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 - Class of 1891

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D EEIYIEY R M'II" GQ 'Ig .,,. 350, 35' 4 gg-, 'E AELBGIOM. GH, igT w MANUFACTURERS OP THE CGLSBRRTED X Axe ssh M2 912 Q42 me .I'1J'1.I'1J1I1J'Lf'l.f'lJ'1J'I.I1.I'L.l'U'U'!.I'LI'L1'L!'U1 I'LI1I1.I'U'L!'lJ'U'l .FLHJ Ll'U'U'U'U1J'LI'1 I'LI'lJ'LI'LI'U'LI'L.I'LI'LFl J'U'L ,H mi 74? W? 4Av at U 2 VN WV 41? Slzlje EYYIDCST Hwczrrxjilgy Puouf L-jVXEicz1e. ff. ma ..g. mv me mv IF YOUR GROCER DOES NOT CARRY THE BRAND, SEND YOUR ORDER DIRECT TO ALBION MILLING COMPANY, nedf ai HQlQFORD'SAQljEPHOSPHATE Prepared According to the 'Directions of Prof. E. N. Horsford. TlllS PREPARATlQl!5CQlRa,A RRAlN FOOD. no , . T increases the capacity for mental labor, and acts as a general tonic and vitalizer. It rests the tired brain, and imparts thereto new life and energy. DH. D. P. IWCULUHE, HAIVTUUL, ILL., SAYS: . "Very benehcial to strengthen the intellect." DI-7. 0. 0. STUUT, SYHACUSE, N. Y, SAYS: "I gave it to one patient who was unable to transact the most ordinary business, because his brain was 'tired and confused' upon the least mental exertion. Immediate benefit, and ultimate recov- ery followed." DH. CHAS. T. MITCHELL, CAIVANDAIGUA, IV. Y., SA YS.- "I recommend it as a restorative in all cases where the nerv- ous system has been reduced below the normal standard- by over- work, as found in brain Workers, professional men, teachers, stu- dents, etc." DH. F W. LYTLE,LEBAIVOIV, ILL., SAYS: "AI have personally used it with marked advantage when over- worked, and the nervous system much depressed." DH. E. W. HOBEI?TSOIV, LZZEVVELAIIID, 0., SAYS: "Can cordially recommend it as a brain and Herve tgnicfl EE5I'FDesc1'zfp!z11Je .Pzzmphlel Free rm Apjrlfmllbll tu ' RUMFORD Gl-IEMIGAL WORKS, PROVIDENGE, R. l. Beware- of Substitutes and Imiggfgqgg, CAUTlON.eBe sure the w0rd t'HOSFORD'S" is.pr1'ntedon the label. All others are spu- rious. Never sold in bulk. -4l.. .4 A, - ' - ' z I - - v 'Er' T' CQZFORQD X ' f ' ' TE , 4fQ Mfw4 fzafzfaff W-06254, AND LATEST STYLES IN EEATS .ELITE CAPS, .Mem GO TOCQSX, : 2 E 3 2 REMEMBER VVE IEAD IN FINE GOODS ANU I. XTEST STYLES. X O??OSICE scene Mfkk. wmle Q Qywvfpeyfei Manufactu refs of Prices, QuaIitg,ar1c' Satigfactioq Guaranteed, Correspoqdence Solicited. 121, 123, IV'isc0nSi4n W IIIILIVA UIIEE, FITS. DREKA Fine Stationer and Engraving House, 1121 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia- College Invitations Weddinglnvitations Class Stationery A Visiting Cards Fraternity Stationery Banquet Menus. Prograrnrnes Diplornas and TM eclals Steel Plate Wor'k for Flraternities, Classes and College Annuals- All work is executed in the establishment under our personal supervision, and only in the best manner. Unequallecl facilities and long practical experience enable us to produce the newest styles and most artistic effects, while our reputation is fl gum' antee of the quality ofthe productions of this house. , DESIGNS, SAMPLES AND PRICES SENT ON APPLICATION. o X W , avmwvvw ,fmt-'ml' Q ll - ,gl -4 ,m1""' wt x E if" wir, W ' lf' 9. l iv -. .mf Wlix 1 1 X iwlttitliwxlx I -9- 5 H RHP nf' .qtmN"" Oi ,..f tr-wax "EcLlPiii""'5" E X SE Racket 0 r , DL pmmwl xl Send for Tennis Catalogue. Special rates to Clubsf 'ltr P ' KL' ,nu .lvlddx l : 4- gg CADY. WLB. CRANE EK GR' VQNQ , W-ni'V'V??" Mamzmxm Tmm Jia. 202 c'j71fc,f1e,Lfl-M. 5-fLe.ef, A1-EIDE, - IEICEI- ' ' ' ' ggi R ELWQQD. Z I Bar11q131ock,213Supe11io11 St., .. 3 ALBIQN, - - BEIGE- 5 We :WG J fa ,, W - ,wi ':fL3,'n!5 kiwi? '4 xv '. . . . . il- ' if ' , 'ffflsfmi 4' Ein , J ,. x.f.x E lEfEf lEIZ':F EfElEl? 'ElEF 91-LGNG 84 REED,-Ie ,...nu1i'iuWffi Xxwuffflllrryzi, .,,,nl11JHHMXX flnuukluuu x 2553 H Q 2 Q X E 5 fiipgaaigiglggpiwdmzigfiwggfgbimaggwawgeimmggjfk ISETQST gfeyles. Iglcsf work. :1.9XUlia:EQvnQw, 2 MEQQEQQQQ J. W. GILLESPIE, --DEALER IN' el- COTS AQD I-IOSS.-Ie ' V Fine 'Gustom Work and Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done NEXT DOOR TO FDRST NATIONAL BANK ' ALBION, MIGHIGAN. "SYlVlPLSGPiDQS." VOL. l. ALBION COLLEGE. '9l. NO. l. A CRISIS AVERTED. A DRAMA IN THREE ACTS. DRAMATIS PERSONZE. PHCENICEO, Lord and Master of the House. AGNICLE, Second Wife of Phoeniceo. MFEGNETTE, Mother of Agnicle, Drug Clerk, Servants, Canary Birds, etc. ACT I. ISCENE-Corridor No. 2, west of ice box, in the mansion of Phoeniceo. Enter the master of the house, closely followed by second wife, mother-in- law, and five servants carrying trunks, band boxes, bird cages, etc.j Phoeniceo. tTremulously to Maeonettej But, dear mother, I did not know 'twould all this trouble cause, for had I known or for a moment thought it would be thus, I would have saved thee all thy tears. CTurning to Agni- cle.J Weep no .more, Agnicle, my own, but speak what thou wouldst have me to do. Agnicle-Return the goods thou didst just buy and get thee to Thoma- son and G-ale's and buy new. ' Phoeniceo-It is best I will so do. lExit Phoeniceo with arm full of books, etc.J ACT II. LSCENE-Thomason 8z Gale's Drug Store.1 Phoeniceo. fHurriedly to drug clerk who wore a smile.l Sell me quick the goods that I will name. Clerk, who wore a smile-At your service, sir. Phoeniceo-Condition powders, the best you have, 20 pounds will do: strychnine to kill the rats, about 3 pennies worth, Castoria and Cod Liver Oil, two bottles each, some good cough syrup, liniment, and a good tonic that will tone one up and make people young again-all that you can recom- mend-of each, one bottleg two tablets that are goody writing paper and envelopes that do match, four boxes I will take, pencils for slate and paper, one gross each. The school books of various kinds I will not select to-day, but will come again on the morrow. Clerk that wore a smile-Your order is filled complete, sir. fEXit Phoeniceo with package of goods under his arm.J ACT III. ISCENE-Sky parlor in Phoenecio's mansion. Maeonette and Agnicle sitting at the table playing tiddledywinks. Enter Phoeniceo with package.j Phoeniceo-Dear Agnicle, I have your wishes carried out, and have goods bought at a bargain at Thomason 8z Gale's. Art thou pleased now, my wife? Agnicle--Nearly so, my lord, and if thou wilt make to me one prom- ise my happiness will be complete. Phoeniceo-And what is that, my lady? Agnicle-That thou will trade always at Thomason 8x G-ale's, where the best and cheapest goods are always to be found. Phoeniceo-CCatching her up in his arms.l It is agreed, my love. Now let us away and dine. A CExit Phoeniceo and Agnicle with locked arms while' Maaonette plays "Sweet Roses" on the steam calliope.J MORALTBHY your Drugs, Books, Stationery and Artist's Material of THOMASON 8x GALE. ,, G HRS IN IT. nom' my foo Milan X, For your New Suit or Overcoat. You can lead yourself into the belief that highest plums are the sweetest, and that the highest priced CLOTHING is better than our Bssff READY Mans. A Comparison will dispel any such impression' NONE 'are su- perior to ours, HOAGI.IN, THE CLOTHIER, wishes to impress two things upon your mind. For assortment, Style, Finish, and dependable Clothing you SHOUQD come to us: Flor Men's, Boys' and Children's Fine Clothing at prices ordinarily paid for cheap stuff, yor! SHOULD ifisn' Us. Our Sland:n'd of Ready-Made Clothing improves year by year. VVe busy ourselves from January to December, and give you the benefit of our labor in the style and quality of our wares. We're right 1711. willz Albion and Albion Colleges Grand and General Improvements, AS EVER, THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHIER. si- F. F. nonsun. A NEW BOOK FROM COVER TO COVER JUST BSSUED FROM THE PRESS. Fully Abreast with the Times X X S I XII WEBSTER S DICTIONARY .N xx a s pg INTERNATIONAL A GRAN D I NVESTM ENT For the Family, the School, the Professional or Private Library. The Authentic Webster's 'Una- bridged Diotionary, comprising the issues of 1864, '79, 42 '84, copyrighted property of the undersigned, is now Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged under the supervision of Noah Por- ter, D. D., LL. D., of Yale Universi- ty, and as a. distinguishing title, bears the name of 'Webster's Inter- national Dictionary. Editorial work upon this revision has been in active progress for over Ten Years. Not less than One Hundred paid editorial laborers have been en- gaged upon it. Over 8300,000 expended in its preparation before the iirst copy was printed. Critical comparison with any other Dictionary is invited. GET TH E BEST. - The Various Bindings are Especially Rich and Substantial. Illustrated Pamphlet containing Specimen Pages, Sic., will be sent prepaid upon application. Punlished by G. 85 C. MERRIAM 85 CO., Springfield, Mass., U. S. A. FOR SALE BY ALL BOOKSELLERB. , 'w X 1 -x, - f .V n., l.. . X, ,au M ,lf f14.,,,n,, f,, ,. b,PC:.GQgmfkvLC lla... K-. PC fi fy M3251 ' ...5.1391.g... TI-IE SYIYIPLEGPIDES PUBLISHED FOR CBE SBTUDEDTS ADD HRIEDDSS OH PILBIOH COLLEGE, SENICDR CLJTXSS. FSLEION, MICH. VOLUME 1. CHLCNDHR. 1890-'91, OPENING OF THE COLLEGE YEAR. Sept. 24-Examination of candidates for adinissiong also speci tions, 9 a. m. Sept. 25-Enrollment Day-Cominencing 9 a, m. Sept. 26-Recitations begin-Chapel 9 a. rn. Dec. 23-Term closes. HOLIDAY VACATION. ' 1991- I Jan. 6-Entrance and Special Examinations-Enrollment Day. Jan. 7-Recitations begin-Chapel 9 a. 111. Jan. 29-Day of Prayer for Colleges. March 27-Term Closes. SPRING VACATION. April 7-Entrance and Special Examinations-Enrollment Day. April 8-Recitations begin-Chapel 9 a. nl. June June June June June June June June June June COMMENCEMENT WEEK, I7-Coininenceinent Reminiscence Meeting S p. m. I8-Anniversary of College Society 3 p. in. I9-Anniversary of College Society 8 p. in. I9-Closing day of Recitations and Examinations. 21-Commencement Sunday. 22-W. W. Cooper Prize Oratorical Contest. 23-Allllllfli Day. 23-Meeting Board of Trustees. 24-Conservatory Day-Connnencement Concert 8 25-Comnieucement Day-Year Closes. p. in. 2 al examina lg ,iii- Lf,-95155. --V55s Fg ?'?eQ'SQVx. 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V 1 ' 1 F hfZ3ffgf3'L7Ef1?7""V ff if wi, .12 V, " ' 5355 If ' LE' 91.5 ", ,, fZf3:'7VlVV V' f as ,'+-Vfz'-VHva1f,,.1.'1ff .4 , ,fu , , --5,-.ggf,. f T, X Qu V 0 ,, . , M , V 3 V-,f -, 1, ff kr, , , ' 'Sn I ' 1' I ! A M57 agr, 'aw BRARY Qi ,, 31 B ,"iwQ1.5 by gggufil V XXX ' 'E'W'gr I I .. .. - .V . V ' " V- . -- ,- h--- ,...-, V - "f319F"?'f--V 5'I'1"'N T' ' '5 " H - -m:.':,:- .V 'V'1z.- 1? 9.9 -V f WV..-.. Eh' - '., 'TZ .V wi' '.-v--'Vail "5"- 'c - '-' r""1"' --V-, -. , I It fffiiiiq 1 VV V Aff , V. . - Q " ' V P- V ' - ii A 'Z W'-:Mala 'g L,Q4,,VV,: V-.1- -Vx, gg-,V-V-'V ,. . 7 -X N -- -V 4 1 Mai 9, H ! , 9 'F E "i?5i9Q' jg?-5'-,?x?1f"'J v ,PWA ff".9fL-ffl: 'ic i' f-'Z2?1'I I 4 ' 5' S. 1 "." , ,' -- 1 V 1 V -- l',. pg-: 5-ff r l' 6 Vs H fx ffff ff? Q! S -fi Xxf f fi ,ff 1' f f - ....-. li XV-4' ' if " . f 2' "'Q'TT w.Pwgfw fy- L ""'--V! Eiefamif Qff ESSEEQWS. OWEN R. LOVEf0Y, Editor-in-Chief HOMER G. WARREN, CHARLES G. MA YWOOD, jENNIE E. CAMPBELL, LULUjACKSON, LIZZIE M. WRIGHT, ADDIE MCHA TTY, OTIS A. LEONARD, EDWARD A. ARIIISTRONG GEORGE W. WRIGHT. GEORGE G. NE WELL, Business Manager. 7 TO CBE 11550 IUILL BUILD A FIFTEIGD CEOUSADD DOLLAR Q5gm11a5iu1n FOR ALBION QOLLGGQ U C513 vowme is AHHGQTIOQACQLY DQDIQHTGD. rrvrerfelee.. qQbfLASS ,QI has no apologies to offer for the appearance of this L? volume. Every true student will always prize any memento GP of that part of his life which has served, more than any' other, tovmould his character and it him for success. The Symplegades aims to be that souvenir. The catalogue of students and alumni will render it most useful to those who desire a convenient register. The engravings of the College Faculty and Buildings will be highly valued by all who possess any spark of gratitude to the Institution and its liberal supporters, and to the hard Worked men and women who so faithfully labor for our instruction. ' In regard to the personalities it can only be said that many things which might have been exposed have been withheld, because of sympathy for our fellow students. If any shall feel that they have been severely dealt With, let them remember that theirs is the universal experience of the genius. We Wish to thank the President and Faculty for the hearty support which they have given us in our undertaking, and the many students who have kindly furnished us with items of interest and information. Expecting the censure of some, hoping we merit the commenda- tion of many, we submit the First Volume of The Symplegades to your honest criticism. THE EDITORS. 7 BOHRD OF TRUSTGGS. L. R. FISKE, LL. D., P1'esz'den!. ELECTED BY THE DETROIT CONFERENCE. Hon. H. M. Loud, Oscoda, Otis A. Critchett, A. M., Monroe. Rev. J. S. Smart, D. D., Flint, George O. Robinson, A. M., Detroit, Horace Hitchcock, Detroit, Rev. L. P. Davis,-D. D., Detroit, ELECTED BY MICHIGAN CONFERENCE. Hon. H- E. Staples. WVhiteha1l, Rev. W. H. Brockway, Ist V. Pres.. Albion, Rev. John Graham, D. D., Grand Rapids, VVHHs'VV.Cooper, St.Joseph, James W. Sheldon, Albion, Rev. Wilbur I. Cogshall, Kalamazoo, ELECTED BY THE SOCIETY OF ALUMNI. Samuel Dickie, M. S., 2d V. Pres., Albion, Charles M. Ranger, A. B., Battle Creek, Rev. E. B. Bancroft, A. M., B. D., Owosso, ENDOWMENT FUND COMMITTEE. Hon. Daniel Striker, Hastings, S. P. Sidnam, Hastings, Hon. Wm. H. Haze, M. D., Lansing, SECRETARY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Professor Delos Fall, M. S., - - S 71'rm E.1y51'rL'.v. 1 891 IS9 1 1892 1892 1893 1893 1891 1891 ISQ2 1892 1893 , T393 1891 1892 1895 1 892 1395 I S98 - Albion. BOARD OF VISITORS AND EXAMINERS. .IPI-OINTED nv SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. Rev. D. M. Fisk, A. M., -------- Jackson Mr. J. W. Kennedy, Detroit Miss Lucy Chittenden, ------- Ypsilanti APPOINTED BY DETROIT CONFERENCE. Rev. C. L. Adams, - - - - ---- - Holly Rev. J. C. VVortley, -------- Swartz Creek APPOINTED BY MICHIGAN CONFERENCE. Rev. L. Grosenbaugh, - - ----- Lansing Rev. F. C. Lee, - - Greenville STANDING COMMITTEES FOR 1890-91. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. L. R. Fiske, VV. H. Brockway, Samuel Dickie, J. W. Sheldon. AUDITING COMMITTEE. L. R. Fiske, W. H. Brockway, Samuel Dickie, J. W. Sheldon. FINANCE COMMITTEE. Samuel Dickie, Horace Hitchcock, H. M. Loud, G. O. Robinson. COMMITTEE ON FACULTY. John Graham, Willis W. Cooper, L. P. Davis. COURSES OF STUDY. L. R. Fiske, C. M. Ranger, Edward B. Bancroft. RULES AND REGULATIONS. L. R. Eiske, John Graham, H. E. Staples, Wilbur I. Cogshall. LIBRARY AND APPARATUS. James S. Smart, Wilbur I. Cogshall, F. M. Taylor. BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. L. R. Fiske, W. H. Brockway, J. W. Sheldon. ASBURY CENTENARY ASSOCIATION. OFFICERS. President-Bishop Wm. X. Ninde, D. D., LL. D., Topeka, Kansas. Vice Presidents-Pres. L. R. Fiske, D.D., LL. D., Albion, Hon. Thomas W. Palmer, A. M., Detroit, Julius Berkey, Esq., Grand Rapids. Sec- retary-Prof. Delos Fall, M. S., Albion. Corresponding Secretary-Rev. J. S. Smart, D. D., Flint. Treasurer-J. W. Sheldon, Esq., Albion. 9 BGHRD OF MHNHGGRS. The Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Trustees of Albion College are, ex-Ujirio, members of the Board of Managers. MANAGERS ELECTED BY MICHIGAN CONFERENCE, , Term E.:y313'e.v. Rev. J. A. Sprague, Three Rivers, 1891 M. J. Bigelow, Esq., Kalamazoo, 1891 W. P. Sidman, Esq., Hastings, 1891 Rev. N. L. Bray, Coldwater, 1891 Rev. A. P. Moors, Ionia, 1892 Rev. M. D. Carrol, Chicago, Ill., 1892 F. N. Wright, Esq., Greenville, 1892 Jacob C. More, Esq., Grand Rapids, 1892 Prof. Samuel Johnson, Lansing, 1893 Robert G. Chandler, Coldwater, 1893 Rev. M. M. Callen, Jackson, 1893 Rev. Wm. Denman, Grand Rapids, 1893 Rev. G. L. Mount, Parma, 1893 MANAGERS ELECTED BY DETROIT CONFERENCE. Rev. J. E. Jacklin, Flint, 1891 Albert Miller, Esq., Bay City, 1891 Marshall H. Godfrey, Esq., Detroit, 1891 Rev. L. P. Davis, A. M., D. D., Detroit, 1892 Rev. C. B. Spencer, A. M., Owosso, 1892 Frank R. Beal, Esq., Northville, 1892 Horace Hitchcock, Esq., Detroit, 1892 Rev. Arthur Edwards, D. D., Chicago, Ill., 1893 Rev. John McEldoWney, D. D., Port Huron, 1893 Rev. W. W. Washburn, D. D.,: Saginaw, 1893 Hon. John Owen, Detroit, 1893 Hon. H. M. Loud, Oscoda, 1893 T. C. Owen, Esq., Detroit, 1893 I0 45 mlm? BOHRD OF INSTRUCTION. LEWIS R. FISKE, President. CARL B. SCHEFFLER, Director of Conservatory. ELLA HOAG BROCKWAY, Preceptress. WASHINGTON GARDNER, Public Lecturer. ROLLIN C. WELCH, Secretary. REV. L. R. FISKE, D. D., LL. D., . John Owen Professorship of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. -REV. ROLLIN C. WELCH, A. M., D. D., John Morrison Reid Professorship of Greek Language and Literature DELOS FALL, M. S., David Preston Professorship of Chemistry and Biology. Samuel O. Knapp Professorship of Geology and Mineralogy. FRED M. TAYLOR, A. M., Ph. D., Henry M. Loud Professorship of History. CARL B. SCHEFFLER, Piano, Harmony and Counterpoint. SAMUEL D. BARR, A. M., W. H. Brockway Professorship of Mathematics. ROBERT S. AVANN, A. M., Ph. D., Latin Language and Literature. FREDERICK LUTZ, A. M., Modern Languages. E. JOSEPHINE CLARK, A. M., Eng1ishLang'uage and Latin. CHARLES E. BARR, A. M., Ezra Bostwick Professorship of Astronomy. REV. WASHINGTON GARDNER, A. Biblical History and Literature. .TENNIE A. WORTHINGTON, Piano. MARK B. BEAL, ' Oratory. ELLA HOAG BROCKWAY, Ph. ,M English Literatu re and Musical History. F. C. COURTER, Drawing, Perspective and Painting. ' MRS. H. W. MOSHER, Decorative Painting. MATTIE A. REYNOLDS, Violin and Guitar. ANNE MAY MORGAN, Voice Culture. MINNIE E. POWERS, Piano. IENNIE M. WHITCOMB, Pia11or,and Organ. CORA TRAVIS, Piano and Voice. CHARLESEL. MCCLELLAN. Principal of Commercial Department. MAGGIE L. MILLER, Shorthand and Typewriting. .TENNIE E. CAMPBELL, Ass't Teacher of German. SMITH BURNHAM, Ass't Teacher of History. FRED M. TAYLOR, A. M., Ph. D. Librarian. REV. B. S. TAYLOR, M. D., Assistant Librarian. I2 -r I. Rollin C. Welch. 2. . Samuel D. Barr. . -v Delos Fall. 3. Fred M. Taylor Robert S. Avann. Gollege .r-lsst'orr41.. LBION COLLEGE has already passed a few mile-stones in its progress toward . Lf the completion ofthe second quarter-century of its existence. We trust that the Annalist ofthe future mayihave many years of prosperous history to record and, counted in the hope of this possibility, the years that are past seein few, but, in view of the activity and honorable achievement which has marked them, they are many. Albion College has numbered but thirty 'years, but we must look farther in the past for the origin of the institution which now bears this name. In IS43, under a charter from the State Legislature, the Wesleyan Seminary was opened under the direction of Rev. Charles F. Stockwell. Surely in this, the very beginning, there was manifest the spirit which seeks adaptation to present needs, for we Find among the' list of teachers at this period-"Joseph S. Sutton, Tutor of Indians." One of the Catalogues of these years is-of special interest to the student of the present for in it is found the name of him who is now our honored President. In I85O, by an amendment to the original charter, The Female Collegiate Insti- tute was organized and, until 1861, the institution was known as the Albion Female College and NVesleyan Seminary. Feb. 15, 1861, the charter was again amended and Albion College was founded with full collegiate powers. Since that time men and women have been admitted to all its privileges and hon- ors, for its founders believed that "there is no sex in science." The College was then .under the Presidency of Rev. Thomas H. Sinex, A. M. In 1864, by another amendment of the charter, an Endowment Fund Committee was created. Soon after this, Rev. George B. Jocelyn, D. D., was called to the President's chair and his efficient control ensured prosperous days. The courses of study were increased to four and, while instruction had always been given in the Fine Arts, the work in this department was much enlarged. In 1874, Rev. Rollin C. Welch, A. M., D. D'.,,.,was called to the chair which he now holds, he being the Hrst of our present board of instruction. In the same year the Conservatory of Music was established. With 1377, there dawned a new era of prosperity for the college. Rev. L. R. Fiske, D. D., LL. D., was called to assume the duties of President and the present standing of the college shows how well they have been performed. I3 i During this year Samuel Dickie, who now holds the Chairmanship of the Na- tional Prohibition Committee, was appointed Professor of Mathematics. From this time frequent additions to our teaching force rapidly formed our pres- ent Faculty, In 1878, Delos Fall, M. S., was appointed Professor of Natural Science and in 1879, F. M. Taylor, A. M., Ph. D., accepted the Chair of History. Q Improvement in the various departments was very marked. The Art Depart ment was brought to higher excellenceg the Museum found a permanent location and many additions were made to itg the Laboratory was better equipped and the Library enlarged. In 1882, D. Barr, A. M., was called to the Chair ofMathematicsg Rena Michxls, now Dean of WOmH1I7S College, Northwestern University, was made Preceptress-a position now held by Mrs. Ella Hoag Brockwayg E. Josephine Clark accepted the po- sition which she now holds, and Professor Carl B. Scheffler became Director of the Conservatory. In the following year the Professorship of Latin Language and Literature was filled by R. S. Avann, A. M., Ph. D. In 1885, the efficiency of the Science Department was greatly increased by the erection of the Observatory, the Chair of Astronomy at this time being held by Pro- fessor Dickie. ' In 1885, Frederick Lutz, A. M., was called to the Professorship of Modern Languages. The Commercial Department was added in 1886 and has proven most successful. In 1888, C. E. Barr, A, M., accepted the Chair ofAstronomy, made vacant by the resignation of Professor Dickie. At this time the School of Painting was placed under the direction of Professor F. C. Courter. Among the very recent improvements is the addition of the Department of Oratory with Professor Mark S. Beal at its head. Since the laying of the corner-stone of the iirstbuilding until the present there has been no halt in the onward movement. From all the changes of the past and the ef- forts of those to whom the students of Albion College must ever be grateful, there has arisen an institution, controlled by able advisers, furnished with a competent teaching fOI'QC,'Qql1lP1JCd with necessary apparatus, and provided with funds which place it on a firm financial basis. So far we have dugelt only upon the details of history, much more important is the history of the College idea. It never has been and is not now designed to assume the duties of a University or Professional school and prepare for any specific calling in life. It is designed, by requirr ing students to prosecute a thorough and systematic course of study, to secure that men- tal discipline and development which alone are worthy the name ofacollegiate institution. - For all, our Alma Mater desires, that "they may cease to look upon study as an ob- ligation and begin to look upon it as an opportunity." I4 ii ' nePARz:mem Qiteraturef Science, lifts. X ,X 336 . gf? 4'4?'5, fir? I , Aff ' 'J' , ff.