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2rEN EXLI R15. ALBIONIAN 9 2 • 7 EDITED AND PUBLISHED BY AND FOR.- THE STUDENTS OF ALBION COLLEGE Aden J. Renshaw, ' 27 Editor-in-Chief Clyde A. Lampman, ' 28 Business Manager FOREWORD v o tabulate icforiaup t e aims and ideals a$ (welt a$ ifye activities ano achieve- ments of cyviDion v « oiiea;e, ano ityeve- bp enric t e spirit ano loyalty or all. ttyt $i ucent$ Gofyo s ali read t ese paaes asO Seen tfye purpose of t t 2 cvvlbionian DEDICATION UL ro|essor 0 £ ig cXoscot )leidQtj Py o e act iGe ano loyal $ur t ovt of alltfyat 15 fine irj tvvlbion v oueat i$ an in$vivation to alibis a$$ociateg " JJytjO$eauichsymvatijyanoveaoy euo neQev rails a sfwoetif ? Ve oeoicaft tfye t J loionian of nineteen fyunoveo ano tQ enty $eGen ji r o|essorC dQ ifj C Vo$coe )leid§Ls C O NT E N TS 1 lie ( ollege - 9 (classes 45 oports - 95 Activities 111 Organizations - 149 » is [ (A L bTo N I AN) j 7 innuiinimim ii mii|0 y j realisation of wain a dream! May thy spirit of progress ever be our theme. ■ m .i m i l mi .it m cj-Q-rpYiq m ii ' Miiiii i iiiiiiuiiPi i iiii P«gf Eleven f{ fA L B fON 1. A N fiEi mii ni im n .i m i h science and modern arts how kindly taught ' . Oh truth with timely instance wisely fraught! 9DD5323 Page Twelve a i- 1 ifl f a l b o nTaTn) J7 Ullllllllll III1IIIIT IS ( • V Oymbnl of Albion ' s genius, All bail to thee! Thou art a glorious milestone pointing ' stohe. l i iii i l ii iiii ii i iiiii i iiiiiiiiiiiii fi " Qlf p q [i i iiiiiiiiii ' iii i i iiii iiiiMiin ' in i i i lT J Pane Thirteen EF Cuiiiiiim i iii i i i i i n im 3Q (A L B I Q N I. A N jyAmn iaMMmiMimirufe - ym sjpcir % here ' s Winter within our hearts, Oh Lovely ice fringed brook; Mayhap we never more shall seek thy shady nook. miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimnHTTmr | nj| q j-j •y((7 p " » » " " " r " " " " it " " ' n» pnp Page Fourteen 3 n gl fA L B ION 1 A N) ] n,,,,,,,,,,, QJ%lpow may Albion ' s youth because of thee Find life joyous, healthful free. i i iuiiuniiii.uiiMii i »iiiiiini fY ' QT2 (7 r il l ' l ' ' ' ' l ' ' n ' l ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' lin - LAiija Page Tifta ' l L (j AJO TAHlpfiS ii .M .i n . n ... . ,, it rom thy tower the heavens beaut i Jul are seen — Oh noble science, Thou makest young minds strong and keen. IIIIHUIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHUIIIIIIIlim orm i iiiniiiiiiuiiiini.MiillllIllllllllllll Page Sixteen is u ifl fA L BTO N ) A N) Dfi iimii. mmn. .. . aC L (D UUithi i tin precincts youth ' i experiment disciplined but free from Life ' s embitterment. l uiiiMiii i iimimi i ii i ii i iiiir TTjnjy ' QTQ O J3 Pa jr Sri ciilrcn w iniiiiuiiM i !■■■■■■■ mi Q ( A L B I ON 1,A N) J 7frTTTTTn i niMun ii TTTT-g i w S 8 tny a hopeful step has echoed through thy halls; Many a youthful heart has loved thy ivied walls. ii«mim»HMiuuumnnnnLC jr|j| q Tq 7] ill ii ailiixB« i ai i.allllllUIIIIIII jLo Page Eighteen 3 Vr gt fA L B ryNTANQ pfiE mnrrmn Administration xa Page Nineteen 3 F jft fA L B TON I ,AN) J?fi inimmi m ii H . . £ President John Lawrence Seaton, Ph.D., LL. D., D. D. Hinmmnuuniimnnnmp j rtt| Q T jfl J« rlliliiilllUMMiiiitilllllllllUIIIIIIII jLo Pajc Twenty Qp i. iim.iMi iaimmn fATTTo N 1 A U) T)E iimirimun inn ittt Li Robert Williams, A. B., D. D. Dean of the College and Professor of Philosophy. Delta Sigma Rho; A. B. Wcsleyan University, Middle- town, Conn., 1911; D. D. Albion College, Albion, Mich., 1921; Registrar and Vice-President, Depart- ment of English, East Greenwich Academy, East Greenwich, R. I.; Dean, Department of English and Classics, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary, Williams- port, Pa.; graduate student, Harvard University, two summers; graduate student, Boston University, three- summers; present position since 1921. Ruth Haase, A. B., M. A. Dean of Women. A. B. Coe College, 1920; M. A. Columbia University, 1925; Dean of Women, Westminister College, Salt Lake City, 1921-24; Six years of teaching experience in advance fields; Albion College since 1925- Assistant Professor of English. m A iiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiinniun ..•.1.....HI ...... ■•■•■■tuaiillfli Page 7 u c . ' I « l? (aTJToV[an)J)B5 inrn.iiiniuiuiniT Hugh Carleton Gregg, Ph. B., A. M. Business Manager of Albion College Ph. B. University of Chicago, 1921; A. M. University of Chicago, 1922. William W. Teft., B. S. President of Board of Trustees. B. S. of C. E., U. of M., 1906; graduate work of U. of M., 1907; 1907-08, Asst. in C. E. department; 1911-19 member of Fargo Engineering Com- pany; 1919-24, Consulting Hydraulic and Civil Engineer Consumers Power Company; 1922, Director and Vice-president of Consumers Power Company; 1916 member of American Association of Civil Engineers; President of Board of Trustees since 1922. Dr. Hubert H. Johnson, A. B. President of Alumni Association. Pharmacy at Detroit College of Medicine; Post-graduate work at College of Electro-Therapeutics, Lima, Ohio; Interne at Guanajuato Sanitarium, Mexico; Surgeon, Benito Juarez Mining Company; Government Physi- cian to Pueblo Indians, New Mexico, 1917-1926; at present practicing physician City of Detroit; graduate of Albion College, 1902; president of Alumni Association since 1926. William B. Buck, A. B., A. M. Alumni Secretary. A. B., Albion College, 1895; A. M., Albion, 1896; A. M. Harvard, 1898; 1900-02, secretary of the Cuban Orphan Society; 1902-04, New York County visiting commissioner; 1906-15, Sup ' t. of Seybert Institution of Philadelphia; 1916-18, director of Sea View Farms and Public Charities, New York; 1918-20, director of Red Cross relief; 1920-26, Sea View Farms, Alpha Tau Omega, present position, 1927. tiiirnniniuiiiniiiniinniii ®{E£333( . ' •••■■killlLam i ai» altail«llllIIIIIBIl Page Twenty-two £F .iiiiiiiiiiiiimimniAQ fA L B I OM 1 A N) ) 7 iiiiuiii,iiihiihiiiiii L- FACULTY E ii ii i iiiiM.tiiiiiiimiiTTTnnT Page Twenty -tbrt » E [ f A L B To NTAN) j7fiSg miiiiiiiiiimrr Frederick Lutz, A. M., Litt. D. Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages. A. B., Berea College, 1876; A. B., Harvard, 1878; A. M. Baldwin-Wallace College, 1879; studied at Jena, Freiburg, Geneva, Munich and Marburg; Litt. D., Albion College, 1911; Member of the Harvard Faculty until 1885, when he came to Albion College; thirty-five years as head of the Modern Language department, Albion College; Secretary of the Faculty for eighteen years; formerly a member of the Modern Language Association, the Classical Association, and the Dante Society; Author of " The Elementary German Reader; " " German Derivatives; " Co-Author of " English Etymologies. " Frederic Samuel Goodrich, A. M., D. D. Professor of Biblical History and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon; A. B., Wesleyan University Connecticut, 1890; A. M., University of Michigan, 1898; Yale University, Connecticut, 1898; University of Chicago, Summer Sessions; University of Berlin, D. D., Defiance College, 1909; Assistant Instructor in Greek, Wesleyan University, Connecti- cut, 1891-92; Acting President of College, January 21, 1924, to July 15, 1924; present position since 1892. Edwin Roscoe Sleight, A. M. Professor of Mathematics. B. S., Albion College, 1901; A. M., 1902; Professor of Mathe- matics, Montevideo, Uruguay, South America, 1902-04; Michigan Military Academy, 1904-06; Carthage College, Illinois, 1906-08; Bay View Summer School professor; Alpha Tau Omega; present position since 1908. imtnnnmunninniinnui.rff jji q " qTK7| QmTTTTT iiiiiiiiiiiiraiiiltU ' lU«Tni ll P Jy Piigc Twenty-four as .milium ■mi i iuinm (,( A MimiMiiimniiiiin: % Phil Harold Hembdt, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of English Language and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; A. B., New York Uni- versity, 1901; A. M., 1904; Ph. D., 1915; Principal, High School, Mt. Kisco, N. Y., 1901-05; Normal School Superior, Wisconsin, 1905-13; author of " Home English and School English, " " Irish Life in Irish Fiction " " The Influence of the Royal Society on English Style, " " Guide to Novel Reading, " " Analysisof English Prose Style; " " Influence of Science on English, " 1926; Phi Gamma Delta; present position since 1913. Arthur Henry Harrop, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa, A. B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1894, A. M., 1896; A. M., Harvard University, Mass., 1903; Ph. D., Boston University, 1905; Vice-President and Professor of Latin and Greek, Union College, 1894-95; same at Missouri Wesleyan College, 1896-97; Acting Assistant Professor of Greek at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, 1905; Professor of Latin, University of Denver, 1905-13; Registrar and Instructor of Latin and Greek, Allegheny College, 1913-15; author of " College Training, " " Fraternity Scholarship, " " What the College and University Ought to Do for the Student in Latin, " " Latin and Greek as First Aids in the Study of Psychology, " " The Story of Ammi Bradford Hyde; " Sigma Alpha Epsilon; present position since 1915. Arthur Merton Chickering, M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Biology and Geology. Sigma Xi: Ph. B., Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, 1913; M. S., University of Wisconsin, 1916; Ph. D., Univer- sity of Michigan, 1927; further graduate work at the Univer- sity of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1919-24; Instructor of Biology, Beloit College, Wis., 1913-18; Instructor in Zo- ology at University of Michigan Summer Session, 1921-22; School Year University of Michigan, 1925-26; Papers in Cytol- ogy; Member of the A. A. A. ' s; Member of the American Micro- scopical Society, 1915; Treasurer, 1926; Member of the Ameri- can Nature Association; Member of the Michigan Academy of Science; Vice-President Zoology Section, 1910-20; present position since 1918. En E» 3T)fi b O -yifjp 111 " " " " " ■ " " «» " ' n rmmT Page Twenty-five pmn miiriiiiiniiMi ad(A L B IO N KJ TaTQJK mujiH.Mmnm.Lnrn David Lindsay Randall, Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry. Sigma Xi; A. B., Yale University, Connecticut, 1904; A. M., Yale University, Connecticut, 1905; Ph. D., 1907; Instructor in Chemistry, University of New Hampshire, 1907-10; Pro- fessor of Chemistry and Faculty Secretary, Baker University, Kansas, 1910-18; Associate Professor of Chemistry, Wesleyan University, Conn., 1918-19; Member of the American Chemical Society; Sigma Phi Epsilon; present position since 1919. Albert Johnston McCulloch, A. M.; Ph. D. Professor of Political Science. A. B., University of Missouri, 1894; A. M., 1895; Ph. D., University of Denver, 1905; Columbia University, 1914, 1926; Instructor in History, University of Missouri,. 1894-95; Pro- fessor of History, North East Missouri Teachers ' College, 1919; Professor of History, Morningside College, Iowa, 1923- 24; Author of " The Loan Office Experiment in Missouri; ' ' Member Political Science Association of America, and of Academy of Political Science of New York; Pi Kappa Delta; present position since 1919. Donald Monroe Gilbert, Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages. Phi Beta Kappa; Ph. B., We sleyan University, Connecticut, 1908; Certificat d ' etudes Francaises, University of Paris, 1910; A. M., West Virginia University, 1917; Ph. D. ' University of Wisconsin, 1920; Instructor in French, Northwestern Uni- versity, 111., 1909-10; Instructor of English, Corozal, Porto Rico, 1908-09; Supervising Principal, Corozal and Humacao, Porto Rico, 1911-14; Instructor in English and French, Insti- tute) Nacional, Panama, 1914-15; Instructor in Romance Languages, West Virginia University, 1915-18; University of Cincinnati, 1918-19; Graduate Work and Assistant in Romance Languages, University of Wisconsin, 1919-20; Delta Kappa Epsilon; present position since 1920. % • • »1 1 •■•(•! till Bill! Illlllll ■••■■• 111 k o TT] I Vage Twenty-six AN)DiS uriniiiiiuiiiiiir Clement Eugene Rood, Ph. M. Professor of Physics. Ph. B., Albion College, 1894; Ph. M., 1897; Instructor in Astronomy and Physics, Albion College, 1895-97; Fellowship in Astronomy, University of Chicago, 1897-99; Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1899-1901; Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Carthage College, Illinois, 1901-03; Instructor of Physics, Michigan College of Mines, 1903-15; Assistant Professor, 1915-20; Head of Department of Physics, Western State College of Colorado, Summer Session, 1923; Graduate work in Physics, University of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1924-25; present position since 1920. Henry Lee Ewbank, A. M. Professor of Public Speaking. Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Delta Epsilon; A. B., Ohio Wesleyan, 1917; A. M., University of Michigan, 1924; Graduate School, University of Michigan, 1925-26; Treasurer, National Association of Teachers of Speech; Instructor in English, Albion College, 1917-18; Assistant Professor of Public Speaking, Albion College, 1918-21; Secretary of Inter- state Oratorical League; Business Manager Quarterly Journal of Speech; Chi Phi; Head of Department of Public Speaking since 1922. Frank Wesley Shultis, A. B., A. M. Professor of Business Administration. A. B., State Teachers ' College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1908; A. M. State Teachers ' College, Greeley, Colo., 1914; Instructor at Greeley, Colorado; present position since 1922. . ■ A mm ' ' dm fP)fi 0 Q • Iff f " " " 1 " " ' 1 ii mm i ii mi mi in Pdgc Twenty-seven IS [ (A L BiON l.AN lte iiiiiiiuniiuiimiT William Whitcomb Whitehouse, A. M., B. D., Th. D. Professor of Economics and Sociology. A. B., Lebanon College, 1916; Lane Theological Seminary, 1915; B. D., Garret Biblical Institute, 1917; Marquette Uni- versity, School of Commerce, 1917-18; A. M., Lawrence College, 1919; Th. D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1922; Northwestern University, Summer 192 4; one year absence at Northwestern University for graduate work, 1927; Author of " The Church in the Light of the Imitation Theory; " " The Church and the Industrial Situation; " Lecturer at Inter- national Students ' Conference, Lake Geneva, 1923; Delta Sigma Phi; present position since 1922. Thomas Milton Carter, Ph. D., B. D. Professor of Education. Phi Delta Kappa; A. B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1914; B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute, 1917; A. M., Northwestern University, 1921; Ph. D. University of Chicago, 1923; Student Director at Hamline University, 1919-20; Member of the National Education Association; Member of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters; Sigma Tau Delta; Summer, 1924; Central Normal College, Mt. Pleasant; 192?, South Dakota State College, Brookinoff, South Dakota; 1926, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky; present posi- tion since 1923. Bernice Lydia Crosby, B. S. Professor of Home Economics. B. S., University of Wisconsin; Director of Home Economics; present position since 1924. ■ iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E232IK J .■■■•ii»iiiiua »a «i ••••■■■.■. Iittiaillllii jLo Vige Twenty-eight U ii iiiinii i i iii i SSSaCl fATTTo NTAT nEif tmmniiiu hit t «? Ruben W. Betchtel, A. B. Director of Athletics. A. B., Wittenberg College, 1917; Summer School, Wittenberg College, 1917; Director of Athletics, Akron South High School, 1917-18; Director of Physical Education, Marine Barracks, Paris Island, South Carolina, 1918-19, Director of Recreation and Athletics, B. F. Goodrich Co., 1919-20; Director of Athletics, Akron South High School, 1920-21; Director of Athletics Woodward Tech. High School, Toledo, 1921-22; Director of Physical Education and Athletics, Bald- win-Wallace College, 1922-24; Summer School, University of Michigan, 1923; Summer School, Notre Dame University, 1924; present position since 1924. Royal Glenn Hall, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of History. A. B., Park College; A. M., University of Kansas; B. D., Auburn Theological Seminary; Ph. D., University of Chicago, Instructor at Park College, 1918-19, University of Kansas, 1920 (Summer); Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, 1920-21, University of Chicago, 1924-25; five years of religious and educational work in Siam and Hawaii; Phi Delta Kappa; Head of History Department, 1926. Rose Ball, B. S. Librarian and Instructor in Library Methods. B. S., Albion College, 1896; Chautauqua Library School, 1922; Member of the American Library Association; present position since 1905. ' jhnmiiniintititiiiiiiiniuiui ffKj Q f Q QggjjgJIE ? ' ' ' ' ' " " " " " " ' ' ' m " n UI..I.IH afl fA l b rojvi 1 A h) T)e ■iiimiiinuii imrriif ft Florence Swisher, A. B., A. M. Assistant Professor of Public Speaking and Instructor in English. American Association of University Women; A. B., Ohio Wesleyan University; Ohio Wesleyan School of Oratory, Sargent ' s Dramatic School, New York; University of Chicago; A. M., Ohio State University; Major work for Ph. D. degree at Columbia University; Instructor at Buena Vista College, Oxford College; Author, " Costumes and Stage Properties of the Early Popular Drama; " Three one act plays; present position since 1921. Audrey K. Wilder, A. M. Instructor in English. A. B. Albion College, 1918; A. M., Columbia University, 1921; Instructor at Libertyville, Illinois; Graduate School University of Chicago; Summer Session, 1923; Studies at Oxford University, England; Delta Gamma; present position since 1922. Annie G. Dean, A. B. Instructor in the Department of Home Economics. A. B., Albion College, 1926; University of Chicago, Summer Session, 1923; Instructor at Ithaca, Michigan, 1918-21; Kappa Delta; present position since 1922. iiiiiiiiiiilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.) J0352K illllllllIlua l iiaii . a il|I|MlUIIIIIIII Pzge Thirty £4 Hi i iun ii iiiiiimm m V U A L 6 I O N 1 A N i f jbnrm ru 1 1 1 1 1 u n i iti itu ) LA B Eathel A. Martin, A. M. Assistant Librarian. A. B., Albion College; A. M., Albion College, 1914; Assistant Librarian at Albion College, 1908-09; Teacher of Greek and Latin, Flint High School, 1909-13; 1915-17; present position since 1920. Lotta M. Rogers, A. B. Instructor in Biology. A. B., Albion College, 1923; Graduate work, University of Wisconsin, 1925-26; present position since 1923. Margaret M. Drake, M. S. Instructor in Biology. A. B., Albion College, 1924; M. S., University of Michigan, 1925; Graduate Student, Michigan State College, Summer; Alpha Xi Delta; present position since 1925- JPlfl O 0 ytfJF 113 " " 111 ' 1 ' " m i n i nnumn nn Page Tbirly-ont a E (ATTToNrTAT tes iiiiiiuiiiniiurr - Clarence Beverly Hilberry, A. B., A. M. Instructor in English. A. B., Oberlin College; A. M., Oberlin College; present posi- tion since 1925. Dorothy G. Engle, A. B., A. M. Instructor in Chemistry. A. B., University of Denver; A. M., University of Illinois; Instructor in Chemistry; Sigma Xi; present position since 1925. George Harold Hickox, M. S. Instructor in Mathematics. B. E., State University of Iowa, 1925; M. S., State University of Iowa, 1926; Tau Beta Pi; Associate, Sigma Xi; present position since 1926. MKIIIllllllIUlllllIIIllllllIIIIlllit A Page Thi rty-twS imi i miiiit imiminif uA L B 1 (3 N 1 A N A imum.... . . nj H Helen Ruth Goodrich, A. M. Instructor in Modem Languages. A. B., Albion College; A. M., University of Chicago; Graduate Student, Institute of the University of Poitiers, France, one summer school; Kappa Delta; present position since 1925. Donald Stevens Parks, M. B. A. Assistant Professor of Economics and Sociology. A. B., Albion College, 1925; M. B. A., Northwestern Uni- versity, 1926; Acting Head of Economics Department in absence of Dr. W. W. Whitehouse, 1926-1927, Delta Sigma Phi. Howard G. Baker, A. M. Assistant Professor of English and Instructor in Journalism. A. B., Washington and Jefferson College, 19)8; A. M., W. and J. College, 1920; A. M., Pennsylvania State College, 1925; Instructor in English, North Carolina State College of Agri- culture and Engineering, 1920-22; Pennsylvania State College, 1925-26; Member of Modern Language Association of America. hitmmniHMitiiiiiiiiii i ni n33j ![)f | Q Q 7(f7 qi " " 1 " 1 " ' ' ' " ■ ' " " " ' M ' l UWTIM ld Page Tbirty-lhrcc w Aimmiii .. ... . . . ... . . A rA L B )b N 1 A Nl JT hiiiiiiuiniHum iagmj Louis Upton Rowland Director of Conservatory, Professor of Pianoforte and Pipe Organ. Oberlin College, Mus. B. 1907; Graduate Study Oberlin, University of Kansas, and private tutors, Wilson, Preyer, Shilton Godowsky . Director of Musk, Mercersburg Academy, Wesley College, University of Dakota, Baker University. Harriet Sperry Professor of Voice. M. B., College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio; Graduate Student, Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio; Graduate pupil of Albert Berne and Hanna Butler. Valborg Leland Professor of Violin and Instructor in Theory. Student Diploma, Institute of Musical Art, New York City; Teacher ' s Diploma, Institute of Musical Art, New York City; Graduate pupil of Franz Kneisel and Eugene Ysaye; Teach- ing at Preparatory Center of Institute of Musical Art, New York City; Stephens Junior College, Columbia, Missouri. ftnmnnmMMmmnHi ' iring g Mi q f- 7j(7g J .lllilllilIIUlui»iu lllUIIIIUIII.I.II Ptigv Thirty-four C aelum mmmAn fA L B UT£M )T) Clarissa Dickie-Stewart Instructor in Piano and Normal Piano Methods. Albion Conservatory; Detroit Conservatory; Personal instruc- tion under Dr. William Mason, New York; W. C. Seebaeck, Chicago; Rafael Joseffy, New York; Summers of 1920 and 1922 in the Music School of Northwestern University; Special course in Normal Methods of Piano; Josef Lhevinne, Russian pianist; Teaching under Otto Sand and F. W. Chase in Albion College Conservatory; Private Teaching in Battle Creek, Michigan; Summer of 1925 Normal Piano under Otto Miessner and Repertoire and Interpretation Class with Percy Granger