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n ie JRountaineer !tier to i e JltyA Sc A00 Tl beriur fe, I fa tarn a Jo Live an cf Die m Dixie! Editor-in-Chief GAYLE PLUNKETT Business Manager ANNE NEWBY Advisor ZERA COUCH Jab e of Cjon en s 7l(fm In Is (ra on ( lasses ZHcliullles lea(ures Spar Is Seniors cJraduallon lop ram itabtp lie luresIn the hills of Alabama. Afma JlTater You may search the wide world over In a town called Albertville, But you'll find no better place There is a school, we love its every rule In the hills of Alabama And it's there we'll always be. Than the dear old A. H. S. The people of the South have long been known as people with courage, ambition, wit, humor, and the will to succeed. We. the Albertville High Senior Class of 1960. claim to be no exception. We believe in this Southern heritage, and will defend it. be proud of it. and carry it on through life. Ours is not an ordinary class, by any means. Its members are outstanding, and their standards are high as has been shown in every phase of their endeavors as a class. We have left records, both individual and as a class, which the underclassmen will find difficult to surpass. For instance, in our magazine sales, we set a record which far excelled any previous class, and which will be difficult for succeeding classes to better. Also, as Juniors, we presented a prom which was a "howling” success. In it, we journeyed a little farther South, "Way down yonder in New Orleans", for "Mardi Gras. " Academically, we are not to be embarrassed. Several members of our class, in different testing programs, have ranked among the top percentage groups of the entire nation. Who knows, maybe we have a future Einstein, Von Braun. Eisenhower, or Walt Disney among us! Surprised we would not be if one of our dear friends someday emerged as President of the United States, top movie star, or richest man (or woman) in the nation. You never can tell, either, but what someone in our class will someday be a star football, baseball, or basketball player. We have some good country athletes among us. Thus will we make ourselves known, whether it be for academic, social, or athletic achievement. We'll make our mark in this world, you can be sure, and later generations will see and recognize that here passed the Albertville High School Senior Class of 1960. CLYDE GREGORY ANNE NEWBYBARBARA MALTBIE LINDA ROBERTS Class Editors PATSY JONES Art Editor Business Mgr. LINDA WASHAM Activities Editor CLAYBROOKE ADAMS TOMMY DAVIS Photography Activities Editor JUDY MAYO Jr. Business ManagerPrincipal’s Jltessape Someday each of you will look back and relive the scenes, activities, and memories pictured within the pages of this yearbook. I am sure that most of you will remember them as the happiest days of your life. I trust that the same inspiration which has inspired you to write these pages may continue to inspire you to write and do better things. May the fine spirit of cooperation and team work which you have shown this year remain with you through life's journey as a treasured asset. If you give of your best, you may expect the best in return. I congratulate you for a job well done in the production of this yearbook. Jltr. Jit. U. (touch Jrincipat IEach student taking part in this annual represen vital part of the human assets of the communitiesin wh you live. Thus we encourage you to look toward and h faith in the future. Never has there been a need for grea service than now. From our simplest home to the grear institution there is a need for even greater service in helj ing our fellow man. This kind of service is the bonds i friendship. The friendship you have made at Albertvill Junior and Senior High School will be the bonds of happi ness to you and your community. Every teacher and myself would like to say. "A part of us will live on and in you.M We hope your future is a very successful one. Principal's MessaaeCLASS OF 60 HISTORY In the first grade, we got off to a good start. You could tell by looking at us we would become greats. A few of the shining stars were picked as kings and queens of their rooms--Jean Brown and Alan Darden. Donald Joe Robinson and Gayle Plunkett, Margie Eller, and Patsy Williams, who's now Patsy Fuell. In the second grade, we continued on the road to greatness. From the booming start, we kept on climbing, sometimes struggling, up through the grades. We finally made it to the sixth grade and graduation to high school. In the seventh we had it made! We were in high school! Keeping on the glory road, we broke records going and coming. Some of these records we set were good, some bad. Naturally we'll be remembered for the good ones. Then, another milestone-we became freshmen! Now we were beginning to make our influence felt! In the tenth grade, a few of us mighty sophs made the Beta Club, an honor that didn't last too long for some. As juniors, we put on one of the best proms ever. Then-Seniors! That long-awaited year had arrived! We made it a good one. selling more magazines than any other class in the school's history. Also, our basketball team was 3rd in the State! In these and many other ways, we set records that will be hard to excel. ioarcf of C cfucat on LEON BROCK, Chairman; BEAMON LYON. CONRAD BLACK. COLVIN COX, WILLIE LEDBETTER, JIM CHILDRESS. These are the men who make the operation of our school function properly. Their duties are often unseen and untold. We, at A. H. S., offer our gratitude. cSc 200 7rus ees Left to right. SEATED: Ed Adams, Jim Thompson, W. J. Alverson, Beamon Lyon, Superintendent. STANDING: Fred A. Bishop. M. G. Couch.fine Tlrts KATHLEEN GARRETT Home Economics B. S. MARY EMMA THOMPSON Home Arts B. S. £, cincjuacjes KITTYE THOMASON Latin and History A. B. EUNICE BOONE English A. B. JOYCE DAVIS English A. B. BELVA YORK English B. A. WANDA BEARDEN English B. S. AUSSIE SMOTHERS English and History A.B. MARIAN MOULTRIE Math and Social Studies B. S. MARTHA BIDDLE English and Social Studies B. S.MARYLENE JORDAN English B. S. MARY A. WEATHERS Social Studies B.A. Social Science AUBREY RUSH History B. S. and M. A. BOBBY GOLDEN History and Physical Ed. B. S. GORDON GARRETT Social Studies A.B. RUSSELL GIBSON English B.A.. B. S. and M. A. T. J. CHILDRESS English and Social Studies M.A. MARY JO MOORE English and Social Studies B. S. and M. S. MARGARET DAVIS English and History B. S. and M. A. History and English A.B. and M.S. S.A.JR at and Science BRENT HAMNER Math B. S. CLIFFORD BLACK Math and Science B. S. WALTER C. McINTOSH Science B. S. and M. S. JOYCE WEIR Science B. S. and M. S. P. L. COFFEY Math B. S. SUE ALLDREDGE Science B. S. and M. A. LEMONG McCOLLUM History and Math B.S. RAMAN SPARKS Math and Science B. S. HOWELL TAYLOR Math and Science B. S. VERNICE GALLOWAY Math and Science B. S.T. R. CLAYBORN Science and Math B. S. RUBY GOODWIN Math and Science B. S. JEAN HAMMONDS Math and Science MACOLM LANDERS Math and Science B. S. T hysical Cjcfucaiion WANDA SLOAN Physical Education A. B. SHANNON SLOAN Physical Education A. B. Cjommerciaf WILENA LITTLE Typing BiSraru Science ZERA COUCH Library Science B. S. Jncfustria C cfucation LESTER LANDERS Diversified Occupation B.S. Ifjricu ture H. C. GREGORY Vocational Agriculture B. S. and M. S.'Janitors We, the students of A. H. S., offer our thanks for your help and cooperation in each of the different departments. tL unc iroom toadies Jus 0 r oersC) lasses Every morning bright and early, the solemn strains of "To the Colors" could be heard floating over the area, as trumpeter Tommy Lang saluted the raising of "Old Glory. " Thus was carried on the proud tradition of flying our country's emblem, every day that the weather permitted. J‘ Cly 'prtfpry ‘1 • r PoihijBy Bawju PRESIDENT •yfcH L . SECRETARY - - r lASlriiER - -• - PARL1A MSK RlA N ' ldky White (.Not p cmeji)..CLAYBROOKE ADAMS "No man is an island entire of itself." Beta Club 4-6. Band 1-4, Science Club 5-6. Future Teachers 6. Junior Classical League 4-6, Junior Civi tans 6. Top Magazine Salesman 6. Curtis Award 6. Paper Staff 6. Annual Staff 6. SUE BAILEY "A good disposition is a gift of nature. " 4-H Club 3, May Day 4-5. WALTER BAIRD "Red-headed and kind." Football 2-3, Home Room Treasurer 2-4, Baseball 2-3. LARRY BAKER "With his winning smile and friendly eyes, he'll go a long way." Junior Civitans 6. F. T. A. 6. 4-H 1-6. 4-H Awards 4, Asbury Basketball 1-3. Baseball 2-3, Salutatorian 3. Volleyball 3. Play 1-3, Softball 1-3, Vice President of class 3. DOROTHY BARKLEY "Sincere in all her efforts. " F. H. A. 4-5, Pep Club 4, May Day 1-2-4. I MICHAEL BEARDEN "The world surely would be dull without me. " "A" Club 3-6. Football Manager 2, Football 3. F. T. A. 4-6, Science Club 5-6. Pep Club 5-6. F. F. A. 4. Pep Club President 6. Who's Who 5. Annual Staff 6, Prom Committee 5. Junior Civitans 6, Curtis Award 6. FRED BISHOP, JR. "He works at whatever he does. ” Beta Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 5-6, Paper Staff 6, Annual Staff 6, Junior Basketball 2-3, Senior Class Treasurer 6. Quill and Scroll 6. « HOMER BISHOP "Don't take life too seriously. " Football 4, Secretary of F.F. A. 4.JEAN SMITH BOULDIN "How good she is, ever fit for our highest trust." Beta Club 5. F. N.C. 3-5. Junior Classical League 5. Junior Who's Who 5. May Day 1-5. PAULA BOYD "The right boy can do wonders for me. " Pep Club 5-6, Science Club 5-6, Football Cheerleader 6. Head Basketball Cheerleader 6, Alternate Majorette 4, F. T. C. Secretary 5, Library Staff 5, Curtis Award 6, Spanish Club 4, May Day 1-2, Homecoming Float 6. Valentine Representative 6. GILMORE BRANNON "An athlete and a friend. " Football 3-6. Baseball 2-6, Basketball 3, Track 4-6, Junior Civitans 4-6. Beta Club 4-5, "A" Club 2-6, Science Club 5-6, Junior Civitans Parliamentarian. All-County 4-6, N. E.A.C. 5-6. Who’s Who 5. Curtis Award 6, Junior All-County Basketball 1-2. GLENDA BRIGHT "A girl both friend and sweet." 