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1988 MOUNTAINEER ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Albertville, Alabama Suzanne Campbell Michele Wooten EDITORS Sue Couch and Katherine McDowell SPONSORSS1N31NOOYou may Hunk your 198 88 school yew was exciting. but imagine wlial it would have been if you had boon an exchange student This was I he case with Stolen Glabc. an exchange student horn Germany living with Clark and Judy Phillips while attending Albert vile High Scfiool Stefan was given the choice ol going to either the United States. Canada, or Austria He chose Hie United States because he was more interested in Hus country He found his experiences hero pioasant and enjoyable dospito Hie fuel that fie missed his family very much and was oagoi lo return home at Hie ond of Hie school year Upon reluming to Germany, he will attend high school tor throe more years and then serve in Hie army lor fifteen months before going on to colloge When asked lo compare school here and m Germany, he indicated that Hie schools were much alike except that his class loads wore much heavier in Germany AH suh jects taken in schools there arc roquired The year before coming to school in AlbcMviHe. Steian's classos included chemistry, biology, physics, math. German. English. French. and physical education A major difference Stefan observed was hi the dress code While our dress code and rules were much stricter than m Germany, students in Germany do not dress as casualty as they do here He observed that anyone wearing tennis shoes m Germany woukf be considered tow class f ighteen is the age lor getting a driver's license m Germany and before one can at tempt applying lor a Uconso. he must complete a three month courso of instruction Stefan reported that his weekends in Germany are spent in much Hie same manner as those of American teenagers, going to parties and discos the one major dif lerence tie saw was that in Germany when a boy takes a girl out stie pays lor her own entertainment and food The year was made much richer lor all us having had Hkj opportunity to learn as much from Stctan as wo taught him 78 9MACY’S PARADE 1987 Macy’s star marks the beginning of the parade. As soon as it became official that the Albertville High School had been selected to march in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, preparations and fund raising began. Extra practices were held all during the fall preparing the band for the road show they would perform in the parade. After previewing video tapes from all bands participating in the parade, parade officials informed band director Robert Killian that Albertville would be the lead band in the parade, an honor which is highly coveted by all bands marching in the parade. All was not hard work though. While in New York, all members of the band and their chaperones were given the opportunity to sightsee, attend a Broadway show, go to the historic Radio City Music Hall for their Christmas production, and eat in some of the most famous restaurants in the world. One of the first sights the crowd sees is the smiling faces of Albertville's danceline. 10%TcUl« Betty Boop sits high among New York City's buildings. The Aggie band entertains parade watchers. Cinderella and Prince Charming wave to the crowd from their carriage. Ronald McDonald is always one of the most popular balloons of the parade. 11121314SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS L to R: Todd Mitchell. Treasurer; Tammy Holliday. President; Suzanne Campbell. Vice-President; John Eller. Secretary. The Senior Class had an active 87-88 school year. They worked for many hours during homecoming week and were awarded first prize for their float. The Seniors sponsored the first annual Play Day which included a variety of games and contests throughout the day. On Prom night, everyone gathered at the Mitchem home for the annual Senior dinner. As the year drew to an end, graduation practice was held Friday, May 27, with graduation ceremonies being held later that evening. Seniors participating in OKLAHOMA! production: (standing. I. to r.) Shannon Morrow. Todd Mitchell, Clint Baker. Reed Gamer, Eric Pike, (kneeling. I. to r.) Gordon Crosby, Shawn Connolly. Craig Graben, Dawn Connolly. Tiffany Rogers. Andrea Fulton. Amy Rains, (front) Mitch Floyd (Top photo. I. to r.) Hope Pierce. Monica Col- Mitch Floyd is named 1988 Play Day "Hunk of the Year." lins, and Kim Yancy (Bottom photo. I. to r.) Kandie Gilbert and Andrea Fulton 16Bagwell. Amy Baker. Joyce Baker. Tim Barret Bonnie Bean Scott Bearden LeAnn Berry Scott Blackwell. Neil Bohannon. Anthony Borah. Stacy Bright. Jill Brooks. Bruce Burns. Kenny Burns. Stephanie Burke Myra Camp. Jean Brown. Michelle Bryant. Michelle Buchanan. Scott Burgess. VickieCampbell. Suzanne Canady. Lesa Carr. Jeff Carroll. Christy Carter. Hugh Cash. Chantay Causey. Janice Chamblee, Larry Charles. Rachelle Cheek. Christy Childress. Amanda Christian. Bobby Christian, Kim Clavette, Diane Cochran. Jason Cofield. Kellly Cole. Maura Collins, Monica Conklin. George Connolly. DawnConnolly na«v Cooley Kevin Cooper Karen Crosby Gordon Currie. Christy Curtis. Charlie Daniel Allison Dixon. Traci Dorsett Mike Dowd. Mike Doyle. Darlene Driver Melinda Dunn Taniniy Early. Cory Edmonds. Pansy Elkins Scott Ulei •ohn Floyd Mitch Ford Althea Formby Tynie»Fowler. Amanda Frazier. Elizabeth Fulton. Andrea Galloway. Mike Gardner. Keith Garner. Reed Gentry. Bob Gentry. Brian Gibson, Brad Gilbert. Kandie Gilliland. Joey Glabe. Stefan Graben, Kristy Grice, Kevin Hannah. Amy Hanson. Stephen Golden, Stephanie Gordon. Trina Gore. Renee Graben, CraigHardin, James Harris. Suzette Harvey, Jeff Helms. Phillip Hix, Leslie Holbrooks, Carla Holliday, Tammy Horn buckle, Pam Hughes. Tracy Hulgan, Ben Johnson, Shannon Jones, Jay Justice, Julie Kay, Karen Kilgore, Christy Killian. Kim King, Teresa Kirby. Allen Kittle. Shani Knight. Geri LynnKmght Tim Lacy. Jonathan Lacy. Lisa Lamons Christy i amons Stane Lang.Jen Lang Racheiie Iang Toby Leaf. Chris Leonard. Ken Lesley Samantha I esiey Thomas Loftin. Sabrina Long. Harrison Lowden Sue I ybrand Jeff MagiH Christy Malone Barbie Maroney Shelley Martin JanaMcGee, Joy McGee, Keith McHenry. Shelley Mikel. Beth Ham Mitchell. Janet Mitchell. Todd Mitchem. Tonya Monroe. Michael Moore. Stacie Morrison, Terri Morrow, Shannon Moses. Teresa Nix. Rusty Nixon, Victoria Ogle, Toby Oliver, AliciaRives. Shane Roe. Cami Rogers. Bobby Rogers. Tiffany Rooke, Ben Satterfield, Brian Scarbrough. Laurie Schaerer. Suzanne Segars, Chuck Shaw. Patrick Simpson. Chad Smith, Angie Smith, Bobby Smith, Nancy Smith, Sherri Smith, Sonya Stephens, Stephanie Stephens, Tim Stephens. Todd SteKzel. KarenStone. Scott Swart. Joe Swords. Mark Swords, Shelia Taylor. David Teague. Kelly Teal. Tammy Terrell. Christy Trussel. Jonathan Upton, Dawn Waldrop. Sherry Walker. Brian Walker. Payne Wehrwein, Mark Wheeler. Carmen White. Jenny White. Robert Whitley. Phillip Wilborn, Ray Wilks. LisaBand Members and Athletes Williams. Pat Williams. Sabrina Wilson. Ann Wood. Amy Wooley. Laura Boys will be boys' Smiitny Facet Kandie Gilbert, Stephanie Golden. Amanda Fowler Wooten. Michele Kim Yancey. Sandra Yates Senior Homecoming attendants. Tammy Holliday and Suzanne Campbell Senior Homecoming attendants Rhodarmer and Terri Morrison SAT. MARCH12 HUNK OF THE YEAR |«! PIC OUNKINC PONY CATCH BOOTH RIDESArmstrong, Mark Ashley. Kelly Baggett, Brandon Bagwell, Kim Baird, Travis Baker, Stephanie Baugh, Stephanie Beck. Dawn Beck, Melissa Befort, Desiree Beltz, Paula Berry, Kevin Biddle. Brad Bill, Heath Bishop, Kenny Blackstone, Larry Brothers, Tracy Brown. Neil Brown, Rhonda Bruister, Christy Burbanks, Missy Burtram, Al Byrd. Michael Camp, Deanna Cantrell. Jerry The Junior Class of 1988 participated in several projects during the school year. Activities included the planning and organizing of the Junior Senior Prom, decorating for the homecoming dance, building of the class float for the homecoming parade, and supporting the spirit of Albertville High School. The Junior Class Officers contributed greatly to the success of the projects. The officers were: President, Brandon Baggett; Vice-President, Connie Smith; Secretary, Rachel Rushing; and Treasurer, Ginger Long. Carroll, Jason Cheek. Tracy Clay, Chris Cochran, Brian Cook, Michelle Corbin, Corey Crow. Jason Currie, Amy Curtis, Susie Davis, Brian Diviney, Ronnie Dorsett, Cheryl Doss. Matt Downs. Angela Duckett, Ann Eskew, David Eskew, Will Eubanks. Laurie Fillmore, Michelle Floyd, Kim Formby, Leah Freeman. Angie Fricks, Steven 28Fuller, Rebecca Gary. John Gass. Kenny George. Jeff Gibson, Mark Gielle, Karrie Green, Lee J U Hall. Allison Hall. Rebecca Hallcox, Chad Ham, Terry Hard. Kim Hardin, Lisa Harris, Denise N Harris, Patrick Hayes. Laura Hightower, Shannon Hilsman, Lea Ann Holderfield, Amy Hornbuckle. Pam Hoy, Mendy 1 Huffstutler, Karen Irving, Jason Israel. Shannon O Jenkins. Michelle Johnson, Les Johnson, Shirt R These members of the Junior Class, along with sponsors Mrs. Maltbie and Mrs. Humphries, made up the Prom Committee. They spent countless hours plann-ing, preparing, and decorating for the 1988 Prom, hoping that it would be “The Time of Our Lives.” Johnson. Wes Jones. Corey Justice. Ann Karr. Brian Lackey, Michael Lackey. Becky Lambert. Chris Lang. Brad Lapier, Christa Leath, Billie Lee. Nickie Lemaster. Heath Long. Ginger Luther, Maria Martin, David Massey. Staci Masters, Brian Mathis, David Matthews. Malanna McBay. Dion McCaffery. Cynthia McCamy, Jason McClellan. Anthony McClendon, Jackie 29J u N I O R S McCoy, MaChera McCrary. Colleen McDonald. Rex McElrath, Richard Medlock, Shannon Michael. Jason Mikel, Walter Miller, Chad Milton. David Moore, Michael Moore. Ronnie Moore. Stephanie Morrison. Eric Mote. Kenny Mullinax, Terry Myers. Angela Nelms. Jeff NeSmith. Kim Newman. Tim Nix. Tammy Nixon. Andy Noblitt, Michelle Ogle. Angela Ogle, Melisa Oliver. Jeff Many loyal juniors worked diligently to prepare the class float for the homecoming parade. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons found these tired juniors busily constructing and putting the finishing touches on their float, (top photo) Junior attendants Rachel Belue and Aprel Sheets waved to the crowd during the annual homecoming parade, (bottom photo) Oliver. Tracy O Shields, Jennifer Pankey. Brian Pankey, Scott Panned. Melinda Parris. Johnny Pearce. Scott Pegues, Allison Pell, Chris Pell. Shannon Pierce. Chris Poole. Johnny Powell, John Prater. Lee Rains. Chip Ramey. Kristen Ratcliffe. Ann Elizabeth Ray. Pam Riddle. Cheryl Robinson. Chris Rooke, Austin Rushing. Rachel Rusk, B.J. 30Scott, Kristen Self, Robbie Sheets, Aprel Shell. Kandy Shirley, Johnny Simmons, Thomas Simpson. Chad Slack, David Smith, Cathy Smith, Chancey Smith, Connie Smith, Danny Smith, Kevin Smith, Matt Snider, Karen Snider, Katherine Soper, Melissa Springfield. Jason Stanfield. Allen Stanfield, Jared Starkey. John Tarvin. Stephanie Taylor. Teresa Thompson, Jason Tidwell. Donna Junior cheerleaders Christy Bruister, Stacey Taylor, and Rachel Rushing took a break from leading cheers at a basketball game long enough to smile for the camera, (top photo) Danceline members Angela Myers, Denise Harris, Kim NeSmith, Allison Hall, and Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe showed their school pride by singing the alma mater at a pep rally, (bottom photo) Underwood, Tracy Walden. Anthony Walden, Mary Wallace, Jimmy Wallach, Kevin Westmoreland, Sandy Wilkerson, Christy Williams. Tim Williams, Wendy Wilson, Allen Wilson, Scotty Womack, Chris Woods. Amanda Wray. Stephanie Young, Kelly Young, Mark J U N I O R S j 31Adams, Ross Allen, Kevin Anthony, Michele Archambault, Derek Arnold, Robin Badgerow, Chris Bartlett, Paula Bearden, Tammy Beason, Chris Biddle, Paul Bishop, Sherry Blanks, Brian Bolding, Kristie Bonds, Angela Bonds, Anthony Borden, Adam Bottomlee, Vickie Brannon. Belinda Breaseale, Tim Bright, Benji Brooks, Chris Brown, Craig Bryant, Kristi Buckelew, Lynn Burgess, Chuck Cahela, Heather Camp, Andrea CLASS OFFICERS. Standing: Bruce Childress, Sean Swatek; Sitting: Richard Rutledge. Joel Finlay Camp, Phillip Camp, Sonya Cassels, Karol Childress, Bruce Christian, Janice Clavette, John Clay, Kenny Cochran, Kim Cofield, Alan Cofield, April Cole. Jason Collins, Brad Collins, Jeff Conklin, Catherine Cooley, Darrin Corbitt, Shannon Cordele, Mike Cornelius, Kim Cornelius, Mike Crawford, Alexis Cribbs, Brown Croft, Lee DaCosta, Erica Daigle. Jay 32Davidson, Shane Davis. Beth Davis, Eric Davis. Rickey Dobbins. Stacey Dorsett. Steven Doyle, John Duncan, Ramona Duncan. Ray Dunn, Rita Dunn, Sandy Early, Mitzi Eller. Chris Ennis, Brent Farmer, Tabitha Ferguson, Kristy Finlay. Joel Fortenberry, Julie Gann. Soyna Garrison, Kym Gaskin. Wayne Gibson, Chris Glover, Deanna Grogan, Kathy Grubbs, Kathy Sophmore Homecoming attendants in the homecoming parade, Heatherly Teal and Monica Lacy. Gunnels, Tracie Hall. Joey Hall. Shannon Hamby. Kevin Haney. Robert Harper, Kim Harper, Misty Hayes, Mitch Hester, Tim Hill. Kelly Hill, Tim Hilsman, Christy Holcomb, Shane Holland, Joyce Holsonback, Steven Hunt, Michelle Jenkins. Chris Jenkins, Tonya Johnson. Keith Jones, Lee Jones, Clay Jones, Eric Jones. JenniferR E S Jordan, Ben Kelly, Kevin Kermondy, Jenni Killian, Jonathan King, Kyle Kirkland. Kevin Lacy, Monica Lacy, Sonya Lamons, John Lamons. Mike Lang, Jeff Lang, Mike Lang, Steven Leaf, Tracy Lemaster, Wendy Light, Paige Lindsey, Tina Little, Angie Little. Bekki Logan, Terri Lowden, Preston Brent Ennis takes a well deserved breather during a football game. Sonya Lacy and Brad Collins “discuss" a class that neither particularly wants to attend. Lowe, Mike Lynn, Tracy Maples, Wallace Marsh, Jeremy Martin, Amy Martin, Matt Massey, Billy Mathis, Colby McDaniel, Angie McDaniel, Jason McDonald, Lynn McGriff, Chad McHenry, Michael Meadows, Greg Miller. Jeff Minor, Charlie Minor, Roy Mitchell, Kelvin Molina, Mia Moon, Matt Moore, Chris 34Morgan, Angie Morgan, Lance Morrow. Patricia Morton. Robin Murphee. Carolyn Nailer, Billy Danielle Thrasher smiles as another school day comes to a close. Nash, Wendy Nelson, Jonathan Nixon, Kevin O'Briant, Alex Oliver. Jeremy Pams. Katina Pannell, Nicholas Paris, Adrienne Patterson, Nathan Pendergrass. Brian Peppers, Shannon Pickers, Tyler Pierce. Brian Polk. Twyla. Porch, Keith Quarles. Mark Rains, Sam Ramsey. Steve Reed, Jennifer Richards, Rachel Riggins. Tim Robertson, Rod Roe, Tamesa Rogers, Steven Rucks, Jana Rutledge, Richard Sharit, Shannon Shelton, Lisa Simmons. Jeff Sims, Angela Ross Adams enjoys the power of being a student council officer. Sims. James Sims, Tonya Siprelle. TrevorSnellings, Angie Snider, Christy Snider, Sonya Sprayberry, Karmen Stancil, Micheal Stanford, Hope Stanford. Kim Starkey, Julie Stinson. Cindy Striplin, Stacey Sullens, Chris Swatek, Sean Tankersley. Lisa Teal, Heatherly Terrell, Ronnie Thomas, Gina Tidmore. Doug Tidmore. Leann Todd.Taleah Townson. Kelly Varnell. Tommy O M Sophomores Mark Quarles and Jana Rucks strive for excellence. R Sophomore Danceline members Sonya Lacy and Tracy Leaf. Vaughn, Chris Walls, Shannon Walker, Dawn Webb. Scott Whitehead, Jason Whitten. Thomas Wilkerson. Chris Williams. Crystal Williams, Dale Wilmore, Chad Windsor. Steven Christy Snider and Aimee Warren give their assistance in the office. Wright. Anna Wright. John Young, Dona 36Adams. Brian Armstrong. Duane Atchley, Bobby Atchley, Cynthia Bagwell. David Baily, David Baily. Mark Bakeman, Lori Ball, Andrea Barnett. Jeff Barragree. Matthew Bean. Amy Bearden. Teresa Beasley. Josh Beck. Mary Ann Beck, Susan Beck. Terri CLASS OFFICERS. Clockwise from top: Chris Williams, Barry Smith. Mary Kathryn Hood. Christina Rusk Beltz. Teresa Benefield. Todd Bentley. Bruce Berry. Benson Black. Rebecca Bonds, Kristy Bradley. Nicole Branham. Kristy Braswell. Jennifer Brock. Tory Brown. Craig Brown, Natasha Buchannan, Greg Buchannan. Tonya Burgett. Sonya Burns. Amanda Burthram. Amy Cain. Ramona Canady. Chris Cason.Johnny Cassels. Stewart Chamblee, Misty Christian, James Clavette, Angela Click, Jamey Clift, Thomas Cochran, Brian Cofield. Leslie Collins. Robin Cooley. Will Cooper. Michael Cornelius, Bobby Currie, Emily Curtain, Michele 37Dabbs. Tina Dale, Robert Daugette. Tina Davis, Shane Davis. Tracy Dean. Scott DeHart. Anthony Dickerson, Chad Dobbins. Tracy Dodd. Heather Duke. Chris East. Renee Edwards, Denise Edwards, Diane Elrod. Bryan Elrod, Jay Ennis, Rusty Eubanks, Gina Farmer, Leslie Fletcher. Susi Floyd, Michael Fortner. Allen Fox, Phillip Gallman, Beth Gallman, Stephanie Gardner, Jill Garmon, Sherry Garrett, John Garrett, Scott Garvin. Brandy Gentry, De Ann George, Laura Leigh Gertsman. Jennie Gibson, Dan Glassco. Keith Glover. De Ann Glover. Marketta Gore, Maury Gore. Toby Greg, Suzanne Gullock, Jerolyn Hadden. John Hallcox, Jason Hanvey. Renea Freshmen Homecoming attendant during the parade, Destiny Gaskin. Hanvey, Shane Harden, Alice Harrell, Ashley 38Harris, Heather Harris. Leaha Harvey. Steven Hatley. Shea Henry, Susan Henson. Ricci Hess. Chris Hicks, Brian Higgins. Tori Hill. Kim Hilley. Brian Hinds. Greg Holbrooks. Keith Holder, Sonya Holderfield. Brandon Holliday. Tammy Hollis. Becky Hollis. Pam Holt. Tommy Hood, Ismene Hood. Mary Kathryn Horton. Angie Hoskins. Tina Howard. Chris Howell. Stuart Hunt. Beverly Hyatt. Mark Jenkins. Alan Jenson. Daniel Johnson. Julie Johnson. Tammie Jones, Meredith Jordan. Heath Keeton. Keisha Kellum, Joey Kennamer. Missy Kirkland, Luke Kight, Shane Knight. Chuck Knight. Rachel Kyle. Melanie Lackey. Dawn Lang. David Lang. Jeremy Lang. Steven Lapier. Kevin Leaf. Nicole Lee. James Leonard. Chad Lockheart, Christopher Long. Bradley Luther. Matthew Macfarlane. Jennifer Madden. Terry Marbut. Lynn Martin. Scott Mason. Melanie Mathis. Cain Mathis. Melissa May. Michelle Maynard. Dusty Maze. Sherene McCoy. Greg 39McCullars, Ronald McGowan. Anthony McKee. Jana Miller, Steve Minor, David Mitchell. Carla Moore. Brian Morelock, Jessica Morris, Brian Morns. Wayne Morrison, Kelly Moses. Roger Mote. Angela Murphee. Laura Neil, Dee Dee Nelson, Adam Nix, Patrick Oliver, Sharon Pair, Jon Palmer, Paige Pankey, Wayne Pannell, Brian Panned, Rodney Parrish, Dale Parrish, Shane Pate, Angela Patterson. Beverly Patterson. Kimberly Pearce. Christopher Pearce, Michelle Peppers, Mark Peppers. Katrina Phillips, Thomas Pickers, Todd Pittman. Chris Pitts, Bobby Plunkett, Amy Poe, Stephanie Pool, Shana Powell. Floyd Powell, Jon Proctor, Jennifer Pruitt. Scott Quigley, Danny Rains, John Rains, Mike Rainwater, Julie Ray, Matt Ray, Shannon Phodes, Anthony Richey, Josh Riddle, Chris Riddle. Shirley Roberts, Tonia 40Roberts. Jonny Roden. Tonya Royston, Michelle Rundt. Tarah Rusk. Christina Salters, Diane Sampson. Allen Scarber, Tim Scarbrough. Scott Scott, David Sharer. Phillip Shell. Jennifer Simmons. Linda Simpson. Brad Simpson, Chris Simpson. Phillip Sims, Alicia Sims. Jonathan Sims. Larry Lee Sims, Phillip Smith, Barry Smith, Haley Smith, Jonny Smith, Kelly Smith, Matt Smith, Michael Snellings, Tracy Snider, Lorrie Stallings. William Stover, Angela Stracener, Chris Strange. Brian Sumners, David Tarvin. Carrie Teal. Shane 41Thurmond. Misty Tidmore. Brandon Tidwell, Lance Todd. Joely Traylor. Shane Trussed. Daniel Tubbs. Chad Tucker. Tammy Underwood. Michelle Veal. Kevin Waldrep, Jerall Waldrep. Stacey Walker. Richie Warren. Nancy White. Justin Whitehead. Robbie Wilbanks. Tony Wilkerson. Tammy Williams, Chris Williams. Mark Williams. Stacy Wilson, Chris Wilson. Laura Wilson. Rodney Windsor. Perry Wood. Chris Wood. Lorrie Wooden. Kym Wooley, Meredith Wright, David 42PRINCIPAL Thomas FergusonASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Dennis Hicks — 45THEIR FONDEST HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES . . . JANE ADAMS: English, M S., Jacksonville State University CHARLES AMASON: Counselor. MS. Auburn University MADELEINE APPLETON: English; B S.. Auburn University LINDA BAGGETT: English; B.S., Jacksonville State University WANDA BAUMGARTEL: Spanish; B.S.. Jacksonville State University BARBARA BLANKS English; M.A.. University of Alabama Miss Couch remembers trying to sneak a look at our Senior Prom decorations. When we were almost caught. I slipped and fell in the mud. My carload of ■‘loyal" friends left me behind as they escapedJERRY BLANKS: History; M.A., University of Alabama LINDA BOPP: Algebra. Geometry; M.A.. University of Alabama HILDA COLE: Library Aide; Snead State LINDA COLE: Al. History. World Geography; B.S.. Troy State University DEDRA COPELAND: General Math. Consumer Math; B A.. University of Alabama SHIRLEY CORBIN: History; MS.. Jacksonville State University Mr Crawford remembers " ... breaking into the school to work on prom' . Ann George remembers " ... my Senior trip to Washington D C ". Jane Nelson remembers "... attending Girls' State at Huntington College ". 47THE MEMORIES LIVE ON .. . Mr. Goss and Mr. Killian led the band to New York City to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The band directors were proud to take their band back after having appeared in the parade once before in 1983. This year the band was chosen to be the lead band in the parade. There were countless extra hours and a tremendous amount of hard work involved, but it was all worthwhile when Albertville led the parade down the crowded streets of New York City. Thank you Mr. Goss and Mr. Killian for all your devotion and hard work. SUE COUCH: English; M.A., Samford University IRA CRAWFORD: Govern- ment Economics; M.S., Jacksonville State University RICHARD DENHAM: Vocational Coordinator; M.A., Jacksonville State University BOB DUKE: Government Econonics; M.A., Auburn University DONNA EASON: Biology,Physical Science; M.S., Jacksonville State University BECKY EDMONDSON: Special Education; M.A., University of Alabama Susan Humphries remembers " . .. getting to play quaterback for our powderpuff football games and especially getting to know our coaches who were usually Junior and Senior football players". Donna Eason remembers "... 1977 Coronation and Ball activities". 