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ETHLYN DAVIS MARGARET McKEE MIKE BRUCE CATHERINE BRASHER Business Manager Sponsor Mountaineer 1969 Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama VOLUME 57At The Crossroads . . . You to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever It well may be for a day and night, And it well may be forever. 2Of Togetherness . . . moments of talking — whispering and laughing — smiles and secrets — shared — together quiet times — thinking — walking wondering — waiting — alone And of SeparationAnd of Diligence . . TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration and Faculty Classes Activities Features Sports Student Life AdvertisementsThere’s a fate in love, and a fate in fight And the best of us all go under — Whether we’re wrong, or whether we’re right. We win sometimes to our wonder. Of Error . . . And Of Virtue . . . 7With a steady swing and an open brow We have tramped the ways together. Hut we re clasping hands at the crossroads now In the fiend’s own ninht for weather are many a mile12We Will Forever Wonder . . . tFaculty and Administration Administrator It is the desire of any administrator to l»e a personal friend and counselor of each individual student and teacher, even though it is sometimes a lonely joh when decisions must lie made and administered based upon facts which he alone will or can know. The position of Administrator of Albertville High School is not a factor that affects one’s life for it is his life. Mr. Kau h anti his natural habitat??? Principal The task of our principal, Mr. M. G. Couch, is to organize, to plan, and to maintain proper human relationships. In these areas the high school principal finds many rewarding experiences, especially when progress can he seen. Mr. Couch gives fair warning! Mr. Couch takes a breather!Faculty Senior High Guidance Counselor— Charles Amason Junior High Guidance Counselor— Mary Thrasher Our guidance department is made up of two very liked individuals. Their jobs are to advise, to comfort, and most important of all, just to be around. The guidance department supervises our college preparatory examinations, and are just considered our right hand people. Secretaries— Lyndell Hall Janey Brown Etta Lee PottsCurriculum Librarian—Zera Couch Our Library serves its purpose as a place for the student to do research and as a pathway into extensive knowledge. issistant Librarian—Joyce Jones Faculty participates and encourages student activities. 199th Grade Science—Malcolm Landers Senior High Science and Physics—Waller C. McIntosh Christmas Banquet The mental discipline required in the study of mathematics affects one’s approach to and solution of other problems. The thrill of scientific study lies in the application of reason and the powers of observation. 20 Independent ThinkingJunior High—James Jolley and Bobby Joe Weaver Senior High Math—Glenyce Robinson Is Encouraged Through Mathematics and ScienceSenior High Math—Raymond Sparks Senior High Math—Jan Masters Senior High Chemistry—Elmer T. Neighbors Most college bound students either take physics or chemistry; many take both. Physics is a basic science devoted to the study of matter and energy. Our students who go to college and enter the fields of engineering find this an invaluable course in their further studies. 8th Grade Math—Frank Baker 22Senior High English -Margaret Keller Foreign Languages—Margaret Strickland and Sue Mcbrayer Junior High Math—Louise Parrish Today it is not enough to know your own language, for the world has grown closer together; and we are citizens of the world. The study of another language is the key to understanding and appreciation for people of a different country.9th Grade Social Studies—Robert Von Der Osten, Sandra Buncb, Jane Ha good Economics and Democracy—Mary Weathers 8lh Grade Social Studies—Mary Jo Moore, James Garrett, and Vernice Galloway 24 American History—Mr. Jerry Blanks and Mrs. Emily Rudolph Humanities Faculty Understanding of good literature has been the ultimate goal in classes of English. Activities have been initiated, and various ways to new skills discovered. An understanding of the past provides us with the key to the future. A proper background in history equips the student with the materials to contribute to society and he an effective world citizen.8th Grade English—Milton Henderson and Charlotte Duckett 12th Grade English—James Shirah Goes Creative 9th Grade English—June Jenkins and Muriel Black lltli Grade English—Caroline Hawkins and Martha Biddle 25Students Prepare for B.O.E.—Wilena Little and Wanda Sloan Typing—Sandra Graham Vocational training for the business field is offered in the commercial department curriculum. Commercial courses supply not only unlimited opportunity for students planning to pursue a career in business, but also offer specialized subjects, such as personal typing and notehand which aid in improving study habits. Home Economics—Patricia Brazelton Developmental Reading—Hazel Gibson V I.E.—Leon CampVocational World Agriculture is a highly dynamic, rapidly changing industry which offers in its entirety great occupational opportunities to rural youth everywhere. Its continued growth, so essential to the welfare of the nation, can he assured only through the training of youth. The role of the farmer in handling and evaluating problems which are ever mounting in this complex world is important to our economy. Home Economics—Jean Head Special Education—Eula Birdson The department includes the following division: nutrition and foods, textiles and fashion design, child development, family economics, and home management. Within the department students are instructed in consumer economics and family finance. Vocational Agriculture—H. C. GregoryCHAIN 'COMMAND The mission of the Junior R.O.T.C. is to lay the foundation of intelligent citizenship within the student and give him training in the development of sound, healthy bodies and alert minds; to inculcate habits of orderliness and precision, instill discipline and respect for constituted authority, develop patriotism, and encourage a high sense of personal honor and prestige. Lt. Colonel Sergeant First Class Sergeant Major Nathan P. Thompson James W. Bonds Harold Montgomery Senior Army Instructor Army Instructor Army Instructor Coaches—Randall Black, Richard Cole, Shannon Sloan and Don Shankles Girls Physical Education—Agatha Hall and Donna Maynard Not Pictured—Jo Ann Moore Physical fitness is of great importance to all Americans. Recognizing this fact, the athletic department at AHS offers students a variety of sports in which they may participate. Mr. Couch constantly proves that emphasis is continually placed on the development of talent and skills necessary for self -expression. Under the direction of Mr. Couch, the hand seeks to provide a cultural and aesthetic experience for the students. Hand Director—James Couch SENIOR Editors: Pat Ashley Mary Lou LeCroySENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President—Tom Harvey Vice-President—Tracy Trussell Secretary—Sandra Oliver Treasurer—Brenda Holsonback Active Officers Guide the Class of 1969 Alford, Victor Anderson, Judy Ashley, Patricia Baker, Judy Ball, MarvinBearden, Billie Bethune, Michael Bishop, Donna Bolding, Belinda Bolton, Charles Bray, Kathy Bright, Belita Brown, Bobby Would you believe this . . . Brown. Jacky Brown, James Brown, Pat Brown, Patricia Bruce. Mike turned into this?Socializing Is a Part . . . Burnett, Frankie Bynum, Mike Camp, Patricia Chaffin, Phillip Chamblee, Bill Agony and ecstasy! Chastain, Linda Childress, Rickey Childress, Lavon Clough, Rebecca 32Cofield, David Cole, Alan Cook, Rickey Cooper, Barbara Costner, Rickey Couch, Steve Crews, Annette Crump, Cathy 33Davis, Margaret Duke, Jeannie Eason, Donnie Eason, Ronnie Ebersole, Louis Erwin, Mary Jane Evans, Vicki Farmer, Randall 34 Dunn, Tommy Duvall, Sharon A Class I Am aFranks, Joan Henley Franks. Marlin Frazier. Tim Free. Jerry Garner. Randall Gilliland. SusanSeniors Show Spirit . . . Hackney. Glen Hackney. Roseniar Hannah. John Hedricks. Joe Hennon, Carolyn Harvey. Tom Hill, Delane Henley, John llolrolm. I herniaConcerning All Activities Holmes. Delano Holmes, Larry Holsonback, Brenda Honea, Ray Hood. Kathy Hooper. Boh Horton, Sherr Hubhard. Don inin M- -MarvWe Will Have These Moments to Are you sure shaving cream is good for ihc hair? Lang. Myra Jones, Eddie Kash. Spray Kirkland, Cilvia Lacey, Jane Lang, Alan Lan«. Frank Lang. Randy LeCroy. Mary LouRemember Through the Years Levans, Lawayne Lewis, Sherry Locklear. Kathy Lowery, Rodney Lusk. William Martin, Darry Martin, Terri Mathis, Donnie Senior Football Players Mayas, Eddie Mitchell. Richard Morgan, Kenneth Moore, Elaine Moultrie. Roy McClendon, Tony McCreless, SueOh! No, man! McKee, Margaret McLendon. Charlotte Mullinax, Kay Myers, Joyce Ogle, Syble Pankey, Paulette Patterson, Mack Endless Hours Turn Oliver. Sandra Orr. Mala Pack. Mike wm And then came the distant sound of native drums ... 40Fierce, Leonard Phifer. Debbie Raines, Cynthia to Fleeting Seconds Raines, Ann Robinson, Brenda Rowell, Patsy Sanders, Bobby Seay, Ann Matthews Smith, Jimmy D. Contrary to popular opinion ... 