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MOUNTAINEER Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama Anna Jolley Trish McClure Editors Sue Couch SponsorTHE YEAR BEGAN ANEW ERAMANY CHANGESTHINGS WERE 'PERKIN' AT A.H.SHIGH SPIRITS MADE THE YEAR SOMETHING SPECIALIn Memory Of Mr. Tommy Lacks This year, Albertville High School lost a dear friend with the death of Mr. Tommy Lacks, our assistant principal Mr. Lacks was an energetic man who always had time for students and teachers. There was never an activity on campus that he did not attend. His support was always felt and appreciated. We miss him greatly.DEDICATION Mr. Arthur Baugh To Mr. Arthur Baugh, who served as principal of Albertville High School for more than two decades, we dedicate this edition of the MOUNTAINEER. Recognizing his dedication to the profession and to improving the lives of young people, we express our heartfelt gratitude and wish him a happy and fulfilling retirement. 13And so, to two dear friends we say goodbye ...FACULTYSUPERINTENDENT Dr. John W. Schaerer With the Spirit of Excellence as his theme. Dr. John Schaerer led the Albertville city schools as the new superintendent. Dr. Schaerer is a proven leader with the experiences, talent, and determination to set the new Albertville City School System on a firm foundation. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Dr. Schaerer attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he majored in biology. He received his master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. He received his doctorate from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. BOARD OF EDUCATION 16 Left to Right: Terry Canady, Ted Watson, Ed NeSmith, Superintendent Schaerer, William Bains, Claudia BeleyuArthur Baugh Kathy Poe 17PRINCIPAL Thomas D. Ferguson B.S., Samford University M.S., University of Alabama in Birmingham Ed.S., University of Alabama in Birmingham What lies ahead for the class of 1986? What joys and sorrows are in store? Certainly for the many highs you will experience there will be times of sorrow. You are going to be bumped. You are going to cry yourselves to sleep. You are going to learn the wonderful lesson through the years, the bumps, and the tears, that all these things somehow are necessary to promote our education. These bumps and hard knocks do not break the fiddle — they turn the pegs. These bumps and tragedies and waterloos draw the strings of the soul tighter and tighter, nearer and nearer to God's great concert pitch. Thus we know that our education is progressing as the evil and unworthy go out of our lives and as peace, harmony, happiness, love, and understanding come into our lives. That is getting in tune. That is growing up. 18ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Palmer Griffin B.S., Samford University M.Ed., University of Montevallo Ed.S., University of Montevallo The close of a busy school year is a good time to reflect on the year. This has been a good curricular year mixed with co-curricular activities. Albertville High has a sound footing in all types of activities and my hope is that all will grow withing their own right. There are students who are more zealous about their academics, attendance, and behavior than are others. As a part of a comprehensive high school, we wish to instill honesty, pride, and courtesy in all members of the student body. These are factors necessary for personal growth and the maintenance of a good educational environment. For the departing seniors — goodbye and good luck. For our returning students — Let's make each year better than the last. 19JANE ADAMS M.S., Jacksonville State University Tenth Grade English MADELEINE APPLETON B.S., Auburn University Ninth Grade English LINDA BAGGETT B.S., Jacksonville State University Tenth Grade English BARBARA BLANKS A.A., University of Alabama Twelfth Grade English SUE COUCH M.A., Samford University Eleventh Grade English JO ANN ELLIS A.A., Jacksonville State University Eleventh Grade English WANDA HOWARD B.S., JacksonviUe State University Ninth Grade English JOYCE VASSER M.S., Jacksonville State University Twelfth Grade English 20JERRY BLANKS M.A., University of Alabama U.S. History SHIRLEY CORBIN M.S., Jacksonville State University World History IRA CRAWFORD M.S., Jacksonville State University Government BOB DUKE M.A., University of Alabama Alabama History, Geography HISTORY DEPARTMENT PAT THOMPSON B.S., Jacksonville State University U.S. History GEORGE THORNE B.S., University of N. Alabama Alabama History, Geography VERNON WELLS B.S., University of So. Mississippi Government EDNA HARRIS B.S., Jacksonville State University World Geography, World History t 21JAN M. ADAMS M.S., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Chemistry, Physics CATHERINE BRASHER M. Ed., Auburn University Biology II, Physiology JAY DAVIS A.A., Auburn University Ninth Grade Science LEMON MCCOLLUM B.S., Jacksonville State University Biology SCIENCE DEPARTMENT and LIBRARIANS JIM THOMPSON B.S., University of Alabama Ninth Grade Science KATHY RAINS M.S., Jacksonville State University Audio-Visual Director 22LINDA BOPP M.A., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Geometry ANN GERSTMAN B.S., Jacksonville State University Consumer Math PATSY M. MALTBIE M.A., University of Alabama Algebra, Trigonometry PEGGY SNEAD POWERS B.S., Jacksonville State University Ninth Grade Math MATH DEPARTMENT and COUNSELORS RAYMOND SPARKS M.S., Alabama A M Algebra 1, Algebra II 23RICHARD DENHAM A.A., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Vocational Coordinator DIANA JOHNSON B.S., Jacksonville State University Home Economics ELEANOR HUGDENS M.S., Jacksonville State University Business Education Coordinator WANDA SLOAN M.A., Peabody Marketing, Distributive Education VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT MARJAN LEDBETTER B.S., Jacksonville State University Typing JEAN HEAD M.A., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Home Economics KAREN GIPSON M.S., Jacksonville State University Business Education JAN MASTERS M.A., University of Alabama Business Education 24RICKEY TODD M.A., University of Alabama Agribusiness VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT and ELECTIVES RONNY WHITAKER B.S., Aubum University Agribusiness STACY P GOSS M.A., University of No. AL Band Director ROBERT S. KILLIAN M.A., University of No. AL Band Director SCOTT RAINS B.S., Jacksonville State University Choral Director JOHN GARNER M. Ed., Middle Tennessee Psychology, Sociology RONNIE LITTLE M.A., Moorehead College Driver Education DIANE SIVILS M.S., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Computer Science 25DONNA MAYNARD M S., Jacksonville State University Physical Education MICKEY S. MOORE A.A., Univ. of AL in Birmingham Physical Education, Health JO ANN MOORE B.S., Stillman College Physical Education, Health SHANNON SLOAN M.S., Peabody Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION and FOREIGN LANGUAGE PAT ALFORD B. A., Univ. of AL in Huntsville French WANDA BAUMGARTEL B.S., Jacksonville State University Spanish GAYLE CRIBBS M.A., University of Alabama French JANESHAMBLIN B.A., Samford University Spanish 26BECKY EDMONDSON B.S., Jacksonville State University Learning Disabilities TONY PROCTOR Ed. S., Alabama A M Multihandicapped, TMR SPECIAL EDUCATION CHARLOTTE HANSON M.S., Jacksonville State University Gifted Coordinator 27Sandy Killian Secretary Bookkeeper JoAnn Wells Teachers Aid 28Dayton McCreless CUSTODIANS Clyde Davidson Beth Berry Steve Weaver Top Row: Priscilla McCrickard, Linda Porter, Jeanette Crumbley 29 Bottom Row: Margie Williams, Carolyn Doyle, Barbara WhitakerSENIORS 31Tow,Gail Banks janna Barrett 33Angclia Baugh Su-Lyn Bobo Teryl Britton 34 Richard Buchanan Kelly BurkeShawn Burke Jerrie Chamblee Perry Childress Susan Cordell Shane Croft 35Rhonda Cunningham Angie Dean Keith Drain Philip Formby Rene' Darden Mark Dixon Cindy Foreman 36 Paul Franks Craig GarrisonKenny Gautney Donna Guffey Gayle Hannah Michelle Holder 37Todd Holder Kelly Hood Angelia Johnston Marty Karr David Howard Carol Johnston 38 Donna Kay Mark LacyAnnette Mathews Doug Martin Mark Matthews Cintha McDougale Ellen Lesley Brian Massey Kim McConnell Chris McClendon Scott McCurdy 39Todd Morrow Eddie NeSmith Kelly Moore Tim Morgan 40 Clark Nelms Kristi OliverMelissa Oliver Carl Pannell Michael Rains David Owens Valerie Powell Julie Roe Pagan Rogers Frankie Saint David Painter Michelle Rogers Christy Rushing 41Gail Salter Jeff Sanders Tracy Shell Cris Smith Melissa Sherrett 42 Jon Alan Smith Wayne SmithCoy Southerland James Stanfield Richard Stewart Van Sprayberry Mike