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Text from Pages 1 - 214 of the 1928 volume:

J S tiL %» - - sisragi o A — m. - s rr rr G r mic ' w John Lawrence Seaton, D. D., LL. D. President of Albion College A. B., Upper Iowa University, 1898; S. T. B., Boston University, 1901; Ph. D., Boston University, 1905 ; Williams Scholar, Harvard, 1912-13: D. D., Upper Iowa University, 1921; LL. D„ West Virginia Wesleyan University, 1924 ; Professor of Psychology, Dakota Wes- leyan University, 1913-14; President, College of the Pacific, 1914-19; College Secretary, Board of Education, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1919-24 ; present position since 1924. MBPp tfWMI| Robert Williams, A. M., D. D. Dean of the College ami Professor of Philosophy Delta Sigma Rho ; A. B„ Wesleyan Uni- versity, Middletown, Conn., 1911; D. D., Al- bion College, 1921 ; Registrar and Vice-Pres- ident, Department of English, East Green- wich Academy, East Greenwich, R. I.; Dean, Department of English and Classics, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary, Wil- liamsport, Pa.; A. M„ Boston University; present position since 1921. Marian Gray, A. B., M. A. Dean of Women and Instructor in English A. B„ Ohio State University, 1923: M. A., Cornell University. Ithaca, New York. 1925 ; Dean of Women. Perm College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, l n 25-27; present position since 1927. Page Twenty William W. Teft, B. S. President of Board of Trustees. S. of C. E., University of Michigan, 1907; Asst. C. Department, 1907-08; Member of Fargo Engineering Com pany, 1911-19; Consulting Hydraulic and Civil Engineer, Consumers Power Company. 1919-24 ; Director and Vice- President of Consumers Power Company, 1922; Member of American Association of Civil Engineers; present posi- tion since 1922. Fraxk L. Mulholland President of Alumni Association. A. B., Albion College, 1896; LL. D., Universitv of Michigan, 1899; Trustee Toledo University, 1910-12; President, To- ledo Chamber of Commerce, 1912-13; Pres. International Rotary Association, 1914-15; Lecturer and organizer for War Dept. Commission on Training Camp Activities, 1917; Lecturer for Military Entertainment Council, 1917; Com- manding Captain, American Red Cross in France, 1918 ; Hon. Member, Credit Men ' s Association; Senior Partner. Mulholland and Hartmann, Toledo, Ohio. William B. Buck, A. B.. A. M. Alumni Secretary. A. B.. Albion College. 1895: A. M„ Albion College. 1896; A. M., Harvard College, 1898; Secretary, Cuban Orphan Association, 1900-02; New York County Visiting Com- missioner, 1902-04 ; Superintendent of Seybert Institution of Philadelphia, 1906-15 ; Director of Sea View Farms and Public Charities, New York, 1916-18; Director of Red Cross Relief, 1918-20; Sea View Farms, 1920-26; Alpha Tau Omega ; present position since 1927. Page Twenty-one Hugh Carleton Gregg. Ph. B., A. M. Business Manager of Albion College Ph. B. University of Chicago, 1921 ; A. M. University of Chicago. 1922. Mildred Catherine Mapely Business Secretary Diploma, The Business Institute of Detroit. Present position since Sept. 1922. Caula Lucille Kennedy, A. B. Assistant Registrar. A. B., Albion College, Alpha Chi Omeg Present position since March 1924. Dorothy Mae Minnich, A. B. Secretary to the President. A. B., Ohio State University. Present position since June 1926. Page Twenty-two Frederick Lutz, A. M., Litt. D. Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages. A. B., Berea College, 1876; A. B.. Harvard College. 1878; A. M., Baldwin-Wallace College, 1879; studied at Jena, Freiburg, Geneva, Munich and Marburg; Litt. D., Albion College, 1911; Member of the Harvard faculty until 1885. when he came to Albion College ; thirty-five years as head of the Modern Language department, Albion College ; Sec- retary of the faculty for eighteen years ; formerly a mem- ber of the Modern Language Association, the Classical Association and the Dante Society ; Author of The Ele- mentary German Reader ; German Derivatives ; Co- author of English Etymologies. Frederick Samuel Goodrich, A. M., D. L». Professor of Biblical History and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa ; Psi Upsilon ; A. B., Wesleyan University. Connecticut, 1890; A. M., University of Michigan, 1898; Yale University, 1898 ; University of Chicago, Summer Sessions ; University of Berlin ; D. D., Defiance College, 1909; Assistant Instructor in Greek, Wesleyan University. Connecticut, 1891-92; Acting President of Albion College, January 21, 1924, to July 15, 1924; present position since 1892. Edwin Roscoe Sleight, A. M. Professor of Mathematics. B. S.. Albion College, 1901; A. M.. 1902; Professor of Mathematics. Montevideo, Uraguay, South America. 1902- 04; Michigan Military Academy, 1904-06; Carthage Col- lege. Illinois, 1906-08; President, Michigan Section, Math- ematics Association of America ; Dean, Bay View Summer School ; Alpha Tau Omega ; present position since 1908. Twenty-fo Arthur Henry Harrop, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Latin and Creek Languages and Litcratiu-r. Phi Beta Kappa; A. B., Ohio Weslevan University, 1894, A. M„ 1896; A. M., Harvard University, 1903; Ph. D., Boston University, 1905 ; Vice-President and Professor of Latin and Greek, Union College, 1894-95 ; same at Mis- souri Weslevan College, 1896-97; Acting Assistant Pro- fessor of Greek at Weslevan University, Connecticut, 1905 ; Professor of Latin, University of Denver, 1905-13 ; Regis- trar and Instructor in Latin and Greek, Alleghany College, 1913-15; Member of the Classical Association of the Mid- dlewest and South, American Classical League. Michigan School Masters Club ; Author of College Training , Fraternity Scholarship, What the College and Univer- sity Ought to do for the Student in Latin , Latin and Greek as First Aids in the Study of Psychology , The Story of Ammi Bradford Hyde ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; present position since 1915. Arthur Mertox Chickerinc;, M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Biology and Geology. Sigma Xi ; Ph. B., Sheffield Scientific School of Yale Uni- versity, 1913; M. S„ University of Wisconsin, 1916; Ph. D.. University of Michigan, 1927 ;. graduate work at the University of Michigan. Summer Sessions, 1919-24 ; In- structor of Biology, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1913-18; In structor in Zoology at University of Michigan Summer Sessions, 1921-26, School Year, 1925-26; Professional Pa- pers in Cytology and Biology ; Member of the A.A.A.S. : Member of the American Nature Association ; Member of the Michigan Academy of Science. Vice-President, Zo- ological Section. 1919-20 ; present position since 1918. David Lindsay Randall Professor of Chemistry. Sigma Xi ; A. B.. Yale University. Connecticut. 1904 ; A. M., Yale University, 1905; Ph. D., 1907; Instructor in Chem- istry, University of New Hampshire, 1907-10; Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Secretary, Weslevan University, Connecticut, 1918-19; Member of American Chemical So- ciety ; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; present position since 1919. Albert Johnston McCulloch, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Political Science. A. B.. University of Missouri, 1894; A. M.. 1895; Ph. D., University of Denver, 1905 ; Columbia University, 1914, 1926 ; Instructor in History, University of Missouri. 1894- 95 ; Professor of History and Political Science, South- western College, Kansas, 1910-1919; Professor of History, Northeast Missouri Teachers ' College, 1919 ; Professor of History, Morningside College, Iowa, 1923-24; Author of The Loan Office Experiment in Missouri ; Member of tlu- Political Science Association of America, and of the Academy of Political Science of New York ; Phi Kappa Delta ; present position since 1919. Donald Monroe Gilbert, Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages. Phi Beta Kappa; Ph. B., Wesleyan University, Connecticut. 1908 ; Certificat d ' etudes f rancaises, University of Paris. 1910; A. M., West Virginia University, 1917; Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1920; Instructor in French, Northwestern University, 111., 1909-10; Instructor of English, Corozal, Porto Rico, 1908-09 ; Supervising Prin- cipal. Corozal and Humacao, Porto Rico, 1911-14; Instruc- tor in English and French, Institute Nacional, Panama, 1914-15; Instructor of Romance Languages, West Vir- ginia Lriiversity, 1915-1918; University of Cincinnati, 1918-19; Graduate work and Assistant in Romance Lan- guages, University of Wisconsin, 1919-20; Delta Kappa Ep-ilon ; present position since 1920. Clement Eugene Rood, Ph. M. Professor of Physics. Ph. B., Albion College, 1894; Ph. M„ 1897; Instructor in Astronomy and Physics, Albion College, 1895-97 ; Fellow- ship in Astronomy, University of Chicago, 1897-99 ; In- structor in Mathematics and Astronomy, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1899-01 ; Professor of Mathematics and Phys- ics, Carthage College, Illinois, 1901-03; Instructor in Phys- ics, Michigan College of Mines, 1903-15; Assistant Profes- sor, 1915-20 ; Head of Department of Physics. Western State College of Colorado, Summer Session, 1923 ; Grad- uate work in Physics, University of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1924-25 ; present position since 1922. rank Wesley Shultis, A. B„ A. M. Professor of Business Administration. A. B., State Teachers College. Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1908; A. M., State Teachers ' College, Greely, Colorado, 1914; In- structor at Greely, Colorado ; present position since 1922. William Whitcomb Wkitehouse, A. M., Th. D., Ph. D. Professor of Economies and Sociology. A. B.. Lebanon College, 1916 ; Lane Theological Seminary, 1915; B. D., Garret Biblical Institute, 1917; Marquette University, School of Commerce, 1917-18; A. M., Law- rence College, 1919; Th. D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1922; Ph. D., Northwestern University, 1927; Delta Sigma Phi ; present position since 1922. Henry Lee Ewbaxk, A. M. Professor of Public Speaking. Phi Beta Kappa ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Phi Delta Epsilon ; A. B.. Ohio YVesleyan. 1917; A. M., University of Michi- gan. 1924; Graduate School. University of Michigan, 1925- 26 ; Treasurer, National Association of Teachers of Speech ; Instructor in English, Albion College, 1917-18 ; Assistant Professor of Public Speaking, Albion College, 1918-21 ; Graduate work and Instructor in Public Speaking, University of Wisconsin, 1927-28 ; Secretary of Interna- tional Oratorical League ; Business Manager of Quarterly Journal of Speech : Chi Phi ; Head of the Department of Public Speaking since 1922. Thomas Milton Carter, Ph. D„ B. D. Professor of Education. Phi Delta Kappa; A. B., Illinois Wesleyan University. 1914; B. D.. Garrett Biblical Institute. 1917: A. M., Northwest- ern University, 1921 ; Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1923 ; Student Director of Hamline University, 1919-20 : Central State Normal College, Summer, 1925 ; South Dakota State College, Brookinoff, South Dakota, Summer, 1926 ; Central State Normal College, Summer, 1927 ; Member of National Education Association, Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters ; Sigma Tau Delta ; present position since 1923. Bernice Lydia Crosby, B. S. Professor of Home Economics. B. S.. University of Wisconsin; Director of Home Econ- omics ; present position since 1924. Royal Glenn Hall, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of History. A. B., Park College; A. M., University of Kansas: B. D., Auburn Theological Seminary ; Ph. D., University of Chi- cago; Instructor at Park College, 1918-19; University of Kansas. Summer, 1920 ; Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, 1920, 21, University of Chicago, 1924-25; five years of religious and educational work in Siam and Hawaii ; Kappa Delta Pi ; present position since 1926. Puge Twenty-eight Howard Gould Baker, A. B., A. M. Assistant Professor of English and Instructor in Journalism. A. B., Washington and Jefferson College, 1918 ; A. M., 1920 ; A. M., Pennsylvania State College, 1926; Instructor in English, North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering, 1920-22 ; Instructor in English, Pennsylvania State College, 1922-25 ; Assistant Professor of English, 1925-26; Assistant Professor of English and Instructor in Journalism, Albion College, 1925-26; Acting Head of the Department of English, 1927-28: Member Modern Lan- guage Association of America, American Association of Teachers of Journalism ; present position since 1926. N. J. Weiss, A. B„ A. M. Acting Professor of Public Speaking. Wooster Academy, 1912; A. B„ Wooster College, 1918; A. M„ University of Wisconsin, 1926; Ensign, U. S. N. R. F. 1918-19; Instructor, High School, New Philadelphia, Ohio, 1919-22 ; Coach of Debate at Kalamazoo Central High School, 1922-26: Coach of Debate of De Pauw, 1926- 27; Member, National Association of Teachers of Speech; Delta Sigma Rho. Rose Ball, B. S. Librarian and Instructor in Library Methods. B. S., Albion College, 1896 ; Chautauqua Library School, 1922; Member of the American Library Association; pres- ent position since 1905. Page Twenty- Louis Upton Rowland. Mus. B. Director of Conservatory, Professor of Pianoforte and Pipe Organ. Mus. B.. Oberlin College. 1907; Graduate Study, Oberlin, University of Kansas, and private tutors, Wilson, Preyer, Shilton Godowsky ; Director of Music. Mercerburg Acad- emy, Wesley College, University of Dakota, Baker Uni- versity ; present position since 1926. Iarold B. Harvey, Mus. B. Professor of Violin and Theory of Music. Graduate Oberlin Conservatory, 1912 ; Graduate study Royal Conservatory of Brussels, 1913-14; Graduate study Ecole des Hautes Etudes Musicales de France. Fontaine- bleau, Summer, 1925 ; Pupil in Violin of Franz Koehler, Maurice Kessler, Leon Sametini ; Director of Music, Lou- isiana State Normal, Natchitoches, La. ; Head of Violin Departments at Morningside College (three years), Baker Lhiiversity, Baldwin, Kansas (eight years). oskph Cowley Cleeland, B. Mus. P. M. A. Professor of Voice. Kenyon College : University of Rochester ; Eastman School of Music ; Vocal training with Edmund Jones. University of Edinburgh ; Samuel Richard Gaines ; Oscar Gareissen ; T. Austin-Ball. Soloist with Rochester Festival of Bee- thoven Music ; Director of Music at Camp Winnebago. Favette. Maine, two vears ; Member of staff of WGY and WHAM Radio Stations: Clarissa Dickie-Stewart Instructor in Piano and Normal Piano Methods. Albion Conservatory ; Detroit Conservatory ; Personal In- struction under Dr. William Mason, New York ; W. C. Seebaeck, Chicago; Rafael Joseffy, New York; Music School of Northwestern University, Summers, 1920, 1922: Special Course in Normal Methods of Piano, Joseph Lhe- vinne, Russian Pianist ; Teaching under Otto Sand and F. V, Chase in Albion College Conservatory : Private Teaching in Battle Creek ; Normal Piano under Otto Miessner and Repertoire and Interpretation Class with Per cy Granger in Chicago Musical College ; Alpha Chi Omega ; present position since 1920. F. DUDLEICH VERNOR Professor of Organ. Student of Institute of Musical Art, New York City; Amer- ican Conservatory, Chicago ; Private Pupil of Ernest Beru- men and Frank La Forge : Professor at Bay View Summer School ; Organist at First Methodist Church, Jackson ; Composer of Sweetheart of Sigma Chi ; Fellowship of Sigma Chi ; Sigma Chi ; present position since 1923. Clarence P. Bilhorx. A. ts. Instructor in Public School Music Methods. A. B., University of Illinois ; Graduate Student Bush Con- servatory, one year ; Phi Mu Alpha ; present position since 1926. Page Thirty-one Eiiith Grant, Pb. Sc. Music. Instructor in Fiona and Children ' s Classes. Public School Music Graduate, Oberlin College Conserva- tory ; Graduate Study at Chicago M usical College and Albion College ; present position since 1925. Florence Swisher, A. B., A. M. Assistant Professor of Public Speaking and Instructor in English. A. B., Ohio Wesleyan University ; Ohio Wesleyan School of Oratory ; Sargent ' s Dramatic School, New York ; Univer- sity of Chicago; A. M., Ohio State University; Major work for Ph. D., at Columbia ; Instructor at Buena Vista College, Oxford, Ohio ; Author of Costumes and Stage Properties of the Early Popular Drama , Three One Act Plays ; Member, American Association of University Women; present position since 1921. Audrey K. Wilder, A. M. Instructor in English. A. B„ Albion College. 1918; A. M.. Columbia University, 1921; Instructor at Libertyville, Illinois; Graduate School, University of Chicago ; Summer Session, 1923 ; Studies at Oxford University, England ; Delta Gamma ; present posi- tion since 1922. Page Thirty -two Annie G. Dean, A. B. Instructor in Home Economics. A. B„ Albion College, 1926; Kappa Delta; present position since 1922. Aethel A. Martin, A. M. Assistant Librarian. A. B., Albion College; A. M., Albion College, 1914; Assist- ant Librarian at Albion College, 1908-1909; Teacher of Latin and Greek, Flint High School, 1909-1913, 1915-17; present position since 1920. James Edward Judson, M. S., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Biology. Sigma Xi; B. S„ University of Illinois, 1922: M. S., Uni- versity of Wisconsin, 1924; Ph. D„ University of Wis- consin, 1927 ; Member of the Botanical Society of Amer- ica. A.A.A.S., Michigan Academy of Science ; Papers on Morphology, and Vascular Anatomy of the Staminate and Pistulate Flowers of the Cucumber ; present position since 1924. Page Thirty-thr Dorothy Gail Exgle, A. B., A. M. Instructor in Chemistry. A. B., University of Denver; A. M., University of Illinois; Iota Sigma Pi ; Pi Beta Pi ; Sigma Delta Epsilon ; Mem- ber, American Chemical Society ; Sigma Xi ; present posi- tion since 1925. Roberta Myrtle Riegel, A. M. Instructor in Modern Languages. A. B„ Central College, Fayette, Missouri ; A. M„ University of Chicago ; Instructor at Central College, Fayette, Mis- souri, 1924-1925 ; Instructor at Heidelberg College. Tiffon, Ohio, 1925-26 ; present position since 1926. Blake Crider, A. M. Instructor in Spanish and Education. A. B.. University of Missouri, 1923; University of Mexico, Summer, 1922; Baylor University, Waco, Texas. 