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tiara H KBEffsKs H ■ ; :4« G fLLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01863 2858 GC 977 402 AL14ALC 1932 I. " THE A L B I i 9 » N I A N 3 2. IBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF ALBION COLLEGE • -ALBION, MICHIGAN In recognition of the supreme effort that Dr. Thomas H. Carter has put forth in his sincere endeavor to start many stu- dents on the road to achieve- ment, this 1932 Albionian is respectfully dedicated. FOREWORD IN A YEAR which will be remembered by many students as one beset with struggles and difficulties, it is quite fitting that our yearbook should reflect the earnest spirit of the times. Thus, is this 1932 Albionian offered as a symbol of a year, which, though not too prosperous, has brought many compensations. CONTENTS Administration Classes Athletics Activities Fraternities Advertisements SHSSB ■■ ' ■■■- ■y- Xf £S ' ' .::■ : : nHHHHHIH ADMINISTRATION B " !■ 9V N N John Lawrence Seaton President of Albion College A. 1 ' ... Upper Iowa University, 1898; S. T. II. , Boston University, 1901; Ph. D., Boston Univei sity, 1905; Williams Scholar. Harvard, 1912-13; D. I). ' . Upper Iowa University, 1921; I.I. D.. West Virginia Wesleyan University. 1924; l.itt. D., Da- kota Wesleyan University. 1928; Professor of Psy chology, Dakota Wesleyan University, 1913-14; President, College of the Pacific, 1914-19; College Secretary, Board of Education, Methodist Episco- pal Church, 1919-24: present position since 1924. William Whitcdmb Whitehouse, A. M., Th. D.. Ph. D. Dean, Registrar of the College and Profes- sor of Sociology A. ] ' .. Lebanon College, 1916; Lane Theo- logical Seminary, 1915; 1 ' .. D., Garrett Biblical In- stitute, 1917; Marquette University, School of Commerce. 1917-18; A. M., Lawrence College, 1919; Th. D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1922; Ph. I).. Northwestern University, 1927; Delta Sig- ma Phi; Professor, Albion College, 1922-1929; present position since 1929. Marian Gray, A. B„ M. A. Dean of Women ami Ls. ;sl ml Professor of English A. P.. Ohio Siat ' University, 1923; M A., Cornell University, [thaca, New V ' ork, L925; Columbia University, summer, 1928; Dean of Women, Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 1925-27; present position sine. ' 1927 Twenty three B W N N William W. Tefft, B. S. President of Board of Trustees B. S. of C. E., University of Michigan, 1907: Sigma Xi, 1929; Who ' s Who in Engineering; American Men of Science; Who ' s Who In America; Member American Society Civil Engineers; Member American Society Mechanical Engineers; Member American Institute Electrical Engineers; Member Rotary International; Member Amer- ican Arbitration Association ; Member American Committee, World Power Conference; 1911-19 Member of the Firm, Fargo Engineering Company; 1919-24 Consulting Civil and Hydraulic Engineer, Con- sumers Power Company; 1924-2S Vice-president and Chief Engineer, Consumers Power Company ; 1924-2S Vice-president and Chief En- gineer Commonwealth Power Corporation; 192S Consulting Engineer; 1928 Vice-president, Fargo Engineering Company; 1930 President General Power Corporation. F. Morris Cochran, B. S. Business Manager of Albion College B. S.. Denison University, 1919; Registrar, Broaddus College, 1919- 20; Business Manager, Broaddus College. 1926-29; Lambda Chi Alpha. • • « Twenty-four B 1 « 9V N N Stanley S. Kresge, A. B. President of Alumni Association A. B., Albion College, 1 9 2 .1 ; since July 1923, connected with S. S. Kresge Co. ; Member Detroit Metropolitan Church ; Trustee Method- ist Foundation of Michigan; Trustee Grace Hospital, Detroit; Direc- tor, Detroit Community Fund; Member State Committee of Y. M. C. A.; Beta Theta Pi. William B. Buck, A. B., A. M. Alumni Secretary A. B., Albion Coll llege, 1S95; A. M., Albion College, 1896; A. M., Harvard College, 189S; Secretary, Cuban Orphan Society, 1900-02; New York County Visiting Commissioner, 1902-04; Superintendent of Seybert Institution of Philadelphia, 1906-1915; " View Farms, New York, 1915-18; Director r ' 1918-21 ; Director Speyer Memorial Hospital, Omega; present position since 1926. ., Director of „ of Red Cross Relief, 1922-26; Alpha Tau Twenty-fivt ALB N N Helen Gildersleeve, A. B. Assistant Registrar A B., Oberlin College, 1924; Secretary of the Treasurer, Dakota Wesleyan University: present position -nice January 1929. Helen B. Webster, A. B. Business Secretary A B., Albion College, 1929; Teacher of English and French, Fain ington 1-Iigli School, [ " armington, Mich.. 1930; Certificate, I lie Bus ness Institute of Detroit; present position -nice 1931. Marvin Frederick Pahl, A. B. Secretary to the President A. B., Albion Collect-. 1930; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Camilla: present position since 1930. • • • Twenty sir A L B I rt N I A N 9 T FACULTY 5 N N Frederick Lutz, A. M., Litt, D. Professor Emeritus of Modern Language A. B., Berea College. 1S76; A. B., Harvard College, 1878; A. fcL, Baldwin- Wall ace College, 1879; studied at Jena, Freiburg, Geneva, Munich, and Warburg; Litt. D., Albion College, 1911; Member of the Harvard faculty until 1SS5, when ' he came to Albion College; thirty-five years as head of the Modern Language department, Albion College; Secretary of the faculty for eighteen years; formerly a member of the Modern Language Association, the Classical Associa- tion, and the Dante Society; Author of " The Elementary German Reader, " " German Derivatives " ; Co-author of " English Etymolo- gies. " Donor of the collection ' of Modern Language works in Alboin College Library. Frederick Samuel Goodrich, A. M., D. D. Professor of Biblical History and Literature Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon ; A. B.. Wesley an University, Con- necticut, 1890; A. M.. University of Michigan, 1S9S; Yale Univer- sity, 1S9S; University of Chicago, Summer Sessions; University of Berlin; D. D., Defiance College, 1909; Assistant Instructor in Greek. Wesley an University, Connecticut, 1S91 -92; Acting President of -Albion College, January 21, 1924, to July 15, 1924; present position since 1S92. Edwin Roscoe Sleight, Sc. D. Professor of Mathematics B. S., Albion College, 1901; A. M.. 1902; Sc. D.. 1931; Professor of Mathematics, Montevideo, Uraguay, South America, 1902-04; Michigan Military Academy, 1904-06; Carthage College, Illinois, 1906-0S; President Michigan Section, Mathematics Association of America; Dean. Bay View Summer School; Alpha Tau Omega; present position since 190S. • o 7 wenty -eight B 9V N N Arthur Henry Harrop, A. M., Ph. D., LL. D. Professor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature Phi Beta Kappa; A. I " .., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1S " 4; A. M., 1S96; A. M., Harvard University, 1903; Ph. D., Boston University. 1905; LL. D.. McKendree College, 192S; S ' ice-president and Profes- sor of Latin and ireek. Union College, 1894-95 ; same at Missouri Wesleyan College, 1896-97; Acting Assistant Professor of Greek nt Wesleyan University. I, onnecticut, 1905 ; Professor of Latin ' , Uni- versity of 1 Jenver, 1905-13; Registrar and Instructor in Latin and Greek, Alleghany College, 1913-15; Member of Classical Association of tlie Mid-West and S« jli t h, American Classical League, Michigan Schoolmasters Club, Am rican Philological Association, Association ' of American University Professors, ' " Who ' s Who in American Edu- cation, " Author of " Ccllege Training, " " Fraternity Scholarship, " " What the College and University Ought to do for the Student in Latin, " " Latin and Creek as First Aids in the Study of Psychology, " " The Story of A mini Bradford Hyde " ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; pres- ent position since 1915. Arthur Mkrtox Checkering, M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Biology and Geology Sigma Xi, Vale and Michigan Chapters; Ph. P., Sheffield Scientific School of Vale University, 1913; M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1916; Ph. 1 ., University of Michigan, 19 2 7 ; Instructor in ' Biology, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1913-18; Instructor in Zoology, UJniversity of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 19J1-JO, Regular Session, 1925-26; Fellowship and Research at Barro Colorado Island Biological Labor- atory, Panama Canal Zone, Summer of 1928; Research at Lancetilla Exp. Station, Honduras. Summer of 1929; Author of technical papers on chromosomes, Golgi bodies, and general biology; Member A. A. A. S. ; Member American Microscopical Society, 2nd Vice-president, 1925, Treasurer since 1926; Member Michigan Academy Science, Arts and Letters. Vice-president Zoological Section, 1919-20; Col- laborator for Biological Abstracts; Member and Lecturer for Amer- ican Eugenics Society; present position since 19 IS. David Lindsay Randall, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry Sigma Xi; A. B., Vale University. 1904; A. M., 1905: Ph. D., 1907; Instructor in Chemistry, University of New Hampshire, 1907-1910; Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Secretary, Baker University, Kansas, 1910-18; Associate Professor of Chemistry. Wesleyan Uni- versity, Connecticut, 1918-19; Member of American Chemical Soci- ety; President of Michigan College Chemistry Teachers ' Association; Sigma Phi Epsilon; present position since 1919. • • • Twenty-nine B A ■ ' 9 ■ ' ' N N Albert Johnston McCuixoch, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Political Science Pi Kappa Delta: A. E.. University of Missouri, 1894; A. M., 1895; Ph. D., University of Denver, 1905 : Columbia Universitj 1914, 1926; Instructor in History, University of Missouri, 1S94-95 ; Pro- fessor of History and Political Science, Southwestern College, Kan- sas, 1910-19; Professor of History, Northeast Missouri Teachers ' College, 1919 ; Professor of History, Morningside College, Iowa, 1923-29. Author of " The Loan Office Experiment in Missouri, " " Suffrage and Its Problems " ; Member of the Political Science Asso- ciation of America, and of the Academy of Political Science of New York; present position since 1919. Donald Monroe Gilbert, Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages Phi Eeta Kappa; Ph. B., Wesley an University. Connecticut. 1908; Certi treat d ' etudes francaises, University of Paris, 1910 ; A. M., West Virginia University. 1917; Ph. D., Universitv of Wisconsin, 1920; Instructor in French, Northwestern University. 111., 1909-10; Instructor of English. Corozal, Porto Rico, 190S-09 ; Supervising Principal, Corozal and Humacao, Porto Rico, 1911-14; Instructor in- English and French. Instituto Nacional, Panama, 1914-15; Instructor of Romance . Languages, West Virginia University, 1915-18; Uni- versity of Cincinnati, 1918-19 ; Graduate work and Assistant in Ro- mance Languages, University of Wisconsin, 1919-20; Delta Kappa Epsilon; present position since 1920. Clement Eugene Rood, Ph. M. Professor of Physics Ph. E.. Albion College, 1S94; Ph. M., 1S97; Instructor in Astron- omy and Physics, Albion College, 1895-97; Fellowship in 1 Astron- omy, University of Chicago, 1897-99; Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1899-01 ; Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Carthage College, Illinois, 1901-03 ; In- structor in Mathematics and Physics, Michigan College of Mines, 1903-15; Assistant Professor, 1915-20; Head of Department of Phys- ics, Western State College of Colorado, Summer Session, 1923 ; Graduate work in Physics, UJniversity of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1924- 1925: present position since 1920. Thirty B 9V N N Reemt Eire Luebeers, Ph. D. Professor of Economics and Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Iota Phi; A. B., Iowa Wesleyan College; S. T. B.. Boston University; Ph. D., Boston University; Graduate Student One Year University of Berlin, Germany; Harvard University, summer 192S; University of Chicago, summer sessions, 1929-30; Pro- fessor of Economics, Iowa Wesleyan College; Professor of Econ- omics and Business, University of Porto Rico; Lecturer, International Chautauqua Bureau; present position since 1930. Thomas Milton Carter, Ph. D., Professor of Education B. D. Phi Delta Kappa; A. B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1924; B. 1 ' .. Garrett Biblical Institute, 1917; A. M., Northwestern University, 1921; ' Ph. I).. University of Chicago, 1923; Student Director of Ham] in e University, 1919-20; Centra 1 State Normal College, Sum- mer, 1 L ' J5 ; 192S, Summer School, Michigan State Normal, Ypsi- lanti, 1929, Brookings, South Dakota ; 1930, University of Nebraska ; South Dakota State College, Brookings, South Dakota, Summer, 1927; .Member of National Education Association, Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters; Sigma Tail Delta; present position since 1923. Charlotte H. Swanson, B. S., A. M. Assistant Professor of Art B. S., Kansas State College, Manhatten, Kansas, 1926; M. A., Uni- versity of Chicago, 1927; Studies at Art Institute of Chicago, 1926- 27 ; Studies at Art Students League, New York School Fine and Applied Arts. New York City, summer, 1930; present position since 1927. Thirty-one E ■ a 5 N N Beulah Champ, A. B., B. O., M. A. Director of Dramatics and Instructor in Public Speaking Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Alpha Phi; A. B., Nebraska Wesleyau University. 1913; B. O., 1915; Graduate work, Emerson School of Oratory, Boston, 1916; M. A., Northwestern University, 1928; Acting Director of Speech, Nebraska YVesleyan University. 1916-17; Director of Speech, 1918-27; Alpha Gamma Delta; present positii n since 1928. Royal Glekx Hall, M. A., Ph, D. Professor of History Kappa Delta Pi; A. B., Park College; M. A., University of Kansas; B. IX, Auburn Theological Seminary; Ph. D., University of Chi- cago; Instructor at Park College, 1918-19; University of Kansas, Summer, 1920; Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, 1920- 21, University of Chicago, 1924-25; rive years of religious and edu- cational work in Siam and Hawaii; present position since 1926. X. J. Weiss, A. B., M. A. Professor of Public Speaking Delta Sigma Rho; Theta Alpha Phi; Wooster Academy. 191. ' ; A. B., Wooster College, 1918; M. A., University of Wisconsin, 1926; En- sign, U. S. N. R. F., 1918-19; Instructor, High School, New Phila- delphia, Ohio, 1919-22; Coach of Debate at Kalamazoo Central High School, 1922-26; Coach of Debate at DePauw University, 1926-27; Lecturer in Speech, University of Wisconsin, Summer Session, 1928; Member of National Association of Teachers of Speech; pres- ent position since 1927. Thirty-two B N N Henry Martin Battenhouse, M. A., S. T. B., Ph. D. Professor of English Language and Literal arc Alpha Phi Gamma; A. B., Baldwin-Wallace College, 1909; M. A., University of I enver, 1915; S. T. B.. Garrett Biblical Institute, 1911; Ph. 1 .. University of Denver, 1917; Fellow of special re- search, University of Chicago, summers, 1918-19; Professor of Eng- lish. Kentucky Wesley an University, 1917-19: Professor of Bible, Dickenson College, t arlisle, Pennsylvania, 1919-20; Pennsylvania State College. Associate Professor of English Literature, 1920-24; Professor of Biblical Literature and Religion. 1924-28; Member A. A. A. S., Modern Language Society, Society of Biblical Litera- ture and Exegesis, and Am rican Association of University Profes- sors, Society of Midland Authors; present position since 1928. WlLFORD J. ElTEMAN, A. M., Ph. D. Associate Professor of Economics ami Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha: A. B., Ohio Wesleyan, 1928; Ph. 1 1., Ohio State University, 1931; Instructor Economics and Business Administration. Ohio Weslej an. 1926-2S; Associated with C. P. A, Finn of Battelle Battelle a- the Director of the Higher Accounting I ept. of Miami jacubs College. 1928-29; Assistant and [nstructor of Economics; Ohio State L T niversity, 1929-1931. Member American Economic Association; present position sine: 1931. John Sedberry Marshall, A. B., Ph. D. Professor of Philosophy and Associate Professor of Psychology Phi Beta Kappa; A. B., Pomona College. 1921 ; Ph. D., Boston University. 1926; Graduate Study. Harvard L ' niversity, L ' niversity of Basel. Switzerland, Oxford Summer School; Fellow of Philosophy. Boston University. 1924-25; Instructor in Philosophy and Psychol- ogy, Syracuse L ' niversity, 1926-29; Member, The Creighton Phil- osophy Club, the British Institute of Philosophical Studies. • • • Thirty-thre B ' 9 N N G. W. Prescott, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Biology Sigma Xi; B. A., University of Oregon; M. A., State University of Iowa: Ph. D., State University of Iowa; studies at Puget Sound Bi- ological Station; member University of Oregon Biological Survey, 1923; Graduate Assistant, State University of Iowa, 1924-28; Labor- atory Instructor, State University of Iowa, Summer Sessions, 1925- 2S; Acting Professor of Biology, Willamette University, 1928-29; Instructor, University of Oregon Extension Center, 1929: University of Oregon Summer Session, Instructor, 1929 ; Papers on the fresh- water biology of Iowa: member Iowa Academy of Science, American Microscopical Society, Sigma Pi Tau. Gamma Alpha. Homer Oliver Hendrickson " , M. A., B. D. Assistant Professor of History Pi Kappa Delta; Phi (lamina " Mu; A. B.. Iowa Wesleyan College, 1916; B. 1 ' ., Garrett Biblical Institute, 1920; M. A., Northwestern University. 1922; Boston University, 1917-18; Graduate work. North- western University, 1927, 192S; Head of Department of Social Sci- ence. Iowa Wesleyan, 1920-27; Head of Department of History, University of Dubuque, 1927-28; Summer School, Northwestern Uni- versity, 1929 ; Member of American 1 Historical Association, Missis- sippi Valley Historical Association ; Theta Kappa Nu; present posi- tion since 192S, Dorothy Gail Exgle, A. B., M. A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Sigma Ni; A. B., University of Denver; M. A.. University of Illi- nois; Iota Sigma Pi; Pi Beta Pi; Sigma Delta Epsilon; Member of American Chemical Society; present position since 1925. Thirty-four B A 9 V N N W. Schwab, Ph. D. Instructor in Modem Languages Universities of Berne (Switzerland), Munich, Berlin, Ph. D., Berne, 1925; Taught in India, 1925-2S; Australia, 1929-30; present position since 1931. Elizabeth Airhkart. A. B., A. M. Instructor in Modern Languages A. B., University of North Dakota, 1924; A. P... Wesley College, 1924; Sorbonne University, Paris, 1926; A. II., Radcliffe College, 1929; Instructor in Modern Languages, 1926-1930, North 1 ak«ta State College; Chi Omega; present position since 1930. Mary West, A. B., M. A. Instructor of Modern Languages Pin Beta Kappa; A. B.. Ohio Wesleyan University, 1920; M. A., Middlebury College. 192S; Centre de Estudias Historicas, Madrid, Spain. Thirty-five B " !• -o V N N Chester M. Destler, A. B., M. A. Assistant Professor of History and Sociology - - 1 ' ... College of Wooster, 1925; M. A., University of Chicago, 192S; Instructor of History, College of the Ozarks. Clarksville, Arkansas. l Cl 2 5-28; Re search Assistant, University of Chicago, 1930-31; present position since 1931. Robert Price Ewing, A. B., M. A. Instructor in English and Journalism A. B., Rio Grande College, 1921; Graduate student, Chautauqua Lake summer schools. 1922-23 ; M. A., Ohio State University, 1927; Graduate Student, University of Kentucky, 1929-30; Residence completed for Ph. D., Ohio State, 1931; Assistant Instructor in Language, Rio Grande College, 1919-21 ; Superintendent of Schools, Thurman, Ohio, 1921-23; Instructor in English and Foreign Lan- guage, Cheshire High School, 1923-25 ; Assistant in English, ( )hio State University, 192S ; Assistant professor of English. Georgetown College, 1928-30; present position since 1931. Samuel James Harrison, S. T. D. Assistant Pro fessor of English Bible B. C. S.. Albion, 1917; B. S., Northwestern University, 1919; B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. 