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 - Class of 1930

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f Jf f HIM N X F' c :C W 4 - -, I 1 vt -. Af . is-N X 3 -kv!-nj L2 K I 3 ,-'Thi x. 1 if ' -J A . A .ln hr- J , .T 'K if-43-.' 2 1 122' 'f v m g- ?f , f ,4 . - .- . u an iw? ,K Z vf tx IL-...Six T f X 1 xt f ,fX xg I ' KX, X I if, 'X NX X f 'xx y If f N, X of fl X XX X x X 1 1.51 K . 7 I 1' 'N X Zi 1930 ,f f IPI Foley Edztor zn Cluef Plulhps Hembdt Busmess Wana er X . ' Q6 f X, 1 'K Q - A L, 'jig Tx if K wx xi , .--in 1 n 1wg, K fff f U' Raymond jj' . xl fl I ' Qi ' 3 if . 1 . XM X QI . . M gf' . Q , .Exhxx A g It , ., ,TX lj., N if I' 'gin .N J .w . H,'i A +w f ' a5.,.i 'v . f K0 wg- ,' -1-E55 K. ' 'tg A- -. J -'M t f ' 5 , 5 'nj . i , ' 'z' -52:1 X 'V Is .. W -31 . f l mf I 'Q .f tg A rf,-1 ' - N .gf 1 'X , 1S4f., 'fp' . . Y N x if li . i-NJ, mf - L ji ? H 5 nf . .. I . . 'w,,g31'.?'.6q'-f5'QP. i - .Af -. ' .yr l - 'A - ,-dj . .115 1 147-Zj kig . 7 . '---., Q. 1 ,-Qig'-w, ' 2. ig fi N 4..'....f. - y --. -1- my 'mg -f... .- .si nv ..- fw . f A b b ' 'Wg ,Jang F' f k i tklva l H 'ii N ' ST? f 'LY 'Fu A K K. mx I . .., Exit A. ,:g :g,E.f ::3.. v Y .A .Rx M. pi? ' 7, g lggfy j a? 55.1.1 1. N N- . H41 ,,.,.'4.., 'few .J 1' XL AM X R .,,,v Q ...Wann il, -:R h Y K wqnx M.. , Mg Q - .pk H 1 ,1 Y .tri A N-14.51, ' Qu: ,,' -' L 3:14, 7. ,iii-. A I ' - ' fa' -. H Q -f 'i ' . ,- 'bfiff-f' . - 45' ' --.EP '. , ' ' , J ,. . I Q - - -h H, 5. 'af ka - Y r xlfugg. Nj in , 1 ' Q - PM -- -ff' Wfbiff 'SL 2? T513-'9 . 4 .f-wb E , ' 1 :K . ' 'F ' - an ki' H . xi.: V ffffg' ,f ,. . .T ,Era 3. xx ' !.f Af- . ll 'I , Q' '- vi., ,.,. r x 4' .h,f,,P' 3,l.:. if f - ' 4- f 1 rg 5- , 'n 4 'R m '-A., .' 1 ' ..,,- Elk' 3-f , Av- A. 3-: ggi 1,55 wiggw- ' -1-N X ,ia-3, . h f- A glqmya . Y -f 1?f g?'...:...'i.miPf.Q.W .A -Y Y -if f , if '- 3?-' K . f' im . 1 --.S , 'vu' . .z. . .-A 11. ...- .H X. ., I .. ,. s'.'f . .,- . .m'.:ffi'f M - ff 'P WN.. 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M ',1QQg2l. 1 LAL.f.WiE,?t1'fT'IlfQ1iQ'Fiifi lg -1f'zXf '-e- :JW .. C 1, M ig:-., ,.,-,L,W:....,y t.. Q .vl 4--1 .Nu-3' ' is J..5f:Jf- 1 3 . - he-W 4 'L -N 1 XM-x... '-'VI-bwg,Ll, ., ,J l l l I l 1 1 . i ' .L i 4 ,WAI 3. 1 i. ,i x THE LBICJNIAN Published loy the Students of Alloion Colleges Alloion, Mich. x 'l '--1 X, ,sk If V it AN f H ' 1 1 ,X I f x X l fi Al xx I fl 1' Xi yo. Q I L... X, R f, 1 xl '-V' : M -.I ' X, f , .X x To DEAN WILLIAM W. WHITEHOUSE who during the past year -as Dean of Albion College has won the respect, admiration and love of all the students, we dedicate this book. F Q X .,. V 'xg Av lx X V l X l X ii X V lf , f 1 l l i l x , ' ,H f fi ' , ' il' l , I x f X V f L l 1 i N V 'N if .1 x -. 1 ,' -, v X l I ix if X , K X , X ONG before the dawn of history the Great Lakes played their part in the formation of the Michigan we know. Though they are old, yet they are new, and thus we have chosen them as the theme of this hook. By adaptation, these waters which served primitive races, serve even more adequately the civilized peoples of' the world to- day, and in doing this they have lost none of their charm but have, on the contrary become even more attractive to those who know and love them. Like them, Albion though old and rich in tradition is ever new and progressive in its purpose awww iiiiii f 'T5'i Z S-X X' X N 'wus-'ff ' fe :QNX ff ,lieu - X. n v iii' xy U 31 r .klh I fl XX X XA 1 I, 1 1 XX l W F XX X I V A ,, Lil x XXX if Administration Classes Athletics Activities Fraternities Advertisements L. ,Q igh 22. if ffl n A, 4.. i M N V1 ffl- CE igfi V '- Q, 1: 4' 1. -A. A , V-6 'mu uf. ' f ' 3.5 f f t-fx fx' 1' N' gl , xi FE .ML Dai 3 px!! ' ' MW o il w ' 'G' I K -Y -'A . ,b V- ogg . ,N ki 'L 1 .1 + f ,N . A 1 1 ef -,+ .Ar - :2Py:f.T'TQ-V,-',.'T'::3:7.TZ: -ik' fav? lu' , I Q ! A as , , , I ,' Qzuju Ita ' 1 J Yi ' -ffl., fi? aj E! XQ 95,1144 E+ V1 '4' ,ws H ,. :Elf -1. any 1 io IT' ri! ' I RJ M ' 1 y N ,N N QQEI-X, 111 -1 .UI-H, ,Ex II -1- ., 1 gl I w l-if 11 ' , .H A A. 2 I , Q 'J Tw I i F1511 541 ' an , Q1 5 L 1 r 1 R v 'q 3 'r I if ' , tv az, I: W' 9' J aff! Q ig Q. J o 51 o o 1, l o JL 1 11 Wi 1 T ,N Q w if E' a l X ' ,, f 2 'F F - v' 5 5 m ' Q U . vi . fin Y I ' -om f af XXL if -. .-.rox , ,F ff- 7:7 A -ff::zi,L Y--1 x 'Hx J V ' W H NAIAQ-1 -R,i'tX-GK in giigirfff 4'- L L oil ii 9. '11,-ff' . 'W . axl. r ,63 'h ,471 1 'lx -.rf J Eikvxk 'Zin 14 Xl 1 Jw .RX Ev ' ,fr Eff! rl Y-, 411 ' 'w 'jf' V gk Q xox Q, Rocky Bottom P 3' e ' ra y 1' A L 'P 4 ' -'1 V .,--.ik X, Q--5, h,,, - . XL, fl To ' EG- X-lx QlE.4...,.,,.,.,,:,. .212-1..::::...,Qf:, ,--..- Q.. ,gs ,gy lil g. 51 1 1. v .- H hx ,K f w I ,. In in A v Robinson Hall V 2 X 1 I Susanna Wesley Hall f ' 1 'Q 5 o 5553 ' wuz' ' A Astronomical Observatory -,, , ' 2ri,fs.1,. - , 1' --,I - 'warm 1- . 1 -, , mg QL I9 5 V, . it :fwxi Gassette Memorial Library 4 w 4 fl E, K Q -Il .31 .15 .3 .'y ,1 1 Wi A I ,J lf, li ,, v .s' -I! P , . 'ya I 1 U -,X 4 fx sf 7' EQFAY-v ij 1 M YJ? .ff-, .W . .K lf-A 5 diifbfffi ff, - 1,,,.. I ,mi A ' if 1 I , g.L1g.J.3, 5 '3,f!2 , E i A , . H : ,ff ,..... 2, .v Fx W , 3 .L I J! E spy. mil ki '- + 622 r V 1 1 W WIS' ' 5 1'-' ,f 2? 'i ifrfwl Q :M 4' LVQQA ' ' N 1 IQ I V' L, ' fi' 1 - 11 1 if av: 'ij ' 'Ei L ' Av- 1' 1 , WJ 2,4 'Y' V31 hip In 1.1 IE. 5715 5 if nf' V TF if LF 2 914 H5 547 U 'i ' ?:-f ',7'UiB 1 ' mn , ii Vg Wi k 15.1 li. iia Lf - W H rt xl X 1 . 1 my 1 my 'Ii Jw ' W M Tm si Q'-P -aw 1 - L Q- E 'ED Hag 'N ' 97 . A122 'iff 53 XI ff .S ci - i. W fi 52 vii -l', ui?-lb W' qgri fy K' P, :LXR H5157 ',J.V.V .igfiLiAli':'2ni'fN': F 'f-1-Ieassn. .W ,. ,, :ph ,ffkjx ' gg' H 4 ' 'n: 2 -mira. A 'LU 1321225 ff af' 'xx M, Yak E 5 Vik x 5 :gf . ,IN fx! 4 YA I 31,52 A Epworfh PhYS1ca1 Laborator LET ig 9 P' ..' ' . '1 :f 2 if QE - hxxxxdi H251 y 12' 6' gl ,I EN-,Q ,' ff' Na, uk Ht? Q 4 . can ew -xLs micsgmhi Q-'Aff A 'J H -A-QxL'r,:4T3: 25,7 74 .,5V-,x P- jig- Vg' j Li-,N Il :M'i'i??fQ4,:.Q,:2f-57 Aff jf rw?-. D1 IE, ll fi , A ,, Fi If '11 Ii if A A f N Home Coming 1929 x ,I 4 First M. E. Church Y li,i1, Y,...i.T.IIfi7.... .,14LlTl'QQ M N 5 I,-. ., I rl II I I., 5Y??'K ':- 'iii' 1 .. fr E? '-fs ', . 2, 'f-:F .'1'F.E'Y'ii:'fvf'Y?5Tj-57-345 fQ5'Af:'ff-1' .-2.1 J.-'V hw? 27377517 C- , L-1 - ,gg-,:,.,-fJ,4 .-,.g1g,,1 ' . . 248' 4LvI':.5.ui,Lna:.c,,L4Q:4.'.fn-any,-1...-,-.'.:,,,,5.E-.,g.,:,,' fg 'iw V 'ay . I2 I Z! II I- I H X ,Q 5 f I 4. . I' Y ' I ,II i' f FI 1 T ' If ' Y , E - I I Ii: I ' .- I I If I I I I: ' ' I! , II: ' I I ' I U - I f .-'xg L ' l I I ,H I If 1 Ig . I I I I I I1 Ii I I .3 ' I I fi Q I , Il ' I I Ia I I-in - --- I-.,- W. 1 1 if W -- -Q , I ,D ,E-,D :J - - A,gf Q -qi ,kg 'va Q ,A P' W- FQ ,pf .V sig: K-,f,I, I 21-4-M-gf If ,I , Pi -.514 iffy fx ,MB H ,An pn., W, Xu? E 4 W,-If KY 1, - Hfarxig-fgiik'- HEI 'vm Bw law bu Ea II Rh If G9 Ex. ,gA-h.A,3.bETQ.fg,,a I, I . I 'K gag ffi JI. ... ....A. M .., j1,w,,v, ,-I,.- A7 Img W' ..,' 11 .3 I I 5 I I I I I 1 I Tl-IE ALBIONIA I i 'I JOHN LAWRENCE SHATON Pv'c's'idc11t of Albion Collvgc A. B.,vUj3DEI Iowa University. 1898: S. 'l'. U.. Boston University, 19013 Ph, D., Boston University, 1905: Williams Scholar, Harvard, 1012-13: D. D., Upper Iowa University, 19215 LL. D., NVest Virginia Weslcyaxi University, 19245 Litt. D., Dakota XVesleyan University, 1928: Professor of Psychology. Dakota Wesleyan University, 1913-145 l'rcsic1cnt, College ut the Pacific, 1914-19: College Secretary, Board of Education, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1919-2-45 present position since 1924. XVILLIAM VVHITCOMB W'HITEHoUsE, A. M.. Th. D., Ph. D. Dean, RFfj11Yll'U41' of the College mm' Profes- sor of Ec0n0m.lC.v cmd Sociology A, 13. Lebanon College, 19165 Lane Tlien- lugical Seminary, 1915: ll. D., Garrett Biblical In- stitute, 19175 Marquette University, School of 'Commerce, 1917-183 A. M., Lawrence College, 1919: Th. D., Drew Tlieological Seminary, 19225 Ph. ll., Northwestern University, 19275 Delta Sig- ma Phi: Professor, Albion College, 1922-19295 present position since 1929. Miuznxx GRAY, A. B., M. A. Dmu of lfV'0Il1f'Il and .flssisfan-I Professor of Englixh A. U.. Ohio State University, 19235 M. A., C'orn'ell University, Ithaca, New York, 19255 Culunilmia University, summer, 19285 Dean of 1-Vom:n, Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1925-27, present position since 1927. 1-gpm 45155-In f f X ., Page Nineteen Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN Pagc Twenty U VVILLIAQM W. TEFFT, B. S. President of Board of Trustees B. S. of C. E., University of Michigan, 1907g Sigma Xi, 1929g VVho's W'ho in Engineeringg American Menhof Scienceg VV11o's Who In America: Member American Society Civil Engineers: Member American Society Mechanical Engineersg Member American Insti- tute Electrical Engineersg Member Rotary Internationalg Member American Arbitration Associationg Member American Committee, Vklorld Power Cnnferenceg 1911-19 Member of the Firm, Fargo Engineer- ing Companyg 1919-24 Consulting Civil and Hydraulic Engineer, Con- sumers Power Companyg 1924-28 Vice-president and Chief Engineer, Consumers Power Companyg 1924-28 Vice-president and Chief En'- gineer Commonwealth Power Corporationg 1928 Consulting Engineerg 1928 Vice-president, Fargo Engineering Companyg 1930 President General Power Corporation. MORRIS COCHRAN, B. S. Business Manager of Albion College B. S., Denison University, 19195 Registrar, Broaddus College, 1919- 20g Business Manager, Broaddus College, 1926-295 Lambda Chi Alpha. .rl if xiHQ3gI5yE31 .X , Tl-IE ALBIONIA Q FRANK J. SHIPP, A. B. Prfsidcmf of fillllllfll :i.VSOElGfi0ll A. ll., .Xlhiun College. 18963 Superintendent of Schools, Gaylord. 1898-1903: Snperinicmlt-nt ot' Last Black XVo1'ks, Dayton, Ohio. 100.9305 X'icc'-pre-sirlcnt of Crawford, McGregor and Canby Co.. Dayton. Ohiug President of Gaylord State Savings Bankg Sigma Chi. VVILLIAM B. BUCK, A. B., A. M. Almzmi Secretary A. B., Albion College, 18953 A. M., Albion College, 18965 A. M.. Harvard College, 1898: Secretary, Cuban' Orphan Society, 1900-023 New York County Visiting Commissioner, 1902-04: Superintendent of Seyhert Institution of Philadelphia, 1906-153 Director of Sen View Farms, New York, 1915-lSg Director of Red Cross Relief, 1918-21, Director Spcyer Memorial Hospital, 1922-26g Alpha Tau Omega, present position since 1926. 4-.1-. fx'--yn. ff'4 -51 ,. l Page Twenty-one Tl-IE ALBIONIAN Page Twen ly-two U I-Inu-:N G1I.lbI'1Ii5LPlEX'PI, A. B. .4.YXi.YfG71f Rvgisfrar A. B., Oberlin College, 1924g Secretary of the Tl'C3S1.11'Sl', Dakota XVQ-sleyan Lfiiiversityg present position since January 1029. Mrnnman CATHARINE NIAPLEY B1f1isi11v.vs .S'r'crcI ary Diploma, The Business Institute of Detroitg present pnsition since 1922. DQRQTHY MAE MINNICH, A. B. .S'vr1'ctary to the Prcsideut A. B., Ohio State University: present position since June, 1926. A . f. f igf'1g3Ji,fi31ig:, N -ii ' 'T I-'I E A I. B I O N I A 4 fw -- vu Q l Z iw b 1 Y X mv TT IFACCUUIWY - - IA A. MLN : 'l I'IE Page Twenty-four I.. B I O N I A N 5. Fmsnsiucx Lurz, A. M., Litt. D. Profemror E1Ill?I if'1l'.Y of lllodvrn Language A. B., 'Berea College, 1876: A. B.. Harvard College, 1878, A, M., Baldwin-Vliallzrce College, 1879, studied at Jena, Freiburg, Geneva, Munich, and XVnrlJnrgg Litt. D., Albion College, 1911, Member of the lrlarvarml faculty until 1885, when he came to Albion' Colle eg thirtyblive years as head of the Modern Language department, gil- hion College, Secretary of the faculty for eighteen years, formerly Z1 memlxer of the Modern Language Association, the Classical Association, and the Dante Society, Author of 'lThc Elementary Germain Rf::1tlif1'. HGEFITIZII1 'l7erivatives : CU-Z1l1l,l'l0l' of English Etymologiesf' Donor of the collection of Modern Language works in .-Xlhiou College library. FREDERICK SAMUEL Goomucn, A. M., D. D. Professor of Biblical History and Lileratzlre Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Upsilong A. B., XVesleyan University, Con- necticut, 1890, A. MZ., University of Michigan, 1898, Yale Uni- versity, 1898, University of Chicago, Summer Sessions, University of Berlin, D. D.. Defiance College, 1909, Assistant Instructor in Greek, YVesleyan' University, Connecticut, 1891-92, Acting President of Alhinn College, january 21, 1924, to july 15, 1924, present position since 1892. EDWIN Roscoe SLEIGHT, A. M. Pr0fv.v.t0r of 117 nillzcwuztics ll. S., Albion College, 1901, A. M., 1902, Professor of Mathematics, Montevideo, Uruguay, South America. 1902-04, Michigan Military Acatleniy, 190-l-06, Carthage College, Illinois, 1906-08, President, Mieliigzm Section, Mathematics Association of America: Dean, Bay View Summer School, Alpha Tan Omega, present position since 10119. ,-,- '.. -Z,-. VPU, ef' 1 ' TI-IE ALBIONIA ,U ARTHUR PIENRY PIARROP, A. M., Ph. D., LL. D. Professor of Latin and Greek Langzmges and Liim'aI'11re Phi Beta Kappa, A. B., Ohio WVesleyan University, 1894, A. IM., 1896, A. M., Harvard University, 1903, Ph. D., Boston University 1905, LL. D., McKendree College, 1928, Vice-President and Pro- fessor of Latin and Greek, Union College, 1894-95, same at Missouri VVesley:m College, 1896-97, Acting Assistant Professor of Greek at VVesleyzm University, Connecticut, 1905, Professor of Latin, Uni- versity of Denver, 1905-13, Registrar and Instructor in Latin and Greek, Alleghany'C0l1cge, 1913-15, Member of Classical Association of the Mid-West and South, American Classical League, Michigan Schoolmasters Club, American Philological Association, Association of American University Professors, Who's Who in American Edu- cation, Author of College Training, Fraternity Scholarshipf' What the College and University Ougl-it to do for the Student in Latin, Latin and Greek as First Aids in the Study of Psychol- ogy, The Story of Ammi Bradford Hyde , Sigma Alpha Epsilon, present position since 1915. ARTHUR MERTON CHICKERING, M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Biology and Geology Sigma Xi, Yale and Michigan Chapters, Ph. B. Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, 1913: M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1916, Ph. D., University of Michigan, 1927, Instructor in Biology, Beloit College, Vifisconsm, 1913-18, Instructor in Zoology, Univer- sity of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1921-26, Regular Session, 1925- 26: Fellowship and Research at Barra Colorado Island Biological Laboratory, Panania Canal Zone, Summer of 1928, Research at Lancetilla Exp. Station, Honduras, Summer of 1929, Author of technical papers on chromosomes, Golgi bodies, and general biology, Member A. A. A. S., Member American Microscopical Society, Znd Vice-President, 1925, Treasurer since 1926, Member Michigan Academy Science, Arts and Letters, Vice-President Zoological Sec- tion 1919-20, Collaliorator for Biological Abstracts, Member and Lecturer for American Eugeuics Society, present position since 1918. DAVID LINDSAY RANDALL, A. M., Ph. D. Profesnvr of Chemistry Sigma Xi, A. B.. Yale University, 1904, A. M., 1905, Ph. D., 1907, Instructor i11 Chemistry, University of New Hampshire, 1907-10, Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Secretary, Baker University, Kansas, 1910-18: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Wesleyan Uni- versity, Connecticut, 1918-19, Member of American Chemical Sodi- ety: Presiclent of Michigan College Chemistry Teachers' Association, Sigma Phi Epsilon, present position since 1919. f-.p .f'-.9-. Page Twen ly-five Tl-'IE AL. Page T-wmizy-.s1.v 'J ALBERI' Jonxsrox .N.lCCl'1.LUL'H, A. M., Ph. D. IJ1'fIft'.Y.YUl' of I olitz7ru1 Sricmw' .X. li., L'nix'ersi1.y of Missouri, 1894: A. ll.. 18953 Ph. D., Univer- sity of llenvcr, 19055 Coluinlxizt Unix'ersity, 1914, 19263 Instructor in History. University of Missouri, 1894-955 Professor of History and Political Science, Southwestern College, Kansas, 1910-19g Professor of l-listory, Northeast Missouri Tczxchers' College, 19193 Professor of Ilistnry, Morningside College, Iowa, 1923-29. Author of The Loan Oliice Experiment in Missouri. Suffrage and Its Problems , Member of the Political Science Association of America, and of the .-Xcznlcnly of Political Science of New York: Pi Kappa Deltag pres- ent position since 1919. DONALII XIONROE GILBIQRT, Ph. D. CI. Pr0fc'.rs0r of Illozivrn Languogrs Phi lletzl Kappa: Ph. B., XVeslcy:iu University, Connecticut, 19083 Certiticut d'eturles francziises, University of Paris, 1910: A. M., XVest Virginia University, 1917: Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1920: Instructor in French, Northwestern University, Ill., 1909-103 Instructor of English, Corozal, Porto Rico, 1908-09, Supervising Principril. Corozzil and Iiumacoo, Porto Rico. 1911-14: Instructor in lfuglish and French, Instituto Nacional, Panzuna, 1914-15g Instructor of Romance Lzlnguages, VVest Virginia University, 1915-18: Uni- versity of Cincinnati, 1918-193 fi1'!lClL1E1IE work and Assistant in R0- mancc Languages, University of XYisconsin, 1919-20, Delta Kappa Epsilon, present position since 1920. mrsxr EUGENE Room, Ph. M. Profvssnz' of P11-1'.VfF.Y Ph. ll.. .Xlhiou College, 189-1: Ph. M., 13975 Instructor in Astron- omy :incl Physics, .Xlhiou College, 1895-973 Fellowship in Astron- omy, University of Chicano, 1897-99: Instructor in lXlliZltl'lC1'I1Z1fiC5 and .-Xstronoiuy. li'-loil College. Wiisconsin. 1399-015 Professor of Mathematics and Physics. Cartliage- Colle-gc, Illinois. 1901-03, In- structor in' llathematics :ind Physics, Michigan College of Bfines, 1903-15, Assistant' Prof:-ssor, 1915-205 Hencl of Department of Phys- ics, XVestern' State College of Colorado. Summer Session, 19235 Grznliiate work in Physics, University of lllichigan, Summer Sessions, 1024. 1925: present. position since 1920. -s ' ,-s,1'2,-. I B I O N I A N Tl-IE A,LBIONIA FRANK VVESLEY SHULTYS, A. B., A. M. Professor Busincss .4c1111i1zi.rtmti0n A. B.. State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1908: A.vM,, State Teachers College, Greeley, Colorado, 1914, Professor of ltusi- ness Administration at Greeley, Colorado, present position since 1922. THOMAS AJILTON CARTER, Ph. D., B. D. Profcsxor of Effzrcationz. Phi Delta Kappa, A. B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1914, B. D,, Garrett Biblical Institute, 19173 A. M.. Northwestern University, 1921: Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1923, Student Director of Hamline University, 1919-20: Central State Normal College, Sum- mer, 19253 1928, Summer School. Michigan Stat? Normal, Ypsilanti, 1929, Brookings, South Dakota, 1930, University of Nebraska, South Dakota State College. Brookings, South Dakota, Summer, 1927: Member of National Education' Association, Michigan Academy of iggince, Arts and Letters, Sigma Tau Delta, present position since -.BRA . . Page Twenty-.raven 'rl-IE Al..BloNiA Page Twcn ly-eight U Bl-IRNICE CROSBY RICE, B. S. Proff'.vsor of Home Economics E. S., University of Hfisconsing Graduate student, Columbia Uni- versity, two summersg Director of Home Economicsg present position since 1924. ROYAL GLENN HALL, M. A., Ph. D. Pl'0fE.9S07' of History Kappa Delta Pig A. B., Park College, M. A., University of Kansas: ll. D., Auburn Theological Seminary, Ph. D., University of Chi- cago, Instructor at Park College, 1918-19, University of Kansas, Summer, 1920, Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, 1920- 21, University of Chicago, 1924-255 Five years of religious and edu- cational work in Siam and Hawaiig present position since 1926. N. I. NVEISS, A. B., M. A. 1Jl'I7fC.T.i'Ul' of Public Sf7f'Ukillfg llc-lla Sigma Rho, Woostei- Academy, 19123 A. ill., NVoostcr College, 1918: M. A.. University of Wisconsin, 1926' Ensign, U. S. N, R. F., 1913-1919: Instructor, High School, New iPhiladclpl1ia. Ohio, 1919- 2.21 Coach of Debate at Kalamazoo Central High School, 1922-265 Coach of Debate at DePauw University, 1926-27: Lecturer :in Speech, University of Wisconsin. Summer Session, 1928, Member of National Association of Teachers of Speech: present position Since 1927. ag,-s 9 , Y l??J1- 1 f l1'fQ,QlE?ii,53i X Q Tl-IE Al.. U I-IENRY MARTIN BA'i r1aNHoUsE, M. A., S. T. B., Ph. D. Professor of English Language and Lilerafnrc Alpha Phi Gznnmzi: A. B., Baldwin-VVaIlace College, 1909g M. A., University of Denver, 1915g S. T. B., Garrett Biblical Institute, 19113 Ph. D., University of Denver, 1917: Fellow of special re- search, University of Chicago, summers, 1918-19: Professor of Eng- lish, Kentucky NVesleynn University, 1917-19, Professor of Bible, Dickenson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvzinia, 1919-20, Pennsylvania State Collere Associate Professor of En lish Literature 1920-24 is , E , Professor of Biblical Literature and Religion, 1924-ZS: Member Ai. A. A. S.. Modern Language Society,lS0ciety of. Biblical Literature and- Exegesis, and .Xmcriczm .Xssocizxtiornof University Professors, Society nt ltliflluncl Authors: present position since 1923. MATIIER FRANCIS THURSTUN, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Economics A. B., Cornell University, 19099 Ph. D., Cornell University, 19235 Instructor in Rural Economy, Cornell University, 1923-255 Instructor in28Mz1rketing, Cornell University, 1925-273 present position since 19 . ANTOINETTE XVESTBORN, Ph. D. 11531-Sf!l1lf Profesxor of 1lI0t'l'L'l'lI' Languages Ph. D., University of Vienna, 1911-lg Gratluate work, University of London, summer, 19155 University of Birmingham, Birminglmrn, linglzind, 1915-163 University of Besancon, France, summer, 19219 University of Paris, 1921-22, Columbia University, summers 1918- 203 University of Chicago, summer 1927, Instructor in German, Swarthmore College, 1916-17g Instructor in French and Latin, Solen College, VVCSIL Virginia, 1919-213 Instructor in' French, Uni- versity of North Dakota, 1923-26, Professor of Modern Languages, University of Urhmm, 1926-37: Professor of Modern Languages, Missouri XVesley:in College, 1927-28g present position since 1928. I-AIR 1 'N-ns' .4-,J-.cms B I O N I A N 1 Page T'wc'rLty-11i1ze Tl-IE ALBIONIAN Page T11 irty U XV. Piuiscorr, Ph. D. :iS.YlXfl1'Il'f Pl'Ufl'.l'.YOI' of Biology Sigma Xi: B. A... University of Oreg0n9M.A., State University of Iowag Ph. D.. State University of Iowa, studies at Puget Sound Biological Stationg member University of Oregon' Biological Survey, 1923, liracluate Assistant. State University of Iowa, 1924-28, Laboratory Instructor, State University of Iowa, Summer Sessions, 1925-28g Acting Professor of Biology, 1Vi11amette University, 1928-29, In- structor, University of Oregon Extension Center, 19295 University of Oregon Summer Session, Instructor, 1929: Pap:-rs on the fresh- water hiology of Iowag member Iowa Academy of Science, American Microseopical Society. Sigma Pi Tau, tlamma Alpha. HORIIER Omviziz PIENURICKSON, M. A., B. D . --Ixsislrzlzt P1'0fe.r.v0r of History Pi Kappa Delta: Phi Gauuna Mu: A. IL, Iowa 1Ne-sleyan College, 1916: 13. ll., Garrett Biblican Institute, 1920g M. A., Northwestern L'niversity, 19223 Boston University, 1917-183 Graduate work, North- western Uuiversity, 1927, 1928: Head of Department of Social Science, Iowa 1.Vesleyan. 1920-27: Head of Department of History, University of Dubuque, 1927-ZS, Summer School, Northwestern Uni- versity, 19293 Member of American Historical Association, Missis- sippi Valley Historical Association, Theta Kappa Nu, present posi- tion' since 1928. DOROTHY GA1L ENGLE, A. B., M. A. Prafcssor of CII01lIiSil'jV A. li., University of Dcnverg VM. A,, Iguiversity of Illinois, Iota Sigma Pig Pi Beta Pig Sigma Delta Epsilon, Member of American Chemical Society, Sigma Xi, present position since 1925. .-,.-. rw 'wJ 1 c 7 X - I-'IE ALBIONIA U ROBEIITA MYRTLE RIEGEI., M. A. I7LSl'l'1tClO7' in Jlladvrn IAGIIHIIIIQFS A. B., Central College, Fayette, Missourig M. A., Uni.ve1'sity Qf Chicagog Iustrucim' at Central College. Fayette, RLISSOIIT1, 1924-23: Instructor at Heiclellierg College. Tiffen, Ol1io.,.1925:26g travel and stumly in Europe, summer of 19239 present position since 1926. MARY XVEST, A. B., M. A. Imfzizzcfoi' of lllodcrai .LHIIQIHZQCS Phi Beta Kammg A. B.. Ohio Wfesleyan' University, 19205 M. A., glidfllcbury College, 1928, Centro de Estudias I-Iisturicas, Madrid, . pam. RAYMOND G. SPENCER, M. S. P1'nfv.v.wr' in Physics B, S.. Kansas State Teacllcrs' College, Elllpilfiii, Kansas, 19225 M. Sy University of Chicago, 19265 Superintendent of Schools, Hai-lan, lxansas, 1922-255 Pi Kappa Delta, present position since 1926. f 4-f-fll.