Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL)

 - Class of 1959

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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1959 volume:

 f I • ' . ( . rir . ta vk. . r v Sr % V ■ •- ► V- 1 pw V xif HP V V'TT I? ' ■« $ ' f? v V % A. '. 4 - 4lh . Albertville High School Albertville, Alabama — 1959 MountaineerJunior Principal Alma Mater In the hills of Alabama In a town called Albertville, There is a school, we love its every rule And it's there we'll always be You may search the wide world over But you'll find no better place In the hills of Alabama Than the dear old A.H.Sv:w: K 5 ,it :'.it . .it , .it : :iw: :i? . .it , .it : .it : :it : :it : :iu: :wr: :w: :it ; .it : :it : .nr. 311: :it : :it : :itir :itr: t . .itr n« . t . :it : XXX X XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX IXJ X X X X X X To You . . . X X X X X X :'Y • K X nr ...who have loved us, even when we have A X X X X thoughtlessly rebuffed that love... X X ...who have guided us with unfaltering hands and X X X an unfailing faith... X A; X ...who have given us Christian homes and a faith X X X to live by... A- X X X ...who have disciplined us with determined minds X x X rv . but with forgiving hearts... X A X ... who have been patient through the trying ex- X X X ;V- periences of our growing up... X a? X ...who have suffered privations that we might en- X X X IV- joy a fuller life... X a? X ...who have worked unselfishly that we might en- X X X rich our lives with the fellowship and scholar- X X X ship of twelve years' schooling... X X X ...who have laughed with us in joy, and com- X X: X forted us in sorrow... X X X ...who have given us so much of yourselves that X X (V- we are uniquely your own... X :Y A X To you...our MOTHERS AND A X X heartfelt gratitude for your parental devotion. X X we, the Senior Class of 1959, humbly and sin- X X X cerely dedicate our Memories of Red and X X X X X X Black. X X X X X X ?Y Y : Y :Y Y1: Y! Y]:Y? fY):Y: ?Y:[Y1 ?Y‘ fY} 'Y' Y ?Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y .'Y Y Y Y v 'A- A- iA A '.A.- sA? iAI Av; A Ai [A A A A A- AJ A A: A- A A A A A A, A A •Y A? 5 a 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 N nm ,lt: ..|t; ,n 'Mf'MS'M.‘ jg :m::m'.list:w;m:;wi:;m;:m:;m;;i«::w::«t;:n '. :»n::nt::»«: :m::i r:»n n’m: w.A n n f f CHARLES HUDGINS Editor-in-Chief REBECCA HUNT Assistant Editor JOCELYN CAMPBELL Business Manager Athletics Editor GAYLE PLUNKETT Junior Editor GAIL KENDRICK Secretary Junior Business Manager PAT COURINGTON Athletics EditorDOROTHY DAVIS Features Editor DIANE BOYD Activities Editor VIRGINIA LEE Art Editor RAY BAKER Photographer JO ANNE ROBISON Class Editor BETTY MOORE Typist DRUCILLA HUNT Circulation Manager Class Editor RUTH COFFEY Typist JOYCE MAHAN Circulation Manager MRS. ZERA COUCH AdvisorThe 1959 MOUNTAINEER was inspired by the wonder and romance of a memorable year at Albertville High. The Annual Staff has continued the finest traditions of previous volumes, weaving the Aggie Spirit into a theme of Memories of Red and Black. Many hours of thought and work have been spent in the composition of this yearbook. In reviewing our work, we feel that we have created a worthy memoir of an eventful year at our beloved Alma Mater. So, with the fondest hope that this volume will always be a cherished memento of a wonderful year, we proudly present the Memories of Red and Black.Table of Contents ACTIVITIES ADVERTISERSKATHRYN S. CHASTAIN EUNICE BOONE NATALIE COOPER P. L. COFFEY T. R. CLABORNHORACE C. GREGORY DONALD JACKSON HAZEL H. HYATT BRENT HAMNER LEMON G. McCOLLUM LESTER M. LANDERS MALCOLM LANDERS RUBYC. GOODWINLEWIS RAMSEY GEORGE E. NIXON WANDA S. SLOAN SHANNON SLOAN KITTYE A. THOMASON MARY EMMA THOMPSONLunchroom Ladies Mrs. Hayes Mrs. Jones Mrs. Denham Mrs. Cochran Mrs. Baird Mrs. Dean Mrs. Spear Janitors Bus Drivers McCreless Holder King Pair Boyd, Rutledge, Holder, Walls Lang, Lang, Gautney Camp, Herring, Henry Taylor, McCreless, Crowe, KingDAN DICKSON Co-Captain JOHN CORBIN Co-Captain BOBBY GOLDEN Head Coach LEWIS RAMSEY Assistant CoachLARRY BROWN Senior Back JOHN CORBIN Senior Tackle PAT COURINGTON Senior Center wy Brannon Dickson Darden ALL-COUNTY Corbin Brannon ALL-NEA CONFERENCE DANNY DAVIS Senior End DAN DICKSON Senior Guard RICHARD MOORE Senior BackGILMORE BRANNON Junior Back JERRY WALDROP Senior Guard CHARLES PELL Senior Back Pell sprints for touchdown RICHARD BUTLER Junior Guard 7 ED CAMPBELL Junior TacjGeBUBS JOHNSON Sophomore Guard LARRY HOLDER ;$| Sophomore Back S TOMMY BOYD Sophomore Tackle Brown charges enemy line a JIMMY SMITH I Freshman End RONALD SMITH Sophomore Back PHILLIP JOLLEY Sophomore Back Aggies . . . for the glory of AHS The 1958 Aggie team fought its way through ten thrilling contests, defeating six opponents and losing to four. The team was built around Co-Captains John Corbin and Dan Dickson. On September 12, the Aggies opened their season by defeating J. B. Pennington (Blounts-ville) 12-0. The team looked shaky in the opening quarter, but seemed to gain confidence as the game progressed, and scored the first six points of the season for Albertville early in the second quarter. Later, in the fourth, they tallied again. Their second straight win came on September 26, at the expense of Oneonta, as they scalped the Redskins 34-0 in die Aggies’ first home game. The Albertville Aggies won their third victory in as many outings by stomping the Boaz Pirates 3S-0 on October 3. On October 9, the Aggies received their first setback of the year by Gadsden (ranked third in state) 27-7. The team couldn't cope with the Gadsden