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The Senior Class OF Albertville High School PRESENTS THE MOUNTAINEER ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMAALMA MATER In the Hills of Alabama. In a town called Albertville. There is a School. We love it’s every rule. And it's there we’ll always be. You may search the wide world over. But you’ll find no better place. In the hills of Alabama Than the dear old A. H. S.CONTENTS Frontispiece Table of Contents Dedication Staff Faculty Senior Class Officers Senior Sponsors Senior Pictures Senior Will and Prophecy Who's Who Activities Sports Features........this Senior Animal of 1951 to yon, Miss Richey, for untiring patience with all of us.We want you to know that we appreciate all of the effort that you have put forth to help us, and your sense of humor, which has made our Senior Days a pleasure.The Mountaineer Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF — Jim Thompson - STAFF MEMBERS - Jo Ann Colvin Jimmy Phillips Bob Hunt Randall Noles Mary Sue Stephens Joyce Spradley Nancy Lee HooperMISS GRINDEL MISS BLANKSMISS MURDOCK MRS. THOMASONHI'CH ROAD SHALL )£OU JAKESenior Class Officers Joe Brown ................................................. President Nancy Lee Hooper .......................................... Secretary Jim Thompson .............................................. TreasurerMiss Ruth Grindle, .Miss Norinc Blanks Miss Joyce FarlowJIMMIE ABNEY You'll never know that she's around until she is needed, then she can be found. HAZEL BARNES As carefree and happy as they come. JACK APPLETON Being industrious we can't deny, he'll reach the top by and by. NADINE BEAN A more sincere girl you will never find. GAIL BAKER Study and acquire the wisdom you are promised. DORIS FAE BLAIR A heart of gold. ANN BODDIE Light she is and like a fairy.1 BETTY SUE BRANNUM A sin He is the spice of life. RAYFORD BROTHERS Truly a Scholar JOE BROWN Tar-taking of Life Freely. MABLE BRYANT Silence is Golden. WILLA DEAN BURKS Work is Work and must be done, but while she works she will have her fun. HELEN CAMP A good disposition is a gift of nature. IMOGENE CAMP Always be a live-wire and you won't be stepped on. ELLON CARR True merit lies in being MORRIS CLARK So light, Kitty and gay. mm LOUIS LEE CRYAR Our 20th Century Edison. JO ANN COLVIN Always a friend on any occasion. LILLIAN DANIEL The only ambition she ever had was to win the heart of a certain lad. JAMES CORBITT Boys, where's the goal I've forgotten my glasses. BERT DAVIS Merry days were spent in the halls instead of in classes. HERMAN COWAN Life to him is a series of surprises. MONA RUTH DAVIS voice of gladness and a smile worth while.BARBARA DECKER Oh! Democracy is killing vie. NELLIE JO DUCKETT What she does is done to perfection. KENNETH DICKERSON He always has time for sports. JIMMIE FAYE FOSSETT If she doesn't find a way, she will make one. BETTY JOAN DUCKETT The kind you like to be with. JACK FRICKS The elevator of success is not running so I'll take the stairs. CHARLES DUCKETT Do not judge his work by his size. CHRISTINE GARRETT A kind word for everyone. mBOBBY GOODWIN The height of dignity CHARLES GORE Be never shrinks at the sight of work. JAMES HALL Sincere in all his efforts. JENNIE MAUDE HEAD Full of wit, full of fun, full of life, a happy one. BOBBY HENDON Words for the girls. BOBBIE NELL HINES Small but not quiet. JUNIOR HOLDER 1 haven't a worry in the world. NANCY LEE HOOPER Precious gifts that beat no tag.BOB HUNT EVELYN KING Dignity does not consist of possessing honors, but in deserving them. The things vee 'ii'ill do for a diploma. GAVE NELL KING A good all around person. VERNON KITCHENS To do the most veith the least effort. RUBY KENNEDY As meek as a lamb. FAYNELL LATHAM A heart of gold. -henry McClendon Silence is what few men can keep. JOYCE MADDUX heart as light as a blossom in June. EVELYN McNAIR To be jolly is to be happy. BOBBY MATHIS We have crossed the bay, the ocean