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 oQ o°° °ooooooooooooooo° MOUNTAINEER PRESENTS THE TEAK IN REVIEW a 0o o°° ooooooooooooooo Albertville High School Albertville Alabama Joanna Campbell Editor Sue Couch Sponsor W V • - . ' » • : -s • r . v 7 Xi «; r , », • '-' »■ v.i- ' V ■ L ’ • ■ v i w, s ' Vfc , :¥?. ■• '■.■.■ s • • «v. • .- i • i ' . - »u - . I, v f. ...I . VM' I ' .. .;• ; te ' ; .: ■ •■ .'Vtlf .V , ' ' • . 7. M - '• . v- r. . • - ? '. .X V. . ■ »' A[. v »• ' - ,t 1 s- ..V. ■ , L -• y » ' "m o • • s - v ' 2 . ' 1 - i-7 ' -»■ ■:■• 1K • - "'-7 • ‘ v • .iV . -V ;7' 7 v . 5. : •'-• 57With All Cur Friends. 111} vV5 )X - fp ° vi «er ran 6 o .tS t,' w, yf5 ■ “C» Dear Nelson $ Cindy, We would like to say how prdud we are of our childen and we love you two, so much. God has blessed us with two good childen and may God bless both of you through the comm-ing years as he has us. GOOD LUCK Love you Mom and Dad v £- aV 4s -Cy ? c ° c o? ? S v $ c :. V O ?«? J? ■K ■ e, - ■ « .c- t . e- ■ ■ £ ,' t ? ? o -s . O1 S' o 5 V , J3! V1® ' ' V va yA UtjL ‘VC WW A. ' - v-y r A ■ rn « Vc- v - ) «i u tX rv- £- - — ,Uj AJ2 i y Wt -Aa.' buU . C.Ktbt :LJ:UA ‘iJ- SHW. C-U. fc ruu x. c r u£. Lt , . C iy -. AL F • ttrS -t -wUX ' T ,. W. JL . lX' SoM u {. k-'-t-C L J Ac"io . ■ c rv 'W c,. • i "H-1 |L rV ., i ®c. •cd ( n uz j (fa, Lf r 'tnaMiL tkiM aft, 7t aLoUj V JlOMJU W1U, tftxy CftirtAinJU. u£ tAiy ISu'altl irv £ A ul tlbruA u iM-' aju tujl, © sj aK . k Vh° " . i V - .nfl 0 V' . i tWI Dedication For her years of hard work and making the Mountaineer the publication that it is today, we dedicate the 1985 edition of the Mountaineer to Miss Catherine Brasher.Administration Assistant Principal Tommy Lacks It you were to venture onto the campus of Albertville High School at 7:00 a m. or 7:00 p m . the one person that you would likely find at the school is Mr Lacks He handles all of the discipline and attendance affairs at the school as well as all of the extra-curricular activities held on campus Mr Lacks is a vital part of the growth and development of the students at Albertville High School Donna Sims Secretary 20Sandy Killian Secretary Principal Arthur Baugh TO THE ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS - 1985 Too often, like the main character in the book The Great Gatsby. some students tend to spend much of their lives "in between time"; a foot in the past, a glance to the future. Other students say, sometimes cynically, that there are really only two places in life that count where they've been and where they're going. I would like to think that somehow your years at Albertville High School have provided a striking four-year moment where, in a sense, time has stood still, clocks have frozen, past and future years have blended If we. the faculty, and you. our graduates, have touched each other, even slightly, with a little sentiment, a bit of intellect and a lot of wisdom, then our lives have been enriched and Today, as you graduate from high school. I challenge you to continue your education - whether a formal one obtained in an institution of higher learning or one acquired from your experiences each day I also leave with you this thought from Jonathan Livingston Seagull concerning friendships with classmates and faculty But overcome space and all we have left is Here, overcome time, and all we have left is Now And in the middle of Here and Now. don't you think that we might see each other again once or twice?" Congratulations and good luck to all of you. With best wishes always, Arthur Baugh Principal 21My Most Embarrassing Moment Mas ... Charles Amason Counselor Snead St Jr College, Auburn; B.S ; Master's Degree Ronny Whittaker Agribusiness Auburn Univ., Univ. Georgia; B.S Nona Proctor English Snead St )r Coll, Jacksonville St Univ. AL.; B.S.; M S.; AA Certification Ann Gertsman Consumer Math Jacksonville St Univ.; B.S ... the time my students put a tack in my chair I saw the tack so I didn't sit down. In the course of the class I forgot and sat on it after all. Couch wearing my house shoes to school one day. P. Thompson talking in English literature about a play "Hot Cat on a Tin Roof.” Amason . . . when I lost an entire twenty student class in the forest while teaching compass reading. Whittaker the time I returned to my sixth period class after running an errand, and found Mr. Baugh in the doorway and my class singing Christmas carols in Spanish rather than reading The Diary of Anne Frank. N. Proctor Sue Couch English Samford University B.A M.A. Pat Thompson U.S. History Jacksonville St Univ , B.S Ann George ID - English Math Jacksonville St Univ , Univ. Alabama. B.S.; M.A. Jean Head Home Economics Jacksonville St Univ . U.A.B ; Master's Degreeyou l ncw It’s Goins to Be a Lons Bay When... Raymond Sparks Algebra I II Snead Si., Jacksonville St . Alabama A M; B S ; Master s Degree Linda Bopp Geometry, Pre-Algebra Univ Alabama. U.A.B ; B S Master's Degree . you go out to feed the dog and realize you don't have one. Ber y .. . you come to work with your husband's tar keys. Ian Adams Ira Crawford Government Economics Snead St. lacksonvilleSt. Univ . MS. Ian Adams Chemistry I II, Physics. Jacksonville St.. U.A B.; B S ; MS you go to mail a letter and open it instead Amason Mary Hughes Counselor Jacksonville St MS. L G McCollum Biology Jacksonville St B S . . . you're late for school, and you finally find your car keys in the refrigerator Bopp Judy Berry Humanities, English lacksonvilleSt.. U A B . B S . MS lane Adams English St. Bernard, lacksonvilleSt; M S. . you get up and get ready for school and you discover it is only 4:00 a m GertsmanDiana lohnson Home Economics Joyce Hopkins Special Education Mickey Moore Physical Education. Coach I ww Go ahead, make my day!' 24loAnn Moore Physical Education. Coach John Garner Psychology Sociology Fnglish Shirley Corbin Am. Hist . World Hist . Art lames Jolley General Math Catherine Brasher Biology. Physiology Ricky Todd Agri-BusinessI Knew Td Made a Mistake When . . . Robert Killian Tony Proctor loAnn Ellis Vernon Wells Band Special Education English Government Economics Univ. Alabama. UNA . B S . Master's Degree .. . I was awakened to hear that the ballgame was in progress without me. Lacks . . . Mr Baugh yelled, "Brasher!” . .. Mr. Lacks said, "The following teachers have not turned in their. . .” jane Adams . . . I forgot the ballgame. McCollum ... I asked my fourth period it they had anything to say. Crawford I said, "Class, I know you are all involved in reading the assigned story in your literature books, but drop what you're doing and take a few minutes to fill out these forms for the main office.” Thirty-four literature books hit the floor. N. Proctor lane Nelson JoAnn Wells Diane Sivils WandaSloan Librarian Aid. Special Education Algebra I Advanced Math Vocational Ed , M.D.E lacksonville St, Snead St M S U.A.B ; Jacksonville St Master's Union College. Vanderbilt A.B. Degree MAI Knew Pd Made a Mistake When.. . Jan Masters Typing, Accounting Edna Harris World History Karen Gpson Business Education, Typing Richard Denham Vocational Education, V I E . . . I agreed to teach freshmen. Davis George Thorne Coach, AL Hist Wld. Geo Shannon Sloan Coach, Physical Education Bob Duke AL Hist. Wld. Geo. Auburn. Univ. Alabama; B.S. M.A. .. . I was removed from the Sr. High building to the Jr. High building and told to do my own janitorial work! Sparks jerry Blanks U S. Hist., Math Univ. Alabama; B S , M.A. 27Ronnie Little Coat h. I)river's Edut ation Eleanor Hudgens Business Education Dewayne Lovell Learning I Usabilities Dorothy lolley TypingBecky Fdmondson Learning Disabilities Hilda Cole Teacher's Aid |im Thompson Coach. General Science Linda Baggett English Kathy Rains Librarian; Audio Visual Director Wanda Howard English. Cheerleading Sponsor Glenda Wooten Donna Maynard Special Education Coach, Physical EducationLunchroom Staff Bottom Row L to R Emmett Smalley, Sandra Sams, Jeannette Crumbley, and Margie Williams Top Row L to R: Iris McCrickard, Linda Porter, and Pat Southern Linda Porter, Lunchroom Manager In Memory of riieiihen Rudy Hedges Mr. Hodges was an outstanding teacher at Albertville High School for fifteen years. He was a good friend as well as a good teacher, and his influence is lasting.We Eefian the Final Step in Cur Tyann Bagwell lames Baker Betsy Appleton lohnny Ashley beema Barbela Grant Barkley Eric Barnett Ken Barton Michelle Bean Charlotte Beardon Chad Beasley Teresa Beck 34“Search f cr Tomorrow.” SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right lonna Mitchell, Parliamentarian, Courtney Campbell, President; LeAnne lones. Secretary Beth Warren, Treasurer; Betsy Appleton, Vice President Mark Bolton jean Bonds Stacy Bonds Michelle Bright Rickey Brooks Cindy Brown Lonnie Burgess Terry Burgett 35We Knew That We Weuld Seen 36 Teresa Childress John Clemons Susan Cochran Shannon ColeBe Entering “Another Wcrld. Arnold Collett Amy Cordell Jennifer Cordell Juli Cornelius Mischa Currie Jerry Davis Susie Davis Tommy Davis Jon Denny Wesly Dickson Melissa Dilgard Shane Dobbins 37We Depended en That “Guiding Susan Drain Angie Driver Michael Edwards Chris Elrod Katrina Ennis Karen Eubanks Davey Ferguson Tammy Garvin Dan Glassco Eddie Fant 38Lifiht For Direction. 