reserves. The loss of several players, after a few distressing incidents, caused the Aggies to fall to pieces in their game with Etowah (ranked second in the state) 34-0 on October 18. On October 24, the Aggies staged a comeback, after two losses, to upset the 13-point favorite Ft. Payne Wildcats 28-6. The next two games were played in rain and mud as the Aggies were defeated on October 31 by Butler 13-6, and edged out by Arab 13-12 in their November 7, homecoming game. On November 14, the Aggies wound up for their big game in defeating Scottsboro 27-0. On November 27 (Turkey Day), the Albertville team earned the name Fighting Aggies as they romped over the Guntersville Wildcats 20-7 in the greatest game of the year. The victory over Guntersville climaxed a good season for the Aggies, especially since the Guntersville team - the Aggies' archrival - had been rated No. 1 Class AA all season. For the outstanding performance and good sportsmanship shown by our team during the 1958 season, we give - FIFTEEN RAHS FOR THE FIGHTING AGGIES!w LARRY BROWN Py SHANNON SLOAN J BILLY WOODHAM 1 Co-Captain Coach Co-Captain 1 ALL-COUNTY Billy Woodham Jerry McClendon Thomas Rains ALL-NEA CONFERENCE Billy Woodham Thomas Rains ALL-DISTRICT Thomas Rains THOMAS RAINS Junior Center SHERMAN SOUTH Junior Guard jerry McClendon Junior Guard for crip Brown sprmgs BILLY WOODHAM Senior Forward JIMMY DRAIN Junior Guard LARRY BROWN Senior Forward■■ 'zr MICKEY MOORE Sophomore Guard BOBBY WRIGHT Junior Forward RICKY WHITE Junior Forward NEAL REED Sophomore Guard Rains — A perfect shotAGGIE SCHEDULE Albertville - - 69 Albertville - - 42 Albertville - - 40 Albertville - - 55 Albertville - - 53 Albertville - - 49 Albertville - - 41 Albertville - - 53 Albertville - - 51 Albertville - - 72 Albertville - - 68 Albertville - - 46 Albertville - - 57 Albertville - - 72 Albertville - - 49 Albertville - - 54 Albertville - - 94 Albertville - - 66 Albertville — 57 Albertville - - 66 Geraldine - ■ Syl vania — Guntersville Boaz------- Gadsden - -Douglas - - ■ Pisgah----- Gadsden — Ft. Payne - • Susan Moore Geraldine - • Arab------- Ft. Payne - Boaz------- Pisgah----- Douglas - -Susan Moore Arab------- Guntersville Sylvania - -GILMORE BRANNON CLYDE GREGORY JIMMY SMITH PHILLIP JOLLEYInfieldersOutjielders LARRY HOLDER ROBERT WILLIAMS LARRY BROWN DAN DICKSON JIMMY RICHEY MICKEY MOORE JIMMY ROGERSTrack Team V' . . . - • i GILMORE BRANNON BENNY CAIN JERRY COOLEY CHARLES PELL DONALD ROBINSON JOHN CORBIN NEAL REED THOMAS RAINS MICKEY MOORE RICKY WHITE TOMMY LANG JIMMY DRAIN TOMMY DAVIS TONY MOORE DELAINE MOUNTAIN COACH SLOAN JACK DECKER ActivitiesQuill and Scroll ICV-Ss i rebecca McClendon JANELLA JOLLEY LYNDA RICE JO ANNE ROBISON DAN DICKSON CHARLES HUDGINS Charles McPherson RICHARD MOORE RAY BAKER DIANE BOYD MARGARET BENEFIELD JOCELYN CAMPBELL MRS. MARY WEATHERS DirectorMRS. WEATHERS Sponsor MR. WEIR Sponsor B e t LARRY BROWN CL President c I u b CHARLES HUDGINS Vice President LINDA SMITH Secretary JO ANNE ROBISON TreasurerJunior Classical League MRS. THOMASON Sponsor LYNN LUTHER President DIANE BOYD Secretary BILLY DAVIS Vice President JOYCE SDLVEY TreasurerLYNDA RICE LINDA SMITH JO ANNE ROBISON DELAINE MOUNTAIN MARGARET BENEFIELD Charles McPherson DIANE BOYD MRS. MARY WEATHERS Sponsor MEL EVANS Announcer A ClubD i v e r s • i f m I e d 0 c c u p a t 1 0 n s C 1 a b KEITH JORDAN Treasurer MR. LESTER LANDERS Sponsor JIMMY DUCKETT Vice President MARY LOU SIMS Secretary ROGER PRESLEY President PHIL THOMASON ReporterScience Club v j I ok 4 li MR. BLACK SponsorFuture Nurses MRS. DUCKETT Sponsor SANDRA STEVENS President LINDA WASHAM Vice President TYRA MASSEY Secretary Program ChairmanCHARLES HUDGINS President DOROTHY DAVIS Vice President DIANE BOYD Secretary Rebecca McClendon Treasurer EARLENE TRAYLOR Parliamentarian JOCELYN CAMPBELL ReporterF.F.A. H. C. GREGORY SID DANIEL Advisor President County Champion Corn Grower Edwin Swords receives award. CHARLES WRIGHT Vice President — if ) EDWIN SWORDS Secretary JOHNNY COLLETT Treasurer WILSON GAUTNEY Reporter HOWARD SNELLINGS SentinelGirls' 4-H Club OFFICERS SHERRY COLVIN Reporter CHELLA THOMASON Reporter JEAN DAVIS Songleader BRENDA JONES Songleader MARQUITA UPTON Songleader CHELLA COURINGTON Reporter MYRON PACK Secretary KATHY UPTON Secretary CHARLOTTE TEAL President JENNELL BLACKMON President LESLIE CHASTAIN Vice President RITA HARRIS SecretaryOFFICERS JOE WAYNE STRIPLIN President MAX GARRETT Alternate Songleader DON HOLCOMB Vice President MR. EVANS Sponsor JIMMY ENNIS Songleader RAY GEORGE Reporter THOMAS MALTBIE Alternate SecretaryLibraryPaper Staff 1 Campus Cavalcade Charles McPherson rebecca McClendon Editor Business Manager MRS. WEATHERS Sponsor MRS. CHASTAIN Co-SponsorDrum Major Majorettes Flag Carriers Juanzetta Roberts Nancy Woodham Joe Berle Duckett Marie MitchellH a I f M • i I I I O n D 0 1 I a r B a n d Pat Colvin-------------------------- Librarian Jimmy Cochran ------------------------Librarian Jean Brown----------------------------Treasurer Judy Mayo------------------------- Secretary Lavon Lang — ---- --------- Student Director Oscar Morgan--------- Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Berle Duckett-----------------Drum Major Charles McPherson-------------Vice President Gary Dickson--------------------------President GEORGE E. NIXON Director Jfi . -Ten Top Magazine Salesmen CHARLES PELL.............-.......$ 127.45 MARGARET BENEFIELD.................130.35 Rebecca McClendon.....................147.38 JOCELYN CAMPBELL........................157.74 JANELLA JOLLEY............................168. 