Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL)

 - Class of 1957

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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1957 volume:

Jlio un t et MARTHA HUNT Editor SANDRA WILSON - - JERRY DESPA IN-- GAY ORR......... JEAN BAKER....... CLAIRE WILLIAMSON GERALD SMITH---- Assistant Editor - Junior Editor - - Class Editor - -Club Editor Feature Editor - Sports Editor fVICKI RAINS----- BOBBY STEPHENS - - UNA SLATON------ RONALD THOMPSON MARGARET KARR - -MARTHA RAINS - - - ■Junior Business Manager - - Circulation Manager ---------------Secretary ------------Photographer ------------------Typist ------------------Typist JOYCE CARR Business ManagerETHEL M. BAKER Algebra and Geometry B.S. KATHLEEN BROWN Librarian B. S. and M. A. EUNICE BOONE English B. S. and M. S. KATHLEEN GARRETT Homemaking B. S. ALBERT A. GONCE. JR. English, Speech, and American History B.A., M. A. Walter c. mcintosh Science B. S. and M. S. WILLIE MAUDE NELSON Typing B. S. and M. A. RALPH REED American History and English B. A. and M. A.SUE ALLDREDGE History and Science B. S. and M. A. MARTHA BIDDLE English and Social Studies B.S. JONNISE BUCKELEW English and History B. S. C. K. BUCKELEW Math and Science B.S. T. R. CLABORN Science and Math B.S. P. L. COFFEY Math B.S. 7'aciiftu MARGARET DAVIS Social Studies and English B. S. and M. A. VERNICE GALLOWAY Science and Math B. S. DORIS GARRETT Physical Education A. B. G. A. GARRETT Social Studies A. B. RUSSELL GIBSON English and Social Studies B. A., B. S. and M. A. RUBY GOODWIN Math and Science 7 B. S. CLYDE GREGORY Vocational Agriculture B. S. and M. S. LESTER LANDERS Diversified Occupation B. S. MALCOLM LANDERS Math and Science B.S. LEILA LUSK English and Social Studies A.B.DOROTHY MITCHELL Math and English B.S. MARY JO MOORE English and Social Studies B.S. and M. S. MARION D. MOULTRIE Math, Social Studies, and English A. B. GEORGE E. NIXON Band and World History B. A. LAVELL PLEDGER Math and Science and Physical Ed. B. S. AUBREY RUSH English B. S. and M. A. SHANNON SLOAN Physical Ed. A. B. AUSIE SMOTHERS English and History A.B. MARY EMMA THOMPSON Home Arts B.S. JOYCE WEIR Biology B. S. and M.S. R CLASS QFE|«“FS■f " - MARTHA GILi ----------JOHNNY siti Sfic iat ' - - - Parliamentarian President--------- Vice President -Treasurer----------EUNICE BOONE KATHLEEN BROWN MARY WEATHERS Seniors JOYCE ANN ALEXANDER JERRY ANDERSON FHA 1,2. Junior Civitan 2,3,4; Beta Club, Vice President 4; "A" Club 2,3,4; Football 1, 2,3,4. BOBBY JOE ALLEN RAY ARNOLD FFA; Football 2,3. JOYCE ANN ALEXANDER BOBBY ALLEN JERRY ANDERSON RAY ARNOLDCAROLYN BAILEY Office Staff 4; FHA Reporter 2. CAROLYN BAIRD Office Staff 4; FTA 4. SARAH JEAN BAKER Mountaineer Staff 4; Office Staff 4; FHA 2. JAMES BEAM JERRY BEAM BOBBY JOE BEARDEN FFA; Glee Club. HELEN BENEFIELD Junior Who's Who; Freshman Favorite; FNC 3; Football Cheerleader 4; FHA, Reporter 3, Secretary 4. MARGARET BENEFIELD CAROLYN BAILEY JEAN BAKER CAROLYN BAIRD JAMES BEAM JERRY BEAM HELEN BENEFIELD BOBBY BEARDEN MARGARET BENEFIELDBARBARA BENSON Junior Who’s Who; Cheerleader for Basketball 1, Football 2,3; FHA 2, Sweetheart 2, Vice President 2. DOROTHA BISHOP Beta Club 3,4; Alternate Majorette 4. MARGARET BOBO FNC 2; FHA 2; Glee Club 3; Office Staff. LEONA BRANDON Glee Club 2; FNC. HAROLD BROTHERS Beta Club; Cavalcade Staff 3. JERRY BURGESS Beta Club; Junior Civitan 3,4; Cavalcade Staff 4; Librarian 1,2,3; Civitan Oratorical Contest 3. ANN BURKE Beta Club; Glee Club 2; FNC 1,2. JO ANN CAMP Beta Club; Office Staff 4; FHA 2,4, Treasurer 2, President 4. HAROLD BROTHERS ANN BURKE MARGARET BOBO BARBARA BENSON JERRY BURGESS JO ANN CAMP LEONA BRANDON DOROTHA BISHOPMARY JOAN CAMP Basketball Cheerleader 2,3; FHA Treasurer 2; Junior Who's Who. JOYCE CARR Beta Club 2,3,4; Girls’ State 3; Library Staff 2,3,4; Junior Class Secretary; Junior Who's Who; Mountaineer Staff 3,4; Cavalcade Staff 3,4; Senior Roll Call 3. WENDELL CHARLES FFA; Football 3,4. ALBERT CHILDRESS EUGENE CLINES Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; "A" Club 3,4; Junior Civitan 2,3. MARY OPAL COFFEY Office Staff 3. MARIE COOK FHA 2; Office Staff 4. ANNIE RUTH CULBERT FHA 2; FNC 3; Office Staff 4. MARY JOAN CAMP WENDELL CHARLES EUGENE CLINES MARIE COOK JOYCE CARR ALBERT CHILDRESS MARY COFFEY ANNIE RUTH CULBERTHUGHIE LEE DAVIS FFA 2; Football 1. SYBLE DUCKETT Band 1,2,3,4; Junior Who's Who. WAYNE DYE Junior Class Vice President; Junior Who’s Who; Junior Civitan 3,4; "A" Club 3,4; Basketball Manager 2; Basketball 3,4. JODY ELROD Baseball 4; Glee Club 1. ERNEST DUKE FFA 2. QUIMBY DUNN MARY FRANCES ELROD Majorette 2,3,4; FHA 2; Junior Who's Who; Oratorical Contest 3. BARBARA ELLIS Cavalcade Staff 3, Editor 4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Reporter and Librarian 3; President 4; All-County 1; All-State 1,2,3; Beta Club 2,3,4; Junior Class Beauty; FTA. HUGHIE LEE DAVIS ERNEST DUKE WAYNE DYE MARY FRANCES ELROD SYBLE DUCKETT QUIMBY DUNN JODY ELROD BARBARA ELUSWILLIAM ENGLAND Football 1, 2,3,4, Captain 4; "A" Club 2,3,4, President 4; Track 2,3; Junior Who's Who. NANCY ANN ENNIS WANDA JEAN ENNIS FHA 2,3; Glee Club. MONA FRICKS Band 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3, Secretary 4; All-County 3; All-State 3. J. C. GARRISON Football 2,3,4. MARTHA GILLILAN FHA 2,3, Vice President 3, Sweetheart 3; FTA 4; Librarian 3; Beta Club; Senior Class Secretary. JAMES GORE FFA 1; Football Manager 4. JULIA ANN GREER FHA 3. WILLIAM ENGLAND NANCY ANN ENNIS WANDA JEAN ENNIS MONA FRICKS J. C. GARRISON MARTHA GILLILAN JAMES GORE JULIA ANN GREERBETTY FAYE HALL FHA 1. LARRY HANEY Football 3. DOROTHY LOUISE HALL MARLENE HARD FHA 