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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1963 volume:

 o As we look back, we, the Seniors, see A.H. S. filled with the laughter and spirit of its students. Although we will no longer pass through its halls or sit in its classrooms, the memories of past experiences will be unforgettable.Contents Ad mmistratio n ”... Tho' summer turns to winter and the present disappears” . The quiet walks, the noisy fun” ci asses ”. . . The laughter we were glad to share now echoes thru the years” ”... The day we tore the goal post down" Sports F eatnres ”... The ballroom prize we almost won” ”. . . When other nights and other days may find us gone our separate ways” fji rad nation Advertisements ”. . . The New Year's Eve we did the town" Mr, M alcolm Gra Coucli OUR SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPALF acuity To our teachers through these six years at A. H. S. we say, "Thank you! We really appreciate your patience, kindness, and understanding toward us. "MRS. MIRIAN JACKSON MRS. MARGARET KELLER MR. LESTER LANDERS MRS. WILENA LITTLE MR. WALTER McINTOSH MR. GEORGE NIXONMRS. MARTHA BIDDLE MR. J. T. CHILDRESS COACH BILL CLARK MR. P. L. COFFEY F r l Not Pictured MR. LEON CAMP MR. W. D. NEWMAN MR. B. J. WEAVER MRS. MARY WEATHERS MRS. JEAN BEASLEY MISS MARGARET DAVIS MR. GORDON GARRETT MRS. VERNICE GALLOWAY MR. JAMES GILLEY MRS. RUBY GOODWIN MR. MALCOLM LANDERS MR. LEMON McCOLLUM MRS. NOLA MIDDLEBROOKMRS. MARGARET STRICKLAND MRS. MARY E. THOMPSON COACH BRUCE WRIGHT COACH SHANNON SLOAN MRS. AUSIE SMOTHERS..Miss Joyce D- We, the Mountaineer staff and Senior Class of 1963, want you to know that ... . preciate all the efforts that youhaveput forthto help us. You served this c :::: four years - devotedly, loyally, helpfully, and most efficiently. All ike are the reasons that we wish to thank you, as best we can, for "bei:n: ;:ot as y So to you, we dedicate this 1963 MOUNTAINEER.Business Manager MARY BEASLEY Assistant Editor CHERYL CHRISTIAN Editor-in-Chief SHERRY GARRETT PAGE EDITORS Alice Johnston, Alletha Gilbert, Charlice Wolfe, Wanda Long, Mary Moor, Walker Segars Staff Plains, Pirepa reOver 1963 M oiinta rneer Photographer BUDDY RAINS CIRCULATION STAFF Judy Doster, Brenda Reaves, Barbara Henry, Brenda Baker, Rebecca WilsonThis year was basically the same as any high school year - we studied, had fun, experienced sad moments of trials and error. New school rules were passed. There were games and dances; voices were hoarse from Pep Club rooting and singing. There were brief moments of glory for some of us in sports and our Senior Class play. All shared the hopeless reality of examinations, deadlines and the semester grades. These impressions are only a few that were packed into this full year. The Mountaineer staff has furnished only the outline of the stories behind these "Moments to Remember.” It is our hope that these pages will bring back not only these pictured here, but the ones deeper. The memories that make that smile come to your face; your eyes sparkle; and the ones only you can understand, appreciate, and enjoy. The 1963 Mountaineer is yours. You made it; we preserved it through word and picture. Reminisce with your MOUNTAINEER. Editor-in-Chief ------------------------------------------------------------------- T7The quiet walks . . ."President - LUCIAN HOWARD Vice-President - BILLY DOBBINS Secretary - WANDA LONG Treasurer - SUSAN BARNES Parliamentarian - ROGER HART Senior CL ass VJ'iocersBRENDA BAKER "Eyes that twinkle like the stars” Homecoming Attendant, 4, Class Beauty 4, Valentine Queen 5, Who’s Who 5-6, Flagbearer 5-6, Head Flagbearer 6, Beta Club 5-6, Junior Classical League 5-6, Pep Club 5-6 SUSAN BARNES "Her face makes the sun shine in shady places" Favorite 4, Cheerleader 5, Student Council Reporter 4, Who's Who 5-6, Junior Classical League 4-6, Beta Club 5-6, County Parliamentarian 6, Ag-gieramma Staff, Senior Class Treas. MARY HEARN BEASLEY "People like her make the world to ’round” Annual Staff 6, Majorette 4-6, Class Beauty 5-6, Valentine Queen 6, Oratorical Winner 5, Curtis Award 6, J.C.L. 4-6, Beta Club 4-6, S.C. Charter Member, Pep Club 3-6, Science Club 4 WILLIAM GORDON BROOKS "Modern Maverick" Science Club 4, Beta Club 5-6, Who's Who 6 JOHN W. BARNARD "Where you find work, you’ll find John - elsewhere” Basketball 1-6, "A" Club 5-6, Baseball 4-6, Track 3-6, Student Council 5, Junior Civitans 6, Who's Who 5-6, Curtis Award 6, Pep Club 4-6 PEGGY RUTH BEAIRD "The mildest manner, the gentlest heart" 4-H 1-2, Homeroom Officer 1-3-4-5 DANNY BENTLY "Life to him is a series of surprises" JOHNNY E. BROWN "A good disposition is a gift of nature" Science Club 4, Beta Club 5-6SANDRA JEAN BROWN "True merit lies in being quiet" F.H.A. 4, Office Staff 6 JAMES ROGER BUCHANAN "A closed mouth, catches no flies" Science Club 4, Beta Club 5-6 LINDA SUE BUSH "I don't believe in love at first sight but I do believe in a second look" Transfer from Montgomery, Alabama, F.T.A. Club 6 JIMMY BUTLER "Our 21st Century Edison" Jr. Civitans5-6, Football 6 RICHARD H. CARPENTER "Common sense is not a common thing" F.F.A. 5, Jr. Civitan 6 RANDELL HUGH BURKS "The friend in deed to everyone in need” Science Club 4, Pep Club 6 WILLIAM CAMP, JR. "A heart with room for every joy" Football 3-4, Jr. Civitan 5-6, D.O. Club 5-6, Pep Club 6 CHERYL CHRISTIAN "She laughs at impossibilities, and cries, "It shall be done" Annual Staff 5-6, Bus. Mgr. 5, Assistant Ed. 6, Cheerleader 6, Beta Club 5-6, Who's Who 5-6, J.C.L. 4-6, Pep Club 4-6, Science Club 4 BARBARA COE “Many a smile and never a worry” 4-H Club 1-2, Vice-President, Homeroom Officer 5 DANNY DAVIS "Never trouble trouble, 'til trouble troubles you” F.F.A. 4, D.O. Club 5-6 BILLY DOBBINS "Always be a live-wire, and you won't be stepped on" Basketball 2-6, "A" Club 5-6, Sr. Class Vice-President, Track 4, Pep Club 3-6, Football 2-3, Who's Whc 6, Baseball 5-6 MARTHA JEAN DUCKETT "Sincere in all her efforts" 4-H 1-2, Homeroom Officer 2, F.H.A. 4, Office Staff 6 JERRY LEE COFIELD "Teachers and classes are my only objection to education" 4-H Club 1-2, Basketball 1 JIMMY RAY DAVIS "May I have 30£ worth of gas, please" Band 1-2-3, Football 4, 4-H Club 1-2, Baseball 6, Basketball 1 JUDY ELLEN DOSTER "Leave silence to the saints, I am but human" 4-H Club 1-3, F.H.A. 4-5, F.T.A. 6, Library Club 6, Annual Staff 6, Magazine Capt. 6, Pep Club 3-6 JIMMY ENNIS "A happy-go-lucky fellow" Football 3-4, F.F.A. 4-5, Pres. 5, D.O. Club 5-6HARVEY EUBANKS 'School Is all right when there is nothing else to do' JOHN T RUM AM FOSHEE, JR 'The world surely would be dull without me" Homeroom Officer 1-3-6, Band 1-2-8, Basketball 2, Pootball 3-6, Jr, Givi tans 6, Who's Who 8, Student Council 6 SHERRY JANE GARRETT "She's true to her work, her word, and her friends" Annual Staff, Jr. Editor 5, Ed,-in-Chlef 6, Cheerleader 5-6, Head 6, Beta Club 6-6, Science Club 4, Pep Club 3-6, Junior Class Favorite, Student Council 4, Curtis Award 6, Who's Who 6 ALLETHA ANN GILBERT "Give her a place to stand and she'll try to move the world" Majorette 6-6, Beta Club 6-6, Science Club 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Ag-gierama Staff 6, Annual Staff 6, Who's Who 6, J.C.L. 4-6-6, Curtis Award 6, Pep Club 4-6 BETTY JOAN FERGUSON "The gentle mind by geafi deeds' F.H.A. 4. 