75 DOROTHY DAVIS................................173.66 DELAINE MOUNTAIN...............................213.45 CHARLES CARROLL...................................228.20 GARY DICKSON........................................ 228.24 Charles McPherson.........-............................553.35Practicing Senior We’ll always remember . . '• nun,,, MAGAZINE SALES A.H.S. GRAND TOTAL - $7408.00 Auburn $3604.02 Alabama $3803.98 TURKEY DAY Aggies 20 - Wildcats 7 Aggies Greatest Game ¥P1 Working on the AnnualSenior Snaps Makes you wonder Where there's a man, Who needs boys? Really, Diane! What, me work? But are you sure two plus two equals seven? To the woods!!!Junior-Senior PromFootball BanquetSweetheart Dance MISS TOMMIE JO LAY MISS JANE SMITH Senior High Sweetheart Junior High SweetheartPRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME MOST POPULAR Juanzetta Roberts - Thomas Rains Gayle Plunkett - Jerry McClendon Junior Who's Who CUTEST Nell Smith - Richard Butler BEST PERSONALITY Jean Brown - Michael BeardenMOST TALENTED Patsy Jones - Lavon Lang Junior MOST AMBITIOUS Sandra Stevens - Donny Morris MOST ATHLETIC Joyce Silvey - Gilmore Brannon Who’s Who MOST COURTEOUS Anne Newby - Ricky White MOST POPULAR Janella Jolley - Billy Woodham Senior BEST PERSONALITY Diane Boyd - Danny Davis PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME Jo Anne Robison - Keith Richards Who’s Who CUTEST Linda Rives - Jimmy RayburnMOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Linda Smith - Billy Prickett Who's Who BEST ALL AROUND Betty Moore - Larry Brown WITTIEST Shelby Henry - Charles CarrollNEATEST Barbara Brown - Pat Courington Senior MOST COURTEOUS Ginger Lee - Jerry Cooley MOST TALENTED Karen Owens - Gary Dickson MOST ATHLETIC Joyce Morton - John Corbin Who’s Who— Homecoming MISS ANNEVA COLVIN MARTHA .SMITH ANNEVA .COLVIN MARILYN HORTON Seventh Grade PATRICIA WATWOOD JIMMY COLVIN Favorites FRANCES ROGERS DANNY SMITHSARAH RAINS JOHNNY RODEN SUSAN MARLOWE MICKEY MOOREJunior Favorites MARTHA SMITH JIMMY DRAIN Senior Favorites GAIL KENDRICK ROBERT WILLIAMSSenior Beauty MARGARET BENEFIELDSpecial Awards to Seniors DAN DICKSON Athletic-Scholastic Award CHARLES HUDGINS Certificate of Merit Charles McPherson Golden Rule Award PATSY KELLER - CHARLES HUDGINS Civitan Oratorical Winners DOROTHY DAVIS D. A.R. Good Citizenship GirlUnderclassmenI Seventh Grade Lula Abbott Carolyn Adams Bennett Alford Janice Allen Bob A Iverson Bobby A Iverson Phillip Amos Bobby Anderson Michael Anderson Billy Anthony Paul Ayers Cynthia Bailey Cathy Baird Annie Barclay Sandra Barclay Tommy Barclay Jean Bartlett Glenda Batey Carl Baugh Jimmy Bearden Barbara Beasley L. C. Beasley Johnny Belue Jimmy Benson Tommy Biddle Etta Bobo Hazel Boen Alton Bright Russ Bright Brenda Brooks Mary Brooks Danny Brown Patricia Brown Janice Bruce Betty Buck Iris Buck Ricky Burage Jerry Cagle Janie Camp Wandarine Camp Ronald Canfield Ann CarterGarland Caudle Grace Champion Grady Charles Leslie Chastain Janet Chavers Clentin Cheek Delaine Cheek Elizabeth Childress Gerald Christian Tony Clines Brenda Cochran Charlotte Cochran Martha Coffey Patricia Cofield Faye Cole Tommy Cole Dorothy Colley Carolyn Collier Hobson Colvin Jimmy Colvin Denny Compton Betty Cook Carol Cook Rita Cornelius Chella Courington Charles Crawford Barbara Cribbs Michael Crowe Ken Crumley Sue Currie Jean Davis Jimmy Davis Neeysa Davis Robert Davis Ned Dendy Patricia Dendy Elizabeth Denham Opal Dixon Diane Dobbins Annie Dorsett Olan Dorsett Truman Duckett Frank Duke Margaret Dunn Melvin Duran Benny Eakes Charles Edmonds Mack Edmondsonjl I Mary Elgin Ginger Eller Maverine Enis Paul Ennis Jane Evans Earnest Farmer Kenny Farmer Nila Farmer Betty Floyd Donna Forrestter Pat Frachisuer Lynn Fricks Mickael Galloway Rayburn Gardner Jo Ann Gibson Margaret Gibson Dwight Gilbreath James Gilley Marie Green Charles Greer Jerry Greer Carey Grifith Harvey Griendle Gloria Gunnels Kyle Gunnels Edward Gunter Larry Gunter Fred Hall Ralph Hard Linda Hatley Ronald Hayes Maricea Hayes Clara Harris Kenneth Helms Audley Higgins Donnie Hodges Ann Holcomb Brenda Holder Peggy Holder Willard Holder Kay Hubbard Dot Hudgins James Hughes Fay Hunt June Hunt Sue Ingram Linda Jarmon Carolyn JenkinsKenneth Jenkins Linda Jenkins Annie Johnson Gloria Johnson Margaret Johnson Tommy Johnson Martha Johnston Ann Joiner Brenda Jones Rebecca Jones Wayne Jordan Rebecca Jordan Wiley Jordan Janice Justice Eddie Kennedy Janice Kennedy Sammy Kelly Barbara Kiker Tommy Kirby Glenn Kirkland Sylvester Kirtland Oscar Knight David Lacey George Lang Glenda Lang Karen Lang Randell Lang Ann Lemaster Betty Lemaster Terry Lewis Brenda Light Hoyt Light Lawrence Long Charles Lowery Jerry Lowery Sue Lumpkin Barry Luther Carolyn Maltbie Tony Maroney Doris Martin Pamela Martin Barry Massey Nancy May Mary McCollan Randy McPherson Cyrus Mikel Ray Miller Linda MilliganKathy Millwood Larry Millwood Gary Minor Jerry Mitchell John Mitchell John Moman Wanda Moon Wayne Morris Charles Morrison Rannie Noblitt Jennie Norris Linda Ogle Gerald Oliver Floease Oliver James Oliver Jerry Oliver J. B. Oliver Myron Pack Patricia Pannel Brenda Pate Freda Pearce Jimmy Pearce Linda Pell Sandra Pointer Jon Ponder Linda Pounds Floyd Powell Judy Powell Linda Powell Charles Price Glenda Pruitt Barbara Ragsdale Kenny Ragsdale Diane Rathbun Helen Rhoden Brenda Rives r Jane Roberts John Robinson Patsy Robinson Adene Rogers Michael Rogers Mary Russell Doyle Russell Lula Saint Freddie Samples Johnny Sampson Linda Scarbrough Jimmy SegarsDon Shellhorse Donald Simpson Joyce Sims Judy Sims Betty Skinner Geneva Smith James Smith Irvin Smith Toby Sorrells James Spurgeon Roy Stanfield