-?,T4o-F ,os ,.x,' " ' --s1- Q- ,Lp-- x- ' - ' fat, ,-v, -551,25 K, ,N-rw ,,f4.. 4' '- f 1 ' fu- - , . . ff ' -'LL' -1 -glib-' ' "rin-31 -L 4 -,.A..N-' Q, ' Q-.: -4,,,, z,.,. f-- --,:. ' I - iii-.:':?5fg5f4 " -A -S' --aa.-1 9 .-nf-,-.929 ' -Ee- ,.:. - f'-'61-'J-A 3- . 'gg'-' ff-:f ,-.. . ' ' "' Ml, "J,-,E-71595-,325-f. f 24,-1 42. A Y 1: I, ,v 2", X N if xv , Z I 'xyfmtigl 7 ,. 'lr f kla mamg .V 'VZ ' KX 'Igx:- 'I 1 ,f , 1 A wwf ,gn , 4 A H 13, . 3, - -J , , U1 ,JSA mn - Q..-If lu f: T752 Unltd? -7' ff, M-4 W-Vu: fl 1 2 -"Y""fs-P'-V49 -'fjP" '5-5' : 'f ' ' J-'J. llvl 1 Zz 'ff 1 f Gb , f'I4ffj, 2g'?,? 'L f T5 H L - Q ,ff X f -'7' if A . 1 Nth. -f W: ' -' , ' , f 1 --J H - 2-,-fiwif?--'L "'I..f 'i -, f7?r-T455 L A ff " 'q i Q ,J.,,.,...g- X W- X . , - - -. 1 Y .. ""' ' F I ' 'l ..fL'2,'57f4r 1 I J .4 ,, 1, ro-. , bf i,,e, -,g f F? M hx fi, rf 1. 15 177 ,- X g A X -f 1:-Si-V' 4 ' af' --isa' ' . - "' "' ' - -Q N .- i - """ ' - rl: ,VA ,J7 Qgr ' 1.7-7 ' 5 '3'QWiS:9i-4-f 17:--vi---' "Y fxfj 'IA W! , - ff f - :ggi-923516 f , -.4 1 b-1-,,:.i-j"-1135625 4 , , ,,-T,.,.f-L-T V jx VM - fi ' - V 4 f ,, . " f A 1 'Fi ,-iEEi?'i??" ' i 7 ' f' --w3-. " , . , - 1 A. ,Z - -QS 5 f-rl 1, y 4 ll! -- hz- " "' -, , ii M 7 lf' 'Q f " , fify j . 'ff -2- .hug L lf 71-5'V5"afi -A Z V , ,ylly ' 'Wi T3 Wi I - 'X , .1 f"- 1 1 iff! 514' 1 'Y - J - "J q ff 1-12""" 'F , -A 1-, , -A - 1' f 'f' i:ii5?fii i'1- 11-- S Q - - OQQUQIY Q OFFICERSI Pfesideni-H. G. WARREN, Vice-Pres.-MARY A. WELCH, SECI'6flZ7jl-C. B. MAYWOOD, T reasurer-ADDIE MCHATTIE, Ilfarshal-LOUISE MUNROE COMMITTEE ON INVITATIONS: O. R. Lovrajoy, NEVA BILLINGHURST. KITTIE EGGLESTON, LOUISE MUNROE. I7 SQNIOR QLHSS l'lISTOliTY'. It is the historian's happy lot to rescue from oblivion the achievements of one of the greatest and grandest institutions of which our times can boast. You all know what that is-the present Senior Class of Albion College. Four short years ago we began our glorious career. How glorious has been the past of every member, we are too modest to tell. WVe were not always thusg we, too, have been Freshmen. We have been the means of great improvement and discipline for the Faculty. It is a fact that when we were Freshmen, the Facility knew but little, if any, more than we did. During the years of our sojourn in college halls, they have made prodigious ad- vancement in learning and wisdom till, at the present time, we all acknowledge that they know vastly more than we. This is a grand record. XVe are proud of it. Quantitivelyiwe were greatest when we were Freshmen, qualitatively we have just reached the ne plus ultra. Our ranks have been thinned. Our comrades have fallen, on the right and the left, as the scripture saith. XVe started with high ambitions, noble aims and 39 members, now there is a hand ot only I7 who hear the thunders of applause, and wear the honors clustering thick about their classic brows. The world allured and enticed us, but we consented not. School boards have wildly clamored for our services. Crowds have offered votes and allegiance to many of our young men, if only they would give up the fond dream of learning, and lead their fellow citizens on to victory in politics. Society has claimed us. The church has hardly been able to exist without us. XVc have been urged and besought to improve the openings and opportunities in the professional world. "Crowded professions" have no terrors for us. All callings, even that of the Book Agent, have opened their doors wide and invited us to "NValk right in." NVe who are left? the present Senior class, have had the pure enthusiasm of learning, the madness of noble minds, which would not let us turn aside to regular employments. We have drunk deep at the Presian Springrf' . Now, dearly beloved undergraduates, we bid you farewell. VVe know you will miss us, when the places that now see us shall see us no more. VVe will not harrow up your gentle souls by speaking at greater length of the heart-rending separation, soon to occur. We particularly beg our dear friends of the Junior class to restrain their many deep and sorrowful emotions, for fear of serious consequences to their deli- cate frames.-Farewell. 'kNo mind but one essentially profane will see any pun in this. TThis spring is situated somewhere in Africa, supposed to be the source of the Nile. It was discovered by Stanley. It is here used metaphorically. :S SENIOR CLASS ROLL. 1Vame. Cvurxu. Abbott, L. F. Armstrong, E. A., A T A Bartley, J. H., Z X Berkaw, G. R. Campbell, Jennie E., A I' Ishizaka, Masanobu Laberteaux, F. Leonard, O. A., A T A Lovejoy, O. R., A T A Mattice, A. E. Pierce, Dollie G. Rogers, E. G. Rork, Lydia M. Warren, H. G., Z X Welch, Marv D. Weyant, F. N. Wright, George W. Wright, Lizzie M. Yamaka, Hatanoshin sci. cl sci I sci cl I sri sci Z sci al cl Z sci sci Z sci gk sci cl 1 sci cl Ze! Ze! I9 Ir'csz11'u1lce. Galesburg Detroit 4 Grand Rapids Parma South Haven Tokyo, Japan Albion Albion Albion Spring Arbor Utica Medina Agnew Flint Schoolcraft Danby May May Tokyo, .T apan Hr 1 nf' 3' A 15, 5LL'V A. gm ew- nw' r1',. uf" ' li ' If Y 1"J'1 -rr tlhgn , . '-'I - Ln, Tr .M . I" 'lr "' U mx ar v nw ,, If rink 'FM' cm' wir flip'-HE! E: nl, u.,, 9,162 QU Ll-.. Q' 1. n n n "7 J r T A f umm Gllaw. OFFICERS . APm,idm-ELLA Lf CASTER Wie Pres.-I. ROBINSON! Secretary-Ol O , f ' . 0rator-A .T WILDER -. , Q.. ' A, f A .-1. he . - :WI ' "ffl, A , 'n.-h .lf -, Y 'md'- -1.5 , , -' W !UE1f" LJIi-'H-L, . -L A ' 'f ,inn 'Mn1J.,1 "', A .51 . 3 Q , Tami! -' T? 5, .A L-xi INN",-.IfT,'1 .3 Wx: - , Lu " 'rx' 17' Y Hun 1: I ,, ,u,M1,,,i,i 4.-,ilu T Hu! Treasu? A Mqrghgiliglgif., X . 29, .- r'N JUNIOR QLHSS HISTORY. XVe are the light-hearted, jolly juniors. We have out-lived the freshness of our early college life, but have not yet attained the dignity and scholastic accomplishments of our senior friends. This is our holiday. Next year, however, will tire out our brains, trying,-alas, in vain,-to follow in the first steps of our present senior class! It doesn't seem to us that we will ever know enough to graduate, VVe don't speak of this, however, except in confidence, for we really do expect to graduate next year, by relying on our good looks, and working the faculty, XVe are ornamental, too, Every- body but those stuck up Seniors will own it. And, clon't you know, the most exquisitely beautiful set of gentlemen bangs in the whole institution belongs to the junior class? Beside being beautiful they are useful, One has only to glance at those of which R-l-o P-r-t-r is the' proud owner to be firmly convinced of the truth of the Darwinian Theory. Our girls have bangs, toog how Raphael would have gloated over the rights of our little Junior girl who has not one but many a little curl. Some of us are athletes, VVhy! when we had our fight with the Seniors over a seat in chapel we came out second best! Some of us excel in faith and good works, still others live only to be beautiful. Take us all together, we are most auspicious for being hrst-class all-round dudes. VVe know we are a "thing of beauty," and "a joy forever," but we are not to blame for it, we cau't help it, for 'tis our nature to, To be sure there are some drawbacks, It does become monotonous, sometimes, to have every eye turned in our direction, whenever we appear in all our elegance, with a rare and stunning maiden at lecture or concert, We actually do feel almost faint as we think of the adniiration and jealousy we have aroused. ' 2I JUNIOR CLASS ROLL. Nnlzze. Course. Allen, F. E., A T A Anderson, L. W., E X Barnhart, Amanda, A T Burnham, S., E X Caster, Ella L., K A G Draper, Burke, QI! A G Godfrey, J. I. Goss, Etta, A l' Griffin, S. C. Inamato, O. O. Kulp, Essie R., A I' Landon, A. L., E X Loud, E. R., A T A Majima, Otohiko Palmatier, C. H., A T SZ Parmeter, R. L., A T A Robinson, I. E. Sharer, C. H., 2 X Staley, Fannie J., K A O Staley, J. VV., 2 X Wilder, A. J'., A T A cl sci cl 1 sci Z sci cl Z sci le! cl cl rl I sri rl sri rl sri rl srz' rl rl rl 1?e.vidence. Albion Albion Mason Climax West Bay City Chicago Parma Otsego Albion Hakodate, Jap. Battle Creek Springport Albion Kanda, Tokyo, .Tap Bonlield Albion Lansing Cedar Springs Grayling Grayling Tekonsha 6. Frederick Lutz. 7. Charles E. Barr. 8. E. Josephine Clark 9. Ella H. Brockway. IO. Vifashington Gardner. V , ' 9.5 , - . ,- Hy,-1J,I':3:'m u 1 ,. li. ,Jw ' - -- ,us-' .f J'- '. nu, . --. ,- ..: - I, ,sl,." ,.,U. lr, '.i."1n " """' M ' -f 'H r ,.""" 4' , Sapban-QQWQ GHQES.. U orncansz - Pfmdenfgle. G. MCDONALD, ' 1 - ' Vice Pres.-MIMA HOPKINS, Setreiafy-FQ E. DODDS, A Q , 'A Treasufer-FANNIE ELDER, Hisiorian-JOH-N J. MARSHALL, , I 4 - 0raz'o'r-EMMA AGARD. 1. i, ,ffkj QA , . . ,Ig nf- . '-gr! 5-,, ,J , A , fl ,V I. ,, .. , I .lg I. Tl 5.1 Y 4 L3 3 1 .m - 1'-..,-4,2 uw- QA 3 3 4 ii 5 el .F A JN T 5 5 1 ur- JE :J '5 .I I J , . I N fl PM - hi 'V I N 1 , 3 Q3 , :Cl 1 nf' ' J , gf ' , I .N ,yn H lx 10 ,pl ff L Y X 151 "UU 1 - " . -.1 wg-,-. f A uw- 'r 2 tw bf, 413, . SOPHOMORQ QLHSS HISTORY. We are Sophomores, We sing the doxology three times a clay, because we can no longer be called Freshmen, WVe have a great reputation to mantain. As you doubtless know, any invention or discovery usually bears the name of its originator, for example, Kepler's laws, discovered by Mr. Kepler, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, discovered by Dr Ayer: Macadamized pavement, invented by Mr. McAdams, and Sophomoric Eloquence invented by the Sophomore class. This is a distinction no other class has ever attained. VVe are the only workers ofthe institution. At the first of the year the Fresh- men are overwhelmed with grief at leaving the parental shelter, Later their minds are absorbed in the novelty of their surroundings, and various other things, incident to their position, so that it is impossible for them to spend much time studying. Juniors and Seniors take electives and attend the Science Association. They don't have to study. We are the ones who seek out wisdom, who search for it as for hidden treasures, Sir Isaac Newton has proved conclusively in his Principia, that the Junior and Senior years were added to the college course in order to give Sophmores a needed rest after their exertion. The professors are often so OVCFCOIIIC with the brillinncy and profuseness of our reci- tations that they exclaim in admiration "Oh! those Sophoinox-es." Let not the Freshmen mock our useful toil, Our line recitations and our passes sureg Nor a single student hear with seornful smile, The short, but truthful annals of our class. Now fades the life of Freshmen on our sight, And all our souls a solemn gladness holds, Save when our verse machine will not work right, And o'er us go such awful shudclers cold. 24 i ,ln l l il ,ll ., rl s 4 .1 1 F i A SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL. 1Vame. Calwxv. Agard, Emma G., K A 9 I sri Armstrong, Jennie M., K A 9 rl Arnold, H. B. rl Arnold, J. F. rl Barber, Rena sri Barrett, Bertha le! Billinghurst, Neva M. A le! Cutler, 1. E., A T S2 sci Dodds, F. E., A T S2 fl Doolittle, Alice L. le! Elder, Frances E. fl Engle, W. D., A T SZ rl Ford, R. C., A T A I sri Graves, J. C. sri Hoffman, J. W. fl Hopkins, Mima, K A 9 cl Lampinan, W. A. I sri Marshall, J. J. Z sci McDonald, R. G., E X Z sri Miller, R. N., E X I sci Pierce, J. F. S. rl Schultz, S., E X I sci Simmons, W. H. cl Smith, Dollie E. let Warren, O. B., A T A cl Welch, J. W. cl Wooten, R., A T SZ cl Ifcs1?t'i'11rv. Litchfield Kalamazoo Marshall Albion Litchfield Niles Muskegon Putnam, Conn Ionia Albion Albion Petoskey Litchfield Albion Rodney, Miss Owosso Hastings Aurelius Flint Mason Utica Lansing Marshall Eaton Rapids St. Joseph Schoolcraft Hastings Class Colors-Heliotrope and Black. Yr!!--Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Roar! 'Urah! 'Ura.h! '94, ' OFFICERS: P1'e'sz'defz!-MYRTE D. MOORS, ViceP1'es.-C. E. SMITH, Scfrefaijl-AGNES F. GRAVES, Orzztor-I. A. BEDDOW, Treasurer-R. NEVVMAN, Poei--HATTIE MAYS, A A Toast' illasief'-VV. RICE. Hi5!01'ia1z-GERTRUDE B. CANNON 26 FRQSHMHN QLHSS HISTORY. As the poet says: "Pity the sorrows of this poor fresh class." The whole world pointeth the Finger of scorn at us. NVe are reviled and rejected of men, No one careth for our complaints. And why, forsooth? One word tells the whole story. NVe are Freshmen, and therefore, why-ese we are Freshmen, that's all. But really you could not tell that we were Freshmen unless you knew, for we throw back our shoulders and stand up as straight as anything, and we don't hardly ever catch our canes or umbrellas in the side-walks now. And we can talk more and use more big dictionary words than lots of students who have been here two or three times as long as we. Wie get letters from home full of good advice which we don't al- ways read. They keep writing to us about being studious and ambitious, and being an honor to our friends. And we are trying our very best to be all they expect us to. Quite a number of us boys have joined the Athletic Association and we can already boast of a fair share of thumbs and fingers out oi joint, black eyes, crippled limbs, etc. We believe in every young man's getting a college education if.possible. What would become of the science of base-ball and foot-ball if there were no colleges? No, sir, we don't believe in shortening the course to three years. No average man can Hnish up these two most important branches in less than four years. We have learned so many new thingsg we can say Doc, and Prof. just like old stu- dents. WVe have not spoken of members of the faculty as Fiske, Fall, Taylor, etc., for two or three weeks, One ofthe Frats has asked us to join, but we told them we were not going to till we had visited them all, and found out which we liked best, Some girls were selling tickets to the lecture course the other day, they told us everybody bought two, so we did. When we showed them to the collector at the ent1'ance of ,the church, she and some of the rest ofthe girls who were standing around with little canes in their hands to give people seats, laughed right out. XVe fairly blushed for them, they were so rude. Someone has just told us that every young man here is expected' to take a girl to the lecture, and that is the reason why everybody has to buy two tickets. All right, we will do just as the rest do, VVe have already asked seven girls to go to the next lecture. We are not discouraged, we will keep at it anyway, till we have asked all the girls in our society, fwe have joined a literary society,j and I guess we will Find somebody. Why, at home the girls are all wild over us, The trouble is, we are not much acquainted here, and they donit appreciate us yet. ' Till we Meet Again. 27 FRESHMRH CLHSS ROLL. Mzlzze. C'0lll'.N'l', Allen, Clarence E., A T A Allen, Martha Allen, Nettie B., A X Sl Ball, Rosa . Beddow, Ira A. Birdsey, Corbin P. Blake, Frank A. Brockway, Martha A. Bruce, Lottie E., A 1' Cannon, Gertrude B., A F Carr, Bert M., 2 X Clemo, Thomas W. Cogshall, Grace A., A T Conklin, Alice J. Cook, Newell Cranipton, Burton A. Cushman, Herbert C., A T A Davids, Ernest B. Dewey, Grace E., A 1' Dunning E. Clarence, E X Fenn, Charles H., A T S2 Fillio, Ulysses H. Ford, Selden B. Graves, Agnes F., K A G Heys, Mabel A. Howard, Walton W., E X Hull, Sidney Hunt, May B., A I' ' Jacobs, Charles S., A T S2 Kennedy, Iola B., K A G Kerr, Neil M. Kirk, Lillian E., A X Q Ludlum, Hadley O. Mains, Wesley H. Marsh, Kate M. Mays, 'Hattie B. rl le! I sri sri I sri rl I sri le! lei lei I sci cl cl cl sci cl 1 sci cl cl cl fl fl cl I sci Z ci Z sci sci cl cl I sci cl lei cl let ci Z sci Resilience. Detroit Albion Albion Albion Southfield St. Joseph Flint Albion Albion Vicksburg Cedar Springs Manchester Kalamazoo Dowagiac Hanover Lapeer Three Rivers Danby Concord Albion East Tawas Albion Walworth - Albion Albion Litchiield Albion Albion Albion Benton Harbor Petrolea, Ont. Albion Albion Spring Arbor Albion Albion Afmmn C'mrr.w. Mays, Vernon G. Mealley, .Tohn E. Moors, Myrtie D., A 1' Moulton, Forrest R. Mulholland, Clarence M. Newman, Ralph, A T SZ Niles, Martha E., A I' Osborn, Helen E., A 1' Pealer, Mary A. Perkins, Amelia, K A 6 Perkins, Mary, K A 9 Robinson, Sibyl G. Roether, Wm. C. Rood, Clement E. Ryan, Edwin B, E X Shearer, Delia Schultz, Arthur F., Z X Sheldon, George F., A T A Siddall, Addie, A I' Simmons, Edna M. Skinner, Carrie S. Sloate, Ella M. Smith, Charles E: Snook, William C. Spence, William H., A T A Thrasher, Effie E. Urch, Mary E. G. Washburn, F. Belle, A I' Whalen, Grace A. Wright, Warren M., A T Sl 1 sa' sri C! cl I sci fl Z sci I sci sri le! le! le! sri fl sci lei Z srz' cl cl Z sri Z Sci cl rl Z sci cl sci Ze! Z sci Z sci sci Rrxllhllrr. Albion Detroit Greenville LeRoy Au Sable Jackson Flushing Albion Three Rivers Albion Albion Albion Albion North Adams Bay City Jackson Lansing Albion Plainwell Albion Marshall Albion North Adaius Mason Detroit Albion Albion Saginaw Albion Ishpeming S Musichath charmstosoothe N DNF 7 x l we X Andrews, Lulu, Bolster, Mrs. Carrie, Kirk, Lillian, A X Q ei PIANO-Post Gwzduates. Albion Albion Albion GRADE VII-Graduaiing Class. Billinghurst, Neva, A I' Eggleston, Nina, A X Sl Jackson, Lulu, Keller, Lulu, A X S2 Koons, May, Keifer, Mertie, Maywood, Charles, Perrine, Mrs. May L., Perkey, Carrie, Travis, Cora, A X S2 Watson, Myrtie, A X S2 Abernathy, Rose, A X SZ Braff, Rosetta, Barrett, Bertha, Bunday, Blanche, A X52 Crittenden, Ora, Dickie, Clarissa, A X Sl GRADE VI. 30 - Muskegon 7 Marshall Albion - Albion Vlfhite Oak Horner Menominee - Eaton Rapids Albion Hartford Cedar Springs - Vicksburg Romeo Niles Albion Albion Albion 1Vnmc. Frambes, Pearl, A X SZ Gale, Georgiana, J ones, Tula, Munroe, Louise, K A G Olmstead, Nora, Perkins, Amelia, K A G Powers, May, Quay, Ethel, Rouse, Lulu, Raymond, Alina, Scott, Lucille, Sutton, Stella, Tuttle, Frances, True, Verna, Allen, Nettie, A X S2 Burrell, Louise. Blackmore, Jessie, Brockway, Martha, - Cotton, Olliver, Davis, Helen, Emmons, Bertha, Ferguson, Tena, Gale, Winifred, Groff, Nellie, Hudson, Ada, Loud, Jennie, Roode, Kate, A X S2 Smith, Lillian, Stevens, Adella. Shepard, Jessie, Seeley, Nellie, Stevens, Adah, Shearer, Delia, K A 9 Walmouth, Wm. Brown, Agnes, Dwelle, Mary, Desette, Fanny, Dalryrnple, Nellie, Ford, Ella, Fox, Zella, Haggerty, Maud, Hamlin, Zena, King, Minnie, GRADE V. GRADE IV. 31 lfushielfru. Albion Albion Albion Bay City Concord Norway Springport Cheboygan Homer Jackson Dewitt St. Clair Albion Jackson ' Albion Albion Leslie Albion Albion Albion Albion Sherman Albion Albion Akron, O. Albion Albion North Adams Albion Albion Climax Springport Jackson Detroit Albion M ay Alb ion Albion Birinin gh am Sturgis Ch ic ago Eaton Rapids Litchfield Navzfa. King, Fanny Kirk, June, A X SZ Loehr, Anna, Rouse, Leora, Starks, Annabell, Smith, Rosa, Whitmer, Mabel, Allen, Alta, Bruce, Lottie, A 1' Doolittle, Alice, Kenipton, Lottie, Valentine, Edith, Verran, Essie, Wagner, Jennie, Wightman, R. A., Banks, Walter, Etson, Minnie Garnsey, Gussie, Hanson, Harriet, Jacobs, Edith, Matthews, Ada, Pray, Bertha, Smith, Mabel, Smith, Clara, Smith, Ola, Whitiiier, Eva, Brockway, Ruth, Clack, Theral, Greeley, Gertrude, Landon, Louise, Covert, Gertrude, Covert, Grace, Clark, Irene, Height, Rose, Kennedy, Iola, K A 9 Reason, Effie, Shearer, Laura, Saxton, Stella, Saunders, Carrie, Taylor, Mrs. B. F., GRADE II. GRADE I. NOT GRADED. 