Publi- cations council, Interfraternity council, Football, I; Minshull, Christine C, Detroit, W.A.A., Spanish club, Art club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda. FIFTH ROW: Montie, Reita M., River Rouge, Zeta Tau Alpha, Art club, vice-president, 4, Contributors ' club, Pleiad staff, 2, 3, 4, Albionian staff, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A.; Munson, Hugh G., Saginaw, Delta Sigma Phi, secretary, 4. Senior class treasurer, Y.M.C.A., secretary, 4, Campus Religious council, 4; Newman, John C, Midland, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, Chemistry club; Nicholls, Albert C, Ishpeming, Delta Tau Delta, " A " club, Campus Religious council, 2, Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, Track; Norton, Florence E., Detroit, Dean Hall, Choir, 1 , 2, 3, 4, Madrigal Singers, 3, 4, Lambda Mu, president, Y.W.C.A., German club. SIXTH ROW: Perkins, Marvin E., Lincoln Park, Goodrich club, vice-president, 3, president, 4, Biology club, president, 4, Chemistry club, Band, 2, Track, I; Peters, Robert C, Albion, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, Phi Mu Alpha, 4, Band, 1,2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1 , 2, 3, 4. Drum major; Peterson, Ralph L, Niles, Fiske Lodge, " A " club, Spanish club, Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Peterson, Thomas E., St. Ignace, Alpha Tau Omega, French club, Spanish club, Track, I, 2, 3, Band, I, Debate, I, 3, 4; Plate, Mildred M., Detroit, Kappa Delta, president, 4, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic council, 3, 4, president, 3, Biology club, 2, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer, 3, Chemistry club, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., 1,2, 3, Sopho- more class secretary, Chevron, 3, 4, president, 4, Mortar Board, 4, Student council, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer, 3, Publica- tions council, 3, vice-president, 3, W.S.G.A., 3, 4, " Who ' s Who " , 4. , CO o CO o m o TO —I I o Page 81 cs, fy t Page 82 FIRST ROW: Proctor, Dorothy J., Detroit, Home Economics club, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A., 2, 3, 4; Ptak, Walter C, McDonald, Pa., Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3; Purdy, Helen D., Howell, Alpha Chi Omega, Classical club, 1 , 3, 4, Chemistry club, 3, Y.W.C.A.; Purdy, Margaret G., Howell, Alpha Chi Omega, Art club, Choir, Y.W.C.A.; Putnam, Mark S., Midland, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chemistry club, 2, 3, 4, Physics club, 2, 3, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Band, I. SECOND ROW: Randall, Helen C, Albion, Alpha Chi Omega, president, 4, W.A.A., Forum club. Y.W.C.A., Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Junior class secretary, W.S.G.A. Board, treasurer, 4, Pan-Hellenic council, 4; Ransom, Veronica A., Kalamazoo, Zeta Tau Alpha, vice- president, 4, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Y.W.C.A., W.S.G.A. Board, vice-president, 4; Reader, Lois J., De- troit, Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer, 3, vice-president, 4, Spanish club, W.A.A., I , 2, 3, 4, secretary, 3, Y.W.C.A., Art club, Contributors ' club, secretary-treasurer, 4; Reavey, Marian I., Caro, Dean Hall, Spanish club, 2, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, I , 2. 3, Contributors ' club, 3, 4, Albion college players, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A., 4, Wesley Fellowship, vice-president, 4, Campus Re- ligious council, 4, secretary, 4; Reed, Elizabeth J., Detroit, Independent Women ' s league, vice-president, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lcmbda, Art club. THIRD ROW: Renda, Carl W., Albion, Football, 1,2, 3, 4, " A " club, 2, 3, 4; Richards, Lois J., Mid- land, Zeta Tau Alpha, Art club, president, 3, Pan-Hellenic council, treasurer, 2, secretary, 3, president, 4; Rininger, Jack A., Pontiac, Tau Kappa Epsilon, president, 4, Publications council, 3, president, 3, Interfraternity council, Albionian staff, 3, Basketball, I; Roark, Harrison M., Albion, Delta Sigma Phi, Track, 2, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Physics club; Roberts, Ruth E„ East Chicago, Ind., Dean Hall, Band, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Fench club, secretary, 3. FOURTH ROW: Robison, Paul L., Hurst, III., Fiske Lodge; Ross, Woodrow I., Lansing, Chi Epsilon; Rostron, William E., Detroit, Goodrich club; Rowe, Mar- tha I., Detroit, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 3, 4, Home Economics club, I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A.; Rybock, John, Grand Rapids, " A " club, Football,, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4. FIFTH ROW: Saxton, Robert W„ Grand Rapids, Delta Tau Delta, president, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Interfraternity council; Schadt, Ewald K., Birmingham, Delta Tau Delta, Physics club, 2; Scheele, Richard C, Jackson, Sigma Nu; Seidel, Arthur M., Richmond, Va., German club, De- bate, Band; Simons, Howard F., Hudson, Alpha Tau Omega. SIXTH ROW: Slack, M. Elizabeth, Grand Rapids, Alpha Chi Omega, Albion college players, 3, 4, Volley ball, 4, Tennis, 3; Slowey, Barbara M., Albion, Home Economics club, 3, 4; Smith, Edgar M., Lake City, Chi Epsilon, Y.M.C.A.; Smith, Lloyd H., Oxford, Goodrich club, Phi Mu Alpha, 4, Albion col- lege players, 2, 3, 4, French club, 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Smith, Lynn U., Albion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, secretary, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, I, 2, 3 4. CO o CO o o TO — I o Page 84 FIRST ROW: Stone, John W., Milford, Mass., Goodrich club, Physics club, 2, 3, 4; Tapert, Lois M„ Detroit, Zeta Tau C »0 Alpha, president, 4, Contributors ' club, 3, 4, Albion college players, I , 2, 3, 4, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4, secretary, 4, Chevron, 3, 4, treasurer, 4, Mortar Board, 4, Y.W.C.A., Pan-Hellenic council, 3, 4, Publications coun- o cil, 3, Debate. 2, 3; Thompson, Helen L, Detroit, Alpha Chi Omega, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics club, 2, 3, 4, yl l CO secretary, 4, W.S.G.A., 4; Trucks, Beth M., Baldwin, Alpha Xi Delta, Home Economics club, secretary, 3; Tuchtenhagen, Jeanice W., Albion, Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics club, president, 4, Y.W.C.A. SECOND ROW: Udell, Marcia L, o Marshall, Debate, I, Hockey, I, Y.W.C.A., I; VanderLinde, Charles E., Muskegon, Sigma Nu, " A " club, Football, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, 3, 4; Vanson, Peter T., Grosse Pointe, Delta Tau Delra, Pleiad staff, 1 , 2, 4. Business manager, 2, Albionian staff, 2, 3, Contributors ' club, 4, Albion college players, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, I, 4, Radio, 4, Theta Alpha Phi, 4; Verry, Gertrude M., Jackson; Wagar, Joe W., Gladwin, Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: Wagner, Phyllis M„ Detroit, Alpha Chi Omega, secreta 3, 4, Lambda Mu, treasurer, 4, Choir, 1 , 2, 3, 4, Madrigal singers, 3, 4, Volley ball, 2; Walrad, Alice Jean, Detroit, W.A.A., 3, 4, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 4, French club, 3, 4, secretary, 4, Y.W.C.A., 3; Weeks, Richard C, Albion, Classical club, sec retary-treasurer, 4; Whipple, George C, Parma, Fiske Lodge, Chi Epsilon, German club; Whitelam, Elizabeth A., Detroit, Delta Gamma, president, 3, Home Economics club, Art club, W.A.A., Chevron, 3, 4, Mortar Board, 4, W.S.G.A. Board, 3, 4. FOURTH ROW: Wiener, Roberta S., Albion, Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer, 4, Delta Sigma Rho, 3, 4, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish club, French club, treasurer, 4, German club, Economics club; Williams, Helen M., Detroit, Kappa Delta, I o ice-president, 3, 4, W.A.A. Board, Publications council, 3, 4, secretary, 3, president, 4, Forum club, Spanish club; Woch- holz, Daphne, Albion, Alpha Chi Omega; Yuill, Edward E., Bay City, Sigma Nu; Yurchenco, John A., Bridgeport, Conn. o Biology club. FIFTH ROW: Zeis, Richard, Caro. Page 85 Page 86 FIRST ROW: Abbott, Duane C, Albion, Sigma Chi, secretary, 2; Adamy, Winona C, Reed City, German club, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 3; Baldwin, John J., Albion, Sigma Nu; Bates, Maryhelen, Belding, Alpha Chi Omega, Lambda Mu, vice-presidenl. 