Bonnie Stewart Brenda Stewart Nelda Stewart A. L. Swords Gerald Swords Sandra Swords Patricia Teague Roger Teague Charlotte Teal Wayne Thomas Chella Thomason Larry Thomason Tommy Tompson Linda Thrasher Janice Tidmore Catherine Traylor James Traylor Lamar Turner Kathy Upton Marquita Upton Kerry Voss Patricia W atwood Charles Weaver Joel Webb Lucritia Wilks Don Williams Ronnie Willis Glenda Wilmore Jimmy Wilson Mary Wilson Joe Windsor Rose WoodhamEighth Grade Judy Ayres Jean Bailey Glenda Baldwin John Barnard Tommy Baugh Peggy Beard Mary Beasley Charlotte Benefield Lana Benefield Danny Bently Patricia Bolton William Brooks Gaynell Brown Orson Browning Roger Buchanan Byron Burbanks Randy Burks Jimmy Butler Newman Camp Martha Casey Dorothy Champion Cheryl Christian Pamela Christian Janet Coby Barbara Coe Dale Cofield Jerry Cofield Larry Colley Essie Colquitt Floyd Compton Pam Crowe Danny Davis Benny Dean Junior Dick Van Dickie Walter Dixon Billy Dobbins Judy Doster Jean Duckett Peggy Duffey David Ennis Neal EnnisHarver Eubanks Ovie Farmer Rebecca Faulkner Betty Ferguson Jerry Floyd Johnny Foshee Gerald Fuller Jerry Fuller David Gallman Gerald Gardner James Garner Sherry Garrett Max Garrett Gerald Gary Nelson Godwin Mack Gore Judy Grant Carolyn Gray Dwight Gray Judith Gregory Shirley Gunnels Carolyn Ham Richard Hard Ann Harden Jimmy Harris Claudett Hastings Myra Hatley Ann Haney Hue Heaton Sue Heaton Barbara Henry Ronald Higgins Judy Hill Byron Holderfield Dale Horton Lucian Howard Mary Hudgins Sharon Hutchens Verndale Ingram Johnny Irvin Brenda Johnson Clarence Johnston James Johnston Gail Joiner Trisha Jones Charles Jordon Lyle Kitchens Linda LacyShirley Lacy Barbara Lambert Elane Lang Wade Lang John Lavender Ida Lawson Larry Lester Nora Long Gloria Lovelady Glenda Lovell Billy Lowery Jane Lumpkin Dennis Lusk Hazel Mahan Thomas Maltbie David Mayo Ronny McCamy Billy McCullers Glenn McDaniel Hayward McNeal Barney Moon Mary Moor Billy Moore Joyce Moore Susan Moore Bill Morrow Roger Morrow Vida Morrow Mac Nelson Douglas Nicholson Sammie Ogle Harrison Owens Doris Patterson Polly Patterson Barbara Payne Kay Phillips Mary Pierce Sherrill Pinson Ray Poe Mike Pritchett Clyde Rains Jimmy Ray Brenda Reaves Donald Reese Dennis Richey Gloria Roberts Charles Rogers Donald RogersFrances Rogers James Sampson Jimmy Scott Walter Segars Brenda Shell Wayne Shirey Carolyn Smith Clyde Smith Danny Smith Wayne Sparks Sara Stanfield Nell Stephen Brenda Stevens Cheryl Stewert Jean Stewart Donald Swords Joe Swords Glinda Teague Mack Teague Jo Ann Thrasher Charles Tipton Tommy Trammell Nola Treece Bill Vandergriff Malcolm Volentine Morris Volentine Joyce Waldrop Sandra Wallace Jimmy Walley Randall Walls Terry Washam Linda Weaver Gary Westbrooks Don Wilkerson Kenneth Williams Rebecca Wilson Charlice Wolfe Janice Woodham Gloria Wright Martha Wright Ronald YorkFreshmen Janet Adamson Patricia Alexander Betty Allen Billy A Iverson Diana Armstrong Shermon Arnold Gwen Ball Annette Barkley Brenda Beam Gary Benefield Jimmy Biddle Diane Bishop Jennell Blackmor Ray Bonds Eddie Bopp Rick Bouldin Dale Boyd Wayne Brewer Gerald Brewster John Bright Jackie Brooks Pudge Brown Joyce Buchanan Patricia Cain Billy Camp Jimmy Camp Patsy Camp Wendell Canady Ty Cobb Douglas Cochran■ Pat Colvin Sherry Colvin Brenda Cook Ann Couch Lonnie Crawford Jeannie Davis Martha Duckett Sherry Eason Elbert Easterling Jimmy Ennis Carl Fields Syble Forbus Wanda Frasier Linda Gardner Ray George Joe German J. T. Griffith Mary Griffith Hope Guice Bruce Haney Roger Harper Carl Harris Joe Hatley Landa Hawk Bonnie Henderson Homer Henderson Denverd Holbrooks Don Holcomb Mildred Hudgins Virginia Hudgins Brenda Jackson Brenda Jarmon Rebecca Johnson Dorothy Joiner Brenda JolleyGary Jolley Genell Jones Bill Keller Judy King Clotill Kirkland Herman Knight Andrew Lancaster Glenyce Landers Freddy Lang Gladys Lang Edward Lankford Daniel Ledbetter Louise Lee Peggy Lindsey Billy Little Don Livingston Billy Lowery Dorothy Lowery Carolyn Malone Marcella Maltbie Bobby Masters Douglas Masters Dorothy Matthews Martha McCoy Betty McClendon Johnny McGee Ann Miller Fay Miller Marlon Moon Barnard Moore Carol Moore David Moore Steve Moore Junior Morgan Terry MortonRichard Nelms Frankie Oliver Tolly Orr Johnny Parrish Buela Pate Billie Peppers Jimmy Pierce Debby Pike Autry Pinson Dorothy Piper Irby Powell David Prance Joe Pruitt Robert Pruitt Sarah Rains Barbara Rhoden Larry Richey O'Dean Riddle Jackie Riddle William Robinson Johnny Roden Mary Rodgers Harold Rogers Annette Roe Richard Segers Wendell Simmons Windford Slaten Barbara Smith Jane Smith Jimmy Smith Micheal Smith Stanley Strange Joe Striplin Leona Swearengin Mary SwearenginJanice Swords Brenda Taft Janice Teal Benny Tidwell Jerry Tidwell Betty Todd James Townson Venning Trammell Diane Trussell Ann Turner David Waldrop Jimmy Walker Billy Wallace Joan Ward Jerry Weaver Ray Webster Kathy Whisenant Jane Whittle Anthony Wilkerson Barbara Williams Teddy Williams Taylor Williamson Byron Willis Larry Winkles-Tim Woodham(Sophomores Wilbur Anderson Sherron Arnold James Baird Janie Barkley Patsy Barkley Helen Beaird Carolyn Beard Duain Bearden Olivia Bearden Donny Bently Jean Bishop Jeanette Bobo Carole Boles Janice Bonds Lamont Boldin Annett Boyd Tommy Boyd Glenda Bridges Hazel Bright Virginia Bright Carole Brothers Geraldine Brothers Perry Brown Gary Camp Jerry Camp Terry Canady Jo Ann Casey Jerry Chastain Sue Cole Brenda CentersGlenda Charles Linda Charles Barbara Clark Nora Clemons Rosemary Coby Jimmie Cochran Johnny Cochran Rebecca Cook Reba Cooley Steve Cooper Johnny Crawford Angelyn Creel