1924; University of Porto Rico. Summer, 1925 ; Graduate Work, University of Chicago, Summers, 1926, 1927; Instructor in Social Sciences, Orange High School, Orange, Texas, 1924-26; present position since 1926. Raymond G. Spexcer, M. S. Instructor in Physics. B. S., Kansas State Teachers ' College, Emporia, Kansas, 1922; Superintendent of Schools, Harlan, Kansas, 1922; M. S., University of Chicago, 1926; Phi Kappa Delta; present position since 1926. CoRXELrus Evers, A. B„ M. S. Instructor in Mathematics. A. B.. Hope College, 1910; M. S., Michigan State College, 1927; Principal of High School. Iowa. 1913-15; Sup ' t of Schools, Iowa, 1915-20: Education Director of Federal Board of Vocational Education, 1920-23 ; Instructor in Mathematics, Michigan State College, 1923-27. Florence Hembdt, A. b. Instructor in English. A. B.. Albion College, 1925. studies at Xew York School of Fine and Commercial Art ; Special work in the Studio of Norman Bel Geddes, 1926-27. Page Thirty-five Dux Hereington, A. M. Instructor in Education. B. Pd., Ypsilanti State Normal, 1911; A. B., University of Michigan, 1912; A. M., University of Michigan, 1925; Superintendent of Schools, Big Rapids, 1913-1919; Super- intendent, Albion High School since 1919 ; Phi Beta Kappa. Mayxarii C. Krieger, A. B., A. M. Instructor in History. A. B., A, M., University of Missouri; University of Berlin; University of Paris ; Geneva School of International Studies ; Anna Schaeheitlix. A. B.. A. M., Ph. I), Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. A. B.. A. M., McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Ph. D., University of Wisconsin; Instructor, McGill University, 1911-14; Instructor, Mount Holyoke College, 1914-18; Fel- low in German, University of Wisconsin, 1918-21; Fellow in German, University of Illinois, 1921-22; Bryn Mawr College, 1922-25 ; Professor of German, Tsing Hua Col- lege, Pekin, China, 1925-26 ; Member, Modern Language Association. Page Unity-! Charlotte H. Swanson, B. S„ A. M. B. S., Kansas State College, Manhattan, Kansas ; M. A.. University of Chicago : Studies at Art Institute of Chi- cago, 1026-27. Mary E. Tucker, A. B.. A. M. Instructor in Biology. A. B.. University of Illinois, 1926; A. M., University of Illinois, 1927; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi ; Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Microscopical Society, American Association University Women; Beta Phi Alpha. Kenneth F. Williams, A. B„ M. A. Instructor in English. A. B.. Oberlin College, 1926; M. A., Oberlin College, 1927. Page Thirty-seren Richard R. Daugherty, A. B. Director of Athletics. A. B., St. Thomas College ; Coaching Sessions at University of Michigan; Rockne-Meanwell Coaching School and Thistlethwaite-Olsen-Hahn Coaching School ; Administra- tive head, Bimiji Coaching School, Bimiji, Minnesota. United States Army Reserve Corps, Phi Kappa Phi. H. Fred Parker, B. S. Assistant Director of Athletics. B. S.. University of Michigan. 1926: Physical Education Instructor, Camp Custer, Summer of 1926 ; Alpha Tau Omega ; present position since 1926. Leta Estella Hamilton, B. S. Director of Physical Education for Women. B. S., Battle Creek College ; Graduate work at Columbia, Summer, 1927; Pi Kappa Delta; Eurodelphian ; present position since 1925. Page Thirty-eight Stankrauff. Tyler, Martenson, Field, Leavitt, Wi Parsons, Keyes, Young, Hoffman, King The Student Senate Ralph Keyes President Leslie Hoffman rice-President Ruth Parsons Secretary Reorganized in 1927, the Student Senate has functioned admirably as a student executive body. The organization attempts to create a better college spirit and to place the student body on a self governing basis. The Senate is composed of representa- tives from thirteen groups with the officers elected by the student body. MEMBERS Ruth Parsons Delta Sigma Rho Harold Field Freshman Class Homer Howes Sophomore Class Ernest Gray Junior Class Victor Williams Senior Class Harlow Stankrauff Interfraternity Council Isabel King Panhcllenie Council Robert Tyler A Club Bates Wills Publications Council Esther Young Religious Interests Charles Leavitt Independents Carl Martenson Local Societies Ralph Keyes President of Student Body Leslie Hoffman Vice-President of Student Body | « ■ a Psf X, m mM ' - ' r £;• ,.. J m J | w J i Mfi iMMwBm Niin 1 j- BE Um - J fl B mm Steidle, Wing. Stiefel, Little, Garlanger Mercer, Geddes, Jerrett, Cowen, Cross, Traut Pernokis, Webster, Rogers, Letts, Mcllvenna, D. Baxter Women ' s Self -Government Association Helex Letts President Louisa Rogers Vice-President Helex Webster Secretary Ruth McIlvexxa Treasurer The Women ' s Self -Government Association resulted from the reorganiza- tion in 1926 of the Student Women ' s League, which was founded in 1924-25 under the direction of Dean Helen Barton. The Association has for its purpose the uniting of the women of the college and also plays an extremely important role in the government of the dormitory. The dormitory is governed hy the Executive Board, which consists of the officers of the Associaton, the proctors. Dean Marian Gray, and Mrs. E. Fay Wolfe, house mother. The Board ' - also assisted by a number of standing committees. Prof. Baker, Dr. McCulloch Martenson, King, Wills Publications Council Bates Wills President Prof. H. G. Baker Vice-President Dr. A. J. McCulloch Treasurer Carl Martenson Secretary Edward Kilian Manager of Publications Reorganized in 1926. the Publications Council is composed of members elected from the student body and two faculty members. The council controls all official campus publications and selects the staffs of the Albionian and Pleiad. MEMBERS Prof. H. G. Baker Dr. A. J. McCulloch Beatrice Huckle Isabel King Carl Martenson Bates Wills Page Fvrly-tzeo Bromley, Penzotti, Gray, Densmore Prof. Rood, Webster, Dr. Randall, Howes, Prof. Shulti. Albion College Co-operative Association Prof. Clement Rood President John Bromley rice-President Dr. David Randali Secretary Established in 1893, the Albion College Co-operative Association enables the students of the college to purchase suplies at reduced price-. At present the Association is incorporated with all of the student body as members. The Book Store handles all college supplies on practically a co-t basis thereby resulting in a saving of several hundred dollars per year to student; of the college. The Co-op is controlled by a Board of Directors, which consists of faculty members and students elected by the student body. During the past year the store was managed by Elson Balkema. Grandville. Michigan, and Ralph Pelton. St. Clair. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Prof. Clement Rood Dr. David Randall Floyd Densmore Stanley Penzotti Ernest Gray Prof. Frank Shultis Florence Howes Helen Webster John Bromley Page Forty-three Tyler. Gray, Bromley Prof. Sleight, Baldwin, Williams Athletic Board of Control Prof. E. R. Sleight President John Bromley Vice-President R. R. Davc.herty Secretary The purpose of the Athletic Board of Control is to elect captains of the various athletic teams, approve schedules, distribute the funds of the Associa- tion, and to govern the athletic activities of the college. Kresge gymnasium is also under the control of the Board. Members of the Board are selected from business men. students, and the faculty. MEMBERS Robert Baldwin Ernest Gray Dr. John L. Seaton Prof. R. G. Spencer Syver Thingstad Robert Tyler Page Forty- four Seniors Victor Williams Gerakline Elliott Charlotte Cooper Charles Nelson SENIOR OFFICERS Victor Williams President Geraldine Elliott Vice-President Charlotte Cooper Secretary Charles Nelson Treasurer Phi Gamma Phi Gamma of Albion College is a local honorary scholarship fraternity founded on May 11, 1921. The purpose of the organization is the promoting of high grade scholarship on the campus. Election to membership is made, by a faculty committee, from the senior students with an average of ninety per cent or better. The members elected this year are : M. Gerakline Abbott Obion, Michigan Charlotte C Cooper Saginaw, Michigan Beatrice I. Denton Lawrence, Michigan Stella L. Heath Hastings. Michigan Charles E. Leavitt Richmond, Maine Buelah Magnotta Albion. Michigan O. Alice Robb Chicago, Illinois Marceline E. Robbins Ozvosso, Michigan L. Louisa Rogers Watcrvliet, Michigan Evelyn G. Thrall Obion, Michigan Dorothy J. Yost Albion, Michigan Abbott, M. Geraldine - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School French Delta Gamma; Tennis, 1; Basketball, 1-2-3-4; Glee Club, 1; Philharmonic. 1-2; French Club, 1-2-3-4, President. 4; Forum Club, 2-3-4; Spanish Club, 4 ; Phi Gamma. Adair, Margaret - - Wyandotte. Michigan Wyandotte High School Music and English Kappa Delta; Glee Club, 1-4; Philharmonic, 1-2; Harmony Club, 2 ; Spanish Club, 2-3-4 ; W. A. A., 3. Alger Detroit, Michigan English. Delta Gamma., Elsox P. - - Grandville, Michigan Grandville High School. Business Administration. Sigma Nu; Orchestra, 1-2; Asst. M store, 3; Asst. Mgr. Basketball, 3; Bookstore, 4 ; Manager Basketball, fraternity Council, 4; Art Club, 4; 4. gr. Book- Manager 4; Inter- •A Club, Aslixe, J. Korris - - Clare, Michigan Clare High School Central State Normal College Pre-Mcdic Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Baseball, 3-4 Club, 3-4; A Club, 4. Biology Bauer, Gladys - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School English. Alpha Xi Delta : Histrionic Club, 3-4 ; Panhel- lenic Council. 2-3-4; Basketball. 2-3-4; V. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1-4; Boosters Club, 2; W. A. A.. 2-3: Class Sec ' y. 1. Bf.xtly, Edith Axxette Walled Lake, Michigan Pontiac High School Home Economics Clionian ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1-2-3-4 ; W. A. A., 2-3-4 ; Home Economics Club, 2-3-4, Pres. 4; Spanish Club, 2-3; Honor Roll, 1-3-4. Page Forty-nine Bii.horx, Grace M. - - Albion, Michigan Illinois State Normal University. University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Literary Bolut, Clarence Ben - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School History Sigma Chi; Forum Club. 3-4; A Club. 1-2-3-4; Interfraternitv Council, 4; Football. 1-2-3-4; Baseball. 2-3-4. Bristol, Harold Bates - Grand Rapids, Michigan Fremont High School Pre-Engineering Delta Sigma Phi ; Debate, 1 ; Philharmonic. 1-2- 3; Band, 1-2-3; Physics Club, 2-3-4, Pres. 4: German Club, 3-4 ; Mathematics Club, 3-4, Pres. 4: Dramatics, 3-4; Histrionic Club, 4; Publications Council, 2 ; Quill Club, 3-4 ; Asst. Editor, Albionian, 3 ; Editor, Albionian, 4. Alpha Phi Gamma. Brocklebank, C. Emmett - Jackson, Michigan Jackson High School Pre-Medic Sigma Chi; Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Publications Council, 2. Jrown, Freeman Otsego High School Pre-Medic Otsego. Michigan Calvert, Roger S. - Highland Park, Michigan Highland Park High School Business Administration Sigma Nu; Football, 1-2; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1-4. Pres. 1 ; Basketball Mgr., 1. Childs, Lawrence D. - Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek High School Pre-Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Dramatics, 3-4; Philharmonic, 2-3; Honor Roll. 2; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Pleiad, 2; Bus. Mgr. Pleiad, 3; Bus. Mgr. Albionian, 4; French Club, 2-3-4; Physics Club, 2-3-4; Quill Club, 3-4; Mathematics Club, 4; Histri- onic Club, 4. Alpha Phi Gamma. Clark, Florence Elizabeth - Detroit. Michigan Detroit Eastern High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta; Spanish Club, 2-3; Sec ' y Wo- men ' s League, 2. Conrad, Raymond H. - Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids South High School Pre-Law Delta Tau Delta: Track, 1-2-3; Inter fraternity Council. 2-3-4 ; Student Senate, 2-3 ; Class Treas.. 1-2; Dramatics, 2-3; Histrionic Club, 3 ; Co-op. Board of Control, 2-3-4 ; Home- coming Committee. 2; V. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2; A Club. Cooper, Charlotte Kathryx Saginaw, Michigan Saginaw Eastern High School Literary Delta Gamma; Publications Council, 1-2-3; Class Secretary, 4; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Class- ical Club, 2-3-4. Courtright, Russell Afton - Albion. Michigan Albion High School Political Science Delta Tau Delta; Track, 2-3-4; Football Mgr.. 4; Pep Committee, 3; Band, 1-2-3-4; A Club. Cox, Helex Mae - - Scottville, Michigan Scottville High School Chemistry Kappa Delta ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1-2, Treas. 2-3 ; Chemistry Club, 2-3-4 ; Physics Club. 3-4, Sec. and Treas., 4; Biology Club, 2-3-4, Sec. and Treas., 4 ; Class Vice-Pres., 1 ; Class Sec- retary, 2 ; Civic Chorus, 2. Davies, Edna L. - - - - Toledo, Ohio Columbus Grave High School Public School Music Chi Omega; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Philharmonic, 3; Chairman Music Committee. Dean, Ruth Emma - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Literary Delta Gamma; Glee Club, 1-4; French Club. 2; Biologv Club 2 ; Contributors Club, 3-4 ; Ten- nis, 1; W. A. A., 2; Panhellenic Council, 2-4; Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-one Lawrence, Michigan Denton, Beatrice Lawrence High School Western State Teachers College, 1-2 History Eclectic and Atheniades ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2-4 : Student Volunteer Officer, 3-4 ; Oratory, 4 : Forum Club, 4 ; Dormitory Ritual Commit- tee, 4 ; Phi Gamma. De Ome, Kenneth - - Kewadin. Michigan Elk Rapids High School Pre-Medic Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Debate, 1 ; Y. M. C. A., Secy, 1, Vice-Pres. 2; Classical Club, 2: So- cial Science Club, 2; Biology Club, 3, Pres. 4; Assistant in Biology, 4. Dixon. Harold E. - Grand Ledge. Michigan Grand Ledge High School Literary E. and A. Student Senate, 1 : Oxford Club. 1-2-3-4. Edwards, Wendell O. - Royal Oak. Michigan Royal Oak High School University of Florida Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Publication Manager, 3 : Business Manager Pleiad, 2 ; Associate Busi- ness Manager Albionian, 1 ; President Publi- cations Council. 4 ; Student Senate, 3-4 : Homecoming Committee, 2, Assistant Chair- man, 3, General Chairman, 4 ; Quill Club. 3. President. 4 ; Interf raternity Council, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer ; All College Banquet Com- mittee, 3; Spanish Club. 1-2. Alpha Phi Gamma. Eldred, Reginald H. - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School History Glee Club. 1-4; Philharmonic. 1; Pleiad Staff. 3 : Histrionic Club, 2-3-4 : Chairman Senior Play. Elliott. Allen R. - - Ann Arbor, Michigan Pontiac High School History Tau Kappa Epsilon: Glee Club, 1-2-3-4; Class- ical Club, 2-i : Dramatics, 2-3-4 ; Forum Club. 3-4. - Shelby, Michigan Elliott, Geraldixe Shelby High School Public Speaking Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club, 1; Debate, 1-2-3-4; Histrionic Club. 4 ; Sec ' y Class. 3 ; Vice Pres- ident Class, 4 ; Dormitory Gov ' t, 3 ; Bancroft Prize, 2-3 ; State Champion Orator. 4. Delta Sigma Rho. Page Fifty-two Bronson, Michigan Foy, Katherine Reading High School Western Sta te Teachers College Music Alpha Xi Delta ; Civic Orchestra, 4 Glidden, F. Lynn - - Alba, Michigan Alba High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi; Classical Club, 2-3, Treas. 3; Oxford Club, 1-2; Philharmonic, 1; Class Orator, 1 ; Class Debate, 3. Goodemoot, Kenneth - Lake Odessa, Michigan Lake Odessa High School Chemistry Eclectic and Atheniades ; Chemistry Club, 1-2-3-4. Hacgitt, Eleanor Yvonne - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Literary Eclectic and Atheniades ; French Club, 2-3-4 ; Contributor ' s Club, 4. Hamilton, Lorene - - Ludington, Michigan Ludington High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta; Contributor ' s Club, 3-4. Harger, Dallas F. - - Farming-ton, Michigan Farmington High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi; Football, 1-2-3; Basketball, 1-2; Cheer Leader, 3-4. Hart. William G. - Highland Park, Michigan Highland Park High School Highland Park Junior College Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilou ; Math. Club, 4. Page Fifty-three Heath, Stella L. - - Hastings, Michigan Hastings High School History Eclectic and Atheniades ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1-2-3-4; Home Service Band, 2-3-4; French Club, 2; Forum Club, 3-4; Basketball, 2-3-4; Glee Club, 1 ; Philharmonic, 3. Phi Gamma. Heathcock, Letha Bernice Albion High School Lawrence College, 1 Home Economics Eclectic and Atheniades : Club, 3-4 ; Philharmonic, Y. W. C. A., 2-3-4. Heels, George E. Albion High School Pre-Medic Alpha Tau Omega : Club, 3-4. Orlando, Florida Home Economics 3; Basketball. 2-4; Albion, Michigan Band, 1-2-3-4; Chemistry Hoffman, H. Leslie - - Jackson, Michigan Jackson High School Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega ; Class President, 1 ; Football, 1-2-3, Frosh Coach, 4; A Club, President 3; Athletic Board of Control, 2-3; Student Senate. 3, Vice Pres.. 4 ; Chairman Class Scraps, 4; Philosophy Club, 4. Howlett, Mariox L. - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Michigan State Normal School, 3 Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Spanish Club, 4; French Club, 4; Dramatics, 2; Y. W. C. A., 2. Hubbard, James M. Detroit Northern High School University of Michigan Literary Detroit, Michigan Jacks Moi ix, Florence ■ison Waite High School Toledo, Ohio University of Toledo English Alpha Xi Delta ; Philharmonic, 3. Jerkett, Dorothy Jackson High School Taylor University, 1-2 Battle Creek College, 3 Literary Histrionic Club, 4. Jackson, Michigan Millersburg, Michigan Jones, George R. Onoway High School Prc-medic Sigma Nu ; Cross country, 2. Kantner, Claude E. - - Hastings, Michigan Hastings High School Education Sigma Nu ; Classical Club, 1-2; Inter-Class Ora- tory, 2; Debate, 1-2-3-4. Kennedy, Dorothy I. - Highland Park, Michigan Highland Park High School Mathematics Alpha Chi Omega ; Spanish Club, 2-3, President, 4 ; Philosophy Club, 4 ; Chairman League Group. 2 ; Chairman Ritual Committee Dormi- tory, 3 ; Panhellenic Council, 3-4. Detr Michigan Keyes, Ralph Clark Central High School Pre-Law Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Varsity Debate, 1-2-3-4 ; Track, 1-2-3-4, Captain, 3; Cross Country, 1-3, Captain. 3 : Student Senate, 3-4, President. 4 ; Class President, 3; Class Treasurer, 2; Phil- osophy Club, 4. Kilian. Edward Carl - - Jackson, Michigan Jackson High School Bay View Summer School Philosophy Alpha Tau Omega ; Publications Council, 2-4 ; Homecoming Committee, 1-2-3-4; Quill Club, Sec ' y, 4 ; Philosophy Club, 4 ; Co-editor The Quill , 4 : Pleiad Staff. Sports Editor, 1, Asso- ciate Editor, 2, Editor, 3 ; Albionian Sports Editor, 2-3-4 ; Manager of Publications, 4 ; Editor Freshman Handbook, 3-4. Alpha Phi Gamma, King, Isabel Ketcheson - Saginaw, Michigan Saginaw High School Literary Delta Gamma ; Panhellenic Council, 2-3-4, Pres. 3 ; Publications Council, 2-3-4 ; Student Senate, 2-3-4 ; Women ' s Oratory, 2 ; Philosophy Club, 4 ; Albionian Staff. 2. Page Fifty-five Kingman, Marion Edna - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School French Club, 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club, 1-2-3-4; Pres. 3; Art Club, 4; Philharmonic, 2; Bas- ketball, 4; Y. W. C. A. Krebs, William T. - - Wyandotte, Michigan Roosevelt High School Pre-Medic Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Chemistry Club, 2-3-4; Physics Club, 2-3; Track, 3-4. Kuhlman, Mi ' RLix B. - Redford, Michigan Redford High School Business Administration Sigma Chi; Baseball, 1-2-3-4, Capt., 4; Spanish Club, 4 ; A Club ; Interfraternity Council, 4 ; Student Senate, 3. Lampman, Clyde Albert - Jackson, Michigan Albion High School Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon. Asst. Business Mgr., Al- bionian, 2; Spanish Club, 2-3-4; Business Manager, Albionian, 3 ; Quill Club, 3-4 ; Al- pha Phi Gamma. Leavitt, Charles Ernest - Richmond, Maine Richmond High School Bowdoin College University of Maine University of New Mexico Social Science Psi Upsilon ; Forum Club, 3-4 ; Spanish Club, 3 ; Student Senate. 4 ; Pres. Independents, 4 ; Chairman, Program and Invitations, 4; Honor Roll, 3-4; Mgr. Tennis, 4; Student Asst. in Sociology and Economics ; Phi Gamma. Dearborn, Michigan Leeson, Louis A. Ann Arbor High School Marquette High School Pre-Law Alpha Tau Omega. Letts, Helen - - Owosso, Michigan Owosso High School Music French Club, 2-3-4; Glee Club, 1; Accompanist, 2-3; Orchestra, 2-3; Y. W, C. A. Cabinet, 1-2; Dormitory, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4. Page Fifty-six Lewis, Adrea Winona - - Lansing, Michigan Hopkins High School Public Speaking Debate, 1-2-3-4; Class Basketball. 