1 am a RAP-presentative of Albertville High School. Russell, Janice Smith. Don Smith, Patrica Frazier 41Seniors Graduate Knowing That Cry!! Are you kiddingV what if we don't want to smile': Swords. Randall 42 Swords, Thomas Spurlin, Byron Stone, Sarah Kennedy league. Johnny Strange, Mike Strickland, Sam Stephens, Janet Stewart, BobbyTempleton. Gary Thacker. Patricia Thrash, Tommy They Have Earned More Than a Diploma Auburn, here I come!! Upton, Belinda Wilkerson Upton, Ramona Vaughn. Bonnie Waldrop, Randy Webb. Dorinda 43We Are the Class of ’69 Webb, Larry Weeks, Lewayne West, Donny Wester, Freida White, Mickey Williams. Tony Woods, Linda Wright, Dianne Millwood Senior Sponsors Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Couch Keller Neighbors Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Sloan Strickland Weathers 44;W non: Emily Montgomery Ellen GossAdams. Dirk Alexander, Johnnie Allison, Edwin Armstrong. Arnold Bailey, Deborah Baird, Randall Baker, George Baker, Walter Barkley, Kathy Bearden, Linda Blackman, Gail Blackman. Marzella Bolding. Patsy Breaseale, Tommy Breeden, Dianne Bright, Jerry Brooks, Jimmy Brown, Beth Brown, Tommy Bryant, Sarah Class Officers Organize 46the Junior Events Mike Spiirlin—President Denise Hubbard—Secretary Burks. John Camhron, Jerry Gimp, Jackie Camp, Katin Camp. Ricky Camphell, Sharon Carr, Vicki Carrol. Leon Centers. Deborah Chafin. Ken Chastain. Jenny Christianson, Susan Coby, Jenny Cook, Virginia Cooley, Kathy Cunningham, Ralph Daniels, Tony Daniels, Wanda Davis, Levois Davis, Sheila 47We Meet the Pain of Aching Muscles Dendy, Donna Dcndy, Dora Denham, Charles Dennis, John Dickson, Janice Dobbins, Sherri Dooley, Cathy Duckett, Handy Duke, Cynthia Duke, Lonnie Duvall, Deborah Dyar, Susan Edmondson, Frances Edmondson, Mischa Elmore, Mike Eubanks. Betty Frye, Ricky Gardner, Peggy Gentry, John Gilliland. PhyllisGoodwin, Mary Gore. Ben Gore, Joe Goss, Ellen Goss, Ronald Grace. Ruth But Manage to Rise and Start Anew Gray, Lynn Guinn, Paulette Hall, Mike Harris, Deborah Hasty, Tony Henry, Sandra Higgins, Sandra Hoffman, Lane Hoffman, Wayne Holmes, Billy Howard, Denise Hubbard, Denise Jackson, Mike Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Marsha 49The Decorating of Floats Is Jolley, Irene Jolley, Margret Jolley, Roger Karr, Billy Kittle, Judy Lambert, Ella Latham. Dianne Liles. .Vlicheal Livingston, Carol Long, BrendaAtmosphere for 1969 Homecoming Montgomery, Emily Moore, Virginia Morgan, Jerry- Morris, Kathy Morrison, Sharon Musick, Sharon Norris, Dennis Panell, Terry Patterson, Elneeta Payne, Ronnie Pell, Debra Peppers, Ray Moultrie, Russell Newman, David Norris, Darrell Hurry! Only one more hour. The Harvest Hop, decorated by Juniors, served by sponsors, enjoyed by everyone. Phyfer, Debbie Pickens, Page Pike, DonnaWith Only One More Year Richey, Steve Riddle, Dianne Robinson, Diana Robinson, Dortha Roden, Delores Roden, Sandy Rushing, Shirley Sams, Freda Scruggs, Larry Shipp, Richard Simmons, Ronnie Simpson, Margaret Slaton, Jenny Smith, Betty Smith, KenJuniors Lead a Busy Life Smith, Suzan Snider. Marquita Sparks, Candy Spurlin. Mike Stevens, Peggy Stewart. Terry Stone, Susan Studard, Lynette Story, Joe Sutton. Belinda Tankersly, June Teague. Markitta Terrell, Gail Terrell, Jimmy Terrell. Kathy Thomas, Gary Tidmore, Shirley Thomas, Lynn Tidwell, Bebra Thacker, Debbie Thompson, Nancy- 53Traylor, Ricky Treece, El win Trussell, Carolyn Trussell, Ricky Tucker, Ann Tucker, Charlie Turley, Mildred Vandergriff, Alton Walker, Tom Walls, Linda Watwood, Donna Whitten, Letitia Wilabay, Brenda Williamson, Mike Woodham, Randy Wright, Beverly Wynn, Tony Yancy, Debbie Young, Cinda Young, James Biddle, M. Gregory, H. Hawkins, C. McIntosh, W. Robinson, G. Rudolph, E. Scissum, S. Junior Faculty Adam-ant At least we tried!The Best Is Yet to Come for • • • Anderson, Vickie Anthony, Steve Archer, Stephen Baker, Charlie Baker, Charlotte Baker, Jeff Baker, Jerry Barksdale, Janice Barnes, Mary Bartlett, Carter Bartlett, Jan Bartlett, Stanley Batey, Effie Bean, Gary Beard, Gail Bearden, Alton Bearden, Debra Beck, Doris Beck. Larry Benson, Donny Bethune, Rickey Black, Dianne Bonds, Deborah Bonds, Fran Bright, Janet Brooks, Kenneth Brown, Travis Brumlik, Amy Bryant, Jerome Buchanan, Becky Cagle, Dan Cagle, Sandra Camp, Tersia Campbell, Karen Canady, Neal Carnes, Shirley Chamblec, Edwin Childress, Brenda Childress, Dennis Childress, Denny Christian, Charles Clark, Cathy Coficld, Ricky Collins, Rickey Cooley, John Cooper, Vernon 56Sophomore Class of ’69 Corbin, Frankie Cowan, Jerry Crawford, Eddie Gilbert, Linda Culp, Jessica Dalrymple, Kathy Darnell, I ura Davis, Alan Dick, Rhonda Dobbins, Tommy Dorsett, James Downs, Fred Duckett, Danny Duckett, Donna Dunn, Shelia Edwards, Charles Edward, James Edwards, Joe Epps, Bonnie Erwin, Emily Evers, Pamela Faulkner, Randy Fricks, Nancy Floyd, Linn Gamble, Marc Gardner, Roy Gentry, Sarah George, Terry Gilley, Ann Gilliland, Gail Glassco, Gary Goodwin, Pat Green, Teri Griffith, Nicky Griffith, Tommy Gunter, Judy Haglcr, Tony Hagood, Tom Hall, Pat Ham, Gary Hammett, Danny Hammock, Jerry Haney, Joseph Hanvey, Brenda Hardeman, Nicki Harris, Judy Hayes, Neva Sophomores . . . Henley, Sarah Hill, Edgar Hood, Betty Hudgins, Sarah Hunt, Diane Ingram, Richard Hood, Phillip Hooper. James Howard, Robert Isdell, Keith Johnson, Jimmy Jolley, Lorene Jones, Sherry Jordan, Brenda Justice, Charles Lacy, Sandra Lacey, Willard Landers, Jerry Kennedy, Jimmy Kirby, Deborah Lacy, Randy I ing, Brenda Lang. Sheila Latham, Judy Slightly Confused 58Lee, Vicki Leeth, Allen Lemaster, Sherry Liles, Randy Lokey, Gloria Long, Wayne Lowery, Michael Lusk, Cindi Lyles, Garry Lynn. Randy Maddox, Kay Maness, Sandra Martin, Melanie Martin, Scott Martin, Roger Insecurity Is Existing as a Soph. $ (r {? c ik f $ 0 f? Mastin, Cynthia Mathis, Phillip Mayes, Jerry McCauly, Kenneth McClain, Cassie McClendon. Boh McCoy, Marcus McCreless, Kathy Metheny, Gayle Minor, Rickey Moon, Danny Morgan, Bill Morton, Keith Mosley, Lynn Moultrie, Ralph Mountain. Johnny Nelson, Miriam Noles, Larry Norris, Julie Nunnally, Gary Orr, Morris O’tinger, Jeff Pascal, Jerry Patterson, Rita Peppers, Tony Phillips, Peggy Pinkston, Sarah Rains. Veronica Wish Us Luck Need It! »Hay. Edward Reynolds. Carolyn Rhodarmer, Tommy Jo Ellon Rice Rives, Mike Roden, Patti Robertson. Lanny Robinson. Hobby Roe, Jeffery Roe, Susan Rowe, Debbie Rushing. Rowena Russel, Janice Schrey, Chris Scruggs, Ronald Scgars, Kenny Segars, Larry Shell. Johnny Shell, Reid Shipp, Suzanne Sims, Bruce Sanders, Vicki p © P i © p P P © f f 1 t - Ip © r P f p f f fi We’re Number Three . . . 60f f f p f5 p i l A 0 C3 Slaton, Drusilla Slaton, Richard Smith, Anthony Smith, Debbie Smith, Dennis Smith, Patricia Smith. Tweetie Smith, Rhonda Smith, Shelia Snider, Harold Southerland. Rudy Sparks, Larry Spurlin, Debra Stanfield, Virgil Stephens, Jerry Stone, Pat Swords, Jimmy Tant, Donna Teague, Durall Templeton, Sammie Terrell, Danny Terrell, Luther We Try Even Harder . . . Terrell, Margarcl Thrash, Danny Tidmore, Joe Todd, David Todd, Deborah Tolbert, Jimmy Townsel, Jackie Townson, Charles Townson, Donald Trussell, Kathy Tucker, Linda Turner, Brenda Veal, Margaret Veal, Maria Watwood, Mike ur.ia 1 rTTTn 61Who Could Ever Forget . . . Webb, Earl Webb, John Wilks, Robert Williams, David Williams, Debbrah Williams, Janice Will more, Neel a Jo Willmore, Cherc Willmore, Pam Wilson, Debbie Winkles, Cynthia Winkles, Kathy Wright, Reba York, Betty Sue Young, Cean . . . Those Soph. Days! f f tfrv Mr. Blanks Mrs. Bra elton Miss Brasher Mrs. Head Miss Masters Mr. McCollum Mrs. McBraycr Mr. Shirah Mrs. Smothers Sophomore Faculty ’68-’69 62FRESHMEN Rhea Roden Winky Wells Editors.Abney, Lisa Adams, Andy Alexander. Mike Appleton. Skippy Baird, James Baker. Howard Baker, Kirliard Baker. Tony Barnes, Cynthia Barnett. Shannon Baugh. Anthony Baugh. Betty Baugh, Danny Beam, Joe Beard, Donna Beard, Joan Beasley, Fred Beck. Eddie Bell, Hubert Bell. Jimmy Bendy, Isaiah Biddle. Mike Bishop, Joyce Blackwell. Benny Bolding, Whit Bolt, Glenda Bolt, Linda Bolton, Kathy Bowen. Roland Boyd, Cindy Breascle. Billy Brock, Ricky Browning, Becky Bruce. Guy Buckelew, Kenneth Burgess, Janice Burke, Nancy Burns, Debbie Bryant, Patricia Cain, Dean Caldwell, Debra Camp, Delane Camp, Felton Camp, Irby Camp, Karen Campbell, Bobby Campbell, Mary Canady, Terry Carnes, Peggy CLASS OFFICERS Doyle Matthews, Vice-President; Randy Hillsman, President; Julia Weeks, Treasurer; Debbie Partridge, Secrc tary 64Spirited Freshmen Cason. Judy Cauddle, Steve Centers, James Chaffin. Ken Chamklee, Edward Chamblee, Gaynell Ciiampion. Sherry Chandler, Ann Chandler. Rita Charles. Lisa Cheek, Brenda Christian. Janies Clark, Mary Cole. Cathy Collier, Brad Collier, Carla Collins, Donald Colquitt, Bobby Cook. Elaine Cook, Michael Corbin, Donald Cordell, Darla Couch, Mary Jane Couch. Mark Cox, Jerry Crowe, Frankie Crowe, Laura Cryar, Beth Gilbert, Eloise Culbert. Harold Cunningham. Robin Dahlquist, Randy Dairy mple, Brenda Dalrymple. Ronnie Daniels, Mike Daugette, Sharon Davis, Nalda Deerman, Glenn Dobbins, Denise Dobbins. Terri Dorsctt, Linda Duckett, Bob Duckett, Danny Duckett, Teresa Duke. Dianne Duke, Doretha Duvall, Gail Duvall, Harvey Duvall, Shelia Eidson, Mike Edwards, Debra 65Edison. Belinda Ennis, Dianne Entrekin, Charles Erwin, Susan Evans, Holleigh Evers, Roland Floyd. Mike Ford, Mike Franks, Freda Franks, Wayne Gaither, Lorre Gentry, Steve George, Becky Gilbreath, Paulette Gilliland. Ralph Gist, Ricky Gore, Debbie Gore, Donna Grace, Linda Green, Nicky Griffith. Larry Grizzard, Mike Ham, Hazel Hainbrick, Kay Hanvey, Lynn Harris, Ceretha Harris, Danny Harrison, Amelia Freshmen at Harrison, Cecelia Harrison, Richard Haymond, Debra Hawking Bob Hayes, Danny Hedgepath, Bill Helton, Joe Henley, Aubrey Herring, Wilene Hill, Brenda Hilsman, Larry Hilsman, Randy Hipp, Carol Holcomb, Kathy Holder, Deborah Holder, Gary Holland, Dorsey Hollis, Ray Hornsby, Debra Hughes, Harriet Hubbard, Lisa Humphries, Johnny Hyde, Ronald Jackson, Alex Jackson, Donna Jenkins, Danny Jenkins, Richard Johnson, Denise 66Work, Play, and Sleep!! Johnson, Marla Johnson. Mike Johnson, Jewell Johnston, Connie