4-H Club 1-3, D.O. Club 6. May Day 1-3, Pep Club 4-5. ROBERT BROOKS "Silence is golden." JEAN BROWN "Politeness goes far, but costs nothing. " Class Favorite 2, Band 3-6, Sophomore Beauty 4, Junior Classical League 4-6. Beta Club 4-6. Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer 5. Band Sweetheart 5, Latin Banquet Chairman 5. Who's Who 5, Basketball Band 6. Paper Staff 5-6. Quill and Scroll 6. F. T.C. 6, Radio Club 6, Ten Top Magazine Salesman 6. (Captain). Annual Staff 6. NORMA JEAN BROWN "As carefree and happy as they come. " Office Staff 6. Curtis Award 6, Homeroom Secretary 6, Prom Committee 5. May Day 1-4. Perfect Attendance 1-4, Pep Club 6, Float Committee 6. BETTY BURGESS "So quiet she seems, so still and wise, 'til we see the twinkle in her eyes. " F. H. A. 4-5, Curtis Award 6. May Day 1-4, Office Staff 6. Homecoming Float Committee 6, Junior Homemakers Degree 4.RICHARD BUTLER "To the ladies he’s a treat; on the football field he's hard to beat. ” Football 5-6. Captain 6, N.E. A. Conference Team 6. Defensive Trophy 6. "A" Club 5-6. President 6. Junior Civitans 5-6. President 6. Junior Vice President 5. Annual Staff 6. Science Club 5-6. Golf 5. Junior Who's Who 5. LINDA CAHILL "A smile that wins, a manner that takes everywhere she goes, friends she makes. " Glee Club 2. F. N. C. 3-4, Office Staff 5-6. Pep Club 4-6. Curtis Award 6. Annual Staff 6. May Day 4-5. Prom Committee 5. F. H. A. 4. Attendance 1- 2. Honor Roll 6. Garduation Usherette 5. Float Committee 6. Spring Festival 5. TED CAMPBELL "Sometimes I sit and think, but most of the time I just sit, " Junior Basketball 2-3. Senior Basketball 4, Football 2- 6. Prom Committee 5."A" Club 3-6. Junior Civitans 5-6. Curtis Award 6. Attendance Award 1-3-5. BARBARA SMITH CALHOUN "Always a friend on every occasion. " Beta Club 3-6. Junior Classical League 3-5. May Day 2. Paper Staff 5. BRENDA CHAMBERS She has a smile for every girl--two for every boy. " Flagbearer 5-6. F. T. A. 6. Pep Club 5. May Day 4-5, 4-H Club 1-3. Homeroom Officer 2-3. I EARLENE CHAMBLEE "A good disposition is a gift of nature. " F.N.C. 3-4, Office Staff 3-6. Prom Committee 5. Curtis Award 6. Homeroom Favorite 1, 4-H Club 3. 4-H Baking Contest 3. May Day 1, Homecoming Float Committee 5. Perfect Attendance 1-5, Glee Club 2. PATRICIA CHILDRESS "To be jolly is to be happy. " F.N.C. 6, 4-H Club 1-3, May Day 1-4. JOHNNY COLLETT "A follower of the Golden Rule. "CHARLES COUCH "A man of few words and much work." Beta Club 4-6. Junior Civitans 6. Lab Assistant 6. Basketball 4. JIMMY COUCH "With a friend and a song. I'll travel along." Band 1-6. Science Club 5-6. Junior Civitans 5-6. Beta Club 4-6, All-State Band 4-6. F. T. A. 6. Lab Assistant 6. All-District Band 4-6. Most Outstanding Band Student 6. Student Band Director 6. GAIL CRAIG "How sweet and fair she seems to be. ” Homeroom Officer 1. F. H. A. Program Chairman 3-5, Homeroom Chairman 3. F. N.C. 4, Pep Club 6. F. R. A. 6. Junior Float Committee 5, Junior Nursing Auxiliary 3-4. HENRY CR1BBS "Handsome, nice, and very neat. " Band 1-6. Beta Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 6. Curtis Award 6. Beta Club Vice President 6. SID DANIEL "Work if you must, but don't work yourself to death." F. F. A. 4-5. F. F. A. Office 5. D. O. Club 6. "A" Club 5-6. ALAN DARDEN "He never meets a stranger." Football Manager 1. Football 2-6. Captain 6. All-County 5. All-N.E. A.C. 6, "A" Club 1-6, Junior Civitans 4-6. Officer 4. Beta Club 4-6. Paper Staff 5. Science Club 5. Radio Club 6. Top Ten Salesman, Captain 6. County Beta President 6. TOMMY DAVIS "Full of wit, full of fun, full of life, a happy one. " Basketball 2-4, Track 4-5, "A" Club 4-5, Junior Civitans 5-6, Secretary 6, Homeroom Chairman 1-5, Beta Club 4-6. Pep Club 6. F. T. A. 6. Annual Staff 6, Senior Vice President 6. Curtis Award 6. Quill and Scroll. MARTHA DECKER "We know nothing of tomorrow; be happy and gay today." Flagbearer 4-6. Pep Club 5-6. Science Club 5-6, F. T. A. 6. Library Staff 5-6. Curtis Award 6.JIMMY DRAIN "Remember the little things you did that you tucked away and thought were hid?" Class Favorite 5. Curtis Award 6, Prom Committee 5. F. T. A. 6. Pep Club 5-6, Treasurer 6. 4-H 1-2, "A" Club 5-6, Track 6, Basketball 1-6, GAIL DUCKETT "Friendship is a sheltering tree, " 4-H Club 1-3, May Day 1-3. MARGIE ELLER "Pleasure fills your youthful years. Drop study if it interferes. ” Pep Club 6. Beta Club 5-6. Science Club 5-6. F.T.C. 5-6. Vice President 6. Library Staff 5-6. Office Staff 6. Paper Staff 6. Annual Staff 6. Prom Decorations Chairman 5. May Day 1-2-3-5. Curtis Award 6. Second High Annual Salesman 6. ANNE EVANS "I'm not one of those who believe in love at first sight, but do believe in taking a second look. " Majorette 5-6. Paper Staff 6. Beta Club 4-6. Science Club Officer 5-6. Prom Program Chairman 5, F. T. A. 6. Junior Classical League 6. Curtis Award 6, Top Magazine Salesman 6. Spring Festival 5, May Day 4. Office Staff 4. CAROLYN ELROD No Picture BARBARA FRACHISEUR "Behind those beautiful eyes lies much mischief. " Pep Club 5-6. Football Cheerleader 6. Basketball Cheerleader 6. May Day 1. PATSY WILLIAMS FUELL Homeroom Officer 1-2-4. Band 1-4, Beta Club 4, Spanish Club 6, Curtis Award 6. NANCY GIFFORD "The best things come in small packages. " Albertville School Curtis Award 6. Cleveland School 4-H Club 1-3. F. H. A. Degree 4. Junior Play 5, Beta Club 5. . EDNA EARL GLASSCO "Life, what art thou without love?" Office Staff 6. May Day 1-4, F. H. A. Degree 4, F. H. A. Officer 4. Curtis Award 6. Prom Committee 5.ELIZABETH GOODMAN "Her Future is planned third finger, left hand.” 4-H Club 1-2. F. H.A. 3. Beta Club 4-6. Office Staff 5. Library Staff 5-6. May Day 4. Paper Staff 2-6. Curtis Award 6. CLYDE GREGORY "Teachers and classrooms are my only objections to education." Class Favorite. Ala. State Spelling Champion 1-2, Beta Club 4-6. Science Club 5-6. Pep Club 5-6. "A" Club 6. Junior Classical League 4-6, Latin Club 4-6. Homeroom Chairman 1, Escort to Homecoming Queen 6. Curtis Award 6. Quill and Scroll 6. Junior Civitans 6. Annual Staff 6. Senior Class President 6. MOZELL GUNTER "A smile goes a long, long way. ” 4-H Club 1-3, May Day 1-2-4. LILA RUTH HUDGINS "Considerate, dependable and kind.” Who's Who 1. May Day 2-4. F. H.A. 4-5, Junior Homemakers Degree 4. Attendance Award 1-2-3-5. F. T. A. 5-6. Treasurer 6. Curtis Award 6, Devotional Committee 5. FRED HASTY Blessed is the man who invented sleep. SARAH HARRIS "Silence is golden." LAURA JENKINS "If only I were a princess. " Pep Club 4-5, May Day 3-4-5. Class Secretary 2, Song Leader 1-3. NEAL JOHNSON "A friend indeed to someone in need." Albertville - Beta Club 4, 4-H Oratorical Contest 1-6, B’ham News Oratorical Contest 6, 4-H Achievement Award 5. Asbury - 4-H Club 1-3, Basketball 1-3, Class President 3, Junior Class Play 3. Boy Scouts 1-3. May Day 1-3.CHARLOTTE JOLLEY "What you don't know, you can always learn." Beta Club 4-6. Pep Club 4-6. Science Club 5. Prom Committee 5. May Day 1-5, F. H. A. 4, F. T. A. 6. Annual Staff 6. 3rd Highest Annual Salesman 6. Float Committee 6. Curtis Award 6. PATSY JONES "The verb 'To Help' is the most beautiful verb in the world." F.T. A. 6. F. H. A, 4-5, Historian 4-5. National Lenox Contest Winner 4-5. Curtis Award 6. Annual Staff 6. Junior Who's Who 5. May Day 2. 