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 ALBERTVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY —1 ON 'O Published by the Student Body Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama Volume 55 KATHY COLE Editor LESLIE LANDERS Editor BEVERLY GOSS Editor CATHERINE BRASHER Sponsor SHANNON HOWARD Business ManagerEDITOR Kathy Cole These are the young years, the fruitful years when time means only the day after tomorrow. These are the years of wistful-eyed beings with tender dreams; but youth is brutal as well as tender, and youth is reality as well as a dream. A flower blooms and fades and blows away—and blooms again, according to the season; and in like manner youth exists from spring to spring, for to everything there is a season and to every season there is a time. It has been our aim as editors of the MOUNTAINEER to edit a yearbook which will serve as a torch to cut through, to bring back perhaps a tear, perhaps a smile, but always a memory. 2 Leslie, Kathy and BeverlyMountaineer Staff Sponsor: Miss Brasher Business Manager: Shannon Howard Assistant Business Managers: Debbie Hall, Paul Johnson Alice Crowe Tina Thomas Circulation Editor-. Sue Couch Assistant Editor: Barry Denham Feature Editor: Lynda Hooper Assistant Editor.-Judy Cochran Art Editor: Cathy Wise Assistant Editor: Brenda Laney Sports Editor: Stanley Stepleton Assistant Editor: Neil Creel Associate Editors-. Penny Holland Nancy Thompson Ethlyn Davis Typists: Carolyn Rains Jonnie Duckett 3To Everything There Is A Season (Eccles. 3:1a) four falls four winters four springs . . . the calendar trees have marked my timeA Time To Laugh . . .A Time To Dance . . . 8A Time of Love . . .A Time To Be Silent . . . 10Administration Classes Activities Athletics Features Contents Advertisements. tf r’h ' T r b loL v a. . Jf . VrX Hj r rx pf Vi I a :5 Administration In the Season of youth When life is its brightest make use of the hours, The bright golden time of being together, Eager for life. And when the Season of youth departs May you be left with the Wisdom of Age Mr. Baugh Mr. Arthur Baugh, Jr., Administrator Mr. Baugh and Student Council officers, Joyce, Margaret and Bob, set up the Calendar of Events for '67. 14 Mrs. Etta Lee Potts serves as bookkeeper and secretary at AHS.T ake time to work—it s the price of success. Take time to pfay—it is the secret of perpetua youth. Take time to read it is the foundation of wisdom. T ake time to dream—it is hitching one's wagon to a star. Take time to be friendfy— t is the road to happiness. Take time for God—it is fife's fasting investment. Mr. Couch Peoi J°hns° den' pfCs» ilh PeP Cod W Mr. Arthur Baugh, Jr. Administrator Mr. Malcolm Couch PrincipalMichael Duvall Student Body President 17Guidance Counselors GEORGE NIXON Tuning equipment enable student to strive for perfection. B.S. Band, World History Peabody, Vanderbilt We feel that music provides a sound and wholesome activity, and that every student should have an opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of music. CHARLES AMASON B.S. Guidance Counselor Jacksonville State U. M.A. Auburn LEON CAMP B.S. Guidance Counselor Jacksonville State U. JANEY BROWN Guidance Secretary Counselors help students schedule their course of study. Fine Arts Librarians ZERA KIRK COUCH B.S. Librarian University of Ala. Sponsor: Library Club MARY WHITE B.S. Library American History Florence State 18 Student librarians serve the school as well as learn. Library and guidance play a necessary roll in teaching students the importance of the library resources and at the same time respect for laws and authorities.English MARTHA J. BIDDLE B.S. English Jacksonville State University MISS GAIL GILBREATH B.S. English Florence State University MILTON S. HENDERSON B.S. English Samford University JUDITH HOLDERFIELD B.S. English Jacksonville State University NELL GANN HOOPER B.S. Developmental Reading University of Alabama DORTHY KELLET B.S. English Union College. Ky. MARGARET KELLER B.S. English Athens College Sr. Play MISS SHARON MADDOX B.S. English Florence State College Sponsor: Jr. High Cheerleaders Interpretive reading by students of the Speech English courses offer opportunities for students to develop skills in reading, writing, speak- ing, listening, expressing them- jAN marie masters selves, and creative thinking B.S. English; Business Math which are requisites of all phases Jacksonville, Sponsor. F.T.A. of living. AUSIE SMOTHERS ,RENE McPHERSON B.S. English B.S. English Samford University Jacksonville State University Advisor: Jr. Sr. Prom SUE NEAL McBRAYER B.S. English Baylor College Sponsor: Gavel Club. CheerleadersIn Man’s Race to the Moon New JERRY BLANKS B.S. Math U. of Alabama M a DONALD KENDRICK B.S. Math Jacksonville State U. Freed-Hardman t h P. L COFFEE MARION D. MOULTRIE B.S. Math W' B.S. Math Auburn U. Jacksonville State U. m a t ROY GARDNER 3 Years Math Jacksonville State U. l c s LOUISE PARRISH B.S. Math Snead College, U. of Ala. Sponsor: Math Club JAMES JOLLEY B.S. Math, Coach Jacksonville State U. RAYMOND SPARKS B.S. Math Jacksonville State U. All phases of math help to prepare students for basic mathematical concepts encountered in every Mr. Coffee Retires After 28 Years of Service. The halls will be missing a familiar face next year as Mr. P. L. Coffee retires after 23 years of teaching at Albertville High School. The first 5 years of his teaching career were spent in Jackson County. Speaking for the many students who have passed through the doors of your room, we would like to say thank you for your guidance and understanding over the years. day life. 20Emphasis on Math and Science MALCOLM COY LANDERS B.S. Science Jacksonville State University Science A.H.S. offers a well-organized science program which helps students develop an appreciation of the world about them by applying basic scientific principles explained in the class room. MISS CATHERINE BRASHER B.S., M.Ed. Biology, Physiology, Union College Ky Auburn University Sponsor: Annual Application of principle learned in class rooms. HAZEL GIBSON B.S.; M.A. Biology Jacksonville State University JAMES L GILLEY B.S. Science Auburn University RUBY C. GOODWIN B.S. Science Alabama College lemon McCollum B.S. Science Jacksonville State University Walter c. McIntosh B.S. M.A. Physics, Science University of Alabama Sponsor: Science Club NOLA MIDDLEBROOK B.S. Science Jacksonville State University, Sponsor: Jr. High Science Club E. T. NEIGHBORS B.S. Chemistry, Science, Austin Peay 21Social Science GLENN FLETCHER B.S. Social Studies, Coach Jacksonville State U., Ark. State Social study classes offer an understanding of student responsibilities and duties as a citizen to instill in him a desire for a better way of life for all mankind. VERNICE L. GALLOWAY B.S. Social Studies Jacksonville Sponsor: Jr. High, 4-H ROGER GARRETT B.S. History Jacksonville State U. Students portray international cultures. JANE HAGOOD A.B. Judson College Sponsor: Jr. Beta Club MARY S. THRASHER B.S. Social Studies Jacksonville State U. JAMES H. JOBE B.S. M.A. History, Coach—Southern Ark. State Memphis State U. Sponsor: "A" Club MARY A. WEATHERS B.A. Social Studies Logan College, Athens College Sponsor: Sr. Beta Club, Aggierama MARY JO MOORE B.S. M.S. Social Studies U. of Ala., Auburn U. Advisor: Jr. High Sewing Club EMILY RUDOLPH B.S. Social Studies, Speech, U. of Ala. Spon. Gavel Club, Jr. C. Play, Majorettes MARGARET STRICKLAND B.S. M.A.A.S. Social Studies, Latin Oberlin, U. of Pitt. Spon: J.C.L. NATHAN P. THOMPSON B.S. Social Studies Jacksonville State U.Vocational Department EUIA BIRDSONG M.A. Peabody College JOYCE P. BOLLINGER B.S. Homemaking Samford Uni., Jacksonville KATHLEEN GARRETT B.S. Homemaking Alabama College Sponsor: F.H.A. MARTHA GILBREATH B.S. Typing Jacksonville State University HORACE GREGORY B.S., M.A. Vocational Agriculture Jacksonville, Auburn Sponsor: F.F.A., Junior Civitans LESTER M. LANDERS B.S., M.A. V.I.E. Samford U., U. of Ala. Sponsor: V.I.E. Club WILENA LITTLE B.S. Office Occupation Samford Sponsor: Student Council h. b. McClendon B.S. D.E. Auburn U. Sponsor: DEAC IVA JO MADDOX B.S. Business Education Jacksonville WANDA SLOAN B.A. M.A. Preparatory Office Occ. Union College Ky. Peabody It is the responsibility of this department to see that progress is steadily achieved along the lines of training for our highly competitive society. Skills and accuracy are stressed in Vocational Education. 23Physical Education ROBERT BATY B.S. Physical Ed. Jacksonville DONNA MAYNARD B.S. Physical Ed. Jacksonville Sponsor: Cheerleaders FLORA SEGARS 3 yr. Physical Ed. Montavallo College SHANNON SLOAN A.B. M.A. Physical Ed. Union, Ky. Peabody A Time To Build Up . . . Physical education is an integral part of the total education of the student in that it educates them mentally, physically, and socially. Dietitians Row I: Hembree, Hayes, Moor Row II: Cochran, Pearson, Spear, Dean, B. Jones, V. Jones Custodians Row I: Fillmore, McCreless, Dorsett Row II: Latham, Smalley 24Secretary: 25At A.H.S., Jan Alverson Stephen Amason Judy Anderson 26 Linda Bagwell Linda Baker Estellita Gore Baird Shannon Bakeras the seasons change, so do our activities . . . Carol Barkley Evelyn Johnson Baugh Scheila Bearden Charles Beasley Virginia Belford Alva C. Bethune 27Charles Bowen Rodney Brown Charles Bryant Michael Bryant summer gives way to fall . . . 28 Sheila Carr Wallace Clay James Champion Judy CochranReba Pinkston Cofield Kathy Cole Cheree Collins Pat Cook Sue Couch Connie Creel Alice Crowe Sara Darnell Rebecca Davis and our minds turn to the excitement of football season . . . Neil Creelthen students, 1 9 6 Linda Pankey 7 Duran s e n • i o r Pat S Frasier Jonnie Duckett Billy Duke LaDon Duke Barry Denham Marie Downs 30 Michael Duvall Dennis Garrison Jaton Franks Emily GentryPaulette Sorter Ham Barbara Hard Roger Hard Dan Hart schedules speed up as fall yields to winter Carolyn Goodwin Sandra Gray Gloria Gore Joyce Guinn 19671967 Jada Harvey Rebecca Hasty Kirby Hearn George Hedges Lisa Hodgens Jimmy Holdbrooks Lynda Hooper Shannon Howard Brenda Hudgins Barbara Hunt 32 with the coming of spring seniors prepare for their future . . .Shirley Hunt Ann Masters Johnson Paul Johnson Judy Justice Lenon Jenkins Patty Johnson Vicky Johnson Belinda Kellet Sharon Joiner Seniors Judy Kennedy 33Rhonda Lusk 34 Bobbie Maltbie Leslie Landers Brenda Laney David Lybrand Freda Lynn Bernard Manzy Benny Martin but spring is also a Dora Long Judy Lucas Carrie LuckieTerry Martin time for looking back . . . Linda Mathis Nila McCullars Randel Mountain Kay Nelson Judy Pankey Carol Parrish 1 9 6 7 S e n • i o r s Joe Ed McClearen Keith McDonald Sandra Ogle Joe Pell 351967 Seniors AAary Phillips Mike Pierce Shawn Pinson Gary Pledger Tony Poe Connie Price Jim Price Carolyn Rains Lucian Reed Sherry Rhoades Julia Rice James Richards 36through our school years until . . . Johnny Roden Linda Rosson Tyra Rowell ’67 Seniors Angie Land Scott Janet Sikes Malba Smith Laura Spence 6 J Glenn Spurlin Stanley Steplton 37Barbara Stewart Gail Swords Bobby Teal Tina Thomas Cecelia Strange Jimmy Teague Jimmy Thacker Gaither Trussell Mary Veal Dee Walker 38Brenda Williams Shirley Wilmore Tommy Warren Gary Webb Kay Wilborn Cathy Wise Carolyn Webb Linda White Charles Wilkerson Loyd York 39Senior Sponsors Mrs. Couch Mrs. Keller Mr. Landers Mr. Neighbors Mrs. Strickland Mrs. Weathers A Senior’s Life is . . . 