lies before us. GAYNELL McNEAL Silence is better than idle chatter. CAROLYN MATTHEWS The good things should be enjoyed. BETTY LOU MOULTRIE She has beauty, charm and pride. PHYLLIS RAINS JIMMY ROYSTON Better faithful than That's what I like about failure. the South. f . BERNARD ROLAND Fd fwalk a million miles for one of your smiles. LILY MAE RUTLEDGE An efficient secretary. LEON ROSS What should a person do besides be happy. BETTY JEAN SHIREY Stars in her eyes. ETHELENE ROUSE Makes a lot of noise for a little girl. WAYNE SMITH Our Southern Cowboy.JIMMY PHILLIPS Where you find work, you'll find Jimmy, elsewhere. RANDALL NOLES The better you know him the closer you'll watch him. CHRISTINE RAINS Thinking of others. MARGARET NELL PAIR The essence of sweetness and the model of neatness. KATHRYN RAINS Always a friend. FANNIE BETH PARRIS She flashes a sparkling eye. CAROL RAINS Never an unkind word. MARY NELL SMITH Her joy covies fro?n helping others. JAMES STEPHENS Where there's a willy there's a way. JOYCE SPRADLEY Give her a place to stand and she'll move the world. B. M. STONE A happy-go-lucky fellow. 1 DORIS STEPHENS Kindness is her motto. DOROTHY STRIPLIN It's a great life, if you don't weaken.JIM THOMPSON Silence can be deceiving. MARY H. VANDERGRIFF Ask questions and you shall be wise. FRANK REED All handsome men are dying, but he never looked better in his life. BILLY WOODSON Our movie boy. HARMON YANCY An athlete too! Camera Shy BOBBY BOWEN DELTON FLOYD BOBBY LEDBETTER BETTY JEAN MINOR LOWELL SMITH TOMMY TABORSenior Will We the Annual Staff of 1951, being in as sound a mind as an Annual staff can be. do hereby will our headaches and troubles to the Annual staff of 1952. We Jim Thompson, Jimmy Phillips and Randall Nolen, being of sound body, unsound mind, and $10.00 short do hereby will to 3 unlucky Juniors who have the misfortune of being store clerks, the school store and all deficits. I Paul Thompson, being in the office only one time (per day) would like to will to Billy Ray Stone my ability to stay out of trouble while in class room and out. I, Hazel Barnes will to Anna Maude Coby my ability to sleep in English class and pass. I. Nancy Lee Hooper, being of fairly sound mind, will to Joanne Conway my ability to chew gum in Mrs. Thompson’s study hall — Provided she can do it without getting caught I, Bobby Hendon, will to Willie Spence my ability to take a test in Miss Richey’s room with my book open, not that I passed. I, Bob Hunt, will my ability to write excuses and get by with it to James Spence, who will need it. I, Barbara Decker, will my ability to pass Democracy on fs to Mary Grace Webster. I, Lillian Daniel, being of good sound mind, will my set of books to Joyce Powell. I, Nellie Jo Duckett, will to Ruth Gray my hard seat in Democracy class. I, Leon Ross, being wide awake, will to William Edmondson, my ability to sleep in Mrs. Blank’s toom. I, Betty Sue Brannum. will to Betty Cryar my seat in Democracy class in hopes that she will make; Miss Richey a better student than I have been. I, Christina Rains, will to Mary Nell Westbrooks my ability to keep my temper under control. I, Gail Baker, will my ability to make all A’s in advanced Algebra to Billy Thrash. I, Jo Ann Colvin, will to Bobbie Fay Williams, my ability to get the title of Best All Around,” and not ‘‘Biggest All Around”. I, James Corbitt, will .my good eyes to Jimmy Bopp, who needs them worse than I do. I, Betty Moultrie, will my cursed blush (which was willed to me in an oversupply by Margaret Ann Moore last year) to Frances Isenhower. I. Bobby Goodwin, will my ability to stay out of trouble in Phy. Ed. to Jim Hilly. I, Jack Appleton, will to Jim Hilly, Miss Farlow. I, Nadine Oliver Bean, will my Democracy Book to Pauline Smith. I, Estell Mullinax, will to Jane Decker part of my unlimited love for good music and a music teacher named Janiei I, Louis Cryar, being of sound mind (???), will to Kenneth Long my space outside Miss