2; Junior Homemakers Degree; FHA 3. FTA Club; Speech Club 3, Speech Club Secretary. EDWIN HALL WAYNE HARPER Football 2,3,4; Track 3; "A" Club 3.4. LONA ROY HALL FHA, Secretary 3; Librarian 3. BOBBY HAYES Baseball Manager 1; Track Manager 1; Senior Class President; Junior Civitan 1,2,3,4; Junior Who's Who; Junior II Class Favorite; Football Manager 1. LARRY HANEY WAYNE HARPER BETTY FAYE HALL DOROTHY LOUISE HALL MARLENE HARD BOBBY HAYES EDWIN HALL LONA ROY HALLMARTHA HUNT LOTCE JOHNSON Editor of Mountaineer 4; Beta Club. Secretary 4; Cavalcade Staff 4; Junior Who's Who; Girls' Sure Alternate 3; Football Cheerleader 4; Librarian 4. JACK NORMAN HENRY HAMP JOHNSTON FFA 1.2.3. FFA 2,3.4; County Tractot Driver 3. JACKIE JOHNSON Band, Vice President 4; All-State Band 3. All-County Band 3; Beta Club; Cavalcade Staff 4. JO ANN PELL JOHNSON Office Staff 3.4; FTA 4. CLARA JONES FTA 4; Glee Club. MARGARET NELL KARR Beta Club; FHA 2,4; Office Staff 3; Mountaineer Staff 4; Chairman Junior Red Cross 4; Librarian 2,3,4; FTA 4. LOYCE JOHNSON HAMP JOHNSTON JACKIE JOHNSON JO ANN JOHNSON CLARA JONES MARGARET NELL KARR MARTHA HUNT JACK NORMAN HENRYAARON LANG Senior Class Vice President; Beta Club; junior Civitao Cltis 2,3,4; Cavalcade Staff 4. Band X; Football 3,4; 'A' Club 3,4; Track 3,4. JIMMY LINDSEY Basketball 1; FFA 2,3; Glee Club 3. FORREST MARKS Band 1.2. PEGGY JOYCE MARONEY Glee Club 2; FHA 3. MARRELL LUSK FNC 2.3. FRANKLIN MAYES FFA 2,3,4. JOHN DAVID LUTHER FFA 1,2. OLAN MORTON Football 4. AARON LANG MARRELL LUSK FORREST MARDIS JIMMY LINDSEY JOHN DAVID LUTHER PEGGY MARONEY FRANKLIN MAYES OLAN MORTONRALPH MORTON Football 1, 2,3.4; "A” Club 2,3,4. "A" Club Vice President 4; Track 2,3; Junior Civitan 3. JOYCE MILLER Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Office Staff 4; Librarian 1,2. HIRAM NELSON Football 3; Basketball 3; Track 3. GENET A MOORE Beta Club; Glee Club 3; FHA, President 2; Civitan Oratorical Contest 2. MARY MOORE Beta Club; Glee Club 3; FHA 4. GAY NELL ORR Beta Club; Cavalcade Staff 4; Mountaineer Staff 4; Librarian 1,2, 3.4. JOHNNY OWENS FFA 2,3. JERRY THOMAS PERKINS FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; State Farmer's Degree 4. RALPH MORTON HIRAM NELSON MARY MOORE JOHNNY OWENS JOYCE MILLER GENETA MOORE GAY NELL ORR JERRY PERKINSHELEN CURRIE PIERCE Glee Club 1; Librarian 3,4; FHA 2, 3, Reporter 3; Junior and Chapter Homemakers Degree 2,3. JOHN GORDON PIERCE Basketball 2,3; Glee Club 3. MARGARET POPE FHA 2; Degree 2. MARIE POPE FHA 3; Office Staff 4. MYRA RAGSDALE MARTHA JOYCE RAINS FHA 2; Junior Homemaker Degree 2; Mountaineer Staff 4; FTA 4; Librarian 4. MARY SUE REAVES GAYNELL RICHARDS Office Staff 4. HELEN CURRIE PIERCE MARGARET POPE MYRA RAGSDALE MARY SUE REAVES JOHN GORDON PIERCE MARIE POPE MARTHA JOYCE RAINS GAYNELL RICHARDSGERALD RICHEY Football 3; Glee Club 1,2,3, Vice President 3. JEROME RICHEY Glee Club 1,2, President 2; Band 1,2, 3,4; Speech 3, President 3. MIKE RICHEY Football 3; Glee Club 2; Speech Club 2; Junior Who's Who. JIMMIE RIVES Senior Class Treasurer; Office Staff 4; FTA 4, Vice President 4; Librarian 2. ALTON ROGERS Baseball 2; Glee Club 1; Speech Club 3. MILTON ROGERS FFA 1; Football 1,2. FRANKLIN RUTLEDGE FFA 1,2; Glee Club 2. DOYLE WAYNE SLATEN FFA 1,2. GERALD RICHEY JEROME RICHEY MIKE RICHEY JIMMIE RIVES ALTON ROGERS FRANKLIN RUTLEDGE MILTON ROGERS DOYLE SLATENUNA SLATON Beta Club; Cavalcade Staff 4; Mountaineer Staff 4; Office Staff 4; Librarian 2; FT A 3,4, President 4; Oratorical Contest 3. BENNY FRANK SMITH Football 4. JOYCE SMITH FHA 2; Song Leader 2. ROY H. SMITH Glee Club 1. BETTYE SMITH GERALD SMITH Junior Class President; Beta Club, President 4; Junior Civitan 2,3,4, Chaplain 3; Junior Who's Who; Boys’ State 3; Cavalcade Staff 4; Mountaineer Staff 4; Football 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; "A" Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 3,4. UNA SLATON BETTYE SMITH BENNY FRANK SMITH GERALD SMITH MAYLAR SPEAR Junior Homemaker Degree 2; FHA 2; Librarian 4. NORMA JEAN SPEAR Beta Club; FHA 2. JOYCE SMITH MAYLAR SPEAR ROY H. SMITH NORMA SPEARRUTH SPURGEON FHA 2. CAROLE TEAGUE Band 4, Treasurer 4; FT A 4; FHA 2. JOHNNY STARNES CECIL DEAN TEMPLETON Senior Class Parliamentarian; Beta FFA 1. Club; Junior Who's Who; Band 1,2, 3,4; Junior Civitan 2,3,4; "A" Club 3.4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; All-Star Game 3. BRENDA SUE STATON FHA 2,3. RONALD THOMPSON Junior Who’s Who; FFA 2; Junior Civitan 2,3,4, President 4; Mountaineer Staff 4; Football 3,4; Track 4; "A" Club 4. BOBBY STEPHENS BARBARA WARREN FFA 1; Mountaineer Staff 4. Flag Carrier 2,3,4; Speech Club 3, 4; FT A 4, Treasurer 4. RUTH SPURGEON BRENDA STATON CAROLE TEAGUE RONALD THOMPSON JOHNNY STARNES BOBBY STEPHENS DEAN TEMPLETON BARBARA WARRENOVELLA WHITE CLAIRE WILLIAMSON Band 1; Majorette 4; Speech Club 1, 2,3, Vice President 3; FTA 4, Secretary 4; Junior Who’s Who; Football Cheerleader 3; Mountaineer Staff 4. LYNDA MARIAN WILSON Band 1,2,3,4. SANDRA FAYE WILSON Band 1,2,3; Majorette 4; Band Sweetheart 3; Beta Club; Cavalcade Staff 4; Mountaineer Staff 4; Band Officer 4. SUE WILSON FHA 2,3, Treasurer 3; Library Staff 4; Junior Homemaker Degree 2. GERALD WOLFE Glee Club 3. OVELLA WHITE LYNDA WILSON SUE WILSON GERALD WOLFE CLAIRE WILLIAMSON SANDRA WILSON Not Pictured: DILLARD AMOS ROBERT BAIN JERRY CORDELL DONALD GRAY JIMMY HOLDER TOMMY OWENS SHIRLEY KNIGHTJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President------ Vice President Secretary - - -Treasurer - - j ------ PHIL DAVIS ----VICKI RAINS I - -NEVA BEARDEN ■ BRENDA MEDLOCKJuniors FRANK ALSUP SUE BALL PATRICIA BAUGH NEVA BEADERN SYBLE BENEFIELD JOYCE BENNETT JOE WAYNE