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MOUT AINEER Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama Editors Jennifer Andrews Joanna Campbell Sponsor Catherine Brasher The Y ear Has Just Begun.There Is So Much That Lies Ahead v V vv wz ,‘Jc irS]K V i Sfc C $£V V,7 • Vv ' ' £L ' V " i VI . • . w - f%. . On Which To Build Our FutureReflecting On Moments To Remember 1415The Friendships Made . . . 17The Dreams Fulfilled 1819ADMINISTRATION Assistant Principal Tommy Lacks Mr. Lacks strives daily to provide motivation and experiences for students which will help them lead productive lives after graduation. As Director of Student Activities he encourages students to maintain prompt attendance, practice self-discipline, and take pride in their accomplishments. Through his dedication and leadership, Mr. Lacks greatly influences the shaping of the minds and character of all students at Albertville High School. Donna Sims Secretary 20Sandy Killian Secretary Principal Arthur Baugh "As Seniors at Albertville High School you are part of an ending — the end of a crucial period in your lives. Woodrow Wilson once said, an education does not give you the answers, it tells you how to find the answers. Learning and absorbing knowledge is important to you regardless of what your goals are. You need to continue growing as individuals, and to do some really serious thinking. You should be preparing yourselves extremely well to become the future parents, teachers, and leaders of our world. It will soon be your legal and moral responsibility and you must be ready when that time comes. Evaluate your life at Albertville High and let your countenance glow with happiness and a thirst for knowledge, believing in yourself and others. Many of us fear the future because it is unknown. You wonder just what ties ahead for you. and if the hopes and dreams you now have will come true. Your futures look bright and secure. I feel that you wilt be a credit to us and to our hopes for you. 1 hope we have helped you find the answers you have been seeking and that your education has not been an empty experience. Good luck and best wishes to each of you." 51John Garner Psychology Sociology Charles Amason Guidance Linda Baggett Sophomore English Judy Berry Sophomore English Humanities Stacy Goss Band Director Jerry Blanks American History, Economics DemocracyLinda Bopp Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Geometry Shirley Corbin American World History Diana Johnson Home Economics Sue Couch Freshman Junior English 23THE FACULTY ARE ARTISTS IN THEIR FIELDS Catherine Brasher Biology Physiology Dorothy Jolley Typing Bob Killian Ronnie Little Drivers’ Education Assistant Coach DeWayne Lovell Learning DisabilitiesJan Masters Typing Accounting Jo Ann Moore Physical Education Gay Martin Resource Coordinator Lemon McCollum Biology w 25 Donna Maynard Physical Education Jan Millican Physics, Chemistry I, II, IIIRandy Greene Jo Ann Ellis General Science Freshman English Karen Gipson Typing Art Ann George Learning Disabilities Jane Adams Sophomore Junior English Ann G'ertsman Consumer Math 26 SOMETIMES ... A LITTLE EXTRA HELPRudy Hodges Agri-Business Edna Harris World Geography, Alabama World History Jane Smith Librarian IT’S HARD TO KEEP FROM CRACKING CP! John R. Duke Golf Coach, Alabama History World Geography Jean Head Home Economics Barbara Blanks Junior Senior EnglishTHEY ALWAYS POINT OUT SOMETHING NEW Glenda Wooten Special Education Nona Proctor Sophomore Junior English Wanda Sloan Vocational Education, M.D.E. Eleanor Hudgins Business Office EducationAND THEY’RE ALWAYS EAGER TO HELP . . . Kathy Rains Librarian Audio-Visual Director Pat Thompson American History Raymond Sparks Algebra I II Cathy Teal Sophomore English,Spanish I, II, III George Thorne Assistant Coach, Alabama History World Geography 29Mary Trasher Guidance Joyce Vasser Senior English Ricky Todd Agri-Business Vernon Wells Head Football Coach, Economics Democracy Mickey Moore Assistant Coach Physical Education Hilda Cole Teachers' AideJoyce Hopkins Special Education Shirley Shadinger Secretary Jim Thompson Assistant Coach General Science James Jolley Jo Ann Wells General Math Aide, Special Education 31 WITH SERVICE AND A SMILELUNCHROOM WORKERS AND CUSTODIANS Shore Pearce Vending Machine Operator r J" From Left: Emmett Smalley. Priscilla McCrickard, Lin Porter, Manager. Caroline Dunn. Jeanette Crumblcy, Cly Davison.s E N I O R S EDITOR BETH WARREN STAFF SEEMA BARBELLA 33Guided by Andrews, Jennifer Arnold, Christy Arnold, Phillip Bains, Anna Barker, Lesa Bean, John David Beardon, Doug Beardon, Mike Benefield, Bruce Biddle, Steven Blackmon, Cheryl Boatwright, Melanie Bonds, Kelly Bowen, Dewayne Brackett, Ricky Breedwcll, DonaldThe Senior Class Officers Bright, Kim Brown, Kim SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, From Left: Tammy McCrelcss, Parliamentarian; Christi Painter. Secretary; Randy Darden. President; Kristen Ramsey. Treasurer; Melanie Boatwright. Vice President. Butler, Craig Cain, Benji Camp, Tommy Campbell, Cayla Canfield, Leigh Ann Canterberry, Keith Chamblee, Kim Chamblee, Sandee 35Chastain, Sandy Childress, Apasara Childress, Paula Clemons, Valerie Colvin, Brian Cornelius, Jill Croft, Beth Darden, Chris Darden, Randy Davis, Paul Dingier, Taye Diviney, Paula Edmonds, Selina Edmonds, Tressy Edwards, Jeff Edwards, Kenneth 36 Striving for a perfect yearFaulkner, Keith Fuller, Susan Galloway, Kerry Gary, LeAnn Gary, Mary Gautney, Penny Ginn, Chad Goff, Katie 37 Making friendships . . .that will last a lifetime Gore, Beverly Graben, Alan Gunter, Bobby Hall, Amy Hall, Scott Hammer, Andy Hastings, Tami Henly, Tim Henry, Patsy Hester, Chuck Hill, Steven Hix, Brad Holland, Craig Hollingsworth, Geoffrey Holsonback, Jeff Hooper, Kim 38The happiness we have shared . . . Howard, Marsha Ingram, Mike Irvin, Lisa Isbell, Randy Jarmon, Teresa Johnston, Paige Jones, Andy Keeton, Robyn Kilgore, Spencer Kilpatrick, Randall 39King, Mary Kirby, Shannon Lankford, Kelly Lambert, Betty Luther, Melanie Malone, Tammy Mayhall, Scarlett McCamy, Serena McConnel, Susan McCreless, Tammy McCrickard, Gathan McCurley, David as we supported the schoolMcWhorter, Matthew Mikel, Neal Miller, Jimmy Millican, Jeff Milican, Teresia Moon, Marty Moore, Regina- Morgan, David Morrow, Terri Neermann, Beth Nixon, Nathon Ogle, Johnny 41 only as Seniors can doWe don’t know our destinies, but no matter . . . Oliver, Tammi Pall, John Painter, Christi Pair, David Panned, Allan Parris, Janna Paterson, Allen Pearce, Wanda Perry, Eric Pike, Daniel 42we will Succeed! Pike, Tim Poole, Tina Powell, Karen Powell, Brad Quigley, Curt Ramsey, Kristin Ray, Patricia Rives, Randy Robinson, Jay Roebuck, Chris 43Shell, Kay Simmons, Alan Sims, Tina Sloan, Shan Smith, Janine Smith, Patrick Smothers, Phillip Spence, Chris Sprouse, Scott Spurgeon, Juanita Spurlin, Lisa Stanford, Cindy Stanford, Vickie Staton, Jerry Stephens, Mark Stone, Karen Affected by Senioritis . . . 44Story, Rose Sullens, Tina Swords, Lynn Thomas, Jeannie Todd, Chris Todd, Lynn Tripp, Angelia Walker, John Watson, Angie Watwood, Andy Webb, Lisa West, Kim 45 our minds thinking toward our future goalsThe memories will last forever . . . West, Teresa White, Chris White, Lynn Whitehead, Eric Whitten, Bain Williams, Sandy Williamson, Keith Wilson, John Wood ham, Billy Woodruff, Paul 46Adkins, Charles Boyd, Kim Carmack, Harvey Carter, Scott Childress, Dale Currie, Kim Dickie, Kim Edwards, Gloria Ennis, Joe Fuller, Dwight Golden, Billy Henson, Chris Hilsman, Frank Jester, Sandra Jones, Mark Jones, Tonya Kilpatrick, Luke Leatherwood, Frank Lesley, James Martin, Teresaithis, Allen dson, Doug xon, David nkey, Mark rker, Carrie irt ridge. Ernie jnney, Michael idgeway. Paul cwell, Steve ims, Steve oker, Steven Aatek III. Cyril arvin. Chris emple, A1 hurmond. Scott idwell, Scotty hi tchead, Tammy isenant, Clint illiams, Maurice oung, Tracy 48 ■■■■■ what else can be said. Beginning the New Year in Style Appleton, Betsy Ashley, Johnny Atchlcy, Allen Bagwell, Tyann Barbells, Secma Barton. Ken Bean, Michelle Bearden, Charlotte Beck, Teresa Bennett, Frankie Bolton, Mark Bonds. Jean 50Guided by the Junior Class Officers . . . OFFICERS, From L lo R: Trade Canady, Treasurer: Joanna Campbell, President: Amy Roden, Parliamentarian: Beth Warren, Vice President: LcAnnc Jones, Secretary. Bonds. Nick Bonds. Stacey Bramlctt, Betty Brooks. Rickey Brown, Cindy Burgess. Lonnie Burgess. Teresa Campbell, Courtney Campbell. Joanna Canady, Trade Carroll. Joey Champion, Rodney Chandler. Kevin Childress, Teresa Cochran. SusanWe’re Always in First Place Currie, Mischa Davis, Amy Davis, Jerry Davis. Susie Denny, Jon Dickson. Wesley Dilgard, Melissa Dobins. Shane Driver, Angie Duckett. David 52Juniors Tackle Another Year Duncan, David Duvall. Suzanne Elrod, Chris Eubanks. Karen Ferguson. Davey Garvin, Tammy Goble, Maria Griggs. Eddie Grimes, Jason Guffy, Rcnay Haiges. Allen Hanson, Stacey Hardin. Johnny Harris, Sandy Harris, Sylinda Hart, Lynn Harvillc, Kim Havis, Elbert Hawkins, Angie Haynes, Jan 53Helms, Theresa Hicks. David Holder. Kelli Howard. Tim Jackson. Marsha Jones. LeAnne Jones, Valerie Kennedy. Randy King, Nancy Lacey, Ruth Lee, Mclonic Ledford, Louis Juniors Stick Together . . . 