Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL)

 - Class of 1974

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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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When Does It Begin,Time Encompasses All Which Is Ours . . 67 mThere Are Good Times, Bad Times. . .Quiet Boisterous Times 11Each Second Lost Can Not Be Regained 12Time Stays, We Go . . . 13jti%. u n c rim u t t it u,vu,nvj y ul llvvy i nucuf ICULUHIJUCULiy tliLtU Uf I vlvvl umfaculty andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurric culumfal rriculun, dcurricu andcurr, acuity at mfacult; ulumfac riculumj curriculi ndcurric yandcur ultyand. rriculun, dcurricu andcurr ultyandc racultyar imfacult ulumfaci riculumj zurriculu umfacul culumfa rriculum[i dcurricu andcurr i ItyandcL mfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurricul ulumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurri riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcv cur riculumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity an ndcurriculumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity y andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumfacu ully andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf afaculty andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurricul lumfacuity andcurriculumfacuity andcurriculumfacuity andcurriculumfacuity andcurri culumf acuity andcurriculumf acult irriculumfacuity andcurriculumf act icurriculumfacuity andcurriculumf a ndcu rricu lumf acuity andcu rricu lu Ity andcurriculumf acuity andcurric. icultyandcurriculumfacultyandcui mfacuity andcurriculumf acuity and ilumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity a riculumfacuity andcurriculumfacul cur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf a Ity andcu rricu lumf acuity andcu rric, acuity andcu rricu lumf acuity andcu r mf acuity andcurriculumf acuity and dumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity t riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acul ur riculumf acuity andcurriculumf at ndcurriculumf acuity andcurriculun y andcurriculumf acuity andcurricu ty andcurriculumf acuity andcurricu cu Ity andcu r riculumfacu Ity andcu n nfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andc lumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity a. iculumfacuity andcurriculumfacull ur riculumf acuity andcur riculumfac idcurriculumfacuity andcurriculum v andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculi dty andcurriculumf acuity andcurric acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcu, ,mfacuity andcurriculumf acuity anc culumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcu irriculumfacuity andcurriculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity an dcurriculumfacuity andcur riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acu dty andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumf acuity andcurriculumfacultyandcurriculu mfacuity andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcur riculumf acuity andcurricNew Administration When our new administrator, Cecil Wright began the new school year, he was faced with the challenge of bringing the school out of a great indebtedness. He succeeded in defeating this problem, and we at Albertville High School would like to express our appreciation to him for the wonderful job he has done. The list of purposes of the administration is endless. It includes disciplinarian, coordinator and mediator. It is indeed a full time job. (T) Cecil Wright — Administrator. (BL) Mr. Wright catering to the students’ needs. (BR) Mr Wright relaxing at Jr.-Sr. ballgame. (OPP.) (TL) Malcolm Landers — assistant principal. (TR) Mr Landers patrolling the halls. (BL) Counselors at work. (BR) Mr. Landers overlooking the campus. 16Surrounded by Able Leadership 17English Department MARGARET KELLER BARBARA EUBANKS RUTH WEEKS The receiving of ideas is taught through listening and reading. The sending of ideas through talking and writing. Unless a person has a sure command of the English language, he is unable to fully express his ideas and reveal his true personality. (BL) Mrs. Keller at Senior play. (OPP.) (TL) Students dissecting in Biology. (TR) Mrs. Weeks sitting at her desk. 19Counselors Drivers Education CHARLES A MASON MARY THRASHER Library 20 GEORGE HEATH DONALD HODGES JOYCE JONESVocational and Business The Vocational Department trains its students in practical, everyday skills. It also gives them an opportunity to apply what they have been taught. FIRST ROW: Leon Camp — V I E. H. B. McClendon — D R. Karen Gipson — typing. SECOND ROW: Wanda Sloan — B.O.E.. Wilcna Little — B.O.E., Rudy Hodges — Agri-Business. THIRD ROW: Jean Head — Home Economics. Shirley Corbin — Home Economics. 21Science This department provides training in basic concepts of science needed by pre-professional and technical workers. There is equipment as well as supervision available to enrich the learning experiences of the students of Albertville High School. (TL) Outdoor Spanish class. CATHERINE BRASHER HOWARD CHANDLER JAMES GILLEY E. T. NEIGHBORS LEMON McCOLLUM 22Mathematics Mathematics is a very valuable subject to everyone in our complicated lives today because it teaches us to think clearly and logically. The mental discipline required in the study of mathematics affects one’s approach to and solution of other problems. (T) Mr. Crawford relaxing? Planning period? 23 DIANE SIVILS LINDA MITCHELLPhysical Education Physical Education is intended not only to improve the student physically, thus making him more alert mentally, but also to cultivate in him a competitive spirit, teach good sportsmanship, and give him the opportunity to carry out what he has learned. (TL) Coach Little at Jr.-Sr. football game. (TR) Miss Moore in P.E. class. (OPP.) (TR) Coach Wells at football game. COACH VERNON WELLS DONNA MAYNARD COACH SHANNON SLOAN 24What’s that ref’s name??? ■ JOANN MOORE JAMES COOPER RICHARD FERGUSON RONNIE LITTLE MICKEY MOORE 25Band and ROTC Music expresses joy, sorrow, sadness, or fear. Our band has inspired these emotions within us. Pep rallies arc more spirited, jam sessions are hotter and classical concerts are more thrilling when our band performs. The program of music offered in our school gives the student an opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of music. (TR) Jack Powell — band director. The Albertville High School Junior Reserved Officers Training G rps is a program designed to give the cadets a better understanding of military processes and discipline. NATHAN THOMPSON CHARLES BACHUS JAMES BONDS JAMES GUNTER 26Languages MARGARET STRICKLAND VICKIE KELLER Secretaries JEAN RAINS JO ANN WELLS One of the purposes in teaching foreign language is to make the student more aware of other countries, their cultures, and dialects. Our school day would not be complete if we didn’t pass by the office and see our secretaries hard at work or helping someone. Many times they have work that takes hours to complete, yet, if one needs help, their services arc given willingly. 27Social Studies The past has always been a curiosity to man. In history classes the teachers show the past with historical films, maps, and periodicals as well as the textbooks. Through class discussions the past is easier to understand and the future is made clearer. The history courses include world history, American history, and government. EEEK!!! GAYE MILNER IRA CRAWFORD ROBERT VON DER OSTEN JANE HAGOOD JERRY BLANKS 28Lunchroom Workers NEVORA MOOR PATTY KNIGHT VERTIA JONES NETTIE CAGLE JEAN WESTER ADELL TRUSSELL RUBY HEMBREE MARY SPEAR JESSE BEARDEN VIRGIE SIKES 29ieniorsseruurssemuf sseniut d pniur sseiuui Menus t wc wv zseruuf sseniut sscniur zzcniut wc w eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniQrsseniorsseniorsseni teniorssi eniorssi eniorss teniorssi teniorss ieniorsst teniorss teniorss teniorss« teniorss teniorsst seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss seniorss teniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni teniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni %eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni 'eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni t n■rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors •rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Editors: Patti Howard Susan Camp sseniorssemorsseniorsseniorsseniors: sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsi sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors ’■sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors niorssrninrsseniorsseniors rsseniors s.Together Today . . . JOE ADAMS JOHN ALFORD DEBRA ALLEN JOE ALVERSON TOMMY ANDERSON KAREN BAGWELL ODEAN BAKER CATHY BEARD LYNN BEARD TOMMY BEARDEN JESSE BENTLY LINDA BONDSSeparated Tomorrow . . . SUSAN BOWEN BRENDA BOZARKS ANTHONY BRIGHT JOAN BRIGHT RANDY BRYANT WAYNE BRYANT SANDRA BURDETT MARY BURKS PEGGY BURROUGHS BENNY BYRUM SUSAN CAMP SHERMAN CAMPBELL President, Paul McAbcc Vice President, Peggy Roberts Secretary, Lynn Beard Treasurer, Claudette Morris 3334 BARBARA CHILDRESS BEVERLY CHILDRESS DIANNE CHILDRESS BELINDA CLEMENTS LEZLIE CLEMONS JOHANNA COLLIER FREDDY CARR MIKE CHAFFIN DOROTHY CHANDLER FRANK CHANDLER MIKE CANTRELL SHIRLEY CARLTON RONNIE CARNES TERRY CARNEYELAINE CULBERT MARTHA DAVIS JAMES PAUL CULBERT STEVE DENNY VICKY CULBERT BLAINE DUCKETT PAM DANIELS GARRY DUCKETT MARTHA DUCKETT ROGER EDISON CONNIE EDWARDS MARK ELLER DANNY ELMORE PATTI HOWARD 35We Have Learned to Improviseand We Have Learned to Have Patience JOANN GRIFFIN RONNIE GRIMES MARK HALE MARTHA HARRIS JAMES HASTY RANDY HAYESWe Have Shared a Hundred Places CINDY HENDERSON BOBBY HILSMAN CINDY HIPP SHARON HOLDER PHILLIP HOLDER BART HODGES RENEE HOLDERFIELD GLENN HOLLAND KATHY HOLMES DENISE HOLSONBACK RANDALL HORTON BLANCHARD HOWARD 38 ROD HOWARDand Perhaps as Many Faces SHELIA HUDGINS RICKY HUGHES MIKE HUNTER ANITA HYDE KEITH JONES PATRICIA KIKER RICKY JOHNSON MARK KELLEY CHARLES KIRKLAND HAL JOLLEY HARVEY KENNEDY JENNY LAMB 39 MARK LAND V'We Have Known Friendships $ a: wm V J ► Ti tagp. W A JL I ■b % MIKE LEAGUE SHELIA LEE ✓ “ . t GEORGE LILES KEITH LITTLE V % ; 4 " A t K JEANNINE LESLEY SANDRA LEWIS DAVID LOKEY MARY LOWERY RANDALL LUSKThat Have Stood the Test of Time ADRIENNE MARTIN BONNIE MARTIN ROBERT MATTHEWS JOEY MAY 41BOBBY McCOY ROGER McGEE SHEILA McKEE JULIAN METHENY DEBRA MITCHELL MIKE