2, Choir, Madrigal singers, Y.W.C.A.; Baumgartner, Jean, Pontiac, Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer, 3, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, secretary, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3. SECOND ROW: Benjamin, Robert S., Croswell, Classical club, I, Art club, 2, 3, Contributors ' club, 3, Y.M.C.A., 2, 3, Pleiad staff, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, 3; Berlin, Roger W., Walled Lake. Track, 3, Physics club, 3; Betz, Lorna L, Springport, Dean Hall, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, German club. 2; Biastock, Helen L, Detroit. Lambda Mu, I, 2, 3, Choir, I. 2, 3, Forum club, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, Bohn, Armin W., Muskegon, Sigma Nu, Basketball. THIRD ROW: Bois, Robert C, Flint, Alpha Tau Omega; Braley, Orville, Midland, Tennis, I, 2; Brehmer, Marjorie, Detroit, Art club, 2, 3. Spanish club, 2, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 3, Y.W.C.A. 3; Bright, Ruth V., Detroit, Alpha XI Delta, Y.W.C.A., Pleiad staff, 2, 3, Volley ball, bowling; Brooks, Sally, Detroit, Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics club. 2, 3, treasurer, 3, Volley ball. FOURTH ROW: Bunce, H. Ross, Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Y.M.- C.A., I, 2, 3, vice-president, 3; BurcS, H. Montgomery, Detroit, Sigma Chi, treasurer, 3, Publications council, 2, 3, Co-op board, 3; Caines, Esther L, Albion, Zeta Tau Alpha, Y.W.C.A.; Carter, Jean M., Albion, Spanish club, 2, 3, Art club. 2, 3; Castle, Marian L, Farmington, Delta Gamma, class secretary, 2, W.A.A., Home Economics club. FIFTH ROW: Chicker- ing, Donald H., Albion, Alpha Tau Omega, Biology club, secretary-treasurer, 3; Churchill, Ralph D., Detroit, Fiske Lodge, secretary, 3, band, I, 2, Chi Epsilon, 2, 3; Clement, L. Jane, Birmingham, Delta Gamma, vice-president, 3, French club, 2, 3, Spanish club, 2, 3, secretary, 3, Pleiad staff, 2; Close, Margaret H., Rudyard, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., 3, Art club, 3, Home Economics club, 3. Y.W.C.A.; Clute, Lester S., Jackson, Band. SIXTH ROW: CocSran, Charles M., Albion, Alpha Tau Omega, secretary, 3, freshman football; Coffey, George L., Detroit, Goodrich club, Track. I, Biology club, 2, 3, Chemistry club, 3, Spanish club, I, 2; CoSoon, G. Dean, Midland, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Cole, James F., Detroit; Compton, Alice L, Pontiac, Kappa Delta, Y.W.C.A., Albionian staff, 3. o TO GO O o TO —I i o z m Page 87 } J% )- % = F Page FIRST ROW: Danville, Carlos R., River Rouge, Flske Lodge, Tennis, I; Dewey, Elizabeth W., Monroe, Zeta Tau Alpha; Dow, Gordon B., Flint. Alpha Tau Omega, secretary, 2, treasurer, 3, Intertraternity council, I, 2, 3, freshman class president, Forum club. 3, treasurer, 3, Football, I, Tennis, I; Drinkwater, William J., Detroit, Fiske Lodge, Football, I, 2, Track, I, 2, Basketball manager. 3; Dubuar, Charles L, Wanakena, N. Y„ Delta Tau Delta, secretary, 2, vice-president, 3. SECOND ROW: Ellis, Howard E., Dundee, Delta Tau Delta, Choir, I, 2, Band, 3; Essex, Donna H., Royal Oak, French club, 2, 3 Zeta Epsilon Lambda, I, 2, 3, W.A.A., I, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A.; Evans, Betty J., Flint, Independent Women ' s league, I, 2, 3, vice-president, 2, president, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 2, 3, vice-president, 3, Campus Religious council, 3, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, 2, 3, French club, 2. W.A.A., I, 2, 3; Feighner, S. Bruce, Royal Oak, Delta Sigma Phi, vice-president, 3, Phi Mu Alpha, 3, Madrigal singers, Choir, I, 2, 3, Y.M.C.A.; Figge, Frederick W., Muskegon, Goodrich club, secretary, 3, Ger- man club. THIRD ROW: Figy, Virginia K., Morenci, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Publications council, 3, secre- tary, 3; Firestone, Robert I., Dowagiac, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Fischer, Ralph L., Plymouth, Delta Tau Delta, treasurer, 2, Interfraternity council, 2, secretary-treasurer, 2, Band, I, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Physics club; Fitch, Richard H., Port Huron, Delta Sigma Phi, secretary, 3, Chi Epsilon, I, 2, 3, president, 3, Campus Religious council, 3, president, 3, Wesley Fel- lowship, I, 2, 3, Peace council, 2, 3, Choir, I, 2, 3, Forum club, Albion college players, 2, 3; Flanigan, Doris E., Toledo, Ohio, Delta Gamma, Spanish club, 2, 3, Art club, 2, 3, Albion college players, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. FOURTH ROW: Fleury, Ross R., Detroit, Delta Tau Delta, secretary, 3, Interfraternity council, 3, secretary-treasurer, 3, Junior class treasurer, German club, Track; Foster, Phyllis W., Bronson, Independent Women ' s league, German club, 2, Biology club, 3, Chemistry club, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 3, Debate, 2, Y.W.C.A.; Gamble, Thomas, Detroit, Goodrich club, Phi Mu Al- pha, 3, Warden, 3, Choir, I, 2, 3; Garlinghouse, A. Jack, Charlotle, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Biology club, 3, Chemistry club, 3, Albion college players, 2, 3, " A " club, 3, Basketball, I, Football manager, 2; Graham, Barbara L., Bryan, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta, Lambda Mu, Choir, Art club, Albion college players, French club, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Fellowship. FIFTH ROW: Gregory, J. Emery, Lovington, III., Phi Mu Alpha, 3, Art club, 2, 3, treasurer, 3, Choir, I, 2, 3; Hagerman, Kathleen M., Jackson, Dean Hall, Lambda Mu, Band, Orchestra, Y.W.C.A.; Haight, Margaret L, Highland Park, Independent Women ' s league, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, I, 2, 3, president, 3, Campus Religious council, 3, Y.W.C.A., Choir; Hanna, Forest S., De- troit. Alpha Tau Omega, Tennis, Football. I; Harrison, David, Adrian, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Physics club, 2. SIXTH ROW: Hazen, Roy S., Detroit, Alpha Tau Omega, vice-president, 3; Hendren, Margaret W., Fowlerville, Alpha Xi Delta, vice- president, 2, Pan-Hellenic council, 3, W.A.A., treasurer, 3, Y.W.C.A., 3; Henry, Maida, Battle Creek, Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., French