Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL)

 - Class of 1956

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Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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 4t e%tvMe ScAaoi s4C6e tviCCe, s4C 4 t4, Congratulations to the high school faculty and student body upon the completion of a successful and full year of school experience. To the seniors who are leaving Albertville Higfr School at this time, our sincere best wishes for your continued success. To those students who have not yet completed their high school experiences, may we offer a word of encouragement. The world demands a high degree of competency from the youth of today. You should consider your school days seriously and make certain that you obtain the most from your present opportunities. It is our hope that in the future you may be able to look back upon this past year at A.H. S. as one of the brightest and happiest of your life. 1 YEARBOOK ADVISORS TABLE OF CONTENTS STAFF ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES CLASSES SENIORS MR. AND MISS A.H.S. WHO'S WHO BEAUTY FAVORITES MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS GRADUATION DEDICATION .Editor Assistant Editor Junior Editor Feature Editor JERRY SUE WILLIAMS WANDA SMITH MARTHA HUNT PATSY GARRETT Club Editor ELEANOR LACKEY Class Editor JIMMY DUNN Sports Editor BRUCE WRIGHT MOUNTAINEER STAFF Business Manager ANNETTE HALE Junior Business Manager JOYCE CARR Staff Photographer JIMMY SCARBROUGH Circulation Manager Secretary Charles McClendon myra lang Typist Typist MARIE WILLIAMS JUDY HOLDERVice President MARIE WILLIAMS Sponsor MRS. ALFORD Treasurer BOBBY ROEBUCK CjiETA CLUB ) Seated: Bobby Roebuck, Jimmy Wilson, Bruce Wright, Charles McClendon, Aaron Lang, Gerald Smith, Jerry Anderson, Tommy Smith, Johnny Starnes, James Yates, Jerry Snow, Gary McClendon, Kim Keller. Second row: Mrs. Alford, Jan Johnson, Jackie Melton, Melba George, Joyce Miller, Gay Orr, Neva Bearden, Patsi Lanier, Patsy Garrett, Rose Mary Roberts, Sara King, Jerry Sue Williams, Annette Hale, Jacquline Morgan, Nona Proctor, Sandra Wilson, Barbara Ellis, Linda Lowery, Marie Williams, Edna Reed, Dot Bishop, Sylvia Cochran, Joann Camp. Third row: Jackie Brown, Elton Camp, Martha Hunt, Margaret Kan, Martha Karr, Peggy Connelly, Joyce Carr, Jerry Burgess, Una Slaton, Harold Brothers, Ann Burke, Tommy Payne, Jimmy Scarbrough, Brenda Medlock, Vickie Rains, Lenora Evans, Shirley Todd, Maxine Blye, Jackie Johnson, Sandra Gamble, Martha Gillian, Ann George, Judy Holder. Peggy Cryar, Patricia Farmer, Rosslyn Knox, Kytha McNeal.lharm, Annette Hale....Sincerely, Jack Campus Cavalcade Staff r SpZ X Kendall..Caltfor ' I Here 1 Come, Joan1 Editor............................................. Jimmy Wilson ywder Your Face Co-Editor......................................Rosemary Roberts Martha Sandersot Senior High Society Editor.........................Annette Hale Things Mean A Junior High Society Editor.........................Jackie Brown in Childers-Tes Sports Editor...................................Bruce Wright iC Hackney---Bop- Joke Editor....................................... Gerald Smith Jimmy Wilson — Band Reporter......................................Barbara Ellis Baby, Wanda Smil Reporters.....................Jerry Sue Williams JoyceCarr -mthe Valley, Jimr Staff Photographer................................Bobby Roebuck and John Thoma Business Manager................................Charles McClendon)tSje Roll Song, Wi Sponsor............................................ Joyce Alford r-Happy Binj Typists...........Marie Williams, Judith Holder, Lenora Evans, Lackey. Patricia. Farmer. Gaynell Richey. deal of “What If? Copyreader....................................... Marie Williams • Brown were Jackie Pur lette Hale were Anneti Heaven; Jane Youngblood wei Jane Oldskin; James Young were 4jju, uumiiy u Ljy. See you again soon. Editor JIMMY WILSON is the natu. cross a tu de so ever i drurnstic ' . k your oil si it s okay enough wat , filled up lyihing else, fes. would ; your tongues er? CAMPUS CAVALCADE Seated: Jackie Brown, Gaynell Richey, Jimmy Wilson, Rosemary Roberts, Marie Williams, Patricia Farmer. Second row: Barbara Ellis, Joyce Carr, Jerry Sue Williams, Annette Hale, Judy Holder, Lenora Evans, Bobby Roebuck. Third row; Bruce Wright, Gerald Smith, Charles McClendon, Harold Brothers.JUNIOR CIVITANS Secretary and Treasurer MAC HACKNEY Sergeant-at-Arms RALPH GENTRY First Mac Hackney, ullsrr. Btglaini. ;«r- AateOT, Eugene CMae ’ »'a ue Dye, Seed; Manic, Bobby Rnrticl% H—yhwkii, toaM Vnd, Imp Tue Seoai n«t Bobly Bsm, sast Vibce, Tccal: Ken ae iy, Jo nc Succes Detoer Jcces RalfC Cesser , Tcomy Madras, xooalc Tccerpsec, Tccrn: Pivae, GerxU: Rea w ic a I ccas, Aaica Lace. T icc a?w. Jesry Suc , McCksicc, Wayae Rice, Geralc Sr.ucft, Ss ace Weight IUw% Wtltian Lxska.