1920; Missionary in China, 1920-1925: Graduate Studies at University of Nanking, " 1920-21 ; S. T. D., Bos- ton. CJniversity, 1931 ; Director Wesley Foundation at U. of M.., 192S-30; Alpha Tau Omega; present position since 1930. Thirty- 3 ' 5 N N Lotta M. Rogers, A. B„ M. S. Instructor in Biology A. B., Albion College, 1923; M S-, University of Wisconsin, 1 " Graduate work, University of Wisconsin, 1928, and Summers, 1 ' 1926; Assistant in Zoology, University of Wisconsin, 1927- prtsent position since 1923. :an M Briax, B. S., M. S. Instructor in I hanistry and Biologv 15. S.. Shur 1 II " College, 1925; M. S., University of Illinois, 1926; Sigma Delta Epsilon; Sigma Zeta: Inta Sigma Pi; Sigma Xi Mem- her • ' American I hemi ' al Society; Sullim ' ollege. 1926-29: Arling: Ion Hall College, 1929-30; present position since 1930. Dox Herri ngton, A. M. Instructor in Education Phi Delta Kappa; B. Pd.. Vpsilauli Stats Normal. 1911; A. B., University of Michigan, 1912; . M., Univ rsity of Michigan, iy25 ; Superintendent of Schools, Big Rapids, 1913-19; Superintendent, -Albion llich School since 1919. Thirty-sc-i en B N N King Kellogg, A. B., B. Mus. Instructor in Voice A. B., University of Rochester, 1926: E. Mus.. Eastman School of Music. 1930; Theta Chi; present position since 1930. Kenneth Gordon Hance, A. M. Assistant Professor of English Theta Alpha Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; A. B., Olivet College. 1924; A. M., 1926; Northwestern University, Summer 1924; Harvard University, S ummers 1928-29-30; Instructor in ' English. Olivet College. 1924-26; Assistant Professor of English and Public Speaking. 1920-30: present position since 1930. WlXNIFKEIl Shattuck Hance, A. B. Instructor in Public School Music Methods Lambda Mu; A. B., and Certificate in Public School Music, Olivet College Conservatory of Music, 1923; Chicago Musical College, Summer. 1923; Private pupil of Herbert Witherspoon; Supervisor of Music. Walton Township Schools, 1925-2S; Instructor in Public School Methods. Olivet College, 1924-30; present position since 1930. Thirty-eight B N N Julia E. McCune, A. B., M. A. Instructor in English A. B., Albion College, 1919; M. A., Columbia University, 1929; Summer Session, Oxford. England, 1926; Instructor Carson City High School, Ionia High School, Albion High School, Private School for Girls, New York City; Delta Gamma. Annie G. Dean, A. B. Instructor in Home Economics A. 1 ' .., Albion College, 1926; Kappa I ' L-lta; (iraduate study. Univer- sity of Chicago, Columbia University; present position mce 1932. Raymond G. Spencer, Ph. D. Assistant Professor in Physics Pi Kappa Delta; 11. S.. Kansas State Teachers ' College, Emporia. Kansas. 1922; M. S.. University of Chicago, 1926; Ph. D., 1932; Superintendent of Schools, Harlan, Kansas, l ' 22-25; present position since 1926, Thirty-nine B " ' 9 1 N N Rose Ball, B. S. Librarian and Instructor in Library Methods B. S.. Albion College. 1 896 : Chautauqua Library School. 1922; Member of the American Library Association; present position since 1905. Eathal A. Martix, M. A. Assistant Librarian A. IS., Albion College; M. " A. Albion College. 1914; Assistant i ian at Albion I oil ge, 1908-09; Teacher of Latin and Greek, Flint Hi h School, 1509-13, 1915-17; present position since 1920. Marian Frances Adams, A. B., B. S. Catalogcr A. 1 ' ... C arleton College. 1923; B. S.. Columbia University School nt Library Service. 1931; present position since 1931. • • • Forty B N N Edmund Ellsworth Incalls, M. S. Instructor in Mathematics Ph. B., M. F., Vale University; M. S.. State University of Iowa; summer sessions. Universities of Iowa and Michigan : Instructor Mathematics and Engineering, Cornell College and Iowa Wesleyan College; Vice-Chairman, Iowa Section Association of America, 1930-31; present position since 1930. Mary Wells Seaton, A. B. Instructor -hi Art A, B., Albion College, 1930; New York School Fine and pplied Art-,; Delta Gamma; present position since 1930 LlTA HlNDMAX, B. S„ M. S. Director of Home Economic Wcslcv Hall and Dietician for Susanna ( Imicron Nu; Southern ' Illinois State College, 1918; B. S., Univer- sity of Illinois, 1922; M. S., Iowa .State College of Mechanical and Applied Arts, l n 28; Latin and History, Cobden High School, Il- linois, 1920; Home Economics and Lunch Room Director, Valmeyer High School, Illinois, 1922; Home Economics, Sparta High School, Illinois, 1923; Home Economics and Director of Cafeteria, Geneva Community High School, Illinois, 1924 ; Director of Home Eco- nomics, Blackburn College, 1925-30; present position since 1930. s ' SV N N Harold B. Harvey, Mus. B. Professor of Violin and Theory of Music Graduate Oberlin Conservatory, 1912; Graduate study Royal Con- servatory of Brussels, 1913-14; Graduate study Ecole des Hautcs Etudes Musical es de France, Fontainebleau, Summer, 1925; Pupil in Violin of Franz Koehler, Maurice Kessler, Leon Samentini; Di- rector of Music, Louisiana State Normal, Natchitoches, La.; Head of Violin 1 epartments at Morningside College (three years), Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas, (eight years); present position since 1927, Louis Upton Rowland, Mus. B. Director of School of Music, Professor of Piano and Theory, Instructor in Organ Mus. B., Oberlin College, 1907; Graduate Study. Oberlin College, University of Kansas, University of Iowa, and private Tutors, Wil- son Preyer, Skdton Godowsky; Director of Music, Mercerburg Academy, Wesley College, University of Dakota, Baker University; present position since 1926. Forty-two B ' M c- 9} ' N N F. DUDLEIGH VeRXOR Professor of Organ Student at Institute of Musical Art, New York City; Private Pupil of Ernest Eerumen and Frank La Forge; Professor at Bay View Summer School; Organist at First Methodist Church, Jackson; Composer of " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, " " Fellowship of Sigma Chi " ; Sigma Chi; pit-sent position since 1923. Edith Grant, Public School Music Instructor in Piano and Children ' s Classes Public School Music Graduate, Oberlin College Conservatory, 1911; Graduate Study at Chicago Musical College and Albion College; present position since 1925. Forty-three B - M «- ' 93 N N Richard R. Daugherty, A. B. Director of Atlilctics A. B., St. Thomas College; Summer Coaching Schools at University of Michigan. Rockne-Meanwell Coaching School, and Thistlethwaite- Olsen-Hahn Coaching School, Administrative Head, Albion Coaching School, Bemidji Coaching School, Minnesota. Member, United States Army Reserve Corps, National Collegiate Association of Football and Basketball Coaches; Phi Kappa Phi; present position since 1927. Lewis D. Erwin, B. S. Director of Physical Education for Men B. S.. University of Illinois, 1923; Director of Athletics, New Or- leans, La., 1923-192S; Scabbard and Blade; Director of Camp Os- ceola For Boys, Ashville, N. C. H ' JS; Athletic Officer, C. M. T. C, Camp Custer. Michigan, 1925; First Lieutenant L " . S. Reserves: Director of Recreation Bay View Summer School, 1930; Summer Coaching Schools. University of Illinois. 1923; Albion College, 1929, 1930. 1931: Columbia University, Summer, 1931; present position since 1929. Jo Dunn, A. B., M. A. Director of Physical Education for Women A. B., Oberlin College, 1920; M. A., Columbia University. 192S; Summer Session, California University, 1924; Instructor in ' Physical Education, Southwestern State Teachers College. California, Penn- sylvania, 1920-22, 1923-24: Lulae Union High School, Lulae. Cali- fornia, 1924-25; Fort Collins High School, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1925-28; Colorado State Agricultural College, summer 1926. • • • Forty-four A L B I N I A N GOVERNING BODIES 3 -. i «- V s ! N RISLEY MR. EWING DR. MC CULLOCH SODERBURG ST RICK WOLF Publications Council Daryle Wolf President Mr. Robert P. Ewixg 1 ' ice- president Lenore Strick Secretary Dr. McCulloch Treasurer • • • I he Publications Council, a body composed of two faculty members and four students elected at large from the three upper classes of the student body each year, selects the editorial staffs of the ALBIONIAN and the PLEIAD and controlls all other campus publications bearing advertising. Dr. A. T. McCulloch Daryle Wolf Lenore Strick MEMBERS Mr. Robert P. Ewing Carl Risley Hilmer Soderberg- FINANCIAL ADVISER F. Morris Cochran • e • Forty-six 5 - - 9T N N SLAUGHTER MOORE LARGE MILES DR. EITEMAN SLEIGHT DR. ROOD MC COGLIN DR. RANDALL Albion College Co-operative Association OFFICERS Prof. Clement Rood President George Miles 1 ' ice- president Prof. David Randali Secretary • • • The Albion College Co-operative Association, established in 1893. has for its purpose the handling of books and school supplies at greatly reduced prices for the students of the college. Last year the Association adopted the system of fos- tering a scholarship to the most worthy student in the college. The Association is controlled by a board of directors consisting of three faculty members and six students. Three sophomores are elected by the student body each year to serve a term of two years. During this year Walter Xolte has managed the " Co-op " and Alex Pollock has served as assistant manager. Prof. Clement Rood Justine Sleight Dwight Large George Miles BOARD OF DIRECTORS Prof. W. I. Eiteman Prof. Randall Mildred McCoglin Noble Moore Robert Slaughter • • Forty-seven B I , N I A N 9 • Albion College Men ' s Union • • • 1 luring the past six years the Men ' s Union has heen the recreation room for the men students of the College, being situated in the S. S. Kresge Gym- nasium. The organization is a creation of the Student Senate and the equipment is a donation of Stanley Kresge. All of the men on the campus are members of the organization which is governed by a board composed of five students and a faculty adviser. One member is elected from the freshman class each year to serve four years and the fifth member is appointed each year by the already organized board of directors. [ ' ,( )ARD OF DIRECTORS Faculty Advised: .Morris F. Cochran Chairman ami Manager: Leox Schwartz Edwin Appleyard George Maynard Fleming William Smith Forty-eight CLASSES A L B I ] N I A N SENIORS B " e- N N THEODORE Hl FERT DOROTHY HILL ALICE BIRD i:iHVI N APPLEYARD Senior Class Officers Theodore Hufert President Dorothy Hill • ' ice-president Alice Bird ' Secretary Edwin Appleyard Treasurer PhiG amma • • • Phi Gamma of Albion College is the local honorary scholarship fraternity which was founded on May 11. 1921. Membership is based on the same standard as Phi ISeta Kappa and election to membership is made 1)) " a faculty committee from the members of the Senior Class. MEMBERS ELI- (TED THIS YEAR Barbara Bacorn Gertrude Bacorn Fosberg Hughes . Gwendolyn Jones Joy McNabb ... Albion Albion Sault Ste. Marie Flint Plymouth Margaret Moulton Owossc Homer Yinger . . . Janctte Robinson Hartford Leonard Scribner Albion Louise Shumaker Mendon Harold Spiegel Albion Mildred Towne Albion Jane Willard Wilmette, 111. Three Rivers Fifty-tiw A L B I m «- ' » N I A N 3n Jfkmortam Gerald Lyoxs Charles Morse • • • We are moved to think in terms of what is ideal and to speak in superlatives when our memories create for us images of the lives and deeds of Gerald Lyon and Charles Morse. Whether or not we knew them intimately when they were members of the Albion family for three and one-half years, we were conscious of their presence, for in college halls and in the fraternity circle they were leaders in activities seeking to accomplish the highest intel- lectual and social good. We of Albion College, young and old, revere the memories of these friends who left us all too soon. We respected them for the true men they were, for the intellectual zeal which was theirs, and for the qualities of leadership which they exemplified. We honor them in our memory, counting it a privilege to have known them during the time they were with us. Fifty-three B M ' 9 N N m p. 1 1; 1 • E. MARJORIE Port Hope Port Hope High School Public School Music Gamma Gamma Chi; Lambda Mu; A Cappella Choir; V. W. C. A. AMBLER, FRED 1 ' .. Brooklyn High School Literary Tau Kappa Epsilon; Frosb Basketball, Football; Varsity Football 2. 0: " A " Club; In- terfraternity Council 3, 4 AVERY, CHARLES L. M [LLINGTON Millington High School Literarv Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Al- pha Phi; Histrionic Club 2, 4; French Club 11111 ( !lub 3, 4 Fi BACORX, GERTRUDE Albion Butte, Mont.. High School Biology Art Club 1; German Club 2, 3. 4; Chemistry Club 3 ; Hi- ologv Club 2, 3, 4; V. W. C. A. Cabinet J. 3; Honor Roll; Chevron: Phi Gamma BECKER, PHIL t IrANDVIL-LE Grandville High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pleiad Staff 3 ; Track J, 3 ; Manager of Track 4 ALGER, DORIS B. Saginaw Arthur Hill High School Literary Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 APPLEVARD, EDWIN R. South Haven South Haven High School Art Tail Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Gamma, Pros. 3; Albion- ion Staff 1, Asst. Editor 2, Editor 3; Art Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Pres. 2; Men ' s Union Board 1. 2. 3, 4; College Homecoming Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treas. 4 BACORN, BARBARA Albion Butte, Mont., High School Biology . , Glee Club 1. 2; Choir 2, 0, German Club 2. 3, 4; Chem- istry Club 3; Biology Club . 3 4- Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, ' 3; ' Honor Roll; Chevron; Phi Gamma BARHYTE, MARY Battle Creek Battle Creel; High School Literary Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council 3. 4; W. A. A. 1; Y W. C. A. 1. 2; Art Club 1. 2, 3. 4 BECKETT. RICHARD H. Fenxville Fennville High School Literary Phi Mu Alpha; Chapel Choir 2. 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club 1, 2; Lambda Phi Beta; Sinfonia Singers 4 Fifty-four B N N BESSERT, CLARENCE E. 1 Jetkoi i Southeastern High School Detroit City College Business Administration Delta Tau Helta; Alpha Phi Gamma; Business Mgr. Ple- iad ' : Manager of Publica- tions 3 ; Mgr. Student Hirec- tory .1 BLACK, MILDRED Albion Birmingham High School Albion High Sehool Literary (lamina Gamma Chi; French Club 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, .5, 4; VV. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. J, 3. 4; Glee Club 1; Tennis 1, 2, 3; Cha- pel Choir 1 ; Civic Chorus 3 : Chi Epsilon 3. 4; Y. W. ( A. 3 BOYDEN, MARCUS It. MUSKI GO t Muskegon High Sciwot Speech Tau Kappa Epsilon; Debate 1. 2, 4; Chemistry Club - ' ; Hfisti ionic Club 2, 3, 4; The- la Alpha Phi BURNS, HELENA L. Albion Albion High Schjol Home Economics Home Ec Club 3; V. V. ( ' A. 1 CAMERON, WALLACE C Glade ro. E Gladstone High School Pre-Medic Helta Sigma Phi; Football 1 J. 3, 4; Spanish Club I ' .l KM. ALICE V.. Traverse City raicrsc City High Sehool Literary Zeta ' iau Alpha; German Club 2, 3. 4: . VV. ( . A. 1, J. 3. 4; Women ' s Basketball 1. J. 3. 4: ( ' las-. Secretary 4 liLAIR, I RROLL S. I iETROIT Rcdford High Sehool Biology Delta Tau Helta: Spanish Club ; l In mistry I bib; Chair- man Senior Skip Hay Com- mittee I ' d; All.. ALEXANDRIA 1 1 o n i o N Albi, o, High S, hool Literary Alpha X, Helta; V ' . W. C. A. 1. J. 3. 4; ( Irchestra 1. 2, 3; Forum l bib 3. 4. ice-pres. 4; German Club 3. 4 Bl ' UR, Hi IRI ITHV M. Flint Flint Control High Sehool Mathematics Alpha Xi Helta; Mathematics Club 3. 4; W. V A. 1. J, 3. 4. Pies. 3: Albioinan Staff 3, 4: Pleiad Staff 4; X. S. G. A. Board 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4 CLOSSEN, JEAN II. Albion Detroit Central High Sehool Hour- Economics Zeta Tau Alpha; Horns Eco- nomics Club J. 3, 4; Chem- istry (luh J, 3. 4; W. A. A. 3. 4; Basketball 3, 4 Fifty-five B M vy N N CODDIXGTOX, DARWOOD R. Jackson jackson High School Literary Alpha Tail Omega; Albionian Staff .?: " A " ( lub; Basket- ball .1; llaseball 1. J DEAN, JACK G. Albion High School Pre-Law Sigma Xu: Art Club Albion DENSMi iRK. RI( HARD M. Petoske Pctosltcy Higl Sell ol Literary Sigma Xu DRAKE, VI IL B Durand Durum! High Si hool Literary ( lamnia !amma Chi ; A Cap- pella Choir; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3. 4; Home Ec Cluh; V. V. C. A. EASTWOI m, M KIAX A. Sagj ka Litrrarv COMSTOCK, LAWRENCE A. Albion Albion High School Literary Phi Mil Alpha. Pres. 4: Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4, Sec; - Treas. 2, 3; Hand 1, 2, 3, 4, V. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4 DLXMAX. WILLIAM J. Eerndale Lincoln High School Literarv Delta tan Delta; Alpha Phi i Samma, Vice-pres. 3 ; Phys- ics Club ' , 3, 4, Sec. -Treas. 3; Contributors Club 3, 4, Pres. .5; Pleiad 3, 4; Senior Canes Committee DE Y1XXEY. DONALD W. Big Rapids Holland High School Crano Rapids Junior College Literary V. 11. C. A. 3, 4; Debate 3, 4; Deputation Teams 3, 4 DUTTQN, JOHN P. Farm twGTi in Chaffcy Cnion High School Chancy Junior College, On- tario, Calif. Ministry Oratory, Soph Contest; Horn Contest J; Track 3 ; Lambda Phi Beta EBERT, AXXA L. 1 Jetroit Mixs Newman ' s School Detroit, National Park Sem- inary. Wash., D. C. Literary 1 elta ( larama Fifty B N N ELLIOT, JAMES R. COLDWAl IK ' Coldwater High School Literary EVANS, MARIAN L. M i. Clemens ,1 . Clemens High School Literary Delta Gamma; V. W. C. A. Pres. 3, 4; V. S. G. A. 3; Forum Club 3, 4 FULTON. JOHN W. Florence, Penna. C m ' oii High School Literary Classical Club ; A Cappella Choir GREGORY, PHYLLIS Manistee Manistee High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Lam tula Mu; Glee Club 1, 2 ; Choir 1, 2; Y. V. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Contributors Club 3, 4 ; Art Club 3, 4 HAGEN, HARLEY St. Ignace St. Ignace High School Literary Delta t ' au Delta ELY, DALON H. 1 J DINGTUN Petoskey High School Mathematics Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4; Zeta I ' hi l ; II ( II. HARRY L. Pleasan r Ridge Lincoln High School Coaching Delta " Fan Delta; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club, Prti. -r : Golf 3 G(H)D. ALEX I I W ENDAL1 Owcndale High School Pie-L: Football 1, 4; Baseball 1,2: Basketball I ; Track 1 GRIEVE, ALICE C. Big Rapids Big Rapids High School Home Economics Delta Gamma; Chemistry Club; Home Economics Club; Women ' s Basketball, Base- ball HARMON, LESLIE C. Benton Harbor Marshall, Okla., High School Literary Tan Kappa Epsilon ; Band 1, 2. 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1, 2, . . 4; Phi Mu Alpha • • Fifty-seven B N N HELMKAMP, EMMA A. Sagixaw 5 i f ' iaic ' High School Michigan State College Home Economics Home Economics Club; Y. W. C. A. HOAGFELT, ROLAND II. Traverse Citi Traverse City High Sellout Pre-Law Alpha Tan Omega; Debate 2, 3. 4; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil 3, 4; Albionian Staff 4; Track 4; Chairman Class Me- morial Committee 4 HOPKINS, B. SMITH L ' rbana. Ill Urbana High School Fttllertou, in!.. Junior Col- lege I niverstty of Illinois Pre-Medical Chemistry Club 3, 4; Biology Club 4; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter-Fraternity Council 4 HCFF. ADELBERT ». DUKANII Lincoln High School Educatiun Delta Tau Delta: " A " Club; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basket- ball 2, 3. 4; Track J, 3. 4; Pleiad Staff 4 IRWIN, BERNICE E. Ot-EAN. New Yo ; Olean High School Home Econmnics V- VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Horn Economics Club 3, 4 HILL, D( iRDTllV B. Detroit Fontiac High School i ' ontiae Junior College Literary Kappa Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; Thcta Alpha Phi; Pres. Chevron; Associate Editor Albionian 4; Vice-pres. Class 4; Histrionic Club 3, 4, Sec. 4; VV. S. G. Board 4; Col- lege Orator 3, 4; Debate 3, 4; Y. Y. C. A. Cabinet 4; Art Editor Susanna Wesley Annual 1 HOLMES, STANLEY Detroit Detroit Eastern High School Genez ' a School of Interna- tiona! Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, 1929 Liter HL ' FERT, T. LOUIS Detroi Detroit Eastern High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: German Club; I nter fraternity Coun- cil 3, 4; Class Pres . 4 HUGHES, FOSBERG Sault Ste. Marie Big Rapids High School Ferris Institute Literary Debate 3. 4; Y. M. C. A.; Classical Club; Phi Gamma JOHNSON, WILBUR A. South Haven South Haven High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon Fifty-eight B «. " ' -.; N N JONES, EDGAR V. Royal Oak Royal Oak High School Literary Sigma Nu; Glee Club 2; Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. TUDD, RICHARD V. St. Joh ns St. Johns High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Chemistry Club; Program Committee 4; Interfraternity Council 4 KAY, MILTON ( YOU NGSVILLE, Pa. Yonngsz ' ille High School Literary Sigma Nu; Freshman Track 1 KIMB LL, MARY E. I A C K Si J S Jackson High ■ hooi Literarv Alpha Xi Delta; French Club 3, 4; Y. Y. C. A.; German t lub 3, 4 LAING, EARI. B. I ii: i Ron Redford High School Literary Sigma Chi; Spanish Club 2; Contributors Club 2, 3 ; In- terfraternity Council 3, Homecoming Committee 4; Senior Prom 4 J( INES, GWENDOLYN E. Flint Flint Central High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha; Theta Al- pha Phi 3, 4; Histrionic Club 2. 3, 4; Debate 2. 3, 4; Y. . C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Wom- en ' s Hockey 1 ; Pan-Hellenic ouncil 4; Phi (.lamina K M-. STANLEY N. S M ' .I NAW Arthur Hill High School [business Administration Delta Tau Delta; Cheerlead- er 1, 2; Band 1. 2; Track 1, KELLER, CHARLES F. I ' II Rl I] T Di troit Southwestern High School ' droit City College I -Law Alpha I an Omega; Freshman Basketball; Basketball 3; " A " Club; Homecoming Commit- lc ' 3 KINNEY, R IBERT C. Benton 1 1 rbor Benton Harbor High School Business Administration Tan Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Gamma; Sports Editor Pleiad 3; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Albionian 3; Editor Student Directory 4; Senior Commil- K e on Programs 4 I. WSON, VERNON Croswell Croswell High School I ' ort Huron Junior College Business Administration I ' .aiul 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4, Sec, 4 ; Orchestra 4 Fifty- B 9V N N LITTLEJOHN, MAURICE M. " Flint Port Huron High School Michigan State (. allege Literary Delta Tau Helta LUTHER, MARGARET G. Pont i ac Pontiac High School Literary Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet 3. 4. Religious Activities Editor Albioniarr 3, 4 .MATHER, GEORGE V. Albion Albion High School Literary Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Club 3. 4; Pleiad Staff 3, 4; Model Leayue of Nations As- sembly 2, 3, 4 McKALE, WILLIAM DEAX Lansing Lansing Central High School Michigan State College Business Administration Sigma Nu; Phi Mu Alpha; Track 1. 4; Band MacNEVEN, SHIRLEY E. Bay City Grayling High School Bay City Junior College Literary Lambda Mu; Orchestra 3, 4 LONG, JOHN Flint Business Administration LYON, GERALD H. Carson City Carson City High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi; Debate 2, 3, 4; Asst. Editor Pleiad 2; Inter fraternity Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Forum Club 3, 4; Phi Gamma McCALL, DUANE Ithaca Ithaca High School Journalism Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Gam- ma; Football 1 ; Sports Ed- itor Pleiad 2; Asst. Business Mgr. 3; Business Mgr. Al- bionian 4 McNABB, JOY Plymouth Plymouth High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Classical Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Phi Gamma MARVIN, JOHN W. Centrevilll Centreviile High School Literary S ixty B 9V N N MASON, RUTH M. Port Huron Port Huron High School Ward -Belmont Preparatory School, Nashville, Tenn. Olivet College Home Economics 1 elta Gamma; Home Eco- nomics Club 2, 3, 4; Chem- istrv Club 2, 3, 4; V. V. C. A. METCALF, ELIZABETH D. 1 )ktruit Detroit Southeastern High School Literary Kappa " Delta; Art Club, Home Economics Club; W. A. A. Treas. 2 MIXER. GERALDINE M. Allegan Allegan High School Western State Teachers College Literary Kappa Delta ; Pleiad 3, 4 ; Senior Play Committee; Y. V. C. A. MORRISON, LOUISE S. Angola, Ind. Science Chemistry Club 2. 4; V. W. C. A. 1, " J MOSHER, FRANCES P. Centreville Centreville High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club I, 2; College Choir 1. 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Dormi- tory Board 3, 4; Chape ' Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman Music Committee 4 MESLER, GEORGE W. Albion Albion High School Chemistry Phvsics Club 2, 3 ; t lerman Club 3 MILLER. GERALDINE R. Albion Albion High School MORGAN, HELEN E. Highland Park Highland Park High School Lasell Seminary, Auburndalc, Mass. Literary Alpha Chi Omega: Lambda Mn; A Cappella Choir; W. S. G. I!.; Senior Cap and Gown Committee: Y. V. C. A. MORSE, CHARLES C. West Branch West Branch High School Business Administration I elta Sigma Phi ; Interfra- ternity Council 3, 4; College 1 [omecoming Comm. M ULT( )N, MARGARET Owosso Owosso High School Literary Delta Gamma; French Club; Forum Club; W. S. G. A. Board; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; . A. A. Board; Glee Club; J-IIop Comm. B " r 9V N N MOYNES, MARGARET Detroit Detroit Central High School 1 lonie Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Orchestra; Home Economics Club; W. A. A. MULHOLLAND, MARGARET Toledo. Oh io The Mary Lyon School, Swarthmorc, Pa. Connecticut College 3, Nczv London, Conn. Literary Histrionic Club 2, 4 Delta Gamma; Debate 3 NOLTE, WALTER T. Reed City Pre- Law Sigma Nu; Class President 1, 3; Student Senate J; In- ter t rater mty Council 3 ; De- bate 1, 3, 4; Homecoming Comm. 3; Asst. Mgr. Co-op, 3. Mgr. 4 OSMUN, LAWRENCE Albion Albion High School Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basket- ball 1 ; " A " ' Club 2, 3. 4 RAW ROBERT E. Riley. Ind. Nebraska North Platte High School University of Nebraska Business Administration V. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4. Pies. 3; Debate Team 3; Histrionic Club 3. 4; Student Religious Council 3. 4; Chairman of Senior Committee for Invi- tations 4 MUCK, LUCIEN Brooklyn Brooklyn High School Business Administration Sigma Chi ; Asst. Football Mgr. 3. Mgr. 4; " A " Club; Interfraternity Council 4 NASH, NORMA HoLTON Holton High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta; V. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1 ; A Cappella Choir 1. 2 O ' ROURKE, ALBERT A. Detroi r Detroit Southeastern High School Business Administration Tan Kappa Epsilon ; Basket ball 1. 2. 3. 4; " A " Club 2, 3. 4; Co-op Board 2. 3. 4 PEARCE, MILDRED M. Detroit Detroit Northern High School Literary Kappa Delta ; Delta Sigma Rho RICE. C. ROBERT Detroit Detroit Northern High School History Alpha Tau Omega ; Frosh Football; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Forum Club 3, 4 ; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; German Club 1 • • Sixty-two B " .♦ ; ' N N RICHARDS, HULDA D. Naugatu c k, Co n n . Crosby High School, Waterbury, Conn. Art Art Club 2, 3, 4; Y. V. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBINSON, JANETTE Hartford Hartford High School Literary Gamma Gamma Chi ; Pin Gamma; Contributors Club 3, 4; Forum Club 3, 4; Chi Ep- silon 3, 4; Debate 4 ROGERS, RICHARD L. Watervliet fl ' atervliet High School University of Michigan Literary Tau Kappa Epsilon; Debate 1. 3, 4; Histrionic Club 4, Hand 1, 2; Track 4; Glee Club 1 ; Michigan Interpreta- tive Arts Society; Homecom- ing Committee 2 SEBASTIAN, JAMES R. Albion Albion High School Business Administration Sigma Nu; Football 1; De- bate 4 SHROCK, JACK G. South Haven South Haven High School Art Delta Sigma Phi : Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Albionian Staff KIDD1CK, PARKER Albion High School Business Administration ' V. M. C. A. 2, 3. 4 Albion ROEHM, CHARLES L. I I : I " K O 1 Detroit Northern High School Literary Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1, 2; Basketball Mgr. 3, 4; Inter fraternity Council 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Chairman Sen- ior Prom RUW ' E, OPAL V. COLDWATER Coldwatcr High School Literary V. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; French Club 3, 4, Sec. 4 SHIYELY, MARTHA L. Grand Rapids East Grand Rapids High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Lambda Mu; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2. 3; German Club 2; Chevron SILCMAKER, LOUISE K. Men don Mendon High School Literary Kappa Delta; Class Secretary 3; Y. S. G. B. 3, 4; Forum Club 3, 4 ; Spanish Club 2 ; I ' an -Hellenic Council 3, 4; Y, W. C. A. 1, 2 • Sixty-three B VV N N SMITH. MEREDITH I. Detroit Culver Military Academy Cozen ovia Seminary Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Football 1. 2; Pleiad Staff 4 SODERBURG, HILMER Chicago Lindbloom High School Covert High School Literary Kropscott Prize 1: Oratory 1, J; Publications Council 3, 4; Contributors Club 3, 4; Ox- ford Club 1, J; V. M. C. A. 2. 3, 4; Lambda Phi Beta STEWART. TANE R( IRERTA " Mt. Clemens Mt. Clemens High School " holm College Literary Delta Gamma ; French Club J. 3; V. W. C. A. Cabinet STOPHLET, DOROTHY E. Toledo Scott High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Yice-pres. 2, Pres. 3; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Dormitory Board 3; Chev- ron; Histrionic Club 4 TACKELS, MARGARET E. Highland Park Fairfax Hall, I ' a. Literary Alpha Chi Omega ; Chemis- try Club 2, 3, 4, Yice-pres. 3 ; Dormitory Board 3, 4; Y. Y. C. A. ' SMITH. RUSSELL J. Albion Albion High School Business Administration Spanish Club SPIEGEL, HAROLD R Albion Albion High School Literary Helta Sigma Rho; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Oratory 1, 2; Ger- man Club 3, 4 ; Classical Club 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; French Club 1 ; Histrionic Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 3. 4; Co-op Ass ' n Board 2, 3, 4; Forum Club 3, 4; Phi Gamma STOKER, FRANCIS K . Detroit Detroit Northern High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha; Art Club 1, 2, 3; Albionian Staff 3, 4; Chevron STRICK, R. LENORE Brighton Brighton High School Literary Alpha Phi Gamma; Alpha Xi Delta; Pleiad Staff 3, 4; Albionian Staff 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 3. 4; Homecoming Comm. 3 ; Pan- Ilellenic Council 3. 4; Pub- lications Council 4 THORNTON, MARIAN L. River Rouge River Rouge High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha; Class Sec- retary 1 ; Student Senate 1 ; Albionian Staff 2; Debate 1, 2. 3. 4; Forum Club 2. 3. 4; Y. VV. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4 Sixty-four B ' 9 3 N N [ ]»]). STAVTON G. Detroit Detroit Northern High School Sociology Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Baskethall 1; V. M. C. A. 1; Senior Cane Committee 4 VAN HORN, LAWRENCE Gladstone Gladstone High School Literary Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia Singers 4 WALTERS, FREDERICK S. Battle Creek Battle Creek High School Business Administration Alpha Tan Omega; Football 2, 3, 4 WILLARD, JANE B. WlLMETTE, III. Wilmette High School Music Alpha Chi Omega; Lambda Mu; Phi Gamma; Women ' s Glee Club 1 ; College Choir, Accompanist ; Lambda Mu ; Sinyei - WORCESTER, DORI (THY B. Big Rapids Big Rapids High School Hume Economics I elta Gamma ; Glee Club ; Hume Economics Club 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; V. W. C. A. 1, Yice-pres. 3 TOWNE, MILDRED E. Albion Albion High School Literary A Cappella Choir 3. 4; Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; French Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3; Phi Gamma WALLS. SHIRLEY W. Davisburg Holly High School Pre-Medic Sigma Xu ; Physics Club; WEISENBERG, EILEEN M. Owosso Owosso Centra! High School Literary Alpha ' Chi Omega; Lambda Mu; (dee Club 1, 2; A Cap- pella ( hoir 2, 3, 4 ; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yice-pres. 3, Pres. 4 ; Histrionic Club 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Contributors Club 4; Albion- ian Staff 4 WOLF, DARYLE W. Cement City Brooklyn High School Tau Kappa Epsilon; Class Treasurer 3; J-Hop Comm. ; Cross Country 2: Track 3, 4; " A " Club; Asst. Basketball Mgr. 3; Interfraternity Coun- cil 3, 4; Publications Council 3, 4, Pres. 4 YATES, PEARL A. Battle Creek Baltic Creel: High School Literary Kappa Delta; Sec. of Class 2; Math. Club 3, Yice-pres. 3; Pleiad Staff 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 • Sixty-five B N N YEAGLEY, BARBARA E. Waldrox ll ' aldron High School Literary Kappa Delta YINGER, HOMER " . South Maven Creston School, Grand tiofiJs Boston Uniz ' crsity, C. I.. A. -2 1 [istory Phi Ma Alpha; Delta Sigma Rho; Debate 1. 3, 4; German Club 3; Histrionic Club 3, 4; Forum Club 3, 4; Male Quar- tette 3: A Cappella Choir 3. 4; Track 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. Pres. 3 ; Campus Religious Council; Phi Gamma ; Con- tributors Club 4: Sinfonia Singers 4 YEAGLEY, ROBERT Yaldron- Waldron High School Pre-Engineering Sigma Chi; Interfraternity Council 4, Pres. 4; Chemis- try Club 4 ZELAKOWSKI, FRANK Hamtramck Hamtramck High School Literary " A " Club; Football 1, 2. 3. 4 CLASS OF 1932 Chauncey Green Leonard Scribner Oscar Shapiro Mahlon Smith Merrill Wall? William Wells Bernard Wetherell B. D. Zack • • • Si.rty-SKx B I , N I A N JUNIORS B ' - ? ' »V N N WENDELL SMITH MARY Hl ' FION LEONE LEE LEON MILLER Junior Class Officers Wendell Smith President Mary Hufton ' ' ice-president Leone Lee Secretary Leon- Miller Treasurer • Sixty-eight B " - ' 9 N N ALLMAN, ELLA Albion .-J hiy i High School Literary Zeta Phi; W. A. A. 2. 3; A Cappella Choir 3 ; Art Club I, 3 ANDERSON, STUART Elmore, Ohio Harris-Elmore High School Pre-Law Tan Kappa Epsilon; Debate 1, 2, 3; Forum Club 2, 3; Histrionic Club 2, 3 ; Model League or Nations 2, 3 ; Band 1. 2, 3; V. M. C. A. J, 3 ; Associate Editor Al- binnian 3; Honor Roll 1, J i: RXI. GHAM. WALTER L. Yermontville Vermontville High School Pre-Law Band 2, 3 BIGGAR, JANICE M. Lansing Central High School Literary Lambda Mu. Pres. 3 ; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3, Treas. 3; Spanish Club 3; V. W. C. A. ; Chapel Choir 3 ; Church Choir 3 BODINE, HAROLD R. Battle Creek fiattfe Creek High School Pre-Medical Sigma Nu; Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Biology Club 3; Physics Club ANDERSON, GLADYS Detroit Eastern High School Ward-Belmont Literary 1 elta ( lamina 13 VLLARD, JOHN C. B ELDING Central High School Business Administration A lpha Tan Omega; Pleiad Staff 3: Track 2, 3; Chair- man of T-Hop: " A " Club BELL, MARGARET Lansing Central High School Literary Zeta Tan Alpha; A Cappella Choir J. 3; Lambda Mu 3; Contributors Club 3 BLAIR, MARGARET Detroit Central High School Literary BOTTOMS, MARIAN Flint Flint Central High School Flint Junior College Litei ary French Club; German Club; Alpha Xi Delta • • • Sixty-nine B N N BOWERMAN, GWENDOLYN Springport Jackson High School Literary Contributors Club; Gamma t lamina Chi ROYER, CHARLES [ ( INALD Mr. Clemens P re-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon; 1 eliat 1. 3; Track 1. 2. 3; Cross Country 2. 3 BROWN, HKXK Ai inn ' Albion High S i Business Administration Phi Mu Alpha: V. M ( A . ; Choir 1. 2, .1; Glee Club 1. Sinfonia Singers 3 BR( IWN, R( IBERT L. 1 IE 1 1; ' I . Northern High School Delta Sigma Phi; Biology l lub 1. 2, 3; Art ( lub 2, 3; University of Michigan Bi- ology Station 2, 3 BROWNE, WILLIAM J. Eaton Rapids Eaton Rapids High School Business Administration Lambda Phi Beta; Track 1, 2. 3; Football 1, 2, 3 l ' .i IYD, HUGH GEORGE Detroit Southeastern High School Detroit City College Literary Delta Sigma Phi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1; Pleiad Staff 1; Cross Country 3; Track 3 BROWN, GEORGE H. 1 lETROIT orthern High School English l- ' rench Club 1. 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2 BROWN, REITS Albion High School Biology Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 Biology Club 2. 3 German Club 1. 2 BROWN, ZOE BARBARA Jackson Jackson High School Literary Y, W. C. A.; Contributors Club; Alpha Chi Omega BRUNGER, RONALD A. Grand Ledge Grand Ledge High School Literary I Irchestra 2, 3; Band 1. 2. 3; Sinfonia Singers 3; Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Chi Epsilon; V. M. C. A.; Zeta Phi: Phi Mu Alpha • • • Seventy B N N CARPENTER, WILLIAM S. Dearborn Dearborn High School Literary Sigma Xu CHAUNCEY, RICHARD M. Albion Albion High School Pre-Medical Alpha Tan Omega: Chemis- try Club 3 DALEY, RICHARD S. Detroit Eastern High School Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega DOWNEY, ENID Highland Park Highland Park High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha; Spanish Club 2; Mathematics Club 2, 3; Forum Club 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3; W. S. G. A. 3 EASTMAN, HAROLD C. Midland Midland Central High School Business Administration V. M. C. A. 1, . ' , 3; Glee Club 1; Football 1 CHAPEL, LYNN E. Albion Albion High School Literary Band 1, 2; French Club 2. 3; Contributors Club 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Chi Epsilon CRAWFORD, ME1.1M IN ELMORE Allen ton Memphis High School Literary College Choir 1, 2; Classical ( lub 1. 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, DODGE, BERTHA Z. Venice, Cal. Venice High School Literary DROUIN, ISABEL Di rROn Southwestern High School Literary Y W. C. A, 1, 2. 3; A t ap- pella Choir 3 ELDER, NARETTA Flint Flint Central High School Flint Junior College Literary Alpha Xi Delta; French Club !: German Club • • • Seventy-one B " «. vv N N ELLIS, JACK Owosso High School Literary Sigma Nu FISHER, CLAYTON P I I] 1 RO! 1 Southeastern High School Pre-Law Delta Tau L) -lta: Alpha Phi iainma ; Class Pres. 2 ; " A " Club; J -Hop Committee 3 ; Circulation Mgr. Pleiad 1 : Assistant Business Mgr. 2; Business Mgr. 3 ; Basket hall GASKELL, ROBERT E. Al.HION Albion High School Chemistry Band 1. 2. 3; Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Phi Mn Alpha; French Club 1 ; Chemistry Club 3 GILDEMEISTER, HELEN Beldini Belding High School Literary ( hi Epsilon GREENLEASE, CHARLES Biteley Xewaygo High School Engineering Mathematics Club 3; Physics Club 3; String Quartet 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3 FERRIS, ADELE Mt. Clemens Mt. Clemens High School Literary French Club; German Club FOLEY, ANDREW Petoskey Pctoskcy High School Business Administration " I au Kappa Epsilon; Pleiad Stall 2 GAUNT, GEORGE H. Yassar lassnr High School Art Art Club 1, 2. 3, Pres. 3; Band 1. 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, I -I top Committee 3 ; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3 GREEN, JACK Aurora, III. Aurora High School Literary i.rLl.IYEk, STANLEY Flint Flint Central High School Journalism Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Phi Camma; Cheer Leader 2, 3; Boxing 2, 3; Golf 3; Pleiad Staff 2; Associate Editor of Albionian 2 • • • Seventy-two B 9V N N HAMPTON, ROBERT Detboi i Northwestern High School Pre- Law Lambda Plii Beta HANDY, FRANC ES SODUS Benton Harbor High School Modern Languages A Cappella Choir 2; French Club .?, 3; German Club 3; Lambda Mu 3; Chi Epsilon 3; Y. Y. C. A. 2, 3 HARLEY, EDWARD S. I Ietroi I Northern High School P usiness Administration Alpha Tau Omega HAYDEN, HOWARD Cassopol i Cassopohs High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi HILBORN, ELIZABETH C. Flint Flint Central High School Literary Zeta Tan Alpha IIANCHETT, MARY Big Rapids Big Rapids High School Literary ( appella Choir 2, 3; Y. W. l A 1. - ' . 3, Treas. 3; Lambda Mu HARGER, CEDRIC Farming ton Farmington H igh School Literary Delta Sigma Phi 11 MM ' . 