club, Y.W.C.A.; Holland, Jo Ann, Lansing, Alpha Xi Delta, W.A.A. Board, 3, Y.W.C.A.; Howard, Mar- guerite, Concord, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Choir. o on o o TO —I I o Page Page 90 FIRST ROW: Hughes, Patricia, Albion, Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A., Campus Religious council, 3, Volley ball; Jackson, Jean C, Grosse Pointe, Kappa Delta, secretary, 3, Chevron, Home Economics club, French club, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., W.S.G.A. Board; Jenne, Franklin H., Leslie, Goodrich club, Albion college players, 3, Chi Epsilon, 3, Chemistry club, 3; Jewell, Shirley, Carlinville, III., Alpha Chi Omega, German club, secretary-treasurer, 3; Jones, Carra L, Midland, Alpha Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: Jones, Eleanor L, Detroit, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 2, 3, Contributors ' club, 3, Classical club, 3, Campus Religious council, 3; Kettel, Beatrice E., Park Ridge, III., Independent Women ' s league, treasurer, 3, Albion college players, 2, 3, Spanish club, I, 2; Kitsman, Kathryn E., East Jordan, Delta Gamma, Chevron, 3, Band, I, 3, Or- chestra, I, 3, W.A.A., 2, 3, Board, 3, Alpha Lambda Delta, I, 2, 3, Chemistry club, 2, 3, secretary-treasurer, 3, Stu- dent council, 3, corresponding secretary, 3, Y.W.C.A.; Kittredge, Janet L, Royal Oak, Delta Zeta, treasurer, 2, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, I, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3 W.A.A., I, 2, 3; Kunkel, Naoma P., Hinsdale, III. THIRD ROW: Lane, George M., Albion, Delta Sigma Phi, French club; Lauzon, Dorothy J., Port Huron, Delta Gamma, W.A.A., 3; Lester, Vern L, Detroit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, secretary, 3, Track, 3, French clib, 3; Longman, Ernest R., Augusta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Physics club, Y.M.C.A.; Lucas, Elizabeth E., Wayne, Kappa Delta, Home Economics club, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., 2, 3, Junior class secretary, Volley ball. 2, 3, Tennis, 2. FOURTH ROW: McCoy, Robert C, Detroit, Goodrich club, Alpha Phi Garr 3, Ti-Me, 3, Albion college players, 2, 3, Assistant business manager, 3, Contributors ' club, 2, 3, French club, 3, Track n ager, 3, Football, I , Track, I, Pleiad staff, 2, 3, Albionian staff, 3, Debate, I, 2, Campus Religious council, 3, Y.M.C.A. I, 2, 3, Chi Epsilon. I, 2, 3, Peace council, 2, 3, Wesley Fellowship, I, 2, 3, treasurer, 3; Magoon, V. Harriette, Jackson Dean Hall, Orchestra, 3; Maynard, Robert A., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Sigma Chi, president, 3, Kappa Mu Epsilon Physics club, Track, 2, 3; Meeks, Merritt R., Lincoln Park, Goodrich club, Chemistry club; Meeks, Vernon C, Lincoln Park Goodrich club, treasurer, 3, Band, I. 2, 3, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Phi Mu Alpha, 3. FIFTH ROW: Michael, Evelo I., Flint Delta Gamma; Miller, Melvin H., Flushing, Goodrich club, Albion college players, 3, Debate, 3, Y.M.C.A., 2, Chi Epsilon 3, Oratory, 2, 3; Mills, Sheldon H., Bellaire, Goodrich club, " A " club, Basketball, I, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, 3; Mogle, William H. St. Helen, Sigma Nu, Pleiad staff, 2; Moore, Alan G., East Grand Rapids, Sigma Nu, " A " club, Co-op bookstore, assistant manager, 3, Basketball, I, Track, I, 2. SIXTH ROW: Morgan, Ruth V., Indianapolis, Ind., Delta Zeta, president, 3, W.A.A., 3, Vice-president junior class, Pan-Hellenic council, 3; Northrup, Lois E., Grosse Poinle Park, Delta Gamma, W.A.A., Art club. Classical club; Orr, Daniel S., North Branch, Band, I, 2, 3, Orchestra, I, 2, 3; Palmer, Helen H., Detroit, Zeta Tau Alpha, German club, W.A.A.; Palmer, H. Dale, Jr., Romeo, Sigma Chi, secretary, 2, Chemistry club, Biology club, Track, 2. o CO o o —I I o Page 91 «V, I ' M ( O fo - ' - ■ -J Page 92 FIRST ROW: Palmiter, Marilyn L, Albion, Zeta Tau Alpha: Perrine, Eugene L, Albion, Physics club, I, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, 3; Perry, Duane H., Lansing, Y.M.C.A., 3: Peterman, Charles G., Lansing, Sigma Chi, Art club, 2, 3, president, 3, Track, 2, 3: Pfister, Helen M., Jackson, Delta Zeta, Volley ball, 3, Basketball, 3. SECOND ROW: Pinney, Robert H., Detroit, Sigma Chi; Pitsch, Richard E., Oak Park, III.. Sigma Nu, treasurer, 3, German club, 2, 3, Forum club, 3, Track manager, 3; Preston, Dan, Cleveland, Ohio, Sigma Chi, Interfraternity council, 3, Physics club, Basketball, I; Rapp, Luceille V., Cold- water, Pleiad managing editor, 3, staff, 2, 3, Contributors ' club, 3; Reichle, Louis W., Detroit, Delta Tau Delta. THIRD ROW: Renter, J. Franklin, Detroit, Goodrich club, Forum club, 3, Student council, 3, Chi Epsilon. I, 2, 3, Choir, 2, Basket- ball, I; Rosenberg, Neil L, Benton Harbor, Delta Tau Delta, Pleiad staff, 3; Schall, William L„ Traverse City, Tau Kappa Ep- silon: Schloss, L. James, Grand Rapids, Sigma Chi. Football, 3; Schnackenberg, Elmer, Chicago, III., Alpha Tau Omega, president, 3, Interfraternity council, 3. FOURTH ROW: Schoultz, Marvin C, Northville, Delta Sigma Phi, treasurer, 3, Physics club, I, 2, Co-op Board, 2, 3, vice-president, 3, Choir, I, 2, Y.M.C.A., 2, 3; Schroeder, Robert F., Jackson, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Y.M.C.A., 3, Track, 3; Schuur, Morden P., Kalamazoo, Sigma Chi; Scott, Robert F., St. Johns, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball, I, Albion college players, 1 , 2, 3, Band, I 2, 3, Orchestra, I, 2, 3; Selzer, Mary L, Flint, Independent Women ' s League, German club, I, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, Home Economics club, 3, Alpha Lambda Delta, 2, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda. 2, 3, treasurer, 3. FIFTH ROW: Sibert, Charles F., Rochester, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Forum club, 3, Economics club, 3, Albion college players, 3, French club. 2, Choir, I, Debate, I, 2, 3, Albionian staff, 2, 3, Pleiad staff, 3; Siler, Maynard D., Big Rapids, Delta Tau Delta, secretary, 2, treasurer, 3. Debate, I, 2, Oratory, I, 2, 3; Slusser, Margie M., Minneapolis, Minn., Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A.A., 2, Y.W.C.A., 2, 3, Basketball, I, Hockey, I, Volley ball, 2, 3; Smith, H. Kathleen, Albion, Alpha Chi Omega, Chevron, 3, Contributors ' club, 3, French club, 1 , 2, 3, Home Economics club, I, 2, Y.W.C.A., 2, 3, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Co-op Board, 2, 3, Albionian staff, 2. 