% Race Fcssec.LIBRARY STAFF Seated: Terry Brown, Eleanor Lackey, Louise Walls, Darlene Crawford, Jean Brock, Maxine Blye, Edna Reed, Marie Williams, Duane Long, Patsy Garrett. Standing; Barbara Benson, Jimmie Rives, Gaynell Orr, Joyce Mahan, Joyce Carr, Margaret Kan, Helen Currie, Jerry Burgess, Martha Cahill, Martha Gillilan. OFFICE STAFF Seated: Mrs. Adamson, Joan Pankey, Wanda Smith, Dula McDonald, Wanda Barkley. First row; Betty Smith, Gaynell Richards, Myra Lang, Gaynell Richey, Emma Lou Bearden, Catherine Woods, Judy Holder, Shelby Kennedy, Lenora Evans, Azzie Cherry, Mary Coffey. Second row; Jo Ann Peli, Dorothy Lawson, Marlene Davis, Dorothy Johnson, Barbara Davis, Margaret Karr, Janelle White.FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Seated: Annette Hale, Miss Boone, Marie Williams. Standing: Duane Long, Emma Bearden, Nelwyn Rains, Maxine Blye, Edna Reed, Una Slaton, Eleanor Lackey. First row: Darlene Crawford, Shirley Irvin, Myra Lang, Barbara Kennedy, Wanda Barkley. Second row: Marrell Lusk, Doris Ingram, Shirley Knight. Third row: Edith Joiner, Wanda Knight, Jill Amos.DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS President Donald Buckelew, Secretary Burma Elrod, Vice President John Pierce, Treasurer William England. First row; Lona Hall, Sue Wilson, Julia Greer, Araice Hooper, Burma Elrod. Second row: John Pierce, Gerald Wolfe, Donald Buckelew, Quimby Dunn, Jimmy Holder, Jimmy West. Third row; Donald Grey, Forrest Mardis, William England, Wayne Harper. Fourth row; Mr. Landers, Roy Smith, Benny Smith, Ray Arnold, Dean Templeton. First row: Bobby Bearden, Freddie Baldwin, Jimmy Roden, Franklin Mayes, Milton Chamblee, Fred Rutledge, Gerald Morgan, Lionel Gary, Johnny Taylor, Jerry Waldrop, Lonnie Peppers, Bryant Irvin. Second row: Jimmy Lindsey, Eddie Jones, Frank Alsop, Doyal Jones, Glenn Wright, Johnny Roe. Third row: Buford Centers, Frank Thomas, Hamp Johnston, Johnny Ray Owens, Lynn Garrett, Alus Slaton, Hoyt On, Jack Prance, Adrian Shell, Jerry Perkins, Gary Farmer, Bobby Rains, Doyle Turner, Monis Oliver, Gene Gunter, Wendell Grimes, Billy Joe Haltiwanger, Hugh Lee Davis, Wendell Charles, H. C. Gregory, Advisor; Fourth row: Ernest Duke, Hon-zel Harris, Yvon Smith, Ray Wells, DeLyn Lovelady, Jack Henry, Milford Waldrop, Johnny Parrish, James Mardis, Wayne Staton, David Webb, Teny Webb, Sumpter Rutledge, Roy Todd, Jack Mitchell, Billy Yancy.Letter F : Patsy Keller, Azzie Cherry, Jackie Melton, Nancy Oliver, Fay Norton, Joyce Smith, Margaret Pope, Julia Woodham, Barbara Moore, Ann Rains, Jean Powell, Patricia Wilson. Letter H : Annette Walls, Ella Van Goggans, Margaret Mitchell, Helen Currie, Lona Hall, Sue Wilson, Barbara Gunter, Jimmie Roden, Glence Gentry, Martha Gillian, Nelda Bridges, Sylvia Hodges, Annette Gary, Carol Bryan. Letter A : Peggy Townson, Joyce Yancy, Emma Jo Rains, Ella Wayne Wilkerson, Jewell Vaughn, Juanzetta Tidmore, Sandra Jordon, Carol-yne Cooper, Brenda Medlock, Kay Edmondson, Peggy Connelly, Evelyne Glasco, Juanita Baugh, Sylvia Cochron, Betty Lou Smith, Betty Spence, Carol Shellhorse, Neva Bearden.TOP MAGAZINE SALESMEN First row; Annette Hale, Martha Sanderson, Myra Lang, Patsy Garrett, Bobby Roebuck. Second row: Rosemary Roberts, Tommy Maddux, Charles McClendon, Mac Hackney. LUNCHROOM LADIES Seated: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Strange, Mrs. Waldrop. Standing: Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Monday, Mrs. Denham, Mrs. Cochran.SPEECH President JEROME RICHEY Sponsor MRS. ALFORD Secretary DOROTHY HALL Vice President Treasurer PEGGY MATTHEWS ■ PEGGY CONNALLY First row: Mrs. Alford, Peggy Conally, Neva Bearden, Jane Pierce, Nona Proctor, Carolyn Light. Second row: Joyce Yancy, Sylvia Cochran, Clarie Williamson, Reba McCreless, Barbara Moore, Peggy Matthews. Third row; Shirley Knight, Annice Cahill, Dorothy Hall, Vickie Rains, Gail Floyd, Joyce Bennett, Laura Jenkins. Fourth row: Gerald Bouldin, Joyce Jenkins, Delana Stephens, Nancy Robinson, Sandra Kendell, Mary Lou Bopp, Barbara Warren, Alton Rogers. Fifth row: Milton Rogers, Bobby Stephens, Jimmy Dunn, Ronald Ward, Jerome Richey, Gerald Richey, Jimmy Stanford, Bobby Roebuck. -President - -- -- -- -- -- -- JIMMY WILSON Vice President - -- -- -- -- -- -GARY DIXON Secretary.....................JACQULINE MORGAN Student Director ------- MARTHA SANDERSON Reporter - -- -- -- -- -- -- BARBARA ELLIS Librarian - -- -- -- -- -- -- JAN JOHNSON A.H.S. HALF- MILLION $ BANDFirst row; Mrs. Alford, Claire Jones, Shirley Todd, Dorothy Garner, Freda Hidson, Linda Cahill, Norma Henderson, Carolyn Colvin, Jackie Brown. Second row: Edith Joiner, Doris Ingram, Mary Bopp, Claudine Head, Delana Stephens, Peggy Townsend, Barbara Kennedy, Patricia Farmer, Jill Amos. Third row: Ruth Coffey, Earlene Chamblee, Gail Kendrick, Jean Ayers, Melba Rives, Jane Pierce, Peggy Maroney, Geneta Moore, Mary Moore. Fourth row; Joyce Jenkins, Joyce Mahan, Wanda Knight, Roger Presley, Jerome Richey, Marjorie Gore, Betty Spence, Janelle White. Fifth row: Jerry Beam, Bobby Bearden, James Gore, Jimmy Lindsey, Gerald Rives, Jimmy Dunn, Gerald Richey, Bobby Connor, Jimmy Stanford, Jimmy Wilson. Coach Coach SMITH RALPH REED FRANK ALFORD THOMAS KENNEDY WRIGHT LANG ANDERSON LOCKLEAR MADDUX BARTLETT PELL STRANGEPHIL THOMASON Manager RALPH GENTRY ManagerPractice Day Coaches DELMER JONES 165 Senior End JIMMY BARTLETT 210 Senior Tackle A11-County BRUCE WRIGHT 205 Senior TackleARON LANG 200 Junior Tackle EUGENE CLINES 185 Junior Tackle JERRY ANDERSON 170 Junior Guard RALPH MORTON 155 Junior GuardJOHN THOMAS 175 Sophomore Wingback GENE TRAYLOR 160 Senior Wingback EDWIN HALL 155 Junior Wingback GERALD SMITH 175 Junior Blockingback BOBBY ROEBUCK 145 Senior Blockingback RAYBURN LANG 165 Sophomore Fullback DONALD KENNEDY 160 Senior Tailback BOBBY MARTIN 140 Sophomore TailbackFOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS CLAIRE WILLIAMSON BARBARA COCHRAN GINGER RICHEY SALLY LOCKLEAR SYLVIA COCHRAN BARBARA BENSONVARSITY Smith Fosse tt Starnes Coach Maddux Clines Roebuck BASKETBALL 55-56 B TEAM