2; W. A. A. 2-3 ; Dramatics, 3 ; Forum Club, 4 : Vice Pres. Independents, 4 ; Albionian Staff, 4. Delta Sigma Rho. Lewis, Frances Eleanor Jackson High School Literary Jackson, Michigan Kappa Delta; Classical Club, 1-2-3; Sec ' 1 Spanish Club, 1-2-3-4; French Club, 3-4. Lixk, Rosella Violet Lowell High School Literary Flint, Michigan Clionian; Basketball. 2-3; Glee Club. 3-4 ;-Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 4 ; German Club. 2-3-4. Dearborn. Michigan Little, Margaret Dearborn High School Literary Delta Gamma ; French Club. 2-3-4 ; Dormitory Board of Control, 4. Magxotta, Beulah Marie - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Literary Classical Club, 1-2-3-4, Secretary, 3, Vice Pres. 4 ; French Club, 2-3-4 ; German Club, 3-4 ; Honor Roll, 3-4. Phi Gamma. Marker. Beryl - - Highland Park. Michigan Highland Park High School Literary Kappa Delta; Glee Club. 1; Philharmonic. 1-2; French Club, Sec ' y, 3-4. McCall. Harlan R. - - Ithaca. Michigan Ithaca High School Sigma Nu ; Track, 1-2; Cross Country. 2; Glee Club 2-3-4; Mathematics Club. 3-4; Baseball, Asst. Mgr. 3. Mgr. 4. Page Fifty-seven Wylie, Ellis Shelby High School Business Administration Sigma Nu. Moore, Francis Channing Union City High School Mathematics Eclectic and Atheniades ; Math. Club, 2-3-4 ' ; Civic Chorus, 3-4. Shelby, Michigan Albion, Michigan Moore, Melodie Mercedes Clare High School Pre-Medk Clare, Michigan Harmony Club, 2; Orchestra, 2; Y. W. C. A., Physics Club, 3-4; W. A. A., 2-3-4. Nagle, Norixe R. Albion High School Literary Albion, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega ; Glee Club, 1 ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1-2-3 ; Publications Council, 2 ; W. A. A., 2 ; Commencement Committee, 4. Nagle, Victor P. Albion High School Business Administration Sigma Chi ; College Orchestra, 4 Albion, Michigan Neef, Harold H. Shepherd High School History Albion, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Vice Pres. Independents, 2; Publications Council, 2; Phil. Club, 4. Nelson, Charles J. - Suttons Bay, Michigan Suttons Bay High School Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi : Forum Club, 3-4, Pres. 4 ; Baseball. 3-4 ; Basketball, 4 ; Class Treasurer, 1-4; Interfraternity Council, 3, Vice Pres. 4. Page Fifty -eight Oderkirk, Robert E. - Redfield, South Dakota Redfield High School Business Administration Forum Club, 4 ; Philosophy Club, 4 ; Band, 3-4 ; Orchestra, 4. Pace, David H. Detroit, Michigan Northern High School College of the City of Detroit Prc-Law Philosophy Club, 4 ; Contributor ' s Club. 3-4 ; Tennis 3, Captain, 4. Peck. Victor L. - - Birmingham, Michigan Birmingham High School Business Administration Sigma Nu; Football, 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1; Co- op. Board of Control, 4 : A Club, 3-4 ; French Play, 3 ; Glee Club. 3-4 ; Quartette. 3-4. Perkins, Leitha Viola - - Albion, Michigan Millington High School Literary Dramatics, 2-3 ; Y. W. C. A. Potter, Harold Vinton - Hamburg, New York Genesee We.sle.yan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. Wesleyan University, Middletown. Connecticut Pre-Law Psi Upsilon ; Delta Sigma Rho. Price. Mildred Donna - Watervliet, Michigan Watervliet High School Biology Clionian ; Biology Club, 3-4 ; Student Volun- teers, 1-2-3-4; Glee Club, 2; Dormitory Exec- utive Board, 3 ; Asst. Editor Susanna Wesley Annual, 4. Reist, Julia Lois - — Buchanan. Michigan Buchanan High School Literary Debate. 1; Basketball. 1-2-3-4; W. A. A.. 2-3-4; Art Club, 4 ; French Club, 4 ; Albionian, 3-4 ; Susanna Wesley Annual. 4 ; Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-nint Robe, Orviella Alice - - Oak Park, Illinois Oak Park and River Forest Township High School Literary Clionian ; French Club, 1-2-3-4 ; Spanish Club, 3; Outing Club, 1; Honor Roll, 1-2-3-4; Ora- torical Committee, 2 ; Asst. Art Editor, Al- bionian, 2-3 ; Editor Susanna Wesley Annual, 4; Y. W. C. A., 1-2-3-4; Women ' s Oratory, 2 ; Class Secretary, 2. Phi Gamma. Robbixs, Marceltxe E. Owosso High School Owosso, Michigan French Philharmonic, 1-2; Glee Club. Club, 2-3-4; German Club, 2 A. Cabinet ; Phi Gamma. 1-2-3 ; French 3-4; Y. W. C. Rogers, Florence Jaxe - Bessemer, Michigan Painesdale High School Northern State Teachers College Literary Philharmonic, 3 ; Y. W. C. A., 3-4 ; Honor Roll, 3. Rogers, Lydia Louisa - Watervliet, Michigan Watervliet High School Literary Clionian; Classical Club, 1-2-3-4; French Club, 4 ; Histrionic Club, 2-3 ; Panhellenic Council, 3-4 ; Girls Glee Club, 2 ; Social Chairman Su- sanna Wesley Hall, 4; Philharmonic, 1. Phi Gamma. Roggie, William Clark - - Reading, Michigan Reading High School Hillsdale College, 1 Prc-Law Delta Tau Delta : Pleiad Staff, 3, Business Mgr., 4 ; Glee Club, 3-4 ; Quill Club. 4. Ross, Hazel - Lowell. Michigan Lowell High School Literary Classical Club. Sec ' v, 3-4 ; Home Service Band, Sec ' y, 2-3 ; Y. W. C. A. Sebastian, Hugh Charles - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega ; Mathematics Club. 3-4 ; Philosophy Club, President, 4. SCHAREK, CLARENCE FRANKLIN Sand Creek, Michigan Sand Creek High School Science Track, 1-3; Basketball,!; Baseball, 1; Band, 1-3 ; Student Assistant in Biology, 4. Scharer, Milton W. - Sand Creek, Michigan Sand Creek High School Taylor University, 1 Science Track, 1-3-4; Basketball, 1-3; Chemistry Club; Thalonian Literary Society. Smith, Myrtle Audrey - Ferndale, Michigan Iron Mountain High School Superior State Normal School Cincinnati Missionary Training School Education Smelling, William H. Fowler High School Michigan State College Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi ; Homecomin Art Club, 4. Fowler, Michigan Committee, 3 ; Spalding, Lucile - - Detroit, Michigan Ovid High School Literary Spanish Club, 2-3; Contributor ' s Club, 3-4; W. A. A., 2-3; Y. W. C. A., 1-2-3. Stankrauff, Harlow F. - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Journalism Delta Tau Delta: Spanish Club. 2-3; Biology Club, 2-3; Forum Club, 2-3-4; Quill Club, 3, Pres. 4 ; Albionian Staff, 3 ; Business Manager College Handbook, 4 ; Honor Roll, 3-4 ; Asso- ciate Business Manager Pleiad, 3 ; Editor Ple- iad, 4 ; Editor Homecoming Program, 3, Busi- ness Manager, 4 ; All-College Banquet Com- mittee, 2-3; Homecoming Committee. 3-4; In- ttrfraternity Council, 4; Student Senate, 4; College News Service, 3-4. Strait, Walter W. - - Evart, Michigan Evart High School Science Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Glee Club, 3-4 ; Philhar- monic, 1-2; Dramatics, 2-3; College Band, 1-2-3-4; Orchestra, 4; Track, 1-3; Physics Club, 2-3-4 ; Physics Lab. Assistant, 4. Sturtevant, Marjory Jane - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Literary Alpha Chi Omega; French Club, 2-3; Glee Club, 1 : W. A. A.. 2 ; Y. W. C. A.. 1-2-3 ; Pan- hellenic Council. 3. Thixgstad, Svver - Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac Central High School Music-English Sigma Nu; Glee Club, 1-2-3-4; Football, 1-2-3, Captain, 4; Class president, 2; Athletic Board. 3-4 : Co-op Board, 3-4, Vice President, 3. Thrall, Evelyn Grace - - Albion, Michigan Knoxville High School University of Tennessee, 1 Literary Delta Delta Delta : Philharmonic, 2-j ; Glee Club. 1-2-3-4; Contributor ' s Club. 3-4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3. Thwaites, Arthur William Robert Albion, Michigan Grand Rapids Central High School Prc-Engineering Sigma Nu; French Club, 2-3-4; Phvsics Club, 3-4; Philosophy Club, 4; Basketball, 1-2. Van Auken, Hanlon H. - Bergenfield, New Jersey Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Kansas Yankton College, Yankton, South Dakota Columbia College History and Political Science Alpha Tau Omega. Waller, Helen Lorene - - Pontiac, Michigan Ward-Belmont School Sociology Kappa Delta ; Forum Club : Histrionic Players. West, Wayland H. Alma High School Chemistry Chemistry Club, 4. Alma. Michigan Page Sixty-two Millington, Michigan Wills, Bates Millington High School Pre-Law Delta Sigma Phi: Glee Club, 1-2-3-4: Band 1-2; Philharmonic, 1-2; Forum Club, 2-3-4; Dra- matics, 2; Histrionic Club 4; Track, Asst. Mgr„ 3, Mgr. 4 ; Publications Council, Pres. 4; Chairman Class Party, 3; Chairman Senior Banquet ; Chairman Interfraternity Banquet, 4 ; Chairman College Social Committee, 2-4 ; Homecoming Committee. 4 ; Student Senate, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3-4. Williams, Victor Elwood - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta ; Student Senate ; Athletic Board of Control. 2-4. Vice Pres. 2: Pleiad Staff, Sports Editor, 4 ; Class President, 4 ; Football, 1-2-3, Freshmen Coach, 4, Captain, 4, All M. I. A. A. halfback, 1-3; A Club. Wilsox. Harold Charles - Albion, Michigan Albion High School Literary Alpha Tau Omega; Debate, 1-2-3-4; Homecom- ing Luncheon Chairman, 4 ; President Men ' s Union, 4 ; General Chairman All-College Ban- quet, 4. Delta Sigma Rho. Wylie, Ellis - - Shelby. Michigan Shelby High School Business Administration Sigma Nu. Yixger, Clemext B. - Grand Rapids. Michigan Greenville High School Literary Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Class President. 1 : Glee Club 1-2; Glee Club Reader, 3; Oxford Fel- lowship, 1-2, President, 3; Debate, 3; Philoso- phy Club, 4. Yost, Dorothy J. - - Albion, Michigan Albion High School History Alpha Xi Delta; Spanish Club, 2; Boosters Club, 2 ; Forum Club, 4. Billings, Lawrence Faulkner, Douglas Galloway, James Hahn, Byron Foote, Roberta Huston, Elizabeth Lounsberry, Grace Witters, Martha r age Sixty-three Albion College Ninety-third Commencement ORDER OF EVENTS Thursday, May 31 7 :00 P. M. Senior Prayer Meeting. College Chapel. Friday, June 1 9:30 A. M. M. I. A. A. Tournament. 1 :30 P. M. M. I. A. A. Tournament. :00 I ' . M. Concert in Chapel. Saturday, June 2 9:30 A. M. M. I. A. A. Tournament. 1 :45 P. M. M. I. A. A. Tournament. Sunday. June 3 10:30 A. M. Baccalaureate Sermon, President John L. Seaton Methodist Episcopal Church. Monday, June -I — Class Day and Alumni Day 9 :00 A. M. Class Day Exercises. College Chapel. 10:30 A.M. Alumni Business Meeting. Lecture Room. Robinson Hall. 12:00 M. Alumni Luncheon, Parker Inn. 3 :00 P. M. Meeting of Board of Trustees. Office of the President. 4:00 P. M. Alumni-Varsity Base Ball Game. Alumni Field. 7 :30 P. M. Band Concert, College Campus. 8:15 P. M. Commencement Concert. Members of Senior Class, College Chapel. 9:15 P. M. Fraternity and Sorority Receptions. 9:15 P. M. Open House, Susanna Wesley Hall. Tuesday, June 5 — Commencement Day 10:00 A.M. Academic Procession forms on Campus. 10:30 A. M. Commencement Exercises. Address by Bishop Francis J. McConnell, Methodist Episcopal Church. 12:30P.M. Commencement Dinner, Stanley S. Kresge Gymnasium. Sixty-four Ernest Gray, Esther Young, Ruth Parsons, John Bromley Junior Class Officers Ernest Gray President Esther Young Vice-President Ruth Parsons Secretary John Bromley Treasurer Page Sixty-six Adler. Charles S. lit, Michigan lern High Scho Albion, Michigan Ovid High School Kalamazoo Normal lelta Gamma; 2-3; Philharn Spanish Club Baldwin, Charles Albion, Michigan Albion High Schoi Coaching Delta Tau Delta: ball 1-2-3; Tcnni. A Club. Bartlett, Lvn City, Michigan City High School gma Chi; A Club, 1 reas 3 ; Chemistry ( Inb Treas. : Foot- ball, 1-2; Tract 2. Berriman, Nicholas Calumet. Michigan Calumet High School Northern High School Pre-Medic Biology Club, Pres. 3; Chemical Club, Pres. 3; German Club 2-3; Basketball 3. rndale, Michigan rndale High School Eclectic and Atheniades V. M. C. A., Sec ' y 3 Philosophy Club, 3 Contributor ' s Club 2-3 artlett, Lee M. Union City, Michigan Union City High School Capt. 3; A Club- Chemistry Club 2-3. ille, Michigan ,l!e High Honor Roll 3. , Michigan High School Football 3; Y. A., Treas. 2, es. 3; Men ' s ioard 3; Class 2; Business Hand- ch Club Page Sixty-se-ren Bowers, Raymond V. Three Rivers, Michig: Three Rivers High Pre-Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Math. Club 2, Sec. and Treas. 3; Physical Re- search Club, 3: Ouill Club, 2; Art Club 3; Albionian ' , Asst. Busi- ness Mgr. 2, Editorial Staff, 3; Track, Asst. Mgr. 3. Alpha Phi Gamma. Bromley, John E. Pontiac, Michiga Hon igma Nu; Basketball 1- 2-3; Class Treas. 3; A Club, Pres. 3; In- terfraternity Council 3: Co-op Board 2-3; Ath- letic Board 3; M. I. A. A. Board of Directors. Detroit, Michigan Northern High Scho Martha Washington Carlson, Edward Cleveland. Ohio East High Schot Tau Delta; Foot- I 1-2-3: Basketball 3, Capt. Elect 3; eball 2. Toledo, Ohio Scott High School Oak Park. Illinois Oak Park High School Martha Washington Delta Gamma. Burch, Ruth Morenci, Michigan Morenci High School Public School Music Clionian. Spanish Club 3 ; Y. W. C. A. Williamsburg, Michigan Elk Rapids High School Cole, Frank F. Albion, Michigan Albion High School Journalism Sigma Nu; Spanish Club 2-3-4; Pleiad Staff 3; Cross Country 3. Tackson, Michigan Jackson Central High School Pre-Medic ' an Kappa Epsilon; Bi- ology Club 3: Assistant in Biology Department; Chemistry Club 3. Dammon, Clarence E. Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac High School Delta Sigma Phi; Asso- ciate President Oxford Fellowship 3; Student Director and Secreta M i :higa Oratorical Leagu Y. M. C. A. Cabii 2-3; Oratory 1-2-3; I bating 1-2-3; Dramat 3; Delta Sigima Rho. Pittsford. Michigan Hudson High School Michigan State Norm; College Alma. Michigan Alma High School Alma College Ferris Institute Social Science Alpha Xi Delta. Cowen, F. Stanley Royal Oak. Michigan Royal Oak High School Alb Economic. Michigan High School Tackson, Michigan Jackson High School Alpha Chi Omega; French Club; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A.; Detroit, Michigan Northern High School P re-Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Phys- ical Research Club 2-3. Muskegon, Michigan Muskegon High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta; Panhel- lenic 1-2, Secretary 3, President 4; V. V. C. A. Cabinet 2; Dormi- tory Board 2; Student Council 4; French Club 1-2-3. Page Sixty-nine Gilbert, Gektrude L. Albion, Michigan Albion High Scho. Gray, N. Clare Traverse Citv, Mi chi- gan Traverse City School Central State T College Hi eacl gh ers History Eclectic and Athe Basketball 3; Y. W es; C. Ludington, Michigan Lndington High School Sagim iw, Michigan iw High School Medic Tau Kappa Epsilon; Al- hionian Staff 2; Assist- ant Business Manager Higley, Richard Valparaiso, Indi; Valparaiso High History Delta Sigma Phi. Brimlev, Michigan Brimley High School Sault Ste. Marie High School Economics Delta Sigma Phi; Phil- harmonic 1; Glee Club 3; All-College Banquet Committee 3. Pontiac, Michigan ' Pontiac High School Coaching and History Basketball 1-2-3; Football 1-2-3; Baseball 1-2-3; Co-op Board 3 ; Ath- letic Board of Control, Hastings, Michigan Hastings High School Eclectic and Atheniade French Club 2: Co tributor ' s Club 2-3. Ill -Vlbu Helen Michigan Sturgis High School Mathematics Mathematics Club; Hon Service Band. Hill, George E. Cass Citv, Michigan 1 North Branch High School Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Glee Club 1-2-3: Phil- harmonic 1 ; Classical Club 1-2-3, Pres. 3; Mathematics Club 3, Sec.-Trcas. 3 ; Forum Club 2-3; Honor Roll Seventy ACE L. , Michig High Port Huroi Port Huron School Port Huron Junior Col- lege Pre-Dentist HOUCK, EUCENE Albion 1 , Michigan Albion High Scho Huckle, Beatrice J. Ypsilanti, Michigan Ypsilanti Central High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta: Spanish Club; Publications Council. Detroit, Michigan Coldwater High School Pre-Engineering Detroit, Michi Eastern High lll.v ' O ' Delta Tau Delta: Drama tics 2; InterfraterniU Council 3: All-Colleg Banquet Committee 2. Hoag, Leonard C. Albion, Michigan Eaton Rapids High School Nu; Orchestra 1-2; ating 1-2-3: French ) 1-2; Forum Club, Householder, Eleanor R. Kalamazoo. Michigan Benton Harbor High School Olivet College ' Literary Delta Gamma; French Club 3: Histrionic Club 3: Basketball 3. Kennedy, Mary Lou Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek High School Western State Teachers College Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Dra- matics 3: Y. W. C. A. Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School Alpha Tau Omega; Ora - tory 1-2; Debate 1-2-3; Classical Club 1-2; His- trionic Club 3; Hyde Park 3. Page Seventy-one Lee, Leslie G. Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac High School ' s Glee Club 2-3. Nanking, China Methodist Girls H School, Nanki China Music Clionian; Glee Club 3. Leonidas, Michigan Men-don High School Pre-Law au Kappa Epsilon; Homecoming Committee 1-3; Debate 1; All Col- lege Banquet Commit- tee 3; Art Club 3. New Buffalo, Michigan Bronson High School History Sigma Chi; Glee Club 3; Classical Club 3; Ox- Mastin, Ruth Ferni Albion. Michigan Cadillac High Scho Publit Speaking Span Forum Club 2-: Club 2; Vice Class 2 Manage ger Quartette. ch, Dorothy etroit, Michigan orthwestern High School Detroit, Michigan Eastern High School Sigma Xu ; German Club 1-2-3; Art Club 3; Oufll Club 2-3; Baseball 2-3. Detr it. Mi chigan Western Hi gh School Tc logy ectic and Alhcn- iades ; Y. J . C. A. 1-2, Pres. 2 ■ Publications Con ticil 3 ; Men ' s Unio i Boa d 3; Stud- ent Senate 3; Quill Club 3: CI ssical Club 2-3; Oxfo d Fellow- ship 1-2-3. Albion, .Michigan Bad Axe High School Literary Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ox- ford Fellowship 1-2-3, Pres. 3: Y. M. C. A. 2-3, Yice Pres. 3. Page Seventy-ilk jion, Michigan iion High School chigan State College Saginaw, Michigan St. M ary ' s High School History Kappa Delta; Classical Club 2: Mathematics Club 1-2-3: Forum Club 1-3, Sec ' y 3: Debate 2-3; Dor, Treas. 3. Monroe, Aw ii tor Bo Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School Public Speaking Mutch, Earl W. Alger Alger Michigan ' High School Ne Castle, Pe New Castle High State Teachers Colleg. Slippery Rock, Pi Pre-Medic Albion, Michigan St. Joseph ' s Academy, Adrian, Michigan Literary Alpha Xi Delta. Detroit, Michigan Northern High School Detroit, i Enzlish Lansing. Michigan Lansing High School Delta Gamma; Glee Club 1-2-3, Manager 2-3; W. A. A. 1-2-3. igan ton Harbo School •■et College Club 3; Basketball 2. Page Seventy-three South Euclid, Ohi South Euclid School Hi, English Sigma Nu; Football 1-2 3; Basketball 1 Club. A Patterson, Glenn H. Kendallville, Indiana Kendallville High School University of Michigan ' Pre-Medic Delta Sigma Phi; Fall Chemical Club 3; Phy- sics Club 3; Band 2; Albioniau Staff 3. St. Clair, Michigan St. Clair High School Delta Tau Delta; Asst. Mgr. Co-operative As- sociation 3. nd Ledge, Michigan nd Ledge High School Cabi Classical Club 1-2; Mathematics Club 2; Basketball 1-2-3; Phil- osophy Club, Sec ' y- Treas. 3; Honor Roll 1-2-3. Rogers, James A. Homer, Michigan Demmoiv High School, Boston, Mass. Literary Philharmonic 1-2. Parsons, Ruth Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School English w. Cabinet 2-3; Class Bas- ketball 1. Captain 2; Contributor ' s Club 3 ; Associate Editor Albi- onian 2; Debating 1-2- 3; Student Senate. Sec. 3; Delta Sigma Rho. ' earce, Ruth Elizabe: Flint, Michigan Flint High School Flint Junior College Literary Kappa Delta; I onomics Club „ , v Club 3; Y. W. C. A Ec- Glee Raidle, Thelha Jane Mathematics Kappa Delta; Mathemat- ics Club 2-3, Sec ' y- Treas. 