4-H Club 1 GERALD GLENN GARDNER "He seeks the ill will of no one" Football 3-4, F.F.A. 4-5, Reporter 5 DWIGHT RANDALL GARY "He works at whatever he does” Oratorical Winner - Civi-tan 1-3-4-5, American Legion 5 LENFORD NELSON GODWI "Politeness goes far, but costs nothing" Football 3-6, Beta Club 4-5-6, Who's Who 5-6, Jr. Civitan 6mack gore "I study how to keep from studying” 4- H Club 1-6, F.F. A. 5- 6, Football 3-4, Manager 6, Baseball 3-4, Who's Who 5, Homeroom Officer 3-5 JUDITH GREGORY "Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood" Beta Club 5-6, Vice-President 6, Pep Club 4-6, President 6, Paper Staff 6, Annual Staff 5, Girl's State Rep. 5, J.C.L. 4-6, Science Club 4, Gadsden Times Reporter 5 RICHARD HARD "I'm not so tall, but neither was Napoleon" 4-H Club 1-2-3-4, Baseball 2 RALPH RODGER HART "Nature made him and then broke the mold" Football 3-4-5-6, Co-Captain 6, Who's Who 5-6, Sr. Class Parli'n, Jr. Civitan 6, Baseball 6, Track 6 JUDY ANN GRANT "A heart as light as a blossom in June" Queen 2, Pep Club 3-4-5-6, Science Club 4, Annual Staff 6, Office Practice 4-6, Student Council 5 SHIRLEY ANN GUNNELLS "The things we will do for a diploma" Homeroom Officer 1, Pep Club 3-4-5, Science Club 4, Office Staff 6 JIMMY ODIS HARRIS "He lives to laugh" 4-H Club 1-2, F.F.A. 5-6 NALDA SUE HEATON "Many a smile and never a worry" 4-H Club 2, F.H.A. 4BARBARA SUEANN HENRY "Patience is the key to happiness" 4-H Club 1, Curtis Award 2-4-5, Science Club 4, F.T.A. Club 6, Library Staff 6, Annual Staff 6, Beta Club 5-6 JIMMIE HOLSONBACK "She can cook and she can sew" 4-H Club 1-2, Pep Club 3-4-5, F.H.A. Club 4-5, Office Staff 6 SHARON HUTCHINS "Life is a game to her" ALICE FAYE JOHNSTON "The kindest words she tries to say” 4-H Club 1-6, Annual Staff 6, Who's Who 6 BYRON HOLDERFIELD "A fine athlete, and a fine guy" Football 2-6, Co-Captain 6, Track 3-4, Basketball 2-6, Who's Who 5-6 LUCIAN HOWARD "Mischief is a part of him" Band 1-4, Football 5-6, "A" Club 5-6, Sr. Class President, Track 5-6, Baseball 2-5, Who's Who 5-6 KYTHIA VERNDALE INGRAM "Nice to all; great or small" Favorite 1, J.C.L. 4-6, Library Assistant 5, Beta Club 5-6, Treasurer 6, F.T.A. Club 6, Office Practice 6, Who's Who 5-6 GARY ROGER JOLLEY "One woman's man" Football 2-3-5-6, Baseball 4-5, "A" Club 5-6, Jr. Civitan 5-6, Track 6r. E. KEENER JR. "Little we think, less we do, isn't it funny how we pull through" Transferred, D.O. Club 6 SHIRLEY FRANCIS LACEY "Be silent and safe, silence never betrays you" 4-H Club 1, F.H.A. 4-5 JOHN NEEL LAVENDER "Blessed is the man who invented sleep" Band 1-2-3, Basketball 2, Pep Club 4-5-6, Curtis Award 6 BETTY CAROL LILES "Say little and do much; meet everyone with a smile" 4-H Club, Pep Club 5-6, F.H.A. 4-5, Beta Club 4-5, Annual Staff 6 LYLE KITCHENS "Par-taking of life freely” Jr. Civitans 4-5-6, Secretary 6, 4-H Club 1-6, Vice-President 6, Football 3, Homeroom Officer 1-4, Who’s Who 5-6 BARBARA JANE LAMBERT "Merrily, merrily, I shall live more" J.C.L. 4, F.H.A. 4, D.O. Club 5-6, Sec. of District 5-6 LARRY LEON LESTER "A follower of the Golden Rule" 4-H Club 1-2 WANDA MARIE LONG "Beware those dimples!" Cheerleader 6, F.T.A. 5, President 6, Curtis Award 6, Homecoming Attend't 5, Class Officer 5-6, Student Council 5-6, Office Practice 5-6, Who’s Who 5-6, Annual Staff 6 . Pep Club 5-6, Homeroom Officer 5-6JANE INEZ LUMPKIN "Honor is her standard, perfection is her goal" Paper Staff, Jr. Editor 5, Editor 6, J.C.L. 4-6, Vice-President 4, Reporter 5, Pep Club 3-6, Sec. -Treasurer 5, Science Club 4, Student Council 4, Beta Club 5-6, Who's Who 5-6 HAZEL GAY MAHAN "Red-headed and kind" F.H.A. 4, Beta Club 4-6, Pep Club 6, Library Staff 5 SARAH DALE MASTERS "Her face is fair; her heart is gay. She has a merry, winning way" Office Staff 6, F.H.A. 4, 4-H Club 3 WILLIAM RONALD McCAMY "Some people think he's bashful; others know better" 4-H Club 1-2-3, F.F.A. 4-5-6, Secretary 5, Science Club 4 DENNIS WARREN LUSK "A good-natured kind, a trusty lad" D.O. Club 5-6, Secretary 6 DOUGLAS MASTERS "Much study is wearisome to the flesh" Band 1-4 CHARLOTTE MAYFIELD "Better to be small and shine than tall and cast a shadow" Pep Club 3-6, F.H.A. 4-6, Treasurer 6, Historian 4, F.T.A. Club 5 BARNEY RAY MOON "What he wants to get out of school is himself" Football 2-4, Baseball 2, Homeroom Officer 1, Band 1-2, D.O. Club 5-6, Presi dent 6, Mr. D.O. 6MARY CLYDE MOOR "A pleasant smile adds to her charm" Pep Club 3-4-6, Annual Staff 6, Office Staff 5, Library Staff 6 JOYCE GAIL MOORE "A likable girl, with a likable way" Beta Club 5-6, Paper Staff 6, Office Staff 6, Homeroom Officer 6, Who's Who 6, Pep Club 4-5-6, 4-H Club 1-2-3 MARSHALL (Mac) NELSON "It's fun to have fun" F.F.A. 5-6 VIRGINIA OGLE "She has a charm all her own" 4-H Club 1-2-3, D.O. 6 BILLY MOORE "Why do it today when there is always tomorrow" Basketball 3-4-5-6, Captain 6, "A" Club 5-6, Favorite 5-6, Class Officer 5, Pep Club 3-4-5-6. Track 3-4-5-6, Baseball 5-6 VIDA MAE MORROW "A girl both friend and sweet” F.H.A., Treasurer5, Office Practice 6 SAMMIE ELROY OGLE "She may look quiet, but look again" F.H.A. 4-5, Who’s Who 6 DORIS CAROL PATTERSON "Good qualities need no advertising" Beta Club 5-6, Paper Staff 6, Pep Club 3-4-5-6, F.H.A. 4-5, Office Staff 5-6POLLY PATTERSON "A smile goes a long, long way" F.H.A. 4-5, Pep Club 3-4-5-6, 4-H Club 1-2-3 KAY PHILLIPS "Politeness is her motto" Pep Club 3-4-5, F.H.A. Club 4, 4-H Club 1-2-3, DON MICHAEL PRITCHETT "The elevator of success is not running so I'll take the stairs" Basketball 2-5, "A" Club 5-6, Jr. Civitans 6, Track 4, Who's Who 6, Pep Club 4-5 CLYDE DEWAYNE RAINS "A man with a million names" Jr. Civitan4-6, Basketball 2-5, Baseball 5-6, Track 4-5-6, Annual Staff 6, "A" Club 5-6, Pep Club 4-5-6 MARY ELIZABETH PIERCE "Life is a game to her" Pep Club 3-6, Who's Who 5-6, F.T.A. Club 5-6, Office Staff 6, J.C.L. 4-6 ADDISON AUTRY PINSON "To be jolly is to be happy' 4-H 1, Pep Club 4 BILLY R. RAINS "I study how to keep from studying" F.F.A. 5-6 JAMES LUTHER RAY "Like a bee, he's always busy" Band 1, Science Club 4BRENDA JOYCE REAVES "Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew” F.T.A. 5-6, Who's Who 5-6, Homecoming Queen 6, J.C.L. 4-5-6, Pep Club 3-6, Secretary 6, Homeroom Officer 3-6, Annual Staff 6, Office Staff 6 DELWYN DIANE ROBERTSON "The love-light in her eye" F.H.A. 5, Student Council 6, Pep Club 4-6 DONALD RICHARD ROGERS "A man of few words and much work" Pep Club 4 JIMMY RONALD SCOTT "He's quiet but you always know he's there" Who's Who 6, Pep Club 5 DENNIS HUGH RICHEY "Remember the little things you did that you tucked away and thought were hid?" Basketball 2-6, Track 3-4, "A" Club 4-6, D.O. Club 5-6 GLORIA ROBERTS "Always laughing, never sad; sometimes naughty, but never bad" Jr. Who's Who, F.T.A. 6, Pep Club 2-6, 4-H Club 3, Homeroom Officer CHARLES ROGERS "A little slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned" 4-H Club 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Track 4, Football 4-6, Baseball 2, Pep Club 3-6 CARL WALKER SEGARS "Sometimes I sit and think, but most of the time I just sit” Jr. Civitan4-6, Football 2-6, Basketball 2-5, Baseball 4, Track 4, Band 1-2, Annual