3 I Maria Casey Goble lason Grimes Renay Guffey Allen Haiges Sandy Harris Sylinda Harris Kim Harville Angie Hawkins David Hicks Kelli Holder 39Sc far. We’ve Made the Most Jennifer Horton Tim Howard Tammy Johnson Jill Johnston LeAnne Jones Valerie Jones David Kaylor Tabatha Kennedy Nancy King Ruth Lacy 40Cf Cur Cne Life te Live,” Jackson Lester Janice Lindsey Ramona Lowery Jeff Martin Terri Mashburn Robin Martin Kelley McClendon Nancy McClendon Brent Mayfield June McBrayer 41We Have Dreams fcr the Arlethia McCrary Sandra Morgon jonna Mitchell Edwin Murray Rodney Moody Scott Myrick Mitch Morgon Blake Nixon 42Coming “Cays of Cur Lives. Eric Nobis jason Pate Mark Patterson Rodney Peppers Sissy Pike Terri Pollard Sonya Pope Cindy Powell Nelson Powell Paula Powell 43 As the World Turns” We Will Cc Leslie Prickett Dawn Pritchett Deanna Quarles Cindy Rains Elizabeth Rankin Jon Ray Eric Reaves Alfie Ratcliffe Kelly Rice David Richey Destin Rives Amy Rodenntinue tc Remember These Rays. Randy Rogers lackie Saint Bridged Peppers Scott Anita Shell Donna Simpson Nicky Sims Stacy Slaton Lela Smith Pam Smith Denise Snellings Teresa Soper lanet SpencerCur ycung and Restless” Scheel Rachel Stallings Bobby Stewart Kim Striplin Dianne Spurgeon Gwenn Swords Penny Swords Jonathon Sutton Kay Taylor 46years Have Been Fun. Thad Thornbury Michelle Trammel Bill Traylor Sharon Turner Beth Warren Jerri Whitten Barry Wilks Anthony Williams Leigh Ann Woods Michael Vao George Williams Greg Willis 47Senicritis Almost Put IJ$ Allen Atchley David Bottomlee Mark Bouldin Kym Brown Kevin Chandler Stephen Crews Gretchen Crow Amy Davis Kim Dickie 48In “General Hospital." Elbert Havis Jimmy Faulkner Chris Lackey Marcella Henson Jeff Mashburn Sammy Isbell Samantha Martin David JonesSenior Class of 8(5.” Susan McCain Scott Mitchell Michelle Monroe Jeff Pearce Andrea Pledger Jemima Ramsey Debra Self Chris Sherer Randy Taylor Dal Thomas Eric Waldrop Tammie Stone 50Allen, Pat Arnold, Paige Avery, Chris Avery, Gregg Baggett, Brock Bailey, lamie Baker, lames Barkley, Tom Baucom, Belinda Baugh, Angelia Baugh, Shane Bearden, Lisa 52Beverly Bills Ccp Bearden. Lori Beasley, Rhonda Bobo. Sulyn Bohannon. Renae Bommarita. Angelina Breed well. Bryan Bright. Allen Bright, Randy Britton, Teryl Brown, Dawn Brown, Kim Bruce. Crystal Buchanan. Richard Buchanan. Tami Buckelew, Tracy Burgess. Lisa Burke, Kelly Burke. Shawn 53Tcotsie Canady, Ginger Carnes, Lesa Chamblee. lerrie Chamblee, Rita Charles, Mike Cheek, Allen Childress, Perry Christian, Evelyn Christian, Kim Colvin, Jay Cordell, Susan Cornelius, Nancy Croft, Shane Crowe, Stephanie Cunningham, Rhonda Currie, Anthony Currie, Sandra Darden, Rene 54Micki Maude Davis. Victor Dean, Angie Dick, Susan Dickie, leAnne Dixon, Mark Drain, Keith Duncan, Joey Duvall, Paige Ennis, Pam Ferguson, Lance Foreman, Cindy Formby, Philip Franks, Paul Garrison, Craig Gautney. Kenny Gilbert, Eric Gilbreath, Scott Golden. Marc 55Core, Tim Grice, Melinda Grogan, Teresa Guffey. Donna Gunter, Chris Ham. Scott Hamrick. Phillip Hannah, Gayle Hard. Kevin Harris. Keitfi Harris, Scotty Higgins, James Holder, Tim Holder, Michelle Holder. Todd Holderfield, Holleigh Holderfield, Vance Holliday, Samantha Holsonback. Kelly Hood. Kelly Hope, David Howard, David Hoy, Jeff Johnson. Kevin Risky business 56Teachers Johnston, Angela Jolley, Joy Justice, Joni Karr, Marty Kay, Donna King. Kelly Knight, Charnita Lacy, Mark Lamons, Linda Lamons, Stephani Lang, Lori Lang, Tammy 57Langley, RKky Lesley, Ellen Littlefield, Scotl Logan, Scott Madden. Pat Malone. Carol Martin, Doug Massey, Brian Masters, Brad Masters, Sherry Matthews, Annette Matthews, Mark Mays, Steven McClendon, Chris McConnell. Kim McDonald, Tim McGowan, Scotty McKee, Keith Miller, Bruce Millie an, David Mitchell, Kerry Moman, Beth Purple Pain 58Trading Places Moore, Kelly Moore, Shane Moore, Suann Morgan, Charlotte Morgan, Tim Morrow, Todd NeSmith, Eddie Nicholson, Kevin Oliver, Kristi Oliver, Melissa Owens, David Oyler, Chris Painter, David Panned, Carl Patterson, Mike Patterson, Pam Payne, Kathy Pell, Eric Pell, Pam Pell, Rita Pike, Judy Pledger, Nathan 59Cheerleaders Reagan. Debbie Robinson. Lisa Roe, lulie Rogers. Michelle Saint. Frankie Salter, Gail Salter, Tina Sampson. Mark Powell. Valerie Rams, Mike Rains. Mike Rogers. Pagan Rowan, Rodney Rushing, Kristi Segar, David Sanders, |eff Scott, Wendy Seahorn, Leslie 60Double Trouble Shanklev Mike Shell. Rodney Shell. Tracy Sherrett. Melissa Simpson. Scotty Slaton, Shelly Smith, Chris Smith. Ion Alan Smith, Suzanne Smith, Wayne Snider, Thomas Southerland. Coy Southern. Denise Spence. Denise Spencer, Kristy Spray berry. Van 61Starmen Spurgeon, loyce Stanfield, lames Stanfield, Mike Stanford, Cary Stephens, Mike Stewart, Richard Swatek, Paul Sweanngin, Bonnie Swords, Kristi Swords, Robyn Tarvin. Carrie Tarvin, Tommy Taylor, Cintha Taylor. Pattie Thomas, Latona Tidmore, Donna Todd, Joel Vaughn, Dawn Walker, Toby Walters, Rene Webb, Melissa Wilbanks, Janet Wilder, Mark Williams, Kerry Williams, Kim Williams, Sherry Williams. Sonya Williamson, Michael Willoughby, Amos Wofford, Susan Womack, Joyce Woods, Samantha 6263Class Officers Take Office Aaron, Shelly Abbott, Mitsey Abney. Nancy Allen. Randy Allen. Robert Anderson, Cinny Anthony, Denise Anthony. Preston Ashley, David Baker, lame Baker, lohnny Baker, Stephanie Bankston. Tammy Barnett, Dale Bates. Patrick Beacham, Kelly Bearden. Beth Bearden, Brian Bearden. Charlie SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: From left: Jennifer Davis, Secretary-Treasurer; Howard Beason, President Diana Cribbs, Vice President 64We’re Awaiting “Spring Creak Season, Howard Bentley, Doug Bentley, Michelle Bethune. Kerry Biddle, Miriam Bjornlie, Shane Blanks, leremy Bopp. Ion Borden, Natasha Bottomlee, Kim Bright, David Brown, Darlene Brown, Kim Brown, Teresa Bryant, Leigh Buckelew, Chris Burbanks, Shannon Burgette, Gerry Burns, )udy Butler, Cheri Campbell, Jody Carr, Pam Childress, Steven 65Making “All the Eight Moves Cole. Peter Collins, Misty Cordell. Mike Cornelius, Mike Cornelius, Tim Cotton, Colin Cox. Kristy Cribbs, Diana Darnell, Carlene Davis, Jennifer Davis, Karen Davis, Mike Dipietro, Teresa Dixon. Julie Dorsett, Mike Dunn, Patricia Edmonds, Gina Eller, Patrick Ellis, Wendy England, Rhonda Engle, Melinda 66Breakin” All the Buies Eubanks, Brenda Farr, Loretta Fleming, Lee Fowler, Dee Fox, Mark Franks, Phyllis Frazier, Sandy Freshwater, Todd Garrett, Mark Garrett, Rod Garrison, Chris Gilbert, Chris Gillian, Jo Ann Gore. Jamie Gore. Mendith Greer, Rusty 67“Trading Places” Greer, Susie Griffith, Jason Guffey, Laura Hale. Cyndi Hamby, Amanda Hardin, Jeff Harmon. Mickey Harper, Shane Harrell. Sharon Harvey, Wayne Hasson, Tina Hatley, Scott Hawkins, Matt Hayes, Scott Herrington, Sandra Hinds, Amy Hix, Lee Holland, Bonita Horton, April Howard, Jon Hudson, Teresa Hunt,Melissa Hyatt, Rhonda Ingram, Debra James, Kelly 68Sophomores Phone Pome Jenkins, Jeff Johnson, Melissa Johnson, Holli Jolley, Anna Jones, Angela Jones, Scott Jumalon, Ronnie Kemp, Shannon Kennedy, Steven Kilgore, Allen King, Tim Lacy, Duane Lacy, Kristen Lambert, Eric Lambert, Kelly Lang, Annette Langley, Chris Lester, Lisa Lloyd, Sheri Long, Tammi Luther, Mark Madden. Chris Maddux, Thomas Mashburn, John 69y©u Cculd Call Us the “Ccadwarricr McCaffery. Ken McCamy, Brad McCauley. Kathy McClendon. Chamane McClendon. Guy McClure, Trish McCullars, Mike McCurley, Brian McCutchen. Bobby McCutchen, Jimmy McCutcheon, Pat McDaniel, Don Meeks, Kelli Messer, Tami Miller, |oey Miller. Scott Miller, Steven Mitchem, Todd Moore, Missy Morrison. Mike Morton, Christy 70Cr “Cocky Murphy. Shane Nash. Shane Nash. Steven Nicholson, Misha Painter, Kim Palmer, )im Pankey. Chris Pankey, Rhonda Parr. Dean Parris. Sandra Parrish, Cindy Patterson, -nelisa Patterson. Paula Patterson. Tommy Pemberton, Laura Penney, Shannon Perry. Delana Peters, john Phillips, Teresa Poe, Sophia Powell, Sheri Readlmg, Tim Richey, Beth Riddle. Sammy Roberts, Linda 71Because We re Always in First Blace Roberson. Tony Roden, Johnny Roe, John Rogers. Jack Rowell. Cathy Sampson. Chad Sandland, Sheila Sargent, Linda Scarbrough, Lynne Seahorn, Stacie Segars, Scott Shadinger. Keith Shankles. Melrssa Shell. Raymond Simmons, Tim Simpson, Michael Sims, Cheryl Smith. Dee Dee 72Scphcmcres Shew Spirit Smith, Keith Smith, Ronald Snider, Eric Soper, Allen Stanfield, Lonnie Stanfield, Shane Stanford, Amy Staton, Monica Stephens, Regina Stone, Jimmy Strange, Tammi Striplin, Melissa Swearingin, Neal Sweitzer. Jennifer Tuck, Susan Treece, Harold Teague, Jeff Tarvm. Patrick Tarvin. Ramona Voight, Carol Waldrop, Shannon Wallace, Shane Washington. Kayla Watson. Robin Weaver. Glenda Webster. Tracy 73By Smiling Wide With Pride Wells. Mk helle West. Kim Westbrooks. Eric Whisenant. Eric White, Ailon White. Melissa Whitehead, Stephan Whitlock. Lisa Williams. Nevada Williams. Sharon Williamson, lackie Willoughby. Laura Wilmore, Sam Wilson. Landon Wilson, Regina Windsor, Chris Windsor. Deanna Windsor, Lisa Windsor, Mike Wright. Dennis Yancy. Danny 74Albert, Rose Amos. Lisa Anderson, Donny Anderson, Shane Anderton, Clenton Anthony. Buddy Bagwell. Amy Baker. Clint Baker. Joyce Barker, Thomas Baugh. Delane Bean, Scott Bearden. Leann Beasley, Ricky Bell. Tammy Belue, Mary Benefield. Bridgette Benefield, Mike Berry, Scott Bishop. Kenneth Blackwell, Neil Blevins, Windy Bohannon, Anthony Boland, Tammy Bolding, Troy Bo man, Andrew Bonds. Donna Borah, Stacy Brown, Bobby Brown, Keith Brown, Michelle Class Cff leersReceive a Standing Ovation Bryant, Michelle Buchanan, Scott Burns, Kenny Burns, Stephanie Camp, lean Campbell, Suzanne Canady, Lesa Carr, Jeff Carroll, Christy Carter, Hugh Wayne Cash, Chantay Causey, Janice Chamblee, Larry Chandler, Greg Chaney, David Charles, Rachelle Cheek, Christy Childress, Angie Christian, Bobby Christian, Kim Clevette, Dianne Cochran, Jason Cofield, Kelly Cole, Maura Coflins, Monica 77Gaining an Award Compton. Penny Connolly. Dawn Connolly. Shawn Cook. Stephen Cooper, Karen Corbin, Charlene Cornelius. Bobby Cox, Cindy Crosby, Cor den Curry, Christie Curtis, Charley Daniels, Allison Davis, Brent Davis, Tracy Decker, Norman Dixon, Tracy Dorset t, Mike Dorough. Chris Doyle. Darlene Driver. Melinda Early, Cory Edmonds. Pansy Edmonds. Sonya Elkins. Scott Eller, John Floyd, Mitch Fowler, Amanda Frazier, Elizabeth Freeman, lackie Fulton, Andrea 78In Almost Everything We Do Gaither. Rod Galloway. Mike Garner. Reed Gass. Kenny Gentry. Boh Gibson. Brad Gill ert, Kandie Gilliand. )oey Golden. Stephanie Gore. Renee Gordon. Trina Graben, Kristy Greene. Kelly Grice. Kevin Griffith. Teresa Grindle. Connie Grindle. lames Grindle. Steven