40Class of . . . Class Officers Ann Foshee Becky Boyd Frank Moultrie Treasurer Vice-President President Lana Thomas Secretary 41Tommy Aaron Roger Abbot James Allison Rex Alverson Jenny Baker Tony Baugh Brenda Beard Florence Bearden Phillip Bearden Scheree Bearden Dortha Benefield Tresia Benefield Juniors Great Ho Sherry Blankenship Jeffery Bolding Mike Bolding Becky Boyd Jimmy Breeden Allen Breland Borrowed Thomas Brooks Donny Brown Jimmy Brown Would yot Lana BuchannonProduce Harvest P Belinda Buckelew Wayne Buckelew Tommy Burgess Vickie Burgess Caroline Cagle Terry Jean Camp Tommy Camp Brenda Campbell Jane Campbell Ed Carnes Linda Carnes Crawford Carter Corn Stalks Martha Chamblee Felton Champion Susan Christenson Joyce Cryar Bobby Cofield Courtney Cole Judy Cook Rosemary Cook Chuck Cooley Kent CroftJr.’s Do A1 Betty Dooley Jerry Dooley Sandra Culbert Kathy Dalrymple Ray Daniel Jim Davis Phil Davis Dave Dendy Susan Dickerson Jimmy Dickson Billy Dobbins Carol Dyer Mary Edwards Pat Elgin Sheridan Elrod Phil Erwin Sandra Flack Ann Foshee Donnie Garner Winford Garrison "Swing your 44Work, No Play? Nila Gary Wayno Gentry Phillip Gilliland Barbara Hagood Gwen Ham Glenn Golden Nancy Goodwin Lela Graben Bob Grace David Gregory Russ Gunnells Kay Ham Kenneth Ham Jane Harper David Harris Jerry Harris Nancy Harris Ricky Hayes Ricky Henderson Rita Henderson Jerry Henson Rex Higgins 45Juniors Await John Hillsman Larry Hillsman Buster Hughes Penny Holland Robert Hudgins 46 Gerald Humphries Charles Jenkins f Margaret Hyde Randall Johnson Sandra Jackson Betty Joiner Jeanette Jolley Jerry Jones Pat Jones Danny King Joan Kirby Prize winning float Would you believe 2nd place? Larry Kirby Connie Lacey Hershel Lancaster Anthony Lang Brenda Lang Elizabeth LangLast Year Harold Lee Gloria Lemaster Hoyt Light Brenda Long Linda Lyles Jako Middlebrook Pat Morton Wanda Mayes Deleida McWhorter John Mitchell Sheila Morrison Jane Mahan Joe Maness Cassandra Martin Jr.'s show gratitude t James Motley Frank Moultrie Charlotte Nelson Wanda Nelson Glenda Norris Ricky NorrisTeacher Turns “Rebelette” Julia Pankey Wayne Parrish Erwin Patterson Mike Patterson Wayne Patterson George Payne Jack Phillips Danny Pritchett Quimby Rains Brenda Reynolds Jane Rhodarmer Larry Rhodes Regina Riddle Aneice Rogers Brenda Roth Fran Rudolph Ronnie Shadinger Joyce ShellTrophy Winners In the Making Deborah Slaten Janet Slaten Pat Joiner Slaton Buddy Smith Danny Smith Winners? yes! The Chantell's Betty StricklandJr.’s Have a great year Angie Thompson Jan Thompson Diane Tidmore Debbie Underwood Steven Walker Carolyn Willaby Beverly Woods Donnie Voss Brenda Walls Bobby Wilborn Lelton Woodham Lawrence Waldrop Doan Walker Ronnie Ward Mary Norton Tommy Williamson Elaine Wilmore Jan York Sandra Young Gail Tucker Jimmie Tucker Junior boy shows herculean might!Class Of . . . Class Officers President—Tom Harvey Treasurer—Mike Strange Vice-President—Tommy Thrash Secretary—Terri Martin S o P h o m o r e s 51Victor Alford Patricia Ashley Judy Baker Marvin Ball Sandra Barclift Rachel Barksdale Cathy Barnes Billie Bearden Lab is Belinda Bolding Connie Boles Charles Bolton Kathy Bray Belita Bright Randall Bright Bobby Brown Jacky Brown James Brown Pat Brown Mike Bruce Jo Ann Buchanan Bonnie Burgess Danny Burgess Frankie Burnette Mike Bynum Linda Cagle 52Fun? Rickey Childress Rebecca Clough David Calhoun Patricia Camp Brian Campbell Gayla Carver Philip Chaffin Judy Chafin Billy Chamblee Linda Chastain John Chiles Lavon Childress Sandra Cochran David Cofield Alan Cole Rickey Cook Barbara Faye Cooper Stanley Cordell Rickey Costner Steve Couch Randy Cox Rita Cox Janice Craig Annette Crews Bill Critcher David Curry Barbara Davis 53Frances Gilliland Susan Gilliland Roger Glassco Dolly Davis Ethlyn Davis Margaret Davis Gary DeSpain Margaret Dooley Pat Duckett Tommy Dunn Sharon Duvall Donnie Eason Ronnie Eason Louis Ebersole Lisa Edmonson Gary Eidson Mary Jane Erwin Jeannie Evers Randall Farmer Joyce Felton Marlin Franks Patricia Frasier Tim Frazier Jerry Free Donna Fuller Randall Garner Brenda Gentry Sophc A Ronald Glassco Linda Sue Gunnells Rosemary Hackney Nickie Gore Glen Hackney James Harper 54mores Work Cilvia Jane Lacey Kirkland Frank Lang Alan Lang Randall Lang Myra Lang Tom Harvey Neal Hayes Rickey Joe Hedricks Joan Henley John Henly Carolyn Hennon Wanda Henry Delane Hill Jimmy Hillsman Brenda Holcomb Delano Holmes Larry Holmes Brenda Holsonback Ray Honea Jack Hood Kathy Hood Bob Hooper Sherry Horton Bobby Hunt David Jenkins Robert Johnson Sarah Johnston Mary Joiner Eddy Jones Ken Jones Tanya Jones Sarah Kennedy 55Mary Lou Lecroy Jerry Leslie Peggy Lester Lewayne Levans Sherry Lewis Kathy Locklear Rodney Lowry Judy Lybrand A Winning Donnie Mathis Ann Matthews Cecil Matthews Pam Mayo Tony McClendon Sue McCreless Pam McDonald Margaret McKee Charlotte McLendon Diane Millwood J. W. Moon Elaine Moore Kenneth Morgan Roy Moultrie Kay Mullinax Brenda Joyce Myers Gary Nail 56Float Syble Ogle Sandra Oliver Mala Orr Mike Pack Paulette Pankey Mack Patterson Ronnie Payne Leonard Pearce Helen Peques Steve Pugh Tony Quinn Cynthia Rains Gregory Rains Thomas Ray Phyllis Reagan Cynthia Rhoades Brenda Robinson Patsy Rowell Janice Russell Bobby Sanders Nancy Satterfield Bobby Simmons Don Smith Ellen Smith Jimmy Smith Rebecca Smith Terry Smith 57Ionia Sparks Byron Spurlin Bobby Stephens Janet Stephens Bobby Stewart Mike Strange Annette Strickland Sam Strickland Sassy Susie 1 George Tidmore Wendell Tidmore Tracy Trussel Judy Tucker Dana Upton 58Ramona Upton Bonnio Vaughn Brenda Vibbert Randy Waldrop Jan Ward Dorinda Webb Larry Webb Lawayne Weeks Donnie West Freida Wester Belinda Wilkerson Tony Williams Connie Williamson Wayne Williamson Beth Wilson Linda Woods Chip Wylie Kathy Young Mrs. Bollinger Miss Brasher Mrs. Garrett Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Gilbreath Mr. Gregory Miss Masters Mrs. McBrayer Mrs. Parrish Mrs. Smothers 59Class Of . • • F r e s h m e n Class Officers Secretary— Debra Duvall Treasurer— Sharon Musick Vice President—Dick Adams President—Sandy Roden 61Dick Adams Johnnie Alexander Edwin Allison Deborah Baily George Baker Jerry Baker Walter Baker William Bales Kathy Barkley David Beaird Linda Bearden Mark Befort Gail Blackmon Marzella Blackmon Patsy Bolding Freshmen set high pace Tommy Brcaseale Diane Breeden Jerry Bright Mrs. Kellett Tommy Brown Sarah Bryant John Burkes Dan Cagle David Camp Kathy Camp Jackie Camp Richard Camp Tresia Camp Sharon Campbell Vicki Carr Leon Carroll Ken Chafin Norma Chamble Jennifer Chastain 62Rickey Cofield Kathie Cooley Donnie Cornelieus Deborah Crawford Eddy Crawford Shelia Culbert Ralph Cunningham Alan Dalrymple Joan Daniel Richard Daniel Tony Daniel Wanda Daniels Shelia Davis Donna Dendy Dora Dendy for Aggie Spirit Mrs. Hagood Charles Denham John Dennis Janice Dickson Kathy Dooley Paulette Dorsett Randy Duckett Cynthia Duke Lonnie Duke Debra Duvall Susan Dyar Micha Edmondson Frances Edmonson Betty Edwards Mike Elmore Patsy Evers Linda Gail Farmer David Fowler Rickey Frye 63Peggy Gardner Ellen Garrett John Gentry Phyllis Gilliland Ben Gore Joe Gore Ellen Goss Ronald Goss Ruth Grace Paulette Guinn Mike Hall Danny Hammett Macky Harriad Deborah Harris Tony Hasty Freshmen adjust Sandra Henry Susan Henry Sandra Higgins Mr. Landers Shirley Hill Joyce Hoffman Lane Hoffman Wayne Hoffman Ricky Holcomb Phillip Hood Denise Howard Judy Hunter David Jackson Mike Jackson Sandra Jenkins Debbie Johnson Donna Johnson Marsha Johnson Irene Jolley 64Lorene Jolley Margaret Jolley Roger Jolley Billy Karr Thomas Kirkland Judy Kittle Danny Lang Diane Latham Milford Latham Debbie Leak Kirby Joe Leslie Michael Liles Carol Livingston Brenda Long Jerry Long to new pace Coach Jolley Victoria Lovelady Tony Lowe Paul Lynn Randy Lynn Linda McKee Danny Maltbie Allen Masters Betty Matthews Eve Mayo Mara Metheny Joel Miller Emily Montgomery Virginia Moore Jerry Morgan Vickie Morgan Kathy Morris Mike Morrison Sharon Morrison 65Russell Moufrie Sharon Musick David Newman Darrell Norris Dennis Norris Stanley Ogle Dennis Oliver Glenn Pair Terry Pannell Brenda Patterson Diana Patterson Debra Pell Carolyn Phillips Johnny Phillips Page Pickens A.H.S. welcomes additional Jimmy Poe James Pruett Phillip Reaves Mr. McCollum Cathy Rhoades Deloras Roden Steve Richey Dianne Riddle Judy Riggins Diana Robinson Dortha Robinson Sandy Roden Charlotte Rogers Wayne Romine Galen Rosson Shirley Rushing Glenn Saint Reba Saint Elbert Sanders 66Larry Scruggs Richard Shipp Margaret Simpson Oscar Sims Jenny Slaton Anthony Smith Betty Smith Flora Smith Ken Smith Susan Smith Candy Sparks Karen Spence Mike Spurlin Joan Stephens Peggy Stephens talent Mr. McClendon Terry Stewart Susan Stone Joe Story Conney Stracener Lennette Studdard Belinda Sutton Jimmy Swords June Tankersley Jimmy Terrell Kathryn Terrell Charles Thomas Gary Thomas Lynn Thomas Nancy Thompson Joe Tidmore Shirley Tidmore Bebra Tidwell Donald Townson 67Skill is Gained through Participation Richard Traylor Edwin Treece Ann Tucker Mildred Turley Alton Vandergriff Diane Vaughn Doyce Waldrop Tom Walker Rickey Wallace Donna Watwood Roland Wester Letitia Whitten Gary Williams Sharlon Williams Mike Williamson Mike Winkles Randy Woodham Tony Wynn Debby Yancey Cinda Young James YoungClass Of . . . Class Officers Deborah Todd—V ce President Debbie Wilson-Secrefary Pat Goodwin—Treasurer Deborah Kirby—President 69Second Year Vickie Anderson Stevie Anthony Charlotte Baker Jeff Baker Mary Barnes Effie Batey Molly Baxter Donne Beard Gail Beard Alton Bearden Derwin Bearden Annette Beaty Doris Beck Larry Beck Ray Bell Phyllis Benefield Donny Benson Ricky Bethune Dianne Black Janice Blankenship Whit Bolding Sammy Boles Debra Bonds Fran Bonds Mack Bonds Bill Booth Billy Breaseale Brent Breland Kenneth Bridges Janet Bright Joyce Brooks Amy Brumlik Kenneth Buckelew Gary Bun Terry Burdett Dean Cain Michael Camp Karen Campbell Neal Canady Shirley Carnes Edwin Chamblee Jimmy Chamblee Brenda Childress Randy Childress Charles Christian James Christian Cathy Clark Donald Cofield Ricky Collins 70At A.H.S. Linda Culbert Jessica Culp Roger Dabbs Ronnie Dalrymple Allan Davis Rhonda Dick Tommy Dobbins Fred Downs Mark Downs Donna Duckett Sheila Dunn Charles Edwards Gertrude