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2Table of Contents Opening........................4 Faculty.......................17 Seniors.......................28 Juniors.......................46 Sophomores....................60 Freshmen......................74 Student Life..................88 Features.....................146 Athletics ....................1% Awards.......................229 Advertising..................239 3If you treasure the beauty that shows all around you,And try to add some of your own 59 noA 0M§ sj0i|}o djqsuompdujOD aip AofugYet value your moments alone 78If you honor opinions that differ from yours yet stand up for what you believeAdmire the accomplishments others have made And take pride in what you believeIf you're a real friend who comes through when it counts, 12Who always is worthy of trust,If you follow your heart anywhere it may lead you, and do what you feel that you must MIf you love those around you, and love yourself too, if your spirit is eager and freeand to be the best "you" you can be! 16 17Administration Arthur Baugh Principal Mr. Baugh has contributed to the progression of our curriculum and furthered the quality of education at Albertville High School in many ways this year. He has expanded departments and advocated the necessity of reading competency examinations. Mr. Baugh endeavors to reach the educational need of each individual and help them to prepare for every aspect of the future.Tommy Lacks Assistant Principal Mr. Lacks has been involved in many aspects of Albertville High School. He attends and assists in all activities and contributes to the progressive spirit of the school in every way. As assistant principal Mr. Lacks handles disciplinary and attendance cases and helps each student reach their potential as a student and as a person. 19Dietitians and Custodians Custodians: Danny Amos. Viola Anderson. Ed McCreless. Joyce Hopkins, and Dayton McCreless Lunchroom workers: Immo Jean McMurtrey, Elowayne Dingier. Peggy Shell. Pauline Self. Kathleen JenkinsofrCOUnSel° and Office Staff Charles Amason Guidance Mary Thrasher Guidance Patsy Vandergriff Secretary Etta Lee Potts Secretary Leanne Rowe Secretary 21 Instructors for the Future • • • Jane Adams Reading Charles Backus ROTC Zula Bennett English Barbara Blanks English James Bonds ROTC Ann Cochran Lounge SupervisorFriends for Today Sue Couch English John Duke History JoAnn Ellis English Richard Denham Vocational Education Richard Ferguson Business Math John Garner History James Gilley Science Karen Gipson Typing Stacy Goss Band Jean Head Home Economics James Jolley Math James Gunter ROTC Robert Killian Assistant Band Director Jane Hagood History Rudy Hodges Agri-Business Ronald Little Driver's Education Edna Harris History Eleanor Hudgens Co-Business Office Education Wilena Little Co-Business Office Education 24Teachers cheer Aggies on Gay Martin English Linda Mitchell Math Mickey Moore Physical Education Donna Maynard Physical Education H. B. McClendon Diversified Education Lemon McCollum Biology Jo Ann Moore Physical Education Nona Proctor English Vickie Reed Science Diane Sivils AlgebraTeachers participate . . . Shannon Sloan Physical Education Raymond Sparks Algebra Wanda Sloan Business Office Education Margaret Strickland Latin Jane Smith Librarian Cathy Teal Spanish Patricia Smith Audio Visual Director Patricia Thompson Historyin all events! Ricky Todd Joyce Vasser Robert Vonder Osten Kay Wagner Learning Disabilities English Economics English Kerry Wagner Physical Science Ruth Weeks English Mary Buchan Wells Teacher s Aid Vernon Wells Physical Education Sr. Class Officers President: Ray Kennamer Vice-President Bryant Long Secretary: Cindy Pinkston Treasurer: Sandra Archer Parliamentarian: Susan Maddux Andrews, Tim Archer. Sandra Armstrong, Grant Bailey. Mary Evelyn Baldwin. Laura Bankston. Ronald Baugh. Regina Beard, Debra 30§ Bearden, Bruce Bearden, Joey As we grow we experience so many different horizons. Beason, Donna Beck, Charles Beck, Jimmy Beddingfield, Deanna Bell, Lana Bell. Tammy Blackmon. Jeff Bobo. Eileen Bolding. Donald Bowen. Sandra Bright. Nena Bright. Paul 31Britten, Keith Brown. Leanette Burgess. Becky Burgess. Chris Burns. Sharon Cagle. Thomas Calhoun. Lynn Campbell. Chris Canfield. Greg Cannady. Karen Cantrell. Marc Carlton. James Carroll. James Carter. Jobie Carver. Don Centers. Rhonda 32Chamblee, Mike Champion. Jeff With each new day and each new experience Chaney. Ronnie Clements. Gary Coby. Mark Colley. Shane Collier. Jeff Colvin. Joanna Cooley, Jeff Corbin. Neal Cornelious. Joel Cox. Jenny Cox. Phillip Croft. Angie Culbert. Janet 33We become aware of the world and our place in it Curry, Carol Davis. Jerosha Davis, Jimmy Day. James Dilgard. Debbie Dixon. Lee Dodd. Kevin Dooley. David Douglas. Cathy Driver. Tim Duckett. Terry Duckett. Tim Duvall, Joyce Eason. Tim Ellis, Neal Ennis. Cathy 34Finlay, Kelly Frazier. Jeff Frazier, Lynn Garmon. Ralph Garret. Leisha Garrison, Daryl Gary. Yvonne Goodman, Lisa Gordon, Lana Green, JeriSue Gregory. Lisa Grice. Angie Griggs. Tony Gullahorn. John Haney. Marvin Haynie. Shelton 35Head,Jason Helton. Tony Henry, Vince Hill. Gary Hipp, Steve Holder. Donnie Holsomback, DeWayne Holsomback, Robby Holsomback, Teresa Hutchinson. Hutch Ingram, Steve Irvin. Debbie Johnson. Billy Johnson, Mel Jolley. Jill Jolley. Jimmy 36Yet we Jones. Bill Jones, Greg realize that there is still so much more to experience Jones. Lou Ann Jones. Zenan Justice. Leigh Keener, Michelle Kennamer. Ray Kitchens. Larry Kitchens, Mike Kittle. Pam Knight. Cindy Lacy. Angie Lamb. Merilyn Land. Cindy Lang. Charlie Lang.Judy Ledbetter. Debra Lee, Keith 37Lee. Kent Lindsey. Glen Long. Bryant Lowery, Pam Luther. Sandra Mabrey, Tony Maddux. Susan Maddox. Brent Mahan. Howard Mayas, Lisa Maynard. Stacey Mayo. Robin McClendon. Bob McClendon. Melanie 38So much to learn McKee. Donna McMurtrey. Travis Milligan. Judy Minor. Tony Mitchell. Anna Moore. Scarlett Morgan. Jody Morrow. Julie Motley. Jeff Motley. Wanda Moultrie. Phillip Moultrie. Steve 39Neeley. Patricia Newsome. Dianne Nolen. Steve Nunnally. Max Oliver. Carla Oliver. LeWayne Oliver, Phillip Orr. Rodger Osborne. Jo Ellen Paskal. John Pate, Jeff Patterson, Jeff But even more we realize we are individuals Patterson. Pam Peacock. Charlie Pearce, Charlotte Perkins, Doanld 40Pierce. Vera Pinkston. Cindy Poe. Melissa Pope. Regina Porch. Dee Powell. Randy Pursell, Billy Rains. Brent Ramey. Teresa Reed. James Reed.Joy Reeves, Kyle Reynolds, John Rhea. Dorthy Richey, Tim Roberts. JeffRodgers. Tim Rollins. Tammy Ross. Cindy Rudolph, Rod Sampson. Mark Sampson. Tammy Satterfield. David Sheets. Jeff Sivils. Becky Slaton, Susie Smart. Barry Smith. Celeste Not only a crucial part of a whole 42Smith. Dane Smith. Donnie Smith. Lisa Smith, Melissa Sprouse, Rusty Stewart. Tommy Stracener, Sandra Strange. Anthony Strange. Pam Temple. Lisa Terrell. Allen Terrell. Kathy 43Tucker, Johnny Turner, Rita Upton, Ramona Vaughn. Lisa West, James Wagnon. Shannon Waldon. Travis Warren, Martha Watson. Tony Watwood, Kellie Webb, Belinda Wells. Lee Ann But a world within ourselves Townsend, Joanne Troxtel. David 44Waldrop, Ray Westbrooks, Marsha Whitehead. Chris Williams. Clay Williams, Randy Williamson, Johnna Wilson. David Wilson, Jim Wilson, Marla Woodham, Brent Woods, Malinda Woods. Melissa 45 4 7Beam Kathy Bearden, Loretta Beck, Andy Beck, Jeff Bell, Becky Benson, Gina Juniors have got it made in the shade. Alldredge. Joe Allen. DeWayne Archer, Kandy Armstrong, Lisa Baker. Betty Barclift, Chris Baugh, RandyBoatwright, Michelle Boddie, Stephana Bodine. Glenise Boen, Micheal Boen. Tommy Bolding, Charles Bolding, David Bolding. Kathy Bolding, Tommy Bonds. Renee Bradley, Donald Bradley. Ronald Bright, Bo Brothers. David Brown, Brenda Brown. Robert Brown. Sue Bryant. Brad Bucklew, Matt Burgess, Beth Burgess. Connie Burgess, Lisa Buchannon. Jerry Burke, Alana Cagle. Jimmy Cahill. Shannon Cain. Cheryl Cain. Denise Calhoun, Melinda Camp. Marilyn 49Camp, Mark Carr, Phillip Carter, Steven Carver, Diana Caudle, Diane Chamblee. Judy Cherry. Tommy Childress. Joel Cobb, Mitch Coby, Mitch Collins, Renea Corbin. Jana Cordell. Debra Cordell. Tim Cornelius, Denise Croft. Dee Dee Culbert. Connie Culp. Paul Cunningham. Teresa Daniel, Teresa Davis. Donna 50Dean, Max Deerman, Gary Denham, Ann Dingier, Tammy Duvall. Leigh Duvall. Tim Edwards, Cindy Edwards. Lida Elliott. George Elliott. Kelly Elmore. Connie Elrod. Mitch Engle. Terry Fergusion, Melanie Files. Scott Foreman. Mike Frazier. Mark Garrett. David Garrett. Jeff Garrett. Sharon Garrett. Tim Gilbreath. Stan Gibson. David Gipson. Marty Green. Angela Guinn. Denise Hall. Greg Hall. Mia Ham. Brad Hambrick. Richard 51Haney, John Harbison, Kirk Harper. Ronnie Hawkins, Cindy Haynie. Tom Heart. Marvin Henderson. Sherry Hill. Keith Hilley, Lisa Hix, Dale Holcomb. Paul Holsomback, Ryan Holstead. Kathy Hornsby. Selena Horton. Charlene Howard. Tommy Hughes. Ricky Jenkins, Paul 52Jenkins. Tim Johnson. Mark Johnson. Melodie Johnson. Troy Jones. Loree Jones. Scott Justice. Wendy Kaple. Steve Kelly. Sam King. Rickey Kirby. Jerolyn Kirby. Leasha Kirland. Jeff