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  I t % With our school year swiftly closing we pause to catch a final glimpse of the happiness and friends we've had. We find ourselves • ’• 0 r x" a holding closely to our hearts the fond memories of this past year at In later years, while turning these pages, if you should recall the many smiles, sorrows, and dreams of ’91. we shall be content, know-ing that we have done the thing'we were called upon to do. Here it is, your 1961 MOUNTAINEER!Administration graduates Classes Activities features SportsSenior High building {Junior HighIn our school we have so very many good things happening daily that we tend to take them for granted. It is all of these little things that, when added up, continue to strengthen our faith in our young people. These acts of kindness, truthfulness, courtesy and helpfulness speak very strongly for the person performing them. It is our wish and hope that every class and individual in our school may always be challenged to give the best of himself to that which is worthy and noble. God has made each of us so that none are perfect but he has given us the privilege of choice and trying. The degree in which we differ is usually determined by the effort we expend in trying to do the task before us. It is our sincere desire that each of you may grow and develop into the finest personality that your capacity to do so will permit. M. G. Couch In years that are to come, this annual will serve to remind you of friends and events that are pleasant memories of your high school days at Albertville. May it also help you to fully appreciate every effort by your teachers who have strived to help you to become the best possible citizen in our democratic way of life. Russell GibsonPicture Not Available MRS. WANDA BEARDER B. S., Auburn English "Use your head for something besides a hat rack." CLIFFORD BLACK B.S., Jacksonville Math and Physics "Do What???” MRS. MARTHA BIDDLE B.S., Jacksonville English and Social Studies "Idleness is the devil’s workshop." LEON CAMP B.S., Auburn Social Studies and English "Let's take some notes. " J. T. CHILDRESS M.A., Peabody History "Let's have a quiz." T. B. CLABORN B.S., Jacksonville Math and Science "Same thing except it's different." WILLIAM CLARK B.S., Jacksonville Commercial and Social Studies "Th’ heck withit!! ” P. L. COFFEY B.S., Auburn Math "Always look for an easy way to do your work."MRS. ZERA K. COUCH B.S., Alabama Librarian The fountain of wisdom flows through books." MISS JOYCE DAVIS B. A., Berry College English "We don't laugh because we're happy; We’re happy because we laugh. " MISS MARGARET DAVIS M.A. and Ed.S., Peabody and Nashville History and English "Keep trying, you can do it.” MRS. VERNICE GALLOWAY B.S., Jacksonville Math and Science "Let's not talk, Please." MRS. MAXINE GARMON B.S., Jacksonville History and English "How would you like a theme for homework??" G. A. GARRETT B.S., Howard Social Science "Students, Black cloud just beyond the top of the pine trees." MRS. KATHLEEN GARRETT B.S., Alabama Home Economics "Girls, discipline yourself!" Picture BOBBY GOLDEN Nof B.S., Auburn Av.iUbU Physical Education "John Brown!!"MRS. RUBY GOODWIN B.S., Alabama Math and Science "An idle mind is the devil’s workshop." HORACE C. GREGORY M.S., Auburn Vocational Agriculture "Use today, yesterday is gone." BRENT HAMNER B.S., Alabama Math "Be consistently right or consistently wrong.” MISS MARYLEME JORDON B.S., Jacksonville English and Social Studies "What's next!!! " MRS. MARGARET KELLER B.S., Athens English "Be concise and to the point. L. M. LANDERS B.S., Howard Diversified Occupation "There you are!!!" MALCOLM G. LANDERS B.S., Alabama Math and Science "It's just a LITTLE quiz.” MRS. BRUCE LITTLE B.S., Howard Typing "All right, class: Settle down and get to work! 1!"MRS. NOLA MIDDLEBROOK B.S., Jacksonville Math and Science "Doodlebug!!" MRS. MARY JO MOORE B.S. and M.S. Alabama and Auburn Social Studies "Keep those chairs quiet." MRS. MARION D. MOULTRIE B.S., Jacksonville Math and Social Studies "I'm going to rewrite this book!!" L. G. McCOLLUM B.S., Jacksonville Science "Stop bumping your gums together." WALTER C. McINTOSH M .S., Alabama Science "I'll give you what you are worth! !" GEORGE E. NIXON B.A., Peabody History and Band "That's Life." SHANNON SLOAN A.B. and M.A. Union and Peabody Physical Education "Not to be good losers but to win humility." MRS. WANDA SLOAN A.B. and M. A. Union and Peabody Physical Education "To play is to live a full life."MRS. AUSIE SMOTHERS B.S., Howard English "Learn to think while young.” RAYMOND SPARKS B.S., Jacksonville Math and Science "Why?" MRS. MARGARET STRICKLAND A.B. and M.S.S.A., Picture Not Oberlin and Pittsburgh Social Studies "Think more, read much, speak less." Available MRS. V. D. THOMAS A. B., Howard English "The bell has rung. No talking, I please." I ■ MRS. KITTYE THOMASON A.B., Huntington Latin and Social Studies "Chewing gum, you owe me a dime." MRS. MARY EMMA THOMPSON B.S., Alabama English, Science, and Art "Ah, Shawl" MRS. MARY WEATHERS A.A. andB.A., Logan and Athens Social Studies, Shorthand, and English "Oh, isn’t that wonderful!" JOYCE WEIR B.S. and M.S., A.P.I. Biology "Fold 'em. Name 'em, Pass 'em (test paper)."Cunckroom Staff {janitors Sus DriversEditor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Art Editors Typists Faculty Editor Next Week We'll get Organized rKENNETH ADAMS "All my studying seems to be in vain. M Football 3-4, Pep Club 5-6, Curtis Award 6, D.O. Club 6, Homeroom Officer 2. SHERMAN ARNOLD "Always there when needed. " Basketball 2-4, FFA 5-6, President 6, State Farmer Degree 6, Perfect Attendance 5-6. SHERRON ARNOLD "Always a friend. " FHA 3, FHA Officer 3, Junior Homemaker Degree 3, Office Assistant 3-4, Homeroom Secretary 1-4, Curtis Award 4, May Day 2, 4-H Club 1, 4-H Officer 1. JOAN MALTBIE BEARD "Watch out for those pretty eyes. " D.O. Club 4, May Day 2. HELEN BEAIRD "She never shrinks at the sight of work." JANIE BARKLEY "A fair girl with a kind heart." 4-H Club 1, May Day 2, Future Teachers Club 2-3. CAROLYN BEARD "To help another she gives her all. " Science Club 3-4, Vice-Pres. 3-4, FTA 3-4, Pep Club 2-4, Treas. 4, Annual Staff 4, Alternate Flag Carrier 2, Majorette 3-4, Top Ten Magazine Salesman 4, Jr. Classical League 2, Who 's Who 4. OLIVIA BEARDEN "Carefree, gay and full of fun. " FTA 4, Science Club 3-4, Pep Club 2-4, Lib. Staff 5-6, Jr. Class. L. 4, Curtis Award 6. JEANETTE BOBO "Good natured and true. ” LAMONT BOLDING "I never trouble trouble, trouble troubles me. " 4-H 1-2, Basketball 3, FFA 3-4, Curtis Award 4, Homeroom Officer 1, Pep Club 4, FFA Centennial 3. DONNY BENTLY "A combination of wise and otherwise. " Track Manager, 4-H Club, Vice-President Aggie Scholar 4, Junior Classical League 3. JEAN BISHOP "The world is mine to do with as I please. " Band 1-4, Librarian 3-4, Future Teachers Club 3-4, Reporter 4, Library Staff 4, Girls' State Representatives, Science Club 3, JCL2-4, Beta Club 3-4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Quill and Scroll. ANNETTE BOYD "Jolly, happy, and always smiling at boys all day long. " 4-H Club 1, Pep Club 1-3, FHA President Queen 3-4, FTA 3-4, Secretary 4, Senior Who's Who 4, Annual Staff 4, Lib. Asst. 3-4. TOMMY BOYD "What should a man be but merry?” Football 3-4, Basketball Manager 4, Pep Club 4-5, Curtis Award 4, Attendance Award 1-4, "A" Club 4. HAZEL BRIGHT "Small but lively." 