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1776-1976MOUNTATNEER .Albertville,Alabatna 6lurnelXIVEditors Gina Cole Sandi Sutton Georganne Wells Business Manager Kathy Daugette Advisor Catherine Brasher 2Table of Contents Faculty 17 Seniors 33 Juniors 55 Sophomores 69 Freshmen 81 Occasions 94 Associations 142 Competitors Graduation 196 and Awards 235 Advertising 251 3What Is America? This giant mass of land, called America, plays a large part in the lives of all its people. Each letter in the word "America’' stands for a very important topic. The A in America stands for its aim to make the people of this nation a better people. The M stands for morality which any nation must have to stand. The E is for eagerness to work together as a nation to make it strong enough to stand for two hundred more years. The R stands for readiness to help people in need or to defend our country’s cause. The I stands for each individual and his abilities and responsibilities. C stands for courage to stand and defend what is right and defeat what is wrong. The last A in our country’s name stands for action necessary to carry out all of our good intentions. Eileen Bobo 4What Does Freedom Mean? Freedom. That one word provided the foundation of America. In exercising this freedom, each American experiences freedom individually. American views of freedom have changed during the last two hundred years. To Patrick Henry, liberty and freedom were one and the same. In his famous address he stated that to live without freedom would be worse than death. To Americans today, freedom can be attending the church of their choice, voting in elections, conversing their beliefs, or printing their opinions. Freedom is the fundamental right of each American. To make any decision is to exercise this right. Mary V. Moore 5How Could Our Present 1SEMB SPEED LIMIT 30Government Be Improved? People often say what is wrong with our government, but very seldom do they say how to improve it. One of the most important ways to improve the government is to become involved in it on the local level. Being involved means studying the issues and the candidates and voting in every election, voicing ideas and opinions to representatives and other elected officials, and running for the office which one is qualified to hold. We need more honesty in our government. It seems that with the increase in the size of the United States, dishonesty has also increased. Again the answer lies with each of us. We, the American citizens, must stand up for what is right. We must exercise good citizenship not only in politics but in everyday life as well. If we don’t do this then everything the United States has stood for for two hundred years will be lost. Jerry BlanksDo You Think Our Country WillLast Another 200 Years? When we join in the singing of a rousing, patriotic song or solemnly recite the pledge of allegiance, we are overcome by the feeling that our great country "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all," will go on eternally. However, when we contemplate the fact that history often repeats itself, we are not so certain that the United States, which is progressively moving toward more serious problems, can live long enough to contradict this old maxim. The Roman Empire lasted a little over 350 years. To a large extent, our government and laws are based on those of the Romans. The main difference is that our national government was founded on the basis of freedom -freedom for everything and everyone. That difference could determine our future - whether we remain the most successful democratic republic ever or collapse just as every magnificent empire has done in the past. Lisa Milner 9What Is a Major Crisis 15 M R H. SCHOOL ZONE TOTAL SALE • • GALLONS NO LEAD 10in the United States Today? In power, wealth and influence, the citizen of the United States is still preeminent. What is at issue is not the means to survive, or even the will to survive, but the FAITH to survive. The real crisis is about man’s relationship with his Creator rather than with his energy supplies, his currency and gross national product, and other passing preoccupations with which the media interminably concern themselves. Christian civilization was born of the great drama enacted in Palestine 2000 years ago and all that followed therefrom. This is what inspired and nourished the arts of literature, music, architecture and learning which are the glory of our civilization. If the U.S. citizen has now rejected these origins, persuading himself that he can chart his own future, then assuredly he and his way of life and all he stands for must perish. Georganne Wells iwV T-'i JXjt lb o »Q»iCUt.TU»I FOOD COUPONS VALUE $2.00 nAre the Bicentennial 12Festivities Significant to You? It isn’t hard to find some bicentennial activity that one would enjoy doing. There are not only things to do on a national level such as essay contests or environmental programs, but more important to us are the things we find to do on a local level. These may include such things as Bicentennial variety shows, parades, or the reenactment of historical events. There are also things to do for the Bicentennial celebration which will truly benefit our community. These things might involve the restoration of area historical sites, researching the history of some local point of interest, or merely actively participating in some community beautification project. We don't have to perform some magnificent act in order to celebrate this nation’s survival - just as long as we do something that will truly profit someone, somewhere, in this great country of ours. 13What Do You Think About Our 14Present Political System? Political parties offer the voter a chance to join together behind a candidate, and to learn about the basic differences in the candidates by the party they belong to. The extensive system of local headquarters allows a candidate to come in contact with more people. Today, though, the party system impairs the American voting process. Persons tend to vote for the views of a party rather than the views and merits of a candidate. Because of professing membership in one party, a voter may not be allowed to vote for the candidate of another party whom he may feel more qualified for the position. The system also hinders legislators. Many of our lawmakers find themselves ’’owing favors” because of ’’cooperation” by other party members. The legislator has three choices when voting. He may vote along party lines, as the citizens he represents wish him to vote, or as his convictions lead him. Too often he takes the first option. A change in the system must occur -a change involving the politician. Candidates elected must begin to ’’vote for the people.” Charlie Woods 1516A dministration 1819Secretaries Assistant Principal 20Guidance Department Our guidance conselors handle the tough job of helping students plan their educations and careers. 21Retiring Teachers Will Be Missed Leon Camp has served forty years in the Marshall County School System. He came to A.H.S. in 1960 as a history and English teacher. He spent four years as a junior high counselor. His past eight years have been spent as teacher of Vocational Industrial Education. Colonel Nathan P. Thompson served thirty-two years in the United States Army and wears twenty-five awards and decorations. He began teaching history at A.H.S. in 1965 and assumed his present duties as Senior Army Instructor of Junior R.O.T.C. in 1967. 22E. T. Neighbors came to A.H.S. in 1965 after twenty years in the army. In his eleven years here he has taught ninth grade science, chemistry, botany, and organized the Science Club. The past two years he sponsored his botany students on field trips to Gat-linburg, Tennessee. Social Studies Department Jerry Blanks - ■. Robert Bder Ostcn 23Librarians Tutor 24Foreign Languages Students learn that Latin is far from dead. It is very much alive in almost every modern language of the world. Spanish gives students a chance to study the language and cultures of the Spanish and Mexican people. Driver Education 25All Nouns and Verbs Abbreviation, punctuation, conjugation , enunciation - these are a few of the skills taught in English courses at A.H.S. But more important, students learn to think for themselves and express their ideas properly. Science Department 27Math Department 28Physical EducationBand and R. O. T. C. urn 31In Memoriam — May 15,1976 Elmer T. Neighbors CustodiansOfficers Lead Final Year Beih Adams Kenneth Atchley Ken Bailey Those serving as Senior class officers for the '75-76 year are Treasurer, Jim Davis; Secretary. Cindy Bright: Vice-President, Jim Roberts: President, Terry McClendon. Kirk Alford Charles Allen Dennis Amberson Phillip Atchley Greg Altman Benita Bagwell 5 ■. 34Rodney Baker Gail Beard Robert Bodine Cynthia Bright Scott Barclift Pam Bearden Shelia Boland Lynn Bright Tim Barr Rodney Benton Ramona Bonds Steven Bright Danny Beard Vickie Blackwell Joyce Brewton Lynn Brock 35Tim Brooks Pam Byrum Dave Carver Donald Cherry Belinda Brown Richard Camp Macie Cash Hal Clark Joe Brown Mike Carter Jane Charles Michele Clemons Jeff Burgess Randy Carter Deborah Cherry Robbie Clines 36"We are your cheerleaders . . . We like to cheer . . . Rah ... We like to smile ... A lot . . . We like to chant . . . Y-E-L-L everybody yell . . . We like the crowd . . . Cause it's so loud . . . We like the spirit - when we can hear it . . . We like the boys . . . They're our heroes ... We like to move . . .It's such a groove . . . And that is why ... we say to you . . . boo-boop-ti-doo . . ." Shelton Coker Gina Cole Rick Collins Benny Cornelius Mike Colvin Bobby Cook Kent Croft Bobby Culbert 37“Homecoming Honors Homecoming ’75 was more than special to this year’s Seniors. Anticipation began as attendants were elected and as plans were made for the float. This would be the year of the Senior. The excitement mounted as Friday night drew nigh. It was worth waiting for. The Aggies won the ballgame 19-7; Lisa Hardy was crowned Queen; and the Senior float placed third. Mary Jo Colquitt Karen Conner Karen Crews Joe Culben Steve Currie Kathy Daugctte Angela Davis Debra Davis 38Jim Davis Deborah Denney Marsha Dye John Elrod Phillip Davis Jerry Dingier Ricky Edmondson Phillip Ennis Tim Davis K. D. Dorscti Mike Ellis Belinda Eubanks Tony Dean Tim Doyle Cynthia Elrod Stan Evans 3940Robyn Garner Mike Garrett Eddie Gore Regeania Graves "The Spirit of 76" is a well-known slogan. We, as citizens in this country, share in the "spirit" of this nation. We may not agree with all of the laws and traditions of this land, but we know with the freedom granted us we may strive lawfully to better ourselves and our nation. For this reason, we honor our nation and the spirit which has brought her this far. 41 Don Gray David Griffith Charlie Griggs Bobby GrindleSmile! You’re on Candid Camera. Debbie Hale John Hamrick Kerry Harbison Lisa Hardy Wayne Harper Brent Hart Tommy Haymon Teresa Hester 42Freda Hicks Jerry Hiilcy Vicki Hum Shelia Johnson Gerry Hill Jerry Hill Timmy Hill Betsy Holsonback Rodney Holsonback Becky Howard Jerry Hyde Steve Hyde Diane Irvin Tim Johnson Charles Jones Keith Justice 43Jeff Kennamer Teresa Latham Bobby Maness Timmy Martin Linda Kiker Mike Lessley Deborah Martin Terry McClendon Joey Kirby Pam Lewis Sharon Martin John McCollum Jackie Land Vicki Lowery Tim Manin Melesia McCreless 44Tony McDaniel Dennis McKinney Many McLendon Don McLeod Larry Miller Janies Minor Sandra Moman Mike Monday 45 David Moore Patti Morrison Joye Moore Vicki Morrison Patsy Moore Vicki Monon Arlene Southerland Morgan Renee MotleyHugh Moultrie Jim Murphree Reed Naylor Dan Nelson Melanie Nelson Jenny