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In s Copyright 1939 DONALD L. FRASER 'J Editor-in-Chief FRANK I. KINZINGER, IR. Business Maflqqer 19? 5:43222-in H V gigggu' V. . gig gyfiieyy , . Jn :tw 1 i2s5f?.f,L S .M . . W, , ,ag M 5, N5 u 46 2:2415 k m 35" fi. hifi. :if Y ff 7: .. 7 rw. . Y W V MM, wx, , 41513 C V ws vez 1'-if f , 'Q Ufkklfg W wx W e To DR. ARTHUR MERTON CHICKERING Because of his enthusiasm in his daily tasks, his willing- ness to consult students on mutual problems, and his ability to translate beliefs into accomplished facts. THIS 193 9 ALBIONIAN IS RESPECTFULLY A ND SINCERELY D EDICATED. . ,W 5 ,zlts 7: "xv 5 , ,W V fxikxzww if :ar-fy xi' f' .f U 'Wt ,M L -W , my 7-f, ,,.,.m. Wi M wr -ikfif ,, 5 ,.,5 ,. A, '55 :.l if-.. it Yi 0 "fl mv ,. 7 ffff-umm Y ,W . 0, ,S Q .r w 'ua 1 si M 'W .,Mmtf""' H . IN THIS ISSUE Volume 49 1939 Part One ADMINISTRATION Part Two ORGANIZATIONS Part Three CLASSES Part Four FRATERNITIES Part Five ATHLETICS Part Six INDEX I I IN presenting this volume, We have tried to convey the spirit of strength, simplicity, honesty, and a suggestion ot beauty so prevalent on the campus of Albion College. kiwsf ff ,qgt 151 . Yu ,ff fn, gs Ng, ,giigpfskffkj wr: ig, H ff li! , ,gig 4. ,, , ,V ' .x J 'fsg ' S, Q' ik: 'W 4 Msn ' , H' 4 5 f 25, A55 -A fi A " 1 .- -fvfff "1" fp?" f55'G9".,..!5,3 P. fn ,M W .L ,gp ,fy g, QM, X 1, 'M 3 , N x 4, 5 Q gp' ,, xnxx R Q fn zfqfff ' DL ji, ff' fu fqyygf an EQ K Qffjwk xv " :QV 0815 , 7 Sf, 41Qkv1,yt'4:3vfs,lL2f, Gig ' any, ' , f fA-w x.,- fa 1, f. ,L was X! wg , , W ' V. 3 ,,5g',, ,L ek ,G- L..,fv?W if I, 'mf 4' 0 ff, if 15' f' 1"xf'1'-f 'T MJ 'qs . Pg-fi ' if :nw 7 . Q, , W 'fm ,, ,Jn , 4 pf an :F I , A mf 1, ff'w.,f"' g5m' w,E1:2AW,xp'?' if .f'ffib ai5-2+ H553 f 1 lim? 1514 I lfgaiatl sq vf Q 4 nfs Q-5, ,.q.?g:f3' fl, Q,-!,:.,! rj 'ffT. AJg?g:zf5i' ':4.'fw',.gy?1 f'1"g.,,v 4, ' .jgg2"',.,,g 1-5 ,gibgihd L7 xfeg!-izngwggl wigs' gap Q15 in ' i,,gM'ifhgVfM, 5 , rj ,!'iE7,.y ,Q 5527 f'f5vi,a ,fjfzfwe 5 - 34 LQ 'ffifjfif' .-' i I A , M' f. 4-.f 4 pf ' gxi , . , 5. A '14 'lar' ""' 1 Jaw-R-, xi fit Sfaw- -'ff' if kf S W Qf" g'pNQ2j1sg,fif gg 1 W ,iffgx f,,'1 '3gg'Qf .ffyv yi' E fa' 0 64,337 V5 -4"?f.m5? V - gf" nf 'M M ri ' ' ' , ag iv wh' 'H 1 'H .W l, L, , , 'I' divx Q' 2 " ' ' a 41' 'Q ff' 'Jil 'tiff 4 1. , 'R' iv M , . A, ' 4 ,L .- ji' Aivdi .L-2' , " ' ' f "' ff? 1 ' M' 4 I an K- .,.,, W . '-Q Q 55 u. up . Q'-EQ' fr x 4 -M jf N 'Q , ' J' 3 T gin '-:IQ If P, ., X ,gif Y 2531 tx., KP. 515, K 'aa ,, , Wlqgg M ,p,,LWF' , ' . , W- J, -M -- U .M L, A wk Ryu. f ,x-- i .. V- - I R , ,,,. .Z K4 ,.. , b A M i,. , -' M, A WV' vu I 5, 1 -4 . " " 1, IOHN LAWRENCE SEATON, Ph.D.. D.D.. LL.D.. Litt.D. Tru ' Pm W3 1 . 4 www? Q EV vx r, 9 I f , w .. f .A ' sl sa 3 A . L 2 t 4 f'.g'?gVQ 1. ggi, ,f r s . 5 1 xii i' -LE 'QJEQJESEJ la U! , 1 L J A ,ci x . Y: "w..a..y.W 4. -wr F. MORRIS COCHRAN. B.S. Business Manager ol Albion College MARIAN GRAY, A.M. Dean of Women Asst. Professor of English WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOUSE. A.M., Th.D., Ph.D. Dean Registrar of the College Professor of Sociology Eleven Twelve W MARIAN FRANCES ADAMS. A.B.. B.S. Librarian THOMAS MILTON CARTER, A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology BEULAH G. CHAMP. A.M. Director of Dramatics ARTHUR MERTON CHICKERING, M.S.. Ph.D. Professor of Biology ANNE ELIZABETH CROSBY. A.M. Instructor in Chemistry and Biology ' IOSEPHINE DUNN, A.M. Instructor in Physical Education for Women DOROTHY GAIL ENGLE, A.M. Asst. Professor of Chemistry NELLIE FIELD, A.B.. Mus.B. Instructor in Piano HAROLD Q. FULLER. A.M.. Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Physics DONALD MONROE GILBERT. A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages GRACE GILTNER. M.S. Instructor in Home Economics FREDERIC SAMUEL GOODRICH A.M., D.D.. Litt.D. College Chaplain and Professor Emeritus of the English Bible ROYAL GLENN HALL, A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of History LESTER HARGER, A.B. Field Secretary KENNETH GORDON HANCE. A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Speech WINNIFRED SHATTUCK HANCE, A.B. Instructor in Music DON HARRINGTON. A.M. Instructor in Education M E M lg E R SAMUEL IAMES HARRISON, B.D.. S.'l'.D. Professor ot Bible and Religion ARTHUR HENRY HARROP, A.M.. Ph.D.. LL.D. Professor of Latin and Ggeek and Literature WILLIAM C. HARTON, A.M. Instructor in Education HOMER OLLIVER HENDRICKSON. A.M.. Ph.D. Professor oi History and Political Science EDMUND E. INGALLS, IVLS. Instructor in Mathematics IOSEPH JAMES IRWIN, M.A. IIVI Y Instructor in English and Iournalism wg , ge . M- -- . , PEARL A. LUDY, A.M. ss I mm 1' I . Instructor in Home Economics Z as wud, 1 7'hirtPrn F 011110611 IULIA ELIZABETH MCCUNE. A.M. Instructor in English IOHN SEDBERRY MARSHALL. Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Associate Professor of Psychology EDWARD T. MILLER. IR.. M.B.A. Asst. Professor of Economics and Business Administration CLARENCE AARON PETERS, M.A. Instructor in Speech CONWAY PETERS, Mus.M. Director of Band and Instructor in Stringed and Wind Instruments MARVIN FREDERICK PAHL, A.B. Secretary to the President GERALD W. PRESCOTT. A.M.. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology DAVID LINDSEY RANDALL. A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry LOTTA MAE ROGERS, M.S. Instructor in Biology CLEMENT EUGENE ROOD. Ph.M. Professor of Physics Professor ol Astronomy ELINOR ALICE ROSSBACH, A.M. Instructor in Modern Languages LOUIS UPTON ROWLAND. Mus.B. Director of Registrations in Music Professor of Piano and Theory Instructor in Organ MEMBER EDWIN ROSCOE SLEIGI-IT. A.M.. Sc.D. Professor of Mathematics RAYMOND GEORGE SPENCER. M.S.. Ph.D. Associate Professor ol Physics DALE R. SPRANKLE. A.B. Asst. Director of Physical Education CHRISTINE TAYLOR. A.B. Asst. Registrar WALTER A. TERPENNING, Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Business Administration RUTH THOMAS, B.S. Business Secretary ELLA ST. CLAIR VAN DYKE, A.M. Instructor in Fine Arts FRANK DUDLEIGH VERNOR Instructor in Organ EDWARD FRANK VOLTMER. A.M.. Ph.D. Director of Physical Education THEODORE DUNSTAN VOSBURGH. B.Mus. Director of Vocal Organizations RUTH ORR WEISS. A.B. Asst. in Library WARREN W. WILCOX, A.M., Ph.D. Instructor in Sociology and Psychology yy? 1:7116 , I W X 1 Fiffrrn V I O l Eightreu DONALD L. FRASER Editor-in-Chief FRANK I. KINZINGER. IR Business Manager Donald L. Fraser . Millicent Murdoch Ellen I. Burch . . Helen Cornpton . Caryl I. Laubach . Albert Federico . Dorothy Ftafter . . Charles Gildart . lohn G. Neithercut Richard C. Scheele Warren Hiqhstone . Thomas Andrews . Elizabeth Edwards . loseph I. Irwin . . Frank I. Kinzinqer, Ir Albert Tarnarelli . Alan Moore . . Robert Simonds . Dr. Homer O. Hendrickson . EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF . Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Club Editor . Faculty Editor . Sorority Editor . Fraternity Editor . . Index Editor . . Sports Editor , . Asst. Sports Editor . . Class Editor . Photo Editor . . Copy Editor . Asst. Copy Editor . Faculty Advisor . . Business Manager Asst. Business Manager Asst. Business Manager Asst. Business Manager . . . Faculty Advisor Scheele, Neithercul, Simonds, Federico, Highsione, Moore Gildcrrt, Compton, Mr. Irwin, Dr. Hendrickson, Edwards, Andrews Laubuch, Murdoch, Fraser, Kinzinqer, Tumcxrelli, Burch, Reiter Nirzeteefn Aliltlll CULLEGE PLAYER The Associate members are a newly organized division of the Albion College Players. This group is a proba- tionary one and a prerequisite tor membership in the Players. Merit is iudqed by Work done in dramatic pro- ductions. Membership is by tryouts during the dra- matic season, or by production Work. Miss Beulah Champ Harry Bleecker Ruth Eleanor Devries Donn Doten Marian Doten lohn Field lack Garlinqhouse Barbara Graham ADVISORS Dr. K. G. Hance MEMBERS Virginia Guy Robert Holden Lucy Mildren Alice Nutting Walter Perschbacher Ann Robinson Robert Scott Mr, Clarence Peters Norman Sleiqht Lloyd Smith Harry Stewart lean Stewart Iohn Ward Eleanor Westerman Peter Vanson Twrnty Smith, Ward, Scott, Vcmson, Sleight, Stewart, Gcxrlinghouse Bleecker, Doten. Perschbacher, Dr. Hcmce, Mr. Peters, Miss Champ, Holden, Field Robinson, Graham, Guy, Nutting, Devries, M. Doten, Mildren, I. Stewart, Westerman Meinke, Manning, Kurtz, Brewer, Yinger, Iames Frye. Green, Dr. Hance, Mr. Peters, Miss Champ, Taper! Ienkin, Dallas, Daniel, Lenhard, Baldwin, Kinzinger, Gildari ALlll0 CIILLEGE PLAYER The Albion College Players, formerly the Histrionic Club, has recently drawn up a new constitution provid- ing for both associate and regular members. Associate members may become regular members only after earning a required number ot credits. Production work as well as dramatic ability is recognized in the selection oi Players. ADVISORS Miss Beulah Champ Dr. K. G, l-lance Mr, Clarence Peters MEMBERS Mary Margaret Baldwin Cornelia Green Ioan Brewer Meredith Dallas Virginia Daniel Shirley Frye Charles Gildart Vtfalter Iames Vxfendell lenkin Frank I. Kinzinger, Marian Kurtz Nola Lenhard Ir. Faith Manning lris Meinke Lois Tapert Marian Yinger Twenty-one The first play of the l938-39 season was Written by Albion's Wallace Bacon. "The Bean and the Cod," Wally's first comedy, was presented for its premier per- formance to a large homecoming audience. This is Mr. Bacon's third play to be put on by the club. H320 College Avenue" the second play of the season had a cast of thirty-one. Most of the major parts were taken by new associate members. This light mystery comedy ALBIO CIILLEGE PLAYER Boies, Yinger, Dallas, Bald- win, Kinzinger, Taperi, Kurtz, Brewer "The Bean and the Cod," by Wallace Bacon was very well performed and a good transitional play to the third production of the season. This Vehicle, a serious play, "Men Must Fight" was very timely and considered by many as the best play staged in the last four years. The acting level in this production was very high. The last play of the season was a comedy, "Fresh Fields." The cast of this play consisted mostly of Theta Alpha Phi members and for three it was their last performance as Albion College Players. Twenty-Iwo Theta Alpha Phi, national dramatic iraternity, was in- stalled in Albion in 1929. It is open to those students who excel in dramatic ability, and who are regular members of the Albion College Players. Theta Alpha Phi has furthered the aims of the players by relating its activities to other chapters in the national group. 'l'Hll'l'A ALPHA PHI Miss Champ, Dr. Hence, Mr. Peters. Boies, Daniel Yinqer, Kinzinqer, Lenhczrd, OFFICERS Ienkin, Baldwin Nola Lenhard .. ............ .......,. P resident Frank Kinzinger .. ........ Vice-president Vtfendell lenkin .. ..........,. .... S ecretary-Treasurer ADVISORS Miss Beulah Champ Mr. Clarence A. Peters Dr. K. G. Hance MEMBERS Frank I, Kinzinger, Ir. Nola Lenhard Marian Yinger Mary Margaret Baldwin Edward Boies Virginia Daniel Wendell Ienkin K Ylflllm, T'w1'111y-ll1r'r'1' Selecting its members from students who excel in the editing and managing ot the Albionian and the Pleiad, the co-educational journalistic fraternity, Alpha Phi Gamma is one of the honorary organizations on the campus. Its purpose is to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits on the campus and endeavor to establish cordial relationships between students and members ot the protession. MEMBERS George Dewey Donald L, Fraser Elizabeth Edwards Frank I. Kinzinger, Ir. Richard Ford Mr. Joseph I. Irwin, Advisor ALPHA PHI GAMMA Twenty-jam' Fraser. Mr. Irwin. Ford Dewey, Edwards, Kinzinger Furnish, Smith, P. Miller, Ozanne, Merrill, Battenhouse, Baisch Richards, I-larger, Bower, Appel, Gloor, I. Miller, Kuhn, Montie Beamun, Dean, Whitelam, Miss Van Dyke, Murdoch, Nickerson, Saxton Pen-ine, Iohnson, Gilbert, Hcmchett. Barker, White, Esling. Anderson lllll' UL It Composed oi art majors and minors, the Fine Arts club endeavors to stimulate an interest in modern art trends. The group sponsors, among other things, an annual exhibition ot student art Work. Outstanding student projects Were sent to Kalamazoo for the annual exhibi- tion in March, featuring oils last year and Watercolors this year. The reception room oi the new library was decorated with a blue and silver motif, using masques as the central theme, for the annual art club ball, out- standing among the social activities oi the year. Kathryn Hanchett William Crass .... Phyllis Barker .... Clement Gilbert .. Betty lane Clark .... Miss Ella Van Dyk lane Anderson Ruth Appel Phyllis Barker Eileen Baisch Esther Battenhouse Helen Beaman Susan Bower Betty lane Clark Betty Dean lean Esling 3 . OFFICERS MEMBERS lsobel Furnish Clement Gilbert Gloria Gloor Carolyn l-larger Kathryn Hanchett Clayone lohnson Marie Kuhn Luella Merrill lane C. Miller Pauline Miller . . . . . .President . .Vice-president . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer Social Chairman Faculty Advisor Reita Montie Millicent Murdoch Iune Nickerson lean Ozanne Barbara Perrine Lois Richards lean Saxton Margaret Smith Elizabeth Whitelam Gordon White 4 ' 'a Z ffflli Tzgwzty-fiw Flutes For the fifth consecutive year the Albion College Band, under the direction of Mr. Conway Peters, toured Michi- gan and Ohio cities with a total of 32 concerts for the two spring trips. In addition, the band gave a concert in chapel and in the high school auditorium previous to the trip, went on both caravans, and made three trips during the football season. Soloists for the spring tour were Robert Souter, Frank lezisek, Robert Saxton, and Maurice Styles. Kathleen Smith took the part of Suza- belle in the skit, with Thomas Andrews as sheriff of Holler Creek. The organization plans to make a trip to the east coast next year. THE BAND Saxophones Trombones lack Durand Ralph Fischer Harrison Iacobs Corrine Dalman Maurice Styles Carl Strange Royal Swem Oboe William Rollins George Appelrnan French Homs Melvin Lindley KGY VVhite Baritones Clarinets Shiflei' Ban? Frank Iezisek Tack Durand Harvey Thomsen George Appelman Phillip Sirrine Robert Firestone Patricia Higby Marvin Perkins Wayne Ellinger Helen Ackley Trumpets Robert Souter Robert Bemer Lloyd Smith Basses George Brewer Frank Bushonq Robert Benjamin Frances Martin Robert Scott lack Craig Xylophone lack Mac Dougall Vernon Meeks Maurice Styles Roberta Ewing fohn Talbot T . Barbara Cornish YIf,,"Pa'?' G. Richard stapie wwe lbbs Altos Percussion BGSSOOHS Robert Peters Robert Saxton Lynn Smith Thomas Andrews lohn Speare Dan Orr Ralph Churchill Kathryn Kitsman The Biology club, composed of biology majors and minors maintaining at least a "B" average, holds monthly round table discussions, with student reports on subjects of interest in the field of science. This year the members have been studying the relationships oi man to his environment. The subjects taken up were the effect ot heredity on man, hormones, glands oi internal secretion, and nutrition. Ill0LOGY CLUB OFFICERS Virginia Pierce . . . .......... ......... P resident Iames Bristah . . . ...... Vice-president Robert Kiesling . . . .... Secretary-Treasurer Sommer. Fryioqle. Whitehouse Yurchenco, Read, Dr. Prescott, Miss Crosby, Miss Rogers Coffey, Stolberg, Keislinq, Miss Ann Crosby lames Bristah George Coffey lames Fryfogle Robert Keisling ADVISORS Dr, G. W. Prescott MEMBERS Virginia Pierce Mildred Plate lames Read Iohn Sommer Miss Lotta Rogers Carl Stolberq Keith 'Whitehouse lohn Yurchenco Pierce, Bristah, Plate gli, 3 4 . t Twwnty-sf'1Jen All the religious groups on campus are represented in the Campus Religious council, including the new University ot Lite. The council sponsors the annual Religious Emphasis Week and brought as the main speaker this year Dr. Merton S. Rice, of the Metropolitan Methodist church, Detroit. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Dr. l, L. Seaton Miss Marian Gray Dr. and Mrs. S. I. Harrison Rev. Dempster Yinger Dean and Mrs. W. W. V 'vlfhitehouse MEMBERS lane Anderson Georgia Atha Don Benedict lames Bristah Betty Budge Helen Copeland Hilda Crandall Catherine Curtis Virginia Daniel William Donald Donn Doten lohn Fields Iames Fryfogle Gordon Ginther Carolyn Harger Dorothy Heimberger Tess Hensick OFFICERS Dr. Samuel I. Harrison .. , CAMP lwuulo Betty Herbst Robert Holden Iris Meinke Kermit Meier Gilbert Stevens Ruth Upton Willa Winter Marian Yinger ............Pres1dent . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Twenty-eight Holden, Benedict, Fryfoqle, Stevens. Bristah, Meier Doten, Herbst. Curtis. Daniel, Atha, Giniher Hensick, Meinke, Yinqer, Dr. Harrison, Miss Gray, Copeland, I-larger Anderson, Heimberger, Field, Crandall, Winter, Donald, Budqe, Upton Tcxifet Meeks Whitehouse, Watson, A. Meinke, Read, Cumell Rector Zxck Dr Randall, Miss Engle, Stolberg, Murch Rupp Patterson I Meinke, Sleight, Pierce, Dietrich, Plate CHEMISTRY ULUB The purpose of the Fall Chemistry club is to study and discuss the latest developments in the tield of chem- istry. Organized in 1897 by Dr. Delos Pall, then head of the chemistry department, the club is limited to 20 majors or minors in chemistry. This year the members met with the Physics club to hear a lecture on indus- trial spectroscopy, given by Prof. Ralph Sawyer, ot Ann Arbor, and attended a public lecture on the geology ot Michigan, with Proi. Berquist, College, as speaker. ot Michigan State OFFICERS Norman Sleight .......... ....,.. P resident Virginia Pierce ........ Vice-president Iris Meinke .. ..,.. Secretary-Treasurer ADVISORS Miss Ann Crosby Miss Dorothy Engle Dr. D. L. Randall MEMBERS Paul Carnell Kathryn Dietrich Merritt Meeks Albert Meinke Iris Meinke Donald Murch Kathryn Patterson Virginia Pierce Mildred Plate lames Read Marion Rector Lorene Rupp Norman Sleight Carl Stolberg Seymour Tattet Robert Watson Keith Whitehouse Luther Zick Twenty-nine CHEVRO Not more than eight second-semester junior or senior Women are elected each year to Chevron, local honor- ary society tor senior women. Chevron corresponds to Mortar Board in that it has as a basis for membership scholarship, personality, and contribution to the college. The elections, which are made by the active group and approved by the taculty, are revealed by a tapping ceremony at the annual May morning breakfast. Every year Chevron arranges a Homecoming breakfast for graduates of Chevron, and during the year carries out a cultural project. Chevron is considering sponsoring an honorary fraternity tor freshman women in the near future. Miss Engle, Pierce, Miss Gray. Alliason, Miss Champ Rees, Lenhurd, Smith. Brown. Mulhollan Margaret Smith . Ruth Brown . . . Nola Lenhard . . . Miss Marian Gray Margaret Smith Ruth Brown Nola Lenhard OFFICERS ..........Presider1t . . . . . . . . .Vice-president . . . .Secfetary-Treasurer ADVISORS Miss Beulah Champ Miss Dorothy Engle MEMBERS Lauretta Alliason Elisabeth lane Bees Gertrude Mulhollan Mary lane McGill Virginia Pierce thonorary memberl Thirty Organized for men students who are planning to enter social service work of a religious nature, Chi Epsilon has as its twofold aim friendship and usefulness. Among the leaders Who have met with the group this year are: Dr. A. H. Pellowe of Grand Rapids, Pres. Horace Smith of the Garrett Theological Seminary, and Dr. Elmer Leslie of Boston University. CHI EP ILO Meredith Dallas Robert Holden ....... Donald Benedict OFFICERS Dr. Samuel l. Harrison . , . ...... , . . . Reginald Becker Donald Benedict Iames Bristah George Cameron Arthur Dibden William Donald MEMBERS Donn Doten Thomas Flahaven Richard Ford Allan Gray Robert Holden Kermit Meier . .President . . . . . . . . .Vice-president . . . . Secretary-Treasurer ... ... ...Counselor lohn Renter Woodrow Ross Gerald Salisbury Edgar Smith George Whipple Donald, Flahaven, Salisbury, Meier, Dibden Gray, Whipple, Ford, Dr. Harrison, Bristah, Cameron Smith, Doten, Becker, Holden, Benedict, Renter, Ross f' ,EAD , 10141011 Z C ,hilagl 1'1zi1'ty-0110 CHIIIR Michigan, lndiana, and lllinois were visited this year by the a cappella choir during its two one-week annual tours, with twenty-five concerts presented in seventeen cities in these three states. The group was under the direction oi Mr. Theodore Vosburgh, concluding his second year at Albion. ln addition to the regular spring tours, the forty-voice choir sang several winter concerts in Albion and other Michigan towns, participated in the annual Christmas rendition ot l-landel's "Messiah" on the campus, gave ihe 'Round-the-World broadcast from WIR, Detroit, in February, and presented its annual home concert in the chapel April 18. Consisting of secular and sacred numbers, the choir's repertoire included works from Bach, Tschaikovsky, Cvlinlca, Gretchaninott, Burleigh, and Christiansen. Soloists for the year Were: Sara lane Hornung and Beatrice Nesbitt, sopranosg Walter lames, tenorg and Keith Fennimore, baritone. Tlzir! y-tier: Bogue, Ellis, Diehl, Zimmerman, Stanton-d. Fennimore, Fitch, Feiqhner, Sibert, Schoultz, Lomhcx d Funk, Haight, Curtis, Thurston, Iones, Ienkin, Iames, Gregory, Nesbitt, Rees, Dewire Lemon, Gold, M. Wagner, Whorley, Cole, P. Wagner, Biastock, Clase, Bates, Ellerby Schaeffer, Stowe, Hornunq, Stuart, Mr. Vosburqh, Baldwin, Graham, Darkwood, Edwards The choir personnel for 1938-39 Was: Sopranos Maryhelen Bates lean Clase lean Cole Mildred Dewire Fern Edwards lean Ellerby Gwendolyn Gold Barbara Graham Margaret Haight Sara lane Hornung Marguerite Howard Iune Lemon Beatrice Nesbitt Doris Stowe Martha Ann Wagner Dorothy Whitley Beatrice Whorley Altos Helen Louise Bias stock Catherine Curtis Billie Betty Dark- wood Betty Funk Florence Norton Elizabeth Rees Dorothy Stuart Phyllis Wagner Tenors Ioseph Bogue Hugh Deale Harold Diehl Howard Ellis Thomas Gamble Walter Iames Ralph Iones Durwarcl Zimmerman "Martha by von Flotow Basses Bruce Feiqhner Keith Fennimore Richard Fitch Wendell Ienkin Marvin Schoultz Charles Sibert Alonzo Stanford Donald Thurston Emery Gregory "Bastien and Bustlenne by Mozart So that its members may have an opportunity to be- come better acquainted with the Greek and Latin civil- izations, the Classical club holds regular monthly meet- ings. Interest in ancient literature is stimulated through student papers and research papers written and pre- sented by Dr. Harrop. The singing ot songs in Latin CLASSICAL CLUB Scheu, Dr. Hurrop. Beniamin, N orthrup Kellogg, Budge. Donald. Mil- dren, Peterson Betty Budge . . . Lucy Mildren .. Dr. A. H. I-larrop Robert Benjamin Betty Budge William Donald OFFICERS ..............President . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer .............Advisor MEMBERS Mary Adelaide Kellogg Helen Peterson Lucy Mildren leannette Scheu Lois Northrup Thirty-four C0 With the outstanding writers on campus as its members, the Contributors' club encourages creative writing within the group. At the monthly meetings members discuss current literary topics or present original con- tributions tor criticism. Through the efforts ot the club Louis Untermeyer, American poet and critic, was brought to the campus this year. The topic of his lecture Was, "The Poet Versus the Average Man." New mem- bers were guests ot the group at a spring picnic at Swain's lake, with extemporaneous nature poems as iiill Oliiiliflf ci is Robert Holden .. Shirley Frye .... Marjorie Blaisdell . Ruth Eleanor Devries Miss Marian Gray Dr. K. G. Hance Mrs. Augusta Dickie Mary Margaret Bald- win Marjorie Blaisdell Edward Boies Ellen Burch Helen Compton Meredith Dallas OFFICERS ADVISORS Miss lulia Dr. H. M. Battenhouse HONORARY MEMBERS ......,...President . . . . . . .Vice-president . . . .Secretary-Treasurer . . .Program Committee McCune Mr. Ioseph l. lrwin Mr. Clarence Peters MEMBERS Frances Davis Ruth Devries George Dewey Shirley Frye Robert Holden Maxine Huether Walter Iames Millicent Murdoch Helen Peterson Alda Rolph Bryant Ruthven Marshall Strickler Marian Yinger Ralph, Ruthven. Dallas, Sh-ickler, Bois Dewey, Devries, Miss Mc- Cune, Dr. Bcxttenhouse, Miss Gray, Baldwin, Comp- ton, Iames Peterson, Yinqer, Burch, Blcxisdell. Holden, Fry, Mur- doch, Huether. Davis Thirty-fir v Since l893 the Cooperative association has lowered the cost oi textbooks twenty to thirty per cent, and at the same time has placed the enterprise on a firm financial basis. Located in the Observatory, the Bookstore has grown steadily, and this lune plans to inaugurate a scheme ot buying from the students second hand books which the store will re-sell in the tall. The association is headed by a board of directors consisting ot three faculty members and six students, three sophomores being elected by the student body each year to serve a term of two years. OFFICERS Mr. C. E. Rood .......... ......... P resident Dick Ackland .... ,...... V ice-president Dr. D. L. Randall .... Secretary-Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. E. T. Miller Dick Ackland Grant Cowan Dr. D. L, Randall Sue Bower Helen Kennedy Mr. C. E. Hood Marshall Cook Norman Sleight C0-UP llllllllll Tlzirly-six Mr. Randall, Cook, Sleighl, Cowan Kennedy, Dr. Road, Ackland, Bower Il LTA IGMA ltlltl Nultinq, Mr. Pahl, Brislah, Elliott. Lenhard, Baldwin, Dr. Hendrickson Miss Champ, Dr. Seaton, Dr. Spencer, Mr. Peters, Dr. Hance, Dr. Whitehouse, Dr. Buck Benedict, Dallas, Miller, Rolph, Rees. Michael, Henning Albion is one oi three colleges and universities in Michigan to have a chapter of Delta Sigma Rho, the oldest of the national forensic honor societies. The Albion chapter was established in l9l1, tive years aiter the founding of the national organization. Member- ship in Delta Sigma Rho is limited to those persons who have attained junior standing, have represented the college in intercollegiate speech activities, and who are outstanding in excellence and extent ot participation. OFFICERS Aida Holph ,.....,.. .... P resident Pauline Miller ......... .... S ecretary MEMBERS President I. L. Seaton Dr. K. G. Hance Dean W. W. Whitehouse Mr. C. A. Peters Mr. Marvin Pahl Mary Margaret Baldwin Donald Benedict laines Bristah Meredith Dallas PI Dr. Vera Buck Miss Beulah Champ Dr, K. G. I-lance Charles Elliott William Henning Nola Lenhard Gerald Michael Pauline Miller Alice Nuitinq Elisabeth Rees Aida Rolph KAPPA DELTA Dr. H, O. Hendrickson Mr. C. A. Peters Dr. P. G. Spencer Tlzirty4.w'Uc11 M 'S DEBATE In an extensive and successful debating season the mens debate squad under the direction of Mr. Clarence A. Peters participated in a total oi 80 intercollegiate de- bates. In three decision tournaments the men Won 27 of 37 debates-first place in the Hope College invita- tional tournament and third place in the annual state tournament. ln the Manchester-Huntington tournament they Won 7 of lU debates. The question debated through- out the season was "Resolved that the United States should cease to use public funds lincluding creditl for the purpose ot stimulating business." McCoy, Becker, Bristah, Fry- iogle, Flcxhaven, Siler. Meier, Elliott Bunce, Benedict, Iewett, Mr. Peters. Sibert, Doten, Buys Murch, Andrews, Henning, Michael, Ralph, Brock, Fleming, Wiley On March 28, tive debaters Went to Washington for tive days to participate in the National Student Congress oi Delta Sigma Rho. The tive representing Albion Were: Thomas Brock, Charles Elliott, William Henning, Gerald Michael, and Alda Rolph. Among the colleges and universities met by the men during the year Were: Allegheny Cpennsylvanial, Alma, Calvin, Central State Teachers, Detroit Institute oi Tech- nology, Goshen Clndianal, Hanover ilndianal, Michigan State, Michigan State Normal, University oi Pittsburgh tPennsylvaniaD, Toledo University COhiol, Wayne Uni- versity, Western State Teachers, and Wheaton Clllinoisl. Members of the squad Were: Thomas Andrews, Reginald Becker, Donald Benedict, Iames Bristah, Thomas Brock, Ross Bunce, William Buys, Donn Doten, Charles Elliott, Russell Emig, Thomas Flahaven, Leslie Fleming, Iames Fryfogle, Alan Gray, William Henning, lack lewett, Robert McCoy, Kermit Meier, Gerald Michael, Donald Murch, Alda Rolph, Charles Sibert, Dan Siler, Victor Tomlinson, Laurence Wiley. Thirtvv-eight Participating in a total of 60 debates and discussions during the season of l938-39, the women's debate squad, under the direction of Prof. K. G. Hance, enjoyed an extensive and successful year. The women tied for first place in the annual tournament of the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech league, and compiled a record of seven victories and three losses in the annual Man- chester Invitational tournament. In the discussion and debate tournaments the women used the question "Resolved: that the United States should cease to use public funds tincluding credit? for WUME ' DEBATE the purpose of stimulating business." In the discus- sions of the Delta Sigma Rho Student congress, held at Washington, D. C., they used four topics: national de- fense, neutrality, the national labor relations act, and monopolies. Among the colleges and universities met by the women were: Akron COhiol, Alma, Calvin, Denison COhiol, Han- over tlndianal, Hillsdale, Hope, Huntington CIndianal, Marion Clndianal, Manchester Clndianal, Michigan State, Michigan State Normal, Ohio Wesleyan, Toledo lOhioJ, Wayne, Western State Teachers, and representatives of a number of chapters of Delta Sigma Rho from all parts of the United States. Comprising the squad Were: Elizabeth Abbott, Mary Margaret Baldwin, Beryl Baumgartner, Helen Blakeslee, Ioan Brewer, Ruth Brown, Ann Corbishley, Kathryn Fisch, Phyllis Foster, Mary Adelaide Kellogg, Nola Lenhard, Betty McDougal, Lucy Mildren, Pauline Miller, Alice Nutting, Ieanette Scheu, Lois Tapert, Iune Van de Walker, loyce Whitehouse, Roberta Wiener, and Willa Winter. Scheu, Foster, Joyce White- house, Blakeslee, Van de Walker Corbishley, McDougal, Tap- ert, Wiener, Dr. I-lance, Winter, Fisch, Kellogg Abbott, Baldwin, Brown, Brewer, Lenhard, Miller, Baumgartner , Nutting, Mildren WM Thirty-Jzinc Composed of lunior and Senior majors in the field ot economics, the Economics club puts on several pro- grams during the school year. At one meeting, all students interested in the subject were present. Dr. Arthur Smithes, from the department ot economics at the University of Michigan, was guest speaker. He and Dr. William A. Paton, also ot the University, inter- viewed students concerning vocations and graduate Work following a dinner at Parker inn. Reports of in- dividual members constitute the major part of the club's activities for the year. OFFICERS Carl Strange .... , ......... Robert Rugg ADVISORS Dr. Walter Terpenning MEMBERS William Aris lohn Field William Bailer Harger Green Donald Copeland Charles Prettyman Robert Rugq U0 tllllltl CL ll ......,.....President . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Edward T. Miller Iohn Sommer Carl Strange Kenneth Turnblom Forty Copeland, Ptettymcm, Sommer. Tux-nblom, Dr. Terpenning Bailor, Aris. Ruqg, Strange. Green, Field Dallas, Rolph, Cooper Field, Iewett, Fraser, Green, Reynolds Burns, Elliott, Dr. Hall, Dr. Hendrickson, Henning, Krall Strange, Ewing, Brown, Bcxttenhouse, Lenhard, Kinzinqer, Smith FURUM UL It A better understanding and interpretation of contempo- rary problems are encouraged by group discussions and presentation of papers at the Forum club meetings. Members are upperclassmen majoring or minoring in the social sciences who show particular interest and ability in the field. The group is affiliated with the Michigan Conference and the Carnegie Foundation as an International Relations club. Mr. Andrew Lossky, son of the theologian of Czechoslovakia, was the main speaker of the year. Dale Andrews read a paper at a meeting of representatives of colleges in lower Michi- gan, and Mr. Henry Brown, research student at the U. of M., presented an article on the history of Michigan. Paul Battenhouse Nola Lenhard .. Frank Kinzinger Ruth Brown ..... Dr, R. G. Hall Paul Battonhouse Ruth Brown William Burns Henry Cooper Meredith Dallas Charles Elliott OFFICERS ADVISORS MEMBERS Roberta Ewing lohn Field Donald Fraser Harger Green William Henning lack Iewett . . . . . . . .President . . .Viceepresident . . . .Treasurer . . . .Secretary Dr. H. O. Hendrickson Howard Krall Nola Lenhard Iohn Reynolds Alda Rolph Hayden Smith Carl Strange Frank I, Kinzinger, Ir. Fartyeomr FRE CH CL B Le Cercle Francais, composed ot French majors or minors, holds monthly meetings which are carried on entirely in the French language. This year Dr. Sleight spoke to the group about his travels in France, and Marshall Strickler showed his movies made in Europe. A short French play was presented at the Kappa Delta lodge, At the first meeting, new members gave anecdotes in French. Zvonik, Rees, Brown, Wiener, Cornish, McKee. Lawrence, Stanford Higby, Dalman, Miller, Mun- ninq, I. Clymer, B. Clymer, Burton. McDonald Dean, Nickerson, Rutter, Dr. Gilbert, Miss Rossbach, Ellerby, Muhlitner, Green Roth. Heimburger, Graham, Edwards, Patterson, Ter- penninq, Iohnson, Steven- son OFFICERS Elizabeth Terpenning ...., .... , ........ P resident Kathryn Patterson ..... ............ ..... S e cretary-Treasurer ADVISORS Dr. Donald Gilbert Miss Rossbach MEMBERS Ruth Brown Ann Burton Elizabeth Clymer lane Clymer Barbara Cornish Corrine Dalman Betty Dean Elizabeth Edwards Alice lean Ellerby Ruth Elson Barbara Graham Cornelia Green Dorothy Heimburger Patricia Higby Clayone lohnson Margaret Lawrence Faith Manning Quentin McDonald Margaret McKee lane Miller Ianet Muhlitner lune Nickerson Kathryn Patterson Dorothy Ratter Elizabeth Rees Louise Roth Alonzo Stanford Edyth Stevenson Elizabeth Terpenninq Roberta Wiener Emil Zvonik Forty-two A special endeavor is made in all meetings of the Ger- man club to encourage the use of German in conversa- tion. The German composer lohann Sebastian Bach was discussed at one meeting, and Vernon Wolfe presented a paper, "The Life of Bach." Recordings of Bach were heard. The club, known as Die Deutche Gesellschaft, was reorganized in 1936 and a new constitution adopted. Glll-RMA CLUB OFFICERS Keith Fennirnore .......... ....... P resident James Bristah . .... Vice-president Roberta Wiener ..... Secretary Ruth Lightfoot . .......... . . .Treasurer ADVISOR Miss Elinor Rosshach MEMBERS Gloyd Allis Keith Fennimore Harriet Ratz Shirley Bartz lames Bristah Hazel Caukin lack Craig Frances Davis Robert Holden William lend Howard Krall Albert Meinke Mary Louise Selzer lean Stewart Daisy White Roberta Wiener Don Zerbe Allis, Zerbe. Craig, Meinke lend, Holden, Wiener. Miss Rossbczch, Davis, Wolfe, Krall Butz. Stewart. Bartz, Penni- more, Bristcxh, Caukin, Selzer, White Forty-'Harm' Members of the Home Economics club are majors in home economics who maintain a "B" average. This year they served lO5 people at a waiile supper held in the Home Economics building, and sent representatives to the state Home Economics club meeting. Moving pictures of various fruits was a feature ot one ot the club meetings. The purpose ot the club is to promote a better understanding of home economics and its place in everyday life. Marjorie Mack .... Ruth Upton ........ Elizabeth Whitelam Miss Pearl Ludy Eileen Baisch Muriel Burman Kathryn Dietrich Marian Doten Ruth Elson Evelyn Ferguson OFFICERS ADVISORS MEMBERS Margaret Garred Barbara Hebinger Elaine Hufton Marion Krehl Marjorie Mack Luella Merrill Isobel Furnish lean Ozanne Hlllllll E00 lllllltl CLUB . . . .President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer Miss Grace Giltrier Dorothy Proctor lane Smith Margaret Smith Beth Trucks Patricia Van Gorden Elizabeth Whitelam Helen Wittenberg Forty-four Hebinger, Furnish, Burmun. Merrill, Garred. Doten Van Gorden. M. Smith, Wittenberg, Miss Ludy, Miss Giltner, Baisch, Ferguson, Dietrich Hutton, Elson, Trucks, Whitelam, Mack, Ozanne, Krehl, I. Smith, Proctor Cornish Mmshull Killridge, George, Brehmer. Reed, Trucks M Foster Whorley Jones, Allen. Proctor, Cohoon, Evans Saxton Slusser Carter, Kurtz, Hornung, Ewing. Turner, P. Foster, Rupp IDEPENDENT WUM ' LEAG ll The Independent Women's league, organized in the fall of 1937, seeks to provide social and athletic activity among non-sorority Women, and has recently ordered pins for its members. At Homecoming the league spon- sored a dinner tor independents, had a hike to Starr Commonwealth and Weiner roast in the tall, and has planned several other parties. The group, which meets weekly, encourages better scholarship among the independents. OFFICERS Sarah lane Hornung ........... ..... P resident Roberta Ewing . ..... Secretary Marian Kurtz . . . ..... Treasurer Dr. Vera Buck Bernice Allen Marjorie Brehmer lean Carter Mabel Cohoon Barbara Cornish Betty lean Evans Ptoherta Ewing Mary Louise Foster ADVISORS MEMBERS Phyllis Foster Ioyce George Sara Hornung Ianet Kittridge Eleanor Iones Marian Kurtz Christine Minshull Miss Marian Adams Dorothy Proctor Luceille Rapp Elizabeth Reed lean Saxton Margie Slusser Olga Trucks Helen Turner Beatrice Vtfhorley fzf ll A-i+:'+-1 Forty-jim' The object of Kappa Mu Epsilon is to further interest in mathematics and develop an appreciation tor its beauty, to provide a society for the recognition of students in mathematics, and to bring them together in fraternal relationship. Albion's chapter of this national honor- ary mathematical society is Michigan Alpha. KAPPA NI Ill' lL0 Geisler, Allen, Bleecker Mcxrshcxll, Roark, Krauth Murch, S e s s i o n s , Lindley, Ross, McCoy, Betz Esling, Dunn, Mr. Ingalls, Dr. Sleight, Putnam, Law- lex' Swanson, Halter, Ie n kin, Buumgartner, Andrews, In gram. Blake OFFICERS Beryl Baumqartner .. ' Dale Andrews .. Wendell lenkin .. Dr. E. R. Sleight Frederick Allen Dale Andrews Beryl Baumqartner Roscoe Betz Barbara Blake Harry Bleecker Paul Dunn Robert Esling ADVISORS MEMBERS Marvin Geisler Margaret lngram Wendell Ienkin Howard Krauth David Lawler Melvin Lindley Wallace Marshall .........Pros1dent . . . . . .Vice-president . . .Secretary-Treasurer Mr. E. E. Ingalls Herbert McCoy Donald Murch Mark Putnam Dorothy Rafter Harrison Roark lohn Ross Cecil Sessions Gladys Swanson Forty-xix Lambda Mu, local honorary musical sorority, was organ- ized to encourage a cooperative spirit among women musicians ot the college and to promote musical Work and study on campus. This spring the organization in- augurated the first song fest similar to the lnteriraternity sing with all sororities and the Independent Wornen's league participating. A cup was awarded by Lambda Mu. Membership in this group is based on scholar- ship and ability. In addition to social activities, the sorority sponsors student recitals and programs. LA BDA M OFFICERS Wilma Lines ....... ..... ...., ........ P r e sident Sara lane Hornung .... Vice-president lune Van de Walker . . . ..... Secretary Norma Rowe ........ . . .Treasurer ADVISORS Mrs. Kenneth G. Hance Mrs. Royal G. Hall Mrs. Theodore Vosburgh Mrs. Louis U. Rowland Mrs. Marvin Pahl MEMBERS Georgia Atha Mrs. Cecil Chubb Wilma Lines Mary Margaret Baldwin Mildred Dewire Norma Rowe Helen Biastock Betty l-lantz Tune Van de W'alker Alice Briggs Sara I. Hornung Beatrice Whorley Margaret lngram Briggs. Norton, Bicxstock, Chubbs Ingram, Baldwin, Mrs. Vos- burgh, Mrs. Hcmce. Dewire Whorley, Athct. Hornung, Lines, Van de Walker, Rowe 4' "T" X Fifi!! Forty-sawn PHI GAMMA Phi Gamma, the local honorary scholastic fraternity, elects to membership those seniors who have main- tained a high standard of scholarship during their four years in college. The elections are held annually in the spring, the selections being made by the members of the college faculty who are members of Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi. MEMBERS Paul Battenhouse Ruth Brown Paul Carnell Keith Fennirnore lohn Field Robert Holden Nola Lenhard Gertrude Mulhollan Virginia Pierce James Read Elisabeth Rees Luther Zick FACULTY MEMBERS Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi Dr. A. M. Chickering Miss Dorothy Engle Dr. H. Q. Fuller Mr. Robert Gaskell Miss Grace Giltner Dr. D. M. Gilbert Dr. F. S. Goodrich Dr. K. G. Hance Dr. A. H. Harrop Dr. I. S. Marshall Dr. G. W. Prescott Dr. D. M. Randall Miss Elinor Rossbach Dr. R. G. Spencer Dr. W. W. Wilcox FUI'fj'-t'i4Q ht Holden, Fennimore, Battenhouse Z' k R d C ll F' ld IC 1 EU I Cline 1 le Brown, Pierce, Lenhcxrd, Rees, Mulhollan Putnam, Hunter, Marshall, Babington, McCoy Yuill, Sessions, Dr. Fuller, Dr. Spencer, Card, Geisler Ellerby, Lawler, Krauth, Eslinq, Bcxumgartner, Betz. Ienkin PHYSICS Cl, ll To acquaint its members with current discoveries and developments in the field of physics, the Physics club holds monthly meetings, pays occasional visits to re- search laboratories and factories, and brings outside speakers to the group. This year the guest speakers were Prof. Ralph Sawyer, of the University of Michigan, and G. A. Gallagher, of the Leonard Refining company at Alma, who spoke on motors and motor fuels. Several student reports were given on topics of individual in- terest, showing considerable research in the field. Roscoe Betz ,.,. Beryl Baumgartner Robert Esling Dr. Spencer Neil Babington Beryl Baumgartner Roscoe Betz Stuart Card Robert Ellerby OFFICERS ADVISORS MEMBERS Robert Esling Marvin Geisler Donald Hunter lfilendell Ienkin Iohn Krauth David Lawler . . . . . . .President . . . . . . .Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Fuller Wallace Marshall Herbert McCoy Mark Putnam Cecil Sessions Thomas Yuill Forty mne PLEIAII TAFF This year the Pleiad, Albion college weekly, has tried to keep from having any set page make-up. lt has used as many varieties as possible with the facilities at hand. varying from the conservative to the radical. ln the tall the paper originated, with the help ot the Student council, the first school caravan to Kalamazoo. More than 48O tickets were sold for the special train ride to the football game. A wholehearted backing oi all stu- dent activities and constructive policies ot the adminis- tration is the avowed purpose oi the Pleiad. lt is written and edited entirely by students under the direction ot the instructor in journalism, Mr. Ioseph l. lrwin. Kuhn, Mr. Irwin. Dr. Hen- drickson. Meinke Rapp. Siler. Krueger. Dewey. Ford. Edwards EDITORIAL STAFF George Dewey .....,..........., ....... E ditor-in-Chief Richard L. Ford .... ..., M anaging Editor Beth Edwards .. ....... Desk Editor Warren Highstone ,....... Rewrite Editor Howard Krall ............. Sports Editor Robert Hart .... ..,. A ssistant Sports Editor Luceille Rapp ,,..... ......... C opy Reader Mr. Ioseph I. Irwin .... ....... A dvisor BUSINESS STAFF Frederick Krueger .,..... . .........,....... Business Manager M. Daniel Siler . .. .... Assistant Business Manager Robert Kuhn .....,..... Circulation Manager Albert Meinke .... ........ ..,, A s sistant Circulation Manager Dr. Homer O. Hendrickson ,..................,.. Advisor Fifty Elected by the student body, the Publications Council assumes control of campus publications and appoints the statts of the "Pleiad" and "Albionian." lt is com- posed ot two faculty members and tour students elected from the upper classes each year. lt supervises edi- torial policies, financial control, and operation of all colleqe publications which carry advertisinq. P HLICATIU S CUUNCIL OFFICERS Paul Battonhouse .......... ..,.... l 'resident Mr, losepb I, lrwin .... .... V ice-president Helen Compton ..... .,... S ecretary Dr. H. O. Hendrickson. ..... Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. losepb I, Irwin Dr. H. O. Hendrickson MEMBERS Paul Eattenhouse Helen Compton Clement Gilbert Betty Herbst Mr. Irwin, Battenhouse, Dr. Hendrickson Compton, Gilbert, Herbs! Itift -Veum PAIHCLB Activities of the Spanish club this year were varied and numerous. The members arranged a broadcast over Station WKAR, East Lansing, in connection with the opening of the Pan American union, Dec. 9. A. E. Mercado, professor of Spanish at the University of Michigan, was guest speaker of the year. He spoke in Spanish on the customs of Puerto Rico, his native counf try. At the Spanish club party, a University of Detroit quartet entertained the group with two guitars. Sara lane Hornung, following the Spanish club dinner in the dormitory, sang two popular songs by Maria Grever, "Ti-Pi-Ti-Pi-Tim," and "Mi Margueritaf' Another pro- gram featured victrola records from Prof. L. U. Rowland's Carnegie collection, with talks on the lives of the com- posers. All freshmen Spanish students with "A" or "B" average were invited to the club picnic in May. Hayden Smith . Elizabeth Abbott Dr. Buck ..... . Elizabeth Abbott Martha Bohn George Coffey Barbara Cornish Corrine Dalman Wayne Ellinger Leslie Fleming Thomas Foster OFFICERS MEMBERS Margaret Garred Carolyn Harger Doris Harroun Elizabeth Henderson Margaret Ingram Helen Kennedy Beatrice Kettell Millicent Murdoch Ralph Peterson ..........President . . .Secretary-Treasurer ..........Advisor Lois Reader Margaret Smith Robert Souter Elizabeth Strohmer Alonzo Stanford Louise Wesley Laurence Wiley Alton Zischke Zischke, Souter: Ellinger, Peterson, Fleming Coffey, Wesley, Kettell, Reader, Cornish. Wiley Dcxlmcm, Ingram, Smith, Miss Buck, Kennedy, Bohn, Murdoch Hcrroun, I-larger, Abbott, Foster. Stanford, Gurred, Henderson, Strohmer Fifty-Iwo Wagner, Smith, Dr. Hendrickson, Rice, Elliott, Yinger Helmburger, Ienkin, Brown, Stevens, I-larger 'l'llllElll'l' C0ll PIL Revived on campus last year with evident success, the Student council has continued to be one oi the most active groups on campus. lt is a representative group selected from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes, and contains one faculty representative. A reciprocal organization, the council is iormed to cooperate with the administration in student altairs. lts purpose is to aid the student body as a whole to sense that through participation and student management, Albion college activities will be based upon student interests. This year the council organized, with the cooperation ot the Pleiad, two caravans to Kalamazoo, sponsored a second "Big Three" week-end, took part in Freshman Orienta- tion weelc and Meet-The-College-Day, and put on sev- eral all school parties in the gymnasium. OFFICERS Gilbert Stevens . . . ........... .......,,. P resident Wendell lenlcin .. ..,.... Vice-president Ruth Brown ......... ........ S ecretary-Treasurer Dorothy Heimburger ..,. .... C owesponding Secretary Dr. Hendrickson ...... .......,.......... A dvisor MEMBERS Ruth Brown Dorothy l-leimburger Gilbert Stevens Charles Elliott Wendell lenlcin Martha Ann Wagner Carolyn l-larger Gary Rice Marian Yinger Hayden Smith I'lffN IIIIPC ..G.A. Existing for the maintenance of order and for the provi- sion of a successful and working social program in the dormitories, the executive board of the W.S.G.A. is com- posed of four officers and six proctors, Miss Marian Gray, dean of Women, and Mrs. F. Fay Wolfe, house- mother. Student members are elected each year by the association of Women students of Susanna Wesley hall, Avenue house, Ingham house, and Dean hall. This year they sponsored several Sunday musicals in the dormitory, and put on an extensive Christmas seal drive. Yinger, Starks, Compton, Herbs! Budge, Alliason, Miss Gray, Mrs. Wolfe Heimhurger, Seymour, Smith. Upton OFFICERS Ruth Brown .... ......... ...... P r esident Margaret Smith . . . . . .Vicefpresident Ruth Upton ..... , ..... Secretary lane Seymour .. .......,..... ..... T reasurer PROCTORS Lauretta Alliason Margaret Starks Betty Budge Marian Yinger Helen Compton Dorothy Heimburger, Dean hall Betty Herbst representative Fifty-foul' The Y.M.C.A. attempts to adapt its program to the needs and desires ot all college Women, to enrich their lives through religious, social, and intellectual expression. The activities ot the group include monthly lectures, Weekly vesper services in the dormitory, and social work in two of the city schools. lt provides "Big Sisters" tor the freshmen women and helps sponsor the "Fresh- man Mixerf' ln cooperation with the Y.M.C.A., speak- ers are brought to the campus and other cooperative projects carried out. il o Co Ao OFFICERS Hilda Crandall ....... .......... .... P r esident Genevieve Copeland .. Vice-president Marian Yinger ....... .... S ecretary lris Meinke ....,....... .... T reasurer Mrs. W. W, Whitehouse. . . . . .Sponsor Miss Marian Gray. . . , . . . . ,..... . . . .Sponsor MEMBERS lane Anderson Catherine Curtis Tess Hensiclc Georgia Atha Virginia Daniel Iris Meinke Helen Copeland Carolyn I-larger Willa Winter Hilda Crandall Marian Yinger Winter, Curtis, Atha I-larger, Daniel, Miss Gray, Mrs. Whitehouse, Hensick Meinke, Copeland, Crandall, Yinqer, Anderson Fifty-ji vt' Fellowship oi women students who wish to enter Chris' tian or social service work is the aim of Zeta Epsilon Lambda. The organization meets twice a month to dis- cuss questions oi religious and vocational interest. This year members were "Big Sisters" to a group ot small girls from Austin and Dalrymple schools at a party in the recreation room ot the dormitory. The group was tormed in l937 at the suggestion of Dr. Samuel I. Har- rison. OFFICERS Louise Both Willa Winter .. llione Schadt ....... Ruth Upton ,..... Mrs. S. l, Harrison .... Bernice Allen Betty Budge Mrs. Cecil Chubbs Virginia Daniel Marian Doten Elizabeth Edwards Ruth Elson Roberta Ewing lsobel Furnish Doris Gold MEMBERS Maxine Hiller Elaine Hutton Mary Kellogg lanot Kittredge Marian Kurtz Betty McDougal Lucy Mildren Harriett Niemann Marian Reavey ......President .. . . . .Vicefpresidcnt . . .Secretary-Treasurer . , . . . , . .Counselor Virginia Siebcrt Vivian Smith lean Stewart Helen Thompson Beth Trucks Ruth Upton Louise Wesley Dorothy Whitley Willa Winter Marietta Vtlyman llione Schadt E'I'A EI' lL0 LAMBDA Fifty-.tix Ewing, Smith, Hiller, Furnish, Daniel, Thompson, Kittredge, Edwards Roth, McDougal, Niemunn, Doten, Gold, Siebert, Chubbs Kellogg, Recxvy, Stewart, Mildren, Mrs. Harrison, Allen, Wvmorn. Wesley Elson, Trucks, Kurtz, Schcxdt, Winter. Upton, Budge, Whitley, Hutton Davis, Neimurm, Allen, Smith. Mcwethy, Belz. Doten. Clase, Ross Roth, Corbishley. VanCcxmp, Guilford. Graham. Powell, Reavey. Higgs Elson, Whorley, Gold. Blake. Heimburqer. Peterson, Edwards. Van dewulker, Huiton IDEA HALL OFFICERS Doroihy Heimbexqer .. ........ .. Barbara Blake ...... Helen Peterson .... MEMBERS Seniors Beih Edwards Ruth Elson Gwendolyn Gold Frances Davis Barbara Blake Bernice Allen Lorna Beiz Ann Corbishley Dorothy Heirnburqer Elaine Hulton Pauline Miller Iuniors Lura Powell Sophomores Mevian Doien Freshmen Barbara Graham Virginia l-liqqs Eleanor McWethy Harriett Niemann ......,,..Presidern , . .Secretary-Treasurer . , , .Commissary Agent Helen Peterson Iune Van de Walker Beatrice Vlfhorley Vivian Srniih Marian Reavey Maxine Ross Louise Roth Mary VanCamp nag! jfmrfzlgl Fifty-x1'w11 1. J, ., v g,3,:,,,,, W A , 'm g j x ' Q3 A. ' U yi ag ' ' ff-A -'ng' Q Y 1 T' in . ' 'W '23-tu v if M Kun? ' f , . ' , f 1 ' W. 'M W , 311 . if-fx 3, . za' gl' X. fx 99, ff, ,,. A M . 7 f, 'yy vu N f 1, ' '. T? I 'L 3' - U , ' ' gm A 'Y . A Ya .b 15 , 3 vw N -.-vi Af. 1 4 Y, ' ,, , in , V ,, -ft f 4 .4 ,f 2, , . M01-'L - Wig 1 Nl-f M' mi' S A mag if if J e ., '- .1 . . . . X' Taj ' ,fl ,yfflv M "lf ' gr :Ml ' Aim -f .'. , D A Tjxg. 1 ,M ' , ' " ' 'AQ-N 1 fLwv'7. '- v L! gy 'L M A U W.-I-f -MH ,4v,31.h N , 3 A-'M 'yf-'lf' ' '.fwiq.'xE'q? " q in 2-4' I, H' 'fir 4'7"".,-cf R' -"- .,,.4, 'In-fr-is D , . V .. , .v,,.. - www 1 'Ah P 57?w.'?f 'L ' Q... X V' H J! as ww JN' .Y Q A .... ' xxx? I ,ya if - Q '24, Q ' 'Z'-aj' ' - .fv- -. 2. -.5 'D vv . s , ., fn X . K f N ,Jaya-X A . . xx ,, 5 ,, -34. Nb, , N,. . v- . 1 ' . we . :I ,., ' 910' .A 1 , . ,4 ff' 44. . -, 4 w 4 ' :I ' 55, N' f ' . V Or. ., 4 "X N M :Ni ,i .f"" a A-' .Q f ' AWN K .J f.,gl,f .lf-34' ' mm, 4 ' ' P ,,,,,g JL. ff' .yn '- fffgy' A ,V 4 v gk., , U-.. Aye A' QS, E Mff A , w ' :ef eg , Vg K . W .1 .ia ' LA- N 'fgw b M ,fiift-P A .175 f "' Qiifi- , QI, 43-. 'xf"xiw Q W- -Mwst. a " fy ff 3 sk .x . .3 k .5 fwfi. '- Af :iff 1,4 X3 , 1' ,fa I K." Q Ng? f 83 A 1 f 1- K I 11:1-L-5.-4K. A Wgwy. Q jak, , f , Q L. 6' 'K rxfvi ,P W , 4 f' fi '3 kv If ,iv , fl. f A ' '72, .' Q 0' 'W WA"' . An 9 - fn Q ' 5 33 -' X ffiis' X. ,if ' W Ji" if 'Q-of if A 3 ... V I LAURETTA IANE ALLIASON 18435 Lancashire Rd., Detroit Cooley High Sociology Alpha Xi Delta: Chevron: French Club: Home Ec Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: W.A.A. Board: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Y.W.C.A.: W.S.G.A. GEORGE I. APPELMAN 508 S. Clinton, Albion Lawton High Music Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Orches- lid. EILEEN BAISCH 330 Hartwell Street, Albion Washington Gardner High Business Administration Zeta Tau Alpha: Home Ec Club: Fine Arts Club. PAUL F. BATTENHOUSE 810 Michigan Ave., Albion Albion High History Sigma Chi: President Senior Class: President Publications Council: President Forum Club: Secretary of Sigma Chi. NED H. BATTIES 1564 Pontiac Rd., S.E., Grand Rapids Culver Military Academy Economics Sigma Chi. DALE EDWIN ANDREWS 1709 Mt. Elliott, Flint Flint Northern High Mathematics-History Alpha Tau Omega: Kappa Mu Epsilon: German Club: Forum Club. WILLIAM A. BAILER ll7 S. Thompson, lackson lackson High Economics Sigma Chi. PHYLLIS D. BARKER 16894 Lawton, Detroit Dearborn High Art Kappa Delta: Art Club. BERYL BAUMGARTNER Silver Lake, Route 7, Pontiac Pontiac High Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon: Physics Club: W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A.: De- bate. HELEN BEAMAN l3l7 Oxford Road, Berkley Berkley High Art Alpha Xi Delta: Art Club: German Club: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Debate: Pan-Hellenic Council: W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A. REGINALD BRUCE BECKER Sl Pine Grove, Pontiac Pontiac High Speech Chi Epsilon: Goodrich Club: Debate. DONALD L. BENEDICT 637 Dennis, Adrian Adrian High Sociology Tau Kappa Epsilon: Delta Sig- ma Rho: President T.K.E.: Def bate: Chi Epsilon: Campus Religious Council: Y.M.C.A, MARIORIE T. BLAISDELL 4Ol Bidwell St., Albion Washington Gardner High English Alpha Chi Omega: Contribu- tor's Club: Spanish Club: W.A.A. Board. RUTH M. BROWN St. lgnace LaSalle High History Delta Gamma: Chevron: French Club: Forum Club: Debate: Y.W.C.A.: President W.S.G.A.: Student Council. MURIEL I. BURMAN Portland Portland High Home Economics Y.W.C.A.: Home Economics Club DALE A. BUTLER 4409 Monroe, Wayne Wayne High History Delta Tau Delta: lnterfraternity Council: Track: Basketball: Tennis: "A" Club: Economics Club. ELMER R. BEERS 645 Cambridge Blvd., Grand Rapids East Grand Rapids High Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta: Golf: Class Treasurer. ROSCOE A. BETZ Route l, Springport Springport High Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon: German Club: Physics Club. ARDYS IOAN BREWER Concord Concord High Speech Zeta Tau Alpha: A capella Choir: Histrionic Club: De- bate: Y.W.C.A. BETTY BUDGE 3l9 N. Iefferson, lthaca Ithaca High English Alpha Xi Delta: Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A.: W.S.G.A.: Zeta Ep- silon Lambda: Classical Club. BETTY IANE BUSH 3295 Leroy, Fenton Fenton High Penn Hall Iunior College Economics Delta Gamma: Spanish Club: Y.W.C.A. THOMAS DUANE CALLAHAN 707 N. Ionia Street, Albion Washington Gardner High Economics Sigmi Chi: Football, Sixty- one '044 GEORGE I. CAMERON 1219 Wisconsin Avenue, Gladstone Gladstone High Philosophy Delta Sigma Phi. STUART L. CARD 3922 Garland, Detroit Southeastern High Mathematics Fiske Lodge: Band: Orches- tra: Track: Physics Club. MARGERY A. CHANDLER 121 Pleasant St., Charlotte Charlotte High English Kappa Delta: Classical Club: W.A.A, Treasurer MABEL R. COHOON 502 W. Main St., Midland Midland Central High Literature W.A.A.: French Club: Inde- pendent Women's League. BARBARA G. COUCHMAN 3 Hanover Road, Pleasant Ridge Ferndale High Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta, I. MANLEY CAPRON 102 Ann Avenue, Battle Creek Battle Creek High Chemistry Sigma Chi: lnterfraternity Foot- ball. PAUL H. CARNELL 116 Austin Avenue, Albion Washington Gardner High Chemistry Sigma Chi: Chemistry Club. VICTOR CRISTOPHER 31116 VJ. Center St., Albion N. Terre Haute High Business Administration Sigma Chi. MARGARET E. CORWIN 77 Franklin Blvd., Pontiac Pontiac High English Kappa Delta: French Club. HILDA M. CRANDALL 314 Clinton St., Howell Howell High Sociology Alpha Xi Delta: Campus Pe' ligious Council: Y.W.C.A. BLYE CUTLER l230 Hawthorne, Lochmoor Flint Iunior College Literary Dean Hall. VIRGINIA P. DANIEL l44l Longfellow, Detroit Northern High English-Speech Alpha Xi Delta, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Campus Religious Council, Histrionic Club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, VV.A.A. RUTH E. DEVRIES 468 Crescent St., Grand Rapids Central lunior College Literature Alpha Chi Omega, Contribu- tor's Club, Histrionic Club. HAROLD W. DIEHL Bll N. Franklin, Saginaw Saginaw High Philosophy Goodrich Club, Phi Mu Al- pha, Band, Chi Epsilon. ROBERT OWEN ELLERBY l582 lackson Road, Albion Gardner High Physicsbltfiathematics Sigma Chi, Physics Club, Y,M.C,A. RUTH N. ELSON Route 3, Benton Harbor Benton Harbor High Home Economics-French Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Home Economics Club, Le Cercle Francais, Independent Wo- men's League, Y.W.C.A., W. A.A. MEREDITH E. DALLAS 1230 Hawthorne, Lochmoor Grosse Pte. High Ministerial Goodrich Club. Albion College Players, Y.M.C.A., Forum Club. BETTY V. DEAN 509 S. Superior St., Albion Washington Gardner High French W.A.A., French Club, Art Club GEORGE W. DEWEY 846 Calvin, Grand Rapids Hastings High History Goodrich Club, Contributorf: Club, Pleiad Editor-in-chief, Yell Squad, Y.M,C.A., Cani- pus Religious Council. ELIZABETH EDWARDS Fishell Road, Rush, New York Rush High French Alpha Phi Garnrna, Choir, French Club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Pleiad, Albionian. IACK C. ELLIOTT 416 E. Erie, Albion Coldwater High English Delta Sigma Phi. ROBERTA H. EWING Lawton Lawton High English Forum Club, Band, Orches- tra, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., ln- dependent Women's League Treasurer. Sixty-three eniofzft KEITH I. FENNIMORE 428 Main, Parma Parma High English and German Goodrich Club, Contributofs Club, German Club, A ca- pella Choir, Madfigal Singers. IOHN R. FIELD 304 S. Hannah St., Albion Albion High History Sigma Chi, Forum Club: Spanish C l u by Y.M.C,A., Campus Religious Council PHILLIP D. FRENCH 807 N. lonia St., Albion Albion High Business Administration Delta Tau Delta LYLE H. FRY l32 E. High St., Iackson lackson High Sociology Track. WILLIAM B. GASS 103 N. Center St., Royal Oak Royal Oak High Art and Economics Delta Sigma Phi, Economics Club, Art Club, President ln- ter-fraternity Council, Man- ager, College Book Store. FEHNANDA F. FERRERO 49 Charles St., New York, N.Y. Searles High English French Club: Spanish Club. DONALD L. FRASER 3831 McKinley St. Washington, D.C. McKinley Tech High History Sigma Nu, Albionian Business Manager, Editor-in-chief, Track Manager, Forum Clulf, Pleiad, Alpha Phi Gamma. CHARLOTTE G. FREYE 2l25 Lake Shore Drive, Muskegon Muskegon Senior High History Alpha Chi Omega. ISOBEL I. FURNISH 320 West Drayton Blvd., Ferndale Lincoln High Art W.A.A., Home EC Club, Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Art Club, Campus Religious Council. CLEMENT G. GILBERT 1504 Seventh St., Muskegon Heights Muskegon Heights High Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, Publications Council, Art Club. IACK GLASSFORD 23903 Farmington Road, Farmington Farmington High Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi: Band. GWENDOLYN GOLD 109 E. Front St., Grand Ledge Clinton High Sociology Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Choir: Independent Women's League. KATHRYN W. I-IANCHETT 624 S. Michigan Avenue Big Rapids Big Rapids High Art Alpha Chi Omega: Art Club: Home Economics Club: Pan- Hellenic Council. FRANCES HENNY 2305 Detroit St., Flint Northern High English Delta Gamma: Y.W.C.A. ROBERT HOLDEN 16 Harvard St., Natick, Mass. Natick High Literary Goodrich Club: Campus Re- ligious Council: Y.M.C.A.: Varsity Club: Contributors' Club: Chi Epsilon: German Club: Phi Gamma. RICHARD L. HYDE 1551 Alexander Road Grand Rapids Central High Economics Sigma Chi: Economics Club: Spanish Club: Treasurer Fresh- man Class. MURRAY K. GOBLE 54 Euclid Avenue, Battle Creek Battle Creek Central High Sociology Basketball. LENA L. GREGORY tMrs.l 318 W. Mason St., lackson Vassar English DOROTHY A. HEIMBURGER 267 Wylie St., Saginaw Arthur Hill High Latin W.A.A. Board Member: Class- ical Club: French Club: W.S. G.A. Board: Student Council: Y.W.C.A.: Cabinet Member: Campus Religious Council. BETTY M. HERBST 2424 Begole, Flint Flint Northern High Sociology Delta Gamma, W.S.G.A. Board: Y.W.C.A. Board: Publications Council. ELAINE E. HUFTON 961 Capital