Murdock’s room. (Good as new, only been used one week). I, Bernard Roland, being of unsound mind and free-hearted, will my seat in the office to James Spence. I, Jennie Head will my loud mouth to Marion Prather. I. Ethlene Rouse, being almost sound in mind and body, will to Zudie LeMasters my Democracy book. I. Evelyn King will my ability to be called in the office half the time and still get by to Barbara Corbin. I. Jack Snider, will all of my' unused knowledge of English to James Spence. I, Betty Duckett, will to Jojrfce Powell and Raymond Stoner, my ability to eat candy during study hall without getting caught. I. Doris Blair, being of sound mind and body will to Anna Rose Ponder my locker on the bottom row. I, Christine Garrett, being sound in mind and body, will to Joan Rav my ability to get 17 words per minute in second year typing — keep the good work up! I. Charles Gore, bdng of sound mind, will my ability to stav out all night and not go to sleep in class to Charles Kitchens. I, Zane Barksdale, will to Carolyn Sparks my ability to sit in a desk and peep over the top. I. Joe Brown, will to Jim Hilley, the goodfortune that has followed me all my life. Also the bad luck. I. Doris Stephens, will my ability to make A’s in Shorthand to Betty Dobbins. I. James Stephens, will my ability to sleep in Miss Richey’s room and still pass democracy to Pete Cochran. I, Morris Clark, will to Fred Moman my ability to pass Economics without the use of the book. I. Joyce Spradley, Being in questionable mind and sound body do will my High School column to Betty Jean Smith. I, Gayneill McNeal, will my ability to make A’s in shorthand to Sue Bishop. I, Phyliss Rains, will to Ellen McGuire my appreciation for music. v I, James Hall being of questionable mind after taking two semesters of chemistry, will to Jimmy Roberts my ability fo balance chemical equations in my sleep.I, Mary Nell Smith, will to Joyce Powell my ability to win the title of “Friendliest Girl” in the Senior class of ‘52. I, Gay Nell King, will my ability to be a faithful member of the FHA to Joan Ray. I. Doris Stephens, with sound mind do hereby will my front seat in Democracy class to Fred Columbus. T. Tommy Tabor, hereby' will my ability to pass English to Joe Mitchell. I. Vernon Kitchens will to any Junior who needs it worse than I do, my abiity to write. I. Nona Ruth Davis, will to Betty Jo Amos, my ability to make A’s in shorthand. I, J. N. Lusk, being of sound body and weak mind will to “Curley” Oliver my nickname of “Doughball”. I. Hazel Joiner, having a sound mind and a heart of gold, will to Jeanette Smith my ability to sleep in English class and still pass. I. Ruby Kennedy, will to Doris Grav, my ability to talk and chew gum in Mrs. “Kittv” Thomason’s study hall, provided she don’t get caught. T. Bettv Shirey, will to Joan Ray my ability to go on blind dates. T. Margaret Nell Pair, will to Peggy Goodwin, my ability to make A’s in Shorthand. I. Jimmie Abney, will to Mary Grace Webster, mv ability to a Mrs. degree while in High School, which was much harder to get than a diploma. I. Jimmv Royston. will mv ability to slip out of Tr . Blanks class withoufgetting caught, to Bobbie Dobbins. I. Junior Holder, will to all the “Junior Class”, Miss Farlow. Please take care of her. I. Willa Dean Burks,, will my seat in Miss Richey’s class to Nadine Colquitt. I. Imogene Camp, will to Merle Rouse the ability to play hookey and get by with it. I. Bert Davis, will to Jim Hilley the ability to get a ong with Miss Brown without getting kicked out of school. I. Hnlen Camp, being of unsound mind, will to Charles Kitchens my unclaimed nickname. I. Lily Mae Rutledge, being of ignorant mind, do hereby will to Nadine Colquitt my ability to make D’s and F’s in Democracy. I. Joyce Maddux, will my ability to get Miss A.H.S. in my Sctnior year to Joyce Powell. I. Wayne Smith, after careful consideration and deliberation, will to Jimmy Bopp, my nickname, “LUKE”. I, Dorothy Striolin, a member of the honora'i)! senior class of 1951, do hereby will to Joyce Powrdl, mv abiTitv to use my head and take Democracy and Economics in Summer School. I, B. M. Stone, being of sound mind and we?k b dv, will to Mack Johnson! my ability to sleep in Democracy class. In thn vear of our Lord on this February 27. 