54Always Showing Class Lester, Jackson Lindsey, Janice Lowery, David Lowery, Ramona Madden, Ceclia Martin, Jeff Martin, Samantha Mason, Pam Mathews, Barry Mayfield, Brent Mays. David McBrayer, June 55Juniors Stitch Up Another Year McCain, Susan McClendon, Kelley McClendon. Nancy McElvain. Courtney Medina, Yvette Meeks. Chris Miller, Kim Mitchell. Jim Mitchell. Jonna Monroe, Michelle Moody, Rodney 56Smiling Wide With Pride and Cheer Murray, Edwin Myrick. Scott Neely, Angie Nixon, Blake Nobis, Eric Owen, Kim Pate. Jason Pell. Pam Peppers, Bridget Peppers, Rodney Pike, Sissy 57Looking Into the Future and . . . Pollard, Terri Pope, Sonya Powell, Cindy Powell. Nelson Powell, Paula Prickctt, Leslie Pritchett. Dawn Quarles, Deanna Rains, Cindy 58Working Hard With Determination . . . Roden, Lisa Saint. Jackie Smith. Pam Snellings. Denise Soper. Teresa Stewart. Bobby Stone. Tammie Shell. Anita Shell. Julie Shcrcr. Chris Slaton. Stacy Smith. Cheri 59For Another Successful Year Striplin. Kim Sutton, Jonathon Swords, Penny-Swords, Gwenn Taylor, Kay Taylor. Randy Taylor, Robin Terrell. Brandon Terrell. Delissa Terrell, Robert Trammell, Michelle Turner. Sharon Vaughn. Tammy Waldrop. Erie Warren, Beth Wilkes, Barry Willis, Greg Wilson. Joanna Wood. LeAnne Vao, Michael 60Headin’ for Success Allen. Pat Anthony. Jan Arnold, Paige Avery, Chris Avery. Gregg Baggett, Brook Bailey. Jamie Baker. James Banks, Angie Banks. Gail Barkley, Tom Baucom, Belinda Baugh. Angelia Baugh, Shane Bearden. Lisa SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, From Left: Steven Terrell. Parliamentarian; Jon Alan Smith, President; Mike Shanklcs, Vice President; Latona Thomas, Treasurer; Lcsa Carnes. Secretary.Always on Top Bearden, Lori Bennett, Tommy Bobo, Sulyn Bohannon. Renae Brccdwcll. Bryan Britton, Teryl Brown. Dawn Brown, Kim Brown, Tom Bruce, Crystal Buckelew, Tracy Burgess. Lisa Burke, Kelly Canada, Angel Canady, Ginger 63Unlocking Doorways . . . Carnes, Lesa Chamblee. Jcrric Chamblcc. Rita Charles, Mike Check. Allen Childress, Perry Christian, Kim Coe, Bart Colvin. Jay Cordell, Susan Cornelius, Nancy Cornelius, Penny Croft, Shane Crowe, Stephanie Cunningham, Rhonda 64To the Future Currie, Anthony Currie, Sandra Darden. Rene Davis. Victor Dean, Angie DeHart, Gail Dick. Susan D' ;on, Mark Drain, Keith Drake, Rene Dukes. Johnny Duncan, Rita Ferguson. Lance Foreman, Cindy Formby. Philip Gaither, Shane Garrett. Ricky Garrison, Craig Gates. Ricky Gautney, Kenny 65Togetherness and Teamwork Gilbert, Eric Gilbreath, Scott Golden, Marc Gore, Tim Gregg, Jeff Grice, Melinda Grogan. Teresa Guffey, Donna Gunter, Chris Ham, Scott Hamrick, Phillip Hannah. Gayle Hard, Kevin Harris, Audrey Harris. Keith Hartline, Annette Higgins. James Hill, Aneva Holder, Tim Holder, Todd 66Make Great Aggie Spirit Holderficld, Holleigh Holderfield, Vance Holliday, Samatha Holsonback, Kelly Holt. Jerry Hood, Kelly Hope. David Howard, David Hoy, Jeff Johnson, Kevin Johnston, Angela Johnston, Carol 67 Jolley, Joy Justice, JoniShowing Strength Kay, Donna King. Kelly Knight. Charnita Lacy, Mark Lambert. Eric Lamons, Linda Lamons, Stephani Lang. Tammy Langley, Ricky Madden, Pat Maddox, Randall Malone, Carol Martin, Doug Massey, Brian Matthews, Annette Matthews. Mark Mayes, Steven McClendon, Chris McClendon, Kathy McConnell, Kim McKee, Keith Mikel. Ray Mikcl, Toby 68In All We Go for Miller, Bruce Milligan, David Mitchell. Kerry Moman, Beth Moore, Kelly Moore, Shane Moore, Suann Morgan, Charlotte Morgan, Tim Morrow, Barbara Morrow, Todd Nelms, Clark NcSmith, Eddie Nichols, Mike Nicholson, Kevin Ogle. Dawn Oliver, Kristi Oliver, Melissa Owens, David Owens, Peggy Oyler. Chris Painter, David Patterson. Mike Patterson, Pam Payne. Kathy Pell, Eric Pell, Palcnna 69Things Really “Pick Up” Pell. Pam Pell. Rita Pcndley, Andrea Pike. Judy Powell. Valerie Rains. Mike Reagen, Debbie Riddle, Evelyn Robinson. Lisa Roc, Julie Rogers. Michelle Rogers. Nita Rowan. Rodney Rushing, Kristi Saint. Janice Salter. Gail Salter. Tina Sampson, Kelly Sampson, Mark Sanders. Jeff 70When We’re Around! Scott, Wendy Scahorn, Leslie Shankles, Mike Shell, Tracy Sherrett. Melissa Simpson, Scottie Slaton, Shelly Smalley, Becky Smith, Cris Smith, Jon Alan Smith. Suzanne Smith, Wayne Snider. Mitchell Snider, Thomas Southerland, Coy Southern, Denise Spencer, Christie Spraybcrry, Van Spurgeon, Joyce Stanfield, James Stanfield, Mike Stanford, Gary Stephens, Mike Stewart, Richard Swatek. Paul Sweringin, Bonnie 71Have You Hugged Your Teacher Today? Swords, Kristi Swords, Robyn Tarvin, Tammy Taylor, Cynthia Terrell, Steven Thomas, Latona Tidmore. Donna Vaughn, Dawn Vaught, Rhonda Walker. Toby Walters, Rene Webb. Melissa Wilbanks, Janet Williams, Gerald Williams, Kerry Williams, Sharon Williams, Sherry Williams, Sonya Williamson, Mike Willoughby. Amos Wilson, Mike Wofford. Susan 72F R E $ H M E N I EDITOR LISA LESTER STAFF TRISH McCLURE 73We’re Down to Earth FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS. From Left: Peter Cole. Vice President; Mitscy Abbott. Secretary-Treasurer; Jeff Har-din. President. Aaron, Shelley Abbott. Carl Abbott. Mitsey Abney, Nancy Allen. Randy Allen, Robert Anderson. Ginny Anderton. Clinton Anthony. Denise Anthony. Preston Ashley, David Bailey. Amy Baker, Janie Baker. Johnny Baker, Stephanie Bankston, Tammy 74In the Beginning We Were a Little “Rusty” Barnett, Dale Bcason. Howard Benefield, Bridgettc Bentley, Michelle Bethune, Kerry Biddle, Miriam Blanks, Jeremy Bonds. Donna Bopp, Jon Bottomlec, Kim Boyd, Ila Bright, David Brown, Darlene Brown. Kim Brown, Teresa Bryant, Leigh Bruce, Jeff Buchanan, Tami Buckclcw, Chris Burbanks. Shanon 75Now We’re Sliding Into Action Burns, Christy Burns, Judy Butler. Chcri Campbell. Jody Cole, Peter Collins. Misty Compton. Penny Cornelius, Bobby Cornelius. Tim Cordell, Mike Cox, Christy Davis, Jennifer Davis, Karen Davis, Maurice Davis, Mike Dixon. Julie Donald, Kandi Edmonds. Gina Edmondson, Tommie Jo Eller, Patrick 76Keeping in Time With the Beat . . . Ellis, Wendy England, Lisa Engle, Melinda Eubanks, Brenda Fauls, Lola Ferguson, John Fleming, Lee Foshcc, Scott Fowler, Dee Fox, Mark Franks, Phyllis Frazier, Sandy Freshwater, Todd Garrett, Mark Garrison, Chris Garvin, Mary Gilbert, Chris Gillian, JoAnn Gore, Jamie Gore, Meridith Greer. Rusty Greer, Suzanne Gregory, Brian Griffith, Jason Griffith, Teresa 77Sticking Together . Grimes, Jeff Grindle, James Grindle, Timmy Guffey, Laura Hadden, Lisa Hale, Cindy Hamby, Amanda Hardin, Jeff Harmon, Mickey Harper, Shane Harrell. Sharon Havis, Lisa Hawkins. Matt Haynes, Sherrie Hendon. Leslie 78Having a Lot to Say . . . Hethcox, Claire Hinds, Amy Hix, Lee Holt. Sherry Horton. April Howard. Jon Hunt. Melissa Hyatt. Rhonda Ingram, Debra James, Kelly Jenkins, Jeff Johnson. Melissa Jolley, Anna Jolley, David Jordan, Sonya Justice, Penny Kemp, Shannon Kennedy, Steven Kilgore, Allen Lacy. Kristen 79Taking It to the Top . . . Lambert, Eric Lambert. Kelly Lang, Annette Lang, Jenny Langley, Chris Lemley, Angela Lemlcy, George Lesley, Christie Lester, Lisa Long, Tammi Luther, Mark Madden, Chris Maddux, Thomas Malone. Melissa McCamy, Brad McClure, Trish McCurley, Brian McCutchen, Bobby McCutchen, Jimmy McCutcheon, Pat 80Keepin Out of Sight . . 9 McDaniel, Don Meeks, Kelli Messer, Tammy Minor, Allen Milchcm, Todd Moore, Missy Moore, Renae Morgan, Danny Morrison, Jennifer Morrison, Mike Nailer, Karen Palmer, Jim Pankey, Chris Pankcy, Ronda Parris, Sandra Parrish, Cindy Patterson, Mark Patterson, Paula Patterson, Tommy Penny, Shannon Perry, Dclana Peters, John Phillips, Teresa Powell, Floyd Powell, Sheri 81Keeping the Ball Bouncin’ Rice, Trinda Richey, Beth Roberts. Linda Robertson, Tony Roe, Suzanne Rowell, Cathy Sampson. Chad Sampson. Alfreda Sanland, Sheila Scarbrough. Lynne Sea horn, Stacie Segars, Scott Shadingcr, Keith Shankles. Melissa Shell, Raymond Simmons. Brad Simmons, Melissa Simmons, Tim Simpson, Mike Sims, CherylThrough the Small and the Tall Smith, Dec Dec Smith, James Smith. Keith Smith, Ronald Snider. Eric Stanfield, Lonnie Stanfield, Nancy Stanfield, Shane Staton. Monica Stevens, Lisa Stevens, Regina Striplin. Melissa Sweitzer, Jennifer Swords, Karcna Swords, Keith Tarvin, Ramona Tarvin, Pat Teague. Jeff Tuck, Susan Washington, Kayla 83Freshmen are Double Trouble Weaver, Glenda Webster, Tracy Wells, Michele West, Kim Whiscnant, Eric Whitehead, Candy Whitehead, Stephen Whitlock. Lisa Williams, Kim Williams, Tambella Williamson. Jackie Willoughby, Laura Wilmorc, Sam Wilson, Regina Windsor. Lisa Windsor. Mike Wright, Dennis Wright, Wcss Yancey, Danny 84EDITOR KRISTEN RAMSEY STAFF ANNA JOLLEYSENIORS. 1st Row. From L: Steven Biddle, Karen Stone, Christie Painter, Tammy Mc-Crelcss, Chris Darden. 2nd Row, From L: An ji Watson. Anna Bains, Scarlett Mayhall, Kristin Ramsey. Jay Robinson. Allen Pannell, Kim Chamblee. 3rd Row. From L: Kim Brown, Beverly Gore. Cayla Campbell, Terri Morrow. Billy Woodham, Curt Quigley, Susan McConnel. 4th Row, From L: Shannon Kirby, Christie Arnold. Melanie Boatwright. Maurice Williams. Nathan Nixon. 5th Row, From L.: Keith Williamson, Lynn Todd. Mary Gary, Kim Bright. JUNIORS, 1st Row, From L: Kelley McClendon, Jonna Mitchell, Destin Rives, LeAnne Jones, Betsy Appleton, Kim Striplin, Charlotte Bearden. 2nd Row, From L: Tracy Canady, Suzanne Duvall, June McBrayer, Beth Warren, Juli Cornelius. 3rd Row, Fron L: Arlctha McCrary, Jennifer Horton. Elizabeth Rankin, LeAnn Wood, Angie Hawkins, David Jones. 4th Row, From L: Bill Traylor, Mike Yao, Alfic Ratcliffc, Arnold Collett. SOPHOMORES, 1st Row, From L: Gayle Hannah, Julie Roe, Lesa Carnes. Donna Tidwell, Jamie Bailey. 2nd Row, From L: Mike Shankles. Joni Justice, Kim McConnel, Kristy Rushing, Melinda Grice, Rene Darden, Joy Jolley, Samantha Woods, Eric Gilbert. 3rd Row, From L: Jerry Holt. Doug Matten, Shane Moore, Jon Allen Smith, Phillip Form-by, Steve Terrell, Toby Walker. FRESHMEN, 1st Row, From L: Kim West, Paula Patterson, Lynn Scarbrough. Delana Perry. 2nd From L: Dianna Cribbs. Steven Kennedy, Trish McClure, Anna Jolley. Susan Tuck, Becky Ogle. 3rd Row, From L: Eric Snider, Jeremy Blanks. Lonnie Stanfield. Mark Fox, Neil Sweringen, Scott Hatley. 86 1983-84 Student CouncilThe Voice of the Aggies The Albertville High School Student Council started off the school year by hosting the “Freedom Jam" concert, which was a big success. Other projects later in the year included selling carnations for Valentine's Day, a car wash, and selling candygrams for Christmas. All the proceeds from candygram sales were donated to SCORE, a department of the March of Dimes. The Student Concil also remembered the teacher’s birthdays with small gifts, and organized Homecoming and the annual Red Cross Blood Drive. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS. Diagonally. From L: Jay Robinson President. Jonna Mitchell — Vice President. Kelley McClendon — Secretary. Sieve Terrell — Treasurer. Middle L. Sponsors Richard Denham and Jane Smith. 