Johnston, Khonda Jones, David Jones, Debra Jones, Ricky Jones, Robbie Kimberly, Wayne King, Steve Kirkland, Kathy Kittle, Joyce Landers, Malcolm Lang, Randall Langly, Keith Lasser, A1 Lavender, Steve Leslie, Joan Locklear, Becky Alert Freshmen! Freshmen Form Fantastic Float! Lowery, Rickey Lyles, Kenneth Lynn, Renee Lynn, Sherry Mann, Creg Martin, Debbie Mashburn, Denise Mastin, Johnny Mathis, Brenda Mathews, Bobby Mathews, Doyle Mays, Frankie Mayfield, Wyndell McClendon, Gery McClendon, Thomas McCollum, Bobby McCreless, Debbie McCreless, Jim McGlaughn. Janice McKinny, Linda 67First Place Float!! McLemore, Turner McLendon, Pat Messer, Brenda Messer. Helen Miller. Diane Mitchell, Cecilia Mitchell. Paula Moore, Debbie Morgan, Chester Morgan. Dorthy Morgan. Joe Morgan. Matthew Morgan. Rickey Morris. Karen Morrison, Roger Nelson. Shiela Nelson. Tara Sue Newman. Brenda Ogle, Carol Olinger, Larry Oliver, Barbara Oliver. Glenda Orr, Wanda Owens, Phillip Pankey, Danny Pankey, Jimmy Pankey, Wayne Patridge, Debbie Pascal, Eugene Patterson, Dewight Patterson. Rickey Peppers. Wayne Petty, Lamar Philips, Allen Pinson, Danny Poe, Lillie Powell, Richard Pritchett, Lamar Prickett. Tommy Quinn, Kathy Rains. Don Ray, Patricia 68Reeves, Paula Rhodes, Donna Richey, Beth Riddle, Redgy Riddle. Sandy Ridgeway, Danny Robinson, Phillip Roden. Rhea Rushing. Kenneth Sampson. David Scruggs. Dicksie Sewell, Rita Shauvan. Rodney Simmons, Jeff Sims, Becky Sims, Keith Slaton, Donnie Smalley, Mildred Smalley, Sandra Simpson, Alice Smith. A1 Smith, Harold Smith, Katrina Smith, Lowell Smith, Richard Smith, Terry Southerland, Travis Sparks, Joan Spence, Johnny Spurgeon. Larry Spurlin. Kent Staton, Lelton Stidham, Danny Stephens, Brad Stewart, Billy Stewart. Kcrr Stone. Billy Stracener, Kathy Sutton, Tommy Tabor, Thomas Taylor. Ann Taylor, Dan Teal. Eddie Teal. Rita Teague, James Teague. Randy Templeton. Ellen Thacker. Gary MX. fl% IM.AW .jmt -'.ft MBMi Bum, Bum, Bum, Here We Come Smiling Faces of Innocence 69Sometimes Too Abstract to Understand Thomas, Rhonda Thompson, Mary Ann Thrasher, Denise Thurmond, Roger Tidmore, Harold Tucker, Kathy Tucker. Susan Tucker, Oliver Trussed, Danny Turner. Althea Upton, Charlotte Vantresse, Ruddy Veal, Rita Wakefield, Sharon Walker, Robbie Walls. Ronnie Webb, Barbara Weeks, Julia Wells, Winky White, David White, Mack Whitehead. Joe Whitehead, Kathy Williams, Mike Williams, Pam Wilson, Tyronne Willoughby, Damon Willoughby, Ralph Winfrey, Janette Wise, David Woodall, Danny Young, Ellen Young, Joey Freshman Faculty Coach Black Mrs. Black Mrs. Hagood Mrs. Jenkins Mr. McLendon Mr. Landers Mrs. Maynard Miss Moore Mr. Von der Osten Mr. Smith Mrs. Thrasher Mr. Weaver Teachers’ Enthusiasm! 70EIGHTH GRADE Editor: Nancy Thome Eighth Grade Class of 1969 Class Officers: President Morton Hodgcns, V. President Gail Hoffman, Sec. Dianne Stewart, Treas. Charles Hannah Abbot, Rickey, Allen, Gary A Iverson, Dennis Armour, Nancy Hailey, Cynthia Baird, Herbert Baker, Charles Barclift, Bruce Bankston, Melba Baugh, Gary Baugh, Linda Beard, Buddy Bearden, Janice Bearden, Kevin Bearden, Manuel Bearden, Mike Bell, David Benefield, Bobby Benefield. Debra Bethune, Kenneth Blackman, Richard Blackwell, Gail Blanks, Teresa Bolding, Sheila Bolton, Richard Bonds, Jane Bonds. Joe Bonds, PamelaFp £°°ne’ Kenneti p0tv n. Sheila ""'‘‘den, Donna Dolan “" oks, Michael Brown, fc'linda «rown. Frankie I,ro»n. Cr«r Chastain, Cynthia Cherry, Cynthia Childress, Ronnie Cochran, Bobby Cochran, Jeff Cochran. Pete Cochran, Vicki Collins, Clenn Colquitt. Mary Lou Colvin, Janet Cornelius, Rodney Cowan, Doug Crawford, Beverly Crews, Teresa Crowe, Steve Cryar. Margaret Cunningham, Sheila Daniel, Kay Daniel, Patricia Davis, Elizabeth Davis. Pat Davis, Rickey Davis, Rick Davis, Teddy Dennis, Nancy Dickerson, Lynn Dimasi, Maria Dooley, Linda Downs, Derrell Duckett. Deborah Duke, Myra Duvall, Ramona Eastm, Betty Edmonson. Wayne Edwards, DianneAt the Crossroads of Sorrow Eidson. Roger Elrod, Charlene Engle. Janet Ennis, Phillip Epps, Donnie Ray Evans, Charlotte Evers. Myra Faulkner, Barry Ford, Pam Franehiseur, Michael Franks. Ray Frazier, Regina Gardner, Reha Gay, Angela Gibson, Trena Glassco, Steven Gore, Janet Gore, Mike Goss, Benny Grace, Bill Graden. Michael Graves. Mike Grey, Karen Grey, Kenneth Griffith, Doug Griffith, Sandra Griffith, Steven Gunnels, Linda Gunter, Irene Hagler, Bill Hall, Brenda Hall, Gaynell Hammet, Deborah Hannah. Charles Hanvey, Gary Hardy, Amy Harper, Ricky Harvey, Janet Harvis, Imogene Hawkins, Bruce Henderson, Danny Henry, Phil Hicks, Donna Hicks, Donnie Hill, Ronald llipp, Debra Hodgcns, Morton Hoffman, Gail Hollis. Kenny Hollis, Shelby Hollis, Wilburn Holman, Sue Holsonback, Derrcll Hornsby, Tommy Hunt. Jackie Hutcheson, Jimmy- 74or of Hope? Of Love or of Hate? Hyatt, Donnie Hyde, Barbara Isdell, Tina Janey, Gretrhcn Jarvis, Connie Johnson, Everette Johnson, Sherry Johnston, Franklin Johnston. Kenneth Jolley, Tim Jones, Cindi Jones, Gloria Justice, Betty Justice, Jimmy Kidd, Renae King, Rickey Kirby. Willis Kirkland. Sherman Knopp, Garry Lacy, Debra Ladshaw, Sheila Land, David Land, Mark Lang. Debra Lecroy, Patti Lemaster, Samuel Lesaley, Jim Long, RayYou Have to Choose . . . Lovell. Patricia Lowery, David L brand, Kathy Maddux, Mike Martain, Joan Masters, Nilah Mathis, Jerry McClendon, J imray McClendon, Randy McClendon, Rebecca McCollum, James McCollum, Larry McKee, John McMuntrey, Kay Miller, Vicki Minor. Dale Mitchell, Nancy Moore, Keith Moore, Rickey Morgan, Cindy Morris, Steve Morrow, Michael Morton, Brent Motley, Brad Mountain. Debbie Mulinax. Paul Murphree, Pam Nailer, Dorothy Nelson, James Nelson, John David Nelson, Lydon Newman, Terry Noles, Tony Painter, Jimmie Pankey, Alicia Pankey, Martha Pannell, Roger Parrish, Betty Parrish, Spike Patterson, Evelyn Patterson, Wayne Peppers, Fred Peppers, Sandra Peters, Tommy Pope. Fayestau Pugh, Debra Rains. Kathy Ramsey, Janey Reno. Evonc Reynolds, Donna Reynolds, Mark Rhodemer. David Rhodes, David Rice, Debra Richards, Jeff Riddle, Sharon Riddle, Sonny Rosson, Tim Rudolph, Lee Rutledge, Dianne Sampson, Danny Sampson, Joe Seay, DianneTo Do Homework? Sewell, Mike Shell, Rona Shelton, Rhonda Sims, Dewey Sims, Ruth Slaton, Mike Smith, Danny Smith, Earl Smith, Randy Smith, Rita Smith, Stanley Snider, Patti Sorter, Sheila Spurlin, Aron Stanfield, Chapman Stephens, Deborah Stepleton, Randy Stewart, Dianne Stone, David Story, Lannie Story, Mary Swords, Gary Swords, Rayford Swords, Ricky Taylor, Johnnie Terrell, Ricky Thacker, John Thomas, Rhonda 77They’re Waiting for Life to Go on . . . Thomason. Steve Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Pam Thompson, Randy Thrash, Rebecca Thrasher, Phillip Thrasher, Randell Todd, Ginger Todd, Johnny Todd, Martha Todd, Susan Tolbert, Hilly Towers, Susan Upton, Jimmy Upton, Keith Vandergriff, Randall Vaught, Tommy-Veal, Danny Vinyard, Shannon Wagner, Dale Waldrop, Donald Walker, David Ward, Rhonda Webb, Deborah Webb, Pam Webb, Richard Whitten, Mike Whitten, Steve Williams, Allen Williams, Max Williams, Terry Willmore, Anthony Willmore, Martha Willoughby, Bruce Wilson, Rhonda Womack, Lester Wood, Wayne Woodham, Peggy Wynn, Terry Young, Steve 78ACTIVITIES Editor: Elaine M(Editorial Staff Leads the Way Margaret McKee Mike Bruce Ethlyn Davis Co-Editor Business Manager Co-Editor 81Mountaineer Staff 68-69 Sandy Roden Mike Hall Page Pickens Delores Roden Rhea Roden Winky Wells Deborah Kirby Lelitia Whitten Mike Bruce Denise Howard Marsha Johnson Ethlyn Davis Darry Martin Nancy Thompson Mike Strange Ellen Goss John Burks Dick Adams Myra Lang Ramona Upton Susan Gillilan Allen Masters David Cofield Roy Moultrie Mary Lou LeCroy Billy Chamblee Kathy Locklear Kathy Bray Sharon Duvall Helen Pegues Margaret McKee Vicki Evans Kathy Camp Sherry Lewis Bebra Tidwell Sharon Musick Emily Montgomery Carol Livingston Laine Moore ■ vyv vt .'V'i v-’i 82Staff Awarded No. 1 in State Class Editors: Sherry Lewis, Emily Montgomery, Mary Lou LeCroy, Deborah Kirby, Ellen Goss. Rhea Roden, Winky Wells, Nancy Thompson. Activities Editor Sports Editor Laine Moore Mike Stran8e Features Editors Marsha Johnson Sharon Musick Competition Third Year in a Row As editors we have strived to capture between two hard covers the spirit, activities, personalities, and in essence, the day to day life at A.H.S. With pictures and copy we have tried to preserve a suspended animation of the people and places that are an integral part of the school. With the perpetual flow of students comes the same familiar sentiments. If you find them revealed in these pages, our efforts have been worthwhile. As we part, the memory of our unity remains . .. “At one crossroads in the past, I met a friend. That friend was A.H.S. I am a part of all that I have met.” Ethlyn and Margaret Circulation Manager Helen Peaues Advertising Manager Roy MoultrieStudent Council Officers: Mrs. Little. Belinda Sutton, Mike Pack, Ralph Cunningham (not shown) and Richard Ingram. The purpose of Student Council is to develop attitudes of and practice in good citizenship. It is also to improve student teacher relationship and promote harmony between the two. Members• Mrs. Little. P. Pickens. D. Roden. D. Thacker, J. Slaton. B. Sutton. S. Morrison P. Roden, R. Hackney, D. Duvall M. Erwin, K. Bray, B. Hunt. D. WiLnn. J. Tolbert, J. Johnson. B. Stewart, I). Todd. T. Smith. S. Duvall. P. Camp. M. L. LeCroy, B. Chamblee. T. Haney, L. ebb. M. Pack, J. Burks. 85Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps S.F.C. Bonds Lt. Col. Thompson Battalion Staff Sgt. Maj. Montgomery Adj. 1 Lt. Adams Hon. Capt. Thompson 1 Lt. Smith Sgt. Maj. Roden 2 Lt. MastersAlpha Company Com. Cmdr. 1 Lt. Hon. 1 Lt. 2 Lt. Spurlin 1 Sgt. Moultrie Guidon Downs Terrell Hubbard 2 Lt. Gentry Pll Sgt. Kirkland 1st Platoon Sq. Ldr. Armstrong Anthony Bell Burdett Bethune Sq. Ldr. Baker S Sgt. Winkles Davis Cooper Canady Sq. Ldr. Carroll Chamblee Bolding Dobbins Collins 2nd Platoon Sq. Ldr. Holmes lenders Jenkins Howard Kennedy Allison, S Sgt. Faulkner Hagler Hagood Haney Sq. Ldr. Cagle Edwards Johnson Hammock Hale Duckett 2 Lt. Karr Pit. Sgt. Woodham 3rd Platoon Sq. Ldr. Thomas Teague Morris Stanfield Morton Scruggs Sq. Ldr. Martin Peppers Moultrie Webb Sq. Ldr. Duke Core Chafin Lecroy PaschalBravo Company Guidon Tolbert Sq. Ldr. Stephens Davis Cambron Rhodarmer Sq. Ldr. Goss Young Todd Baker Noles Sq. Ldr. Davis Bean Shell Scruggs Shell Sq. Ldr. Simmons S Sgt. Tidmore Corbin Ham Smith Sq. Ldr. Liles Lacy Hood Griffith Ray Sq. Ldr. Lowe White Benson McCoy 2 Lt. Morgan Pit. Sgt. Story 2 Lt. Denham 1 Sgt. Duckett 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon Com. Cmdr. 1 Lt. Hon. 1 Lt. Snider Cunningham 2 Lt. Lynn Pit. Sgt. Daniel McCaully 3rd Platoon Sq. Ldr. Norris S.F.C. Vandergrif Griffith Justice Townsend Sq. Ldr. Long (iambic Pannell Mountain Sampson Templeton 2 Lt. Norris Pit. Sgt. YoungCharlie Company Com. Cmdr. 1 Lt. Hon. 1 Lt. Thacker Exo. Frye 1 Sgt. Newman Guidon Martin Burkes 1st Platoon 2 Lt. Elmore Pit. Sgt. Traylor Sq. Ldr. Baker Nunnally Edwards Edwards Southerland Sq. Ldr. Townsen Crawford Liles Childress Cooley Sq. Ldr. Bright Leeth Thrash Lyles Brown 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon 2 Lt. Sewell Sq. Ldr. Hasty Moon Glasco Hardeman Childress Sq. Ldr. Treece Long Bryant fsdell Hooper Sq. Ldr. Lynn Orr Lowery Mayes McClendon Sq. Ldr. Reeves Webb Brooks Sims Hill Sq. Ldr. Williamson Walker Floyd Minor Robinson Sq. ldr. Wester Terrell Watwood Cowan BeardenColor Guard Sgt. Ingram Sgt. Williams Corp. George Corp. Wilkes Band 2 Lt. Hoffman 1 Sgt. HallQuill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists. Memltership is a distinct honor and is reserved for those outstanding publications staff meml ers who meet the basic requirements established by the society and its local chapters. Candidates for Quill and Scroll mmeliership must have demonstrated fully to the satisfaction of their staff advisor, the l»oard of publication and the school principal that they merit the award. Top Row: Miss Brasher. H. Pegues, S. Lewis, S. Duvall, D. Cofield, R. Moultrie, T. Trussell. Second Row: K. Locklear. M. L LeCroy, P. Camp, S. Gilliland, R. Upton, M. Lang. Bottom Row: L. Moore, J. Baker. P. Ashley, S. Oliver, Mrs. Weathers. VICA The purposes of VICA are symbolized by its emblem: the torch of knowledge: the orbital circles symbolizing new technology and research; the grar as the traditional symbol of industry; and the untrained hands of youth, reaching for the torch of knowledge. Officers: Frank Lang, Mike B num. Don Smith. Tom Harvey, Patsy Rowell, Mr. Camp, Sponsor. Kneeling: L. lo R.: V. Kilpatrick, B. Matthews, B. Davis, M. Matheny, P. Rowell, F. Edmonson, C. Kirkland, J. Russell, S. Horton, B. Vaughn. Standing: L. to R. J. Brown, W. Tidmore, T. Harvey, M. White, D. Smith. M. Bynum. F. Lang, K. Morgan, M. Winckles, T. Williamson, Mr. Camp. Sponsor.Speech Club Gives Christmas Choral Log The speech class is made up of an eager group who tries to learn the art of verbal expression, modified by the artist to communicate, activate, entertain, persuade—using the vocabulary color wheel to shade the mental canvas . . . L. to R.: M. LeCroy, P. Thacker, M. Lang, B. Bolding, P. Ashley, B. Burgess. S. Stone. .1. Hilsman. B. Campbell. T. Quinn, W. Lusk, S. Couch, Mrs. Keller, Instructor. “Speech class is learning to speak properly plus a lot of fun. “Mrs. Keller puts much effort into her speech class.” 92L. to R.: Mrs. Keller, Sponsor, Tommy Dunn, Susan Gilliland, Sharon Duvall. Bonnie Burgess, Myra Lang, Tony Quinn, Mary Lou LeCroy, David Cofield, Helen Pegues, Boh Hooper, Kathy Bray, Roy Moultrie, Pat Thacker, Pat Ashley, Pat Camp, Assistant Director. Sitting: Donna Bishop, Glen Hackney. Stage Director, Mary Joiner, Mala Orr, Rosemary Hackney, Dorinda Webb. Judy Baker, Delane Hill, Lx uis Ebersole.Future Farmers of America I he FFA is the national organization for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools under the provisions of the national Vocational Education Acts. The FFA is an intra-eurricular activity having its origin and root in a definite part of the school curriculum. Officers: Lcwaync Levans, Tony Daniels, Mr. Gregory, Billy Holmes, Paul Lynn, L. to R.: L. Levans, T. Daniels, B. Holmes, P. Lynn, R. Childress, D. Childress. L. Childress, J. Bryant, J. Tidmore, J. Edward, D. Childress, L. Pearce, J. Young, J. Hedricks, M. Patterson, F. Lang, C. Edward, K. Isdell, L. Floyd, T. Burdette, J. Baker, D. Todd, R. Dalrymple, W. Long, V. Cooper, R. Collins, S. Anthony, J. Mountain, E. Webb, L. Beck, G. Bean, A. Armstrong. FFA Awards: Paul Lynn, First Place Speaking; David Todd, Second Place Speaking; Rickey Childress, DeKalb Agricultural Award; Leonard Pearce, Chapter Star Farmer Award. 94Mu Alpha Theta Mu Alpha Theta, which is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, is an organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among high school and junior college students. Officers: Pat Brown, Kathy Hood, Roy Moultrie, Kay Mullinax, Mrs. Rohinson. L. to R. B. Tidwell, E. Montgomery, S. Mustek, L. McKee, S. Morrison, M. Jolley R Grace, J. Baker, S. Duvall, K. Mullinax, K. Hood, chamb|ee, Burks, I- Webb, B. Karr. J. Hannah, R. Waldrop, T. Smith, D. Mathis, A. Cole, A Armstrong I. Dennis, R. Woodham, E. Jones, R. j Harvey. B. Spurlin, T. Dunn, D. Martin, R. Cook, Mrs. Robinson, I). Cofield. D. West, R. Hunt R. Camp, R. Moultrie, T. Trussell. T. Quinn. M. Pack. A. Masters, P. Brown.Aggie Pep Club ‘Aggies Win’ The main purpose of the Aggie Pep Club is to promote true school spirit and to support the cheerleaders and all the school teams in all events. The Pep Club lets the Aggies know that we’re all behind them. 96 Officers: M. Bynum, Pres., D. Kirby, Sec.-Treas., M. Ball, Vice-Pres.Officers: Helen Pegues, Mr. Blanks Ramona Upton, Sheila Smith. F.T.A. Future Teachers helps students to understand that “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” Future Teachers gain through experiences the responsibility of teaching and greater appreciation of the teaching profession. M. Jolley, D. Pell, H. Pegues, E. Montgomery, B. Tidwell, S. Smith, P. Pickens M. Johnson, C. Livingston, P. Pankey, J. Myers B. Bright. I). Bishop, M. Lang, S. Davis, M. Orr, 1). Raines D. Duvall. S. Duvall, T. Martin. M. Erwin, S. Lewis J. Norris, C. Mastin, D. Kirby, D. Hunt. S. Gilliland, R. Upton, G. Bearden, J. Baker, I). Webb, P. Ashley, F. Sams, C. Terrell. E. Lambert, V. Tec, P. Rowe. D. Cinners I). Wilson, C. Young. K. Hood, L). Howard, I). Thacker, M. Snider, W. Daniels, L. McKee, P. Goodwin, D. Rowe, P. Roden, N. Hayes, E. Erwin, T. Green, I). Teague, 1). Hubbard, M. Patterson, B. Campbell. B. Sanders, J. Hannah. A. Cole, B. Stewart, J. Teague, R. Swords, D. Ingram, F. Lang, A. Lceth, O. Jones B. Hunt. R. Cook, J. Tolbert, J. Cambron, J. Henley, C. Baker, B. Hooper, T. Quinn, A. Armstrong, J. Terrell, S. Kash. M. Franks R. Duckett, K. Smith. R. Duckett, J. Gore, J. Burks. 97The Letterman Club consists of boys who have earned letters in varsity sports; usually, these sports are football, basketball, baseball, and track, a boy earns a letter usually by playing 16 quarters of varsity football. A letter is earned in basketball by participating in the district tournament; letters are earned in track by earning or scoring two or more individual points and a letter is earned in baseball by being on the team and playing in the games for the full season. These letters do not come easily and a boy has to work very hard to earn one. Officers: E. Jones, pres., R. Lowery, vice-pres., M. Patterson. treas.. J. Burks, sec. The Letterman’s Club M. Patterson, B. Stewart, D. Teague. S. Martin. D. Jenkins, J. Johnson, J. Terrell. E. Jones, D. Hill, B. Collier, C. Hagler, J. Burks. K. Smith, F. Beasley, G. Ham, J. Teague, A. Armstrong, E. Mayas, R. Lowery, J. Cambron, B. Sanders, J. Hannah, J. Morgan, Mr. Jack Wells, Coach Cole, R. Cunningham, R. Gist, J. Morgan, T. Quinn, M. Franks. M. Elmore, R. Hilsman, W. Kimberly, G. Bruce, M. Hogens, S. Appleton, A. Davis, M. Floyd, T. Dobbins, R. Sewell, W. Leonard, J. Henley, A. Cole. Fellowship of Christian Athletes M. Elmore, R. Cunningham, P. Sewell, M. Franks. R. Swords, J. Teague, A. Davis, T. Dunn, M. Strange, D. Hill, G. Ham. A. Armstrong. B. Sanders. J. Hannah. J. Morgan. W. Leonard. J. Cambron, M. Spurlin, J. Burks, M. Ball, S. Appleton, T. Quinn. J. Terrell, D. Teague. E. Jones. E. Mayas. R. Lowery. A. Cole, B. Stewart, J. Henley, M. Patterson, R. Norris. Officers: R. Cunningham, R. Lowery , Coach Cole, Mr. Jack Wells, J. Hannah, E. Jones.Gavel Club To promote self-confidence, to instil! poise, to inspire initiative—these are the aims of the Albertville High School Gavel Club . . . We strive to achieve these goals through better listening, thinking, and speaking, learning and using parliamentary procedure also helps to equip our members to become tomorrow’s civic leaders. E. Goss, S. Duvall, D. Roden, M. Johnson, H. Pogues, V. Evans, R. Upton, Mrs. Rudolph. M. Strange, T. Harvey, K. Mullinax, S. Sutton, B. Chamblce, P. Pickens, J. Burks, B. Tidwell, D. Ingram, M. Lang, I). Howard, D. Cofield, K. Hood, S. Lewis, B. Hunt, S. Duvall, T. Martin, M. McKee. Officers: Bill Chamblee, Tom Harvey, Bobby Hunt, Denise Howard, Mrs. Rudolph. Ramona Upton 99Junior Civitans Junior Civitans are organized and sponsored by regularly chartered and active clubs of Civitan International. Junior Civitan membership is based on good citizenship. Boys eligible for membership in Junior Civitan must be recommended by three teachers on basis of leadership, school spirit, honesty, cooperation, scholarship, character, and dependability. L. Webb, L. Pearce, T. Harvey, D. Eason, S. Strickland, H. Moultrie, T. Trussed, T. Quinn, Mr. Gregory, T. Dunn, L. Levans, R. Sewell, B. Hunt, D. Hubbard, J. Hannah, R. Cunningham, J. Cambron, M. Pack, A. Masters, B. Hooper, R. Cook, M. Patterson, F. Lang, D. Martin, E. Jones, A. Armstrong, G. Hackney, R. Camp, J. Story, B. Karr, M. Franks, S. Kash, R. Duckett, S. Roden, J. Dennis, J. Gore, J. Burks, A. Leeth, D. Williams, D. Ingram, K. Smith. 