1951, I. Mary Kate Vandergriff, wilT to Barbara Webb my ability to make 64°r and still pass Democracy. I. Fannie Bett Parrish will my ability to get to school one minute before 8:00 o’clock to Bobbie Faye Williams. I. Bobbv Nell Hines hereby will to Peggy Stewart BebMo Williams, my ability to get along with Miss Williams. I. Carolvn Matthews will to Barabara Corbin to have all the pretty Red Marks on the bottom of her report card for being absent. I. Ellon Carr, will my front seat in the Glee Club to Marion Prather. In the year of our Lord. I Jfrhmie Fossett, being of sound mind, will to Eloise McBraver. mv ability to make A’s in Shorthand and F’s in Democracy. I. Jo Ann Colvin, will to Betty Dobbins, mv ability to schedule study hall but never to appear when time comes. I. Gail Baker, will to Royce Hall mv ability to pass the waste paper basket in Miss Richey’s class. I, Britty Sue Brannum. will to Jane Decker my place in the office to keep Mrs. Frick’s Company. I. Paul Thompson, will to James Robertson my ability to smoke and get caught, from this day he wlil take my 15 laps around the football field after practice during football season. I. Hazel Barnes, will to Eloise McBrayer my ability to pass Agriculture and never keep a notebook. I. Lillian Daniel, will to Robert Belue, thci ability to get along with the girls betfer than I did with boys. T. Neillie Jo Duckett, will Mrs. Degree to Joyce Powell hoping she will succeed. I. Bobby Goodwin, will to Garland Smith my ability to make A’s in Bookkeeping. I. James Corbitt, will mv abilitv to gripe on the basketball court to Buddy Mack Moore. I. Nadinei Bean, will to Anna Maud Coby my ability to get married during her senior year. I. Evelyn King, and my big mouth, will my ability to learn the flats and sharps in Glee Club to Marion Prather. I, Bernard Roland, will my ability to chew gum in Mr. Kirby’s advanced Scieince class, to Joanne Conway.I, Betty Duckett, will my ability to make F’s in Democracy and my inability to work equations in Chemistry to Bobby Joe Cain. We Wayne Smith and Louis Cryar, will to Jimmy Bopp and Jim Roberts our priviledge of putting up the flag every morning. I, Christine Garrett, will to Maxin Roe my Locker on the bottom row. Hope you have better luck than I did getting Joyce Powell out of thci way! I. Charles Gore, will my ability to keep order and peace on the bus to anyone who is capable of driving. I, Joe Brown, will to Billy Ledbetter, my explosive temper with the short fuse. I. Zane Barksdale, will to Laquitta Sims my ability to get along with people. I, James Stephens, will my ability to ge t expelled my Senior year to Billy Ray Stone. I, Morris Clark, being in sound mind, will to Jack Norton my love for Democracy and the teacher. I, Bobby Hendon, will to “Tubby” Roberts thn ability to get a weeks vacation for slipping in line in the lunchroom. I, Mary Sue Stephens, on this beautiful cloudy day of February 28. 1951, will to Eugenia Westmorland, my nickname (bones) and (height). I. Ethlene Rouse, being sound in mind and body, will my ability to get along with Miss Farlow to my little sister Merlei I, Mary Nell Smith, will mv greatest ability to make an A in Democracy by not studying my lesson every time to Frances Iserhowrir. I. Gay Nell King, being sound in mind, will my ability to get along with Miss Farlow to Anna Rose Ponder. I. Tommy Tabor, hereby will my stupidity to Edward Terrdl. I, Hazel Joiner, will to Doris Gray my excellent grades in Democracy. I. Nona Ruth Davis, leave to Doris Gray my place in Sr. Ill English class. I. Bob Hunt, will my ability to learn the combination of the vault and not