-5 f 1 .fja-1235151 'X -Q . Page Thirty-one Tl-IE ALBIONIAN Page Thirty -two U 5 . VV. L. HALSTEAD, A. B., M. A. Inztrlrzzctor -in English and Jo111'11ali.v111 Us-lla Sigma Rho: A. I-L, Dc-Pauw University, 19273 M. A., 19285 Graduate Wfork, Univcrsity of Ilillillllgilllg Assistant in Comparative Literature, DePauw University, 1927-28: In charge of English, Rose Polytechnic:-11 Institute. Terre Haute. Indiana, 1928-293 Member of American Association of University Professnrsg Delta Upsilon. E. A. STEARNS, A. B., M. A. lmtrucfov' in English A. B,, Carleton College, 19253 M. A., Princeton University, 19265 Instructor, State College of Washington, 1927-29. LOTTA M. Romans, A. B., M. S. I1z.rtrm'to1' in Biology A. B., Albion College, 19233 M. S., University of VVisconsin', 19285 Graduate work, University of Wisconsin, 1928, and Summers, 1925, 19263 Assistant in Zoology, University of Vkfisconsin, 1927-283 pres- ent position since 1923. ' A. X f o f Q Tl-IE ALBIONIAN sl DON HERRINGTON, A. M. Instructor' in Educaiion B. Pd., Ypsilanti State Normal, 19113 A. B., University of Michi- gan, 1912g A. M., University of Michigan, 1925, Superiiitemlem of Schools, Big Rapids, 1913-19, Superintendent, Albion High School since 1919g Phi Delta Kappa. CHARLOTTE H. SWANSON, B. S., A. M. Axsislaiif P7'0fF.9.Y0l' Art B. S., Kansas State College, Manhattan, Kansas, 19265 M. A., Un- versity of Chicago, 19273 Studies at Art Institute of Chicago, 1926- 275 present position since 1927. MARY E. TUCKER, A. B., M. A. Instrzlrfoa' -in Biology A. B., Universit of Illinois. 1926, M. A., University of Illinois, 1927, Phi Beta liappag Sigma Xig Member, American Association for the Advancement of Society, American Microscopical Society, American Association University Womeng Beta Phi Alphag present position since 1927. A 1 f f X i Page Tliirly-three I O N I A N TI lE ALB .. Page Thirty-four U JOHN Sisnlsisizkv LIARSHALL, A. B., Ph. D. Professor of Pliilosoplzy and Asxocialc P1'0fe.v.v0r of Psychology Phi Beta Kappa: A. B., Pomona Collage, 19213 Ph. D., Boston Uni- versity, 1926: Graduate Study, Harvard University, University of Basel, Switzerland, Oxford Summer School: Fellow of Philosophy, Boston University, 1924-255 Instructor in Philosopliy and Psychol- ogy, Syracuse University, 1926-293 lNIemher. The Creighton Phil- osophy Club, The British Institute of Philosophical Studies. Bi5A'1'1ncia BIRD STI-ZARNS, A. B., M. A. 111-.vtrudnr in iif0df'I'II- Lmzguagns A. TS., University of Michigan, 19265 M. A., University of Minnie- sola. 19285 Diplome des Eturliants Etrangers, University of Tou- louse. France, 1922: University of Porto Rico, 1924-25, Gamma Deltag present position since 1928. VVA'rsoN M. DAVIS, M. S. 111-SfI lICf0l' in lllatlzciizafics 4 Sigma Xi, Associate M-Aniberg A. B., Cornell College, 19269 MI S., University of Iowa, 19285 University of Chicago, summer, 1929g Phi Tau Theta, present position since 1928. 1-urn .vspsfaf-. X ' 2' I-IE ALBIONIA Y ANNIE G. DEAN, A. B. II1.Vll'Hl'fIH' in Home Ea'onn'n1iv.v A. IL, Albion College, l926: .Kappa Delta: Graclugitc study, Univer- sity of Chicago, Columlnu University, present position since 1922. JULIA E. NICCUNE, A. B., M, A. Iu.vlr'11c'f0r in Englixlz A. B., Albion College, 19l9g RK. A., Columhia University, 19293 Summer Session, Oxford. lingland. 19263 Instructor Carson City High School, Iouizt Iligli School, Albion' High School, Private School for Girls, New Ynrk fity: lleltu Gznmnu. BELYLAH CHAMP, A. B., B. O., M. A. 17fI't'L'f0l' of lJl'lI'H1lIfll'X and lnxlrllrlor in Public Sfwtzkilzg Pi Kappa Ucltzx, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Alpha Phi: A. ll., Nc. hraska Wesleyan University, 1913: ll. O., 1915: Graduate work. limmereon School of Oratory, Ilnstun, 1916: M. A., Northwestern University, 19285 Acting llireutnr of Speech, Nebraska Xliesleyau University, 1916-lf: llircctm' of Speech, 1918-273 Alpha tlzuninzt Delta: present position since 1928. 9.2 As,-no-mfs lf' '51 3 Page Thirly-five TI-IE ALBIONIA T . Ross BALL, B. S. 1-il7l'!II'fllll and l11.vlrm'lo1' in Library illeilzods ll. S., Alhion College. N965 Chillltillltlllil' Library Sclmul, 1922: Member -if the .X'lIlCl'iCJl1'l Lilirzwy Assuciationg present pnsmon since 1905. i - liA'rHEL A. 1X1AR'1'IN, M. A. Assistazzl LfI1l'IIl'fU7l A. B., .Xllmion College: M. A., Alliiun' College. 19145 Assistant Librarian at Albion College, 1908-095 Teacher of'Latin and Greek, Flint High School, 1909-13, 1915-17: present position since 1920. rf' - lil ' 5 15 'J Page Thirty-six V I-IE l..Bl NIA U Louis UPTON RUWLANIJ, Mus. B. Dirvcfnz' of .Srltunl of Illuxir, Pl'nfv.v.vo1' of P'i0710 mm' Tllt'IJl'-ll, ln.v!rm'ior in Organ Mus. B.. Oberlin Cnllt-gc, 1907g Grzuluatc Study. Oberlin College. University of Knnrlns, L'nivCi'sity of Iowa, and private Tutors, XYil- son Prcvcr. Skiltnn Goclowskyg Director of Music, Blerccrlztirg Acacleniyz Xllcslcy fullegc, University of Dakota, Baker University: present position' since l9Z6, I'lAROLll B. HARvizi', Mus. B. PI'0fc'S.V0l' of Violin mm' Tllmry nf ,llusir Graduate Oberlin Cunservzttciry, 1912: flrntluztte study Royal Cun- survzitury -,ri Ilrusscls. 1913-1-lg Grmluzite study Ecole des Uztutcs Etudes Musicztlus flu France, Fontztinehlc-au, Suminsr, 19255 Pupil in Violin nf Iirzuiz Koehler, Maurice Kessler, Leon Szintcntinig llircctm' ot' Music. Louisiztnzt State Normal, Natchitoclius, Lu.: llc-ad of Yiulin Dc-parlincnts at .Al01'llll1gSlllC' College Ctlirec yearsj, Baker University. llalclwing Kansas, tcigltt ycarslg present position sincc 1927. Josiiiwi CAXYLEY CI,i4:iil.Axn, Mus. B., P. N. A. Professor of Voice Kenyon Vullcgcg University of Rncltcstcrg Iiztstnmn Scluml uf Mu- sic: Vocal trztining with lfclmuntl Jones, UnivGrSity of lidllll3lll'Elll Samuel Riclmrfl fiztincsg Oscar Gai-cissvlig T. Austiii-llall: Soloist with Rochester Festival of .lieetliovcn ltlusicg Director of Music :it Camp Winnclmgu. Fayette, Maine, two years: Member uf stall' of VWPY :mtl X'V'lI.XM Radio Stntionsg present position since 1927. ,al-t 3,-,q,, JMC ' . f iisgqiptfgi N ' . Page Tlzirlj'-swan 'Tl lE I-'ugz' Tlzirty-eight i.auoNiAN H CLAIQISSA DICKII-2-STEWART flI.Vfl'IILTf0l' in Piano and Normal Piano .Mvtlzozlx Graduate of Albion Conservatoryg Detroit Conservatory: Personal Instruction under Dr. XVillian1 Mason. New York: NV. C. Seehack, Chicagog Rafael josselify, New York: Special Course in Normal Blethncls of Piano. Music School of Northwestern University, Sum- mers. 1920, 19225 joseph Lhevinue, Russian Pianist: Teaching unrler Otto 9zm'd and F. VV. Chase in Albion Conservatory: Private Teach- ing in Buttle Crcekg Normal Piano under Otto Miessncr and Reper- toire anil Interpretation Class with Percy Cirzuiger in Chicago Mu- sical College-3 Alphzi Chi Omegag present position since 1920. DUDLIQIGH VERNOR P1'0fc'.r.vor of Organ Student at Institute of Musical Art, New York City: Private Pupil of Ernest 'llerumen and Frank La Forgeg Professor at Bay View Summer School: Orgairist at First Methodist Church, Jacksung Composer of Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Fellowship of Sigma Thi, Sigma Chig present position since 1923. Nouzimw PARK, A. B, lzzsfrurfm' in Public School Ztlnsic llletliozfs .X. B. and Certificate in-Public School Music, Qherlin College, Con- s'rvatory of Music, 19285 University of Pittsburgh, one year: present position since 1928. 4-gan ,-sJuys4g ff on 'fl-1E ALBIONIAN I. Ml FJJITI-I GRANT, Public School Music Insfrucinr in Piano um! C11iId1'e11,'s Clclssvs Public School Music Grndimtc. Clberlin Colle-gre Conservatory. 19113 flradnznc Study :xt Chicago Musical Colle-gc and Albion Collegeg present position since 1925. ..-,-. J-,nam-. :fx in Page T11 irty-11 ine TI'IE Al. Page Forty Ricnlnzn R. DAUuH1a1n'r, A. B. Lis jo Dircclor of .4 Ililciicx A. ll., St. Tllonias College: Summer Coaching Schools at University of Michigan, Rockne-Meanwell Coaching School, and Tliistlethwaite- Olsen-Ilahn Coaching School, Administrative Hemi. Albion Coaching School, lielniji Coaching School, Minnesota. Member, United States Army Reserve Corps, National Collegiate Association of Football and lhisketlwall Coaches: Phi Kappa Phi: present position' since 1927. WIS D. ERWIN, B. S. Dirvctoa' of Plzysical Education for Mezz B. S., University of Illinois, 1923, Director of Athletics, Newman Nailing:-il,d New Orleans, Louisiana, 1923-28, Member of Scabbard am a e. DUNN, A. B., M. A. Director of Pllj'.YiCG'I Edu-ca-tion for pV01lIC1'L A. B., Oberlin College, 1920: M. A., Columbia. University, 19285 Summer Session. California University, 19243 Instructor in Physical liflucation, Southwestern State Teachers College, California, Penn'- Sylvania, 1920-22, 1923-2-lg Lulae Union High School, Lulae, Cali- fornia, 1924-25, Fort Collins High School, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1925-28, Colorado State Agricultural College, summer 1926. '- I O N I A N 9 l 'Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Y u - if-1-s .. Lv GDWIEIRNIING HDIIDIIIES I l l Y sax: D X6 x A A r ,YW 1 .1 'ri-IE ALBIONIA '14 ' Robinson, Cullum. llarncs, Howes, Ilemlult, Bergman lnglitliody, Nolte, Grzunes, Lockwood, llarmon, Elliot, ,Xnderson Student Senate QRIQS1 GNEDj HOMER HOWES ..... . . ........... .... . .Pmsizlcizt PHILLIPS HEMHn'r . . . . . Iflff'-f7l'l'.Ylll01l-lf Rormizr CULLUM . . ...... Seri-rfary The Student Senate was instituted in the spring' of 1926 and was organized to carry out its work the following fall. lt continued to function three and a half years. that is, up to the end of the first semester of this year. Its purpose was to promote the best interests of .-Xlbion College, with the administration and faculty and to improve student life. were chosen from the various groups of organized students. lt took charge of campus elections, chose the Home-coming chairman and arranged for the class scrap s. Homes Howes ..... Pr-vsiilriif of .Slizzlmzl Virr-pznzfirlfzll nj' Sllllllllll Theodore Bergman .... ...... ......... . . .Svnlpr Vllilliani Lightbody. . . Phillips Hembdt. . . VValtcr Nolte ..... Harlan Barnes .... David Anderson. .. Elizabeth Harmon. . . Vllilliam Robinson. Elbert lflliot ...... Dorothy Lockwood Robert Cullum .... Lucille Grames. . . W'altcr Burns... Page Forfyhtwo ,-,- ........J1l1L1,01' ... ,Sofvlmmorf . . .... . ..l'il'f'SlIHltIll for the next to cooperate Its members B tidy B ody C l ass Class Cl ass Class .Hmzurary Fl'l1lt'l'l1lllt'.Y .. .Panlzvllrizic CIIlHlCll llIlt'l'fl'Ull'l'llllj' C mmrzl Clulr ......L7Ul'HllfUl'j' Board . . .Pul1lirz1l'1'n11.r Crilllifil .. .Rfligimix l11l4'i'v.vl.v ... ... lizdvfvmlmls A-R .kb 1-W, Tl-IE ALBIONIAN 'Y Ballard, Steidle, VVcid:-nliaminer. Pettengill Grznnes, Cross, Purdy. 'l'amhlyn, lllack Slophlet, Stiefel, Young, Lockwood, lirzly. Gray Womenls Self-Government Association Douornv Locicwoon .. ........ Pres-idmzt Er.1zAB1-:TH Youm: .. ...lfirr-frrrxidmztt MARION S'rIlc1fia1. ...... .SiC'CVC1ffll'jl VIRGINIA BRAY .. .... Trcrzszzrm- The governing body of the NVomen's Self-Government Association is the Executive Board composed of the officers and the proctors, Dean Marion Gray and Mrs. F. Faye W'olfe, house mother. The Association was founded in 1924 under Dean Helen Barton as the Student Women's League and was reorganized in 1926. Under the direction of the W. S. G. A. a number of traditions are carried out each year. Included among these are the Christmas vespers and Christmas breakfast, Freshman week, and May Day breakfast. FIRST SEMESTER PROCTORS Lucille Black Margaret Purdy Margaret, Steidle Mary Tamblyn Evelyn Ballard Lucille Grames Marjorie Cross SECOND SEMESTER PROCTORS Elinor Pettengill Margaret Purdy Esther XA7ClClCIlil2llTlI11Cl' Mary Tamblyn Evelyn Ballard Dorothy Stophlet Georgia Gray ,-,ip 1' X 5 1 -iv - Page Forty-tlzrcc Tl-IE ALBlONl,A 'C v Hemerick, Howes, Cullum Mr. Halstead, Nixon, Prof. McCulloch Publications Council Rom':1:1' C L'l.LUM ...... ....... P resident MR. XV. L. H.xLs'ri-tfxn... ..... T'icv-prrsidwil MA1v1a1.rNi: Nixox ...... . .............. Svrrefary DR. A. J. McCL'I.LocH ..... .............,... Y 'rvasvzzrcr CH.xlzl.i-is FINK .......... .... 1 lfamryw' of Pziblimfimi The Publications Council, a body composed of two 'faculty members and four students elected from the student lmody each year, selects the editorial and business staffs of the -Jlbioiiiazz and Plciad and controls all other campus publica- tions bearing advertising. The present council has effected a complete revision of its constitution, bringing its policies into line with campus publication necessities. MEMBERS Dr. A. J. McCulloch Mr. XV. L. Halstead Robert Cullum Madeline Nixon Homer Howes Frederick Hcmerick f X 1 A f ' Page .Forty-four 'Tl-IE ALBIONIAN A- v O'Rourke, Gray, Sleight, Nolte, Spiegel Prof. Shultis, Prof, Rood, Prof. Randall Albion College Co-operative Association Plzor. CL1amrcN'r Roon ............... ........ ....... P 1 uzridvzxl BRUCE GRM' .... . ..... .... I 'lcv-pzwxvzflviit DR. Davin RANDALI, .. .... Sm'1'rIz1ry The Albion College Co-operative Association, established in 1893, has for its purpose the handling of books and school supplies at greatly reduced prices for the students of the college. It is controlled by a board of directors consisting of three faculty members and six students. Three sophomores are elected by the student body each year to serve a term of two years. During the past year Elbert Elliott has managed the Co-op and Charles Fink was Assistant lX lEl1l3.gCl'. Charles Fink has taken over the managership for the ensuing year and XValter Nolte has been elected Assistant Manager. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Prof. Clement Rood Prof. Frank Shultis O Prof. David Randall Bruce Gray Albert 'Rourke Madeline Nixon XValtcr Nolte James Sleight Harold Spiegel c M3 ffygfgigggq-XA 1 Page Forty-Eve Tl-IE ALBIONIAN ' Iv! s Applcyard, Jefferson, Caswell Miles, Cochran. Anderson Men's Union During the past four years the Men's Union has been the recreation room for the men students of the College. The organization is a creation of the Student Senate and the equipment is a donation of Stanley Kresge. All of the men on the campus are members of the organization which is governed by a board composed of hve students and a faculty advisor. One member is elected from the freshman class each year to serve for four years and the iifth member is appointed each year by the Student Senate. BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY Anvrsouz Morris F. Cochran CHAIRMAN ANI: MANAGER: Harold Caswell David Anderson Robert Jefferson Edwin Appleyard George Miles Page Forty-six 'W ' -'Tm'- T,'7f71 l A X 1.- 1 - 1 , , fcmuux VJ Tl-IE ALBIONIA 5 ' , 17571. X SIENIICDXRS 1 - Q -mL? Q UF' D ' Q Q SQ U Q l I 1. Cv I 1 3 W D ff: fWv TI-IE ALBIONIA U l-l1COfl0TC Bergman Mary Seaton' Mary Tamblyn Steven Dauylizyn SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS THEODORE BERGMAN .................... ,... ........ . ...... P 1 'esidmt MARY SEATON ....... .... I ficz'-President MARY TAMBLYN ....... ..... S ecreta-ry STEVEN DANYLIZYN ..... Traamrcr Phi Gamma Phi Gamma of .-Xlbion College is the local honorary scholarship fraternity which was founded on May ll, 1921. Membership is based on the same stand- ards as Phi lleta Kappa and election to membership is made by a faculty com- mittee from the members of the Senior Class. David Anderson ....... Gwendolyn Andrews Rodger Chenoweth Howard Field ...... Lucille Grames Carol Hart . ..,. . Esther Hoaglin .... Dorothy Lockwood .. . Marvin Pahl ....... Beatrice Paulley . .. Katherine Rood .... Mary Seaton ......... Grace Ulbright ........ Esther Weidenhammer Page Fifty M IQRTBERS EI.IikI'fPlIl THIS YEAR ARE: . , . . . Paw Paw Flint . . . . Escanaba Albion . Battle Creek Highland Park . . . . . .. Albion . . . Coldwater Albion . . . Cheboygan Albion Albion Benton Harbor Bear Lake TI-IE ALBIONIAN ADAMS, CARLETON ROSS Birmrscirlxm Pontiac High Srhool Pontiac Junior' College Pre-lam' Football I: Track 3, 43 Box- ing 2, 35 llrmrl Z, 3, 4: Glee Club 4 ANDERSON. ERNEST jnzssmxrow, Nowrn Bomrlao Anglo-Cl1il10.rr School, Sing- gaforc, Slruils Svtlleliiciits Pre-Dental Tau Kappa Epsilon: Track l, 2. 3, 4: Soccer 3: Boxing: Drnmatics 2: A Club BAR'I'l'.l2T'l', EDVVTN Owosso Ozoosm High School IJ'lli'Z'6'l'Xliy of .l'Il.ClIigl'll1 Business Aelmiuisiration Sigma Nug Football l, 2. 3, 4 BAUR, GILBERT PIGICON Pigvouz High. School Literary Sigma Nu: Trackg A Club: German Club 3, 45 In- tcrfrzxternity Council 4 BELT.. DOROTHY MARG.XRlE',l' . LANSING Lansing High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Cou- tributurs Club 3, 49 Y. VV. C. A. 3, 45 W. A. A. 3 ANDERSON, DAVID, JR. PAW PAW Pow Mm' High School Pre-Law Delta Sigma Phi: Alpha Phi Gamma: Della Sigma Rhog I'hi Gzunmng Debate 1, 2. 3, -lx llaml l. 2: Spanish Club 1. 2, 3, Trans. 2: Forum Club 3. -l, Pres. 4: Tennis 2, 3. 4, Capt. 4: Asst. Editor Pleincl 2: Editor Albioniau 3, lnterfrateruity Council 3, -l, Sec.-Treats -I: Student Sen- ate 4: A Club: Meu's Un- ion llunrrl 43 l'lOlll?COI'l'll11g Cmnm. 3, 4 .XNl'JRliWS, CIXYI-INIBUTJNE FLINT Flint High Xrlmol Flin! Junior Collegi' literary liiilfllllfl Ganima Chi: Phi ffzmnnag Contributors Club 3, -l l!.X1lzh, R.Xl.PI'l LEO l3A'r1'L1: CREEK Baltic Crock High Scliaol Battle Crcclr Cvllegc l'.itera1'y Uxforrl Fellowship l2.XX'l'ER, DURU'l'llY I. liARMrN4:'roN BVUIIXOII High School l,it0r:1ry Delta Gamnm: Delta Slfllllll. Rho: Theta Alpha Phi, Vice- pres. -lg llistrionic Club, Pres. 35 Debate l, 2, 3, -lg Krupscott Prize 1: College lIr.1t0r 4: Biology Club Z, 3 IIERGMAN, 'l'llEODORliA DE'rRol'r llrtroii LYl7l'iIlL'I'Pl High School llusiness Aclministratiiou Delfa Tau Delta: Orchestra l, 2: French Club 3, 4: Con- tributors Club 4: Student Senate 3. -l: Iwterfraternity Qmmcil 3, -4. I'res. 45 Home- coming Comm. Chairman 4: Class Pres. -l Page Fifty-one TI-IE ALBIONIA, ROBERT BATTLE CRILHK Bottle Creek High School Pre-Dental Sigma Chi: lland l, 2: Class- ical Club 3, 4, Treas. 4 llRlS'l'Ol., l'.UCll.l.E NILVSKIZIIKIN l'.!'l'lll07lf High School Grand Rapid: Junior Collrge l.itCl'a1'y Forum Cluhg A'Cappcll:i Choir l-lU'l'l.ER, HELEN El,lZ,Xl3Ii'l'll Dmnorr Detroit Nortliern High Srhool Mortlm ifhillillliilgfllll Seminary English Delta Gamma: Home Econ- omics Club 3, 4 CAMHURN, PAUL A. 'l'EcL'mslcn .S'toL'kI1ridg1' High SCIIUUI llistory Alpha Tau Omegog A Clubg llasehall 1, J, 3, -lg lnterfraternity Council 2, 3. 4. Pres. 3: Chairman of Class Scraps 3 CA RP ENTER, GARCI :X ICNI IJ blARSllAl.l. Mufslnill High School illirhigon Slots Normal Cof- logs Alpha Sigma Alpha fliiluca- tiorrall: Spanish Club 3, 4: llistrionic Club 3, -4: Plcizul Stal? 4 Page Fifty-two V ns.,-s Agppq,-, VC f ' liR,Xlll.lEY, HOXVARTJ Dmnozr Detroit Eastern High School Literary Sigma Chi: Interfraternity Louncil -lg Pleiad Staff 3, 43 Contributors Club 4 llLlTliNU'l'H, ENDS G. LANVTON Lawton High School Zeta Phi, Pres. -lg Band, Manager and'StuLlex1t Direc- tor, 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra, Manager 3, -lg A'Cappella Choir, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 IIUTTON, MELBCURNE L. Ursmo Omega High School Pre-Law Sigma Nug Track 1, 2, 3, 45 A Club: Asst. Football Mgr. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2 LUXMPBIQLL, ROBERT H. Xkirrrono, Osrfuuo, CANADA l'lf'atfo rd High School Pre-Mellical CIIISNO WTETH , RODGER ESCANABA Excamzlvn High Suhool Uni:'cl'sity of Toronto Taylor University Delta Sigma Phi: Debate 1g llomecoming Comm. 19 All College llanquut Comm. lg Y. M. C. A. lg Oratury lg Philharmonic lg A'C:ippella. Choir -lg Glee Club -lg Mixed Quartettc 43 llonor Roll 1, 4 Tl lE Al.. COHOON, CLAUDE ARTHUR MIDLAND lfVe.rt Branch High School journalism Eclectic, Theta Alpha Phi: Alpha Phi Gamma, Editor Pleiad 4, Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4, -Histrionic Club 3, 43 Bus- iness Mgr. 3, Contributors Club 4 COOK, ESTHER GRAND Llznciz Cadillac High School Literary Zeta Tau Alphag Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A'Cappella Choir 4g Chapel Choir 45 Contribu- tors Club 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4 COULTER, CLAYTON LERO-Y Dcrnon' Detroit Eastern High School Pre-Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Art Club 2, Treas. 23 Physical Re- search Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3 DALZELL, WILSON I. IONIA Imzia High School Pre-Engineering Sigma Chi, German Club 23 Mathematics Club 45 Physi- cal Research Club 4 DAY, ALLENE R. I-IARTFQRD Hartford High School Mathematics Zeta Tau Alpha: Mathema- tics Cluh 3, 4, Pres. 49 French Club 43 Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3 B I O N I A N COMBELLACK, THERESA IRON NIOUNTAIN Iron Mountain High School Literary Gamma Gamma Chi, Pres. 43 Debate 1, 25 Oratory 2, Con- tributors Club 4 COOPER, ALICE MAE WAUSEON, Onto lfVau.veon High School English Alpha Chi Omega: W. A. A. 15 Y. W. C. A. 1. 2: French Club 4 ' CROSS, MARJORIE Bfmcon Bangor High School Speech Delta Gamma: Theta Alpha Phi: l'-Iistrionic Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, Orchestra Z, gg Class See. 23 Dorm Board .., 4 - DANYLIZYN, STEVEN G. I-IAMTRAMCK Hamtramck High School Pre-Law Sigma Nu, A Club, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Baseball Mgr. 33 Class Trc-as. -lg Men's Union Board 33 Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4 IWECTKIER, DIARY ELLA FLINT Flin! Central High School Flint Junior College l.iif-rary llelta Gamma, French Club 3, 4, Treas. -lg German Club 3, 45 Chairman Dorm Music Cruum. 4 Page F ifty-three I-IE A I.. EGGLESTON, LYLE TABOR UNION CITY Union City High School Chemistry Eclectic3 Fall Chemical Club 2, 3, 43 Contributors Club 4 FIELD, HONVARD M. Lum, PERU uIBukfgD1Z Townsliip High. School Flint Junior College Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon3 Band 23 Soccer 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Treas. 2, Pres. 33 Biology Club 3, 43 Vice-Pres. 43 Phi Garyma FONVLER, ALBERT I-IANovER Ha11oz.'cr High School Chemistry Eclectic3 Baseball 23 Chem- istry Club 43 Physical Re- search Club 4 GEIGER, ROBERT G. PLAINXVELL Lansiizg High School Michigan Slate College Literary Oxford Fellowship 3, 43 Con- tributors Club 43 Spanish Club 4 , GOETZ, ROBERT APEL Dmnorr Detroit Eastern. High School Uuicfersity of 1llichiga1i Sum- mer School Pre-Nlecliczil Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Chemistry Club 2, 33 German Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 3 Page Fifty-four BIONlxAN ELLIOT, ELBERT Rovu. OAK Royal Oak High School Pre-Law Sigma N113 A Club, Pres. 43 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Student Senate 3, 43 Interfratemity Council 3: Asst. Mgr. Co-op 3, Mgr. 43 Asst, Mgr. Bas- ketball 3, Mgr. 4 FLEMING, HELEN Amaiou Eainaz Rapids High School literary Kappa Delta3 Class Basket- ball 1, Z, 33 Fourth Vice- Pres. College Epworth League 43 Y. W. C. A. 43 Art Club 4 GARLANGER, ANNAMARIE Nu.Es Niles High School Mathematics Zeta Tau Alphag Mathema- tics Club 3, 43 Dorm. Board 23 Class Basketball 3 G I LT! E RT, ELECT.-X STEWART ALGONAC .fllgonac High School Mnrygroi'e College Lite1':11'y Alpha Chi Omega GRAMES, DORIS LUCILLE BATTLE CREEK Battle Creek High School Literary Philbarruonic 13 Forum Club 3, 43 Philosophy Club 33 Dorm. Board Treas. 3, 43 Student Senate 43 Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabirret 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Phi Gamma Tl lE Al.. GREENFIELD, ELIZABETH VIRGINIA Jzxcicsou Jackson High School History Alpha Chi Omega, Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3: Class Vice-pres. 33 Philhar- monic lg Basketball 1, Dorm. Board 4 GUILFORD, HORTENSE NVAusraoN, Oxuo Wauseon High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega, French Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, Cabinet 35 Dorm. Board 3, W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 HALLIDAXY, GRACE LYDIAN VV'rzsT I-Lmrroim, CONN. Lady Iam' Gray High School llf'r'II.v College Literary Alpha Xi Delta: German Club 2, 3, 45 Philosophy Club 3, 45 Y. XV. C. A. 2, 3, 4 HART, CAROL IIIGI-ILAND Panic Higlilaml Porlc High 5511001 Highland Park Junior Col- lege Literary Zeta Tau Alpha: Associate Editor, Pleizul 3, Albionian 4: Debate 2. 3. 42 French Club 2, 3. 4, Vice-pres, 4, Pres. 3: Y. NV. C, A. 1, 2, 3, -4, Pres. 23 Spanish Club 43 Dorm. Board 3: Oralory 4, Basketball 3: XV. A. A. 3g Alpha Phi Gamma: Delta Sigma Rho: Phi Gamma HENRY, OUIDABON CQNNERSVILLE, IND. Commrwillc High School Literary Philosophy Club 3 B I O N I A N GUILE, GURDON STANFORD FLINT Flint High School Chemistry 'Delta Tau Deltag A Clubg Track 1, 2 HADLEY, KENNETH COLDWATER Coldwater High School Pre-Engineering Sigma Chi, Physical Re- search Club IIARPER, HOMER, FLINT Flint Central High. School l re-Nleclical Delta Tau Delta, Interfra- ternity Council -4, Biology Club 4, Forum Club 4 HEMBDT, PHIL V. Ar.moN .