87Interact The Interact Club is sponsored by the Albertville Rotary Club. New members are admitted each year from all classes on the following criteria: Students must have an over all “B" average, and be in good standing with the school. Old members must meet the previously stated requirements, plus maintain 80% participation on Club projects. In 1983-84 the Interact Club has participated in Operation Santa Claus, has donated to Jubilee House at Christmas, and has assisted Jubilee House in a Baby Sitting Seminar. OFFICERS, From L: Jonna Mitchell, Trcas.; Betsy Appleton, V.P.; Valeric Clemons, Pres.; Curt Quigley. Pari.; Kelley McClendon, Sec.; Jane Adams. Spons. 1st, From L: Angela Tripp. Chris Darden. Penny Gautncy. Marsha Howard. Beth Ncirman, Bain Whitten. Anna Bains. Melanie l.uthcr, Kristin Ramsey, Scarlett Mayhall. Joanna Campbell. Betsy Appleton. Sandy Chastain. Melanie Boatwright. Scott Sprouse. Andy Hammer. Valerie Clemons. 2nd. From L: Jane Adams. Dclana Perry, Holly Hodcrficld, Kim McConnell. Anna Jolley. Jonna Mitchell. Kelley McClendon, Curt Quigley. Billy Woodham. Alfic Ratcliff. Rene Darden. Melissa Shcrrctt. Dawn Brown. Joe Ennis. Rcnato Accc'tozi 3rd. From L: Michele Wells, Dianna Cribbs, Miriam Biddle. Denise Southern. Steven Biddle, John Allen Smith, Joni Justice. Secma Barbclla, Cheri Butler. Jennifer Davis, Leslie Hendon. April Horton. Melissa Dilgard. Gayle Hannah. 881st, From L: Sherry Williams, Angie Hawkins, LceAnn Wood. Dawn Prichett. Teresa Childress. Sonya Pope, Leslie Prickctt, Jennifer Swctzcr, Susan Tuck. Suzanne Smith. Sue Ann Moore, Donna Tidmorc, Joyce Womack. 2nd Row, From L: Terri Morrow, Tabatha Kennedy, Kelly Burke, Kelly Hook, Valerie Jones, Christy Arnold, Beverly Gore. Cayla Campbell. Darlene Brown, Tammy Messer. 3rd Row. From L: Anji Watson. Amy Hall, Chris Elrod, Bridgctt Peppers, Pam Smith, Keith Williamson. Randy Darden, Selina Edmonds, Tammy Hastings. Mike Williamson. Jr. Civitans is a service club sponsored by adult Civitan Clubs. Albertville High School Jr. Civitan Club works closely with the school's TMR class and other Special Ed. classes. We also contribute to various mental health agencies. Our local club and the Alabama North District, with which we are affiliated, carry out various projects to raise money for the naitonal Special Olympics. We are directed by the Civitan motto “Civitans Help People." Another goal is the promoting of good citizenship and civic-mindedness. All our projects and activities center around these two major goals. OFFICERS, From L: Selina Edmonds, Treas.; Jodie Stanfield. Chap.; Bridgctt Peppers, Sec.; Randy Darden, Pres.; Pam Smith, V.P., Deputy Gov. of Al. N. District; Keith W illiamson. District Lt. Gov. 89 Junior Civitans1 si. From L: Mrs. Ellis, Dianna Cribbs. Nancy Abney. Michelle Bentley. Debra Ingram. Doug Bentley. Pat McCutchcon. Stephan Whitehead. Keith Smith. Jimmy Smith. 2nd. From L: Sherry Holt. Brenda Eubanks. Laura Guffy. Melissa Striplin. Deidra Smith, Kayla Washington. Rhonda England. Jody Campbell. Randy Allen. Jimmy Me-Cutchen, Dee Fowler. Don McDaniel. Patrick Eller. Chris Pankey 3rd. FromL: Judy Burns, Kim West. Melissa Shankles. Melissa Hunt. Thomas Maddux. Allen Kilgore, Bobby McCutchen, Todd Mitchem. Steven Kennedy. Jeremy Blanks, Todd Freshwater. Mike Windsor. Jon Bopp. 4th. From L: Dclana Perry. Michele Wells, Leslie Hendon. Chcri Butler. Jennifer Davis. April Horton. Anna Jolley. Paula Patterson. Sandra Parris. Rhonda Hyatt. Junior National Honor Society The Junior National Honor Society is an organization made up of students who have maintained all “A" averages. These academically inclined students have participated in a variety of activities which have ranged from personal enrichment to community service. OFFICERS. From L: Dclana Perry. Pari.; Steven Kennedy, V P,; Paula Patterson. See.; Standing; JoAnn Ellis and Judy Berry, Sponsors. Not Pictured: Mark Fox. Pres.National Honor Society The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. It was established to create an organization that would recognize and foster academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. Its ideals are scholarship, character, service and leaders. 1st Row. From L: Melanie Luther, Lynn Todd. Beth Nccrman, l isa Spurlin. Penny Gautney. Steven Biddle, Karen Stone. Cayla Campbell. 2nd Row. From L Andy Hammer. John Walker. Bain Whitten. Scott Sprouse. Chris Darden. Mike Ingram, Sponsor. Joyce Vasser 3rd Row, From L: Jay Robinson. Valerie Clemons. Allen Panncll. Teresa West. Kristin Ramsey. Randy Darden. Kim Brown, Anna Bains. Tammy McCrcless. 911st Row, From L: Tina Poole, Alfie Ralcliffc, Anii Watson. Valeric Clemons, Chris Darden, Samantha Woods, Allen Patterson. 2nd Row. From L: Tabetha Kennedy. Dawn Vaughn. Beth Neerman. Randy Darden. Angelia Tripp, Wesley Dickson. 3rd Row, From L: Dianna Cribbs, Debra Ingram. Dee I owlcr. Brenda Eubanks. Jennifer Swiet cr. Missy Mcx)rc. Kristy Rushing. Todd Freshwater. Melissa Sherrett. Rene Darden. Tim Pike, Gay Marlin. Sponsor: Spencer Kilgore. Nathan Nixon. Dclana Perry. Michele Wells Devils Advocate The Devil’s Advocate is the Albertville High School’s Periodical newspaper. Several regional workshops, as well as one state wide workshop, were held for newspaper staffs. During club periods, films were shown to teach students the fundamentals of journalism. They also attended a journalism convention at the University of Alabama. OFFICERS. From I Dawn Vaughn Ad Editor. Tabath Kennedx Ad Editor. Beth Neerman, Editor. Angelia Tripp Copy Editor. Randy Darden Layout Editor.Bottom. From L. Angela Johnston VP. Gloria Edwards See.. Rita Chamblce Treas. Top. From L: Emma Vines Pari.; Dianne Spurgeon Pres. Not Shown Sponsor Mrs. Thrasher N.I.K.E. The Nike Club is a high school organization sponsored by the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Albertville. The purpose of the Nike Club is to give service to the community and develop leadership qualities. The members explore career possibilities through the use of local business, professional and institutional leaders. 93 1st Row. From L; Pam Ennis. Samantha Holiday. Kim W illiams. Wendy Scott Rita Chamblce. Shannon Pcnn Pn,a 2nd Row, From I.: Debbie Reagan. Susan Cornclious, Angela Johnston. Nancy Cornelious.1983-84 Aggie Marching Band 1st Row, From L: Eric Reaves Stacey Sea horn Tabetha Kennedy Bob Killian — Director Scott Ham Leslie Hendon Dianna Cribbs Stacey Goss — Director June McBraycr 4th Row, From L: Missy Moore Janine Smith Carl Pannel Amy Hinds Rhonda Hyatt Kelley McClendon Paige Duvall Don McDaniel Kelly Meeks Beverly Gore Bridget Peppers Jon Peters Marsh Howard Serena McCamy Delana Perry Nicky Sims 6th Row, From L: 2nd Row, From L: Sylinda Harris Mark Luther Jeremy Blanks Ginger Cannady Lisa Hadden Pamela Patterson Gathan McCrickard Libby Golden Sandy Frazier Miriam Biddle Jonathon Bopp Kim Brown Brenda Eubanks Julie Cornelius Greg Willis Cheryl Blackmon Charlotte Morgan Melissa Shankles Curt Quigley Sandra Jester 3rd Row, From L: Joni Justice Johnny Ogle Dawn Brown Eddie NeSmith Melanie Luther Billy Woodham Secma Barbel a Kerry Williams Jennifer Davis David McCurley Valerie Jones Dee Fowler 5th Row, From L: Scott Gilbreath Dawn Pritchett Lei a Smith Brian McCurley Jon Howard Sue Ann Moore Christy Cox Patrick Eller Todd Freshwater Tammy Hastings Sandy Chastain Lee Fleming Eric Gilbert Penny Gautney Melissa Dilgard Tom Barkley Christy Arnold Paula Powell Amy Davis Angelia Tripp Wcndv Ellis Rene Walters 94Takes a Bite of the Big Apple 1st Row, From L: Kim West 5th Row, From L Denise Southern Selina Edmonds Christi Painter Kelly Hood Jill Cornelius Melanie Boatwright 3rd Row, From L: Doug Bearden Angie Hawkins Terri Morrow Angela Jones Kelly Burke Karen Nailor Sissy Pike Misha Nicholson Connie Neely Michele Bentley Randy Darden Paige Arnold Paula Keeton 7th Row, From L 2nd Row, From L: Melanie Jones Jennifer Swictzcr Andy Hammer Bain Whitten Mitsey Abbott Lisa Bearden Mike Stevens Jonna Mitchell 4th Row, From L: Mary Moore Kevin Johnson Sonya Williams Leslie Seahorn Lynn Scarbrough Craig Butler Christy Oliver David Richey Debra Ingram Alfie Ratcliff Dawn Vaughn Michelle Wells Kim Williams Mark Golden Melinda Grice Chris Darden Cheri Butler Chris Pan key Christi Rushing Leslie Prickett 6th Row, From L: Craig Carrison Susan Fuller Laura Willoughby Spencer Kilgore Scott Myrick Hollcigh Holder field Marcella Henson Rene Darden Kenny Gautney Sherry Williams Kim McConnell Mickey Harmon David Owens Suzanne Smith Cindy Hale Mark Bolden Melissa Hunt Regina Moore Karen Davis Scott Sprouse Elizabeth Rankin Scott Berry Tyann Bagwell Teresa West Ginny Anderson Steven Kennedy 95 —- • ' Band Leaders Guide the Way Top Right: Stacey Goss — Director Middle: Randy Darden — Drum Major Bottom Left: Bob Killian — Director « r' xk pi Band Officers Lead the Way From L: Marsha Howard — Librarian, Cheryl Blackmon Secrciary. Chris Darden — Vice President. Randy Darden President. 97Majorettes MAJORETTES, From L: Selina Edmonds, Janinc Smith, Terri Morrow, Beverly Gore, Kelley McClendon, Serena McCamy, Melanie Boatwright, Sissy Pike. Majorettes and Flags Add SparkleFLAGS. 1st Row. From L: Dawn Prichett. Elizabeth Rapkin. Bain Whitten. Kristi Painter, Scema Barbela, Angelia Tripp. Kim West. Tammy Hastings. Penny Gautney, Susan Fuller. Sandra Jester. 2nd Row. From L: Valerie Jones, Holliegh Holdcrficld. Suann Moore. Suzanne Smith. Kristi Oleyer. Regina Moore. Kristi Arnold. Sonya Williams. Kim Brown, Liby Golden. Dawn Vaugh, Melinda Grice, Kristi Rushing. Sheri Williams, Dawn Brown. Ginger Can-nady, Jonna Mitchell. FLAG CAPTAINS: Cheryl Blackmond. Co-captain; Kristy Painter. Captain; Bain Whitten. Co-captain 99Nobody Beats Our Drums BASES. From Right: Melanie Lee. 2nd: Scott Myrick, Todd Freshwater, Kenny Gautney. 3rd David Owens. Jon Howard. Top: Mary Moore. DRUMS. 1st: Patrick Eller, Jon Bopp. Gregg Willis, Eric Reeves. Kerry Williams. 2nd: Jon Peters. Don McDaniel. 3rd: Stephan Whitehead. 100TRUMPETS, 1st Row, From Left: Tabitha Kennedy, Bridgett Peppers. 2nd Row, From L: Rcnac Walters, Rhonda Hyatt. Connie Neely, Charlotte Morgan. 3rd Row, From L: Steve Kennedy. Mark Luther. David Bright. Jennifer Swietzer. Denise Southern. 