Knight. Rodney Lambert. Debra Landers. Elizabeth Lang. Steve Lang, Susan Langford. James Lessley. Beth Locklear. David Lovelady. Robin Lowery. Dale Lowery. Lisa Lowman. Kent Lusk. Joy Malone. Cindy Malone. Rhonda Manley. Mike Martin. Alice 53Juniors "Float" in with a number 1! Massey. Shannon Masters. Faynisha Masters. Joey Masters, Tonya Matthews. Paul Matthews, Sonya Mayfield. Greg Mayhall. Chris Maynard. Mitzi McCaffery, DeWayne McCain. Lee McCauley, Charlene McClendon. Cynthia McClendon. Donna McClendon, Judi McDaniel. David McDaniel. Joe McKinney, Penny McLeod. Karen 54McMutrey, Deanna Meadowa, Charlene Miller, Christy Minor. Cinda Minor, Wayne Mitchell. David Mitchell. Shan Moman, Karen Morton. Regina Mortan, Vicki Murphree, Blake Murray. Teresa Musick. Monica Neerman. Melinda Nelson. Beth Nelson. Tommy Nixon. Patricia Nobis. Leschen Owens. Teresa Pace. Micheal Painter. Lisa Parker. Mike Pate. Lori Patterson. Leesa Pearce. Renae Peppers. Barry Phillips. Myra Poe. Barbara Poe. Mark Powell. Don 55Powell, Tonya Powers. John Powers, Johnathan Rains. Mark Rains. Patty Rankin. Robin Rice, Chris Rives. Cynthia Roberts. Janet Roe. Lisa Roe. Terry Rowell. Bruce Rowell, Lisa Kay Scott. Mike Segars. Carla Segers. Cindy Sheets. Sue Shell. Jeff Simpson. Jeff Rosier. Terry Ross. Terry 56Sims, Jan Slaton, Salina Smith. Erie Smith. James Smith. Keith Smith. Leslie Smith. Martina Smith, Mary Lisa Smith. Teresa Spurlin. Carla Spratling. Margaret Spicer. Ricky Stanford, Darlene Stephens. Charles Stephens. Debbie Stephens, Teresa Stephens. Vicky Stokes. Carla Stone, Tom Stracener. Lola Strange. Larry Swords, Pamela Swords. Yvonne Talley, Paige Tarvin, Tim Taylor. Carol Taylor. Gwen Taylor. Janice Taylor. Lonnie Teague. Melody 57Juniors cram in a good year! Thomas, Lenore Thomas. Tammy Thompson, Nicky Thompson. Rhonda Thornbury, Dee Tidmore. Martha Tidwell, Tony Tillery. Donna Todd, James Tolbert, Jana Townson, Carol Todd. Cindy Traylor. Dareitha 58Tucker. Doug Turner, Randy Upton. David Upton, Tod Vansandt, Sheri Wagnon. Chris Waldrop. Vance Wallace. David Walls. Tony Warren, Marie Wehrwein, Sherri Wells. Debbie West. Cindy White. Sharee Whitehead. Joy Wilkerson, Lynn Williams. Carol Williams. Kelly Williams. Robert Williams. Sharon Williamson. Renay Wilmore. Greg Wilson, Debbie Wilson. Donna Wynn. Tami Windsor. Mike Yancey. Kathy Young. Denise Young. Kerri Zinn, Debra 59Sophomores Sophomore Officers Lead the Way Alexander. Wonda Allen. Jeff Allen, Denise Ashley. Joel Bailey, Mitch Bains. Bunny Baldwin. Cindy Baker. Ann Baker. Frank Baker. Jan Barksdale. Renee Batie. Elizabeth Bearden. Chuck 62Beasley, Renea Beck, Tammy Bell, James Bell, Jimmy Bell, Mitch Benson. Randall Berry, Ed Biddle, Rhonda Blackmon. Karen Bolton. Francis Bopp, Mitch Brown, Cynthia Brown, Joselyn Brown, Joye Bryant, Lisa Bryant. Ricky Buchanon, Mike Buckelew, Billy Cagle. Denise Cahill, Sonya Delana. Camron Camp, David Camp, J. W. Camp, Keith Campbell, John Paul Canada. Susan Cannady. Maurice Cannady. Teresa Canterbury, Cynthia Carr, Melodie 63Study?. . . or Play! Cartee. Rusty Carver. Bobby Chandler. Phillip Chastain. Susan Childress. Karen Childress. Sheila Childress. Steve Clines. Jon Cofield. Lisa Coker. Lou Cook. Jeff Cornelius. Debbie Crews. Chris Cryar. Jan Curry. Kathy Daniel. Freddie Darden. Kit Davidson. Evelyn Dean. Amy Dobbins. Mark Dunn. Donna Dunn. Sherry East. Mike Edmonds. Lisa Edwards. Sandra 64Ellis. Renona Engle. Deleatha Evans. Mari Beth Fricks. Mary Freeman. Scott Freeman. Robin Franks. Randy Floyd. John Gaither. Shawn Gallaway. Keith Gardner. Kelvin Garrison. Beth Gautney, Benita Gautney. Myron Gentry. Janet Goodman. Mike Gore. Joy Goss. Connie 65Sophomores express thoughts of confusion Gray, Donice Griffin. Scotty Guinn, Melanie Hall. Vanessa Hanvey. Mary Hanson. Mike Hanvey. Marsha Ham, Terry Hard. Martha Hardin. Glenn Harris, Jeff Hawkins. David Henry, Sarah Henry. William Henson. Donald Hilsman. Susan Holcomb. Linda Holliday, Teresa Honea, Tracy Hope. Kim Howard. Terry Isbill, Jeff Jackson, Melva Johnson. Clay Jones. GwenJones. Sheila Kaple. Cindy Kaylor. Dan Kirby. David Kitchens. Tommy Land. Buster Lambert. Donna Lang. Marsha Langly, Laura Leath, Barbara Leeth. Blake Lewis. Scott Lowery. Kim Lyles. Ricky Maddux. Tripp Mark. Donna Martin. Dedra Martin. Selina Massey. Sydney Masters. Lena 67Fire Up for a Good Shot Masters. Steve McCaffery. Miranda McClendon. Lizabeth McClendon, Nancy McConnell. Sandra McCrary. Christine McCrickard, Kathleen McDaniel. Lisa McElrath. Tammy McLeod. Alan McKee. Jamie Mikel. Lavon Millican. Penny Mitchell. Jeff Mitchell. Melinda Moore. Chris Moore. John Morrow. Cindy Mozley, Robbie 68Patterson, Vicki Pearce, Keith Perry, Terri Pierce. Carson Pierce. Donna Pierce, Shane Myers. Pompie Neely, Sandra Nesmith, Paul Nobis. Richard Ogle. Donna Oliver, Bennett Oliver. Leisa Orr, James Otinger, Brenda Parker. Jim Partridge. Connie Patterson. DavidSophomores Work Toward Common Goal Rains. Scott Ray. Randy Reed, Janet Reeves. Brent Reynolds. Lisa Rice. Melissa Richards, Karen Richards. Sherry Richardson, Pat Richey. Cheri Ridgeway. David Sampson. Tony Segars, Christy Shell. Debbie Shell, Mike 70Shell. Terry Simpson. Pat Simpson. Wayne Sims, Jimmy Sloan. Tom Smalley. Jean Smith. Brad Smith, Donna Smith. Gene Smith, Jeff Smith. Lisa Smith, Randell Sorter. Tunda Stanford, William Stanley. Sue Ellern Stone. Terri Stone. Tim Sutton. Annette Taylor. Beth Taylor. Chris Taylor. Jackie Temple, Jim Thomas. Michelle Todd. Ken 71Interests Vary Where There Are Many Talents Townson. David Townson. Gene Truett. Barbara Trusell. Paul Turner, Jerry Vaughn. Rickey Varnell. Rudy Waldrop. Sharon Wallace. Mike Ward. Lisa Warren. Bret Webb. Cindy Webb. David 72Webb. Lisa Whisenant. Wayne White. Susan Whitehead. Paula Whitehead. Ricky Whitaker. Pam Whitten. Jason Wilkes, Rebecca Williams. David Williams. Grace Williams, Jim William. Jeff Williamson. Gary Willis. Debbie Wilson, Cameron Wilson, Carolyn Wilson. Denise Woods. Alan Worsham, David Young. Danny Young Ken 73Freshmen Editors: Mari Beth Evans Debbie Wilson This Is Only the Beginning! Adams. Leanna Allen. Denise Allen. Leslie Allen, Mike Allen. Sandra Amason, Regina Amberson. Phillip Armstrong. Roger Arnold. Paula Askins. Jonathan Baker. Gary Baker, Kathy Banks. Mike Officers: Jenny Davis, Parliai Garmon. Vice President; Melonie J KfnMpPfTCjer. President; Bruce ecretaiT len Glassco. Treasurer. 76Barkley, Greg Baugh Lanney Baylers, Terry Beard, Shannon Beam, Karen Beard, Sandra Bearden, Dana Bearden. Stephen Beddingfield. Bryan Belue. Angel Benefield. Dairrel Benefield. David Benefield. Tina Berard, Dana Blackmon, Brad Blackmon, Rickey Boen, Alan Bonds. Teresa Bouldin, Bill Branham. Keith Breed well, Donna Bridges, James Britton, Billy Brooks, Jimmy Brown, Ben Brown, Penny Bryant, Jeff Bryant, Kenneth Bryant, Richard Buckelew, Cindie 77Burbanks, Byron Burnham, Ray Cain, Earl Cain, Scott Callahan, Jim Camp, Debra Campbell. Kelly Campbell. Teresa Carmack, Bonnie Carmack, Brenda Carter. Jonathan Centers, Charles Champion, Lori Chaney. Tyra Charles, Allan Charles, Alvin Childress. R. J. Clark, Maria Cleveland, Charlotte Coby, Tammy Coe. Bert Cofield, Jeff Collett. Phillip Collins. Karen 78Conquest. Brad Cook. Rodney Cooper. Darrel Cordell. Antonia Cox. Darryl Craft. James Daniel. Ricky Davidson, Kim Davis. Ben Davis. Jenny Dean, Janice Decker. Rebeka Diviney, Brenda Dobbins. Patty Dorse tt, John Drain. Tammy Duckett, Scott Duffey. Ernest Dunn,John Eaton. Denise Edmondson. Cindy England. Rodney Engle. Denise Engleman. Noel 79Ennis. Kim Ennis, Becky Ennis. Sharon Epperson. David Eubanks. Debbi' Ferguson, Randy Fleming, Lori Fletcher. James Foreman. David Garmon, Bruce Gilbert. Kim Gipson. April Glassco, Ellen Goodman, Tim Grogan. Donald Hall. Aletha Hammans. Cindy Hampton. Mike Hardy. Nancy Harris. Becky Harris. Joey Harris. Vanassa Havis. Anthony Hayes. Steve Havmon, Terri Head. Curt Hearn. John Mearn. Nike Helton. Janice Hendon. Burt 80Henley. Kim Herrington. Lynn Hicks. Mechell Hill, Jeff Hilley. Ladon Holderfield, Bobby Holland. Jeff Holiday. Gene Hood. Leigh Howard. Tracy Hunt. Danny James. Keith Jarmon, Tim Jenkins. Pam Johnson, Freddy Johnson. Kenneth Jones, Bill Jones. Melonie Jones. Paul Jones. Sandra Iordan, Gina lustice. Ronald Carry. Pam Celly, Miriam Cennamer, Tim King. Donny King. Leslie Lang. Brad Lang, Mike Lang. Susie 81Lesley. Dora Lindsey, Kim Long, Lori Lowery, Stephen Luther. Brenda Maddox, Laura Malone. Selina Mann, Scott Maroney, Terry Marshall, Jeff Martin, Ricky Massey, Richard Masters, Danny Masters. Jason Masters, Johnny Masters Ray Mayhall, Shannon Mays. Lori McBrayer, Doug McyBrayer. Jill McCaffrey, Lynn McClendon, Kelly McCoy, Landon McCrary, Willie 82McCrory, Pam McCrory. Mark McCullars, Cindy McCullars, Richard McDaniel. Dina McGuire. Sherry Millican, Jimmy Milligan. Charlotte Milligan. Kathy Milner. Marianne Minor. James Minor. Paula Mitchell, Bruce Mitchell. Marlon Mitchell. Lela Moman, Eddie Moman. Phillip Moody. Teresa Morgan, Lisa Morgan. Tim Morton. Chris Myers. Vanessa Narveson, Chirs Narveson. Sarah 83Nelson. Vickie Newsome. Jeff Oliver. Gary Oliver. Michelle