Staff 6, Who's Who 6, "A" Club 4-6, Pep Club 4-6KENNETH DALE SIMS "What's behind those shining eyes" 4-H Club 1-2, Homeroom Officer 2, Football 2, Pep Club 4-5 DAN HOWELL SMITH "If at first you don't succeed - Oh, well skip it" "A" Club 6, Jr. Civitans 6, Football 5, Baseball 4, Track 5, Pep Club 4-6, Student Council 6 MICHAEL SMITH "The good old times are always good when old" SARAH ANN STANFIELD " Her future is planned third finger, left hand" F.H.A. 4-5, Pep Club 4-5-6, Homeroom Officer 2-3 LAURA CAROLYN SMITH "Always ready to lend a helping hand" 4-H Club 1-2, Homeroom Officer 2, F.H.A. Club4, Inauguration Rep. 6 MARTHA SUE SMITH "Here is a girl with an eye on her future" F.H.A. 4-5, Pep Club 4, 4-H Club 1-3 MICHAEL SMITH "Mike" "If girls interfere with youi work - quit work" Football 3-6, Baseball 5-6 "A" Club 5-6, Beta Club 5-6, Student Council 5-6, Vice-PresidentS, J.C.L. 4-6, Pep Club 4-6, Jr. Civitans 4-6 BRENDA SUE STEVENS "My motto is to laugh am be gay" Pep Club 4-6, 4-H Club 1 F.T.A. Club 5-6, Home room Officer 2CHERYL STEWART "I can resist anything but temptation" Pep Club 4 DONALD EDWIN SWORDS "Handsome, nice, and very neat” Jr. Civitans 5-6, Treasurer 6. Baseball 5-6, "A” Club 5-6, Pep Club 4-6, Football 3-6, Boys State 5 MACK TEAGUE "Work if you must, but don't work yourself to death" Transfer Student, 4-H 1, Football 6, Pep Club 4 JAMES TOWNSON "With a friend and a song, I’ll travel along" Basketball 1-2-3, 4-H Club 1-6, Baseball 3, Homeroom Officer 4 TOMMY TRAMMELL "No man is an island entire of itself” Football 2-3-5-6, "A" Club 5-6, President 6, Homeroom Officer 6, Track 6, Baseball 6 JEAN STEWART "How sweet and fair she seems to be" Science Club 4, Pep Club 4-5-6, J.C.L. 4-5-6, Secretary 5, Beta Club 5-6, Secretary 6, Annual Staff 6, Paper Staff 6, F.T.A. Club 6, Student Council 4-5, Valentine Rep. 6, Who's Who 6 GARY WAYNE UPTON "His friendliness is pleasing to all" 4-H 2, Vice-President, Homeroom Officer 6, Transfer Student RICHARD UPTON "Manners make the man" Band 1-6, Pep Club 4-6, Who's Who 5MORRIS FRANK VOLENTINE "A good sense of humor" Pep Club 4-5, Homeroom Officer 3, Football 3 RANDALL WALLS "Partaking of life freely' Band 1-5, D.O. 5-6 DONALD WILKERSON "As carefree and happy as they come” "A" Club 5-6, Football 2-5-6, Jr. Civitans 5-6, Homeroom Officer 2-4, Track 1-2-3 JOYCE GAYLE WALDROP "It’s nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" Pep Club 5-6, F.H.A. Club 4-5, F.T.A. Club 5-6, Annual Staff 6, Library Staff 5-6, Band 1-2 TERRY WASHAM "I may not set the world on fire, but I'm good at sparking" Band 1-6, Treasurer 4, President 5, Football 6, Who's Who 5-6, Student Council 6, Curtis Award i 6, Beta Club 5-6, President 6, Jr. Class President, Pep Club 4-6 KEN WILLIAMS "Do not judge his work by j his size" "A" Band 1-6, Homeroom Officer 1-6, Football 4-6, J Jr. Class Officer, Vice-President, Jr. Civitans 5-6, Vice-President, Who's | Who 5-6 REBECCA JANE WILSON "Never too busy to speak, never too sad to smile" Homeroom Officer 1-4, 4-H Club 1, Valentine Rep. 4, Pep Club 4-5, Flagbearer 6, Alternate 5, Annual Staff 6, Office Staff 6, Who's Who 6, Curtis Award 6, F.T.A. Club 6 RHONDA CHARLICE WOLF: "The kind you like to be with" Annual Staff 6, Student Council 4, Beta Club 5-6, F.T.A. Club 5-6, Treasurer 6, Paper Staff 5-6, Good Citizenship 6, Library Staff 5-6, Pep Club 4-6, Who's Who 6, Senior Play 6BONNIE JEAN WORTHAM "She is musical, flirty, and mischievous" Head Majorette 5-6, Beta Club 4-6, Who's Who 5-6 Paper Staff 6, F.T. A. Club 6, Pep Club 4-6, Valentine Court 5, Band 4-6, Officer 5,6, Curtis Award 6 RONNIE YORK "Doesn’t he ever get tired?" Pep Club 4-6, J.C.L. 4-6, President 5, Curtis Award 6, Jr. Civitan 6 NOT PICTURED Patricia Alexander Carl Lamons Garland Bryant DiJ W e .Really Look Like Tk Our Hero? Models - for what? H 535323484848President - TOMMY BIDDLE Vice-President - TOMMY JOHNSON Secretary - NEEYSA DAVIS Treasurer - CYNTHIA BAILEY Junior Olass OfficersTommy Barkley Johnny Belue Jimmie Benson Jo Ann Berry Tommy Biddle Etta Bobo Hazel Boen Patricia Bowen Alton Bright Brenda Brooks Gary Brown Janice Bruce Ronnie Bush Wanda Camp Joe Campbell Timor ci ass Carolyn Adams Bennett Alford Bob Alverson Phillip Amos Mike Anderson Cynthia Bailey Cathy Baird David Baker Linda Baker Wayne BakerPatsy Carr Ann Carter Leslie Chastain Delaine Cheek Barbara Cribbs Pat Claburn Brenda Cochran Martha Coffey Pat Cofield Tommy Cole Hobson Colvin Jimmy Colvin Carol Cook Rita Cornelius Jean Davis for Neeysa Davis Ned Dendy Patricia Dendy Richey Denham Van Dickie Opal Dixon Margaret Dunn Truman Duckett Ellen Elgin Ginger Eller Mavorine Ennis Jane Evans Kenny Farmer Donna Forester Pat FrachiseurLynn Fricks David Gallman Mike Galloway Rayburn Gardner Joann Gibson James Gilley Jerry Greer Larry Gunter Glynda Harris Gayla Hendrix Anne Holcomb Dot Hudgins James Hughes Faye Hunt June Hunt Kenneth Jenkins Edward Johnson Tommy Johnson Clarence Johnston Becky Jones Brenda Jones Jo Ann Jones Ann Joiner Wiley Jordan Janice Justice Janice Kennedy Barbara Kiker Tommy Kirby Irby Lamons George Ed LangKaren Lang Randall Lang Ida Lou Lawson Anne Lemaster Sue Lumpkin Barry Luther Charles McCauley Randy McPherson Pam Martin Barry Massey Brock Masters Nancy May George Miller Jerry Mitchell John Moman Gail Moon Earl Morton Martha NeSmith Ronnie Noblitt Linda Ogle Jerry Oliver Linda Patterson Freda Pearce Jimmy Pearce Bruce Peck Linda Pell Peggy Pierce Sherrill Pinson Ray Poe Lynda PuckettDwight Rains Rosemary Rains Diane Rathburn Jane Ellen Roberts John Robinson Conner Runyon James Sampson Johnny Sampson Don Shellhorse Judy Sims Braxton Slaton Deloris Slaton Brenda Smith Faye Smith James Smith Kay Smith Roger Southerland James Spurgeon Max Stanley Sandra Sudds Patsy Teague Chella Thomason Linda Thrasher James Traylor Marquita Upton Edith Vaughn Malcolm Volentine Kerry Voss Randall Walls Pat WatwoodJoel Webb Jimmy Westbrooks Lucritia Wilks Irma Williams Don Williams Glenda Wilmore Jimmy Wilson Pat Smith "This side used Brand X . . . while these brushed with Crest But, I dropped my dime!" "And then he did-WHAT!!O ©pill ©mores Gilda Abney Joyce Anthony Gail Baird Jerry Baldwin Lorrene Baldwin Thelma Ball Annie Barclay Donald Baugh Betty Bean Jimmy Bearden Sally Beasley Jordan Befford Dorthy Bell Micheal Benefield Martha Benson Rayburn Berry Benny Bishop Janice Blackman Russ Brian Felton Bright Elton Bright Flora Brooks Jimmy Brooks Danny Brown Johnny MacBrownKay Brown Pat Bryant Terry Boatwright Charles Buckalew Susan Buckalew Martha Bynum Brenda Cagle Charlotte Caldwell Carolyn Cambell Ronald Canfield Loretta Camp Elnita Camp Betty Carnes Earl Carol Hugh Carter Garland Caudle Jerome Chafin Joe Chandler Janet Chavers Darrell Childress Gloria Childress Jane Childress Pat Childress Karen Christian Gary Cochran Jacky Cochran Linda Cochran Dot Colley Joe Bill Cooley Donald CouchWayne Crag Randall Creel Ann Crowe Mary Ann Crow Micheal Crow Neal Crump James Currie Phil Dalrymple Jimmy Davis Ruby Jo Davis John Neal Dean Eugene Deerman Jon Denny Robert Diviny Diane Dobbins Becky Dooley Ann Dorictt Marilyn Doyle Glenda Duckett Jean Duke Melvin Duran Janet Duttan Judy Eason Wayne Eller Shelby Parmer Linda Ployd Adna Garrett Alan Gentry Qra Gentry Jttdy