Grindle. Timmy Gunter, Shannon Ham. Beth Hambrick. Tricia Hannah. Amy Hanson. Stephen Harden, lames Harris. Robert Harris. Suzette Harvey, letf Harvey. Kelly Harvey. Sonya Hawley. Angela Helms. Phillip Henry. Brent Hix. Leslie Holbrooks. Carla Holiday. Tammy Honea, Christie Hornbuckle. Pam 79We’re Destined tc Find Hulgan, Ben Isbell, Shane lames, Rickie jarmon, Amy Jenkins, Paula Johnson, Frankie Johnson. Shannon Johnson, Kelly Jolley. David Jones, Jay Justice, Julie Justice, Stacy Kay. Karen Kight, Diane Kilgore, Christy Killian, Kim King, Teresa Kirby. Alan Kittle, Shani Knight, Geri Knight, Tim Lacy, Jonathian Lacy, Lisa Lamons, Christie Lamons, Stacie Lang, Jeri Lang, Rachelle Leaf, Chris Leatherwood, Douglas 80Fame! McClellan, Chris McCollum. Teresa xi Lemley, Angela Lemley, George Leonard, Ken Lesley, Thomas Loftin, Sabrina Lowden. Sue Lybrande. leff Lyles, Lori Malone, Melissa Mardis, Marcy Maroney, Shelly Martin, |ana Mathis, Kim Mathis, Sherry Matthews. Leslie May, Thurman Mays, I J. yet Ceins Directed tc Live McGee. )oy McGee. Keith McGill, Kristi McGriff, Shane McHenry, Michelle Mikel, Aaron MiHican. Joe Bob Milner. Heath Mitchell. Michelle Mitchell, Todd Mitchem, Tanya Monroe. Michael Moore, Mike Moore, Stacie Morgan. Donny Morrison, Terry Morrow, Shannon Moses, Teresa Murdock, Anette Nesmith, Terry Nixon, Victoria Ogle. Kurt Ogle, Toby Oliver, Alicia Owens. Jeff Pams, Derrick Pankey, Scott Parker. Allen Pate, Michelle Patterson, Angie Pell. Kim Perry, Curtis Pettis, Terry Phillips, Sheree Pierce, Alex Pierce. Hope Pike, Eric 82The “Wild Life” Pittman lunior Poe. lonathan Porch. Andrew Powell. Floyd Powell. I I) Powell, led Pruil. Brian Pruit. Tina Quigley. Andy Quinn. lack Rains. Amy Ray. Anthony o JL V A hJk i ■i' Reaves. Steve Reed. Brad Rhodarmor. Lisa Rials, loey Rice. Trmda Riddle. Hope Riddle. Regina Rives. Shane Robinson, let I Rogers. Bobby Rogers. Tift any Rooke Ben Rosser. Rob Roe. Cami Saddler. Greg Satterfield. Brian Scarbrough. Laurie Seagers. Chuck Shaw. Patrick Sherret. Tiffany Simmons. Mellrsa Simpson, Chad Simpson. Chris Sims, Susan Smith. Bobby BiEither Eeing “Hard tc Held Smith, David Smith, Nancy Smith, Rodney Smith. Sherry Smith. Sonya Snider. Chris 'Stanfield, Nancy Stephens. Stephanie Stephens, Todd Stevens, Lisa Stuart. Ronnie Stietzel, Karen Still, Shawn Stone, Scott Swart, )oe 84©r F ©ctlccse Swords, Keith Swords, Mark Swords, Sheila Teague. Kelly Teal, Tammy Terrel, Christy Thomas, Michelle Thomas, Tammy Tidwell. Shane Todd, Jackie Traylor, led TrusseJI, Jonathon Upton, Dawn Vaughn. Connie Vaughn, Dee Waldrop. Sherry Walker. Brian Walker, Payne Warren, Nancy ' 85We Still Cate 1 Waters. Regina Webb, Carl Wehrwein. Mark West, Eric West, Melody Wheeler. Carmen White, )enny White, Robert Whitehead. Cindy Whitley, Phillip Wilburn, Ray Wilks, Lisa Williams, Dora Williams. Pat Wilson, Ann Wood. Amy Woods. Tabatha Wooten. Michelle Wright. Kathie Yancy. Kim Yates. Sandra 1st Row From I: Jennifer Davis. Anna Jolley, Betsy Appleton, Randy Rogers 2nd Row From L LeAnne Jones, Trish McClure, Joanna Campbell, Seema Barbela, Monica Collins. Suzanne Campbell, Susan Cochran, Amanda Fowler, Deanna Quarles, Rodney Champion. 1984-85 Mountaineer Staff 88Ms. Sue Couch, Mountaineer Adviser Annual Staff lias a Great year Joanna Campbell, editorSENIORS, Bottom Row From L Betsy Appleton, Dawn Pritchett, Rodney Champion 2nd Row From L: Randy Rogers, Ioanna Campbell, Susan Cochran, Deanna Quarles, Seema Barbela lunior Section: Features: Dawn Pritchett, editor. Melissa Oliver, staff LeAnne lones, editor, Susan Cochran, staffFaculty Section: Betsy Appleton Student Life Anna Jolley, editor, Jennifer Davis, staff Senior Section Seema BarbelaSophomore Section Trish McClure, editor Freshmen Section Amanda Fowler, editor, Monica Collins, Suzanne Campbell, staffStudent Council 1®84.-§ 5 Lesa Carnes Dianna Cribbs Vice President Treasurer The Student Council is made up of four officers, homeroom representatives and volunteers. It started out the year with a new reserved parking project. Other projects included selling candygrams for Christmas and a free car wash. Proceeds from the car wash were used from school activities and "Save the Statue of Liberty” fund. The Student Council also organizes Homecoming and the annual Red Cross blood drive. 93 lane Nelson and Richard Denham. SponsorsSophomores 1st Row From L Melissa Shankles, Sandy Frazier, Susan Tuck, Anna lolley, Jennifer Davis, Paula Patterson, Lynne Scarbrough. Delana Perry, Michelle Wells 2nd Row From L Shelly Aaron. Melissa Hunt, Kim West, Kristy Cox. Stephan Whitehead. Trish McClure. Debra Ingram, Natasha Borden, Dianna Cribbs, Jeremy Blanks Freshmen From L Amy Hannah, Shawn Connolly, Amy Bagwell, Lisa Rhodarmer, Shane McGriff, Suzanne Campbell, Hope Pierce, Tammy Holliday, Sabrina Loftin. 94Seniors 1st Row From L Alfie Ratcliff, LeAnn Jones, Kim Striplin, Seema Barbela, Tommy Davis 2nd Row From L Yvette Medina, Melissa Dilgard, Elizabeth Rankin, lennifer Horton, Ioanna Campbell, Destin Rives, Cindy Powell, Charlotte Bearden Juniors 1st Row From L Suzanne Smith, Melissa Oliver. Kim McConnell. Holleigh Holder field, )om lustice, Lesa Carnes. Rene Darden, MellSSd Sherrett 2nd Row From L Kelly Burke. Kelly Hood. Christy Rushing, Melinda Grice, Brook Baggett, fulie Roe. Gail DeHart. Michelle Rogers, Mike Shankles. Steve Terrell, David Owens ird Row From L Rene Walters, Rodney Shell, Anthony Curne. Doug Marlin 951st Row From I Amy Cordell. Gwenn Swords. Kelley McClendon. Valerie lones. Wanda Sloan. Sponsor 2nd Row From I Kell Holder. Angela Johnston, Jason Pate. Michelle Bean ird Row From L Leigh Ann Wood, Sharon Turner. Robert Terrel. Todd Holder 4th Row From L Michael Edwards. Pam Glasco. Alan Haiges. Mark Bolton, lason Grimes D.E.C.A. Distributive Education Clubs of America are affiliated organizations designed to help students gain confidence, develop skills in leadership, and realize their potential in the field of Marketing and Distribution. This organization provides students with opportunity to compete in their respective fields of studyon district, state, and national levels. OFFICERS, From I Gwenn Swords, Sec; Valerie lones. Treas ; Leigh Ann Wood, Pres %M oow From I Trarv Tervl Britton Conn Neely. Selmda Harris. Yvette Medina, Jonna Mitche . Destn Rives. Cindy Powell, Ekzabeth Rankin. Ke y Rice 2nd Row From L Michelle Trammell loev Carrol lackson Lester Anthony Wilkams, Stephen Oews. Rodney Peppers. Kely Sampson. Shane Croft, Nathan Plecteer 3rd Row From L Richard Denham. Spon-wjly Pur VWk Dtxo Davld Kajlor. Randy TayJor, Shane DoSn Marty Carr, Alan Cheek 4th Row From L: Connei Burgess. Brandon Terrell. David Jones, Ebert Hav». Dale Lee. Eddie Fant, Kevin Benefield. Tim Holder. Allen Bright V.I.C.A. VICA is an organization for high school postsecondary students enrolled in trade, industrial, and technical education classes. VICA provides its members with leadership, training and recognition for excellent craftsmanship. The Alabama Association has over 12,000 members with local clubs located in over 200 high schools and technical colleges. 97 Joey Carroll, Pari, Cindy Powell, Treas.; Yvette Medina, Reporter; Nicky Sims, Sec.; Charlotte Bearden, Vice Pres, Kelly Rice, Pres.Devils Advocate 1st Row From I Dawn Vaughn -Ad Editor. Susan Drain and Jennifer Horton - Entertanment Editors 2nd Row From L Samantha Woods -Asst Editor Jonathon Sutton -Sports Editor, Eric Reeves - Art Editor. Wesley Dickson - Editor The Devils Advocate is the Albertville High School's Periodical newspaper. Several regional workshops, as well as one statewide workshop, were held for newspaper staffs During club periods, films were shown to teach students the fundamentals of journalism. 98 1st Row From L Joyce Womack. Gayle Hannah. Crystal Bruce. Missy Moore. Theresa Helms. Samantha Woods Ioann Elis 2nd Row From I Dawn Vaughn. Robin Swords, lonathon Sutton FrK Reeves David Duckett. Scott Mynck 3rd Row From I Tabatha Kennedy. Angie Dean. Jennifer Horton. Wesley Dickson. Susan Dram, Joy Joley1st Row From I Sandra Currie. Rene Drake. Michelle Rogers. Cindy Foreman, Shelly Slaton, Valerie Powel, Stephanie Crowe I atona Thomas. Gail DeHart, Angeha Baugh. Chamane McClendon. Sonya Iordan Misty Collins. Tami Messer 2nd Row From L Denise Anthony. Sharon W ams, Kristy Cox. Dee Dee Smith Kim Brown. Sulyn Bobo. Kelly Moore. Teresa Grogan Cynthia Taylor loette Colbart. - ngie Driver. Penny Swords. Katrina Ennis. Rose Causey 3rd Row From I Holli lohnston. Rhonda England. Mie Dixon. Debbie Reagan. Rita Chamblee, Wendy Scott. Teresa Phdns. Kelli Meeks Darlene Brown. Trish McClure, Laura Willoughby Sandy Frazier. Angela lones 4th Row From L Rene Bohannon. Cindy Rams. Nancy .McClendon, Carlene Darnell. Kathy McCauly Tammy Bankston, lanet Spencer Beth Moman. Kim Wdliams. Nancy Comelious. Regina Wilson 5th Row From L lill Johnston. Renay Guffey, Robin Taylor. Donna Simpson. Kim Miller. Ramona Lowery. Donna Guffey. Sissy Pike, Gretchen Crowe. Kristi Oliver. Suann Moore 6th Row From L lanet Wilbanks, Susan Wofford. Kelly Hdsonback. Terri Pollsrd. Pam Pell. Bridged Scott, Pam Smith. Annette Matthews. Carol Malone OFFICERS. From L Robin Taylor. Pres . Renay Guffey. Sec. Annette Matthews Pad. Shelly Slaton. Vice Pres . Trish McClure. Treas F.C.L.A. Future Business Leaders of America are not only leaders of tomorrow, but also leaders of today. The 1984-85 school year was a great one for the club. They participated in their annual Tom Wat gift sales which was very successful. They also had business executives come and talk to the club members about their professions. 991st Row From L l nise Anthony. Cindy Cox. Rose Causey Linda Roberts. Teresa Grogan Ruth Lacy. Donna Gutty. Payne Walker. John tiler, Shannon Cole Stephanie Crow, Cindy Powell 2nd Row From L Sharon Williams. Susan Sims loyce Baker Rose Albert. Christie Currey. Susan Cochran Glenda Weaver Paige Duvall, loett Colbert. Angie Driver. Rodney Champion Gail DeHart. Jett Sanders. Ben Rook. Cindy Foreman. Maura Cole. Todd Stephans. Dawn Connolly. Stephanie Burns. Kim Christian. Traci Dickson. Shawn Connolly. Bridget! Peppers. Ivnn Scar-borough Dennis Wnght. Gretchen Crow. Ricy Brooks. Tracie Cannadt. 