Ortiz. Ronald Ortiz. Teresa Pair, Greg Parker. Stephen Patterson. Jerry Peppers. Regina Perkins, John Poe. Sandra Powers. Tina Prater. Phillip Prickett. Melissa Puckett. Debra Rainwater. Dion Ramos. Cindy Ray. Mark Reaves. Cynthia Reeves. Donna Register. Jimmy Reno. Rhonda Richards, Jeff Riddle. Renee Rives. James Roberts. Lawrence Robinson, Wade Robinson. Lisa Robison. Billy 84What is a Freshman?. . . Robison, Bobby Roe. Jana Roebuck, Shane Rooks, Tony Ross, Mike Ross, Phillip Sampson, Dan Sampson. Tammy Sauls, Bobby Scott. Allan Salvage. Craig Shadinger, Kim Shavers. Georgeann Shaw. Donny Shell, Greg Shell, Kim Shell, Randy Shell. Terry Slater. Marsha 85Smith. Bret Smith. Dave Smith. Dewayne Smith. John Smith. Lisa Smith. Pam Snider. Charles Spicer, Sheila Spurgeon, Jonathan Stephens. Shane Stephens. Sherry Stone. Billy Stiplin. Jett Sumners. Lee Ann Swatek. Sarah Lee Swords. Barry Tatt. Gay Taylor. John Taylor. Melissa Terrell. David Thomas. David Thomas. John Thomas. Terry Thompson. Tara Thompson. Tina Thrasher. Nina 86Thurmond. Kim Tidwell. Marty Towers. David Traylor. Dewayne Ruett, David Upton. Tina Vaughn. Debbie Veal, Kim Walker, Randy Walters. Bobby Weaver. Leah Webb. Jeff Webb. Jerry Webb. Kathy Wehrwein, Gary Whisenant. Clint Whitley. Alan Williams. Chrissie Williams. Janice Williams. Jeff Williams. Joe Williams. Shirley Williams, Sue Williams. Tina Wilson. Greg Wilson. John Wood ham. Mary Woods. Lou Ann Wright. Tony Yao. Robert 87Student Life Editor: Dawn McGriff Sandra Archer Michelle Keener Anna Mitchell 89Aggie Band Steps Into Action The dynamic Aggie Band entertained various audiences with their usual flair. They started their year with strenuous practices; both at home and at camp in Wetumpka, Alabama. They were rewarded for their hard work by receiving excellent ratings at Mid-State Marching Contest and District Contest in Scottsboro. Also, the band received all superior ratings at Tri-State Marching Festival. During their active year, band members participated in a joint show with Boaz several concerts, and three parades, including the Inaugural Parade in Montgomery. 5 90009 ■Nr -M ---------------------------- OO leers: K hdy A TOr Librarian; Chris Burgess, ViA fejSwen: San 3jjLAr 55§r, President; Lisa Armstrong, Secretary. Not pictuii®Snnie Elmore. Librarian. ' » A »0Section Leaders: L. to R.: Tony Griggs. Tony Bearden. Jeff Champion. Leigh Justice. Lana Gordon. Angie Croft. Lee Ann Wells. Kandy Archer. Robin Lovelady. Tommy Bouldin. Lee McCain. Senior Band Members: L. to R Top Row: Jeff Champion. Chris Burgess. Tony Bearden. Chuck Beck. Glen Lindsey. Tony Griggs. Second Row: Debra Beard. Lana Gordon. Anna Mitchell. Carol Curry. Third Row: Lee Ann Wells. Michelle Keener. Sandra Archer. Leigh Justice Angie Croft. 9? Head Ma jdrettd: Lana Gordon Majorettes: l. to R.: Melodie Carr, Beth Nelson, Connie Elmore, Lana Gordon. Leesa Patterson, Teresa Smith. Renona Ellis, Anna Mitchell. . Majorettes lead band at Inaugural parade in Montgomery, Alabama 9293CO- H 63d S! Angie Croft and Leigh Justice. Flags: Teri Lynn Perry, Christie Miller. Donna Davis, Cindy Morrow. Tammy Wynn, Leslie Smith, Gwen Jones, Susan White. Teresa Stephens, Beth Burgess, Lisa Painter, Renea Collins, Connie Burgess. Carol Curry, Beth Garrison. Michelle Keener. Center: Angie Croft. Leigh Justice.Flutes: Top: Dewayne Traylor. Terri Haymon. Second Row: Lisa Arnstrong. Laura Langley. Mary Beth Evans. Third Row: Lela Mitchell. Robin Lovelady, Cheri Richey. Kneeling flags add flash to "Copacabana." Saxophones: l. to R. Top Row: Don Powell. Tony Griggs. Mark Johnson. Second Row: Lisa Roe. Jon Hearn. Chrissy Williams. Third Row: Jerolyn Kirby. Kathleen McCrickard, Shawn Gaither. Teresa Prick-ett. Fourth Row: Lori Champion. Lori Flemming. Paula Arnold. Brenda Diviney. Dixieland band swings at halftime 95Clarinets: L. to R. Top Row: Sheri Wehrwein, Penny McKinney, Lori Pate, Dee Dee Croft, Jana Tolbert. Debbie Wells. Second Row: Lizabeth McClendon, Cynthia Canterberry, Amy Dean, Kandy Archer, Sue Ellen Stanley. Susan Chastain, Dedra Martin. Third Row: Janet Gentry. Brenda Luther, Janice Dean, Lawrence Roberts, Lori Long, Kelly McClendon, Sue Sheets. Trumpets: L. to R. Top Row: Denise Cagle, Carla Segars. Pam Karr. Second Row: James Minor. Regina Peppers, Jill McBrayer, Kathy Webb, Vanessa Harris, Cindy Webb, Teresa Murray, Kim Davidson, Gay Taft, Terry Thomas. Marianne Milner, Phillip Prater. Third Row: Stephen Bearden. Leigh Hood. Diane Hix, Joe Alldredge. Tony Bearden, Chuck Beck. Chris Burgess. Roger Armstrong. 96Low Brass: First Row: Michelle Oliver. Keith Camp. Bill Bouldin. Tony Tidwell. Deonna Cox. Jon Paul Campbell. Alan Boen. Scott Rains. Jeff Williams. Shan Mitchell. Tommy Bouldin. T ubas: L. to R : Jeff Champion. Boboy Walters. Dan Sampson. Jeff Chandler. 97Percussion : Standing. Maurice Canady, Max Dean. Debra Beard. Joel Childress. Lee McCain. Glen Lindsey. Kneeling: Byron Burbanks. Jonathon Askins, Gary Wehrwein. Kim Lindsey, Randy Walker. Trombones keep time in Homecoming parade. Spirited band cheers at pep rally.First Row: K. Campbell, L. Armstrong, T. Duckett. T. Honea, M. Cannady, J. Chil. Second Row: D. Powell. C. Currey. K. McCrickard, J. Kirby. M. Johnson, M. Musick. Third Row: A. Martin. L. Gordon, J. Champion. J. Campbell, S. Mitchell. T. Bouldin, S. Rains, J. Williams. Mr. Goss. Mr. Killian. Fourth Row: J. McBrayer, T. Thomas, T. Bearden, C. Segars, T. Murray. A.H.S. Jazz Ensemble The A.H.S. Jazz Ensemble continues to get better and better each year. This proved to be true this year also. The band performed in several performances throughout the year. They received all superior ratings at contest and received great compliments year round. The two vocalists were Alice Martin and Lana Gordon. Next year should be an even better one as the band continues to improve. 991979 Aggie First Row: Dedra Martin, clarinet Rickey Jester, trombone Robert Killian, director Vanessa Harris, trumpet Diane Cagle, trumpet Sandra Archer, drum major Penny McKinney, clarinet Joe Alldredge, trumpet Tonya Powell, rifle Amy Dean, clarinet Bill Bouldin, trombone Margaret Spratling, rifle Don Powell, sax Chuck Beck, trumpet Monica Musick, rifle John Hearn, sax Kim Davidson, trumpet Lee Ann Wells, rifle Fourth Row: Jamer Minor, trumpet Sherry Richards, rifle Beth Garrison, flag Sixth Row: Kathy Holstead, rifle Carol Currey, flag Renea Collins, flag Second Row: Gay Taft, trumpet Maurice Cannady, drum Lisa Painter Mark Johnson, sax Max Dean, percussion Lawrence Roberts, clar. Kathy Webb, trumpet Joel Childress, percussion Kandy Archer, clarinet Marianne Milner, trumpet Glen Lindsey, percussion Tammy McElrath, clarinet Pam Karr, trumpet Jonathon Askins, per. Lori Pate, clarinet Roger Armstrong, trumpet Michelle Oliver, baritone Dee Dee Croft, clarinet Phillip Prater, trumpet Seventh Row: Susan Chastain, clarinet Steven Bearden, trumpet Teresa Stevens, flag Janice Dean, clarinet Fifth Row: Jeff Champion, bass Third Row: Gwen Jones, flag Alice Martin, clarinet Michelle Keener, flag Sherry Wherwein, clarinet Sue Ellen Stanley, clar. Beth Burgess, flag Tommy Bouldin, trombone Jon Paul Campbell, trombone Chris Burgess, trumpet 100Marching Band First Row: Renona Ellis, majorette Beth Nelson, majorette Melody Carr, majorette Anna Mitchell, majorette Lana Gordon, majorette Leesa Patterson, majorette Connie Elmore, majorette Teresa Smith, majorette Stacy Goss, director Tami Wynn, flag Second Row: Mari Beth Evans, flute Lisa Armstrong, flute Dewayne Traylor, flute Lela Mitchell, flute Cheri Richey, flute Robin Lovelady, flute Terry Hamon. flute Joy Gore, flute Donna Davis, flag Third Row: Jerolyn Kirby, saxophone Sue Sheets, clarinet Janet Gentry, clarinet Debbie Wells, clarinet Martina Trussed, clar. Cynthia Canterberry, clar. Lori Long, clarinet Lizbeth McClendon, clar. Laura Langley, flute Cindy Morrow, flag Terry Lynn Perry, flag Fourth Row: Shawn Gaither, sax Kathleen McCrickard. sax Lori Champion, clarinet Lori Fleming, sax Teresa Prickette, sax Brenda Diviney, sax Paula Arnold, sax Leslie Smith, flag Fifth Row: Jill McBrayer, trumpet Terry Thomas, trumpet Carla Segars, trumpet Tony Bearden, trumpet Teresa Murray, trumpet Leigh Hood, trumpet Regina Peppers, trumpet Susan White, flag Sixth Row: Scott Rains, trombone Tony Tidwell, baritone Debra Beard, percussion Jeff Williams, trombone Shan Mitchell, trombone Kim Lindsey, percussion Noel Engleman, percussion Deonna Cox. trombone Connie Burgess, flag Seventh Row: Gary Wehrwein, percussion Dan Sampson, bass Byron Burbanks, percussion Bobby Walters, bass Jeff Chandler, bass Angie Croft, flag Cristie Miller, flagAggie Band Keeps Rockin' The Aggie Band had their biggest rock-a-thon ever. 188 students participated in the band's main money making project. Susan Chastain raised the most money and got one half the money she raised. Glen Lindsey rocked a total of 101 hours and received a plaque for rocking the longest. The band earned over 9,500 dollars this year. 102Most Valuable Concert: Mark Johnson Longest Rocker: Glenn Lindsey Most Valuable Symphonic: Joe Alldredge Best Rookie: Terry Thomas Band King: Tony