32 RE.Flu6HEZ. Albion Albion Marshall Homer Rice Creek Sunield Sturgis Albion Albion Albion North Adams Three Oaks Republic Albion Albion Albion East Saginaw May Holland Albion Albion Dowagiac Albion Albion Albion Sturgis Albion Albion Albion Albion Leslie Leslie Albion Howell St. Joseph Howell Jackson Marshall Union City Albion Nallza. Hudson, Ada King, Minnie, Rainsborough, Lillian, VIOLIN Eggleston, Kittie, Kern, Ota, Munroe, Louise, Allen, Nettie, Abernethy, Rose, Brewer, Bell, Bascom, Edward, Corliss, Arthur, Carr, Maud, Fritz, Gottlob, Gardner, Carlton, - Hobart, Grace, Jacobs, Leon, MCI-Iattie, Addie, Moore, Ralph, Perkins, Mary, Rouse, Lulu, Smith, Mabel, Smith, Clare, Shaw, Mrs. Ed., Taylor, Wallace, Wiselogel, Ethel, Wolcott, Ward, Beard, Maud, Leonard, O. A., Kennedy, Iola, Miller, R.-N., Parrneter, R. L., Palmer, Helen, Pitts, Dora, Staley, Fanny, Walmouth, Wm., White, Anne, PIPE ORGAN. REED ORGAN. 1f1'.vlifullr'd. Akron, O. North Adams -GRADE VII.-G1'ad1zat1f71g Class. NOT GRADED. GUITAR. 33 Marshall Homer Bay City ,Albion Vicksburg Marshall Albion Albion Eaton Rapids Albion Albion Eaton Rapids Albion Cedar Springs Albion Norway Condit Albion Albion Eaton Rapids Albion Pulaski Albion Albion Albion St. Joseph Mason Albion Colon Colon Grayling Detroit INQIIIIU. Brockway, Martha, Bartley, James, Bruce, L0ttie, Barrett, Bertha, Brockway, Martha, Bond, Jennie, Bowen, Frank, Barnhart, Amanda, Brabb, Rosetta, Cooper, Carrie, Cutler, Ira, Dwelle, Mary, Dickie, Clarissa, Dickie, Lucinda, Emmons, Bertha, Fox, Julia, Fiske, Belle, Gibbs, Harry, Green, Vinne, Ganiard, George, Howlett, Marion, Hanson, Harriet, Hobart, Grace, Howard, Clare, Hovey, May, Joy, Grace, Jackson, Lulu E., Jordan, Grace D., Kennedy, Iola, Keller, Lulu D., King, Minnie, Kempton, Lottie, Koons, Mary, Kirk, Lillian, Knickerbocker, Mrs. Ch as, Mathers, Matie, Maynard, W. E., Olcott, Louise, Pray, Bertha, Perrine. Mrs. May L., Pealer, Mary, Pugsley, May, Quay, Ethel, Rouse, Leora J., FLUTE. VOICE. 34 RU.VlHK7lCf. Albion Albion Albion Niles Albion Albion Jackson Mason Romeo Jackson Putnam Watertown Albion Burlington Albion Sturgis Albion Mayfield Albion Concord Albion Holland Eaton Rapids Albion Albion Springport Albion Albion St. Joseph Albion Litchfield North Adams White Oak Albion Albion Lake View Marshall Jackson Dowagiac Eaton Rapids Three Rivers Albion Cheboygan Condit ' JXQIIIIE. Ruinsey, Fannie. Rainsborough, Lillian. Sutton, Stella. Smith. Lillian, Seeley, Nellie, Starks, Annabel, Snell, Maud. Snell, Daisy. Shaw, Mrs. Ed.. Sflearer, Delia, Selway, Ernest O., Valentine, Edith. Verran, Essie, Whitmer, Eva, Whitmer, Mabel, Wilder, Allen J.. Warren, Oscar B.. Wagner, Dora, Washbiirn, Belle, Ifesidnzcc. Leslie Saginaw St. Clair Albion Climax Rice Creek Albion Albion Eaton Rapids Jackson Dillon, Mont. Three Oaks Marquette Sturgis Sturgis Tekonsha St. Joseph Albion Saginaw ,I .. JVamv. Newell, G. Glenn, MCI-Iattie, Addie, Rogers, Mary C., Allen, Martha E., Allen, Ida M., Barber, Rena S., Brown, Gertrude M., Bissell, Bertha, Buswell, Sarah T., Bruce, Lottie E., Courter, Mrs. M. A., Courter, Henry A., Cannon, Gertrude B., GRAD UATING CLASS. FOR DEGREEZ FOR DIPLODIAZ NOT GRADED. 36 1i'es1?ivncf. Grand Rapids Cedar Springs Springport Pontiac Albion Quincy Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Vicksburg r,' 'xx 18. F. C. Courter. ' 19. Mrs. H. W. Mosher. 20. Mark B. Beal 21. Charles L. McClellan. 224 Maggie L. Miller. Nazrztf. Cole, Bessie I., Day, Edna G., Dewey, Grace E., Dickey, Ada, DeBoW, Roscoe, Doolittle, Hattie M.. Ford, Alta C., Goss, Etta, Ganiard, Martha E., Grimes, A. Curtis. Monroe. Gaile, Miller, Belle, Mather, Matie M., Niles, Irene, Ray, Myrtie, - Robinson, Sybil G., Spaulding, May, Scott, Lucile B., Stookey, Gusta, Sorenson, Emma, Wagner, Dora May, Wagner, Jennie M., Whitmer, Eva, DGQORHTIUQ HRT. Babcock, Rena, Bortles, Mrs. G., Burrall, Mrs. E. P., Colegrove, Mrs. E. W., Ford, Mrs., - Gale, Mrs. Horatio, Hill, Mrs. L., - Kelsey, Mrs. J., Knickerbocker, Mrs. Niles, Irene, - Parmeter, Mrs. E. Reynolds, Mattie, Robinson, Floy A., Skelding, Carolyn, Travis, Cora, Worthington, Jennie, Welch, Mrs. R. C., Wood, Mrs. O. B., W., - I , Re.vz21'v11 te. Albion New York Concord Albion Albion Albion Birmingham Otsego Albion Verinontvillc Albion Litchield Lakeview Flushing Albion Albion Homer DeWitt Litchfield Lakeview Albion Albion Sturgis Albion Albion Albion Concord Princeton, Ill Albion Albion Bristol, Tenn Albion Flushing Albion Albion Albion Detroit Albion Albion Albion Aibion IJt:.xR MA: i aprehencl or anlisipate that hy the time You seez upon this epistle, that your alleckshionate boy will no longer be a prep. you canot posibly comprehend the marvelus advansment which i have maid during the last 4 years that i have hm in Colledgc and stil, clear ma, i donlt want you to think thali no evrything yet, for as i gays with longin eyes down threw the long coridores of time into the dim visty ofthe fewture, and hehold the piles and piles of things that i havent yet learnt, it seams to me that only the A B Cees of my eggucation have yet run threw the ower glas of my schoelastic lore. Prof. Bars told me yesterday that with the kredit i got for my Bookeepin an my vowkel music and orytory he he thought i would now he freshman nrinuss fifteen U53 owers in the letters course, sosti can go into the eotalogue as freshman wont it sprise the Fellers when they see my name in for freshman? i like Alhium very mulch. i have joined the lfilozeshun Society, an had Lo rite u essay onct. i look the the subject "XYestword The Curse Of Umpire Takes Her XVhay." i tell you she was a hute. i haint joined any frat. yet for you told me i harlent heter till i new whethur the beens crop was a goin to be a sucksess or not. i ast prof. Taylors how i could git into a frat. an he told me that ifi wanted to get into the Sygs i must roll around on the compuss an if i wanted to git into the Alfy Tows i must go to prayer meetin :md always Prey, but he said if i wanted to join the Delty tow Deltys i must hy a new spring overcoat. i expect you will think i awt to goin the I that will concleuce to my spiritual growth, but i dont feel jest the same about religus maters asi useto, a 'FHINKIN man cunt. But it is now Z past four an i mus go an play footbal sost i can git in the teem so i gess ill clothes. Excuse hayste an had ritin an giv my love to all al home. Your: OWN C1-i.xR1.v. The above letter was mailed in the Post Otiiee at Albion, but as it was not addressed it was offered for sale, and was purcliasecl by the Symplegades Publisliiugf Co. VVe pub- lish it, not so much for the entertainment of our readers, as in the hope that the fond mother of its author nmytlius be permitted to receive tidings from her darling' boy. Em-1-ons. 38 FRGFHRHTORY SCHOOL. Nazzzr. Benton, George O. Clancey, Allen M., A 'l' ll Clancy, Marshall G. Coflin, Eugene A. Deal, Clarence E. Dickie, Lucinda, K A G Ferguson, Tenie S. Gibbs, Henry S., A T ll Grimes, A. Curtis Hamilton, Amanda J. Howard, Will A. James, Frank W. Maywood, A. Ames Morehouse, Carl W. Mowry, John Nitterauer, William E. Pooley, William J. Potter, Milton C. Roan, Anton H. Rice, Williain F. Riedsma, Bert M Robson, John D. Roberts, John J., A T A Simmons, S. Belding Snlith, Hattie B. Snell, Tom C., A T A Svvarthout, Lloyd Way, Roy B. Austin, Mary H. Barclay, Linda C. ROLL OF STUDENTS. FOURTH YEAR. Cumzvu. sr C! cl rl rl rl rl rl Z sci I sci sci let cl I sci cl sci rl cl sci sri sci srz' sci sci Z sci sci lei Z sci THIRD YEAR. Z sci lei 39 1fEJI2iL'lIl'E. Royal Oak A lbion Albion Albion Kalamazoo Burlington Sherman Mayfield Vermontville East Tawas Tekonsha Hancock Menoniinee Albion Sherwood Ontonagan Scales M'nd,Il1 Mancelona Oscoda Los Angeles Holland Ovid Battle Creek Marshall Springport Albion Ovid Elsie Rice Creek Rice Creek Millie. C'o1zr.w:. Brown, Gertrude M. Canfield, Guy M. Carter, William R. Clark, Harlon G. Clarke, Kittie A. Dickie. Clarissa A X S2 Elder, Mary E. Exner, William A. Gardner, Theodore M. Goodyear, DeMont Grantham, Alexander Gulick, Clare W. Hicks, Fred G. Kirk, June E., A X S2 McCullum, George P. Merrill, Charles M. Mount, John L. Parmeter, Vieva S. Perrine, Roy E. Popoff, Minco D. Simmons, Arthur W. Starks, Blanche Washington, Isaiah Wightman, Rich ard R. Bailey, Hattie M. Bradner, Edward J. Brockway, P. Bruce Champion, H. Louise Church, Mary E Church, Hamilton H. Clancy. Bennett A. Clancy, M. Addie Coykendall, Minnie M. Davis, Helen A. Dunning, Phena M. Finch, George E. Frary, Burdette S. Hempstead, Fred H. - Hodgkins, May J. Hutchins, Myrtle I. Jones, Frank C. Jordan, Grace D. Joy, M. Grace Kyes, David H. Marsh, Ernest M. W. SECOND 40 le! I sci I sci le! lat sci le! I sri fl Z sci Z sci cl Z sci lei le! lei fl I sci I sci sci- ! sci I sci I sci cl cl YEAR. Z sci rl I sci ln' cf sc cl sc cl cl Z sri 1 sci sc sc Z sci 1 sci Z sri Z sci I sci cl sc Ifeszitblzce. Albion Detroit Fulton Vernon Mayville Albion Kalamazoo Holt Albion Swartz Creek Caiusville,Ont. Albion Morley Albion Piper Big Rapids Parma Gaylord Albion Sistoif, Bul- Duplain lgaria Rice Creek Lansing Albion Comstock St. John Albion Lansing Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Albion Jackson Flint n Flint Albion Royal Oak Mosherville Albion Spring-port Athens Albion N'a1mr. MCCri111n1o11, Williaxll McDonald, James D. Nowlin, Herbert C. Robinson, William M. Scattergood, Otis O. Selway, Blanche Shipp, Erank G. Snell, Daisy H. Temple, Clara A. Banks, Walter G. Besancon, Charles F. Billinghurst, Allen D. Caleb, Elizabeth E. Colman, Williaiii H. Eaton, Rodney Foster, Julia C. Gill, Francis H. Gill, B. Ensign Haggerty, Maude Nilsson, John VV. Selway, Delos D. Smith, Claudia Verran, Esther K. Cours I sri fl sf I srz' sr lc! I sci I sci lc! FIRST YEA cl rl sf I sri Sf I sri I sri rl rl lei I sri lc! le! fc! 4I R. Ifc.v1lt'emfe. Luther Eckford Albion . Eckforcl Dowagiac Dillon, Mont Marshall Albion Ridgeway Albion Detroit Rice Creek Pontiac LaCrosse, Wis Elint La.Porte, Ind. Pauri, India Pauri, India Chicago, Ill. Liberty Dillon, Mont. Gaylord Republic HQHDQMIQ DGPHRTMQNT. Nallzf. Adams, Ruell, Anderson, Clinton H. Armstrong, Fred A., Armstrong, Judson, Bradley, Mary P., Bullen, Ada M., Bullen, Aniy V., Chapman, Ernest L., Church, Chandler M., Cole, Edith, Cotton, Olive, Coultes, Charles H., Cudlipp, John H., Dopp, Della, Edmunds, Nellie M., Elliott, James F., Fiske, E. Belle, Galliver, Williaiii R., Garnsey, Augusta C , Geisman, Lillian, Gerish, Albert E., Green, Eva E., Harris, Nellie, Hillman, Gilbert C., Hillman, Olive L., Hiscock, Charles O., Holmes, Clyde J., Horton, Carlton, Horton, Robert, Hubbard, Fred J., Hungerford, Hattie E., - Kenyon, Luther B., King, Fred G., Reszrlezzce. Muskegon Albion Stockbridge Stockbridge Albion North Aurelius North Aurelius Fowlerville Albion East Jordan Albion Grand Rapids Calumet Reading Boniield Albion Albion Saginaw Mayville Manistee Muskegon Albion Calcutta, India Dorisburg Quincy Ridgeway Grand Rapids Albion Albion Albion Albion Lakeview Litchield M17IlE. Leeinan, Emma, Laity, Thomas, Mason, Myrtle M., Matthews, Ada C., Maynard, Willis E., McLean, Norman E., McWithey, Frank E., Nowlin, Herbert O., Palmer, Helen F., Pearce, Elbert J., Pitts, Dora, Pray, Bertha A., Raftery, S. M., Robert, Eliza, Rood, Catherine, Root. Clarence B., Rowe, Henry S., Rowley, Carrie E., Rush, Alfred J., Saunders, Luella M., Saunders, Riley E., Scattergood, Otis O., Snell, Joseph W., Starks, Annabel, Stevens, Arthur L., Strang, Daniel J., Strickland, Clarence W., Thompson, Myra B., Urch, W. H. B., Welch, James L., Whitcomb, Will H., White, James O., Wightman, Renefre Wiison, Arthur L., Wilson, John W., Wiselogel, Ethel, W 1fc.v1'dmrv. Chelsea Iron Mountain Sonoma Albion Marshall Flint Rice Creek Albion Colon Ispheming Colon Dowagiac Albion Bloomingdale Albion Mason Suniield Albion Rangoon, India Eckford Eckford Dowagiac Albion Rice Creek North Adams Adrian Eaton Rapids. Albion Jackson Walled Lake Flushing West Bay City Albion lOnt. Townsend Cen- Liberty ftre Pulaski CDMMQRQIHL DQPHRTMQNT. 1Vumu. Adams, Arthur C., Austin, Matide L., Bartley, Jas. H., Barclay, Lynda C., Bentley, Gertrude E Boyd, Evander H., Bruce, Lottie E., Brockway, P. Bruce, Carnes. Ernest H., Callahan, John, Dearing, James P.. Eiiionr, Alton D., Emery, Filo D., Fish, Anton G., Franibes, Williani P. , Gregg, John E., Gilbert, Myron B., Grimes, A. Curtis, Giesinan, Lillian, Gutchess, Fred G., Gulick, Lillian, Hoare, Annie E., Hartung, Willoxv P., Hubbard, Fred J., Horton, Robert, King, Fred G., King, Martin H., Knowles, Jay D., Kellogg, Fay K., Lewis, Iton V., Learnan, Emma, Mack, Kate E., Nowlin, Herbert C., '1 ROLL OF STUDENTS. BUSINESS COURSE. 44 Heszl-t'L'11n:. Marengo Albion Grand Rapids Rice Creek Hastings Albion Albion Albion Shepardsville Albion Albion Albion Marengo Marengo Albion Oneida., N. Y. Albion Vermontville Manistee Albion Albion Manistee Albion Albion Albion Litchiield Homer North Adams Albion Marengo Chelsea Albion Albion . Aiznnf. Ott, Nettie L., Popoif, Minco D., Pitts, Dora, Rowe, Henry L., Rickerd, Legrand G. Selway, Ernest A., Senion, Bert D., Snyder, Frank, Selway, Blanche, Saunders, Luella M. Saunders, Riley E., Taylor, George P., Valentine, Edith B., Wiselogel, Ethel, Wightlxlan, Renfreu 7 s A., Allen, Frank E., A T A Ball, Lettie O., Ball, Minnie B., Bentley, Gertrude E.. Brezette, Edith M., Cannon, Gertrude B., Carnes, Ernest H., Coflin, Edward I., Clark, Harlon G., ' Clark, Will D., Densniore, Elmer A. Gulick, L. M., Howe, Gilbert D., Husted, Grace, James, Frank W., Lovejoy, Hattie A., Leenian, Emma, Mack, Kate M., McDonald, Flora B., Oldman, Alta E., Rowley, Carrie E., Schwurenier, Bettie, Urch, Mary E. G., Wheaton, Horace, s A X AI' Ru.v!2i1.'11cv. Albion Bulgaria Colon Southfield North Adams Dillon, Mont. Albion Albion Dillon, Mont. Albion Albion Sault Ste. Marie Three Oaks Pulaski Albion Albion Albion Albion Hastings Albion Vicksburg Shepardsville Albion Vernon Grand Haven Albion Albion Cadillac Albion Hancock Albion Chelsea 'Albion Benton Harbor Albion Romeo Germany Clarkston Albion DGPHRTMENT OF ORHTORY. Nalzze. Allen, Thomas, Annis, Rena, Armstrong, Fred, Beal, Harold M., Beddow, I. A., Berkaw, G. R., Bruce, Lottie, Bruce, Bessie, Bullen, Ada, Bunday, Blanche, Coleman, W. H., Conklin, Alice I., Cook, Newell, Cushman, Herbert, Dewey, Grace, Dopp, Della, Godding, Fred, Goodyear, D. M., Gunnison Gardie, Hillman, Charles, Hiscock, Chas. O., Holmes, Clyde, Hutchins, Myrtie, Jacobs, Chas., James, Frank, Kenyon, Luther B. , Mains, Wesley, Marshall, John J., Majima, Otohiko, McDonald, James, Meally, John E., Newell, G. G., Nowlin, Herbert, ROLL OF STUDENTS. 46 lr Resilience. Albion Albion Stockbridge Albion Detroit Parma Albion Albion North Aurelius Albion LaCrosse, Wis. Dowagiac Hanover Three Rivers Concord Reading Albion Swartz Creek Albion Davisburg Ridgeway Grand Rapids Royal Oak Albion Hancock Lakeview Spring Arbor Aurelius Tokyo, Japan Eckford Detroit Grand Rapids Albion Narne. Parmeter, Vieva, Pitts, Dora, Pealer, Mary, Perkins, Mary, Pooley, Wm. J., Robinson, Sibyl, Root, Bert, Rowley, Carrie M Rusch, Alfred J., Scattergood, Otis Smith, Hattie B., Snook, W. C., Stevens, Adelle, Shearer, Delia M. Stevens, Ada, Temple, Clara, Warren, Minnie, Wightnian, R. R. Welch, John VV., White, Anna, O., 1 - I Ifexzhfczzcc. Gaylord Colon Three Rivers Norway Scales Mound, Albion fIll. Mason Albion Rangoonlndia Dowagiac Springport Mason Albion Jackson Devereaux Ridgeway Howell Albion Schoolcraft Springville X x U ld 8 . -'g- . X , x f4"x'v sr Zia J- , UR x Sxgkilu LJ 5 Zi gf EC "9':l'9 5 . V x X X xx 'I on M M Q Q ...xg Z' " 'Hx-f xx xx 5' F5 gift 3 5222 xiii N, xx N xx xx X X X xg ymunnmxu ww- 2 -- Kx x X L . 5- 1- cm, 5 r- K X. h I N x xx X ..45- X 1,5 k I -1 gl: X N xl x x N x iii ' ' ,FA g 9 ' 'xx an ' " . x '- A E v 7 'xx x,,. X jigs x xx ., 5 XX , xxx 5 YQXSXQQE xx A Tx 'x 'xxx xx Exif k x wiix- 'xx xxx xx NNY: -'fi -f' - gn l xx 2 X ' X ax 33-N Tig fi? fx . xx X -, xx . 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L A ' E? 1f+1 iff E - i Yi. 1 E 1- LT -V , 3-HHQE:-N. fax-.4 1 W - Z:--N ,M L-:sg L cfgfxsf , ,,,,.,. , ge- ,-- . . : , E 3-,-: f' l7mf1m,Plr4Yn . T64 FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, WEST VIRGINIA, 1850. COLORS-PURPLE, VVHITE AND GOLD. Epsilon C71 apfffr. - - Esiablislzefz' 1876. HON. SAMUEL DICRIE, REV. JOHN C. FLOYD, D. D., A REV. WASHINGTON GARDNER, M E. C. PARMETER, M. D., JOHN G. BROWN, FFIATFIES IN UFIBE. HENRY W. MOSHER, GUY M. CLARK, CHARLES R. WELCH, PALINIER M. DEERING, D. A. GARFIELD, I. FFIATRES IN COLLEGIO. Clarence E. Allen, ----- Detroit Frank E. Allen, Edward A. Armstrong, Herbert D. E. Cushman R. Clyde Ford, Otis A. Leonard, Edward R. Loud, Owen R. Lovejoy, George G. Newell, Roland L. Parrneter, John J. Roberts, George F. Sheldon, William H. Spence, Thomas C. Snell, Oscar B. Warren, Allen J. Wilder, Albion Detroit Three Rivers Singapore, S. S Albion Albion Albion Grand Rapids Albion Battle Creek Albion Detroit Albion X St. Joseph Tekonsha .17 .A .I - WT 3 'r' '1' H r ' ,1 I . V CHAPTER ROLL. Beta, Ohio University. Delta, University of Michigan. Epsilon, Albion College. Zeta, Aderbefr Couege. Eta, Buchtel College. Theta, Bethany College. Iota, Michigan Agricultural College. Kappa, Hillsdale College. Mu, Ohio Wesleyan University. Phi, Hanover College. Chi, Kenyon College. Psi, University of Wooste1'. Beta Alpha, Indiana University. Beta Beta, DePauw University. Beta Zeta, Butler University. Larnbda, Vanderbilt University. Pi, University of Mississippi. Beta Delta, University of Georgia. Beta Epsilon, Emory College. Beta Theta, University of the South. Beta Iota, University oi Virginia. Beta Xi, Tulane University, Alpha, Alleghany College. Gamma, Washington and Jefferson Col lege. Nu, LaFayette College. Rho, Stevens Institute of Technology. Tau, Franklin and Marshall College. Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beta Lambda, Lehigh. University. Beta Mu, Tufts College. Beta Nu, Massachusetts Institute of Tech nology. Beta Sigma, Boston University. Beta Ornicron, Cornell University. Omicron, University of Iowa. Xi, Simpson College. Omega, Iowa State College. Beta Eta, University of Minnesota. Beta Kappa, University of Colorado, , 4:5.- .1 1 'L J' I. . ' ,fi-NY .' if 'Mix ,' ,3 IL. 515- il 'BEIEQZQEW' H" 5:2 U M 5 . 5 g ,-1: fax -S If sa w 1- Q- 1 w--vs:-rr-1f1::a21:3:., ' ' U E . . in ' - L- " W H 41' X - MX,Qp,, I A Ly FLQEQSSMQ EQW WSM MQ', E . -:vxx xi 1 WS . x As 13.6,- 5.5 Lg, ,I mg 5- N-, Xe-.Y MMEK jx . 1. - 1. -A -. N 1f-- Ex' -- Q- K .' ' "sr ' in N- f'1-fx - 1 --: Nj -V NT' 234: N NSA of xy. Q4 1. , gg X ., ", -i ae.X gig 23221 A fs gi: - Lgptbcktwg, I A Psi? k I N' D 'Fl 'ft-L: 3. ,. NJ lx 5 l I -A ,nib wr: Ji: L ,N-55.4 X, , . Qxggg -'21 :ii ei-in-' 1 :fl -"V -S 'sq N T -3' I ,NK f ' - ix xfgfskx -R5 J: 'I IW 'x E I " A 'j 3 Ev fb Q 41 Ll 'T . .--- w gm +5 , f g .,, , 1 I ,Wg g -X ,basil-4 ,N Q X .1 - 1 X -' - , , 4 R f E N- ' X - ., E.-Q.. ,Q ' -h W giaax Q aw. A 1 N Q 931 ' Yswifr' ip aq 45?:!kalSl5?u5E:is-i k - U e '4 ' X ,X Q 'A I x Q X Y ,E +52 Q Ney, 1.13, 43 1 I xx' .ur 5 LN - R Q lf gi7 5 .1 Q b I xfx f -' 5, X 'N "' ' : -- ' A. V523 J pg 39 'Q' my N,-" 3"'I:f-fouyzf-R'x I-' X 4: ' Q A 1 J, X ,ik i?V. s1.X.!snQig ,V 1 ,a, .9 , X ' -X E3 x J' A - I - limllll '51 llllllilnmxsf , l- 22-.W f ,xy t' 'X .gtg 'ggi H 1? 'i '- 2 ' . ,-: I g ,vi a G1 -5 " ' 1 U. A' ! by A wmWUgWS yggsggm kmpw K1-," I : 1 -J "' . .LCLAR HQQQQY ', ,z 1 ' f A Ky 'mfimm 3HQRmHqwWM:a . V f v X Q-1:5 at-21-sz-22-If-.. .-:A t4'M.'f- 5 WH ' f-' ' S'-1553 X L N S 1 ' 1 '-- :ss-'RK-l"ll - ch'-'--:I-li 11 hw---'ik - - E1 f r .sffiiksigm N5 NE? 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' N- ' ' x - 'xx f, lv f 1' 1 I 3 . L " -Ii,- ,.,..,,... . ,,,.. ' 31,5 - -'f 7 A H ' +-4 :si 9 xi -2? LJ- r-,. 7 X-- 2f??: gp:: 1 H1 VQJAJ lj m. C 1, '- v I ' :'xgj--gn.-.. Q' gy T' E- -.1i..1,... - .. , 1 .J ' ' . ,I 1' Wag k sfEgfrf1. f' 5 47' V' K W SNQEQ, ,,nTf,: l 2' Q VH!! E ng NN ... , hly mlmltmyimbg V jisgsflilllilfuimllll If:-'gif W 1,1-f , Q if , 4 .NA - , 5 1:4 ff a ' " '-- ' -W' ' -V ' I TGVEF T E4-' f S -'-F 7' f, . gl? iv f At .: 'f Milli! r 3 1:1 sg W" Wir ' 'f J ' " X x P df 5. f F . X M, J ' A' J Jw X11- H :MER-mssrf:-.'4 ., w- I ' Rfk., M .b .xl wb.. .. wx , ,fffyl U 1 Q f gf 1 L X .4 3 :E 44' "" 'Q xy' xr X 1 im-' , T SM ' I ff '-ml ' 2- L - h I , X , , ,,.- -,V h a -gkx X fxrciii,-. - h V V . c ,: WK f ' Q i - glflwm k -' Ffwh X 5 QX ' w 'F 2 A r . '-1" -4 T- 1- J .3 :E ,S v 1- -A - - , - , , 5 1gi, ,.