Edwards James Edwards Joe Edwards Bonnie Epps Emily Erwin Wanda Farmer Diane Freeman Nancy Fricks Roy Gardner Charles Garnett Terry George Gail Gilliland Gary Glassco Carol Goodwin Pat Goodwin Gary Graham Nicky Green Terry Green Stevie Greer Bobby Griffin Nicky Griffith Tommy Griffin Sammy Gunnells Judy Gunter Lillie Gunter Tony Hagler Tom Hagood Patricia Hall Gary Ham Joseph Haney Brenda Hanvey Fay Hard Judy Harris Neva Hayes Joe Helton Milton Henderson Sarah Henley 71Participation Builds Betty Hood Bill Hooper James Hooper David Hooper Deborah Hornsby Robert Howard Diane Hudgins Sarah Hudgins Diane Hunt Carolyn Hyde Keith Isdell Diane Jackson Jane Jackson Jimmy Johnson Sherry Jones Brenda Jordan Charles Justice Rhonda Justice Jimmy Kennedy Deborah Kirby Sandra Lacy Jerry Landers Brenda Lang Jerry Lang Sheila Lang Willard Larcy Judy Latham David Lecroy Allan Leeth Sherry Lemaster Jean Leslie Randy Liles Gloria Lokey Wayne Long Michael Lowery Kathy Lucky Cynthia Lusk Gary Lyles Marcus McCoy Kathy McCreles Kenneth McCullum Turner McLemore Kay Maddox Glenda Malone Sandra Maness Charlene Mark David Marks Malenie Martin Roger Martin Scott Martin Cynthia Mastin Gayle Metheny Rickey Minor Danny Moon Bill Morgan Joan MorganSchool Spirit Matthew Morgan Nelson Morris Jo Ann Morrow Keith Morton Ralph Moultrie Johnny Mountain Lynn Moseley Miriam Nelson Elinda Nicholson Eddie Nixon Lynn Nixon Marie Nixon Julie Norris Gary Nunnally Jerry Oliver Jeff Otinger Joyce Parris Jerry Paschal Dwight Patterson James Patterson Patricia Patterson Kenneth Peppers Tony Peppers Bruce Perkins Peggy Phillip Sarah Pinkston Edward Ray Carolyn Rentles Jo Ellen Rice Don Richards Lenora Richey Joyce Rives Mike Rives Thomas Robertson Bobby Robinson Tommy Rodarmer Patti Roden Jeffery Roe Susan Roe Mary Jo Rooks Rowena Rushing Janice Russell David Sampson Vicki Sanders Chris Schrey Ronald Scruggs Kenneth Segars Larry Segars Johnny Shell Reid Shell Suzanne Ship Richard Slaton Debbie Smith Patricia Smith Phillip Smith Rhonda SmithConfusion? ... no more! Sheilla Smith Tweetie Smith Harold Snider Larry Sparks Debra Spurlin Virgil Stanfield Ellen Stephens Patricia Stephens Barbara Stone Patricia Stone Shirley Strange Jimmy Swords Donna Tant Durral Teague Peggy Sue Teague Danny Terrel Luther Tcrrle Danny Thrash Paul Thrasher David Todd Debra Todd Jimmy Tolbert Roger Townes Charles Townson Brenda Troxtell Katha Trussell Brenda Turner Margaret Veal Maria Veal Rita Veal David Walker Jimmy Walker Mike Watwood Earl Webb John Webb Larry White Mack White Dale Whitohead Robert Wilkes David Williams Janice Williams Neeta Jo Willmore Pamela Willmore Debbie Wilson Jack Wilson Cynthia Winkles Kathy Winkles Betty Sue York Gerro Young Homeroom Sponsors Coach Fletcher Mr. Gardner Mrs. Holderfield Mrs. Middlebrook Mrs. Moultrie Mr. Nixon Mr. Thompson 74Class Of . . . Class Officers Vice-President—Wilene Herring Secretary—Julia Weeks Treasurer—Lisa Abney President—Johnny Mastin S e v e n t h Grade 75One of the largest classes Allen Abbot Nancy Abbot Lisa Abney Andy Adams Mike Alexander Pat Alford Lonnie Allen Dennis Alverson Skippy Appleton Danny Armstrong Johnny Artis James Bagwell James Baird Richard Baker Tony Baker Rossie Bales Annette Bankston Shannon Barnett Anthony Baugh Bettie Baugh Danny Baugh Doris Baugh Linda Baugh Kathryn Bavar Joe Beam Jimmy Bell Redetha Benefield Bobby Berry Mike Biddle Benny Blackwell Glenda Bolt Linda Bolt Kathy Bolton Cynthia Bends Ronald Bowen Cindy Boyd Billy Bridges Ricky Brock Patricia Bryant Randy Buckelew Nancy Burke Gary Busha Jane Butler Debbie Caldwell Felton Camp Irby Camp 76in school’s history !!! Karen Camp Bobby Cambell Mary Cambell Terry Canady Peggy Carnes Thomas Cassels Steve Caudle Ken Chaffin Larry Wayne Chamblee Gaynell Chamblee Daryel Champion Sherry Champion Rita Chandler Phil Chastain Brenda Cheek Mary Clark Terry Cofield Cathy Cole Brad Collier Carla Collier Donald Collins Rita Cox Teresa Crews Frankie Crowe Laura Crowe Beth Cryar Harold Culbert Mary Culbert Richard Culbert Brenda Culver Robin Cunningham Anthony Dalrymple Brenda Dalrymple Sharon Daugette Billy Joe Davis Donna Davis Nalda Davis Lynn Dickerson Denise Dobbins Mike Dobbins Linda Dorsett Danny Duckett 77Robert Duckett Teresa Duckett Dianne Duke Doretha Duke Gail Duvall Harvey Duvall Sheila Duvall Debra Edwards Belinda Eidson Michael Eidson Dianne Ennis Donnie Epps Susan Erwin Holleigh Evans Roland Evers Lloyd Felton Freemen Filmore Mike Floyd Freeda Franks Ray Franks Wayne Franks Lorre Gaither Danny Gamble Leon Gamble Macon Garner Wahlon Garner Joey Garrett Steven Gentry Becky George Ralph Gilland Debbie Gore Donna Gore Linda Grace Karen Grey Larry Joe Griffith Mike Grizzard Irene Gunter Larry Hall Hazel Ham Kaye Hamrick Ceretha Harris Danny Harris Amelia Harrison Cecelia Harrison Richard Harrison Danny Hayos Randy Hayes Debra Haymon Bill Hedgepath Aubrey Henley Willene Herring 78Brenda Hill Larry Hilsman Randy Hilsman Carol Hipp Kathy Holcomb Debra Holder Gary Holder Randy Holsonback Jo Ann Houston Harriet Hughes Rhonda Hughes Gary Hunter Alex Jackson Donald Jackson Donna Jackson Donna Jackson Danny Jenkins Richard Jenkins Debbie Jobe Denise Johnson Marla Johnson Martha Johnson Mike Johnson Connie Johnston Jewel Dean Johnston Rhonda Johnston Debra Jones John Jones Rickey Jones Robbie Jones Teresa Jones Stanley Justice Acie Key Wayne Kimberly Steven King Seventh grade talent?! Confusion—making school day picturesKathy Kirkland Joyce Kittle Malcolm Landers Randall Lang Rickey Lang Keith Langley Tony Larue Steven Lavender Patti Lecroy Sam Lemaster Samuel Lemaster Rebecca Locklear Rickey Lowery Kenneth Lyles Renee Lynn Sherry Lynn Pamela McBrayer Anne McClendon Gary McClendon Jimmy McClendon Bobby McCollum James McCollum Tim McCollum Debbie McCreless Jimmy McCreless Janice McGlaughn Patricia McKee Patricia McLendon Gregory Mann Deborah Martin Denise Mashburn Tommy Mashburn Johnny Mastin Brenda Mathis Jerry Mathis Bobby Matthews Doyle Matthews Frankie May Dianne Messer Helen Messer Beamon Miller Cecilia Mitchell Paula Mitchell Rickey Moore Patsy Moore Chester Ray Morgan Dorthy Morgan Joe Morgan Karen Morris Roger Morrison Dianne Morrow Dorothy Nailer Judy Nailer Roger Nailer Ida Nelson Schelia Nelson 80Brad Stephens Billy Stewart Kerry Stewart Danny Stidham Barbara Oliver Phillip Owens Connie Pack Jimmy Pankey Wayne Pankey Debbie Partridge Eugene Paschal Marsha Patterson Rickey Patterson Allen Phillips Danny Pinson Lillie Poe Mary Nell Preston Gary Price Tommy Prickett Lamar Pritchett Debra Pugh Cathy Quinn Don Raines Patricia Ray Paula Reaves Danny Richards Elizabeth Richey Reggy Riddle Rickey Riddle Danny Ridgeway Phillip Robinson Rhea Roden Donnie Rowel Kenneth Rushing Joe Sampson Vickie Sanders Vickie Satterfield Dixie Scruggs Rickey Segars Thomas Shankles James Sharp Alice Simpson Shane Skelley Donnie Slaton Lelton Slaton Mildred Smalley Sandra Smalley Al Smith Earl Smith Evelyn Smith Harold Smith Katrina Smith Lowell Smith Mike Smith Stanley Smith Travis Southerland Joan Sparks Johnny Spence Larry Spurgeon Kent Spurlin 81Kathy Stracner Tommy Sutton Dennis Swords Donald Swords Rayford Swords Thomas Tabor Ann Taylor Dan Taylor Ellen Templeton Gary Thacker Rhonda Thomas Mary Ann Thompson Randy Thompson Rickie Thompson Denise Thrasher Roger Thurmond Harold Tidmore Kathy Tucker Oliver Tucker Susan Tucker Althea Turner Charlotte Upton Randall Vandergriff Buddy Vantrese Danny Veal Dale Wagnon Sharon Wakefield Franklin Wallace Ronnie Walls Dayl Ward Julia Weeks Billy Wester Barbara Webb Winky Wells David Wesson David White Joe Whitehead Pam Williams David Williamson Damon Willoughby Rhonda Wilson Mike Wilson Mike Williams Jeanette Winfrey David Wise Danny Woodall Ellen Young Joey Young Maury Young Mr. Kendricks Miss Lacks Mrs. Maynard Mrs. Moore Mrs. Segars Mrs. Thrasher 8283Latine, te amo. T. Martin, E. Davis, P. Camp, V. Alford, V. Brock, A. Breland, S. Duvall, M. Ball, J. Baker, K. Mullinax, K. Hood. Officers are: C. Cole, S. Duvall, K. Bray, G. Stacey, P. Jones, Mrs. Strickland, Sponsor. G. Golden, L. Rhodes, C. Cole, J. Davis, D. Dendy, R. Johnson, J. Dickson, P. Davis, L. Thomas, P. Jones, S. Bearden, K. Wilborn, S. Beardep, B. Long, A. Tidwell, P. Holland, J. York, D. Underwood, P. Elgin, J. Simpson, B. Wood, C. Dyar, G. Stacey, B. Strickland. C. Creel, T. Thomas, P. Johnson, A. Crowe, G. Gore, B. Laney, L. Hooper, J. Harvey, C. Parrish, S. Gray, B. Goss. 84Science Club Members of the Science Club Are: J. Champion, G. Webb, S. Stepleton, E. Carnes, R. Shadinger, B. Grace, D. Pritchett, J. Dickson, Mr. McIntosh, B. Beasley, C. Parrish, B. Laney, C. Goodwin, S. Carr, V. Johnson, S. Baker, K. Wilborn, M. Downes, J. Cochran, L. Bagwell, P. Holland, M. Burgess, K. Hearn, M. Duvall, S. Gray, J. Roden, B. Denham, L. Landers, L. Hooper, B. Goss, D. Garner, C. Barkley, L. Hodgens, L. Reed, D. Dendy, P. Davis. Mu Alpha Theta Members of the Math Club are: Mrs. Parrish, B. Denham, C. Wise, L. Hooper, A. Crowe, J. Alverson, G. Gore, L. Landers, B. Goss, C. Creel, S. Gray, C. Barkley, J. Harvey, B. Strickland, K. Wilborn, S. Hunt, A. Foshee, S. Flack, C. Dyar, B. Hard, J. Cryar, G. Lemaster, L. Spence, B. Williams, R. Cook, G. Pledger, M. Duvall, J. Roden, K. Hearn, L. Reed, G. Dickson, D. Burks, C. Cole, B. Grace, K. Henderson, T. Burgess, D. Garner, J. Davis, G. Golden, T. Williams, E. Carnes, J. Champion Officers are: President—Barry Denham V-President—Sharon Joiner Secretary—Connie Creel Treasurer—Alice Crowe Reporter—Lynda Hooper Sponsor—Mrs. Parrish Math students study problems shown from the opaque projector. Officers: President—Cathy Wise; Treasurer—Stanley Stepleton; Secretary—Tina Thomas; Vice-President— Donnie GarnerMembers of the club are: E. Gentry, C. Webb, J. Justice, M. Phillips, R. Hasty, L. Mathis, J. Pankey, A. Masters, B. Adams, B. Hard, L. Duran, $. Darnell, J. Kennedy, J. Sikes, J. Lucas, B. Maltbie. B.O.E. Officers are: E. Gentry, Pres.; B. Maltbie, V. Pres.; J. Pankey, Secretary; B. Hard, Treas.; Mrs. Little, Sponsor. Mr. McClendon, Sponsor; Officers are: G. Trussel, L Jenkins, L York. J. Brown, B. Kellett, C. Wilkerson, and W. Clay. G. Trussel, D. Oliver, K. Ashley, W. Clay, K. Croft, C. Wilkerson, J. Richards, L. York, J. Hillsman, J. Teague, L. Duke, Mr. McClendon, D. Glassco, B. Kellett, L. Jenkins. 