MOTLEY PHILLIP MOON SUSAN MOULTRIE CLAUDETTE MORRIS DEBRA NORRIS Time Surprises Us DOUG OLIVER MICKEY OLIVER JERRY PANKEY DOLLY PANNELL 42TONY PEPPERS BYRON PHILLIPS MARGARET PIERCE RICKY PITT VICKIE POE HOWARD REEVES DAVID PRITCHETT JUDY RHEA DAVID REED MARY RHOADES and Eludes Us MARLA RICE RITA RICHARDS TIM RILEY NANCY ROBERTS 43And Makes Us Weary of the Day MIKE ROWE LETHA ROWELL TONY SCISLAW BARBARA SIMMONS JESSIE SIMPSON HELEN SIMS JOEY SLATON RHONDA STATONbut We Await It PATTI SMART SHEILAH SMITH SUSAN SMITH TONY SOUTHERLAND HELEN SPURGEON TIM SPURLIN MARCELLA STEWART JEFF STONE DANNY HOLSONBACKROSEMARY STONE JOAN STRANGE PHILLIP STRANGE BELINDA SWORDS Anticipate It BETH TEAGUE CONNIE TERRELL USA THACKER PHILLIP THOMAS 46 NANCY THOMPSON PAM THRASH SHERRIE TOWERS DANNY TROXTELPAM WARREN DEBI WASHINGTON BARBARA WEBB 47 STEVE WELLS BARBARA WILLIAMS BEVERLY WILLIAMS DIANNE WILLIAMSONRAY WILLIAMSON TERRY WILLOUGHBY JANET WILMORE VANESSA WILSON RANDY WINKLES MITCHELL WRIGHT RICKEY WINFREY Come What May GINA YARBROUGH LEESA YATES CHARLOTTE WINKLES DANNY WISE ROBIN YOUNGniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuruorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjunic HI n. I.n rs r « inrun r « in n in r « in n inrs in n inrs in n in r « in.ninrsinninr in ninrs in nin rsinninrs in nAnderson, Darryl Ansley, Kim Atehcly. Kenneth Bailey, Jeff Bailey, Stuart Barkley, Dewayne Barnes, David Bartlett, Anita Baugh, Danny Bearden, Kim Bearden, Rosanne Bell, Larry Bell, Phillip Benson, Ricky Betz, Cynthia Bishop. Shari Brothers, Donna Brothers, Jeanette Brown, Debra Brown, Keith Brown. Regina Buckelew, Jan Bunn, Mark Bunch, Vicki Burgess, John Burks, Kenneth Burks. Larry Bums. Steve Cain. Darrel Caldwell, Brenda Camp. Debbie Camp, Paula Cannady, Gary Cantrell, Robert Chandler, David Christian, Roy Clemons, Don Coker, Annette Cochran, Jim Cochran, Tony Cofield, Debra Cofield. Mike Collier, Jean Ellen Cook, Horis Cook, Kenny Corbin. Brad Crawford. Steve Curl, Dewanna 50Curry, Robert Dalrymple, Russell Davis, Jonathan Davis, Mark Davis, Robbie Doyle, Debra Duff, Chris Duffey, Tami Dunn, Danny Duvall, Gary Duvall, lorry Duvall, Rodney Edwards. Jeff Edwards, Samuel Engleman, Gndy Engleman, Sandy Ennis, Belinda Em reken, Robert Erwin, Dan Erwin, Paul Evans, Poe Fletcher, Danny Floyd, Debra Franks. Belinda With Great: Anticipation!! 51From Beginning. . . Galloway, Sonia Gardner, Wanda Garrett. Randle Garrett, Steve Glasseo, Neal Goble, Anthony Graben, Sabrina Green. Laurie Grimes. Randy Gunnels, Debra Ham. Marie Hamby, Bandaline 52Harbison, Kenny Hardeman. Debbie Hargrove. Shari Harvey, Kim Hawkins, Robert Holsonback, Dianne Hoi son back. Edwina Honea, Andrea Howard. Margaret Hubbard. Lauren Hughes, Jeff Humphries, Karen Hunt, David Hum, Kachy Hutcheson, Phillip to End. . . 53Ingram, Lcnora Jackson, Dennis Jenkins, Kathy Johnson, Alice Johnson, Bob Johnson, Wanda Johnson, Tony Jolley, Kathy Junior Class Officers Vice President: Paul Erwin Treasurer: Debra Gunnells President: Mark Davis Secretary: Shari Hargrove 54Lester. Gndy Lowman. Alan Lusk.Joe Lusk. Phillip Luther. Randy Mac hen. Steve Malone. Debra Malone, Ricky Marbut. Rita Martin. Mark Martin. Nancy Martin, Vicki Adams-Brown Funeral Artistic Beauty Salon Coca-Cola Bottling Company Ralph Collins Ford, Inc. 55Marks, Mary Mastin, Mike McClendon, Don McClendon, Phillip McClendon. Rhonda McClendon, Kenneth McCoy, Myra McDaniel. Rita McCreless, Cathy McGriff, Kent McMurtrey, Bobby Miller, Ronnie Miller, Tony Mitchell,Jeff Montieth, Debbie Moody, Debbie Motley, Greg Moultrie, Kenneth Murray, Tunic NeSmiih, Gary Ogle, Sheila On. Willie Patterson, Barbara Painter, Steve All These Moments 56Patterson, Debbie Patterson, Sheila Peacock, Tony Pearce, Billy Pearson, Beverly Pcgues, Patricia Pell, Kenny Poole, Jenny Ray.Jim Reaves, Teresa Reeves, Charlotte Rice. Jackie Rodgers. Mary Lou Roland, Donna Rudolph, John Russell, Kathy Satterfield, Prentice Sewell, Betty Slaton. Cathy Smart, Jerome Smith, Clay Smith. Jerome Smith. Nancy Smith, Randall • • • 57 to RememberSpurlin, Donald Staton, Barry Stephens, Lamar Stephens, Martha Jo Stevens, Frank Stewart, Alisa Stidham, Renay Stone, Sonia Strange. Dale Swords, Dewayne Teague, Freddie Terrell, Belinda Terrell, Benji Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, Mark Tidwell, Grant Todd, Debra Todd. Dennis Todd, Dianne Todd, Phillip Tucker, Becky Tucker, James Turner, Rickey Upton, Kenny Wagnon, Gloria Wallace, Jenny Watwood, Kenneth White, James White, Regina Whitehead, Elzie Whitehead, Johnny Williams, Cyndi Winkles, Tommy Wood, Cathy Wood ham, Bryan Young, Bobby 58sop iomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophoniM phomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoM essophomoressophomoressophomor'i ssophomoressophomoressophomore |i ophomoressophomoressophomoress% homoressophomoressophomoressopj omoressophomoressophomoressoph ® loressophomoressophomoressophonitf ressophomoressophomoressophomo 1 'ssophomoressophomoressophomore sophomoressophomoressophomores: ]j ophomoressophomoressophomoresst thomoressophomoressophomoressop. omoressophomoressophomoressopho 1 loressophomoressophomoressophom,;. ressophomoressoDhomoressophomotk ?ssophomoressophomoressophomore. sophomoressophomoressophomoress yphomoressophomoressophomoressd , fhomoressophomoressophomoressop ‘omoressophomoressophomoressoph j| noressophomoressophomoressophop ressophomoressophomoressophomo ‘ssophomoressophomoressophomore. sophomoressophomoressophomoress phomoressophomoressophomoressof homoressophomoressophomoressopl | omoressophomoressophomoressopht ' moressophomoressophomoressophot oressophomoressophomoressophomc essophomoressophomoressophomon omoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoress wressopho mo ressophomoressophomoressophomo ressophomoressophomoressophomoressot i fressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressop. essophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophi): ssophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophot { ophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomo ressophomoressophomoressophomo: fhomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomore omoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressAdams, Beth Alford. Kirk Allen, Sonny Altman, Greg Artis, Peggy Atchley. Kenneth Atchley, Phil Baily, Ken Bagwell, Benita Baker, Rodney Barclift, Scott Barr, Tim Beard, Danny Beard, Gail Beard, Nathan Bearden, Pam Bodine, Robert Boland, Shelia Bonds, Ramona Brewton, Joyce Bright, Cynthia Bright, Lynn Bright. Steven Brock. Lynn Brooks, Tim Brown, Belinda Brown, Joe Bryant, Jimmy Bryant, Tommy Burgess, Jeff Byrum, Pam Camp, Richard Carter, Mike Cash, Made Charles, Jane Cherry. Deborah Cherry, Donald 60demons, Michele dines, Robbie Clontz, Vickie Coker. Shelton Cole, Gina Collins, Rick Colquitt, Mary Jo Colvin, Mike Cooley, Neal Cordell, John Cornelius, Benny Cornelius. Melanie Crews, Karen Croft, Kent Culben, Bobby Culben, Joe Cunningham, David Currie, Steve Daugette, Kathy Davis, Angela Davis, Debra Successful Year Due to Able Leadership Sophomore Class Officers 1973-74: LEFT TO RIGHT: Vice President Jim Davis, Treas Gina Cole. Sec. Marsha Dye, President Terry McClendon Charlie Cox Olds-Pontiac Cobb’s Syrup Mill Bill Holder’s Flea Market Davis Drugs 61Who Davis, Jim Davis, Phillip Davis, Paul Davis, Tim Dean, Tony Dees, Janice Denney, Deborah Dimasi, Judi Dingier, Jerry Dorset), K D Duggan. Teresa Duke, Keith Dye. Marsha Edmondson, Ricky Edwards, Thomas Ellis, Mike Elrod, Cynthia Elrod, John Ennis, Phillip Etier, Lyndia Eubanks, Belinda Evans, Scan Fanning. Sharon Faulkner, Nancy Gaither, Brad Garrett, Mike Gass, Mary Gilliland, Sammy Gore, Eddie Graves, Regenia Griffith, David Grindle, Bobby Hale, Debbie Hambrick, John Hardy, Lisa Harper. Wayne 62Hyde Jerry Hyde, Steve Irvin. Diane Johnson, Shelia Teaches Who?? Han, Brent Hawkins, Ramond Haymon, Tommy Henson, Lynettc Henson, Reba Hibbs, Cindi Hicks, Freda Hill. Gerry Hill, Jerry Hill, Timmy Hil Icy, Jerry Holcomb, Randall Holsonback, Rodney Howard, Becky Hubbard, Stacey Hunt, Vickie Sorter Mobile Homes J S Motors H. D. Lee Tee Pee Food Store 63Johnson, Tim Jones, Charles Jones, Donnie Jones, Wanda Justice, Keith Kiker, Linda Kirby, Joey Kirby, West ley Kirkwood, Sherri Land, Jackie Latham, Bobby Latham, Teresa League, Debra Less ley, Mike Lewis, Pam Lowery, Vicki Lowery, Ricky Lusk, Teresa McAllister, Pam McClendon, Marty McClendon, Terry McCollum, John McCreless, Melesia McDaniel, Tony McKinney, Dennis McLeod, Don Madden, Danny Maltbie, Susan Maness, Bobby Maness, Donna Maness, Rhonda Martin, Deborah 64Owens, Cynthia Pankey, Pam Pan nell, Jayne Panncll, Regina Martin, Sharon Martin, Tim Martin, Timmy Mi nor, James Mitchell. Kelly Mitchell, Steve Moman, Sandi Monday, Mike Moore, David Moore, Joyc Morris, Stanley Morrison, Patty Morrison, Vicki Morton, Vicki Motley, John Motley. Renee Moultrie, Hugh Murphcc.Jim Naylor, Reed Nelson, Dan Nixon, Belinda Nolen. Jenny Norris, Kim O’Dell, Faron O’Kcsky, David Oliver, Donna Orr, Linda Orr, Hubert Joe Campbell Motors Buddy’s Jewelry Albertville Scrap Material Company Chester Rains Insurance 65Patterson, Debra Patterson. Lewis Patterson, Mark Patterson, Tony Peacock, Terry Pearce. Alicia Pierce, Roger Pell, Steve Poe, Susan Pope, Tc«esa Prance. Shelia Pursley, Charles Ramos, Pennie Rath bum, Mona Reynolds, Judkin Rhea, Denise Rice, Denise Richards, Kathy Riggins, Kathy Roberts, Rosa Robertson, Janice Robertson, Mitzi Robertson, Sulynn Roden, Cynthia Roden, Ferrell Roebuck. David Rowell, Connie Runyan, Ronald Sampson, Wanda Satterfield. Donna Scruggs, Susan Shadinger, Susan Shell, Keith Silas, Ricky Sims, JoyceImpossible for SOPHOMORES??? Smalley. Donna Smith, Danny Smith, Karen Smith, Kathy Smith, Laura Smith, Steven Southerland. Arlene Spurgeon, Linda Spurlin, Lynn Spurlin, Tony Stephens, Mike Stevens, Ben eta Stewart, Jody Stewart, Marvin Stracencr, Darlene Strange, Roger Sutton, Sandi Tabor, Danny Tabor, Tim Tan leers ley, Debra Tarvin, Gary Taylor, Mike Teague, LeChester Teague. Paul Teague. Tammy Thompson, Alice Thompson, Phyllis Thrash, Jeff Thacker Paint Company Darden Cotton Company Bee-Line Express Farm Bureau Insurance 67Waldrop, Pam Wallace, David Ward, Renee Warren, Fred Warren, Tony Warwood. Steve Wells, Georganne Wells, Jenny Wells, Mary Jane West, Bill Wester. Rcthia Whitehead, Robbin Whitmire, Renita Wilks, Shane Willet, Alan Williams, Andy Williams, Karen Williams, Pam Willoughby, Brenda Willoughby. Roger Wilson, Dorothy Woodham, Mike Woodall, Tim Yarbrough, Robin Todd, Karen Todd. Vicki Town son, Ronald Trussell, Regina Vines. 