4th Row. From L: Paula Powell, Stacey Seahorn, Craig Garrison. Scott Gilbreth, Coug Bearden, Johnny Ogle, Nicky Sims. Mark Golden. Wendy Ellis, Lcla Smith. 5th Row, From I Michelle Wells, Kelly Hood. Kelly Burke, Karen Davis. Tyann Bagwell. 101Jill Cornelius, Sandy Chastain, Marcella Henson, Kim McConnell. Back Row, From L: Brenda Eubanks, Lisa Hadden. Kelli Meeks, Michelle Bentley, Missy Moore, Debra Ingram, Sandy Frazier, Karen Nailor, Amy Hinds, Melissa Hunt, Kim Williams. 102Big Apple Dinner at Mama Leona’s FLUTES: Angela Jones, Laura Willoughby. Melissa Shankles. Miriam Biddle, Ginny Anderson. Leslie Hendon. Jennifer Davis, Lynne Scharbrough. Paige Arnold. Leslie Seaborn, Joni Justice, Rene Darden, Julie Cornclious, Amy Davis. Melanie Luther. Marsha Howard. 103 We’ve Got the BeatAggie Band Marches on TROMBONES. 1st Row. From L: Eddie NeSmith, Brian McCurly, Dee Fowler. Christy Cox. Paige Duvall, Lisa Bearden. 2nd Row. From L: Scott Sprouse, Spencer Kilgore, Craig Butler, Curt Quigley, Scott Gilbreath, Alfic Ratcliff. Lee Fleming. York . . .SAXOPHONES, 1st Row. From I Melissa Dilgard, David McCurly, Chris Darden, Andy Hammer. 2nd Row, From L. Dianna Cribbs. Melissa Striplin. June MeBrayer, Chcri Butler, Kevin Johnson. Mike Stephens. 3rd Row, From L: Paul Keeton, Eric Gilbert. Chris Pankey. Sherry Powell, Misha Nicholson.SENIORS, 1st Row, From L: Serena McCamy, Cheryl Blackmon, Kim Brown, Bain Whitten, Christy Painter. Spencer Kilgore, Bob Killian — director. 2nd Row, From L: Susan Fuller, Tammy Hastings. Melanie Luther, Sandra Jester. 3rd Row, From L: Selina Edmonds, Penny Gautncy, Christy Arnold, Angelia Tripp. Chris Darden. 4th Row. From L: Janine Smith, Beverly Gore. Terri Morrow. Melanie Boatwright. Randy Darden. 5th Row, From L: Scott Sprouse. Teresa West. Kim West. Regina Moore, Marsha Howard. Sandy Chastain. 6th Row. From L: Andy Hammer, Johnny Ogle. David McCurly, Curt Quigley, Jill Cornclious, Doug Bearden. 106Technical Education 107108 Child Care III. Kim Dickies. Kim HarvillcMACHINE SHOP: Billy Lang. Mark Jones. Scottie Terrell. Kim Pcndley. A Job for the Future 109 COMPUTERS: Chris Todd. Mark Pankcy.ELECTRONICS: Louis Ledford, Dan Glassco, Steve Moody, Michael Penny. Charging and Drafting Our Future in DRAFTING: Roger Veal, Scott Mitchell. Jerrie Whitten. Frankie Bennett. Jerry Davis.Tech School Vica Club Officers ELECTRICITY: Jeff Pearce, Dale Childress. 112 VICA OFFICERS: Chris Todd, President; Don Glassco, Treas.; Steve Moody. Rep.; Jerry Davis, Pari.Special Olympics and 114m DIRECTED BY Jane Adams Sue Couch Cathy Teal MUSICAL DIRECTOR CHOREOGRAPHY BY Bobbie Dale McKee CAST OFCHARACTER (In order of appearance) jne, Arfl Watson. Bain Whilter 'Juli Corn chus yon Scarbrough, Keith David Owens Randy Darden Andy Hammer Susan Drain Jay Robinson j . Rene Darden HPamFi-.llcr . Curt Quigley Mike Stephens David Duckett Randy Rogers .. Anna Bains . . Grcg W iHis B in Whitten alcrie Clemons AI fie Ratcliffe Nicel - Nicely J Benny Southstreet Rusty Charlie ... Sarah Brown Arvic ; Abernathy Mis An Band ... favana Dancers........... Tabatha Kennedy, Melai at rick Eller, Eric Gilbert, Mi Da tiers . • All Gamblers Lady Luck ... . .,, |h. .. Beth Croft Gamblers . . John Carverz melnnis, Eric Gilbert, Eric Noblis, Suzanne Smith. Keith VVil!iai ss n Other Dolls................ Betsy Appleton. Tyann Bagw blL Juli Cornelius, C hris Darden, Jennifer Davis. Pam Ennis. Sharon I larrcll. flolleigh Holder field, Anna Jolley, Joy Jolley, Tabatha Kennedy, Melanie Luther, Missy Moore. June McBrayer. Kim McConnell. Melissa Oliver. Paula Patterson, Dclana Perr . Sissy Pike, Jennifer Proctor. Kristin Ramsey. I.ynne Scarbrough. Denise Southern. Jennifer Swcil er. Beth W arren Harry the Horse...... Lt. Bramnigan............... Nalbnn Detroit.............. Angie the Ox................. Miss Adelaide................ Masterson............... Idimi........................ General Matilda B. Cartwright BigJulc..................... ianna Cribbs, April Horton,Greg Willis as Sky and Susan Drain as Sarah David Duckett as Nathan and Anna Bains as Adelaide 118School Musical Is a “Hit!” Miss Sarah Brown is in charge of the Save-A-Soul Mission near Times Square where she holds street meetings in the same vicinity where Nathan Detroit and his colorful cronies hang out. Nathan is the operator of a floating crap game that at the moment is temporarily homeless because officer Brannigan is waging a campaign on crap games in his neighborhood. Miss Adelaide, a singer at the Hot Box nightclub, is tired of her fourteen year engagement to Nathan and wants him to go legit and marry her. If Nathan can get $1000 he can get a place to hold his game since the town is full of anxious crap shooters looking for action. He hits upon an idea. Sky Masterson is passing through town on his way to Havana and Nathan knows Sky will bet on almost anything. Nathan tricks Sky into a bet whereby Nathan says he can name a doll that will not go to Havana with Sky. Sky is sure of himself, not only in gambling but particularly with women, and takes the bet. Nathan names Miss Sarah! The plot thickens — the crap game floats — and a great time is had by everyone. From Left: Billy Woodham. Percussionist; Connie Abrahams. Performance Accompanist; David Warlick, Musical Director; Jane Adams, Director. 119“Life Is One Big Crap Game, and the Devil Is Using Loaded Dice!!” 120Mu Alpha Theta OFFICERS: Jennifer Horton, V.P.; Susan Drain, See.; Mike Ingram. Pari.; Tyann Bagwell, Treas.; John Walker. Pres. Mu Alpha Theta is an honor society for math Students in high school and Junior College. In order to be selected for membership a “B” average must be maintained and 5 semesters of Math were required. The Math Club works difficult problems and learns new and exciting aspects of math in general. We have speakers from various math occupations as guests and give students a look at assorted math vocations. 1st Row, From L: Betsy Appleton, Anna Bains, Curt Quigley, Kristin Ramsey, Bain Whitten. 2nd Row, From L: Julie Cor-nclious, Mike Ingram, Doug Bearden. Randy Darden. 3rd Row, From L: Allen Panncll, Jay Robinson. June McBrayer. 4th Row, From L: Susan Fuller, Penny Gautney. 5th Row, From L: Susan Drain. Jennifer Horton. Scott Sprouse, Tyann Bagwell. David Richey. 6th Row. From L: Kay Taylor, Rodney Champion, Wesley Dixon. Patrick Smith. John Walker. 7th Row. From L: Grant Barkley, Ken Barton, Eric Nobis, Tommy Davis, Courtney Campbell. 123LettermaiTs Club This year's Lctterman's club is a continuation of the athletic success at Albertville High School. It is composed of athletes and cheerleaders who have earned a varsity letter. This year the letterman's club had a barbecue picnic for an end-of-year party. OFFICERS: Mark Spcphcns, Vice Pres.; Valeric Clemons. Sec.; Brad Powell. Pres. 1st Row. F rom L: Valeric Clemons. Betsy Appleton. Brook Baggett. Scarlett Mayhall, Anna Bains. Kristin Ramsey. Tammy McCrcless. Karen Stone, Jeff Millican. Jim Mitchell, and Stephen Stoker. 2nd Row. From L: Andy Watwood. Mark Stephens. Brad Powell. Paul Woodruff. Edwin Murray. David Mays. Waynie Bowen. Davy Fcrgusscn, Jodie Stanfield, and Paul Davis. 3rd Row. From I : John Denny. John Pall. Jerry Staton. Richard Stewart, John Wilson. Jon Allen Smith. Shannon Kirby, and BooSwatek.1983-84 Mountaineer Staff EDITORS: Joanna Campbell, and Jennifer Andrews. STAFF, 1st From L: Anna Jolley, Kristin Ramsey. 2nd Row. From L: Joanna Campbell. Deanna Quarles. LeAnnc Jones, Jennifer Andrews and Scarlett Mayhall. 3rd From L: Rodney Champion. Randy Rogers. Gayle Hannah. Trish McClure. Lisa Lester, and Lcsa Carnes. 4th Row, From L: Scott Hall, Kerry Galloway. 125Top Left. From L: Sports Gayle Hannah; Kerry Galloway, editor. Top Right. From L: Ads Randy Rogers; Scott Hall, editor. Middle: Business Manager Scott Hall. Bottom. From L: Seniors — Kerry Galloway. Kristin Ramsey. Scarlett Mayhall. Jennifer Andrews. Scott Hall. 126Top Left: Features — Scarlett Mayhall, Editor, LcAnnc Jones. Top Right: Freshmen — Trish McClure, Lisa Lester, editor. Bottom: Student Life — Kristin Ramsey, editor. Anna Jolley. 127Top: Senior Seema Barbcla. Belh Warren. Center: Sophomore Lcsa Carnes, editor. Bottom Left: Faculty - Rodney Champion, editor. Bottom Right: Juniors — Deanna Quarles, editor. 128Science Club 1st Row, From L: Keith Drain. Eddie NcSmith. Mike Stanfield. Vance Holdcrficld. Alfic Ratcliff. Randy Kennedy. Mike Yao. Benji Cain. David Richey. Billy Wood ham. Seem a Barbcla. Courtney Campbell, Beth Warren. June McBraycr. Jom Justice. Chris Oylcr. James Stanfield. Allen Panned. Sponsor: Jan Millican. 2nd Row. From L: Tomrm Barbcla. Courtney Campbell. Beth warren. June McBraycr. Jom Justice. Chris uyicr, James dtanncia. Alien ranncn. sponsor: Jan iimcan zna kow, rrom l: lomim camp, Joe F.nnis. Andy Jones. Jonathan Sutton. Eric Reaves. Jennifer Horton. Kay Taylor. Susan Drain. Tyann Bagwell. Julie Cornelius. Ja Colvin. Tommy Davis. Andrew Pell. Dalcnna Pell, Keith Williamson. Chris Roebuck. Curt Quigley. Mike Ingram. John Walker. Patrick Smith, Wesley Dickson. Eric Nobis. Rodney Champion. Jerry Holt. Steven Biddle. David Mays. Tim Henly. Sandy Chastain. Robyn Keeton. The Science Club is open to students enrolled in an advanced science course. The main function of the club is to sponsor the science fair. This year 70 projects were entered. Winners were: 1st Anna Bains, 2nd Allen Panncll, 3rd Mike Ingram, 4th Julie Cornelius, and 5th Tommy Camp. The club participates in science related activities. This year they went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. 130 OFFICERS. From L: Allen Panncll. Treas.; Benji Cain. Pres ; Steven Biddle. Sec Not Pictured; Anna Bains. V PThe Students in Action for Education had a very busy year. Under the guidance of Pat Thompson and leadership of Karen Stone, the club held a teacher appreciation breakfast and taught two full days of school. SAE OFFICERS: Karen Stone, Pres.; LcAnnc Jones. V.P 1st Row. From L: Betsy Appleton, Joanna Campbell, Kim Striplin. Kim Brown, Beverly Gore, Karen Stone, Christy Painter. Tammy McCrclcss. Kristin Ramsey. Scarlett Mayhall, Anna Bains, Cayla Campbell. Terri Morrow, Jean Bonds. Teresa Burgess, Kelley McClendon. 