2, Vice Pres. 3; Y. W. C. A. 1-2, Vice Pres. 3; Class Sec. 2. Detroit, Michigan East Lansing High School Home Economics Kappa Delta; Home E onomics Club 2-3, Se 3; Panhellenic 3. Iussell, James B.. Jr. Detroit, Michigan Central High School Detroit City College Literary au Kappa Epsilon. Page Seventy-fan Sauer, Robert Pontiac, Michigan Howe Military Academy Pontiac High School Pre-Law Sigma Chi; Chemistry Club 1-2-3; Football 1; Asst. Football Mgr. 3; Homecoming Commit- tee 3. Schott, Esther E. Saginaw, Michiga History Delta Gamma; Club 2, Vice Spanish C 1 u Pres. 3. Shoults, Jane Isabelle Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac High School Kappa Delta; Gle 1-2; Home Ec Club 2; Frenc 3; Forum Club Sleight, Margaret Rae Albion, Mlichigan Albion High School French and Public Speaking Alpha Chi Omega; Class Sec ' v 1; Glee Club 1; W. A. A. 1; Panhel- lenic 2-3; French Club 1-2, Vice Pres. 3; De- bating 1-2-3; Honor Roll 1-2-3; Delta Sigma Rho. Teeter, Howard M. Union City, Michigan Union City High School Sigma Chi; Track 1-2-3; Glee Club 2-3; Band 1 - 2 ; Interfraternity Council 3. Grand Ledge, Michigan Grand Ledge High School is 1-2-3; A Club ; Sec ' y-Treas. For- Club 3. Scott, Erma L. Public School Music Spring, Frances Helen Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac High School Bay View Summer School English Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. Steverman, Thomas C. Royal Oak, Michigan . Royal Oak High School Traut, Lorraine Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek High School Literary Omega ; Bas- Y. W. C. A. 2 ; Spanish Mathematics Club 2-3; Dormitory Board 3. Alpha Chi ketball 1 Cabinet Club Page Seventy-fiv St. Joseph, Michigan St. Joseph High School Olivet College Van Buskirk, Edmui Fort Wayne, Indian Fort Wayne High School Wittenberg College Pre-Mcdic Alpha Tau Omega. Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School English asketball 1-2- A. 1-2, Pres. C. A. Cab- Albion, Michigan Albion High School tory i Club 2-3. Jackson, Michigan Jackson High School Literary and Music Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club 1-2-3; Philhar- monic 1-2; Home Ec- onomics Club 3. yler, Robert L. Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School Jo Delta Sigma Phi; Class President 1-2; Basket- ball 1-2-3; Track 1-2-3; Football 1 ; Student Senate 3 ; Athletic Board 3; Histrionic Club 3; Homecoming Committee 2 , A s s t . Chairman 3; Associate Editor Pleiad 2; Asso- ciate Editor Albionian 3; Debate 1; A Club: Quill Club 2-3; Alpha Phi Gamma. Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek High School -3; W. A. A. 1-2-3. Walls, Merrill Davisburg, Michigan Holly High School Sigma Xu: Debate 1-2; Horn ' Oratorical Con- test 2: College Orator 3; Histrionic Club 3. D etroit, Michigan Southeastern High School English Kappa Delta; Contribu- tor ' s Club 3; Co-op Board 2-3: Dormitory Board 3: W. A. A. 1-2; Y. W. C. A. 1-2; Glee Club 2; Basketball 1-2. Wilkes, Sherwood J. Chicago, Illinois Morgan Park High School University of Illinois Page Seventy-six Wing, Eunella Detroit, Michigan Western High School Grand R gan Greenville Literary High Tau Kappa Epsilon; Class Pres. 1; Debate 1-2; Glee Cub 1; Classical Club 2-3; Philosophy Club 3; Oxford Fellow- ship 2-3 ; Track 2-3 ; A Club 3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3. Vylie, Lawrence Montgomery, Michigan Montgomery High School Mathematics ' an Kappa Epsilon; Mathematics Club 2-3. Young, Esther Louise Albion, Michigan Albion High School Music Delta Gamma; Pres. Y. W. C. A. 3; Glee Club 3 ; Student Senate 3 ; Basketball 1-2; Panhel- 3. Class of 1929 Aldrich, Glen Aso, Hiroichi Biles, Helen Camburn, Paul Carpenter, Ruby Clancy, Louise Collins, Erwin Deal, Robert DeVinney, Leland Dodds, Eula Dodge, Virginia Fillmore, Frances Flemming, Joseph Ford, Paula Forman, Miriam Harris, William Harris, Theodore Irwin, Marian Jannasch, Lawrence Johns, Roy Kellogg, Priscilla Koether, George Landon, Julia Lindsay, Grace Maywood, Eleanore Miles, Richard Mills, Percy Munro, Ellen Nash, Margaret Pak, Hisung Peters, George Price, Elizabeth Robinson, Boyd Sauer, Frederick Seelye, Ralph Shadley, Naomi Simmons, Agnes Stakes, Ruth Stutz, Carol Tuttle, Theo Whitehouse, Norman Page Seventy-! BU5HEL FOOT CHICAGO REPS Page Seventy-eight Adams Abramsen D. Anderson E. Anderson E. Bartlett Bauer D. Baxter Black Brannack Wm. Brown Butenuth Cameron A. Campbell N. Campbell Chapman Chatelle Clapp Cohoon A. Collins Condon E. Cook J. Cook S. Cooper Coulter Cross P. Curtis Dalrvmple Dalzell Dav Do Journo F. Densmore Dickens M. Dodge E. Elliott J. Elliott Ellis Erskine Geddes Hamilton Herriff House Kalb Ewbank Goetz D. Harger Hoaglin Howe F. E. Kennedy Flanders Grabowski Harper Hogle Howes H Kingsley Fleming Guile Hayden Holt Howes B. King Fowler Gubbins Hembdt Hood E. Johnston Lahser Garlanger Gullander Henderson Hoshal M. Johnston Langworthy Page Eighty-on Leeds Lenhart W. Lewis Lockwood Ludke G. Lvdav Markel McCall McConnell McDowell Miriam M inkier R. Moore Muche Neffenegger O ' Keefe Osborne Ott Pahl Paullev M. Penzotti S. Penzotti Pernokis Perrv Phillips Pitkin Pronger Purdy E. Reed Reed L. Richards M. Richards Ritter C. Rogers Roush Rowe Page Eighty-two Rupright Seaton Schaefer Scbliskey Schuler Seymour Seymour Sheldon Shipp Shugg Sleemen L. Smith Starr Steidle Stephens Stillson Troutman Ulbright Waldenmyer Walworth Walworth Way Weidenhammer Wilson G. Wilson Wiseman Wooton Wright Yinger Young Zemmer Hadley Page Eight y-th re Class of 1930 Andrews, Marjorie Arney, Harold Baker, Wesley Bergman, Theodore Birdsall, Wendell Bradley, Howard Burnett, Hollestelle Burroughs, Ina Button, Melbourne Campbell, Norman Cansfield, Mary Conklin, Beulah Cooper, Alice Cosgrove, Emmett Dannylizyn, Steven Davis, Helen Douglas, Mary Elliott, Elbert Field, Howard Fulton, Barbara Geiger, Robert Gilbert, Electa Gillispie, Robert Goldberg, Harry Grames, Lucille Greenfield, Elizabeth Gullander, Ward Halliday, Grace Hartung, Clarence Hayden, Virginia Jefferson, Robert Karay, George Klotz, John Krueger, Helen Lane, Naomi Lavene, Maurice Leighton, Stephen McClintic, Elva Martenson, Carl Miller, Earl Mitchell, Harlan Moll, Ralph Morris, Allan Nagle, Elaine Newell, LeRoy Noble, Mildred Norman, Arthur Oderkirk, Stella Oldt, Wesley Pryor, Welton Purdy, James Reedy, Daniel Rood, Katharine Ruthsatz, Frank Sawyer, Ursula Saxman, Walter Scharer, Wilbur Schwenger, Adolph Stingel, Ralph Taylor, Robert Thaxton, William Vander Meer, Gerald Wilcox, Paul Worcester, Margaret Wright, Dorothy FRESHMEN mm TRt.uuxs Amann Anderson Ash G. Bailey F. Baxter Beemen Black Blaine Bull Burbank Cardwell Carroll Andrews Arber Arford Aseltyne V. Bailey Barber Barnes Barry Benardin Bennetts Bigelow Biscomb Boyd Bray Brigham Brocklebank Burns Bush Caldwell I. Campbell Caswell Caswell Chamberlain J. Childs Church Clancy E. Clark L. Clark Cliffton Cowen Cramer Critchett Crowell Cullum Culver W. Culver Currin H. Curtis Dabbert Dale Dalzell F. Dean J. Dean Demming J. Densmore Dewey Dewey Devine Dibble Durkee Eastwood Eaton Eller Ellinger R. Elliott Ellwood Eyster Ferguson Harold Field Finch Page Eighty-seven Fink Folev Foster Foy Francis Fritz Galbraith G. German Good Gillispie B. Gray G. Gray E. Green F. Green Hahn N Halliday L. Hallidav Hansen C. Harger Harmon Harrison Harvev Hawlev Hilbert Hilker Halfman Holcomb Holden S. Holmes Hoolihan Horton Hudson L. Huston Ireland Jackson Jaggers Jenkin E. Johnson H. Tohnson Keller Kidder I. King Kingsbury Kiss Klaiber Lappeus Latta F. Letts G. Lewis Lightbody F. Lindsav H. Link T. Lydai Main Malmborg Marsh Martin Mason Matthews Maurer Merrick Messner Mihlethaler Mingst L. Mitchell M. Monroe Montgomery Moran Morehouse Mover Murrey McAllister Page Eighty- McCabe McCarty McConnell McCort McCracken McCulloch McDowell McGregor M. McClean W. McClean Mac Vicar Nash Neuman Niles Nixon Nixon Norton Nutt O ' Conner Pardee Parks Parsells Peckham L. Penzotti R. Penzotti Patee Phelps Pinegar Porter Praether Rahn Rains Redding Renkiewicz Rice Richard Page Ninety Riddick W. Robinson Rochelle Rockwood L. Rogers R. Rogers Royer Runner J. Russell Sackett Scherer Scoville Scribner E. Seymour Shanahan Sheridan Sinclair Sleight E. Smith J. B. Smith J. C. Smith M. Smith Sprague Stiefel Stewart Sylvester Tefift Thompson J. Thompson M. Thompson Tillstrom Tobin Todd Tracy Trippeer Vail Page Ninety-one VanCamp Vincent Voorheis Wall 0. Watson Waugh Way Welch •Whiton Wiedlea M.Williams D.Wilson Wood Yates Yen Yoeman Younc Washburne C. White L. Wilson H. Yinger Zerbel K. Watson Whitley Winfield York Class of 1931 Mary Adair, Winifred Babcock, William Barnes. Wilma Behling. John Benny. Versile Bently, Jannette Bradfield, Willis Brown, Robert Buchanan. Loyal Campbell. Mark Chaplin, Frederick Cohen, Cora Cornell, James Corwin, Genevieve Cranson. Royal Cressy, Ralph Cure, David Dannybusky, Bruce Davis, Marion Davis, Barnard Deyoe, Sterling Dockson, Ruth Donaldson, Thomas Dorrance. James Early, Helen Esslinger, Kathern Foster, James Fox, Harriett Fox, Grace Gale, Robert German, Donald Gilman, Dorothy Graham, Douglas Hammial, Harriet Hicks, Lillian Hunt, Floyd Johnson, Francis Jones, Helen Juckett, Nancy Jane Kennedy, Chariot Kinch, Harriet Kingsley, John Koblin, Dean Kulp, James LaMeasure, Theodore Lapp, Harry Lawther, Wanda Lear, Fritzi Lipp, Kenneth Lockhart, Hilda McLean, Raymond McLean, Roy McLean, Girard Miller, Harry Morse, Harvey Nieman, Clara Oderkirk, Harold Otis, Rollo Palmer, Llewellyn Parris, Ralph Peckham, Richard Peckham, Peter Pesonen, George Protsman, Morris Rubenstein, Jessie Ruckel, Stuart Russell, Dorothy Schneider, Hal Smith, Mildred Smith, Geraldine Snelling, Virgil Tatro, John Thurston, John Vallance, Marian Whitney, John Wholihan, Abbie Wilcox, Dorothy Williams, Albert Wilson. Page Ninety-two Richard Bud Daugherty Athletic Director Coming to Albion College from Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota, where he held a similar position, Richard R. Daughertv completed his first year as Director of Athletics, at the close of the baseball and track season this spring. Bud brought Albion into the runner-up position in the 1927 M. I. A. A. football percentage with one of the best football teams Albion has produced in years. A former four sport athlete at St. Thomas College of St. Paul, Minnesota, Daugherty proved his versatility by handling football, basketball and track in a capable and successful fashion. He is fortunate in having as assistant, H. Fred Parker, former University of Michigan atblete. who aids him in football and track and who handles the coaching of the baseball team. Parker also acts as Director of Intramural Sports. During the summer months Daugherty is administrative head of the coach- ing school at Bemiji, Minnesota, which has among its instructors such men as Knute Rockne and Glenn Thistlethwaite. Page Ninety-fir 8 ■»»» - © CM ON Bex Boldt Syver Thixgstad Dual Captains Football, 1927 Back into the thick of the pennant scramble after an uneventful 1926 season, the 1927 Albion football squad demonstrated its strength by landing second place in the M. I. A. A. standings. The Methodists were forced to see Alma, ancient and worthy rival, capture the flag, a 15 yard penalty and a 25-yard pass giving the up-state Presbyteria ns a 7-0 victory in the deciding game of the campaign. For the first time under the direction of R. R. Daugherty, Albion ' s new athletic director from South Dakota Wesleyan, the Albion eleven made a very satisfactory record. Victories were scored in four of the five M. I. A. A. tilts while in the non-conference games, the Purple-Gold tasted defeat at the hand of the strong Michigan State College and Western State Teachers College teams and won from North-Central College, Napierville, 111. Albion outscored its rivals 109 points to 59. Four of the five wins were shut-out affairs, while in return the Daughertvmen were blanked but twice, by Alma and W. S. T. C. At the end of the season three Albion men found themselves on the official all-M. I. A. A. first team. Boldt, guard ; Palemro, end, and Penzotti, full back. Gray, end ; Thingstad, tackle, and Schuler, half back, were placed on the second string selection, while honorable mention was accorded Bartlett, center, and Rob- inson, quarter back. Led by the co-captains, Ben Boldt, and Syver Thingstad, Albion proved a tough barrier for all of its opponents. Lack of reserve material handicapped the team considerably and prevented the compiling of a much better record. Coach Daugherty succeeded in developing a stone-wall line and a fast pony backfield. Injuries were suffered by several of the men at critical stages of the season and seriously impaired the work against Alma, M. S. C, and Western State. Hope fell before the Daughertymen in the opener 31-0, with Alumni Field the scene. The Methodists started slowly, but in the last half completely baffled the Dutchmen, scoring 13 points in the third quarter and 12 in the fourth. Schuler and Goldberg, half backs, were the big ground gainers for Albion. With the aid of Schuler, flashy halfback, playing his first season under the Purple and Gold colors, who ran through the entire opposing team, Albion com- pletely smothered its most ancient rival, Olivet, 32-0 at the Crimson field. The Page Ninety-seven Methodists started earl)-, tallying three touchdowns in the first half and coming back in the second for two more. Alma was a second visitor to the local gridiron and succeeded in its quest, dropping Albion 7-0. Strong defensive play by both sides prevented any scores in the first two quarters. Early in the third period, however. Alma, with the ball on the 43-yard line, gained 15 yards on a penalty after which Hawthorne passed 25 yards to Lamb who carried it three more yards for a touchdown. Alma out- played Albion and it was clearly a case of the better team winning. A 35-yard pass hurled by Schuler to Robison in the last two minutes of play enabled Albion to tally a 6-0 victory over Kalamazoo as the feature of the Baptists ' homecoming program. The Daughertymen outsmarted Kazoo through- out, but were repulsed on several occasions when within striking distance of the goal. Fate and luck seemed unkind to the Purple-Gold until the very last stage of the contest. Before a throng of 5.000 homecomers, Albion made certain of second place in the standings by tripping up Hillsdale, 6-0. Although they outplayed Hills- dale, the Daughertymen were forced to put up a desperate scrap for their lone touchdown. Mid-way in the third period a poor punt gave Albion the ball on the 29 yard line. Straight football took the ball oxer the goal, Schuler making the final sprint of six yards. After leading Michigan State College 6-0 at the end of the half and holding the big Green team to a 6-6 tie until the beginning of the fourth quarter, an almost helpless, but plucky Purple and Gold eleven yielded two touchdowns in the final period and lost an Armistice Day battle, 20-6. In view of the strength of the Staters, the defeat was anything but a disgrace. Albion suffered heavily through injuries, Boldt, Thingstad, Schuler, Robinson, Peck and Gray, being forced to retire from the game. Albion ' s fighting aggregation opened the contest with a rush and had the ball across the goal in less than three minutes ' playing time. A fumbled punt, two first downs and Penzotti ' s line smash netted the touchdown. The only out-of-state contest of the year resulted in an easv Albion victory, North Central College of Napierville, III, being the victim, 28-13. The encounter failed to show any real flashes of football and was listlessly played after the first period. In the first and final periods, the Methodists completed many passes and made big gains through the line. The punting of Penzotti was the bright light of the game. Badly crippled but game to the last minute, Albion went down fighting in the final tilt of the season, Western State Teacher College gobbling the Thanks- giving Day attraction, 19-0. Because of injuries. Coach Daugherty was so hard pressed for material that he outfitted the student manager, Russell Courtright, and injected the 123 pounder at a half back post. Western had the edge on the running attack while the Methodist squad kept the visitors busy with aerial heaves to all parts of the gridiron. Four Albion backfield regulars were on the hospital list and unable to appear against Earl Martineau ' s beef trust. Seventeen varsity A ' s and five reserve letters were distributed at the end of the season. The monogram winners were Boldt, Thingstadt, Peck, Carlson, E. Gray, Lynn Bartlett. Baldwin. Goldberg, Palermo. Penzotti, Robinson, F. Densmore, Houck, Schiller, Wiseman, Yallance and Courtright. The reserves were Peters, Herriff, A. Maywood, Biggs and Campbell. Three of the men were playing their fourth season, Thingstad, Boldt and Peck. Palermo, fighting end, and Lynn Bartlett, stellar center, were chosen to captain the 1928 eleven. Albion 1927 Football Record Albion 31 Albion 32 Albion Albion 6 Albion 6 Albion 6 Albion 28 Albion Totals 109 Hope Olivet Alma 7 Kalamazoo Hillsdale M. S. C 20 North Central 13 W. S. T. C 19 Opponents 59 M. I. A. A. Standings Alma S 1.000 Albion 4 1 .800 Kalamazoo 2 3 .400 Hillsdale 2 3 .400 Olivet 1 4 .200 Hope 1 4 .200 Page Ninety-nine « s — -S i a oo CM ■ CM ON 5 H 5 E m u o 33 P 7?e One Hundred Basketball, 1927-28 Although four of the five men who constituted the champion- ship team in 1927 were back, Albion failed to achieve its goal in 1928, that of taking for a second consecutive time the M. I. A. A. basketball bunting. The five association opponents sprung their traps effectively against the Methodists during the greater share of the season and as a result the team was relegated to a three-team tie for third position in the final standings. Kalamazoo won the title, being defeated in only one of ten games, while Alma was second. Albion played a total of twenty games, winning eight and losing twelve. Conference victories were scored over Hillsdale, ( )livet ( twice ) and Hope. Xon-association opponents who fell victims to the Methodist attack were Defiance, Glenville, W. Va., Fairmount, W. Ya., and St. Mary ' s of Orchard Lake. An unusually hard and tiresome schedule confronted the Daughertymen, this being primarily the reason why nine out of the ten final games were lost. During this time the cagers dropped two games to each W. S. T. C. and U. of Michigan B team and one to M. S. C. Capt. Gray, Carlson. Bromley, Goldberg, Fleming, Schuler, Penzotti, Tyler and Adler composed the playing squad throughout the year. Carlson was M. I. A. A. high point man with 84 points, Meulenberg of Kalamazoo was second with 79. Gray placed fifth in the scoring column. Carlson, forward, also had the added distinction of being the only Albion man placed on the mythical all-M. I. A. A. first team selection. Capt. Gray, center, and Goldberg, guard, were given honorable mention. Erxie Gray, Captain ALBION BASKETBALL RECORD, 1927-28 Albion 48; Defiance 16 Albion 42 Albion 26; Salem, W. Va 34 Albion 20 Albion 39; Glenville, W. Va....30 Albion 23 Albion 39 ; Fairmount, W. Va..38 Albion 23 Albion 20; Alma 27 Albion 22 Albion 44; Hillsdale 21 Albion 19 Albion 38 ; St. Mary ' s 34 Albion 33 Albion 19; Kalamazoo 23 Albion 33 Albion 45; Hope 19 Albion 13 Albion 50; Olivet 16 Albion 37 Totals, Albion 634 Opponents W. S. T. C 46 M. S. C 52 U. of M. B 43 Kalamazoo 26 W. S. T. C 28 U. of M. B 33 Hillsdale 36 Olivet 20 Alma 29 Hope 38 609 M. I. A. A. BASKETBALL STANDINGS Won Lost Kalamazoo 9 1 .900 Alma 8 2 .800 Albion 4 6 .400 Hope 4 6 .400 Hillsdale 4 6 .400 Olivet 1 9 .100 Page One Hundred One - 5 5 3 CM ON .2 « -56 r o?s Po£e One Hundred Two jL mS -$$ I B B f ML»i mj- W if jyrii 1927 BASEBALL SCORES Albion 8 Albion 10 Albion 2 Albion 14 Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion W. S. T. C, 4 Hillsdale 6 Kalamazoo S Detroit Tech. 6 Alma 4 Kalamazoo 8 Alma 5 Hope 2 Hillsdale 7 W. S. T. C. 1 Hope S Olivet 3 Olivet Alma 3 Kalamazoo 10 Baseball Accorded only an outside chance at the beginning of the season, the 1927 Albion baseball squad completely upset M. I. A. A. dopesters by taking second place in both the regular conference playing season and in the June field day events. Capt. Lightbody, pitcher, and Kuhlman, infielder, were the only two monogram men available, but Coach Fred Parker succeeded in combining this pair with some untried talent to produce a winner. Kalamazoo won both the M. I. A. A. and field day championships. Albion was second, losing only to Kalamazoo 5-2, Hope 5-4 and Alma 5-1. In the field day tournament Albion turned back Alma to get into the finals, but was elim- inated by the Kazoo team in the deciding game, 10-5. Capt. Lightbody, Collins and Lovejoy constituted the pitching staff, with the first two working most of the innings. The catching position was left vacant early in the season, Zimmer receiving a broken fing er. Kuhlman and Gray, in- fielders, were forced into action behind the plate but their inexperience at that position was a handicap. Lightbody was the leading pitcher, hurling the team to six of its seven M. I. A. A. victories. Kuhlman, Boldt and Goldberg led in the stickwork. Besides the men already mentioned, the following received letters at the end of the sea- son : Townsend, Elliott, Asline, Barclay and Carlson. The 1928 team started off to equally good success. Aided by the return to school of Camburn, first baseman, and Nutt, catcher, and by the steady mound work of Collins, the team had won all of its M. I. A. A. starts up to May 4. Other members of this spring ' s playing squad are Kuhlman, Wiseman, Elliott and Goldberg, infielders ; Asline, Gray. Zemmer, and Nelson, outfielders. M. I. A. A. BASEBALL STANDINGS, 1927 Won Kalamazoo 8 Albion 7 Alma ' . 