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Kathy Abney, Wendy Adams. Beverly Alexander. Randall Allen, Jeff Alvcrson, Sue Anderson, Debbie Andrews. Richard Artis. Connie Ayres, Lynn Bagwell, Pam Bain, Joy Baird, Noel Baker, Patricia Barkley, Richard Ban on. Chris Baugh, Donald Beaird, Tammy Beard, David Bearden, Carolyn Bearden. David Bearden, Sherry Beasley, Don Beason. Steve Bell, Jodi Bell, Many Bell, Mona Beluc, Karen Benefield. Mark Benefield, Rebecca Benson, Charlotte 70Means to Be Daring! Bevel, Loretta Biddle. Lawrence Black, Terry Blackman. Pamela Blackwell, Tony Boen, Cindy Bonds, Randy Bonds, Symantha Bright, Stanley Bright, Terry Brooks, Beverly Brooks. Mike Brown, Chris Brown, Rhonda Brown, Todd Bruce, Gil Bryant, Joyce Bryant, Linda Buchanan, Joey Buck, Jimmy Buck, Susie Burroughs, Joanna Byars, Kathy Cagle, Wayne Caldwell. Jenny Calhoun, Katrina Carnes, Richard Carroll, Thomas Chambers, Karen Chamblee, Randy Chandler, Randy Charles, Cathy Freshman Class Officers: Vice-President, David Culp; Secretary, Sherry Gordon; President, Lynn Ayres. 71I Freshmen Learn Many New Things. Cleveland, Joyce Cof icld. Gay Collier, Tamie Colquitt, James Compton, Mike Corbin, James Corbin, Judy Corbitt, James Cornelius, Roger Crawford, Wade Crist, Robert Cryar, Millie Culp, David Curl, Tonya Cur rey, Janet Curry, Leah Daniel, Vicky Davis, Malinda Davis, Michael Davis, Rickey Davis, Stephen Dean, Jerome Denham, David Doyle, Tim Driver, Michael Duckett, Debbie Duke, Kenneth Duke, Ronald Eason. Russell Edwards, Bobby Edwards, Ricky Elrod, Tina 72Among Them Is Algebra? Engleman, Linda Ennis, Barbara Evers, Anthony Ferguson, Carol Furgcson, Melissa Files, Shane Filmer, Ronald Floyd, Carla Floyd. Jim Foreman, Rhonda Franklin, Mike Fraziet, Larry Fricks, Beth Gamer, Connie Garrison, Lisa Gay, Mark Gillilan, Paula Golden, Ronda Gordon, Sherry Greer, Connie Grindle, Joyce Grizzard. James Har bison, Kelvin Hardin, Gregory Han, Beverly Harville, Kevin Hastings, Juanita Hawkins. Bobby Hayes, Cheri Head, Randal Hedgepeth, Roger Henson. Lamar Alford Cotton Company Hewett Drug Company Maxwell Furniture Holsonback MotorsHester, Teresa Hicks. Brenda Hipp, Libby Holder, Patricia Hollis, Sandra Holsonback, Betsy Holsonback, Richey Howard, Melissa Hubbard, Stephanie Hutcheson, Dennis Jarmon, Brent Jarmon, Elizabeth Jolley, Jeff Jones, Denise Jones, Joe Jones, Mark Justice, Steve Kidd, Dianne King. Jane Knight. Keith Ladshaw, Malinda Lang, Jeff Latham, Roger Lawson. Phillip Ledbetter, Mark Liles, Cathy Lindsey, Regina Lokey, Mike 74Freshmen on the Run. Lovell, Mike Lowe, David Lowery. Denise Lowery, Lauren Luther. Tammy Lynn, James McClendon, Danny McClendon, Deborah McClendon, Jerry McClendon, Mike McCreless, Donna McGriff.Jocl McLemorc, Ben Madden, Ronnie Maddox, Tammy Manley, Richard Martin, Doug Martin, Marty Martin, Perry Martin, Scott Martini. Krista Mason, Richard Masters, Joyce Mayfield, James Mew borne, Barbara Miller, Aietha Dec Isbell Hardware McKee Printing Ladshaw Motors The Jewel Box 75Miller, Ronnie Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, Tim Mitchell, Whitt Moore, Hamp Moore, Mike Morrow. Larry Mosley, Bobby Mullins, Phyllis Nailer, Charles Nelson, Mark Osborn, Mary Beth Padgett, Tim Pankey, Charlotte Parker, Larry Patterson, Mike Patterson, Thomas Pearce, Diane Peques, Juanita Peppers, David Perry, Tammy Pettus, Jeffrey Ponder, Paul Poole, Lamar Potarajarim, Myra Powell, Bruce Powers, Mike Pursley, Tim Quick, Debra Rains, Pam Ratcliff, Terry Ray. Willie Reaves, Barry Reed, Jamie Reed, Susan Reeves, Kevin Reeves, Robyn Rhoades, Charles Richards, Greg Richie, Albert Riley, Toby A Rare Exception! Robertson, JoanShe’s Trying to Get in! Romine, Wanda Ross, Lisa Ross, Sylvia Rosson, Ricky Rutledge, Alctha Saint, Kathy Sanders, Dennis Scislaw, Kenneth Seay, Carl Self, Jeff Sheets, Wanda Shipp, Chris Shubert, Danny Simmons, Mike Simpson, Dan Sims, LaDon Slaton, Debra Smith, Benny Smith, Lena Smith, Roy Snider, Ray Spurgeon, Pat Spurlin, Susan Stephens, David Stephens, Victor Stew an, Libby Stone, Eddie Stover, Kathy Strange, Diane Swords, Vicki Tabor, Linda Taylor, Diane Teague, Debra Teague, Odessa Terrell, Neal Terrell, Stephen Erlene’s Beauty Shop Marshall County Exchange P Sc J Pharmacy Whitten Parts CompanyJunior Aggies Go Third in State! Thomas, Dale Thrasher, Lisa Thrasher, Patricia Todd, Pam Todd, Sherry Townson, Kenneth Town son, Lynn Tucker, Patsy Tucker, Sandra Underwood, Paula Vandcrgriff, Ricky Vaughn, Diane Vincent, Rebecca Vinyard, Steve Wakefield, Collins Waldrop, Edwin Wallace.Jcff Ward, Tony Warren, Carolyn Washington, Lynn 78Freshmen ''Blast-Off’ for Homecoming. Watwood, Chuck West. Jim Wester, Linda White, Jennifer White, Mike Whitten, Andy Whitten, Angie Wilks. Cynthia Williams, Ed Williams, Robert Williamson, Charles Williamson, Ken Williamson, Wanda Wilmore.Jcff Windsor, Phillip Winfrey, Beverly Woods, Charles Wright, Danny Yates. Angela Young, Jamie York, Marlin Dickson Sc Parker Service Station Dendy’s Bruce Glass Company Johnson’s Trash Sc Treasures 79Jf-u-u-r. HILIJ cjtu-ttc u.t.1 CJHtuc Hiy czcuuctliuj CJUtuc ln-y cziuueiuilj KbLUUKtUUJ esiuueruuj PJ dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestua tlifestuaWfi estudenl m udentlij gfl es£aeZert|j| festuden Ml studentl T§| dentlifa pi tlifestud estudenl udentlif ntlifestu festuden 5 udentlif } ntlifestu l festuden J(r udentlif I ntlifestu festuden udentlif ntlifestuKG z z fvz |G esfadenl MU ntlifestu studentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifes dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestud tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudenti estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlife udentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestu ntlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestuden. festudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifi » rtontl I fpshulontli foch, rlontli fnc-tfAnntli !»» •• ■' ■« » J n I 'udentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestu zntlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestuden U L VISITO I Editors: Gina Cole Bonnie Martin Barbar immons lifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlif estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest -dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude ilifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli zstudenllifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli estudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli istudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest denllifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli zstudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli zstudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest dentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude tlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli zstudentlifestudentlifestudentlifest udentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestu •ntlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestuden ifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlif tudentlifestudentli festudentli festudentli festudentli festudentli festudentli festudentli fest lentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestude lifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentli studentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestudentlifestThe fall of 1973 brought a new sport to A.H.S. Powder Puff football was introduced as a fund-raising project for the Junior and Senior classes. After many long weeks of shaping an all-girl team into professional football players, the game was played. The outcome was a dynamic 8 to 0, Juniors. ‘, j ‘ fig a : ABOVE: Seniors, 1st ROW: Lezlic Clemons, Barbara Simmons, Helen Sims, Gndy Henderson. Bonnie Martin, Joan Strange, Dorothy Chandler. 2nd ROW: Nancy Thompson, Vicky Gilbert, Debi Washington. Claudette Morris, Judy Rhea, Pam Warren. 3rd ROW: Coach Paul McAbce, Coach Tim Spurlin, Robin Young, Barbara Roden, Helen Spurgeon. Marcella Stewart, Letha Rowell, Coach Fred Carr. RIGHT: Juniors, 1st ROW: Patricia Pegues. Debbie Patterson, Lisa Stewart, Dianne Murray, PeeWce McCrelless. Debra Gunnels, Debbie Moody, Sabnna Graben 2nd ROW: Chris Duff, Kathy Hunt. Cindy Englcman. Debra Brown. Annette Coker. Sandy Engleman, Myra McCoy. 3rd ROW: Coach Danny Baugh, Andra Honea, Melanie Lang. Debra Doyle, Marie Ham, Donna Roland. Jenny Wallace. 82rrCom-nation” Ball '74 Corn-squeezin' Queen: "Turtle” Murray King: Dewayne Smith 83Homecoming ’73 The 1974 Homecoming game was played between the Albertville Aggies and the Scottsboro Wildcats. The Fighting Aggies proved their might by defeating the Wildcats 21 to 14. Queen Vicky Culbcrt was crowned during halftime ceremonies. The 1973 Homecoming parade involved many clubs and each of the five classes. The floats were exceptionally good. The Senior Class placed 1st in the float competition followed by the Eighth Grade, 2nd place, and the Juniors, 3rd. 84Mountaineer Staff Don Clemons Lisa Hardy Bonnie Martin Paul Erwin Dianne Murray Gina Cole Shari Hargrove Jane King Pete Evans Cindy Henderson Marsha Dye Barbara Simmons Mary Burks Shelia Johnson Mary Jane Wells Doug Oliver Sandi Sutton Bob Johnson Regina Brown Lczlie Clemons Pam Rosson Laurie Green Amelia Roe Frank Chandler Susan Camp Lisa Thrasher Georganne Wells Kenny Scislaw Gwen Files Catherine Brasher, Faculty AdvisorBERTVILLE HU SENIOR CLASS Co-Editor: M; Evans. 1st' ROW Ixr'lic Clcmohs, Cindy Henderson, Gwen Fife . 