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 Uhe 1964 JITo un taineer JJui i sfecf itj tfe S ucien i)ocfy of fl iertui ie Jfigf cScfooiFor the past nine months you, the students, have been making memories at A.H.S. and we have tried to capture them in word and picture. We hope you will treasure this annual always. 1 would like to thank my very cooperative staff for their work. Especially, would I like to thank Mrs. Couch for the advice she offered through the year.S7 s Spirit. . . Junior High Principal acuftu These teachers have taught us what we know, helped make us what we are, and helped us to mold our future. To them we owe no small debt of gratitude. MR. WILLIAM BARNARD COACH G. B. BEASLEY MRS. JOYCE BOLLINGER MR. LEON CAMP MRS. ZERA COUCH MRS. KATHLEEN GARRETTMRS. HAZEL GIBSON MR. H. C. GREGORY MRS. MARAGRET HODGE MRS. MARGARET KELLER MR. LESTER LANDERS MRS. WILENA LITTLE MRS. IVA JO MADDOX MRS. SUE McBRAYER MR. WALTER McINTOSHMR. GEORGE NIXON MRS. EMILY RUDOLPH MISS SARAH SCRUGGS MRS. WANDA SLOAN MRS. MARGARET STRICKLAND MRS. MARY WEATHERS MR. B. J. WEAVER MRS. JEAN BEASLEY MRS. MARTHA BIDDLEMRS. FAYE BURGESS MR. J. T. CHILDRESS MR. P. L. COFFEY MRS. MARGARET DAVIS MRS. VERNICE GA LLOWA Y MR. JAMES GILLEYMRS. JUDITH HOLDERFIELD MRS. NELL HOOPER MRS. DOROTHY KELLET MR. DONALD KENDRIX MR. MALCOLM LANDERS MRS. DONNA MAYNARD MR. LEMON McCOLLUM MRS. NOLA MIDDLEBROOK MRS. MARY JO MOOREMRS. MARION MOULTRIE COACH GLEN NUNLEY COACH SHANNON SLOAN COACH BRUCE WRIGHTSEATED: Mrs. Ruby Hembree: Genell Cochran: Venice Jones: Amilee Hayes. Manager. STANDING: Sarah Dean; Mary Lee Spears; and Velma Baird. NOT SHOWN: Mrs. Nevora Moor, Business Manager. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ocie Chamblee; Gola Rogers; Willie Filmore; and Ed McCreless. ( ustoc iansEditor-in-Chief PATRICIA DENDY JITountcuneer cS W Advisor MRS. M. G. COUCH Pam is shown giving instructions to the page editors. L. to R. , SEATED: Sue Lumpkin and Brenda Brooks. STANDING: Janet Chavers, Cynthia Bailey, and Pam Martin. . Circulation staff busy at work. L. to R. : Tommy Barkley. Chella Thomason, Linda Patterson, Barbara Cribbs, and Jimmy Colvin.On the OJoh Pat is showing Junior staff, Laura McPherson, Elizabeth Thompson, and Charlotte Hagood, a layout. Co-Business Managers PAT SMITH PAM MARTIN These typists have been very busy this year, L. to R. , Jo Ann Jones, Jean Davis, Gayla Cobb, Faye Hunt, and Barbara Kiker. Photographers BOB ALVERSON and RANDY McPHERSON enjoy making each others’ picture VSeniors Senior Class Officers are shown planning some class projects. L. to R.: Tommy Biddle, Vice-President; Ned Dendy, Presi dent; Jean Davis, Secretary; and Brenda Brooks, Treasurer. BENNETT A. ALFORD "Take good care of me -good men are hard to find" Football 3,5,6, Scholarship Award 6, Band 1-2, 4-6, Jr. Classical League 4- 6, Vice-President 4, Beta Club 5-6, Treasurer 6, Junior Civitans 4-6, Science Club 6, Junior Who's Who, Pep Club 3-6, Track 5-6, "A" Club 5- 6 MICHAEL D. ANDERSON "I envy no man who knows more than I do, but pity those who know less" Band 1-6, Junior Classical League 4, Glee Club 6, Junior Civitans 4-6, Pep Club 6 ROBERT M. ALVERSON "Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor?" Basketball 3, 4-H Club 1-6, State Pres., State 4-H Entomology Winner 4, State 4-H Achiev. Winner 6, Beta Club 5-6, Jr. Civitans 4-6, Vice-President 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Who's Who 6, Science Club 6, Annual Staff 6 CYNTHIA V. BAILEY "To help another she gives her best" Cheerleader 5-6, Head 6, Jr. Class Treas. , Jr. Who's Who, Annual Staff 6, Top Ten Magazine Sales, Beta Club 5-6, Secretary 6, F.T.A. 5-6, Jr. Classical League 4-6, Pep Club 3-6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Senior Favorite, Homeroom Officer 6, A.H.S. News Reporter 5-6, Quill and ScrollDAVID BAKER ”A fine athlete, and a fine guy" Basketball 1-6, A-Club 5-6, Junior Civitans 6, Science Club 6, Pep Club 4-6, Track 5-6, All N.E, A.C. Basketball Team 6, All County Basketball Team 6, All District Basketball Team 6, Who's Who 6 LINDA SUE BAKER "Talk she can and talk she will; her tongue is very seldom still" Glee Club 6, Pep Club 6, J. C. L. 4, 4-H Club 4 HAROLD WAYNE BAKER "Mudcat” "This man will go far because he believes every word he says" Beta Club 5-6, D. O. Club 6, Football 3 TOMMY RALPH BARKLEY "He never meets a stranger" Band 1-6, Asst. Director 5-6, Asst. Drum Major 6, Basketball 1-2, Junior Civitans 6, Annual Staff 6, Mag. Sales Captain, Student Council 6, Who's Who 5, Pep Club 3-6, 4-H 1-3, Science Club 6 JIMMY BEARDEN "Laughing is good for one's health" FFA 4-5, D.O. 6 NANCY JO ANN BERRY "Carefree, gay and full of fun" J.C.L. 4-6, F.T.A. 5-Pep Club 3-6, Office Staff 5-6, Aggierama Staff 6, Beta Club 5-6 6. JOHNNY BELUE "Do you know what I did?" Junior Basketball 2-3, FFA 4,6 TOMMY FRANK UN BIDDLE "I may not set the world on fire, but I'm good at sparking" Favorite 3, Jr. Class Pres. 5, Band Pres. 5, Vice-Pres. 6, Senior Vice-President 6, Who’s Who 5, Boys' State 5, Jr. Civitans, S.C., Student Council 5, Band 1-6, H. EscortETTA BOBO "A good disposition is a gift of nature." F.H.A. 4-5, JCL 4, Office Staff 5-6, Pep Club 4-6, Beta Club 4-6 HAZEL RUTH BOEN "Silence is golden" 4-H Club 1, JCL 4, F.H.A, 4-5, Office Staff 6 PATRICIA ANN BOWEN "Modesty, her star" Beta Club 6, F.H.A. 4-5, President 4, Secretary 5, F.H.A. State Degree 5, JCL 4-6, F.T.A. 5-6, Pep Club 3-6, Office Staff 6, Curtis Award 6, Glee Club 6, Who's Who 6 BRENDA BROOKS "An ideal girl that can't be beat." Homeroom Officer 2,4,5, Senior Class Treasurer, F.T.A. 5-6, Officer 6, Beta Club 5-6, Junior Classical League 5, Annual Staff 6, Library Staff 6, 4-H Club 1-3, Pep Club 3-5, Quill Scroll GARY BROWN "A good sense of humor. " 4-H Club 1-3, Basketball 2-3, F.F.A. 4, D.O. Club 5-6, President 6 JANICE CAROL BRUCE "With her winning smile and friendly eyes she'll ’ go a long way. ” Cheerleader 5-6, Junior Who's Who, Top Ten Magazine Salesman 6, JCL 5-6, President 6, F.T.A. 5-6, Beta Club 5-6, Aggierama Staff 6, 4-H Club 3, Pep Club 3-6, Homeroom Officer 1,5 RONALD BUSH "Handsome, nice, and very neat." Who's Who 6 WANDA CAMP "A heart as light as a blossom in June" 4- H Club 1-2, Pep Club 3-6, Glee Club 6, Future Teachers of America Club 5- 6JOE CAMPBELL, JR. "As carefree and happy as they come" 4-H Club 1-3, Basketball 1-3, Football 4-6, "A" Club 5-6, Junior Classical League 4 ANN CARTER "I don't know about you, but I am enjoying myself” Band 1-6, Officer 5-6, Valentine Rep. 4, Pep Club 3-6, Glee Club 6, FTA 6 JANET MARLENE CHAVERS "Sincere in all her efforts" Flomeroom Officer 1,2, 4, 4-H Club 1-2, Art Club 3, Pep Club 3,4,6, Annual Staff 6, Library Club 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Quill and Scroll NEAL CHILDRESS "One woman's man" Future Farmers of America 4, Diversified Occupations 5-6 PATSY CARR "I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in a second look" Pep Club 4-6, Junior Classical League 4-6, FTA 5-6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Secretary 6, Paper Staff 6, Business Manager 6, Library Club 6, Science Club 6, 4-H Club 1-3, President 2-3, Junior Cheerleader LESLIE CHASTAIN "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" Band 1-6, Majorette 3-6, Head 6, FTA 5-6, Beta Club 5-6, Student Council 4, JCL4-6, President 5, Pep Club 3-6, Glee Club 6, Science Club 6, Top Ten Magazine Sales, Homeroom Officer 1,3, Who's Who DARRELL DEE CHILDRESS "What's behind those shining eyes" Basketball 3, Future Farmers of America 4-6, Football 4 PATSY RUTH CLABURN "Silence is the best policy" Future Homemakers of America 4BRENDA COCHRAN "Patience is the key to happiness" Pep Club 3-5, FHA 5, FTA 6, JCL 4, D. O. Club 6, 4-H Club 1-3 MARTHA COFFEY "Our reasons for liking her are