2nd Row. From L: Susan Cochran. Dcstin Rives, LeAnnc Jones. Christy Arnold. Kelly Bonds. Michelle Trammel, Bridgctt Peppers, Sonya Pope. Teresa Childress. Chris Darden. Teresa Beck. Cindy Brown. Jonna Mitchell 3rd Row, From I. Teresa West, Jimmy Miller. Eric Perry. Penny Gautncy. Valeric Jones. Leslie Prickctt. Arlctha McCrarv. Allen Simmons. Anji Watson. Elizabeth Rankin. John Paul. Emma Vines. Tanya Jones. 4th Row. From L: Regina Moore. Scott Sprouse. Melissa Dilgard, Seema Barbclla, Angelia Tripp’ Tammy Hastings. Sissy Pike. June McBraycr. Juli Cornclious. David Jones. Cindy Stanford, Juanita Spurgeon. Tina Poole. Teresa Millican 5th Row. From I Chris Roebuck. James Lesley. Bills Wood ham. Curt Quigley. Randy Darden. Mike Yao. Alfic Ratcliff. Tommy Davis. Rands Kennedy. Lisa Webb. Kim West. Janinc Smith. Michele Bean 6th Row. From L: Chris Shcrrcr. Jonathon Sutton. Steven Stoker. Waynic Bowen. Johnny OrIc. Randy Rives. Joe Ennis. Mary King. Kim Hooper. Wanda Pierce. Kelly Rice. Tina Sullins. Teresa Jarmon Back. From L: Cheryl Blackmon. Serena McCamy. Greg Willis. Lynn White. Rose Cansey. Pam Dean. Ruth Lacy. Tammy Vaughn. Yvette Medina. Kim Miller. Kelly Langford. 131 Students in Action for EducationFuture Homemakers of America One objective of FHA is to help youth assume their roles in society through home economics. Education in areas of personal growth, family life, vocational preparation and community involvement. Some of the purposes of FHA are to provide opportunities for self-development and preparation for family and community living and to encourage democracy through cooperative action. F.H.A. OFFICERS. Seated, From L: Deanna Quarles Trcas., Amy Hall Rcc. Leader, l.cAnnc Jones — Reporter, Marsha Howard — Vice Pres.. Karen Stone - Pres. Standing. From L: Jamie Bailey — Hist., Gail DeHArt Sec., Angela Baugh Pari., Charnita Knight — Rcc.-Leader. 1st Row. From L: Jean Bonds. Trac Buckalcw. Sharon. Sandra Paris. Susan Tuck. Pam Mason. Deanna Quarles. Scarlett Mayhull Kristin Ramsey. l.cAnnc Jones. Joanna Campbell. Kayla Washington. Lynn Scarborough. Sonya Williams. 2nd Row. From I : Kim Brown. Robyn Swords. Charnita Knight. Andy Foreman. Gail DeHart. Shannon Cole. Jamie Bailey. Kim Brown. Annette Lang. Grctchcn Crow 3rd Row. From L: Angie Dean. Crystal Bruce. Lalona Thomas, Valeric Powell. Shells Slaton, Suzanne Duvall. Tracy Cannady. Kristy Swords. Cathy Rowell. Shicla Sand land. Lisa Windsor. 4th Row. From L: Cindy Brown. Tcrryl Britton. Melissa Oliver. Palcnna Pell. Paula Jenkins. Tambella W illiams, Valerie Clemons. Marsha Howard. Christy Arnold. Misty Collins. Chamanc McClendon. 5th Row. From L: Jean Head sponsor. Wendy Scott. Rita Cham bice. Debra Rcgcan. Terri Morrow. Christy Painter, Melanie Boatwright. Angela Baugh. Ginger Cannady. Sherry Williams. Angie Hawkins. Sylinda Harris. Paula Powell. Tammy McCrcless. Karen Stone. 132Bottom. From L: Melanie, Tammy Long. Cindy Foreman. Crystal Bruce Shannon Cole, Gail DeHart. Amy Roden. Kelly Rice. Anita Shell. Jodie Stanfield. James Higgins. Kneeling, From L: Angie Driver. Bruce Benefield. Jeff Sanders. Richard Stewart. Al Temple. Scott Thurman. Amos Willoughby. Jerry Staton. Keith C. interberry. Scott Tidwell, Steven Stoker. John Ferguson. Marty Morn. Standing. From L: Coach Thompson. James Lesley. Lisa Robinson. Doug Bearden. Patrick Filer. Beth Croft, Stephanie C row. Jennifer Andrews. Tracy Canady. Johnny Ogle. Anji Watson. Pat Madden. Pat Allen. Brian Massey. Ricky Langley. Craig Butler. Lisa Barker. Brad Powell. PaulSwatek. Victor Davis. David Painter. Mike Stevens. Keith Shadinger, Dcwaync Bowen. Jeff Millican Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and non-athletes who come together and share with each other and to share in the word of God. OFFICLRS. From R: Lynn White. Pres.: Jodie Stanfield. VP; Sandy Harris, Bulletin Board Chairman; Rcnac Walters. Sec.. F.ric Reaves. Treas., Sponsor. Coach Thompson 133Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of, by, and for boys and girls studying vocational Agribusiness in public schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Acts. The FFA is an intra-curricular activity, having its origin and root in a definite part of the school curriculum; Vocational Agribusiness. The beliefs around which the FFA organization is built include leadership, and character development, sportsmanship, scholarship, improved agriculture and citizenship. OFFICERS, 1st Row. From L: Mr. Todd. Sponsor; Jay Robinson. Pres ; Allen Panned. Pres. 2nd Row, From L: Arnold Collett. V.P.; Grant Barkley. V.P.; Shane Moore. Sec.; Pat Allen. Sec. 3rd Row. From L: Kerry Mitchell. Sent.; Chris Meeks. Trcas 4th Row. From L. Jason Grimes. Reporters; Tom Barkley. Reporters. 3rd YEAR. 1st Row, From L: Jim Mitchell. Jeff Millican. Jerry Staton. Paul Woodruff. Waynic Bowen. Steven Stoker. Scotty Thurman. Keith Cantcrbcrry. Jeff Holsonback, Allen Panned. 2nd Row, From L: Mark Bolton. Bruce Benefield. Mark Upton. James Lesley. Brad Powell. Chad Beasley, Edwinn Murray. Jay Robinson. 3rd Row, From L; Stacie Bonds. Rodney Moody. Chris Meeks. Andy Jones. Chris Shcrrcr. Jerome Burgess. David Morgan. Ricky Bracket. Terry Burgctt. 4th Row. From L: Tim Howard. Steve Hill. Bobby Gunter. Chris Lackey. 5th Row. From L: Jodie Stanfield. BooSwatek. Shannon Kirby. Jason Grimes. Grant Barkley. Mike Bearden. Ernie Partridge. 1342nd YEAR, lsi Row. From L: Pat Allen. Tim Gore. Jodie Stanfield. Ricky Langley. Jon Allen Smith. Rickey Garrett. Jeff Sanders. Casey Knight. 2nd Row. From L: Chris Gunter. Shane Baugh. Coy Sutherland. Todd Morrow. David Painter. Pat Madden. Davy Ferguson. Al Temple, Kerry Mitchell. Tom Barkley. Shane Dick. 3rd Row. From L: Victor Davis. Paul Franks. Shane Moore. Gathan McCrickar. Brian Massey. Kelly Sampson. Scott McCurdy. Shane Croft. Rodney Shell. 4th Row. From I.: Allan Atchlcy, Greg Canfield. Arnold Collett. Lance Furguson.Kevin Johnson. Bart Coe. David Edwards. 5th Row. From L: Tim McDonald. Alvin Latham. James Stanfield. Mark Golden. Johnny Dukes. Tim Holder. Roy Daughett. 6th Row. From L: Randy Dukes. Jason Pate. Dal Thomas. Greg Todd. 7th Row. From L: Kevin Nicholson. Allan Cheek. Carl Panncll. David Milligan, Mark Lacy. 8th Row. From L: Doug Martin. Gerald Williams. 1st YEAR, 1st Row, From L: Amos Willoughby. Blake Nixon. Paul Swatek. Nelson Powell. Rodney Peppers. John Denny. Tony Roberson. Steven Dick. Terry NeSmilh. Neil Michael. 2nd Row, From L: Darwin Berard, Jeff Hardin. Fleming. Bobby McCutchcn. Allen Soper. Irby Cox. Dennis Wright. Danny Yancey. Darin Smith. 3rd Row. From L: Michael McCullcrs, Matt Hawkins. Peter Cole. Chris Langley. Jimmy McCutchcn. Brian Gregory. David Bright. Jon Howard. William Noblitt. Mike Windsor 4th Row. From L: John Roc. Wayne Harvey, Susan McCain. Billy Truett, Michael Simpson. James Higgins. Steven Miller. Sammy Riddle. Mike Dorset!. Raymond Shell. 5th Row. From L: Shane Tidwell. Steven Nash. Gerry Burghett. Pam Pell, Robert Rhodey. Scott Segars. Philip Smith. Dennis Chandler. Rodney Smith. Danny Rogers. 6th Row. From L: Jamey Gore. Jeff W alker, Allan Nixon. Tony Pruett. Johnny Hicks. Scott Gilbrelh. Jeff Hoy. 7th Row. From L: Jeff Teague, Shannon Waldrop. Eric Whesinat. Todd Greer. Ricky Beasley. 1 35Distributive Education Clubs of America Distributive Education is a nationally affiliated organization designed to help students gain confidence, develop skills in leadership, and realize their potential in the field of Marketing and Distribution. This organization provides students with opportunity to compete in their respective fields of study on district, state, and national levels. Competition gives the students a chance to meet others who arc in the same area of competition and share their knowledge and learning experience. Ist Row. From 1 Kevin Chandler. Keith Falkner. Jason Grimes. Jcannic Thomas, l isa Spurlin. Mary King. Lisa Webb. IcighAnn Canfield. Randall Kilpatrick. Wanda Sloan. Sponsor 2nd Row. From I Johnny Ogle. Alan Grabcn. Tracy Wcssbrooks. Teresa Millican. Terri McClendon. Paula Childress, Marty Moon. 3rd Row. From L Billy Golden. Keith C anterbury. Rickey Brooks. Robert Terrell. Tina Suilcns. Tim Pike. Janna Parris. Jackie Saint. Sandy Williams. Wanda Pearce. Brent Mayfield. Mark Bolton. LcAnn Putman. Kim Currie. Teresa Jarmon. Lcann Wood, Cecelia Madden. Janice Lyndscy OFFICERS. Seated. From L: Kim Bright. Sec.. Jcannic Thomas. Pari.; Tina Sullens. Trcas. Standing. From I Wanda Sloan. Sponsor; l.isa Spurlin. Reporter. Alan Grabcn. Pres 136- ''Z'hrxj UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA OFFICERS: Sonya Pope. Pari.; Paula Childress, See.; Rose Story. Rep.; Joy Jolley. Treas.; Mary Gary. V.P.; l.vnn Todd. Pres Future Business Leaders of America are not only business leaders of tomorrow, but also leaders of today. The 1983-84 school year was a good one for the F.B.L.A. Members participated in the annual Tom Wat gift sales, which was successful. The F.B.L.A. Club also worked on preparing the students of the club for their business future and had business executives come and talk about their professions. Future Business Leaders of America 1st Row, From I : Shan Sloan. Teresa Burgess, Sandy Harris. Stephanie l.amons, Linda Sammons. Cindy Rains. Kay Shell. Anita Shell, Judy Pike, Kris Spencer. Kim Owen. 2nd Row. From I.: Nancy McClendon. Robyn Taylor. Rene Guffey. Sissy Pike. Kelly Holder. Donna Simpson. Cayla Campbell, Beverly Gore. Christy Arnold. Christy Rainier. Joy Jolley, Pam Ennis. 3rd Row. from I.: Rhonda Vaughn. Susan Wofford. Kelly Hosonback. Arlctha McCrary. Sonya Pope. Teresa Childress. Bridget Peppers. Mcchclla Tramcll. Pam Smith. Emma Vines. Barbara Morrow. Joette Culburt. 4th Row. From L: Rene Drake, Susan Cordell. Kim Christian. Tayc Dingier. Paige Johnston. Libby Golden. Carol Johnston. Kerry Tarvin. Penny Justice. Sandi Morgan. Katrina Ennis. 5th Row. From I Sucl.ynn Bobo. Denise Southern. Regina Moore. Tammy Oliver. Patricia Ray, Kim West. Tammy Hastings. Tina Sims. David Jones. Renac Bohannon 6th Row. From L: Kelly King. Mcchcllc Holder. Ellen Lcssley. Annette Matthews, Carol Malone. Penny Swords. Lisa Roden. Kelly Lackford. Nancy King. Angie Driver. Kelly Moore. Donna Kay. 7th Row. From L: Sandy Currie. Jan Anthony. Paul Childress. Ruse Story. Sandy Chamblcc. Lynn Todd. Mary Gary. Betty Lambert. Katie Guff. 8th Row. From I. Ruth Lacy. Maria Casev. Dawn Vaughn, l.csa Barker. Donald Bfecdwcll. 