in Chicago Musical College; Alpha Chi Omega; present posi- tion since 1920. Illlllllll lllimrr F. DUDLEIGH VERNOR Professor of Organ. Student of Institute of Musical Art, New York City; American Conservatory, Chicago; Private pupil of Ernest Berumen and Frank La Forge; Professor at Bay View Summer School; Organist First Methodist Church, Jackson; Composer of " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, " " Fellowship of Sigma Chi; " Sigma Chi; present position since 1923. Clarence P. Bilhorn, A. B. Instructor in Public School Music Methods. A. B., University of Illinois; Graduate Student, Bush Con- servatory, one year; Phi Mu Alpha. nmti«miiiiiiinuiMiii iirii ii ii| | q ¥q -j ff ftrmTT ' i ' i " ' ' " ■■ ' " ■ ' n i imnm inulT J|p Page Thirty- fur » IS UlUIIIMIIIIIlitllllllMII [ f A L 6 Tp N 1 A H) T)h iniipiniunimirnT Edith Grant, Pb. Sc. Music Instructor in Piano and Children s Classes. Public School Music Graduate, Oberlin College Conservatory; Graduate study at Chicago Musical College and Albion College. Roberta Myrtle Riegel, A. M. Instructor in Modern Languages. A. B., Central College, Fayette, Missouri; A. M., University of Chicago; Instructor at Central College. Fayette, Missouri, 1924-25; Instructor at Heidelberg University, Tiffin, Oiiio, 1925-26. Blake Crider, A. M. Instructor in Modern Languages. A. B., University of Missouri, 1923; University of Mexico, Summer, 1922; University of Porto Rico, Summer, 1925; Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 1924; Graduate, University of Chicago, Summer, 1926, Graduate; Instructor in Social Sciences, Orange High School, Orange, Texas, 1924-1926. ■ tuiiiiiiiuiiiiuiiiiuiiiitiiiiiix tr i i n ii iMi milium nniuunu Pa%e Thirty-six jiii.iiiii i. MiiM S rl fATTTo.NTArN) ?? ■vr luuiiimmn hit Raymond G. Spencer, M. S. Instructor in Physics B. S., Kansas State Teachers ' College, Emporia, Kansas, 1922; Supt. of Schools, Harlan, Kansas, 1922-25; M. S., University of Chicago, 1926; Phi Kappa Delta. Let a Stella Hamilton, B. S. Director of Physical Education for Women. B. S., Battle Creek College; present position since 1925. H. Fred Parker, B. S. Assistant Director of Athletics. B. S., University of Michigan, 1926; Physical Education Instructor, Camp Custer, Summer of 1926; Alpha Tau Omega. » hiniiinuiiumuiiniiinutTTT]jf)f| q Tq -j Qn nm uv mtiuimi ii irmrp TIM in Page Thirty-scrcn .j minin«i m i M i ii iii rcrd | (A L B I ON 1 A N J S amri-inmi i niiiui g ft £ 6 is s nrmrm Page Thirty-eight ititiiiiiiiiimiMiini iny jji g fQ (7 pm ii iiH ' iiiiiiiiinniuiM-n- urn ilium ■■••■«■••»••••■■■•■•■« 1 J fA L 6 ION 1 A N) y7 Aimiamiiiiimiiiiiii I Governing Bodies nrro y : TTi(7p iir: mM " 1 ' ' " ■ ■ ■ ' " ' rr m x n Tp i rr rm Page Thirty-nine fu.nnimiiiinmiiirt 3idv( (A L B I ON 1 A N jyAum mii ii in iiininmi §? % Conrad Keyes Kuhlman Bartlett King Howes Marsh Gray Abbott Renshaw Fowler Edwards 1 he Student SenateJ Kenneth Bartlett ----- President Allen Renshaw ----- Vice-President Isabel King ------ Secretary Functioning along reorganized lines that have given it more power to cope with student problems, the Student Senate of Albion College has been a very active organization throughout the year. This organization is the Executive Committee of the Student Self-Gov- erning Association, of which all students are members, and aims at the stimulation of college spirit, the fostering of a spirit of mutual helpfulness between students and faculty, and the placing of the student body on a self-governing basis. Membership is derived from thirteen representative groups, while the officers are elected by the entire student body in the spring of the year. JVieniDers Eugene Fowler - Delta Sigma Rho Homer Howes ----- Freshman Class Ernest Gray ----- Sophomore Class Ralph Keyes ----- Junior Class Richard Chamberlain - Senior Class Raymond Conrad - Interfraternity Council Josephine Marsh - Panhellenic Council Murlin Kuhlman - " A " Club Isabel King - . Publications Council Elaine Abbott ----- Religious Interests Robert Fleming - Independents Wendell Edwards - - - - Local Societies iaiiaaaaiaailiaiiliiiaaai aaiaiaiaiik )!L£ I!Cte ifiMiiiiiiiimimniiiinmiiirT Page Forty -r •••»■••...•••••.. •.•■■«•«•• ' imnn ni iiM i Mii rn-rj Campbell Hamilton " Price Richards Letts Hayden Peatling Fuller VV omen s iSeij- (j-ovemment Association Margaret Hayden ----- President Helen Letts ------ Vice-President Frances Peatling ----- Secretary-Treasurer The Student Women ' s League was founded in the year 1924-25 under the direction of Dean Helen Barton for the purpose of uniting the women of Albion College. In the spring of 1926 the League was reorganized under the name of the Women ' s Self-Go vernment Association of Susanna Wesley Hall. The government of the dormitory is carried on under the direction of the Executive Board, consisting of the officers of the Association, the proctors, elected by the girls of the dormitory, Dean Ruth Haase, and Mrs. E. Fay Wolfe, house mother. The proctors for the first semester were, Josephine Richards, Virginia Fuller, Mildred Price, Geraldine Elliott, Doris Campbell and Lorene Hamilton. Second semester proctors were, Josephine Richards, Marion Marfileus, Margaret Adair, Ortha Smith, Edith VanVamp and Ruth Smith. A number of standing com- mittees assist the Board. They are as follows: house committee — Dorothy Leech, chairman, Lorraine Traut and Helen Webster; flower and ritual — Dorothy Kennedy, chairman, Mary Alice Parsons and Beryl Marker; library — Lucile Robinson, chairman, Isabelle King; entertain- ment — Louisa Rogers, chairman, Betty Burnett and Josephine Richards; decoration — Ann Varty, chairman (first semester), Ruth Stakes, chair- man (second semester), Virginia Ful ler, and Anna Monroe; refreshment — Marion Alger, chairman, Helen Letts, Doris Campbell and Carol Thomp- son; music — Kathleen White, chairman (first semester), Edna Davies, chairman (second semester), Dorothy Neller, Martha Witters and Martha Cogshall. TO l folMIMMUMMimiMlllimriHn jT QTQ Page Forty-one $ p KAE B ION KJf AEQ1 ri i muL i nmnuuum Bartlett Babcock Edwards Dr. McCulloch King Cooper Prof. Baker l ubucatioiis Lsoujicil Kenneth Bartlett - Charlotte Cooper Dr. A. J. McCulloch Wendell Edwards - President Secretary Treasurer Manager of Publications Elected by the student body, the Publications Council assumes control of campus publications and names the staffs of the " Albionian " and " Pleiad. " Due to the reorganization made last year, only six people com- pose the Council, two of whom are faculty members. Meetings are held frequently, and reports from the various staffs are considered. All publications are controlled by this body members. Memk embers Kenneth Bartlett Russell Babcock Isabel King Charlotte Cooper Prof. H. G. Baker Prof. A. J. McCulloch miiimmiimmiiimiiirirnTi m Page Forty-two mi u ls L i 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 rr aft f a l b r6 TTA " N) J7a nun 111 in i 1 111 1 mi r :h CONR Thingstad Peck Dr. Randall Gra Prof. Shultis Webster Prof. Rood Bromley AJbion College Co-operative Association Board of Directors Prof. Clement Rood - - ' - - President Syver Thingstad ----- Vice-President Dr. David Randall - Secretary Victor Peck Ernest Gray Prof. Frank Shultis Raymond Conrad Helen Webster John Bromley The " Co-op " was established in 1893 when a system was inaugurated whereby any student paying one dollar could belong to the Co-operative Association and purchase supplies from the college Book Store at a lower rate. In 1925 the Association was incorporated with the entire student body of Albion as members. The Co-operative Book Store handles books, pennants, college jewelry, memory books, writing materials and general student supplies on nearly a cost basis. The business done for the year 1926-27 amounted to twenty thousand six hundred dollars, an increase of thirty-one hundred dollars over that of the previous year. The control of the " Co-op " lies with a Board of Directors, composed of a faculty member elected by the student body as president, two appointed faculty members, and six students elected by the student body. The mana- ger of the Book Store for the past year was Bruce Osgood, Toledo, Ohio, and the assistant manager, Elson Balkema, Grandville. » i m i nn i n i ii ii i in i ii i nnnirmT P ge forty-three [ fA L B fb N 1. A N )}7 fiinmmiinMin jj£ H. Williams Thingstad Hoffman Lightbody Mr. Spencer Robt. Baldwin Dr. Carter Athletic JJoarci of L Oiitrol George E. Dean ----- President James Lightbody ----- Vice-President Robert Baldwin ----- Secretary-Treasurer Representing the Athletic Association, the Athletic Board composed of business men, students, and faculty, govern the athletic activities of the college. Student representatives are elected by the classes while the other nomi- nations are made by an electoral college. The board purchases equipment, approves schedules, awards letters, elects captains from recommendations of the coach, distributes funds for improvements, has charge of Kresge gymnasium, and carries on an active campaign in an effort to interest the men of the state in attending Albion College. Memb embers Prof. H. L. Ewbank Prof. R. G. Spencer Prof. T. M. Carter Harry Williams Leslie Hoffman Syver Thingstad Page Forty-four r; J ■ llilllllUUllii ' lKtillUIIIIUIIII It I 3Lo M»m i » ii Miii i ii i uiiA y (A L B 1 ON 1 A N) DftiiimiMMiimniniMuC SENIORS i!inMnuinuiniiMiiiMiTTiur a " T2 7](7g m ...........•L... .....Ulll.lllllllllll Page forty-seven £ [u ' nii in .i mi . mi Mu i m iy ( A L 6 ION 1 A N) ) Aimiini nniutu iinrnC J Er mm, Campbell Oenior Officers Richard Chamberlain ------ President Elizabeth Burnett ----- Vice-President Doris Campbell ------- Secretary Morris Strong ------- Treasurer ■XAy Jrhi (j-amma Phi Gamma of Albion College is a local scholarship fraternity founded in 1921. Election to membership is made, by a faculty committee, from the senior students with an average of 90% or better. The members elected this year: Russell B. Parks - - - 93- 2 - - - - Battle Creek Helen K. Lane ----92.4 ----- Albion Giannetta L. Pray - - - 91. 3 - - - - - Detroit Mary Stewart - - - - 90.8 - - - - - Albion Mary A. Parsons - - - 90.5 - - - Muskegon Heights Norman W. Reed - - - 90.4 ----- Albion Elaine B. Abbott - - - 90.0 - - - - - Albion L J ' SJ[5 KJE== inn mumiinmimnunl Page V or ty eight n f rrrro NTTAT4) j7fia iih iii.inux Abbott, Elaine B., - - Albion Individuality is everywhere to be shared, and respected as the root of everlasting good. Albion High School Literary Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Secy., }; Pres., 4; Student Senate, 4; Phi Gamma, 4; Basketball, 4; Contributors Club, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 2, 3; Philharmonic, 2. Anderson, Norman D. Six Lakes I hate enjoyed the happiness of the world — have lived and loved. Lakevicw High School Economics and Sociology Sigma Nu; Social Science Club, 3; Histrionic Club, 3, 4; Dramatics, 2, 4. Babcock, Arthur R. - Galien, Michigan He is a brilliant devotee of science. Buchanan High School Pre-Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Physics Research Club, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. Babcock, Russell B. - Galien, Michigan A man four-square, philosophy his domain. Galien High School Philosophy Alpha Tau Omega; Y. M. C. A. Pres., 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, and Captain, 4; Co-op. Board, 2, 3; Publications Council, 4; Class Pres, 1. Bachelor, Lottie M. - Albion, Michigan Pursuit even in the best of things ought to be calm and tranquil. Albion High School Home Economics E. and A. h!MHHniimMnMnmiiirmmy )r| QHro 7 1 « 3L-Ji Page Forty-tum ra i i({ (A L BrON ).AH )T)E ■iiiiHriiiiiiiiiiiimTT 1927 Ok Baird, Walter L. - Marine City, Michigan Though I am always in haste I am never in a hurry. Marine City High School Chemistry Publications Council, 3; Physical Research Club, 3, 4; Fall Chemical Club, 3, 4. Ballard, Byron E. - Onondaga, Michigan Knowledge is power. Eaton Rapids High School History E. and A. Forum, 3, 4; Classical Club, 3, 4, Pres., 4. Barclay, Charles J. - Scottville, Michigan No thoroughly accomplished man was ever yet very miserable. Scottville High School Chemical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Chemistry Club, 4; Physics Club, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4; German Club, 1; Track, 2, 4. Barclay, Clarence W .-Grand Rapids, Mich. He has the will to do the kindness to oblige. Grand Rapids South High School Literary Forum Club, 1,2, 3, Pres., 4: Philharmonic, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. Bartlett, Kenneth G. - Plymouth, Mich. Deep on his front engraven deliberation and public care. Plymouth High School Literary Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Rho; Debate, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. Student Senate, 3, 4; Publications Council, 3, 4; Pres, 4; Co-op. Board, 2, 3, 4; Assoc. Editor, Albionian, 2; Glee Club Reader, 1; Contributors Club, 3; Forum Club, 4; Class Pres., 3; Bancroft Prize, 3; Banquet Chairman, 3. luniHiiiHnnnnnrmn SHEI IK jiisS Page Fifty |u..... . . . . m iiniiiA Q fA L B ION 1 A N ?7fi5mn iiiiimiiiTm Can, Michigan Bradburn, Wesley F. He faces life with a song. Caro High School County Normal School, 1 Central Michigan Normal, 2 Literary E. and A. Glee Club, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4. Brown, Sherwood G. - Albion, Michigan He only is happy as ivell as great who needs neither to obey nor cowers in order to be something. Albion High School Business Administration Sigma Chi; Football Manager, 4; Dramatics Club; " A " Club; Glee Club, 1, 2; Athletic Board, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Yell Master, 1, 2, 3. Broxholm, Theo M. - Albion, Michigan Knowledge is but folly unless it is quickened by grace. Albion High School Literary Kappa Delta; Publications Council, 3; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, 3, 4. Buck, Gertrude L. - Ferndale, Michigan It is a little stream which flows softly, but it freshens everything along its course. Lincoln High School, Ferndale Literary E. and A. Philharmonic, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Bunker, Helen M. Mason, Michigan An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves. Mason High School Literary Corinthian Sorority; French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. kHmtimmtmiiiiiiiMiiiiiui fJTppj Q p Page Vijly-onc -ot- umii i i ii rrrniy tA L B I ON 1 A N Anni lll HI llll I UHII II jj jL ' 1927 piiimiUHiiMiuuiminnn ni Burdick, Orel Z. Hart, Michigan It is better to create than to be learned; creating is the true essence of life. Hart High School Chemistry Chemistry Club, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club, 3, 4; Publications Council, 2. Burgess, Kenneth W. - Dearborn, Michigan He is not great who is not greatly good. Laingsurg High School Theology Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Publications Council, 3; Oxford Fel- lowship, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4; College Deputation Team, 2, 3- Burnett, Elisabeth M. Rochester, N. Y. She who thinks for herself and rarely imitates is a free ivoman. East High School, Columbus, Ohio University of Illinois Literary Delta Gamma; Class Vice-Pres., 4; Pres. W. A. A., 3; Glee Club, 1, 3; Histrionic Club, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., 1, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 1; Ex. Board Woman ' s League, 1. Campbell, Doris L., - Royal Oak, Michigan True merit is like a river, the deeper it is the less noise it makes. Royal Oak High School Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega; Class Sec ' v., 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Board, 4. Campbell, Robert C. - Clinton, Michigan He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. Clinton High School Pre-Law Sigma Chi; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4. :cjjp)f I q Tq Yjffen miuwi tnuinniinmrrTT nd Page fifty-two 8 nF f A L B Q NTanT) ) iiimriMiniiiiunrTT Capper, Holland P. - Hudson, Michigan The man who does his work, any work, conscien- tiously, must always be a great man. Hudson High School Biology Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club, 3, 4; Chemistry Club, 4; Publications Council, 2; Student Senate, 2, 3- Chamberlain, Richard F. Newberry, Mich. Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. Newberry High School Geology Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Rho; Class Pres., 4; Debating, 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Editor, Pleiad, 2; Student Senate, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2; Rep. State Debating League, 2. Cretcher, James R. - Mooseheart, Illinois The chief purpose jor a man of spirit is never to be out of action, the soul was never put into the body to stand still. Mooseheart High School Literary Alpha Tau Omega; Football, 1, 2; Track, 1, 2, 3; Oxford Club, 3, 4, Pres., 3; German Club, 1, 2; Silliman Oratory, 2; Horn Oratory, 2, 3; State Orator, 4. Crocker, Clinch N. - Detroit, Michigan A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Birmingham High School Mathematics Sigma Nu; German Club, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4; Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4. Darling, Leona G. - Flint, Michigan Our grand business in life is not to view what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies already at hand. Flint High School Literary Corinthian; Home Service Band, 2, 3, 4; Student Senate, 3; German Club, 4. ainMIMlHiniimiiMiiiiinii nyjrj gnfQ jlCfe i Page fifty-three fujMlliniiMmin i iirm Vl ( A L B ION 1, A Nl ) j yfri u i m i lh i nn mn u n-n P Deyoe, Berneace E. - Albion, Mich Patience is the key to contentment . Albion High School Chemistry Chemistry Club, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Diebolt, Dorothy A. - Detroit, Michigan She is beautiful and therefore to be wooed. She is a woman, therefore to be ivon. South High School, Cleveland, Ohio Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio Detroit City College, 2 Literary Dramatics, 3; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; W. A. A. Dixon, Harold E. - Grand Ledge, Mich. Our noblest natures are most credulous. Grand Ledge High School Literary E. and A. Student Senate, 1; Oxford Club, 1, 2, 3. Douglass, Jean I. - Brown City, Mich. Every virtue is more fair when it appears in a beau- tiful person. Brown City High School Literary Alpha Xi Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council, 2; Dormitory Gov ' t, 4; Honor Roll. Fink, Russell F. - - Ovid, Michigan Be busy in trading, receiving, and giving, for life is too good to be toasted in living. Ovid High School History Forum Club, 2, 3, 4; Physical Research Club, 4; Track, 1, ffiimmnHiiMMimMnHumiTr j r »| p tp 71 Page Fifty- four 1 3ui ' Mi ' »M... .......i fA L B i ONJ 1 A N pKS rmiini i mniT ■ Q Fleming, Robert L. - Albion, Michigan The earnestness of living is the only passport to the satisfaction of life. Holland High School His ton- Publications Council, 3; German Club, 4; Philharmonic, 1, 2, 3; Student Senate, 4; Ep. League Cabinet, 3; Pres. Independents, 4; State Pres. Student Volunteers, 4. Fought, Floyd J. - St. Louis, Michigan A good man does good merely by living. St. Louts High School Alma College, 1, 2, 3 Greek-History E. and A. Fowler, Eugene C. - Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. My honor is my life; take honor from me and my life is done. Sault Ste. Marie High School Theology Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Student Senate, 4; Debate, 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 2, 3, Forum Club, 4, Pres., 4; Oxford Club, 2, 3, 4; Oratorical Committee, 2,3. Freeman, Mildred E. Grand Rapids, Mich. The harmony of life is my goal. Grand Rapids Central High School Kalamazoo Normal College Music Corinthian Sorority; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 1, 2, 3; Deputation Team, 2, 3, Grieder, Huldah N. - Alden, Michigan A good heart is better than gold. Central High School, Traverse City Literary German Club. rlimmni l lMIUimMlll l iriTTT D f | Q Yq y|f| fnminiiiimniii T mmumi rrnT Page Fifty-five Q : uM.., l t .. l ,„ r T rrTr TT rrrAQ (A L BJ 0 N j A N Bm ■ ,- ■--■--■ ■- Grover, Donald L. - Alma, Michigan The meditations of my heart I will bring into fruition. Alma High School Alma College Pre-Medical Beta Tau Upsilon. Harger, Lester S. - Cleveland, Ohio Man is an imitative creature and whoever is fore- most leads the herd. Farmington High School Literary Delta Sigma Phi; Baseball, 2, 3; Football, 1, 2, 3; Basket- ball, 1, 2;Capt., 2; Track, 2, 3; Captain-elect, 4; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 2, 3; Forum Club, 4; Y. M. C. A., 3; Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 4; Homecoming Chairman, 4. Hayden, Margaret G. Lansing, Michigan Let us have life and feel the value of it. Lansing High School Literary Delta Gamma; Assoc. Editor Albionian, 2; Y. W. C. A. Vice-Pres., 3; Contributors Club, 2, 3, 4;Class Vice-President 3; Pres. Dormitory Government, 4. Herrick, Gordon W. - Albion, Michigan He is great enough; that is his own master. Albion High School Business Administration Delta Tau Delta; Dramatics, 1, 2, 3, 4; Histrionic Club; Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 3- Hix, Dirothy M. - Wayne, Michigan She is the soul of industry and service. Wayne High School Literary E. and A. Contributors Club, 3, 4; Political Science Club, 3; Home Service Band, 3, 4; Forum Club, 4. jitiii i iiiiMiiiuiiiiiiiiiqu.iM jT ' oTyTl pTiiniMMM.iLiinrrn-tMiin ' i Vagc Fifty-six I mniunininmn |im Q (A L B 1 ON 1 A N ) J Afam i U.M 1 U I I Ml I I T! ITU j L Howell, Hoyt A. - Albion, Michigan Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone. Albion High School Business Administration; Sigma Chi; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4; " A " Club; Intcrfraternity Council, 4. Hungerford, Richard H. Concord, Michigan I am a man and whatever concerns humanity is of interest to me. Concord High School Political Science Delta Tau Delta; Forum Club, 4; News Editor, Pleiad, 4; Club Editor, Albionian, 4. Jacokes, C. A. - - Fremont, Michigan Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all things easy. Fremont High School Mathematics Mathematics Club, 2, 3, 4; Oxford Club, 1, 2; Classical Club, 3; Honor Roll, 3, 4. Kennedy, Irene E. Highland Park, Mich. We have no time to waste away the hours; all must be earnest in a world like ours. Highland Park High School Highland Park Junior College Literary Clionian Forum Club, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3. King, John S. - - Jackson, Michigan Royalty consists not in great pomp but in quality of virtue. Chelsea High School Pre-Engineering German Club, 3, 4; Chemical Club, 3, 4; Physical Research Club, 3, 4. W2W ,.