6 Hope 6 Hillsdale 2 Olivet 1 ost 2 .800 3 .700 4 .600 4 .600 8 .200 9 .100 Page One Hundred Three Betchtel (Coach), Bauer, D. Yinger. Bartlett, N.Anderson Purdy, M. Scharer, C. Scharer, Shugg, Guile E. Anderson, Tyler, Keyes, C. Adler, Courtright, Button Track, 1927 Lee Bartlett of Union City led the performers of the 1927 Track Team, winning points in his specialty, the javelin throw, in every meet in which he was entered. During the season he placed third in both the Ohio Relays and National Intercolle- giate at Chicago, and broke his M. I. A. A. and state intercolle- giate records in the event. Captain Ralph Keyes of Detroit ably seconded the big javelin star by winning the mile and half mile runs in the M. I. A. A. meet in June. The team participated in five distinct competitions. The Purple-Gold thinclads defeated Alma 68 T 2 to 62 T , , lost to Hillsdale 78 to 53. and in a triangular meet tallied 44 points, Central State Normal gathering 62 and Kalamazoo ?7. Capt. Keyes placed fourth in the one-half mile run in the state meet, while Tyler and Button won fourth and fifth places respectively in the 100 yard dash at the Ohio Relays. Bartlett ' s state record breaking heave in the javelin throw at East Lansing was 189 feet 6 s inches, eclipsing his former mark of 185 feet made in 1926. Page One Hu In the June M. I. A. A. field day events Albion was fourth. Men who placed in this meet included Bartlett, first in the javelin and second in the shot put; Keyes, first in the mile and the half mile; Purdy, second in the high jump and third in the broad jump; Tyler, third in the 220 yard dash and fourth in the 100, and E. Anderson, fourth in the broad jump. Letters were awarded to Captain Keyes, Captain-elect Bartlett, Adler, E. Anderson, Button, Tyler, Purdy, Courtright, D. Yinger, Guile, Bauer, Shugg and Teeter. Norman Reed was the student manager. Looking into the 1928 season, prospects of winning the M. I. A. A. cham- pionship are very bright. A relay team consisting of Button. Scharer, Anderson and Tyler and Captain Bartlett entered the Ohio Relays this year, April 20-21. Bartlett was third in the javelin and Button ran third in the Class B, 100 dash. The relay team ran fourth in their event. The same team, strengthened by Ralph Keyes. ran in the Drake Relays, April 27-28. In addition to the 880 relay, Scharer, Button, Tyler and Keyes ran the sprint medley event. Both teams failed to place. Captain Bartlett threw the javelin 196 feet in this meet to take second place honors. Tennis, 1927 Tennis players representing Albion in 1927 met with a series of reverses but the trick of turning back the Methodists was accomplished by only the best of competition in the state. Shipp and Schilz made Albion ' s best bid, being finalists in the M. I. A. A. June field day doubles tourney. They lost to the Gar- lough brothers of Hillsdale after a hard fought match. The first two matches of the year were with Detroit City College. Shipp was the only Albion man to win in the first meeting, taking his number four match. The following week the Albionites made a very creditable showing, holding the state intercol- legiate and Collegiate Conference champions to a 4-2 score. Shipp won his singles match and then teamed with Page, the pair defeated Moss and Gus- sin (6-3), (6-3). Moss is the state intercollegiate champion. Baldwin and Lawther gave Spencer and Brayton, western indoor title holders, a hard match before submitting (7-5), (6-2). Western State Teachers College earned a 5-1 victory over Albion. Page being the local player to win. The Purple-Gold netters were also taken into camp by the strong Hillsdale team, being unable to take an individual match. Members of the team were Page, Shipp, Bald- win. Lawther. Schilz and Berger. The team this spring began its activities with Page, captain and coach, Shipp, Schilz. Kingsley. Chatelle, Anderson, Yen, Pryor, F. Moore and C. Cahoon. Page One Hundred Five Danylizyn (Mgr.) Hoffman (Coach), Klaiber, Zerbel, Sleight. Sutton, Murrey, Williams (Coach) Good, Van Camp, J. C. Smith, Runner, S. Russell, Marsh, Richard Gray, Lappeus, Bartlett, Zelakowski, G. Miller, Renkiewicz, J. Childs Freshman Athletics For the first time in the history of the local institution and of the M. I. A. A., the freshman rule came into operation during the 1927-28 athletic year. Supplied with an abundance of athletic material in the class of 1931, Albion was well represented in both football and basketball by the yearlings, the latter squad winning the frosh M. I. A. A. championship. FOOTBALL Four grid games were played by the first year men. The gridders gained a 13-13 tie at Flint Junior College, lost to Muskegon Junior College 18-0 and Hillsdale 19-0, and defeated Olivet 20-0. No championship was awarded in football as all of the association schools were not represented by teams. Hillsdale, however, completed the season without a loss and could well claim first honors. Les Hoffman and Vic Williams, former letter winners, coached the gridders, developing some good material for the 1928 varsity. B. Gray, Runner and Zerbel proved capable backfield men while Sleight, Good, Zelakowski, McAuliffe, Marsh, J. Smith, Sutton and Russell did well on the line. Those to receive sweaters and numerals were : Sutton, Sleight, Zelakowski, Renkiewicz, Marsh, Waugh, Bartlett, Good. Childs, J. Smith, Russell, Runner, B. Gray, Zerbel, and Richard. Those to receive numerals only, were Lappeus, Johnson, Miller, VanCamp, Murray and Klaiber. Page One Hundred Sil Parker (Coach), Pinegar, Redding, Sleight, Early, Kobhn, Richard, Renkievvicz, Herriff (Mgr.) McConnell, Todd, Gray, Latta, Densmore Basketball Seven M. I. A. A. victories and one defeat, the record of the Methodist freshmen, gave Coach Parker the honor of having the best squad in the association. The locals totaled 493 points to their opponents ' 376 in the 15 games played. Eleven victories were recorded. Western State Teachers College took the meas- ure of the Albion team twice and the Hastings Independents and Hillsdale Frosh once. Games were won over Alma, Hope and Hillsdale and two victories were chalked up against Olivet and Kalamazoo in the M. I. A. A. The Battle Creek Enquirer News fell victim twice, and the Battle Creek College reserves and the Cadillac Sales, once. Those who played a prominent part in the success of the team were McCon- nell, Densmore, B. Gray, Renkiewicz, Latta, Koblin, Dannybusky, Todd, Sleight, Porter, Richard, Earlv and Pinegar. FRESHMAN M. I. A. A. STANDINGS BASKETBALL Won Albion 7 Alma 2 Hillsdale 3 Kalamazoo 3 Olivet 2 Hope ost 1 .875 1 .667 2 .600 3 .500 7 .200 3 .000 Page One Hundred Seven Lynn Bartlett, Keves Schilz Gray, Button Vallance, E. Anderson, Tyler Palermo, Houck, Schuler. Courtright, E. Elliot The A Cluh John Bkomley President Lynn Bartlett Secretary-Treasurer The A Club, founded more than a decade ago, is one of the most popular clubs on the campus. It is made up of men who have won a letter representing the college in any branch of athletics or as the manager of an athletic team. The purpose of the club is to organize the athletes of the college and bring about a greater interest in clean sports. An annual meeting is held each spring. Charles Adler Ernest Anderson Norris Asline Charles Baldwin Elson Balkema Lee Bartlett Lynn Bartlett Gilbert Bauer John Bromley Melbourne Button Robert Campbell Raymond Conrad Edward Carlson Erwin Collins Russell Courtright MEMBERS Floyd Densmore Elbert Elliot Joseph Flemming Gurdon Guile Harry Goldberg Ernest Gray Dallas Harger Eugene Houck Ralph Keyes Murlin Kuhlman Blaine Nutt Michael Palermo Victor Peck Stanley Penzotti lames Purdv Boyd Robinson Frederick Sauer Gordon Schilz Winston Schuler Robert Shipp Orville Shugg Howard Teeter Syver Thingstad Robert Tyler John Vallance Gerald Vander Meer Victor Williams Lawrence Wiseman Dempster Yinger Page One Hundred Eight 1L i B» J fl |Bx. H Ba B B I K BK fl Hi -- A r - ni 1 Hi N 1 1 J 1 r - ■ Ba i ' ' 9 B IF ¥ jjhi pbj G. Lindsay, Neller, Reist Walkley, Miss Hamilton, M. Adair Women ' s Athletic Association Berxice Walkley President Margaret Apair Vice-President Dorothy Keller Treasurer Grace Lixpsay Secretary Lois Retst Hiking Master -Albion co-eds. directed by Miss Leta Hamilton, instructor of physical edu- cation, have developed the organization known as W. A. A. Although it was organized in September. 1924. the group was not admitted to the national organ- ization, Athletic Conference of American College Women, until 1927. Compe- tition is confined to intramural and interclass contests. W. A. A. has conducted physical examinations and health talks: and has spon- sored competition between different groups in basketball, indoor baseball, tennis and volley ball. Page One Hundred Sine Cansfield, Flemming, Douglas, Howes, M. Andrews Hicks, Kennedy, Walworth, De Journo, Lasher Sophomore Basketball Julie de Journo Manager Phyllis Walworth Captain .Although Albion College does not participate in any girl ' s intercollegiate basketball, there is a strong spirit built up this year by the interclass games. The Sophomore Girls, at the end of the season, were undefeated and there- fore were awarded the cup which is presented each year to the championship team. MEMBERS OF THE TEAM Forwards Mary Douglas Ethel Mae Kennedy- Mary Cansfield Harriet Hicks Helen Fleming Phyllis Walworth Guards Julie de Journo Florence Howes Hortense Guilford Marjorie Andrews Mildred Lahser Page One Hundred Ten D. Anderson, Teeter, Pitkin, Dammon Hembdt, Hoag. Palil. Aldrich H. Wilson, Kantner, Keyes, Prof. Weiss Mens Varsity Debate The program of this year ' s men ' s varsity debates varied from informal squad discussions before college audiences to formal presentations before expert judges. Of the nineteen debates in which the teams participated, five were non- decision. From the remaining fourteen, Albion won five out of seven audience decisions, and five of the seven expert judges ' decisions. The questions argued were: ( ur present Latin- American policy and Pro- tection by armed force of private investments in foreign countries. Wittenberg College, University of Cincinnati, Western Reserve. Michigan State Normal College, Waynesburg College, Miami University. Western State Teachers College. Purdue University, and Detroit City College were met at home and abroad by the affirmative teams. These teams were composed of Claude Kantner. Ralph Keyes, Leonard Hoag, Glen Aldrich, and Marvin I ' ahl. The negative trios made up of Harold Wilson, Clarence Dammon, Sherman Lawton, David Anderson. Phillips Hembdt, and William Pitkin clashed with Kalamazoo College, Detroit City College, Illinois Wesleyan, Cornell College (Iowa). Lawrence College. Western State Teachers College. Waynesburg Col- lege, Central State Teachers College, Oberlin College and Purdue University. Page One Hundred Fourteen Sleight Mcllvenna Women ' s Varsity Debate Six debates were participated in this year by the Albion Women ' s varsity teams. The negative trio, composed of Ruth Mcllvenna. Margaret Sleight, and Geraldine Elliott defeated Miami University at Miami. Ohio, on March 17. and shared the glories of a no-decision debate with ( )hio Wesleyan ;it Delaware. ( hio. on the following Monday. Later in the season this same team defeated Witten- berg College of )hio on Albion ' s platform. Debating the same question, Resolved, that we should recognize Soviet Russia. Geraldine Elliott. Adrea Lewis. Dorothy Baxter, and Ruth Parsons met three Indiana schools. The first three of the-e co-ed arguers. upholding the negative, defeated Taylor University of Upland. Indian ' !, on March 27, while on the following two evenings the latter three, arguing the affirmative, partici- pated in a no-decision debate at D I ' auw University of Indiana and lo--t to Butler University r;t Butler. Indiana. Page One Hundred Fifteen Murrey, M. Williams, Martin, Foley Smith, Fink, McCulloch, Robinson, Beeman H. Yinger, Ellwood, Kantner, Jones, Kingsbury First Year Debate Winning one and losing one, this year ' s freshman teams split the laurels on the question of Compulsory Voting. The affirmative, Robert Ellwood, Benjamin Murrey, and Milton Williams lost to Cincinnati University, Cincinnati Ohio, on April 20. Later, on April 25, the Albion negative met Ohio Wesleyan in Albion. This team,- composed of Homer Yinger, Robert McCulloch, and Carl Beeman, met with success on their own platform. Both teams were coached by Claude Kantner, a senior varsity debater and a member of Delta Sigma Rho. Page One Hundred Sixteen f5 O ]oc = zx Mi 2 ■ ™ . HJ a, O £ ■« ¥ Js m -o ■ bi-- -o g 5 c rt go .ti « t c o Pagi; One Hundred Seventeen Geraldine Elliott Merrill Walls Oratory Geraldine Elliott Represented Albion College at the Annual meeting of the Michigan Oratorical League in Albion on March 2. Her oration Tarnish ' pic- tured the superficial veneer that is covering the real purpose of education in the colleges of today. Albion won third place in the men ' s division of the meet also held at Albion on the same day. with Merrill Walls speaking on ' ' The Great Deception. Using the same oration Mr. Wells won fourth place in the Civic Oratorical League Contest, composed of representatives of the Delta Sigma Rho Schools of vari- ous states, held at Wooster College, Ohio, in May. Delta Sigma Rho Delta Sigma Rho is a national honorary forensic fraternity. It is the oldest society of its kind and its key is recognized as the highest honor given to de- baters and orators. Albion is one of the few small colleges to have a chapter of Delta Sigma Rho. Due to her high grade of forensic work she was admitted in 1911 just five years after the society was founded. Membership is limited to four upper classmen a year. These students must have represented the college creditably in inter-collegiate debates or state ora- torical contests. The present factulty members are, President John L. Seaton. Dean Robert Williams, and Prof. N. J. Weiss. Student members include, Harold Wilson. Claude Kantner, Ralph Keyes, Geraldine Elliott. Adrea Lewis. Margaret Sleight, and Ruth Parsons. At t he annual banquet held at Parker Inn on May 9 Ruth Mcllvenna. Glenn Aldrich, Leonard Hoag, and Clarence Dammon were initiated into the society. Page One Hundred Eighteen I T f I I v- f f Tyler, E. Collins, Roggie, G. Hill, Manning, Parsells, Sleeman, Field, Dalrymple, Deal, Gilbert. Lee, Richards, A. Elliott, Dewey, C. Harger, Mr. Cleeland, Peck, Eldred, Butenuth Troutman, Mills Wills, McCall Albion College Glee Club An organization that sings The Albion College Glee Club under the direction of Joseph Cleeland, pro- fessor of voice, has given twenty-seven full concerts and has also sung at numer- ous high schools and clubs throughout the state. Two long, successful trips were taken, one, covering the eastern part of tbe state and the other, the west and central part. As a feature on the last trip the Delta Sigma Phi Orchestra accompanied the club and played a number of popular selections at each concert. The Club, this year, was host to the State Glee Club Contest which was held in Albion, May 25. PERSONNEL Lawrence Gilbert, Accompanist Joseph C. Cleeland, Director Leslie Lee, Manager First Tenors Allen Elliott Leslie Lee Howard Teeter Lionel Sleeman Ronald Parsells Dan Dewey Everett Seymour First Basses Victor Peck Bates Wills Clark Roggie Erwin Collins Percy Mills Norman Campbell Harold Field Russell Troutman Second Tenors Harlan McCall George Hill Ladd Turek Floyd Densmore Willard Kingsbury Hugh Clancy Second Basses Syver Thingstad Walter Strait Reginald Eldred Leon Manning Enos Butenuth Lloyd Richards Cedric Harger Page One Hundred Twenty C © ftn on E. Cook, Cross, R. Link, Pearce, Young, Rupright, Davies, Thrall, Sinclair Wooton, G. Andrews, H. Link, Rice, L. Clark, Walworth, Leng, L. Clancy, Dean Adair, McAllister, Keller, Prof. Harvey, White, Tuttle, Schneider Albion College Co-ed Singers The Girl ' s Glee Club has been under the direction of Harold R. Harvey, professor of violin. Miss Dorothy Neller, business manager, arranged twenty concerts. No long trips were taken, most of the concerts being given on week ends and Sunday. There were two feature numbers with the Co-ed Singers, one, a string quartet with its personnel taken from the club, the other, a group of Chinese songs sung in the native tongue by Miss Lucy Leng. PERSONNEL Kathleen White, Accompanist Prof. H. R. Harvey, Director Dorothy Neller, Manager 1 ' iolin Quartet ( Bertha McAllister | Hildegarde Link First Soprano Dorothy Rice Eleanore Rupright Dorothy Schneider Margaret Wooton Evelyn Thrall First Alto Gwendolyn Andrews Margaret Adair Bertha McAllister Hildegarde Link Dorothy Neller Theo Tuttle Geraldine Snelling Marjorie Cross Prof. Harvey Second Soprano Edna Davies Ruth Dean Lucy Leng Ruth Pearce Esther Young Second Alto Louise Clark Marjorie Cross Louise Clancy Esther Cook Rosella Link Phyllis Walworth Page One Hundred Twenty-one Albion Civic Orchestra At the opening of the present school year the College Orchestra was consid- erably enlarged by the addition of several players from the community, the name being changed to the Albion Civic C Orchestra. The splendid results obtained during the first year of existence promises much for the future and fully justi- fies the expansion. This organization is made up of thirty-three players from the student