many" Pep Club 3-6, Office Staff 5, FTA 5-6, Glee Club 6, Top Ten Magazine Salesmen 6, Science Club 6, 4-H Club 1. DALE COFIELD "Like a bee, he is always busy" Basketball 2-4, Agriculture 4, D. O. 5-6 TOMMY COLE "An honest man is the noblest work of God. " 4-H Club 1-3, F. F.A. 4-6, Junior Civitans 5-6, Pep Club 6. JIMMY COLVIN "He works at whatever he does" Outstanding Band Student Marching Season 5, Band 1-6, Vice-President 6, Who's Who 5, Junior Civitans 5-6, Class Favorite 1, Basketball 2-3, 4-H Club 1-3, F.T.A. 6, Annual Staff 6, Pep Club 3-6, Science Club 8 PATRICIA COFIELD "My motto is to laugh and be gay." 4-H Club 1-2, Homeroom Officer 1-3, F. H.A. Club 5-6, Officer 6, F.T.A. 6, Glee Club 6, Pep Club 6. HOBSON COLVIN "A combination of wise and otherwise. " 4-H Club 3, Junior Civitans 4-6, Football 5-6, Track 5, 3rd Place Oratorical Contest 2. CAROL COOK "The kind you like to be with” Pep Club 3-6, F.T.A. 6, Top Ten Magazine Salesmen 6, Perfect Attendance 4, Top Ten Christmas Cards Salesmen 5.RITA JANUE CORNELIUS "She's a cute friendly girl and she's smart too. " Beta Club 5-6. BARBARA B. CRIBBS "She's little but she's wise; she's a terror for her size. ” Band 1-6, Majorette 6, Secretary 4-5, 4-H Club 1, Who's Who 5-6, F.H.A. 4-5, Reporter 4, Pep Club 5, Junior High Cheerleader 3 aC JEAN ELLEN DAVIS "Good qualities need no advertising. ” Senior Class Secretary, Beta Club 5-6, FTA 5-6, Vice-President 6, F.H.A. 4, Vice-President 4, Pep Club 3-5, Who's Who 5-6, Office Assistant 6, Student Council 5, Annual Staff 6, Paper Staff 6, 4- H Club 1-2, Paper Staff 6, Homeroom Officer 1,3,4,6, Science Club 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6 NED CAMP DENDY "There is honor for his valor" Senior Class President 6, Beta Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 5-6, Paper Staff 5- 6, Student Council 6, Pep Club 5-6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Vice-President 6, Science Club 6, Who's Who 6, Homeroom Officer 1,3,6, Senior Play NEEYSA CAROL DAVIS "The best things come in small packages." 4- H Club 1, Band 1-6, Reporter 5, Librarian 6, Homeroom Officer 2-4, F.T.A. 5-6, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council Secretary 5, Pep Club 5- 6, Who's Who 5-6, F.H.A. 6, Beta Club 6 PATRICIA ANN DENDY "She's true to her work, her word, and her friends." Annual Staff 5-6, Editor 6, Beta Club 5-6, Library Club 5-6, Pep Club 3-6, Vice-President 5, President 6, Cheerleader 4, F.H.A. 4-5, Treasurer 4, Vice-President 5, State Degree 5, F.H.A. Queen 5, Girls State Rep. 5, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Who's Who 6, Science Club 6, FTA 6 RICHARD LEE DENHAM "A taste for sports, an eye for a maid, never too bold, never afraid. " Basketball 3-6, All N.E.A.C. Team 6, All County Sportsmanship Award 6, Track 5-6, Who's Who 5-6, Junior Civitans 6, "A" Club 3-6, Secretary 6, Football 3, Baseball 4-6, Pep Club 4-6, Science Club 6 JESSIE VAN DICKIE "He hath words for women." 4-H Club 2-3, F.F.A. 4-6.OPAL MAH DIXON "I can resist anything but temptation." 4-H Club 1-3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Future Teachers of America Club 5-6, Pep Club 6 ALLIE TRUMAN DUCKETT "Handsome is as handsome does." Band 1-3, 4-H Club 1-3, F.F.A. 4-5, "A" Club 5-6, Track 5, Football 5-6, Captain 6, Most Outstanding Back 6 MELVIN LOYD DURAN JR "He admits there are two sides to every story, his side and the wrong side. " 4- H Club 1-3, "A" Club 5- 6, Football 3,5,6, Track 5 ANN DORSETT "A life of enjoyment is the only life worth living" MARGARET ANN DUNN "That girl is always saying something" 4-H Club 1-3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Pep Club 4 MARY ELLEN ELGIN , "Honor is her standard, perfection is her goal" 4-H 1-2, F.H.A. 4, Vice-President 4, F.T.A. 5-6, Beta Club 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Officer 6, Science Club 6, Office Staff 6, Civitan Oratorical Contest 1, 2,3, 5 JANE CLAIRE EVANS "Friendly to all, hostile to none; always jolly and full of fun" 4-H Club 1-3, Majorette 3-6, Sophomore Beauty, Who's Who 5-6, Pep Club 3-6, Glee Club 6, Junior Classical League 5-6 KENNY FARMER "The world belongs to me" Football 1, Basketball 4GLENDA JOYCE FLOYD "So quiet she seems, so still and wise, till we see the twinkle in her eyes" Transfer from Tuscaloosa High School PAT FRACHISEUR "Smiling, always helpful, kind, not many like her do we find." D.O. Club 6. DAVID GALLMAN "Work if you must, but don't work yourself to death." D.O. Club 5-6. RAYBURN GARDNER "A good-natured kind, a trusty lad." Football 2. DONNA JO FORES TOR "Always a friend, never an unkind word" F.H.A. 4, Secretary, Flagcarrier 6, Valentine Rep. 4-5, Senior Beauty CHARLES LYNN FRICKS "He's industrious we can't deny, he'll reach the top bye and bye" Science Club 6, President 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6 MICHAEL GALLOWAY "It's fun to have fun" Junior High Football 1-3, F.F.A. 4, D.O. 5 MAVORINE E. GAUTNEY "She's satisfied she's got her man." 4-H Club 1-3, F.T.A. Club 5-6, Pep Club 4-5, Library Staff 5-6, 12 Years perfect attendance.JO ANN GIBSON "A likable girl with a likable way" F.H.A. 4,6, Library Assistant 5-6 JERRY THOMAS GREER "An ideal boy can't be beat" Track, F.F.A. 4 ECHO HANEY "Always a friend on every occasion" Transfer Student CLARA ANN HARRIS "Love is an active verb" 4-H Club 1-4, Pep Club 3-5, F.H.A. 5 JAMES GILLEY, JR. "Always a good sport” Science Club 6, Vice-President 6 LARRY GUNTER "A man of few words and much work" Beta Club 5-6, President 6, Junior Civitans 4-6, Science Club, Math Club, Paper Staff, Who's Who 6, Quill Scroll WILLARD RALPH HARD "An athlete and friend" 4-H Club 1-3, F.F.A. 5-6, Pep Club 4, A Club 5-Track 5, Football 5-6 GLYNDA LEE HARRIS "Just what can I do next" 4-H Club 1, Home Ec. 4 6,LINDA HATLEY "Life is a game to her" 4-H Club 1-2, FHA Club 4 ANN HOLCOMB "Her blonde hair causes many hearts to flutter" JAMES LUTHER HUGHES, JR. "When I leave, who'll take my place?!" Band 1-6, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Treasurer 6, J.C.L. 4, Junior Civitans 4-6, Sergeant-at-Arms 6, Pep Club 4-6, Science Club 6, F.T.A. 6, 4-H Club 4-5 CAROLYN JUNE HUNT "As carefree and happy as they come.” 4-H Club 1-3, Homeroom Officer 1-3, F.H.A. 5, Secretary 5, F.T.A. 5-6, Treasurer 6, Pep Club 3-6, Who's Who 5, Valentine Rep. 5 GAYLA HENDRIX "Life, what art thou without love?" FHA Secretary 4-6, FTA 5-6, 4-H 1,2, Library Assistant 5-6, Pep Club 6, Top Ten Annual Salesman 6, Top Ten Mag. Salesman 6 DOT WILLENE HUDGINS "Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you." Paper Staff 5-6, Editor 6, Beta Club 4-6, DAR Good Citizenship Girl 6, Student Council 4, Science Club Secretary and Treasurer 6, Civitan Good Citizenship Award 3 NINA FAYE HUNT "A heart with room for every joy." F.H.A. 4, Parliamentarian 4, F.T.A. 5-6, Annual Staff 6, Library Assistant 5-6, 4-H Club 1-4, Science Club 6, Pep Club 6, Top Ten Annual Salesman 6 KENNETH WAYNE JENKINS "Never in a hurry; always late." 4-H Club 1-2, Basketball 3, F.F.A., Pep Club 5. D.O. 5-6TOMMY DALE JOHNSON "Say little and do much; meet everyone with a smile." Band 1-6, Class Favorite 2, 5, Junior Classical League 4, Jr. Class Vice-President 5, Student Council 5, Junior Civitans 5-6, Secretary 6, Science Club 6, Magazine Sales Captain 6 EDWARD JOHNSTON "A good disposition is a gift of nature." Math Club 6, Beta Club 6, Science Club 6, Junior Civitans 5-6, Basketball 4, Glee Club 6 JO ANN JONES "People like her make the world go 'round." Band 2-6, Homecoming Attendant 4, Pep Club 4-6, Office Staff 6, Top Ten Magazine Salesman, F.H.A. Attendant 5, F.T.A. 5-6, F.H.A. 5-6, Rep. 5, President 6, Annual Staff 6, Beta Club 6, Homeroom Officer 4, 5, Who's Who 5 ANN MARIE JOINER "A gentle mind by gentle deeds." 