- , 1 jg A 1 - ,WJ Cf. ' E '-M 'X 'P fi M p, ' 2 "9 , Q ,X U, ., QQ 1 X zyv V :Nu i NSY? i .,, . AKXQK If "v,M:L.. , E E X N , ,X DELTA TAU DELTA HOUSE. - ,' x N A .k ,Xt ' x I, X f5r4'kmPh ilu. X X f X-- X f ff xr p 1 Lfxx fx V4 , Vx ' FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, 1BT2- COLORS-BRONZE, PINK AND BLUE. Zeit: Chajzfer, - - - Esirzblislzezz' 1883. A sononzs IN URBE. 1 NELLIE M. KNAPPEN, CORA E. MATHER, MATIE E. LOWNSBERRY. SOFIOFIES IN COLLEGIO. Neva M. Billing-hurst, M. Amanda. Barnhart, Lottie E. Bruce, Jennie E. Campbell, Gertrude B. Cannon, Grace A. Cogshall, May B. Hunt, Essie R. Kulp, - Myrte Drummond Moors, M. Irene Niles, - Martha. E. Niles. Helen E. Osborne, Addie Siddall, Clare Smith, Mabel Smith, Belle Washburn, 51 Muskegon Mason Albion South Haven Vicksburg Kalaniazoo Albion Battle Creek Greenville Flushing Flushing Concord Plainwell Albion Albion East Saginaw auf ga l my H, v ,.,,A ,, ai n 4 . ii J L- 1 'Q . 6 Y b Eta, B11chtel'College,, 3 QHi,,iCo1:11e1lUnivefsi?cyq l - Omega., University of1WlscQxiSing- Xi, Uiiiyefsity of Michigagr , V Lambda, University bff Minvnesogag Phi, Utiiveisity .of'C61Qiagdm Alpha., Mt. Union College, Unlw-:filly A Sigma. Nqrthwegtern Ulziversitjf. . 'Dm-jig, Zeta., Albion College. 'Kgppg,,Ui1jvepsiLy ' A ALUMNIE CHAPTER. Theta, ewcstern lieseime lUgiveg5ity-A . - nr w,,., Y 4.,9- r. -H11,,1',' 5 Wg' ,- H 1 1 ' If Yr 1: w . - ' .f 1 - --" Qu,1.,5w, r i .:1.-: 1-Ji .ml-in ll 'W 1.-. M-, 4, , ,dl Y Wwiyg ny If Mmm. J.. In M. 'Ju ,nl vi,- :nirlEllef'1'-'r-5: eff. .' -Q. 'U.l:e'l1a' mllL.-.'Ei,...- .Q h..f1w7QlLE,l:JFJ1liEh1'.gf", -1- A Ly QQ x. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855. COLORS-BLUE AND GOLD. Ahha Pi Clzapier, - - Established 1886. FRATRES IN UFIBE. PROF. F. M. TAYLOR, S2 C. A. FISKE, A H KINGSLEY VANLOO, A H FRATFIES IN COLLEGIO, L. W. Anderson, ---- Albion James H. Bartley, Albion D Smith Burnham, Climax B. M. Carr, Cedar Springs C. E. Dunning, - Albion W. W. Howard, Litchfield A. L. Landon, - Albion R. G. McDonald, Flint R. N. Miller, - Mason E. B. Ryan, Bay City A. F. Schultz, Lansing S. Schultz, Lansing C. H. Shafer, Cedar Springs J. W. Staley, Grayling H. G. Warren, Flint R. R. Wightman, Albion 53 QHHFTGR ROLL. Gamma, Ohio Wesleyan University. Eta, University of Mississippi. Lambda, Indiana University. Xi, DePauw University. Omicrou, Dickinson College, Psi, University of Virginia. Theta, Pennsylvania College. Kappa, Bucknell University. Epsilon, Columbian University. Rho, Butler University. Zeta, NVashington and Lee University. Mu, Dennison University. Omega, Northwestern University. Chi, Hanover College. Tau, Roanoke College. Beta, University of Wooster. Gamma Gamma, Randolph-Macon lege. Delta Delta, Purdue University. Zeta Zeta, Centre College. Theta Theta, University of Michigan. Delta Chi, Wabasli College. Col- Zeta Psi, University of Cincinnati. Alpha Theta, Mass. Institute of Tech- nology. Alpha Gamma, Ohio State University. Alpha Zeta, Beloit College. Alpha Epsilon, University of Nebraska. Alpha Delta, Stevens Institute of Tech- nology. Alpha Iota, Illinois VVesleyan University Alpha Lambda, University of Wisconsin Alpha Xi, University of Kansas. Alpha Nu, University of Texas. Alpha Omicron, Tulane University. Alpha Pi, Albion College. Alpha Beta, University of California. Alpha Rho, Lehigh University. Alpha Sigma, University of Minnesota. Alpha Tau, University of North Carolina Alpha Upsilon, University of South Caro lina. Alpha Phi, Cornell University. SIGMA CHI LODGE. Prfekn.f3?l4J1zf. 'wa' Pi C7zapz'e1', Jenny Armstrong Emma E. Agard, Ella Lilian Caster, Agnes Graves Mima Hopkins, L. Louise Munroe Amelia Perkins, Mary Perkins, FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1370. COLORS-BLACK AND GOLD. SORORES IN COLLEGIO. Esiablislzed 1887. Kalamazoo Litchfield Bay City Albion Owosso Bay City Iron Mountain Iron Mountain Fanny J. Staley, Grayling Dehlia Shearer, - - Jackson Mrs. Leslie Ray, post graduate, Albion iss A 1 7 .1 -3 I n -" I :'-?f'?fFi , , -... - V .11' ...,, , , ,1 1 . - 1 -15,113.1 -,.U11. ,. 1 . .41 F 5 lu-E 1 1' , W n"l ' H, 1 il H"r"11',:1'i1l1:.'fLL. W lv '14 F' f-1 l-' -1 '- " -" 1 . - "-1-.1 ll A 11 1 If 1.. 11 1'r 1IJ ll I I J 711 I-11+ H '11, 11 .1 an 1 , 1 ' l1111 Iwi, flgm, j, ' '..,L,,1,1, -4 , ' 11 'W' L 'mi I ' 11 ' r L 'I' 1 QlHIlPTQR ROLL.- Alpha, DePauw University. Beta, Indiana iS-tate University. Delta, Illinois Wesleyan University. Epsilon, Wooster University: Theta., 'Simpson College. Iotia, Cornell University. Kappa, Kansas Sthte University. Lambda, University ofVe1'1iw.nt. Mu, Alleghany College. Nu, Hanover C ollege, Omieroii, University .Of Southern fognia. Pi, Albion College, Rho, Uvivelfsifyl 0fi1NebraS1wr . Sigma, University 6f.T6rong1gs Tim, Northwesgegn Univfitsitygl , Upsilon, University Minnesiita. Phi, 'University ol? Phgifie. V Chi, 'Syracgsef Ilniyetsity D Psi, University Qfi WiSCbDSih4 L Q 1 1 1 ..,, 1 1 .. 1 , JIL1 1 1 'Gal ,. .11 3. ' 1 1- : ' Y ,. 1 - H. -eil' , ji A - 4.'.' F: . l " . 'fi L ' 'ff '5'2"1 '5f1 V 1 Elm' Vx .- H A1 'Te T'3'7'EA:'f'. a 11'1"'l1' ' W- "-- :su-"Q 1 -if:-l-"W -.ii N1 y ,KW -' .-1' 1 15 . ' . 1,11 1 .111. ,'11.117'. fr.: 1' " HEP' 'N .-.-f . EF -' v: .AI All H 71 - 1 4: Wav-Ml. l'lliln. J .4 ,L Q. .al FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY. 1835. COLORS-SCARLET AND OLIVE GREEN. Beta Clzapfcfr, - Eslfzblishcci 1887. SOFIORES IN URBE. EMMA CMTTENDEN, MAUD SNELL- GIQACE BROXVN. SOROFIES IN FACULTATE. JENNIE A. VVORTHINGTON, MATTIE REYNOLDS, CORA TRAVIS, , JEAN WHITCOMB. SORORES IN COLLEGIO. Rosella Abernathy. ----- Vicksburg Nettie Allen, Albion Blanche Bunday, Albion Clarissa Dickie, Albion Nina Eggleston, Marshall Kittie Eggleston, Marshall Belle Fiske, Albion Pearl Frambes, Albion Marion Howlett, Albion Lulu Keller, Albion Llian Kirk, Albion .Tune Kirk, Albion Hattie Lovejoy, Albion Addie McHattie, Cedar Springs Catherine Roode. Albion Cora Travis, Hartford Myrtie Watson, Cedar Springs QHHPTQR ROLL. Alphaf DePauw University. Gamma, Northwestern University Beta, Albion College. Delta, Alleghany College. 57 FOUNDED AT UNIVEFISITY OF VIRGTNIA, 1865. COLORS-WHITE AND GOLD. Bela Om icron, Established 1889. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Marshall Grant Clancy, Ira Eugene Cutler, Frank Edward Dodds, Wilbur Dwight Engle, Charles Hawley Fenn, Charles Jacobs, Ralph Mort Newman, Charles Henry Palmatier, Williani Francis Rice, Williain Higbee Whitcoiiib, James Ralph Wooten, Warren Moore Wright, Albion . Putnam, Conn. Ionia Petoskey Hyde Park, Mass Albion Jackson Bonfield Los Angeles, Cal Flushing Hastings Ishpeming Emir an Plmhf. QHHPTQR ROLL. Beta, XN'ashington and ,Lee University. Delta, University of Virginia. Epsilon, Roanoke College. Zeta, Central University. Lambda, Cumberland University. Tau, University Of Pennsylvania. Omega, University of the South. Alpha Beta, University of Georgia. Alpha Delta, University of North Caro- lina. Alpha Epsilon, Alabama A. and M. Col- lege. V ' Alpha Zeta, Mercer University. Alpha Eta, Mebane College. Alpha Theta, Emory College: Alpha Iota, Muhlenberg College. Alpha Kappa, Stevens Institute of Tech- nology. Alpha Lambda, Columbia College. Alpha Mu, Adrian College. Alpha Nu, Mt. Union College. Alpha Omieron, St. Lawrence University, Alpha Rho, Lehigh University. Alpha Tau, Southwestern Presbyterian University. Alpha Upsilon, Pennsylvania College. Alpha Phi, South Carolina College. Alpha Chi, "Citadel" fsub rosal, C. Alpha Chi, Trinity College. Alpha Psi, NVittenherg College. Alpha Omega, University of Florida. Beta Alpha, Simpson College. Beta Beta, Southern University. Beta Delta, University of Alabama. Beta Epsilon, Tulane University. Beta Zeta, University of Vermont. Beta Eta, Ohio NVesleyan University. Beta Theta, Cornell University. Beta Iota, Georgia State School of Tech nology. Beta Kappa, Hillsdale College. Beta Lambda, University of Michigan. Beta Mu, University of Wooster. Beta Nu, Middle Georgia College. Beta Psi, Charleston College. Beta Omicron, Albion College. Beta Pi, Vanderbilt University. Beta Rho, Marietta College. Beta Tau, Southwestern Baptist Ctllege 1- 5-J IVIOTTO-.ZVZHIQILGUZ da mzvem. OFFICERS: FALL TERIN1. Pre.v12!el1l-AMANDA BARNHART. Wke Pres.-J. F. ARNOLD. .S'er1'U!n71y-W. H. SIMMONS. Y-?'f0.VYl7'fl'-LULU J ACKSON. Crzlzk-C. H. PALMATIER. YVINTER TERM. Prexzlielzt-E. A. ARMSTRONG. VYCL' Pres.-LULU JACKSON. -g1'F7'L'l07:V-DORA WAGNER. T1'eus1n'rv'-C. H. PALMATIER. C1'z2'z?-ELLA SLOATE. SPRING TERM. Prmzlicfzt-LIZZIE WRIGHT. Wke Pres.-C. H. PALMATIER Serrelrzfjf-CHARLES JACOBS. 1y'0H.T1ITE7'-STELLA SUTTON. Crilzk-C. E. ALLEN. Q I 62 HISTORY. One Friday night at the beginning of the Fall term, one of the nondescript infor- mation seekers, commonly called new students, was passing along the walk in front of the college buildings, As he approached the north building a sound of music 'and laughter smote his ear, He entered the building and, by means of the old-fashioned elevator, elevated himself to the third Floor, Here a wonderful scene burst upon his as- tonished vision tor rather his astonished vision burst upon a wonderful scene, as the scene was stationary.l Before him stretched a hall the most magnificent he had ever beheld. To his eager inquiry a friend replied: "This is the E. and A. Society," As he looked about him and began to admire the wonderful pieces of Grecian architecture, his friend began softly to quote those well known lines of the poet : 'tVVhat constitutes soci- ety? Not lofty columns nor intricate scroll work, not beautiful painting nor costly fur- niture, but members, high-souled, honorable members,"9t and it is of its members that the and A, Society isjustly proud. Here are gathered the choicest spirits of the Hcream of Michigan," From its platform a second Demosthenes, speaking on "Our Country" or some equally new theme,has poured forth with marvelous eloquence those burning words which would have caused' Cicero himself to have stopped in astonish- ment. The program committee have brought forward tliose live questions which have agitated the mind of man ever since Adam and Eve started the hrst debating club in the Garden of Eden, and they have been settled forever, Oliver WVendell Holmes says, in his autobiography, that the two inventions which have benefited mankind the most, are the discovery of America and the foundation of the E, and A, Society. The first occurred in the year 1492, A. D., under the leadership of a certain Mr. Columbus, or Colon, as some call him, a foreigner. 'The other occurred in the year 1880, A. D., by the union of the Eclectic and Atheniaedes Societies. At the same time the hall was refitted at a cost of 51,000 and now it is one of the finest in the State. The fourth meeting of the Fall term is set aside for a prize con- test between members chosen from the Freshman and Sophomore classes. During 'commencement week occurs the annual exhibition of the Society, The two programs mentioned are but times for a chosen few to display their clo- quence to the World. The real work is done at the regular meetings on Friday even- ing. At such times the 'oratory of Lovejoy, the more dignified but no less senseless language of Allen, the gesture of.Palmatier, the sarcasm of Rogers and the real wit of Welch are allowed free scope. But it is in parliamentary law that the Society excels. Here is obtained that knowledge of law, and ability to rule, that gives to the World such men as Tom. Reed. The history of the past of the Society is Written. The history of thefuture will be the history of the world. GEO. NV. WRIGHT, Historian. if +M11t0n. 63 IQ-gRfsRY VSQQIQTIQS BWQSQQQEQEQQ.. FALL'TERM. Pres1E1'vut-JENNIE E. CAMPBELL. Wh' Prex.-H. G. WARREN. Serrelazjf-H. A. HAZE. T renszrrer -BELLE FISKE. H11vln1'1h11-S. C. GRIFFIN. DEOTTO-Owion and Uhign OFHCERSI YVINTER TERM. Presidewll- Wh' Pres. .9vr1'eln1jf- fll:Ff0I'I277I1 H. G. NVARREN. -GRA CE DEWEY. ESSIE R. KULP. T1'f'n.vm'er-I. E. CUTLER. LOTTA KEMPTON. SPRING TERM. P1'a.v:Hent-ELLA CASTER. Vrke Pres.-L. W. ANDERSON. Serrda 7:11- R. G. MCDONALD. Trmsurer-NEVA BILLINGHURST fI1Ivto1'121ll-W. H. SPENCE. M HISTORY. All history presupposes a beginning. As a usual thing this beginning may he found somewhere in the past. VVe do not assert that this is essential, but most histories proceed upon this hypothesis, and we are determined not to make this one an exception save in one particular -all our statements shall be perfectly unbiased by personal opinions, and absolutely true. In pursuing this course we realize the dangers to which we expose ourselves, for, if we fail to attribute to NN'arren the Societyls present familiarity with parliamentary law, or neglect to speak of Burnham, Fenn, Loud and a few other pugilists, our lives will pay the forfeit. After solemn ,deliberation we have decided that, "live or die, sink or swim, survive or perish," we will be veracious ll The Erosophian Society was established in 1867 by the union of the two societies, known as "The Clever Fellows" and "The Clever Girls." In 1876 the Society filed articles of association and became an incorporated body under a State charter. It would naturally he supposed that, seeing this Society is formed of two "Clever" societies, the cleverness of the resultant would double that of either of its constituents. This is indeed the case, Cradled in poverty, contending with many difliculties, by their genius they arose superior to all obstacles, and speedily there was a flourishing society, finely located in commodious rooms in the North Hall. What degeneration there has been from the original stock ot' intellect appears upon consulting the present society roll. Call to mind Fillio, Miller, Wilder, etc., or, as VVashington flsaiahl would say-"Cause to arise in your inner consciousness the constituent elements of this Soci- ety as represented by such individual entities as the persons mentioned." Five years ago the Quinquennial historian said that the Society might confidently look forward to great acquisitions in the future. How true the words! WVe need but speak of Roberts and Schultz, Is not their greatness conceded by all? The end is not yet. The future will behold more stately mansions. The horizon is broadening in every sphere of human thought and action. Soon our objectionable members, fthe Seniors of coursej, will pass tperhapsl away and then we will launch upon a sea of prosperity that shall know no adverse waves. Lo'rrA IQEMI-"PON, RALPH WOOTEN, Historians. C5 ?lbEl5O,Qzf.Q:EEa1,r53,1.. MOTTO-Scieniia at Libertas cz' Religio. OFFICERS: FALL TERNI. P7'0SI.Lf!IIl-KATE MARSH. Vice Pnrs.-ANTON RAVEN. - Secretaziy-FOREST MOULTON. 73'msurcr-MARY ELDER. Crzllk-LLOYD SVVARTHOUT. Parl1?mm11lnrjy Crlzsnr-FANNIE SPRAGUE. VVINTER TERXVI. Pr11.vI'zff'lll-JAMES 0. YVHITE. Vice Pres.-1X1 ARY ELDER. Ssrrelnrjy-BLANCHE STARKS. 7?'m.mrr1'-DELOS SELVVAY. CNY1?-HARRIET RANSOIYI. P!1I'fl2IIIll'lillI7:l' Cvllsor-N. E. MCLANE. SPRING TERRI. P1'e.vR14'1:l-MARY ELDER. Pike Pres.-N. E. MCLANE. - Serrelmy-BURT ROOT. 73'UH.VlIffI'-MARY PERKINS. Crllzk-VV. J. POOLEY. Pf7flI?lL Crusor-TULA JONES l b6 HISTORY. The historians enter upon their work with great trepidation, for how is the history of the rise and prosperity of a great organization, like the Philozetian society, to be chron' icled so brieliy. If we were called upon to write a history of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, or to pen the record of events in England for the past Hve centuries, or to tell the story of the civil war, our task would not bc quite impossible, but to crowd the record of a society so lilled with great and important events,-not to speak of the lesser ones-into so narrow bounds, is limiting an inlinite task, one worthy a Guizot or a Macaulay. For what can be more touching than the recital of the many weary hours of labor and heartache, the trials of patience and temper, of those who were striving to build up a great organization from a small beginning? NVhat more interesting or pleasing than to tell of victories won by these same weary toilers, and of the many pleasant social events which have since occurred. or of the brilliant and talented young men and women who have graced the walks of this society in the few short years of its existence, or to look back and see the gradual evolution of the soci- ety towards the high ideal which it has at last attained? But time and space are too limited for us to do more than to simply recount a few of the more important events of the eight years of its career. In the year IS82 the young men of the Preparatory School, recognizing the fact that the two societies at that time in operation were more crowded than the best inter- ests of all concerned would permit, decided to form a third society, and, in the Fall term the Philomathian Society was organized. 'Former histories give no reason for the speedy decline of this society, but the sad fact remains that it came to a seemingly premature close' at the end of that term. Its close was comfortably and creditably ac- complished under the guise of an oyster supper. In the Fall term of 1883, proliting by the sad experience of their predecessors, but fully convinced that the time was come when another society must be formed for the relief of the old societies, and in order that more freedom might be felt by the students of the Preparatory Department, a meeting was called October 30, of both ladies and gentlemen who had not reached the Freshman year. At this meeting the organization of the present Philozetian Society was effected. As in the histories of some ancient nations, there are often years of which the pen of the chronicler has left no record, so, in the history of this society, there now oc- curred a period of four terms of which no record can be foundg but subsequent writ- ings show that this time was not unmarked by progress, In the VVinter term of 1886 there was a war cloud seen to rise above the horizon, at first no larger than a man's hand, but growing as it advanced until it darkened the whole sky. This was caused by the Freshmen using our hall without permission. 67 Finally the storm broke, the Philozetians were victorious and the sky again became clear. Although the Freshmen were defeated, they were not conquered, and in ,89 they again tried to usurp the rights of the aristocracy, and again did the Philozetians rally to the defense of their faculty-given rights. - In the Spring term of '88, finding that the society was out of debt and had a bal- ance in the treasury which they wished to let, but could not, lacking a State charter, they, with characteristic promptness, procured that necessary article, which now adorns their walls, In the Spring term of 'go the society moved into the E. and A. hall and changed their time of meeting from Friday to Saturday evenings. Since then we have naught but progress to record. Our membership is as large as that of either of our sister societies and no one can call in question the high order of our work. And now a great temptation assails us I We realize our duty is to record the past, else how easily could we write of the bright years that surely await the Philozetian Society. WVith astrong membership, an unlimited amount of good feeling and enthu- siasm, pluck Suflieient to scale the Alps, and an array of talent second to none, our prospects are indeed cheering. fvlay the historians be parclonecl, if, for a moment, forgetting their province and turning from the shadowy past to the ever brightening future, they lay clown the pen of the historian and assume the role of the seer, to predict for the Philozetian Society more prosperous years than those that have vanished. E. G. NIARSH, Historian. 65 QOLLEGE ORQBEISCRZ-Y. Ggongposea' of gbfbgneight members. PROF. C. B. SCHEFFLER, Director. . GOLLEIGE GREG QLLUB. J. J. RQBERTS, ---. W. H. WHITCOMB, ROY G. MCDONALD, I. E. CUTLRE, I J. J. ROBERTS, Y ' ISf Tenor-W. H. Whitcornb, E. C. Dunning, A. F. Schultz. 2d T zum'-Ira E. Cutler, W. H. Spence, S. C. Griffin. CLOLILEGE GUICAR QLLUB. C. H. Shafer, J. W. Staley, Presidefzl. Vice-P rcs. Md7ZEgL'7'. - Mzzsica! Com fsf Bass-Sam. Schultz, C. E. Allen. 2:1 Bass-J. .T. Roberts, C. H. Shafer, C. H. Fenn. R. N. Miller O. A. Leonard, F. L. Godding. 59 V ALPB7-X EAU OITZEGA QUARCGZTCEI. W. H. Whitconib, I. E. Cutler, ALP5 Jennie Worthington, W. F. Rice. C. H. Fenn. A CLBI OIDEGA QUARCEICCG. Lulu Keller. Marion Howlett, Cora Travis. Cora Travis, Lulu D. Ke Ira. E. Cutler, Mattie Reynolds. Kittie Eggl J. J. Roberts, Basso. M. Amanda Barnhart ler, Will Charles B. Gale, Hattie A. Lovejoy . XVhitcomb, Charles. E. Barr GEORGE QEOIR. l 1 H QBAPEL ORQBESCRZS. VIOLIN. Ethel Wfiselogel, Ota Kern eston. Louise Munroe, Jennie Worthington, J. C. Snell. C. G. Maywood, Lloyd Swarthout, Cello. Cornet. 70 v ",,. .f fr sri-Vila 'wx K . ,gf c ,," 5 ,,, Lil The milk is mightier Lhan the ink, And the fork is mightier than the pen. -Shakespeare. 