1 XAU O-a-osso High School Literary Owosso HERRIFF, WALTER M. Albion . Ubion High School lUisiness Administration - l .amsh Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Delta Sigma Phi HILL, STUART Marlette Marlette High School Literary Spanish Club 3; Y. M. C. . 1, J. 3 • • Seventy-three B «H ' n N N HUFTON, MARY C. Coleman frontier High School, East Jordan English Debate 2, 3; Histrionic Club 2, 3; V. W. C. A. 1, J, 3: Cabinet 3 ; Pan- II el len i c Council 3; Gamma Gamma ( " hi ; Vice-pres. Class 3 ; Re- ligious Council .ll ' RMA, ALICE ISHPEMINC Ishfeining High St hoot Literary Alpha Xi Delta: Y. V. C. A. ; Spanish Clnh KELLOGG, JOSEPHINE M. Marquette Marquette High School Literary I ' elta ( iamma KIMBALL, NAOMI South 1 1 we •■ South Haven High School History Debate 1, 2, 3; Y. C. A. Forum Club 2, 3; Pan-Hel lenic Council 3 ; Zeta Tai Alpha LANE. HOWARD J. Earmi ngtok Farmiiigton High School Literary HUGHES, Pi IXAIJ) S. Owosso Owosso High School Literary Delta Tau Delta ; Spanish Club; Football 1, 2, 3; Bas- ketball 1 ; " A " Club KEAST, MARIAN L. ISHPEMINC Tshpeming High School Literary KENSICKI, THEODORE J. Detroit Cascnovia Seminary Sociology Histrionic Club KKAPI IRWIN E. Grosse Pointe Crosse Points High School P re-Dental Delta Tau Delta Football 2: Basketball 1, 3 LARGE, DWIGHT South Haven Lansing Central High School Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Delta Sigma Phi ; 1 ' ebate 1 , 2, 3 ; Histrionic Club 1, 2, 3 Seventy -four B N N LEE. LEONE South 1 I i Soirf i Haven High School Literary Pan-Hellenic Council, Pres. 3; Delta Gamma LINDAUER, JACK liATTLt Creek Battle Creek High School Literary LOO.MIS, RUTH I fwi ISSO Owosso High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha: Che Club; Biologj ( lul. LUDY, HELEN Detroii Southeastern High S, hool Literary Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3 MacDIARMID, IICGII STUART Highland Park Highland Park High School Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta .11. LEY. NORMA M ( , , ta High Si hool I .itei ary V. VV. C. A. J. .!; ( hi Ep silon .; LINK. PERSIS Eli i Flint High School Finn Junior t allege Literary Kappa Delta; Oratory 3; Y. Y. C. A. 1; German ( lul 1. 3 I.( (WRY, GE( IRGE Brooklyn Brooklyn High School Pre-Engineering Physics Club 2, 3; Math. Club 3 LUTZ, EARL Ceresco Battle Creek High School Chemistry Delta Tail Delta; Track -. 3 Ma. NEYEN, Im IXALD PONTIAC Pontiac High School Pre-Law • • Seventy-five 3 I m s V N N McCREA, MALCOLM R. MUSKEGC Muskegon High School Muskegon Junior t ollegc Journalism Sigma Xn McMAHON, JANICE Pulaski Pulaski High School Literary V. W. C, A. 1. 2, 3 MAVNARD, iH (WARD 1 E TRliI I Northern High School Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega; Class Trcas. 2; Asst. Basketball Mgr. 3 MILES, GEORGE PoNTIAC Pontiac High School Literary Sigma Xu ; Basketball I. MOHR, CLARENCE Brooklyn Brooklyn High School Physics Club ' . 3, Vice-pres. 3 ; Football J ; Mathematics Club 2, 3 McGUNGLE, KEATE T. Marlette Marietta High School Pre-Medical Phi Mu Alpha; Band 1. 2, 3; ( i.Tinan Club J MA i HER, GRACE Albion High School Literary Chemistry Club 2, 3 MEREDITH, LUCIEN Detroit Northwestci n High School Business Administration Lambda Phi Beta MILLER, LEON Battle Creek Battle Creek High School Sigma Chi : Class Treas. I nte rf rater n it v Council Asst,-Mgr. Football 2, Asst. Mgr. Basketball 2 MORGAN, ARTHUR Boyne City Boyne City High School Business Administration Delta Tan Delta; Football 1. • • Seventy-six B N N NASH, ANNA PoNTIAC Pontiac High School Literary Kappa Delta NOWLIN, lAXIi ELIZABETH Albion High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega PASTOR, JAMES OWENDALE Owendale High School Literary PLASTERER, NICK LAS J. La Grange, Ind, La Grange High School DePauw University P re- Law Sigma Chi; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Phi Gamma; Histri- onic Club ; Band 2 ; Orches- tra 2; Pleiad Staff 2, Editor 3: German Club POMN, D R (THY. BURTON 1 1] run i i Southeastern High School History Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C, A. 1, 2, 3 XICKERSOX, DEAN Birmingham Birmingham High School Literarv Delta Tau Delta i)S I ' ERLE. MKLVIX Webberville Wcbbervillc High School Literary Band 1, 2, Beta Lambda Phi •INCH, GERALDINE E. Eaton Rapids laton Rapids High School .iterary (ebate 3; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3; " . A. A. Board .5; Histrion- Cluh 3; French Club 2, 3; mbda Mu; Y. Y. C. A. 1, POLLOCK, ALEX S. Flint Cent) at High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta; Homecom- ing Committee 2, 3; Asst. Mgr. Co-op, 3 ; Cheer Leader 1. 2, 3; Interfraternity Coun- POST, ARLENE M. Owosso Owosso High School Literary Art Club 1, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 • • Seventy-seven B " • ' »v N N REED. ROBERT Albion Albion High School Business Administration RISLEY, CARL M. 1 EERFIELD Manistique High School Literary Sigma Xu ; " A " Club; Bas- ketball 1 , 2, 3 ; Publications Council 2, 3 ROSS, TANK Albion High School Mil. -Downer College Literary Delta Gai Art Club 3 SAIGON, NEWELL Petoskey Pctoskey High School Literary Zeta Phi; Band 1,2. 3; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia Singers 3 : Chi Epsilon SCHWARTZ, LEON Brooklyn Brooklyn High School Literary Tau Kappa Epsilon RICHARDS, REBA Albion Albion High School I literal " } Alpha Chi Omega; Spanish Club ROGERS, RUSSELL Detroit Southeastern High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta; Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1 RUNNING, HARRY T. Traverse City Traverse City High School P re-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Gamma; Interfraternity Council 3; Debate 1, 2, 3; Associate Editor Albionian 2, Editor-in-Chief 3; Oratory 1 ; Model League of Nations 2, .i ; Forum Club 3 SCIIROEDER, MARVIN PONTIAC " online High School Literary Sigma Nii; Class Pres. 1 ; Football 1. 2, 3; " A " Club SHIPMAN, CHARLES W. CORUNNA Corunna High School Pre-Medical Lambda Phi Beta Seventy-eight B N N SHORTLE, ROBERT L. Detroit Holy Redeemer High .School Literary Delta tau Delta; Football 1. 2, 3; Basketball 3 SMITH, R( )LAXD D. Niles Niles High School Chemistry Sigma Chi ; J-Hop Cnmin. ; Chemiatry Club 3 SPIEGEL, MARGAKKI Albion Albion High School Literarv Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Debate 1, 2, 3 STEINER, FREDERII Chelsea Chelsea High School Literary Sigma Nu; Math Club 2, 3: Debate 3; German Club 2, 3, Sec. 3; Football 1, 2: Track 3 STORM, HAROLD Niles South Bend Central High School Journalism Pleiad 2, 3, Mgn. Editor 3; Lambda Phi Beta SLEIGHT, JUSTINE Albion Albion High School Literary Alpha ( hi (mega ; French i. bib; Spanish t lub SMITH, ENDELL Fast Lansing East Lansing High School Pie-Law Basketball 1, 2, 3; " A " Club; Class Pres. 3; Inter- fraternity Council 3 ; Span- ish Club ' ; Forum Club 3 STEINER, DORTHEA E. Chelsea Chelsea High School Literary Zeta Tan Alpha; Honor Roll 1, 2; Math Club 3; W. S. G. A. 3; VV. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Basket- STEWART, BLANCHE M l Clemens Mt. Clemens High School Literary Classical Club 2, 3; V. W. C, A. 1 , 2, 3; German Club 3 ; Honor R..11 2: Basketball 3 SUITER, CLARICE A. Flint Centra! High School Flint Junior College Literary • • • Seventy-nine B N N TANNER, LOUISE HELEN I ' ll ! , i! Northern High School Literary Spanish Club 3; V. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, Cabinet 3; Home Ec. Club 2. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; A Cappella Choir 2; Chr. of Dormitory Birth- day 1 ' inners 3 TOYVNE, RUTH Albion Albion High School Music W. A. A 2. 3; Hockey 1. 3: Lambda Mu; Zeta Phi; French Club 2, 3; Choir 1. 2. 3 VARTY. LOUISE Flini c cntral High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Chemistry (lub 2. 3; French Club 3 ' . A Cappella Choir 1 ; V. V. C. A, VINOKOOROFF, SERGEI Harbin, Manchuria Russian Classical Gimnasia Business Administration WEEKS, M ox FORT Albion High School Pre-Law Lambda Phi Beta TODD, DAVID Detroi r Northern High School Business Administration Alpha Tan Omega; Pleiad TUCKER. LUCRETIA A. Highland Park Highland { ' ark High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Y. Y. C. A, 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. 3, Y ' ice-pres. 3; French Club 2; Math Club 2. 3, Sec. 3; Y. S. (1. 11. 2. 3. Vice-pres. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, Sec. 3 VINOKOOROFF, LEON Tiensin, China 7 icnsin Grammar School Pre-Engineering Physics Club 2. 3; Math Club 3; Lambda Phi Beta WATTS, TED NoRTHVILLE Northville High School Literary Simula Nu; Football 1, 2, 3; " A " Club WEBSTER, PAULINE Crosse Points Park Southeastern High School Literary Debate " 1 : Basketball; Hock- ey; Oratory 3; Histrionic Club 3; Albionian Staff 3 Eighty B ' 9 N N WHITNEY, CLIFFl RD I Ietroit Northeastern High School Pre-Law Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Count rj 1. J. 3; Sigma Xu WILKINSON, ALMA P ' arma High School Literary WYI IK, EDWARD II Bath North Adams High School Business Administration Y. M. C. A. 1; Lambda Phi Beta YOUNG, RALPH Albion Albion High School Literary Sigma Nu ; Asst. Basketball Mgr. J WIETZKE, VIRGINIA Owosau ( )w ' sso High School Literary WOLLGAS l LYMAN A. Detroit Northwestern His,h School Detroit City College Pre-Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Football 1, 3; Spanish Club 3; Math Club 3: Physics Club 3 YOUNG, INA Grand Rapids Union High School Literary CLASS F 1933 Bernard Brown Herbert Brubakf.r Darrf.ll Cooper Howard Cosbey Robert Danville Myrtie Dunavin Kenneth Hollister Alfonso Magnotta John Manning Robert Merrill Howard Myers Margaret O ' Mara Phil Partridge Carl Snelling Louise L ' tterback Birdette Warner Kenneth Youngs Eighty our B i V N I N r» ••• ALBION IN ACTION • • • Eighty-two • M «■ A L B I , , N I A N • • SOPHOMORES A L B I A. " N i N CHARLES GOING BELVA FRITC1I CRACE CAMPRELL JAMES CHAPMAN Sophomore Class Officers Charles Going President Belva Fritch Vice-president Grace Campbell Secretary Tames Chapman Treasurer • • • Eighty-four B I N N ALDAG BEHL] M. BLOSSOM CHAMBERLIN COLEMAN DAVID R " IK AREY BAIRD BAKER BARRY BEEDON BENNETTS BENSON BESSERT RETZ BINGHAM BLAIR BROWER BL-K.,1 ii BUTTON CAMPBEL1 CARLTON CARMICHAEL CHAPMAN CHECKERING CHURCH COLE, E. COLE, H. COLE T CONNELL COOPER, JAMES COOPER, JULIETTE COX CROWE CUTLER DART DEAN FIELD FLEMING FRASER FRENZEL • • • Eighty- five B " • N N FRITCH GARDNER GARLEXT GEARHART Gil Hi IM Gi ' DDARD GOING GRAHAM GREER GRIN NELL GINSBERG HANCHETT HARD HARMS HAYES HEATH HECK HECKER HERMANN HEM8T HEY DON HOWES ][ U HEARD HYDE JACKSON J ACKOBY JEYN ' ES J ILLSON JOHNSON, H. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, R. JONES KERN KESTER KINNEY K N K 1 1 ) 1 N G KNEITSCH KUECHENMEISTER LACEY LEWIS LONG LORD • • • I ghty-six B N N LOWN MEAGHER M IMHY PERU RENIGER SCHELLIC MC CALL M I LES MURRAY PIN KERTON REYNOLDS SCHOLZ MC COLGIN MOORE, |. NICHOLS RAHN RHODES SCHL ' EERT Mi I AUGHLJ N M 105 E, N. NORTON, C, RAMI ' LL. ,RIL " UARDSi S.Hi L E H MAC rjAUSKA MORELL NORTON, R. RANDALL, E, RITTER SCI ITT MATTHEWS MOULTON OPENLANDER READ ROSE SCRIBHER MATTHEW ' S MOYER OWEN REEDER ROWLAND SF.RGAENT • • • Eighty-seven B " 9 N N SHIPP SHOOP SLAUGHTER SMITH SNYDER SO REN - SOX SPENCER SQUIRE STAXKRAUFF STEPHENS STEVENS STILLSON STINER ST. JOHN STOCKING 5TRAI1 STRAND TATE TAYLOR TILLINGAST TODD rOMLINSON 1UL1.IV ULLREY VOICHTS WALTON WATSON WETTLAUFER VVIGLE YVILDT WRIGHT " YLIE ZAHNOVV ZELLER CLASS OF 1934 Paul Airheart Alice Hall Theodore Kendall Mrs. M. Harrison i ieraldine Caldwel Archie Hogan Minnie Camburn Hubert Howe I Jeorge Cameron Charles Juay Kenneth Chubb Carroll Linborg Karl Clayton 1 Emil Lopez Richard Curtis .Angelina Magnotta Esther Field Marvin Wetsman Sterling Martin • Eight ■ . A L B I N I A N FRESHMEN B . m • N N ROBERT BREUGEL JEAN RIEMAN VIRGINIA HELLMUTH LOUIS FREYE Freshman Class Officers Robert Beeugel President Jean Rieman ' ice-president Virginia Hellm uth Secretary Louis Freye Treasurer • • • Ninety B N N ABBOTT, E. ATKIN BEKGY BRANCH BURKHARDT COLLINS ABBOTT, W. AVERY, B. BERNER BRIGGS BUTZER COXON AVERY, I). AYERS BLOOM BORMANN, HENRY BRINEY BROOKS CH APPLE CHRISTEN ' SON CRANDALL CULVER ALLEN ANDERSi IN BA( AN BALDWIN BORMANN, HERBERT BOTT BROWN, G. BROWN, H. CLARK, M. CLARK. R. CURRIE DAVIDSON ARI llliOl.n BASTIAN BOYD BRECGAL CH 1NEFELLER DAY • Ninety-one 3 vy N N DECKLER DEMPSTER DE PONT DICE DILLEY DINOCK DOWNING DRAKE EDDY, B. EDDY, M. FISHER FISKE FOLSON FREYE I RW] N GAS K ELL GILDART GROFF GRAHAM GREEN CRIMSHAW GRUBE HAGEN HOG AN HAM ILTON HAROLD HARGER HARRIS HA R TON HAYDEN HEBRON H ELLM UTH HERRICK HILDEBRANDT HODGDON HOLLIDGE HOLLISTER HOWARD HOWE HOWES HUBER III MPHKl i • • e inety-two B I . " W N N ISGRIGG JARVIN JEFFREY JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, N. KANDT KANTLEHNER KAY KINNEY KLINE KNIGHT LABE LANGLEY LARGE LEPISTO LEWIS LINCOLN LINDSAY LITTLEFIELD LOOMIS, C. LOOMIS, M. LL ' DWIG LYDAY MC CREDIE MC MANSl ' S MARSH MARTIN, G. MARTIN, M. MATHEWS MEREDITH MERRILL MERY MESSACAR MESSMORE MILLER MOHR MORSE MOSURE MULHOLLAND NEIL NUGENT • • • OLEY ' Ninety-three B I IN N OLDHAM PARSONS PEABODY PERRIGO PLICHTA POHLY POST REED R E I D REINER REYNOLDS RICHARDS RIEMAN ROBERTS ROOD ROWE ROWLAND HUCKSTAHL RUF RUNCIMAN SCHULTE SCHWEITZEK SCOTT, C. SCOTT, N. SESLEY SEE LEY " SEISLSTAD SOY MORE SLAUGHTER, A. SLAUGHTER, D. SMITH C. SMITH, J. SM ITH, P. SMITH, W. SPENCER STEWART STRICKLER SWANSON SYLVESTER TAUB TAYLOR THOMAS • • • Ninet y-four B si N N TOLAND TORRERSON TOU VELLE VIOL WARNER WEIMER WRIGHTMAN WOOLEY WYATT YINGER YOUNG ZAHRT POLLOCK CLASS OF 1935 James Bruce Cecile Chubb Ellwood Dwyer iwendolyn Eymer John Ferguson Helen For man Jack Gould Edwin Graham Henry Greene El Dean Grundemen Bert Hack Fred Hopkins Harry Jeremy Herbert Kaufman Wilma Mills William Northrup Chapin Olin William Peters Fred Ruttman Milford Schloss Gail Scliuler Henry Shearer Irving Smith Dwight Thomas Airs. Helen Uber Phyllis Walker Edward Wehrle John Yeoman • • • Ninety-five B I ■ " • V 1 " N N • 18th amendment (Sigma Nu) • • COLUMBUS AND ISABELLA (Kappa Delta) FRENCH REVOLUTION (Tau Kappa Epsilon) WESTWARD HO! (Sigma Chi) i ' TEKE MANSION " (Awarded First Prize) ••• HOMECOMING 1931 • • Ninety-six ATHLETICS A L B I n «• N I A N VOIGHTS SCHROEDER SLAUGHTER PARTRIDGE Kl.l. M [NG OSMUN WATTS HYDE WOLLGAST MATTHEWS RICHARDSON AM BLER ZELLER ZELAKOWSKI SCHELLIG STOCKING BROWNE WALTERS BENDALL MORGAN HUFF GOOD SHORTLE MC CALL CAMERON PITCH M i,Mi I [ Football 1931 • • • The Albion College football team completed a successful season in 1931 despite the fact that it lost a majority of its games. Injuries handicapped the squad lief ore the opening game. Coach R. R. Daugherty ' s men showed plenty of fighting spirit throughout the schedule, however, and in the one contest that the complete lineup was present, the team proved its ability by decisively defeating the strong Alma eleven. The starting lineup usually included Huff, L. E. ; Ambler, L. T. ; Good, L. G. ; Shortle, C. : Magnotta, R. G. ; Schroeder, R. T. ; Morgan R. E. : Zelakowski, 0. B. ; Watts, L. H. ; Zeller. R. B. : ( )smun, F. B.; Stocking, Voights, Matthews. Ilogan, Fitch, and McCall being also used regularly when needed. At the close of the season, Magnotta, stocky Albion guard, was successful in making the all-.M. 1. A. A. selection, while the same selection placed Shortle and Schroeder on the second team. THE SCHEDULE Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion 13 Detroit Tech 7 Detroit City College Hope College 7 6 Ferris Institute 19 Kalamazoo College 17 13 Alma College 2 Hillsdale College 13 • • Ninety-nine E « " ' n ' N N Frank J. Zelakowski Hamtramck Zelakowski held down an end position his fresh- man and sophomore years at Albion, and then turned out to be one of the most versatile quarter- backs in the M. I. A. A. His varsity experience was marred by serious mishaps. He broke an elbow his sophomore year ; in the second game of the 1930 season, he suffered a broken hip; while his senior year was broken up with hip injuries. However, despite these misfor- tunes " Tv " won nume rals and three varsity letters. Freherick S. Walters Battle Creek Walters served a- a utility quarterback during the 1931 season, and was awarded his " A. " He was also out for the squad his sophomore year; and as he was always a hard worker on the gridiron, he deserves a good deal of credit. f Harry L. Fitch Pleasant Ridge Fitch was one of the best " backs " on the team. In the opening game, however, he strained a tendon in his right knee, and was never back in the lineup. His record shows he won his numerals his fresh- man year, and has since received three letters as an Albion gridder. • • One Hundred B N N Lawrence E. Osmun Albion " Dutch " Osmun has numerals and three varsity letters to pruve l iis ability on the football field. He was always the big boy in the backfield, and proved himself time and time again a mighty hard man to stop. Fred B. Ambler Brooklyn Ambler has held down a regular position on the varsity squad for three straight years and succeeded in winning bis numerals on the " frosh " eleven. He was not only a stone wall on defense, but was one of the hardest driv- ing linemen the squad has had in years. Alex Goon ( )wendale Although Good never played in a football game before entering Albion, still, he stepped out as an all-M. I. A. A. guard for two successive seasons. In 1928 he received a position on the second squad, while the fol- lowing year, he was placed with the first eleven. Good stayed out the year of 1930-31, but was back with the team last fall. Unfor- tunately he received an early knee injury, but despite that, he was back in the lineup for the last few games. One Hundred One B N N Wallace C. Cameron " Gladstone Cameron ' s luck on the gridiron was similar to Zelakowski ' s. Numerous injuries prevented extensive service. The husky halfback proved very useful in a number of games, however, and his letter is the result of plenty of hard work. Adelbert O. H L ' fi Durant " Hume " is the three-sport senior of the group. While at Albion College, he has been prominent in football, basket- ball, and track. He won his freshman numerals in football and basketball, and at the close of this year he will have two letters in football, three in basketball, and two in track. FINAL STANDINGS IN THE M. I. W Hillsdale College 3 Alma College 3 Olivet College 2 Kalamazoo College 2 Albion College 1 Hope College 1 A. A. T L Pet. ? 1.000 1 1 .750 2 .500 3 .400 (i 3 .250 1 3 .250 • • • One Hundred Tu-o B - " «• 9 v N N ROEHM, MAN i.Kk HUFF COOPER CHAPMAN Rl ' TTMAN PARTRIDGE D. SMITH FISHER ROL ' HKE KICK KUAPP GEARHART RISLEY SC1I ULER Basketball 1931-32 • • • Coach R. R. Daugherty ' s varsity quintet was off to a discouraging start, but finished the season very successfully. The team won five of the last six games, and the one defeat was lost by only one point. Albion had a narrow chance of cinching second place in the M. I. A. A. standings, but lust to Kalamazoo in the final game, 30-2 c . The local aggregation lacked a center in the early contests, and suffered accordingly, (lames were lost to teams that were far inferior to the Methodist five. After Shortle and Krapp were ruled eligible, the team was strengthened considerably. Carl Risley, Albion ' s basket ace. was a favorite choice on the All-M. I. A. A. live. Robert Rice, veteran Albion guard, was placed on the second team. Risley led the Methodist scorers with 123 points. Other scorers: Chapman 75. Krapp 42, Rice 36. Albion lost its two opening games to Calvin College and Detroit Tech. The Grand Rapids team nosed out the locals 20-18 in the curtain raiser, while the metropolis five overpowered the locals 25-16. Collegiate fans received one evening of court entertainment, when the alumni returned to Kresge Gymnasium to take an exciting contest from the varsity. 