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Text from Pages 1 - 272 of the 1970 volume:

 1970 Mountaineer Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama Volume 58 Marsha Johnson Sharon Musick Editor Editor Sandy Roden Catherine Brasher Business Manager Sponsori r 4 •fr V v ■■ „ • r 7% . . ♦ .» •" • ? «- ' ™ •■'■ •:• • ■ N -TV jjffel 5W r, , v- -. Vi. v Aflx JraS ’■ ' ♦ . . s«v hvi'«?"• - • - • - 4 v « t ■ ; v • -1 .«?x . ■• (« ..»."V- ':a5 • ■ r“ jifc. ,i te . . . • . % - wr r -, fri 4 '..' ; '-. - r x w ■ - i » ' •• • " f JTi Jb." ra»» - f . • ■ crrvf M v - rr . :;4 ' 1 rtf « -‘-.c "• %,-.s .; jgaSt.., ii , - vy«iwu J T' • ’ .; • i , . ' £,Jf- tyt . • %vn • - c. Sr . ■ "4« , v v . ; ” .. r -.x % v v ;♦ v- : i U « L .,, ,» • u J +' 3 %• « £• rpN 4fc -«K» % O v v Y L' C Sf.i»: k' --Au it.uifi.j5 r ,fv . v S S ,v. . s. - ' ■ . v r % • •, H •, ry . .. v K - . r r$S - f- r ■4m '■ ! skvsR ;v. 7m+ ' % jf . - . -s Mk la :?• •m 1 't •V .' ■ if--- .1- ■ 5 ; . t .n Ir •'. • .•». • ■ ■ •: 7J« T ' % ';■ ■ . •■- , '♦ 'U Yesterday I am yesterday. I am gone forever. I am the last of a long procession of days, streaming from you, pouring into mist and obscurity, and at last into the ocean of oblivion. I depart from you, yet I am ever with you. Once I was called tomorrow and was virgin pure; then I became your bride and was named Today; now I am yesterday and carry upon me the eternal stain of your embrace. I am one of the leaves of a growing book. There are many pages before me. Someday you will turn us all over and read us, and know what you are. I am rich for I have wisdom. I bore you a child and left him with you. His name is Experience. I am Yesterday; yet I am the same as Today and Forever; for I am you, and you cannot escape from yourself. ' Frank CraneI Am Yesterday . . .Disappointment Contents Establishment..............17 Pacesetters.............., 29 Associations...............79 Happenings................117 Competitors...............161 Syndicates................197I Am the Last of aLong Procession of DaysI Watched You Reach . . . 8And Grasp . . .Yet I Am Ever With You II12For I Have Wisdom Someday You Will Read Me . . .And Know What You Are . . .For I Am You . . . And You Cannot Escape From Yourself 16Promoters of Progress The happiness and prosperity of Our Town depend greatly on the proper education of our youth. Our Administrator strives constantly to improve the education of Albertville students to prepare them for a successful life. Arthur H. BaughETTA LEE POTTS % Assistant Principal - MALCOLM LANDERS Faculty Curriculum Senior Counselor - CHARLES AMASON Junior Counselor - MARY THRASHER LYNDELL HALL Librarian - ZERA COUCHOur Language Comes Alive 20 A deserving surprise!!! I Developmental Reading - HAZEL GIBSON Senior High English and Spanish -SUE McBRAYERSenior High English - MARGARET KELLER In English, students learn to express themselves properly, which is necessary to communicate with others. Grammar, literature, and speech are part of the English curriculum. Senior High English - ELIZABETH HOLMES AUSSIE SMOTHERS TERESA BLAIR RUTH WEEKS Junior High English JAMES GARRETT CHARLOTTE HANSON ETHEL MANN JUDY GALLOWAY MILTON HENDERSON JUNE JENKINS 21Math Old Problems Junior High Math - R. E. STEPHENSON Senior High Math - RAYMOND SPARKS Junior High Math - LINDA MITCHELL FRANK BAKER New Techniques Junior High Math -BARBARA McGEE The students at A.H.S. are preparing for the computerized world through Math. Senior High Math -LOUISE PARRISHSocial Studies To produce responsible, civic-minded citizens is die main goal of die Social Studies Department. To do this, the course gives a basic background the histories and governments of different countries of the world. These are studied and compared to our country's history and government. Social Studies - MARGARET STRICKLAND JANE HA GOOD JERRY BLANKS ROBERT Von Der OSTEN MAC GORE MARY WEATHERS MARY JO MOORE VERNICE GALLOWAY People and Places 23Science - LEMON McCOLLUM E. T. NEIGHBORS RUBY GOODWIN CONNIE DODD WALTER McINTOSH NOLA MIDDLEBROOK JAMES GILLEY CATHERINE BRASHER From atoms to infinity - the world of science is a world for the curious, the imaginative, and the persistent. It is a world of systems and of laws. He who enters, discovers that the realm of nature. Our retiring favorites! 1! You'll be missed! ! These three have devoted a number of very hard years to us! GOODWIN- 29 McINTOSH- 39 BIRDSONG- 33 24MARGARET STRICKLAND MARY JO MOORE We have chosen these two fine ladies as our Outstanding Teachers of 1970. This honor was well deserved! !! Teachers Aids - Special Education - EULA BIRDSONG JANEY BROWN JOYCE JONESPlanning for Tomorrow . . . Now Business and Office Education - WILENA LITTLE JAN MASTERS WANDA SLOAN Typing - IVA JO MADDUX Home Economics - JOYCE BOLLINGER Home Economics - JEAN HEAD Our Vocational department helps train students for business fields. Many courses arc included that are beneficial in later years. You don't say??! 26 d.e. - h. b. McClendonR.O.T.C. % Junior R.O.T.C. - Lt. Col. NATHAN THOMPSON 1st SG JAMES GUNTER SGM HAROLD MONTGOMERY SFC JAMES BONDS Band - JAMES COUCH Band The goal of the Band is music perfection. They play at pep rallies, make half-time appearances at football games and participate in parades. Physical Education Girls Physical Education -DONNA MAYNARD JO ANN MOORE AGATHA HALL Boys Physical Education - RICHARD COLE RANDALL BLACK DON SHANKLES SHANNON SLOAN 27To Miss Brasher A Tireless Worker Without her imagination, determination, and push for perfection a book like ours would not be possible. We, the staff, would like to express our appreciation and admiration for an understanding person and an outstanding sponsor.Pacesetters Seniors EDITORS Denise Hubbard Cynthia Duke Candy Sparks 29ADAMS DICK ALEXANDER, JOHNNIE ARMSTRONG ARNOLD BAKER, GEORGE BAKER, WALTER BEARDEN, LINDA BLACKMON, GAIL BLACKMON, MARZELLA BOLDING, PATSY BOLDING, SANDRA Yesterday We Only 30Looked at Life BROWN, TOMMY BYRD, PEGGY CAMP, RICHARD CARROLL, LEON BULLARD, MIKE CAMBRON, JERRY CAMP, TRESIA CENTERS, DEBORAH BURKS, JOHN CAMP, KATHY CARR. VICKI CHAFIN, KENToday, W CHASTAIN, JENNY COFIELD, JUNE COOLEY, KATHY CULBERT, SHEILA CUNNINGHAM, RALPH DANIELS TONY DAVIS, BEN DAVIS, LEVOIS DAVIS, SHELIA DENDY, DONNA DENDY, DORA DENNIS, JOHN DICKSON, JANICE DOBBINS, SHERRI 32ELMORE, MIKE Face It DUCKETT, RANDY DUKE, CYNTHIA DUKE, LONNIE DUVALL, DEBORAH DYAR, SUSAN EDMONDSON, FRANCESGARDNER, ROY GILULAND, PHYLLIS GENTRY, JOHN GORE, BEN We Wil GORE, JOE GOSS, ELLEN GRACE, RUTH GREY, LYNN GUINN, PAULETTE HALL, MIKE HARRIS, DEBORAH HASTY, TONY Sadness Remember . . . HENRY, SANDRA HENRY, SUSAN HOFFMAN, LANE HOFFMAN, WAYNE HOLMES, BILLY HOWARD, DENISE HUBBARD, DENISE ISREAL, PEGGY JOHNSON, DEBBIE JOHNSON, MARSHA JOLLEY, IRENE JOLLEY, LORENEJOLLEY, MARGARET JOLLEY, ROGER KARR, BILLY KELLY, SARAH LAMBERT, ELLA LATHAM, DIANNE LILES, MIKE LIVINGSTON, CAROL LONG, BRENDA LONG, JERRY LYNN, PAUL McClendon, catherini McCORMICK, RONNIE McKEE, LINDA 36McQUEEN, MARSHA MASTERS, ALLEN MATTEWS, BETTY METHENEY, MARA MONTGOMERY, EMILY MOORE, VIRGINIA MORGAN, JERRY MORRIS, KATHY MORRISON, SHARON MOULTRIE, RUSSELLMUSICK, SHARON NEWMAN, DAVID NORRIS, DARRELL NORRIS, DENNIS PATTERSON, ELNEETA PELL, BRENDA PELL, DEBRA PEPPERS, RAY PICKENS, PAGE POE, JIMMY Anticipation . . . The 38Endless Stream RAINS, DEBRA RAINS, MARGARET RAINS, REGINA RICHEY, STEVE RIDDLE, DIANNE ROBERTS, FREIDA ROBINSON, DIANA ROBINSON, DORTHA RODEN, DELORES RODEN, SANDY RUSHING, SHIRLIE SAINT, REBA SAMS, FREDA SCRUGGS, LARRY 39Tomorrows . . . And SEWELL, RANDY SIMMONS, RONIE SLATON, JENNY SMITH, BETTYE SMITH, KATHY SMITH, KEN SMITH, SUZAN SNIDER, MARQUITA 40Traces of Yesterday SPARKS, CANDY SPURLIN, MIKE STEWART, TERRY STONE, SUSAN STORY, JOE SUTTON, BELINDA TEAGUE, MARKITTA TERRELL, GAILWhich Were TERRELL, JIMMY THACKER, DEBBIE THOMAS, GARY THOMAS, LYNN OFFICERS President - Mike Spurlin, Vice President - Sandy Roden, Secretary - Belinda Sutton, Treasurer - Debra Rains THOMPSON, NANCY TIDMORE, JOE TIDMORE, SHIRLEY 42A.H.S. TIDMORE, WANDA TIDWELL, BEBRA TRUSSELL, CAROL TUCKER, ANN VAUGHN, KATHY WALKER, KATHY WALKER, LETITIA j 43. . . We’ll Never Forget WALKER, TOM WESSON, RITA WATWOOD, DONNA WILABAY, BRENDA MRS. COUCH MRS. KELLER MRS. LITTLE MR. NEIGHBORS MRS. SLOAN MRS. STRICKLAND MRS. WEATHERS WOODHAM, RANDY WRIGHT, BEVERLY YOUNG, JAMES 44Pacesetters Juniors EDITORS Terri Green Sandra Maness Amy Brumlik 45Officers Show Anderson, Vicky Anderton, Rick Archer, Stephen Baker, Charlie Baker, Charlotte Baker, Jeff Barksdale, Janice Barnes, Mary Bartlett, Jan Bartlett, Stanley Baty, Effie Beaird, Anne Bean, Gary Beard, Gail Bearden, Alton Bearden, Debra Beck, Doris Beck, Larry Benson, Donnie Bethune, Rickey Bonds, Fran Breland, Brent Bright, Janet Britt, Brenda Brown, Travis Brumlik, Amy Buchanan, Becky Cagle, Dan Cagle, Sandra Campbell, Karer. Canady, Neal