4-H Club 1-2, Pep Club 6, F.H.A. 4 CLARENCE JOHNSTON "He found what he was looking for." F.F.A. 4-5 BRENDA JONES "Many a smile and never a worry." 4-H Club 1-2, Pep Club 3-6, F.H.A. 4. F.T.A. 6, Glee Club 6 REBECCA JONES "Politeness goes far but costs nothing." 4-H 1-2, J.C.L. 4-6, Treasurer 5, Beta Club 4-6, F.H.A. 6, F.T.A. 6, Hr. Officer 4, Office Staff 5, Library Staff 6, Science Club 6, Pep Club 6, Paper Staff 5-6, Assistant Editor 6 WILEY OLIVER JORDAN "A friend that makes the least noise is often the most useful." Hr. Officer 1-3, 4-H Club 2-3, Pep Club 5, Track 5, Basketball 4, D.O. 6IRBY LAMONS "He works to work not. Basketball 4 KAREN LANG "She has enough sense and nonsense to make her a charming girl.” F.H.A. 4. JANICE JUNELLA JUSTICE "Always laughing, never sad, sometimes naughty, but never bad." Homeroom Officer 1-4, Class Favorite 1, Band 1-6, Reporter 4, Treasurer 5, Librarian 6, Student Council 4-6, Treasurer 4, Secretary 6, FTA 5-6, JCL 4-6, Office Staff 3-6, Pep Club 4-5, Science Club 6, Curtis Award BARBARA ANN KIKER "She is so very versatile one really cannot tell, what she will choose of all she does so well. " Home Arts 3, 4-H 1-2, Pep Club 3-5, FHA 4-5, FTA 5-6, Beta Club 4-6, Annual Staff 6, Library Staff 6, Curtis Award JANICE KENNEDY "Of joy she was a portion." F.H.A. Club 4-5, Library Club 5-6, F.H.A. State Degree. TOMMY KIRBY "Better to be small and shine than tall and cast a shadow. ” GEORGE ED LANG "Truly a scholar." Junior Cititans 5-6, Math Club 6 IDA LOU LAWSON "Honesty is the best policy; FHA 4, Library 4, Homeroom Officer 1-2ANN LEMASTER "A smile goes a long, long way." BARRY VANN LUTHER "A friend indeed, to someone in need." Beta Club 6, Pep Club 5-6, JCL 5-6, Math Club 6, Top Ten Magazine Salesmen 6, PAMELA ANN MARTIN "Precious gifts that bear no tags." Home Arts 3, Glee Club 6, Hr. Off. 2-6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Pep Club 5-6, FT A 5-6, FHA 5, Historian, FHA Attendant 5, Beta Club 5-6, Office Staff 5-6, Student Council 4,6, Annual Staff 5-6, Business Manager 6, JCL 4-6, Valentine Rep. 2, Science Club 6, Who's Who 6, Betty Crocker Award 6, BROCK MASTERS "Be not merely good; be good for something" Pep Club 6, Science Club 6. SUE ELLEN LUMPKIN "She has beauty, charm, and pride." Perfect Attendance 1-6, Class Favorite 5, JCL 5, Curtis Award 6, FHA 4-6, Rep. 4, Parliamentarian 5, FHA Attendant 5, Beta Club 6, FTA 5-6, Student Council 5, Annual Staff 6, Pep Club 3-6, Office Staff 5-6, Science Club 6. Home Arts 3, 4-H 1-3 DAVID MACEY "He is quiet but you know he's there" Transfer Student BARRY LYNN MASSEY "Life without a girl is a bore, with one it is a tragedy. I crave tragedies. " Football 5-6, Captain 6, All NEA 6, Most Outstanding Lineman 6, "A" Club 5-6, Band 1-6, Junior Civitan 5-6, President 6, Track 5-6, Pep Club 5-6, Science Club 6. NANCY JOANNE MAY "To love is wonderful, but to be loved is more wonderful." 4-H 1, FHA 4-6.Charles mccauley "Deeds not words. " F.F.A. 4-6 RANDALL T. McPHERSON "Full of wit, full of fun, full of life, a happy one." Junior Civitans 4-6, "A" Club 5-6, Science Club 6, Football 4-6, Track 5-6, Annual Staff 6, Who's Who 5,6, Paper Staff 6, Pep Club 4-6 SANDRA McKINNEY "Sunshine is the very name for her because she's always spreading it. " Transfer Student Beta Club 6, F.H.A. 6 GEORGE RAY MILLER "The nimble wit of an actor." 4-H Club 1, F.F.A. 4-5, "A" Club 5, Football Manager 5 JOHN MOMAN "None but himself can be his parallel." 4- H Club 1-6, D.O. Club 5- 6, Science Club 6 JOHN WAYNE MORRIS "Give him a problem and he'll give you its solution. ” 4-H Club 1, F.F.A. 4, Science Club 6 GAIL MOON "Her eyes like her smile were ever bewitching." D.O. Club 6 EARL LAWAYNE MORTON "To the ladies he's a treat; in sports he's hard to beat." Junior Civitans 6, 4-H Club 2-3, Pep Club 4-6, Football 6, Class Favorite 4, Who's Who 5, ”A" Club 4-6, Basketball 3-6, All Sand Mountain Tournament 6, All N.E.A.C. Tournament 6, All County 6, Captain 6. All District Tournament 6MARTHA NESMITH "A madam with mischief in her eyes” D.O. Club. F.H.A., 4-H Club. Pep Club 4-6 RONNIE DAVID NOBLITT "Handsome, athletic, and very neat, almost perfect, a sheik complete" Football 2-3, 5-6, "A" Club 5-6, Junior Civitans 6, Who's Who 5, 6, Track 5-6, Baseball 5-6, Science Club 6, Pep Club 5-6 JERRY NOLAN OLIVER "To be jolly is to be happy" 4- H Club 1-3, Football Manager 1-3, D.O. Club 5- 6 FREDA JEAN PEARCE "Sweetest disposition with the sincerest Heart" 4-H 1, F.H.A. 4-5, Beta Club 4-6, Homeroom Officer 2, Homeroom Favorite 4 CATHY NIXON "Considerate, dependable, and kind" Band 1-5, JCL 4 LINDA OGLE "A true story of kindness” 4-H 1-4, D.O. Club, Glee Club 6, F.H.A., Pep Club 4 LINDA PATTERSON "Her future is planned, third finger left hand" Homeroom Officer 1-4, 4-H 1-2, Annual Staff 6, Majorette 6 JIMMY WAYNE PEARCE "A good listener is popular everywhere" 4-H Club 2-3, Science Club 6CHARLES BRUCE PECK "Football his specialty; everyone his friend" Football 5-6, Track 5-6, Most Outstanding Player 6, Baseball 6, "A" Club 5-6, Junior Civitans 6, Who's Who 5, Hr. Officer 5, Pep Club 5-6 PEGGY JOYCE PIERCE "In every crowd she makes a hit because she has that certain it." Home Arts Club 3, F.H.A. 4, Pep Club 4-6, Office Staff 6, Homecoming Queen 6 RAY POE "An independent soul" 4-H 1-2, Officer 2, FFA 4-5, Officer 5, Band 2-6, Curtis Award 6 LYNDA SUE PELL "Work is work and must be done, but while she works she will have her fun.” Band 1-6, Pep Club 5, FHA 5, No Photo »m AVAILABLE SHERRILL PINSON "If he doesn't find a way, he will make one!" CAROLYN ADAMS POWELL "Full of wit, full of fun, full of life - a happy one." LINDA JANE POWELL "Small quantity - good quality." 4-H Club 1, JCL 4-6, F.T.A. 6, Beta Club 5-6, Office Staff 6, Pep Club 4 LINDA PUCKETT "Of study she takes most care and heed. And when once a friend, she's a friend indeed." 4-H ClubBARBARA RAGSDALE "You never know that she's around, until she’s needed, then she can be found." 4-H Club 1-3, FHA 4-6 ROSEMARY RAINS "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. " Pep Club 4-6, Glee Club 6, 4-H 1-6, Officer 3-4 JANE ELLEN ROBERTS "Friendly, studious, and an all around person." Band 1-6, Majorette 5-6, Beta Club 5-6, FT A 5-6, Science Club 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Pep Club 3-6, JCL 4-6, Glee Club 6, Junior Who's Who. Student Council 4, Top Magazine Salesman 6, Curtis Award 6 CONNER RUNYAN "Some people think he's bashful; others know better ." Mu Alpha Theta 6, Pep Club 6, Science Club 6, Student Council 6, Homeroom Officer 6, Who's Who 6 DWIGHT RAINS "No wisdom like silence. DIANE RATHBUN "Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them." Beta Club 4-6, FTA 6, JCL 4-6, Who's Who 6 JOHN MITCHELL ROBINSON "If he can't do it no one can." Football 3, JCL 4, Pep Club 4-6, 4-H 1-3, Junior Civitans 6, FTA 6, Science Club 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, Treasurer, Homeroom Officer 1-2 LULA SAINT "A man has his will but a woman has her way."JAMES R. SEGARS "Not too serious, not too gay; just a real pal in every way." Student Council 4, "A" Club 2-6, Hr. Officer 4 DON LEE SHELLHORSE "The things we do for a diploma!" Band 1-3, 4-H Club 1-2, Basketball 2-3, Pep Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 6, Science Club 6 BRAXTON SLATON "Mischievous is my middle name! " Pep Club 4-6, J.C.L. 4-6, Track 5-6, 4-H 1-3, Basketball 1-3 BRENDA A. SMITH "Mighty sweet and mighty wise; fun just twinkles in her eyes." Beta Club 5-6, FTA 5-6, Student Council 4, Glee Club 6, 4-H Club 1-3, Paper Staff 5-6, J.C.L. 4, Hr. Officer 4, Pep Club 4-6, Science Club 6, Who's Who 6 PATRICIA ANN SMITH "A smile to greet everyone ." Student Council 4-6, Secretary 4, Vice-President 5, President 6, Annual Staff 5-6, Co-Business Manager 6, Beta Club 6. FHA 4-5, President 