4-H Club 1-2, May Day 3. SUE BRIGHT To know her is to love her. " GERALDINE BROTHERS "She is gentle, kind and patient.M FRANCES CAIN "She can cook and she can sew." GARY CAMP D.O. Club 3-4, Reporter 3-4, Vice-Pres. Northeast Dist. 4, Chairman of Traffic Board 4. JERRY CAMP "Inches do not make the man." TERRY CANADY "Do you know what I did. " Pep Club 2, 3, D.O. Club 4. BRENDA CENTERS "Calmly and peacefully she treads life's way." May Day 2, FHA 2-3. TOM CHANDLER "He will work, but he loves to loaf. " NORA CLEMONS "Small quantity - good quality. " JCL 3, Pep Club 3,4, Lib. Asst. 4, Who's Who 4, Homecoming Queen, Miss Fire Prevention.JIMMIE ANNE COCHRAN "She has the gift of gab. " Band 1-4, Officer 2-3, Science Club 2-4, Future Nurses Club 2-3, Sec. 3, JCL 2-4, Top Ten Mag. Salesman 4, Pep Club 3-4, FTA 4, Curtis Award4 JOHNNY COCHRAN "Beware of those dimples! " BRENDA COFIELD "Laughing is good for one's health. " Homeroom Officer 2-3, Pep Club 2-4, Lib. Staff 2, Curtis Award 4. REBECCA COOK "Silence is the best policy. " May Day 2. 4-H Club 1-2, FHA 4. REBA COOLEY "Always ready to lend a helping hand." FHA 1, Student Council 1,4, Annual Staff 4, Curtis Award 4, Office Staff 4. STEVE COOPER "I never think of the future, it comes soon enough." D.O. Club 4, 4-H Club 1, Pep Club 3, Baseball 4. ANGELYN CREEL "Our reasons for liking her are many. " JCL 3, Homeroom Officer 1.3,4, Office As. 4, Pep Club 2-4, May Day 2, Graduation Usherette 3. DON CROFT "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make me drink. " Class Sec. 4, Beta Club 3-4, V.-P. 4, Jr. Civ-itans 2-4, "A" Club 3-4, Paper Staff 3-4, JCL 2-4, Annual Staff 4, Baseball 3-4, Basketball 1, Who's Who 3, Favorite 4.BRIAN CROW "It's the mind that builds the man and not the height." Beta Club 4-5, Jr. Classical League 2-4, Reporter 4, Science Club 3-4, FTA 3-4, Pres. 4, Paper Staff, Co-Editor 3, Editor 6, Who's Who 4, Quill and Scroll. THOMAS CRYAR "He is musical, flirty and mischievous." Band 1-4, All-State 1, Beta Club 3-4, Paper Staff 3-4, Science Club 2-4, Reporter 3, Pres. 4, Jr. Civitans, Pres. 4, JCL 2-4, Pres. 4. LARRY CULLOM "The more you learn, the more you forget so why study. " Band 1-4, FFA 2-3, Parliamentarian 3, Pep Club 3, D.O. Club Treas. 4, Senior 4-H 2, 3. ELOISE DALRYMPLE "She may look quiet, but look again. " BILL DAVIS "He admits there are two sides to every story, his side and the wrong side." Band 1-4, Beta Club 2-4, Science Club 3,4, Jr. Civitans 3-4, Band Pres. 3, Student Director 4, All-State Band 3-4, Who's Who 3-4, Class Pres. 3. TOMMY DAVIS "Life is what you make it. " MICKEY DECKER "His friendliness is pleasing to all." JOHNNY DENHAM "To think is a vital waste of time. " "A" Club 1-4, Basketball 2-4, Pep Club 2-4.HELEN DOOLEY "She's a cute friendly girl and she's smart too. " 4-H Club 1-4, Pep Club 2-4, Beta Club 3-4, Science 3, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Library Staff 4, Office Staff 4, Who's Who 4, FHA, Top Ten Mag. Salesman 4. FRANK DUCKETT "To be jolly is to be happy." Beta Club 3-4, Jr. Civitan 3-4, Science 2-4, Pep Club 2-4, Basketball 1, Annual Staff 4, Who's Who 3-4, Curtis Award 4, Senior Class President 4, Jr. Vice-Pres. 3. JOE BERL DUCKETT "All great men are dead or dying. I'm not feel ing so well myself. " Band 1-4, All-State 3,4, Alternate 2,4, Drum Major 2-4, Basketball, Band 3, Jr. Who's Who 3, Sr. Who's Who 4, Jr. Civitan 3-4. HAROLD DUNN "His ways are the ways of pleasantness." "A" Club 1-4, D.O. 4, Traffic Board 4. LINDA DURAN "Happy am I, from care and free; why aren't they all contented like me?" 4-H Club 1, May Day 1, Curtis Award 4. BARBARA EASON "She has a charm all her own. " 4-H Club 1, Science 3, FTA 2-4, Beta Club 3-4, Who's Who 4, Paper Staff 4, Office Assistant 4. CAROL EASON "One man's woman." Beta Club 3-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Pep Club 2-3, FTA 2-3, Science 2-3, 4-H Club 1-4, 4-H County Pres. 4, Who's Who 4, Paper Staff 4, Curtis Award 4, Float Committee 2. GLENDA ELLIS OR "I've never seen a man yet that I didn't like. " Beta Club 3-4, Pep Club 2-4, Science Club 2-3, Cheerleader 3-4, Head Basketball and Football Cheerleader 4, Who's Who 4, Paper Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Office Staff 3-4, Curtis Award 4. FRANCES FARROW "All I ask is to be alone with Jackie." MAXINE GAUTNEY "Her quiet disposition is a cloak for her true spirit. FT A 2, Library Staff 4. DIANE GOLDEN "Tiny but full of pep. " Band 1-4, FHA 3-4, Officer 3, Prom Committee 3, Float Decorations Committee 4, Science Club 1. JCL 1. BRENDA GREEN "What she does is done to perfection. " Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Beta Club 3, Sec. 4, Who's Who 3, Class Sec. -Treas. 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Miss AHS 4. KAREN GREER "Like a bee, she's always busy. " 4-H Club 1-4, Beta Club 3-4, Treas. 4, Pep Club 3, Science Club 3, Paper Staff 4, FHA Degree 2, Historian 2, DAR Citizenship Award 4. HELEN HACKNEY "A heart of gold. " JCL 3, Pep Club 4, Band 1-4, Sweetheart 3, Majorette 4, FTA 3-4, Officer 4, Student Council Sec. 4, Library Assistant 2, Top Ten Magazine Salesman 4. JIMMY HAMBRICK "To do the most with the least effort. " Class Favorite 1, Magazine Sales Captain 4, Pep Club 2-4, "A" Club 3-4, Football 4, Baseball 2-4, Captain, Basketball 1. BOBBY HARPER "Slow but sure."JOHNNY HAYNIE "If worry were the only source of death I would die." "A" Club 2-4, Football 3-4, Track 3,4, Science Club 2-3, Pep Club 2-4. MACK HEAD "All I want to do is to have some fun. " Football 2-4, Captain 4, Baseball 2-3, Basketball 3-4, "A" Club 2-4, V.-P. 4, Pep Club 2-4, FFA 1, Who's Who 4. TEDDY RAY HEAD "Man is content to know he is loved." Lib. Asst. 2,4, Vice-Pres. of FT A 3,4, D.O. 4. JANICE HICKS "My mind is on neither wealth nor fame, but what will be my future name. " FHA Officer 2, Curtis Award 4, 4-H Club 1-3, Who's Who 4, Office Asst. 4. LARRY HOLDER "Always a good sport. " Football 1-4, Capt. 4, N.E.A.C. 4, Basketball 1-3, Baseball 2-4, JCL4, Curtis Award 4, Football - Sportsmanship Award 4, Who's Who 3,4. GREGG HODGES "Always with a joke. " Basketball 1-4, Track 1-3, Pep Club 2-4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 4, Jr. Civitans 4, 1960 Boys’ State, "A" Club, Quill and Scroll, 4-H County President 3, Leadership Award 2, Who’s Who 3-4. J. B. HOLSONBACK I sleep on, even through school. " GARY HARPER "Silent but strong."KERM1T HUGHES "Sometimes I sit and laugh and sometimes I just laugh." JCL 2, 4-H 1-2, FT A 4, Band 1-4, Oratorical Contest 4, Curtis Award 4. SAMMY JACKSON "I ain't dead, but I'm speechless. " FFA 1, Band 1, Mr. IE, IE, Pres. 4, Curtis Award 4. BRENDA JOINER "The love-light in her eye." May Day 1, FHA 2-3. ROBERT "BUBS" JOHNSON "It's not what I say that worries me, it's when I get caught that there's difficulty. " Football 1-3, Basketball Mgr. 1, "A" Club 1-4, Baseball 3. PHILLIP JOLLEY "He doesn't like to study but he burns the midnight oil." Football 1-4, Baseball 2-4, "A" Club 2-4, Officer, Pep Club 2-4. DENE JONES "Why do it today when there is always tomorrow. " JIMMY JUSTICE "No wisdom like silence. " Science Club 1-3, Pep Club 3, Annual Staff 4, Homeroom Officer 1. MICHAEL JUSTICE "Love 'em, leave'em, that's my style. " Band 1-4, Pres., Science Club 3-4, Jr. Civitan 4, Favorite, Curtis Award 4.ROCHELLE JUSTICE "A life of enjoyment is the only life worth living.' 