23-21. Such outstanding grads as Ernie Gray. Harry Goldberg. Joe Fleming, and John Bromley of 1926-1929, and jimmy Densmore and Bruce Gray of recent years were all present for the practice game to show the younger students how Albion won M. I. A. A. championships back in the good old days. One Hundred Three B I ' " I N I A N 9 1 In the opening M. I. A. A. game, Albion accepted deieat at the hands of the Hillsdale Baptists, 30-26. The Daughertymen staged a brilliant rally in the second period, but failed to overcome the lucky lead set by the visiting team. The following Tuesdav, Albion broke its losing streak bv forging ahead in the closing minutes to take a 27-26 victory from Alma College. Krapp, local center, made use of a last minute foul to break a 26-26 tie. The next game was lost at Holland, when Hope College came out on the long end of a 30-21 score. The local quintet appeared a bit off form and failed to check the large lead that the Hollanders gained in the early minutes. Rislev, with ten points, was again Albian ' s high scorer. Kalamazoo College handed Albion another defeat the following game. 19-30. The strong Hornets took an immediate lead and held it throughout the tilt. With the exception of the final game, this was the last defeat of the season. In the following game, the local quintet outplayed the Hope team to win. 20-17. Both teams were outstanding on defense until the closing minutes of the game when Albion forwards broke through for the winning points. Chapman lead both teams in scoring with nine points. Loach R. 1 . Daugherty used his entire team in defeating Battle Creek College. 34-27. in the local gymnasium. The Methodists had little trouble in holding the Food City squad in check, while they held a satisfactorv lead. Rislev was high scorer of the event with eleven points, while Johnson of Battle Creek led his team with eight points. Chapman and Shortle accounted for seven points apiece. Numerous personal fouls were called on both aggregations. The following game with Battle Creek was practically the same as the first. The entire Albion lineup was used in the defeat. The locals had little trouble in maintaining a safe lead. The final score was 33-23. Chapman and Rislev each chalked up twelve points apiece for Albion. Kelleher of Battle Creek scored 13 counters. A mid-week thriller held at Alma College left Albion ahead after three addi- tional times. 36-34. Numerous times, the Methodist cagers would score just in time to save the game. The score at the end of the regular time was 28-28. In the first overtime period. Alma dropped two free throws out of four chances, but Rice sank a deuce from three-fourths the length of the floor to knot the game again, 30-30. In the second extra overtime, Risley balanced the score at 32-32 after Alma had again added two points to their score. In the third and deciding period, Rice and Risley sank neat baskets to win the contest bv a 36-34 score. Risley again headed both teams in scoring with 13 points. • One Hundred Foil B I , y N I A N 9V The Methodist cagers ran their total of wins to five, while upsetting the Hills- dale team, 29-24. Albion sprang into an immediate lead by scoring three field tosses in the first minute of play. They held the lead throughout the encounter, leading at the half 16-4. Risley with nine points and Chapman with eight, were the high scorers. The Daughertymen lost a crucial battle at Kalamazoo, 30-29, to conclude their 1931-32 schedule. The contest decided who would hold second place in the M. 1. A. A. standings. In the closing moments, Chapman, Rice and Krapp were forced from the game with four personals. Risley was high point man with 14 points; R. Schau of kazoo lead his team with 10 points. Albion loses three men through graduation, Rice. Huff, and O ' Rourke, and Daugherty will have difficulty in replacing them. STANDINGS W Olivet 8 Kalamazoo 7 Albion 4 Hope 5 Alma J Hillsdale 1 L Pet. 1.000 3 .71)0 4 .500 5 .500 7 .300 9 .Kin Cross Country • • • The Cross Country team did very little in the two meets it entered. In the opening match at Detroit, the local varsity was defeated by Detroit City College, 17-41. Howard Lewis, finishing in fifth place, lead the Albion runners. Kalamazoo College won the M. I. A. A. championship. Mope was second, with Albion third. The Methodist harriers finished as follows: Lewis (9), Dart (10), Boyer (11), Carpenter (15), Boyd (16). Lewis, Dart, and Hover received letters. • • • One Hundred Five B ' 9 y N N FINK, MANAGER ERWIN, COACH PASTOR, TRAINER VI NGER VLII-: PENDILL HUDSON DUTTON JOHNSON " BROWNE BATTEN HOUSE TAUP PARTRIDGE LUT2 WOLF GAUNT CULLUM L O YER K A N E IH ' RK EE N E LSO N H ESSE L L LAN C . Y Track 1931 • • • Coach L. I). Erwin ' s 1931 track team captured the fourth consecutive M . I. A. A. championship, Saturday, .May 28, totaling 50 points. The other teams and their score Alma 1 25 ). Kalamazoo (37), Hillsdale (26y 2 ), Olivet (2? 1 The Methodist squad took only four firsts, but placed in every event. ( )ne conference record was broken. Knight of Hillsdale vaulted 12 feet 3 s inches to better his former mark of 11 feet 8j4 inches, set in 1929. Perhaps the most interesting event was the two mile run. " Hob " Cullum slated to take third place, came through with enough reserve to pass Richmond and Garrison, Kazoo ' s star distance runners, on the last half lap. Other Methodist men to take first places were Ballard (440 yard dash). Partridge 1 discus 1, and Clancv (broad jump). The individual scorers are as follows: Nelson ( 7 ' . ) , Cullum (7), Partridge (7), Lutz (7), Ballard (5), Clancy (5), Hessell (4), Pendill (2V 2 ), Hudson (2), Carpenter 1 1 ), Dutton ( 1 I. Albion also won three points by taking second place in the relay. The 1930 conference event was supposedly won by Hillsdale. However, Collins. Hillsdale ' s 440 star who won the event, was later found to be ineligible so that Scherer, Albion ' s man who placed second, was given the first. As Albion lost the meet by only one-half point, the juggling of figures gave the championship to the local aggregation. • • • One Hundred Sis B 9 -i N N ■ ' v " .. fc- . " " -- ' « - Wlt ' ? ' .-.. -f i..; ■ MAC NEVEN STEPHENS MC KALE LUTZ BALLAIUt CARPENTER WATTS BECKER, MGR. STRAIT BROWN GAUNT PARTRIDGE FLEMING CHURCH STEIN ER LlNBORG MC CALL SMITH DART ROGERS WHITNEY STOCKING BOYER Track 1932 • • • Although Albion will run up against stiff competition, held day. it rather looks as if Coach L. D. Erwin ' s strong track squad will capture a fifth straight M. I. A. A. championship. Already, they have taken down three opponents, and two of these were M. 1. A. A. schools. ( )ne or two injuries have handicapped the squad, hut these men should he hack in the lineup for field day. March 1ft, Coach Erwin took his squad to Hillsdale for an indoor meet with the ' Dales. A number of the Albion stars were not in condition for the meet, hut the Methodists managed to win the affair by a slight margin. Warren Strait, sophomore hurdler, was high point man for the locals with a first in the high and low hurdles. Carl Linborg. another sophomore, garnered nine points by winning the broad jump and tieing for a first in the pole vault. April 16, the local aggregation easily defeated Adrian College in an outdoor meet at Alumni Field. The Albion squad placed first in 11 of the 14 events. Linborg and Strait again lead the Albion thinclads in scoring with ten points apiece. Linborg won the javelin throw and pole vault : Strait won the high and low hurdles. Other Albion firsts were Ballard. Dart. Partridge, Huff. Schuler, and Mathews. The Albion relay team: Lutz, R. Smith, Fleming and Ballard, scored an easy first in the mile relay. Coach Erwin ' s tracksters won their third straight dual meet when they out- classed Coach Roy Campbell ' s Almanians, 75 2-55j . Albion won every track event except the high hurdles. In all the dashes and distance runs the Methodists placed first, and second in all the events except the mile run. Charles Stocking, with ten points, lead the Albion scorers. Xorman Borton of Alma was the high point man of the day with 21 points. He won the high jump, discus, shot put. and javelin, and placed third in the broad jump. Albion ' s relay team. Stocking. Browne, Ballard and Lutz, also had little trouble in breaking the tape ahead of the visiting team. • • • One Hundred Seven A L B I 1 a ' " V 9V N I A N . SLAUGHTER, M A ( . E R BROWN ABBOTT SMITH ( OACH FRWIN Freshmen Basketball • • • In spite of the fact that the Albion freshmen were late in starting practice, Coach L. I). Erwin developed one of the best " frosh " quintets in the conference. The early season games were not so outstanding, but in the last three contests, the yearlings displayed marked court ability. In the opening game at Holland, the Hope Beginners outclassed the local " frosh, " 28-22. The home team did not get started until the second period, but then it exhibited some real teamwork. The second game of the season was the most disastrous. The Methodists were confronted with difficulties that they were unable to check. The fracas was held at Hillsdale, when the Baptist five won 54-27. In the third contest of the season, the purple and gold " frosh " team over- powered the Battle Creek College " B " squad, 42-15 at Battle Creek. Albion College was given its first chance to see Erwin ' s men play, when Hope College brought its freshmen and varsity squads to the Kresge Gymnasium. The two teams fought an even battle up to the closing whistle to end the regular time in a 26-26 deadlock. The Albion freshmen proved to be the superior quintet in the overtime, by scoring three field goals to the visitors ' one. The final score was 32-28. In the final game, the local frosh easily defeated the Battle Creek College " B " team 40-22. As the half ended 28-8. Coach Erwin used a second string lineup during the second half. The usual starting lineup consisted of William Smith and George Brown, forwards: Fred Berner. center: Dwight Fisher and Paul Airheart, guards. Smith was the high point man of the squad. • • One Hundred Eight A L B I N N Tt- £Mr i f T- V«! V " 1 i£ - »■.- ' ■ k— If U If f BRUCE REED P. SMITH 01. 1 N .1 EREM V THOMAS D. SLAUGHTER COACH L. D. ERWIN P. HAGEN HARRIS OLDHAM GREEN LINBORG W ' YATT HOLLIDGE ADROUNIE DWYER HOWARD NUGENT ROWLAND POHLV Freshmen Football 1931 ••• When the call was issued for " frosh " gridders, only twenty candidates reported. The squad, as a whole, was light, small, and inexperienced. The few men that did turn out worked hard, however, and a more satisfactory outcome would have heen experienced if the reserve strength had been stronger. A four game schedule was arranged by Coach L. D. Erwin, with Flint Junior College. Olivet Freshmen. Hillsdale Freshmen and the Jackson Junior College. The team lost three of these and tied with ( llivet 13-13. Harry Jeremy of Pontiac was the outstanding man of the squad. His game in the backfield was fast. hard, and accurate. Green and lldham should he good line material for next year ' s varsity: Thomas and Linborg have chance- for the backfield. The usual starting eleven included: Nugent, L. E. ; Green. L. T. ; Slaughter, L. G. : Harris, C. : Howard, R. G. ; Oldham, R. T. ; Ruttman, R. E. ; Jeremy, O. B. ; Olin, L. H. ; Thomas, R. H. ; and Linborg, F. B. Ferguson. Smith, Roland, and Hagen also saw active service, • • One Hundred Nine 3 N N Freshman Track 1932 • • • The freshmen track squad had few outstanding candidates. The men com- peted in dual meets with the Hillsdale freshmen. Alma freshmen. Cranbrook, and Jackson high school, but the results were not so successful. The leading scorers on the team were usually Paul Airheart, William Smith, and Edward Collins. Floyd Yinger was also good for points. The complete squad included William Smith. William (ireen. Kenneth Hol- lidge, Paul Airheart, Richard Pohly, Floyd Yinger, Thurston Roberts, Edward Collins, Robert ( )atev, George Brown. The " A " Club • • • The " A " club was headed during the past year by Harry Fitch, while Carl Risley fulfilled the duties of secretary and treasurer. Up to this date, election has not been held to determine the officers for next year. Initiation for new members will be held either this spring or early next fall. MFMBKKS Fred Ambler Jack Ballard Donald Buyer William Carpenter James Chapman John Dutton Clayton Fisher Harry Fitch George Gearheart Alex Good Archie Hogan Adelbert Huff Donald Hughes Lyle Hessell Charles Keller Erwin Krapp Earl Lutz Alphonse Magnotta Harry Matthews Joe McCall Arthur Morgan Jack Nelson Lucien Muck Albert O ' Rourke Lawrence Osmun Phil Partridge Robert Rice Carl Risley Charles Roehm Marvin Schroeder Albert Schuler Robert Shortle Wendell Smith Frederick Steiner Charles Stocking Fred Walters Ted Watts Daryle Wolfe One Hundred Ten „ n A L B I Ml N I A N J 9 ■ WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS 3 N N V r ! f H - ■ v™ A B yB ■ B H • ■ : l ' ; w K l " jMf kji . K -r m u mil ■ - |||Jff - mj-]! ' ' M fl ' - m -- - tH B|L - JhH to ■ ' • ■■b s HSi ' ' ' " i+ I . ' I R, -■• »j Hi H k ' IdR I Wt ' y ' m- " V . 7J1 §l § 1 .-j. . , ■ - : H •f sj P rt ' 5 MSfCj 1 T -j- es F " t ll M ]SS DUN " COLE RANDALL PINCH DOWNEY ALDAG BLACK STEIN ER WEBSTER BURR Women ' s Athletic Association EXECUTIVE BOARD Dorothea Steixer President Pauline Webster I ' ice- [•resident Mildreii Black Secretary Elizabeth Hilhorx Treasurer • • • The Women ' s Athletic Association of Albion College has been a member nf the Athletic Conference of American College Women for three years and through this national contact has adopted the policy of " Play for play ' s sake. " Membership in the association is granted to each girl who has participated in three of the following sports: hockey, volley ball, basketball, archer} ' , biking, canoeing, track, or tennis. Awards are given to those members showing the greatest interest in W. A. A. sports and activities. The preliminary awards consist of silver pins and the advanced awards are white flannel jackets. Beginning with 1932 the association is presenting a circulating cup to the sorority or organization on the campus which earns the greatest number of points during the year. A permanent point system has been arranged. • • One Hundred Twelve B I N I A N 9 -J W. A. A. SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES Basketball Manager, Dorothy Burr Basketball season was divided into three section s: the inter-sorority tourna- ment in which the Alpha Chi ( (mega ' s and- the Kappa Delta ' s tied for tirst place ; the inter-class tournament which was won by the class of 1932; and the annual All-Star game in which the " Pros " defeated the " Cons. " Hockey Manager, Myrtle Carlton This sport closed its season with an Vll-Star game between the upper class girls and the freshman girls. The upper class team was victorious. Volley Ball Manager, Helen Cole Volley ball season consisted of an inter-sorority tournament which was won by the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. An All-Star volley ball team was named. Archery Manager, Dorothy Aldag Three tournaments were carried on: one. a team tournament, and the other two individual tournaments. The individual tournaments were won by Alice Miller and Margaret Bergy. both first year students. Hiking Manager, Geraldine Pinch Weekly five mile hikes have been conducted under the leadership of Ger- aldine Pinch. Canoeing Manager. Edith Randall For the spring sport of 1932 W. A. A. sponsored lessons in the art of paddling a canoe. ■ Tennis Manager, Enid Downey This sport was divided into two sections: fall and spring tennis. Fall tennis consisted of instruction and spring tennis of an inter-sorority tournament. Mar- garet O ' Conner was the winner of the tournament in 1931. Track Manager. Vyda Mumby The Freshmen Physical Education classes handle this sport. High scorers for the track meet of 1931 were Edith Randall and Leone Lee. • • One II innhcd Thirtec A L B i A N I A N W. A. A. Teams All Star Volley Ball Team " Con " Basketball Team Frosh Hockey Team " Pro " Basketball Team Z. T. A. Champion Volley Ball Team Upper-Class Hockey Team • • • One Hundred Fourteen ACTIVITIES A L B I , 93 N I A N SUSANNA WESLEY SECTION A L B I 9 V N I ■ One Hundred Eighteen B I N ! N Ihiii.lrcd Nineteen B 9 V N K V i(= k B ' - - B 1 " 1 A ' - JH ' " ■ ' - " B ' ■■ ■• Wf ■ 1 1 m f I ' « r7i w ' " 1 1 ■ B ' ■■ ■■■-■■ ■ |lP -r $S j H DSL " ■ " " ■ m ■■■■ m Hi - » H M» - ' M " : 5 3S BW .,,:- Bt .-■ ..,jB B ' %j B i- :; " - ' mSt ,- •■ " l n B ■H x i fW |L- v ;: : .--- ' ' ■ftv . ' ' r ' ' ML. pP I H " . ' H rsi ! fc; ' V : %sWsi - -i£ ' DOWNEY MORGAN HILBORN HILL STIENFR WEBSTER YEAGLEY TUCKER STOKER SHU MAKER Hl ' KR Women ' s Self Government Association OFFICERS Frances Stoker President Lucretia Ticker Vice-president Louise Shim aker Secretary Barbara Yeagley Treasurer • • • The Women ' s Self Government Association was organized in 1926 and since that time has become an increasingly important part in the dormitory life at Susanna Wesley 1 [all. The principal aim of the organization is the promotion of friendlier, more harmonious relations among the girls. It sponsors such functions as the formal birthday dinners, Thursday and Sunday afternoon teas, receptions, Christmas and Easter services and breakfasts, and other special activities. The executive power of the Association is vested in a governing board com- posed of the officers and proctors of the dormitory; Miss Marian Gray, Dean of Women: and Mrs. F. Fay Wolfe, housemother. This hoard aids in the fulfillment of the aims of the Association. PROCTI )RS Dorothy Burr— Dean Hall Enid Downey Elizabeth Hilborn Pauline Webster Dorothy Hill Helen Morgan Dorothea Steiner • • • On Hundred Twenty A L B I ,£ N I A N FORENSICS B " . 9 V N N SEBASTIAN STE1 NER MOORE HOAGFELT HUGHES LARGE RUN XI XG MATHER YOUNG NOLTE YINGER PROF. WEISS UTTERBACH SPIEGEL DE VI NNEY ABBOTT AVERY ANDERSON BOYDEN WALLS HEATH ROGERS BOYER Men ' s Varsity Debate • • • The twenty men on the Men ' s Varsity Debate squad took part in forty-two debates on the issues of a substitute for the capitalistic system and a national planned economy. In February a complete debate debauch was held in Albion with over one hundred debaters demanding " a hearing during cine afternoon. ( )f the ten teams representing Albion, eight were successful in obtaining decisions. Of the two State Debate League debates. Albion won from Western State, and lost to Michi- gan State. A little later two teams representing Albion in the League won from Olivet and I kittle Creek. Six men: Anderson, Large. Spiegel. Hughes, Walls, and Vinger took part in these State League frays. Three out-of-state trips featured the activities of the squad this year. An- derson, Large, Running, and Yinger went to )hio to encounter Toledo University, Howling Green. Wittenberg, and )hio Wesleyan. A little later Wooster, Akron, and Y estern Reserve opposed the effective verbosity of Anderson. Large, Run- ning, and Spiegel. During Spring Vacation rive men: Anderson, Avery, Spiegel. Walls, and Yinger, toured Wisconsin, meeting Wisconsin University, Carleton, Iowa State, Beloit, and Northwestern at the Delta Sigma Rho Tournament in Madison. Although debating a new question in a different part of the country this last affair was in no sense a fiasco for the Albion boys. Charles Avery won third place in a discussion contest held at the same time. The University of Florida. Illinois Normal, Beloit, Lawrence, the University of Michigan, Detroit City College, Detroit Tech, and the Detroit College of Law were also met during the season. And with the eight Freshman Associates coming in to fill the vacancies left by the Seniors, Flope becomes Faith for another successful season next year. • • One Hundred Twenty-two B a m • ' 9 N N WEBSTER WATSON ' HILL BLAIR SPIEGEL TULLEY ALDAG GRAFF ROBINSON PROF. HANCE PEARCE KIMBALL JONES LAKE CUTLER PINCH MOORE KEAST Hl ' FTON Women ' s Varsity Debate • • • The nineteen members of the women ' s debate squad have had one of the most extensive seasons in the history of the college. Participating in forty-two debates with colleges and universities in Illinois, Indiana. Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, these debates have discussed four questions of timely interest and importance: Cancellation of War Debts, Government Direction of the Public Conscience, Employment oi Married Women in Industry, and Independence for India. Nearly every member of the squad participated in five or more contests, and against competitors numbered among the outstanding schools of the Middle West. Denison, DePauw, Lawrence, Miami, Purdue. Rockford, Wisconsin, and Witten- berg have all accepted their share of punishment. Included in the schedule have been three debates with the University of Michigan, three with Purdue University, and one with the University of Wisconsin. Feminine voices in contention were heard over WLS, Chicago, on one occasion, Margaret Blair, Naomi Kimball, and Margaret Spiegel easily drowivng (heir Purdue opponents with showers of well- chosen loquacity. Three trips were made into other state: Gwendolyn Jones, Naomi Kimball, and Mar visiting DePauw. Manchester, and Purdue. Janette Robinson. Eunice Mary Watson, and Ohio to meet Denison. Miami, and Wittenberg. Later in March Dorothy Hill Gwendolyn Jones, Mildred Pearce, and Margaret Spiegel vis ' ted Valparaiso, Wheaton, Rockford. Wisconsin, and Lawrence. Prof. Hance and the whole squad deserve much credit, the depression notwithstanding. in February, Margaret B ' air, jaret Spiegel went into Indiana, •.arly in March, Geraldine Pinch. Pauline Webster journeyed into ' nc Hundred Tu ' Ctttv-tlirc? B : " ■: 9TT N N DOROTHY HILL MEKRIM. WALLS Oratory • • • Albion has taken more than its share of honors in the oratorical contests this year. Dorothy Hill again represented Albion in the annual omen ' s State ( (ratorical Contest, winning second place with her oration " Ballyhoo. " That so much " hunk " and " hooey " should lie accepted by the American public is evidence of the fact that ofter all we are, to say the least, lamentably gullible, and scarcely ever above the " slapstick " in our thinking. Miss Hill also placed second in the Women ' s State Extempore Speaking Contest last December. Merrill Walls won second place in both the Men ' s State Oratorical Contest, and in the annual Peace contest. The subjects of his orations were " Sacred Bulls, " and " Not Horrible — Foolish, " respectively. In the former he showed that the sacred bulls of the past must be taken by the horns and thrown into the discard, else we will be destroyed by them, referring to the need of a socialized state to cope with our present economic difficulties. The latter dealt with the foolishness of war. and what will be our destiny if we tail to eliminate this instru- ment of national policy. Mr. Walls also won the Civic League Contest last spring. At that time Albion had the privilege of entertaining the several Delta Sigma Rho chapters which make up the League. This vear the contest is to be held at Alleghany College. In the class Contests last spring, Eunice Mary Watson represented the Freshman. Margaret McCulloch the Sophomores, and Homer Yinger the Juniors. The Seniors failed to enter so that the Junior representative was able to win the Horn prize. Mr. Yinger also won first place in the annual Men ' s State Extempore Speaking Contest with his interpretation of " Gandhi and the Caste System. " • • • One Hundred Twenty-four A L B I .£ N I A N MUSIC DRAMA B M xs ' »V N N 1 f A C appella Cho ir • • • The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. King Kellogg, has made several successful appearances on the campus this year. In addition the group has also suns; in the surrounding towns. Warren Ahh. it t Marjorie Albertson Ella Allman Betty Baldwin Richard Beckett Marjorie Bell Janice Biggar Henry Borman Herbert Borman Elizabeth Boyd Delora Branch Henry Brown Ronald Brunger Valora Bntzer Minnie Cambnrn Alma Carmichael Edward Collins Meldon Crawford Kathleen Davidson Dorothy Day- Dorothy Decider Jean Dempster PERSONNEL Xeil Dilley Jane Drake Viola Drake Isobel Drouin Harold Eastman Leslie Eraser John Fulton Charles Going Ruth Graham June Hanchett Mary Hanchett Cedric Harger Dorthea Harms Kay Hildebrand Kenneth Hollidge Bernice Irwin Janet Johnson Dorothy Jones Helen Kern Theodore Kensicki Edward Long Margaret Martin Mary Merrill Harriet Messacar Lucile Messmore Francis Mosher Jessie Neil Stuart Openlander Margaret Parsons Alice Randall George Rhodes Ruth Rowland Newell Saigeon Mable Scott Martha Shively Martha Sylvester Marjorie Taylor Mildred Town Lawrence VanHorn Francis Warner Virginia Wietzke Paul Wightman Jane Willard Victor Young One Hundred Twenty-sir B ' 9 1 N N The Albion College Orchestra • • • The Albion College ( irchestra has plaved an active part in sponsoring good music on the campus. The group is under the direction of Prof. Harvey. PERSONNEL Charles Meagher Charles Greenlease Marjorie Harger Jenne Hebron Miss Edith Grant Alice Wooley Shirley MacNeven John Knight Dean Rowland Beulah Eddy Frances Lown Olga Torberson Arthur Ullerv James Ludwig Horace Field Ronald Brunger Meredith Smith James Cooper Arlene Post Frederick Hopkins Robert Gaskill Howard Gaskill Newell Saigeon Leone Lee Kathleen Davidson Charles Meagher Charles Greenlease Prof. Harvey Ruth Jeynes STRING yi ' ARTETTES Olga Torberson Teanne Hebron Beulah Eddy Shirley MacNeven Hundred Twenty-seven 3 4 A N N The Albion College Band • • • The Albion College Band, under the direction of Professor Harvev. has completed another active and creditable season. During the course of the year they have played at many of the games besides giving several concerts. PERSONNEL Warren Abbott Stuart Anderson Walter Barningham Ronald Brunger Eugene Baker George Cameron Edward Collins James Cooper ! awrence Comstock Lynn Chapel Darrel Cooper Horace Field Hubert Gaskill Robert Gaskill ( leorge Gaunt James Gilbert Jack Gould Ronald Harden Donald Hayes Iv iger I lc idydc ' 11 Frederick Hopkins Vernon Lawson James Ludwig Herman Lord Howard Lane Dean McKale Keate McGungle Stuart Openlander Cary Peabody Richard Pohly Leonard Scribner Meredith Smith Parker Smith Newell Saigeon Arthur Ullrey Victor Young Robert Oatey Thurston Roberts Donald Wettlaufer Richard Clark • 99 One Hundred Twenty-eight B «.» ' 9V N N DOROTHY HILL MERRILL WALLS RET MrLHOLLANi) " Intimate Strangers " Dramatics • • ' Theta Alpha I ' hi clones its fourth successive season under the capable direc- tion of Miss Beulah Champ. The following were the members who took part in this year ' s productions " INTIMATE STRANGERS " Station Master Stuart Anderson Ames Merrill Walls Isabel Geraldine Goddard Florence Margaret Mulholland Johnie White Marcus Boyden Henrv Theodore Kensicki Aunt " Ellen Dorothy Hill Mattie Marian Keast " DUST OF THE ROAD " Prudence Steele Geraldine Pinch Old Uncle Harold Spiegel The Tramp Charles Avery Peter Steele Archie Hogan " THE FOOL " Mrs. Gilliam Vyda M umby " Dilly " Gilliam Mary Huftoii Mrs. Thornbury Dorothy Moulton Mr. Barnaby Dick Rogers Mrs. Tice Martha Sylvester Jerry Goodkind Norman Todd Dr. Waldham Carl Snelllng Clare Jewett Pauline Webster George Goodkind Lawrence VanHorn " Charlie " Benfield Robert Ray Daniel Gilchrist Dwight Large The Poor Man Homer Yinger Hundred Twenty-nine 5 ' 9 N N HAROLD SPIEGEL ARCHIE HOGAN DOROTHY MOILTON " Children ' of the Moon " Dramatics " CHILDREN OF THE MOON " Laura Atherton Eunice Mary Watson Jane Dorothy Moulton Major Bannister Archie Hogan I iiictor Wctherall Harold Spiegel Madam Atherton Gwendolyn Jones Adams Charles Avery Walter Higgs Reginald Tate Judge Atherton Dick Rogers ' THE PERFECT ALIBI " bv A. A. Milne Jimmy Ludgrove Xick Plasterer Stisan Cunningham Doris Cutler Edward Laverick Carl Snelling Edward P. Carter Merrill Walls Major Fothergill Robert Ray Jane West Mrs. Fulverton-Fane . . Eileen Weisenberg Arthur Ludgrove Lawrence VanHorn Adams Norman Todd P. C. Mallet Theodore Kensicki " Sergeant " Mallet Dwight Large . Dorothy Stophlet • • • One Hundred Thirty A L B I V N I A N PUBLICATIONS B I n VV N I A N The 1932 Albionian Harry T. Running, Editor-in-Chief Duaxe McCall. Business Manager STAFF STEPHENS STOKER HOAGFELT LARGE 5TKICK YINGER LUTHER SMITH MCCALL HILL RUNNING ANDERSON BURR • • • One Hundred Thirty-two B I " .! N I A N 9V THE 1932 ALBIOXIAN STAFF ELECTED STAFF Harry T. Running Editor-in-Chief Di ' axe S. McCall Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Stuart Anderson Associate Editor Dorothy B. Hill issociate Editor David Smith Assistant Business Manager Xoble Stephens Sports Editor Lenore Strick Club Editor Eileen Weisenberg Music and Drama Frances Stoker Snap Editor Roland H. Hoageelt Fraternity Editor Dwight Large Honorary Fraternity Editor Margaret Luther Religious Activities Editor Homer Yinger Debate and Oratory Editor Pauline Webster Dormitory Editor Dorothy Burr Women ' s Athletic Editor Edwin R. Appleyard Technical Adviser Prof. K. G. Hance . . Faculty Adviser • • • Much of the credit for the organization of this book is due to the Associate Editors and Editorial Staff ; and thus may I express my deepest appreciation for the cooperation that I have received from them. Also, may I express my thanks to Prof. K. G. Hance for his constructive suggestions in his role of faculty adviser. The Editor e • • One Hundred Thirty-three B 91 N N HART Z AH NOW SMITH REED TODD HUFF BALLARD ROEHM CHURCH DEN MAN COOPER FRU1 GARDNER LARGE MR. EWING MEAGHER WIETZKE ALDAG STEPHENS STORM PLASTERER STRICK FISHER NICKERSON MATHER The Pleiad • • • The Pleiad was established in its present form in 1915 for the purpose of furnishing the student body with a weekly record of events and to give the staff practical experience in news editing- and reporting. EDITORIAL STAFF Nicholas Plasterer Editor-in-Chief W. 1 1 arold Storm Managing Editor Lenore Strick Feature Editor Noble Stephens Sports Editor Dorothy Burr Women ' s Sports Editor Pearl Yates Society Editor Willi a m Dex max Copy Editor George Mather Forensic Editor Geraldine Mixer Exchange Editor BUSINESS STAFF Clayton Fisher Business Manager Dean Nickersox 4ssistant Business Manager Chauncey Blossom 4ssistant Business Manager Cary Peabody Circulation Manager Robert Oldham -Issistant Circulation Manager REPORTERS Dorothy Aldag Don Large Jack Ballard Joe McCall William Church Charles Meagher James Cooper Robert Reed Marion Fruin Charles Roehm Grace Gardner Meredeth Smith Donald Hart David Todd Adelbert Huff Virginia Wietzke Melvin Zahnovv • • • One Hundred Thirty-four A L B I M N I A N ' »v CLUBS B ' 9 N N HARMON " BROWN PERL ' NASH BURGETT STOKER TOM I. IN SON ALL MAN MISS SWAN SON RICHARDS BARHYTE GAUNT Ll ' THER APPLEVARn CALDWELL MISS SEATON STOCKING SHROCK ROSS BESSERT POST JOHNSON GREGORY The Art Club OFFICERS George Gaunt President Eunice M ary Watson Vice-president Margaret Luther Secretary Charles Stocking Treasurer • • • The Art Club was founded in 1927 for the purpose of furthering an appre- ciation of art. Those students who have received a " B " average in at least one semester ' s work are eligible for membership. Ine of the outstanding exhibits this year was a set of thirty-rive water colors by Miss Charlotte Swanson, head of the Art department. MEMBERS Miss Charlotte Swai Ella Allman Mary Barhyte Anna Nash Betty Metcalf Margaret Luther Jack Shrock Leslie Harmon Elizabeth Burgett Reba Richards Robert Brown Roberta Johnson Dorothy Tomlinson Miss Mary Seaton ( ieorge ( raunt Edward Appleyard Geraldine Caldwell Hulda Richards Arlene Post Frances Stoker Jack Dean Margaret Bessert Phyllis Gregory Charles Stocking Eunice Mary Watson Don Peru Jane Ross One Hundred Thirty-six 3 N N BODINE HARD NORTON HOPKINS COMSTOCK DR. PRESCOTT HILEORN MISS MC BRIEN DR. CHICKERING R. BROWN DOWNEY EROWX G. BACORN B. BACORN WETHERALL MISS ROGERS Biology Club OFFICERS Bernard Wether all President Robert Brown Vice-president Gertrude Bacorn Secretary Barbara Bacorn Treasurer • • • The Biological Club was founded in 1869 for the purpose of stimulating the spirit of research and to keep its members in touch with current biological literature. Membership is limited to twelve students who are majors or minors in the department and who have maintained a " B " average. MEMBERS Dr. A. M. Chickering Miss Jean McBrien Barbara Bacorn Gertrude Bacorn Relis Brown Robert Brown Harold Bodine Laurence Comstock Dr. G. V. Prescott Miss Lotta Rogers Walter Hard Elizebeth Hilborn Smith Hopkins Jr. Ruth Loomis Roderick Norton Bernard YVetherall • • • One Hundred Thirty-seven B z N N BARRY CHAUNCEY HOLLISTER CLOSSON WETTLAUFER JOHNSON BEND ALL SMITH TACKELS MISS ENCEL DR. RANDALL MISS MC BRIEN MATHER JONES LOOM IS VARTY BODI ' F YEAGLEY IRWIN MORRISON Fall Chemical Club ( H-Fli KKS Harold Bodixe President Louise Vartv 1 ' ice-president Robert Yeagi.ev Secretary-Treasurer • • • The Fall Chemical Club was organized in 1897 under the sponsorship of Dr. Delos Fall who was at that time head of the Chemistry Department and for whom the club was named. Meetings are held weekly in the form of a seminar class for which college credit is given. In addition there are regular evening meetings held once a month. Dr. D. L. Randal Frank Barrv Harold Bod ' ine Richard Chauncey Robert Gaskell Bernice Irwin Edgar Jones Ruth Loomis Louise Morrison Margaert Tackels MEMBERS Miss Harriet McBricn Miss Dorothy Ensel B. Smith Hopkins Jr. Louise Varty Grace Mather Helen Johnson Jean Closson Theodore Bendall Kenneth Hollister Donald Wettlaufer Roland Smith Robert Yeagley One Hundred Thirty-eight B I " n N I M BACON " FARLEY DR. HARROP STEWART WIETZKE FL ' LTON LOOMIS MC XABB HUGHES KELLOGG STOKER The Classical Club OFFICERS Joy McNaeb President Martha Farley ' ice- president Fosberg Hughes Secretary Josephine Kellogg Treasurer • • • The Classical Club which was founded in 1922 is for the purpose of giving those students majoring or minoring in Latin or ( ireek a better acquaintance with the classics. Membership is limited to sixteen students, recommended by the head of the department. MEMBERS Dr. A. H. Harrop Wallace Bacon Caroline Loomis Martha Farley Joy McNabb John Fulton Jean Rieman Katherine Hildebrand Frances Stoker Fosberg Hughes Blanche Stuart Josephine Kellogg Virginia W ' ictzke • o • One Hundred Thirty-nine B N N GARDN I R YINGEK BOWERMAN GREGORY MISS MC Cl ' NE ROBINSON WEISENBERC BATTENHOUSE BROW N DEN MAN STOKER BELL SHROCK The Contributors Club OFFICERS William Denman President Zoe Brown ' ice-president Frances Stoker Secretary-Treasurer • • • The Contributers Club was organized in 1907 and had twelve charter members. Present membership is limited to fifteen of the best writers in the college. The purpose of the club is to foster creative writing on the part of the students and to further their interest in good literature. MEMBERS Di. II. M. Battenhouse Miss Julia McCune Miss Marion Gray Margaret Bell Farl Faint: Gwendoline Bowerman Joe McCall Roy Battenhouse Jeanette Robinson Zoe Barbara Brown Jack Shrock Lynn Chapel Louise Shumakei William Church Hilmer Soderberg James Cooper Frances Stoker William Denman Pauline Webster Grace Gardner Eileen Weisenberg Phvllis Gregory Homer Yintrer • One Hundred Forty B vy N N MATHER AVERY EVANS Bl DK. LUEBBERS DR. WHITEHOUSE MR. DESTLER KIMBALL SCHU MAKER BRAIL AR ' .E ANDERSON UR H1I.RORN VI NGER DR. HENDRICKSON DR. MC CI LLOCH MR EITEMAN RICE MOULTON ROHI nson liuU S :y The Forum Club OFFICERS C. Roekrt Rice President Alexandra Br.ui Vice-president Margaret Moulton Secretary • • • The Forum Club is an International Relations Club associated with the Michigan Conference and Carnegie Foundation. Membership is open to those students showing ability and interest in the Social Science. History, and Political Science departments. Individual research is combined with group discussion to further an inter- pretation of contemporary problems. MEMBERS Dr. W. V. Whitehouse [Jr. A. J. McCuIlock Mr. H. O. Hendrickson Dr. R. G. Hall Dr. W. J. Eiteman Dr. R. E. Luebbers Mr. C. M. Destler Stuart Anderson Charles Avery Margaret Blair Charles Boyer Alexandra Brail Enid Downey Marian Evans Elizebeth Hilborn Naomi Kimball George Mather Charles Meagher Margaret Moulton Walter Xolte Robert Rice Jeanette Robinson Harry Running Louise Shumaker Wendell Smith Harold Spiegel Marian Thornton Hundred Forty-one B N N NOW LIN TOWNE CHAPEL ROWE HANDY BLACK Tl ' LLEY MISS AIRHEART DR. GILBERT M. TOWNE SLEIGHT BIGGER CAHRINGTON Kl MBALI. Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS Mildred Towxe President J ustine Sleight ' ice- president ( (pal Rowe Secretary Janice Bigger Treasurer • • Le Cercle Francais, which meets once a month, plans to give its members practice in the use of the French language by introducing at the meetings French songs, games and customs. Membership is made up of advanced students in the department who reach certain standards set by the group. MEMBERS Dr. Gilbert Janice Bigger Mildred Black Marian Bottoms Lynn Chapel Doris Carrington Naretta Elder Adele Ferris Robert Gaskell Frances Handy Margaret Howes Miss Airheart Mary Kimball Jane Nowlin Margaret O ' Mara Geraldine Pinch Opal Rowe Frances Sergeant Teresa St. Johns Justine Sleight Mildred Towne Ruth Towne Virginia Tullev One Hundred Forty-tzL ' o B N N ROGERS TATE KENSICKI RAY SNELLING TODD GODDAKD PLASTERER WEISENBERG SYLVESTER YINGER WATSON ANDERSON ML-.MBY WEBSTER PROF. WEISS MISS CHAMP ROYDEN HUFTON WALLS HILL LARGF. JONES AVERY The Histrionic Club OFFICERS Merrill Walls President Gwendolyn Joxes Vice-president Dorothy Hill Secretary Dwight Large Treasurer • • • The Histrionic Club was founded in the spring of 1923 for the purpose of promoting the best drama and giving its members practical experience in play production and in interpretation. The members are chosen each year from a prospective group who try out and are selected by a committee composed of the faculty members in the department and representatives from Theta Alpha Phi. MEMBERS Prof. N. J. Weiss Mr. K. G. Hance Miss Beulah Champ Mary Hufton Dorothy Moulton T. J. Kensicki Merrill Wall s Geraldine Goddard Robert Ray Dorothy Hill Nick Plasterer Carl Snelling Dwight Large Eileen Weisenberg Norman Todd Gwendolyn Jones Martha Sylvester Archie Hogan Charles Avery Homer Yinger Margaret Mulholland Doris Cutler Eunice Mary Watson Geraldine Pinch Vyda Mumby Stuart Anderson Harold Spiegel Pauline Webster Dick Rogers Dorothy Stophlet Marcus Boyden Reginald Tate Lawrence VanHorn • • One Hundred Forty-three 3 N N ! ' T N W I N MATTHEWS BEHLING CAMPBELL DRAKE MOYXES MISS DEAN MISS HIXDMAN CLOSSON BURNS WORCESTER TANNER WALTON IRWI GRIEVE HEMPT The Home Economics Club OFFICERS Dorothy Worcester President Helena Burns 1 ' ice-president Alice Grieve Secretary Ruth Matthews Treasurer • • • The Home Economics Club which is affiliated with the Michigan Home Economics Association and the American H ome Economics Association was organized in 1918. The purpose of the club is to give its members a broader knowledge of Home Economics and home and vocational problems. Membership is limited to majors or minors in the department who are doing " B " work. MEMBERS Miss Lita Hindman Rachel Behling Helena Burns Grace Campbell Viola Drake Myrtie Dunavin Alice Grieve Ruth Hembt Dorothv Worcester Miss Annie Dean Emma Helmkamp Bernice Irwin Ruth Mason Ruth Matthews Margaret Moynes Louise Tanner Marjorie Walton • • • One Hundred Forty-four B N N LORRY F. STEINER UOHB BETZ DR. SLEIGHT D. STEINER MR. INGALLS OLL«,AsT GREESLEASE DOWNEY CARMICHAEL TUCKER ELY PEARCE WILKINSON BURR The Mathematics Club OFFICERS Mildred Pearce President Dalox Ely ] ' iee- president Lucretia Tucker Secretary-Treasurer • • • The Mathematics Club was organized under the upervision of Dr. E. R. Sleight in 1911. Membership is limited to those students, majoring in mathematics, with at least a " 1! " average in two years of mathematical work. The purpose of the club is to give the members a better knowledge of mathe- matical theories and methods from both the standpoint of teaching and further study of the subject. MEMBERS Dr. E. R. Sleight Mr. E. E. Ingalls Ebon Betz Clarence Mohr Dorothy Burr Wayne Nichols Alma Carmichael Mildred Pearce Enid Downey Frederick Steiner Dalon Ely Lucretia Tucker Charles Greenlease Alma Wilkinson George Lowry Lyman Wollgast Pearl Yates One HunJ ' 5 ' 9 N N SAIGON LORRY VOIGTS HAYES MOYER GREER COLE CARPENTER DR, SPENCER DR. ROOD SCRIBBNER WOLLGAST DART MOHR WATTS WALLS NICHOLS The Physical Research Club i IFFICERS Ted Watts President Clarence M i ihr I ' ice-president Shirley Walls Secretary-Treasurer • • • The Physical Research Chili w;h founded for the purpose of keeping its members in touch with the progress and discoveries which are being made in the physical laboratories of the world. Membership is limited to only those students who have completed two sem- esters of college physics and are pursuing advanced work in the department. MEMBERS Dr. C. E. Rood Dr. R. G. Spencer William Carpenter Edgar Jones Robert Danville George Lowry Jack Dart Clarence Mohr James Elliot Wayne Nichols Maynard Fleming Newell Saigeon Robert Gaskell Leonide Vinikooroff Charles Greenlease Donald Voigts Charles Greer Shirley Walls Donald Hayes Ted Watts Lyman Wollgast • • • One Hundred Forty-six B N N TAN NEK u 0LLGAS1 TUCKER MISS WEST FIELD RENIGER FR1TCH WYLIE MC CALL The Spanish Club OFFICERS Horace Field President Lvcretia Ticker 1 ' ice-president Belva Fritch Secretary Joe Mc Cali Treasurer • • • The Spanish Club was organized in 1921 and is limited in membership to those students receiving at least a " B " average in advanced courses. The purpose of the club is to foster an interest in the Spanish speaking people of the world and to increase the members ' facility in the language. MFMBFRS Dr. D. M. Gilbert Janice Bigger Mildred Black Wallace Cameron Grace Campbell Horace Field Belva Fritch Henry Hecker George Hubbard Alice Jurma Josephine Kellogg Stirling Martin Joe McCall Vivian Miles Miss Mary West Roderick Norton Dorothy Reniger Reba Richards Justine Sleight Teresa St. John Dorothy Stophlet Louise Tanner Reginald Tate John Tillinghast Lucretia Tucker Eileen Weisenberg Lyman Wollgast Marian Wvlie One Hundred Forty-. 