Kneeling; Curtis Byars, Roy Todd, Tommy Owens, Delmer Jones, Donald Kennedy, Van Owens, Bobby Martin. Standing: Darrell Lang, James Maynard, Kim Keller, Robert Taylor, Hiram Nelson, Jerry DeSpain, Wayne Dye, Coach Alford.RANDY FOSSHTT Senior - Guard HOYT ORR Sophomore - Guard JOHNNY STARNES Junior - Center BOBBY ROEBUCK Senior - GuardAGGIES 49 62 51 77 50 71 68 45 54 53 82 72 76 60 70 79 62 55 59 79 CAGE Arab OPPONENTS 41 Gadsden 61 Butler 64 Etowah 43 Butler 76 Arab 45 Guntersville 54 Boaz 46 Section 55 Boaz 51 Douglas 53 Etowah 53 Douglas 59 Holly Pond 64 Section 53 West Point 53 Gadsden 85 Guntersville 69 West Point 51 Holly Pond 55 SEASON’S RECORD 13 WINS - 7 LOSSES RESULTS County Tournament AGGIES 38 Boaz Scottsboro Invitational 71 West Limestone 52 Scottsboro 57 Cullman Sand Mt. Tournament AGGIES 78 Ider 40 Fyffe District Tournament 58 Guntersville 65 Scottsboro OVERALL RECORD 16 WINS - 12 LOSSES 63 59 90 65 40 61 56 78BASEBALL Sitting: Gary Dickson, Gerald Smith, James Adams, Delmer Jones, Jody Elrod, Buddy Hanson, Kim Keller. Standing: Tommy Gentry, John Thomas, Gilmore Brannon, Larry Brown, Tommy Maddux, Johny Starnes, Billy Woodham, Coach Alford. Not shown: Jerry Snow, Bobby Martin. Standing: Ralph Gentry, Second place broad jump Sectional Meet; Randy Fossett, Arley Traylor, Ralph 5 Morton, Tommy Payne, Ronald Thompson, Gene Traylor, Coach Reed. Kneeling: Donnie Bentley, Manager; Dan Dickson, Jimmy Bartlett, Max Hackney, John Corbin. Not shown: Carl Cain, Aaron Lang. 4y Edwin Hall, First place 440 yd. dash Sectional Meet.Sitting: Edwin Hall, Wayne Dye, Buddy Hanson, Jimmy Bartlett, Vice President; Danny Strange, Donald Kennedy, William England, Eugene Clines, Bobby Martin, Alan Darden. Standing: Thomas Shell, Ralph Morton, William Locklear, Aron Lang, John Thomas, Tommy Smith, Tommy Maddux, President; Gerald Smith, Bruce Wright, Secretary-Treasurer; Johnny Starnes, Gene Traylor, Jerry Anderson, Bobby Hayes, Reporter.SPECIAL A WARDS x v «a 4 V State Spelling Champion CLYDE GREGORY Good Citizenship GirJ JACKIE BROWn m Civitan Oiatoiical Winners SANDRA KENDALL, BRUCE WRIGHT Quarterback Club Good Sportsmanship Award BOBBY ROEBUCK Birmingham News Oratorical Winner ROSFMARY ROBERTSBAND DANCE OFFICERS AND GUESTS Jimmy Wilson, Claire Williamson, Tommy Butts, Jacqulin Morgan, Jerry Anderson, Mona Fricks, Mac Hackney, Sandra Wilson, Sherill Elrod, Barbara Ellis, Tommy Smith, Jan Johnson, Gary Dickson, Margaret Benefield. LEADOUT SANDRA WILSON-------- Band Sweetheart MAC HACKNEY - -- -- -- -- Escort Presentation of bouquet to 1956 Sweetheart, Sandra Wilson, from Jane Grahan, Sweetheart of 1955. Escorts, Mac Hackney and Andy Finley.Senior Piano Recital JACKIE BROWN SENIOR SNAPSJUNIOR I CLASS MARGARET DAVIS Peabody College English and History ESTEL MULUNAX Birmingham Southern English VERNICE GALLOWAY Jacksonville State Math and Science I MALCOM LANDERS University Alabama History and Science AUBREY RUSH University Alabama Science and English MARTHA BIDDLE Jacksonville State English and Social Studies RUBYE GOODWIN Alabama College Math and Science Civics So phoio AVAIlAUf MARY MOORE Alabama College Auburn English and Social Studies Billy Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Sherman Arnold, Rayford Baugh, Helen Baird, Bobby Beard, Carolyn Beard. Second row: Olivia Bearden, Robert Benefield, Donnie Bentley, Margaret Bishop, Shirley Black-well, Jeanette Bobo, Jimmy Bobo.First row-. Lamont Bolding, Janice Bonds, Eddie Bopp, Tommy Boyd, Annette Boyd, Gerald Brewster, Glenda Bridges, Hazel Bright. Second row: Wanda Bright, Gerald Brothers, Byron Bubanks, Ann Butler, Carrie Butes, Leon Byrant, Francis Cain, Thomas Camp. Third row: Joann Casey, Glenda Charles, Lynda Charles, Pennella Christian, Dorothy Clines, Rosemary Coby, Jimmie Cochran, Johnny Cochran. Fourth row; Sue Cole, Melvin Compton, Harles Copeland, Angelyn Creel, Don Croft, Thomas Cryar, Larry Cullum, Billy Davis. Fifth row; Tommy Davis, Mickey Decker, Johnny Denham, Helen Dooley, Frank Duckett, Joe Duckett, Philip Duke, Junior Dunken. Sixth row: Harold Dunn, Lynda Duran, Larry Duvall, Barbara Eason, Carole Eason, Lynda Eller, Joe Ennis, Neal Ennis. Seventh row; Marjorie Farmer, Francis Farrow, Myra Fraser, Max Garrett, Patricia Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Sammy Gipson, Carole Gipson.JUNIOR I CLASS First row: Diane Golden, Karen Greer, Barbara Gunter, Helen Hackey, Jimmy Hambrick, Second row: Bobby Harper, Gary Harper, Patricia Harris, Joe Hatley, Elizbeth Heaton, Peggy Helton, Janice Hicks, Greg Hodges. Third row: Larry Holder, J. B. Holsenback, Nancy Howard, Kermit Hughes, Marie Hyde, Sammy Jackson, Betty Jarmon, Randy Johnson. Fourth row: Robert Johnson, Mary Johnson, Brenda Joiner, Gary Jolley, Patricia Jolley, Philip Jolley, Dean Jones, Micheal Justice. Fifth row: Jimmy Justice, Ruth Justice, Johnny Karr, Jerry Kytle, Andrew Lancaster, Dora Lancaster, James Lancaster, Edwin Lang. Sixth row; Gladys Lang, Jerry Lang, Nancy Lang, Ben Levie, Ronald Lindsey, Marjorie Long, Reta Long, Bill Lowery. Seventh row; Dorothy Lowery, Philip Lowery, George Lumpkin. Ruth Lyles, Don Magee, Jeanette Maltbie, Philip Maltbie, Margret Maroney.First row: Jane Martin, Lyra Massey, John May, Judy Mayo, Donald McCaffery, Lynda McCambell, Lynda McDaniel, Sue McKee. Second row: Bobby Miller, Carolyn Miller, Glenda Minor, Ralph Minor, Barnard Moore, Kenneth Moore, Junior Morgan, Oscar Morgan. Third row: Bill Morton, Lucille Motley, Lynda