2nd ROW Shari Hargrove. Gina Brown. Advertising Editor — Doug Oliver. rganne Wells.rrAggie” March 88 ROW 1 Lena Smith Barbara William Beth Adams Susan Bowen Gail Beard Amelia Roe Beverly Brooks Vicki Morrison Rebecca Benefield (Charlotte Winkles Teresa Gester Claudette Morns Timmy Woodall Randy Winkles Lynettc Henson ROW 2 Wade Crawford Susan Spurlin Cathy Fricks Janet Curry Charles Woods Lisa Hardy Shelia Hudgins Mary Jane Wells ROW Gwen Files Denise Holsonback Nancy Martin Joe Brown Denise Jones Robert Curry Sherry Todd Pam Lewis Cathy Slaton Rhonda Roden Betsy Holsonback Bonnie Martin Linda Bonds Cindy Engleman Krista Martini Paula Golden Laureen Lowery Jamie Reed ROW 4 Tammy Collier David Pritchett Donna Brothers Kenny Upton Freddie Mae Teague Keith Shell Karen Williams Ricky Malone Beverly Adams Danny Bearden Kenneth Duke Susan Scruggs Malinda Ladshaw Danny Beard Sherrie Gordon Doug Oliver Linda Engleman Randy Bonds Debbie Duckett Richey Holsonback Iasa Thrasher Rick Collins Sandy Engleman Beth Fncksing Band Debbie Martin Lynn Brock Ricky Pitt Pam By mm Jim Thompson Melanie Cornelius ROW Judy Rhea Aletha Miller Donna Oliver Bobby Hilsman Jane Kin Pam Warren Dianne Murray Kirk Alford Jenny Nolen Nancy Faulkner Danny Wright Cindy Lestei lisa Thacker Steve Burns Pam Rosson Cindy Henderson Kenny Scislaw Joe Wayne Culbert Teresa Reaves Wayne Harper Mike Simmons Pam I Jnderwood Danny F.lmore Steve Hyde Millie Cryar Chns Brown l rzlie Clemons Neal Cooley Bruce Pbwell Mike Ellis Kim Harvey Odean Baker Eric Laser Tommy Galloway James Gnzzard John Alford David Iicdbetter Mike Cofield Leadership . . Randy Winkles, drum major Claudette Morris, head majorette Pam Warren, head honor guard The 1973 marching season produced another SUPERIOR Aggie Band. By attending two marching contests A.H.S. band proved what it is to be No. 1. Through long practice and a great deal of pride, the Aggie Band will march many more flashy half-time shows and do what they do best, have fun. 90 Cathy Fricks, head rifle Pam Rosson, head flashflagHonor Guard: Teresa Reeves. Pam Warren. Donna Oliver, Pam Underwood. Flash flags. Pam Rosson, Jenny Nolen. Gndy Lester. Nancy Falkner, Lisa Thacker. Cindy Henderson 91 Rifles: Paula Golden. Denise Holscnback, Lisa Hardy, Cathy Fricks.Majorettes Have a Barbara Williams Senior, 3 years Charlotte Winkles Senior, 2 years Susan Bowen Senior, 1 yearrrFantastic” Year! Vicky Morrison Sophomore, I year Amelia Roe Senior. 2 years The Albertville High School majorettes had a great year. They attended camps at Birmingham Southern and Troy State. Through practice, practice and more practice, the majorette corps proved that each high step was a step nearer to the top. Their work was rewarded by all superior ratings at each marching contest attended.Section Leaders: L TO R: Rick Pitt, percussion, Lynette Henson, clarinet. Bonnie Martin, saxophone. Eric Laser, trumpet. Cathy Slaton, flute. David Pritchett, low brass Clarinets: (ABOVE) BOTTOM ROW, UP: Karen Williams, Janet Curry, Christa Martini. Debra Martin. Gail Beard. Susan Scruggs. Tammy Collier, Beth Fricks DOWN: Lynette Henson. Sherry Todd, Aletha Miller, Millie Cryar. Jamie Reed, Beverly Brooks. Beverly Adams, Revccca Benficld. Nancy Martin. ACROSS: Teresa Hester. Melinda Ladshaw. Jane King. Denise Jones. Flutes: BOTTOM ROW: Donna Brothers, Pam Lesis, Lena Smith, Betsy Holsonback, Freddie May Teague, Mary Jane Wells. Loren Lowery. Lisa Thrasher, Wayne Harper SECOND ROW: Beth Adams. Sandi Engle-man. THIRD ROW Pam Byron. Cathy Slaton. Melanie Cornelius. FOURTH ROW: Linda Bonds. Shelia Hudgins. TOP: Gwen Files. - TS=Percussion: L TO R: Chris Brown, Turtle Murray, Bobby Hilsman, Jim Thompson, Rick Pitt, Judy Rhea. TOP ROW Mike Simmons. Joe Culbcrt. Mike Ellis. Neal Cooley, Steve Hyde. - Saxophones: (ABOVE) L TO R: Linda Engleman, Debbie Duckett. Joe Brown, Sherry Gorden. Rhonda Roden. Cindi Engleman, Bonnie Martin. Trumpets: (LEFT) TOP ROW Kirk Alford. Kim Harvey, David Ledbetter, Hippo Elmore, Eric Laser, Lezlie Clemons, Lynn Brock, Steve Burns, James Grizzard. TOP TO BOTTOM: Danny Wright, Bruce Powell. Kenneth Scislaw, Kenneth Duke. Susan Spurlin, Tim Woodall, Wade Crawford. Bass Clef: L TO R: David Bearden, David Pritchett, Doug Oliver. Kenny Upton. Randy Bonds. Rick Collins, Robert Curry, Charlie Woods, John Alford, Tommy Galloway, Mike Cofield, Ricky Malone, Odein Baker, Danny Beard, Richey Holsonback, Keith Shell.The Senior Class Proudly Presents r The Thread That Runs So True99 Cast: Mark Kelly, Terry Willoughby, Tony Peppers, Sheilah Smith, John Alford, Gwen Files, Nancy Thompson, Jeff Stone, Ronnie Carnes, Randy Garrison, Lisa Thrasher, Debi Washington, Shelia Hudgens. Karen Bagwell, Peggy Roberts, Bobby Hilsman, David Pritchett, Odcan Baker, Susan Camp, Claudette Morris, Phillip Thomas, Pam Rosson, Mary Burks, Doug Oliver, Cathy Fricks, Pam Underwood, Gndy Henderson. Amelia Roc, Lccsa Yates. Directed by Mrs. Margaret Keller. 9rrOur Town? Presented by the Junior Class Cast: Paul Erwin, Tommy Winkles, Tunic Murray, Ken Moultrie, Belinda Terrell, Susan Shadinger, Horis Cook, Phillip Hutcheson, Patricia Ptgucs, Mark Manin, John Rudolph, Kenny Harbison, Kim Harvey. Shcp Kean, Steve Machcn, Kent McGriff, Andra Honea, Daryl Anderson, Jenny Wallace, Sandy Englcman, Cindy Englcman, Margaret Howard. Brenda Caldwell, Pee Wee McCrcless.Spanish Club SEATED Pam Pankcy. Vanessa Wilson, Shelia Smith. Nancy Martin, Jennie Wells, Turtle Murray, John Rudolph, Kenny Harbison, Teresa Hester, Horis Cook, Hamp Moore, Regina Brown, Randy Luther, Rosa Roberts. STANDING, 1st ROW: Jerry Hilley, Lewis Patterson, John Hambrick, Lynn Bright, Randal Head, Tommy Winkles. Steve Painter, Donna Roland, Cathy Slaton, Pee Wee McCrelcss. Vickie Bunch, Alan Lowman, Wanda Gamer. Beverly Hart, Vicki Morrison, Tonya Curl, Nancy Faulkner, Susan Camp, Bob Johnson, Tony Peacock. Charlotte Reeves. 2nd ROW Andy Williams, Mike Carter, Tim Martin, Joye Moore, Sandi Sutton, Cynthia Bright. Jackie Land, Shari Bishop, Larry Bell, Sen ora Keller, Mike Mastin, Laura Peck, Sonya Galloway. 3rd ROW: Jan Buckelcw, Robin Young, Marcella Stewart, Rosann Bearden, Connie Terrell, Linda Bonds, Diane Taylor. Mrs Vickie Keller, Sponsor. 99Science Club 1st ROW: Ed Maltbie, Randall Lusk, David Chandler, Gary Duckett, Phillip Thomas. David Culp, John Alford, Danny Shubert, Kirk Alford 2nd ROW: Cindy Engleman, Pam Warren, Teresa Reaves, Shari Hargrove, Rebecca Benefield, Vanessa Wilson, Connie Terrell. 3rd ROW: Sandy Engleman. Peggy Roberts, Collins Wak-field, Mike Mastin, Jerome Smith, David Reed, Freddy Carr, Mickey Oliver, Rodney Duvall, Donald Spurlin, John Hambrick, James Corbitt. 4th ROW: James Turner, Steven Smith, Terry Willoughby, Paul Erwin, Tony Scislaw, Paul McAbee, Jeff Mitchell, Pttc Evans, Byron Woodham. Mr. K T. Neighbors, sponsor. NIKE 100 LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynette Henson, Martha Harris, Kathy Holmes, Marcella Stew an, Sandy Lee. Patti Smart, Barbara Webb, Mrs. Thrasher, sponsor.VIC A LEFT TO RIGHT. 1st ROW: Mark Eller, Brandall Garrett. Tim Spurlin, Vicki Lyles, Robert Matthews. Rhonda Walters, Mike Cantrell. Bart Hodgens, Mike Chaffin, Ricky Hughes. 2nd ROW: Barry Staton. Frank Chandler. Pam Rosson. Sandra Burdette, Charlotte Winkles, Mike League, Sherman Campbell, Mr. Camp (sponsor). 3rd ROW: Gary Duckett, Phillip Moon, Brad Jones, Lamar Stephen, Danny Troxtel, Billy Pierce, Gary Duvall. James Culbert, Dale Strange, Danny Holsonback, Roger Eidson. Library Club LEFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW: Bobby Hawkins. Jerome Dean, Neal Terrell. MIDDLE ROW. Darlene Stracncr, Conni Rowell. Pam Williams. Mr Hodgcns, (sponsor), Linda Engleman, Mrs. Jones, Margaret Pierce, Joan Strange, Debra Brown, Joyce Brewton. FRONT ROW: Joy Kelly, Diane Irvin, Susan Camp, Myra Glas-sco.Senior Beta Club 1st ROW: Gail Beard, Mary Burks. Gina Cole, Sandra Moman, Debi Washington, Karen Williams, Cynthia Bright, Anita Hyde, Kathy Daugette, Vickie Poe, Bonnie Martin, Mary Jane Wells, Vicki Morrison, Paul Erwin. 2nd ROW: Nancy Faulkner, Pam Byrum, Shari Hargrove, Georganne Wells, Belinda Terrell, Janice Robertson. Becky Howard, Dorothy Wilson, Vicki Todd. Pam Williams, Letha Rowell. Shelia Prance, Vicki Morton, 1-aura Peck, Susan Maltbie, Patti Howard, Vicki Gilbert. 3rd ROW: Joyce Vasser, Timmy Woodall, Mark Davis, Peggy Roberts, Phillip Hutcheson, Michele Clemons, Linda Kiker, Jane Charles. Cynthia Elrod. Vanessa Wilson. Connie Terrell, Gndy Hipp, Amelia Roe. 4th ROW: Lezlie Clemons, Sandy Engleman, Cindy Engleman. Gina Brown, Linda Bonds, Paul McAbce. 5th ROW Wayne Bryant, Lynn Bright, Frank Chandler, Ken Moultrie, Alan Lowman. 6th ROW: Phillip Thomas, Mark Hale, George Liles, David Chandler. Mrs. Joyce Vasser sponsor. 102Students in Action for Education Officers: Susan Camp — Reporter, Peggy Roberts — 2nd Vice Pres., Frank Chandler — Historian, Cindy Henderson — Pres , Nancy Thompson — Membership Chairman. SEATED:) Bonnie Martin — Sgt at Arms. SEATED: Becky Howard, Hubert Orr, Alicia Pearce, Gndy Henderson. Margaret Pierce, Mrs. Linda Mitchell, Susan Camp, Patricia Kilter, Cindi Williams, Gina Cole, Nancy Thompson. STANDING: Johanna Collier, Shelia Prance, Jenny Wallace, Frank Chandler, Bonnie Martin, Jenny Nolen, Peggy Roberts. Mrs. Linda Mitchell Sponsor. DECA 1st ROW: Mr. H. B. McClendon, sponsor. Belinda Swords, Dolly Pannell, Renae Holderfield, Terry Carney, Mary Rogers, Roger McGee, Ronnie Grimes. 2nd ROW: Joey May. David Lokey, Tommy Pankcy, Charles Kirkland, Mark Hale. Anthony Bright, Danny Wise. 5rd ROW: Russell Dalrymple. 103Agri-Business Classroom Officers and Third Year: 1st ROW: Steve Bright, Anthony Bright, Ricky Ennis, Mitchell Wright, Tommy Godwin, Kerry Harbison, Dan Nelson. 2nd ROW: Rudy Hodges, Tommy Anderson, Keith Jones, Jesse Simpson, Gary George, Tony Johnson. Dewayne Smith,Jessie Bentley. Second Year: 1st ROW: Jerry Hyde, Dan Nelson, Brad Corbin, Kim Ansley, Mark Thompson, Judkin Renolds, Tony Patterson, Rodney Holsonback, Kerry Harbison, Roger Pierce, Jeff Bailey, Jim Ray, Bobby Burgess. Don Cherry, Tim Davis. 2nd ROW: David Wallace, Charles Pursley, Ronald Town son, Ricky Benson, Phillip Todd, Stuart Bailey, Jeff Kcnnamer, Bobby McMurtrey, Steve Bright. Jeff Thrash, Benny Comelious, Charles Allen, Richard Camp, Robert Entrekin, Steve Bums, Ronnie Miller, Robert Bodine, Rickey Malone. Mr. Rudy Hodges, Sponsor. First Year: 1st ROW: Ronnie Miller. Dennis Hutcheson. Don McCloud, Mike Taylcr, Kenny Pell, Fred Warren, Marty Robinson, Mike Colvin, Jeff Wallace. Andy Whitten. Richey Holsonback, Bill West, David Peppers, Barry Reaves, Brad Gaither. Allal Willet, Kenny Upton. 2nd ROW. Paul Roebuck, Jody Stewart, Lamar Poole, Thomas Edwards, Ricky Edmondson, Kim Bearden. Pete Lamb, John Burgess, David Carver, Randy Beard, Randy Chandler, Phillip Windsor, Jeff Allen. James Corbin, Ricky Rosson, Kelvin Harbison, Mark Nelson, James Mayfield, Dale Thomas, Andy Williams. 3rd ROW: Nathan Beard, Steve Terrell, Larry Miller, Terry Peacock, Jimmy Bryant, Roy Smith. Jerry Dingier. K. D. Dorsett, Neal Cooley. Terry Ratcliff, Mike Grizzard, Thomas Carroll, Richard Carnes, Richard Andrews. David Griffith. 