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 ' ' 11 ' Albertville r High School Albertville, Alabama 1971 MOUNTAINEER Volume 59 editor — Patti Roden associate editor — Tweetie Smith copy editor — Dick Ingram business manager — Fred Downs sponsor — Catherine BrasherArrival . . . Last of 1970. First of 1971. Third quarter. Time to lower the flag. Taps. The fellas missed a few notes. More than a few really. Maybe it was their mouthpieces. They must have swallowed them. Us Senior men. We went on a field trip. Went to study natural wonders. Got caught in the girls' gym. Study was short. But intense. 2It Is The Journey That Matters Montaine Pep Club, Tuesday night. Cheerleaders called for Two Bits. We responded: "Bit. Bit." Aggie ingenuity. Bit. Bit. And there were those tests. Nothing really tough about them except having to think — Question: "How many ducks flew over the Mississippi River in 1906?" Answer: "True." Nothing to it. There is more. It's easy to recall now that we've arrived; but... 3It isn't the arrival... For the arrival is but evidence of the zenith of process . . . skill masterfully achieved, talent by initiative matured, and ability acquired to the pedastaltic point of being unequivocally unchallenged. A Journey Of Growth Through .I t isn't the arrivai For the arrivai is but formaUty. Arriving at the destination requires no Vess than traveiiing the road: the extent to which we conquer the obstacles in and on it determines the degree to which we have arrived at our port ot ca . It isn't the arrival ... For it's not being there, but getting there that measures the true measure of achievement. A smile is immediate, outward achievement; but a smile generated by genuine enthusiasm is a result of inward expression radiated outward . . . Seeking Knowledge And Understanding 6. . . Personality is not inherent; it is qualities that are instilled by association or by want: they can be changed. The per- sonality of an institution, likewise, can be molded. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes travel. 7Searching For Truth And Hope It isn't the arrival . . . For the end is simply implication of committment from the beginning. An award-winning Band is no less than its devotion to practice from its conception.Participating With Others . . . Marriage indicates the end of a courtship, but signifies the beginning of a family . . . The last game indicates the end of a season, but signifies the beginning of practice. M[ Learning The True Meaning Of Life It isn't the arrival ... For the arrival is but wisdom wrought by knowledge, tempered by experience. It's learning to adopt the pace of nature: the secret of patience ... it's learning to make life a challenge, and instilling enthusiasm in the challenge . . . it's learning to find opportunity in every calamity, and optimism in any atmosphere of pessimism . . . it's learning to bear the responsibility of applying reason rather than rule ... it's learning that personal attitude determines professional altitude . . . and it's learning to faith it out rather than figure it out . . . 13It isn't the arrival ... For it's the things we do on the way that makes the road all the more enhanced. It's laughing in class. It's crying at Homecoming . . . The Journey Has Not Ended . . . 14It’s Only Just Begun . . . . . . It's cheering for Fighting Aggies. It's breaking up. It's getting back together. It's arriving at the end of Route '71, but It isn't the Arrival. It is the Journey. It was worth traveling. Now it's worth remembering. Table of Contents FACULTY 16 SENIORS 30 JUNIORS 47 90PHOMORES - 59 FRESHMEN -69 EIGHTH 79 STUDENT LIFE - 88 ROTC 121 FEATURES 126 SPORTS - 168 GRADUATION 198 ADVERTISING 210 15Administration The AHS Administration strives to maintain a healthy atmosphere conducive to academic achievement and individual maturity. It serves multiple purposes as disciplinarian, mediator, pacifier, coordinator - the list is endless. The business of school administration at Albertville High is far from being a menial task. (TL) Mr. Landers, Administrator, admonishing student. (TR) Malcolm Landers. (BL) Mr. Landers with TV host Grady Reeves. (BR) Mr. Beard, Junior High Administrator. itCounselors and Secretaries The Counseling Program assists students in making decisions concerning vocational preference, colleges, and curricula. It also helps in solving personal as well as academic problems, and serves as the High School's Tracking Station, keeping tabs on attendance. (TL) Coffee break. (TR) Lyndell Hall, Guidance Secretary. (BL) Mary Thrasher and Charles Amason, Counselors. (BR) Etta Potts, Secretary. 19Library The Library offers AHS students the opportunity to extend their studies beyond the confines of the classroom, and enables them to broaden their interests by way of variety reading. (TL) Joyce Jones, Assistant Librarian. (TR) Students studying in Library. (R) Zera Couch, Head Librarian, will be retiring this year after 14 years service. R.O.T.C. The Albertville High School Junior Reserved Officers' Training Corps is a program designed to give cadets a better understanding of military processes and discipline. The unit has received outstanding meritorial ratings each year since its inception in 1967. (BL) Sgt. Harold Montgomery, Sgt. James Gunter, Sgt. James Bonds. (BR) Col. Nathan P. Thompson.History In reflecting the future by way of the past, the History Department gives some insight into man's incentive to achieve and advance, and demonstrates that success is often predicated upon folly and failure. The process and problems of progress can often be predicted by the study of history. Jerry Ira Jo Margaret Mary Blanks Crawford Strickland Weathers Mrs. Mary Weathers will be retiring this year after 28 years service. Vernice Mac Jane Charlotte Robert Galloway Gore Hagood Hanson Von der Osten 21English Reading and Judy Roger June Galloway Garrett Jenkins Sherry Milton Harper Henderson Janey Brown, Reading AidThe English Department attempts to instill in its students an appreciation for literature by acquainting them with a variety of literary material. In addition, it strives to improve English usage and broaden knowledge of the English vocabulary. Muriel Black Margaret Keller Aussie Smothers Barbara Blanks Sue McBrayer Ruth Weeks Hazel Gibson, ReadingFrank Baker James Jolley Leslie Lee Mathematics Donald Erbach Studies from algebra to geometry to calculus, along with the recent addition of new equipment, make math one of the most updated and challenging of all courses offered. The Mathematics Department is important not only in preparing students for future study of math-related careers, but also in improving students' logical reasoning ability. 24Connie Gaines Science Lemon No I a E.T. Jo Ann McCollum Middlebrook Neighbors Mitchell Besides explaining the laws and theories of physical and chemical phenomenon, the Science Department has the added responsibility of teaching the basic application of technical scientific laws. From Newton to Boyle to Einstein - the science Department trys to make it easily understandable. 25Vocational and Joyce Jean Wanda Bollinger Head Sloan Linda Cornelius 26 The Vocational Department trains its students in practical, everyday skills. And it gives them an opportunity to apply what they have been taught. rtBusiness Departments Leon Camp Charles Klinstiver Ethel Mann H. B. McClendonAgatha Donna Jo Ann Hall Maynard Moore Physical Education Physical Education is intended not only to improve the student physically, thus making him more alert mentally, but also to cultivate in him the competitive spirit so seemingly inherent in the American way of living. (R) Coaching Staff - Shannon SJoan, Don Shankles, Robert Hornbuckle, Randall Black, Richard Cole. Music An appreciative musical ear assures pleasure in listening to music; a creative musical mind assures satisfaction in creating music. The Music Department strives to at least evolve an appreciation of music, and at best to create creators of music. (BL) Mr. Powell directing Concert Band. (BR) Jack Powell, Band Director.Lunchroom Workers Mrs. Dean Mrs. Hayes Mrs. Hembree Mrs. Jones Mrs. Sikes Mrs. Spears Mrs. Williams - Mr. Duncan Custodian Ed McCreless30Seniors editors Amy Brumlik Cindi Lusk Betty HoodTogether Today . . . Separated Tomorrow 32Senior Class Officers (L to R) Terry George, Vice- President. Patti Roden, Trea- surer. Debra Todd, Secretary. Dick Ingram, President. Beard, Gail Beck, Doris JBeck, Larry Benson, Donnie Bethune, Rickey Bonds, Fran Breeden, Sheilla Breland, Brent Bright, Janet Brown, Travis Brumlik, Amy Bryant, Kathy » 33Buchanan, Becky Burdett, Terry The gurney Has mm • • • C gle. Dan Cagle. Sandra Senior 34 Canady, Neal Games, Shirley Chamblee, Ed Childress, Brenda Childress, Dennis Childress, Denny. . . Almost Ended . . . Ingenuity? Christian, Charles Christian, Linda Collins, Rickey Cooper, Vernon Cook, Becky Cowan, Jerry Davis, Alan Downs, Fred Crawford, Eddie Culbert, Linda Culp, Jessica Dalrymple, Brenda Duckett, Danny Dunn, Sheila Edwards, Charles Edwards, James Edwards, Joe Epps, Bonnie Erwin, Emily Faulkner, Randy . . . But We Hold Many . . . Ford, Rhonda Gamble, Marc Garner, Phylis George, Terry Gilliland, Gail Glassco, Gary 36Ham, Gary Haney, Joseph Hanvey, Brenda Hayes, Neva Henley, Sarah Hood, Betty Hood, Phillip Hooper, Bill . .