Don Croft Bryan Crow Thomas Cryar Larry Cullen Eloise Dalrymple Wallace Dalrymple Bobby Darnell Billy Davis Tommy Davis Mickey Decker Johnny Denham Helen Dooly Frank Duckett Joe Duckett Phillip Duke Harold Dunn Joe Dunseith Linda Duran Barbara Eason Carol Eason Fay Edmondson Linda Eller Glenda EllisorJames England Margie Farmer Billy Farris Francis Farrow Maxine Gautney Pat Gillian Carole Gipson Diane Golden Brenda Greene Kara Greer Barbara Gunter Helen Hackney Jimmy Hambrick Bobby Harper Gary Harper Patricia Harris Fred Hasty Helen Hatley Johnny Haynie Teddy Head Janice Hicks Garland Hill Peggy Hinds Greg Hodges Larry Holder J. B Holsomback Marolyn Horton Sue Howard Kermit Hughes Sammy Jackson Carol Johnson Bubs Johnson Randy Johnson Barbara Johnston Brenda JoinerPatricia Jolley Dene Jones Jerry Jordan Keith Jordan Jimmy Justice Mike Justice Rochell Justice Johnny Karr Jerry Kittle Jerry Kytle Bruce Lang Edward Lang Jerry Lang Nancy Lang Tommie Lay Ben Levie Ronald Lindsey Margie Long Sue Long Phillip Lowery Glenda Lumpkin Ruth Lyles Janette Maltbie Phillip Maltbie Donald Mann Susan Marlow Margaret Maroney Janue Martin Tyra Massey Judy Mathis Jimmy Mathis Peggy Matthews Johnny May Judy Mayo Glenda MinorWilda McCauley Glenda McClendon Stanley McClendon Sue McKee Linda McDaniel Carolyn Miller James Mitchell Tommy Moore Mickey Moore Oscar Morgan Lucille Motley Linda Moultrie Rayborn Murphy Wynell Murphy Ed Nixon Charlotte Oliver Nell Oliver Patricia Owens Don Pankey Alvanell Paris Ruby Pannell Gary Pearson Pat Phillips Wynn Phillips Patsy Pierce Jimmy Plunkett Lee Potts Max Ragsdale Charles Rains Fremon Rains Fred Rains Terry Rains Janice Reaves Jane Reed Neal ReedJudy Rhodarmer Barbara Richards Jimmy Richey Ginger Richey Janie Rives Benny Robinson Jimmy Robinson Buddy Robison Betty Rogers Ben Royston Barbara Sampson Johnny Sanders Wayne Sikes Jo Ann Silas Donno Sims Marsha Skelley Daisy Skinner Linda Smith Lynn Smith Max Smith Ronald Smith Sarah Smothers Jerry Snellings Don Snider Edwin Snider Ray Snider Judy Spurgeon Gary Stanfield Rosie Stephens Kay Stewart Ronald Stewart Aaron Stone Genell Stracener Linda Strange Marie StricklandFrancis Taft Juanita Taylor Sue Taylor Jimmy Terrell Gary Thomas Terry Thomas Arion Turner Linda Turner Joyce Vaughn Lane Warren Buddy Weaver Irene Weaver Betty White Helen Whitmire Gail Wilkerson Robert Williams Duwayne Willoughby Becky Wilson Fay Wilson Nancy Woodham Douglas Woods June Wright Billy YorkJuniors JEAN BROWN Sec reta ry -T reasurer, I ■ CLAYBROOKS ADAMS GLENDA ALLEN SUE BAILEY LARRY BAKER GERALDINE BEARDEN MICHAEL BEARDEN QUIMBY BEARDEN FRED BISHOP HOMER BISHOP PAULA BOYD GILMORE BRANNON GLENDA BRIGHT ROBERT BROOKS JEAN BROWN NORMA BROWN BETTY BURGESS RICHARD BUTLER LINDA CAHILL TED CAMPBELL BRENDA CHAMBERS JOHNNY COLLETT GAIL COOPER CHARLES COUCH JIMMY COUCH HENRY CRIBBS SID DANIELS ALAN DARDEN TOMMY DAVISMARTHA DECKER JIMMY DRAIN GAIL DUCKETT FREED A EIDSON MARGIE ELLER ANN EVANS BARBARA FRACHISEUR ALAN FRIX WILSON GAUTNEY EDNA GLASCO ELIZABETH GOODMAN CLYDE GREGORY BECKY GUICE MOZELL GUNTER LILA HUDGINS NEAL JOHNSON BARBARA JOHNSTON CHARLOTTE JOLLEY PATSY JONES BERNARD KENNEDY NELL KIRKLAND CAROLYN LANG LA VON LANG TOMMY LANG BILLY LESTER SHERRY LONG LYNN LUTHER JANICE LYLESV n ■1 n . 1 i . V jWBL rf 5 ‘. r-uv A i IB f p ♦ j M — V' V - r a A |S 1 jm —1 |R) 1 i fp — 1 ■r BARBARA MALTBIE CONNIE MARTIN SIDNEY MASTERS EARL MATTHEWS CAROLYN MAYFIELD larry McCarthy EDWARD McCAULEY LINDA McCAULEY JERRY MCCLENDON JOYCE McCOY ELBERT MED LOCK NED MITCHELL MARIE MITCHELL UNDA MOORE BERNARD MOORE DONALD MORRIS ROBERT MORTON ANNE NEWBY JOAN OGLE MORRIS OLIVER GLENDA OWENS DONALD PAYNE GAYLE PLUNKETT JOYCE POPE CECIL PRENTICE THOMAS RAGSDALE THOMAS RAINS GLENN RICEMIC HEAL RIGSBY RICHARD RIVES WAYNE RIVES LARRY ROBERTSON JUANZETTA ROBERTS UNDA ROBERTS DONALD ROBINSON JIMMY RODGERS CAROL SANDERS JOYCE SILVEY RAYFORD SLATON BARBARA SMITH DOROTHY SMITH DOUGLAS SMITH LARRY SMITH MARTHA SMITH NELL SMITH HOWARD SNELLING SHERMAN SOUTH NOREEN SPURUN SANDRA STANFIELD RODNEY STATON ANN STEVENS SANDRA STEVENS PHIL STONER EDWIN SWORDS MICKEY SWORDS MAX TEALEU VANDERGRIFF OLLIE VAUGHN JOE WALDEN LINDA WASHAM RICKEY WHITE JAMES WHITLOCK ANN WILKERSON EVELYN WILLIS BUTCH WILSON BOBBY WRIGHT CHARLES WRIGHT BETTY YOUNG KENNETH YOUNGSeniors CHARLES PELL President LARRY BROWN Vice President JOHN CORBIN Parliamentarian Senior Class Officers BETTY MOORE Secretary LINDA RIVES TreasurerCYWILLA BEAM JILL AMOS Future Nurses 3 Glee Club 3 4-H Club 3 Beta Club 4-6 Library Staff 4 May Day 1,5 MYRA BAIRD May Day 1,2,5 4-H Club 3 May Day 3 FHA 4-5 Future Teachers Basketball Cheerleader 6 3 MATTIE BEARDEN FHA 4-5 RAY BAKER Annual Staff 6 Pep Club 6 Track 5 Civitan Oratorical Contest 4 Science Club 6 HAROLD BAUGH Curtis Award 6 Junior Basketball 2 Football 3 MARGARET BENEFIELD Class Favorite 3 Beta Club 4-6 Paper Staff 5-6 Flag Carrier 4 Majorette 5-6 Head Majorette 6 Pep Club 5-6 Valentine Queen 4 Junior Who's Who 5 Future Nurses 4 Curtis Award 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Radio Club 6 First Aid Chairman 5 May Day 1-2 DIANE BOYD Radio Club 6 Paper Staff 6 Annual Staff 6 Future Teachers 5-6 Secretary 6 Pep Club 5-6 Beta Club 4-6 Speech Club 4 Office Staff 6 Magazine Captain 6 Curtis Award 6 Junior Classical League 5-6 School Reporter 5-6VIRGINIA BURKS BARBARA BROWN Honor Roll V CAROLYN BROWN Good Citizenship Girl Class Beauty 4-5 Miss Fire Prevention Office Assistant 6 LARRY BROWN Baseball 3-6 Basketball 4-6 Football 6 Track 5-6 Class President 4-5 Senior Vice President Junior Who’s Who 5 Junior Civitans 5-6 Vice President 6 A