BIDDLE WENDELL BISHOP MARY LOU BOPP GERALD BOULDIN CAROL BRIGHT CAROLE BRYAN JOAN BURDETT JIMMY BUTLER ANNICE CAHILL ELTON CAMP BUFORD CENTERS MILTON CHAMBLEE BENNY COBB TOMMY COCHRAN SYLVIA COCHRAN CAROLYN COLVIN PEGGY CONNALLY CAROLYN COOPER , 7un ors JAMES CRAWFORD PEGGY CRYAR PHIL DAVIS JERRY EATON GARY FARMER GAIL FLOYD SANDRA GAMBLE LYNN GARRETT FRANKLIN GARRISON ANNETTE GARY LIONEL GARY GLENECE GENTRY ANN GEORGE JERRY DESPAIN MELBA GEORGE EVELYN GLASCO WILLOWDEAN GRIZZARD BARBARA GUNTER GLEN HALE BUDDY HANSON MELBA HARRIS TROY HARRIS MARGUERITE HAYES MAZELL HOLBROOKS, Juniors ARNICE HOOPER EDWARD HOWARD SHIRLEY HOPSON JOYCE JENKINS LAURA JENKINS CHARLES JENKINS EVELYN JOINER SANDRA JORDAN DONALD JUSTICE KIM KELLER PEGGY KENNEDY ROSSLYN KNOX DARRELL LANG SYBLE LANG PATSI LANIER CAROLYN LIGHT ANN LOWERY BETTY LOWERY LYNDA LOWERY JUDY LUMPKIN PEGGY MATTHEWS fay mcclendon REBA McCRELESS KYTHA McNEALJuniors BRENDA MEDLOCK JACKIE MELTON JIMMY MILLER MARGARET MITCHELL GERALD MORGAN JACQUELINE MORGAN SANDRA MOOR BARBARA MOORE BARBARA JEAN MOORE MARGARET OGLE NANCY OLIVER HOYT ORR First row: JOHNNY PARRISH TOMMY PAYNE CECIL PEPPERS JEAN POWELL Second row: ANN RAINS EMMA JO RAINS RAY RAINS VICKI RAINS Third row: HENRY REED PATTY REAVES JANE RICHEY NONA RICHEY JIMMY RODENJuniors First row: JIMMIE RODEN JOHNNY ROE NANCY ROBINSON FRED RUTLEDGE Second row: SUMPTER RUTLEDGE CAROLE SHELLHORSE JOYCE SHIREY ANNE SKINNER Third row: ALUS SLATON DELANA STEPHENS ROBERT TAYLOR FRANK THOMAS JOHN THOMAS First row: PEGGY TOWNSON ROY TODD DOYLE TURNER ANNETTE WALLS Second row: MILFORD WALDROP TERRY WEBB WILLARD WESTMORELAND ERNEST WHITE Third row: JEWEL WILLS PATRICIA WILSON ELLA WILKERSON GLENN WRIGHT JOYCE YANCEYJill Amos Jean Ayres Myra Baird Ray Baker Alton Baugh Harold Baugh Cywillia Beam Mattie Bearden Bonnie Beck Margaret Benefield John Fred Benson Janice Bishop Diane Boyd Carolyn Brown Larry Brown Sop i 20 no res Bill Bryan Carolyn Buchanan Barbara Burdett Bonnie Burgess Virginia Burks Tommy Butts Bobby Cagle Sue Camp Jocelyn Campbell Charles Carroll Raylon Childress Sue Clark Jerry Cobb Anneva Colvin Harold Cofield Lynn Cofield Ruth Coffey Steve Cooper John Corbin Katy CordellKayra Creel Edwin Currie Dorothy Davis La Dean Davis Jack Decker Larry Dickerson Dan Dickson Gary Dickson Sam Dixon Jimmy Duckett Eddie Ennis Sandra Ennis Hazel Eubanks Anita Farmer Bobby Ford c )op iomores Jo Ann Garrison James Gentry Tommy Gentry Marlin Gipson Marcella Goggans Coy Grabin Martha Gray Dorothy Griffin Wendell Grimes Gene Gunter Jimmy Hall Ruby Harris Bill Harrison Patricia Haygood Norma Henderson Harold Henry Shelby Henry Joe Hodo Ann Holder Charles HudginsEdward Humpheries Drucilla Hunt Rebecca Hunt Doris Ingram Karen Ingram Bryant Irvin Barbara Johnson Lana Joiner Edith Joiner Janella Jolley Doyle Jones Charlotte Karr Patsy Keller Gail Kendricks Hollis Kendricks c S opfio n ores Dorothy Kennedy Wayne Kennedy Wanda Knight Edwin Lacy Portia Lacy Annie Jo Latham Lana Ray Ledbetter Ginger Lee Shirley Lee Nell Lemaster Sally Locklear Joyce Mahan Rex Maltbie Kenneth Morrow Waylon Mayes Faye McBrayer Holly McCauley Billy McClendon Rebecca McClendon Ginger McGeeMay Anne McSwain Charles McPherson Betty Moore Richard Moore Charles Morton Joyce Morton Delaine Mountain David Nelson Doris Ogle Ray Oliver Jennie Orr Patricia Owens Ronald Owens Jack Benny Pate Charles Pell mores Lonnie Peppers Dorothy Peters Sherry Phillips Sue Plunkett Barney Powell John Powell Roger Presley Jane Rains Jimmy Rayburn Linda Gail Rice Linda Rives Lucretia Rives Jo Ann Robinson Faye Shan kies Linda Simmons Mary Sims Starlin Slaten Brenda Smith Jean Smith Jerry SmithLinda Smith Sarah Smith Billy Snider Linda Stephens Robert Stevens Barbara Strange Shirley Swearengin Johnny Taylor Brenda Todd Mary Townson Arley Traylor Earlene Traylor Bonnie Walden Jerry Waldrop Glenda Webster Regina West Ann Wilkerson Robert Williams Billy Woodham Doris Yancy c Sop iom ores Junior III First row: Claybrook Adams, Jane Adams, Kenneth Adams, Glenda Allen, Lane Bailey, Walter Baird. Second row: Patsy Barkley, Margean Baugh, Michael Beadern, Jimmy Beddingfield, Fred Bishop, Virginia Borders. Third row: Paula Boyd, Gilmore Brannon, Glenda Bright, Robert Brooks, Jean Brown, Norma Brown. Fourth row: Betty Burgess, Sandra Burgess, Richard Butler, Linda Cahill, Windell Caldwell, Ted Campbell. Fifth row: Earleen Chamblee, Noel Chandler, Patricia Childress, Benny Christian, Barbara Cochran, Johnny Collectt. Sixth row: Brenda Cofield, Harold Colquitt, Betty Coody, Gail Cooper, Charles Couch, Jimmy Couch. Seventh row: Henry Cribbs, Jimmy Culbert, David Daniel, Alan Darden, Tommy Davis, Shelby Davison., 7un or III First row: Martha Decker, Gail Duckett, Dolons Eaton, Fay Edmonson, Freida Eidson, Margie Eller. Second row; James England, Ann Evans, Faye Farmer, Billy Farris, Barbara Frachiseur, Alan Frix. Third row: Benny Fuller, Jo Ann Gary, Edna Glassco, Marjorie Gore, Ray Greer, Annie Gregory. Fourth row: Clyde Gregory, Betty Hard, Fred Hasty, Johnny Hatley, Garland Hill, Amanda Hubbard. Fifth row: Agnes Jenkins, Charles Johnson, Charlotte Jolley, Larry Jones, Patsy Jones, Keith Jordan. Sixth row: Edward Justice, Barnard Kennedy, Jerry Kittle, Mary Kirkland, Billie Lang, Carolyn Lang. Seventh row: David Lang, Lavon Lang, Tommy Lang, Billy Lester, Margaret Lindsey, Gary Long.'"Junior III First row: Sherry Long, Lynn Luther, Janice Lyles, Barbara Maltbie, Donald Mann, Connie Martin. Second row: Julia Mathis, Earl Matthews, Peggy Matthews, Carolyn Mayfield, Jerry McClendon, Charles McClure. Third row; Brenda Medley, Joe Medlock, Jewel Melvin, Marie Mitchell, Ned Mitchell, Barnard