3rd Row From I Eric Gilbert. David Mays. Mk hal Yao Charley Curtis. Chris Dorough. Jamie Gore. Pat Madden, lason Cochran Roll Rosser. Todd Greer, left Traylor. Patrick Shaw. Stephen Reaves. Anthony Ray Davis Smith. Joey Rials Fellowship I Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is composed of athletes and non-athletes who share in the word of God FCA had speakers come in to share their experiences this year 100 OFFICERS, From l Rob Rosser, Treasurer. Pat Allen. President, lamie Gore. Vice President; Susan Cochran. SecretarySusan Cochran, Vice Pres . Maura Cole, Rec Leader. Gail DeHart. Sec ; Elizabeth Rankin. Historian. Latona Thomas Treas leArme lones. Pres. Trade Canady, Pari F.H.A. Future Homemakers of America is an organization designed to help youth assume their roles in society through home economics. Providing opportunities for self development and preparation for family and community living. 1st Row From I Jennifer Davis, Susan Cochran. Anna lolley. April Horton, Joanna Campbell. Destin Rives, Tracie Canady. Elizabeth Rankin, Michele Charles, Carla Holbrooks Terryl Britton, Melissa Oliver, kirn Christian. Rene Walters. Paige Duvall. Mrs Head 2nd Row From L Tracy Dixon. Maura Cole. Alicia Oliver Gen Knight. Victoria Nixon. Michelle Mitchell. leAnne lones. Dawn Upton. Cindy Brown. Kim Brown. Michelle Bright. Denise Snellings. Stacey Slaton. Angie Hawkins. Ginger Canady, Mrs Johnson 3rd Row From L Tiffany Sherrett. Tonya Mitchem, Amy Wood, Andrea Fulton, Pam Hornbuckle. Robin Watson, Phyllis Franks, Teresa Brown, Latona Thomas. Gail DeHart. Crystal Bruce. Kristi Swords. Kim Striplin. Cindy Foreman. Shannon Cole, Sherry Williams 1011021st YEAR. Row Prom I Normjn Decker. Robert Whrte, Ourtf Curtis, lason Cochran. Shan McGnff. N xnsy ,) M LybranO) D Powrt. [Mane Ba h. Mak Swords. John Ferguson. Much Floyd. Cory tarty. Anthony Ray 2nd Row From I Ptrtp Whitley. Ronald Stewart. Oe Le . Tm Morgan. Keves Che . Brad Gbson. Scott Ston . Scott Ekns. Edrte Ham on Mich al Dorsett. Patrick Shaw. K n Leonard 3rd Row ftom lBrn ShureMor- T(xw R»Mw wh c nirv p»m w kor Thnnvx l oU»v left Patterson Chm Madden 1.1. Mays, Jonathon lacy. Uck Maltbte Keith Gardener 4tn Chns Buckalew. (on Mitihd. Bobby South. Bob Gentry. Payne Walter. Thomas Lesley. Jeff Patterson. Chns Madden. I I Mays, Jonathon Lacy Jack Ma»b - - - ' - "" Vx. David Smith. Rick Ram. Chart E Posvel. Scon Bean. Shannon Johnson, Str Row From I Andrew Boman. Stacey Borah. Scott McCormKk, Rod Gaither, Reed Gamer. Curtis Perry. Je« Traylor. David Smith. Rick Raeis. Chart Bearden Lynne Hart, “ ‘ “ Jet) Powei. Scon Bean. Shannon Johnson, Stephen Reeves. X Davis Ashley. Richard Bixkanan. Bru Saterfdd. Aaron M hel. Bobby Rogers 6th Row From L Robert Harris. Edrte friffil. Steven Mays. Brad Pru t. Enc Waldrop. Shane Akxphy. Ronald Snvth. Own Parrish. Alan Parker, Ray Wfcume. Shane Reaves. Harold Treece 7th Row From I Cra« Graben. M» Harvey. Randy Akn Rob Rosser Jason Cnmes. Johnny Baker Lex Fkx. Demk Pams. Shane Isabel. Tommy Barker M e Charles Bthjtow From L Jteven GwitJe, Alex Pierce. Joe Bob Mkan. Brad Reed. Hugh Carter, left Can. Bnan Walter Bobby Christian. Anthony Bohamon 9th Row fceverJ rdnJtrOA estJorwhonPoeJadueTob Bethuie Sth Row From I Larry Chambie . Toby Ogle, Andy Qugley From L Brent Henry. Ptxfep Helms. Shannon Gutter, lames Harrtn. Future Farmers cf America The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of, by, and for boys and girls studying vocational agribusiness in public schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Acts. The beliefs around which the FFA organization is built includes leadership, and character, development, sportsmanship, scholarship, improved agriculture and citizenship. OFFICERS, From L Grant Barkley. Pres., Arnold Caleb. Co Pres. Tom Barkley. Vice Pres. Jason Cnmes. Treas; Kerry Madid. Sec . Bnan Massey. Reporter 2nd YEAR. 1st Row From L Todd Greer. Peter John Cole. MKhael Sxnpson. Bobby McCuthen. PaJ Swateck. Shane Gather Nelson Powd. Ion Ray 2nd Row From L: Ke«h Shadnger. BLake Nxon. John Denny. Bnan Gregory, Chns Langley Lee Flerrmg. Scott Gtoreath Jeff Hoy. Ieft Teague 3rd Row From I Scott Segars. Raymond Shd. Chm Garmon. M e Wnthor. Deems Wngt lame Gore. Shane Haper «h Row From I Preston Anthony. Mite Dorsett. Sammy Rxfcfte. Mite McGrtars. Amos Wfcu by. Enc Wisenat. Chm Avery, kby Cok. IHi Harrtn Sth Row From I David Hope 103INTERACT 1st Row From L Natasha Borden, Mike Shankles, Melissa Sherrett, Rene Darden, Dawn Brown. Suzanne Campbell. Andrea Fulton, Monica Collins, Leslie Matthews, Lisa Rhodarmor. lennifer Davis. Anna lolley, April Horton, Cheri Butler, Teresa Phillips. Miriam Biddle. Paula Patterson, Debra Ingram, Alfie Ratdiffe, Delana Perry 2nd Row From L )om Justice, Dianna Cribbs. David Owens, Kim McConnel, Michelle Wells, Gayle Hannah, Amanda Fowler. Amy Wood, Laurie Scarbrough, Tammy Holliday. |on-na Mitchell, Ioanna Campbell. Kelly McClendon, Deanna Quarles. Bersy Appleton, Seema Barbela. Melissa Dilgard 3rd Row From L Steven Kennedy, Tonya Mitchem. Michele Wooten, Sabrina Loftin, Amy Hannah. Trina Gordon, Jon Alan Smith, Mark Luther, Colin Cotton, Dee Fowler, Don McDaniel. Melissa Shankles The Interact Club is sponsored by the Albertville Rotary Club. New members are admitted each year from all classes on the following criteria: Students must have an overall "B” average and be in good standing with the school. Old members must meet the previously stated requirements, plus maintain 80°., participation on club projects. 104 OFFICERS, From I lonna Mitchell, Vice Pres . Betsy Appleton, Pres , |on Alan Smith, Pari. Dianna Cribbs, Sec.. Kelly McClendon. TreasFrom I Courtney Campbell. Treasurer; Betsy Appleton. Vice President. Kay Taylor, President; Kelly McClendon, Parliamentarian |une McBrayer, Secretary Senior National lionor Society The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals It was established to create an organization that would recognize and foster academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy Its ideals are scholarship, character, service and leadership Front Row From I David Richey. Scott Ham, Dee Fowler, Donna Guffey. Delana Perry, Debra Ingram, Dianna Cribbs, Miriam Biddle, Nancy Abney. Natasha Borden, Carol Malone Tyann Bagwell. Anna lolley, Melissa Hunt, Deidra Smith, Brencia Eubanks 2nd Row From L Chris Pankey. lune McBrayer. Eric Nobis. Michelle Wells, lesa Carnes. Cheri Butler, Paula Patterson, Jennifer Davis. Brook Baggett. Mie Roe. Valerie Powell, joanna Campbell. LeAnne Jones, Melissa Sherrett. Kay Taylor, |om Justice. Mike Shankles, Gregg Garrison 3rd Row From I Rodney Champion. Steve Kennedy. Shane Bjornlie. Tommy Davis, Julie Cornelius, leremy Blanks. Rusty Greer. Arnold Collet. Jon Allen Smith. Thomas Maddux 1051st Row From L Leslie Moman. Bridget! Scott. Sonya Pope. Pam Pell, Angela Johnson, Bonita Holland. Tracy Webster, Susie Greer. Kelly Burke, Kelly Hood 2nd Row From I Michelle Rogers. Amy Hinds, Melissa Hunt, Wendy Ellis, Stacy Seahorn, Aletha McCrary. Amy larmon. Missy Moore. Joyce Womack, Tabatha Kennedy. Robin Swords 3rd Row From I I inda Baggett, Sponsor Leigh Ann Wood. Kelli Meeks, Pam Smith, Susan Tuck. Rodney Moody. Stacy Bonds, Jeff Martin. Jamie Bailey. Leslie Seahorn, Charnita Knight. Teresa Childress, Glenda Wooten, Sponsor Junior Civitans Junior Civitans is a service club sponsored by adult Civitan Clubs. Albertville High School Junior Civitan Club works closely with the school's TMR class and other Special Ed. Classes. We also contribute to various mental health agencies. OFFICERS. Bottom From I Kelly Burke. Photographer; Tabatha Kennedy. Reporter Top From L Sonya Pope. Sec . Bndgett Scott. Pres. Leslie Moman, Chaplain. Pam Smith, District Governor, Pam Pell, Treas 10b1st Row From I Bobby McCutchen, Peter Cole. Anna Jolley, Allen Kilgore. Rusty Greer. Thomas Maddux. Shane Wallace, Brook Baggett. Lesa Carnes, Terri Pollard, Deanna Quarles. 2nd Row From L: |im Mitchell, David Painter, |on Allen Smith, Michael Yao, Nelson Powell, Vance Holderfield, Susan Cochran, David Mays, Bobby Stewart. Davy Ferguson, Edwin Murray, LeAnne Jones 3rd Row From I Scott Hatley, Howard Season, Jeff Sanders. John Denny, Tommy Patterson, Lee Hix, Lee Fleming, Jamie Gore. Todd Morrow. Dennis Wright, Richard Stewart, Jeff Hardin, Tracie Canady, Ricky Brooks, Rodney Shell. Letterman’s Club OFFICERS. From L. Bobby Stewart, President. Trace Canady. Sec.; Rusty Greer, Vice Pres ; Deanna Quarles. Treas The 1984-85 Letterman's club is a continuation of the athletic success at Albertville High School. The club consists of athletes and cheerleaders who have received their varsity letter. 1071st Row From L Rodney Champion, Courtney Campbell. Betsy pion, c-ouriney ampoeii. oeisy Appleton 2nd Row From L: Eric Nobis, Ken Barton, David Richey, June McBrayer, lull Cornelious. 