Cames, Shirley Chamblee, Ed Childress, Brenda Childress, Dennis 46Great Leadership President - Dick Ingram, Vice-President - Kenny Segars, Secretary - Danny Thrash, Treasurer - Debbie Wilson Childress, Denny Christian, Charles Collins, Rickey Cook, Becky Cooper, Vernon Couch, Mark Cowan, Jerry Crawford, Eddie Culbert, Linda Culp, Jessica Curry, Diane Dalrymple, Kathy Darnell, Laura Davis, Alan Dick, Rhonda Dobbins, Tommy Dodd, David Downs, Fred Duckett, Danny Dunn, Shelia 47Juniors Edwards, Charles Edwards, James Garner, Phylis George, Terry Edwards, Joe Epps, Bonnie Giles, David Gilliland, Gail Erwin, Emily Evers, Pam Glassed, Gary Goodwin, Pat Faulkner, Randy Gamble, Marc Green, Ten Griffith, ShirleyParticipate . . . Griffith, Tommy Gunter, Judy Hagler, Tony Hagood, Tom Hall, Pat Hood, Phillip Hooper, Bill Hooper, James Howard, Robert Hudgins, Sarah Harris, Judy Hayes, Neva Hayes, Jerry Henley, Sarah Hill, Edgar Hood, BettyWith Roaring Hunt, Diane Hyatt, Rita Ingram, Dick Jenkins, Albert Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Sherry Jordan, Brenda Justice, Charles Kennedy, Jimmy Kilpatrick, Priscilla 50School Spirit Lyles, Gary Maddox, Kay Maness, Sandra Marks, Charlene Martin, Melanie Martin, Roger Manin, Scott Mastin, Cynthia McCauley, Kenneth McClain, Cassie McClendon, Robert McCormick, Diane McCoy, Marcus McCreless, Kathy Metheny, Gayle Minor, Rickey Moon, Danny Morgan, Bill Morgan, Matthew Morton, KeithJuniors Mosely, Lynn Moultrie, Ralph Nelson, Miriam Nicholason, Linda Noles, Larry Norris, Julie Nunnally, Gary Orr, Morris O'tinger, Jeff Paschel, Jerry Patterson, Rita Phillips, Peggy Pinkston, Sarah Rains, Veronica Ray, Edward Reaves, Phillip Reynolds, Carolyn Rhoadarmer, Tommy Riley, Mike Rives, Mike Robertson, Lanny Robinson, Bobby Robinson, Dorthea Roden, Patti Roe, Jeffery Roe, Susan Rowe, Debbie Rushing, Rowena Russell, Janice Sain, Johnny Samson, David Sanders, Vicki Scott, Kathy Scruggs, Ronald Segars, Kenny 52Unite Segers, Larry Shell, Johnny Shell, Reid Shipp, Suzanne Shockley, Carletta Slaton, Richard Smith, Debbie Smith, Pat Smith, Tweetie Smith, Rhonda Smith, Sheila Southerland, Rudy Sprat ling, Susan Spurlin, Debbie Stanfield, Virgil Stone, Pat Stover, Donna Swords, Jimmy Tant, Donna Teague, Dural 1 Terrell, Danny Terrell, Luther Terrell, Margaret Thrash, Danny Todd, David Todd, Debra Tolbert, Jimmy Townsell, Jackie Townsell, Charles Townsend, Donald Trussell, Kathy Tucker, Linda Turner, Brenda Vaughn, Rickey Veal, Maria 53Yesterday and Today Venable, Ann Wat wood, Mike Webb, Earl Webb, John Wilkes, Robert Williams, David Williams, Debra Williams, Geanette Williams, Janice Willmore, Chere Willmore, Neeta Jo Willmore, Pam Wilson, Debbie Winkles, Cynthia Winkles, Kathy York, Betty Sue MRS. BOLLINGER MISS BRASHER MRS. HEAD MRS. MADDOX MR. McCOLLUM MRS. MOORE MRS. ROBINSON COACH SPARKS MRS. WEEKS 54Pacesetters Sophomores EDITORS Holleigh Evans Rhea Roden Winky Wells 55Sophomores Set . . . Beam, Joe Beard, Joan Bearden, Kay Beasley, Fred Beck, Eddie Bell, Hubert Bell, Jimmy Bentley, Zeke Berry, Randall Bidale, Mike Bishop, Joyce Bolt, Glenda Bolt, Linda Bonds, Debra Boyd, Cindy Browning, Becky Bruce, Guy Bryant, Patricia Bunn, Christie Burgess, Gerald Abney, Lisa Adams, Andy Alexander, Mike Appleton, Skippy Armstrong, Cnerly Ashley, Peggy Baird, James Baker, Howard Baker, Richard Baker, Tony Barnett, Shannon Baugh, Anthony Baugh, Betty Baugh, Danny 56Burk, Nancy Caldwell, Debbie Camp, Delane Camp, Felton Camp, Irby Camp, Karen Campbell, Bobby Campbell, Mary Campbell, Tex Canady, Terry Carnes, Peggy Chaffin, Ken Chamblee, Edward Champion, Sherry Chandler, Ann Chandler, Rita Charles, Elicia Cheek, Brenda Charwin, Rodney Chavers, Darrell Clark, Mary Cole, Cathy Collier, Carla Collier, Brad Collins, Donald Colquitt, Bobby Cook, Mike Corbin, Donald Couch, Mary Jane Crowe, Frankie Crowe, Laura Cox, Jerry Cryar, Beth Culbert, Eloise Culbert, Harold Cunningham, Robin Curry, Bill Dalquist, Randy Dalrymple, Brenda Daniels, Mike Dauquette, Sharon Davis, Nalda Deerman, Glen Dobbins, Denise Dobbins, Terri Dorsett, Linda Duckett, Bob Duckett, Danny Duckett, Larry . . . Fast Pace! 57Able Leadership? Duckett, Teresa Duke, Dianne Duke, Doretha Duvall, Gail CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right, President Wayne Kimberly, Treasurer Howard Baker, Duvall Harve Secretary Becky Browning, Vice-President Guy Bruce Duvall| Shelia Edwards, Debra Eidson, Mike Ennis, Dianne Erwin, Susan Evans, Holleigh Evers, Roland Floyd, Mike Franks, Freeda Gaither, Lorre Gentry, Steven George, Becky Gilbreath, Paulette Gilliland, Ralph Gore, Debbie Gore, Dona Grace, Linda Green, Nicky Griffith, Gail Griffith, Larry Ham, Hazel Hambrick, Kaye Hanvey, Lynn Harris, Darlene Harris, Danny Harris, Nancy Harrison, Amelia Harrison, Cecelia Harrison, Richard Haymond, Debra Hedgepeth, Bill Henley, Aubrey Hill, Brenda Hilsman, Larry Hilsman, Ranay Hipp, Carol Holland, Dorsey Holsonback, Randy Hopper, David Hornsby, Deborah Hubbard, Lisa Hughes, Harriet Hyae, Roland 58Jackson, Alex Jackson, Donna Jaco, Richard Jenkins, Danny Jenkins, Norman Jenkins, Richard Johnson, Denise Johnson, Jewel Johnson, Marla Johnson, Mike Jones, David Jones, Debra Jones, Ricky Kilpatrik, Temple Kimberly, Wayne King, Steve Kirkland, Kathy Kittle, Joyce Lackey, Tony Landers, Malcolm Lang, Randall Langley, Keith Laser, A1 Lavender, Steven Locklear, Becky Lowery, Rickey Lyles, Kenneth Lynn, Renee Lynn, Sherry Martin, Debbie Mashbum, Denise Mashburn, Paul Mastin, Johnny Marks, David Mathis Brenda Matthews, Bobby Matthews, Doyle May, Frankie Mayes, Marsha Mayfield, Wendell McClendon, Gary McCollum, Bobby McCreless, Debbie McCreless, Jim McGlaughn, Janice McLemore, Turner McLendon, Pat McQueen, Valinda Messer, Dianne Messer, Helen Miller, Dianne Mitchell, Cecelia 59Mitchell, Paula Morgan, Dorothy Morgan, Joe Morris, Karen Morrison, Roger Morrow, Dianne Nelson, Shelia Owens, Philip Pankey, Jimmy Pankev, Wayne Partriage, Debi Pashcal, Eugene Patterson, Genny Patterson, Greg Patterson, Rickey Peppers, Wayne Poe, Lillie Powell, Richard Prickett, Tommy Quinn, Cathy Rains, Don Rains, Gaynell Ray, Patnca Reeves, Paula Richey, Beth Riddle, Redgy Riddle, Sandy Ridgeway, Danny Robinson, Phillip Roden, Rhea Rushing, Kenneth Nelson, Tara Sue Newman, Brenda Ogle, Carol Otinger, Larry Oliver, Barbara Oliver, Glenda Orr, Michael Sawyer, Ronetta ;s, Dicksie Sims, Becky Simpson, Alice Slaton, Donnv Smalley, Mildred Smalley, Sandra Smith, A1 Smith, Harold Smith, Katrina Smith, Lowell Smith, Terry Smothers, RebeccaSoutherland, Travis Sparks, Joan Spence, John Spratling, Kay Staton, Lelton Stephens, Brad Stephens, Shelia Stewart, Billy Stewart, Kerry Stidham, Danny Stone, Billy Stracener, Kathy Sutton, Tommy Swords, Virgil Tabor, Thomas Taylor, Ann Taylor, Dan Teague, Randy Templeton, Ellen Templeton, Sammy Thacker, Gary Thomas, Rhonda Thompson, Mary Ann Thrasher, Denise Tidmore, Harold Tucker, Kathy Tucker, Oliver Tucker, Susan Turner, Althea Vantreese, Buddy Veal, Margaret Wakefield, Sharon Walls, Rhonda Walls, Ronnie Warren, Deborah Webb, Barbara Weeks, Julia Weeks, SandraWells, Winki White, David Whitehead, Kathy Williams, Pam Willoughby, Ralph Wilson, Jack Winfrey, Janette Wise, David Woodall, Danny Young, Ellen Sophomores Have Great Year!! Sophomore Faculty MRS. BLAIR MR. BLANKS MR. GREGORY MRS. LACY MISS MASTERS MRS. McBRAYER mr. mcclendon MR. McINTOSH 62Pacesetters Freshmen EDITORS Amy Hardy Vickie Cochran 63A Iverson, Dennis Abbott, Rickey Allen, Gary Anderton, Tim Armour, Nancy Artis, Johnny Bailey, Cynthia Baird, Herbert Baker, Wayne Baker, William Barclift, Bruce Baugh, Gary Beard, Buddy Beard, Donna Bearden, Janice Bearden, Manuel Bearden, Mike Benefield, Bobby Benefield, Debra Berdett, Jody Bethune, Kenneth Black, Patti Blackmon, Richard Blackwell, Gail Blanks, Teresa Bolding, Sheila Bolton, Kathy Bolton, Richard Bonds, Jane Bonds, Jody Bonds, Joe Bonds, Pam Boone, Kenneth Bowen, Sheila . Brewton, Glenda Blight, Dolan Brooks, Debra Brooks, Joyce Brooks, Michael Brown, Belinda 64Active CLASS OFFICERS: J. Mckee, President; G. Hoffman, Vice President; P. Campbell, Secretary; D. Mountain, Treasurer Officers Brown, Evelyn Brown, Greg Bryant, Kay Buchanan, Mona Buckelew, David Buckelew, John Bugh, Deborah Burks, Kathy Cagle, Rebecca Calquitt, Mary Caldwell, Franklin Caldwell, Pam Camp, Sherrill Camp, Tony Campbell, Mike Campbell, Phyllis Carter, Vicki Caudle, Jimmy Chandler, Fred Chandler, Joe Chastain, Cynthia Chastain, Pnil Cherry, Cynthia Childress, Ronnie Cochran, Bobby Cochran, Bobby Cochran, Jeff Cochran, Petey Cochran, Vickie Colvin, Janet Corbin, Jeannie Cornelius, Rodney Cowan, Doug Crews, Teresa Crowe, Steve Crawford, Beverly Cryar, Margaret Cunningham, Sheila Daniel, Patti Davis, Elizabeth Downs, Darrel Davis, Gerald 65Fresh - men Davis, Pat Davis, Rick Davis, Ricky Davis, Rickey