-lllvion High School Business Administration Sigma Nu, Alpha Phi Gam- ma: Delta Sigma. Rho, Asst. Business Mgr. Alhionian 1, 3, Business Mgr. 45 Inter- frnternity Council 4, Student Sc-nate 3, 4, Vice-pres. Stu- dent Body 4 Clkcsignedlg Class Pres. 3: College Social Comm. 3, Homecoming Comm. 2 HOAGLIN, ESTHER ALBION ,fllhlon High School Art Alpha Xi Delta, Albionian Staff 43 French Club 1, 2, Art Club 2, 3, 45 Homecom- ing Comm. 2, 3 Page F ifty-fi-ue 'T'l-IE ALBIONIA HOLDEN, FLORENCE VIRGINIA Fiuzesou. Holton High School Ferris Institute Bay Viezu Summer School Literary Debate 15 NVesley Club 1, 2, 33 Student Volunteers 1, 2, 35 Y. WV. C. A., A'Cappclle Choir 4 HONVES, FLORENCE HARRIETT ITHACA Ithaca High School Literary I Alpha Xi Delta: Alpha Phi Gammag Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3, W. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Debate 1, 3g Class Sec. 3, Basketball 2, 35 Dorm. Board 35 Co-op Board 2, 3, 43 Panhellenic Council 2, 3, 45 Asst. Busin- ess Mgr. Albionian 45 Pleiad Staff 4 JEFFERSON, ROBERT H. FLINT Clilrtolwille High School ClfI'Ll'U1l'Ul'lhL', lflfis. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Mexfs Un- ion Board 43 Homecoming Conuu. 4, Track 4 KARAY, GEORGE, DETROLT Detroit Norfhern High School Pre-Medical Eclectic KING, BETHANY B. FL1N'r Fl-int High School Flint funiof' College Literary Gamma Gamma Chig Orches- tra 2, 3, 4g String Quartet 4: A'Cappella Choir 4g Stu- dent Volunteers 2, 3, 49 Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-:ix ,N V Q1-q elnlu-s HOSHAL, XVALTER T. BATTLE Cruzer: Botlle Creek High. School Business Administration Delia Sigma Phig Alpha Phi Gamma, Spanish Club 2, 35 Asst. Business Mgr. Albion- iiin 3g College Social Comm. HOVVES, HOMTER Cocuwnian Coldwater High School Pre-Medical Delta Sigma Phi: Student Senate 1, 2, 3, 4g Pres. Stu- dent Body 4g Interfraternity Council Z, 3, 45 Publication Council 3, 4, Pres. 4: Class- ical Cluh 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 3, 4, Pres. 3 JONES, G. M,-.CDONALD SAGINANV Saginaw El1SfL'I'11 High School Literary Eclectic: Y. M. C. A. Cabin- et: Oxford Club KENNEDY, ETHEL MAE l-IIGHLAND PARK Higlzland Park High School Biology Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres. -lg Al- pha Phi Gamma, Second Vice-pres. 3, Pres. 43 Asst. Business Mgr. Albionian 2: Susanna NVesley Annual Staff 1, 2, Chemistry Club 2, 3 LAYENEL BIAURICE S PMNGFIELD, MASS. Sllfillgfifill Ccniml High School literary German Club Z, 3, 43 Class llasketball Z, 3 Tl-IE ALBIONIA LEACH, MARY G.-XIL Bose GM-, ILL. Bone Gap High School Southern Illinois State Nor- mal Lfuizfersity Illinois State Teaclzers Col- lege lllichigan State Tnaclrem- Can'- lege Literary LENIIART, JUANITA INEZ J'Ac1:soN Jackson High School Literary Alpha Chi Omegag French Club 4 LUDI NGTON. ELIZABETH PIIGHLAND Pam: Oimwagz High School Higlzland Park Junior College Literary Alpha Xi Deltag Spanish Club 3, Mathematics Cluh 3YNVCXl7l4 , . .....,..,., LYDAY, L. GRAHAM Di2'ru01'r Detroit Nortllorn High School Business Avlministration Alpha Tau Omega, Physical Research Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Honor Roll 2 MCCREA. OLIVE ELDERTA KIUSKECON Flliixleeguzi High Selzool Muskegon Junior College Literary Alpha Xi Delta: Glee Club 3, Debate 3, -lg Y. WV. C. A. 3, 4, Cabinet -lg Delta Sigma Rho LEEDS, VV.-Xlfl' ER RIICIHGAN CITY, IND. lllichigan City High' School Alpha Tau Omega: Pleiad Stall' 35 Interfraternity Council 4 LOCKVVOOTJ, DOROTHY COLDVVATIER Coldwater High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega, Classical Club 2. 3, 4, Histrionic Club 3. -lg Dorm. Board, Pres. 45 Panhellenic Council 3, 45 Student Senate 45 Phi Gam- ma LUDKE, JOYE JUNE Detroit Western High School English . Alpha Xi Delta, Spanish Club 33 Contributors Club 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Pleiad Staff 3 MCCLINTIC, ELVA L. Homme Homer High School Home Economics Gamma Gamma, Chi, Home Economics Club 3, 4 Pres. 4 MERCER. GRACE MARGARET DE'rRox'r Detroit Norflmrn High School Home Economics Delta Gamma: Home Econ- omics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 35 Dorm. Board 2 Page F iftyvseven 'l'l-IE Al.. MILLER, EARL W. Fowum Fozvlvr High School Literary Band lg Forum Club 4 NURRIS, Al.l.AN R. l'i5xNvrLLn Fru-nz'illc High Srlmol Pre-Ministry Eclectic, Orchestra l: Civic Chorus 3, German' Club 3, -lg Oxford Club 1, 2, 3, 4 NOBLE, MILTDRED :XLBION Albion High School Literary Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Biological Club 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. Z, 4 PAUL, MARVIN F. :XLBTON Albion High School Literary Delta Sigma Rho: Debate 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club, Math- ematics Club, Physical Re- search Club, llonor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Phi Gamma PENZOTTI, ST.XNLlEY C. ALBION Albion High School Pre-Medical Sigma Nu, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Capt. -lg Basketball 1, 23 Track 25 A Club: Biolog- ical Club 2, 3, Co-op Board- of Directors Page Fifty-eight B I O N I A 0 lk! ill? 1. nf l1l' l1SlE1 X - AlI'1'CHl5LL, MARION MT. PLEASANT lllt. Pleasant High School Central State Tcaflzcrs Col- lege Literary MUNROI2, ELLEN. JXLBION Gagctozcn High School C'l'IIll'l1l Slate Tmcliefs Col- lcgc T.itc1'a1'y Kappa Delta, Y. XV. C. A. UI.lI'l', XVESLEY C. l2.x'rTI.E CREEK Buttle Crack High School .-ll-Ha College Literary Glce Club 2, 3, 43 A'Cappella Choir 43 Civic Chorus 33 Ox- fnrcl Club 2, 3, -l P.-XCLLEY, BEATRICE K. CHEBOYGAN Clmlzoygan High School l.itel'ary French Club 1: Forum Club 2, 3. 4: Vice-pres. 43 Con- tributors Club 3, 4, Phi Gam- ma PERRY. LUCILLE EYELYN PINCONNING Pl-IIFOIIJIIDIIH High Srhool History Debate 1: Forum Club 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4 I'l lE ALBIONIA PHILLIPS, PEARL GLADYS COLDXVATER Coldwater High School Home Economics Home Economics Student In- structor 4g Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, VVes- ley Club 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 POLLOCK, CECILE LOUISE LANSINQ Clmz-Ir1fo1',f High School F4'n'r:.s lllstztzlrc English Delta Gamma, Glee Club 1, 3, 42 Contributors Club 3, 4. French Club 3, 4 PURDY, JAMES S. PLYMOUTH Sand Creek High School Business Administration ?ig1J1a3N3g A Club, Track REED, ELLEN E. ITHACA Ithaca High School Music Gamma Gamma Chi: lVesley Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 RITTER, DORIS NIILFORD Holly High Sfhool History Zeta Tau Alphag Philhar- morgc lg Debate 3, Dramat- ics PITKIN, WILLIAM M. ALBION Albion High School Nortlrzvcstcrn University Public Speaking Sigma Nug Theta Alpha Phi: Delta Sigma Rho: Debate l, 2, 3, 45 Oratory l, 2, 3, Ban- croft Prize 1, Horn Contest 2, Berry Prize 3, College Or- ator 3: Forum Club 2, 39 Histrionic Club 4 PRONGER, IRYING HOY BLUE ISLAND, ILL. Bhzc Island High School NoI'tlnucsfw'11 Unizfclzvity 1':'e-Tincinecriug Football 1, 2, 33 Physical Re- search Club 2, 3, 45 Albion- iau Staff -lg Zeta Phi PURDY, MARGARET C. PLYMOUTH Sand Crook High School English Delta Gamma, Dorm. Board 4 RICHARDS. MINERVA HARTE Nauczvrucx, CONN. Crosby High School, Water- bury, Conn. Martha Wa.rh-ington College Bradford .4cudemy Posfs Business College Literary Alpha Chi Omegag Philhar- monic lg Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3 ROGERS. CLARA IALBIDN Albion High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega: French Club 1, 2, 3: Oratory 1g Y. XV. C. A. 1, 25 Honor Roll lg Pleiad Staff 49 Histriouic Club 4 Page Fifiy-nine Tl-IE Al. ROOD, L. KATHERINE ALBION Albion High School Science Alpha Chi Omegag Y. XV. C. A.g Fall Chemical Club 2, 3: Physical Research Club Z, 3, 45 French Club 1, 2 SAMSON, DOROTI-IA ITIIGHLAND PARK Highland Park High School Highland Park Junior Col- lege Literary Alpha Xi Delta: Y. VV. C. A.g Mathematics Club 3, 4 SAXMAN, VVALTER C. B. PQNTIAC Pontiac High School Pontiac Junior College Literary Oxford Club, Pres. 3, 43 Y. Ml C. A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4 SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY DURAND Durand High School Flint Junior College Literary Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 A'Ca- ppella Choir 45 Y. W. C. A. SEATON, MARY VVELLS IXLBION Albion High School Fairfax Hall Literary Delta Gammag Class Vice- Pres. 1, 45 Spanish Club 23 Art Club 2, 3, 43 A'Cappella Choir 45 Y. VV. C. A. Page Sixty B I O N I A N gl AQHA, 'C U l 51 xl 'avi M ROUSH, HAROLD FRANKLIN PONTIAC Pontiac High School Pontiac Junior College Literary Ecleclicg Secretary 45 Contri- butors Club 4 SATOl:I, TAKESHI Tomo, JAPAN Tolcio High School Anyama Gnleuin College Unizfersity of Michigan Literary SCHLISKEY, I-IAZEL Royal. OAK Royal Oale High School Literary Contributors Club 3, 4 SCI-IULER, WINSTON MZMISHALL llflllilldll High School fJYllf'Z'51'.Ylfjl of llliclzigan Sigma. Nu: AH Clubg Foot- ball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 25 Track 2, 35 For- um Club 3, 4 SIIARER. XVILBUR DEWTITT VVESTON' Sand Creek High School literary Eclecticg A Clubg Foot- ball 3, 49 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 SHELDON, VIRGINIA :ALBION Albion High School Home Economics Art Club Z, 3, -lg Home Econ- omics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Y. VV. C. A. SPAIN, IVILDA HELEN Fr. NVAYNE, IND. Snldrm Pllkll School, St. Louis, Ma. I-liglzlmid Park Junior College Library Alpha Xi Ueltag Orchestra 3, 4: Y. VV. C. A. 3, 4 STEPHENS, RUPERT B. SCOTTVILLE Scottrille High School Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. 43 Debate 1 9 Interfraternity Council 3, 45 Asst. Track Mgr. 3, Mgr. 4 TEFFT, E. ELIZABETH E IJESLIE Lea-lic' High School Olwot College i Education VANDER MEER, GERALD C. GRAND RfXPID5 Gfandvillc High School Business Administration Eclectic, A Club, Track 2, 3, 4g Cross Country 2, 3, 4, gapti 3, Basketball lg Y. M. Tl-IE ALBIOANIAN SLEEMAN. LIONEL O. IRON RIVER Tron Ri7,'cr High School Literary Eclectic: A'Cap1're1la Choir 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 STEIDLE, MARGARET E. AIILAN Milan High, School Sociology Alpha Chi Omegag Forum Club 3, 4: Fall Chemical Club 2, 3, Treas. 3: French Club 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 45 Dorm. Board 2, 4 TAM BLYN. MARY E. Diamon- Dctfoit Northern High School Elrglisli Delta Gamma: Contributors Club 3, 4, Pres. 45 Class Sec. 43 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Dorm. Tloard 4: Panliellenic Council 45 Y. W. C. A. ULBRIGHT, MARY GRACE BENTON IIARBOR Benton Harbor High School Literary Alpha Xi Deltag French Club 1, 2, 35 Mathematics Club 3, 4, Viceipres. 43 Y. VV. C. A., Phi Gamma XVALVVORTH, LUCIEN D. Jxsaoxvuf Janesville High School Pre-Law Sigma Nu, Alpha Plii Gam- mag Albiouian Staff 2, 3, Associate Editor 3 Page Srxiy-one Tl 'lE ALBIONIA NVALXNORTH, PHYLLIS JEROME Janesville High Svhaol Literary Zeta Tau Alphag Orchestra 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 3, 43 A'Cappella Choir 3, 43 Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Y. YV. C. A. 1, 2., 3, Pres. 35 XV. IX. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Col- lege Social Comm. 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. Z: Panhcllenic Council 2, 3, NVE1 DENHAMMER, ESTHER Tllaiue LAKE Lansing Central High School Columbia UlliTlC7'SltQl' Literary Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Philoso- phy Club 2, 35 Dorm. Board 3, 4, Vice-pres. 35 Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4, Albionian Staff 13 Homecoming Comm. 4' VV -X 'X 1' Ho Roll . . 1 . 1 . , nor 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi Gamma VVI-IEATON, LOIS E. EIIGHLAND PARK Highland Park High School Detroit Teacliors College Eclueation Alpha Chi Omega: Y. VV. C. A. 2, 45 VV. A. A. 2, Pleiad Staff 43 French Club 4 VVILLIAMS, XV. LESLIE Escamum .Sault St. lllarie High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Sig- ma Rhog Theta Alpha Phig Class Pres. 1, Baml 1, De- bate 1, 2, 3, 45 Ilistrionic Club 3, 4 W'OOTON, lX'IAR'G.'XRET H 1LLsDAL1s Lanxing High School Literary Kappa Delta, Y. NV. C. A.: Glen Club 1, 2, 3. 4: fX'CapA pclla Choir 43 Contributors Club 4 Page Si.1'ly-t'wo ll rn.:-n fn,-u-5'-n f I X 1 NVAY, XVYXYNE XV. ALMON Albion: High School llusiness Administration Delta Sigma Phi, Physical Research Club -l VV'EIDGlENAN'l', JANE GRAND Rulms Grand Rapids Central High School Grand Ruhids fnnior College Literary Delta Gamma: Y. WY C. A., Classical Club 3, 4 NVILCOX, PAUL V. H. Gonuzs Goble: High School Literary Eclectic: Oxford Fellowship, 'Frans , Vice-pres., Pres. VWOCHOLZ. ALBERTA ALn1oN Albion High School ll-lichigun State Collage Mathematics 1 Alpha Chi Omega, Vice- Pres. 33 French Club 1, 2, ,3, 45 Oratory 13 Debate 13 His- trionic Club 4, Mathematics Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, Y. W. C. A. 1, 23 Pleiad Staff 4, Art Club 3, 4 XVORC1iS'l'l2R, MARGARET E.. Bio RAPIDS Big Rapids High School Literary Ilelta Gamma: Art Club 3, 4, Sec. -lg Biological Club 4 Tl lE Al.. WRIGHT, DOROTHY SPRINGPORT Springport High School Literary Classical Club 3, 4, Sec, 4 U CLASS OF 1930 GOLDBERG, HARIIY HENRY BLACK, NAOMI OLIVE MCCALL, MARY JEAN B I O N I A N YOUNG, ELIZABETH R. Owosso Owosxo High School Literary Alpha Chi Omegag Dorm. Board, Vice-pres. 45 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 43 ' Pzmhellenic Council 3 Page Si.1-ty-th-rec Tl-IE ALBIONIA 4. l 950 Tl'-IE ALBIONIA .1-1. fl -El--- an-L. if 97 JLUNWRS V H. 'fi . Tl'-IE ALBIONIA William Lightbody Elta Arber Margaret Monroe Vincent Bailey Junlor Class Officers VVILLIAM LIGHTBODY ...... Pv'csidc1zt ELTA ARBER ......... ,..Vice-preside11,t MARGARET MONROE .... ...... S ecretavy VINCENT BAILEY .... Treasmer Barron, John Benny, John Buhl, Alice Elford, Herbert Fox, Harriett Gillispie, Robert 4' No picture. Page Sixty-six ' CLASS OF 1931 Scribner, Leonard .-. Grieder, Frieda Hoagliu, Josephine Koblin, Selden Lipp, Fritzi Rubenstein, Morris Mills, James . , 'T'l'lE Al.. ADAIR, NIARY E. VVYA N Do'rTi5 I-'Vyandottc Roo.rcr'clt High School lfublic Speaking Ixappa Deltag Theta Alpha Phi: Debate 2, 33 W. A. A., SFTEEIS. 2, llistrionic Club 2, ARBER, EL'l'.X HELEN DETROIT Detroit Eastern. High School Literary Kappa Deltag Debate 2, 3: Delta Sigma Rhog German Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2, 33 Class Vice-pres. 3: Forum Club 35 Panhellenic Council 2, 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. BAILEY, VINCENT FLINT Detroit Norihcrn High School Literary Delta Tau Delta: Alphi Phi Gamma, Sec. 35 Associate Editor Pleiad 23 .Xlbiouian Staff 3: Editor of Quill 23 lflomecoming Comm. 2. BARNES, BERNIECE ONOND:XGiX Eaton Rupizls High School Literary Debate 1, 2, 3 BEHLING, WILMA ALBION Albion High Scllool English Gamma Gamma Chig Y. W. C. A. 1, 2g French Club 2, 3 B I O N I A N .145 agp-.ang ANDERSON, DOROTHY E. HARTFORD Hartford High School Literary Gamma Gamma Chig Glee Club 33 A'Cappella Choir 35 Contributors Club 2, 3 ASH, ANTOINETTE H 'fukaiz Rwsas Three River: High School History Glee Club 2, 39 A,'Cappella Choir 2, 35 Chapel Choir 33 French Club 33 Forum Club 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2 BALLARD, EVELYN F. BELDINQ: Beldiug High School KUlH'IllUGUO College Sociology Kappa Delta, Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 2, 35 Dorm. Board 2, 31 Forum Club 35 Basket- ball 2, 39 Contributors Club 3 BEEMAN, CARL GRAND RAPIDS East Grand Rapids High School Pre-Medical. Sigma Nag .Delta Sigma Rhog Debate 1, 2, 35 Chemistry Club 25 German Club 23 Bio- logical Club 3 BLACK, MARY LUCILEW I'IOLTON Holton. High School History Alpha Chi Omegag Y. W-. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, Vice-pres. 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Dorm. Board 2, 3, Debate 2, 35 Forum Club, Vice-pres. 3 Page Sixty-sevezi Tl-IE ALBIONIA BRAY, VIRGINIA R. JACKSON' Jackson High School Mathematics Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A. 1, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Dorm. Board 3: Orchestra 39 Mathematics Club 3 BROWN, ERNEST W. IRON BIOUNTAIN Iron Mountain High School Northern State Teachers College Pre-Law Delta Sigma Phi: Glee Club 3: Forum Club 3 BRONVN, MILDRED GRAND Lunch: Graml Ledge High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta BULL, ELIZABETH TOLEDO, Oruo Scott High School, Toledo Alpha Xi Delta: French :Club 3: Panhellenic Council CJXMPUELL, IRENE RIVER Rouci: River Rouge High School Michigan State Teuclwri' College History Page Sixty'-eiglzt ,94 ' BROCKLEBANK, OLIVE F. JACKSON .lockson High School Literary Tl-:Ita Gamma: Y. XV. C. A. Salginet 3g Chemistry Cluh BROWVN, HELEN Dmaorr Detroit Northern High School Nortllzoestcwz U11'l z1c1'sity Literary Alpha Chi Omega, French Club 2, 3 BROWN, WILLIS E. Wuuu, CHINA Shanghai American High School T're-Medical Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 35 Chemis- gry Club 2, 33 German Club BURNS. NVALTER MCKINLEY ALBION .4ll71'0H High School Literary Independents. Sec.-Treas. 2, Y. M. C. A., Sec.-Treas. 2, 3: Student Senate 35 College Epworth League, Pres. 3 CASNVELL, HAROLD A. Sou-rn TIAVEN Souih Harfen High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Gzimmag Men's 'Union Mgr. l, 2, 35 Maxis Union Board 33 Asst. Business Mgr. :Xlhiorrian 3 Tl-IE Al.. CHAPLIN, MARK NEWFANE, NEW Yom: Gaxlvort Union High School Gosport, New York IJlfCl'2!.l' ' 5 Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cross Country 2 CLANCY, HUGH CHICAGO Philondcr Smith College, Na-ini Tal, Inn'-ia Literary Sigma Nu, Theta Alpha Phig Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Histrionic Club 2, 3g Track 1, 2, 3, fX'Cappella Choir 35 Albion- tan Staff 3 CLARK, LOUISE FULLER Gnosszz PT. Defroit Soutlzcnslern High School Home Economics Alpha. Xi Delta, Art Club 1, 2, 3g Home Economics Club 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3 CRAMER, REX LEROY Jixcxsoiv St. Louis High School Business Atlministration CROVVELL, FRANCES MARY LAWRENCE Law1'e11ce High! School Plfesterri Slate Toaclmrs Col- logo History Gamma Gamma Chi: Orches- tra 1, 2, Classical Club 3 B I O N I A N ll .s., i':-gn CHILDS, JOSEPH A. BATTLE CREEK Battle Creek High School History Delta Sigma Phi, Football 2 CLARK, ELDORA PI-IELPS DETROIT Detroit Eastern I-ligh School Literary COWEN, GRACE E. ROYAL OAK Royal Oolc High School Home Economics Home Economics Club, Y. VV. C. A. CRANSON, GENEVIEVE ALBION .qllllllll High School History Gzmima Gamma Cliig Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, French Club 3 CUl.LL'M, ROBERT M. Dmmxuuu Dclroil Ea.vlc'rn High School Sociology Tau Kappa Epsiloug Alpha Phi Gam mag Publication Council, Pres. 3, Student Senate, Sec.-Treas. 3, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, Pleiad Staff 2, 35 Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3, A Cl uh Page Sixty-11 ine Tl-IE ALBIONIA CULVER, VVAY NE M. ALBION Albion High School Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi CURTIS, HARRY JACKSON Jackson High School- Literary Alpha Tau Omega DEB RULAR, MARY ESTHER TEKONSHA Tekousha High School Michigan State Teachers College Literar Delta giigma Rhog Debate 2, 35. Classical Club 2, 35 His- trionic Club 2, 3 DEVINNEY, LELAND C. BIG RAPIDS Detroit Nortlzwcsteru High School Hope College Literary Delta Sigma Rl1o5 Theta Al- pha Phi: Debate 2, 35 His- triomc Club 2, 35 Glee Club Reader 2 DIBBLE, ELIZABETH ALBION Albion High School Literary Alpha Chi Omegag Classical gluli 2, 3, Pres. 35 Y. W. C. Page Seventy U fQ,a1L f w fr- il X P CURRIN, NORMAN GEORGE FRANKLIN Baldwin High School, Birmingham History Delta Tau Delta: Class Treas. 15 Classical Club 15 Forum Club 35 French Club 3 DAVIS, MILDRED VAN WERT ALBION Hansel! High School, Han- sell I a , ow Iozqa State Teachers College Umxzlcrsiiy of Iowa Literary Kappa Phig Wesley Club 35 Mathematics Club 3 DEN S-MORE, JAMES ELLIOT J.-xcxson Jackson High School Literary Alpha Tau Omega5 A Club5 Football 15 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Capt. 35 Physical Research Club 2 DEWEY, DAN V. Jacxsou Albion, High School Literary Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mgr. 3: Histrionic Club 3 DODGE, MARY E. Romzo Romeo High School Literary . Debate 15 Forum Clubg Phil- osophy Clubg Y. Wi. C. A. 1, 2, 3, Vice-pres. 1, Pres. 3 Tl-IE ALBIONIA EASTWOOD, MARION ALICE SAGINAW Saginaw Arthur Hill High School Literary ELLER, IRVING CLAIR JACKSON Jackson High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Gamma, Spanish Club 2, 33d Pgsst. Business Mgr. Ple- ia .. FIELD, HAROLD, DETROIT Detroit Nor'thwc'.rtc'rn High School Literary gilpha Tau Omega, Tennis 2. FOLEY, RAYMOND Plzrosxcv Petoskey High School Pre-Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilong Alpha Phi Gamma: Debate lg Math- ematics Club 3g Physical Re- search Club 2, 3, Pres. 3, Asst. Editor Albionian 2, Ed- itor 3 FRITZ, XVILLIAM H. lklruvauxeiz Lincoln High School, Fern- dale, Mich. Pre-Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon: A Club, Track 1, 2, 3g Class Treas. 23 Physical Research Club 2, 33 Mathematics Club 3g Albionian Staff 2, 3 I a-N.- '.':'-.4-. f f li' X 'M EATON, ELSIE A. READING Rvading High School English Delta Gamma, W. A. A., Sec. 3: Y. VV. C. A.: Con- tributogs Clubg Basketball 1, 2, ELLINGER, CLIFTON E. ALLEGAN Alllcgan High School Literary Tau Ixappa Epsilon, Civic Chorus 19 Orchestra 2, 35 Glee Club Accompanist Z, 3g Contributors Club 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 FINK, CHARLES A. TNIAYVILLE Ilflayville High School Economics Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Gammag Debate 13 Band lg Homecoming Comm. 2, 33 Asst. Business Mgr. Pleiad 2: Forum Club 3, Asst. Mgr. Co-op 35 Asst. Track Mgr. 33 Mgr. of Publications 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 FOSTER, KATHERN ANN FENNN'ILLE FL-nnvillc High School Home Economics Home Economics Club 2, .3, Treas. 3 GERMAN, ROBERT, Jackson Jackson High School Pre-Engineering Eclecticg Physics Club 2, 33 Mathematics Club 3 Page Seventy-one l'l lE AL. GILLETTE, HESTER AcAMx-0, CALIF. Lodi Union High School, Union, Calif. National Womeniv Home MfISi01107'j' Society College. Calif. Literary GRAHAM, DOROTHY GIBBS, Dm-ruoxr fII'g11iUl1ll.PUl'lE High School Detroit City College Literary GRAY, GEORGIA LUDINGTON Ludinglon High School Public School Music Kappa Deltag French Club 3: A'Cappella Choir 35 W. S. G. A. 2, 3 GREENE, FRANCES BROOKLYN By-ooklyn High School Literary Kappa Delta: Glee Club 35 A'Cappella Choir 3 GULLAN DER, WA RD F. NIANISTEE llllaviiswe High School Bj.1si11ess fxClll1ll'liSlCl'Zltl0I1 Sigma Chl Page Sezfenty-two BIO'NlAN gm Ju GOOD, ALEXANDER OWENDALE Ozuevzdalc High School Literary Sigma N112 Football 1, 2, 39 Baseball 1, 29 Basketball 39 A Club GRAY, BRUCE A. PONTIAC Pontiac High School Literary Sigma Nug Men's Union Boardg Co-operative Assn, Vice-pres.g Football 3g Bas- ketbal 2, 3 GREEN, EILEEN RIVER ROUGE River Rouge High School Literary Kappa Delta GREGG, MAXINE S. Cmczxco Mmzclzester High School, N. H. Uniwrxity of Chicago Col'Hml1'iu. U nivcrsity Art Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi 31 Art Club 1, 2, 35 Histrionic Club 1, 23 Honor Rollg A'Cappella Choir' 3 HALFMAN, MARGARET M., DETROIT Detroit Central High School Literary Tl lE ALBIONIA HALLIDAY. NA'l'.XLINE WEST 1-Lxrrrronn, CONN. Hfillium H. Hall High School Literary Alpha Xi Deltag Y. NV. C. A. 1, 25 Art Club 13 Ger- Bnan Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-pres. HERRIFF, DEAN M. ALBION Albion High Srhool Literary Delta Sigma Phi, A Clubg Football 1, 2, 4: Trainer, Freshman 2, Varsity 3 HOLCOMB, JOHN WINSLOVV GRf1ND RAP1'DS Lake Forest Acarlomy Pre-Medical Tau Kappa Epsilong Band 13 German Cluh 2 HOLIHAN, HAROLD R. ANGOLA, IND. Litflzfivld High School Pre-Law JENKIN, W-ILSON DETROIT Detroit Nortlzwesivrn. High School Literary Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Oxford Club 1, 2: Student Senate 2g Kropscott Contest lg Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 , U 55:1 W HU G1 X 1 f , .r L, , i4fr'J?'NL4 ' ' Sify!