• ■ iiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiii ■ ■■•• • ■■11 it $T)fi q " q 7}(7 ( ni p " " " " " " " " i " limmiTIM l Page Fifty-seven IS jft fA L B fON 1, A N )T7 fou»iiim»mini . . 5 £ 1927 iiiiiiiiiiiiinnmimiiiiinm Knisely, Melvin H. Hermansville, Michigan Science brings me day by day nearer the Infinite. Houghton High School Pre-Medical Biology Club, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club, 3; Orchestra, 2. Lane, Helen K. - - Albion, Michigan To be exact; that is virtue. Albion High School Literary Phi Gamma; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 4. Lewis, Donovan, F. - Detroit, Michigan He has a cheery smile and a kindly way. Northwestern High School, Detroit Pre-Medic Track, 4. Lightbody, James Detroit, Michigan Our oum heart and not other men s opinion forms our true honor. Northern High School Pre-Medic Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Foot- ball, 1, 4; Co-operative Board, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Board, 4; Vice-Pres., 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Physics Club, 2, 3; Student Senate, 2, 3. Lindsay, Winifred H. Litchfield, Michigan My mind to me a kingdom is. Concord High School Michigan State Normal, 1, 2 Latin Classical Club, 3, 4. D 3)IL£323( J 3Lj Page fifty-eight «■••■• •■•»••■■•■•••••■ ■••••% IS j fA L BTO N l.A N) j 7ftiiimiinmiim i mnijj Lovejoy, William - Detroit, Michigan I see life ivith an optimistic seriousness. Detroit Southeastern High School Theology Tail Kappa Epsilon; Oxford Club; Baseball, 4. Madill, Benida M. - Albion, Michigan She has a heart of human kindness. Grand Ledge High School Literar y Kappa Delta; Spanish Club, 2; Home Economics Club, 2; W. A. A., 3, 4. Major, Zura O. - - Albion, Michigan A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. Pleasant Lake, Indiana, High School Notre Dame Summer School 1926 Literary Dramatics, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 1, 2. Marsh, Josephine M. - Albion, Michigan Her passing was like the ceasing of exquisite music. Albion High School Music Alpha Chi Omega; Harmony Club, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boosters ' Club, 2; Pan-Hellenic, 3; Pres., 3; Student Senate, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2. May, Phill T. - - Ironivood, Michigan Oh, give us the man who sings at his work. Ironwood High School Business Sigma Nu, Pres., 4; Dramatics, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Banjo; Quartette; Histrionic Club, 2, 3, 4. : mi 11 11111 i i ||| ||| ,,TTrTTr jJg-7p |Q m " ' ' ll ' lll i n i lMlllininMn iILl Page Fifty-nine 5» IS Kl f A L B rpjv]TA " N )]7£ 5 V iiinniiin ra |kiiiriiiiuiiminniiniinn n3 Moulton, Mary E. - Chicago, Illinois A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. Hyde Park High School, Chicago University of Chicago Home Economics Clionian Pres., 3; Home Service Band, 2; Glee Club, 2; Philharmonic, 2; Home Economics Club, 3, 4. McDonald, Lester C. - Pickford, Michigan He has a transcendental view of life. Sault Stc. Marie High School Theology Delta Tau Delta; Debate, 1, 2; Oxford Club. Nagle, Victor P. - Albion, Michigan Fling away ambition; by that sin fell the angels. Albion High School Business Administration Sigma Chi; College Orchestra, 4. Neller, Alvin A. - Lansing, Michigan This world belongs to the energetic. Lansing High School Pre-Law Delta Sigma Phi, Pres., 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Histrionic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A.; Political Science Club, 3; Forum Club, 4; Boosters ' Club, 2; Band, 1, 2, 3- Normandeau, Doris M. Westwood, New Jersey A good disposition is more valuable than gold, for it is the gift of nature. Hackensack, New Jersey, High School Literary E. and A. Y. W. C. A.; Home Service Band, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 1, 2,3. % ®|L!323( ,iiliiililllua aa «i aalIEllll JI1IIIIIM P ' igc Sixty p f A L B KPN 1 A Hj ]E [iiiillinnvii inn irrr Osgood, Bruce E. - - Toledo, Ohio Before man made us citizens great Nature made us man. Scott High School, Toledo Philosophy Alpha Tau Omega; Debate, 1; Co-op. Asst. Man., 3, Manager, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 2, 3; Forum Club, 4; Co-op. Board of Control, 4. Parks, Russell B. - Battle Creek, Michigan To he ivor thy is my ambition. Battle Creek High School English Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Gamma; French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Contributors ' Club, 2, 3; Pres, 4; Student Senate, 3; Ger- man Club, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Editor Albionian, 3; Senior Class Day, 4. Parsons, Mary Alice, Muskegon Heights, Mich. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor better than silver and gold. Muskegon Heights High School Mathematics Clionian, Phi Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Pres., 4; Mathematics Club, 2, 3, 4; Home Service Band, 1, 2, French Club, 2; Debate, 2; W. A. A., 3, 4; Honor Roll. Peatling, Francis L. - Boyne City, Mich. An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness . Kalamazoo Central High School Kalamazoo College, 1, 2 English Delta Gamma; Glee Club, 3, 4; Histrionic Club, 3, 4; Contributors ' Club, 4, Dramatics, 3, 4;Dorm. Gov ' t, 4. Peck, Victor L. - - Birmingham, Mich. A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. Birmingham High School Business Administration Sigma Nu; Football, 1, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, Co-op. Board of Control, 4; " A " Club; French Play, 3; Glee Club, 3, 4; Quartette, 3, 4. r MH. iim.nmiuMHI i mim i )jTirt23 n Page Sixlyoilt v. 3tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiui iilQ (A L 6 I ON 1 A M ) 7 7 l n 1 1 1 v u n u m i n i m c xmA Pray, Gianette L. - Ferndale, Michigan Life is not so short but there is always time for courtesy. Manistique High School English Clionian, Phi Gamma; Contributors ' Club, 4; Histrionic Club, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s League Treas., 3; Y. W. C. A., 3, 4; Pleiad Staff, 3. Jackson, Michigan QuiNLAN, HOLLIS J. A cheerful man is king. Jackson High School Pre-Law Sigma Chi; Spanish Club. Read, Harriet E. - Royal Oak, Michigan She has a woman ' s intuition and a friendly view toward life. Royal Oak High School Literary Basketball, 3, 4; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Reed, Goodrich G. - Albion, Michigan The poiver to do great things generally rises from the willingness to do small things. Albion High School Literary Philharmonic, 1; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Histrionic Club, 2, 3; Contributors ' Club, 3; Albionian, 4; Glee Club Soloist, 3- Reed, Norman W. - - Albion, Michigan The more we do, the more we can do, the more busy we are, the more leisure ive have. Albion High School Political Science Sigma Nu, Phi Gamma; Philharmonic, 1; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Pleiad, Ass. Bus. Man., 2; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; Forum Club, 3, 4; Track Mgr.; Asst., 3; Manager, 4. MM f iiiiiiiiiuimiiiMiiiiira mj nji q tQ- rt p pimiMMimii ii iiimnii nrrni] Page Sixty-two % p [ (XTbTo N I A N BB ii i mi i mi nn Renshaw, Allen J. - Bronson, Michigan The desire of knowledge, like the thirst of riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it. Bronson High School Pre-Law Delta Sigma Phi, Pres. 3; Publications Council, 2, 3, French Club, 2, 3, 4; Political Science Club, 2, 3, Pres., 3; Forum Club, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; President, 4; Editor of Pleiad, 3; Pleiad Staff, 4; Student Senate, 4; Editor Albionian, 4; Alumni Bulletin Editor, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; Vice-Pres. Student Body, 4; History Dep ' t Asst., 4; Booster Com- mittee, 4; Chairman All-College Banquet, 4. Risley, Paul L. - Manistique, Michigan As proper a man as one shall see on a summer day. Chelsea High School Pre-Medic Sigma Nu; Biology Club; " A " Club; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball Manager, 4; Football, 2, 4; Asso. Bus. Mgr. Albionian, 3. Robinson, Lucile M. - Flint, Michigan She who labors diligently need never despair for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor. Flint High School Flint Junior College Literary Clionian; Y. W. C. A., Contributors ' Club; Honor Roll, 3,4. Rodgers, Pauline A. - Albion, Michigan The stream of life flows quietly and sweetly for her. Battle Creek High School Home Economics Clionian, Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 4. Rogers, Charles E. - Albion, Michigan I have gleaned golden opinions from all sorts of people. Albion High School Literary Sigma Nu; Debate, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Contributors ' Club, 4; Kimball English Prize, 1926; Dramatics, 4, Homecoming and Banquet Committee, 3, 4. " mW ?JK f - - fe r mcr L rm mr r jj-gnryTir] TTTTTTTTTl n Page Sixty-three 3 r5 IS gl fA L BK ) Nl ANl J 7 i i i mii i iiiu iini 1927 Carl E. Schilz - Grand Ledge, Michigan A true friend is the image of the Diety. Grand Ledge High School Chemistry Fall Chemical Club, 2, 3, 4; Physical Research Club, 3, 4. Schliskey, Dorothy M. Royal Oak, Michigan Human love and devotion are her creed. Royal Oak High School Mathematics Corinthian; Y. W. C. A., 3; Mathematics Club, 2, 3, 4 Publications Council, 3. Scott, Chester C. - Qiiimby, Michigan All ivho know him, call him friend. Hastings High School Literary Band, 2, 3, 4; Classical Club, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 3; Oxford Fellowship, 1, 2, 3, 4. Scott, John A. - - Jackson, Michigan A deep, genuine heart felt sincerity is a trait of true and noble manhood. Jackson High School Literary Football, 4; " A " Club. Shyn, Paul D. - - Chunju, Korea Welcome everymore to the gods is the self-helping man. John D. Well ' s High School, Seoul, Korea Biology c CT MnimimmuunmunTimjfi ' M| q Tq 7((lF iililiillllU iioilUUIIIUIIIIIIII Page Sixty-four m ftr 1 fATBTb N 1 A N) te iiirniiuM iiiinir r%m Smith, Howard W. - Albion, Michigan In every rank both great and small it is industry that supports us all. Albion High School Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega; Physical Research Club, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2; Philharmonic, 2. Smith, Pauline K. - Alpena, Michigan Silence is more golden than much speaking. Alpena High School Chemistry Clionian; Chemistry Club, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club, 3, 4; Home Service Band, 2; Philharmonic, 4. Smith, Ruth E. - - Rochester, Michigan Politeness is as natural to delicate natures as per- fume to the flower. Highland Park. High School Highland Park Junior College Sociology Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 2, 3; Forum Club, 4; Dormitory, Board. 4. Smith, Thorn - Birmingham, Michigan From Nature I would glean the truth. Detroit Northern High School Biology Delta Tau Delta; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, Pres., 4, Biology Club, 2, 3, 4; Pres., 2, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Chemical Club 3,4. Snelling, Lloyd E. - Fowler, Michigan He has a genial nature and a wealth of fellowship. Fowler High School Michigan State College, 2 Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi; Orchestra, 1; Band, 1, 3, 4. «gb ' - ■. j UjLLUiiMi i MniiiiiiM ii i i a3iAic j nt| q Tq -y»r7 ( initimm ' nMiiiini i iMm ' in n r PaX Sixly-fivt s E IIIIIIIIK.IIIII-IIKIIHII ' (A L B IP N 1 A Nl mmunMmi.mi.MNj C 1 1927 Snyder, Forrest R. - Altamont, Missouri Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor. Altamount High School, Missouri Political Science Political Science Club, 2, 3; Forum Club, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. Stewart, Mary - - Albion, Michigan Hers is the state, the splendor and the throne, An intellectual kingdom all her own. Albion High School University of Michigan, 3 Literary Alpha Chi Omega; Orchestra, 1, 2, 4; French Club, 2, 4; Contributors ' Club, 2, 4; Class Vice-Pres., 1, String Quartette, 2. Strong, Maurice L. - Ionia, Michigan I mean to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that I shall succeed in all else. Ionia High School Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega, Class Treasurer, 4; Athletic Board, 2; Albionian Auditor, 2; Baseball Manager, 4. Varty, AnnaG. - - Flint, Michigan Thought is the property of only those ivho can entertain it. Flint High School English Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic, 3; Kimball English Prize, 2; Dramatics, 4; Contributors ' Club, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Class Sec, 1. Varty, Jonathan W. - Flint, Michigan Good manners and good morals are sivorn friends and fast allies. Flint High School Economics Delra Sigma Phi; Asst. Bus. Manager, Albionian, 2; Snaps, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Club, 3, 4. UMHniuiiiiuinin i| |||nnn n l(2 (7 r ' l ' ' I Min ' ' l ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' ' MIM a Iim Page Sixty-six 3 rc £{ (A L B 1 O NTATFTi nfi .ini.n.iH U i T Ward, Nellie M. - Grand Rapids, Mich. Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. Grand Rapids Central High School Grand Rapids Junior College Literary E A; Classical Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Weidenhammer, Nellie C. Onondaga, Mich. Modesty is the soul of virtue. Lansing High School Literary Clionian; Contributors ' Club, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A .: Honor Roll, 4. West, Wayland H. - Alma, Michigan Every man ' s task is his life-preserver. Alma High School Alma College, 1,2,3. Chemistry; Chemistry Club, 4. White, Donald F. - Jackson, Michigan Music is tvell said to be the speech of angels. Jackson High School Literary-Music Alpha Tau Omega; Glee Club Accompanist, 2, 3, 4; Phil- harmonic Accompanist, 2, 3, 4. Whitney, Lois M. - North Branch, Mich. A true friend and a ready helper. North Branch High School Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Economics Club; Basketball, Captain, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic, 3; Girls ' Glee Club, 2; Outing Club, 1, 2. p i MtMMllliMniiii|M1IIIITTi nij[ r|j| Q Tq 7 {(7| jJL ■ •••■..•liUIIIIUIIIIIIII Page Sixty-sevtn rip [ (a l b Ton i. a n m I ,,i,.m,,u,., i , I m., ii .j Williams, Daisy M. - Escanaba, Michigan Modesty and truth are the guardian angels of woman. Sault Ste. Marie High School Northwestern University, 1 Literary Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A. Secy., 3, 4; Philharmonic 2, 3; Debate, 3; Publications Council, 3; Histrionic Club, 3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club, 2, 3. Williams, Harry E. - Albion, Michigan Noble are his aspirations, noble are his accom- plishments. Albion High School Literary Delta Tau Delta; Football, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3; M. I. A. A. Board; Dramatics; Pleiad Staff, 4; " A " Club; Inter-Fraternity Council, 4; Philharmonic, 2; Class Treasurer, 2; Yell Master, 2, 3- Wooton, Esther A. - Greenville, Michigan Her voice was ever soft and low, an excellent thing in woman. Marshall High School Literary Kappa Delta; Philharmonic, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Worth, Harry - Negaunee, Michigan I would speak with the tongues of men and angels. Negaunee High School Literary French Club, 2, 3, 4. Helmer, Harry W. - Homer, Michigan The disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity. Homer High School Albion High School History Johnston, RusselM. - Detroit, Michigan If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itseelf. Detroit Southeastern High School Pre-Medical Sigma Chi; Y. M. C. A.; Oxford Club. Lozuaway, Clarence - Jackson, Michigan Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. Jackson High School " A " Club; Football, 1, 2, 3. ipl fr l lUijjjLiiiimiimHIMn i U H rrtnunmnrr Paxe Sixty-eight IF (ATBTb Nl N)pfi5S5SE S5 3 iSn JUNIORS i»iiimiiiiiimiii l ..nm„mi,.j )E£33ll(fe y]( »i i iiMim ' m i ii»i " i ' i ' " iMiTiinilti p O Pujfr Sixty-nine » E ([ (A L bToN 1, A N) j7fi .imMm mimm jg mi £i ... « ... Keyes Cooper Elltott Conrad Junior Class Otlicers Ralph Keyes ------ President Charlotte Cooper ----- Vice-President Geraldine Elliott ----- Secretary Raymond Conrad ----- Treasurer Memorial: Play: Party: Class Committees Charlotte Cooper Helen Cox Clark Roggie Reginald Eldred Afrea Lewis Gladys Bauer Bates Wills Dorothy Kennedy Louisa Rogers unimniiHniiiiiniiiinuMnff jji q ¥Q7 " Kl J Y|f ft UMII|ll ' ' ' ' ' l ' ' ' ' lni ' ' ltlultin i M | " ji S3 Page Seventy nniiiinnim ii iM i mrAV] ! A L 8 I O N 1 A N) J75 mniUMnnini i niTuC j Geraldine M. Abbott Albion, Michigan, Albion High School French; Delta Gamma; Glee Club, 1, 2; Philharmonic, 1, 2, 3; French Club, 2, 3, Forum Club, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; W. A. A. Marion Alger Detroit, Michigan, Northern High School HomeEconomics, Delta Gamma; Class Secretary, 1. Elson P. Balkema Grandville, Michigan, Grandville High School Business Administration; Sigma Nu; Orchestra, l,2;Asst, Mgr. Book Store, 3; Asst. Mgr. Bas- ketball, 3. Arda Behler St. Louis, Michigan, St. Louis High School Alma College, Corinthian; Girl ' s Glee Club, 3. Clarence B. Boldt Albion, Michigan, Albion High School History; Sigma Chi; Football, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 2; " A " Club; Forum Club, 3. Margaret M. Adair Wyandotte, Michigan, Roosevelt High School Music; Kappa Delta; Dormitory Executive Board, 3; W. A. A., 2, 3; Tennis, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; . Spanish Club, 2, 3; Harmony ' ' Club, 2; Philharmonic, 1,2, 3. J. NORRIS AsLINE Clare, Michigan, Clare High School C. M. S.; Pre-Medic; Tau Kappa hpsilon. l , Gladys L. Bauer Albion, Michigan, Albion High School ' J English; Alpha Xi Delta; Pan- hellenic, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Histrionic; W. A. A.; Class Secretary, 1. Edith A. Bentley Walled Lake, Michigan, Pontiac High School Home Economics; Clionian; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Home Eco- nomics Club, 2; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Harold B. Bristol Fremont, Michigan, Fremont High School Pre-Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Philharmonic, 1, 2, 3; Debate, 1; Band, 1, 2, 3; Physics Club, 2; German Club, 3; Dra- matics, 3; Mathematics Club, 3; Ass ' t Editor, Albionian, 3; Publications Council, 2. kiimiiiiiiiniiiinmiiiirrTTT Tlil 9 13 7|(7 f it " " " " " iiniiin i imim ' inn nlOT Page Seventy-one f f A L B fON 1 A N )j7fi5 in mi i ii i un 1 1 mr SR • Za r " - C. Emmett Brocklebank Jackson, Michigan, Jackson High School Pre-Medic; Sigma Chi; Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Publica- tions Council, 2. Roger S. Calvert Highland Park, Michigan, Highland Park High School Highland Park College, 1; Bus- iness Adminisration; Sigma Nu. Y. M. C. A. 1; Football, 1; Bas- ketball Mgr., 1. Florence E. Clark Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Eastern High School Literary; Alpha Xi Delta; Span- ish Club, 2, 3; Secy. Women ' s League, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2. Charlotte K. Cooper Saginaw, Michigan, Saginaw Eastern High School Latin; Delta Gamma; Publica- tions Council, 1, 2, 3; Classical Club, 2, 3; Vice-Pres., Junior Class, 3- Helen M. Cox Scottville, Michigan, Scottville High School Science; Kappa De lta; Pres., 3; Y. W. C. A., 2; Treas., 1, 3; Chemistry Club, 2, 3; Biology Club, 3; Physics Club, 3; Class, Sec. 2;V. Pres., 1. Florence B. Brown McBain, Michigan, Marion High School ; C. M. N. S., 1, 2; Mathematics; Glee Club, 3. Lawrence D. Childs Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek High School Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Asst. Bus. Mgr., Pleiad, 2; Phil- harmonic, 2, 3; Bus. Mgr.; Pleiad, 3; French Club, 2, 3. Raymond H. Conrad Grand Rapids, Michigan, Grand Rapids South High School Pre-Law;DeltaTauDeIta;Track, 1, 2, 3; Co-op. Board of Con- trol, 1, 2, 3; " A " Club, 2, 3; His- trionic Club, 2, 3; Student Sen- ate, 2, 3; Inter-Fraternity Council, 2, 3; Class Treasurer, 1,3; Philharmonic, 1 ; Dramatics, 2,3. Russell A. Courtright Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Political Science; Delta Tau Del- ta; Track, 2, 3; Band, 1, 2, 3; Asst. Football Mgr., 3; Booster Committee, 3. Ruth E. Dean Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Literary; Delta Gamma; W. A. A., 2; Glee Club, 1, Tennis, 1. S ■ tiitauiiaiiiiii ii »b ■■■iiiiiiiii »i ■ k I 9 3 71 Oiiialliilllimaui ' ilialllUIIIIUIIIIIIII jL j Page Seventy-two [niiiiiii ii iMiii i iiiiMiiA y(AjL Bi ON I, A Ni nS iiiniiJimnniniimjO Beatrice Denton Lawrence, Michigan, Lawrence High School Western State Normal, 1, 2; Stu- dent Volunteer, Vice-Pres., 3- Wendell O. Edwards Royal Oak, Michigan, Royal Oak High School Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsiion; Debate, 1; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Albionian, 1; Bus. Mgr. Pleiad, 2; Publications Mgr. 3; Student Senate, 3; Span- ish Club, 2, 3. Allen R. Elliott Pontiac, Michigan, Pontiac High School Literary; Tau Kappa