Nolen Kim Norris Donna Oliver 46Milton Pankcy Regina Pannell Terry Peacock Alicia Pierce Susan Poe Teresa Pope Senior band members are to be greatly commended for their extreme effort and great performance throughout the years. Through all the contests, ballgames, and concerts, they have managed to perform top quality shows. Hubert Orr Lewis Patterson Steve Pell Penny Ramos Cindy Owens Tony Patterson Roger Pierce Billy Ratcliff 47Mona Raihbun Terry Reeves Peggy Reno Kathy Richards Judkin Reynolds Greg Roberts Denise Rhea Jim Roberts Denise Rice Rosa Roberts David Roebuck Ann Rogers Janice Robertson Sulynn Robertson Donna Satterfield Susan Scruggs Cynthia Roden Ferrell Roden Diane Rogers Martha Rogers Connie Rowell Ronald Runyan 49The Devil Made Ricky Silas Donna Smalley Kathy Smith Laura Smith Joyce Sims Karen Smith Lynn Spurlin Tony Spurlin Danny Smith Linda Spurgeon Steven Smith 50Darlene Stracencr Roger Strange Peggy Artis Stevens Mike Stephens Keith Talley Mike Taylor Sandi Sutton Jody Stewart Paul Teague Tim Tabor Alice Thompson 51The Spirit of ’7 Lingers on Phyllis Thompson Alan Young Jell Thrash Sherri Townson Karen Todd Regina Trussell Vickie Todd David Wallace 52Renee Ward Ccorganne Wells Bill West Andy Williams Fred Warren Jennie Wells Brenda Whitehead Pam Williams Tony Warren Mary Jane Wells Robin Whitehead Brenda Willoughby Kenneth Watwood Terry Wesson Shane Wilkes Roger Willoughby 53It Was Fun,. , . but it’s Over Shelia Winfrey Tim Woodall Mike Woodham Robin YarbroughHomecoming: A Time of Joy Aaron. Kaihy Abney, Wendy Adams. Beverly Allen. Jeff A mason. Lazandra Anderson, Debbie Andrews, Richard Bain. Joy Bagwell, Pam Baird, Noel Barkley. Richey Barron, Chris Barie, Tony Baugh, Donald Beard. DavidBearden, David Bearden, Sherry Beason, Sieve Bell, Many Bell, Mona Benefield, Breni Benefield, Rebecca Benson, Charlotte Bevel, Loretta Betz, Rebecca Biddle, Lawrence Black, Terry Blackmon, Pam Bonds. Randy Bright, Stanley Bright, Terry Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Mike Brown, Chris Brown, Rhonda Bruce, Gil Bryant, Linda Buchannon, Joey Burroughs. Joanna Byars. Kathy Cagle. Rita Cagle. Wayne Calhoun, Katrina Caldwell, Jenny Carnes, Richard 57Carroll, Thomas Canee, Butch Carver, Rene Chambers, Karen Chambers. Keith Chamblee, Randy Chandler, Randy Charles, Cathy Cofield, Gay Collier, Tamie Compton, Mike Corbin, James Corbitt, James Conner, Bill Crawford, Wade Crist. Robert Crowley, Ed Cryar, Millie Culp, David Curl, Tonya Curry, Janet Curry, Leah Davis, Jane Davis, Melinda Davis, Mike Davis, Steve Dean, Jerome Denham, David Driver, Mike Duckett, Debbie 58Duckett, Jerry Duke, Kenneth Eason, Russell Elrod, Tina Engle man, Linda vers, Anthony Ferguson, Carol Ferguson. Melissa Files, Shane Floyd, Carla Floyd. Jim Foreman. Rhonda Franklin, Mike Frazier, Larry Fricks, Beth Fuell. Joe Garner. Connie Garrison, Lisa 59Gautney, Brenda Gay. Mark Golden. Rhonda Gordon. Sherry Greer, Connie Grindle, Joyce Grizzard, James Harbison. Kelvin Hardin, Greg Hardin. Pam 60Hicks. Brenda Hipp. Libby Holsonback. Richey Howard, Melissa Hutcheson. Dennis Jarmon, Elizabeth Johnson, Debra Jones. Denise Jolley. Jeff Jones, Joe Jones, Mark King. Jane Knight. Keith Knight. Mark Ladshaw. Malinda Lang, Jeff Latham. Roger Lawson, Phillip Ledbetter, Mark Liles, Cathy Lokey, Mike Lovell. Mike Lowe, David Lowery. Denise Lowery, Lauren Lusk. Anthony Lynn. James Maddox. Tammy Malone, Marla Manley, RichardJunior Farm Makes. . . Martin, Doug Martin, Marty Martin, Perry Martin, Scott Martini, Krista Mason, Richard Masters, Dollene Mayes, Jeff Mayfield. James McClendon, Deborah McClendon, Jerry McCreless, Donna McGriff, Joel McLemore, Ben Mewbourne, Barbara 62Miller. Aletha Mitchell, Jean Mitchell. Tammy Mitchell. Tim Mitchell. Whitt Moore, Hamp Moore. Mary Virginia Morrow. Larry Nelson. Mark Osborne. Mary Beth Ott, June Padgett, Carl Padgett. Tim Parker. Larry Partridge, Ronnie f 4YY Homecoming Successful 63Patterson, Mike Pearce, Diane Pegues, Juanita Peppers, David Phillips. Connie Ponder, Paul Poole, Lamar Powell, Bruce Powell. Susan Powers, Mike Radcliff, Terry Rains, Jeff Rains, Pam Reaves, Barry Reed, Jamie Reed, Susan Reeves, Kevin Reeves, Robyn Rice, Margaret Richards. Paul 64Richards, Tommy Richardson. David Richey, A1 Riley, Toby Robertson, Joan Robinson. Marty Roden. Rhonda Roebuck, Paul Ross. Lisa Ross, Sylvia Rothell, Cathy Rutledge. Aletha Sanders, Dennis Scislaw, Kenny Self. Jeff Sheets. Wanda Shipp, Chris Simmons, Mike Slaton. Debra Smith, Benny 65Smith, Lena Smith, Roy Snider. Ray Sopher, Jackie Spurgeon, Pat Spurlin, Susan Stephens. Victor Stewart, Libby Stone, Eddie Stover, Kathy 66Taylor, Thomas Teague, Odessa Terrell, Neal Terrell, Randall Terrell, Stephen Terrell, Teresa Thomas. Dale Thrasher, Lisa Thrasher, Patricia Todd, Pam Todd, Sherry Townson, Kenneth Townson, Lynn Tucker, Patsy Underwood. Paula Vandergriff, Richard Vaughn, Diane Vinyard, Steve Wabermann, Heike Wakefield. Collins Waldrop, Edwin Walker, Bonnie Wallace, Jeff Ward, Rick Ward, Tony 67Wester, Linda White. Jennifer White. Mike Whitten. Andy Wilks. Cynthia Williams, Ed Williams, Robert Williamson, Wanda Winfrey, Beverly Wright, Danny Woods, Charles Yates, Angela York, Marlin Young, Jamie -  « ★ ★ , V ★ . ★ ★ ★ L ★ ♦ . ★ V ♦ ★ 69 XRolling Right Along. . . The 75-76 class officers are: Vice-Presideni. Mike Richards: Treasurer. Susan Nolen: President. Jeffrey Teague: Secretary. Greg Henderson. Allison. Greg Alldredge. Janet Ansley, Jim Ashley, Diane Askins, David Autry, Steve Bagwell, Sandra Bailey, Boyd Bankston, Donna Beam, Kim Bearden. Sharee Bed well. Annika Bell. Charlotte Bell. Greg Bishop. Debra 70Blaylock, Mike Boland, Marilyn Brock, Tommy Browning, John Broyles, Eddie Bryant, Barry Bryant, Kathy Buckelew, Mark Burgess, Dennis Burgess, Wayne Cagle, Mike Cain, Stan Cambron, Tammy Camp. Tony Campbell, Craig Campbell, Rena Cannady, Joey Carney, Vince Carter, Shelia Champion, Allen Chandler, David Cherry. Joyce Childress, Carolyn Childress. Peggy Clark. Brenda Clark, Kirk Clemons, Kelly Coker, Pam Cook. Regina Cooley, Margie 71Cornelius, Donna Couch, Janue Cranford, Tammy Crawford, Renae Crews, Pam Culbert, Clinton Dalrymple, Joy Darden, David Dean, Barbara Deerman, Steve Dorset!. Randy Doyle, Donny Edmonds, Deborah Elrod, Donna Elrod, Lou Ann Engle, Robert Fant, Paula Finlay, Lynne Fleming, Lesa Foreman, Jan Franklin. Mark Frix, Tim Galloway, Ingrid Gamer, Carolyn Gamer, Freda Gibson, Joyce Gibson, Randy Goble, Glinda Gore, Eddie Graben, Tilda 72Graben, Tina Grey, Mike Grimes, Pam Gullahorn, Amanda Gunnels, John Gunter, Ernest Ham. Jimmy Hammer, Bob Hammett. Darrell Hamrick, Robert Harper, Mike Harris, Brenda Hart. Helen Hasty, Janet Hawkins. Bobby Hawkins, Sharon Hayes, Charlene Hedgepeth, Vicki Henderson, Greg Hendrix, Joey Henry, Roger Hilley, Steve Hinson, Phillip Hodges. Janet 73Hood, Joe Hunt, Cindy Isblll. Rita Janey, Butch Jenkins, Robert Johnson, Bobby Johnson. Christy Johnson, Teresa Jolley. Bill Jolley, Terry Jones, Angela Jones. Danny Jones, Ed Jones, Larry Jones. Monty Kelley, Debra Kennamer, Tim King, Sandra King, Tony Kitchens. Myra Kittle, Donny Lamb, Jimmy Lang, Brenda Lang. Sharon 74Laser, Leigh Latham, Donna Lecroy, Rickey Lee, Michael Lester, Clay Lewis, Sherry Livingston, David Livingston. Gail Lowery, Cindy Lowery, Tony Lowman, Boyd Lusk, Cindy Lusk, Donna Lusk. Lee Maddux, Steven Malone, Cindy Mashburn, Lisa Masters. Bill Masters, Teresa Mathis, Kim Mayfield, Bobby Mayfield, Myra Milner. Lisa Minor, Donna 75Mitchell, Brian Mitchell. Debbie Mitchell, Karen Moore, Rhonda Morgan, Benny Morgan. Jeff Morrison, Kim Mosley, Tim Mullinax, Donna Myers, Barry McBrayer, Ramona McClearen, Kenneth McClendon, Dennis McClendon, Shelley McClendon, Tammie McCutcheons, Mike McDaniel, Roger McDaniel, Sherry McNair. Dellyne Naylor, Clyde Nelson, Larry NeSmith, Steven Nolen, Susan Norris. Julia Norris, Vicky Oliver, Debbie Oliver, Donna Oliver, Karen D Oliver, Karen J. Osborn, Sheila 76Sophomores Have It All This year while our country is celebrating its two hundredth birthday, we are continually proving that we can follow in the tradition of our forefathers, the founders of this great nation. During a time when authority is greatly needed, we are producing capable leaders who show us the way to create a sense of unity in a large group of people. We have already successfully encountered disappointments interspersed with happy moments and victories clouded by trying times. The sense of achievement attained from our victories spurs us on to more and more challenges which we plan to meet in our next two years at Albertville High School. Otinger, Jerry Parker. Beth Panridge, Donna Patterson. Brenda Patterson. Charlotte Patterson, Randy Pell. Hoyt Pell. Shirley Peppers. Darlene Phillips. Autumn Phillips, Jcannie Phillips, John Pierce, Bruce Piper, David Pope. Yalonda Pounds, Deborah Prance. Penny 77Ragsdale. Mary Ellen Ragsdale. Richard Ramey. Allan Reed. Jimmie Rhodes, Carl Rice. Cynihia Richards. Mike Richardson. Thomas Richey, Lisa Riddle. Suzanne Rigby. Connie Rowe, Lisa Rowell, Jimmy Sampson. Steve Sellers, Pamela Shipp. Frances Silas. Billy Sims, Sandra Sivils, Nicke Slaton, Kenneth Slaton, Lamel Smith, Sally Snider, Jeff Sparks, Tammy 78Stanley. George Stephens. Stanley Stevens. Lynn Stevens. Johnny Stewart, Greg Stone, Jean Straccner, Randy Styke, Kathy Swords, Verbic Tarvin. Virginia Taylor, Kay Teague. Jeffery Teague, Nancy Terrell, Jeff Thrash, Joy Tidmore, Randall Upton, Martha Upton, Lesa Vandergriff, Steve Veal. Troy Vines, Teresa Warren. John Neal Warren, Neal Weaver, Debbie 79 Wells. Tom West. Tim White, Julia White. Tammie Whitmire, Cindy Wilder, Tony Wilks. Craig Williams, Shelby Willoughby, Rhonda Willoughby, Rodney Wilson, Danny Wilson, James Earl Worsham. Donna Wright, Stephen Yancey. Sherrie During ihe 1975 Homecoming festivities, our float (titled "Take ’Em By Storm") was rated No. 1 by the judges. We are very proud of this accomplishment, especially in view of the fact that we had only a half a day to construct the float. Much credit is given to Ms. C. Brasher, Mr. R. Hodges, Mr. L. McCollum, and Ms. N. Proctor, who supervised the project and helped make it a successful one. 80Allen, Joey Andrews. Tim Archer, Sandra Armstrong, Darlene Armstrong, Grant Bailey, Mary Evelyn Baker, Donald Bankston, Ronald Baugh, Regina Beaird, David Beard. Joey Beard, Nalinda Bearden, Tony Beason, Donna Beck, Charles Beck, Jimmy Beddingfield, Deanna Bell. Lana Bell, Tammy Berard, Debra Bigbee, David Blackmon. Jeff Bobo, Eileen Boiand, Nina Bolding, Donald Bowen. Sandra Bray. Sara Bright, Marlon Bright, Paul Bright, Sherry 824 Freshman officers, elected at the beginning of the year, led their class through their first year at Albertville High School. Officers and fellow classmates were involved in many activities including building a Homecoming float and producing the Freshman skit for the Coronation Ball. B own. Leaneite Brown- Ronnie Bu. CarilPbeli ynn Can p£. Chrl Ca-pt • Keliy Bright, WillyCanfield. Greg Carpenter, Randy Carpenter. Jackie Carroll. James Carter, Joby Carver, Don Chamblee, Jeff Chamblee, Mike Champion, Jeff Chaney. Ronnie Childress. Pam Clements, Gary Clontz, Rex Coby. Mark Cofield, Teresa Colley, Shane Collier, Jeff Colquitt, Claudine Colvin, Joanna Cooley, Jeffrey Corbin. Janie Corbin, Neal Cornelius, Joel Cornelius, Sherry Cox, Jenny Cox, Philip Cryar, Joy Culbert, Janet Currey, Carol Davis. Jerosha 84A very important part of life at A.H.S. is Homecoming. This year, their first at the high school, Freshmen had an active part in the festivities. Hauling wire and paper from the third floor, feverishly working and hurrying to get done was