4-5, State Degree 5, Junior Who's Who 5, Band 4-6, Favorite 3-4, 4-H 2-3, President 2, Quill and Scroll DELORIS SLATON "The kindest words she tries to say." FHA 4 JAMES SMITH "I will rule this empire of mine own." ANNETTE ROE SOUTH "She's an old hand at homemaking." FTA 5, Junior Who's Who 5, Pep Club 5, Office Staff 5-6ROGER SOUTHERLAND "Come back in five minutes and I'll be in trouble" 4-H Club 1-6, Baseball 1-3, Basketball 1-3, Junior Classical League 4 MAX STANLEY "In school and sports and all that's fun, put him down as number one" Mu Alpha Theta, "A" Club 4-6, Basketball 3-6, Junior Civitans 6, Track 5-6, Junior Who's Who, Football 4-6, Good Sportsmanship Award 6 JAMES SPURGEON "Life is a gamble" 4-H Club 1-3 PATRICIA TEAGUE "A jolly sweet girl, always sincere and true." 4-H Club 1-3, FHA 4, Pep Club 5, D.O. Club 5-6 BOBBY TERRELL "The silence of one who thinks" LINDA THRASHER "Friendly to talk to, nice to know" 4-H Club 1-3, FT A 5-6. Beta Club 6, Glee Club 6, Pep Club 4-6, Homeroom Officer 1 Jk CHELLA THOMASON "Full of fun and fancy free" 4-H Club 1-3, FT A 6, Homeroom Officer 1-3, Annual Staff 6, FHA 5-6, Officer 6, Junior Band Flagcarrier JANICE TIDMORE "She is quiet, reserved, and unassuming" 4-H Club 1-3, FHA Club 4, D.O. Club 5-6JAMES TRAYLOR "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Science Club 6, F.T.A. 6, Pep Club 5-6, Homeroom Officer 1, Band 1-6, Rep. 6, Glee Club 6. J.C.L. 4-6, Curtis Award 6, 4-H 1-2. MALCOLM VOLENTINE "Never take life too seriously - you won't get out of it alive." F.F.A. 6, Junior Cattlemen's Acc. 6, D.O. 4, PATRICIA ANN WATWOOD "Her heart is like the moon - ever changing but always a man in it." Class Favorite 1, Junior Band Majorette 1-2, Class Beauty 3,5, J.C.L. 4, Pep Club 4-5, Homecoming Attendant 5, Homeroom Officer 1, D.O. Club 5-6, Treasurer 5, Secretary 6, Miss D.O. 5 JIMMY WESTBROOKS "Those who go easy will never grow old. " 4-H Club 1-4, F.F.A. Club 1-2, May Day 1 MARQUITA UPTON "Never too busy to speak, never too unhappy to smile." F.H.A. 5-6, Officer 6, 4-H 1-3, Officer 3, Pep Club 5, Homeroom Officer 1-3, 5, 6, Glee Club 6, Student Council 5. KERRY VOSS "A quiet tongue makes a wise head." 4-H 1-3, Science Club JOEL WEBB "The elevator to success is not running so I'll take the stairs." Beta Club 5-6, Vice-President 6, Mu Alpha Theta 6, President 6, Junior Civitans, 6, Paper Staff 5-6. LUCRITIA ANN WILKS "The joy of service is hers." 4-H Club 1-2, F.H.A. 4-5, Library Staff 6, Glee Club 6.GARY DON WILLIAMS "What's behind that smile? Homeroom Officer 1-4, Mu Alpha Theta 6, "A" Club 5-6, Junior Civitans 6, Football 3, Basketball 3-6, Who's Who 5-6, Track 5-6. GLENDA WILMORE "There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.” 4-H Club 1-3, F.T.A. 6, Glee Club 6, Office Staff 6. IRMA WILLIAMS "Nice to all; great or small." Transfer Student 5, Pep Club 5-6, F.H.A. 5. JIMMY WILSON "Let me speak, otherwise I cannot be happy.” Band 4-6, 4-H Club 1, Junior Classical League 4, Pep Club 6, Glee Club 6, Homeroom Officer 1-2. In a town called Albertville, There is a school, we love its every rule i AndTfTthere we'll always b uYou may search the wide w rldLover But you'll find no better In the hills of Alabama Than the dear old A.H.S., Juniors The Junior Class Officers are working on their class project. They are: (L. to R.) Mary Morgan, secretary; Terrell Smyth, treasurer; Forrest Wolfe, president; Randall Creel, vice president. Gilda Abney Joyce Anthony Gail Baird Jerry Baldwin Lorrine Baldwin Fleetie Baugh Betty Beam Sally Beasley Jordan Befort Dorthy Bell Michael Benefield Martha Benson Benny Bishop Tran Blackman Terry BoatwrightElton Bright Felton Bright Flora Brooks Johnny Brown Pat Bryant Charles Buckalew Susan Buckalew Sue Burgess Martha Bynum Brenda Cagle Charlotte Caldwell Loretta Camp Carolyn Campbell Ronald Candfield Betty Carnes Hugh Carter Jerome Chafin Joe Chandler Gloria Childers Linda Childress Karen Christian Gary Cochran Jack Cochran Donald Couch Randall Creel Michael Crow Ann Crowe Mary Ann Crowe Neal Crump James CurriePhil Dalrymple Ruby Jo Davis John Neal Dean Eugene Deerman Elizabeth Denham Jon Denney Robert Diviny Rebecca Dooly Marilyn Doyle Glenda Duckett Jean Duke Judy Eason Shelby Farmer Linda Floyd Adna Garrett Allen Gentry Judy George Tommy Gibson Orville Godwin Carolyn Goodwin Judy Gregory Linda Griffith Sharon Grizzard Ernest Harris Kay Hale Charlotte Hagood John Ham Nancy Jo Hasty Judy Henley Leonard HenryKenneth Helms Rebecca Holder Diane Holderfield Michael Hopper Ronald Holdbrooks Joe Holsomback Peggy Holder Brenda Hunt Margaret Johnson Myra Joiner Linda Jolly Janice Justice Marsha Lacey Jimmy Lacey Joe Lambert Marsha Lambert Cathy Latham Vivian Landers Martha LeCroy Judy Long Diana Lowden Dewayne Lovell Shirley Lovell Sherra Lowery Delores Lucas Johnny Lynn Shyrone Maddox Joyce Maltbie Max Maltbie Linda MarksRose Masters Claudia Matthews David Matthews Mike Matthews Elneetta McClendon Harold McClendon Jimmy McClendon Darlene McGuire Laura Ann McPherson Warren Messer Larry Milwood Judy Minor Marie Minor Pat Moor Jan Moore Mary Lee Moore Mary Morgan Gail Morton Larry Mosley Martha Ellen Moultrie Danny Norman David Ogle Linda Ogles Margret Owens Dale Parrish Tommy Patterson David Payne Linda Poe Danny Ponder Nalda RagsdaleHarry Rains David Reeves Wayne Rice Jack Richey Peggy Rogers Randy Rowe James Lee Sampson Jane Segers Darrell Shadinger Barbara Shell Brenda Shell Shannon Skelley Danny Slaton Kay Smith Tony Smith Bennett Smothers Terrell Smyth Betty Snider Linda Snider Larry Spratling Norman Speare James Stanfield Roy Stanfield Tony Stepleton Rebecca Stephens Jimmy Stewart Myra Strange Johnny Striplin Kenneth Swords Sandy TannerJoyce Thomas Elizabeth Thompson Judy Townson Bobbie Nell Vaughn Edith Vaughn Johnny Vaughn Mary Emma Vaughn Betty Veal Randall Wallace Eloise Webb Brenda Wilkerson Rosa Williamson Barbara Wilmore Diane Winkles Forrest "Yogi" Wolfe Pat Wright Carolyn York Glen Young The boys use X brand toothpaste and they can’t show their teeth!c 5 op jom ores Walter Adams Ben Alford Thomas Alford Billy Alverson James Amason Jimmy Ashley Cindy Baird Diane Baird Lavon Baird Jamie Baker Shirley Baldwin Brenda Barnett Joe Bearden Joyce Bearden Pearl Bearden Rayburn Berry Patricia Bethune Martha Bishop Sandra Bishop Linda Blackwell Larry Blair Sue Bouldin Joel Bowen Micheal Boyd Sandra BoydMaury Bray Brenda Bright Jimmy Brooks Mary Brooks James Brown Lamon Brown Larry Buchanan Charlene Buckelew Lyndell Burke Johnny Burnett Naydine Burnett Cindy Burroughs Billy Cagle Van Calhoun Bobby Campbell Larry Camp Prisella Camp Terry Camp Don Canady Ann Carnes Jimmy Carnes Tommy Carr Earl Carroll Brenda Cassels Donny Chambers Jimmy Childers Dora Childress Nancy Chiles Claretta Clark Clifford ClayKenny Clifton Charlotte Cochran Sherrie Cochran Marlene Cofield Betty Colquitt Garry Conway Charlotte Cooley Danny Cooley Joe Bill Cooley Gwendolyn Cordell Linda Cornelius Pinky Corum Tommy Coubert Ed Cowart Jerry Creel Wayne Craig Larry Crow Donald Currie Gayron Davis Loy Davis Patricia Davis Ronald Dendy Jimmy Denney Janet Dickie Doris Dixon Dennis Dickerson Mary Sue Dorsett Jimmy Doyle Connie Duckett Harriett DunnJerry Dunn Chris Durrough Ronald Dyar Jackie Ellison Sheldon Elmore Sandra Farmer Verbon Farmer Faye Farr Patsy Floyd Ronald Frasier Barbara Fuller Ronney Galloway Garry Garner Phil Garrett Jimmy Gentry Tommy Gibson Kenneth Gillian Dan Gore Rita Gore Danny Green Frieda Green Jane Green Janice Greer Jerry Griffith Gail Guice Ola Mae Gunnels Barbara Gwen Susan Haney Eloise Harris David HarrisLinda Harris Carolyn Harrison Janice Harrison Brian Henry Rex Henson Audley Higgins Randall Higgins Edwin Hill Sue Hill Sinda Hix Patricia Holbrooks Margie Holmes Rosemary Holsonback Frank Hughes Nadene Hunt Jane Hunter