3 ' 9 N N Zeta Alpha Phi OFFICERS Dalox Ely President Ri th Towne Vice-president Virginia Wietzke Secretary Horace Fielii Treasurer • • • eta Alpha 1 ' hi is an organization of the independent men and women students of Alliion College. .Meetings are held each Monday night in the recrea- tion room on the top floor of Robinson Hall. There are no initiation fees and the members are free to come and go as they please. The group in addition to its regular weekly social meetings holds various social functions during the year. Dalon Ely Mildred Towne Virginia " Wietzke Ruth Towne Horace Field Dorothy Jones Newell Saigeon Edith Randall Alice Wooley Tohn Tillinghast MEMBERS Dr. and Mrs. Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Erwin Wayne Nichols Aletha Beedon Ronald Brunger Willard Grinell Myrtie Dunavin Bertha Dodge Laurence VanHorn Theodore Kensicki John Fulton Harold Myers Stuart Hill One Hundred Forty-eight A L B I ,VI N I A N • • • RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS B ■ t N N DR. GOODRICH HUGHES RAY DR. HARRISON COM STOCK DE VI N N EY YINGER SPIEGEL LAWSON Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS Homer Yinger President Stanley Holmes Vice-president Vernon Lawson Secretary Donald DeVixxev Treasurer • • • The purpose of the Young .Men ' s Christian Association is to give to the campus and community a policy of real and vital usefulness for Christian service and inspiration. The Freshman Week program was one of the first features of the year ' s work. Deputation teams were sent to many towns and cities throughout the state. Dis- cussion groups were organized, and a negro play was sponsored by the group. In cooperation with the Y. W. C. A. and the Campus Religious Council many out- standing speakers were brought to the campus. The speakers included: Paul Hutchinson, Howard McCluskey, Dr. Goddard and many others. CABINET Lawrence Comstock Dwight Large Han ikl Spiegel Fosberg Hughes Theodore Kensicki ADVISERS Dr. R. G. Hall Professor S. J. Harrison One Hundred Fifty B V N N DOWNEY LUTHER BROWN RANDALL MERRILL KERN MRS. WHITEHOUSE DEAN GRAY TANNER TULLE V RLAIR EVANS HANCHETT HUFTON Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Makiax Evans President Margaret Blair ' icc-prcsidciit Virginia Tulley Secretary Mary Treasurer • • • The purpose of the Y. Y. C. A. this year has been to further a closer friendship and good fellowship among the girls of Albion College. The year ' s activities began with the Freshman Week Program in the fall. Throughout the year parties have been held in, the recreation room of the dorm- itory. The Personality Group and Association meetings have been held together this year. At this time a number of very interesting speakers have been enjoyed. Impressive Christmas and Easter Vespers were held under the direction of the Religious Interests Chairman. In conjunction with the Y. M. C. A. the associa- tion has brought speakers to the college. Margaret Moyncs Louise Tanner Jane Stewart Zoe Barbara Brown Enid Downev Mrs. W. W. Whitehouse CABINET SPONSORS Mary Huftmi Helen Kern Margaret Luther Mary Merrill Alice Randall • • • One Hundred Fifty-one B x, - A 9 V N N HUGH us COMSTOCK DR. RROWN DR. HARRISON RAY BLAIR HUFTOK EVANS YINGER The Campus Religious Counci • • • The Campus Religious Council is an organization made up of Dr. Brown, Dr. Harrison, the presidents of the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A., the past presidents of these organizations who are still on the campus and the Program Chairmen of the two groups. This group is responsible for bringing the various speakers to the college. Among the interesting speakers brought here this year were : Paul Hutchinson, Dr. Goddard and Howard McCluskey. • • • One Hundred Fifty-two FRATERNITIES A L B I t N I A N HONORARIES B ' . " e ' , S N N FISHER MR. EWING DR. BATTENHOUSE RUNNING PLASTERER BATTEN HOt SE INMAN BESSERT KINNEY Alpha Phi Gamma Willi a m Denmann President Nicholas Plasterer " ice- president Roy Batten house Secretary-Treasurer • • • The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma, Honorary Co-educational Journalistic Fraternity, is to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pur- suits in colleges and universities; to serve and promote the welfare of the college through journalism; to establish cordial relationships between students and the members of the profession, and to unite in a fraternal way congenial students interested in journalism. Elections are made from students who excel! in the management and editing of the Albionian and Pleiad. MEMBERS Dr. H. M. Battenhouse Clayton Fisher Mr. R. P. Ewing Stanley Gulliver Edwin Appleyard Robert Kinney Roy Battenhouse Duane McCall Clarence Bessert Nicholas Plasterer William Denman Harry Running PLEDGES Stuart Anderson George Mather William Church Pearl Yates Marian Fruin Noble Stephens Joe McCall Harold Storm Geraldine Miner Lenore Strick • • • One Hundred Fifty-six B ' 9 N N AVERY YINGER HUGHES LARGE AMll-RsON PAUL WALLS PROF. WEISS DR. SEATON PROF. HENDRICKSON HR. SPENCER PROF. HANCE PROF. MC CUI.LOCH KIMBALL PEARCE MISS CHAMP HILL RLA1K MC II EN A M. SPIEGEL H. SPIEGEL Delta Sigma Rho Harold Spiegei President Homer Yinger I ' ice-president Mildred Pearce Secretary • • • Delta Sigma Rho is the oldest national honorary forensic fraternity — this year being the 26th year of its existence. Albion is one of the few small colleges to be honored with a charter which was granted in 1911, five vears after the found- ing of the fraternity. Election is from the Junior and Senior debaters and orators in the spring of each vear. MEMBERS President lohn L. Seaton Prof. N. J. Weiss Prof. K. G. Hance Charles Avery D wight Large Stuart Anderson Ruth Mi [henna Margaret Blair Marvin Pahl Dorothy Hill Mildred Pearce Fosberg Hughes Margaret Spiegel Gwendolyn Jones Harold Spiegel Naomi Kimball Merrill Walls Homer Yinger I ' l KAPPA DELTA National Honorary Forensic Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. J. McCulloch Mr. H. (I. Hendrickson Professor K. G. Hance Miss Beulah Champ • • • One Hundred Fifty-seven B ' . M « rv N N AVERY SPIEGEL BOYDEX GODDARD PROF. WEISS MR. HANCK MISS CHAMP WEISENBERC. WALLS HILL LARGE JONES Theta Alpha Phi Merrill Walls President Gwendolyn Jones I ' ice-president Dorothy B. Hill Secretary Dwight Larce Treasurer • • • A charter of the National Histrionic Fraternity, Theta Alpha I ' hi. was granted to Albion College in 1929. During these last four years, this honorary fraternity has been opened to those students who have excelled in dramatic ability. Theta Alpha Phi furthers the aims of the local Histrionic Club in that it relates the whole organization to other chapters in the National group. Member- ship is limited to members of the Histrionic Club. Prof. X. J. Weiss Charles Avery Marcus Boyden Geraldine Goddard Merrill Walls MEMBERS Mr. K. G. Hance Miss Beulah G. Champ Harold Spiegel Dorothy Hill Dwight Large Gwendolyn Jones One Hundred Fifty-eight B V-i N N GASKELL COM STOCK PROF. HARVEY PKOF. KELLOGG PROF. ROWLAND SMITH VAN HORN GOING Ml KALE ODERKIRK RHODES BRL ' NGER SAIGEQN BROWN BECKETT YINGER C MF RO Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia Lawrence Comstoc k ' resident Laurence VanHorn ' ' ice -president Charles Going Secretary Henry Brown Treasurer ••• On October 31, 1930, Beta Iota Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia Fraternity was installed at Albion with a roll of twenty charter members. This fraternity is a national honorary organization composed of the men students most outstanding in the college musical activities. MEMBERS Prof. Louis Rowland Prof. H. R. Harvev Prof. King Kellogg Richard Beckett Henry Brown Ronald Brunger George Cameron Lawrence Comstock Robert Gaskill Charles Going Dean McKale Leslie Harmon Charles Meagher Robert Oderkirk Xewell Saigeon David Smith George Rhodes Laurence VanHorn Homer Vinger • • One Hundred Fifty-nine B ijt Ti N N MORGAN NOW LI N ILL RH SHIVELY PINCH ii wnv ROWLAND MISS GRANT HARMS BELL RA N DALL N EVENS BIGGER HANCHETT TOWNE Lambda Mu Janice Bigger President M. r Han.chett Vice-president Helen Mori, a x Secretary Shirley MacNe 7 en Treasurer • • • Last year this organization was established for the purpose of creating a co-operative spirit among I he musicians of the school; to promote the musical work on the campus; and to sponsor at least one musical program a year. The active membership is limited ti twenty-five girls who have met the entrance requirements. FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Swanson Miss Grant Miss Airheart Mrs. Hance Mrs. Rowland MEMBERS Marjorie Albertson Margaret Bell Janice Biggar Minnie Camburn June Hanchett Mary Hanchett Frances Handy Dorothea Harms Helen Morgan Eileen Weisenberg Shirley MacNeven Jane Nowiin Geraldine Pinch Leone Lee Alice Randall Ruth Rowland Martha Shively Ruth Towne lane Willand One Hundred Sixty B N N iHUMAKER BACORN DEAN GRAY MISS ENCLE STOKEF. MOULTON STOPHLET HILL SHIVELY BACORN " Chevron Dorothy Hill President Martha Shivki.v Vice-president Dorothy Stophlf.t Secretary • • • Chevron is the local honorary society for Senior women. It was organized in 1930 with eight charter members chosen by the faculty on a basis of scholarship, personality, and contribution to the college. Under a constitution drawn up by this group, the selections from the class of 1932 were made. Chevron has as its purpose: the maintenance of high scholarship standards: recognition and promotion of the spirit of fellowship and service among college women: recognition and encouragement of leadership; and the honoring of those college women who embody these ideals of culture. Xnt nmre than eight women who are second-semester Juniors or Seniors are elected each year. These elections are based upon qualifications of high school leadership, strength of character, and contribution to the college. Elections are revealed at the annual May Breakfast with a fitting ceremony before the women of the college. FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Dorothy Engel Barbara Bacorn Gertrude Bacorn Frances Stoker Dorothv Hill Miss Marian Gray MEMBERS Mi Mary West Dorothy Stophlet Louise Shumaker Margaret Moulton Maftha Shivelv • • • One Hundred Sixty-one 3 VV N N ••• ALBION GOES COLLEGIO! One Hundred Sixty-two A L B I N I A N 9 1 FRATERNITIES B . r «- N N SCHUMAKER DRAKE SHIVELY CRANSON KELLOGG MAC AULIFFE DEAN GRAY NAGLE KIMBALL H UPTON FRITCH TUCKER STRICK ST. JOHN JONES Pan-Hellenic Council OFFICERS Leone Lee President Lucretia Tucker Secretary Lenore Strick Treasurer • • • Three representatives from each sorority compose the Pan-Hellenic Council which was organized in 1917. This organization regulates rushing, presents a cup to the most outstanding senior woman, and has in the late years sponsored a Pan- Hellenic Ball. MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Martha Shively Lucretia Tucker Mrs. J. Clifford Smith Alphi Xi Helta Lenore Strick Belva Fritch Elaine Nagle Delta Gamma Leone Lee Josephine Kellogg Katherine MacAuliffe Gamma Gamma Chi Mary Hufton Viola Drake Genevieve Cranson Kappa Delta Louise Schumaker Teresa St. John Elta Arber Zeta Tau Alpha Gwendolyn Jones Naomi Kimball Mrs. Walter Strait One Hundred Sixty-four B . n f 9V N N SMITH PERU MILLER HOPKINS RUNNING WOLFE NOLTE HUFERT ROEHM YEAGLEY POLLOCK WAL!. Inter-Fraternity Council OFFICERS Robert Yeagley President George Miles Vice-president Charles L. Roehm Secretary • • • The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of two representatives from each of the national fraternities. It regulates the affairs of the fraternity groups on the campus such as the pledging of freshmen, sponsors an inter-fraternity banquet, inter-fraternity dances, athletics and various other activities. MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omega B. Smith Hopkins Charles Roehm Delta Sigma Phi Wendall Smith Donald Peru Delta Tau Delta T. Louis Hufert Alex Pollock Sigma Chi Robert Yeagley Leon Miller Sigma Nn Merrill Walls Walter Nolte Tau Kappa Epsilon Harrv T. Running Darv ' le Wolfe • « One Hundred Sixty-five 3 . " 1 9 N N Alpha Chi Omega Founded at DePauw University. Greencastle. Indiana, 1SS5 Beta Chapter - - Established 1887 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Scarlet Carnation Publication: " The Lyre " HOWES BINGHAM MEREDITH CLARK SCOTT ROWLAND TOLLAND KERN REYNOLDS HANCHETT DRAKE SLEIGHT RANDALL GARDNER NOWL1N WRIGHT CAMPBELL BROWN CARMICHAEL RICHARDS TUCKER WILLARD MORGAN WEISENBERG SHIVELY VARTY MOSHER GREGORY STOPHLET • • • One Hundred Sixty-six 3 N I A N CHAPTER OFFICERS Martha Shively President Louise Vartv Vice-president Frances Mosher Secretary Eileen Weisenberg Treasurer Phyllis Gregory Helen Morgan Frances Mosher Martha Shively SENIORS Dorothy Stophlet Margaret Tackels Eileen Weisenberg lane Willard Zoe Barbara Brown Jane Nowlin Reba Richards JUNIORS Justine Sleight Lucretia Tucker ! i ' ui-i ' art Elizabeth Bingham Grace Campbell Alma Carmichael SOPHOMORES Doris Wright Grace Gardner Alice Randall Ruth Rowland Marion Clark Jane Drake FRESHMEN Pauline Toland Doris Reynolds Mable Scott Emily Bell Brewer I June Hanchett II PLEDGES Ruth Howe I Helen Kern II Catherine Meredith I One Hundred Sixty-seven B I N N Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois. 1893 I ' m Chatter - - Established 1915 Flower : Pink Rose Colors : Double Blue and Gold Publication : " Alpha Xi Delta ' SCHWEITZER KANTLEHNER BUTZER CAMBURN BOTTOMS SPENCER ARCHIBALD POMN FREN2EL. RENIGER GARLENT FRITCH TANNER MOYNES BURR STRICK KIMBALL NASH JURMA • • One Hundred Sixty-eight B I N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Louise Tanner Dorothy Pomn Catherine Garlext ... Alice Jurma President I ' icc-prcsidcnt . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer ' " :. " M :.: " ' ■ ' . ' ' " ' Alexandra Brai! Dorothy Burr Mary Kimball SENIORS Norma Nash Lenore Strick Margaret Moynes Marion Bottoms Naretta Elder Alice Jurma ICNIORS Emma Jane Miller Dorothy Pomn Louise Tanner Minnie Camburn Lilah Dean Virginia Frenzel SOPHOMORES Belva Fritch Catherine Garlent Dorothy Reniger Frances Kantlehner FRESH M EN Helen Schweitzer Hazel Archibald Valora Butzer Helen Heckman PLEDGES Mary Margaret Reid Catherine Smith Muriel Spencer O • • One Hundred Si.vty-niu A L B I ' 3 V N I A N Delta Gamma Founded at Warren Institute. ( Ixford, Mississippi, 1874 Zeta Chapter - - Established 1883 Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue Flower : Cream Rose Publication : " Anchora " MC CREDIE BALDWIN TEYNES SYLVESTER BRANCH ROSS BENNETTS ANDERSON AYRES THOMAS FISKE BRIGGS SWANSON GRAHAM LEE GODDARD SHIPP SARGAENT STEVENS OWEN JOHNSON GRIEVES MOULTON EVANS MASON KELLOGG EBERT STEWART MULHOLLAND WORCESTER • • One Hundred Seventy B - 9V N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Josephine Kellogg President Rith Mason Vice-president Jane Stewart Secretary Marian Evans Treasurer Marian Evans Alice Grieves Margaret Moulton Margaret Mulholland SENIORS Jane Stewart Ruth Mason Anna Ebert Dorothy Worcester Leone Lee JUNIORS Jane Ross sephine Kellogj Mary Graham Geraldine Goddard Ruth Jeynes Roberta Johnson SOPHOMORES Janet Owen Frances Sargaent Eleanor Stevens Violet Shipp Betty Bennetts Jean Avers Betty Baldwin Tune Briggs FRESHMEN Martha Svlvester Jennie Fiske Betty Lyday Gertrude Swanson Betty Carton II Gladvs Anderson III PLEDGES Lvgustia Coxon I Opal McCredie I Delora Branche I Hundred Seventy-one B n VV N N Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal College. Farmville, Virginia, 189 Sigma I ' i Chapter - - Established 1923 Flower : White Rose Colors: Olive Green and White Publication : " The Angelas " POLLACK X. JOHNSON MILLS VIAL HARGER DOWNING COLE JAY MERY HOLLISTER M.JOHNSON YEAGLEY ROWE SNYDER REIMAN MC COLGIN JEFFREY SMITH HELLMUTH RUF FIELD MOORE MILES LINK HECKE WEBSTER ST. JOHN COX BESSERT WIGLE CARLETON YATES METCALF HILL SHUMAKER BARHYTE PEARCE MINER NASH One Hundred Seventy -two B N N CHAPTER OFFICERS I.iuiSK Shimaki-k Mildred Pearce . . Myrtle Carlton . Pearl Yates .... President I ' icc-presidcnl Secretary . . . . Treasurer Mary Barrryte Dorothy Hill Elizabeth Metcalf Geraldine Minor SENIORS Barbara Yeagley Dorothy Malmborj Mildred Pearce Louise Shumaker Pearl Yates Myrtle C arlton Helen Cole Ruthe Heck 1UNI0RS Persis Link Anna Nash Pauline Webster Margaret Bessert Dorothy Cox Esther Field Mildred McColgin SOPHOMORES Elinor Wigle Vivian Miles Juliette Moore Margaret Snyder Teresa St. lohn l irace Downing Virginia Hcllmnth FRESH MEN Nancy Johnson Wilma Mills PLEDGES Rosalie Blair Marjorie Harger Clover Hollister Betty Jeffrey Mary Johnson Jean Reiman Elaine Rice Irene Rowe Geraldine Ruf Jeanette Smith Evelyn Vial Sallv Pollock Hundred Seventy-three B ' A N N Ze+a Tau Alpha Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, 1898 Beta Tau Chapter - - Established 1929 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Cray Flower: While I ' inlet Publication : " Themis ' KLOOM FORMAN PARSONS KLINE MF.SACAR TAYLOR WALTON TULLY MILLER HILDEBRAND MOULTON TOMLINSON GRUBE GRAHAM MC MAM CUTLER Cl ' RRlE BL ' RGETT 5TEINER BELL H1LBORN HEMBDT RUBER LOOMIS THORNTON MC NABB CLOSSOS JONES STOKER BIRD DOWNEY KIMBALL • • • One Hundred Seventy-four B N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Gwendolyn Jones President Elizabeth Hilborx Vice-president Enid Downey Secretary Alice Bird Treasurer Alice Bird Jean Closson Gwendolyn Tones SENIORS Joy McKabb Frances Stoker Marian Thornton Margaret Bell Enid Downey Elizabeth Hilborn TUMORS Xamiii Kimball Ruth Loomis Dorothea Steiner Elizabeth Burgett Doris Cutler June Currie Madeline Grube Kathrvn Hildebrand SOPHOMORES Marjorie Walton FRESHMEN Margaret Parsons Ruth Hembdt Dorothy Moulton Mary Margaret Kline Evelvn McManus Alice Miller Gladys Reeder Agnes Reynolds Dorothy Tomlinson Virginia Tully Ruth Bloom I ' l I In,!