4-H Club 2. Prom Committee 5. SIDNEY KIRK "School is all right when there is nothing else to do." CAROLYN LANG "A heart with room for every joy." Beta Club 4-6, F. H. A. 4, Paper Staff 6, May Day 3. LAVON LANG "Talented, studious, and respected. " Band 1-6. "A" Club 6. Junior Civitans 6. Beta Club 4-6. All-State Band 3-6. Science Club 5-6. Homeroom President 6. Baseball 5-6. Beta Club President 6. Science Club 1st Vice President 5. Junior Who's Who 5. Marching Maniacs 6. All-District Band 2-6, Assistant Director Band 5, Top 10 Magazine Salesman 6. TOMMY LANG "Lover is my middle name. " Band 1-6, 2nd Alternate in district 6, Lolo trot. 6, Band 1-6, 2nd Alternate in district 6. Solo trot. 6. Marching Maniacs 6. Played Trumpet for Raising of Flag 6. Basketball Band 6. May Day 5. Track 5-6. Junior High Basketball 1, Baseball 6. Pep Club 5-6. Ten Top Magazine Salesman 6. BILLY JACK LESTER "A happy-go-lucky fellow." Science Club 5-6. Beta Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 6. SHERRY LONG "Good qualities need no advertising. " Beta Club 4-6. Majorette 5-6. A. H. S. Sweetheart 4. F. T. A. 6, Paper Staff 6, Science Club 5, Prom Committee 5, Curtis Award 6, May Day 1-5, Pep Club 5-6.SUE LONG "Always a friend, never an unkind word." 4-H Club 1-2, Pep Club 4, F. H. A. 4-6. May Day 1-6. LYNN LUTHER "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Beta Club 4-6, Science Club 5-6. F. T. A, 6. Junior Civitans 6. Junior Classical League 4-6, President 5, Alabama Press Representative 6, American Legion Boys' State 6. Co-Editor Paper 5, Editor Paper 6, Curtis Award 6. Ten Top Magazine Salesman 6. JANICE LYLES "She’s little but she's wise; she's a terror for her size. " Beta Club 4-6, Treasurer Beta Club 6. F. H. A. Officer 5, Annual Staff 6. Paper Staff 6, Office Staff 6. Curtis Award 6. D. A. R. Good Citizen 6. F. H. A. Degree 5, Senior Class Secretary 6. F. N.C. 3, May Day 1-4-5, Homeroom Officer 3-6. TYRA MASSEY "A smile to greet everyone. " Beta Club 6. F. T. A. 6. F.N.C. 3-4-6, May Day 3. Pep Club 6. BARBARA MALTB1E "Friendly to all; hostile to none; always jolly and full of fun." Beta Club 4-6, F. H. A. Degrees. Officer 5, Annual Staff 6. Paper Staff 6. School Reporter 6. Homemaker of Tomorrow 6. Oratorical Contest 6. Library Staff 6. Curtis Award 6. May Day 1-4-5, Quill and Scroll 6. EARL MATTHEWS "An honest man is the noblest work of God. " Science Club 5-6. Pep Club 6. Junior High Basketball 2-3. linda McCauley "A heart as light as a blossom in June. " May Day 1-4, F. H. A. Degree 4. Curtis Award 6. jerry McClendon "If girls interfere with your work, quit work. " Homeroom Officer 1-3, Class Favorite 3, Junior Basketball 1-3, Junior Civitans 5-6. Science Club 5. "A" Club 5-6. junior Who's Who 5. senior Basketball 4-6. Baseball 4-6. Track 4. Song Leader 4-6.ELBERT MED LOCK "Be silent and safe; silence never betrays you. " D.O. Club 6. CAROLYN MILLER "Never too busy to speak. " 4-H Club 1, Future Nurses' Club 3-4-6, Pep Club 6, F. T. A. 6. May Day 3. SANDRA MINOR "What's mine is yours, and what is yours is mine." 4-H Club 1-3, Pep Club 4. F. T. A. May Day 1-4, Curtis Award 6. Pep Club Representative 4, F. H. A. 4-5. F. H. A. Officer 5. NED MITCHELL "He's quiet but you always know he's there." MARIE MITCHELL "Her face is fair; her heart is gay. She has a merry, winning way." May Day 1-3-5, Football Cheerleader 1. Valentine Attendants, Majorette 4-6, Pep Club 4-6, F. H. A. Degree 5, Junior Class Beauty 5. Homeroom Officer 1-3-4-6, Curtis Award 6, Spanish Club 3. BERNARD MOORE "There ain't no use in all this strife to study, study all through life." Football 2, Football Manager 3. Song Leader 4-6. LINDA MOORE "Many a smile and never a worry." DONNY MORRIS "Friendly, studious, and an all around person. " Homeroom Officer 5-6, Curtis Award 6. Basketball 3. Beta Club 6, Who's Who 5.ROBERT MORTON "The elevator of success is not running so I'll take the stairs. " Beta Club 4-6. Junior Civitans 6. Science Club 5. Football 3, Baseball 6, Homeroom President 1-3, Pep Club 6. ANNE NEWBY "Honor is her standard, perfection is her goal. " "A" Honor Roll 3-4-6. Beta Club 4-6. F. N.C. 2-3, Paper Staff 5, Annual Staff 5-6. F. T. C. 6, Library Staff 6. B'ham News Oratorical Winner 6. May Day 1 -4. Pep Club 4, Science Club 5, Junior Who's Who 5. Spanish Club 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Curtis Award 6, Senior Roll Call 5. Quill and Scroll 6. JOAN OGLE "Dark eyes sparkling like a gem, we find naught in her to condemn. " Beta Club 4-6, Office Staff 6. May Day 1-4, Oratorical Contest 6. Prom Committee 5, "B" Honor Holl 4-6. GLENDA OWENS "It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Office Staff 6. May Day 1-4, F.H. A. Degree 4, Officer 4. Curtis Award 6. DONALD PAYNE "Where you find work, you'll find Donald—elsewhere. " HUGH PELL "We have crossed the bay, the ocean lies before us." GAYLE PLUNKETT "She's true to her work, her word, and her friends. " Class Favorite 1, Beauty 3, Who's Who 5, Latin Banquet Emcee 5. Cheerleader Basketball 1-5, Football 5, Captain 6. Beta Club 4-5, County Secretary 6, J. C. L. 4- 6. F.H. A. Presidents. Paper Staff 5, Annual Staff 5. Editor 6, Civitan Oratorical Winner 1, District Winner 2-3, B'ham News Oratorical, County Winner 6. Ten Top Magazine Salesman. Captain 6, Pep Club 5- 6. Spring Festival Narrator 5, Quill and Scroll 6. JOYCE POPE "Ways of pleasantness, ways of peace. " F.H. A. 4. 4-H Club 1, May Day 1-4.THOMAS RAINS "A taste for sports, an eye for a maid, never too bold, never afraid." Basketball 4-6, All-County 4-6, All-District 4-6, All-Sand Mountain 5-6, AU-N.E.A. 5-6, Football 6, Track 4-6, Baseball 4-6, President Junior Class 5, Beta Club 4-6, Junior Who's Who 5, Sophomore Favorite 4, Junior Civitans 5-6, "A" Club 4-6, Band 1-4, GLENN RICE "Many a smile and never a worry." Beta Club 4-5, Science Club 5, Band 2-6, Track 4, D. 0. Club 6, Oratorical Finalist 2. MICHAEL RIGSBY "Better to be small and shine than tall and cast a shadow." Curtis Award 6, Beta Club 4-6, Junior Civitans 6. RICHARD RIVES "No matter what others may be, he's always himself. " Junior Civitans 6. Curtis Award 6. LARRY ROBERSON "Good things should be enjoyed." Junior Football and Basketball 1, Vice President Class 2. Baseball 2. Swimming Team 2. Vice President of Homeroom 6. Prom Committee 5. Graduation Usher 5. JUANZETTA ROBERTS "A fun loving gal with energy plus—she's really loved by all of us. " Who's Who 5, F.T.A. 6, Majorette 5-6, Flag Bearer 4, F. N.C. 4, May Day 1-2, Pep Club 5-6, 4-H Club 2, Science Club 5, Radio Club 6. Homeroom Secretary 6, Prom Committee 5. LINDA ROBERTS "Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm." Basketball Cheerleader 4, May Day Program 4-5, Student Director 5. Prom Committee 5, Top Annual Salesman 6. F.T.A. 6. Office Staff 6. Homecoming Float 6. Pep Club 4-6, Science Club 5, 4-H Club 1-2. BUDDY ROBISON "My motto is to laugh and be gay." Junior Basketball Cheerleader, Pep Club 3, F. T. A. 1, Beta Club 1, Science Club 1.DONALD ROBINSON "Please let me live 'cause I’m having such a good time." Basketball 2-3, Manager 4-5, Track 4-6, Pep Club 6. Attendance Award 1-6, Curtis Award 6. Basketballs. "A" Club 5-6, Devotional Chairman 1-2, Oratorical Winner 2-3, Graduation Usher 5, Prom Committee. JIMMY RODGERS "He's industrious we can't deny, he'll reach the top by and by. " Beta Club 4-6. Track 4, Baseball 5-6, Curtis Award 6. CAROL SANDERS "If she doesn't find a way, she will make one. " Beta Club 4-6, Secretary 6. Paper Staff 5-6. Radio Club 6. F. T. A. 6, F. H. A. 4. President 4. Attendant 4, Office Staff 6, May Day 3, Graduation Usherette 5, Curtis Award 6. JOYCE SILVEY "A kind word for everyone. " Cheerleader Football 4-5. Basketball 5. Beta Club 4-6, Paper Staff 4-5. Homecoming Attendant 4, Junior Who's Who 5. F. H.A. 6. Officer 6. Radio Club 6. F. T. A. 6. Junior Classical League 5, Pep Club 5-6. Science Club 5, Prom Committee 5, Spring Festival 5. DOUGLAS SMITH "Partaking of life freely. " May Day 1, Perfect Attendance 1-2, Football 2-3. Football 3-5. LARRY SMITH "I haven't a worry in the world. " Basketball 2-3. Attendance Award 1-2, Baseball 3. Curtis Award 6. Pep Club 6. Treasurer 6. Prom Committee 5. MARTHA SMITH "Always laughing, never sad, sometimes naughty, but never bad. " Homecoming Attendant 5, Homecoming Queen 6. Pep Club 5-6, May Day 1-2, 4-H Club 1-3, Junior Favorite 5, Science Club 5. HOWARD SNELLINGS "An independent soul. " F. F. A. 4-5, Curtis Award 6.JOYCE STANFORD "A voice of gladness and a smile worth while.” 4-H Club 2-4, Pep Club 5-6. RODNEY STATON "Pleasure fills your youthful years. Drop your studies if they interfere." ANN STEPHENS "The kind you like to be with." Pep Club 4. Curtis Award 6. May Day Program 4-5, Prom Committee 5. Graduation Usherette 5. SANDRA STEVENS "A little girl with big words. " Future Nurses' Club 4. Reporter 4. President 5. Junior Classical League 4-6, Curtis Award 6, Beta Club 4-6, Paper Staff 6. Science Club 5-6. Who's Who 5. Future Teachers of America 4-5, Program Chairman 6. Top Ten Magazine Salesman 6, Future Homemakers of America 3. EDWIN SWORDS "Common sense is not a common thing. " F.F.A. 4-5, F.F.A. Secretary 5. County Champion Corn Grower 5. NICKY SWORDS "Never trouble trouble, 'til trouble troubles you." 4-H Club 1-2. F.F.A. 4. D. O. 5-6, Mr. D. O. 5. Vice President D.O. 6. MAX TEAL "He's true to his work his word and his friends. " 4-H Club 1-4. Science Club 5. PHIL THOMASON "Little we think, less we do, isn't it funny how we pull through?" "A" Club 2-6, 4-H Club Officer 2-4, Band 3-6. D.O. Club Officer 5, Curtis Award 6.ELI VANDERGRIFF "A friend indeed. ” 4-H Club 1-3, May Day 1, Football 3-4. LINDA WASHAM "Where there's a will, there's a way." F. T. A. 6, Curtis Award 6. Homeroom Chairman 1-2. Office Staff 6. Pep Club 4-6, Radio Club 6. Annual Staff 6. F. N.C. 3-6. Vice President 3-5, Secretary 4, President 6. May Day 4-5, Miss Future Nurse 4-5, Devotional Chairman 5. EVELYN WILLIS "Life is a game to her. " 4-H Club 1. F.N.C. 3-5, Treasurer 4, F.H.A. 4-5, Curtis Award 6, May Day 1-4. BUTCH WILSON "A little slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned." 4-H Club 1-2. Vice President 2, D.O. Club 6, Secretary D. O, Club 6. RICKY WHITE "Say little and do much; meet everyone with a smile." 