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Rhea Roden .. . Winky Wells . . . Wayne Kimberly Leslie Lee...... Kay Wilborn . . , ........Co-Editor ........Co-Editor Business Manager ......Co-Sponsor ......Co-Sponsor 2Student Life .. Features....... Athletics...... Academics . . . Classes........ Graduation . . . Advertisements TABLE OF CONTENTS .18 .56 100 132 146 204 220 3It had been alone for the summer. To me it was just another place, someone else's, not mine. 6I suddenly realized the campus wasn't merely a conglomeration of build-ings, textbooks, and forms filed in triplicate. It was people whose individual lives interlock for a few hours each day and give the campus its living breathing soul. 789103Many turn from society’s pat answers in search of their identity. 14They find freedom to reach, but not necessarily freedom to receive. Freedom to think, but not necessarily freedom to believe; somehow answers are vague results few. is Meet the Press Sharon Wakefield Carol Hipp Sherry Hill Paul McAbee Lynn Hanvey Sharon Daughette Lorre Gaither Fred Beasley Jim Smith Beth Richey David Jones Harriet Hughes Rhea Roden Susan Maltbie Debi Partridge Shelia Ladshaw Holleigh Evans Michelle Clemons Ralph Willoughby Joe Beam Pat Davis Georganne Wells Martha Duckett Mary Ann Thompson Randy Hilsman Laura Crowe Nalda Davis Amy Hardy Winky Wells Linda Grace John Mas tin Candy Rhea James Baird Nancy Nolen Ellen Templeton Jackie Gilliand Diane Murray Frank Chandler Kay Spratling Blaine Ducket Mary Jane Wells Danny Jenkins Susie Gunnells Pam Warren 20,vr i (TL) Reporters (TR) Class Editors (CL) Co-Editors Lynn Hanvey and Sharon Wakefield (CR) Feature Editors (B) Editor and Photographer Jim Smith Good Times, Bad times. Happy times, Sad times; Almost all Aggie times are preserved in the Aggierama, which is printed once weekly by a staff of 40 people, who work together to produce a paper for the students, about the students, and by the students. 21Leadership Makes a Band (TL) Janet Harvey, Color Guard Captain (TR) Mr. Powell, Band Director with Pres, and V. Pres, of band (BL) Pam Williams Head Majorette (BR) Senior Band Members (OPP.)(TL)Band Officers(TR)Mike Cofield, Drum Major (CL) Band Council (BL) Christmas Concert 22Practice, practice, practice ... pick those feet up ... Get in step, Cofield. Friday night - Halftime ... “And now ladies and gentlemen the Pride of Albertville the Albertville High School Half Million Dollar Marching Band ...“ Christmas parades ... neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night .... concerts, contests ... work, work, work ... 23Mike Cofield Janet Harvey Tom Sutton Mike Johnson Harriet Hughes Nancy Nolen Buddy Beard Blaine Duckett Nancy Dennis Betty Eason Kathy Fricks Gwen Files Cindy Henderson Connie Jarvis Cindy Morgan Barbara Oliver Teresa Reaves Debra Rice Cathy Slaton Barbara Williams Pam Williams Debbie Caldwell Laura Crowe Martha Duckett Susan Smith Freddie Teague Pam Warren Linda Bonds Susan Bowen Sandra Burdette Deborah Duckett Gail Duvall Paula Golden Denise Holsonback Marla Johnson Debra Lang Adrienne Martin Regina Martin Cathy Quinn Jane Richardson Pam Rosson Nancy Smith Beverly Crawford Becky George JoAnn Houston Debi Partridge Ellen Templeton Winky Wells Martha Willmore Pam Underwood Nancy Martin Tresia Blanks Cindi Boyd Cynthia Chastain Claudette Morris Kathy Rains Bill Rippy Kent Spurlin Gary Thacker Lisa Thacker Bonnie Martin Kenny Bearden Gary George Boboy Hilsman Doyle Matthews Greg Brown Robert Curry Phillip Gray David Lokey David Pritcnett Diane Murray Judy Rhea Jimmy Thompson Buddy Vantresse Randy Winkles Foster Bradley Steve Burns Lezlie Clemons Jo Ann Ferry Kim Harvey Harvey Kennedy A1 Laser Eric Laser David Ledbetter Tommy Prickett Tony Scislow Jerome Smith Cindy Whorton Danny Woodall Doug Oliver Shannon Vinyard Ricky Malone Lei ton Staton Kenny Upton Jackie Gilliand Vickie Miller Charlotte Winkles 24Aggie Band Has a Great Year! (TL) Homecoming Parade (TR) Drum Major and Sabre (BL) Homecoming Parade (BR) Band on sidelines (OPP.) Albertville High School Band 25Practice Makes PerfectBest Band in DixielandJunior Classical League Old Roman Days (TL) Latin II’s serving (CL) JCL Officers (TR) Mrs. Strickland and guests (BL) Washing hands (CR) Banquet (BR) Banquet 31 PRESENTING - STUDENT COUNCIL RATED X CELLENT Linda Grace Harriet Hughes Gretchen Janey Gary Hanvey Peggy Burroughs Nancy Nolen Laura Crowe David Jones Judy Rhea Lezlie Clemons Bit Janey Pam Williams Danny Jenkins John Rudolph Becky George Martha Duckett Kathy Rains Connie Jarvis Candy Rhea Diane Stewart Benny Goss Winky Wells Fred BeasleyStudent Council (TL) Linda Grace - Pres. (TR) Laura Crowe - Sec. (CL) Lezlie Clemons - Treas. (C) Gary Hanvey - V. Pres. (BR) Mrs. Little -SponsorScience Club Promotes Annual Science FairChoral Group Adds Spice to Christmas Concert 351971-72 Mountaineer Staff Barbara Simmons Vickie Miller Mary Burkes Sharon Wakefield Sharon Daughette Amy Hardy Carol Hipp Pat McLendon Harriet Hughes Mary Story Winky Wells Cindy Henderson Rhea Roden Martha Dobbs Laura Crowe Patti Aaron Martha Stewart Beth Richey Frank Chandler Kay Spratling Lauren Hubbard Maria Dimasi Nancy Dennis Nalda Davis Pat Davis Wayne Kimberly Diane Stewart Holleigh Evans Shelia Ladshaw Pete Evans Christy Bunn Jim Lessley 36Mountaineer Editors Work Hard to Put It All Together (TL) Co-Editor Winky Wells (TR) Staff at work (CL) Editors (BL) Co-Editor Rhea Roden (BR) Editors and Sponsors 37FHA Prepares for the Homes of Tomorrow (TL) First Year (TR) Officers (CL) First year girls receiving instruction (CR) Second Year (B) Third Year with sponsors 38FTA Organizes Teacher Appreciation Day (T) Officers (BL) FTA Club (BR) Mr. and Miss FTA 40Youth in Action for Christ (L) Christian Club (R) Officers Jr. Civitan Club Honors Students3 Character(TL) NIKE Club Officers (TR) NIKE Club FBLA Promotes Future Business Leaders of Tomorrow (TL) FBLA Club (BL) FBLA Club OfficersFFA Encourages Farmers for the Future (T) FFA Club (B) FFA Officers45Mountaineer Staff (T) Advertising Staff (CL) Business Managers (CR) Sponsors - Mrs. Lee and Miss Willbom (B) Class Editors47I I I 48 Pep Club Cheers Aggies to Victory (TL) Cheerleaders