7 3.V.I.E. Officers of the VIE Club are: D. Martin, P. Frasier, G. Norris, S. Rhodes, T. Camp. Members of the club are: M. Sims, M. Smith, A. Scott, E. Wilmore, L. White, R. Lusk, Mr. Landers, D. McWhorter, S. Walker, P. Erwin, R. Brown, J. Riggins, B. Stewart, M. Veal, J. Rhodarmer, B. Mayes, M. Bryant, J. Thacker, L. Waldrop, A. Lang, S. Mann. Members of the club are: D. Long, M. Edmonson, S. Bryant, L. Bright, V. Morgan, C. Chandler J. Chastain, G. Hackney, D. Calhoun, B. Hooper, E. Mayas 87Future Homemakers of America Members of the Basic Class are: P. Camp, R. Hackney, S. Oliver, R. Upton, S. McCreless, S. Ogle, P. Blackmon, M. Joiner, K. Barnes, M. Orr, J. Harris, B. Burgess, P. Ashley, J. Simpson, S. Gilliland, V. Evans, D. Fuller, S. Barclift, D. Mi 11 weed, B. Holcomb, B. Davis, P. Duckett, B. Bolding, T. Martin, B. Wilson, P. McDonald, E. Moore, S. Templeton, L Woods, F. Wesson, M. McKee, J. Lacey, B. Vaughn, C. Creel, S. Gray, R. Barksdale, M. LeCroy, B. Cooper, G. Gore, T. Thomas, A. Crowe, S. Howard, S. Carr, B. Clough, El Smith, S. Horton, M. Erwin, B. Smith, J. Tucker Members of the Specialized Class are: Mrs. Garrett, Sponsor, C. Price, C. Collins, W. Blackmon, P. Johnson, P. Cook, K. Cole, S. Couch, J. Duckett, R. Cofield, J. Cochran, J. Rice, D. Hall, C. Rains, C. Strange, C. luckie Members of the Advanced Class are: A. Matthews, M. Thomas, J. Cryar, C. Kirkland, S. Brown, D. Underwood, L. Lyles, B. Campbell, D. Slaton, S. Cul-bert, G. Blackmon, S. Wilmore, L Carnes, M. Burgess, J. Campbell, C. Martin, C. Cagle, A. Foshee, B. Dooley, Mrs. Bollinger, Sponsor, C. Dyar, L. Spence, S. Elrod, M. Reed, V. Brock, V. Burgess Officers of the FHA are: J. Rice, Reporter; C. Martin, Parliamentarian; V. Brock, Treasurer; P. Cook, J. Duckett, Historians; Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Bollinger, Sponsors; K. Cole, President; S. Couch, V-President; C. Collins, Secretary; Brenda Campbell, Reporter 88 IMAF.F.A Officers of the FFA for 1966-1967 are: J. W. Moon, Russ Gunnels, Irwin Patterson, Steve Pugh, Bobby Cofield, Wayne Gentry, Joe Pell, and Mr. Gregory, Sponsor. The Future Farmers participated in several activities this year including the Homecoming Parade. Members are: L. Childress, T. McClendon, R. Childress, T. Frasier, R. Hedricks, J. Pell, B. Cofield, J. W. Moon, S. Pugh, I. Patterson, R. Gunnels, W. Gentry, J. Harris, L. Holmes, D. Curry, G. Tidmore, L. Pearce, R. Johnson, T. Smith, J. Brown, W. Buckelew, C. Matthews, G. Rains, J. Free, D. Burgess, D. Voss, D. Upton, J. Smith, P. Chaffin, R. Costner, R. Lang, W. Tidmore, H. Lee, R. Glassco, M. Patterson, S. Cordell, D. Camp, R. Hayes, R. Daniel, H. Lancaster, J. Brown, D. Glassco, R. Higgins, K. Ashley, R. Lynn, W. Leslie, B. Duke, P. Gregory, J. Strawn, R. Rains, R. Honea, C. Greer, R. Garner, J. Richards, M. White, T. Swords, R. Payne, L. Taylor 89Aggie Marc 66-67 Cone 90hing Band ert Band 91Flutes: P. Bolding, E. Moore, L. Hooper, F. Downs, B. Long, N. Harris, B. Williams, A. Crowe, S. Lewis, R. Cook, C. Cagle, S. Roe, S. Smith, C. Winkles, J. Slaton, B. Turner Trumpets: A. Dalrymple, T. Brown, J. Dennis, T. Wynn, B. Morgan, B. Hooper, J- Baker, M. Henderson, G. Hackney, B. Ebersole, S. Walker, K. Henderson, J. Middlebrook, N. Hayes, T. Dunn, S. Roden, D. Lybrand, K. Smith, D. Pritchett, T. Martin, D. Brown, D. Adams. Seniors: B. Williams, J. Harvey, L. Hooper, T. Thomas, A. Crowe, P. Johnson, Officers: J. Harvey, C. Wise, B. Williams, A. Crowe, T. Thomas, J. Cochran, B. C. Wise, S. Hunt, G. Gore, S. Gray, J. Alverson, L. Landers, L. Hodgens, B. Martin, L. Hodgens, D. Brown, N. Creel Martin, J. Cochran, N. Creel, M. Downs, B. Goss, B. Hudgins, D. Lybrand, G. Spurlin 92 Mr. Nixon directing Dance Band. Members of the Dance Band are: L. Robertson, J. Chiles, D. Martin, G. Spurlin, K. Hearn, D. Chambers, S. Couch, M. Baugh, R. Howard, M. Rives, N. Creel, T. Wynn, K. Smith, B. Martin, D. Brown, T. Martin, D. Adams, A. Breland.Trombones, Baritones, and Basses: T. Green,-G. Saint, D. Lang, A. Breland, N. Creel, M. Baugh, T. Camp, B. Stewart, S. Couch, A. Dalrymple, M. Rives, R. Howard, B. Breasle, R. Norton, D. Cagle Saxophones: L. Robertson, D. Duvall, E. Goss, D. Tant, S. Dunn, S. Henry, S. Hudgins, J. Campbell, S. Musick, G. Stacy, G. Spurlin, B. Breland, K. Hearn, J. Chiles, D. Martin, B. Hudgins. Percussion: B. Karr, R. Duckett, M. Hall, A. Tidwell, B. York, P. Johnson, J. Cochran, T. Thomas, J. Landers, L. Nixon, K. Chafin, F. Burnett. MR. NIXON Clarinets: N. J. Wilmore, R. Upton, S. Gilliland, L Woods, J. Harvey, S. Elrod, C. Wise, D. Underwood, N. Goodwin, M. Martin, K. Mullinax, R. Hackney, D. Shirley, B. Boyd, K. Bray, T. Martin, L. Whitten, T. Camp, C. Lacey, J. Mahan, D. Spurlin, N. Thompson, S. Barkley, D. Crawford, J. Harris, L. Bearden, D. Leak, V. Carr T. Jones, K. Hood, B. Hood, K. McCrelessSANDRA GRAY FRAN RUDOLPH gloria GORE LESLIE LANDERS FRANCES GILLILAND SHIRLIE HUNT JAN ALVERSON PENNY HOLLAND Majorettes and Flagbearers SUE TEMPLETON BEVERLY GOSS CAROL DYAR SHARON DUVALLFuture Teachers of America Members of the club are: C. Luckie, S. Couch, J. Kirby, D. Shirley, B. Hudgins, C. Barkley, S. Hunt, G. Gore, B. Hunt, B. Thomas, M. Thomas, A. Tidwell, M. Downs, J. Cochran, J. Guinn, C. Collins, T. Bishop, J. Campbell, S. Baker, J. Franks, G. Blackmon, D. Long, L. Spence, S. Wilmore, P. Cook, S. Joiner, J. Rice, K. Wilborn, P. Holland, F. Downs, J. Duckett, C. Dyar, B. Hard, C. Goodwin, C. Rains, S. Howard, K. Cole, W. Henry, B. Clough, M. Burgess, S. Carr, C. Strange, S. Templeton, C. Cagle, S. Flack, P. Elgin, G. Stacey, B. Williams, R. Cook. Officers are: President—Judy Rice; Vice President—Sue Couch; Secretary-Treasurer—Teresa Bishop; We are especially proud of these two girls who received Devotional Chairman—Myra Thomas honors: Judy Rice—District Miss FTA and Sandy Flack- Ninth District FTA President for 1967-68. 95Library Club Library Club: C. Collin , C. Rains, C. Strange, Mrs. Couch, M. Burgess, M. Black, S. Ogle, Mrs. White, S. Flack, D. Tidmore, S. Wilmore, J. Duckett, W. Mayes, J. Harvey, K. Dalrymple Officers of Library Club are President—Cheeree Collins Vice Pres.—Carolyn Rains Sec.-Treas.—Cecilia Strange Sponsor—Mrs. Couch Gavel Club Gavel Club Members: B. Martin, B. Strickland, B. Laney, V. Johnson, M. Downs, J. Cochran, T. Thomas, S. Hunt, L. Landers, B. Hudgins, B. Williams, D. Hall, B. Goss, R. Upton, M. McKee, V. Evans, P. Duckett, G. Gore, A. Crowe, S. Baker, S. Carr, K. Mullinax, J. Campbell, C. Martin, C. Dyar, F. Rudolph, P. Johnson, K. Hearn, M. Duvall, B. Hunt, B. Chamblee, J. Roden, B. Teal Gavel Club Officers: President—Benny Martin, Administrative V-Pres.—Gloria Gore, Educational V-Pres.—Fran Rudolph, Secretary—Shirley Hunt, Treasurer—Betty Strickland, Parliamentarian —Kirby HearnAggie Pep Club The Faithful Supporters of the Aggie Football, Baseball, and Basketball teams. Jr. High Sewing Club Officers: President— Debbie Thacker Vice President Ruth Grace Secretary— Belinda Sutton Treasurer— Marquita Snider Members of Jr. High Sewing Club: F. Bonds, C. Lusk, K. Winkles, V. Anderson, T. Green, M. Simpson, D. Robinson, R. Grace, M. Snider, D. Roden, D. Thacker, C. Livingston, E. Montgomery, B. Sutton, P. Pickens, K. Cooley, B. Tidwell, K. Spence, S. Henry. 97Beta Club T. Trussed, S. Oliver, P. Camp, T. Williams, R. Moltrie, D. Eason, J. Chiles, J. Davis, E. Carnes, J. Dickson, G. Lemaster, D. Slaton, D. Long, C. Wise, B. Laney, R. Cook, K. Wilborn, L Thomas, J. Cyar, C. Dyar, P. Holland, S. Joiner, B. Strickland, C. McClendon, P. Ashley, J. Baker, K. Mullinax, B. Maltbie, B. Hard, C. Creel, L. Hooper. The Albertville High School Chapter is a member of the National Beta Club and Marshall Co. Association. Our club is active in the state and county organizations, and Sharon Joiner is parliamentarian of the county association. Jan Alver-son and Glenn Golden acted as marshals at the Alabama State Beta Convention in March. Linda Hooper, Glen Golden, Sharon Joiner, Connie Creel. Mrs. Weathers, Sponsor 98Student Council Student Council Officers: President—Mike Duvall Vice President—Bob Grace Secretary—Joyce Cryar Treasurer—Margaret McKee Parliamentarian—Angie Thompson County Officers: Vice President-Becky Boyd Student Council Members: B. Goss, S. Howard, K. Cole, P. Elgin, B. Denham, L. Hodgens, L. Landers, C. Creel, C. Goodwin, C. Wise, M. Downs, S. Baker, S. Joiner, B. Boyd, A. Land, C. Martin, C. Dyar, R. Upton, E. Davis, T. Martin, M. Erwin, M. McKee, K. Duvall, Mrs. Little, B. Holsomback, D. Long, J. Cryar, M. Black, S. Kennedy J. Henley, J. Roden, K. Hearn, N. Creel, J. Price, M. Bruce, P. Johnson, D. Garner, B. Grace, G. Smith, E. Carnes, L. Thomas, Mrs. Little, SponsorQuill And Scroll Members of the club are: I. Hooper, C. Wise, J. Cochran, B. Denham, N. Creel, S. Howard, C. Rains, S. Couch, J. Duckett, S. Joiner, L. Landers, A. Crowe, D. Long, B. Goss, T. Thomas, K. Cole. Sports Editor Glenn Golden is being assisted by Gloria Lemaster and Carol Dyar. Aggierama Staff Editor Sharon Joiner is shown working out plans with Mrs. Weathers Feature Editor Dora Long and Art Editor Brenda Laney. Business Manager Jimmy Dickson, Circulation Manager Joyce Cryar, and Exchange Editor Lana Thomas.Jr. Civitans Officers Are: P. Johnson, G. Pledger, K. Hearn, J. Holbrooks, G. Webb, D. lybrand, J. Price, G. Hedges, S. Amason, K. McDonald, C. Bowen. Sponsor—Mr. Gregory Members are: G. Pledger, B. Beasley, B. Grace, M. Bolding, J. Mitchell, J. Roden, J. Davis, C. Cole, J. Price, P. Johnson, N. Creel, B. Denham, K. Hearn, M. Duvall, D. Hart, T. Williams, R. Johnson, G. Golden. J. Dickson, J. Holdbrooks, G. Hedges, K. McDonald, B. Martin, D. Lybrand, G. Webb, J. Allison, G. Spurgeon, S. Stepleton, S. Amason, C. Bowen, L. Reed. Beta Club Officers of the Jr. Beta Club are John Burks, President; Russ Moultrie, Vice President; Ellen Goss, Secretary; and Sharon Musick, Treasurer. It is sponsored by Mrs. Hagood. P. Smith, D. Todd, T. Smith, F. Bond, C. Lusk, P. Roden, J. Rice, N. Thompson, V. Carr, D. Duvall, L. Whitten, S. Musick, M. Johnson, K. Camp, E. Goss, E. Montgomery, J. Norris, C. Livingston, S. Roden, K. Luckie, D. Kirby, C. Duke, T. Green, D. Wilson, C. Sparks, C. Young, J. Burks, P. Gilliland, B. Holsomback, R. Camp, D. Oliver, P. Stone, B. Karr, R. Moultrie, J. Gentry, C. Mastin, J. Johnson, L. Robertson, G. Young, R. Moultrie, J. Gentry 101Boys And Girls 4-H Club 4-H Club Boy's Officers' President—Ben Gore, Vice President-Terry Stewart, Secretary—Nicky Green, Song Leaders—Billy Breaseale, Joel Miller Mr. Malcolm Landers, Sponsor 4-H Club Members: D. Breeden, D. Poll, E. Young, R. Thurman, D. Jenkins, M. Edison, K. Chafin, A. Adams, D. Davis, R. Baker, A. Phillips, L. Hall, B. Miller, D. Hornsby, N. Breen, M. Simpson, G. Thomas, K. Terrell, R. Walls, T. Prickett, A. Smith, A. Tucker, D. Robinson, T. Stewart, M. McCoy, P. Hall, K. Grey, L. Dickson, R. Benefield, J. Morrow, W. Garner, B. Sutton, B. Gore, L. Bearden, P. Bolding, J. Terrell, J. Miller, R. Traylor, L. Whitten, G. Saint, B. Breseale, D. Latham, V. Carr, R. Jones, W. Daniels, G. Price, E. Allison, D. Swords. 4-H Club Girl's Officers: President—Susan Smith, Vice President— Dianne Latham, Secretary—Diana Robinson, Reporter—Belinda Sutton, Songleader—Ann Tucker 102 Mrs. Galloway, SponsorF e a t u r e s 103King of Albertville High School Neil being crowned Neil playing his trombone. King of Albertville High School— Neil Creel Neil and Connie take the throne. 