Moultrie, Winell Murphy, Donnie Nelson, Jerry Night, Mary O'Kesky, Charlote Oliver. Fourth row: Fay Oliver, Ida Oliver, Patricia Owens, Frank Painter, Occo Pair, Don Pankey, Alvanell Parrish, Gary Pearson. Fifth row:Jimmy Pierce, Ruby Pierce, Dot Piper, Pat Phillips, Wynn Phillips, Jimmy Plunkett, Erbie Powell, Lee Potts. Sixth row; David Prance, Robert Pruitt, Jimmy Reed, Jane Reed, Judy Rhodarmer, Barbara Richards, Jimmy Richey, Larry Richey. Seventh row: Ginger Richey, Odean Riddle, Janie Rives, Janice Rives, Jimmy Robinson, Marie Robison, Johnny Roden, John Roe.First row-. Ben Royston, Janet Rush, Jane Sampson, Jerry Scarbrough, Sue Shirley. Second row: Sue Shirey, Barbara Simms, Donald Simms, Dorothy Skinner, Max Smith, Ronald Smith, Doug Smith, George Smith. Third row: Peggy Smith, Jimmy Smith, Barbara Smith, Sarah Smothers, Ray Snider, Don Snider, Judith Spurgin, Gary Stanfield. Fourth row: Lynda Stanfield, Kenneth Staton, Billy Staton, Ronald Stewart, Kay Stewart, Glen Stevens, Ray Stevens, Rosa Stevens. Fifth row: Leona Stracener, Marie Strickland, Mickey Taft, Mary Taylor, Juanita Taylor, Kenneth Teal, Windell Terrell, Gary Thomas. Sixth row: Terry Thomas, J. T. Thompson, Jerry Tidwell, Betty Todd, Lynda Turner, Barbara Vandergriff, Joyce B. Vaughn. Myra Vaughn. Seventh row: Lynda Walker, Betty Wallace, Thomas Walls, Lane Warren, Buddy Weaver, Billy Webb, Ray Webster, John White.Helen Whitmire, Gay Williams, Byron Willis, Duane Willoughby, Faye Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, Nancy Wood ham. Second row: Tim Woodham, Bonnie Woods, Douglas Woods, June Wright, Billy York. Sun Blinded??JUNIOR I FAVORITESHERE ’N’ THERE N’ THEN NOW ■ w C.K. BUCKELEW Snead College Jacksonville State Howard College Science Math FRED BISHOP Florence State Math and Science LAVELL PLEDGER Snead College Jacksonville State Math and Science RUSSELL GIBSON Jacksonville State Alabama College English AUSIE SMOTHERS Howard College Peabody College English and History LELIA LUSK Vanderbilt English Social Studies JUNIOR II CLASS First row: Jane Adams, Kenneth Adams. Second row; Fred Allen, Claybrook Adams, Sue Bailey, Walter Baird. Third row: Patsy Barkley, Margean Baugh, Jimmy Beck, Fred Bishop, Virginia Borders, Gilmore Brannon. Fourth row: Robert Brooks, Paula Boyd, Sue Bright, Lavon Brown, Carl Brown, Jean Brown, Nell Brown.Sandra Burgess Betty Burgess Richard Butler Linda Cahill Benny Cain Windell Caldwell Carl Camp Farris Campbell Ted Campbell Earleen Chamblee Bobby Charles Patricia Childress Benny Christian Barbara Cochran Doris Compton Gail Cooper Betty Coody Brenda Cofield Jack Couch Gail Craig Henry Cribbs Jimmy Culbert David Daniel Alan Darden Shelby Davison Tommy Davis Martha Decker Jim Decker Jerry Dodd Gail Duckett Roger Duckett Carol Easterwood Doloris Eaton Freida Eidson Margie Eller James England Ann Evans Faye Farmer Billy Farris Charles Farris Barbara Frachiseur Alan Frix Jo Ann Gary Wilbur Gilliand Edna Glasco -f JUNIOR II CLASS Marjorie Gore Ray Greer Annie Gregory Clyde Gregory J. T. Griffin Becky Guice Mozell Gunter Betty Hard Linda Harper Sarah Harris Sue Harris Bill Hastings Johnny Hatley Ted Head Danny Helton Bill Johnson Charlotte Jolley Patsy Jones Dan Jones Keith Jordan Mary Kirkland Tommy Jones Jerry Kittle Darrel Lane Billie Lang Carolyn Lang Danny Lang Margaret Lindsey Wind ell Lindsey Sherry Long Gary Long Janice Lyles Jean Maltbie Bill Masters Frances Malone J. R. Maltbie Oscar Mann Edith Martin Connie Martin Earl MatthewsJanice Matthews Julia Mathis Fay Mayfield Jerry McClendon Bill McManigal Jewel Melvin Joe Medlock Fay Miller Marie Mitchell Joyce Moman Linda Moore Anthony Moore Bernard Moore Donny Morris Robert Morton Glenda Murphy Ann Newby Joan Ogle Mike Oliver Tracy Oliver Evi Overton Jerry Parrish Shirl Pike Billy Pike Charles Pinkerton Gayle Plunkett Joyce Pope Roger Popwell Edward Powell Cecil Prentice Thomas Ragsdale Max Ragsdale Jean Raines Thomas Rains Glenn Rice Michael Rigsby Richard Rives Wayne Rives Linda Roberts Juanzetta Roberts Benny Robinson Donald Robinson Johnny Sanders Grady Shell Joyce SilveyJUNIOR II CLASS Bobby Simpson Wilburn Slaton Rayford Slaton Barbara Smith Carl Smith Don Smith Dorothy Smith Linda Smith Martha Smith Nell Smith Larry Smith Earl Snider Sherman South Joyce Stanford Ann Stephens Ann Stevens Alan Stone Fred Stone Phil Stoner Edwin Swords Mickey Swords Max Teal Billy Thompson Phil Thompson Skippy Thompson Rex Tidmore Arlon Turner Rudy Turner Faye Turner Eli Vandergriff Jerry Vaughn Joe Waldon Rickey White James Whitlock Junior Wilbanks Patsy Williams R. N. Williamson Gail Willis Hugh Wilson Lowery Wilson Charles Wright Kenneth Young Donny Walker Mace Lee Taylor Robert SmithJUNIOR II FAVORITES JEAN BROWN BILL McMANIGALP.L. COFFEY Auburn Math ROMOLA GUNTER Jacksonville State Physical Education GORDON GARRETT Howard College WALTER McINTOSH MARY EMMA THOMPSON Alabama University Chemistry and Science Alabama College Home Art and English First row: Morris Abernathy, Misher Almon, Jill Amos, Myra Baird. Second row: Ray Baker, Alton Baugh, Harold Baugh, Bonnie Beck, Margaret Benefield, Homer Bishop, Janice Bishop. Third row; Patsy Bolten, Diana Boyd, Carolyn Brown, Larry Brown, Bill Bryan, Carolyn Buchanan, Mary Buchanan.First row; Barbara Burdett, Virginia Burks, Tommy Butts, Sandra Camp, Sue Camp, Joe Campbell, Joycelyn Campbell. Second row; Charles Carroll, Sue Clark, Jerry Cobb, Ruth Coffey, Harold Cofield, Lynn Cofield, Anneva Colvin. Third row; Steve