Club 4-6 Vice President 6 Sophomore Favorite 4 Beta Club 4-6 President 6 BONNIE BURGESS May Day 3 4-H Club 3 FHA 4 Office Assistant 6 FHA 4-5 Office Assistant 6 SANDRA CAMP May Day 1,2,5 SUE CAMP May Day 2 FHA 4 JOCELYN CAMPBELL Annual Staff 5-6 Junior Red Cross Co-Chairman 6 Curtis Award Magazine Salesman 6 Library Staff 6 Junior Classical League 5-6 Pep Club 5-6 Speech Club 4 Future Teachers 5-6 Reporter 6 Science Club 6— CHARLES CARROL Band 1 Pep Club 6 Junior Civitan 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Curtis Award Science Club 6 RUBY JO CHANDLER FHA 4 HENRY COBY RUTH COFFEY Glee Club 3 FHA 5 Annual Staff 6 Future Teachers 6 Pep Club 6 May Day 2,5,6 LYNN COFIELD Basketball 5 Baseball 5-6 Pep Club 6 Junior Civitan 6 ANNEVA COLVIN Homecoming Queen 6 Beta Club 2-4 Pep Club 5-6 Treasurer 6 Science Club 6 Treasurer FHA 3 Paper Staff 6 Basketball Cheerleader 1 Junior Who's Who 5 JERRY COOLEY Football 3-4 Radio Club 4 Curtis Award JOHN CORBIN Football 4-6, Captain 6 Track 3-6, District 4-5 A Club 4-6 Treasurer 6 Junior Who's Who 5 Junior Civitan 4-6 Parliamentarian 6 Senior Parliamentarian 6 Defensive Trophy 5-6 All-State, Third Team 6 NEA Conference, 1st 6 All-County, 2nd Team 3 Curtis Award 6 Pep Club 6KATIE CORDELL Library Staff 6 FHA 4 Pep Club 5 Curtis Award 6 PAT COURINGTON Golf 5 Football 6 A Club 6 Junior Civitans 5-6 Chaplain 6 Junior Who's Who 5 Annual Staff 6 KAYRA CREEL Beta Club 4-6 Class Favorite 1 Pep Club 5-6 Paper Staff 4 FHA 5 Vice Presidept 5 JENNIE DALRYMPLE DANNY DAVIS Track 5-6 Football 4-6 Curtis Award 6 Junior Civitan 6 Basketball 2-4 A Club 4-6 Science Club 6 President 6 FFA 3-5 President 4 DOROTHY DAVIS Beta Club 4-6 Annual Staff 6 Paper Staff 6 Future Teachers 5-6 Vice President 6 Junior Classical League 5-6 DAR Citizenship Girl 6 JACK DECKER i i EDWIN CURRIE DO Club 5-6 Football 5-6 Baseball 6 Track 4 Golf 5-6 Magazine Salesman 6 A Club 5-6 LARRY DICKERSON HAROLD DUNSE1TH Pep Club 6 Junior Civitans 6 Science Club 6 DAN DICKSON Football 4-6 Captain 6 All-County 6 Defensive Trophy 6 NEA Conference Honorable Mention 6 A Club 4-6 President 6 Junior Civitans 4-6 President 6 Track 4-6 Baseball 5-6 Beta Club 4-6 Junior Vice President 5 Paper Staff 5-6 Homeroom Vice President 2,5 DELORES EATON DO Club 6 GARY DICKSON Junior Civitans 4-6 Beta Club 4-6 A Club 4-6 Baseball 3-6 Band 1-6 All-State Band 2-6 Vice President 4 Student Director 5 President 6 Magazine Salesman 6 B Honor Roll 6 JIMMY DUCKETT DO Club 5-6 Pep Club 5jo ANN GARY Future Nurses 5 JAMES GENTRY FFA 3-4 MARLIN GIPSON COY GRABEN Homeroom Chairman 3 Curtis Award 6 id! MARTHA GRAV FHA 5-6 Vice President 5 Parliamentarian 6 Pep Club 6 Future Nurses 3-6 Curtis Award 6 Future Teachers 6 JIMMY HALL Curtis Award 6 LINDA GAIL HARPER 4-H Club 1 Future Nurses 4 LINDA GAIL HARRIS FHA 4-5 4-H Club 2-3LANA HART Glee Club 4 FHA 4 Reporter 4 HAROLD HENRY Junior Civitan 6 Curtis Award 6 Band SHELBY HENRY Beta Club 4-6 FHA 4-5 Officer 4-5 Office Assistant 6 4-H Club 3 Curtis Award 6 TAP Co-Chairman 6 March of Dimes Committee 6 VIRGINIA HOLDER CHARLES HUDGINS A Honor Roll 1-6 Homeroom Chairman 1-6 Merit Scholar 6 Phi Beta Kappa Scholar 6 Civitan Award 4,6 Beta Club 4-6 Vice President 6 Future Teachers 5-6 President 6 Annual Staff 5-6 Editor 6 Paper Staff 5 Boys' State 5 Legion Medal 5 Jaycees Medal 4 Lions Club Trophy 3 REBECCA HUNT Future Teachers 6 Annual Staff 6 Curtis Award 6 Pep Club 6 Future Nurses 6 Jaycees Contest 4 DRUCILLA HUNT Pep Club 6 Annual Staff 6 Office Assistant 6 Curtis Award 6 ED HUMPHRIES FFA 5-6 Office Assistant 6 Soil Judging Contest Marshall CountyBRYANT IRVIN FFA 4-5 Secretary 5 EDITH JOINER Future Nurses 3 Glee Club 3 4-H Club 3-4 May Day 1,5 JANELLA JOLLEY Cheerleader 4-6 Football 4-6 Basketball 6, Head 6 Junior Who's Who 5 Beta Club 4-6 Paper Staff 5-6 Magazine Captain 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Office Assistant 6 Curtis Award 6 Pep Club 5-6 Junior Classical League 5-6 Junior II Favorite 2 May Day 1-2 PATSY KELLER Civitan Award 5 School-County Paper Staff 6 Beta Club 5-6 Devotional Committee 6 Future Teachers 4-6 FHA 3 Pep Club 5-6 Junior Red Cross Co-Chairman 6 Office Assistant 5 Curtis Award 6 GAIL KENDRICK Class Beauty 3 Class Favorite 4 Junior Who's Who 5 Basketball Cheerleader 5 Glee Club 3 FHA 3-4 Vice President 4 Attendant 4-5 Annual Staff 6 Office Assistant 6 March of Dimes Committee 6 Curtis Award 6 DOROTHY KENNEDY Pep Club 5 CHARLOTTE KARR March of Dimes Committee 6 Curtis Award 6 WAYNE KENNEDY Basketball 4 Football 5LANA RAY LEDBETTER Majorette 5 Alternate Basketball Cheerleader 2 FHA 3 May Day 1-3 Pep Club 6 SHIRLEY FAYE LEE JOYCE MAHAN Library Assistant 3-6 Beta Club 4-6 Annual Staff 6 Glee Club 3 FHA 4 4-H Club Future Nurses 5 DO Club 6 FAY McBRAYER FHA 4 Office Assistant 5-6 VIRGINIA LEE Beta Club 4-6 Annual Staff 6 Paper Staff 6 Pep Club 5 FHA 5-6 Vice President 5-6 Voice of Democracy Contest Winner Jaycees Medal 4 Civitan Award 4 Future Teachers 6 Office Assistant 6 MARY NEL LEMASTER Class Treasurer 1 4-H Club Songleader 3 May Day 4 Flagbearer 5 Prom Committee 5 Majorette 6 Pep Club 6 HOLLY McCAULEY Beta Club 4-6 FFA 4-5 Chapter Tractor Driving Winner 5 george McClendon DO Club 6Rebecca McClendon Paper Staff 6 Beta Club 4-6 FHA 4-5 Vice President 4 Reporter 5 Homemaker Degree 5 Future Teacher 4-6 Treasurer 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Homeroom Chairman 6 Jaycee Medal 5 Curtis Award 6 Office Assistant 6 RICHARD MOORE Football 5-6 A Club 5-6 Civitan Award 5 Golf Team 5-6 Paper Staff 5-6 Reporter Salesman 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Beta Club 4-6 Vice