Stephens Robyn Swords Dawn Vaughn Steve Terrell Donna TidmoreBrian Wade Mark Wilder Sonya Williams Toby Walker Kerry Willians Michael Williamson Rene' Walters Kim Williams Amos Willoughby Janet Wilbanks Sherry Williams Susan Wofford 44o ,V y yy XP Dear Crystal, Wisdom, Courage and Serenity in your life is our wish for you. Our life has been so enriched by having such a kind and thoughtful daughter Always remember God's love and our love are with you forever. y Love Mom Dad J. O' v A A W V y •tty ,v sy yyy w “V 3 H fife ' $'A , V XV5v x O' y 3? £ S' y- o.y'j? £ v V $ ev. •O ve K •°v iK s; A k»W aV ,y tAV A ? b £? Mys y ®w;p v xy? JL S3 Y y iJft ( 3 1 ihiii S' r i V V yA AA V A JUNIORS 47Aaron, Shelley Abney, Nancy Allen, Randy Anderson, Ginny Anthony, Denise Ashley, David Baker, Janie Baker, Johnny Baker, Stephanie Bates, Patrick Beasley, Shelia Beason, Howard Bentley, Doug Bentley, Michelle Bethune, Kerry Bevel, Kristie Biddle, Miriam Bjomlie, Shane Blanks, Jeremy Bloodworth, Teresa Bopp, Jonathon Borden, Natasha Bottomlee, Kim Bright, David Brown, Darlene Brown, Teresa Bryant, Leigh Buckelew, Chris Burbanks, Shannon Bums, Christy Bums, Judy Campbell, Jody Cole, Peter Collins, Misty Cornelius, Tim Cotton, Colin Cribbs, Dianna Culbert, David Darnell, Carlene Davis, Jennifer Davis, Karen Davis, Lannie Davis, Mike Dixon, Julie Dorsett, Mike Eller, Patrick Ellis, Wendy Engle, Melinda Farr, Loretta Ferguson, John Fleming, Lee Ford, Tony Fowler, Dee Franklin, Robin Franks, Phyllis Frazier, SandyFreeman, Darren Freshwater, Todd Garrett, Mark Garrett, Rod Garrison, Chris Gore, Jamie Gore, Meredith Greer, Rusty Greer, Susie Greer, Todd Gregory, Brian Griffith, Jason Guffey, Laura Hardin, Jeff Harmon, Mickey Harper, Shane Harrell, Sharon Harvey, Wayne Hatley, Scott Hawkins, Matt Hayes, Scott Herrington, Sandra Hinds, Amy Hix, Lee Holland, Bonita Horton, April Howard, Jon Hunt, Melissa Hyatt, Rhonda Ingram, Debra Jenkins, Jeff Jolley, Anna Jones, Angela Kennedy, Stephen Kilgore, Allen King, Tim Lacey, Kristen Lacy, Duane Lang, Annette Lee, Kelly Lester, Lisa Lloyd, Sherry Long, Tammi Luther, Mark Madden, Chris Maddux, Thomas Mashbum, John McCaffery, KenMcCamy, Brad McCauley, Cathy McClendon, Chamane McClendon, Guy McClure, Trish McCurley, Brian McCutchen, Jimmy McCutcheon, Pat McDaniel, Don Medina, Raymond Meeks, Kelli Miller, Joey Miller, Scott Miller, Steven Mitchem, Todd Moore, Missy Morrison, Jennifer Morrison, Mike Murphy, Shane Nash, Shane Painter, Kym Palmer, Jim Pankey, Chris Pankey, Ronda Parr, Dean Parris, Sandra Patterson, Lisa Patterson, Paula Patterson, Tommy Pemberton, Laura Penny, Shannon Perry, Delana Peters, John Phillips, Teresa Pitts, David Powell, Sheri Priest, Jeff Riedlinger, Tim Richey, Beth Riddle, Sammy Roberts, Linda Roden, Johnny Roe, John Rogers, Jack Rowell, Cathy Scarbrough, Lynne Seahom, Stacie Segers, Scott 50Shadinger, Keith Shankles, Melissa Shell, Raymond Simmons, Tim Simpson, Michael Sims, Cheryl Smith, DeeDee Smith, Keith Smith, Rodney Smith, Ronald Snider, Eric Soper, Allen Stanfield, Lonnie Staton, Monica Stephens, Gina Stone, Jimmy Striplin, Melissa Swords, Karena Teague, Jeff Treece, Harold Tuck, Susan Waldrop, Shannon Walker, Sherry Wallace, Shane Weaver, Glenda Webster, Tracy Wells, Michelle West, Kim Westbrooks, Eric White, Allen Whitehead, Stephen Williams, Nevada Williamson, Jackie Willoughby, Laura Wilson, Landon Windsor, Chris Windsor, Deeanna Windsor, Lisa Wright, Dennis52SOPHOMORESAnthony, Buddy Bagwell, Amy Baker, Clint Baker, Joyce Baker, Timmy Barrett, Bonnie Bean, Scott Bearden, Leann Belue, Mary Benefield, Mike Bishop, Kenneth Blackwell, Neil Bohannon, Anthony Boland, Tammy Boman, Andrew Borah, Stacy Bright, Jill Brooks, Bruce Brown, Bobby Buchanan, Scott Bryant, Michelle Burgess, Vicki Burke, Lawanda Burke, Myra Bums, Kenny Bums, Stephanie Camp, Jean Campbell, Suzanne Canady, Lesa Carr, Jeff Carroll, Christy Carter, Hugh Wayne Cash, Chantay Causey, Janice Chamblee, Larry Charles, Rachelle Childress, Amanda Childress, Angie Christian, Bob Christian, Kim Clavette, Diane Cochran, Jason Cofield, Kelly Cole, Maura Collins, Monica Connolly, Dawn Connolly, Shawn Cook, Stephen Cox, Cindy Crosby, Gordon Currie, Christy Curtis, Charlie Daniels, Allison Doyle, Darlene Dorsett, Mike Driver, MelindaEarly, Cory Edmonds, Pansy Eller, John Floyd, Mitch Ford, Alethia Formby, Tynley Fowler, Amanda Fulton, Andrea Gamer, Reed Gass, Kenny Gentry, Bob Gipson, Brad Gilbert, Kandie Gilliland, Angela Gilliland, Joey Golden, Stephanie Gordon, Trina Gore, Renee Graben, Craig Graben, Christy Greene, Kelly Grice, Kevin Griggs, Linda Gunter, Shannon Hallbrooks, Carla Ham, Beth Hamilton, Eddie Hannah, Amy Hanson, Stephen Hardin, James Harris, Suzette Harvey, Jeff Harvey, Sonya Hawley, Angela Helms, Beth Helms, Phillip Hendricks, Shane Henson, John Hicks, Leslie Holliday, Tammy Honea, Christy Hombuckle, Pam Hulgan, Ben James, Ricky Johnson, Shannon Johnston, Kelli Jones, Jay Justice, Julie Justice, Shawna Kay, Karen Kilgore, Kristy Killian, Kim King, Teresa Kirby, Alan Kittles, Shani Knight, Geri LynnKnight, Tim Lacy, Jonathan Lacy, Lisa Lamons, Christie Lamons, Stacie Lang, Rachelle Leaf, Chris Leonard, Ken Lesley, Samantha Lesley, Thomas Loftin, Sabrina Lowden, Sue Lybrand, Jeff Magill, Kristy Malone, Barbie Maroney, Shelley Martin, Jana Mathis, Kim Matthews, Leslie Mayhall, Heather McCormack, Scott McGee, Joy McGee, Keith McGriff, Shane Mikel, Aaron Mitchell, Janet Mitchell, Todd Mitchem, Tonya Monroe, Michael Moore, Chuck Moore, Stacie Morrison, Terrie Morrow, Shannon Moses, Teresa Nixon, Victoria Oliver, Alicia Owens, Jeff Parker, Allen Parrish, Chris Pell, Kim Perry, Curtis Phillips, Sheree Pierce, Hope Pike, Eric Poe, Jonathan Powell, J.D. Powell, Jeff Pruitt, Brian Pruitt, Tina Quigley, Andy Quinn, Jack Rains, Amy Ray, Anthony Reaves, Stephen Reed, Brad Rhodarmer, LisaRiddle, Regina Rives, Shane Robinson, Jeff Roe, Cami Rogers, Bobby Rogers, Tiffany Rooke, Ben Rosser, Rob Satterfield, Brian Scarbrough, Laurie Shaerer, Suzanne Segars, Chuck Shaw, Patrick Sherrett, Tiffany Smith, Bobby Smith, Chris Smith, David Smith, Nancy Smith, Sherri Smith, Sonya Stancil, Larry Stephens, Stephanie Stephens, Todd Stietzel, Karen Stone, Scott Stuart, Ronnie Swietzer, Elisa Swords, Mark Swords, Shelia Teague, Kelly Teal, Tammy Terrell, Christy Thomas, Michelle Traylor, Jeff Vaughn, Dee Waldrop, Sherry Walker, Brian Walker, Payne Wehrwein, Mark West, Eric Wheeler, Carmen White, Jenny White, Robert Whitley, Phillip Wilbom, Roy Wilks, Lisa Williams, Dora Williams, Pat Wilson, Ann Wright, Kathie Woods, Amy Wooten, Michelle Yancey, Kim Yates, Sandra 57SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, L. to R.: Amanda Fowler, Treasurer; Ben Rooke, President; Suzanne Campbell, Vice-President. (Standing) Brad Gibson, SecretaryFRESHMENAbney, John Adams, Christie Alexander, Chad Alexander, Connie Allison, Kevin Armstrong, Mark Ashley, Kelly Baggett, Brandon Bagwell, David Bagwell, Jennifer Bagwell, Kim Bailey, April Bailey ,Jeff Baird, Travis Baker, Stephanie Ballard, Brandon Baugh, Brian Baugh, Stephanie Beaird, Connie Bean, Kevin Bearden, Kim Beasley, Sonya Beck, Dawn Beck, Melissa Beck, Tracy Befort, Desiree Bell, Tammy Beltz, Paula Belue, Rachel Bevil, Tonya Biddle, Brad Bill, Heath Blackstone, Larry Bonds, Dean Bonds, Doug Bonds, Shannon Bowden, Shoan Brothers, Tracy Brown, Neil Brown, Rhonda Bruister, Christy Bright, Angela Bryant, Kristie Bryant, Wanda Burbanks, Missy Burke, Dana Burns, Stacie Burtram, A1 Cantrell, Jerry Carroll, Jason Cassels, Chuck Cassels, Shannon Cathey, Samantha Champion, Scott Cheek, Tracy Cheshire, ShaneChristian, Billy Cochran, Brian Cochran, Shane Cofield, Terry Cole, Melissa Cook, Michelle Cooper, Karen Coots, Brandon Corbin, Corey Cornelius, Bobby Cowen, Eddie Crawford, Kevin Crow, Jason Currie, Amy Curtis, Leigh Curtis, Susie Davis, Brian Davis, Tonya Diviney, Ronnie Dorsett, Cheryl Doss, Matt Downs, Angela Duckett, Ann Eakes, Shirley East, Meredith Edwards, Andy Edwards, Rickey Ellis, Samantha Ellis, Sidney Eubanks, Laurie Faulkner, Kim Filmore, Michelle Formby, Leah Freeman, Angela Fuller, Becky Garrard, Beth Garrett, Barry Gary, Jonathan Gayle, Liz George, Jeff Gibson, Mark Gielle, Karrie Glassco, Teresa Goble, Roger Gore, Marvin Graves, Richie Green, Lee Green, Melissa Gullick, Jerolyn Hall, Allison Hall, Rebecca Hallcox, Chad Ham, Terry Hardin, Lisa Harrell, Michael Harris, Denise62 Harris, Patrick Hass, Michelle Hayes, Lorrie Heam, Melissa Hicks, Brian Hilsman, Leigh Ann Hightower, Shannon Holcombe, jason Holcombe, Mingo Holderfield, Amy Hoy, Mendy Huffstutler, Karen Hyatt, John