3rd Row From L Mike Shankles, Tommy Davis, Joni Justice, Seema Barbela, Kay Taylor 4th Row From L Mrs Sivik, Tyann Bagwell. Jennifer Horton, Susan Drain OFFICERS, From L: Courtney Campbell. Pari.; Betsy Appleton. Treas.; David Richey, Pres.; Kay Taylor, Vice Pres . lull Cornelious. Sec Mu Alpha Theta Mu Alpha Theta is an honor society for math students in high school and Junior College. In order to be selected for membership a "B" average must be maintained and 5 semesters of math were required.Spanish Club The Spanish club members participated in many activities during the school year. These activities included dining in Mexican restaurants and breaking pinatas at the annual Christmas fiesta OFFICERS, From L Rene Darden. Treas. Kelly Hood. Pres Robyn Swords. Photographer Holleigh Holderfieki. Vice Pres . Kelly Burke. Photographer. Mrs Murphy Sponsor 1st Row From L Valerie lones. Dawn Prichett, Mrs Murphy. Kelly Hood. Kelly Burke, Robyn Swords, Holleigh Holderfield. Rene Darden. Stacy Slaton, Susan Wofford 2nd Row From I Nelson Powell. Mark Wilder, Kim Killian, Melinda Grice. Mary Belue. Carmen Wheller, Alana Reeves. Miriam Biddle. Terri Morrison. Sheila Swords, Kristin Lacy, Nancy Smith. Kim McC.onnel. Steven Kennedy. Dawn Vaughn Mike Stanfield. Dee Fowler. Sammy Riddle. Amy Hinds. Wendy Elfcs. Stacie Seahorn ird Row From I: Don McDaniel. Scott Myrick. Brian McCurly, Todd Freshwater, Chris Pankey. Mike Williamson. |uhe Cornelius. Melissa Sherrett. Daved Owen. Lisa Windsor. k hn Peters. Gordon Crosby 104Students in Action for Education Susan Cochran, Treas.; Beth Warren, Sec.; Courtney Campbell, Vice Pres ; LeAnne lones. Pres. Students in Action for Education is a club that lends itself to the betterment of education. Students are screened by faculty before being admitted to the club. Members of the club teach classes for local schools one day out of the year to gain firsthand experiences of being teachers. SENIORS, 1st Row From L: lanet Spencer, Beth Warren. Ioanna Campbell, Destin Rives, Tammie Stone. Cindy Powell, LeAnne Jones, Jennifer Cordell, Arletha McCrary. Alfie Ratcliffe. Tommy Davis. Randy Kennedy 2nd Row From I Betsy Appleton, Courtney Campbell, Joette Culbert, Teresa Beck, Chris Elrod, Davy Ferguson, David Mays. Susan Cochran, Michael Vao, Jonathon Sutton. 3rd Row From L: Julie Cornelious, Ruth Lacy, Maria Casey Goble, Teresa Soper, Randy Rogers, Eddie Fant, Kevin Benefield, Jason Grimes, David Jones 4th Row From L Shannon Cole, Gretchen Crow, Sissy Pike. Brent Mayfield, Jeff Martin, Nelson Powell, Ion Denny. JUNIORS, 1st Row From L; Annette Matthews, Carol Malone, Jon Allen Smith, Valerie Powell, Cindy Foreman, Gail DeHart, Michelle Rogers, Cynthia Taylor, Teresa Grogan. Rene Drake. Sandra Curry 2nd Row From L Donna Guffey, Rene Darden, Brook Baggett. Stephanie Crowe, Julie Roe, Mike Stephens, Van Sprayberry, Tim Morgan, Shane Moore, Coy Southerland 3rd Row From L: Scott Ham, Craig Garrison. Melinda Grice. Dawn Vaughn, Jay Colvin, Greg Avery, Mike Patterson, Leslie Seahorn, Samantha Woods. 110Nike 1st Row From L Mary Hughes, Sponsor. Samantha Holliday. Debbie Reagan. Nancy Cor-nelious. Vicki Johnson 2nd Row From L Rita Chamblee, Pam Ennis, Susan Cordell. Sophia Poe. Angela lohnston The Nike Club is a high school organization sponsored by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Albertville. The purpose of the Nike Club is to give service to the community and develop leadership qualities. Rita Chamblee. Sec ; Pam Ennis, Pari.; Debbie Reagan. Treas Susan Cordell. Pres 111Science Club The Science Club is open to students enrolled in an advanced science course. The main function of the club is to sponsor the science fair. OFFICERS, From L Tyann Bagwell. Pari; Susan Drain. Vice Pres ; David Richey, Treas ; Kay Taylor, Pres ; lenmfer Horton, Sec 1st Row From L Cheri Butler, April Horton, Kay Taylor, Jennifer Horton, Susan Drain, Tyann Bagwell, Ginny Anderson, Paige Arnold, Brenda Eubanks. Teresa Helms 2nd Row From L: Kerry NeSmith, Mark Fox, Pat Tarvin, Chris Oiler, Thad Thornberry, Eric Nobis, Rodney Champion, Ken Barton, David Richey. Susie Davis, Pagar Rogers. Wayne Smith, Jan Adams. Sponsor. 112Tech School Marshall Technical School has programs to prepare students for future skilled labor occupations. These programs include drafting, carpentry, electronics, masonry, welding, diesel mechanics, child care and clothing production. Many Albertville High School students take advantage of these opportunities to broaden their education. Electronics and Masonry ELECTRONICS; Shawn BurkeCHILDCARE. Kneeling From I: Gina Edmonds, Sherry Lloyd. Amy Stanford, Kim Bottomlee, Tami Lang. Standing From L: Tammy larmon, Darlene Stone. Melinda Engle. Freda Sampson, Kim Brown, Karena Swords, Annette Lang. P C r I € € d t u h € i t n i e e n 115 CLOTHING PRODUCTION, From L Tammy johnson, Gail Banks, jemima Ramsey. Susan McCainTech Schcd Cff ers Experience f cr the Future Welding, Auto Body and Diesel Mechanics WELDING Tim McDonald AUTO BODY David Sager and Mr Gibson 116 DIESEL MECHANICS, From L lames Stanfield, Mark Matthews, Rayford WilliamsAnything Gees Reno Sweeny...... Billy Crocker ... Moonface ........ Hope ............ Bonnie .......... Sir Evelyn....... Mrs. Harcourt ... Whitney ......... •Bishop.......... Stewardess ...... Reporter.......... •Cameraman ....... Two Chinese: Ching Ling .... Susan Drain .... Greg Willis .. Alfie Ratcliffe .... Kelly Burke Michelle Rogers Todd Freshwater .. Gayle Hannah .... Eric Nobis Steven Kennedy ... Diana Cribbs Natasha Borden .... Dee Fowler ... Michael Yao .. Tommy Davis 'Also appear as passengers and or sailors. Four Angels: Purity ..............Jennifer Davis Chastity..............Leslie Seahorn Charity ............ Melissa Dilgard Virtue ................. Kelly Hood Purser ............................. Randy Rogers Captain .................................... Eric Gilbert Sailors and Passengers Robyn Swords, LeAnn Bearden, Lee Fleming •Tap Chorus Rene Darden, Delana Perry, Amy Hannah, Michelle Wooten, April Horton, Wendy Ellis, Missy Moore, Tiffany Rogers, Debra Ingram, Paige Duvall Cast 118Directors Bobbi Dale McKee Jessica Fazio David Warlick Jane Adams Sue Couch120ANYTHING GOES is an amusing story wrapped about the magical score of Cole Porter The play starts at the New York sailing of the Ocean Liner America' bound for England, and the entire action takes place aboard her Of chief interest to the ship's reporters is Reeno Sweeny, famed evangelist, with her four Angels who illustrate the beauty the righteous may expect when they enter the heavenly kingdom Billy Crocker, a young man on his way up in the Wall Street world, meets Reno, a friend from the past. Reno greets Billy warmly and she tells him how she gets a kick whenever they meet Then the deck stewards begin to call "All ashore that's going ashore'' and Billy starts for the gangplank He is just stepping on it when Hope Harcourt a girl with whom he spent a night riding round Central Park. "Are you sailing?” she asks. "You bet I'm sailing ' is his rejoinder There is another celebrity sailing, but very much under wraps Moonface Martin', a onetime ships' gambler, has branched out to a point at which he is designated 'Public Enemy 13 This thirteen has brought him a succession of bad luck and he is easing up in the hope of being dropped to eleven or twelve or even lower Billy wins his friendship by pointing out a Chinese missionary as the clerically attired crook, and Moonface joins in the effort Reno embarks on to help Billy win Hope away from the pleasant but lame-brained English baronet, Sir Evelyn Okleigh Moonface is able to supply Billy with a cabin, one that a pal, number one on the 'wanted' list, had been warned against occupying. Bonnie, his gay little moll, is making up for the mobster's loss with a bevy of admiring sailors. Meanwhile Reno, in an effort to give Billy a clear field with Hope, is busy weaving a spell about Sir Evelyn. Billy has just five and a half days to win Hope, her mother is all for the baronet, and the ship's officers are searching the ship for a man who is the occupant of the gangster's cabin. Bily has to resort to varied disguises that include Moonface and himself as Chinese converts. Tommy Davis as Ling and Michael Yao as Ching. Billy (Greg Willis) disguises himself from Mrs Harcourt (Gayle Hannah) and Hope (Kelly Burke)Captain (Enc Gilbert) gives instructions to the crew Sir Evelyn (Todd Freshwater) gets ready for his hot dateloni Justice. Drum Maior BAND LEADED STDIVE EDD Stacy Goss. Director Bob Killian, Director This year the band accomplished a great deal. They started the year by performing at the 1985 World's Fair and playing at the halftime at the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons exhibition game In December, the band performed in the Davidsons Christmas parade in Atlanta, Georgia. The Aggie Band was the leading band of the parade. Band Officers Kelly Hood — Jr Librarian Tyann Bag well - Sr Sec Treas Jom Justice — Jr Vice Pres Seema Barbela - Sr President 124A SUCCESSFUL YEAR SECTION LEADERS. Bottom Row From L: Tyann Bagwell. Joni Justice. Elizabeth Rankin, Sissy Pike, David Richey. Miriam Biddle Top Row From L: Kerry NeSmith, Todd Freshwater, Dee Fowler, Michelle Bently. Melissa Striplin. Seniors Have Cot the Feat Bottom Row From L: David Richey, Julie Cornelious, Sylinda Harris, June McBrayer, Sissy Pike. Elizabeth Rankin, Yvette Medina. Kim Striplin, Dawn Prickett, Melissa Dilgard, Tyann Bagwell, Beth Warren, Seema Barbela. Scott Myrick. Top Row From L: Greg Willis, Alfie RatcliffeFrom L: Christy Carroll, Ann Wilson, |enn White, Brenda Eubanks, Missy Moore, Darlene Doyle. Regina Riddle. Sherry Smith, Leah Formby, Shawn Still. Tiffany Rogers, judy Burns, Michelle Bently Clarinets Baritones and Saxophones Bottom Row From L Alan Kirby, Dawn Connolly 2nd Row From L: Charolette Morgan. Lisa Bearden, Melanie Lee. Top Row From L: Suzette Harris, Dee Fowler, Mike Benefield From L Karen Stietzel. Dianna Cribbs, Amy Bagwell, Kristy Graben, Eric Gilbert, Kenny Burns. Lisa Rhodarmer, Leslie Matthews, Kim Nesmith, June McBrayer, Melissa Stnplin, Kelly Coffield, Chris Pankey, Kelly Teague. Leann Bearden, Kevin Johnson. Shawn Connolly, Mike Stephens 126Sylinda Harris. Stephanie Stephens From L Brian McCurley, Kerry NeSmith, Scott Gilbreath, Alfie Ratcliffe. Trombones French Florns Trumpets and Tubas Bottom Row From L: Eric Pike. Tim Knight. Chuck Segars, Brian Pruitt, Craig Garrison. Scott Ham, Karen Davis Top Row From L Marc Golden, Kelly Burke. Tom Barkley, Tyann Bagwell, Kelly Hood. Steven Kennedy, Jeremy Blanks. David Bright. Chad Simpson. Christy Honea, Denise Sulhern, Sham Kittle, Stacy Lamons. Christy Kilgore. Scott Berry. Michelle Wells, Angela Ogle Bottom Row From I John Sturky. Mark Wehr-wein, Keith McGee 2nd Row From L John Howard. Brad Williams. David Slack Top Row From L Scott Myrkk. Todd Freshwater. David Owens 127Aggie ■Band Awards Eric Pike Elizabeth Rankin and Alfie Ratdiffe Best Rookie Band Queen and King Tyann Bagwell Most Valuable Marching Band Member Scott Berry Most Valuable Concert Band Member and Outstanding Bandsman Miriam Biddle Most Valuable Symphonic Band MemberFlutes Bottom Row From L Rene Darden. Julie Cornelious. Mariam Biddle, Paige Arnold Top Row From L: Cinny Anderson. Amy Rains, Myra Burke, Laurie Lyles, Michelle Bryant, lulie Justice, Kim NeSmith, Amy Hannah, Kan-die Gilbert, Lesa Canady, Tricia Hambrick, Angela Jones. Lynne Scarbrough Bottom Row From L Neil Blackwell, lack Quinn, David Richey, Kerry Williams. Patrick Eller, John Peters. Top Row From L Joey Riles. Don McDaniel. Greg Willis, Scott Buchanan. Bobby Smith, Jeff Owens. 