President, Co. 6 TAP Committee Attendance Award 2-5 Pep Club 6 GINGER McGEE May Day 1-3,5 4-H Club 3 Pep Club 6 Charles McPherson Paper Staff 5-6 Editor 6 Junior Civitans 4-6 Officer 6 Civitan Award 2 Band 2-6 Vice President 6 Top Magazine Salesman Beta Club 4-6 Emcee, Junior-Senior Prom 5 Latin Banquet 5 Radio Club 6 Junior Who’s Who 5 Golf Team 5 Junior Classical League 5-6 BETTY MOORE A Honor Roll 1,3 B Honor Roll 2,4,5 Junior Who's Who 5 Pep Club 5-6 Secretary 5 Prom Committee 5 May Day 5 Senior Class Secretary 6 Annual Staff 6 Co-Chairman TAP 6 Curtis Award 6 Homeroom Secretary 1,4 March of Dimes Committee 6 CHARLES MORTON JOYCE MORTON Future Teachers 4-6 Secretary 5 Junior Who's Who 5 Pep Club 5-6 DELAINE MOUNTAIN Track 5-6 Junior Civitan 6 A Club 6 Radio Club 6 President 6 Golf Team 5-6 Future Teachers 6 Pep Club 6 Curtis Award 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Junior Basketball 2-3 A11-County 3 Junior I FavoriteDORIS OGLE Pep Club 5-6 May Day 1,2,3,5 Curtis Award 4-H Club 3 Prom Committee KARON OWENS FHA 4 Parliamentarian 4 FHA Secretary 5 PATRICIA OWENS 4-H Club 1,2,3 May Queen 2,5 FHA 4 Future Teachers 6 RONALD OWENS Basketball 1-6 CHARLES PELL Basketball 3-5 Junior Who's Who 5 Football 6 Senior Class President 6 Junior Civitans 6 Pep Club 6 Track 6 A Club 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Curtis Award Trophy for Outstanding Back 6 LUCRETIA PONDER Beta Club 4-6 Future Teachers 4-6 FHA 4 Secretary 4 Future Teachers President 5 Office Assistant 6 Homemaker Degree 4 BARNEY POWELL Band 1-2 ROGER PRESLEY Glee Club 3 DO Club 5-6 President 6BILLY PRICKETT Junior Who's Who 5 Prom Committee 5 Magazine Campaign Captain 6 Annual Staff 6 Pep Club 6 President 6 Science Club 6 Future Teachers 6 MARY RAGSDALE Beta Club 4-6 A Honor Roll 6 Paper Staff 6 LYNDA GAYLE RICE FHA 4, President 4 Future Teachers 5 Treasurer 5 Beta Club 4-6 B Honor Roll 1-3, 5-6 Paper Staff 6 Pep Club 5-6 Representative 5 Annual Staff 6 Office Assistant 6 Radio Club 6 Curtis Award 6 Science Club 6 May Day 5 Homeroom Secretary 5 KEITH RICHARDS Football 3-4 FFA 4-5 FHA President 6 Office Assistant 6 WANDA JANE RAINS FHA 4 Office Assistant 5-6 4-H Club 1-2 JIMMY RAYBURN Junior Civitans 6 Pep Club 6 Science Club 6 Basketball 3 LINDA RIVES Beta Club 4-6 Senior Treasurer 6 FHA 4 Future Teachers 4-6 Paper Staff 6 JO ANNE ROBISON Secretary-Treasurer 5 Beta Club 4-6 Treasurer 6 Pep Club 5-6 Secretary 6 Paper Staff 5 Annual Staff 6 Office Assistant 5-6 Radio Club 6 Cheerleader 4 Girls' State 5 FHA President 4 Miss FHA 4 Future Teachers 5-6 Curtis Award 6 Homemaker Degree 4 A” Honor Roll 2-6SYBLE ROLLINGS FHA 4-5 Senior I Secretary 4 May Day 3 4-H Club Prom Committee 5 MARY LOU SIMS Beta Club 4-6 Future Nurses Club 4-6 DO Club 6 Junior Classical League 4-5 JERRY SMITH Paper Staff 6 Beta Club 6 Golf Team 6 Junior Civitan 6 Devotional Committee 6 Pep Club 6 LINDA SMITH Football Cheerleader 6 Basketball Cheerleader 6 Beta Club 4-6 Secretary 6 Magazine Salesman 6 Pep Club 5-6 Radio Club 6 FHA 4-5 Parliamentarian 4 Prom Committee 5 BILLY SNIDER FFA 3-4 FLOYD SNIDER Science Club 6 BARBARA STRANGE Pep Club 5-6 FHA 4 SHIRLEY SWEARENGIN May Day 5 Office Assistant 6 ”B Honor Roll 6UNDA TAYLOR JERRY WALDROP Beta Club 4-6 Latin Club 5-6 FHA 4 Pep Club 5 Betty Crocker Award 6 BRENDA TODD FHA 4-5 Pep Club 5-6 Library Assistant 6 BENNY TRAMMELL Basketball Manager 3 A Club 4-6 Baseball 5-6 Junior Civitan 5-6 EARLENE TRAYLOR Beta Club 4-6 Football 5-6 FFA 5-6 GLENDA WEBSTER JEWEL WILLS ROBERT WILLIAMS FFA 3 Junior Civitan 5-6 Treasurer 6BILLY WOODHAM Basketball 1-6 All-County Junior B 2 All-County Junior A 3 A11-County 6 All-Tournament 6 NEA Conference 6 A Club 4-6, Officer 6 Baseball 2-3 5-6 Track 5 Junior Civitans 5-6 Junior Who's Who 5 Pep Club 5 Class Favorite 3 Curtis Award DORIS YANCY FHA 4 Pep Club 5-6 CLASS YELL - We're the class that really shines, Senior Class of fifty-nine! v. syTV. vyrv »v. vtv vix vtv' tv,- tv. yvSeventh Grade Jimmy Bearden Patricia Bowen Gary Brown Jimmy Colvin Richard Denham Sadie Lee Peggy Pierce Patricia Teague Janice Tidmore Che 11a Thomason Kathy Upton Wayne Upton Glenda Willmore William Wilson Rosemary Woodham Eighth Grade Patricia Bolton Richard Upton Ninth Grade Harold Rogers Tenth Grade Kenneth Adams Tom Chandler Bonnie Woods Pictures on this page were made late and could not be included in regular class section.In MemoriamG r a d u a t i o n CHARLES HUDGINS Valedictorian DAN DICKSON Salutatorian . v 5 Together all the way...Ye Grand and Glorious Class of 959 6 ok. -? t : V f; P ‘P a Co b y p i c t u r e s Mattie Bearden Margaret Benefield Diane Boyd Carolyn Brown Larry Brown Virginia Burks Sue Camp Jocelyn Campbell Ruth Coffey Lynn Cofield Anneva Colvin Jerry Cooley John Corbin Dorothy Davis Dan Dickson Harold Dunseith Eddie Ennis Anita Farmer Coy Graben Martha Gray Jimmy Hall Linda Hanis Lana Hart Harold HenryShelby Henry Charles Hudgins Becky Hunt Drucilla Hunt Ed Humphries Janella Jolley Charlotte Karr Patsy Keller Gail Kendrick Dorothy Kennedy Wayne Kennedy Lana Ledbetter Shirley Lee Joyce Mahan Fay McBrayer Holly McCauley Rebecca McClendon Ginger McGee Charles McPherson Betty Moore Richard Moore Charles Morton Joyce Morton Delaine Mountain Patricia Owens Charles Pell Barney Powell Mary Ragsdale Lynda Rice Linda Rives Syble Rollings Jo Anne Robison Linda Smith Billy Snider Mary Lou Sims Barbara Strange Shirley Swearengin Linda Taylor Benny Trammell Glenda Webster Billy Woodham Doris YancyOur Patrons SENATOR LISTER HILL SENATOR JOHN SPARKMAN and LOCAL FRIENDS of the Student Body of Albertville High SchoolAdvertisersOne