Bearden Band Queen: Lana Gordon Awards Presented at 79 Band Banquet 103English Department Sponsor The English Department coordinated several learning projects, including one-act plays and banquets. Zula Bennett's Junio English classes and her French Class held a Drama Festival with English students participating in plays and the French students presenting various well-known fairy tales in French. Later in the year the 11th grade English classes of Gay Martin and Kay Wagner combined to put on a "Mark Twain" banquet and other banquets portraying famous American authors and a series of one-act plays. (2nd Row: Debbie Don Powell. Mari French Playi Irving, Pam Evans, Mrs. £ 104Various Learning Activities 1051979 Scholars' Bowl The 1979 AHS Scholars’ Bowl Team was composed of five Seniors and two Juniors. The Senior members participated in the annual Snead Scholars’ Bowl, winning for Albertville’s third consecutive year and retiring the silver bowl to the school. The team placed second in a bowl held at Wallace State Community College and also participated in the John C. Calhoun Bowl. At the conclusion of competition, the 1979 team hosted an in-school Scholars’ Bowl. Sponsor: Charles Amason 106 1979 AHS Scholars' Bowl Team: 1st Row. L. to R.: Shelton Haynie, Cindy Ross. Dawn McGriff. Kyle Reaves 2nd Row. L. to R Jason Head. Charles Amason. Matt Buckelew. Paul Culp.107 Kent Lowman and Dee Thronbury proudly display their trophies.1st Row, L. to R.: Eleanor Hudgins, sponsor. S. Haynie, L. Hilley. R. Kennamer. J. Masters. K. Beam, J. Askins, M. Hanson. S. Maddux. J. Jolley. R. Barksdale. L. Coker. K. Shadinger, K. Gilbert, M. Prickett, N. Hardy. A. Sutton. D. Willis. M. McClendon. K. Campbell. S. Henry. R. Denham. 2nd Row: B. Lessley, C. Elmore. L. Hilley. L. Patterson. J. Reed. S. Burns. C. Ross. M Keener. S. Archer, J. Davis. T Thompson. M. Woodham. R. Massey. S. Narve-son. 3rd Row: B. Woodham. T. Sloan, P. Carr. J. Parker, G. Wilmore. D. Thornbury, B. Ham. C. Smith. P. Moultrie. M. Smith. R. Collins. M. Wilson. 108Student Council The Student Council, under the direction of sponsors Eleanor Hudgens and Richard Denham, had a very busy year. Early in the year, aside from the Council’s Homecoming duties, members sponsored a Disco dance, Name Tag Day, and the annual Blood Drive. At Christmas the Student Council sold Candy-Grams to be exchanged among the students. In the spring, members of the Council coordinated a school talent show, Arbor Day, and held a tea for the faculty.Talent Show WODevil's Advocate Staff Wind Sketches For the first time at Albertville High School a literary magazine was published, entitled Wind Sketches. It was funded by a state grant and will probably become a yearly publication. Its contents were the result of a contest in the areas of poetry, art, and photographs. m1979 Mountaineer Staff 112.1st aoyv. L to R.rMelinda Calhoun, Robin Rafrffin. Rhonda Thompson. Lisa Mayas. Dawn McGriff. Michelle Boatwright. Annette vans, Leigh Duvall. 2nd Row: Phillip Moultrie. Allen Terrell. 113114Faculty: Seated: Jana Tolbert. Robin Rankin. Standing: Jo Ellen Osborne. Cindy Ross. Student Life: Michelle Keener. Dawn McGriff. Sandra Archer. Features: Lisa Mayas. Debbie Willis. Cindy Pinkston. 115171st Row. L. to R.: B. Hutchison. B. Long. J. Gullahorn, M. McClendon. M. Warren. A. Mitchell. C. Ross. C. Oliver. 2nd Row: K. Reaves, C. Smith. M Keener, S. Nolen, J. Reed. S. Archer, D. McGriff, C. Knight. 3rd Row: M. Chamblee, C. Burgess. J. Roberts, J. Cornelius, R. Sprouse. P. Moultrie, Mrs. Vasser, sponsor. National Honor Society National Honor Society members are Seniors who have maintained a 90 average through high school. The club’s main project is sponsoring a student at the Lurleen B. Wallace Development Center and members sold doughnuts in order to raise money for this project. Treas.. Melissa Woods; Sec., Cindy Ross; Pres., Michelle Keener; Pari., Kyle Reaves, Vice-Pres., Jeff Roberts. H8Junior National Honor Society The Junior National Honor Society is a club sponsored of only Freshmen. The club stressed scholarship with each member maintaining a 90 average. The members also focused on qualities of character, citizenship, and service. Mrs. Thompson was the sponsor of this year’s club. Officers: Laura Maddox. Pari.; Kelly Cambell. Sec., John David. Pres.; Jenny Davis, Treas ; Ben Davis. Vice-Pres. First Row J McBrayer, K Beam. J. Roe. A Belue. N. Hardy. D. Reavs, A. Whitely. T. Kennemer, Sponsor — Mrs. Thompson Second Row: J Martin. L. Robmson, T Drain, S. Stevens, K. Cambell. C. Edmonson, T. Thompson. M. Woodham, J Davis. B. Davis, J Perkins. Third Row B Blackmon. S Par-xer. D Terrell. J Webb, L. Hilley. W. Robinson. T. Thomas, T. Wright, D. Foreman. J. Carter. N. Engleman, J. Callahan. S. Benefield. D. MastersMath Mu Alpha Theta is a national honor math society for high school and junior college students. One must maintain a B average in math courses to be eligible for membership. This year the club placed first in the county math tournament. Between preparation for this tournament, the club had various speakers, including college students and Mr. Amason. Math Club Officers: L. to R.: Michelle Keener. Sec.; Billy Hutchison. V.-Pres.; Phillip Moultrie. Treas.; Dawn McGriff. Pari.; Cindy Ross. Pres. Seated. L. to R.: Tammy Dingier. Cindy Segars. Billy Hutchison. Kyle Reaves. Leasha Kirby. Michelle Boatwright. Faynisha Masters. Janet Roberts. Connie Elmore. Cindy Ross. Sandra Archer. Michelle Keeper. Kneeling: Mike Parker. Matt Buckelew. Steve Nolen. Dawn McGriff. Kelly Finlay. Mike Foreman. Brad Ham. Mike Windsor. Dee Thornbury. Kent Lowman. David Gipson. Lenore Thomas. Phillip Moultrie. Standing: Chris Burgess. Tony Griggs. Joel Cornelius. Jeff Frasier. Rusty Sprouse. Connie Burgess. Joe Alldredge. Celeste Smith. David McDaniel. Greg Jones. Mitch Coby. Jeff Beck. Howard Mahan 120Science Club Science Club members are students who have taken at least one year in a science course and are interested in further scientific study. Aside from monthly meetings, the club sponsored a car in the Homecoming parade and raffled off a calculator in order to raise money for the Attention Home at Christmas. 121Interact This year projects of the Interact Club include donating money to the Albertville Attention Home and the Diabetes Foundation; also a contribution to the school’s literary magazine. The club hosted the State Interact Convention and the district representative was Joy Reed. The club held its first shipwreck party with new members being initiated into the “Oogie Boogie Tribe.” Some members even braved the slopes of the Mentone Ski Resort. For some, there were many hard falls. But for everyone there are many warm memories of special moments shared in the Interact Club. Interact Officers: John Gullahorn. Pres.; Shelton Haynie, V.-Pres.. Marie Warren, Sec.; Celeste Smith, Treas.; Allen Terrell. Pari. Kneeling, L. to R.: L. Reynolds. D. Traylor. T Cannady, T. Howard, L Mays. B. Bright. G Benson, P. Whitaker, L. Mayas, T. Haynie. C. Pinkston. S Childress. M Fricks. J. Osborne. D. Young, D. McGriff, K. Finlay. B. Bains. L. Masters, G. Williams. Second Row: M Allen, S. Hayes. S Martin, J. Roberts. B. Long, M. Coby, J. Gullahorn, T) Allen, M. Warren, T. Wynn, M. Keener, S. Chastain, M. Woods, M. Boatwright. T. Dingier. C. Segars. D. Reaves. L. Long. M Evans. Third Row: E. Smith. G. Wilson. J. Collier. B. Oliyer, A. Terrell, R. Sprouse. L. Smith. S. Archer, K. Archer, M Hard, D. Gray, A. McCutcheon, J. Calahan, A. Martin. M Calhoun, K. Childress. 4th Row: J Head. S. Hipp, C. Peacock. M. Bailey. S. Nolen. S. Ingram. J Roberts. D. Mitchell. D. Powell. D. McDaniel. T. Wright, D. Foreman. 122Jr. Civitans Junior Civitans is “A Service Club for Youth” tailored specifically for training young people to become "Builders of Good Citizenship" in the home, the school, the community, and the nation. Its purpose is to develop initiative and leadership, to encourage youth to live a fuller life enriched by unselfish service to others, and to give primacy to daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships by precept and example. Junior Civitans Officers: First Row: Lana Gordon, Pres.; Mary Lisa Smith, Treas ; Lenore Thomas, Pari. Second Row: Deanna Beddingfield, V.-Pres.; Carol Taylor, Sec. First Row. L. to R.: D. Pierce. C. Cleveland. T. Howard, M Jones, D. Traylor. M. Kelly, L. Mitchell. D. Malone. K. Gilbert. T Maddox, L Painter Second Row: M. Camp. B. Sivils. P Patterson. A Mitchell, L. Gordon. L. Wells. G. Benson, M. Maynard. S. Maddox. C. Currey. Third Row I. Crawford, M Spratling. N. Engleman. M. Evans. T. Thomas. K. Yancey. D. Young. T Mitchell. J. Carter, C. Stokes. C. Williams. Fourth Row: C. Burgess. C. Burgess, J Askins, C. Douglas, R. Ellis. D Beddingfield. P Arnold, S. Wehrwein, M. Smith. R. Jester. R. Collins. Fifth Row: T Bearden, A. Dean. D. Cagle. C Reaves, L. Masters. F. Masters. R. Thompson, T. Coby, J. Roe. C. Edmonson. M. Ferguson, S. Mitchell. Sixth Row: D Brothers, D. Powell. M Jester, C. Taylor, L. Thomas. R. Thompson, J. Whitehead. C. Taylor. K. Shadinger. E. Glasgow. 