104Queen of Albertville High School Connie receiving Cheerleader awardPrincesses And Gary and Cathy as they appeared in the Senior play, "Boys and Ghouls Together". Princess—Cathy Wise Kingsman—Gary PledgerPaul looking over the school. One of Brenda's talents is drawing. Kingsmen Kingsman—Paul Johnson Princess—Brenda LaneySenior BeautyJunior Beauty Miss Becky BoydSophomore Beauty Freshmen BeautyCoronation Court Royalty at A.H.S. The King and Queen take their throne. The King And Queen lead the Grand March. The entire Court joins in. Ill The Grand March is done by the Royalty to entertain their guests.Senior Favorites Shannon Howard 112Junior Favorites Cassandra Martin Lelton Woodham Angie Thompson Ricky Norris Ann Foshee Crawford Carter Penny Ftolland Mike BoldingSophomore Favorites Helen Peques Mike Bruce Mary Jane Erwin Tommy Thrash Belinda Bolding Tom Harvey Freshmen Favorites Deborah Duvall 114 MikeSpurlin Ellen Goss John GentryEighth Grade Favorites Seventh Grade Favorites Shane Skelley Pam WilliamsThe Coronation Court Senior Beauty Shirley Hunt Senior Favorites—Judy Rice, Charles Bowen, Shannon Baker, Buddy Beasley, Carol Barkley, Randall Mountain, Shannon Howard, Stephen Amason Junior Favorites—Cassandra Martin, Lelton Woodham, Penny Holland, Mike Bolden, Angie Thompson, Ricky Norris, Ann Foshee, Crawford Carter Junior Beauty Becky Boyd Sophomore Beauty Rachael Barksdale Sophomore Favorites—Mike Bruce, Helen Peques, Belinda Bolden, Tom Harvey, Mary Jane Erwin, Tommy Thrashy Classes Freshmen Favorites—Joe Gore, Deborah Duvall, Mike Spurlin, Kathy Camp, Ellen Goss, John Gentry Freshmen Beauty Marsha Johnson Eighth Grade Favorites—Mark Downs, Debbie Wilson, Richard Slaton Seventh Grade Favorites—Johnny Mastin, Pam Williams, Winkie Wells, Shane Skelley The King and Queen—The court looks on 117The Coronation Skits 1. Mike Duvall, President of The Student Council presenting trophy to Frank Moultrie, President of the Junior Class; 2. The Junior Skit—"The Enchanted World of Dolls" 3. The Freshmen Skit—"The Beat Goes On"; 4. The Senior Skit—"A.H.S. Through the Years"; 5. Kirby Hearn portraying Mr. Baugh in the Senior Skit; 6. The Sophomore Skit—"A Bus Trip Through History". 118A Time to be happy 1. Senior Valentine Queen—Frances Rudolph; 2. Valentine Dance; 3. Harvest Hop; 4. Junior Valentine Queen—Debbie Jobe; 5. Homecoming Court; 6. Homecoming Queen—Vicky Johnson; 7. Band Dance; 8. Band Dance Lead-Out; 9. Band Sweetheart—Cathy Wise; 10. Band Sweetheart; 11. Harvest Hop; 12. F.H.A. Court; 13. F.H.A. Queen—Kathy Cole; 14. Harvest HopJunior-Senior Prom Promenade D’ Amour 1. The leadout—Crawford Carter, Ann Foshee; Jim Davis, Lana Thomas; Ed Carnes, Becky Boyd; Frank Moultrie, Sue Templeton; Angie Thompson, Barry Denham; Vicky Johnson, Bobby Teal; Judy Rice, Quimby Raines; Shirley Hunt, Jim Price 2. A cart full of flowers; 3. Sue Templeton escorted by Frank Moultrie, Junior Class President-Angie Thompson escorted by Barry Denham, Senior Class President; 4. Sue being presented with flowers; 5. The leadout dance; 6. Sidewalk cafe; 7. Angie being presented with flowers; at the fountain; refreshment table; 8. The Last Will and Testament; 11. 13. snaps of the dance; 12. Scenery showing French art. 120 k MOST DIGNIFIED Gary Pledger and Debbie Hall Senior NEATEST Cheree Collins and Tommy Warren CUTEST Carol Barkley and Keith McDonald FRIENDLIEST Paul Johnson and Shannon Howard MOST AMUSING Tina Thomas and Bobby TealWho’s Who BEST ALL AROUND Connie Creel and Paul Johnson MOST TALENTED Benny Martin and Jonnie Duckett CLEVEREST Judy Rice and Tony Poe MOST CONSCIENTIOUS Sharon Joiner and Stanley Stepleton MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Connie CreelJunior MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Cassandra Martin and Lelton Woodham BEST ALL AROUND Joyce Cryar and Ed Carnes CUTEST Barber Hagood and Tommy Burgess NEATEST Aneice Rogers and Ronnie Spears MOST AMUSING Rex Higgins and Florence Bearden 124 .MOST TALENTED Tommy Aaron and Fran Rudolph MOST ORIGINAL Betty Dooley and Harold Lee - MANSophomore Who’s Who MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Rodney Lowery and Mary Jane Erwin FRIENDLIEST Tracy Trussel and Mary Jane Erwin BEST ALL AROUND Belinda Bolding and Ronnie Eason MOST AMUSING Mike Bynum and Margaret MeKee CUTEST Beth Wilson and Mike Bruce NEATEST Helen Pegues and Tom Harvey 126Freshmen Who’s Who BEST ALL AROUND Dick Adams and Sharon Musick NEATEST Sandy Roden and Deborah Duvall FRIENDLIEST Mike Elmore and Susan Stone WITTIEST Tom Walker and Dora Dendy MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Mike Spurlin and Dianne Latham CUTEST John Gentry and Ellen GossEighth Grade Who’s Who BEST ALL AROUND Deborah Wilson and Mark Downs FRIENDLIEST Deborah Kirby and Fred Downs CUTEST Pat Goodwin and Richard Slaton NEATEST Donna Tant and Allen Davis 128Seventh Grade Who’s Who ii iiliiirTl ii )i 4A ; BEST ALL AROUND Shane Skelley and Pam Williams FRIENDLIEST Sharon Wakefield and Wayne Kimberley CUTEST Winkie Wells and Mike Wilson NEATEST Julia Weeks and Johnny Mastin 129Class Night Awards 1. Award given to Mr. Coffey for 40 years of service. 2. Best All Around Student-Paul Johnson. 3. Best All Around Girl Student-Judy Rice. 4. Most School Spirit— Connie Price. 5. School, Activities—Leslie Landers. 6. The crowd at Class Night. 7. Sportsmanship—Bob Grace. 8. Golden Rule—Randell Mountain. 9. Junior High Perfect Attendance Awards 10. Everyone who received an award. 11. Senior High perfect Attendance Awards. 130- ' : v- 00 Oh o' 1967 Fighting Aggies Row 1: F. Moultrie, mgr., J. Phillips, B. Cofield, D. Hart, B. Beasley, B. Manzy, J. Pell, R. Hard, L. Hillsman, E. Carnes, G. Smith, B. Campbell, mgr. Row 2: R. Norris, B. Grace, C. Carter, L. Woodham, R. Shadinger, M. Bolding, J. Teague, E. Jones, D. Hill, A. Cole, D. Smith, D. Garner, T. Trussel, mgr. Row 3: R. Cunningham, J. Morgan, R. Lowery, M. Befort, J. Terrell, D. Holmes, R. Swords, D. Norris. 132 Coaches in action!Football Lettermen Mike Bolding End Sportsmanship Award Rickey Norris Halfback All-County Outstanding Back Oclane Hill Tackle Roger Hard Captain Fullback Outstanding Player All County All NEAC Eddie Jones End Dan Hart Captain Center Crawford Carter Quarterback Rodney Lowery End Bernard Manzy Halfback Bobby Cofield Flankerback Glenn Smith Guard Tackle Johnny Roden Flankerback Donnie Garner End LeJton Woodham Captain Halfback Randall Swords Tackle Ronnie Shadinger Tackle All-County Outstanding Lineman Jack Phillips Guard Ed Carnes Guard Scholastic Award i Bob Grace Guard All-County Alan Cole Guard Johnny Teague Quarterback 133Albertville 7 vs Gadsden 28 The Aggies went into their second game very much improved, but were plagued by a touchdown scoring back named Jess Wright. The Aggies offense was improved but the Tiger defense couldn't let them move on the ground. The TD for the Aggies was scored on a pass from Carter to Bolding. Highlights of Albertville 0 vs Arab 21 The Aggies' season opener was a night of playing big people and running out of downs. The Knights scored all their touchdowns in the first half of play on long drives. The second half the Aggies made drives taking them deep into Knight territory but just seemed to always run out of downs. Albertville 7 vs Butler 27 The Aggies went down under the big feet of a big Butler offense scoring only once. The Aggies touchdown was scored by Bernard Manzy. Albertville 7 vs Tuscaloosa Co. 17 The Aggies just couldn't get the ball moving but the defense was as tough as ever. Lowery made the TD and the extra point was put in by Teague. Albertville 7 vs Boaz 7 Lelton Woodham spoiled a Pirate win by making an 80 yard run tying the game. The game was very evenly matched and could only have come out one better way with us winning. Teague, sophomore standout, added the all important extra point.1967 Season Albertville 21 vs Etowah 41 The Aggies showed their most improved game of the season but the first half lead of the Blue Devils was too much to beat. The Aggies second half attack was passing. Carter passed for more than 200 yards. TDs were scored by Shadinger, Hard, and Carter. The PATs were added by Hart. Albertville 48 vs Hanceville 19 The Aggies brought home another trophy by defeating Hanceville very soundly. The Aggies' points were made mostly as long runs and passing. Albertville 20 vs Guntersville 26 The Aggies lost a heart breaker to our arch rivals, the Guntersville Wildcats, but not without playing the best game of the season. The Aggies lead by a slight margin only to find the clock with too much time on it. 135 Albertville 6 vs Fort Payne 19 The Aggies played a g o o d game but just couldn't get enough points on the board to beat the Wildcats. Albertville 49 vs Emma Sansom 6 (Homecoming) A determined Aggie team went out to win and did just that, scoring at will. The Rebels just couldn't get up enough steam to overcome the Aggies. It was the first Aggie win and it was great.DOWN YDS TO Senior members of football team. Speaker at football banquet Wally Buffs.Jr. High Aggies Row one: D. Cofield, G. Ham, S. Boles, G. Bean, A. Davis, D. Williams, K. Morton, C. Christian Row two: L. Moseley, V. Cooper, J. Edwards, D. Teague, W. Bolding, R. Martin, P. Smith, Row three: Coach James Jolley, T. Shankles, R. Riddle, L. Beck, T. Cofield, F. Campbell, R. Swords, S. Martin, Coach Robert Baty. Cofield looses one tackier for extra yardage. Teague throws a pass over the middle deep in wildcat territory. Schedule Aggies 39. . . .Arab 0 Aggies 24. . . . Guntersville 6 Aggies 0. . . .Boaz 0 Aggies 6. . . .Arab 14 Aggies O....Boaz 12 Aggies 9. . . .Guntersville 6 Behind the boys! Davis goes around the end on a long run for six points. 137Varsity Basketball Kneeling: J. Breeden, J. Henley, H. Lee Standing: M. Patterson, R. Norris, J. Davis, J. Teague, J. Mitchell, M. Bolding Aggies 53 Fort Payne 69 Aggies 47 Cullman 70 Aggies 43 Guntersville 55 Aggies 36 Etowah 49 Aggies 47 Gadsden 81 Aggies 67 Anniston 74 Aggies 42 Lee 45 Aggies 49 Boaz 58 Aggies 51 Oxford 53 Aggies 37 Guntersville 43 Aggies 46 Fort Payne 67 Aggies 54 Emma Sansom 74 Teague goes in for a lay-up in the county tournament against Douglas. Mitchell shoots for two points from the outside.Basketball Lettermen Mike Bolding Jimmy Breeden Jim Davis John Henley Harold Lee John Mitchell Ricky Norris Mac Patterson “B” Team Cagers Johnny Teague Left to Right C. Bolton, D. Eason, R. Childrees, R. Higgins, J. Hedricks, R. Lowery, M. Stewart, B. Sanders, R. Eason 139Junior High Basketball Row 1: D. Adams, A. Davis, D. Teague, M. Spurlin, J. Burks, J. Story, Row 2: Coach Jolley, J. Paschal, J. Tolbert, R. Cunningham, W. Bolding, B. Hooper, T. Walker, S. Boles, Row 3: T. Kirkland, J. Terrell, R. Jolley, J. Gentry, V. Cooper, K. Smith, G. Liles, J. Gore Young Cagers In Action Would you believe you're in my way? Mr. Terrific!? 