Epsiion; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Dramatics, 1, 2, 3; Classical Club, 2, 3. Donald C. Gabriel Detroit, Michigan, Northwestern High School Pre-Law; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club, 2, 3; Philharmonic, 2. Kenneth Goodemoot Lake Odessa, Michigan, Lake Odessa High School Engineering; E. A.; Chemistry Club. Kenneth B. De Ome Elk Rapids, Michigan, Elk Rapids High School Pre-Medic; Tau Kappa Epsiion; Debate, 1; Y. M. C. A.; Sec, Vice-Pres., 2; Classical Club. Reginald H. Eldred Albion, Michigan, Albion High School History; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club, 1; Philharmonic, 1; His- tronic Club, 2, 3; Pleiad Staff, 3; Chairman Junior Play. Geraldine M. Elliott Shelby, Michigan, Shelby High School. Pre-Law; Alpha Xi Delta; De- bate, 1, 2, 3; Delta Sigma Rho; Glee Club, 1; Bancroft Prize, 2; Executive Board, Dormitory, 3. ames L. Galloway Hudson, Michigan, Hudson High School Pre-Medic; Sigma Nu; Philhar- monic, 1, 2; Cross Country, 1. Yvonne E. Haogit Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Literary; E. A.; French Club, 1, 2, 3. ' i i ii ri uMniiMi iii mm M ixiiiim )p " o T2 (7 ( , ' ' ll l M ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Page Seventy-three n i (A L BfON l,AN lf]j riiiiin.iii m 1 1 1111 nrr « Loeene G. Hamilton Ludington, Michigan, Ludington High School English, Alpha Xi Delta; Con- tributors Club, 3; Executive Board, Dormitory, 3- Stella L. Heath Hastings, Michigan, Hastings High School History; E. A.; Glee Club, 1; Basketball, 2, 3; Philharmonic, 3; Home Service Band, 2, 3; French Club, 2; Y. W. C. A. George E. Heels Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Pre-Medic; Alpha Tau Omega; Band, 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club, 3. Marian Hitt Spring Arbor, Michigan, Spring Arbor Seminary Spring Arbor Seminary, 1; West- ern State Normal, 2; English; Clionian. FlOR ENCE J ACKSON Toledo, Ohio Morrison Waite High School University of Toledo, 1, 2; En- lish; Alpha Xi Delta; Philhar- monic, 3. William G. Hart Highland Park, Michigan, Highland Park High School Literary; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Letha B. Heathcock Orlando, Florida, Albion High School Lawrence Col lege, 1 ; Home Econ- omics; E. A.; Home Economics Club, 3. E. Elroy Herrick Flint, Michigan, Flint High School Business Administration. Leslie H. Hoffman Jackson, Michigan, Jackson High School Pre-Law; Alpha Tau Omega; Football, 1, 2, 3; " A " Club, Pres. , 3; Athletic Board, 3; Class Pres., 1. George R. Jones Millersburg, Michigan Onaway High School I Literary; Sigma Nu; Cross Coun- try. 2. C j i»)iMMiiiiiwMtninn i nnnLri r )j| q T3 7|r7 pinimnn»nii i mi i iMiiimHiii , lw Page Seventy-four ■■•■■■■•» ••■•• •■•• ■■■■■■■• V 1 Kl f a l b Tou 1 A Hj ]h jiiiLUmmn ininin % Claude E. Kantner Hastings, Michigan Hastings High School Education; Sigma Nu; Debating 1,2, 3; Classical Club, 1,2. Ralph C. Keyes Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Central High School Prc-Law; Tau Kappa Epsilon Track, 1, 2, 3; Debate, 1, 2, 3 Student Senate, 3; " A " Club Athletic Board, 2, 3; Class Pres. 3; Treas., 2. Isabel K. King Saginaw, Michigan Saginaw High School Literary; Delta Gamma; Pan Hellenic, 2; Pres., 3; Albionian, 2; Student Senate, 2, 3; Publica- tions Council, 3; Glee Club, 3; College Orator, 2. Bernice V. Kleinhans St. Louis, Michigan, St. Louis High School Alma College, 1; Music; Corin- thian Sorority; Philharmonic, 2; Glee Club, 2, 3. Clyde A. Lampman Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Asst. Bus. Mgr. Albionian, 2; Bus. Mgr., Albion- ian, 3; Spanish Club, 2, 3. Dorothy I. Kennedy Highland Park, Michigan, Highland Park High School Mathematics; Alph Chi Omega; Spanish Club, 2; Mathematics Club, 2, 3. Edward C. Kilian Jackson, Michigan, Jackson High School Pre-Law; Alpha Tau Omega; Publications Council, 2; Pleiad, 1, 2, 3, Editor, Pleiad, 3; Asst., 2; Albionian, 2, 3; College Hand- book, 3, 4; Homecoming Com- mittee, 1, 2, 3. Marion E. Kingman Albion, Michigan, Albion High School , Modern Languages; E. and A; French Club, 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Philharmonic, 3. William T. Krebs Wyandotte, Michigan, Wyandotte High School Pre-Medic; Chemistry Club, 3; Physics Club, 3; Track, 3. John Lawther Dearborn, Michigan, Dearborn High School Pre-Medic; Sigma Nu; Chemis- try Club, 3; Biology Club, 3; Track, 2; " A " Club, 2; Tennis, 1, 2. B ff in Q Q -ytrT r 7 ™ " 1 " " " ■ " ■ " ■ " " " ' ! ' " " 13 [ (a lbTo n .ah )T)e i i iUAluumim i iun % Louis A. Leeson Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ann Arbor High School Pre-Law; Alpha Tau Omega. Adrea W. Lewis Lansing, Michigan, Hopkins High School Literary; Delta Sigma Rho; Bas- ketball, 2;Debate, 1, 2, 3. Harold G. Lewis Detroit, Michigan, Northwestern High School Pre-Law; Alpha Tau Omega; S Track, 2; Classical Club, 3. Harlan P. McCall Ithaca, Michigan, Ithaca High School Mathematics; Sigma Nu; Cross Country, 1; Glee Club, 2, 3; Mathematics Club; Philharmon- ic, 1, 2; Asst. Baseball Mgr., 3. Mary P. Maples Detroit, Michigan, Western High School Detroit Teacher ' s College, 1, 2; Literary; Alpha Chi Omega. Helen I. Letts Qwosso, Michigan Owosso High School f Music; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Y. W. ■ C. A., 1, 2; Dormitory Vice-Pres. ' 3; French Club; Philharmonic, 1, 41 Frances E. Lewis Jackson, Michigan, Jackson High School | Modern Languages; Kappa Del- is ta; Classical Club, 1, 2, 3; Span- } ish Club, 2, 3; French Club, 3. Rosella V. Link Flint, Michigan, Lowell High School ' " ' $. English; Clionian Sorority; Ger- ' , man Club, 2, 3; Glee Club, 3. ■ Beulah M. Magnotta Albion, Michigan, Albion High School $■■ Literary; Classical Club, 3. I I Marian A. Marfileus Holly, Michigan, Holly High School jr ■ ■ Literary; Delta Gamma, Dorm. Proctor, 3. S |||| qiq 7|Q (nmTriiiii ' MtiiiintiiiMTiM ' TTTTTrnj p Page Seventy-six ru,. . . ■ ■ . ... , .. . m TTTtimi fAT TQ N 1 A Np temim MiimimnuT Beryl D. Marker Detroit, Michigan, Highland Park High School French; Kappa Delta; Philhar- monic, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1; French Club, 2, 3. Mildred I. Monroe | Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon Heights High School English; Corinthian; Y. W.C. A. Mercedes M. Moore Clare, Michigan, Clare High School Pre-Medic; Orchestra, 2; Phys- ics Club, 3; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A., 2, 3; Harmony Club, 2. Harold H. Neff Pontiac, Michigan, Shepherd High School History; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Robert E. Oderkirk Albion, Michigan, Redfield High School, S. D. Business Administration. Gwendolyn E. Miller Albion, Michigan, Albion High School History; Social Science Club, 2; Forum Club, 3; Philharmonic, 1 ; Glee Club, 1; Basketball, 2. Francis C. Moore Union City, Michigan, Union City High School Mathematics; E. A.; Mathe- matics Club; Civic Chorus, 3. Norine R. Nagle Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club, 1; Publications Council, 2; W. A. A., 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Charles J. Nelson Suttons hay, Michigan, Suttons Bay High School Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi; Forum Club, 3; Class Treasurer, 1. David H. Page Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Northern High School College of the City of Detroit, 1, 2; English; Tennis, 3- Pit n 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 i u i n i r i ii i ii rin mr ti q |q ylQn mmiM ' i I ' uinii i imilll ' i Paxr Seventy-seven 8 IS ft f A L B K P N 1 A hfl £g liiinuiuuiiiiinrirr » Leitha V. Perkins Albion, Michigan, Millington High School English. J. Lois Reist Buchanan, Michigan, Buchanan High School Literary; Debate, 1; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis, 2; W. A. A., 2, 3; Al- I bionian, 3. Marceline E. Robbins Owosso, Michigan, Ou osso High School French; French Club, 2, 3; Home Service Band, 1, 2, 3; German Club, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; y. w. c. a. Florence J. Rogers Hancock, Michigan, Painesdale High School Northern State Normal College; | Literary. Clark W. Roggie Reading, Michigan, Reading High School Pre-Law; Delta Tau Delta; Ple- iad Staff, 2; Glee Club, 3. I I Mildred D. Price Watervliet, Michigan, Watervilet High School Biology; Clionian; Student Vol- fl unteer; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Ms, Executive Board, 3; Biology " 2 Club, 3. Alice O. Robb Chicago, Illinois, Oak Park High School French; Clionian; French Club, 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 3; Albion- ian, 2, 3; Outing Club, 1. , Helen W. Rockwell Upton, Michigan, Rose City High School j History; E. A.; Spanish Club, ■ 2, 3; Forum Club, 3- Louisa L. Rogers Watervliet, Michigan, Watervliet High School Latin; Clionian; Classical Club, 2, 3; Histrionic Club, 2, 3. i Hazel M. Ross Lowell, Michigan, Lowell High School a Literary; Classical Club, 2, 3; Home Service Band, 1. 2. iiimiinii D iiuumniMinmjj TU| q Iq -j]( sA .IIMIIIIIIIUIIIKI IMUIUIIIIIIII enty-eight unnmut rn rmxir lXLTPb MiniiiKiiiTiir Hugh C. Sebastian Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Mathematics; A IphaTau Omega; Mathematics Club, 2. 3. William H. Snelling Fowler, Michigan, Fowler High School Literary; Delta Sigma Phi; Home-coming Program, 3. Harlow F. Stankrauff Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Delta Tau Delta; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Biology Club, 2, 3: Pleiac Staff, 3; Home-coming Program, 3; Forum Uub, 3- Syver C. Thingstad Pontiac, Michigan, Pontiac High School Literary; Sigma Nu; Athletic BoardofControl,3;Co-op. Board, 3; Football, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; " A " Club. Arthur W. Thwaites Grand Rapids, Michigan, Central High School Physics; Sigma Nu; French Club, 2, 3; Physics Club, 3. Thome I. Smith Harrisville, Michigan, Harrisville High School 1 Ferris Institute; Sociology; Ox- ; ford Fellowship; Independent, Vice-Pres., 3- Lucile I. Spalding Detroit, Michigan, Ovid High School Literary; Spanish Club, 2, 3. Walter W. Strait Evart, Michigan, Evart High School Physics ; Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Col- lege Band; Philharmonic, 1, 2; Dramatics, 2, 3; Glee Club, 3; Physics Club, 3. Evelyn G. Thrall Albion, Michigan, Knoxville, Tenn. High School t University of Tennessee, 1; Lit- UK erary; Delta Delta Delta; Glee ' » Club, 2, 3; Philharmonic, 2, 3; £ Contributors Club, 3 ♦♦:« Howard D. White Albion, Michigan, Albion High School I Pre-Engineering; E. A.; Phys- cs Club; Chemistry Club, 2, 3. ..Jfci J ftWrTTTTmumuutimiiiiiiiiir j! £3 Pane Sciriily-nine 3 ftV [ (a l b roN ) A N) fllBS nnuumrrrn " ft Whyle S. Wilcox Gobies, Michigan, Gobies High School Business Administration;E. A. Bates Wills Millington, Michigan, Millington High School Pre-Law; Delta Sigma Phi; Band, 1, 2; Philharmonic, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Forum Club, 2, 3; g Dramatics, 2; Assu Track Mgr. 3. Harold C. Wilson Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Literary; AlphaTau Omega; De- bate, 1, 2, 3. Clement B. Yinger Grand Rapids, Michigan, Greenville High School Literary; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Glee Club, 2, 3; Debate, 3; Ox- ford Fellowship; Class Pres., 1. Victor E. Williams Albion, Michigan, Albion High School Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta; Football, 1, 2, 3; " A " Club; All M. I. A. A. Football, 2,3. 41 Donald L. Wilson I Detroit, Michigan, Northwestern High School Pre-Medicine. Paul W. Winder Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Eaton Rapids High School Pre-Medic; Delta Tau Delta; Bi- ology Club, 2; Physics Club, 3; Baseball, 1. % Dorothy J. Yost Albion, Michigan, Albion High School ' Ypsilanti, 2; History; Alpha Xi a Delta; Spanish Club, 2; Boosters Club, 2. Ruth Beckley Ethel Behling Lawrence Billings Freeman Brown Horace Hill Elizabeth Huston Clas. James Hubbard Priscilla Kellogg Murlin Kuhlman Margaret Little Verald Livingston Ames Maywood of 1928 Doris Raycraft Cecile Reusch James Rogers Clarence Scharer Milton Scharer Marjorie Sturtevant Carol Thompson Harlon Van Auken Lorene Waller Edmund Ward Martha Witters Ellis Wylie in iiiiiniiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiijjLuijy )|| Q f37jf feiiiiimmMn i iMiiiiiMUmMMii Paste Eighty 3 ns j ftn 1 1 1 1 mTT (ATTPoNTAT pfiS rm mm n i miiuj L SOPHOMORES lllHHIHl i nil i nri TTTp|Y j| Q ?Q 7{fj| [in i i i nilH ' i I ' ni i nninmmirrnTl Pjj? ' Eighty-one y r iiiiiim . mi immmn t rA L 6 IP N ) A N ES iiuiiiniiHirijA - ? . , Row One: G. Aldrich; G. Andrews; Luna Bachelor; A. Bahm; C. Baldwin; Lee Bartlett. Row Two: Lynn Bartlett; H. Benedict; N. Berriman; H. Biggs; S. Bolhuis; R. Bowers. Row Three: H. Branch; Beryl Brockway; Bradford Brockway; J. Bromley; K. Bullen; R. Burch, Row Four: M. Capper; M. Carlisle; E. Carlson; B. Clark; Merrill Clark; F. Cole. Row Five: E. Collins; S. Cowen; H. Cranmore; J. Cronck; D. Culver; C. Dammon. Row Six: H. Davey; E. Davies; R. Deal; R. Doolittle; T. Emery; F. Fisher. IMI1IIIIIIIIIMHI1IMIIIIII-IIU 3DE233IK j .rlliliiuuuili •■llUllltUIIIIIIII] Page Eighty- wo 21, TIP - ' » r i« iCi fA L B lb N7ATN) ]te. ii l ii.,ii, iH ., . .i i Row One: J. Fleming; V. Fuller; G. Gilbert; L. Gilbert; R. Gillespie; E. Gray. Row Two: J. Gray; K. Hadley; Lois Heath; H. Helmkamp; H. Hieber; R. Higley. Row Three: G. Hill; L. Hoag; J. Holland; H. Holmes; E. Houck; E. Householder. Row Four: B. Huckle; M. Irwin; L. Jannasch; E. Johns; S. King; C. Knack. Row Five: B. Koether; S. Lawton; D. Leavell; L. Lee; D. Leech; L. Leng. Row Six: G. Lindsay; A. Locker; T. Long; J. Ludwig; N. Lyon; J. Marvin. pin MiiMiiiMiiiiMinn i i i ni rrqj T)|| q TQ7J tiinminii i 11 11 urn n 1 imnmTTT Page Eighty-three £4 ini i niin ii i i nuiiiini i3y (A L B 1 ON I A Nj ytoiiin iiiinMiwi irimjL. H ' J ftSlai « 2!: Row One: J. Medlyn; M. Mercer; Anna Monroe; H. Montgomery; H. Moore; F. Morrison. Row Two: Mary Morrison; E. Mutch; N. McAuliffe; R. McIlvenna; M. Nash; D. Neller. Row Three: V. Nichols; M. Palmero; R. Parsons; R. Pelton; E. Price; T. Raidle. Row Four: S. Rice; J. Richards; F. Risinger; E. Schott; Erma Scott; J. Shoults. Row Five: M. Sleight; O. Smith; R. Stakes; T. Steverman; M. Tambyln; H. Teeter. Row Six: A. Townsend; L. Traut; R. Tyler; E. Van Buskirk; E. Van Camp; B. Walkley. prm Mnmmmmui minnu rKTMi q Q 7 {ffai " " " " ' " ' n mini 11 1 UlM U ' EED Page Eighty-four 2m . ,.,.. ... .,„ . TMMM,,, i rA L B IP N 1 A NO ISES liniiiiiirmr ™X3 M. Walls; M. Weaver; H. Webster; K. White; L. Wylie; Dempster Yinger; E. Young NcAU»» Class of 1929 Charles Adler Sidney Adler Fred Berger Helen Biles ROLLAND BlLLETER Edward Bullock Mrs. Arlene Campbell Theresa Combellach Eula Dodds Douglass Faulkner Frances Fillmore Byron Hahn William Harris Clarence Hartung Allison Hetley Donald Jones Thelma Knowles George Koether Conrad Kroening Julia Landon Charles Leavitt Percy Mills Ruth Monaweck Douglas McEachran Roland McEachran Glenn Patterson George Peters Alberta Phillips Angus Raupp Herbert Richards Kenneth Ringle Boyd Robinson Frederick Sauer Robert Sauer Ursula Sawyer Naomi Shadley Gordon Schliz Helen Simkins Roy Spaulding Bruce Taylor Ladd Turek Ri Wi jy QTy7| Q (1 l lll i nilllMTnTTTTTT mininmiiinjjV Page Eighty-five IS (XTTPoNTAr E unmiiiiiiiiiiir Miiininiiinmnin nnnnnLC j r j| q Tq 7|f7 pnm niiH ' MMiiiMiiipnm n ran Page Eighty-six 3 it (ATTi NTAi pBmnmni unmix FRESHMEN Wim iiinniiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiii e m T)t| p Vq 7} .■■.••.•■•■ ■.•.•••-•••■ailliitwiiilUH Page Eigityseten v 3 [ miiiiun i iii i i i iiii imdQ ( A L B I ON 1, A N) 7£ mmmiiuim i iniruC ft Row One: H. Abramsen; V. Alt; D. Anderson; H. Arney; L. Ashley; M. Baker. Row Two: Wesley Baker; A. Baxter; D. Baxter; E. Becker; R. Black; R. Bradshaw. Row Three: Byron Brown; William Brown; H. Burlingame; I. Burroughs; E. Butenuth; F. Butzer. Row Four: Gertrude Calkins; K. Calkins; F. Cameron; A. Campbell; N. Campbell; M. Cansfield. Row Five: J. Chapman; L. Chase; W. Chatelle; K. Clapp; R. Cogshall; C. Cohoon. Row Six: B. Collinge; A. Collins; B. Condon; B. Conklin; E. Cook; Jean Cook. DE5322K 3LO Page Eighty-eight 3 IS (ATTBlbNiTAl te niriniiuiiiiiinn afs saB»g jR tti O tt. - B. Copeman; H. Corell; D. Cornwell; C. Cosgrove; C. Coulter; M. Cross. Row Two: M. Culver; P. Curtis; B. Dalrymple; S. Danylizyn; H. Davis; J. De Journo. Row Three: O. DeMay; F. Densmore; C. Derr; L. Dickens; M. Dodge; C. Edwards. Row Four: E. Elliott; J. Elliott; M. Ellis; K. Erskine; K. Evvbank; J. Flanders. Row Five: H. Fleming; C. Fowler; N. Galloway; A. Garlanger; R. Geddes; S. Gilroy. Row Six: K. Glidden; R. Goetz; C. Goodrich; L. Grames; V. Greenfield; J. Grody. Page Eighty-nine 3 IS Kl% oh i a h) T) HiiliriHiuinn i iii n: Row One: R. Gubbins; G. Guile; W. Gullander; M. Hallsted; J. Hamilton; Han So-Jeai. Row Two: D. Harger; H. Harper; P. Hembdt; E. Henderson; D. Herriff; F. Higgins. Row Three: E. Hoaglin; A. Hogle; N. Hollen; R. Holt; A. Hopkins; W. Hoshal. Row Four: K. House; Hubert Howe; Florence Howes; Homer Howes; H. Hurshburger; D. Irons. Rotv Five: A. Iverson; E. Johnston; Marian Johnston; J. Kalb; G. Karay; L. Kelly. Rota Six: E. Kennedy; C. Kingman; P. Kingsley; D. Kulp; H. Langworthy; M. Larime. iiiniiiiiiiimiiinii niMniiiM jJ ' QTy7|( ijLo Page Ninety in •■•»■• • •.......... «a% (aT3To nIaH)Pe llllllllliilllliiniTT W Roic Ow.- E. Leary; W. Leeds; R. Legg; S. Leighton; I. Lenhart; V. Lewis. Row Two: D. Lockwood; J. Logan; L. Ludeman; J. Ludke; L. Lydav. Row Thru: R. Markel; C. Martenson; A. Martin; H. Mathews; C. Maupin; C. Mensing; A. Meriam. Row Four: C. Miles; D. Miller; E. Miller; J. Minkler; H. Mitchell; R. Moll. Row Put: Dorothy Moore; Rl ' th Moore, R. Muche; M. McCall; T. McConnell; M. McCoy. Row Six: G. McDermott; D. McDowell; E. Nagle; L. Newell; M. Niffenegger; M. Noble. H I IMiiiuiiuiiiumi l ii i in i iir inji g Jq yi Qiimim n n iiiti n i m iiiiiri HI Page Nincty-onc 3 IS [ f A L B rb UATsQ fifiS iiMiiin inn mi Row 0?a.- D. Nowlin; E. O ' Keefe; N. Osborn; C. Ott; C. Overton; M. Pahl. Row Two: G. Parker; B. Paulley; M. Penzotti; S. Penzotti; S. Pernokis; L. Perry. Row Three: P. Phillips; W. Pitkin; C. Pollock; E. Porter; E. Potter; I. Pronger. Row Four: W. Pryor; M. Purdy; H. Randall; Ellen Reed; Leslie Reed; L. Rice. Row Five: L. Richards; M. Richards; D. Ritter; C. Rogers; K. Rood; B. Rowe. Row Six: E. Rupright; H. Schliskey; E. Schultz; M. Seaton; V. Sheldon; R. Shipp. j iinnii iMiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiniui (y ' Q mim3 iMlinii i i iiiliMUMPt [in Page Ninety-two m P lf( f A L 6 To N 1 A H) T)h 1 inmi.ii 1 n 1 i 1 hi 1 1 1 it- Ron 1 CW. ' L. Sleeman; Dorothy Smith; Lloyd Smith; R. Spanenberg; F. Spring; B. Starr. Row Two: M. Steidle; R. Stephens; R. Stillson;J. Thurston; B. Tibbitts; F. Tomkins. Row Three: G. Ulbright; G. Vander Meer; D. Vibert, L. Walworth; P. Walworth; W. Way. Row Four: E. Weidenhammer; N. Whitehouse; G. Wilson; G. Wilson; Vivian Wilson; E. Wing. Row Five: L. Wiseman; A. Wochholz; M. Wooton; D. Wright; E. Young; A. Zemmbr. V. Zimmerman nmmiiumiiiii imii ii i ii im fcgT ffr 1 yir?