Moore. Fourth row: Linda Moore, Donny Morris, Robert Morton, Ann Newby, Joan Ogle, Glenda Owens. Fifth row: Linda Page, Gayle Plunkett, Joyce Pope, Roger Popwell, Cecil Prentice, Mary Ragsdale. Sixth row: Thomas Ragsdale, Jean Rains, Thomas Rains, Michael Rigsby, Richard Rives, Wayne Rives. Seventh row: Larry Roberson, Juanzetta Roberts, Linda Roberts, Donald Robinson, Carol Sanders, Marilyn Sanders., Junior III First row: Joyce Silvey, Bobbie Simpson, Wilburn Slaten, Rayford Slaton, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Smith. Second row: Douglas Smith, Larry Smith, Martha Smith, Nell Smith, Howard Snellings, Sherman South. Third row: Dorothy Stancil, Sandra Stanfield, Joyce Stanford, Charlie Stanley, Ann Stevens, Aaron Stone. Fourth row: Phil Stoner, Edwin Swords, Mickey Swords, Macelee Taylor, Max Teal, Rex Tidmore. Fifth row: Phil Thompson, Billy Thompson, Skippy Thompson, Ann Turner, Rudy Turner, Eli Vandergriff. Sixth row: Joe Waldon, Linda Washam, Patsy Williams, Robert Williamson, Hugh Wilson, Lowery Wilson. Seventh row: Thelma Wilson, Charles Wright, Kenneth Young.'Junior II First row: Mary Alexander, Billy Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Sherman Arnold, James Baird, Billy Beard, Carolyn Beard. Second row: Helen Beard, Olivia Bearden, Shelby Beasley, Robert Benefield, Donnie Bentley, Jean Bishop, Shirley Blackwell. Third row: Jeanette Bobo, Janice Bonds, Eddie Bopp, Lamont Bouldin, Annette Boyd, Tommy Boyd, Glenda Bridges. Fourth row: Hazel Bright, Sue Bright, Geraldine Brothers, David Brown, Gerald Bruster, Ann Butler, Carrie Butts. Fifth row: Carl Camp, Eloise Camp, Gary Camp, Jo Ann Casey, Glenda Charles, Linda Charles, Jerry Chastain. Sixth row: Pam Christian, Barbara Clark, Nora Clemons, Dorothy Clines, Rosemary Coby, Jimmie Cockran, Johnny Cochran. Seventh row: Sue Cole, Rebecca Cook, Angelyn Creel, Don Croft, Thomas Cryar, Larry Cullen, Billy Davis. Eighth row: Tommy Davis, Mickey Decker, Johnny Denham, Helen Dooley, Annie Joe Dorset, Willie Jean Dorset, Frank Duckett.junior II f First row: Joe Duckett, Roger Duckett, Phillip Duke, Elmo Duncan, Harold Dunn, Linda Duran, Larry Duvall. Second row: Barbara Eason, Carol Eason, Glenda Edwards, Linda Eller, Neal Ennis, Tommy Ennis, Margie Farmer. Third row . Frances Farrow, Joyce Frachiseur, Pat Gilliland, Carol Gipson, Diane Golden, J. M. Goss, Brenda Green. Fourth row: Karen Greer, J. T. Griffin, George Gunnels, Barbara Gunner, Helen Hackney, Jimmie Hall, Jimmy Hambrick. Fifth row: Bobby Harper, Gary Harper, Patricia Harris, Ted Haskell, Joe Hatley, Teddy Ray Head, Lamerle Heaton. Sixth row: Linda Helms, Janice Hicks, Carolyn Hinton, Gregg Hodges, Larry Holder, J. B. Holsomback, Nancy Howard. Seventh row: Kermit Hughes, Bonnie Jarman, Bubs Johnson, Randy Johnson, Brenda Joiner, Gary Jolley, Pat Jolley. Eighth row: Philip Jolley, Carl Jones, Dean Jones, Jimmy Justice, Rachell Justice, Johnny Karr, Clotill Kirkland.''Junior II First row: Herman Knight, Jerry Kytle, Gladys Lane, James Landcaster, Cecil Lang, Eddie Lang, Jerry Lang. Second row: Nancy Lang, Tommie Jo Lay, Ben Levie, Ronald Lindsey, Margie Long, Rita Long, Sue Long. Third row: George Lumpkin, Glenda Lumpkin, Ruth Lyles, Janet Maltbie, Phillip Maltbie, Carol Mardis, Margaret Maroney. Fourth row: Janue Martin, Tyra Massey, Bobby Masters, Vaynell Masters, John Paul May, Judy Mayo, Donald McCaffery. Fifth row: Linda McCambell, Linda McDaniel, Johnny McGee, Sue McKee, Enoc Medley, Carolyn Miller, Faye Miller. Sixth row: Glenda Minor, James Mitchell, Barnard Moore, Kenneth Moore, Oscar Morgan, Bill Morton, Lucille Motley. Seventh row: Linda Moultrie, Glenda Murphy, Wynell Murphy, Betty Myers, Richard Nelms, Mary O'Kesky, Charlotte Oliver. Eighth tow: Frankie Oliver, Ida Oliver, Pat Owens, Franklin Painter, Occo Pair, Don Panky, Ruby Pannell.junior II First row: Iva Parris, Shirley Peters, Larry Phillip, Wynn Phillips, Pat Phillips, Jimmy Pierce, Patsy Pierce. Second row: Gary Pierson, Sheril Pike, Dorothy Pipper, Jimmy Plunkett, Lee Potts, Irby Powell, David Prance. Third row: Robert Pruitt, Janice Reaves, Jane Reed, Judy Rhodarmer, Jimmy Neal Reed, Barbara Richards, Larry Richey. Fourth row: Ginger Richey, Jimmy Richey, Odean Riddle, Lewis Rigsby, Martha Rigsby, Janie Rives, Benny Robinson. Fifth row: Jimmy Robinson, Marie Robinson, Johnny Roden, Johnny Roe, Betty Rogers, Ben Royston, Janet Rush. Sixth row: Barbara Sampson, Johnny Sanders, Jerry Scarbrough, Grady Shell, Donno Sims, Marcia Skelly, Daisy Skinner. Seventh row: Barbara Smith, Charles Smith, Douglas Smith, Jimmy Smith, Linda Smith, Lynn Smith, Max Smith. Eighth row: Patricia Smith, Ronald Smith, Sarah Smothers, Jerry Snellings, Don Snider, Ray Snider, Judith Spurgeon., Junior II First row: Gary Stanfield, Linda Stanfield, Rosie Lee Stephens, Glenn Stevens, Ray Stevens, Kay Stewart, Ronnie Stewart. Second row: Janell Stracerner, Marie Strickland, Leona Swearingin, Frances Taft, Mickey Taft, Bobby Taylor, Juanita Taylor. Third row: Mary Taylor, Gary Thomas,' Terry Thomas, J. T. Thompson, Jerry Tidwell, Betty Todd, Arlon Turner. Fourth row: Linda Turner, Jerry Vaughn, Joyce Vaughn, Bill Wallace, Buddy Weaver, Ray Webster, Loyd West. Fifth row: Betty White, John White, Helen Whitmire, Junior Wilbanks, Gaynell Williams, Duane Willoughby, Fay Wilson. Sixth row: Rebecca Wilson, Douglas Wood, Nancy Woodham, Tim Woodham, Bonnie Woods, June Wright, Billy York., junior I First row: Jerry Adams, Janet Adamson, Patricia Alexander, Bettie Allen, Billy Alverson, Gwen Ball, Rayferd Baugh, Tommy Baugh. Second row: Glenda Bauldwin, Bobby Beard, Charlotte Benefield, Gary Benefield, Jimmy Biddle, Judy