body, faculty and citizens of Albion, and is under the efficient direction of Prof. Harold R. Harvey, head of the violin department in the School of Music. The initial concert was a great success and no more convincing demonstration of the great possibilities of a civic orchestra could have been given. The orchestra played an exacting program with real enthusiasm and true artistry. First 1 ' iolins Russell Troutman Concertinas ter Margaret Harrison Roy McLean Raymond McLean Mrs. Reginald Smith Bertha McAllister John L. Turek Viola Robert Davee Double Bajs Enos Butcnuth Sousaplwne Robert Gaskell PERSONNEL Second Violins Gordon Nash Mrs. Dan Fisher Marjorie Cross Hildegarde Link Frances Crowell Genevieve Cranson Flute John Foy Oboe Prof. D. M. Gilbert Clarinets Joseph Shanihan Louis McDowell Cornets Willis Brown Frank Randall Violoncellos Alice Campbell Grace Cardwell Mrs. Clifford Smith Bethany King Margaret Steidle Horns Robert Oderkirk Ruth Douglass Trombones Walter Strait Roy Steeby Drums and Tympani John Graham Pianist Katherine Foy Page One Hundred Twenty two Dempster Yinsrer, Clement Yinger, Homer Yinger, Eleanor Yinger The Yinger Quartette A new organization, sponsored by the college this year, is the Yinger Quar- tette, composed of Clement Yinger, senior ; Dempster, junior ; Eleanor, sopho- more ; and Homer, freshman. The group has made a record this year with one hundred concerts, appearing before thirty thousand people, and traveling about twenty-five thousand miles since school opened last fall. Their work this year has taken them into practically all cities within reach of Albion. During Thanksgiving vacation a tour of northern Illinois was made. and April found them giving concerts in all of the principal cities of the East, at which time they made thirteen appearance in five states and Canada. Their work has been enthusiastically received everywhere. The Maine Conference. before which they sang, voted them an unqualified recommendation, and they have also been recognized by Boston University. The Quartette is managed by Miss Ruth Mastin. Page One Hundred Twenty-three Albion College Band This was one of the most successful years of an Albion Collesre Band. The college this year has furnished complete uniforms of a cape and cap for a thirty piece band, also a drum major ' s uniform, a set of drums and a Sousaphone. The organization is composed almost entirely of underclassmen who will return next year. The band served the college at all football games, most of the basketball games, played at pep-meetings, appeared in a number of concerts in town and out, and broadcasted from W.K.B.P., Battle Creek. Band men this year are to receive rewards for their services. This is a custom that is hoped will be continued in the future. C- P. Bilhorn, Director PERSONNEL Sanford Cooper, Drum Major E. G. Butenuth, Manager Clarinets Joseph Shanihan Bruce Young Louis McDowell Louis Bergendahl Robert Cliffton Alto Saxophones Richard Rogers Kleber Merrick Edward Biglow Cornets Enos Butenuth Willis Brown Charles Hayden Howard Field Norman Campbell Altos Robert Oderkirk Lee Trippeer Piccolo John Foy C Melody Saxophones Douglas Washburn Joseph Lyday Trombones Carlton Adams Harold Arney Walter Strait Sousaphones Winslow Holcomb Robert Gaskell Drums Sanford Cooper Russell Courtright Revere Hoopingarner John Graham Page One Hundred Twenty-four m J . ■ . • %■ : 1: -. - 3r i L jl Lady Windermere ' s Fan Showing the ends to which doubt, gossip, and jealousy can send a person, this play proved to be one of the best dramatic productions this year. Many clever lines and fascinating situations lended themselves well to the portrayal of such roles as, Lord Augustus Lorton, Lord Darlington, the Duchess of Berwick and Mrs. Erlynne. Lord and Lady Windermere were especially well represented as poised, cultured society leaders of London. All parts were presented in nearly- perfect style from the beginning until the end when true mother love was shown to triumph over the gossip and jealousy. The effectiveness of the scenery added greatly to the attractiveness of the whole production. The use of a blue Gothic Window, stippled wall paper and colored lights created the desired atmosphere of luxury. This play was successfully presented, twice in the Albion College Chapel and a third time in Homer by invitation of the Ladies Literary Club. PERSONS OF THE PLAY Lord Windermere Robert Tyler Mr. Dumby Reginald Eldred Mr. Hopper Glenn Wilson Parker Bates Wills Sir James Rufford Lawrence Childs Lady Windermere Mary Douglas The Duchess of Berwick Gerald inc Elliott Ladv Agatha Carlisle Mary Niffeneggcr Lady Plymdale Bemiec Walkley Ladv Jedburgh Marx Lou Kennedy Lady Stutfield Dorothy Jerrett Mrs. Cowper-Cowper Gladys Bauer Mrs. Erlynne Lorene Waller Lord Augustus Lorton Sherman Laivton Mr. Cecil Graham Harold Bristol Rosalie Eleanore Householder Page One Hundred Twenty-five Dramatics Under the able leadership of Miss Florence Swisher, Albion is doing out- standing work in the field of amateur dramatics. Plays are produced by students in Interpretative Reading and Play Production classes. Every person in the course appears at least once in a public performance, the aim being to give train- ing to as many people as possible. Zona Gale ' s famous one act play, ' ' The Neighbors, scored a success when presented by the play production class before the delegates of the State D. A. R. convention at the Parker Inn. ' Op ' o Me Thumb and The Bracelet, one act plays, were each presented twice ; first for the E. L. T. Club when they entertained the city teachers, Nov. 2, and again as a part of the Home Coming program, Nov. 5. The first play is an intensely comical selection but is woven throughout with a strain of pathos. The latter is a dramatic episode centering around Mrs. Western ' s missing bracelet. The Dover Road was the feature of the Clionian Formal at the Hayes Hotel. Jackson. The Festival of Plays, when three of the world ' s best plays were produced by the drama classes, proved the outstanding event of the campus season and raised the already high standards of Albion drama to new heights. The follow- ing plays were given : Icebound Owen Davis The action takes place in the parlor of the Jordan homestead at Veazie, Maine, and portrays the conservative Jordan family who have become spiritually icebound. Two entire different casts from the first year class presented this play in old New England costume. The Dover Road A. A. Milne Woven around a series of amusing situations arranged by an elderly gentle- man who waylaid eloping couples and revealed their true characters and disposi- tions. The Dover Road proved to be a delightful English comedy, and was well presented by advanced students. A Doll ' s House Heinrich Ibsen Though written exactly fifty years ago this play has a modern plot and application which make it a very popular drama. Ibsen, by means of this play and others, was one of the first to show that women really have rights and ability to think. The action takes place in Helmer ' s house, a fiat in Christiana. The theme centers around the idea of a woman ' s right to be an individual and not to be confined to a Doll ' s House. Page One Hundred Twenty-six f Music N Drama F rater niX ' us Bristol Childs Starr Tyler Kennedy Helmcamp Young Kilian Lewis Patterson Fuller Walworth Bowers Page One Hundred Twenty-eight The 1928 Albionian Staff ELECTED STAFF Harold Bristoi Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Childs Business Manager Robert Tyler Associate Editor Bruce Starr Associate Editor Herbert Helmcamp Associate Business Manager Ethel Mae Kennedy Associate Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Edward Kilian Sport Editor Esther Young Religious Activities Adrea Lewis Debate and Oratory Glenn Patterson Snap Editor Virginia Fuller Assistant Snap Editor Lucien Walworth Clubs Reginald Eldred Music and Drama Raymond Bowers Fraternities ART STAFF i Fraternities J. Lois Riest ■{ Administration [ Religious Organisations Frances Letts Faculty Sophomores John Ludwig Seniors I Forcnsics Esther Hoaglin Juniors Mary Thompson Freshmen Ethel Behling Clubs Marian Davis Publications Geraldine Caldwell Music and Drama Royal Cressy Governing Bodies Page One Hundred Twenty-ni lT - 3 •o iS g - .Pi V-X 3 CO ' Page One Hundred Thirty The 1928 Pleiad Student publications upon Albion ' s campus first began in 1868 with the ap- pearance of the College Standard. This magazine was supplanted in 1870 by the Annalist, of which Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Dickie were at one time co-editors. This paper failed also, and until 1880, when the College Monthly appeared on the scene, the college was without a publication. The last issue of the Monthly appeared in 1881. The original Pleiad, a monthly magazine of eight pages, was founded in 1883 by the class of 1886, who were sophomores at the time. Charles H. Gordon was the first editor. In 1891 the monthly magazine was transformed into a weekly newspaper, similar in size and head to the present Pleiad. The paper continued in this form with its aim not to give the student readers a magazine, but an epitome of the week ' s happenings, a matter of interest to us all until 1898 when it became a bi-weekly magazine. The publication was again changed to a weekly in 1912 and continued thus until 1915 when the present five-column weekly newspaper was established. The name Pleiad was derived from a group of seven wise men of Greece. It appears again in history in Alexandria, where it was applied to seven poets. Charlemagne and six of his advisers were called by the same name. Pleiad was chosen as the official title of the publication because of the desire of its seven editors to provide the best in the line of literature and news for the student body. Throughout the 45 years of its existence The Pleiad has experienced manv changes — in type and head and form — but it has always remained con- stant in two particulars. It has always had Albion College Pleiad on the mast- head ; it has always striven to give Albion the best in the way of student publi- cations. Harlow Staxkrauff Editor-in-Chief Clark Roggie Business Manager David Anderson Associate Editor Douglass Harger Associate Business Manager Ray Markel . -Issociatc Business Manager Victor Williams Sports Editor REPORTED BY THE CLASS IN JOURNALISM David Anderson Archie Bahm Stanley Berriman Frank Cole Sanford Cooper Ruth Geddes Lois Heath James Hubbard Beatrice Huckle George Koether Clyde Lampman Jack Ludwig Norman Lyon Carl Martenson Ames May wood Gwendolyn Andrews Lois Riest James Russell One Hundred Thirty-one Hyde Park The periodical, Hyde Park, Albion College student opinion organ, had its in- ception during the school year 1927-28. Five issues, ranging from four to eight pages of well edited, organized and timely material were published before the end of the year. Because of the enthusiastic reception which it received, it is planned to continue the sheet indefinitely, each year ' s staff selecting new members from the lower classes to fill in the ranks of the graduating editors. Hyde Park was named because of the similarity of its purpose to that of the Hyde Park in London where radical ideas and soap box orating are allowed to flourish unmolested. It is a paper without definite policy and prints contribu- tions on world, nation, city or college problems. Emphasis this year has been placed on college problems, including the Albion social program, the college curriculum, fraternities. Men ' s Union and many others. Side by side Hyde Park presents both views of the subject under discussion in one issue and permits the reader to make his own choice. Credit for the success of Hyde Park is due in a great measure to the excel- lent work of Sherman Lawton, editor of the first two issues, and Professor Maynard Krueger of the Political Science Department. STAFF OF EDITORS Sherman Lawton Ralph Keyes Ruth Parsons Josephine Richard Robert Tyler Charles Leavitt Lorene Waller Leonard Hoag The Quill The Quill of Alpha Phi Gamma, honorary journalistic fraternity, is a quar- terly literary magazine publishing selected material from the various English classes as well as contributed articles of merit. This is also the first year of the Quill ' s existence. The magazine contains short stories, sketches, book reviews, poems, essays, and editorials. Editors this year were Edward Kilian, Carl Martenson and Robert Tyler. Raymond Bowers was in charge of circulation. Prof. H. G. Baker acted on the staff in an advisory capacity. Page One Hundred Thirty-two GLOBS p © W sfl P £5 e 4W J sh ' pp. T - «. J— ■■■ tjfefc ia .3 % ' Lf zf p - f Sr rJi , 1 j- n - M £11 Hikf Hi ' i t - r 1 ' . »PVr Wl!1 fl? n i 1 qK 5.- ' S»= , -4B fi B ' Tfl 1 1 K J ' -p f .ME M | Snelling, Bowers, Balkema, Cressy, E. Collins, Ludwig Teft ' t, Maurer, R. Penzotti. L. Huston, L. Clark, Sheldon. Blaine, M. Thompson, Hoaglin, Reist L. Penzotti. M. Wav, N. Halliday, G. Caldwell, Miss Swanson, Kiles, M. Sinclair, Praether Art Club Geraldine Caldwell President Jack Ludwig Vice-President Ruth Penzotti Secretary The Art Club was organized in 1927 for the purpose of acquainting students with art and to give them greater appreciation of it. With this end in view the club has been instrumental in obtaining a group of Medici prints of old master- pieces which have been put on display. Prints of famous portraits and land- scapes, together with some plaster casts which have been recently added, form a nucleus for a future art gallery. Students who have maintained an average grade of B for one semester are eligible for membership. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Elson Balkema Wilma Behling Norma Blaine Raymond Bowers Louise Clark Erwin Collins Clayton Coulter Royal Cressy Marian Davis Natalie Halliday MEMBERS Esther Hoaglin Lillian Houston Marian Kingman Frances Letts Norman Lyons Amy Mann Alice Maurer Dorthea Niles Madeline Nixon Lillian Penzotti Florence Praether Lois Reist Mary Seaton Marian Sinclair Virginia Sheldon William Snelling Olga Teft ' t Joyce Thompson Mary Thompson Nola Vincent Margaret Way Page One Hundred Thirty-foil Noble, Cox, Kingsley, House, Asline, DeOme, Biles M. Price, Mr. Judson, Adler, Prof. Chickering. Miss Tucker Biological Club Sidney Adler President Mildred Price Vice-President Helen Cox Secretary-Treasurer The Biological Club was organized in 1869 for the purpose of bringing to- gether those most vitally interested in the biological science by the study of the latest scientific works. The membership is limited to twelve students who are majors or minors in the department with no grade below II. who have shown a special interest in biology, and who have been recommend by the head of the department. MEMBERS Dr. A. M. Chickering Helen Biles Mildred Noble Kenneth DeOme Dr. J. E. Judson Miss Marv E. Tucker Paul Kingsley Kenneth House Norris Asline Hundred Thirty -five Cox, M. Scharer, Egglestron, House, E. Kennedy Noble, D. McDowell. Lee Bartlett, Zemmer, Rood, Oderkirk Dr. Randall. Krebs, Adler. Lynn Bartlett, Engle Fall Chemical Club Sidney Adler President William Krebs Vice-President Lynn Bartlett Secretary-Treasurer The Fall Chemical Club was organized in 1897 under the direction of Dr. Delos Fall. In 1905 the club was enlarged to include the science of physics and was called the Physico-Chemical Club. In 1908 it was again organized as the McMillian Chemical Club, the name be- ing later changed in honor of Dr. Delos Fall. Membership is limited to those in ad- vanced classes who have done I! work in the department. MEMBERS Lee Bartlett Alice Campbell Helen Cox Lyle Egglestron Kenneth Goodemoot Robert Goetz William Harris Dr. David L. Randall Miss Dorothy G. Engle George Heels Kenneth House Ethel Kennedy Wilnia Lewis Douglas McDowell Charles Newcomb Mildred Noble Milton Scharer Stella Oderkirk Glenn Patterson Robert Sauer Margaret Steidle Katherine Rood Howard Teeter Adrian Zemmer Page One Hundred Thirty-six Manning. Martenson, Hill, Howes, Markel Magnotta, Louisa Rogers, Benedict, Ross Lockwood, Dr. Harrop, C. Cooper, D. Yinger, anCamp Classical Club George Hill President Hazel Ross Secretary Homer Howes Treasurer The Classical Club, founded in 1922, is composed of students maintaining a high scholastic standard in Latin or Greek. The purpose of the club is to inspire a greater interest in Roman and Greek life and literature. MEMBERS Dr. A. H. Harrop Helen Benedict Charlotte Cooper Norman Currin Sherman Lawton Dorothy Lockwood Bt ' ulah Magnotta Ray Markel Carl Martenson Ruth Moore Louisa Rogers Edith Van Camp Dempster Yinger One Hundred Thirty-sen Haggit, Page, Bahm Webster. Morrison, L. Heath, Dean, Spalding Thrall, Tyler, Mr. Williams, Hamilton, G. Koether Contributors Club Evelyn Thrall President Lorene Hamilton - Vice-President Robert Tyler Secretary-Treasurer The Contributors Club, honor organization of the department of English, was organized in 1905 by Professor Woolbert, head of the English department. Membership consists of the faculty members of the department and a maxi- mum of fifteen of the most promising writers of the college. Election is con- tingent to nomination by the head of the English department, and the approval of the club. The purpose of the club is to further interest in good literature and encourage writers in the college. Archie Bahm Ruth Dean Yvonne Haggit Lois Heath George Koether Francis Morrison David Page Ruth Parsons Lucile Spalding Helen Webster Page One Hundred Tinny eight Oderkirk, Boldt. Hall, Hill. Schilz, Leavitt, Wills Schott. Denton, Weaver, Hoag. McCulloch, Miller, Maston, S. Heath Mcllvenna, A. Lewis, Mr. Krneger, Nelson, Stankrauff, Abbott. Shoults Forum Club Charles Nelson President Geraldine Abbott Vice-President Ruth McIlvenna Secretary-Treasurer The Forum Club was organized by the union of the Social and Political Science Clubs. It is affiliated with the International Relations Club, which is sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment Fund. Membership is limited to twenty-five students selected by the faculty from those majoring in the departments of Sociology, Political Science, and History. MEMBERS Dr. A. J. McCulloch Dr. W. W. Whitehouse Clarence Boldt Beatrice Denton Allen Elliott Stella Heath George Hill Leona rd Hoag Charles Leavitt Adrea Lewis Ruth Mastin Gwendolyn Miller Earl Mutch Robert Oderkirk Ruth Parsons Gordon Schilz Esther Schott Dr. R. G. Hall Prof. M. Krueger Janie Shoults Harlow Stankrauff Thomas Steverman Lorene Waller Marion Weaver Bates Wills Dorothy Yost Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Dr. Gilbert, Shipp, Thwaites, L. Childs. G. Koether Magnotta, Haggit, Robb, H. Letts, Robbins, Fuller Kingman, Reist, L, Rogers, Riegel, Abbott, Cameron Le Cercle Francais Geealdine Abbott President Margaret Sleight ] ' ice-President Beryl Marker Secretary Maryix Pahi Treasurer Le Cercle Francais includes advanced students in the French department who, for their scholarship, have been recommended by the affiliation committee and faculty members. The monthly meetings are so arranged as to give practice in speaking French and to introduce the students to the culture of France — its customs, songs, games, plays and literature. Talks by those who have traveled in France are featured. MEMBERS Frances Cameron Lawrence Childs Harriette Davey Virginia Fuller Yvonne Haggit Eleanor Householder Marian Howlett Wilson Jenkins Marion Kingman George Koether Helen Letts Frances Lewis Margaret Little Beulah Magnotta Norman