|nmTT iTiiiii iiiiiiiriiiiiiunMMii i g |fl Page Ninety-lhree mum S SaCl fA L B iO N 1, A Nl )7fia muiiiiiMm ii i G L-, - Class of 1930 Ernest Anderson William Barnes Gilbert Baur Wendell Birdsall George Boynton Howard Bradley Jack Brannack hollestelle burnette Melbourne Button Loyal Campbell Robert Campbell Lewis Carey Alice Cooper James Corwin William Cummings Wilson Dalzell Allene Day Mary Douglas Lawrence Dumas Lyle Eggleston Gertrude Engstrom Jack Finlayson Velma Funk Electa Gilbert Hortense Guilford Salmon Halpern Charlotte Harsen Charles Hayden Herschel Helmer Harold Immerman Charlotte Kinch John Klotz Helen Krueger Mildred Lahser Naomi Lane Maurice Lavene John Lowry Burchard Ludlow David Markowitz Gordon Wood Mrs. J. E. Marvin Lawrence Mitchell Foster Moore Allan Morris Elva McClintic Charles Newcombe Edith Nugent Stella Oderkirk Helen Ott Charles Parker Darriel Parker James Purdy Louise Ratcliffe Daniel Reedy Katherine Roat Alexander Ruelle Frank Ruthsatz Vincent Rybczynski Wayne Schaefer Wilbur Scharer Winston Schuler Adolph Schwenger Howard Seymour Mary Seymour zoya shadko Orville Shugg Joseph Slatkin Lora Stinchcomb Harry Thomas William Townsend Russell Troutman John Vallance Nola Vincent Shreve Waldenmyer Cornelius Wheaton John Wholihan Paul Wilcox Sherwood Wilkes Gerald Wilson Ninety-fovr £j [ miuun ii Hi « " »i iii rniQ ( A L B 1 ON 1 A N) 7ftmi Dumnninimnijfe „ R. W. Betchel Athletic Dir ectof With the close of the present college semester, Ruben W. Betchel completes his third year in the capacity of athletic director for Albion College. Coming here in 1924 from Baldwin-Wallace, Berea, O., where he met with success in a similar posi- tion, " Beck ' s " work on the local campus has been felt as an organizer as well as a mentor. Besides bringing to the school its first M. I. A. A. basketball championship, Betchel produced runners-up in the football campaigns of 1924 and 1925- He has acted as head coach in football, basketball, and track, leaving baseball and tennis to assistants. Betchel is responsible for the development of the present intramural program, athletic relations with several Ohio schools, and the holding of District three high school and Jackson county high school basketball tournamens there each winter. Betchel resigned early this year to accept a similar position in another school. He will be succeeded by R. R. " Bud " Daugherty of Dakota Wcslevan, Mitchell, S. D. frh 1 1 m i n 1 1 n n u 1 1 i i n i i 1 1 n u caT ) Qy n nx mnnra MininnnminurT Page Ninety-seven a a. S a u f[ f A LBIO N v»1 — lAN)l7fi iiuiiiiiuiiimmrr H o U 2 S i s o (J £ « O M fviiiinmin.iA Page Ninety-eight juniimnnnivLrr iji q f q 7{( illilulllIU«ili« iiailIlllllllLIIIIIIIn JLJi « Eh iiintimiin innfirr » Ernest ( " £r« V " ) Gray Center; Second Team Conference Selection Russell Q " Bab " ) Babcock Captain and Guard; Fourth Year Second Team Conference Selection Harry ( " G»W« " ) Goldberg Guard and All-M. I. A. A. Selection With the 1927 Court Champs At the start of the season, given only an outside chance for a first division berth the 1926-27 Albion basketball team covered itself with unusual glory by taking sole possession of the M. I. A. A. championship, and winning a total of 15 out of 19 games. The title was the first official one ever obtained by Albion in the court sport. From the very outset of the schedule, the cagers surprised their following — proving to be consistent winners and upturning and bespattering the dope bucket material of every scribe on the conference circuit. HMfiiiimiuimiin .nni i r nij j r)rj QnfQ yi( hm m w n ui i n xnii IIIIMMIUir Page Ninety-nine u IS iCt fATTf NTAT4 )te5 U ' umnt immrc Edward Q ' Eddie " } Carlson Forward and All- M. I. A. A. Selection Paul ( " R«j " ) Risley Student Manager of the Team John Q ' Brom ' " ) Bromley Forward; Second Team Conference Selection After opening at home December 16 with a surprise victory over Cornell College of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, the Methodists embarked on a successful road trip in which three of four games were won. Starting its M. I. A. A. schedule with a game against Olivet in Kresge gym., the Betchtelmen lost only one association tilt, that to Kala- mazoo College at Kalamazoo, 27-25- Nine non-conference games were played, three of which were lost, two to W. S. N. and one to Goodyear Tire Co. of Akron, O. Included in the team ' s list of non-association victories were those over Michigan State College, John Carroll University, Oberlin, Cornell College, Ford Club of Ross- ford, O., and the Brightmoor Exchange Club. Coach R. W. Betchtel relied on only seven men throughout the season, Captain Babcock and Goldberg at guard, Gray at center, Bromley and Carlson at forward with Penzotti, center, and Crocker, forward, as substitutes. At the end of the season these men were the ones to receive miniature gold basketballs, sweaters and mono- grams. Manager Paul Risley also received a sweater and monogram. % UlllllUlllllllllllIllltllIIII»1lt iTq T -jLj Page One Hundred jjp 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (Arr ouTKut )E liiiuriniuniiuiirrr- Although official records are lacking, Carlson was without a doubt the leading scorer on the team, closely followed by Gray, center. By a vote of the six association coaches, Carlson and Goldberg of Albion were both placed on the All-M. I. A. A. first team, and Babcock, Grav, and Bromley on the second team. In no small way responsible for the great success which the first team enjoyed were the ten men who composed the reserve squad throughout the season. These men were Tyler, Houck, Fleming, Robinson, Adler, Thomas, Danylizyn, King, Burnett, and Howe. Besides being present for daily scrimmage with the regulars, the second string men found time to play four games, three of which they won. Albion s Basketball Record for 1927 Alb Alb Alb Alb Alb Alb Alb Alb Alb ion 43, ;on 21, ion 28 ion 30 ion 27 ion 48 ion 37; ion 39 ion 33 Cornell College 27. Ford Club, Rossford, O. 14. Goodvear Tire Co. 34. John Carroll 29. Oberlin 13. Olivet 15. Michigan State College 31. Alma 22. Kalamazoo 28. Season ' s Total Albion — 636 Points Albion 57; Brightmoor Exchange Club 23. Albion 23; W. S. N. 25. Albion 35; Olivet 16. Albion 18; W. S. N. 27. Albion 32; Hope 25. Albion 42; Hillsdale 25. Albion 21; Alma 20. Albion 36; Hillsdale 21. Albion 41; Hope 24. Opponents — 446 Points M. I. A. A. Standings Albion Kalamazoo Alma Hope Hillsdale Olivet Won Lost Percentage 9 1 .900 8 2 .800 6 4 .600 2 6 .250 2 6 .250 1 9 .100 foitiinninmiut i iin ii ii i ni iiri nji Q Yq y |f7 (nrn i m i h ■ m 11 1 1m 11 1 M I IH ' T I Mi l Page One Hundred One 3 IS ([ (ATbTc TKTWss 11II1I1I1HUM1H a 5 .- w ■ - « O H 0 ..O O CQ pq £ » u o Q U O P-. ' 2 w U o w £ U .. j o .. U j E? « a S a 5 3 i i -l " H u. m tt. ' ' i: fti S o s a a M W M Pd irnrnmiiiMiiiuinniinrim c j rjf| q Tq y|(7 prin iii)M ' iiMiiiiin i MUinTTTTn i Prtgc Owe Hundred Two a? Ir 1 fl fA l b Ton i a nI -.m , ,., .. , , ,,,, , mm , Captain Harry Williams Half-Back Jrigskiru JLabulations Its most disastrous season in recent years, Albion waddled through a mediocre gridiron campaign in 1926, when it finished in a fourth place tie in the M. I. A. A. standings, lost three of its four conference games and won three of five non-associa- tion tilts. Three hard games at the start of the season badly battered the regulars and the team never completely found itself throughout the remainder of the schedule. Hfr |ji Jo Triumph r: ! iilHpTlQE i iiiiiiiiiiiji i.iiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiii Page One Hundred Tbrtt ...,. . . ... , . ... . . l T f rrBTb i ,N l.A N)j7fi555 w? muiun.iixn Western State Attempts a Field Goal Athletic Director R. W. Betchtel and Assistant Coach H. Fred Parker started work a week in advance of the opening of school in September with a squad of thirty-five men, thirteen of whom were veterans. Harry Williams replaced his brother, Victor, who was kept from the lineup by old injuries, as captain. Two days before the opening of the semester, the men appeared at Delaware, Ohio, in the season ' s opener against Ohio Wesleyan, losing 11-0. Ability to ward off Central State Normal resistance and keep the pigskin in enemy territory gave Albion its first victory of the home season, October 2, 20 to 14. Twelve first downs were recorded for the Methodists against four for Mt. Pleasant. Probably the most costly game of the year occurred at Kalamazoo, October 9, when the Betchtelmen lost to Western State 28-0, in the third game of the season. Injuries in this contest told on Albion in all of its succeeding games and undoubtedly brought at least two or three of the later-season defeats. Crossing the Hope goal line on three occasions, and allowing the Dutchmen to make but one threat during the entire game, Albion escaped easily in its tilt with the Holland team, October 16, winning 21-0. Recovering from a two touchdown scare in the first quarter Kalamazoo College defeated Albion 14-13 at Almuni Field and gained their strongest bid for the championship. Albion, however, outgeneraled the Baptists, making 17 first downs to their seven, but overhead play proved their undoing. Pitted against a more obstinate eleven than press reports had indicated, the Gridders found a fairly difficult task in jolting Olivet, 20-0 in the Homecoming attraction. Lowry, Williams and Goldberg made substantial gains throughout th e play. Getting the jump on her opponents, Alma College scored two touchdowns in the first half of its Homecoming encounter, November 6, and defeated Albion, 12-6, in a game which involved the M. I. A. A. pennant. Albion completed its conference schedule in mud and freezing weather at Martin Field, Hillsdale, November 13, losing to the Baptists, 9-0. The outcome of this game relegated Albion to fourth position and placed the ' Dales in a second place tie with Kalamazoo. Albion Springs an End-Around on Hope .•illllllllllllllllllillillii,lll„, k )[TQ T T7|( ' I s - ' a A P( ,er One Hundred Four LUinniiiuinnxc n art fATTToNTATD Ja i nni r i.n i iin inn rrrr Methodists Block C. S. N. Punt Cutting strings on a new bag of tricks, Albion played the best brand of football it exhibited all season to defeat North-Central college of Naperville, 111., 58-0 in the Thanksgiving Day attraction at Alumni Field. Goldberg ran 68 yards in the first quarter for the Methodists ' first touchdown, and the scoring did not cease until the Illinois goal line had been trampled on eight more times. At the end of the season twenty varsity monograms and a manager ' s letter were granted by the Athletic Board of control. For the first time in the history of the school, a dual captaincy was created, Syver Thingstad, tackle, and Ben Boldt, guard, being named to lead the 1927 squad. Those receiving letters were: Captain Harry Williams, Campbell, Lightbody, Scott, Thingstad, Boldt, Carlson, Gray, Sauer, Hoffman, Palermo, Peck, Bartlett, Baldwin, Schultz, Lowry, Goldberg, Robinson, Densmore, Penzotti, and Manager Sherwood Brown. Three Albion players were selected for positions on the coaches ' All-M. I. A. A. mythical selection, Thingstad, tackle, and Boldt and Scott at guard. H. Williams was given the fullback berth on the second team while honorable mention was accorded Sauer and Hoffman at end, Schultz at tackle, Bartlett at center, Goldberg and Lowry at the half back positions. The season ' s record: Albion 0; Ohio Wesleyan 11. Albion 20; Central State Normal 14. Albion 0; Western State Normal 28. Albion 21; Hope 0. Albion 13; Kalamazoo 14. Albion 20; Olivet 0. Albion 6; Alma 12. Albion 0; Hillsdale 9. Albion 58; North-Central College, 0. Albion 138; Opponents 88. M. I. A. A. STANDINGS W L. 07 o Alma 4 1.000 Kalamazoo 2 2 .500 Hillsdale 2 2 .500 Albion 1 3 .250 Olivet 1 3 .250 r l l ll ll lllll ll ll l lll l l l lM l l l llllt ll p Qlf2]7]f? ( ' ' ' l ' ' ' 1 ' ' ll ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' ' t ' U ' 11 ' ' ' ' 1 Pj.ijp One Hundred Fire » ■•■■• ■•••••■■■•••.••■■•■••• IS [ (A LBfON I.AN lte ■Vi- iiiiniiiiiiiinimiT " t3 2 to PQ L - C pTTTrmnMii»HMniiini i nnTrc g| y j| q tq 7 (7(i % 2£ OO EC u . 32 Mp m ss 3 P ■- n Z o h : j- a W « M, g 2 g « Hr-i Z tn ™ J3 g • Z rt 3 3 2 o 3 z So o w g • w . a ji lUilllllllUlliiiIualllUllllUalllllll 3Lo Pagf Owe Hundred Six 3 aEl fATTToN 1 A n) I% iiiiiiriminiuiinirT 1926 Baseball Jvecora Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion 2;M.S.C. 7 4; M.S. N. 5 5;HillsdaIe2 11; Olivet 2 5;W. S. N.6 8; Alma 0. 10; C.S.N. 6 4; Kal ' zoo 2 13; Olivet 3 3; M.S. N.7 9; Kal ' zoo 2 8;Hillsdalel 5; Alma 6 4; W.S.N. 7 9; Alma 2 4;M.S.N.7 Coach F. Parker oAlbion 104 Opponents 65 Behind the JDat Captain " Jim " Lightbody With a new coach, Fred Parker, at the helm and only a handful of veterans avail- able, the exact possibilities of the 1927 Methodist baseball team are problematical. Captain Lightbody, pitcher; Gray, first baseman; Kuhlman, third, and Goldberg, second baseman, are the only members of the present squad who have before worn Albion diamond togs. The squad did not open its regular playing season until April 12, when it appeared at East Lansing against Michigan State College. T, ennis Winner in eight of twelve matches and the season ' s M. I. A. A. crown in both singles and doubles, Albion College had a successful tennis season in 1926. Sur- viving the conference elimination series, Holland, Al- bion, defeated Hahn, Albion, for the singles cham- pionship and the two then proceeded to romp over the Garbaugh brothers of Hillsdale for the conference doubles title. At the end of the season eight letters were awarded, these going to the following: Bradshaw, Baldwin, Lawther, G. Schiltz, Hahn, Bradbury, Holland, and Maywood. In accordance with rules of the National Women ' s Athletic Association, no intercollegiate competition was held for the co-eds. The squad this year is being coached by James Hol- land, M. I. A. A. titleist. Twelve men reported to play a schedule of matches which includes Detroit City College, W. S. N., Kalamazoo College, Battle Creek College, Hillsdale, and U. of Detroit. Captain Jamls Holland gW iiiiiiiimiiiminiiiiiniiii milium imi umi m rrnw " S Page One Hundred Seven a rt 0A L bTo N 1 A N)DAi i.M.»ii.....Mit.mi. . 1 rack Oquad 1926 Ill ■! JS. -V ' ' V--- " mm ■ % ■ £%■■ I Miss - ' ■ ,. v Jk if ■unL ■■■■ ■ gP 8F . HPSlBIl! | J. ' : To£ Rokv Coach Betchtel; Adler; Teeters; L. Bartlett., Barlow M ddle Row: McConnel; Barclay; Thompson; Thibodeaux; Courtright Lower Row; Kleist; Holmes; Captain Crowe; Keyes; Conrad " fr ' SP ' 1 rack Bolstered through the appearance of aspirants from the two lower classes, prospects for a well balanced track team were more prominent this spring than they have been in recent years. Headed by Captain Ralph Keyes and six of the twelve men who won letters last season, the team confronts a schedule of two dual meets, one triangular affair, and entrance in the state and M. I. A. A. competition. Last year the thinclads lost to Hillsdale, M. S. N., and C. S. N., placed fourth in the M. I. A. A. meet, and placed second in a triangular meet with Kalamazoo College and C. S. N. Outstanding in the season ' s work were Bartlett who broke state and M. I. A. A. records in the javelin, and Holmes who won the M. I. A. A. two-mile run. Letters were awarded Captain Crowe, ex-captain Holmes, captain- elect Keyes, Conrad, Courtright, Tyler, Bartlett, Teeter, McConnell, Kleist, Barlow, Cretcher. Captain Ralph Keyes Uit rutin n miurim in n n i tm r iji Q f 7J( 7 («iiiiiMiiMM n mini II I MUHM I E Page One Hundred Eight -- ; a fA lbTon ).ANl J?£ iiiiimiwim inn n n % Tke " A " CU Leslie Hoffman -------- President Clarence Boldt -------- Secretary-Treasurer The " A " Club, founded more than a decade ago, is one of the most popular clubs on the campus. It is made up of men who have won a letter representing the college in any branch of athletics or as the manager of an athletic team. The purpose of the club is to organize the athletes of the college and bring about a greater interest in clean sports. An annual meeting is held each spring. Memoe Russel Babcock Charles Baldwin Lee Bartlett Lynn Bartlett John Bromley Sherwood Brown Robert Campbell Raymond Conrad Edward Carlson Russel James Cretcher Clinch Crocker Floyd Densmore Harry Goldberg Ernest Gray Dallas Harger Lester Harger James Holland Hoyt Howell Ralph Keyes MliRLIN KULHMAN John Lawther James Lightbody Jack Lowry Clarence Lozuaway Michael Palermo Charles Parker Victor Peck Stanley Penzotti Boyd Robinson Frederick Sauer Edward Schultz Gordon Schilz John Scott Warren Shields Orville Shugg Howard Teeter Syver Thingstad Robert Tyler Harry Williams Victor Williams Paul Winder i Ti i ri i i iii ii ii i iiiii i miiiiuii iny ' iJi Q Tq 7 l(7pn niHTHi ' 1 nn i tmin uWUM ll U ffljp ifir Page One Hundred Nine as j3(aT|ToHIaS)J)e5 Hn.iimnnnmrr e Neller Traut Parsons Morrison Miss Hamilton Smith Walkley Ortha Smith --------- President Bernice Walkley -------- Vice-President Mary Alice Parsons - ------ Treasurer Frances Morrison ------- Secretary Dorothy Neller -------- Hiking Master Lorraine Traut -------- Business Manager Wi omen s Athletic Association Banded under the caption " W. A. A., " co-eds of the school, directed by Miss Leta Hamilton, instructor in physical education, have developed a strong program of athletics. Competition has been confined to intramural and inter-class work as W. A. A. rules do not permit intercollegiate play. Functioning for a second year as an organization here, W. A. A. has conducted physical examinations, health talks, gymnastic demonstrations, hiking programs, and competition in basketball, indoor baseball, and tennis. Repeating their success of 1925, co-eds representing the class of 1929 again won the inter-class basketball title during the past season. At the close of the year, the title winners were given a banquet by members of the other three class teams, and were also presented a silver loving cup, donated by Miss Leta Hamilton. The mythi- cal varsity team as selected, consisted of Mary Cansfield (I), Ortha Smith (II), and Josephine Richard (II), forwards; Bernice Walkley (II), Ruth Parsons (II), and Char- lotte Goodrich (I), guards; substitutes, Helen Webster (II) and Julie Dejourno (I). n • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiuinuiiiiiiiiiiiii )W M J JLnS Page One Hundred Ten 3 is gt fA l b Ton i a n " ) } . . . ... . .... . ...... . J L=-. " -iiKiC-s. FORENSICS fimriiimininininninrmTi K033S3 J »»IIII» » ■I11IIIIUIIIIIIII1 Pa f One Hundred Thirteen " ■■■ ■ " ■ " ■ " ■ " ■ ' " TrrdQ lA L B 1 ON 1 A N j An mnMinmmmiiiufe En M-en s Varsity .Debate Oquad Walls Fowler Aldrich Bartlett Rogers Wilson C. Yinger Chamberlain Dammon D. Yinger Keyes JVLen s Varsity Debated Winning three out of four debates Albion closed her State Debating League sched- ule with an average .750. The question discussed was, " Resolved That this House endorses Mussolini ' s governmental principles. " In the first round on February 11, an Albion affirmative team composed of Harold Wilson, Sherman Lawton, and Kenneth Bartlett won over W. S. N. C. here, while the negative composed of Clarence Dammon, Charles Rogers, and Richard Chamber- lin defeated M. S. N. C, there. Two weeks later another negative trio, Merrill Walls, Dempster Yinger, and Leonard Hoag defeated Calvin College in the first meeting with this school at Grand Rapids. February 25 an affirmative group of Clement Yinger, Glenn Aldrich and Ralph Keyes lost to Hope College at Holland. Another victory was recorded in the win over DePauw University here, March 9, in the first meeting of the two schools since 1920. Kenneth Bartlett, Sherman Lawton, and Wilson made up the Albion strength. The second Big Ten team of the season was met in the dual contest with Purdue University of Indiana, March 18. An affirmative combination of Rogers, Chamber- lain, and Bartlett lost at LaFayette, while the negative made up of Wilson, Lawton, and Kantner won on the local platform. Modification of the Volstead act was argued. , ii li(iiiaillillliii.iii . a .«i«i.,ai Page One Hundred Fourteen IfrO QTjflg ' " " in i imiiiiinmiiniiuiin I " •■■■•••••■■■■■Ill fr ttl fA L B ION I A N fi .i„... , .. ., i 5 C W omen s Varsity .L enate Oquad Dodge Perry Lockwood Parsons Elliott Howes Wochholz Sleight O ' Keefe Combellach Bachelor Baxter McIlvenna Wo 1 Deba teJ omen s varsity. Winning all their debates, Albion ' s women debating teams closed a successful sea- son on March 24. Asking that the government enact a uniform marriage and divorce law, an Albion affirmative team, composed of Margaret Sleight, Dorothy Baxter, and Geraldine Elliott, defeated Wittenberg College of Ohio on March 17, and won over Denison University of Chillicothe, Ohio, the following evening on the same question. Butler College was defeated by the Albion negative team in Albion on March 24, Albion being represented by Ruth Parsons, Ruth Mcllvenna, and Adrea Lewis. Several other debates in Michigan were in line for the Co-ed arguers following their return from spring recess, these included M. S. C. and W. S. N. C. 0 32305 ■ •••••■■■■(■••••••■••■•■iUIIIUIIIIIIII Page One IliniilrcJ Fifteen v V (luniinnniiiiiiMiui trdQ lA L B ) ON 1. A Nj jyAnmmnxn IIUIIIII1T S3 .freshman Debate Ocjuad Campbell Howes Hoshal Pitkin Smith Martenson Stephens Anderson Baxter Pahl Hembdt .hirst ± ear Debated Three debates were participated in by this year ' s freshmen teams. The affirma tive Marvin Pahl, Nelson Hollen, and William Pitkin meeting Wittenberg College in Ohio on April 14, and the Ohio Wesleyan University freshmen the next evening, the 15th. On the latter afternoon, the Albion negative team met Cincinnati University in Albion. This team was composed of David Anderson, Philip Hembdt, and Walter Hoshal. The question was the same as that used by the women, " Resolved that the govern- ment should enact a uniform marriage and divorce law. " This was the first meeting of the University of Cincinnati on the debate platform. IIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIHIIIMIIIIIII II 9 T Q7l Page One Hundred Sixteen IS ■■■■■ IIII1IX [ (A L BIO N 1 A N]) ) iiiiiiiiimiiMim.|| r James Cretcher Theresa Combellach o ra tory With the oration, " The Valley of Bones, " James Cretcher, representing Albion College, won the state oratorical contest on March 4, held at Olivet, Michigan. By virtue of winning this contest, Cretcher represented Albion in an interstate meet, held at West Virginia Wesleyan University, on April 1. He also participated in a civic oratorical league meet held at Washington and Jefferson University on May 4. Albion won fourth place in the state women ' s oratorical contest also held at Olivet, with Theresa Combellach speaking on " The Clarion Call. " it eifa. (Jiijma. cK.%0 Delta Sigma Rho is a national honorary, forensic fraternity, whose membership is limited to those who have represented the college creditably in inter-collegiate debates or oratorical contests. Faculty members are, President John L. Seaton, Dean Robert Williams, Dr. Phil H. Hembdt, Prof. H. L. Ewbank. Student members include, Kenneth Bartlett, Richard Chamberlain, Eugene Fowler, Claude Kantner, Harold Wilson, Geraldine Elliott, Adrea Lewis. An annual banquet is held each spring at which time new members are admitted. pfthini C j [hiiiiMiniiiMnniii»iiuiin nny ))| 9 2 ?j(l miiiiiiiiuBii •■■iiiiiiuiiiiiin « Page One Hundred Scicntttn » IS [ f A L B Q NTAN) J7j5 riuiiiinim mum Fowler Chamberlain JLlbion s Second International DebateJ In her second international debate in two years, Albion met the University of Sydney, Australia on November 19, 1926. The Purple and Gold represented by Eugene Fowler, R. F. Chamberlain, and Kenneth Bartlett, took the negative of the question, " Resolved: that democracy is a failure. " The debate was a no-decision affair, held in the Albion M. E. Church. Bartlett Elliott Kantner Unu Debai wersity of JvLichigan UebateJ The University of Michigan and Albion clashed in debate for the first time in history, when a Michigan affirmative team advocated repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in the Albion College chapel on January 13, 1927- This was also a no- decision contest, Albion being represented by Claude Kantner, Miss Geraldine Elliot, and Kenneth Bartlett. Page One Hundred Eighteen A ,illiinillllJlaM ii ilIiIllllUIIIIIIl | [ ■■•■■•■• ..