129Aggie 1st Row From L 2nd Row From L 3rd Row FromL 4th Row FromL: )oni Justice Sandy Krazier Leah Formby Kerry Williams Sissy Pike Ginger Canady Kim NeSmith Kandi Gilbert Yvette Medina Laurie Scarbrough Amy Rains Lesa Canady Kim Striplin Sabrina Loft in Kelly CofiekJ Stacie Moore Sonya Williams Trina Gordon Tiffany Rogers Michelle Wells Wendy Ellis Rachelle Lang Amy Bagwell Julie Cornelious Cheri Butler Lisa Windsor Stephanie Stephens June McBrayer Sandra Parris Debra Ingram Regina Riddle Scott Berry Dawn Pritchett Seema Barbela Melanie Lee Melissa Striplin Melissa Hunt Melissa Dilgard Paige Arnold Karen Stietzel Rene Walters Holleigh Holdertield Trkia Hambrick Stacy Lamons Michelle Rogers Kim West Sylinda Harris Kelly Burke Sharon Harrell Elizabeth Rankin Angela Ogle Kelly Hood Kelli Meeks Sherry Williams Leann Bearden Beth Warren Amy Hinds Christy Honea Leslie Seahorn Dawn Vaughn Stephanie Golden Rhonda Hyatt Mellissa Shankles Leslie Mathews Stephanie Baker Laura Willoughby Dawn Connolly Joy Jolley Ann Wilson Christy Rushing Angela Jones Melinda Grice Miriam Biddle Dawn Brown Dianna Cribbs Jean Camp Karen Davis Suzanne Smith Suann Moore Kim McConnell Christy Oliver 130 Delana Perry Ed 11(1 |6th Row From L . joey Riles I lack Quinn I I Allen Kirby , I Eric Pike Bobby Smith I 1 David Owens | I Craig Garrison I Scott Ham Mike Benefield I 1 |udy Burns I I Michelle Bentley I Missy Moore Lisa Bearden I I Denise Southern I | Eric Gilbert I Genny White ' Chad Simpson I I Chris Pankey . I Tim Williams |ohn Starkey I David Richey | I Gnny Anderson, I Brenda Eubanks Laurie Lyles J |7th Row From L I Neil Blackwell I Keith McGee I 1 Kevin Johnson | I Scott Buchanan I Greg Willis Kerry NeSmith I Steven Kennedy | I Mark Wehrwein , I Chuck Segars I Kenny Burns ' Dee Fowler I I Scott Myrick | I leremy Blanks I Todd Freshwater1 Patrick EHer I 1 John Peters I I David Bright , I Alfie Ratcliffe lohn Howard 1 Brian McCurly | I Don McDaniel i I Marc Golden I Scott Gribreath 1 Mike Stephens 5 hRowfrofnl f[ldn Pruitt "Connolly i !;orn Berkley 'tes™1 I Kittle i Kilgore ? rlo'le Morpdn . 'VSnwh 8dn S(ark Hannah UdfteneDoykDanceline . . . A New Addition 1st Row From L Kelli Meeks, Sandra Parris, Melissa Hunt, Rhonda Hyatt, Stephanie Baker, Sharon Harrell, Cheri Butler, Wendy Ellis 2nd Row From L: Leslie Seahorn, Renae Walters. Sissy Pike, Beth Warren, Dawn Pritchett, Kim Stiplin, Yvette Medina, Michelle Rogers, Sonya Williams. Dur Flags Are treat!!! Left Side From Bottom: Seema Barbela, Delana Perry, Suzanne Smith, lean Camp, )oy Jolley, Sandy Frazier, Christi Oliver, Melissa Shankles, Elizabeth Rankin, Melinda Grice, Dawn Brown, Kim McConnell, Amy Hinds, Trina Gordon. Right Side From Bottom: Melissa Dilgard, Dawn Vaughn, Lisa Windsor, Debra Ingram, Kristi Rushing, Suann Moore, Ginger Canady, Kim West, Holly Holderfield, Sherry Williams, Laura Willoughby, Sabrina Loftin, Laurie Scarbrough, Rachelle Lang 132ALA-b4M A This football season some old and new faces were seen at Albertville's stadium. The new faces were Pat Dye, (upper left) head coach at Auburn University, and Ray Perkins, (upper right) head coach at the University of Alabama Both coaches attended games here at Albertville scouting prospects for their respective schools. The old faces seen this year were Verlon Archer (lower left) and Bill Prickett (lower right), who were our announcers at the football games. These well-known faces and familiar voices were a big part of our football season AUBURN War Eagles1984 Aeeies Varsity Football Marshall County Champs Row 1: Victor Davis left Sanders Bobby Stewart Jeff Hardin Chad Beasley Pat Madden David Painter Davy Ferguson Jim Mitchell Jimmy McCutcheon Bobby McCutcheon John Ferguson George Williams Row 2: Row 3: Brad McCamy Row 4: Dennis Wright Maurice Davis Shannon Burbanks Duane Lacy Steve Miller Jerry Davis Pat Tarvin David Howard Nelson Powell Richard Stewart Shane Wallace Todd Morrow Vance Holderfield Jeff Jenkins Eric Waldrop Pat Allen Rickey Langley Jamie Gore Todd Holder LeeHix Allen Soper David Mays Rodney Shell Chris Windsor Blake Nixon Mike Yao Edwin Murray Bill Traylor Tommy Patterson Lee Fleming Jon Denny Wayne Smith 135Bobby Stewart Chad Beasley All-County Edwin Murray All-County David Mays Ion Denny All-County Eric WaldropJim Mitchell Davy Ferguson All-County George Williams All-County , jerry Davis Mike Yao Nelson Powell All-CountyPat Madden jeff Hardin PaulSwatek David Howard Todd Holder All-County All-County Victor Davis jeff Sanders David Painter Bobby McCutcheon Shane WallaceIon Alan Smith Pat Allen Vance Holderfield Richard Stewart Lee Hix All-County John Ferguson Wayne Smith Lee Fleming Todd Morrow Tommy PattersonMaurice Davis Duane Lacy Steve Miller Allen Soper Rodney Shell Jeff Jenkins Shannon Burbanks BradMcCamy Pat Tarvin Dennis Wright Jamie Gore1984 Jr. liish Assies Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Matt Smith Coach Hicks J. D. Powell Chris Womack Chris Dorough Terry Ham Ben Rooke Shannon Hightower Todd Mitchell Jeff Harvey Tommy Barker Jeff Powell Joey Gilliland Jeff Nelms Mike Moore Rob Rosser Jeff Robinson Reed Garner Thomas Lesley Phillip Whitley Brad Gibson I.). Mays Scott Bean John Eller Eric West Shannon Morrow Ben Hulgan Jason Carroll Jason Cochran Scott Stone Chris Leaf Jason McCamy Kevin Grice Rog Gaither Richey Graves Derek Pams Lee Prater Danny Lang Jeff Carr Ricky Edwards Mark Gibson Mark Swords Joe Swart Coach Little 1411984-1989 Varsity Basketball Team Row 1 Victor Davis Mike Rains Mike Shankles Eddie Griggs Pat Madden Row 2 Elbert Havis Robert Terrell Van Sprayberry Bill Traylor Rickey Brooks Pat Allen 142Rickey Brooks Coach Shannon Sloan Eddie Griggs Bill Traylor Robert Terrell Elbert Havis Pat AllenPat Madden Mike Rains Managers: Howard Beason and Scott Hatley Mike Shankles 144 Victor Davis Van Sprayberry147Junior Varsity Basketball Team Bottom Row L to R Randy Allen, leff Hardin. Peter lohn Cole, Rusty Greer Top Row L to R: Chris Langley. Todd Mitchem. Keith Shadinger. Thomas Maddux. Allen Kilgore, Rod GarrettGirls9 Gasket ball Team Row 1: Geri Lynn Knight leri Lang Ramona Tarvin Donna Guffey Suzanne Smith Tracie Canady Row 2: Kim Pell Alicia Oliver Amy Roden Rachelle Charles lennifer Cordell Carlene Darnell Terri Morrison Chamane McClendon Not Pictured Kim Yancey and Shannon Kemp1984-85 Varsity Cheerleaders Kneeling I to K Deanna (Quarles. Betsy Appleton. Brook Baggett, Lesa Carnes standing I to R: Terri Pollard mta Shell. Amy Roden. Susan Cochran. Anna lolley, LeAnne lones The 1S84-85 Varsity and |r. Varsity Cheerleaders attended camp last summer at Auburn University. The varsity squad was one of 11 out of 66 squads that were nominated for the Award of Excellence, the highest award given. They won all blue ribbons and the spirit stick Head Cheerleader. Betsy Appleton, was nominated for All-American Cheerleader The )r. Varsity squad won 4 blue ribbons and I red Both squads worked hard all summer and throughout the year promoting spirit and enthusiasm on the sidelines. 151Betsy Appleton Head. J yrs . Senior Susan Cochran 1 yr. Senior LeAnne lones 1 yr. Senior. |V I yrAnita Shell 2 yrs . Senior. IV I yr Brook Baggett 2 yrs . lunior Lesa Carne . I yr. lunior. |V 1 yr Anna Jolley 1 yr.. Sophomore Wanda Howard SponsorBOY CHEERLEADERS. Bottom Row Mike Stevens. Mike Shankles, Thad Thornberry. Alan Haiges. Rob Rosser Middle Row: Rusty Greer. Alan Kilgore, Mark Lacy. Thomas Maddux Top: Chris Madden1984-85 Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders April Horton, Head Cheerleader Bottom Paula Powell Middle Darlene Brown, April Horton. Jennifer Davis Top T ami Messer 1%1984-85 Volleyball Team Marshall County Champs Kneeling Rachael Stolins, )eri lang, Pagan Rogers. Standing: Coach Donna Maynard, Judy Pike, Emma Vines. Sonya PopeTennis Team Coach |an Adams Girls' Tennis Team Kneeling: Jennifer Horton, Kay Taylor Standing: Susan Drain. Courtney Campbell. Tyann Bagwell Courtney returns serve.1985 Caseball Team Marshall County Champs Kow I Bobby McCutchen, Brad Gibson. Paul Swalek, David Howard, Jon Alan Smith. Pat Madden, lohn Ray Bobby Stewart. Davy Ferguson. Toby Walker Row 2 Coach Jeff Sell, Mike Stevens. Jeff Hardin, Richard Stewart, Rusty Greer. Alan Kilgore Cris Smith. Mike Shankles. Philip Formby. Brian Massey. Coach Mi key Moore CATCHERS Toby Walker. Davy Ferguson. Ion Alan Smith INFIELD. Kneeling Bobby Stewart. Brian Massey, Philip Formby. Standing Ric hardStewart, Mike Shankles. Pat MaddenPITCHERS, kneeling David Howard, Brad Gibson, John Kay. Pal Madden Standing Richard Stewart. Alan Kilgore. ( ris Smith, Bobby Stewart OUTFIELD, kneeling Brad Gibson. Bobby McCutchen. Rusty Greer Standing Mike Stevens, left Hardin. Paul Swatek, Ri hard Stewart Davy Ferguson Office of the yiiaijor AlbertuiUe, Alabama Broclamatton WHEREAS: Albertville High School's Baseball Team began the season on March 29, 1985. WHEREAS: The team, consisting of 19 players have represented their School and their City well by compiling a record of I j-5. WHEREAS: This record has not been matched in over a quarter OF A CENTURY BY ANY PREVIOUS TEAM. WHEREAS: The team has won the Area 16'Championship, and