S. Davis, Teddy Dennis, Nancy Dima si, Maria Dodd, Karen Dooley, Linda Duckett, Deborah Duke, Myra Eason, Betty Edwards, Diane Edison, Roger Edmonson, Wayne Elrod, Charlene Engles, Janet Ennis, Phillip Epps, Donnie Evans, Charlotte Evers, Myra Fainn, Curtis Faltner, Barry Filmore, Freeman Frazier, Regina Franchisee, Michael Gardner, Reba Gay, Angela Gioson, Katrina Gilley, Hoberta Glassco, Steve Gore, Janet Goss, Benny Grace, Bill Graden, Michael Graves, Mike Griffith, Sandra Griffith, Doug Grizzard, Mike Gunnels, Susie Gunter, Irene Hagler, Billy Hall, Brenda Hall, Gaynell Hall, Michel Hammett, Debra Hanvey, Gary Hard, Doyle Hard, Hoyle Hardy, Amy Harper, Diann Harper, Rickey Harris, Imogene Harvey, Janet Henry, Phillip Hicks, Kaye Hicks, Donnie Hill, Ronald Hipp, Debra Hoages, Morton 66A Name That Fits Hoffman, Gail Holderfield, Mike Hollis, Kenny Holman, Sue Holsonback, Derrell Hornsby, Tommy Hugenson, Jimmy Hyatt, Donnie Hyde, Barbara Jackson, Bobby Janey, Gretchen Jarvis, Connie Johnson, Sherry Johnson, Everette Jolley, Tim Jones, Cindy Jones, Gloria Justice, Jimmy Justice, Betty Justice, Rickey King, Rickey Kirby, Willis Kirkland, Sherman Kittle, Donnie Knapp, Gary Lacy, Debra Ladshaw, Sheila Land, David Land, Mark Lang, Debra Lowery, David LeCroy, Patti Leemaster, Samuel Lessely, Jim Long, Ray Lovell, Patricia Lybrand, Kathy Maddux, Mike Martin, Joan McClendon, Randy McCollum, Felicia McCollum, Larry McCoy, Sammie McKee, John McMurtrey, Kay Miller, Vickie Minor, Dale Mitchell, Nancy Moore, Keith Morgan, Cindy Morris, Steve Morton, Brent Mountain, Debbie Mullinax, Paul Murphree, Pam 67Escape With the Nelson, Lydon Nolan, Nancy Notes, Tony Orr, David Painter, Jimmie Pankey, Alica Pankey, Martha Pannell, Roger Parrish, SpiKe Parrish, Betty Patterson, Evelyn Patterson, Glenda Patterson, Wayne Pendergrass, Ronald Peppers, Sandra Peppers, Fred Pope, Fayestay Priest, Gary Pritchett, Lamar Rains, Don Rains, Jeanie Rains, Kathy Ramsey, Janet Reynolds, Dona Reynolds, Mark Rhodarmer, David Rhodes, David Rice, Debra Richards, Jeff Riddle, Sharon Riddle, Sonnie Rutledge, Dianne Rudolpn, Lee Sampson, Charles Seay, Cynthia Nelson, James 68Now Generation Sewell, Mike Shell, Rona Simpson, Sadie Sims, Dewey Sims, Ruth Slaton, Mike Smith, Danny Smith, Earl Smith, Janice Smith, Randy Smith, Rita Smith, Sharon Smith, Stanley Snider, Patti Sorter, Sheila Spurlin, Aron Stanfield, Chapman Stephens, Deborah Stepleton, Randy Stevens, Denfer Stevens, Diane Stewart, Diane Stone, David Story, Lannie Story, Mary Swords, Gary Swords, Rayiard Swords, Rickey Taylor, Johnny Terrell, Ricky Thacker, John Thomas, Pam Thrash, Rebecca Thrasher, Phillip Thurman, Roger Todd, Ginger Thomason, Steve Thompson, Pam Tompson, Cathy 69This Is the Life Todd, Martha Todd, Susan Towers, Susan Town son, Jimmy Trashur, Randy Turley, Dale Upton, Keith Upton, Jimmy Vinyard, Shannon Wagner, Dale Walker, David Ward, Donna Webb, Pam Webb, Richard Webb, Deborah Wester, Donald Whitten, Steve Whitten, Mike Williams, Max Williams, Terry Williams, Allen Willmore, Tony Willmore, Martha Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Dale Wilson, Tiron Willoughby, Bruce Wood, Wayne Woodham, Peggy Wynn, Terri Younge, Steve Vaught, Tommy Venable, Brenda Freshman Sponsors MRS. HAYGOOD MRS. MAYNARD COACH JOLLEY MRS. GALLOWAY MRS. HANSON MISS MOORE MRS. JENKINS COACH BLACK MRS. GIBSON MRS. HALL IkPacesetters Eighth Grade EDITORS Terry George Denise Howard 71President Fredie Carr, Treasurer Phillip Thomas, Vice-President Patti Aaron, Secretary Martha Stewart. Eighth Grade Allen, Debra Allen, Anita A Iverson, Joe Anderson, Tommy Baker, Odeam Jr. Bales, Johnny Bales, Mickey Banks, Randall Bagwell, Karen Beard, Donna Beard, Kathy Beard, Lynn Beard, Jimmy Beard, Cathy Bearden, Tommy Beasley, Howell Beck, Kenneth Belue, Jimmy Benefield, Gary Bentley, Jesse Bentley, Sammy Bishop, Curtis Bollinger, Mark Bonds, Johnny Bonds, Linda Bowen, Jo Ann Boyd, Vicki Bradley, Larry Bright, Anthony Bright, Joan Brown, Deborah Brown, Frankie Bryant, Randy Bryant, Wayne Burdett, Sandra Burks, Mary Burks, Susan Burroughs, Peggy Butler, Ronnie Bynum, Benny Camp, Cherry Camp, Susan Campbell, Sherman Cantrell, Mike Carnes, Ronnie Carr, Freddie 72in New Surroundings Edwards, Janice Eller, Mark Elmore, Danny Ennis, Rickey Fainn, Alan Farmer, Sandra Farmer, Tommy Ferry, Joann Files, Gwen Franks, Bruce Frazier, Benny Fricks, Cathy Galloway, Tommy Garrett, Brenda Garrison, Randy Carter, Cynthia Cash, Jimmy Cason, Sharon Castleberry, Jerry Chaffin, Mike Chandler, Dorthy Charles, Helen Chastain, Ollie C ha van, Marsha Childress, Brenda Childress, Dianne Childress, Jerry Clements, Belinda Clemons, Leslie Co by, Beverly Cofield, Micnael Collier, Johanna Cooley, Carolyn Culbert, Elaine Culbert, James Culbert, Vicky Dahlquist, Carmen Daniel, Pam Darnell, Patty Davis, Martha Davis, Scott Denney, Steve Dingier, Sue Dobbs, Martha Duckett, Blaine Duckett, Gary Duffey, Jerry Duffey, Teresa Edwards, ConnieHomecoming . . . George, Gary Gentry, Jeffrey Gibson, Debra Gilliland, Randy Gilliland, Jackie Golden, Paula Godwin, Thomas Goodvan, Eddie Gore, Greg Gore, Jenny Green, Kim Griffith, Angie Griffith, Vickie Graben, Barbara Gray, Kenny Gunnells, Cathy Hale, Mark Hall, Kermit Hall, Rebecca Hall, Regina Ilammet, Dale Harrison, Phil Harraid, Rebecca Harris, Jimmy Harris, Susan Hasty, James Harper, Teresa Hayes, Randy Henderson, Cindy Henderson, Danny Henson, Beatrice Henson, Deloise Hi Ism an, Bobby Hipn, Cynthia Hoogens, Bart Holder, Darlene Holder, Phillip Holder, Sharon Holland, Glen Hollis, Shelby Hollis, Troy Hollis, Wilourn Holsonback, Danny Howard, Blanchara Howard, Roderick Hudgins, Shelia Hudgins, Shirley Hunter, Mike Humphries, Lilia Hyde, Annita Jackson, Ricky Janey, Kim Jenkins, Gary Jolley, Hal Johnson, Ben Johnson, Joe First Activity Jones, Kicth Jones, Patsy Jones, Rickey Justice, Betty Justice, Ronnie Kiker, Patricia King, Mike Kitchen, Wanda Kennedy, Harvey Kelley, Mark Land, Pete Landers, Mike Landers, Stanley Laser, Eric Latham, Donny Lem aster, Roger Leslie, Jeaneen Lewis, Don Jr. Liles, George Little, Keith Lokey, David Lowery, Mary Lyles, Bonnie Lyles, Vickie Mabrey, Louie Malone, Rongie Malt hie, Edward Marks, Dorothy Marlowe, Wendell Martin, Adrienne Martin, Bonnie Martin, Regina Massey, Anita Masters, Denise Masters, Nila Metheny, Juliai Miller, Jimmy Minor, Marsha Matthews, Robertq May, Joey Mayo, Judy McAhee, Paul McClendon, Guy McClendon, Jimmy McClendon, Phillip McClearen, Susan McCoy, Bobby McGee, Roger McKee, SheilaFirst Chance to . . . Mitchell, Debbie Morgan, Byron Moore, Phillip Morgan, David Morgan, Phillip Morris, Claudette Moultrie, Susan Motley, Michael Mullen, Charles Myers, Donna Nailer, Hellen Nelson, Sherrie Newman, Terry Norris, Debra Odem, Wanda Ogle, Donna Ogle, Randall Ogle, Rayford Oliver, Mickey Pair, Connie Pankey, Jerry Pankey, Tommy Pannell, Dolly Pannell, NatHan Patterson, Rickey Patterson, Rose Mary Peppers, Randy Peppers, Tony Perry, Renata Pierce, Margaret Pinson, Donny Poe, Vickie Poole, Wanda Pritchett, David Reed, David Renfroe, Bruce Reno, Evone Rains, Beverly Rhoades, Mary Rhodes, Debra Rhea, Judy Riley, Tim Riddle, Wayne Richey, Tommy Richardson, Jane Richards, Mike Rice, Marla Robinson, RonnieShow Enthusiasm Roe, Amelia Roe, Wayne Roquemore, Donna Rosson, Tim Rosson, Pamela Rowe, Mike Russell, Nancy Simmons, Barbara Shipp, Scarlett Scislaw, Tony Sawyer, Denise Sampson, Charles Sampson, Danny Sampson, Doyle Sampson, Kathy Simpson, Jessie Sims, Helen Slaton, Joey Slaton, Rhonda Smalley, Claude Smalley, Faye Smart, Patti Smith, Debra Smith, Dewayne Smith, Randall Smith, Sheila Smith, Susan Southerland, Tony Spurlin, Tim Spurgen, Helen Spratling, Jan Stephens, Betty Stephens, Sheila Stephenson, Annette Stewart, Marcella Stewart, Martha Stone, Jeff Stone, Rosemary Stover, Tommy Strange, Phillip Swords, Belinda Taft, Cynthia Taylor, Alice Teague, Beth Teague, Leechester Terrell, Brenda Terrell, Connie Thacker, Lisa Thomas, PhillipAn Unforgettable Year!! Thompson, Alice Thompson, Joseph Thrasher, Jo Ann Troxtell, Danny Trussell, Phillip Turner, James Underwood, Pam Uptain, Elaine Urich, Cindy Vandergriff, Jimmy Vaughn, Randy Waldrop, Donald Waldrop, Lana Warren, Pam Watwood, Eddie Webb, Barbara Wester, Jane Whitehead, James Whorton, Cindy Williams, Barbara Williams, Bert Williams, Deborah Williamson, Dianne Williamson, Ray Willmore, Janet Wilson, Vanessa Winfrey, Rickey Winkles, Charlotte Winkles, Randy Wise, Danny Woody, Rhonda Word, Patty Worley, Tommy Wright, Mitchell Young, Robin s p o n s o r s MR. BAKER MRS. BIRDSONG MRS. DUCKETT MRS. V. GALLOWAY MR. GARDNER MR. GARRETT MR. GILLEY MRS. GOODWIN MR. GORE MR. HENDERSON MR. KLEINSTIVER MRS. MITCHELL MRS. MIDDLE BROOK MRS. PARRISH MR. Vonder OSTEN 78MARSHA JOHNSON Co-Editor SANDY RODEN Business Manager SHARON MUSICK Co-Editor1970 Mountaineer Staff Marsha