-M-if T IIARNION, ELIZABETH BATTLE CREEK Batfle Crank High School Education Kappa Deltag VV. A. A. 1, Z3 Basketball 23 Forum Club 33 Panhcllenic Council 2, 3, Pres. 35 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 35 Student Senate 3: Honor Roll 2 HESSEL, LYLE Musmsaou Mushrgon High. School Mruleegon Junior College Biology Tau Ixappa Epsilon HOOD, TERRANC12 R. MARLETTE Marlctte High School Literary HUDSON, VVAYNE A. Battle Creek High School Track 2, 39 Band 3 JOHNSON, HAROLD A. Detroit Northern High School Literary Alpha Tau Oxnegag Boxing Instructor 1, 2, 3 Page S e-uenty-th ree Tl'lE. AL JONES, FRANCIS A. LANSING Culrfer Jllilitary Academy Pre-Medical Tan Kappa Epsilon, Debate 1, Chemistry Club LANGVVORTHY, FREDA A. BAY CITY Bay City Central High School Buy City Junior College Education LEWIS, GENEVA Srnox, IND. Angola High School, Angola, Ind. Literary Gamma Gamma Chi, Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3 LINDSAY, MARION FLAT Rocx Highland Park High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha, French Club 3, Panhellenic Council 3 LYDAY, JOSEPH H. DETROIT Detroit Northern High School Pre-Medical Alpha Tau Omega., Band, Chemistry Club, French Club, Y. M. C. A. Page Seventy-four B I O N I A N U 4 I pq-Q art.a-sIxA- -J -o .A fl 'N KIDDER, ALTHA E. R. CLAR1: Clare High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha LEAR, WANDA L. Perosrcev Petoskey High School Literary Zeta Tau Alpha, Classical Club 3 LIGHTBODY, WILLIAM Denzoxr Detroit No1'theruHigh School Alpha Tau Omega, A Club, Football 1, 2, 3, Bass ball 1, 2, Class Pres. 3, Stu- dent Senate 3, Interfrater- nity Council 3 LINK, HILDEGARDE B. FLINT Morrison R. Waite High School, Toledo, Ohio Literary Kappa Delta, Orchestra 1, 2, 39 Glee Club 1, 2, A'Cappel- la Choir 3, German Club 2, 3, Art Club 3, Debate 3 MCALLISTER, BERTHA EATON RAPIDS Eaton Rapids High School Music Orchestra 1, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, A'Cappella Choir 3, French Club 2 'Tl'lE Al.. MCCARTY, NORMAN ALBION Albion High School Pre-Engineering Delta Tau Delta, French Club 13 Physical Research Club 2, Q3, Sec.-Treas. 33 Mathematics Club 3 MCCULLOCH, ROBERT' W. ALBION Albion High School Literary Delta Tau Delta: Delta Sig- ma Rho, Debate 1, 2, 3g For- um Club 35 Class Ortaor 2, 39 Model League of Nations 1, 2, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 MCLEAN, MERIDETH RUTH ALBION Ludington High School History Gamma Gamma Chi, Tennis 25 Y. W. C. A. 1 MCLEAN, ROY ALBION Ludiugton High School Literary MARTIN, DONALD WHITNEY lXLwv11.I,1a Mayville High School Pre-Medical Delta Sigma Phig Debate 13 Chemistry Club 3, Physical Research Club 33 Y. M. C. ASX. Cabinet 2, 3, Vice-Pres. B I O N I A N il ,mpx fn.,--54-m MCCRACKEN, DONALD FARMINGTON Pontiac High School! Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. 3, Irrterfraternity Council 3 McDOVVELL, LOUIS BATTLE CREEK Battle Creek High School Business Administration Alpha Tau Omegag Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3 MCLEAN, RAYMOND Aniston Ludington High School Pre-Law Zeta Phi, Orchestra 1, 2, 33 itring Quartet 35 Y. M. C. MARSH, YVILLIAM DETROIT Detroit Northern High School Literary Delta Tau Deltag Football 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, Z, 3 MATTHEVVS, MARION ALBA Alba High School History Gamma Gamma Chi Puge Seventy-five TI-IE AL. MILLER, DOROTHY M. SPRINGPORT Sfvringport High School Unifiersitgr of Michigan Un'i1fe1'sity of Wisconsin Home Economics Home Economics Club MIT CH ELL, W. LAVVRENCE Roni. OAK Royal Oak High School Pre-Medicine Sigma Nug Chemistry Club 1, 45 German Club 3, 4 MOYER, ELTON THREE Rlvlzizs Three Rivers High. School Pre-En'ginee1'ing Delta Sigma Phig Mathema- tics Club 35 Physics Club 3 NAGLE, ELAINE, ALBION Albion High, School Literary Alpha Xi Delta NEWCOMB, CHARLES I. IDA Ida High School Pre-Medical ?ig5nz14Cl1ig Chemistry Club Page Seven ty-.six B I O N I A N A p-A Y MINGST, CARL VVILLIAM PONTIAC Iontiac High School Business Administration Sigma Nu, German Club 1 MONROE, MARGARET ANN FREMONT Fremont High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega: French Club 1, 2. 33 Histrionic Club 33 Alhionizm Staff 2, Class Sec. 3 MURREY, BENJAMIN J. h 'IQEKONSHA Tckoru-lux High School Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Rho: Forum Club 3, Classical Club 2, 3, Vice- pres. 35 Debate 1, 2, 35 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3 NASH, GORDON E. HoL'roN Halton High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilong Orches- tra 1, 23 String Quartet 1, 2, 3: Glee Cluh 2, 3 NIKON, LARRY Dizrnoli' Staunton Military Academy Literary Sigma Chi Tl-IE ALBIONIA NIKON, MADELINE IIOLLONVAY Adrian High School Literary Theta Alpha Phig Delta Sig- ma Rho: Alpha Xi Deltag Art Club l. 2, 3: Histrionic Club 2. 35 Varsity Debate 1, 2. 35 Publications Council 23 Co-op lluard 2, 3 OTIS, HAROLD .X. BATTLE CREEK H't'lc Crook High School Olizfff College T.i'erary Oxford Fellowship 1, 2, 3 PECKIIAM, MORRIS GRAND Rixvws Lowell High School Grand Rapid: Junior College Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi PINEGAR, FREl'JERICK Lxcicsow Jackson High Sqhool. Business Acln1in1st1'at1on Sigma Chi: Basketball lg Asst. Football Mgr. .23 Span- ish Club 2 PROTSMAN. GEORGE P1.vMou'r1I, Iran. Pylmouth High School Business Administration Sigma Chi: Pleiacl Stal? 3 German Club 3 v CYCONNOR, MARGARET CANTON, Onio Cl'Ilf7'4'Il High' School, Gramz' Rafiifls Literary Alpha Chi Omega: French Club 2. 3, Vice-pres. 41 Pan- hcllenic Council 3 PARKS, EDITH H. NASHVILLE Nuxlz-ville High School literary Mathematics Club 33 Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3g Student Vol- ignteer 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 2, Pl-IELPS, RALPH ST. JOSEPH St. Joseph High School Economics Delta Sigma Phi: Alpha Phi Gammag Forum Club 35 Al- bionian Staff 2, 35 Homecom- ing Comm. 2, 3 PRIESCOTT, M.'XRG:XRET Pom' Honor: Port Huron High School! Literary French Club 35 Y. VV. C. A, RENKIENVICZ, JAMES J. I-Ifxmnm M ci: Hamtramck High Srliool Literary Sigma Nug Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, Z, 33 Baseball 1, 25 A Club Page Severity-sevefl Tl-IE Al.. ROBINSON, JULIA ELLA FLINT Flint High School Flint Junior College Science Zeta Tau Alpha ROGERS, LAURA E. - DE'mo1'r Detroit Eastern High School Hf'e.stern College for lfl o'men Literary Alpha Ki Deltag Civic Cho- rus 2g Spanish Club 4g Y. W. C. A. SCOVILLE, VICTOR T. CONSTANTINE Constantine High School' Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon: Cross Country 2, 35 Track 3g Base- h:aill323 Interfraternity Coun- ci SHERIDAN, JAMES E. SAUGATUCK Smlgatuck High School Education :llelta Tau Deltag Basketball SMITH, MAHLON J. Nruss Nile: High School Pre-Law Slgma Chig Band 13 Track 1, 2: Asst. Football Mgr. 25 Spanish Club 2 B I O N I A N nail. 45,-.4-n,,n. -s-.f Page Seventy-eight I ROBINSON, VVILLIAM D. ALBION Albion High School Literary Sigma Chi, A Club: Track 2, 3: Cross Country 2, 3: Debate l, 2, 3: French Club 1, 25 Physical Research Club 23 Interfraternity Council 2, 33 Student Senate 39 Albion- ian Staff 3 ROYER, CLARK BATTLE C Relax Bottle Creek High School Alpha Tau Omega SEYMOUR, BERNICE H. DETROIT Detroit Northern High School Detroit City College Home Economics ' Gamma Gamma Chl: Home Economics Club 2, 35 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3 SLEIGHT, JAMES ALBION Albion High School Pre-Medical Sigma Nu: A Clubg Foot- ball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 33 Class Pres. 15 Co-op Board 2, 3 SMITH, MILDRED EDITH JACKSON Jackson High School Music Civic Chorus 1, 2.5 A'Cappe1- la Choir 33 Glee Club 33 German Club 2 Tl-IE ALBIONIA SNELL, HOVVIARD F. ALBION Hazel Park High School Highland Park Junior College Literary STIEFEL, MARION READING Reading High School Oberlin College Literary Contributors Club 33 W. S. G. A., Sec. 33 W. A. A. 1, 2, 3 THOMPSON, JOYCE C. CLEVELAND Detroit lVOP'fll'LUL'Sl01'H High School History Kappa Deltag Art Club 3 TODD, STAYTON G. DETROIT Detroit N ortheru High School Literary Alpha Tau Omegag Freshman Basketball 13 Y. M. C. A. 1 VALLANCE, JOHN E. WAYNE Wayne High School Delta Tau Delta: Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 23 Track 1 lf 3? nggn.-nys f D f-3 -b fs. u-'bv' SPRINGMAN, JOHN H. PONTIAC Pontiac High School Pontiac Junior College Literary Sigma Nug Asst. Basketball Bflgr. 3 SYLVESTER, MARIAN E. BATTLE CREEK Buttle Creek High School Literary Delta Gamma THOMPSON, MARY PONTIAC Pontiac High School History Kappa Deltag Art Club TURNER, A. LOUISE TIANOVER Hofiowr High School Hillsdale College Art Kappa Kappa Gamma VAN CAMP, W'ES'LEY BATTLE CREEK Battle Creek High School Pre-Medical Sigma Nui Glce Club 2, 31 Chorus 2, 33 Chemistry Club Z, 3, Pres. 35 Biological Club 35 Football 1, 2, 3 Page Sc've11ly-nine 'l I'-IE Al.. VVADSWORTH. KENNETH GRAND RAPIDS Grand Rapids Central High. School Grand Rapids Junior Collcge Sigma Chig Band 25 Foot- ball 2 VVAY, MARGARET, :XLBIDN Albion High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega, Y. VV. C. A.: Art Club WILSON, DORIS JAcIcsoN Iacluow. High School Chemistry Delta Gamma: Chemistry Club 2, 35 Dorm. Board 2g Homecoming Comm., Asst. Chairman 3 VKHINFIELD, CLARICE ALBION Albin!-1 High School lVcstcrn Slate Teaclicrs Col- lege' Literary Glee Club 33 A'Cappella Choir 3 YEOMAN, MAY Dm-Rorr Detroit Nortliwestem High School English gl.3NV. C. A. 1, 2g Debate J, Page Eighty B I O N I A N p-.Jn A-.J-v-xps llk27'O N 'N f NVASHBURNE, DOUGLAS DETROIT Detroit Nortlicrli High School Literary Alpha Tau Omega, Pres. 39 French Club 35 Interfrater- nity Council 3 WEIDNER, BETTY FLINT Flint Central High, School Flint Junior College Literary Zeta Tau Alpha VVTLSON, GLEN D. PoN'rIAc Pontiac High School Business Administration Delta Sigma Phig Histrionic Club 1, 2, 3 VVINFIELD, ELIZABETH ALBION Albion High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta, Basketball 1: French Club 2, 3g Y. XV. C. A. 2 YOUNG, BRUCE E. LESLIE Lcslic High School Business Administration Sigma Nu, Band 1, 2, 3 Vice-pres. 3 n- THE AL.BloN uA 'N ir ...... ..-. ...-. , 1 f XR , S iff smvmomnmlts -.4-R PYIIQQQ. 'C7'- if ' 'N-ri J Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN Milton Taup Catherine Robinson George Ebert Pearl Yates Sophomore Class Oiiicers MILTON TAUP ....... ...... P resident CATHERINE ROBINSON Vice-President PEARL YATES .... ..... S ecrcfary . GEORGE EBERT ..... TI'0US'Zl'7'Bf X 52 I , X Page Eighty-two Tl'-'IE ALBIONIAN l Albertson, Alger, Ambler, Appleyarfl, Ashley, Austin, Avery B. Bacorn, G. Bacorn, Baker, Baldwin, Barhyte, Barry, Becker Beckett, Bentley, Bertram, Bessert, Betteridge, Bird M. Black Blair, Boyden, Brail Brandel, Burns, Burr, Bush Butzer, Cameron, Chatliclcl, Christian, D. Clark, B. Clark, Closson Comstock, Cook, Cooper, Cowdrick, Dean, Denman, Densmore 1950 Page Eightyathree Tl-IE ALBIONIAN Drake, Dunn, Dnrkee, Dutton, Eastcott, A. Ebert, G. Ebert J. Elloftt, Ely, Evans, Ewing, Fitch, Flood, Foster Fox, Fuhry, Gardner, Gildemeister, Graham, Greene, Gregory Grieve, Gwinn, Hagen, Harmon, Harrison, Head, Helrnkamp Hemerick, Hitchcock, Hoagfelt, Hogue, Holmes, Huckle, Hufert Huff. Hyland, Harger, Irwin, Jenkins Joerin, VV:-Llter Johnson Page Eighty-four u 950 Tl--IE ALBIONIAN VVilbnr Johnson, 12. Jones, G. Jones, Kane, Keller, King, Kinney Kittinger, Knucly, Laing, Lerminze, M. Lewis, Littlejohn, Lyon Luther, McCall, McNabb, Malmborg, Marvin, Mason, Mather Medlyn, E. Metcalf, G. Miller, Miner, Mize, C. Monroe, Morris Morrison, Mosher, A. Moulton, M. Moulton, Moynes, Muck, Mulholland N. Nash, Neiss, Neller, Nolte, Oldham, O'Rourke, O'Shaughnessy I 950 Page Eighty-five TI-IE ALBIONIAN Osmun, Pearce, Peck, A. Peckham, M. Peckham, R. Peckham, Pettengill Preston, Ray, Reed, R. Rice, W. Rice, H. Richards, Riddick C. Robinson, Roehm, Rowe, Rowley, Schramm Scupholm, Sebastian Sheehan, Shively, Shrock, Shumaker, Simpson, Skinner, Smethells F. Smith, I. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, V. Smith, Soderberg, Spencer Spiegel, Stark, Stewart, Stoker, Stophlet, Strick, Tackels 1950 Page Eighty-six 'Tl-IE ALBIONIA Taup, T. Thompso11, Thornton, Towne, Tyre, Van Horn, Voorheis XValls, Walters, VVeisenberg, Wolf, D. Wforcester, Wortley, Yates B. Yeagley, R. Yeagley, G. Young, Youngs Zelakowski Cure, Ralph Green, Chauncey Hulbert, Paul Judd, Richard Kay, Milton Lewis, David Class of 1932 Wetherell, Bernard 4-U-Q AQ,-I-A.,-n 13 f in i?'i'35u 'li Mesler, George Morse, Charles Peru, Donald Robinson, Lea Janette l1Valker, Donald Watts, Gordon T Page Eighty-:even Tl 'IE ALBIONIA I-950 Tlf'lE ALBlOlfl. lg' A . QA U 1 , v ff IFE!-QIIZSIHNIIEN l l 'iff' w THE Abl..BlONlA Marvin Schroeder Justine Sleight Doris Gallagher Dwight Large Freshmen Class Oiiicers MARVIN SCHROEDER .... ...... P res'ident T JUSTINE SLEIGHT .... .... V ice-President DORIS GALLAGHER ...... Secretary DWIGHT LARGE .. Treasurer ! C , Page Ninety , 1 Tl-IE ALBIONIAN Allman, Anderson, E. Andrews F. Andrews, Atkins, Bahnmiller, Baird Ballard, Bancroft, H. Barnes, XV. Barnes, Baruingham, Barry, Battenhouse Beatty, Beery, Bell, Benedict, Biggar, Black, Blackmore Blair, Bodine, Bowerman, Boyd, Boyer, Bradshaw, B. C, Brown G. Brown, H. Brown, R. Brown, Z. Brown, F. Browne, VV. Browne, Brunger Cahoon, Carlin, Carlton, Carpenter, Carrington, Chapel, Chauncey I 950 Page Ninety-one TI'-IE ALBIONIA Chittenden, Clapper, Clayton, Cole, Colwell, , Cosgrove, Croel Curtis, Daffern, Daley, Dallar, Dell, Diehl, Dole Downey, Eastman, Edwards, Ellis, D. Faddis, M. Faddis, Ferris Fisher, Flanders, Fogle, Foley, Fraser, French, Gallagher Ganka, Gaskell, Gaunt, Gilbert, Goodman, Greenlease, Griffin Guest, Hagerman, Hahn, Hanchett, Handy, Harley, Hart Page Ninety-two I 950 X Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN f l l Hayden, Hayward, Herriff, Hicsrodt, Hilborn, Hill, Hitchings Horger, Howard, Howland, Hufton, Hughes, Hutslar, Hyland Iohnson, Jurma, Keast, Kensicki, Kellogg, Kelly, Kimball King, Koivisto, Krale, Large, Larsen, Lee, Lewis Lilly, Link, Loomis, Lowry, Ludy, Lutey, Lutz MacDiarmid, MacDougall, MacNeven, McClelland, McCulloch, McGunegle, Mclntyre i 950 Page Ninety-three 'Tl-IE ALBIONIA McKezu:hie, Main, Mather, Maynard, Meredith, Mcrtz, Metcalf Meyer, Miles, L. Miller, Mohr, Moore, Morgan, Moyer Mulder. Myers, A. Nash, Naylor, Nelson, Nickerson, Noble Northwood, Nowlin, Oberlin, Oesterle, Olson, Packard, Pastor Pearson, Penclill, Pinch, Pollock, Pomn, Post, Quznnby Quidort, Rauch, Reed, Reiner, Reynolds, I. Richards, R. Richards Page Ninety-four I 950 Tl-IE ALBIONIA Riecks, Riker, Risley, Roebeck, Rood, Rowe, Running Saigeon, Saltzman, Samson, Schroeder, Schulke, Schwartz, Shannon Shaw, Shamar, Skoglund, John Sleight, Justine Sleight, N. Smith, R. Smith VV. Smith, Snowclcn, Spaulding, Speer, Spiegel, Stankrauff, Steeby D. Steiner, F. Steiner, Stcmm, Stewart, Stone, Storm, Sturdevan Swope, Tanner, Teeter, Tench, Todd, Towne, Tucker I 950 Page Nin ety-five Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Van Auken, Van Pelt, Varty, L. Vinolcooroff, S. Vinokooroff, M. VValker, R. Walker Walter, A. Ward, W. Ward, Xvatts, VVebster, YVeeks, VVheaton Whitney, Wietzke, M. Wilkinson, Willard, Witt, Wood, Wylie I. Young R. Young Class of 1933 Page N inety-:ix Bortou, Marshall Brown, Bernard M. Brown, Harold Brubaker, Herbert Campbell, Virgil Connell, William Crawford, Meldon Danville, Robert Dodge, Bertha Drovin, Isabel Dunovin, Myrtle Feighner. George Hicks, Dorothy Krapp, Irwin Lane, Howard Lavene, Sidney Lovitt, Cora Wo lfinger, Doroth McMahon, Janice Magnotta, Alfonso Martin, Sterling Miller, Emma Murray, W'illiam Partridge, Philip Pickens, Donald Roach, Bruce Rogers, Russell Roos, Cletus Shipman, Charles Shortle, Robert Slakter, Jay Snelling, Carl Voss, Fred Wilkinson, Alma VVojack, Frank Y I 950 Tl-'IE ALBIONIA U Qt A iff' ' f-1fLN 2 A , 1 .. Goldberg, Van Camp, Osmun, Kobliir, johnson, Fitch, Gray, Zelakowski Stark, Gwinn, Taup, Hutt, Ambler, Bartlett, VValters Murrey, Sleight, Good, Penzotti, Vallancc, Renklewicz, Preston, Shafer, Lightbody U Football 1929 A string of athletic victories which began with the annexation of the track championship in the spring of 1927, and which ultimately included in it the track championship of last spring besides the titles in football, basketball, and baseball of the previous year, was broken in a somewhat unexpected fashion last fall when an inexperienced but scrappy Albion College football team met its first defeat in two years at the hands of a superb Alma eleven in the Annual Homecom- ing contest. The game, easily won by the Campbellmen by a score of 12 to O, decided the M. l. A. A. championship for the season and allowed the Northmen to take the title back with them to the place from whence the Daughertymen had wrested it the previous year. All in all, however, the season was a successful one. Sweeping all of its M. I. A. A. opponents, with the exception of Alma, aside in an easy fashion and batt- ling the University of Michigan and Duquesne University in brilliant fashion, the Purple and Gold gridders succeeded in capturing five victories while dropping three contests. All of their victims were held scoreless. r f. -M X f-1 1 31, FN . . 1, . . ' Page Ninety-nine Tl'-IE ALBIONIA -.-.... . , A . 4 firgyai wvj, Bud Daugherty Stanley Penzotti and and Lewis Erwin John Vallance THE COACHES THE CAPTAINS The season was inaugurated the last week in September when, playing before the largest crowd to ever witness an Albion eleven in action, the Albionites were defeated by Coach Harry Kipke's University of Michigan eleven, 39 to O. It was the first time that Michigan and Albion had met on the gridiron since 1905 when Albion was victorious. The Daughertymen fought gallantly during the entire game, but the superior reserve strength and experience of the Wfolverines enabled them to coast to a comparatively easy victory over the Methodists. The running and kicking of Lightbody and Penzotti were highlights of the game. Returning to Alumni field the following Saturday, the Methodists proceeded to take its customary game from Detroit School of Technology, running rampant over the Engineers to a 48 to 0 tune. A powerful running attack coupled with a brilliant passing combination with Lightbody carrying the brunt of the attack, was displayed in this game. The following week-end the Methodists took their first long jaunt in three years when they went to Pittsburgh for an intersectional contest with Duquesne University. As was the case at Michigan, the Purple and Gold gridders found themselves unable to cope with the added experience and weight displayed by their opponents. They fell to an 18 to O defeat after playing the Pittsburgh eleven on practically an even footing the first half. 1? ' f , . x ., f U iviQQ,?9f T Page One Hundred Tl-IE ALBlO'NlA U ' i ,A A-il' .:, ,'o,,PSr. 1 A V I Richened with the experience gained in early season games, the Albion team inaugurated with Olivet the M. I. A. A. season. The Daugherty-coached team passed and ran the ends for a brilliant 33 to O victory on the Crimson field the week following the Duquesne encounter. As in the other games in the year, Lightbody was the shining light in the Methodist attack, skirting the ends and plunging off tackles for consistent gains. The defensive work of Good, V allance and Pen- zotti also shown out in this game. Kalamazods Hornet eleven nearly proved to he a stumbling block to Albion the next week, when, with the aid of a last quarter spurt, the Purple and Gold eleven managed to eke out a 6 to O verdict. The Barnardmen's heavy line time after time stopped the Albion backs, throwing them for losses, while they opened holes to allow their own backs to plunge through for consistent yardage. VV ith but a few minutes to play, however, in the last quarter, Lightbody again came to the aid of his mates by plunging over the line for a touchdown after an extended march down the field. The next week saw Albion bow in defeat to Alma. Faced with the hardest game on their respective schedules, both teams assembled before a large Home- coming crowd bent on satisfying different objectives. To both the game was the most crucial one on their schedule. To Albion, however, it was the game most necessary to win in order to retain for another year the championship won the year beforeg to Alma, it was the contest it had to win in order to regain the champ- ionship taken from it by Albion the previous year. I Page One Hundred One Tl-'IE ALBIONIA ,xp U W - 4' 11 1 as .H V, 1 .. , w A , 5 ,. N - lg . , N .F X, -4 M,:W . M, ggi ' ,, .it -' A - .eff fair 1 2 2' tru .AL 1114 H M .1 Fighting valliantly throughout the game Albion found itself outclassed from the opening kickoff. Alma streaked to its lirst touchdown in the first half largely through the brilliant open field running of its star quarterback, Gussin, and early in the third period crashed over the line for its second score, Alma,s superiority was marked throughout the game in spite of the fact that the breaks of the game, if they should be called that, favored Albion. Hillsdale, the next opponent on the Albion schedule, came to Alumni field bent on duplicating the feat of the Cainpbellmen. These dreams were short-lived however, when Lightbody and his mates flashed their way to an easy victory over the 'Dales. In this game Albion again showed a well-groomed passing and run- ning attack with Lightbody, Fitch an-d Cameron leading the way. Hope, the final opponent, failed to give the Albion team much competition, when on a muddy field the Purple and Gold gridders romped to an easy 19 to O victory. Prospects for next year appear the brightest they have been in several years. All but four of last year's contingent are to return next year, besides a wealth of good material from last year's freshman team. Those graduating in June are Captain Stanley Penzotti, and Charles Baldwin, Albiong Harry Goldberg, Cleve- land, Ohiog and Vvllblll' Sharer, WVeston. VVith all looking in their favor, the Daughertymen are hoping to again retrieve the M. I. A. A. title from Alma next year. I 1-yall-An, ,Lx P Page One Hundred Two V 'I'l-IE AI.. U Springman, Trainerg Erwin, Coachg Elliott, Manager Renkiew-icz, Sheridan, Kolilin, Iluff, Good, O'Rourke, Rice, llanylizyn, Gray, Densxnore, Neller, Schuler Basketball 1929-30 A season, distastrous as far as actual victories were concerned, but replete with thrills from beginning to end, was played by the Purple and Gold basketball team during the 1929-1930 season. All in all. Coach Erwin's boys won but six games out of a season of twenty. In justice to the coach and the team, however, it must be remembered that two of those games were dropped to University of Michiganls Big Ten champions and to Notre Dame University's great quintet, That the team was trailed by an ever- present shadow of hard luck can be further seen by the fact that the Purple and Gold tossers lost one game by a single point, three others by margins of two points each, and two additional games by four-point margins, to say nothing of the five- point licking handed it by Alina early in the season. Handicapped throughout the season by ineligibility, injuries and inexperience, the Erwin-coached team played a sort of haphazard game during the early part of the season, but came into itself the latter part to rank as one of the leading teams in the M. l. A. A. During one week after Co-Captain jimmy Densmore had regained the good graces of the faculty, the Purple and Gold quintet easily defeated Hillsdale, Alma and Hope in four nights of play. Alma, previous to the Albion defeat had had an undefeated season and was leading the conference. psp. 4-u,,n..+,-. l 1 'all ' 1 ' Page One Hundred Three ' B I O N I A N TI'-IE ALBIONIA U CO-CAPTAINS JIM DENSMORE BRUCE GRAY The Hrst game of the season with Battle Creek College was won by the local cagers, 25 to 19. The next week, however, the Crickets reversed the decision, winning by a 27 to 13 score. After losing another game to Notre Dame, 51 to 9, Albion came to life to trounce Calvin College 22 to 16. The first game alter the hollidays was lost to Detroit Tech, 18 to 12. because of a distastrous second half , but the team regained a little of its lost prestige the following Friday night by taking Calvin into camp again 36 to 26, at Grand Rapids. Greatly improved, Erwin's boys played the University of Detroit live to a stand- still, only to lose in the closing moments by a 26 to 24 score. Alma, leading the conference and rated as one of the outstanding quintets of the state, had a tough time defeating the Albionites at Alma 26 to 21. Return games with the University of Detroit and Detroit Tech were lost on a trip to De- troit. after which the locals were smothered by Kalamazoo by a 41 to 16 barrage. Hope then took a heart-breaker from the Purple and Gold quintet 24 to 21, and Kalamazoo took another tough game from the improved llfilethodists by a closing minute spurt. 22 to 20. Olivet then won another close and thrilling contest by a score of 29 to 28. I A:-7.4 . i.. 