48JO ANN ELLIS: Eleventh Grade English; A.A., University of Alabama JOHN GARNER: Psychology. Sociology; M.Ed.. Austin Peay ANN GEORGE: Learning Disabilities; M.A., University of Alabama ANN GERTSMAN: Consumer Math; B.S.. Jacksonville State University KAREN GIPSON: Business Education; M.S.. Jacksonville State University STACY GOSS: Band Director; M.A., Auburn University Mrs. Adams reads the OKLAHOMA! cast comments about the play from the local newspaper.RODNEY GREEN: Biology; B.S.. Jacksonville State University CHATLOTTE HANSON: Special Education; M.A., Jacksonville State University CHARLOTTE HARPER: French and English; B.S.. U.A.B. EDNA HARRIS: World History; B.S.. JEAN HEAD: Home Economics; M.A., JOYCE HOPKINS: Teachers Aide Jacksonville State University Jacksonville State University 50WANDA HOWARD: Ninth Grade English; B.S., Jacksonville State University ELEANOR HUDGENS: Business Education; M.S. Jacksonville State University MARY HUGHES: Guidance Counselor; M S.. Jacksonville State University SUSAN HUMPHRIES: Biology. Physiology. A.P. Biology; Ed. S., University of Alabama. Birmingham DIANA JOHNSON: Home Economics; B.S.. Jacksonville State University ROBERT KILLIAN: Band Director; M.A., University of North Alabama Miss Couch lends a helping hand to Mendy Hoy. 51Coach Sparks is one of the most respected teachers here at Albertville High School. He attended college at Jacksonville State University. After college he came to Albertville High School and has been here for 29 years. When asked what was his most memorable moment, he said, “They have all been very enjoyable years and ones that I'll never forget. ’ MARJAN LEDBETTER: Typing I; B.S.. Jacksonville State University RONNIE LITTLE: Drivers Education; M.A.. Morehead College DEWAYNE LOVELL: EMR; B.S.. Auburn University PATSY MALTBIE: Algebra. Trigonometry; M.A., University of Alabama JAN MASTERS: Business Education; M.A., University of Alabama DONNA MAYNARD: Health. Physical Education; M.A., Jacksonville State University Jan Millican remembers "... winning the Parade of Champions three years in a row at the Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans as a member of the Etowah High School band". Linda Bopp remembers "... her friends and cheerleading 52KATHERINE McDOWELL: Spanish, English; B A.. Berry College JAN MILLICAN: Chemistry, Physics; M.A., University of Alabama JO ANN MOORE; Health. Physical Education; B.S.. Stillman College MICKEY MOORE: Physical Education; A.A., U.A.B. JANE NELSON: Librarian; MS., Jacksonville State University CONRAD NIX: Athletic Director. Biology; B.S.. Auburn University 53TONY PROCTOR: Multihandicapped; EDS. University of Alabama SCOTT RAINS Choral Director. B.S.. Jacksonville State University DIANE SIVILS: Computer Science. B.S., Jacksonville State University SHANNON SLOAN: Physical Education; M.A.. Peabody JIM THOMPSON Science. BS. University of Alabama RAYMOND SPARKS: Algebra I. II; M S.. Alabama A M WANDA SLOAN: Marketing Distributive Education. M.A . Peabody 54i PAT THOMPSON: U.S. History. B.S.. Jacksonville State University RICKEY TODD: Agribusiness; M.A.. Auburn University JOYCE VASSER: English; MS.. Jacksonville State University JO ANN WELLS: Teachers Aide PHILLIP WILLIAMS: Agribusiness; GLENDA WOOTEN: TMR; M.A.. M.A., Auburn University University of Alabama 55 SANDY KILLIAN: Secretary Bookeeper DONNA SIMS: SecretaryA NEW SUPERINTENDENT ... ALOERTVILLE It city If DO ARP OF 1 §111 H ||B9PflMM33i IPeducation Dr. James Pratt THE BOARD OF EDUCATION 56 Seated, L. to R: Dr. James Pratt, Ed NeSmith, Claudia Beleyu; Standing, L. to R: William Bains, Ted Watson, Terry Canady.CENTRAL OFFICE Betty Justice Dr. James Berry Kathy Poe Swanee Carver Joyce Lowery Pat Quigley Janice SimsElaine Dodd LUNCHROOM STAFF LOUNGE SUPERVISOR CUSTODIANS Row 1. L. to R.: Shane Rives. Beth Berry. Goldie Davidson; Row 2. L. to R.: Dale Parris. Dayton McCreless. Clyde Davidson Row 1. L. to R.: Freda Camp. Margie Williams. Ann Cornelius. Sue Tuk Ye Grubbs; Row 2. L. to R.: Joyce Bearden. Linda Porter (manager). Carolyn Doyle. Priscilla McCrickard, Sandra White1988 MOUNTAINEER STAFF Sue Couch, Katherine McDowell; Sponsors Michele Wooten, Suzanne Schaerer; co-editors 60ANNUAL STAFF MEMBERS Kim NeSmith, Cathy Smith Amy Bagwell, Michele Wooten Amanda Childress. Cami Roe Trina Gordon. Alicia Oliver Mendy Hoy. Hope Pierce Monica Collins. Mark Young Kristen Ramey. Angela Myers. Amanda Amy Wood. Suzanne Schaerer. Christy Fowler Bruister, Suzanne CampbellSGA MEMBERS Row 1. L to R : Jonathan Killian. Connie Smith. Shawn Cole. Todd Mitchell. Jane Nelson Row 2. L. to R.: Laurie Scarbrough. Rusty Nix. Tonya Mitchem. Suzanne Campbell. Hope Pierce. Michele Wooten. Carmen Wheeler. Kim Cochran. Lynn Buckelew, Christy Snider Row 3. L. to R.: Karen Stietzal. Ginger Long. Mendy Hoy. Michelle Jenkins. Kim NeSmith. Tiffany Rogers. Denise Harris. Allison Hall. Tracy Lynn, Michelle Noblit Row 4. L. to R.: Scotty Wilson, Sean Swatek. John Eller. David Milton. Matt Moon. Phillip Whitley. Jason Cole. Rachel Rushing Row 5. L to R Mitch Hayes. Stephen Hanson. John Doyle. Chris Williams. Joel Finlay. Neil Brown. Keith Glasco. Jeff Simmons Row 6. L. to R.: Dawn Connolly. Mia Molina. Michelle Cook. Richard Rutledge. Ross Adams. Alex O Briant. Barry Smith Row 7, L. to R Stacy Williams. Paige Palmer, Tonya Roden. Jennifer Proctor. Rachel Knight. Heather Dodd. Mary Katheryn Hood. Kristy Bonds. Carrie Tarvin. STUDENT COUNCIL SGA OFFICERS (seated) Connie Smith. Vice-President; Shawn Cole. Secretary. Jonathan Killian. Treasurer. Todd Mitchell. PresidentMATH CLUB Row 1, L. to R.: Neil Blackwell, Austin Rooke, Jimmy Wallace Row 2, L. to R.: Kim Cochran, Tracy Lynn, Laurie Scarbrough. Row 3. L. to R.: Mitch Floyd. Andrea Fulton Row 4. L. to R.: Patsy Maltbie. SCIENCE CLUB 63 Row 1, L. to R.: David Martin. Mary Belue. Brad Biddle, Jimmy Wallace, Jan Millican Row 2, L. to R.: Alex O'Briant, Mark Armstrong. Suzi Curtis. Laurie Eubanks. Colleen McCrary, Shannon Pell Row 3. L. to R.: Billy Massey. Chuck Burgess. Melinda Pannell. Kim Harper, Jon Gary Row 4. L. to R.: Chris Robinson. Jonny Parris. Chad Simpson.INTERACT Row 1, L. to R.: Alex O'Briant, Stephanie Golden, Amy Hannah Row 2, L. to R.: Laurie Scarbrough, Tonya Mitchem. Andrea Fulton, Mitch Floyd, Richard McElrath, Cathy Smith, Amanda Fowler, Alicia Oliver, Cami Roe. Trina Gordon, Sonya Lacy Row 3, L. to R.: David Mathis, Billy Massey, Thomas Whitten, Jason Cole, Nathan Patterson, Jonathon Killian. Mitzy Early Row 4, L. to R.: Christy Snider, Jeff Simmons, Brown Cribbs, Joel Finley, Ann Elizabeth Ratcliff, Matt Martin Row 5, L. to R.: Todd Mitchell, Ross Adams. Maria Luther, Larry Blackstone. Clint Baker S.A.E. Row 1, L. to R.: Scott Berry, Clint Baker, Laurie Scarbrough, Monica Collins. Chris Leaf. Jack Quinn, Angela Myers. Brad Gibson, Mrs. Copeland Row 2, L. to R.: Jeff Carr, Tonya Mitchem, Suzanne Campbell. Karen Huffstutler, Jason Irving, Thomas Simmons, Jason Thompson, Alicia Oliver, Amanda Fowler. Stephanie Golden. Jean Camp Row 3. L. to R.: Andrea Fulton. Regina Riddle, Diane Clavette. Stephanie Baugh, Beth Garrard, Ginger Long, Jeff Powell. Christy Bruister, Michelle Jenkins. Mark Young, Leann Hilsman Row 4. L. to R.: Renee Gore, Jonathon Lacy. Hope Pierce, Kim Yancy, Scott Bean, Kristen Ramey, Michelle Noblitt. Connie Smith. Bobby Smith Row 5, L. to R.: Mike Moore. Amy Wood. Leslie Matthews. Kristy Graben, Jana Martin, Amy Bagwell, David Martin, Alex Mann, Brian Cochran, Jason McCamy Row 6, L. to R.: Ann Justice. Angela Downs. Karen Stietzel, Chad Simpson. Sandy Westmoreland. Tim Baker, Michele Wooten. Trina Gordon, Cami Roe. Rachelle Lang Row 7, L. to R.: Kim Pell. Sherry Smith. Chuck Segars, Allen Wilson. Denise Harris. Stacy Borah, Rex McDonald Row 8. L. to R.: Charlie Curtis. Stefan Glabe, Matt Doss Row 9, L. to R.: Jeff George, Allen Kirby. Rachel Rushing. Corey Early, Mitch Floyd, Neil Blackwell. Neil Brown 64NIKE Michelle Row 1, L. to R.: Todd Mitchell. Kevin Grice. Julie Justice. Bonnie Barrett. Mark Swords. Leah Formby. Glenda Wooten Row 2. L. to R.: Tynley Formby. Dawn Connolly. Shawn Cole. Jennifer O'Shields. Cathy Smith, Kim NeSmith, Allison Hall. Christina Rusk Row 3. L. to R.: Tonya Sims. Tiffany Rogers. Kim Cochran, Jennifer Reed. Christy Pierce. Heather Dodd. Ray Slappey; Row 4, L. to R.: Mendy Hoy. Kan die Gilbert. Michael Byrd. Caine Mathis. Jeremy Oliver. Michael Cardell; Row 5. L. to R.: David Milton. Michelle May. Karrie Gielle, Carmen Wheeler. Kenny Burns JUNIOR CIVITANS 1, L to R.; Karrie Gielle, Julie Justice, Alicia Oliver. Mary Hughes Row 2, L. to R.: H 3. -• to R.; Kim Floyd, Laura Wooley Row 4. L. to R.: Maria Luther Row 5, L. to R.: to p,: A,,lson Hall. Kim NeSmithFRENCH CLUB Row 1, L. to R.: Rex McDonald. Stefan Glabe. Matt Moon, Alex O'Briant, Billy Massey. Mrs. Harper; Row 2, L. to R.: Laurie Scarbrough. Michael McHenry. Derek Archambault, Joel Finlay. Meredith Wooley, Rachel Knight. Jennifer Proctor. Mark Biard; Row 3, L. to R.: Jason Moon. Dusty Maynard. Claire Wolf, Chris Howard, Mary Kathryn Hood. Susan Beck. Nicloe Leaf. Tina Daugette, Alicia Sims, Matt Barragree; Row 4. L. to R.: Eric Jones. Haley Smith, Chad Tubbs. Michelle Curtain, Gina Eubanks. Lori Wood. Ray Duncan. Kevin Lapier; Row 5, L. to R.: Tracy Lynn. Jennifer Reed. Jennifer Jones. Kim Cochran, David Sumners, John Rains, Tommy Holt; Row 6. L. to R.: Kevin Allen, Chad Burgess, Cathy Smith, Tyler Pickers. Terry Logon. Jana Rucks. Jenny Kermondy. Anna Wright. SPANISH CLUB Row 1, L. to R.: Katherine McDowell. Kristy Ferguson. Monica Collins. Christy Snider. Thomas Whitten. Wanda Baumgartel; Row 2, L. to R.: Leslie Farmer. Brandy Garvin. Beverly Patterson. Mitch Floyd. Robin Collins. Jason Irvin, Kim Hill. Angie Ogle. Ashley Harrell. Christy Kilgore; Row 3. L. to R.: Jessica Morelock. Natasha Brown. Mary Ann Beck. Susan Henry. Suzanne Campbell, Jeff George. Barbie Malone. Suzi Curtis. Chris Lambert; Row 4. L. to R.: Brown Cribbs. Allen Wilson. Michelle Hunt. Tonya Jenkins. Michael Cardell. Brian Cochran. John Doyle. Brian Blanks; Row 5. L. to R.: Mike Lowe. Thomas Simmons. Dianne Edwards. Tim Breaseale, Chris Pittman. Todd Pickers. David Wright; Row 6, L. to R.: Allison Hall, Kim NeSmith. Angela Ogle. Kelly Cofield. Sandy Westmoreland. Tonya Sims. Nathan Patterson. 66JOURNALISM Row 1, L. to R.: Stephanie Baugh, Beth Garrard, Jack Quinn, Chris Lambert, Jason Thompson. Shane McGriff. Mrs. Ellis; Row 2, L. to R.: Sandra Yates, Bonnie Barrett, Tonya Mitchem, Suzanne Campbell, Chuck Segars. Stacy Borah, Clint Baker; Row 3, L. to R.: Shane Hendricks. Kevin Grice. Ben Rooke. Stephen Hanson. Harrison Long; Row 4, L. to R.: Anna Wright, Chella Courington, Kim Cochran. Tracy Lynn. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1, L. to R.: Mrs. Vasser, Mitch Floyd. Tonya Mitchem, Laurie Scarbrough, Jason Thompson, Mrs. Blanks; Row 2. L. to R.: Scott Berry, Tammy Holliday, Andrea Fulton, Suzanne Campbell. Jack Quinn, Chuck Segars, Beth Garrard. Angela Myers, Kim NeSmith, Michelle Jenkins; Row 3, L. to R.: Ray Wilborn, Sandy Westmoreland, Sandra Yates, Bonnie Barrett, Ben Rooke. Stephen Hanson, Allen Kirby. Cathy Smith. Christy Bruister; Row 4, L. to R.: Connie Smith. Tiffany Rogers. Kristy Graben. Amy Bagwell. Leslie Matthews. Terri Morrison, Beth Mikel. Lisa Rhodarmer, Amy Wood. Monica Collins; Row 5. L. to R.: Austin Rooke. Todd Mitchell. Stephanie Golden, Brad Gibson. Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Johnny Parris. Jimmy Wallace; Row 6. L. to R.: Julie Justice. Michael Byrd 67STUDENTS STAYING STRAIGHT JUNIORS AND SENIORS: Row 1, L. to R.: Kristy Ferguson, Tammy Holliday, Shane McGriff, Jason Thompson, Mrs. Humphries. Mrs. Corbin: Row 2, L. to R.: Mr. Crawford. Suzanne Campbell. Tonya Mitchem, Karen Huffstutler. Chancey Smith. Jason Irvin. Jeff George. Bonnie Barrett, Sandra Yates. Crhsity Kilgore. Jean Camp; Row 3. L. to R.: Ann Wilson, Regina Riddle. Diane Clavette. Tina Tidmore, Tammy Dunn. Michelle Cook. Amy Holderfield. Kim Hard. Christy Bruister. Mendy Hoy. Michelle Jenkins; Row 4. L. to R.: Katherine Snider. Jackie McClendon. John Gary. Andrew Boman. Billy Leath. Kristen Ramey. Ginger Long. Michelle Noblitt, Connie Smith. Bobby Smith; Row 5. L. to R.: Thomas Simmons. Kenny Mote. Niki Lee. Stephanie Baugh. Malanna Matthews. Mary Belue, David Martin. Alex Mann. Chris Robinson. Austin Rooke. Mark Young; Row 6. L. to R.: Suzi Curtis. Ann Elizabeth Ratcliff. Michael Byrd. Denise Harris, Tracy Cheek. Johnny Parrish. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES: Row 1. L. to R.: Jennifer Jones. Tim Hill, Jeremy Oliver. Matt Moon. Kristy Ferguson. Joel Finley. Alex O'Briant. Chris Patterson. Kim Hill. Michelle Elliot. Susan Beck. Patrick Nix; Row 2. L. to R.: Joyce Holland. Tracy Lynn. Jennifer Reed. Kim Cochran. Michelle Hunt. Tonya Jenkins. Tina Daugette, Sherene Mays. Matt Baragree. Leslie Farmer; Row 3. L. to R.: Joey Kellum, Tracy Snellings. Melissa Mason. Leslie Cofield. Michelle Curtain. Gina Eubanks. Mary Ann Beck. Julie Johnson. Alicia Sims. Angie Ogle; Row 4. L. to R.: Tammy Wilkerson, Marquetta Glover. Beth Gallman, Greg Buchanan. Susan Henry. Tina Hoskins. Suzanne Greg. Robin Arnold, Karen Hollis. Kim Harper; Row 5. L. to R.: Katrina Peters, Jill Garner. Angie Horton. Angela Bonds. Tim Brazil, Brian Blanks. Andrea Ball, Amy Martin. Laura Leigh George. Jana McKee; Row 6. L. to R.: Misty Kennamer. Tori Higgins. Leann Tidmore. Mary Shores. Alexis Crawford, Jonathon Killian. Leah Harris. Christina Rusk. Renee East. Misty Thurmond; Row 7. L. to R.: Tonya Kemp. Tamessa Roe. Chris Badgerow. Anthony Rhodes. Heather Dodd. Leann Whitmore. Terry Madden, Paige Palmer. Barry Smith. Tonya Rhoden. Billy Stallings.TRAVEL CLUB Row 1. L. to R.: Larry Blackstone. Richard McElrath, Kelvin Mitchell. Mrs. Hudgens; Row 2. L. to R.: Alicia Oliver. Trina Gordon. Brent Ennis. Cami Roe; Row 3, L to R : Joe Swart. Jason Cochran. Jay Jones. Geri Lynn Knight. Mark Swords. F.C.A. Row 1. L. to R.: Tracy Cheek. Shannon Corbitt. Brian Cochran. Alexis Crawford. Kristy Ferguson. Rusty Nix. Tonya Mitchem, Laurie Scarbrough, Melissa Beck, Mary Kathryn Hood; Row 2. L. to R.: Joel Finley, Allen Cofield. Jason Cole. Nikey Lee. Rachelle Charles. Alex Mann. Jeri Lynn Lang. Christy Bonds; Row 3. L. to R.: Matt Moon. Scott McCormack. Harrison Long. Rachel Knight. Beverly Patterson. Tonya Rhoden. Robin Collins. Jennifer Proctor; Row 4. L. to R.: Coach Green. Coach Nix. Patrick Nix, Shane Traylor. Terry Madden. David Wright. Coach Thompson.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First year; Row 1, L. to R.: John Powell. Chris Bearden, Maury Gore. Matthew Smith, Terry Madden, Allen Simpson. Mark Williams. Kevin Veal. Scott Garrett; Row 2, L. to R : Chris Lockhart. Shannon Ray. Jason Hallcox, Barry Smith. Chad Dickerson. Mark Hyatt. Lance Tidwell; Row 3, L. to R.: Greg Hinds. David Minor. Todd Benefield. Danny Quigley. Chris Stracener. Phillip Simpson. Allen Jenkins. Scott Smith. Row 4. L. to R.: Matthew Luther. Brad Simpson. Greg McCoy. Scott Pruitt. Ross Adams. Stuart Castille, Chris Pierce; Row 5. L. to R.: Robbie Dale. Shane Traylor. Chad Leonard. Second year; Row 1, L. to R.: Shannon Corbitt. Steven Holsonback. Mike Cornelius; Row 2, L. to R.: Billy Nailor. Steven Rogers. Adam Borden. Chad McGriff, John Wright. Lee Jones; Row 3. L. to R.: Lee Croft, Keith Johnson. Payne Walker. Dale Williams. Chris Sullens, Chris Jenkins; Row 4, L. to R.: Chris Moore. Tim Hester. Benji Bright. Kelly Young.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Third year; Row 1, L. to R.: Al Burtram. Phillip Whitley. Tim Stephens. Reed Garner. Todd Mitchell; Row 2, L. to R.: Travis Baird. Patrick Harris. Matt Smith. Ben Hulgan, Brad Lang. Jonathan Lacy; Row 3. L. to R.: Scott Buchanan. Tim Williams. Chris Pell. Chris Womack. Andy Quigley; Row 4. L. to R.: Chad Hallcox. Kenny Bums. Heath Lemaster. Anthony McClellan. John Eller. J.D. Powell. Thomas Lesley. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row 1. L. to R.: Rachel Rushing. Tina Pruitt. Hope Pierce. Kandie Gilbert. Tori Higgins. Crystal Williams; Row 2. L. to R.: Lisa Hardin. Joy Kelem, Marquetta Glover. Kim Yancy. Sonya Gann. Laura Murphrey. Annette Morrow; Row 3. L. to R.: Mrs. Head. Robin Arnold. Stephanie Stephens. Sue Lowden. Sandy Dunn. Teresa Beltz, Mrs. Johnson.D.E.C.A Row 1, L. to R.: Curtis Perry. Renee Gore, Brian Walker. Staci Massey. Sheila Swords. Nancy Smith; Row 2. L. to R.: Scott Buchanan. Bobby Smith. Cynthia McCaffery. Angie Patterson. Angie Smith. Kim Christian. Kim Faulkner; Row 3. L. to R : Tobey Ogle. Ben Hulgan. Corey Jones. Doug Bonds. Craig Graben. Brad Reed. Ken Leonard; Row 4. L. to R.: Brian Davis. Jeff Oliver. Glenn Rainwater. Jeff Nelms. Marvin Gore. Kelly Young. Johnny Poole. V.I.C.A. 72 Row 1. L. to R.: Suzette Harris. Pat Williams. Shannon Medlock. Trina Gordon. Alicia Oliver. Mrs Sloan; Row 2. L. to R.: J Bright. Lisa Hardin. Billy Leath. Maura Cole. Jeff Harvey. Terri Morrison; Row 3. L. to R.: Chad Miller. Steven Fricks. Terry Ham. cnantay Cash, Tynley Formby, Sherry Waldrop. Tina Pruitt.SCHOLARS BOWL Seated L. to R.: Jimmy Wallace, Bonnie Barrett, Andrea Fulton, B.J. Rusk. Standing L. to R.: Jared Stanfield. Ben Rooke, Brian Pankey. Stacy Borah FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Row 1, L. to R.: Melinda Pannell. Jennifer O' Shields. Sonya Beasley. Stephanie Wray. Mary Walden. Vicki Burgess. Teresa King, Paula Beltz, Mrs. Hudgens, Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Gibson; Row 2. L. to R.: Dawn Beck, Cheryl Dorsett. Stephanie Tarvin, Donna Tidwell. Desiree Befort, Chancey Smith. Melissa Beck. Sonya Smith. Tracy Hughes. Sabrina Williams. Michelle Bryant. Samantha Lesley. Myra Burke; Row 3, L. to R.: Angela Downs. Jackie McClendon, Joyce Baker. Janice Causey. Diane Clavette. Kandy Shell. Sherri Smith. Christy Carroll. Misty Harper. Trina Gordon. Alicia Oliver. Leah Formby; Row 4. L. to R.: Tammy Nix. Leann Bearden. Micheal Monroe. Pansy Edmonds. Tonya Camp. Kim Cornelius, Chris Badgerow, Michelle Anthony. Sherry Garmon, Lisa Tankersley. Lisa Shelton; Row 5. L. to R : Carla Holbrooks. Julie Justice, Rebecca Hall. Kim Pell. Jenny White. Melinda Driver, Christy Pierce. Anthony Bonds. Angela Freeman; Row 6. L. to R.: Ann Justice. Angie Little. Robin Martin. Adrian Parris. MaChera McCoy, Kim Harper. Karen Hollis. Tina Lindsey; Row 7, L. to R.: Travis Baird. Brian Baugh, Stacy Dobbins. Deanna Glover. Angela Bonds. Ramona Duncan. Gina Thomas. Dana Burke; Row 8. L to R.; Robbie Self. Tim Hill. Jeremy Marsh. Belinda Brannon. Paige Light. 73CONCERT CHOIR Row 1, L. to R.: Scott Rains. Katrina Peters. Tracy Lynn. Barbie Malone. Joanne Strode. Amy Bean, Colleen McCrary. Tara Tucker. Amy Martin. Tammy Dunn, Eric Pike. Melanie Kyle. Mike Rains. Alexis Crawford. Matt Martin. Tiffany Rogers, Scott Berry. Kevin Wallach; Row 2. L. to R.: Rachelle Charles. Shelly McHenry. Susie Fletcher. Sue Lowden. Stephanie Burns. Denise Harris. Amanda Woods. Lesa Canady. Rachelle Lang. Sonya Lacy. Scott Webb. Karen Huffstutler. Tammy Holliday. Kevin Allen, Chip Rains. Suzanne Campbell. Jonathan Killian; Row 3. L. to R.: Andrea Ball. Catina Pams. Rachel Rushing, Joy McGee. Chancey Smith. Erica DaCosta. Gina Eubanks. Ismene Hood, Brian Baugh; Row 4, L. to R.: Kym Wooden. Belinda Cain, Matt Smith. Mark Bailey. Michelle Pate. Carmen Wheeler. Shannon Morrow. Brian Karr. Jeff Collins. Tim Stephens. Shirley Riddle. Brian Pruitt, Sonya Snider, Reed Garner. Kim Mathis. SHOW CHOIR 74 Row 1, L. to R.: Melanie Kyle. Kevin Wallach. Tiffany Rogers; Row 2. L. to R.: Leslie Hix. Chip Rains. Karen Huffstutler, Scott Berry. Alexis Crawford. Jonathan Killian; Row 3, L. to R.: Sonya Lacy, Mike Rains. Mia Molina. Kevin Allen. Suzanne Campbell. Scott Webb.FHA Mother Daughter Banquet FHA OFFICERS: Tori Higgins, Recreational leader; Christy Terrell, Historian; Mother of the Year, Patsy Arnold, and her daughter. Robin. Tina Pruitt, Recreational leader; Hope Pierce. Parliamentarian; Amanda Fowler, Reporter; Kandie Gilbert, President; Rachel Rushing, Secretary; Joy McGee. Treasurer On May 3rd, in the Home Economics building, the FHA held its annual Mother-Daughter banquet. All of the members brought a dish for the meal. President Kandie Gilbert presented the awards for cutest, best dressed, best all around, and personalities. Mrs. Head and Mrs. Johnson presented the award to the mother of the year, Mrs. Patsy Arnold. The old officers then installed the new officers, and newly elected President Rachel Rushing made her acceptance speech. Finally, everyone enjoyed a meal together. Cutest; Lisa Hardin Best All Around; Kandie Gilbert j Best Dressed; Hope Pierce. Amanda Fowler, Kandie Gilbert. Rachel Rushing Personalities; Hope Pierce and Christy Terrell 75Student Teaching Day ... Students in Action for Education (SAE) had its annual spring student teaching day on April 22. Students involved taught classes at Alabama Avenue Middle School and McCord Avenue Elementary under the direction of club advisor Pat Thompson. The practice teaching day has been a project of the club for a number of years. The project gives students who have an interest in entering the education field the opportunity to have some first hand knowledge of the types of situations they might actually encounter if they do choose and education career. Although students have taught at the high school in the past, the club now works only in grades three through eight. Club members are allowed to teach twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. There were nearly eighty juniors and seniors involved in the project this year. The club, one of the most popular on campus, consistently maintains a membership of near one hundred. Matt Doss and David Mathis instruct students in their classwork. Mitch Floyd finds one of the responsibilities of his day as "Mr. Amanda Fowler and Chris Leaf enjoy teaching for Mrs Crawford Wright" is to discipline Kevin Gibson as Kevin's classmate. Jason Greer, looks on. 76Jason Irvin makes a point to his class as co-teacher Michele Wooten looks on. Karen Huffstutler and B.J. Rusk assist a third grade student in Mrs. Taylor's Jason McCamy and Ginger Long teach their day s lesson, class at McCord. Neil Blackwell and Chuck Segars go over lesson plans for their day at work. Connie Smith goes over a homework assignment with students. 77Club Activities in Review ... Curtis Perry and Angie Patterson represent their respective The NIKE club is represented in the homecoming parade by Stephanie Burns. Amy clubs in the homecoming parade as Mr DECA and Miss VICA. Wood. Jeri Lang. Geri Lynn Knight, and Jay Jones Spanish club members dine at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. Chi Chi's in Huntsville. Junior Civitans Ross Adams. Todd Mitchell, and Aimee Warren help with the annual spring Special Olympics DECA president. Lisa Wilks, and parliamentarian. Beth Mikel. FBLA celebrates American Enterprises Month with a balloon release in November, enjoy their ride in the homecoming parade. 78AGGIE BAND BAND DIRECTOR: Robert Killian BAND DIRECTOR: Stacy Goss DRUM MAJOR: Jonathan Killian 80SENIORS: Row 1, L. to R: Jean Camp, Christy Kilgore. Shelley Maroney. Amy Bagwell, Karen Steitzel, Sherry Smith. Darlene Doyle. Stephanie Stephens; Row 2. L. to R: Leann Bearden. Julie Justice. Kelly Teague. Lesa Canady. Stacie Moore. Amanda Fowler. Shawn Cole. Tiffany Rogers. Amy Hannah. Phillip Whitley. Stephanie Golden, Kandie Gilbert. Michelle Bryant. Christy Pearce. Trina Gordon. Michele Wooten. Alicia Oliver; Top Row. L. to R: Jeff Owens, Amy Rains, Kelly Cofield. Scott Berry. Ann Wilson. Regina Riddle. Eric Pike. Dawn Connolly. Brian Pruitt. Jack Quinn, Neil Blackwell. Chuck Segars. Mark Weirwein. Kenny Burns. SECTION LEADERS: Bottom Row. L. to R: Alexis Crawford, Scott Berry, Jack Quinn, Rex McDonald. Neil Blackwell. Karrie Gielle, Jeff Owens. Shelley Maroney. Stacie Moore, Mark Weirwein. Eric Jones. Stephanie Golden. Stephanie Baugh, Beth Garrard, Julie Justice, Christy Snider, Mike Lowe. 81SOUTHERN STARS: Bottom Row. L. to R: Stephanie Golden. Trina Gordon. Tiffany Rogers. Michele Wooten. Alicia Oliver, Amanda Fowler. Amy Hannah. Stacie Moore; Top Row. L. to R: Angela Myers. Mitzi Early. Sonya Lacy, Karmen Sprayberry. Kim NeSmith, Denise Harris. Tammy Bearden. Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Tracy Leaf. Allison Hall. FLAGS: Bottom Row. L. to R: Julie Justice. Shawn Cole, Dawn Connolly, Karrie Gielle; Row 2, L. to R: Christy Pearce. Michelle Bryant. Kandie Gilbert; Row 3. L. to R: Jean Camp. Christy Kilgore. Kelly Cofield, Lesa Canady; Row 4, L. to R: Kelly Ashley. Amy Rains. Leann Bearden. Kelly Teague. Stephanie Moore; Row 5. L. to R: Jennifer Reed. Colleen McCrary. Amanda Woods. Stephanie Baker. Malanna Matthews. Amy Currie; Row 6. L. to R: Donna Young. Angela Ogle. Michelle Jenkins. April Cofield. Beth Davis. Terri Logan; Row 7, L. to R: Connie Smith. Mendy Hoy. Michelle Noblitt. SAXAPHONES: Kneeling L. to R: Meredith Jones, Chris Hess. Justin White. Tabitha Farmer; Standing L. to R: Christy Snider, Emily Currie. Kristen Ramey. Becky Fuller. Amanda Jones. Brian Blanks; Sitting L. to R: Jennifer Jones. Jana McKee. Kristy Bonds. Ginger Long, Amy Bagwell. Karen Steitzel. Kenny Burns. Kathy Grubbs; Standing L. to R: Angela Bonds. Julie Johnson. Chancey Smith. Jana Rucks. Ann Duckett, Tonya Sims. Sherene Maze. 82BARITONES: Bottom Row, L. to R: Rex McDonald. David Mathis; DRUMLINE: Bottom Row, L. to R: Neil Blackwell. Jack Quinn. Danny Smith. Jeff Row 2. L. to R: Mike Rains. Shane Davis. Mike White. Phil Owens; Row 2. L. to R: Phillip Whitley. Ashley Harrell. Jason Thompson; Row 3. L. to Chastain. R: Lance Tidwell, David Mathis; Row 4. L. to R: Laura Wilson. TRUMPETS: Row 1, L. to R: Alexis Crawford. Scott Berry; Row 2, L. to R: Ann Justice. Jeannie Gertsman, Tina Daughette, Jared Stanfield. Brian Pankey. B.J. Rusk. Mark Hyatt. Greg Buchanan, Brian Baugh, Brian Pruitt. Eric Pike. Karen Huff-stutler. Chuck Segars, Nickie Lee. Mark Armstrong. Tim Breaseale. Karen Snider. Jeremy Marsh. Jay Dagle. Brian Strange. Bruce Bentley, Brian Adams. Kevin Lapier. Alisha Sims. Kelly Smith. Kim Hill. Leann Sanders. Shannon Sharit. 83CLARINETS: Bottom Row, L. to R: Desiree Befort. Melissa Soper; Row 2, L. to R: Deann Gentry, Jill Gardner, Leslie Farmer, Kristi Killian; Row 3, L. to R: Meredith East, Mary Ann Beck, Gina Eubanks, Angela Downs, Joyce Holland, Rachel Richards; Row 4. L. to R: Tonya Jenkins, Melanie Kyle, Sonya Camp; Row 5, L. to R: Darlene Doyle, Sherry Smith, Anna Wright, Jenny Kermondy, Leann Tidmore, Chip Rains, Catrina Peters. Ann Wilson, Andrea Ball, Regina Riddle FLUTES: Bottom Row, L. to R: Dusty Glassco, Laurie Eubanks, Lynn Buckelew, Susan Henry. Amy Martin. Stacey Striplin. Christie Williams, Carolyn Ogle, Katherine Snider, Christa Lapier, Laura George, Haley Smith. Stephanie Bauah Beth Garrard. 84 TROMBONES: Bottom: Eric Jones; Row 1, L. to R: Mike Lowe, Ray Duncan, Corey Corbin.1987-88 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SCREAM TO VICTORY This year the Varsity Cheerleaders were busy. They attended camp at Auburn University for a week, earning blue ribbions in all competitions. They were nominated as squad excellence and were able to bring home the spirit stick that was awarded the last day. They participated in fund raisers such as a car wash and selling balloons at the Christmas Parade. Kneeling: Mary Kathryn Hood; Sitting, L to R.: Leah Formby. Bonnie Barrett. Monica Collins. Row 1. L. to R : Laurie Scarbrough. Tonya Mitchem, Andrea Fulton. Stacey Taylor; Row 2. L. to R.: Hope Pierce. Rachel Rushing. Kim Yancey, Christy Bruister; Top; Robin Collins Hope Pierce and Rachel Rushing Sponsor: Wanda Howard Kristy Ferguson and Bonnie Barrett 86Co-head Andrea Fulton. Senior. 3 yrs. Co-head: Tonya Mitchem. Senior. 3 yrs. Bonnie Barrett. Senior. 2 yrs. Hope Pierce. Senior. 2 yrs. Monica Collins. Senior. 1 yr. Kim Yancey. Senior, 1 yr. Laurie Scarbrough. Senior. 1 yr. Christy Bruister. Junior. 2 yrs. Stacey Taylor. Junior. 2 yrsRachel Rushing, Junior, 1 yr. Leah Formby. Junior, 1 yr. Kristy Ferguson. Sophomore. 1 yr. Robin Collins, Freshmen, 1 yr. Mary Kathryn Hood, Freshmen, 1 yr. 88 The cheerleaders perform one of their favorite pyramids in the pregame activities of an important area football game. Top row, L. to R.: Mitch Floyd. Brad Collins; Row 2, L. to R.: Brandon Baggett. Dion McBay. Clint Baker. Ross Adams, Ray Slappy; Row 3, L. to R.: Ben Hulgan. David Taylor. Mike Galloway. Todd Mitchell. Jeff Harvey. Rickey Edwards.On October 10,1987, the Albertville High School Varsity Cheerleaders competed in Regional Competition at Jefferson State Junior College in Birmingham, Alabama. They received a trophy entitling them to compete in National Competition in Dallas. Texas. The cheerleaders spent many hours preparing and perfecting their two and one half minute routine which consisted of three pyramids, one cheer, and a dance routine. The cheerleaders arrived in Dallas. Texas on December 26. 1987 for the competition. For many of the girls this was the first time to fly, which added to the excitement of the trip. There were 91 squads competing in the large varsity division, Albertville's category. There were approximately 900 squads competing. This was the first time ever that a squad from Albertville competed in National Competition. "I felt that the girls did an excellent job representing their school," said sponsor Wanda Howard. The cheerleaders placed first in Alabama in their division. Kneeling L. to R.: Hope Pierce, Kim Yancey, Tonya Mitchem, Christy Bruister, Rachel Rushing, Kristy Ferguson; Standing L. to R.: Laurie Scarbrough, Robin Collins, Leah Formby. Monica Collins. Andrea Fulton, Stacey Taylor, Bonnie Barrett, Mary Kathryn Hood. Kneeling L. to R.: Christy Bruister, Kim Yancey, Bonnie Barrett, Standing L. to R.: Monica Collins. Kristy Ferguson. Hope Pierce. Tonya Mitchem, Rachel Rushing, Andrea Fulton, Leah Formby. Mary Katherine Hood. 891987 VARSITY FOOTBALL NOT JUST ANOTHER SEASON From game to game, Albertville High School football players enjoyed a year of success. Even though their scores were not always on top, the team gave one hundred percent. They played well enough to be area champions and to represent the school in state playoff games. Although they were not state champions in their division, the student body could not have been any more proud of them and consistently showed their support throughout the season. Standing. L. to R.: Brian Cochran, Brad Lang. John Wright, Chris Sullens. Reed Garner. Chris Pell. Mark Gibson. Steven Rogers. Chris Womack. Chris Brooks. Wes Johnson. Richard Rutledge. Jason Cole, Jason Carroll, Chris Jenkins. Joel Finlay; Kneeling. L. to R.: J.D. Powell, Scott McCormack, Jett Powell. Roger Taylor. Jeff Carr, Chris Leaf, Tracy Cheek, Matt Moon, John Starkey. Joey Gilliland, John Eller, Bobby Rogers. Les Johnson. Brad Biddle. David Milton. Tim Riggins; Sitting, L. to R : Richard McElrath, Rusty Nix, Jeff Collins. Kevin Grice. Harrison Long, Patrick Nix, Joe Swart. Chris Teague. Dale Williams. Brad Gipson. Shannon Corbitt. Jason McCamy. Sean Swatek. Jeff Lang, Brad West. Allen Cofield. Brent Ennis. Jeff Powell asks for the support of the student body for the following night's game as Scott McCormack looks on. SCOREBOARD AGGIES OPPONENTS 6 Emma Sansom 27 55 Arab 0 22 Decatur 24 55 Boaz 0 8 Huntsville 20 10 G r i ssom 0 51 Scottsboro 1 5 25 Coffee 17 0 A u t s i n 57 21 Guntersvi11e 20 "How bad did you say his knee was?" Aggies kick off to Scottsboro Jeff Carr and Harrison Long intently watch the game.The Aggies score a touchdown against Grissom. The Aggies score against their big rivals, the Guntersville Wildcats Aggies looking on from the sideline Brad Gipson runs against Grissom. Dr. Ratcliff checks Kevin Grice's chin. 91J.D. Powell runs against Emma Sansom Kevin Grice makes a flying catch against Arab Brent Ennis is tackled by Coffee team members Reed Garner is being off the field by Coach Hicks and one of his fellow teammates. Captins for Guntersville game: Jeff Carr Brent Ennis runs against Arab and Jeff Powell 92Senior Aggies play their last game against Guntersville Kevin Grice scores a touchdown against Coffee Kevin Grice and Joey Gilliland serve as captains of an important game. Aggies show their spirit at a pep rally Jeff Carr and Jeff Powell have conversation with The Aggies get fired up at the pep rally for a big game the referee 931987 COACHING STAFF L. to R.: Rodney Green, Asst. Coach; Conrad Nix, Head Coach; Dennis Hicks. Asst. Coach Coach Hearn and Coach Hicks help Brad Gibson off the field. Captains for the Albertville vs. Boaz game wait for the results of the coin toss. 941987 VOLLEYBALL TEAM An extra amount of enthusiasm and pride was shown from the Lady Aggies on the volleyball court this year. Even though the girls did not win every game, they were champions at heart. This year there was one thing that nearly all the players agreed on — volleyball is a fun game. The Lady Aggies never let anything slow them down, they kept going no matter what. Alex Mann. Kim Pell. Jenny Teague and Liz Gayle set up a play. Standing L. to R: Coach Katherine McDowell. Heather Cahela, Alex Mann. Becky Hollis. Liz Gayle. Mary Belue; Kneeling L. to R: Scorekeeper. Micah Mann. Catina Pams. Kim Pell. Jenny Teague. Joey Kellum. Statskeeper. Mary Shores. The Lady Aggies defend their side of the net. Coach Katherine McDowell 95Standing, L. to R.: Rickey Edwards, Chris Kilgore, Tyler Pickers. Shane McGriff, Anthony Bohannon; Kneeling, L. to R.: Chris Leaf. Bruce Childress, Tim Baker, Brad Gibson, Scotty Wilson. Mike Byrd The Aggies go for two points against Guntersville. SC0REB0AR0 AGGIES OPPONENT 62 Coffee 76 62 Guntersv i lie 64 58 Boaz 46 61 Arab 69 78 Scottsboro 64 72 Ooug1 as 57 45 Etowah 56 65 Guntersville 69 64 Coffee 89 55 Southside 58 58 DAR 62 66 Holy Family 61 52 Litchfield 54 58 Austin 74 63 Boaz 53 54 Arab 72 45 Grissom 71 50 Grissom 55 60 Etowah 61 80 Boaz 46 49 Guntersville 44 63 Arab 59 54 Austin 51 67 Scottsboro 55 67 Scottsboro 78 91 Douglas 57 45 Grissom 57 Scotty Wilson goes for a lay-up against Boaz.Shane McGriff woes over losing the ball to Boaz. Aggies tries to Keep Boaz from scoring. Cory Early goes for a shot against Arab. Shane McGriff goes for a lay-up against Boaz. Shane Traylor prevents Boaz from intercepting the ball. 97The Aggies receive their County Championship trophy. Coach Sloan talks to his team about upcoming strategies. Shane McGriff goes for a shot against the Guntersville Wildcats. Tyler Pickers defends against Boaz. Tyler Pickers tries to keep the ball away from a Coach Sloan has a word with his team members before a game. Boaz team member. 98JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL AGGIES SCOREBOARD OPPONENI 48 Coffee 58 5 7 Guntersvi I le 58 54 Boaz 50 46 Arab 59 54 Scottsboro 52 65 Douglas 67 52 E towah 6 1 68 Guntersv i1 le 69 59 Coffee 73 60 Austin 63 50 Boaz 42 54 Arab 77 45 Grissom 56 46 Grissom 52 67 Etowah 66 59 Boaz 67 57 Aust in 75 68 Scottsboro 65 53 Sou ths i de 73 58 Douglas 69 The Aggie defense goes to work on Boaz. The Aggies struggle to regain the ball. Coach Mickey Moore1987-88 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM The Albertville High School Lady Aggies played with a lot of hustle, determination, and hard work. The qualities were exhibited in every game throughout the season. The girls learned to play as a team and to handle the disappointments as well as their accomplishments. The season was a learning experience for each team member. They constantly improved throughout the season. The Lady Aggies played heads-up basketball no matter what the final score was. They showed they were winners and proud to be Aggies. Kneeling, L. to R: Tammy Hagler, Kim Pell, Jeri Lang. Catina Pams, Kristy Bonds; Standing, L. to R: Karrie Gielle. Kristin Scott. Mary Belue, Rachelle Charles, Alex Mann. Melissa Beck, Wendy Lemaster. AGGIES SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 36 Ft. Payne 23 23 Coffee A 2 32 Guntersvilie 31 32 Boaz 63 A A Sardis A 1 3 A Hazel Green 33 A 6 Buck Horn 39 31 Souths i de 32 A3 Doug 1 as 39 63 Etowah 11 39 Guntersvil le A 7 A 7 Coffee 33 32 Ft. Payne 30 61 Litchfield 38 A9 Alexandri a 32 A 7 Austin 67 A 7 Boaz 32 27 G r i ssom 3 A A 2 Gr issom 6 A 63 E t owah 19 26 Douglas 2 A 33 DAR 69 A6 Aust i n 3 3 A 2 Southside A3 33 Sardis 38 A 6 Douglas 38 A 2 Gr i ssom A 7 Coach Jim Thompson Coach Thompson confers with his team before a game.Alex Mann goes for two points. Jeri Lang blocks a Boaz team member. 101SENIOR JILL BRIGHT: Tennis ANTHONY BOHANNON: Basketball. Baseball MARY BELUE: Basketball. Tennis. Volleyball TIM BAKER: Basketball. Golf COREY EARLY: Golf, Basketball MICHAEL DORSETT: Baseball RACHELLE CHARLES: JEFF CARR: Football. Baseball Basketball BRAD GIBSON: Football. Basketball, Baseball STEPHEN HANSON: Golf REED GARNER: Football. Track KEVIN GRICE: Football. Baseball 1 MITCH FLOYD: Golf 1 Si STEFAN GLABE: Golf. Track. Football i- X-' v y ■ JOHN ELLER: Football ( € , f JOEY GILLILAND: Football. Track 102ATHLETES JERI LYNN LANG: Basketball. Volleyball, Track CHRIS LEAF: Football. Basketball HARRISON LONG: Football. Golf ALEX MANN: Basketball. Volleyball SHANE McGRIFF: Basketball RUSTY NIX: Football TOBY OGLE: Track MICHELLE PATE: Basketball KIM PELL. Basketball. Volleyball ANDREW PORCH: Golf J. D. POWELL: Football JEFF POWELL: Football. Track PAYNE WALKER: Baseball MARK WEHRWEIN: Baseball CARMEN WHEELER: Basket- JOE SWART: Football ball. Tennis 1031988 VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1, L. to R.: Chris Pell. Jeff Carr. Jason Carroll. Anthony McClellan. Chad Hallcox. Brent Ennis; Row 2, L. to R.: Anthony Walden. Mark Quarles. Brad Collins. Payne Walker. Jeff Simmons; Row 3, L. to R.: Brad Gibson. Mark Wehrwein, Anthony Bohannon. Jason Springfield. Kevin Grice. Adam Borden 104 Kevin Grice bats for a home run.Brad Gibson throws the ball for an out. 1061988 TENNIS TEAMS Kneeling L. to R: Brian Moore, David Milton, Jason Hallcox; Standing L. to Kneeling L. to R: Lynn Buckelew, Kim Cochran, Alexis Crawford. Shannon R: Brian Burgess, Tyler Pickers, Chuck Burgess, not pictured. Barry Smith. Sharit; Standing L. to R: Carmen Wheeler, Mary Belue, Jill Bright. Alexis Crawford swings into action. B-TEAM: Standing L. to R: Richie Walker. Daniel Jensen, Derek Archam- Tyler Pickers goes after the ball. bault. Jason Cole. Todd Pickers, Caine Mathis. Billy Stallings. Thomas Whitten, not pictured. Scott Campbell. Kevin Allen, Jason Irvin. AGGIES 30YS SCOREBOARD OPPONENI 8 DAR 1 0 Boaz 9 0 Oneonta 9 3 Guntersville 6 4 Ft. Payne 3 0 Aust in 9 0 Arab 9 4 Emma Sansom 3 0 Butler 9 3 Westminster 6 9 Johnson 0 0 Gadsden 9 AGGIES GIRLS SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 0 DAR 9 0 Boaz 9 1 Oneonta 8 0 Gunte rsv ilie 9 1 Austin 8 0 Arab 9 7 Emma Sansom 2 3 Butler 4 3 Westminster 4 9 Johnson 0 Coach Jan Millican1988 BOYS TRACK TEAM Row 1, L. to R: Brandon Holderfield. Patrick Nix, Larry Blackstone, Charlie Curtis, Jeff Powell. Reed Garner. Sean Swatek, Joey Gilliland. Coach Rodney Green; Row 2. L. to R: Ronny McCullars. Jason McCamy, Jeremy Oliver. Chad McGriff; Row 3, L. to R: Allen Cofield. John Powell. Joel Finlay. Toby Ogle. Jeff Collins, Terry Madden. Jason Gilliland. Matt Smith; Row 4. L. to R: Allen Wilson. Nathan Patterson. Alex O’ Briant. Billy Massey. Roger Taylor, Eric Jones. Brian Pierce. Scorekeepers: Kim Yancey and Tonya Mitchem Toby Ogle in the high jump John Powell in the long jump 1081988 GIRLS TRACK TEAM Kneeling L. to R: Kristy Bonds, Jeri Lang. Ricci Henson; Standing L. to R: Katherine Snider. Karen Snider. Karmen Cottner. Amy Plunkett. Coach Rodney Green.1987-88 GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM Standing: Nickie Lee. Carrie Tarvin. Kristy Bonds. Jeri Lynn Lang. Kim Mathis. Tabitha Farmer. Kristin Scott; Sitting: Coach Charis Bonds. Kim Pell. Gerilynn Knight. Amy Plunkett. Angie Freeman. Chancey Smith. Coach: Charis Bonds 1987-88 GOLF TEAM Standing: Andrew Porch. Mike Byrd. Cory Early. Mitch Floyd. Stefan Glabe, Harrison Long. Coach Bob Duke; Sitting: Stephan Hanson. Tim Baker. Bradley Long. Tim Knight. Danny Quigley. Chris Duke 110112SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Heatherly Teal Monica Lacy JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Aprel Sheets Rachel Belue FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Destiny Gaskin Susan Beck1987 HOMECOMING COURT Mr. Ferguson crowns Tammy Holliday Homecoming Queen Senior float won first place in the float competition. busy as a bee! Bonnie Barrett hard at work Double TroubleWorking hard on the homecoming float made the parade an afternoon to remember.PROM 88Junior Barry Garrett and date smile for the camera. The crowd waits for Senior awards to be given. Mr. Ferguson and Mrs. Nelson look on as chaperones. Juniors and Seniors watch as baby pictures are presented. Juniors rest after a day of hard work. Students have a great time at Prom 88.We had "The Time of Our Lives!' V" Excitement was written on the faces of Seniors Tina Pruitt and Melinda Driver Smiling and laughing faces filled the room Mrs. Maltbie and students dance to the latest hits Juniors Matt Doss and Ann Duckett. Seniors Suzanne Campbell and Hope Pierce enjoy the night.120 SENIORS Stacie Moore and Tim Baker SENIORS Amanda Fowler and Brad GibsonSENIORS Maura Cole and Thomas Lesley SENIORS Lisa Rhodarmer and J.D. Powell SENIORS Kandie Gilbert and Craig Graben SENIORS JUNIORS Monica Collins and Mitch Floyd Rachel Rushing and Brad LangJUNIORS Michelle Jenkins and Terry Ham JUNIORS Aprel Sheets and Barry Garrett JUNIORS Angela Myers and Chad Hallcox JUNIORS JUNIORS Cathy Smith and Richard McElrath Ann Duckett and Brandon Baggett 122SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Christy Snider and Sean Swatek Tammy Bearden and Jeff Simmons124 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Sonya Lacy and Joel Finlay Mary Kathryn Hood and Chris HowardFRESHMEN FRESHMEN Christina Rusk and Chris Williams Amanda Burns and Heath Jordan 125Top left; Ricky Todd. Jean Head. Bobbi Dale McKee, and Sue Couch are presented with gifts from Annual Staff members Kim NeSmith and Mark Young for their hard work on the preparations for Coronation. Top right; Coach Hicks makes the opening presentation for the Coronation Ball. Middle left; Crown, sceptor. and rose bearers, L. to R: Dusty Kitchens. Abbie Stone. Meredith Kincaid. Claire Spear, and Lee Todd. Bottom right; Hope Pierce and Jeff Powell pose for a snapshot during Coronation rehearsal. Bottom left; Tammy Bearden. Christina Rusk, and Amanda Burns take a break during a rehearsal. 126Top left. L. to R: Sue Couch, Dennis Hicks. Tom Ferguson, and Katherine McDowell. Top right. L. to R: Mark Young waits to present flowers to the girls in the court as they are introduced. Bottom left; Mistress of Ceremonies. Beth Davis, introduces the members of the court. Bottom right; Principal Tom Ferguson presents roses to Queen Hope Pierce as King Todd Mitchell looks on. 127Principal Tom Ferguson crowns Queen Hope Pierce. Sue Couch prepares to decorate the Coliseum for Coronation. 128Row 1, L. to R.: Trina Gordon, Monica Collins, Lisa Rhodarmer, Terri Morrison, Maura Cole. Kandie Gilbert. Stacie Moore. Amanda Fower. Row 2. L. to R.: Mitch Floyd, Tim Baler. Stephen Hanson, Jeff Harvey. Thomas Lesley. J. D. Powell. Brad Gibson. Craig Graben. 128A128B Row 1, L. to R.: Ann Duckett, Ginger Long, Christy Bruister, Aprel Sheets, Angela Myers, Cathy Smith, Michelle Jenkins. Row 2, L. to R.:SOPHOMORE CLASS BEAUTY Monica Lacy FAVORITES Row 1, L. to R.: Heatherly Teal, Mitzi Early, Sonya Lacy, Tammi Bearden, Sonya Gann, Christy Snider. Row 2, L. to R.: Brad Collins, Joel Finlay. Sean Swatek. Ross Adams, Jeff Simmons, Matt Moon, Brent Ennis. 128CFRESHMAN CLASS BEAUTY Mary Kathryn Hood FAVORITES L. to R.: Heath Jordon, Amanda Burns, Dusty Maynard, Barry Smith, Christina Rusk, Chris Williams, Chris Howard, Carrie Tarvin.Michelle Cook (Aunt Eller) gives advice about life and growing up to Eric Pike (Curley) and Alexis Crawford (Laurey). Alexis (Laurey) and Eric (Curley) ride away in the surrey to begin their new life together. 129 Clint (Will Parker) and Mary Kathyrn Hood dance as the crowd looks on.OKLAHOMA! CAST Aunt Eller........................ Michelle Cook CHORUS AND DANCERS: Curly.................................. Eric Pike Kevin Allen Andrea Fulton Laurey .......................... Alexis Crawford Mark Bailey Karrie Gielle Will Parker .......................Clint Baker Andrea Ball Allison Hall Jud .............................. Matt Martin Brian Baugh Denise Harris Ado Annie.......................Karen Huffstutler Stephanie Baugh Mary Kathryn Hood Ali Hakim......................... Mitch Floyd Susan Beck Melanie Kyle Gertie Cummins ..................... Mia Molina Natasha Brown Rachel Richards Andrew Carnes........................Kevin Wallach Jason Cole Tiffany Rogers Cord Elam ......................... Mike Rains Dawn Connolly Christina Rusk Ike Skidmore .......................Todd Mitchell Shawn Connolly Sonya Snider Slim.............................. Joel Finlay Gordon Crosby Lee Ann Whitmore Mike ............................. Scotty Webb Eric Davis Mark Young Fred.............................. Chip Rains Heather Dodd Ellen ............................ Erica DaCosta Ann Duckett Dream Laurey ............ Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe Ricky Edwards Dream Curly .................... Brandon Baggett Michelle Elliott 130Top Picture, L. to R: Sue Couch, Director; Leslie Seahorn, Assistant Choreographer; Scott Rains. Director of Music; Jane Adams, Director; Bobbi Dale McKee. Choreographer; Bottom; Katherine McDowell, Accompanist 131Top left: Make-up artists Beth Adams and Jerri Sue Green work to get cast members ready for dress rehearsal. Top right: Katherine McDowell takes a well-deserved break during a rehearsal. 132 OKLAHOMA! Production Staff. Row 1, L. to R: Amy Rains. Kelly Ashley. Beth Garrard, Stephanie Baugh. Denise Harris, Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe; Row 2. L. to R: Susan Humphries. Jonathan Killian, Craig Graben. Ross Adams, Brian Cochran. Tiffany Rogers. Kim Cochran; Row 3. L. to R: Steve Couch. Matt Doss, Todd Mitchell, Scott Webb. Shannon Morrow, Reed Garner. Matt Smith.Top left: Clint Baker (Will Parker) and Karen Huffstutler (Ado Annie) gaze into each others eyes during an OKLAHOMA! scene. Top Right: Directors Sue Couch and Jane Adams take time out during a busy rehearsal to smile for the camera. Bottom left: Mark Young performs a back tuck during the Territory Folks" scene of OKLAHOMA! Bottom right: Mitch Floyd (Ali Hakin, the peddler) tries to sell a pair of fancy bloomers to Alexis Crawford (Laurey). Michelle Cook (Aunt Eller), and Karen Huffstutler (Ado Annie). 