104Junior Civitans 1974-75 Officers: BOTTOM ROW: Sandi Sutton — Chaplain. Phillip Hutcheson — Sgt. at Arms, Alan Low-man — Treas., Mary Jane Wells — Sec., Georganne Wells — Vice Pres., Steve Machcn — President. 1973-74 Officers: TOP ROW: Mr. Chandler — Advisor, Phillip Trussell — Chaplain. Randall Lusk — Sgt. at Arms. Horis Cook — Treas., Shari Hargrove — Sec., Dcbi Washington — President. 1st ROW: Phillip Trussell, Bob Johnson, Gary George, Stanley Landers, Julian Mcthcny, Tony Southerland, Dcbi Washington, Benny Byrum, Randall Lusk. 2nd ROW: Tommy Winkles, Lisa Hardy, Horis Cook, Roger Willoughby, Georganne Wells, Shcp Kean. 3rd ROW: Kathy Daugette, Rosa Roberts, Sandi Sutton, Mary Jane Wells, Steve Machcn, Alan Lowman, Ken Moultrie, Shari Hargrove, Regina Brown, Marty McLendon, Dew anna Curl, Cynthia Bright, Marsha Dye. Phillip Hutcheson. Junior Beta Club 1st ROW: Katrina Calhoun, Millie Cryar, Tammy Maddux, Debra McClendon, Wanda Sheets, Libby Hipp, Melissa Howard, Linda Englcman. Joan Robertson, Barbara Newbornc. 2nd ROW: Lena Smith, Susan Spurlin. Carla Floyd, Kenny Scislaw, Laureen Lowery, Mike Compton, Sherrie Gordon, David Culp, Mary Beth Osborne, Danny Shubcrt, Joanna Burroughs, Shane Files, Libby Stewart, Lynn Ayres, Kathy Liles. Beverly Hart, James Grizzard, Mrs. Jane Hagood, Sponsor. 105Future Homemakers of America 1st ROW: Susan Camp, Cindi Williams, Shelia Prance, Shalia Ogle. Rita Marbut, Vicky Morton, Janice Robertson, Belinda Eubanks, Joy Moore, Benita Stevens, Renita Whitmire, Alice Thompson, Brenda Willoughby, Jenny Wells, Deborah Denney, Susan Maltbic, Denise Rhea 2nd ROW: Arlene Southerland. Pam Byrum, Susan Scruggs. Vicky Todd, Margaret Pearce, Debra Martin, Jackie Land, Karen Smith, Debbie Hale, Sulynn Robertson, Jean Mitchell, Marsha Dye, Karen Humphries, Karen Williams, Robin Yarborough. 3rd ROW: Mrs. Corbin, Mrs. Head. Barbara Williams. Paula Golden, Beth Adams. Gndy Hibbs, Sandra Mom an, Gail Beard, Lyncttc Henson, Sandi Sutton, Joan Strange, Jenny Nolen, Diane Irvin. Laura Peck. Pam Pankcy, Linda Kiker, Nancy Martin, Belinda Clements, Frcdie Teague, Kathy Hunt, Susan Shadinger, Vicky Culbert, Pam Lewis, Regina Graves, Cathy Beard, Shelia Johnson. 4th ROW: Kathy Daugcitc, Angela Davis, Vicky Lowery, Kathy Smith, Donna Roland, Gina Cole, Jane Charles, Patti Smart, Linda Bonds, Jenny Wallace, Nancy Thompson, Bonnie Martin, Lisa Thacker. Becky Howard, Mrs. Corbin, Mrs. Head, Sponsors. Officers: Linda Bonds — Treas.. Rcc. Leader — Lisa Thacker, Devotional Chairman — Nancy Martin, Historian — Patti Smart, Sec. — Becky Howard, Vice Pres. — Freddie Teague, Parliamentarian — Bonnie Martin, Pres. — Cathy Beard. Reporter — Jenny Wallace (not shown).Math Club 1st ROW: Paul Erwin, Cindy Bright, Sandy Englcman, James Turner, Rodney Duvall, Wayne Bryant, David Chandler, Jonathon Davis, Tony Southerland, Phillip Hutcheson, Kent MeGriff, Ken Moultrie, Darrell Cain, Horis Cook, Donald Spurlin, James Turner. 2nd ROW: Randall Lusk, Mary Jane Wells, Becky Howard, Mark Davis, Georganne Wells. Sandra Moman, Pam Williams, Shelia Prance, Shari Hargrove, Cindy Engleman. STANDING: Mrs. Sivils, Jerome Smith, Lynn Bright, Pete Evans, Mickey Oliver, Phillip Trus-sell, Stanley Landers, Tony Peppers, George Liles, Phillip Thomas, Mark Hale, Hubert Orr, Alicia Pearce, Regina Brown, Rickey Ennis, Steve Mac hen, Frank Stevens, Alan Lowman, Doug Oliver, Bonnie Martin. Mrs. Diane Sivils sponsor. FBLA Grant Tidwell, John Rudolph, Ricky Pitt, Joy Kelley, Debra Mitchell, Rosemary Stone, Debbie Patterson, Andra Honea, Brenda Caldwell, Martha Harris, Anita Hyde, Cindy Hipp, Sandy Farmer, Debra Corbin, Myra Glassco, Robin Yarborough, Debra Cofield, Jan Bucke-lew, Shelia Smith, Freddie Teague, Kathy Holmes, Chris Duff, Kathy Hunt, Nancy Roberts, Patti Smart, Nancy Martin, Sandy Moman. Pee Wee McCreless, Martin, Sandy Moman, Pee Wee McCreless, Belinda Franks, Sabrina Graben, Barbara Childress, Trcna Lem aster. Mrs. Wanda Sloan sponsor. Sandra Farmer — Trcas., Sheila Smith — Sec., John Rudolph — Parliamentarian, Patti Smart — Pres., Barbara Childress — Vice Pres., Debbie Patterson — Projects Chairman. SEATED: Nancy Roberts — Reporter. UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA ©Student 1st ROW Shari Hargrove Janice Robertson Jennifer Wh.ce. Gina Cole. David Culp. Marsha Dye. Shelia Hudgins. Danny Baugh. Maty Burks Donna Mike Mastin. Phillip Hutcheson. Dav.d Reed. Paul Erwin 2nd ROW: Lynn Spurlin. Steve Mac hen. Barbara Simmons Bonn.e Mart. Mark Hale. Tony ' Stanley Linders 3rd ROW: Lynn Ayres. Mickey Oliver. Gary George, George Dies. Tony Peppers. Roger Willoughby. Lisa Stewart. Sherne Gordon. Hons Cook. Garry Duckett. Mr. Ira Crawford, Sponsor.Council (RIGHT) Shari Hargrove — Secretary (BELOW) Denise Rhea — Treas. The Christmas Dance was sponsored by the Student Council. It was held Dec. 18 at the Recreation Center. Music was provided by the band "Street.” Decorations carried out a snow-scene theme and were worked on very hard by members of the Student Council. 109i 7 Wi i Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1st ROW: Jessie Bendy, Mike Colvin. Danny Baugh, Horis Cook. Allan Willit. Paul McAbcc. Mickey Oliver. Tommy Winkles, Roy Christian, Bob Johnson. Marty Robinson, Keith Knight. 2nd ROW: Mark Davis, Danny Shubert, Paul Erwin, Collins Wakefield, Brent Han, Rodney Duvall. 3rd ROW: Tim Manin, Robbie Clines, Ken Moultrie. John Burgess. Freddy Carr, Phillip Thomas, Gary Duckett, Lynn Beard, Frank Stevens, Shep Kean, David Reed, Mark Manin, Roger Pierce. Kenny Harbison, Robert Entrekin, Jim Cochran. Mr. Jack Wells. Sponsor, Coach Richard Ferguson. Officers: David Reed — Vice Pres., Paul McAbee — Pres., Freddy Can — Scc.-Treas. rrA” Club 1st ROW: Horis Cook, Mark Manin. Tommy Winkles. Rodney Duvall, Mark Davis, Jim Cochran, Allan Willit. Kenny Harbison. Robert Entrekin, Roger Pierce, Robbie Clines. Tim Davis. 2nd ROW: Roger Willoughby, Ronnie Miller, Ricky Edmondson. David Reed, Mike Lessely, Randy Franks. Jim Ray. 3rd ROW: Roy Christian, Marty Robinson, Phillip Windsor, Bob Johnson. Freddy Carr, Danny Shubert, Jessie Bentley, Paul McAbee, Keith Knight, Mike Colvin, John Burgess. 4th ROW: Danny Baugh, Brent Hart, Jody Stewart, Frank Stvens, Jim Davis, Eddie Gore, Paul Teague. Benji Terrell, Tim Spurlin. Lynn Beard. David Hunt, Randy Grimes. 110Science Fair Winners (TOP) Mark Davis — Mathematical Science, Georganne Wells — Biological, Applied Agriculture, Poultry Husbandry. Science Fair Committee — Ken Moultrie, Pete Evans, Paul Erwin. Phillip Thomas, Mike Mastin, Mickey Oliver, David Reed, Blanchard Howard, Bryan Wood ham, Paul McAbce, Freddie Carr, Alicia Pierce — Ecology. IllJunior Classical League The Alabama State JCL Convention was held April 26-27 at the University of Alabama campus. A group of AHS students attended. They entered a skit, which could have used more practice, but were successful in other contests. The winners were Phillip Hutcheson, Horis Cook, and Laurcen Lowery for best costumes (togas), Janice Robertson for first year sight reading, and Shari Hargrove, who was elected State JCL President for the 1974-75 year. The annual Saturnalia was held on Dec. 2. The theme was "The Roman Forum” and "A Roman Courtyard.” Officers for the 1973-74 school year were: Paul Erwin — President. Gina Cole — 1st Vice President. Georgannc Wells — 2nd Vice President, Mark Davis — Secretary, Becky Howard — Treas., Ken Moultrie — Song Leader, Mrs. Margaret Strickland, Sponsor. 112Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Lt. Col. Thompson SMG Backus SG Gunter SFC Bonds Batallion Staff FIRST ROW: Childress. Lusk SECOND ROW Williams. Hamrick. Johnson. THIRD ROW Bryant, Tucker. FOURTH ROW. Marlowe Color Guard Bagwell, Sims, Ship, Lowe. Sponsors Childress Cornelius Henson Southerland 114Drill Team FIRST ROW: May. SECOND ROW: Anslcy. Ennis, Cook, Pursley, Johnson. Martin, McClendon. THIRD ROW: McClellan. Panne!!. Pursley, Beasley, Dorsett, Nailer. FOURTH ROW: Lathem, Connor. Self. Vandergriff. Band FIRST ROW: Winkles. SECOND ROW: Bums. Brock. Grizzard, Duke THIRD ROW: CurTy, Collins, Gilbert, Crawford, Bearden. FOURTH ROW: Beard, Barkley. Simmons. Brown. Rifle Team 115 FIRST ROW: Winfrey. Woodham. Clines. Kirby, Terrell.First Platoon rr a?? i A Lompany FIRST ROW Whitten. Terrell. SECOND ROW Duvall, Brooks. Bruce, Duke. Lynn, Duke, Edwards. THIRD ROW: Fletcher, Sampson, Harbinson, Hill, Hill, Hill. Ratcliff. FOURTH ROW: Patterson, Justice, McKinney. McLoud, Mitchell. Miller, Motley. Second Platoon FIRST ROW Cook, Winfrey. SECOND ROW: Vineyard, Martin, Carvin, Tarvin, West. Padgett, Okskey, Harbinson. THIRD ROW: Maness, Spurlin, Griffith, Hilly. Martin, Sprulin. FOURTH ROW: Thomas. Teague, McClendon, McCIcnson, Mitchell, Pell, Edmondson. Third Platoon FIRST ROW: McClellan. SECOND ROW: Justice. Cagle, Biddle, Beason, Bright, Burgess. Carol. THIRD ROW: Henson, Lathcm, Mason, Corbin. Chandler, Rosson. FOURTH ROW: Terrell, Nelson, Moore, Parker, Reeves, Robinson. 116First Platoon rrn?? B Company FIRST ROW: Clines. SECOND ROW: Davis. Kirby. Glassco, Waldrop. Ward. Croft. Wilmore, Andrews. THIRD ROW: Camp. Coker, Martin. Davis, Cornelius. Beard FOURTH ROW: Hawkins. Reynolds. Jones, Monday, Benefield. Peppers. Second Platoon FIRST ROW: Hawkins SECOND ROW: Pell, Cherry. Hedgepeth, Culbcrt, Carnes. Evans. Frazier. THIRD ROW: Smith. Crist. Eason, Watwood, Elrod, Files. FOURTH ROW: Warren. Jones. Monor, Orr, Polle. Third Platoon FIRST ROW: Johnson. SECOND ROW Atchley, Sanders, Sampson, Thrash, White. THIRD ROW: Cunningham. Barr, Bryant. York. FOURTH ROW: Johnson. Denham, Buchanon, Dingier, Brooks. 117First Platoon rc r?? L Lompany FIRST ROW: Rhodes, Ennis. SECOND ROW: Tabor, White, Hyde, Patterson, Black. THIRD ROW: Manly, Reeves, Smith, Warren, West. FOURTH ROW: Kirby. McDaniel, Grindle, Martin. Second Platoon FIRST ROW: Corbin, Simpson. SECOND ROW: Woodham, Edwards, Silas. Davis, Beard, Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Hawkins. Jolly, Head, Knight. Ledbetter, Rhoden. FOURTH ROW: Madden. Morrow, Naylor, Nelson, Motley, Runyan. Third Platoon FIRST ROW: Swords. SECOND ROW Willett. Snider, Stephens. Stone, Strange. THIRD ROW: Williams, Haymond, Benefield, Evers, Edwards. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Mitchell. Gay, Corbin, Han, Wallace, Terrell. 