Cooper, John Corbin. Katie Cordell, Pat Courington, Larry Craig, Kayra Creel, Ruth Commer. Fourth row: Edwin Currie, Danny Davis, La-Dean, Davis, Pat Davis, Jack Decker, Jane Dick, Larry Dickerson. Fifth row; Dan Dickson, Gary Dickson, Jimmy Dilbeck, Sam Dixon, Jimmy Duckett, Nelda Jean East, Wanda Easterwood. Sixth row: Doris Ingram, Eddie Ennis, Sandra Ennis, Hazel Eubanks, Anita Farmer, Bobby Ford, Jo Ann Garrison.First row: Tommy Gentry, John Gipson, Marlin Gipson, Coy Grayben, Martha Gray, Dorothy Griffin. Second row: Wendell Grimes, Gene Gunter, Bill Harrison, Jimmy Hawk, Harold Henry, Shelby Henry, Ann Holder. Third row: Charles Hudgins, Becky Hunt, Reta Hunt. Bryant Irvin, Edith Joiner, Lana Joiner, Barbara Johnson. Fourth row: Janella Jolley, Delbert Jarmon, Charlotte Kan, Dorothy Kennedy, Gail Kendrick, Wanda Knight, Edwin Lacy. Fifth row: Annie Latham, Virginia Lee, Mary Lemaster, Sally Locklear, Delynn Lovelady, Ginger McGee, Rex Maltbie. Sixth row: James Mardis, Joyce Mahan, Betty Moore, Richard Moore, Charles Morton, Joyce Morton, Delaine Mountain.First row: Charles McPherson, May Ann Me Swain, David Nelson, Doris Ogle, Ray Oliver, Ronald Owens, Jack Pate. Second row: Charles Pell, Lonnie Peppers, Dorothy Peters, Sherry Phillips, Sue Plunkett, John Powell, Barney Powell. Third row: Roger Presley, Jimmy Rayburn, Linda Rives, Lucretia Rives, Linda Rice, Jo Ann Robinson, Michael Robinson. Fourth row: James Rhodarmer, Linda Simmonds, Mary Lou Sims, Brenda Smith, Linda Smith, Jean Smith, Jerry Smith. Fifth row: Sarah Smith, Billy Snider, Floyd Snider, Linda Stevens, Barbara Strange, Shirley Swearengin, Johnny Taylor. Sixth row: Brenda Todd, Mary Ruth Townson, Benny Trammell, Earlene Traylor, Bonnie Walden, Jerry Waldrop, Glenda Webster. Seventh row: Doris Yancy, Faye McBrayer.JUNIOR III FAVORITES MARGARET BENEFIELDSENIOR I CLASS KITTYE THOMASON Huntingdon College Latin and History MURY MURDOCK Alabama College Peabody College Mathematics JIMMY COPELAND Auburn Biology and Science KATHLEEN GARRETT Alabama College Home Economics DORIS ABERNATHY PATRICIA BAUGH DONALD BAYLESS NEVA BEARDEN SYBIL BENEFIELD JOYCE BENNETT J.W. BIDDLE WINDELL BISHOP CAROL BRIGHT CAROL BRYANMARY BOPP GERALD BOULDIN JANE BURDETTE JIM BUTLER ANNICE CAHILL CARL CAIN ELTON CAMP BUFORD CENTERS MILTON CHAMBLEE LINDA CHERRY BENNY COBB HENRY COBY SYLVIA COCHRAN TOMMY COCHRAN CAROLYN COLVIN DALE COMPTON PEGGY CONN ALLY CAROLYN COOPER PAT COURINGTON JAMES CRAWFORD PEGGY CRYAR FAYRENE CUNNINGHAM KAY EDMONSON GARY FARMER GALE FLOYD SANDRA GAMBLE LARRY GARRETT ANNETTE GARY JACKY GARY GARLAND GARYSENIOR I CLASS ANN GENTRY ANN GEORGE MELBA GEORGE ELLA GOGGANS WILLODEAN GRIZZARD BARBARA GUNTER GLEN HALE BOBBY HALL BILLY HALTIWANGER BUDDY HANSON HONZELL HARRIS TROY HARRIS MARGUERITE HAYES LYNN HENRY SHIRLEY HOBSON MOZELL HOLBROOKS EDWARD HOWARD DORIS JENKINS LARA JENKINS CHARLES JENKINS JAN JOHNSON EVELYN JOINER SANDRA JORDAN KIM KELLER PEGGY KENNEDY ROSSLYN KNOX ANITA LANDERS BARBARA LANG DARREL LANG SYBIL LANGPATSY LANIER CAROL LIGHT ANN LOWERY BETTY LOWERY LYNDA LOWERY JUDY LUMPKIN JAMES MAYNARD BOBBY MARTIN PEGGY MATTHEWS REBA McCRELESS KYTHA McNEAL BRENDA MEDLOCK JACKIE MELTON JIMMY MILLER BRENDA MOORE BARBARA MOORE JUNIOR MOORE SANDRA MOORE GERALD MORGAN JACQUELINE MORGAN FAYE NORTON MARGARET OGLE CLEBURN OLIVER NANCY OLIVER HOYT ORR TOMMY PAINE JOHNY PARRISH JANE PIERCE GENE PONDER JEAN POWELLSENIOR I CLASS Nona Proctor Randy Quinn Ann Rains Emma Jo Rains Ray Rains Vickie Rains Patty Reaves Henry Reaves Nancy Robinson Jimmie Roden Jimmy Roden Johnny Roe Franklin Rutledge Carol Shellhorse Joyce Shirey Ann Skinner Alus Slaton Betty Spence Dolores Spurlin Delana Stephens Robert Taylor Billy Teal John Thomas Juanzetta Tidmore Gladys Todd Roy Todd Peggy Townson Doyle Turner Milford Waldrop Annette WallsRobert Wright Joyce Yancy Miss Fashion Model 1956 Heads ot Tails?SENIOR I FAVORITES JOYCE BENNET JIMMY RODENBirmingham Southern English and Speech Sewanee, Alabama Physical Education Vice President WAYNE DYE, Treasurer JERRY SNOW, President GERALD SMITH, Secretary JOYCE CARR. RALPH REED Sewanee English and History Physical Education WILLIE MAUDE NELSON Troy State Alabama College Auburn College Typing Driver EducationBOBBY ALLEN JERRY ANDERSON MARGARET BOBO NELDA BRIDGES RAY ARNOLD CAROLYN BAIRD HAROLD BROTHERS BOB BURGESS CAROLYN BAILEY JEAN BAKER JERRY BURGESS ANN BURK JERRY BEAM BOBBY BEARDEN MARY JOAN CAMP JO ANN CAMP HELEN BENEFIELD MARGARET BENEFIELD WENDELL CHARLES JOYCE CARR BARBARA BENSON DOROTHA BISHOP ALBERT CHILDRESS EUGENE CLINESSENIOR II CLASS MARY COFFEY MARIE COOK FRANKLIN GARRISON MARTHA GILLIAN JERRY CORDELL ANNIE CULBERT JAMES GORE JULIA GREER HELEN CURRIE SYBIL DUCKETT EDWIN HALL DOROTHY HALL ERNEST DUKE QUIMBY DUNN LONA HALL LARRY HANEY WAYNE DYE JODY ELROD WAYNE HARPER BOBBY HAYES JEAN ENNIS J. C. GARRISON JACK HENRY MARLENE HILLAARON HILSMAN SYLVIA HODGES SHELBY LIGHT JIMMY LINDSEY JIMMY HOLDER JACK HOOD MARRELL LUSK FRANK MAYES ARNICE .HOOPER MATHA HUNT FOREST MARDIS PEGGY MARONEY JOYCE JENKINS HAMP JOHNSON JOYCE MILLER GENETA MOORE CAROLYN JONES MARGARET KARR MARY MOORE OLAN MORTON SHIRELY KNIGHT AARON LANG HIRAM NELSON GAY ORRSENIOR II CLASS f ■ 5 « •? JO ANN PELL JERRY PERKINS JIMMIE RIVES ALTON ROGERS JOHN PIERCE PATTIE PINSON MILTON ROGERS FRANKLIN RUTLEDGE JOHNNY OWENS TOMMY OWENS GERALD RICHEY JEROME RICHEY MARIE POPE MARGARET POPE DOYAL SLATON UNA SLATON BOBBY RAINS MARTHA RAINS GERALD SMITH JOYCE SMITH GAYNELL