133Brandon Baggett (Dream Curley) and Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe (Dream Laurey) perform the "Dream Sequence. ' Eric Pike (Curley) sings to Alexis Crawford (Laurey) during one of the first scenes of OKLAHOMA! Alexis Crawford (Laurey) is deciding who will be her dance partner during the "Out of My Dreams"" scene. 134Mary Kathyrn Hood performs during the Kansas City scene. Alexis Crawford (Laurey) meets Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe (Dream Matt Martin (Judd Fry) and Eric Pike (Curley) face off in the Laurey) at the beginning of the Dream Sequence. ” smokehouse 135AWARDSHONOR STUDENTS DAY ’88 Row 1. L to R: Christy Terrell. Tonya Mitchem. Suzanne Campbell. Tammy Holliday. Tiffany Rogers. Amy Bagwell. Andrea Fulton. Leslie Matthews. Beth Mikel. Lisa Rhodarmer. Joy McGee. Row 2. L. to R: Bruce Brooks. Tim Baker. Stephan Hanson. Kristy Graben. Terri Morrison. Sandra Yates. Bonnie Barrett. Mary Belue, Laurie Scarbrough; Row 3. L. to R: Chuck Segars. Jack Quinn. Neil Blackwell. Scott Berry. Ray Wilborn. Monica Collins. Allison Daniels. Amy Wood; Row 4. L. to R Mitch Floyd. Ben Rooke. Allen Kirby. Julie Justice. Chris Leaf. Rusty Nix. Brad Gibson. Stephanie Golden. Row 5. L. to R: Todd Mitchell. Stacy Borah. PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC FITNESS Row 1. L. to R: Laura Wooley, Kim Killian. Jean Camp. Bonnie Barrett. Tonya Mitchem. Amy Bagwell. Andrea Fulton, Laurie Scarbrough. Joy McGee. Stacy Borah; Row 2, L. to R: Mitch Floyd. Ben Rooke. Tim Knight. Neil Blackwell. Scott Berry. Ray Wilborn. Dawn Connolly. Joe Swart. Geri Knight; Row 3. L to R: Allen Kirby. Todd Stephens.ACADEMIC AWARDS Row 1, L. to R: Laura Leigh George. Spanish i; Kristy Ferguson. Spanish II; Suzanne Campbell. Health; Andrea Fulton. English; Laurie Scarbrough. Mathematics. AP English; Sandra Yates. Biological Sciences; Mary Belue, Overall Science. AP Science; Teresea King, Business Education; Row 2, L. to R: Kandie Gilbert, Sociology; Kim Cochran. Chemistry. French II; Tracy Lynn. French I; Laurie Eubanks. AP History; Diane Edwards. Spanish I; Row 3. L. to R: Shirt Johnson. Typing I; Mark Wehrwein, Computer Science; Shane McGriff, Journalism. Overall Social Studies; Jason Thompson, Woodman of the World; MaChera McCoy. Accounting. ACCOMPLISHMENTS DAR CITIZENSHIP OUTSTANDING STUDENT 140 Scott Berry Shane McGriffUniversity of South Alabama: Laurie Scarbrough Jacksonville State University: Rusty Nix. Kevin Grice. Harrison Long. Shane McGriff, Tim Knight, Clint Baker. Embry Aeronautics University: Chuck Segars SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Birmingham Southern: Bonnie Barrett. Stephen Hanson Auburn University: Sandra Yates. Andrea Fulton Troy State University. Reed Garner; Wofford College. Brad Gibson; Snead State. Kim Mathis. University of Alabama: Tonya Mitchem, Scott Berry Snead State: Row 1, L. to R: Ray Wilborn. Amy Wood. Monica Wallace State: Brian Gentry. Kevin Collins. Kim Mathis. Leslie Matthews. Lisa Rhodarmer, Kristy Cooley. Bruce Brooks Graben; Row 2, L. to R: Eric Pike. Suzanne Campbell. Tammy Holliday. Amy Bagwell. Vickie Coe. Carla Holbrooks. Barbie Malone; Row 3. L. to R: Tim Baker. Mitch Floyd. Mary Belue. Jana Martin. Joy McGee. Terri Morrison; Row 4. L. to R: Stephanie Golden. Stacie Moore. Jack Quinn. Dawn Connolly. Geri Knight. Stacy Borah. Beth Ham, Laura Wooley 141SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AWARDS CITIZENSHIP SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST ATHLETES Rusty Nix and Sandra Yates Bonnie Barrett and Mitch Floyd Brad Gibson, Jeri Lang, and Kevin Grice SPORTSMANSHIP Rachelle Charles and Tim Baker BEST ALL AROUND PTA OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Andrea Fulton and Todd Mitchell SPECIAL OLYMPICS AWARDS Left to Right: Heather Harris. Nancy Warren. Bobby Cornelius. Bobby Atchley, Carla Gaskin, Vickie Bottomlee VOCATIONAL AWARDS Row 1. L. to R.: Teresea King. Business Education; Diane Clavette, Home Economics; Chantay Cash. Marketing Education; Kandie Gilbert. Future Homemakers of America; Row 2, L. to R.: Toby Ogle — AV Assistant; Patrick Shaw. VIE; Row 3. L. to R.: Charlie Minor. Tech School; Ricky Davis. Tech School; Ken Mote. Tech School PERFECT ATTENDANCE Kenny Burns. 1 year; Jean Camp. 5 yearsATHLETIC AWARDS BASKETBALL AWARDS SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Jeff Powell Jeff Carr Scott McCormack Tim Baker Tyler Pickers Kevin Grice Shane McGrlff Anthony Bohannon Rusty Nix Rickey Edwards Corey Early 143GIRLS BASKETBALL AWARDS GIRLS BASKETBALL AWARDS Awards for spring sports were presented at the annual spring awards banquet. They following awards were presented for baseball: Captain — Jeff Carr, Most Valuable Player — Kevin Grice, Most Valuable Pitcher — Brad Gibson. Track awards were given to the following: Ricci Henson — Most Valuable Player, John Powell — Most Valuable Player. Michael Byrd received the Most Valuable Player award for golf and Chuck Buraess was named Most Valuable Player for tennis. Alex Mann was give the Most Valuable Player award for both softball and volleyball. She was also named to the all area volleyball team. Alex Mann Karrie Gielle Jeri Lang Nikke Lee Kristie Bonds Rachelle Charles Melissa Beck 144Senior Clast cheers on at Pep rally. Danceline member, Angela Myers smiles brightly. 144A Freshman Rookie Day Show Choir takes hats off to a winning yearl Band represents Albertville well.144B Aggie144C mmm W Q)Charlie Curtis leaps for points. 144D1988 GRADUATION VALEDICTORIAN: Andrea Fulton VALEDICTORIAN: Laurie Scarbrough SALUTATORIAN: Amy Bagwell Principal Tom Ferguson welcomes members of the audience to the graduation ceremonies. Superintendent Dr. James Pratt confirms the newly graduated seniors. 147dU j-Acliee, AajI tL 1a-C um . I VCwt- J?- K-o' '7 VW 76.6 rv W - ri Jjuco SUZcAjjC, jtJLicjL Hs+ £. dAc j XjLXA— sCcjtzjis sPru4i cJl J ruL 'fy 44' rrutsrnJ oe-4s, TtU J siSZi r 4 U 'Ao -t fiju U, aJiJ+H f«L. yea ', CL Uu) UL ,a + st otfcvt cU y tMjL Loop.. O JJcC Xa s. gcc.tks tfiyy v ZO yu xel tU. SUOA2M u Oaa+UaU. CO J JLj 'lout,pO AULcf £«ZuM j ■tocu Uu y Zo . U K -LuXaaJo ■ (W, tM. Ca cjL nw- 0USL A auZdJ -' -dsL o , CLoC-t — j 9 t- a u, 3 -cS% p c jQcuS, $ w m LjcuCUUL CL MAxj 5pCtxfll doxtgldavf CjOu. liQMt (yinojid: sx muck ocj u o(. purliL into cux. jfiju- ti. bu - Su urf 5k(Jx and hjjiiikinMA have aiuxu j WCU tjCU. as j fc £. O-SLfiV skd •k UiiiiUL. tudrisn epux Oun, KCnuinte .' ■Hitt yu'tfilmUvj -i QJlujcu , bOwid cyuj tsif) ip-t fukL id fiust oh. Hi ckd " tt)i dtn.h. tAu I »WdHjLv g Da AdUi QiJVL, yWu ot 'ijau w tedU "iu y CO Xo JUO V - C -iOL OAJ wttf ylitAft to $AJU-t- AfUo Ous smaj dajui ijvu. W L. £ Us W 0 JL taab JU4SMO aodtsL JUidt. yrjduLv f SW- 148Jleu e- 'TTnJL, -c • a4 — ftasUisnZo. ■Ut vu- 'iJnALt - ar ytsit. 5 y'u - )fa- Ui'yU ’• uJXxL jt—. T . £ GlvCZoiyd' . rr£. £6l +- U) LS AJ TTOtTH? Xk -' J VtUUTUO ( ik“- (a. ruA UaAiJ JU yyyusO} IuccJ lA Ov-A. U-4J ■ yjrp,y L»- yAL AJ iyn - OjjO v JL i - cU , irvAJ JUnx. OuO- V'v x MF - J n ( f IumuL 1 ■Br'xOft Qe- rj), OJe. are tfvAy road c you. Th«. O,Cto V SYi«rv£f0[5 -you. W €. ™Y i ct TAteX -Wc. sta AarAs O' nx society - Bui you vt'ee'V ou slanAanJs o.nd yjq. qvkl you and u) sv yd tV e. b«st It e Wo to offet great Witness and'Hi . "3oisv trust doA ■ ■ « V» e. 1 1.01 .; WcMer dDaddy M r 'e t Q, UJL yyiin M' 'jZ L viMA bAjAA- ISLA li , - - I UlSM C C i L - CC JUC !LZUtuX T ''yr) s+ y t- 149 To the Senior Class of 1988: Our four years together have been filled with many memories. Although there were some sad times, we always pulled through with the happy moments. We hope that this annual will bring back all of those happy moments that we shared together. Industry Progress Through Genetic Research Compliments of MARSHALL CO. GAS DISTRICT 115 S. Broad Street Albertville, AL 878-4591 Palm Harbor Homes. Inc. ENERG MISER BOAZ INDUSTRIAL P.O. Box 640 Boaz, AL 35957 (205) 593-9193 Congratulations Seniors of 1988 152 AM SOUTH BANK FINANCING 316 S. Hooper Drive Phone Hwy. 431 S. 878-5280 Albertville, AL WOODHAM AUTO SALES, INC. L. C. '•BUDDY'' WOODHAM, SR. President Jim Colvin Terry Hale Sales Rep. Sales Rep. ESP Service ContractsDAVID FELICIA Phone 878-5625 FARMER Night W.E. 878-4870 Mobile Phone 582-9625 DAVID FARMER LOCK KEY Licensed — Bondet — Insured U S. LOCK SECURITY CENTER 731 Hwy. 431 South Albertville, Alabamaa bama cloggers 713 Hwy 431 South Albertville. AL 35950 V 7 • Phone 878-5625 vVr ) ' HAROLD ROGERS SONNY BACKUS PRES 8 8 2649 VICE PRES 68t 5131 FELICIA FARMER DAVID FARMER INSTRUCTOR MANAQIR WOMETCO FOOD SERVICE Albertville. Alabama Full Line Vending Manual Lines Catering 205 878-3286 A Division of Worn Enterprises, Inc. P O Bo 934 Marthngfid at Hwy 75 Albertville At 35950 DAN ELMORE General manager £ Bobby’s Auto Parts, Inc. ALEXANDER FORD 419 So. Hooper Drive Phone: 878-5060 CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH, INC. Albertville, AL 35950 Owners Highway 431 S. Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 593-4204 Gadsden Number: 543-2115 BOBBY FRAZIER and BEN FRAZIER 153Stop by the Foodland store today and we think you will agree that the Foodland way is the best way of doing business. We have the best, freshest grocery products available to you each week Remember, Foodland is homefolks. We think you will like that1 Deli - Bakery - Fresh Produce - Top Quality Meat Deli — Bakery — Fresh Produce Top Quality Meat Phone 891-0390 313 East Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, Ala. Quality Plus Savings 154Hardware Lumber Home Centers We can help. DAVIS-SWART HARDWARE 315 E. Sand Mountain Drive — P.0. Box 548 Electrical — Hardware — Plumbing Supplies Garden Supplies — Housewares Albertville, AL 35950 JOE M. DAVIS JOHN B. SWARTRrsyXIaba maBank right Member FDIC P.O. Box 10, Albertville, Alabama Downtown 878-4616 Baltimore Ave. Two Locations to Serve You Lean on the Green300 WAGNER DRIVE Boaz, Alabama 157Our Business Depends On Customer Satisfaction Highway 431, Albertville GLORIA’S BEAUTY SALON Open Late by Appointment — 878-7318 Stylists Gloria Childress Sonja King Denene Thompson Judy Brothers Deb Patterson Joan Leonard Ronda Sims• Boots by Justin, Dan Post, Acme, Nacona, Tony Lama, Texas, Abilene, Herman Survivor and Georgia • Belts, Buckles • Alabama's Largest Boot Store THE TRADING POST Boot Store 428 Hwy 431 South — Albertville, AL 35950 "Where High Prices are Outlawed” SCOTT and DEBORAH TERRY Owners Residence Business (205) 878-8506 (205) 878-4000 159Good Luck Class of 1988 Caring and Sharing the American Way the K-Mart Way Sharing With Albertville and Marshall County Over $10,000 Yearly in Donations to Schools, Civic Organizations, Charities, Senior Citizens, Needy Families, and Underprivileged Children Thank You for Your Patronage AMERICA’S FAVORITE STORE 160PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Highway 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-0218 Toll Free: 1-800-422-USA1 PITTS INC. MOORES M.F.G. JEWELER SPORTING CUSTOM JEWELRY GOODS Mounting Diamonds Hwy 431 N Albertville, AL 35995 Repairs 878-2871 Open to the Public Highway 431 North Phone: 878-3923 WILKS TIRE AND BATTERY 428 N. Broad Street Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone: 878-0211BISHOPS A UNIQUE FAMILY PHARMACY 103 SAND MOUNTAIN DRIVE ALBERTVILLE, AL PH. 878-5953 Parker Fluid Connectors 301 Wagner Drive Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 878-9220MILLER — HARRIS — FOWLER 104 West Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 878-9172 Complete Insurance ServiceIntersection Hwy. 431 and 75 Albertville, Alabama 35950 (205) 891-1280 Member FDICf CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 1 ESTABLISHED 1956 AjT jy SERVING THE [ TOTAL COMMUNITY ★ ★ 1 if ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA -J Albertville Chamber of Commerce 316 Sand Mountain Drive • P. O. Box 231 Albertville, Alabama 35950 (205) 878-3821 CHEVRON SERVICE CENTER 500 South Hooper Drive Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-0115 Complete Care Care and Maintenance ED NESMITH — Owner 166AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY R. DAVID MOORE, Owner 907 Sparks Ave. Boaz, Alabama 35957 Phone: 205 593-5981 (sgpj itfiE Hardware HIGHWAY 431, ALBERTVILLE, AL 878-2241 WE ARE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAYCompliments of SouthTrustBank Serving All of Sand Mountain for Over 50 Years CREATIVE PRINTERS, INC. 228 North Broad • P.O. Box 1605 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-8868 HEWLETT BOGER, President MOTTLEY ADAMS, Vice-President Fine Commercial Printing PASQUALES 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-9239 ALBERTVILLE OFFICE MACHINES SIMS BARGAIN MART Sales — Service — Rental 225 N. Broad St. 512 Hwy. 431 North • Phone (205) 878-5687 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA 35950 Albertville, AL 35950 BILL (RED) THOMPSON 878-2687 Mini Blinds, Wicker and General MerchandiseCOLONIAL BANK Member FDIC 878-7220 Hwy. 431 S. Albertville at East Main “Colonial Bank is proud of our youth.” 