Johnson Sharon Musick Susan Smith Delores Roden Tweetie Smith Sharon Morrison Denise Hubbard Sandy Roden Freda Roberts Jessica Culp Ralph Cunningham Letitia Whitten Fred Downs Patti Roden Jimmy Poe John Burks Candy Sparks Mike Hall Laura Crowe Amy Hardy Marc Gamble Sandra Maness Ralph Moultrie Harriet Hughes Deborah Duvall Jimmy Tolbert Amy Brumlik Allen Masters Pat McClendon Richard Ingram Terry George Terri Green Emily Montgomery Roger Martin Kathy Camp Vic key Cochran Rhea Roden Denise Howard Carol Livingston Ellen Goss Nancy Thompson Winky Wells Deborah Kirby Bebra Tidwell Page Pickens Cynthia Duke Holleigh EvansStaff Backs Editors in Creating ASST. FEATURES - Emily Montgomery, ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER - Fred Downs. ACTIVITIES - Bebra Tidwell and Carol Livingston FEATURE EDITOR - Kathy Camp CLASS EDITORS - Sandra Maness, Letitia Whitten, Amy Harding, Vicki Cochran, Holleigh Evans, Rhea Roden, Terry George, Winky Wells, Cynthia Duke, Candy Sparks.A Memorable YesterdayLibrarians Aid Knowledge Seekers L. to R. (1st row) Doris Beck, Effie Batey, Paula Mitchell, Judy Gunter, Miriam Nelson. (2nd row) Debra Pell, Peggy Gardner, Gail Beard, Linda Culbert, Ann Tucker, Gail Blackmond.Speech Club Adds Prestige to Our Associations L. to R. Letitia Whitten, Brent Breland, Catherine McClendon, Ronneta Sawyer, Deborah Sinners, Beth Brown, Ronnie McCormick, Nancy Thompson, Ellen Goss, Linda McKee, Randy Sewell, Ann Tucker, Dianne Lathem, Gail Terrell, Allen Masters, Freda Roberts, Roger Jolly, Sherrie Jones.Student Council Provides LinkBetween Establishment and Pacesetters SPONSOR - Mrs. Little PRESIDENT - John Burks L. to R.: M. Hall, M. Elmore. K. Camp, R. Hillsman, L. Grace, J. Norris, J. Burks, S. Richey, R. Howard, R. Sutton, D. Duvall, L. McKee, D. Stewart, J. Culp, B. Hood, P. Williams, B. Karr, C. Winkles, W. Kimberly, M. Hodgens, S. Camp. 87 1970 Marching Band «•-»“We’re the Best Band in this wuuuwiMDb: M. jonnson, B. Eason, D. Rice, D. Spurlin, S. Peppers, A. Willmore, V. Carr. T. Blanks, D. Duckett, N. Nolan, N. Burks. L. Crow, A. Brumlik, D. Harris, S. Ladshaw, S. Wakefield, J. Chastain, D. Partridge, N. Hayes, D. Haymond, C. Colvin, D. Reynolds, S. Lynn, B. Turner, G. Thacker, M. Bearden, M. Johnson, B. Breland, A. Turner, D. Giles, C. Boyd, S. Spur ling. PERCUSSION: (Kneeling) M. Hall, G. Davis, M. Jackson, B. Vantreese. (Standing) K. Segars, M. Morgan, G. Nunnaly, B. Karr, D. Duckett.Good Ole’ Dixie-Land BRASS: (Standing L to R) Stephen Archer, Robert Howard, A1 Laser, Tom Sutton, Bill Morgan, Mike Grizzard, Tommy Prickett, Lelton Staton, David Pritchett, Roy Gardner, Terry George, Buddy Beard, Tommy Brown, Sandy Roden, Jeffrey Baker. (Kneeling) Mike Cofield, Harvey Kennedy, Porky Woodall, Rita Smith, Joey Staton. Eric Laser. Shannon Vinyard. :NIORS: Vicki Carr, Sharon Musick, Dick Adams, Marsha Johnson, Tommy Brown, amp, ike Jackson, Jenny Slaton, Roy Gardner, Page Pickens, Sandy Roden, Ellen Goss, Jenny C astain. OFFICERS: Kenny Segars - Supply Sgt., Mike Rives - Vice-Pres., Sandy Roden -Pres., Vicki Carr - Sec. Laser BEAMS with enthusiasm for Aggie RanH! GUIDE-ONS: Shelia Duvall, Brenda Dalrymple, Debbie Caldwell (Head), Susan Roe, Becky George, Mary Jane Couch, Frankie Crow, Gail Duvall.Majorettes and Flags TERESIA CAMP DONNA TANT USA ABNEY A g g 1 e t MELANIE MARTIN JENNY SLATON 92 CYNTHIA WINKLESAdd Spice To Band . . . BETTY HOOD ELLEN TEMPLETON PAGE PICKENS SHARON MUSICK PAM WILLIAMS MARSHA JOHNSON KATRINA SMITHDRUM MAJOR - Dick Adams Quality Leadership Inspires Superior Ratings Our Aggie Band as a whole, in the 1969-70 Marching Season received fourteen Superior ratings at various Marching Festivals and contests throughout the South. We commend all those who strove to make our band something to brag about!Spanish Club Learns Culture of Mexico BOTTOM ROW, L. to R.: M. Jackson, J. Otinger, B. Buchannon, G. Gilliland, S. Tucker, J. Weeks, T. Dobbins, J. Culp, S. Maness, K. Cole, W. Wells, M. Couch. SECOND ROW: G. Beard, J. Chastain, J. Beam, D. Hubbard, Page Pickens, B. Sutton, S. Henry, J. Sparks, N. Armour, M. Barnes, C. Mast in, A. Brumlik, E. Erwin, B. Cook, G. Bruce, J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: T. Blanks, G. Jones, P. Caldwell, A. Gay, C. Bailey, M. Dimasi, S. Bolding, K. Dodd, P. Woodham, S. Towers, R. Moultrie, S. Martin, J. Poe, D. Newman, G. Brown, FOURTH ROW: B. Parrish, M. McQueen, G. Moore, R. Martin, S. Archer, R. Bethune, T. Hagler, T. Hagood, L. Rudolph, S. Appleton, J. Mastin, K. Lyles, B. Duckett, S. Lavender, A. Laser, P. Davis, L. Hoffman.Innovations in Aggierama Arouse Interest Editors: Belinda Sutton, Dick Ingram Sponsor: Mrs. Weathers t L. to R.: John Dennis, Ben Davis, Sandra Maness, Jimmy Johnson, Belinda Sutton, Dick Ingram, Ricky Camp.OFFICERS - President - David Todd, Vice President - Wayne Long, Secretary - Earl Webb, Treasurer - Terry Burden, Reporter - Dennis Childress, Sentinel - Joe Edwards. Future Farmers of America Prepare Themselves for Lifes’ Work 97Mu Alpha Theta Portrays Its Studies OFFICERS - rre . - niAAiiumi, vice-Pres. - Lanny Kooertsun, Sec. - Debbie Wilson, Treas. - Sharon Morrison, Parli. - Bebra Tidwell, Reporter - Diana Robinson, Hist. - John Burks. 98 Math Club officers confer with Mrs. Parrish concerning a math problem. HORIZONTALLY Left to Right: Durall Teague, Joe Beam, ' - m Patti Roden, Sandra Maness, Jessica Culp, Emily Montgomery Bebra Tidwell, Phyllis GilTand, Ruth Grace, Nancy Thompson, John Burks, Sharon Morrison, Richard Camp, Jimmy Johnson, Ben Davis, Lanny Robertson, Richard Ingram. LEFT, VERTICALLY, Top to Bottom: Denise Hubbard, Diana Robinson, Debbie Wilson, Johnny Mastin, John Dennis, Marsha McQueen, Allen Masters, Linda McKee, Mike Hall, Dick Adams, John Gentry, and Mrs. Parrish. RIGHT, VERTICALLY, Top to Bottom: Harold Culbert, Michael Liles, Mike Bullard, Sandy Rocien, Melanie Martin, Mary Ann Thompson, Steven Lavender, Randy Woodham, Billy Karr, Russell Moultrie.Gavel Club Promotes Speakers of Tomorrow OFFICERS - Pres. - Belinda Sutton, Administrative Vice-Pres. - Denise Howard, Educational Vice-Pres. - John Burks, Sec. - Marsha Johnson, Treas. - Ellen Goss. 99FTA Has No Complaints About Tradition MR. AND MISS FTAF.H.A. Insures Tranquility in Tomorrow’s Homes Sponsors - Mrs. Bollinger, Mrs. Head Second Year Home Economics Class First Year Home Economics Class OFFICERS - President - Diana Robinson, Vice-President -Marsha Johnson, Secretary - Debra Pell, Treasurer - Sheila Davis, Historian - Judy Gunter, Recreation Leaders - Tweetie Smith and Betty Sue York, Reporter - Jenny Slaton, Parliamentarian - Dianne Latham. 101Beta Club Honors Students’ Scholastic Ability Cheryl Armstrong, Peggy Ashley, Joseph Beam, Sarah Kay Bearden, BethCryar, Brenda Dalrymple, Sharon Daugette, Susan Erwin, Holleigh Evans, Carol Hipp, Stephen Lavender, Kenneth Lyles, Cecelia Mitchell, Paula Mitchell, Lillie Poe, Rhea Roden, Mary Thompson, Sharon Wakefield, Winky Wells, Sandra Weeks, Kerry Stewart, Stephen Archer, Shirley Carnes, Jessica Culp, Linda Carol Culbert, Judy Gunter, Wayne Long, Michael Lowery, Garry Lyles, Sandra Maness, Julia Norris, Patti Roden, Vicki Sanders, Debbie Wilson, Gail Beard, Sheila Dunn, Terry Green, Sarah Henley, Deborah Kirby, Ralph Moultrie, Debra Todd, Robert Wilkes, John Burkes, Billy Karr, Sharon Musick, Ben Davis, Ellen Goss, Russel Moultrie, Richard Camp, Phyllis Gilliland, Delores Roden, John Dennis, Marsha Johnson, Carol Livingston, Emily Montgomery, Richard Ingram, Belinda Sutton, Bebra Tidwell. OFFICERS - President - Jessica Culp, Secretary - Marsha Johnson, Treasurer - Deborah Kirby, and Sponsor - Mrs. Weathers.Conscientious Junior Beta’s Set Example for Other Students OFFICERS - Pres. - Everette Johnson, V. Pres. -Chip Hagler, Sec. - Debra Duckett, Treas. - Debra Webb, Sponsor - Mrs. Hagood. 1st ROW, L. toR.: Benny Goss, Darrel Dunn, Rita Smith, Bill Grace, Trena Gipson, Betty Parrish. 2nd ROW: Rodney Cornelius, Barry Farlkner, Randall Thrasher, Shannon Vineyard, Everette Johnson, David Lowery, Ray Long, Jimmy Hutchson, Pat Davis, Gregg Brown, Randy Stepleton, Buddy Beard. 3rd ROW: Janet Colvin, Mary Story, Pam Murphrey, Connie Jarvis, Deborah Webb, Reba Gardner, Maria Dinasi, Pam Caudwell, Joan Martin, Janet Harvey, Debra Jo Rice, Beverly Crawford, Kathy Thompson, Betty Eason, Nancy Anderton, Debra Duckett. 103Jr. Civitans Pave the Way for a Brighter Tomorrow OFFICERS - President - Ralph Cunningham, Vice-President - Jerry Cambron, Lt. Governor - Joe Story, Secretary-Treasurer - Billy Karr, Chaplain - Richard Camp, BOTTOM ROW, L. to R: Joe Story, Jerry Cambron, Alan Davis. 2nd ROW: John Burks, Richard Camp, Lavois Davis, Robert Wilks, Randy Woodham. 3rd ROW: Moe Elmore, John Dennis, Russell Moultrie, Mike Bullard. 