Irvin, Jason Irvin, Jonathon Isbell, Shane Isreal, Shannon Jenkins, Michelle Johnson, Shirl Johnson, Wes Jones, Corey Justice, Ann Justice, Kristie Karr, Brian Kelly, Danny Kilgore, Chris Lackey, Becky Lackey, Michael Lackey, Shane Lambert, Chris I ang, Brad Lapier, Krista Leath, Billy Lee, Nicki Long, Ginger Luther, Maria Luther, Martha McBay, Dion McCamy, Jason McCrary, Colleen McClellan, Anthony McClendon, Jackie McClendon, Randy McCoy, MaChera McDonald, Rex McElrath, Richard McGowan, Virginia Malone, Melissa Maltbie, Jack Maples, Wallace Marr, Michelle Martin, Dave Masters, Brian Mathis, David Medlock, Shannon Mikel, WalterMiller, Chad Mitchell, Melanie Morgan, Donnie Moore, Ronnie Moore, Stephanie Morrow, Ingrid Motley, Tammy Mullinax, Terry Myers, Angela Nash, Wendy Nelms, Jeff NeSmith, Kim Newman, Nolan Nicholson, Jane Nix, Tammy Nixon, Andy Noblitt, Michelle Norris, Lisa Ogle, Angela Ogle, Kurt Ogle, Melissa Oliver, Jeff Oliver, Tracy O'Shields, Jennifer Page, Bobby Page, Jeannie Painter, Alan Pams, Errick Pankey, Brian Pannell, Melinda Patterson, David Parrish, Johnny Pearce, Scott Pell, Chris Pell, Shannon Pendergraft, Stacie Pierce, Chris Poole, Johnny Porch, Tommy Powell, Floyd Rains, Chip Rains, Sam Ramey, Kristen Ramsey, Jon Ratcliffe, Ann Ray, Pam Ray, Stephanie Reaves, Greg Richardson, Stephanie Riddle, Cheryl Riddle, Stacie Robinson, Chris Roe, Jennifer Rooke, Austin Rushing, Rachel Rusk, B.J. 6364 Scott, Kristin Self, Robbie Sewell, Brian Sheets,Aprel Shell, Kandy Sherer, Phillip Shirley, Johnny Shotwell, Amy Simmons, Edward Simmons, Thomas Sims, Larry Slack, David Slappey, Ray Smith, Angie Smith, Cathy Smith, Chancey Smith, Connie Smith, Danny Smith, Kevin Smith, Matt Smitherman,Sonya Snider, Karen Snider, Katherine Soper, Melissa Southerland, Sandra Springfield, Jason Stanfield, Alan Stanfield, Jared Starkey, John Stames, Angela Steapleton, Shane Swearingin, Clyde Tarvin, Stephanie Taylor, Stacie Thompson, Clay Thompson, Jason Tidwell, Donna Tidwell, Eric Truett, Stevie Underwood, Tracey Vaughn, Connie Walden, Anthony Walden, Mary Wallace, Jimmy Wallach, Kevin Warren, Nancy Wesson, Eric West, Brad Westmoreland, Sandy White, Terry Wilkerson, Christy Williams, Gail Williams, Tim Williams, Wendy Williamson, Tammy Wilson, Allen Wilson, Paula Wilson, Scotty Womack, Chris Woods, Amanda Woods, Deeana Wright, Kim Young, MarkORGANIZATIONSMOUNTAINEER STAFF Advisor: Sue Couch Co-Editors: Trish McClure and Anna Jolley Eric Gilbert Crystal Bruce Julie RoeMichelle Rogers Stacey Bailey TPC Rep.: Merilyn Cook Sheri Powell jackie Williamson Cindy Foreman Brook BaggettLisa Patterson Gina Stephens Teresa Brown TPC Rep.: Jim Robbins with Mr. Ferguson Scott Hayes Phyllis Franks Joey MillerThis year at Albertville High School the clubs participated in a variety of activities. The Annual Staff organized the Coronation Ball. There was a new look at the Coronation with the court performing a ballroom dance. After the introduction of the court, there was a dance for members of the student body and their parents. The whole evening turned out to be a very enjoyable one. The Student Council sponsored its usual activities — homecoming, the blood drive, and selling candygrams at Christmas — but they also sponsored a beach party in January. Everyone was decked out in jams and sunglasses. F.B.L.A. sponsored a type-a-thon benefiting Children's Hospital and the Leukemia Foundation. They also sold Tom-Wat products to raise money for their department. F.F.A. sold fruit at Christmas time, participated in a number of county and district competitions, and represented Albertville High well in each. F.H.A. sold cook books and Stanley products and sponsored an Angel Tree for needy children at Christmas. Junior Civitans helped organize the special Olympics and sponsored monthly activities for the TMR classes here at the high school Other clubs took part in activities which related to academics as well as service. The French Club attended a play in Huntsville. The Science Club visited a planetarium in Birmingham to observe Halley's Comet. Letterman's Club sold T-shirts and bumper stickers. National Honor Society planted trees on campus in honor of the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the Challenger explosion. S.A.E. members found out what life is like on the other side of the desk when they taught classes in the elementary and middle schools for a day. Journalism students were challenged and inspired when they attended a convention at the University of Alabama which featured Bryant Gumbel of NBC's Today Show as the keynote speaker. All in all it was a very busy and productive year for the clubs and organizations on the campus at Albertville High School. Many of the activities that students participated in left them with memories that will never be forgotten. 691985-86 STUDENT COUNCIL ADVISOR: Jane Nelson ADVISOR: Kathy Rains PRESIDENT: Mike Shankles VICE-PRESIDENT: Dianna Cribbs 70SECRETARY: Melissa Shankles TREASURER: Shawn Connolly STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS, Row 1, L. to R.: Lee Fleming, Rickey Edwards, Stacey Bailey, Melissa Ogle, Michelle Wooten, Christy Bruister, su anne Schaerer, Trina Cordon, Shawn Donnolly, Sabrina Loftin, David Owens, Dawn Connolly, Suzanne Smith, Sandy Frazier, Melissa Shankles, Stacie Seahom, Amy Hinds. Melissa Hunt Row 2, L. to R.: Eric Gilbert, Lesa Carnes, Julie Roe, Wendy Williams, Michelle Jenkins, Melanie Mitchell, Susan Tuck, Suzanne Campbell, Tonya Mitchem, Paula Patterson, Lynne Scarbrough, Natasha Borden, Dianna Cribbs Row 3, L. to R.: Rene Darden, Teryl Britton, Gayle Hannah, Anna Jolley, Tiffany Rogers, Amy Bagwell, Michelle Rogers, Denise Harris, Rachel Rushing, Trish McClure, Tammy Holliday, Jeremy Blanks, Mike Shankles, Jon Alan Smith, Anthony Currie, Peter Cole, Stephen Hanson, Mrs. Jane Nelson, Mike Garrison, Austin Rooke 71V I c A and Row 1, L. to R.: Both Moman, Joyce Womack, Regina Wilson, Christy Rushing, Melissa Sherrett, Kim McConnell, Teryl Britton, Tracy Buckelew, Janice Lindsay Row 2, L. to R. Mr. Richard Denham, Mark Fox, Chris McClendon, Chris Gilbert, Alan Cheek, Mark Dixon, Kerry Mitchell Row 3, L. to R.: Jay Colvin, Kelly Sampson, Shane Croft, Tim Gore, Allen Bright, Mike Rains, Chris Madden, Eric Whisenant Row 4, L. to R.. Bart Coe, Kenny Gautney, Chris Gunter, Amos Willoughby, Shane Baugh, Raymond Shell, Sammy Riddle, Jeff Teague, David Culbert D E c A 72 Row 1, L. to R.: Anthony Currie, Phillip Flamrick, Todd Holder, David Howard, Rickey Langley, Van Sprayberry Row 2, L. to R.: Scott Gilbreath, Angela Johnston, Linda lemons, Rita Pell, Susan Tuck, Scott Miller, Johnny Baker Row 3, L. to R.: Mrs. Wanda Sloan, Susan Dick, Kim Christian, Rhonda Cunningham, Victor Davis, Mike Patterson, Keith Drain, David Pitts, Steve Curtis, Carl PannellNike Club Members, L. to R.: Nancy Cornelius, Regina Wilson, Kim Williams, Rita Chamblee, Susan Cordell, Linda Griggs, Debbie Reagan NIKE and F.B.L.A. FBI.A Club Members, Row 1. L. to R.: Janet Wilbanks, Susan Wofford, Kelly Holsonback, Renae Bohanon, Donna Kay, Karen Kay, Annette Mathews, Sonya Smith, Christi Carroll, Kelly Cofield, Elizabeth Frazier, Angela Childress, Sheree Phillips, Teresa Grogan, Rhonda Beasley, Sandra Currie, Kelly Moore, Cintha McDougale, Jennifer Morrison, Leigh Bryant, Ellen Lesley, Cheryl Sims, Shani Kittle, Missy Moore, Nevada Williams Row 2, L. to R.: Paige Arnold, Kim Brown, Su-Lun Bobo, Carlene Darnell, Ramona Tarvin, Trish McClure, Darlene Brown, Latona Thomas, Gail DeHart, Shelly Slaton, Teresa King, Joyce Baker, Dawn Brown, Joy McGee, Samantha Lesley, Pansy Edmonds, Myra Burke, Kim Mathis, Kristi Oliver Row 3, L. to R.: Suzi Greer, Joy Jolley, Denise Southern, Tracy Webster, Ginny Anderson, Michelle Holder, Greg Avery. Kelly Teague.Suzette Harris, Sherri Smith, Kristie Magill, Teresa Moses, Tammy Boland, Melinda Driver, Vickie Burgess, Tammy Teal, Lawanda Burke, Carla Holbrooks, Tiffanie Sherrett, Christi Honea, Susan Cordell, Debbie Reagan, Jana Martin, Christy Lamons, Stacie Lamons, Regina Wilson, Nancy Cornelius, Kym Williams 73F.C.A. and F.C.S. FCA Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Chris Leaf, Scott Stone, Jeff Sanders, Shannon Waldrop Row 2, L. to R.: Ben Rooke, Jamie Gore, Coach Jim Thompson FCS Club Members, Row 1, Bottom to Top: Andrea Fulton, Maura Cole, Leah Formby, Trina Gordon, Michelle Wooten, Christy Bruister, Melissa Beck, Bonnie Barrett, Amanda Fowler, Rene Gore, Beth Gerrard, Kelly Ashley, Dawn Connolly, Sabrina Loftin, Rachelle Lang, Stacie Moore Row 2, Bottom to Top: Angela Myers, Julie Justice, Allison Hall, Kim NeSmith, Alicia Oliver, Cami