GeorgeTommy Gibson Carolyn Goodwin Orvil Godwin Linda Griffin Sheron Grizzard Bobbie Guinn John Ham Kay Hale Randy Hammonds Ralph Hard Larry Harper Ernest Harris Nancy Jo Hasty Linda Hatley Charlotte Haygood Kenneth Helms Judy Henley Brian Henry Leonard Henry Donnie Hodges Rebecca Holder Joe Holsomback Micheal Hopper Brenda Hunt Mike Hutchens Myra Joiner Linda Jolley Gloria Johnson Janey Johnston Margret Johnson Janice Justice Ray Killion Edward Lacey Jimmy Lacey Marsha Lambert Vivian Landers Diana Laulden Martha Lecroy Edward Ledbetter Richard Ledbetter Linda Lindsey Herman Lipka Mark Livingston Judy Long Dewayne Lovell Shirley Lovell Jerry Lowery Shirley Faye Lowery Delorus Lucus Jan Lumpkin Johnny Lynn Kay McCauley Donna McClendon Harold McClendon Jimmy McClendon Darlene McGuire Richard McMims Hayward McNeal Laura Ann McPherson Shyrone MaddoxMax Mallbie Joyce Maltbie Linda Marks Rose Mary Masters David Matthew Claudia Matthews Mike Matthews Warren Messer Larry Milwood Betty Minor Judy Minor Pat Moor Jan Moore Mary Lee Moore Mary Morgan Gail Morton Larry Mosley Martha Moultrie Danny Norman Bobby Ogle David Ogle Elizabeth Childress Ogle Linda Ogles Margret Owens Judy Patterson Tommy Patterson Dale Parrish David Payne Margie Pell Mike PepperLinda Poe Sandra Pointer Danny Ponder Judy Powell Linda Powell Jean Pritchett Nalda Ragsdale Harry Rains Wayne Rice Jack Richey Micheal Rodgers Peggy Rogers Randy Rowe Lula Mae Saint Jane Segars Jimmy Segars Daryl Shadenger Barbra Shell Brenda Shell Sarah Silas Buster Skelly Tony Smith Bennett Smothers Terrell Smyth Betty Snider Linda Snider Norman Spear Larry Spratling James Stanfield Roy StanfieldRebecca Stephens Tony Stepleton Myra Strange Johnny Striplin Diane Stevens Jimmy Stewart Nalda Stewart Kenneth Swords Sandy Tanner Joyce Thomas Elizabeth Thompson Judy Townson Lamar Traffenstedt Bobbie Neal Vaughn John Vaughn Mary Emma Vaughn Betty Veal Randall Wallace Eloise Webb Carl Whitlock Brenda Wilkerson Denver Wilkerson Rosa Williamson Barbara Willmore Terry Willoughby Diane Winkles Forrest Wolfe Pat Wright Glen Young All the way to Washington And then we walked some more. I All the way home O. K., on the sidewalk' V‘ ask mg ton .Hleire W e Come!unior . . . "the noisy fun . . ."Service Persomne] Left to right - Mrs. Ruby Hembree, Mrs. Mary Lee Spear, Mrs. Sarah Dean, Mrs. Iris LeCroy, Mrs. T. A. Baird, Mrs. Venice Jones, Mrs. Amilee Hayes c us nans Ed McCreless Willie Filmore Ocie Chamblee(jr ra J e Walter Adams Bennett Alford Thomas Alford James Amason Cindy Baird Eugene Baird Travis Baird Jamie Baker Brenda Barnett Pearl Bearden Patricia Bethune Martha Bishop Sandra Bishop Linda Blackwell Larry Blair Sue Bouldin Joel Bowen Michael Boyd Sandra Boyd Maury Bray Brenda Brewer Wanza Brewer Brenda Bright Mary Brooks James Brown Lamon Brown Valory Brown Jo Ann Bryant Charlene Buckelew Larry Buchanan Thomas Burgess Lydell Burke Johnny Burnett Nadene Burnette Cindy Burroughs Billy Cagle Larry Camp Pricilla Camp Terry Camp Ladon Canady Anne Carnes Jimmy CarnesBrenda Cassels Donnie Chambers Randall Chamblee Nancy Chiles Claretta Clark Clifford Clay Kenny Clifton Harold Coby Linda Coby Charlotte Cochran Sherry Cochran Marlene Cofield Betty Colquit Charlotte Cooley Danny Cooley Jimmy Coody Gwen Cordell Linda Cornelius Catherine Corum Ed Cowart Jerry Creel Janice Crittenton Larry Crow Donald Currie Ronald Currie Tommy Culburt Garyon Davis Lloyd Davis Patricia Davis Travis Davis Ronald Dendy Jimmy Denny Dennis Dickerson Doris Dixon Mary Sue Dorrsett Diane Downs Jimmy Doyle Connie Duckett Harriett Dunn Jerry Dunn Ronald Dyar Benny Edwards Shelton Elmore Sandra Farmer Verbon Farmer Ronald Frasier Barbara Fuller Ronald GallowayPhil Garrett Tommy Gibson Kenneth Gillian Danny Green Freida Green Jane Green Janice Greer Dan Gore Rita Gore Jerry Griffith Bobby Groggar Gail Guice Randy Hall Susan Haney Adell Harris David Harris Elouise Harris Linda Harris Carolyn Harrison Janice Harrison Rex Henson Linda Hicks Audley Higgins Randall Higgins Edwin Hill Sue Hill Rosemary Holsonback Kenny Howard Frank Hughes Nadene Hunt Jane Hunter Sandra Jackson Ann Johnson Harold Johnson Terrell Johnson Diane Johnston Phyllis Joiner Diane Jolley Celia Keller Marsha Lacey Paul Lacey Steve Lamons Rebecca Lang Roger Lang Johnnie Lattie Diane Lavender Betty Ledbetter Linda LedbetterRobert Lemaster Doris Levans Mike Little Alan Livingston Shirley Long Judy Lovell Ray Lovell Wayne Maltbie Chris Martin Jackie McClendon Rachel McCormick Mary McCoy Delaine McCrealess Ann McLemore Brenda Messer Wayne Michael Lynda Moon Pasekal Moon Tommy Moore James Morgan Jane Morgan Judy Morgan Lanette Morris Ken Musick Jackie Nesmith Barbara Ogles Ann Oliver Rebecca Oliver Myra Painter Charlotte Patterson Donna Pearce James Pell Mike Pierce John Poe Hal Pruett Margaret Ratcliff Kenneth Rathbum Lawrence Reeves Connie Richards Charlotte Robinson David Robinson Johnny Roe Harold Rogers Shirley Runyan Linda Rushing Betty Saint Billy Sampson Cynthia SandersKaren Sanders James Shirley Janet Shirey Larry Simmons Kenneth Skaggs Thomas Slaton Paulette Slaton Angie Smith Randy Smith Roderick Smith Barbara Spence Rebecca Spurgeon Phyllis Stanfield Donnie Stewart Nicky Stewart Randall Stewart Barbara Stone Donnie Terrell Sammy Terrell Susan Thompson Linda Tidmore Janet Trayor Laneeda Vantrese Roger Vaugh Clarence Waldrop Donna Walker Phil Walker Sandy Warren Tommy Warren Wanda Washarn Bobby Webb Elizabeth Whisenant Glen White Judy Wilkerson Larry Williams Jimmy Williamson Betty Willmore Connie Willis Ralph Wilmore Bill Wilson Peggy Wilson Tommy WrightEigktL G irade Steve Alford Jan Alverson Stephan Amason Judy Anderson Robert Austen Benita Baker Linda Baker Shannon Baker Billy Bannister Keith Barclay Carol Barkley Clifton Bayaliss Rita Beaird Billy Beard Sheila Bearden Charlie Beasley Ronald Benson Dwight Berry Alvah C. Bethune Teresa Bishop Marsha Black Glenda Blackmon Wanda Blackman Charles Bowen Jimmy Braseale Rodney Brown Chris Brumlik Julie Brumlik Charles Bryant Elevin Buchanan Mary Lois Buchanan Lana Sue Buck David Burks Judy Burks Rosemary Burks Sammy Butler Richard Bynum Sara Camp Odell Caudle Billy Champion James Champion Cheryl ChandlerVickie Childress Kenny Christian Wallace Clay Judy Cochran Kathy Coe Cheree Collins Pat Cook Sue Couch Sandra Cowan Connie Creel Neil Creel Alice Crowe Becky Davis Cheri Decker Barry Denham Susan Dickerson Jerry Dooley Alice Marie Downs Johnnie Duckett Billy Duke Michael Duvall Freddie East Joe Lee Edison Phil Erwin Pat Frazier Dennis Garrison Emily Gentry Helen Gillian Larry Gipson Ronald Glassco Carolyn Goodwin Estilita Gore Gloria Gore Beverly Goss Jackie Graham Mary Jane Grey Sandra Grey Lamar Griffith Joyce Guin Cathy Hall Lynda Hall Kenneth Ham Barbara Hard Roger Hard Anthony Harrison Dan Hart Jada Harvey Charles HastingsRebecca Hasty Diane Hayes Rebecca Hayes Kiby Hearn George Hedges Jerry Henson Debra Hillsman Larry Hillsman Lisa Hodgens Jay Holder Shawn Honea Lynda Hooper Richard Hopper Shannon Howard Robert Hudgins Barbara Hunt Shirley Hunt Brenda Hutchins Byron Hyde Sarah Isom Charles Jenkins Patricia Jenkins Johnny Johnson Paul Johnson Vicki Johnson Bobby Jones Judy Justice Belinda Kellett Judy Kennedy Gerald Kittle Angie Land Leslie Landers Brenda Laney