100L. to R.: B. lx ng, E. Erwin. J. Moore, J. Camp, G. Gilliland, 1). Duckett, D. Tant. J. Johnson, M. Jackson, M. Snider, G. Matheny, D. Thacker, D. Hubbard, B. Sutton, M. Edmonson, E. Mayas, S. Archer, B. Hooper. G. Thacker, P. Pickens, J. Chastain, L. Scruggs, R. Falkner, R. Martin, R. Frye, D. Duckett, T. Chasty, L. Hoffman. W. Wells. D. Bums. J. Culp, A. Crews. S. Manness, R. Clough. Officers: L. to R.: Donna Duckett—Vice-Pres., Brenda Long—Treas., Page Pickens—Sec., Debbie Thacker—Pres., Mrs. McBrayer—Sponsor. “A Spanish Beetle” Spanish Club The Spanish Cluh is an organization which offers an opportunity to discuss the ideas and customs and to promote a better understanding of the Spanish people.Library Club The Library Club has other projects along with its main purpose of rendering effectual library service, such as; participation in homecoming, reading with hospital patients, Library Club alumni courtesies, and the year’s final event, the annual Library Club picnic. Officers: Dolly Davis, Jcanic Duke, Peggy Gardener, Mrs. Couch, Peggy Stevens. Wanda Daniels, Kathy Dooley. Standing: Mrs. Couch—Sponsor, Peggy Gardener, Annette Crews. Rebecca Clough, Gail Blackman. Wanda Daniels. Sitting: Dorinda Webb, Margaret Jolley, Judy Anderson, Jeannie Duke, Brenda Long. Peggy Stevens. Kathy Dooley, Judy Kittle.JCL The Junior Classical League furnishes opportunities for pleasures hie learning of much about the Romans and their civilization. It provides atmosphere for friendly relations between teacher and student and student and student. It can develop leadership, responsibility and encourage originality. It can help the student develop friendly appreciation of ancient art and literature. Seniors: K. Mullinax. P. Camp. K. Locklear, M. J. Erwin, T. Martin, S. Lewis, K. Hood, S. Duvall, M. L. LeCroy, J. Baker. K. Bray. V. Alford. M. Ball, T. Dunn. T. Trussell, D. Martin. Dick Ingram. State Vice-Pres. First Year Members: F. Bonds, D. Todd. M. Nelson, M. Veal, P. Smith. T. Smith, D. Roe, K. Maddux, C. Lusk. P. Roden, V. Anderson. M. Jolley, S. Davis, D. Teague, L. Whitten, C. Wilmore, K. Dalrymple. S. Wakefield. S. (iarnes, L. Gilbert, J. Gunter, P. Stone, S. Henley. T. Green. D. Wilson. J. Webb, I). Shell. R. Gardner. 1). Jones, R. Wilks, J. Rice, V. Sanders, A. I-eeth, C. Mastin, G. Liles, J. Norris, M. Martin. P. Goodwin, E. Ray, D. Lowery, G. Young. C. Duke. C. Young, F. Downs, B. Morgan, M. Reeves, B. Breland, A. Davis, A. Masters, B. Karr. B. Hood, K. Smith. Officers: Betty Hood, Deborah Todd, Alan Davis, Phyllis Gilliland. John Burks, Mrs. Strickland. Sponsor. Second Year Members: M. Johnson, D. Roden, E. Goss, E. Montgomery, S. Morrison, V. Carr, P. Gilliland, C. Sparks, K. Camp, S. Musick, C. Livingston, B. Tidwell, D. Duvall, D. Bishop, D. Raines. D. Webb, F. Sams, P. Ashley, M. J. Erwin, M. Orr, T. Martin. P. Thacker, K. Hood, S. Lewis, S. Oliver, J. Burks, M. Hall. S. Roden, J. Tolbert, J. Dennis, L. Robinson. K. Smith. 103Aggie Marching Band .' - V jJr v iv . IMajorettesSharon Musick—Jr.—1 Color Guard Ann Matthews—Sr. Susan Gilliland—Sr. Kathy McCreless—Soph.—1 yr. Susan Dyar—Jr.—1 yr. 108Saxophones: Top Ron: M. Bearden, . Dunn. Clarinets: Browing, Carr, Whitten. Wilmore, Chastain, Officers: Hackney, Roden, Duvall, Goss, Upton. M. Lang, B. Breland, C. Boyd, M. Johnson, L. Woods, Mullinax, Barclift, Brumlik, Ship, Hackney. Slaton, Gilliland, Seay, Martin, Adams, Cair. Segars, D. Martin, D. Tant. Camp, Harris, Henry, Colvin, Duvall, Dalrymple, Hoff- Hackney, Lang. Mullinax, Woods, Barclift. man, Duckett, Hughes, Crowe, Wakefield, Spurlin. Thompson, Hayes, Williams, Reeves, George. Percussion: Jackson, Hall, Morgan, Burnett, Segers, Hoffman, York, Matthews, Landers, Van-treece, Hoffman. Seniors: Hackney, Martin, Woods, Burnett, Ebersole. Couch, Mullinax, Barclift, Lang, Hackney, Gilliland. Seay. Upton, Duvall. Bray. Flutes: Roe, Bolding, Templeton, Cook, Winkles, Turner, Rice, Eason, Duvall, Harris.Bass: Slaton, Sutton. Breasele, ('ouch, Ebersole. Reeves, Chaffin. Dance Band plays for Coronation. Beard, Bright. Albertville High School Dance Band: M. Hall, M. Johnson, M. Bearden, S. Couch. K. Spurlin. B. Ebersole, Mr. Couch, T. Brown, D. Martin. D. Adams, F. Burnett. Officers: Joe Beam, Sharon L)auj£ctte. Mr . Haggood, Nalda Jane Davis. Johnny Mast in X. Gibson. |). Ennis. H. Swords, | Davis. G. j. Beam, 5. C. Hagler, J. Harvey, S. Boldin ;. |). Down Hannah, K. I Mr . B. Grace.B.O.E. The BOE Club is a unique program for high school girls. Juniors and Seniors. The help and inspiration of BOE Club prepare the girls for a smooth transition from the school environment to the working world. The main objectives are: to help develop initiative and leadership; to study vocations and prepare for careers; to give service to school and community; and to accept the responsibility of citizenship. Members: L. Woods, J. Stephens, P. Pankey, B. Smith. M. Simpson, F. Wester, S. Me-Creeless, J. Lacey, M. Joiner, K. Terrell. B. Smith, G. Carver. S. Henry. Mrs. Little. D.E.C.A. DECA is a training program for Juniors and Seniors in high school who wish to enter the field of distribution. It includes those occupations which deal with the distribution of goods and services to the public. Officers: J. Gore, B. Robinson, R. Simmons, T. McClendon. J. Smith, C. Barnes. ||2 L. to R.: D. Fuller, J. Duke, J. Lybrand, K. Banics, B. Robinson, G. Templeton, R. Simmons, M. Bethune. T. Smith, T. McClendon, G. Thomas, T. Frazier, L. Weeks, B. Hunt, S. Strickland, R. Honea, J. Core. F. Lanjr. P. Chaffin, J. Smith. R. Duckett.The Beta Club is a service club with two main projects, the publication of the school newspaper and sponsoring annual Arbor Day. Membership is based on character, high scholastic achievement, and qualities of leadership. “Let us lead by serving others” is the motto of the club. Sr. Beta sponsors Arbor Day Senior Beta Club Officers: H. Moultrie, J. Baker, S. Oliver, S. Musick, P. Camp, L. Webb, D. Roden, Mrs. W'eathers, Sponsor. E. Jones. B. Davis L. Webb, T. Trussed, R. Moultrie, R. Wilks, D. Lowery, R. Camp, J. Dennis, B. Karr, P. Gilliland, J. Burks. S. Dunn, L. Gilbert, J. Gunter, S. Carnes, J. E. Rice, Mrs. W’eathers, Sponsor; S. Archer. B. Chamblee, D. Kirby, W. Long, G. Liles, D. Martin, E. Goss, M. Johnson, S. Duvall, K. Bray, R. Upton, P. Smith, P. Roden, J. Culp, S. Manness, S. Henley. D. Roden. B. Sutton. J. Norris, D. Todd, T. Green, M. L. LeCrov, K. Locklear. K. Mullinax, J. Duke, P. Camp, S. Oliver, J. Baker, S. Musick, R. Moultrie. 113Aggierama Staff Pat Camp—Co-Editor, Mrs. Weathers—Sponsor, Sandra Oliver—Co-Editor Left to Right: J. Burks—Sports Editor. J. Dennis—Business Manager, R. Left to Right: John Burks. Belinda Sutton, John Dennis, Richard Camp—Circulation, J. Johnson -Typist, B. Karr—Exchange Editor. Sitting: Camp, Jimmy Johnson, Judy Baker, Billy Karr, Mrs. Weathers. B. Sutton—Junior Editor, J. Baker—Features Editor. Sponsor. Sitting: Pat Camp—Co-Ed., Sandra Oliver—Co-Ed. 114Science Club Goes to District Fair The objective of the Science Club is to support the educational mission of the science department, to cultivate an awareness of science for all, develop critical thinking, and provide career information in science. Kneeling: L. to R.: V. Alford, M. Elmore, M. Jackson, W. Daniels, E. Goss, II. Pegues, S. I-cwis, K. Hood. S. Duvall, T. Martin, M. J. Erwin, M. McKee, M. Lang. J. Baker, I). Webb, S. Cochran, J. Myers, K. Locklear. Standing: L. to R.: K. Waldrop, L. Davis, K. Camp, J. Story, A. Lang, h. Mayas, K. Cook, B. Sanders, G. Smith, J. Hannah, I). Hubbard, M. Ball, R. Swords. J. Dennis, B. Hunt, M. Pack, R. Eason, L. Webb, D. Eason, R. Woodham. 