Roe, Suzanne Schaerer, Glenda Weaver, Carmen 74 Wheeler, Melissa Davis, Linda Roberts, Stephanie Baugh, Kandie Gilbert, Stephanie GoldenF. F. A. THIRD YEAR AG: Row 1. L. to R.: Jeff Sanders, Tom Barkley, Soctt Gilbreath, Shannon Waldrop, Chris Langley Row 2, L. to R.: Kenny Gautney, Mike Charles, Raymond Shell, Keith Shadinger, Cris Smith Row 3, L. to R.: Jon Alan Smith, Michael Simpson, Darren Freeman, Mark Dixon, Allen Bright, Brian Gregory Row 4, L. to R.: James Stanfield, Kelly Sampson, Shane Croft, Allen Cheek, Kevin Johnston, Irby Cox Row 5, L. to R.: Randy Bright, Chris Gunter, Paul Franks, Sammy Riddle, Bart Coe, David Edwards, Tim Holder SECOND YEAR AG: Row 1, L. to R.: Shane Reeves, Shane McGriff, Charlie Curtis, Brad Gibson, Chris Leaf, David Shley, Patrick Shaw Row 2, L. to R.: Steven Reeves, Jonathon Lacy, Todd Mitchell, Shannon Morrow, J.D. Powell, Ken Leonard, Robert White Row 3, L. to R.: Hugh Carter, Mike Morrison, Jeff Powell, Thomas Lesley, Lee Hix, Ben Hulgan, Jeff Carr, John Ferguson Row 4, L. to R.: Scott Elkins, Bob Gentry, Andy Quigley, Brian Satterfield, Brent Henry, Kenny Gass, Keith Gardner Row 5, L. to R.: Kerry Bethune, Chris Roebuck, Ronald Smith, Lanny Davis, Phillip Helms, Michael Dorsett, Steven Grindle Row 6, L. to R.: Dee Vaughn, Anthony Bohannon, Scott McGowan, Jeff Traylor, Curtis Perry, Reed Gamer, Jeff Robinson FIRST YEAR AG: Row 1, L. to R.: Shannon Hightower, Richard McElrath, Jason Crow, Matt Smith, Chris Robinson, Stevie Truitt, Mark Young, Shane Lackey Row 2, L. to R.: Barry Garrett, Richie Graves, Heath LeMaster, Shannon Bonds, Preston Lowdon, Johnny Poole, Johnny Parrish Row 3, L. to R.: Jason Carroll, Brad Lang, Marvin Gore, Jeff Nelms, Terry Ham, Doug Bonds, James Sims, Les Johnson, Greg Reeves Row 4, L. to R.: Kenny Bums, Keith McGee, Wallace Maples, Steven Windsor, Timmy Moses, Patrick Harris, Heath Bill, Wes Johnson, Jack Maltbie Row 5, L. to R.: Tim Williams, Jason Michaels, Johnny Shirley, Scott Pierce, Brad West, Terry White, Anthony Walden, Eric Wesson, Michael Harrell Row 6, L. to R.: Rickey Edwards, Chad Miller, Walter Mckel, John Henson, Randy Rogers, Danny Williams, Clyde Swearengin, Brian Davis Row 7, L. to R.: Shannon Kean, Richard Lowden, Chris Keeton, Dave Martin, Eddie Cowan, Chris Kilgore Row 8, L. to R.: Doug Leatherwood, Chad Hallcox, Eric Tidwell, Nolan Newman, Tim Bailey, Michael Lackey, Shoan Bowden Row 9, L. to R.: Sam Rains, Jason Norton, Shannon Isreal, Jerry Cantrell, Lee Green, Chris Womack 75s c I E N C E Science Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Keith McGee, Chris Langley, Donna Guffey, Laura Pemberton, Shane Bjomlie, Tommy Patterson, Eddie NeSmith, Jay Colvin, Alan Kilgore, Randy Allen, Stephen Whitehead, Jody Campbell, Shane Hendricks, Tiffany Rogers, Laurie Scarbrough, Jackie Williamson Row 2, L. to R.: Craig Garrison, Scott Ham, Clint Baker, Mike Benefield, Neil Blackwell, Patrick Eller and F. H. A. I HA Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Linda Roberts, Lee Curtis, Mary Walden, Kristi Magill, Tammy Boland, Rhonda Brown, Tracey Estes, Phyllis Franks, Jennifer Davis, Anna Jolley, Kristin Scott, Cindy Swearengin, Linda Sargent, Kandy Shell Row 2, L. to R.: Angelia Baugh, Shelly Slaton, April Horton, Christy Wilkerson, Cheryl Dorsett, Cindy Foreman, Dail DeHart, Latona Thomas, Kristi Swords, Stephanie Crowe, Tracie Buckelew, Teryl Britton, Lynne Scarbrough, Debbie Reagan, Rita Chamblee, Glenda Weaver, Michelle Filmore, Amy Currie Row 3, L. to R.: Melissa Beck, I.esa Hardin, kDesiree Befort, Kristi Bryant, Melissa Cole, Amy Rains, Kelly Cofield, Tina Pruitt, Kandie Gilbert, Amanda Fowler, Kelly Greene, Lesa Canady, Allison Daniel, Rene Gore, Heather Mayhall, Tammy Holliday, Monica Collins, Suzanne Campbell, Teresa Brown, Mrs. Jean Head 76LETTERMAN'S Bottom Row, L. to K.: Pat Allen, Pat Madden, Andrea Fulton, Tonya Mitchem, Paula Patterson, Jennifer Davis, Darlene Brown, Brook Baggett, Julie Roe. Anna Jolley. Stacey Bailey, Scott Hatley Top Row, L. to R.: Shannon Waldrop, Shane Gaither, Mike Rains, Dennis Wright, Shane Wallace, Jeff Sanders. Paul Swatek, Todd Morrow, Jon Alan Smith, Jeff Jenkins, Richard Stewart, David Howard, Mike Stephens, Allen Kilgore. Kevin Grice, Coach Vemon Wells S. A. D. D. S.A.D.D. Club Members include: Tim Gore, Rene Darden, Dawn Vaughn, Donna Guffey, Melissa Sherrett, Sherri Phillips, Regina Riddle, Stacy Riddle, Eric Pike, Charlotte Morgan, Jeff Sanders, Christy Kilgore, Amos Willoughby, Brian Wade, Jeff Hoy, Mike Stephens, Van Sprayberry, Steve Terrell, Jeff Carr, Jeff Powell, Perry Childress, Clark Nelms, Scott Bean, Marvin Gore, Mike Morrison, Anthony Currie, Mark Wilder, Doug Martin, Chris Oyler, Scott Simpson, Denise Southern, Su-Lyn Bobo, Kimberly Brown, Paige Arnold, Kelly Holsonback, Ingrid Morrow, Jennifer Roe, Coy Southerland, Donna Kay, Rene Bohannon, Geri Lynn Knight, Cami Roe, Michelle Wooten, Beth Moman, Stacy Taylor, l eann Hillsman, Lisa Bearden, Pansy Edmonds, Angie Smith, Kelly Teague. Mark Sampson 77MATH and S P A N I S H Math Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Nancy Abney, Suzanne Smith, Donna Guffey, Carol Malone, Mrs. Patsy Maltbie Row 2, L. to R.: Sonya Williams, Kim West Spanish Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Mrs. Wanda Baumgartel, Vance Holderfield, Steve Terrell, Chris Oyler, Mike Stanfield, Carmen Wheeler, Holleigh Holderfield, Eddie NeSmith, Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Mrs. Jane Shamblin Row 2, L. to R.: Miriam Biddle, Terry Morrison, Bonnie Barrett, Tonya Mitchem, Andrea Fulton, Amy Wood, Michelle Noblitt, Karrie Gielle, Mendy Hoy, Sonya Smitherman, Janice Lindsey, Sharon Thomas, Stephanie Baugh Row 3, L. to R.: Stephen Kennedy, Dee fowler, Debra Ingram, Diana Cribbs, Karen Davis, Missy Moore, Stephanie Baker, Sharon Harrell, Rachel Rushing, Allison Hall, Kim NeSmith. Ann Duckett Row 4, L. to R.: Keith Frey, Tommy Porch, Susie Curtis, Jennifer O'Shields, Jenny Page, Laurie Hayes, Bobby Page, Cory Jones, Dion McBay, Jason Springfield, Jason McCamy, Socttie Wilson, Tracy Cheek, Allen Wilson Row 5, L. to R.: Chris Pankey, Chancey Smith, Christy Honea, Leslie Hix, John Starkey, Matt Doss, Jeff George, Jason Irving, Thomas Simmons, Sandy Westmoreland Row 6, L. to R.: Shannon Waldrop, Austin Rooke, Chad Simpson, David Bright, Todd Freshwater, Leann Bearden, Jeff Owens, Gordon Crosby, Mingo Holcomb, David Slack, Jared Stanfield Row 7, L. to R.: John Hyatt, Kevin Crawford 78INTERACT Interact Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Tonya Mitchem, Suzanne Campbell, Monica Collins, Delana Perry, Stephanie Golden, Jon Alan Smith, Dawn Brown, Rene Darden, Kristi Graben, Amy Bagwell, Alicia Oliver, Trina Gordon, Cami Roe, Colin Cotton Row 2, L. to R.: Steven Kennedy, Dee Fowler, Dianna Cribbs, Debra Ingram, Karen Davis, Natasha Borden, Michelle Wells, Elissa Switzer, Leslie Matthews, Lisa Rhodarmer, Karen Stietzel, Laurie Scarbrough, Tammy Holliday, Michelle Wooten, Stacie Moore, Suzanne Schaerer, Rachelle Lang Row 3, L. to R.: Steve Terrell, Chris Oyler, Vance Holderfield, Jeff Sanders, Don McDaniel, Alex Mann, Amanda Fowler, Andrea Fulton, Amy Wood Row 4, L. to R.: David Owens, Shawn Connolly, Amy Hannah, Sabrina Loftin, Mark Luther, Gayle Hannah, Lesa Carnes NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Honor Society Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Mrs. Joyce Vasser, Lesa Carnes, Brook Baggett, Jennifer Davis, Dianna Cribbs, Paula Patterson, Donna Guffey, Debra Ingram, Delana Perry, Michelle Wells, Natasha Borden, Miriam Biddle Row 2, L. to R.: Dee Dee Smith, Melissa Striplin, Missy Moore, Julie Roe, Melissa Hunt, Valerie Powell, April Horton, Anna Jolley, Carol Malone, Angela Johnston, Scott Ham, Craig Garrison, Melissa Sherrett, Jon Alan Smith, Mike Shankles, Joni Justice, Mrs. Barbara Blanks Row 3, L. to R.: Judy Bums, Mike Stanfield, Jeremy Blanks, Patrick Bates, Johnny Roden, Steven Kennedy, Dee Fowler, Shane Bjomlie, Chris Pankey, Todd Holder, Vance Holderfield, Jody Campbell, Thomas Maddux 79JOURNALISM and S. A. E. journalism Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Mrs. JoAnn Ellis, Kelly Burke, Leslie Seahom, Stacey Bailey Row- 2, L. to R.: Gayle Hannah, Julie Roe Row 3, L. to R.: Lee Fleming, Greg Avery, Brook Baggett Row 4, L. to R.: Thomas Maddux, Dee Fowler, Samantha Woods Row 5, L. to R.: Anthony Currie SAE Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Jon Alan Smith, Kristi Swords, Brook Baggett, Stacey Bailey, Teresa Phillips, Sandy Frazier, Amanda Hamby, Teresa Brown, Phyllis Franks, Jennifer Davis, Paula Patterson, Steve Terrell, Tim Morgan, Lee Hix, Lee Fleming, Peter Cole Row 2, L. to R. Julie Roe, Carol Malone, Rhonda Hyatt, Teresa Bloodworth, Natasha Borden, Miriam Biddle, Darlene Brown, Tammy Long, Susan Tuck, Melissa Shankles, Chris Oyler, Angela Jones, Brian Wade, Mark Wilder Row 3, L. to R.: Robyn swords, Cathy McCauley, Valerie Powell, Melinda Grice, Kelly Hood, Karen Davis, Debra Ingram, Lvnne Scarbrough, Don McDaniel, Craig Garrison, Scott Ham, Delana Perry, Leslie Seahom, Kelli Meeks, Stephanie Baker, Sharon Harrell Row 4, L. to R.: Cindv Foreman, Michelle Rogers, Stephanie Crowe, Misty Collins, Dawn Vaughn, Rhonda Cunningnam, Kim West, Nancy Abney, Dee Fowler, Allen Kilgore, Todd Freshwater, Shane Bjomlie, Jackie Williamson, Jim Palmer, Tnomas Maddux, Laura Willoughby. 