at game (TR) Officers (C) Pep Club (B) CheerleadersVICA and DEC A Clubs Combine Learning With Work (TL) VICA CLUB (TR) VICA Queen (C) DECA Club (BL) VICA Officers (BR) DEC A Officers. ■nJunior Reserve Officers Training Corps Lt. Col. Thompson SGM Bachus SG Gunter SFC Bonds Battalion Staff BATT CO Lt. Col. Riddle EXOMaj. S-l Maj. Baker S-2 S-3 S-4 CSM Asst- Asst Maj. Bently Maj. Tidmore Maj. Campbell Johnson Land S-l Baugh S-l Lt. Col. Wells Maj. Wakefield Maj. Weeks Maj. Roden Maj. Evans Maj. Grace LT. Childress Color Guard Lt. Campbell MSG Gautney MSG Wood Lt. RainsMorton Scislaw Lokey Drum and Bugle C CO COM Maj. EXO Cpt. Lt. Camp Jaco Chandler Cpt. Staton Cofield Hilsman Winkles George MSC Beard Kennedy Oliver Laser MSC Grace Upton Ledbetter Bearden Co COM EXO Cpt Laser S purlin 1SG Vinyard Lt. Hoffman Drill Team Cpt. May MSG Childress MSG Brooks Jolley Baker Kelley Ennis Capt. Williams MSG Frachiseus MSG Williams May McGee Reeves Goodwin Cpt. Ridgway MSG Jolley SFC Bishop Bright Simpson Holland PannellShipp Howard McAbee SFC Sewell SSG Graben Thomas SFC Benefield SFC Baird SSG Hill Howard Maltbie Southerland Elmore C Company 3rd Platoon rr n « 1st Platoon COCOMMaj. EXOCpt. Lt. ! SG Curry Cornelius Aaron Swords ASFC Barksdale Franks Mashburn SFC Stepleton SSG Cochran Duckett Hale Bently Anderson Bryant Bryant Rowe Castleberry Bearden Patterson PL Lt. MSG Henry Nelson 2nd Platoon MSG Davis SFC Cochran SSG Whitten Gent„ Landers Culbert Goodwin SFC Cochran Eller McClendon Morris Latham Hunter McClendonFederal Inspection 555657Senior Personalities Steve Gentry Harriet Hughes Ken Chaffin Rosemary Williams ssChristy Bunn Susan Erwin Guy Bruce Beth Cryar Ric Patterson Gail Duvall Kenneth Lyles Danny DuckettKathy Rains Amy Hardy Paul Mullinax Randy Stepleton Rhonda Slaton Greg BrownJoan Martin Herbert Baird Jim Lesley Beverly Crawford Junior Personalities 61Sophomore 1 Peggy Roberts Pam Rosson Charlotte Winkles Freddie Carr 62 Personalities Jeff Gentry Danny Elmore Vickie Culbert Ray WilliamsonFreshman Personalities 63 Cindy Williams Daryl Anderson Jean Ellen Collier Mark Bunn Mark Davis Brenda CaldwellEighth Grade Personalities Susan Maltbie Kerry Harbson Sharon Fanin Allen WillettFFA-FHA “Winter FFA - FHA COURT: Queen Beth Richey and King Steve Gentry1972 Valentine Dance Division 1 Queen: Janet Colvin; Division 2 Queen: Martha Stewart.’72 Band Dance 67Junior Class Presents . . .“Grandma’s Best Years” 69“The Cinderella Complex” . . . 70Presented by the Senior Class 711972 Junior-Senior Prom The Juniors carried out the theme for the prom well with the decorations and especially the huge hurricane glass from Pat O'Brians. Everyone enjoyed seeing Beowulf again, too. 72uCoronation Escorts (TL) Jim Smith (TR) Mark Thompson (BL) Pat Davis (BR) George Liles. 74Senior Favorites 75Junior Favorites (TL) Karen Rains. (TR) Benny Goss. (C) Steve Whitten. (BL) Phyllis Campbell. (BR) Pete Cochran.Junior Favorites (TL) Nancy Nolan. (TR) Bubba McKee. (C) Mary Story. (BL) Diane Stewart. (BR) Randy McClendon. 7980Sophomore Favorites (TL) Paul McAbee, (TR) Patti Aaron, (BL) Dianne Williamson, (BR) David Reed. 81Work, Work, Work! I don't think we’ll ever get this thing put together ... Hurry with that staple gun, I can’t stand on this ladder all day ... I think I’m falling ... I KNOW I’m falling ... I’ve got chalk in my eyes ... Hand me that piece of black chalk ... Hey ... which way does this red stuff go? ... That crown looks like it’s leaning ... It’s like that every year ... It would be funny if it fell ... Just hysterical ... Glitter, glitter everywhere ... Wax the Stage! 11 ... Are you kidding ... If you wax me into this comer I’ll never forgive you ... Where have you been?... Stealing ivy ... I need a new broom, mine’s wearing out ... I can’t believe it’s finally finished!! 84(TL) Court entertains with Grand March, (TR) Master of Ceremonies, John Hari-man, (CL) Holleigh Evans escorted by Wayne Kimberly, (Q Lisa Hubbard escorted by Howard Baker, (CR) Julia Weeks escorted by Richard Baker, (B) left to right: Flower Girl, Lawrence Roberts; Crown Bearer, Karen Appleton; Crown Bearer. Lee Roberts; Scepter Bearer, John Walker. 85Best Skits in 86Coronation History!! I thought the Coronation was in 2 weeks ... We don't have a skit! ... I don't have a costume ... I don't have a formal ... What do you mean we can't get these props in that room ... Oh no, I forgot my lines ... Our skit’s next! ... Results ... Freshmen third ... Juniors second ... Seniors first ... I sure am glad it's over! 871972 Coronation Court Princess Julia Weeks Kingsman Richard BakerHolleigh Evans Howard Baker and Royalty Queen Lisa Hubbard King Wayne Kimberly 1 Princess Kingsman 89(OPP.) (TL) King and Queen of AHS. (TR) Royalty, (CL) Senior Beauty and escort, (CR) Senior Favorites, (BL) Junior Beauty and escort, (BR) Junior Favorites. (Above) (TL) Sophomore Favorites, (TR) Sophomore Beauty and escort, (CL) Fteshman Favorites, (CR) Freshman Beauty and escort, (B) Eighth Grade Favorites.Junior Beauty Janet Colvin Senior Beauty Becky George 939597As Fall Entered Albertville High School Came Alive With Homecoming 1971 (TL) Sophomore attendant - Patti Aaron (TR) Sophomore attendant - Claudette Morris (CL) Homecoming Queen - Kay Spratling (CR) Homecoming attendants (BL) Junior attendant - Phyllis Campbell (BR) Junior attendant - Dianne Stewart (OPP.) (TL) Homecoming attendants and escorts (CL) Senior attendant - Holleigh Evans (Q Senior attendant - Julia Weeks (CR) Senior attendant - Winky Wells (BL) Kay receiving flowers (BR) KayHomecoming 1971 ... There will be a meeting of the float committee after school to discuss Homecoming ... Have I got an idea for the float ... Why don’t we have an Aggie man ... You can’t get out of class on Friday unless your name is on this list.” ... “Where’s that list?' ... How many eggs did you say? ... Who's down at the Police Station? ... That was Homecoming 1971!!! 99 sweet r ■ • I 'A ,«V ' .