4-H Club 1-2. Vice President 2. F. T. A. 6, Track 2-6. Basketball 4-6, Paper Staff 6. Beta Club 5-6. "A" Club 4-6, Treasurer 6, Junior Classical League 4- 6, Senior Class Parliamentarian 6, Junior Civitans 5- 6, Junior High Basketball 3, State Track Meet 3. Who's Who 5, Science Club 5. JAMES WHITLOCK "Carefree as a breeze. " F.F. A. 6. Vice President 6. Curtis Award 6. BOBBY RAY WRIGHT "What he wants to get out of school is himself." 4- H Club 1-3, Basketball 3-6, Pep Club 6, May Day 5, Vice President of Sophomore Class 4. KENNTH YOUNG "If at first you don't succeed—oh, well skip it. " Football 6. "A" Club 6, Curtis Award 6, Pep Club 5- 6, May Day 5.SHERMAN SOUTH "Thinking is but an idle waste of time." Curtis Award 6. Basketball 5-6, Pep Club 4-6. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES FAYE EDMONDSON "The gentle mind by gentle deeds." HELEN HATLEY "Always a smile, never a worry.’ CAROL JOHNSON "A good laugh is sunshine in the house. 4-HClub. F. H.A. Song Leader, Devotional Chairman in Homeroom. JUDY MATHIS "As carefree as the breeze. " 4-H Club, Future Nurses', F.H. A., May Day, Pep Club. LINDA SMITH "The kindest words she tries to say." Future Nurses' Club 3, May Day 3. JOE WALDEN "Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you."Seniors’ (Jas unyton rip The White House Mount Vernon 1 1 m Tombs of the Unknown Jean and her crew Is it early or late? BUDDY-A baby yetKENNETH ADAMS SHERMAN ARNOLD SHERRON ARNOLD HELEN BAIRD CAROLYN BEARD OLIVIA BEARDEN JIMMY BECK DON BENTLEY JEAN BISHOP JEANETTE BOBO JANICE BONDS LEMONT BOULDIN ANNETTE BOYD TOMMY BOYD GLENDA BRIDGES HAZEL BRIGHT SUE BRIGHT CAROL BROTHERS GERALDINE BROTHERS GARY CAMP JERRY CAMP BENNY CAIN FRANCES CAIN BRENDA CENTERS TOM CHANDLER JERRY CHASTAIN NORA CLEMONS ROSEMARY COBY J. ANN COCHRAN JOHNNY COCHRANBRENDA COFIELD REBECCA COOK REBA COOLEY GAIL COOPER STEVE COOPER ANGELYN CREEL DON CROFT BRIAN CROWE DAVID CRYAR THOMAS CRYAR LARRY CULLOM WALLY DALRYMPLE BILLY DAVIS TOMMY DAVIS MICKEY DECKER JOHNNY DENHAM HELEN DOOLEY FRANK DUCKETT JOE DUCKETT HAROLD DUNN JOE DUNSEITH LINDA DURAN BARBARA EASON CAROL EASON FAYE EDMONSON LINDA ELLER GLENDA ELLISOR FRANCES FARROW MAXINE GAUTNEY CAROL GIBSONPAT GILLIAN DIANE GOLDEN BRENDA GREEN KAREN GREER BARBARA GUNTER HELEN HACKNEY JIMMY HAMBRICK BOBBY HARPER GARY HARPER HELEN HATLEY JOHNNY HAYNIE MACK HEAD TEDDY HEAD PEGGY HELTON JANICE HICKS GREGG HODGES LARRY HOLDER J. B. HOLSOMBACK KERMIT HUGHES SAMMY JACKSON CAROL JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON "BUBS" JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSON BRENDA JOINER PHILLIP JOLLEY DEAN JONES KEITH JORDAN JIMMY JUSTICE MICHAEL JUSTICEROCHELLE JUSTICE JOHNNY KARR JERRY KITTLE EDDIE LANG TOMMIE JO LAY BEN LEVIE RONALD LINDSEY GARY LONG MARGIE LONG GLENDA LUMPKIN RUTH LYLES JEANETTE MALTBIE JOAN MALTBIE SUSAN MARLOW MARGARET MARONEY NORENE MASTERS JANUE MARTIN JOHN MAY JUDY MAYO LINDA JONES glenda McClendon pat McKee Stanley McClendon sue mckee DONALD McCAFFERY GLENDA MINOR ANTHONY MOORE JUDY MOORE MICKEY MOORE TONY MOOREOSCAR MORGAN LUCILLE MOTLEY WYNELL MURPHY CAROL NICHOLS ED NIXON CHARLOTTE OLIVER DON PANKEY ELIZABETH PARRISH GARY PEARSON PAT PHILLIPS WYNN PHILLIPS JIMMY PIERCE PATSY PIERCE JIMMY PLUNKETT LEE POTTS THOMAS RAGSDALE FRED RAINS TERRY RAINS JANE REED JIMMY NEAL REED JANICE REAVES JUDY RHODARMER BARBARA RICHARDS GINGER RICHEY JIMMY RICHEY GERALD RIGSBY JANIE RIVES BUDDY ROBISON JIMMY ROBISON JOHNNY SANDERSJO ANN SILAS DONNO SIMS MARSHA SKELLEY DAISY SKINNER GAIL SMITH LINDA SMITH LYNN SMITH MAX SMITH RONALD SMITH SARAH G. SMOTHERS DON SNIDER EDWIN SNIDER RAY SNIDER JUDITH SPURGEON GARY STANFIELD LINDA STANFIELD CHARLES STANLEY ROSIE LEE STEPHENS RONALD STEWART KAY STEWART MARIE STRICKLAND AARON STONE KENNETH STONE PHIL STONER DAVID TERRELL JIMMY TERRELL LINDA TURNER GARY THOMAS TERRY THOMAS JOYCE VAUGHNFAY WILSON REBECCA WILSON DOUGLAS WOOD NANCY WOODHAM BONNIE WOODS JUNE WRIGHT BILLY YORK JANE YORK JOE WALDEN BUDDY WEAVER HELEN WHITMIRE cSop i 20 mo res Jerry Adams Patricia Alexander Betty Allen Billy A Iverson Diane Armstrong James Baird Gwen Ball Annett Barkley Brenda Beam Charles Bearden Gary Benefield Jimmy Biddle Jannell Blackmon Eddie Bopp Richard Bouldin Pudge Brown Max Bryant Joyce Buchanan Charles Burgess Terry Canady Billy Camp Jimmy Camp Patsy Camp Wendell Canady Dale Centers Dale Boyd Wayne Brewer Glenda Bridges John L. Bright Jackie BrooksLouise Chamblee Glenda Charles Linda Charles Becky Childress Phyllis Childress Barbara Clark Ty Cobb Douglas Cochran Pat Colvin Sherry Colvin Ann Couch Bobby Darnell Jeannie Davis Kay Davis Mary Diviney Johnny Dollar Martha Duckett Sherry Bason Elbert Easterling Jimmy Ennis Billy Farris Carl Fields Syble Forbus Patricia Forrester Linda Gardner Ray Garrett Elizabeth Gentry Ray George Joe German J. T. Griffith Mary Ellen Griffith Hope Guice Bruce Haney Brenda Hatley Roger HarperCarl Harris Patricia Harris Patsy Harris Bonnie Henderson Homer Henderson Don Holcomb Denverd Holbrooks Virginia Hudgins Brenda Jackson Dane Johnson Rebecca Johnson Dorothy Joiner Jerry Kytle Brenda Jolley Genell Jones Bill Keller Judy King Clotill Kirtland Herman Knight Bonnie Lacy Miust Freddy Lang Glenyce Landers Daniel Ledbetter Harold Lesley Peggy Lindsey Billy Little Don Livingston Billy Lovell Donald Mann Carolyn Malone Marcella Maltbie Douglas Masters Peggy Matthews Bobbie Mayes Jo Ann McCauleyBetty McClendon Martha McCoy Johnny McGee Bill Morton Dorothy Matthews Ann Miller Faye Miller Terry Morton Barnard Moore Carol Moore David Moore Steve Moore Wynell Murphy Richard Nelms Johnny Dale Parris Franklin Painter Linda Pearce Billy Jean Peppers Dorothy Piper Irby Powell David Prance Joe Pruett Dana Rains Sarah Rains Douglas Regan Barbara Rhoden Larry Richey Jackie Riddle O'Dean Riddle William Robinson Johnny Roden Mary Rodgers Annette Roe Harold Rogers' Richard SegersJerry Scarborough Wendell Simmons Byron Smith Jane Smith Jimmy Smith Jerry Snellings Carolyn Stephens Stanley Strange Janice Swords Brenda Taft Janice Teal Benny Tidwell James Townson Venning Trammell Diane Trussell Anne Turner David Waldrop Jimmy Walker Lane Warren Lannette Weathers Irene Weaver Betty White Barbara Williams Tommy Williams Teddy Williams Anthony Wilkerson Taylor Williamson Byron Willis Samuel Wilson Jerry Tidwillfreshmen Jean Bailey John Barnard Mary Beasley Peggy Beaird Lana Benefield Danny Bentley Patricia Bolton William Brooks Gaynell Brown Johnny Brown Sandra Brown Orson Browning Roger Buchanon Jimmy Butler Martha Casey Cheryl Christian Janet Coby Barbara Coe Jerry Cofield Essie Colquitt Floyd Compton Louie Cooper Pamela Crowe Danny Cryar Danny Davis Jimmy Davis Denny Dean Junior Dick Van Dickie Billy DobbinsJudy Doster Jean Duckett Gary Dwight Neal Ennis Harvey Eubanks Betty Ferguson Jerry Floyd Ray Floyd Gerald Fuller Jerry Fuller Gerald Gardner Max Garrett Sherry Garrett Mickey Gifford Nelson Goodwin Mack Gore Judy Grant Carolyn Grant Judith Gregory Shirley Gunnells Carolyn Ham Richard Hard Jimmy Harris Roger Hart Ann Haynie Nalda Sue Heaton Hugh Heaton Barbara Henry Cheryl Heptinstall Judy Hill Dale Horton Mary Hudgins Sharon Hutchins Verndale Ingram Ruby Jo JimmersonBrenda Johnson Gail Joiner Jimmie Jones Trisha Ann Jones Gary Jolley Charles Jordan Lyle Kitchen Shirley Lacey Barbara Lambert Mary Elaine Lang John Neal Lavender Ida Lou Lawson Larry Lester Nora Ellen Long Gloria Lovelady Glenda Lovell Jane Lumpkin Dennis Lusk Hazel Mahan Charlotte Mayfield David Mayo Ronnie McCamy Billy Ray McCullars Glenn McDaniel Johnny Mclrvin Margaret Mitchell Barney Moon Marlon Moon Mary Moor Billy Moore Joyce Moore Susan Moore Junior Morgan Bill Morrow Roger MorrowVida Mae Morrow Mac Nelson Douglas Nicholson Virginia Ogle Sammie Ogle Doris Patterson Polly Patterson Barbara Payne Mona Kay Phillip Mary Elizabeth Pierce Autry Pinson Sherrill Pinson Ray Poe Michael D. Pritchett Clyde Rains James Ray Brenda Reaves Dennis Hugh Richey Gloria Roberts Charles H. Rogers Donald Richard Rogers .Frances Rogers James Sampson Jimmy Scott Carl Walker Segars Clyde Dalton Smith Dan Howell Smith Lovella Carolyn Smith Michael Thomas Smith John Stancil Sara Ann Stanfield Brenda Stevens Cheryl J. Stewart Linda Jean Stewart Neil StephensJoe Wayne Striplin Donald Swords Joe Swords Jo Ann Thrasher Tommy Trammell Dean Nola Treece Linda Upton Richard Upton Morris Valentine Billy Vandergriff Joyce Waldrop Billy Wallace Sandra June Wallace Zane Jimmy Walley Randall Walls Terry Washam Myra Weathers Linda Faye Weaver Ray Webster Gary Westbrooks Donald Wilkerson Rebecca Wilson Charlice Wolfe Janice Woodham Martha Wright Ronald York Randy Burke Hoyt LightCarolyn Adams Bennett Alford Janice Allen Bob A1 verson Phillip Amos Michael Anderson Cynthia Bailey Cathy Baird Tommy Barkley Jimmy Bearden Barbara Beasley L. C. Beasley Johnny Belue Jimmy Benson Jo Ann Berry (C ij it i (Jracfe Tommy Biddle Etta Bobo Hazel Boen Patricia Bowen Alton Bright Gary Brown Patricia Brown Brenda Brooks Janice Bruce Jerry Cagle Janie Camp Wanda Camp Ann Carter Garland Caudle Bobby Champion Leslie Chastain Clinton Cheek Delaine Cheek Elizabeth Childers Tyrone Clines Brenda Cochran Charlotte Cochran Martha Coffey Dale Cofield Patricia Cofield Fay Nell Cole Tommy Cole Carolyn Collier Hobson Colvin Jimmy ColvinBetty Cook Carol Cook Rita Cornelius Chella Courington Barbara Cribbs Sue Currie Barbara Cryar Robert Davidson Jimmy Davis Jean Davis