McCarty Vera Nichols Lois Reist Minerva Richards Alice Robb Marceline Robbins William Robinson Clara Rogers Louisa Rogers Marc Sackett Leonard Scribner Robert Shipp Janie Shoults Margaret Steidle Arthur Thwaites Grace Ulbright Milton Williams Page One Hundred Forty Cohen, L. Halliday, Dalzell, Arbor. Shipp Krueger, Kalb, Magnotta, Robbins, Levine, N. Halliday C. Adler. Dr. Shafheitlin, Ludwig. R. Link, Goetz German Club Jack Ludwig President Rosella Link Vice-President Charles Adler Secretary-Treasurer The German Club was or ganized in 1919 to give the students a wider knowl- edge of life and customs of the German people. The meetings are conducted entirely in German and are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Biographies and stories are read by members and each year since its organization the club has presented one short German play. Requirements for membership are A in the first year work or B in the second year course. MEMBERS Dr. Fredrick Lutz Dr. Anna Shafheitlin Dr. D. Gilbert Miss Roberta Riegel Sidney Adler Wilson Dalzell Paul Kingsley Ethel Behling Robert Goetz John Kalb Harold Bristol Lydian Halliday Maurice Levine Alta Arbor Natalene Halliday Beulah Magnotta Roland Billeter Helen Krueger Marceline Robbins Fred Cohen Robert Shipp Page One Hundred Forty-one Standing : G. Wilson, Walkley, Bristol, Bauer, Householder. Thingstad, G. Elliott, A. Elliott, M. Kennedy, Jerrett, L. Childs Seated : Wills, Douglas, Niffenegger, Eldred, Waller, Lawton, Miss Swisher, Walls Histrionic Club Members of the advanced drama classes are eligible to membership in the Histrionic Club, founded by Miss Swisher in the spring of 1923. The Club has a three fold aim : ( 1 ) . To acquaint the students with the best in dramatic literature. (2). To set up artistic taste in stage designing, lighting and costuming. (3). To afford practice in presenting plays to the public. In 1924 the Histrionic Players appeared on Broadway in competition for the David Belasco Cup, and in 1927 the Players were entered at Northwestern University in a mid-west dramatic contest. MEMBERS Gladys Bauer Harold Bristol Allen Elliott Louisa Rogers Loraine Waller Merrill Walls Sherman Lawton Eleanore Householder Bernice Walkley Dorothy Jerrett Mary Lou Kennedy Reginald Eldred Lawrence Childs Syver Thingstad Dallas Harger Glenn Wilson Bates Wills Mary Niffene; Mary Douglas Geraldine Elliott Robert Tyler er Page One Hundred Forty-tie, S. Oderkirk, Miss Dean, Condon, Sheldon, White, Pearce Phillips, Risinger. Carlisle, Lounsberry, Douglass, Pernokis Behling, Heathcock, Miss Crosby, Bentlev, Miriam Home Economics Club Edith Bentley President Marion Carlisle Vice-President Frances Risinger Secretary Margaret Mercer Treasurer The Home Economics Club was organized in 1918, shortly after the depart- ment was established in the college. The purpose of the club is to give the mem- bers a broader knowledge of the social and economic phases of this work, including home and vocational problems. Membership is limited to those of the three upper classes who are doing B work and who are majoring or minoring in the department. MEMBERS Miss Bernice Crosby Miss Annie Dean Ethel Behling Letha Heathcock Gertrude Gilbert Kathleen White Ruth Pearce Alice Miriam Virginia Sheldon Bernadette Condon Grace Lounsberry Virginia Dodge Pearl Phillips Ruth Douglass Sophia Pernokis Stella Oderkirk Katherine Bullen Page One Hundred Forty-three | C-J f V H BL ■ HH H F. Moore, Hill, Sebastian, L. Childs Houck, L. Wylie. Bristol. Hart, Traut Hieber, Raidle, Prof. Sleight. Mcllvenna, D. Kennedy Mathematics Club HArold Bristol President Loraixe Tmut Vice-President George Hill Secretary-Treasurer The Mathematics Club was organized in 1911 under the supervision of Prof. E. R. Sleight. The purpose of the club is to give the members a broader knowledge of mathematics as a teaching profession and to acquaint the m with certain phases of the mathematical science. Membership in the club is limited to those who have had two years of mathe- matics, are majoring in the department and who have maintained an average of B. ' ' Prof. E. R. Sleight Dorothy Kennedy Francis Moore Harlan McCall Hugh Sebastian MEMBERS Harold Wilson Raymond Bowers Helen Hieber Eugene Houck Ruth Mcllvenna Mr. Cornelius Evers Thelma Raidle Lawrence Wylie William Hart Lawrence Childs Page One Hundred Forty-four Kilian. D. Yinger, C. Yinger, Page, Bahm D. Kennedy, Sebastian, Dean Williams. J. Richard Philosophy Club Hugh Sebastian President Archie Bahm Vice-President Josephixe Richard Secretary-Treasurer The Philosophy Club was organized in 1928 under the direction of Dean Robert Williams. The purpose of the club is to generate interest in contemporary philosophy through book reviews, lectures and other means, and to bring to the campus, men prominent in the philosophical world. Membership is limited to fifteen of the students who are majoring or minoring in the department. MEMBERS Dorothy Kennedy Edward Kilian Isabel King Robert Oderkirk Dean Robert Williams Dr. Royal G. Hall David Page Arthur Thwaites Clement Yinger Dempster Yinger Page One Hundred Forty-five Thwaites, G. Lyday, Gubbms, King Turek, Pronger, Shipp, Hamilton, Patterson Childs, Strait, Mr. Spencer, Prof. Rood, Bristol Physical Research Club Harold Bristol President Lawrence Childs 1 ' ice-President Helen Cox Secretary-Treasurer The Physical Research Club is limited to Department Instructors and stu- dents who have completed two semesters of college physics and who are pursuing advanced work in the department. The object of the club is to keep its members in touch with the progress and discoveries which are being made in the laboratories of the world. Prof. Clement E. Rood Stanley Cowen Horace Hill Stuart King William Krebs Walter Strait Freman Brown William Harris Mercedes Moore rthur Thwaites Harold Arney William Brown Clayton Coulter Kenneth Goodemoot Hubert Howe John Klotz Clifford Ott Robert Shipp Mr. Raymond G. Spencer John Hamilton Edward Henderson Katherine Rood Irving Pronger Glenn Patterson Graham Lyday Robert Gubbins Lad Turek Thomas Emery Page One Hundred Forty-. L. Childs, Martenson, Parsons, Bristol, Ludwig Kilian, Prof. Baker, StankraufF Quill Club (Alpha Phi Gamma) Harlow Stankrauff President Ruth Parsons Vice-President Edward Kilian Secretary Prof. H. G. Baker Treasurer Organized in June. 1927, the Quill Club has for its major aims the promo- tion of professional spirit and the furthering of journalism interests in the col- lege. One of the projects of the club is a quarterly publication, The Quill, de- signed as a medium for undergraduate literary expression. The club has also assisted the staffs of Michigan high school publications by offering criticism and suggestions. In April, 1928, a charter was granted the organization in Alpha Phi Gamma, national honorary journalistic fraternity. Membership is limited to staffs of col- lege publications. Honorary members of the club are President John L. Seaton, Mr. W. S. Kennedy, managing editor of the Albion Evening Recorder, and Mr. Richard T. Baldwin, editor of the Recorder ' . MEMBERS ♦Prof. H. G. Baker David Anderson Raymond Bowers ♦Harold Bristol Lawrence Childs Clyde Lampman Ray Markel Clark Roggie ♦Bruce Starr ♦Robert Tyler ♦Herbert Helmcamp ♦Ethel May Kennedy ♦Douglas Harger Ruth Parsons John Ludwig Carl Martenson Wendell Edwards Chartcr members, Nu Chapter, Alpha Phi Gamine Page One Hundred Forty-seven H. Holmes, Kuhlman, Brockway, Cole Capper, D. Anderson, Crider, G. Andrews. Hogle Gilbert. Schott, Geddes, Field Spanish Club Ruth Geddes President Esther Schott Vice-President Miriam Pexzotti Secretary Howard Field Treasurer The Spanish Club, which was organized in 1921, has for its purpose the aiding of its members in the use of Spanish language and of acquainting them with life and customs of these people. Membership is limited to students who are majoring or minoring in the department and who have an average of B in the subject. MEMBERS Geraldine Abbott Margaret Adair David Anderson Gwendolyn Andrews William Brown Mary Capper Edward Carlson Frank Cole Harriette Davey Dr. D. M. Gilbert Mr. Bla ke Crider Beatrice Denton Anita Hogle Virginia Fuller Stanley Holmes Walter Hoshal Marian Howlett Beatrice Huckle Priscilla Kellog Marion Kingman Murlin Kuhlman Clyde Lampman Dorothy Leech Frances Lewis Michael Palermo Mary Seaton Ruth Stakes Gladvs Wilson Page One Hundred Forty-eight Dean, Sleight, Parsons, Howes, D. Kennedy Louisa Rogers, Risinger, King, Fuller, Webster Panhellenic Council Isabel Kixg Virc.inia Fuller. President etarvTreasurer The Panhellenic Council, which was organized in 1917, consists of two repre- sentatives from each of the sororities, with their presidents and alumni-advisors as ex-officio members. The duties of the Council are to regulate sorority activi- ties and the rushing of pledges. Each year an intersorority banquet is held under the auspices of the Council. Alpha Chi Omega Dorothy Kennedy Margaret Sleight Alpha Xi Delta Florence Howes Virginia Fuller Kappa Delta Frances Risinger Helen Webster Clionian Ruth Parsons Louisa Rogers Delta Gamma Ruth Dean Isabel King .Page One Hundred Fifty-two Balkema, Nelson Teeter, B. Koether, Helmcamp, Stankrauff, Lawton Lampman, Kuhlman, Hoffman, Bromley, Wills Interfraternity Council Leslie Hoffman President John Bromley Vice-President Murlin Kuhlman Secretary-Treasurer The Interfraternity Council consists of two representatives from each of the fraternities. Since the re-organization of the council in 1920 it has a great influence in regulating the pledging of freshmen, sponsoring of interfraternity activities and planning the annual interfraternity banquet. Alpha Tan Omega Leslie Hoffman Bruce Taylor MEMBERS Delta Tau Delta Bernard Koether Harlow Stankrauff Delta Sigma Phi Charles Nelson Bates Wills Sigma Chi Murlin Kuhlman Howard Teeter Tau Kappa Epsilon Herbert Helmcamp Clyde Lampman Sigma Nil Elson Balkema John Bromley Hundred Fifty three Richard Kennedy Davey Sturtevant Hewlett Traut Rogers Van Camp M. Kennedy Lockwood Steidle Sleight r hite Young Letts Eyster O ' Conner Nagle Finch Black Dibble McCahe Culver Way Lenhart Monroe Carroll Stewart Cowen Penzotti Page One Hundred Fifty-four Alpha Chi Omega Founded at De Pauw University, Green castle, Indiana, 1883 Beta Chapter — Established, 1887 Colors : Scarlet and Oik Flower : Red Carnation Publication : The Lyre FACULTY MEMBERS Clarissa Stewart Dorothy Kennedy ' 28 Marjorie Sturt evant ' 28 Marion Howlett ' 28 Norine Nagle ' 28 Pricilla Kellogg ' 28 Margaret Sleight ' 29 Josephine Richard ' 29 Edith Van Camp ' 29 Kathleen White ' 29 Mary Lou Kennedy ' 29 Harriette Davey ' 29 Juanita Lenhart ' 30 Virginia Hayden ' 30 Marjorie Carroll ' 30 Kathleen Finch ' 31 Margaret O ' Conner ' 31 Geraldine Snelling ' 31 Lucile Black ' 31 Frances Letts ' 31 PLEDGES Carla Kennedy ACTIVE MEMBERS Lorraine Traut ' 29 Eleanore Rupright ' 30 Dorothy Lockwood ' 30 Elizabeth Young ' 30 Meriam Penzotti ' 30 Katherine Rood ' 30 Clara Rogers ' 30 Virginia Greenfield ' 30 Margaret Steidle ' 30 Minerva Richards ' 30 Alice Cooper ' 30 Elizabeth Dibble ' 31 Alice McCabe ' 31 Margaret Stewart ' 31 Margaret Monroe ' 31 Lillian Penzotti ' 31 Josephine Gale ' 31 Elizabeth Culver ' 31 Grace Co wen ' 31 Margaret Way ' 31 Helen Sue Evster ' 31 Page One Hundred F ifty-fiv F. Clark Yost Jackson Bauer Elliott Hamilton Fuller Fov Huckle Frevert McAuliffe Ludke Ulbright Davis Howes Hoaglin Condon Nagle Grabowsky McCall Dabbert N. Halliday Tillstrom Oderkirk Brav Blaine L. Clark Rogers Bull Whiton Niles MacVicar Winfield Nixon White L. Halliday Keller Page One Hundred Fifty-sis Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, 1893 Phi Chapter — Established, 1915 Flower : Pink Rose Colors : Double Blue and Gold Publication: Alpha Xi Delta ' ACTIVE MEMBERS Gladys Bauer ' 28 Dorothy Yost ' 28 Florence Clark ' 28 Geraldine Elliott ' 28 Lorene Hamilton ' 28 Florence Jackson ' 28 Katherine Foy ' 28 Beatrice Huckle ' 29 Virginia Fuller ' 29 Norine McAuliffe ' 29 Barbara Fulton ' 30 Lydian Halliday ' 30 Norma Blaine ' 31 Virginia Bray ' 31 Elizabeth Bull ' 31 Louise Clark ' 31 Ruth Dabbert ' 31 Natalene Halliday ' 31 Elaine Nagle ' 30 PLEDGES Mildred Frevert ' 29 Bernadette Condon ' 30 Helen Davis ' 30 Mary McCall ' 30 Florence Howes ' 30 Esther Hoaglin ' 30 Joye June Ludke ' 30 Stella Oderkirk ' 30 Grace Ulbright ' 30 Esther Grabowskv ' 30 Isabel McVicar ' 31 Dorthea Niles ' 31 Clara Rogers ' 31 Laura Rogers ' 31 Ella Whiton ' 31 Elizabeth Winfield ' 3 Katherine Keller ' 31 Madeline Nixon ' 31 Carolyn White ' 31 Page One Hundred Fifty-seven King Abbott Cooper Dean Nichols Schott Neller Young G. Andrews D. Baxter Niffenegger Cross Cameron Rowe Vincent Hansen D. Wilson Harrison Demming Hahn Sylvester Alger Little Butler Leech Mercer Householder Bullen Moore Brown Hogle G. Wilson Ewbank Mason F. Baxter Eaton Arford Messner Stiefel Page One Hundred Fifty-eight Delta Gamma Founded at Warren Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, 1872 Zeta Chapter — Established, 1883 Flower : Cream Rose Colors : Bronze, Pink and Blue FACULTY MEMBER Audrey K. Wilder Publication : Anchora ACTIVE MEMBERS Geraldine Abbott ' 28 Marion Alger ' 28 Charlotte Cooper ' 28 Ruth Dean ' 28 Margaret Little ' 28 Isabel King ' 28 Gwendolyn Andrews ' 29 Mary Brown ' 29 Katherine Bullen ' 29 Eleanor Householder ' 29 Dorothy Leach ' 29 Margaret Mercer ' 29 Dorothy Neller ' 29 Vera Nichols ' 29 Gladys Wilson ' 30 PLEDGES Eleanor Maywood ' 29 Ruth Arford ' 31 Florence Baxter ' 31 Helen Butler ' 31 Marion Davis ' 31 Dorothy Demming ' 31 Elsie Eaton ' 31 Harriet Fox ' 31 Betty Price ' 29 Esther Schott ' 29 Esther Young ' 29 Marjorie Andrews ' 30 Dorothy Baxter ' 30 Frances Cameron ' 30 Marjorie Cross ' 30 Mary Douglas ' 30 Kathleen Ewbank ' 30 Anita Hogle ' 30 Mary Niffenegger ' 30 Barbara Rowe ' 30 Mary Seaton ' 30 Nola Vincent ' 30 Elizabeth Hahn ' 31 Helen Hansen ' 31 Margaret Jean Harrison ' 31 Nancy Jane Kennedy Irma Mason ' 31 Grace Messner ' 31 Marion Stiefel ' 31 Marion Sylvester ' 31 Doris Wilson ' 31 °age One Hundred Fiftym Cox, Lewis, Raidle, Waller, Marker. Adair Shoults, Risinger, Nash, Lindsay. Mcllvenna, Spring J. Gray, Pearce. Wing, Flemming. Lahser, Webster, Abramsen, Wooton Horton, Harmon, Geddes, Bennetts, Pardee, Aseltyne Montgomery, Huston, Gray, Vail, F. Greene, Link Dewey, M.Thompson, Arber, Caswell, Malmborg, T.Thompson Page One Hundred Sixty Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal College. Fennville. Virginia. 1897. Sigma Pi Chapter — Established, 1923 Colors: Olive Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication: The Angelus FACULTY MEMBER Annie Dean ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Adair ' 28 Helen Cox ' 28 Frances Lewis ' 28 Beryl Marker ' 28 Lorene Waller ' 28 Helen Biles ' 29 Josephine Gray ' 29 Grace Lindsay ' 29 Ruth Mcllvenna ' 29 Frances Morrison ' 29 Margaret Nash ' 29 Margaret Wooton ' 30 Thelma Raidle ' 29 Frances Risinger ' 29 Janie Shoults ' 29 Frances Spring ' 29 Helen Webster ' 29 Eunella Wing ' 29 Ruth Pearce ' 29 Hannah Abramsen ' 30 Helen Flemming ' 30 Ruth Geddes ' 30 Mildred Lahser ' 30 PLEDGES Mary Adair ' 31 Elta Arber ' 31 Grace Aseltyne ' 31 Helen Bennets ' 31 Ruth Caswell ' 31 Eleanorr Dewey ' 31 Georgia Gray ' 31 Frances Green ' 31 Elizabeth Harmon ' 31 Rowena Horton ' 31 Lillian Huston ' 31 Harriet Kingslev ' 31 Hildegarde Link ' 31 Dorothy Mahnrjorg ' 31 Elizabeth Montgomery ' 31 Jane Pardee ' 31 Joyce Thompson ' 31 Mary Thompson ' 31 Page One Hundred Sixty-one Link Rogers Bentley Price Robb Carlisle Mann Walkley Benedict Parsons Capper Douglass Kennedy Walworth Garlanger Ritter Leng Day Linsey Harvev Eastwood Cook Sinclair Clark Manrer Johnson Kidder Page One Hundred Si.rty-two . . M i m 9 I i | Mm i 1 ■ P V ' ; I ' 1 II i Clionian Founded at Albion 1913. Reorganized in 1923 Colors : Yellow and White Flower : Narcissus ACTIVE MEMBERS Edith Bently ' 28 Rosella Link 28 Mildred Price ' 28 Alice Robb ' 28 Louisa Rogers ' 28 Helen Benedict ' 29 Ruth Burch ' 29 Mary Jane Capper ' 29 Marion Carlisle ' 29 Lucy Leng ' 29 Amy Mann ' 29 Ruth Parsons ' 29 Bernice Walkley ' 29 Ruth Douglass ' 29 Carol Stutz ' 29 Louise Clancy ' 29 Esther Cook ' 30 Annamarie Garlanger ' 30 Ethel Mae Kennedy ' 30 Doris Ritter ' 30 Phyllis Walworth ' 30 Allene Day ' 30 PLEDGES Altha Kidder ' 31 Winifred Babcock ' 31 Marian Eastwood ' 31 Katherine Harvey ' 31 Edith Johnson ' 31 Alice Maurer ' 31 Marian Sinclair ' 31 Eldora Clark ' 31 Wanda Lear ' 31 Dorothy Graham ' 31 Page One Hundred Sixty-three Hoffman Van Auken Van Buskirk F. Densmore Troutman J. Lyday Kilian Heels Leeson Taylor Camburn Emery Kingsley Flanders P. Curtis Campbell Ellis Collins H. Curtis L. McDowell Rover Barn- Brown Field J. Densmore Fov Sebastian Wilson Lawton Tannasch Coulter D. McDowell Leeds G. Lyday Washburne Johnson Todd Liethtbodv Page One Hundred Sixty-four Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, 1865 Beta O micron Chapter — Established 1889 Colors : Sky Blue and Old Gnld Flower: White Tea Rose Publication: The Palm Edwin R. Sleight FACULTY MEMBERS H. Fred Parker ACTIVE MEMBERS Leslie Hoffman ' 28 George Heels ' 28 Edward Kilian ' 28 Louis Leeson ' 28 Hugh Sebastian ' 28 Harold Wilson ' 28 Hanlon Van Auken ' 28 Paul Camburn ' 29 Thomas Emery ' 29 Laurence Jannasch ' 29 Sherman Lawton ' 29 Bruce Taylor ' 29 Russel Troutman ' 30 Edmund Van Buskirk ' 29 Norman Campbell ' 30 A. C. Collins ' 30 Clayton Coulter ' 30 Phillip Curtis ' 30 Fiord Densmore ' 30 Myron Ellis ' 30 John Flanders ' 30 Paul Kingsley ' 30 Walter Leeds ' 30 Graham Lvday ' 30 Douglas McDowell ' 30 Aaron Barry ' 31 Harry Curtis ' 31 Harold Johnson ' 31 Joseph Lvdav ' 31 Louis McDowell ' 31 Clark Rover ' 31 PLEDGES William Brown ' 29 Douglas Washburne ' 31 Tames Densmore ' 31 Harold Field ' 31 Tohn Fov ' 31 William Lightbody ' 31 Stavton Todd ' 31 Page One Hundred Sixty-fiv Bristol Dal. Harger Wills Kelson Glidden Eldred Snelling Gilbert Hill Higley L. Childs D. Culver Maywood Tyler Patterson Anderson Zemmer Dammon Dalrymple Howes Hamilton Wilson Hoshal J. Elliott Gubbins Way Herriff McConnell D. Harger Redding Osborn Brannack Fink Welch C. Harger Moran Latta German Weidlea Phelps R. Elliott J. Childs Clifton W. Culver Morehouse Rahu Page One Hundred Sixty Delta Sigma Phi Founded at College of the City of New York. 1899 Alpha Tau Chapter — Founded. 