71 f f SMITH BURNHAM, I. E. CUTLER, JOHN MAIQSHALL, Mus. BENSON. D. A. GARFIELD, - MARY'S CLUB. BALL CLUB. JOHN MARSHALL CLUB. BENS ON CLUB. DELTA TAU DELTA CLUB. N 4 A 'Ni If LQ Hx' J ff, P 'Z l,fd fff' 'iifiz' f' fjhbqha g 'fhf' ...isp . gzglfft 2 IFN ',Z?3"f 'ffiiff ,fi . -I 'I P- ' . Digg ' - ' 51554 pig 1' fs. f ,x-'j:"1 ---.iw ,- V . ,f - .F . pe- -1 '4355 . ' ...fl ' f -,. ::-r:.5,A...::aL wa - - "V 1'7'i1-.1111 if " - , ,"N. "J'E2'E5f5f'EEC f - aiizil' . ,J '45, .f lf. , , , ,fha , 4.1.1-.751 Lfjgmw.: X 1 .' . wa' -.weaz f' 'zfwhg .1 Q ,ff f Q .lar Un , 'ff' I I ravi, ::-e-. ?Lf1"' ":Iff2f. I. Yf git?-.Ig-Iii? 'L 1,1 J ff .-nw? " 5, 345:17 1. ,aff .ifkl ' " f .fffffwzf 4 1' A1 ' J J J I .,,...f,.f EEW 72 Sfewa rd Slewczra' Sfewara' Slewazfd Slewzzrd Mmmfwf - 401931 N VN C- I XI, '4vmyzfugi,' 45, f' lx I ,. 2' um, "' ' m u rf rl N. ll' " ,, f -- ,lf X- l Qkifllll . W ,X EQ ' W 5 ' - Auffg,,.r ', ff I X -ff L- ., ' NW E ' Af V" ' "mg I fpgulg, cilgllf -- 1 fa g' fwff 1 ' w i, y .':7fl"ll . N M"7', M film! lim' V '?fll1'l'ffl"'f'f- "p2'7lf?'ff. 'f"'7 xl " W I A J M 1 A ll W K !"7wQl AMW- wil l I Mlm , fl 1 .I ..,f- - MX- , yy' --H . -'fav 5 ,I 1 ' 'S , ,AJ-5 Lf? all wg ,af kfff fry , ,V "W ,-3 I l W QQ Gig,-.. AM.. .WMl. wlrr.f U. ff' ffff rf' ' ru V lg W! Nlgft' ff ffiiffff A - l V ff f M " "'. 'f N- ' " ' 5.7 W Q, gf r .. l ,1 tri rf X nv! .N f 'lb Z.-3.391-" , WI!!! , gpg, Lf' - - 'Q gr I. Y s 1 , fvwwmvwh www l rr fwwmQww+ 4 f ' ' fl"-' 'z f'515:L' .7 l 4" f . 'fla .. ,5 4 4 .. f .,.,, .. 'l HJ ff I, 4, f, VJ 1 JEMQAJ V A, H7.Mf.. , I 1.7. I "lf u lla X ,VMI LL' .Q 4 I f lx? f M. K - l ., 9 - 'w LffW1'1 f Wm ?wQWgwwwam,fm7 mwpwmwv ,j If W LI 3 ,gjfgkh , .W km 9, JALJ ,,,,1:A71Q .1 l, 'ff 2,1 'iff L, ,ff U: f I .nf ffffj !l, zf, I X, 4' A gb ,I fl.: 1 ff ff, 1 ff .1 if Zbgi fy -ll aff: lg. fy, 74:11 ff, ' I 4, f ' - 522' in f s 'f , 21264 , , f .ff , ,,,. lv ,, ..,..fff,., f .', ' V11 " :5:! Iii 4 " ' RF: ' W, ,, f, f :QL 7747 ,-1 Lf? ?LV,V,f,, gy ffffzffillfj, '-k 1 -V,3:f X M' i'.f,j. f ,fan QX ? "ffm 5" A' ,,,, ' , I ll., Q Jjf. M5 :fu fo W fn L.4!9"1'lff W7 "ff, ag' !fZ'4f..Kv2- ' fn "af I' F. E. ALLEN, Pffesidenzf. E. R. LOUD, - Vice-Pres. R. L. PARMETER, - - Sedy and Treas. A. J. WILDER, Gen? Soup. MEMBERS. A. J. Wilder, F. E. Allen, R. L. Parmeter, O. A. Leonard, E. R. Loud. Game and Spunk Carrier and General Man of Work, A. J. WILDER. 73 ALBION COLLEGE SQIQNQE HSSOQIPXTION. President, l7ice-Pres., - Secwfdry, Trezzsureff, FOUNDED FEBRUARY, 1891. OFFICERS OF THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION. fllembef' of Genera! Board, PRES. L. R. F1sKE. PROF. S. D. BARR. JENNIE E. CAMPBELL. PROF. C. E. BARR. S. BURNHAM, OFFICERS OF DIVISIONS. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. PROF. F. LUTZ. JENNIE M. ARMSTRONG MRS. E. H. BROCKWAY. PROF. F. M. TAYLOR. Chdirmafz, Secretary, - - .Member Board of Illanagers, POLITICAE4 AND SOCIAL SCIENCE. Clzairmczn, Secfefafjz, - - Member Board of Wlafzagers, Chairman, Secretary, NATURAL AND PHYSICAL SCI .Member Board of Mavzagers, A. L. LANDON. GEO. W. WRIGHT. ENCE. PIQOF. D. FALL. O. R. LOVEIOY. MYRTE D. MOORE. lCredit allowed in proportion to the work done by the student? 74 V-I T! C. G. Maywood. G. G. Newell. F. Hubbard. L. G. Rickard Clipse AIQLQTIQS Presideni, - Vice Presiofenzf, Secrefary, - Treasurer, - Base Ba!! fV1'anager, Foo! Ba!! fllanager, Diredor of Sporls. President, - Vire Presideni, S6C7'6'fClJj!, Treasurer, - Base Ball fl'f!Z7ZfZg'6I Base Bal! Capiain, Foo! Ba!! fkfmzager, Fool' Ball Capiain, Director of Sports, OFFICERS Z FALL TERM. SPRING TERM. FRANK DODDS. O. B. WARREN. A. A. MAYWOOD. N. E. MCLANE. A. L. LANDON. F. E. ALLEN. C. E. BARR. SIDNEY HULL. FRANK Domus. BERT ROOT. C. S. Hlscocx. R. WOOTEN. A. L. LANDON. S. C. GRIFFIN. SMITH BURNHAM C. E. BARR. TQNNIS HSSOQIHTION. OF FICERSI Presideni, - - - O. B. WARREN. Vice President, - R. N. MILLER. Secretary, T reasnrer, W. H. SPENCE. Tennis Manager, - - - C. G. MAYWOOD. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. O. B. Warren, W. H. Spence, C. G.. Maywood O. A. Leonard, R. Parmeter. 76 N -4 ,l' .K a W ootou . R. A' 21 : o 1 F. 5 f-T J 4 fi 'I If 4-1 z.. LJ -. ..- O L4 H H VI an 5 +3 ,. : H .- U 1' JJ fl if L: s.. Ki U S ai fi fm .-Q .-. 0 5 0 Z U ,Q Q 21 5 o 71 1-4 U 'Ca' P" .. 4. 3 f-I 2 fl .I : Q' : : 1- : IJ f fi fl 5 9 .. in nf IP P rn f-4 4 N, Cl fl 5-1 U -4-1 0 'Z .4 5- :J EL J 2 FALL TERM, 1890-'9x. S. Schultz, .T. Roberts, Bert Carr, Roland Parmeter. Ralph Wooten, A. A. Maywood, FOOT BELL TERM. Center' Rush, Riglzl' Guard, Ley? Guard, High! Tarkle LM T ackle, Riglzf End, s . SPRING TERM, X839-590 S. Schultz. A. R. Kellogg. E. YV. Griiiin. Jno. Fair. H. G. Warren. A. A. Maywood. G. G. Newell, LLjffE1zd, G. G. Newell. Smitfl Burnham, Quarter Bark. Smith Burnham. A. L. Landon I A. L. Landon. L. W. Anderson, C HaUrBaEk7 L. W. Anderson. T. C. Snell, Full Back, T. C. Snell. QI' gfiiiii' Q Subszfituies, O. B. Warren. F. E. ALLEN, Jllanager. SMITH BURNHAM, lllanager. SPRING TERM, 1890. Catcher-lst b., ---- Snell. Pitcher-s. s., Bartley. Shar! Sfop-p. , Austin. ISZ' Base, Fow. 2d Base-Illamzger, ' Landon. jd Base, Anderson. Cenffeff Field, Van Loo. LM' Field, Allen. Rigkzf Field, Wilder. Subsfiiufe, Schultz. P 77 BASE BALL. BASE BALL. FIRST GAME AT JACKSON. JACKSON. R. II. ALBION' Truby, c ......... .. .... 2 o Anderson,3rd b,... . Blair, ss ......... .... I 2 Bartley, p ......... ..... 2 Bostwiclc, cf .... o I Snell, c ....... .. Phalen, rf ...... .... o o Austin, ss ....... ...., 2 Harris, 3d b ...... .... 0 o Vann Loo, cf .... ..... I Tray, p ............ .... I o Allen, lf ...,....... ..... I Trayhee, Ist b ..... .... 2 o Schultz. ISY b .... ..... I Duwan, lf .... .... o o Fow, rf .......... ..I LeClear, 2nd b ..... .... o o Landon, 2nd b .... ..... I 5 3 15 2 base hit, Snell. Bases stolen, Albxon IOQ Jackson 5. Bases on balls, Bartley, 5: Tra 3. Hit by pitcher, Tray, 2. Struck out, Bartley, I4: Tray, I. Batteries-College, Bartley and Snell. Jackson, Tray and Truby. ALBION VS. U. OF M. SOPHOMORES. ALBION, U. OF M. soPHs. Innings, I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Innings, I 2 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 Score, 2 I o 4 3 o o o 5-I4.' Score, o 2 2 o I o I o I-7 ALBION VS. M. A. C. ALBION A.Is R. B.I-I. s.H. P.0. A. E. Anderson, 3b ..... 5 o o o I 2 I Fow Ib ......... . 5 2 2 o I2 o o Snell, c ....... . 5 I 2 o 9 3 I Austin, s s ...... 5 o I o I 2 o Bartley, p ..... . 5 0 2 o o 2 3 Van Loo, cf .... . 4 o I I o o o Eslow, rf ..... . 4 o o o o o o Allen, lf ...... . 4 I I o I o o Landon, 2b ..... . 4 2 I I 3 4 I Total ....... . .. 41 6 I0 2 27 I3 6 ALBION. Innings, I 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 Score, o o 2 o o o 3 o I-6 M. A. c. A.B. R. BH. sH. Po. A. Burnett, p ...... 4 I o o I 3 Cordley, rf ...... 4 I I 3 0 0 Rittinger, 3 b 4 o o o 4 1 Wilson, c ...... 4 I I I 9 o Hall, cf ..... .... 4 o o 0 3 I Gardner, Ib ...... 4 I I I 7 I Widexxlan, 2b .... 4 0 o I 3 2 McArthru, lf .... 4 o o o o o Foster, ss ..,.. F3 I o I I I Total ..... .. 3 5 3 7 27 IO M.A.C. Innings,I234567S9 Score, 000230000-5 Stolen bases, M. A. C., 7. Double plays, Landon to Fow, Landon to Austin, Hall to Wideman. Bases on balls, off,Bartley, IQ olf Burnett I. Hit by pitched balls, by Bartley, 2: by Burnett, I. Struck out by Bartley, II: by Burnett, 8. Passed balls, Snell, 3, Wilson I. Wild pitches, by Bartley, 3Q by Burnett, 3. Umpire, Myers. if 0 0 0 9 5 fi a fl .-4 TJ 3 as Z K5 L5 fi 5. 'I L. O C H .... B Ps 4 A P1 N 4-9 .-4 ... v-I I 0 72 CL' P1 ,- H O U - ... :s n-T J 4 2-I 6 c 5 5 P Ml -4-I 1- .-. 5-D E al 2 1-1 H CD v-4 .-1 O r-1 .-1 .-4 H V-1 v-S an .-1 f-1 O m 1- O '13 I 2 Q N .1 Q I-1 - O 4-I o o 5 ci fi fl P-4 .- U .-4 .-4 4 ai Fri N N 4-' .. 5 I o CD ill 4 U. OF M. Chadbourne Southerland Trainor Malley Pearson McKean Slieruian Holden .Tewett R Grosh Y Dygert Sherman, S l McMorran S FOOTBALL. U. OF M. vs. ALBION. C87If87' Rzzslz High! Guard Left G'zm1'd ' Rzlgfhf Tarklc LM Tarkfc' Right End Lzff? Elllli Q J11fzrz'cf' Bark HaUBarks Full Bark Subsz'iz'zz1fes Scare-16 to O in favor of U. of M. Eight points were made by Albion, referee, and the game was called. I S 'f ALBION. Schultz, Sam. Roberts, Jno. Carr, Bert Parnieter, Roland Wooten, Ralph Maywood, Ames Newell. Glenn Burnham, Smith Landon, Arthur Anderson, L. III, Snell, Toni S Warren, O. B. VVarren, H. G. Q Griiiin which were not allowed by the ALBION VS. MICHIGAN ATHLETIC, DETROIT, Nov. 9, 1890. ALBION. M. A. C. Schultz, S. Cenier Diack' Boberts, J. Right Guard Harding Carr, B. M. Leff Guard McGough Parmeter, R. L. Right Tafkle Mintie Wooten, R. Ld! Tafkle Scanlon Maywood, A. Righi End Robertson Warren, O. B. L.fyZE1za' Buckenburger Burnham, S. A Qzzarfef' Back Gorman Landon, A. L. Riglzz' HaQ'Back Maroon Newell, G. Ley? HaQ'Bafk Hurley Snell, T. C. Full Back 'Miller Anderson, L. W. Subsfizfuzfes S Cobb So 'I Chipman FOOT BRLL. LAST GAME OF THE SEASON AT OLIVET, NOV. I5. Schultz Gvzfw' Roberts High! Guard Carr Lcjj? Gmzm' H. G- Warren Rzlghi Tafkla' Wooton Lzf! Tackle Parmeter Nzfrfhi End Newell Lcfi End Burnham QZllZ7'fEI' Baci: Landon, Capt. Rzlglzz' Hay' Anderson Lrff hfay Maywood I Fu!! Bark SUOVEP-I2 to o in favor of Albion. CHADDOCK, Umpire. ALLEN, HLBIOH FRLL GAMES. Fair Ground, Albion, Oct. 25, 1890. Standing Broad Jump . Standing Hop, Step, Jump Broad Hand-Spring Ioo yd. Dash Stand High Jump High Hand-Spring Jump Running High Jump 220 yds. Dash Three-legged Race Running Broad Jump Running Hop, Step, Jump Base Ball Throw Drop Kick Rugby Pass Rugby Throw Hammer Putting Shot I Maywood, C. I Maywood, C. 5 I Hubbard 2 2 Snell I Rickerd 2 Newell I Rickerd I Hubbard 3 I Maywood, C. 5 I 2 Robson IN Rickerd 2 Newell 5 I Snell, Maywood C. Q 2 Burnham, Newell. I Newell 2 Maywood, C. I Maywood I Snell 2 Newell I Maywood, A. I Gill I Roberts, J. J. 1 Roberts, J. J. ,S I si W'estburg Keeney Lee Hincley Rogers Gurney Edson McKay XVright Ferry Brooks Referee. IO ft. 28 ft., 92 in I2 ft., 25 in IOM sec. 4 ft., 5 in. 4 ft., I in. 5 ft. 4 ft., 7 in. 25 Sec. I6 ft., 52 in I6 ft., 45 in 30 ft., 5 in. 305 ft. 295 ft. 135 ft. 58 ft., 6 in. FIRST TEAIKL Schultz Kellogg Warren - Griiiin, E W. Griffin, S. C. FOOT BALL. COLLEGE DAY. T890 Cenfer' Rush Guard Right Guard Lcj? Tackle Righf T ackle Lej? Newell End Rzlglzf Procter End Ley? Burnham, Capt. Quariw' Back Anderson Hay Back Landon Hay' Bark Snell Full Back . F. E. ALLEN, Referee. Snare-26 to o in favor of Ist Team Cenler - Right Guard LM' Guard Riglzi Tackle Lcyfz' Tackle Right End Lqfz' Emi Quarleif Back H ay' Barks Full Back Subslilufes Albion U. of M. SECOND TEAM. Rogers White Ferguson Fair Frost Godfrey Beddow Roberts Maywood, C McLean Mealley ' ANN ARBOR, SATURDAY, OCT. II, 1890. 79 ALBION. Schultz Roberts Carr Griffin apt O. B. Warren A. Maywood Newell Burnham 5 Landon Q Andersson Snell j Parmeter f Wooten Scare. Total. I 2 4 6 IO - zo I8 38 YVYICHIGFN INTER-COLLEG IHTE HTHLETIC ZXENSCDCEIEXUTICDDJ. ...1 1 'Wilt - ,m 1 4 ,fm-'Q Aa -I N J 1 .u x 129 I1 2, G, .2 1 , Ju- . A ' 4 1, 555 rJr 1 9 1 'K' i I 3 iw, .- M, ,-axi. -.?+ x.. 6- f 4'-flew? fy-. ' l Til 'y 1- .. ii , i,, ' 'sit '. TIF I i hi-ji -- .43 11 R.. I zkfligqlv - ,f' '15 i ? X' ,--Z Q '-f .q' ' J' 5535 : 1:-IGLD DRY, 1890. RECORD O BASE FEVEHT5 BALL ALBION VS. M. A. C. ALBION A.B11. 11.1-1. s.H. 9.0. A. E. Anderson, 3b ..... 5 o o o 1 2 1 Fow 1b .......... 5 2 2 o I2 o o Snell, c ....... 5 1 2 o 9 3 1 Austin, s s .... 5 0 1 o 1 2 o Bartley, p .... 5 0 2 o o 2 3 Van Lou, cf ..... 4 o 1 1 o 0 o Eslow, rf ...., 4 o o o o o o Allen, lf ........ 4 1 1 o 1 o 0 Landon, 2b ........ 4 2 1 1 3 4 1 Total ............ 41 6 IO 2 27 I3 6 ALBION. Innings, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Score, o o 2 o o o 3 o 1-6 Stolen bases, M. A. C., 7. Double plays, W'ideman. Bases on balls, off Bartley, IQ 0 111. A. Q. .-1.14, 11. 111-1. sl-1. Po. A. E. Burnett, p ....., 4 1 o o 1 3 0 Cordley, rf ....... 4 1 1 3 o o o Rittinger, 3 b 4 o o o 4 1 1 Vifilson, c ...... 4 1 1 I 9 o o Hall, cf ..... .. 4 o o o 3 1 1 Gardner, Ib ...... 4 1 1 1 7 1 I Wideman, 2b .... 4 o o 1 3 2 I McArthur, lf.,.. 4 o o o o o 1 Foster, ss ..... .. 3 1 o 1 1 1 o Total ............ 34 5 3 7 27 IO 5 M. A. C. Innings, I 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 Score, o o o 2 3 o o o o-5 Landon to Fow, Landon to Austin, Hall tu ff Burnett, 1. Hit by pitched balls, by Bartley, 25 by Burnett, I, Struck out by Bartley, IIQ by Burnett, 8. Passed balls, Snell, 3, XVilson 1. Wild pitches, by Bartley, 33 by Burnett, 3. Umpire, Myers. S2 FOO'C BALL. OLIVET vs. M. A. c. scoRE. Olivet 24. M. A. C. 2. BASE BALL. OLIVET vs. HILLSDALE. OLIVE-f, 1-111,1.srzAL1s. Innings, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R 13111 E Innings, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R BH E Score, o o o 1 1 1 6 9 7 7 Score, 4 o o o 7 o X 11 7 4 Batteries-Palmiter and Townsend, McLouLl1 and Scofield. Umpire Meyers. BASE BALL. FINAL CONTEST FOR PENNANT. ALBION VS. OLIVET. ALBION. A.B. R. 12.1-1. s.11. 12.0. A. E. OLIVET. A. 11.11. 5.11. 1-.o. A. 15 Anderson, 3b ...... 5 2 1 2 1 3 1 Townsend c. ..... 5 o 7 1 2 Fow, c .............. 5 o 1 0 9 3 3 Palmiter p ...... 5 1 1 3 0 Snell, Ib ........... 5 1 2 2 I2 o 1 XVild Ib ........... 5 o 9 o I Austin, ss-p ....... 4 o 2 o 1 2 2 Lee 2b ..... 5 o o 5 2 o Bartley, p.-ss ...... 4 o 1 o o 3 o Edson 3b ...... 4 o o 1 2 2 Van Loo, cf ........ 4 1 o 2 1 o o Redner ss ...... .. 5 o o 3 1 Eslow, rf ....... .. 4 o I o o o o Carr lf .,.......... 4 2 o 1 o o Allen, lf. ...... 4 o o o 2 o o Hurley cf ........ 5 1 3 o 1 Landon, 2b .... .. 4 1 o 2 I 2 o McKinney rf ..... . 5 1 o o o Total. ........... 39 5 8 8 27 I3 7 Total ........... 43 S 3 27 II 7 ALB-1oN. OLIVET Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Albion, 0 o I 1 o o 2 I o-5 Olivet 2 0 o I 0 I 0 o o-4 Two base hits, Snell, Austin, Eslow, Hurley: Three base hits, Wild, McKinneyg struck out, by Austin iiwfe, by Bartley seven, by Palmiter nine: bases on balls, off Austin one, off Palmiter fourg hit by pxtched balls, by Bartley twog wild pitch, Bartley oneg passed balls Snell two, Townsend four. HOOC BALL. ALBION vs. OLIVET. Albion 26. Standing Broad Jump Running Broad Jump Standing High Jump Running High Jump Broad Hand-spring Jump High Hand-spring Jump Backward Jump Stand Hop-Step-and-Jump Run-Hop-Step-and-Jump Stand Three Jumps SCORE JUFIZPIDG. Burnett M. A. C. , Burnett M. A. C. Burnett M. A. C. Cady Olivet White Albion Hubbard Albion Burnett M. A. C. Burnett M. A. C. Burnett M. A. C, Burnett M. A. C. 83 Olivet 0. II ft., 112 in 16 ft., 9M in. 4 ft., 8 in. 5 ft., 3 in. 16 ft., 25 in. 4 ft., 6 in. Sit., IZ in. 29 ft., 6 in. 39 ft., 3 in. 34 ft., 5 in. V RUDDIDG. 1oo yd. Dash Ferry Olivet 220 yd. Dash Spence Albion 50 yd. Backward Dash VVilliams Hillsdale Half-mile Run YVard Hillsdale - IDRGSCLIDG. Catch-as-Catch-Can, Feather weight Wilson Catch-as-Catch-Can, Light weight Sagendorph Catch-as-Catch-Can, Middle weight Barlow Catch-as-Catch-Can, Heavy weight Side Hold, Middle weight Williaiiis, Side Hold, Heavy weight 'Williams Collar and Elbow, Middle weight McLouth Collar and Elbow, Heavy weight McLouth Graeco-Roman Wooclmanse LAUFD TEDDI3. Lawn Tennis, Single Kester Lawn Tennis, Double Kester and Daniels BOXIDG. ' Feather-weight Davendorf Heavy-weight Polhemus KIQKIDG. Run High Kick Stine Olivet Hitch and Kick Burnett M. A. C. Putting 16 lb. Shot Burnett M. A. C. Throwing I6 lb. hammer Burnett M. A. C. Base Ball Throw Gibbs M. A. C. Passing Rugby WVright Olivet Drop Kick Brooks Olivet ENST END TENNIS CLUB. Hllluclz study is fZFZU6'lZ1'i7I6SS I0 flIL'j?USll.N Grand Eli Reforder of Deeds - Chancellor 0fExrlzez1ue1' Grand Bozmcer Court Marke1' 34 IOM sec. 24X sec. 7M sec. 2 min. 55 sec M.A,c M. A.c M. A.c Hillsdale Hillsdale Hillsdale Hillsdale Olivet. Olivet. Olivet M. A. C. M. A. C. 8 ft., 231 in. S ft., Z in. 3X ft., 2 in. 65 ft , 7 in. 374 ft.,4 in. 131 ft., II in. 160 ft., 5 in. - - G. W. NVright F. N. Vlfeyant I. J'. Marshall S. C. Griffin C. Bert Root T E MISSIONARY f Iwo 0 0 Z 9 W Q f , L L X 4 X O F FI C E R S I P1'esidc'1zt, - - - - MARTHA BROCKWAY H. O. LUDLUM. DOLLIE SMITH. U. H. FILLIO. T. CLEMO. Vice P1'esia'e'1zZ, Rec01'di1zgSec1'cfa1j1, - Corffespofzdivzg Sec1'e!a131, 711"EtZSZH'Z7', - - - - MEETINGS. . Regular meetings the second Tuesday of each month, in Prof. Bands room. 35 MISSION BEND. O Ff I C E R S I Presidefzi, ----- HELEN PALMER. Cowespondivzg Sccrefafjf, I ADDIE A. SIDDALL. Recordirzg Secafefamf, ---- H. O. LUDLUM. Meeting every Friday at 4:30 P. M., in Prof. Lutz's room. LHDICS' LIBRTKRY HSSOCIHTION. OFFICERSZ Presideuzf, - - - - Vice Presiderzf, ELLA H. BROCKWAY E. JOE CLARK. Semefafy, - MAGGIE L. MILLER. T1'e'zzs1n'e1', - - LULU D. KELLER. COURSE FOR I89o-91. Robert .T. Burdette, Oct. 23, Pilgrimage of a. Funny Man. Boston Symphony Club, Nov. 9. Major H. C. Dane, Dec. 13, New Zealand, the Wonderland of Oceana. Mary A. Livermore, Feb. 3, YVendell Phillips and His Times. Sergius Stepniak, Feb. 23, Revolution Movement in Russia. Dr. F. YV. Gunsaulus, Mar. Io, Savonarola. Ariel-Thomas Combination, Mar. 19. HLUMNI HSSOQIHTION. O F FIC ER S ' Pl'C.TfdE7If, - - - H. E. XVOLF. Vim Prrsidmf. CORA Ni.-XTHER. SI'I'I'l'fCI7jf, - - S. FLOIQINE SOUTIIXVORTH Cx07'1'!'Sf0lIlI'I.7l'Q' Sffrrefarjf. ROSE GREGORY. fl'1'6a.m1'f'1', - - - - E. .TOE CLARK. . M. CQ. OFF ICERSZ Presidefzi, - - R. M. DIEKVLXAN. Vice Presiderzf, - C01'1'esp071di1zg Sefrelfa 1111, l?ef01'a'z'ng SEC7'Efll7j', S. C. GRIFFIN. C. H. PALMATIER. CH.-XS. SIVIITH. DEVOTIONAL COMMITTEE. F. E. Dodds, W. H. Spence MI. ISl'liZ8.k8., - J. Pearson. BIBLE STUDY. ' H. G. Warren, J. Mealey, E. A. Armstrong S6 Y. W. E. ii. O F FI C E R S I Presidevzl, - - - - V ice Presidenl, - - Rem rding Secrefa 131, - C'07'I'6'SAD07ld1.1Ig Secreia 131, Treasu fer, ----- M. AMANDA BARNHART TENA FERGUSON. ALICE DOOLITTLE. ROSA M. BALL. MARTHA BROCKWAY. DEVOTIONAL COMMITTEE. Addie Siddall, Hattie Lovejoy, Hattie Smith BIBLE Q STUDY. Helen Palmer. Martha Brockway, Lucinda Dickey INDEPENDENT HSSOEIHTION. OFFICERS: President, - - Vice Presideni, Secreiarjf, ---- SIDNEY HULL. JAMES O. WHITE. C. P. BIRDSEY. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. John Welch, N. E. McLane, Chas. O. Hiscock Established for the maintenance of Justice and Equity in College Politics. See illustration on next page. 87 f 1 X ,I 1 XII ',Id I' IMJI xlI,7 Q if 1xI.11I 11 1.1111 -1,5,II 931.1 1 11 V-4-1 IIj11 ,mf 4. 5. i . z .,1 I II1 1 'XM' If 214- I, ' lf, 1 I 1 'K' 1 11,,S1 1 5 1,1 ' W 1 1 A '.'11: " 1. M1h.1 111' Ml' 2,1 'Wil LQ ' 1'f2,,x1, j if IH11 1 I IAZQAY I 2 ,1 ' 11 , kj I II I I 11' 11 1 1.1 1 1 1111'1111'. I-I, 1511115 1 IIII, II,,1' 1I 11' 1 1" 11111 E51 ' H '1 xi If ' ' 11 .Ai-'11 1' I Quia' I 115 1-1 115 ' "5 B "'If'- 1 I 1 ' II IV: 11 li I 1 11 xy I ' X, 1111? 41.1 UIIIJIQIQII w 1 W 1111" 111' W" 1 WP ,E YI T1XL11lQM,f1l Q' W pl ,1 . W!i:.' 3I3I.,. , 4-H 1 I .In 1 -1 l, - l I' 5 x..1.A..Rx-x I SXAXQRII 52, I 1 X 2 I 1 5 I' 1 Q1 A - if 11 , 1 P ,1 1' J X p'!5 1 1 X5 61-ii -1 I -11 111 -V' 1 1 wf' 1111551113: 1 ' W' ,1,1 1I 1 .I 11 I II1II 111, , 1 WII 1 "" ' ,11 1 , l 2111 111 1 1- 11 1 . -.Q1111, 1'1 1' . - Ii ,LW 4, 1 ' 7 xx ' W ' 2 ' 116: 11 1 'I Q 1 3 I wI'..f V 1 Q SQ 4 1, 1-I I 21fI1 A - .. ,gs 'III I II ' II 'I I 'J I II I II iIIIS Q I , g.1I " ,111 WAXI JZ II 11 ,11,,, ' .f1, f IIII1III III II1 - 1 1 ' - - Ev . - E1 K 1111- 1.1 1 ', 1 'fm' , ,- 1:11 ,.... .. f - I fast, 3 I ., il ' '1 'amiga " 171' . i l 5 1 xzux V 1 .Iwi 4 - ' 1 1 'I I 1 1 "1 '1111111111 1'1-14 1' ' 5 1-. I I 1,1 1.1 , ,Q 1, I I M2 I' 11' 11 F3 P 'I I 1f' QL-:-Q ::f:f:Q:.-2.:-'??5x1-'af-1af--'-- A , 1 ,E 1' 111 J , -N-41::'t.:3,'5':g55Q,154331,,, 'IIA'2z5:a:5ff5:- ,. 1-" ' X gf 5 I . . I fI III1I I I I III 1 1 11 1 1' 'W W' 1 11,111 . '1 11:1-111' Q ' 1 I Vi' 11' II I 1 Home Gialglio.. Coxrmnurnn BY Mosomuu ISHIZAKA, '91. 1 NHE largest educational institution of our M. E. church in japan is situated on a , beautiful elevation of Aoyama tGreen Hilll in the suberb ofTokyo, the capital ofthe empire, occupying a fine lot of about twenty tive acres. It is called The Tokyo Ei-VVa Gakko fTokyo Anglo-Japanese College.l There are three departments in that school at present, namely, Theological, Collegiate, and Preparatory. In the Theologi- cal Department there are two courses of study, one in Japanese and the other in Eng- lish, the former extending over a period of four years and the latter a period of three. The Collegiate Department requires three years Rin' completion, and the Preparatory Department provides a four years' course. The general administration ofthe school is in the hands of the Board of Managers, Consisting ofnine missionaries and nine japanese, who are appointed by the Japan Conference of the M. E, Church. The faculty has the immediate administration of the school. Instruction is given by eight missionaries, and ten native professors, and they have about two hundred students, of whom about twenty-Eve are theological students. It is peculiarly connected with Albion College by the following reasons: Ist, that the Albion College Missionary Society is supporting one ofthe students in the theo- logical department of that school, by sending fifty dollars every yearg 2d, that an ar- rangement was lately made between the two faculties that their graduates will be ad- mitted into the Senior class of Albion College without examinationg and 3d, that a num- ber of students of that school come to Albion for their further education. It is, tberefore, Worth remembering that Albion College is not only an educational centre of Michigan Methodism, but its inliuence reaches far to the other side of the ocean. 