Neeysa Davis Patricia Dendy Richard Denham Robert Diveny Opal Dixon Annie Dorsett Truman Duckett Margaret Dunn Melvin Durran Ellen Elgin Ginger Eller Mavorine Ennis Paul Ennis Jane Evans Ernest Farmer Kenny Farmer Betty Floyd Donna Forrester Pat Frachiseur Charles Fricks David Gallman Michael Galloway Gerald Gary Rayburn Gardner Jo Ann Gibson Margaret Gibson James Gilley, Jr. Lovell Gilliland Charles Greer Carey Griffith Kyle Gunnells Larry Gunter Martha Hall Ralph Hard Clara Harris Linda Hatley Maricea Hayes Kenneth Hems Gayle Hendrix John Hodges 0La Dema Holcomb Brenda Holder Kay Hubbard Dot Willene Hudgins James Hughes June Hunt Nina Faye Hunt Michael Hutchins Kenneth Jenkins Linda Jenkins Lula Jennings Margaret Johnson Tommy Johnson Clarence Johnston Jr. Ann Joiner Brenda Jones Carl Jones Charles Jones Enell Jones Rebecca Sue Jones Rebecca Jane Jordan Wiley Jordan Janice Justice Sammie Kelley Janice Kennedy Barbara Kiker Tommy Dirby Oscar Knight George Ed Lang Glenda Lang Karen Lang Randell Lang Wilson Lang Jr. Sadie Mae Lee Ann Lem aster Betty Lemaster Brenda Light Lawrence Long Jerry Lowery Sue Lumpkin Barry Luther Pamela Martin Barry Massey Belinda Massey Nancy May Jerry McCreless Hayward McNeal Randy McPherson George Ray Miller Linda MilliganKathy Millwood Larry Millwood Gary Minor Jerry Mitchell John Moman Michael Montgomery Gail Moon Wayne Morris Earl Morton Pauline Naylor Martha Nesmith Ronnie Noblitt Jennie Lee Norris Linda Ogle Floease Oliver J. B. Oliver Jerry Oliver Linda Patterson Freda Pearce Lynda Pell Peggy Pierce Sandra Pointer Floyd Powell Judy Powell Linda Powell Patricia Powell Glenda Pruitt Barbara Ragsdale Diane Rathburn Sarah Rousey Earl Rigsby Brenda Rives Jane Ellen Roberts John Robinson David Roe Lula Mae Saint Johnny Sampson Lynda Scarbrough James Segars Brenda Shell Don Shellhorse Ponald Simpson Judy Ann Sims Betty Skinner Delories Slaton James Spurgin Brenda Smith Irvin Smith James Smith Patricia SmithSandra Smith Pat South Roy Stanfield Bonnie Stewart Nelda Stewart Gerald Swords Patricia Teague Charlotte Teal Wayne Thomason Chella Thomason Larry Thomason Tommy Thompson Linda Thrasher Janice Tidmore Catherine Traylor James Traylor Lamar Turner Marquita Upton Tomi Upton Kerry Voss Malcom Volentine Jesse Washington Patricia Watwood Charles Weaver Lucretia Wilks Don Williams Glenda Willmore Jimmy Wilson Rose Mary Woodhamc5 even Gilda Abney Paul Ayers Wayne Baird Sandra Barclay Brenda Barnett Donald Baugh Betty Beam Rita Beam Ray Beard Sally Beasley Jimmy Beckman Gary Befort Jordan Befort Dorothy Bell Michael Benefield Martha Benson Rayburn Berry Benny Bishop Kathy Bishop Tran Blackmon Terry Boatwright Jimmy Bolton Sandra Bonds Brenda Brewer David Brewer Wanza Brewer Elton Bright Felton Bright Flora Mae Brooks Danny Brown Kay Brown Virginia Browning Linda Byrant Charles Buckelew Susan Buckelew Earl Burbank Peggy Burke Dale Burgett Johnny Burnett Randell Burns Martha Bynum Brenda Gail Cagle Charlotte Caldwell Lorretta Camp Carolyn CampbellLadon Canady Ronald Canfield Betty Jean Carnes Hugh Carter Jerome Chafin Joe D. Chandler Grady Charles Janet Chavers Gerald Christian Johnnie Ruth Christian Karen Christian Gloria Ann Childers Darrell Childress Claretta Clark Gary Cochran Jack Cochran Linda Cochran Melbe Cofield Brenda Joyce Collett Dorothy Colley Joe Bill Cooley Margaret Cooper Mike Cooper Robert Copeland Donald Couch Wayne Craig Randall Creel Janice Crittenden Michael Crow Ann Crowe Mary Ann Crowe Ruth Crowe Neil Crump Donald Currie James Currie Ronald Currie Brenda Dalrymple Brenda Davis Ruby Jo Davis Floyd Dean John Neal Dean Eugene Deerman Elizabeth Denham Jon Denney Robert Dick Diane Dobbins Bobbie Donald Rebecca Dooly Marilyn Dooly Glenda DuckettFrank Duke 11a Jean Duke Janet Dutton Jimmy Dye Julia Eason Edwin Edmondson Mack Edmondson Paulette Ennis David Evans Shelby Farmer Verbon Farmer Brenda Floyd Judy Floyd Danny Forbus Adna Garrett Judy Garvin Allan Gentry Judy George Tommy Gibson Dorothy Glover James Goggans Carolyn Goodwin Orville Goodwin Brenda Gray Linda Griffith Harvey Grindle Sheron Grizzard Barbara Guinn Patsy Gunnells Edward Gunter I Charlotte Hagood Kay Hale John Ham Randy Hammonds Lemuel Haney Mary Hard Larry Harper Ernest Harris Nancy Jo Hasty Ronald Hayes Travis Heaton Brian Henry Leonard Henry Audley Higgins Royden Higgins Rebecca Holder Willard Holder James Holsomback Joe Holsomback Michael HudsonBrenda Hunt Randell Jerrell Annie Sue Johnson Harold Johnson Phillip Johnson Myra Joiner Linda Jolley Patricia Jolley Leon Jones Wayne Jordan Janice Justice Mack Kaylor Latain Kelley Jane King Myra Kytle Jimmy Lacey Marcia Lacy Marsha Lambert Verbon Lancaster Vivian Landers Katherine Lathan Martha LeCroy Linda Lindsey Mark Livingston Judy Fay Long Dewayne Lovell Shirley Lovell Diane Lowden Shirra Lowery Delores Lucas Jan Lumpkin Sherry Lyles Johnny Lynn Shyrone Maddox Linda Mae Mark Max Maltbie Wayne Maltbie Roger Maness Claudia Matthews Mike Matthews Jimmy McClendon Mary Lee McCollum Darlene McGuire Phillip McNeal Laura Ann McPherson Warren Messer Wayne Mikel Gary Minor Judah Minor Wanda Masters■ Marie Minor Eddie Mitchell Paschel Moon Jan Moore Pat Moor Tommy Moor Mary Lee Moore Mary Morgan Gail Morton Larry Mosley Martha Ellen Moultrie Gerron Nichalson Donny Norman David Ogle Linda Ogle Dorothy Oliver Jerry Ray Oliver Margaret Owens Dale Parrish Judith Patterson Tommy Patterson David Payne Margaret Pell Patsy Peppers Malinda Peters Pat Phillips Mike Pierce John Poe Paul Price Harvey Pritchett Margaret Pritchett Ann Ramsey Nalda Ragsdale Harold Reagan Wayne Rice Jack Richey Martha Robinson Patsy Robinson Randy Roe Adene Rogers Michael Rogers Norman Rogers Peggy Rogers Doyal Russell Helen Russell Lewis Russell Douglas Segars Jane Segars Barbara Shell Carl Shireyam Emma Shirey Oneal Sims Ernest Skaggs Shannon Skelley Tony Smith Bennet Smothers Norman Spears Larry Spratling James Stanfield Rebecca Stephens Tony Stepleton Donnie Stewart Jimmy Stewart Diane Stevens Dennis Stone Myra Strange Johnny Striplin A. L. Swords Gerald Swords Kenneth Swords Sandra Swords Jimmy Terrell Joyce Thomas Sandra Thomas Elizabeth Thompson Kaye Thompson Beverly Trussell M. J. Tucker Bobbie Vaughn Mary E. Vaughn Johnnie Vaughn Travis Vaughn Jerry Vaughn Betty A. Veal Winston Walker Randall WaUace Boise Webb Carl Whitlock Linda Whitmire rrsaia Wilfcersoa Denver Wilkerson Keadall Williamson Scat Williams Scsald Willis Terry Willoughby Diane Winkles rdcrest Wolf Patricia Carolyn York GLea Tongc SnapshotsTiJe, the staff of “ the ZZlountaineer; dedi- cate this our 1960 annua to the fine citizens an dfaculty of IIt ertui Ze f ighi Schooh do the citizens w io haoe so who ehearted y supported us in our many, many undertakings, we say, u dhanhs. v do tdie businessmen of our town w 20 yaoe us t ie muc i neededfi-nancia assistance in tdie production of this annuaf we offer our sincere yratitude. J)e wou d a so pay tribute to our facu ty which we thin is the greatest in the state. Jhey have done an exce Zent fob of preparing us for our Zife ’s worh. Ihvays we wi Z re me m be r our Zi in d and hehpfuZ te a chers when we thinh of our wonderfuhhigh schooh days.Slciwities The students of old AHS are a busy group, indeed. All kinds of activities are going on nearly all the time. There are sports year-round, numerous clubs, the band, the school paper, the annual, picture making, and of course, the most important activity -studying. On the social side, there are the Band Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, and others. So there is something for everybody to do nearly all the time. If nothing else, you can wander around looking over all the good-looking girls at AHS. There is certainly no lack of these.Qui f and cScro d The Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for students who have had an important part in the issuing of a publication. These members are awarded this membership because of their service to the school. LYNN LUTHER FRED BISHOP TOMMY DAVIS CLAYBROOK ADAMS JEAN BROWN CAROL SANDERS RICKEY WHITE JOYCE SILVEY CLYDE GREGORY GAYLE PLUNKETT ALLAN DARDEN ANNE NEWBY BARBARA MALTBIE Sponsors EUNICE BOONE MARY A. WEATHERS yieta () uK? PRESIDENT Lavon Lang SECRETARY Carol Sanders SPONSOR Mary A. Weathers VICE PRESIDENT Henry Cribbs TREASURER Janice Lyles SPONSOR Joyce Weir PRESIDENT Alan Darden The Beta Club is an honor society for those Juniors and Seniors who have shown leadership and achievement ability and good character. New members are chosen and voted on by the members and sponsors. One must have an average of 83 or above in all his subjects. SECRETARY Gayle Plunkett For the third year, the Marshall County Beta Club has been organized. Its main objective is to become better acquainted with the surrounding area in fun and fellowship. Our school was proud to have Alan Darden, County Beta President and Gayle Plunkett, County Beta Secretary representing A. H. S.PRESIDENT Thomas Cryar SECRETARY Joe Pruett t Junior C )fassica Jeacjue The Junior Classical League is a club organized by the Latin classes at A. H. S. The purpose is to understand more fully the cultural life of the ancient peoples. VICE PRESIDENT Pat Colvin TREASURER Jane Reed REPORTER Rebecca