Bishop, Jennell Blackmon, Ray Bonds. Third row: Richard Bouldin, Dale Boyd, Wayne Brewer, John L. Bright, Jackie Brooks, Pudge Brown, Janette Bryant, Joyce Buchannan. Fourth row: Byron Burbanks, Patricia Cain, Billy Camp, Jimmy Camp, Patsy Camp, Dorothy Jean Champion, Ty Cobb, Douglas Cochran. Fifth row: Dale Cofield, Larry Colley, Pat Colvin, Brenda Cook, Louie Cooper, Kenneth Copeland, Ann Couch, Shirley Croft. Sixth row: Eunice Daniel, Jeannie Davis, Harold Dobbins, Walter Dixon, Martha Jo Duckett, Junior Duncan, Faye Eason, Jimmy Ennis. Junior I First row; Ovie Farmer, Linda Gardner, Charles Garrison, Ray George, Charles Gilliland, Mary Ellen Griffith, Hope Guice, Kyle Gunnells. Second row: John Gunter, Joe Gurman, Don Halcomb, Bruce Haney, Edith Haney, Neal Harper, Carl Harris, Patrica Harris. Third row: Rita Harris, Bonnie Henderson, Junior Henderson, Ronald Higgins, Barbara Hicks, Gary Hodo, Denverd Holbrooks, Nettie Hollis. Fourth row: Brenda Jackson, Brenda Jarmon, Dorothy Joiner, Edna Ray Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Ewart Jones, Genell Jones. Fifth row: Margie Jones, Brenda Jolley, Bill Keller, Sarah Jane Kent, Judy King, Bonnie Lacy, Glenyce Landers, Freddy Lang. Sixth row: Ilarene Lang, Danny Ledbetter, Louise Lee, Harold Lesley, Peggy Lindsey, Billy Little, Don Livingston, Billy Lowery.First row: Jerry Maddux, Marcella Maltbie, Thomas Maltbie, Larry McCrary, Martha McCoy, Douglas Masters, Dorothy Matthews, Marlon Neil Moon. Second row: Carol Moore, Steve Moore, Junior Morgan, Charles Morrison, Terry Morton, Roger Morrow, Don Nelson, Tolly Orr. Third row: Jerry Overby, Mavis Pair, Dale Parris, Beula Pate, Barbara Payne, Billie Jean Poppers, Debbie J. Pike, Richard Pike. Fourth row: Autrey Pinson, Barbara Pruitt, Joe Pruett, Sarah Rains, Jackie Riddle, Barbara Rhoden, Annette Roe, Eloise Ross. Fifth row: Doyal Russell, Richard Seagers, Windel Simmons, Winford Slaten, Beverly Smith, Jane Smith, Michael Smith, Stanley Strange. Sixth row: Joe Wayne Striplin, Mary Ellon Swarengen, Janice Swords, Karen Swords, Brenda Taft, Janis Teal, Kenneth Teal, Mack Teague., junior I First row: Benny Wayne Tidwell, Venning Trammell, Diane Trussell, Barbara Vandergriff, Harold Vaughn, Jimmy Walker, Billy Walden, Virginia Walden. Second row: David Waldrop, Shelby Jean Walking, Tommy Walls, Jesse Washington, Jerry Weaver, Linda Weaver, Jean White, Barbara Williams. Third row: Teddy Williams, Taylor Williams, Tommy Williams, Anthony Wilkerson,BARBARA ELLIS ( am pus Caua cade Staff Editor...................................BARBARA ELLIS Co-Editor................................TOMMY PAYNE Senior High Society Editor............JACKIE JOHNSON Junior High Society Editor------------- -VICKI RAINS Sports Editor....................................AARON LANG Joke Editor.......................................KIM KELLER Band Reporter.....................JACQUELINE MORGAN Staff Photographer.............................SANDRA WILSON Business Manager--------------------- JERRY BURGESS Circulation Managers.........GERALD SMITH, GAY ORR Reporters.................JOYCE CARR, UNA SLATON Typists................MARTHA HUNT, DOROTHA BISHOP Proofreaders.............SANDRA GAMBLE. ANN GEORGE Exchange Editors - - - - BRENDA MEDLOCK, NONA RICHEY KIM KELLER JACKIE JOHNSON VICKI RAINS AARON LANG JACQUELINE MORGAN TOMMY PAYNE SANDRA WILSON V. JERRY BURGESS GAY ORR MARTHA DOROTHA SANDRA ANN BRENDA NONA HUNT BISHOP GAMBLE GEORGE MEDLOCK RICHEYfuture teachers of America JIMMIE RIVES---------------Vice President BARBARA WARREN------------------Treasurer UNA SLATON---------—----------President CLAIRE WILLIAMSON...............Secretary First row: Mrs. Baker, Martha Rains, Carole Teague, Jimmie Rives, Lucretia Rives, Linda Rives, Annette Gary, Miss Boone. Second row: Sandra Wilson, Hazel Eubanks, Dorothy Hall, Linda Rice, Norma Henderson, Emma Jo Rains. Third row; Claire Williamson, Martha Gillilan, Barbara Ellis, Ann George, Barbara Warren, Clara Jones, Margaret Nell Karr, Carolyn Baird, Patsy Keller, Una Slaton.J)eta ( uf) MR. ALBERT GONCE Sponsor GERALD SMITH -JOYCE MILLER - -JERRY ANDERSON MARTHA HUNT - - - - President - - -Treasurer Vice President - - - Secretary First row: J. Baker, M. Hunt, P. Lanier, R. McCreless, V. Rains, L. Lowery, M. Gillilan, B. Ellis, R. Knox, J. Johnson, J. Morgan, D. Bishop, S. Wilson. Second row: Mrs. Weathers, M. Moore, J. Miller, J. Camp, U. Slaton, G. Orr, S. Cochran, P. Connally, A. Burke, L. Johnson, M. Harris, A. Skinner, M. Karr, M. George, A. George, S. Gamble, P. Cryar. Third row: B. Moore, G. Moore, J. Carr, N. Bearden, P. Reaves, S. Ball, N. Spear, K. McNeal, L. Stevens. Fourth row: J. Starnes, G. Smith, J. DeSpain, E. Camp, D. Slaton, K. Keller, T. Payne, J. Anderson, A. Lang, Mr. Gonce, P. Davis, J. Burgess, H. Brothers.First row: Mr. Landers, Ernest White, Benny Cobb, Frances Millwood, Shirley Hopson, Lona Hall, Wayne Harper, Charles Jenkins. Second row; Milford Waldrop, Johnny Parrish, Henry Coby, Bobby Stephens, Charles Williams, Joseph Ferguson, Forrest Mardis, Nancy England, Roy Smith, Jimmy Holder. MR. LESTER LANDERS Director DELANA STEPHENS...................................Treasurer LONA HALL - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Secretary WAYNE HARPER - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- vice President FORREST MARDIS — — — — —— —— — — — — — — — — — Presidentfuture far tiers of l nerica First row: H. Johnston, B. Bearden, H. Orr, J. Roden, F. Mayes, J. Lindsey. Second row: J. Henry, H, Kendrick, S. Rutledge, D. Templeton, T. Webb, D. Turner, Mr. Gregory, J. Gore, J. Ferguson, J. Perkins, G. Wright, E. Humphres, L. Garrett. Third row: S. Dixon, F. Alsup, D. Jones, L. Gary, B. Irvin, D. Davis, H. Davis, B. Allen, H. Harris, F. Rutledge, F. Thomas, D. Nelson. Fourth row; J. Waldrop, J. Taylor, G. Gunter, L. Peppers, E. Duke, W. Charles, W. Grimes, J. Gentry, S. Masters, G. Morgan, B. Ford, B. Centers, B. McClendon, H. McCauley. First row: JIMMY RODEN................................Treasurer JIMMY LINDSEY...............................Sentinel Second row: HAMP JOHNSTON..............................President BOBBY BEARDEN.........................Vice President FRANKLIN MAYES..............................Reporter MR. CLYDE GREGORY DirectorLying on cot: Linda Cahill. First row: Miss Mitchell, Director; Janice Lyles, Evelyn Willis, Mary Coffey, Linda Page, Ann Newby, Jean Smith. Second row: Ann Burke, Linda Washam, Leona Brandon, Helen Pearce, Brenda Smith, Earlene Chamblee, Mary Sims,- Myra Jean Baugh, Doris Ingram. Quiff ancf Scroff Bobby Hayes, Miss Boone, Martha Hunt, Una Slaton, Barbara Ellis, Gay Orr, Margaret Karr, Claire Williamson, Joyce Carr, Jackie Johnson, Gerald Smith, Jean Baker, Aron Lang, Martha Rains, Jerry Burgess, Mrs. Weathers. Office Staff First row: Gaynell Richards, Mazell Holbrooks, Annie Ruth Culbert, Margaret Bobo, Barbara Benson, Sandra Moore, Jane Richey. Second row: Julia Woodham, Jean Baker, Joyce Miller, Jimmie Rives, Carolyn Baird, Mary Joan Ward, Marie Pope, Bettye Smith, Loyce Johnson, Marie Cook, Dorotha Bis hop, Julia Greer, Una Slaton, Neva Bearden. IBiSraru Staff First row: Gay Orr, Sue Wilson, Melba Harris, Ella Wilkerson. Second row: Annice Cahill, Emma Jo Rains, Martha Rains, Helen Pearce, Martha Hunt, Carol Bright, Margaret Nell Karr, Joyce Mahan, Joyce Carr.A heriu i e s Jlci jf- MR. GEORGE NIXON Director PATSI LANIER - - ----------------------------Librarian SANDRA WILSON - -- -- -- -- -- -- Librarian JACKIE JOHNSON..........................Vice President MONA FRICKS — - — - -- -- — - - Secretary Second row: CAROLE TEAGUE----------------------- Treasurer BARBARA ELLIS --- ------------------ President JACQUELINE MORGAN........................Reporter TOMMY PAYNE----------------------Student Director JACQUELINE MORGAN NANCY ENGLAND CLAIRE WILLIAMSON SANDRA WILSON MARY ELROD LYNDA LOWERY BARBARA WARREN ROSSALYN KNOX MARGARET BENEFIELD “31” WAYNE DYE EUGENE CLINES BOBBY HAYES - -RALPH MORTON -JERRY ANDERSON Vice President Secretary Reporter •President Secretary First row: B. Woodham, D. Dickson, B. Trammell, J. Corbin, J. Maynard, T. Cochran, A. Lang, B. Hanson, T. Payne, G. Hale, W. Dye, J. Crawford. Second row: L. Brown, H. Harris, C. Cain, W. Bishop, L. Haney, M. frock, J. Thomas, G. Smith, R. Thompson, J. Anderson, J. Starnes, D. Gray, H. Orr, B. Martin, R. Morton. Third row: H. Nelson, J. Gore, E. Hall, K« Keller, G. Dickson, B. Hayes, E. Clines, A. Traylor, W. Charles, D. Nelson, J. C. Garrison, J. Adams, F. Thomas. Junior Cjwi an GfuS RONALD THOMPSON GERALD SMITH--- AARON LANG----- BOBBY HAYES---- JOHN THOMAS---- ---------President ----------Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms --------Treasurer - - Vice President First row: Gerald Smith, Wayne Dye, Tommy Payne, Aaron Lang, Jerry Burgess, Jerry Anderson, Buddy Hanson. Second row: John Thomas, Ralph Morton, Bobby Wayne Martin, Bobby Hayes, Johnny Starnes, Eugene Clines, Ronald Thompson. Jutu e JIo r}Q n a iers of America First row: H. Benefield, P. Connally, N. BeArH n . . «• f D. c , T n • n V den» s Plunkett, A. Gary, B. Gunter, L. Rives, L. Rives, L. Rice. Second row: L. Davis, D. Ingram M T, . . r c „ Jones. A. Walls. V. Burke, J. Camp. R. Harris. K. In- gram, A. Farmer, S. Henry, M. Cowan, B Kerb c , J. j , « « X4 u iu i j. i i S. Clark. Third row: P. Baugh, L. Joiner, P. Lacey, M. Holbrooks, C. Cooper, G. Kendricks, K „ . . , . °rdell, S. Ennis, S. Camp, M. Ragsdale, H. Eubanks, First row: B. Todd, R. McClendon, M. Gillilan, J. Orr, J. Robinson, Mrs. Garrett, Director; J. Camp, L. Rice, J. Mahan, J. Powell, S. Ball. Second row: R. West, B. Burgess, A. Wilkerson, C. Buchanan, J. Bishop, L. Simmons, P. Owens, C. Beam, M. Townsend, D. Yancy, A. Latham, J. Melton. Third row: F. McBrayer, B. Johnson, H. Pearce, M. Karr. L. Stevens, L. Smith. M. Bearden. M. Rains. F. Shankles, B. Stranes. o un chroom Lacfiej. First row: Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Waldrop, Mrs. Cochran. Second row: Mr. Baird, Mr. Monday, Mr. Denham, Mrs. Dean. jus Drivers First row: N. P. Boyd, Buck Holder, Dewey King, J. D. Crow, L. G. Heaton, L. A. Traylor. Second row: Leroy Beck, W. L. Camp, J. L. Lang, M. W. Gautney, Elmo Lang, Bob Hall. In Bus: Ed Mc-Creless.7 )a en tin e O an ce CLASS QUEENS Pat Colvin, Peggy Mathews, June Wright, Margaret Benefield, Martha Hunt, Marie Mitchell. , junior I auorites BREN0a GREEN 7unior II Jauo rites Junior III Jauoriies Senior I '7'auoriies Junior JoJ io ’s b)jfio Most Amusing VICKI RAINS KIM KELLER Most Athletic MARGUREITE HAYES JOHN THOMAS Most Cooperative BRENDA MEDLOCK JERRY DESPAIN Most Talented SYLVIA COCHRAN HENRY REED Junior 7)Ao’s lo) io Prettiest and Most Handsome ROSSLYN KNOX PHIL DAVIS Cutest NEVA BEARDEN JIMMY RODEN SUE BALL WILLARD WESTMORELAND Best Personality JANE RICHEY TOMMY PAYNE Belle and BeauWittiest Senior Iq)Jio ’s 1q) io SYBLE DUCKETT JEROME RICHEY Most Popular LOYCE ANN JOHNSON JERRY ANDERSON Most School Spirit GAY ORR JOHNNY STARNESSen or 7. ) io s 7. ) io Most Studious JOYCE CARR HAROLD BROTHERS HELEN BENEFIELD WAYNE DYE Cutest Prettiest and Most Handsome SANDRA WILSON AARON LANGMost Athletic Most Congenial MARY SUE REAVES MILTON ROGERS Most Accomplished MONA FRICKS GERALD SMITH c Senior WAo’s WAo MARY ELROD EDWIN HALLCAROLYN BROWNJEAN POWELL 7unior JieautiBARBARA