123Library Standing. L. to R.. Pres . Dareitha Traylor; Pari.. Denise Guinn; Treas. Teresa Smith Seated Vice-Pres., Tonya Powell; Sec.. Lori Jones The Library Club is composed of students who assist in the school library. The club has programs at its monthly meetings and. as its main project, took toys to the Fire Department for needy children at Christmas. 124 1st Row. L. to R p Smith. J. Smith. C Edmondson. D Traylor. M. Guinn. C Goss. H Cole. 2nd Row M Parker. T Nelson. L. Pate. T Powell. D Guinn. L Jones. T Smith M Musick. J. Rowe. M Shell B WarrenFirst Row, L. to R.: Neil Ellis. Debbie Irwin. Scarlett Moore. Beth Taylor Second Row: Chris Cain. Sherry Wehrwein. Grace Williams. Cindy Segars. Becky Sivils, Pam Lowery. Mari Beth Evans, Don Powell. Jeff Mitchell. French Club The purpose of the French Club is to acquaint people with the French way of life. Some of their projects included dramatizing French plays, cooking French meals, and attending the ballet. 125Junior Classical League The Junior Classical League is composed of those students presently enrolled in a Latin class or who have had at least one year of Latin. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. Betl lie Peacock, st Vi reas. I.; Lenore Thoi kyle Reaves. J First Row. L. to R.: B Bains. K. Darden. D. Wilson, L. Burgess, C. McCauley. L. Masters. L. Roberts. S Wehrwein, B Nelson. M Maynard. J Osborne. L. Thomas. J Colvin. T. Ross. K Bouldin, T. Haynie. K Beam. 2nd Row: T. Wright. J Carter. C. Burgess. J Calahan. T Bearden. D McGriff. D Reaves. K Reaves. B, Long. C. Peacock. J. Roberts. S. Hipp. J. Gullahorn. A. Mitchell. S. Maynard. S. Haynie. S. Maddux. D. Carver. M Bailey. R. Sprouse K. Watwood, C. West, D Ridgeway, C. Segars, S. Williams, M Warren. C. Land. C. Elmore. 126Spanish Club Once again the Spanish Club was active in ‘■muchos" activities at A.H.S.! For the first time we decorated a truck for the homecoming parade, and shook all of downtown Albertville with our Spanish cheers. The traditional Christmas ,,fiesta,, was a huge success, as second and third year students created two beautiful “pihatas" for students to break. Traditional Mexican cuisine was enjoyed by all. both at the fiesta, and at Mexican restaurants in Huntsville and Gadsden on field trips throughout the year. Nine club members accompanied Miss Teal to Mexico and discovered that studying Spanish was truly an earthshaking (or should we say “earthquaking") experience! We in the Spanish Club look for an even more exciting time next year Officers Marla Wilson. Vice-Pres Cindy Pinkston. Pres Marie Warren. Treas Denise Young. Sec Robin Rankin. Rep Rrst Row K Eaton. P. Shell. D Cambron, S White. M Carr. C Currey. A McCutcheon. A Payne. J Cox. A Grice. M Woods. M Wilson. K Elliot. C am. D Traylor. L. Jones. G. Bodine, D. Eubanks. R Rankin. P Rams. J. Whitehead Second Row L Champion. S Narveson. S Williams. C Kaple S Henry. M Rice. K. Richards, E. Davison. D Engle. S. Neely, J Marrow. B Poe. L. Gregory, S Werhwein. C. Pinkston, S. White. M Johnson.. L. Nobis M Musick. L. Pate. Third Row: D Locklear. J Gentry. A Dean. G Mayfield. D Brothers. J. Powere. R Harper. T Cordell. D McDaniel. M Buckelew. C Peacock, D Young, J. Collier. D Cain, G. Clements, L Lowery. J Kirkland. T. Perry. J. Frazier. T Thomas. J Beard. D Davis. G Armstrong. M War ren, B Warren. D Hix, R Nobis. J. Masters. A Greene. B. Yancey. T. Holsonback. Sponsor — Cathy Teal 1NIKE The NIKE Club is a high school organization sponsored by the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Albertville. The purpose of the NIKE Club is to give service to the community and develop leadership qualities. The 1978-1979 NIKE Club helped with the Heart Fund Drive and made contributions to help needy families. Officers: L. to R.: Parliamentarian, Lesa Bryant,; Pres., Donna Pierce; V.-Pres., Donice Gray; Sec.. Leigh Duvall; Treasurer, Melinda Calhoun. 128 1st Row, L. to R.: P. Patterson, L. Bryant, C. Morrow, C. Rives, M. Boatwright. L. Kirby, D. Wilson, L. Langley. K. McCrickard, S. Gaither. 2nd Row: K Vancey, L. Ward, M. Spratling, J. Roberts, T. Coby, D. McDaniel, K. Shell, M Mil ir, C. McClendon, D. McMurtrey, C. Minor, L. Wilkerson. 3rd Row: M Camp, M. Smith, D. Pierce. R Freeman, M. Fricks. M. Hanvey, T. Beck, Marsha r nvey.Seated. L. to R.: Pari.. Dareitha Traylor; Rep.. Paige Talley; Rec. Leader. Cindy Land; Mrs. Head. Sponsor; Hist.. Martha Warren. Standing: Vice-Pres.. Kelly Finlay; Pres.. Joy Reed; Mrs. Corbin. Sponsor; Sec.. Susan Maddux; Rec. Leader. Beth Nelson. Future Homemakers of America includes girls who are enrolled in Home Economics. During the year, the girls are involved in many activities such as visiting nursing homes, selling cookbooks, and sponsoring an Angel Tree for needy children at Christmas. The members also host teas for faculty members throughout the year. 1st Row, L. to R : L. Champion. J. Dean. L. Roberts. L. Sumners. T. Benefield, K. Campbell, M. Lang, S. Stevens. G. Taft. L. Fleming. 2nd Row: M. Warren J Tolbert. L. Jones, A. Baker, L. Langley. R. Wilkes. D. Traylor. P Arnold. S. Maddux. K. Finlay. K. Watwood, M McClendon. C Land. M Warren M Hanvey. M. Hanvey. T. Beck. R Beasley. 3rd Row: Mrs. Corbin. B. Nelson. M. Maynard. M Camp. P. Talley. J. Sims. M. Spratling. D. Davis. C Stokes. J. Corbin. C. Miller. M. Phillips. B. Poe. D. Gray. P. Lowery. S. Burns. C. Knight. J. Reed. C. Young. P. Patterson. K. Yancy. G. Jones. D. Cambron, T Cannady. S. Henry, T. Talton. L. Frasier. S. Moore. S. Martin. 129 FUTUP - THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR BOYS lERlCA, STUDYING VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE First Year: Mr. Hamilton, S. Pierce, J. Harris, D Towers, C. Ponder, S. Mayhall, T. Maddux. M. Cannady. T. Thomas, J. Beck. J. Campbell. J. Stone. J. McDaniel, G. Harris, C. Ponder, B Johnson, D Turner, A. Greene, D. Walker. M Dobbins. R. Bryant. S. Freeman. F. Mann. G. Hardin, S. Moore. F. Baker. J. Childress. D. Smith. R Hamrick, M Frazier, B. Walters, K. Pearce. M. East, D. Henson. 130 Rudy Hodges. Sponsor; Pari., Lynn Calhoun; Sec., Jim Parker; Pres.. Jeff Patterson; Rep.. Matt Buckelew; Sentinel, Keith Smith; Vice-Pres.. Brad Bryant; Treas.. Kent Lee; Alternate. Lewayne Oliver.Future Farmers of America F.F.A. is a national organization for students enrolled in vocational agri-business. The F.F.A. is an intra-curricular activity originating as a part of the high school curriculum. Members strive for improved agriculture, better local communities, and responsible citizenship. F.F.A members were involved in many activities during the school year. They helped with the annual Coronation Ball and sold oranges to buy equipment. Second Year: 1st Row. L. to R.: J. Garrett, K. Smith. 2nd Row: T. Sloan, D. Lowery, V. Waldrop, M. Buckelew. 3rd Row V. Towers, T. Garrett, J Parker. D Tucket. 4th Row: P. Carr. C. Mayhall. M. Goodman, S. Kelley. 5th Row: T. Upton, T. Cherry, T. Nelson. Third and Fourth Year 1st Row. L. to R : D. Garrison, R. Knight. 2nd Row: T. Driver. J. Patterson. B. Smart, C. Barclift, B. McClendon. 3rd Row: M. Kitchens, J Carlton. R Garmon. D. Smith. R. Williams. J. Tucker. 4th Row: J. Champion. D Porch. J. Carroll, K. Lee 5th Row: G. Jones. P. Bright, G. Armstrong. B Bryant, S Wagnon. 6th Row: M. Nun-naly, L. Calhoun. L. Oliver, T. Minor, M. Sampson.S.A.E. The Students in Action for Education underwent many projects this year. Under the guidance of Mrs Berry and Mrs. Ellis and the leadership of Bryant Long, the club collected toys for deprived children at Christmas, sent fruit bags to the nursing home during Valentine's Day, and hosted a district meeting. SAE also became the first club to set up a scholarship for a senior member who had distinguished himself in the club's activities. SAE has had one of the most successful years in the club's history and anticipates another in the upcoming year Officers Kyle Reaves. Pari ; Brad Ham. Treas.. Beth Lessley, Sec.; Cindy Ross. Vice-Pres ; Bryant Long. Pres First Row Sponsor — Mrs Berry. P Moultrie. M Woods. S. Archer M Keener Sponsor — Mrs Ellis Second Row C Malone. C Stokes. B Ham B Lessley L Mayas C Pinkston. J. Osborne. C Ross K Moman. J McClendon. M Boatwright Third Row C Reaves. M Hall, D Qu.nn R Thompson T Wynn A Martin. G Benson G Bodme. C. Burgess. K Beam. S White. T. Dingier C Separs. C West. T Powell M L Pate Fourth Row S Ingram. P Myers. L Masters. F Masters S Lang. L Kirby. S Werhwein. R Elis. C Richey M Hard. D Gray. J Lankford. L Wells, L Gordon A Mite hell A Mathis S Gaither C Kaple K Eaton Fifth Row D Pierce. M Fncks. A Dean S Stanley B Gamson, M Evans. D Wilson. A Sutton. K Darden D Wiins S McConnell. T Stone. R Biddle T Pnckett. L McClendon. S Richards. T McEirath. S White Sixth Row D Alien T Perry. L Smrth B Bright. M Carr, B Leath B Warren C Bearden. D Hawk.ns. D McDaniel. G Pledger C Williams K Reaves R Freeman J McKee. L Ward D Powell. E Smith. G Wilmore. M Foreman. C Burgess, P Trussei. J Sims. C Johnson. G Long. D Carver. R Sprouse. M Coby 132F.B.L.A. The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization of students planning to make careers in business. Their main project for the year is to collect money for the Mothers’ March of Dimes. The Club concluded the year with their annual banquet. FBLA Officers: Seated: Mary Lisa Smith, V.