Sandra Jackson Ann Johnson Diane Johnson Harold Johnson Janice Johnson Terrell Johnson Phylis Joiner Diane Jolley Gladys Kaylor Celia Keller Shelia King Edward Lack Paul Lacey Steve LamonsBecky Lang Roger Lang Johnnie Lattie Diane Lavender Edward Ledbetter Robert Lemasters Jerry Lemaster Doris Levens Linda Little Mike Little Alan Livingston Judy Lovell Ray Lovell Shirley Lovell Betty Maize Wayne Maltbie Chris Martin Jackie McClendon Judson McClendon Mary McCoy Delane McCreless Brenda Messer Ann McLemore Wayne Michael Pascal Moon Tommy Moore Jamie Morgan Jane Morgan Judy Morgan Lanette MorrisBobby Murphy Ken Musick Jackie NeSmith Barbara Ogle Ann Oliver Rebecca Oliver Roy Lee Owens Myra Painter Charlotte Patterson Donna Pearce James Pell Rickey Peppers Claude Peters Mike Pierce John Poe Hal Pruitt Ken Rathburn Rickey Rains Johnny Rains James Rains Connie Richards Lawrence Rives Charlotte Robinson David Robinson Johnny Roe Harold Rogers Linda Rushing Shirley Runyan Betty Saint Billy SampsonCynthia Sanders James Shirley Larry Simmons Mike Simmons Tony Simmons Paulette Slaton Angie Smith Randy Smith Roderick Smith Barbara Spence Rebecca Spurgeon Phyllis Stanfield Rebecca Stevens Nicky Stewart Randy Stewart Barbara Stone Ann Eva Terrell Donnie Terrell Jimmy Terrell Sammy Terrell Susan Thompson Rodney Thrash Linda Tidmore Janet Traylor G. L. Upton Laneeda Vantrese Roger Vaughn Pat Vaughn Dortha Vaughn Clarence WaldropAwyen Walker Donna Walker Sandy Warren Tommy Warren Wanda Washam Bobby Webb Elizabeth Whisenant Glen White Carl Whitlock Cecelia Wilkerson Denver Wilkerson Judy Wilkerson Ralph Williams Sherry Williams Betty Wilmore Bill Wilson Peggy Wilson Tommy WrightYin fi Jrac e Frank Abbott Sue Abbott Steve Alford James Allison Jan A Iverson Rex Alverson Steve A mason Benita Baker Linda Baker Shannon Baker Carol Barkley David Beaird Brenda Beard Rita Beard Shelia Bearden Charlie Beasley Dwight Berry Alvah C. Bethune Teresa Bishop Marsha Black Glenda Blackmon Wanda Blackman Charles Bowen Jimmy Breaseale Vallory Brown Charles Bryan Julie Brumlik David Burks Sammy Butler David Camp Sarah Camp James Champion Cheryl Chandler Vickie Childress Wanda Childress Judy Cochran Kathy Cole Kieth Cole Cheree Collins Patricia Cook Rosemary CookConnie Creel Neal Creel Alice Crowe Ronald Currie Barry Denham Susan Dickerson Jerry Dooley Alice Marie Downs Billy Duke Micheal Duvall Joe Eidson Sue Evans Donna Sue Floyd Pat Frasieur Dennis Garrison Nila Gary Emily Gentry Larry Gibson Terry Gillilian Ronald Glassco Carylon Goodwin Estellita Gore Gloria Gore Beverly Goss Martha Goss Bob Grace Sandra Gray Lamar Griffith Judy Guinn Debra Hall Randy Hall Kenneth Ham Barbara Hard Anthony Harrison Roger Hard Dan Hart Jada Harvey Rebecca Hasty Becky Hayes Kirby Hearn George Hedges Judy Henderson Reda Henderson Deborah Hillsman Larry Hillsman Jerry Hinson Lisa HodgesShawn Honea Linda Hooper Richard Hooper Shannon Howard Brenda Hudgins Robert Hudgins David Humphrey Barbara Hunt Shirley Hunt Byron Hyde Charles Jenkins Patricia Jenkins Alice Johnson Johnny Johnson Patty Johnson Robert Johnson Vicki Johnson Paul Johnson Bobby Jones Judy Justice Belinda Kellet Judy Kennedy Gerald Kittle Angie Land Leslie Landers Brenda Laney Brenda Lang Gloria Lang Rhonda Langly Mary Jo Ledbetter Wade Leslie Dora Long Margaret Lowden Judy Lucas Rhonda Lusk Freda Lynn Woodrow Mahan Bobbie Malttie Steve Mann Benny Martain Terry Martin Sheryl Masey Linda Mathis Judy McCauley Joe E. McClearen Rodger McClure Nila McCullough Van MichaelDavid Miller Rickie Mosley Janice Mostella Randall Mountain Mike Murphey Kay Nelson Jerry Oliver Sandra Ogle Judy Pankey Linda Pankey Carol Parrish Wayne Parrish John Pell Joe Pell Nancy Pell Sharon Pell Donald Peterson Carol Phillips Mary Lee Phillips Dolan Pierce Reba Pinkston Ronald Pinson Shawny Pinson Gary Pledger Linda Sue Peck Anthony Poe Cris Poe Jackie Pope Howard Price Tommy Pugees Joyce Quinn Robert Rains Lucian Reed Harold Reeves Betty Riddle Carolyn Riddle Sherry Robinson Johnny Roden Sherry Rhodes Julie Rice Jerry Riggins Rebecca Rogers Linda Rosson Shadrick Samples Jimmy Segers Judy Simpson David Sims Roger SimsDennis Smith Malba Smith Randall Smith Paulette Sorter Glenn Spurlin Stanley Stepleton Barbara Stewart Donnie Stewart Mark Strange Johnny Strawn Gail Swords Jimmy Teague Bobby Teal Jimmy Thacker Lina Thomas Wayne Thompson Kathryn Traylor Gather Trussell Jimmy Tucker Lila Walker Clay Wallace Carolyn Webb Gary Webb Joe Bob Wesson Linda White Brenda Williams Elbert Williams Freddy Williams Kenny Willoughby Kathy Wise Loyd York Spanish Club's entry in homecoming float competition.Jenny Baker Van Barclay Ernie Barnes Tony Baugh David Beaird Scherie Bearden Lewis Beaufait Joyce Ann Beam Mary Belue Dortha Benefield Tresia Benefield Sherry Blankenship Jeffery Bolding Charles Bolton Becky Boyd Jimmy Breeden Alan Brel end Darlene Bright 4k Ih 4 Vickie Brock Rocky Brooks Donny Brown Tommy Brumlik James Bryant Elwyn Buchanan r n . J f i O r. ,7 J Lana Buchanan Jo Ann Buchanan Mary Lois Buchanan Belinda Buckalew Wayne Buckelew Janice Burgess Tommy Burgess Frankie Burnett Richard Bynum Caroline Cagle Terry Jean Camp Tommy Camp Brenda Campbell Jane Campbell Ed Carnes Elizabeth Carnes Linda Carnes Crawford CarterNellie Ruth Caudle O'neil Caudle Judy Chafin Phillip Chafin Billy Champion Felton Champion Bobby Christian Terrie Cheek Johnny Clark Courtney Cole Bobby Cofield Rosemary Cook Charles Cooley Edward Cowan Kent Croft Joyce Cryar Sandra Culbert Kathy Dalrymple Ray Daniel David Daugette Jim Davis Phillip Davis Jane Davis Brenda Dean Dave Dendy Jimmy Dickson Billy Dobbins Betty Dooley Frances Downs Carol Dyar Patricia Elgin Sheriglen Elrod Mark Evans Van Farmer Ann Foshee Jerry Free Winifred Garrison Phillip Gillilan Donald Glassco Roger Glassco Nancy Goodwin Glen Golden Lela Grabin Roger Greer David Gregory Russ Gunnels Sue Gunnels Barber HaygoodPatricia Joiner Donnie Jones Pat Jones Sharon Kidd Danny King Larry Kirby Joan Kirby Connie Lacey Reggie Lambert Gloria Lemaster Anthony Lang Elizabeth Lang Vicky Hammonds Patricia Jane Harper Nancy Harris Terrell Hastings Ricky Hayes Ricky Henderson Penny Holland Linda Holmes Brenda Hyde Paulette Jarmon Jeanette Jolley Martha Johnson Randy Johnson Sarah Johnston Shirley Johnston Betty Joiner Kaye Joiner Brenda Long Gayle Love Louise Lowery Linda Lyles Richard Lynn Joe Maness Louise Marshall Cassandra Martin Pamela Mayo Dewayne Messer Jake Middlebrook Victor Milazzo Diana Minor Hubert Mitchell John Mitchell J. W. Moon Shelia Morrison Starchell MoorePatricia Morton James Motley Frank Moultrie Roy Moultrie Tony Murphy lavon Nailer Charlotte Nelson Nolan Newman Glenda Norris Danny Noton Mary Norton Diane Patterson Julia Pankey Mike Patterson Sally Peaks Shirley Peppers Jack Phillips Danny Prichett Paula Poole Steve Pugh Sara Raines Quimby Rains Mildred Reed Stephen Reeves Brenda Reynolds Cynthia Rhoades Jane Rhodarmer Regina Riddle Linda Roberson John Lynn Roe Larry Roe Nancy Roberts Aneice Rogers Brenda Roth Frances Rudolph Ronnie Shadinger Joyce Shell Dianne Shirley Bobby Simmons Linda Simpson Danny Sims Kenneth Skaggs Janet Slaton Buddy Smith Glenn Smith Jimmy Smith Jimmy C. Smith Joe Keith SmithMyra Thomas Angie Thompson Brenda Thompson Jan Thompson Jan York Kathy Young Neal Smith Sandie Smith Ruthie Smyth Ronny Spear Gary Spratling Byron Spurlin Glenda Stacey Glenn Stewart Lynn Stewart Mike Stewart Betty Stevens Betty Strickland Dianne Studdard Ann Swords Sue Templeton Patsy T errell Barbara Thomas Lana Thomas Diane Tidmore George Tidmore Andra Tidwell Jimmie Tucker Dana Upton Donnie Voss Lawrence Waldrop Dean Walker Stephen Walker Bonnie Weaver Reggie White Tony Williams Tommy Williamson Elaine Willmore Shelia Windsor Wanda Winsor Lelton Woodham Barbara WrightSeven A Jracfe