of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albertville, AlabamaCONGRATULATIONS FROM CITY OF ALBERTVILLETRI-STATE VETERINARY SUPPLIES HOPKINS GRANITE COMPANY Located on Rainsville Hwy. Albertville, Alabama Telephone 774 Compliments of DARDEN COTTON COMPANY Albertville, Alabama 208 Main St. Phone 940 Albertville, Alabama P.O. Box 341 Phone 954 Compliments of ROBERTS ISBELL HARDWARE CO. Your G. E. Dealer Albertville, Alabama $100, 000,00 Insurance SAND MOUNTAIN EXTERMINATING CO. LICENSED BONDED- INSURED ■ • - ' 4 COMPUTE PEST CONTROL SERVICE fr - - V; =: FREE INSPECTION £, ESTIMATE COW . lOO-? BY AND DISCUSS YOUR PR OBU HS WITH US 1 ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER CO. Albertville, Alabama(ongratulatiom to the graduating class ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Gadsden, Alabama 5000 Pairs 5000 Pairs “THE NATIONAL” FAMILY SHOE STORE Good Shoes at Low Prices Albertville, Alabama J. A. McGEE INSURANCE AGENCY Albertville, Alabama CAROL THEATRE and SHADYSIDE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Albertville AlabamaCompliments of MARSHALL BUTANE GAS 4 APPLIANCE CO., INC. Retail LP-Gas and Appliances Textile Ave. Phone 923 MUNICIPAL UTILITIES BOARD LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY Albertville, Alabama THE NEW MARSHALL DRIVE-IN Albertville, AlabamaHOTEL HORSLEY Albertville, Alabama MARSHALL DRUG STORE Albertville, Alabama JIM AND ED ROBERTS Phone 28 Compliments of Compliments of ADAMS BROWN SERVICE MOORE’S FUNERAL HOME HOME AND AUTO Albertville, Alabama Your Westinghouse Dealer Phone 207 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX WAKEFIELD LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Compliments of DECKER FURNITURE CO. McCord Ave. Phone 132 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaFLOYD BROWN CHEVROLETMusically Yours Best Wishes of DENDY’S Formerly J. B. Roberts Sons Arrow Shirts Florsheim Shoes Mallory Hats Poll Parrot and Kate Greenaway for the Children LAVERTY’S Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of W. E. WALKER CO. COTTON BUYERS ALBERTVILLE Albertville, Alabama HERALDCompliments of CHESTER F. RAINES AGENCY Complete Insurance Service 117 East Main Street Albertville, Alabama Phone 243 TANTS JEWELERS Albertville, Alabama Phone 422 STEAK HOUSE Phone 1045 Albertville, Alabama Compliments of JOSIE’S STYLE GIFT SHOPPE The Shop Women Know Albertville, Alabama DICKSON SERVICE SUPPLY Firestone Factory Recapping Albertville, Alabama BIDDLE FURNITURE COMPANY Albertville, AlabamaDUCKETT’S DEPARTMENT STORE Albertville, Alabama Phone 140 With Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School AMERICAN RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacturer of Arctile Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaDOBSON’S Your Friendly Shopping Headquarters ALFORD COTTON CO. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of THOMPSON HARDWARE Albertville, Alabama GOLDEN’S SUNDRIES SMITH BROTHERS CARS Albertville, Alabama Phone 350 Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP, INCORPORATED Phone 499 or 479 Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF THE KENDALL CO. ALBERTVILLE PLANT Makers of Quality Print Cloth Albertville, Alabama HEWETT DRUG CO. THE LEADER Men's and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Boys' and Girls' Ready-to-Wear Phone 32 High Quality; Low Prices R. O. LUMPKIN Albertville, Alabama Albertville Compliments of Compliments of WHITTEN PARTS SPEED-WASH COMPANY Main Street Phone 9144 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of BRADSHAW SUPPLY CO. DESPAIN’S UPHOLSTERY Distributors of POULTRY DRUGS-VACCINES Phone 1242 Phone 1318 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama WALKER ROBERTS Compliments of A. F. JONES JR. FLORIST HARDWARE APPLIANCE CO. Albertville Compliments of THOMPSON FLORAL CO. Albertville FAIR STORE Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family AlbertvilleBEST WISHES F rom TRO-FE DAIRY COMPANY, INC. ROBERT E. BAIRD Distributor Albertville, AlabamaCOPELAND OIL CO. YOUR AMOCO DEALER Albertville, Alabama Compliments of ALBERTVILLE PRODUCE CO. Albertville, Alabama Compliments of FRED KING STORES Albertville - Boaz MOORE’S CAFETERIA Fine Foods Phone 72J. C. SMITH, INC. WELLS MERC. CO. AUTO SERVICE Style and Quality Heavy Duty Wreckers in Ladies', Men's and Children's Clothing Parts North Broad St. Albertville, Alabama 126 N. Broad Albertville CHECK-R-BOARD WILKS BATTERY CO. Wholesale Distributors 216 North Broad St. for HESTER Batteries Albertville, Alabama Compliments of P J PHARMACY CHANDLER’S FABRIC SHOP 2 116 N. Broad St. Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Phone 446 STEPHENS DRESS SHOP Compliments of Dresses for Ladies and Girls CRIBBS TIRE SERVICE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANYk h'Zv . -• V - V- ■ ■7 ••• . :i •• » J V.. •V N k' - r A V ,v .♦ ,-.»»% . . TT . ;jX ' ? • , : ■ « . ■ ■ a « ' V I;; },: ! ■ «x • ••• ‘ • : •: . . i • fe:;., f .•£5: ) :v«i - - :• ' •% •• .} ? 7.7 • : ft I: V . • $ ••s ff J l.'r? • ; . , • ■ -. . :♦ s vr ' k ■ .V ;¥ rv ; y ■ j. : : • v ' . % 'f 1»• « 1 V • - • J « :. ■ ■■ 'SStri . - yy t • • i ■ jyj M .-: v :j.vV3 •» j ; ? « , • - • . - ' . Sv%fl x - r•.: $ .-v . . -i•. f.. • • $ .; . - x . •• . ■' V • . • r.‘ : ' £' • -. • • • : . . .' • - . 4 ' I 4 ■' :' N|fyjt v| -v - . -■ .■ ■- • . ■• . F ;{ ■• :. ••■ '• '$: -.1 .-.i- •• ■•. •• • ' ‘, »- • • • ' . . .if F.. , . $ - . i- - • $ •i V Mf, J4 : vk .► .. i %rt ■f.- . ?'■«i v,. r . : ! ' S hr, -X - .............. ' . , •• p ; '•■; : : . a rJ 4: %yL P ■■» . -

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