- Helen Louise Forman Ruth Graham Frances Huber Harriet Messacar Marjorie Taylor One Hundred Seventy-five B ' 9 N N Gamma Gamma Chi Founded in Albion 1857 Reorganized 1928 Colors: Green, Gold and Rose Flower: Yellow Rose MULHOLLAN EYMER KLINEFELTER JOHNSON ' BOYD BAST I AN WARNER B. ALBERT SON SCHOLTZ BOWERMAN MAC J Of SKI DAY EDDY DEMPSTER W I L KEN SON HUFTON DRAKE ROBINSON M. ALBERTSON BLACK CHAMBERLAIN ' One Hundred Seventy-six L B I N I N OFFICERS Mary HuftOx President Marjorie Albertson .... rice-president Viola Drake Secretary Janette Robinson Treasurer Mildred Black SENIORS Janette Robinson Viola Drake Gwendoline Bowerman TUMORS Alma Wilkens Marv Huftoii SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Chamberlain Janet Johnson Anna Macjouski Norma Scholtz Beth Albertson Mildred Bastian FRESHMEN Gertrude Mulholki Jean Dempster Marjorie Edd} Elizabeth Boyd Cecil Chubb Estelle Clinefelter PLEDGES Frances Warner Dorothy Day- Gwendolyn Eymer Caroline Loomis • • • One Hundred Seventy seven 3 " .n - W N N Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, 1S65 Beta Omicron Chapter - - Established 1889 Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Ros Publication: " The Palm ABBOTT BURKHARDT REINER HARRIS RVCHSTAHL GRIMSHAW YOUNG TODD HEYDON PARTRIDGE MOOKE CONNELL DWYEE BROOKS HARLEY RTJTTMANN BALLARD STRAND SEELYE CHAPMAN MAYNARD DALEY SCOTT ZAHNOW COLE FERGUSON KREITSCH CHAUNCEY KELLER CODDINGTON RICE HOPKINS ROEHM TODD WALTERS HOAGFELT • o One Hundred Seventy-eight B 9V N I A N CHAPTER OFFICERS B. Smith Hopkins President C. Robert Rice Vice-president Charles Keller Secretary John- C. Ballard Treasurer B. Smith Hopkins Roland H. Hoagfelt Darwood Coddington Stayton Todd SENIORS Charles Roehm Charles Keller Frederick Walters Robert Rice Elmer W. Cole William Connell Phil Partridge JUNIORS Edward Harley Richard Chauncey David Todd Noble Moore Melvin Zahnow David Scott James Chapman Martin Strand SOPHOMORES Warren Seelye Thomas Heydon Russell Kreitsch Fred Ruttmann John Ferguson Arthur Brooks Henrv Grimshaw FRESHMEN Walter Ruchstahl Victor Young Edward Reiner Robert Harris Norman Burkhardt Warren Abbott PLEDGES Parker Smith Ellwood Dwyer Roland Kneiding Henry Schearer • • One Hundred Seventy-nine B ' 9 N N Delta Sigma Ph Founded at College of the City of New York, 1899 Alpha Tau Chapter - - Established 1Q1 7 Colors: Nile Green am! White Flower: White Carnation Publication: " The Carnation ' Hl ' RBARD AREY BROWN BRUEGAL HYDE OLIN COLLINS LEPIST ROBERTS RUNCIMAN OTEY MARTIN GRAHAM MORSE LARGE HECKER HERRIFF KANT GEARHARDT RICHARDSON BAKER YEOMAN FRASER G. CAMERON LORD RAHN N. PERU D. LARGE SCHELLIG GREENLEASE JACKSON EAIRD LACEY BOYD MAC NEYIN W. SMITH W. CAMERON AVERY G. BROWN R. BROWN HEYDON • • • One Hundred Eighty B 9i N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Robert Lacey . Henry Heckkr Eugene Baker Dwicht Large . . . . President Vice-president . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer ■n in Wm S ■ Li. dPlf Charles Averv SENIORS Donald Peru Wendell Smith Howard Heyden Henry Hecker Hugh Boyd Donald MacNeven George Gearhardt Douglas Schellig Harlan Richardson Sterling Jackson William Baird George Hubbard Leslie Fraser JUNIORS Walter Heriff SOPHOMORES Lyman Wollgast Robert L. Brown George H. Brown Dwight Large Charles Greenlease Gaylon Rahn Robert Lacey Eugene Baker Norman Peru George Cameron Stirling Martin Herman Lord James 1 [yde FRESH. Mb N Robert Bruegel Chapin Olin Thurston Roberts Mervyn Morse Russell Runciman Edwin Graham Leon Arey Donald Large George A. Brown Robert Otey Ed ward Collins Victor Lepisto • 9 • One Hundred Eighty-one 3 9 N N Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, I1i:thaxy. West Virginia, 1859 Epsilon Chapter - - Established 1876 Colors : Purple and Gold Flower : Pansy Publication ' : " The Rainbozc ' DICE GREEN C. HAGEN I ZELLER PERRIGO CURTIS REED COLEMAN STEIN ER LUTZ YOU NGS POLLOCK H. HAGEN JUDD KANE LITTLEJOHN . HAGEN TAYLOR PINKERTON OLDHAM WEHRLE SMITH KUECHENMEISTER SHOOP NICKERSON RICHARDS NUGENT ROGERS GAUNT MAC DIARMID KRAPP BESSERT SHORTLE FISHER DEN MAN HUFERT HUFF COOPER HUGHES BLAIR BENDALL GROWER CHURCH MORGAN FITCH GULLIVER One Hundred Eighty-tiuo 3 s v N N CHAPTER OFFICERS T. Louis Hufert President Alex S. Pollock Vice-president William Dexmax Secretary T. Louis Hufert Treasurer Clarence Bessert Carroll Blair William Denman Harry L. Fitch Harlev Hagen SENIORS T. Louis Hufert Adelbert O. Huff Richard W. Judd Stanley L. Kane Maurice Littlejohn Clayton Fisher Stanley Gulliver George ( iaunt Donald Hughes Irwin Krapp Theodore Bendall Howard Brower William Church Glenn Coleman JUNIORS Kenneth Youngs SOPHOMORES Earl Lutz H. Stuart MacDiarmid Arthur Morgan Dean Nickerson Alex Pollock James Cooper Arthur Kuechenmeister Jack Nelson Homer Shoop FRESHMEN Donald Nugent William Pinkerton Russell Rogers Richard Curtis Blake Perrigo Richard Tavlor Rex Edick H |-|)(,l S Edward Wehrle William Green Carl Hagen Percy Hagen Robert Oldham John Reed Max Richards One Hundred Eighty-three B I 9 V N N Sigma Ch Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter - - Established 1886 Klower : White Rose Colors : Pine and Gold Publication : " The Magazine of Sigma Chi • t 1 § fhk W m f-m, lit t | ' M W m m M ?t t - ! t t T CLARK ZAHRT SCHt ' LTE BERNER CHRISTENSEN WEIMER ALLEN A. SLAUGHTER ANDERSON COLE HEATH MANNING BARRY STEWART WYATT GILEERT JACOBY K. SLAUGHTER HAYES SMITH PLASTERER MILLER LAING M. SMITH YEAGLEY OSMVN MICK MOYER One Hundred Eighty-four B - H 9-b N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Robert Yeacley President Wilbi ' r Moyeh Vice-president Thomas Cole Secretary Roland Smith Treasurer Earl Laing Lucein Muck SENIORS Lawrence Osman Robert Yeagley Tom A. Cole Edward Manning Leon Miller JUNIORS Wilbur Mover Nicholas Plasterer Roland Smith Frank Barry Donald Hayes Walter Heath SOPHOMORES Jack Jacoby Robert Slaughter Joseph Stewart Benjamin Allen Frederic Berner FRESHMEN Richmond lark Arthur Slaughter Kilbourne Anderson Howard Christensen Henry Green PLEDGES Frederick Schulte G. Harold Wyatt Russell Weimer One Hundred Eighty-fife A L B I V N I N Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute. Rk hmoxh. Virginia, 1869 Gamma Gamma Chapter - - Established 1895 Flower : White Rose Colors: Black. White and Cold Publication ' : " The Delta " ROOD ROSE ABBOTT MC CREA NORTON MATTHEWS SQUIRES CRANDALL HOWARD BLOSSOM FLEMING GOING SMITH CARPENTER WATTS YOUNG BRINEY MC CALL ELLIS MURRAY RISLEY SCHROEDER STEINER BODINE DENSMORE DEAN TONES NOLTE KAY MILES WALLS SEBASTIAN D. MCCALL S. WALLS MC KALE GOOD ' ne Hundred Eighty-six 3 W N N CHAPTER OFFICERS Mkrrill Walls President George Miles Vice-president Carl Risley Secretary Frederic Steixer Treasurer Merrill Walls Shirley Walls Walter Nolte Edgar Jones Richard Densmore SENIORS Dean McKale Alex Good Jack Dean James Sebastian Duane McCall Milton Kav Harold Bodine Carl Risley Marvin Schroeder Frederic Steiner George Miles JUNIORS Ralph Youngs Ted Watts William Carpenter Clifford Whitney Malcomb McCrea Chauncey Blossom Maynard Fleming Joseph McCall SOPHOMORES Robert Rose David Smith Charles Going Harry Matthews Edward Abbott Otis Brinev FRESHMEN John Rood Richard Crandell Grant Howard Roderick Norton II Gordon Raymond PLEDGES Wallis Kinney Davison Potter • • • One Hundred Eighty-seven B 9V N N Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded at Illinois Wkslkyax University, Bloomington, Illinois, 1899 ( Imega Chapter - - Established 1927 Colors: Cherry and Grey Flower: Red Carnal ion Publication: " The Teke ' ft f f tff %r % f w V w %| HOLLIDGE T, MOIIR W. SMITH DILLEY WETTLAl ' FER L. KINNEY THOMAS YINGER POHI.Y ROGERS C. MOHK YOIGHTS SPENCER SCHWARTZ LEWIS NORTON RHODES ROWLAND DART ADROUNI MEAGHER LONG STOCKING MARMON STEPHENS WOLF M.SMITH BOVDEN o ' ROURKF. Bi ' YER BECKER FOLFY JOHNSON AMBLER R.KINNEY APPLEYARD RUNNING ANDERSON • • • One Hundred Eighty-eight B M • ' 9 N N .-i CHAPTER OFFICERS Harry T. Running President Robert C. Kinney Vice-president Phillip Becker Secretary Wilbuk Johnson Treasurer Fred Ambler Edwin Applevard Phil Becker Marcus Boyden Leslie Harmon SENIORS Daryle Wolf Wilbur Johnson Robert Kinney Albert O ' Rourke Richard Rogers Meredith Smith Stuart Anderson Charles Boyer Andrew Foley 1UXIORS Clarence Mohr Harry Running Leon Schwartz Jack Dart Hubert Howe Edward Long Charles Meagher George Rhodes SOPHOMORES Donald Spencer Noble Stephens Charles Stocking Dwight Thomas Donald Voights Richard Pohlv FRESHMEN William Smith Dean Rowland Harrv Adrouni Neil Dilley Kenneth Hollidge PLEDGES Floyd Yineer Forrest Mohr Chauncey Norton Donald Wettlaufer One Hundred Eighty-nine B N N Lambda Phi Beta (Eclectic) Local Fraternity ESTABLISHED 1929 Colors : Blue ami Cold SMITH OKSTKRLF TALE HUMPHREYS BRI U HODGDON COULD SCOTT WYLIE STORM DIMOCK SODERBEKG SCRIBNER DUTTON GILDART SNELLIXG MEREDITH TODD HEKRICK HAMPTON RROWNE DANVILLE YYEEKS • • • One Hundred Ninety B " ( N N OFFICERS Carl Sxellixg President Harold Storm Vice-president Norman Todd Secretary Robert Danville Treasurer Hilmer Soderberg SENIORS Richard Beckett John Dutton Edward Wylie Harold Storm Carl Snelling Lucien Meredith Melvin Oesterle Robert Hampton JUNIORS Charles Shipman William Browne Robert Danville Monford Weeks Leon Vinokooroff Ward Avery Frank Navlor Fred Scribner SOPHOMORES Irving Smith Norman Todd Edward Taub Donald Humphreys James Bruce Roger Hodgdon Jack Gould FRESHMEN Clifton Scott Fred Dimock Lee Gildart Roger Herrick Bruxton Rhuberrv • • • One Hundred Ninety-one B I M N I A N 9V Inter-Fraternity Athletics • • • The intramural athletics of Albion College were very successfully conducted by Coach L. I). Erwin. Every championship race was spiced with keen competi- tion, and a good deal of interest was shown in every sport. Delta Tau Delta finished in first place to win the touch football race. Five teams. Delta Tau Delta. Delta Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Xu. and Alpha Tau )mega were all very evenly matched. The championship was de- cided in the final game between the Delts and Delta Sigs. The Michigan street squad came from behind in the last half to score two touchdowns. The final score was 12-6. The Delta Sigs were in second place with the A. T. ( ). ' s, Sigma Xus. Tekes and Sigma Chis finishing in the order named. Delta Tau Delta also won the basketball race by nosing the Sigma Xus out in an overtime series of games. When the cage schedule came to a close, the Delts and Sigma Xus were deadlocked for first place. Coach Erwin arranged a three game series to determine the best team. The Delts were successful in win- ning two out of the three games played. They won the first contest 12-11. lost the second 23-12, and won the third 14-10. George Miles of the Sigma Nu quintet lead the season ' s individual scoring with 93 points. Three teams were represented on the All-inter-fraternity fixe. .Miles of the Sigma Xii team, and hitch of the Delts were chosen as the two forwards; ( ireen, a second Delt, was placed at the center position ; Ambler of the Teke aggregation, and Watts of the Sigma Nus were picked to guard the basket. The Magnottas had little difficulty in heading the Roman league race. Other teams, finishing in the order named, are as follows: College Inn. Zeta Phi, X-Rays. Phi Mu Alpha, and Lambda I ' hi Beta. The Delta Tau Delta squad captured the all-college championship bv defeating the Magnottas in two straight -games. Alpha Tan )mega and Sigma Nu were in a tie for first place in the inter- fraternity soft baseball league as this was being written. Tau Kappa Epsilon and Delta Sigma Phi were deadlocked for the next position in the standings. Thus it is rather difficult to predict a winner as the teams appear very evenly matched Very little is known concerning the inter-fraternity track meet. Delta Sigma Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon have the majority of freshmen track men, although the Sigma Xus and Delts should also present strong lineups. One Hmuircd Ninety-two ADVERTISEMENTS B ' 9 N N — + Scholarship Character ALBION COLLEGE Where opportunity invites LIBERAL ARTS PRE-MEDICIN E PRE-ENGINEERING PRE-DENTISTRY P R E - L A W P R E - F O R E S T K Y BUSINESS — PUBLIC SPEAKING - DRAMATICS MUSIC — F I N E ARTS For Information, Address JOHN L. SEATON. I ' m. I).. President Albion, M ich. + — ■■ • • • One Hundred Ninety-five B ' 9 -: ' N N -+ ■■ ..- We Are at Your Service Tuchtenhagen Jeweler Optometrist At The Sign of the Big Clock Clothes ix the Latest Styles, of the Fixest Fabrics, by the Greatest Tailors Hats, Furnishings, and Shoes of Equal Quality, All for College Men Best Wishes for the Class of 1932 Davis - Campbell Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes t — " — ! " — " " — " " — " " — " " " " " " 00 " n " " " " — " " — " f v - + — „ — „ — , . — . Economical Buying — Economical Selling — That ' s Why Penney ' s Lead All Others for VALUE ! J. C. PENNEY CO. " It fays la Shop at Penney ' s " + . , ■ + Compliments to the Class of 1932 BOHM THEATRE + • • One Hundred Ninety-si. A L B I N I N . — ■-+ +•- Our hearts throb to the memory of the thousands of friendships we enjoy with the students of OLD ALBION Here ' s to You George Mitchell Co. For Thirty-five Years Your Candy Max Compliments to The Albionian The Geo. T. Bullen Co. 39 Years in Albion; I +- ■■ i Albion College Co-Operative Association ■■+ +- - + The College Book Store Established 1893 McDougall Young Dealers in QUALITY FUELS Phone 118 Alex Pollock, Manager Charles Going, Asst. Mgr 116 K. Superior St. i +- One Hundred Niticty-sez ' cn 3 «. M ' 9 N N .-+ For Tasty Foods The College Inn Eat Shoppe Where Quality Prevails + .„. +■——. ■■ — Fil m — Special Attention Given to Developing and Printing Bring your camera here for a reload with the celebrated AGFA Film Stock Always Fresh To the Graduates- We wish you happiness and suc- cess. We have enjoyed these four years ' association with vou. THE PIKE STUDIO " Portraits with Personality " 414 South Superior Street ALBION, MICHIGAN + + + + A. R. SMITH Drugs and Cameras Paints Wall Paper , — + + .. , Men ' s Union Kresge Gymnasium Healthful Recreation Leon Schwartz, Mgr. -■+ — .+ • • One Hundred Ninety-eight A L B I " !• N i N +— » .„ + ,. ! COFFEE CUP CAFE i Wocholz Gress Albion ' s Pure Food Center and Fuels that Satisfy OUR MOTTO Quality and Service +- 124 E. Mich. Ave. 24 Hr. Se + +- Up - TO - HATE Electric Sh oe Repair Petrakis anc Bournelis, Props. Work Right - Prices Right c or. Cass and Superior Phone 414 + + ■— ■ — + Compliments of Maple City Dairy Co. Market Place Phone 19 ALBION, MICHIGAN ' The Is Yet To Be COLTON THEATRE — - - • • • One Hundred Ninety-nine 3 9 V N N +.— .. — PARKER INN ALBION, MICH. for your p - rties, Dances. Banqu ETS +- " — " •— Fred Bucher. Prop. | 1 nn » " " — »j» •(»» IB ■■ Mi II .. .. — , + Compliments of H. A. Christensen Dealer in Quality Meats 115 North Superior St. Phone 52 ALBION The Recorder Press Company Publishers Albion Evening Recorder and Albion High School and College Papers O )MI ' 1.KTK TOB PRINTING DEPARTMENT Ready to Plan and Prepare Your Work Programs Invitations, Etc. News Letters Cards Letter Heads Hand Books Quality — Service Phone 29-38 111 Center St. Ask for " Phil " Compliments of a BOOSTER OF ALBION COLLEGE • • • Two Hundred B I - ■ N N +■- I REMEMBER your YESTERDAYS with PHOTOGRAPHS As an aid to remembering the pleasant associations of your Cnllege days, we suggest that you exchange photographs with your friends frequently. Nega th es ai e al- ways kt ' .pt on file so that more pic- tit res may bi ob- to i iii •d at a II y time. Portraits by Photography Reproductions from Old Photographs Finishing for the Amateur Artistic Picture Frames judi 106 East Erie Street Albion, Michigan • • I " wo Hundred One A L B i " N I N — +■- Our Clothes Are Designed to P lease The College Man ( rEORGE M ILES Charles Roehm Donald Bi iyer ( Ieorge Cameri in ADELBERT 1 1 I ' ll- ' S Indent Representatives Lei your nest Pair of Shoes come from BEEBE ' S Hialitv Style Battle Creek, Mich. 89 V. Michigan Ave. + Maurice S. Gordon Co. 22 W. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan + . Compliments of KELLOGG INN Battle Creek The logical place for your j sorority ami fraternity parties } Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. ( ). J. Arnold, ' resident Minneapolis, Minn. Truman II. Cummings ' 17 State Mgr. i + - + i I i + - + - + W)i. Carroll. Mgr. I I ■4 + Compliments of GEM DAIRY Dealers in Pure Milk. Cream. Fresh Churned Butter Milk, Creamed Cottage Cheese 21. ii-40 First Xat ' l I Sank Hld .. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sold by Many 12 Convenient Albion Graduates District Offices e • • ' wo Hundred Two I I + +-... Phones 463 and 638W B I §l N I A N + . . . . . .. ,+ The DeLuxe Motor Coaches Invite you As a regular patron or for SPECIAL PARTIES And assure you a CLEAN, COMFORTABLE AND COURTEOUS TRIP in A. C. F. SAFETY COACHES Equipped with Westinghouse Air lirakes and the Dependable Hall-Scott 6-Cylinder Motors which lend safety to your journey. DISPATCH FREIGHT SERVICE Shipments forwarded on all passenger buses making quick service between all points at moderate rates, such shipments received at and delivered from all baggage rooms. FREIGHT SERVICE Superior on account of being faster and more carefully handled with the added feature of pick-up and delivery to and from all points on our line and at rates on the standard rail line basis. Southern Michigan Transportation Company A FLEET OF HIGHWAY MOTOR VEHICLES Are At Your Disposal to Satisfactorily Meet Your Transportation Problems , . — .. + • • • Tzuo Hundred Three E 9V N N +. .. i +- Bring Us Your Films For Developing and Printing Eastman Kodak Agency VAN GORDANS The Rexall Store Phoxe 22 -+ I I I I Good Service Electric - + Shop C. Ross Richtmeyer Albion, Michigan 108 W. Porter Street Phone 197 i Anything Electrical i | r „ „,, , 1 ■+ The Albion College Alumni Association Founded 1853 Incorporated 1872 " Conservator of the Past — Aid to the Present — Advocate of the Future " Member of the American Alumni Council INVITES The Membership and Sltport of Every Former Student of Albion Through THE ALBIONIAN L( )YALTY FUND Memberships entitle the Holder to the Alumni Bulletins. Directories, the Right to Vote for College Trustees and other! Continuing College Relations +-,. Autographs 7 wo Hundred Four 3 N N +— ■- Established I 869 Sixty-three Years of Success JhJLIIVG R ROS. F yERARP (p. COMPLETE s PRINTING SERVICE » » » This entire book is a product of our plant, where machinery and workmanship of the highest quality rule. Take up your present or contemplated printing problems with us. « « ..WRITE FOR.. ESTIMATES KALAMAZOO MICH IGAN ° " ' ' ' " t • • • Two Hundred Five B ™t 9 V N N cA KSIIL.VTIOL M.I- Ion, ar« !i!-» thai. Books 1 n:: hfUll unil -In. ill. t. i - al ■ field of -i I I publications. takes pleasure in presenting INOWADAYS the colossal skyscraper is the admiration of all observe. It towers in r.uli.m ( splendor high all -i 1 1 I ' ■■ " n ' l i n :.- structures. An the " modern feel " today ai the crowd, in the rompelit Service Engraving (ompan book as an example of our work. SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY Art Photograph Printing Ptati who 1 of |£jg BOYER BUILDING Detroit, Michigan Two Hundred Six A L B I " ! N I A N ' 9 Autographs Two Hundred Seven L B I 9 N I N • • Two Hundred Eight Autographs

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