all forgotten as the float came in all its glory down Main Street. Davis, Jimmy Day, James Dooley, David Driver, Timmy Duckett, Terry Duckett, Tim Duke, Jeff Duvall, Joyce Eason, Tim Ellis. Neil Ennis. Cindy Ennis, Kathy Epps, Ricky Farmer, Lisa Fillmore, Ricky 85Finlay. Kelly Fracier. Jeff Garmaon. Ralph Garner, Angie Garner. Mickey Garner. Vickie Garrett. Leisha Garrison. Brian Garrison, Darryl Gary, Yvonne Gass. Glen Gass, Norma Goble, Phyllis Gordon, Lana Green, Terri Sue Greer, Wayne Gregory, Lisa Grice, Angie Griffith, Lois Griggs. James Gullahom, John Hardin, Karen Harper, Scotty Hawkins, Jeff Haynie, Shelton Head. Jason Helton, Tony Henry, Vince Hill, Barbara Hill. Gary 86Holder, Donnie Hipp, Steve Holsonback, Grant Holsonback, Robbie Holsonback, Teresa Hunter, Kathy Hutchinson, Billy Ingram. Steve Ingram, Wade Irvin, Debra Isbell, Timmy Jarrod, Debra Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Melvin Jolley, Jimmy Jolley. Jill Jones, Doug Jones, Greg Jones, Lou Ann Jones, Patricia Jones, Scott Jones, Zenan Justice, Leigh Kennamer, Ray Keener. Michell Kidd. Tanya King. Marilyn Kitchens, Larry Kitchens, Mike Kittle, Diane 87k It’s really funny, but it seems that Freshmen are always picked out. Maybe it’s because they have a "new" look about them or it could be the zany ways they are forced to dress by upperclassmen! On Halloween there were numerous ghosts and witches scurrying through the hall, otherwise known as Band Rookies, and one Friday in November on the third floor in the Senior High building were S.A.E. initiates appearing as characters out of the fifties. But after the first few months, Freshmen became classified as ordinary people mingling with all the other faces that make up A.H.S. Knight, Cindy Lacy. Angie Lamb, MeriLyn Land. Cindy Lang, Charlie Lang, Judy Leslie Ronnie Lindsay, Glen Long, Bryant Lowery, Pam Lusk. Vanessa Luther, Sandra Mabrey, Tony Madden, Paul Maddox, Brent 38Maddux. Susan Malone, Mike Maihis, Angela Mayas, Lisa Mayhan, Howard Maynard. Stacey Mayo. Robin McAllister, Kim McClendon, Danny, J. Jr. McClendon, Danny R. McClendon, Joe McClendon, Melanie McClendon, Terry McCreless, Teresa McCurdy, Charlotte McCutchcon, Alisa McGriff, Dawn McKee, Donna McMurtrey. Travis Miller, Karen Mitchell, Anna Moore, David Moore, Scarlett Morgan, Jody Morrow, Julie Morton, Mark Motley, Wanda Motley, Wayne Moultrie, Phillip Moultrie, Steve 89Neely, Patricia Newsome, Dianne Nolen, Steve Nunnally, Max Oden. Lisa Oliver, Carla Oliver, Lawayne Oliver. Phillip Orr. Billy Osborne, Jo Ellen Owens, David Pate, Jeff Patterson, Jeff Patterson, Theresa Patterson. Thomas Payne, Audrey Peacock, Charlie Pearce. Charlotte Perkins, Donald Peters, Ernestine Pinkston, Cindy Piper, Margaret Poe, Melissa Poole, Robert Pope, Regina Porch, Dee Powell, Randy Price, Bonita Pursley, James Rains, Brent 90Ramey. Therese Ray, Tina Reaves, Kyle Reed, James Reed, Joy Rhea, Dorothy Rhodes. Steve Richey, Tim Riggins. Keith Roberts, An Roberts, Benny Roberts, Beth Robe ns, Jeff Roberts, Johnnie Roe, Tammy Roden, Larry Rogers. Tim Rollins. Tammy Ross, Cindy Rudolph. Roderick Sampson, Mark Sanders, Teresa Satterfield, David Sheets, Jeff Shirey, Lowell Sivils, Becky Smalley, Judy Sman, Barry Smith, Bill Smith, Celeste 91Smith. Dane Smith. Donnie Smith. Melissa Smith. Michael Snider, Scott Sprouse. Rusty Spurgeon, Vanessa Stargell, Terry Stephens. Benward Stewart, Tommy Strange, Anthony Swords. Robert Tabor. Charles Taylor, Pam Terrell, Allen Terrell, Kathy Thrasher, Danny Thomas. Randy Thomason. Lisa Thurmond, Phillip Townson, Gary Townson, Jo Ann Troxtel, David Trussell. Sonya Tucker. Donna Turner, Rita Upton. Cathy Upton. Ramona Vandergriff, Wanda Vaughn, Lisa 92Wagner. Shannon Walden, Travis Waldrop, Robert Walker, Debbie Warren, Martha Watwood, Kellie Webb, Bienda Webb, Jackie Wells, Lee Ann Westmoreland, Mark Westmoreland, Teri Whitehead, Herbert Williams. Clay Williams, Lynn Williams. Randy Willis, Kim Wilson, David Wilson, Marla Woodham. Brent Woods, Malinda Homecoming attendants representing the Freshman class were Kelly Finlay escorted by John Gullahom and Cindy Pinkston escorted by Dane Smith. 93Editors: Lisa Hardy Carla Floyd Gail Livingston1975 Homecoming Queen-Lisa Hardy The 1975 Homecoming attendants were nominated by the student body. The football team voted for homecoming queen, which was between the four Senior attendants. The queen was crowned at the pre-game show of the Scottsboro football game. TOP RIGHT: Principal Arthur Baugh crowns Lisa Hardy, as her escort Stan Evans looks on. BOTTOM LEFT: Queen Lisa Hardy. BOTTOM RIGHT: Senior Attendant Cynthia Bright. 9697Harvest Hop “1975” 98Valentine Dance “1976” At the 1975-1976 Valentine Dance there were two queens chosen. The Senior High Queen was Vicki Morrison (Top Right). The Junior High Queen was Susan Maddux (Top Left). Each homeroom chose a contestant and they participated in a beauty contest the night of the dance. 99TOP R.: Patsy Moore, Brad Gaither. BELOW: Jennie Wells, Mike Lessley BOTTOM R.: Robin Yarbrough, Keith Talley. Senior Personalities v 100Senior Personalities 101Junior Personalities 102OPP. PAGE: TOPL.: Rhonda Roden, Mike Davis. TOP R.: Melissa Howard. Jim Floyd. BOTTOM L.: Joan Robertson, Larry Parker. BOTTOM R.: Joanna Buroughs, Collins Wakefield. TOP: Tonya Curl. Toby Riley. BOTTOM L.: Leigh Laser. John Browning. BOTTOM R.: Kelly Clemons, Boyd Lowman. Sophomore Personalities 103Freshman Personalities TOP L.: Lynne Finlay, Larry Nelson. TOP R.: Autumn Phillips, Mike Richards. BOTTOM: Laurie Burgess, Tim Rogers. 104 j-mi t TOP L.: Sandra Archer, Tim Andrews. TOP R.: Lisa Mayas, Allen Terrell. BOTTOM: Carla Oliver, Phillip Moultrie. ■ZFvZBefore Each year the Coronation and Ball is sponsored by the Annual Staff. A lot of work and effort goes into it. We, the Annual Staff, would like to thank Mrs. Head and Mrs. Corbin, the Home Ec. Dept., Mr. Hodges, the Ag. Dept., Mrs. Gipson and Mrs. Sivils, and the Art Dept. 106107109110Ill Crown, scepior, and flower bearers: L. to R. - Christy Bruistcr, Joel Finlay, Maria Luther, Heath Milner, Trena Gordon. Senior Skit “Johnny Reb Meets Brother YankJunior “All-Award-Winning”Skit “Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?'Senior Class Favorites 116 TOP L.: Tim Davis. TOP R.: Cynthia Bright. BOTTOM L.: Vicki Morrison. BOTTOM R.: Eddie Gore.117 TOP L.: Mike Colvin. TOP R.: Patti Morrison. BOTTOM L.: Mary Jane Wells. BOTTOM R.: Stan Evans.Princess Georganne Wells Kingsman Jim DavisPrincess Michele Clemons Kingsman Terry McClendonTOP L.: Gina Cole. TOP R.: Paul Teague. BOTTOM: Sharon Martin. OPP. PAGE: TOP L.: Kathy Daugette. TOP R.: Lynn Brock. BOTTOM: Greg Roberts. 120As Seniors, we face many choices. There are many doors of opportunity opened to us. Choosing the right door is very important to each individual. We would like to thank our parents, teachers, and classmates for making our years in school such meaningful ones. lJUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES: L. to R. - Mark Gay. Malinda Ladshaw Noel Baird. Mike Compton. Seated - Kelvin Harbison, Carla Floyd. Steve •eas.'nJunior Beauty Rebecca Benefield Senior Beauty Lisa HardyJunior Class Favorites TOPL.: Noel Baird. TOP R.: Mike Compton. BOTTOM L.: Steve Bcason. BOTTOM R.: Libby Stewart.125 TOP L.: Carla Floyd. TOP R.: Kelvin Harbison. BOTTOM L.: Randy Chandler. BOTTOM R.: Mona Bell.Freshman Beauty Sophomore Beauty Kelly Finlay Peggy Childress 12 7OPP. PAGE: TOP L.: Alciha Miller. TOP R.: Barry Reaves. BOTTOM L.: Mark Gay. BOTTOM R.: Mike Lokey. TOP: Malinda Udshaw. BOTTOM L.: Rhonda Willoughby. BOTTOM R.: Gregg Henderson. Sophomore Class Favorites 129TOP L.: Donna Latham. TOP R.: Boyd Bailey. BOTTOM L.: Lee Lusk. BOTTOM R.: Lesa Upton.TOP L.: Susan Nolen. TOP R.: Randy Gipson. BOTTOM L.: David Darden. BOTTOM R.: Jeffery Teague.TOP: Karen Mitchell. BOTTOM L.: Jeff Roberts. BOTTOM R.: Susan Maddux. OPP. PAGE: TOP L.: Stacy Maynard. TOP R.: Cindy Pinkston. BOTTOM L.: Lana Bell. BOTTOM R.: Rod Rudolph. Freshman Class Favorites 132134"WARM" entertains again for the Junior-Senior Prom. 139Homecoming Floats 140 Sophomore FloatDuring our homecoming festivities Richard Moore, chairman of the Bicentennial Committee in Albertville, presents Mayor Buford Cryar with a Bicentennial Flag for the City of Albertville. LEFT: L. to R. - Colonel Nathan Thompson, Mayor Buford Cryar, Richard Moore. MlBand Leaders The Albertville High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Stacey Goss, had an excellent year. During marching season, the band participated in the Oxford Marching Band Festival. The drum major, majorettes, and the band received superior ratings while the color guard received an excellent rating. The concert band participated in the District Contest at Scottsboro and received a recommendation to play at State Contest in Tuscaloosa. After competing in the Battle of the Bands at Prattville, the band was designated as the official North Alabama Bicentennial Band. They received an invitation to perform in the Bicentennial Parade of the United States at Philadelphia, July 4. 144Inspire Excellence 145 BAND OFFICERS: MaA.H.S. Welcomes New Band Mr. Stacey Goss came to Albertville from Brooks High School where he established a reputation for fine bands. Mr. Goss specializes in the trumpet and he won numerous awards while in high school at Tallassee, Al. He was a member of the Auburn University Band for three years and played with the Auburn Knights orchestra for four years. Mr. Goss played with a group of musicians at Muscle Shoals and this led to an invitation to tour with Elton John. While at Brooks, he played for such noted vocalists as Arthur Connolly, Freddy Smith, Clarence Carter, and Traffic. Mr. Goss received his B.A. from Auburn University and his M.A. from the University of North Alabama. According to Goss, the size of the school and the large recruiting program were his main reasons for coming to Albertville. "The pride and attitude shown by the students and the faculty have impressed me greatly," Goss stated. "I have found the overall program to be of excellent quality." 146Jazz Ensemble Rates Superior 1st Row, L. to R. - Kirk Alford, Linda Engleman, Janet Alldrcdgc. Charlie Griggs, Debbie Duckett, Tony Griggs, Carol Currey, Julia White, Michele Keener. 2nd Row - John Elrod, Tim Mosley, Bruce Powell, Terry Duckett, David Bearden, Rick Collins, Danny Beard, Chris Brown. 3rd Row - Brad Gaither. Tim Woodall. Sharon Hawkins. James Grizzard, Lynn Brock, Phillip Henson. Tommy Brock. The Jazz Ensemble, organized by Mr. Goss, participated in the Jacksonville State Jazz Festival and received an excellent rating. They attended the Prattville Jazz Festival and were featured in the Litchfield High School Beauty Pageant. The Jazz Ensemble provided entertainment during halftime at various basketball games. 147148 x Rick Collins, Terry Duckedr Danny Beard, David Bearden. Penny Scftlaw, -Nell Ellis Ltnnct pukc. . ■U - 149150 a r ;, '- ■ . • .r . K5 mas s. • ayPytfaiM U»S£ i 4- •r -. if " •A lrVi. Pm9 4MC w' » 7 'Ar :, 151Bicentennial Band lsi Row - RIFLES: Lena Smith, Sherry Gordon, Debbie Duckett, Mary Jane Wells, Rebecca Benefield. MAJORETTES: Pam Grimes, Beverly Brooks. Vicki Morrison, Kim Beam, Teresa Hester. DRUM MAJOR: Tim Woodall. 2nd Row -Sara Bray. Janet Alldredge, Sandra Archer, Pam Byrum. Donna Cornelius. Charlene Hayes, Leigh Justice, Susan Maddux, Kim Mathis, Anna Mitchell, Jo Ellen Osborne, Cynthia Rice, Lisa Richey, Nicke Sivils, Sally Smith, Sharon Bums, Sandra Bowen, Renca Campbell. Shelia Carter. Millie Cryar, Neil Ellis. 