80 Richard Stewart Row 5, L. to R.: Shane Moore, Anna Jolley, April Horton, DeeDee Smith, Michelle Bentley, Dianna Cribbs, Judy Bums, Rene Darden, Jeremy Blanks, Jonathan Bopp, Jon Howard, Todd Mitchem, Tim Cornelius, Coy Southerland, Pat Allen, Paul Swatek, Pat MaddenFrench Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Robin Taylor, Leslie Seahom, Kelly Burke, Rachelle Lang, Joy McGee, Nancy Abney, Natasha Borden, Coleen McCrary, Carol Malone Row 2, L. to R.: David Owens, Kerry Williams, Jana Barrett, Alissa Switzer, Leslie Matthers, Lisa Rhodarmer, Denise Little, Brian Pruitt Row 3, L. to R.: Rex McDonald, Andrew Boman, Mr. Pat Alford, Jeff Robinson, Chris McClendon FRENCH CLUB and JUNIOR CIVITANS Junior Civitan Club Members, Row 1, L. to R.: Jeff Robinson. Kenny Bums, Scott Stone, Larry Blackstone, Mark Swords, Jeff Harvey, Kevin Grice Row 2. L. to R : Carmen Wheeler, Leah Formby, Angela Johnston, Stacie Seahom, Bonnie Barrett, Susan Tuck, Melinda Driver, Pansey Edmonds, Tiffany Sherrett, Suzanne Schaerer, Kandi Gilbert, Julie Justice, Dawn Connolly, Mrs. Glenda Wooten 81TECHNICAL SCHOOL DIESEL MECHANICS: Rayford Williams, Mark Matthews MASONRY: Mike McCullard, Keith McGee COMPUTER SCIENCE: Mark Garrett, Chris Windsor, Doug Bentley 82 DRAFTING: Frankie Bennett, Thomas Brown, Tracy ShellMACHINE SHOP: Stephen Dodd AUTO BODY: Chris Garrison, Ricky Bolding ELECTRONICS: John Roe, Steven Childress, Brad McCamy, Wayne Harvey, Mike Cornelius, Tony Roberson CARPENTRY: Standing L. to R.: Lonnie Stanfield, Scott Jones, Shannon Burbanks, Tim Riedlinger Seated, L. to R.: Eric Snider, Tim King, Neal Swearengin CHILD CARE: Standing, L. to R.: Melinda Engle, Karena Swords, Annette Lang, Kim Bottomlee, Sherry JJoyd Seated, L. to R.: Freda Sampson, Tammy Jarmon, Darlene Stone, Myra Burke, Tammy Lang 8384DIRECTORS Jane Adams Sue Couch David Warlick PRODUCTION STAFF Row 1, L. to R.: Jack Quinn, Kerry Williams. Michelle Wells, Mark Luther, Trey Finlay Row 2, L. to R.: Jackie Williamson, Leigh Bryant, Neil Blackwell, Jeff Baugh, Brian Cochran, Steve Couch 85LI'L ABNER CAST Lonesome Polecat...... Hairless Joe.......... Romeo Scragg.......... Clem Scragg........... Alf Scragg............. Moonbeam McSwine.... Marryin' Sam.......... Earthquake McGoon..... Daisy Mae.............. Pappy Yokum............ Mammy Yokum........... Li'l Abner............ Mayor Dawgmeat........ Scarlett.............. Speedy McRabbit....... Sen. Jack S. Phogbound . . Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale Government Men Available Jones....... Stupefyin' Jones...... Radio Commentators.... General Bullmoose..... Secretaries............ Appasionata Von Climax . Evil Eye Fleagle....... Wives.................. .....................Jonathan Killian ..........................Joel Finlay ......................Phillip Whitley .........................Clint Baker ......................Thomas Maddux ........................Kelly Burke .......................David Owens ............................Eric Pike .......................Gayle Hannah .........................Chip Rains ........................Karen Davis ........................Lee Fleming .........................Eric Gilbert .......................Angela Ogle .........................Mitch Floyd .....................Todd Freshwater ......................Brian McCurley ...........Shane Bjomlie Sc Ben Rooke .......................Kevin Wallach ........................Kelly Hood ....................Steven Kennedy Sc Shane Bjomlie ........................Tom Barkley .... Dawn Connolly, Shawn Connolly Leslie Hix Laurie Scarbrough ......................Leslie Seahom .......................David Bright Lesa Carnes, Pansey Edmonds, Allison Hall, Tammy Holliday, Rachelle Lang, Christy Rushing, Sc Lynne Scarbrough Dr. Smithbom.....................................Bonnie Barrett Dr. Krogmeyer....................................Shane Bjomlie Creighton.......................................Steven Kennedy Husbands................................Randy Allen, Johnny Baker Clint Baker, David Bright, Reed Gamer Joey Gilliland, Mick Harmon, Keith McGee Thomas Maddux, Alfie Ratcliffe Rob Rosser Sc Dennis Wright Policeman...............................Todd Stephens Sc Bobby Smith Dogpatch Dancers...............................Janna Barrett, Melissa Cole, Amy Hannah, Sharon Harrell, Mendy Hoy, Melissa Hunt, Tonya Mitchem, Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Tiffany Rogers Sc Wendy Williams Couple Dancers........................................................... Clint Baker Sc Amanda Fowler Tom Barkley Sc Sabrina Loftin David Bright Sc Maria Luther Lee Fleming Sc Leah Formby Brian McCurley Sc Kim NeSmith Eric Pike Sc Rachel Rushing Chorus Members........................................Leann Bearden, Ann Duckett, Paige Duvall, Tynley Formby Christy Honea, Michelle McHenry Michelle Noblitt, Stacie Pendergraft Stephanie Bums, Sonya Smith, Renee Gore, Kathy McCauley, Robyn Swords Jeff Carr 868788FCA: Jeff Sanders CLUB VICA LEADERSHIP: Rod Garrett. Mike Davis CLOTHING PRODUCTION: Aletha Ford D.E.: Angela Johnston AWARDS 90 HOME ECONOMICS: Teryl BrittonF.H.A.: Gail DeHart INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE: Mark Sampson DRAFTING: Tracy Shell V.I.E.: Tracy Buckelew DEKALB: Tom Barkley CLOTHING PRODUCTION: Gail Salter92BAND LEADERSHIP BAND OFFICERS: Joni Justice, President; Kelly Burke, Vice-President; Holleigh Holderfield, Secretary; Amy Bagwell, TreasurerBAND OFFICERS:Row 1, L to R.: Hollcigh Holderfield, Ginger Canady, Joni Justice, Leslie Seahorn, Sonya Williams Row 2, L. to R.: Melissa Striplin, Miriam Biddle, Kerry Williams, Michelle Wells, Michelle Bentley Row 3, L. to R.: Eddie NeSmith, Todd Freshwater, Jeremy Blanks, Dee Fowler SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: (L. to R.) Joni Justice, Leslie Seahorn, Kelly Burke, Dawn Brown, Melinda Grice, Kelly Hood, Kevin Johnson, Mike Stephens, Scott Gilbreath, Tom Barkley, Marc Golden, David Owens, Eddie NeSmith, Craig Garrison, Rene Darden, Scott Ham, Paige Arnold, Eric Gilbert. Charlotte Morgan, Lisa Bearden, Holieigh Holderfield, Suzanne Smith, Ginger Canady, Sonya Williams, Rene Walters 94FLUTES BARITONES and FLUTES — Row I, L. to R.: Katherine Snider, Allison Hall, Stephanie Baugh. Beth Gerrard, Paige Arnold, Kim NeSmith, Michelle Bryant Row 2, L to R.: Chnsta LaPier, Martha Luther, Racncl Rushing, Angela Jones Row 3, L. to R. Mvra Burke, Michelle Noblitt, Denise Harris, Laura Eubanks Row 4, L. to R.: Lynne Scarbrougn, Miriam Biddle, Rene Darden I.OW BASS: Kneeling — Kevin Wallach Standing, Row 1, L. to R.: David Slack, Tim Williams, Mark Wehrwein Row 2, L. to R.: Todd Freshwater, Jon Howard Row 3: David Owens BARITONES: On steps, L to R.: Dee Fowler, Brad Biddle, David Mathis, Rex McDonald, Corey Corbin On ground, L. to R.: Charlotte Morgan, Lisa Bearden, Dana Burke, Colleen McCrary, Jonathon Killian 95SAXAPHONES FRENCH HORNS AND CLARINETS FRENCH HORNS: L to R.: Stephanie Stephens, Michelle Wells, Shelley Maroney Left Row, Top to Bottom: Becky Fuller, Kelly Teague, Mendy Hoy, Stephanie Moore, Melanie Mitchell, Ann Duckett, Ginger Long, Chancey Smith, Melissa Striplin Right Row, Top to Bottom: John Starkey, Brian Blanks, Kristy Ferguson, Maschera McCoy, Kristin Ramey, Michelle Jenkins, Maria Luther, Dianna Cribbs CLARINETS — L to R.: Meredith East, Desiree Befort, Sherri Smith, Michelle Cook, Darlene Doyle, Melissa Soper, Chip Rains, Amy Holderfield, Wendy Williams, Christi Bryant, Melissa Cole, Tiffany Rogers, Regina Riddle, Ann Wilson, Stephanie Richardson, Angela Downs, Missy Moore, Judy Bums, Michelle Bentley, Angela Myers, Leah Formby 96M TROMBONES PERCUSSION and TRUMPETS l TROMBONES — L. to R.: Scott Gilbreath, Brian McCurley, Mike Benefield, Suzette Harris, Eric Jones, Allen Kirby, Eddie NeSmith DRUMS — Row 1, L. to R.: John Peters, Hope Stanford, Danny