3; Stegeman, Jean C, Detroit, Kappa Delta, Pan- Hellenic council, 3, Forum club, 3, W.A.A., 3, Y.W.C.A., 2, 3. SIXTH ROW: Stewart, Jean, M., Detroit, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, German club, treasurer, 2, 3, Student council, 2, Campus Religious council, 2, Albion college players, I, 2, 3, Albionian staff, 2, 3, Pleiad staff, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 1 , 2, 3, Y.W.C.A.; Stoffer, William R., Albion, Delta Sigma Phi; Stowe, Doris M., Three Rivers, Student council, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Lambda Mu, secretary, 2, Choir, I, 2, 3; Sunyar, Andrew W., Henderson, Fiske Lodge, " A " club, 3, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, Physics club. 3, Football, I, 2, 3; Surland, Charles C, Coloma, Fiske Lodge, president, 3, Physics club, 2, 3, vice-president, 3, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, Foot- ball. 3. o CO o m o — I I o Page 93 4ik fa fa fa fa. Page 94 FIRST ROW: Telander, John C, Chicago, III., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, I. 2, 3, Track, 2, 3, Physics club, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Telfer, Dorothy A., Owosso, Independent Women ' s league, Zeta Epsilon, I, 2, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, Art club, 3, Or chestra, 3; Thurston, Donald R., Otter Lake. Fiske Lodge, Choir, I, 2; Towle, Philip A., Holden, Mass., Physics club; Tr ble, Maurice D., Eaton Rapids, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfraternity council, 3, Football, I, 2, 3, Basketball, I, 2, 3, Track, 1,2, 3. SECOND ROW: Tripp, Eleanor B., Muskegon, Dean Hall, W.A.A., 2, 3, Home Economics club, 2, 3, Chemistry club, 3, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A., 2; Tucker, Robert K., Flint, Sigma Chi; Von der Heydt, James A., Oak Park, III., Sigma Nu, vice-president, 3, French club, vice-president, 3; Ward Emmet T., Midland, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3; Ward, John F., Dowagiac, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Albion college players, I, Publications council, 3, Basketball, I. THIRD ROW: Waterman, Abby L., Jackson, Delta Zeta, Basketball, Volley ball; Whitley, Dorothy, Detroit, Kappa Delta, Lambda Mu, Forum club, Contributors ' club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Choir, I, 2, 3, Albionian staff, 2, 3, Pleiad staff, 2, 3; o TO CO o m Wilde, Milton A., Mt. Hermon, Mass., Fiske Lodge. Football manager, 3; Wirts, Mary J., Detroit, Alpha Xi Delta, French club, 2, 3, Art club, 2, 3; Worgess, Duane R., Battle Creek, Sigma Nu, Chemistry club. FOURTH ROW: Wright, Thomas, o TO Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Zolliker, Margaret Z., Detroit, Biology club, 3. I o Page 95 o I I— o LU o CO LU o o o LT) Page 96 mmmMMk First Row: Abramson, Alexander, Alward, Atkins. AtLee, Baker, Baldwin, Battjes, Birdsall. Second Row: Black, Borman, Bow, Bramer, Breed, Brockman, Brown, E., Brown, M., Buchda. Third Row: Burnes, Butler, Capron, Carrick, Case, Chandler, Chostner, Churchill, R„ Churchill, W. Fourth Row: Cofer, Cooley, Corbishley, Covert, Crandall, Cummings, Curtis, Dales, Dallas. Fifth Row: Davis, Davison, Dick, Doyle, Duguid, Earp, Ellerby, H., Ellerby, W„ Faist. Sixth Row: Feller. Ferguson, Ferris, Fisher, Flickinger, Fobert, Ford, Fowler, Gaertner. Seventh Row: Gerhold. Gibb, Gould, Gray, Green, D.. Green, E.. Hadley, Hagen, Hamel. Eighth Row: Hamilton, Hansen, Harrington, Hart, Harton, Hatton, Hawkins, Hebinger, Helrigel. JI3R First Row: Helzer, Hensick, Heystek, Hill, Himmelspach, Hoffman. Hollingsworth, Hopp, Howland Second Row: Hudgens, Hyde, Jackson, Jacobs, Jones, E., Kaiser, Karlson, Kelly, Kempf. Third Row: Kilpatrick, Kimberley. Kingsnorth, Kirby, Klein, Koepfgen, Krenz, Landon, Laney. Fourth Row: Lapham, Lee, Lockhart, Lord, MacDonald, McConachie, McCrea, McGarry, Mcintosh Fifth Row: McNair, Marks, Marzolf Maynard, Meli, Merrill, Miller, S., Miller, W., Modrack. Sixth Row: Moffett, Morgan, Moulton, Moyer, Mullin, Murphy, Needham, Neil, Neitzel. Seventh Row: Nester, Newcomb, Newman, Nixon, Nolting, Olmstead, Olthoff, Oostdyk, Pearson. Eighth Row: Percy, Perry, Peterson, Pollard, Post, Powell, Preston, Prosser. Reber. I o Page 97 g B o oo o o I o f a ' First Row: Reichow, Reiter, Richardson, J.. Richardson, M., Rickard, Riddick, Rieger, Rietz, Riley. Second Row: Sanford, Sawyer, Schmid, Schumacher, Schumann, Scott, L, Scott, M., Sharpe, Shepard. Third Row: Shideman, Simpson, Sleight, Smith, Sommer, Sparling, Spence, Stanford. Staple. Fourth Row: Steele, Steers, Stevens, B., Stevens. R., Stouffer, Stram, Strauch, Sturman, Sullivan. Fifth Row: Swallow, Thomas, Tobias, Toutant, Turner, Valentine, Van Gorden, Van Osdel, Van Wagone Sixth Row: Vestling, Wedge, Weeks, Wetters, White, Whiteman, Wilcox. Williams, Willson. Seventh Row: Wilson, J., Wilson, N., Witters, Woodison, Wright, Zeis, Zimmerman. Page 98 TO on IE m o m o TO First Row: Adams, Aeschleman, Allen, Anderson, E., Anderson, R., Andrews, Applegate, Backus, Barcroft. Second Row: Bartz, Batschelet, Beach, Beam, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Blanchard, Blanding. Third Row: Blow, Boone, Boyajan, Bradford, Braidel, Britton, Broad, Brown, Budge. Fourth Row: Buiten, Burrell, Bushong, Butler, Cartwright, Chaddock, Chilson, Cleary, Clucas. Fifth Row: Cooper, Cornell, Corwin, Cosgrove, Cox, Curtis, Dalzell, B., Dalzell, S., Danville. Sixth Row: Daskaloff, Davis, Devenow, Dinger, Donovan, Dunham, Dunworth, Ednie, Ellis. Seventh Row: Emery, Ettinger, Farmer, M., Farmer, R., Federico, Ferguson, K., Ferguson, L, Finni, Flinn. Eighth Row: Forsythe, Gable, Gage, Gamboe, Garber, George, Goodman, Graham, Gregory. I o Page 99 CO LU First Row: Guyselman, Hampton, Handren, Harper, Hayes, D., Hayes, E., Heenan, Henton, Himmelspach. Second Row: Hollingsworth, Holt, Honath, Hossfeld, Huber, Huse, Hwang, Jayson, Johnson. Third Row: Johnston, J oils, Jones, G., Jones, R., Kahn, Kettell, Kincaid, Kleinschmit, Krostue, Fourth Row: Lake, Lane, Lang, Lanzi, Larson, Laughrey, LeClair, Lingott, Linn. Fifth Row: Linton, Liter, Lonergan. Lutz, Lynd, McCain, McCarren, McClellen, Mcintosh, I. Sixth Row: Mcintosh, J., Maier, Marshall, Martin, J., Martin, R., Mata, Mathias, Matthews, Maxwell. Seventh Row: Mayhew, Millett, Moritz, Munger, Neil, Nixon, O ' Donald, Overy, Packard. Eighth Row: Pahl, Parham, Patterson, J., Patterson, R.. Perkins. Peters, Peterson, Pierce, Pink. Page 100 T D CO IE O m o TO First Row: Porter, Potts, Powell, Putnam, Puvogel, Ramsdell, Raniville, Ratledge, Reed. Second Row: Reeves, Remter, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richtmeyer, Rogers, E., Rogers, J., Rogers. Third Row: Rowland, B., Rowland, M., Ruhly, Safronoff, Sampson, Sanders, Sayre, Schavey, Schnaitman. Fourth Row: Schonschack, Schumacher, Schweizer, Seeger, Sessions, Shank, Sharf, Shideman, Sill. Fifth Row: Silverman, Skillman, Skinner, Skulstad, Sleeman, Sluyter, Smith, C, Smith, N., Smith, R. Sixth Row: Smith, R., Snell, Springer, Staple, Steele, Steffey, Stender, Steptoe, Stiers. Seventh Row: Stilwell, Strait, Sullivan, Taylor, Thatcher, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Toncray. Eighth Row: Trefzer, Tull, Upson, Van Syckel, Vogelsong, Wade, Wagner, Waite, Walker, C. 6 Page 101 First Row: Walker. K., Ward, Wardell, Wauthier, Weidman, Wenzlick, Westover, Wheatley, White. Second Row: Williams, D., Williams. J.. Wilson, S., Wilson, K„ Wilson, W., Witters, Wright, Yoder, Youngs. Third Row: Zelinsky. o IE LU SENIORS BEBAN, STEPHAN, AKRON, OHIO BOGUE, JOSEPH D., CASSOPOLIS LONG, WILLIS J., GRAND RAPIDS McKENNY, CHARLES A., DETROIT NEITHERCUT, JOHN G.. FLINT ROBINSON, ANNE, DETROIT SEKERKE, JOSEPH E.. SCRANTON, PA. SOUTER, ROBERT P.. DETROIT WITMER, RALPH P., GRAND RAPIDS ZISCHKE, ALTON H., DeWITT JUNIORS CARTWRIGHT, JOSEPH W., MAYVILLE DEAN. CARLETON R., EAST LANSING HAMILTON, DAVID W., HIGHLAND PARK JAMES. ELEANOR J., ALBION JEWETT, ESTHER M., GRAND RAPIDS KAUFMAN. BENJAMIN E., OWOSSO LAMB, ALEC, HIGHLAND PARK PIERCE, MERRY