4-H Club Pres. 1-2, FHA Degree 2, Pep Club 3-4, Science Club 3, Float Committee 4. TOMMIE JO LAY "Her disposition is as sunny as her hair. " Valentine Queen 2, Top Ten Magazine Salesman 4, Flag Carrier 4, Who's Who 3, Beauty 4, FHA 2. BEN LEVIE Tm cute and I'm smart too. " Sr. Class Treas., Who's Who 3-4, Curtis Award, JCL2-4, Science Club 2-4, Band 1-4, V.-Pres. 3-4, Paper Staff 4, Jr. Civitan 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Beta Club 3-4. RONALD LINDSEY "My youth I'll have today, I can always find time to grow old. " Basketball 2,4, Football 1, Jr. Classical League 3, "A" Club 4, Curtis Award 4, Track 2. MARIE LONG "Silence has many advantages. H May Day 1, FHA 2-3. GLENDA LUMPKIN "Always be a live-wire and you won't be stepped H on. Band 1-4, Beta Club 4, Science 1-4, Jr. Classical League 1-4, FT A 4, Pep Club 1-4, Sr. Who's Who 4, Band Sweetheart 4, Top Ten Magazine Salesman, Capt. 4. RUTH LYLES "A sunny disposition is the soul to success." May Day 1, FHA 2-3, Officer 3, Office Staff 4. SUSAN MARLOWE "Men may come and men may go but my tongue goes on forever. " Favorite 2, Football Cheerleader 3, Basketball Cheerleader 3, Pep Club 3.JANUE MARTIN "Her ambition is at last realized. " FHA 2,3, Officer 3, Pep Club 2, Office Staff 4, Beta Club 4. JOHN PAUL MAY "111 never tell ..." SUE MAYHALL ’'Beautiful in frame and features too!" Office Staff 4, Pep Club 2-4, Library Staff 4, May Day 2. JUDY MAYO "That girl is always saying something. " Beta Club 3,4, Band 1-4, Sec. 1-4, JCL 2-4, Finalist Merit Scholar, American Legion Oratorical Winner and Civitan Winner Co. 3,4, All-State Band 3, Who's Who 3, Quill and Scroll, Science Club 3. Stanley McClendon "There are times when silence is golden." OSCAR MORGAN "I’m not arguing, I'm telling you. " Band 1-4, Civitan Oration Winner 3, Science Club 3, Curtis Award 4, Pep Club 2, 3. JUDI MOORE "A human phonograph set to the tune of a giggle. Who's Who 3,4, Betty Crocker Winner 4, Curtis Award, Pep Club 3,4. GLENDA MINOR "Carefree as a breeze." May Day 1, FHA 2.MICKEY MOORE "What is life without basketball?" Class Favorite 2, Who's Who 3-4, Pep Club 2-4, Pres., "A" Club 2-4, Baseball 2-4, Basketball 2-4, Captain, Parliamentarian 4, Track 2-4, All-County 3-4, All-Sand Mountain 4, All-N.E.A.C. 4, All-8th District 4. TONY MOORE "Handsome is as handsome does. " Track 2-4, FFA 2, Pep Club 2-4, "A" Club 2-4, Junior Civitans 4, Who's Who 4, Curtis Award 4. LUCILLE MOTLEY "She's just happy." May Day 1, Library Staff 4. WYNELL MURPHY "Merrily, merrily I shall live more. DON PANKEY "I study how to keep from studying." Football 3, Student Council 4, Who's Who 4, Pep Club 4. GARY PEARSON "He's always doing something. " Civitan Oratorical 3, Junior Classical League 3,4. PAT PHILLIPS "He found what he was looking for. " Basketball 1, Curtis Award 4. WYNN PHILLIPS "Doesn't he ever get tired?" Paper Staff 4, President D. O. Club 3-4, Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2.JIMMY PLUNKETT "What's behind those shining eyes?” Football 3, Jr. Civitan2-4, Sec. 4, Curtis Award 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 6, Favorite 3, Pep Club 3-4, Annual Staff 4. LEE POTTS "If he can’t do it no one can!" Student Council Pres. 4, Football 2, Baseball 4, Paper Staff 4, Science Club 2-4, "A" Club 1-4, Beta Club 4, Jr. Civitans 4, JCL2-4, Pep Club 2-4. JANE REED "Her eyes are always gay and glowing. " Band 1-4, Librarian 2-4, Lib. Asst. 4, FTC 3-4, Science Club 3-4, FHA 3, Sec., Annual Staff 4, Curtis Award 4, JCL2-4, Treas. 3, Top Ten Mag. Salesmen. JIMMY NEAL REED "Always the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. " Basketball 1-3, Baseball 2-4, Track 1-3, "A" Club 2-4, Pep Club 3, Curtis Award 4. GINGER RICHEY "I'm always true to my man. " Alternate Flagbearer 4, Annual Staff 4, Office 4, JCL 3, Pep Club 2-4, Science Club 3-4, Valentine Representative 4. JIMMY RICHEY "Dynamite comes in small packages. " Pep Club 2-4, Basketball 2, Baseball 2-4, Captain 4, "A" Club 3-4, Track 2. BETTY BURGESS RAINS "Now she's happy; she's got her man. ” JANICE REAVES 'It's fun to have fun!" Science Club 3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Pep Club 2-4, Who's Who 4, JCL 3, Office Assistant 4.BARBARA RICHARDS "Love is an active verb. " FHA 2, 4-H 2.3. JANIE RIVES "It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Pep Club 2, Annual Staff 4, FT A 3, FHA Treasurer 4, May Day 2. JIMMY ROBINSON "The best aren't always the loudest." "A” Club 3.4, Beta Club 3-4, Science Club 3-4, Who's Who 4. JOANN SILAS "Politeness is her motto. " Library Staff 4. MARSHA SKELLEY "She never misses a football game. ” Annual Staff 4, Junior Classical League 3-4, Sec. 4, Pep Club 2-4, Homeroom Officer 2-4, Football and Basketball Cheerleader 4, Ten Top Magazine Salesmen 4, Favorite 3,4. LYNN SMITH "He loves to work and smile, too. " MAX SMITH "School is alright when there's nothing else to do. " RONALD SMITH "He would stop St. Peter's roll call to ask a question. " Curtis Award 4, Sr. Who's Who 4, "A" Club 4, Pep Club 2-4, Football 3-4.SARAH GRAEME SMOTHERS "Just what can I do next . . . ?" Band 1,2, Pep Club 1-4, Science Club Sec. 2-4, Junior and Sophomore Class Beauty, Beta Club 2-4, FHA 2,3, Sec. 3, Annual Editor, Quill and Scroll, County Beta Reporter 4, Radio Club, Lib. Asst. 3,4, Scholar Club 2, Paper Staff 3, Jr. Editor 3. DON SNIDER "Why make a mark in the world, write all over it." Baseball 2, Track 3, Pep Club 3,4. RAY SNIDER "An ideal boy can't be beat. " Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, Beta Club 3,4, Jr. Civitans 4, Science Club 2-4, Baseball 3,4, Annual Staff , Paper Staff 4, Curtis Award, ■Class Vice-Pres. JUDITH SPURGEON "A fair girl with a kind heart." JERRY STAHAM "He's always smiling. " GARY STANDFIELD "The world belongs to me. " Baseball 1, Track 2, Pep Club 3,4. KAY STEWART Let me speak, otherwise I can not be happy. ” RONALD STEWART "What, me come to school. " A 7. » ‘ ' 1 ;!• rMARIE STRICKLAND "Friendly to all, hostile to none. " Cheerleader, Football and Basketball 2, Pep Club 2, Who's Who 3-4, Office Staff 4. JIMMY TERRELL "Quiet but Sweet. " GARY THOMAS "Mischievous is my middle name. " Football 1, Baseball 3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Who's Who 4, 4-H Club 1-2-3. Track 1-2, "A" Club 4. TERRY THOMAS "Pleasures are always in his eyes. " "A" Club 4, Baseball 3-4, Football 1. Who's Who 4. DAISY WALLS "She's satisfied she's got her man. " Pep Club 2-3, Pep Club Vice-President 3, Science Club 2-3, Float Committee 1-2-3, Prom Committee 3, May Day 2. CLIFTON WEAVER "Sir Clifton has his own castle too!" Junior Classical League 3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Paper Staff 4, Who's Who 4. FAYE WILSON "A girl with a smile is a girl worth while. " Future Nurse 2, Pep Club 2,3-4, Band 1-4, Majorette 1,2, 3,4. HELEN WHITMIRE "Here is a girl with an eye on her future. " Cheerleader 4, Who's Who 3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Pep Club 4. 