39 Sjoqgg.. Does she boast of heaths sweet-scented, by Coy fountain nymphs frequented. From which, bathed in sunset's golden breath, her lordly steeplcs start? Nay, but this her crown immortal, that within her wide-swung portal Never failed the manly hand-clasp, ever yearned the woman-heart. CHORUS. Then 'tis Albion, old Albion, hurrah! Ere the last year's nest forlorn is, Sheltered still beneath her wing, While he whose heart is warmest Shall loudest laugh and sing. List yon bell's deep tone sonorous, with each pulse comes swelling o'er us Visions of the Chapel platform groaning 'neath its weight of Greek, Where the dizzy willows shiver, whispering, brooding o'er the river, There the Sibyl frenzied mutters and the Muses hide and seek. . CHORUS. Then 'tis Albion, old Albion, hurrah! Fare ye well, besieging grieflets, Cold clawed Hunks have lost their grip, Softly close the blistered leaflets. Time is up, No Prof., Let's skip. Heroes pale, whose eyes flash proudly, while the plaudits echo loudly, Spurring onward to the thickest of the battle just begun, WVeary footsteps homeward turning, where the window light 's still burning Bring your shields, don't come upon them, Welcome Class of '9r. CHORUS. Class of '91, old 791, hurrah! Once again our Alma Mater With our reckless laughter whirls, How S116 smiles, the dear old creetur, At her bald-head boys and girls. -LYDIA M. Rokx. go s 24118 J gags Song yra mo er o - jfdhv -UgQf I"'N- ' r 1 A ' fb ' 9-9 "' fki' - : ' nw fa Embrsghiirvzl nNffWEWFWEHf ' EFF?E?EE3F?Ef?E I wf f ff-mfff eefea m?ff?P?efEWf feEs1a ,L5f1M 5g7sSfQzf.i-igp l miHiFw45E?Es 1 cH2f?v.fg?.gfg Mor 'F 1WiEfFP5iiE? fgfmiwgsgawaafess W, fEfaTlgf1EQPffeQ-C5551 ,EFgl5fij,lEg7HLg mIF?iFv6weFFu Q89 - THE PLEIAD. THE lfillt lltllil GGDLLELGE Vol. VI L - - - - No. 7. ALBION, MICH.. Ocronnn, 1890. The Albion College PLEIAD is published the 20th oi each month of the school year by the college classes of Albion College. EDITORS: Snuru Bonunaiu, '92. ---- Editor-ni-Chief RALPH Woo'roN, '9B. - - Managing Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS: M. AMANDA BARNHART, '92. ---- Literary HA'r'riE A. LOVEJGY. - - - - - - Musical Putman Roennrsoiv, '69, Alumnal O'ris A. LEONARD, till. - Local ALLEN J. Winona, '92. - Athletic Louis W. Annunsorr. '92, - - - lixcliange TERMS:-51.00 per year IN Am',xNf'ic. Single copy 15 cts' Ti-in Pimzian .will be sent regularly to subscribers until ordered discontinued. Any change in address of subscribers should be promptly forwarded to the Managing Editor. Extra copies may be obtained and subscriptions left at E. W. Gritliifs book store on College Hill. Students and Alumni are requested to contribute articles audnews. Address, "THE 1JLEIAD,7' Albion.3Iich. Students, patronize our Advertisers. HE PLEIAD desires to represent in the truest sense all the students in the col- lege. Its columns will always be open to them. A number of short contributions from students upon topics of interest are especially desired each month. Write, con- dense and publish in the PLEIAD. ,1 DIG student can aiford to go through col- lege without securing the training which may be obtained in the literary so- cieties. What you know Will be of com- paratively little value to you if you cannot cxpress it with ease and force New stu- dents, the literary societies solicit your membership. Join one of them and go to work at once. - HE importance of a closer acquaintance and relation between the college and the high schools of the state is more clearly apparent this year than ever before. More Freshmen have entered from the high schools than at any previous time in the history of the institution. Yet only a be- ginning has been made. If Albion College would put forth one-half 'the effort to inilu- ence the senior classes of our best high schools that the State University does, its attendance would be very perceptibly in- creased. Let every friend of the college, and every one of its Alumni wake up to the importance of the work. OLLEGE life is but a representation on a smaller scale of that wider field of activity toward which we are looking, and for whose duties we are now making prep- arations. He will obtain the best training for future usefulness who whilehere takes advantage of all the opportunities afforded him for such discipline. Some of these not being in the direct line of college work are neglected by many students. Every student recognizes it as an all-important duty to prepare his lessons, and to secure all possible mental discipline from the work of the class room. But the student who wishes to' make the most of his college course will not be content with this alone. He will recognize that While here he is one of the constituent elements of a society which 'makes demands upon him just as truly as will the community in which he shall cast his lot later in life. He who rec- ognizes these demands and accedes to them, who faithfully and cheerfully does his part, whether it be in the literary societies, the Christian associations, the athletic associa- tions, the fraternities, or in any other line of work incident to college life, will not only have the consciousness of duty well per- formed here, but will also secure a prepar- ation for the social duties of after life that he can obtain in no other way. xmg X Q L . X- S FEP FPGIIJ bella ers kirglzca is fren? bliss-H CLLEGE IRFQY. SEPTEMBER. 24. Examination Day. 25. Enrollment Day. 26. Recitations begin. 26. Meeting of Eclectic X Atheniades and Erosophian Societies. 27. Meeting ofPhilozetian Society. 29. Prof. Avann tells Devil story to Cze- sar class. 30. Prof. Beal makes an announcement in chapel. OCTOBER. 1. U Doc" Abbott fired from college. 3. Prof. Robinson begins to perpetrate his new GJ freeetrade arguments on the Polit. Econ. class. 5. Chas. Sharer goes to chapel. 22. Prof. Avann tells Devil story to Ci- cero class. 23. Robinson prays in prayer meeti11g. NOVEMBER. 14. Foot Ball game at Olivet. 24. A T A Spread, O. A. Leonard's. 24 5-6. Smith Burnham goes to NVash. to Sig. Convention. 26-7. Frank Dodds went to Richmond, Va., A T SZ Convention. 25. Senior Class meets and organized. 27. john Roberts violently ill. 27. A Recep. F. E. Allen's. 28. Thanksgiving reception of Erosophi- an Society. 29 K A 6 Reception at W. Gardner's. DECEMBER. 5. Prexy went to N. Y. LClasses bolt. 5. Sig sleigh ride. 7-24. Ed. Armstrong awful sick. 7-24. Serious case of Quinsy at Kirk's. 9. Fenn didn't skip a class. I2. Newman spends Sunday at Adrian 16. Homer Warren goes to Hillsdale. KSee?l 17. Ernest Rogers gets a new pipe. 21 Essie Kulp laughs at Prof. Avann's joke. 22. Essie Kulp passed in Latin without exam. 23. Fall term closes. JANUARY. 6. XVinter term opened. 12. Dr. and Mrs. Floyd and Clyde Ford started for Maylasia. 13, Athletic meeting. Burnham mal-:es a speech. 14. Stan, Griffin takes a cold water bath at Newburg. 16. Dollie Pierce is seen on the street without Miss XVelch. 20. Athletic meeting. Burnham makesa speech. 24. Athletic meeting. Burnham makesa speech. 24. Sigma Chi reception to faculty and fraternities. 29. Day of Prayer for Colleges. 94. FEBRUARY. Athletic meeting. Burnham makes a speech. Ryan "sat with the girls? Qi Lovejoy gets his hair cut. Prof. Taylor resumes his work. Prof. Robinson retires. VVilder sleeps in Hist. Phil. Leonard didn't whisper in chapel. Art Schultz blacks his shoes. Athletic meeting. Burnham makes a speech. Prof. Avann tells new story to Horace class. Potter is not late to breakfast. MARCH. Parmeter combs his hair. A1'Rll.. Lewis Fiske Abbott entered school. Class ,9I. The Pres. gets a new rollrbook which he says will be very nice and neat, and adds that he will not write in it, which explains the former state- ment. "Doc" Parmeter swears on the cam- pus. A lJr. Fiske has a new tablet for notices- MAY. O. A Leonard and F. Allen go to Greencastle to Delta Tau Delta Convention. This thing goes to press in such an all-Fired hurry that we haven't time to Hnish it up. Athletic meeting. Burnham makes a . speech. Athletic meeting. Burnham makes a speech, Ella Caster buys a curling iron. Eddie Ryan has his hair curled. 1 Lydia Rork smiles in Chemistry class. I Prexy roasts the correspondent of the Mirror. X L ,' 1 V. L, ll 1 ,Q ,Q '4l1:'.,1i1ri'li,"' "5l'iA"'! H f lille -till W" l'ptjE:.,,,g4!iLcg.gmgixgg- Wa 15 lin llM,32f2Zf3'fii.',Qiff?-jfllilf -." t 1 l I-1" 1 f'e. 'ii.' 1 .., 1 , jf ,i 1 Qby sixs I 95 A . w Wi ,K , ' wwf' -M---7 W - Q . .. A ' 2 - VA - 4" WP?" 'I' -- '."' 'gf' l' , T- X9 -2 -5 3' . ' --" -,'-nrwgmg 1 'Q .f-'rr-"1 - 5 vggfjz 1 aff- '- ' , Q .Nh , Q ' -75:29 Q- " w,fff'f':,-'275jZ-"- -55 fir 3 I a5'.'R'm? I 6 , E 75 - " -ff 3- I 7 f lmiugj J" , .ff5i::g4gg5g.:15 !:4 4.t?fjrgr, Q 4,1 A-. K 51: 5 , I 19 I X W IA'--Q35 -:!":F'1f7'F . ' ' ' 1 ' ."' 5. 11 S' 'Af f- l F ds .. 4, . V .1 13.13, 1 :EZ E V 7 ""'TA-1.-'---.a.'i-LL4"' 4 -5a4if.f.?1Qi4-' '. --2 ' 51 ff, " 52' 3- ' QKXSV' ---' XMF-'v-.-.H --4 H. a- :rl - . , 1 ,.' if-, -A N. fx 5 - - A - ug-.1 -iimfw -.. .rw I- . 1 A -4 4-, A 1 "" if I - -farm X54 gif a -21:41 filly- 1. ii - ' WN -'S-1 Q emi.-2 '--sh 3 P- - -gf, fe - "'f-'1,2.:xx-.-wk. " -, ,... ! . 4 ' N -- 9-1 V 4: 3555- 'i'f:"l'775 if A-'thai - ' ' ' YA 1176+ I M ' -"-r--1-ff--1,f1-. -H bo 1 .ff - V f HW- digg S +5 iw---" ' ' ' ' -hr' Pi f --1 X - - .- -1 gx , ,- 1 -- - . 'Q ,5,.a..,'. ,- . v.,f1'f--- --11 --4.-. 1,1 . " '- Z1 ' 'Q 'yy .A 1 ,. w -QL .R 1 x E 'f -2-1 7 - X ff' ' , ,, . .... ,,, . .E if mga? L .534 'f-" f , . fb " . .- IE Ye ,-4.491-s, f lf. W 1-'. ' " - . ' X x R ' 6' , , ' f' ' 1- 'H is K "' 1 - 1 - h 1-5. ..::N-C '.- 'IN Qi A 1 xg rl A 1 L, X Sq I QC, A 2 , , N ,.,- , ,v A 1, H Q 41 I' if -Y.:-"-2' -if tgu.. xj- 2-4 I I, :XX '- VF - , ,T IQ V Q 1, ,,g?5.,::,gg.i1!'vg!E:S:: N i n : . S , if N dl I xx"'Q4fY', I 'Y flixb 5'-,'1ULJ'Y" ' 4- - V, Q K YJ 'X 1 - 1 -3 ,J 1 , - X QA L Q . E- .- ' 1 v. , - - 95 - :IK 1. LU E 'Q - 1'l ' ,: X -, V. ,h - E gg J 3534! I - 1, , 4.- .r..- , , , ' '-H Q ' 5 A4 -Q 1: - ' '-2 2. r H "' v' , ,, K - V A - 3- Q Q. f :aff-few. ix.:-'-,W--:f ,----- -4 - 2 ., ' I - 2 gg -M . , g T Q 1-1 1 1 gif: 1 U: l IS 1,4 Q V312 fi - 'fi pr.. S A - L-1 - - Q - wkf.'.--' ,5Q,g..,z4., 3 ' jg? -"M ' QW: ggggazmw-' i f. L2 Yr 1 3: .gjgzz-Ziizffsigsf 145 Q- if if ,C ,q 'Q 's 'PNK Q I ng LU Xm1i:L.,Ex., - -1- 5: Q. I Lu W1 - .LQ ' - Q " '- - ff 17-fi P Q ' 'M . . Shiv- ELL .4 LQ uw .Lssw -- -r--..-an -1 I Q- - - - - - - '44 - X1 ,, , , Xie...-7. , V .1-.MH , , -.L. . , N I - - 2 Sl' PN .2 " Q .gd ,. . , ,. ., ., , , , 3QsT,51-"-f'.'- xq 1' ,NK if- wg Q: 'Q E i 1 1- -94- .. , ,- . ' , k Evra, -If T Q H'--9'- ..-2+-f:-e'i'wfv-zvvfa' 1 . -..:-ff-.K J ...w,,vLL-,-di hvmlb 7471i i Y Q "S .Q ag F "f '--"ik -S LJ., him-- .1 - - V nip, UGGSTS OF- ISDOYVY EBLQM TIIE' GLASS R001-YL In Hist. Phihdiscussing philosophy of Epicurus. A. J'. W-ld-r- What is the derivation of epicurean? Please ask some- thing easy. Prof. Taylor, in N. T. I-Iist., to Student hard of hearing-"Where did the transiiguration occur?" S. H. O. I-I.-"On the plains of Huron." In Ovid class. A. S. S. ltranslating: " Tam vera rorjzuzx lzumeris ab- ezmlis ivzlzaerefzsj-t'And my wife clung to my departing footsteps." Class faint. In Odyssey class. "Tia Jac, Tia di- bvfl'?'lf7 M' 5-r?.sro," I, 225, C. E. Al-n ltranslating I?l J-"YVhat feast and what-and-er-" Prof. lpromptingj--"VVhat crowd-" C. E. A.-t'What crowd and-er-er-" Prof.-"Is this." C. E. A.-"Is this." Prof.-What is this form from? C. E. A. Cstill translatingl-K'What is this form from?" Laughter -great applause from fz'e1's efaf. To Student in Psychology advancing a certain line of thought. Doc- tor-"I have heard of several eminent men who think the same way. Not that I mean to say you are eminent, Mr. Ryvn, not yet." Prof. Taylor-"A crank is a scientist in operation." "A law may be as wrong as Hades."-Prof. Robinson. Logic class, April 15, '91. Dr. F. ispeaking about a lady changing her name after marriagej- "Now, some ladies do retain their own name after marriage-you know some girls do get married. Just suppose Miss C-- should get married, it would be Ella Caster --. B -nh-m, ,92, blushes ingloriously. Prof. in Latin-"Mr. W., you may decline licet. Jas. O. Wh-t-.-Liceabo, licearam, liceabas, licearas, liceabat, arat! ARAT!! H-rl-n G. Cl-rk says that the principal parts of the German word gui, are gui, butter, bust. "Take the Word Philology for instance. Philology means a lover of Wisdoml'-Dr. F. in Logic. U R. N. M. tin Vergil class translatingj-"He marks all the stars gliding in the starry heavens, Arcturus, the rainy Hades -." Slight interruption and Prof. tells a funny C?l story. . W tProfessor, don't you think the church is advancing backward?-R- ph - -n. 1 Those arguments may go to the Deuce.-Prof. Robinson annihilat- 1ng free trade. 97 , , X' X' 5 W' : 5' QNQQQEF-XT QXFVXQ1 ' O fig , L- : Q O ii ' -f' nf--1-. -T ,,-un-Q-cm':x.v. 1Lm-nfe-ww-:""'- ' ' I' X .N ,1.- ,L 'N 'ez 'Xff' ,I X ,f R V EJ , if 1 fj If 'gf' X- , "Y"- ':f f Q! Q I- . XX YNG ' Ef?5" x ' "T - . -,-... igkxriik -- 'fwji . A4 ' F 0 """"'i9m 1' 'L' T' 'XX Q .r1I',LuJlJl ,N ' I 1 . f Q. " 'I' J fl' .-- ' -333 : I ' New X . 2. J- F - ' ' -14:5 ' MF -A X fi ig Q ' .3A .-V.,-x , -L X -.xy-E i j I N XII: ' QQ , f -'ff'-1 f Q 1, . .Q u X X X 5 .sfv-ff'wsiu'xQ --lm -f w X f - Q . " 41+ 'S l A N -1 f X 1 i fl X: 'N 1,55 y ix X I sl! Qs, ' ! 'Q ,W W !' X F ,- I 1 X 4 ' Miegxmv wuxxwxxxsyxwgi 3 I , X ' if N N Ng pri-y:gggxw.sANQN,,.-. X ' - : N 1 AAQ-'.,g?gNQ,5yxmxxxxxwi ,X3L-. I XX If V , A . F if I 1 xr. X lri.'QA8:SS:t?k?3YbY5.z1T' 1 Q 1-I 'wp . 5 X fe' ' X Uk -WiQ: WTWSX' " V A X 1 w W I 6 Hifi V' .1 +m-ui--A-nrf a ' NA f-.- I, Xi . - A- , - NX f N-M V. '- 83541 We W y x 1 'T O X be-f .3 :I Q "ti h i f , " 'wr 1 'NRE -J " ' HER 4 -1 ' K' ff" 3 H XA " N A I fl? fm 'V . OFF FOR HOME. PMLORTH I-IRDOXIXLS, SKEITGBES HROID TEE QOLLEIGG BYIDY2 BOOKS. Prof. Welch on the morning of April 24 prayed 172 min. Prof. Avann, March I, xox min. Prof. Taylor, Oct. 28, 22 min. ' Have you used Pearls Soap? Get your order in before Xmas for crackers. Do not break or tear this book, no morally decent person would do it but the modern Christian may do so. I wonder how much the Faculty pay Prof. Lutz for keeping his eyes open during prayer. Aus.-.05 per year. Girls giving serenades in the night. Dr. Fiske lectures on the above theme, May 20, 1890. 9" .0 You bet your neck? Say do you know how a man can get into a Frat? That's what Fm working for. Don't you think that girl in the end of the seat is pretty? FU I guess. Hard to tell. J. Wilson Staley College Property. Razzle Dazzle '91. What's the matter with '91! 99 He took A. B. home from Society Friday eve. and I don't care a bit. I bet he's 19, just the same. I don't care. I know, strange as it may seem, he did not take M. home from class last Monday eve. Don't you? Oh! the days of the kerry dancing, Oh! the days of the piper's tune. Let us pray. Sainty leads off. Laity follows. O. A. L. is a dandy. What's the matter with K. E? She's all right. ' Is Beddow a preacher? Why do you wait, dear brother, O! why do you tarry so long. The crackers and tooth-picks are ready. The Waiting-maid tingles the gong. Prof. Welch gets there every morning when Dock F. is away. Dr. is Hirtmgl!! I've got the grip Bad, Badder, Baddest. Hurrah for the grip. Clarissa D. is a harmless littlr' thing. but she's an immense flirt. I - - fx 0,75 Q FQ' ll 5 a hmm 251'-U The above is a faithful portrait of Mrs. McGinty nee Annie Roony. She is a beautiful sprightly blonde, with fine-cut features and small mouth. Her teeth are small and filled. She became the happy bride of McGinty on Oct. 2, 1890. May she live long and have the blessings of Heaven. - Amen. Did you see that new fan? One of the giddyjunior conservs. carries it. "Last call for study tickets." Do you know that your soul will be lost? Where? You wouldn't let that -l go home with you, would you? Look at Bobby. IDO What the D-l was the matter with that last song? 2 hi key. Boys are all fools anyway, they don't know enough to treat a girl de- cent. They are too plagued stingy to take anyone to even a lecture. A fool's name like his face Is seen in every public place. Tau Delts all present. 4At chapelj The faculty are. few and far between. Guess John Meely is trying to work himself into the Alfy Tows. Isu't he dangerously delightful? This morning he put a dead mouse down my neck. I ani just about sick. Time keeper E. C. Dunning. GR E E Q f' C I M B in 'GE +, Jiiiaff R 5+wM""7f"w,: Dwlfiqy rata ,ww1f.I239" ' A,ll,3 V J d 5:4 426 L., 4,, ' 4.59 bu 5 Q' 'WSP' Q " f Xb ,-Ms "Any one here for 1ne?'l What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his sweetheart. Generally speaking I don't like boys. KThat's what the girls all say.j Ca boy.J "Class '92. Wah-hoo." The curly dude has had allhis curls cut off.-Well cut off your hair and make him a Wig. Din the silly girl that wrote the sentences above. la boy-7 Prof, Fall -the looking-glass detective. IOI Yes Tom S. got the initten. He felt most awfully cheap. I think she did just right. Have you heard the romance of the Preceptress and the Frater Sacer- dos Avanus from Findlay? NO what is it? Tell you later, Bobby's watching us. They set in the darkened parlor When the glowing day is done, Two forms with but one rocking-chair Two hearts that beat as one. I propose that a certain matter be settled this P. M. What do you think. 2. X. or A. T. A. Prof. Welch has got a new baby did you know it? Wonder if he'll be out to class? Who? The baby? Say, Pal, how do you feel after the liz? O. K., old Pal, but didn't those 5 in hand loom up? This's the way youlooked. U THANKSGIVING IN TWO CHAPTERS. CHAPTER 1. A ?H- , Y - f-fi. Fill J , il,-,.. 2 2 ,Z 7 1 ,ff Q, , ff". l,Al 'V - Q h 4 ig sly? CHAPTER II f' 'I' .Q ' ,.5-,Sql A . 1 ig, 3 1 4, X1 .Ian ' 'gli' Quif' . S .. , f M Vi .1 ' Q f" 5 " ,. - ' f' 1 ,ix 'fl' ' 7 3' :Ki -X 1' 'A ff- . ,. Q 5 3 A 'H fa- E255 "F X, pf P fu qi ' ., -le' A-.' ' " . x ' fix U' - ' li -A' f .4 " " - iz . .f -' ', 7 ' .... . f:"' "' - L Y ,Q "L ' lr If WX . I A, 1 ff-" - --..,-, ,Lv H-. , 'I ' 4116? "Fx W- fl' " . 2" , rr gygfsfa-F h -3 . ff 015' . " by-'F . 2- 'HP' ,'.- .., Zi. ' E ' I-. ' , A n si 'F' 3 My Y' I I ff. 4' .Q-15' My - l . f.i"'f iz' ' :l?1f'-?f:r45Q'f' '--fi - X ll' "vi f 5 41 Max D- " I y J if9954Le1 5 i - -f ,-ff, f - A! -'KV f 4, 1 'IFE L' Aff. i - ,,,:.-.- - . 5. ' ,f' I .f ,f .if ' 'Qnilgv X Alas how easily things go wrong. A sigh too deep, or a kiss too long, Then follows the mist and the weeping rain, And life is never the same again. "A mad love. vs Bay City tough-E. B. Ryan. My name's Gardner-what's yours? Examinations. Oh! my. . Strive to keep the Golden Rule And learn your lessons well at school. I know he goes with her now and --- doesn't know so much as she thinks she does. So now! 103 f ef- ,Tea f-1 1 1 5 f Y 'X fdfig e -f d 3 - a i - . ri L - . Q 3 aaa e g fegsge-fee exe?-e rf ef ri ' ' 3 A ,f f l'1 ' - 1-7'5" f ," ' f, ' ill. 1 ,ff ,ff XA, UIQ If ,f V1 rl U 45,2 V Sli :Q X 1 ,. 9' if ME . XQQI-Ig? g V 35 1, , A ' I 5- ' 1 ' -595. .l ww I 4 -?-'li' Malia-7.H S i T5UEQjg:i5p ,' w s fy?-'-2 'iff y lei!-Sw.. N 2' , Q-,-23, r , -LLL - , ni " Q nf - 9' K -- 1 mfr' we 1+ ,nf--0 ,f f' , -,- 4 11 n. qi-iiiiff . if Z2 X d - , ff M W ey " 'AJQ ' - xr ef - '-'--:fig-4 ag?" S 'wg ' -M 65:19 ' " A K 5'-if Y V iv J-ge X-e 534 -A, -.V - i3lJi5Q,.jfY:21:7Y,ZF ,. -6' 252274 - - cf:-,,.-.f 2 ,I -4 "L lj ,s L: ADDRESS BY DR. FISKE. STENOGHAPHICALLV REPOWIED SY A MEMBER OF '91. This is the Spring of the year, and there are many temptations for walking. Now, of course, we all want to be proper. I could give you six reasons, possibly nine, why no young lady should let any young man take hold of her arm while walking. She don't like to be held by the arm - she would doubtless prefer to rest upon a young man's arm. KNO doubt of it. -Ed.J Then, too, a young lady is bashful tsince when?J. If a young man don't walk as he should, you ladies need not walk with him-there's no law to compel you to do so, you know. KI-Iow about natural law?l Finally, young men and women, be proper. as you always Q?l are. zz :six "That isn't like my hair, is it?"f-AMiss lVh tm r. "Cum all and we'll have a ginral good time as it is the last meeting of the turn1."