4th ROW: Lane Hoffman, Wayne Hoffman, Billy Karr, Paul Lynn, John Webb, Ralph Cunningham, Sandy Roden. TOP ROW: Jimmy Terrell, David Newman.Jrs. Create Sensation With “The Devil and Daniel Webster” Marc Gamble and Steven Archer Quill and Scroll Helps Write a Page in A.H.S. History BOTTOM ROW: Allen Masters, John Burks, Page Pickens, and Sandy Roden. 2nd ROW; Delores Roden, Denise Hubbard, Nancy Thompson, Cynthia Duke, and Candy Sparks. 3rd ROW: Sharon Morrison, Ellen Goss, Denise Howard, Carol Livingston, Marsha Johnson, and Bebra Tidwell. 4th ROW: Ralph Cunningham, Emily Montgomery, Sharon Musick, Susan Smith, and Kathy Camp. 5thROW: Mike Hall, Sponsors - Mrs. Weathers and Miss Brasher. 105Science Club Often Ventures Outside Classroom . . . OFFICERS - President John Burks, Vice-President. Lanny Robertson, Sec. Ellen Goss, and Treasurer John Gentry arc after a good catch, their Sponsor, Mr. Neighbors. Interested Science Club members produce winning projects. John discusses upcoming Science Fair. 106Pep Club Creates Victorious Spirit at A.H.S. OFFICERS - Pres. - Tom Walker, Vice-Pres. - Alan Davis, Sec. -Katrina Smith, Treas. - Ralph Cunningham. We’re all behind you BIG TEAM!FBLA Prepares for Tomorrow’s Business World OFFICERS: President Debra Rains, Vice-President Vicki Lee, Secretary Kathy Smith, Treasurer Brenda Mathas, Reporter Cheri Eason. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Betty Smith, Cherie Wilmore, Debra Rains, Sarah Pinkston, Regina Rains, Doretha Duke, Sandra Cagle, Rita Sewell, Cecilia Harrison, Debra Bearden, Marzella Blackmon, Brenda Wilaby, Amelia Harrison, Janice Williams, Rhonda Dick, Jackie Townsons, Brenda Dalrymple, Beth Brown, Mildred Somalie, Kay Ham brick, Alice Simpson, Carol Cagle, Jewel Johnson. LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED: Susan Smith, Freda Sams, Susan Henry, Vicki Lee, Reba Saint, Joyce Bishop, Kathy Terrell Smith, Denise Dobbins, Brenda Mathis, and Joyce Kittle UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA Mrs. Sloan directs work of student. 108VICA Club Combines Learning With Experience OFFICERS - Pres. Wayne Hoffman, Vice-Pres. George Baker, Sec. Janice Dickson, Treas. Kathy Trussell, Parliamentarian Mara Metheny, Reporter Jean Edmondson. 1st ROW: K. Terrell, P. Wilmore, J. Dickson, B. Hanvey, G. Kilpatrick, G. Baker, T. Pannell. 2nd ROW: F. Edmondson, P. Bolding, W. Hoffman, K. Barkley, W. Baker, R. Collins. 3rd ROW: M. Metheny, B. Matthews, S. Dunn, D. Norris, J. Tidmore, J. Young, M. Liles, and M. Williamson. VICA Queen - Miss Janice Dickson L. to R., 1st ROW: J. Barksdale, M. Jolley, P. Isreal, N. J. Wilmore, J. Bartlett, R. Simmons, and P. Lynn. 2nd ROW: W. Tidmore, E. Patterson, S. Culbert, P. Goodwin, T. Daniel, and R. Duckett. 3rd ROW: C. Edwards, C. Christian, R. Lyles, S. Thomas, L. Scruggs, D. Moon, and E. Hill. 4th ROW: J. Brooks, M. Morgan, and C. Denham. OFFICERS - Pres. Larry Scruggs, Vice-Pres. Ronnie Simmons, Sec.-Treas. Jan Bartlett, Reporter Janice Barksdale, and Parliamentarian Gary Thomas. DECA Club Puts Skills to Work Janice Barksdale - Miss DECA 109Seniors Live Up to Their Name in the Production of . . . "Sweet your worship—may I serve thee?" “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” 1970 CAST, L. to R.: Ralph Cunningham, Carol Livingston, Jerry Morgan, Bebra Tidwell, Lavois Davis, Sandy Roden, Joe Gore, Mrs. Keller -Director, Brenda Long, Joe Story, Ellen Goss, Ronnie McCorrmick, Nancy Thompson, and Gail Terrell. "I have conked Sir Sagramor on ye head!!!" NOJunior Classical League Relives Days of the Roman Empire La t ini a ns in modem day garb.Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadre Lt. Col. Thompson Msg. Robertson Msg. Johnson Battalion Staff Maj. Adams Exo. Maj. Roden S-l Capt. Dennis S-2 Sgt. First Class Bonds | I Cadet Lt. Col. Thompson Cadet Lt. Col. Burks Maj. Terrell S-3 Capt. Masters S-4 Sgt. Maj. Ingram 1st Lt. Moultrie Msg. Hagler Sgt. Maj'. Montgomery 1st Sgt. Gunter 112“A” Company co COM CAPT DENHAM SP HON CAPT ANDERSON EXO 1 LT 1 SG GUIDON GILES WILKES RILEY PL 2 LT PS MSG TEAGUE DOWNS 1st Platoon PL 1 LT PS MSG PANNELL HAGOOD 2nd Platoon PL 2 LT PS MSG JACKSON CANADY 3rd Platoon SFC Bell SSG Bearden Cadet Baker Cadet Campbell Cadet Patterson Cadet Slaton Cadet Goble SFC Davis SSG Jenkins Cadet Barnett Cadet Corbin Cadet Lowery Cadet Patterson Cadet Smith SFC Duckett SSG Hill Cadet Bauch Cadet Dahlquist Cadet Patterson Cadet Southerland Cadet Stewart SFC Edwards SSG Hooper Cadet Daniel Cadet Mashburn Cadet Peppers Cadet Spence Cadet Olinger SFC Ham SSG Mountain Cadet Beam Cadet Duckett Cadet May Cadet Ricnards Cadet Swords SFC Faulkner SSG Ray Cadet Beasley Cadet Jenkins Cadet McClendon Cadet Ridgeway Cadet Thrasher SFC Mayes SSG Floyd Cadet Rushing Cadet King Cadet McCoy Cadet Tucker Cadet Dodd SSG Smith SSG Hood Cadet Biddle Cadet Landers Cadet Pankey Cadet Robinson Cadet Wesson SFC Shell SSG Kennedy Cadet Lang Cadet Morgan Cadet Langley Cadet LeCroy Cadet Mayfield 113“B” Company STATE CO COM CAPT POE SP HON CAPT NORRIS EXOILT SG GUIDON JOLLEY LYLES ANDERTON SFC Benson SSG Cooper Cadet Culbert Cadet Hilsman Cadet McCreless Cadet Collins Cadet Smith SFC Breland SSG Cowan Cadet Baker Cadet Deerman Cadet Holder Cadet Morrison Cadet Spurgeon SFC Brown SSG Griffith Cadet Floyd Cadet Holland Cadet Owens Cadet Stidham Cadet Bell PL 1 LT PS MSG YOUNG BEAN 1st Platoon SFC Glassco SSG Minor Cadet Gentry Cadet Mastin Cadet Teague Cadet Whitehead SFC Anthony SFC Liles SSG Otinger Cadet Cannady Cadet Griffith Cadet Jenkins Cadet Paschal Cadet Beck SFC McClendon SSG Segars Cadet Chamblee Cadet Hardeman Cadet Lavender Cadet Tidmore Cadet Eidson PL 2 LT PS MSG WILLIAMS NOLES 2nd Platoon SFC Orr SSG Watwood Cadet Appleton Cadet Harrison Cadet Lyles Cadet Rnodarmer Cadet White SFC Townson SSG McCauley Cadet Colquitt Cadet Hedgepath Cadet Matthews Cadet Willoughby Cadet Pankey SSG Baker SSG Shell Cadet Hilsman Cadet McCollum Cadet Smith Cadet Sain Cadet Green 114 PL 2 LT PS MSG TOWNSON MOSLEY 3rd PLatoonEXOILT ISG .GUIDON DUKE LEETH JENKINS SFC Beck SSG Childress Cadet Alexander Cadet Chaffin Cadet Hyde Cadet Orr SFC Edwards SSG Morton Cadet Baker Cadet Cox Cadet Kimberly Cadet Taylor SSG Webb SSG Long Cadet Walls Cadet Pankey Cadet Duckett Cadet Bell PL 1 LT PS MSG LOWE HANEY 2nd Platoon SFC Moon SSG Gamble Cadet Bruce Cadet Duvall Cadet Raines Cadet Wise SFC Lowery SSG Paschal Cadet Bentley Cadet Jones Cadet Riddle Cadet Smith SFC Justice SSG Stanfield Cadet Burgess Cadet Grizzard Cadet Riddle Cadet Berry PL 1 LT PS MSG HOFFMAN LANDERS 3rd Platoon SFC Thrash SSG Lacy Cadet Camp Cadet Stone Cadet Willoughby Cadet Lackey SFC Moultrie SSG Dobbins Cadet Camp Cadet Hooper Cadet Young SFC Childress SSG Sampson Cadet Campbell Cadet Me Elmore Cadet Stephens 115Color Guard Drum and Bugle Corps CO COM CAPT SP HON CAPT HALL CULP SFC SFC CADET CADET TOLBERT BETHUNE POWELL CHAVERS 1 LT Karr SFC Nunnally SSG Morgan Cadet Vantrcccc Cadet Duckett Cadet Woodall SFC Gardner SSG Archer Cadet Baker Cadet Slaton Cadet Davis Cadet Thacker 1 SG George SFC Rives Cadet Prickett Cadet Johnson Cadet Spurlin SFC Howard SSG Morgan SSG Segars Cadet Laser Cadet Matthews AHS Junior ROTC Designated "HONOR ROTC UNIT" By Commanding General, Third U. S. Army ... demonstrating "exceptionally high standards of military training, discipline, and management ..." Drill Team CO COM M AJ SP HON MAJ EXO CAPT 1 SG GORE SMITH SMITH BURDETT 1 LT Woodham SFC Martin SFC Edwards Cadet Gilliland Cadet Henley Cadet Williams Cadet Jackson 2 LT Todd SFC Scruggs SFC Martin Cadet Baird Cadet Hopper Cadet Camp Cadet Evers 2 LT Southerland Cadet Collins Cadet Jaco Cadet Cook Cadet Curry Cadet ChauvinQueen •«9 Deborah DuvallMike Eimore 121Senior Beauty Donna DendySophomore Beauty Pam WilliamsEscort - ALLEN LEETH Escort - SANDY RODEN 129■IHFavoritesBELINDA SUTTON Senioi JOHN BURKS DEBBIE THACKER MIKE HALL DEBRA RAINS RALPH CUNNINGHAMDICK ADAMS DENISE HUBBARD JOHN GENTRY Favorites SHARON MUSICKJunior v PATTY RODEN DICK INGRAM DEBORAH KIRBY ROBERT HOWARD DURALL TEAGUE 134Favorites DEBBIE WILSON DEBRA TODD KENNY SEGARS GARY HAM SUSAN SPRATLINGSophomore WAYNE KIMBERLY JULIA WEEKS HOWARD BAKER BECKY BROWNINGRANDY HILSMAN WINKY WELLS Favorites RHEA RODEN GUY BRUCEFreshman Favorites PAT DAVIS PATTI SNIDER PHYLLIS CAMPBELL STEVE WHITTEN DEBBIE MOUNTAIN JOHN McKEEPHILLIP THOMAS Eighth Grade PATTI AARON Favorites FREDDY CARR MARTHA STEWART 139Entertain You”Reliving Past Yesterdays Homecoming Queen - MARQUITA SNIDER Sr. Band Members Seniors have winning float! DEBBIE THACKER KATHY CAMP W. Wells, H. Baker, D. Todd, D. Ingram, D. Thacker, J. Burks. D. Dendy, J. Gore, K. DONNA DENDY Camp, J. Gentry, S. Spratling, K. Segars, J. Weeks, R. Hillsman, M. Snider, J. Cambron. 