1 VBERTVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY P.O. BOX 430 ' RTVILLE, 5950REBECCA WILSON "Her blond hair causes many hearts to flutter. " Beta Club 3-4, Paper Staff 3-4, Who's Who 3-4. DOUGLAS WOOD "He's serious but he likes his fun. " Football Mgr. 1. NANCY WOODHAM "The good old times are always good when old. " Flagcarrier 2-4, Pep Club 2-4. JUNE WRIGHT "A winsome girl with a winsome way. " Pep Club 4, Office Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Who's Who 4, Valentine Queen 1, Curtis Award 4. BONNIE SUE WOODS "A faithful friend is the medicine of life. " JOYCE VAUGHN "A man has his will but a woman has her way. D.O. Club 3-4, Miss D. O. 3-4, Pep Club 2, Future Nurses Club 2. JANE YORK "Never in a hurry; always late. " FHA 1-2, FTC 3-4, Pep Club 3-4. JIMMY PIERCE "A friend to everyone all the time. w Pep Club 2-4, D.O. Club 4, Prom Committee Curtis Award 4, 4-H Club 2-4. •« 3.Cast Will I, Don Croft, will to Johnny Roden my ability to enjoy all the "splendid programs. " I, Sherman Arnold, will to Wendell Canady my ability to get hit on the head with a lock and never ever know. I, Larry Cullom, will all my talents and abilities, along with my Duncan Yo-Yo, to Franklin Painter. I, Sue Bright, will to Shirley Gunnells my ability at piling up unexcused absences. I, Steve Cooper, leave to Jimmy "Chicken" Smith my brains and ability to make such good grades. I, Rochelle Justice, will my ability of writing such wonderful term , papers to Barbara Williams. I, Brian Crow, leave to Rebecca Johnson all the headaches of planning a school paper for days and then it turn out a flop. I, Barbara Eason, will to Janice Teal my ability at pretending to study in the study hall. I, Gary Thomas, will to Bruce Haney all my trips down "thunder road" with the sincerest hope for his return. I, Jimmy Richey, bequeath to James Townson my position as the best looking boy in our neighborhood, after my departure. I, Jimmie Ann Cochran, willingly leave to Joe Glover the right to keep Jeanne Davis out after 11 o'clock. 1, Donny Bently, bequeath to Gary Benefield my ability to keep an argument going in class. I, Jean Bishop, leave to any who want a free meal, my column in the Gadsden Times. I, Sherron Arnold, leave to anyone who wants, my money problems and job of keeping all the kids in line. I, Kenneth Adams, will to Joe Glover my Chemistry book hoping he gets more from it than I have. I, Tommy Boyd, will to Bruce Haney all my abilities (they are nonexistent). I, Don Pankey, leave to David Moore the ability to look intelligent even if you are dumb. I, Terry Thomas, will to Dale Boyd my ability to get any girl up and ready for sunrise service by 5:30 on Easter morning. I, Lamont Bolding, leave my Sr. Ill English book to Richard Segers, who has been my neighbor for 17 long years. I, Nora Clemons, will to the Homecoming Queen of 1962 the ability to cross the football field ankle deep in mud without sliding down.Cast Will I, Sarah Graeme Smothers, now being of unsound mind do hereby bequeath to anyone who wishes to be editor of the Annual, my ability to have a change of sponsors in the middle of the year and still get the Annual out in time. I hope! I, Joe Duckett, will to Joe German all my legal rights to act like a sissy. I, Linda Duran, will my typing eraser to Virginia Hugh Hudgins, hoping she won't have to use it as much as I. 1, J. B. Holsonback, will to Freddy Lang my Classical Comic Books for book reports. I, Carol Eason, will to whoever gets stuck with the job, the nerve-wracking ability as gossip columnist, to write anything about anybody, and still get by the censors. I, Carolyn Beard, being of unsound mind, will to Sherry Colvin my ability to let the half-time show go on, even though her grass skirt is falling off. 1, Kermit Hughes, will to Max Bryant my love for plane geometry. I, Mike Justice, will to Joe Pruett as willed to me by Alan Darden, the right not to shave before coming to school unless you feel like it. I, Olivia Bearden and Sue Mahall, leave to Sarah Rains and Annette Roe our ability to type 60 words a minute and being able to read only fifteen ol them. I, Karen Greer, will my height to the short basketball players. I, Janue Martin, will to Genell Jones the ability to stay behind in typing the whole year. I, Lucille Motley, will to Brenda Jackson my ability to learn shorthand. 1, Frank Duckett, leave to Joe Glover all the grocery stores in Albertville. I, Helen Hackney, leave to some lucky senior my ability to get a third degree burn in January while the temperature is 26 degrees outside. I, Marie Strickland, will to Ann Miller my ability to memorize poetry in English. I, Janice Reaves, will to Pudge Brown my quiet and attentive manner in English class. I, Daisy Walls, will to Gwen Ball all my shortcomings. I, Gregg Hodges, will all my jokes to "Lightning Brown. ” I, Jimmy Plunkett, will to Dale Boyd all my secret possessions. I, Johnny May, do hereby leave to Glenyce Landers my next door and life long pest, Elbert Easterling.Mickey Moore Ben Levie Don Croft Ray Snider Frank Duckett, President Senior Class Officers The senior class of 1961 has proven to be a great one. Each member has shown that they have the initiative that makes a great class. Each of the goals set forth has been surpassed. We are ending as the largest classes ever. Some of its members have been members of various organizations, some excelled in sports, some had honors bestowed upon them, but all worked as one. We presented a great prom, broke all previous magazine sales records, and were the largest A.H.S. Senior class to visit our nation's capital. As the year ends, each of the Seniors of '61 can look back and say that "it has truly been a pleasure to be a member of the 'Class That Gets Things Done'. "Valedictorian Ben Levie Salutatorian Brenda Green Ben Levie Brenda Green Members of the Senior Class who have attended 12 years in Albertville SchoolsSenior Class of 196112 Years Perfect Attendance JIMMY PLUNKETT Boys' State GREGG HODGES JUDY MAYO Oratorical Winner Merit Scholar Awards to Seniors’ of 1961 All-State "AAA" All-N.E. A.C. Most Valuable Player MICKEY MOORE All-N.E.A.C. Team Sportsmanship Award Girls ' State D. A.R. Good Citizenship Girl KAREN GREER JEAN BISHOPSleep, Sleep, Sleep And chaperone too! What are we doing here? Hey, Bo Diddly Resting? At the changing of the Guai What’s This!!!?? Smoke screen at a Beatnik PaidAnd this our life, exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in everything. SHAKESPEAREJerry Adams Betty Allen Billy Alverson James Baird Gwen Ball Charles Bearden Gary Benefield Jimmy Biddle Jennell Blackmon Richard Bouldin Dale Boyd Wayne Brewer Glenda Bridges John Bright Jackie Brooks “Pudge" Brown Max Bryant Joyce Buchanan Charles Burgess Jimmy Camp Louise Chamble Dale Centers Linda Charles Ty Cobb Douglas Cochran Pat Colvin Sherry Colvin Ann Couch Bobby Darnell Jeannie DavisMary Divinty Johnny Dollar Elbert Easterling Jimmy Donal Ennis Sandra Ezell Brenda Jarmon Carl Fields Pat Forrester Linda Gardner Ray Garrett Joe Glover Ray George Joe German J. T. Griffith MaryE. Griffith Hope Guice Barbara Hale Bruce Haney Patricia Harris Brenda Hatley 1 Denverd Holbrooks Don Holcomb J. B. Holsonback Patty Hudgins Virginia Hudgins Brenda Jackson Dane Johnson Brenda Jolley Dorothy Joiner Dene JonesGenell Jones Bill Keller Judy King Jane Kirley Herman Knight Glenyce Landers Freddy Lang Danny Ledbetter Billy Little Peggy Lindsey Don Livingston Billy Lovell Jeanette Maltbie Marcella Maltbie Donald Mann Dorthy Mathews Bobbie Mayes JoAnne McCauley Betty McClendon Martha McCoy Barnard Moore Carol Moore David Moore Ann Miller Terry Morton Gladys Mulligan Dale Parrish Linda Pierce Dorothy Piper Joe PruittDona Rains Fred