CONTINUE TO ADVANCE TO THE STATE TOURNAMENT. WHEREAS: The Team and Coach Mickey Moore are appreciated. S' V NOW THEREFORE, I Gordon Henderson, Mayor of tHe City of Albertville do hereby commend the Albertville High School Baseball Team for such fine representation, and urge all the citizens of Albertville TO GIVE THEIR FULL SUPPORT TO THEIR CONTINUED WINNING ENDEAVORS. Bv ZjffjLLE, JJn wit run wfuttof Lf fiact Hereunto nt my hand unJ cauiiJ tfit of tfii city to Ct u fitcJ. May 2, 1985Coys’Track Team — 1985 County Champs Sitting L to R I I) Powell, Alan Soper. Scott Stone, left Sanders. Ronald Smith, Chris Leaf. Tommy Bennett. Kneeling Wayne Harvey. Steven Childress. Chad Simpson. Keith Smith. Standing Tony Ogle. Wayne Smith, Rodney Shell. Tommy Barker, Chris Buckelew, Jonathan Bopp. Rob Rosser. Shannon Waldrop. Todd Mitchell, Shane Wallace. Vance Holderfield, Victor Davis, Eddie Griggs, Reed Garner. I )errik Pams, Ben Rook. Chris LangleyGirls’ Track Team Bottom Row I to R Amy Wrxxls. Stephanie Burns Sue Louden. Melody West. Arleatha McCrary, lerri Lang, Tynly Formby. Top Row: lenniter Cordell. Glenda Weaver, lenny Lang Emma Vines. Sherly Teague. Terri Morrison. Pagan Rogers. Coach Ioann MooreGolf Team — 1985 County Champs I to R. Steve Hanson. Corv Early. Mitch Floyd, letl Robinson, lac kie Wilson, Mike Williamson, Coach Bob Duke, Thomas Maddux. Todd Mitchem. I )ale Lee. Rodney Moody, lody Campbell, Tom Barkley1984 — Sports Swards — 198-5 ALL COUNTY FOOTBALL. From Bottom Lott Paul Swatek. Edwin Murray. Davy Ferguson, lohn Denney Nelson Powell. Chad Beasley. George Williams Vance Holder! leld. Pal Madden, let! Hardin. Bobby Stewart. Jerry Davis SOUTHS IAPTISI IDE I'MURt - ALL COUNTY |R HIGH BASKETBALL C hris Leal. Shane McGriff. Brad Gibson i ' util;.' 169 All COUNTY BASKETBALL Kicky Brooks. Pal MaddenALL ( (HJNTY GIRLS BASKETBALL Amy Roden, ler. Lang ALL COUNTY TR ACK Jennifer Cordell ALL COUNTY VOLLEYBALL Pagan Rogers, ludy Pike. Emma Vines ALL COUNTY TRACK Vance Holder field, Shane Wallace, Allen Soper. Wayne Harvey. Shane Gaither 170ALL COUNTY BASEBALL, L to R Mike Shankles, Rusty Greer, Pat Madden, Richard Stewart, Bobby Stewart 171 ALL COUNTY GOLF. I to R: Dale Lee, Thomas Maddux, Tom Barkley.All COUNTY TINNIS C ourtney Campbell. Gayle Hannah 172 All AMERICAN CMEIRU Al )R N( )MINATI N lk lsy Af pletonSeasons’ Records Football Basketball Girls' Basketball New Hope Cuntersville Arab Boaz Scottsboro Douglas Etowah Guntersvil New Hopi Gadsden Arab Boaz Grissom Gadsden Etowah County Toi Grissom Scottsboro Douglas L Oneonta W New Hope L Guntersville W Arab L Boaz W Douglas L Etowah L Guntersville L Cullman L Oneonta L Cullman W L Gadsden L Arab L Boaz L Gadsden L Etowah L ' W Boaz Scottsboro Arab Guntersville Boaz Scottsboro Douglas Arab Guntersville County Tourn. Golf 10 wins — Ft. Payne Scottsboro Ft. Payne Cullman Guntersville Plainview Ft. Payne Plainview Guntersville Cullman Arab Guntersville County Tourl Tennis Baseball W Guntersville W Westminster W Guntersville W Gadsden W Oneonta W DAR W Boaz W DAR W Arab W Westminster W Track Guntersville Boaz Douglas DAR Glenco Sardis Boaz r Douglas Guntersville DAR County Meet Guntersville DAR V Oneonta Etowah Southside Guntersville Etowah Arab Region Tourn. State Tourn. County 173McClendon McClure Soph Courtney Campbell Homecoming Court Jennifer Davis Soph lonna Mitchell Sr Ioanna CampbellOVER THE RAINBOW 1985AND CDEEN LeAnne Jonesw !c © - i n First Row loond Mitchell. Seema BarlxMa. Elizabeth Rankin. Charlotte Bearden. Amy Roden. Deanna (Quarles, Ioanna C ampbell, Court ney Campbell. Mark Bolton Se Row Ricky Brooks. Blake Nixon. Bot hy Stewart, Jim Mite hell. David Mays. Brent Mayfield. Allen Haiges t I I First Row Joyce Womack, Michelle Rogers. Stephanie Crowe Brcx k Baggett. Mm Doe. lesa C arnes, latona Thomas First Row Pat Allen. Shane Moore Mike Stephens. David Howard, Ric hard Stewart. Mike Shankels Shane Gaither. Paul SwatekF k I V D P I r E I ► Front Row Trish McClure. Chamane McC lendon, April Horton, Melissa Shankles, Susan Tuck Sec Row Johnny Baker, Lee Fleming, Chris Langley. Randy Allen. Shane Wallace, Jeff Hardin r E E S El M E N First Row Tammy Holiday, FHope F ierce, Stacey Moore. Alicia Oliver Sec. Row Craig Graben. Thomas Lesley, Rob Rosser, Brad Gbson,) D Powell 185 $ e n i € r r a v € r i t e $ C qss O f rwoas . C ; C. ass r U r oOf 186Michelle Rogers, Shane MoreSenior Beauty Susan Cochran Junior Beauty Bail DeHartSophomore Beauty Stephanie Baker Freshman Beauty Trina BordenLatona Thomas, Shane Gaither Julie Roe, Paul Swatek Brook Baggett, David Howard Junior Favorites Stephanie Crowe, Richard Stewart Joyce Womack, Mike StevensSophomore favorites Randy Allen April Horton, Lee Fleming Chamane McClendon, ]efi Harden Melissa Shankles, Shane WalaceBeth Warren, Edwin Murray Keley McClendon, Eric ReavesFreshmen Favorites Hope Peirce. Craig Graben Stacey Moore. Thomas Lesley Rob Rosser 193 Tammy Holiday. Brad Gibson Alma Oliver, I D PowellTRUMPETEERS From Left to Right Karen Davis. Scott Simpson. Chad Simpson, Scott BerryWcM decorate feel now oa'td ° ' Linda Baggetts Sponsor STIS yCTrc CCy fIt all began Friday, May 3, when the juniors were excused to work on decorating the coliseum. They chose purple and silver for the theme colors The prom began at 8:00 with the introduction of the officers, who led the first dance of the evening. Courtney Campbell reaci the last will and testament. Lesa Carnes, Mistress of ceremonies, introduced the band Cream and Sugar, who kept everyone dancing. We the Seniors would like to thank the Juniors for one of the greatest proms ever.. Lesa Carnes. Mislress of Ceremonies LJi V ?Senior Destin Rives. Stephen Crews Robtn Taylor. Nelson PowellMark Wilder. Valent PowellMike Rains. Shelly Slalon lohn Allen, Angie Dean Todd Holder, loni luslke Pat Maddon, Lori BeardenKelli Meeks and Tim Simmons 204 Mitsy Abbot and Bobby Me C.utc henTraci Dixon. Payne Walker1.1 .A. Mother — Daughter Banquet Members of FHA honored their mothers at the annual mother-daughter banquet. May 7, 1985. Every girl prepared a covered dish for the buffet style supper The incoming officers were installed and incoming president, Gail Dehart, gave her acceptance speech Mrs. Johnson presented the mother of the year award to Mrs. Jean Cole Mrs. Head presented the popular vote awards: personalities, best dressed, cutest, best all around. Mother of the Year, Mrs lean Cole, with her daughters Maura and Shannon FHA PERSONALITIES Tracie Canady, Gail DeHart, Ioanna Campbell, Tammy Holliday, LeAnne Jones FHA BEST DRESSED: Susan Cochran, Destin Rives, Ioanna CampbellValedictorian June McBrayer, daughter of Truman and Frances McBrayer, is 1985 valedictorian for Albertville High School. She was secretary of the National Honor Society and president of the Junior National Honor Society. She is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, Science Club, FHA Club, SAE Club, treasurer of the Student Council, assistant section leader for the saxophone division of the band, and was on the Math Team. She was a DAR Good Citizen, member of the Society of Distinguished American High School Students and listed in Who's Who Among American High School Students. June plans to attend the University of Montevallo and become certified to teach English and Math in secondary schools. June McBrayer Salutatcrian The daughter of Madeleine and Jack Appleton Betsy Appleton is salutatorian. She was varsity cheerleader for three years, and head cheerleader her Senior year. She is vice president of the Senior Class, vice president of the National Honor Society and was secretary-treasurer of the Junior National Honor Society. She has served as treasurer of the Interact Club and was President her senior year. She is treasurer of the Math Club and a member of the Math and Scholar's Bowl Teams. She was elected class personality her last three years of high school. She has been a member of the school musical for two years and a member of annual staff for three years. She also belongs to Letterman's Club, Student Council and SAE Club and is listed in Who's Who Among American High School Students. Betsy plans to attend Auburn University and major in accounting. 208 Betsy AppletonBetsy Appleton School Spirit Brook Baggett Woodman of the World Seema Barbela Student Council President Outstanding Student Rodney Champion Citizenship Susan Cochran Home Economics FCA Arnold Collett Agribusiness lulie Cornelius ChemistryJerry Davis School Spirit DanGlassco Agri-business Shop LeAnne jones FHA Citizenship Scott Myrick Sociology JuneMcBrayer Biological Science Mathematics Social Studies Spanish DAK Citizenship I G BaltourDavid Richey Over All Science All Around Student Amy Roden Athletics Bridgett Scott Accounting Bobby Stewart Athletics 1985 Honor Students 1st Row L to R Kay Taylor, Anita Shell, Amy Roden. Kelly Rice, Ioanna Campbell, Courtney Campbell. Betsy Appleton 2nd Row )une McBrayer, Kelley McClendon, LeAnne Jones, Deanna (Quarles, lennifer Horton, Susan Drain, Tyann Bagwell. 3rd Row: Melissa Dilgard, Amy Davis, Eric Nobis, David Richey. Tommy Davis. Julie Cornelius. 4th Row Ruth Lacy, Rodney Champion. Rodney Moody, Arnold Collett Pam Pell 2nd place district Accounting II )R DIVISION MATH TEAM Peter Cole, Debra Ingram, Dee Fowler, Natasha Borden, Ion Bopp, Michelle Wells Beth Warren Scholarship Recipient Arnold Collett: Outstanding Ag Student of the Year SR DIVISION MATH TEAM, 1st Row From I lune McBrayer, Betsy Appleton, Kay Taylor, Joni justice, David Richey. 2nd Row Scott Ham, Ken Barton, Mike Stanfield, Steven Kennedy SCHOOL SCHOLAR'S BOWL TEAM: Betsy Appleton, Rodney Champion, Kay Taylor, David Richey, Lesa Carnes. Mike Shankles. )om JusticePUBLIC SPEAKING, 3rd PLACE Shane Me Griff MEMBER OF FORESTRY TEAM ALL COUNTY Lee FlemmingGraduation Class cf 198 5 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr John W. Schaerer Superintendent Albertvill it Sdio 214ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY “Your Prescription Store” 878-1514 ''j We Fill Out Your Medicare C • Plus Forms Robert M. Rosser Jack F. Anderson Pharmacists THE JEWEL BOX Home Art Carved Class Rings Phone: 878-3301 CREATIVE PRINTERS HEWLETT BOGER, President MOTTLEY ADAMS, Vice-President 228 North Broad Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5044 BEASON "Di4C6U.