■•!.. ........... fr ift fA L B rO NTANQpff rniiuinnni m n i c n DRAMA " a [aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,„„ t „,„„„ u EfTlil q Tq 7|(7(irin iiMiii ' iiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiin i i unj |i Pd.ijr One Hundred Nineteen iiiiimimiiiiii rr aTl fA L B Tbyrr W bimmLnxi II 1 II I II I UTT B Dramatics For six years the dramatic ' s activities of Albion College under the able direction of Miss Florence Swisher have successfully answered the need of all-college entertain- ment, as well as affording training for those taking part. Activities this year have been numerous, and strictly high class productions were presented. " The Show-Cff, " played by the histrionic players in Williamston, early in November started the schedule. " The Detour, " by Owen Davis, was given on the home stage by the beginning class in Interpretative Reading one night, January 18, and was very pleasing. January 20, James Barrie ' s " Dear Brutus " was played by the advanced players. Stage effects were exceptionally fine and the production received a great deal of favorable comment. Other presentations included: " The Neighbors, " presented at the Nurses ' Con- vention in Sheldon Hospital during March; home productions, " As You Like It, " " The Valiant, " " The Little Stone House; " and " The Dust of the Road, " given in the Methodist church in Jackson, April 17. Entrance has been made into the University Theatre tournament at Northwestern University, Evanston, 111., along with nine universities competing for the Belasco cup and a $250 prize. I lie Detour Stephen Hardy ------- Syver C. Thingstad Don Gabriel Helen, His Wife ------- Anna Varty Adrea Lewis Kate, Their Daughter ------ Marian S. Hitt Edith VanCamp Esther Young Tom Lane - - - - - - - - Clarence Hartung Charles Parker Dana Lamont -------- Bernard Koether Gerald Parker Dora Lamont -------- Mary Tamblyn Dorothy Neller Ortha Smith Ben Glenny -------- Harold Bristol Lawrence Childs Weinstein -------- Charles Rogers Harry Williams Jake ---------- Wendell Birdsall Mary Douglas Dear JtSrutus Lob ----------- Gordon Herrick Purdie ---------- Phil May Mr. Dearth --------- Reginald Eldred Mr. Coade --------- Alvin Neller Matey ---------- Raymond Conrad Alice Dearth --------- Martha Witters Joanna ---------- Frances Peatling Mabel Purdie --------- Anna Monroe Lady Caroline --------- Daisy Williams Margaret ---------- Zura Major Mrs. Coade --------- Louisa Rogers • atiiaaaiaaiiaaaiiaiaa ■ iiimi laiaiiti rroTf dk A. .... ...hilm. ......... naif aiiuniiiMi] Page One Hundred Twenty ;(«■■■ •■ •■■•••■■•■■•••■ ■i.iti is jtf JJA L B ION I A N i iinmii u i m mmiiu|£ n 1 1 1 r n 1 1 » i-n-T ui i i i iMi iiiii mu r rjr| Q yQ yfQ rarn MHH ' i 1111 nmii i Ml nrmT m Ptixr One Hundred Twenty-one £ (aTJj SIaS)J)E5 " V- - 1 1 1 u 1 1 n ll 1 1 m rr " " SSW .: tilue ' s accessories atiiiaiilialltlllliiaai limn ■■■m » SLC£ S00A- StfNDRfES )IL2 3( -JLj P t 0»« Hundred Twenty-two 3 r. 1 H, ll i, .. . l , . , M,,M l ,. J (A LB ION I A Nj DfriiiimiummmMii njL J MUSIC Jl ftLmiiiii ■ ■ " ■■ ■ ■■■■■ ■ " ' lll, ' im1 Viiir Out I h mlra! " twenty-thru Q n (A LBrON l.AN )Ja liiiiifLliiuiiiiiimir «| JR In , j ■K . ■ V t-, - - if ' W . w • ■■ ■ w H W : -- ' -m ' . ■ --1 I b 1 ' H MP " " ' " ' SB I ' n t i ' | ' | ii | m s ml B m fl |fi II 1 © Iff 1 t i f I 1 ! . ■ i$r ■ " v W " if - m iF ' SI : 5 1 " li ; « tl r ' ?- ' ■rM V ' ' i " . ' . ' j .. ' . ' . .. i: % £ ? . " 1 he Albion Lsollege Lrlee i lub " An Organisation that Sings ' ' New and lasting friends have been gained for Old Albion throughout the state as a result of the Twentieth Concert season tour of the Glee Club. The Club, composed of twenty-five men, under the direction of Prof. Louis Row- land, conservatory head, and managed by Leslie Lee, has delighted audiences in many Michigan cities with their splendid work. Two extended trips were taken this year: the first at the opening of the second semester through northern Michigan and the second during the week of spring vacation in the western part. Many week-end jaunts to nearby cities and an annual Home Concert complete their program. The program is varied by the introduction of many features including numbers by May and Neller, banjo artists; Donald White, pianist; Bernard Dalrvmple, trom- bonist; and Clement Yinger, reader. ersonne 1 First Tenors Holland Capper Phil T. May Allen Elliott Leslie G. Lee Lionel Sleeman Second Tenors Forrest Snyder Harlan R. McCall Cicero Maupin Floyd Densmore Bernard Dalrymple George Hill Donald F. White, Accompanist Clement B. Yinger, Reader First Basses Kenneth Burgess Victor Peck Clark Roggie Bates Wills Syver Thingstad Second Basses Alvin Neller Wesley Bradburn Donald C. Gabriel Walter Strait Lloyd Richards Enos Butenuth Prof. Louis V. Rowland, Director Leslie G. Lee, Manager in » • ti milium ill iiiimtftiiaiiii ii it 1E2I3IK xfi 1 IIIIIIllllLIHtllfllllllllllllllUlllllllt 3Lo Page One Hundred Twenty-four Qp Vr aTQJ% 1 1 1 m.j an 1 1 in n 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 he Albion (college o Jl,d Singers Chosen by competitive tryouts, the twenty-four girls of the Albion College Girls ' Glee Club, make up a musical organization of high quality. Each year the Club visits the leading cities of the state in extended and week-end trips, giving artistic and delightfully varied programs. This year, under the direc- tion of Miss Valborg Leland, professor of violin, and managed by Dorothy Neller, they enjoyed a highly successful season, appearing in northern and western Michigan. Concerts were aided materially by the new feature of having uniform costumes. Becoming variety was afforded the concerts by the assistance of Isabel King, reader; Helen Letts, pianist; Miss Valborg Leland, violinist; and the vocal soloists, Edna Davies, Helen Davis, and Kathleen White. Bernice Kleinhans Eleanore Rupright Kathleen White Edna Davies Erma Scott Helen Webster Ruth Moore Alberta Phillips Esther Cook Rosella Link Arda Behler Janie Shoults Isabel King, Helen Letts Valborg Lei Personnel Helen Davis Eula Dodds Priscilla Kellogg Betty Collinge Elizabeth Burlingame Kathleen Gliddon Florence Brown Margaret Wooton Ortha Smith Dorothy Neller Marciline Robbins Gwendolyn Andrews Reader V lustier , Pianist AND, loll nist (Director) p fomim ni iiiiuiiiiirr im i nmt myui q 1q -y iQp nmiiim. ' i ti n ■ im ■■ ■ 1 1 1 mn n i h ji: Page One Hundred Twenty-five u l-s fATTT NTATJ) tei mniinuiiMii iiir- -: B lhe Jrchestra The Albion College Orchestra, an organization of thirty members under the direc- tion of Miss Valborg Leland, professor of violin, has gone far towards its goal of giving practical training to the musicians of the town and college. The character of its work was demonstrated in the assistance given the Philharmonic society in presenting Handel ' s " Messiah, " and in chapel and concert appearances. ersonne Violins Josephine Marsh Goodrich Reed Russell Troutman Naomi Shadley Roy Dumas Oline DeMay Paul Kingsley John Turek John Chatelle Leonard Hoag Mrs. Fisher Alice Meriam Genevieve Cranson Gladys Wilson Edith Grant Viola Enos Butenuth Flute Prof. D. M. Gilbert • xiiiiiiuiuuiiiuiiiiiiimiuii 1 Cello Mary Stewart Alice Campbell Margaret Steidle String Bass Wesley Bradburn Trombone Lawrence Ludeman Harold Arney Bernard Dalrymple (Soloist) Saxophone Annamarie Garlanger Phyllis Wallworth Drums Robert Legg Piano Helen Letts Allan Morris " q t j£ UllllUlllllllt Page One Hundred Twenty-six 3 [ uniiimi iii t iiii in niaiQ ( A L B I ON 1 A N) J7fi mniiuiimmiiniru fe IheJLlbion Co I lege Hand Essence of pep, nucleus of many celebrations, traveling companion of victorious teams, and an organization of Albion Boosters — that is our Band. Twenty-eight men qualified with instruments, a delight in good music, and a copious endowment of wind under the direction of Mr. Clarence P. Bilhorn were moulded into one of the best musical organizations on the campus. During the year they played at nearly all home athletic events, appeared twice in chapel programs, gave an entire concert at Camp Custer and ended the season with the annual Home Concert. Comets Harold Lewis Robert Black Charles Hayden John Varty Chester Scott Norman Campbell Clarence Scharer Clarinets Earl Miller Howard Smith Baritone David Anderson -Personnel Saxophones Floyd Chapman Lloyd Snelling Emerson Porter Harold Bristol Howard Teeter Lee Bartlett Glen Patterson Alto Horn Lloyd Richards Tuba Enos Butenuth Director, Clarence P. Bilhorn Sousaphone Robert Schumaker Trombones George Heels Harold Arney Walter Strait Lawrence Ludeman Bernard Dalrymple Drums Berger Copeman John Logan Russell Courtright John Graham UMinmninMnnmiiiiiriniEj rjji q1 7jffc J niimiuii iiiiiimiinillllillilllnff n E Page One Hundred Twenty-seven itiiii ii nniniMMiii mAQ fA LB 1 ON 1 A N ) ) fam m i n 1 1 w i n nxnxojL y tfy Hppi mm, kuiu» HiiMiiiiiiinninxiujj j r)|j g Tq 7 |(7 ( inmmm ' itiii ii niu 1 umi ' i nn fl P«£f Otj- Hundred Ttuenly-eight mill inn linn : s f nrr i NixF p A,,,,.,, t PUBLICATIONS " ' ' Mini ti nii i n i i Mniim j fi nfQ (7pmi iniMiiiMi !! ■ ■ ■■ i inMiM inrrm P igc One Hundred Twenty-nine I Uimiu i imin Cl fA L B rb NTAl nittm minMiiMi ii nii The 1927 Ahionian Staff Elected Staff Allen J. Renshaw ------- Editor-in-Chief Clyde A. Lampman ------- Business Manager Harold Bristol -------- Associate Editor Ruth Parsons -------- Associate Editor Raymond Bowers - - - - - - Assistant Business Manager John Ludwig ------- Assistant Business Manager Editorial Otafl Lester Mange, ex- ' 28 - -. Art-Theme Lois Reist --------- Art-Titles Alice Robb --------- Art-Titles John Varty --------- Snap Editor Esther Weidenhammer - Assistant Snap Editor Edward Kilian -------- Sports Goodrich Reed -------- Music-Drama Richard Chamberlain ------ Forensics Rich ard Hungerford ------- Clubs Carl Martenson ------ Religious Organisations Assistance of the journalism class in preparation of copy. -Business otall Ethel Kennedy -------- Subscriptions Phillip Hembdt -------- Advertising Herbert Helmkamp ------- Subscriptions Harlow Stankrauff ------- foiiiHiiMiiimimiiiiiiiiimui fJ-QT Page One Hundred Thirty 3 [Luiuiimuiiuini.inTrd vl ( A L B I O N 1 A N) fi m ' ' " .inuninii ' nimC C fUMritiiiiiMiiiMiiiiitiiiini t.i n|| q Tq 7{(J fuiinniiH ' iiMiiniiiii MiitMnm1W P«g« 0« Hundred Thirty-one mm nimiiiiiimii saT( fATrri NTAT4) ?7 liiiUfiiiimiiiinmr «» JLlbion (college ±leiad Established in 1883 under the editorship of C. H. Gordon as a monthly magazine, the Albion College Pleiad has been issued as a monthly publication, a weekly news- paper, a bi-weekly magazine, a weekly magazine, until it reached its present size as a five-column weekly newspaper. With the presentation in printed form of a true picture of the student life of Albion College as its aim, the publication is issued under the direction of the instructor in journalism and in co-operation with the journalism class. The staff is elected by the Publications council, a representative group chosen from the entire student body. Reporters come from the class in journalism. The Pleiad is a charter member of the Michigan Press Association, a member of the C. P. I. A., and this year obtained an honor rating from the National Press Association. It stands for the highest principles in college journalism and provides a laboratory of practical experience for the members of the staff that intend to enter the newspaper field. Elected Staff Edward C. Kilian ------- Editor-in-Chief Lawrence D. Childs ------- Business Manager Carl Martenson -------- Associate Editor Robert Tyler -------- Associate Editor Harlow F. Stankrauff - Assistant Business Manager Stuart M. Bolhuis ----- Assistant Business Manager Xveporting Otall Richard Hungerford ------ News Editor Ruth Parsons ------- Assistant News Editor Robert Tyler -------- Debate Mary Alice Parsons ------- Features Reginald Eldred -------- Conservatory Raymond Conrad - " - --- Sports Harry Williams -------- Organisations Ruth Geddes --------- Dormitory Clark Roggie -------- Faculty Harlow Stankrauff ------- Dramatics Allen Renshaw -------- Column Prof. Howard G. Baker ----- Journalism Instructor miiiimiiimtnnin iiiiiiuiiii jY-QT5 (7 ( tnTnnTm ' M ' ' ' l ' ' ' I I IIM ' n ' 1 1 1 n Page One Hundred Thirty-two a IS ([ (a l b To nj i a n] m. Iftl : .•iiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiamiiiiii.t S3DS3I1W 2L J P«gr One Hundred Thirty-three a IT gt fA LB ION lANl te miimin mi , C ;■■■;-—-.;:-,-— " ; ■ : ——— ' ■- ■ %■ ' ■— ,71 " 38k nn minnmmmn ' « ' iminm j jj| g yj. nn rfiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiinmmii i i fwi P 0«e Hundred Thirty-four 1 «IIIII ■ ■«•• ■■• ■•••«■■■•■•« miiiiiinr l fA l b Ton i a n) | ...... ..u.M q g (U«.g HcU CLUBS IIIIUIII MUMin i mm c p-Q 7]( J «tiiaiiiil|iiABii it t«ill|llltllllllllll JlsJl P.itr i ' -nt Hundrtd Thirty-jiv a W (aTJj nj n)J)esss ii iiuinrr ft Winder Adler Smith Dr. Chickering Lawther Capper Risley Cox Fisher Miss Rogers Miss Drake M. Price Stankrauff Jjiological i liib Thorn Smith ------ President Helen Cox ------- Vice-President John Lawther ------ Secretary-Treasurer In its present form, the Biological Club has existed since the division of the " Science Association " in 1896. The purpose of the organization is to give students particularly inter- ested in natural science a chance to come in touch with the latest scientific knowledge. Qualifications for membership are, an interest in Biology, no grade less than " B " during the preceding semester, a major or minor in the depart- ment, and recommendation by the department head. Memb embers Dr. A. M. Chickering Miss Margaret M. Drake Miss Lotta M. Rogers Sidney Adler Holland Capper Frances Fisher Mildred Price Paul Risley Harlow Stankrauff Paul Winder §) 9 Q 7j(7( nmimmMT ' l " " " " l|T miimi mfflT SB Page One Hundred Thirty-six Capper Krebs West Lynn Bartlett Baird Burdick Schiltz Barclay Lawther Adler Baker Goodemoot Noble Miss Engle Dr. Randall Sauer Deyoe P. Smith Carlisle j! all Lshemical ( lub Charles Barclay ----- President Helen Cox ------- Vice-President George Heels ------ Secretary-Treasurer The late Dr. Delos Fall in January 1897, organized a club for the dis- cussion of practical chemical problems. Increasing its scope in the fall of 1905 the club enlarged its field to include the science of physics, being called the Physico-Chemical club. Upon the opening of school in the fall of 1908, it was again re-organized under the name of the McMillan Chemical club, later changed to the Fall Chemical club in honor of the founder. Students in advanced classes who have done " B " work in chemistry are eligible to membership. Alembers Sidney Adler Walter Baird Lee Bartlett Lynn Bartlett Roland Billeter Orel Burdick Holland Capper Marion Carlisle Dr. David L. Randall Miss Dorothy G. Engle John Cronk Bernice Deyoe Kenneth Goodemoot Howard Krebs John Lawther Hodart Moore Mildred Noble Robert Sauer Milton Scharer Carl Schilz Pauline Smith Thorn Smith Howard Teeter Wayland West Howard White .lUIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIHUIIII.IHUI •qtTtIQ $ »LO Page One Hundred Thirty-seven ' 3miiummimnminTT u (A L B I ON 1 A Hj Utanmn I I I I 1 I I H I I I 1 I fT- Ballard D. Yinger Cooper Reusch Martenson H. Lewis F. Lewis C. Scott McIlvenna Dr. Harrop Magnotta Elliott Ward (classical Cslub Byron Ballard - President Charlotte Cooper ----- Vice-President Beulah Magnotta ----- Secretary C. A. Jacokes ------ Treasurer That students might acquire a better background of Roman and Greek life and a more comprehensive knowledge of the classical writers, the Classical Club was organized in 1922. The membership is limited to those students who have maintained a high standard of advanced work in the Classical Language department. -M-embers Dr. A. H. Harrop Harold Lewis Mrs. Winifred Lindsay Ruth McIlvenna Carl Martenson Cecile Reusch Josephine Richards Allen Elliott George Hill Homer Howes Sherman Lawton Frances Lewis Louisa Rogers Hazel Ross Chester Scott Nellie Ward Dempster Yinger Page One Hundred Thirty-eight ra gl fA L B rO NTAN) )7£ Timiriiii mi iiimi =t- Varty E. Abbott Pray Rogers Hayden Prof. Ewbank Peatling Hamilton Thr. ll Weidenhammer Robinson Clark Renshaw Hix Prof. Hilberry Dr. Hembdt Miss Swisher Parks Dean Haase Mr. Baker {contributors Cslub Russell B. Parks ----- President Gianetta Pray ------ Vice-President Mary Stewart ------ Secretary-Treasurer The Contributors Club, organized in 1907 by Professor Woolbert, head of the English department, had twelve charter members. Present membership is limited to fifteen of the best writers of the college. The head of the English department nominates department majors who are then eligible for election by the club. The purpose of the club is to develop creative writing and further student interest in good literature. Mei Dr. Phil H. Hembdt Miss Audrey K. Wilder Prof. H. L. Ewbank Dean Ruth Haase Elaine Abbott Barbara Clark Lorene Hamilton Margaret Hayden Prof. C. B. Hilberry Prof. H. G. Baker Miss Rose Ball Miss Florence Swisher Dorothy Hix Lucille Robinson Frances Peatling Evelyn Thrall Allen Renshaw Anna Varty Charles Rogers Nellie Weidenhammer Jn HIIIHIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Page One Hundred Thirty-nine 3 r [ f A L B ION ) A N) J7S5 Hii.nimiiiunnT " ft S J WsmM Wmtm wm ■■ ' ■ ' . ' r ■■-■■■■ ' ■ . ■ . J; ' ■■:- L i ■ I : Lfil K ' fl V 1 ■ . , 1 i 4 i HI U E FT ill i • Mm 1 ■ Neller N. Reed L. Harger Lovejoy Wills Varty Fink Prof. Parks Renshaw Barclay Snyder G. Abbott Kennedy Dr. Hall Fowl Dr. McCulloch Miller We lheJcorum i lub Clarence Barclay - Lester Harger - Gwendolyn Miller President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The Forum Club was organized in 1926 by the merging of the Social and Political Science Clubs. It is a member of the International Relations Club, which has 200 chapters in different parts of the United States and is sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment Fund. Membership is limited to twenty-five students, picked by the faculty members from students majoring in the departments of Sociology, Political Science, Economics, and History. Menit embers Dr. A.J. McCulloch Prof. W. W. Whitehouse Geraldine Abbott Byron Ballard Clarence Boldt Allen Elliott Eugene Fowler Byron Hahn Richard Hungerford Irene Kennedy William Lovejoy Mary Morrison Alvin Neller Charles Nelson Bruce Osgood Norman Reed Allen Renshaw Helen Rockwell Ruth Smith Forest Snyder Harlow Stankrauff Jonathan Varty Dr. R. G. Hall Prof. Donald Parks Marion Weaver Priscilla Westcott Associate Members George Hill Charles Leavitt Ruth McIlvenna Esther Schott Thomas Steverman [fla p Milium Page One Hundred Forty nummiiinrmuy Ki 9 3 7j( ,tiiiiii«llILmaiaiaii ailiallIII!V IIIII!ll n urn iiiiiiii safl fA l b ion i a n )7es I I II 1 I I I I I l-TTTT Pahl Thw Culver Rogers v 1 % S ! aites Haggitt Miss Goodrich Magnotta Hoag Childs Ulbright Buck Miss Reigel Wochholz G. Abbott Sleight -trench K lub Gertrude Buck ----- President R ssell Parks ------ Vice-President Teryl Marker ----- Secretary Arthur Thwaites ----- Treasurer Le Cercle Francias was organized in 1913 under the direction of Dr. Frederick Lutz. It was proposed to teach the members something about the literature, customs, habits, school system, and general civilization of France, and to encourage the use of conversational French. To be eligible for membership, a first year student must be doing " A " work and an advanced student must be doing " B " work in French. Prot. D. M Mr. Blake Elaine Abbott Geraldine Abbott Evelyn Becker Harvey Biggs Helen Bunker Lawrence Childs Mary Culver Virginia Fuller Yvonne Haggitt Lois Heath Leonard Hoag A embers Gilbert Miss Helen R Crider Miss Roberta Esther Hoaglin Marion Kingman Helen Letts Frances Lewis Margaret Little Glenn MacEachran Beulah Magnotta Bruce Osgood Marvin Pahl Beatrice Paulley Allen Renshaw . Goodrich M. Riegel Alice Robb MaRCILENE ROBBINS Clara Rogers Katherine Rood Robert Shipp Margaret Sleight Thorn Smith Mary ' Stewart Grace Ulbright Alberta Wochholz Harry Worth r MMMIim ilUllllllnnill gg)Dfro 37]( id .,,..,.. .1111 . ...