137Library Club The Library Club is composed of past and present library assistants. It holds regular monthly meetings in the library. One of its purposes is to interest students in books in the library. The library club’s major project this year was donating gifts to the Mental Health Association. OFFICERS, Front: Latona Thomas. Rec. Leader: Jana Parris. Pres ; Shelley Slaton. V.P. Standing: Jcrric Chamblcc. Trcas.; Valerie Powell. Sec. 1st Row , From L: Sandra Jester. Sandy Williams, Jana Parris, Kelli Holder. Dawn Ogle 2nd Row . From L: Kathy Rains, Sponsor; Teresa Soper. Stephanie Crowe. Valeric Powell, Latona Thomas. 3rd Row. From L: Teresa Beck. Jcrric Chamblcc. Tim Howard. Shelley Slaton. Jane Smith. Sponsor. Not Pictured: Hilda Cole. Sponsor. 1381st Row. From L: David Boiiomly, Jason Grimes. Kim Chamblcc. Susan McConnell, Charlotte Bearden. Kelly Rice. Kim Hooper. Jcanna Roberts. Jan Haynes. Andy Watwood. Tony Casscls. 2nd Row. From L: Randy Taylor. Joey Carrel. Craig Butler. Ty Segars, Doug Bearden, Barry Kennamer. Brian Colvin. Phillip Smothers. 3rd Row. From L: Johnny Ashley. Lonnie Burgess. Jimmy Purcell. Eric Whitehead. Ernie Partridge. Jackson Lester, Bobby Gunter. Harvey Carmack. Tim Howard. 4th Row. From I.: Jimmy Falkncr. Phillip Riddle. Billy Mathcs. David Hicks. Jeff Holsomback. Conner Benson. Jeff Martin. Alan Haigcs. Joel Todd. Mark Patterson. Matthew McQuartcr. Nathan Nixon. Lynn Hart. OFFICERS. From L: Charlotte Bearden. Trcas.; Kim Hooper. Pres .; Kelly Rice. Sec.; Barry Kennamer. V.P.: J«nna Roberts Pari.; Kim Chamblcc. Reporter; Richard Denham. Sponsor. V.I.C.A. VICA is an organization for high school postsecondary students enrolled in trade, industrial and technical education classes. VICA provides its members with leadership, training and recognition for excellent craft-manship. The Alabama Association has over 12,000 members with local clubs located in over 200 high schools and technical colleges. 139Spanish Club Bain Whitten: Pres. Melanie Luther: V.P. Serena McCamy: Sec. Beth Necrmann: Reporter 1st Row, From L: Mark Dixon, Jerry Holt, Susan Dick, Cyntha Taylor, Kelly Hood, Kelly Burke, Robyn Swords. Donna Guffey. Teresa Helms, Stacy Slaton. Sherry Holt, Robin Keeton. 2nd Row, From L: Jeff Stanfield, Jonathon Sutton. Scott Sprouse, Sandy Chastain. Leslie Scahorn. Rcnc Darden. Penny Gautney. Holleigh Hoderfield. Kim McConnell, Samantha Holliday. Debbie Reagan, Susie Davis, Spencer Kilgore, David Owens, Cathy Teal; Sponsor. 3rd Row, From L: Jay Colvin, Serena McCamy, Courtney Campbell, Beth Necrmann, John Walker, Luke Kilpatrick, Tommy Camp. Eric Nobis. 4th Row. From L: John Paul, Curt Quigley. David Duckett, Melanie Luther, Bain Whitten, Seema Barbela, Betsy Appleron, Beth Warren. Melissa Dilgard. Andy Hammer. Lcsa Barker, Kay Taylor.F E A T U R E S EDITOR SCARLETT MAYHALL STAFF LeANNE JONESHomecoming 1983 Seated. From L: April Horton. Gail DeHart. LeAnnc Jones. Janna Parris, Kim Hooper, Cayla Campbell, Joyce Womack. Anna Jolley. Standing, From L: Mr. Horton. Mr. DeHart. Mr. Jones, Mr. Parris, Mr. Hooper. Mr. Campbell, Mr. Neerman, Mr. Davis, Mr. Womack, Mr. Jolley. 1421983 Homecoming Queen Kim Hooper First Row, From L: Fresh., April Horton, Anna Jolley. Soph., Joyce Womack, Gail DeHart. Second Row, From L: Jr., LeAnne Jones, Sr.. Janna Parris, Cayla Campbell, Kim Hooper, Beth Necrman, Jr., Joanna Campbell.145146« SENIORS: Kristin Ramsey and Dewayne Bowen 148 Senior Favorites SENIORS: Tammy McCrcless and James LesslcySenior Favorites SENIORS: Kim Hooper and Brad Hix SENIORS: Scarlett Mayhall and Jeff Edwards ‘i 149 SENIORS: Christie Painter and Jodie StanfieldPrincess Terri Morrow Kingsman John Pall Princess Cayla Campbell Kingsman Shannon Kirby1984 Class Favorites Seniors SENIOR FAVORITES: 1st Row: Paul Woodruff. Cheryl Blackmon, Tammy McCreless, James Lessley, Serena McCamy. Billy Woodham. 2nd Row: Jodie Stanfield. Christie Painter. Jeff Edwards. Scarlett Mayhall, Dcwayne Bowen, Kristin Ramsey. Jeff Millican, Mary King, Steven Biddle. Kim Hooper. Brad Hix. 151' n i Senior Favorites 152 SENIOR: Jeff Millican SENIORS: Cheryl Blackmon and Paul Woodruff SENIORS: Serena McCamy and Billy WoodhamJunior Favorites JUNIORS: Kelley McClendon and Chad BeasleyJUNIORS: Destin Rives and Jim Mitchell JUNIORS: Tracy Canady and Bobby Stewart JUNIORS: Johnna Mitchell and Steven Crews Junior Favorites Sophomore Favorites SOPHOMORES: Lcsa Carnes and Mike Shankles1984 Class Favorites Juniors JUNIOR FAVORITES: 1st Row: Johnna Mitchell, Tracy Canady, Joanna Campbell, Kelly McClendon, Beth Warren, Destin Rives, Susan Cochran. 2nd Row: Mark Bolton, Steven Crews, David Mays, Chad Beasley, Edwin Murray. 3rd Row: David Ferguson, Bobby Stewart, Jim Mitchell. 158SOPHOMORE FAVORITES: 1st Row: Latona Thomas, Lcsa Carnes, Brook Baggett, Joyce Womack, Julie Roe, Stephanie Crowe. 2nd Row: Pat Madden, Mike Shankles, David Howard, Victor Davis. Paul Swatek, Pat Allen, Shane Gaither. FRESHMEN FAVORITES: 1st Row: Chris Langley, Trish McClure, Anna Jolley, April Horton, Mcllisa Shankles. 2nd Row: Bobby McCutchen, Jeff Harden, Lee Fleming.160 SOPHOMORES: Brook Baggett and David Howard SOPHOMORES: Julie Roc and Paul SwatekSOPHOMORES Joyce Womack and Victor Davis SOPHOMORES: Latona Thomas and Pat Madden Freshmen Favorites r FRESHMEN: Trish McClure and Chris Langley 161FRESHMEN: Lee Mix FRESHMEN: Mel lisa Shanklcsand Lee Fleming FRESHMEN: April Morion and Jeff Harden FRESHMEN: Anna Jolley and Bobby McCutchcnA. H. S. Crowns New King and Queen 163Coronation Night 1984 1st Row, From L to R: Stephanie Walker. Scepter bearer; Rachel Powell, flower girl. 2nd Row; Kevin George, crown bearer; Chuck Sims, scepter bearer. 3rd Row: Courtney Davis, crown bearer. 164 Pianist: Jane Smith Master of Ceremonies: Jay RobinsonMrs. Head and Miss Brasher holding their appreciation flowers. TRUMPETEERS. From L to R: Karen Davis. Jeremy Blanks. Jennifer Swietzer and Scott Berry. 1651984 Senior Personalities 167 Isl Row: Steven Stoker, Kim Brown. Chris Darden, David Pair, Valeric Clemons, Alan Grabcn. Melanie Boatwright, and Chris Roebuck. 2nd Row: Mark Stephens, Jennifer Andrews, Steven Hill. Sandy Chastain, Paul Davis, and Sandy Chamblee.1984 Sophomore Personalities Seated, From L to R: Todd Holder, Christy Swords. Donna Tidmore, Mike Stephens. Standing, From L to R: Shelly Slaton, Ricky Langley, Lori Beaden, John Allan Smith, Robyn Swords. O1984 Jr .-Sr. Prom 170172Sr ,’s Party at Breakfasts After Prom . . . 173Jr.’s Join in 174EDITOR KERRY GALLOWAY STAFF GAYLE HANNAHTop Left: David Pair 3 years Top Right: Jodie Stanfield 2 years 83’-84’ Senior Players Bottom Left: DeWayne Bowen 3 years Bottom Right: Bruce Benefield I year’83 Aggies Varsity Football Marshall County Champs I 1 First Row, From Left: J. Sanders, P. Swatek, M Pankey, B. Stewart, B. Masters. B. Swatek, C. Beasley, P. Madden, M. Williams. D. Ferguson, J. Mitchell. W. Bowen, C. Spence, J. Millican. Second Row, From Left: G. Williams, J. Staton, T. Holder, R. Langley. B. Powell. D. Mays. B. Nixon, E. Murray, T. Davis, J. Denney, J. Smith, J. Davis, N. Powell, B. Benefield. Third Row, From Left: E. Waldrop, J. Pall, B. Cain, M. Yao, B. Traylor, W. Smith, J. Wilson. J. Stanfield, R. Stewart, V. Holderfield, D. Pollard, M. Stanfield, S. Biddle, D. Pair. 177’83 Senior Players Top Left: Boo Swatek 4 years Top Right: Doug Pollard 4 years Bottom Left: Brad Powell 4 years Bottom Right: Jon Pall 4 yearsA Talented Bunch Top Left: Chriss Spence 2 years Top Right: Steven Biddle 4 years Bottom Left: Benji Cain 4 years Bottom Right John Wilson 2 years 179 A Season of TriumphCoach Wells Breaks 200 Wins Top: Coach Wells receives award from referees. Bottom Left: Coach Wells receives trophy from Arthur Baugh. Bottom Right: Wells gets carried off field. Associated Press Coach of the Year 180A Winning Season Top Left: Jeff Millican 4 years Top Right: Jerry Staton 4 years Bottom Right: Maurice Williams 4 years A Record Breaking Year 181Fcrgeson catches T.D. pass. Spence awaits pass. Coach Wells shows a smile. 183 Senior players and cheerleaders.’83 Junior High First Row, From Left Jeff Carr. H. Carter. T. Lcssley, C. Tuddlc, S. Hanson, J. Swart, S. Stone, A. Quigley. C. Leaf. M. Smith. Second Row, From Left: J. Gilland, L. Prater. B. McCamy. R Rosser. J Jenkkins. R Edwards, S. Miller, B. Rookc. M. Williams. M. Davis, D. Wright Third Row. From Left: J. Bruce, P. Cole. B. Gibson. C. Langley, J. Powell, Al. Kilgore, J. Ferguson. B McCutcheon, T. Mitchell. L. Hix. Top Row. From Left: Coach R Little, J. McCutcheon, T. Patterson, J. Hardin. K. Harvey. A. Soper. T. Maddux. R. Garner, K. McCaffcry, S. Burbanks, D. Lacy. 184’83-’84 Aggies Varsity Basketball Marshall County Champs o 185Sr. Jeff Edwards Madden takes jump shot from 15 feet. Sr. Mark Stephens Jr. Robert Terrell Jr. Ricky Brooks 186Davis up for two. Terrell up for block. Madden sets up for a shot. Edwards battles for rebound.Davis tries for block. Traylor battles for rebound. Madden shoots technical foul. Coach Sloan gives Griggs instructions. Sloan and players discuss strategy.1983-84 Junior Varsity Basketball From Lefl: P. Formby, M. Rains, V. Davis, M. Shankles, C. Smith, V. Sprayberry, P. Allen, K. Havis, S. Mayes, D. Parker, B. Massey. Sprayberry up for two. Davis fights for rebound.1983-84 Junior High Basketball Kneeling, From Left: Brad Gibson. Todd Mitchem. Rusty Greer. Jody Campbell, Peter Cole. Chris Langley. Standing. From Left: Coach Mickey Moore, Allen Kilgore, Thomas Maddux, Phillip Smith, Keith Shadingcr, Jeff Hardin, Shane McGriff. 1911983-84 Girls’ Basketball Team Kneeling, From Left: Diane Spurgeon, Judy Pike, Donna Guffey, Tina Salter. Standing, From Left: Coach Jim Thompson, Melissa Johnson, Emma Vines, Juanita Spurgeon, Amy Roden. Roden jumps for rebound. Spurgeon looks for pass. Vines says, “Not Me!"“Aggie” Golf Team 1984 From Left: Coach Duke, Jackie Edwards, Todd Mitchum, Scott Carter, Scott Hall, Thomas Maddux. Jody Campbell. Patrick Smith, Brandon Terrell. 