1917 Colors : Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation Publication: The Carnation FACULTY MEMBER W. Whitcomb Whitehouse ACTIVE MEMBERS Charles Nelson ' 28 Bates Wills ' 28 Lawrence Childs ' 28 Harold Bristol ' 28 Lvnn Glidden ' 28 Dallas Harger ' 28 Reginald Eldred ' 28 William Snelling ' 28 George Hill ' 29 Lawrence Gilbert ' 29 Clarence Danimon ' 29 Richard Higlev ' 29 Dudleigh Culver ' 29 Robert Tyler ' 29 Glenn Patterson ' 29 Ames Maywood ' 29 David Anderson ' 30 Homer Howes ' 30 Adrian Zemmer ' 30 John Hamilton ' 30 Bernard Dalrymple ' 30 Robert Gubbins ' 30 Neil Osborn ' 30 Dean Herriff ' 30 Wayne Wav ' 30 Tack Elliott ' 30 Walter Hoshal ' 30 Glenn Wilson ' 30 A. J. C. Brannack ' 30 Douglas Harger ' 30 PLEDGES Cedric Harger ' 31 Charles Latta ' 31 Joseph Childs ' 31 Howard Welch ' 31 Clair Wiedlea ' 31 Charles Fink ' 31 Olen McConnell ' 31 Wayne Culver ' 31 Robert Elliott ' 31 Arlo Morehouse ' 31 Rollo Palmer ' 31 Hubert Moran ' 31 Jack Redding ' 31 Robert Sutton ' 31 Girard Miller ' 31 Franklin Rahn ' 31 Robert Clifton ' 31 Fremont German ' 31 Ralph Phelps ' 31 Page One Hundred Sixty-! Roggie Williams Cou rtright Sergman Stankrauff Conrad Stevermai B. Koether G. Koether Cowen Cooper Muche Guile Harper Cosgrove Dickens Pelton Carlson Vallance Stillson Marsh Scribner McCarty Andrews McCulloch Wilkes Patee Whitley Waugh Watson Bailey Sheridan Erskine Runner Page One Hundred Sixty-eight Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia, 1859 Epsilon Chapter — Established 1876 Flower : Pansy Colors : Purple and Gold ACTIVE MEMBERS Publication : The Rainboiv Russell Courtright ' 28 Victor Williams ' 28 Raymond Conrad ' 28 Clark Roggie ' 28 Harlow Stankrauff ' 28 Stanley Cowen ' 29 Thomas Steverman ' 29 Bernard Koether ' 29 George Koether ' 29 Edward Carlson ' 29 Ralph Pelton ' 29 Theodore Bergman ' 30 Emmet Cosgrove ' 30 Lewis Dickens ' 30 Homer Harper ' 30 Robert Muche ' 30 Gurdon Guile ' 30 John Vallance ' 30 Sanford Cooper ' 30 Raymond Stillson ' 30 PLEDGES Sherwood Wilkes ' 29 Leonard Scribner ' 31 Robert McCulloch ' 31 George Andrews ' 31 Norman McCarty ' 31 Otter Watson ' 31 Bernard Whitley ' 31 William Marsh ' 31 Robert Runner ' 31 Vincent Bailey ' 31 James Sheridan ' 31 Orra Waugh ' 31 Frank Patee ' 31 Page One Hundred Sixty-nine Nagle Boldt Kuhlman Hill B rocklebank Teeter Houck King- Sauer Brockwav Lee Bartlett Hadley Lynn Bartlett Tnrek Nutt Kalb Shipp Black Dalzell Havden Gullander Nixon Manning Pinegar Dockson Corwin J. C. Srr ith Barber Robinson M. Smith Holt Page One Hundred Seventy Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter — Established 1886 Flower: White Rose Colors : Blue and Gold Publication : Magazine of Sigma Chi ' ' ACTIVE MEMBERS Murlin Kuhlman ' 28 Victor Nagle ' 28 Etnmett Brockelbank ' 28 Clarence Boldt ' 28 Horace Hill ' 28 Lawrence Billings ' 28 Lee Bartlett ' 29 Lynn Bartlett ' 29 Bradford Brockway ' 29 Kenneth Hadley ' 29 Clarence Hartung ' 29 Eugene Houck ' 29 Robert Sauer ' 29 Howard Teeter ' 29 Charles Newcomb ' 29 Harold Arnev ' 30 Stuart King ' 29 Leon Manning ' 29 Robert Black ' 30 Howard Bradley ' 30 Robert Shipp ' 30 Blaine Nutt ' 30 James Corwin ' 30 Wilson Dalzell ' 30 Ward Gullander ' 30 Charles Hayden ' 30 John Kalb ' 30 Deane Kulp ' 30 Ladd Turek ' 30 George Protsman ' 30 Rex Holt ' 30 Lawrence Nixon ' 31 Mahlon Smith ' 31 Frederick Pinegar ' 31 PLEDGES William Robinson ' 31 James C. Smith ' 31 Sterling Dockson ' 31 Lawrence Barber ' 31 Page One Hundr Wvlie Thingstad McCall Thwaites Jone Walls Calvert Kantner Balkema Lee Baur Richards Wiseman Palermo Elliot Walworth Flemming Bradshaw Ott Kingsbury VanCamp Beeman Purdy Parsells Sleight Richard Porte Peck s Galloway Ludwig Bromley Biggs Cole E. Collins Hoag Hembdt Penzotti Pitkin Button Schuler Mitchell Mingst Bartlett Dale Seymour Clancy Page One Hundred Seventy-two Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, 1869 Gamma Gamma Chapter — Established, 1895 Colors : Black, White and Gold Flower : White Rose Elson Balkema ' 28 Roger Calvert ' 28 George Jones ' 28 Claude Kan trier ' 28 Harlan McCall ' 28 Victor Peck ' 28 Syver Thingstad ' 28 Arthur Thwaites ' 28 Ellis Wylie ' 28 .Tame Galloway ' 28 Harvey Biggs ' 29 John Bromley ' 29 Frank Cole ' 29 Frwin Collins ' 29 Joseph Fleming ' 29 Leonard Hoag ' 29 Leslie Lee ' 29 James Purdy ' 30 PLEDGES Wesley Van Camp ' 31 Carl Beeman ' 31 Carl Mingst ' 31 Wayne Richard ' 31 Robert Porter ' 31 Publication : The Delta ACTIVE MEMBERS John Ludwig ' 29 Michael Palermo ' 29 Merrill Walls ' 29 Lawrence Wiseman ' 29 Gilbert Baur ' 30 Russell Bradshaw ' 30 Melbourne Button ' 30 Elbert Elliot ' 30 Phillips Hembdt ' 30 Stanley Penzotti ' 30 William Pitkin ' 30 Lloyd Richards ' 30 Lucien Walworth ' 30 Clifford Ott ' 30 Lawrence Mitchell ' 30 Winston Schuler ' 30 Edwin Bartlett ' 30 Edward Dale ' 31 Hugh Clancy ' 31 James Sleight ' 31 Everett Seymore ' 31 Ronald Parsells ' 31 Willard Kingsbury ' 31 One Hundred Scventy-thr Asline DeOme Hart Elliot Keyes Neef Strait Edwards Lampman Bowers Helmcamp Lyons Marvin Cranmore Wylie D. Yinger Russell Smith Clapp Howe Markle Stephens Starr Shugg Fritz Anderson Eller Foley Jones Nash Ellinger Scoville McCracken Cullum Ellwood Holcomb Lappeus One Hundred Seventy-four r r !L « 1 ! Hp IK , ' ! pp y ' Taw Kappa Epsilon Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois. 1899 Omega Chapter — Established. 1927 Colors : Cherry and Grey Flower : Red Carnation Norris Asline ' 28 Kenneth DeOme ' 28 Wendell Edwards ' 28 Allen Elliott ' 28 William Hart ' 28 Ralph Keyes ' 28 William Krebs ' 28 Clyde Lampman ' 28 Harold Neef ' 28 Walter Strait ' 28 Clement Yinger ' 28 Raymond Bowers ' 29 Howard Cranmore ' 29 Herbert Helmcamp ' 29 Publication : The Tcke ACTIVE MEMBERS Roy Johns ' 29 Norman Lyons ' 29 John Marvin ' 29 James Russell ' 29 Lawrence Wylie ' 29 Dempster Yinger ' 29 Kent Clapp ' 30 Hubert Howe ' 30 Ray Markel ' 30 Orville Shugg ' 30 Lloyd Smith ' 30 Bruce Starr ' 30 Ernest Anderson ' 30 Howard Field ' 30 Rupert Stephens ' 30 PLEDGES Robert Cullum ' 31 Irving Eller ' 31 Clifton Ellinger ' 31 Robert Ellwood ' 31 Raymond Foley ' 31 William Fritz ' 31 Victor Scoville ' 31 Winslow Holcomb ' 31 Francis Jones ' 31 George Lappeus ' 31 Donald McCracken ' 31 Gordon Nash ' 31 Richard Rogers ' 31 Page One Hundred Seventy-five Nixon Heathcock S. Heath Denton Goodemoot Adams Haggitt Moore L. Heath Mutch Crowell Hood Martenson Seymour King Brigham Seymour Holden Gray Page One Hundred Seventy-. Eclectic and Atheniades Founded at Albion, 1845 ; Reorganized in 1922 Colors : Maroon and Cold Flowkr : Red Carnation FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Royal G. Hall Mrs. Royal G. Hall ACTIVE MEMBERS Kenneth Goodemoot ' 28 Yvonne Haggitt ' 28 Stella Heath ' 28 Letha Heathcock ' 28 Frances Moore ' 28 Beatrice Denton ' 28 Archie Bahm ' 29 Lois Heath ' 29 Carl Martenson ' 29 Earl Mutch ' 29 Clare Gray ' 29 Elva McClintic ' 30 Howard Seymour ' 30 Carleton Adams ' 30 Harriet Hicks ' 30 Terrence Hood ' 30 Bethany King ' 30 Mary Seymour ' 30 PLEDGES Audrey Brigham ' 31 Frances Crowell ' 31 Florence Holden ' 31 Doroth Schneider ' 31 Page One Hundred Seventy-seven mf? NO GIRL? p ER USUAL Page One Hundred Seventy Steidle, Elizabeth Young, R. Link, J. Richard Weidenhammer, Parsons, Denton, Pearce, S. Heath Walkley, H. Davis, Esther Young, Raidle, Walworth Young Women ' s Christian Association Esther Young President Thelm a Raidle Vice-President Bernice Walkley Secretary . Helen Davis Treasurer Ruth Pearce Undergraduate Representative This year the devotional meetings of the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. have been combined into what has been known as the Thursday Evening Medi- tation Hour. A Big Sister movement in connection with Freshman Week activities, a World Friendship Study Group, and a Social Service Program have featured the activities of the Y. W. C. A. this year. Membership in the organization is open to all women students on the campus. The executive work of the Y. W. C. A. is carried on by the officers and a cabinet composed of the chairmen of the various committees. CABINET MEMBERS Stella Heath Devotions Elizabeth Young Socicd Rosella Link Finance Ruth Parsons World Friendship Esther Weidenhammer Publicity Beatrice Denton Social Service Josephine Richard Program Margaret Steidle Music Phyllis Walworth Convention Page Ove Hundred Eighty K. Campbell, D. Yinger, Calvert, Dammon, Ott Marvin, H. Howes, Martenson, Bahm Young Mens Christian Association Carl Martexsox President Harvey Biggs Vice-President Archie Bahm Secreatry Homer Howes Treasurer Working through a restricted membership list on the project method, the Y. M. C. A. has sought to provide friendly service to the men of the college; to stimulate student thinking on world problems by bringing to the campus from time to time, prominent speakers ; to arouse interest for student conferences and student movements generally. The Association was instrumental in securing a fund from the Wesley Found- ation of the Methodist Episcopal Church for religious work on the campus. Each Thursday evening, in the chapel, the Y. M. C. A., in co-operation with the Y. W. C. A., has sponsored a Mid-Week Meditation Hour, at which many leaders in the church and in world affairs have been presented. CABINET MEMBERS Roger Calvert Norman Campbell Clarence Dammon Harold Dixon Leslie Lee John Marvin Clifford Ott Stavton Todd Dempster Yinger Page One Hundred Eighty-one C. Harger, Martenson, Johns, D. Yinger, Seymour, Miles Saxman, H. Yinger, Otis, Dixon, H. Seymour, Clancy, Hood Manning, Wilcox, Jenkin, Dr. Goodrich, Marvin, C. Yinger Oxford Fellowship John Marvin President Paul Wilcox Vice-President Clarence Dam mon Associate President Wilson Jenkin Secretary Norman Campbell Treasurer The Oxford Fellowship is a national professional fraternity for under- graduates who are entering the ministry. It is the strongest religious organiza- tion of its kind with chapters in twenty-five of the best colleges and universities. The Albion chapter holds bi-weekly meetings in the Oxford Fellowship retreat. North Hall. Formal initiation has been held for pledges and at present the membership is forty, including active, honorary and pledges. Faculty advisor and senior Fellow Dr. F. S. Goodrich Glen Aldrich Norman Campbell Harold Dixon Byron Hahn Carl Martenson John Marvin Percy Mills Erwin Bailey Versile Bently Bruce Davis MEMBERS Roy Johns Allen Morris Daniel Reedy Howard Seymour Paul Wilcox Clement Yinger Dempster Yinger Clarence Dammon Wesley Oldt Hugh Clancy Cedric Harger Terrance Hood Joseph Jenkin Richard Miles Homer Yinger Leon Manning Harold Otis Walter Saxman Harold Rousch Everett Sevmour Page One Hundred Eighty-two L. Clancy, Denton, M. Smith, C. Gray, B. King, Parks Forman, Irwin, Holden, K. Clancy, Schneider Student Volunteers Beatrice Dextox Prcsidci Mildred Price Vice-President Marian Irwin Secretary-Treasurer The Student Volunteers is an organization composed of students interested in foreign missionary service as a life work. In the past years over ninety mis- sionaries have gone to the foreign field fro m the Albion organization. MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION Kathleen Clancy Louise Clancy Beatrice Denton Marian Irwin Beatrice Paulley Edith Parks Mildred Price Myrtle Smith MEMBERS OF THE LOCAL ORGANIZATION Miriam Forman Clare Gray Howard Field Florence Holden Bethany King Dorothy Schneider Page One Hundred Eighty-thr Geddes, J. Gray, Lindsay, S. Heath Douglass, Hilker, Fillmore, L. Heath, Hieber Holden, Brigham, W. Lewis, Schliskey, Adair Home Service Association Josephine Gkay President Helen Hieber Vice-President Mildred Frevert Treasurer Hazel Schliskey Secretary The purpose of the Home Service Association is to promote an interest in all organizations and movements which are working for the development and es- tablishment of Christian ideals and standards of living in this country. It was organized in 1920 and has aided in social s ervice work in Albion. The Associa- tion has given financial support to schools in the southern mountain regions. MEMBERS Margaret Adair Audrey Brigham Ruth Douglass Frances Fillmore Ruth Geddes Lois Heath Stella Heath Marie Hilker Florence Holden Elizabeth Huston Charlotte Kinch Wilma Lewis Grace Lindsay Jessie Minkler Ellen Reed Page One Hundred Eiglity-fouf n rn nm IM ||n m m (11| n ,.,( — in mm m im mi ,a m Ml im III itu mi mi | «$• Scholarship Character ALBION COLLEGE Where opportunity invites ACADEMIC — BUSINESS PRE-MEDICIXE — PRE-DENTISTRY PRE-ENGINEERING PRE-LAW MUSIC — FIXE ARTS For Information, Address JOHX L. SEATOX, Ph. D., President Albion, Mich. Page One Hundred Eighty-seven Page One Hundred Eighty-eight YOU WILL LIKE THE NEW PARKER INN A Wiggins Hotel Bringing to Albion a Hotel Service — Opening a New Era in Student Social Life Distinctive in Its Courtesy Unique in Its Appointment Formal or Informal Functions Entertain m ents GRILL Rates : $2.00 and up. BALL ROOM E. B. Sweeney, Mgr. Page One Hundred Eighty-nine The College Inn Eat Shoppe Where quality prevails We appreciate your patronage and hope to serve you in the futurf A College Shop by College Men MUNRO ' S Michigan at Francis Jackson Represented in Albion by Geo. Bingham — ,4. + .. Hubert ' s Greenhouse ALBION. MICH. Member of Florist ' s Telegraph Delivery Association Cut Flowers axd Potted Plants Retail Store 102 E. Erie Phone 97 Courtesv Service The Parker Inn Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor We aim to give you the best in our line Sanitary Compliments of The Gale Manufacturing Co, ALDIOX, MICHIGAN Page One Hundred Ninety 1 Portraiture J Commercial Photography j Enlarging | Framing ! Kodak Finishing THE PIKE STUDIO Portraits with Personality 414 South Superior Street ALBIOX, MICH. 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 I 1 q o U Photographers for } -kiTTTTO( The Nineteen » yjjjjmyff Twentv-Eight J o» t ' Albionian 1 1 1 Page One Hundred Ninety-one ..+ + — . .. « Choose Electrical Gifts They Make Home A Happier Place Science and invention have enabled ns to enjoy at a small cost the con- venience that would have seemed magic to our forefathers. Make a gift of an Electrical Appli- ance and you lighten the labors of the recipient. For electricity is a faithful servant that will perform for the years to come. Electric Refrigerators Electric Ranges Waffle Irons Electric Irons Electric Toasters Vacuum Cleaners Electric Percolators Table Lamps Curling Irons Washing Machines Heaters CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY 121 E. Erie St. I Phone l I The Plumbing and Heating in Krcsge Gymnasium and Susanna Wesley Dormitory WERE INSTALLED BY A. S. WILDT Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilation Home Comfort Headquarters 108 E. Erie St. i i I I I i i | I i i I I I I i I I 1 i I I i I 1 I I i i I I I l i I i I I I i i I + ■• Compliments of The Censor Theatre Moore ' s Music Company Welcomes You Students Everything in Music 314 So. Superior St. Page One Hundred Ninety-two — f +.. PIANOS gfeg gggpgffig 00-62 Main Street. West SHEET MUSIC The Royal Portable | , Quick | Accurate Portable .. .+ ! Compliments of The Worden Grocer Co. Battle Creek, Mich. We feature Quaker Brand Merchan- dise and Paramount Pickles and Condiments For every man or woman who has anv writing to do. The Office Supply- House 411 S. Superior Street Phoxe 554 George Mitchell Company For thirty-one years your Candy Man 4. — .—■ .. . , . .. . . .. . .. . Our hearts throb at the memory of the thousands of friendships we enjoy with the students of OLD ALBION (Wish zve knew how many there are) Albion — Here ' s to You Page One Hundred Ninety-three PHOTOGRAPHS For Memory For Good Wishes For Gift Acknowledgments For Your Friends For Publication You need them all the time The Ludwig Studio 106 E. Erie St. Phone 815 ALBION, MICH. Compliments of The SERVICE CASTOR AND TRUCK CO. ALBION MICHIGAN Compliments of UNION STEEL PRODUCTS CO. George E. Dean, Class of 1896, President Brockway Dickie, Class of 1913, Secretary W. Clarke Dean, Class of 1921, Vice-Pres. , , „ . „ „ il .. , ,4 Page One Hundred Nincty-fo Compliments of THE ALBION MALLEABLE IRON CO. ALBION, .MICHIGAN One Hundred Ninety-five , + +.- Albion Gas Light Company Servjcf First Profit a by-product FRANK W. KOTH, Manager Our Clothes Are Designed to Please The College Man Leslie Hoffman John Bromley Student Representatives Maurice S.Gordon Go. 22 West Main Street Battle Creek, Mich. .. — . Compliments of TAYLOR PRODUCE COMPANY BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN DlSTBIBUTORS OF The Famous Blue Goose Fruits and Vegetables WRIGHT ' S Mayonnaise, Thousand Island and French Dressing Meadow Gold Butter Page One Hundred Ninety-, ■+ + The Kellogg Inn ;, ttle Creek. Mich. Quietly located apposite the Sanitarium Caters to Small and Large Parties ■H M pleCLLH EAMERV TTER Maple City Dairy Co. Market Place Phone 19 ALBION, MICH. The Butcher Shop Battle Creek ' s Leading Young Men ' s Clothiers Compliments of THE Maple City Auto Co. Market Place Phone 19 BUTCHER-ROBERTS CO. 30 W. Main St. +. Page One Hundred Ninety-seven I TH£ OFFKB. 8 Y ■%£CUPei%H-riH6 . .» {€ - Jf ' % !i i COti-S UiiyM ihu ow J age One Hundred Ninety-eight THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN TRANSPORTATION CO. The DeLuxe Motor Coach Ser- vice of the Southern Michigan Transportation Co. has served the Albion College Athletic Association and the Glee Clubs in the past year We are ever ready to serve your future Transportation Needs Page One Hundred Ninety-nil Up-to-Date Electric Shoe Repair Petrakis and Bournelis, Props. SHOE REPAIRING Work Right — Prices Right Cor. Cass and Superior .4. +.. i i I 1 Phone 414 ! I Clark ' s Barber Shop You can meet all the boys at Clark ' s Barber Shop E. C CLARK Efficiency, Cleanliness, and Courtesy Ask the man who comes here We aim to please Give us a trial Bohm Building Albion, Mich. + i ! 1 I I i I I I I , — + Sarah E. Beckwith General Insurance Superior and Erie Streets Special Service on the Campus HARRY MORSE Cleaning and Pressing I I I I I ! 1 I J 110 E. Erie St. Phone 577 I McDOUGALL and YOUNG Dealer ' s in QUALITY FUELS i 116 N. Superior St. I I + — .. . — , .. Phone 118 Page Two Hundred An investment in Good Appear- ance Bando CI eaners Clifford Ott Student Reprt scntative 113 IV. Porter St. Phone 1006 The Recorder Press Company Complete Job Printing Department Note Heads Checks News Letters Cards Programs Invitations, Etc. Quality Work Phone 29 111 Center St. Ralph ' s Sport Shop Sporting Goods Exclusively Wholesale AND Retail I I I I Phone 9511 24 E. Main St. Battle Creek, Mich. Our Selling Policy is This: We hold no so-called sales of any kind nor do me name comparative prices of any kind. Goods are always sold at the lowest possible prices con- sistent with prevailing market condi- tions, and zi ' hcn the price of some ar- ticle is marked dozvn to its replace- ment value, the former price is never mentioned. We aim to give the same fair, square treatment to you every day. J. C. PENNY CO. ■ — + + . — Page Two Hundred On The Chatter-Box Eat Shoppe Welcomes You Home Cooking Commutation Tickets $5.50 for $5.00 Film- Special Attention given to Developing and Printing I I I I i i i i I i i I ! I ! I I I Bring your camera here for fresh film Ansco - Eastman A. R. SMITH Drugs and Cameras Paints Wall Paper I Builders of the- Kresge Gymnasium Susanna Wesley Dormitory Washington Garder High School SCHUMACHER CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Albion. Mich. Page Two Hundred Two Established 1869 Fifty-Nine Years of Su f HLIIVG R ROS. F yERARD (p. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE nrms entire book is a product of our plant, where machinery and work- manship of the highest quality rule. Take up your present or contemplated Printing Problems with us. :: :: :: Write for Estimates. KALAMAZOO. MICHIGAN Page Two Hundred Three Wi — ttfSW$ YE ENGRAVER OF OLD with his small tools and his piece of box wood spent days, yea sometimes weeks, in the pro- duction of a single illustration requiring much skill and patience. MODERN PHOTO-ENGRAVINGS are made photo mechanically with the use of modern photographic apparatus and the aid of chemistry. But it depends just as much upon the skill of the artisans as in the days of old. Your illustrations — be it a school book or a catalog, if intrusted to us, will be given careful attention so that the finished printed page may truly convey the illustration you wish to produce. Service Engraving Co. BOYER BLDG. CONGRESS BRUSH. DETROIT, MICH. Page Two Hundred Four

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