'N 1 . Page One Hundred Fon' 'l'l-IE ALBIONIA U If ever an Albion team displayed a remarkable comeback, the basketeers did the following week when Hillsdale, Alma and Hope were all defeated the same week. In all these three games Albion displayed a great fighting spirit and good defensive game which rated it as one of the strongest teams in the conference. Its morale worked up to a high pitch for these three games. The locals slumped the next two weeks and lost return games with Hillsdale and Olivet. Ineligibility and injuries prevented Coach Erwin from presenting his strong- est team on the Floor until the closing games. Following Densmoreis return to the game, Koblin and Huff were set back via the scholastic route. The places of these men were taken in a reputable fashion by Bob Rice and Steve Danylizyn. The work of Co-captain Bruce Gray deserves special mention as he was also high point man for the season. In. spite of the fact that he was only eligible to play a part of the season, Co-captain jim Densmore was second highest in the scoring race while Neller was a close third. Thesmen who bore the brunt of the work during the season were Gray, Koblin, Neller, Renkiewicz, and O'Rourke. All of these Eve men will be returning next year and the outlook is very favorable for the scores reading the other way around next year. M. I. A. A. STANDINGS Wort Lost PCI. l Kalamazoo . . . . . . 9 1 .900 Alma ...... . . . 8 2 .800 Olivet .... . . . 4 6 .400 Albion . . . . 3 7 .300 Hope ...... . . . 3 7 .300 Hillsdale . . . . . . 3 7 .300 X ' ' H Page Ona I-Iundred Fira '1'l'lE ALBIONIA N v Coach Erwin, Vander Meer. Cullum, Robinson, Manager Stephens Scoville, NVolf, Smith Cross Country 1929 The most successful cross country season witnessed by Albion in several years was written in the annals last fall when Coach L. D. Erwin's proteges cap- tured second place in the M. I. A. A. meet and fourth in the annual State Inter- collegiate meet held at Michigan State College. The season opened in Cctober when the Albion thinclads romped to a 24 to 31 victory over Hillsdale on the latter team's course. Bob Cullum lead the way in this meet, running the four miles in 24 :13. Jerome, Hillsdale star, finished sec- ond with Vander Meer and Smith crossing the finish line in third and fourth places. The second meet was the annual M. I. A. A. event in which Kalamazoo's powerful team ran to a clean victory. The Hrst five places were captured by Hornet runners, with Albion placing second and Hillsdale third in the meet. Smith was the first Albion runner to finish this race, with Vander Meer, Neller, and Robinson all Hnishing among the Hrst ten. On Nevember 22, Albion was defeated by Adrian in the down state city by a 23 to 32 score. The Albion runners. Smith, Cullum, Vander Meer, Scoville, and VVolf, finished bunched but the first two places spelled victory for the Black and Orange team. In the most thrilling contest of the year. Albion eked out a one-point victory over Detroit City College and T-Iillsdale on Albion's live-mile course. ln a thrill- ing race between Smith of Albion and -Iasnowski of Detroit, the City College runner emerged victorious. At the State meet at Lansing where Albion finished fourth, Cullum, Smith, and Vander Meer were the point winners for Albion. ,-JR,- R,-. f f ii X 1 Page Onc Hundred Sir TI lE ALBIONIA U Kay, Schuler, Bowers, Arnold, Durkee Brown, Sleight, Button, Robinson, Fritz, Smith, Anderson, Clancy Cullum, Adams, Teeter, Cooper, Adler, Harris, Sharer 1929 Track Two achievements occurring during the 1929 track season went towards mak- ing the season one of the most successful ones enjoyed by a Purple and Gold team during recent years. All told, the Albion tracksters were successful in winning three dual meets, placing high in the State Intercollegiate meet and retaining possession of the M. I. A. A. championship won the year before. The two outstanding events during the schedule were a dual meet held with Bowling Green State Normal College of Ohio at the Ohio city in which Coach Daugherty's proteges succeeded in establishing seven new Ohio field records, and the annual Held -day championship. Albion defended the latter crown by romping home with a total of 52 and five-sixths points as compared to 41 points gleaned by Hope, its nearest competitor. Lending the greatest amount of help to the team were Jim Red Purdy, versatile field event athlete, VVilbur Sharer, Lee Bartlett, captain, and Slim Har- ris, long distance runner. All of these men were consistent point winners during the season, besides registering the largest number of Albion points during the field day. .- ,,..,f'l ,.. C A W 1 'i-N? Page One Hundred Seven 'Tl-IE AI. Q. The opening meet of the season occurred April 30 when the local thinclads romped to an easy 78 to 53 victory over Adrian. In this meet Purdy, I-Iarris, Sharer and Button were the leading point getters. Kalamazoo then came to Albion and was repulsed in the same easy fashion, after which the locals went to Bowling Green Where they pulled off their record-breaking exhibition. Lee Bartlett, Purdy, Sharer and Harris all succeeded in establishing one or more field records. Out- standing among the records was one made by Bartlett, who threw the javelin farther than any Ohio athlete will throw it for some years to come. His best throw was 204 feet. Purdy also had his name engraved in the Bowling Green record book when he won the broad jump with a leap of 22 feet, nine inches. At the annual State meet held at Lansing the following week, Purdy and Bartlett also succeeded in placing. Purdy won medals in the high jump and broad jump, while Bartlett succeeded in holding his championship won two years previous. Running true to form, the Methodists had little trouble in winning its second straight M. I. A. A. championship from the remaining other live schools at the annual Field day held on Alumni field, June 2. The summary by points scored was as follows: Albion, SZMQ Hope, 41, Kalamazoo, SIMQ Hillsdale 305, Olivet, ll, and Alma 5. In this meet Purdy and Harris led the point scorers with 12 and a half and 10 points respectively. Purdy won his points by winning the high and broad jumps and tieing for second in the pole vault. Harris won two first places in the mile and two mile runs for his points. Knight, Hillsdale sophomore, was responsible for the only record-breaking performance of the day when he vaulted 11 feet, eight and M inches to capture first place in the pole vault. The former mark was 11 feet, seven inches made by Goeriz, also of Hillsdale, the previous year. Lee Bartlett's attempt to establish a new record in the javelin failed when the spear landed 204 feet, nine and M inches from the mark-just two inches shorter than his previous record. A Following is a list of Albion point scorers for the field day: Purdy-High jump Clirstj 3 broad jump Cfirstjg pole vault Ctied for secondj Harris-Mile run ffnrstj 5 two-mile Cfirstj Cullum-Mile Csecondl Teeter-shotput Cthirdj Adler-shotput ffourthl Sharer-440 yard dash Clirstj ' Andersen-high jump Cthirdj 3 broad jump Cthirdj Cooper-880 yards Csecondj Robinson-two-mile run ffourthj Fleming-880 yards Cthirdj Bartlett-Javelin tfirstjg discus ffourthj Button-220 yards Csecondj Albion also placed second in the mile relay which was won by Hope. .Albipn also scored a first in the freshmen events when Neller won the mile championship. it f 75 -1 I, 'vue' -- ' Page One Hundred Eight I B I O N I A N 'Tl-IE ALBIONIA if 2 . Kingsley, Yen, Field, Nieman, Schilz 1929 Tennis Handicapped by inexperience and lack of clay courts on which to practice, the schedule played through by Albion's 1929 tennis team was anything but a success- ful one. Of five dual meets, the Purple and Gold racquet wielders were victorious in but one, it being a 7 to O victory over Hillsdale. The first match on April 27 was lost to Michigan 'State College by a 7 to 0 score. On May 8, Olivet's M. I. A. A. champions came to life after a poor start to trounce the locals, 6 to 1. The team then journeyed to Battle Creek where it lost another match to Battle Creek College, 5 to 2. With Nieman and Schilz playing in the Intercol- legiate tournament at Chicago, the locals failed to show the improvement they had begun to show in practice, and managed to win but two matches. Kalamazoois hornets provided the locals with their second whitewash of the season, by defeating the Purple and Gold playe1's 7 to 0 at Kalamazoo. The next week, however, the locals reversed the tables and trounced Hillsdale by the same score. In the annual M. I. A. A. field day championships, Olivet's racquet wielders succeeded in winning the singles and doubles championships. Albion was runner- up in the doubles. Letters were awarded to Field, Yen, Schilz, Nieman, Kingsley and Anderson. With but two players, Field and Anderson back for the l930 team, Anderson took the captaincy. 1 - 'N , Page One Hundred Nine 'Tl-IE Al. 9' Coach Daugherty, Ward, B. Brown, Pastor, Witt Hughs, Miles, Fisher, XV. Smith, Risley Freshman Athletics Under the direction of Coach R. R. Daugherty, freshmen athletics at Albion during 1929-30 were carried out in a more extensive fashion than they had been since 1927, the year they were first introduced in the M. I. A. A. The result was, that instead of a full schedule of games for the yearling football and basketball squads as was the policy in the previous two years, fewer games and more indi- vidual development were stressed, with the result that more individuals participated. The finest group of freshmen athletes to ever turn out to Coach Dougherty reported for football last fall. Though but three games were played with yearling squads from other schools, considerable stress was placed on scrimmaging the varsity squad and of learning varsity formations and forms of attack which should prove beneficial to those eligible for the varsity next fall. Under the tutelage of Coach L. D. Erwin, the yearlings first drnbbed Kalamazoo, 12 to 2, took Olivet into camp by a 6 to O score and then lost a tough battle to Hillsdale 19 to 13. Outstanding on the team were Nelson, quarterback, Schroeder, end, Voss, Center, -...- ?-f'lI5 v? f'4912'r.. .- - Cf' if-1,,l,g5.Q.J X 1 Page One Hundred Ten 'ii B I O N I A N Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN f U Barnes, tackle, and lfVatts, halfback. These men will all be eligible for the varsity next year and should make strong bids for regular positions. Following the same policy during the basketball season, little competition was had by the yearlings with other schools. The first game was lost to Michigan State freshman, the second was lost to Hope, with the third lost to Olivet. The latter defeat was avenged later in the year, however, when the Green and Wfhite defeated the Crimson yearlings in a return game in the Albion gymnasium. The season showed that considerable individual ability was prevalent in the freshman squad to warrant having good material for the varsity next year. Lack of practice and inability to work together were the causes for the poor showing made against other teams. Among those who should make good varsity timber next year were Keller, Risley, Hughes and Miles. The following freshmen won numerals this year: Vlfillard Barnes NVilliam Brown Edward Blackmore Clayton Fisher Donald Hughes Alfonso Magnotta George Miles Arthur Morgan Philip Partridge Harold Eastman John Rowe Robert Shorle Marshall Steeby Charles Keller Bernard Brown Carl Risley Marvin Schroeder Wendell Smith Fredric Steiner Walter Ward Ted Watts john Witt Frank Wojack James Pastor Russell Lutey William Carpenter Fred Voss Irving Krapp William Connell 1 ,-. ,. , 1 ugsgggrei -X A, Page One Hundred Elewen -rr-:E AILBIONIAN U if : E l l l ,., - d r ,v,,. .,,, , ,,--, , . , .4 Purdy, Cullum, Fritz, Elliott, Rice, Osmun, Seliuler, Preston, Camburn, Good, L-ightbody, Sleight Zelaknwski. Ambler, ll. Anderson. Tarun. Renkiewicz, Robinson, Yallanee, GUNS, Coddmgton Fitch, Huff, Button, Stark, Gray, Penzotti Danylizyn, Densmore, E. Anderson The A Club BRUCE GRAY .... ......... .... .......... ..... P 1 ' a sident HARRY FITCH .......... . ....... . . . .... . . ..... . . . . ...... Trcasu-Ver The A Club is composed of men who have won a letter representing the college in any branch of athletics or as manager of an athletic team. The purpose of the club is to organize the athletes of the college and bring about a greater interest in clean sports. An animal meeting and initiation is held each spring. WINNERS OF THE A 1929-1930 Trark Ifonflmll Basketball Lee Bartlett James Purdy Melbourne Button Robert Cullum Wilbur Sharer Charles Adler Wfilliam Robinson VVillis Brown Williani Fritz James Sleight Sanford Cooper Howard Teeter VVilliam Harris Ernest Anderson Joseph Fleming Raymond Bowers CManagerj John Vallance Stanley Penzotti Adelbert Hutt 'W'ilbur Sharer Harry Fitch Milton Taup W'illiam Lightbody Richard Preston Dean Herriff Bruce Gray James Sleight Alex Good Fred Ambler Charles Baldwin Edward Bartlett Tompkins Gwinn Bruce Gray James Densmore ,lack Neller Robert Rice Aclelbert Huff james Renkiewicz Albert O'Rourl-ce Seldon Koblin Steven Danylizyn Elbert Elloit CManagerj CVOSX-C0lt11fI'j' Wfilliam Smith ,lack Neller Robert Cullum W'illiam Robinson Gerald Vander Meer James Renkiewicz Lawrence Osmun Melbourne Button fManagerD X . 'A ' Page One Hundred Twelve Tl'-IE ALBIONIA A . Q Y ' V 5 Moulton, Stiefel, K. Metcalf Clossen, Eaton, Walworth, E. Metcalf, Black W0men's Athletic Association PH VVALWORTH .... ...... P nxridcn-t GLADYS SIMPSON ..... Ifire-Pwsidcut ELs1E EATON ........ ...... S ccrctary ELIZABETH METCALF . . . .... Tl'ea.r11r0r Under the leadership of Miss Jo Dunn, instructor of Physical education, this group has been unusually active during the past year. The W. A. A. was organ- ized in 1924 and was admitted into the national organization, Athletic Conference of American College VVomen, in 1927. The chairmen in charge of the various sports this year are as follows: Marion Stiefel, basketballg Katherine Metcalf, hockeyg Margaret Moulton, hikingg Mil- dred Black. archeryg -lean Clossen, volley ballg Catherine Robinson, tennisg and Irma Richards. track. The XV. A. A. sponsored a basketball tournament in which the freshmen emerged victorious. and an all-star basketball game, in addition to sending two delegates, Dorothy Burr and Irma Richards, to a National Conference at Ann Arbor. Membership in the VV. A. A. may be obtained either by becoming a member of an all-star team plus participation in one major sport and one minor sport, or by participation in two major and two minor sports. Major sports include hockey, volley ball, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Minor sports are hiking, archery, horseshoeing. or being on the honor roll of any gym class. , ,pk 'X V , J.-if Q. gy., ef- -sf QC -f .., eye T s --r ,I V 'gl Page One Hundred Thirteen Tl-'IE ALBIONIA U JUNIOR-SENIOR SoPHoMoRia FRIQSHMAN Women's Interclass Basketball The Interclass Basketball games are a part of the program of the VVomen's Athletic Association to promote recreational sports. This year the Leta Hamilton trophy which is awarded each' year to the winner of these games was captured by the Frosh team. A feature of this season was an All-Star game which was played before the public. Eighteen of the best players from the interclass teams were picked for two evenly matched teams playing a thrilling game which finally resulted in a tie score. 'EFS .P'.l?-Php? . Page One Hundred Fourteen -ri '. 141 .54- 3 'r.?f'Nf'9 Li-L f aa- ,L W W' ..'.'x.-' ,.. 'x--, f . . - , , L ,, ,t ,'. ,V v is sjfifgf fp Vf ill' ACTIVITIEJ 'V' Sy? T I-I E A I. B I O N I A Y - 'sg4?-JIM.-fl -i-5:nn 'nm-1 ,fin Q' W - IIYIDIRINSHCS 1 i 4 ' l 1 am 5 . r IB ' p W N ' nllumu, W 1 llumlffgigb nl ....v...-mu 1ulllnnunwl 'l :num- ng LuulUII1ll'IlIlllnmlL' I . V A I - 1 1. I ., as W :NX 'fx i 'iWp TI-IE ALBIONIA A A ff-fs. A Murrey, DeVinney, Pitkin, Large, Hoagielt .. Spiegel, Battenhouse, S. Anderson, McCulloch, Running, Boyer D. Anderson, WVilliarns, Prof. XVeiss, Pahl, Boydcn, Avery Men's Varsity Debate Coached by Prof. N. bl. Vlfeiss, the menis debate squad debated the state league question of disarmament in an interesting schedule. In the league schedule Albion was undefeated for the second successive year. The men who participated in these debates were Marvin Pahl, Leland DeVinney, Harold Spiegel, VVilliam Pitkin, and Dwight Large. Post-season debates included those with Michigan State College, Olivet, Ober- lin, Western Reserve, West Virginia, Purdue, Lawrence, New York University, Manchester, Detroit City College, and Detroit College of Law. In january five seniors travelled southward for a two weeks' trip in which they debated Transylvania and Berea Colleges in Kentucky: Maryville College, Tennessee: North Carolina State Collegeg Rollings College, Wfinter Park, Florida: VVOfford College in South Carolina: and Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. The members of this successful team were Marvin Pahl, Vlfilliam Pitkin, Phil Hembdt, David Anderson, and Leslie NVilliams. At the same time six junior and sophomore speakers made a five-day trip into Indiana and Illinois, debating Notre Dame, lllinois Nlfesleyan. Illinois Nor- mal, North Central and Vifheaton College. These debaters were Carl Beeman, Vvllllillll Robinson. llenjamin lllurrey. Robert McCulloch, Leland Delinney, and Harold Spiegel. . Qther members of the squad who participated in the seasons debates were Marcus Boyden, Gerald Lyon. Roland Hoagfelt, Charles Avery, George Mather, Stuart Anderson, Harry Running, Roy Battenhouse, and Donald Boyer. The season was a very successful one and we are all very proud of Albion? enviable nation wide reputation in forensics. ,... .- K --Wav-., b lfx X fwt Page Om' Hmufrril Efglltvrll P J Tl-IE ALBIONIA ' '-f-ig na- V Black, Gilbert, Link, Thornton, Hart, Pearce DeBrular, Yeoman, Arber, Blair. McCrea, Barnes, Spiegel, Keast Nixon, Smith, Baxter, Mr. Halstead, McCulloch, Adair, Kimball Women's Varsity Debate Debating the question, Resolved, That Chain Stores are detrimental to public welfare, twenty-one women, coached by Mr. W. L. Halstead, participated in the forensic schedule this year. February 23 at Olivet, a negative team composed of May Yeoman, Mildred Pearce, and Esther Detlrular, was defeated while Alma college lost the decision of a critic judge to Dorothy Baxter, Madeline Nixon, and Marion Thornton, March 6 at Albion. A feature of the season was the Illinois trip on which Elta Arber, Olive McCrea and Esther DeBrular debated Northwestern University on Installment Buying, and Elta Arber, Olive lVlcCrea and Margaret Spiegel debated Rockford College on the Chain Stores. Travelling to Ohio, Madeline Nixon, Carol Hart, Esther DeBrular, and Mar- garet Blair debated Vifittenberg and Ohio Northern University on the negative, while Lucille Black, Hildegarde Link and Olive McCrea met Wfittenberg affirma- tive at Albion. March 14 an ahirmative team, Bernice Barnes, Alice Gilbert. and Carol Hart debated Ohio Northern University. Also at that time Marian Keast. Norma Kimball and ll-'largaret McCulloch went to Adrian to debate the afiirmative side of the question. A week later a Western State Teachers College negative team defeated Margaret McCulloch, Gwendoline Jones, and Olive McCrea by a two to one decision. ln April, Mary Adair, Dorothy Baxter, and Nedra Smith, upholding the aftirmative, met Detroit City College at Parma. The climax of the season was the debate with Northwestern on April ll, when Olive McCrea. Carol il-lart and Elta Arber argued the affirmative of the lnstallment Buying question. 'T AX5' f'-- ' 40 -c, . 5 N . 'Q A-. ' . X' I Page Our' Hzmdrcri' .Yfrzctcczz Tl lE ALBIONIA Ji., ww, f , iz S . , f , 5-. Y - ll ,, ,i it ' .L I lj Ywxx , Y 2 DOROTHY BAXTER I'IAROLD SPIEGEL Oratory The State Oratorical Contest at Grand Rapids, March 14, was won by Dorothy Baxter, senior orator and debater, thus bringing Women's championship to Albion for the third successive year. The subject of her oration, one of vital importance, was Our Alley , which stressed the problem of juvenile delinquency. By illus- trating with personal observations, Miss Baxter pointed out that the children of the nation should be taught, not that crime is Wrong because a person is caught, or because of its influence on the community, but because crime is crime. On the same date, Harold Spiegel, sophomore orator and debater, won second place in the state finals. Machine Neurosis' was the subject chosen by Mr. Spiegel, in which he showed the etjfects of the machine age upon our culture. He defended standardization from the attacks made upon it by many of the out- standing writers of the day. Later in the season occurred the class oratorical contests which were won by Robert McCulloch, junior: john Dutton, sophomore: and Margaret McCulloch, freshman. In addition Albion was represented in the State Constitutional Con- test and the Peace Contest. The season ended with the tradional Horn Contest. ,-no. 1 , 'ifl:'Qt3itQw- , s ' Page One Hmidred Twenty i T l 'l E A I.. B I O N I A W 47, Y 1' 'nw , ,, V we my X MD NIUSM ANID IDIRANIA r MX V X M 4 x .yn x J fi, ibn--1-1 -S-l!1i'f i -,LA TI'-IE ALBIONIA Q 4 Huckle, Brunger, Eastman, Henry Brown, Fraser, Springman, Hayden, Harold Brown Adams, Jones, Butenuth, Large, Ellenger, Vanl-lorn, Chenoweth, E. Brown, Gardner Harger, Oldt, Sleeinan, Dewey, Fox, VanCamp, Claneey l 9 Men s Glee Club Due to the fact that most of the concerts this year were presented by the A'Cappella Choir of which the Men's Glee Club was a part the annual concert tour was not taken this year. Nevertheless considerable interest was shown in the organization. Clifton Ellinger, flccovlzjmlzyixl' First Tvzmrs Ronald Brunger Howard Hayden Harold Brown Laurence VanHorn Harry Sheehan Serond Tmiors Hugh Clancey John Springman Edgar Jones Page One Hundred Twenty-two PERSONNEL Dan Dewey, ,yllllllllgff BHI'iff7lIF.Y Henry Brown Clifton Ellinger Rodger Chenoweth Ernest Brown Arthur Gardner Dwight Large Sterling' Martin Edward Blackmore joseph C. Cleeland, Dirccfoz Cedric Harger Lionel Sleeman Daniel Dewey Donald Fox VVes1ey VanCamp Bu.vsr's Carlton Adams Enos Buterluth VVesley Oldt e N 15' x, fl-1 5 A- Q . '7?.:'-A-f TI-IE ALBIONIA l H VanAuken, Gregory, McAllister, Towne, Head, Mulder Shively, Worcester, Cook, Moulton, Bacorn. W'inHeld, Simpson, Anderson, Weisenberg Cohoon, Eastwood, Ashley, Hilborn, NVillard, Link, G-reen, Nowland, Schneider Mosher, Ash, M. Smith, Baldwin, Walworth, Gray, Teeter, Bigger, Gregg, V. Smith - Albion College Co-Ed Singers The Co-Ed Singers under the direction of Prof. L. U. Rowland presented several very line concerts. In addition to this they combined with the Men's Glee Club to form the A'Cappella Choir which was the feature musical organization on the campus this year. PERSONNEL Prof. L. U. Rowland, Director Georgia Gray, ,4cr01i1.fva'uV1'st First Solrrario Phyllis Gregory Janet Head Martha Shively Margaret lfVorcester Eileen 'XVeisenberg Dorothy Schneider First Alto Barbara Bacorn Clarice Winfield Gladys Simpson Phyllis Wfalworth, Frances Mosher Antoinette Ash Mildred Smith Marian Baldwin Phyllis Gregory Maxine Gregg Dorothy Anderson Jane VVillard fx rf' in Ufifliffil lllmiagvr l LX 'N if'-Ye Second Sofrra-no Bertha McAllister Louise Mulder Margaret Moulton Helen Frances Ashley Hilclegarde Link Marian Eastwood Frances Greene Virginia Smith Arlene Van Auken 5t'l'0IId Alto Esther Cook Elizabeth Hilborn ll Page One Hundred Twenty-three Tl-IE ALBIONIAN -w i! - 1 12 f -- - 1l'l!:L f- r if 33- -pg ,PL -'i:l f5!!'-:!:, , 'T Q ,W , , 4 N? .+ 1 l Brunger, Chenoweth, Eastman, Nash, Ellinger, Dewey, Large, Sheehan, Fox Huckle, VV. Brown, Adams, H. Brown, Prof. Cleeland, Harger, Oldt, Garner, VVatts VanAuken, Cook, Bristol, Teetcr, Bacorn, Pinch, Cohoon, Hilborn, Ashley, NVeisenberg, Link, Hicks, Shively Gregory, Mosher, Jenkins, Varty, Willard, Gray, Anderson, Smith, Ash, Walwortli A'Capella Choir The A'Cappella Choir has been a new and distinct addition to the musical activities of the college this year. The group is composed of men and women from the two glee clubs and is under the able directorship of Professor Cleeland. They have given several con- certs in Albion and one in jackson. Due to this year's success plans are being made to continue the club next year. Q A3-i555- in FT --1 5 w-f-'- or -P 1.5-e,:, 'TQ 171. , Page One Hundred Twenty-four ' ' Tl-IE ALBIONIA 2 - 1 1 .gfh . 