-• IIIIIIUIIIIIHI Page One Hundred Forty-one w (ATBTp rAN)p£5 iiiiri.iiiniiiiuiTiiT GoETZ Adler Kingsley King Grieder Link Ludwig Miss Reigel (j-ermaii i lub Darling John Ludwig Roland Btlletei }----- Secretar President v-Treaturer The German Club was founded in 1919 to acquaint students interested in the German language with the customs and institutions of that country. Requirements for membership are " A " in first year work or " B " in the second year course. At the meetings practice is given in German conversa- tion; biographies and stories read by members of the club also are included in the programs. -M-embers Dr. Frederick Lutz Prof. D. Gilbert Miss Roberta Reigel Charles Adler Sidney Adler Ethel Behling Harold Bristol Leona Darling Robert Fleming Robert Goetz Huldah Grieder John King Paul Kingsley Helen Krueger Rosella Link Beulah Magnotta | ffniirnmni» in iiiniiiiirnup j r j| q ?q •yfrT plHUMHHM li i nimill MIUIMi n Page One Hundred Forty-two a ([ (A L B Q N ), A Nl ) 7 nnmniiin»iTTTTTTTTnri (Standing) Strait L. Rogers Peatling Bauer Thrall Miss Swisher Burnett A. Elliott Major Witters Williams Neller (Seated) May Anderson Conrad A. Monroe Herrick Eldred Histrionic L tub Members of the advanced drama classes are eligible to membership in the Histrionic Club, founded by Miss Florence Swisher in the spring of 1923- The purposes of the club are to acquaint the student with the best in dramatic literature, to develop critical taste in stage designing, lighting, costuming, and acting, and to afford practice in presenting plays to the public. In 1924, under Miss Swisher ' s supervision, the Historionic Players appeared in New York in the contest for the Belasco cup and were given the highest rank awarded any college group. jM.embers Miss Florence Swisher Norman Anderson Phil May Gladys Bauer Anna Monroe Elizabeth Burnett Alvin Neller Raymond Conrad Frances Peatling Reginald Eldred Louisa Rogers Allen Elliott Walter Strait Gordon Herrick Daisy Williams Zura Major M itters pumnmimniiininiiiiTT iniff jji q Tq ylQ I Pane One Hundred Forty-three 3 :« 6P (a l b foN i, a n 1J7 s iiiuiiiiiiitiit ■ A jp ff J X- ft WFWtfWt ' t «3r . z. J if w M IhI l , 1: d ft ... Whitney Risinger Shoults Long Zimmerman Mercer Campbell Bentley Moulton Townsend Heathcock Rodgers Miss Dean Miss Crosby Gilbert Behling Home Jbsconomics L lub Doris Campbell ----- President Lois Whitney ------ Vice-President Edith Bentley ------ Secretary Pauline Rodgers ----- Treasurer In order to furnish practical knowledge and experience in Home Econ- omics work and to bring together the girls majoring in the department, the Home Economics Club was organized in 1918, shortly after the estab- lishment of the department in Albion College. Mrs. G. E. Arnold, head of the department, was the first club advisor. Membership was originally limited to fifteen. In 1924, however, the membership was extended to include all girls of the three upper classes doing " B " work and majoring in the Home Economics department. -M-embers Miss Bernice L. Crosby Miss Annie G. Dean Ethel Behling Marion Carlisle Gertrude Gilbert Letha Heathcock Thelma Long Margaret Mercer Mary Moulton Frances Risinger Janie Shoults Alta Townsend Vernita Zimmerman r hirmitunmnniiiMiuit rrm 3DE52ZK rtL. Page One Hundred Forty -four , ilaaia •■■•■■■•■ •■••■• ■■•«■« w Kl fA l b Ton i a nT TB iiiiiiriiiiiiiiimirin- ae R ■ jl LbbbT 1 ' r h F xB B - ma A. • A am Jiilaaaak mmmMmW? r: m H ' ' ' J9 IHVs 4 H P y ' ft am R ■ M ■ mmmi AmY aJB - ■ ill fiUff Traut Jacokes Hieber Bachelor Wylie Bowers F. Moore H. Wilson Doolittle Sebastian McIlvenna Schliskey Prof. Sleight M. Parsons Richards Raidle JVL at hematics O i o Harold Wilson ----- President Dorothy Kennedy ----- Vice-President Thelma Raidle ------ Secretary-Treasurer Fourteen students met with Prof. E. R. Sleight in 1911 and laid the foundation of the Mathematics Club. Since then, one hundred twenty-two members have gained a broader knowledge of the teaching of mathematics and a more thorough understanding of certain phases of mathematical science. Membership in the club is limited to those who have had two years of mathematics, are majoring in the subject, and have maintained a scholastic average of " B. " JViemoers Prof. E. R. Sleight Mr. G. H. Hickox Luna Bachelor Ruth McIlvenna Raymond Bowers Harlan McCall Harold Bristol Mary Alice Parsons Ralph Doolittle Josephine Richard Helen Hieber Hugh Sebastian Eugene Houck Dorothy Schliskey C. A. Jacokes Lorraine Traut Francis Moore Lawrence Wylie biiminHimitinimiiiiinum n ji Q |Q 7 W Page One Hundred Forty- five ntininiuiuimiA J,l A EQDje nuuii i muni i mr Hadley Winder Fink Thwaites Cowen Krebs Childs Brown Turek Bristol Mr. Spencer Harris Baird King Strait Smith Burdick Hill Dr. Rood King Spaulding White Jrhysica l Jxesearch i lub Arthur Babcock ----- President Harold Bristol - Vice-President Pauline Smith - Secretary-Treasurer The Physical Research Club is limited to Department Instructors and students who have completed two semesters of college physics and are pursuing advanced work in the department. The object of the club is to keep its members in touch with the progress and discoveries which are being made in the laboratories of the world. Memb Prof. C. E. Rood Walter Baird Charles Barclay Freeman Brown Orel Burdick Lawrence Childs Stanley Cowen Helen Cox Russell Fink embers Mr. Raymond G. Spencer Kenneth Hadley W. L. Harris Horace Hill John King Stuart King William Krebs James Lightbody Carl Schilz Howard Smith Roy Spaulding Walter Strait Arthur Thwaites Howard White Paul Winder SDHI IKte mniiiiiiiMiiii-iiiimimmnii Page One Hundred Forty-six iHlimuininiiinii m U A L P I ON I A N ) |y fa m 1 1 1 1 n i iiniini iiii-m| L " vr " HE Ward Mr. Crider Rockwell Lewis Quinlan Geddes Bentley Buck Adair Spaulding Penzotti Hogle Kingman Spanish Lslub Thorn Smith ------ President Ruth Stakes ------ Vice-President Anita Hogle ------ Secretary David Anderson ----- Treasurer With the two-fold purpose of aiding its members in the use of the Spanish language and of acquainting them with the life and customs of these people, the Spanish Club was organized in 1921. The Club meets once a month and its membership is limited to twenty- five students majoring or minoring in the department and having a scholastic record of " B. " Prof. D. M. Gilbert Margaret Adair Edith Bentley Helen Biles Emmett Brocklebank Gertrude Buck Frank Cole .M-embers Miss Helen R. Goodrich Mr. Blake Crider Ruth Geddes Marion Kingman Frances Lewis Marion Penzotti Hollis Quinlan Norman Reed Alice Robb Helen Rockwell Charles Rogers Esther Schott Roy Spaulding Nellie Ward fttuMMiniiiniiiiiiiMnim r ni iiijFHi O 1 ) 7|(7 (nminnn ' i limiiiiii 1 1 in n ' i u rTTn jf 3UE£323(fe Page Otic Httndtfd Forty-seven 3 yj gt fATTTo NTAl lte imiiniii n t K 111 V2 $ . " REG ' H (Jyy 5 £«A» iiniiii)irmiiiiiiiiininnn| Tlli o f Q 7i(7p n: r " " | " ' " " i " " " " " " tMr " " ' ' " )l Page Ow Hundred Forty-eight [A L BH ' ONU N -Kit «- " " Fraternities and Sororities 1 1 1 1 1 nmmii m iMiii mm rm i r T)jjJgT " g flJF g n ' l ' llyl I I I I II luiimiinitHiinm Mllll Page One Humlreil Fifty-one • ••■■(•■■...■i ..,.„ a ,„iit f A L B fo NTaTT) ) III II H I I t I I I I UITTTT Fuller Bauer Rogers Broxholm Sturtevant Gray Marsh Hayden Pray Jranhellenic L Oiincil Isabel King of Delta Gamma - Virginia Fuller of Alpha Xi Delta Josephine Marsh of Alpha Chi Omega - President Secretary-Treasurer Student Senate Representative Organized since 1917, the Panhellenic Council has functioned in many fields: endorsing the activities of the College, carrying out National Panhellenic Congress recommendations, and regulating sorority activities. This organization of two rep- resentatives from each of the sororities, with their presidents and advisors, as ex- officio members, meets at call and every spring has an intersorority banquet. Memlit Alpha Chi Omega Josephine Marsh Marjorie Sturtevant Alpha Xi Delta Gladys Bauer Virginia Fuller Clinoan Gianetta Pray Louisa Rogers Delta Gamma Margaret Hayden Isabel King Kappa Delta Josephine Gray Theo Broxholm Corinthian Mildred Freeman Bernice Kleinhans % E it ;miimnnnum»uHFmr cj !p)f | q Yq 7 jf sm nnHM ' rr in inn 1 1 HI IM ' t i l I l l u j f Page One Hundred Fifty-two s $r ii imi iiiiiiii i it atf(A AN)pfi 1 1 1 1 i r i m 1 1 n i 1 1 1 1 1 r rrr RoGE Conrad Neller Howell Campbell May Hoffman Renshaw Lightbody Williams (council Interjraternity K oun Allen Renshaw of Delta Sigma Phi James Lightbody of Alpha Tau Omega Robert Campbell of Sigma Chi Raymond Conrad of Delta Tau Delta President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Student Senate Representative With two representatives from each national fraternity as members, the local Inter- fraternity Council, since its reorganization in 1920, has benefitted the organizations through the regulation of pledging, carrying out the rules of the National Inter- fraternitv Conference, and planning the annual banquet. Adenine Alpha Tau Omega Leslie Hoffman James Lightbody Delta Tau Delta Harry Williams Raymond Conrad Sigma Chi Robert Campbell Victor Nagle Delta Sigma Phi Allen J. Renshaw Alvin Neller Sigma Nit Phil May Charles Rogers C fthiuiiunin tintuinif nrn ' uviiy)f| q Tq 7] JLrS P X ' One Hundred Fifly-thrcl u IS S fA LBION ).AN )Jai inirimuii inn rim-r 9 i p £a 2 O c a Founded at De Pamu University, Greencastle, Indiana, 1883 Beta Chapter — Established 1887 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Tied Carnation Publication: " The Lyre " Faculty M Clarissa Stewart embers Carla Kennedy Active M emb Doris Campbell, ' 27 Josephine Marsh, ' 27 Mary Stewart, ' 27 Anna Varty, ' 27 Dorothy Kennedy, 28 Norine Nagle, ' 28 Marjory Sturtevant, ' 28 Priscilla Westcott, ' 28 Harriette Davey, ' 29 Josephine Richard, ' 29 Margaret Sleight, ' 29 Lorraine Traut, ' 29 Edith VanCamp, ' 29 ers Kathleen White, ' 29 Kathryn Calkins, ' 30 Mary Culver, ' 30 Marian Johnston, ' 30 Virginia Greenfield, ' 30 Dorothy Lockwood, ' 30 Clara Rogers, ' 30 Katherine Rood, ' 30 Eleanor Rupright, ' 30 Margaret Steidle, ' 30 Vivian Wilson, ' 30 Alberta Wochholz, ' 30 Elizabeth Young, ' 30 Priscilla Kellogg, ' 28 Miriam Penzotti, ' 30 Pledges Mary Cansfield, ' 30 Elaine Nagle, ' 30 Minerva Richards, ' 30 itiiuuiiiiiiiiiniiaiiiiiiiiisiiiitt )W$M?- m imihiiiim mi innimninninTTl Page One Hundred Fifty-four rmiiim iii iini i MUMi i rt fA LB) ON 1 A Nj finn iMimmiiiuxiumg r 5 m 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 n n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n i rrrmr rTTTT Pagt One Hundred Fifty-five v fmiiiiiiii i i i iiimim j lA L B I O N ). A N ))7 miixn mmnMii :mrqj If Ifti Sfy , 9Gi $ efra Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, 1893 Phi Chapter — Established 1915 Colors : Double Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Rose Publicati on: " Alpha Xi Delta " X acuity i A ember M. Margaret Drake Active JWembers Jean Douglass, ' 27 Florence Jackson, ' 28 Ruth Smith, ' 27 Thelma Long, ' 28 Lois Whitney, ' 27 Dorothy Yost, ' 28 Daisy Williams, ' 27 Virginia Fuller, ' 29 Gladys Bauer, ' 28 Beatrice Huckle, ' 29 Florence Clark, ' 28 Norine McAuliffe, ' 29 Lorene Hamilton, ' 28 EsTRER HoAGLIN Geraldine Elliott, 28 Mary McCall -30 Stella Oderkirk, ' 30 Pled, es Louise Ratcliffe, ' 30 Helen Davis, ' 30 Julie de Journo, ' 30 Florence Higgins, ' 30 Florence Howes, ' 30 Joye June Ludke, ' 30 E3 ..iiiitiiiaiiilllli«iaiiiii i aiiin ) 2 m A. ,illlliiiluuai i ' ii»lllUIIIIUIIIIIIII Page One Hundred Fifty-six ft p ) $A L BIO N 1 A N) j7 ftmiuiui ii m mining | j i iiMiiiwi i Minniiiiiiiiiriu 3 jJ nf2 ' (7P in ' M ' ' ' l ' n ' ' 1Ili:i:I TT1MH1IM1 Piixc One Hundred Fifly-seven a is [ f A L B To N ) A Nl J7i S II 111 I I llll 1111 tfDtXicL V-ja m tno. Founded at Warren Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, 1872 Zeta Chapter — Established 1883 Colors: Bronze, Pink, Blue Flower: Cream Rose Publication: " Anchora " x acuity Alember Audrey K. Wilder Active Elaine Abbott, ' 27 Betty Burnett, ' 27 Margaret Hayden, ' 27 Frances Peatling, ' 27 Geraldine Abbott, ' 28 Marion Alger, ' 28 Charlotte Cooper, ' 28 Ruth Dean, ' 28 Isabel King, ' 28 Margaret Little, ' 28 Ai. embers Marion Marfileus, ' 28 Gwendolyn Andrews, Dorothy Leech, ' 29 Margaret Mercer, ' 29 Dorothy Neller, ' 29 Elizabeth Price, ' 29 Ortha Smith, ' 29 Mary Tamblyn, ' 29 Esther Young, ' 29 29 Pled. es Louise Ashley, ' 30 Dorothy Baxter, ' 30 Frances Cameron, ' 30 Betty Collinge, ' 30 Marjorie Cross, ' 30 Mary Douglass, ' 30 Kathleen Ewbank, ' 30 Anita Hogle, ' 30 Margaret McCoy, ' 30 Ruth Moore, ' 30 Mary Niffenegger, ' 30 Carol Overton, ' 30 Cecile Pollock, ' 30 Barbara Rowe, ' 30 Mary Seaton, ' 30 Gladys Wilson, ' 30 iiiiiii i iiniiiiiiiiiiiii rnnii [y , ' o7 g( i» ' i ii» ' ' « ' ' i iiiiiiiiiMM» ' iiiiin Page One Hundred Fifty-eight !lllllllll I..»tll.llll P (A L bT0N 1 A I J flj i iiiiuiiiiniiimiJLLu 1 8 i i iii i iiiiiiiitiiitiitisiiii|llltll |J Q rp " : 7 Q [iMMiiiiiiMi iimiini i rTTT jjjjjjj Page One Hundred Fifty-nine s I- 1 : IIIIMII .ilUi....MIII ll [ (A L B Q N I A N) | ft " " .nn,.,.iiii,Mii,M|g l C vapro, 4 euc iff Founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Virginia, 1897 Sigma Pi Chapter — Established 1923 Colors: Olive Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication: " The Angelas " lacu Annie Dean Ity .Members Helen Goodrich Theo Broxholm, ' 27 Benida Madill, ' 27 Esther Wooton, ' 27 Margaret Adair, Helen Cox, ' 28 Frances Lewis, ' 28 Beryl Marker, ' 28 Helen Biles, ' 29 Josephine Gray, ' 29 Grace Lindsay, ' 29 Ruth McIlvenna, ' 29 Frances Morrison, ' 29 Margaret Nash, ' 29 Active -M.embers Thelma Raidle, ' 29 Frances Risinger, ' 29 Janie Shoults, ' 29 28 Frances Spring, ' 29 Alt a Townsend, ' 29 Helen Webster, ' 29 Eunella Wing, ' 29 Marga et Wooton, ' 30 Hannah Abramsen, Evelyn Becker, ' 30 Oline De May, ' 30 Helen Fleming, ' 30 Ruth Geddes, ' 30 Marian Hallsted, ' 30 30 Mildred Lahser, Pledges ' 30 Esther Leary, ' 30 riifiiiiiiiiMiinnmninnMl l nt| Q iQ 7] Page One Hundred Sixty S IIIIIIIIIIIUIIII ' IIOIIIHIIIIUIIIIIIII $ «•»•••«•••••«• t ••••»■■•■ •«!» p fA L B ION I A N) J -j % k i m lunnuni " " " " " iMiniinnii 3j r)|| q 2j[l0 ■ ■■•lulllIUiui ' iiiiilMIIIIIUIIIIIIll 31 o Pas ' " 0«« Hundred Sixty-one , •■••■ •••»••■»■•. ••••■•»•■• ' (a l b fo nTaTJ) }3e lioni Founded Albion, 1913. Reorganized in 1923 Colors: Yellow and White Flower: Narcissus Active Irene Kennedy, ' 27 Mary Moulton, ' 27 Mary Alice Parsons, ' 27 Gianetta Pray, ' 27 Lucile Robinson, ' 27 Pauline Rodgers, ' 27 Pauline Smith, ' 27 Nellie Weidenhammer, ' 27 Edith Bentley, ' 28 Marian Hitt, ' 28 Rosella Link, ' 28 Mildred Price, ' 28 Alice Robb, ' 28 Membe Louisa Rogers, ' 28 Helen Benedict, ' 29 Ruth Burchs, ' 29 Mary Jane Capper, ' 29 Marion Carlisle, ' 29 Lucy Leng, ' 29 Jean Medlyn, ' 29 Ruth Parsons, ' 29 Bernice Walkley, ' 29 Esther Cook, ' 30 Mary Dodge, ' 30 Annamarie Garlanger, ' 30 Esther Weidenhammer, ' 30 Pled. es Helen Burlingame, ' 30 Glenne Marie McDermott, ' 30 Kathleen Gliddon, ' 30 Doris Ritter, ' 30 Ethel Mae Kennedy, ' 30 Kathleen Roate, ' 30 Phyllis Walworth, ' 30 frnunimiuiiiiiuiininn ' imif yjj| q t Q 7j Q {immmi iMiM . .i i niillUl TTnrmTl1 n 1 ' Dg.t: One HuiiJrtii Sixty-two w i ni i niiiniMiMiiin rtyfA L B 1 Q Nl 1 A N) ) 7 iinmumiiiinii i in Siiunmii i mninim i iii T nt Ti V ji g Tq -j iQ nm mmiH ■ n nni n I ll IlllTTfrm Page One Hundred Sixty-three fit P [ (A L 6 JO NJ 1 A NJ iMminnnMUi.niiiiil " V " Founded as Literary Society, 1922 Reorganized as Corinthian Sorority, 1926 Colors: Blue and Burnt Orange Flowers: Ophelia Roses and Blue Sweet Peas i acuity Alember Lotta Rogers Active M.emb embers Helen Bunker, ' 27 Leon a Darling, ' 27 Mildred Freeman, ' 27 Dorothy Schliskey, ' 27 Arda Behler, ' 28 Bernice Kleinhans, ' 28 Mildred Monroe, ' 28 Ruth Monaweck, ' 29 Anna Monroe, ' 29 Hazel Montgomery, ' 29 Erma Scott, ' 29 Feroda Butzer, ' 30 Lucile Perry, ' 30 Hazel Schliskey, ' 30 -Pledges Helen Hieber, ' 29 rfL Page One Hundred Sixty-four illlllllllllUIMOIl " " nmini T i i iinMiiu im Q lA L 6 1 O N 1 A N ) ] Amn mm mm i n 1 1 ri iru j yiin inn ii m in ii ii ith 1 1 m in I tf ) 9 Q -y [(I f " " " 11 " " ' " " " Mi iii u umi i ii i ii Pugf One Hundred Sixty-fivt a }P ft (XTbTon I, A h) T)r I1IKK1HIUII Hill nrr t y lvfycL au LJmediJ Founded at Virginia Milit ary Institute, Richmond, Virginia, 1865 Beta Omicron Chapter — Established 1889 Colors : Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose Publication: " The Palm " Edwin R. Sleight x acuity JV embers Ruben W. Betchtel H. Fred Parker Active Arthur R. Babcock, ' 27 Russell B. Babcock, ' 27 James R. Cretcher, ' 27 James L. Lightbody, ' 27 Bruce E. Osgood, ' 27 Howard W. Smith, ' 27 Maurice L. Strong, ' 27 H. Leslie Hoffman, ' 28 George H. Heels, ' 28 Edward C. Kilian, ' 28 Louis A. Leeson, ' 28 Harold G. Lewis, ' 28 Hugh C. Sebastian, ' 28 B. Douglas JVl-embers Harold C. Wilson, ' 28 Stuart M. Bolhuis, ' 29 Ralph J. Doolittle, ' 29 Thomas M. Emery, ' 29 Laurence B. Jannasch, ' 29 Sherman P. Lawton, ' 29 R. Bruce Taylor, ' 29 Edmund L. Van Buskirk, ' 29 Clayton L. Coulter, ' 30 Phillip C. Curtis, ' 30 Floyd H. Densmore, ' 30 John P. Flanders, ' 30 Paul C. Kingsley, ' 30 McDowell, ' 30 Pled. Hanlon Van Auken, ' 28 Lloyd M. Kelley, ' 29 Addis C. Collins, ' 30 George H. Correll, ' 30 Norman Campbell, ' 30 Myron P. Ellis, ' 30 Rex B. Holt, ' 30 Graham L. Lyday, ' 30 John R. Logan, ' 30 Walter O. Leeds, ' 30 Harlan T. Mitchell, ' 30 Russell Troutman, ' 30 • ■iiii tiialliiilliiia i»maiiiiaiiiit VUgM riL A,...i.i.. l .............iiitiiiiiiiiiiifi ) Page One Hundred Sixty-six pTTn iii i Mi i inr iTTTrrrMy(A LB I ON 1 A N ) J fi ll HI 11,11 1 IU I 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 u j ftfrin mini minimi inn ii itit Tlfl Q Q 7|(7( " " " " " " " " ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinrrml Page One Hundred Sixty seven anmiimiinmi afl fA L bTo N I. A N) JTS5 i i n n n m n i i i i i i i n v» Founded at College of the City of New York, 1898 Alpha Tau Chapter — Established 1917 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: W bite Carnation Publication: " The Carnation Faculty M.e W. ' acuity iVLem Whitcomb Whitehouse bers Donald S. Parks Active A emb Dallas Harger, ' 27 Lester Harger, ' 27 Alvin Neller, ' 27 Russel Parks, ' 27 Allen Renshaw, ' 27 Lloyd Snelling, ' 27 John W. Varty, ' 27 Harold Bristol, ' 28 Lawrence Childs, ' 28 Reginald Eldred, ' 28 Donald Gabriel, ' 28 Charles Nelson, ' 28 William Snelling, ' 28 Bates Wills, ' 28 Adrian Zemmer ers Dudleigh Culver, ' 29 Clarence Dammon, 29 Charles Edwards, ' 29 Lawrence Gilbert, ' 29 Richard Higley, ' 29 George Hill, ' 29 Donald Leavell, ' 29 Robert Tyler, ' 29 David Anderson, ' 30 Clifton Derr, ' 30 Robert Gubbins, ' 30 John Hamilton, ' 30 Walter Hoshal, ' 30 Homer Howes, ' 30 ' 30 Pled, ;es Glenn Patterson, ' 29 Norman Whitehouse, ' 29 Jack Brannack, ' 30 Bernard Dalrymple, ' 30 Jack Elliot, ' 30 Kenneth Erskine, ' 30 Douglas Harger, ' 30 Dean Herriff, ' 30 Neil Osborne, ' 30 Wayne Way, ' 30 Glenn Wilson, ' 30 h i mMinmnnnimnmiu ii3ir )j| q f Q7j Page One Hundred Sixly-eight H Tm»mm " ■M . ,., . . . ,, A (AJ JHjb as? .. . .. ■ ■ ■!.■■ ■■■ ..i imj ji-QlfQ inmin iiiiMii iii uMin xgnnri ED Pane One Hundred Sixty-nine Op (ATlTo jANj fiEmi unmnunnr sfycua L au ±i)elta Founded at Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia, 1859 Epsilon Chapter — Established 1886 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " The TLainbow " Active JM-embe Gordon W. Herrick, ' 27 Richard Hungerford, ' 27 Thorn Smith, Jr., ' 27 Harry -E. Williams, ' 27 f Raymond Conrad, ' 28 russel courtright, ' 28 Clark Roggie, ' 28 Harlow Stankrauff, ' 28 Paul Winder, ' 28 Victor Williams, ' 28 Charles Baldwin, ' 29 Hira Branch, ' 29 Edward Carleson, ' 29 John Cronk, ' 29 Stanley Cowen, ' 29 James Holland, ' 29 Bernard Koether, ' 29 George Koether, ' 29 C. Arthur Locker, ' 29 Thomas Steverman, ' 29 Emmett C. Cosgrove, ' 30 Lewis M. Dickens, Jr., ' 30 Homer R. Harper, ' 30 Robert Muche, ' 30 Pled, ,es Donald Cornwell, ' 30 Gordon S. Guile, ' 30 Edward Henderson, ' 30 Harold M. Langworthy, ' 30 Le Roy Newell, ' 30 Edward Schultz, ' 30 Raymond Stillson, ' 30 John E. Vallance, ' 30 William H. Townsend, ' 30 Gerald Wilson, ' 30 : iiiirimiiiiniiiuiiniiinTiiu pjTM| Q T 7i(7 (TTTTTTtHiM ' nnuminnnm ' Tnmnj Page One Hundred Seventy » IS i f A- L, B JQ N 1 A N)?7famn] inimninn m j E @ys£s ■■■ .■..iiiiiiii i iinm i jj]fr2 T7ir ft " " " M " " nnrml Page One Hundred Seventy-one E [ f A L B rb NTATn j7fiE555 n.niunnniTirr: Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter — Established 1886 Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: White Rose Publication: " Alpha Pi Bulletin " I acuity -M.ember DuDLEIGH VeRNOR Sherwood Brown, ' 27 Robert Campbell, ' 27 Richard Chamberlain, ' 27 Hoyt Howell, ' 27 Russel Johnston, ' 27 Victor Nagle, ' 27 Hollis Quinlan, ' 27 Lawrence Billings, ' 28 Clarence Boldt, ' 28 Emmet Brocklebank, ' 28 Horace Hill, ' 28 Murlin Kuhlman, ' 28 Edmund Ward, ' 28 Lee Bartlett, ' 29 Lynn Bartlett, ' 29 Active JWembers Bradford Brockway, ' 29 Edward Bullock, ' 29 Wm. Cummings, ' 29 Kenneth Hadley, ' 29 Clarence Hartung, ' 29 Eugene Houck, ' 29 Stewart King, ' 29 Hobart Moore, ' 29 Robert Sauer, ' 29 Roy Spaulding, ' 29 Howard Teeter, ' 29 Robert Black, ' 30 Howard Bradley, ' 30 DlCKERSON NOWLIN, ' 30 Charles Parker, ' 30 Robert Shipp, ' 30 Pled, James Corwin, ' 30 Wilson Dalzell, ' 30 Jack Finlayson, ' 30 Ward Gullander, ' 30 Charles Hayden, ' 30 John Kalb, ' 30 Deane Kulp, ' 30 Burchard Ludlow, ' 30 Charles Mensing, ' 30 Ladd Turek, ' 30 mii ' iiiimiiiniuMimiHnnn i 3D03E325K is, jLu Page One Hundred Seventy-two u r if( f A l b fo NTATfl te mniiiiiii iiiniiiT S3 F$ LI 41; A£-2 Sk ■a in 1 1 n in n i m 1 1 m i n 11 1 1 1 1 n i u ii j T) fjTPTfy) (Tf mm muni miiimiininniilllll E Pu f Owe Hundred Sci enty-thrcc 3 is [ f a l b Tby TAH) )! .mi in 1 1 3 dma Mvh Flower : Founded at Virginia -Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia-,. 1869 Gamma Gamma Chapter — Established 1895 Colors: Black, White, and GolcP White Rose Publication: " The Delta ' LCtive Membf Norman Anderson, ' 27 Kenneth Bartlett, ' 27 Clinch Crocker, ' 27 Phill May, ' 27 Victor Peck, ' 27 Norman Reed, ' 27 Charles Rogers, ' 27 Paul Risley, ' 27 Elson Balkema, ' 28 Roger Calvert, ' 28 James Galloway, ' 28 George Jones, ' 28 Claude Kantner, ' 28 John Lawther, ' 28 Leslie Lee, ' 28 John Ludwig, ' 28 Harlan McCall, ' 28 Syver Thingstad, ' 28 Arthur Twaites, ' 28 Ellis Wylie, ' 28 Lawrence Mitchell, ' 30 Pled, Winston Schuler, ' 30 Harvey Biggs, ' 29 John Bromley, ' 29 Frank Cole, ' 29 Erwin Collins, ' 29 Joseph Fleming, ' 29 Leonard Hoag, ' 29 Michael Palermo, ' 29 Kenneth Ringle, ' 29 Don Vibert, ' 29 Merril Walls, ' 29 Lawrence Wiseman, ' 29 Gilbert Baur, ' 30 Russell Bradshaw, ' 30 Elbert Elliot, ' 30 Phillips Hembdt, ' 30 Stanley Penzotti, ' 30 William Pitkin, ' 30 Lloyd Richards, ' 30 L. D. Walworth, ' 30 Melbourne Button, ' 30 Clifford Ott, ' 30 W wimnumuumn uniiiTTu ;mj!pjf " | g 1q (( flai ijf ini ' I n mini n n niml Page One Hundred Seventy-four J Immum. .■■ ■■■,. . ,, , l .. 1 iA j(Aj- BJ O N 1 A N) D tomiiimmiM i imi £j M M m p t mujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin i i uim Etfplf i q ' TQ y )r? pT iriiniinii nui i niilUniM ' lUI XI Pu c One Hundred Seventy-five 3 IS (A L B fON I A N) J?ffi55 in.iiinnnuntrr % Uou rCappa C p5ilon Founded at Illinois Wesley an University, Bloomington, Illinois, 1899 Omega Chapter — Established 1927 Colors: Cherry and Grey Flower: Red Carnation Publication: " The Teke ' Active Aiemb Charles J. Barclay, ' 27 William Lovejoy, ' 27 J. Norris Asline, ' 28 Kenneth B. De Ome, ' 28 Wendell O. Edwards, ' 28 Allen R. Elliott, ' 28 Ralph C. Keyes, ' 28 William G. Hart, ' 28 Clyde A. Lampman, ' 28 Harold Neef, ' 28 Walter W. Strait, ' 28 Clement B. Yinger, ' 28 Bruce W. embers Raymond W. Bowers, ' 29 Howard Cranmore, ' 29 Herbert O. Helmkamp, Ernest W. Johns, ' 29 Norman X. Lyon, ' 29 John E. Marvin, ' 29 Laurence Wylie, ' 29 Dempster B. Yinger, ' 29 Kent Clapp, ' 30 Ray Markel, ' 30 L. Lloyd Smith, ' 30 Rupert Stephens, ' 30 Starr, ' 30 ' 29 Pledges William Krebs, ' 28 Byron Brown, ' 30 Hubert Howe, ' 30 Orville J. Shugg, ' 30 mining » nnmmnn i « 1 1 n ri nm jTjj i q |q -y lQq iiiininn i n imm n i u nmi in n Page One Hundred Seventy-six v, " m i i ii n ii ii i i i niiii mniy iA L 5 I ON 1 A N) J7Am n.nuiiuiuiuiiiiTuj kj t mm - m wwm I I IM II IMIIIIII Mill I llli LL fT Tg n P ' ' 11 ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' UM1 ' M ' 1 ' ' Page One Hundred Seventy-seven } . rgr n n . H . . . . . ■■ . ... 