RICHARDS MIKE RICHEY ROY SMITH JERRY SNOWMAYLAR SPEAR NORMA SPEAR LYNDA WILSON SANDRA WILSON RUTH SPURGEON JOHNNY STARNES SUE WILSON OVELLA WHITE BOBBY STEPHENS CAROLE TEAGUE JANE YOUNGBLOOD DEAN TEMPLETON RONALD THOMPSON BARBARA WARREN BETTY WESTSENIOR II FAVORITESJUNIOR WHO’S i WHO , £cm JUNIOR SNAPSPresident Vice President BOBBY ROEBUCK BRUCE WRIGHT Treasurer BARBARA KENNEDY Secretary SHIRLEY TODD KATHLEEN BROWN, M, A. Huntingdon, Peabody Iowa State College MARY WEATHERS, B. A. Logan Athens, College EUNICE BOONE, M. S. Jacksonville State A.P,I.. Alabama, ColumbiaEDNA AUSTIN FHA 53-54 WANDA BARKLEY FNC 55-56; FHA 54; May Day 55; Office Staff 56. Absent uhen pictures uere made DON BAILEY JIMMY BARTLETT Football 52-55; All-County 55; Alt. Capt. 55; Basketball 54-55; A Club 53-56, Vice President 56; Junior Civitan 54-56; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Football All-State Honorable Mention 55. JUANITA BAUGH FHA 54-56 EMMA LOU BEARDEN Library Staff 54-55; Office Staff 55-56; FTA 56, President 56; Fire Prevention Essay Winner 56. JIMMY BENSON MAXINE BLYE Beta Club 54-56; Library Staff 54-56; FTA 56; FHA 54-55; Parliamentarian, Quartet 54.BOBBY BOEN FFA 54-55; Bus Driver 54-56. FREDIE BALDWIN FFA 53-56. NADINE BRIGHT FHA 53-56; 4-H Club 55-56; Glee Club 54-56; Senior Who's Who 55-56. TERRY BROWN JEAN BROCK JACKIE BROWN Sophomore Class Beauty 54; Library Staff 53-55; Beta Club 54-56, Secretary 55-56; Paper Staff 54-56; FHA 54-55, President 54; May Day 54; Radio Club 54-55; Homecoming Attendant 55; Glee Club 55-56; B'ham News Contest Winner 56; DAR Good Citizenship Girl 56; Junior Civitan Sweetheart 56; Valentine Queen 56; Quill and Scroll 56. CURTIS BYARS Basketball 54-56; May Day 55; Football 55.WENFORD CHAMBLEE FFA 53-55. AZZIE CHERRY 4-H Club 54-56; Office Staff 55-56. WILLO DEAN CHILDERS FHA 54-55. DARLENE CRAWFORD FNC 53-56, Secretary 54, President 55; Library Staff 53-56; May Day 53-55; Glee Club 54; Basketball Cheerleader 54-56; Football Cheerleader 55; Senior Who's Who 56. BARBARA DAVIS 4-H Club 54; Office Staff 56. MARLEEN DAVIS FHA 52-55; Office Staff 55-56. JIMMY DUNN Annual Staff 55-56; Glee Club 55-56; Homecoming Escort 55; Senior Who's Who 55-56. A NT HA WOODHAM ELUS Glee Club 53-54; May Day 54-55.BURMA ELROD LENORA EVANS Glee Club 53-54; FHA 53-54; Beta Club 54- 56; Paper Staff 55-56; Office Staff 55- 56. LOUISE MEDLOCK ENGLAND Beta Club 54-56. PATRICIA FARMER Beta Club 53-56; Glee Club 53-56; FHA 53- 54; Paper Staff 55-56; Library Staff 54- 55. JOHNNY FLOYD RANDY FOSSETT Basketball 52-56; Football 52-55; Baseball 55-56; Track 55-56; Junior Civitan 56; Senior Who's Who 55-56. MARCIA FULLER DOROTHY SPENCE GARNER Glee Club 52-54, 55-56; FHA 53-54; Library Staff 54-55.PATSY GARRETT Majorette 53-56; District 53-54; Glee Club 53-54; Junior Who’s Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Annual Staff 55-56; Library Staff 55-56. GLEN GREEN RALPH GENTRY Baseball 54-55; Football Manager 55; Track 55-56; Junior Civitan 55-56, Sergeant-at-Arms 55-56; Senior Who’s Who 55-56. JO ANN GUNNELLS Glee Club 53-55; 4-H Club 55-56, President 55-56; May Day 55. MAC HACKNEY Football 54; Track 55-56; Junior Civitan 53-56, Treasurer 55-56; Glee Club 53-54; Civitan Oratorical Contest 53. DENNY HALL FFA 53-55. ANNETTE HALE Glee Club 53-54; Beta Club 54-56; Annual Staff 54-56; Junior Who's Who 55; Senior Who’s Who 56; Paper Staff 55-56; FT A 56; Civitan Oratorical Winner 54. JIMMY HARPERSUE HARRIS CLAUDINE HEAD Band 52-53; May Day 54; Glee Club 53-54, 55-56. BOBBY HART Football 50-55; Basketball 50-54; Baseball 50-54; Senior Class Parliamentarian 55-56. JUDY HOLDER Glee Club 53-54; Beta Club 54-56; Annual Staff 55-56; May Day 55; Office Staff 55-56; Paper Staff 55-56; FHA 53-54; Junior Red Cross Student Leader 55-56; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who’s Who 55-56. JOE FRED HOLDBROOK JERRY HUDGINS Band 51-56; All-County 54, All-State 56; FFA 53-54; Senior Who's Who 55-56. SHIRLEY IRVIN FHA 53-54; FNC 54-56; Junior Class Secretary 54-55; Office Staff 54-55; Basketball Cheerleader 56. JIMMY JOINERDELMER JONES 4-H Club 53-54; Football 54-56; Basketball 53-56; Track 55; Baseball 54-56; Junior Ci-vitan 55-56. EDDIE WAYNE JONES FFA 52-56; State Farmer Degree 55; Second Place in Tractor Derby 53-54. DOROTHY JOHNSON FHA 53-54; Office Staff 55-56. MARTHA JUNE KARR FHA 53-54, Vice President 53, President 54; Beta Club 54-56; Radio Club 54-55. SANDRA KENDALL May Day 53; FHA 54-55, Vice President 54, President 55; Civitan Contest Winner 56; County Winner 56; Senior Who’s Who 55-56. BARBARA KENNEDY May Day 53-55; FHA 53-54; FNC 55-56, Vice President 55-56; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Senior Class Treasurer 55-56; Glee Club 55-56, Treasurer 55-56. DONALD KENNEDY Basketball 54-56; Football 53-55, All-County 55; Track 55; Junior Civitan 55-56; A Club 54-56; Junior Class Treasurer 54-55; Junior Who’s Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56. SHELBY JEAN KENNEDY FHA 53-54; Office Staff 55-56.4 SARA KING Beta Club 55-56; Majorette 55-56; Homecoming Attendant 56; A Club Sweetheart 56; Senior Class Beauty 55-56. ELEANOR LACKEY Radio Club 54-55; Library Staff 54-56; Annual Staff 55-56; FTA 55-56; School Store Manager 55-56. MYRA JO LANG May Day 54-55; FNC 54-56; Annual Staff 55-56; Office Staff 55-56. NORMAN LAMBERT DOROTHY LAWSON FHA 53-55; Office Staff 55-56. LORETTA LEDBETTER Basketball Cheerleader 54 GERALD REAVES Band 53-54; Football 53-55 54, 55-56; Junior Civitan 