'af Albion Civic Orchestra FRANK RANDALL .................................... ...President RAYMOND MCLEAN .... .......... I fire-brcsidcizt MRS. Curronn SMITH .... Secretary-Trea.tu-ref ENOS BUTENUTH ...... ............. 1 Manager Albion College musicians augmented by the musicians of the community compose what is known as the Albion Civic Orchestra. During its three years of existence this organization has presented many fine concerts and has been the most enjoyed musical organization of the city. It is under the able direction of Prof. Harold R. Harvey of the School. of Music. The real significance of such an organization as the Civic Grchestra lies in its being an expression of democracy. Members representing all walks of life join together in an endeavor to create beauty and to promote civic pride. PERSONNEL First Violin Raymond McLean Concertmaster Wilda Spain Florence Austin Rex Arnold Howard Kreps Francis Greenlease Bertha McAllister Gordon Nash Roy McLean Svrond Violin, Edith Grant Hildegarcle Link Florence Smith Margaret Moynes Genevieve Cranson Ruby Walker Virginia Bray Violouarrlln Bethany King VVilliam Maywood Mrs. Clifford Smith Viola Drake Alexandra Brail Donlnlv' Bass Arthur Gardner Enos Butenuth .Slvzrsnlpllorzr Robert Gaskell Barifmzv llfillis Brown .K-5 J-...n- rrx Cfw. -.,-1 , Flute Dick Nowlin James Gilbert Clarincf Howard Brown T1'umlvz't Frank Randall Floyd Hoyt Frrnrli Horn Robert Oderkirk Tl'01ll170lZP VVilliam Bemcr Tllllpd-Ili Clifton Ellinger Pimzixt Lucille Black Page One Hundred Twenly-five 'l'l-IE ALBIONIA I We , i L.. 'I A I 4.1 ir.. - Hr I 'iififf-. ,- ' Albion College Band The Albion College Band this year under the direction of Mr. Floyd Hoyt has shown a marked growth and improvement. lt has been a conspicuous factor in the success of many college activities. It played at all the athletic contests and accompanied the team on some of its trips. It also gave its annual band concert and furnished music at commencement time. This year college credit was given to the members of the band. - ' PERSONNEL Floyd Hoyt, Director CI'al'inefs Ronald Brunger Ross Pendill Leslie Harmon Cleo Cobb Bruce Young Lawrence Comstock Tromboncs Enos Butenuth Frank Naylor COI'l'IFf.S' ,Tames Mills Stewart Anderson Fred Fogle Enos Butenuth, Manager Altos Bernard Brown Charles Monroe S0l1Xllf7lI01ll'J Robert Gaskell Hubert Gaskell Newell Saigeon Piccolo Willis Brown Drums Glenn Mastin Keate McGunegle Earl I-luckle Sa.1'0fflz0m',v George Gaunt Franklin Bush George Quidort Frank Hayward Lynn Chapel Russel Gross lack Northwood Harold Brown Clifford Lumbert Bl!- lfO1lF Douglas Riecks Neil Skinner Carlton Adams 4-J2':.,g , Page One Hundred Twcnly-.ri.z Tl-IE AI.. 9 B I O N I A Dramatics Under the able direction of Miss Beulah Champ, Theta Alpha Phi has made its initial year on the Albion College campus a real success. During the season four programs were presented by this group. These included The Molusc, a comedy in three acts, dealing with the amusing efforts of a brother to cure his sister of her chronic laziness. This was presented by two different casts, as follows: First Cast Second Cast Jllr. Baxter .... ..... G 1611 VVilson .......... .... L eslie Vlfilliams M1-s. Baxter ..... ..... C atherine Robinson ...... Dorothy Baxter llliss Roberts .... ..... C lara Rogers ....... Dorothy Lockwood Tom .......... . .... Hugh Clancy ..... .. Leland DeVinney A group of three-act plays were the next presentation. The casts for these were as follows: DRESS REHEARSAL OF HAMLET Susan .. Illarllm . . Mczfilda. .. Clemcmfiue Ethel .... fuha Cha: Iafle Illaria Beafrire . Bmillam .... . THE V WdI'dL711 Hal! ...... Father Daly .... James Dyke ...... Josephine Pa-Vis .,...... ALIANTH .........Dwight A fm-Ier ........., Rachel Dole Gwendoline Jones Large Dan Dewey . ... .. ...Carl Snelling .Margaret Monroe .......Charles Avery . . . Garcia Carpenter ......Clara Rogers .. . . . . Maxine Gregg Dorothy Lockwood . . . . Dorothy Baxter Marjorie Cross Esther DeBrular Catherine Robinson THE LOVELIEST THING The I-Iusbrma' .............. Marcus Boyden The IfVife .......... ........ M ary Adair The Child ................. Madeline Nixon The Wife's Father ......... Claude Cohoon The PVife's .Mother ....... Alberta Wocholz 1l1am'.:eIle ........... Margaret Mulholland The fllaln Who WUXl1'I Expected William Pitkin The season was fittingly closed when the club presented The Truth About Blaydes with the following cast: Oliver Blaydes-Collway .... A. L. Royce ................ Sepfima- Blaydes-Cnzzway ,.... hlariou, Blaydes-Cmzway .... IfVifIiam Blcrydes-Conwzzy ..... Parsons ................... Isobel . ................ .. Oliver Blaydes .... 4-ggnfswn. . . . . Jack Northwood .........Dan Dewey . . . .Margaret Mulholland . . . .Alberta VVocholz . . . . . . .Glenn Vlfilson . . . . Dwight Large ... .. Rachel Dole . . . Robert Gregory I I X ,I Page One 1'Il!Il!TI'L'd Twenty-sevell Tl-IE ALBIONIAN , If -V l , 's- W l 'u The Servant in the House This gripping play by Charles Rann Kenedy is considered by critics to be one of the author's best. The theme represents the f'ht for freedom from sham and hypocrisy through which a minister goes to save his church, and his own self- respect. The outstanding character of the play is Manson, who comes to the house in the guise of a servant, and influences the whole household by his own Christlike life. The play has many universal characteristics which added to the appreciation of the large audience of students and townspeople who attended. THE CAST The Lord Bishop of Latncashirz' ............ .... L eslie Williams The RW. VViIIia'm Smytlw, Vicar .... .... X William Pitkin Auntie, llw Ll'lCUl .V wife ............ ..., IN Iarjorie Cross Mary, their uincv ...... .... G wendoline Jones Mr. Robert Smith .... ..... R obert Gregory Rogers, a page bay .... ....... C harles Avery fllcmsou, a bullrr .... ..... L elaud De Viimey a-,Ar-h.Q rf Y V Y 1 f' 9 fa 7 'Mr-t' Page One Hundred Twenty-niglit 'rl-IE A l.BLONlA .. ,fr -- In Y N ' Q IPUIBIIIEATIUNS l l 1 Y, j r J X. 2 if I F3 . fix '1 , , -rl-IE Al.aloNlAN Albionian Staff Raymond Foley ' Phil Hembdt Edwin Appleyard, Carol Hart, Florence Howes, Harold Caswell Esther Hoaglin, jack Neller, Mary Dodge W'illiam Fritz, Ralph Phelps, lNilliam Robinson, Hugh Clancy Vincent Bailey, Marion Thorntan, Irving Pronger Pug: One Hundred Tlziriy 'I'l'-IE ALBI-ONIA 9 The 1930 Albionian Stall ELECTED STAFF RAYMOND FOLEY . PHIL EIEMBDT .... EDWIN APPLEYIXRIJ CAROL HART ....... HfXROI.D C,xswI:I.I. . . . FLORENCE I-Towns. J-ACK NELLER . . . R4XI,P1-I PI-IELPS .. HUGH CLANCY . . . ESTIIER EIOAGLIN. IRVING PRONGER . EDITORIAL STAFF . . . . . . . .Editor-i1fz-Chief B-zrsiniess Ildavzager . . . .Associate Editor . . . . . . . . . . . .Associate Editor . . .Associate Business Manager . . .Associate Business Manager . . . .Sports Editor ...............Cl1zb Editor . . .Music and Drama Editor . . . . .Sfrzap Editor . . . .Assistant Snap Editor WILLIAM ROBINSIUN. . . p ........... Fraternity Editor VINCENT BAILEY . . . . . .Honorary Fraternity Editor VVILLIAM FRITZ ..... ................. A rt Editor MARIAN THORNTON .... . . .Debate and Oratory Editor MARY DODGE ...... . . .Religious Activities Editor Much of the credit for the organization and editing of this book belongs to the Associate Editors and the Editorial Staff and we wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent Work and splendid cooperation which the editor has received from them. .-..R'A,-. ff: f -fi I Page One I-Iuudrmi Tlrirty-orze 'T l-l- E A I. H The Pleiad Although student publications appeared on the campus as early as 1868 the first issue of the Pleiad, then an eight-page monthly magazine, was published in 1883. In 1891 this monthly was transformed into a weekly newspaper, similar in size and appearance to the present paper. The paper was changed from time to time and in 1915 it took the form of the tive-column campus news-sheet as it is at the present. Its purpose is to provide the student body with a weekly record of events put up in the best journalistic style and to give the elected staff and the class in jour- nalism real experience in news reporting and editing. B I O N I A N CLAUDE CoHooN . CLARENCE BESSERT JACK NELLER ....,.. DALE HOGUE ..... GERALD LYON ..., RAYMOND DURKEE CLAYTON FISHER . DUANE NICCALL . ROBERT CULLUNI . ROY BATTENHOUSE Lois VVHEATON .. FLORENCE H0wEs HUG 1-I BOYD ........ STAFF .. ........ Editor-in-Chief . . . . .Bu.vines.v 11-lonager . . . ..., Managing Editor ... . . . . . . . . . . .Assoriatr Editor ...............Associate Editor Associate Bus-i-:less Manager . . . .Associate Buxiizess Manager . . . ................ Sports Editor . . . . .Activities Editor . . . . . . . . .Copy Editor . . . . . . . . .Society Editor . . . . . . . ..E.1'Ci'LGl14gl' Editor Circ-tdotioni Manager CATHERINE ROBINSON ........ .... U ..Womcn'.v Sports HENRY VVINCHESTER . ...... ....... . Amt. Czrculatzon Manager REPORTERS GARCIA CARPENTER GERALDINE RIINER CLARA ROGERS ALBEIQTA VVOCHOLZ MAY YEOMAN BYRON REYNOLDS 94 1 ,1-. fr' ' 4 '10 UWT M713 V -'vpfhi' Pagc One Hundred Tlnrty-two T I-1 E A I.. B I O N I A 'W .AW 1 I S Wi? UUUIBS l l E ' , M , . Q. L V' ull E :iii sv A fr , Jr , Tl-IE Al. 1 tl i Art Club EDWIN APPLEYARD .... ................ ....... P 1 'vsidcnf GEORGIA XIOUNG ,,...... .... I five-Pr'v.v1'dr1zt MAIQGAIKET Woizcizsrru .................................. Scrrclary LESLIE HARMUN ....................................... Trz'a.5111-or The Art Club was organized in 1927 with the purpose of acquainting students with art and to give them greater appreciation and interest in art by bringing special features of this nature to the campus each year. This year the club brought and exhibited a collection of water color paintings by modern artists. Also along this line the club each year promotes an Art Club Ball and hopes to make this a feature to be open for all. Students who have maintained an average of B for one semester are eligible for membership. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. LIEMBERS Miss Charlotte Swanson B I O N I A N Ella Allman Edwin Applcyard Mary Barhyte George Brown Doretha Clark Louise Clark Barbara Curtis ,lack Dean Hilda Eastcott Helen Fleming Laura Freede Maxine Gregg George Gaunt Leslie Harmon Robert Harwood Esther Hoaglin Dale Hogue Irma Koivisto Margaret Luther Page One Hundred Thirty-four Georgia Young Elizabeth Metcalf Ann Nash Madeline Nixon Don Pcra Arlene Post Hulda Richards Hildreth Rood Mary Seaton Dorothy Shannon Virginia Sheldon ,lack Shrock Darleen Stanlcrauff Frances Stoker Louise Turner Mary Thompson Gordon Watts Margaret Way Alberta Wocholz Margaret Vlforcester . I-2 i g '--ve' ' Tl-'IE ALBIONIA 1' U l Harper, Howes, Dr. Chickering, Dr. Prescott, Cheuoweth, XVorcester Van Camp, Miss Rogers, Field, Goetz, Miss Tucker, Comstock Biological Club ROBERT GOETZ . . . . . ........... Prrsidwzz' HOWARD FIELD . . . ........ Vzrv-P1'c'sz'dw1f lMlILDRED NtJ'BLE . . . .... Srrrrlary-T1'a'c1.r111'er The Biological Club was organized in 1896. Its purpose is to stimulate an active interest in current biological literature and in the development of the science. During this year, the Club has been successful in bringing to Albion a speaker who is working in an advance Held of biology. The membership is limited. to twelve students who are majoring or minoring in the department, who have obtained a scholastic average of at least B in the de- partment, who have shown special interest in Biology, and who have been recom- mended by the head of the department. MEMBERS Dr. A. M. Chickering Dr. G. VV. Prescott Miss Mary Tucker Miss Lotta Rogers Robert Goetz Carl Beeman Howard Field XfVesley Van Camp Homer Howes Lawrence Comstock Mildred Noble Margaret Worcester Roger Chenoweth 1- V A : . ' M..-A Jfgggjrgii -H T Page One Hundred Tlmtyf e Tl-IE Al.. sf U B lmgQg N I A N Caswell, Eggleston, Mitchell, Van Camp, Fowler Barry, Morrison, Tackles, Brocklebank, F. jones, Newcomb Boyden, Miss Engle, Dr. Randall, Miss Tucker, E. Jones Fall Chemistry Club WESLEY VAN CAMP .... ............ P rcszdcni OLIVE BROCKLEBA N K .... .... S ccreta.1'y Treaszzrer The Fall Chemistry Club was organized in 1897. It der1ved 1ts name from Dr. Delos Fall who directed its organization. The purpose of the club it to keep its members in contact with current eicper iments and discoveries in the Held of chemistry and other sciences Besides being a social organization, meeting monthly, a Seminar class is con ducted XVlllCll entitles members to college credit. Miss Dorothy G. Engle Barry Beeman Boyden Bradley Brocklebank Brown Caswell Eggleston Fowler -pf, YY 1 VY' Page One Hundred Thirty-six Miss Marv E Tucker MEMBERS Dr. David L. Randall Goetz E. Jones F. Jones Mitchell Morrison Newcomb Tackles Van Camp Wetherell . X' '35 1 i':l'S'X'-' if Tl-IE Al.. C u B I O N I A N Dr. Harrop, Murrey, Black Spiegel, DeBrular, Dibble, Crowell, Crawford Classical Club ELIZABETH DIBBLI-: ........ Pmxvidrzzf BENJAMIN MURREY .... ...Vice-fvrcsidcuf DOROTHY WRIGHT ...... Secretau ROBERT BLACK ..... .... T rcasinez The Classical Club was organized in 1922. Its purpose is to develop interest among the students in the classics. Membership is limited to sixteen members who are majoring or minorlng In Latin Ol Greek, and who have been recommended by the head of the department Robert Black Thelma Cooper Mclden Crawford Frances Crowell Esther DeBrular Elizabeth Dibble Homer Howes MEMBERS Dr. A. H. I-Iarrop Waiida Lear Dorothy Lockwood Benjamin Murrey William B. Smith Harold Spiegel Jane 'VVeidgenant Dorothy Wright ' .'f AN, .A .-N f l Page One Hundred Thutg reverb Tl-IE ALBIONIA , ,W , NI Q Brrulley, Roush, Paulley, Geiger, Luclke, Bergman. VVooton, Cohoon Eaton, Ballard, Cook, Tamblyn, Miss AlCCl.'Il1E, Anderson, Schliskey, Andrews Contributors Club MARY TAMBLVN ...... President ESTHER COOK ....... ...... I fire-Presidmzi Doxccrrnv ANIJPIIQSON .. ................ Sefrcmry-Tr'casz11-vi' The Contributors Club was organized in 1907 with twelve charter members. The present membership is selected from advanced English students who are particularly interested in that field. The club also extends a standing invitation to all faculty members of the English department to attend its meetings. During the year its programs have consisted of papers and discussions on prose and poetry style together with reviews of John Browns Body by Benet and Dr, Krasinskfs Secret by M. P. Shiel. During February the club brought the distinguished poet, Yachel Lindsay, to the campus for a lecture-recital. Gwendolyn Andrews Evelyn Ballard Theodore Bergman Howard Bradley Theresa Combcllaclc Claude Cohoon MEMBERS Miss Julia McCunc Robert Geiger joy June Ludke Beatrice Paulley Harold Roush Cecile Pollock Hazel Schliskey Marion Stiefel Margaret VVooton Elsie Eaton Lyle Eggleston Clifton Ellinger --ma' .-,Asa-.,-. 'F' V l-lrvlz-QQ ' ' Page One Hxmdrcrl Thirty-eiglrl - 1-L 'l'il-IE ALBIONIA J Schuler, Harper, McCulloch, Murrey, Currin, Brocklebank Harmon, Fink, Bristol, Perry, E. Brown, VVeidenhammer Dodge, Black, Dr.Tl1urston, Dr. Hall, Dr. McCulloch, Steidle, Grames Phelps, Ballard, Anderson, Paulley, Goldberg, Ash, Miller Forum Club DAVID ANDERSON .. .......... Pr:-sidrnf BEATRICE PAULLEY . . . . . . . . . Virc'-Prcxvidrzlf HAROLD GOLDBERG ......... . . .......... ....... S L'L'l'!'fUJ'jF-TI'Fll.V'1lVC7' The Forum Club is an International Relations Club afiliated with the Car- negie Endowment. Privilege membership is extended to the 25 students who dis- play ability and interest in the Social Science, History, and Political Science de- partments. Individual research is combined with group discussions to further an interpretation of contemporary problems. Delegates are annually sent to the Model League Assembly which was held in Kalamazoo in May. Prominent inter- national leaders are brought to the college under the auspices of the Club. Dr. Royal G. Hall Dr. Albert J. 'McCulloch Dr Virginia Greenheld Phyllis VValworth Mary Dodge Margaret Steidle Lucille Grames Lucille Perry Robert McCulloch Olive Brocklebank Antoinette Ash Charles Fink Norman Currin MEMBERS M. F. 'l'hurston flu?-vin Dr. XV. NV. XVhitehouse Prof. H. C. Hendrickson Esther VVeidcnhammer Lucielc Bristol Evelyn Ballard Lucille Black Elta Arber Elizabeth Harmon Horner Harper 'vVinston Schuler Ralph Phelps Ernest Brown Benjamin Murrey fx . 'A ' Pngc One Hundred Thirty-num 'rl-:E ALBIONIA 0 Wiiifield, Fraser, Hemcrick, G. Brown, Knudy Prescott, Peck, Day, Stewart, Bull, Harrison, Wfocholz, Rogers Pettengill, Black. Cooper, Lenhart, Carlin, H. Brown, Bclhing, Cranson WhCHtOll, Towne, Moulton, Guilford, Prof. Gilbert, Miss Riegel, Decker, Monroe, Ash Le Cercle Francais HORTENSIE GUILFORD .................................... Prrsidcnl CAROL HART ........................ . .... . ....... ...Vice-P1-vsideiii M.ARGARET MoUL1:oN .... .... ........... .......... S cf c retary MARY ELLA DECKER ........................,........... Tzvasurcv- It is the purpose of this departmental club to give its members practice in speaking French. and to introduce them to French games, songs, and customs. At the meetings this year many entertaininig as well as instructive programs were presented. One of the outstanding programs was the presentation of a French play which proved very successful. NIEMBERS Dr. Gilbert Mrs. Stearns .Miss Riegel Antoinette Ash Charles Avery Roy Battenhouse VVilma Belhing Mildred Black George Brown Helen Brown Marcus Boyden Elizabeth Bull Edith Carlin Norman Currin Alice Cooper Genevieve Cranson Allene Day Harold Field Leslie Fraser Robert Gaskell Georgia Grav 'ae arrison Frederick Hemerick Wilsoti Jenkins Altha Kidder Juanita Lenhart Frank Lerminez Joseph Lyday Margaret Monroe Dean Nickerson Margaret O'Conner Dorothy Peck Elinor Pettingill Margaret Prescott Margaret Reed Clara Rogers Jane Stuart Mildred Towne Elizabeth XfVinheld Alberta Wocliolz Douglas XVashburn Roy McLean Marion Lindsay Lois VVheaton A .A -f' N. .' Page One Hundred Forty Tl-IE Al. li Battenhouse, Ashley, Brandcl, Mitchell, XV.Br0Wn, Stoker, R. Brown Shively, Arber, Morris, Dr. XVestborn, Barry, H. Link, P.Link German Club ELTA Annan .......... ......... I '1'v.r1'zlt-vit NA'I'Al.I2Nl'I Hix1,l.lnAY . . . .... Ii'z'cv-l'1'e.rz'11'e1it ALLAN Moieius ...,.... ....... . SlL'L'l't'fUiI'j' JACK BARRY ........ ..... T rm.r1z1'r1' The German Club was organized in 1919 by Dr. Frederick Lutz. Its meetings are conducted entirely in German, and are held on the third Tuesday of each month. At this time the students are given a wider knowledge of the life, customs, songs, games, and literature of the German people. This is accomplished by hav- ing group discussions, papers, plays, slides, or talks by various students or faculty nieinhers. M EMR ERS Dr. Antoinette 'Westborn Dr. Martin Thurston B I O N I A N Elta Arber Frances Ashley Barbara Bacorn Gertrude Bacorn Roy Batteuhouse Jack Barry Gilbert Bauer John Brandel VVillis Brown Relis Brown Martha Shively X ' Mary Ella Decker Natalene Halliday Frieda Grcider Lydian Halliday Louis Hufert Hildegarde Link Persis Link Lawrence Mitchell Allan Morris Frances Stoker ,'::-'-f-q f' I' poi' 113- w--1' Page One Hundred Foaty one THE. AI.BlONlAl Northwood, Large, Wilsoii, Pitkin, DeVinney, Dewey, Gregory, Avery Carpenter, DeBrular, Rogers, Mulholland, Lockwood, Dole, Wocholz, Monroe, Adair, Jones Clancy, Nixon, Baxter, Cohoon, Miss Champ, VVilliams, Cross, Gregg, Boyden Histrionic Club MARJORII: CRoss DOROTHY' BAXTER MAXINE GREGG LESLIE WILLIAMS .... . . . . . . . . .Pv'e.ridcnf . . . . Vice-Presidmzf . . . . . . . . . . .Sccr'c'tai1'y . . . . . . . . . . . .Ti'cms'm'er' Bnsiiwss M cmagm' CLAUDE CoHooN .... ................ ....... The Histrionic Club was founded in the spring of 1923. Membership in this club is limited to those students meeting the approval of the club members in the annual membership try-outs. Under the direction of Miss Beulah Champ the club presents 'each year four distinctive programs of plays. 'ln addition to this the club, this year, succeeded in bringing to Albion Lew Sarrete, an outstanding lecturer and poet. MEMBERS Miss Beulah Champ Mary Adair Margaret Monroe Charles Avery Margaret Mulholland Marcus Boyden Madeline Nixon Garcia Carpenter ,lack Northwood Hugh Clancey NVilliam Pitkin Esther DeBrular Catherine Robinson Leland DeVinney Clara Rogers Dan Dewey Carl Snelling Gwendolyn Jones Glenn VVilson Dwight Large Alberta Wocholz Dorothy Lockwood Rachel Dole a fx A5625 x 3-fi -' if Page One Hundred Fortyftwo TI-IE ALBIONIA Seymour, Austin, Moyncs, Clark Mason, Helmcamp, Worcester, Bell, Cowen Smith, Phillips, Mrs. Rice, Miss Dean, Sheldon, Moulton Home Economics Club PEARL PHILLIPS ........................................ President VIRGINIA SHELDON .... Vice-President ALZA PECKHAM ........ Secretary KATIIERN FOSTER .. .... .Treasurer The Home Economics Club was organized in l9l8, shortly after the depart- ment was established in the college. It is afhliated with the Michigan Home Economics Association, the American Home Economics Association, and this year became a member of the National Home Economics Association. The purpose of the club is to give the members a broader knowledge of the social and economic phases of this work. ' Membership is limited to those of the three upper classes who are doing B work and who are majoring or minoring in the department. MEMBERS Mrs. James Rice Miss Annie Dean Florence Austin Dorothy Bell Louise Clark Jean Closson Grace Cowen Alice Grieves Emma Helrncamp Dorothy VVorcester Q,- ff-'X V-pf ,-,A-.-3-.-. Ruth Mason Elizabeth Metcalf Dorothy Miller Audrey Moulton Margaret Moynes Bernice Seymour Florence Smith 'W 1 Page One Hundred Forly-flzrec Tl-IE ALBIONIA D Q Fritz, Moyer, Foley Dalzell, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, Pearce, Pahl, McCarty Bray, Ulbright, Day, Prof.S1eight, Wfocholz, Yates, Parks Mathematics Club ALXLLENE DAY ....... ............ P I'L'Sl!IN1f GRACE UI.BRIl5HT ,.... ......... I 'll'C'IJl'iCS'1lif'7lf AI,BE12'1'A XVOCHOLNZ ............................ Sfcrfrlmy-Treaszrrm- The Mathematics Club has been in existence as a departmental organization since 1911. Its purpose is to acquaint the members with a broader appreciation of mathematics, both from the teaching and scientific standpoint. The club at- temps to arouse interest in mathematical education by bringing a special speaker to the campus once each year. This year the club had Dr. L. A. Hopkins of the University of Michigan. Membership in the club is limited to those who have completed two years of mathematics with at least a B average and are majoring in the department as a pre-engineering student, or with the intent of teaching mathematics. MEMBERS Prof. E. R. Sleight Mr. VVatson Davis Virginia Bray Robert German VVi1son Dalzell Norman McCarty Mildred Davis Marvin Pahl Dalon Ely Edith Parks Raymond Foley Mildred Pearce William Fritz Leonard Scribner Annamarie Garlanger Pearl Yates Elton Moyer 4 VT '-e' U A 11 r 'Q . xi , Page One Hundred Forty-four 'l'l-IE ALBIONIA Q Moyer, Fritz, Dalzell, Litllejohn, Lyclay Baker, Peckham, Denman, Taup, Rice, Roocl Pronger, Scribner, Foley, Prof. Rood, Mr. Spencer, McCarty, Way Physical Research Club R.xYMoxn Fouiv . . . .......... Prvsizlifzzf Lizoxixizu Scuipisxiiiz .... ...... . I'zrv-jwvsidmzl NORMAN McLAR'l'x' .......,,.... , ............. .Svcr'0lrrry-T1'uc1.r11rw' The Physical Research Club is limited to department instructors and students who have completed two semesters ot college physics and who are pursuing ad- vanced work in the department. The purpose of the club is to keep its members in touch with the progress and discoveries being made in the physical laboratories of the world. MEMBERS Prof. Clement E. Rood Raymond Foley lVilliam Fritz Robert German Kenneth Hadley Graham Lyday Irwin Pronger Norman McCarty Katherine Rood Leonard Schribner Elton Moyer Mr. Raymond G. Spencer Harry Betterifige VVilson Dalzell VVilliam Denman Albert Fowler Don Martin Maurice Littlejohn Richard Peckham Marvin Pahl William Rice Neil Skinner Conrad Baker Milton Taup YVayne Way f' ' .. 1 rf p V W . ' --e f Page One Hundred Forty-five Tl-IE AL. BIONIAN Geiger, Carpenter, Black, Hart, XVeisenberg, Alger, Towne, Smith Ewing, Miss West, Prof. Gilbert, Spiegel, Stuphlet, Mcllowell Spanish Club HAROLD SPIEGEL ,... . .......... President DOROTHY STOPHLET ..... Vice-p1'csidu1t ELIZABETH EWING ........ Secrcfmi Louis MCDOXVELL ...................................... Treasurer The Spanish Club was organized in 1921 for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with Spanish customs and the use of the Spanish language Monthly meetings are carried on in Spanish and Spanish games and songs are featured Membership in the club is restricted to those having an average giade of at east l in advanced Spanish courses. Doris Alger Mildred Black Sydney Blair Wallace Cameron Garcia Carpenter Harold Field Donald Fox Robert Geiger Page One Hundred Forty-.vim MEMBERS Dr. D. M. Gilbert Miss Mary L. West Carol Hart VVayne Hudson Madeline Nixon Louise Shumaker Russel Smith Mildred Towne Eileen VVeisenberg Lyman Wollgast i lg 'Li -' 'l l'-IE ALBIONIA 0 S. Vinokooroff, Ray McLean, Ray, Ely, Kerr, Barningham Cowdrick, Jenkin, Saigeon, Butenuth, Brunger, Beckett F. Andrews, Gillette, Lil-WP' Grilfm, G. Black, Beatty, L. Vinokooroff . Zeta Phi COLORS: Blue and White FLOXVERZ Crysaritlzcmum ENos G. BUTENUTH .... .. ....... President FRITZI LIPP .......... ..... I f'ice-president HELEN GRIFFIN ..,.. ....... S ecrefary N EWELL SAIGEON .... ...... . . . . .Tzwasiirer A The independent group on Albion's campus is one of the oldest organized groups connected with the institution. This year the organization took a Greek letter name, which does not make it a closed organization, but one that administers to the social life of the independent students at Albion. It also attempts to create a group unity and formulate the ideas of the non-fraternity group on campus affairs. Ella Allman Florence Austin Francis Andrews Roy Battenhouse Aileen Beatty Janice Biggar Georgia Black Ronald Brunger Helena Burns All students not fraternity or sorority members are members of this group Its meeting place is now on the top Hoor of Robinson Hall. FACULTY MEMBERs: Mr. and Mrs. 1-I. O. Hendrickson ACTIVE MEMBERS A Walter Burns Lawrence Comstock Dalon Ely Robert Gillespie Hester Gillette Wilson Ienkin Helen Ludy Raymond McLea11 Geraldine Pinch Irving Pronger Robert Ray Blanche Stewart Lawrence VanHorn Leonide Vinokoorolt Sergei Vinokoorotif Virginia Wietzke Annabelle Vilard f AAA? X - Erin, .3 , uiglsjsi l . . , Page One Himdred Forty-sezfen Tl-IE ALBIONIA I 950 Tl-IE ALBIONIA . - U W W ll 9 mu , M Aulll' J ' up , -, IRWULIIISIIUIJS DIRCEANIIZATTIIDNS W W ..n IIN' ,J - Inn mb X ' JRHIWE Q 'WW E' 1? 1 ll P WN , lub 1 ll I M -- ml l 7 a THE ALBIAONIA fs., Andrews, Boyd, Jones, Cullum, I-larger Saxman, Martin, Jenkin, Burns, Beckett Young Men's Christian Association WILSON JENKIN ......................... , ............. Prvsirlcnt DONALD NIARTJN ........ Vice-Prmidenl NVALTER BURNS .... Secretary-Trz-a.mrrr DR, R. G. HAI,l. ......................................... Advisor To have students participate in such purposeful activity and come to have such relationships with their fellowmen and with God as shall result in a re-creation of life. ' lVith this purpose the Y. M. C. A. has sought to interpret jesus this year on the campus and in the community. Activites of special interest in this direction have been the large delegations to the Bruce Curry and Jerome Davis State Con- ferences: the inauguration, in conjunction with the Y. VV. C. A., of discussion groups in the Thursday evening programs: the stimulation of interest in indus- trial problems: co-operation with the Starr Commonwealth for boys, and the maintenance of a high standard of deputation service. Membership in the Association is open to all men of the college who subscribe to the statement of purpose and who are subsequently initiated in a simple but impressive ceremony. CABINET MEMBERS Cedric Harger Donald Jones Robert McCulloch VValter Saxman Francis Andrews Richard Beckett Hugh Boyd Robert Cullum ,gg 1,1- AL,??? 1 f f X Q Page One Hundred Fifly N Q 'ri-IE Al.BlgONlA 1. A 5 B. Bacorn, G. Bacorn, Evans, Steidle Grames, VVeidenhammer, Young, Thornton, Hart, Ballard Moulton, Pettengill, Dodge, Brocklebank, Black, Mosher Young Women's Christian Association MARY Dooom .......................................... Prvsidmf LUCILLE BLACK ...... Vice-Prvsidmit Euxon PETTENGILL .... .................... .S 'vcrvlary OI.IX'E BROCKLEBANK .. ..................... T7'CU.Y11I'l'l' MARGARET MOULTON . ..... ......... U ndcryraduatf' Rcprv.vwztati1'e The local objective for the Y. VV. C. A. this year has been, To aid in the establishment of definite and vital contacts between students, and between students and their best selves. This objective has been carried into the various activities during the year beginning with the Big Sistern activities and the freshman week program in the fall. A number of parties have been held in the recreation room of the dormitory. Une of the other features has been the Personality Group which has been the source of interesting discussions and has sponsored other activites. Social service work has been carried on in the lVest Wfarcl school and the Worlcl Fellowship Committee has sought to bring college women in closer contact with the rest of the world. A library is also maintained in the dormitory. A representative from the Y. XV. C. A. also helps to plan the Thursday evening meetings at which have been presented a number of outstanding speakers, worship services and discussion groups. CABINET MEMBERS Gertrude Bacorn Frances Mosher Barbara Bacorn Olive McCrea Evelyn Ballard Margaret Steidle Marion Evans MHl'1Ol1 Thornton Lucille Grames Esther VVeidenhammer Carol Hart Elizabeth Young VTE -R, I Page OIIL' Ilmzdrerl Fifty-one Tl lE AI. U Soderburg, Brubaker, Cowdrick Crawford, Bates, Jones, Wilcox Oesterle, Otis, Dutton, Saxman, Geiger, Morris ' Oxford Club First Smlzcxfcl' Second Sz'-master WALTER C, B. SAXMAN ........ P1-csidmi ........ W'AL.'rER C. B. SAXMAN ROBERT G. GEIGER ............ Vicr'-Prcsidmzf ........ Q .... ROBERT G. GEAGER HARQLD G. COWDRTCK .... . ...... Secretary .... .... J oHN P. DU1'roN PAUL V. Wircox ....... ...... T rcasm-cr .............. HAROI,D A. OTIS The Oxford Club is an organization composed of students interested in the Christian Ministry as their life work. The purpose of the club is to bring the members into closer Contact with the work which they are planning to -do. This is accomplished by having our own college professors, ministers, and speakers of note who come to the campus, give their View of the ministry in the aspects of B I O N I A N their particular field. MEMBERS Dr. F. S. Goodrich Ralph Bates Richard Becket Versile Bentley Herbert Brubaker Meldon Crawford Harold Cowdrick John Dutton Robert Geiger Terrance Hood George MacDonald Jones Allan Nlorris Melvin Oesterle VVesley Oldt Harold Otis VValter Saxman Howard Snell Carl Snelling Hihner Soderburg Donald VValker Paul XVilcox ! f U ' Page One Hundred Fifty-two +.T-M .. 7- -i,- i--- -4 ------, we wi . , wf-swesksesziwz ,,1gfWmfg,g- - , - n.14,, , - , FRATERNITIEJ' - -v 'l l-IE Al.. B I O N I A N I Lindsay, Tamhlyn, Arber. Bull, Harrison, Howes McLean. Mulholland, I-Iarnion, Lockwood, Wfalworth, O'Connor Panhellenic Council ELIZABETH PIARMON ..... .... P l'1'Sl.llL'llf MARGARET NIULHOLLAND .... ,.... . S'c'r1'c'la.ry Douoruy Loemvoon ...... ..... T rvasimv' Two representatives from each sorority compose the Panhellenie Council which was organized in 1917. This organization regulates rushing, presents a cup to the most outstanding' sorority woman, and this year also sponsored El Panhellenic Ball. Jllflm Chi Owl-vga, Dorothy Lockwood Margaret O'Conn0r ,flljwlza Xi Dvlla. Florence Howes Elizabeth Bull Drllm Gitlllllllfl- Margaret Mulholland Mary Tamblyn MEMBERS IFR. -f-f ait R.,-1, ,,,,. ..'fi'i 6 Ca-mma Gauzum Chi Mae Harrison Meredith McLean Kappa Delta Elta Arbor Elizabeth Harmon Zvtu Tau .-lllvlza Marian Lindsay Phyllis XValworth if V Page One I-Ixmdred Fiftyerive Tl'-IE ALBI A Cooper, E. Young, Lockwood, Wocholz Steldle Grecnheld, VVheatou, M, Richards Rogers Rood Bc Gu11ford Dibble, Black, H. Brown Baldwln NVHY Monroe O Connor Ashley, Gregory, Weisenberg, Stophlet Shlvely G X oung Smith Z. Brown, Tucker, Sleight, Varty, Nowlln Revnolds Willard Hutslar Howard, Oberlin, Swope, Beery, Diehl R Rrchards Kmg Clapper Page' One Hmldrmi' Fifty-sin' I 930 'ri-i'E Ai.aloNiA ,I ,,.,.l Alpha Chi Omega FOUNDIID AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, GREENCASTLE, INDIANA, 1885 f BETA CHAPTER - - ESTABLISIIED 1887 COLORS: Strarlel and Olifzfe Green FLOWER: Scarlet Ccu'miIion PUBLICATION: 'The Lyra FACULTY MEMBERS CLARISSA S'rEwAR1' ACTIVE MEMB ERS Dorothy Bell, '30 Alice Cooper, '30 Virginia Greenlield, '30 Hortense Guilford, '30 Dorothy Lockwood, '30 Minerva Richards, '30 Clara Rogers, '30 Katherine Roocl, '30 Margaret Steidie, '30 Lois Wheaton, '30 Alberta Vlfocholz, '30 Elizabeth Young, '30 Lucile Black, '31 Helen Brown, '31 Elizabeth Dibble, '31 Margaret Monroe, '31 Margaret O'Connor, '31 Constance Bcery, '33 Gail Clapper, '33 Isabelle DielI1, '33 Loraine Howard, '33 ,lane Vlfillard, '33 PLEDGES ,-a,'H.5:L-s Margaret VVay, '31 Marion Baldwin, '32 Phyllis Gregory, '32 Martha Shively, '32 Virginia Smith, '32 Dorothy Stophlet, '32 Eileen NVeisenberg, '32 George Young, '32 1-lelen Frances Ashley, '32 Janette Head, '32 Zoe Barbara Brown, '33 Miriam Hutslar, '33 Katherine Oberlin, '33 Caroline Reynolds, '33 Justine Sleight, '33 Lucretia Tucker, '33 Louise Varty, '33 Phoebe King, '33 Jane Nowlin, '33 Rebecca Richards, '33 Florence Swope, '33 4 'I li X 1 Page One Hundred Ifdfigl-.raven Tl-IE ALBIONIA Howes, Luclington, Samson, Hoaglin, Spain Rogers, Nagle, L. Halliday, Ludke, Ulbright, McCrea Bray. NVinfield, Nixon, Bull Simpson, Smith Clark, N. Halliday Brail, Tyre, Moynes, Skogluncl, Shannon, Speer Nash, VValter, F. Brown, Hitchings, Spaulding, Knudy Rood, M. Brown, Meyer, Tanner, Sturdevan, Ganlca Page IOWTQ?--Hiwfdred Fiftymfght 1950 I'l lE ALBIONIA Alpha Xi Delta FOUNDED AT LOMIIARD COLLEGE, GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 P1-II CHAPTER - - ESTAIILISI-IED 1915 COLORS: Double Blue and Gold FLOWER Pink Rose PUBLICATION: Alpha ACTIVE MEMBERS Lydian Halliday, '30 Esther Hoaglin, '30 Florence Howes, '30 Elizabeth Ludington, '30 Joy June Ludke, '30 Mary McCall, '30 Olive McCrea, '30 Dorotha Samson, '30 Vllilda Spain, '30 Grace Ulbright, '30 Virginia Bray, 31 Elizabeth Bull, 31 Louise Clark, '31 Natelene Halliday, '31 Madeline Nixon, '31 Elaine Nagle, '31 Laura Rogers, '31 Elizabeth VVinheld, '31 Alexandra Brail, '32 Margaret Moynes, '32 Gladys Simpson, '32 Florence Mae SnIitl1,'32 Mary Helen Tyre, '32 Norma Nash, '32 Agnes, VValter, '33 Louise Tanner, '33 Sara Speer, '33 Undine Sturdevan, '33 PLEDGES Mildred Brown. '31 Sylvia Spaulding, '33 Lenorc Strick, '31 Dorothy Shannon, '33 Frances Brown, '33 Esther Skoglund, '33 Lucille Gaul-ga, '33 Hilllretll ROOCl, '33 Dorothy Hitchings, '33 Alice Jurma, '33 Margaret Meyer, '33 AdaBelle Rauch, '33 9,2512 f I, 'i Xi Delta' Page One Hzmrlrccl Fifty-n'i11e 'l'l-IE ALBIONIA Baxter, Butler, Decker, XVeidgenant Purdy Mercer Svlvceter Pollock, Seaton. Tamblyn Cross Stxefel XVi1son, VVorcester Eaton Brocklebank Bertram, Moulton,' Robmson Mulholland Guest, Vlfalker, Snowclen, Kellogg, Ebert Edwards Andrews Shnlke, Lee, Tench, Stewart, Baird Roebeck Maaon Page One Hundred Sixty u 950 Tl'-IE ALBIONIA FLOWER : C 1' Delta Gamma FOUNDED AT VVARREN INSTITUTE, OXFORD, lN11SSISSIPP1, 1874 ZETA CHAPTER-ESTABLISHED 1883 COLORS: Bronze, Pink mm' Blue Pam Rose Dorothy Baxter. '30 Marjorie Cross, '30 Margaret Mercer, '30 Margaret Purdy, '30 Mary Seaton, '30 Mary Tamblyn, '30 lane xVClCl9QC112lI1t, '30 Margaret Vllorcester, '30 Cecile Pollock. '30 Helen Butler. '30 Mary Ella Decker, '30 Olive Brocklebank, '31 Elsie Eaton, '31 Harriet Fox. '31 Marion Steifel. '31 ACTIVE MEMBERS PUBLICATION 1 Marion Sylvester. '31 Doris YNi1son, '31 Laura Bertram, '32 A ntclzora Margaret Mulholland, '32 Margaret Moulton, '32 Catherine Robinson, '32 Ruth Mason, '32 Edith Andrews. '33 Anna Belle Baird. '33 ,lane Edwards, '33 Josephine Kellogg, '33 Leone Lee, '33 - Virginia Snowclen, '33 ,lane Stewart. '33 Judith Tench, '33 Madeleine Walker. '33 PLEDGES Anna Ebert, '32 Evelyn Roebeck, '33 Dorothy Vlforeester. ' Betty Guest. '33 Ruth Scliulke, '33 . f f ti N 1, Page One Hundred Sixty-one 'Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN Munroe, Fleming, Shoemaker. Arber, Ballard, Harmon, 'Wooton Eastcott, Malmborg, Gray, H. Link, Gregg, Barhyte King, Yates, F. Green, Pearce Peck, M. Thompson, E. Green, Fuhry Adair, I. Thompson, Olrlhzun, E, Metcalf, Quamby, Carleton Gallagher, Riker, M. Faclrlis, P. Link. Miner, Johnson Webster, D. Faddis, Howland, Scupholm, Nash, K. Metcalf, Dole Page One Hundred Sixty-fwo 1950 Tl-'IE ALBIONIA Kappa Delta FOUNDED AT VIRGlNl.A STATE NORNIAI, COLLEGE, FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA 1897 SIGMA PI CI-IAPI'ER-ESTABLISHED 1923 COLORS: Olive Green, and W'l1itc FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATIONS Tha Angelos Helen Fleming, '30 Ellen Munro, '30 Margaret VVooton, '30 Mary Adair, '31 Elta Arber, '31 Evelyn Ballard. '3l Georgia Gray, '31 Maxine Gregg, '31 Eileen Green, '31 Frances Green, '31 Elizabeth Harmon, '31 Hildegarde Link, '31 Dorothy Malmborg, '31 Joyce Thompson, '31 Mary Thompson, '31 FACULTY MEMBER Annie Dean ACTIVE MEMBERS Pauline Vlfebster, '33 Mary Barhyte, 32 Hilda Eastcott, '32 Phyllis Fuhry, '32 Isobel Jenkins, '32 Dorothy King, '32 Elizabeth Metcalf, '32 Lucille Oldham, '32 Mildred Pearce, '32 Dorothy Peck, '32 Louise Shumaker, '32 Pearl Yates, '32 Rachel Dole, '33 Dorothy Faddis, '33 Persis Link, '33 Eleanor Riker, '33 PLEDGES Marjorie Faddis, '33 Geraldine Miner, '33 Doris Gallagher, '33 Katherine Metcalf, '33 Ruth Heck, '33 Anna Nash, '33 Marilla Howland, '33 Lucille Quamby, 33 .-J- -.-'L. I 3 Page One Hzmdred Surg three 'Tl'1E ALBIONIA Day Kennedy, Ritter WValworth, Garlanger, Lear, Lindsay, Hart, Reed Thornton, Kidder, Bird, Closson Jones, Robinson, Clark, Stoker Bancroft, Morris, Daffern Downey, McNabb, Hilborn Hagerman, Bell, McClelland, Richards, Gilbert, Smith, Kimball, Shaw Page One Hundred Sixty-four I 950 Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Zeta Tau Alpha FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA S'r.x'rE NoRM.xL CoLLl2G12, FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA 1898 BETA TAU CH.XPTER-EST,Xl!LlSITlZD 1929 COLORS: TIll'Qlt!7iSl? Blue and Steal Grvy FLOWER: Ufhite Violet PUBLICATION Tlzemzs ACTIVE MEMBERS Allene Day. '30 Annamarie Garlanger, '30 Carol Hart, '30 Ethel Mae Kennedy. '30 Doris Ritter, '30 Phyllis xV2llXV01'tll, '30 Altlia Kidder. '31 NVanda Lear. '31 Marion Lindsay, '31 Julia Robinson, '31 Alice Bird. '32 Margaret Reed, '32 Marion Thornton. '32 ,lean Closson, '32 Margaret Morris, '32 PLEDGES Doretha Clark, '32 Gwcndoline jones, '32 Joy McNabb, '32 Frances Stoker, '32 Margaret Bell. '33 Enid Downey, '33 Alice Gilbert, '33 Ruth Hagerman, '33 Elizabeth Hilborn, '33 Naomi Kimball, '33 Irma Richards. '33 Frances Shaw, '33 Nedra Smith, '33 Donna Bancroft, '33 Lorena Daffern, Lucille McClelland, '33 Betty Weidner, '31 'xAAn':'v- 1 1 f ri X m Page One I-Iimdrvd S1113 fize Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Crowell, King, Andrews, Combellack, Reed, McC1intic Peckham, Lewis, - Behling Harrison, Cranson Matthews, McLean Drake, Anderson Black Hufton, Hyland, Albertson, Dell, Croel w950 Page One H'ltIl!il'6d TI'-IE ALBIONIA G l Gamma Gamma Chi FOUNDED IN ALBION 1843 REORGANIZED 1928 COLORS Green, Gold and Rose FLOWER: Yellow Rose PATRONESSES Miss Mary West ' ACTIVE MEMBERS Gwendoline Andrews, '30 Thcrcasa Combellack, '30 Bethany King, '30 Elva McClintic, '30 Ellen Recd, '30 VVilma Behling. '31 Genevieve Cranson, '31 Frances Crowell, '31 Mrs. Royal G. Hall Harriet Hicks, '31 Geneva Lewis, '31 Marion Mathews, '31 Meredith McLean, '31 Mildred Black, '32 Viola Drake, '32 Mae Harrison, '32 Alza Peckham. '32 PLEDGES Dorothy Anderson, '31 Esther Croel, '33 Marjorie Albertson, '32 Mary Hufton, '33 Alma 'W'ilkinson, '33 ea . Page One Hundred Sum :eden 'THE ALBIONIA S I 950 Tl-IE ALBIONIA U Scoville, Robinson, Camburn, Howes, Hembdt. Bain' ' Bradley, Stephens, Anderson, Bergman, Harper, Lightbocly Interfraternity Council Tnleonoruz BERGMAN .... . . ., . .,. .. Pwnvzkicizt DOUGLAS VVASHBURNE .... ....... I 'icv-Prrsifimzt DAVID ANDERSQN . . . . . . . . . . . .S'vcrvlary-Tren.:-urcr The lnterfraternity Council is composed of two representatives from each of the national fraternities. lt regulates the affairs of the fraternity groups on the campus such as the pledging of freshmen, and sponsors an interfraternity banquet, interfraternity dances and various other interfraternity activities. MEMBERS fllfvlm- TUIIV Ollltjglll Sigruza Chi Paul Camburn Howard Bradley VVillian1 Lightbody Williaiii Robinson Dvlla .S'l'y111z1, Phi Sigma Nic David Anderson Gilbert Baur Homer Howes Phillips Henibdt Drlla Tuul Dvlia Tim Kapffz Epsilon Theodore Bergman Rupert Stephens Homer Harper Victor Scoville + -:Pr or M , A V ' A F V Page One Hmidred Sixty-nine Tl l-E-ALBIONIA Coulter, Leeds, G. Lyday, Curtis McDowell Henderson Royer Washburne, Johnson, I. Lyday, S Todd Densmore L1ghtbody Field, R. Rice Taup Brandel Neller, W. Rice Walters Roehm Chauncey, Maynard, Hoagfelt, Keller Mam Atkms Noble, Flanders, Daley Harley Todd Ballard Page One Hundred Seventy 1' 950 TI-IE ALBIONIA W U Alpha Tau Omega FOL NDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, 1865 BETA OMICRON CHAPTER-ESTABLISHED 1889 COLORS: Sky Blue and Old Gold FLOWER Iflflavite Tea Rare PUBLICATION! The Palm Paul Camburn, '30 Clayton Coulter, '30 WValter Leeds, '30 Graham Lyday, '30 Darwood Coddington, Harry Curtis, '31 Louis McDowell, '31 Clark Royer, '31 Douglas VVaslIburne, ' Harold Johnson, '31 Joseph Lyday. '31 Roland Hozxgfclt, '32 xV21I'Cl Atkins, '33 Jack Ballard, '33 Richard Chauncey. Richard Daley. '33 Morris Flamlers, '33 Edward Harley, '33 FACULTY MEMBER Edwin R. Sleight ACTIVE MEMBERS '31 31 David Todd, '33 PLEDGES Harlan Barnes, '33 94:9 X Stayton Todd, '31 James Densmore, '31 VVi1liam Lightbody, '31 Harold Field, '31 Robert Rice, '32 Milton Taup, '32 john Brandel, '32 jack Neller, '32 W'illiam Rice, '32 Fred VValters, '32 Charles Roehni, '32 Charles Keller, '33 Don Main, '33 Howard Maynard, '33 Richard Noble. '33 Philip Partridge, '33 XVilliam Connell, '33 Elmer Cole. '33 f ,, C.,i 1 I 1 I Page One Hundred Sczenty one Tl-IE ALBIONIA .4 w Howes, Hoshal, D. Herriff, Anderson, Vlfilliams, Way, Phelps Wilsoxi, Moyer, Childs, Peckham, Culver, E. Brown, Fink Harger, Lyon, Cameron, Preston VV. Smith, Hayden, Shrock, O'Shaughnessy, Avery, Green, Large Boyd, Greenlease, Hayward, Larminez, Elliott, D. Martin, Fraser Blackmore, VV. Herriff, MacNeven, Packard, G. Brown 1950 Page One Hundred Sczwzry-two A LBIONIA 0 . - , b I . . ,i Delta Sigma Phi FOUNDED AT COLLEGE or THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1899 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER-ESTABLISHED 1917 COLORS: Nilc Grrcn- and lflflzifz' FLOWER Wlzite Carnation PUnI.1cA1'1oN: The Carnation FACULTY MEMBER W. Vlfhitcomb XVhitehouse David Anderson, '30 Rodger Chenoweth, '30 Vlfalter Hoshal, '30 Homer Howes, '30 VVayr1e W'ay, '30 Leslie Wfilliams, '30 Ernest Brown, '31 Joseph Childs, '31 Vllayne Culver, '31 Wallace Cameron, '31 Charles Fink, '31 Dean Herriff, '31 Ralph Phelps, '31 Morris Peckham, '31 Elton Moyer, '31 Glenn W'ilson. '31 Charles Avery. '32 Gerald Lyon, '32 Donald Martin, '31 James Elliott, '32 Dwight Barney, '33 Gordon Bergbanr, '33 ACTIVE M EMBERS Cedric Harger. '32 Jack Green, '32 Charles Morse, '32 Lyton' O'Shanghnessy, '32 Donald Peru, '32 Richard Preston, '32 jack Shrock, '32 Dwight Large. '32 Vlfenclall Smith, '33 Howard Hayden. '33 Edward Blackmore, '33 Marshall Borton, '33 Hugh Boyd, '33 George Brown, '33 Charles Grennleas, '33 Frank Hayward. '33 VValter Herriff, '33 Frank Lermincz, '33 Donald INIHCNCVCII, '33 PLEDGES Harold Brown, '33 Robert Brown, '33 Leslie Frazer, '33 Sterling Martin, '33 Cecil Paekhard, '33 94-s pggu-gpm f J lvl? ' O Page Our: I'I1Hld1'L'!I' Sczrcnty-Ihre: 'l'I-IE ALBIONIA Baldwin, Harper, Bcrgnian, Guile, Jefferson McCarty, Vallzznce, Cnrrin, Sheridan, Scribner, McCulloch Marsh, Littlejohn, Hagen, Bailey Youngs, Blair. Fitch, Kane Peckham, Stark, Hemerick, Hufert, Denman, Schramm MacDiarmid, Hughes, Cosgrove, Huff, Bcssert, McIntyre, Nickerson Pollock, Lutz, Nelson. Shortle, Fisher, Xvard, Northwood, Krapp 1950, Page One Hundred Scwmrfy-fam' Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Delta Tau Delta FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, BETHANY, WEST VIRGINIA, 1859 1 EPSILON CHAPTER-ESTABLISHED 1876 COLORS: Purple and Gold FLOWFR Pansy PUBLICATION: The Rainbow' ACTIVE MEMBERS Charles Baldwin, ex '30 Theo. A. Bergman, '30 Gurdon Guile, '30 ' R. Homer Harper, '30 Robert Jefferson, '30 Vincent Bailey, '31 Norman Currin, '31 John Barron, '31 William Marsh, '31 Norman McCarty, '31 Robert W. McCulloch, James Mills, '31 Richard Peckham, '31 James Sheridan, '31 John Vallance, '31 William Denman, '32 Paul Cosgrove, '33 Clayton Fisher, '33 Donald Hughs, '33 Irwin Krapp, '33 '31 Bruce Roach, '33 PLEDGES Walter Ward, '33 ax,-A24-. Clarence Bessert, '32 Sidney Blair, '32 Harry Fitch, '32 Harley Hagen, '32 Frederick Hemerick, '32 Louis Ted Hufert, '32 Adelbert Huff, '32 Richard Judd, '32 Stanley Kane, '32 Maurice Littlejohn, '32 Richard Stark, '32 Kenneth Youngs, '32 Earl Lutz, '33 Donald McIntyre, '33 Alex Pollack, '33 Stuart MacDiarmid, '33 Jack Nelson, ' Dean Nickerson, '33 Jack Northwood, '33 Robert Shortle, '33 'A ' Page One Hundred Seventy fue l l'lE ALB! A Dalzell, Gullandcr, Hadley, Nutt Bradley Black I. Smith, Pinegar, Protsman, Nixon Newcomb Robinson Osmun, VVadsworth, Yeagly, M. Smith Hitchcock Gardner Bettendge Medlyn, Gwinn, Laing, Ebert, Muck I Barry Foster Hyland, Miller, M on roe, Flood, Klttinger Slelght F Ogle F. Barry, Cole, Pcndill, R Smith Moyer Whitney l95o Page .One Hundred Seventy-six 'TFIE ALBIONIA sigma Chi FOUNDED AT BIIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD, OHIO, 1855 ALPHA P1 CHAPTER-EsTARL1s1-IBD 1886 COLORZ: Bluff and Gold FLOWFR Wlzite Rose PUBLICATION: Thr Jllagasizze of Sigma z ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Black, '30 Howard Bradley, '30 Wilson Dalzellq '30 Kenneth Hadley, '30 Y'Vard Gullander. '31 Charles Newcomb, '31 Lawrence Nixon, '31 Fred Pinegar, '31 George Protsinan, '31 Williaiii Robinson, '31 Malilon Smith, '31 Kenneth Vlfaclsworth, '31 Edward VV ard, '31 Jack Barry, '32 Harry Betteridge, '32 George Ebert, '32 Richard Foster, '32 Arthur Gardner, '32 Tompkins Gwinn, '32 Oren Hitchcock, '32 Earl Laing, '32 Robert Medlyn, '32 Charles Monroe, '32 Lucien Muck, '32 Lawrence Osmun, '32 Robert Yeagley, '32 John Flood, '32 Frank Barry, '33 Fred Fogle, '33 Roland Smith, '33 ' PLEDGES Cleo Cobb, '32 Leon Miller, '33 Samuel Mize, '32 Wilbur Moyer, '33 Thomas Cole, '33 Ross Pendill, '33 Hugh Hyland, '33 John Sleight, '33 Fred Voss, '33 f f 3- 1 Page One Hundred Seventy seven Tl-IE ALBIONIA Elliot, Button Schuler, Purdy Pltkm Bartlett, Danylizyn, Walworth, Baur, Penzoth H mbdt Mltchell Renkiewciz, Good, Nolte, Springman Huckle, Sleight, Jones, Densmore, Clancy Dale McCall Bodine, Steiner, Schroeder, Miles, Rxsley Sebastlan Walls Ellis, Steeby, Bradshaw, Durkee, Watts Young Dean Page One H14 ndrcd Seventyveighi I 950 Tl-IE ALBlO'NlA Sigma Nu FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1-QICHMOND, 'VIRGINIA, 1869 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER-ESTABLISHED 1895 COLORS: Black, W71-itv and Gold FLOWIR White Rare PUIILICATION: The Delta Gilbert Baur, '30 Edwin Bartlett, '30 Melbourne Button, '30 Steven Danylizyn, '30 Elbert Elliot, '30 Phillips Hembdt, '30 Lawrence Mitchell, '30 James Purdy, '30 VVilliam Pitkin, '30 Stanley Penzotti, '30 Winston Schuler, '30 Lucien VValworth, '30 Carl Beeman, '31 Hugh Clancy, '31 Edward Dale, '31 Alexander Good, '31 Bruce Gray, '31 ACTIVE MEMBERS Carl Mingst, '31 james Renkiewiezf 31 john Springman, '31 james Sleight, '31 Wesley Van Camp, '31 Jack Dean, '32 Richard Densmore, '32 Raymond Durkee, '32 Earl I-luckle, '32 Edward Jones, '32 Wziltei' Nolte, '32 Byron Reynolds, 32 James, Sebastian, '32 Harold Bodine, '33 Carl Risley. '33 Frederic Steiner, '33 Marvin Schroeder, '33 PLEDGES Bruce Young, '31 Robert Harwood, '33 Milton Kay, '32 William Murray, '33 Duane McCall, '32 George Miles, '33 Shirley NfValls, '32 Ted Watts, '33 John Bradshaw, '33 Ralph Youngs, '33 john Ellis, '33 Leon Stone, '33 al f f X ' I Page One Hundred Seventy mne TI-IE ALBIONIA E. Anderson, Field, Stephens, Caswell, Chaplin, Cullum, Eller, Ellinger R. Foley, Fritz, Holcomb, Jones, McCracken, Murrey, Nash, Scoville Ambler, Appleyard, Boyden, Bush, I-Iogue, Walter Johnson Wilbur Johnson, Kinney, O'R0urke Sheehan Skinner, Smith, Wolf, S. Anderson, Boyer, H. Barnes, W. Barnes Colwell, A. Foley, Harmon, Hessel, McKeachie, Myers, Running, Samson Page One Hundred Eighty TI-IE ALBIONIA 9 Tau Kappa Epsilon l'oU1wDhD ,yr ILLINOIS XVESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS 1899 OMEGA CHAPTER-E.STABLISI-IIED 1927 COLORS: Chewy and Grey FLOWFR Red Ccirnaf-ioiz PUHr.icA'r1oN: Phe Ytka ACTIVE MEMBERS Howard Field, '30 Ernest Anderson, '30 Rupert Stephens, '30 Raymond Bowers, '30 Irving Eller, '31 Robert'Cullum, '31 Clifton Ellinger, '31 Raymond Foley, '31 William Fritz, '31 Winslow Holcomb, '31 Francis Jones, '31 Donald McCracken, '31 Gordon Nash, '31 Victor Scoville, '31 Harold Caswell, '31 Mark Chaplin, '31 Benjamin Murrey, '31 Manley Samson, ' 33 Lyle Hessel, '31 Fred Ambler, '32 Edwin Appleyzird, '32 Marcus Boyden, '32 Franklin Bush, '32 Dale Hogue, '32 Walter johnson, '32 WVilbur johnson, '32 Robert Kinney, '32 Albert O'Rourlce, '32 Harry Sheehan, '32 Neil Skinner, '32 Meredith Smith, '32 Daryle VVOlf, '32 Leslie Harmon, '32 Stuart Anderson, '33 Donald Boyer, '33 PLEDGES Phil Becker, '32 Cecil McKeachie, '33 Willard Barnes, '33 Howard Myers, '33 Robert Colwell, '33 Harry Running, '33 Andrew Foley, '33 Douglas Riecks, '33 -N V . IT f nielgiigu 'N 1. Page One Hundred Eighty om' 'l'l-IE ALBIONIA i , Morris, Cahoon, Jones, Vandermcer Sleeman, Eggleston, Roush, Shafer German Chathclcl Karay Graham B. Brown, Naylor, Mertz, W. Brown Soderberg, Dutton, Eastman, Wylie Page One Hundred Eighty-t I 950 Tl'-IE ALBIONIA Eclectic LOCAL FRATERNITY. IZSTABLISHIQD 1929 Coroksz Blur and Cold ACTIVE MEMBERS Claude Cohoon, '30 Lyle Eggleson, '30 George MacDonald George Karay, '30 Allan Morris, '30 Harold Roush. '30 VVilbur Sharer, '30 Gerald Vandermeer, Iohn Benny, '31 '30 jones, '30 Robert German, '31 VVi1liam B. Smith, '31 Stanley Chattield, '32 John Dutton. '32 Leslie Graham, '32 Hilmer Soderberg, '32 Harold Eastman, '33 Donald Daller, '33 Edward lVylie, '33 - PLEDGES Albert Fowler, '30 Clifford Lumbert, '33 Paul VVileox, '30 Russell Lutey, '33 Bernard Brown, '33 Frank Naylor, '33 Williaxli I. Browne, '33 Milton Mertz, '33 Robert Danville, '33 Harold Storm, '33 Charles Hicks, '33 Leonide Vinokooroff, '33 Frank Wfoviaelc, '33 .