7 j (Aj-jn bj £fA N C clecfic alio tv .f cniabc5 Founded Albion, 1845; reorganized in 1922 Colors: Maroon and Gold Flower : Red Carnation X acuity .M-embers Dr. Royal G. Hall Mrs. Royal G. Hall Lottie Bachelor, ' 27 Byron Ballard, ' 27 Gertrude Buck, ' 27 Wesley Bradburn, ' 27 Harold -Dixon, ' 27 Floyd Fought, ' 27 Dorothy Hix, ' 27 Doris Normandeau, ' 27 Nellie Ward, ' 27 Kenneth Goodemoot, ' 28 Yvonne Haggit, ' 28 Stella Heath, ' 28 Active .M-embers Letha Heathcock, ' 28 Helen Rockwell, ' 28 Howard White, ' 28 Whyle Wilcox, ' 28 Luna Bachellor, ' 29 Archie Bahm, ' 29 Theresa Combellach, ' 29 Lois Heath, ' 29 Carl Martenson, ' 29 Percy Mills, ' 29 Earl Mutch, ' 29 Helen Simkins, ' 29 Lyle Eggleston, ' 30 Pled, ;es Francis Moore, ' 28 George Jones, ' 29 Enos Butenuth, ' 30 Elva McClintic, ' 30 Lionel Sleeman, ' 30 Paul Wilcox, ' 3Q f SWnriT miiiiiimiiimil l llimiC JjJjt Q t " b 7](7 F maEIlrnl t ' " " " " ' ? ' " E nnigI mu Page One Hundred Seventy-eight 3 tm ii n i i ti ini i MiiMi mAQ (A L B I ON 1 A N ) J AiUJUil 1 1 II I II U II UAJJxgL KM 11 ' (num. CP i. 1 C3ra ■ rro T7i(7( grn ' M ' iH ' ' ' " " " i " " ' | " M| ii up j P«£ ' Our Hundred Seventy-nine $ is (ATTTb N 1 A H) f] LHUjrm nui inn ncg; i Ptfgtf 0«C Hundred Eighty I t tpiiiiMniMMiiiiiii»Tn u ( A L B 1 ON 1 A N jyAmn niiMUMiiiiiiiiniC j ' Religious Organizations n 1 1 1 rn m 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 1 i imy)fj Q 3 7 1(1P ' ■■•■iiilllLaaaa . i.«aiiallllllLlIIII|IIM Page One Hundred Eighty-one (aTbTo ynAH) T)fc imniiiimimnirr Walkley Young S. Heath Williams Dodge Richards Beckley Cox Young Parsons Abbott Pray Fuller M. Parsons Young VV omen s (christian Association Elaine Abbott -------- President Mary Dodge --------- Vice-President Daisy Williams -------- Secretary Helen Cox --------- Treasurer Ruth Parsons ------ Undergraduate Representative A " Big Sister " movement in connection with Freshman Week, welcome cards for freshmen girls, Halloween and Christmas parties, and Bible and world friendship study groups have featured the activities of the Y. W. C. A. this year. During the first semester special devotional meetings for the women of the college were held every Thursday evening at the dormitory, while the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. combined their meetings during the last half of the year. The executive work of the organization is carried on by the officers and a cabinet composed of committee chairmen. Cabinet M ember.s Ruth Beckley ------ Devotions and Bible Study Virginia Fuller -------- Social Stella Heath -------1 Finance Frances Morrison ------- Discussion Group Mary Alice Parsons ------- World Friendship Gianetta Pray -------- Publicity Josephine Richard ------- Social Service Bernice Walkley ------- Rooms and Conference Priscilla Westcott ------- Discussion Group Elizabeth Young -------- Program Esther Young -------- Music S wiimmiimiimiimiiiini sffiEIE szKfe llll I H II llltl II I I H lllll II I II fi Page One Hundred Eighty-two . . j fA L b Ton I A N )J7£ iiiiiiliiniHiiiiiiurr Martenson Dammon Bigos Babcock Neller Y oungJylen s (christian Association Russell Babcock -------- President Kenneth DeOme -------- Vice-President Irwin Collins -------- Secretary Harvey Biggs -------- Treasurer Interdenomational in character the Young Men ' s Christian Association aims at the Christian development of men physically, mentally, and socially. The presence of this Association has been distinctly felt this year through the bringing of speakers to the student chapel, the aid of committeemen throughout Freshman Week, a series of student Forums, and the reorganization of the Thursday night meetings. A series of talks by Dean Williams opened the Thursday night events with only the men meeting in the Chapel. Other speakers followed and the program has been pleasantly varied. Outside platform men of repute include, Eddy, Thomas, Niebuhr, Kingdon, and Elliott. Last summer four representatives were sent to Lake Geneva, and during the Christ- mas holidays six delegates attended the meetings at Milwaukee. Gospel teams have also been sent to many different cities. The Cabinet is composed of the officers plus representatives, Carl Martenson, Alvin Neller, and Clarence Dammon. h it miimiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiTTii-m y jji Q Tq 7 {f ftriTrirnMH ' Min i imii ) u I innmi l l Page One Hundred Eighty-three ra Ir 1 [ (a l b ro NJTA " " N) J]!s nilliriniillllliii irrr- Reedy Wilcox Morris C. Scott Seymour Campbell Smith D. Yinger Tones Burgess Dammon C. Yinger JxJord X ellowsh ip Chester Scott -------- President William Lovejoy - -. - - - - - - Vice-President Donald Jones -------- Secretary Dempster Yinger -------- Treasurer As a result of a national convention held in Milwaukee this year, Albion now has one of the 21 chapters of the Oxford Fellowship, made up of men and women planning to enter the field of religion as their life work. The Albion delegate, Clarence Dammon, to this year ' s convention was elected National Vice-President of the Fellowship. Bi-weekly meetings are held, at which prominent speakers and workers in religious activities address the members of the organization. imnniiin»miiuninunmrj r »| q fQ 7|f h ii nnmn ' i ii ii i m i ii i mi mn n m nj ji Page One Hundred Eighty-four w niiniin l iiiiiM l i l .. j ( A L B I O N l.A N ) } Ann xmrrm unniTiii " T Otudent Volunteers Composed of men and women preparing to do missionary work in foreign fields, the Student Volunteer organization has grown from a humble start in 1885 at Prince- ton University to a far-reaching association with groups on practically every campus in America. t £ 1 -f A » J P9 " v ■ W K v £ JL . i • l . m. r t ▼ r t 4 ' ' ■ ar ■ i : ■ ■1 ' " v i ■ 4 faf Oft «J wm m • • — - f - 4 • rlonie Oervice IJand The Home Service Band is organized in the interest of all kinds of social service work in the home field. For the past two years it has supported a scholarship of $50 in a Georgia school. mmnMiimnimnMiininn a nrj q Yq 7|(7(i yif frnmmmM imi " " " " " HiMumnj p B Page One Hundred Eighty-five IS jf[ f A L B To NTA N )?7fi iiiimuiii ' tiimL THFTJW1 WAYTB GDTWQUSH COLLEGE MHO { NOR RUBBISH mimimimmnnniiiiniur { n[| p 27j(( " " " " " " ' " " " " " " mmiiwihii i Page One Hundred Eighty-six » IS ([ (A L bToN I A N) J i ii i iinmm»ni ? 3 LLl Mmmii ii iiiiin i miiiii-iiiirj nr| qT37Y7 (» ' " i m 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 m i i nn n I IIUII ' l 11 II Pa%c Our Hundred Eighty-seven R IS ([ (A L B fo N ), A NQ p A,,,..,.,,, . ..,, . ,, .. ,,, ,. ' Scholarship Character ALBION COLLEGE Large enough to provide all student activities and competitions Small enough for students to know each other and the faculty mmiiiii Academic Pre-Medicine Pre-Engineering Business Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law For Information, Address John L. Seaton, Ph. D., President Albion, Mich. iiiiiimiiiiiniiiimi ny u| q 1-3 -yir hnx miiuM i iiii i in i in nun ' mnrl Page One Hundred Eighty-eight (ATTi NjTAN) J7fi nnimin " ft Climbing the Ladder of Success Twenty-eight KRESGE STORES to serve you in Michigan 5c-10c-25c Stores ANN ARBOR 204 S. Main St. BATTLE CREEK 55 W. Main St. BAY CITY 307 Center Ave. DETROIT 1201 Woodward Ave. 1449 Woodward Ave. 9012 Grand River Ave. FLINT 405 S. Saginaw St. GRAND RAPIDS 135 Monroe Ave. HAMTRAMCK 9542 Jos. Campau Ave. HIGHLAND PARK 13933 Woodward Ave. IRON MOUNTAIN 405 Stephenson St. JACKSON 133 W. Michigan Ave. KALAMAZOO 133 S. Bardick St. LANSING 114 S. Washington Ave. MUSKEGON 249 V. Western Ave. PONTIAC 66 7 . Saginaw St. PORT HURON 206 Huron Ave. 25c to $1.00 Stores ANN ARBOR 200 S. Main St. BATTLE CREEK 59 V. Main St. BAY CITY 303 Center Ave. DETROIT 1403 Woodward Ave. 9008 Grand Rir er Ave. FLIHT 413 S. Saginaw St. GRAND RAPIDS 141 Monroe Ave. HIGHLAND PARK Southu ' est corner of Woodward and Ford JACKSON 131 W. Michigan Ave. LAPSING 216 S. Washington Ave. MUSKEGON 275 W. Western Ave. PONTIAC 38 N. Saginaw St. PORT HURON 240 Huron Ave. All chat comprised Kresge ' s 30 years ago was one solitary little store in Detroit. Today, 375 stores bear the Kresge name — a chain of stores all over the country doing an annual business of $119,000,000— and still growing fast. The enormous expansion of this organization can be attributed to its sound organization and business principles, combined with its policy of selling the best merchandise at the lowest price and giving quick, courteous service. The name Kresge has become a watchword of econ- omy in the homes of millions and millions of American families. Today and tomorrow, as in the past, this nation- wide institution will continue to give even greater values and to serve even a greater number of people by linking more cities into its ever increasing chain. Opportunity Awaits You Here! In this great organization we have positions open for college men who are willing to start at the bot- tom. After a thorough training they become store managers, earning from $3,000 to $15,000 a year. If you are interested, write to Personnel Depart- ment M-27- S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 5c-10c-25c Stores 25c to $1 .00 Stores Kresge Building, Detroit SiuiiiiiiinunnmniiiririuiiyY )j| q Tq 7? A • ■«• IIIUIU ■■■■■■•••■• ■■!•■■ iui tan ii Page One Hundred Eigbty-nine ra v 1 (AirrrONrTAN) J?fi55S niniiiiiiMin lllllllllllllllllllll) O r hearts throb at the memory of the thousands of friendships we enjoy with the students of OLD ALBION (Wish we knew bow many there are) Albion — Here ' s to You George Mitchell Company For thirty years your " Candy Man " Complimeitts of The Athletic Supply Co. Learning While Serving From boyhood it was said of Abraham Lin- coln that he was a " learner. " In his ambi- tion to post himself he sat at the feet of whoever could teach him. In time he over- topped them all. The " learner " rises above his competitors in all life ' s activities. He masters conditions because he learns all about them. We sit at the feet of the public wherever we have Stores learning and posting ourselves of the needs of home and person as best we can. Diligently applying ourselves to the respon- sible task of providing those needed when needed is the virtue to which may be traced much of the extraordinary development of this Company. J£ ■ S- 2= Toledo, O. Columbus, O. tiMmmmnumn Miinnmnff )p-QTQ7|( JLu Page One Hundred Ninety a is [ (A L B ION 1 A N lp iimunimiiMiiw Compliments of The Albion Malleable Iron Co. Albion, Michigan TnnTimniniiinnnillunmCj nji Q f Q ylQi S ,U. ' ..»I,|1 U . ..■■(lllllllllllllHl P«g« Our Hundred Ninety-one t4$ Ir 1 fit fA L B ION ) A N) J 7A ii iiiiiihiiiiiiii £ Webster ' s Collegiate Dictionary Complete in every Detail Revised Annually Recommended by College Department of English $4.25 to $6.75 " THE BUTCHER SHOP ' Battle Creek ' s Leading Men ' s Store for The last word in Young Men ' s " Apparel " GO WEST Young Man Just 26 Miles— 2 X A blocks right on the main street to Sold in Albion by Albion College Co-op Ass ' n | BUTCHER- ROBERTS CO. " Your Bookstore " I | 30 W. Main St. CENSO THEATRE The Highest Grade Photoplays Produced This has been our motto for 12 years Watch for the Opening of our BIG NEW MODERN THEATRE Noiv Under Construction 1000 Seats — Big Stage Fully equipped to handle any kind of Stage Production $25,000 Pipe Organ BUILDING FIREPROOF THROUGHOUT ft PIMHIIHH Page One Hundred Ninety-two uuMimiiinnmrff jfi q Tq 7|( IIHIIIIII1IJIII1I ■HllllUilllllll 3L-u 3 fl f A L B rb N 1 A N) )7fi umiruiiiinMiuiii % The Southern Michigan Transportation Co. The DeLuxe Motor Coach Ser- vice of the Southern Michigan Transportation Co. has served the Albion College Athletic Association and the Glee Clubs in the past year We are ever ready to serve your future Transportation Needs niiniiiniiiniimmiiiiiirinmr iji q Tq -ji(h IllllllllllUIUI ' llillliilllllUIIIIIIII jLu Pa%c One Hundred Ninety-three M farrTTTT i ii iiiiM i ii irririAVl i A LB I O Nl 1 A N j Ajiinuini iiiim i mt EffjL „ tMiiiimiiimtmiimiiiiniiiiff |j| q TQ " y|(7 (TimmHH ' n» mmni HUlM ' n mm Page One Hundred Ninety-four fruminiii i Hniiiiinnnl U lA L B I ON 1 A N ) ]) iiiiiiiii m. mi. m , m| fP™ r Yi? W 7 Like the New- Parker Inn r A Wiggins Hotel " a » ■£ , Bringing to Albion a Hotel Service — Opening a New Era in Student Social Life Distinctive in its Courtesy Unique in its Appointment Formal or Informal Functions Entertainments Grill Ballroom p Rates: $2.00 and up Noble C. Miller, Res. Mgr. C ftninfnmiHMiniinniiirimu,q y] fjTp Q 7 1 (] ( " " " " " ■■ ' ■ nn mum Humming Page One Hitmlnd Ninety-five ys «■■•■■ ••• ••••■•••• •■■••■• ' [ (XTbTo N ) A n) J7s iii i rm i mi KiiiTiiir I ininm linn Hill J mil i f n i L. 60 Main St., West Sheet Music The Chatter-Box Eat Shoppe Welcomes You Home Cooking Commutation Tickets $5-5° for $5°0 Special Service on the Campus HARRY MORSE Cleaning and Pressing IIOE.ErieSt. Phone 577 For Health and Beauty Drink COLDPACKMILK Chain Dairies McDOUGALL and YOUNG Dealers in QUALITY FUELS a § a 116 N. Superior St. Phone 118 friiii i iiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTmnri njb Page One Hundred Ninety-six s S s . IS Kl f a l b i o nTaTn e IIIUIIUMIII I IIMIU L. Builders of the — Kresge Gymnasium Susanna Wesley Dormitory Washington Garder High School Schumacher Construction Co. General Contractors Albion, Mich. E. J. WINSLOW Sarah E. Beckwith Plumbing and H EATING Phone 109 Compliments of The Worden Grocer Co. Battle Creek, Mich. I We feature Quaker Brand Merchandise I and Paramount Pickles and Condiments Successor O. A. Leonard Gene ret I Insurance SUPERIOR and ERIE STREETS Up-to-Date Electric Shoe Repair Petrakis and Bournelis, Props. SHOE REPAIRING Work Right — Prices Right Cor. Cass and Superior Phone 414 nuimniiiniiiiinirt i nn r i i n nr tj q | q y|Qn ni i min ' i n i niiiiii m nnmnc Enjp Page One Hundred Ninety-seven n ir [(ATJj5 NTAN)}Jfi5 iminiunnun graduation Portraits — are an essential part of the graduation per- iod because of their sen- timental and historical value. In after years they bring back many pleasant memories The Ludwig Studio 106 E. Erie Street Albion Michigan VALVE-IN -HEAD TT MOTOR CARS Compliments of THE Maple City Auto Co. Market Place Phone 19 n5X3 The Post Tavern Battle Creek, Mich. Reasonable prices in all depart- ments. 250 rooms. Excellent furnishings and appointments. Washed air. Circulating ice wa- ter. Informal. Numerousdining rooms to suit every preference. Unusual Coffee Shop. Afternoon Tea and Musical Pro- gram daily C. H. Montgomery Vice-President and Manager One of America ' s Exceptional Hotels Compliments of The Service Castor and Truck Co. ALBION MICHIGAN 1. illinium.: 1111IIIHII1 uimimnnuu h i m il mimic al Q T3 7((7 ( " " " H " " l »i ' ninMin uin ' ii»[ n3 Page One Hundred Ninety-eight Tf 1 ftl fA L B ION | A Nl te .imumi m . n . n G O r Clothes are Designed to Please the College Man Leslie Hoffman Student Representative Maurice S. Gordon Co. 22 West Main Street Battle Creek, Mich. 1 Jt aple ClH UUTTER Compliments of Maple City Dairy Co. Marketplace Phone 19 ALBION, MICH. Albion Gas Light Company SERVICE FIRST Profit a by-product FRANK W. KOTH, Manager Rhoton ' s Five and Ten Cent Store STUDENTS We have a complete line of notions and variety merchandise. Rhoton ' s Store Albion, Mich. iimC : ZJ Kni ri iiiwi i i iiii i i i M ii i i iii TTTrj i gnfQ 7 {f| puniinni ' 1 imnniimmnim i imj Piigc One I hui J ml Ninety-nine umiiii.Mininniii m fA L 8 I ONI 1 A Nty fanm u i iimuM irrjnjA The Chas. W. Young Studio Battle Creek, Mich. 21 N. Jefferson Ave. (Over Central Electric Co .) Phone 2105-J Extends you an invitation to visit our Studio in Battle Creek Photographers for the Nineteen Twenty-seven Albionian tii n i iiirir i iiininin ii iiinr tmT t| q tq -j ff ftiimimiH ' I mm iiii i in MIHIM li-LLI Pfl e Two Hundred 8 IS ({ (A L bT0 N I A N )j7 liiiiiuimmini ii m IU £ 3 Quality at Lower Cost Always the first to have the latest styles and ■patterns We Gu arantee Every Article You can always do better at OODRUFF CCoNS miiNG- -■». • sh oe: Everything for Men anct mS Boys ALBION. MICH. The Recorder Press Company Commercial axd Job Prixtixg Compliments of The Billings-Chapin Co. Manufacturers of Fine Paints and Varnishes ? NEW YORK CLEVELAND BOSTON Frigidaire Mazda Lamps ' ' Let Your Printer Paint the Picture ' The plumbing and Heating in Kresge Gymnasium and Susanna Wesley Dormitory Were Installed By A. S. WILDT ' ' Home Comfort Headquarters 108E.ErieSt. Piione742 7 ■■ " i mmnummi 1 1 in 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 | y nf (7 fi lxJLJLJAlJJ-l ' I n m i ni in H lltt ' l rm Page Tun Hundred One v V Semiiiimnii i i i iniinu VCi rA LBION11A N lptennm nuniiriiTm- Special Attention given to Developing and Printing Avery the Cleaner s Bringyour camera here for Fresh Films Ansco - Eastman A. R. SMITH Drugs and Cameras Paints Wall Paper Students — Our aim has always been to give Quality work to our Patrons Satisfactory Cleaning and Pressing at Foil ' Prices Phone 59 409 S. Superior St. SYfay this book fulfill your expectations for a = I successful Annual 1 | 1 ike Aloiomiao. tbt ft 1 1 Allen J. Renshaw Clyde A. Lampman 1 Editor Business Manager 1 mmnnmniummn i unm.E j r|j| q tq 7|Q piinimmminii i nnMum ' inmfi j | Page Tuo Hundred Tito LltlH ■••■■ «•■■■•■•■•• •■•••■I tf JJA L B ION I A N ....... . ....... . . " Compliments of Albion, Michigan Compliments of Union Steel Products Co. GeorgeE. Dean, Class of 1896, President Brockwav Dickie, Class of 1913, Secretary W. Clarke Dean, Class of 1921, Vke-Pres. llll II inm i Mnitnnm i nnui Kr u I q q -j ifT pi raiiiiiiii i n ni i ni n i mill ' l l I e mj y Page Two Hundred Three $ I- 1 ([ (A L B K ) N 1 A N) ............fT TTTTrrTT X Watch for the White Wagon W. W. Osmun Son MILK and CREAM Dealers 507 West Cent er Street Phone 545 -J A Short Story by a Classified Ad Writer Lse Smith, yng and btfl,lvd Hrryjns. One nght, whle stndg in a htl lbby, she chncd to see hm entr with a grgs lkng crtre in whm he smd wll plsed. The crtre was clngng to hs arm and Ighng hpply. Hrtsck, Lse wnt hme. The nxt nght, whnHrryclldfrhr, she feed hm dfntly and chllngd : " Who ws tht ldy I sn you wth 1st nght? " Hrry lghd hrtly. " Oh, tht, " he snekrd , " tht ws no ldy, tht ws my wfe. " " Prdn me, " sd Lse, " I ' m srry I mstrstd you. " And she flw into hs arms. Incdntlly, she gt the jb. An investment in Good Appearance Bando Dry Cleaning " Not how Cheap — but how Good " Howard Seymour Student Representative BANDO CLEANERS IB W. Porter St. Phone 1006 The Central Market Everything in Meats « Yours to please R. V. LOOMIS mmnm mm i 1 1 1 ii t 1 1 i muic j TU 1 Q Tq 7|(7 (iinnmiiiM inuriu miiinimiiii Page Two Hundred Four v V. S [piniui i iinmiiiimTd u ( A L B I ON 1 A N) jy piirininn inn MirnC ' | v (fcaM3» V r ' . ' vJ-s ' ' i (9 m- GmkliiL ENDURA limxmdihonally Perpetually Guaranteed Fountain Pens and ALL OTHER STUDENT SUPPLIES Your Book Store THE COLLEGE CO-OP The New Recreation Club BOWLING and BILLIARDS Six Alleys — Four Tables Ladies Invited D. L. CORTHELL THE VERY LATEST IN Foreign and Domestic Suitings and Coatings H. E. PHILP Tailor and Dry Cleaner 105 W. Porter St. Albion, Mich. Parker-Kessler Bldg. Party Flashlights have been my Specialty for 21 years 1? CLIFFORD SMITH Phone 102 House 213 SiiitMiniiiniiiinnM i i i n - i -nmjnji q Tq 7{(7 (umm?iH ' ) n m i ni h inHiuuuiiuj y Page Tito Hundred Vive B E 0A L BfO N lANl nmniiuM i uuniMMf GiUsUs CAMPUS Lire Dit. L V a.t a " t iortS H r - H it fn-t 5 iJO ' t v dLL.i. ' V t ' 2a " C5 ■ lllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 llllllk ' )fl 9 0 y| T j |WTTTTiMiiiiiiiiiiiniinMM VTUU ?f T; Hundred Six Sjliiniim i i i ii mmmni rA-L B ION 1 A N) j7fi5m [uimhiiii imifLiJ! Compliments of Taylor Produce Company Battle Creek, Michigan Distributors of The Famous Blue Goose Fruits and Vegetables WRIGHT ' S Mayonaise, Thousand Island and French Dressing Meadow Gold Butter The Royal Portable Ten Years of pleasing AND Constantly Improving Standard Keyboard QUICK - ACCURATE - PORTABLE For every man, woman or child who has any writing to do The Office Supply House | | c 1 e S ' i o O 411 S. Superior Street Phone 554 The oldest established Studio in Albion " 5f] ft ii mim i mi i niiiin«iiiii ' iiin$rU| q ¥q -fjfT pinmniH ' I n m l i muM I HUHl lli: Page T u o Hundred Seven 05 lf( fA L B ION ), A N ii i niiinimuii iS g " ®I)f Stratjmor Prm V -xppcssiG ' t UL ritjfiiicf ATALO G OOKLET PRINTING This issue of the Albionian was printed entirely in our plant 511 Cass Avenue » Detroit, Michigan Page Two Hundred Eight (ATBTc NTAN)J)fi S A£t§ in rfa YE ENGRAVER OF OLD with his small tools and his piece of box wood spent days, yea sometimes weeks, in the pro- duction of a single illustration requiring much skill and patience. MODERN PHOTOENGRAVINGS are made photo mechanically with the use of modern photographic apparatus and the aid of chemistry. But it depends just as much upon the skill of the artisans as in the days of old. Your illustrations — be it a school book or a catalog, if intrusted to us, will be given careful attention so that the finished printed page may truly convey the illustration you wish to produce. Service Engraving Co. BOYER BLDG. CONGRESS BRUSH. DETROIT, MICH. rtllWMinniMM I II 11111 1 IIIUlH.l fi " grYy7[Q [ ' i ' i ' ii ' ' ' ii ' ■■■■■■ itiiniiiinii fj Page Tito Hundred Nine B r 1 25 2010 DT 188532 1 8 00 I Q. CO

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Albion College - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Albion College - Albionian Yearbook (Albion, MI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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