Russel Baugh Tula Mae Bayless Derwen Bearden Cecil Beasley Lynn Beck Mark Befort Clarence Bell Ruby Bells Mike Belue Michael Bethune Donna Bishop Doris Abbott Martha Alexander Victor Alford Clive Amos Gail Ashley Connie Baird Walter Barker Wayne Baker Marvin Ball Sandra Barclift Kathy Barnes Robert Baugh Peggy Blackman Mack Bonds Robert Box Bray Tommy Breasel Belita Bright Randall Bright Jacky Brown James Brown Mike Bruce Rita Bryant Mike Buckelew Margaret Burnham Benny Busha Thomas Busha Mike Bynum Lily Cagle Und Cael William Cagle David Calhoun Patricia Camp Linda Canady Larry Carter Gayla Carver Bobby Chamblee Nerma Chamblee Cecil Champion Linda Chastain Susan C havers Diane Childress Randy Childress James Christian Sandra Cochran David Coefield Alan Cole Leslie Ann Cole Jimmy Coody Ricky Cook Micheal Cordell Thomas Cornelius Rickey Costner Stephen Couch Joe Cowart Randy Cox Janice Craig Annette Crews Johnny Croker Allen Dalrymple Janice Daughtery Barbara Ann Davis Dempsey Davis Dolly Davis Ethlyn Davis Johnny Davis Launa Davis Margaret Davis Gary DeSpain Danny Dobbs Kenneth Dorsett Paulette Dorsett Russel Dorsett Patricia Duckett Lonnie Duke Tommy Dunn Sharon Duvall Donnie EasonRonnie Eason Louis Ebersole Gary Edison Benny Edwards Linda Ennis Mary Jane Ervin Patsy Evers Vickey Evans Ann Farmer Linda Farmer Randall Farmer Patricia Frasier Timothy Frazier Donna Fuller Brenda Gentry Glenn Gilbreth Frances Gillilan Susan Gilliland Nicki Gore Ronald Goss Eugene Graben Max Graben Cliford Greer Stevie Greer Harold Grey Brenda Griffith Larry Gunnells Glenn Hackney Rosemary Hackney Brenda Halcomb John Hannah Betty Harbin Mike Harrison Kenith Harold Macky Harraid Jerry Harris Tommy Harvey Neal Hayes Joan Henley John Henley Wanda Henry Delane Hill Syble Hollis Delano Holmes Brenda Holsonback Ray Honea Jack Hood Kathy Hoodt Bob Hooper Sherry Horton Sharon Huckleby Bobby Hunt Benita Ingram David Jackson Junior Jarmon Mike Jenkins Dean Johnson Mary Sue Joiner Allison Jones Edward Jones Tanya Jones Marilyn Jordon Bobby Justice Sarah Kennedy Arnold Kilgone Kenneth Kilpatrick J. R. Kirkland Ralph Knight Jane Lacey Gerald Lacey Harold Lacy Sandra Lacy n$1 - • "p 1 1 Mr Alan Lang Frank Lang Myra Lang Randall Lang Randle Lang Sarah Lang C5 rs 4' Rodney Lawery Mary Lou Lecroy Jerry Leslie Peggy Lester La Wayne Levans Sherry Leavis Kathy Locklear Judy Lybrand Mark Maddox Darry Martin Terri Martin Ann Matthews Cecil Matthews Donnie Mathews Don Mayfield Sue McCrealess Margaret McKee Charlotte McLendonJamie Miller Joe Miller Diane Milwood Dianne Mitchell Elaine Moore Kenneth Morgan Samuel Moore Mike Morrison Billy Morrow Gail Morrow Randy Mosley Kay Mullinax Don Murphree Joyce Myers Garry Nail Elaine Nailer Sandra Oliver Micheal Pack Paulette Pankey Terry Pannell Brenda Patterson Leonard Pearce Helem Pegues Jerry Peppers Janice Peppers Rebecca Pigg James Pike Johnny Poole Tony Quinn Cynthia Rains Gregory Rains Tommy Ray Phyllis Reagan Sharon Richards Johnny Riddle Judith Riggins Brenda Robinson Linda Roden Wanda Nell Roe Elsie Rogers Kathy Ross Galen Rossen Janice Russell Joel Saint George Sampson Bobby Sanders Dorothy Sims Dale SimpsonReed Shell Margaret Simpson Margarie Smalley Gaynell Smalley Nelda Smith Rebecca Smith Don Smith Danny Smith Ellen Smith Terry Smith Ranny Smith Stanley Smith Harold Smider Janet Stephens Bobby Stewart Cherie Stewart Vicke Stewart Mary Ella Stiphens Sam Strickland Michael Strange Thomas Swords Randell Swords Johnny Teague Ronnie Terrell Ruth Terrell Patricia Thacker Tommy Thrash Gary Thomas David Thompson Wendel Tidmore Rickey Traylor Brenda Troxel Tracy Trussel Judy Tucker Romona Upton Bonnie Vaughn Diane Vaughn Randy Waldrop Sallie Walker Bobby Watwood Donna Watwood Derinda Webb Edward Webb Larry Webb Lawayne Weeks Donnie West Freda Wester Mickey WhiteRussel Wilkerson Brenda Williams Jane Williams Connie Williamson Wayne Williamson Elizabeth Wilson Linda Woods Morris Barclay John Chiles Joyce Nailer STUDENTS NOT PICTURED SEVENTH GRADE Billy Wade Chamblee Dennis Spurlin Kenny Tucker Brenda Barksdale Ronald Berry Judy Cox Gary Dobbins Steve Alford Rebecca Davis EIGHTH GRADE Sandra Young NINTH GRADE James Richards Jan Jordan Hershel Lancaster Sandra Ogle Ann Richey Jonnie Duckett David Lybrand TENTH GRADE Donald Baugh features1963 Homecoming Queen Senior Class Float Junior Class Attendant First Place - Junior Class Third Place - Freshman Class Math Club FloatOUfS Specia Aiuarcfs G. Hendrix Oratorical D. Hudgins D. A. R. Good Citizen T. Moore Oratorical P. Martin Betty Crocker P. Dendy School Spirit L. Fricks Mathematics J. Roberts Jr. Fellowship No Picture SAND MOUNTAIN KIWANIS CLUB Edward Johnston REBECCA BIBLE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP Pat Teague L. Floyd Girls' State J. Chandler Boys' State A op Aen IK opaline Safe, e.smen Jane Roberts, Jo Ann Jones, Jane Evans, Cynthia Bailey, Gayla Hendrix, Martha Coffey, Barry Luther, Carol Cook, Leslie Chastain, Janice Bruce.1963 Jootbci JSanauel Guest Speaker for the occasion was Attorney General Richmond Flowers Winning awards were: Bennett Alford, Scholastic; Truman Duckett, Most Outstanding Back; Bruce Peck, Most Valuable Player; Max Stanley, Good Sportsmanship; Barry Massey, Most Outstanding Lineman. Football players, their dates, and guests7 eia Jianauet Head Table with Special Guests - Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hooper Below: Beta Members and Dates1964 Sivee nearh Junior High Sweetheart; TOMMY BIDDLE, Senior Class Vice-President; Senior High Sweetheart; NED DENDY, Senior Class President.77 ? - 777 7n, Left: Neeysa Davis, Larry Millwood; Becky Jones, Dan Gore; Lynda Floyd, Charles Greer; Sandra Farmer, Bobby Campbell; and Delaine McCreless, Brian Henry. Queen LYNDA FLOYD King CHARLES GREERSenior and Junior Class officers enter "Land of Oz Reading of Class Prophecy iancf ) ance 1964 Band Sweetheart JO ANN JONES Sweetheart JO ANN JONES with Date RANDY McPHERSON Leadout - "Under the Magnolias"yfomecomina ( ouri Junior Attendant TERRELL SMYTH Escort TOMMY BIDDLE Queen PEGGY PIERCE Escort NED DENDY Sophomore Attendant PATSY FLOYD Escort RANDALL CREELPRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Pat Watwood and Ronnie Noblitt cS enior MOST TALENTED Brenda Smith and James Hughes BEST ALL-ROUND Neeysa Davis and Tommy BiddleMOST STUDIOUS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT AND MOST ATHLETIC Diane Rathbun and Connor Runyan June Hunt and Max Stanley CUTEST Barbara Cribbs and Richard Denham 7. )Ao 7. )£o MOST POPULAR Jane Evans and Earl Morton S emor MOST DIGNIFIED SENIORS Pam Martin and Ronnie Bush WITTIEST Jo Ann Jones and Randy McPhersonSenior T.)Jio s Z JAo MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL Dot Hudgins and Joel Webb MOST COURTEOUS Pat Bowen and Don Williams BEST DRESSED Janice Bruce and Bruce Peck MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Leslie Chastain and Bob A IversonMOST POPULAR Laura McPherson and Darrell Shadinger WAo Z JAo PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Myra Joiner and Donald Couch Junior FRIENDLIEST Shyrone Maddox and Danny Norman PERSONA UTY PLUS Terrell Smyth and Kenneth SwordsMOST SCHOOL SPIRIT AND MOST ATHLETIC Mary Morgan and "Yogi" Wolfe (7 )ho ’s W io f Junior 10 jo li) io MOST TALENTED Charlotte Hagood and David Reeves NEATEST Peggy Rogers and Johnny Vaughn MOST INTERESTING Mary Lee Moore and "Buster" Skelley CUTEST Claudia Mathews and Harry RainsTIfr. cincf Jltiss NED DENDY and PATRICIA DENDYTOMMY JOHNSON CYNTHIA BAILEY junior }aooriles RANDALL CREEL ANN CROWESop n 20 nore J'auorites FRANK HUGHES PATSY FLOYD Jresjfiman "7'auorites ROGER HARD CONNIE CREEL£ icj itf} Jracfe favorites CRAWFORD CARTER ANN FOSHEE Seven A Srac e Jauoriies MIKE BRUCE PEGGY LESTER Senior Jieauty DONNA JO FORESTER SALLY BEASLEYJANE MORGANY r V Ifcr « • %» f fay • Ig W trj 1 Vf’tf fl?