-5,- 1-T.,-. f , Page One Hzmdwd Elghtx three Tl'-IE AL. l'V0n Las! Pri. U Interfraternity Athletics Under the direction of Coach Lewis Erwin a most extensive program of intra- mural sports was carried out this Year. In the annual interfraternity track meet last spring the Sigma Chis were victors, taking the cup from the Tekes who had held it the two years previous. Baseball is the sport which provides the most interest in the intramural leagues and this year there were many very interesting and exciting games. In the inter- fraternity league the Tekes maintained a lead throughout the season but were de- feated by the Sig Chis in the last game of the season which brought the two teams into a tie for the top position. In the championship game the Sigma Chis displaying a brilliant game in the last period to defeat the Tau Kappa Epsilon team 16 to 11 although the 'Tekes had maintained a slight lead during most of the game, having been in the lead 11 to 10 at the end of the third quarter. This not only gave the Sigma Chis the championship but also won for them permanent possession of the cup as it was their third consecutive championship. They also won the All-College title, defeating the Eclectics, champions of the Roman League, in a close battle. 19' to 16. The standings at the end of the season were as follows: B I O N I A N Sigma Chi ......... Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Tau Omega .... Delta Tau Delta .... Delta Sigma Phi ..6 7 . 7551 5287 F33 461 285 5 Sigma Nu ................................ 4 10 .28 This year a basketball free-throw contest was held for the first time. Each man was allowed one ll111'lCl1'CCl free-throws and the number of good shots made up his final score. The Sigma Chis were again winners having a total score of 1335 while the Tekes were again runners up with a score of 1114. , The indoor baseball schedule got an early start this year as the hrst few games were played in the gym. As soon as the weather permitted. however, the games were played on the diamonds at the athletic Held. The Sigma Nus were winners in this sport, having eight straight wins to their favor out of nine games. They lost only the opening game in which they were defeated by the Delts, who were runners up for the season. The standing at the end of the season were as follows: Pr! Sigma Nu .......... .399 Delta Tau Delta .... .556 Alpha Tau Omega .... .556 Delta Sigma Phi .... .500 Sigma Chi ......... .375 Tau Kappa Epsilon .. .000 C A li UNT6 ' Page One Hundrczl Eigliiy-four Tl-IE ALBIONIA '-. 'L if f. C 0 I' i '- z- 1 X, 7 'l E E - . ' gilllllll A I I f iigig m T!! w 'T ?f 5 Y W ,J IHCDNCDIRAIRXUES ' Tl'lE ALBIONIAN We ix YM L. Fink, Appleyard, Hoshal, Foley, Bcssert, Cullum, Caswell Phelps, Durlcee, Howes, Hart, Hogue, Cohoon Anderson, Bailey, Xlialworth, Kennedy, Dr. Battenhouse, Hembdt, Eller Alpha Phi Gamma H01101'ar-V C0-cdzzrafioiial fozuvzalislic Fraternity Tix U CQHAPTER lfiri-im. MA:-2 Kifznmcnv ...... ............ ........... P 1 -vsidml Pl-III. Hmmm' . ,...,... ......... I 'icr-fn-vszdv1zt V INCENT BAILEY ........ . . ......... ........ . .Scrrrffary-Trvaxzzzvi' The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in colleges and universities: to serve and pro- mote the welfare of the college through journalism: to establish cordial relation- ships between students and the members of the profession, and to unite in a fra- ternal way congenial students interested in journalism. The Albion chapter was host to the national convention of the fraternity this year and the committee under the chairmanship of David Anderson staged one of the best conventions in the history of the fraternity. David Anderson Raymond Bowers Irving Eller Charles Fink Raymond Foley Xlialter Hoshal Page One Huurif-ml Eighty-si.r MEIXIBERS Dr. H. M. Battcnhouse Lucien VValworth lfdwin Appleyard Clarence Besscrt Harold Caswell Claude Cohoon Robert Cullum -gn. Raymond Durlcee Carol Hart Dale Hogue lilorence Howes Ralph Phelps f A f iii 55, 'fo w TI-IER AI. B I O N I A 4'ifNf'N W n yi XNvllllZll'I'IS, Pahl, Baxter, Miss Champ, Hembdt, Anderson Mr. Halstead, Dr. McCulloch, Mr. Spencer, Dr. Seaton, Prof. Hendrickson, Prof. Weiss Delta Sigma Rho National Hozzortiry Forensic F1'c1te1'11Iify IWARVIN PAHI. ............ ..................... ......... P r vsidmzf PHILLIPS HIEBIBDT .................................. Vice-prvsidcrzf DOROTIJY BAXTER ......... .................... 5 't'CI'L'fGl'j'-T7'CUtY1ll'Cl' Delta Sigma Rho is the oldest national honorary forensic fraternity. Albion is one of the few small colleges to be honored with a charter which was granted in 1911, tive years after the founding of the fraternity. Election is from the Junior debaters and orators and is held each spring. Soon after the election a banquet is held at which the newly elected nieinbers are ini- tiated. MEMBERS President John L. Seaton Prof. N. I. VVciss Mr. W. L. Halstead David Anderson Carl Beeman Olive McCrea Vlfilliani Pitkin Esther DeBrular Robert McCulloch Elta Arber Leland DeVinney Benjamin Mnrrey Carol Hart Madeline Nixon PI KAPPA DELTA Nazfiomrl PI07l0l'Cl4l'j' Forensic FI'a!r'I'1zity lvlmrxznres IN FACULTY Dr. A. J. McCulloch Dr. H. O. l4lendrickson Mr. R. G. Spenser Miss Beulah Champ x --ig:-' . C F' TJ 15' I , at-, H Page One Hundred Eighty-sezlen TI IE ALBIONIA U Cohoon, Williains, Gregg Cross, Baxter, Miss Champ Theta Alpha Phi fI01'2f07'CZ7'y I-listrioizic Fraternity MfXRj0RIE CROSS DOROTHY BAXTER MAXINR GREGG . LESLIE VVILLIAMS .. RORERT GREGORY MAIIIZLINIE NIKON BEULAH G. CHAMP .. . .lli!'l f7'I'CSfdCl1f . . , . . . .Secwiary . . . .TI'CG.Y'l-lI'FI' . . . . .Cirsfodian . . . . .Hi.vfn1'im1 . . . .Director Albion College was granted a charter of the national fraternity, Them Alpha Phi, May 30, 1929. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate an interest in the best drama and to give the students an opportunity to develop their histrionic talents. Membership in this fraternity is limited to those Histrionic Club members whose achievements merit the honor of election. There are seventy chapters of Theta Alpha Phi located in colleges and universities throughout the country. MEMBERS Miss Beulah G. Champ Dorothy Baxter Hugh Clancy Claude Cohoon Leland DeVinney Marjorie Cross Robert Gregory Maxine Gregg Dorothy Lockwood Leslie Vlfilliams Madeline Nixon Mary Adair Wfilliam Pitkin ' f-.P-. .-'L-. A 1 fr fl 'S v Page One Hundred Eiglrty-eight 'THF fM3g,,y Aovsnnsemsnrs 'V TI'-IE ALBIONIAN Ii +,1..1.,1 1 1 1 1 11.1 1 1 1 1 1 -1..1qg1.,.1.,u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I X., I I Scholarship Character ALBIGN COLLEGE I i Where opportunity invites I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I . ACADEMIC - BUSINESS PRE-NIEDICINE - PRE-DENTISTRY PRE-ENGINEERING - PRE-LAW MUSIC - FINE ARTS i I For 1llf0l'1l1ILlfI0Il, Address i JOHN L. SEATON, PH. D., PRESIDFNT T IALBION, IXIICH. 1..1..1,u .1.....-..- --.---....--- ..- -- -.......-..I-..- - -.. elm fx,- -Q,-. I X C . II Ligjf-5103 . Q1 1 .Jf,I,.,-.f Page One Hun dred N 11, Tl-IE ALBIONIA again- Q111 ,.,,,, 1 E E g i 5 U Sd'-3 5 1 if ifwi- .Q 51 1 -. ., 1. 3 l ..,. M , I ::::ws:2:f-' .- , .- V W.. k .. -' , iz.. ..., x .2 -fm -f--,, V - I ,--f'5aS f-2-r-wF-'f'- '...N-k--f- f. .. .- f ' I,.-, -5-'mf M.. -:P ' T H 5 ,I . ,.,,.. :g:::.,..:.:.,: ,'-, 5 4, ,.,. N -V N ...Q-.,54:,:r,,..Q - f .gzgx-,v . ., ,-,Jw :.':r7m,,5? .rw-.:Ag: . 'fg 2 Q, ,, .... wh 1 ,.:. -55 I ' ' ? .. , ,,., x,,., A A ' K .,.,, 2 33: , , ., . , . , , 5, . . .x ..,. ,, , ,, , 4. I A , .,.,: I g i 1 i I T 5 5 i li K I 5 5 S'-3 C011Lf7li'l'1H?1lfS of i THE ALBION MALLEABLE IRO CO. Albion, Michigan 246 cle-nn:-. 111i ui ' -111--1--11 - -i11L11111-11 un aio 94.9 'CT' 'Qjf kr ,1 f'-'N . , Page Om: Hundred Ninety-two V N 5 w Tl-IE ALBIONIA I uranium: 11111111-1-1- nn-ni. :inn-uni 1 -u--'---m1nl1..1,.,,..-...-...- 1 1.,.1+ : I I I I STUDENT SUITS i Wochholz 8 Gress I T Taijowjd by I I 5 . . , . -I ALBIIJNIS PURE Foon CENTER T MIUYIALLS-SHLRN SZ CO' I T FIIGH GRADE FURNISHINGS I and i I .'1l'zc'c1ys Madfrafvly Priced I IFUHLS THAT SATISFY I i L. F. Blaisdell I I I .i.,-..,- - -,,,-,,,..,,,-,,,,-,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,...,,- ,,.,,,,,!, oiv--uu- - -.1-.I-II-n----u.-------au-.n-n-- ofnurml 1--- uu1nu- 1:u-uu1un-un- 1 ui-1.1.4, similar 1- -un-n:1uu-u:n-uu1nn1un1uu-ul- -nn- I ' I : I : I 2 I , i Co1.mfAc'K PRo1aL'cTs I UP-f0-D012 5 . . . 5 ' ' I Cham Dalrles i I Electnc Shoe Repalr I . T I P1cTu,x ms AND BOURNELIS, Props. I Mzlls, Cream, Cheese, cmd T SHGE PEPAIRING I B11fte1AI111filk I -X I ' ' I I IfVork Riglzf - Prices Righi I PHONE 463 I Cor. Cass and Superior Phone 414 I I I in-I. ---- ....-. - .-..- ..-..-...-....-....-....-..q. -i..-..I-...-...-....- -....-....-...-...... .-....- .-.I-N..- .g.....,.- - ....-......-.. -----.- -.-..-.. --------- - ---- -...-. I I I -I I . I 1 I ' I - I 1-ulh.. I I I I I I I I I I I SS I I C0Illff7Il.71lIc?7lf.Y of I . i The Gale Manufacturzng Co. I ALBION, MICHIGAN I Aim... .,,, 1111111.--.111- 1 -... 11111i1--L -- 1 -nn-ole J-,,. '-Ji..-n I f 3 1+ Page One Hxmdred Ninety-th Tl'-IE ALBIONIAN 0 .!..-....-.- -....-..-.,.-..- .--.-- ..I--Q. .5.,.-.... --..- ..-..-....-..I-....-....-....- -..-ng. I I I I I I I, gf I I An 'I77f7!0Sf'H'L67'lf in Good Appear- I KF, I I , I I I I ance I I I I Igii544I I I I I I I I Bando Cleaners I I I -- I I I I eiFMgssfaI:fI I I I I I I I II III I I I I IIII IIIIIII if '. I I II I 'MEIN ' I I IS I I ' If I II 1 I . I I I Moore s Music I I Company I I I 113 IN. PORTER S13 PHONE 1006 I VYELCOMIES STUDENTS I I I f1i'l?l'j'lIVlfl7Zg HI .M H516 I I I I 314 So. Superior St. I EMM ...-.. mh-mMmm44mmwmmmMMmmmp-dW4 in-nn-un--un --11 n-uiuinu1uu-ninn-nn-I--nu-an-un-nninn1nu ---:-1i1-1 nn-an-1? I I I I I I I I THE COLLEGE CO-ED'S I I I HEADQUARTERS I I I I I . . . . I I for wearmg apparel mcluclmg coats. frocks, hosiery, I lingerie, gloves, scarfs, neckvvear, dress accessories, I gifts, party supplies, books and luggage. I I I I THE GEO. T. BULLEN CO. I , ,I , f TIIIRTY-six XEARS IN ALBION I I I I I via--:in 11-----1111---11 - --11----1---1 mv1nfo ASL? Y I I 4 F-A X ,LN I Page One H1mdrf'd Ninety-four ' i TI IE AI.. ogoninu -111-----11i1 nn-:I B I O N I A IJ 4, ?oI?mI-nl -i11111-1111 MII1In!0 I I I I I Qui' hearts throb to the memory I of the thousands of Friendships I Special Attention given to We enjoy with the students I Developing and Printing I I of I Bring your cunzrzn here I I I 3 for a Wload 5 5 . 5 I with the cclvlvnllvd I I Albion I 1 I I I I - I I - I 7 AGFA Fllm I I I I Stock Always Fresh HERE's TO Y oU I I I I I A R SMITH I I -' I I ' ' I I I I DRUGS AND CAMERAS I I George M1tchel18c Co. I I PAINTS VVALL PAPER I I For llzi1'I'y-Iwo years your randy man I I I . I I I I 'P'-'N' i1111 -1-1- - 1 1uu-uni. .i..1,.,1.,,, ,,111111 - 1 1 1nu10I0 '! '1 illti 1 111' '- 1 -Im-:ofa ,P.,1nl,14.1..1m-nu-nn-uniuu-nu-nu-lull!!-ll1ll-'Og' I I ' I : A 5 I 2 I , ' ,,,,,,,AA,,o,Ass?,. I I The Recorder Press I 'TT:T:1::zqg5535fl 335' J LS- ' 5 out -R- ami-jg5jXt2?fF??f. -..- -A I I Company P - uEtW:: ' I P11l11Lv11w's Albion ETICIIIIIAQ Recorder 5 I H GH' ' I ami : , Q I Albion, College Plviad I em., ap Y I A R EAN'-is Complete I I I . I. I R B UT job Prmtmg I Depart-zfzevzt T , I S F I I 1 I I - PROGRAMS I I C'UNIf7Ii1lI!'1lfX of S I INVTTATIONSY ETC- g . I . I I : I News LETTERS I I I I CARE I ' ' s g Lu . A .' 2 I Maple City Dalry Co. I rim? Boing? I ' : I A I I NIARKET PLACE PHONE 19 I 5 I I . I I g Qualify - ScPz'1ce I I AIJBION' MICH. I I Phone 29 - 33 111 Center St. : I T I Ask for Phil 5 : I . -n .1 -, 1 i 1 1- - 1 1 - illlilg ,i,,,,.,,,,.., .. .. -fu-nu-nu-un-lwlll-ll14lH-1l -l 1 !' A284 , f 3 -I I Page One Hundred 1V1'11ety-fim' T,l-IE AL.aloNnA U n!su1un ---1-1111-- -- --un1lq!g sian:-lui -' -' '-' ' -' 1 -' '- - .- I I I I I I 5 ' C0lIIf71Ill14'llf.9 I T PROVING THAT IT Is STYLISH . I . T T TO B12 THRIFTY T LEE 8: CADY T I I I I Style is not measured by what you 5 VVHOLES-NLE GROCERS I g spend. at the I. C. Penney Stores. i T i Fashion and Thrift are closely linked ! DiNm,ilmmm of i i here .... and the newest and smartest I I I apparel from the New York Style I I I Markets, the new and dependable in f Fam: and Sta le 2 ' . I y p I I home needs .... are Offered at pr1ceS g fwerchandlse I g you are always glad tO pay! T T T I OPERATING IN BIICHIGAN ONLY N N 1 T T I T T I uiu1uI 1111 11111-1-1 I an-ull in-nu 111-i11111 -1 1 1 'fc afon-nu- 1 -ll-un-nn1ul --i11-- -I-uuinuin 11--11:1-1 1 1 1- I I I I PARKER INN I i ALBION, MICH. I I The Logical Place I for your I T T Partzes, Dances, Banquets I I SFOUR PATRONAO12 W11.L BE T APPRECIATED T I SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS 1-'OR Rooms FRED BUCHER, PROP. I I I oil-nu1nn 1-1-1-1-11 11111- - 11111 1 1111-i 1 f U 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-.six Tl lE ALBIONIA If g,,,,,,,, -.i,.- -, ---- -. -nu-fag. e?o:-lII- 1 -' ---- '- 1 '-' -' 1 '!' I I I I . I I - I I The Plumbing and Heating I McDougall 85 Young I fin K rcsge G3I'11'l'11fG.Yi'lfI'l7L I I I Dmllmv in I I and Su.vam1a 1'VcsIey I I I I - Dow im- I I - I I 1111 13. Quality i I XVIIRIQ lNs1'Al.1.la1m BY I I Fuels I I I I I I I I I I A. S. WILDT I I I I I I I I . ' I 9 I I II I I I I I I I I Plumbing, Hcutiug, and Ventilation I I PHONE 118 I I Home Cmnfmrt Headquarters I I I I 110 N. CLINTON PHONE 742 I I 116 N- SUPERIOR ST- I I I I I I I I ,i,,.,,,.. I lili -:--111 u n-:III-1+ efuinli -. 1,1 1i111111 1 1-nu--I +.1,n,- ... .. -. - -111i n--nuiunim--'min in -1111 1111111 1 u1ll1ll !' I I 1 sis X - I I I 'af I -I5 I III I I I -I -gzmf-iViI'IiI .,,Qf , M II fi: I I5 ll 'Ir' WZ? I X' I0 - II? Qxrgsx I I ll 'lu 'fa IL lg -I -fr. - I , .MIEIFFM u g . I XI :III I . I :ex -f - 'Q-'I f' iff s I . I I C0mpl1I111,ents of I UNION STEEL PRODUCTS CO. IIllYl1llftIL'flU'l'1'.Y of I I - I XMIRI-I Goolms AND IIAKERY IZQUIPMISNT I GI-IORGIC li. Dia.-xx, Class 1890, Prcx. I 5 XV. CLARK DEAN, Class 1921, l z'cv-prvx. 2 I C. Ill-XEINALD Sx11'1'1fI, DzIrtmoutl'1, Trans, I ' ljlmuruxuxx' D14'KIli, Class 1913, Sfr. I : PAH. C. lima.-xxx, Class 1925, Pl'Ul11!L'fIlIII Mgr. 5 . I HARIJQY R. 'I'lmNsl'l-:, Class 1923, g1, Prodzzulfmz Illgr. I I I ofa-un -1--11 . -un-un 1--111- - 1- I-:,-I -111 ' 1111-i1 - -IIl1 '!' tif . 4g,s.n-can :rx 1 IQII X I -M., l'ugu One Hrmrlrvd Nilrvfgwut 1 1 Tl-1E Al. U s!uu---n-n-n-n.----- 1 -n-1.,.-m--.u- ---n--ui, -Sn I I I I I I I RALPH'S I 1 I - I Sport Shop I I I ' 1 1 I T 1 s I B I O N I n1nn1,,1,,,1uu1nn1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 O-ur Clothes are Designed to Please The College Man Sporting Goods - : , I E BRUCE GRAY I Excluswel I I 3' I . 5 . , 1 i i LLARIX Roma I i T HAROLD CASXVELL I I I I I Siudenf Repre.vc11fatii1es i lVlmlesaIe i i I and T i . 2 . I I Maurlce S. Gordon I Raimi I l I T i C0 I -C I I ' I P1-101' 9511 38 W. MICH. AVE. : I 22 XV MICH AVF f BATTLE CREEK, MICH- BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN I I I +.-.. .... ..... .... ..-..- -.-...-..f. .i..-.u- -.-.. ...... - - - .!..-u..- .. ..............-..-...-...-....-..-....- -........!. .!...-....-..-n..-.l.-...- - - - - -- - - I I I I I I I I I Compliments I FOR PERFECT REFRIGERLXTION of I I I I I I . I The ELECTROLUX I I The Chatter-Box I I I GAS I Eat Shoppe I REFRIGERATOR I I 2 with I I I . I 1. i I Personalzty I I I I I I Albion Gas sz Light I I IE I I I n CO. I n T T T HOME COOKING I I I I I I Q01--nw 1-11-1-1111- u--un-unio 'Ill-In 1111 1111 ilil fr' f 'M Page One Hundred Ninety-eight X if-r AN Tl-IE ALBIONIA 0 with-Ili v-ll1ll1ll1ul-an 1111111 , - -- --n 1 111:-an-un1nn 111111--1 nail!-lf' 5 i 1 Q I i I : 1 THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN I : E I T TRANSPORTATION OO. i T Q 5 I I i i no no lil i T 1 i I I The Deluxe Motor Coach Service of the i Southern Michigan Transportation Co. T I has served the Albion College Athletic T Association and the Glee Clubs in the T i past year. Ride in comfort when you I have parties and dances. 1 1 1 L E I I i E I i I I Q PVC a-rc ever ready to .se1'z'e your E 1 T f'uf11frc f1'a11sp0rtf1ti0n needs. T i I E I i I T EI Q 5 I I T i . I T Jackson, Mich. I 5 i T PHONE 5191 E I I I g 1 + '1' lillli i111111111 - 111111 iL----- I I n-noi: .-QQ.-AA fr- 7 U X- w , I I Page Om' Hundred Ninety-J w Tl-IE ALBIONIA 5 Dfw-nn1nu 11--111-111 nn1.m1, 4. ,f.,.1.... 1111111 , 11111 4. ! i 5 i i Q s 1 3 ! l FOR L i McI,ellan's L TASTY FOODS 1 Q i i Stores I 7 g E g ! T X - I Sc - 51.00 2 1 ? The College Inn ' ' ' n I : qi.,-.nI1pl1l.1I1.-1.1up-nnLun1nn1-an-uw1nn1nn f Eat Shoppe i 1 The Art Craft Press g X 5 E TINKI-I.AM. Sz 1iIiYNOI.Di, Props: T T Prml'-mg I hat flalks i T ii IVY srl! mfr! rent I PVlzvre Q1lGI'ifLV PI'f?ZfU'il.Y,, i T f1'Pfw f -Y I i i 108 XV. Polmak ST. I T T 'Pl-ll 11-111 a 1-11i- ...1,m1,..f, qi.,-In i11- uw-uu1u-nu-I1 1 1 1 1' 'I' -fl'--H 1'i 11'11 - 1 1- -lu-uu1nn -11111- un1l- - 1' '- -V- I 1 T Builders of the- KRESGE GYMNASIUM 5 SLISANNA XVESLEY DORMITORY I XVASIIINGTON CQARDNER T'TIGH SCHOOL T 1 E4 1 i - I SCHUMACHER CONSTRUCTION CO. 5 GENERAL CONTRACTORS AT,1ilON', MICH. i I L lf'-luv-n -1-11--1-111 v-- -- -- .L - -11---1i1 --. 1 1 Page Two HH H fired Tl'-IE ALBIONIA 4.41.11.,-..1,,,1u..-un1nni-1n- .in-iuni.,-. 1 ...1 1 ... 1 1 1. .-.11-1,,i...Qy' .-. .1 -. 1.1.1. I I I I I I I I ROBBINS FURNITURE I T COMPANY 1 5 . I The Factory Store - Owosso, Mich. I I . I I I E - I I I I I I FURNITURE - RUGS I I LARGEST STOCK - LOWVEST PRICES - BEST QUALITY I Free Dclizfery to All Points in Cc11t'ral M iclzigau I I I I I I I I I Ili-ll?nu-n11uin111uu-an-uniuu-un-:sinus-nu1nn 11-1 - 1 n--uuinu-nu--aniun 11111-1 uu- nfl ??, t fi . P Ay X I-I' dfr:-7, -1' I , . P g Two Hundred O Tl-IE ALBIONIA 5 .1g..1111111111111 Men's Union IQRESGE GYMNASIUM H ealtlzful Recreation HAliKDLIl CASXVELI., Jllgr. ,1..1 1 1,..1,u1.-1ua1uu....n...n1nm1. 1 1 ,.1..m1..1.,,1..1,.1. 1,,,1,,.-nn1nnn1un1nn1u'1 Huberts Greenhouses CUT FLowr:Rs AND PoTT1an PLANTS Cokslxcslzs, BRIDAL BOUQUETS LJl'.YlA!lllilIff and .1111 Kinds of Floral lVm'k Phone 709 ,,1un1111111111111 ,,1m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1mq1 1 -1..1nn1.1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1., U .!...--u- - -..-..-.-.. ------- H--ng. rf- ! ! l l l 1 2 g ! l I I L Albion College Co-Qperative l Association 1 1 2 The College Book I i 1 i -i- i Store i 1 4 E' l EST,X13I.TSI-IEDISQ3 . ,l . 1 C1lARL12s FINK, gllanaycr E 1 I l I i XVAL'1'l5R NOLTIQ, flssf. ilfgr, i T l , l l L L l L I ! l l l -1-.,-M ....-...- .n-....u.-.,.-........i. -i- 'S' l L Q n, l l l l l L with you. l l l l To the Graduates- llfe wish you happiness and success. WVe have enjoyed the last four years' association l THE PIKE STUDIO 3 'P0rtraifs with Pm's01zalityi 414 SOUTH SLJI'-laklcm S'l'RlCli'I' ALBION, MICHIGAN I -1--..-..- ..... ......... , ......, - -..-..- :fwf- .-.,,-.-L.-. . 1. gg 7 is ff- 1' .iwgiviiif X T 1 Page Two Hundred Two Y Tl'lE Al. B I O N I A U as-an-un-mi--n-n --------- :-un-wi. -get--IIII1 - -u-u----n- -u- - - -nl-In-nie I I I I I I . . i I i Northwestern g Cgltyfesy 5 5 of LIFE I 1 I INSURANCE CO. I Consumers Power I I I ! I O. I. ARNOLD, President I CO, IWIINNEAPOLIS, MINN. I TRUMAN H. CUMMINGS I IE I13 STATE MGR. I I I 2132-40 FIRST NATIII BANK BLDG. I LIGHT Sz POWER DETROIT, MICI-IJIGAN I I I Sold by Many 12 Convenient I i i Albion Graduates District Offices I I I IPM-ll 1111-- ll1ul1ll-Il-'Hill-lu1ul1r-mio missin11:11111-u11:n1n:inn-un-nn-ul-un--an-nu1nu1nIn nge'-In -1---1- un-n- n -1-- -n-uu-n-I-I-I-n--'----.-n-n.----n-:w-un-n-un-un-nu-4. I I I LANDSMAN'S Inc. E . I Home of Hart Schaifner 85 Marx I I and I Roxbury College Clothes I I STYLED TO IXIEET THE REQUIREBIENTS OF COLLEGE NIIEN HBUCKH PINEGAR K ! . ' STUDENT REPIZESENTATIVE I BATTLE CREEK ALBION - T 1 . 'I'-Il-ll ---------------- - - - ----u--n-n-nu ----- ---ul-ni. -fl.-:,, I my-,- . I 7 II 2514451.31 X I kv ' Page Two Hundred Thre 'l I lE ALBIONIA 1111111111111,,,,1,, PUT THIS IN YOUR NOTEBOOK Right in Albion, there is a factory that builds high-grade warehouse trucks, terminal trailers, custom built trucks, and a line of casters ranging from a diminutive two-inch chair model to a monstrous industrial job that stands more than two feet in height and carries a conservative ca- pacity rating of 20,000 pounds. The Service Castor SL Truck Co. ALBION, -NTICHIGAN 1ly1nu1ug1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m41,. 1np1,.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -n1un1.,g u1l.l.1111111111111 Grinnell Music House ALI. TQINDS or NTUSICAL SUPPLIES W. MICHIGAN AVE. JACKSON, MICH. THE ELKS TEMPLE kX'l'TRAC'ITIVE IACCOMMODATIONS FOR Fraternity and S brority F orznals Dinners and Dances SOUTH JACKSON Srmcnr JACKSON, MICHIGAN -1- ------------------------------ -1' il. X . 1 fgirtdx, I IPS fmoelen: I M 'wwf' Page lco Hun ind F: ur TI'-IE A IIl,aloNnAN 5. V q..-..I.- - -...-..-.,.-..- -- .---- -,... - - - -, ............ ,.,-.i. I I I 5 f I I : I I I I Cavfmiazg to those I who avjvprccia-fe I T IIH0'l'UGR.-XI'I1S OF DISTINCTION I I I I 5 I I s I I I I I I I Ncgafwcs are al- I ways kept on file It has been our pleasure I . I T so that more to pl1otug1'apli many of Albioifs I PI-L'fIl'l'CS wmy be Students, Ifaculty Members I obmfzwd at any and Organizations ' I I I iimc. : I I I I I 11- I I I I Plll'Il'?1IIS by Photography Finishing fm' the Amateur I ' I I Reproductioiis from Old Photographs Artistic Picture Framing I T I E I I ' 2 I I ' 0 I I I I I ' I I I 1 I ! 5 I 106 EAST ERIE S'l'RliIi'l' I ALBION, MICHIGAN e 1 f 1 4'-'li 1 1 - i 1 1 'I 1111--ii11 - 111--1 m1 1 1 1 x1 l1un1uu1nnio .-1,'.:L2.... nik if., , Page Two H-zmdrea' Five T :Inn-nln:nn1uu1 I PIE ALB: 'VW wi,1.i... .H-ullu.1u.,1,.,1..1..1,,.1,.1.n1,.1..1 .J SER QA fi7d7!yyfZfikLZ?blZ viz :ZH diliiifqfilfidiif iid! Mekflfzaeiiywyzfy Qifpaiyf fwk 226 Ziylilfiqfdlff IZYWZKZMMZV X im!! W an--u-u-11mm 1-sf-. .-ns-f-.,n., Page Two Hund: I 1 5 Sm' x-I O N I A 'Tl'-IE ALBIONIA T I I l 1 5 E bll:i186D .S Y fS EEHLING Ros. VERARD Q comvuafe PRINTING S E R V I C E THIS ENTIRE BOOK is E a product of our plant, 5 where machinery and work- T manship of the highest quality f rule. Take up your present or contemplated Printing Problems with us. :: :: :: I i WRITE FOR : ESTIMATES I Kl!LFiM 6250 O 5 M-ICHIGHN i T L L L A 1 1 I 'I' f'klQ.f!.n- f f 'X M Y P T H rl .S 11.1.1 i 1 1 1 1 1 ..- 1. 1 .1 1 --1 1 1 1 1.l1uq1g'lqg.-gain, - -nl1m4.1,,!, mmwmwmma--------------MMmMmmM4 THE ALBIONIA ' LJ Autographs 'L' jfx X .- P T 1 E1 Kr- iff? ' 4 f+Ti?3f? 'f ' J'-'l'-ff '-'fix ' j . , xr

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