(% .) r v v mv w ■ V y - Wr f o r |kV p rV i Aggie Football 71 Albertville vs. Arab Albertville vs. Jacksonville Albertville vs. Boaz Albertville vs. Scottsboro Albertville vs. Fort Payne Albertville vs. Fairview Albertville vs. Emma Sansom Albertville vs. Tarrant City Albertville vs. Oxford Albertville vs. Guntersville 102(TR) Coach Hicks confers with player (TL) Jesse Bentley pushes for yardage (BR) Referee and players in mixup (OPP.) (TR) Guy Bruce (B) Guntersville-Albertville score. 103104Devoted Aggies Build for Promising Season (TL) Coach Nichols and Coach Hicks confer (TR) Aggie Cheerleaders (BL) Albertville-Guntersville game (BR) Aggies go through drills (OPP.) (T) 71 Aggie team (BR) Prayer before (T) Kevin Bearden short ofT.D. (B) Morton Hodgens gaining against Tarrant (OPP.) (TL) Players watching from sideline (TR) Aubrey Henly defending pass (B) Coaches conferring with referee. 106 Aggies Put Forth 110% Effort(TL) Jesse Bentley runs for yardage (TR) Zeke Bentley fighting for yards (BL) Jacksonville score (BR) Aggies happy over victory (OPP.) (T) Zeke Bentley being helped by Tommy Rhodamer (BL) Morton Hodgens around the end (BR) Pass reception by Kevin Bearden. 10 Junior High County Champs in (TR) Junior Aggies score (BL) 1971 Junior Aggie Team (OPP.) (TR) Lawrence Williams evades tacklers (BL) Costly junior Aggie mistake (BR) P.A.T. is good. 110IllCheerleaders . . . 112. . . Inspire Athletes to Strive for Victory 113Basketball ’71 -1'2 114115Aggies Capture County and NEA C Titles.117118“A” Club and F.C.A. Promote Sportsmanship 121123Bently Goes to State, 2nd Year in a Row126Golf Team Swings Into Action 128Junior Cheerleaders 129T Aggie Football Banquet (TL) Guy Bruce (TC) Gary Hanvey (TR) Morton Hodgens (CL) Zeke Bentley (CR) Hanvey, Whitten, Camp (BL) Jesse Bentley (BR) Kevin Bearden. 130AdministrationProviding Able Leadership 135(L TO R) Barbara Blanks; Roger Garrett; Margaret Keller; Margaret Strickland; Linda Knight; Sue McBrayer; June Jenkins; Mary Hicks, librarian; JoyceJones, Assistant Librarian. Languages Opening New Doors in Communication 136Music Department . . . Lending a Brighter Note to Our Days (L TO R) Hazel Gipson, Reading; Jean Gipson, Reading Assistant; Ruth Weeks; Judy Galloway; Jack Powell, Band Director; June Jenkins; Milton Henderson. Mrs. Ausie Smothers will be retiring this year after 31 years of service. 137Mathematics In a Computerized World I (L TO R) Coach Raymond Sparks, Leslie Lee, Coach James Jolley, Miss Cornelius, Kay Wilborn, Frank Baker, Linda Mitchell, Coach Sloan. 138Science Understanding Our World (L TO R) Lemon McCollum. Catherine Brasher, E. T. Neighbors, Connie Gaines, Randall Black, Jo Ann Mitchell. James Gilley. 139History Striving for a Link to the Past (L TO R) Jerry Blanks, Ira Jo Crawford, J. T. Childress, Jane Hagood, Robert Von der Osten. Charlotte Hanson, Mac Gore. i 140Vocational and Business Training for the Jobs of Tomorrow (L TO R) H. B. McClendon, Linda Cornelius, Jan Masters, Wilena Little, Wanda Sloan, Rudy Hodges, Jean Head, Leon Camp. 141Physical Education. . . Shows A.H.S. Builds the Body as Well as the Mind (L TO R) Jo Ann Moore, Agatha Hall, Kenneth Barrett, Richard Hicks, Donna Maynard, Shannon Sloan, Mickey Moore, Robert Nicholes. 142R.O.T.C. . • • Marches On 143Custodians and Lunchroom Workers (L TO R) Amilee Hayes, Vertia Jones, Mary Lee Spear, Sarah Dean, Ruby Hembree, Nevora Moore, Anglyn Worley, Sue Williams, Sharon Duncan, James Duncan, Woodrow Duncan, Floyd Hunt, Security Guard.Enthusiastic Teachers 145146147Summer Dies Andy Adams Wanda Adams Mike Alexander Skip Appleton Cheryl Armstrong James Baird Howard Baker Richard Baker Anthony Baugh Betty Baugh Joe Beam Joan Beard Kay Bearden Fred Beasley Jimmy Beil 148Seniors ’72 Come Alive! Zeke Bentley Mike Biddle Joyce Bishop Donna Bolding Glenda Bolt Linda Bolt Patricia Bryant Christy Bunn Debbie Caldwell Delane Camp Felton Camp Cindy Boyd Rickey Brock Becky Browning Guy Bruce 149Student Participation Irby Camp Bobby Campbell Mary Campbell Tex Campbell Terry Cannady Peggy Carnes Ken Chaffin Sherry Champion Ann Chandler Rita Chandler Rodney Chauvin Daryl Chavers Brenda Cheek Gail Childress Cathy Cole Brad Collier Carla Collier 150Donald Collins Mike Cook John Cooley Donald Corbin Ed Cornelius Mary Jane Couch Jerry Cox Terry Creel Laura Crowe Beth Cryar Harold Culbert Robin Cunningham Bill Curry Teresa Crews 151Naida Davis Living Soul Denise Dobbins Terry Dobbins Linda Dorset Bob Duckett Danny Duckett Larry Duckett Debra Edwards Mike Eidson Dianne Ennis Doretha Duke Gail Duvall Harvey Duvall Shelia Duvall Willene Duvall 152Susan Erwin Holleigh Evans Roland Evers Mike Floyd Freeda Franks Lorre Gaither Steve Gentry Becky George David Giles Linda Grace Nicky Green Larry Griffith 153Lynn Hanvey Peggy Hardin Cecelia Harrison Richard Harrison Debbie Haymon Bill Hedgepath Aubrey Henley Brenda Hill Randy Hillsman Carol Hipp Dorsey Holland Randy Holsomback Joann Houston Lisa Hubbard Harriet Hughes Ronald Hyde Richard Jaco 154Challenges, Defeats But A Iways Trucking Danny Jenkins Norman Jenkins Richard Jenkins Jewell Johnson Marla Johnson Mike Johnson Randy Johnson David Jones Debra Jones Robbie Jones Charles Justice Temple Kilpatrick Wayne Kimberly Danny Kirkland Malcolm Landers 155A1 Laser Steven Lavender Becky Locklear Ricky Lowery Kenneth Lyles Sherry Lynn Debi Martin Denise Mashburn Johnny Mastin Bobby Matthews Doyle Matthews Frankie Mayes Marsha Mayes 156Cassie McClain Gary McClendon Patricia McClendon Bobby McCollum Debbie McCreless Jim McCreless Janice McGlaughn Turner McLemore Pat McLendon Diane Miller Paula Mitchell Joe Morgan Karen Morris Johnny Mountain Tara Nelson 157Dreamers and Doers Brenda Newman Beverly Ogle Carol Ogle Barbara Oliver Jimmy Pankey Wayne Pankey Debi Partridge Greg Patterson Ricky Patterson Wayne Peppers Lillie Poe Richard Powell Tommy Prickett Cathy Quinn Gaynell RainsIn Search of Identity Paula Reeves Beth Richey Redgy Riddle Sandy Riddle Danny Ridgeway Bill Rippy Phillip Robinson Rhea Roden Ken Rushing Kathy Scott Dicksie Scruggs Rita Sewell Tony Shores Alice Simpson Donnie Slaton 159160 Mildred Smalley Sandra Smalley Jim Smith Lowell Smith Katrina Smith Joan Sparks Johnny Spence Kay Spratling Larry Spurgeon Kent Spurlin Lisa Stanfield Lelton Staton Brad Stephens Kerry Stewart Danny StidhamEvery Moment So Precious, So Short . . . Tommy Sutton Virgil Swords Ann Taylor Dan Taylor Ellen Templeton