| w f’ M (••'• »»• f n . . . .... o -., «. •■ -.., . n fvi f f $ ' -? W f‘) nr'Valedictorian Salutatorian DOT HUDGINS BECKY JONES hoy ether Zflff the "Way % ft mj ¥ «• § TVff V 'mlf y T iW’JrMf v’ T ? ?.V ? f • JP"Jr y «? ii t i T y y « “ 7. Jee ” Seniors B. Alford B. Alverson C. Bailey D. Baker W. Baker T. Barkley J. Bearden J. Belue J. Berry T. Biddle E. Bobo P. Bowen B. Brooks J. Bruce W. Camp J. Campbell P. Carr A. Carter L. Chastain J. Chavers D. Childress N. Childress P. Clabum M. Coffey D. Cofield T. Cole H. Colvin J. Colvin C. Cook R. Cornelius J. Davis N. Dendy P. Dendy R. Denham V. Dickie O. Dixon E. Elgin J. Evans G. Floyd D. Forester L. Fricks M. Gautney J. Gibson J. Gilley L. Gunter E. Haney G. Harris L. Hatley G. HendrixD. Hudgins J. Hughes R. Hunt J. Hunt T. Johnson E. Johnston B. Jones B. S. Jones J. Jones J. Justice J. Kennedy B. Kiker G. Lang K. Lang L. Lawson S. Lumpkin R. Martin B. Massey B. Masters N. May S. McKinney R. McPherson J. Moman G. Moon R. Morton M. Nesmith R. Noblitt L. Ogle J. Oliver F. Pearce B. Peck P. Pierce R. Poe L. Puckett B. Ragsdale R. Rains D. Rathbun J. Roberts J. Robinson J. Segars B. Slaton D. Slaton B. Smith P. Smith M. Stanley L. Thrasher J. Traylor P. Wat wood L. WilksJfe fo, TjJas iingjon! . And paid our respects to the late President. We finally made it! The CHAPERONES? But I thought it was He's a pretty big guy! We had a Hootenanny! We shut out the light, but not the noise! " Home at last!football 1963 Football Team with coaches and managers. The Aggies had G. B. Beasley as head coach and Glen Nunley, Shannon Sloan, and Bruce Wright as assistants. CAPTAINS Bruce Peck Truman Duckett Barry Massey ALL STAR Bruce Peck ALL AMERICAN PREP Honorable Mention Earl MortonRandy McPherson Earl Morton Ronnie Noblitt Joe Campbell Bennett Alford James Stanfield Mike Little Ronald Dendy Tommy Carr Larry Buchanan Jackie Nesmith Tom Moore Thomas AlfordBruce Peck Max Stanley Ralph Hard Truman Duckett Bennett Smothers Mike Rogers Danny Norman Jon Denney wSiMi Donald Couch Jordan Befort Rickev Rains Yogi" Wolfe Terrell Johnson James Pell Ronald Dyar Ken Gillian()fieerfeacfe ers CYNTHIA BAILEY Senior Head Cheerleader JANICE BRUCE Senior JANE MORGAN Sophomore MARTHA MOULTRIE Junior MARY MORGAN Junior :OACH SHANNON SLOAN and captains, MAX STANLEY • - EARL MORTON, receiving the N.E.A.C. Champion-Trophy for the Second consecutive year. yfonors ALL SAND MOUNTAIN TOURNAMENT Earl Morton ALL COUNTY David Baker Earl Morton ALLN.E.A.C. Richard Denham David Baker Earl Morton ALL DISTRICT David Baker Earl Morton ALL COUNTY "B Ken Rathbun COUNTY SPORTSMANSHIP Richard Denham THE AGGIES had five seniors working for their wins: David Baker, Richard Denham, Max Stanley, Earl Morton, and Don Williams.ICHARD DENHA DAVID BAKER DONALD BAUGli DON WILLIAMS ROY STANFIELD RRELL SHADINGER I 1 NNETH RATHBURN RICKEY PEPPERS FELTON BRIGHT ELTON BRIGHTf "Junior Jfiy i JJooiSaf , Junior JIicj i ClAeer eac ers1964 iaseba I " Jeam Ronnie Noblitt, Jon Denney, Darrell ChildressLarry Buchanan, Yogi Wolfe, Richard Denham, Larry Mosley, Randall Wallace, Tommy Carr. Coac j and Oulfielders Jackie NeSmith, Pete Patterson, Benny Bishop, Sheldon Elmore. Coach Glen Nunley, John Dean. Darrell Sha dinger, Randy Smith. Felton Bright. Hoys ' and (Jirfs ’ 4- 7f GfuS BOYS' OFFICERS: Kenneth Ham, President; Jack Phillips, Vice-President; Crawford Carter, Secretary-Treasurer; John Mitchell, Reporter; and Tony Murphy and Johnny Roden, Song Leaders. Sponsor - Mr. Malcolm Landers. GIRLS’ OFFICERS: Betty Dooley, President; Carol Parrish, Vice-President; Ann Foshee, Secretary-Treasurer; Jane Williams, Reporter; Pam Mayo and Dale Simpson, Song Leaders; and Carol Dyar, Game Leader. Sponsor - Mrs. Galloway.196)3-64 Jfa J-JR ion Band Director - MR. GEORGE NIXON OUTSTANDING STUDENT MARCHING SEASON -Tommy Barkley OUTSTANDING STUDENT CONCERT SEASON -Janice JusticeDollar J)ancf BAND OFFICERS STANDING: L. Chastain, T. Barkley, J. Colvin, J. Traylor, G. Duckett, V. Landers, F. Hughes. SEATED: J. Hughes, T. Boatwright, N. Davis, J. Justice, A. Garrett, S. Maddox. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS STANDING: D. Forestor, B. Massey, J. Colvin, J. Traylor, J. Wilson, M. Anderson, L. Chastain, B. Alford, T. Barkley, J. Roberts. SEATED: B. Cribbs, J. Hughes, N. Davis, J. Justice, P. Smith, J. Jones. Head Majorette Drum Major LESLIE CHASTAIN FRANK HUGHESPat Wright Donna Forester Laura McPherson Martha Benson Linda Patterson Jane Evans Ann Crowe Sally Beasley Jane Ellen Roberts TTCajoreites an 7 acj bearers Barbara CribbsVice-President JIMMY GILLEY Secretary-Treasurer DOT HUDGINS Sponsor MR. W. C. MCINTOSHThe Glee Club had several performances during the year. Mrs. Keller - Sponsor“7!” Treasurer MAX STANLEY Sponsor - COACH G. B. BEASLEYStudent Sound President PAT SMITH Vice-President EUGENE DEERMAN Sponsor MRS. WILENA LITTLE Treasurer DIANE LAVENDAR Secretary JANICE JUSTICE '(jcjierama Editor DOT HUDGINS Assistant Editor BECKY JONES COPY WORK N. Dendy, P. Carr, J. Berry, J. Bruce, J. Davis, Mrs. Weathers CIRCULATION PASTING UP M. Morgan, L. Gunter, J. Webb, B. Jones, J. Chandler, K. Christian, P. Moor D. Hudginsjunior ( iuitcin President BARRY MASSEY Treasurer JIMMY COLVIN Vice-President TOMMY BIDDLE Secretary TOMMY JOHNSON Sponsor MR. H. C. GREGORY Parliamentarian MICHAEL ANDERSON Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES HUGHES Chaplain EDWARD JOHNSTON FRONT ROW: M. Mathews, J. Ham, L. Gunter, T. Johnson, J. Hughes, B. Alverson, B. Massey. J. Befort, R. McPherson, J. Colvin, B. Peck. BACK ROW: Mr. Gregory, sponsor. A. Gentry, R. Creel, E. Johnston, M. Anderson, H. Colvin, O. Godwin, N. Dendy, T. Biddle, J. Chandler, R. Denham, T. Cole, T. Boatwright, R. Noblitt. T. Barkley, B. Alford, J. Robinson, G. Lang, D. Williams, M. Stanley, D. Shellhorse, D. Baker.STANDING: Mrs. Strickland, sponsor; Janice Bruce, president; Maury Bray, treasurer; Jane Morgan, secretary; Tommy Moore, parliamentarian; Charlotte Robinson, assistant secretary. Not present: Jo Chandler, vice-president. SEATED: Mr. and Mr. M. G. Couch. An authentic celebration - sleeves and all.future Jecic iers of Almerica J. Davis, Vice-Pres. STANDING: B. Brooks, Devotional Chmn.; P. Dendy, Treas.; J. Hunt, Sec. 18038294Qui r an cf Scroll PAPER STAFF Dot Hudgins Becky Jones Patsy Carr Brenda Smith Larry Gunter JoAnn Berry Joel Webb Jean Davis Ned Dendy Edward Johnston Mrs. Mary Weatl Sponsor Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists. YEARBOOK STAFF ilNUONATlONA, Patricia Dendy Pamela Martin Pat Smith Sue Lumpkin Cynthia Bailey Brenda Brooks Janet Chavers Mrs. Zera Couch SponsorSEATED: P. Dendy, Mrs. Couch - Sponsor. B. Brooks. STANDING: J. Chavers. P. Carr. G. Hendrix, B. Jones. F. Hunt, B. Kiker, L. Baldwin, L. Floyd, L. Wilks. M. Gautney, J. Gibson, D. Lucas, J. Minor. FRONT ROW; Mrs. Oscar Potts - Sec., M. Bynum, S. Lumpkin, J. Berry, E. Bobo, B. Snider, P. Bowen. E. Elgin, N. Davis, B. Dooley, J. Davis, N. Ragsdale, S. Maddox. BACK ROW: D. Hudgins, J. Alverson, G. Gore, A. Garrett. L. Powell, D. McCreless, J. Bruce, S. Beasley, D. Winkles, K. Latham, H. Boen, P. Martin, G. Wilmore. ) ta C uf) President LARRY GUNTER Vice-President JOEL WEBB Secretary CYNTHIA BAILEY Sponsor MRS. MARY WEATHERS Treasurer BENNETT ALFORDc jpamsA C) af) Above: J. Dickson, Parliamentarian; R. Dendy, Vice-President; S. Smith, Treasurer; A. Foshee, Secretary;]. Brumlik, Reporter; Mrs. Hooper, Sponsor; C. Keller, President. Left; First Spanish Banquet.SCIENCE Cl DBS OF AMERICA Sjgf President TOMMY BRUMLIK Sponsor MRS. NOLA MIDDLEBROOK Vice-President Secretary MARK EVANS CAROL PARRISH SEATED: Carol Parrish, Brenda Hudgins, Diane Shirley, Betty Strickland, and Tommy Brumlik. STANDING: Ed