1). Cofield, E. Jones. T. Trussell, M. Orr. J. Hilsman, S. Stone. M. L. LcCroy, P. Camp, R. Moultrie, J. Burks, K. Mullinax, L. Moore, S. Oliver, S. Smith. T. Quinn. J. Latham. Mr. Neighbors. Sponsor.Future Homemakers of America Officers: M. Johnson, D. Roden, G. Locklear, H. Pcgues D. Lathcm, Mrs. Head. Mrs. Brazelton, P. Ashley, S. Oliver. Second Year: Roden, Pell, Robinson Rains, Duke, Shnpson Dooley, Dans, Barksdale, Jolley, Terrell, Daniel, Pegues, Locklear, Carr, Centers, Johnson, Lewis, Lccroy, Camp, Orr, Myers, Burgess, Ashley, Turley, Thomas, Riddle, Dendy, Dickson, Johnson, Dendy, Grace, Stephens, Whitten, Campbell, Lathem, Mil wood. First Year: B. Hanvey, V. Anderson, G. Matheny, J. Latham, K. Maddux. D. Spurlin, B. Bucanon, S. Smith, P. Smith, D. Duckett, B. Childress, C Winkles, C Young, K. Dalrymple, C. Iajsk, T. Smith, K. Winkle. D. McCreless, S. Henley, J. Slaton. B. Hood, I). Tant, B. Turner, S. Carnes, P. Roden, J. Rice, M. Terrell, S. Mann ess, P. Slone, A. llrumlik, A. Tucker, S. Smith, J. Gunter, C. Wilmore, P. Smith, D. Rowe, D. Todd, C. Mastin, I). Kirby, S. Dunn, P. GoodWinn, E. Lambert, M. Martin, F. Bonds. E. Erwin, T. Green, N. Wilmore, B. York. Mrs. Brazelton and Mrs. Head Third Year: R. Barksdale, D. Webb, £ Oliver, S. Barcliff.FEATURES Editors: Marsha Johnson Sharon MusickKingsman Tom Harvey Kingsman Eddy JonesMike BruceMiss Ellen Goss 23 126 Miss Betty HoodMiss Becky Browning 127Ronnie Eason Pat Ashley Senior Kath) Locklear 130 Margaret McKee Rodney LoweryFavorites Kddie Mayas Mar) Jane Erwin Tracy Trussell 131Deborah Duvall Denise Hubbard 132 JuniorFavorites Belinda Sutton Jerry Cambron Mike Elmore Mike SpurlinDonna Tan! Richard Ingram Durrall Teague Pal Goodwin 134Eighth Grade Morton Hodgens Gail Hoffman Charles Hannah Favorites Patti Snider 137Coronation Court of A.H.S. Junior (.'lass Standard llrarrr 8lli Grade Standard Heart Freshman Class ClassJ I,, : 139Coronation Skits Egghead Enchantress leads Sophomores to second placeBand Dance — “Psychedelia” “I’m not being facetious” Band Siveethearl Sharon Duvall Leadout: Vicki Carr, Allen Breland, Ellen Goss, Mike Strange, Betty Hood, Sandy Roden, Sharon Wakefield, Darry Martin. worm experiments with YogaAttendants are recognized in parade Homecoming 1969 A Road Retaken Homecoming is flowers ant) dancing— floats and prizes—queens and quarter-hacks—laughter and tears. It is a time of retrospect and anticipation. For many it is a pilgrimage on a road well traveled. Slierrs i' crowned! •It s like this, hoys Freshmen work hard un float 143Harvest Hop Juniors Rate a Success Homecoming Court: L. to R.: John Burks, Debra Todd, Mike Pack Belinda Bolding, Tom Harvey, Ann Matthews, Leonard Pierce, Sherry Lewis, Roy Moultrie, Rachael Barksdale, Sandy Roden, Denise Huh-hard, Mike Sptirlirv Mar-quita Snider, Fred Downs, Pat Goodwin. 1969 Homecoming Queen, Sherry Lewis 144Valentine Dance Jr. High Queen, Gail Hoffman Sr. High Queen, Donna Watwood Flowers from last year’s queen, Brenda Holcomb Top 5, Senior High DivisionF.H.A.-F.F.A. Queen, Rachael liarksdalc is crowned by Mr. Gregor) 1969 F.H.A. Queen D.„°n. fin,!oXaT ,' ‘m°re' H°°d’ P“ Goodwi"' Rach“el' , eW“ "a ".A.. Ka.hy I-ocklear.Shining brass—long dresses—and the scent of pine were all a par' of the First Annual Christmas Military Ball. The festivities featured an impressive leadout and a 35 foot Christmas tree. The military uniforms and procedure added dignity to the occasion. 147Jr.-Sr. Prom “Carousel” Gingerbread house is made. Picasso at work Refueling Station Jr. Class Pres, and date, Jenny Slaton. Sr. Class Pres, and date Paulette Pankey “I bet you say that to all tne girls.”Every little bit counts ‘ It’s your choice. Mack.' The Line up “On A Carousel" L. to H.: Ben Gore, Judy Baker, Bobby Hunt, Denise Hubbard, Jenny Slaton, Mike Spurlin, Paulette Pankey, Tom Harvey, Sandra Oliver, Tracy Trussell, Brenda Holsonback. Rodney Lowery. 149Officers and dates Ralph Cunningham, Marquita Snider. Joe Core, Nancy Thompson. Jimmy Terrell, Denise Huhhard. Lcadout 150Senior Personalities Donnie Eason Tommy Thrash Brenda Holcomh Mary Lou LeCroyDon Hubbard Vicki Evans SeniorAlan Cole Kathy Bray Personalities Kathy Hood Mike PackJunior PersonalitiesFred Downs Cynthia Mastin SophomoreAllen Leeth Diane Hunt Cathy McCreless Personalities Robert Howard 157Freshman Personalities Joe Beam Julia Weeks Ralph Willoughby Steve Gentry 158Eighth Grade Personalities Pat Davis Diane StewartClub Banquets (1-2) Beta Banquet (3) Jr. Civitan Banquet (4) Football Banquet (5) Bobby Stewart, Outstanding Back (6) Speaker, Steve Sloan (7) Bobby Sanders, Goof-off Award (8) Eddy Jones, Scholastic Award (9) Alan Cole, Sportsmanship (10) Hannah presenting coaches with gifts (11) John Hannah, Lineman Award (12) Latin Banquet (13) John Burks, Pres. J.C.L. and date Belinda Sutton (14) Bosses night for diversified occupations (15, 16) Gavel Club Banquet. 160SPORTS Editor: Mike StrangeFootball 1968-69 Bobby Sanders—Sr. Marlin Franks—Sr. Mike Strange—Sr. A’VILLE (13) VS. ARAB (13) The Aggies started off the season against Arab. Trailing 13 to 0 at the half, the Aggies played a great second half. Davis ran a punt return to the 10 yard line and J. Teague ran it in for the second touchdown, tying the score 13 to 13. 162ALBERTVILLE 7 ANNISTON 28 The Aggies went to Anniston with victory on their minds. Due to injuries and sickness the Aggies went to defeat, but fighting all the way. John Hannah—Sr. Bobby Stewart—Sr. Tony Quinn—Sr. Alan Cole—Sr. Delane Hill—Sr. Delano Holmes—Sr. 163b T?'8 5 ■52 w Aggies ■. v.. • - v I « ?'■ , » A’VILLE (0) VS. GADSDEN (40) The Aggies fought against overwhelming odds. With the loss of J. Teague and A. Davis the Aggies fell to a mighty opponent. The Tigers were held by the Aggies to little gains the first half, but in the second half the Aggies could not repel the oncoming Tigers. Eddy Jones—Sr. Rodney Lowery—Sr. Johnny Teague—Sr. 166ALBERTVILLE (13) VS. SCOTTSBORO (33) The Wildcats of Scottsboro were one of the hardest opponents the Aggies faced this year. The Aggies held Scottsboro to little or no gains the second half. 167From Defeat to Victory ALBERTVILLE (13) VS. FT. PAYNE (6) The fighting Aggies got their first taste of victory for the season and how sweet it was! The Aggies showed their true ability. Jimmy Terrell—Jr. Mike Elmore—Soph. Skippy Appleton—Fresh. Randy Woodham—Soph. 168“Fighting Like an Aggie” Coach Cole’s encouragement was a great asset to the morale of the team. Dennis Norris—Jr. Arnold Armstrong—Jr. Jerry Camhron—Jr. Alan Davis—Soph. 169A’VILLE (6) VS. G’VILLE (14) The Aggies arrived in Guntersville to face the wildcats, our “River Rivals,” for the last game of the season. Randy Sewell—Jr. Ralph Cunningham—Jr. 170Jerry Morgan—Jr. ALBERTVILLE (7) VS. EMMA SANSOM (17) Aggie Homecoming was dimmed by defeat. The Emma Sansom Rebels managed to overpower the Fighting Aggies during the second half of this exciting game. 171 Durall Teague—Soph.Season of Unified Team Effort Gary Beam—Junior Gary Ham—Junior Virgil Leonard—Junior A’VILLE (0) VS. ETOWAH (33) Aggie fans saw a hard fought battle. The Aggies gave a good account of themselves. They played a hard game, but mistakes cost them the game. 172■A’VILLE (7) VS. OXFORD (40) The Aggies faced the Oxford Yellow Jackets for the first time this season. They looked strong until a fumble stopped the Aggies short of a touchdown. They could only muster up one touchdown for the rest of the game. Although the Aggies met defeat, the game was a good one.Varsity and Coaching Staff ALBERTVILLE (13) VS. BOAZ (6) The Mighty Aggies crushed the Pirates in a tremendous battle. Two touchdowns were called back, but the Aggies pulled out a victory in the second half. Richard Cole Head Coach Don Shankles Assistant Coach Randall Black Assistant Coach A. Davis, M. Strange, B. Sanders, Ed. Jones, D. Teague, D. Hill, J. Hannah, A. Cole, G. Nunally, T. Quinn, B. Stewart, R. Cunningham, R. Black, B. Holmes, M. Franks, F. Camp, G. Bruce, D. Cagle, G. Ham, R. Gist, J. Beam, V. Leonard, J. Morgan, T. Dobbins, R Lowery, G. Beam, R. Cole, T. Daniels, S. Appleton, J. Terrell, T. Griffith, R. Sewell, R. Woodham, W. Leonard, M. Elmore, D. Norris, A. Armstrong, S. Martin, R. Southerland. 175Debra Duvall—Jr.—2 yrs. Debra Rains—Jr.—1 yr. Diane Millwood—Sr.—1 yr. Cheerleaders -'»• ’ . ■ 4.UK. ;... ,.fv Debbie Wilson—Soph.—1 yr. ' 1 - W ••• Kathy Hood—Sr.—1 yr. . , • $. Head—Mary Jane Erwin—Sr.—3 yrs. 177Basketball ’68-’69 Aggies’ Schedule Albertville vs. Guntersville Albertville vs. Fort Payne Albertville vs. Etowah Albertville vs. Gadsden Albertville vs. Lee Albertville vs. Lanier Albertville vs. Fort Payne Albertville vs. Boaz Albertville vs. Emma Sansom N.E.A.C. Tournament Albertville vs. Cullman Albertville vs. Anniston Albertville vs. Gadsden County Tournament Albertville vs. Boaz Albertville vs. Emma Sansom Albertville vs. Lee Albertville vs. Anniston Albertville vs. Cullman Albertville vs. Etowah Albertville vs. Guntersville Regional Tournament Coach Sloan Coach Baker Jerry Cambron John Burks John Henley Jimmy Terrell Jerome Bryant Mike Spurlin Victor Alford Zeke Bentley Mike Bullard Mack Patterson Durall Teague Johnny Teague 178Fourth quarter pressure mounts . .. the score is tied .. . only seconds to go ... ‘“Let’s go big Aggies” .. . the ball’s in play ... a pass under the basket . . . shoot, SHOOT ... IT’S GOOD! ... the horn ... we win! J. Cambron M. Bullard M. Spurlin 181Players Named to All County Team V. Alford J. Terrell 1821st Row (L. to R.): D. Childress, K. Morton, C. Maker, R. Southerland, A. Davis. 2nd Row (L. to RJ: T. Kirkland, V. Cooper, N. Morris, M. Orr, C. Bean, G. Lyles. 183 B-Team Basketball ’68-’69184Tennis Team Mr. Shirah, Paul Lynn. Clenn Hackney. Sandy Roden, Dick Adams, John Burks, Ken Smith, Bobby Hunt. Wrestling Team 186 Randy Lang, Tony Quinn, Delano Holmes, John Hannah, Ricky Frye, Mike Rives, Dennis Norris.Baseball ’68-’69 Steve Gentry, Wayne Kimberly, Danny Hammett, Mike Elmore, Byron Spurlin. Danny Jenkins, Guy Bruce, Ralph Willoughby, Jimmy Tolbert, Ricky Patterson, Joe Beam, Alan Davis, Jerry Cambron, Ralph Cunningham, Mike Bullard, Mike Spurlin, David Williams, David Sampson, Irby Camp, Allen Leeth, Jerry Morgan. Johnny Teague, Durall Teague. Alan Cole. Dennis Smith. Coach Shankles and Coach Black.Cole slides, Cunningham lags. Outfield: R. Willoughby, R. Patterson, S. Gentry. A. Leeth, W. Kimberly. J. Morgan, D. Smith, A. Davis, A. Cole, M. Elmore. 188Track Team Rickey Gist, Marvin Ball, Bobby Hunt, Bobby Stewart, Don Hubbard, Jimmy Terrell. The track team was coached by Mr. Amason. Standing: Rickey Gist, Jimmy Terrell, Randy Sewell. Kneeling: John Hannah, Rodney Lowery. 189Golf Team Golf Supplemented Albertville’s Spring Sports Program Kash tecs off. Steve Laverdcr, Victor Alford, Bunky Ebcrsole, Spray Kash, James Johnson, Lee Rudolph. Bill Morgan, Robert Howard. 