Brenda Lang Randa Langley Wary Jo Ledbetter 'avid Libran ora Lang argaret Lowden jy Lucas onda Lusk da Lynn »bie Malttie ise Marshall ly Martin y Martin a Mathis McBrayerJudy McCauley Joe Edward McClearen Roger McClure Nila McCullars Van Michel David Miller John Minor Junior Moore Ricky Mosley Janice Mostella Randel Mountain Michael Murphy Kay Nelson Peggy Newman Brenda Oakes Sandra Ogle Jerry Oliver Judy Pankey Linda Panky Carol Parrish Joe Pell John Pell Nancy Pell Sharon Pell Carol Phillips Mary Lee Phillips Reba Pinkston Jackie Pinson Shawny Pinson Gary Pledger Anthony Poe Howard Price Tommy Pugees Robert Rains Harold Reaves Lucian Reed Sherry Rhoades Johnny Rhoden Julia Rice Virginia Richards Betty Riddle Carolyn Riddle Jerry Riggins Mike Roberson Martha Robinson Larry Roe Rebecca Rogers Linda RossonBetty Sue Rutledge Shadrick Samples Jimrpy Segars Linda Simpson Annie Mae Smalley Dennis Smith Malba Smith Randell Smith Glenn Snider Donny Show Paulett Sorter Glen Spurlen Betty Stephens Stanley Stepleton Barbara Stewart Dennis Stone Mark Strange Johnny Strawn Ann Swords Gail Swords Jimmy Teague Bobby Teal Jimmy Thacker Tina Thomas Wayne Thompson George Tidmore Catherine Trayloi Gaither Trussell Junior Tucker Susan Turner Wayne Turner Jim Voss Joe Voss Dee Walker Carolyn Webb Gary Webb Marie West Joe Bob Wesson Linda White Brenda Williams Freddy Williams Ken Williamson Kenneth Willoughby Katy Wise Loyd Yorkeven e Frank Abbot Sue Abbot James Allison Bonnie Anthony Lamar Armstrong Leo Armstrong Sara Armstrong Brenda Baird Jimmie Baker Van Barkley Ernie Barnes Tony Baugh David Beaird Margaret Beaird Scheree Bearden Cecil Beasley Mary Belue Mike Belue Dorthy Benefield Tresia Benefield Ronald Berry Sherry Blankenship Jeffery Bolding Charles Bolton Robert Box Becky Boyd Allen Breland Darlene Bright Vicki Brock Rocky Brooks Donny Brown Thomas Brumlik Janice Bryant James Bryant Belinda Buckalue Wayne Buckelue JoAnn Buchanan Lana Buchanan Tommy Burgess Frankie Burnett Thomas Busha Margaret BurnhamNellie Ruth Candle Kenneth Canfield Linda Cannady Ed Carnes Linda Carnes Crawford Carter Phillip Chaffin Judy Chafin Bobby Chamblee Cecil Champion Felton Champion Terri Cheek Randy Childers Bobby Christian Lee Christian Johnny Clark John Clontz Bobby Cofield Courtney Cole Elizabeth Collins Rosemary Cook Charles Cooley Michael Cordell Edward Cowan Kent Croft Joyce Cryar Sandra Culbert Billy Dalrymple Cathy Dalrymple Ray Daniel David Daugette Jane Davis Jay Davis Jim Davis Phil Davis Brenda Dean Dave Dendy Jimmy Dickson Barbara Dobbins Billy Dobbins Betty Dooley Kenneth DorsettRussel Dorsett Frances Downs Linda Duncan Carol Dyar Mary Jo Edwards Pat Elgin Sheridan Elrod Roger England Mark Evans Sue Evans Ann Farmer Van Farmer Ann Foshee Jerry Free Winfred Garrison Nila Gary Phillip Gilliland Glenn Golden Nancy Goodwin Lela Graben Roger Greer David Gregory Judy Guinn Larry Gunnells Russ Gunnells Sue Gunnels Brenda Griffith Barber Hagood Sandra Hall Gwen Ham Victoria Hammonds Jane Harper Nancy Harris Terell Hastings Randy Hayes Rida Henderson Ricky Henderson Delane Hill Penny Holland Syble Hollis Linda Holmes David Humphrey Brenda Hyde Linda Hyde Margaret Hyde Micheal Jenkins Bobby Johnson Marlain JohnsonSarah Johnston Janice Jordon Pat Jones Don Jones Jeanette Jolley Patrica Joiner Kaye Joiner Betty Joiner Shirley Johnston Randy Johnson Robert Johnson Martha Johnson Bobby Justice Arnold Kilgore Larry Kirby Joan Kirby Danny King Sharon Kidd Connie Lacey Gerald Lacey Harold Lacy Reggie Lambert Barbara Lane Anthony Lang Elizabeth Lang Billy Lemaster Gloria Lemaster Brenda Long Gloria Long Gayle Low Linda Lyles Richard Lynn Allan Maddox Jane Mahan Woodrow Mahan Victor Malazzo Cassandra Martin Joe Maness Pam Mayo Dwayne Messer Jacob Middlebrook Diana Minor Hubert Mitchell John Mitchell Starchel Moore Sheila Morrison Pat Morton James MotleyFrank Moultrie Mary Jane Nail Charlotte Nelson Nolan Newman Danny Norton Mary Norton Julia Pankey Carol Paris Wayne Parrish Diane Patterson Mike Patterson Dolen Pearce Jerry Peppers Pat Peppers Shirley Peppers Jack Phillips Shelia Pierce Danny Pritchett Steve Pugh Quimby Rains Angela Rains Donald Ray Mildred Reed Ray Redmond Brenda Reynolds Jane Rhodamar Cynthia Rhodes Ann Richey Johhny Riddle Patricia Riddle Regina Riddle John Lynn Roe Nancy Roberts Linda Robinson Aneicer Rogers Kathleen Ross Brenda Roth Frances Rudolph Bill Sampson Ronnie Shadinger Joyce Shell Diane Shirley Judy Simpson Dorthy Sims Roger Sims Barbara Slaton Marjorie Smalley Buddy SmithGlenn Smith Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith Joe Smith Linda Smith Nelda Smith Sandra Smith Ruthie Smyth Ronnie Spear Gary Spratling Byron Spurlin Dennis Spurlin Glenda Stacey Janet Staton David Stephens Mary Ella Stephens Jimmy Stevens Glenn Stewart Lynn Stewart Mike Stewart Dan Stone Virgil Stone Betty Strickland Diane Studdard Randall Swords Steve Taft Sue Templeton Barbara Thomas Lana Thomas Myra Thomas Angie Thompson Brenda Thompson Jan Thompson Ronnie Terrell Diane Tidmore Andra Tidwell Carol Tucker Kenneth Tucker Deborah Underwood Dana Upton Terry Upton Donnie Voss Dean Walker Edward Webb Bonnie Weaver Riggie White David Williams Tony WilliamsRussell Wilkerson Elbert William Tommy Williams Elaine Willmore Wanda Windsor Lelton Woodham Barbara Wright Mary Cathy Young Rose Young Sandra Young Tim Young Jan York Abbott, Roger STUDENTS NOT PICTURED SEVENTH GRADE Gorgan, David Lang, Glenda Fay Aders, Jimmie Hard, Mary Frances Lang, Randall Boyles, Tula May Hard, Ricky Patterson, Charlotte Buchanan, Mary Hyde, Roy Romine, Ronald Burnett, Johnny Jarman, Junior Slaten, Thomas Cagle, Lily Johnston, Diane Upton, Bobby Campbell, James Lancaster, Hershal Waldrop, Lawrence Alverson, Rex EIGHTH GRADE Goss, Martha Moon, J. W. Anthony, Bobby Guffer, Tommy Peppers, Larry Beam, Berthel Hall, Randy Ragsdale, Ray Beasley, William Henderson, Carolyn Shirley, Janet Beck, Lana Sue Jarmon, Paulette Skaggs, Kenneth Brown, Vallory League, Jimmy Smith, Neal Burgess, Thomas Lester, Wade Willis, Connie Canday, Landon Manise, Roger Glassco, Donald Mayfield, Sandra Barclay, Sandra NINTH GRADE Hard, Mary Frances Maltbie, Hubert Barkley, Annie Heaton, Travis McNeal, Phillip Beard, Linda Henry, Brian Peppers, Patsy Bishop, Wayne Holder, Peggy Peters, Mary Chamblee, Roger Lacy, David Studdard, Sheila Daniel, Adrian Lancaster, Verbon Treese, La Needa Baird, Wayne TENTH GRADE Denham, Elizabeth Ogle, Bobby Brewer, Linda Harris, Glenda Seay, Betty Camp, Janie Greer, Charles Woodham, Rose Mary Childers, Elizabeth Minor, Marie Bobby Alverson ELEVENTH GRADE Gerald Gary Linda Powell Jo Ann Ashley Clara Harris Barbara Ragsdale Neal Childress Michael Hutchins Bobby Terrell Dale Cofield Joe Lambert Janice Tidmore David Eubanks David Macey Billy Vandergriff Jerry Floyd Wayne Morris CHARLICE WOLFE D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl DORIS PATTERSON Betty Crocker Award JIMMY ENNIS Dekalb Agricultural Award PATRICIA DENDY Girl's State Special .Awards to AolHLSo St indents ALLETHA GILBERT Civitan Oratorical Winner RONNIE YORK Civitan Oratorical Winner SUSAN BARNES Voice of Democracy Winner MAC NELSON Farm Mechanics Award TOMMY BIDDLE Boy's State JANE LUMPKIN American Legion Oratorical Winner1 Activities "The