3rd Row - Carol Currey, Janet Currey, Paula Fant, Kelly Finlay. Lana Gordon, Cindy Hunt, Debbie Irvin, Denise Jones, Cindy Knight, Sharon Lang. Debra Martin, Kim Mathis, Delynne McNair. Carla Oliver, Debbie Oliver, Shelia Osborne, Susan Powell. Jamie Reed, Jimmie Reed, Susan Scruggs. 152Becky Sivils, Celeste Smith. Jackie Webb. Sherrie Yancey. Randy Bonds. Kenny Scislaw. 4th Row - Linda Engleman. Charlie Griggs, Tony Griggs. Angela Jones, Michele Keener, Krista Martini. Jeff Lang. Lee Ann Wells, Julia White. Tony Bearden. Chuck Beck. Lynn Brock, Tommy Brock, Chris Burgess, Jeff Champion, James Grizzard, Sharon Hawkins. Phillip Henson. Stephen Maddux, Bruce Powell, Danny Wright, Danny Beard. David Bearden, Rick Collins, Terry Duckett, Charles Woods, Kirk Alford. Kenneth Duke. 5th Row - FLASH FLAGS: Donna Oliver, Gali Beard. Susan Spurlin, Rita Isbell, Lauren Lowery, Jenny Nolen, Joe Culbert, Mike Ellis, Tim Mosley, Kirk Clark. Steve Hyde, Janet Hasty, Lou Ann Elrod, Lisa Thrasher, Tammy White, Sherry Todd, Betsy Holsonback.154Mu A Ipha Theta 1st Row, L. to R. - Jim Roberts, Tammy White, Penny Prance, Mary Virginia Moore, Charlie Woods, Bill Conner, Steven Wright. Kirk Alford. 2nd Row - Mrs. Sivils. Dale Thomas. Brent Benefield, Karen Smith, Lisa Milner, Tim Manin, Pam Williams, Shelton Coker, Ronald Runyan, Collins Wakefield. Rick Ward, Jerry Hyde. The requirements for membership in the Math Club include maintaining a "B ' average or above in five semesters of upper level Math. Club meetings are used to practice for local and district Math Competitions. Math Club members participated in two tournaments this year. The first tournament was at Sanford University in February, and the second was held at Douglas High School in April. Ronald Runyan won a scholarship to Snead State Junior College at the Douglas Tournament. 155 Karen Smith, Reporter, Jim Roberts, Pres., Dale Thomas, Treas., Pam Williams. Sec.Club de Espanol During the past year the Spanish Club has been very active. The Spanish I and II classes have gone to Mexican restaurants, held a Spanish Christmas party complete with pinatas, and even tried their own hand at Spanish cooking at school. There were several visitors from Spanish-speaking countries that came to club meetings and discussed life and customs of their culture. And through reports given by several members, many interesting things were learned, such as the proper way to use Guatemalan bridal sheets . . . OFFICERS: L. to R. - David Bearden - Sec., Tammy White - V. Pres., Stan Evans -Pres., Janet Alldredge - Treas. 1st Row, L. to R. - Pamela Sellers, Pam Grimes, Robert Crist, Rusty Sprouse, Greg Henderson. Kathy Styke, Lynne Finlay, Jan Foreman, Lisa Fleming, Ramona McBrayer, Lisa Mashbum, Dellyne McNair. Sharon Bums, Janet Hodges. 2nd Row - Joey Cannady, Donna Lusk, Paula Fant, Joey Hendrix, Russell Eason. Janet Alldredgc, Cindy Whitmire, Tom Wells. Susan Powell, Lena Smith, Nicke Sivils, Tammy White. Rodney Willoughby. 3rd Row - Richard Ragsdale, Shelia Osborne, Peggy Childress, Janet Hasty, Lisa Richey, Wendy Abney, Debbie Anderson, Lisa Rowe, Beverly Hart, Sylvia Ross. Georgannc Wells. Cynthia Bright, Mrs. Keller, Stan Evans. 4th Row - Tony Wilder. Bob Hammer. David Livingston, David Darden, Tim Martin, Don McCleod, Suzanne Riddle. Kathy Terrell, Pam Bagwell, Steven Maddux, Jennifer White, David Bearden, Sandi Sutton, Sharon Hawkins, Sharon Lang. 156Students in Action for Education The main project for the S.A.E. Club this year was to assist teachers at all schools in the city of Albertville one day each semester. S.A.E. helped promote National Education Week by sponsoring a poster contest and providing guides for Open House of the schools new building. Several of the club members attended the State Convention in Montgomery. OFFICERS: L. 10 R. - Lynn Brock, lsi Vice Pres., Mike Compton. Trcas.. Kathy Dau-gette, Lisa Hardy, Sec., Cynthia Bright, 2nd Vice Pres., Jim Roberts. Pres. 1st Row. L. to R. - Beth Roberts. Martha Warren. Kelly Watwood. Jackie Webb. Tom Wells, Steve Moultrie. Allen Terrell. Steve Ingram. Kyle Reeves, Kelly Finlay, Joy Reed. Susan Spurlin, Sherry Todd, Pam Todd. Lena Smith, Sandra Archer, Mary Lynn Lamb, Cindy Land. 2nd Row - Melanie McClendon. Leigh Justice. Lana Gordon. Angie Mathis. Zenzan Jones, Pam Grimes, Helen Han, Martha Upton. Cindy Lusk, Kathy Styke, Janet Alldredge, John Hamrick, Tony Ward, Katrina Calhoun, Donna Beason, Susan Maddux, Cindy Pinkston. Mary Evelyn Bailey, Lana Bell, Teresa McCreless. 3rd Row - Sharon Lang, Mary Beth Osborne, Libby Hipp, Wanda Sheets, Linda Mitchell. Joann Ellis, sponsors. 157Future Horned F.H.A. 1st Row. L. to R. - Marsha Dye Dcn, . Jamie Young, Margaret Rice, Meli Jones- Susan Spurlin. Lisa Thrasher, Lou Ann Elrod, Sherry Todd, Lisa Garrison, Pam Todd. Denise Lowery. Joye Moore. Karen Crews, Diane Taylor. Leah C H°Ward’ Linda Engleman. 2nd Row - Gina Cole, Vickie Morrison. Katrina Calhoun. Sharon Martin, Michele Clemons. Beth Fricks, Aletha Miller. Rita isb n ’ Rhonda Moore- Burgess, Brenda Clark, Shelia Johnson. Debra McClendon. 3rd Row - Mrs. Corbin. Mrs. Head. Joyce Cherry. Debbie Hale, Don s' Jan Tl Hasty’ Kalhy Daugette, Pam Grimes, Christy Johnson, Sandy Moman, Debra Martin, Becky Howard, Penny Prance. Bruce. Susan Reed, Mike ST nh™ ,, erfIeld Re8ina Graves, Angela Davis. Jerri Sue Green. Susan Poe. 4th Row - Betsy Holsonback. Roger Willoughby. Gil pncns. Jim Davis. Jennie Wells. The Albertville Chapter of Future Homemakers of America was involved in various activities this year. Monthly meetings were held and a guest speaker spoke at each of these. The club sold two different kinds of cookbooks to raise money. A trip was made to the Boaz Nursing Home at Christmas. Members took fruit and sang carols. FHA also participated in Arbor Day by planting a tree named Eddie (in honor of Eddie Gore who carried it, dug the hole, and planted it). Michele Clemons. Devotional Chairman, Gina Cole, Regina Graves. Parliamentarian. Mclissa Howard. Treas., Susan Poe, Reporter, son, Sec., Lou Ann Elrod, Rec. Pres., Marsha Dye, V. Pres., Kathy Daugette, Historian. Vickie Morri- 158Junior Classical League 1st Row, L. to R. - Jerosha Davis, Robyn Reeves, Aletha Rutledge. Patricia Thrasher, Libby Hipp, Melissa Howard, Rita Cagle, Melissa Furgeson, Tony Ward, Andy Williams, Shelton Haney, Marty McClendon, Mary Jane Wells. 2nd Row - Gina Cole. Michele Clemons, Lauren Lowery. Kathy Daugette, Pam Bearden. Pam Williams, Mary Beth Osborne, Dawn McGriff, Mary Virginia Moore. Kenny Scislaw, John Gullahom, Terry Jolley, Millie Cryar, Lisa Thrasher. Kenneth Duke, Tim Doyle, Beverly Winfrey, Wanda Sheets, Margaret Strickland, sponsor. The Junior Classical League held monthly meetings and a skit was presented at each one. On April 3 a Lupercalium was held in the lunchroom for the Classical League members. This feast was in honor of Psyche, goddess of Love. The lunchroom was decorated with spring flowers and murals. April 30-May 1 the State JCL Convention was held in Montgomery. Jefferson Davis High School hosted the convention. The theme of the Convention was "A Classical Bicentennial.” Stephen Wright and Lauren Lowery won the toga contest and Stephen was also elected State JCL Vice President. OFFICERS: L. to R. - Georganne Wells, 1st Vice Pres., Kenny Scislaw. 2nd Vice Pres., Gina Cole. Pres., Hubert Orr, Song Leader, Libby Hipp, Sec.-Trcas., Tim Doyle, Parliamentarian.1st Row, L. to R. - Jerry Dingier, Danny Smith. Wayne Harper, Hal Clark. 2nd Row - Becky Howard. Debbie Hale, Rhonda Foreman. Dennis Anbcrson. 3rd Row -Joye Moore, Macie Cash, Freda Hicks. 4th Row - Mr. McClendon, Phillip Davis, Kieth Duke. Mike Powell, Greg Hardin, Mike Simmons, Richard Camp, Tim Brooks, John McCollum, Jerry Hill. The purpose of D.E.C.A. Club is to improve the skills of its members in the arts of buying and selling. D.E.C.A. Club officers attended the State-wide Convention in Birmingham and at Christmas the club helped a needy family with gifts and food. 160 Mr. McClendon, Instructor, Dennis Amberson, Pres., Debbie Hale, Vice Pres., Becky Howard, Sec., Hal Clark, Treas.y0cationa J Industrie V.I.C.A. Clubs of. America 1st Row, L. to R. - Larry Morrow, Rodney Benton, David Griffith, Jeff Kennamer, Roger Willoughby, Steve Watwood, Lynn Spurlin, Ricky Edmondson, Keith Talley, Tony McDaniel, Billy Ratcliff. 2nd Row - Mr. Camp, Steven Terrell, Anthony Evers, David Richardson, Phillip Ennis, Jerry Duckett, Terry Bright, Roy Duvall, Phil Atchley, Patti Morrison, Mike Ellis, Betsy Holsonback, Benjie Terrell, Richie Holsonback, Mike Monday. Kenneth Watwood, Dennis McKinney, Mike Patterson. V.I.C.A. has had a most developing and progressive year. The main goal for the year was sponsoring a needy family at Christmas. Mr. Camp has given club members advice and counseling on building a better tomorrow . The V.I.C.A. Formula for total personal development is LSCj. This stands for: L - leadership development S - social development C - character development C - citizen development C - cooperative development C - communication development OFFICERS: L. to R. - Kieth Talley, Reporter, Roger Willoughby, Vice President, Betsy Holsonback, Secretary, Mike Ellis, President. Patti Morrison. Treasurer. 161F.C.A rhrist'atl Aihietes 1st Row, L. to R. - Greg Henderson, Charlie Woods, Boyd Bailey, John Neal Warren, Tim Davis, Mike Davis, Mike Colvin, Randy Gipson, Roger Willoughby, Collins Wakefield, Stephen Wright. Mike Compton. Tony Spurlin, Barry Reaves. 2nd Row - Coach Ferguson, Robert Crist, David Piper, Shane Files, Jim Davis, Bruce Pearce, Steve Vinyard, Thomas Carroll, Jeff Thrash. Greg Roberts, Boyd Lowman, Hamp Moore, Roger Pierce, Terry Jolley, Mike Stephens. Keith Knight. Jody Stewart. Mark Ledbetter. For the past decade the F.C.A. has had a meaningful pan in the lives of the Christian athletes on the Albertville campus. Under the faithful leadership of Mr. Jack Wells, the club once again had an enjoyable year as it helped strengthen the faith and awareness of reality of its members. OFFICERS: Roger Pierce - Pres., Jim Davis -Vice Pres., Tim Davis - Treasurer, Greg Roberts - Secretary, and Faculty Sponsor -Richard Ferguson. 162Letter manClub 1st Row. L. to R. - Brent Han, Roger Hedgepeth. Mike Compton, Paul Teague. Mike Colvin. Robert Crist. Stephen Wright. Gil Bruce. Mike Lokey Barry Reaves, Greg Roberts. Mike Davis. John Neal Warren. Boyd Bailey. Marty McClendon. 2nd Row - Lesa Upton. Michele Clemons. Gina Cole. Jim Davis. Jennie Wells, Donald Baugh. Bill Cortnor. Tim Davis. David Piper, Ronald Runyan. Mike Gray. Jody Stewart. Tony Spurlin, Collins Wakefield. Randy Gipson. Hamp Moore. Larry Nelson. Keith Knight. Lawrence Biddle, Mike Garrett, Jim Floyd, Noel Baird. Libby Stewart, Johanna Burroughs. 3rd Row - Ferrell Roden, Miles Narveson, Steve Vineyard. Marty Robinson. Thomas Carroll. Jeff Thrash. Kent Croft. Jim Roberts. Boyd Lowman. Mark Ledbetter. Toby Riley. Terry Jolley Bruce Pearce, Mark Gay, Russell Eason, Coach Wells, sponsor. The Letterman’s Club is made up of boys who lettered in a varsity sport and the Varsity Cheerleaders. This year the club sold socks to raise money. Plans were made to erect a bulletin board in front of the lunchroom to promote sportsmanship, one of the chief objectives of Letter-man’s. The money was also used for a barbecue for the members and their dates held on May 17. Some of the members had door to door campaigns for multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis. OFFICERS: Tim Davis. Pres., Ronald Runyan. Treas., Greg Roberts. V. Pres., Hamp Moore, Parliamentarian, Collins Wakefield, Sec. 163Girls ’ A thletic Association The Girls’ Athletic Association is a new club at Albertville High School. They have thirty members who were chosen for their ability, attitude, and interest in sports. The purpose of this club is to help better each girl’s skills of the different areas of Physical Education. During the year the Girls’ Athletic Association has been involved in different projects. One project was a Gymnastic program where girls were judged by seven of the faculty members. Three of these girls were chosen to perform at the PTO program . The G. A. A. also sponsored a Student-Teacher Volleyball Game. The proceeds from these activities will be used to buy equipment. Rhonda Willoughby, Sec.