Smith, Don McDaniel, Jack Quinn, Neil Blackwell, Brian Masters, Jason Thompson Row 2, L. to R.: David Rea, Kerry Williams, Patrick Eller, Stephen Whitehead TRUMPETS — On ground, L. to R.: Ann Justice, Nickie Lee, Brian Carr, Karen Snider, Jeff George, Jarrod Stanfield, Alexis Crawford, Angela Ogle, Kim Floyd, Mark Armstrong, Matt Doss, Neil Brown, Karen Huffstutler, Jeremy Blanks, Ann Elizabeth Ratdiffe On steps, L. to R.: B. J. Rusk, Brian Pankey, Brian Baugh, Eric Pike, Brian Pruitt, Chuck Segars, David Bright, Marc Golden, Chad Simpson, Tom Barkley, Craig Garrison, Scott Ham, Steven Kennedy, Karen Davis 97ALBERTVILLE myi] Row L L to R. Stacy Goss, Scott Rains, Row 2, L to R: Lesa Canady, Lisa Wind Sandra Parrish, Leslie Seahom, Sharon sor, Kandi Gilbert, Julie justice, Laura Harrell, Amanda Fowler, Amy Hannah, Willoughby, Debra Ingram, Kim West, Stephanie Baker, Stacie Moore, Sabrina Melinda Grice, Dawn Brown, Kelly Loftin, Kim Christian. Stephanie Hood, Karri Gielle, Christy Kilgore, Jean » Golden, Trina Gordon. Michelle Camp, Carmen Wheeler, Amy Rains, Wooten, Ginny Anderson, Sonya Kelly Cofield, Sandy Frazier, Nancy Williams, Alicia Oliver, Kelli Meeks, Abney, Maura Cole, Dawn Connolly, Rene' Walters, Melissa Hunt, Joni Shawn Connolly, Delana Perry, Justice, Robert Killian. Holleigh Holderfield, Ginger Canady, Suzanne Smith, Kelly Burke, Melissa Shankles, Amy Hinds, Gina Stephens, Leann Bearden, Christie Honea, Leslie Hi . Row 3, L to R: Stephanie Richardson, Row 4, L to R: Myra Burke, Melissa Katherine Snider, Karen Snider, Christa Soper, Kristin Ramey, Ann Wilson. LaPier, Meredith East, Hope Stanford, Diana Burke, Miriam Biddle, Melissa Chancey Smith, Dianna Cribbs, Colleen Cole, Martha Luther. Anne Duckett. McCrary, Jeff George, Neil Brown, Kevin Kim NeSmith, Allison Hall, Nickie Wallach, Corey Corbin, Jonathan Killian, Lee, Rene' Darden, Angela Jones. Brian Blanks, Kristy Ferguson, Alexis Angela Downs, Suzette Harris, Crawford, Kim Floyd, Angela Ogle, Amy Charlotte Morgan, Ginger Long, Holderfield, Eric Jones, Brian Baugh, Michelle Bryant, Darlene Doyle. Shelley Maroney, Paige Arnold, Melissa Michelle Noblitt. Desiree Befort Striplin. Karen Davis, Michelle Wells. ] 98AGGIE BAND Row 5, L to R: Stephanie Baugh, Beth Row 6, L to R: Rex McDonald, Jared Row 7, L to R: David Slack, Judy Burns, Row 8, L. to R: Tim Williams. B. I. Gerrard, Maschera McCoy, Michelle Stanfield, Michelle Bentley, Allen Kirby, Jeff Denise Harris, Michelle Cook, Don Rusk, Brian Pankey, Dee Fowler. Jenkins, Lynne Scarbrough, David Owens, Christi Bryant, Brad Biddle, Karen McDaniel, Danny Smith, John Starkey, Marc Golden, David Bright. Brian Mathis, Tiffany Rogers, Amy Huffstutler, Rachel Rushing, Anne Eric Pike, Mike Benefield, Mark McCurley, Chad Simpson, John Bagwell, Leah Formby, Maria Luther, Elizabeth, Ratcliffe Jason, Thompson Brian, Armstrong, David Rea, Jon Howard, Peters, Neil Blackwell, Matt Doss, Wendy Williams, Kerry Williams. Masters Lisa. Bearden Chip. Rains Mendy, Kenny Bums, Jack Quinn, Patrick Eller. Eddie NeSmith. Chris Pankey, Missy Moore, Hoy Brian, Carr Stephen, Whitehead Tom, Bnan Pruitt, Kevin Johnson, Scott Stephanie Moore, Melanie Mitchell, Barkley David, Owens Eric, Gilbert Becky, Gilbreath, Mike Stephens, Chuck Kelly Teague, Stephanie Stephens, Fuller Ann, Justice Steven, Kennedy Scott, Segars, Mark Wehrwein, Todd Karen Steitzel, Kristy Graben, Angela Ham. Freshwater, Jeremy Blanks, Craig Myers, Sherri Smith, Regina Riddle, Garrison. I.aura Eubanks.A H S COLOR GUARD L. to R.: Christie Honea, Leann Bearden, Leslie Hix, Carmen Wheeler, Jean Camp, Karri Gielle, Christy Kilgore, Lesa Canady, Gina Stephens, Lisa Windsor, Candi Gilbert, Julie Justice, Dawn Brown, Melinda Crice, Suzanne Smith, Kelly Hool, Kelly Burke, Sandy Frazier, Amy Hinds, Melissa Shankles, Nancy Abney, Debra Ingram, Delana Perry, Laura Willoughby, Kim West, Maura Cole, Shawn Connolly, Dawn Connolly, Kelly Cofield, Amy Rains Front, L. to R.: Ginger Canady, Holleigh Holderfield SOUTHERN STARS DANCELINE L. to R.: Kim Christian, Sabrina Loftin, Amanda Fowler, Amy Hannah, Ginny Anderson, Sandra Parrish, Melissa Hunt, Rene Walters, Kelli Meeks, Sharon Harrell, Stephanie Baker, Stephanie Golden, Stacie Moore, Alicia Oliver, Trina Gordon. Michelle Wooten Front, L. to R.: Leslie Seahorn, Sonya WilliamsATHLETICS1985 Varsity Football Row 1: Jeff Sanders, Paul Swatek, Brad Gibson, David Howard, Jeff Hardin, Kevin Grice, Pat Madden, John Ferguson, Joe Swart, Todd Mitchell, Jeff Powell, J. D. Powell. Row 2: Keith Smith, Steve Miller, Shane Wallace, Alan Soper, Peter John Cole, Victor Davis, Jamie Gore, Jeff Carr, Chris Leaf, Jon Alan Smith, Joey Gilliland, Jeff Jenkins, Wayne Smith. Row 3: Brad McCamy, Reed Gamer, Ken McCafferey, Rodney Shell, Shannon Burbanks, Vance Holderfield, Dennis Wright, Duane Lacey, Eric West, Richard Stewart, Scott McCormack; Lee Hix, Pat Allen.Jon Alan Smith David Howard Rodney Shell Paul Swatek Jeff Sanders Victor Davis Pat Allen Scott McGowan Richart Stewart Vance Holderfield Pat Madden Wayne SmithBrad McCamy Allen Soper Steve Miller Duane Lacey Keith Smith Peter Coleeg i voOH OOwrh -go R Basketball L to R: Randy Allen, Rusty Greer, Keith Shadinger, Thomas Maddux, Shane McGriff, Allen Kilgore, Pat Allen, Mike Shankles, Mike Rains. Pat Madden, Coach Shannon Sloan Class of 80SENIORS Class of 80 Pat Allen Mike Shankles Mike Rains Pat Madden 108 Kneeling, L. to R.: Cory Early, Chris Leaf, Thomas Lesley, Brad Gibson, J.D. Powell, Mitch Floyd Standing, L. to R.: Jonathon Lacy, Todd Mitchem, Anthony Bohannon, Shane McGriff, Jon Bopp, Rod Garrett, Rickey Edwards1985-86 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The 1985-86 Varsity Cheerleaders attended the National Cheerleader Association Superstar Spirit Camp at Auburn University during the summer of 1985. Each night, the squad received blue ribbons for their evaluations. They were one of fifteen squads that received the highest award given. They worked hard all summer and throughout the year promoting spirit and enthusiasm on the sidelines at various athletic events. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, Row 1: Julie Roe Row 2, L. to R.: Michelle Rogers, Andrea Fulton Row 3, L. to R.. Lesa Carnes, April Horton, Darlene Brown, Brook Baggett Row 4, L. to R.: Anna Jolley, Stacey Bailey Row 5, L. to R.: Paula Patterson, Jennifer Davis, Tonya Mitchem ..................... .1BROOK BAGGETT Senior, 3 years Head Cheerleader LESA CARNES Senior, 2 years Co-Head Cheerleader MICHELLE ROGERS Senior; 1 year JULIE ROE Senior, 1 year1986 GIRLS BASKETBALL Kneeling, L. to R.: Stacey Taylor, Jen Lang, Geri Lynn Knight Standing, L. to R.: Kim Pell, Carlene Darnell, Rachelle Charles, Chamane McClendon 116VOLLEYBALL Alex Mann, Ellen Lesley, Kim Pell Joyce Spurgeon, Judy Pike, Jerrie Chamblee Coach Donna Maynard instructs players Ellen Lesley, Tina Salter, Jerrie Chamblee, Joyce Sprugeon, Judy Pike, Alex Mann, and Jennifer Morrison. 117 Ellen Lesley, Donna Guffey1986 TENNIS TEAM Eli“ s c', i”- c‘’ :1L ■»1■-: si“ •I 1'«•» 118BOYS TRACK Wayne Harvey Vance Holderfield Peter Cole, Keith Smith Tim Holder J. D. PowellGIRLS TRACK1 9 8 6 G O L Kneeling, L. to R.: Mitch Floyd, Stephen Hanson, Tim Knight Standing, L. to R.: Tom Barkley, Thomas Maddux, Todd Mitchem, Allen Kileore, Jody Campbell, Stephen Whitehead, Coach Bob Duke F T E A M LETTERMEN — L. to R.: Tom Barkley, Thomas Maddux, Todd Mitchem, Jody Campbell, Stephen Whitehead1986 BASEBALL TEAM Kneeling, L. to R.: Shane Wallace, Brad Gibson, Jon Alan Smith, Richard Stewart, Phillip Formby, Rusty Greer, Jeff Hardin, Scott McGowan, Lee Fleming Toby Walker Standing, L. to R.: David Howard, Mike Stephens, Cris Smith, Jonathon Bopp, Mike Shankles, Paul Swatek, Pat Madden, Mark Wilder, Payne V alker, John FergusonINFIELD Shankkt' L '° R Shane Wallace' Lee Flemmg- Mark Wilder'Sco,t McGowan Standing. L. to R : Toby Walker, Jon Alan Smith, Jonathon Bopp, Phillip Formby, MikePITCHERS L. to R.: Payne Walker, David Howard, Cris Smith, Pat Madden, Jeff Hardin, Brad GibsonOUTFIELDSPORTS RECOGNITION University of Alabama Coach Ray Perkins receives the key to the city. 127 Pat Madden Vance HolderfieldSPORTS RECOGNITION SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS 128 Vance Holderfield Judy PikeFEATURESHOMECOMING 1985 Queen Stephanie Crowe FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES Tammy Holliday, Suzanne Campbell Christy Bruister, Ingrid MorrowMISTRESS OF CEREMONIES: Joni Justice Ashley Fowler, Trey Brown CROWN BEARERSPaul Swatek KINGSMEN Mike Shankles David HowardSENIORS Angie Dean and Todd Holder SENIORS Valerie Powell and Pat