Johnsont Junior Giuifans PARLIAMENTARIAN Alan Darden VICE PRESIDENT Thomas Rains CHAPLAIN Ricky White SECRETARY Tommy Davis SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Gilmore Brannon The Junior Civitans Club is composed of Senior High School boys under the sponsorship of the local Civitan Club. Each year, two Sophomores, and additional Junior and Senior boys are chosen by the other members of the club. The Club's main project is selling fruitcakes. Their annual party at Lake Rhea is looked forward to by all the members."A" Clubbers are those boys on campus who have participated in sports and have earned their letters. These lettermen represent football, basketball, baseball, and track. Their traditional red and black jackets may be seen in all i phases of school life. VICE PRESIDENT Thomas RainsTREASURER Martha Decker The Science Club is composed of students who are members because of outstanding grades in the Science courses at A. H. S. Speakers of notable scientific achievement are often guests of this club at their monthly meetings. REPORTER SPONSOR Thomas Cryar M - Clifford BlackKATHLEEN GARRETT MRS. The second year Home Economics girls are working on their Chapter Degrees. ire. These first year girls have earned their Junior Home maker Degrees. Their President is: Linda Stanfield.REPORTER Jerry Snellings SENTINEL Lamont Bolding PARLIAMENTARIAN Larry Cullom SPONSOR Mr. GregoryPresident JAN LUMPKIN Vice President DALE PARRISH Secretary PAT PHILLIPS Reporter REBECCA DOOLEY Song Leaders NILDA RAGSDALE JUDY GARVIN President PAT SMITH Vice President BARBARA COE Secretary CYNTHIA BAILEY Reporter JEAN DAVIS Song Leaders SANDRA WALLIS JAN WOODHAM joys7 4-7 C)fu Vice President MACK GORE Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR DICK Reporter FELTON BRIGHT Song Leader JERRY OLIVER ■Mi President BOB ALVERSONZERA COUCH, Librarian7 , (jjierama The staff of the "Aggierama" is alert to all news be it social, athletic, academic, or personal achievement. The staff, working together, issues nine monthly publications. Congratulations on a job well-done! PAGE EDITORS L. Luther, C. Adams, J. Brown, C. Sanders, and Junior Editor B. Crowe. LYNN LUTHER CLAYBROOKE ADAMS MRS. WEATHERS MRS. LITTLE Editor-in-chief Business Manager Sponsor SponsorJjep Q)fuh DAISY SKINNER Vice President MICHAEL BEARDEN President JIMMY DRAIN Treasurer WANDA SLOAN Sponsor PEGGY HELTON Secretary$3,102 Oops Ol l JJreoious Records CLAYBROOKE ADAMS................$415. 03 JEAN BROWN......................$348. 02 LYNN LUTHER.....................$303.33 ALAN DARDEN.....................$272. 92 GAYLE PLUNKETT..................$263. 49 ANNE EVANS......................$239.71 LINDA ROBERTS...................$216. 29 TOMMY LANG......................$148. 00 SANDRA STEVENS..................$129. 92 LAVON LANG .. ..................$123. 88 OUR CAPTAINS AND SPONSORS Captains of the winning team, Alabama, were Gayle Plunkett and Mike Bearden; Captains for the Auburn team were Jean Brown and Alan Darden. The hard, tedious work of these captains led their senior class to record of records.future Curses C )fub MRS. BEARDEN Sponsor SANDRA STEVENS T reasurer LINDA WASHAM President JIMMIE ANN COCHRAN Secretary SARAH RAINS Vice President FAYE WILSON Reporterfuture AeacAers of America RICKY WHITE President PAULA BOYD LILA R. HUDGINS Treasurer BARBARA EASON Reporter JOYCE DAVIS Co. Sponsor JANIE BARKLEY ParliamentarianMR. D. O. David Cryar MISS D. O. Joyce Vaughn 'Diversified Occupation GfuS VICE PRESIDENT Nickey Swords PRESIDENT Sidney Kirk SECRETARY Butch WilsonSHERRY LONG MARTHA DECKER NANCY WOODHAM Jlta orettes Jiearers BRENDA CHAMBERS ANNE EVANS JUANZETTA ROBERTS CAROLYN BEARDJZ JJ°(L uo'U-ML jvKJOjDd.HQ — L OX Jy dA oar) JJ UV(f Joe Beryl Duckett DRUM MAJOR George Nixon DIRECTOR BAND OFFICERS PRESIDENT Billy Davis VICE PRESIDENT Ben Levie SECRETARY Judy Mayo TREASURER Jean Brown LIBRARIANS Pat Colvin ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Jean Bishop Glynce Landers Jimmy Couch Best Band Student of Year Jimmy Couch SUPPLY SERGEANT Billy York SENIOR MEMBERS“ Curtain CJoinc (Up ”Oratorical ( tinners GAYLE PLUNKETT B’ham News 1st in school 1st in county 3rd in district ANNE NEWBY Civitan Contest 1st in school in girls contestJeatures During the year, the time always rolls around when we choose the people we think are our favorites, the people we all like and admire. Everybody likes nearly everybody else, so this is a fairly hard choice. Then comes an even more difficult choice, that of beauties. There is an abundance of good-looking girls around here. But a choice must be made, and here you will find the lovely ones we have chosen. Dances are an important part of our school life. The monotony and routine must be broken somehow, and what better way than a lively dance? And you never witnessed dances that were any more fun than the ones put on at AHS. President of the Senior Class, Clyde Gregory and his date, President of the Junior Class, Billy Davis and his date, Marsha Helen Whitmire. Skelley.MOST OUTSTANDING LINEMAN AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Richard ButlerSweetheart MISS REBECCA JOHNSON Senior Sweetheart MISS SALLY BEASLEY Junior Sweetheart7 7 ? -7 7 7 JSaf ’59 KING CHARLES WRIGHT '59 QUEEN MARIE MITCHELL ATTENDANTS: Sarah Smothers, Helen Whitmire, Larry Collum, James Whitlock 1960 QUEEN JOYCE SILVEY 1960 KING WALLEY DALRYMPLE7icincf c S weetfieart 7 efen TJean 7lacAneij7 e 2ueen and 7far (lour B. Green, Junior; M. Smith, Queen; Sherry Colvin, Sophomore; F. Bishop, Senior Treasurer; C. Gregory, Senior President; T. Davis, Senior Vice President 7A omecommq !•'.. . ■) MARTHA SMITH Mi iAA'-t W rinppn •.Ck m. 0ueenBEST PERSONALITY Judy Moore Frank Duckett PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Tommie Jo Lay Billy Davis umor MOST AMBITIOUS Judy Mayo Ben Levi MOST POPULAR Brenda Green Don Croft MOST TALENTED Rebecca Wilson Joe Beryl Duckett CUTEST Helen Whitmire Mickey Moore MOST ATHLETIC Marie Strickland Larry Holder MOST COURTEOUS Barbara Gunter GreftgNancy Gifford Larry Baker Tommy Davis MOST POPULAR Martha Smith Jerry McClendon 7. ) jo s 7. J 20 personality plus Gayle Plunkett cSen or PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Sherry Long Alan DardenMOST TALENTED Patsy Jones Lavon : BEST ALL-ROUND Carol Sanders Thomas Rains MOST ATHLETIC Joyce Silvey Gilmore Brannon BEST DRESSED Jean Brown Richard Butler MOST COURTEOUS Janice Lyles Donny MorrisFRIENDLIEST Norma Jean Brown Ricky White MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Lynn Luther Sandra Stevens BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Homer Bishop Linda Washam MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Linda Roberts Michael Bearden( ude Jreyorij and JKarie dlTiicne fJANICE JUSTICE TOMMY JOHNSONJ'res iman favorites CAROLYN GRAY JOHN BARNARD SARAH RAINS DALE BOYDMARSHA SKELLEY JIMMY PLUNKETT Senior auor ies ANNE EVANS JIMMY DRAIN• 1 • J 4 ■ •:V rc • . w. , ... ( , xv ' f. .-, ., £J f.i- ?5 • - -y faffa o ■ ;ffiyRMl!HHBl , wyr; Vkfjr , • %-f ' ' • Vi 1 - i .s . • 4 fit i - Y ' ti jilt .. jfir .• 4 %» — a. 7 Tiss Jja n Grocue r€s llTl 211 J) 2C1U tijTIT ss tSarafi Graeme c moi iers1 "Junior ) GGLutyD.A.R. GOOD CITIZEN - Janice Lyles SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT SENIOR CLASS SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST OUTSTANDING MERIT AWARD VICE PRESIDENT Alan Darden PLAYER Clyde Gregory PERFECT ATTENDANCE Tommy Davis Thomas Rains PERFECT ATTENDANCE PERFECT ATTENDANCE CLASSROOM SPIRIT 11 years Gayle Plunkett 10 years Carolyn Lang 11 years Donald Robinson Robert Brooks oast IQ)iff and testament I, Linda Moore, will my ability to be NEEDED in the office at least once a week to Linda Eller. I, Clyde Gregory, will to Glenda Lumpkin, my ability to stick my foot in my mouth at the wrong time. I, Barbara Frachiseur, do hereby will to Daisy Skinner, my ability to go to summer school and still stay in school. I, Marie Mitchell, will to Faye Wilson, the ability to talk her mother into going to Washington and to have a ball. Also, I will the honor of marching as an "Aggiette" in the majorette line of the "Half Million Dollar Band. ” I, Tommy Lang, do will my job as trumpet player for the raising of the flag to Michael Justice. Have patience because you'll need it. I, Sidney Kirk, will my intelligence to Eddie Bopp. I, Laura Jenkins, will my ability to look intelligent and alert while sleeping in class, to Glenda Ellisor. I, Tommy Davis, leave to "Bidge" Denham the right to snap test tube holders on Mr. McIntosh's back pockets and still get what you're worth in the lab. I, Mike Bearden, leave to Phillip Jolley, the privilege of being one of the few who get to have a conference with Mr. Couch at least twice a day. I, Jerry McClendon, will to Mickey Moore my ability to play basketball. I, Anne Newby, bequeath to Judy Mayo, my account book, headaches, and knack for always keeping the ANNUAL nearly out of the red. I, Lynn Luther, will to Brian Crow my ability to plan a school paper properly and still have it come off the press a complete FLOP. I, Charles Couch, will my teacher and friend, Mr. Black to Ray Snider. I, Martha Decker, will to Nancy Woodham my ability to march in the Broiler Festival Parade with the American Flag up-side-down without getting caught by either Mr. Nixon or the army officials from the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. I, Paula Boyd, will to Daisy Skinner my ability to study hard, and still not get in the Beta Club. I, Anne Evans, will to Barbara Eason, my ability to stay in the Beta Club without studying at all. We, Neal Johnson and Sidney Kirk, will to Mickey Moore and Johnny Denham, the policeman and firecrackers on the Washington boat ride. I, James Whitlock, will all my talents to Wally Dalrymple. I, Nickey Swords, will my ability to set up the film projector for Miss Boone to Phil Stoner. 