-Pres ; Karen Blackmon. Treas ; Beth Burgess. Sec. Standing: Margaret Spratling, Pari.; Debbie Stevens. Reporter; Eileen Bobo, Pres First Row, L to R : Beth Burgess, Deanna Beddingfield, Regina Pope. Sandra Luther, Lisa Edmonds. Francis Bolton. Jeri Sue Green. Christy Segars, Kandy Archer. Eileen Bobo. David Dooley. Debbie Wells. Cynthia Canterbury. Susan Canada. Karen Blackmon. Renea Barksdale. 2nd Row Donna Wilson, Ann Denham. Diana Carver. Sherry Henderson. Terry Stone. Rhonda Biddle. Debbie Stevens. Mary Lisa Smith. Melissa Poe. Lisa Painter. Renea Collins. Becky Burgess. Denise Cagle. Melissa Smith. 3rd Row Marla Wilson. Regina Baugh. Martha Tidmore. Jan Baker. Patty Rains, Jimmy Davis, Margaret Spratling. Dewayne Holsonback, Gregg Canfield. Jobie Carter.L. to R P Moultrie. R Sprouse. C. Johnson. E. Smith. J. Whitten. S Massey. P. Carr. B. Oliver, K Reaves. Coach Richard Ferguson, sponsor. F.C.A. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes met each Friday morning at 7:30 to discuss how Jesus Christ can be a meaningful part of the life of each student athlete. For the second year the FCA had a “Reach Out” team that visited churches and presented a program challenging others to follow Christ. The Christian Athletes also helped sponsor a banquet which was held May 19 featuring speakers Foster Christy of Auburn. David Hannah of Alabama, and Wales Goebel of Birmingham. 134 Officers: Captain, Kyle Reaves; Vice-Captain. Phillip Moultrie; Sec.-Treas.. Phillip Carr; Reporter, Rusty Sprouse.First Row: Julie Marrow. Susan Hillsman. Maria Clark. Michelle Boatwright. Sheila Jones. Second Row: Ann Baker. JoAnna Colvin, Jan Baker. Lisa Gregory. Martha Warren. Marie Warren. Third Row: Patty Rains. Carla Segars. Jana Corbin. Barbara Poe. Beth Garrison. Debbie Wilson. Kit Darden. Sponsor — Donna Maynard. Girls' Athletic Association The aim of the Girls’ Athletic Association is to strengthen character and physical stamina. It is composed of girls interested in sports and who have the ability and attitude. The GAA strives to teach each girl social and moral values through competitive activities designed to strengthen character. Officers: Pari. JoAnna Colvin; Rep.. Marie Warren; Sec.-Treas , Jan Baker; Vice-Pres . Lisa Gregory; Pres.. Martha Warren. 135Lettermen's Club The Lettermen’s Club is composed of varsity athletes who have lettered at least one year in their particular sport. Its purpose is to promote sportsmanship and leadership in the entire athletic program. One of the annual fund-raising projects of the Lettermen’s Club is selling athletic socks. Officers: Sitting: Tony Mabrey. Pres.; Stacey Maynard. Sec Standing: Dane Smith. Treas ; Kyle Reaves. V.-Pres. 1st Row. L. to R : M. Phillips, M. Fricks, G. Benson. M. Maynard. S. Maddux. B. Sivils, M. Smith. K. Finlay. 2nd Row: J. Carroll. M. Kitchens. J. Clines. D Duvall, G. Jones. T. Cherry, P. Carr. 3rd Row. T. Mabrey. T. Cordell. S. Cahill, S. Maynard, T. Stewart, J. Collier. D. Smith, C. Peacock, G. Canfield. B Woodham, K. Reaves. 4th Row: C. Taylor, E. Smith. S. Massey. B Oliver, C. Johnson. J. Whitten. C. Moore. B McClendon. C. Williams. 5th Row: C Mayhall. D. Gipson. K. Lowman, M. Coby. R. King, T. Jenkins. T. Haynie. B Bright, M Parker, T. Garrett. 6th Row: S. Pierce. J. Beck. D. Thornbury. D. Mitchell 136D.E.C.A. Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is a student directed activity designed to develop future leaders in marketing and distribution. It aids students in developing poise and self-reliance through participation in many competitive events both on state and national levels. Sponsor. Mr. McClendon; Treas.. Jeff Blackmon; Vice-Pres.. Donald Perkins; Pres., Charlie Lang; Sec , Dorothy Rhea; Rep.. Marc Cantrell. 1st Row. L. to R.: M. Boen. G. Lindsey. B. Pursell. L. Bearden, K. McCloud. L. Frasier. L. Brown. L. Hilley. M. Cantrell. D. Garrett. J. Wilson. 2nd Row: Mr. McClendon. B. Peppers. L. Dickson. T. Smith. S. Jones. M. Scott, R. Williams. K. Douglas. W. Daniel. J Beck. L Beck, B Maddux. T. Cunningham. D. Bearden. T. Talton. T. Rogers. R. Turner. T. Eason. E. Thompson, J. Blackmon, J. Cagle. T. Richey. N. Ellis. G. Hill, D. Perkins. 137First Row: J. Sutton. K. Johnson. B McCurdy. J. Corbin. T. Sampson. K. Eaton. L. Garret. C. Oliver. N. Bryant. J. Lindsey. D. Newsome. R Mayo. S. Bowen. M Johnson. D. Holder. R. Powell. Second Row: T. Ingles. D. Smith. G. Townsend. S. Caulley, J Head. S. Hipp. B. Rains. R. Holsonback, T. Stone. M. Elrod. B. Murphee, J. Pate. G. Elliot. R Baugh. J. Davis. C. Whitehead. N. Corbin. T. Duckett. P. Culp. M. Chamblee. T. Cagle. T. Walden. Sponsor — R. Denham. V.I.C.A. The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America help students. enrolled in Vocational and Industrial courses, to develop leadership, citizenship, and character. The VICA club sponsors the concession stands at all home basketball games. One of the members, Robin Mayo, placed in both district and state competitions. She won First Place in the District and Third Place in the State VICA competition in Dental Assestry. 138 Officers: Seated Mel Johnson. Pres.; Leisha Garret, Treas . Randy Powell. Vice-Pres. Standing: Jason Head. Rep ; Carla Oliver. Sec.; Shane Colley. Pari. R.O.T.C. Editor: Leigh Duvall 139Sponsors 1st Row: B. Sivils. 2nd Row: C. McCalley, D. McCrikard, D. Garrison. B Burgess. M. Calhoun. C. Elmore. S. White. C. Taylor. 4th Row: J. Sims. R. Morton. A. Martin. P. Talley. B. Lessley. Girls' Drill Team 1st Row: S. Hornsby. M. Neermann. 2nd Row: L. Holcomb. A. Hall. S. Edwards. S. Spicer. 3rd Row: P. Brown. B Baker. C. Williams. G. Shaver. Boys' Drill Team 1st Row: G. Lindsey, W. Stanford. 2nd Row: R. Ortiz, J. Dorsett, M. McCory. G. Barkley. 3rd Row: R Ferguson. J. Williams. B Leeth, J. Marshall. 4th Row: D. Bearden. T Goodman. D. Shaw. M. Goodman. uoMl N.C.O. Club 1st Row: W Minor. D Bearden. T Walden. M. Coby. 2nd Row: B. Thomas. C. Wag-non. T. Driver. D. Dooley. 3rd Row: D. Garrison. T. Griggs. J. Buchannon. S. Kaple. L. to R : B. Leeth, K. Pearce. E Cartee. M Bailey. K Gardner. C. Taylor. R. Smith. Cadet OfficersInstructors Col. Kasper. Sgt. Backus. Sgt. Bonds. Sgt. Gunter. Battalion Staff 1st Row: D. Garrison. 2nd Row: R Cartee. T. Driver. R. Turner. M Coby. S. Wagnon. J. Griggs 3rd Row: T. Garrett. T. Waldon. D. Dooley. K. Terrell. Color Guard N Thompson. N. Engelman, D Foreman. G. Pair. V. Waldrop 142A Company 1st Platoon 1st Row: D Smith. 2nd Row: W Henry, G. Elliott, D. Pearce. 3rd Row: J. Hill. J. Masters. J. Holland. M. Carver. 4th Row: R. Nobis. M. Brown. J. Temple. 5th Row J. Gable, M. Hearne. J. Patterson. C. Sev-lage 2nd Platoon 1st Row: D Smith. 2nd Row: W. Henry. G. Elliott, B. Thomas. T. Jarmon. 3rd Row L. McCoy. J. Fletcher, S. Lowery. J. Dunn. 4th Row: R Daniels. J. Edwards. P. Strange. J Camp. 5th Row D. McBrayer. B Johnson. M. Tidwell. M. Mitchell. Drum and Bugle Corps 143 1st Row M Dean. 2nd Row: J. Isbell. J. Campbell. C Taylor. 3rd Row S. Rains. L. McCain. C. Johnson.B Company 1st Platoon 1st Row: C. Wagnon. T Watson. D. McClendon. B. Davis 2nd Row: S. Benefield. T. Shell. M Ross. D. Perkins. 3rd Row: R. Bryant. G. Holliday. 4th Row: G. Pair, J. Cofield. M. Shell. 2nd Platoon 1st Row: C. Wagnon, J. Lankford. D. McClendon. B. Davis. 2nd Row: J. Orr. L. Hilley. B. Blackmon. D Masters. 3rd Row: S. Parker. S. Bearden. 4th Row: M. Bailey. C Company 1st Platoon 1st Row: S. Mitchell. K. Gardner. J. Mitchell. D. Smith. 2nd Row: D. Cooper. S. Mayhall. C. Centers. 3rd Row: B. Brown. J. Thomas. 4th Row: J. Bryant. D. Benefield, C. Head. W McCrary. 1442nd Platoon 1st Row: S. Mitchell, W. Minor, J. Mitchell, D. Kmith. 2nd Row: B. Lang, B. Hendon, R. Martin. 3rd Row: W. Simpson. A. Havis. J. Spurgeon, R. McCullars. 4th Row: E. Cain. S. Masters. D. Company 1st Platoon 1st Row. R. Spicer, B. Pursed. S. Duckett. 2nd Row: S. Cain. G. Shell. J. Wilson. 3rd Row: R Bryant. B. Britton, S. Stephens. 2nd Platoon 1st Row: B. Pursed, S. Kaple. S. Duckett. 2nd Row: J. Newsome. J. Bridges. K. Branham. 3rd Row: P. Collett. D. Mitchell, G. Baker. 145146Features1978 Homecoming Queen Melanie McClendonand Court Sr.'s: Jerosha Davis. Cindy Pinkston. Joy Reed Jr.'s: Alice Martin. Beth Lessley Soph ’s: Sheila Childress. Jamie McKee Fresh Sarah Lee Swatek. Melome Jones1978 Homecoming Festivities1521979 Military Ball The annual Military Ball was held at the Albertville Recreation Center on May 4. Beth Lessley was crowned queen, with Alice Martin as first alternate and Mitzi Maynard as second alternate. 