ELLISJKr. ancf Jlfiss C71. J£ c5. tkktic smm ■ I ’j- v EUGENE CLINES Senior End BUDDY HANSON Junior End AARON LANG Senior Tackle WILLIAM ENGLAND Senior Guard FRANK THOMAS Junior Tackle JOHN CORBIN Sophomore TackleJOHN THOMAS Junior Tailback JERRY ANDERSON Senior Center RALPH MORTON Senior Guard ■GERALD SMITH EDWIN HALL RAYBURN LANG Senior Blocking Back Senior Wing Back Junior FullbackDAN DICKSON JAMES MAYNARD CARL CAIN Junior End Junior Guard Sophomore Guard ALAN DARDEN GILMORE BRANNON J. C. GARRISON Freshman End Freshman Tailback Senior Wing BackRONALD THOMPSON BOBBY MARTIN Senior Fullback Junior wing Back LARRY HANEY Senior Blocking Back ARLEY TRAYLOR Sophomore Guard BENNY SMITH Senior Wing Back TOMMY COCHRAN Junior GuardtTVILLfc HERALU i i That South WENDELL CHARLES Aggie? While blowing Alaban bertvill chaff before night, m? football The their f ing di season boro. No int could actu stead it was hurricane Fin HIRAM NELSON .p til AARON LANG e J LARRY HANEY Gunte 1 . rival in the eyes of Albert- »tr xe-vill Aggie football followers than Friday does the team that invades this 40-25 city Friday night. The invaders are a crew of Pirates, Boaz Pirates, and spearhead time is 7:30 Debates can h cjg 2 OjTS when claims of x v JViiivi made present a'-out Albertville s i football feeling between these two schools but seemingly the Aggie-Wildcats fued boils to a JS e- Ir 'S- the score, mowing fenders with fiercN blocks. The PAT w of Oneonta gained the of the night, in the i one yard plunge w Jimmy Dempsey mail. Daryl Ray failed ted run of the exti in the fi AIl for vie. games. The latest win for tv came last season wb Rayburn Lang smash end zone for a toucl “ »g minutes of tl i2-9 Albertville ig into Friday 1 i;» Agg es have a sea . GERALD SMITH the Ral -.5 G ame J. In- J. C. GARRISON — the Ag- ost of the lime--nore than did Wyl hotter de ree-I U) Vic The Albert ville-Bo- m the field, similar to used in of Ala- owerhouse early 30’s, was launched some' World War II, se the annual Thar tie between tb Wildcats was b In th presei both schools hi ing agreements years) between t. that dates back to to the full--ul wuuung this game . nd to turn his Aggies fuj lead in this WILLIAM ENGLAND between the victories to one. McAdory claimed victory 13-0 in the first meeting of these two teams in 1953. The Yellow Jackets drove 80-yards in the opening minutes of the first quarter for the first touchdown of the night. Receiving the opening kickoff on his own 20, halfback L.C. Dunkling returned 10 yards to the 30 be- rom behind RONALD THOMPSON 1- and the visitors from bring to town a 2-2 slate. Albertville has won from onta and lost to Scottsboro. Sardis and Ft. Payne have '®n victims of the Pirates, wnncj » dova and Glencoe have dr ?d them. th the exception of ful1 y Smith and wingback ison, all injuries in tl ille camp for this wee about healed. Garrison is suffering froi. A ix pointer of l nomas ig 1 quarter w ft tackle fl UK ted his eoi to form g; 26-6. iddy Hansel leading the 1 arrying on th 11 a 4u Alb ht i EDWIN HALL jxahi rnomas, Albertville arpo» «»nior tailback brought for-most pulsating moi ntire game in the -----— of the first half wtu. returned an intercepted McA pass 51 yards from his to the Yellow Jacket IP longest run of the night After an exchangem Albertville roared bac the ball game into in quarter. Their drive ca. 89 yards before Edwin i is - uynghtsj ited 3r 4L defl, DONALD GRAY - Following ai. ,.6e of punt' (the fuse that gave Alber4 their first touchdown of the was ignited. ‘N The first play from sc-from the Oneonta 43-yai saw Aggie fullback Thompson hitting the mit rs the line to the mid-field s Thompson then found m raore up the middle to the 4b. 1( Two plays later, flash wingback Edwin Hall circled end on the .s first reverse play of the night for 441 yards from the 49 to the One-foronta 10-yard line. I John Thomas plunged into right tackle to the one Faking to his right and steering JjJjover guard, Rayburn Lang then 59vbolted into the endzone for a misseu me attempted connive the Aggies an ear- f bounced high, nta encF Paul Alli-and bouncing free 39 where Aggie nson recovered to igie’s second score. EUGENE CLINES v that touch- JERRY ANDERSON m 75 touchdown on ite the succeeding Then as before, beautiful downf; guard James rest of the John Thorna. and raced ir paydirt, that because of a against the Ag From the 48, to tl gave down. Two ver s' out; con of H How od Ag, ..ay. A recovered fumble by Aaron Lang at the end of the first quar-r set the stage for the next Al-rtville touchdown that was to oe two plays later in the sec-l period with Edwin Hall scur-ng left end from 26 yards out r a touchdown. Maynard, Jerry Anderson and Buddy Hanson paved the way for ouch-,ht, no ed with .2-0 head- - for lM — 33-12 iD f the oring om one yardj ■ Redskins Ir If touchdo ( rs. nas retui yards tl .ibertviller the braie .lowing Ha .xtra point, a then turned sparkling play of th the Redskins, when r from his own 40-yardf ed the remaining 6( ( Altfertvllle’s end s touchdown. c Fullback Tom - y TV- extra point to end t the night.t This week, (Frid.' bertville meets areg here. K badly sprained and 1 Smith from a strain , his leg. Team captain “Pin who was slowed (Alt not show it.) to a c last week with an ii now fully recovered the Pirates. Also end Eugene played only one play .... . , „ v-ua.otici uiu ;i-j anariiry were equallytate tor 1Captains GERALD SMITH and WILLIAM ENGLAND Coaches RALPH REED and SHANNON SLOAN Joolba I Oearn Jooif)a ( ieer ea(fersHomecoming Court PHIL DAVIS MILTON ROGERS BOBBY ALLEN JOYCE CARR LOYCE JOHNSON JOYCE MILLER IJody Elrod, Billy Woodham, Tommy Owens, Gerald Smith, captain; Johnny