Carnes, Jimmy Dickson, Jake Middlebrook, Jr., Gary Spratling, Jimmy Thacker, Mark Evans, and Glen Golden.'Junior Jfig i Sewing Cj uSs SEATED: Becky Boyd, President; Ruthie Smyth, Vice-President; Sue Templeton, Reporter; Pat Jones, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING: Linda Carnes, Nancy Harris, Angie Thompson, Cassandra Martin, Sue Lemaster, Jenny Baker, Andrea Tidwell, Aneice Rogers, Caroline Cagle, Sheree Collins, Jeanette Jolley, Glenda Stacey, Sheridan Elrod. Inset: Mrs. Mary Jo Moore, Sponsor. SEATED: Joyce Cryar, President; Patricia Camp, Vice-President; Helen Pegues, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING: Barbara Davis, Dorothy Sims, Jane Davis, Brenda Dean. Not Shown: Jane Rhodarmer, Jenny Bright, Lily Cagle. Inset; Mrs. Ruby Goodwin, Sponsor.'Junior yfiy i Art Gfu6 FRONT ROW: Betty Joiner, Pat Elgin, Beth Wilson, Kathly Locklear, and Elaine Moore. STANDING: Mrs. Mary E Thompson, Mary Norton, Myra Thomas, Ann Foshee, Ethlyn Davis, Sherry Lewis, and Kathy Bray.future Jfome makers of America OFFICERS Jo Ann Jones, Marquita Upton, Chella Thomason, Linda Floyd, Gilda Abney, Pat Cofield, Glenda Duckett STATE DEGREE WINNERS Deloris Lucus, Chella Thomason, Marquita Upton, Dale Parrish, Jo Ann Jones, Judy Minor, Linda Floyd, Gilda Abney, Pat Co-rieldfuture farmers of America L. to R.: Danny Slaton, Tony Smith, Charles Greer, Gary Cochran -presenting Tommy Cole the Dekalb Award, Denver Wilkerson, and Darrell Childress. Dairy Judging Team, L. toR.: Bobby Webb, Dan Gore, La von Baird and Earl Carroll. Safe Tractor Driving Contest Winners, L. to R.: Jerry Griffith - Ray Killian.Z . O. GU MOTTO - "Learning to Live and to Earn" ON STEPS: K. Jenkins, S. Lovell, L. Childress, G. Moon, L. Ogle, M. Nesmith, J. Moman, J. Mitchell, L. Lacey, P. Amos, M. Galloway, W. Jordan, G. Brown, Pres. STANDING: M. Volentine, S. Lowery, L. Snider, N. Childress, J. Kennedy, D. Cofield, J. Oliver, D. Gallman, J. Tidmore, P. Teague, L. Denham. State Sec., S. Metheny. A. Holcomb, P. Watwood, Sec. Not Shown; Wayne Baker, Vice-Pres., J. Bearden. Reporter, A. Lemaster. Outstanding Student Cosmetology ANN HOLCOMB State Winner - Study Guide Contest LIBBY DENHAMGARRETT-BISHOP MARSHALL DRUG Compliments of BOATWRIGHT’S Main Street BIDDLE FURNITURE North Broad Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaROBERT O. JOHNSON MARSHALL COUNTY EXCHANGE Photographer by Appointment Phone 878-2561 Professional Building Albertville Alabama Everyone is Talking About Compliments of THOMPSON FURNITURE AND HARDWARE HAMMER’S Main Street Main Street Albertville, Alabama Alabama AlbertvilleHOOD ELECTRIC COMPANY Water Pumps and Filters Sales and Service Motor and Generator Winding Air Compressors Day 878-2481 Night 878-3929 North Side Guntersville Hwy. Albertville, Alabama J. L. FRICKS MACHINE CO. Welding and Machine Work Old Boaz Highway Phone 878-19HPAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Telephone 878-0281 Box 49 - 120 Main St. Albertville, Alabama A. V. HOLSONBACK MOTORS Highway 431Compliments of CRIBBS’ TIRE SERVICE 878-0565 Albertville WAKEFIELD’S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Phone Albertville 878-2581 Alabama DARDEN COTTON CO. Albertville Alabama Compliments of FLOYD PARTS CO. Phone 878-2781 Albertville Alabama(Formerly Josie's) COOK SONS Phone 878-4112 Albertville, Alabama OK TREAD RUBBER PLANT AND EMPLOYEES Albertville, Alabama m ft mini: a the mOST in DRY CLEAlUriG Home of the Nation's Finest TreadRubber Guntersville, Alabama ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 203 North Road Phone Albertville 878-1292 AlabamaTOY TOWN FRED KING, INC. Main Street Albertville and Boaz LAVERTY MUSIC CENTER "Largest Selection of Toys in North Alabama" ROBERTS AND ISBELL HARDWARE "All Things Musical" Albertville, Alabama Everything in Hardware G. E. Electrical Appliances 311 Albertville, AlabamaCLINTON SMITH MOTORS North Broad Albertville, Alabama UNIVERSAL PHOTO SHOP Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaGREENBACK SAVER STORE "Buy at a Discount" Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-0391 PICKWICK TRUCK STOP CAFE American Oil Products Albertville, Alabama Highway 431 Phone 878-9960 Compliments of W. E. WALKER AND CO. Albertville Alabama P AND J PHARMACY Prescription Service North Broad Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of ALBERTVILLE SCRAP MATERIAL CO. Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE FERTILIZER CO. North Broad Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY QUEEN Albertville, AlabamaLET US HELP 'Tf.oux 7?to tect STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, Alabama Compliments of DENHAM FEED MILLS Albertville Alabama JUSTICE SHEET METAL WORKS Albertville, AlabamaHEWETT DRUG CO. South Broad Albertville, Alabama Compliments of BIDDLE FURNITURE Albertville, AlabamaDIXIE SUPER STORE Shopping Center Hwy. 431 Albertville Alabama WHITTEN AUTO PARTS Albertville Alabama ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CUB’S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE Albertville, AlabamaJdendi J 116 E. Main Street Albertville, Alabama A Locally Owned and Operated Store Famous for Name Brands Florsheim Shoes - Arrow Shirts Kate Greenaway Dresses - Dobbs Shoes Helen Whiting Dresses - Keds Samsonite Luggage BUDDY’S JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds, China, Silver MOORE’S HOME SUPPLY Compliments of Your Sporting Goods Headquarters Ph. 878-2871 Albertville, Ala. ECONOMY TIRE SALES Phone 878-0521 High Tread Used Tires Highway 431 South Albertville, AlabamaCONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS RALSTON PURINA COMPANY POULTRY PRODUCTS WILK’S TIRE BATTERY SERVICE Hester Batteries V , Jt V General Tires Quality Recapping FRANK’S MARKET Complete Front End and Brake Service Groceries, Meats, Vegetables North Broad Albertville 113 W. McCord Avenue Phone 878-0211 Albertville, AlabamaALFORD COTTON COMPANY P.O. Box 111 Albertville Alabama O. K. RUBBER WELDERS "If it rolls and has a size, we'll have it. " Recapping New and Repairing Used Tires N. Broad Albertville Alabama Albertville and Boaz Alabama ERLENE’S BEAUTY SHOP"We Sell to Sell Again" Hwy. 431 North Albertville Phone Alabama 878-2121FLAV-O-RICH DAIRIES "QUEEN OF QUALITY" All Jersey-MilkJ. AND J. MOTORS JAMES J. DENNEY, Owner Highway 431 Route Three Albertville, Alabama Phones Business 878-3661 Residence 878-1270 ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY Albertville, Alabama WHITTEN’S Fashions for the Discriminating Person 105 W. Main Street Albertville Alabama THE JEWEL BOX Albertville AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP, INCORPORATED Phone 878-3404 Albertville, Alabama WELLS Your Clothing Store of Values 110 East Main Phone 878-2441 Established 1919 G. D. WELLS GEORGE WELLS JR. JACK WELLS Alabama ALBERTVILLE HERALD AlbertvilleTire$foue DICKSON SERVICE SUPPLY Established in 1938 West Main Street Albertville, Alabama "Your Safety Is Our Business' FOOD BASKET We Never Close! DAVIS DRUG COMPANY Albertville, Alabama our , w - % DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Compliments of TEE PEE FOOD STORE, INCORPORATED Free San Ann Stamps Albertville, Alabama 878-4742You're money Ahead! ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaALBERTVILLE FLOWER SHOP ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Albertville, Gadsden, Alabama Alabama JOE M. DAVIS DAVIS BROS. HARDWARE CO. E. D. DAVIS Hardware-Paints , Well Pumps Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-1531With Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School American Rubber Corporation Manufacturer of Arctile Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Jkwb%£- Sfes.lfNCvH Vh J J 4f. ,V 4 Xvi V- 'V M

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