1901968 Junior Aggies Enjoy Fine Season The 1968 Junior Aggies played their hearts out this year and came up with good results. The stalwarts for this year’s team were, Morton Hodges, Ray Smith, Charles Hannah, Jesse Bentley, and the entire Aggie line. Congratulations to the Junior Pooney gives strategy . Scoreboard gives story.Junior High Cheerleaders Lorre Gaither—Freshman Gail Hoffman—8th Grade Pam Williams—Freshman Phyllis Campbell—8th Grade Donna Gore—Freshman Debbie Partridge—Freshman 192VCU? Ktt'S? OQ ? « 'In the hills of Alabama in a town called Albertville. There rule and it’s there we’ll alway Awards Are Given 1. School Activities—Belinda Bolding, Brenda Dalrymple. 2. Civitan—Roy Moultrie. 3. Biological Science—Judy Baker. 4. Citizenship—Elaine Moore. 5. Outstanding Student-Eddy Jones. 6. Jr. High Golden Rule—Malcolm Landers. 7. All Around Students—Tony McClendon, Charlotte McLendon. 8. Crisco—Sherry Lewis. 9. School Spirit —John Hannah, Catrina Smith. 10. Sportsmanship—Delano Holmes. 11. Jr. High All Around Student—Boh Hawkins. 12. Jr. High Citizenship—Randy Hillsman. 13. Athletics— John Hannah. 14. Betty Crocker—Ethlyn Davis. 15. Sr. High Citizenship—Rodney Lowery. 196On Class NightYou to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sevei may he for a day vl 200 Whether we win or whether we lose With the hands that life is dealing It is not we nor the wav we choose But the fall of the cards that s sealing There’s a fate in love and a fate in fight And the best of us all go under— Whether we’re wrong or whether we’re right nd it well mav l»e forever. PWr ' But whether we meet or whether we part For our ways are past our knowing) A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart On the ways we all are going. We win sometimes to our wonder. ith a steady swing and an open brow We have tramped the ways together But we’re clasping hands at the crossroads now WWW1 In the fiend’s own night for weather. And whether we bleed or whether we smile In the leagues that lie before us, The ways of life are many a mile And the dark of fate is o’er us. You to the left and I to the right For the ways of men must It well may lie for a day and a night And it well may be forever. But whether we live or whether we die (For the end is past our knowing) We’ve fine, frank hearts and the open sky. Be a fair or an ill wind blowing. Richard HoveyWashington Will Never Be the Same!!! I’ll never tell! Show us YOUR Marlboro. Little do they know what is at the top! I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday • - 202WELLS Your Clothing Store of Values Albertville, Alabama JACK WELLS GEORGE WELLS Sponsors of Fellowship of Christian AthletesCompliments of Your Friendly The Smart Place To Go... For Good Things To Eat! Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Mitchell Gary H. Ledbetter Howard's Barber Shop Burger's Burdett Motors Bunk Fossett Bonds Bros. Supply Southern Yarns, Inc. The 1969 Annual Staff would like to thank the merchants, businessmen, and all other who helped make this yearbook possible. 205WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA . . . "First in sales, quality, and leadership" WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA CHILDCRAFT WORLD BOOK DICTIONARIES WORLD BOOK ATLAS CYCLO-TEACHER (Ralph has it) For a complete demonstration, write: WILLIE R. INGRAM Box 725 Albertville, Alabama 35950 or phone: 878-6470 206CITY OF ALBERTVILLE N. D. DARDEN Mayor Councilmen George Radford Tommy Maddux Hinfon Mifchem L. P. Maness Ralph Vaugn THE KENDALL COMPANY Albertville Plant "A Good Place to Work" Part of Alabama's Vital Textile Industry Albertville, Alabama D. W TRACTOR and MOTOR COMPANY P. O. Box 346 878-1332 Albertville, Alabama 207ROBERT'S and WEATHERS FURNITURE COMPANY Boaz, Alabama RIED'S REYNOLD'S RESTAURANT CLOTHING "By the Lake" and Owned and Operated By HOMER and MICHAEL REID FABRICS Phone 582-3162 Hwy. 431. S. Supplying Entire Guntersville, Alabama Family and Home Hwy. 431, Atop Sand Mt. Albertville, Alabama 208ALBERTVILLE ASBURY ROOFING and SUPPLY GROCERY COMPANY INC. Owners: "All types of MR. and MRS. BOBBY D. RAINS water proofing" East Main Street Albertville, Alabama Asbury, Alabama ALBERTVILLE FLOWER SHOP - GIVE FLOWERS - THE GIFT OF SENTIMENT. FLOWERS EXPRESS IN A WARM AND WONDERFUL WAY THE INNERMOST THOUGHTS WE CANNOT SAY IN WORDS. FOR MESSAGES OF CONGRATULATIONS, COMFORT OR JUST "I LOVE YOU!" . . . FLOWERS SAY IT BEST. mjmucm ounitr aawiftt Weddings . . . Corsages . . . Hospital Arrangements . . . Funeral Designs ALBERTVILLE FLOWER SHOP P. O. Bo 473—Phone 878-2401 Albertville, Alabama 209 Owned and Operated by MR. and MRS. CECIL FRAZIER FASHION HOUSE JlateAt n p a i viuvaJ 1701 Thomas Ave. Gunfersville, Alabama MR. and MRS. WEST, Owners Albertville, Alabama ERLENE'S BEAUTY SHOP "Tops in hair Fashion" 506 Baltimore Ave. Telephone 878-4452 Albertville, Alabama 210DUCKETT THRASH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY J f BeWLING Earth Moving Compliments of Equipment DICK-C-BOWL THOMAS DUCKETT BUFORD THRASH Rt. l 501 N. Highland Albertville, Albertville, Alabama Alabama 35950 Compliments of THE COUNTRY KITTLE DOBSON and RESTAURANT Highway 431, Albertville CO. INC. 878-5630 BUFFET DAILY 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. "Clothing for the Entire Family" Carry Out Orders on Any Items 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. "We wish the Class of '69 Lots of Success” Owned and Operated by GEORGE and MERIDITH KITTLE Albertville, Alabama PRIVATE DINING ROOM FACILITIES 211Ladies' Wear and Shoes for the entire family RUTENBERG'S GUARANTEE 410-12 Broad St. Gadsden, Alabama LOUIS N. MURRY GROCERY 806 S. Broad St. Albertville Albertville, Alabama SAND MOUNTAIN BANK AND TRUST Boaz, Alabama 212PAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Albertville, Alabama Telephone 878-0281 Hwy. 431, North"CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1969 GRADUATES" REEVE'S RUBBER COMPANY Albertville, Alabama L 214ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. Albertville, Alabama 215 RAY'S CAFE R. C. TODD WHOLESALES GREAT BAR-B-Q Notions Candies, Tobaccos, and Sundries |§p ALBERTVILLE ALABAMA Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama RAINES FURNITURE "ATOP SAND MOUNTAIN" POWDER PUFF BEAUTY SHOP Albertville, Alabama Main Street Abertville, Alabama 216 ED MITCHELL MORGAN'S AUTO SUPPLY OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY Jpp Sales Rental Service MATTHEW MORGAN Phone 878-2687 203 E. Main St. 217 North Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Ala. Telephone 878-1331 MITCHELL MOORE'S GROCERY CORP. HOME SUPPLY INVESTIGATE SAVINGS... Albertville, Alabama Main Street Albertville, P.O. Box 459 Alabama 217 Compliments of Compliments of P. J. PHARMACY PIGGLY WIGGLY lJour p$ DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST mMM 1 16 North Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama ONE HOUR O.K. RUBBER WELDERS MARTINIZING JD World's Finest New Tire and Recapping Nationally X Guaranteed JKwm 1 the most m ® Yj, "If It Rolls and Has a Size, We Have It" Recapping—Repairing New and Used Tires 203 North Broad St. Albertville, Alabama NORTH BROAD STREET Albertville Alabama 218 SAN ANN SERVICE SPEED CHECK GROCERY "WHEN BETTER GASOLINE IS SOLD SAN ANN WILL SELL IT" Open 6:00 A.M. 'til 12:00 P.M. 7 Days a week P.O. BOX 618 504 Baltimore Ave. BOAZ ALABAMA Ph. 878-5871 CLEBURNE SIMS—Owner, Mgr. STATE NATIONAL BANK One ot Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama 219 Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, AlabamaMARSHALL TIRE APPLIANCE Goodyear Tires—Hotpoint Appliances RCA Television and Stereo Phone 878-5910 126 West Main, Albertville, Alabama ttotpLoint Phone Compliments of N. L. GARRETT 878-2431 MARSHALL COUNTY OIL CO. R. N. GARRETT distributors "SINCLAIR PRODUCTS" Sinclair1 Albertville, Alabama 220GRADY MOZLEY'S GARAGE HENSON UPHOLSTERY AND CARPET CO. "General Repair” U.S. 431 878-4186 Hwy. 431, South Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama GREEN'S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES HEWETT REXALL DRUG CO. Flowers for All Occasions Area Wide Delivery— Rowers Wired 319 Martling Rd. Telephone 878-3511 Albertville, Alabama South Broad Street Albertville, Alabama 221Main Street—Abertville, Alabama Compliments of HAMMERS KIKER MOTORS "We sell to sell again" 878-2121 Hwy. 431 Albertville, Alabama HOOD ELECTRIC COMPANY Motor Repair—Sales—Service Air Compressors—Water Pumps J. S. HOOD, Owner Phone 878-2481 or 878-3618 WAYNE HOOD Route 2 Representative Albertville, Ala. 222Compliments of MARSHALL COUNTY GAS DISTRICT Albertville, Guntersville, Arab MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE 223DARDEN COTTON COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Telephone 878-0241 Compliments of CRIB TIRE SERVICE 409 East Main Albertville, Alabama DAVIS DRUG COMPANY Your Dependable Druggist! Albertville Alabama SaveMcWhorter TELEVISION SERVICE KEN'S AA da|ry Color—Black and White— Stereo—Radios Albertville, Alabama —All Work Guaranteed— Your Business Appreciated Compliments of COLLINS E. McWHORTEE—Owner JOHNSON'S LUMBER COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama MARTIN THEATRE and SHADYSIDE DRIVE-IN Albertville, Alabama McKEE PRINTING Office Supplies OFFICE SUPPLIES —Remington— Typewriters, Adding Machines Printing Calculators Albertville, Alabama 225MARSHALL COUNTY EXCHANGE INC GUNTERSVILLE—ARAB— BOAZ and ALBERTVILLE Seed, Feed, Fertilizer Farmer owned and operated CAMPBELL SCHOOL OF DANCE Main Street Albertville, Alabama 226THE (jewel B0X You Meet the Nicest People on a HONDA Authorized dealer for Towle, Gorham, Wallace, Reed Barton, International Heirloom, Kirk, Stieff Lunt Sterling, Lenox, J. D. Chandler Cycle Co. Haviland, Doulton, Castleton, Minton, Royal Rt. 2—Hi-way 431 Worchester, Pasco, Poppytrail, Metlox, Franciscan, and Noritake China, Elgin, Bulova, Hamilton, Benrus, Rolex, Accutron Albertville and Scottsboro, Watches. Alabama Phone 878-3301 Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-3471 BILL JORDAN WAYNE WALLS Sales Sales JORDAN OFFICE SUPPLY Royal Typewriter Agency Victor Adding Machines Office Supplies Office Furniture Printing 616 Broad Street Phone 546-0428 GADSDEN, ALA.CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS j-jwym THE CHURCHESUaND MINISTERS FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 402 Rose Road Rev. R. E. Stephenson, P.O. Box 434 BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH, Beulah Road Rev. D. E. Latham, Rt. 5, Boaz FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 309 East Main St. Rev. Clinton M. Wood, 13 Sycamore Lane MT. VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH Road, Rev. J. W. Cole, Rt. 3 SOLITUDE BAPTIST CHURCH, So Nelson E. Bullard, Rt. 4 UNION GROVE NO. I BAPTIST Road, Rev. R. A. Pledger, Hortoi NORTH BROAD STREET CHUI CHRIST 308 North Broad St., Mr. R. W 508 Howard Ave. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZ 204 Bollinger Street, Rev. Verlin W. Archer, 618 Sunset Ave FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, 2 Ave., Rev. O. S. Gamble, 201 Glov r SARATOGA METHODIST C Drive, Rev. Billy Ray Cash, F JTTLE BRANCH BAPTIST CHURCH, Zest Main St. Elder J. Ezra Johnson, Rt. 5, Boaz Elder Howard Cook ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH, First Street Rev. Raymond Cook, 134 First Street jpENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, High Point Rd. John C. Lavvorn, Snowden Circle, Boaz CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 201 Rose Roa|d Q. P. Davis, 215 Lombardy St. IAPTIST CHURCH, Sims Street mbrick, Rt. 3 GOD, 606 Baltimore Ave. d, 606 Baltimore Ave. RIAL METHODIST CHURCH, s, Rt. 5 RIAN CHURCH, 501 College St. ard, P.O. Box 37 228LUCKY BARGAIN STORE "Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family" Phone 878-6131 Highway 431 229FAMILY MUTUAL SAVINGS LIFE INSURANCE SHOE STORE CO. GERALD E. MASHBURN District Manager JESS WHITMIRE Staff Manager f A. S. WHITE L. C. STEVENSON 878-1136 582-4040 B. SANDERS N. R. GOLDEN "Good Shoes at Albertville 593-5998 Low Prices" D. L. PECK OPIE NICHOLS 878-0342 659-2264 5000 Pairs Albertville, Alabama Albertville Shopping Center Compliments MULLINAX of MOTORS ROYAL CROWN COLA NEHI BOTTLING operated by . . . GLENN MULLINAX COMPANY Hiway 431 South Albertville, Alabama Boaz, Alabama 230ALFORD COTTON COMPANYMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Accounts Insured up to $15,000 Member Federal Reserve System Supervised by Comptroller of the Currency 232ADAMS LUMBER COMPANY THE AGGIE BURGER Phone 593-8311 BOAZ, ALABAMA Hwy. 431 Albertville Alabama ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY The Prescription Store "Your Prescription Is Our Specialty" Phone 878-1514 Free Delivery Albertville, Alabama 233GIBSON'S DISCOUNT CENTER "Where You Always Buy the Best for Less" Sand Mountain Shopping Center Albertville, Alabama FRANK'S MARKET pceoc Groceries, Meats, Vegetables M3 W. McCord Ave. Albertville, Alabama GAITHER SCHOOL OF HAIR FASHION "For a Promising Career" Sand Mountain Shopping Center Phone: 878-0101 Albertville, Alabama 115 E. Main St. Albertville, Alabama 234"We Proudly Salute Sr. Class of '69" ROSS-GRADEN LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Supply Headquarters Albertville, Alabama ROBERTS ISBELL HARDWARE Albertville, Alabama 235 5f 'DettcUfA "Clothes Conscious" "When you’re Dressed your Best, You Do Your Best" 116 East Main St. Albertville, Alabama DENNY MOTORS "We Sell Clean Northern Used Cars" RAY J. DENNY Route 3 Albertville, Alabama DEKALB COUNTY DENHAM EXCHANGE, INC. FEED MILLS Crossville, Alabama Custom Grinding Shelling and Mixing Complete Line of Feeds P.O. Box 181 Telephone 528-7188 Telephone 878-3641 Albertville, Alabama 236BRYANT FURNITURE MFG. COMPANY Industrial Drive Albertville, Alabama Compliments of BISHOPS SEWING BOB HEMBREE BUICK CENTER AND OPEL COMPANY 206 East Main Albertville, Alabama DBA—T. C. Crain Buick Company Guntersville, Alabama Custom Made Draperies Free Estimates Phone 878-3961 ROBERT L. HEMBREE Owner Nights 878-3763Hi =fli MERLE NORMAN MATTHEWS MFG. CO. COSMETIC STUDIO and Electric Wall and Portable Heaters Floor Furnaces BEAUTY SALON STANLEY J. MATTHEWS Owner ALBERTVILLE SHOPPING CENTER BOAZ Albertville, Ala. and GUNTERSVILLE Box 328 Phone 878-3841 238Good Clean Used Cars BROAD STREET STANDARD SERVICE BILLY SEAY MOTORS 232 North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama • Wholesale or Retail • Phone 878-5051 We Give Top Value Stamps Route 5 Albertville, Alabama 1 1 Phone 878-0580 KS STANDARDBI S oil S | DeaieRJ Compliments of BRUCE GLASS COMPANY CRIBBS Highway 431 Phone 878-0951 TIRE SERVICE Albertville, Alabama 409 East Main Uf. J2TR£piaccd • Store Fronts • Auto Glass • Mirrors • Furniture Tops • Plate Glass • Windows 239J.C. SMITH AUTO SERVICE CHARLIE COX OLDSMOBILE-PONTIAC Parts and Repairs Heavy Duty Wrecker Service N. Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Business Phone 878-0992 Night Phone 878-1272 Day Phone 878-2041 Highway 431 North Albertville, Alabama LINN'S 5, 10 $1.00 J§ BEE LINE EXPRESS INC. Main Street Albertville, Alabama P. O. Box 388 Albertville, AlabamaDR PEPPER COMPANY The friendly "Pepper Upper" that never lets you down! BOAZ, ALABAMA s x : • -— MR. SWISS . . . Good Wherever You Go! Guntersville, Alabama Phone 582-3832 COBB'S Sand Mountain's Best Sorghum Made By V. T. COBB Located on Highway 431 Route 5, Boaz, Alabama CANFIELD'S FLORIST Phone 878-2675 Flowers for All Occasions "When You Say It With Flowers . . . Say It With Ours" 3161 2 Martling Road Albertville, Ala. BILL BRIGHT MOTOR SALES Guntersville, Alabama 241DIXIE POULTRY SUPPLY COMPANY ALABAMA DIVISION, INC. Hwy. 431 Albertville, Alabama 242KING'S INN MOTOR HOTEL Hwy. 431 at Intersection Hwy. 75 Albertville, Alabama Telephone 878-0140 J. D. TOLBERT OLIN c- HEARN Manager Owner Compliments of LEVIE and BAINS FURNITURE and APPLIANCES Albertville, Alabama KENWIN SHOP Clothes for Women and Children Sand Mountain Shopping Center Albertville, Alabama Manager—LAVERN MARTIN 243 BENNIE SIMMONS Manager Telephone 878-0545 CLINTON SMITH MOTORS New and Used Cars and Trucks One of the Most Dependable Places to Buy 101 W. Scott St.—Phone 878-2651 Albertville, Alabama DONALD SMITH Owner Telephone 878-2723 Bottled by Authority of THE COCA-COLA CO. Regular King By ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama Phone 878-3833 Home 878-2175 Shop CLEBURNE OLIVER MOTORS "We Sell Clean Used Cars" Highway 431 Route 2, Columbus St. Albertville, Ala. IJACK'S FURNITURE COMPANY Albertville, Alabama New and Used Furniture—We Appreciate Your Trade Cash or on Easy Payments "The Working Man’s Friend" LITTLE JOE'S RESTAURANT and BANQUET ROOMS Home of Family-Style Meals ONEONTA, ALABAMA Call Us for Banquet or Catering Phone 274-2235 JOE TIDWELL (owner) 245Compliments of SAND MOUNTAIN PARTS CO. Albertville, Alabama CALHOUN SERVICE STATION TOMMY CALHOUN, Owner Complete Radiator and Air Conditioning Service Highway 431 Dunlop Tires Albertville, Alabama SPEEDWASH THREE LOCATIONS— OPEN 24 HOURS 1 MAIN STREET 2 BROAD STREET 3 SAND MOUNTAIN SHOPPING CENTER Albertville, Alabama 246SUPER DUPER PENNY SAVER Save "Money Instead of Stamps. Money Will Spend Anywhere. Open 24 Hrs. a Day 7 Days a Week SOMMERS MUSIC CO. Albertville's Music Headquarters Pianos—Story, Clark, Conn, Koher, Cambell Organs—Conn, Lowery Band Instruments—Conn, Holton, Leblanc Instruments—Gibson, Fender, Kustom, Mosrite 139 W. Main St. Albertville, Alabama STANDARD OIL Li STANDARD OIL ““ u DealeR 218 North Emmett St. Albertville Alabama Ph. 878-3141 ED NeSMITH, Agent 247Compliments of TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville Alabama 248Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 UNIVERSAL PHOTO SHOP 137 East Main Albertville, Alabama THACKER PAINT SERVICE Decorating Contractor Special Coatings 413 Glover St. Albertville THOMPSON PRINTING COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES Letterpress, Offset and Screen Process Printing Phone—878-2021 Albertville, Alabama 249TEE PEE FOOD STORE V TATE-MITCHEM TRACTOR, INC. Farm—Industrial Equipment Rt. 2 Box 14 Albertville Alabama Highway 431 Albertville Alabama 35950 Phone 878-1631 SPEEDWASH Three Locations— Open 24 Hours i Main Street 2 Broad Street 3 Sand Mountain Shopping Center Albertville, Alabama THOMPSON HARDWARE CO. 106 East Main Owner L. S. THOMPSON 250WARREN'S BARBER SHOP 506 Baltimore Across From Sand Mountain Shopping Center Open 7:30-7:30 Albertville, Alabama THE VILLAGE SQUIRE 251Sand Mountain Reporter Highway 431 WAVU and WQSB WILKS TIRE and BATTERY Hester Batteries Asto-Jet Tires and Quality Recapping, Complete Front End and Brake Service No. Broad 878-0211 Compliments of BUCK and HOOTIE W. S. RODEN CO. Institutional Foods Distributor of National Dairy Products Albertville, Alabama 252W. E. WALKER CO. COTTON Albertville, Alabama 253WAVIME POULTRY CO. A Division Of ALLIED MILLS, INC. Congratulations Seniors 254CHESTER F. RAINS AGENCY 201 N. Broad Albertville, Alabama CHESTER F. RAINS—Pres. P. RANDALL BROTHERS—Sec. JAMES A. BRELAND—V. Pres. J. RAYFORD BROTHERS—Trees. Hartford WHITTENS PARTS CO. Phone 878-4381 Albertville, Alabama 255ROBERT 0. JOHNSON Wedding Photographer Phone . . . 878-2561 Albertville, Alabama P. O. Box 567 Official Mountaineer Photographer 256

Suggestions in the Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) collection:

Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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