140 Have you boys come up with a new dance?Baseball At A.H.S. Row 1: D. Smith, J. Henley, M. Stewart, B. Spurlin, E. Mayas, R. Cunningham, B. Campbell Mgr. Row 2: M. Spurlin, J. Roden, A. Cole, B. Cofield, J. Mitchell, W. Parrish Row 3: Coach Jolley, L. Woodham, R. Shadinger, C. Bryant, J. Teague, M. Bolding, D. Camp, S. Boles, J. Smith Managers. OUTFIELDERS: Danny Smith, Ricky Norris, Durral Teague, Mike Sterart, Ralph Cunningham 141Tennis Team 1967 K. Hearn, B. Denham, M. Duvall, J. Price, B. Hunt, D. Calhoun, B. Teal, Coach Bafy 142 Kirby Hearn Barry Denham jjm prjce Michael Duvall Bobby Teal Bobby Hunt David Calhoun Golf Team Jack Phillips Glen Golden Dick Adams Tom Walker Louis Ebersole Victor Alford Coach Shannon SloanTrack At A.H.S 1. B. Manzy, B. Stewart, L. Woodham, M. Patterson, E. Jones. 2. D. Hill, J. Terrell, M. Strange, D. Game., L Rhodes, D. Norris. 3. R. Norris, L. Woodham. 4. R. Lowery. 5. J. Terrell, L. Rhodes, Coach Fletcher, R. Lowery. 6. R. Lowery, D. Holmes, B. Grace, M. Befort, A. Lang. Trophy Winners ROGER HARD—Most Valuable Player RONNIE SHADINGER—Most Valuable Lineman RICKEY NORRIS-Most Valuable Back ED CARNES—Scholastic MICHAEL BOLDING—Sportsmanship “A” Club A CLUB MEMBERS: J. Phillips, J. Breeden, R. Norris, L. Woodham, D. Smith, R. Lowery, G. Smith, L. Rhodes, B. Denham, D. Garner, C. Carter, R. Hard. R. Shadmger, A. Cole, J. Henley, J. Roden, K. Hearn, D. Hart, M. Duvall, D. Hill, E. Jones, J. Teague, B. Grace, J. Davis. T. Trussell. 143 A Time To Rejoice 144AHS 1966-67 CheerleadersJunior High C h e e r 1 e a d e r s Marsha Johnson Head Kathy Camp Debbie Wilson Diane Latham Deborah Duvall Diane HuntFellowship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes seeks to challenge athletes and coaches, and through them, the youth of the nation, with the challenge and adventure of following Christ and serving Him in the fellowship of the Church and in their vocations. Sealed: B. Grace, R. Cunningham, D. Smith, J. Henley, G. Smith, J. Davis, D. Garner, E. Mayas, L. Woodham, R. Lowery, Standing: Jack Wells, E. Carnes, D. Hill, J. Mitchell, J. Teague, D. Camp, M. Befort, D. Hart, B. Beasley, K. Hearn, coach Jimmy Jobe. Not Shown: J. Philips, M. Patterson. A Day Game Shows Strong Aggie Team For 1968 Football Banquet 147 U id.e. u otrltL but: P I r- M—After Twelve Years — A Time To Depart . . . tt .‘.'I O f p sx (F9 U M A ? • T T "J • M 4 V T ® ra P t ) 9 ; ik d V- ra t1» r-i • n t:;l r 0 Row 1, left to right: B. Goss, B. Hudgins, L. Hooper, L. Landers, J. Harvey, S. Bearden, J. Rice, B. Laney, V. Johnson, G. Blackmon, R. Hasty. Row 2: T. Thomas, S. Gray, G. Gore, J. Alverson, J. Cochran, N. AAcCullars, K. Cole, S. Pinson, J. Kennedy, C. Chandler, L. Mathis, B. Hard, P. Frasier, M. Smith. Row 3: A. Crowe, S. Baker, C. Barkley, C. Creel, T. Bishop, S. Hunt, S. Howard, R. Lusk, L. Duran, E. Gentry, B. Maltbie, Row 4: B. Williams, S. Couch, D. Long, J. Duckett, J. Anderson, W. Blackmon, A. Bethune, Row 5: J. Strawn, B. Martin, S. Amason, R. Mountain, L Reed, S. Stepleton, J. Pell, B. Teal, C. Bryant, T. Poe, L. York, Row 6: R. Hard, R. Benson, G. Pledger, C. Alverson, L. Baird, J. Teague, C. Beasley, P. Johnson, K. Hearn, T. Martin, G. Hedges. VALEDICTORIAN: Lynda Hooper SALUTATORIAN: Sharon Joiner C o m m e n c e m e n t 1967 Memories of A Senior’s Year s. Boys and Ghouls Together presented by The Senior Class and directed by Mrs. Margaret Keller 1. Model S.—Terry Martin 2. Count Dracula—Larry Bright; Dirga—Jan Alverson; Marvalini—Mike Duvall. 3. Leetha—Debbie Hall; Voice of the clock—James Champion. 4. L. Bright, T. Martin, C. Wise, G. Pledger, M. Duvall, J. Alverson, K. Hearn, J. Champion, D. Hall, A. Crow, S. Gray, J. Cochran, T. Thomas, R. Lusk, B. Hudgins, 5. Howard, B. Martin, V. Johnson, S. Joiner.Index of ADAMS, BENITA BAKER Co-Op Club 6, VOOP 5-6, Pep Club 2-6; Cheerleader 2-3; Volleyball Team 3-4. ALVERSON, CHARLES FFA, Pres. 5-6. Agriculture Award 6. ALVERSON, JAN Majorette 5-6; Band 1-6; Beta Club 5-6; Science Club 5-6; Mu Alpha Theta 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; FTA 4-6; 4-H 1-6; JCL 4; Office Staff 3; Who's Who 5; Top Magazine Salesman 6; Senior Play 6; Hall of Fame 6. Science Award 6; Outstanding Student 6. AMASON, STEPHEN Jr. Civitans, Sec. 5-6; Class Favorite 6. ANDERSON, JUDY 4-H 1-2; Pep Club 5-6; FHA 4-5; Volleyball Team 4. ASHLEY, KENNETH 4-H, Pres. 1-3; FFA, Vice-Pres. 4-6; DE 6; Baseball 1-3. BAGWELL, LINDA 4-H 3; Science Club 6. BAIRD, LITA 4-H 1-2; Pep Club 4-5; FHA, Songleader 1. BAIRD, LAVON BAKER, LINDA Pep Club 3-6; FHA 4-6. BAKER, SHANNON Student Council 4-6; FTA 5:6; FHA 4-6; Spanish Club 2-3; Pep Club 3-6; Science Club 6; Jr. High Cheerleader 1; Top Magazine Salesman 6; Class Favorite 6. BARKLEY, CAROL FTA 5-6; FHA, Treas. 5, 4-6; Student Council 4-6; Pep Club, Sec. 5, 3-6; Math Club 6; Science Club 6; Spanish Club 2; 4-H 1-2; Cheerleader 6; Homecoming Attendant 5; Favorite 5; Class Favorite 6; Who's Who 6; Class Officer 4. BAUGH, EVELYN 4-H 1-3; FHA 5. BEARDEN, SCHEILA FHA 4-5; Pep Club 3-6; JCL 5-6; Sewing Club, Treas. 2; Pres. Homeroom 1. BEASLEY, CHARLES Science Club 6; Jr. Civitan 6; Gavel Club 6; FCA 6; 4-H 3; A Club 6; Pep Club 3-6; Band 1-2; Football 4-6; Basketball 2; Baseball 6; Track 4-5; Tennis 6; Class Favorite 6; Hall of Fame 6; Homeroom Pres. 3-4. BELFORD, VIRGINIA BENSON, RONALD 4- H 1; FFA 4; DECA 5-6. BETHUNE, ALVAH Science Club 2-3; DECA 5; Jr. Civitans 5- 6; Pep Club 5. BISHOP, TERESA FTA, Sec. 6, 5-6; FHA 4-6; Pep Club 3- 6. BLACK, MARSHA FHA 4; Pep Club 6; Student Council 6; Library Club 6. BLACKMON, GLENDA FTA 4-6; FHA 6; Pep Club 4-6; Science Club 6, 4-H 2-3; Office Staff 6; Top Magazine Salesman 6. BLACKMON, WANDA 4- H 1-3; FTA 4-6; FHA 4-6; Pep Club 3-6; Top Magazine Salesman 6. BOWEN, CHARLES Jr. Civitans 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; 4-H 2; Who's Who 5; Class Favorite 6. BRIGHT, LARRY JCL 4-6; Spanish Club 5-6; Math Club 5-6; Beta Club 6; Nat'l Merit Semifinalist 6; Senior Play Cast. BROWN, RODNEY VIE 5-6; Band 1-5; Homeroom Pres. 1-2. BRYANT, CHARLES 4-H, Sec. 1-2; A Club, Treas. 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; Football 2-5; Baseball 4-6; Basketball 3; Homeroom Pres. 2. Bookkeeping Award 6 BRYANT, MICHAEL BURGESS, MARTHA 4- H 1-3; FTA 4-6; FHA 5-6; Science Club 6; Library Club 6; Pep Club 4-6; Top Magazine Salesman 6. BURKS, DAVID Jr. Science Club 2-3; Sr. Science Club 5- 6; Mu Alpha Theta 5-6; JCL 5-6. Chemistry Award; 6 Mathematics Award, 6 CARR, SHEILA 4- H, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Science Club 5- 6; JCL 4; FTA 4-6; Gavel Club 6; FHA 6; Pep Club 4-6; Volleyball Team 5; Cheerleader 2. 4-H 1-3; Math Club 6; Gavel Club 5; CHAMPION, JAMES Science Club 5-6; Pep Club 6; Senior Play Cast. CHANDLER, CHERYL Language Award 6 CLAY, WALLACE DECA Club, Pari., 6; Pep Club 6. COCHRAN, JUDY Pep Club 3-6; FTA 4-6; FHA, Historian 4- 6; Gavel Club 5-6; Science Club 6; Student Council 5; Band, Lib. 5-6, 4-6; JCL 5; Annual 6; Quill Scroll 6; Who's Who 5; Senior Play Cast; Class Sec. 5. COFIELD, REBA PINKSTON COLE, KATHY Pep Club, 3-6; Library Club, 4; FTA, Dist. V-Pres., 5, 4-6; Student Council, Treas. 4, 4, 6; FHA, Pres. 6, 4-6; Annual Staff, Ed. 6; Quill Scroll, 6; Miss FHA, 6. COLLINS, CHEREE FHA, Pari. 5, Sec. 6, 4-6; Science Club 5- 6; FTA 5-6; Pep Club 5-6; Library Club, Pres. 6, 5-6; Valentine Queen 3; Who's Who 5-6. Library Award 6; COOK, PAT 4-H 1; FHA, Historian 6, 4-6; FTA 6; Office Staff 6. COUCH, SUE 4-H 1-2; Spanish Club 2-5; Pep Club 3- 6; FHA, Songleader 5, Vice-Pres. 6, 4- 6; FTA Vice-Pres. 6, 5-6; Annual Staff Cir. Man. 6, 5-6; Quill Scroll 6. CREEL, CONNIE JCL, Vice-Pres. Pari. 4-6; Mu Alpha Theta, Sec. 5-6; Beta Club, Vice-Pres. 4-6; Gavel Club 5; FTA, Dis. Pari. 4-6; Pep Club 3-6; FHA 6, Spanish Club 3; Student Council 6; Annual Staff 4-5; Paper Staff 6; Cheerleader, Head 6, 4-6; Favorite 4-5; Who's Who 5-6; FHA Court 6; Hall of Fame 6; Coronation Queen 6; Class Treas. 4. Citizenship Award 6 Cheerleader Award 6. CREEL, NEIL Jr. Civitans 5-6; Annual Staff Sports Ed. 6; Gavel Club 5; Student Council 4, 6; Pep Club 5-6; Jr. Class Play Cast; Band Pres. 6; 2-6; Quill Scroll 6; Basketball 2-3; Track 2; Golf Team 4; Who's Who 5; Favorite 4; Coronation King 6; Hall of Fame 6; Homeroom Pres. 4. CROWE, ALICE Student Council, Vice-Pres. 4-5; Band, Lib. 5-6, 1-6; Math Club, Treas. 6; FHA 6; Gavel Club 5-6; Annual Staff 6; JCL 4-6; Pep Club 4-6; Quill Scroll 6; Hall of Fame 6; Senior Play Cast; Class Pari. 4. DARNELL, SARA 4-H 1-3; Pep Club 2-3; Office Prac. 5-6. DAVIS, REBECCA 4- H 1; FHA 4-5; BOE 6; Pep Club 4. DENHAM, BARRY Math Club, Pres. 6, 5-6; Jr. Civitans 5- 6; Annual Staff Cir. Man. 6; Student Council 6; Class Play 4; Quill Scroll 6; Basketball 3-6; Tennis 6; Hall of Fame 6; Class Pres. 6. DOWNS, MARIE FHA 4; FTA 6; JCL 5; Math Club 6; Gavel Club 5-6; Student Council 4-6; Band 2-6; Head Flag Bearer 6; Science Club 5-6; Jr. Class Play Cast; Pep Club 3- 6; Freshman Beauty; Top Magazine Salesman 6. DUCKETT, JONNIE Home Arts 2; 4-H 1-3; Pep Club 3-6; FHA, His. 5-6, 4-6; FTA 6; Library Club 6; Annual Staff 6; Jr. Class Play Cast; Quill Scroll; Volleyball Team 4-5; Who's Who 6. Home Economics Award 6. DUKE, BILLY FFA, Sec. 4-5. DeKalb Award 6 DUKE, LA DON DECA 6; YFC 4-5; Baseball 2. DURAN, LINDA PANKEY FHA 4-5; 4-H 1-2; BOE 5-6; Co-op. Club 6. DUVALL, MICHAEL Student Council, Pres. 6, 6; Jr. High Science Club, Pres. 2; JCL, Pres. 5, 4- 6; Jr. Civitans 5-6; Pep Club 4-6; Spanish Club 2-6; Math Club 5-6; Beta Club 5; Basketball 5; Tennis 6; Who's Who 5; State Vice-Pres. JCL 6; Hall of Fame 6; Civitan Orat. Winner 1-2; Senior Play Cast; Homeroom Pres. 4-5. FRANKS, JATON 4-H 1-2; FTA 3-6; Library 3; FHA 4-5; BOE 6. FRASIER, PAT 4- H 1-3; Pep Club 3-5; FHA 4; Library Club 5; VIE 6; Volleyball 1-4. GARRISON, DENNIS DECA 5-6; Football 2-4; Basketball 3-4. GENTRY, EMILY Home Arts, Vice-Pres. 2; FHA 4; VOOP 5- 6; Student Council 4. GENTRY, SUE LANE GOODWIN, CAROLYN 4-H 1-3; FHA 4; JCL 5-6; FTA 6; Pep Club 3-6; Student Council 6; Science Club 6; Jr. High Cheerleader 3; Homeroom Pres. 2-4 6. GORE, GLORIA Band 1-6; Majorette 4-6; Gavel Club, Sec. 5, Vice-Pres., 5-6; FTA 6; FHA 6; Math Club 6; Pep Club 3-6 4-H, Sec. 1-4; JCL 4-6. GOSS, BEVERLY JCL, Treas. 