Avenue, N. E. Battle Creek Grand Ledge High Home Economics Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Y.W.C. A.: Independent Women's League. WILLIAM IEND 5045 Burns, Detroit Detroit Eastern High Pre-medic Tau Kappa Epsilon: Choir: German Club: Y.M.C.A, WENDELL R. IENKIN 9017 N. Clarendon, Detroit Northwestern High Mathematics Goodrich Club: Theta Alpha Phi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: His- trionic Club: Choir: Freshman Class President: Physics Club: Student Council: Y.M.C.A. ISABEL A. IORDAN l5l5O Warwick, Detroit Cooley High English Alpha Xi Delta: Y.W.C.A. FRANK I. KINZINGEH, IR. l8Ul9 Ohio, Detroit Cooley High History Sigma Nu: Albionian Business Manager: Football: Spanish Club: Forum Club: Albion College Players: Theta Alpha Phi: Alpha Phi Gamma: Inter- fraternity Council:: Pleiad Staff. NOLA M. LENHARD Clarksville Clarksville High Speech Theta Alpha Phi: Chevron: Histrionic Club: Chemistry Club: Forum Club: Debate: Oratory. RUTH M. LIGHTFOOT M.E. Parsonage, Marcellus Kodaikanal School English Independent Women's League: German Club: Treasurer. IACK W. IEWETT 921 Franklin St., S. E, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills High History Basketball: Football: Debate: Forum Club: Economics Club. LOUIS I. KENNEDY Sandusky Sandusky High Business Administration Sigma Nu. LAURA M. LANCASTER Clinton Clinton High Home Economics Delta Gamma: Home Econ- omics Club: Y,W.C.A. BETTY LENNARTZ 14833 Marlow Avenue, Detroit Cooley High English Alpha Xi Delta: Y.W.C.A. W.A.A.: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Senior Class Secretary. WILMA M. LINES 9l3 Maple Street, Albion Washington Gardner High Economics Lambda Mu: Economics Club: Independent Womens League: Orchestra, IANE Y. MCCAUL 226 Withington, Ferndale Ferndale High Business Administration Alpha Xi Delta. Pleiad: Y.W.C.A. ORDELL MCELHANEY 204 Center Avenue McDonald, Pennsylvania McDonald High History Tau Kappa Epsilon: "A" Club: Football: Track: Basketball. IRIS H. MEINKE 20904 Caledonia, Royal Oak Hazel Park High History Zeta Tau Alpha: Lambda Mu: Histrionic Club: W.S.G.A.: Chemistry Club: Y.W.C.A.: Campus Religious Council. LUELLA E. MERRILL 190 Kimmel, Berrien Springs St. lohn's High Art Art Club: Spanish Club: Home Economics Club. IOHN E. MILLER 5l59 Maple, Dearborn Fordson High Chemical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Physics Club. RAOUL W. MONTGOMERY l56 Farrand, Highland Park Highland Park High Economics Alpha Tau Omega. IVAN I. MCCLINTOCK Charlotte Charlotte High Chemistry-Biology Physics Club: Chemistry Club: Goodrich Club. IOHN N. MCNAIR 516 Michigan Avenue, Albion Washington Gardner High Biology Delta Tau Delta: Football: Freshman Track: Golf. THEODORE MEISTER 4724 Tireman Avenue, Detroit Northwestern High Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi: "A" Club: Inter-Fraternity Council: Co' operative Board: Football: Basketball: Track, GERALD EDWARD MICHAEL 2l2 E. Harriet St., Flint Flint Northern High History-Economics Alpha Tau Omega: Delta Sig- ma Rbo: Debate: Forum Club. PAULINE B. MILLER ll6 E. Sibley Street, Howell Howell High Speech and English Delta Sigma Rho: Art Club: Debate: Independent Womens League: Y.W.C.A. GERTRUDE MULHOLLAN 613 Wildwood, Iackson lackson lunior College Economics Chevron: Phi Gamma: Econ- omics Club: Student Council: Debate: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Independent Women'sl..eague: Y.W.C.A. Sixty-sewn 60214 IACK E. NILL 250 Merton, Detroit East High Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega. VIRGINIA M. OLSON 806 Westchester Grosse Pointe Park Penn Hall Biology Delta Gamma: Y.W.C.A. W.A.A. LORRAINE PADDISON Route 2, Lapeer Lapeer High English Independent Women's Leaguey Y.W.C.A.p Zeta Epsilon Lamb- da. VIRGINIA M. PIERCE Route 6, Coldwater Coldwater High Biology Chevrong Biology Clubg Chem- istry Club. CHARLES K. PRETTYMAN 7l2 Iefferson Muskegon Heights Muskegon Heights High Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilong "A" Club: Spanish Club: Economics Clubg Albioniang Tennis, IOHN F. OLIVER 10377 Morley, Detroit Detroit lnst. of Technology Ministerial Chi Epsilon IEAN M. OZANNE ll5 West Walnut, Albion Michigan State College Art Art Clubg Home Economics Club. HELEN M. PETERSON Mears Kingsley High English Classical Club: Contributors Cluby W.A.A. EDWARD E. PIKE l225 Beechmont, Dearborn Dearborn High Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM A. RAUPAGH l23O Bishop Road Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High Economics Sigma Chip Economics Club. IAMES A. READ 693 Chalmers, Detroit Southeastern High Biology Alpha Tau Omega, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Inter- Fraternity Council. IOHN W. REYNOLDS 807 Delta Avenue, Gladstone Gladstone High History Football, Forum Club. P. THURSTON ROBERTS Munising Mather High Economics Delta Sigma Phi, Band, Econ- omics Club, Spanish Club. PAUL ROBISON Hurst, Illinois Chester High Sociology Fiske Lodge. ROMULUS V. ROMANI 27 National Avenue Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Catholic Cen- tral High English Varsity Club, Classical Club, Football, Basketball, Track. EILEEN H. SCANNELL 570 E. Paterson, Flint Flint Northern High History Delta Gamma. ELISABETH I. REES 2228 W. lO9th St., Chicago, ill. Morgan Park High Literary Alpha Xi Delta, Chevron. BARBARA A. RINGELBERG 723 N. Fayette, Saginaw Arthur Hill High English Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A., French Club, W.A.A. CARL ROBINSON Iohn St., Union City Union City High Iournalism Tau Kappa Epsilon Football, Albionian Staff. ALDA T. ROLPH 412 South Macomb, Monroe Monroe High History Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Rho, Contributor's Club, lnter-Fra- ternity Council, Forum Club, Debate. NORMA ELIZABETH ROWE Newaygo Newaygo High Music Zeta Tau Alpha, Lambda Mu, Choir, Y.W.C.A. ILIONE C. SCHADT l74U4 Pennington Dr., Detroit Central High Sociology Y.W.C.A., Campus Religious Council, Zeta Epsilon Lambda. Sixty-nine PAUL W. SCHANZLIN 105 E. Adams, Homer Hopkins, Michigan, High History Chi Epsilon, Student Pastor. FRED C. SEBULSKE l27 Ordale Blvd. Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania Grosse Pointe High Economics Sigma Chi. IANE E. SEYMOUR 5 Pine Street, South Haven Monroe High Biology Alpha Chi Omega, French Club: W.S.G.A. Treas, Y.W. C.A.: W.A.A. MARTIN 1. SMILANSKY 461 Burns Drive, Detroit Eastern High Pre-Engineering Fiske Lodge, "A" Club, Physics Club, Football, Boxa ing: Track. GRETCHEN E. STAKEL North Lake Place, lshpeming lshpeming High English Kappa Delta, W.A.A., Y.W.C. A. ROBERT I. SCHELLIG 3487 Burns Avenue, Detroit Eastern High Biology Delta Sigma Phi. IAMES A. SEVERY 800 Loraine Road Grosse Pointe Northern High Economics Sigma Chi, Sophomore Presi- dent, Golf, Y.M.C.A. VIRGINIA D. SIEBERT 18896 Gainsborough Road Detroit Redford High Sociology and History Kappa Delta, W.A.A., Y.W.C. A., Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Basketball, Hockey, Volley- ball. MARGARET M. SMITH 220 E. Louett, Charlotte Charlotte High Art Kappa Delta, President, Chev- ron, President, Art Club, Y.W.C.A., Spanish Club, Pan- I-lellenic Council, W.A.A., Campus Religious Council, W. S.G.A., Vice President, Vice President lunior Class. DALLAS F. STALL 35 N. Monroe St., Coldwater Roosevelt High Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi, "A" Club, German Club, Basketball: Football, Track, ALONZO STANFORD 701 Third St., Shelby Pellston High Spanish Fiske Lodge: Spanish Club: French: Classical Club: Band: Choir. IACK R. STEELE Route 3, Marshall Redford High Ministerial Chi Epsilon MAITLAN D N. STEWART 508 Stewart Avenue, Iackson lackson High Biology-Chemistry Sigma Nu. CARL STRANGE Hanover Lincoln Park High History Goodrich Club: Debate: Band: Chi Epsilon: Forum Club: Economics Club. GLADYS A. SWANSON 8129 S. Marshfield Avenue Chicago, Illinois Calumet High Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon: Y.W.C.A.: Independent Women's League. CHARLES S. TAPERT l2826 Mark Twain, Detroit Cooley High Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon: Economics Club. MARGARET E. STARKS 916 West Park Drive, Midland Midland Central High English Literature Alpha Chi Omega: W.A.A. Board and Secretary: Y.W.C. A.: Volleyball. GILBERT A. STEVENS Park River, North Dakota Walsh County High Mathematics and Physics Delta Tau Delta: Physics Club: Y.M.C.A.: Campus Religious Council: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil: Student Council: Football: Track. ROBERT R. STOPPERT 1326 W. Dartmouth, Flint Flint Northern High History Alpha Tau Omega: Y.M.C.A.: Varsity Club: Football: Basket- ball: Pleiad. MAURICE G. STYLES 109 Park St., Albion Eaton Rapids High Music Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Orches- tra. ELLEN IANE SWEGLES l5l27 Windmill Pointe Drive Grosse Pointe Park Grosse Pointe High English Kappa Delta: Spanish Club. ELIZABETH W. TERPENNING 704 E. Porter St., Albion Nazareth Academy English Alpha Chi Omega: French Club. Seventy-one MARIORIE E. TREADWELL 1337 Berkshire Road Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High English Delta Gamma: Spanish Club: Y.W.C.A. HELEN A. TURNER Lawton Lawton High History Independent Women's League: W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A. IUNE VAN DE WALKER New Buffalo New Buffalo High Music Lambda Mu: Orchestra: Choir: Y.M.C.A.: Debate: Independf ent Women's League. NATHAN L. WEISER 6237 S. Sacremento Chicago, Illinois Lindblom High History Football: Track. EVERETT G. WHITE 13944 Lauder Avenue, Detroit Boyne City High English and Economics Delta Sigma Phi: Choir: Art Club: Y.M.C.A. OLGA M. TRUCKS Baldwin Baldwin High English Independent Women's League: Brownie Leader. RUTH E. UPTON Fullerton, Detroit Mackenzie High Sociology Kappa Delta: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Y.W.C.A.: Dormitory Secretary. ROBERT D. WATSON 503 Harwood St., Iackson lackson High Chemistry Sigma Chi: Chemistry Club: Senior Manager Basketball. JOHN E. WENTWORTH Battle Creek Sanitarium Battle Creek Battle Creek High Chemistry and Biology Sigma Chi. BEATRICE A. WHORLEY Paris Big Rapids High Music Lambda Mu: Choir: Y.W.C.A.: Orchestra. SEVA WILLIAMS 693 Lakewood, Detroit Southeastern High English Kappa Delta. IAMES WRIGHT 3244 Vicksburg, Detroit Northwestern High History Alpha Tau Omega: Classical Club: Freshman Football. LUTHER H. ZICK 209 W. Elm St,, Albion Albion High Pre-Medic HOMER C. WITTENBERG Cement City Cement City High Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon: Physics Club: Football. THOMAS D. YUILL lUl9 Bedford Road Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High Mathematics and Physics Sigma Nu: Physics Club. DURWARD L. ZIMMERMAN 408 Linden Avenue, Albion Washington Gardner High Business Administration Phi Mu Alpha: Economics Club: Choir: Football. Seventy-three lll1l0'Z.'f GLOYD EDWARD ALLIS Morenci Morenci High English Goodrich Club: German Club: Chi Epsilon: Choir. WILLIAM A. ARIS 1345 Second St., Rochester Rochester High History Goodrich Club. NEIL BABINGTON Sault Ste. Marie La Salle High Literary. ROBERT W. BEMER 501 S. Oakland St., St. Iohns Cranbrook Academy Pre-Dental Delta Tau Delta: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Band: Orchestra, MARTHA A. BOHN 149 Oaklawn, Battle Creek Battle Creek Central High Business Administration Alpha Xi Delta. THOMAS H. ANDREWS 352 Iackson Avenue Muskegon Muskegon Senior High Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon: Band: Ple- iad: Albionian: Debate. GEORGIA LOUISE ATHA 7l4 S. Main St., Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant High Music Delta Gamma: Lambda Mu: Y.W.C.A.: Music Committee, Dorm: Lambda Mu. MARY M. BALDWIN l393U Marlowe, Detroit Cooley High Speech and English Delta Gamma: Lambda Mu: Debate: Y.W,C.A.: Spanish Club: Contributors Club: Choir: Histrionic Club: Stu- dent Council: Campus Reli- gious Council: Zeta Epsilon Lambda. MILTON HENRY BENNERT 6419 Michigan, Detroit Chadsey High Chemistry Alpha Kappa Pi. EDWARD BOIES Nashville Battle Creek High English Tau Kappa Epsilon: Albion Players: Spanish Club: Track: Contributors Club. SUSAN BOWER 190 E. Washington, Greenville Greenville High English Alpha Chi Omega: Art Club: Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A.: lnter-Fra- ternity Pledge Council. ELLEN BURCH 19193 Parkside, Detroit Highland Park High English Alpha Chi Omega: Y.W.C.A.: French Club: Contributors' Club: A1bionian:Pleiad: Dorm Etiquette. ANN BURTON 900 Burr Oak, Albion Washington Gardner High English-Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha: Pleiad: Choir: French Club: Zeta Ep- silon Lambda. IANE E. CLYMER 509 E. Erie Street, Albion Washington Gardner High Biology Zeta Tau Alpha: French Club: W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Campus Religious Council. DONALD W. COPELAND 734 Church St., Grass Lake Iackson High Business Administration Fiske Lodge: Economics Club. BARBARA I. CORNISH Lawton Lawton High Art lndependent Women's League: Spanish Club: French Club: Band. IAMES W. BRISTAH 11427 Ingram, Plymouth Redford High Philosophy Tau Kappa Epsilon: Biology Club: German Club: Debate: Chi Epsilon WILLIAM B. BURNS 124 Third St., McDonald, Pa. McDonald High History Goodrich Club: Forum Club: Freshman Track: Varsity Club. BETTY IANE CLARK 34 Augusta, Pontiac Pontiac High .Art Art Club. HELEN COMPTON 431 W. Huron, Pontiac Pontiac High English Kappa Delta: French Club: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Contribu- tors' Club: Publications Coun- cil. 'HELEN G. COPELAND 622 Pine St., Owosso Owosso High Biology Zeta Tau Alpha: Home Eco- nomics Club: Y.W.C.A,: W.A.A. ALICE C. CROSBY 1209 V2 E. Michigan, lackson Indiana High Biology. lll'll0'Z.4 FRANCES E. DAVIS Kinde Whittemore High English W'.A.A.g German Club. KATHRYN DIETRICH 3824 Washington, Wayne Wayne High Home Economics Kappa Delta: Home Economics Club: Chemistry Club: Y,W.C.A. ALICE IEAN ELLERBY 1582 lackson Road, Albion Washington Gardner High English Delta Gammag French Club: Choir. ROBERT H. ESLING 315 Burr Oak, Albion Washington Gardner High Economics Delta Sigma Phi. BARBARA H. FAUSELL 106 Bates St., Jackson lackson High Sociology. SAMUEL DICKIE 419 Allen Place, Albion Washington Gardner High Business Administration Sigma Chip Histrionics. WILLIAM C. DONALD 38 Lodewycke Avenue, Mt. Clemens Mt. Clemens High Philosophy Tau Kappa Epsilong Chi Epsi- lony College League Forumg Classical Cluby Y.M.C.A.g Carn- pus Religious Council. CHARLES R. ELLIOTT 517 Lafayette St., Grand Haven Grand Haven High History Fiske Lodge: Debate: Chi Epsilon. LUCILLE I. FARROW 2630 Corunna Road, Flint Flint Northern High Literary. ALBERT H. FEDERICO 1265 Mayfield Ridge Road, Mayfield Heights Ohio Mayfield Central High History Sigma Nug Varsity "A" Club: Football, Basketball. BAMFORD FERGUSON 16573 Northlawn, Detroit Cooley High Pre-law Sigma Nu, Football. D. IEAN FOWLER 640 W. Drayton, Ferndale Lincoln High English Alpha Xi Delta, W.A.A., Bas- ketball, Volleyball. IAMES D. FRYFOGLE 11610 Kentucky Ave., Detroit Cooley High Pre-Medic Alpha Tau Omega, Football, Basketball, Golf, Debate, Bi- ology Club, "A" Club. IOYCE M. GEORGE 416 N. Huron Avenue, Harbor Beach Harbor Beach High English. GORDON B. GINTHER 43 Rinewalt, Williamsville, New York Williamsville High Biology. WILLIAM GOULD Dowagiac Dowagiac Central High Economics Alpha Tau Omega, Track. MARY LOUISE FOSTER 204 W. Chicago St., Bronson Bronson High History Independent Women's League, W.A.A. SHIRLEY I. FRYE 4l2 Brockway Place, Albion Washington Gardner High English Delta Gamma, Panfl-lellenic Council, Contributors' Club, French Club, Histrionic Club, Y.W.C.A. IOHN H. GARLENT 371 Chesterfield, East Lansing East Lansing High Economics Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES M. GILDART lll Wells St., Caro Caro High Chemistry Pleiad, Histrionic Club, Phys- ics Club, Albionian. IACK I. GODDARD l24U Yorkshire, Detroit Grosse Point High History Sigma Chi. ALLAN G. GRAY l64 Pasadena, Highland Park Highland Park High History Chi Epsilon, Debate. uniafut I Route 3, Pontiac Pontiac High Ludingion High Literary. Sigma Chi. Literary. Delta Gamma. Denby High Home Economics nomics Club. Grosse Pointe Pre-Medic HARGER GREEN RAYMOND C. HANSEN 705 Loomis, Ludington BARBARA I. HEBINGER 9725 Philip, Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha, Home IAMES E. HENDERSON 213 University Place Grosse Pointe High Delta Tau Delta, Football. History and Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Fo'um Club, Inter-Fraternity Council. DONNA I. HARING 118 N. Main St., Three Rivers Three Rivers High Eco- HERBERT HAMEL 9930 Outer Drive, Detroit Cooley High Pre-Medic Alpha 'Tau Omega. CAROL HARGER 33605 Oakland, Farmington Farmington High Art Alpha Chi Omega, Spanish Club, Art Club, 'W'.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Forum Club, Stu- dent Council, Campus Relig- ious Council. IOAN L. HARTRICK 404 Hendrie Blvd., Royal Oak Royal Oak High Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega, Home Economics Club, W.A.A., Y.'W.C.A. LOWELL E. HEINMILLER 1660 Winton Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio Lakewood High Economics Sigma Chi, Spanish Club. WILLIAM C. HENNING 316 Creston Ave., Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Central High History-Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Rho, Pleiad, Debate. MARGARET L. HILL 3736 Hazelwood Ave., Detroit Northwestern High English Kappa Delta: W.A.A.: French Club: Y.W.C.A. SARA IANE HORNUNG 201 E. Pine St., Cadillac Cadillac High Music Lambda Mu: Independent Women's League: Band: Choir: Opera: Madrigal Singers. MAXINE V. HUETHER 2348 Lakeshore Dr., Muskegon Muskegon High English Alpha Chi Omega: Contribu- tors' Club: W.A.A.: Y.M.C.A.: Basketball: Volleyball. DONALD E. HUNTER Lake Harbor, Muskegon Muskegon High Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon. WALTER S. IAMES Putnam Heights Putnam, Connecticut Belding High English Phi Mu Alpha: Choir: Con- tributors' Club: Histrionic Club: Goodrich Club. DAVID I. KAI-ILER 618 Walnut St. Meadville, Pennsylvania Meadville High Economics. WILLIAM L. HIMIVIELBERGER 317 Welch Blvd., Flint Flint Central High Economics Delta Tau Delta: Cheer Leader. PATRICIA I. HOUGHTON 632 Harper Avenue, Detroit Lincoln High English Alpha Chi Omega: Bowling. GLENN HUNSBERGER 805 Augusta Street Sault Ste. Marie La Salle High Literary Goodrich Club. ROBERT R. HUNTER Lake Harbor, Muskegon Muskegon High History-Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon: Y.M.C.A. RALPH L. IONES Zll Catalpa Drive, Royal Oak Royal Oak High Economics Delta Sigma Phi: Phi Mu Al- pha: Choir Business Manager. ROBERT W. KIESLING Route 5, Rockford, Illinois Rockford High Biology and Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi: Orchestra: Biology Club: German Club. Seventy-nine lllll 015 HOWARD L. KHALI. Route 2, Watervliet Watervliet High History Forum Club, German Club, Pleiadg Footballg Trackp "A" Club. MARIE E. KUHN 20 Oakland Park Pleasant Ridge Lincoln High Art Alpha Chi Omega, French Club, Home Economics Club, Art Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council. ED R. LINDOW 1204 Kensington Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High History Alpha Tau Omega: "A" Club, Inter-Fraternity Council: Foote ball: Track. MARIORIE MACK 418 West Street, Three Rivers Three Rivers High Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha: Home Eco- nomics Club: President, W.A.A: Y.W.C.A. QUENTIN McDONAI.D Kansas City, Missouri Southwest High History French Club, Forum Club, FREDERICK I. KRUEGER l013 E. Butler St., Adrian Adrian High Business Administration Delta Tau Delta, "A" Clubg Footballg Basketball, Track. DAVID LAWLER 403 E. Cass, Albion Dollar Bay High Pre-Engineering Kappa Mu Epsilon, Physics Club. EARL H. LONGWORTH 2112 leffers, Saginaw Saginaw Eastern High Economics. HERBERT MCCOY 608 Bidwell St., Albion Washington Gardner High Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Physics Clubg Choir. A. IACK MacDOUGALL lll7 Liberty Street, Flint Flint Central Literary. ELIZABETH A. MCILVENNA 906 4th Avenue, South Virginia, Minn. Rosen Street High English Alpha Xi Delta: French Club. I EAN L. MCMULLEN 610 Locust Ave., Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills High Literary Delta Gamma. IANE C. MILLER 410 Waverly Ave., Royal Oak Royal Oak High English Alpha Chi Omega: Art Clulr: French Club: Y.W.C.A. MILLICENT C. MURDOCH 2665 Columbus, Detroit Kingswood School English Alpha Chi Omega: Art Club: Spanish Club: Contributors Club: Albionian: Pleiad: Sophomore Class Secretary: Y.W.C.A. HOWARD F. NEILSON l5755 Whitcomb, Detroit Cooley High Economics Alpha Tau Omega: lntereFra- ternity Council. BEATRICE M. N ESBITT Zll W. Pearl St., Butler, Pa. Butler High Music Alpha Chi Omega: Lambda Mu: German Club: Choir: Madrigal Singers. MARGARET A. McKEE 787 Ridgedale Avenue Birmingham Baldwin High English Delta Gamma: Y.W.C.A.: Bas ketball: Tennis Team: French Club: Debate: Junior Class Vice President: Volleyball. LUCY E. MILDREN Box 145, Waucedah Vulcan High English Alpha Xi Delta: Classical Club: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Debate: Histrionic Club. IANET A. MUHLITNER l7l65 Parkside, Detroit St. Mary Academy English Delta Gamma: French Club: Pleiad: Y.W.C.A. MORTON A. NELLES 85 Barrington Road, Pontiac Pontiac High Pre-Law Sigma Nu: Golf Team. DON R. NELSON 645 Dennis, Adrian Adrian High Economics: "A" Club: Tennis Football. MARY IANE NEWCOMER 38 E. Elm Avenue, Monroe Monroe High Chemistry Alpha Chi Omega: Y.W.C.A. Choir: W.A.A. lU1l0'Z:5 ALICE A. NUTTING Homer Homer High Education Debate, Albion College Play ers. WALTER F. PERSCHBACHER 459 Fuller Avenue, S. E. Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills High Pre-Law' Sigma Nu, Histrionic Club. DOROTHY RAFTER 204 North Berrien St., Albion Washington Gardner High Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilony Orchestra: French Club: Albionian. ESTHER T. REYNOLDS 709 S. Grinnell St., lackson Chelsea High Sscinlcgy. I. ROBERT RUGG Middleville Micldleville High Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Economics Clubg Bandg Iunior Class Pres- ident. KATHRYN I. PATTERSON H884 Wisconsin, Detroit Northern High Biology Delta Gamma: French Club, President: Chemistry Club: Debate, LURA P. POWELL 331 Wealthy St., Grand Rapids Union High History Choir, W.A.A.: Classical Club. HARRIETT RATZ 624 Dougherty Place, Flint Flint Northern English Delta Gamma. HARRISON M. ROARK Pontiac Pontiac High Economics Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon. LORENE E. RUPP 129 E. Main, Morenci Morenci High Biology Kappa Delta: Alpha Lambda Deltay German Club: Chemis- try Clubg Biology Club. WILLIAM RYLE 1633 Elwood Avenue, Flint Flint Northern High Chemistry. I EAN E. SAXTON 216 W. Larkin St., Midland Midland High Home Economics. RICHARD C. SCI-IEELE 815 N. West Avenue, Jackson laclcson High Pre-Medic Sigma Nu: Albionian. ARTHUR I. SHAPIRO 48 Park Street, Lapeer Lapeer High Dentistry Football: "A" Club. PAUL SHOEMACHER 423 E. Portage Sault Ste. Marie La Salle High Economics Goodrich Club. NORMAN R. SLEIGHT Laingsburg Laingsburg High Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi:- Kappa Mu Epsilon: Football: Basketball: Chemistry Club: Campus Re- ligious Council: Y.M.C.A. Cab- inet: Inter-Fraternity Council. GERALD A. SALISBURY Fowler Muir High Sociology Fiske Lodge: Chi Epsilon: "A' Club: Track: Football. EWALD T. SCHADT 17404 Pennington Dr., Detroit Detroit Country Day School Economics Delta Tau Delta: Physics Club. HAROLD L. SENIOR 15 Winter Street W. Somerville, Mass. Somerville High History Goodrich Club: Y.M.C.A., Campus Religious Council: Student Council: Track: His trionic Club. VICTOR E. SHENEMAN Bellaire Bellaire High History Classical Club: Chi Epsilon. PHILIP M. SIRRINE 1745 Horton Avenue, S. E. Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills High Music Sigma Chi: Band: Orchestra. IEAN E. SLOWEY 409 South lonia St. Albion Washington Gardner High Sociology. 1 lll'll0'Z5 HAYDEN R. SMITH 1551 W. 86th St., Chicago, Ill. Calumet High History Sigma Nu: Spanish Club: Fo- rum Club: Student Council: "A" Club: Tennis Team. ERWIN B. SOBER 1716 Herbert, Lansing Central High Music Phi Mu Alpha HARRY E. STEWART 1433 Longfellow, Detroit Central High Economics Histrionic Club: German Club. MARSHALL STRICKLER lO5 Rhode Island Highland Park Detroit Central High English Delta Tau Delta: Contributors' Club. SEYMOUR TAFFET 98 Washington Avenue Belleville, New Iersey Belleville High Pre-Medic Chemistry Club: Basketball: Debate. VIVIAN I. SMITH 240 Fourth Ave., Three Rivers Three Rivers High Sociology W.A.A.: Zeta Epsilon Lambda: Y.W.C.A.: Independent Worn- en's League. JOHN A. SOMMER. IR. Bronson Bronson High Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon: German Club: Biology Club: Chemis- try Club: Debate. CARL A. STOLBERG 204 N. Lewis St., Ludington Ludington High Pre-Medic Sigma Chi: Biology Club: Chemistry Club. RALPH G. SURRELL ll74 Nottingham Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High Economics Sigma Chi: Freshman Basket- ball. ALBERT E. TAMARELLI 5077 Bishop Road, Detroit Grosse Pointe High Pre-Medic Sigma Nu: Albionian. BARBARA F. THOMPSON Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls High Literary Kappa Delta. VICTOR C. TOMLINSON l6l74 Glastonbury Rd., Detroit Cooley High Pre-Law Sigma Nu MARVIN VANN 4520 Fischer, Detroit Eastern High Psychology Delta Tau Delta. MABLE L. WATSON 456 W. Drayton, Ferndale Lincoln High English Alpha Xi Delta, Art Club, W.A,A. LOUISE G. WESLEY 1356 lose Boniiacio Buenos Aires, Argentina American High History Independent Women's League. VERNON A. WOLFE 4208 Avery Avenue, Detroit Cooley High Pre-Medic KENNETH W. TILLOTSON 521 Liberty Street, Petoskey Petoskey High Economics Delta Sigma Phi. PATRICIA VAN GORDEN ll09 Michigan Avenue, Albion Washington Gardner High Home Economics Delta Gamma, Home Economf ics Club, Y.W.C,A. PETER THEODORE VANSON 260 Moran Road Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe High Economics Delta Tau Delta, Pleiad, Busi- ness Manager, Albionian, Tennis, Histrionic Club. GORDON I. WATT 18954 Parkside, Detroit Cooley High Pre'Medic Alpha Tau Omega, Golf. HELEN M. WITTENBERG Cement City Cement City High History Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Eco- nomics Club. MARIAN V. YINGER Blind School, Lansing Central High Literary Albion College Players, Theta Alpha Phi. Eighty-five 1 1 vmfiiifrm-'I , ' 'ff' ABBOTT APPLE ASH BANK BERRYMAN BRAKE CAUKIN COWAN DEALE DEAN M. DOTEN ABRAHAM ACKLEY ALLEN B. ANDERSON I. ANDERSON ASHMUN AUGHTON BALDWIN BALLARD BARKER BARNES BATTENHOUSE BEEBE BLAKE BLEEKER BOE BELL BOWMAN BRADFORD BUSHONG BUTTERFIELD BUYS CALLAHAN CHUBB COI-'F EY COOK CARTY F. COOPER H. COOPER CRAIG CROSBY CURTIS DALMAN DANFORTH DIBDEN DEUVILLE DUNN DICK DODDS D. ELLINGER EMBLER DOTEN ESLING n. ty-sf Eighty-eight O 0'PiIE0M4l'HEfSRfY-ONE W FEDUNIAK FERGUSON FISCH FLEMING GARRED GEISLER GIES GLOOR GUIDOT HAMILTON HANKS HAN TZ HART HENDERSON HERSEY HIGBY HOFFMAN INGRAM IRONSIDES KENNEDY KING KN APP H. KRAUTH KRETZSCHMAR KUECHENMEISTER KUHN KURTZ LANE LAWRENCE LEMON LETHEMON LINDLEY MCDOUGALL MCPHILLIPS MAGERS MANNIN G FORD FOSTER GMEINER GREEN HARRISON HARROUN HIGHSTONE HILLER C. IOHNSON R. IOHNSON KELLOGG I. KRAUTH KREHL LAUBACH LOMBARD LUDWIG MARSH MATTSON MEEKS MEINKE MURCH MINSHULL MONTIE MORRISS MUN SON NEWMAN PERRINE NICKERSON PALMER PENGELLY PERKINS PETERS PROCTOR R. PETERSON T. PETERSON PIOCH PURDY READER REED ROBOSSON ROSS SIMONDS PUTNAM QUINTAL PLATE RANDALL RANSOM RENDA RICE RICHARDS RININGER ROWE SAXTON SCHAEFFER SESSIONS SIMONS I. SMITH SLAYMAKER SLOWEY SMELTZER E. SMITH LLOYD SMITH STOFFER LYNN SMITH SPEARS STANABECK STEVENSON STONE STONER STROHMER TAPERT TENNEY Eighty-nina CLASS 0 RTY-QNE Ninety WEST ZEIS THOMPSON TINKLER TOWLE TRUCKS TUCHTENHAGEN VANDERLINDE WAGER M. WAGNER UDELL P. WAGNER WEBBER WHIPPLE WHITE!-IOUSE WEEKS WHITELAM WEINER H. WILLIAMS R. WILLIAMS ZENS WINTER WILEY WOCHHOLTZ WOOLSON ZERBE YURCHENCO Www'- , fy,1':.Q Yk K " M .5 H J in ' : 4 . 45 il 55' ' 1s le 3 . ? .W 5 B.. Q.. G,x -Q S v Q m"f f A ,. i ia. A f - 7' 2'-Bw '-,' 'W 1 A L f1 1If"F1Jy x V '- 'WW H' ' L 5 Qi Ofmmsuawm Ninety-two ABBOTT I BARTZ BATES BENIAMIN BENNETT BLANCHARD BORNOR BRIEDEN BRIGGS CAIRNS CARTWRIGHT CASTLE COCHRAN COHOON DANVILLE DARKWOOD DEAN ABRAHAMSON ADAMY AMSLER BAILIE BALDWIN BAUMGARTH BAUMGARTN ER BEDFORD BEEBE BERLIN BIASTOCK BLAIR BLAKESLEE BOUCK BRALEY BREEN BREHMER BURCH BURGER BURGESS BUTLIN I. CAMPBELL R. CAMPBELL W. CAMPBELL CARRIER CARTER CHICKERING CHURCHILL CLASE CLOSE I. COLE M. COLE COMPTON CORBISHLEY DEWEY DEWIRE DIXON DOW DUBUAR ELLIOTT EBERTS EDWARDS ELLERBY ENGSTROM FLAHAVEN EVANS FARMER FIGY ELLIS FIRESTONE FLANIGAN GAMBLE F. FOSTER P. FOSTER FRYE GARLINGHOUSE GROSSMAN GERHOLD GRAHAM FUNK B. GREGORY I. GREGORY GUILFORD HALL GUY GUYS HAGEN HANNA HILL HAZEN HENDREN HENRY HITCHCOCK HUGHS HOTCHKISS HOUGHTON HAIGHT HIGGS HOWARD IACKSON KITTEL IONES IUNOD KAISER KITSMAN KITTREDGE LANCASTER LEWIS HUDSON KEPLER LIEBICH Ninfty-tIz1'rr .7VfllI'fj'-fl? 111' ASS OF E ORTY-TWO LONGMAN LUCAS LUROS MacDONALD MCDUFF MCGA RRY MEEKS I. MILLER M. MILLER NEIL ORR D. PALMER H. PALMER PERRINE PETERMAN PETERSON PINK POWERS PRESTON RAGAN RAPP READER REN TER RENWICK ROSE ROSENBERG ROSS ROTH SCHALL SCHEU SCHMIDT MARTIN MAYNARD MCCOY McKIDDIE MacLEOD MCWETHY NIEMANN NORTHRUP PALMITER PEN DER PERKINS PITSCH PORTER RAYMOND REAVEY ROBINSON ROBUCK ROLLINS RUTLED GE SANKEY SCHNACKENBURG SCHOULTZ SCOTT SELZER SIBERT SILER STEDMAN STEGMAN SLUSSER K. SMITH STARK I. STEWART SUTTON SWEM STOWE SUNYAR SURLAND TELFER TRIPP TROXELL THURSTON 'I'ILI.S'I'ROIVI TRIMBLE VAN CAMP E. WARD I. WARD VAN RIPER VonDerI-IEIGHT WANDEL WESTERMAN WILDE WILLIAMS WIRTS WHITE WHITEHOUSE WHITLEY WORGESS WYMAN ZATOLOKIN lVinefy-five 5 E I ' I .... .ltsmi A i . 1 HM' ..: ' ., -13 v QQ' , 7 f' . is M : ' ,QQ 7 :gf 1 Q L w'.1.i,fA Q f L. ' Kg V 2 - Q 5: 5 H :" V Na' M I x - 5- vi , tu,-1 . Y M 1.-W u - H. 'mf in 4 ,! A f gg 'iii m x ,sg ,KM Q, Q- f tw!! Min Ku 5253 iiw M llbfilln Wig, 2 5 , 1 an is 1 f f 4,,Mr in 51 I is Y' M.. Brown, Smith, Miss Gray, Allicxson, I-Ianchett Whitelclm, Richards, Becxmcm, Meinke, Kuhn PA '-HELLE 'IU Ullll UIL The Panhellenic council, organized in l9l7, attempts to regulate all matters pertaining to the sororities on campus. lt provides tor rushing regulations, presents a cup to the outstanding senior Woman, and sponsors a Pan-Hel ball. This year the council has inaugurated the "quota system," limiting the total number of girls in each sorority to 45. Two girls were sent to the Regional Convention in Louisville, Ky., and the representatives, Elizabeth Whitelam and For- estine Schaeffer, discussed the convention at a meeting of the entire Panhellenic group in Robinson hall. OFFICERS Helen Beaman . , . .......... . . .President Lois Richards .,..,. ..... S ecretary Miss Marian Gray .Advisor MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Kathryn Hanchett Marie Kuhn Alpha Xi Delta Lauretta Alliason Helen Beaman Delta Gamma Ruth Brown Elizabeth Whitelam Kappa Delta Mildred Plate Margaret Smith Zeta Tau Alpha Iris Meinke Lois Richards Ninety-eight Il'I'llll-FllA'I'llR, l'I'Y CIIUNUIL Ruthven, Sleiqht, Bullies Neilson, Benedict. Strickler, Green Hunt. Dickie, Gass, Read, Kinzinqer Organized in l92O, the lnterfraternity council is composed of two members of each of the six men's fraternities on campus. The council attempts to regulate fraternal activities such as rush- ing, pledging, Greek letter athletics, and social functions in accordance with the rules of the National lnterfraternity conference, and acts as an intermediary between the college and the individual chapters. This year the council helped the Y.lVl.C.A. and Student council organize a pep session on the athletic field in preparation for the Kalamazoo game, inaugurated an ln- terfraternity banquet at tho Parker inn, and put on an all-school dance in March. William Cass .. OFFICERS james Read .......... Frank l. Kinzinqer, lr. .. Alpha Tau Omega Howard Neilson lames Read Delta Sigma Phi William Gass Norman Sloight MEMBERS Delta Tau Delia Bryant Ruthven Marshall Strickler Sigma Chi Ned Battjes Samuel Dickie . ...... President . . . . . .Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Nu Hazen Hunt Frank l. Kinzinger Tau Kappa Epsilon Don Benedict Harger Green , lr. ul! X K V YR' : ill.-Q ' - -e .'V1m'l v :nur Maqers. Edwards, Cole, Blakeslee, Clase, Bates. Purdy. VanCamp Funk, Bedford, Houghton. Guilford. Smith, Cairnes, Bailie. Ross Spears, Randall, Kennedy, Bower, Wagner, Newcomer, Curtis, Berryman, Robinson Hartrick, Reader, Miller. Huether, Freye, Terpenning. Burch, Laubach De Vries, Ringelberq, Harger. Murdoch. Kuhn, Blaisdell, Seymour. Starks, Hanchett Marjorie Blaisclell liuth De Vries Charlotte Freye Sue Bower Ellen Burch Carol Harqer Bonita Berryman Catherine Curtis Helen Kennedy Caryl Laubach Mary Helen Bates Helen Blakeslee Ruth Atkinson Betty Bailie lanet Bedford CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Kathyrn Hanchett Marie Kuhn Maxine Huether IUNIORS Ioan Hartrick Patricia Houghton lane C. Miller SOPHOMORES Ann Maqers Helen Purdy Helen Randall Lois Reader FRESHMEN Ie an Clase PLEDGES Corrine Cairns lean Cole M515 t ALPHA cm omni Gi dsc Barbara Rinqelberq lane Seymour Margaret Starks Millicent Murdoch Mary lane Newcomer Elizabeth Terpenninq Ann Robinson Minette Spears Daphne Wochholtz Phyllis Wagner Kathleen Smith Mary Van Camp Fern Edwards Florence Guilford Maxine Ross WW, ming, Founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 1885 Beta Chapter-Established 1887 Number of national chapters-62 Publication-"The Lyre" Flower-Scarlet Carnation Colors-Scarlet and olive green t CHAPTER OFFICERS Marie Kuhn ..... ..................... ...... P r esident Carol Harqer ...... . . .Vice-president Marjorie Blaisdeii . .. .... Secretary Miilicent Murdoch . . . ..... Treasurer One Hunired and One Scheu, McDonald, Whitehouse, Wyman, Baumgartner, Graham, Kellogg White, Trucks, Darkwood, Wirts, Stewart, Hantz, Campbell, Baumqarth, Hendien Bohn, Watson, Manning, Fowler, Daniel, Jordan, Ludwig, Fisch Beamorn, Budge, Crandall, Mildrcn, Alliascn, Rees, Couchman, McCcxul, Lennouu Laurotta Alliason Helen Bcarnan Betty Budgo Martha Bohn loan Fowler Emily Ash Kathryn Fisch lean Baumqartner Billie Darkwood Mildred Dewire Shirley Baurnqarth lanet Campbell CHAPTER ROLL srsmons Barbara Couchrnan Hilda Crandall Virginia Daniel Isabel Iordon IUNIORS Betty Mcllvonna SOPHOMORES Betty Hantz Mary Kellogg Harriet Ludwig FRESHMEN Barbara Graham Margaret Heridren Ieanette Scheu PLEDGES lanet McD3nal:l N,,.,nnuv Mun 3 ALPHA Xl DELTA Om' Ilmzdrnl and Tw' '14 'zu I aww 'Q lil I as -' - . ,. 1 5 : 0 " - u ' ' ., V 'A n. X N 1 A' at , lietty Lerznartz limo lVlcCarrl ldlizalacth Haus Lucy Mi lnlr un Mable Watson Faith Mdlllllllq Beth Trucks Ioan Stewart Daisy Vfhite Mary Wirts Ioyce Whitehouse Marietta Wyman f fffzum? it ,a -gl Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, 1893 Phi Chapter-Established 1915 Number of national chapters-57 Publication-"Alpha Xi Delta" Flower-Pink rose Colors-Double blue and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS Lauretta Alliason ....................... ........ P resident Betty Budqe .... . .... Vice-president Betty Rees ..... ...... S ecretary Hilda Crandall .... . . . . .Treasurer One Hundred and Threr Hughes, Green, Northrup, McKule, Kaiser, Hersey Hcxring, Shellig, Tillstrom, Flaniqan, Douville, Beebe, McMullen, Henderson Butz, Kitsmun, Castle, Mcliiddie, Blanchard, Gloor, Appel, Iohnson, Lawrence Frye, Van Gordon, Abbott, Ellerby, Gcxrred, McKee, Athcx, Muhlitner, Patterson, Whitelcxm Olsen, Lancaster, Bush, Herbst, Brown, Baldwin, Treadwell, Henny, Scannell Mary Margaret Baldwin Ruth Brown Betty Bush Elizabeth Abbott Georgia Atha lean Ellerby Shirley Frye Ruth Appel Margaret Carred Gloria Gloor Marian Castle Barbara Beelie Evelyn Blair Bctty Blanchard Betty Douville TH Zxrt llIlL'I'A GAMMA A Our Illmdrvrl and Four CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Frances Henny Betty l-lerbst Laura Lancaster IUNIORS Donna lean llaring Margaret McKee Kay Mcliale SOPHOMORES Cornelia Green Elizabeth Henderson Shirley Hersey FRESHMEN Patricia Hughes Kathryn Kitsrnan PLEDGES Marire-an Ebcrts Doris Flanigan Ernogene Kaiser Bcity Ann McDuff Virginia Olson Eileen Scannell Marjorie Treadwell Ianot Muhlitner Kathryn Patterson Harriett Ratz Patricia Van Gorden Clayone lohnson Margaret Lawrence Elizabeth Whitelani 'Lois Northrup Blaine Mcliiddie lean McMullen Betty Schellig leanne Tillstrorn Founded at Warren Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 Zeta Chapter-Established 1883 Number of national chapters-50 Publication-"Anchora" Flower-Cream rose Colors-Bronze, pink, and blue CHAPTER OFFICERS Ruth Brown .............................. ....... P resident Mary Margaret Baldwin .... .... V ice-president Betty Herbst ............. ...... S ecretary Betty Bush ............ ..... Treasurer One Hundred and Five Miller, Krehl, Thompson, Westermun, Farmer, Whitley, H. Williams Harroun, Neil, Lucas, Plate, Hitchcock, Jackson, A. Compton, Stegemun, Schaeiier Highy. I. Smith, Barker, Swegles, Stukel, Chandler, Bcttenhouse, S. Williams Sieberl, Corwin, Runp, Hill, M. Smith, Dietrich, H. Compton, Ingram, Upton Phyllis Barker Marqaret Chandler Margaret Corwin Holon Compton Kathi yu Dietrich Esthor Batteriliouso Patricia Hiqhhy Maiqarot Ingram Alice Compton Betty Farmer Dorothy Hitchcock Elizabeth Lucas lane Miller N. KAPPA DELTA Om' Ilzrlzzlfwl Illlfl S11 CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Virginia Siebert Margaret Smith Gretchen Stakol IUNIORS Doris Harrouri SOPHOMORES Marian Krohl Mildred Plato FRESHMEN loan laclcsori PLEDGES Do'othy Neil Louise Roth Ellen lane Swegles Ruth Upton Seva Vililliams Margaret Hill Lorono Rupp Forostirio Shaofier lane Smith Holori Williams lean Stoqoman Dorothy Whitley Dorothy Stuart Barbara Thompson Eleanor Westerman Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, l897 Sigma Phi Chaptereelifstablished l923 Number ot national chapters-68 Publication-"The Angeles" Flower-White rose ColorseOlive green and white CHAPTER OFFICERS Margaret Smith ......................... ........ P resident Helen Compton .... ..... V ice-president Margaret Hill .... . ..... Secretary Kathryn Dietrich .... . . . . . .Treasurer Om' Ilunzlrcd and 5611111 Dcxvisson, Peterson, Bartz, Reader, Butlin Palmiter, Frye, Tuchtenhaqen. Raymond. Ironside, Burger, Figy, Henry Breen, Nickerson, Cczukin, Dclmcxn, Guy, Burgess, Palmer Anderson, Tcrpert. Lemon, Richards, Rowe, Hiller, Ransom, Strohmer Hebinger, Mack, Brewer, Copeland, Meinke, Ferguson, Rowe, Baisch. Wittenberg Eileen Baiseh Genevieve Copeland lane Anderson Hazel Caukiri Corrine Dalrnan Evelyn Ferguson Helen Palmer Shirley Bartz Martha Breen lane Burger Genevieve Burgess CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS loan Brewer lris Meinke IUNIORS Barbara Hebinger Marjorie Mack SOPHOMORES Maxine Hiller Marcia lrensides lune Lemon Veronica .Ransom Leis Richards FRESHMEN PLEDGES Ann Burton lay Davisson Virginia Figy Betty Frye Virginia Guy -f '-lf: sm ., if ll'l'A 'l'A ALPHA 52 One Hundred and Eight Norma Rowe Helen Wittenberg Martha Rowe Betty Strohrner Lois Tapert - leanice Tuchtenhagen lune Peterson Iflaida Henry lune Nickerson Marilyn Palmiter Doris Raymond Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, l898 Beta Tau Chapter-Established l929 Number of national chapterse63 Publication--"Tl'1ernis" lf'lowerAWhiie violet Colors---Turquoise blue and steel gray CHAPTER OFFICERS Iris Meinke ............................ ........ P resident Genevieve Copeland . .. .... Vice-president Norma Rowe ......... ....... S ecretary Evelyn Ferguson .... ...,. T reasurer One Hundred and Nine Stark, Kruuth, Hazen, Turnblom, Bell, Berlin, Cooper, Smith. Schnackenherg Chickerinq, Pender, Carrier, Anderson, Harrison, Dow. Rutledge, Porter Luros, Simons, Hanna, Gmeiner, LeVett, Stanaback, Schmidt, Bcxribectu, Cochran Boe. Hamel, Iohnson, Fryfoqle, Lindow, Neilson, Decker, Watt, Cole Stoppert, Read, Pike, Andrews, Wright, Montgomery, Miller, Nill, Michael Dale Andrews Elwood Lindow Gerald Michael lames Fryfoqle Arnold Boo llenry Cooper Charles Baribeau Donald Chickerinq Cha'les Cochran William Bell Hob Bois Murry Brown l-'rank Carrier limi Ferqnson CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Iohn Miller Raoul Montgomery lack Nill IUNIORS Herbert Hamel Howard Neilson SOPHOMORES Ralph Grneiner llichard lohnson FRESHMEN Gordon Dow Forrest Hanna Ted Luros Robert Schmidt PLEDGES Glen Hamel Robert Hart Hoy Hazen Dick Iackson ALPHA tl ummm UH1'IIIH'll1l'f'I1fl7llfTP7Z Edward Pike lames Read Iames Wright Gordon Watt Harry Levett Howard Krauth Bud Schnackenloerg Howard Simons Kenneth Turnblom Fred Lewis Tyndale Rutledqe Romulus Romani Max Smith Charles Stanahack Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, l865 Beta Omicron Chapter-Established 1889 Number of national chapters-94 Publication--"The Palm" Flowerfwhite tea rose Colors--Sky blue and old gold Iames Read ..... Gerald Michael . . . CHAPTER OFFICERS Gordon Watt ....... Raoul Montgomery . . . . . . .President . . . .Vice-president . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer OMF Ilundrrd and Eleven Feighner, Fitch. Sankey, Mitchell, Brieden, Hagan. Dyer, Schoultz Dean, Lancaster, Rourk, Keislinq, MacLcme, Stoiier, Hagen, Powers Lombard, Robosson, Cameron, Matheson. Stahl, Gass, Munson, Cowan White, Schelliq. Roberts, Jones, Sleight, Eslinq, Frazier, Elliott, Glassiord lack Elliott William Gass lack Glassford Georqe Cameron Robert Eslinq Grant Cowan George Lane Herhert Lombard Edwin Dyer Donald Brieden Robert Dean Tom Hagen 'William Houghton CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Theodore Meister Thurston Roberts IUNIORS Horner Frazier Ralph lones Rohort Kieslinq SOPHOMORES lames Mitchell l-luqh Munson FRESHMEN Bruce Feiqhner PLEDGES lack Lancaster Alvin McCandles Ben Meister Donald Powers Robert Schelliq Dallas Stall Gordon White Harrison Roark Norman Sleiqht VV'ard Rohosson 'William Stoffer Robert Tenny Richard Pitch Charles Quintal Bruce Raqan Arthur Sankey Marvin Schoult7 llarold Prosser DELTA SIGMA PHI Um, Iluuflrwri mul Tzz'e'I7'f' Founded at College of the City of New York, l899 Alpha Tau Chapter-Established 1917 Number of national chapters-41 Publication-"The Carnation" Flowers-White Carnation Colors-Nile qreen and white CHAPTER OFFICERS Norman Sleiqht ................,....... ....... P resident Thurston Roberts . .. .... Vice-president Robert Eslinq . . . ..... Secretary Ralph lones .. . ..... Treasurer One Hundred and Thirteen Nicholls, Duhur, Himmelherger, Engstrom, Scott, Cate, Ellis Hall, Gibbs, Fischer, Cooper, Adams, Rosenberg, White Schcxdt, Morriss, Mills, Hudson, Siler. Reichle, McGarry, Abrahamson Henderson, Vanson, Brake, Strickler, Beers, Stevens, McNair French, Vcxnn, Saxton, Krueger, Ruthven, Butler, Ashmun, Bemer Elmer R. Beers Dale Butler L. Heber Ashmun Robert Bemer Iames Henderson Frederick Adams Charles Dubar Howard Ellis Lawrence Cate losef Hall Vtfilliam Himmelherger CHAPTER ROLL ssmons Philip French IUNIORS Frederick Krueger Bryant W. Ruthven Robert Saxton Ewald Schadt SOPHOMORES Pete Butterfield FRESHMEN Leonard Engstrom Ralph Fischer PLEDGES Robert Hudson Iames Lewis Albert Nicholls Edward Pengelly umm mu DELTA Om' Ilinnlrfrl :tml F0lII'l'I'f'Il Iohn McNair Gilbert Stevens Marshall Strickler Marvin Vann Ted Vanson George Morriss Daniel Siler Kay White Louis Reichle Neil Rosenberg Robert Scott Founded at Bethany College, Bethany, Virginia, 1859 Epsilon Chapter-Established 1876 Number of national chapters-76 Publication-"The Rainbow" Flower-Pansy Colors-Purple and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS Bryant Ruthven .................................. President Frederick Krueger .. . . .... Vice-president Robert Berner ...... ........ S ecretary Dale Butler . . . . . . .Treasurer One Hundred and Fifteen Bcxrnes, Deale, Whipple, Flcxhaven, Talbot, Peterson Thurston, Lewin, Zeis, McPhi11ips, Drinkwqter Churchill, Bushong, Pitsch, Surlcrnd, Danville, Krauth Copeland, Elliott, Salisbury, Stanford, Robison, Card Ill K LIIIIGE Alonzo Stanford Donald Copeland Richard Pitsch .. Charles Elliott .. Stewart L. Card Donald W. Copeland Frank Bushonq Hugh C, Deale Ralph D, Churchill Carlos R. Danville William l. Drinkwater Thomas Flahaven CHAPTER OFFICERS CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Martin Srnilansky IUNIORS SOPHOMORES lohn F. Krauth Willard S, McPhillips Ralph Peterson FRESHMEN Edwin C. Lewin Richard E. Pitsch Andrew Sunyar Smilansky . . . . . . . .President . . . .Vice-president . . . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer A, G. Stanford Charles R. Elliott George C. Whipple Richard G. Zeis Charles C. Surland Royal A. Swem john H. Talbot Donald C. Wliipplo Om' IIIHZKZVVI!IlII1fSf.t'f!'I'lI G00llIllCH CL ll M. Meeks, Shoemacher, V. Meeks, Dibden Gamble, Meier, Hunsberqer, Ross, Allis, Bubinqton, Buys Elliott, Burns. Wiley, Senior, Doten. Bleecker, Bogue, Ienne McClintock, Perkins, McCoy, Belz, Dallas, Aris, Palmer, Dewey Holden, Fennimore, Becker, James, Ienkin, Krall, Strange. Jewett, Diehl Wendell lenkin . Walter lames . . . Howard Krall . .. Reginald Becker Reginald Becker Roscoe Betz Meredith Dallas Gloyd Allis W'illiam Aris Neil Babinqton William Burns Harrie Bleeeker losepli Eoque William Buys Char les Elliott Thomas Gamble CHAPTER OFFICERS CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS George Dewey Harold Diehl Keith Fennimore Robert Holden IUNIORS Glenn Hunsberger Walter lames Howard Krall SOPHOMORES George Coffey Arthur Dibclen Donn Doten FRESHMEN Frank lenne Robert McCoy . . . . . .President . . . V ice-president . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer Vl'endell lenkin lack lewett Carl Strange Kermit Meier Preston Palmer Iohn Ross Lloyd Srnith Merritt Meeks Marvin Perkins Laurence Wiley Vernon Meeks Sheldon Mills Om'Hzuuln1l4mrl S1 lf utun rv: :3S4?.'F m9,0Q"' amffn-B -4??'2 . ,4- ua 22.959 nigga E455 ... 5-sflmln -m,..,..:' gngr' E 'nm Qi'v-zz n-DVI' ng: D 'D'-x'.f'4 ... :LMS :gf"2B. giggw lI""n H ogmma Effie :D 559 QEEIQE o--Bro -33:20 sfP5'5' -Q0 gm ...Q 51253: F2559 :-'e'65S' 9'5:r: ?uu?"::' Billing? 'aT'n'g2o "' E! m-U"" .Going Qilmsh o'u -q '1'3g33 S'P:c.7e'. -1 :o P9515 ng-EN3. 95505 BLENEU' 'L E 3: '-m we E E 5 'u en 'u m c 'I 0 :r T. William Bailer Paul Battenhouse Ned Batties Manley Capron, Ir. Paul Carnell Sam Dickie Raymond Hansen Richard Ayling Paul Beebe Ted Bragg Floyd Clise lames Danforth Duane Abbott Montgomery Burch lack Moore Charles Poterrnan Robert Pinnoy Om Hzmdlcd and 1 iglzlvvn if 'fl CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Robert Ellerby lohn Field lack Goddard Richard Hyde William Raupagh IUNIORS Lowell Heinmiller Philip Sirrine SOPHOMORES Raymond Gies William Knapp Fred Kuechenmeister Russell Marsh Gary Rice B, Duffield Slaymaker FRESHMEN loseph Cartwright Robert Maynard Horace Palmer PLEDGES Howard Read William Rollins l A ' rv :..' 5' -.L Alda Rolph Fred Sebulske lames Severy Robert Watson lohn Wentworth Carl Stolberg Ralph Surrell Robert Webber Philip Wenzell Keith Whitehouse Herbert Woolson Harvey Zens Daniel Preston Howard Thomas loseph Wager Robert Wandoll Charles Woodison i .mu Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter--Established 1886 Number oi national chapters-96 Publication-"Magazine of Sigma Chi" Floweii-White rose Co1orseBlue and gold CHAPTER OFFICERS Ned Baiijes . . . .......... A ........... ......... P r esiderit Iames Severy .... Vice-president Paul Carrieli . . . ....... Secretary Richard Hyde . . . ..... Treasurer One Hundred and Ninelc'M1 Moore, Grcxy, Tinkler, Vanderlinde, White, Gregory R. Stewart, Frey, Scheele, Von der Heydt, Neither-cut, Sekerke. Smeltzer, Smith Perschbacher, Craig, Cook, Federico, Iohnson, Kuhn, Meinke, Acklcmd Nelles, M. Stewart, Fraser, Horger, Hunt, Tumcxrelli, Tomlinson, Yuill, Kinzinqer Donald L. Fraser Hazen Hunt A. Dicran Ackland Albert Federico Marshall Cook lack Craig Robert Kuhn Albert Meinlce Alan Moore larnes Furniss Robert Frey 'K 'A A A L, f., ' X l Om Hundrrd and l'zcvnLy CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Louis Kennedy Frank I. Kinzinqer, Ir Robert Nelson IUNIORS Morton Nelles Walter Perschbaclcer Richard Scheele SOPHOMORES lohn Neithercut Robert Sinionds William Smeltzer FRESHMEN PLEDGES William Gregory Iohn Henry loseph Hill Maitland Stewart Thomas Yuill Hayden Sniith Albert Tamarelli Richard Spielan 'Fred Tinkler Charles Vanderlinde Robert White Iames Von der Heydt loseph Sekerke Robert Stewart ,-N ,. rx y fizlf Founded at Virginia Military lnstitute, Lexington, Gamma Gamma Chapter-Established l895 Number of national chapterse96 Publication-"The Delta" Floweri-White rose Colors-Black, White, and gold Hazen Hunt .... Morton Nelles ....., Maitland Stewart Albert Tamarelli Virginia, l869 CHAPTER OFFICERS .......President . . . .Vice-president ...,...Secretary . . ..... Treasurer Om' Ilzmdred and Twfnty-um Trimble, Schall, Hunks, Telander, Garlinghouse, Troxell, Sibert Bunce, Cohoon, Perkins, Donald, Bristah, R. Hunter, Renwick, E. Ward Newman, Boies, Foster, Sommer, D. Hunter, Rininger, Fleming, Ford Brock, Geisler, Henning, Wittenberg, Mclllhaney, Crosby, Huyhoe, Murch Tapert, Andrews, Green, Prettymcm, Benedict, Robinson, Rugq, lend, Gilbert Donald Benedict Clement Gilbert William lend Thomas Andrews lames Bristah Edward Boies William Donald Thomas Brock lohn Crosby Leslie Fleming Richard Ford Thomas Poster Ross Bunce Dean Cohoon Vtfyman Campbell Robert Firestone lack Garlinqhouso CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Ordell McElhaney Charles Prettyman IUNIORS Russell Emiq Harger Green William Henning Donald Hunter SOPHOMORES Marvin Geisler Elroy Hanks Robert Hayhoe Donald Murch lohn Newman FRESHMEN Vtlilliam Gerhold Ralph Renwick Vllilliam Schall Charles Sibert lack Telander ii Kiwi iv no T O f lllllllll rl and Tuwzty-ircu Carl Robinson Charles Tapert Homer Wittenberg Robert Hunter Herbert McCoy Robert Ruqq lohn Sommer Edward Perkins Robert Peters Sheldon Putnam lack Rininqer Lynn Smith Maurice Trimble Robert Troxell Emmet Ward lohn Ward Robert Wilder Ira.:-l Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois, 1899 Orneqa Chapter-Established Ianuary 1, 1927 Number of national chapters-41 Publication-"The Teke" Flower-Red Carnation Colors-Cherry and gray CHAPTER OFFICERS Donald Benedict ...................... ....... P resident Carl Robinson .... William lend . .. Harqer Green . . . . . . .Vice-president . . . . . . .Secretary . .... Treasurer P ' f 5? A ' One Hundred and Twenty-three fs. 53 M A i 7 ' , ,. , 5 , A I 5 I L 5 I , O f Nix fit: gnf - , -f , "" , ,. .4 iff A 'Milk vii A ' W - ' ' , ' " ' ' L 1 E K k L 'Hi-frixrf iii: . - ' - . ' gang: , e VL, ,V V 7 b V H .:-: J- ,,,q, ,Mg ,KS A . . H , U -, 1 . ' ' A' HM?FR4ff2' H M ekfmzfffwviaya ,J wr gifs-lQ'r2,e'LeswgmnWw K' -4u,T" 'f" ' , W , m i x ,, " : wi " V - 1 V Wm, kxfdqitk Mfr rl N ., A 9,,,,,,.,5k ., ,W , 4 .,W.:.Q a M57 , 4 - "W"K'A V , V i .. K - A , , , - 7 "-' .. V f V WW, ' - . A w A V, ' . 47 '7.A I ' 4 , , .Mia ' y -5 1 ' f ' gf X pi! m f I I ., A.,, I if fr ., A f ag- L '51, L ' 93' fb 4' 4 M: 'W ,, J , ' ,, X 2 mgigw, , 1. -' W. , '52 A-f STOPPERT Mc ELHANEY ,ima ,. f:.,1z,gea 2 gf, E, 3 wr- 1 W 4 3 Q qle. Pink jqC0b5 Decm Hayhoe. Luxenbefq' PW 0 1 Dodds Sh 'ro . Wqii5, . . ' ni. fedenco' , Rendm Humek Zvomk. Roma - . uw z Simons- Krueger' snoppen' C00 ' , 5 Smnaback. Gffleggig, Hari, Lxndowhbenl MCElhcmeY. C, es 7-en ' n NIC - Hunt. G Eilegngpiglahl Me?I1k:gkI:e12:C2x1iuhun, Weiser, ' Sml G ' 1 n. Bunce' Do eCocxch Sliffunkle -41,1 I Um' Ilznzdrml un rf TtL'r'11f,v- vi.x v RSITY The Brito n in ecades this year, completing the season with five wins, a tie, and two losses. ln the opener a squad, riddled by graduation, financial set-backs, and accidents, defeated Hope 3-0, as Duane Callahan kicked the ball through the uprights. The next Friday saw the Spranklemen tie Alma, 6-6. Climax of the season came when over 300 students entrained for Kalamazoo on the first "Briton Special" to see the team snap Kazoo's championship reign, 7-6. That night Ordell McElhaney elevated Albion in the thick of the M.l.A.A. race with his touchdown. From the first of the season to the Homecoming battle with Hillsdale, Albion led the conference. A crowd of 2,500 jammed the bleachers hoping the Britons would win its first league crown in ten years. With a beautiful exhibition of defensive line work, Albion held Hillsdale scoreless in the first period. However the 'Dales, later to be the only undefeated team in the state, opened up, and the Britons never had a chance, only once having the ball over the mid-field stripe. W'hen the nightmare was over, the final score was 27-0. Thwarted by the 'Dales, three Briton elevens had a field day against Olivet winning, 33-0, and finishing second in the M.l.A.A. title race. ns had the best eleve ' d iiisttt FUUTBALL 1 Q t ' le def, Trlmb. house h n, Teldn I Gqrhnq Uduvoi. Dues' ciggg, Ralph' Mgigsmcnf Houqhlon - Dow, , . lr. DYQY' . Thu' 0 SunY""" -Hey Prosse1',dD13g::::pilnc:g2 xxgger. Moore. :ms 111210 ' k 1-ke, V ' Talxxlnichl, Hanna' se e Scores Albion .... . . U Kent State . . . . . . 17 Albion .... . . 3 Hope .... . . . O Albion .... . . 6 Alma ..... . . . 6 Albion .... . . 7 Kalamazoo . . . . . . 6 Albion .... .... l 2 Adrian ...... . . . O Albion .... .... 2 5 Assumption ...... 0 Albion .... . . U Hillsdale . . . . . . 27 Albion .... . . . 33 Olivet .... . . . U Totals: Albion ........... 86 Opponents . . . . 56 M.I.A.A. Football Standings W. T. L. Pct. Hillsdale . . . . . 4 O O 1.060 Albion . . . . 2 l l .625 Kalamazoo . . . l l 2 .375 Alma . . . . . 1 l 2 .375 Hope .... . . U l 3 .l67 Albion placed two members on the All-M.l.A.A. first team, two on the second, and two received honorable mention. Bob Stoppert, guard, and Or- dell Mclillhaney, end, were elected to the first team. Steve Beban and Ray Gies were placed on the second squad, and Art Shapiro and Duane Callahan received honorable mention. Thirty-three members, the largest number in the history of Albion college, received football awards. Included were: Steve Beban, Fred Cook, Duane Callahan, George Dean, Carl Renda, William Dodds, Dave Luxenberg, Albert Federico, Bam- ford Ferguson, Raymond Gies, Ralph Gmeiner Herbert Hamel, Robert Hart, Hazen Hunt, Ted Meister, Martin Smilansky, Homer Frazier, Clem- ent Gilbert, lames lacobs, Albert Nicholls, Robert King, Fred Krueger, Don Nelson, Elwood Lindow, Harvey Zens, Ordell McElhaney, Walter Ptak, Romulus Romani, Arthur Shapiro, Richard Spielan, Robert Stoppert, Nathan Weiser, Emil Zvonik, Donn Doten. I Ordell Mcfllhaney, end, was awarded the first M.l.A.A. most valuable player award for his stellar Work on the gridiron. "Mac," a bear on defense and a powerful runner on end-around plays, is a man to whom a lot of credit should be given for Albion's fine showing last fall. Om' II1l1ZHl1'Pd1Il7f1 Twwzty-SPW11 FEDUNIAK Z li N!-XR WL-J! Onf fIIH1lfl'FdtH1IlT'li'I'Hfj' Volimef n. DT' ico. walso det ,. nn! . -. rank. Fe - 1 -. Hxlwv Albion got off to a flying start, setting a new conference record as they defeated Adrian, 76-4. Attempting to upset Kalamazoo in the paper city, the Britons fell to the Hornets, 34-3l. However, undaunted by the Hor- net's sting, the Albion five went on to win the next eight games, leading the league except for the first week. Came Feb. 24, the fatal day. Albion, who previously defeated the flying Dutchmen, 43-34, entrained for Holland. The game was fast, Albion leading all the first half except when Hope tied it up at the end: the second half saw the lead jockey back and forth, only to have Hope tie it up again at 39. Then the only overtime inthe conference season was played. The Britons immediately took the lead and made four points but Hope tallied seven to win 46-43, thereby sharing the association lead with Albion and Kalamazoo. Smarting from the defeat, Albion overwhelmed Adrian the following Monday, 87-34. Fred Cook set the record for individual scoring among Michigan intercollegiate scorers at 30, and Bill Feduniak ended the sea- son the conference scoring champ with 164 points, 25 ahead of his nearest rival. The three-way tie for the crown at the close of the season necessitated a novel round-robin play-off at Kalamazoo. Four hundred and ten Briton supporters went on the second "Briton Special", 500 Briton fans yelled wildly as Albion, paced by Steve Beban with l3 points, clipped the wings of the flying Dutchmen, 36-26: 500 Briton rooters' hearts were broken as the championship team was cheated out of victory by Lady Luck when Albion lost a last second score to Kalamazoo, 30-29. The play-off at the W.S.T.C. gym before 4,500 persons might have shown that Kalamazoo was the season's champs, but it proved that Albion was the best team. The Britons scored the most points and com- mitted less fouls in the evening. Behind close guarding by Dave Luxen- berg and Ordell McElhaney, the team played the best ball. We salute the uncrowned M.l.A.A. cage championsf -THE BBITONS! -fight nnlwlllnlw - i3,g31.W,.ww-v- B. BA KETBALL Those awarded letters in basketball included: Steve Beban, Dale Butler, Fred Cook, Marshall Cook, Bill Feduniak, Al Federico, Murray Goble, lim Iacobs, Bob King, Fred Krueger, Dave Luxen- berg, Ordell McElhaney, Romulus Romani, and Dallas Stall. Freshmen awards for basketball included: Bob Frey, loe Hill, Sheldon Mills, Alan Moore, Robert Moore, lohn Rapp, George Rapp, George Robuck, Bob Stewart, Maurice Trimble, and Iohn Ward. One person of the second place Albion college five got on the first all-M.l.A.A. basketball team, Bill Feduniak, league high scorer and Briton cen- ter. Fred Cook got on the second team as forward and Dave Luxenberg, Steve Beban, and Ordell Mc- Elhaney received honorable mention. Moore. gun..--. - Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion ..... . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Albion . . . Totals: Albion . .......... 719 Kalamazoo Albion .... Hope . . . Olivet . . . Hillsdale Alma . . . Adrian . . . . Scores C.S.T.C. .. Adrian . . . Manchester Toledo U. Kalamazoo Hillsdale . Olivet .... Alma .... Hope .... Kalamazoo Hillsdale . Olivet . . . Alma .... Hope .. Adrian . . . Hope Kalamazoo Opponents M.I.A.A. Basketball Standings W. l2 ll lO 5 4 One' Hundred and Twenty 3 U 1 44 4 53 35 34 25 15 25 34 34 35 34 24 46 34 26 30 532 Pct. .857 .785 .714 .417 .333 .250 .000 -nine MMM, BURNS FERHIS FRAZIER SCHNEIDER , , Welsh. schdd' - Cook, PeterslmfCsg5,13,ellluI:f::qeI Bcb?nqmgxlirEs.r5??:c.:S9! - L-nm Federico.I-'afffffiumbrerff Eff:::m.tBebqn,Weiser. Flemmq. K I 4111"-"" .. I Ill' One Hnmlrpd and Thirty After three years of superiority by Kalamazoo and three years of in- feriority by Albion in M.l.A.A. indoor track, the tables were turned this year as the Britons scored 61 V3 points to 48 by the Hornets to take the indoor track crown. The Britons started out slowly, losing to M.S.N.C., 7256 to l7V2. The bright spot of the meet however was the low hurdles when Albion made a slam, taking the first three places. Gaining momentum, the Spranklemen tripped Bowling Green, 59V2 to 44 Vz, when Henry Barnes, Stuart Card, and Dick Spielan broke three track records there. At the meet the Britons took eight firsts in the eleven events. At the Michigan State college track carnival at East Lansing, two relay teams representing Albion turned in victories. The mile team defeated Wayne, while the half mile runners whipped Kalamazoo. Climax of the season came when .Albion ended the long reign of Kazoo over M.l.A.A. indoor track. Albion took six out of a possible l2 firsts, scoring at least three points in every event of the meet. Captain Bob Schneider led Briton scoring with 16 points, getting first in the 40- yd. high hurdles and high jump. Cooper set a new M.l.A.A. indoor record in the 440. Spielan tied the conference record in low hurdles. Burns got first in 40-yd. dash as did Card in the pole vault. ms NW . Cook spgqnkle f , Slnelun' 1 dqe, Mr' mon Paul' Auenfieglcffnlg B'-'que' But e - AW' ' Babinqlon' henC9' Elm' . Wi1eY' Zcxtolokin. Lev5:gwPi4:31igeZ:g:, Kuhn. Brctqq Pelersonfleminq. Harb ' Bm-nes, Four Wins and two second places was the record hung up by the 1938 Albion college thinclads as they finished the outdoor season. Albion tracksters came Within seven points of ending Kalamazoo's long regime in M.l.A.A. field day competi- tion last Iune when it scored 59 points to the Hornets 66. Midway through the rain drenched day, the Britons led by 8 points but couldn't hold the margin. Bob Schneider failed by M1 point to annex individual scoring honors, making 19. Albion got three first, six second, and four third places. In the dual meet season, the Britons defeated Adrian, lO7-195 C.S.T.C., 67-64: Alma and Olivet, 78 V2-45V2-385 lost to Grand Rapids IC., 75-52: and ended the season Whipping Hillsdale 88-34. A Win over Kalamazoo, 60 V2-56Vz, started the freshmen thinclads off in their 1938 competition. This keynoted a very successful season for the yearling squad, defeating M.S.N.C. and Hillsdale and incurring one loss at the hands of Michigan State. For the second straight year, the frosh tracksters ended the season at the top of the list in the M.l.A.A., tying with K Spielan annexed three firsts to l ' alamazoo at 64. Dick ead Briton scoring. Om' If'IH'll1lI't'fl and thirty-n11r 37252 . ll Pl.