Rains Sarah Rains Terry Rains Douglas Reagan Barbra Rhoden Larry Don Richey Jackie Riddle William Robinson Johnny Roden Mary Rodgers Annette Roe Harold Rogers Jerry Scarborough Richard Segers Wendall Simmons Winford Slayton Byron Smith Gayle Smith Jimmy Smith Max Smith Charles Stanley Carolyn Stevens Kenneth Stone Phil Stoner Janice Swords Brenda Taft Janice Teal Benny Tidwell James TownsonWhat is This Mil Venning Trammell Diane Trussell David Waldrop Lane Warren Irene Weaver Jane Whittle Barbara Williams Teddy Williams Tommy Williams Anthoney Wilkerson Sammy Wilson Larry WinklesGlamour Girl! Work??Humor Class Off icers Vo-Ag Shop Work Donny Cryar, Neal Ennis Mr. H. C. Gregory, AdvisorPatricia Alexander Brenda Baker Annette Barclay John Barnard Susan Bams Peggy Beaird Mary Beasley Lana Benifield Orvill Bearden Danny Bentley Patricia Bolton William Brooks Gaynell Brown Johnny Brown Sandra Brown Orson Brown Garland Bryant Roger Buchanan Randy Burks Jimmy Butler Billy Camp Patsy Camp Sherry Camp Sheryl Christian Janet Coby Barbara Coe Jerry Cofield Essie Colquitt Rosemary Couch Pam Crowe Danny Cryer Danny Davis Jimmy Davis Van Dickie nin"Judy Doster Jan Duckett David Ennis Jimmy Ennis Neal Ennis Harvey Eubanks Betty Ferguson Jerry Floyd Glenda Fortson Gerald Fuller Jerry Fuller Gerald Gardner Sherry Garrett Dwight Gary James Gifford Aletha Gilbert Nelson Godwin Mack Gore Judy Gram Carolyn Gray Judith Gregory Shirley Gunnels Carolyn Ham Richard Hard Neal Harper Donald Harris Jimmy Harris Roger Hart Ann Haynie Hue Heaton Sue Heaton Barbara Henry Ann Hill Judy Hill Byron HolderfieldDale Horton Luclen Howard Mary Hudgins Sharon Hutchins Verndale Ingram Alice Johnson Brenda Johnson Gail Joiner Gary Jolley Jimmie Jones Trisha Jones Lyle Kitchens Shirley Lacy Barbara Lambert Joe Lambert Elaine Lang John Neal Lavender Ida Lou Lawson Harold Lesley Larry Lester Lora Lovelady Glenda Lovell Dennis Lusk Jane Lumpkin Hazel Mahan Bobby Masters Sarah Masters Charolette Mayfield Ronnie McCamy Charles McCauley Jerry McCauley Dwight McClendon Billy McCullar-Linda McNair Bamy MoonMarlon Moon Billy Moore Mary Moore Joyce Moore Susan Moore Bill Morrow Vida Mae Morrow Mac Nelson Douglas Nicholson Sammie Ogle Virginia Ogle Frank Painter Bobby Pannell Doris Patterson Polly Patterson Barbara Payne Elizabeth Pierce Autry Pinson Sherrill Pinson Nona Kay Phillips Irby Powell Mike Pritchett Billy Rains Clyde Rains James Ray Brenda Reaves Dennis Richey O'dean Riddle Gloria Roberts Delwyn Robertson Charles Rogers Donald Rogers Frances Rogers Jimmy Scott Walker SeagersWayne Shirey Dale Sims Carolyn Smith Danny Smith Mike Smith Thomas Micheal Smith Barbara Snider Sara Stanfield Cheryl Stewart Jean Stewart Brenda Stevens Neal Stevens Donald Swords Joe Swords Bobby Terrell James Townson Tommy Trammell Nola Treece Richard Upton James Vaughn Moris Volentine Joyce Waldrop Billy Wallace Sandra Wallace Jimmy Walley Randall Walls Terry Washam Myra Weathers Linda Weaver Ray Webster Gary Westbrooks Jimmy Westbrooks Donald Wilkerson Dorthy Williams Kenneth Williams Rebecca Wilson Charliee Wolf Janice Woodham Ronald York Carolyn Adams Bennett Alford Bob Alverson Phillip Amos Mike Anderson Cynthia Bailey Cathy Baird Wayne Baker Tommy Barkley James Beard Jimmy Bearden Barbara Beasley L. C. Beasley David Bell Johnny Belue Jimmy Benson Sandra Benson Joann Berry Tommy Biddle Terry Boatwright Etta Bobo Hazel Boen Patricia Bowen T. L. Bowling Johnny Box Alton Bright Russ Bright Brenda Brooks Gary Brown Janice Bruce Martha Bynum Jerry Cagle Wanda Camp Ann Carter Garland Caudle Leslie Chastain Delaine Cheek Karen Christian Tony Clines Martha Frances Coffey Dale Cofield Patricia Cofield Faye Nell Cole Hobson Colvin Jimmy Colvin Betty Cook Carol Cook Rita Cornelius Chella Courington Barbar Cribb Sue Curry Jean Davis Jimmy Davis Neeysa Davis Ned Dendy Patricia Dendy Richard Denham Opal Dickson Tommy Dirley Annie Dorset: Truman Duckett Margaret Dunn Melvin Durran Mary Ellen Elgin Ginger Eller Maverine Ennis Jane Claire Evans Kenny Farmer Ray Floyd Donna Jo Foster Pat Fraisher Charles Fricks David Gallman Micheal Galloway Rayburn Gardner Gerald Gary Jo Ann Gibson James Gilley Margaret Gipson Orville Godwin Charles Greer Jerry Greer Carey Griffith Kyle Gunnels Larry Gunter Ralph Hard Clara Harris Linda Hatley Donny Hayes Kenneth Helms Gay la Hendrix Cheryl Heptinstile Johnny Hicks Donny Hodges Ann Holcomb Brenda Holder Dot Hudgins Micheal Hudgins James Hughes Brenda HuntFaye Hunt June Hunt Sue Ingram Linda Jarmen Kenneth Jenkins Linda Jenkins Margaret Johnson Tommy Johnson Ann Joiner Brenda Jones Carl Jones Jo Anne Jones Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jordon Wiley Jordan Janice Justice Janice Kennedy Barbara Kiker Myra Kytle Vivian Landers George Lang Glenda Lang Karen Lang Sadie Mae Lee Ann Lem aster Betty Lindsey Lawrence Long Jerry Lowery Sue Lumpkin Pamela Martin Larry Mosely Barry Massey Mike Matthews Nancy May Glenn McDaniel Darlene McGuire Hayward McNeil Laura McPherson Randy McPherson George Ray Miller Linda Milligan Clayton Minor Judy Minor Jerry Mitchell John Moman Martha Ellen Moultrie Gail Moon Paschal Moon Patrica Moor Wayne MorrisMary Morgan Roger Morron Earl Morton Martha NeSmith Ronnie Noblitt Danny Norman David Ogle Linda Ogle J. B. Oliver Jerry Oliver Dorthy Oliver Linda Overstreet Dale Parrish Judith Patterson Linda Patterson Linda Pell Margaret Pell Freda Pearce Jimmy Pearce Peggy Pierce John Poe Sandra Pointer Judy Powell Linda Powell Glenda Pruitt Barbara Ragsdale Diane Rathburn Wayne Rice Earl Rigsby Brenda Rives Jane Roberts John Robinson James Sampson Johnny Sampson Lynda Scarbrough Nikki Schweiger Jimmy Segars Brenda Shell Don Shellhorse Donald Simpson Judy Sims Delories Slaton Brenda Smith James Smith Lynn Smith Patricia Smith Pat South James Spurgin Johnny Striplan Nelda StuartLula Mae Saint Patricia Teague Charlotte Teal Chella Thomason Linda Thrasher James Tidmore James Traylor Kathy Upton Marquita Upton Malcom Volentine Kerry Voss Pat Watwood Jesse Washington Patricia Wilks Don Williams Jimmy WilsonGilda Abney Joyce Anthony Wayne Baird Annie Barkley Sandra Barkley Brenda Barnett Fleetie Baugh Donald Baugh Betty Beam Rita Beam Sally Beasly Kyle Beck Jimmy Beckman Gary Befort Jordan Befort Dorothy Belle Diane Benefield Mike Benefield Martha Benson Rayburn Berry Benny Bishop Tran Blackmon Jimmy Bolton Brenda Brewer David Brewer Wanfa Brewer Elton Bright Felton Bright Flora Brooks Danny Brown Kay Brown Virginia Browning Charles Buckelew Susan Buckelew Johnny Burnett Dale Burgett Randel Burnes Linda Byrant Brenda Cagle Charlotte Caldwell Lorretta Camp Janie Camp Carolyn Campbell Ladon Canady Betty Jean Carnes Ronald Canfield Hugh Carter Jerome Chafin Joe Chandler Grady CharlesGloria Childres Linda Coby Gary Cochran Jack Cochran Linda Cochran Melba Cofield Tommy Cole Brenda Collett Dortha Colley Joe Bill Cooley Margaret Cooper Michael Cooper Robert Copeland Alan Couch Donald Couch Wayne Craig Randall Creel Mary Anne Crowe Neal Crump James Currie Ronald Currie Elizabeth Denham John Denney Robert Dick Diane Dobbins Rebecca Dooley Marilyn Doyle Glenda Duckett Frank Duke Jean Duke Julia Eason David Evans Earnest Farmer Shelby Farmer Verbon Farmer Brenda Floyd Adna Duckett Judy Garvin Alan Gentry Judy George Tommy Gibson James Goggins Carolyn Goodwin Brenda Gray Linda Griffth Sherron Grizzard Patsy Gunnels