118Girls ROTC First Platoon FIRST ROW: Patterson. SECOND ROW: Hicks, Pearce, Brown, Cleveland. THIRD ROW: Martin, Brewton, Ennis, Slaton, Baughn. FOURTH ROW: Lusk, Todd, Robertson, Ramus. Second Platoon FIRST ROW: Vines. SECOND ROW: Teague, Motley, Spurgeon, Tabor. Teague, Spurgeon. THIRD ROW: Artis, Waldrop, Webster, Garner, Baker. 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Ptggy Roberts, Barbara Simmons, Queen Vicky Gilbert. Mona Bell. Debbie Patterson, Jean Ellen G llicr, Patti Morrison. BACK ROW: Lynn Spurlin, Gil Bruce, Jeff Stone, Mark Hale, Stanley Landers, Blanchard Howard, Mike Compton, John Rudolph. Paul Erwin, Terry Peacock.Juniors Work to Make Harvest Hop a Success 126127It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hope and a world of cheer. There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small, small, world. It's a 12aSmall World 129■■Senior Favorites Barbara Williams Danny Elmore Nancy Thompson Mickey OliverCourt DAV] CLAl [DREED KING JDETTE MORRIS QUEEN m PRINCESSES: DIANNE WILLIAMSON PEGGY ROBERTS KINGSMEN: PHILIJP THOMAS FREDDY CARR CORONATION COURT BEAUTIES PAM WARREN — SENIOR TOMMY ANDERSON — ESCORT LAURA PECK —JUNIOR PETE EVANS — ESCORT VICKY MORRISON — SOPHOMORE terry McClendon — escort NOEL BAIRD — FRESHMAN PAUL PONDER — ESCORT SENIORS TIM SPURLIN JOHANNA COLLIER MICKEY OLIVER NANCY THOMPSON PAUL McABEE VICKY CULBERT RICKY PITT BARBARA SIMMONS RAY WILLIAMSON AMELIA ROE DANNY ELMORE BARBARA WILLIAMS JUNIORS JONATHAN DAVIS DONNA ROLAND MARK DAVIS DEBRA GUNNELLS PAUL ERWIN JEAN ELLEN COLLIER KENNY HARBISON USA STEWERT DANNY BAUGH DEBBIE PATTERSON JIMMY THOMPSON BRENDA CALDWELL SOPHOMORES T1?RRY PEACOCK PATTI MORRISON KERRY HARBISON LISA HARDY JIM DAVIS MICHELE CLEMONS ALAN WILLET GEORGANNE WELLS CHARLES ALLEN MARSHA DYE FRESHMEN LYNN AYERS SHERRY GORDON MIKE COMPTON CINDY BOEN KELVIN HARBISON JOANNA BURROUGHS GIL BRUCESenior Favorites Johanna Collier Tim SpurlinDebbie Patterson Danny Baugh Junior Favorites Donna Roland Jonathan Davis • j i-“ r Junior Favorites Debra Gunnells Mark DavisHard Work and Patience Make 148for a Successful Event 149Students Portray Life in (TOP) Freshmen agree chat "There Is Nothing Like A Dame.” (ML) Eliza Doolittle with costermongers. (MR) Anna and son, Louis, arrive in Siam. (BL) J. Dinsky and his fiddle. (BR) Junior Cast. (OPP. PAGE) (TOP) Junior men at Wodka’s Inn. (ML) Senior Choral Group. (MR) Tim Martin stands guard. (BL) Paul Erwin and Pete Evans compose music for Junior skit. (BR) Sophomores have ballroom scene.Other Countries Through Skits The theme of the 1974 Coronation Ball was "It’s a Small World.” Each class chose a Broadway musical from a different country: Seniors — "My Fair Lady,” Juniors — "Fiddler on the Roof,” Sophomores — "The King and I,” Freshmen — "South Pacific.” Winners were awarded in seven different categories. The Juniors took top honors by winning in four of the categories; Originality or Interpretation, Entertaining, Presentation, and Scenery. The Senior Class Skit was awarded outstanding in Over-All Beauty and Best Portrayal of Country. The award for Outstanding Costumes was given to the Sophomore Class. The 1974 Coronation Skits proved to be the most entertaining ever. 151Valentine (TL) Junior Division Queen, Cynthia Elrod, Senior Division, Queen, Pam Daniels. (TR) Senior Class President Paul McAbee crowns ’74 Valentine Queen. (BR) "Target" provides music. (OPP. PAGE) Junior Division Alternate, Sharron Martin; Miss Elrod; Miss Daniels; Senior Division Alternate, Lisa Stewart. 152anceJunior Personalities Vicky Bunch Andrea Honca Debra Cofield Phillip Hutcheson John Rudolph Dianne Murray Dan Erwin Laurie Green Horis Cook Daryl Anderson Freshman Personalities Barry Reeves Malinda Ladshaw Carla Floyd Danny Shubert Libby Stewart1974 Junior-Senior Prom 158r Just You and Me 159160spin 1.1.If HU 1.1.1 ftU I 13.1 fJU I 0.1.1 JUI 1.1.1 [JVI LOOfSUI l,OOfSUI IdZfJU t, J jyL l IdZftVI MO 1 «-j iportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports tportssptl iportsspi iportsspi •portsspi iportsspi ;portsspi portsspi iportsspi iportsspi iportsspi iportsspi portsspi iportsspi sportsspi iportsspi jportsspi sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssporlssportssportssportssports sporlssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssporlssporlssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssports portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi portsspi iportsspi iportsspi iportsspiM r i----r — ww| vi wu| vi i ao| i $ t 00| iy» i ooyyt f VOOfJU! 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Davis, R. Entrekin. S. Wells, S. Kean. J. Bentley. J. Cochran, J. Stewart. M Hannon, G. Holland. D. McLeod. P. Davis. P. Windsor. 2nd ROW: M. Simpson, F. irr, D. Reed. T. Davis, R. Lusk, M. Stewart, J Burgess. M Colvin, R. Clines, M. Martin, T. Spurlin, E. Maltbie. A. Willet, R. Duvall. 3rd ROW: Coach R. Link, R. Miller, H. Franks, A. Williams, R. Runyan, T. McDaniels, P. McAbee, M. Oliver, J. Burgess, K. Bearden. R. Pierce, K. Brown, J. Ray. Coach V Wells. 4th ROW: R. Franks, R. Holsonback. D. Baugh. P. Teague. D. Cain, R. Winfrey, K. Harbison, L Beard. 164Grueling Summer Practice Separates the Men From the Boys Hustle! Run! Do it again! New recruits and veterans alike find out what a pain in the kidney pad summer practice can be. (TOP) Coach Wells shows offense how to handle ball. (BOTTOM) Offense tries it on their own. 165Black Team Pulls Out A-Day Classic The Aggies started their march to the 1975 County Championship by endless hours of practice capped off by the annual A-Day Game between the Black and White shirted teams. For three quarters the game seemed dominated by the White team. Then, in a sudden spun in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, the Black shins scored twice and emerged victorious. (TOP) A Black score — one of the two that snatched victory from the Whites. (BOTTOM LEFT) A White Team back tries to find a hole. (BOTTOM RIGHT) A struggle for the ball in mid air. 166This year marked two new changes. The return of Coach Vernon Wells marked an increase in spirit and motivation in the athletes. With his assistant coaches, Richard Ferguson and Ronnie Little, he succeeded in building a county power-house that should last for quite a few years. The second change was our victory over Arab, a team we have not defeated for fifteen years. First Victory Over Arab Since ’59 167Fancy Footwork Spells Victory Boaz — traditionally our toughest rival. This year’s game proved to be no exception. Boaz was fired up for the game and so were we. In a game so evenly matched, the smallest mistake will decide between victory and defeat. Boaz’s mistake was underestimating Steve Well’s field goal range. 168(LEFT) David Reed tries to evade Guntersville tackier. (CENTER) Roger Pierce’s Hands tell it all — another Aggie score. (BOTTOM LEFT) Jessie Bentley goes over for one of his two scores against Fort Payne. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Ronnie Miller hits Blue Devil low and hard. Leads to County Champs 169ACTION— The Name of the Game! (RIGHT) Jim Cochran goes over for a score. (CENTER LEFT) Blue Devil bears down on Steve Wells. (CENTER RIGHT) "Worm” Cochran zips around left end. (BOTTOM LEFT) Coach Wells and ref discussing call during Guntersville game. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Freddy Carr guns out of reach of a Wildcat. (OPPOSITE PAGE) (TOP LEFT) A score against G'ville. (TOP CENTER) Aggie meets Wildcat head-on. (TOP RIGHT) Rodney Duvall jumps for joy after victory. (CENTER LEFT) David Reed runs for daylight. (BOTTOM LEFT) Haggard and worn, Aggies Lynn Beard and Bob Johnson watch from bench. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Fort Payne Wildcat is covered with Aggies.Spirit and Determination — Qualities of a Number 1 TeamAggie Football Team Is Best 172but Not Without Pain or Punishment (TL) Quarterback Steve Wells runs into trouble in the form of a Boaz linebacker. (BL) Onward, ever onward. David Reed advances the ball down to the opponent's thirty yard line. (BR) Jessie Bentley is over the Blue Devil goal line. (OPP. PAGE) (TL) Steve Wells looks for an opening. (TR) Freddy Carr strains for extra yardage while being brought down by a Wildcat. (BL) Father and son watch as game progresses. (BR) Aggies Mark Martin and Lynn Beard tear into a Wildcat. 1731st ROW: Tom Sloan. Jim Davis. Jeff Mitchell. Wayne Bryant. Steve Wells, Chris Moore. 2nd ROW: Mike Mastin, Ray Williamson. Frank Stevens, Dewayne Smith. Lynn Beard, Blanchard Howard, Phillip Thomas, Jonathan Davis, Jessie Bentley. (BR) Coach Sloan. 174 A’ville A’ville A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’villc A’ville A’villc A’ville ..............Arab ...........G’villc ............Etowah ...........Douglas .........Ft. Payne ..........Anniston ........Scottsboro ..............Boaz Hoi. Tour. Gadsden ..............NEAC ........E. Sansom ..........Anniston .....County Tour. .........Ft. Payne ........E. Sansom ..............Boaz ...........Douglas ............Etowah ...........G’villc ........Scottsboro ...........Grissom ..............Arab ........Reg. Tour.Blanchard Howard Jessie Bentley The Aggie basketball team had a consistent year. STIFF competition prevented them a better season, but a won-loss record of 17-12 is nothing to complain about. Perhaps their best game was against the rival Wildcats of Guntersville. The 1974 Aggie basketball team spoiled their perfect season by defeating them by a score of 103-93. (BELOW) Jim Davis, Sophomore guard, goes high for a basket against Guntersville. Phillip Thomas Dewaync Smith Ray Williamson Wayne Bryant 175AGGIES Mike Mastin Sometimes Runnin Jeff Mitchell Jim Davis Frank Stevens 176Sometimes Falling . . . Always Fighting Coach Sloan’s Aggies arc perhaps one of the toughest teams in this area, as these action shots well show. (L) Lynn Beard draws a foul as he uses a Boaz Pirate as a stepping ladder. (BL) Blanchard Howard soars over Emma Sansom on the way to a bucket. (BR) Blanchard again proves his worth as he pins a lay-up to the boards. (OPP. PAGE) (L) Phillip Thomas in pre-game practice. (R) Lynn Beard lays in one as he knees a Wildcat. 177Aggies Get Severe Case ofrrBasketball Jones” (TL) Blanchard Howard tries to prevent an Arabian from scoring. (TR) Jim Davis goes for two against Gun-tersville. (CL) Mike Mastin adds two to the scorcbook. (CR) Coach Sloan and players are absorbed in the game (BR) Blanchard Howard and Dcwaync Smith fight Knights for the rebound. 