--ilu! GULF 'Inf' IIIIIIIIITII and Tlzirivv 1 D, Spencer s Alsip. Beers, fwfoqle Neue Scores Albion ... .... ZV2 Kazoo ... ....QW Albion . . . .... 5 Hillsdale . . . . . . .7 Albion BQ Hope . .. UQ Albion 5V2 Kazoo . . GV2 Albion Olivet .. Albion Hope . .. . . . .lO With but one veteran on the squad, Dr. R. G. Spencer tound the task ot developing a winning golt team for 1938 a more than Herculean taskgand was forced to accept the record of one tie and tive losses tor the season. However, the letter-men, which included Ed Alsip, lim Frytogle, Morton Nelles, and Elmer Beers, went to the M.I.A.A. field day and tollowed through for a third. A lot depends on the golf team this year, for their ranking will determine whether or not Albion will capture the hotly contested all-sports trophy newly instituted in the M.l.A.A. list of awards. -f'Zi'0 D, voixmer. C TENNI es r Albion ...6 Olivet .. ....I Albion 7 Alma U Albion 4 Hope 3 Albion . . . ..... 6 Olivet . . . . .l Albion ... ..... O Kazoo .. . . .7 Albion .... U Kazoo 7 Albion 4 Hope 'J .... ...U With a host of veterans back for the l938 edition of the tennis team Coach E. F. Voltmer found it possible to ease into the season with reasonable ho e p s for the trophy. The Britons, led by Ned Carr and Dale Butler, defeated Olivet in the opener. They followed with three mor mighty Kalamazoo squad, dropping both matches On the day of judqment th . e sports writers were able to pound out five victories and two losses for the Britons, which were Worth a second in the final M.l.A.A. standings. e Wins, only to stumble before the Expectations are even higher this year with the three veterans, Don Nelson, Chuck Prettyman, and Captain Dale Butl h top honors. er, on t e court making a stronq bid for Lettermen for l938 Were: Ha den S 'th D N tyman, and Dale Butler. y mi , on elson, Ned Carr, Charles Pret- One Hundred and 7'hirty-tlzwe lson. un' Butler, Prelhlmun' Ne Smith It 1:-odds' -Wg, Q n, Den ' 1?1?cFx0u5' Kg: Nellesf we-1 cubed' Sm Hazen G. Hunt Albert Federico . . . Frederick Krueger Dr. E, F, Voltmer Steve Beban William Burns Dale Butler Thomas D. Callahan Fred Cook Meredith Dallas George Dean William Dodds Dorm Doten Albert Federico William Fedunialc Horner Frazier Raymond Gies Clement Gilbert Spielun. -if Cook. D"'ige,, BqUe"!Xgg1haneY'D"" feduniu ' 1 Dr. V01 3,1 Siatlecggegixl Krueger qnSkY' OFFICERS MEMBERS Ralph Gmeiner Robert Hart Robert Holden Hazen Hunt Iames Iacobs Robert King Howard Krall Frederick Krueger Edward Lindow David Luxenberg Ordell McElhaney Theodore Meister Morton Nelles Don Nelson Albert Nicholls ico . Yede' ' . . . . . . . . .President . . . . . . . .Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer ..........Advisor Walter Ptak Carl Renda Romulus Romani Gerald Salisbury Robert Schneider Arthur Shapiro Martin Smilansky Hayden Smith Richard Spielan Dallas Stall Robert Stoppert Nathan Vtleiser Harvey Zens Emil Zvonil: Wi W 7 A TE: ' .H 'vm ci' DQ, .ala y "M"WmfW4'f..o ,M Ng l .. V Ml 3' , -BW, Lgm V A, m ww mx f K' 'Q 5 .5 ,x mix 1 fi' !n Q if 'Mi-921. 4. ?5sAi?91 0 Y ww. Y fl ,iyyn , r. x gm-.1 W Mmm I ,.ki WUMEN' ATHLETIC ASSUUIATIU d Coifewn , foam" . Melnke' Cdukln' :K r. be C boon. 1et2:,2uf?:q!Gm, Sxe o tl ' u Buumquizxtfkdrqer, A x P0we Qner. wln Newco OFFICERS Virginia Siebert .... . . ............. ....... P resident Genevieve Copeland . Margaret Starks .... . . . . .Vice-president Betty Budge .... . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer The purpose ot the W.A..A. is to foster good sportsmanship, to promote various activities, and to create a love ot sports among its members. Three outstanding awards have been given this year. Dorothy Heim- burger was the second girl to be awarded the Bonnie Myslicki Scholar- ship founded last year. This is awardeo to a member of the association, who, by outstanding interest and active participation, shows superior leadership in campus lite. Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority wo h Cup for the seaso n t e Intramural n of 1937-38. The third award is for th senior. e outstanding This ' year for the first time, the W.A.A. is sponsoring a Camp Coun- selor's Training Course for those girls interested in obtaining summer positions as Counselors. The n ' ew pool, dedicated at Alb' ion this year. has proved very popular among the girls. One Hundrffd and Thirty-Jia fs mr m a 9 if . Y, . , ,V gmt .. , . .- . F5 Q ' i 32? 8 4 an x 55 55159, , fs'1..f?. W L' A Q W g Q, 1 3 .,,,. . . + ip 14 if " Six may ,,.. J H .vb M wb 5 I fri K. L ' ,ff ,,,,- ,QM '25 M, W1 MM- s4.W,aw..f K . 'nv ia. qw-.,,, I " 105. is Vi. ' Ain! in L41 'I ., , .xt ' W V.. W, , 4193 . 735 ,xr Q' Q 1' X K, 3. vm " '- '-' Q 'f ' wi 'Cf 3 P f ' -. f ,V - B Q 'nu . -"she 1 "ps3.3't lf'-Y 79 s K " ' t iff" F. Q if ' ' W, 'AFL ., " K- ,--,mfg vp! , -gi v 5 ,AQ 1 - -. , - 4 X .X Au Ik -- pa' . i . , - ff .4 Y if Q .vu .. - . fp V uv All I A Aki I' ugly-sw , it A E l .. vi Q , f L w 'W ' Q, .M A KV ' V- . - wg " My f f A " if Pr' v ' -'gf , ' Q- ,-,fp-my-in f?v"f ' K1 3: -, ,ff-.1 Z. 'Q- . ' '.f.fga:x4J,1.q F N. T' yr: "Y gf o ' ,, ,, Q' ' uf I lf: A 't"3".' 'Vp 1 Q . X T X Q? A g' Mi- " Qi- ,: . V 'V' rw: .I , ,V 4. I-..,i:'Vx, - Q. . A' X- 'V . aa., ,I :lx 1 A y a.a5 ?. Q . , ,k.i,-L 3.4 anti an p, Q.. 1 ' xl asf V, 1 Lb af ,. ' ' .Y-X ' v-"'4'i-We. mx. " 1. df: 'ff' ., .gin w ,J , 1- - , . , is 1 iy iii W :eg V lgkrf AA i iii' ' k . l. ?,, .1g..'L: , I ,,.f -X- v, f 4 .- 5, , ' .H , , fgggihtf. 'A ' 345 ,T 1 " ggw, , Q . xsfk fl In 15354 J. if - A "if" 7 ' 1" " '1 ' , 1 - . 4 . A Q V 5, 94 M .-.Mal 56,3- ylsa " ' , ' ".. '--5-Y' -'rg 'C ' V ' W' X '5 .3 I an W 4 ' l v ,- . w A . vw 5' Q, ,:ff- ' gd ,, , . 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' ww w' any M My 'i'Li'f2f2SS-fiiiinfig iiiht . ' fs , 'V x 5 , ' ' . -Q ,Z .. M 3 QV ' 1 ' A l s h . 3 six . 4 " , My A Lk 3 3152? ' 534 V 4 , 4 f' X S , 7 - ,, ,,. , " 1 - 4+ - A ' 35 1 MM, . y fc svn W Adams, Marian . . . Battenhouse, H. M. . Buck, Vera H. . . . Carter, T. M. ...... . Champ, Beulah .... Chickering, A. M. .. Cochran, F. Morris . . Crosby, Ann ....... Dunn, lo ....... Engle, Dorothy G. .. Field, Nellie ....... Fuller, Harold Q. .. . Giltner, Grace ..... Goodrich, F. S. .... . Alllll I 'I'ItA'lllllN INDEX 12 35 ............34,52 12,20,21,23,30,37 5,12 11 12,27 12 12, 29, 30 12 12,49 12,44 Gray, Marian ..... 28, 30, 35, 54, 55, 98 13,41 Hance, K. G. ...... 13,20,21,23, 37,39 Hall, R. G. ....... . Hance, Mrs. K. G.. . . A Abbott, Duane C. .. . Abbott, Elizabeth . . . Abraham, Elaine B. . Abrahamson, Warren Ackland, A. Dicran . Ackley, Helen ..... Adams, Frederick M. Adamy, Winona C. . Allen, Bernice B. .. . Allen, Frederick G. . Alliason, Lauertta .. Allis, Gloyd ....... Amsler, Merrill ..... Anderson, Budd .... Anderson, lane .... Andrews, Dale ..... Andrews, Thomas .. Appel, Ruth ....... Appelman, George , Aris, William ...... Ash, Emily ...... Ashmun, Heber ,. Atha, Georgia .... Aughton, Henry I, ,, Ayling, Richard C. . G. .. 13,47 92,118 39, 52, 87,104 92,114 36,120 87 114 92 45, 56, 57, 87 ..... 46,131 54, 60, 98, 136 .. 43, 74, 117 92 87,110 28,55,87,108 .. 46,60,110 l9,38,74,l22 .. 25,87,104 ......... 60 .. 40,74,117 ......... 87 . 87,114 , 130 28, 47, 55, 74 87,131 118 Babington, Neil ... 43, 74, 117,130,131 Bailer, William ............ 40, 60, 118 Baillie, Betty .... . . 92,100 Baisch, Eileen . . . .... 25, 44, 60, 108 Baldin, Iohn . ..... . 87,120 Baldwin, Mary Margaret 20, 23, 22, 32, 37, 35, 39, 47, 74,104 Baldwin, Willis ..... One Hundred and Forty Harger, S. Lester . Harrington, Don .. Harrison, S. I. . . . . Harrop, Arthur H. . Harton, W. C. . . . . Hendrickson, H. O. 13 13 13,28,31 13,34 19, 37, 41, 50, 51, 53,13 Ingalls, E. E. . . .. 1rwin,loseph I. . Ludy, Pearl .... McCune, lulia .... Marshall, I. S. . . . . Miller, E. T. . . Pahl, Marvin ..... 13,46 .....l3,l9,24,50,51 13,44 14,35 14 14 14,37 Peters, Clarence A. 14, 20, 21, 23, 37, 38 Peters, Conway .. Prescott, G. W. . . . Randall, D. L. .. Rogers, Lotta . . . 14, 27 14,29,36 14,27 'lllllll 'I' I DEX Bleeker, Harrie . 2 Ballard, Robert .. . Bank, Herbert .... Baribeau, Charles A. Barker, Florence .. Barker, Phyllis . . . Barnes, Henry .... Bartz, Shirley .... Bates, Maryhelen . Battenhouse, Esther Battenhouse, Paul Battjes, Ned ..... Baumgarth, Shirley Baumgartner, Beryl Baumgartner, Iean Beaman, Helen . . . Beban, Steve ..... Becker, Reginald . Bedford, lanet .... Beebe, Barbara . . Beebe, Paul ..... Beers, Elmer ..... Bell, William T. .. Bemer, Robert .... Benedict, Don . 28 Benjamin, Robert . Bennert, Milton . . . Berlin, Roger .... Berryman, Bonnie Betz, Lorna ...... Betz, Roscoe .... Biastock, Helen . . . Blair, Evelyn ..... Blaisdell, Marjorie Blake, Barbara . . . Blakeslee, Helen . Blanchard, Betty . . 1 14 6,87,117, 130,131 ............ 87 . .... 87 110 ........... 87 ..... 25,60,l04 87,1l6,130,l31 ..... 43,92,l08 ..... 32,92,l00 ..... 25,87,105 41,48,51,60,118 ..... 60,99,118 92,112 39, 46, 49, 60, 136 92,102 .. 25, 98, 60,102 128, 126, 130, 134 .. 38, 61, 31,117 92,100 92,104 87,118 61,114,132 87 74,114 37, 38, 6l,99, 122 34,92 74,92 92,110 87,100 57 ...46,49,61,117 32,47,92 92 35,61,100 46, 57, 87 39,92,100 92,104 Rood, C. E. ..... . . Rossbach, Elinor Rowland, L. U. .. . . Seaton, Iohn L. . . . . 14,36 .. l4,42,43 14 10,37 Sleight, E. R. .................. 15, 46 Spencer, R. G. ........ . Sprankle, Dale Taylor, Christine Terpenning, W. A. . . Thomas, Ruth ..... VanDyke, Ella ...... l5,37,49, 132 R. 15, 126, 129, 130, 131 15 15,40 15 15,25 Vernor, Dudleigh ................. 15 Voltmer, E. F. ....... . l5,128, 133,134 Vosbu'gh, Theodore ........... 15, 32 Vosburgh, Mrs. Theodore .......... 47 Weiss, Mrs. Ruth ......... ..... 1 5 Whitehouse, William W. ....... 11, '37 Wilcox, W. W. ......... . . . 15 Wolfe, Mrs. Fay . . . Boe, Arnold ..... Bogue, Ioseph .... . . Bohn, Martha ........ Boies, Edward ........ Bornor, Marian ....... Bouck, Iune . . .. Bower, Sue .. Bowman, Vera ...... Bradford, Geraldine . . . Bragg, Ted ........ Brake, Valentine .... Braley, Orville .... Breen, Martha ..... . . Brehmer, Marjorie .... Brewer, Ardys Ioan . . Brieden, Don ......... Briggs, Alice ......... Bristah, Iames 27, 28, 31 Brock, Thomas ...... Brown, Ruth 30, 39, 41, 42, 48 Budge, Betty ..... 28 Bunce, Ross Burch, Ellen Burch, H. Montgomery Burger, lane ........ 54 87,110 32,117,131 52,711,102 22, 23, 35, 74, 122 92 92 .. 25,36,75,100 87 87 118,131 .. 87,114 92 92,108 92, 45 20, 22, 39, 61, 108 92, 112 47, 92 37, 38, 43, 75, 122 38,122 54, 53, 61, 98, 104 156, 54, 34, 61, 102 . . . . 38,122,126 .. 19, 35, 75, 100 92,118 .. .... 92,108 Burgess, Genevieve .......... 92, 108 Burman, Muriel ............... 44, 61 Burns, William .... 41, 75, 117, 130, 134 Burton, Ann .................. 42, 75 Bush, Betty .................. 61, 104 Bushoifng, Frank .... Butler, Dale ....... Butlin, Audrey .... Butterfield, Erwin .... Buys, William ..... 87,116 114,133,134 92,108 87 .. . 38,87,117 C Cairns, Corinne ..... Callahan, Robert ..... Callahan, Thomas D. .. Cameron, George ..... Campbell, Ianet ..... Campbell, Robert .... Campbell, Wyman . . . Capron, Manley ...... Card, Stuart .... . . . Carnell, Paul .... . Carrier, Frank ....... Carter, Mrs. Frances . . Carter, lean ......... Cartwright, Ioseph . . . Carly, R. Lee ...... Castle, Marian .. Cate, Lawrence ....... Caukin, Hazel ....... Chandler, Margery . . . Chickering, Donald Christopher, Victor . . . Chubb, Cecil C. lMrs.l Churchill, Ralph ...... Clark, Betty lane ..... Clase, Clise, Close, Clymer, H. Elizabeth . . Clymer, lane ........ Cochran, Charles .... Coffey, George Cohoon, Dean Cohoon, Mabel Cole, Iames ..... lane ....... . Floyd ........ Margaret ...... Cole, Mary .... ...... Compton, Alice Compton, Helen .. Cook, Fred ............. Cook, Marshall Cooper, Frank Cooper, Henry 36, 92,100 87,118,127 6l,l18,125,134 31,62,112 92,102 92 92 62,118 . 49, 62, 116, 130 .. 29, 48, 62, 118 92,110 . ...... 92 45 92,118 87 92,104 114 . 43,87,108,136 62,106 . .... 92,110 .. ........ 62 ......47,56,87 92,116 75 .. 32, 92, 57,100 118 . ...92 .. ........ 42 42,75 ... 92,110,127 .. 27,52,87,l31 ...... 92,122 ... 45,62,136 .... 92,110 ..... 32,92,100 ........ 92,106 19, 35. 51, 54, 75, 106 126,128,134 128,120,131,130 87,114 41, 87,110,130 Copeland, Donald ......... 40, 75, 116 Copeland, Helen Genevieve 28, 55, 75, 136, 108 Corbishley, Ann ........... 39, 57, 92 Cornish, Barbara ........ 42, 45, 52, 75 Corwin, Margaret .... 62,106 Couchman, Barbara .... .... 6 2, 102 Cowan, Edward ..... Craig, lack ...... Crandall, Hilda . . . . . . Crosby, Alice .... .. 36, 87, 112 43, 87,120 28, 55, 62, 102 75,87 Crosby, Iohn ............. 87, 130, 122 Curtis, Catherine .... 28, 55, 89, 32, 100 Cutler, Blye ..................... 63 D Dallas, Meredith 37, 20, 22, 35, 41, 63, 117, 134 Dalman, Corrine ....... 42, 52, 87, 103 Danforth, Iames 87,118 Daniel, Virginia 20, 23. 28, 55, 56, 63, 102 Danville, Carlos .............. 92, 116 Darkwood, Billie Betty ..... 92, 32, 102 Davis, Frances .......... 35, 43, 57, 76 Davisson, Ioy ....... .......... 1 08 Deale, Hugh . .. .. 32, 87,115 Dean, Betty ....... Dean, Robert ....... Dean, George E., lr.. .. Devries, Ruth Eleanor Dewey, Elizabeth .... Dewey, George W. .. Dewire, Mildred I. . . Dibden, Arthur I. . . . Dick, Iohn A. .... . Dickie, Samuel ..... Diehl, Harold W. Dietrich, Kathryn ..... Dixon, Henry ........ Dodds, William F. . . . . Donald, William C. .. Doten, Donn P. .. 25,42,63 92,112 87,126,134 .. 2l,35, 63,100 92 24, 35, 50, 63, 117 32,47,92 31,87,l17 87 76,99,118 63,117 .. 29, 44, 76, 106 92,127 87,126,128,134 28,31,34,76, 122 21, 28, 31, 38, 87, 117, 126, 134 Doten, Marian ....... Douville, Betty Iane ., Dow, Gordon W. .... . Drinkwater, William .. Dubuar, Charles .... Dunn, Paul ...... Dyer, Edwin F. . .. ,E Eberts, Marijean ...... Edwards, Elizabeth L. 21, 44, 56, 57, 87 87,104 93,110,127 116,127 93,114 46,87 112,127 .. .......... 93 19, 24, 42, 50, 56, 57,63 Edwards, Fern E. .......... 32, 93, 100 Ellerby, Alice I. . . . Ellerby, Robert O. .. Ellerby, Winifred .... Ellinger, Wayne W. . . Elliott, Charles A. .... . 32,755,104 49,63,l18 42,93 52,87 93,117 Elliott, Charles R. . 37, 38, 41, 53, 76, 116 Elliott, Iack C. ....... . Ellis, Howard ........ Elson, Ruth .......... Embler, Betty Lou Engstrom, Leonard .... Esling, lean ......... Esling, Robert H. Evans, Betty lean Ewing, Roberta ..... F Farmer, Betty ...... Farrow, Lucille .... Fausell, Barbara ..... Federico, Albert 19, 76, 120, Feduniak, William . . . Feighner, G. Bruce .. Fennimore, Keith .... Ferguson, Bamtord . .. Ferguson, Evelyn .... Ferrero, Fernanda .... Field, lohn 21,28, Figy, Virginia ....... Firestone, Robert . . . Fisch, Kathryn .... Fischer, Ralph .... Fitch, Richard ...... Flahaven, Thomas .... Flanigan, Doris ...... Fleming, Leslie ...... Foster, Frank R. . . . .. 63,112 32,93,1l4 42, 44, 56, 57,63 87 93,114 25,87 .. 46, 49,76,1l2 45,93 .. . 41, 45, 56,63 . .. 93,106 76 . ..,........ 76 126,128,l30,134 .... 88,128,134 ........ 92,112 32,43,48,64,117 ............ 77 ..... 44,88,108 ............ 64 40,41,48,64,ll8 ........ 93,108 ........ 93 39,88,102 114 32,112 .. 31,38,93,116 93,104 24, 30, 31, 88, 122 93 Mary Louise .. Phyllis ...... Thomas .... Fowler, D. lean ...... Fraser, Donald L. 1, 18, 19, 2 Frazier, Homer ....... French, Phillip Frey, Robert E. .. . Freye, Charlotte .... Foster, Foster, Foster, Fry, Lyle ........ Frye, Betty Ann .... Frye, Shirley lean .... Fryfogle, lames 27, 28, 38 Funk, Betty .......... Furnish, Isobel . . . . Furniss, Iames S. . . . . G Gamble, Thomas ..... Garlent, Iohn ........ Garlinghouse, A. lack . Garred, Margaret ..... Gass, William ........ Geisler, Marvin K. George, Joyce ....... Gerhold, William ..... Gibbs, Maurice ....... Gies, Raymond ....... Gilbert, Clement 25,51 Gildart, Charles ...... Ginther, Gorden ...... Glassford, lack . . . Gloor, Gloria ..... . Gmeiner, Ralph ...... Goble, Murray . Goddard, lack .. . Gold, Doris .......... Gould, William, lr. Graham, Barbara ..2l, Gray, Alan G. ....,. . Green, Cornelia ...... Green, 1-larger ...... Gregory, Emery ...... Gregory, Mrs. Lena E. Gregory, William R. .. Grossman, Robert . . . Guidot, Charles ...... Guilford, Florence lean Guy, Virginia ........ Guys, Anna R. ..... . H Hagen, Thomas ..... Haight, Margaret . .. Hall, Iosef ....... Hamel, Herbert . . . Hamilton, David .... 1-lanchett, Kathryn .... Hanks, Elroy ....... Hanna, Forrest ..... Hansen, Raymond . . . 1-lantz, Betty I. ...... . Harger, Carolyn 45,77,136 39,45,93 52,88,122 77,102 4,41,64,120,l30 ... 112,130,134 ....... 64,114 ... 120,127,129 ..... 64,100 ..... 64,130 93,108 .. 20, 35, 77, 104 ,77, 110, 126,132 32,93,100 ... 25, 44, 56, 64 129 93,117 77 ..2l,93,122,127 .. 44, 52, 88,104 64,99,112 .. 46, 49,88,l22 . ...... 45,77 93 114 88,118,126,134 ,64,122, 126,134 19, 20, 77 28,77 65,112 ..... 25,88,104 88,110,126,l34 ........ 65,128 ....... 77,118 ... 32,56,57,65 ............ 77 32,42,57,93,102 31,77 .. 20,42,88,104 40,4l,78,99,122 32,93 ..... ..65 . ...93,l20 93,127 88 57,93,100 21,93,108 93 93,112 .... 32,93 ....... 93,114 ... 78,110,126 ........... 88 .. 25,65,98,100 ....... 88,122 ... 93,110,127 ... 78,118 88,102 25,2S,52,53,55,78,100,136 1-laring, Donna ................ 78, 104 Harrison, David .............. 88, 110 One Hundred and Forty-one Harroun, Doris . . . ...... 52, 88, 106 Hart, Robert .... .... 8 8, 126, 131, 134 Hartrick, Ioan .... Hayhoe, Robert Hazen, Roy ........ Hebinger, Barbara .. Heimburger, Dorothy 78,100 122,126 93,110 44, 78, 108 28, 42, 53, 57, 65, 136 Heinrniller, Lowell . . Henderson, Elizabeth Henderson, lames .. Hendren, Margaret . . 78,118 52,88,l04 78,114 93,102 Henning, William ... 37, 38, 41, 78, 122 Henny, Frances .............. 65, 104 Henry. lack ...... Henry, Maida .... Hensick, Tess .... ............ Herbst, Betty ........ He'sey, Shirley .............. Higby, Patricia . . . Higgs, Virginia .... ltighstone, Warren .. Hill, loseph ....... Hill, Margaret ......... 127 93,108 28, 55 28, 51, 54, 65,104 88,104 42,88,106 57,93 19,88 93,127,129 79,106 Hiller, Maxine .,........... 56, 88, 108 Himmelberger, William 79,114 Hitchcock, Dorothy ..... .... 9 3, 106 Hoffman, Edgar ................... 88 Holden, Robert 21, 28, 31, 35, 43, 48, 65, 117, 134 Horger, Donald .................. 120 Hornung, Sarah 1. ....... 32, 45, 47, 79 Hotchkiss, Lee .... Houghton, Patricia . . . Houghton, William . . . Howard, Marguerite Hudson, Robert . . . Huether, Maxine . . . Hufton, Elaine .... Hughes, Patricia .... Hunsberger, Glenn Hunt, Hazen G. ..... . Hunter, Donald ...... Hunter, Robert D. Hyde, Richard ..... I Ingram, Margaret lane 93 79,100 93,112,127 ......... .93 93,114 35,79,l00 .. .. 44, 56, 57,65 93,104 ... 54, 79, 117 .. . 99,120,126 ... 49, 79,122 79,122 65,118 46, 47, 52, 88, 106, 136 lronside, Marcia .............. 88, 108 I lackson, lean ..... lacobs, lames . ......... . lames, Walter ....... 93,106 126, 128, 134 20, 32, 35, 79, 117 lend, William ............. 43, 65, 122 lenkin, Wendell 20, 23, 32, 46, 49, 53, 66, 117 lenne, Franklin .................. 117 lewett, lack ...... lohnson, Clayone . lohnson, Ray ...... lohnson, Richard . . . lones, Eleanor ..... lones, Margaret .... lones, Ralph ..... lordan, Isabel .... lunod, lack ........ 38, 4l,66, 117 ... 25, 42, 88, 104 .........l20 88,110 45 93 ...32,79,ll2 66,102 93,127 One Hundred and Forty-two K Kahler, David .................... 79 Kaiser, M. Emogene .......... 93, 104 Kellogg, Mary A. ..., 34, 39, 56, 88, 102 Kennedy, Helen I. .... . Kennedy, Louis Kepler, lanis .. . Kettell, Beatrice 36, 52, 88, 100 ......,.... ..66 93 52,93 Kiesling, Robert ........... 27, 79, 112 King, Robert ...... 