4-6; Gavel Club 5-6; Science Club 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; Band 5-6; Flagbearer 6; Mu Alpha Theta 6; Annual, Editor 6, 5-6; Student Council 6; Quill Scroll 6; Cheerleader 1; Homecoming Attendant 4; Who's Who 5. GRAY, SANDRA Flag Bearer 5; Majorette 6; Pep Club 3- 6; Math Club 6; Science Club 6; JCL 4- 6; FHA 6; Who's Who 5; Senior Play Cast. GUINN, JOYCE 4-H 1-2; FHA 4; FTA 5-6; BOE 6. HALL, DEBBIE JCL 4-6; Pep Club 4-6; Gavel Club 6; Science Club 6; Library Club 4-5; FTA 4- 6; Annual Staff, Ass. Bus. Manager 5- 6 DAR Good Citizenship 6; Jr. Class Play 5; Top Magazine Salesman 6; Senior Play Cast. HAM, PAULETTE Pep Club 4; FHA 5; BOE 6; 4-H 1; Student Council 4. HARD, BARBARA Beta Club 6; Math Club 5-6; FTA 5-6; Student Council 4; Co-Op Club, Reporter 6. Commercial Award 6. HARD, ROGER A Club, Pres. 5-6; 4-H. Treas. 1-2; FFA 4; Pep Club 5-6; Football 3-6; Baseball 4- 5; Most Outstanding Football Player 6; Favorite 3; Who's Who 5. HART, DAN A Club, Vice-Pres. 6, 4-6; Jr. Civitans, Vice-Pres. 6, 5-6; FCA Pres. 6; Football 2-6; Baseball 5; Who's Who 5; Hall of Fame 6; Soph. Class Pres.; Student Council 5. HARVEY, JADA Band, Lib. 5-6, 1-6; Library Club 6; FHA 4; JCL 4-6; Math Club 6. Band Award 6. HASTY, REBECCA HEARN, KIRBY Jr. Civitans 5-6; Math Club 5-6; Gavel Club, Pari..6, 5-6; A Club Sec. 6, 5-6; FCA 5-6; Band, Student Director 6, 1-6; Baseball 5-6; Football 3-4; Basketball 2-6; Tennis 6; All County 3; V ho's Who 5; Soph. Class Vice-Pres. HEDGES, GEORGE Jr. Civitans, Treas. 5-6, 5-6; FFA Pari. 5, 4-5; Band 1-2. HODGENS, LISA Band, Treas. 5, 1-6; Majorette 4-6; Head Majorette 6; Gavel Club 5; Spanish Club 3-4; FHA, Songleader 5, 4-6; FTA 4; Pep Club 3-6; Science Club 5-6; Student Council 4, 6; All State Band 5- 6; Who's Who 5. Outstanding Band Student, 6. HOLDBROOKS, JIMMY Jr. Civitan 5-6; JCL 4-5; Pep Club 3-6. HOOPER, LYNDA Beta Club, Vice-Pres. 6, 4-6; Mu Alpha Theta, Reporter 6, 5-6; Science Club 5-6; Spanish Club 2-3; Band 1-6; FHA 4; JCL 4-6; Pep Club 4-6; Annual Staff 6; Quill Scroll Valedictorian 6, L. G. Balfour Award Biological Science Award 6 HOWARD, SHANNON FTA 4-6; FHA 6: Science Club 5-6; 4-H 1-2; Annual Staff, Bus. Manager 6; Student Council 6; JCL 5; Pep Club 3-6; Quill Scroll 6; Volleyball Team 5; 152Senior Activities HUDGINS, BRENDA Band 1-6; JCL 4; FHA, His. 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; Gavel Club 4-6; FTA 6; Senior Play Cast. HUNT, BARBARA FTA 4-6; FHA 5; 4-H 1-3; BOE 6; Volley-ball Team 3-6. HUNT, SHIRLIE Gavel Club, Sec. 6, 5-6; Pep Club 4-6; Science Club 5-6; Math Club 6; FTA 6; 4- H 1-2; Volleyball Team 5-6; Class Beauty 6. JENKINS, LENON DE, Vice-Pres. 6; Football 4-5. JOHNSON, PATTY FHA 4-6; Pep Club 5-6. JOHNSON, PAUL Spanish Club 2; JCL 4-6; Gavel Club 5- 6; Pep Club, Vice-Pres. 5, Pres. 6, 3- 6; Band 4-6; Jr. Civitans 5-6; Student Council 6; Annual Staff 6; Basketball 2; Who's Who 5-6; Jr. Play Cast; Coronation Kingsman; Top Magazine Salesman 6; Jr. Class Pres. 5. All Around Student Award 6 JOHNSON, VICKY FHA, Reporter 4-5; Gavel Club 6; Pep Club 3-6; Student Council 4; Science Club 6; Homecoming Queen 6; FHA Court 4; Senior Play Cast; Senior Class Treas. JOINER, SHARON FTA 4-6; Pep Club 5-6; Beta Club, Sec. 6, County Pari. 6; 5-6; Mu Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres. 6, 5-6; Aggierama Staff, Coeditor 6, 6; Student Council 5-6; JCL 5-6; Science Club 6; Quill Scroll 6; Who's Who 5-6; Jr. Class Play Cast; Jr. Play Stu. Director 6; Salutatorian 6; Hall of Fame 6. English Award, 6 JUSTICE, JUDY 4- H 1; Pep Club 6; Co-Op 5-6. KELLETT, BELINDA 4- H 1 -2; DE, Sec. 6. KENNEDY, JUDY Glee Club 1-2; 4-H 1-3; Pep Club 4-5; FHA 4; VOOP 5-6. LANDERS, LESLIE Pep Club 3-6; Gavel Club 5-6; Math Club 5-6; Science Club 6; Band, Majorette 6, 2-6; Annual Staff, Editor 6, 5-6; JCL 5; Student Council 6; Quill Scroll 6; Jr. High Bas. Queen 2. School Activities Award, 6. LANEY, BRENDA Spanish Club, Pres. 5, 2-3, 5; FHA, Vice-Pres. 5, 4-5; Pep Club 3-6; JCL, Sec. 4, 4-6; Beta Club 5-6; FTA 4; Gavel Club 6; Science Club 6; Student Council 4, 6; Annual Staff, Assist. Art Ed. 6; Paper Staff, Art Ed. 6; Quill Scroll 6; Homecoming Attend. 5-6; FHA Court 4, 5; Who's Who 5; Betty Crocker Award 6; Hall of Fame 6; Coronation Rrincess 6; Homeroom Pres. 4. LONG, DORA Spanish Club, Pres. 5-6; FHA 4-5; FTA 5- 6; Beta Club, His. 5-6; Paper Staff, Feature Ed. 6; Quill Scroll 6; Hall of Fame 6. LUCAS, JUDY FHA 4-5; Spanish Club 2; 4-H 1-3; Co-Op 5-6. LUCKIE, CARRIE FTA 6; FHA 4, 6; Spanish Club, Reporter 5; Pep Club 5-6. LUSK, RHONDA FHA 4-5; Co-Op 6; Volleyball Team 5; FHA Court 4; Sr. Class Play Cast. LYBRAND, DAVID Jr. Civitans, Chaplain, 5-6; Band 1-6. LYNN, FREDA FHA 4-5; Pep Club 4; 4-H 1-2. MALTBIE, BOBBIE JEAN Beta Club 6; Student Council, 5; Co- Op, Treas. 6; Pep Club 6; VOOP 5-6. MANN, STEVE MANZY, BERNARD Football 6; Basketball 6. MARTIN, BENNY Band, Drum Major 1-6; Gavel Club, Vice-Pres. 5-6; Pep Club 4-6; Science Club 6; Student Council 5-6; Basketball 2-3; Baseball 3-5; Who's Who 5-6; Jr. Play Cast; Sr. Play Cast; Class Vice-Pres. 5. MARTIN, DONA LEE VIC 5; Co-Op 6; VIE Award 6. MARTIN, TERRY Pep Club 4-6; Science Club 6; Band 2-6; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast; 4- H 2; Baseball 5. MASTERS, ANN JOHNSON FHA 4-5; 4-H 1-3; Pep Club 4; Glee Club 2; Co-Op 5-6. MATHIS, LINDA BOE 5-6. MCCLEAREN, JOE EDWARD MCCULLARS, NILA FHA 4-5; 4-H 1-3. MCDONALD, KEITH Jr. Civitan 6; Pep Club 3 6; Who's Who 6. MOUNTAIN, RANDEL Pep Club 5-6; Freshman Play; Jr. High Football 2-3; Class Favorite 6; Homeroom Pres. 1. Golden Rule Award, 6 P.E. Award 6 NELSON, KAY FHA 4-5; 4-H 1. OGLE, SANDRA BOE 6; FHA 4-6; Library Club 6; Pep Club 4-6; Volleyball 2-6. PANKEY, JUDY FHA 4; 4-H 1-2; Co-Op, Sec. 6; BOE 5- 6; Pep Club 3-5; Student Council 5; Homeroom Pres. 4. PARRISH. CAROL Pep Club 3 6; 4-H, Pres., Reporter 1-6; JCL 4-6; Science Club 6; Spanish Club 2-6; Student Council 4; Homeroom Pres. 5. PELL, JAMES Football 4-5. PELL, JOE FFA, Pari. 6; Football 5-6. PHILLIPS. MARY 4-H 1; BOE 5-6. PIERCE, MIKE Pep Club 3-6. PINSON. SHAWN Band 1-3; FHA 4; BOE 6; Pep Club 6. PLEDGER, GARY Pep Club 5-6; Jr. Civitan, Pres. 6, 5-6; Math Club 6; Freshman Play; Jr. Play Cast; Sr. Play Cast; Basketball 2-5; Who's Who 5-6; Boys' State Repres. 5; Hall of Fame 6; Student Council Rep. 1-4; Homeroom Pres. 1. Citizenship Award, 6. POE. TONY Pep Club 3-6; Science Club 6; Baseball 4; Who's Who 5-6; Homeroom Pres. 3. PRICE, CONNIE FHA 4-6, 4-H 1-3; Pep Club 3-6; Volleyball Team 4; Cheerleader 6. School Spirit Award, 6. PRICE, JIM Student Council 6; Jr. Civitans 6; Pep Club 6; Baseball 5-6; Tennis 6; Pres. Homeroom 6; Class Vice-Pres. 6. RAINS, CAROLYN Quill Scroll 6; Annual Staff, Typist 6, 6; Library Club, Vice-Pres. 6, 6; FTA 4-6; FHA 4-6; Pep Club 4-6; 4-H, Reporter 3, 1-3; Volleyball Team 4-5. Typing Award, 6 RAINS, JAMES REED, LUCIAN Science Club 5-6; Math Club 5-6; Jr. Civitans 6; Freshman Play 3. RHODES, SHERRY FHA 4-5; 4-H 1-2; VIE 6; Co-Op 6; Pep Club 6; Volleyball Team 5. RICE, JUDY FHA, Reporter 4-6; Pep Club 5-6; FTA, Pres. 6, 4-6; Library Club 6; Junior Play Cast; Student Council Rep. 5-6; Who's Who 5-6; Homecoming Court 6; Class Favorite 6; Sr. Class Sec. All Around Student Award 6. RICHARDS, JAMES RIGGINS, JERRY FFA 4; 4-H 1; Football 2, 3, 5. RODEN, JOHNNY A Club 5-6; Math Club 5-6; Jr. Civitans 6; Pep Club 3-6; Science Club 6; Football 2-6; Basketball 2-4; Homeroom Pres. 2-5. ROSSON, LINDA 4-H 1-3; FHA 4; FTA 5-6; BOE 6, Pep Club 6. ROWELL, TYRA 4-H 1-3; FHA 5; Pep Club 6. SCOn, ANGIE LAND 4-H 1; FHA 4-6; Co-Op 6; Volleyball Team 5. SIKES, JANET SMITH, MALBA 4- H 1; FHA 4; VIE 6; Band 1-4; Pep Club 3-4; Co-Op 6. SPENCE, LAURA Student Council 1-5; 4-H, Sec. 1-2; FHA 3 6; Math Club 6; FTA 5-6; Pep Club 5- 6. SPURLIN, GLENN Band, 1-6; Jr. Civitans 6; Pep Club 6; Track 1; Band Award 6. STEPLETON, STANIE'' Pep Club 4-6; Jr. Civitans 6; Annual Staff, Sports Ed. 6; Science Club, Treas. 6; Football 5; Favorite 5; Hall of Fame 6. Danforth Award 6 STEWART, BARBARA FHA 5; VIE 6. STRANGE, CECELIA Pep Club 4-6; Science Club 6; FHA 4-6; FTA 6; 4-H, Vice-Pres. 2, 1-3; Library Club, Sec. 6, 6; Homeroom Pres. 5. STRAWN, JOHNNY SWORDS, GAIL FHA 5; Volleyball Team 5-6; Sewing Club 2; 4-H 1-3; BOE 6. P.E. Award 6. TEAGUE, JIMMY VIE 5; DE 6; FFA 4; 4-H, Vice-Pres. 1, Band 1-2; Pep Club 3; Co-Op 6; Football 3; Homeroom Pres. 1. TEAL, BOBBY Pep Club, Treas. 1-6; 4-H 1-3; Gavel Club 6; Jr. Play Cast; Science Club 6; Basketball 4; Football 2; Baseball 5; Tennis 6; Who's Who 5-6; Homeroom Pres. 1-4. THACKER, JIMMY Pep Club 4-5; VIE 6; 4-H 1-2; Science Club 3; Co-Op 6; Football 3. THOMAS, TINA JCL 4-6; Gavel Club 5-6; Pep Club 3-6; Science Club, Sec. 6, 5-6; FHA 6; Band. Treas. 6, 4-6; Student Council 4; Quill Scroll 6; Who's Who 5-6; Jr. Play Cast; Annual Staff 6; Sr. Play Cast. TRUSSELL, GAITHER DE, Pres. 6, 5-6; Pep Club 6; Jr. Civitan 6; Football 2. D.E. Award 6. VEAL, MARY VIE 5-6; Pep Club 3-5; FHA 4; 4-H 1-2. WALKER, DEE Pep Club 6; JCL 6. WARD, RONNIE WARREN, TOMMY Pep Club 3-6; Glee Club 4; Who's Who 5-6. WEBB, CAROLYN Co-Op 6; VOP 5-6; JCL 4. WEBB, GARY Pep Club 6; Jr. Civitans, Pari. 5-6; Science Club 6; Student Council 3. WHITE, LINDA 4-H 1-2; Pep Club 3-6; VIE 6; FHA 4-5. WILBORN, KAY 4- H 1-3; Math Club 5-6; Science Club 5- 6; JCL 5-6; Pep Club 6; Beta Club 5-6. WILKERSON, CHARLES 4-H 1-2; FFA 4; VIE 5; DE, Treas. 6; Co-Op, Pres. 6; Basketball 1-3; Baseball 1-3. WILLIAMS, BRENDA Math Club 5-6; Band, Sec., 1-6; Gavel Club 5-6; FTA 5-6; Pep Club 5-6. WILLMORE, SHIRLEY FHA 5-6; FTA 5-6; Library Club 6; 4-H 1-3; Cheerleader 2; Pep Club 4-6; WISE, CATHY Pep Club, Sec. 6, 3-6; Band, Lib. 4-6, 1- 6, FTA, Sec. 5, 4-5; FHA, 4; Beta Club, 6; Science Club, V- Pres. 5, Pres, 6, 5-6; Math Club, 6; Gavel Club, 5; JCL, 5; Annual Staff, Art Ed, 6; Student Council, 4, 6; Quill Scroll, 6; Class Fav. 1; Homecoming Aft. 4, 6; Class Beauty, 4, 5; Coronation Princess, 6; Senior Play Cast; Band Sweetheart, 6; Social Studies Award, 6; Danforth Award, 6. WOFFORD, RITA GORE Pep Club, 4-5; FTA, 4-5; Band, 2-5; Homeroom Pres. 2. YORK, LOYD Pep Club, 4-6; DE, 5-6; FFA, 4; Band. 1; 4-H, 2-3; Football, 1-3; Basketball, 2- 3; Track. 3. 