A., GRAND RAPIDS ROBBINS, BENNET L, POMONA, CALIF. TALBOT, JOHN H., GWINN THOMAS, HOWARD D., BATTLE CREEK SOPHOMORES ADAMS. WILLARD AUSTIN, NORENE BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM BLACKNEY, WILLIAM BROWN, ROBERT BURSON. RICHARD DeYOUNG, FRANKLIN DICKISON, GEORGE EDYVEAN, ALFRED FINCH, ROBERT GILES, CECIL HAIEN, JACK HAMILTON, JAMES JONES, WHITNEY LIAMON, ROBERT McGEAGH, WILLIAM MATTHEWS, JAMES MILLER. WILLIAM MITCHELL, WARREN OCAK. JOHN PARSLOW, MORRIS PETERSON, JUNE READ, HOWARD ROSHAVEN, SVERRE SHARPE, LAWRENCE SHUTER, JAMES STOCKWELL, MIRIAM STONE, DAYTON STONEHOUSE, WESLEY SZEKELY, PETER FRESHMEN ALLCHIN. HARRY ARMSTRONG, ROBERT BAKER, JOHN BARRON, RALPH BEARSS, BETTE BETZ. J. CHESTER BRACKSTONE, ROBERT DENEEN, ROBERT DITTMANN, DONALD DUSSEAU, ALPHONSE EAST, KATHRYN EDDY, ELIZABETH FEZZEY, ROBERT FRIEDRICK, DAVID FROST, RICHARD GIBSON, CLARENCE GOODWIN, ZONA GRIFFIN, DONALD HAWKINS, CHARLES HEGEDUS, STEVE HICKS, GRAYDON LeVEE, WILLIAM LONG, OGLE MILTON, JOHN MILTON, NICK NELSON, GERALD O ' REILLY, ALICE PARKS, WELLINGTON PETOVELLO, ISAIA POLLOCK, EDGAR POOR. WARREN RODDA. ROBERT SCHNEIDER, PAUL SCHROEN, DUDLEY SMITH, MARJORIE SNELGROVE, JACK SOUDER, JACK SORVELL, WILLIAM STOWELL, SHELDON SUTELA, AARO THUROW, RICHARD WHITCOMB, LORENA WING, LANSON WOODY, LOUIS Page 102 i ?£ ' ,i ' ) £.; Hendren, Morgan, Randall, Miss Gray, Tapert, Plate. Stegeman, Lawrence, Klein, Richards, Richardson, Fisch. Br Founded in 1917, the Pan-Hellenic council has as its purpose the regulation of activities of the sororities on campus. It provides for control of rushing, sponsors the annual " Pan-Hel Ball, " and presents a cup to the outstanding senior woman each year. Two members from each of the six national sororities are on the council. OFFICERS LOIS RICHARDS President JANE KLEIN Secretary MISS MARIAN GRAY Advisor Alpha Chi Omega Helen Randall Margaret Richardson Alpha Xi Delta Kathryn Fisch Margaret hlendrcn Delta Gamma Margaret Lawrence Jane Klein MEMBERS Delta Zeta Ruth Morgan Betty Brown Kappa Delta Mildred Plate Jean Stegeman Zeta Tau Alpha Lois Tapert Lois Richards Page 106 Organized in 1920, the Interfraternity Council is composed of two members of each of the six national fraternities on the campus. The council attempts to regulate fraternal activies and relations between the six men ' s fraternal organizations. Rushing, pledging, social activities, and intramural athletics are con- trolled and directed by this body. The Council abides by the rules of the National Interfraternity Council and strives for cooperation between the fraternities and the administration. MARSHALL COOK ROBERT SAXTON ROSS FLEURY . OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Chi Howard Thomas Robert Maynard Delta Tau Delta Robert Saxton Ross Fleury Delta Sigma Phi Herbert Lombarc David Jacobs MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omega Harry LaVett Charles Cochran Tau Kappa Epsilon Jack Rininger Maurice Trimble Sigma Nu Marshall Cook John Neithercut Cochran, Trimble, Jacobs, Neithercut, Rininger, Thomas. Lombard, Maynard, Cook, LeVett, Fleury, Saxton. Page 107 Toncray, Garber, George, Jewell, Batschelet, Reed. Adams. Puvogel, Allen, Flinn, Walker, Williams, Jones, Rowland. Sharpe, Murphy, Bates, Brooks, Baker, Rietz, Moyer. Riley, Moffett, J. Richardson, Wochholz, Slack, M. Richardson. Koerner, Green. Thompson, Robinson, Smith, Wagner, Randall, Borryman, Laubach, Purdy, Edwards Bonnie tierryman Tess Hensick Caryl Laubach Helen Purdy Maryhelen Bates Sally Brooks Charlotte Baker Helen Curtis Dorothy Green Nan McNair Barbc Flinn Beverly Adams Betty Ann Allen Gertrude Batschelet CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Helen Randall Lois Reader Anne Robinson Juniors Fern Edwards Shirley Jewell Sophomores Evelyn Moffett Mary Lou Moyer Elinor Murphy Janet Richardson Freshmen Patricia Puvogel Pledges Barbara Garber Peggy George Carra Jones Barbara Rowland Elizabeth Slack Helen Thompson Phyllis Wagner Daphne Wochholz Marjorie Koerner Kathleen Smith Margaret Richardson Marie Rietz Cheryl Riley Maurine Sharpe Elsie Mae Reec Jean Toncray Kathleen Walker Jean Williams Page 108 Founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, II Beta Chapter— Established 1887 Number of national chapters — 62 Publication — " The Lyre " Flower — Scarlet carnation Colors — Scarlet and olive green CHAPTER OFFICERS HELEN RANDALL President LOIS READER . . - . . . . Vice-president PHYLLIS WAGNER Secretary KATHLEEN SMITH Treasurer Page 109 VanSyckel, McCain, Lingott, Johnston, Hyde, Huse, Cleary. Schnaitman, Ruhly, Rogers, Beam, Hampton, Covert, Burrell. Case, Maxwell, Hudgens, Swallow, Witters, Johnson, Andrews. Graham, Hatton, Wirts, MacDonald, Holland, Stewart, Bright, Kirkby. White, Trucks, Kellogg, Kurtz, Rsch, Baumgartner, Ash, Hollingsworth, Hendren ALPHA XI DELTA Emily Ash Kathryn Fi: Jean Baumgartner Ruth Bright Merry Ellen Ferris Julia Hatton Betty Hollingsworth Frances Andrews Elizabeth Cleary Marjorie Beam Janet Burrell Mary Ethyl Case June Covert Alice Hampton CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Mary Adelaide Kellogg Marian Kurtz Juniors Barbara Graham Margaret Hendren Jo Ann Holland Sophomores Paulette Hudgens Ruth Kirkby Mary MacDonald Freshmen Jean Martin Pledges Mary Louise Huse Barbara Hyde Alyce Johnson Phyllis Johnston Faith Manning Beth Trucks Jean Stewart Mary Wirts Martha Swallow Daisy White Dorothy Witters Margaret Maxwell Margaret Ruhly Marylyn Lingott Barbara McCain Emma Lou Rogers Helen Schnaitman Katheryn Van Syckel Page 110 Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, 1893 Phi Chapter— Established 1915 Number of national chapters — 57 Publication— " Alpha Xi Delta " Flower — Pink rose Colors — Double blue and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS KATHRYN FISCH President FAITH MANNING Vice-president MARY ADELAIDE KELLOGG .... Secretary JEAN BAUMGARTNER Treasurer Page III Larson, Liter, Lang, Cosgrove, Holt, Michael, Borman. O ' Reilly, Lauzon, Walker, Heenan, Cartwright, Himmelspach, Shideman. Klein, Schumacher, VanGorden, Baldwin, Flanigan, Hughes, Davis, Atkins. Kitsman, Henderson, Whitelam, Clement, Lawrence. Gloor, Johnson, Northrup, Castle. DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER ROLL Margaret Garred Gloria Gloor Seniors Elizabeth Henderson Clayone Johnson Margaret Lawrence Elizabelh Whitelam Marion Castle Jane Clement Doris Flanigan Junior: Patricia Hughes Kathryn Kitsman Dorothy Lauzon Evelo Michael Lois Northrup Nancy Atkins Maryanna Baldwin Sophomores Betty Davis Jane Klein Barbara Schumacher Mary Jo Shideman Dorotha VanGorden Carolyn Cartwright Freshmen Mary Himmelspach Mary Anne Holt Virginia Borman Patricia Cosgrove Shirley Heenan Pledges Carolyn Lang Elizabeth Larson Lois Liter Alice O ' Reilly Cynthia Walker Page 112 Founded at Warren Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 Zeta Chapter— Established 1883 Number of national chapters — 50 Publication — " Anchora " Flower — Cream rose Colors — Bronze, pink, and blue CHAPTER OFFICERS MARGARET LAWRENCE President JANE CLEMENT Vice-president ELIZABETH WHITELAM Secretary CLAYONE JOHNSON Treasurer Page 113 Thompson, Steele, Pf