-Treas., Denise Rhea. Pres., Peggy Childress, Vice Pres. 164 1st Row, L. to R. - Cathy Byars, Joy Thrash, Jan Foreman. Myra Kitchens, Shirley Pell, Donna McCrclcss, Regina Panncll. Mrs. Maynard. 2nd Row - Cathy Charles. Yolanda Pope, Frances Shipp. Susan Nolen, Penny Prance, Vicki Hedgepath, Rhonda Willoughby. Rhonda Moore, Sheri Hayes. June Ott. Denise Rhea. Karen Conner, Charlotte Benson, Donna Maynard, sponsor.Av!U Library Club OFFICERS: L. to R. - Refreshment Chairman Mike Lokey, Vice President Joel McGriff, Treasurer Donna Mulli-nax. President Beth Parker. Secretary Wendy Abney. The Alberiville High School Library Club was organized in October of 1964. The membership includes library and audio visual assistants. The purpose of serving as a media-center assistant will have a two-fold purpose. First of all, it is of social value to the assistant in learning to work with others, to develop dependability, promptness, accuracy, and also for the assistant to learn to assume responsibility. Secondly, an assistant serves the school by putting information and materials in the hands of students and teachers whenever it is needed. 1st pow. L. to R. - Donna Bcason. Mrs. Smith. Larry Parker. Toby Riley. Neal Terrell, Kelly Clemons, Tim Doyle. 2nd Row - Karen Mitchell. Beth Parker. Lisa Rowe. Mary Evelyn Bailey. Martha Upton. Kathy Styke. Karen Smith. Kim Norris. Cindy Hunt. Mrs. Cole. 3rd Row - Janue Couch. Lcsa Upton. Donna Mulli-nax. Beth Roberts, Rhonda Roden. Mike Lokey, Tonya Curl. Susan Reed, Katrina Calhoun. Wendy Abney. 165Science Club projects rou'-s 1st Row, L. 10 R. - Charlie Woods, Mike Colvin, Dale Thomas, Tim Marlin, Bill Conner, Breni Benefield, Kelvin Harbison. 2nd Row - Marsha Dye, Stephen Wright, Cathy Bryant, Rhonda Willoughby, Lee Lusk, Lesa Upton, Leigh Laser, Boyd Lowman, Randy Chandler, Vicki Hedgepath, Tamie Collier, A1 Richey, Aletha Miller, Susan Spurlin, Lauren Lowery, Sandra Archer, Michele Keener. 3rd Row - Collins Wakefield, Mike Lessley, Beth Parker, Amanda Gullahom, Bruce Powell, Becky Sivils, Tammy Rollins, Celeste Smith. Leigh Justice, Zenan Jones. 4th Row - Kyle Reaves, Jeff Thrash, Ed Jones, Hugh Moultrie, Mary Virginia Moore, Joy Reed, David Livingston, Shane Wilks, Janet Alldredge, Steven Maddux. David Peppers, Julia White, Rita Isbell. Angela Jones. Cindy Pinkston, David Askins. 5th Row - Tony Wilder, John Elrod, Joe Culbert, Kim Beam, Pam Byrum, Lynne Finlay. Larry Nelson, Greg Henderson, Mark Buckelew. An annual project of the Science club is to organize the school’s spring Science Fair. This Fair includes physical, biological, and mathematical projects. This year’s Fair was held in the Coliseum and proved to be the largest ever at A. H. S. There were 284 projects registered. The Science Club also published a book of Safety Rules for all Science and Biology classes. OFFICERS: L. to R. - Sherry Gordon, Sec., Mike Colvin, Treas., Marsha Dye. Pres., Greg Henderson, Vice Pres. 166Jr. Civ it an lsi Row, L. to R. - Mike Compton, Pam Lewis, Joanna Burroughs, Malinda Ladshaw, Boyd Bailey, Jane King, Craig Wilks, Kelly Clemons, Noel Baird, Vicki Hedgepath, Randy Chandler, Karen Mitchell, Jim Roberts. Libby Stewart, Rick Collins. Mary Jane Wells, Sherry Todd. Pam Todd, Gail Beard, Mike Ellis, Donna Satterfield, Rcgeania Graves, Rebecca Benefield, Debbie Duckett. 2nd Row - Marsha Dye. Sharon Martin, Cynthia Bright, Karen Smith, Collins Wakefield, Rhonda Willoughby, Jennie Wells, Michele Clemons, Susan Reed. Gil Bruce. Aletha Miller, Tamie Collier, Beth Fricks. Melissa Howard. Denise Jones, Tim Woodall. Lauren Lowery, Mary Virginia Moore, Millie Cryar, Susan Spurlin, Lisa Thrasher. Greg Hardin, Shelia, Pam Byrum, Deborah Martin, Linda Engleman, Sherry Gordon. 3rd Row - Perry Martin, Danny Wright, Melissa Furgeson, Wayne Harper, Nicke Sivils, Sandi Sutton, Patsy Moore, Susan Nolen, Donna Mullinax, Leigh Laser, Mike Colvin, Roger Willoughby. Rhonda Roden, Tonya Curl. Angela Cofield. Angela Yates. Carla Floyd, Karen Crews, Vicki Morton, Pam Williams, Kim Norris. Pam Blackmon, Beverly Adams. Janet Alldredge, Marty McClendon. Randy Gipson. 4th Row - Ferrell Roden. Mary Beth Osborne, Pam Bagwell, Wendy Abney, Don McCleod, Tim Davis, Lisa Milner, Amanda Gullahom, Charlie Woods, Rosa Roberts, Lena Smith. Tony Spurlin, Lisa Fleming. Kenny Scislaw. Kathy Daugette, Joe Culbcrt, David Bearden, Kenneth Duke, Chris Brown, Kirk Alford, Hugh Moultrie, Jerry Hyde, Hubert Orr. 5th Row - Larry Nelson, Lynne Finlay. Penny Prance, Tony Wilder, Tim Martin, Roger Pierce. Jeff Thrash, John Elrod, Larry Parker. Danny Beard, Lynn Brock. Mr. Crawford, Robin Whitehead. The Jr. Civitans have had a great year. They have participated in various Civitan International projects, among these being the pecan log sale, Claxton fruitcake sale, Have a Heart Campaign, and the Hike Bike. At the Alabama District North Jr. Civitan Convention in Huntsville, the Jr. Civitans represented A.H.S. well. The Albertville Jr. Civitan Club walked away with the Extension Award, the Membership Award, the Club President Award, a Civic Achievement Award, 1st Runner-up in the Beauty Contest , and Winner in the Beauty Contest. 167Nike Club 1st Row. L. to R. - Mrs. Thrasher, Pam Todd. Debbie Duckett, Lisa Garrison, Denise Jones, Donna McCreless. Rebecca Benefield, Robyn Reeves, Jamie Young. 2nd Row - Sharon Martin, Denise Lowery, Sulynn Robertson, Angela Davis, Debbie Hale, Jamie Reed, Connie Greer, Shelia Johnson. The N. I. K. E. Club is sponsored by the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Albertville. This year the club’s main project was carrying gifts and sending remembrances to the Geriatric Center. Objects of the N. I. K. E. are as follows: To develop initiative and leadership To give service to school and community To study vocation and prepare for careers To accept the responsibility of citizenship To inspire appreciation of our free land and its opportunities. OFFICERS: L. to R. - Debbie Hale - Pres., Pam Todd - Sec., Mrs. Thrasher - Advisor. Seated -Sulynn Robertson - Reporter. 168Interact 1st Row. L. to R. - Sharon Burns, Celeste Smith, Carla Oliver, Beth Roberts, Cindy Ross, Joy Reed, Susan Maddux. 2nd Row - Martha Warren, Alisa McCutcheon, Melanie McClendon, Melissa Woods, Lisa Mayas, John Gullahom. Bryant Long. Mark Coby, Ralph Garmon, Jane Adams, Michelle Keener. 3rd Row - Steve Ingram, Jerosha Davis, Tony Griggs, Donna Beason, Shelton Haynie, Kelly Finlay, Allen Terrell. Dawn McGriff, Jason Head, Sandy Archer, Sara Bray, Steve Moultrie. The Albertville Rotary Club began the new Interact Club at Albertville High School during the 1975-76 school year. The club had thirty-two charter members, all of which were Freshmen. Interactors participated in many activities including raising money for the March of Dimes and the Marshall County Association for Retarded Citizens. 169 OFFICERS: Shelton Haynie, Treas., Allen Terrell, V. Pres., Alisa McCutcheon, Sec., Dawn McGriff. Pres., Jane Adams, Sponsor.F.F.A. First and second year Ag.: 1st Row, L. to R. - Bobby McCuny, Steve Justice, Jimmy Lamb, Tim Fricks, Rodney Willoughby. Tommy Brock, Kirk Clark, Chris Brown, Jeff Motley, Kenneth Townson, Mark Gay. 2nd Row, L. to R. - James Corbit, Whit Mitchell, Robert Engle. Mike Chandler, Kenneth McClearen, Scott Martin, John Browning, Larry Parker, Lawrence Biddle, Chris Barton, Mike Driver, Richard Barkley. Denny McClendon, Craig Cambell. Third and fourth year Ag.: 1st Row, L. to R. - James Minor, Jerry Hyde, Kerry Harbison, Scott Barclift, Steven Bright, Rodney Holsonback, Tim Davis, Bobby Culbert, Robert Bodine, David Roebuck. 2nd Row - Rodney Baker, Jeff Allen, Paul Ponder, Roger Pierce, Marty Robinson, Barry Reaves, Brad Gaither, Lcmar Poole. Jeff Wallace, Judkin Reynolds, Mr. Hodges. 3rd Row - Thomas Carroll, Kelvin Harbison, James Grizzard, Eddie Stone, Terry Black, Randy Bonds, Dale Thomas, Randy Chandler, Richard Carnes, Ricky Rosson.Future Fanners of America OFFICERS: L. to R. - James Minor, Sentinel, Dale Thomas, Reporter. Robert Bodine, Treasurer, Thomas Carroll, Secretary, Mike Compton, Alternate Officer. 2nd Row - Kerry Harbison, President, Mr. Hodges, Sponsor, Kelvin Harbison, Vice-President. F.F.A. is a national organization for students enrolled in vocational agri-business, the F.F.A. is an intra-curric-ular activity originating as a part of the high school curriculum. Members strive for improved agriculture, better local communities, and responsible citizenship. F.F.A. members were involved in many activities during the school year. They helped with the annual Coronation Ball and had an Orange Sale to raise money for new equipment. Mr. Hodges proved himself well when his F.F.A. members were the main ones giving instructions on the proper way to use a shovel during the school’s Arbor Day. 171Humanities Club The Humanities Club seeks to encourage each member to develop an awareness of himself through an, music, and literature as these areas relate to the individual in various cultures. The club aims to expose the student to a variety of aesthetic experiences which will help expand his intellectual horizons. 1st Row, L. to R. - Susan Maddux, Ms. Milner, Mike Ellis. 2nd Row - Pam Williams, Jackie Webb, Bill Smith, Hubert Orr, Danny Beard, Lynn Brock, Mary Jane Wells, Charlie Woods. Jr. National Honor Society The Junior National Honor Society reorganized this year at A.H.S. with 21 members from the Freshman class. The club discovered that there was an original chaner that dated back to 1937. The club stressed scholarship with each member maintaining a 90 average. Honor Society members focused on the qualities of character, citizenship, and service. Projects included organizing a lost and found department for the school and a "sole-a-thon" to collect old leather shoes to benefit the Crippled Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. 1st Row - Bryant Long, Michele Keener, Melissa Woods, Vanessa Lusk, Melanie McClendon, Mrs. Duckett. 2nd Row - Eileen Bobo, Jason Head, Sandra Archer. Anna Mitchell, Cindy Knight, Celeste Smith, Carla Floyd, Dawn McGriff, Jackie Webb, Jerri Green. 3rd Row - Steve Nolen, Chris Burgess, Alan Moultrie, Phillip Moultrie, Jill Jolley, Zenan Jones, Cindy Ross, Martha Warren, Joy Reed. 172F.B.L.A. The F.B.L.A. Club was very active during the year. Several of the members were involved in District F.B.L.A. competition in Huntsville. Jody Stewart, district Mr. F.B.L.A., and Benita Bagwell, second place in clerical competition, represented our district in State Competition in Montgomery in the month of May. F.B.L.A. members had a banquet in March. In February the club collected money with the Mothers’ March of Dimes. 1st Row, L. 10 R. - Teresa Pope, Joy Bain, Yolanda Pope, Sandy Moman, Kathy Lyles, Susan Poe, Sharon Marline, Regina Trussell. 2nd Row - Debbie Duckett, Rhonda Willoughby, Donna Latham, Ramona McBrayer, Christy Johnson, Lisa Mashburn, Linda Tabor, Dollene Masters, Kathy Byers, Beverly Winfrey, Joyce Grindle, Rhonda Brown, rd Row - Rebecca Benefield. Patricia Thrasher, Lynne Townson, Kathy Stover, Aletha Miller. Debbie Anderson, Denise Jones, Lou Ann Elrod, Pam Bagwell, Rita Cagle, Charlotte Benson, Janet Curry. Sponsors Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Little. National Honor Society The National Honor Society was reorganized this year, having received its charter in the 1930’s. The society embraces high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character which are bound in a moral and ethical framework. The Society collected Golden Flake Bags for the Children’s Home in Decatur, Alabama. They also actively participated in fund raising projects for the March of Dimes. 1st Row - Mary V. Moore, Millie Cryar, Tim Woodall, Lauren Lowery, Ramona McBrayer. Dellynne McNair, Martha Upton, Kathy Stykc, Jan Foreman. Jcannie Wells, Kathy Bryant, Susan Nolen, Leigh Laser. Libby Stewart. Rhonda Roden. Nicke Sivils. 2nd Row - Pam Blackmon, Libby Hipp, Tammi White, Rita Cagle. Jean Stone, Sandy Moman, Patsy Moore, Pam Grimes, Penny Prance, Lisa Thrasher, Susan Spurlin, Lisa Howard. Kathy Lyles, Karen Mitchell. 3rd Row - Charlie Woods, Kirk Alford. Dale Thomas, Mary Jane Wells, Lena Smith, Sylvia Ross, Benita Bagwell, Pam Williams, Vicki Morton, Michele Clemons, Gina Cole, Collins Wakefield, Hamp Moore, Sandi Sutton, Cindy Bright. 4th Row - Janet Curry, Becky Howard, Kenny Scislaw, Neal Terrell. Vicki Morrison, Jim Roberts, Kathy Daugette. Sponsors Mrs. Vasser and Mr. Amason. 173Devil’s Advocate 1st Row, L. to R. - Marsha Dye, Pam Byrum, Gail Beard, Vicki Morton. Penny Prance. Hubert On, Ms. Milner, Pam Williams, Michele Clemons. Tim Martin. Dave Carver. Sandi Moman. 2nd Row - Gail Livingston. Benita Bagwell. Sandi Sutton, Gina Cole. Cynthia Bright, Mary Beth Osborne, Jennie Wells. Patsy Moore, Mike Ellis, Mary Virginia Moore. 3rd Row - Tim Doyle. Kirk Alford, David Roebuck. Miles Narveson. Charlie Woods. The Devils’ Advocate is a student publication of Albertville High School. Its purposes are: + To report the news fully, fairly and accurately + To provide a forum for opinion by means of the editorial page + To provide entertainment by means of features + To publish advertising for purposes of supporting paper and helping the consumer in purchasing products or services. 174Student Council 1st Row, L. to R. - Penny Prance, Melissa Howard, Susan Nolen, Janet Alldredge, Leigh Laser, Lynne Finlay, Vicki Hedgepath, Rhonda Roden. Tonya Curl. 2nd Row - Greg Henderson, Charlie Woods, Lisa Rowe, Roger Hedgepath, Juanita Pegues, Libby Stewart, Marsha Dye, Mrs. Alford. 3rd Row - Wendy Abney, Carla Floyd, Lisa Milner, Tom Wells, Celeste Smith, Katrina Calhoun, Aletha Miller. 4th Row - Hubert On, Gina Cole, Jim Roberts, Jerosha Davis, Lisa Oden, Patsy Moore, Cynthia Bright, Dawn McGriff, Hamp Moore, Kelly Clemons. Student Council Officers The 1975-76 Student Council proved to be one of the most active in recent years. Homecoming, in the last of September, marked the beginning of the Student Council's activities. On November 10, the Student Council - along with Junior Civitans - sponsored a blood drive. The First Annual Talent Contest was held in March. With the support of various homerooms and organizations, the Student Council took part in Arbor Day on April 23, planting trees and shrubs on the campus. In May, the Student Council closed out the year’s activities with the election of new officers. 175176Gina Cole Cynthia Bright SuLynn Robertson Shelia Johnson Rhonda Willoughby Gail Livingston Nicke Sivils Kelly Clemons Lisa Thrasher Susan Spurlin Leigh Laser Dawn McGriff Marsha Dye Kathy Daugctte Jill Jolley Mary Virginia Moore Lauren Lowery Sandi Sutton Georganne Wells Kenny Scislaw Stan Evans Danny Wright Malinda Ladshaw Perry Martin Patsy Moore Sherry Gordon Tom Wells Mary Beth Osborne Hubert Orr Lisa Milner Vicki Hedgepath Lisa Hardy Amanda Gullahom Penny Prance Wayne Harper Charlie Woods 177BUSINESS MANAGER: Kathy Daugette s, Malinda Ladsha Ecult EDITORS: Georganne Wells Gina ColeSS SECTIONS: Lisa Thrasher, PQhny Prance, PaTsy Moore, Cynthia B ht, Stan Evans, Lisa Milner, Jill Jolley, Dawn McGriff, Amanda Gul-lahorn, Kenny Scislaw irtin, Nicke Ro son, Wayne Harpef. Mary Beth Os oiStudent Council Talent Show In March the Student Council sponsored a Talent Show. Mike Davis received 1st Place, Paul Teague won 2nd Place, and Jerosha Davis 3rd. Other people included in the contest were Jim Davis, Rebecca Benefield, Carolyn Warren, Joyce Grindle, Kelly Finlay, Mary Evelyn Bailey, Susan Maddux, Joy Reed, Brad Gaither, Roger Willoughby, John Elrod, and Rhonda Willoughby. David Culp was the Master of Ceremonies. 180 Blood Drive Merits Awards On November 10, the Student Council and the Jr. Civitans sponsored a Red Cross Blood Drive. This was the first Blood Drive at A.H.S. and will now be an annual event. 284 people presented themselves to give blood and 178 pints were given. Mr. Norman Darden, on behalf of the District Red Cross Organization, presented A.H.S. with a trophy for sponsoring a successful Blood Drive.Jaycees Challenge Teachers 183Speech and Drama Daniel and the Devil The Devil and Daniel Webster Wark Twain's Adam and EveCivitans Win Honors At the Alabama District North Jr. Civitan Convention the Albertville Club walked away with many honors. The Club was presented two awards, the Extension Award and the Club Membership Award. Roger Willoughby, District Deputy Governor, received the Civitan Ring for the Extension of new Clubs and the Civic Achievement Award. Georganne Wells, Club President, received the Outstanding Club President Award. Miss Kelly Clemons was First Runner-Up in the Miss Jr. Civitan Contest and Rhonda Willoughby received the title of Miss Jr. Civitan of Alabama District North. Rhonda was also elected District Secretary-Treasurer. Roger and Rhonda won 1st Place in the Talent Contest for their rendition of "If" and "Grandma’s Feather Bed."College and Career Day College and Career Day is an annual event sponsored by the Guidance Department to aid Seniors in their choices of a career and a college best suited to their needs. Lupercalium On April 3, the Junior Classical League held a Lupercalium in the lunchroom. This is a feast honoring Psyche and Cupid, the goddess and god of Love. The lunchroom was decorated with spring flowers and murals. Members and guests were entertained by skits presented by JCL members. 188 Battalion Headquarters 189 190 Jones Wilson Holsonback Beard Bryant Frasier Dooley Roberts Richey Gullahom | Epps Filmore Oliver Griggs Holsonback Lindsey Johnson Tidmore Nailor Edmonds 1st Platoon McClendon Rhoades Michel Messer Morgan Malone Nelson McCuthens Motley Oliver Pate Patterson Smith Stephens McClendon Eason Cagle Carlton Armstrong Baker Brown Campbell Carter Driver Powell Stanley 2nd Platoon B Company Ansley Beck Bright Calhoun Campbell Chamblee Corbin Reeves Ward McClendon Day Duckett Garmon Hill Ingram Jones Rains Johnson Lang Mahan Minor Nunnally Perkins 1st Platoon Poole Hambrick Porch Sheets Rogers Smart Bankston Bearden Peppers Blackmon Bright Ashley Brown Burgess Riggins Harper Helton Ramey Holcomb Long Roberts Satterfield Stewart Terrell Thurmond Moultrie 2nd Platoon 191 192 Capt. Denham lSgi. Hood Cpl, Isbell lLt. Whitten Sgt. Wagner Smith Smith Thomas Townson Canfield Troxtel Walden Allen Andrews Bolding Cantrell MSG Jones Williams Carroll Moultrie Sampson Henery Clements 1st Platoon lLt. Nelson Holder Collier Cooley Duke Franks Haynie Head Cornelius Hutchinson Jolley Kitchens Maddox Maynard Moore Kitchens Mozley MSG Silas Sgt. Coby Morton Jones Reed Lessley Strange 2nd PlatoonCpt. Dorseti lSgi. Roger Cpl. On WaldropFiring Squad? Federal InspectionColonel Nathan P. Thompson was bom in Panama City, Florida, 25 December, 1910. He was educated at Snead Seminary and Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a major in Social Studies and a minor in Sociology from Jacksonville State University. He is married to the former Mary L. Graham: they have-two children, Charles, and Nancy. Colonel Thompson served 32 years in the United States Army. He wears 25 awards and decorations, to include two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and a Greek War Cross and Service Medal awarded personally by King Paul of Greece. He has lived in and traveled in 36 foreign countries and 49 of the fifty states. His teaching career began in Albertville High School as a History teacher in 1965. He assumed his present duties as Senior Army Instructor of the Junior R.O.T.C. Program in 1967. He is to be commended for his dedication to the program. 195Football Fever at Its Peak First Row - T. Spurlin, J. Warren, R. Gipson, J. Floyd, T. Davis, D. Piper, M. Gray, L. Biddle, B. Hari, B. Pearce, and S. Wagner. Second Row - K. Knight. R. Crist, R. Clines, C. Wakefield, M. Colvin, J. Thrash, T. Jolley, G. Roberts, G. Bruce. Third Row - Coach Vernon Wells, P. Teague, J. Stewart, M. Lokey, A. Williams, B. Bailey, B. Conner, E. Waldrop. B. Lowman, T. Manin, Asst. Coach R. Ferguson, M. Hart, and M. Dean. Fourth Row - Asst. Coach D. Hicks, D. Baugh, R. Runyon, T. Carrol, B. Reaves, R. Pierce, H. Moore, M. Compton, S. Vineyard, M. Ledbetter, Asst. Coach R. Duke, and Asst. Coach R. Little. Schedule Albertville 19 Arab 0 Albertville 7 Guntersville 6 Albertville 9 Boaz 7 Albertville 19 Scottsboro 7 Albertville 40 Ft. Payne 0 Albertville 14 Anniston 20 Albertville 29 Emma Sansom 0 Albertville 28 Gadsden 6 Albertville 34 Etowah 0 Albertville 0 Talledcga 16 This year under the leadership of Coach Vernon Wells and his staff: Ronnie Little, Dennis Hicks, and Richard Ferguson, the Aggies compiled an 8 and 2 season, won the county championship, and only missed the state playoffs by one game. This season was the best season in ten years. 198TOP LEFT: Coach Ferguson and Brent Han after Brent’s great tackle. TOP RIGHT: Mike Lokey in action against Talladega. BOTTOM LEFT: Mike Grey lets the crowd know about our T.D. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tony Spurlin and Mike Compton return to the field after halftime. 199Aggies One Step TOP LEFT: Roger Pierce and Jody Siewan win the toss for the Aggies. TOP RIGHT: Tony Spurlin after completion of a winning pass. BOTTOM LEFT: Very happy Aggie players help Coach Wells off the field. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jody Stewart makes headway down the field with the help of his teammates. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Tony Spurlin leads the Aggies on to state. TOP RIGHT: Aggies up against Gadsden tigers. BOTTOM LEFT: Injured player Collins Wakefield receives attention from Coach Hicks and the referee. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gil Bruce listens to the instructions of Coach Vernon Wells. 200Away From State 201Aggie Coaches From Left to Right - Coach Ferguson, Coach Duke (Jr. High), Coach Wells (Head Coach), Coach Little, and Coach Hicks. Senior Players Front Row Kneeling - Robbie Clines, Tony Spurlin, Andy Williams, Tim Davis, Jeff Thrash, Brent Han, and Greg Robens. Back Row - Jody Stewan, Paul Teague, Roger Pierce, Tim Manin, Ronald Runyan, and Mike Colvin. 202Aggies Have an 8-2 Season OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP RIGHT: Roberi Crist attempts to catch a guarded pass. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gil Bruce is tackled by Gadsden player. TOP LEFT: Albertville Aggies score touchdown against Gadsden Tigers. TOP RIGHT: Tony Spur-lin with the ball in the endzone. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Wells shows a lot of excitement to Aggie player Collins Wakefield . BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Lokey makes it all the way down the field without a bit of trouble. 203Aggies Take County Title TOP LEFT: Gil Bruce goes in for T.D. TOP RIGHT: Aggie Paul Teague tackles Arab opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: Tim Davis escapes tackles on way down field. MIDDLE RIGHT: Hamp Moore and Jacky Soper keep Arab quarterback from gaining any yards. BOTTOM RIGHT: Aggies take County title with their great teamwork. 204TOP LEFT: The Albertville High Varsity Cheerleaders pep the Aggies up before a game. TOP RIGHT: Coach Wells following Aggies off the field. BOTTOM LEFT: Roger Pierce shows great concern for the action on the field. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tim Davis with the help of Collins Wakefield attempts to catch a pass. 205Aggies Have a Winning Season Kneeling Left to Right - Jim Davis, Mike Lessley, Shane Files, Mike Davis, and David Roebuck. Standing, Left to Right - Eddie Gore, Mike Stephens. Gil Bruce, Roger Hedgepeth, Joel McGriff, Terry Reeves, and Mike Lokcy. Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Schedule 87 Arab 57 G’ville 60 Etowah 61 Talladega 74 Scottsboro 75 Boaz 57 Gadsden 66 Boaz 76 H'ville 58 Talladega 63 Etowah 72 Douglas 42 Boaz 80 Ft. Payne 51 Arab 74 Boaz 63 Grissom 79 Douglas 61 Gadsden 60 G’ville 63 Scottsboro 59 Grissom 76 Ft. Payne 206OPPOSITE PAGE: MANAGERS: Ernest Gunter and Brent Hart. TOP LEFT: Terry Reeves, Senior. MIDDLE LEFT: Mike Lessley. Senior. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Davis, Senior. TOP RIGHT: Eddie Gore, Senior. MIDDLE RIGHT: Eddie Gore goes up for basket in the Douglas game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Davis goes up for a basket in the Boaz game. 207Aggies Keep on Fighting TOP LEFT: Gil Bruce. Junior. TOP MIDDLE: Mike Davis. Junior. TOP RIGHT: Joel McGriff, Junior. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Gil Bruce goes up for a shot. ABOVE: Roger Hedgepeth. Junior. BOTTOM RIGHT: Joel McGriff goes up by himself. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Eddie Gore tries for rebound. BOTTOM LEFT: Joel McGriff almost puis one in. TOP RIGHT: Shane Files, Junior. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mike Lokey, Junior. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Lokey almost gets it. 208209Jr. Varsity Takes County Title Kneeling. Left to Right - Craig Wilks, Lee Lusk, Joey Cannady, Greg Henderson, James Wilson, and Tim West. Standing, Left to Right - Jeff Teague, Alan Champion, Larry Parker, David Darden, Tony King, and Jimmy Rowell. Coach Mikey Moore. Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville Albertville SCHEDULE vs. Arab vs. G’ville vs. Etowah vs. Talladega vs. Scottsboro vs. Boa 2 vs. Gadsden vs. Boaz vs. H'ville vs. Talladega vs. Etowah vs. Douglas vs. Boaz vs. Ft. Payne vs. Arab vs. Boaz vs. Grissom vs. Douglas vs. Gadsden vs. G'ville vs. Scottsboro vs. Ft. PayneOPPOSITE PAGE: Coach Moore doesn’t seem to agree with the referee. TOP LEFT: Lee Lusk goes up for a basket being blocked by a Boaz player. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Teague tries to take ball away from Douglas player. TOP RIGHT: James Wilson is being blocked by a Douglas player.TOP: Jeff Teague gets ball knocked away. BOTTOM LEFT: Aggie players pile on a Douglas player. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jeff Teague jumps up for a basket against Boaz player. 212Baseball Places Second in County Kneeling, Lefi to Right - Tim West, John Warren, Lee Lusk. Bill Connor, Randy Gipson, Paul Ponder, Mark Gay, and Danny Wilson. Standing, Left to Right -Jeffery Teague, Tony Spurlin, Kent Croft, Many McClendon, Mike Taylor, Ricky Edmonson, Benny Cornelius, Mark Ledbetter. Larry Parker, and Coach Mickey Moore. Coach Mickey Moore OUTFIELDERS: Mark Ledbetter. Larry Parker. Tim West, Danny Wilson, and Mark Gay. 214TOP LEFT: INFIELDERS: Kneeling, Left-Right - Lee Lusk, John Warren. Marty McClendon. Standing - Mike Taylor, and Kent Kroft. TOP RIGHT: HINDCATCHERS: Benny Cornelius and Bill Conner. BOTTOM LEFT: PITCHERS: Kneeling, Left-Right - Paul Ponder. Randy Gipson. Standing -Tony Spurlin, Rickey Edmonson, and Jeffery Teague. BOTTOM RIGHT: CATCHER: Benny Cornelius. 215TOP: Mark Ledbetter and Jeffery Teague looking very comfortable and interested. BOTTOM LEFT: Rickey Edmonson showing his skills as a pitcher. BOT-TOM RIGHT: Mike Taylor giving it all he's got. EXTREME BOTTOM RIGHT: Lee Lusk doing his best to beat that ball to home plate. 216TOP: Mike Taylor and Lee Lusk against Gadsden in a close contest. BOTTOM LEFT: Mike Taylor covering first in a tight situation. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gadsden catcher and umpire show two phases of baseball. We would like to congratulate Coach Mickey Moore and the whole team for a fine season. 217Wrestling Sends Three to State Kneeling, Left-Right - Dewayne Holsomback, Scott Martin, Boyd Bailey. Randy Chandler. Many Robinson, and Russell Eason. Standing. Left-Right - Ferrell Roden. James Carroll. Mark Gay, Mike Garrett. Miles Narveson, Thomas Carroll. Ronald Runyun, Danny Wilson, and David Piper. THE ALL-COUNTY WINNERS: Randy Chandler, Miles Narveson, and Thomas ALL NEAC WINNERS: Mike Garrett, Miles Narveson. and Thomas Carroll. Carroll. 218Jr. High Football and Basketball From Row, Kneeling - Greg Jones, Mike Kitchens, Barry Smart, Stacy Maynard, Joey Allen, Mark Frazier, Lonnie Taylor, Mike Parker, Dewayne Holsomback, Ronnie Brown, Glenn Lindsay and Greg Wilmore. Back Standing - Coach Cooper, Rickey King, Tommy Stewart, Kent Lowman, David Gipson, Tom Massey, Tim Isbill, Don Carver, Tim Rogers, Dane Smith, James Carroll, Joe McDaniel, Tim Jenkins, Randy Powell. 219 Kneeling, Left to Right - Tony Mabrey, Rod Rudolph, Jell Roberts. Mark Lindsey, Grant Armstrong, and Tim Andrews. Standing, Left to Right - Tim Eason,Tim Rogers, Travis McMurirey, Brent Woodham, Gary Clements. Rusty Sprouse. Barry Perkins, Coach James Cooper.Golf Team Places Second in County Standing, Left to Right - Steve Beason, Charlie Peacock, Roger Hedgepeth, Mike Colvin, Craig Wilks, Jeff Roberts, and Collins Wakefield. This year the golf team was coached by Shannon Sloan. The team participated in many different matches, including the County match at Lake Guntersville State Park. Also Roger Hedgepeth won a trophy for best team score at the county match. 220Intersquad Game 76 This year Albertville had two intersquad games. The Aggie Football team was divided into two different teams to play against each other. These pictures show some of the action of the games. 221Spring Track 4 . a. ■ %. ' ■ - . ....i.. Darden', H'ffl'MartjD „ , sTajJo r. Timmy-IsbiU, D k(f fleets Lewayno Holsombaek. Second Tipi Davis. Mike Kitchens Knight; $‘tevte Vioeya® , N HopUns Gil Bruce •-« tf. Cross Country Track April 12 April 16 — Scottsboro Invitational April 19 --- Tri-Meet 1976 Track Schedule -----------------Albertville Guntersville Boaz Gadsden DAR Fort Payne -----------------Albertville Scottsboro Fort Payne DAR Boaz -----------------Albertville Scottsboro Boaz April 20 Gadsden Oaks Bluff Southside April 22 Guntersville Guntersville Southside Invitational DAR Fairview Fort Payne Boaz May 4 Guntersville County Meet DAR Boaz 222OPPOSITE PAGE: BOTTOM: Kneeling - Jim Roberts, Jeff Collier, Kirk Alford, Larry Nelson, Toby Riley. Standing - Coach Richard Ferguson, Andy Williams, Steve Vineyard. Marty McClendon, and Keith Knight. TOP LEFT: Larry Nelson coming to the finish line first. TOP RIGHT: Coach Wells starting the boys off at the sound of the gun. BOTTOM LEFT: Tim Davis shows how it’s done as he makes it over the hurdle. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gil Bruce ready for the handoff In the relay. 223I This year the track team had a very good year. These are the people who won honors. SPRING TRACK All County Rod Rudolf High Jump Toby Riley 880 440 Larry Nelson Mile SECTIONALS John Hopkins 5th Shot Put Paul Teague 1st Shot Put Rod Rudolf 1st High Jump 4th Long Jump 5th Triple Jump STATE Rod Rudolf 2nd High Jump Paul Teague 2nd Shot Put Indoor Meet 4th Shot Put Spring Track All County in Shot and Discus CROSS COUNTRY All County Larry Nelson MVP Jim Roberts Captain In spring track Tim Davis was captain and Paul Teague was MVP. 224TOP LEFT: Mike Grey and Tommy Stewart running the relay. Tommy is about to hand off the baton to a fellow teammate. TOP RIGHT: A group of boys from different schools about to begin the race. BOTTOM LEFT: Members of student body cheering these exhausted runners on to the finish. BOTTOM RIGHT: Larry Nelson as he finishes and heads off the track. 225Aggies Give Competition at The 1976 Tennis Team: From Left to Right - Roger Willoughby, Greg Henderson, Jim Davis, Mike Davis, Charlie Woods, Tony Wilder, Bill Jolley, and Steve Ingram. Not Shown - Coach Richey Denham. Mar. 20 Mar. 23 Mar. 26 Mar. 27 Mar. 29 Apr. 1 Apr. 2 Apr. 5 Apr. 9 Apr. 13 Apr. 14 Apr. 15 Apr. 16 Apr. 19 Apr. 22 Apr. 24 May 7-8 May 22 1976 Tennis Schedule Huntsville Boaz Ft. Payne Grissom Boaz •Lee •Randolph Guntcrsville •Westminister Boaz •Addison Ft. Payne •Scottsboro Guntersville Johnson •Butler •Arab County Tournament Sectional Tournament Gadsden Invitational Players and Positions Roger Willoughby 1 Greg Henderson 2 Jim Davis 3 Mike Davis 4 Charlie Woods 5 Tony Wilder 6 •Denotes that the match was won. 226County, District and Sectionals 1976 GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM: Kneeling - .Teresa McCreless, Susan Spurlin, Regina Pannell, and Joanna Colvin. Standing - Karen Smith, Kim Norris, Julie Morrow, Jenny Nolan, and Jerosha Davis. Not Shown - Coach Ms. JoAnne Moore. 1976 Girls’ Tennis Schedule Apr. 5 Albertville vs Boaz Apr. 12 Albertville vs Boaz Apr. 13 Albertville vs Ft. Payne Apr. 15 Albertville vs G’ville Apr. 21 Albertville vs Scottsboro Apr. 22 Albertville vs Arab Apr. 24 Albertville vs G’ville SHOWN BOTTOM RIGHT OPPOSITE PAGE: Roger Willoughby, Jim Davis, and Mike Davis in an interesting doubles match between these fellow teammates. SHOWN BOTTOM LEFT: Regina Pannell and Joanna Colvin about to receive an overhead slam from Susan Spurlin. The 1975-76 Girls’ Tennis Team had a very interesting season this year. The girls participated in seven matches within the county. They had the leadership of their coach Ms. Jo Ann Moore. This is Ms. Moore’s first year to ever coach a girls' tennis team even though she is a girls’ physical education teacher. We think Ms. Moore did a fine job and would like to wish her an even better season next year. 227The 1976 season has been a good one for the Albertville High School Men’s Team. Roger Willoughby shown in the top left picture captured the title of the 1 position in Marshall County. He also with his doubles partner Jim Davis (top right) took the 1 doubles match at the county tournament. BOTTOM RIGHT: A typical doubles match between Albertville's top four players. OPPOSITE PAGE: Greg Henderson shown in top left picture shows how the forehand stroke works. Mike Davis in top right goes through the motion of a serve. BOTTOM LEFT: Charlie Woods shows the form used in the backhand. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tony Wilder. 228229Girls’ Volleyball and Track Teams VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Kneeling. Left to Right - Donna McCreless, Donna Elrod, Kathy Bryant, Rhonda Willoughby, Cindy Lusk, and Pat Spurgeon. Standing, Left to Right - Coach Donna Maynard, Cheri Hayes, Francis Shipp, Karen Connor, Denise Rhea, Linda Bryant. Sherry McDanial. and Regina Panncll. TRACK TEAM: Kneeling, Left to Right - Debra McClendon, Lenette Brown, Donna McCreless, Jan Foreman, Kim Willis, and Karen Hardin. Standing, Left to Right - Coach Donna Maynard, Kathy Charles, Donhy Rhea, Nina Boland, Joy Reed, Kathy Bryant, and Francis Shipp.Varsity Cheerleaders Keep Spirit Left to Right - Joanna Burroughs. Gina Cole, Noel Baird, Deborah Denney, Jennie Wells. Michele Clemons. Lesa Upton. Front Center - Libby Stewart. Last year the Varsity Cheerleaders came back from camp as the number one squad. They competed against squads from all over the Southeastern part of the United States. The cheerleaders worked hard all summer getting ready for camp and games. During the year they held Pep Clubs and Pep Rallies and cheered at all of the football and basketball games. Signs were made for all football games and the cheerleaders were in charge of decorations for the All Sports Banquet. Michele Clemons Head Two Years 231Deborah Denny Two Years Joanna Burroughs Two Years Noel Baird One Year Libby Stewart One Year 232Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders Cheer Aggies On Left 10 Right - Susan Maddux, Laurie Burgess, Karen Mitchell, Leigh Laser, Lana Bell. Front Center - Kelly Clemons. V f- y "■K'% ■xusatim$a«4i. EDITORS: Sandi Sution1976 Albertville High First Row - Mike Woodham. Wayne Harper, K. D. Dorsett, Robin Yarbrough, Debra Cherry, Debra Davis, Diane Harris, Teresa Hester, Brent Han, Sandy Moman, Mary Wells, Jennie Wells, Karen Crews, Joye Moore, Sulynn Robenson, Angela Davis, Vicki Morton, Vicki Lowery, Regenia Trussel, Vicki Hunt, Beth Adams, Jan-cic Robertson, Karen Smith, Patsy Moore, Deborah Denney, Sharon Martin, Regina Pannell, Betty Holsonback, Cindy Owens, Phyllis Thompson, Freda Hicks, MacieCash, Vicki Blackwell, Peggy Reno, Melissa McCreless, Beneta Stevens. Second Row - Ricky Edmonson, Keith Talley, Mike Garrett. Lisa Pierce, Donna Satterfield, Sandi Sutton, Kim Norris, Jenny Nolen, Donna Oliver, Pam Byrum, Brenda Willoughby. Jim Davis. Marsha Dye, Georganne Wells. Gina Cole, Shelia Johnson, Nancy Faulkner, Kathy Daugette, Denise Rhea, Vicki Todd, Susan Scruggs, Laura Smith, Linda Kiker, Shelia Winfrey, Lisa Hardy, Pam Williams, Connie Rowell. Pam Lewis, Becky Howard, Mona Rathbun. Regeania Graves, Teresa Pope. Susan Poe. Gail Beard, Debbie Martin. Belinda Eubanks, Arlene Morgan, Cynthia Bright. Third Row - Ricky Silas. Tim Johnson. Hubert Orr. Ferrell Roden, Alice Thompson, David Roebuck, Brad Gaither, Mike Lessley, Jerry Hill, Lynn Spurlin, Eddie Gore, Vicki Morrison, Debbie Hale, Jane Charles, Diane Rogers, Ann Rogers, Patty Morrison. Rosa Roberts. Jackie Land, Cynthia Elrod. Ramona Bonds, Gerry Hill, Kathy Smith, Tim Woodall. Judkin Reynolds, Tony McClendon, Terry McClendon, Lynn Brock, Stan Evans, Tim Davis. Robin Whitehead, Melanie Nelson, Reba Henson, Linda Spurgeon. Tim Doyle, Mike 236School Senior Class tills, Cindy Galloway, Pam Bearden. Joyce Sims. Donna Smalley, Bencia Bagwell. Shelia Boland. Fourth Row - Hugh Moultrie, Mike Wallace. Danny Swords. Milton Pankcy. Dave Carver. Roger Willoughby. Tim Martin. Greg Roberts, Jody Stewart, Ronald Runyan, Rodney Hol-sonback, Roger Pierce, Paul Teague, David Griffith, Steve Curry, Mike Carter, Mike Colvin. Michele Clemons, Mary Jo Colquitt, Karen Conner. Rick Collins. Keith Justice. Phillip Ennis. Danny Smith. James V. Roberts. James Minor. John Hopkins. Jerry Dingier, David Moore, Scott Barclift, Charles Allen, Tim Martin. Richard Camp, Tommy Bryant, Steve Smith, Tommy Haymon, John Hamrick. Jody Stewart. Fifth Row - Benjie Terrell. Jeff Thrash. Don Gray, Dan Nelson, Don McCleod, Terry Reeves, Benny Cornelious, Kent Croft, Bobby Mancss. Charlie Griggs. Ralph Anonymous. Steve Pell, Hal Clark, Bobby Cook. Robbie Clines, Shelton Coker. Randy Carter, Joe Brown. Bill West. Robert Clark. Steve Bright. Lynn Bright, Danny Beard. Fred Warren, Charles Jones, Jerry Hyde. Mike Monday. Jerry Hilley, Tony McDaniel. Sixth Row - Many McLendon. Dennis McKinney, Andy Williams. Billy Ratcliff. Shane Wilks. Jim Murphy. Tony Spurlin, Mike Stephens. Mike Caner, Jeff Burgess, Tim Barr. Phil Atchly, Ken Bailey. Kenneth Atchly, Sonny Allen. Richard Camp. Kirk Alford. Scott Barcliff. Timmy Hill. 237Valedictorian Michele Clemons Michele Clemons: Valedictorian Award, L. G. Balfour. Honor Student. English Award. Social Studies Award, Cheerleader. 238Salutatorian Georganne Wells Georganne Wells: Salutatorian Award, Honor Student, Golden Rule Award, Mathematics Award, Outstanding Student. 239,tc Scholarship, Jacl snce Award, Snea Rl' LD RUN I Sponsmanshi KAREN SMITH: Library Award WAYNE HARPER: An Award Class Night 240241LS: Honor Student. Home Economics Aw THY DAUGETTE: Honor Stud larsh: f SANDRA Honor Student, -d V ANNELL: PE Award : Girls' Athletic Aw 2421976 Science Fair — Largest 244Ever at A Ibertville High Cindy Ross - 3rd Jr. Biological fn • : HOW DO 1 VOTE punch afi ct n [foods5 j| pKiXICduKG j cVjjtjvxJ JL fr- rrrodC ardL ihtArv iiv ckdkhfxA. xO ffac-OfdlA iht Ax Jcnci j b 2451975-76 First Annual All TOP LEFT: Tim Davis: Co-Capiain, All-County, Captain Track Team. Paul Teague: Co-Captain, Most Valuable Defensive Lineman, All-County, Region. State. AHSAA All Star. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Baugh and J. V. Roberts (MC). MIDDLE RIGHT: Ronald Runyan: Most Valuable Offensive Lineman, All-County. Region. ABOVE: Greg Roberts: Academic, All-County. MIDDLE BOTTOM: Mike Davis: Hustle Award. RIGHT BOTTOM: Jim Davis: Best Free Throw Shooter, All-County Tennis Doubles Player. 246Sports Banquet Is Held TOP LEFT: Jim Roberts: Captain Cross Country Team. TOP RIGHT: Mike Lokey - Most Valuable Defensive Back. All-County. Region. MIDDLE LEFT: Roger Willoughby: Most Valuable Tennis Player, All-County Tennis Singles and Doubles. MIDDLE: Larry Nelson: Most Valuable Cross Country. ABOVE: Tony Spurlin: Most Valuable Offensive Back. All-Region. LEFT BOTTOM: Roger Hedge-path: Best Rebounder, Best Field Goal Shooter, All-County. MIDDLE BOTTOM: Joel McGriff: Best Offensive Player. 247 Band Banquet Honors Members TOP LEFT: Tim Woodall: Best Marching Season Member. TOP RIGHT: Head Table. MIDDLE LEFT: Sandra Archer: Best Rookie. MIDDLE: Jenny Nolen: Band Queen. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lynn Brock: Band King. ABOVE: Kirk Alford: Best Concert Season Member. BOTTOM: Kathy Daugette: Honorary Band Member. 248The year 1892 marked the beginning of what eventually became known as Albertville High School. Resulting from a law passed by the Alabama legislature stating that a school be built every seven miles from a saloon, nine agricultural schools were built in Alabama. This school, at that time, was the Seventh District and Experimental Station. In 1912, a fire completely destroyed the frame building. The main unit of the school we now attend was constructed as a result of that fire. The new building was again damaged by fire in 1916, but not totally destroyed. The school then served temporarily as a Junior College with classes ranging from the fifth grade to the third year of college. Under the leadership of J. J. Benford in 1924-1936, this school became the high school we now attend - Albertville High School. 249 Albertville High School . . .Audit’s There We’ll Always Be. . . 250TIS NOW GROWN TOO COMMON for our youth to swear in the streets and abufe one another with foul language and do other things not fit to be mentioned, because they have not been educated to the niceties of EUROPE. An elegant affortment of dances from EUROPE, where young LADIES and young GENTLEMEN are taught in comodius surroundings is the ONLY STEP LEFT TO BE TAKEN. MASTER WHITE'S DANCING SCHOOL King’s Road Samuel Lowell BOOKBINDER HP wishes to inform the publick that he now binds all sorts of books in the newest manner as practiced in England. GUILT or PLAIN. He will bind BIBLES, SPELLING BOOKS, POCKET BOOKS. He will also sell writing paper, sealing wax, PENS of the fineft quills, pencills, and most other STATIONARY needs. SOUTH OF SHAFTBURY ROAD IN CONCORD ycsrs Lambert Plunket of Philadelphia wishes the fair daughters of Philadelphia to deck their walls with the products of our own manufac-tories. Our PAINTED PAPERS are not inferior to imported papers, and we have a good assortment of BLOCK PRINTED PAPERS which we will sell at very low prices. r «t t m m' To fo? SOLD, C ieap or CASH, IRONWORK of every kind relative to the COACHMAKING trade. Alfo PLEASURE CARRIAGES repaired in the $ very heft and fineft manner byR DUNNE, CoachlTiak- er Who e v' , tinHdnhester n POTTER’S MAGIC OIL All remedies ufed against my ear-ache failed until 1 used POTTER’S MAGIC OIL, a special recipt for this painful condition. Upon dropping a few drops in my car, the painfulness immediately went away, and my ear has been free from tortuous aches and pains since. POTTER’S MAGIC OIL has also permanently cured my ringworm, itch, rheumatifm and scurvey. Some say it will prevent baldness Alfo. Potter’s Apothecary East of Wells Street AT the sign of the SPECTACLES C hurch Street Chrysta!Spectacles tube SOLD Just Imported a variety of the finest spectacles set in STEEL or LEATHER. Also, TRUE VENETIAN GREEN SPECTACLES for weak and watery eyes and most sorts of reading spectacles for short-sighted perfons, magnifying glaffes and telefcopes. DUNCAN COX, Providence. The Mart Who on His Trade Relies Must Either Bust or Advertise. . Sir Thomas Lipton 251PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Highway 43 I Chevrolet Chevrolet • Chevy II • Corvette 252257 y MO Marshall Coui lal i Albertville, Alaba 878-2871 rW A v" y Gadsden Mall Gadsden, Alabama 546-9800WEATHERS APPLIANCE HARDWARE Land Developers "Serving the World's Needs in Commercial and Residential Properties"Baltimore H. L. HUNT SPEEDWASH DEN LUMBER CO. ALUTRONICS KEY KORNER  - NEHI BOTTLING CO Boaz, Alabama CHESTER F. RAINFAIRVIEW METHODIST CHURCH (m(sc | OLOSMOBILE 'tD po riAc COCA-COLA BOTTLING CHARLIE COX COMPANY OLDSMOBILE — PONTIAC Highway 431 Highway 431A : HARRIS AGENCY, INC. 100 South Emmett St. Dennis Harris - i President Complete Insurance Service ALEXANDER FORD Boaz, Alabama Highway 431 FORD Mustang Falcon Fa.rlanc Ford • Thunder birdCOBB'S SYRUP Highway 431 ERLENE'S BEAUTY SALON 506 Baltimore Avenue GLENN'S BEAUTY BAR Marshall County Mall STEPHEN'S CLOTHING 115 North Main St. SEWELL TV SALES Highway 431 276CLEBR R FURNITURE Corner of Rose Road THOMPSON PRINTING CO. West MainA-1 SALES Vacuum Cleaner and ; Sewing Machine Center Eastwood Plaza 290 WAYNE P 291THE KENDALL COMPANY Subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive Albertville, Alabama East Albertville Albertville294 ALBERTVILLE ICK FREEZE n - 1 1 A JOU DONATIONS Dr. Shelion Appleton Dr. M. B. Bray Dr. Joe Davis Dr. C. C. Erwin Dr. D. J. Evans Dr. A. G. Finlay Robert Hanson Dr. James Hughes Dr. B. N. Lavendar Dr. Dwight Lewis Dr. Lynn Luther Dr. J. F. McLendon Rudolph and Thompson Dr. C. O. Wilks 295FIRST STATE BANKALBERTVILLE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 309 East Main Street Rev. David Askins Mr. Charles Woods ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH 130 First Street Rev. Raymond Cook SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH Solitude Road Rev. Willis Kelly SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Sims Street Rev. Hoyt Hambrick MOUNT VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH Mount Vernon Road Rev. J. W. Cole BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH Beulah Road Rev. D. E. Latham MOUNT CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 201 Rose Road Rev. J. F. Sims CHURCH OF GOD 606 Baltimore Avenue Rev. Jimmy Guiles HEWETT MEMORIAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1110 Walnut Street Rev. Milton Booth ALBERTVILLE DISTRICT OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Dr. Charles O. Moore District SuperintendentFIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Albertville, Alabai hway, Boaz ioft drink ever 1776-1976QJU

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