153A d v e r t 1 s 1 n gCITY of ALBERTVILLE Heart of Sand Mountain Nations Most Densely Populated Rural Areas ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Seated: Mayor Paul Smith, Ralph Marlowe Standing: James S. Lang. Thomas B. Keller, J. H. Maddox, John Ralph VaughrALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F.D.I.C. Albertville, AlabamaSAND MOUNTAIN BANK Member of FDIC Boaz Alabama STATE NATIONAL BANK One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alabama AlbertvilleCHESTER F. RAINES AGENCY, INC. Complete Insurance Service Since 1921 117 E. Main St. 878-3911 P.O. Box 218 Albertville, Alabama 35950 "Serves YOU First" THE A. B. HOOPER Compliments of INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance J. W. BOWEN Insurance and Real Estate P.O. Box 146 Albertville, Alabama YOUR Kndependent 1ns u ra nee j£ AGENT - $ 1 R V I i j YOU jf HU" 878-1541 P.O. Box 216 878-4351 Albertville, Alabama "Where You Always Buy The Best For Less" LINN'S 5, 10 $1.00 GIBSON'S Discount Center Save LAJV Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday thru Saturday 521 Baltimore Ave. Albertville Alabama Main Street Albertville, Alabama CORBIN'S FURNITURE LIBERTY LOAN AND APPLIANCE CORPORATION Hotpoint Appliances, Zenith Color Television, Curtis Mathes, The Home of Money in One Day Fine Furniture by Barnhardt, Flanders, Riverside BILLY S. POE—Manager P.O. Box 222 109 North Simpson St. Phone 878-3921 Main Street Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-2141 Albertville Alabama WELLS Your Clothing Store of Values Established 1919 101 East Main G. D. WELLS SR. Phone 878-2441 GEORGE D. WELLS, JR. JACK WELLSCompliments of DOBSON CO. INC. "Clothing For the Entire Family" "We Wish the Class of 67 Lots of Success" Compliments of KENWIN SHOPS Albertville—MISS MITCHELL Manager Boaz—MISS MARTIN Manager Ladies' and Childrens' Ready to WearCompliments of THE VILLAGE SQUIRE W. B. ADAMS JR. Highway 43 I Albertville Alabama ALBERTVILLE, ALA. an ★ ★★★★★★★★★ school WHITTEN'S Fashions for the Discriminating Person FRED KING, INC Main Street Albertville and BoazFAMILY SHOE STORE ANDERSON SHOE SHOP "Good Shoes at Low Prices" 120 West Ober Ave. 5000 Pairs "For better shoe service and sales." Albertville, Alabama Albertville Alabama BISHOP SEWING CENTER Fabrics and Sewing Machines—Custom-Made Drapes Phone 878-3961 206 E. Main Street Albertville, Alabama CHANDLER'S FABRIC SHOP "All Your Sewing Needs" DAUGHERTY CHANDLER, Manager North Broad St. Albertville, Ala. New Store—Athens, Tenn.Compliments of WAVU MARTIN THEATERS and SAND MOUNTAIN REPORTER DRIVE-INS Albertville Alabama P.O. Box 190 Albertville, Alabama WHITE GIN CO. THE FASHION HOUSE 'padAuuti. " "Best Wishes to the Senior Class" South Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaRUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP Albertville Main Street Alabama MRS. RUBY CHAFIN—Owner and Operator the ERLENE'S BEAUTY GAITHER SCHOOL SHOP of HAIR FASHION "Tops In Hair Fashions" "For A Promising Career" Sand Mountain Shopping Center Phone 878-0101 Albertville Alabama 508 Baltimore Ave. Phone 878-1471 Albertville, AlabamaBest Wishes From TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. Lunch time at A.H.S. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville, AlabamaKING'S INN MOTOR HOTEL T .V.—Phone—Carpet—Coffee Highway 431 at Intersection 75 Albertville, Alabama J. D. TOLBERT Manager Phone—878-0140 OUN C. HEARN Owner DIXIE SUPER MARKET Shopping Center Albertville Highway 431 AlabamaFrequent visitors DAIRY QUEEN Shakes, Malts, Banana Splits Assorted Sandwiches, Broasted Chicken to Carry Out Albertville Highway 431 Alabama LACY'S CAFE 118 North Broad Albertville, Alabama mCP°e ' Compliments of MARTIN GRILL FRANK'S MARKET MEATS Groceries, Meats, Vegetables 1 13 W. McCord Ave. Albertville Alabama 108 South 9th Street East Gadsden, Alabama PIGGLY WIGGLY W. L. HALSEY GROCERY CO. INC. Huntsville, Ala. Institutional Grocers P5§1) We Combine Prompt Deliveries and Courteous Service With Our Slogan: North Broad Street Albertville Alabama "Reliable Merchandise Since 1879"The WHITE PALACE "Cafe With the Home Touch" 129 East Main St. Phone 878-9904 Albertville Alabama COBB'S SAND MOUNTAIN'S BEST SORGHUM Albertville Alabama AGGIE BURGER "Home of Devils and Devil Burgers" Owner—ELMER G. ALLEN Albertville, AlabamaALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY The Prescription Store "Your Prescription Is Our Specialty" Phone 878-1514 Free Delivery DAVIS DRUG COMPANY P and J PHARMACY l our DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE DRUGGIST Albertville, Alabama North Broad Street Albertville, AlabamaBOAZ-ALBERTVILLE PHARMACY HEWETT DRUG CO. Dependable Registered • Fast Free Delivery • One-Day Film Service • Gifts For All Occasions • Fountain Food Service Dial 593-6679 South Broad St. Night Holidays 878-4880 Albertville Alabama Highway 431 MAY'S MOBILE SORTER MOBILE HOMES HOMES Phone 878-4227 Phone 878-5327 Highway 431 Highway 431 Albertville Alabama Albertville AlabamaPAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Phone 878-0281 Highway 431 North Albertville, AlabamaCLINTON SMITH MOTORS North Broad Albertville, Alabama Loft to Right: Benny Simmons, Donald Smith RALPH COLLINS KIKER MOTORS FORD —We Sell To Sell Again— Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Hwy. 431 878-2121CAIN BLUE WILKS TIRE AND COMBS AND BATTERY Hester Batteries, General Tires Automotive Parts 430 Broad Street and Quality Recapping Complete Front End and Brake Service Phone: 878-4892 North Broad Phone 878-0211 Albertville, Alabama Albertville Alabama J. C. SMITH AUTO SERVICE Parts and Repairs Heavy Duty Wrecker Service N. Broad Street Albertville Ft. Payne Highway Alabama Night Phone Telephone 878-1272 878-2041 CRIBB'S TIRE and BATTERY Albertville Alabama 878-3161CHARLIE COX MARSHALL COUNTY OLDSMOBILE-PONTIAC EXCHANGE, INC. CO. Business Phone 878-0992 Guntersville—Arab—Boaz and Albertville, Alabama Seed, Feed, Fertilizer Highway 431 North Albertville, Alabama Farmer Owned Farmer Operated J. J. MOTORS Highway 431, South Route 3, Albertville, Ala. Bus. Phone 878-3661 Res. Phone 878-1270 EDSTELL SMITH MOTORS Clean Used Cars Rt. 3 Albertville Alabama O.K. RUBBER WELDERS "If It Rolls and Has A Size, We'll Have It." Recapping New and Repairing Used Tires N. Broad Albertville Street AlabamaALBERTVILLE SCRAP WHITTEN PARTS MATERIAL COMPANY COMPANY Used Parts—Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Used Steel and Pipe—We Buy All Makes—Wrecked Cars, Scrap Iron and Metal Phone 878-4381 878-3051 Box—225 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama SAND MOUNTAIN PARTS COMPANY WYMAN WILLOHBY Compliments of A. V. HOLSONBACK MOTORS On Highway 431 Auto Parts Distribution Route 5 Alabama Albertville Alabama AlbertvilleBOBO STANDARD STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION COMPANY 1 — 1 Complete Car Service B Dealer B Top Value Stamps L. P. NeSMITH, Agent Highway 431 Albertville Alabama Albertville, Ala. Phone 878-3141"MUB" Municipal Utilities Board of Albertville. Serving Albertville with the lowest electric rate in the nation and more than 3 million gallons of pure water daily. MATTHEW HOOD ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY COMPANY INC. Phone 878-3841 Highway 431 Water Pumps Filter Sales Service, Etc. Albertville Alabama Box 16 Highway 431 Albertville AlabamaBRYANT FURNITURE MFG. COMPANY Industrial Drive Albertville, Alabama 35950 ROBERTS AND WEATHERS FURNITURE Boaz, AlabamaCOOK SONS HARDWARE COMPANY 878-2241 "Your Plumbing Electrical Contractor" Everything in Hardware RAY W. OSBORNE Owner 127 N. Broad St. Albertville, Alabama ROBERTS ISBELL DAVIS BROS. HARDWARE HARDWARE COMPANY Everything In Hardware—G.E. Electrical Appliances Hardware, Paints Well Pumps 878-4311 878-1531 Albertville Alabama Albertville AlabamaROSS-GRADEN Albertville and Suntersville Everything In Building Material Albertville Guntersville 878-1461 582-3125 ALBERTVILLE ROOFING SUPPLY CO., INC. Built Up With Slag, Gravel or Marble Chips Waterproofing Material Phone 878-1601 Albertville Alabama ADAMS LUMBER COMPANY SAND MOUNTAIN EXTERMINATING CO Albertville Alabama Phone 593-8311 Boaz, Alabama Compliments of GOODWIN T.V. AND APPLIANCES LEVIE AND BAINS JAMES S. GOODWIN—Owner Furniture and Appliances Albertville, Alabama 208 East Main Street Albertville, Alabama Business: Boaz, Phone 593-6267 Alabama BROADWAY FORMBY and DUVALL FURNITURE CENTER Furniture and Appliance Co. Your Zenith and Westinghouse Dealer Frigidaire—Maytag—RCA Household Furnishings Highway 431 Albertville Alabama RAY DUVALL BOBBY FORMBY THACKER Compliments of PAINT SERVICE MARSHALL BUTANE Decorating Contractor GAS AND APPLIANCE Special Coatings COMPANY Phone 878-3321 413 Glover St. Albertville Albertville Alabama Compliments of Compliments of MOORE'S HOME BIG DUTCHMAN, SUPPLY INC. Your Sporting Goods Headquarters "Trade With Tom" Highway 431 Albertville Alabama Phone 878-2871 AlbertvilleCompliments of DONNA TANT Watches—Diamonds—China Silver Phone 878-0521 Albertville Alabama THE JEWEL BOX £x $ui4ite PetueCry Phone 878-3301 Albertville, Alabama SOMMERS MUSIC CO. Albertville's New Musical Headquarters PIANOS • Story, Clark, Conn, • Kohler, Cambell ORGANS • Conn, Lowrey BAND INSTRUMENTS • Conn, Holton, • Leblanc STRING INSTRUMENTS • Gibson, Fender 139 W. Main St. Albertville AlabamaMORGANS OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY We Service All Mokes of Office Machines New Used: Adding Machines, Typewriters, Calculators, Cash Registers, Duplicators, Mimeographs, Office Furniture and Supplies PREPARATORY B.O.E. GIRLS Seated: (Left to Right) Sandra Ogle. Joyce Guinn, Linda Rosson, Barbara Hunt, Kay Nelson. Standing: (Left to Right) Linda Baker, Becky Davis, Pawlette Ham, Miss Sloan, Yaton Franks, Gail Swords, Evelyn Johnson, Judy Anderson BILL JORDAN WAYNE WALLS Sales Sales THOMPSON PRINTING JORDAN COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLY OFFICE SUPPLIES Royal Typewriters Victor Adding-Calculators • Office Furniture • Supplies • Printing Letterpress, Offset and Screen Process Printing Phone—878-2021 Albertville, Alabama 616 Broad Street P.O. Box 1068 Gadsden, Ala. 35902 Phone 546-0428 BEST WISHES SENIORS! from WAYNE POULTRY COMPANY, INC. Albertville, Alabama 35950 ALLIED MILLS INC. Compliments of Manufacturers of Wayne Peed and Soy Bean Products. ARBOR ACRES Albertville Alabama Suntersville, Alabama THE KENDALL COMPANY Albertville Plant "A Good Place to Work" PART OF ALABAMA'S VITAL TEXTILE INDUSTRY Albertville Alabama AMERICAN RUBBER CORPORATION Albertville, AlabamaW. E. WALKER AND CO. COTTON BUYERS Albertville Alabama ALFORD COTTON COMPANY gS| J. J. SEED Ei Highway 431 Albertville, Alabama Albertville Alabama QfjJ eUming :k m WAKEFIELDS Laundry and Dry Cleaning Phone 878-2581 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of GREEN'S FLORIST AND SPEEDWASH GREENHOUSES East Main Street, 6 Points, Sand Mountain fj nowervByW Phone 878-3511 319 Martling Road Shopping Center Albertville Alabama Albertville, Alabama DR. PEPPER NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY COMPANY Mill Street Boaz, Alabama The friendly "Pepper-Upper" That never lets you down! Boaz Alabama W. S. RODEN COMPANY BEE LINE EXPRESS —Institutional Foods— INC. E. J. HAYES Sales Representative Bus. Phone: 878-0921 Home Phone: 878-0753 P.O. Box 388 Albertville, Alabama Railroad Ave. Albertville, Alabama Official Annual Photographer ROBERT 0. JOHNSON Wedding Photographer Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-2561 P.O. Box 196 B. F. HOWARD AND SON Building Material Highland Avenue Albertville, Alabama SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY Sand Mountain Shopping Center Albertville, Alabama   ALBERTVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY % 

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