James Hale Kay Hale John HamRandy Hammons Larry Harper Neal Harper Earnest Harris Mary Frances Hart Nancy Jo Hasty Charlotte Hay good Judy Henly Brian Henry Lenord Henry Audley Higgins Peggy Holder Rebekah Holder Willard Holder Joe Holsomeback Michel Hopper Lula Jennings Gloria Johnson Randall Johnston Myra Joiner Jimmy Lacy Marcia Lacy Kathy Latham Martha Lecroy Linda Lindsey Mark Livingston Dewayne Lovell Delores Lucas Jan Lumpkin Joyce Maboly Max Maltbie Wayne Maltbie Linda Mark Claudia Matthews David Matthews Donna McClendon Jimmy McClendon Philipp McNeal Warren Messer Wayne Michel Marie Minor Jan Moore Mary Lee Moore Gail Morton Linda Ogles Margaret Owens Bobby Patterson Brenda Patterson Tommy Patterson David PaynePatsy Peppers Manuel Peters Melinda Peters Pat Phillips Linda Poe Benny Pointer Eddie Powell Paul Price Harvey Pritchett Margaret Pritchett Nalda Ragsdale Ann Ramsey Adene Rogers Mike Rogers Norman Rogers Peggy Rogers Randy Roe Billy Samspon Jane Segars Barbara Shell Shannon Skelley Faye Smith Tony Smith Bennett Smothers Linda Snider Patricia Snider Norman Spear Larry Spratling James Stanfield Roy Stanfield Tony Stepleton Becky Stevens Diane Stevens Bonnie Stewart Jimmy Stewart Dennis Stone Nyra Strange Kenneth Swords Sandra Swords Jimmy Terrell Joyce Thomas Sandra Thomas Wayne Thomas Elizabeth Thompson Kay Thompson Charles Tipton Katherine Trayler Beverly Trussell Lamar Turner Bobbie Nell Vaughn■ MW Johnny Vaughn Mary Vaughn Jerry Vaught Betty Veal Winston Walker Randall Wallace Charles Weaver Eloise Webb Carl Whitlock Linda Whitmire Brenda Wilkerson Denver Wilkerson Rosa Williams Kendall Williamson Terry Willoughly Diane Winkles Forrest Wolfe Rosemary Woodham Pat Wright Carolyn York Janet Chavers Elizabeth Childers Darrell Childress Claretta Clark a !i ov'i? J. D. Abbot Ray Abbot Walter Adams Ben Alford Thomas Alford Bronie Allen Billy Alverson James Cimson Billy Anthony Larry Arnold Jimmy Barkley Cynthia Baird Eugene Baird Lavon Baird Jamie Baker Boleley Boldwin Clifton Bay less Leon Bayless Linda Sue Beard Roy Joe Bearden Rita Beaird Brithell Beam Welton Beasley Patricia Bethune Martha Bishop Wayne Bishop Linda Blackwell Larry Blair Sandra Bonds Sandra Boyd Michael Boyd Maury Bray Jimmy Breaseal Brenda Bright Connie Bright Mary Brooks La Mon Brown Charleen Buckelew Mary Louis Buchanan Ruth Buchanan Pauline Buck Sammy Butler Thomas Burgess Lyndela Burke Nadine BurnetteCindy Burroughs Billy Cagle Carl Cagle Larry Camp Priscilla Camp Sarah Camp Terry Camp Kenneth Canfield Anne Carnes Jimmy Carnes Brenda Cassels Earnest Cassels Donney Chambers Larry Chamblee Billy Champion Nancy Chiles Ruth Christmas Clifford Clay Harold Co by Sherry Cochran Marlene Cofield Larry Compton Betty Colquitt Edna Colquitt Charlotte Cooley Jimmy Corbin Gwin Cordell Linda Cornelius Cathrine Corum Sandra Cowan Jerry Creel Larry Crow Tommy Culbert Adrian Daniel Gayron Davis Loy Davis Patricia Davis Ronald Dendy Jimmy Denny Doris Dixon Paul Dobbs Wanda Dobbs Mary Dorsett Diane Downs Jimmy DoyleConnie Duckett Billy Duke Bobby Duncan Donald Duncan James Duncan Leon Duncan Loyd Duncan Harriet Dunn Jerry Dunn Ronald Dyer Edwin Edmonson Benny Edmonds Jerry Edwards Joe Eidson Wayne Eller Jackie Ellison Shetton Elmore Edward Elrod Sandra Farmer Betty Filmore Ronald Frazier Barbara Fuller Ronald Galloway Phil Garret Dennis Garrison James Gibson Tommy Gibson Helen Gilliland Kenneth Gilliland Thomas Glover Don Core Danny Green Freida Green Jane Green Bill Greer Janice Greer Hayel Gregory Mary Jane Grey Jerry Griffin Gail Guice Edward Gunter Randy Hall Kenneth Ham Susan Haney Richard HarperDavid Harris Ellawese Harris Linda Harris Carolyn Harrison Janice Harrison Ronnie Hayes Travis Heaton Ray Henderson Rex Henson Linda Hicks Randall Higgins Edwin Hill Sue Lane Hill Larry Hillsman Jay Holder Margie Holmes Rosemary Holsomback Billy Wayne Hudgens Frank Hughes Nadine Hunt Jane Hunter Byron Hyde Mary Jackson Sandra Jackson Paulette Jarmon Ann Johnson Harold Johnson Terrell Johnson Phyllis Joiner Wayne Jordan Celia Keller Gerald Kittle Kathy Lacey Paul Lacy Verbon Lancaster Rebecca Lang Roger Lang Johnnie Lattie Diane Lavender Betty Jean Ledbetter Linda Ledbetter Robert Lem aster Doris Levans Mike Little Allan LivingstonJeff Livingston Shirlly Long Judy Lovell Ray Lovell Charles Lowery Sherry Lynch Randy Lyles Jackie McClendon Jerome McClendon Mary McCoy Delaine McCreless Larry McDaniel Ann McLemore Wayne Maltbie Roger Man ess Louise Marshall Patricia Martin Chris Martin Brenda Messer Van Michael Gary Minor Linda Moon Tommy Moore Jamey Morgan Jane Morgan Judy Morgan Lanette Morris Roger Morrow Ken Musick Wanza Myers Jackie Nesmith Gerron Nichols Barbara Ogle Jerry Ogles Ann Oliver Jerry Oliver Rebecca Oliver Gail Orr Wade Overstreet Hal Pruitt Howard Price Terry Plunkett Jackie Pinson Mike Pierce Louise PetersMara Painter Robert Papell Nancy Parker Carol Parrish Larry Patterson Donna Pearce James Pell John Pell Fonda Peppers Tommy Peques Jerry Ragsdale Ray Ragsdale Martha Ramsey Margaret Ratcliff Kenneth Rathbun Harold Reagan Sherry Rhoades Virginia Richards Carolyn Riddle Lawrence Rives Charlotte Robinson David Robinson Martha Robinson Patsy Robinson Johnny Roe Larry Roe Harold Rogers Linda Rushing Cynthia Sanders Karen Sanders Marvin Scott Douglas Segers Carl Shirey Janet Shirey James Shirley Larry Simmons Ernest Skaggs Paulette Slaton Thomas Slaton Angie Smith Randall Smith Randy Smith Roderick Smith Glenn Snider Barbara SpenceRebecca Spurgeon Phyllis Stanfield Donnie Stewart Nicky Stewart Barbara Stone Patsy Strickland Sheila Studdard A. L. Swords Gerald Swords Judy Swords Brinda Terrell Dale Terrell Donny Terrell Sammy Terrell Susan Thompson Linda T id more Bill Todd Janet Traylor Junior Tucker Robert Turner Laneeda V antreese Linda Vaughn Roger V aughn Travis Vaughn Clarence Waldrop Donna Walker Phillip Walker Sandy Warren Tommy Warren Wanda Washam Daneela Weathers Bobby Webb Gail Webb Glenn White Judith Wilkerson Larry Williams Ralph Williams Jimmy Williamson Connie Willis Betty Wilmore Sammy Wilmore Bill Wilson Peggy Wilson Tommy Wrightfeature Section Albertville Migb Paper Staff Editor BRIAN CROWE Co-Editor REBECCA JOHNSON Business Manager THOMAS CRYARSenior High Sweetheart PAM CROWE t JUDY PATTERSON junior High SweetheartMH1 JOHNNY COCHRAN PAT COLVIN SHERMAN ARNOLD ANNETTE BOYD JERRY STATHAM BETTY McCLENDOM King and Queen SHERMAN ANNETTE ARNOLD BOYD MA-WA ANNETTE BOYD1961 {Junior-Senior Prom “Southern Mall ”Band .Dance 1961 MISS GLENDA LUMPKIN Band Sweetheart 1961 % T. Washam, B. Baker, B. Levie, B. Green, R. Smith, J. Bishop, G. Hodges, J. Reed, W. Coleman, F. Wilson, L. Potts, G. Lumpkin, G. Dixon, H. Hackney, M. Justice, P. Phillips, D. Davis, N. Woodham, J. B. Duckett, S. G. Smothers, T. Cryer, J. Mayo, J. Pruett, P. Colvin, T. Morton, G. Landers. Band Dance Lead-out.BRENDA BAKER Sophomore JEANNIE DAVIS Junior FRANK DUCKETT NORA CLEMOMS 1961 Homecoming Jeannie Davis, Nora Clemons, Brenda BakerCutest TONY MOORE NORA CLEMONS Flirts ANNETTE BOYD THOMAS CRYAR Who Best All Around HELEN HACKNEY GREGG HODGES Who’s Most Likely to Succeed BEN LEV1E HELEN DOOLEYAmbitious BRIAN CROW BARBARA EASON Best Personality JUDI MOORE TERRY THOMAS Sweetest DON PANKEY JANICE HICKS Who’s Most Versatile JOE DUCKETT REBECCA WILSON -Most School Spirit GLENDA ELLISOR LARRY HOLDER Most Popular MICKEY MOORE CAROLYN BEARD