178Jr. High Football Squad Jr. Varsity Basketball Squad 179 Manager Tom Sloan. Eddie Gore, Shep Kean. Terry Reeves. Kent McGriff, Ricky Edmundson. Brent Han, David Roebuck. Mike Lessley, Mike Stephens, Timmy Martin, Chris Moore. Manager.Jr. High Basketball Team North LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW: Coach James Cooper, Mike Davis, Kevin Reeves, Steve Beason, Keith Knight, Collins Wakefield, Lamar Pbole. 2nd ROW: Lynn Ayres, Roger Hedgepath, Randal] Head. Gil Bruce, Joel McGriff, David Culp, Mike Lokey. The Junior High team had a brief moment of glory this season when Hayes of Birmingham was disqualified from the North Alabama Tournament for playing ineligible athletes. However, the situation was cleared up and Hayes received first place, with second going to Albertville. (ABOVE) Tourney Sign (CENTER) Collins Wakefield lays one up in County Tournament. (RIGHT) Joel McGriff passes over foe. (OPPOSITE PAGE) (TOP RIGHT) David Culp breaks against Hamilton. 180 (BOTTOM LEFT) Mike Lokey misses a pin, but finds a face (BOTTOM RIGHT) Wakefield on the way to a three point play.Alabama Champions! .(for a whole hour)Aggie Baseball FIRST ROW: Paul McAbee, Lynn Beard, Freddy Carr, Don McClendon, Wayne Bryant, David Reed. SECOND ROW: Tony Spurlin, Marty McLendon, Kent Croft, Steve Wells, Shep Kean. THIRD ROW: Coach Jimmy Cooper, Ricky Edmondson, David Hunt, Frank Stevens, Jeff Gentry. Mike Rowe, Brent Hart, Coach Mickey Moore.David Rccd, Senior Freddy Carr, Senior Jeff Gentry, Senior 183 Paul McAbce, Senior Wayne Bryant, Senior Frank Stevens, Junior s ” ‘iv ' ■Shep Kean, Junior Rickey Edmondson, Sophomore Tony Spurlin, Sophomore David Hunt, Junior 185Boys Cop First Place in County Tourney Boys’ Tennis Team: Steve Mac hen, Paul Erwin, David Lokey, Stuart Bailey, Lynn Washington, Charles Woods, Roger Willoughby. SCHEDULE Boaz.................................won Gadsden ............................lost Guntersville.........................won Athens..............................lost Fon Payne............................won DAR..................................won Boaz.................................won Guntersville........................lost 186Action (TOP LEFT) Girls’ team consisting of Debi Washington. Georganne Wells, Barbara Simmons, Regina Brown. Johanna Collier, Peggy Roberts. Pee Wee McOeless, Alicia Pierce. Rosa Roberts. (CENTER) Peggy Roberts delivering a forearm shot. (BOTTOM LEFT) Per Wee McOeless winding up. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Barbara Simmons handling a good return. (OPPOSITE PAGE) (BOTTOM LEFT) Paul Erwin iokes with Coach Richey Denham. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Debi Washington smashing a lob.Wrestling Team 1st ROW Rodney Duvall, Hons Cook. Many Robinson, David Lokey, Phillip Windsor. Kelvin Hart son, Lynn Washington 2nd ROW Kenny Harbison, Tommy Winkles. Robert Entrckin, Ronnie Miller, Fred Warren. Roger Pierce, Randy Franks. Alan Willett, Benji Terrell, Danny Shubcrt, Greg Richards. Wrestling was under the leadership of Coach Ronnie Little this year. Future seasons promise to be the best ever, for the team is young and strong, with only one Senior leaving. An added help next year will be the new mat purchased for the team. (RIGHT) Benji Terrell and Randy Franks spar with each other. 188All-NEAC Wrestlers -First in Their Weight Class (TL) Coach Little instructs Benji Terrell on correct position. (TR) Horis Cook tries for a pin in a practice match with Tommy Winkles. (BL) The best in the area. Benji Terrell, Randy Franks, and Tommy Winkles proved to be fierce competition against all comers. 189Track Team Streaks to Victories LEFT TO RIGHT, 1st ROW. James Tucker, Tim Davis, Danny Tabor. Lynn Washington, Toby Riley, Ronnie Miller, Rodney Duvall, Allan Willet, Keith Knight, Kenny Harbison, Mark Davis. 2nd ROW: Eddie Maltbic, Steve Vineyard, Tony Southerland, Fred Warren, Tim Martin, Jessie Bentley, Don Clemons, Paul Teague, Danny Baugh, Danny Shubert. Freddy Carr, David Reed, Robert Entrekin, Jim Cochran, Coach Richard Ferguson. 190Team Boasts 8-2 Season This year’s track team was under the new direction of Coach Richard Ferguson. He .put together the longest and toughest schedule the Aggies have been up against. This year’s team was the biggest ever, with the Junior and Varsity teams combined. In the last meet of the season, the team soundly whipped the County Champions, Boaz. (TOP LEFT) Robert Entrekin demonstrates winning form on the high hurdles. (TOP RIGHT) Coach Fegu-son discusses strategy with sprinter Mark Davis. (BOTTOM LEFT) Entrckcn takes first place in the long jump. (OPPOSITE PAGE) (BOTTOM LEFT) Jessie Bentley consistently won the pole vault. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Freddy Carr leaves everybody behind as anchor man at the 440 yard relay team. 191Girls’ Track — First in County X 1 1st ROW: Jenny Wells, Wanda Sampson, Vickie Poe, Lana Waldrop, Robin Young, Debi Washington, Ann Rogers, Denise Rhea, Pee Wee McCreless, Jean Ellen Collier, Debbie Moody. 2nd ROW: Dorothy Chandler, Barbara Roden. Teresa Latham, Pam Waldrop, Arlene Southerland, Diane Rogers, Teresa Pope, Kathy Aaron. Reba Henson. 3rd ROW: Laurie Green, Georganne Wells, Freda Hicks, Chris Duff, Brenda Willoughby, Robin Yarborough, Johanna Collier, Donna Roland, Regina Pannel, Cheri Hayes, Pat Spurgeon, Connie Artis. 4th ROW: Ben eta Stevens, Shelia Ogles, Angela Yates, Kathy Lyles, Susan Poe, Phyllis Thompson. Mary Bah Osborne, Kathy Smith, Debra McClendon. Shari Bearden, Cathy Wook, Benita Bag-well. Krista Martini. This year, as almost every other year before, the girls’ track team has been the dominating force in the county. With the largest number of participants ever, the girls’ team literally ran away with the county championship, winning or placing in every event. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Connie Artis leads the field in the 440 yard run. 192r the Course . v • to-.' -' 9 4 %fe v Collins Wakefield. Mark Martin, Gil Bruce. John Rudolph. Roger Hedgepath, Coach Sloan, David Chandler, Mike Colvin, James Corbitt. The Golf team, coached by Coach Sloan, had a good season, marred a bit by inexperience. This team should prove to be one of the area’s best. (BL) Coach Sloan confers with John Rudolph. 193The 1973 Football Banquet was honored to have as its guest speaker Mr. Hal Hayes, publicist for the Atlanta Falcons. Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High Cheerleaders were recognized along with members of the squad who had lettered. (BL) Freddy Carr — Most Valuable Offensive Back. (BC) Mark Davis — Scholastic. (BL) David Reed — Most Valuable Defensive Back and, the most coveted award of them all, AGGIE OF THE YEAR. 194A ' s Fill Many All-County Positions (TL) Harold Franks — Most Valuable Offensive Lineman (TC) John Rudolph — All-County Golf. (TR) Tommy Anderson — Most Valuable Defensive Lineman. (CL) Hamp Moore — Most Valuable Offensive Lineman. (CC) Thomas Carroll — Most Valuable Defensive Lineman. (CR) Gil Bruce — Most Valuable Back. (BL) David Reed. Freddy Carr, and Steve Wells — All-County Football.(TL) Mike I-okey — Most Valuable Defensive Back. (TR) 1973 Football Banquet. (CL) Stevie Sampson — Team Manager. (CR) Phillip Thomas, Blanchard Howard, Award Winner from Guntersvillc, Lynn Beard — All-County Basketball (BR) Steve Wells, Jessie Bentley — Permanent Co-Captains. 196Cheerleaders Add Class to Basketball and Football Games 197 Robin Young 1 Year Diunne WiJJiamson Head, 2 Years Debr,a Gunnells 2 Years Laura Peck 2 Years Susan Maltbic 2 YearsDeborah Denney 2 Years Michele Clemons Head, 2 Years Jenny Caldwell 1 Year Joanna Burroughs 1 Year 199 Reba Henson 1 Year Susan Reed 1 Yeargt tltlli (ll I UtlU tumu u-l ujg » UUUU’MI XUKUUU Ut . wardsgradualionandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationan andaiva ationan gradual wardsgr andaiva ationanr gradual, wardsgr andaiva ationam gradual, wardsgr andaiva. ationanr graduali wardsgr, andawa, ationanr gradual, wardsgr, andawa. ationam gradual, wardsgr, andawa (itiofidrii gradual wardsgr andawa graduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawa wardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationan andawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduati ationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgrc gradualionandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawa wardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgradualionandawardsgraduationar andawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduationandawardsgraduat. alionandawardsgradualionandawardsgraduationandawardsgradualionandawardsgrrrdsgraduationanda dawardsgraduation ionandawardsgradu iduationandawardsg 'dsgraduationandaw dawardsgraduationc ionandawardsgradu. iduationandawardsg rdsgraduationandaw dawardsgraduationc ionandawardsgradu iduationandawardsg rdsgraduationandaw dawardsgraduationc ionandawardsgradu• iduationandawardsg dsgraduationandaw lawardsgraduationai onandawardsgradua iduationandawardsg rdsgraduationandaw lawardsgraduationai onandawardsgradua iduationandawardsg rdsgraduationandaw lawardsgraduationai onandawardsgradua iduationandawardsg rdsgraduationandaw iawardsgraduationai onandawardsgradua. .rdsgraduationanda dawardsgraduation ionandawardsgradu iduationandawards .rdsgraduationanda dawardsgraduation ionandawardsgradu iduationandawardsValedictorian Vanessa Wilson Salutatorian Connie TerrellClass Night 1974! (TOP LEFT) Gndy Henderson, I Dare You Award. (TOP CENTER) Cathy Beard. Crisco Award. (TOP RIGHT) Linda Bonds, Betty Crocker Award. (BOTTOM LEFT) Paul McAbcc, Marshall County Classroom Teachers Association Scholarship. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Dcbi Washington, Outstanding Junior Gvitans Member. 203(RIGHT TOP) Paul Erwin, Christian Athlete of the Year. (LEFT TOP) Connie Edwards, Twelve Years Perfect Attendance. (CENTER LEFT) Charles Woods, Golden Rule Award. (MIDDLE) Mary Buries, Golden Rule Award. (CENTER RIGHT) Peggy Roberts, DAR Good Citizenship. (BOTTOM LEFT) Dianne Williamson, Best All-’Round Senior High Girl. 204(TOP LEFT) Honorary Colonel Wright. (TOP RIGHT) Guest Speaker Paul Anderson. (BOTTOM LEFT) Steve Vineyard, Outstanding First Year Cadet. (BOTTOM MIDDLE) Robbie Clines. Outstanding Second Year Cadet. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Randall Lusk, Outstanding Third Year Cadet. 