1, Michael Rigsby, being of sound mind and unsound body will to Carolyn Beard sense enough not to take another math subject. I, Jimmy Rodgers, leave Miss Boone to Jimmy Richey. I, Kenneth Young, will to Aaron Stone, all the F's I have made this year. 1, Rickey White, will my bicycle to anyone who will have it. I, Linda Washam will to Angelyn Creel, the ability to cut shorthand in order to attend any other activity you like better. 7 )e te the test m ! of Dixie!C ass of I960 I, Donald Lee Payne, will my assigned seat directly in front of Miss Boone in English to Frank Duckett. I, Patricia Childress, will to Jimmy Justice, my Democracy book. I, Sandra Stevens, will my ability to be a non-conformist to Barbara Gunter. I, Joyce Stanford, will to Annette Boyd, my ability to get along with students at the library circulation desk. I, Robert Brooks, will to Jimmy Robinson, my ability to do Trigonometry. I, Doug Smith, will to Kenneth Stone, all the D’s and F's I have made. 1, Linda Roberts, will to Glenda Ellisor, my ability to have a good time anyplace I go and to attend all the ballgames and have a sore throat for weeks. I, Richard Rives, leave to the whole Junior Class the laughter that comes from Mr. McIntosh's fine jokes. I, Gayle Plunkett, will to Sarah Smothers, my ability to keep my staff frustrated and confused about things concerning the annual for one full year. I, Phil Thomason, will my laugh to Jimmy Richey. 1, Billy Jack Lester, do hereby will to Mickey Decker, my ability to twist the flag every morning. We, Barbara Maltbie, Edna Earl Glassco, Elizabeth Goodman, and Anne Newby, leave to the Junior Class girls the ability to catch their man while he is still running. I, Patsy Fuell, bequeath to Diane Golden, my ability to argue effectively with any member of the faculty. I, Anne Stephens, will my ability to type for Mrs. Sloan during Physical Education and still make A’s to Daisy Skinner. I, Larry Smith, will all my broken test tubes to Ray Snider. You deserve them, Ray. I, Rodney Staton, will to Bubs Johnson, my ability to play hookey and not get caught. I, Sherman South, being of unsound mind, do hereby will the ability to fail the third sixth weeks of Democracy to Tony Moore. I, Juanzetta Roberts, being of sound mind and body (I think) leave to Peggy Helton the diamond ring I never got. I, Alan Darden, will to Michael Justice the right NOT to shave every day unless he feels like it. I, Larry Baker, do hereby will to Jimmy Plunkett, my way with the girls. I, Glenda Bright, do hereby leave to my sister. Sue, all the happy memories and good times I have had at Dear old A.H.S., especially my trip to Washington. I, Butch Wilson, leave to Phil Stoner, the ability to hit the tree with my chewing gum from Miss Boone’s window. I, Janice Lyles, will to Buddy Weaver, my ability to keep all orders for rings, invitations, calling cards, caps and gowns, and diplomas accurate. (Be sure to collect a pocket full of pennies so that all orders will come out just right.) I, Lila Ruth Hudgins, will what I have failed to learn this year to Jane Reed, in hopes that she will learn it next year. I, Betty Burgess, will my old worn out tennis shoes that 1 have had for six years to Janie Rives.Sportsmanship and honorable conduct are an old Southern tradition - one which is certainly kept alive at AHS. Many awards for sportsmanship have been captured by sports stars of AHS. In football, we had a fairly good record. In fact, it was very good considering our tough schedule. We won 6, lost 3, and tied one. In basketball, though, we really looked sharp. For the first time in history, our Aggies fought their way to the State Tournament in Tuscaloosa. They didn't show up so bad, either -they were third in the State, and were defeated only by Tuscaloosa Co. High, who went on to become State champs. Baseball was not forgotten, as we fought to the semi-finals in the District. So, altogether, it was a good year for Aggie sports.Senior TJarsity Scjuacf Left to right, Bottom: Co-Captains: R. Butler and A. Darden, K. Young. Standing: F. Hasty, T. Rains, H. Bishop, T. Campbell.COACH BOBBY GOLDEN COACH BOYCE STONE MANAGERS: J. Segars, M. Thrasher, R. Noblit, J. Stanfield, R. Denham Left to right, BOTTOM: L. Holder, R. Smith. P. Jolley, G. Brannon, F, Hasty, J. B. Holsomback, J. Pruitt, J. Smith, G. Harper, V. Trammel. SECOND ROW: B. Cain, J. Townson, B. Johnson. M. Moon. J. Adams, K. Young, J. Haynie, G. Morton. R. Butler. THIRD ROW: D. Prance, J. Chastain, R. Johnson, J. Walker, T. Rains, H. Bishop, S. Cooper, F. Lang, M. Head.RICHARD BUTLER All-NEA Conference GILMORE BRANNON All-NEA Conference ALAN DARDEN All-NEA Conference YARDS TO GOC Jne er ea c ers SENIORS Gayle Plunkett Football Head 5, 6 Basketball 1, 5 Paula Boyd Football 6 Basketball Head 6 Barbara Frachiseur Football 6 Basketball 6 JUNIORS Glenda Ellisor Football 5 Basketball 5 Susan Marlowe Football 5 Basketball 5 SOPHOMORE Sherry Colvin Football 4 Basketball 4 GAYLE PLUNKETT Head Football SHERRY COLVIN GLENDA ELLISOR PAULA BOYD Head Basketball SUSAN MARLOWE BARBARA FRACHISEURGILMORE BRANNON Senior Back LARRY HOLDER Junior Back BENNY CAIN I Junior Back M JIMMY SMITH Freshman Back PHILLIP JOLLEY Junior Back FREDDY LANG Sophomore Back J. B. HOLSOMBACK Junior Back MACK HEAD Junior End THOMAS RAINS Senior EndCARL FIELDS Sophomore Tackle TED CAMPBELL Senior Tackle ALAN DARDEN Senior Tackle BUBS JOHNSON Junior Guard JAMES TOWNSON Sophomore Back RICHARD BUTLER Senior Guard MARLIN MOON Sophomore Back E DAVID PRANCE S Sophomore Guard KENNETH YOUNG Senior GuardALBERTVILLE 20 ARAB 14 A little classy and jazzy offense and a hungry defense accounted for the hard fought victory. The sharp Aggies ran, kicked, passed, blocked, and tackled. The magnificent passing attack of the Aggies resulted in the winning of the game. ALBERTVILLE 27 FORT PAYNE 14 The fired-up Aggies gave a shivering crowd a determined demonstration of just what the words "sustained drive" meant. The Aggies lagged behind in the first quarter by letting the Wildcats of Fort Payne score. The redeemed themselves soon afterward when the forward wall opened up the middle line of the Wildcats and the Aggie backs gave a good show of themselves by increasing our yardage and winning the game. GADSDEN 21 ALBERTVILLE 13 The Aggies' team under pressure of the veteran team of Gadsden High went down to defeat after a well played game by both teams. Although the Aggies were defeated, they proved in the game that they were capable of winning in the future.ALBERTVILLE 19 BUTLER 7 The Aggies, starting with two previous losses, crushed a fine Butler team. Our fired-up squad battled the Rebels into bloody submission and emerged more of a victor than the score indicated. The winning of the game proved the team had lived up to their name, "The Fighting Aggies." GUNTERSVILLE 20 ALBERTVILLE 14 The hard fighting Aggies put up what was probably the worst offensive battle of the year. This was one of those days in which nothing seemed to go right. Fumbles and penalties were very common. Guntersville seemed to sense every move the Aggies made. But although we lost, the Aggies were undoubtably the better team of the two. AGGIES 1959-1960 FOOTBALL RECORD A'ville 37 Blountsville 0 A’ville 6 Anniston 6 A'ville 0 Oneonta 12 A’ville 18 Boaz 13 A’ville 13 Gadsden 21 A’ville 27 Fort Payne 14 A'ville 19 Butler 7 A’ville 20 Arab 14 A'ville 13 Scottsboro 7 A'ville 14 Guntersville 207 , ycj es unior Jootfjci earn unior7) asket afl AGGIES SCHEDULE A'ville - -52 A'ville - -77 A'ville - -51 A'ville - -62 A'ville - -50 A'ville - -58 A'ville - -53 A’ville - -81 A'ville - -24 A'ville - -50 A'ville - -55 A'ville - -44 A’ville - -81 | A'ville - -60 A'ville - -61 Pisgah..........56 Douglas-------56 Emma Samson - 57 Geraldine-----39 Fort Payne----44 Boaz----------36 Pisgah--------46 Arab---------- - 50 Guntersville— 21 Emma Samson- 64 Douglas--------46 Fort Payne — 43 Arab- - -------45 Sylvania-----38 Geraldine------44 ALL-N.E. A. Thomas Rains ALL-COUNTY Thomas Rains Mickey Moore Jerry McClendon ALL-SAND MOUNTAIN Thomas Rains and Jerry McClendon ALL-DISTRICT Thomas Rains Jerry McClendon ALL-STATE Thomas Rains lyy es ’ Jit y itij Z.Jeam SHANNON CoachWALLY DALRYMPLE SHERMAN SOUTHAggies JJ ace "7 lire in S a e ALBERTVILLE 59 MURPHY 55 Here is a fine showing as shown by Jimmy Drain as he gave his ability of basketball playing at the State Basketball Tournament. This shot was made while Murphy was in lead of 55 to 53 with two seconds on the clock. After Drain sunk this shot it called for an overtime period. With this break, the Aggies bounced back and won the game by a score of 59 to 55. ALBERTVILLE 57 EUFAULA 47 Aggies team work is shown here as several of Aggie players strive to gain rebound from the opponents. This was only one incident in which the Aggies displayed their ability of rebounding and team work. And by their determination they were able to push Eufaula out of the tournament and take the position of third place of class AA Basketball team in the state. XvV', TUSCALOOSA HIGH 39 ALBERTVILLE 29 The Aggies worked well together to make possible the fast breaks which have been a threat to all teams playing the Aggies. The Aggies made many fantastic plays as they rolled through this basketball season. Although the Albertville Aggies did not win the State Tournament, they still made the students of A.H. S. proud of each one of them.J) as e ball ( oac n )oacnes an cf ( apt(. a ns COACHES J. C. Bryant Bobby Golden CAPTAINS Robert Morton Lavon Lang1Ae Icfu sor cSpeaAs As your advisor, I join the editor in thanking the staff, members of the senior class, faculty and everyone who has helped in the production of the 1960 Mountaineer. 