-H. G. W., Pres. ",Tohn,you are a 1 1 i - i Q." John W-lch-"I'll be gosh blamed, Charlie, if I don't ask that girl to change her name. Vive, Pealer. "I felt sorry for Lou, Mac was so unsympathetic on the sleigh ride." -Anon. I want to be an athlete, And with the athletes stand: A bandage on my forehead, A broken linger on my hand. Why was Allen J. W- the bravest man in the college during the winter term? Because he could face the mouth of a Cannon unflinchingly. I04 ' 1 P John Wilson S- confidently expressed to one of his friends that soon after graduation his faithful Gardner would assist him in a proposed scheme of onion raising. "Never turn the lights down when receiving calls: either leave them high or entirely out-Faculty. Sanitary science teaches that the latter is far preferable. Time: IO C?J p. m. Place: cor. Cass and Park Sts. Warren NV-ht Qaf,- ter 5 hours of silenceb-"Think I must go." Mabel XVh-in-r twith emphasislf-"There is your hat. and your coat is near it, and there is the door." '93 celerifel' exif. "A fellow would have to do a good deal before I would fire him. Yes, it would depend somewhat on the fellow." - Lou M-nr -e. "He don't ever speak to me, let alone mmmofz people.-H. G. W-rr-n. At Mary's club: time, dinner. Myrtie D. M -, '94, ltalking shopl- "Dear me, I can't get any light on microscopy." Bert C. laclassmatel--"Turn up your lamp, then, and don't depend up- on your head." - He was a "Prof"-class '92, And to his towsie was he true: The'n1idnig'ht train he went to meet her, The later the train the meeting the sweeter. Alas! anticipations were up so high That little Miss C-he failed to spyg Was it sleep or love that made B-blind. That he never saw her go by with Ryan? QAr1d Burnie wasn't in it.J Is this paradoxical? Jim B. says it is cheaper to sit in the dark, yet it is 'tdearerf' "The Washburn fguitarj is the best in the world." Rlealj Niuisancej M-l-r. At a meeting of Class ,92. ' Pres.-"Mr. B-rnh-ni will please lead in prayer." Smith B.--"What for?" Can't Class '92 think of anything for which they should pray? Bert C. says it is cheaper to wear "wristlets" than darn fedl socks. Pres. Sr. Class, on street with Prex. Eros. Society--"Won't you have some pop-corn, Miss C., it's only 5c. a package?" Miss C.--"Yes, certain- ly, thank you." They hasten toward the coveted prize. He looks in vain for the dust. Precipitate flight Moralg It takes money to buy pop-corn. The CLouJ Champion as a dancing teacher to her docile pupil-"Now, Ottie, put your arm right around me." "Doc" P. to his Sr. conserv. Cvvith pathosj-"Look me in the eyes, little one, and tell me the truth." 105 E v I-IYXZI NG FYTTEYXIYPT. . THE BOSTON BOY BAFFLED. In order to take vengeance for a supposed robbery, aparty of Matites, under the leadership of C. H. F., repaired to the house where the criminals were supposed to reside. Mr. F. raises his ladder, mounts to the window only to be greeted by a soft feminine voice from within: "I guess you have made a mistakeg you're at the wrong window." F-nn tumbled 1 44 :KX Sympathetic room-mate in a state of hilarity-"Ottie, your a pretty nice boy, if you are fat." "I think when a fellow, e. g, R. N. M-ll-r, continues his calls for I7 nights in succession, it's about time to draw the line." Preceptress in lec' ture to young ladies. To a stranger--"I don't know, I'll go and ask Mr. Armstr-ng, he's out in the kitchen taking a bath." Mrs. K--k. Primiis-"Wonder how Mr. T feels since his girl died." Secundus fbetter known as Honierj--"Guess he took it pretty seriously. Primusw "No need of it. Think so?" Secunduse- "No, it can be thrown off." Then, after fond medita- tion,"Say, Jim, I'd feel pretty bad if my girl died, I'd be Dunn for." Miss K-lp, ,92- Now, remember, I don't want a very large picture. Photographer-All right, then, please close your mouth. A Solicitous Daughter. fOld gentleman at head of stairsl -"Nettie, ain't it time to go to bed?" Nettie A. -"Yes, father dear, don't put it off another minuteg your health, you know, is not robust." She-"Is it possible, Mr. R-b-rts, that you played in the foot ball match this afternoon and yet are here this evening?" He-"Why, yes: why shouldn't I be here?" She-"Well, I didnlt think you would have the face to come." ' Scene in the t'Delt" house, Sunday morning about 10:20. Mr. E. A. Armstrong rushing around in astate of great perturbation. Cause: pretty nearly church time, room-mate ready and waiting, but E. A. A. unable to find his cuffs. Sudden quiet as if some startling fact was dawning on the excited elder. This sudden change iniinediately followed by an exclama- tion of horror couched in the following quite significant words: "I cleclare, I know where those blankity blank cuffs are! I left them down to the Kirk house last night." Tableau and exit. , 106 s Pi 1 r h-1 'D FROM U. S. CENSUS FOR 1890. I A -1 A '-I bam 'cs w 1- W Q Eg +-...N 5,5 ' : 25:3 egg.. S3 3 2:gwEPf 2 A 5.2.32 :Q o-- ua" v"".ZO -2: V- 9.-Cd 11' :: "',o1Zf5 M --ggi -15357, gan' Egg,'m.2E3mg of cv QPQON 3 fn : ri Q.: 1 - mu mf' 6 QW: 9:5 mms wwe O1 fi 1 2 w hz V- ,.. a ,Q . an Q: ',, 1- . 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L2 F E 2 S5123 3 5, 5 - awe: 5 11 30 .5 QI Ahift -:Sl C' iw A A S an 5' 9 3 E '-. -I " S a- ID "' xg fl 'Q ': if E fr. -- 5 : G' nf E Eb 5 Q' Z In ,J rn N U Q '- +-'.- 2 W 7.5 N .- 4 -5 an -5 Q :S 5 ED-' .E 2 M -"' .: -9 0 ,E 'B 'L f. ,, ,F ,- nl, 1: CL d AQ 523130 : CII 5 5 F-1 " O U 5 'Q 1 - cn. - r- V I-1 'U Z 0 Q -: 5- E 7 2 2 3 5 is 'S -1 'V 'i "3 D P-I 4 W-'irq 04 -me 4 Q1 ' O A P E4 .iw 'E F' m IL m m III an m m cn '5-' nr: w 91095 SfFHSui'5w55f5i:i':3fD5555"'55 307' :N o I 5 f' z mn Q Z Z O P44- fx W TL S o 9. T: an 4-"F A 5 'J 5. o Q c 0 o e c Q 9, e C1540 H O 0 I 555 0 ,, -. Z Z Z Z Z Z.o':Z Z Z Z -' Z gg Z Z Z D4 Sd S- I g E Z A 3... .- U x. ,D Pu: 5 .- - f rd E7 : f1E2S..f2 -1 gg Q, , 2 3 .+: 23 wid, 3 5 E 53 E715 'G Q 2 x: E 3 ': E Vg-NQEQ: gb Z v- ..- - N .... 5, f- x. -E 'S :gi 2 0 2 ca. G 1- C' -A il' 1-:Q :Do 1: N u 0 0 5 , .5 2 "' Q GJ W r nd pq Q c: f-1 mom fe I-4 H 3 ,.. was 2 E Z - P1 M--Wo n U3 V .5 : Q, : N A 1. za . 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M F D5 v-f :: g U1 H ., an gg .. g Q., ,.. -5 4 L4 . . gg . - - 5 i ,Q gk! rn ,Q 6 U1 E 'U .2 E S Z v-I U 'Qt E bib-QQQQGHQQGSMQAHHS U, an .-. Q, s.. F f .-. F- s: an an -. cu 'U 'U .... as Lv L. E 1-4 H 5E 4+-4 Q4 I1 1'-1 'U EI E L-4 s.. 'U 'CS 'U '-' SL' :I .-1 L.. -D "' "' at v- 1-4 .-. .. V7 -- as si ni ... H rd si .-1 ... 55 x.. o L. U cd o cd ns O .. ,, ,gg S 4:cQo:44owc:..M..1.1a.n.czwmmE3co T Same as Caster. Sell UL. FE of cerebrum are p thought some germs dtis 2.I1 ed as yet been detected, but a specimen s being carefully examin 11 rain 'Nob I f x .R X PIGRRWYAS. L-d-a R--k "Thy bones are marrowless, Thy blood is coldg Thou hast no speculation in those eyes Which thou dost glare with." E-l- C-st-r T f "She hath more hair than wit." F-r-k D-d-s "Oh! a most dainty man, To see him walk before a. lady and to bear her fan. " R-y M-1-r "Fm Romeo." B51 W-sh-b-n 'Tm Juliet." B-rt C-rr "With hair up staring, llike weeds, not hairflj E-W-d A. A-m-st-g H A "Full many a lady have I eyed with best regardg and many a time The harmony of their tongues hath into bondage Brought my too diligent ear." E. C-1-c-'D-u-nn-g' A "What a spendthrift is he of his tongue." L-W-s F. A-bb-t "It is myself I mean, in whom I know All the particulars of vice so grafted, That when they shall have ripened, black Macbeth Will seem as white as snow." All-11 J. W-ld-r - "More to know did never meddle with my thoughts." E-s-e R., K-lp - "None that I more love than myselff' T09 J. W-ls-n St-l-y V "Even so by love the young and tender Wit Is turned to folly." F-d W-yfnt "I would not be the villain that thou art For the Whole space that's in the tyrant's grasp And the rich East to boot." C-1-s M-yw-d I "You-have an exchequer of words." S-th B-nh-m "I am Sir Oracle, And when I ope my lips let no dog bark! Little Caroline W-lch "Welcome, my brave, hereditary guest." Papa I. A. B-dd-W "Not half so loud the bellowing deeps resoundf C. H. F-nn "Forever studious in promoting ill." H. G. W-rr-n "All studies here I solemnly defy." Foot Ball Team "We must have bloody noses. and cracked crowns, And pass them current too." M. A-nd- B-nh-t I laughed until my eyes got as BIG .'.'.' L-ll-n K--k 'iWhO1l1 Hrst we love, you know, we seldo Prof. R. S. Av-n's Brother "I saw ,her thrice---Fate's dark decree In wiclow's garments had arrayed herg Yet beautiful she seemed to me As even my reveries portrayed her.,' E. G. R-g-rs How foul a stench." IIO m wed you, who will come with go home 'If I 1 vw 1'-11 th-m. isG fl 21,1116 uMy 4 as boy. U I I 1 , LUWYNI ECORD GRADUATES OF ALBIOD HEIDJALE QOLLEGIZSCE IDSCICUCEI DEGREE, M. A. S. Adams, Augusta M., 1853, Coburg, Ontario. Anthony, Augusta fWhiting,J 1865, Albion. Aylworth, Minnie tRose,J 1858, South Haven. Barnes, Harriet 1Doty,J 1355, Lexington. Barnard, Mattie KMarsh,J 1858, Eaton Rapids. Baker, Rena lMorrison,l 1860, Chicago, Ill. Barber, Prudence A., 1859. Died in Parma in 1869. Banfield, Sarah M., 1861. Deceased. Bates, Eusebia fMore,J Cleveland, 1861, Ohio. Bellows, Anna E., 1858. Booth, Henrietta P., 1857. Brooks, Harriet QBrewer,J 1854. Chicago, Ill. Billinghurst, Jennie M., 1858. Biclr, Nannie fDiamond,l 1858, Santa Clara, Cal. Briggs, Mary KGould,J 1861, Battle Creek. Brown, Jennie CBarret,J 1863, Blissiield. Burnham, Fidelia QCowen,j 1854, Union City. Cobb, Charlotte S., 1851, Galveston, Texas. Church, Almira, 1854. Church, Laura, 1855. Coyle, Jennie, 1357. Detroit. ' Comstock. Mary, 1858. , Chamberlin, Louise iMorrison,l 1859, Brinifield, Ill Craig, Mary iDavenport,j 1865. Cotton, Celia CRobertson,J 1863, Brooklyn, N. Y. Cleveland, Jane IThompson,J 1855, Plymouth, Ind. Davenport, Libbie fFassett,J 1860, Fallassburg. Dennis, Alvira, 1851, New Orleans, La. . Dodge, Huldah fPratt,J 1854. Donaldson, Maria fCrane,J 1859, Port Huron. Dunshee, Bessie fFrenchj 1860, Thompson, Ill. Davidson, Helen tLoo1nisJ. 1861, Port Huron. Dutton, Helen lBeaver,j 1858, Albion. Emmons, Elizabeth, 1859. Earl, Antoinette, CBessac,l 1860, Marquette, Eslow, Lottie QPierce,l 1850. Died at Albion 1871. Fish, Sally fRulisonj 1859, M. S., 1868, Flint. Fowler, Timna, 1851. Fellows. Emeline, 1853. II Foster, Martha M., 1855. French, Clara T., 1859. Grimes, Minnie, 1864. Gernberling, Juliet CBradbury,J 1855, Albion. Grover. Adelaide fC1iL1'k,, 1859. H0111611 Gardner, Maria lFarley1, IS57, N0Ft11Vi11C- Graves, Gatherine fRobertson.J 1339- DSC63565- Green, Sarah N., 1860. Geneva. Gould, Carrie. 1863. Battle Creek. Gage, Hattie LMarsh.l 1863, Mason City, Iowa- Hurnphrey, Ada E., lgjl. Houston, Sarah. 1852. Deceased. Hazlett, Mary lBrownl, 1857, Hudson. Public Speaker- Harvey, Nettie QGelston.j 1858, Ann Arbor. Herrick. Deborah QKettlestrings,J 1858, Oak Park, Ill. Hazzard, Huldah E., ISGO. Henion, Sarah fSn1ith,b 1861, Bay City. Holden, Jennie 1Davenport,1 1862, Fallassburg' Haanel, Emma lFox,1 1863, St. Louis, Mo. I1nus,Henrietta, 1856, Galesburg. Ives, Elizabeth CCowan,1 1861, Mason. Johnson, Elizabeth, 1854. Johnson, Mary Z., 1856. , Johnson, Minnie CSpencer,y 1861, Detroit. Jackson, Frances QLacy,J 1857, Pontiac. Kingsbury, Helen lDeLan1eter,J ISSS, Livermore, Cal. Kritzer, Roxina, 1855. Died in Albion 1857. Kinney, Jennie QBristol,J 1856, Ypsilanti. LaTour, Sarah fLOOH1iS,, 1869. Detroit. Loud, Sarah lTuttle,l 1863. mother of E. R. L., Albion. Mahon, Grace lDaytonl 1855, East Saginaw. Mayhew, Ellen S., 1858, Detroit, Marsh, Cilicia, 1861, Gilead. Nichols, Franc fSaunders.D 1361, Detroit. Organ. Catherine E-, 1854. Olin, Amy R., I86O. Olin, Amanda G., 1860. Page, Alice lMorehouse,l 1863, Adrian. Perrine, Livonia KBenedict,J 1851, A. M., mother gf L, L, PM '30, and F M. P., '87, Grand Rapids, Dakota. Phelps, Caroline QDean,J 1852, Detroit. . Pettee, Lydia QHouse,J 1853, Cleveland. Perry, Isabelle. 1854. Packard, Harriet Thompson, 1855. Died 1884, Pilcher, Lucy M. fPorter,J 1856. Died at Jackson, 1870. Poe, Mariah S., 1858, A. M. Parsons, Mary lFarley,J 1859, Albion, Pierce, Mary Lamond, 1860, Flint. Pope, Antoinette fAd3.111S,J 1861, Parma, Palmer, Hannah lBorden,7 1862, Hubbardstowu. Robinson, Sarah CCrittenden,J 1857, Albion, Rowe, Emily R., ISSI. Sharon. Reynolds, Sarah fGalloway,l 1854. Rowe, Clara C., 1854. Deceased. Russell, Jennie fPhelps,j 1863, Grand Rapids, Robinson, Eliza 1Ingham,j 1859, Grand Haven. Robinson. Ar1ina1Wood.1 I86O. Died at Greenville, 1878. Rice, A. lBorden,J 1862, Hubbardstown. Rork, Ursula lTuttle,J 1852, mother of E. L. R., L. M. R., and G. A. R. Agnew, Mich. 114 Sniith, Ellen M., 1852. Smith, Cornelia iSabin,J 1852, Homer. Smith, Louise fReddick,J 1854, mother of C. R. S., '86, Coldwater. Scranton, Augusta S., 1855. Deceased. Shears, Clarissa lChilds,l 1856. Died at Malone, N. Y., 1885. Sturgis, Ellen iSteele,j 1858, Scipio. Sturgis, Mattie C., 1858, Scipio. Sturgis, Mary F., 1858, Scipio. Sample, Mary M., 1860. Deceased. Senix, Christa 1McArthur,J 1863, Kalamazoo. Staples, Frances C., 1863, Albion. Staples, Lucelia E-, 1863, Albion. Turner, Madelon L. tStoclcwel1,1 1863. A. B. 1872 in U. of M., Kalamazoo. Vining, Elizabeth M., 1858. YVebster, Sarah A., 1852, Marshall. Wesson, Anna lDayton,l 1863, Flint. Williams, Alxneda, 1875. Winchell, Charlotte iI1I1LlS,l 1856, Madison, YVis. Wooley, Catherine lPhillips,1 1856, Chicago, Ill. Yule, Painelia lVining,J 1856, Brantford, O. GRADUACES OF CBE QOLLEGE OH LIBERAL ARCS. Allen, C. Victor, Ph. B., 1888, Commercial Traveler, Chicago, Ill. Allen, Gertrude, A. B., 1884, A. M. 1885. Teacher of Languages in High School, Ionia. K A G ' AUIHELH, William H., A. B., 1876. A. M., 1879. Clergyman in Detroit Con- ference of M. E. Church, Pinconning. Ambler, William E., B. S., 1865, A. M., at Hillsdale. LL. B., at Albany. Practicing Law, Cleveland, O. Arnold, Sella, B. A., 1887. Chicago Training School. Abernethy, Elmer Fiske, A. B., 1886. Superintendent Public Schools, Iron Mountain. A T A Aberllethy, Ella lKingsleyJ, Ph. B., 1886, Iron Mountain. A T Bacon, Jessie lSnell,J Ph. B., 1883, Bad Axe. Bacon, Lyman Walter, A. B., 1882. Principal of Public Schools, Bad Axe. Bancroft, Edward Bennett, A. B., 1876. A. M., 1879. B. D., Boston Uni- versity 188o. Clergyman in Detroit Conference, Owosso. A T A Barnes, Flora Gale, Ph. B., 1890, Kalamazoo. A T' ' Barnhart, Alice H., A. B., I8QO. Preceptress High School, Vicksburg. A T Bowers, Alice E.. B. S., 1870, Manchester. Bowers, George Edmund, Ph. B., 1880, Editor of Hillsboro Banner, Hills- boro, Dak. -, Bowers, Clara fCollarJ Ph. B., I88O, Hillsboro, Dak. Bradley, Alva, A. B., I87I, Lumber Mercharlt, Duluth, Minn. Bristol, Maud E., A. B., 1890. Teacher Modern Languages in High School, Ionia. Brockway, Ella CHoag,J B. S. 1871, Ph. M., 1888, Preceptress Albion Col- lege, Albion. Brown, .Tohn Ging, A. B., 1871, Ph. C at U. of M., 1873, Albion. A T A Brown, Nathan P., A. B., 1890, Fowlerville. Buell, George Abram, B. S., 1877, Clergyman in Mich. Conference. Shelby. Buell, .Tohn W., A. B., 1884., Clergyman in Mich. Conference, Wayland. Brown. Chas. Champlain, A. B., ISSO, Agent of Hanford Oil Company, Chicago, Ill. Brown, George Perry, B. S., ISSO, Lawyer, Marquette. Brady, John A., A. B., 1886. Clergyinan of M. E. Church, Reno, Nevada. Bennett, Ben, Ph. B., 1886, Superintendent of Public Schools, West Branch. A T A II3 Bibbins, Arthur E., Ph. B., 1887, Student in Biology at Johns Hopkins Un- iversity, Baltimore, Md. Buck, Rosa 1Knapp,l B. S., 1877,'Stevensville, Mont. Bush, Sabra lCrose,J B. S., 1872, Chicago Bell, Jessie tMattheson,l B. S., 1872, Springfield, Wis. Bailey, Mary lTaylor,J B. S., 1880, Dawson, Dakota. Beard, Maud M., A. B., 1889, Albion. K A O Bailey, George Leroy, B. S., 1876, M. S, 1879, M. D.,Hahnen1an Med. Coll. Chicago, lS79, member of Hoinoeopathic Society, died June 21, 1883, at Battle Creek, Mich. 'A T A Cook, Joseph, A. B., 1888, clergyman in Mich. Conference, Parkville. Cook, l1Villiam T., A. B., 1888, clergyman in Mich. Conference, Buchanan. Chase, John C., A. B., 1888, clergyman in Mich. Conference, Bloomingdale. Chase, Chas. Henry, Ph. B., 1878, Editor of Anderson Journal, Ander- son, Ind. Clark, E. Josephine, A. B., 1868, A. M., 1571, teacher in Albion College, Albion. Cole, George L., A. B., 1869, clergyman of M. E. church, Mich. Conference 1867 '77, Supt. Epworth League 14th Conf. Dist., Long Beach, Cal. Clark, Frank Ephraim, A. B.,- 1877, A. M., 1881, Commercial Traveler, Geneva, N. Y. Clark, Bertha lAldridge,J A. B., 1876. A. M., 1879, Geneva, N. Y. Clark, Reuben Emmett, A. B,', 1872, cashier in. Burnett Wholesale Commis- sion House, Chicago, Ill. Clark, Ada tEslow,l A. B., 1871, writer, Chicago, Ill. ' Coney, Ruth E., Ph. B., 1890, Albion. K A 9 . Cunningham, Edward R., Ph. B., 1890, Spring Arbor. , Cushman, Thirza iVVright,l A. B., 1869, A. M., 1882, Three Rivers. Cooper, Elizabeth C., B. S., 1874, Homer. Cooper, Alba M. lStiles.l Ph. B.. 1884, Big Rapids. A I' Camburn, Jacob Champion, A. B., 1878, A. M., U. of M., 1879, agent for Battle Creek School Furniture Company, Battle Creek. A T A Clark, Ida lLeonard,J Ph. B., 1881, Albion. , Clark, Arnold A., A. B., 1881, A. M., 1882, Chief Clerk of State-Board of Health, Lansing. Deceased, 1891. Clough, Zina Albert, B. S., 1881, merchant, Lake Linden- ' Carrier, Wilbur Oscar, Ph. B., 1883, clergyman in Presbyterian church, Warsasv, Wis. A T A Carrier, Mertie QPitts,J Ph. B., 1884,Warsaw, Wis. A I' Coney, Stella M., Ph. B., 1889, Preceptress High School, Birmingham. KA O Critchett, John F., Ph. B., 1889, Student in Law, Monroe. E X Darling, Marc W., A. B. I87O, A. M., 1873, at Albion, 1875, at Ann Arborg pastor of First Congregational church, Sioux City, Iowa. Darling, Clara, fWoolson,J A. B., 1869. A. M., 1873, Sioux City, Iowa. Dickie, Mary fBrockwayJ A. B., 1871, Albion. Dickie, Samuel, B. S., 1872, M. S., 1879. Professor in Albion College in '77 to '88, Trustee of Albion College, Chairman of National Prohibition Committee, Albion. A T A DesJarclins, Paul, A. B., 1885, A. M., 1886, S. T. B., Boston Universiiy. 1888 Missionary in N. Y. City, Minister in Detroit Conference, Laings- burg. A 'l' A DeCamp, Albert, Ph. B., ISSO, LL. B., U. of M., 1883, Inventor, New Or- leans, La. ' DeCamp, Chas. A. B., 1885, Hardware Merchant, Durand. DeCamp, Lillie 1Bitting,J B. M., 1881, Durand. Daniels, Grosvenor, Ph. B., 1880, clergyman in M. E. church, Denver, Col. Davids, John W., A. B., 1882, A. M., 1889, Clergyman in M. E. Church, Anoka, Minn. Davis, Dora B , 1889, Clerk in oliice of Probate Judge, Kalamazoo. Doolitte, Hattie M ,Ph. B., 1889, Teacher in Public School, Albion. 116 6 ' if Downing, Elliot R., B. S., 1889, Insurance Business, Fort Payne, Ala. A T S2 Ellison, Ella lYVood,j B. S., 1871, Alma. Encke, John J., Ph. B., 1878, M. D., U. of M., 1883, Practicing Medicine, Newark, New Jersey. A T A Encke, Lewis, A. B., 1878, Farmer, Albion. Edmonds, Edward Ames, B. S., 1889, Foreman Brokaw Paper Pulp Co., Kaukauna, lVis. A T A Fitch, Nellie A., B. S., 1868, M. S., 1871, Clerk of Board of Improvements, Cleveland, O. Fassett, John H., A. B., 1870, A. M., 1873, Farmer, Ashton, Dakota. Fitch, Mary lPeabody,J B. S., 1871, Cleveland, O. Fallass, Chas. W., B. S., 1873, Member of Grand Rapids Bar, Real Estate Agent, Grand Rapids. Fallass, Ida CS11arer,l Ph. B., 1882, Grand Rapids. Farley, VV111. Dwelle, A. B., 1879, Furniture Dealer, Battle Creek. A T A Felker, Henry J., B. S., 1872, Lawyer, Grand Rapids. Felker, Lois 1Teesdale,J B. S., 1873, Grand Rapids. Fairbanks, Ira A., A. B., 1881, Farmer, Dawson. Dakota. Fallass, Ermina, Ph. B., 1882, Ph. D., at De Pauw, 1888. Teacher in De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. K A O Fiske, Clarence A., A. B., 1890, Book-keeper with R. Connoble 81 Sons, Wholesale Fish Dealers, Chicago, Ill. Floody, Robert J., B. S., 1890, Studying Theology at Boston University. Folks, Homer, A. B., 1889. A T SZ Sec. Gould, Lucius T., A, B., 1888, Principal of High School, Putnam, Conn. CID A 9. Graham, Hugh A., A. B., 1887, Student at U. of M., Ann Arbor. Gordon, Chas. H., B. S., 1886, Principal of Wells School, Keokuk, Iowa. A T A. Glenn, Carrie lBrucel, B. L., 1890, Marquette. Griflin, Williani L., A. B., 1884, M. D., at U. of M., 1887, Practicing Medi- cine, Shelby. Griffin, Emma lFootej, Ph. B., 1883, Shelby. Gibson, Henry. B. S., 1865. Griswold, Mettie QMorrisonj, B. S ., 171, Artist, Chicago. Griffin, Minnie fBrooksl, A. B., 1879, Evanston, Ill. Gillett, Augustus H., 1871, A. M., 1874, D. D., Secretary of S. S. Union, Wyoming, O. Gregory, Rose A., A. B,, 1882,, Gen. Agent of a Detroit Publishing House from 1883 to 1885, Gen. Agent for R. S. Peale 81 Co., Publishers, Chi- cago, from '85 to '88, agent for Alumni Professorship Fund in 1889, Albion. Graham, W. S. C., Ph. B., 1883, Merchant, Grand Rapids. A T A. Harris, J. Herbert, B. S., 1873. Deceased. Hagle, Anson, B. S., 1888, General Agent for Darling Bros.,-Detroit. E X. Houghtaling, Jennie N., Ph. B., 1888, Principal of High School, Howell. A T. , Houghton, Spencer, A. B., 1887, Detroit. A T SZ. Haley, George Wade, A. B., 1885, Student in McCormick Theological School. Presbyterian Minister in Decatur, Chicago, Illinois. A T A. Harmon, Chauncy S., Ph. B., 1885, Prin. of High School, Arcola, Ill. Howard, Meta, B. S., 1884, M. S., 1885, M. D., 1887, Missionary to Korea, Albion. Howard, Mary, B. S., 1885, Albion. Haven, Jennie, B. S., 1869, M. S., 1872, Albion. Haanel, Julia fDarlingj, B. S., 1870, Coburg, Ontario. Hall, Lora, A. B,, 1870, Teacher in Soldier's Home, Atchison, Kas. Hoag, Dicia 1ReedJ, B. S., 1870, Springport. Hoag, Lucy, B. S., 1872, M. D. at U. of M., 1883, Missionary W. F. M. S., Chinkiang, China. lI7 I If Hall, John M., B. S., 1876, M. S., 1879, Trustee of College, Supt. Bay View Assembly, Flint. Holmes, Will L., A T Sl, B. S., 1890, Studying Theology at Boston Univer- sity. Holmes, Mina CMudgey, K A 9, B. S., 1890, Boston, Mass. Hunsberger, Wesley A., Ph. B., 1878, Clergyman in Mich. Conference, Muskegon. A T A. Hampton, Mary S., A. B., 1880, Missionary W. F. M. S., Hokodata, Japan. Howard, Chas. F., Ph. B., 1880, Lawyer, Redfield, Dak. Hallenbeck, John W., A. B., 1873, A. M., 1879, Clergyman in Mich. Con- ference, Carson City. Hull, Olive B , B. S., 1887, Albion, Mich K A 9. Hipp, Henry G., B. S., 1889, Grand Haven. Jones, Shelley B., B. S., 1888, Greenville. E X. Janes, Fred N., B. S., 1873, Clergyman Mich. Conference. Mosherville. Jones, Chas. W., B. S., 1873- Clergyman Mich. Conference, Casnovia. Jocelyn, James Curtis, B. S., 1876, M. S., 1879, Supt. of Shoe Factory for C. H. Fargo 81 C6,, Jackson. A T A. Jocelyn, Kate Alma, A. B., 1869. Died at Albion, Jan. 1, '72, Kimball, Chas. M., B. S., 1888. Died at Martin, Feb. I2, '9o. A T A. Knappen, Geo. F., Ph. B., 1887, Cashier in Bank, Sioux Falls, Dak. E X. Knappen, Nellie, Ph. B., 1887. Principal of High School, Mason. A T. Keenan, Rose COldmanj, Ph. B., 1887, Buffalo, N. Y. K A G. Kellogg, Arthur R., Ph. B., 1890, Quincy. Knapp, Lebbeus Jerred, B. S., 1884. Studied Law at U. of M., Lawyer, Stevensville, Mont. A T A. Keedy, Florence, Ph. B., 1879, Kenosha, Wis. Kleeman, Addie tWrightl, B. M., 1880, Chicago, Ill. Knox, David, A. B., 1869, A. M., 1872, Lawyer, Three Rivers. Laing, Jane M., Ph. B., 1890, Stony Creek. Loomis, Frank H., A. B., ISS7. Hannibal, Mo. E X. Loomis, Geo. W., A. B., 1886. Superintendent of Schools, Manchester. 