•. Memories of the Years . . . 37. . . As We Now Embark . . . Hooper, James Howard, Robert Hudgins, Sarah Hunt, Diane Hyatt, Rita Ingram, Dick Johnson, Jimmy Jolley, Pam Jordan, Brenda Kilpatrick, Priscilla Kittles, Sarah Kirby, Deborah Lacy, Randy Lacy, Willard 38Landers, Jerry Lang, Brenda Lee, Vicki Leeth, Allen . . . On a New Journey . . . Leeth, Vicki |j|es, Randy Lowery, Michael Lusk, Cindi Lyles, Garry Maddux, Kay Maness, Sandra Mark, Charlene Lokey, Gloria Long, Wayne 39Martin, Melanie Martin, Roger Martin, Scott Mastin, Cynthia Mayes, Jerry McCauley, Kenneth McClendon, Bob McCoy, Marcus McCreless, Kathy Metheny, Gayle Moon, Danny Morris, Nelson Morgan, Bill Morton, Keith 40Mol ley, Lynn Nelson, Miriam Phillips, Peggy Reynolds, Carolyn Rains, Veronika Riley, Mike Noles, Larry Orr, Morris Ray, Edward Rives, Mike Nunnally, Gary Otinger, Jeff Reeves, Phillip Robertson, LannyLife, Is It Really . . . Roden, Patti Roe, Susan Rowe, Debbie Rushing, Rowena Samson, David Scruggs, Ronald Segars, Kenny Segers, Larry Shell, Johnny Involvement . . . Shell, Reid Slaton, Richard Smith, Debbie. . . Worth Living? . . . Participation Smith, Pat Smith, Rhonda Smith, Tweetie Southerland, Rudy Stanfield, Virgil Spratling, Susan Stone, Henry Spurlin, Debra Stone, PatOnly If You . . . Townson, Charles Treece, Elwin Thrash, Danny Todd, David Todd, Debra Tolbert, Jimmy Webb, Earl Webb, John West, Karen Wilkes, Robert Trussed, Katha Veal, Maria Williams, David Williams, Janice Willmore, Pam Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Julie Winkles, Cynthia Winkles, Kathy . . . Live Life!!editors Laura Crowe Holleigh Evans Pat McClendon Wayne Kimberly 47Adams, Andy Alexander, Mike Alford, Pat Appleton, Skippy Armstrong, Cheryl Ashley, Peggy Baird, James Baker, Howard Baker, Richard Baker, Tony Barnett, Shannon Bartlett, Carter Bartlett, Stanley Baugh, Anthony Baugh, Betty Baugh, Danny Beam, Joe Beard, Joan Bearden, Kay Beasley, Fred Bell, Jimmy Bentley, Zeke Bible, Dianne Biddle, Mike Bishop, Joyce A Junior is . . . 48Bolding, Donna Bolt, Glenda Bolt, Linda Bolton, Kathy Bonds, Cynthia Boyd, Cindy Brock, Rickey Browning, Becky Bruc8, Guy Bunn, Christy Caldwell, Debbie Camp, Delane Camp, Felton Camp, Irby Campbell, Bobby Busy, Exciting and Crazy! 49CLASS OFFICERS: President Wayne Kimberly, Vice-president Lisa Hubbard,Secretary Becky George, and Treasurer Lynn Hanvey. Campbell, Mary Campbell, Tex Canady. Terry Carnes, Peggy Chaffin, Ken Chamblee, Edward Champion, Sherry Chandler, Ann Chandler, Rita Charles, Lisa Chauvin, Rodney Chavers, Daryl Cheek, Brenda Cole, Cathy Collier, Brad Collier, Carla Collins, Donald Colquitt, Bobby Cook, Michael Cooley, John Corbin, Donald Cornelius, Eddie Couch, Mary Jane Cox, Jerry Crowe, Laura 50Cryar, Beth Culbert, Eloise Culbert, Harold Cunningham, Robin Curry, Bill Duke, Doretha Duvall, Gail Duvall, Harvey Duvall, Shelia Edwards, Debra Dobbins, Denise Dorsett, Linda Duckett, Bob Duckett, Danny Duckett, Larry Eidson, Mike Ennis, Dianne Erwin, Susan Evans, Holleigh Evers, Roland Dahlquist, Randy Dauguette, Sharon Davenport, Jo Ann Davis, Nalda Deer man, GlenFloyd, Mike Foshee, Diane Franks, Freeda Gaither, Lorre Garrett, Joe Gentry, Steve George, Becky Gilbreath, Paulette Giles, David Grace, Linda Green, Nicky Griffith, Gail Griffith, Larry Grizzard, Mike Grogan, Steve Ham, Hazel Hambrick, Kay Hanvey, Lynn Hardeman, Nicky Harrison, Amelia 52Harrison, Cecelia Harrison, Richard Haymon, Debra Hedgepeth, Bill Henley, Aubrey Hill, Brenda Hilsman, Larry Hilsman, Randy Hipp, Carol Holcomb, Kathy Holland, Dorsey Holsonback, Randv Houston, Joann Hubbard, Lisa Hughes, Harriet Hyde, Ronald Jaco, Richard Jenkins, Danny Jenkins, Norman Jenkins, Richard 53People, People Johnson, Jewel Johnson, Marla Johnson, Mike Jones, David Jones, Debra Jones, Robbie Kennedy, Jimmy Kilpatrick, Temple Kimberly, Wayne King, Steve Kirkland, Danny Landers, Malcolm Langley, Keith Laser, Al Lavender, Stephen Locklear, Becky Lowery, Rickey Lyles, Kenneth Lynn, Renee Lynn, Sherry Martin, Debbie Mashburn, Denise Mastin, Johnny Mathis, Brenda Matthews, Bobby Matthews, Doyle May, Frankie Mayes, Marsha McClendon, Gary McCollum, Bobby McCoy, Rickey McCreless, Debbie McCreless, Jim McGlaughn, Janice McLemore, Turner 54And More People . . . McLendon, Pat Mitchell, Cecelia Mitchell, Paula Morgan, Joe Morrison, Roger Nelson, Tara Newman, Brenda Ogle, Beverly Ogle, Carol Oliver, Barbara Oliver, Glenda Orr, Wanda Pankey, Jimmy Pankey, Wayne Partridge, Debi Paschal, Eugene Patterson, Greg Patterson, Jennie Patterson, Rickey Peppers, Wayne Poe, Lillie Powell, Richard Prickett, Tommy Quinn, Kathy Rains, Don Rains, Gaynell Ray, Patricia Reaves, Paula Rhodarmer, Tommy Richards, Larry Richey, Beth Riddle, Redgy Riddle, Sandy Ridgeway. Danny Robinson. Phillip 55Work!?! Roden, Rhea Rushing, Kenneth Scruggs, Dicksie Sewell, Rita Shores, Tony Simpson, Alice Slaton, Donnie Smalley, Mildred Smalley, Sandra Smith, James Smith, Lowell Smith, Katrina Sparks, Joan Southerland, Travis Spence, Johnny Spratling, Kay Spurgeon, Larry Spurlin, Kent Stanfield, Lisa Staton, Lei ton Stephens, Brad Stewart, Kerry Stidham, Danny Sutton, Tommy Swords, Virgil 56Tabor, Thomas Taylor, Ann Taylor, Dan Templeton, Ellen Templeton, Sammy Thacker, Gary Thomas, Rhonda Thompson, Mary Ann Thrasher, Denise Thrasher, Paul Tucker, Kathy Tucker, Oliver Tucker, Susan Turner, Althea Vantreese, Buddy 57Only One More Year! Wakefield, Sharon Walls, Ronnie Webb, Barbara Webb, Myra Weeks, Julia Weeks, Sandra Wells, Winky Wesson, David White, David Williams, Pam Willoughby, Damon Willoughby, Ralph Wise, David Woodall. Danny Young, Joey 5859Sophomore Class Officers Armour, Nancy Bailey, Cynthia Baird, Herbert Baldwin, Evelyn Baldwin, Rodney Barclift, Bruce Barksdale, Buster Baugh, Gary Beard, Buddy Bearden, Janice Bearden, Manuel Bearden, Mike Bell, Nancy Benefield, Bobby Benefield, Debra Bethune, Kenneth Black, Patti Blackwell, Gail Blanks, Teresa Bolding, Shelia 60 Bubba McKee, Vice President; Phylis Campbell, Secretary; Benny Goss, President; Karen Rains, Treasurer.Bonds, Debra Bonds, Jody Bonds, Pam Bowen, Sheila Bright, Dolan Brooks, Joyce Brown, Belinda Brown, Evelyn Brown, Greg Bryant, Kay Buckelew, John Burgess, Johnny Burks, Elizabeth Bagle, Becky Caldwell, Pam Camp, Sherrill Camp, Tony Campbell, Annette Campbell, Mike Campbell, Phyllis 61A New Time Chandler, Cheryl Chastain, Cynthia Cherry, Cynthia Childress, Ronnie Cochran, Bobby Cochran, Jeff Cochran, Petey Cochran, Vickie Cody, Cathy Colquitt, Mary Colvin, Janet Cook, Roger Corbin, Jeannie Cornelius, Rodney Crawford, Beverly Crews, Teresa Cunningham, Sheila Daniel, Patti Davenport, Jennifer Davis, Pat Davis, Rickey Davis, Teddy Dennis, Nancy Dimasi, Maria Dooley, Linda Downs, Darrell Duckett, Deborah Duke, Myra Eason, Betty 62A New Place Edison, Roger Elrod, Charlene Engle, Janet Ennis, Phillip Evans, Charlotte Evers, Kathy Evers, Myra Fainn, Curtis Faulkner, Barry Frachseur, Mike Franks, Dennis Frazier, Regina Free, Danny Gardner, Reba Gautney, Johnny Gay, Angela Gibson, Trena Glass, Jackie GI assco, Steve Gore, Janet Gore, Mike Goss, Benny Graben, Michael Grace, Bill Graves, Mike Griffith, Sandra Griffith, Stephen Gunnells, Susie Gunter, Irene Hall, Gaynell Hall, Mike Hammet, Deborah Hanvey, Gary Hard, Doyle Hard, Hoyle 63Sophomores Win 1st Place Hardy, Amy Harper, Rickey Harris, Imogene Harvey, Janet Henry, Phillip Hicks, Donnie Hicks, Kay Hill, Ronald Hipp, Debra Hodges, Morton Hoffman, Gail Holderfield, Mike Hollis, Kenny Holsonback, Darrel Hornsby, Tommy Hutcheson, Jimmy Hyde, Barbara Hyde, Robert Janey, Gretchen Jarvis, Connie Johnson, David Johnson, Everrette Johnson, Sherry Jolley, Tim Jones, Cindy Jones, Gloria Justice, James Kelley, Randy Kirby, Cindy 64Lang, Ray Lovell, Patricia Lowery, David Lybrand, Kathy Maddux, Mike Martin, Joan McClendon, Doris McBryer, Sue McClendon, Randy McKee, John McMurtrey, Kay Miller, Vickie Minor, Dale Moore, Keith Morgan, Cindy Morris, Steve Morton, Brent Mountain, Debbie Mullinax, Paul Murphrey, PamStudents Think . . . Nelson, James Nelson, John David Nelson, Lydon Nolen, Nancy Orr, James Orr, Roy Painter, Jimmie Pankey, Alicia Pankey, Martha Parrish, Betty Parrish, Spike Patterson, Evelyn Patterson, Glenda Patterson, Wayne Peppers, Fred Peppers, Sandra Pope, Fayestau Rains, Karen Rains, Kathy Ramsy, Janet Reynolds, Donna Reynolds, Mark Rhodarmer, David Rice, Debra Richards, Barbara Romine, Ernest Rudolph, Lee Seay, Dianne 66Sewell, Mike Shell, Rona Slaton, Mike Slaton, Rhonda Smith, Oanny Smith, Janice Smith, Rita Smith, Stanley Spurlin, Aaron Spurting, Rocky Stephens, Deborah Stephens, Diane Stepleton. Randy