142Homecoming ’69 WINKIE WELLS SUSAN SPRATLING Students show creative ability.Juniors “Jungle "Why doesn't anybody ask me to dance?" "My girdle is killing me!!!" 5 1970 Prom L. toR.: S. Henley, K. Segars, D. Ride Captain Ride. Rains, D. Ingram, K. Camp, M. Spurlin, B. Hood, S. Roden, D. Wilson, D. Thrash.for The Savage Seniors "Aren't you glad you use Dial?" 145FFA-FHA Ball F.F.A. -F.H.A. COURT: S. Riddle, B. Buchanan, M. Orr, W. Wells, R. Baker, B. Browning, E. Webb, K. Bearden, B. Stevens, B, Turner, J. Edwards, P. Byrd, D. Childress, D. Pell, D. Todd, D. Robinson, T. Burdett, K, Walker, W. Long, B. George, R. Riddle, L. Hubbard, M. Grizzard, K. Stewart, M. Cook, B. Hood.Barnyard Band Dance Coffee, tea or what??? 148Clubs Stage Eat-Ins Cole's ready to throw in the towel.1 Biological Science - Ben Davis, 2. Cheerleader -Deborah Duvall, 3. Jr. High Citizenship - Mark Bollinger, 4. Chemistry - John Burks, 5, Band -Dick Adams, 6. Betty Crocker - Sharon Musick, 7. All Around Student - Ralph Cunningham, 8. School Activities - Sandy Roden, 9. Sportsmanship -Mike Spurlin, 10. All Around Student - Ellen Goss, 11. Fellowship of Christian Athletes - John Burks, 12. D.A.R. Citizenship - Bebra Tidwell, 13. Athletics - Jerry Cambron, 14. Jr. High School Spirit - John McKee. Deserving Students 150Are Rewarded for EffortsSenior Personalities Ben Gore Denise Howard Page Pickens Randy Sewell 152Ruth Grace Billy Karr Carol Livingston Kathy Camp Linda McKee Russell Moultrie Sandy Roden 153 Mike BullardDiane Hunt Gary Nunally Jeff Baker Vicki Sanders 154 Pat Goodwin Richard SlatonSophomore Personalities Ralph Willoughby Debi Partridge Richard Baker Tommy Sutton Kay Spratling Holleigh Evans Lisa Hubbard Joe BeamFreshman Personalities Diane Stewart Benny Goss Amy Hardy Sherri Johnson Eighth Grade Personalities Wendy Marlowe Rhonda Woody Amelia Rowe Phillip StrangeI Remember YesterdayCompetitors Sports EDITORS Ralph Cunningham Jimmy Tolbert 161Football 1969-1970 The 1969-70 season showed a vast improvement over the Aggies of the past. Although small in size and few in number the Aggies were in every game they played. The fine leadership of the Seniors and the inspiration provided by the coaches propelled the Aggies toward their best season in a number of years. Although plagued by injuries, team problems, rain, and snow, the Aggies set the foundation for years to come, as they ended the season. lA mDgIo' Car?P-1D- Teague. I. Camp, R. Southerland. RJIMMY TERRELL Terrell presents a problem for opposing offenses. Senior End Morgan is always on the scene. JERRY MORGAN Senior Center RALPH CUNNINGHAM Senior End Cunningham makes one of his patented tackles.AGGIES (6) vs. ARAB (34) The Aggies were unsettled in their first outing of the year. The rain poured most of the night and the Aggie air attack was stymied. In the second quarter the Aggies' Durall Teague scored on an end run for the Aggies only score. It just wasn't the Aggies' night. MIKE ELMORE Senior Guard RANDY SEWELL Senior Tackle AGGIES (0) vs. ANNISTON (7) Once again the rain poured down on Aggie Stadium as the Aggies played one of the best defensive games of the year. They held Anniston at will until the last 1:42 of the game. An illegal procedure penalty gave the Bulldogs a first and goal on the two yard line. The big Bulldog fullback carried it in on the next play and sealed the Aggies doom. MIKE SPURLIN Senior Flanker Gang tackling is great asset to defense. AGGIES (6) vs. GADSDEN (15) The Aggie team played a fine game but they were just outmanned as they held a tough Gadsden team to a mere 15 points. With the score tied 6-6 at the half, things were looking good. But Gadsden broke ahead late scoring a touchdown and a safety to ice the game. 164AGGIES (6) vs. SCOTTSBORO (26) The improving Aggies met a strong "Wildcat" team. The first half was evenly matched although Aggies errors kept them away from the goal line. The second half was all Scottsboro as they rang the scoreboard for 13 big points, arid clinched the game. MIKE BULLARD Senior Fullback DENNIS NORRIS Senior HalfbackAGGIES (22) vs. FT. PAYNE (0) The Aggies traveled to Ft. Payne seeking their first win of the season. They displayed a strong attack with Ralph Cunningham tallying three touchdowns. The defense held Ft. Payne scoreless. "The first win is the sweetest." Leaders of '69 AGGIES (6) vs. Etowah (39) The No. 1 Etowah Blue Devils invaded Aggie Stadium with a well balanced team. The Aggies were down because of a recent tragedy. Still they played a great game but just could not pull it off. DURALL TEAGUE Junior Quarterback ALAN DAVIS Junior Fullback Coach Shankle gets ride after Ft. Payne game. AGGIES (0) vs. EMMA SANSON (33) The Aggies moved on to Gadsden to meet favored Emma San-som Rebels. Costly Aggie errors early in the game left them far behind. In the second half it was more of the same and the Aggies just couldn't mount a scoring drive. 166TOMMY GRIFFITH Junior Halfback GARY BEAN Junior Guard GARY HAM Junior Tackle 167KEITH MORTON Junior End AGGIES (25) vs. OXFORD (6) The Oxford Yellow Jackets came to Aggie Stadium with ideals of an upset of a great Homecoming. It was the Aggies all the way as they compiled over 200 yards rushing in a fine victor) that showed great defense. The Yellow Jackets were held to a lone touchdown in a great game. AGGIES (18) vs. BOAZ (6) The Aggies traveled to Boaz on a night fit for neither man nor beast. Rains came down all night and despite all efforts of postponement the game was played. The Aggies just ran the ball all over the field and over the goal line three times. This was a very important game to all. SKIPPY APPLETON Sophomore Comerback AGGIES (12) vs. GUNTERSVILLE (13) The season finale for both teams proved to be a hectic night for both with the rival Wildcats coming out on top. It was a beautiful night except for the snow and 20 degree weather. The Aggies led 6-0 at the half, but the Wildcats came back with 2 big touchdowns in the second half. A late surge by the Aggies was halted and Guntersville ran out the clock. GUY BRUCE Sophomore TackleFake punt fools Aggies. JOE BEAM Sophomore Flanker RUDY SOUTHERLAND Junior Linebacker Spurlin breaks into open on kickoff return.Junior Aggies Have Fine Season J. Bently, B. Terrel, P. Harrison, S. Campbell, J. Stone, S. Bently, J. Adams, W. Bryant, F. Carr, P. McAbee, M. Rowe, L. Beard, E. Maltby, R. Williamson, M. Oliver, B. Hodgens, E. Hoodwin, G. Duckett, W. Marlow, L. Mabiey, R. Howard, D. Reed, T. Anderson, M. Wright, M. Bollinger. MANAGERS: Phillis Thomas, Tim Rossin. Coach: Pooney Jolley. The 1969 J unior Aggies had a fine season with halfback Freddie Carr and fullback Jesse Bentley leading the way. A big line combined with fast backs were the greatest assets in Coach James Jolley's fourth winning season in as many years. "Congratulations to the Junior Aggies." 170Coaches Provide Inspiration . . . Perspiration RICHARD COLE Head Coach DON SHANK LES Assistant Coach Coach Black enjoys banquet.Awards Banquet Is Big Success ‘DSVIE 174 BASKETBALL 1969-1970 The 1969-70 Aggies, led on by Jerry Cambron, Mike Spurlin, John Burks, Mike Bullard, and Jimmy Terrell, produced a season of many exciting games. The Aggies showed a lot of determination and ■ hustle as they moved toward a winning season. Backed up by a strong bunch of Juniors, the Aggies looked like a million dollars as they racked up three quick wins and continued on toward a great season. 1st ROW: C. Baker, A. Davis, J. Cambron, J. Burks, M. Bullard. 2nd ROW: V. Cooper, Z. Bentley, D. Teague, N. Morris, J. Terrell, M. Orr, G. Bean.JERRY CAMBRON Senior Guard JOHN BURKS Senior Guard ZEKE BENTLEY Sophomore Center DURALL TEAGUE Junior Forward VERNON COOPER Junior Forward MORRIS ORR Junior Forward CHARLIE BAKER Junior Guard NELSON MORRIS Junior Center JIMMY TERRELL Senior ForwardZeke goes high for basket. MIKE BULLARD ALAN DAVIS GARY BEAN Senior Guard Junior Guard Junior Forward 176As the season progressed the Aggies had their ups and downs, such as a near miss at an overtime upset of the highly touted Lee of Huntsville, capturing second place in the NEAC tournament and finally a heart-breaking loss to mediocre Guntersville. This was certainly the best Aggie quintet to have taken the court since 1965. The area papers were high on the Aggies and the Aggies gave them good cause. To this year's Aggies. Congratulations! The End.Or Maybe It Was 179Aggies’ Junior Varsity 1st ROW: Lowell Smith, Larry Spurgeon, Johnny Mastin, Gary McClendon, Joe Beam, Kenneth Lyles, Randy Hillsman. 2nd ROW: Coach Baker, Steve Gentry, Bill Hedgepath, Richard Harrison, Skippy Appleton, Eugene Paschal, Ricky Patterson, Kenny Rushing. Would you believe, your elbow is in my face? 180Lay-Ups . . . Our Thing Speed, Quickness, and Ability to get the ball off the boards and down che court, lead to these lay-up shots.1970 Baseball . . . Great 1st ROW: David Sampson, Jimmy Tolbert, Danny Hammett, Ralph Cunningham, Moe Elmore, Mike Spurlin, Jerry Cambron Alan Davis, Randy Hillsman, Ralph Willoughby. 