have to break into it, te Jim Roberts. I. Jennie Head will to Jim Hilley, my nickname, “Proxy”. We. Jennie Head and Ann Boddie. will our abi-litv to get along with Miss Richey to anyonei dumb enough to take Democracy. I. Joyce Soradley, will mv abilitv to make A’s in Driver’s training to Marv Jane Hearn. I. Gaynell McNeal will mv abilitv to be latei every morning to school, to MSrzell Rives. T. Jimmie Fossett. will to the Senior class of 1951-1952. my part in MacBeth! Keep it. I. Estefl Mullinax, will to Carolvn Sparks my ability to always be the last one fn the class to finish a democracy test. I. Christine Rains, will to Dorothy Ann Orr my excellent grades in Bookkeeping. I. Ellon Carr, will to Barbara Corbin my ability to get a Mrs. Dagree her Senior year. I. Bobbie Nell Hines, hereby will my loud mouth to Frances Isenhower. I. Fannie Bett Parrish, will my abilitv to pass without carrying a book home to Zudie LeMasters. On this beautiful cloudy day of February 27, 1951, I Mary Kate Vandergriff wil my ability to Annie Maud Coby to loaf in the halls while keeping the first aid room. I, Barbara Deckrr, will my beloved seat fn study hall, which was slightly used by me, to Margaret Weaver. I. B. M. Stone, will to James Robertson my ability to play any position on the football team. I. Dorothy Striplin. do will to Margaret Weaver, a member of the lowly Junior class, by ability to talk in all classes and get by with it. I, Wayne Smith, will to Kenneth Long, my ability to make A’s in Chemistry. I, Joyce Maddux, will to Sue Todd, my seat in Glee Club, which I have held for three years. I, Lily Mae Rutledge, being of unsound mind, will my ability to Elvin Hughes, to get along with girls at school. I. Kathryn Rains, will my complete nervous disorder in preparing a Senior Piano recital to Jane Decker. In the year of our Lord. I Helen Camp, will my abilitv to get good grades in democracy to Nadine Colquitt. I. Bert Davis, will to Jim Roberts, my seat in the offico — take good care of it. I, Imogene Camp, will to Zudie LeMasters my good times at Crossville. I. Willa Dean Burks, will to Barbara Webb my ability to stay in Miss Farlow’s class without being kicked out. I. Junior Holder, will to Buddy Moore, Billy Ledbetter and Joe Roberts, the priviledg of dodging Mr. Gregory every morning fn the hall. I, Jimmy Royston, will my ability to take a test in Miss Richey’s room with my book open to Joe Roberts. I. Carol Rains, will my love for music and English to Evelyn Rains. I, Ruby Kennedy, will to Maxine Roe, my ability to pass Democracy. I. Margaret Nell Pair, being of unsound mind, hereby will to Elwin Hughes my ability to pass Democracy. I, Favnell Latham, will to Margaret Weaver, a very worthy person, my nickname “Stupid”. I. Betty Shirey. being of sound mind this 23th day of February, will to Maxine Roe my ability to pass Democracy under Miss Richey. I, Jimmie Abney, being sound in mind, will to Peggy Stnwart. the grease I used to slide by with in Democracy and Economics. I. Henry McClendon, will mv ability to just get by in everything to Lavan Rains. I, Nancy Lee Hooper, will to Maxine Roe my seat in Bookkeeping class. Wn. Jimmie Phillips, Randal' Noles, and Jim Thompson do hereby will to said three unlucky Juniors mentioned above, thp ability to go up town every third period and never go to Miss Kitty’s study hall.Senior Phophecy June 30. 