193 Scott Carter represented Aggies in state tourney.1983-84’ Varsity Cheerleaders From Left. Top: Tammy McCrelcss. Karen Stone. Kristin Ramsey. Anna Bains. Valerie Clemons, Scarlett Mayhall. Bottom. From Left: Amy Roden. Anita Shell. Betsy Appleton. Brook Baggett. 194 Aggie cheerleaders show their spirit. Little fun with the pom-poms.Miss Couch speaks during Pep rally. Senior cheerleaders last homecoming tr Give me an “A" ... G ... G ... I... E ... S.196 Kristin Ramsey — Senior, 2 years Tammy McCreless Senior. 2 yearsScarlett Mayhall — Senior, 2 years Clemons does back-handspring. £fl(t Valerie Clemons — Senior, 2 years Amy Roden —Junior. 1 yearBetsy Appleton — Junior. 2 years •Anita Shell — Junior. I year Brook Baggett -Sophomore. I year BOY CHEERLEADERS, From Left: A. Simmons. K. Galloway, M. Stephens, S. Gaither. Kneeling: P. Woodruff. J. McCutchcon. B. McCut-chcon. R. Greer. 1981983-84’ Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Head — Julie Roc From Left: Renae Bohannon, Gayle Hannah, Lcsa Carnes. Lisa Robinson, Julie Roc. Not Pic- tured: Dawn Ogle. Squad members show their enthusiasm. 199Girls’ Tennis Team 1984 From Left: Coach Jan Adams. Gayle Hannah. Amy Jarmun. Tyann Bagwell, Susan Drain, Courtney Campbell. Beth Croft, Beth Ncerman. Jennifer Horton. Not Pictured: Amy Hannah. All County: Gayle Hannah and Courtney Campbell Hannah hits a backhand.1984 Baseball Team Daniel P»ke. Ru i Qrccr. Phillip lormby. Allen Kilgore. Mike Shanklcs. Mike Stanfield. Erie Perry. C'ris Smith. JclT Edwards. Mark Stephens. Alan Simmons. Coach Mickey „ | ,nm | eft Marry Martin- iinan Massey. Peter Cole. I ee Hemming. C'uirt Quigley. Mike Stephens. Steven Stoker. Brad Powell. Richard Stewart. David Howard. Hobbs Stewart. Paul Woodruff. Toby Standing. rr o Ffom |cft: Jon Sutton. Moore Kneeling. From Walker. 1984 Schedule Opponent Etowah Scottsboro Scottsboro Sardis Boa Onconta Guntersvillc Arab Guntersvillc Bradshaw Guntersvillc Arab Boaz Arab Arab Record W L L W L L W W L L W W W L L Coach Mickey MooreStephens winds up for pitch. INFIELD: Mike Stanfield, Cris Smith. Mark Stephens. Kneeling: Bobby Formby strides for first. Stewart. David Howard. 203OUTFIELD: C. Quigley, J. Edwards, M. Stephens, E. Perry. Kneeling: R. Greer, P. Woodruff, R. Stewart. B. Powell. SENIOR PLAYERS: J. Edwards, E. Perry. M. Stephens, A. Simmons. C Quigley, P. Woodruff, B. Powell, D. Pike, S. Stoker. Z ! •• Woodruff takes swing. INFIELD: Allen Kilgore. Mike Shanklcs, Alan Simmons. Brian Massey, Phillip Formby. Daniel Pike. 204itcmcni Flemming S.cven Stoker. Pc« = Walker. Steve 1983 — Sports Awards — 1984 ALL COUNTY JR. HIGH BASKETBALL. From Top: Thomas Maddux. Jeff Hardin. Rusty Greer. 206 ALL COUNTY TENNIS: Gayle Hannah. Courtney Campbell.ALL DISTRICT BASKETBALL: Thomas Maddox Jeff Edwards: Most Valuable Player Marshall County Basketball ALL COUNTY BASKETBALL. From Left: Mark Stephens. Pat Madden. Jeff Edwards. 207ALL COUNTY GIRLS- BASKETBALL: Juanita Spurgeon ALL REGION BASKETBALL: Jeff Edwards. Pat Madden ALL COUNTY VOLLEYBALL: Emma Vines. Not Pictured: Tina Poole. 208A W A R D S EDITORS JENNIFER ANDREWS JOANNA CAMPBELLA.H.S. Valedictorian Melanie Luther is the valedictorian of Albertville High School. She has been involved in both school and non-school related activities during her four years in high school. The clubs she participated in were Junior National Honor Society, Student Council, Interact Club, Spanish Club and Senior National Honor Society. She was also a member of the scholars’ bowl team, and a four-year member of the honor’s program, finishing with a 98.03 overall average. This year she also won first place in a Gadsden typing contest. Outside of school she's an active member at First United Methodist Church, Youth Fellowship Vice President, and Youth Council President. Melanie plans to go to Birmingham Southern College in the fall and major in business, advertising and communications. She also plans to have a minor in music and Spanish. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Luther o Albertville. Melanie Luther 210A.H.S. Salutatorian John Walker is the salutatorian of Albertville for 1984. During his four years in high school, he has been the Captain of the school's Scholars' Bowl Team and a member of the Math Team. He is the president of both the National Honor Society and the Mu Alpha Theta Society and is also a member of the Spanish and Science Clubs. He was a staff reporter for the school newspaper for two years and is an active member of the youth fellowship at the first United Methodist Church in Albertville, where he was a member of the Youth Choir for two years. John was a member of the honors program at Albertville for four years and finished with a 97.94 overall average. This year he was National Merit Scholar and was a semi-finalist in the Presidential Scholar competition. He also won an NCTE Achievement in Writing Award, the DAR Good Citizen Award and two National Quill and Scroll Gold Keys for current events knowledge. John plans to attend the college of the University of Chicago with a major in physics and a minor concentration in history and foreign language. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Winston Walker of Albertville. 211 John Walker1984 Honor Students 1984 Scholarship Winners 1st Row, L to R: Valeric Clemons, Melanie Luther, Bain Whitten, Chris Darden, Kristen Ramsey. Cayla Campbell. Tammy McCrclcss, Karen Stone, Anna Bains. 2nd Row: Scott Sprouse, Kim Brown. Beth Neermann. Lynn Todd. Penny Gautney. Patsy Henry, Sandy Chamblee. Steven Biddle. Teresa West. 3rd Row: Joe Ennis, Chris Todd, Luke Kilpatrick. John Walker. Randy Darden, Alan Panncll, Mike Ingram, Jay Robinson, Mark Stephens, Andy Hammer. 1st Row, L to R: Beth Neerman. Lynn Todd. Kim Brown. Melanie Boatwright. Tammy McCrclcss, Christi Painter, Karen Stone, Cayla Campbell. 2nd Row: Kay Shell. Mary Gary, Rose Story, Penny Gautney, Patsy Henry, Sandy Chamblee. Steven Biddle. Beverly Lang. Jana Parris. Lesa Barker. 3rd Row: Luke Kilpatrick. John Walker, Randy Darden, Alan Pan-nell, Roger Veal, Steve Moody, Paul Woodruff. Curt Quigley. 212John Walker. Bain Whitten -Slate Spanish Club Convention Lee Flemming Best Rookie; David McCurley Most Valuable Concert Player Bain Whitten — 2nd place Vocabulary Competition Level 3 Spanish Club Convention; also scored highest in state on the National Spanish Exam Level 3. Ms. Teal — A.H.S. 1984 Teacher of the Year 213Who’s Who Among American High School Students 1st Row, L to R: Scarlett Mayhall, Chris Darden, Melanie Luther, Bain Whitten, Kristen Ramsey, Christie Painter. Regina Moore, Anna Bains, Tammy McCreless. 2nd Row: Jay Robinson. Sandy Chastain, Curt Quigley, Mark Stephens, Steven Biddle, Sandy Chamblec, Jana Parris, Lcsa Barker. Karen Stone. 3rd Row: John Walker. Andy Hammer. Randy Darden. Steve Moody, Joe Ennis. Daniel Pike. 1984 Special Olympic Winners THESE STUDENTS PARTICIPATED IN THE 1984 SPECIAL OLYMPICS. 1st Row: Lisa Stevens, Melissa Malone, Trinda Rice, Donna Bonds, Angela Lemlcy, Nancy Stanfield, James Grindle. 2nd Row: Melissa Simmons. Jackie Freeman, Bobby Cornelious, Donny Morgan, Timmy Grindle. Keith Swords, Glcnton Andcrton. 214Melanie Luther — 1st place in Type-Off Contest. Michelle Rogers — 1st place in County Public Speaking. Dairy Foods Eixhibit Dairy Food Ad- Jay Robinson —County ministration. Kerry Williams — 1st place in Breads Exhibit 2nd place in County Public Speaking Public Speaking C ontest. State Winner in Wash. Citizenship Focus.Class Night 1984 DcKalb Agri-Business, Honor Student. School Honor Student, Spanish. Citizenship, Pres, of Student Council. 216 Rose Story — B.O.F.. Marsha Howard Home-Etc. Cayla Campbell Accounting.Karen Stone — FH A, School Spirit, All-Around Student. Varsity Cheerleader Kristen Ramsey — Math. Civitan Good Citizenship. Varsity Cheerleader Alan Pannel — FFa, Agri-Business. Physics Coach Vernon Wells — 200th Victory r John Walker — Merit Scholarship. Salutatorian. Fnglish, Chemistry. Overall Social Studies. Quill Scroll. DAR Citizenship Anna Bains — Overall Science. Varsity Cheerleader 217Lynn White — FCA Award Paul Davis — Art Award Valeric Clemons — Sportsmanship Brad Powell — Athletic Award Randy Darden — Outstanding Student; Beth Neermann — Journalism Senior Class President Melanie Boatwright —Citizenship AwardSCHOOL SCHOLARS BOWL TEAM — 2nd place Snead State: Scott Sprouse, Bain Whitten, John Walker. Kay Taylor, Randy Darden. BAIN WHITTEN: 1st place individual oral competition Level 3 at Spanish Convention. ALL-STATE BAND: JOHN WALKER: 2nd place Vocabulary Competition Level 2 at the State Spanish Convention. Curt Quigley 219FHA BEST ALL AROUND: Gail DeHart. FHA BEST DRESSED: Susan Cochran. LeAnne Jones. Karen Stone. Not Pictured Tracie Canady.MISS FHA: Susan Cochran Kay Shell — Top Student in State for Leukemia Typeathon. Rose Story 2nd place district for FBLA Typing II Contest: 1st place state FBI.A Typing Contest. Kelly King 2nd place district FBLA Typing I Contest; 1st place state FBL.A Typing I Contest. 221SCHOLAR S BOWL JUNIOR DIVISION WINNERS: Dianna Cribbs, Jennifer Davis, Anna Jolley, Steven Kennedy. JUNIOR DIVISION TOP INDIVIDUAL SCORERS: Steven Kennedy, first; Chris Pankey, second; Dee Flower and Kerry Williams who tied for third. , A 222 SENIOR DIVISION TOP INDIVIDUAL SCORERS: Patrick Smith, second; Jennifer Horton, first; Jonathon Sutton, third.MATH TEAM, 1st Row, From L: David Richey, Bain Whitten. Jennifer Horton, Tyann Bagwell. 2nd Row. From L: June MeBrayer. Scott Sprouse, Kristen Ramsey, Randy Darden. Anna Bains. Steven Biddle. SCHOLARS BOWL SENIOR DIVISION WINNERS: Wesley Dickson, Jonathon Sutton, Jennifer Horton. Brandon Terrell. 223F.F.A. AWARDS soil. JUDGING TEAM. L to R Alan Pannell, Arnold Collett. Not Pictured: Alan Cheek. Kenny Gautncy. FORRESTRY JUDGING TEAM. 2nd in District. L to R: Shane Moore. Grant Barkley. Not Pictured: Tom Barkley, Scott Gilbreath. AG MECHANICS TEAM: Ramond Shell. Terry Burgelt. Not Pictured: Todd Greer, Allen Bright.BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: 2nd in District. L to R: Arnold Collett, Gerald Williams. Not Pictured: Scott McCurdy. Allen Bright. THRI RECREATIO DAIRY JUDGING TEAM: Kerry Mitchell, Shane Croft. Kelly Sampson. Not Pictured: Scott McCurdy. 225SMALL ENGINES: 2nd in District. L to R: Mark Dixon, Rodney Shell. David Edwards. Not Pictured: Craig Holland. RECR David Admires Coach Sloans Trophy 226EDITOR SCOTT HALL STAFF DEANNA QUARLES RANDY ROGERS LISA LESTER TRISH McCLURE LESA CARNES GAYLE HANNAHALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY P.O. Box 217 Albertville, AL 878-3351 SOMMERS MUSIC CO. “Everything In Music” 115 West Ober Ave. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-0771 431 DISCOUNT SHOES Phone: 878-1289 Hwy. 431 S. Albertville, AL E. T. HOLSONBACK MOTORS Rt. 6, Box 29 Albertville, AL 878-5518 or 878-6001im q i h : i Two Locations Phone: 593-9050 Highway 431 North Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 582-2049 Highway 431 South Guntersville, AL 35976 Open Monday-Saturday 9-9, Sunday 1-6 We Sell for Less Satisfaction Guaranteed BEASON DRUGS 525 BALTIMORE AVE. ALBERTVILLE, AL f Ph. 878-66231 THE JEWEL BOX Home of Art Carved Class Rings Phone:878-3301 Downtown Albertville, ALS)endv4 Phone: 878-2721 Formal Wear Rentals Albertville, AL SUNBRITE CLEANERS Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AL UNIVERSAL PHOTO SHOP Cameras, Supplies, and Gifts Albertville, AL 878-4431 LESHAN’S LTD Latest in Ladies' Fashions Albertville, AL Guntersville, AL STEWART’S TUXEDO SHOP 137 Main St., Albertville Your Prom Headquarters Compliments of HAMMER’S Main Mall Albertville, AL 230Satisfaction Always It’s the Big K-mart Difference 101 N. Hooper Drive, Albertville, AL We’ve Got It Good in AlbertvilleTHE TRADING POST Boot and Western Store “Where High Prices Are Outlawed” 407 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL olz Z O « OZZO COACH 878-2399 Rt. 3, Albertville, AL ALBERTVILLE THE OLDE OFFICE MACHINES STOVE SHOPPE 224 N. Broad St. Highway 431 N. Albertville, AL “Sales — Service — Rentals” Boaz, AL 593-5655 Your Portrait by ROBERT O. JOHNSON By Appointment 878-2561Compliments of JOHN and JANE GARNER COMPUTER LEARNING SYSTEMS HOOber Avenue WAYNE’S AUTO AND TIRES P.O. Box 667, Hwy, 431 N. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5728 DAVIS HARDWARE 878-1531 315 E. Sand Mountain Albertville, AL 35950 CHANDLER’S FABRICS Ckotm fob 1 FABRICS Albertville, AL ALEXANDER FORD — CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH, INC. Highway 431 S. Boaz, Alabama Phone: 593-4204 SIX POINTS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 878-2621 Six Points, Albertville PASQUALE’S 301 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL Phone 878-2239 WILKS TIRE AND BATTERY Complete Front End Service P.O. Box 147 Albertville, Al 35950 Phone: 878-0211BAINS MAGNAVOX Home Entertainment Center 200 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 234Compliments of BRYANT FURNITURE MFG. CO., INC. Industrial Drive 878-3561 IS mmm Stop by the Foodland store today and we think you will agree that the Foodland way isthe best way of doing business. We have the best, freshest grocery products available to you each week. 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Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1461 WAGNER A Good Place to Work 300 Wagner Dr., Boaz, AL 35957 Phone: 593-7260 PLASTICRAFT MANUFACTURING CO. Custom Manufacturers of Plastic Products for the Furniture Industry by Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Extrasion Industrial Park Star Route Albertville, AL 35950 KING’S INN RESTAURANT Hwy. 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-6550 238Compliments of Our Friends and Supporters Dr. C. O. Wilks Drs. Long, Roberson, Carboni Maury B. Bray III, M.D. Sand Mountain Family Practice Center Diane B. Prickett, CPA Brelands Dr. Mark W. Evans Dr. J. K. Clemons Dr. Gilbert B. Plott, III A. Lynn Tucker Dr. V. S. McCrory M. Russell Moultrie Dr. Carlton S. MartinSEAHORN COMMUNICATIONS INC. 115 Eastwood Plaza Albertville, Alabama Business and Residential Phones “WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL” Phone 878-6702 TATE MITCHEM TRACTOR COMPANY Hwy 431 Albertville, AL Phone 878-1631 Compliments of State Senator Hinton Mitchem Serving Blount and Marshall County and A Portion of DeKalb County MACE HARDWARE QooUgfoot HARDWARE Hwy. 431 North • 878-3241 • Albertville, A I. WE ARE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY “Ace is the place with the Helnfiil Hardware Man” ° RAY OSBORNE OWNERTOCCO-ALABAMA THE SPACE INC. STATION 103 S. Broad St., Albertville Boaz, Alabama 35951 2 Free Tokens When You Present This Ad Phone 593-7770 M.U.B. of Albertville A Service Organization Phone 878-3761 A 132 East Main Street Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-1243 ERA-GRABEN REAL ESTATE Congratulations Seniors '84 i' i. OYAL mOMC ( j«N'Sm GS Rt. 3 Box 214-AA ALBERTVILLE. AL 35950 90 Days Same as Cash Up to 24 to Pays Phone 593-4280MUELLER COMPANY Rt. 3 Weaver Ave. Albertville, Alabama 878-7930 242HOOD ELECTRIC CO. 1001 Hwy. 431 N. 878-2481 GEMINI HOUSING INC. 732 Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, AL BISHOPS PHARMACY 103 Sand Mountain Dr. 878-5953CHAMBERS’ BOTTLING COMPANY Distributor for Dr. Pepper 7-UP Phone: 593-2307 P.O. Box 501 Hwy. 431 S. Albertville THE UNCOLA CENTRAL BANK OF THE SOUTH Phone: 878-5700 300 West Main St. Albertville, AL Member FDIC 'i fTHE LEE CO. P.O. Box 615 Boaz, AL — 593-8900 The brand that fits.A-1 VACUUM CENTER Phone 878-5968 Albertville, AL 35950 BISHOPS PHARMACY 103 Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, AL 35950 Phone 878-5953 ANDERSON SHOE SHOP 103 Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, AL 35950 Phone 878-4392 BODY WORKS Gym and Fitness Center Phone 878-FLEX 246ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK The Bank With the Personal Touch, Since 1904 Downtown — Baltimore Ave. Albertville, Alabama Member FDIC There’s a Lot of History Here t Original Agricultural School Albertville High School! 1 School was established by an act ot the Alabama Legislature on es later that year with 123 students enrolled. The two story was completed August 3, 1894. Thus began a rich educa-continued today in Albertville H.S. In 1912 the above building was e present AHS building was constructed. id, There’s a Lot of History In Albertville National Bank ... Our Bank, which opened for business in November, 1904, has also been a pioneer for progress in Albertville for 80 years. Today, as the oldest bank in Marshall County and on San Mountain, we are continuing to lead the way in local community banking — Always working to make Albertville a better place to live!Your Money Saving Clothing Store STARLIN SLATON DEWAYNE SLATON SLATON’S FURNITURE COMPANY When You Think of Slaton’s, Think of Furniture 878-7515 1001 Baltimore Ave. Albertville, AlabamaHEWETT DRUG COMPANY AL“YOUR” PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATOR 121 South Broad St. 425 N. Broad St. Albertville, AL 35950 Albertville, AL Phone: 878-0641 Phone: 878-1012 CLASS RING SPECIAL ’South's Largest Diamond Oruir.' Lorchs USLlORCWCHARG£ VISA AMLfOCAN OCPRLSS MASTERCARD Gold Lance Class Rings From $82.50 Choice of Styles in 10K and 14K Gold 2-4 Week Delivery. Lifetime Warranty LORCH’S 114 E. Main Street Albertville, Alabama PARAGON DECORS Factory Outlet Prices on Framed Pictures, Florals, Brass Items and Many Other gift items Factory Outlet Boaz Mall Boaz, AlabamaMERLE NORMAN COSMETIC BEAUTY SALON Albertville Shopping Center Phone: 878-1301 SAND MOUNTAIN PARTS Phone: 878-1792 310 Hwy. 431 North Albertville, Alabama Parker FluidConnectors Phone: 593-9220 301 Wagner Drive Boaz, Alabama 35957 HANSEL AND GRETAL CHILDREN’S SHOP Phone: 878-8983 Eastwood Plaza CORBIN’S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Phone: 878-3921 Albertville, Alabama 250PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Phone: 878-0281 Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama 251DARDEN TRANSFER STORAGE m■ Bkins MOVING STORAGE 4 Claybrooke St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-2472 JOE’S MID-SOUTH MUSIC Band Instruments P.A. Systems, Keyboards Rentals Hwy. 431 N. Rt 6, Box 44 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-5104; 878-9149 TRIPLE cCc BARBECUE CAYLAand TERRI 711 Miller St. Albertville, AL 35950FIRST STATE BANK Your Community Owned Bank, Member FDIC Band Rockathon Hwy. 431 East Main St. Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-7220 253 BARBARA’S ALTERATIONS SCV Clogging, Designer Western Shirts at Singer in Albertville BARBARA MATTHEWS 878-0311 Downtown Albertville Phone: 878-6212 GUNTERSVILLE SHEET METAL Hwy. 431 Rt 2 Box 513-B Guntersville, AL 35976 Phone: 878-7182 CHARLIE COX OLDSMOBILE- PONTIAC | 'Z pn's I Hwy. 431 Albertville, AL Phone: 878-0992 103-B Madison 1 holography Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-4380WELLS CLOTHING Your Clothing Store of Values Albertville Main Mall Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-2441 255PIGGLY WIGGLY 212 North Broad St. Albertville, AL 359S0 Phone: 878-2075 ALBERTVILLE FEED SEED 421 N. Broad Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-0448 256TOM BARKLEY FORD-DODGE Hwy. 431 Albertville, AL 35950 Phone: 878-1241 You’ll Like Our Service After the Sale ... Even Better Than the Price 257ALBERTVILLE CHURCH DIRECTORY 1983-84 ANTIOCH BAPTIST, 130 First Street Rev. Raymond Cook Ph. 878-4721 CALVARY TEMPLE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 402 Rose Road Rev. Cary Rigby Ph. 878-2271 CENTRAL BAPTIST, High Point Road Rev. Mike Johnson Ph. 878-8549 CHRIST UNITED METHODIST, 1405 Darden Ave. Rev. Tex Ergle Ph. 878-4621 CORBINVILLE UNITED METHODIST, Corbinville Rd. Rev. Clifford Moore Ph. 878-5736 FIRST BAPTIST, 309 East Main St. Rev. David Askins Ph. 878-6945 FIRST UNITED METHODIST, 206 Madison Ave. Rev. Burl Oliver Ph. 878-4651 HEWITT MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST, 1110 Walnut St. Rev. Larry Wright Ph. 878-1813 MOUNT CALVARY BAPTIST, 201 Rose Rd. Rev. Jimmy Taylor Ph. 878-6685 SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST, P.O. Box 1144 Rev. Jerry Ferguson Ph. 878-4292 258260263264

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