laughter we were glad to share now echoes through the years . . ."A” HONOR ROLL Senior III Barnes, Susan Christian, Cheryl Garrett, Sherry Lumpkin, Tan» " ™ jpare enough food .x and eight hundred ■ .rse students race to om in tour shifts; two - and Y° SC NED DENDY rnomhlY expenditures run about $4,500. The JANE LUMPKIN is not intended to make Editor if everyone would eat, IJtUWO VC1 maybe they could break even. ••Isn't that right, Terry?" "Yeah, I guess t R°s v y r Ragsciu W Smvth. Terrell JEAN STEWART ’ HONOR ROLL WEBB . - r success cati -»a MRS. WEATHERS probably --------- vork is hard and rarely rec nly never great. Yet, a h ■ "?ss if she has accompli Mo. l Moofv Nelson Smith. Ste log heir indiviouaralms, MRS. LITTLE A.H.S. are very 4rs. J. A. jack-1 problems such ;nse of belonging are p ' So, set the aim that L at your success depends 01 , T n Alabamian who j iome, is a graduate 7 College and is now . hp r A Hporee at JacusonviU DOT HUDGINS third J'efore turning to tnglish guidance. When 8' fc BL -d to guidanr 'urs. Fir- v ‘ r's wife ' fe V 'elysa V» JM jecondl M J bys mos a!. . «—»• j has threi Bfc. k y m Franklin ok BRENDA SMITH JOYCE MOOI Lumpkin Teachers Clul jh School, undei 4iss Joyce Davi plan the forty-sei BONNIE WORTHA aPherson -- "Pe tood up against in re -- "We’re tire done and will do, a. I ir us.” ■' ALLETHA GILBERT k ■ie BRENDA BAKER ndt, Secretary JEAN STEWART Sponsor MRS. MARY WEATHERS Treasurer County Parliamentarian SUSAN BARNES VERNDALE INGRAMlire omemaiers © ik ,r 4 meirara OFFICERS SEATED: Charlotte Mayfield, Pat Smith, Sue Lumpkin, Jo Ann Jones. STANDING: Pat Dendy, Pat Bowen, Linda Cochram, Glenda Duckett, Gilda Abney, Pam Martin, Mrs. Garrett. Second-year girls in the living roomOFFICERS President - WANDA LONG Vice-President - JANE LUMPKIN Secretary - BRENDA REEVES Treasurer - CHARLICE WOLFE Devotional Chairman - JOYCE WALDROP !F nature 3 e clkers of A menca 47 MembersSponsor MR. HORACE GREGORY Treasurer RAY POE President TOMMY COLE Parliamentarian DELANE CHEEK Sentinel JIMMY BEARDEN Reporter CLARENCE JOHNSTON■ ■Vlll !■' MRS. ZERA COUCH Annual Advisor MRS. MARY WEATHERS Paper Advisor PAPER STAFF Jane Lumpkin Doris Patterson Susan Barnes Judith Gregory Alletha Gilbert ANNUAL STAFF Sherry Garrett Cheryl Christian Mary Beasley Buddy Rains Wanda Long Rebecca Wilson The Quill and Scroll is an international honorary organization for students who have participated in the issuing of publications for their school. 4J minor c n vi tan President TERRY WASHAM This year the Jr. Civitans aided in the Heart Fund drive and the Paper Drive. Each year they contribute money to the school library for books. Sponsor MR. GREGORY ROW 1: Johnson. Huges, Wilkerson, Segers, Rains, Kitchens, Swords, Smith, Massey. ROW 2: Carpenter, Cole, Biddle, Prickett, Anderson, Colvin, Gunter, Howard, McPherson, Hart, York. ROW 3: Lang, Alverson, Jolley, Barnard, Camp, Dendy, Williams, Washam, Godwin, Alford, Johnston.C .1 u 1) 66 President TOMMY TRAMMELL Vice-President EARL MORTON Secretary JOHN BARNARD The "A" Club is made up of boys who have won monograms for athletic achievements at A.H.S. They have a special initiation that everyone looks forward to each year. Treasurer GARY JOLLEY ROW 1: Wilkerson. Dobbins, Morton, Trammell, Barnard, Swords, Segars, Smith, Rains. ROW 2: Howard, Denham„ Campbell, Richey, Sampson, Segars, Bryant, Moore, Williams, Bright. ROW 3. Baker, Alford, Stanfield, Jolley, Noblett. Stanley, Pritchett, Creel, Wolfe, Massey, Swords, Bedfort, Bright, Duran, McPherson , M oore. iiii srD. Oo Glut Sponsor MR. LANDERS Vice-President BILLY CAMP Secretary DENNIS LUSK President BARNEY MOON Mr. D.O. BARNEY MOON Treasurer PAT WATWOOD V Reporter JUDY SIMS Outstanding Student BARBARA LAMBERTGIRLS' OFFICERS: President, Carol Parrish; Vice-President, Gilda Abney; Secretary, Barbara Stone; Reporter, Carol Dryar; Song Leader, Anice Roger, Teresa Benefield; Sponsor, Mrs. Galloway. BOYS' OFFICERS: President, Dan Gore; Vice-President, Jackie Phillips; Secretary, Charles Bryant; Reporter, Kenneth Ham; Song Leader, Ronald Dendy, James Champion; Sponsor, Mr. Landers, Mr. Gilley.SEATED: J. Lumpkin, J. Doster, B. Henry, S. Garrett, C. Christian. STANDING: M. Ennis, J. Kennedy, C. Wolfe, S. Heaton, F. Hunt, Mrs. Couch - Sponsor, P. Dendy, M. Moor, J. Waldrop, J. Gibson, G. Hendrix. Office Stafi Mrs. Oscar Potts, school bookkeeper, and her thirty office girls do a beneficial service to the whole school.Jane Lumpkin $603.93 John Neel Lavendar 347.55 Cheryl Christian 263.60 Wanda Long 246.93 Polly Patterson 205.36 Mary Beasley 162.44 Mike Smith 157.32 Alletha Gilbert 144.09 Lyle Kitchens 139.44 Terry Washam 135.56 HP HP 1 op 1em i Salesmem ALABAMA Team Captains Jane Lumpkin Roger Hart Judy Doster GRAND TOTAL: $4200.78 AUBURN Team Captains Wanda Long Mike Smith Danny Smith GRAND TOTAL: $3210.09SENIOR MEMBERS Clockwise - Alletha Gilbert, Mary Beasley, Ken Williams, Johnny Foshee, Richard Upton, Brenda Baker, Rebecca Wilson. Center - Bonnie Wortham MARCHING BAND Alfcertville Higlta Sclhoo OFFICERS ROW I: Ann Carter, Vivian Landers, Janice Justice, Neeysa Davis, Barbara Cribbs, Glenda Duckett. ROW II: Frank Hughes, Tommy Biddle, Jimmy Colvin, Tommy Barcley, James Hughes, Adna Garrett, Bonnie Wortham.CONCERT BAND Half-Wtillion .(dollar Band Band Director - MR. GEORGE NDCON Band Major - FRANK HUGHESJane Ellen Roberts Ginger Eller Mary Beasley Bonnie Wortham Head Majorette a Rebecca Wilson Pat Wright Alajorettes amd F lag IBe reirs Sally Beasley Brenda Baker Ann Crowe Leslie Chastain Alletha Gilbert Jane Evansj]Po S eience FRONT ROW, L. to R.: M. Duvall, K. Musick, K. Christian, C. Chandler. SECOND ROW: C. Parrish. J. Lat-ty, S. Thompson, S. Baker, L. Hooper, B. Hudgins, J. Brumlik. THIRD ROW: R. Henderson, J. Middlebrook, A. Livingston, J. Wesson, J. Voss, T. East, D. Burks, A. Bethune, C. Brumlik, B. McBrayer.BACK TABLE: Judy Justice, Estilita Gore, Linda Ledbetter, Linda Lovell. FRONT TABLE: Alice Crowe, Connie Price, Janice Harrison, Janice Greer, Pinky Corum. STANDING: Debbie Hall, Gail Swords, Teresa Bishop. Barbara Stone, Barbara Hard, Betty Colquitt, Sandra Ogle. Sec. - JUDY JUSTICE Treasurer - DEBRA HALL Reporter - JANICE HARRISONThis club is an organization of the Latin Club of A. H. S. It's purpose is to help students understand the customs of ancient Rome and Greece. Treasurer KAREN CHRISTIANJunior Higii Art Glut SEATED: Rebecca Spurgeon, Charlotte Cooley, Connie Creel, Rebecca Hasty. STANDING: Mrs. Thompson, sponsor, Mary Sue Dorsett, Lula Mae Davis, Emily Gentry, Barbara Ogle, Johnnie Duckett, Sheila Bearden, Rita Pinkston, Wanda Blackmon. I President - CHARLOTTE COOLEY Secretary - REBA PINKSTON Sponsor - MRS. THOMPSONThe day we tore the goal post downC lieer eatil ers WANDA LONG Senior MARY MORGAN Sophomore SHERRY GARRETT Senior Head Cheerleader JANICE BRUCE Junior CHERYL CHRISTIAN Senior CYNTHIA BAILEY Junior im Aggies ROW 1: M. Gore, T. Moore, B. Peck, R. Noblit, T. Duckett, G. Jolley, M. Duran, M. Smith, M. Stanley, B. Smothers, J. Denney. ROW 2: R. McPherson, N. Godwin, J. Sampson, D. Wilkerson, J. Foshee, C. Rogers, T. Washam, R. Hart, R. Hard, J. Campbel, S. Skelley, F. Wolfe. ROW 3: Coach Beasley, T. Trammell, W. Baird, B. Massey, J. Befort, B. Holderfield, K. Williams, W. Segars, D. Swords, L. Howard, D. Norman, K. Swords. ROW 