Allen 136 SENIORS Julie Roe and Rickey Langley SENIORS Michelle Rogers and Mike RainsSENIORS Joyce Womack and Shane Moore SENIORS Kristi Swords and Pat Madden SENIORS Lesa Carnes and Mark Wilder SENIORS Latona Thomas and Richard StewartRow 1 L to R Stacey Bailey Lesa Carnes, Kristi Swords. Valerie Powell, Michelle Rogers, Julie Roe, l atona Thomas Row 2. L. to R Mike Stephens Mark Wilder, Pat Madden, Pat Allen, Mike Rains, Rickey Langley. Todd Holder, Richard Stewart, Shane Moore SENIOR CLASS BEAUTY Angie Dean FAVORITES » Row 1, L. to R.: Julie Dixon, Stephanie Baker, Kelli Meeks, Ramona Tarvin, April Horton, Susan Tuck, Melissa Shankles Row 2, L. to R Shane Wallace, Jeff Hardin, Randy Allen, Lee Hix, Lee Fleming, Johnny Baker, Tim Simmons, Chris Langley JUNIOR CLASS BEAUTY Trish McClure FAVORITESSENIORS Stacey Bailey and Mike Stephens JUNIORS Trish McClure and Chris Langley JUNIORS Kelli Meeks and Randy Allen JUNIORS Susan Tuck and Johnny BakerJUNIORS April Horton and Lee Fleming JUNIORS Stephanie Baker and Jeff Hardin JUNIORS Ramona Tarvin and Lee Hix JUNIORS Melissa Shanklesand Tim SimmonsSOPHOMORE CLASS BEAUTY Trina Gordon FAVORITES Row 1, L. to R.: Su anne Campbell, Hope Pierce, Tammy Holliday, Alicia Oliver, Maura Cole, Stacie Moore Row 2, L. to R.: J.D. Powell, Brad Gibson, Thomas l sley, Rob Rosser, Craig Graben, Jeff PowellRow 1, L. to R.: Rachel Belue, Stacey Taylor, Ingrid Morrow Row 2, L. to R.: Larry Blackstone, Brandon Baggett, Barry Garrett, Terry Ham, Chad HallcoxJUNIORS Julie Dixon and Shane Wallace SOPHOMORES Trina Gordon and Todd Mitchell SOPHOMORES Tammy Holliday and Brad Gibson 144 SOPHOMORES Suzanne Campbell and Craig GrabenSOPHOMORES Maura Cole and Thomas Lesley SOPHOMORES Alicia Oliver and Jeff Powell SOPHOMORES Maura Cole and J. D. Powell SOPHOMORES Stacie Moore and Rob RosserFRESHMEN Rachel Rushing and Chad Hallcox FRESHMEN Stacey Taylor and Larry Blackstone FRESHMAN Brandon Baggett FRESHMEN Rachel Belue and Barry Garrett FRESHMEN Ingrid Morrow and Terry Ham 146 147SENIOR PERSONALITIES Robyn Swords, Amos Willoughby SENIOR PERSONALITIES Kelly Burke, Clark Nelms SENIOR PERSONALITIES Crystal Bruces, Shane Gaither SENIOR PERSONALITIES Gayle Hannah, Jon Alan Smith SENIOR PERSONALITIES Angelia Baugh, Philip Formby SENIOR PERSONALITIES Joni justice SENIOR PERSONALITIES Chamita Knight, Brian Wade JUNIOR PERSONALITIES Anna Jolley, Allen KilgoreJUNIOR PERSONALITIES Jennifer Davis, Jody Campbell JUNIOR PERSONALITIES Sharon Harrell, Jeff Jenkins JUNIOR PERSONALITIES Natasha Borden, Jamie Gore JUNIOR PERSONALITIES Chamane McClendon, Jimmy McCutchen JUNIOR PERSONALITIES Paula Patterson, Thomas Maddux SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES Michelle Wooten, Payne Walker Monica Collins, Clint Baker SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES Laurie Scarbrough, Mitch Floyd 149SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES Suzanne Schaerer, Ben Rooke SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES Lisa Rhodarmer, Tim Baker FRESHMAN PERSONALITIES Kim Bearden, Marvin Gore FRESHMAN PERSONALITIES Tracy Brothers, Shannon Hightower FRESHMAN PERSONALITIES Angela Myers, Richard McEIrath FRESHMAN PERSONALITIES Christy Bruister, Brad Lang 150Gail DeHart and Jennifer Davis Newly elected officers F. H. A. MOTHER Mrs. Sarah Justice, 1986 Mother of the Year DAUGHTER BANQUET The F. H. A. Mother Daughter banquet was held on May 16, 1986. Jennifer Davis was named F. H. A. President for the 1986-87 school year. Mrs Sarah Justice was given the annual Mother of the Year award. MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD Mrs. Sarah Justice with her daughters Shauna Justice 151FHA'S BEST DRESSED Latona Thomas, Kristi Swords, Anna Jolley, April Horton, Hope Pierce MISS FHA Kristi Swords 152MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Steven Kennedy MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES: Lynne Scarbrough On behalf of the Senior Class, many thanks to the Junior Class for making our prom the greatest and most enjoyable yet. P.S. We know what't in the time capsule! 154 JoAnn Ellis, Prom Sponsor, with Dianna Cribbs David Owens and Kelly Burke sing the theme song.AWARDS1985-86 AWARDS SALUTATORIAN: Lesa Carnes VALEDICTORIAN: Joni Justice BEST ALL AROUND Brook Baggett, Jon Alan BEST ATHLETES Judy Pike, Pat Madden CITIZENSHIP Joni Justice, Scott Ham Smith GOLDEN RULE Latona Thomas, Mike SCHOOL SPIRIT Lesa Cames, Mike Rains SPORTSMANSHIP Julie Roe, Wayne Smith Stephens 156BROOK BAGGETT Overall Social NATASHA BORDEN Jr., French WAYNE SMITH, LESA CARNES Sr., French Studies SUSIE CURTIS Fr.. Spanish 1 LAURIE EUBANKS Fr.. French ANDREA FULTON Soph., Spanish I CRAIG GARRISON PhysicsDEBRA INGRAM Chemistry Woodman of the World JONI JUSTICE English Biological STEVEN KENNEDY Spanish II LESLIE MATTHEWS Soph., French Science TODD MITCHEM National Yound CHRIS PANKEY UDC Essay Leaders Conf. FLOYD POWELL, DONNIE MORGAN State Special Olympics 158 PERFECT ATTENDANCE Row 1, L. to R.: Jeff Sanders, Su-Lynn Bobo, Kelly Holsonback, Kim Brown, Teresa Grogan, Kelly Sampson Row 2, L. to R.: Chris Gilbert, John Carver, Mark Sampson, Mike Williamson, Shawn BurkeVALERIE POWELL Sociology Girls Physical Education MIKE SHANKLES Outstanding Student Mathmatics Am. Red Cross D.A.R. Citizenship MELISSA SHANKLES UDC Essay Contest MIKE STANFIELD Overall Science SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Row 1, L. to R.: Michelle Rogers, Lesa Carnes, Chamita Knight, Joni Justice, Crystal Bruce, Latona Thomas, Gail DeHart, Stephanie Crowe, Kim Brown, Brook Baggett, Julie Roe, Angela Johnston Row 2, L. to R.: Teryl Britton, Sonya Williams, Janna Barrett, Kerry Williams, Samantha Woods, Ellen Lesley, Michelle Holder, Shelly Slaton, Kim McConnell, Cyntha McDougle, Carol Malone Row 3, L. to R.: Mike Williamson, Mike Rains, Pat Madden, Richard Stewart, Todd Holder, Mike Stanfield, Vance Holderfield, Steve Terrell Row- 4, L. to R.: David Owens, Jay Colvin, Scott Ham, Craig Garrison, Mark Sampson, Shawn Burke, Jon Alan Smith, Chris Avery, Van Sprayberrv NOT SHOWN: Rene Darden 159HONOR STUDENTS Row 1, L to R: Donna Guffey, Joni Justice, Jerrie Chamblee, Kim Brown, Dena Spence, Angela Johnston. Row 2, L to R: Teryl Britton, Brook Baggett, Lesa Carnes, Samantha Woods, Melissa Sher-rett. Row 3, L to R: Michelle Holder, l atona Thomas, Valerie Powell, Gail Dettart, Shelly Slton, Julie Roe, Carol Malone, Kim McConnell. Row 4. L to R: Wayne Smith, Scott Ham, Craig Garrison, Todd Holder, Mike Shankles, Jon Alan Smith, Mike Stanfield, Vance Holderfield. PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC FITNESS Row 1. L to R: Joni Justice, Tracey Buckelew, Donna Guffey, Lesa Carnes, Klly Hood, Gavle Hannah, Kelly Burke, Jerrie Chamblee, Kim Brown, Dena Spence, Angela Johnston. Row 2, I. to R: Teryl Britton, Kerry Williams, Brook Baggett, Holligh Holderfield, Janna Barrett, Samantha Woods, Denise Southern, Melissa Sherrett. Row 3, L to R. Michelle Holder, Chamita Knight, Latona Thomas, Valerie Powell, Gail DeHart, Shelly Slaton, Julie Roe, Carol Melone, Kim McConnell. Row 4, L to R: Jay Colvin, Brian Massey, Chris Oyler, Mark Wilder, Philip Form by, Richard Stewart, Jon Alan, Smith, Mike Stanfield, Vance Holderfield. Row 5, L to R: Scott Ham, Craig Garrison, Jerry Holt, Van Sprayberry, Mike Stephens, Todd holder, Mike Shankles, Wayne Smith, Mike Williamson. Not Shown: Rene Darden.ADVERTISEMENTSWAL-MART Two Locations Phone: 593-9050 Hwy. 431 North Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 582-2049 Hwy. 431 South Guntersville, AL 35976 Open Monday-Saturday 9-9, Sun. 1-6 We Sell for Less Satisfaction Guaranteed STEVE'S SALES 50% Less and More Store Hwy. 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 AMOCO SERVICE CENTER 310 N. Hooper Dr. Albertville, AL 35950 878-8890 or 878-5051 24 Hour Wrecker Service Bumra? TO BUmpER ALBERTVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Congratulates the Class of '86 as they seek New Horizons. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 316 Sand Mountain Drive NE P.O. Box 231 Albertville, AL 35950 (205) 878-3821 162B C MUSIC Downtown Albertville 878-0771 • Sales • Repairs • Rentals Band Instruments, Pianos, Organs, Keyboards Guitars Amplifiers and P.A s Gift Items Sheet Music Method Books Music Lessons BONNIE JARVIS Piano Tuning CONNIE ABRAHAMS Everything in Music 163ALEXANDER FORD CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH, INC. Highway 431 S. Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 593-4204 Gadsden Number: 543-2115 CHAMBERS BOTTLING COMPANY Distributor for Dr. Pepper Seven-Up Highway 431 North Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone: 593-2307 164WOMETCO FOOD SERVICE Albertville. Alabama DAN ELMORE DISTRICT MANAGER P.O. Box 943 A. Division of Phone: Martling Rd. WOM 898-3286 Albertville, AL BOLT FRAME AND BODY CONSOLIDATED REPAIR, INC. BLENDERS 109 Adams Drive INC. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone 891-0883 Guntersville, AL 35976 JIMMY BOLT Phone: 582-3156 LITTLE VILLAGE SHOP FOODLAND PHARMACY 313 E. Sand Mountain Dr. Albertville, AL 35950 Bridal Registry Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6400 Phone: 878-6930 PUTT PUTT GOLF GAMES Plus The Batters Box Batting Cages Now Open Hwy. 75 North Phone: 878-1584Home Improvements Roofing, We Cover Anything Additions Roofing Supplies We've Got What It Takes ABNEY ROOFING CONSTRUCTION Residential • Industrial • Commercial Phone: 878-7959 JOHNNY ABNEY, Owner Rt. 7 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 166JUNIOR COMPTON MOTORS Hwy. 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 878-5882 • Jewelry Repair • Diamond Setting • Watch Repair • Custom Jewelry udclij i 'Jj.e.uje.t’uf 115 East Main Street Albertville. Alabama 35950 BUDDY TANT Phone 878-0521 MOVIE RENTAL 110 Hwy. 431 South Albertville, AL 35950 878-7228 Monday-Saturday 10 A.M.-8 P.M. P. J. PHARMACY 116 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 MF= Mattev Ierguj0n D W Tractor Co. P. O. Box 356 Albertville, Alabama 35950 H) KUB0TR D. W. TRACTOR CO. Hwy. 431 South Albertville, AL 35950 FLUOROCARBON Reeves Rubber Division Marshall McDonalds Albertville, AL 35950 205 878-6810 167WOODHAM AUTO SALES 316 S. Hooper Drive Highway 431 South Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: (205) 878-5280 L. C. “BUDDY” WOODHAM, SR. Owner TERRY HALE Sales Representative JIM COLVIN Sales Representative BOBBY'S AUTO PARTS Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5060 BROTHERS EASON INSURANCE 208 West Main Street Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6900THOMPSON PRINTING Office (205) 878-2021 139 West Main Street P.O. Box 550 OFFICE Albertville, AL 35950 SUPPLIES, Across From Court House INC. v j!, McELRATH PRIDE PASQUALES Phone (205) 878-6010 431 North Albertville, AL 35950 McELRATH Poultry Company P.O. Box 1097 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-9239 MUB Municipal Utilities Board Electric and Water Systems Albertville, AL 35950 MUB-Benefits You Congratulations Graduates! Distributor Uniroyal Tires Tubes Recapping Wheel Alignment Wheel Balance CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE 409 East Main Street — P.O. Box 1084 Albertville, AL 878-3161 it3 4lbetlville EPlw ie 876-7318 I or in, enutij (gpalov gloria Childless }oa„ brothers vn n sKhiq Late Mon., Tues., Thurs., By Appointment 169- FIRST STATE BANK Your Community Owned Bank Member F.D.I.C.BILLY THRASH LINCOLN — MERCURY — GMC, INC. Rt. 7 Cougar Drive Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-7282 MERCURY LINCOLN IBM1Z A truck you can live with. 171(Crest MANUFACTURED BY RIVER OAKS HOMES, INC. P.O. Box 416, Boaz, AL 35957 593-7040PHONE 878-9500 LOAN CO., INC. 200 EAST MAIN STREET ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA 35950 Artistic Beauty Salon Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, Alabama 878-6231 • Hair Design • Hair Cutting • Tanning • Cosmetics • Men’s Hair Styling and Cutting • Skin Care • Manicures • Pedicures • Solar Nails Your Portrait by ROBERT O. Photographer 878-2561 Swords Engineering, Inc. 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Next to Hospital Boaz, Alabama 35957 Phone: 593-6679 yiS-CBO Jrcwel Jlyenctj, Jnc. 101 East Main St. Albertville Mall Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 891-0888 Make Your Arrangements With the People Who Know Travel Best WILKS TIRE AND BATTERY 428 N. Broad Street Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone: 878-0211 181 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class and All Future Graduates Good Luck to and Good Bless You All! In King's Inn Restaurant Albertville, AL 35950 182 Winsor Newton Paint Brushes — Rembant Paint Brushes — DaVinci Paint Brushes — Fredrick Canvas — Arches Water Color Paper — Mexican Frames — Custom Framing Matting — Bainbridge Matts NORMAN WALLACE FINE ART FRAMES SUPPLIES 20% Discount on All Paint, Brushes, Frames, Supplies 118 North Broad Street Albertville, AL 35950 (205) 891-1093 Qol i J [i(L - £out(i zM u±Lc Highway 431 North • Rt 6. Box 44 Albertville. Alabama 35950 JOE ARIAS Owner 878-5104 878-9149 GUITARS DRUMS KEYBOARDS BAND INST Gibson Summons Korg Holton Manm Gretsch Rhodes Vito Fender Tama Suiuki Leblanc Kramer vama na Gemem Hardi • Electronic Repairs • Band Instrument Repairs AMPS PA Marshall Fender • Speaker Reconing • Guitar Repair Adjustment Trayno 183CO.. INC. Carrier CLIMATE CONTROL CO., INC. Highway 431, South • P. O. Box 755 Albertville, Alabama 35950 (205) 878-6694 184Congratulations Seniors Bowater Lumber Company a Division of Bowater, Inc. Albertville, AL 35950 Compliments of ALBERTVILLE ROOFING SUPPLY Trent Moore GUNTERSVILLE SHEET METAL Hwy.431 N. Rt. 2 Box 513-B Guntersville, AL 35976 Phone: 878-7182 . nt N • AJhertV'H At V W • Www»tt Ml58 LARRY HILLSMAN M : A| tVynn A.'A 4H Vi • Hwy. 431 N. • Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-8158 LARRY HILSMAN Mailing Address Home: 878-4800 212 Garvin Dr. PACKS NURSERY OUTLET Hwy. 431 South Albertville, AL 35950 878-5146 For All Your Planting Needs GOLDEN TAN TANNING SALON 1008 HWY 431 S. • Albertville. AL 35950 Teresia L. Williams (205) 878-2668 185CUSTOM VANS AND CONVERSIONS UNIVERSAL PHOTO GLOBAL VANS Highway 431 SHOP Albertville, Alabama 35950 Cameras, Supplies Gifts (205) 878-4892 or (205) 878-7657 Albertville, AL Accessories ROD LOWERY » Slock 878-4431 878-0681 OK Tire Store 221 North Broad Albertville. Alabama 35950 JACK GUINN Home 878-3595 P A T R L I I K Your Chevy Outlet Store Boaz, AL Ph. 593-4253 SUNBRITE CLEANERS Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1371 CLUETT APPAREL OUTLET Famous Makers Clothes Direct from Our Factories Savings Up to 50% and More RANKIN INSULATION CO. Free Estimates — Quality Workmanship 217 North Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 Bill RAnkin Phone: 878-8460 186 LACY'S Carpet and Wallpaper Center JIM ROSEMARY LACY ROSS GRADEN LUMBER CO. Highway 431 S. Albertville, AL 35950 o z z o OZZO COACH Phone: 878-1461 878-2399 Rt. 3, Albertville, AL PARAGON DECORS Factory Outlet Prices on Framed Pictures, Florals, Brass Items, and Many Other Gift Items Factory Outlet Boaz Mall Boaz, Alabama 593-9479 RAY LEMASTER MOTORS P.O. Box 564 Albertville, AL 35950 P.O. Box 564 Albertville, AL 35950 Office: (205) 878-3328 Home: (205) 878-1322 Appere for tho WENDELL'S RESTAURANT 105 East Main St.. 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GALLOWAY, OWNER GALLOWAY MOTORS CLEAN USED CARS Phone: 891-0674 Bus: 878-6861 P.O. Box 397 Albertville NISSAN MOULTRIE NISSAN, INC Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-4390 Carpet and Wallpaper CHARLES AND JIMMIE GRIMES Owners Home Phone: 878-2031 BEASON DRUGS 525 Baltimore Ave. Albertville [ Ph. 878-66231 410 Hooper Drive Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone: 878-7233 Complete Line of Party Supplies, Costume Rentals and Wedding Supplies COOK’S PEST CONTROL Hwy. 431 Albertville, AL Phone: 878-5511 431 SHELL 410 Hwy. 431 No. Highland Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone (205) 878-5291 Owner ODIS PIERCE Shell 199MUELLER COMPANY Rt. 3, Weaver Ave., Albertville, AL 878-7930 Congratulations Class of ’85 KENDALL CO. 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Box 1308 Phone: 891-1212 NORTH ALABAMA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE SECRETARIAL SCIENCE SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEGAL SECRETARIAL MEDICAL SECRETARIAL WORD PROCESSING COMPUTER SCIENCE 2820 Holmes Avenue Huntsville, AL 35816 Phone: (205) 539-0428 sr SAND MOUNTAIN CHARLIE COX FRAMERS Oldsmobile Pontiac Company Creative Custom Picture CHARLIE COX Picture Framing CHARLIE COX 311 Highway 431 Suth Car and Truck Leasing Company Albertville, AL 35950 878-9517 719 HWY 431 NORTH Phone 878-0992 ALBERTVILLE. AL 35950 HASTY AUTO COURINGTON PARTS, INC. Real Estate 702 Highway 431 South 403 N. Broad St. P.O. Box 734 Albertville, Alabama 35950 Albertville, AL 35950 878-4381 878-1994 Real Estate Professionals 203WELLS CLOTHING Your Clothing Store of Values Downtown Main Mall Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-2441 204205ALBERTVILLE CHURCH DIRECTORY 1985-1986 ANTIOCH BAPTIST, 130 First Street Rev. 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