«t DRUGS 525 Baltimore Ave. Albertville I Ph. 878-66231 Downtown AlbertvilleDISCOUNT FURNITURE WORLD Cochran Broyhill Bassett Bryant Clayton Riverside Virginia House Thomasville American Drew Serta Theropedic Athens Lazy Boy Williams Berkline “Ya’II Come!” Top of the Mountain Guntersville, AL 35976 Phone: 582-3516 HOOD ELECTRIC COMPANY 1001 Highway 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-2481 2 r - f irArSS- A great athlete has something extra. So does a great bank. Most athletes develop the fundamental skills necessary to compete in their sport—strength, speed, coordination, and experience. But the ones who stand out have something extra. A little more quickness, or savvy, or determination. Banks are the same way. Most banks have developed the fundamental skills. But the ones who stand out, like Central, have something extra. Like extended hours, Saturday banking, or discounts on loans for qualifying customers. Who’s the winner in the long run? You are. Bank at Central CENTRAL BANK for something extra in financial service. OF THE SOUTH! Member FDICWkmhVAi Two Locations Phone: 593-9050 Highway 431 North Boaz, AL 35957 Phone:582-2049 Highway 431 South Guntersville, AL 35976 Open Monday-Saturday 9-9, Sunday 1-6 We Sell for Less Satisfaction Guaranteed Your Northeast Alabama Farm Equipment Specialist See Senator Hinton Mitchem and All the Folks at TATE-MITCHEM TRACTOR COMPANY For All Your Farm Equipment Needs Hwy. 431 in Albertville i' i. § OYAL HOME »U«N'SMINGS Rt 3 Box 214-AA ALBERTVILLE. AL 35950 90 Days Same as Cash Up to 24 to Pays Phone 593-4280 ALBERTVILLE CHURCHi DIRECTORY 1984-85 ANTIOCH BAPTIST, 130 First Street Rev. Raymond Cook Ph. 878-4721 CALVARY TEMPLE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 402 Rose Road Rev. Cary Rigby Ph. 878-2271 CENTRAL BAPTIST, High Point Road Rev. Mike Johnson Ph. 878-8549 CHRIST EPISCOPAL, 607 E. Main Street Rev. John Sewell Ph. 878-1731 CHRIST LUTHERAN, 140 Saratoga Drive Rev. Wayne Olson Ph. 582-6658 CHRIST UNITED METHODIST, 1405 Darden Avenue Rev. Tex Ergle Ph. 878-4621 CORBINVILLE UNITED METHODIST, Rt. 2, Corbinville Road Rev. Clifford Moore Ph. 878-5736 FIRST BAPTIST, 309 E. Main Street Rev. David Askins Ph. 878-6945 FIRST UNITED METHODIST, 206 Madison Avenue Rev. Burl Oliver Ph. 878-4651 GRACE FELLOWSHIP PRESBYTERIAN, 105 Carlisle Street Rev. Robert Reed Ph. 878-7549 HEWETT MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST, 1110 Walnut Street Rev. Larry Wright Ph. 878-1813 MOUNT CALVARY BAPTIST, 201 Rose Road Rev. Jimmy Taylor Ph. 878-6685 SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST, P.O. Box 1144 Rev. Jerry Ferguson Ph. 878-4292 ROSS GRADEN LUMBER CO. QUICKS FLOWERS W FLGWERS Highway 431 S. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1461 319 Martling Road Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-3512 BOBBY QUICK Wire Service CHARLIE BECKS GARAGE AUTOMOTIVE PAINT SUPPLY 417 S.Hooper Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6008 Phone: 878-7850 BOAZ-ALBERTVILLE PHARMACY Next to Hospital Boaz, AL 35957 Phone:593-6679 BOBBY’S AUTO PARTS Highway 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5060 HOWARD’S BARBER SHOP THOMPSON PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLIES, INC. 103 W. Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-9925 139 W. Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone:878-2021 221PASQUALES 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-9239 CHARLIE COX Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone:878-0992 cosco Outlet Store Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 SIMS BARGAIN MART Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 STAR VIDEO Home of the Stars on Video With 3 Locations to Serve You 709 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 891-0993 1788 Gunter Ave. Guntersville, AL 582-0500 1002 G’ville Hwy. Arab, Alabama 586-5115 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone:878-5882 COMPTON MOTORS 222SUNBRITE CLEANERS Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1371 STATE FARM INS. Life — Health — Auto — Home — Business GENE HOLCOMB, Agent 201 A-West Main Street Albertville, AL 35950 Compliments of: MILLER-HARRIS-BRELAND INSURANCE INC. CLEAN-UP SERVICE INC. JANITORIAL SERVICES Complete Insurance Service Albertville, AL 35950 104 West Main Street Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-9172 Dick Miller Dennis Harris Jim Breland James Fowler Gary Lebetter James Davis Jerry Fowler COUNTRY CASUALS 119 Sand Mountain Dr. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-3200 A-1 VACUUM CENTER Phone: 878-5968 SECURITY MUTUAL FINANCE CORPORATION Albertville, AL 35950 JOHN HARRIS: Branch Manager Hwy. 431 N.LITTLE VILLAGE SHOP Bridal Registry Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6400 PROMAR Fund Raising Specialist Industry Progress tfadtn Uctet Through Genetic Research HANSEL AND GRETAL CHILDREN’S SHOP Phone: 878-8983 Eastwood Plaza LESHAN’S LTD INC. Latest in Ladie’s Fashions 107 Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, AL 35950 Phone:878-2323 224rjflie ome Sand eA lountain (Df ice NORTH ROUTE 7 • ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA 35950 Come by and Open Your Student Checking Account Today! — No Service Charge for Students Member F.D.I.C. JAMES C. MORRISON 1765 SHERIDAN DRIVE YOUR CITY, STATE 05083 au 109 c 61 -295 ®----- 622 ETlie EMom Qonk —s' 11 W . Guntersville, Alabama 35976 --------------+L SAMPLE-VOID; lOCLUAC CHCCK MINTtm. InTT) gmL iUA ;ntnm •:oooog,?B9Li: i ziLStvaR'' oiQ9The Student Center. Going to McDonald’s® is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You’ve made us the place to meet, to talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and help forget defeats. You’ve made McDonald’s more than just another place to eat. And that’s why, at McDonald’s, “we do it all for you.® ” IT S A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE . 204 Hwy. 431 North Albertville, AL 35950Two of Our Greatest Assets yUBERTVtLlT NAT ONALjt iBANkS Albertville National Bank Marshall County’s Oldest Bank Established in 1904 Albertville's Young People Represented by John Crews Clemons AHS Senior 1985 Albertville National Bank The bank with the personal touch, since 1904 Downtown - Baltimore Avenue Albertville, AL 35950 Member FDI.CGOLD KIST, INC. BILLY THRASH LINCOLN — MERCURY — GMC, INC. Rt. 7, Cougar Drive Albertville, Alabama 35950 Phone:878-7282 MERCURY LINCOLN SMC A truck you can live with.TO OUR SPECIAL FRIENDS THAT HELPED MAKE THIS PUBLICATION POSSIBLE.. . THANKS! Senator Hinton Mitchem 878-1631 Councilman John B. Swart 878-3904 Dr. A. Lynn Luther, M.D., P.C. 593-2840 Dr. Donald Slappy, M.D., P.C. 593-9070 Sand Mountain Family Practice Center 878-8180 Representative T. Loyd Coleman 586-6700 Dr. C. 0. Wilkes, D.D.S. 878-8690 Dr. David J. Evans, D.D.S. 878-1161 Dr. Wayne Garrett, 878-7830 Dr. Bill Mitchell, 878-9181 James D. Walker, Attorney 878-2765 Dr. J. D. Bonds, M.D., P.C. 878-1321 Representative T. Euclid Rains, Sr. 878-3399 or 659-2843 Dr. J. L. Hughes, P.A. 878-0525 Dr. J. K. Clemons, M.D., P.A. 878-7170 Dr. James W. Porter, II, D.M.D. 878-9200 Dr. Quirino L. Pua, M.D., P.C. 891-0300 Dr. Zenaida Pua, M.D., P.C. 891-0300 Dr. Mark Evans, D.M.D. 878-8804 Chairman Charles Wright 582-3642 229AL“YOUR” PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATOR Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for Over 60 Yrs. of Combined Service 425 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1012 COURINGTON REAL ESTATE 702 Hwy.431 S. Phone: 878-1994 CLEAN-UP SERVICE P.O. Box 563 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone:878-0426 2M RANKIN INSULATION CO. 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Hooper Drive Albertville, AL 35950 878-8890 or 878-5051 24-Hour Wrecker Service Bumra TO Bum ERLENE’S BEAUTY SHOP 506 Baltimore Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1471 ALABAMA LAMP Star Route 2, Railroad Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1003 ANDERSON SHOE SHOP 903 E. Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-4392 233Parker FluidConnectors Phone: 593-9220 301 Wagner Drive Boaz, AL 35957 Con Fab PARAGON DECORS P.O. Box 460 — Railroad Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 Factory Outlet Prices on Framed Pictures, Florals, Brass Items and Many Other Gift Items SOUTHERN YARNS, INC. Industrial Park, Star Route Factory Outlet Albertville, AL 35950 Boaz Mall Phone: 878-5510 Boaz, Alabama 234Congratulations Seniors FLUOROCARBON BOWATER Reeves Rubber Division LUMBER COMPANY Marshall McDonalds A Division of Bowater, Inc. Albertville, AL 35950 Route 3, Box 286 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-7987 205 878-6810 tlier Crest Manufactured by RIVER OAKS HOMES, INC. P.O. 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Albertville, AL 35950 We Cover Anything Owner: JOHNNY ABNEY Phone: 878-7959 Congratulations Seniors Class of ’85 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5254H H PRINTING SERVICE AAA CARPET — VINYL OUTLET Hwy. 431 N., P.O. Box 671 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-8829 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6156 DICK-C BOWL BRELAND’S 501 Highland Munfords Do It Yourself Albertville, AL 35950 220 N. Broad Street Phone: 878-1551 Albertville, AL 35950 WEATHERS HARDWARE WILKS TIRE APPLIANCE AND AND BATTERY FURNITURE 428 N. 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Box 1128 Albertville, Alabama Phone (205) 878-9070  m f crrrfrrrffrr r oV CC , rrrrrrrr r r rj ' ' % ' 7 • B

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