5- an Club 55-56; EDNA REED Library Staff 54-56; Beta Cl11115 54-55: May Treasurer 56. i 55-56, ViceTOMMY MADDUX Football 52-55, Captain 55, All-County 55, All-State 55; Basketball 53-56; Baseball 53-56; A Club 53-56, President 55-56; Junior Civitan 53-56, Vice President 55-56; Glee Club 53-54; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Top Magazine Salesman 55-56. joyce McClendon FHA 53-55. Charles McClendon Beta Club 55-56; Junior Civitan 55-56; Basketball 54-56; Paper Staff 56; Annual Staff 56. Gary McClendon Beta Club 54-56. DULA JONES MCDONALD FHA 53-55; Office Staff 55-56. DONALD MOOR FFA 53-54; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56. JACK MITCHELL FFA 55-56; Beef Judging Team 53-54. GENE OLIVER FFA 53-54; Senior Who's Who 55-56.VAN OWENS Basketball 53-56. JOAN PANKEY May Day 53-54; Glee Club 53-54; FHA 53 55, Miss FHA 53-54; Office Staff 54-56. MYLES PELL Football 55. JACK PRANCE FFA 53-56, Treasurer 54-55, President 55-56, Staff Farmer 55. NELWYN RAINS Glee Club 53-55; FTA 56; Oratorical Con test 53-54,55. PATSY RAINS FHA 53-55; Glee Club 54-56; Oratorical Contest 55. GERALD REAVES Band 53-54; Football 53-55; Glee Club 53-54, 55-56; Junior Civitan 54-56. EDNA REED Library Staff 54-56; Beta Club 56; FTA 56, Treasurer 56.WAYNE RICE FFA 52-54; Football 53; Junior Civitan 55-56. BOBBY ROEBUCK Basketball 53-56; Football 53-55, Good Sportsmanship Trophy 55; Baseball 55-56; Beta Club 54-56, Treasurer 55-56; Junior Civitan 54-56, President 55-56; Junior Class Vice President 54-55; Senior Class President 55-56; Paper Staff 55-56; Quill and Scroll 56; Junior Who’s Who 55; Senior Who's Who 56; Debate Team 55. SHELBY RICHARDS FHA 53-54; May Day 53-55. ROSEMARY ROBERTS Beta Club 53-56; Debate Club 53-54; Paper Staff 54-56, Editor 54-55, Co-Editor 55-56; Quill and Scroll 56; School Reporter for A'ville Herald 54-56; BTiam News Oratorical Winner 54; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who’s Who 55-56; Voice of Democracy Oratorical Winner 56. GAYNELL RICHEY Beta Club 54-56; Library Staff 54-55; Office Staff 55-56; Paper Staff 55-56. MARTHA SANDERSON Band 51-56, Vice President 54-55; Homecoming Queen 56; Glee Club 53-54; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who’s Who 55-56. MELBA RIVES Glee Club 53-54, 55-56; May Day 55. JIMMY SCARBROUGH FFA 52-53; Beta Club 54-56; Annual Staff 55-56.ADRON SHELL FFA 53-56, Vice President 55-56. THOMAS SHELL Football 54-55; A Club 54-56; FFA 52-53, 54-55; Bus Driver 53-56; Senior Who's Who 55-56. BETTY LOU SMITH FHA 55-56; Junior Who’s Who 54-55; Senior Who’ Who 55-56. IVEY SMITH, JR. Bus Driver 54-56. JIMMIE SUE SMITH Glee Club 53-54, 55-56; Senior Who's Who 55-56. TOMMY SMITH Football 52-55; A Club 54-56; Beta Club 56. WANDA SMITH Glee Club 53-55, Secretary 54-55; May Day 54; Office Staff 54-56; School Store 55-56; Junior Class Beauty 54-55; Senior Class Stunt Chairman 54; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Assistant Editor of Annual 55-56. YVON SMITH FFA 54-56.DANNIS STRANGE Football 54-55; Basketball 54-55, Alb County 55; A Club 54-56; Junior CL vitan 55-56. WAYNE STATON FFA 53-56. JIMMY STANFORD FFA 52-53; Glee Club 55-56. GENE TRAYLOR Football 52-55; A Club 54-56; Track 55-56; FFA 52-53; Junior Who's Who 54-55. SHIRLEY TODD Beta Club 54-56; Glee Club 55-56; FHA 53-55, President 54-55, Miss FHA 55; Senior Class Secretary 55-56; Senior Who's Who 55-56. JAN TODD Glee Club 53-55; 4-H Club 55-56; May Day 54. LOUISE WALLS Library Staff 54-56. RONALD WARD Football 54-55; Junior Civitan 54-56; Junior Who’s Who 54-55; Senior Who’s Who 55-56.DAVIS WEBB FFA 53-56. MARIE WILLIAMS Beta Club 55-56, Vice President 56; Paper Staff 56; Annual Staff 56; FTA 56, Secretary 56; Charter Member 56; Library Staff 54-56. RAY WELLS FFA 53-54, 55-56. JERRY SUE WILLIAMS Band 51-55; Majorette 56; Beta Club 54-56; Paper Staff 55-56; Annual Staff 55-56; Junior Who’s Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56. JANELLE WHITE Band 54-56, Flag Bearer 54-56; Glee Club 55-56; Office Staff 55-56; May Day 50-55. BRUCE WRIGHT Basketball 53-56, All-County 53-56, All-Sand Mt. 55; Baseball 55-56; Football 53-55; Beta Club 53-56, President 55-56; Junior Civitan 53-56; Junior Class President 54-55; Senior Vice President 55-56; A Club 54-56, Secretary and Treasurer 55-56; Paper Staff 54-56; Annual Staff 55-56; Junior Who's Who 54-55; Senior Who's Who 55-56; Quill and Scroll 56. JIMMY WILSON Band 49-56, President 55-56, All-State 56; Beta Club 54-56; Paper Staff Editor 55-56; Quill and Scroll 56; Junior Civitan 54-56; Radio Club 54-55; Glee Club 55-56; School Store 55-56; Senior Who's Who 56. CATHERINE WOODS FHA 53-55; Library Staff 55-56; Office Staff 55-56.BILLY YANCY FFA 52-56, Chapter Reporter 53-55, Public Speaking Contest 54-55, State Farmer Degree 54-55. JAMES YOUNG FFA 52-54. JAMES YATES Basketball 53-55; Football Cheerleader 53-55; Junior Civitan 54-56; Radio Club 54-55; Beta Club 55-56; School Store 55-56.BOBBY ROEBUCK PATSY GARRETT n s .,„nv OHM S.OHM UOIN3S '4 » r. I I:. 