ister. Wheatley, Seegar, Eddy. Rowland, Smith, Waterman, Cox, Alward, Rogers. Kelly, Hopp, Morgan, Riddlck, Kittredge, Brown. DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ROLL Abby Lou Waterman Juniors Janet Kittredge Ruth Morgan Elizabeth Brown Sophomores Helen Hopp Marianna Riddick Margaret Kelley Freshmen Janet Wheatley Elaine Alward Elizabeth Ann Eddy Margaret Fobert Pledge Helen Pfister Jean Rogers Mary Rowland Sydonna Smith Alice Steele Joan Thompson Page I 14 Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1902 Beta Pi Chapter— Established 1940 N umber of national chapters — 50 Publication — " The Lamp " Flower — Killarney Rose Colors — Old rose and vieux green CHAPTER OFFICERS RUTH MORGAN .... ELIZABETH BROWN .... MARGARET KELLEY .... JANET KITTREDGE .... President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Page 115 VanWagonor, Sanders, Lynd, Buiten, Norton. Ettinger, Mayhew, Goodman. Fischer, Reiter. Marshall. Blanchard, Mcintosh. Austen. Lucas. C. Williams, Whitley, Chostner. Wilcox, Sommer, Post. Earp. Sullivan. Barker, Battenhouse. Jackson, Ingram, Plate. Stegeman, H. Williams, Krehl, Compton. KAPPA DELTA CHAPTER ROLL Florence Barker Esther Battenhouse Margaret Ingram Seni ' Marion Kreh Florence Norton Mildred Plate Helen Williams Alice Compton Jean Jackson Norene Austin Rosemary Chostner Betty Earp Elizabeth Lynd Mari Blanchard Mary Jack Buiten Jean Ettinger Bette Fisher Juniors Elizabeth Lucas Sophomores Shirley Post Patricia Sommer Freshmen Leslie Mayhew Pledges Barbara Goodman Shirley Marshall Isobel Mcintosh Jean Stegeman Dorothy Whitley Mary Jane Sullivan Mary Jane Wilcox Clara Rae Williams Gloria Sanders Mary Ann Pierce Evelyn Reiter Roberta Tull Patricia Van Wagoner Page I 16 Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, 1897 Sigma Pi Chapter— Established 1923 Number of National Chapters — 68 Publication — " The Angolos ' Flower — White rose Colors — Olive green and white CHAPTER OFFICERS MILDRED PLATE , President HELEN WILLIAMS Vice-president JEAN JACKSON Secretary MARGARET INGRAM Treasurer Page 117 Cooper, Lockhart, Jewell Peterson, Putnam, Hossfeld, Slusser, Blanding. Dewey, Whiteman, Laughrey, F. Farmer, Blow, Parham, J. Farmer, Henton. Calnes, Close, Stouffer, June Peterson, Birdsall, Figy, Palmer. Pal miter, Tuchtenhagen, Ironside, Goodale, Montie, Rowe, Gibb, Henry. Kinney, Richards, Anderson, Lemon, Tapert, Ransom, Wiener, Caukin, Bahln ZETA TAU ALPHA Jane Anderson Janet Bahlman Hazel Caukin Betty Goodale Marcia Ann Ironside Esther Caines Peggy Close Elizabeth Birdsal Alice Gibb Joyce Blow Jane Farmer Jean Cooper Betty Dewey Frances Farmer CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Anna Marie Kinney June Lemon Reita Montie Veronica Ransom Juniors Virginia Figy Sophomores Jean Lockhart June Peterson Freshmen Betty Hosfeld Pledges Mary Marie Henton Lois Richards Martha Rowe Lois Tapert Jeanice Tuchtenhagen Roberta Wiener Maida Henry Helen Palmer Shirley Stouffer Charlotte Whiteman Jewell Peterson Doris Putnam Patricia Laughrey Jean Parham Margie Slusser Page I 18 Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, I! Beta Tau Chapter— Established 1929 Number of national chapters — 63 Publication — " Themis " Flower — White violet Colors — Turquoise blue and steel gray CHAPTER OFFICERS LOIS TAPERT President VERONICA RANSOM .... Vice-president JUNE LEMON Secretary ROBERTA WIENER Treasurer Page I 19 ■toifltfH Hill, Adams, S+Tllwell, Armstrong, McCarrcn, Fowier. Ednie, Ellis, Olmstead, Fliclcinger, nderson, Frost. Wright (SAE), Ferguson, Koepfgen, Cocnrcn, Sclinockenberg, Brown, Chickering. Boe. Peterson, Hazen, Hanna, LeVett, Hanoi, Dow, Krauth. CHAPTER ROLL Arnold Boe Seniors Bud Krauth Harry LeVett Tom Peterson Murray Brown Donald Chickering Charles Cochran James Flickinger Will Adams Bob Armstrong Dick Anderson Bill Ednie Juniors Gordon Dow Don Ferguson Glen Hamel Sophomoros Jack Koepfgen Freshmen George Ellis Pledges Dick Frost Bruce Fowler Jack Hill Bob McCarren Forrest Hanna Roy Hazen Bud Schnackonberg Van Olmstead Keith McKitrick George Stilwell Tom Wright — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Page 124 Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, 1865 Beta Omicron chapter — Established 1889 Number of national chapters — 96 Publication — " The Palm " Flower — White tea rose Colors — Sky blue and old gold CHAPTER OFFICERS HARRY LEVETT . ROY HAZEN . GLEN HAMEL . GORDON DOW President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Page 125 Chaddock, Richtmeyer, Ford, Anderson, Backus, Wilson, Bennet. Toutant, Dinger, Lee, Sleight, Thomas, Chandler, Steers, Hawkins. Jones, Helrigel, Jacobs, Churchill, Wilson, Prosser, Benjamin, Duguid. Wedge, Strauch, Applegate, Wolfe, Mather, Zeis, Maynard, Powell. Stoffer, Munson, Fitch, Feighner, Lombard, Tobias, Schoultz, Cowan, Dick. DELTA SIGMA PHI Grant Cowan John Dick CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Herbert Lombard Hugh Munson William Stoffer Bruce Feighner Edward Chandler Robert Churchill Ben Duguid Victor Hawkins William Helrigel David Jacobs Edward Anderson Ross Backus Joseph Bennett Juniors Richard Fitch Marvin Schoultz Sophomores Earle Jones Douglas Lee Wallace Maynard Fred Powell Harold Prosser Justin Sleight Richard Zeis William Steers Morley Strauch Philip Thomas James Tobias Ge orge Wedge Joseph Wilson Freshmen Robert Applegate Earl Dinger Pledges James Chaddock Robert Ford Kirk Richtmeyer Elderd Toutant Warren Wilson Pago 126 Alpha Tau Chapter— Established 1917 Number of national chapters — 41 Publication — " The Carnation " Flower — White carnation Colors — Nile green and white CHAPTER OFFICERS HERBERT LOMBARD President BRUCE FEIGHNER Vice-president JAMES TOBIAS Second Vice-president RICHARD FITCH Secretary MARVIN SCHOULTZ Treasurer Page 127 m Tf ■ i " p« i ■ w fly v ; ft ■■ tSI ■f ' , a ' ■ ' ' ' JfcklJ H f if B r BV Bl ■ i A a « « ' ♦ ' Kleinschmidt, Mathias, Lamb, LeVee, Corwin, Remter, Snelgrove. Pollock, Hensick, Scott, Harrington, Shuter, Meli, Mitchell. Sparling, Gaertner, Reichle, Taylor, Hoffman, Schmid, Davis, Rosenberg. Schadt, Vanson. Fischer, Fleury, Saxton. Dubuar. Siler, Ellis, Steele. DELTA TAU DELTA Erwin Butterfield Albert Nichols CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Robert Saxton Ewald Schadt Peter Vanson Howard Ellis Ralph Fischer Juniors Ross Fleury Louis Reichle Neil Rosenberg Robert Scott Don Siler Alvin Gaertner Jim Harrington Don Hensick Willard Hoffman Sophomores Paul Meli Bill Newcomb Richard Schmid Irwin Shuter Bob Sparling Bill Steele Bruce Stevens Russ Davis Freshmen Glen Mathias Dave Taylor Roy Corv in Charles Hawkins Edmund Kleinschmidt Pledges Alec Lamb Bill LeVee Warren Mitchell Edgar Pollock Walter Remter Founded at Bethany College, Bethany, Virginia, 1859 Epsilon Chapter — Established 1876 National Chapters — 75 Publication — " The Rainbow " Flower — Pansy Colors — Purple and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS ROBERT SAXTON CHARLES DUBUAR RALPH FISCHER ROSS FLEURY . President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Page 129 G. Wilson, Moulton, Jayson, Tucker, Mcintosh, Weidman, Schloss, Brown. Krostue, Stone, Wagner, Battjes, Schuur, Gibson, Nixon, Baker, Witters. Y . Wilson, DeYoung, Simpson, Kilpatrick, Modrack, O ' Donald, Pinney, Woodison, Gr