153With All Its Preparation 155Seniors Place First 156With "Robin Hood" 157Juniors' "Jungle Book" Places Third 159Master of Ceremonies Jason Head Principal Arthur Baugh 163 Trumpeteers Tony Bearden, Terry Thomas. Chuck Beck. Chris Burgess.King Tim Andrews 164 %King and Queen of A.H.S 165166Princess Susan Maddux Kingsman Bryant Long 169170Junior Beauty — Beth Lessley Freshman Beauty Melonie JonesSenior Beauty — Lana Gordon Sophomore Beauty Sherry Richards174175176178179 Leesa Patterson Bo Bright Cindy Ross Charlie Peacock Conna Pierce Bennett Oliver Kerri Young Ricky King Sandra Archer Gary Clements Jan Baker Chris Ponder Sarah Lee Swatek Steve Hayes Beth Lessley Phillip Carr Jerosha Davis Tony Mabrey Sherry Richards Clint Ponder Kim Gilbert Greg Wilson Mary Lisa Smith Jeff Kirkland Lana Bell Gregg Canfield Renona Ellis Buster Land Susan Maddux Bryant Long Becky Sivils Tracy Honea Martha Hard Melanie McClendon Jeff Collier Alice Martin Keith Smith Kim Shadinger Shannon Mayhall Jamie McKee Cameron Wilson Martha Warren Travis McMurtrey Connie Elmore Mike Windsor Melonie Jones Brad Lang Sheila Childress John Moore Lana Gordon Jeff Roberts Kathy Beam Brad Ham Charlotte Cleveland David Benefield Kelly Finlay Brent Woodham Gins Benson Todd Upton Lisa Mayas Rod Rudolph Tim Andrews Cindy Pinkston Phillip Moultrie182185186Freshmen Favorites BradCharlotte Cleve 11111 Shannon Mayhall1979 Junior-Senior Prom The flowers and candlelight added to the romantic and exciting atmosphere of the Jr.-Sr. Prom. The evening began with Allen Terrell performing his song "Maid Marion,” followed by the reading of the traditional last will and testament of the Seniors. Then special music was provided by "Hotel.” All these factors combined to make the 79 Prom a memory to be cherished "Always and Forever.” Master of Ceremonies Shan Mitchell 192193194195 Sports Editor! Greg Hall Don Powell Eric Smith 197Aggies Keep Spirit Alive! First Row. L. to R. M. Hart. D Glascoe. T. Stewart. G. Wilmore. D. Hawkins. G. Canfield. B. Bright. T. Cherry. B Smart. M Kitchens Second Row. L to R.: M. Parker. D. Smith. J. Clines. C. Mayhall. R. King. C. Campbell. B. Oliver, J. Reed. Third Row. L. to R.: G. Smith. A. Woods. S. Maynard. P. Carr. S. Cahill. J. Carrol. R. Hughes. S. Massey. S. Massey. Fourth Row. L. to R.: M. Hanson, E. Berry. J. Beck. K. Lowman. T. Jenkins. D. Gipson. J. Moore. All County Members: L. to R Dane Smith. James Carrol, and Mike Kitchens. Clines maneuvers tacklers in yard-gaining attemptTOP LEFT Who said Ferguson doesn't get involved BOTTOM LEFT: Victory Number One! TOP RIGHT: Wilmore pursues Rebel ball carrier ABOVE: Aggies move in for the kill. 199The Show Must Go On 200TOP: Gipson receives much needed treatment from teammates BOTTOM LEFT: An Aggie receiver fights for the ball MIDDLE: Stewart picks up yardage for Aggies ABOVE: Aggies show interest in the loose ball. 201Back Row: T McMurtry, R Harper. T Mabrey. B Woodham, T. Cordell. M Manley. B McClendon. T Andrews Front Row: K Hill, T. Tarvin. R. Rudolph, G. Wilmore. Coaches: B-Team Mickey Moore A-Team Shannon Sloan. Jr. High: James Cooper.Slams, Jams, and Just Plain Dunks! TOP LEFT: Senior Guard Rod Rudolph displays his version of the slam dunk! TOP RIGHT: Top Scorer Tony Mabrey gets up high to show his two handed style BOTTOM LEFT: Teamwork and determination win victories! 20378-79 Season Reveals Sloan's 400th Victory Shannon Sloan picked up his four-hundreth win in twenty-three years of coaching this season at home against the Fort Payne Wildcats Sloan took the victory in stride, commenting: "I've won 400 games but I never played in one of them." 204TOP LEFT: Keith Hill lays one up TOP RIGHT: Ronnie Harper tosses one in. LEFT: Rod Rudolph, most valuable boy athlete, track scholarship to University of Alabama TOP: Jim Parker and Grissom opponent have a jump- off. 205Varsity Cheerleaders Susan Maddox — 3 years Becky Sivils — 2 years 206 L. to R.: Myra Phillips, Becky Sivils, Susan Maddox. Mitizi Maynard, Mary Fricks, Mary Lisa Smith, Kelly Finlay. Gina Benson.Mary Lisa Smith — 1 year Mary Fricks — 1 year ♦ • 208Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders Head Cheerleader Robin Rankin This year the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders attended cheerleader camp at Huntingdon College, where they won 3 outstanding, 1 excellent, and 1 superior award. Throughout the year they participated with the Varsity on many projects, including working to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 209 Rhonda Thompson. Pam Patterson. Darethia Traylor. Martha HardGirls' Basketball L. to R.: Sheila Jones. Ann Baker. Maria Clark. Susan Hilsman. Jan Baker. Lisa Gregory. Second Row: Renona Ellis. Charlotte Pierce. Jana Corbin. Jo Anna Colvin. Carla Segars, and Kit Darden. 210 TOP: Kit Darden and Carla Segars try for an interception. RIGHT: Carla Segars jumps for the ball.Girls' Volleyball Bottom. L. to R : J Baker. M Wilson. L. Gregory. P. Rains. S. Lang Back. L. to R M. Warren. B. Poe. C. Pierce. J. Corbin. M Warren J Colvin D Maynard 211Girls' Track 1st Row, L. to R.: K. Webb. R. Wilkes. K. Henley. L. Masters. K. Shell. K. Davidson, J. Corbin. J. Baker, P Boe. J. Colvin. L. McCrary. 2nd Row: S. Stanley. B Garrison. M. Prickett, P. Rains. D Eubanks. A. Gipson. K. Lindsey. S. Narveson. D. Allen, J. Dunn. M. Warren. S. Smith. M. Boatwright. R. Winkles. Girls' Tennis 2121st Row. L. to R.. Kathy Beam. Susan Maria Clark. Kelly Campbell. Lang. Martha Warren, Jerosha Davis. 2nd Row: Mari Evans. Michelle Boatwright. Debbie Wilson. Joanna Colvin, 213Douglas ! Guntersvjlle l)c eld BOYS’BASKETBALL Date Nov 17 Nov. 21 Dec. 1 Dec. 5 Dec. 8 Dec. 12 Dec 14-1 Jan 5 Jan 9 Jan 11 Jan. 16 Jan 19 Jar 23 Opponent Etowah Gut tersville urney urissom County Tourn Gadsden Etowah Scottsboro fSrissom Ft Payne Bcford Jar, , 9-Jan : j Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 13 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 23 Date Aug. 24 Sept 1 Sept 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Sept. 29 October 13 October 20 October 27 November 3 Opponent J Fort Arab Talladega Boaz Oxford Annis Emma Gadsden Etowah Guntersville X 214track lonships c Meet GIRLS VOLLE Douglas Guntersvil Boaz Arab County Tc nament nament Tournament Golf Team All-County L. to R.: Chris Taylor. Dee Thornbury. John Gullahorn. Charlie Peacock. Jeff Roberts, and L. to R. Dee Thornbury. Chris Taylor. Jeff Rob-Coach Sloan. erts 215Aggie Baseball Front Row, L. to R.: B. Smith, L. Taylor, A. Scott. C. Ponder. D. Rainwater, C. Ponder, M. Coby. C. Moore. Back Row. L. to R.: Coach M. Moore. B. Oliver, T. Maddux. D. Carver, L. Taylor, D. Lowery, B. Ham. D. Smith, J. Parker. T. Mabrey. M. Foreman. 216217 TOP: Lowery takes a breather. BOTTOM LEFT: Scott shows ability to catch ball before player gets to base. BOTTOM RIGHT: Smith almost gets him out.Jr. Varsity Basketball Front Row. L. to R.: C. Moore. S. Childress. R. Turner. B Land. T. Duvall. T. Sloan. Back Row. L. to R : J. Whitten. G. Smith. J. Parker. D. McClendon. C. Johnson.M Mayes 218Wrestling Front Row, L. to R.: C. Centers, D. Mitchell, E. Smith, V. Towers, J. Beck. T. Wright. J. Blackmon, J. P. Beck. Back Row, L. to R.: L. King. D. Bolding. S. Pierce, G. Lindsey, J. Carrol, M. Dean. C. Narveson, J. Harris. J. Temple. J. Masters Coached by Ronnie Little. All County: James Carrol, Chris Narveson, and David Mitchell. 219Boys' Track Team d 220 Front Row. L. to R P Moultrie, S. Johnson. T. Garret. E. Smith, C. Wilson. J. Turner, J. Campbell. D. Towers. T. Cherry. L. King. J. Moore. J. Smith. R. Rudolph. J. Clines, W. McCrery. B. Hutchinson. Back Row, L. to R.: Coach Ferguson. D. Gipson. R. King, R. Turner, J. Reed. T Cordell, C. Johnson. T. Jenkins. G. Wilmore. P. Carr. H. Mahan. J. Moore. K. Reaves. B Woodham.TOP: Rod clears the bar BOTTOM LEFT: Jones shows ability to jump and clear the pole. BOTTOM RIGHT: King gets ready and gets off to a good start. 221TOP RIGHT: Rod shows spunk in doing a jump. TOP LEFT: Gipson gives it all he has got in throwing the shot put. BOTTOM LEFT: Jones shows running ability. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ferguson looks at the situation 222Track Team Shows Drive and Determination! 223Boys' Tennis Team Swings Action! nto 1st Row. L. to R.: Tony Wright. David Foreman. Bill Warden. 2nd Row: Gene Pledger. Donald Bolding, Mitch Coby, Greg Mayfield. 224 Richard Denham. Coach.225Cross Country Track L. to R.: Tim Garrett. Mitch Coby, Kyle Reeves. Randy Turner. Jerry Turner. Scott Files, and Coach Richard Ferguson. Rifle Team L. to R.: Mark Coby. Darryl Garrison, Rusty Cartee, and Tim Driver. 226Jr. High Football Front Row. L. to R.: LaDon Hilley. M Gentry. C. Centers. D. Vandandt, C. Compton. J. Ogel. S. Walker. L. King. S. Rice. J. Mashburn. J. Thomas. R Martin Middle Row: A Charles. M. Williams. A. Charles. J. McCrary. T. Powell. D. Smith. R Benefield. S. Duckett. D Benefield. B Conquest. W. McCrary. P Jones. J. Jones. J Bohanon. T Hearne. Back Row: Coach Duke. K Southern. B. Smith. B Swords. D. Towers. C Narveson. J. Taylor. K. Minor. B Lang. S. Hayes. D. Perkins. J Bryant. D Cooper. M Tidwell. R. Hart. E. Duffy. S. Yapell. Coach J. Cooper. Jr. High Basketball 1st Row. L. to R.: Shannon Mayhall. Brent Neely. Willie McCrary. Paul Jones. 2nd Row: John McCaffrey. Brad Lang. Greg Wilson. Steve Hayes. Tim Johnson. 