2 X. Loomis, Merrit F., B. S., 1884, Clergyman in Mich. Conference, Olivet. Lavander, Franc J., A. B., 1876, Studied Law, Alton. Laubach, Geo., A. B., 1877, Music Teacher, Otsego. Lovejoy, Luther E., A. B., 1889, Clergyman Mich. Conference, Three Oaks. A T A. Mather. E. O., A. B., 1888, Studied Theology in Boston University, Clergy- man Mich. Conference, Battle Creek. A T Sl. Mather, Cora E. Ph. B., 1887, Preceptress of High School, Ligonier, Ind. ana. A T. Martin, T. J., Ph. B., 1887, Lawyer, Died at Sault Ste Marie, 1890. A T A. Moon, Edgar L., A. B., 1886, Minister in Detroit Conference, Stockbridge. E X. Mann, Chas. E., B. S., 1867, Wheaton, Ill. Miller, Chas. S., Ph. B., 1879, Fairmount, Neb., Banker. Miller, Minnie tDivineJ, Ph. B., 1881, Fairmount, Neb. Morehouse, Lucy fFoote1, A. B., 1869, A. M., 1872, Temperance Ylforker, Big Rapids. . Mount, Geo. L., A. B., 1871, A. M., 1874, Clergyman Mich. Conference, Parnia.. Mason, Elma L., Ph. B., 1880, Teacher in Soldiers' Home, Atchison, Kan. Marsh, Will Clark, Ph. B., 1880, M. D., U. of M., 1883, Practicing Medicine, Quincy, A T A. , McDonald, Marion, A. B., 1881, Student in U. of M., Ann Arbor. Mosher, Wm. P., B. S., 1882, Clergyman Michigan Conference, Bellevue. Moots, Cornelia CChilsonJ, A. B., 1882. Temperance Worker and Writer, West Bay City. McCarthy, Joseph P., A. 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M., '74, President Normal College Madison, Neb. Wilcox, Isaac, A. B., '73, Clergyman Detroit Conference, Hancock. Wilcox, Grace KWallacej, B. S., '72, Hancock. Welch, Chas. Rollin, A. B., '80, A T A, Albion. Webb, Arletta tCamburnl, A. B., '80, Chicago, Ill. Wartinan, Ella lRobertson1, A. B., '76, Albion. White, Will. S., Ph B., '89, Teacher, Flint. E X, Young Robert, Ph B., '80, Clergyman Michigan Conference, Gilead- s 9 GRADUATES HROID QODSERVACORY OH IIZUSIQ. Anderson, Ida, '80, Detroit. Austin, Lida, '88, Morrice. A X il. Adgate, Flora, '89, Ionia. A X sl. Babcock, Lena, '77, Vineland, N. J, Brown, Nettie tCliftJ '79, Albion. Brockway, Mary, '80, Teacher of Music, Mason. Bartley, Maud, '86, Grand Rapids. Barnes, Mary, '89, Duluth, Minn. - Bacon, Alice CSmalleyl, '85, Decatur. Blanchard, Jessie, '83. Died Aug. '84. Carrier, Myrtie CPittsl, '81, Wausau, Wis. Conklin, WVm. G. '82, Dowagiac. Conklin, Alice I., '84, Dowagiac. Crittendgn, Emma L., '84, Teacher of Music in Public Schools, Ionia. A X . Coney, Eva, '87, Teacher of Music, Vermontville. I2O Cassady, Anna, '87, Jackson Corliss, Nettie, '82, Albion. Crissinger, Ella fScrantonD, '85, Marion, O. DeCan1p, Lillie lBittingl, '81, Durand. Dudley, Anna, '79, Holly. Dorsey, Minnie KClarkJ, '84, Albion. Fanning. May, '86, Teacher of Painting, Albion. Faxon, Minnie, '85, Du Plain. A F. Fort, Addie Qi-Iaruionj. '84, Teaching in Public Schools, Centreville. Gale, Floy CRobins0nJ '88, Albion. Gifford, Nina QPhelpsl. '80, Detroit. ' Gould. C. Blanche, '88, Bellvidere, Ill. Hartung, LuElla, '88, Albion. Howe, Nora QI-Iartj, '86, Oak Grove- Hanaw, Bettie, '84, Jackson. Hutchinson, May CMannJ, '84, Concord. Hook, Lou CCoppl, '87, Ottawa, Ill. A F. Hull, Lina, '87, Springport. Iddings, Nellie CGaleJ, '82, Charlevoix. Jackson, Lillian, '84, Teacher, Litchfield. Jones, Emma CCrippenl, '84, Grand Rapids. Keedy, Jenny CCollinsJ, '78, Hyde Park, Ill. Kemp, Lina CAngevinel, '79, Chelsea. Kinney, Flora LBatesl, '84, Emporia, Kan. Kleeman, Addie fWrightJ, '80, Chicago, Ill. Kirk, Lillian, '89, Post-Graduate Work, Albion. A X SZ. Lownsbery, Matie, '89, Albion. A I'. Longyear, Allie, '83, Charlotte. Landon, Genevieve fR0rabacherl, '83, Augusta. Loomis, Lottie CBerryl, '87, Manchester. Loomis, Belle CSrnithJ, Hannibal, Mo. Landon, Edith, '86, Parma. Linneberry, Cora fHatchJ, '79, Jackson. Mudge, Lulie CTorreyl, '81, Omaha, Neb. Moses, E. May, '89, Seneca Falls, N. Y. K A O. Murray, D. Belle, '89, Homer. Ott, Crissie, '86, Albion. Pennoyar, Mattie, '79, Concord. Pickett, Carrie lCovert7, '83, McCook, Neb. Prouty, Elie, '86, Teacher in Hartford. Robertson, Laura CBidwellj, '87, Albion. Reynolds, Hattie A., '84, Teaching in Jackson. A X SZ. Reynolds, Florine CDefend0rfJ, '89, Dowagiac. Shepard, Sara, '88, Parma. Smith, Lillian, '88, Reno, Nev. Smith, Libbie, '87, Marshall. Smart, Lilla G., '88, Teacher in Flint. A I'. Sprague, Della, '88, Teacher in Rapid City, Dak. A X SZ. Stafford, Franc A., '86, Port Hope. Smith, Clara QSc0fieldJ, 86, Niles. Springer, Hattie LLazelleJ, '86, Ypsilanti. Andrews, Lulu, '90, Teaching Music in Marshall. Bolster, Carrie M., '90, Albion. . Carr, Maud E., '90, Eaton Rapids. 1 Hull, Anna, '90, Teaching Music, Du Bois, Pa. Miller, Belle, '90, A X SZ, Teaching Painting, Litchfield. Raub, Anna A., '90, Big Rapids. U ' Whitcomb, Jean M., '91, A-X SZ, Teacher in Conservatory of Music in Albion College, Albion. Whitacker, Kate R., '90, Parma. 21 PA.,-RQNIZE THE ADV -fs ,,,, , in . ERTIS QWOEN WEN fs ,V ,lg . J.. - ii" -1.3 ff -57' -"3"'?'f .LU if-'NB -,S ,A Q , I, F, Age 6- -5, :, ?,! "NS, "-TM , '- ' -f, -gg' 54 -fir y - ' ,L 2 1' f "9?1'V' . I - ',.' .Z A-if 3 . ,. fi- 'E' C"-f ' fm , "TIF ' 214' 'L -"' 552225 1 - -f , 4.-f " , -P-nf 'fi' K 1 , V ' "I 2' " L , , al NPL: 595 . 1 5 f .. -. ga! 7,1 'ff f . - L -'- .... , ,,,,, ' f V ' J , nr-1-f-1 wg 1, A. , - gf fffffwf ,g3h2,g g-g,' . , .1 1 ,f:.f g f -if : ,',i'f.f'J ,955-ge-!ffj55:1 : Y i' . .G "' , f iZL,g,,"'.P,.f?1,i,,3-A i -ia Y , - 222, -' 4 ffl 'Mu - 5-231 .: ,. -' - iv -uv '- 1, "1 .. , , F . '-:f .Q - '-- J ,i- E"L-iff-' -:F .4 it t 7 j, IQ "-' ,gf :ff 1 ' sf-'.' if '- - -ry .Zi .17 Q--Q Till:-s.Z'..q'jQ--,.'g..f?-'f1,7 fra- ' , 3.4-4' ffvff-ff - 1 fr-I !'c.G.Zz:wc1- 'f The pen d1'IlYVil1,L'S in this book were made by H F. C. COURTER, ADDIE MCHATTIE GEORGE G. NEWELL, N 1 IIBION, L .- , .4 I R xx' D, Mil GALE MANUFACTURING CO., S M1011- For circulars of their full line of ZKQDERN I-'I..CJX1SLS. Steel Combination and Chilled Bottoms, Steel, Iron and Wood Beam. More money for the dealer and gives better satisfaction to the farmer than any other make. . THE IMPROVED "BIG !NJUN" SULKY PLOW. The mos! snrfesljflzl Sznlky Plow in fha l'Vo1'!zi, A ' ' x .. "ll , 1, 1,3722 - l. . f V New gfglnsi 55 : ite-,:5l5l S11":l F.2l Willie. ' ff' ?"' 'eff -FF? fi", ff It fitted with Front Furrow NVheel Adjustment which keeps the Plow level at all times. -6- TRY 'EYVY -9- The "Daisy" Walking Cultivators with eight patent crimped teeth and with four hardened shovels, are the most successful, strongest and easiest operated, adjustable arch cultivators made, and are acknowledged "L6ZiClC1'S.,' 'Us IIIHIHZMNEQ iiiiiligliil'iiiiiliIiilliiU'1ii5hEiFiHlEiiilHi i" , L . . wwe'-v-l.J"' "f"" -fumlufmux nwlwi um. gf, X - E-ft e, . 2. E - EEXX-yl I 6 -REX ' , -' V 1' f L " i N N i 4, i 'Tj?'I.,, , we ' e w .-f 1? tl , 'f,f1 q:f22 'R 1 it me llllllu tf fflw, f 11 1 L : 2 W V X 1' Q ix r i ' il l f ' ' ' ' .,wlLl ,,1' V1 e-Ze . ,. ,f i H COOPER ZX HUNTER. ALBION'S ONE PRICE CLOTHIER5, We Lead in Styles and Prices. A VVQPOI to the Wise is Sufficiermt. 316 SOUTH SUPERIOR STREET. EW? ST-FKPBE FND EQFXNCSY GROQEPNES, FRUWS PMID Q NEEGYJ NERY. VALI. ON J. E. PERINE. ALL ORDERS PROIWPTL Y DELIVERED. HC O'D ON0 UG IIUE, Pfvxllfwlt. lf. GALE, Irlyfl' Pn's1'd'v11l. II. AC DEARING, C!I.Vhl.A'I'. GEO. V. DEA IEHVG, A.v.v'l Cnshlbr. FIRST QQLQQQIL BANK CAPITAL, . . . .gI50,000, -1 DIRECTORS: IIORATIO GALE. HT O'DO1VOUGIIUE. C, Hx: D-A,L1f2'EHYP.LEL 11 EL Worm. E. A. LANDON2 4 L H. M DEARING. H V INN E XR CT LY l2ll Rofls Straight NVest of ALBIODE Q QOi.LEGE B U N DAY'S Popular Corner Dry Goods. In Direcf Line and Plain View. Look from the College rvlqhf at the Store. Gaze direct from Sfore at the College. lllearesf Dry Goods Store to the College. Nearesi College fo the Store. IRIECIPJRQCAIL- ,Accessible by Carriage, Foot, Bicycle or Balloon. No end of lelzrning at the College--No end of Dry Goods at the Sfore. PLEASE REIIIEIIIBER TIIE STORE. G . F. BU N DAY. J, cr Newsome, Gold, Gilt, Silver, Bronze, Ivor , PCDLISI-ISD XISZGCD, And all kinds of URNAMENTAL PlGlVURE FRAMES 307 AND .soo WABASH AVEN UE, CHICAGO. Send for Illustrated Catalogue. UNION WIND NIILIRZI IVI'F'Il, CII, XALOLCOTT'S . Pumping and Power Wind ills HND WIND MILL SUPPLIES. ALBION, .---- MICHIGAN. w. 71 WRIGHT, DR. E. L. PARMETER, Oflice over First National Bzmk. Nitruus Oxidide Gas administered. Cor. Erie and Superior Streets. , DRS. F E. R4LMER, DR. A. G. BRUCE, Office over Slcelds Jewelry Store. Eglgyyy' Bmck, C. E. DeBOVIC H. D. 77-IOAIASOZV, JV. D. DENTIST. 17 South Superior Street. Omce, 213 Superior Sweet- 6 666566665606666666 HLBION OLLQGQ. if Q THE LEHDIHG CHURCH COLLEGE IH MICHIGHH. LB A I 9 U 5 T It is the most rapid .,.... is Q E in its growth. H It has the largest P-1 5 'S .-E ...L.. faculty 5 E 9:1 The largest attendance ...... 3 ,Q E if of students. , H The most comprehensive 'F QE ...... courses of study. Q E It allows the widest ...... 5 fi E Q election of studies. H Provides the fullest oppor- g ...... tunities for research work. Z E E It is the most modern I ...... 2 ' E E in its methods. The most progressive Q fo if " ...... in its life. Y' E The atmosphere of the ...... college is homelike. he Its moral tone healthful. . ...... its spirit Christian. 5 - -- --- I E 2 College of Liberal Arts. E E S5 H E Q 'Q' DSE Conservatory of Music. bg Q s Eg L 5 H QE School of Painting. E5 ' 55 if if E E ,E QE Department of Oratory. E SE . P- Q E-gb SZ Commercial Department. E E :E E Special Academic Work. J- s Q Q Q Q YQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'Q Q Q Q Q Q ALQIUN ITY ENDRY. FIRST-GBASS WGRI4 GUARFXNTCEIEJ. 40, S, S,,,,,,,,,,,, S, Mes. Wm. HISDALE, Proprietor. f CE is rvsw-'zfedfoz' C. fl. lWcC!m1fz'c's liao! and Shoe store, whose business spcaksfor Z-f5t'M ffllbiog, Mich., Juqe 10, 1891, T 0 fke Publzks We desire to call your attention to the fact that we are in the market with a full stock of good dry Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, all Well bought and carefully selected to suit the requirements of this market. We carry the largest stock of Bill Stuff, Boards, Barn and House Siding, Flooring, Ceiling, Finishing Lumber, Lath and Shingles to be found any- where near Albion. We keep in stock an assortment of common sizes of Doors, Windows and Blinds, and a full stock of Mouldings made from a good quality of well-seasoned lumber, and a quantity of Turned Work such as Veranda Columns, Balusters and Spindles, also Base, Casings, Plynth Blocks, Head Blocks and Corner Blocks. And can furnish prompt- ly anything not kept in stock. We endeavor to be prompt and accommodating in all our dealings, making free delivery of all bills within the city limits. Orders from neigh- boring towns will have prompt attention and will be delivered free into the hands of the railroad companies. We appreciate and thank our many customers of the past and solicit a continuance of their trade, as well as new business from those who have not dealt with us. Respectfully yours, HA THA WA Y df MOORE. Glye lxeaeiryg Plyotograpber. R5 f V f go UR Ar1'EN1'1 ON wk Pk if X 151 2? ki ver X n fs especially di1'efz'ea' fo ilze Ifujge sfork of RIZQBOIVS, LACES. EMBROIDERIESQ VEILIYVG, HOSIERX HANDAXERCHIEFS, LADIES, UNDER WEAR, Eff., To bejbumz' zz! Me Vrzriefy Sf07'E of H OLL ON JZ' 1-IUNGERFORD, Brockway Block, Cor. Superior and Erie Sts. SOLID SILVER SPOONS. Wm. Steele 8: Son, Jewelers. ICG QRQHM HND LUNCH PHRLORS +M- CITY Headquarters for Fine Confectionery. R., We V'elrJ1N1g1y'5, Fresh Baked Goods Delivered Every Day. Books. I Books ERNEST W. GRIFFIN, 'COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS. New and Second Havzd. A STHTIONGIRY. The Besi and mos! Suitable. GROOQRIQS HND PROVISIONS, Always Fresh. HRTISTS' MHTSRIHLS, Vevgz Cheap. SPORTING GOODS, A Fine Line. We have the Gollege Sfafioneryyou see and hear so much of. Glqocselqies. Gwoeewies CORNER NIILLINERY STORE. - A11 the latest styles in A IYIILLIHERY GOODS We are constantly receivin ew goods and yl f 1 N CALL AEE SEE TIS- WA1eNE1e BLOCK Babes XQ VOICE. -2- CELL RT -6' EHSTIVKHNS f LIVERY FINE HORSES, H NQW QHRRIHGES. Rear of Albion I-louse, Cornrr Pcrljf and lmzia Slrccfs. I-I. L. BURG-ESS, HRT DSTUDIQ. FINE WORA' SUPL?RlUR' FIJVISILI, SATISPACTIQIN' G1-'CT..A.E4AISl'TE:ElfID- SUCCESSOR TO C. T. AY'ERY. 301 SUPERIOR STREET . XF-V, 13 .ji 0 Y! D. D. MITCHELL, PnoPmE'roR -6- BEY' LXECDTTCD: ' FIRST CLASS GOODS. Staple and Fancy Groceries. HONEST WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Fruits, Confections, Vegetables and Oysters a Specialty. CLOSE PRICES. V Finest Teas and Coffees imported. ALL TREA TED ALIKE. The door as well as the rich. FRED L. CRANE Orclc-rs Promptly Delivered, 302 Superior St. and 3 Porter St. HEADQUARTERS For everything in the line of Worsted Suits, Cheviot Suits, Cashmere Suits. Prince Albert Suits, Dress Suits, School Suits and Business Suits. AECKWEAR Always on hand The latest novelties in Tecks, Winclsors, Four-in-Hands, Etc. HATS AAD CAPS. You will incl at all times Z1 line assortment from a Crush Hat 'io an elegant Derby. Can find just what they want at the lowest prices. I. JACOBS. OPERA HOUSE BLOCK. STAR CLOTHIER. S727 :El LEAD, OTIEIIERS POLLS V2.7 - Where Money will go the Farthest is at lvl. D. GALLOXAIAYS, HEADQUARTERS IN ALBION FOR Choice Silks and Dress Goods, Cloaks, Wraps, and Shawls, Table Linens, Napkins and Towels, Laces, Ribbons, and Ruchings, Underwear, Hosiery, and Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, ' Domestics of all Kinds. OARPETS. RUGS, E2 LACE CURTAINS, LARGEST LINE, LOWEST PRICES. Material for Fancy YVork in Great Variety. IT WILL PAY YOU T0 TRADE AT THE LEADING DRY GO0DS HUUSE. M- JD.. GALLOWAY. GEO. D. BHOWT BOOK TOHE W T H 06, , EOOIiS, STATIONERY - HND - WHLL ' PHPER. - -- T-1-H -- - - - THE LARGEST STO CK OF B0 OKS IN CENTRAL IVIICIIIGAN omxx- xxx-AxxNNmxNNvANv.-W-.xv M , 152 W. MAIN STREET. JACKSON, MICH- SAUVY. LCDDSF2. .X LUMBER cf? BUILDING MA YERIAL OF ALL KINDS. JAMES W. SHELDON, EUGENE P. ROBERTSON, EUGENE P. ROBERTSON, CASHIER- IZANKI-.KS. ESTA IJLI-SHED 16178. Rim m g MEET., ALBION, MICHIGAN. YVE DO A GENERAL BANKING, DISCOUNT AND COLLECTION BUSINESS. BUY AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE. IVUEE5 M. Zx S. L. DYSINGQR. S22 Slb Sl2S!2S'2Sl2 3.1232281612 S!2S!,2.S!d'.2 4'2S!E!2S'2 71? 715 71? 71? 71? 71? 71? 71? 71? 71? W 71? 71? 71? sll? 71? 71? 7I? S22 S22 715 T S!2 a.,2 mv 71v S12 S12 TQ? 31? an A 2 mi' . 41? S!2 S!2 mv mv 3152512512 S!2Sl2 S!2S!2S!2S!2S!Q!2S!2SlE!E'E'2S!-2 mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv mv m'v mv mv RESIDENCE AND GBEENHOUSE. 414 EAST PORTER STREET. 1 MICH ' ' T. POWERS, ' ' lPROPRIETOR OF- +SmS+ FINE ' TURNUUTS ' A ' SPEGIALTY. -S-3+ X 408 S. Svprzxuou ST. wi?Qlflwlg.3.8.1EQ?MlQT?g?3lf.,9lV.tFQ1lQ,9lrl3HQ.QlQ. new vmixffasgzgxfofzfeifiw ' SIXICIKICIAIODOIQQAMECICOROQICIQICCBIQCOQEQI0-ISIJ-QQUQIQOQQ PHOTO-GRPWURE WORK. By this process we are able to reproduce an unlimited number of exact copies of any subject at a nominal expense. We make a specialty of commercial work of all kinds, including Catalogues for Manufacturers, Fancy Advertising, Railway and Oiiice Views, Scenery of every description. Also make reproductions of Certiiicates, Stocks and Bonds for advertising purposes, and pictures of Stock for Stockmen equal to photographs. We pride ourselves also on our ART DEPARTMENT, in .fact feel confident that we can please all who want a perfect reproduction of anything, from a. piece of iron to a handsome portrait. We refer by permission to a few of our patrons, who take pleasure in recommending us: -IAS. KIRK, of Jas. S. Kirk X Co., Chicago. N. K. FAIRBANK X CO., Chicago. JOHN ODELL, Vice President Union National Bank, Chicago. FARMERS' LOAN Sc TRUST CO., Chicago. FOVVLER STEEL CAR NVHEEL CO., Chicago. W. M. R. FRENCH, Director of A1't Institute, Chicago. NORTHVVESTERN UNIVERSITY, QSy11abusj Evanston, Ill. CORONADO BEACH CO., San Diego, Cal. CHICAGO PHOTO-GRAVURE CO.. 358 DEARBORN STREET, CHICAGO. I. P. RUMSEY,Presz2z'ent. O. C. FOSTER, Secretary. OIQOOGIOQIQIOQICOOHCQICCQ QOQFQIQIOIIQICUQIQOIQQQIQQOCQIOO IQIQIQ CD- lr- ID.fL"Y7'IS, Rem. ESTATE . AND INSURANCE AGENT, Ojice over Nazfiofzal Exchiznge Bank. ALBIUIV, JIIICH. '. AUSTIN. HENK HUSTIH ds SMITH, lGENERAL DEALERS IX1 Hardware, Steves and Hesse Furnishing Geeds. BI.-XNUFACTURERS OF ALL KIND5 OF TIH, COPPER HND SHEET IRON WARE. I 7 SUPERIOR STREET. ALBION, MICHIG XX I I , 'Q g X X l- ' JS' V3 'st is, If . .5 - Q55 v1 QQ. 3, X'f'4m,X - vs is X gm x X ' 9 wzvmair' wx X, wg? ,S 'ww 'wiv ui w,.s?wP: mf N-.fe 'Nui' " ey ' 2' wa- v.e,,v' WSE: we LOPERA HOUSE BLOCK,- Ageui Am. Express Co. ALBIQN, MICHIGAN 1 A.- EILIIOISS, . FIRHOS ORGRHS Chase, Whitney, and Henry B. Miller Pianos. ESTEY ORGANS. NEIVAND SECOND-JVAIVD HVSTRUIWEJVTS FOR RENT Q. Q. 5 0. l'3GflLQ, Are headquarters for Students' Supplies in their line. VVe always carry a good line of New and Second Hand Stoves, House Furnishing Goods, Hardware, Guns, Ammunition and Sporting Goods of all kinds, Paints, Oils, Etc, Guns rented by the day or week. HLBION, MIQHIGRN. . 307 Superior Stfeei. EZRA O. ROBERTSON, YVYEHT ' WYHRKET 102 ERIE STREET- ' SPECIAL RATES T0 CLUBS.1 353 ap .sw gn +34 I 71? 01? M? UAV C. HOVVARD DASKAM. .ga :gn .gn Aw me mo mv 'nv ALL ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION :QE Q-N MA QQ 'i . ,E Kg 'El - 2 TF NEW RK 'Q' HIGH GRADE FRA TERNITY JE WELR Y. STAN DAR D BOOKS Of all kinds can be furnished at the LGXAZ EST PRICES ENE HUNT :Su EATON, DETROIT, MICH. Correspondence Solicited. We supply nearly all of the books for the College. 305 S Elx C'1'0C7iC'7'?l- UPERIOI-Y wan Paper Silverware. 'ADJ Q STREET lmndow Iferosene and Hair EX D, Shades. Elvcl1'i6 ' I. , Cornice Poles. Light B10 N M LL D10-:LMI idgs- Fiaztufms. I CH I GA N A 9 Frames. SIE 41? 'I' CENTRAL ' WGOD 0 AND 0 COAL ' OFFICE. 'S' PERKINQTESTSTEELE, I -'-DEALERS IN--' XALOO D, C0231 L., GI L.. 433111 Qz7q'lI.e'!s Extlo gitly ellveredl, . 202 NORTH SUPERIOR STREET. TELEPHONE 37. BRANCH OFFICE 502 EAST PORTER ST. O . -6- R. WYILLER, -6- g ..... I f --..- X F. D. ROUDQBUSH, l 214 SUPERIOR STREET. RENYEYXIYBER HAT OR BOHHET - IS AT - 114 EAST ERIE STREET. Respectfully, , JVIicl1'ign.'n. -F. R' G. H. KILIHF2 HURHWUREE 639, FURNITUREIEDQUURBERTAKING, G-- EE- IZILIAN. Remfemflmo' the Place. PROP. A MICHIGAN ENTRIEII, Chioooo, ood Iolooo, BUFFALO, ROCHESTER, SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, BOSTON AND THE EAST, AND TO MACKINAW AND NORTHERN MICHIGAN, RUNNING THROUGH CARS WITHOUT CHANGE. Send for a Summer Note Book, Summer Tourist Routes ana' Hates and New Book on Mackinac Island and Northern Michigan, ROBERT MILLER, O. W. RUGGLES, General Suvperintendcut, Gon'l Passh' and T'7c't Agt., Detroit, DI I Chicago, Ill W. F. GB-IURGH, DRUGS, BOOKS, STATIONERY, ARTISTS' MATERIALS, TOILET AND FANCY ARTICLES, womb PAPER, Pooows moo om, - NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS. 309 SUPERIOR ST ..... - ALBION, MICH.

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