7 ie C cfitor A)pea As As Editor-in-Chief of the 1960 Mountaineer, I would like to express my gratitude to the staff who has worked so diligently in the production of this book; to the faculty, for their support and help; to the students who have cooperated with the staff in every endeavor. My most sincere wish is that this book will be a memoir of pleasant memories and as its well-worn pages are thumbed, that the traditions of red and black will always be remembered by the class of 1960. Here it is - The 1960 Mountaineer. DEEP SOUTH ACCENTS. It is your book - the key to wonderful memories at dear ole A.H. S.CO-SALUTATORIANS VALEDICTORIAN Sandra Stevens Anne Newby Lynn Luther Donnie Morris Janice Lyles iacca aureate Sermon Sunday Afternoon, May Twenty-Second Two-Thirty P. M. Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Processional------------------ Crown Him With Many Crowns -Invocation--------------------- Faith of Our Fathers---------- Announcements----------------- Sermon------------------------ Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us Benediction------------------- Recessional - - -------------- ---------------------Gary Pearson ■ -------------------Congregation ------.... £)r Richard Crowe Pastor, First Baptist Church ------------------- Congregation .....----------------M.G. Couch -------------Rev. Roland Clemons Pastor, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church -------------------- .... choir ---------------Dr. Richard Crowe ------------------- Gary Pearson (Jra (fu a ion Monday Evening, May Twenty-Third Eight O'clock P. M. Marshall County Coliseum Processional - - -------- Invocation - - --------- Salutatory-------------— ■ Introduction of Speaker -Address----------------- Valedictory--------------- Presentation of Diplomas t Alma Mater -------------- Recessional-------------- -----------------Gary Pearson Audience Seated -------------Dr. Richard Crowe ------------...... Ann Newby Co-Salutatorians-Donald Morris, Sandra Stevens, Janice Lyles -----------------M. G. Couch - - - - - Dr. Theron Montgomery Dean, Jacksonville State College ------------------Lynn Luther -----------------M. G. Couch Linda Washam, Gayle Plunkett Audience Seated Senior Class Gary Pearson( )fien ()e J)ere ()ee C. ADAMS W. BAIRD L. BAKER D. BARKLEY M. BEARDEN F. BISHOP. JR. P. BOYD G. BRANNON R. BROOKS N. J. BROWN J. BROWN B- BURGESS T. CAMPBELL E. CHAMBLEE P. CHILDRESS J. COUCH G. CRAIG H. CRIB8S J. DRAIN M. DECKER S. DANIEL A. DARDEN T. DAVIS M. ELLER A. EVANS N. GIFFORD E. E. GLASCO C. GREGORY s. HARRIS L. R. HUDGINSSeniors 1960 N. JOHNSON P. JONES S. KIRK C. LANG T. LANG J. LYLES l. McCauley b. maltbie t. massey s. minor m. mitchell l. moore A. NEWBY j. OGLE G. OWENS H. PELL G. PLUNKETT T. RAINS E. SWORDS M. TEAL P. THOMASON L. WASHAM E. WILLIS K. YOUNGOne of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, Alabama CAROL THEATRE and SHADYSIDt DRIVE-IN THEATRE Albertville AlabamaHOTEL HORSLEY Albertville, Alabama Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER CO. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ADAMS BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL HOME Albertville, Alabama Phone 207 Compliments of SMITH BROTHERS CARS Phone 350 Albertville, Alabama SPEED-WASH Main Street Phone 9144 Albertville, AlabamaALBERTVILLE CITY OF PROGRESS THE FUTURE HOME OF OUR CITY GOVERNMENT MAYOR Robert D. Dickson CITY COUNCIL Mr. Joe M. Davis Russell N. Garrett J. Ashton Denham O. H. Williams Dr. J. L. Hughes Compliments of DESPAIN’S UPHOLSTERY Phone 1242 Albertville, Alabama COPELAND OIL CO. Compliments of YOUR AMOCO DEALER Albertville, Alabama THE JEWEL BOX Albertville, Alabama CHANDLER’S FABRIC SHOP 2 Albertville, Alabama Phone 446 GOLDEN’S SUNDRIES Albertville, Alabama MOORE’S CAFETERIA Fine Foods Phone 72COMPLIMENTS OF THE KENDALL CO. ALBERTVILLE PLANT Makers of Quality Print Cloth Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP, INCORPORATED Phone 499 or 479 Albertville, Alabama■h- i m ). m m MARSHALL DRUG STORE Sand Mountain's oldest drugstore, as it was for sixty years, and as it is now under Jim Roberts, the new owner. STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMEROBERT O. JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER WELLS MERC. CO. The Clothing Store of Distinction G. D. WELLS JACK WELLS GEORGE WELLS Albertville Alabama WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE The Family Store B. E. NORMAN By Appointment Phone 662 Compliments of the MARSHALL DRIVE-IN JAMES MAYHALL W. W. HAMMONDS Albertville Alabama SMITH BROS. Phone 1219 KIKER MOTOR SALES PRODUCE CO. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone 9356 Boaz Alabama We Specialize in Square Dealing Bus. Ph. 465 Res. Ph. 1784WOODY BAKER insurance agency Auto, Fire, and Casualty 137 W. Main St. Telephone 865 Compliments of DAVIS DRUG CO. DOBSON’S Prescriptions Compounded by Registered Pharmacists Your Friendly Shopping Headquarters Albertville, Alabama d f Compliments of ROBERTS ISBELL HARDWARE CO. Your G. E. Dealer DUCKETT’S Manhattan Shirts Dobb's Hats Bostonian Shoes Style Mart Clothes Robin Hood Shoes WHITTEN PARTS COMPANY Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of COOK SONS Compliments of HARDWARE Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE WHOLESALE GROCERY Compliments of ALBERTVILLE APOTHECARY Prescription Pharmacists Albertville, Alabama Phone 385 WHITTEN’S PAUL SMITH AUTO SALES Fashions for the Discriminating Person 105 W. Main Street OK Guaranteed USED CARS Albertville, Alabama Wholesale and Retail Compliments of Albertville, Alabama HALL MOTOR EXPRESS CARL DUTTON Phone 1669 COLONIAL POULTRY CO. OF ALABAMA, INC. Fresh Dressed Fryers Albertville Phone 845 Compliments of FRED KING LTD. Leaders in Style and Service Stores in North Alabama Albertville Alabama Compliments of (ongratulations to the graduating class W. E. WALKER CO. COTTON BUYERS Albertville, Alabama ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Gadsden, AlabamaHEADQUARTERS HERALD Albertville Alabama Best Wishes of Quality Clothing for the Whole Family Arrow Shirts Florsheim Shoes Mallory Hats Poll Parrot and Kate Greenaway for the children DICKSON SERVICE SUPPLY Firestone Factory Recapping 116 E. Main St. , Albertville Albertville, AlabamaFLOYD BROWN CHEVROLETCompliments of MARSHALL BUTANE GAS APPLIANCE CO., INC. Retail LP-Gas and Appliances Textile Ave. Phone 923 With Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School AMERICAN RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacturer of Arctile Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama MUNICIPAL UTILITIES BOARD LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of Compliments of LUMPKIN’S CLOTHING STORE CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE K. O. LUMPKIN Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama BUDDY’S JEWELRY Musically Yours LAVERTY’S Formerly Tant Jewelers Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Phone 422 Compliments of HEWETT DRUG CO. MOORE’S HOME AND AUTO Phone 32 Your Westinghouse Dealer Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of Compliments of DARDEN COTTON COMPANY WAKEFIELD LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Albertville, Alabama P. O. Box 341 Phone 954 Albertville, AlabamaBEST WISHES F rom TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville, AlabamaCHESTER F. RAINES Compliments of AGENCY I 'ttmfWLpnAa 1 jmaj JOSIE’S STYLE GIFT SHOPPE 117 East Main Street Albertville, Alabama The Shop Women Know Phone 243 Albertville, Alabama BRADSHAW SUPPLY CO. BIDDLE Distributors of POULTRY DRUGS-VACCINES FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 1318 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama ALFORD COTTON CO. WILKS BATTERY CO. Wholesale Distributors for Albertville, Alabama HESTER Batteries Compliments of JOHNSON AUTO PARTS THOMPSON HARDWARE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Phone 201Tint, nqrapns YCARIOOKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made''

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