205The Senior Class °f 1974 Life has its seasons ... all blending together gradually . . . until one season is well on its way . . . before another has quite finished its work . . . Through all seasons . . . Through all the swift changes . . . however hard the conditions seem . . . man has nothing to fear . . . for he knows the changes are beautiful . . . and man need not resist. . . nor cry, nor find war a necessity ... for there is a time in every life ... a time to be bom ... a rime to laugh ... a time to weep ... a rime to seek ... a rime to love ... a time to keep silence ... a time for every purpose ... a purpose for everything under heaven! 206advertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadverti; ertisirigadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising advertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisinga ertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadve, singadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisi gadverlisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvi isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvi isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvi isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising' vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadv isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising. vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvi isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadv isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadver gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadv isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadver gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvt vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadv tisingadvertinngadvertisingadvertisingadverti ngadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisint dvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingad rtisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvert ngadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisirii dvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingad rtisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadver‘ gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadverL vertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisin isingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadv advertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertis gadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertising Ify I 'W!Pja ivertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadi tisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvert, B [ igadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisint I dvertisingadvertisingadvertisingadvertisingad a. 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Downtown Albertville Alabama 878 41 12 ■ ■ Complete Ladies and Teen's ShopHOLIDAY INN DOII RADIO Serving Daily Buffet Highways 431 and 168 Boaz, Alabama E. T. Holsonback MotorsKIKER MOTORS Home of Quality Cars Marshall County's Oldest Used Car Dealer Albertville, Alabama 'l HIRER ’10T0RS Sm KIKER MOTOR 4,CC  GRANT CITY Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama Marshall County MallAt Your Service YATE'S GRAIN FEED Grinding — Mixing and Bulk Service Phone 878-3241 AlbertvilleFa irview Methodist Church Route 7 Albertville, Alabama Your Authorized Carrier Dealer P.O. Box 525 Albertville Alabama 878 6694 WAVU-AM WQSB-FM P,0. Box 190 Albertville Phone 878-1311 t OK AND SONS Ice hardware Albertville AlabamaALBERTVILLE QUICK FREEZE Railroad Avenue Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-0591 ————————i —— 223FOOD BASKET It's a Pleasure to Serve You 318 Martling Road Phone 878-1261 Albertville, Alabama FOSSETT GLASS COMPANY A ■ li N dlsrr Albertville, Alabama WRIGHT'S AUTO AUCTION INC. Hwy. 43 I 878-3995 Albertville, Alabama Hwy. 431 North 878-4100 INC 878-3995REEDY MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY MUNICIPAL UTILITIES BOARD OF ALBERTVILLE The Municipal Utilities Board Electric and Water Systems Is a Service Organization asp FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Albertville, AlabamaNEHI BOTTLING COMPANY East Mill Street Boaz Alabama Office — 878 2175 Highway 431 Home —878 3833 Route 2, Columbus St. Albertville Alabama CLEBURNE OLIVER MOTORS THE FRIENDLY PEPPER UPPER! Old Albertville Highway Boaz, Alabama Phone 593-311 I W. S. RODEN Albertville Alabama I expect to pass thru this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I kindness that I can showIMeAdow gold dairies Distributed by AIRD OTHEf ;, le, Alabama to my fellow creatures, let me not defer not neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. Seniors 74DONATIONS r DEN Dr. J. D. Bonds Henson's Upholstery Dr. Carltorf Martin Dr. J. L. Hughes Ray McClendon, tax assessor Sav-a-lot Drugs Sibley's Carpet Interiors Dr. B. T. Stewart Dr. Daniel J. Evans Dr. Joe M. Davis Dr. J. Aubrey Davis Dr. M. B. Bray Dr. F. S. Beard Dr. D. B. Lewis SENIO 1974 THOMPSON'S HARDWARE HUNT ISTRIBUTORS Box 518 Albertville A abama Main Street Albertville Alabama 878 9942 234FRED KINGS, INC Ft0w Alabama 102-106 North Main Boai Gunterl Alaba'THE "Y" SERYICl STATION Groceries and Fishing Tackle 41 2 Miles North of G.untersville, Alabama Highways 431 and 79 MULLINAX MOT Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama THE CITIZENS BANK OF GUNTERSVILLE 237CITY OF ALBERTVILLE BUFORD CRYAR Mayor COUNCIL MEMBERS A. C. (JUDGE) OLIVER, LEONARD RAMEY, LUCIAN HOWARD III, L. P. MANESS, CITY ATTORNEY —W. C. (BILL) GULLAHORN, JOE CAMPBELL, MAYOR CRYAR, CITY CLERK — FRANK VOLENTINE "WE THE CITY OFFICIALS BELIEVE THAT OUR YOUNG PEOPLE ARE AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD. TO THE SENIORS — WE WISH THE VERY BEST IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS." RAY GAR ■O. Bo 382 labama OLONFA ERVIN FULL Lot Managi Hwy. 431 AlberFvillgs Alabama Hwy. 431 North Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-9954 NEIGHBOR'S GR OUSE POTTED AND BEDDED PLANTS Hwy. 75 South Ibertville, Alabama 239 r t ARROW MOBILE HOMES Highway 431 Boaz. Alabama Stand Company E. N. NeSmith, Agent mmett Street Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-3141FRED TAYLOR REAL ESTATE Albertville Shopping Center Highway 431 Phone 878 3061 Albertville, AlabamaALBERTVILLE SHOPPING CENTER Albertville Alabama ALL-TRONICS INC. 506 Baltimore Avenue Albertville Alabama THE ATTIC SHOP Antiques — Gifts Furniture Corner of Highways 431 and East Main Albertville, AlabamaWAYNE POULTRY COMPANY A DIVISION OF ALLIED MILLS. INC. P.O. Box 280 Albertville, Alabama BEST WISHES SENIORS FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 309 East Main Street Phone 878-2291 Albertville, Alabama 244WHITTEN'S Albertville Alabama TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP AND TV SERVICE Albertville Alabama AMOCO OIL COMPANYCERTIFIED STEAM CARPET CLEANING SAND MOUNTAIN SALVAGE COMPANY Railroad, Freight and Warehouse Damaged Merchandise 431, Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-6782 508 Sunset Avenue Albertville Alabama SAND MpUNTAIN PAwlfe, INC. PRINTING NYBORDON ICECREAM COMPANY ■Tift Borden, it’s got to be good. Anniston, Alabama 236-3475 MATTHEWS MANUFACTURING HOWARD REAL COMPANY ESTATE Lucian Howard, Jr. 105 Madison St. Albertville Alabama Phone 878-4100 P.O. Box 328, Albertville Alabama Bus.: 878-221 1 Res.: 878-3110 247Compliments of TEAL BODY SHOP Albertville, Alabama DEWEY O. EASON INSURANCE GLENN'S BEAUTY BAR 8 Operators to Serve You 508A Baltimore Avenue Albertville, Alabama Marshall County MallBAIN'S MAGNAVOX ANDERSON'S SHOE SHOP Albertville Alabama Albertville Alabama HAMMER'S Albertville Alabama LORCH'S Albertville Alabama MS Support the Church of Your Choice ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH 130 First Street Rev. Raymond Cook BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH Beulah Road Rev. D. E. Latham THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ALBERTVILLE 309 East Main Street Mr. Charles Woods MOUNT CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 201 Rose Road Rev. Q. P. Davis Mr. James A. Housto MOUNT VERNON BAPTIST CHUR Mount Vernon Road Rev. J. W. Cole SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH Solitude Road Rev. Willis Kelly SOUTH SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Sims Street Rev. Hoyt CHURCH OF GOD 606 Baltimore Avenue Rev. O. N. Franks HEWETT MEMORIAL 1110 Walnut Street Rev. Douglas Wells, Jr. ALBERTVILLE DISTRICT OF Rev. John C. Calhoun, District Superintendent THE ALBERTVILLE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Albertville, AlabamaBILLY THRASH UNCOLN-MERCURY, INC. Highway 75 Albertville, Alabama MORGAN MOTORS Happiness Is Being Two Feet Deep in Comfort Connie Dingos Verde Vogue H.I.S. Jacqueline Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama SAND MOUNTAIN V VOLKSWAGEN Albertville. AlaBVma | POWDER PL BEAUTY SAD Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE FLOWER SHOP 258RUSH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Albertville, Alabama TCHELL GROCERY CORPORATION Iber+vkle, AlabamaBRYANT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Albertville, Alabama RALPH WILLMORE MOTORS Albertville, AlabafMERLE NORMAN Albertville Alabama Albertville, Alabama Albertville Alabama CHANDLERS FABRICSAUTOMOTIVE COLOR AND SUPPLY Albertville, Alabama The purpose of this yearbook is to remember; to help you remember, to MAKE you remember. It is pm together for you ... for you to look through, to relive a few precious moments in time. This book represents a year of your life. A small fraction, but one of the most joyous years you will ever know. Wc hope this book will make vou think. Think of that year, that fraction of your life when vou were a high school student Wc, the Mountaineer Staff take this opport unity to thank the countless number of people involved in making this yearbook possible We would like to give a special rhanks to our many advertisers, Robert O. Johnson, Jim Robbins, our Taylor Publishing Company representative, and Miss Catherine Brasher, our advisor. Without her help, we could not have published a book of this exceptional quality. DOUd OLIVER Advertising Manager . . •, . -' .V - V ' V . t - .. -'• :.- - -V .. . - - - V - ■’• ' V I • - ' -"."r • V V.' sv -• . - • .•-, . ■ • • : • • - •. - v . ■. . - « • • •- •- • • - - • , . . v .• - • . • - . • J v . - - - - ' . ' .. • Y'. ■ - I” " . • . ■ • " • •" v’- •• .. ' 4+ - ' m -.V .v or,' ASS

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