169PARAGON DECORS Factory Outlet Prices on Framed Pictures, Florals, Brass Items, and Many Other Gift Items Factory Outlet Boaz Mall Boaz, Alabama 593-9479 JEFF’S USED CARS Easy Financing No Credit Checks Highway 431 N. at RR Crossing P.0. Box 728 Albertville, AL 35950 Jon Brown Shannon Brown 891-1897 170 NISSAN MOULTRIE NISSAN, INC. Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-4390 PROMAR INC. Providing Quality Fundraising Products and Service Since 1980OlRECT DIAL PHONE KITCHENETTE REASONABLE RATE CABLE COLOR TV SWIMMING POOL DAILY WEEKLY PLAINVIEW MOTEL HIGHWAY 431 ALBERTVILLE ALABAMA 35950 Phone (205) 878-2231 RESTAURANTS NEAR BY COMMERCIAL RATE (205) 878-0681 OK Tire Store 221 North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama 35950 R . - . Night JIMMY ENNIS V,CC (2Q5) 891.1244 rs (205)878-1514 E Albertville Discount Pharmacy The Esquire Salon ' 111 N. Carlisle • Albertville Mall 209 South Broad Street Albertville, Alabama 35950 LF.SA PRATER 878 2251 Norman Spear Tim Biehop Norman Spear Owners Registered Pharmacist Hwy 431 N • Alb©rIville AL 35950 • Phone 87B-8158 LARRY HILLSMAN Mailing Address Home 878-4800 212 Garvin Drive CLIMATE CONTROL CO., INC. Where Quality and Service Go Hand in Hand' 1261 Highway 431 S • P O Box 755 Albertville. Alabama 35950 Bob Foreman President (205) 878-6694 BILL RANKIN President 1-800-228-6835 (205) 878-8460 1987 I Certifi Biici 217 N Broad • Albertville. AL 35950 Vinyl Siding Wade and Deborah Tidmore Sunbrite Cleaners -- All Types of Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service — 105 Sand Mountain Dr. Bus. (205) 878-1371 Albertville. AL 35950 Home (205) 878-9722 WIKI StRVICE f lora Fax Fuwms ■ liniH imim QUICKS FLOWERS 319 MARTLING ROAD At 8ER TVIILE, ALABAMA 359SO TELEPHONE BOBBY QUICK 878-3512 P O Box 918 201 W. McKinney Ave. Albertville. AL 35950 Swords Engineering, Inc. DON SWORDS, P.E. Office Home 205-878-2288 205-878-0351 171THE LEE COMPANY P.O. Box 615 593-8900 Albertville, AL Birmingham, AL Andrews, SC Waycross, GA Nashville, TN Newport News, VA Chicago, IL McComb, MS A P.O. Box 1037 STEEL PROCESSING SERVICES, INC. Albertville, Alabama 35950 Corporate Office 593-1260 Albertville Yard 878-5849 President Vice-President WILLIAM P. AINSWORTH STEVEN C. HAYS 172BAINS MAGNAVOX Home Entertainment Center 200 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 878-6830 Your Money Saving Clothing Store THE GAZEBO 202 East Main St. Albertville, Alabama Phone: 878-3511 SMJL- CLASS RINGS from reoM S 29 uqrch DIAMONDCEHIS?®,, t.ORCH INSTANT CHV Scottsboro Cullman 114 E. Main Street Albertville, Alabama Other Nearby Stores: Oneonta Gadsden Fort Payne 173 M.U.B. Municipal Utilities Board Albertville, AL 35950 Congratulations Graduates COUNTRY CASUALS BRIDALS BY CC Highway 431 Phone: 878-3200 HASTY AUTO PARTS, INC. 403 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 878-4381 LITTLE VILLAGE SHOP Bridal Registry Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6400 — Good Used Cars — BURGER KING Ralph Knight Motors Route 9. Box 201 Highway 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 205 878-8878 Highway 431 — Albertville, AL "Good Luck, Tim, from Mom Dad!" CUSTOM WANS AND CONVERSIONS GLOBAL VANS Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama 35950 (205) 878-4892 or (205) 878-7657 Accessories ROD LOWERY In Stock GOLD KIST STORE 403 Henderson Road Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 593-6331 Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Farm and Home Supplies 174 OUST COLLECTION SHEET METAL FABRICATION HEATING. VENTILATION AN0 ERECTION AND HEAT RECLAMATION A ALL TYPES WELDING HEWETT COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL DRUG Guntersville Sheet Metal, Inc. COMPANY Hwy 431 — Rt. 2. Box 513-B. Guntersville. AL 35976 Phone 878-7182 121 South Broad St. WADE MORROW. President Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-0641 ROSS-GRADEN LUMBER CO. Quality Building Supplies Albertville Guntersville Hwy 4315 995 Blunt 878-1461 582-3125 LEISURE WORLD POOLS 732 Hwy 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 878-6471 878-6472 Pools • Spas • Chemicals • Service GOLD KIST INC. P. J. PHARMACY Douglas Hwy 116 N. Broad St. Boaz, AL 35957 Albertville, AL 35950 593-4223 COMPLIMENTS OF WHITTENS Town and County Clothes 113 Sand Mountain Dr. Albertville, AL 35950 P A T R L I Your Chevy Outlet Store Boaz, AL Ph. 593-4253 175Wo Deal In Close-Outs — All Type Lamps CUBS LAMP COMPANY HUBBLE, INC. 205 878-5322 Rt 7. Box 87-1A — Highway 431 North ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA 35950 Manufacturer and Jobber Gmger Jars — Wood — Brass — Glass O. RAY HUBBLE, President 205 582-4162 MF KUBOTA la CTO OMmuiOi DECKER TRACTOR CO. Highway 431 S — Albertville. AL 35950 878-1332 ROBERT (Bob) DECKER Home - 878-7105 A MITSUBISHI rORKLffT TRUCK Wilson's Barbecue 878-5213 By the Fofl Place Highway 431, Albertville CHARLIE COX Oldsmobile-Pontiac Company CHARLIE COX OWNER 719 HWY 431 NORTH PHONE (205) 878-0992 ALBERTVILLE. AL 35950 (J annu 'ZJpL'iaiti zA lotors. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL NEW USEO CARS ROUTE 7 BOX 87-C ALBERTVILLE. AL 35950 Phone 205 878-7806 DISCOUNT FURNITURE BABY ACCESSORIES Sl’KCiAL Dmuvkrv Highway 431 South Albertville, Alabama 35950 (205) 878-5566 OWNERS HOME PHONE Steve June NeSmith (205) 878-6986 (205)878-4100 I w.: -GIVE US A BREAK’ IFossett Auto Cirlass, Inc, SALES SERVICE Quality Windshield Replacement" "Guaranteed Service" RANDY FOSSETT Owner 1101 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville. AL 35950 TUtUinjUlliiii Custom drapes, shades, blinds, curtains |n[inv SEWING MACHINES - SALES 4 SERVICE COOK’S WM PEST CONTROL fT Steve's Drapery Hwy. 431 North and Sewing Machines Albertville, Alabama 35950 128 North Broad Street Phone 878-5541 Albertville. Alabama 35950 Phone 878-3961 5TEVE COUCh Night 878-7272 COCKS The South 's most trusted name m pest controlLACY'S Carpet and Wallpaper Center JIM ROSEMARY LACY Compliments of FOODWORLD Hwy. 431 S. Albertville, AL ALBERT CLARK, ManagerB C MUSIC 113 S. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 878-0771 Guitars • Banjos • Violins Pianos • Organs • Keyboards Drums • Band Instruments Method Books • Sheet Music AMPS P.A.’s Lessons • T uning • Repair Musical Gift Items Wulitzer • Chikering • Bontempi Roland • Peavey • Washburn Alvarez • Artley • LeBlanc Noblet • Normandy • Vito • Holton Owners BONNIE JARVIS CONNIE ABRAHAMS 178OLLIE MAE COUCH AGENT HIGHWAY 431. SO. • BOAZ. AL 35957 OFFICE: 593-4615 • HOME 78-4117 Thompson Printing Qc Office Supplies 139 West Main Street Albertville. Alabama 35950 (205) 878-2021 gifts s — FEATURING — Crabtree Evelyn ★ Woods of Windsor ★ 14I.KA HARRIS (205) 593-2081 Compliments of HAMMER’S Albertville, AL 878-2961 For Your Printing Needs Call: H H PRINTING SERVICE 1774 Hwy. 431 N. - P. O. Box 671 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA 35950 PHONE 878-8829 179 Your Portrait by ROBERT O. Photographer 878-2561Congratulations Seniors! RAY LEMASTER BOWATER LUMBER COMPANY MOTORS 941 Hwy. 431 S. A Division of Bowater, Inc. Albertville, AL 35950 Office: (205) 878-3328 Route 3 Box 286 Albertville, Alabama 35950 Home: (205) 878-1322 DARNELL PHARMACY 200 Sand Mt. Drive Albertville, Alabama 35950 878-7905 CATFISH CABIN Landmark of Good Food 705 Highway 431 N. Albertville, Alabama 35950 205 878-8170 CATFISH CABIN WTOM BARKLEY FORD — DODGE Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 878-1241 You’ll Like Our Service After the Sales Even Better Than the Price PLASTICRAFT MANUFACTURING, INC. Industrial Park, Star Route Albertville, AL 35950 (205)-878-4105 Custom Manufacturing of Plastic Products by Injection Molding TIRES — BRAKES - SHOCKS — ALIGNMENTS "COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE" BERRY TIRE AUTO SERVICE, INC. (FORMERLY Me GRIFF WAREHOUSE TIRES, INC) P.O. BOX 47 HIGHWAY 431 NORTH ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA 35950 MUFFLERS CUSTOM EXHAUST MAX BERRY BRENDA BERRY PHONE OFFICE 878-5728 OWNERS RESIDENCE 891-0402Timberland Acme Wolverine Dingo Herman Survivors Dan Post Texas Wrangler Freeman ANDERSON SHOE SHOP 424 N. Broad Street Albertville, AL 35950 878-4392 Owners TOM and VICKI ANDERSON THE YUM-YUM TREE Yogurt, Salads Deli Sandwiches 212 A. North Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 183MAGIC MIST CAR WASH Highway 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 CLEBURN OLIVER MOTORS 878-2175FOODLAND PHARMACY 313 E. Sand Mountain Dr. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6930 TOM BABCOCK, RPH FLUOROCARBON REEVES RUBBER D1VISON MARSHALL McDONALD Albertville, AL 35950 205 878-6810 185CENTRAL BANK Member FDIC 186 300 W. Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 878-5700Congratulations Class of ’88 KENDALL CO. A Subsidiary of Colgate — Palmolive Co. 127 Textile Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 878-4401ALBERTVILLE CHURCH DIRECTORY Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Albertville, Alabama Antioch Baptist Church Albertville, Alabama Calvary Assembly of God Albertville, Alabama Central Baptist Church Albertville, Alabama First Presbyterian Albertville, Alabama Hewett Memorial Methodist Albertville, Alabama First Baptist Church Albertville, Alabama Baltimore Ave. Church of God Albertville, AlabamaStudio B 2 ance St cli o Studio id Ida i from! di'e. Jtlerhitte, jU 878-3373 dap • Buffet • $azz • (gymnastics • Competition $azz deroLicS Baton • Z ram a f Itoreoy rapiers ’Cta» y7b ance ne My sincere appreciation and thank to Albertville High School fan their Support, dedication, and loyalty. I fact privileged to have worked with such outstanding organization a the Albertville High School Sand and Southern Star Oanceline, the Show Choir, the yearly musical , the Coronation, and the Van ity Cheerleader . Each student i a pleasure to work with and each faculty member an honor to know. Bobbi Pale Rowe McKee 189So, the Year Is Ended — The Puzzle Completed ... 190AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS 192AUTOGRAPHS 193AUTOGRAPHS 194AUTOGRAPHS 195rot,.!ol'o!ol

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