88, Kinzinger, Frank 1. 126, 128,130,134 1, 18, 29, 20, 22, 23, 24, 41, 66, 99,120 Kitsban, Kathryn .............. 93, 104 Kittredge, lanet ............. 45, 56, 93 Knapp, William ....,.......... 88, 118 Krall, Howard L. 43, 41, 80, 117, 130, 134 Krauth, Howard ............... 88, 110 Krauth, lohn ... .... 46, 49, 88, 116 Krehl, Marion .... ......44,88, 106 Kretzschmar, lohn ....... . ........ 88 Krueger, Frederick 50, 80, 114, 126, 128, 130, 134 Kuechenmeister, Frederick ..... 88, 118 Kuhn, Marie ............ 25, 98, 80, 100 Kuhn, Robert ...... 50, 88, 120, 130, 131 Kurtz, Marian . . . . . . . . I. Lancaster, lohn . . . Lancaster, Laura .. Lane, George M. .. Laubach, Caryl ...... .22, 20, 45, 56, 88 ....93, 112 ....66,104 .....88, 112 ....19,88.100 Lawler, David .............. 46, 49, 80 Lawrence, E. Margaret Lemon, lune E. ..... . Lenhard, Nola 20,, 23, 30, Lennartz, Betty ....... Lethemon, lean Levett, Harry .. . Lewin, Edward . . . Lewis, Fred .. . Liebich, Rudy . . . Lightfoot, Ruth .. Lindley, Melvin ...... Lindow, Ed .... . . . Lines, Wilma ....... Lombard, Herbert . . . Longman, Ernest .. Longworth, Earl . . . Lucas, Elizabeth .. Ludwig, Harriet . .. Lumbert, Clifford ..... Luros, lohn .......... Luxenberg, David .... M MacDonald, lanet .... MacDouga1l, A. lack MacLeod, Harrison . . . McCau1, lane .....,. McClintock, Ivan .... McCoy, Herbert .. .....42,88,104 ......32,88,108 37, 39. 44, 48, 66 ........ 66,102 ............ 88 ....l10,l31 .......116 ... 93 ... 93 ............ 66 ..........46,88 .80,110,126,134 ..........47,66 ....32,88,112 ........ 94 ...,... 80 ....94,106 ....88,102 ............130 .....94,1l0,127 126, 128, 130, 134 ....42, 94, 102 80 94 ....67,l02 .........67,l17 ........46,49,80 McCoy, Robert ..... , . .38, 44, 117, 127 McDonald, Quentin McDougal, Betty .. McDuIf, Betty ..... McE1haney, Ordell ...39, 56, 88 67,122,126, 128,134 ............94,114 McGarry, Burton . . Mcllvenna, Elizabeth ..... . . 81 McKale, Mary ..... McKee, Margaret .. McKiddie, Elaine .. McMullen, lean . . . McNair, lohn ..... McPhil1ips, Willard McWethy, Eleanor . ,.........104 ....42,81,104 ......94,l04 ....81,l04 ....67,114 ....88,1l6 ........57,94 Mack, Marjorie . . . .... 44, 80, 108 Magers, Ann ..... ........... 8 8, 100 Manning, Faith . . . ..... 20, 42, 88, 102 Marsh, Russell .... ......... 8 8, 118 Marshall, Wallace Martin, Francis . .. Mattson, Ruth ...... Maynard, Robert , . . Meeks, Merritt .... .....46,49 94 88 ....,.94,118 ....29,89, 117 Meeks, Vernon ............... 94, 117 Meier, Kermit .......... 28, 38, 31, 117 Meinke, Albert . . .29, 43, 50, 89, 120, 126 Meinke, Iris 20, 28, 29, 55, 67, 98, 108, 136 Meister, Benjamin Meister, Theodore Merrill, Luella . . ........112,l27,134 .. ..... 67,112,126 ............25,44,67 ......37,38,67,11O Michael, Gerald E. Mildren, Lucy E. ..21, 34, 39, 56, 81,102 Miller, Miller, Miller Miller Miller Mills, Mills, 1 1 lane C. . . lane E. . . lohn E. . . Marvin . . Pauline . . . Robert . . . Sheldon . . . Minnich, lohn .... Minshull, Christine Mitchell, lames W. Montgomery, Raoul Montie, Reita .... Moore, Alan G. . Moore, Robert T. . Morriss, George . . Muhlitner, lanet . Mulhollan, Gertrude ......... 30, 48, 67 .....,.25,42,81,100 .........94,l06 .......67,1l0 94 . .... 25,37,39,67 ..........1l4 ...129 .....l27 .....45,89 .....ll2 ....67,ll0 ........25,89 ...19, 120,129 .....l27, 129 ......89.ll4 ....42,8l,104 Munson, Hugh G. ............. 89, 112 Murch, Donald .. Murdoch, Millicent 19, 25, 35, 52, 81, 100 Neil, Dorothy ...... Neilson, Howard . . . ...... 81, 99, 110 Neithercut, lohn G. Nelles, Morton A. Nelson, Donald R. Nesbitt, Beatrice Newcomer, Mary . . , .46, 38, 89, 29, 122 ......94,l06 ............19,120 81,120,132,134 81,126, 133,134 ...............32,81 lane .... 81,100,136 .............89,122 Newman, lohn C. Nicholls, Albert C. . . .114, 126, 128, 134 Nickerson, lune M. ...... 42, 25, 89, 118 Nieman, Harriett E. .......... 56, 57, 94 Nill, lack E. ....... ....... 6 8, 110 Northrup, Lois . . ...... 34, 94, 104 Nutting, Alice . . .... 21, 37, 39, 82 O Oliver, Iohn ....... Olson, Virginia .... Orr, Daniel ..... Ozanne, lean ...... P Paddison, Lorraine . Palmer, H. Dale Palmer, Helen .... Palmer, Preston . . . Palmiter, Marilyn .. Patterson, Kathryn . Pender, Robert .... Pengelly, William .. Perkins, Edward Perkins, Marvin . . Perrine, Barbara Perrine, Eugene Perschbacher, Walter Charles .. Peters, Robert ..... Peterson, Helen . .. Peterson, Iune .... Peterson, Ralph . . . Peterson, Thomas .. Pierce, Virginia .... Pike, Edward .. . Pink, Herbert Pioch, lohn ..... Pitsch, Richard .... Plate, Mildred .. Porter, Thomas .... Powell, Lura ...... Powers, Donald . . . Preston, Dan ...... Prettyman, Charles Proctor, Dorothy . .. Prosser, Harold .... Ptak, Walter . Purdy, Helen . . . Putnam, Mark ..... Peterman, Q Quintal, Charles R Rafter, Dorothy .... Ragan, H. Bruce Randall, Helen .... Ransom, Veronica .. Rapp, Iohn B. . . . . Rapp, Lucille . . . Ratz, Harriett ..... Raupagh, William .. Raymond, Doris .... Read, Howard ..... 68 ....68,l04 .,..... 94 ....25,44,68 ....... 68 ....94 118 ....94 108 .......89,l17 ...,.....94,108 ...29,42,82 104 .....94,110.lZ7 ......... 89 ......,89 122 ...94,1l7,131 .....25,89 ......... 94 ......21,82,120 ....... 94 ......... 89 ..34, 35, 57, 68 ..,...94,108 ......52,89,l16 .. ...89, 130,131 .27, 29, 30, 48, 68 .......89 ...27,29,89 ....57,82 .,.....94 ..40, 68, 122 1 110 94 118 116 106 110 136 112 118 133 .......44,45,89 127 126,130, 131, 134 .........89, 100 .46, 49, 89 89 ....19, 42, 82, 46 .......94, ......89, ....89, 112 100 108 129 ....94, 45, 50 Read, James ...... 27, 29, 48, 69, 99 Reader, Lois .... . . . Reavey, Marian .. . Rector, Marion Reed, Elizabeth Reeder, Louise Rees, Elisabeth Reichle, Louis ibfiifav, 42 ....43,82104 ......68,l18 .........94,108 118 100 ......52,89, 100 ....56,57,94 29 ..........45,89 .........94,108 , 48, 69, 102 114 Renda, Carl .... ..... 1 26, 127, 134,89 Renter, lohn ....... .......... 3 1, 94 Renwick, Ralph .... .... 9 4, 122, 129 Reynolds, Esther . . . ........ . 62 Reynolds, lohn . . ......... 41, 69 Rice, Gary ........ ..... 5 3, 89, 118 Richards, Lois .... Ringelberg, Barbara .......25,89,98, 108 ...........69,100 Rininger, lack ....... ...... 8 9, 122 Roark, Harrison . . ..... 46, 82, 112 Roberts, Thurston . . ...... 69, 112 Robinson, Anne . . . ..... 21, 94, 100 Robinson, Carl . .. Robison, Paul .... ......69,122 ....69,l16 Robosson, Ward . . . .... 89, 1 12 Robuck, George ............. ,94, 129 Rollins, Bill ...................... 94 Rolph, Alda ...... 37,38,41,69, 118, 35 Romani, Romulus .,... 69, 128, 134, 126 Rose, Iohn ........ ............ 9 4 Rosenberg, Neil .... Ross, lohn . . . . .. Ross, Maxine .... Ross, Woodrow .... Roth, Louise .... Rouman, lames .. Martha . . . Rowe, Rowe, Norma .... Ruqq, 1. Robert ., .. Rupp, ....94,114 ......46,117 .....57,94,100 .......31,89 ...56, 42, 94, 57 .........127 ......89,108 .....47,69, 198 .....40,82, 122 Lorene ...... ...... 2 9, 82, 106 Ruthven, Bryant ........... 35, 99, 114 Rutledge, Tyndale ...,, 94, 110, 130, 131 Ryle, William .................... 83 S Salisbury, Gerald . Sankey, Arthur .. Saxton, lean .... Saxton, Robert Scannell, Eileen . .. Schadt, Ewald . .. Schadt, llione ........ Schaeffer, Forestine Schall, William ....... Schanzlin, Paul Scheele, Richard . . . Schellig, Betty ..... Schelliq, Robert Scheu, leannette , .. . . .34, 39, 94, 102 Schmidt, Roberts ..... .31,83, 116,130,134 ....,......94,112 ....25,45,83 ....89,1l4 ......69,l04 ....83,l14,l30 .........56,69 ........32,89,106 ......94,122 ...,....... 70 .....19,83,l20 .........104 ........70,112 ......94,110 Schnackenberg, Elmer . .... 94, 110 Schneider, Robert .... ........... 1 30 Schoultz, Marvin Scott, Robert ..... ..... 32, 94, 112 .......21,94 Sebulske, Fred ..... .... 7 0, 118 Sekerke, Ioseph .. Selzer, Mary ..... Senior, Harold . . . Sessions, Cecil . . Severy, lames . . . Seymour, lane . . . Shapiro, Arthur .. Shaw, lohn .,.... Sheneman, Victor . .... 120-127 ....43,95 ....83,1l7 ....46,49,89 ........70,118 .....54,70,100 ......83,126 ......129 83 Shoemacher, Paul ............. 83, 117 Sibert, Charles ...,. . . .32, 38, 95, 122 Siebert, Virginia . . . . . . .56, 70, 106, 136 Siler, Maynard D. . . Simonds, Robert . . .38, 50, 95, 114 ......... 19.89 Simons, Howard .... 89, 110, 126 Sirrine, Phillip ...... ...... 8 3, 118 Slaymaker, Duffield ............ 89, 118 Sleight, Norman 21, 29, 83, 99, 112, 128, 36 Slowey, Barbara ................. 89 Slowey, lean .................... 83 Slusser, Margie .... ......... 4 5, 95 Smeltzer, William ............. 89, 120 Smilansky, Martin ..... 70, 116, 126, 134 Smith, Edgar .................. 31,89 Smith, Hayden . .53, 41, 84, 120, 133, 134 Smith, Iane ................ 44, 89, 106 Smith, Kathleen .... ..... 9 5, 100 Smith, Lloyd . . . .... 21, 89 Smith, Lynn ...,................. 89 Smith, Margaret 25, 30, 44, 52, 54, 70, 98, 106 Smith, Max ..................... 110 Smith, Vivian ......... .... 5 6, 57, 84 Sober, Erwin ....., ........... 8 4 Sommer, Iohn lr. . . .... 27, 40, 84, 122 Souter, Robert . . . ........... . . 52 Spears, Lucille . . . ........... 89, 100 Spielan, Richard ..... 126, 130, 131, 134 Stakel, Gretchen ................. 70 Stall, Dallas ....., 70, 112, 128, 130, 134 Stanaback, Charles ........ 89, 110, 126 Stanford, G. Alonzo . .32, 42, 52, 71, 116 Stark, Neil ................... 95, 110 Starks, Margaret .... . . .54, 71, 100 Stedman, Geraldine Steele, lack ....... Stegernan, lean . .. Stevens, Gilbert .. . Stevens, Walter . . . Stevenson, Edyth .. Stewart, Harry .... Stewart, lean ..... Stewart, Maitland . Stewart, Robert . . , Stoffer, William . Stolberg, Carl . .. Stone, Iohn .... Stoner, Mary ,... Stoppert, Robert .. Stowe, Doris .... Strange, Carl ..... Strickler, Marshall Strohmer, Elizabeth Styles, Maurice . . . Sunyar, Andrew .. Surland, Charles .. Surrell, Ralph .... Sutton, Frances , .. Swanson, Gladys . Swegles, Ellen lane Swem, Royal ..... T Taffet, Seymour . . . Talbot, Iohn ...... Tamarelli, Albert E. Tapert, Charles ........95 ..........95,l0 71 6 53, 71, 114, 130, 28 .2l,43,56,95. ..........71, .....120, .,,.....89. ....27, 29, 84, . .71, 110, 126, 127 . 39 . 84 102 120 129 112 118 89 89 134 ..,........32,95 .. . .40, 41, 71, 117 35, 99, 114,130. 84 Tapert, Lois ......... 20, 22, 39, 89, Telander, lack Telfer, Dorothy .. Tenney, Robert .........52,89,l00 ........ 71 .....95,127 . ..... 95,116 .....84,1l8 ...... 95 .. ...... 46,71 ... ..... 91,106 .. ...... 95 ....29,84 .... .........116 ........19,84,120 ,...........71,122 108 .,........122,l27 .... 95 ... 89 One Hundred and Forty-three 20, 22, 23, 28, 35, 53, 54, 55, 85 White ......42,71,1U0 Thomas, Howard ...... Terpenning, Elizabeth Thompson, Barbara .. Thompson, Helen .... Thurston, Donald Tillotson, Kenneth . . . Tillstrom, Jeanne ..... Tinkler, Frederick . . . Tomlinson, Victor .. . T0W19, Philip ......... Treadwell, Marjorie . .. Trimble, Maurice ,,,,, Tripp, Virginia . Troxell, Robert . . . Trucks, Beth ........ Trucks, Olga ....... Tuchtenhagen, Ieanice Turnblom, Kenneth .. Turner, Helen A. ., U Udell, Marcia ..... Upton, Ruth . . . V VanCamp, Mary .... VanderLinde, Charles Van de Walker, lune Van Gorden, Patricia Vann, Marvin ....... .........118 ...,.56,85,106 .....32,95,115 85 ....95,104 ....90,120 ....85,120 90 72, 104 .95, 122, 127, 129 95 ........95,122 ......44,56,90 .....45,72,102 ........90,108 ....40,110 ....45,72 ........90,106 . . .28, 56, 54, 72 .....57,95, 100 ........90.120 . . .39, 47, 57, 72 .....44,85, 104 ......85,114 One Hundred and Forty-jour Van Riper, Muriel .. Vanson, Peter ...... Von der Heydt, Iames YV Waqar, Ioe ......... Wagner, Martha Ann Wagner, Phyllis .... Wandel, Robert . . . Ward, Emmet . . . Ward, Iohn ...... Watson, Mable ...... Watson, Robert Watt, Gordon . . . Watts, Ted ..... Webber, Robert . . . Weeks, Richard . . . Weiser, Nathan Wentworth, John .... Wenzell, Philip . . . Wesley, Louise . . . West, Richard ...... Westerman, Eleanor . Whipple, George . . . White Andrew . .. White, B. Kay .... White, Daisy ....... Everett Gordon Whitehouse, Ioyce .. Whitehouse, Keith . .. .. .......... 95 .......21,85,114 .........95,120 90 ........32,53,90 ....32,90,100 ........ 95 .....95, 122 .....20,95,129 ........85,102 .29,72,118,128 ........85,110 ........126 ........90,118 ........... 90 72,l26,130,134 ........72,118 ...........118 .....52,56,85 ........ 90 ...,21,95, 106 ....31,90,116 ........120 .....95,114 ........43,102 ......25,72,112 .......39,95,102 ....27, 29, 90, 118 Whitelam, Elizabeth . .25, 44, 90, 98, 104 Whitley, Dorothy .... .......56,95,106 Whorley, Beatrice ..... 32, 45, 47, 57, 72 W 1 'amq W4 ' ,nigh Wiener, Roberta Wilde, Milton VJi1l1ams Williams Williams 38 52 90 1 Henry Richard ............. Seva ................ Wiley, Laurence .... , , , Williams, Helen ............... W Winter, illa ..... 28, 39, 55, 56, Wirts, Mary .................. Wittenberg, Helen .... ..., 4 4, Wittenberg, Homer . . . . . . . . . .........39,42,43,90 17, 131 95,106 90 90 73, 106 90, 126 95, 102 85, 108 73, 122 Wochholz, Daphne . Wolfe, Vernon ..... Woolson, Herbert .. Worgess, Duane . . . Wright, lames . . . Wyman, Marietta . . . Y Yinger, Marian .. ....... 90 .....43,85 .. .... 90,118 95 ......73,110 .....56,95, 102 Yuill, Thomas ............. 49, 73, 120 Yurchenco, Iohn ........ 27, 90, 130, 131 Zatolokin, Iohn . . . . Zeis, Richard . . . . . Zens, Harvey . . . . . Zerbe, I. Don .... . . Zick, Luther ....... Zimmerman, Durward Zischke, Alton ..... ......95,128,131 ...........90,116 ...90,118,126,134 ............43,90 .........29,48,73 ...........32,73 Zvonik, Emil .... ..... 4 2, 126, 128, 134 ALBION COLLEGE ALBION, MICHIGAN One Hundred and lfourth Year of EDUCATION FOR SERVICE LIBERAL ARTS Music - Art - Home Economics Public Speaking-Creative Wlriting Business Administration Journalism PRE - PROFESSIONAL COURSES 0 Dentistry 0 Engineering Q Forestry 0 Law I . 0 Medicine Fine Faculty Adequate Equipment Full Aeereditetiun Not too large - Not too small - JUST RIGHT For I"m'tl1m' Information Address PRESIDENT IOHN L. SEATON ALBION COLLEGE, ALBION, MICHIGAN One Ilzmdred and Fo THE PLEIAD STUDENTS Bringing to the Students and Whgll Tyavcling Faculty of Albion College a Complete Record for over 50 Ride Years of the Activities and Interests on the Campus U76 Exleml Our f1iJ1l76L'l'lllfll7I, For The C00i167'fllI0ll, Shoufn, On The 1938-39 PLEIAD GEORGE DEWEY FREDERICK KRUEC-ER Editor-in-Chief Business Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF MAPLE CITY DAIRY COMPANY Market Place Phone I9 Blue Goose Buses for Economy, Safety and Comfort ir '1'hrough Service to Detroit without change. Direct Connections at Detroit for Other Points in Michigan United States and Canada 'A' Call Agent For Low Round Trip Rules 4 EASTERN MICHIGAN MOTORBUS AI-BIQN, MICWQAN 118 Michigan Phone 834 One Hundred and Forty-six in R .9 vw,- qv-api 'lEHlf1 COLLEGE BOOK b'l'ORlfl THE ALBION COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FOUNDED 1861 INCORPORATED I872 ALIIIUN COLLEGE Cn-npuralivt' Jlssuviatinn owes ESTABLISHED 1926 "Conservator of the Past-Aid to the Present-- Advocate of the Future" Member of the American Alumni Council Invilcs The Membership and Cooperation ol Esmbllishml 1893 Every Former Student ol Albion Th rough The Albionian Loyalty Fund Mexnbership entitles the holder to lo Triuniphe, Bulletins, Directories, the IVIMVDILN SMITH ' ' lII"""3m' right to vote lor College Truslees,and insures the continuing ol man Colle YC HliRlsliR'1' LoMlsARn . . . ,-I.ssl. Mnzzngrfr . . . U y 5 K If riendslnps. 1839 1939 ln 1839 Daguerre announced his process ol making images on silver plates. In the following ioo years niarvelous developments have been rnade in the Art and Science of Photography. Our experience in Photography dates back for more than one- quarter of the past Century. For just one-eighth of that Century it has been our pleasure to serve Albion College and the connnunity of Albion. VVe are looking forward to the future believing that "the best is yet to come." HIXRLANIJ A. Lumvrc. THE Lllll IG TULJIU One Hundrz' rl and Forty-eight ,P X Nj' " I . im 1 I , , -A M ,,, sm 2 N' W 'ug ,Y ' I. y , N m 'Pu 3 .,V if EG mf ..-ada.: STATIONERY, OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING OF ALL KINDS THE ARTCRAFT PRESS H. L. Reynolds, Prop. KOON 'S HARDWARE Pnomc 2o ALBION. MICHIGAN Adore of llze Besl for Less KROGER'S COMPLIMENTARY J. C. PENNEY CO. "NATIONAL ORGANIZATION" WOCHOLZ 61 GRESS ALISIONIS Puklc Form CIQNTLLR COFFEE CUP CAFE 124 EAST MICHIGAN AVENUE A Good Place lo Eat and Open Day and Night FUELS that S,-XTISFY DINNERS - LUNCHES -- SANDWICHES IVE Are nl Your Sermke ST U D E NTS' TUCHTENHAGEN DRUG STORE KIEIVELER - oPToM1sTR1s'1' 7 Cor. Cass and Superior Phone 4I4 tluf DR UGGIST "Al the Sign of the Big Clocku One Hundred and Fifty ww .,,-,- xw, .- ff- M7, 'Gif . 4 ,, A- f . .W ,.. --v- 1 L+ Aff'-' Vx .qgiiki A-af , . in-4smiiM?L5L5Rii 1' L' 1 Always First with Nm Complzfments LA TEST! I Of READY-To-WEAR CLOTHING SHOES SPORTS WEAR A SPECIALTY VAUGHN AND RAGSDALE III1'H'.s' Slow' - II'v07I7I'Il'S Slow' VANDERVOORT HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware and Athletic COMPLIMENTARY Eqmpmmt ALBION LUMBER co. LANSING MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS U P-"I'O-DATE OF The Service Caster And Truck Company ALBION, MICHIGAN MANUFACTURERS OF MATERIAL HANDLINE EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIR PETRAKIS AND BOURNELIS. PROPRIETORS VVOH: Right - Prices Riglzt C0mPlim6'1fS McDOUGAL 6' YO-U NG of DEALERS IN QUALITY FUELS CONFECTIONARY IFormerly wan 5. Ioe'sI PHONE H8 IVE DELIVER PIIOHC 290 H6 N. SUPERIOR STREET Om' Hundred and Fifty-two -lunar- ' 1, x I Qw- COMPLETE WIRING INSTALLATION IN NEW ALBION COLLEGE BUILDINGS Let Us Estimate Your Needs The Central Electric Co. 21 CAPITAL AVENUE, N. E. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN "Southern Michigan's Largest Electrical Contractors" COMPLIMENTS A OF THE HART HOTEL BATTLE CREEK MICH. Compliments nf HOME LAUNDRY M0O'RE'S MUSIC CO. I17,.SK'l'HWl67lI.S' and Supjflies 309 WEST ELM Of All Kinds ALBION ALBION, MICHIGAN . lixtfnding rr mos! rordinl invitation L0 FRATERN ITIES AND SORORITIES THE POST TAVERN BA'I'TI.IC CRICI-IK, MICHIGAN Calrfring to Parties ri Specialty WE CONGRATULATE YOU on the Completion of Your College Career and Thank you for the business you have given us. We Will Be Glad To Continue Assisting You. 'A' First with the Lnlwst CL 0 THING i MAURICE S. GORDON C0 BATTLE CREEK One Hundred and Fifty-jour Y E., J jf' a s f ,K Q -I if Q- www. fc: - ,, .Q Q . BW- 7 2 1 4 ,A kg s K gsm 3 "TI 'W' Q, QF .sk as ww i 40127 isgggvg QW ii 1 .,u wig, 21275 Crmijllimrfnls C O M P L I M E N T S of OF THE ALBION MALLEABLE The GALE IRON COMPANY MANUFACTURING COMPANY X moN, MICHIGAN ALBION MICHIGAN Albion College ' R Trained Men and Wonuen Have Helped Build L Union Steel Products Company VV01'ld1s Largest Rack Factory Albion, lvliclzigan if 'A' all STEEL PRODUCTS MADE IN ALBION USED ROUND THE WORLD Hdddff The Greatest Reward IN a highly technical age it becomes more and more ap- parent that generous enthusiasm and creative skill must form an important part of every fine piece of Work. The mechani- zation is important, but enthusiastic desire to create is indispensable. In attempting to build a fine book The Ann Arbor Press staff and working personnel are bent to the one purpose- the single object of making the book a thing of artistic beauty. The opportunity to do good and useful Work in our profession is rewarded by the joys we get in the accomplish- ment. If the finished book pleases the faculty and student body of Albion College, then aside from the material rewards we have the good name that goes with the task that is Well and faithfully performed. THE ANN ARBOR PRESS ARTHUR J. WILTSE, Manager. I This comment upon a skillful and successful effort carries a significance as deep as its simple sincerity: it voices an appreciation for excellenceg we have grown accustomed to it with increasing appreciationp it is the terse compliment for which we, as individuals, workg cn phrase which we, as an organization, must hear. Service Engraving Company - Detroit 1

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