Gary Thacker Rhonda Thom a Mary Ann Thompson Paul Thrasher Harold Tidmore Brenda Todd Kathy Tucker Oliver Tucker Althea Turner Keith Utter 161. . . But Always Remembered Buddy Vantreese Sharon Wakefield Ronnie Walls Barbara Webb Julia Weeks Winky Wells David White Cecelia Wiggins Pam Williams Rosemary Williams Ralph Willoughby David Wise Danny Woodall Joey Young 162Hard Working Juniors Charles Altman Cyndi Bailey Herbert Baird Evelyn Baldwin Rodney Baldwin Bruce Barclift Buster Barksdale Terry Barnes Gary Baugh Buddy Beard Janice Bearden Manuel Bearden Nancy Bell Bobby Benefield Debra Benefield Kenneth Bethune Dian Bible Tresia Blanks Shelia Bolding Jody Bonds Pam Bonds 164Show Leadership Shelia Bowen Glenda Brewton Dolan Bright Debbie Brooks James Brooks Joyce Brooks Evelyn Brown Greg Brown Kay Bryant John Buckelew Johnny Burgess Becky Cagle Sherrill Camp Tony Camp Marilyn Campbell Mike Campbell Phyllis Campbell Pam Caldwell 165 President - Bubba McKee Secretary - Phyllis Campbell Treasurer - Mary Story Vice President - Benny GossCheryl Chandler Fred Chandler Cynthia Chastain Cynthia Cherry Ronnie Childress Bobby Cochran Jeff Cochran Pete Cochran Janet Colvin Roger Cook Rodney Cornelius Beverly Crawford Shelia Cunningham Patti Daniel Pat Davis Teddy Davis Nancy Dennis Maria Dimasi Darrell Downs Deborah Duckett Myra Duke Betty Eason Charlene Elrod Janet Engle Phillip Ennis Charlotte Evans Kathy Evers Determination 166Myra Evers Curtis Fainn Barry Faulkner Mike Frachiseur Dennis Franks Regina Frazier Danny Free Reba Gardner Johnny Gautney Angie Gay Trena Gibson Jackie Glass Steven Glassco Janet Gore Benny Goss Michael Graben Bill Grace Michael Graves Doug Griffith Sandra Griffith Susie Gunnells Curtis Fainn Irene Gunter Mike Hall Deborah Hammett A First Place Float 167Mary Harris Diane Harper Janet Harvey Donnie Hicks Sherry Hill Morton Hodge ns Gail Hoffman Mike Holderfield Derrell Ho Ison back Tommy Hornsby Jimmy Hutcheson Barbara Hyde Gary Hanvey Doyle Hard Hoyle Hard Amy Hardy Sheila Harrell 168Gretchen Janey Connie Jarvis Everette Johnson Sherry Johnson Tim Jolley Cindy Jones Gloria Jones Jimmy Justice Randy Kelley Debra Kirby Willis Kirby Sherman Kirkland Sheila Ladshaw David Land Mark Land Debra Lang Mike League Jim Lessley Ray Long Patricia Lovell David Lowery Kathy Lybrand Joan Martin Vickie Miller Dale Minor Cindy Morgan Steve Morris Brent Morton Debbie Mountain Paul Mullinax 169Juniors Display Pam Murphree Doris McClendon Randy McClendon Tony McDonald Bubba McKee Kay McMurtrey James Nelson John Nelson Nancy Nolen James Orr Phillip Owens Jimmie Painter Alica Pankey Martha Pankey Betty Parrish Spike Parrish Evelyn Patterson Glenda Patterson Wayne Patterson Fred Peppers Sandra Peppers Fayestau Pope Karen Rains Kathy Rains 170Varied Talents Linda Range Robert Ray Donna Reynolds Mark Reynolds Debra Rice Elaine Roberts Randy Stepleton Deborah Stevens Denford Stevens Diane Stewart David Stone Mary Story 171Susan Strange Gary Swords Rayford S words Ricky Swords Johnny Taylor Rickey Terrell John Thacker Kathy Thompson Pam Thompson Pam Thomas Rebecca Thrash Randall Thrasher Ginger Todd Getting It All Together 172Studying? Johnny Todd Martha Todd Susan Todd Susan Towers Gary Tucker Dale Turley Keith Upton Shannon Vinyard David Walker Rhonda Ward Debra Webb Pam Webb 173David Wesson Donald Wester Kathy Wester Mike Whitten Steve Whitten James Wilabay Marilynn Wilkerson Allen Williams Terry Williams Bruce Willoughby Martha Wilmore Dale Wilson Memories . . . 174SOPHOMORES EDITORS — Martha Stewart, Jane Wester, Barbara SimmonsDreamers, Doers, Patti Aaron Joe Adams Debra Alien Joe A Iverson Tommy Anderson Sharon Anthony Belva Ashley Rita Ashley Karen Bagwell Odean Balcer Renee Baker Jonny Bales Donna Beaird Cathy Beard Lynn Beard Tommy Bearden Howell Bealey Jimmy Belue Darlene Benson Jessie Bentley Sammy Bentley Mark Bollinger Johnny Bonds Linda Bonds Joann Bowen Brenda Bozark Anthony Bright Joan Bright 176Leaders and Followers Randy Bryant Wayne Bryant Pat Bryson Sandra Burdett Mary Burks Peggy Burroughs Benny Byrum Becky Cagle Cherry Camp Susan Camp Sherman Campbell Mike Cantrell Shirley Carlton Ronnie Carnes Jerry Castleberry Mike Chaffin Dorothy Chandler Frank Chandler Helen Charles Barbara Childress Belinda Clements Lezlie Clemons Beverley Coby Michael Cofield Johanna Collier Carolyn Cooley Elaine Culbert James Culbert Vicky Culbert Carmen Dahlquist Pam Daniel Martha Davis Steve Denney Martha Dobbs Blaine Duckett Martha Duckett Garry Duckett Teri Duffey Connie Edwards Mark Eller 177Danny Elmore Rickey Ennis Alan Fainn Sandra Farmer Joann Ferry Gwen Files Kenneth Fleming Bruce Franks Harold Franks Benny Frazier Cathy Fricks Louise Galloway Tommy Galloway Brandall Garrett Kathy Garrett Randy Garrison Jeff Gentry Gary George Debra Gibson Jackie Gilliland Thomas Godwin Paula Golden Kim Green Vicky Griffin Ronnie Grimes Cathy Gunnells Mark Hale Debbie Hall Rebecca Hall Dale Hammett Rickey Harper Teresa Harper Martha Harris Phil Harrison James Hasty Randy Hayes Cindy Henderson Beatrice Henson Bobby Hilsman Cindy Hipp 178Phillip Holder Sharon Holder Glen Holland Kathy Holmes Danny Holsonback Randall Horton Blanchard Howard Rod Howard Shelia Hudgins Ricky Hughes Mike Hunter Annita Hyde Kim Janey Rickey Jonnson Hal Jolley Keith Jones Betty Justice Mark Kelley Harvey Kennedy Patrica Kiker Mike King Charles Kirkland Sharon Lacy Pete Land Mike Landers Stanley Landers Eric Laser Danny Latham Ronnie LeMaster Jeaneen Leslie Don Lewis George Liles Keith Little David Lokey Marv Lowery Ranaall Lusk Vicki Lyles James Mabrey Eddie Maltbie Wendell Marlowe 179Homecoming . . . Bonnie Martin Regina Martin Annita Massey Denise Masters Nila Masters Robert Matthews Joey May Judy Mayo Paul McAbee Susan McClearen Guy McClendon Phillip McClendon Bobby McCoy Roger McGee Sheila McKee Julian Metheny Debra Mitchell Phillip Moon Byron Morgan Pnillip Morgan Claudette Morris Candy Morrison Michael Motley Susan Moultrie Donna Myers Jenny Nailor Sherrie Nelson Debra Norris Wanda Odom Douglas Oliver Mickey Oliver Jerry Pankey Tommy Pankey Dolly Pannell Nathan Pannell Donnie Patterson Eddie Payne Tony Peppers Byron Phillips Debby Pierce Margaret