Mullins, Palmer, Marzolf, Abbott, Newman, Honath, McConachie, Allchin. J. Hart, R. Hart, Aughton, Maynard. Thomas, Cartwright, Burch, Marsh, Hansen. CHAPTER ROLL James Aughton Paul Beebe Duane Abbott Montgomery Burch Joseph Cartwright Ward DeYoung John Gray James Hart Robert Kilpatrick Harry Allchin Clarence Gibson John Baker Robert Brown Richard Burson Clifford Jayson Richard Jones Robert Krostue Seniors Raymond Hansen Juniors Burnell Marzolf Robert Maynard Charles Peterman Dale Palmer Sophomores Donald McConachie Charles Modrack Freshmen Donald Honath Pledges Gregory Mcintosh James Moulton James Nixon William Sanford James Schloss Paul Schneider Robert Sill Robert Hart Russell Marsh Robert Pinney Morden Shuur Howard Thomas Charles Woodison George Mullin Kenneth Newman Robert Simpson Richard O ' Donald Kenneth Wilson Dayton Stone Robert Tucker Ralph Wagner John Weidman Guy Wilson Jon Witters Page 130 Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter— Established 1896 Number of national chapters — 98 Publication — " Magazine of Sigma Chi " Flower — White rose Colors — Blue and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS HOWARD THOMAS President JOSEPH CARTWRIGHT .... Vice-president JAMES HART Secretary MONTGOMERY BURCH Treasurer Page 131 fl M n O, tim Hl " H " « i Wl P B W jB - ■ MMu Bi ■•» Hb a Ef ?jjM - k MB !S i 4 J Aifli H ii i? JV P - M M -- 1 ik K. " 3 Bk M k M Hi . fl 17 J»w , )3l ■■■ ML. 4 Wi v BTT-- Skillman, Rodda, Peters, Howland, Lauer, Woody, Wade, Hamilton, Griffin. Ward, Thomas, Thurow, Zimmerman, Dittman, McCrea, Long, Federico, Snell, Bohn. Steers, Smith, Packard. Overy, Green, Jones, Cummings, Hollingsworth, Lanzi. Nolting. Sawyer, Moore, Fles, McKinny, Ratledge, Worgess, Youngs. Lane. Biasltiw, Neithercut, Turner, VonderHeydt, Cook, Pitsch, Beach, Yuill, Kuhn. Barry Beach Peter Blaskiw Marshall Cook Robert Fles Whitney Jones Bruce McCrea Truman Cummings Edward Green Donald Ditmann James Hollingsworth Durelle Lane Armin Bohn Armand Federico Donald Griffin James Hamilton Robert Howland Joseph Lanzi CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Robert Kuhn Charles McKenny William Mogle Juniors Alan Moore Richard Pitsch Sophomores 3d Nolting Freshmen Ogle Long Donald Overy Douglas Packard Hamilton Ratledge Richard Smith Pledges John Lauer Thomas Peters Robert Rodda William Skillman Howard Snell John Neithercut Richard Scheele Charles Vanderlinde Edward Yuill James von der Heydt Duane Worgess Webster Sawyer Jackson Turner Lawrence Stiers Richard Youngs David Thomas Richard Thurow Wilbert Wade Benjamin Ward Walton Woody Allen Zimmerman Page 132 Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va., li Gamma Gamma Chapter — Established 1895 Number of national chapters — 98 Publications — " The Delta " Flower — White rose Colors — Black, white, and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS MARSHALL COOK .... JAMES VON DER HEYDT . RICHARD PITSCH .... JACKSON TURNER .... President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary Page 133 Garlinghouse, Kempf, Peterson, Firestone, Mcintosh, Harrison, Burnes. Percy, Trimble, Telander, Crandell, Schall, Ward. Neitzel, Pearson, Perry, Landon, Matthews, Feller, Wilson. Cofer, Schroeder, Ward, Hayhoe, Peters, Smith, Barnes, Bunce. Newman, Sibert, Fleming, Lester, Rininger, Foster, Brock, Ford, Putnam. Harper, Fezzy, Cummins, Hayes, Lake, Smith. Budge, Wauthier, Gable, Potts, Rogers, McClellan. Britton. Patterson, Huber, Benson. TAU KAPPA EPSILON CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Henry Barnes Leslie Fleming Thomas Foster John Newman Thomas Brock Richard Ford Robert Hayhoe Robert Peters Juniors Ross Bunce David Harrison Robert Schroeder Robert Firestone Vern Lester Charles Sibert Jack Garlinghouse William Schall Jack Telander Sophomores Robert Burnes Robert Dales Dwight Landon Donald Neitzel Arthur Cofer Erwin Feller Robert Mcintosh Frank Pearson Louis Crandall William Kempf James Matthews Donald Percy Freshmen Joseph Britton Lloyd Ferguson Leon McClellan Robert Potts Robert Budge Gordon Gable Russell Patterson Robert Yoder Pledges Ralph Barron Robert Fezzey Donald Hayes Wellington ParksLester Thayer Mahlon Benson Robert Finch Neal Hebinger Jerry Rogers Raymond Wauthier Robert Bradford Arthur Handren Robert Huber Clarence Smith Thomas Zelinsky Dean Cummins Robert Harper Leroy Lake Sheldon Stowell Sheldon Putnam Jack Rininger Maurice Trimble Emmet Ward John Ward Robert Perry Frank Peterson Ned Wilson Page 134 Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois, I! Omega Chapter — Established January I, 1927 Number of national chapters — 43 Publication — " The Teke " Flower — Red carnation Colors — Cherry and gray CHAPTER OFFICERS JACK RININGER President THOMAS BROCK Vice-president VERN LESTER Secretary LESLIE FLEMING Treasurer Page 135 Page 136 V D age 137 Richards, Cooley, Durkee. Betz, Magoon, Goodale, Norton. Tiipp. Roberts, Corbishtey, Shepard, Reavey, Mrs. Butzer, Farmer, Pierce, Lapham. White, Mcintosh, Gregory, Blake, Hagerman, Doten, Goodman, Jewett, Rowland. Dean Hall, women ' s co-operative house, organized in 1933, by Dean Marian Gray with the cooperation of the home eco- nomics department, provides living quarters for college women as inexpensively as possible and encourages the development of the spirit of co-operation among the group. OFFICERS MARIAN DOTEN BARBARA BLAKE KATHLEEN HAGERMAN President Secretary-Treasurer Commissary Agent HOUSE MOTHER Mrs. Leilah Butzer Seniors Barbara Blake Marian Doten Ruth Durkee Betty Goodale Florence Norton Marian Reavey Ruth Roberts Juniors Lorna Betz Barbara Graham MEMBERS Kathleen Hagerman Esther Jewett Harriet Magoon Eleanor Tripp Sophomores Margaret Cooley Ann Corbishley Lucille Lapham Laura Marie Lord Helen Shepard Daisy White Freshmen Marjorie Beam Frances Farmer Barbara Goodman Mary Helen Gregory Jean Mcintosh Rachel Pierce Mary Jane Richards Mary Rowland Page 138 Gamble, Edyvean, Meeks, McCoy, Betz, Mille+t, Mills, Petovello, Staple. Giles, Dickinson, Jenne, Linn, Lutz, Parslow, Jackson, Wetters, Miller. Pollard, Souder, Rostron, Friend, Smith, Doten, Rickard, Coffey. Bogue, Laney, Remter, Meeks, Perkins, Dibden, Figge, Stone, Buys. GOODRICH CLUB OFFICERS MARVIN PERKINS ARTHUR DIBDEN FRED FIGGE VERNON MEEKS Seniors Harrie Bleecker Joseph Bogue William Buys Donn Doten Arthur Dibden Robert Friend Marvin Perkins William Rostron Lloyd Smith John Stone Juniors George Coffey Fred Figge Thomas Gamble Frank Jenne Robert McCoy Merritt Meeks Vernon Meeks Melvin Miller Sheldon Mills Franklin Renter Sophomores George Dickison Cecil Giles Arthur Jackson President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Maurice Laney Morris Parslow William Rickard Darrell Pollard Richard Staple Norris Wetters Freshmen Chester Betz Alfred Edyvean George Linn Guy Lutz Ralph Millett Joseph Petovello Jack Souder Page 139 Bushong. Patterson, Talbot, Stanford, Faist, Voglesong, Reber. Thurston, Sunyar, Cornell, Drinkwater, Sowell, Danville, C. Danville, Wilde. Churchill. Valentine, Hadley, Deale, Surland, Wilson, Peterson, Whipple. FISKE LODGE CHAPTER OFFICERS CHARLES SURLAND .... President HUGH DEALE Vice-president RALPH CHURCHILL Secretary DEAN WILSON .... Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Hugh Deale Ralph Peterson Juniors George Whipple Ralph Churchill Carlos Danville William Drinkwater Andrew Sunyar Charles Surland Sophomores John Talbot Donald Thurston Milton Wilde Marshall Faist Richard Hadley Robert Laimon Robert Reber Clare Stanford Freshmen George Valentine Dean Wilson Merton Bushong Richard Cornell Leonard Danville James Patterson Robert Poor William Sowell William Voglesong Page 140 ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY ALBION COLLEGE ALBION, MICHIGAN One Hundred Sixth Year LIBERAL ARTS PRE-PROFESSIONAL COURSES Including Including Music — Art — Home Economics Engineering Public Speaking — Creative Writing Dentistry — Medicine Business Administration Forestry Journalism Law • Well Trained Faculty • Excellent Equipment • Full Accreditation North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Association of American Universities American Association of University Women For Further Information Address PRESIDENT JOHN L. SEATON, Ph.D. Albion College, Albion, Michigan Page 141 We S pecialize in CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS THOMSON ' S SMART FLOWERS 324 Broadwell Ph one 725 First in Quality First in Service HOME DAIRY MILK — BUTTER — EGGS Albion, Mi chigan MAPLE CITY AUTO COMPANY BUICK — PONTIAC Sales and Service You Can WHIP Our Cream But You Can ' t BEAT Our Milk HICK ' S DAIRY For Quality ar| d Service Phone 27 MORE OF THE BEST FOR LESS KROGER ' S SPRING IS HERE High Grade Hardware Boydell Paints and Enamels Gold Seal Congoleum Inlaid Linoleum Bulk Garden Seeds W. A. LITLE 3 I 3 Superior St. Phone 139 Page 142 L. F. BLAISDELL Finest Clothing For Collegiates HUBER ' S BAKERY HIGHEST QUALITY IN Bread, Pies, Baked Goods Home of Vitamin B- 1 Bread Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear and General Dry Goods BULLEN ' S COMPLIMENTS OF ALBION GAS LIGHT CO. McDOUGAL 4 YOUNG Dealers in QUALITY FUELS Phone 118 1 16 W. Superior Street QUALITY COUNTS IN FURNITURE - HARDWARE BOOTH ' S 400 S. Superior Phone 69 Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Accessories " EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE " ESTELLE DRESS SHOP Page 143 We Treat ALBION COLLEGE You Right At NESBITT ' S Co-operative Association DRUG STORE The Student ' s Store College Book Store Established 1893 , COMPLIMENTARY Herbert Lombard Manager J. C. PENNEY CO. Alan Moore Ass ' t. Manager " National Organization " KOON ' S HARDWARE The Albion Malleable Phone 20 Iron Company WE DELIVER Makers of High Grade Malleable Iron Castings for the Automotive, Agricultural, Electrical, and Rail- THE SERVICE CASTER road Industries AND TRUCK COMPANY ALBION, MICHIGAN ALBION, MICHIGAN Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment Page 144 BAND BOX DRY CLEANERS Five to Six Hours Service Phone 40 1 1 7 North Superior To Be Successful . . . ... a student newspaper must be accurate and comprehensive in its news coverage of the activi- ties of the school it serves. But just as important, a newspaper also must be honest in evaluating and aggressive in helping to formulate the many- sided points-of-view of a campus. The staff of the Albion College Pleiad has attempted during the current year to adhere as closely as possible to this standard of action. And with fifty-six years of experience behind it, the Pleiad looks forward to its next half-century of service to collegiate journalism. The 1940-41 Pleiad RICHARD L. FORD, ROBERT M. HART, Editor-in-Chief Business Manager The Albion College Alumni Association Founded I86I Incorporated I 872 Office Established 1 926 " Conservator of the Past— Aid to the Present- Advocate of the Future " Member of the American Alumni Council Invites Ths Membership and Cooperation of Every Former Student of Albion Through The Alumni Loyalty Fund Membership entitles the holder to lo Triumphe, Bulletins, Directories and insures the continuing of many College Friendships and Contacts. GRADUATE MEMBERS MAY VOTE FOR COLLEGE TRUSTEES BOWL at WINCARD ' S 6 Fine Alleys Page 1 45 COMPLIMENTS Compliments of OF Maple City Dairy LONERGAN Company MANUFACTURING COMPANY Market Place Phone 19 ALBION, MICHIGAN ALBION, MICHIGAN PRINTERS for Albion College The Gale and the Community Manufacturing tor 40 years RECORDER PRESS COMPANY Company 1 1 1 W. Center Albion, Mich. Grey Iron The Commercial and Savings Semi-Steel Bank and Under Federal and State Member Supervision Alloyed Castings Federal Reserve Bank Federal Deposit Insu cnce Corporation American Bankers Association ALBION, MICHIGAN Michigan Bankers Association Paqe 146 IN THESE DAYS OF RAPID PROGRESS PHOTOGRAPHY IS IMPROVING In keeping with modern developments, we are constantly on the alert to adopt new methods and acquire new equipment — insuring for you the best possible products in our line. HARLAND A. LUDWIG THE LUDWIG STUDIO 414 S. SUPERIOR ST. ALBION, MICHIGAN Compliments Quality of Meats HART HOTEL BATTLE CREEK RALPH ' S MARKET WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE Free Delivery TUCHTENHAGEN JEWELER - OPTOMETRIST Phone 860 2 1 5 S. Superior Phone 935 ALBION, MICHIGAN " At the Sign of the Big Clock " Page 147 World ' s Largest Rack Factory ALBION COLLEGE TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN HAVE HELPED TO BUILD UNION STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY STEEL PRODUCTS MADE IN ALBION .... USED ROUND THE WORLD COMPLIMENTARY ALBION LUMBER COMPANY COFFEE CUP CAFE 124 East Michigan Avenje A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Open Day and Night Dinners - Lunches - Sandwiches COMPLIMENTARY HOME LAUNDRY Phone 792 Renew Acquaintances Meet Friends at Gra h a m s Ice Cream Bar Formerly Johnston ' s LUNCHES - SUNDAES Page ' Always First with the LATEST! READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING SHOES SPORTS WEAR A SPECIALTY VAUGHN AND RAGSDALE Men ' s Store — Women ' s Store . . . Anything and Everything . . . COLLEGE EAT SHOPPE The Student ' s Hangout POST TAVERN Ideal Dining and Dancing Facilities BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTARY Goodyear Service 306 S. Superior Albion, Mich. L. G. Billings, Mgr. ALBION PASTRY COMPANY Bakers of FINE PASTRIES, BREAD AND ROLLS HUBERT ' S For Flowers CORSAGES - GIFT ARRANGEMENTS TABLE FLOWERS Flowers for Every Occasion Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery Asso. 1600 Jackson Road Phone 709 PATRONIZE THESE ALBIONIAN ADVERTISERS Stationery — Office Supplies PRINTING of All Kinds THE ARTCRAFT PRESS H. L. Reynolds, Prop. Page 149 KINGSCRAFT COVERS THE 1941 ALBIONIAN KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. Kingsporf, Tenn. THE DEFIANCE PRINTING ENGRAVING CO. Defiance, Ohio PRINTERS OF THE 1941 ALBIONIAN Yearbook Printers for Over Thirty Years Page I 50 • J ' S?; " ■ , ■■•- . ' ..■ ' . ' ■. ' . " ■■ ' ' ■: ' ■. ' ■ . " ■ fftt ' j,, v ' ' ■ " " .-;-r-. ;•■;■•■ ■ " . ' •; ' .;. ' " ; • ' ' Y ' J i " ; ' - ' INSTITUTE OF SERVICE ' .■ ' " ' ■•-. ' : " ■•- § ' a- Against a background of resourcefulness and imagination, the familiar symbol of Service has come to represent the superb craftsmanship which has forged 0± p this institution into the spot- » r light of established reputation. e U eC O ' M ' l ' Ctf CWa ( yOl t tZi Z TEMPLE 1-3375 85 WEST CANFIELD AVENUE, DETROIT, MICHIGAN

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