1965 Albertvillei, Alabama As I walked down the street one bright and sunny day, I saw Frank Reed and Sonny Corbitt hurrying home from Court where Frank was defending Sonny in the world famous Corbitt vs. Farlow case. They explained their haste as being due to the fact that Carolyn and Kathryn had their lunch ready. I dropped into the drugstore for a coke and as I was finishing, I remembered that I had forgotten my money. I explained to thei manager. Jack Appleton, and he told the soda-jerk, Bobby Mathis, that it was on the house. Jo Ann Colvin peeped up from behind the counter where she was mopping and asked for the rest of the day off. She had a date with Vernon Kitchens. As I came out the door my white suit almost got a splashing from the vigorous sweeping of Jim Thompson, the street-cleaner, formerly voted the boy most likely to succeed. (At something). I met Junior Holder wifH a suitcase in His hand. He was home for the week-end from Auburn where he was in his last quarter after 113 years of college life . i I began to question Junior about former classmates of mine. He said Joyce Maddox and Bernard Roland were in television and Wayne “Luke” Smith had beem recently appointed chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, and working with him were James Hall and Betty Duckett, the only lady in the atomic commission. Lewis Cryar was seriously burned while in his house which caught fire duei To defective wiring. His doctor, Paul Thompson and his nurses Mary Kate Vandergriff and Lillian Daniel said that he was improving. Vernon Kitchens had been appointed by J. Edgar Hoover as a handwriting expert for thei F.B.I. He was a handwriting teacher. Nellie Jo Duckett was the new lunch-room manager. Her assistants were Fannie Both Parrish, Evelyn King and Doris Blair. Imogene Camp was the chief dishwasher. Jimmie Abney, Nadine Bean and Ellon Carr already had children in school. Some of them were students to Betty Lou Moultrie, Lily Maei Rutledge, and Dorothy Striplin. (Poor students). Doris Stephens, Zane Barksdale amd Ann Boddie had gone in business together in an exclusivei dress shop. Helen Camp, Barbara Decker and Betty Shirey wer« well established as Powers Models in New York City. Leon Ross had a filling station. His mechanics were Tommy Tabor and Herman Cowan. Jimmy “Porter” Phillips owned a huge cattle ranch near town. It was stocked with money he had taken from the School store in h s Senior year at A. H. S. His foreman was Jack Fricks. Harmon Yancy was “bouncer” at one of the new nite spots, owned by J. N. Lusk. Bob Hunt was in china as a medical Missionary. Morris Cl?rk and Jack Snidcir were engineers for General Electric. Wayne “Luke” Smith and Bert Davis were a comedy team over NBC. Fay Nell Latham and Christine Garrett wrote therr script. Estel Mullinax had an art studio in B,rmingham. Jovce Soradley was Woman’s Editor of the Birmingham News. Doris Blair, Mable Bryant were working in the bank of v hich Randall Noles was president and Billy Woodson vice-president. Nona Ruth Davis, Jimmy Fayn Fosseft and Hazel Joiner were librarians in the new library, Donated by Bobby Hendon, the Cotton Buyer. BiMv Joe Johnson was a general in fhe Army, Bobby Bowen, Lowell Smith and Carl Piper were Colonels. Bobby Ledbetter had recently been appointed secretary of Defense. (No more Defense). Jennie Maude Head and Hazel Barnes were secretaries in thei School of Good Arts at Albertville, Ala. The new high school was built by Rayford Brothers, now principal. Joe Brown was the Mayor of Albertville. His secretaries were Betty Sue Brannum and Mable Bryant. Kenneth Dickerson and B. M. Stone were coaches at Bama. Nancy Lee Hooper owns the Albertvillei Herald. Working as reporters are Bobby Nell Hines and Gaynell McNeal. Margaret Nell Pair, Mary Sun Stephens and Gaynell King own a modern beauty and charm shop. Jimmy Royston owns a dairy and Bobby Goodwin and John Floyd drive the milk around for him. Betty Jean Minor and Ruby Kennedy have five kids a pieces Mary Nell Smith and Christine Rains are running a close second with four. Carol Rains, Ethlene Rouse and Phillis Rains run a day nursery. James Stephens is the new commissioner of roads and speeking of roads I’d better be traveling — Ma is expecting me home foFdinner. Thanks a lot Junior — See you around!WHO'S WHOMOST POPULAR Paul Thompson — Nancy Lee Hooper HANDSOMEST AND PRETTIEST Frank Reed — Kathryn RainsMOST STUDIOUS Rayford Brothers — Nellie Jo Duckcitt MOST ATHLETIC Junior Holder — Mary Sue Stephens MOST AMBITIOUS Charles Gore — