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Text from Pages 1 - 280 of the 1975 volume:

MOUNTAINEER 1975 Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama Volume LXIII + Contents: Co-Editors: Pete Evans Shari Hargrove Business Manager: Regina Brown Sponsor: Catherine BrasherThey Have Come For Years They Still Come Today 3They Make Up A Thriving Mass 8Living Together — Yet As Individuals10As Night Gives Darkness To Day And Day Gives Light To Darkness 13 14EDITORS: Cindi Bright Hubert Orr Nicke Sivils Lisa Thrasher AcademicsIn order to have a happy prospering town, we must have a proper education program to help our youths to grow into respectable citizens. Mr. Cecil Wright, our Administrator, is striving constantly to improve the education of Albertville students. 17Administration Has Able Help The Administration has plenty of assistance with Mrs. Rains, Mrs. Wells, and Mr. Landers around. These fine workers are a big help to Mr. Wright, the students, and the teachers at A.H.S. 18Reminiscing With Margaret Keller Mrs. Keller came to the high school English Department in the fall of 1960 after having taught piano in the elementary schools for nine years. She taught English, Speech, and Drama; directed chorus at one time; sponsored Seniors, the Gavel Club, and the Pep Club. If I have helped my pupils to express themselves with confidence and to appreciate the world around them, then I shall feel that my days of teaching shall have achieved their purpose.'' The students and faculty of Albertville High School will miss Mrs. Keller next year. 19Counselors The counselor’s job is to advise, to comfort, and just to be around when needed. They supervise our college preparatory examinations. 20Librarians Our Library serves its purpose as a place for ihe students to study, do research, and as a pathway into extensive knowledge. Tutor Reading Mrs. Ellis serves as a special tutor to give individual help to those that require her services. This enables the students to receive a better education to prepare them for the future. The reading department assists those students with reading problems. The students receive special attention in those areas in which they are weakest. 21English Department JOYCE ALFORD ALICE DUCKETT 'LINDA GAYLE KNIGHT English is the opening of new doors in communication because students learn to express themselves properly, which is necessary to communicate with others. In addition, it attempts to instill in the students an appreciation for literature by acquainting them with a variety of literary material. In the English curriculum Grammar, Literature , and Speech are included. 22Foreign Languages NSi I I MARGARET STRICKLAND To students at A.H.S. Latin is a subject that expresses an interest in Roman culture. Among the activities of the Latin club is a Saturnalia and a State Convention. The Spanish Club at A.H.S. does many things throughout the year, such as going to Mexican Restaurants and demonstrating Spanish Culture. 23Science Department Our Science Department helps to develop an appreciation of the world about us by applying scientific principles to situations in every day life. 24Social Studies In striving for a link to the past the Social Studies Department gives a basic background of history and governments of different countries of the world. These are studied and compared to our country’s history and government. In doing this A.H.S. produces responsible, civic-minded citizens, which is the main goal of the Social Studies Department. 25Math Department Studies from algebra to geometry to calculus, along with the recent addition of new equipment, make math one of the most updated and challenging of all courses offered. The Mathematics Department is important not only for preparing students future study of mathematics, but also in improving students’ logical reasoning ability. 26Driver Education Driver Education is an important pan of the education of a student. It teaches them to be an alert and careful driver, and to have a good attitude toward other drivers on the road. 27Vocational Education Our Vocational Department helps train students for business fields. Many courses are included that are beneficial in later years, such as Home Economics and Typing. 28Physical Education 29Dietitians and Custodians NEVORA MOORE NETTIE LEE CAGLE RUBY HEMBREE JESSIE BEARDEN VERGIE SIKES MARY LEE SPEAR VERTICE JONES PATRICIA ANN KNIGHT 31 ED McCRELESS JEAN CAUSEY WOODROW DUNCAN We Are All Individuals Mike Amberson Mary Lou Anthony Stuart Bailey Kimmy Bearden Darryl Anderson Gary Atchley Wayne Barkely Rosanne Bearden Kim Ansley Jeff Bailey Danny Baugh Larry Bell 34Rickey Benson Jeanette Brothers Jan Buckelew John Burgess Shari Bishop Debra Brown Vicky Bunch Steve Bums Donna Brothers Regina Brown Mark Bunn Darrell Cain Sharing a Common Bond 35Through the Years We've Been Leaders CLASS OFFICERS: See. Jonathan Davis, Trcas. Margaret Howard, Pres. Mark Davis, Vice Pres. Paul Erwin Brenda Caldwell Gary Cannady Robert Cantrell David Chandler Roy Christian Don Clemons Jimmy Cochran Tony Cochran Debra Cofield Annette Coker 36Jean Ellen Collier Kenny Cook Danny Cook Brad Corbin Horis Cook Debra Corbin Dewanna Curl Robert Curry Jonathan Davis Mark Davis Robbie Davis Debra Doyle Tami Dulfy Danny Dunn and Followers 37Sammy Edwards Sandy Engelman Robert Entrekin Paul Erwin Cindy Engelman Belinda Ennis Dan Erwin Pete Evans 38Danny Fletcher Belinda Franks Debra Lang Floyd Randy Franks Sonia Galloway Brandell Garrett Wanda Gamer Steve Garrett 39 Myra Glassco Neal Glassco Sabrina Graben Laurie Green and Old OnesWe've Stood Randy Grimes Debra Gunnells Marie Ham Bandaline Hamby Kenny Harbison Debbie Hardeman Good Times Shari Hargrove Kim Harvey Robert Hawkins Diane Holsonback Andrea Honea Margaret HowardJeff Hughes David Hunt Phillip Hutcheson Karen Humphries Kathy Hunt Lenora Ingram Danny Jenkins Bob Johnson Tony Johnson Kathy Jenkins Cyndi Johnson Wanda Johnson 41Pete Lamb Kathleen Lang Melanie Lang David Ledbetter Alice Johnston Kathy Jolley Brad Jones Sheila Jones Shep Kean Jon Kelly Joy Kelley Becky Kilpatrick VictoryTrena Lemaster Alan Lowman Cindy Lester Joe Lusk and Defeat Phillip Lusk Randy Luther Steve Machen Debra Malone Ricky Malone Susan Maltbie Rita Marbut Mark Martin 43We've Worked Together Nancy Martin Vicky Martin Mike Mastin Kenneth McClellan Gloria McKinney Bobby McMurtrey Tony Miller Ronnie Miller Cathy McCreless Kent McGriff Don McClendon Rhonda McClendon 44Jeff Mitchell Kenneth Moultrie Dianne Murray Sheila Ogle Steve Painter Pam Pankey Barbara Patterson Debbie Patterson Tony Peacock Beverly Pearson Laura Peck Patricia Pegues Kenny Pell Mary Pierce Jenny Poole Jim Ray 45Patsy Richardson John Rudolph Prentice Satterfield Cathy Slaton Donna Roland Kathy Russell Susan Shadinger Clay Smith 46Jerome Smith Randall Smith Donald Spurlin Lamar Stephens Nancy Smith Rita Smith Barry Staton Martha Jo Stephens 47 and Strived Together Frank Stevens Alisa StewartRenay Stidham Belinda Stokes Sonia Stone Dewayne Swords Debra Todd Dennis Todd Jeff Todd Phillip Todd Freddie Teague Belinda Terrell Benji Terrell Jimmy Thompson Mark Thompson Grant Tidwell With the Help of Others 48James Tucker Ricky Turner Kenny Upton Jenny Wallace Jackie Wester Brenda Willoughby Betty Wisner Renita Whitmire Dorothy Wilson Bryan Woodham Karen Williams Tommy Winkles David Young 49 We Found OurselvesEDITORS: Hugh Moultrie Jenny Nolen Patsy Moore i iuuV,v, JuniorsJunior Class Officers 1974-75 LEFT TO RIGHT: Vice President Marsha Dye, President Terry McClendon, Secretary Georganne Wells, Treasurer Jim Davis Adams, Beth Alford, Kirk Allen, Charles Amberson, Dennis Artis, Peggy Atchley, Kenneth Atchley, Phil Bagwell, Benita Bailey, Ken Baker, Rodney Barclift, Scott Barr, Tim Beard, Danny Beard, Gail Beard, Nathan 54Bearden, Pam Benton, Rodney Bodine, Robert Boland, Shelia Bonds, Ramona Brewton, Joyce Bright, Cynthia Bright, Lynn Bright, Steven Brock, Lynn Brooks, Tim Brown, Belinda Brown, Joe Bryant, Jimmy Bryant, Tommy Bryson, Mike Burden, Carol Burgess, Jeff Byrum, Pam Camp, Richard 55Carter, Mike Carter, Randy Carver, Dave Cash, Macie Charles, Jane Cherry, Deborah Cherry, Donald Clark, Hal Clemons, Michele Clines, Robbie Coker, Shelton Cole, Gina Collins, Rick Colquitt, Mary Jo Colvin, Mike Connor, Jim Cook, Bobby Cooley, Neal Corbin, Bearl Cordell, John Cornelius, Benny Cornelius, Melanie Croft, Kent Crews, Karen 56Culben, Bobby Culben, Joe Currie, Steve Davis, Angela Why noi me? Davis, Debra Davis, Jim Davis, Phillip Davis, Tim Daugette, Kathy Dean, Tony Deece, Janice Denney, Deborah Dingier, Jerry Dorsett, K. D. Dugan, Theresa Duke, Keith Dye, Marsha Edmondson, Ricky Edwards, Thomas Ellis, Mike Elrod, Cynthia Elrod, John Ennis, Phillip Eubanks, Belinda 57Evans, Stan Faulkner, Nancy Gaither, Brad Garrett, Mike Gibson, Vicki Gore, Eddie Graves, Regeania Griggs, Charles Griffith, David Hale, Debra Hambrick, John Hardy, Lisa Harper, Wayne Han, Brent Hawkins, Raymond Haymond, Tommy Henry, Mickey Henson, Reba Hicks, Freda Hill, Gerry Hill, Jerry Hill, Timmy Hilley, Jerry Holsonback, Rodney Howard, Becky Hunt, Vicki Hyde, Jerry Hyde, Steve Irwin, Diane 58Juniors “Ride Again Kirby, Westley Kirkland, Peggy Kirkland, Sherri Land, Jacki Latham, Bobby Latham, Teresa Lessley, Mike Lewis, Pam Lowery, Rickey Lowery, Vicki Lusk, Teresa Maness, Bobby Martin, Deborah Martin, Sharon Martin, Tim L. 59 Fantasy — i Got it! i Got it! Martin, Timothy W. McAllister, Pamela McClendon, Terry McCreless, Melesia McDaniel, Tony McKinney, Dennis McLendon, Marty McLeod, Don Minor, James Minor, Steve Mitchell, Steve Moman, Sandra Monday, Mike Moore, David Moore, Joye Moore, Patsy Morrison, Patti Morrison, Vicki Morton, Vicki Motley, John 60Motley, Renee Moultrie, Hugh Mullinax, Debra Murphree, Jim Naylor, Reed Nolen, Jenny Norris, Kim O’Dell, Ferron Oliver, Donna Orr, Hubert Orr, Linda Owens, Cindy Pannell, Regina Patterson, Lewis Patterson, Tony Peacock, Terry Pearce, Alicia Pierce, Roger Poe, Susan Pope, Teresa 61Reaves, Shelia Reeves, Terry Reynolds, Judkins Rhea, Denise Rice, Denise Richards, Kathy Roberts, Jim Roberts, Greg Roberts, Rosa Robertson, Janice Robertson, Mitzi Robertson, Sulynn Roden, Cynthia Roden, Ferrell Roebuck, David Rowell, Connie Runyan, Ronald Sampson, Wanda Satterfield, Donna Scruggs, Susan Silas, Ricky Sims, Joyce Smalley, Donna Smith, Danny 62What's One More Award? Smith, Karen Smith, Kathy Smith, Laura Smith, Steven Southerland, Arlene Spurgeon, Linda Spurlin, Lynn Spurlin, Tony Stephens, Mike Stevens, Beneta Stewart, Jody Stiacener, Darlene Strange, Roger Sutton, Sandi Tabor, Danny Talley, Keitn Taylor, Mike Teague, Paul Teague, Tammy Thompson, Alice Thompson, Phyllis Thrash, Jeff Trussel, Regena Todd, Karen 63Todd, Vicki Townson, Ronald Wallace, David Warren, Fred Warren, Tony Watwood, Steve Wells, Georganne Wells, Jennie Wells, Mary Jane West, Bill Wester, Rethia Whitehead, Robin Wilks, Shane Williams, Andy Williams, Pam Willoughby, Brenda Willoughby, Roger Woodall, Tim Woodham, Mike Yarbrough, Robin The years of the past are gone but not forgotten. There is no way in our power we can change what we have done. So what we must do is learn from the past and look toward the future. 64Sophomores Sherry Gordon Perry Martin Mary V. Moore Charles WoodsAaron, Kathy Abney, Wendy Adams, Beverly Allen, Jeff A Iverson, Sue Anderson, Debbie Andrews, Richard Bagwell, Pam Bain, Joy Baird, Noel Baker, Patricia Barkley, Richie Barton, Chris Baugh, Donald Beard, David Beaird, Tammy Bearden, David Bearden, Karen Bearden, Sherry Beasley, Don Beason, Steve Bell, Many Bell, Mona Benefield, Brent Benefield, Rebecca Benson, Charlotte 66omores Have Spirit! Benton, Lorraine Betz, Rebecca Bevell, Loretta Biddle, Lawrence Black, Terry Blackmon, Pam Blankenship, Beverly Blaylock, Mike Boen, Cindy Bonds, Randy Bright, Stanley Bright, Terry Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Mike Brown, Chris Brown, Rhonda Bruce, Gil Bryant, Linda Bryant, Joyce Buchannon, Joey Buck, Susie Burroughs, JoAnna SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: President, Joan Robertson; Secretary, Aletha Miller; Vice-President, Mike Davis; Treasurer. Carla Floyd. 67Byars, Kathy Cagle, Wayne Caldwell, Jenny Calhoun, Katrina Carnes, Richard Carroll, Thomas Cartee, Butch Carver, Rene Cauthren, Billie Chambers, Karen Chamblee, Randy Chandler, Randy Charles, Cathy Cleveland, Joyce Cofield, Angela Collier, Tamie Compton, Mike Corbin, James Corbitt, James Cornelius, Roger Crawford, Wade Crist, Robert Cryar, Millie Curl, Tonya Curry, Janet Daniels, Vickie Davis, Melinda 68 Sophomore AttentionDavis, Michael Davis, Steve Dean, Jerome Denham, David Dobbins, Rickey Doyle, Tim Driver, Michael Duckett, Debbie Duckett, Jerry Duke, Kenneth Eason, Russell Edwards, Bobby Edwards, Rickey Elrod, Tina Engelman, Linda Evers, Anthony Ferguson, Carol Files, Shane Floyd, Carla Floyd, Jim Foremon, Rhonda Franklin, Mike Frazier, Larry Fricks, Beth Fuell, Joe Ferguson, Melissa Gamer, Connie Span — Very Short!This Was Homecoming? Garrison, Lisa Gautney, Brenda Gay, Mark Gordon, Sherry Greer, Connie Grindle, Joyce Grizzard, James Harbison, Kelvin Hardin, Greg Han, Beverly Hayes, Sherie Head, Randall Hedgepeth, Roger Henson, Lamar Hester, Teresa Hicks, Brenda Hipp, Libby Holder, Patricia Hollis, Sandra Holsonback, Richie Howard, Melissa Hunter, Terry Hutcheson, Dennis Isom, Paulette Jarmon, Liz Johnson, Debra Johnson, Ted Johnston, Gary Jones, Denise Jones, Joe Jones, Mark Kidd, Diane King, Jane Knight, Keith Knight, Mark Ladshaw, Malinda Latham, Roger Lawson, Phillip Ledbetter, Mark Lee, Michael LeMaster, Mary J Liles, Cathy 70Lindsay, Regina Lokey, Mike Lovell, Michael Lowe, David Lowery, Denise Lowery, Lauren Lusk, Anthony Luther, Tammy Lynn, James Maddox, Tammy Malone, Marla Manley, Richard Martin, Douglas Martin, Many Martin, Perry Martin, Scott Mason, Richard Masters, Joyce Martini, Krista Mayes, Jeff Mayfield, James McClendon, Debra McClendon, Jerry McClendon, Mike 71McCreless, Donna McGriff, Joel Mewboume, Barbara Miller, Aletha Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, Steve Mitchell, Tim Mitchell, Whitt Moore, Hamp Moore, Mary V. Morrow, Larry Moseley, Bobby Nelson, Mark Osborne, Mary B. Padgett, Tim Parker, Larry Patterson, Kathy Patterson, Mike Patterson, Sandra Pearce, Diane Pegues, Juanita Peppers, David Phillips, Connie Ponder, Paul 72Sophomores Dream Big! Rains, Jeffery Rains, Pam Ratcliff, Terry Reed, Jamie Reed, Susan Reaves, Barry Reeves, Kevin Reeves, Robyn Rice, Margaret Richards, Greg Richards, Paul Richards, Tommy Poole, Jenny Poole, Lamar Powell, Bruce Powers, Mike Pursley, Tim Quick, DebraRichardson, David Richey, A1 Rhodes, Charles Riggins, Kathy Riley, Toby Robertson, Joan Robinson, Many Roden, Rhonda Roden, Sandra Roden, Tammy Roebuck, Paul Rogers, Ann Rogers, Dianne Romine, Rhonda Ross, Lisa Ross, Sylvia Rosson, Rickey Rutledge, Aletha Saint, Kathy Salvage, Jeff Sanders, Dennis Scislaw, Kenneth Seay, Carl Self, Jeff Sheets, Wanda Shipp, Chris Simmons, Mike Sims, Ledon Slaton, Debra Smith, Benny Paul 7 ACaught in What? Smith, Karen Smith, Lena Smith, Randy Smith, Roy Snider, Ray Spurgeon, Pat Spurlin, Susan Stephens, Victor Stewart, Libby Stone, Eddie Stover, Kathy Strange, Diane Strange, Kenneth Swords, Vicki Tabor, Linda Taylor, Diane Teague, Deborah Terrell, Neal Terrell, Randall Terrell, Steven Terrell, Teresa Thomas, Dale Thrasher, Lisa Thrasher, Pat Throckmorton, Rick Todd, Pam Todd, Sherry Townson, Lynne Townson, Kenneth Tucker, Patsy Underwood, Paula Vandergriff, Rick Vaughn, Dianne Vinyard, Steve Wakefield, Collins Waldrop, Edwin Wallace, Jeff Ward, Rick Ward, Tony Warren, Carolyn Watwood, Chuck Wellborn, Walter 75West, Benny West, Jim Wester, Linda White, Jennifer White, Mike Whitten, Andy Whitten, Angie Williams, Ed Williams, Robert Williamson, Wanda Windsor, Phillip Winfrey, Beverly Woods, Charles Woodward, Margaret Wright, Danny Yates, Angela York, Marlin Young, Jamie 76 n EDITORS Vicki Hedgepeth Leigh Laser Cynthia Rice FreshmenFreshman Adkins, Arnold Allredge, Janet Allison, Greg Anderson, Danny Ansley, Jim Ashley, Diane Askins, David Bagwell, Sandra Bailey, Boyd Baldwin, Betty Bankston, Donna Beaird, Vicki Beam, Kim Bearden, Sherrie Belew, Steve Bell, Greg Bell, Charlotte Belles, Sara Bishop, Debra Bowen, Marilyn Brock, Tommy Brower, Scott Browning, John Bryant, Kathy Bryant, Barry Broyles, Eddie Buckelew, Mark Cambron, Tammy Camp, Tony Campbell, Craig Campbell, Rena Cannady, Joey Carney, Vince Canee, Stephanie Carter, Shelia Chamblee, Teresa Champion, Allen Chandler, Mike Cherry, Joyce Childress, Carolyn Childress, Peggy Clark, Brenda 78Class Officers —1975 President, Lee Lusk; Vice President, Greg Henderson: Secretary, Susan Nolan; Treasurer, Larry Nelson Clark, Kirk Clemons, Kelly Coker, Pam Cooley, Margie Cornelius, Donna Cornelius, Karen Couch, Janue Cox, Kay Crawford, Renae Crews, Pam Crow, Tammy Culbert, Clinton Daniels, Darlene Darden, David Daugette, Fred Deerman, Steve Dorsett, Randy Doyle, Donny 79There's Power in Dean, Barbara Edmonds, Debrah Elrod, Donna Elrod, LouAnn Engle, Robert Ennis, Donna Eudy, Mike Ezzel, Annette Fant, Paula Finlay, Lynne Fleming, Lesa Foreman, Jan Forsyte, Barbara Franklin, Mark Frix, Tim Garner, Carolyn Garner, Freda Gipson, RandyThose Freshmen! Gore, Gary Graben, Tilda Graben, Tina Grimes, Pam Gunter, Ernest Gunter, Johnny Gullahorn, Amanda Gunnels, John Hampton, Antia Hall, Jerry Ham, Jimmy Hammer, Bob Hammett, Darrell Harris, Brenda Harper, Mike Haney, Marvin Hamrick, Robert Hart, Helen Hasty, Janet Hawkins, Bobby Hawkins, Sharon Hayes, Charlene Hedgepeth, Vicki Henderson, Greg Hendrix, Joey Henry, Roger Henson, Phillip Hilley, Steve Hodges, Janet Holman, Tommy Hood, Joe Hunt, Cindy Isbill, Rita Janey, Butch Jenkins, Fran Jenkins, Robert Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Christy Johnston, Pat Jolley, Bill Jolley, Terry Jones, Angela 81Freshmen Get a Jones, Danny Jones, Ed Jones, Larry Jones, Monty Jones, Phillip Justice, Steve Kelley, Debra King, Sandra King, Tony Kitchens, Myra Kirkwood, Kevin Kittle, Donny Lamb, Jimmy Lang, Brenda Lang, Jeff Lang, Sharon Laser, Leigh Latham, Donna Lecroy, Rickey Lester, Clay Lewis, Sherry Livingston, David 82Bang Out of A.H.S.! Livingston, Gail Lowery, Cindy Lowery, Tony Lowman, Boyd Lusk, Cindy Lusk, Donna Lusk, Lee Maddux, Steven Malone, Betty Malone, Cynthia Mashburn, Lisa Masters, Billy Masters, Teresa Mathis, Kim Mayfield, Bobby McBrayer, Ramona McClearen, Kenneth McClendon, Shelley McCutheons, Mike McDaniel, Roger McDaniel, Sherry McNair, Dellynne 83Those Spirited Miller, Randy Milner, Lisa Minor, Donna Mitchell, Debbie Mitchell, Karen Moore, Rhonda Morrison, Kim Morgan, Benny Morgan, Jeff Mosley, Tim Mullinax, Donna Myers, Barry Nelson, Larry NeSmith, Steven Nolan, Susan O’Dell, Phillip Oliver, Debbie Oliver, Donna Oliver, Karen D. Oliver, Karen J. Osborn, Sheila Patterson, Brenda Patterson, Charlotte Patterson, Roy 84Freshmen! Patterson, Tommy Parker, Beth Parker, Ronnie Partridge, Donna Partridge, Ronnie Pearce, Bruce Pell, Shirley Phillips, Autumn Piper, David Pounds, Deborah Pope, Yalonda Prance, Penny Ragsdale, Mary Ragsdale, Richard Ramey, Alan Reed, Jimmie Rhodes, Carl Richards, Mike Richardson, Thomas Rice, Cynthia Richey, Lisa Riddle, Suzanne Rowe, Lisa Rowell, Jimmy Sampson, Steve Sellers, Pamela 85Innocent Until Shipp, Francis Silas, Billy Sims, Sandra Sivils, Nicke Slaton, Kenneth Smith, Billy Smith, Billy Smith, Eugene Smith, Sally Snider, Jeff Sparks, Tammy Stanley, George Staton, Tina Stephens, Stanley Stevens, Johnny Stevens, Lynn Stewart, Greg Swords, Verbie Stone, Jean Stracener, Randy Styke, Kathy Tarvin, Virginia Taylor, Kay Teague, Jeffrey 86Proven Guilty! Teague, Nancy Terrell, Jeff Terrell, Jimmy Tidmore, Randall Upton, Lesa Upton, Martha Vines, Teresa Walker, Terry Warren, John Warren, Neal Wells, Tom West, Tim Wester, Jo Ann White, Julia White, Tammie Whitehead, Patti Whitmire, Cindy Wilder, Tony Wilks, Craig Williams, Mendy Willoughby, Rhonda Willoughby, Rodney Wilson, Danny Wilson, James Wilson, Tim Worsham, Donna Wright, Stephen 8788 74 Aggie Band Drum Major, TIM WOODALL Head Honor Flag. DONNA OLIVER 90Leadership Is . . . Head Majorette, VICKI MORRISON Head Rifle. LISA HARDY 91. . . Authority Band Officers: VICKI MORRISON MARY JANE WELLS CINDY LESTER Head Flash Flag: JENNY NOLEN CINDY LESTER Section Leaders Cindy Lesier Jenny Nolen Vicki Morrison Pam Byrum Tim Woodall Millie Cryar Joe Brown Kim Harvey Robert Curry Joe Culbert 92Saxophones Charlie Griggs, Fred Daugette. Linda Engleman, Krista Martini, Janet Aldredge, Amanda Gullahom, Angela Jones. Sherry Gordon, Rhonda Rhoden, Debbie Duckett, Joe Brown. 93Sheila Carter, Susan Scruggs, Beverly Brooks, Beverly Adams, Cindy Hunt, Janue Couch, Pam Grimes, Sherie Yancy, Donna Mullinax, Donna Lusk, Jimmie Reed. Janet Curry, Millie Cryar, Beth Parker. Jamie Reed, Dellynne McNair, Debbie Oliver, Renae Campbell, Sherry Todd, Paula Fant, Denise Jones, Shelia Osborn, Sharon Lang. Rita Isbell, Debi Martin, Tammy White. Clarinets Flutes Jennifer White Debbie Mitchell Charlenne Hayes Cynthia Rice Donna Cornelius Sally Smith Kim Mathis Nicke Sivils Janet Hasty Lou Ann Elrod Kim Beam Lisa Richey Lynne Finley Pam ByrumBrass David Ledbetter. George Stanley. Steve Bums. Phillip Henson. James Grizzard, Kim Harvey. Tony Brock. Tim Woodall. Tony Scislaw, Sharon Hawkins. Lynn Brock. Stephen Maddox, Bruce Powell. Danny Wright. Low Brass Kirk Alford. Rick Collins. Robert Curry. Danny Beard. Ann Rogers, Julia White, David Bearden, Randy Bonds, Richie Holsonback, Rick Malone. Charlie Woods. 95Flash Flags Sandi Engleman, Nancy Faulkner. Karen Williams, Lauren Lowery, Jenny Nolen, Susan Spurlin. Cindy Lesier, Lisa Thrasher, Gail Beard, Nancy Martin, Cindy Engleman. 96Majorettes Pam Lewis, Melanie Cornelius, Vicki Morrison, Teresa Hester 97Senior Band Members Kim Harvey. Cindy Lester. Steve Bums, Sandi Engleman, Nancy Martin. David Ledbetter, Rick Malone, Cindy Engleman, Karen Williams, Robert Curry1st ROW: Roseann Bearden, Debbie Hardeman, Mrs. Milner (sponsor), Pete Evans. 2nd ROW: Karen Williams, Mary Virginia Moore, Gail Livingston, Greg Henderson, Charlie Woods, Roy Christian, Dewanna Curl, Penny Prance, Beverly Pearson, Shari Hargrove. 3rd ROW: Mary Beth Osborne, Phillip Hutcheson, Rickey Turner, Bob Johnson, Jonathan Davis, Don Clemons, Stan Evans, David Culp, Shep Kean, Randall Head, Kirk Alford. Kathleen Lang. THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE STAFF LIBRARY CLUB 1st ROW: Mike Lokey, Mark Martin, Jon Kelley, Robert Entrekin, Tina Elrod. Angela Yates, Joyce Grindle, Mrs. Cole (sponsor), Gail Livingston, Kelly Clemons, Beth Parker, Lou Ann Elrod, Lisa Rowe. Cindy Hunt. 3rd ROW: Ronnie Miller, Rodney Duvall, Jim Cochran 99STUDENT COUNCIL L. to R., 1st ROW: Danny Baugh. Mrs. Alford (sponsor), Brad Gaither. Leigh Laser. 2nd ROW: Steve Vineyard. Greg Henderson. Paul Erwin. Philip Hutcheson. Mike Mastin. Dale Thomas, Sherry Gordon, Mike Davis, Ale-tha Miller. 3rd ROW: Janice Robertson, Janet Alldridge, Mike Colvin. Larry Nelson, Georganne Wells, Rick Ward. Vickie Hedge-path, Katrina Calhoun, Angela Yates, Nicke Sivils. 4th ROW: Cindy Bright, Jenny Nolen. Horis Cood, Tom Wells. Deborah Denney. Marsha Dye, Tonya Curl, Roger Pierce, Jim Floyd, David Roebuck. 5th ROW: Steve Machen, Hubert Orr, Carla Floyd.SECRET ARY: Hubert Orr TREASURER: Sherry Gordon NIKE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Hale, Pam Bearden, Karen Smith, Shelia Johnson, Pam Crews. Sulynn Robertson. Regeania Graves. Alice Thompson. Kim Norris, Jackie Land, Becky Howard. 101SCIENCE CLUB lsi ROW. L. to R.: Ann Rogers. Karen Williams, Jean Stone. Marsha Dye, Cindy Engleman. Sandy Engleman, Shari Hargrove. Beth Parker, Mark Davis. Rhonda Willoughby. Lisa Upton. Leigh Laser. Steve Machen, Horis Cook, Jerome Smith. 2nd ROW: Georganne Wells, Kirk Alford, John Burgess. Kathy Jolley. John Hamrick. Danny Dunn, Rodney Duvall. Tim Martin. Roger Willoughby, Robert Entrekin, Jody Stewart, Mark Martin. 3rd ROW: Hubert Orr, Stan Evans. Kim Harvey, John Elrod. Shane Wilkes, Alan Lowman. Steven Smith, Hugh Moultrie. Pete Evans. Mike Mastin, Chuck Wat wood, Don Clemons, Tony Cochran. David Chandler, Roger Pierce, Brian Woodham, Kenny Har-bison, Paul Erwin, Jonathan Davis. Kenneth Moultrie, Mrs. Langley (Sponsor), Mr. Neighbors (sponsor). SCIENCE QUB5 Of Hg FBLA 1st ROW: Mrs. Little (sponsor), Roseann Bearden. Joyce Masters, Joyce Grindle. Sherry Bearden. Renita Whitmiee, Belinda Franks. Alisa Stewart, Sand! Moman, Mrs. Sloan (sponsor). 2nd ROW: Betsy Holson-back, Beverly Adams, Tammy Roden, Sandra Rowe, Laura Smith, Cathy Slaton, Sabrina Graben, Trena Lemaster, Dianne Irvin. Debbie Anderson. 3rd ROW: Teresa Pope, Tammy Maddox. Vicki Hunt. Sharon Martin. Becky Howard, Myra Glassco. Sulynn Robertson, Dianne Pearce, Debra Cofield. Jan Buckelew. 4th ROW: Denise Rice, Griffith, Lynn Townson, Wanda Johnson. Debbie Hardeman. Mary Jo Colquitt, Linda Tabor, Melanie Lang, Kathy Aaron. Dathy Stover. Janet Curry. Patricia Thrasher, Aletha Rutledge. 1021st ROW, L. to R.: Kim Mathis. Sharon Hawkins. Penny Prance, Janet Alldridge. Janet Hodges. Karen Oliver. 2nd ROW: Susan Nolen. Greg Henderson, Larry Nelson. Randy Gipson, Joey Cannady, Tony Wilder. 3rd ROW: Jean Stone. Karen Mitchell. Leigh Laser, Renea Crawford. DeLynn McNair. Steven Maddox. 4th ROW: Pam Grimes. Beth Parker. Amanda Gullahom, Donna Mullinax. Lisa Milner. Kathy Styke, Tammy Cameron. JR. BETA CLUB OFFICERS. L. to R.: Greg Henderson. Treas.; Susan Nolen -Pres.: Larry Nelson - V.-Pres. 2nd ROW: Beth Parker -Reporter; Tammy Cameron - Secretary. SPANISH CLUB 1st ROW, L. to R.: Wendy Abney, Cindy Bright, Tammie White, Jennifer While, David Richardson. Nancy Faulkner, Pam Bagwell. Jamie Young, David Culp, Hamp Moore, Dianne Kidd. 2nd ROW: Deborah McClendon, Denise Lowery, Vicki Lowery, Donna Satterfield, Georganne Wells, Pam Lewis, Libby Stewart. Lena Smith. 3rd ROW: Alan Lowman. Pam Blackmon, Vicki Morrison. Pam Williams, Lisa Richey, Janet Hasty, Sharon Hawkins, Kathy Styke, Martha Upton, Dellyne McNair. Russell Eason, Mike White, Sherry Gordon, Aletha Miller, Donna Roland. Regina Brown, Beth Fricks, Jane King. 5th ROW: Cindy Boen, Richard Ragsdale, Sherrie Yancey. Charlotte Reeves, Vidki Bunch. Helen Han. Carolyn Warren, Mike Lovell, Janet Alldredge. Cindy Lusk, Donna McCreless, Linda Bryant, Robert Williams, David Bearden, Linda Spurgeon. Kent Croft. Mrs. Keller (sponsor), Rita Isbell. Tim Martin. 5th ROW: Don McLeod, Tony Cochran, Steve Machen. Tony Peacock, Chris Brown, Beverly Adams. James Lynn, Rosa Robcns, Jody Stewan, Shari Bishop. Don McClendon. Debbie Anderson. Lynn Bright. Lynne Finlay, Rick Ward. Kim Beam, Reba Henson, Julia White. 103D.E.C.A 1st ROW: Mike Amberson, Danny Smith. 2nd ROW: Wayne Harper. Keith Duke. Gary Atchley, Mark Bunn. Danny Cook. Hal Clark, Gerry Hill. Jercy Hllley. 3rd ROW: Jackie Wester, Lenora Ingram. Betty Wisener. Becky Kilpatrick, Mary Marks. Barbara Patterson, Sonia Stone, Mary Anthony. 4th ROW: Dianne Holsonback, Rhonda McClendon. Brenda Caldwell, Daryll Anderson, Renay Stidham, Dennis Amberson. John McCollum, Randy Luther. Phil Atchley. 5th ROW: Mr. McClendon (sponsor). Ramoana Bonds, David Moore. Keith Justice. Louis Patterson. Phillip Lusk, Shane Wilkes. Jerry Hill, Don McLeod. Tim Broods, Danny Fletcher. OFFICERS: L. to R.: Darryl Anderson -President: Renay Stidham - Vice-President: Becky Kilpatrick - Reporter: Danny Cook - Treasurer. 104SR. BETA CLUB 1st ROW: Georganne Wells. Gina Cole. Mary Jane Wells. Pam Williams. Sandi Moman. Vicki Morton. Cindy Engleman. Janice Robertson. Cindy Bright. Jane Charles. Dorothy Wilson. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Vasser (sponsor). Kathy Daugette, Michele Clemons. Paul Erwin. Alan Lowman, Mark Davis. David Chandler. Shelia Prance. Sandy Engleman. Shari Hargrove. Regina Brown. Linda Kiker. Cynthia Elrod. 3rd ROW: Becky Howard. Vicki Morrison. Janice Robertson. Kenneth Moultrie, Philip Hutcheson, Lynn Bright. Nancy Faulkner, Gail Beard. Pam Byrum. OFFICERS. L. to R.: Jim Roberts -Treasurer: Paul Erwin - President: Mark Davis - Vice-President: Geor-ganne Wells - Secretary. 105FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: L. to R.: Cindy Bright -Recreation Leader: Marsha Dye - Secretary: Nancy Faulkner - Devotion Chairman. 2nd ROW: Gina Cole -President; Susan Maltbie - Recreation Leader: Grenda Willoughby - Historian; Deborah Denney - Treasurer: Becky Howard - Reporter. SEATED. L. to R.: Gail Beard, Jenny Nolen, Forothy Wilson, Vicki Morton. Margaret Rice, Pam Rains, Sherry Bearden, Horis Cook, Frank Stevens, Sherri Kirkwood. Shelia Johnson. Linda Englcman. Shirley Pell. 2nd ROW: Regeania Graves, Karen Crews, Jackie Land. Belinda Eubanks, Joye Moore. Rita Cagle, Dianne Pearce, Wanda Sampson. Melissa Howard. Rebecca Benefield. Christy Johnson. Beth Adams. Lisa Hardy, Cindy Bright. 3rd ROW: Mrs. Corbin (sponsor), Debbie Hale. Sulynn Robertson, Shelia Ogle, Kathy Jolley, Vicki Lowery. Rcgcana Panncll. Marsha Dye. Karen Humphries, Nancy Martin. Donna Washam, Karen Tailor. Debra Cherry, Mrs. Head (sponsor). 4th ROW: Becky Howard. Debbie Martin. Rita Marbut, Pam Byrum. Pam Bearden. Susan Scruggs. Charlotte Reeves. Donna Satterfield. Shari Bishop, Sandy Engleman. Gina Cole. Cindy Englcman. Susan Maltbie, Kathy Dau-gette. 5th ROW: Nancy Faulkner, Vicki Morrison. Brenda Willoughby, Carla Floyd, Deborah Denney.VICA SEATED. L. to R.: Mr. Camp (sponsor), Randall Garrett. Debra Brown, Jean Ellen Collier, Teresa Rives, Debra Floyd, Robert Matthews. STANDING: Dewayne Swords, Mike Ellis, Tony Miller. James White, Jackie Rice, Dale Strange, Danny Jenkins, Jimmy Thompson. Bobby McMurtrey, Terry Wesson, Bill West, Gary Duvall. Billy Pearce. Mike Monday, Jeff Kcnnamcr. FCA 1st ROW: Rodney Duvall. Randy Franks. John Burgess, Jim Davis, HorisCook, Mark Davis, Dollins Wakefield. Mike Davis. 2nd ROW: Mark Martin, Robert Entre-kin, Ronnie Miller. Kim Bearden, Randy Grimes. Danny Baugh. Jim Rhea, Jeff Bailey. Tim Martin, Roger Willoughby, Charlie Wooks. Brent Han. 3rd ROW: Lawrence Biddle, Tommy Winkles, Mike Mastin, Robbie Clines, Paul Erwin. Frank Stevens. Bob Johnson. Kenneth Moultrie. Steve Machen, Shane Files. 4th ROW: Carl Rhodes. Mike Colcin. Darrell Caine. Keith Knight. Steve Vineyard. Many McClendon. Roger Pierce. Jonathan Davis. 107AGRI-BUSINESS YEAR 1: 1st ROW: Joey Buchanan. Ricky Edwards, Lawrence Biddle, Richard Mason. Greg Hardin, Whitt Mitchell. Joe Hood. Danny Doyle, Tim Moseley, Mark Benefield, Larry Morrow. 2nd ROW: James Corbitt, Larry Parker, Richard Barkley, Donald Baugh. Chris Brown, Wayne Cagle, Steve Hilley. Timmy Martin, Alan Champion. 3rd ROW: Chris Barton. Ray Snider, Jimmy Lamb. Rodney Baker, Anthony Evers, Terry Bright, Steve Justice. Mark Gay. YEAR 2: 1st ROW: Mr. Hodges (sponsor), Kerry Harbison, Steve Burns, Ricky Malone, Dan Nelson. Tony Johnson, Tony Patterson. Kim Ansley, Rodney Holsonback, Tim Davis, Jerry Hyde. 2nd ROW: Stewart Bailey, Bobby Culbert, Robert Bodine, Brad Corbin. Jeff Thrash. Phillip Todd. Dennis Todd, Ricky Benson. Jud Reynolds, Steve Bright. Benny Cornelius. Donald Cherry. Mike Woodham, James Minor. MATH CLUB 1st ROW: Kim Harvey. Jerome Smith, Horis Cook. Pete Evans. Frank Stevens. Jonathan Davis, Kenneth Moultrie, Jim Roberts. 2nd ROW: Robbie Clines. Jerry Hyde, Tim Martin. Danny Dunn, Alan Lowman, Cindy Engleman, David Chandler, Jan Buckelew, Darrell Caine, Cindy Bright. Lynn Bright. Gina Cole. Mary Jane Wells. 3rd: Phillip Hutcheson. Bob Johnson, Mark Davis. Kirk Alford, Paul Erwin, Kent McGriff, Steve Machen, Karen Smith, Sandi Moman, Becky Howard. Sandy Engleman, Janice Robertson. Hubert Orr, Pam Williams. Michele Clemons. Shari Hargrove. Patsy Moore, Alicia Pearce. Georganne Wells. Mrs. Sivils (sponsor). 108JR. CIVITANS 1st ROW. L. to R.: Paul Erwin. Kirk Alford. Dewanna Curl. Melissa Howard. Janice Robertson. Tonya Curl. Rhonda Roden. Marsha Dye. Lauren Lowrey. Cindy Engleman. Pam Blackmon. Georganne Wells. 2nd ROW: Charlie Woods. Danny Dunn. Shari Hargrove. Shelia Prance. Lisa Milner. Susan Spurlin. Millie Cryar, Sandy Engleman. Charlotte Reeves. Pam Lewis. Phillip Hutcheson. Mary Jane Wells. Tommy Winkles. Rosa Roberts. Alicia Pearce. 3rd ROW: Gina Cole. Michele Clemons. Becky Howard. Steve Machen. Kathy Daugette. John Hamrick. Cindy Bright. Tim Martin. Roger Willoughby. Many McClendon. Robin Whitehead. Tony Cochran. Alan Lowman. Jeff Bailey. David Chandler. Mr. Crawford (sponsor). Stan Evans. Kenneth Moultrie. Kenny Scislaw, Horis Cook. OFFICERS, L. to R.: Steve Machen - Pres.: Georganne Wells - V.-Pres.: Phillip Hutcheson - Sgt. at Arms: Mary Jane Wells - Sec.; Alan Lowman - Treas. 109STUDENT ACTION FOR EDUCATION L. to R.. 1st ROW: V. Todd. D. Wilson. J. Wallace. S. Moman. G. Beard. S. Prance, L. Hlpp. M. Howard. C. Bright, M. J. Wells. A. Pearce, D. Jones. H. On, Mrs. Mitchell (sponsor). 2nd ROW: $. Lang. C. Hayes. V. Morton, P. Williams, R. Henson, L. Spurgeon, P. Byrum, B. Adams. N. Faulkner, J. Robertson, K. Daugette, S. Poe, C. Hunt, W. Sheets. 3rd ROW: T. Grabcn. S. Osborne, S. Yancey. T. Omeron. J. Foreman. B. Hart. S. Maddox. M. Lovell, C. Woods. R. Collins. T. White, N. Sivlls, S. Evans, P. Blackmon. 4th ROW: T. Graben. F. Shipp. D. Latham, J. Hodges, P. Prance. L. Milner. C. Patterson, A. Eazel, K. Alford. K. Bailey. D. Oliver, M. V. Moore, G. Livingston, L. Finley. K. Clemons. M. Cooley. 5th ROW: M. Dye. J. Nolen. L. Hardy. M. Compton. G. Cole. D. Bearden, T. Brock. P. Grimes. D. Wright. P. Man in. T. Doyle. M. Cryar. J. White, L. Smith. 6th ROW: T. Woodall, J. Hamrick. T. Winkles, J. Roberts, T. Wells. L. Brock. J. Grizzard, D. Beard. K. Atchley, M. B. Osborne. OFFICERS: S. Prance - Pres.: J. Nolen - 1st V. Pres.; Initiation of New Members Becky Howard - 2nd V.-Pres.: Hubert On - Parliamentarian. 110Jr. Civitans Host District Convention The Albertville Jr. Civitan Club walked away with more than half of the awards presented at the convention. Horis Cook, district governor of 74-75 presided over the convention. Georganne Wells, deputy-governor, assisted him. Ira J. Crawford won the award for outstanding club advisor. Steve Machen won the award for outstanding club president. Roger Willoughby, who won second place in the talent contest, was presented one of the two civic keys for this district. The Albertville club also won the Outstanding Club award for north Alabama. Malinda Lad-shaw was crowned Miss Jr. Civitan by last year's queen, Marsha Dye. m1975 Mountaineer Staff 112113ROTC:Jrs. Present The Skin of Our Teeth JR. PLAY CAST: Lynn Spurlin, Greg Robertson. Keith Talley. Steve Smith, Terry McClendon. Tommy Haymon, Regina Panncll, Patti Morrison. Hubert Orr, Phyllis Thompson. David Wallace, Shelton Coker, Mike Powell, Joyce Alford, John Hambrick, Sue Lynn Robertson, Sheila Johnson, Kirk Alford, Vicki Keller, Alan Alford. Robert Alford, David Moore, Denise Rhea. Marsha Dye. 115Seniors Travel WithJCL Hosts 1181975 State Convention Opp. Page. TL - ••Romans” feasting at banquet. TR - State President Shari Hargrove confers with Mrs. Strickland. M - Olympic games a la Albertville. B - Modem murals. TL - Slaves assisting Mr. Wright. TR - Now just wait a minute Horis! B - Taking time out for modem recreation. 119Life at A.H.S.. . .ill AjUA Company 1st Platoon ROW 1: J. Kirby, R. Clines. ROW 2: D. Han, J. Teague, V. Swords, C. Smith, J. Mayes. S. Sampson, J. Parker. ROW 3: B. Corbin, E. Smith, J. Morgan, T. Veal, M. Haney, T. Walker. ROW 4: S. Terrell, B. Pearce, R. McDaniel. A. Richey, C. Roebuck. 2nd Platoon ROW 1: A. Nailor, R. Clines, J. Jones. ROW 2: D. Nelson, H. Pell, R. R. Benefield, R. E. Benefield, K. Kirkwood. R. Camp, D. Benefield, M. Lee. ROW 3: B. Silas. R. Tidmore, T. Richards, J. Snider, R. Engle. S. Vandcrgriff, C. Lester. ROW 4: J. Peppers. B. West, D. Hammett, J. Duckett. R. Dobbins, F. Daugette. 123B Company 1st Platoon ROW 1: W. Cagle. J. Smart, D. Denham. ROW 2: M. Nelson. B. Hawkins. J. Cannady, P. Law-son. B. Mayfield, J. Gunnels. S. Bclue, S. Brower. ROW 3: J. Motley. J. Rains, V. Camey, T. Jolley. E. Broyles, J. Browning. J. Gamer. ROW 4: R. Holsonback, J. T. Cartee. T. Wilson, S. Cain, T. Ratclift, C. Rhoades. 2nd Platoon ROW 1: T. Ward. D. Fletcher. ROW 2: T. Black. B. Benefield. R. Partridge, D. Lowery, J. E. Wilson. K. Slaton. ROW 3: M. Benefield. M. Jones. B. Johnson. R. Williams. ROW 4: R. Ward, P. Richards, M. Knight, R. Terrell. Band 124 ROW 1: S. Burns. ROW 2: K. Scislaw. T. Brock. S. Maddux. ROW 3: T. Mosley. D. Kittle, G. Stanley. A. Ramey.Drill Team ROW 1: K. Ansley. K. McClellan. ROW 2: D. Lowe. C. Culben, M. Martin, J. Hood. J. Ansley. ROW 3: C. Nailor, K. D. Dorsett, C. Shipp. R. Andrews. J. Stevens. R. Henry. C Company 1st Platoon ROW 1: B. Maness. ROW 2: C. Rhoades. N. Warren, R. Jenkins, R. Stracener. M. Bell. T. King. G. Allison. ROW 3: L. Lusk, D. Livingston, M. McCutcheon, R. Gore, B. Lowman, G. Gore. T. Whitehead. 2nd Platoon ROW 1: J. Buchanon, S. Edwards. ROW 2: J. West. K. McClearen. S. Hilley, R. Lecroy. R. Patterson. B. Masters. ROW 3: J. Deerman, C. Campbell. G. Stewart, D. Doyle, L. Stevens. B. Morgan. 125E Company 1st Platoon ROW 1: D. Vaughn. ROW 2: C. Johnson. R. Brown, L. Griffin, K. Riggins. ROW 3: T. Waldrop, D. Edmonds, B. Blankenship, B. Harris. J. Davis. ROW 4: M. Bolind, C. Bell. C. Malone. L. Tabor, W. Williamson, J. Wester. D. Kelley. 2nd Platoon ROW 1: T. Lusk, L. Spurgeon, A. Southerland. ROW 2: D. Teague. J. Bryant. K. Todd. D. Oliver. ROW 3: K. Patterson. S. Osborne. D. Ashley. 126Battalion Staff ROW 1: J. Tucker. ROW 2: D. Swords. T. Johnson, R. Hawkins. D. Cunningham. ROW 3: B. Terrell, M. Cornelius. R. Manley. 12728Senior Personalities 130Senior Personalities 131Sophomore Personalities 133 Top L - Cynthia Bright, Keith Talley Top R - Deborah Denney, Stan Evans Left - Malinda Ladshaw, Steve BeasonSophomore Personalities Above - Joanna Burroughs, Larry Parker Top R - Tonya Curl, Jim Floyd Bottom R - Rhonda Roden, Randy Chandler 134Freshmen Personalities 135 Top L - Karen Mitchell. Boyd Lowman Top R - Donna Latham, Mike Richards Left - Kelly Clemons. David DardenSenior Attendants 137Junior Attendants Sophomore AttendantsFreshman Attendants 1974 Homecoming CourtHarvest Hop '74 140Valentine Dance 1411975 Junior-Senior Prom 142 Only Time Will Tell 143Warm Entertains 1441975 Coronation Ball Each spring at A.H.S. the Coronation Ball is held. Many people work hard for weeks in preparation for this event. Miss Catherine Brasher is over-all chairman and supervises all that happens. We appreciate her contributions very much and would also like to thank Don Clemons for serving as emcee for the past two years. 145Coronation Skits Are The 1975 Coronation Ball was held March 22. Skits were put on by the four classes to entertain the audience. The skits were taken from Broadway plays: Seniors - Peter Pan, Juniors - Wizard of Oz, Sophomores - Camelot, Freshmen - Little Abner. 146Way Off Broadway The awards were given as follows: Outstanding Costumes - Seniors, Outstanding Entertainment - Juniors, Outstanding Presentation - Juniors, Outstanding Over-All Beauty - Juniors, Outstanding Scenery and Props - Juniors, Outstanding Originality or Interpretation. 47King of AHS Mark DavisDonna RolandSenior Favorites 150Princesses Jonathan Davis, Alisa Stewart 152and Kingsmen154 Top L - Jean Ellen Collier Bottom L - Andra Honea Top R - Paul Erwin Bottom R - Kenneth MoultrieTop L - Pete Evans Bottom L - Brenda Caldwell Top R - Laura Peck Bottom R - Steve Machen 155Senior FavoritesJunior Favorites Sharon Martin Rodney Baker Michele Clemons Marsha Dye Greg RobertsJunior Favorites Top L - Greg Roberts. Top R - Michele Clemons Bottom L - Roger Willoughby. Bottom R - Goerganne Wells Sophomore Favorites Mona Bell Noel Baird Mike Davis Barry Reaves Toby Riley Libby Stewart Cindy Bowen Kelvin Harbison Cil Bruce Mike Compton Rebecca Benefield Aletha Miller 160II Freshman Favorites162Opp. Page. Top L - Lisa Hardy Top R - Jim Roberts Bottom L - Kerry Harbison Bottom R - Terry McClendon Top L - Marsha Dye Bottom L - Mona Bell Bottom R - Barry Beaves Sophomore Favorites 163Top L - Mike Compton Bottom L - Libby Stewan Top R - Cindy Boen Bottom R - Mike Davis 164Top L - Gil Bruce Bottom L - Toby Riley Top R - Alctha Miller Bottom R - Kelvin Harbison 165Top R - Noel Baird Boitom L - Greg Henderson Bouom R - Leigh Laser Opp. Page, Top L - Larry Nelson Top R - Vicki Hedgepath Bottom L - Rhonda Willoughby Bottom R - Lee Lusk Freshman Favorites 166167Top L - Lesa Upion Top R - Randy Gipson Bottom R - Boyd Bailey Opp. Pg., Top L - Senior Beauty Debra Gunnels Top R - Junior Beauty Vicki Morrison Bottom L - Sophomore Beauty Rebecca Benefield Bottom R - Freshman Beauty Susan Nolen 168Class Beauties 169FIRST ROW: M. Davis, R. Entrekin, J. Thrash. B. Han, J. Cochran. J. Stcwan. G. Bruce, D. Carver, T. Spurlin, J. Floyd, B. Johnson, L. Biddle, M. Lokey, T. Davis. SECOND ROW: K. Knlghi. M. Colvin. J. Burgess. C. Wakefield. M. Manin, P. Teague. T. Carrol. R. Duvall. T. Martin, R. Miller. A. Williams. H. Moore. K. Harbison. J. Jones. J. Lusk. J. Kelley. K. Bearden. THIRD ROW: Coach Vernon Wells, R. Pierce. D. Hum. J. Ray. R. Franks. R. Runyan. D. Baugh. R. Crist. D. Cain. M. Ledbetter, S. Vinyard. Assistant Coach Ronnie Little, Assistant Coach Richard Furgeson. 172173 Aggies Show Determination! Top Left - Team Managers. Top Right - Coach Wells doesn't agree with referee. Bottom Left - Harbison and Cain tackle Etowah player. Bottom Right - Cochran runs for a touchdown.Aggies Keep It Moving Top Left - Tim Davis escapes Etowah Player. Top Right - Collins Wakefield gets his man. Bottom Left - Mike Lokey strains to catch pass. Bottom Right - Gil Bruce almost gets away from Anniston player. Opposite Page. Top Left - Jody Stewart runs for T.D. behind the blocking of Ronald Runyan. Top Right - Stewart goes in for T.D. Bottom Left - Shot of the scoreboard showing the Aggies victory. Bottom Right - Players carry Coach Wells off field after game. 174HOME VISITO ? DOWN YDS. TO Team Effort Leads to Victory '74-'75 Jr. High Aggies FIRST ROW- J. Head. W. Oliver, G. Clemonts, T. Andrews, S. Maynard, T. Siewart, M. Coby, C. Williams, G. Canfield. SECOND ROW: M. Kitchens, E. Broyles, J. Sheets. T. Rogers, G. Hill. J. Carrol. D. Smith. T. Isbell. R. Waldrop. B. McCurdy. B. Smart. THIRD ROW: Assistant Caoch Paul McAbee. E. Gunter.’ B. Pearce. S. Cain. J. Warren. A. Champion, G. Stewart. B. Lowman. B. Bailey. R. Gipson. R. Ragsdale. D. Piper. K. Reaves. Coach Bob Duke. 1974 Jr. High Schedule Albertville vs. Oneonta Albertville vs. Center Albertville vs. Arab Albertville vs. G’Ville Albertville vs. Boaz Albertville vs. S'boro ALbertville vs. Ft. Payne 176'74-75 Sports Awards Night Top Left - Speaker Gary Ledbetter. Top Right - Permanent Captains Ronnie Miller and Mark Davis. Middle Left - Crowd at football banquet. Bottom Left - Best Offensive lineman Danny Baugh. Bottom Right - Best Defensive lineman John Burgess. 177Basketball 1975 KNEELING. L. to R.: Jeff Mitchell, Mike Mastin, Kent McGriff, Frank Stevens, Jonathan Davis. Jeff Edwards. BACK ROW: Mike Lessley, Keith Talley. Rickey Edmonson, Terry Reeves. Eddie Gore. Jim Davis, Tim Martin, Coach Sloan. '74-'75 SCHEDULE A’Ville Opponent 59 Arab 56 51 G’ville 56 84 Eiowah 65 67 Talladega 74 67 Scottsboro 64 51 Boaz 48 48 Gadsden 56 48 Douglas 44 78 Brewer 71 69 Boaz 61 59 Talladega 61 91 Etowah 85 66 Douglas 59 78 Douglas 67 53 G’ville 84 70 Ft. Pavne 50 63 AraD 51 70 Boaz 69 49 Grissom 62 70 Douglas 63 47 Gadsden 52 54 G'ville 63 62 Scottsboro 67 74 Grissom 64 68 Ft. Payne 59 178 Shep Kean puts forth a lot of effort for 2 points.SHEP KEAN - Forward JEFF MITCHELL - Guard JONATHAN DAVIS - Forward FRANK STEVENS - Center KENT MeGRIFF - Forward MIKE MASTIN - Guard The 74-’75 season is now over. With the help and patience of the coach, and the effort and team work of the boys, they had a great season. This year the Albertville High School Basketball Team has six of its members graduating. 179JIM DAVIS - Guard RICKEY EDMONSON - Forward EDDIE GORE - Forward TERRY REEVES - Forward MIKE LESSLEY - Guard TIM MARTIN - Guard 180 DAVID ROEBUCK - ForwardAggie Team Stays Alive Top Left - Jonathon Davis warming up before a big game. Top Right - Frank Stevens and Jonathon Davis after being chosen as ALL COUNTY. Bottom Left - Members of Aggie Team heading for the dressing room. Bottom Right. Opposite - Jeff Mitchell tries for two points. 181 B Team Takes County Again!!! FRONT. KNEELING: Paul Ponder. Shane Files. Kevin Reeves. Mike Lokey. Mike Davis. BACK. STANDING: Joel McGriff, Randal Head. Roger Hcdgepath. Gil Bruce. David Culp. Coach Moore. '74- 75 SCHEDULE Nov. 19 - Arab Nov. 22 - Guntersville Nov. 26 - Etowah Dec. 5 - Talledega Dec. 10 - Scottsboro Dec. 13 - Boaz Dec. 17 - Gadsden Dec. 19, 20, 21, Snead Tourney Jan. 7 - Talladega Jan. 9 - Etowah Jan. 10 - Douglas Jan. 14-18 - Marshall Co. Toum. Jan. 21 - Ft. Payne Jan. 24 - Arab Jan. 28 - Boaz Jan. 31 - Grissom Feb. 4 - Douglas Feb. 7 - Gadsden Feb. 11 - Guntersville Feb. 14 - Scottsboro Feb. 18 - Grissom Feb. 21 - Ft. Payne Joel McGriff in action against Douglas. 182Top - Gil Bruce and Roger Hcdgepath accepting the trophy for ALL COUNTY Basketball team. Bottom Left - Hedgepath and Culp have a hand on the ball. Bottom Right - Randal Head Looks Alive ’. 183Tennis Team Goes to . . . FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Machen. David Chandler, Jeff Burgess. Paul Erwin, Phillip Hutcheson. Charley Woods. Bill Jolley. Greg Henderson. Don McCloud. Roger Willoughby. BOY'S SCHEDULE March 21 - Boaz - Won March 25 - Randolph - Lost March 27 - G’ville - Won April 1 - Westminister - Lost April 2 - Boaz - Won April 7 - Scottsboro - Won April 8 - Butler April 15 - D.A.R. - Won April 17 - Butler - Lost April 18 - SSJC - Won April 24 - Johnson - Won April 29 - G’ville - Won Steve Machen wins No. 2 position in Marshall Co. Tennis Tournament. Roger Willoughby and Steve Machen Win No. 1 in County Doubles competition. They also went to District and qualified for State. Greg Henderson and Charley Woods won No. 3 Doubles. I No. 2 Player - STEVE MACHEN Head Coach - MR. DENHAM 184County, District, and State!!! KNEELING: Pee-Wee McCreless. STANDING, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rhonda Willoughby, Rosa Roberts, Cindy Engleman, Alicia Pearce, Mary Jane Wells, Sandy Engleman. Susan Spurlin. No. 2 Player - RHONDA W. No. 1 Player - PEE-WEE MC. GIRL'S SCHEDULE March 21 - Boaz - Won March 27 - G’ville - Won April 1 - Westminister - Lost April 2 - Boaz - Won April 7 - Scottsboro - Won April 14 - Boaz - Won April 16 - Randolph - Lost April 18 - Johnson - Won April 22 - Athens - Lost April 25 - D.A.R. - Lost April 29 - G’ville - Won Susan Spurlin wins No. 4 position in Marshall County Tournament. All members of the Albertville High School Tennis Team competed in the County Tennis Tournament. 185Team in Action!!! Top Left - No. 4 player Susan Spurlin. Top Right - No. 1 player Roger Willoughby. Bottom Left - No. 3 player David Chandler. Middle - No. 4 player Paul Ervin. Bottom Right - No. 6 player Mary Jane Wells. 1861 , ratk STANDING: Mark Ledbetter. Benny Cornelius, sjtks “S s’S c-,r:.“j-£=u. »£• 1975 Baseball Team COACH MICKEY MOORE BENNY CORNELIUS - CatcherAggie Outfielders Top Left - KNEELING: Paul Ponder. Tony Spur-lln. BACK ROW: Many McClendon. Gil Bruce. David Hum. Bottom Right - KNEELING: Mark Gay, Greg Hardin. Larry Nelson. BACK ROW: Mark Ledbetter, Rickey Edmonson. 188FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Nell Glassco, Frank Stevens. Lamar Poole. Sure Shot Spurlin tags out base stealer. ALBERTVILLE HIGH BASEBALL SCHEDULE - 1975 April 3 - Etowah April 8 - Emma Sansom Gadsden April 10 - Etowah April 11 - Arab April 12 - Emma Sanson April 14 - D.A.R. April 16 - Sardis April 17 - Scottsboro April 18 - Gadsden April 21 - D.A.R. April 22 - Scottsboro April 23 - Arab April 24 - Guntersville May 6 - Guntersville April 28 through May 3 Area Tournament at Gadsden. 189Wrestling Team 1975!!! KNEELING: Horis Cook, Many Robinson. Kelvin Harbison. Scott Manin, Randy Chandler, Russel Eason. Mike Garrett. STANDING: Tommy Winkles. Randy Franks, Benjie Terrell. Randy Grimes, Ronnie Runyan. Thomas Carrol. Mark Gay. All-County Members . . . KNEELING: Horis Cook and Tommy Winkles. STANDING: Benjie Terrell, Randy Franks and Randy Horis Cook makes it look easy. Grimes.Albertville NEAC . . . Benjie Terrell. Tommy Winkles, and Randy Franks Randy Grimes wins a big one. Head Coach Ronnie Liule with assistant Paul McAbee. Randy Franks takes a win over a Guntersville Cat. 191ALISA STEWART DEBRA GUNNELLS Head LAURIE GREEN Varsity Cheerleaders . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: Michele Clemons, Deborah Denney, Alisa Stewart. Joanna Burroughs. Debra Gunnells. Jennie Wells. Laurie Green. Donna Roland. 192. . . Keep Spirit Going!! JOANNA BURROUGHS MICHELE CLEMONS JENNIE WELLS DONNA ROLAND 193 DEBORAH DENNEYJr. Varsity Cheerleaders STANDING ON SHOULDERS: Lcsa Upton. SITTING ON SHOULDERS: Leigh Laser. STANDING: Head. Susan Reed, Noel Baird, Karen Mitchell. DOWN IN THE SPLITS: Libby Stewart. 194Jr. High Cheerleaders DOWN IN THE SPLITS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Williams. Gina Benson. Laure Burgess. STANDING: Head, Susan Maddux. Mitzi Maynard. Lana Bell. Spirited Cheerleaders 195Boys Track 1st in County FIRST ROW: M. Cantrell, G. Wilmore, T. Duckett, D. Moore, J. Masters, L. Roden,M. Gipson. T. Riley. SECOND ROW: K. Knight, E. Jones. D. Darden, R. Gipson, S. Wright, D. Piper. B. Bailey, L. Biddle. R. Enterkin. M. Davis. THIRD ROW: R. Head, S. Vineyard. J. Roberts. T. Davis. M. Compton. J. Tucker, P. Teague, T. Martin, H. Moore, R. Miller, Coach Richard Furgeson. 196197Girls Track 2nd in County Top Left - Vicki Hedgepeth clears 4'8 . Top Right - Sheila Ogle crosses finish line. Bottom Left - Coaches Miss Moore, and Mrs. Maynard, and Wanda Sampson hands baton off to Denise Rhea. Middle Right - Denise Rhea barely edges out Douglas opponent. FIRST ROW: Sheila Ogle, Denise Rhea. Donna McCrcless, Wanda Sampson. Jan Foreman. Teresa Latham. SECOND ROW: Tammy Maddox. Patsy Richards. Reba Henson. Teresa Pope. Charlotte Benson. Vicki Hedgepeth. Donna Latham. 198Girls Gymnastics Teams L. to R.: Denise Rhea. Penny PTance. Gail Livingston. Donna Minor, Kathy Bryant. Jan Foreman. Cindy Lowey. Charlotte Patterson. Susan Nolen. Renita Whitmire, Brenda Willoughby. 199Girls 'A' Team Basketball L. to R.: Mrs. Maynard, Denise Rhea, Regina Pannell. Linda Bryant, Alicia Pierce. SITTING: Donna McCreless, Wanda Sampson, Pee Wee McCreless. Lynn Gorum. 'B' Team STANDING. L. to R.: Kathy Bryant. Frances Shipp, Cindy Lowery, Mrs. Maynard. KNEELING: Susan Nolen, Lynn Gorum, Donna Lathum. Myra Kitchens. 200Softball Team STANDING. L. to R.: Renae Crawford. Susan Woods, Vicki Hedgepeth. Peggy Childress. Carolyn Childress. Miss Moore. SITTING: Janet Hodges, Cindy Lusk, Rhonda Moore, Pamela Sellers. 201 STANDING. L. to R.: Teresa Vines. Pat Spurgeon, Carolyn Childress, Lesa Flemming. Debbie Anderson, Sherry Beardon, Miss Moore. SITTING: Nancy Teague. Wanda Sampson, Donna McCreless, Regina Panell. Girls VolleyballIValedictorian Shari HargroveSalutatorians Mark Davis Kathleen LangT - Senior Class sings ihe Alma Mater. B L - Margaret Keller - Retiring teacher. BR - Susan Maltbie - Pilot Club of Albertville Scholarship. District II Pilot Club Pearl Sparks Nursing Scholarship. 206 Class Night —1975L - Mark Davis - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Award: R - Nancy Martin, Steve Machen - Golden Rule (Civitan) Award. 207 L - John Burgess - I Dare You Award; C - Donna Brothers - I Dare You Award; R - Alisa Stewart - Best All-Around Senior Girl.L - Neal Glassco - 12 years perfect attendance; C - Danny Baugh - 12 years perfect attendance: R - Shari Hargrove - Presidential Scholars Award, D.A.R. Citizenship Award, Chemistry Award, National Merit Scholarship, Snead State Math Scholarship. 208 2SIMPSON’S BODY SHOP Highway 431 South Albertville TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP Highway 431 AlbertvilleDR. PEPPER COMPANY 1+ Tastes Too Good to Be True! Old Albertville Highway Boaz, Alabama IGAITHER'S SCHOOL OF HAIR FASHION Baltimore Avenue AlbertvilleWELLS CLOTHING CO. 110 East Main AlbertvilleANTIOCH BAPTJ 30 First Strccii AMB|cym HE ALBElwVILLE'MIN 00 EasrWmnJ trelt k. David Askins? Char Us Woods gS NT ( LVERY BAPTIS' • 'SOI Rose Rev. Byron Davis, Iniorium MOUNT VERNON BAPTIST CHtRCH Mount Vernon Road Mount Vernon R Rev. J. W. Cole SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHUd tSolitude Rev. J. U .?)le SOJ i SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH vf Hoyt I HEWBIT A-1 FREIGHT SALES 103 South Broad Street Albertville KENNAMER FURNITURE CO. unter Avenue Huntersville SPEED WASH COIN LAUNDRY 3 Locations to Serve You Albertville f 1 J BRUCflS CAR SERVICE ■mac?;RATLIFFS Albertville Shopping Center Albertville SPEED CHECK Baltimore Avenue Albertville r -4] fm Saving for a rainy day is making more and more sense everyday.REALANDERSON BO. PANY Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama MARVIN'S Smith Road Albertville Alabama COMPANY Highway 431 Albertville. AlabamaTHOMPSON HARDWARE Main Street Albertville, AlabamaBURGER'S HAMMER'S South Gumersville and Marshall County, tyfall Main Street Albenville, Alabama SOMMER'S MUSIC REID'S RESTAURANT Main Street Albenville, Alabama Highway 431 Gumersville, Alabama244FOOD BASKET RESTAURANT Highway 431 Albertville, Alab, PINK PLUM Highway 431 North Guniersville.J Alabama 37 3-4100 P.0. Box 328 Albertville, MATTHEW MANUFACTURING 9 APt 1m ML, L J J Bahama J AT I j; — £ I A. ] KINGS INN MOTOR HOTEL Adjoining Restaurant Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama f 245ADAMS BROWN SERVICE -FUNERAL HOME l highijay43i . VmAI llbertvi rfi US'. THACKER PAINT SERVICE Glover Street Albertville, Alabama rk t'Ml SAND MOUNTAIN Volkswagen Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama RUSH CONSTRUCTION Highway 431 Albertville, AlabamaTHE KENDALL COMPANY SUBSIDIARY OF COLGATE PALMOLIVE Albenville Albertville, Alabama East Albertville 247 STEPHEN'S CLOTHING ARROW MOBILE HOMES Highway 431 South Boaz, Alabama i w w M REEDY MORRIS 593-4251 ; INSURANCE Six Points Alabama RANDY AMOS PHOTOGRAPHY tr Mill Av »niiPv W. T. GRANTS Marshall County Mall Albertville, AlabamaFIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCHMONSANTO TEXTILES COMPANY SAND MOUNTAIN PLANT Manufacturers of Quality Nylon and Polyester Yarns, and a Good Place to Work. An Equal Opportunity Employer Geraldine Alabama RANDY'S LI DAVIS HARDW Albertville, AlabamaFOOD BASKET Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama B.AND G. Highway 431 P.O. Box 748 Albertville, Alabama DAIRY QUEEN Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama JEWEL BOX Main Street Albertville, Alabama 254Main Street Albertville, Alabama CHANDLER' Main Street Albertville. Alabama KEY KORN Baltimore Avenue Albertville, Alabama IONS 'CLEMONS G and ROBERSON BONDS DR. J. L. HUGHES DR. D. J. EVANS DR!JOE DAVIS DR.TC. S. MARTIN DR. FRANK BEARD DR. J. A. DAVIS JOE CAMPBELL DR. L . B. LEWIS ■ SERVICE B. F. GOODRICH Highway 431 Albertvill jj WE’RBTHE OTHER GUY!NATIONAL BRAND STORE ' GARA Highway 431 Albertville $ Highway 431, Boaz Ss- - «£ ' j i f mAi 1lfr IBALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. I 16 West McCord Avenue AlbertvilleJACKS FURNITURE 1107 Baltimore Avenue Albertville 'L WAYNE POULTRY McDonald Avenue Albenville ROBERT O. JOHNSON Pictures — Appointment Main Street Albe tvijfe school year. We hope that by looking through this annual you can relive some exciting (?!) moments.! We would like to thank our many advertisers for helping to make the MOUNTAINEER possible. Also, a special thank 'to Miss Brasher, our advisor, and Robert O. Johnson, the official photographer. Regina Brown Business Manager 265 

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