227228Awards Night 79 Lynn Calhoun — Scholarship to Snead, Oustanding Agri. Shop Tony Mabrey — Scholarship to U.A.B . Most Valuable Boy Athlete LeWayne Oliver — Agri-Business Ray Kennamer — "I Dare You” Award, Most School Spirit Brent Woodham — Citizenship Sandra Archer — Citizenship, Overall Science 230Daryl Garrison — Retired Officers Association Award OndyRoss — Salutatorian, Math, Civitan Essay. Scholars' Bowl Michelle Keener — Valedictorian, L. G. Balfour, Outstanding Student 231 Joy Reed — Pilot Club, All-Around Student. F.H.A., Rotary ClubLenore Thomas—Junior Classical League Honor Students ►n, Donna Beason Gullahorn, Bryant ib. 3rd Row: Tony Reaves. A«pffntchell. Martha Vi celeste Smith. 2n pow: William C. Hutcjson. III. Rusty Sproi ). Joy Reed. JerriS|e GreervMeWgg aiiU ar Jeff Roberts? iggs, Joel Cornelii 9, Dawn McGriff. « Ira Archer, Blinda r Alisa McCutChel ments. Eileen Bi 232Retiring Teachers Margaret Strickland has been a teacher at Albertville High School for twenty years. She has taught Economics and Democracy, Psychology and Sociology and Latin. She was the sponsor the Latin Club and took them to numerous Latin conventions; and one year the Latin convention was held here at A.H.S. under her Supervision. Previous to her years at A.H.S. she taught home bound children for two years and she was also a part-time social worker. She will be dearly missed. H. 8. McClendon has been teaching for thirty years. He taught Vocational Agriculture for ten years, was Principal of an elementary school for 5 years, taught at Ohatchee School for 5 years and he has been at A.H.S. coordinating the D.E. Program for ten years. Mr. McClendon plans to spend his retirement helping his wife in their drapery business and just "taking it easy." We will miss him. 233Valedictorian Michelle plans to attend Samford University in the fall and major in science and possibly in Pre-Medicine. She has been active in such school activities as the Math Tournament and the Yearbook Staff. She is a member of the Interact Club, Student Council, Math Club, Senior National Honor Society, Students in Action for Education, and the Science Club. Michelle received the L. G. Balfour award, the Outstanding Student award, and was an honor student. "The most important decisions of our lives are made entirely by ourselves. We laid the foundation for success by our decision to graduate. All through high school, we have been somewhat sheltered and are now about to enter a world run by competition. Through the years, we have all been involved in competition of some form and therefore know the effort that must be made in order to be the victor. These experiences provide us with a small-scale model of what to expect in life. Today we are congratulating ourselves on our present achievements and are deciding whether this success will continue throughout our lives or whether it will succumb to pressures and become dormant. This isn't just a decision of success in our occupation but of success in our total lives. Success isn't measured only by material possessions or by how the world views us but it includes our happiness, security, and peace of mind. Without these we may have suceeded in gaining possessions but will have missed something vital to life and will actually be failures. We must decide today which way our lives are going. "Let's make today not only the 'first day of the rest of our lives' but the first day of the best of our lives." Michelle Keener 234Salutatorian Cindy plans to attend Snead State Junior College this fall and next fall will transfer to Auburn University. Her plans are to major in Pharmacy. She participated in many school activities such as the Scholars Bowl and the Math Tournament. Cindy belongs to the Math Club, Science Club, Interact, Honor Society, Student Council, Yearbook Staff, and Students in Action for Education. She is an honor student and received the Math award and a scholarship to Snead State Junior College. "In the world today, everyone faces some sort of challenge. Upon graduation, we as seniors must face these challenges with a feeling of confidence. The transition of a high school senior entering a rapidly changing world is no easy task. The challenges we seniors will meet trying to adjust to this transition will be numerous. We must realize the importance of our decisions at this point in our lives. Our actions will become a part of building the future for tomorrow. That is why our decisions will be important not only to ourselves but to others that depend upon us as well. “A decision concerning what role in the future each of us will play must be made carefully. We are now aware that the future is here. The time is now and the solutions rest with us. Let's face this challenge with the determination for success, and it will one day be ours." Cindy Ross 235236 MOORE'S SPORTING GOODS " FOt Marshall County MaH A Albertville, Alabama 878 2871 k “■ FT i «r sn A B2Blin IAVIS, SWART HARDWARE 315 E. Sand Mountain Dr. I S «Ay AH Across From Albertville Depot ROSS-GRADEN LUMBER CO. Highway 431 South Albertville, Alabama 878-1461 WILSON DISCOUNT FABRICS Boaz, Alabama 593-6501 MARVIN'S Star Route, Smith Road Albertville, Alabama 878-3811 FILES DISCOUNT DRUGS 107 Eastwood Plaza Albertville, AlabamaSORTER MOBILE HOMES SAND MOUNTAIN REPORTER WAVU-WQSB Highway 431 878-1311 Highway 43 I 878-5326 Albertville, Alabama FEED SUPPLY AND WESTERN STORE 2501 Gilbreath St. Guntersville, Alabama WHITT'S BARBEQUE 900 Highland St. Albertville, Alabama 878-5213REV. CARY RIGBY, 413 Highland Ave. ANTIOCH, 130 First Street REV. RAYMOND COOK, 134 First Street CENTRAL, High Point Road REV. MIKE JOHNSON, Rt. 6, Box 160B FIRST ALBERTVILLE, 309 East Main Street REV. DAVID ASKINS, 103 Sycamore Lane REV. CHARLES WOODS, 407 Sunset Ave. REV. NEIL CARTER, 604 Eastview St. MOUNT CALVARY, 201 Rose Road REV. JIMMY TAYLOR, SR, 503 Honeysuckle MR. BOB ROSSER, 162 Ramsey Dr. SOLITUDE, Solitude Road REV. WILLIS KELLY, Rt. 6, Albertville SOUTHSIDE, Sims Street REV. BEN EDMONDSON, 1003 Ash St. CHURCH OF GOD, 6C6 Baltimore Ave. REV. O'NEAL FRANKS, 606 Baltimore Ave. FIRST CHURCH, 204 Bollinger Street REV. EDWIN MORSE, 618 Sunset Ave. FIRST CHURCH, 206 Madison Ave. REV. TRAVIS WARLICK, 201 Glover Steet HEWETT MEMORIAL, 1110 Walnut Street REV. MILTON BOOTH, Walnut St. MARSHALL MISSIONARY BAPTIST ASSOCIATION REV. GILBERT BURKS, Director of Missions I 107 Walnut Street 243245BILLY THRASH LINCOLN-MERCURY Cougar Drive Albertville, Alabama 878-7282STARLIN SLATON DEWAYNE SLATON SLATON'S FURNITURE CO. 1001 Baltimore Ave. Phone:878-7515 Albertville, Alabama "When you think of furniture, think of Slaton's" 0RABEN REAL ESTATE Farm and Residential Service Phones: Bus.: 878-7702 Res.: 582-2156 806 Hwy.431 N. Albertville, Alabama RALPH WILMORE MOTORS Route Three Albertville, Alabama 251The Newest Things Are Found at Boaz Cullman Blountsville CHAMBERS BOTTLING COMPANY Be a Pep? Highway 431 South Albertsville, Alabama Guntersville Ft. Payne ArabCONSOLIDATED CONSULTANTS INC. ral Contractors" 222A North Carlisle Phone: 878 0555 Albertville, Alabama Your THESHOWOFF . - v. = •te, ’' • 410 Gunter Avenue Guntersville, Alabama 255 CREATIVE PRINTERS FRED TAYLOR REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE ALBERTVILLE OFFICE Real Estate, Insurance Loans, Appraisals Quality Printing at Competitive Prices Albertville Shopping Center Albertville, Alabama 35950 878-5044 306 North Carlisle 254 YANCEY AND YANCEY. INC. Hwy. 431 North 878 2071 A'bertville, Alabama MORGAN AUTO SALES Hwy. 43 I South 878 3593 Albertville, Alabama25aKEY KORNER 510 Baltimore Ave. 878-5820 Albertville, Alabama WARREN'S BARBER SHOP Baltimore Ave. 878-1529 Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE HOME BAKERY 212A North Broad St. 878-0501 Albertville, Alabama QUIK PRINT 208 North Broad St. 878-8603 Albertville, Alabama HITTEN'S P.O. Box 489ALLIED MILLS, INC. CONTINENTAL GRAIN CO. East Lake Road CONTINENTAL GRAIN — 582-2073 ALLIED MILLS —582-5611 Guntersville, Alabama 261RALPH COLLINS FORD INC. 263CORBINS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE 101 Sand Mountain Dr. Albertville, Alabama CHANDLER FABRICS 220 East Main Street Phone:878-2112 Albertville, Alabama MURRAY'S GROCERY DICKSON PARKER 806 South Broad St. Phone: 878-9922 Albertvil'e, A'abama Main Street Phone:878-1741 A'bertville, Alabama YAMAHA KAWASKI 118 Ober Ave. A'bertville, Alabama MATTHEWS MANUFACTURING Highway 431 Phone:878-3841 Albertville, Alabama GOOD YEAR THOMPSON PRINTING 126 W. Main Street 140 W. Main Street Phone:878-5910 Phone:878-2021 Albertvi'le, Alabama Albertville, Alabama VA VRODEN 106 Railroad Avenue 878-0921 Albertville, Alabama fi m 7 ll ALFORD COTTON CO. McCord Avenue Albertvil.e, Alabama PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Highway 431 North 878-0281 Albertville, AlabamaCongratulations to Class of 1979 EAST HIGHLAND COMPANY 267269270BAINS MAGNAVOX HOME FIRST STATE BANK Box 609 Albertville, Alabama 878-7220 275WELLS CLOTHING P.O.Box 158 Albertville, AlabamaCENTRAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. 300 West Main street and Hwy. 43 I South Albertville, AlabamaMUELLER COMPANY Weaver Avenue Albertville, Alabama 878 7930 278CITY OF ALBERTVILLE 201 South Broad 878-0431 Best Wishes Seniors '79ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK I 16 Sand Mountain Drive Albertville, Alabama 878 4616 "Where our people make the difference" Member FDIC • 'T •. - f V

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