Starnes, Larry Brown, James Crawford, Eugene Clines, Hoyt Orr. CochranTOMMY OWENS COACH SHANNON SLOAN HOYT ORR JODY ELROD BILLY WOODHAM“ 3” Jeam J)asJ?ei()a I First row: Ray Rains, Wayne Kennedy, Ronald Owens, Lynn Coefield, Gilmore Brannon, Johnny Benson. Second row: Jimmy Lindsey, Charles Pell, Kim Keller, James Adams, Rex Maltbie. un or County Champions— JAMES CRAWFORD EDWIN HALL All-State Track CARL CAIN COACH SHANNON SLOAN DELANE MOUNTAIN JOHN CORBIN JACK DECKERD.A.R- G°od Citizenship Giti JOYCE CARR National Poetry Association Certificate MARTHA HUNT Golden Rule Medal JEAN baker (Special Iwards Oratorical Winners GINGER LEE CHARLES HUDGINSc jen or THE BIRDS AND THE BOYS Directed by MISS EUNICE BOONE 1. Eugene Clines 2. Mary Coffey 3. Harold Brothers 4. Jerry Anderson 5. Carole Teague 6. Gerald Smith 7. Leona Brandon 8. Jimmy Lindsey 9. Jean Baker 10. Helen Benefield 11. Claire Williamson 12. Carolyn Bailey 13. Margaret Bobo 14. Carolyn Baird 15. Martha Hunt 16. Joyce Alexander 17. Mona Fricks 18. J. C. Garrison 19. Milton Rogers 20. Clara Jones 21. Norma Jean Spear 22. Syble Duckett 23. Gerald Wolfe 24. Sue McCoy 25. Johnny Starnes 26. Joann Camp 27. Barbara Warren 28. Lona Hall 29. Marlene Hard 30. Martha Rains 31. Shirley Kinght 32. Helen Pierce 33. Marie Cook 34. Mike Richey 35. Gay Orr 36. Myra Ragsdale 37. Aaron Lang 38. Sandra Wilson 39. Ralph Morton1. Margaret Karr 2. Bettye Smith 3. Una Slaton 4. Geneta Moore 5. Loyce Johnson 6. Joyce Miller 7. Jerry Burgess 8. Jack Henry 9. Marrell Lusk 10. Barbara Benson 11. Gaynell Richards 12. Jerry Perkins 13. Olan Morton 14. Jerome Richey 15. Gerald Richey 16. Lynda Wilson 17. Joyce Carr 18. Barbara Ellis 19. Ruth Spurgeon 20. Julia Greer 21. Ovella White 22. Jackie Johnson 23. Martha Gillilan 24. Peggy Maroney 25. Larry HaneyValedictorian Salutatorians GERALD SMITH MARTHA HUNT JOYCE CARRIn memory of GEORGE LUMPKIN, JR. Junior II Class of 1957'Principals JKessape I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the staff and sponsors for this splendid edition of the Mountaineer. This 1957 issue, in recording the activities of the Albertville High School, is representative of the high quality of our work. This year’s Mountaineer, the result of many hours of hard work, aptly carries on the tradition of the Mountaineer of former years. The Mountaineer deserves much credit for the great contribution it makes to the student life of our school. This production relates the history of a school year in a compact and interesting form, and in a form that will retain forever the romance and wonder of this school year. The staff and advisors are to be congratulated on a job well done. Our students, teachers, and parents have benefited through the publication of the 1957 Mountaineer.FLOYD 05 OWN SALES - SERVICE Albertville, AlabamaJ - . • SMITH BROTHERS Cars New Used Albertville, Alabama Compliments of DOBSON CO. Albertville, Alabama Compliments of 216 No. Broad St. Albertville, Alabama PROGRESSIVE CLEANERS “We Are the Only Authorized Users of the Sta-Nu Finishing Process in This Vicinity”Compliments of CLINTON SMITH Albertville, Alabama MOTORS Albertville, Alabama TANT JEWELERS Compliments of PSED KING STORES Albertville - Boaz Albertville, AlabamaSOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYCompliments of KJOR-TH ALABAMA OULTTSV CO-OD I NCOlRPOTRAT'EtB Phone 499 Albertville, Alabama With Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School AMERICAN trubbetr. COT2POTR ATI o N Manufacturer of A. R. C. Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, AlabamaHEWET1 D15UG Albertville, Alabama Compliments of COLONIAL. POULTRY COMPANY OF ALABAMArRO-FE Distributed by BAIRD BROTHERS Albertville, Alabama Phone 12871 tl DICKSON’S SERVICE STATION Firestone Dealer Store Albertville, Alabama Compliments of THOMPSON FLORAL COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Compliments of WELLS MERC. CO. “The Home of Bargains’’ Curlee Suits - Wing Shirts “Outfitters of the Family’’ KELTON DENDY DAN DENDY Albertville, Alabama r- I STEAK HOUSE Albertville, Alabama Compliments of HOTEL HOWARD'S hoeslev BARBER SHOP Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama K Compliments of BIDDLE FURNITURE COMPANY motors Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama HUCKABY Compliments of X SON HOWARD FURNITURE SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 601-W Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of DARDEN COTTON COMPANY STYLE SHOP Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaSTATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Albertville, Alabama One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationDESPAIN UPHOLSTERY Albertville, Alabama Compliments of B INDLEVb Albertville, Alabama LEVIE X BAIN Albertville, Alabama Compliments of GADSDEN SPORTING GOODS Gadsden, Alabama MARSHALL DRUG STORE Albertville, Alabama VIVIAN WALKER Phone 28 Compliments PRODUCE CO. Albertville, Alabama Compliments of Compliments of GRIBB'S tire serviceCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaShop for your merchandise of quality where you get only nationally advertised clothing for men and women. WHITTENS Albertville, Alabama C omplime nt s of Your G. E. Dealer ROBERTS ISBELL HDWE. CO. ROSS-ADAMS LUMBER COMPANY Albertville, Alabama CAROL THEATRE AND SHADYSIDE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Albertville AlabamaLITHOGRAPHED BY LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Beat Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE VWt' iVim V ' 1, vv.vXvM ' US vKv.vv V !v v V ‘.V - V MH :S:S5S:t:5 -;;- tt !v Iv! $ $$$ iil»i luilfH

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