'Most Understanding JIMMIE SUE SMITH JIMMY DUNNUOIN3SMEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS First line: Denny Hall, Betty Smith, Thomas Shell, Annette Hale, Norman Lambret, Shelba Richards, Miles Pell. Second: Lenora Evans, Ronald Ward, Martha Karr, Bobby Roebuck, Louise England, Gary McClendon, Catherine Woods. Third; Adrian Shall, Claudine Head, Gerald Reaves, Patsy Garrett, James Yates, Pat Farmer, Ralph Gentry. Fourth: Shelba Kennedy, Donald Moor, Jerry S. Williams, Billy Yancy, Juanita Baugh, Gene Traylor, Sandra Kendell. Fifth: Tommy Maddux, Wanda Brakley, Randy Fossett, Martha Sanderson, Jimmy Bartlett, Jo Ann Gunnells, Maxine Blye. Sixth; Myra Lang, Donald Bucklewe, Jean Brock, Winford Chamblee, Sara King, Dorothy Garner, Antha Ellis.MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS First line: Jack Prance, Emma Breaden, Jack Mitchell, Barbara Davis, Louise Walls. Second; Curtis Byars, Barbara Kennedy, Mac Hackney, Jimmie Sue Smith, Doaald Kennedy, Jerry Hudgins, Patsy Rains, Terry Brown, Marcie Fuller. Third: Jimmy Scarbrough, Marie Williams, Joyce McClendon, Johnny Floyd, Jackie Brown, Wanda Smith, Shirley Irvin. Fourth; Joan Panky, Eddie Jones, Judy Holder, Eleanor Lackey, Berma Elrod, Edna Reed, Marlene Davis, Gaynell Richey. Fifth; Janelle White, Loretta Ledbetter, Duane Long.1956 SENIOR CLASSWe, the Senior Class of 1956, would like to dedicate our yearbook to Mr. M. G. Rains, former teacher of Albertville High School and Superintendent of Marshall County Schools. He was always the friend of the school boy and girl. For his interest in us and his influence on our lives, we are deeply grateful. We hope that this dedication may give him due honor and express our love and appreciation for his services to us.SOUTHERN BELL TELEPhqmc aND TELEGRAPH COMPANYCHECK-R-BOARDAlbertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama WAKEFIELD O.K. LAUNDRY Albertville, Alabama RUBBER WELDERS Albertville, Alabama OLIN C. HEARN MOTOR COMPANY Albertville, Alabama WELL'S MERCANTILE ALBERTVILLE FERTILIZER CO. SAND MT. TRUCK TRACTOR CO. HOWARD HARDWARE SUPPLY Serving North Alabama MELL-O DAIRY DISTRIBUTORS CO., INC. Boaz, Alabama Phone 6153PIGGLV WIGGLY JOSIES GROCERY STYLE AND GIFT SHOP Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama ROEBUCK SANPERSON TRACTOR COMPANY HARDWARE COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama MOORES HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY SUNDIES, INC. STORE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama BECK a, DICKSON FLORAL CO. RECAPPING Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTV I LLE Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaDARDEN 'Imt COTTON COMPANY JEWELERS Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama DAVIS FURNITURE CAR HOME SUPPLY STORE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama BIDDLE FURNITURE STORE u FURNITURE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama HOWARD PHARMACY BARBER SHOP Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaWith Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacturer of A. R. C. Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama ALBERTVILLE WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY Albertville, Alabama New Used Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF Distributed by Phone Albertville 1287 Guntersville ScottsboroALFORD COTTON COMPANY Office Phone 181 Long Distance 216 Albertville, Alabama DAN DENDY KELTON DENDY Albertville, Alabama WE. WALKER. COTTON COMPANY Albertville, Alabama STORES Boaz, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF POULTRY CO-OP, INCORPORATED Phone 499 Albertville, AlabamaSAND MOUNTAIN BROILER AND HATCHERY, INC. Quality Chicks U. S. Pullogrum Typhoid Clean Phone 750 Albertville, Alabama SALES CHEVROLET SERVICE Albertville, AlabamaLITHOGRAPHED BY------ TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS Th Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE-- - v ,rryT ,ytr •rggiryttffi ; s w 1- ’w ': '♦'» •„' 1- j«t, 'W a»-V'.v - •— vV -v ■--. t ■' « • -. 4 .% . •• « ,v . - -•»- v ■ '-■% ’+’•■ .. - ■.. vv '■' ' ' f ■ .-,V •'••—' -- ... 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V - ' — ■ •■ ;. ’ W • . 7‘ v v - 'ts W ( 4 - . ■• . • . — ■ K • ■ • -1.»’ . i '; ■ '- - jt ' • -,‘ i » ' ' 4 ■' - — • .- 5 —► “ nk • • • - • - - -•• • - kt . .v • — ' ‘f -7 V ± 9k • ■ +' v '■ .'-r • Vf : • «- V )’ • M». ' ■. 4 - - s — . » - ». T V V— •• « r.v v .-» w « 2 ,rr v-. • v. v • 7 ‘st - . % % ' “ ' 'V— 'v . .—♦’' H ■♦ '■ + + £ ■' : ? + T •. .k- ■«.- •■-•«• « • • — » • ■ ■ --c V - 7 - - X -• - ' ; ■'x— ■ - 7 • ..J • J ■ » — X,— -■ » ■• 'y- —9 T'-mr? 3 . . - .. w • — -- • »—• - --+ • - ' - mr ' - ' ' ’ ‘ ■ , “ ’ - 'k ' ’ “W- r .. % , x . - .. w.,-— -r- V’J 5 - 7 - sS • , • • ., s, ■ iv • --■■, v . + - - .a i •« . »-« •—rv .. — .. - • ' 7--7 t rf.- V- ! V • -7’ ' fK rz’ ’?“' ■'n? ? ■ — t - -s . ' y ' • • + ’ ► x. -•' x . »7»if -; 7 -V .. - , - • . - -•■ ' U£-fv - . v , •- - .- - r i - • .. • •• - ■. . •■ . . »» '» 5,x» 7t- --5( 'r . + -x ♦ 7.1 v ■ 't v ■ - - 1 -% • '-• V. ;« . » rVr .ST - -. + - . +-- « . 7 •« » ' • • f n -• • • » ’«• ■» n ' »-« —• m + -1 « 7 ..-X x -M •• ?. WU-x v -« • • r ‘ .» s 1 — “m r » r •« f “■% • « “? » A . •• r- —+■■- «. v- --r .- ' — '• -a» « •■ •-»» ' •- » | - i . .A . - '. • —7 %■ X' 7 ' s .•d r —+ ■,- “ h v - » nr w --’-■ • -♦ . -x- Hfc%■'- ! n - -. • . m x x -j , -y ■ r • ■ « x- ‘ 1' ’• Hi U -4 ' ■ » a -m —ki ? • ■ . ' «■“ ' v-w H| flh? fp.. «, v-jrf »- v -,i r - p- '■ j “' — . ■. ■ .k 'W «v ' —» +- »‘ v- - i . V • '■ » ' - - ■ - ' 9 ♦• ; - .-r a -- • . • x- '.% •♦' 4. -4 —• .- • ■» 1 ‘y«j- V - 7 «--» «---- WV- , . v-- r- ■ x m » •“.■ -N4 ’♦-—« •-• x ' .'« • yt p 4- » -T ' r - -4-—- ' V- rr - ■■ — ■- «- '■' •“ - ■ — — - 'ir-x ■ • y • . ■ ’•■■•‘4'r + ,-•» Vt »—» » ■' . •'• -«» — • • T 5T -? r •—•' y — ■ ■— »• ■'• a. taTC •- - + 'Mr ‘ v

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