Pierce Vicki Poe Wanda Poole David Pritchett 180Involves Sophomores I! Debbie Ragsdale Beverly Rains David Reed Howard Reeves Thelma J. Rhea Debra Rhoades Mary Rhoades Marla Rice Mike Richards Rita Richards Jane Richardson Tommy Richey Sharon Riddle Tim Riley Peggy Roberts Barbara Roden Amelia Roe Wayne Roe Donna Roquemore Pam Rosson Mike Rowe Letha Rowell Nancy Russell Tony Scislaw Frank Shipp Barbara Simmons Jesse Simpson Dewey Sims 181Sophomores Are Great Helen Sims Rhonda Slaton Patti Smith Debra Smith Dewayne Smith Shelia Smith Susan Smith Sandra Smothers Tony Southerland Jan Spratling Mellen Spurgeon Tim Spurlin Chapman Stanfield Annette Stephenson Marcella Stewart Martha Stewart Belinda Sword Cynthia Taft Beth Teague Peggy Templeton Booby Terrll Connie Terrell Lisa Thacker Wally Thacker Phillip Thomas Joe Thompson Nancy Thompson JoAnn Thrasher Danny Troxtell Phillip Trussell James Turner Pam Underwood Elaine Uptain Tommy Vaughn Joe Vincent Lana Waldrop Pam Warren 182No Matter What!! Eddie Watwood Barbara Webb Jane Wester Cindy Whorton Barbara Williams Bert Williams Beverly Williams Dianne Williamson Ray Williamson 183Janet Wilmore Deborah Wilson Vanessa Wilson Ricky Winfrey Charlotte Winkles Randy Winkles Danny Wise Mitchell Wright Gina Yarbrough Robin Young In Memory Lilia Humphries 184Those Spirited Freshmen . . . Darryl Anderson Kim Ansley Bill Appleton Gary Atchely Mike Bagwell Jeff Bailey Stuart Bailey Ellis Baldwin Thomas Barkley Joy Barksdale Danny Baugh Kimmy Bearden Rosann Bearden Debra Beasley Larry Bell Phillip Bell Rickey Benson Sammy Bentley Shari Bishop Donna Boland Nita Bolding Susan Bowen Debbie Buchanan Jan Buckelew Vicke Bunch 186Can You Pin Them Down? Mark Bunn John Burgess Steve Burns Larry Burk Kenneth Burks Phyllis Buse Wilford Bradley Larry Bright Donna Brothers Jeanette Brothers Debra Brown Keith Brown Regina Brown Jimmy Bryant Larry Cagle Darrell Cain Brenda Caldwell Paula Camp Gary Cannady Robert Cantrell Jimmy Cash 187Jan Chamblee Betty Champion James Champion David Chanaler Don Clemons Jimmy Cochran Tony Cochran Debra Cofield Annette Coker Jean Ellen Collier Danny Cook Horis Cook Brad Corbin Steven Crawford Jeff Creel Tommy Crowe Dewanna Curl Robert Curry Russell Dalrymple Cindy Davis Darlene Davis 188Jonathan Davis Mark Davis Robbie Davis Sherry Davis Jamie Davenport Larry Dawson Tony Dimasi Gail Dobbs Marquetta Dobbins Ralph Dorsett Debra Doyle Tami Duffey Danny Dunn Brenda Duvall Gary Duvall Larry Duvall Rodney Duvall Samuel Edwards Belinda Ennis Robert Entrekin Debra Epps Dan Erwin Paul Erwin Pete Evans Vanessa Evans Danny Fletcher Nina Frachiseur Belinda Franks Randy Franks Eunice Galloway Wanda Garner Steve Garrett Sheri Giles Teri Giles Barry Glassco Anthony Goble Sabrina Graben Phillip Gray Laurie Green Dennis Griffin Debra Gunnells Bandaline Hambey Harold Hanvey Kenny Harbison Shari Hargrove Karen Harper Jim Harris Kim Harvey Ann Harviile Robert Hawkins Deloise Henson Wanda Hollis Diane Hoisonback Edwina Hoisonback Denise Hoisonback Andra Honea 189Mark Hopper Kathy Howard Margaret Howard Lauren Hubbard Brenda Humphries Kathy Hunt Philip Hutcheson Jerry Hyatt Diane Ingram Lenora Ingram Gary Jenkins Katnv Jenkins Bob Johnson Leisa Johnson Tony Johnson Alice Johnston Kathy Jolley Brad Jones Keith Jones Sheila Jones Betty Justice Johnny Justice Joy Kelley Shep Kean Becky Kilpatrick Gail King Jenny Lamb Pete Lamb Debra Lang Kathleen Lang Melanie Lang David Lewis Trena Lemaster Cindy Lester David Ledbetter Alan Lowman Joe Lusk Phillip Lusk Randy Luther Steve Machen Debra Mullinax Debra Malone Ricky Malone Rongil Malone Rita Marbut John L. Marks Mary Mark Mark Martin Nancy Martin Mike Mastin Myra Mathis Wayne Mayfield Myra McCoy Kenny McClellan Don McClendon Cathy McCreless 190Kent McGriff Charlotte McKinney Bobby McMurtrey Debbie Miller Roger Miller Ronnie Miller Tony Miller Jeff Mitchell Carol Mooney Randei Moore Sandra Morgan Cathy Morrow Kenneth Moultrie Dianne Murray Juanita Nailer Gwen Nelson Sheila Ogle Steve Painter Debbie Patterson Rickey Patterson Tony Peacock Beverly Pearson Laura Peck Patricia Pegues Kenneth Pell Debra Peppers Pam Peppers Donny Pinson Jenny Poole Gail Portwood Terry Powell Jimmy Ray Teresa Reaves Pam Redden Charlotte Reeves Candy Rhea Mary Lou Rodgers Anthony Rogers Danny Romine John Rudolph Richard Rushing 191Kathy Russell Brenaa Sampson Kathy Sampson Betty Sewell Denise Shankles Anna Lee Sims Sonny Simpson Cathy Slaton Jerome Smart Ben Smart Clay Smith Jerome Smith Nancy Smith Randall Smith Rhonda Smith Rickey Smith Jerome Spurgeon David Spurlin Barry Staton Martha Jo Stephens Alisa Stewart T92 Grant Tidwell Debra Todd Dennis Todd Diane Todd Phillip Todd James Tucker Frank Stevens Renay Stidham Rhonda Stidham Sonia Stone Dewayne Swords Diane Tankersley Chester Teague Edward Teague Freddie Teague Belinda Terrell Benjie Terrell Jimmy Thompson Mark Thompson William Thompson 193Sherrie Towers Deborah Turner Rickey Turner Kenny Upton Ronnie Vaught Gloria Waenon Jenny Wallace Kenneth Watwood Sandra Wester James White Lynette White Regina White Helen Whitehead Johnny Whitehead Cynthia Williams Larwance Williams Patsy Williams Sheri Winfrey Tommy Winkles Barbara Winston Cathy Wood Bryan Woodham David Young 194195Beth Adams Sharon Alexander Charles Allen Gregg Altman Irby Ashly Donnie Artis Peggy Artis Kenneth Ashley Ricky Ashly Phil Atchley Benita Bagwell Ken Bailey Shelia Baker Marlon Banks Scott Bare lift Timothy Barr Pam Baugh Tommy Baugh Martha Beaird Danny Beard Gail Beard Nathan Beard Randy Beard Pam Bearden Wanda Bishop Robert Bodine Shelia Boland Tim Bollinger Ramona Bonds Thomas Boozer Tina Bowen Kathy Bradley Joyce Brewton Lynn Bright Steven Bright Lynn Brock Belinda Brown Joe Brown Robert Brown Judy Bryson Deboran Buchanan Lela Bulard Carol Burdett Betty Burgess Jeff Burgess Pan Byrum Richard Camp Mike Carter Randy Carter 196David Carver Macie Cash Chavla Centers Jane Charles Deborah Cherry Donald Cherry Orville Childress Rickey Childress Michele Clemons Donna Cleveland Robbie Clines Vickie Clontz Shelton Coker Gina Cole Ricky Collins Mary Colquitt Mike Colvin Jim Conner Bobby Cook Neal Cooley Johnnie Cordell Benny Cornelious Melanie