Stevens, Denford Stewart, Diane Stone, David Story, Lannie Story, Mary Strange, Susan Swords, Rayford Swords, Rickey Taylor, Johnny Terrell, Rickey Thacker, John Thomas, Pam Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Pam Thrash, Rebecca Thrasher, Phillip Thrasher, Randall Todd, Ginger Todd,Johnny Todd, Martha Todd, Susan Towers, Susan 67Tucker, Gary Turby, Dale Upton, Keith Vaughn, Tommy Vinyard, Shannon Walker, David Ward, Rhonda Webb, Debra Webb. Pam Wester, Donald Whitten, Steve Wilkerson, Marilyn Williams, Allen Williams, Max Williams, Terry Willmore, Martha Wilmore, Tony Wilson, Dale Wilson, Fran Wilson, Tyrone 68Mary Burks Bonnie MartinWho Needs a Veep? Aaron, Patti Adams, Joe Allen, Debra Alverson, Joe Anderson, Tommy Bagwell, Karen Baker, Odean Baker, Shelia Patti Aaron, Secretary; Bart Hodgens, President; Peggy Burroughs, Treasurer. Bales, Johnny Bales, Mickey Beaird, Donna Beard, Cathy Beard, Lynn Bearden, Tommy Beasley, Howell Belue, Jimmy Bentley, Jessie Bentley, Samuel Bollinger, Mark Bolton, Richard Bonds, Jane Bonds, Johnny Bonds, Linda Bowen, Jo Ann Boyd, Vicki Bright, Anthony Bright, Joan Brigman, Sharon 70Brown, Dale Brown, Debra Bryant, Randy Bryant, Wayne Bryson, Pat Burdett, Sandra Burks, Mary Burroughs, Peggy Butler, Ronnie Byrum, Benny Caldwell, Merline Camp, Cherry Camp, Susan Campbell, Sherman Cantrel, Mike Carnes, Ronnie Carr, Freddy Carter, Richard Cassels, Rita Castleberry, Jerry Chaffin, Mike Chandler, Dorothy Chandler, Frank Charles, Helen Childress, Barbara Childress, Dianne Childress, Jerry Clements, Belinda Clemmons, Leslie Coby, Beverly Coefield, Michael Collier, Johanna Cooley, Carolyn Culbert, Elaine 71The Best Is . . . Culbert, James Culbert, Vicky Oahlquist. Carmen Daniel, Pam Darnell, Patty Davis, Martha Davis, Scott Denny, Steve Dingier, Sue Dobbs, Martha Duckett, Blaine Duckett, Garry Duckett, Martha Duffey, Terri Edwards, Connie Eller, Mark Elmore, Danny fjnnis, Rickey Fainn, Alen Farmer, Sandra Ferry, Jo Ann Files, Gwen Franks, Harold Frazier, Benny Fricks, Cathy Galloway, Tommy Garrett, Randall Garrison, Randy Gentry, Jeff George, Gary Gibson, Debra Gilliland, Jackie Gilliland, Randy Godwin, Thomas Golden, Paula Goodwin, Eddie Green, Kim Griffin, Vicki Grimes, Ronnie Gunnells, Cathy Hale, Mark Hall, Brenda Hall, Rebecca Hall, Regina Hammett, Dale Harper, Teresa Harris, Lesa Ann Harris, Susan 72. . . Yet to Be Harrison, Phil Hasty, James Hayes, Randy Henderson, Cindy Henson, Beatrice Hillsman, Bobby Hipp, Cindy Hodgens, Bart Holder, Darlene Holder, Phillip Holder, Sharron Holland, Glenn Holsonback, Danny Horton, Randall Howard, Blanchard Howard, Rod Hudgins, Candy Hudgins, Shelia Hunter, Michael Hyde, AnnitaWe Always . . . 74 Janey, Kim Jenkins, Danny Jenkins, Gary Jolley, Hal Jones, Keith Jones, Patsy Jones, Ricky Justice, Betty Kelly, Mark Kennedy, Harvey Kiker, Patricia Kilgore, Covit King, Mike Kirkland, Charles Kitchens, Wanda Land, Pete Landers, Mike Landers, Stanley Laser, Eric Lathem, Danny Lecroy, Patty Lesley, Geannine Lewis, Don Light, Dennis Liles, George Little, Keith Lokey, David Lowery, Mary Lyles, Vickie Mabrey, Louie Malone, Rongie Maltbie, Edward Marlowe, Wendell Martin, Adrienne Martin, Bonnie Martin, Marleen Martin, Regina Massey, Anita Masters, Denise Masters, Nila Matthews, Robert May, JoeyMayo,Judy McAbee, Paul McClearen, Susan McClendon, Guy McClendon, Phillip McCoy, Bobby McGee, Roger McKee, Sheila Metheny, Julian Minor, Marsha Mitchell, Debra Moon, Phillip Morgan, Byran Morgan, Phillip Morris, Claudette Motley, Michael Moultrie, Susan Mullins, Charles Myers, Donna Nailer, Helen Nelson, Sherry Newman, Terry Norris, Debra Odom, Wanda Ogle. Donna Oliver, Mickey Pair, Connie Pankey, Jerry Pankey, Tommy Panned, Dolly Panned, Nathan Patterson, Rickey Payne, Edward Peppers, Randy Peppers, Tony Phillips, Bryon Pierce, Margaret Poe. Vicki Prichett, David Rains, Beverly Reed, David Rhea, Judy . . . Act This Way 75Freshmen Live Up . . . Rhoades, Mary Rice, Marla Richards, Mike Richardson, Jane Richey, Tommy Riddle, Wayne Riley, Tim Robinson, Ronnie Roe, Amelia Roe, Wayne Roquemore, Donna Ross, Debra Rosson, Pam Rowe, Mike Russell, Nancy Scislaw, Tony Simmons, Barbara Simpson, Jessie Sims, Dewey Sims, Helen Sims, Ruth Slaton, Joey Slaton, Rhonda Smalley, Claude Smart, Patti Smith, Debra Smith, Dewayne Smith, Randy Smith, Shelia Smith, Susan Southerland, Tony Spratling, Jan Spurgeon, Helen Spurlin, Tim Stanfield, Chapman Stephens, Sheila Our speech and demonstration is on how to roll a yard. 76. . to Their Name Stephenson, Annette Stewart, Marcella Stewart, Martha Stone, Jeff Stone, Rosemary Strange, Phillip Swords, Belinda Taft, Cynthia Taylor, Alice Teague, Beth Teague, Chester Terrell, Brenda Terrell, Connie Thacker, Lisa Thomas, Phillip Thompson, Joe Thompson, Nancy Thrasher, Jo Ann Troxtel, Danny Trussel, Phillip Turner, James Underwood, Pam Upton, Elaine Vaughn, Randy Vincent, Joe Waldrop, Lana Warren, Pam Watwood, Eddie Webb, Barbara Wester, Jane Whitten, Mike Whorton, Cindy Williams, Barbara Williams, Bert Williamson, Dianne Williamson, RayThe Beginning of . . . Wilmore, Janet Wilson, Vanessa Winfrey, Rickey Winkles, Charlotte Winkles, Randy Wise, Danny Womack, Martha Wright, Mitchell Wright, Wayne Yarbrough, Gina Young, Robin 7879Eighth Grade Class . . . 1970-71 Officers: John Rudolph, Vice-President; Deborah Gunter, Secretary; Jimmy Thompson, President; and Brenda Caldwell, Treasurer. Benson, Rickey Bentley, Mike Alexander, Margie Anderson, Darryl Ansley, Kim Armour, Joyce Atchley, Gary Bagwell, Mike Bailey, Jeff Baugh, Danny Bearden, Kimmy Bearden, Rosann Beasley, Debra Beck, Kenneth Bell, Larry Bell, Phillip Bailey, Stuart Baldwin, Ellis Banks, Marlon Bankston, Barbara Barkley, Wayne Barksdale, Joy Bartlett, Randyof 1971, Largest Ever . . . Berry, Mark Bishop, Shari Blackwell, Patsy Bolding, Annita Bowen, Susan Bright, Larry Brigman, Charlotte Brothers, Donna Brothers, Jeanette Brown, Keith Brown, Regina Brown, Robert Buchannan, Debbie Buchanan, Deborah Buchanan, Debra Buckelew, Jan Bunch, Vicki Bunn, Mark Burgess, John Burks, Kenneth Burks, Larry Burns. Steve Cagle, Larry Caldwell, Brenda Camp, Lynette Camp, Paula Cannady, Gary Cantrell, Robert Cash, Jimmy Chamblee, Jan Chandler, David Clemons, Donald Clontz, Kathy Coch ran, Jimmy Cofield, Debra Coker, Annette Collier, Jean Ellen Coody, William Cook, Danny Cooley, Neal Corbin, Brad Crawford, Steven Creel, Jeff Crowe, Tommy Curl, Dewanna Curry, Robert Dalrymple, Russell Davenport, Jamie Davis, Cindy Davis, Darlene Davis, Mark Davis, Robbie Davis, Sherry Dawson, Larry Dimasi, Tony Dobbins, Marquetta Dobbs, Debra Dobbs, Gail Dorsett, Ralph Doyle, Debra Dobbins, Marquita Duffey.Tami Duncan, Peggy 81Dunn, Danny Duvall, Brenda Duvall, Gary Duvall, Larry Duvall, Rodney Edwards, Samuel Ennis, Belinda Entrekin, Robert Epps, Debra Erwin, Dan Erwin, Paul Evans, Pete Fletcher, Danny Ford, Sharon Frachiseur, Nina Franks, Belinda Franks, Randy Garner, Wanda Garrett, Steve Giles, Sheri Giles, Teri Glassco, Neal Goble, Anthony Goble, Darlene Grabin, Sabrina Grace, Andrea Gray, Phillip Green, Laurie v Yes, We Are the . . .Eighth Grade!? Griffith, Dennis Grindle, Bobby Hall, Kermit Ham, Marie Hamby, Bandaline Hannah, David Hanvey, Harold Harbison, Kenny Harper, Karen Harris, Jim Harvey, Kim Hawkins, Robert Henson, Deloise Hollis, Kathy Hollis, Rickey Hollis. Wanda Holsonback, Denise Holsonback, Diane Holsonback, Edwina Honea, Andra Hopper, Mark Howard, Cathy Howard, Margaret Hubbard, Lauren Hudgins, Shirley Humphries, Brenda Hunt, David Hunt, Kathy 83Hutcheson, Debbie Hutcheson, Phillip Hyatt, Jerry Ingram, Dianne Ingram, Lenora Jackson, Dennis Jenkins, Kathy Johnson, Billy Johnson, Bob Johnson, Leisa Johnson, Tony Johnston, Alice Johnston, Jeff Jolly, Kathy Jones, Alvin Jones, Brad Jones, Keith Jones, Sheila Justice. Johnny Kean, Shep King, Gail Kirby, Westley Kitchens, Kathleen Lamb, Jennie Lang, Debra Lang, Melanie Lecroy, Larry Ledbetter, David Lemaster, Roger Lemaster, Trena Lester, Cindy Lewis, David Lusk, Joe Lusk, Phillip Luther, Randy McBryar, Wayne McClellan, Kenneth McClendon, Don McClendon, Roger McCoy, Mira McCreless, Cathy McDowell, Billy McDowell, Brenda McGriff. Kent McKinney, Charlotte McMurtrey, Bobby Machen, Steve Mailer, Juanita Malone, Debra Malone, Rickey Mar but, Rita Mark, Mary Marks, John Marks, Mildred Martin, Mark Martin, Nancy Mastin, Mike Mayfield, Wayne Miller, Ronnie Miller, Tony Miner, Steve Mitchell, Jeff Mitchell, Phyllis Burl 84We Are Always Reaching Higher Moore, Randall Morgan, Sandra Morrow, Cathy Moultrie, Kenneth Mullinax, Debra Murray, Dianne Nixon, Ann Ogle, Shelia Oliver, Michael Painter, Steve Patterson, Debbie Peacock, Tony Pearson, Beverly Peck, Laura Pell, Kenneth Peppers, Debra Peppers, Pam Peques, Patricia Poole, Jenny Portwood, Gail Powell, Terry Pursley, Charles Rains, Tommy Ray, Roger Reaves, Teresa Redden, Pamela Reeves, Charlotte Rhea, Candy IRiddles, Phillip Robertson, Marcus Rogers, Anthony