2nd ROW: Coach Black, Ricky Patterson, Lowell Smith, Lynn Mosley, Allei Leeth, Durall Teague, Skippy Appleton, Guy Bruce, Joe Beam. Mike Bullard, Steve Gentry, Coach Shankles. Head Coach - DON SHANKLES Assistant Coach - RANDALL BLACK 182MIKE BULLARD Senior Outfielder MIKE SPURLIN Senior Infielder RALPH CUNNINGHAM Senior Outfielder DANNY HAMMETT Senior In fielder 183LYNN MOSLEY Junior Infielder Great play wasn’t it? ALAN DAVIS Junior Outfielder DURALL TEAGUE Junior Infielder m DAVID SAMPSON Junior Infielder Hey Ralph, where’s the ball? JIMMY TOLBERT ALLEN LEETH GUY BRUCE Junior Outfielder junior Outfielder Sophomore Catcher 184m SKIPPY APPLETON Sophomore Outfielder STEVE GENTRY Sophomore Outfielder Sophomore Outfielder RANDY HILLSMAN Sophomore Infielder Gee, I'm really scoring. JOE BEAM Sophomore Infielder RALPH WILLOUGHBY Sophomore Infielder A RICKY PATTERSON Sophomore Outfielder 185Girls’ Track . . . No. 1 County FIRST ROW: Nila Masters, Brenda Willaby, Freda Sams, Gaynell Hall, Judy Rhea, Carmen Dahlquist, Gail Hoffman, Debbie McCreless, Susan Erwin, Debra Rains, Deora Duvall, Regina Rains, Shirley Carnes, Becky George. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Chandler, Rita Patterson, Kathy Wood, Candy Rhea, Brenda Cheek, Mary White, Robin Young. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Moore, Virginia Moore, Kay McMuntrey, Brenda Childress, Denise Hubbard, Diane Williamson, Janice Smith, Deborah Kirby, Diane Hunt, Ella Lambert, Gail Terrell, Darlene Holder, Deborah Hammett, Lisa Hubbard, Mrs. Maynard, Mrs. Reeves. Sprinters and Distance RunnersBoys’ Track Little in Number . . . Big in Brawn RANDY SEWELL - Field Events 187Tennis Team Goes Undefeated Steve Lavender, Guy Bruce, Chip Hagler, Jim Johnson. Lee Rudolf Sandy Roden, Dick Adams, Marc Gamble, John Burks, Ken Smith Golf. . . 3rd in County 188Letterman Club 1st ROW; Mike Spurlin, Mike Bullard, Moe Elmore, Ralph Cunningham, Guy Bruce, Randy Hillsman, Joe Beam, Irby Camp, Alan Davis, Jerry Cambron, 2nd ROW: Coach Cole, Jimmy Terrell, Gary Ham, Keith Morton, Skippy Appleton, Randy Sewell, Jerry Morgan, Tommy Griffith, Lynn Mosley, Danny Hammett, Charlie Baker, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1st ROW: John Burks, Scott Martin, Randy Hilsman, Kenneth Lyles, Johnny Mastin, Ralph Moultrie, Allan Davis, Jerry Cambron, Mike Bullard, Mike Floyd. 2nd ROW: Jack Wells, Skippy Appleton, Ralph Cunningham, Moe Elmore, Jimmy Terrell, Coach Cole. 1891970 Varsity Cheerleaders DEBBIE WILSON Junior 2 years BECKY BROWNING Sophomore 1 year 190Lead Busy and Exciting Life Beginning with practice ... arousing school spirit with pep rallies ...1970 Junior Cheerleaders Phyllis Diane Martha Sherry Gail Debbie PHYLLIS CAMPBELL DEBBIE MOUNTAIN MARTHA STEWART SHERRY JOHNSON DIANE WILLIAMSON HEAD Phyllis Campbell Sherry Johnson Debbie Mountain Martha Stewart Diane Williamson Gail Hoffman Freshman Freshman Freshman 8th Grade 8th Grade Freshman 19?Valedictorian Ben Davis Honor Students Speak Out at Graduation Salutatonan John Burks Senior ClassWay to Tomorrows of 1970In the hills of Alabama in a town called Albertville. There is a school we love it's be. You may search the whole world over but you'll find no better pl e than the hills of AlabamaComplete Line of Dairy Products R. E. BHIRD P. O. Box 233 Albertville, Ala. Serving Albertville Lunchrooms MEADOW GOLD- STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. SORTE MOBILE HOMES GENE HOLCOME Agent "Whether you rent or buy, you pay for the home you occupy" STATf FARM INSUIANCI Office 878-3415 Res. 593-3567 208 W. Main Albertville, Ala. Hwy. 431 Albertville, Ala Phone 878-5326 Compliments of SOUTHERN AGRICULTURE SALON OF SHAWN SUPPLY Elegance in Coiffure Design Authorized dealer of Big Dutchman Poultry and Livestock Equipment. "Prepared to be Pampered" Complete Beauty Care. Phone 878-3521 878-3732 199W. S. RODEN COMPANY W. S. RODEN Owner Railroad Ave. Albertville, Ala. Wholesale Grocery Institutional Foods WEATHER’S HARDWARE CO. SOMMER’S MUSIC CO. Albertville's Music Headquarters Electrical Supplies, Plumbing, Paints, Houseware, Gifts, Floor Coverings Pianos - Story, Clark, Worlitzer, Koher, Cambell Organs - Worlitzer, Lowery Band Instruments and Instruments 102 N. Broad St. Albertville, Ala. 1 39 W. Main St. Albertville, Ala. 200SAN ANN SERVICE INC. "When a better gasoline is sold San Ann will sell it. " Box 618 Boaz, Ala. NEHI BOTTLING CO. 0 ( COLA0 BEST BY TASTE-TEST Boaz, AlaREYNOLD’S FASHIONS Save 50%-60% on brand name clothing. We also carry fabrics. TOM’S PEANUT SINCLAIR V. L. MILLER - Distributor GASOLINE Toasted Peanuts, Candies, Chips, Peanut Butter Sandwiches -Vending Machines Located on Broad St. Albertville, Ala. Albertville Ala. Office Phone Res. Phone 878-5021 878-3036 Sinclair) 202POWDER PUFF PIGGLY WIGGLY BEAUTY SHOP if Njor -A N 201 E. Main Street Albertville, Ala. 212 No. Broad St. Albertville, Ala. 203WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA “First in Sales, Quality, and Leadership World Book Encyclopedia Childcraft World Book Dictionaries World Book Atlas Cyclo-Teacher For a complete Demonstration write WILLIE R. INGRAM Phone Box 725 878-6470 Albertville, Ala. 204SPEED CHECK Sand Mountain Reporter GROCERIES "Serving the nation's most densely populated rural area. " 504 Baltimore Ave. Albertville, Ala. Hwy 43 1 Albertville, Ala. CLEBURN SIMS WAVU-WQSB SAND MOUNTAIN EXTERMINATING STANLEY’S COMPANY MEN STORE Licensed Bonded "Latest in Men's Fashion" Termites, Household Pest, Insulation Albertville - 878-1691 Rainsville - 638-3659 Ft. Payne - 845-1517 Gadsden, Ala. 205MITCHELL GROCERY CO. 206 UNIVERSAL PHOTO VAL MONTE SHOP RESTAURANT "Your complete line of camera equipment" Guntersville, Ala. Main St. Albertville, Ala. SNACK BAR ROBERTS AND ISBELL "Home of Fine Food" HARDWARE Phone 878-9923 Albertville, Ala. Albertville, Ala. 207FAITHWAY FEED NORMAN’S CO., INC. APPLIANCE AND Feed Ingredients FURNITURE Animal Health Products Frigidaire - RCA - TV Furniture Trucking by Arkay 582-4939 Guntersville, Ala. 582-5646 Guntersville, Ala. 208WHITTEN’S WILKS An American Tradition TIRE AND BATTERY Hester Batteries Astro-Jet Tires Quality Recapping Complete Front End and Brake Service Albertville, Ala. "Fashions for the Discriminating Person" No. Broad St. Albertville, Ala. VILLAGE SQUIRE TEE PEE FOOD STORE A "Top of the Mountain" Hwy 431 Guntersville, Ala. You'll jump at a chance to shop at Tee Pee 209Congratulations Seniors From The Churches and Ministers FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. R. E. Stephenson, P. O. Box ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH, Fir t Street Rev. Raymond Cook, 134 First Street FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 309 El Main St. Rev. Clinton M. Wood, 13 Sycarriore Lane MT. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 201 Rose Rd. , Rev. Q. P. Davis, 215 Lombardy St. MT. VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH, Mt. Vernon Rd. , Rev. J. W. Cb e, Rt. 3 SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH, Solituc , Rd. , Nelson E. Bullard, Rti 6 SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH, Sims St. ReV. Hoyt Hanbrick, Rt. 3 CHU RCH OF GOD, 606 Baltimore Ave. lev. Ellis H. Ford, 606 Baltimore Ave. tlRSTV CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 204 Bollinger St. , Rev. Willard Kilpatrick, 618 Sunset Ave. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 206 Madison Ave. , Rev. O. S. Gamble, 201 Glove r St. FIR$T PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 501 College St. , Don Jdubbard, Minister r n f r « i n n Sponsored by THE ALBERTVILLE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATIONSTANDARD OIL CO. fr Three Locations Open 24 Hours m STANDARD 1 Main St. 2 Broad St. 3 Sand Mt. Shopping Center ED. NESMITH P. O. Box 456 Albertville, Ala. Albertville, Ala. LUCKY BARGAIN STORE Hwy 431 Albertville, Ala. 211W. E. WALKER CO. COTTON P. O. Drawer 38 Albertville, Ala. 35950 phones= Members Local 878-2671-2 New York Cotton Long Distance A C 205-878-2673 Exchange Atlantic Cotton A s sociation 212ONE HOUR O.K. RUBBER WELDERS MARTINIZING World's Finest New Tire and Recapping M. Nationally Guaranteed 1 JnsHmTl JiiL ' 'mwmm- "If it Rolls and Has a Size, We Have It. " 203 N. Broad St. Recapping - Repairing New and Used Tires North Broad Street Albertville, Albertville, Ala. Alabama 213MARTIN GRILL “Serving Albertville Schools” 108 So. 9th St. Office - 547-2533 Plant - 546-3345 214 East Gadsden 35903TATE MITCHEM TRACTOR CO. Compliments of A. WOODALL REAL ESTATE AND INS. We know the lake area, list with us for fast service. Hwy 431 Albertville, Ala. Guntersville, Ala. THACKER PAINT WHITTEN PARTS SERVICE "For all your decorating needs" JR You're money 0 Ahead! Albertville, Ala. 203 No. Broad St. Albertville, Ala. Phone 878-2811 215WELL’S CLOTHING STORE Sponsor: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Maine St. Albertville, Ala. 