Cornelius Karen Crews Mary Sue Crocker Kent Croft Bobby Culbert Joe Culbert 197David Cunningham Steve Currie Cynthia Elrod Angela Davis Debra Davis Elisa Davis Jim Davis Paul Davis Phillip Davis Tim Davis Kathy Daugette Tony Deam Deborah Denney Debra Dick Judy Dimasi Jerry Dingier K. D. Dorsett Teresa Duggan Susan Dunn Marsha Dve Rickey Edmondson Thomas Edwards Mike Ellis Cynthia Elrod John Elrod Phillip Ennis Belinaa Eubanks Sharon Fanning Nancy Faulkner Brad Gaither Mike Garrett Cynthia Garrison Vickie Gibson Paula Gilliland Sammy Gilliland Eddie Gore Regina Graves Curtis Green Nicky Green David Griffith Bobby Grindle Debbie Hale John Hambrick Susan Hannon Kerry Harbison Lisa Hardy Barbara Harris Brent Hart Kevin Harville Raymond Hawkins Tommy Haymon Janes Helton Keith Henson Lynette Henson Reba Henson Cindy Hibbs 198Freda Hicks Gerry Hill Jerry Hill Timmy Hill Gerry Hilley Randall Holcomb Chris Holderfield Rodney Holsonbacl Rebecca Howard Stacey Hubbard Debra Hulcey Vickie Hunt Jerry Hyde Steve Hyde Diane Irvin Bit Janey Billy Johnson Sheila Johnson Tim Johnson Charles Jones Donnie Jones 199 Ronnie Jones Wanda Jones Keith JusticeJeff Kennamer Linda Kiker Joey Kirby Westley Kirby Jackie Land Teresia Latham Deborah League Mike Lessley Pam Lewis Vicki Lowery Teresa Lusk Danny Madden Susan Maltbie Bobby Mann ess Donna Maness Rhonda Maness Debra Martin Sharon Martin Tim Martin Terry McClendon John McCollum Dennis McKinney Marty McLendon Don McLeod Mildred Marks Larry Miller James Minor Kelly Mitchell Steve Mitchell Sandra Moman Mike Monday David Moore Joy Moore Stanley Morris Patti Morrison Vicki Morrison Vickie Morton Renee Motley Hugh Moultrie Jim Murphy Brent Nash Lisa Nash Dan Nelson Ann Nixon Jenny Nolen Kim Norris Rickey Nowery Faron O'dell David Okeskev Donna Oliver Hubert Orr Pam Pankey Jayne Pannell Peggy Pannell Regina Pannell Lewis Patterson 200Tony Patterson Terry Peacock Alicia Pearce Steve Pell Wayne Phillips Roger Pierce Susan Poe Teresa Pope Shelia Prance Charles Pursley Mona Rathburn Billy Ratliff Roger Ray Sheila Reaves Terry Reaves Judkin Reynolds Denise Rhea Kathy Rhodes Steve Rhodes Denise Rice Phillip Riddle Kathy Riggins Jimmy Roberts Janice Robertson Sulynn Robertson Ricnard Robinson Ferrell Roden David Roebuck Patricia Rogers Ronald Runyan Rhonda Rushing Pete Sampson Robert Sampson Wanda Sampson Susan Scruggs Susan Shadinger 201Mike Shaver Danny Shell Keith Shell Joyce Sims Donna Smalley Danny Smith Karen Smith Kathy Smith Phillip Sommers Arlene Southerland Pam Sparks Linda Spurgeon Lynn Spurlin Tony Spurlin Mike Stephens Laura Smith Steven Smith Beneta Stevens lody Stewart Marvin Stewart Pam Stewart Darlene Stracener Felicia Strange Sandy Sutton Danny Tabor Tim Tabor Debra Tankersley Gary Tarvin Joe Teague Paul Teague Tammy Teague 202 Jeff Thrash Alice Thompson Phyllis Thompson Karen Todd Ronald Townson Regina Trussell Alex Tucker Cindy Veal Peggy Vines David Wallace Renee Ward Fred Warren Robert Warren Steve Watwood Georganne Wells Mary Jane Wells Terry Wesson Bill West Rethia Wester Terry Whitehead Renita Whitmire Rita Whorton Shane Wilkes Alan Willett Andy Williams Karen Williams Pamela Williams Brenda Willoughby Barbara Wilson Gloria Wilson Joanie Wilson Tammy Wilson David wisner Timmy Woodall Mike Woodham Robyn Yarbrough 203GRA D UA TION 1972(TL) 12 years perfect attendance; Gaynell Rains and Debra Edwards. (TR) DAR Good Citizenship; Holleigh Evans. (C) Sportsmanship Awards; Joe Beam and Randy Hilsman. (B) Outstanding Students; Jr. High, Pete Evans and Lisa Stewart, Sr. High, Susan Erwin and Wayne Kimberly. (OPP) (TL) I Dare You Award; Rhea Roden and David Wise. (TC) Most Spirit Award, Debra Gunnels and Lisa Hubbard. (TR) Golden Rule Award, Kathy Wood, Jr. High. (BL) Golden Rule Award, Becky George, Sr. High. 206Awards and Rewards 207Valedictorian (TL) in Choral Room. (TR) Delivering Valedictory address. (B) Working with chemicals in lab. Carol Hipp 208Lillie Poe Salutatorian 209 (TL) Giving Salutatory address. (TR) Crocheting in library. (B) In Choral Room.iiinn THE SENIOR 210CLASS OF 1972 211Graduation. May 22. A new beginning. But also an end. An end of 12 years together. 212Baseball games ... talking on the phone till 2 A. M. ... studying at the last minute ... Coronation Ball ... Reflections ... track meets ... sitting out at the Dairy Queen ... Senior play ... 216Tennis matches ... Prom ... beer cans ... coming home at 5 A.M. ... Awards Night ... finally getting an award even though you’ve never heard of it before ... Baccalaureate ... yes, and then Graduation. 217Now, alone, as individuals, we must begin to understand that it could not always be this way ... Nor should it ... Our lives build and grow on our experiences ... We cannot freeze those times and carefree moments, capture them precious and unchanging ... We must take all of our past experiences as we look ahead to our future . •.219 Albertville High will stay ... You will go ... But where? And why? whose guidance? Each has a choice, each must decide. For we have not the end of our lives, but merely ended the beginning.ADVERTISING EDITOR — HARRIET HUGHES 221FIELD ENTERPRISES EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA CHILDCRAFT WORLD BOOK DICTIONARIES WORLD BOOK ATLAS CYCLO-TEACHES WILLIE R. INGRAM Distributor P.O. Box 723 Ph. 878-6470 Albertville, Al.SUPPORT THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE FIRST ASSEMBLY OF SOD Rev. R. E. Stephenson, 402 Rose Rd. BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. D. E. Latham, Rt. No. 5, Boaz FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Clinton M. Wood, 309 E. Main St. MT. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Q. P. Davis, 201 Rose Rd. SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Nelson E. Bullard, Solitude Rd. SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Hoyt Hambrick, Sims St. MT. VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. J. W. Cole, Mt. Vernon Rd. ST. PAUL BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. O. Thomas CHURCH OF SOD Rev. O. N. Franks, 606 Baltimore Ave. FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Rev. Williard Kilpatrick, 204 Bollinger St. FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. O. S. Samble, 206 Madison Ave. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Don Hubbard, Minister, 501 College St. SPONSORED BY THE ALBERTVILLE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 223Mountaineer Staff Says Thanks The MOUNTAINEER Staff wishes that every participant of Albertville High campus life would look closely at the advertisers represented here. They have contributed much toward the success of this book, and constitute a select group of very loyal Aggie supporters. It makes good sense to trade with those concerns that are interested in you. Both the advertisers and the MOUNTAINEER Staff will sincerely appreciate your mentioning the MOUNTAINEER when patronizing these advertisers. Harriet Hughes, Ad. Manager ROBERT O. JOHNSON Yearbook's Official Photographer Portraits by Appointment WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Professional Bldg. Ph. 878-2561 Albertville, Al. 224I 185 Broad St. WAKEFIELD'S Rental — Linen Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning FAST SERVICE Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-2581Insurance For Non-Drinkers Only DEWEY EASON 508A Baltimore Ave. P.O. Box 661 Bus: 878-6900 Res: 878-3480 Albertville, Al. O. C. KARR DISCOUNT STORE General Merchandise At Discount Prices Gifts, Jewelry And Hardware 902 Hwy 75 South Albertville, Al. 35950 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY t Hwy 431 yvu eo u. $ pat. off. Ph. 878-3351 Albertville, Al. 226227CHESTER F. RAINES AGENCY INC. Complete Insurance Service Since 1921 210 N. Broad St. P.O. Box 218 878-3911 Albertville, Al. 35950 THOMPSON PRINTING SOMMER'S A MUSIC CO. Albertville's Music Headquarters Pianos — Story, Clark, Koher Campbell, Worlitzer Organs — Worlitzer, Lowery Band Instruments Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-1711 39 W. Main St. Albertville, Al. 228 ALBERTVILLE INC. 132 E. Main St. Albertville, Al. 35950 Phone 878-2451 BOAZ INC. 102-106 N. Main St. Boaz, Al. 35957 Phone 593-6312 WHITTEN’S PARTS 304 N. Broad St. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-4381 329COOK AND SONS ACE HARDWARE Everything In Hardware P.O. Box 206 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Al. BISHOP'S MERLE NORMAN SEWING CENTER COSMETIC STUDIO Hwy. 431 AND Albertville, Al. BEAUTY SALON arsTOPi •Sr nd 7J SAVE Custom Made Drapes Free Estimates Phone 878-1301 Albertville Shopping Center Ph. 878-3961 Nights 878-3763 Albertville, Al. 230FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Albertville, Al. We Proudly Salute the Senior Class of 1972 ROSS-GRADEN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS 878-1461 582-3125 Albertville, Al. Guntersville, Al.THE FOOD BASKET Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meals 318 Martling Rd. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-1261 KIKER MOTOR SALES Home of Quality Cars Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-2121 233Hwy. 431 ADAMS BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL HOME P.O. Box 488 Albertville, Al. WAYNE POULTRY COMPANY A Division of ALLIED MILLS INC. P.O. Box 280 Albertville, Al. BEST WISHES SENIORSELECTRIC AND WATER SYSTEMS THE JEWEL BOX JAMES HASTEY Owner Main St. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-3301 235RALSTON PURINA COMPANY Manufactures Livestock and Poultry Chows See Your Purina Dealer East Lake Road Guntersville, Al. Ph. 582-3164 RALPH COLLINS FORD Phone 878-1241 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Al. 236HEWETT REXALL DRUG CO. DRUGS South Broad St. Ph. 878-0641 Albertville, Al. V '“'S A ) C I 4 4' yl . toip OA l'-t £ J r Yarn Manufacturers of Wool, Synthetics and Blends Industrial Drive Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-5510ALFORD COTTON COMPANY P.O. Box 399 Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-3494 BEE-LINE EXPRESS (ocTT mjLUlf Hwy. 75 North Albertsville, Al. Ph. 878-0941 BROWN BATTERY SERVICE AUTO PARTS Distributors for American Batteries Route 2, Box I5B Highway 431 North Albertville, Al. Zip Code — 35950 Phone 878-6750 DEE ISBELL HARDWARE COMPANY Everything In Hardware G.E. Appliances A. D. ISBELL, Owner P.O. Box 490 Albertville, Al. Zip Code — 35950 878-4311NORMAN’S GAITHER SCHOOL OF APPLIANCE HAIR FASHION AND FURNITURE Frigidaire — RCA — TV Furniture 582-4939 Sand Mt. Shopping Center Guntersville, Al. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-6430 D W TRACTOR COMPANY Hwy. 431 Albertville, Al. P.O. Box 356 SPEED WASH H. L. HUNT AND CO. P.O. Box 518 Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-9942 239SPEED CHECK GROCERY Open 7 Days — 6 a.m. till 12 p.m. Complete Line Groceries, Meat, Produce Self Service Gas ♦ i vs 504 Baltimore Ave. Ph. 878-5871 Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-4896 I 107 Baltimore Ave. JACK'S FURNITURE The Working Man's Friend Albertville, Al. 240ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 230 N. Broad Ph. 878-1292 Albertville, Al. NEIGHBOR'S GREENHOUSE Birmingham Hwy. Ph. 878-5043 Albertville, Al.ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY 209 S. Broad Ph. 878-1514 Albertville, Al. DENDY'S INC. Ph. 878-2721 Main Street Albertville, Al. ESQUIRE SALON Mens Hair Styling By Appointment Featuring Today's New Dry and Natural Look In Hair Styling 111 N. Carlisle Ph. 878-2251 Albertville, Al. 242CITY OF ALBERTVILLE N. D. DARDEN Mayor COUNCILMEN John Gullahorn — Law. Tommy Maddux Hinton Mitchem George Radford L. P. Maness Ralph Vaughn Mrs. Taft — Sec. THE HOUR STUDY CLUB Motto — No Reward Without Labor DONATIONS DR. ALVES DR. F. S. BEARD T. J. CARNES DR. J. K. CLEMONS DR. DAVIS DR. D. J. EVANS ELRODS SHOE STORE DR. A. G. FINLEY, JR. GOLD KIST INC. CHARLES R. HARE BOB HANSON DR. J. L. HUGHES LUSK AND LUSK DR. B. N. LAVENDER DR. A. G. LONG DR. CARLTON S. MARTIN THE MARSHALL SURGICAL CLINIC DR. V. S. McCRORY dr. joesph f. McClendon DR. PAYNE DR. GERALD P. ROWE SAND MTN. REPORTER TUCKER: BONDS CLINIC RONALD P. THOMPSON 243WHOLESALE GROCERY INDUSTRIAL FOODS W. S. RODEN OWNER Railroad Ave. Ph. 878-0921 Albertville, Al. W. S. RODEN COMPANYSTREAMLINE CLEANERS I Hour Service, First Quality, Polarized Care Storage, Drive-In Window Guntersville, Al. Q Pfcharting Ph. 582-4949 Candies TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS V. L. MILLER Distributor Peanuts Chips Vending Machines 401 Old E. Martling Rd. Ph. 878-5021 Albertville, Al. T. T. 0. MOTORS Good, Clean, Used Cars Hwy. 43 1 Albertville, Al. Thomas Thrash 245PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Ph. 878-0281 Hi-Way 431 Albertville, Al. 35950 244DR. PEPPER COMPANY The Friendly Pepper Upper That Never Lets You Down Old Albertville Hwy. Ph. 593-311 I Boaz, Al. ALBERTVILLE QUICK FREEZE — Custom Slaughtering — Home of Quality Service We Pick Up — Slice — Wrap — Cure — Freeze Owned By COHEN BURNETT and JOE WILLOUGHBY Railroad Ave. Ph. 878-0591 Albertville, Al. 247REEVES RUBBER INC. McDonald Ave. Ph. 878-6810 Albertville, Al. STORES IN Cullman Blountsville — Scottsboro Suntersville — Fort Payne Boaz — Albertville Arab 248WELLS CLOTHING STORE Your Clothing Store of Values Albertville, Al.Congratulations to The Senior Class THE ARROW SHIRT COMPANY ARBOR ACRES FARM Brashers Chapel Ph. 878-0721 Albertville, Al.CLIMATE CONTROL COMPANY Your Authorized Carrier Dealer Where Quality and Service Go Hand in Hand Air Conditioning and Heating Sales and Service P.O. Box 525 Albertville, Al. 878-6694 or 6695 251DENHAM'S FEED MILLS Custom Shelling Grinding and Mixing Complete Line of Feed DENHAM’S Ph. 878-3641 Albertville, Al. YOUNG AMERICAN HOMES A Division of Mid-American Housing Inc. P.O. Box 729 Ph. 878-5920 Albertville, Al. HAMMER'S Main St. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-2961 STATE NATIONAL BANK W. Main St. Albertville, Al. WAREHOUSE GROCERY Hwy. 75 Albertville, Al. Compliments of WHITE GIN COMPANY 254STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. GENE HOLCOMB Agent INSUftANCI 208 W. Main St. Bus. 878-3415 Albertville, Al. Res- 593-3567 WHITTEN'S An Town and American Tradition Country Clothes Albertville, Al. MITCHELL GROCERY CORPORATION Serving Retail Groceries in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Albertville, Al. 255 Personalized Banking at its Finest Member F.D.I.C. THE CITIZENS BANK Guntersville, Al. Compliments of DOBSON AND CO., INC. Clothing for the Entire Family 133 E. Main St. Ph. 878-3651 Albertville, Al. DARDEN COTTON COMPANY P.O. Box 638 Ph. 878-0241 Albertville, Al. 256FRED TAYLOR REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE FRED TAYLOR REAL ESTATEJNSURANCE Albertville Shopping Center Hwy. 431 Ph. 878 3061 Albertville, Al. 257SAND MOUNTAIN PARTS CO. Complete Machine Shop Service 210 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Al. SAND MOUNTAIN VOLKSWAGEN INC. © HwY- 431 Ph. 878-4390 Albertville, Al. 258YOUR ALBERTVILLE THEATRES MARSHALL MARTIN SHADYSIDE Best The Home of Wishes Place The Big To To Screen Seniors Be Hits Phone 878-5660 Phone 878-1629 Phone 878-0191 Albertville, Al. Albertville, Al. Albertville, Al. GREEN'S FLORIST 319 Martling Road Albertville Alabama 35950 Ph. 878-3511 MOORE'S WELDING ALUMINUM AWNINGS PATIO AND IRONWORK ALUMINUM SIDING Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-6880 259 McKEE PRINTING CO. Office Supplies, Furniture 224 N. Broad St. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-3112 P AND J PHARMACY Your Dependable Druggist Albertville, Al. POWDER PUFF BEAUTY SALON 201 E. Main St. Ph. 878-2821 Albertville, Al.TANT Watches — Gifts — Diamonds Ph. 878-0521 Albertville, Al. BROAD STREET STANDARD SERVICE Li STANDARD = OIL = U Dealer 232 N. Broad St. Albertville, Al. Owner, Don Barton We Give Top Value Stamps CORBIN'S APPLIANCE COBB'S Sand Mountain's Best Syrup Hotpoint, Norge, Zenith Cobb's Syrup Mill Fedders, Corning W. Main St. Hwy. 431 Between Albertville Albertville, Al. and Boaz Ph. 593-6770 261VAL-MONTE Motel — Restaurant THE VILLAGE SQUIRE Golf — Pool — Boat Harbor Top of Mountain Val-Monte Has Everything if j v Hwy. 431 So. Guntersville, Al. Ph. 582-3283 35950 Guntersville, Al. 582-2576 BRIGHT AND FREEMAN SHOE BAR Dress Shoes, Duty Shoes Walking Shoes, Loafers Houseshoes, Canvas Shoes Handbags Discount Prices Save Up to Half On Name Brand Shoes 208 E. Main St. Albertville, Al. SEARS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Sand Mountain Shopping Center Ph. 878-4680 Albertville, Al.ARKAY CO. AND FAITHWAY FEED CO. 1701 Thomas Ave. 582-2302 1701 Thomas Ave. 582-5646 Guntersville, Al. Guntersville, Al. FOSSET GLASS COMPANY Auto Glass Specialist Insurance Work Welcomed Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-4100 COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE FERTILIZER COMPANY AND DAVIS BROTHERS HARDWARE Co-Owned By DORSETT DAVIS AND DR. JOE M. DAVIS 119 W. Ober Ave. Ph. 878-1531 Albertville, Al.MATTHEWS MANUFACTURING CO. INC. MOORE'S HOME SUPPLY APPLIANCES (§9© P.O. Box 328 Ph. 878-3847 Albertville, Al. Main St. Ph. 878-2871 Albertville, Al. 264Hwy. 43 I REYNOLDS FASHION AND FABRICS Save 50 to 60% on Name Brand Clothing Guntersville, Al. SORTER MOBILE HOMES Hwy. 431 The Best of Mobile Homes Whether You Rent or Buy You Pay For the Home You Occupy Albertville, Al. Ph. 878-5326 265PEGGY'S FASHIONETTE FASHION HOUSE PEGGY M KENAMORE JANE WEST Complete Linen Dept. Panty Hose by Hanes 202 E. Main St. Ph. 878-41 12 Arlye Trammell Mgr. Purses, Gloves, Scarves Albertville, Al. FAMILY FASHION CENTER We Have Polyester Knit Fabric Where Your Business Is Appreicated Albertville, Al. HOLIDAY WOODALL REAL ESTATE INN and MOTEL INSURANCE Bethsaida Road Buck and Hootie Hwy. 431 Ph. 582-4351 Ph. 593-8410 Professional Building Boaz Guntersville Alabama Alabama 35950HANNAH SUPPLY COMPANY SERVING THE LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY INDUSTRY THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHEAST P.O. Box 667 Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-2921 Albertville, Al. 267BOAZ-ALBERTVILLE PHARMACY Next to Hospital Ph. 593-6679 Boaz Alabama 35950 BURGER'S Tou |ou oar tranw orox ”C0ir iebtn Nosotr%sLafcAm»m« 1322 Gunter Ave. Guntersville, Al. NEHI BOTTLING CO. East Mill Avenue Ph. 593-3401 Boaz, AlabamaALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK 116 W. McCord Ave. Ph. 878-4616 MEMBER F.D.I.C. Albertville, Al. 269

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