4: G. Young, L. Milwood, C. Whitlock, M. Little, R. Ledbetter, M. Rogers, B. Alford, D. Gore, H. Colvin, K. Gillian. loach Beasley is carried off the field after victorious rhanksgiving game. 1962 SCHEDULE 3G1ES TEAM VISITORS 6 Anniston 6 0 Oneonta 12 12 Boaz 0 6 Gadsden 7 0 Etowah 31 0 Ft. Payne 12 6 Arab 6 6 E. Sansom 0 6 Scottsboro 0 33 Guntersville 0T-j MIKE SMITH HI Senior DONALD SWORDS Senior WALKER SEGARS Senior TERRY WASHAM Senior TOMMY TRAMMELL Senior DONALD WILKERSON Senior v . f , cv V £ I GARY JOLLEY Senior :. BYRON HOLDERFIELD Senior ROGER HART Senior ' y v- NELSON GODWIN Senior BENNETT ALFORD Junior BRUCE PECK Junior : : RONNIE NOBLIT Junior randy McPherson Junior JON DENNY Junior a ■ •3 4'! | Senior JAMES SAMPSON Junior CHARLES ROGERS Senior TOMMY MOORE Freshman SHANNON SKELLEY Sophomore JOE CAMPBELL Junior HOBSON CALVIN Junior BENNET SMOTHERS Sophomore MELVIN DURAN Junior ©mors ALL COUNTY ALLN.E.A.C. Roger Hart Byron Holderfield James Sampson Roger Hart Byron Holderfield ALL STATE Roger Hart HONORABLE MENTION Byron HolderfieldThe players did an outstanding job out on the court and represented our school, our spirit, and our capabilities in a very high manner. Next year's team will be without the benefits and services of Barnard, Bryant, Dobbins, Moore, and Richey - all graduating with the class of '63. The AGGIES in actionSCHEDULE Dec. 4 - Gadsden 6 - Haleyville 8 - Boaz 10-15 - Sand Mt. Tourn. 18 - Arab 21 - Butler Jan. 4 - Cullman 7 - Arab 9-12 - N.E.A. Tourn. 15 - Emma Sanson 19 - Ft. Payne 21 - Butler 22-26 - Marshall Co. Tourn. 29 - Etowah Feb. 1 - G'ville 2 - E. Sanson 5 - Gadsden 8 - Etowah 11 - Ft. Payne 12 - Boaz 15 - Cullman 19 - G'ville 23 - Mar. 2 - 8th District Tourn. This year, for the first time, the AGGIES won the N.E.A.C. championship. They also placed third in the District Tournament. Billy Dobbins John Barnard ■m § Max Stanley Dennis Richey Earl Morton id 99 nr Jo 1 earn KNEELING: Hugh Carter, Randall Wallace, James Stanfield. STANDING: Roy Stanfield, Darrell Shadinger, Wayne Craig, Donald Baugh, John Neel Dean. ©mors ALL N. E. A. C. Garland Bryant Billy Moore ALL STATE SECOND TEAM Garland Bryant ALL COUNTY "B" Don Williams Richey Denham ALL SAND MT. TOURNAMENT Billy Moore Billy Dobbins ALL COUNTY Garland Bryant Billy Moore ALL DISTRICT Garland Bryanti ir cik FRONT ROW; S. Elmore, M. Rogers, R. McPherson, M. Little, D. Dickerson, J. Alford, L. Milwood, M. Duran, T. Duckett, B. Peck, K. Gilland. BACK ROW: T. Trammell, B. Massey, B. Holderfield, W. Baird, G. Stanfield, H. Rains, H. Colvin, R. Hard, B. Alford, B. Bishop. Not Shown: R. Hart, M. Crowe, B. Rains. Coach G. B. BEASLEY This is the first track team at A.H.S. in three years.ROW 1: J. Roden, B. Cofield, T. Burgess, L. Hilsman, C. Carter, B. Denham, K. Christian, N. Creel. ROW 2: J. Teague, W. Thompson, K. Hearn. R. Moseley, J. Creel, R. Smith, D. Dickeson, H. Rogers. ROW 3: K. Rathburn, M. Little, L. Buchanan, J. Denney, W. Adams, T. Moore, P. Garrett, C. Waldrop, Coach Wright.1963 iBase tall T earn c oac k am A Pitcli ersInfielders L. to R.: J. Sampson, R. Denham, J. Barnard, B. Rains, D. Shadinger, L. Mosley. Outfielders and Oatelkers"The ballroom prize we almost won . . . "FootLall Banquet ROGER HART Outstanding Player Co-captains accept County Championship BYRON HOLDERFIELD Outstanding Linesman JOHNNY FOSHEE Good Sportsmanship GARY JOLLEY Outstanding Back FORREST WOLFE ScholasticSecond Year Class Senior Members and special guest Mrs. "Kitty" ThomasonSpecial Guests’ and Officers' Table Entertainer - Mr. C. K. Timberlake Decatur, Alabama 1963 'Band Dance Band officers and their dates Band Sweetheart - MISS BONNIE WORTHAM umor- s enior rom Roses presented to Brenda Reeves - Sr. Class Pres. Lucian Howard Roses presented to Janice Justice - Jr. Class Pres. Tommy BiddleFHA-FFA Ball Left: Pam Martin, Malcolm Volentine; Jo Ann Jones, Alton Bright; Patricia Dendy, Tommy Cole; Bobbie Nell Vaughn, Truman Duckett; Sue Lumpkin, Johnny Lynn. Queen MISS PATRICIA DENDYPat Watwood - Attendant Tommy Biddle - Escort Brenda Reaves - Queen Billy Dobbins - Escort Kay Brown - Attendant Tommy Johnson - Escort .Homecommg 196) 5-63 Cheerleaders lead the victory march! First Place - Junior Class it 99 ggies Ar l» 6s emor WL © S ww PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Brenda Reaves - John Barnard MOST POPULAR Brenda Baker - Billy Dobbins BEST ALL-AROUND Wanda Long - Walker Segars MOST COURTEOUS Cheryl Christian - Nelson Godwins oernor Wko WITTIEST Susan Barnes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Charlice Wolfe - William Brookss o emor Who MOST TALENTED Alice Johnston - James Townson MOST STUDIOUS Jean Stewart - Mike Pritchett FRIENDLIEST Rebecca Wilson - Lyle Kitchens MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Alletha Gilbert - Roger HartMOST ATHLETIC MOST DEPENDABLE Sammy Ogle - Byron Holderfield Judy Grant - Dwight GaryJ imioir Wko’s wu ■rii PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Jane Ellen Roberts - Ronnie Noblitt MOST POPULAR Pat Smith - Jimmy Colvin MOST AMBITIOUS Dot Hudgins - Bob Alverson MOST TALENTED Jean Davis - Tommy BarkleyMOST COURTEOUS Cynthia Bailey - Dan Williams CUTEST Barbara Cribbs ■ Richey DenhamMOST ATHLETIC June Hunt - Max Stanley BIGGEST FLIRT Ginger Ellen - Earl Morton FRIENDLIEST Neeysa Davis - Bennet Alford BEST PERSONALITY Jane Evans - Tommy BiddleTERRY WASHAM and SHERRY GARRETTs p n aoir tes avoiri BONNIE WORTHAM BILLY MOORE J unior F avontes TOMMY JOHNSON SUE LUMPKINSophomore ¥ avoriies ALLAN GENTRY BARBARA SHELL MAURY BRAY DIANE LAVENDARCRAWFORD CARTER RUTHIE SMYTH3'liss 31 ary Be s] ey SENIOR BEAUTY A daughter of the Gods; dramatic as orchids on velvet.JUNIOR BEAUTY "O, thou art fairer than the evening air, clad in the beauty of the stars'M iss Kay Sirown SOPHOMORE BEAUTY Spirit of Beauty, whose sweet impulses, flung like the rose of dawn across the sea"ame organ FRESHMAN BEAUTY Her eyes as stars of twilight fair; a phantom of delight'accaiaiu service Sunday Afternoon, May Twenty-sixth Three O’clock First Baptist Church PROCESSIONAL............... INVOCATION................. "COME, THOU ALMIGHTY"------ ANNOUNCEMENTS ..... ....... "A MIGHTY FORTRESS"....... SERMON.................... "O GOD OUR HELP IN AGES PAST' BENEDICTION............... RECESSIONAL---------------- -------------------------- Jean Davis -------------------Rev. Harold Proctor — --------------------- Congregation -------------------------- m. G. Couch ----...----------------------------Choir ----------------------William Lybrand, Minister of North Broad Church of Christ ----------------------------Congregation -------------------Rev. Harold Proctor -------------------------- Jean Davis G r diiatioiiL Exercises Friday Evening, May Thirty-first Eight O'clock Marshall County Coliseum PROCESSIONAL........... INVOCATION............. SALUTATORY ADDRESS----- VALEDICTORY............ ANNOUNCEMENTS ......... ADDRESS................ ROLL CALL........ PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ALMA MATER............. RECESSIONAL............. SALUTATORIANS........... --------------------------------- Jean Davis --------------------------Rev. E. M. Barnes ----------- - — - - - Susan Barnes ------------- ------------------ Jane Lumpkin -------------------------------M. G. Couch --------------------------Dr. George Howard, Professor University of Alabama --------------- - - - - — ... Martha Coffey ------------------------- — M. G. Couch ■ ----------------------------- Senior Class ....-------------------------------------Jean Davis Susan Barnes, Cheryl Christian, Mary Beasley, Sherry Garrett. Judith GregoryVALEDICTORIAN Jane Lumpkin SALUT ATORIANS Susan Barnes Mary Beasley Cheryl Christian Sherry Garrett Judith Gregory J. Lumpkin, S. Barnes, C. Christian, S. Garrett, M. Beasley, J. Gregorye n e e F e e e P. Alexander B. Baker J. Barnard P. Beaird M. Beasley W. Brooks S. Brown R. Buchanan R. Burks B. Camp C. Christian J. Cofield B. Dobbins J. Davis J. Doster J. Duckett J. Foshee G. Gardner S. Garrett D. Gary A. Gilbert N. Godwin M. Gore J. Grant J. Gregory S. Gunnells R. Hart B. Henry J. Holsonback V. Ingram A. Johnston R. E. Keener S. Lacey B. Lambert B. LilesR. Wilson C. Wolfe B. Wortham R. York W. Long J. Lumpkin H. Mahan D. Masters S. Masters C. Mayfield R. McCamy M. Moor B. Moore V. Morrow M. Nelson S. Ogle D. Patterson P. Patterson K. Phillips M. Pierce M. Pritchett B. Rains J. Ray B. Reaves D. Richey D. Robertson J. Scott W. Segars C. Smith M. Smith J. Stewart D. Swords J. Townson T. Trammell R. Upton M. Volentine J. Waldrop R. Walls T. Washam D. Wilkerson K. Williams . . . When other nights and other days may find us gone our separate ways. We will have these M oments to il eimennLLer A1 ma Mater In the hills of Alabama, In a town called Albertville, There is a school, we love its every And it’s there we'll always be. You may search the wide world over But you'll find no better place In the hills of Alabama Than the dear old A. H. S.Advertisements "The New Year's Eve we did the town . . .TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville, AlabamaMARSHALL DlTOv Sand Mountain's Oldest Drugstore As It Is Under the Management of JIM ROBERTS Students Are Always Welcome Albertville, Alabama"Quality Clothing" Arrow Haggar Mallory Flor sheim Hyde Park Poll-Parrot Hush Puppies Robert Bruce Kate Greenaway 116 East Main Street Albertville Alabama EXQUISITE JEWELRY JEWEL BOX Main Street Albertville, Alabama Fast SERVICE WAKEFIELD’S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Phone 878-2581 Albertville, Alabama S Ofe' cutcC Save at BAINS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE COMPANY 111 North Broad St. Phone 878-3885 Albertville, AlabamaMOORE’S LUCILE’S Home and Auto Your Westinghouse Dealer Famous Brand Cancellation Shoes Albertville Alabama Albertville Alabama D I I DIXIE SUPER STORE The Most Complete Self-Service Food Store on Sand Mountain HEWETT ♦ r MW a DRUG COMPANY FRANK’S MARKET Groceries, Meats, Vegetables Phone 878-0641 113 W. McCord Avenue Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama WHITTEN PARTS COMPANY ALBERTVILLE WHOLESALE GROCERY Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaWith Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School American Rubber Corporation Manufacturer of Arctile Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, AlabamaGARRETT-BISHOP MOTOR CO., INC. Your Chrysler-Plymouth-Valiant Dealer McDonald Avenue Albertville, Alabama MARSHALL COUNTY OIL CO. Sinclair Products RUSS AND PETE GARRETT Distributors Phone 878-2431 Albertville, AlabamaWALKER-ROBERTS HARDWARE APPLIANCE CO. ED ROBERTS, Owner MERLE NORMAN Plumbing - Paints Electrical Appliances Albertville Phone 878-0201 Alabama Albertville Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF PERRY BROWN CONSTRUCTION CO. "FOR ALL YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS" Phone 878-3621 Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD SIMS Distributor of American Oil Company Products Amoco Super Premium Unleaded Gasoline Atlas Tires, Batteries and Accessories Quaker State Motor Oils Phone 878-0301 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY Prescription Pharmacists Phone 878-1514 Compliments of HAMMER’S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Albertville, AlabamaPAUL SMITH CHEVROLET Telephone 878-0281 Box 49 - 120 Main St. Albertville, AlabamaSPEED WASH North Broad and East Main Albertville Alabama Albertville Alabama stsvice j It out hmt tNOUGHT DAVIS DRUG CO. Prescriptions Compounded by Registered Pharmacists ARLYE’S STYLE GIFT SHOP Formally Josies' Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-4112 Albertville Main Street AlabamaAlbertville WHITTEN’S Fashions for the Discriminating Person 105 W. Main Street Alabama STANCH PHARMACY Albertville, Alabama Albertville SINGER SEWING CENTER Main Street Alabama Compliments of DENHAM FEED MILLS Albertville AlabamaYour Friendly Shopping Headquarters Albertville Alabama WILK’S TIRE BATTERY SERVICE Hester Batteries General Tires Quality Recapping Albertville Alabama Complete Front End and Brake Service North Broad Albertville ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER CO. Phone 878-0211 Albertville, AlabamaCONGRATULATIONS TO ALBERTVILLE SENIORS NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY COOPERATIVE, INC. Albertville, Alabama P. O. Box 72Self Service for High Quality and Low Prices JOE M. DAVIS E. D. DAVIS DAVIS BROS. HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Paints - Well Pumps Complete Line of Piece Goods and Sewing Notions Phone 878-1531 Stores in Gadsden, Albertville, Decatur, and Cleveland, Tenn, Alabama Albertville, Alabama DAIRY QUEEN Albertville, Alabama LEVIE AND LEVIE F urniture and Appliances Stores in Albertville and Boaz, Alabama 119 S. Broad ALBERTVILLE FLOWER SHOP Albertville, Alabama Phone 878-2401 "Flowers for all occasions - We major on quality. " Wire Service Albertville BROWN HOTEL 100% Air Conditioned Alabama Albertville MITCHELL GROCERY CO. Wholesale Groceries P. O. Box 331 Alabamafloat (p,ood 'pood FOOD BASKET Albertville, Alabama Compliments of TEE PEE FOOD STORE Albertville, Alabama Regular King Bottled Under Authority of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY by COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Gadsden Alabama Compliments of BIDDLE FURNITURE Albertville, AlabamaALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of FARMER’S WAREHOUSE Albertville J. J. SEEDS Alabama Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF WALKER COTTON COMPANY Albertville, AlabamaLET US HELP 'fyoux THoHCef STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE HERALD North Broad Albertville AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF THE KENDALL CO. ALBERTVILLE PLANT Makers of Premium Quality-Bookbinding Cloth and Print Cloth Albertville Alabama DICKSON SERVICE SUPPLY Albertville Alabama Best Wishes COLONIAL POULTRY Albertville AlabamaCompliments of Compliments of LYNN’S 5 10 UNIVERSAL PHOTO SHOP Albertville Alabama Compliments of SMITH BROS. PRODUCE CO. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone 593-5049 ROBERT O. JOHNSON Boaz Photographer by Appointment Phone 878-2561 Alabama Albertville Alabama TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY If i ,.... jgtfjjS|p« •••• ■■• v - .••• v- .. ? »t •'»... -x' . t ■’ ■ v .WNiP v. • - A. 1-fc-i f r TAYLOR-MADE.

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