216D. E. “BILL” WALKER Feeds - Meats - Groceries Standard Gas and Oils Guntersville, Ala. Phone 878-2355 THOMPSON PRINTING Albertville, Alabama THOMPSON HARDWARE Albertville, Ala. FRED KINGS LTD. Clothes for the entire family miiniiMIIMilllMI Boaz, Ala. 217RATLIFF’S Albertville Shopping Center Albertville, Ala. WAREHOUSE GROCERIES "Lowest Food Prices In Alabama" When You Compare, We Gain A Customer Albertville, Alabama ROBERT O. JOHNSON "Your School Photographer" By Appointment 878-2561 Albertville 218CITY of ALBERTVILLE N.D. DARDEN Mayor Councilmen GEORGE RADFORD TOMMY MADDUX HILTON MITCHEM L. P. MANESS RALPH VAUGHN CHANDLER THE FABRIC CITIZENS SHOP BANK 228 North Broad Albertville, Alabama Gunter sville, Alabama "The best for your sewing needs" When You First Think Of Banking . . Think Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Accounts Insured up to $15, 000 Member Federal Reserve System anderson Serving All The Poultry Industry ANDERSON BOX COMPANY INC. RICHARD D. HUNNICUTT-Mgr. HOYT HOLCOMB-Sales Rep. Serving All The Poultry Industry Hwy. 431 Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE ROOFING SUPPLY INC. Built up - Shingles and Water Proofing Ask About Our Conditional Guarantee and Bond v • -- SSSm; -v 878-1601 =5 OS If No Answer Dial 878-2751 Located in old L and N Depot E. Main Albertville, Ala. Complime nts of DOBSON AND CO. INC. "Clothing for the Entire Family" "We wish the Class of '70 Lots of Success" Albertville, Ala. DAVIS CAFE TO SUIT YOUR 207 North Broad St. Albertville, Ala. Compliments of CHARLIE COX BRYANT FURNITURE Oldsmobile -Pontiac MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Business Phone 878-0992 ALABAMA Highway 43 1 Albertville Located on Industrial Drive Albertville, Alabama Bottled by the Authority of The Coca Cola Co. BISHOP’S by SEWING CENTER jy| 206 East Main Albertville, Ala. BBAm Regular King Custom Made Drapes Free Estimates COCA COLA BOTTLING Phone-878-3961 Nights-878-3763 COMPANY Visit the "Unique Boutique" at FRANCES SHOP 115 East Main Albertville, Ala. Bowling Compliments of DICK-C-BOWL 501 N. Highland Albertville, Alabama Compliments of BAINS MAGNOVOX Albertville Home Entertainment CenterSuper D W DIXIE TRACTOR CO. Store Highway 43 1 Every Day Low Prices Plus Top Value Stamps P. O. Box 356 BUD INMON -Co-Owner Manager Albertville Alabama COOK AND SONS 127 North Broad Albertville, AlabamaHwy. 431 Albertville, Alabama DIXIE POULTRY SUPPLY COMPANY Alabama Division Inc.MARTIN THEATRE AND SHADYSIDE DRIVE-IN Albertville, Alabama Phone N. L. GARRETT 878-2431 R.N. GARRETT P. O. Box 564 Distributors LINN’S 5,10, $1.00 MARSHALL COUNTY OIL COMPANY "Sinclair Products" Albertville, Alabama Main Street Albertville, AlabamaCompliments ALFORD COTTON CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE Albertville, Alabama ANDERSON ERLENE’S SHOE SHOP BEAUTY SALON "For Better Shoe Service and Sales" "Tops in Hair Fashion" « 9 506 Baltimore Ave. Telephone 878-4171 120 Ober Avenue Albertville, Ala. Albertville, Alabama DR. PEPPER COMPANY The Friendly "Pepper Upper" That Never Lets You Down! Boaz, Alabama CANFIELD’S FLORIST COBB’S Phone 878-2675 Sand Mountain's Best Sorghum Flowers for all Occasions Made By V. T. COBB "When You Say It With Flowers . . . Say It With Ours" Located on Highway 431 316 1 2 Martling Road Albertville, Ala. Rt. 5, Boaz, AlabamaCongratulations to 1970 Graduates REEVES RUBBER INC. J.C. SMITH Parts and Repairs Phone-878-2041 Night-878- 1272-878- 1168 Located - N. Bd. St. Albertville Heavy Duty Wrecker ServiceALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of APPLETON’S OF ALBERTVILLE, INC. ADAM’S BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL - Decorating Service - HOME Furniture, Accessories, Draperies, Carpeting It Costs No More to Use the Best Highway 431 Highway 431 and Martling Rd. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE BRUCE GLASS TRUCK TERMINAL COMPANY RESTAURANT Highway 431 Phone 878-0951 Albertville, Alabama Open 24 Hours Good Food r?t Highway 431 North Albertville, Alabama . Store Fronts . Auto Glass . Mirrors . Furniture Tops . Plate Glass . WindowsSUNDAY DINNER Serving Albertville High School Albertville AlabamaBest Wishes HEWETT F rom REXALL DENDY’S DRUG CO. 116 E. Main St. Albertville, Ala. DRUGS South Broad Street Albertville, Alabama -sx Compliments of U-HAUL BOB HEMBREE RENTALS BUICK AND OPEL COMPANY Local and One Way DBA - T. C. CRAIN Buick Company Guntersville, Alabama Coast to Coast ROBERT L. HEMBREE Owner A. J. MONTGOMERY General Sales Manager HARTS SAN-ANNMARSHALL COUNTY GAS DISTRICT ALBERTVILLE . . . GUNTERSVILLE . . . ARAB . . . THE HOME DISPATCH P. O. Box 480 Boaz, Alabama Telephone 878-4351 THE A.B. HOOPER INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance Over 55 Years Continuous Insurance Service P. O. Box 216 Albertville, AlabamaWAYNE POULTRYJACK’S FURNITURE Located - 1107 Baltimore Ave. Phone-878-4896 Albertville, Ala.Compliments If it's BORDEN'S, of it has to be good. BUDDY TANT’S Enjoyed by all Albertville JEWELRY School Lunchrooms BORDEN’S ICE - Watches - Gifts - Diamonds - CREAM CO. Phone 878-052 1 Albertville, Ala. Anniston, Ala. "Live A Little" HEP’S THRIFT CLEAN DAIRY QUEEN "We Remove Spots!" JV-ft,.% W Hwy. 431 Wfr Albertville, Ala. Phone-593-3170 Boaz, AlabamaAll Faces Look To MUB For An Abundant Supply of Electric Power and Water M.U.B. THE H.D. LEE CO. Guntersville, Ala. LIBERTY LOAN CORPORATION OF "The Clothes you need for the life you lead." GUNTERSVILLE Located - Route 2 Guntersville, Ala. JIMMY SHIGLEY Manager Phone- 1314 Dunlap Ave. 582-3118 Guntersville, Ala.GIBSON DISCOUNT Baltimore, Ave. Phone: Albertville, Ala. 878-4332 RALSTON PURINA COMPANY Manufacture r s Livestock and Poultry Chows "See Your Purina Dealer" Phone - 582-3164 East Lake Road, Guntersville, Ala.PAUL SMITH PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET !■—1 Phone-878-0281 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Ala.FASHION HOUSE 202 East Main Albertville, Alabama - Complete Fashions from Head to Toe -Main Floor and Balcony - Dresses - Suits - Lingerie - Jewelry PEGGY’S FASHIONETTE - Upstairs - Complete line of Accessories - Scarves - Bags - Hats - Umbrellas - Linens - Gifts THE FOOD BASKET good food Congratulations to the Graduating Class Albertville, Alabama Phone 878Compliments THE SAND MOUNTAIN BANK The Bank For Sand Mountain People Boaz, Alabama Member of F.D.I. C. Assets over $12,000,000 ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER CO Located - 221 E. Main St. Albertville, Ala. Phone 878-McELRATH FARMS INC Phone - 878-6472 Albertville, Alabama 103 N. Carlisle THE JEWEL BOX JAMES HASTEY - Owner - Main St. Phone - Albertville 878-3301 KENWIN SHOP Women's Apparel Sand Mt. Phone Shopping Center 878-5030Everybody Is Running To HAMMER'S 102-E. Main St. Phone-878-2961MERLE NORMAN MARSHALL COSMETIC STUDIO DRIVE-IN BEAUTY SALON "Go Any Way You Can, Albertville Shopping Center on Hwy 431 Albertville, Alabama 878-1301 107 So. Main St. Boaz, Ala. 593-5871 To the Marshall" 431 Broad St. Guntersville, Ala. 582-4541 Located on old Guntersville Hwy. Phone - 878-0191 ARBOR ACRES R 5 878-0721 Albertville, Ala. MORGAN’S TYPEWRITER Located Phone- 203. E. Main St. 878-2687 Albertville, Ala.WAKEFIELD’S Rental - Linen Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning Located: 118 S. Broad St. Phone-878-2581 Albertville, Ala. Hungry or Thirsty? MATTHEW’S Drop By MANUFACTURING KEY VF KORNER Manufacturers of Electric Heaters u J i ■ • p 1 y ” P. O. Box 328 Phone-878-3841 Baltimore Ave. Albertville, Ala. AlbertvilleMcKEE PRINTING FAMILY SHOE OFFICE SUPPLIES STORE 401. ... f- TO GREATER VALUES - Remington - "Good Shoes at Low Prices" Typewriters Adding Machines Printing Calculators 5000 Pairs Albertville, Ala. Albertville, Ala. ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY 209 S. Broad Albertville, Ala. JIM MURPHY FORD SALES, INC. SALES SERVICE 2000 Dunlap Gunter sville, Ala.HOLIDAY GAITHER INN SCHOOL Is OF r vfu HAIR FASHION | out of 1 1 -this uo« W 1 J Phone-878-6430 C V%. i Sand Mt. Shopping Center "Where to Call" 593-8410 Located - Hwy 431, Boaz FOSSET GLASS CO. FRED KING’S Of Albertville Dealer for 132 E. Main St. SHAT-R-PROOF Albertville, Ala. 35950 "For All American and Foreign Cars and Trucks" Located: Phone -New Guntersville Hwy. 878-4100 Congratulations to the Senior Class THE ARROW COMPANY TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"   ■ ' ■ :X. X ' s • O’ ■ V Vy -44 V'T «r-- . • • vc % • «J v v v •' - ’ - 'vs - . ; ' - «• 'V U 7 Vv,. . .- ■ v , ,W ' I ' . ■• 'Ov' i ‘AVv X . ; v •JV v'S 1' , fV f '. A —K X 'X '« v XX: • V • Nv; v ,: s v me • jt' S" y- x CijgwJrf ?■'■' ■ ‘,N v V v •■ --- ■ : ■ r. V V J 1“ • U . . . « - ’. I V -V Q(ir •vir» "v XX XX % V v V - v r .i « V v V- . , V % V • ' ‘X . = Vc - i A . ; . - x- J S ■

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