Most Interesting JUNE WRIGHT BUDDY WEAVERHappy-Go-Lucky JANICE REAVES GARY THOMAS Prettiest and Most Handsome BILLY DAVIS HELEN WHITMIREMost Interesting JANICE TEAL PUDGE BROWN Prettiest and Most Handsome JEANNE DAVIS DALE BOYDBiggest Flirts JANE SMITH JIMMY SMITH {junior Most Athletic BRENDA TAFT JOE PRUETT Most Courteous MARY ROGERS BILLY ALVERSONMost Talented PAT COLVIN BILLE KILLER Most Popular SARAH RAINS JOHNNY RODENJOE GLOVER ANN MILLERSophomore Samites SUSAN BARNES GARLAND BRYANT freshman favorites PAT SMITH TOMMY BIDDLE1th Qrade favorites KAY BROWN RANDY CREEL 7th Qrade favorites HARRIETT DUNN JIMMY DOYLEW Sr. Ill Beauiy TOMMY JO LAY DUVALLSophomore Beauty BRENDA BAKERMr. and Miss A. H. S BRENDA GREEN FRANK DUCKETTPresident, Mr. Bill Johnson; Vice-President, Mrs. J. Beatty; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. J. Thompson; Secretary, Mrs. R. O. Johnson; Treasurer, Mrs. J. Morgan. The major project of the P.T.A. this year was to furnish the library with new books. The P.T.A. raised 1, 047 which is being used to buy new books. The P.T.A. also does many odd jobs around the schools and helps to improve them. Zke P. ZJ.oitr.orfHMM WtBSTEI'-’ :OU-EG I A'1 DIC'l lONAl'Student Council President LEE POTTS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOE PRUITT HELEN HACKNEY PAM CROWE The Student Council, in its first year, proved to be a success. The council had a few projects, handled many of the school activities successfully, and Sponsor Mr. CouchQuill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll is an international honorary organization for the students who have participated in the issuing of publications for their school. These students gained membership for rendering services to their school. MRS. WEATHERS GREGG HODGES SARAH GRAEME SMOTHERS MR. BLACK BEN LEVIE BRIAN CROW RAY SNIDER MR. C. D. BLACK MRS. H. WEATHERS CAROL EASON GLENDA ELLISOR JEAN BISHOP SPONSORS .................Annual PaperPresident FRANK DUCKETT Vice-President DON CROFT Meta Club The Beta Club is the highest scholastic club in the school system. It consists of juniors and seniors who have excelled in achievement, character and leadership. Our school was privileged to have Sarah Smothers as a county officer. Secretary BRENDA GREEN Sponsor MARY WEATHERS Co. Reporter SARAH SMOTHERS Treasurer KAREN GREER' junior Classical Ccague President BUDDY WEAVER Vice-President JANE LUMPKIN Treasurer PAM CROWE This club is an organization of the Latin Club of A.H.S. Its purpose is to help students understand the culture of ancient ages. Secretary MARSHA SKELLEY Representative BRIAN CROWPresident THOMAS CRYAR junior Civitans Vice-President FRANK DUCKETT Secretary DANIEL LEDBETTER Treasurer JIMMY PLUNKETT Parliamentarian Sponsor DON CROFT MR. H. C. GREGORYVice-President CAROLYN BEARD Secretary -Treasurer SARAH SMOTHERS President THOMAS CRYAR Science ClubClub Program Chairman DON CROFT Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MACK HEAD PHILLIP JOLLEY The "A" Club is made up of boys who have won monograms for athletic events at A.H.S. They look forward to initiation each year.- Aggie Pep Club President MICKEY MOORE Vice-President DALE BOYD Secretary LINDA PEARCE T reasurer CAROLYN BEARD Sponsor MISS MARYLENE JORDAN3. M'• iA-sn ■wia IS:fJ . M ?! ■■ 'JM HIMSponsor MR. LANDERS Industrial Education Vice-President SAMMY JACKSON Secretary HELEN BAIRD President WYNN PHILLIPS T reasurer LARRY CULLOM Reporter GARY CAMPSponsor MISS JOYCE DAVIS Secretary ANNETTE BOYD Jut ure Zeadie Club Treasurer JANIE RIVES „ , Parliamentarian JANE REEDSponsor MISS JORDAN Girls’ 4-M Club Not Shown President JUDY EASON Song Leader MARGARET DUNPresident BOB ALVERSON Sponsor MR. CHILDERS Vice-President MACK GORE 4-M % Club Albertville High School Secretary JOHN HAM MOTTO To make the best better" A Reporter Song Leader ALTON BRIGHT TONY CLINES Song Leader CHARLES BUCKELEW Secretary MRS. O. L. POTTS Office Staff Cibrary Staff Lucille Motley, Helen Dooly, Annette Boyd, Nora Clemons, Jean Bishop, Janet Reed, Joan McCauly, Olivia Bearden, Geraldine Brothers, Sarah Graeme Smothers, Teddy Head, Joan Silas, Sue Mayhall, Maxine Gauntly, Mercella Mal-tbie, Billy Lovell. Librarian, Mrs. M. G. Couch. Magazine Sales Zop $9,000 Mark Glenda Lumpkin $568.61 319.46 Helen Hackney 283.20 Carolyn Beard 257.76 Jimmie Anne Cochran 188.50 Marsha Skelley 174.05 Tommie Jo Lay 170.19 Helen Dooley 165.02 Janice Hicks 162.27 Jane Reed 139.87 Ben Levie MR. GEORGE NIXON Band Director Zke Albertville High Marching BandALL STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL Bill Davis, a senior band member, made first in the State on Tenor Saxophone. Joe Duckett, a senior band member also, made seventh in the State on Trombone. Joe Duckett also got the award for being the best band member during the 1960-61 football season. Terry Washam was awarded the honor of being the best and most active member during the 1960-61 Band Concert Season. GINGER RICHEY Special Flag Bearer Zke Brass Section of Our Aggie BandJANE EVANS . iy :-- uu R • )L 1' • V filr Cr • i i , - .» Ijj V ! ’ • V v TV • ; .• 7 VI IWV » • (' Mfcg': i-1’ % ✓ % i '14. 0 ■- '♦ • r' - • . jf ''' r 4 vkt • • r . .S?WW(f ' ' y r J ' ! .' ■ -. . 'A ' » -L 7 4 v V •,,' : • ■■•■'. • • , , ' i » • f • » « .. . .11. r. « ■ ». ■»i i . j v. %. • » , .»• • .■HPMv ,;fl' ; VA 7 ‘ Jjj • 1 r i. r. ■ k (fV . L. ♦ V • 1 'i i T i w ... r r t% ' f m7 » f 'j A y " 34 1 « • Y ('T ' 1 ! »ry. L u .. Vl ■ • ’ « ) l J ? %x( a • • V t « 1 V • » m V r X?a 5 w 5CAROL MOORE Junior Cheerleaders MARSHA SKELLEY Senior GLENDA ELLISOR Head JANE SMITH Junior HELEN WHITMIRE Senior GAYNELL BROWN SophomoreHead Coach Bobby Golden Assistant Coach Bill Clark TEAM Blountsville Anniston Oneonta Boaz Gadsden Etowah Fort Payne Arab Scottsboro Guntersville VISITORS 7 20 14 6 39 40 30 20 25 7 -T" """"TH ,zr. 27 i71, ,7 5, .ft 19 Ml Oge51 $5 OfjB ljtfi 3 5 3 6 5 7 0 11 Larla ■:« - ...... ••• TOP ROW, Left to Right: Skelly, Mgr.; Stanfield, Mgr.; Rains, Mgr.; T. Trammell, Gardner, Rogers. Davis, Glover, Moore, Mgr. SECOND ROW: S. Adams, Mitchell, Fields, Rigsby, Williams, M. Smith, Robinson, Swords, Cain, Townsend, Head. THIRD ROW: Coach Golden, Clines, Segars, Moon, Wil- kerson, K. Adams, Morton. Thomas, Stanley, Lang, Haynie, Statham, Coach Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Holder, R. Smith, D. Smith, Hambrick, Tidwell, Holsonback, J. Smith, V. Trammell, Jolley, Pruett.T. CLINES - Fresn V. TRAMMELL - Jr M. HEAD - Sr J. PRUETT - Jr. D. SMITH L. HOLDER - Sr CAPTAINS: L. Holder M. Head B. Cain R. SMITH - Sr' ’ J. ROBINSON - Sr M. SMITH B. CAIN - Sr J. TOWNSON - Jr, E. RIGSBY - Fresh K. WILLIAMS C. FIELDS - Jr D. SWORDS F. LANG - Jr. T. THOMAS - Sr A. WILKERSON - Jr J. ADAMS - Jr J. HAYNIE - Sr T. MORTON - Jr W. SEGARS C. STANLEY - Jr,basketball “A ” Zeam Right to Left, STANDING: W. Segars, J. Denham, B. Holderfield, R. Lindsey, M. Pritchett, Coach Sloan. SEATED, Left to Right: B. Rains, J. Roden, M. Moore, B. Moore, B. Dobbins, J. Barnard, D. Richey. Won 23 Lost 7 County Champions Sand Mountain Champions Second in N.E.A.C. Captains JOHNNY RODEN - MICKY MOOREJ. BARNARD - Guard B. RAINS - Guard G. BRYANT - CenterMoore up for two Shoot! Mack, Shoot!baseball STANDING, Left to Right: J. Richey, T. Thomas, L. Holder, D. Boyd, A. Wilkerson, J. Jolley, W. Segars, C. Fields, Coach Clark. KNEELING, Left to Right: J. Hambrick, M. Moore, J. Pruett, P. Brown, J. Smith, R. Snider, G. Thomas, D. Croft, and J. Reed. COACH BILL CLARKSeniors JIMMY HAMBRICK TERRY THOMAS MICKEY MOORE LARRY HOLDER NEAL REED GARY THOMAS RAY SNIDER JIMMY RICHEY DON CROFTDALE BOYD County Champions Runner-up in 8th District Tournament Picture Not Available Not Available Picture Not Available JIMMY SMITH CARL FIELDS WALKER SEGARSJ. RODEN M. MOORE B. DOBBINS Zrack Zearn. FRONT ROW. Left to Right: M. Pritchett, A. Wilkerson. L. Holder. T. Thomas. T. Clines, D. Smith. J. Glover. M. Moon. STANDING. Left to Right: W. Segars. C. Rains. B. Holderfield, M. Moore, D.' Boyd, C. Rogers, C. Fields, B. Moore, B. Vandergrift.Here it is, your yearbook! We, the Annual Staff, have had it for almost a year and now it is yours. The Annual Staff would like to express their appreciation for the co-operation that people have given them this year. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the 1961 MOUNTAINEER. Editor SARAH GRAEME SMOTHERS MRS. M. G. COUCH Sponsor It has been a pleasure to me to work with the editor and her staff in the production of this our 1961 MOUNTAINEER which we hope will be a pleasant reminder of many happy experiences and friends at A.H.S. Let me say thanks to everyone, especially so to our advertisers, for any assistance given us.This is the Graduating Class of 1911. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this week with the graduating class of 1961. Fourteen of the members of the class will attend our graduation exercises on May 23. 1961.Remember When We Were Zhe Class of 1948-1949 S. and S. Arnold C. Beard O. Bearden M. Bishop J. Bobo L. Bolding T. Boyd H. Bright J. Rives J. Richey B. Crow G. Camp N. Clemons J. Cochron B. Cofield T. Davis H. Dooley F. Duckett J. Duckett L. Duran B. Eason C. Eason G. Ellisor F. Farrow M. Gauntly D. Golden H. Hackney T. Head G. Harper J. Hicks G. Hodges L. HolderJ. B. Holsomback P. Jolley J. Justice M. Justice R. Justice M. Long R. Lyles G. Lumpkin S. McKee S. Marlowe J. Martin J. May L. Motley M. Moore T. Moore D. Pankey J. Plunckett L. Potts J. Reaves J. N. Reed B. Richards G. Richey J. Robinson S. G. Smothers D. Snider K. and R. Stewart M. Strickland T. G. Thomas J. Terrell B. Weaver R. Wilson H. Whitmire B. Woods J. Wright J. YorkSand Mountain's oldest drugstore as it is under Jim Roberts, the owner. STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME CAROL THEATRE and SHADYSIDE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Albertville AlabamaCompliments of KIKER MOTOR SALES ALBERTVILLE PRODUCE COMPANY Albertville, Alabama FARMER’S WAREHOUSE ROBERT O. JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER By Appointment Albertville, Alabama Phone 662Compliments of ROBERTS ISBELL HARDWARE CO. Your G. E. Dealer Albertville, Alabama Compliments of BAKER HATCHERY Albertville, Alabama Compliments of North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama JOHNSON AUTO PARTS HAMMER’S Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Phone 201 MUNICIPAL UTILITIES BOARD LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY Albertville, AlabamaBIDDLE FURNITURE COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY Prescription Pharmacists Phone 385 Main Street Albertville, Alabama □niRV QUEEN K THAT FOR TASTf A FOOD FOR Albe rtville Alabam a Compliments of DARDEN COTTON COMPANY Albertville, Alabama P. O. Box 341 Phone 954 Musically Yours LAVERTY’S Albertville, AlabamaCompliments DAVIS BROTHERS HARDWARE Phone 126 Albertville, Alabama O. K. RUBBER WELDERS North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Auto Float Tires Groceries, Meats, Vegetables BRINDLEY’S 113 W. McCord Avenue Albertville, Alabama DIXIE POULTRY SUPPLY, INC. Phone 1179 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of MORGAN GIN COMPANY Albertville, Alabama SMITH BROTHERS CARS Phone 350 Albertville, AlabamaWatches, Gifts Albertville, , Diamonds Alabama Authorized Ford Dealer Cars, Parts, Service Albertville Alabama Best Wishes of ROEBUCK TRACTOR COMPANY "Quality Clothing" Arrow Haggar Mallory Flor sheim Hyde Park Poll-Parrot Robert Bruce Kate Greenaway 116 East Main Street Albertville Alabama Highway 431 and E. Main Albertville Alabama GOLDEN’S SUNDRIES Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF THE KENDALL CO. ALBERTVILLE PLANT Makers of Quality Print Cloth Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP, INCORPORATED Phone 499 or 479 Albertville, AlabamaBEST WISHES F rom TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of COOK SONS HARDWARE jjngratulatiiim to the graduating class Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Albertville, Alabama LANDERS FOOD STORE Your Neighborhood Grocery-Burns and Logan Street Phone 639 ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE BOWLING LANES BRADSHAW SUPPLY CO. Distributors of POULTRY DRUGS-VACCINES SPEED WASH 1 2 Phone 1318 Albertville Alabama Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of MARSHALL BUTANE GAS APPLIANCE CO., INC. Retail LP-Gas and Appliances Textile Ave. Phone 923 Compliments of WELLS MERC. CO. WHITTEN PARTS COMPANY Albertville, Alabama The Clothing Store of Distinction G. D. WELLS JACK WELLS GEORGE WELLS Albertville Alabama Compliments of BLANTON SMITH HATCHERIES OF ALABAMA, INC. Post Office Box 527 Albertville Alabama Compliments of Compliments of DAVIS DRUG CO. MOORE’S HOME AND AUTO Prescriptions Compounded by Your Westinghouse Dealer Registered Pharmacists Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaHEWETT DRUG CO. Phone 32 Albertville, Alabama Best Wishes to SENIORS OF '61 BISHOP SEWING CENTER Albertville, Alabama ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER CO. Compliments of W. E. WALKER CO. COTTON BUYERS Albertville, Alabama Compliments of LUMPKIN’S CLOTHING STORE K. O. LUMPKIN Albertville, Alabama Compliments of THOMPSON HARDWARE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaYour Friendly Shopping Headquarters SMITH BROS. PRODUCE CO. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ALFORD COTTON CO. Phone 9356 Albertville, Alabama Boaz Alabama WHITTEN’S Compliments of Fashions for the Discriminating Person CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE 105 W. Main Street Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE WHOLESALE GROCERY Albertville, AlabamaWith Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School American Rubber Corporation Manufacturer of Arctile Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama | n. 1«L: M « PEPA.PS j'i l ’ ( vF V-" IN'- c) f HENRY’S GARAGE i'f Phone 208 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE WHITE GIN CO. HERALD South Broad Albertville, Alabama Compliments of P J PHARMACY Prescription Service n SSOGMI MOM North Broad The Family Store Albertville, Alabama B. E. NORMAN Phone 1219 Compliments of Compliments of MOODY’S PIGGLY WIGGLY Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of LEVIE AND BAINS ELECTRIC CO. F urnitur e and Appliances Stores in Albertville and Boaz Alabama LET US HELP 'fy un, '79to te f STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, Alabama I - y ■£ COLONIAL POULTRY CO. OF ALABAMA, INC. Fresh Dressed Fryers Albertville Phone 845AutographsPUBLISHING COMPANY '$ Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" Vv's ;- v - ?: - f-' v;v A: f: -?v.pSfef ssSS I b.-?v Baes sKsSss'-

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