Rogers, Mary Lou Romine, Danny Rosson, Tim Rudolph, John Rushing, Richard Russell, Kathy Sampson, Doyle Sampson, Kathy Sampson, Robert Sewell, Betty Simpson, Sonny Sims, Anna Lee Slaton, Cathy Smith, Ben Smith, Clay Smith, Danny Smith, Jerome Smith, Nancy Smith, Randall Smith, Rhonda Smith, Rickey Smith, Ruby Smith, Tony Sparks, Julia Sparks, Lucille Spurgeon, Jerome Spurlin, Donald Station, Barry Stephens, Betty Stephens, Lamar Stephens, Martha Kilpatrick, Becky Stevens, Frank Stewart, Alisa Stidham, Renay Stidham, Rhonda Story, Terry Stove, Sonia Swords, Dewayne Tankersley, Dianne Taylor, Cathy Teague, Edward Teague, Freddie Terrel, Belinda Terrell, Benjie Thompson, Billy Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, Mark Thompson, Wendall Tidwell, Grant Todd, Debra Todd, Dennis Todd, Dianne Todd, Phillip Towers, Sherrie Townson, Ronald Treece, Glenda Tucker, James Turner, Deborah Turner, Rickey 86We’ve Only Just Begun Upton, Kenneth Vaught, Ronnie Young, Byron Young, David Wagon, Gloria Wallace, Jenny Wattwood, Kenneth Ward, Peggy Warren, Peggy White, James White, Mary White, Regina Whitehead, Helen Whitehead, Johnny Williams, Cynthia Williams, Lawrence Willson, Barbara Winkles, Tommy Witcher, Donald Womack, Jewel Wood. Cathy Woodham, Bryon88Student Life editors — Rhea Roden Kathy Winkles Joe HaneyGreat Leadership Proves Helpful to Band (TR) Mr. Powell, Band Director. (CL) Stephen Archer, Drum Major. (CR) Donna Tant, Color Guard Captain. (BL) Pam Williams, Head Majorette. (BR) Trophies Received at Mid-South, Dalton, and Rossville Marching Festivals. (OPP., TL) Section Leaders. (TR) Officers. (CL) Band Booster President Al Laser Celebrates Birthday. (CR) Band Christmas Concert. (BL) Aggie-Pirate Band. (BR) Band at Pep Rally. 9091(L) Majorettes B. Hood, M. Martin, K. McCre-less. (R) Pep Rally, Rifle Corps, Honor Guard. 92(TL) Band. (TC) B. George. (TR) E. Templeton. (CL) Guidons. (C) N. Nolan. (CR) D. Partridge. (BL) Guidons. (BR) Rifle Corps. 93Band Proves to Be Best in Dixie! (TL) First Place Trophies won at Mid-South Marching Festival for Majorettes, Color Guard, Drum Major, and Band; at Dalton for Band, Participation, Color Guard, Drum Major, and Majorettes; at Ross-ville for Band and Drum Major; at Knoxville for Participation; and at Camp for the Color Guard. 9495Aggie Half Million Dollar Marching BandSpanish Club km'IMSNlllil The Spanish Club is an organization which offers an opportunity to discuss the ideas and customs and to promote a better understanding of the Spanish people. (T) Spanish Club. (BL) Officers. (R) Students in Language Lab. 97Aggie Pep Club The main purpose of the Aggie Pep Club is to promote true school spirit and to support the cheerleaders and the school teams in all events. The Pep Club lets the Aggies know that we're all behind them. (T) Pep Club. (CL) Bonfire. (R) Officers. 98FBLA FBLA is a national youth organization for students enrolled in business and office education programs. It operates as an integral part of the school program under the guidance of teachers and businessmen. (L) FBLA Officers and Sponsors. R) Mrs. Sloan helps out. (B) FBLA Members. 99Science Club The Albertville High School Club, Chapter 5265 of the Future Scientists of America, is an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association, and the Alabama Junior Academy of Science. Its objective is to support science education at AHS. With this in mind the Club is divided into committees with each working to accomplish a specific job. (TR) Students receiving awards. (CL) Officers. (CR) Committee Chairmen. (B) Science Club Members. 100Junior Civitans Junior Civitans are organized and sponsored by regularly chartered and active clubs of Civitan International. Junior Civitan membership is based on good citizenship. Boys eligible for membership in Junior Civitan must be recommended by three teachers on basis of leadership, school spirit, honesty, cooperation, scholarship, character, and dependability. (T) Junior Civitans. (L) Officers. 101Library Club The purpose of the Library Club is to help promote a greater interest among the students in the use of Library materials printed and nonprinted; to stimulate greater reading interest; and to improve the Library service to the school. $ (CL) Students using the Library. (TW Officers with their Sponsor, Mrs. Couch. (B) Library Club Members. 102Future Teachers helps students to understand that "He who dares to teach must never cease to learn." Future Teachers gain through experiences the responsibility of teaching and greater appre- ciation of the teaching profession. (T) FTA Members. (L) FT A Officers. (R) Mr. FTA, Marc Gamble and Miss FTA, Vicki Sanders. 1032 SOIJCL The purpose of the Junior Classical League is to encourage among young people an interest in and appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. CO JCL of 70-'71. (C) Saturnalia. R) Officers. 106FFA The Future Farmers of America is the national organizational program for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools under the provisions of the national Vocational Education Acts. The FFA is an intra-curricular activity having its origin and root in a definite part of the school curriculum. (T) FFA Members. (L) FFA Officers. 107Student Council The purpose of the Student Council is to develop attitudes of, and practice in, good citizenship; promote harmonious relationship throughout the entire student body; improve student-teacher relationships; raise school morale; assist in the responsibilities of managing the school in cooperation with the faculty; set up forum for student expression; undertake direction of school activities; promote the general welfare of the school; and to aid in producing an atmosphere conducive to the educational process. 108(T) Student Council Representatives. (L) Connie Jarvis, Treasurer. (C) Mrs. Little, Sponsor. (B) Christmas Dance sponsored by Student Council. (OPP. TL) Marc Gamble, Secretary. (TR) Christmas Dance. (CL) Linda Grace, Vice-President. (BR) Robert Howard, President. 109Mountaineer Editors Climb Steps of Success With No. 1 Annual We have a workshop. That's where we work? And learn - about a lot of things. We have a sponsor. She's the boss — over everything. She knows about all the things we learned. We have pictures. Million of them - full of faces. Some smiling, some not.. . but all faces. We have leaders. They work - to make us work. Tweetie, Patti, and Fred: thank you three. We're welcome. I'm sure. We have a love. It's known as AHS, and we don't want to forget it. So we make something about it. Thanks. You're welcome, we're sure. 110% Greg Brown Becky Cook Nancy Dennis Cindy Jones Mary Story Susan Spratling Pat McLendon Allen Leeth Roger Martin Amy Hardy Debra Todd Patti Roden Marc Gamble Vicki Anderson Cindi Lusk Susan Roe Gary Thacker Terry George Tweetie Smith Jimmy Tolbert Kathy Winkles Debbie Rowe Sarah Henley Deborah Kirby Kenny Segars Betty Hood Fred Downs Donna Tant Kay Spratling Nalda Davis Harriet Hughes Rhea Roden Laura Crowe Winky Wells Lisa Hubbard Holleigh Evans Wayne Kimberly Patti Aaron Phylis Campbell Bonnie Martin Mary Burkes Sharon Daugette Carol Hipp Pat Davis 111FHA The purposes of the Future Homemakers of America are to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking; emphasize the importance of worthy home membership; encourage democracy in home and community life; work for good home and family life for all; promote international good will; foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life; provide wholesome individual and group recreation; and further interest in home economics. (TL) Officers. (TR) Third Year. (CL) Second Year (CR) Girls cooking. (BR) First Year. 112Gavel Club The Gavel Club is an organization that strives to improve the public speaking ability of its members. It provides them with an opportunity to prepare and present speeches, a n d to give short, impromptu talks on a variety of topics. (L) Officers. (R) Members. Choral Group Music is said to be the universal language. It means something to everyone. Choral offers an opportunity for students to enjoy singing while providing pleasure for t h e listener. Pictured are (L) members, and (R) Charles Woods, Director. 113Nike Club The objectives of the NIKE Club include developing initiative and leadership; giving service to school and community; preparing for careers; and accepting the responsibilities of citizenship in our free land. Pictured are (L) officers, and (R) members. 114Junior and Senior Beta Clubs The Junior and Senior High Beta Clubs are organizations dedicated to the improvement of Albertville High. Membership i s based o n scholastic averages, citizenship, school spirit, and patriotism. "Let us lead by serving others" is the motto of the clubs. Pictured are (T) Junior Beta members, (L) Senior Beta officers, and (B) Junior Beta officers. Senior Beta members are pictured on the opposite page (B). Annual Staff (TL) Asst. Bus. and Asst. Art Mgrs. (TR) Advertising Staff. (CL) Circulation. (BR) Sports Ed. (BL) Feature Ed. (Opp.-TL) Copy Ed. (TR) Class Ed. (BL) Activities. (BR) Art Ed.117DECA Distributive Education is a program of instruction in merchandising, marketing and management. Pictured are members (L) and officers (R). 118Student Life Retrospect"There will be a meeting at 1:10 in the library of the ..." Man, that's worth my fifty cents right there. 'The meeting will come to order." I wish he would be quiet I "We need to collect money for . . I've already given fifty cents! "Our club has decided to help a needy family this Thanksgiving . . ." Just great; what about the other 364 days? "Some people have become alarmed at the negative, apathetic attitude of some of the clubs ..." I think I'll skip 6th and go to Steele. "Meeting adjourned." 120R.O.T.C. EXOMaj. SPHONMaj. S-1 Maj. SP HON Capt. Haney Todd Wilkes Weeks S-2 Maj. SP HON Capt. S-3 Maj. SP HON Capt. S-4 Maj. CSM ASST Cpt. Johnson Wells Mosley Wakefield Edwards Baird Land CpI. Downs CpI. Wood MSG Powell CpI. Whitten Color Guard 121CO COM Maj. SP HON Maj. Hooper Anderson CO COM Maj. Southerland EXO Capt. Burdett SP HON Maj. Smith 1 SG Curry Drill Team Drum and Bugle Corps MSG Laser SFC Staton Davis Brown Newman SFC Thacker SSG Spurlin SSG Vantreece Grace Vinyard 1 SG Woodall SFC Duckett SSG Bell Beard Cofield 1 Lt. Johnson MSG Matthews SFC Prickett Morton MSG Williams SFC Ridgeway Childress Brooks Holderfield MSG Jaco SFC May Pannell Fainn Sims Whitten SFC Camp Williams Frachiseur Thrasher Jolley Parrish 122A Company CO COM Maj. SP HON Capt. EXO 1 Lt. 1 SG Guidon Williams Evans Hagood Riddle Gautnery PL 1 Lt. PS MSG Faulkner Lavender 1st Platoon SFC Biddle SSG Burnett SSG Bruce Baugh Bolton Camp SFC Campbell SSG Campbell Johnson Land Camp Smith SSG King Maddux Orr Barcliff Cochran SFC Holland SSG Langley SSG Rhodarmer Young Smith Stone Thacker SSG Jenkins SSG Paschal SSG Chaffin Benefield Burdett Bonds Orr SFC Canady SSG Chamblee SSG Duvall Campbell Cochran Wester Hicks SFC Tidmore SSG Dear man Henery Morris Nelson Smith Nelson SFC Cooley SSG Jones SSG Hyde Rhodarmer Swords Tucker Franks SFC Stidham SSG Henley Morrison Walker Williams Griffith 123B Company CO COM Maj. SP Hon Capt. EXO 1 Lt. 1 Sgt. Guidon Robertson Grace Anthony Riddle Willoughby SSG Willoughby Jenkins Chandler Eidson Kirkland Nelson Cochran SFC McCreless SSG Collins Stone Cornelius Faulkner Johnson McLemore SSG Gentry SSG Evers Long Bright Cornelius Kirby SFC Tucker SSG Griffith SSG Sword Spurlin Taylor Barksdale Davis SFC Alexander SSG Hillsman SSG Colquitt Stepleton Thomason Baker SSG Wise SSG Patterson Thrasher Barnes Burgess Bearden Swords PL 1 Lt. PS MSG Bethune Spence 2nd Platoon SFC Smith SSG Eidson Hardeman Goss Mullinax Ennis SSG Rushing Baird Hall Wilson Graben Bearden SFC Kimberly SSG Willoughby Baldwin Hanvey Hutcheson Lowery PL 1 Lt. PS MSG Ray Garrett 3rd Platoon 124C Company SFC Beasley SSG Lyles SSG Brock SSG Bentley Hard, D. Stephen Kirkland SFC McClendon SSG Mastin Lessley McKee Peppers Hard, H. Cook SFC McCollum SSG Southerland SSG Floyd Staton Stevens Sfcvords SFC Pankey SSG Hedgepeth Williams Wilmore Young Hollis White SFC Culbert SSG Duckett SSG Lowery Bethune Free Killey Hornsby SFC Taylor SFC Appleton SSG Pankey Graves Hill Hodges Glassco SFC Walls SSG Patterson SSG Collier McClendon Sewell Justice Veal SFC Cook SSG Holder SSG Peppers Riddle Reynolds Todd Turley SFC Camp SSG Slaton SSG Morgan Willabay Williams Wilson Upton 125126editors Debra Todd Winky WellsEighth Grade Personalities (TL) Paul Erwin and Sherry Towers. (TR) Kenny Harbinson and Laura Peck. Freshman Personalities (BL) Phillip Strange and Adrienne Martin. (CR) Danny Elmore and Jackie Gilliland. (BR) Tommy Anderson and Vicki Culbert. 128Sophomore Personalities 12930131Princess Debra Todd Kingsman Alan Davis Princess Betty Hood Kingsman Dick Ingram134135 vrnmm imimi ii 1971 Coronation Court 137Royalty (TL) Sophomore Class. (TR) Sophomore Beauty and Escort. (CL) Freshman Class. (CR) Princess and Kingsman. (B) Eighth Grade. (Opp. TL) King and Queen. (TR) Princesses and Kingsmen. (CL) Senior Beauty and Escort. (CR) Senior Class. (BL) Junior Beauty and Escort. (BR) Junior Class. 139Classes Entertain With Skits 142Royalty Entertain (TL) Debbie being crowned. (TR) Kenny being crowned. (CL) Kingsman Ken Segars, Princess Debra Todd. (CR) Grand March. (BL) Coronation attendants. (BR) Kingsman Alan Davis, Princess Debbie Wilson. 143Coronation 71 144 (TL) Backdrop. (TR) Court. (B) Princess Betty Hood, Queen Debbie Wilson, Princess Debra Todd. Tr Coronation Preparation We wanted it — and we got it. Coronation 71. Terry's backdrop and all the lost material. Coronation '71. Glue the crown together — don't lose the staplegun. Coronation 71. Only three more days — we'll never make it. Coronation 71. OH MY THUMBI HOLD THAT LADDERI Coronation 71. Tonight's the night. We made it. CORONATION 71. 145Eighth Grade Favorites 146Ninth Grade Favorites 147 (TL) Freddy Carr. (TC) Peggy Burroughs. (TR) Bsrt Hodgens. (BL) Claudette Morris. (BC) Phillip Thomas. (BR) Martha Stewart. ii148 (TL) Pat Davis. (TR) Kathy Rains. (BL) Benny Goss. (BR) Phyllis Campbell. 149 (TL) Steve Whitten. (TR) Gail Hoffman. (BL) Diane Stewart. (BR) Bubba McKee.Junior Favorites (L) Becky George. (TC) Kay Spratling. (BO Randy Hilsman. (TR) Lisa Hubbard. (BR) Ralph Willoughby. 150151152 (TL) Deborah Kirby. (TR) Danny Duckett. (BL) Robert Howard. (BR) Pat Smith.153 (TL) Garry Nunnally. (TR) Becky Cook. (BL) Patti Roden. (BR) Danny Thrash.154 (TL) Pat Goodwin. (TR) Terry George. (BL) Gary Ham. (BR) Sarah Henley.Coronation Escorts (TL) Marc Gamble. (TR) Morton Hodgens. (BL) James Baird. (BR) Eddie Goodwin. (CR) Lanny Robertson. 1551971 Junior-Senior Prom“Those Were the Days” (TL) Kick-line. (TR) Happy Couple. (CL) Parking road. (CR) The dance. (BL) Last will and testament. (Opp. — TL) Last will and testament. (TR) Dairy Queen. (C) Leadout. (BL) The dance. (BR) The Moose. 157The Speech Class Presents ■4The Lottery (T) Villagers gossip. (C) Fred Downs, portraying Mr. Warner, gives advice to the villagers. (B) Mrs. Keller helps with make-up. (OPP. TL) Waiting for Lottery. (TR) Restless children. (B) Family quarrel. 159Band Sweetheart — Betty Hood (TL) Betty receiving Home Economics Award. (TR) Band Sweetheart Betty Hood. (CL) Talking it over at Baccalaureate. (BL) Majorette, 2 years. (BR) JCL Secretary. 160Twirp. . . . . .Week (TL) Junior High Lil Abner Finalists. (TC) Senior High Lil Abner and Daisy Mae - Robert Ray, Debra Todd. (TR) Junior High Lil Abner and Daisy Mae — Michael Cofield, Dianne Childress. (LC) Junior High Daisy Mae Finalists. (BL) Lovers? (BC) Senior High Daisy Mae Finalists. (BR) Senior High Lil Abner Finalists. (VB) Valentine Dance. 161162FHA-FFA Luau (TL) COURT: V. Cochran, M. Whitten, P. McLenden, D. Holland, K. Bearden, W. Pankey. V. Leeth, P. Robinson, R. Southerland, S. Roe, T. Burdett, Queen - B. Hood, King — D. Childress, D. Todd, M. Orr, R. Slaton, F. Camp, D. Mashbum, E. Webb. M. Story. H. Baker, J. Engle. J. Todd, D. Webb. (CL) At the Luau. (BL) Queen - Betty Hood. (TR) King - Denny Childress. Queen - Betty Hood. (BR) FHA Court: V. Leeth. K. Bearden, S. Roe. P. McLendon, Queen - B. Hood. V. Cochran, D. Webb, D. Todd, J. Engle, R. Slaton, M. Story, D. Mashburn. 163Homecoming ’70 Too early ... "Be at the school at 6:00." Six o'clock; nobody here. Too tired ... "But we've just got to win." We didn't. "We can't leave, there's Landers." He left. So did we. 'Twenty to nothing. Great!" It ended in a tie. Oh, well. "Watch out for my corsage." "Put it on the dashboard ..." (TL) Pat being crowned. (TR) Queen Pat Goodwin. (BL) Queen and escort. (BR) Homecoming Court: D. Stewart, B. Goss, P. Campbell, P. Davis, J. Weeks, D. Jenkins, K. Spratling, R. Baker, P. Goodwin, D. Williams. V. Leeth, L. Robertson, P. Roden, D. Inyam, D. Todd, R. Wilkes. (OPP., TL) Harvest Hop. (TR) Sr. Att. Debra Todd. (CL) Spanish Float. (TC) Seniors take a break. (CR) Sr. Att. Patti Roden. (BL) James. (C) Sr. Atts. (BC) Seniors working on float. (BR) Sr. Att. Vicki Leeth.Homecoming Snaps (TL) Junior Attendant Julia Weeks. (BL) Junior Attendant Kay Spratling. (OPP., TR) Sophomore Attendant Phyllis Campbell. ICR) Sophomore Attendant Diane Stewart. Remaining are Homecoming Snaps. 166Corsages . . . work . . . floats . . . work ... no sleep . . . work . . . parade . . . work .. . Finally, Friday night and you fall asleep during the third quarter. Yes, it was Homecoming. 167Sports editors — Jimmy Tolbert Marc GambleAggie Football 1970 RICHARD COLE 1. Athletic Director-Head Coach 2. Teague warms-up for game. 3. Co-Captain Alan Davis . . . 170ROW 1: D.Sims, N. Canady, J. Beam,T. Davis, B. Barksdale, R. Stepleton, J. McKee. ROW 2: D. Chavers, I. Camp, S. Whitten, G. Hanvey, M. Floyd, W. Kimberly, R. Terrell, L. Mosley. ROW 3: Coach Hornbuckle, K. Morton, H. Culbert, D. Teague, T. Griffith. M. Landers, A. Henley, J. Spence. S. Apple-ton, A. Davis, G. Ham, Coach Black, Coach Cole. receives strategy. 2. ROBERT HORNBUCKLE Assistant Coach 3. RANDALL BLACK Assistant Coach 1711. Aggies line-up against Boaz for rivalry unlimited. 2. The pre-game ritual is meaningful to the Aggies. 172 Aggie Record Aggies 6 vs Arab 19 Aggies 6 vs Gadsden 43 Aggies 6 vs Anniston 20 Aggies 6 vs Scottsboro 34 Aggies 12 vs Ft. Payne 27 Aggies 20 vs Jacksonville 20 Aggies 6 vs Emma Sansom 35 Aggies 8 vs Boaz 39 Aggies 6 vs Oxford 20 Aggies 6 vs Gunter sville 23 Wins Losses Ties 0 9 1 1. Gary Ham scores touchdown against Arab. 2. Aggie defenders corral Jacksonville quarterback. 173Whether Winning or Losing, AlwaysFightingJunior High Unbeaten in County Rosson, Bryant, Marlowe, Williamson, S. Bentley, Stevens, Kean, Burgess, Cantrell, Carr, Harbison, Martin, Maltbie, Young, Lusk, Franks, Corbin, Appleton, Cunningham, McAbee, Oliver, Rowe, Vincent, Reed, Davenport, Franks, Howard, Brown, Beard, Coach Shankles, Wright, Hale, Wise, Duckett, Anderson, J. Bentley. Captains Freddie Carr and Jesse Bentley. Junior High Head Coach DON SHANKLES 1761771. Coach Shannon Sloan. 2. Manager Mark Land. 3. Time out during a game. 4. "A" team from Left: Baker, Harrison, Orr, Bean, Bentley, Coach Sloan, Teague, Morris, Childress, Mastin, and Appleton. 1970-71 Varsity Basketball 178County Champs Win 20 1. Teague shoots over West End defender. 2. The Albertville-West End acrobatic circus. 3. Mestin gets hacked attempting lay-up against Guntersville. 4. Zeke goes high for basket against Cullman. AGGIE 1970-71 RECORD Albertville 68 vs Cullman 55 Albertville 54 vs Guntersville 63 Albertville 71 vs Etowah 73 Albertville 101 vs Douglas 88 Albertville 91 vs West End 72 Albertville 75 vs Arab 62 Albertville 90 vs Boaz 70 Albertville 73 vs Collinsville 57 Albertville 72 vs Sylvan ia 71 Albertville 63 vs Boaz 69 Albertville 103 vs Anniston 55 Albertville 81 vs Guntersville 77 Albertville 80 vs Carver 95 Albertville 79 vs Emma Sansom 78 Albertville 87 vs Anniston 71 Albertville 90 vs Boaz 64 Albertville 70 vs Guntersville 68 Albertville 78 vs Athens 64 Albertville 57 vs Emma Sansom 53 Albertville 79 vs Douglas 61 Albertville 73 vs Anniston 70 Albertville 68 vs Arab 61 Albertville 63 vs Boaz 67 Albertville 70 vs Etowah 71 Albertville 89 vs West End 59 Albertville 84 vs Guntersville 64 Albertville 57 vs Jacksonville 58 Wins Losses 20 7 1791. Durall Teague, Senior Forward. 2. John Martin, Junior Guard. 3. Baker shoots lay-up versus Guntersville. 4. Harrison in Cullman game. 5. Richard Harrison, Junior Guard. 6. Gary Bean, Senior Forward. 180Size . . . 1. Morris gets ride from West End Forward. 2. Charlie Baker, Senior Guard. 3. Denny Childress, Senior Forward. 4. Morris Orr, Senior Forward. 5. Nelson Morris, Senior Center. 6. Skippy Appleton, Junior Guard. 181Ability Makes Aggies a Great Team1. Zeke Bentley goes high for basket against Cullman, Zeke led the Aggies in scoring the entire season. 2. Zeke Bentley Junior Center. 3. Orr attempts a shot during the final minutes of the West End game. 183“B” Team . . . County Champs too 1. "B" TEAM KNEELING: Goss, Paschal, Hodgens. Hilsman. STANDING: Swords, Beam, Kirkland, Willabay, Smith, Hedgepeth, Collins, Graben, Gentry, and Lyles.- 2. Stanley Smith gets off a shot against Cullman in the season opener. 184Junior Aggies Sweep County Tourney "A" TEAM: 1st ROW: Bentley, Goodwin, Bryant, Robinson, Bentley, Watwood. 2nd ROW: Hayes, Wise, Hodgens, Howard, Beard, Thomas, and Marlowe. "B" TEAM: 1st ROW: Williams, Hutcheson, Johnson, Mastin, Mitchell, McGriff, Kean. 2nd ROW: Tidwell, Bunn, Davis, Stevens, Apple-ton, Burgess, Hunt, and Spurgeon.Baseball Heads Up SpringSports With Fine Season AGGIE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Coach Black, Mike Floyd, Lynn Mosley, Durali Teague, Lowell Smith, Joe Beam, Ricky Patterson, Jimmy Tolbert, Randy Thrasher, Morton Hod-gens, Alan Davis, Steve Whitten, Darrell Chavers, Ralph Willoughby, James Nelson, Randy Hils-man, Danny Free, David Sampson, Max Williams, Guy Bruce. 1. Lynn Mosley, Senior, played in All-Star Game in Huntsville. 2. Alan Davis, Senior Outfielder. 3. Durali Teague, Senior First Baseman. (Opp. 1) Varsity Baseball Team. (2) Randy Hilsman, Junior Infielder. (3) Rickey Patterson, Junior Catcher-Infielder. 187Baseball 2nd Winning Year Aggies 2 vs. Guntersville 4 Aggies 1 vs. Boaz 0 Aggies 4 vs. Emma Sansom 0 Aggies 2 vs. Gadsden 1 Aggies 8 vs. Guntersville 1 Aggies 1 vs. Gadsden 12 Aggies 3 vs. Etowah 2 Aggies 3 vs. Boaz 4 Wins Losses 5 3 1. Morton Hodgens, Sophomore Pitcher. 2. Ralph Willoughby, Junior Outfielder. 3. Joe Beam, Junior Outfielder. 4. Steve Whitten, Sophomore Outfielder. 188. . and IncentiveSpring Practice Brings New Faces to the Aggie Football Scene. 1. 1971-72 Head Football Coach Kenneth Barrett conducts drills during spring practice. 2. Over 90 boys reported for drills and provided strong competition for all starting jobs. With no conditioning the new Aggies played Boaz head-to-head for one half in the jamboree and held them scoreless. The game ended in a tie. 191Aggie Girls Host Invitational Meet and Capture First in Senior High, Second in Junior High. Entire Affair a Giant Success.Bentley and Mastin go to State . . . Lead Team. 1. TRACK TEAM: (1st ROW) Peppers, McKee, Rippy, Goss, Barksdale, Stone, Lessley. (2nd ROW) Coach Hornbuckle, Henley, Apple-ton, Bentley, Mastin, Paschal, and Vineyard, 2. Zeke Bentley and Johnny Mastin confer with Coach Hornsbuckle on the state meet. 193. Leading Boys F.C.A. and “A” Club . . Groups. 1. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES, (1st ROW) Mr. Jack Wells, R. Hilsman, S. Appleton, J. Mastin, B. Campbell, L. Mosley. (2nd ROW) D Teague, D. Chavers. J. Beam, I. Camp, G. Bruce. K. Lyles. (3rd ROW) B. Collier, A. Henley. W. Kimberly, P. Cochran. J. Smith. (4th ROW) M Hodgens, A. Davis. G. Ham, K. Chaffin, G. Hanvey, B. Barclift. (5th ROW) J. Spence, B. Barksdale. M. Floyd, S. Whitten, T. Davis. "A" CLUB, B Barksdale, Z. Bentley, J. Mastin, E. Paschal, B. McKee, B. Goss. (2nd ROW) A. Henley. G. Hanvey, W. Kimberly, R. Hilsman, K. Morton, C. Baker, R. Patter •on. (3rd ROW) D. Chavers, S. Whitten, G. Bruce, G. Ham, D. Teague, J. Beam, R. Harrison. (4th ROW) S. Appleton, N. Canady A Davis M. Ho dgens. I. Camp, H. Culbert. (5th ROW) J. Tolbert, G. Bean, L. Mosley, M. Floyd. K. Chafin, M. Landers. J. Spence.1970-71 Junior High Cheerleaders 1. Teri Giles, Eighth Grade, 2. Diane Williamson, Freshman, 3. Patti Aaron, Freshman, 4, Martha Dobbs, Eighth Grade, 5. Martha Stewart, Freshman, 6. Peggy Burroughs, Freshman. 1951970-71 Varsity Cheerleaders Were 196197 1. Becky Browning, 2. Debbie Wilson, Head, 3. Debbie accepts award, 4. '70-'71 Cheerleaders, 5. Cheerleaders leading Aggies, 6. Deborah Kirby. (Opp. TL) Gail Hoffman, (TR) Lisa Hubbard, (B) Diane Hunt. Cey to Great Aggie Spirit GraduationThe Senioi In the hills of Alabama in a town called Albertville, there is a school we love its every rule, and it's there we'll always be . . . 200 Class of 1971 . . . You may search the wide world over, but you'll find no better place, than the hills of Alabama and the dear ole AHS. A ...H ... S.Valedictorian Sandra Maness L) delivering Valedictory address. (TR) receiving awards for proficiency in two foreign languages, on being Valedictorian, and the Balfour award. (BL) assisting in the office. BR) Sandra participating in the Choral Group. 202Salutatorian Dick Ingram (TL) Dick receiving awards for Science, Salutatorian, and Outstanding Student. (TR) Conversing with Miss Brasher at the Coronation. (BL) Being recognized for being a Junior Favorite. (BR) Dick giving his Salutatory address. 203Class 1971! (TL) Joan Beard, DE. (TC) Robert Howard, Social Studies. (TR) Danny Elmore, Golden Rule. (CL) Sarah Kittle, BOE. (C) Marcus McCoy, Danforth. (BL) Sandy Riddle, MT-11. (BC) Lynn Hanvey, American History. (BR) Lanny Robertson, Mathematics. (VBR) Johanna Collier, Jr. Hi Citizenship. 204I (TL) Carol Hipp, Latin. (TC) Vickie Lee, Danforth. (TR) Diane Williamson, Jr. Hi Spirit. (C) Gary Lyles. Chemistry. (TCR) Patti.poden, All-Around Girl. (CR) Linda Culbert, Library. (BL) Steve Anthony, Ag. (BC) Martha Stewart, All-Around Jr. Hi Girl. (BR) Terry George, Activities. 205Awards and Rewards (TL) Randy Stepleton, Christian Athlete. (TR) Nelson Morris, Sportsmanship. (CL) Gail Beard, Spanish. (TC) Wayne Long, Physical Education. (C) Mr. Landers presenting awards. (CR) Vicki Leeth, Betty Crocker. (BL) Debbie Rowe, International Sterling. (BC) Shirley Carnes, Physical Education. (BR) Cindy Henderson, Activities. 206(TL) Mrs. Weathers, Retiring. (TR) Durall Teague, Athletics. (CL) Earl Webb, DeKalb. (C) Tweetie Smith, Golden Rule. (CR) Debbie Wilson, Cheerleader. (BL) Jessica Culp, English and Citizenship. (BC) Fred Downs, All-Around man. (BR) Earl Webb, Ag Scholastic. 207Finally, After Twelve Years O V (TL) Coke break. (TC) Happiness. (TR) Seniors before. (CL) Seniors relax. (C) For the first time. (CR) For the last time. (BR) Twelve years together. (BL) Seniors after. (VBR) Baccalaureate.Graduation revealed the arrival of the end of the journey for each Senior. We now leave AHS to those who will follow us. But the memories of the journey which were filled with happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, victories and defeat will be ours forever as we now begin a new journey: the Journey of Life. ----- DOWNTOWN 210 Advertising editors Roger Martin Sarah HenleyThe Mountaineer Staff Says THANKS! The MOUNTAINEER Staff wishes that every participant of Albertville High campus life would look closely at the advertisers represented here. They have contributed much toward the success of this book, and constitute a select group of very loyal Aggie supporters. It makes good sense to trade with those concerns that are interested in you. Both the advertisers and the MOUNTAINEER Staff will sincerely appreciate your mentioning the MOUNTAINEER when patronizing these advertisers. Roger Martin Advertising Manager 212MASTERS AND McBRAYER (ROW 1, L to R) M. Todd, G. Baugh, G. Patterson, M. Willmore, T. Blanks, D. Stephens, I. Gunter, S. Cunningham. (ROW 2) D. Reynolds, J. Colvin, B. Crawford, N. Nolen, B. Eason, D. Duckett, C. Chandler, D. Lang, M. Williams. (ROW 3) K. Thompson, J. Nelson, G. Brown, C. Beard, N. Armour, P. Davis, S. Towers, R. Stepleton, M. Gore. R. Ray. Stand out in a crowd DENDY’S INC. . .. Quietly Main Street Ph: 878-2721 213 Albertville, AlabamaWAKEFIELD’S LINEN RENTAL SERVICE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 118 S. Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-2581 For all your Poultry Equipment needs, see - BRPMCO, BRAMCO PRODUCTS A DIVISION Of NATIONAL SttVW MOUSTHS. NC Manufacturers Of Poultry And Livestock Equipment P.0. Box 487 Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-4281 MATTHEWS MANUFACTURING CO. INC. 13 ° | P.0. Box 328 Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-3841 214POWELL’S PRIDE OF ’73 4 215To Plan, To Hope, To Disagree, SPEED WASH It H. L. Hunt and Co. P.O.Box 518 Ph. 878-9942 Albertville, Alabama 216Senior Class of ’73 SHELL REFRIGERATION 710 Miller St. Ph. 878-5055 217 Albertville, AlabamaFour Beauties and the Beasts POWDER PUFF BEAUTY SHOP Albertville, Alabama TEE PEE FOOD STORES You’ll Jump at a Chance to Shop at Tee Pee Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-4742 Albertville, Alabama“Corn in the Attic” Senior Class of ’72 Complir ts of RAY McCLENDON — Tax Assessor MAX MOSS - Tax Collector THE SAND MOUNTAIN BANK The Bank for Sand Mountain People MEMBER OF FDIC Assets over $12,000,000 Broad St. Ph. 593-8260 Boaz, AlabamaBROCK’S BILLIARD BUDDIES ’74 (MRS. HAGOOD'S HOMEROOM) L. to R., S. Smith, J. Bright. S. Burdett, M. Duckett. J. Gilliland, B. Garrett, D. Elmore, M. Eller, J. Cul-bert, M. Rowe, J. Slaton, R. Robinson, D. Latham, D. Childress, S. Farmer, G. George, D. Lokey, S. Smith, J. Mayo. SAND MOUNTAIN VOLKSWAGEN INC. VOLKSWAGEN It’s the Best P.O. Box 754 Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-4390 Albertville, AlabamaREAL ESTATE ED NEELY INSURANCE 723 Broad Street • Guntersville, Alabama • Telephone 582-3914 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Ala. Need a Home? CHECK WITH IDEAL Paying Rent? Wanta Save Money? Little or no down payment IDEAL MOBILE HOMES TWO LOCATIONS 3507 Rainbow Dr., Rainbow CitySEE YOU IN CHURCH FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. R. E. Stephenson, P.O. Box 434 ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Raymond, 134 First Street FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 309 E. Main St. Rev. Clinton M. Wood, 12 Sycamore Lane MT. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 201 Rose Rd., Rev. Q. P. Davis, 215 Lombardy St. MT. VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH, Mt. Vernon Rd., Rev. J. W. Cole, Rt. No. 3 SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH, Solitude Rd., Nelson E. Bullard, Rt. No. 6 SPONSORED BY THE ALBERTVILLE INSURANCE FOR NON-DRINKERS ONLY INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO - CHURCH - HOME - LIFE 508 A Baltimore Avenue P.O. Box 661 Albertville, Alabama 35950 DEWEY EASON Bus: 878-6900 Res: 878-3480 JOE DUNN DODGE, INC. North Broad St. GUNTERSVILLE, ALA. O Dodge thuHp' liiHfts 222THIS SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH, Sims St. Rev. Hoyt Hambrick, Rt. No. 3 CHURCH OF GOD. 606 Baltimore Ave. Rev. O. N. Franks, 606 Baltimore Ave. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 206 Madison Ave. Rev. O. S. Gamble. 201 Glover St. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 501 College St., P.O. Box 37, Don Hubbard, Minister BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH, Rt. No. 5, Boaz, Rev. D. E. Latham, Rt. No. 5 SUNDAY MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION CITY OF ALBERTVILLE N. D. DARDEN Mayor COUNCI LMEN John Gullahorn Lawyer Tommy Maddux Hinton Mitchem George Radford L. P. Maness Ralph Vaughn Mrs. Taft Secretary 223THACKER CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMES WALL PAPER TREWAX CARPET CLEANERS RENTED 412 Glover St. PAINT MARSHALL DRIVE-IN THEATRE The Finest In Entertainment Old Guntersville Hwy. Ph. 878-0191 Albertville, Alabama MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO BEAUTY SALON Albertville Shopping Center Ph. 878-1301 Albertville, Alabama 224A. B. HOOPER Insurance Company P.0. Box 216 Ph. 878-4351 Albertville, Alabama Everything Is Beautiful Except . . . 225WELLS’ CLOTHING STORE Your Clothing Store of Values SPONSOR: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Main Street Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-2441 DONALD SMITH MOTORS I A Hwy- 431 Ph. 878-2651 Albertville, Alabama 226WHITE GIN COMPANY WESTERN 17 c»oc 4 227 407 South Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-2761 Hwy.431 North Ph. 878-6089 Albertville, AlabamaWAYNE POULTRY MacDonald Avenue Ph. 878 3404 Albertville, Alabama GRADY MOSLEY GARAGE f New Boaz Hwy Ph. 878 4186 Albertville, Alabama DONATIONS Dr. Evans Kilpatrick Chrysler-Plymouth Dr. A. G. Long Dr. Hughes Riveria Motel Dr. C. Martin Elrod Shoes Dr. Beard Sand Mountain Reporter Dr. Lavender Bonds-Tucker Clinic Gullahorn Hare Dr. Clemons Earl Smith Motors Dr. Shelton Appleton 228First Place Prize Winner in Earth Day 229 TOM’S PRODUCTS V. L. MILLER CANDIES Distributor PEANUTS CHIPS VENDING MACHINES 401 Old East Martiing Road Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-5021 C. B. AND COMPANY “Sr. Class of ’72” 23018 Kids and a “pregnant” roller skate Johnson Auto Parts YOUR TROUBLIS Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-3051 Albertville, Alabama Dee Isbell Hardware Company HARDWARE - IMPLEMENTS - G.E. APPLIANCES P.O. Box 490 Albertville, Alabama Ph. 8784311We would like ROBERT O. JOHNSON to take this space to thank ... MITCHELL WHOLESALE GROCERY for the use of their warehouse during Coronation Yearbook’s Official Photographer Mountaineer Staff Portraits by Appointment Wedding Photographer 232 Professional Bldg. Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-2561CONFUSION IN THE GYM SR. CLASS OF . . .? THOMPSON HARDWARE 106 East Main Street Ph. 878-4531 Albertville, Alabama WILKS TIRE AND BATTERY HESTER BATTERIES FRONT END SERVICE RECAPPING ASTRO-JET TIRES BRAKE SERVICE North Broad Street Ph. 878-0211 Albertville, Alabama 233DARDEN COTTON COMPANY P.O. Box 638 Ph. 878-0241 Albertville, Alabama DAVIS RESTAURANT Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-9985 R. C. TODD WHOLESALE 1337 South Broad Ph. 878-0747 234 Albertville, AlabamaWatches - Gifts - Diamonds Phone 878-0521 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Paula Reaves, Cynthia Winkles, Debra Reynolds, Debbie Caldwell, Susan Roe, Lisa Stanfield Debra Todd 235Flying High but Feeling Low Btm., L. to R.: D. Hammett, R. Shell, J. Corbin, J. Martin, B. Parrish, D. Webb, C. Jarvis. Mid., L. to R.: B. Grace, J. Harvey, D. Rice, D. Lowery, R. Thrasher, T. Davis. Top, L. to R.: W. Patterson, A. Spurlin, E. Johnson, M. Hodgens, G. Hanvey. NEHI BOTTLING CO. Boaz, Alabama Ph. 593-3401 Woodall Real Estate and Ins. "BEST WISHES TO AGGIES" From Buck and Hootie Professional Building Ph. 582-4351 236 Guntersville, Alabama WHITTEN’S PARTS AMISH 304 North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-4381 Cite -Uillttgc tptirc 34ighhmg 43T Ftxvtik Hwy. 431 South Guntersville, Alabama Ph. 582-2576 “ROUND THE MULBERRY TREE?” J. Beam, H. Baker, R. Jones, L. Stanfield, B. Browning, S. Appleton, M. Biddle, J. Bell, D. Bible, A. Adams, R. Baker, J. Beard, P. Ashley, K. Bearden, C. Armstrong, I. Bently, F. Beasley, A. Baugh, J. Baird, Mr. McCollum. 237“E. T. Has a Trying Homeroom” Senior Class of “ ’71” 116 North Broad Street p AND J PHARMACY YOUR DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-2505 SAND MOUNTAIN BANK Ph. 593-6017 MEMBER FDIC Douglas and Horton, Alabama 238McKEE PRINTING CO. TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES PRINTING CALCULATORS 224 North Broad St. Ph. 878-3112 Albertville, Alabama W. S. RODEN COMPANY Railroad Ave. Ph. 878-0921 239 Albertville, Alabama113 West McCord Avenue FRANK’S MARKET Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-0821 FOSSETT GLASS CO. Dealer for Shat-R-Proof New Guntersville Hwy. 'TOR ALL AMERICAN AND FOREIGN CARS AND TRUCKS Albertville, Alabama Ph. 8784100 MRS. WEEKS’ HOMEROOM We’re Training to Be Seniors 240"SERVING ALABAMA" Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-4211 Albertville, Ala. MARSHALL COUNTY OIL CO. LL "ARCO PRODUCTS" 11 | N. L. GARRETT AND R. L. GARRETT Distributors P.O. Box 564 Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-2431 VAUGHN’S RECREATION CENTER JERRY G. VAUGHN Manager £ EVINRUOE MOTORS GLENN A. VAUGHN Owner Hwy. 431 S. Guntersville, Ala. Ph. 582-4821 241KIKER MOTOR SALES WE SELL TO SELL AGAIN Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-2121MEADOW GOLD Serving Albertville Lunchrooms COMPLETE LINE OF DAIRY PRODUCTS R. E. BAIRD — Distributor P.0. Box 723 Albertville, Ala. 318 Marti ing Road THE FOOD BASKET ro savi Albertville, Alabama Ph. 878-1261 GAITHER SCHOOL OF HAIR FASHION Sand Mt. Shopping Center Albertville, Ala. Ph- 878-6430. f 1 4 ! 1 ft d Tk5" . - a-“ •" tv V iJ i3n a ' ....y'-1—7 w mm Chester F. Raines AGENCY INC. T" «" »V«( f iwti If gb HARTFORD INSURANCE Insur tnoo. -for. . . HOME - OSI NtLSS-AJUTO- M INEI- PIKE CASUAL I TV- ■BONP -Uf=E-ACCIt EMT' Ci4Z.X snFWfj 2.10 Kl. Kf OA0 244CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE 409 E. Main Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-3161 COACH JOLLEY’S FOLLIES “74” FRONT ROW: L. to R.: M. Stewart. V. Culbert. N. Russell. V. Lyles, P. Rosson. SECOND ROW: L. to R.: P. Burroughs. J. Ferry, P. Aaron, G. Duckett, O. Baker, L. Bonds, S. Nelson, J. Metheny, A. Bright, S. McClearen. D. Mitchell, R. Stone, J. Jolley. THIRD ROW: L. to R.: T. Riley, J. Leslie, D. Masters. T. Bearden, S. McGee, T. Anderson, E. Payne, T. Godwin, R. Horton, T. Southerland, C. Hipp, J. Willmore. 245 THE ATTIC SHOP UNUSUAL GIFT ITEMS Antiques to Buy, Sell, or Trade Hwy. 431 S. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-5286 Compliments of DOBSON AND CO., INC. CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY." 133 E. Main Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-3651 246RALSTON PURINA COMPANY Manufacturers Livestock and Poultry Chows "SEE YOUR PURINA DEALER" East Lake Road Ph. 582-3164 Guntersville, Ala. FIELD ENTERPRISES EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA CHILDCRAFT WORLD BOOK DICTIONARIES WORLD BOOK ATLAS CYCLO-TEACHER WILLIE R. INGRAM Distributor P.O. Box 723 Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-6470 247ALBERTVILLE FERTILIZER COMPANY AND DAVIS BROTHERS 119 W. Ober Ave. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-1531 "We're the Best Class There'll Ever Be. HOMEROOM CLASS OF MRS. LEE”!Amalgamated MEAT CUTTERS AND BUTCHER WORKMEN OF NORTH AMERICA AFL-CIO Nashville Tenn. BAXTER ROGERS Unit Vice-President Albertville, Ala. AGGIE BURGER Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-1689 Albertville, Ala. 249 Local Union 405 Main St RONALD SLOAN Sec.-Treasurer Nashville, Tenn. Local Representative — BILL ATNIP Nashville, Tenn.ROSS-GRADEN LUMBER CO. "BUILDING MATERIALS" 221 E. Main St. Ph. 878-1461 Albertville, Ala. STATE FARM INSURANCE STAT( FARM INSURANCI 208 W. Main St. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-3415 HEWETT REXALL DRUG CO. South Broad St. Ph. 878-0641 Albertville, Ala.DAIRY QUEEN "LIVE A LITTLE" Hwy. 431 Ph. 878-4093 Albertville, Ala. JACK’S FURNITURE "THE WORKING MAN'S FRIEND" 1107 Baltimore Ave. Ph. 878-4896 Albertville, Ala. CHUCK’S SMOKE HOUSE TO SUIT YOUR ijLr 1501 Dunlap Avenue Ifir Albertville, Ala. MERLE NORMAN STUDIO 498 Broad Street Ph. 582-4541 Guntersville, Ala. 252WHEN YOU FIRST THINK OF BANKING . . . THINK FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GUNTERSVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Accounts Insured Up to $20,000 MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ---------------------------------------------------------------- MRS. MIDDLEBROOK’S HOMEROOM N. Gl8Ssco, F. Teague, L. Johnson, C. Davis, L. Lecroy, W. Hollis, L. Camp, D. Epps, J. Marks, C. Slaton, D. Anderson, D. Hutcheson, B. Corbin, J. Armour, L. Hubbard, C. Lester, T. Lemaster, J. Harris, S. Winfrey, P. Blackwell, B. Stephens, P. Peppers, B. Humphries, K. Hunt, T. Reaves, S. Towers, D. McClendon, C. Smith, M. Bentley.STANDARD OIL COMPANY ED NESMITH Agent 218 N. Emmett St. Ph. 878 3141 Albertville, Ala. RAINES FURNITURE saN - ANN SERVICE INC. WHEN BETTER GASOLINE IS SOLD, SAN-ANN WILL SELL IT. Baltimore Ave. 878-9966 Albertville, Ala. 254DENHAM FEED MILLS 100 Carroll St. Ph. 878-3641 Albertville, Ala. RAY’S CAFE WHENINTHE MOOD FOR FINE FOOD Hwy. 431 North Ph. 582-3187 Guntersville, Ala. SORTER NOBILE HOMES THE BEST OF MOBILE HOMES Whether You Rent or Buy, You Pay for the Home You Occupy Hwy. 431 Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-5326 255Compliments of BAINS MAGNAVOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Complete Line of Records, Tapes Albertville, Ala. 115 W. Ober Ave. Ph. 878-6830 256 CHARLIE COX f) OLDSMOBILE - PONTIAC VT J POXTIU CHARLIE COX-Owner Hwy. 431 N. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-0992 257ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY 209 South Broad Ph. 878-1514 Albertville, Ala. Compliments of CONTINENTAL GRAIN Railroad Ave. Guntersville, Ala. Ph. 582-3451 ED MITCHELL AUTO SUPPLY CO. 217 North Broad St. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-1331 758DOUG MITCHELL GROCERIES ENCO GASOLINE Birmingham Hwy. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-9908 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CLINTON M. WOOD - Pastor COLEMAN THOMPSON — Associate Pastor CHARLES WOODS — Minister of Music 309 East Main Ph. 878-2291 Albertville, Ala. 259ALBERTVILLE ROOFING SUPPLY BUILT-UP SHINGLES AND WATERPROOFING INC. Ask About Our Conditional Guarantee and Bond E. Main Ph. 878-1601 Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-2751 Compliments of the 1701 Thomas Ave. ARKAY CO. Guntersville, Ala. ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. Albertville, Ala.ALLIED MILLS, INC 'MANUFACTURERS OF TOMORROW'S FEEDS TODAY" FOR ALL LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY Backed by Modern Research and Over 60 Years of Manufacturing Experience East Lake Rd. Guntersville, Ala. Ph. 582-5611 BEE-LINE • - • • •. r EXPRESS • j(Z' A Hwy. 75 North Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-0941 P.O. Box 667 DIXIE POULTRY SUPPLY CO. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-2921HAMMER’S Ph. 878-2961 Albertville, Ala. BEST WISHES AND HARDIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ’71FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 263BEST WISHES TO SENIORS OF ’71!” LORCH’S DIAMOND SHOP Main Street Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-5500 264ED JONES Lay Bldg. Albertville, Ala. "WE'RE THE BEST CLASS THERE IS ALIVE, SENIOR CLASS OF “75!”Congratulations to the Senior Class THE ARROW COMPANY Hwy. 431 S. Ph. 878-1202 Albertville, Ala. Compliments of CANFIELD’S FLORIST 316Vi Martling Rd. Ph. 878-2675 Albertville, Ala.APPLETON’S OF ALBERTVILLE, INC. — Decorating Service — FURNITURE - ACCESSORIES - DRAPERIES - CARPETING Hwy.431 Ph. 878-1621 Albertville, Ala. Compliments of THE CLOTH SHOP 2080 Dunlap Ave. Guntersville, Ala. DR. PEPPER COMPANY THE FRIENDLY "PEPPER UPPER" THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWN! Old Albertville Hwy. Ph. 593-3111 Boaz, Ala. 267RALPH COLLINS FORD COBB’S SAND MOUNTAIN BEST SORGHUM Made by V. T. COBB HwV-431 Ph. 593-6770 Boaz, Ala. COC' )LA BOTTLING COMPANY KG V. S PAT OM Hwy.431 Ph. 878-3351 Albertville, Ala.Kx I 105 W. Main St. Ph. 878-2556 Albertville, Ala. DENNY MOTORS Hwy.431 Ph. 878-2331 Albertville, Ala. 269 210 W. Main St. M.U.B. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-3761PIGGLY WIGGLY 212 Broad St. Ph. 878-4721 Albertville, Ala. ADAM’S BROWN SERVICE Hwy. 431 FUNERAL HOME Ph. 878-0231 Albertville, Ala. DAIRYLAND WE FEATURE COLONEL SANDER'S OWN SECRET RECIPE OF KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Hwy. 431 Ph. 593-3331 Boaz, Ala. 270KENDALL MILLS KcnDALL Textile Ave. Ph. 878-4401 Albertville, Ala. FRED KING’S 132 E. Main St. Ph. 878-2451 Albertville, Ala. O.K. RUBBER WELDERS Nationally 11 Guaranteed "If it rolls and has size, we have it." RECAPPING - REPAIRING NEW AND USED TIRES North Broad St. Ph. 878-0681 Albertville, Ala. 271 FAITHWAY FEED CO., INC. 1701 Thomas Ave. Guntersville, Ala. Ph. 582-5646 KUT KURL BEAUTY SALON 705 Miller St. Albertville, Ala. Ph. 878-5931 DEE ISBELL HARDWARE CO. f HARDWARE - IMPLEMENTS - G.E. APPLIANCES P.0.490 Ph. 878-4311 Albertville, Ala. STATE NATIONAL BANK One of Many Good Banks Serving N. Alabama MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 300 W. Main Ph. 878-5700 Albertville, Ala.

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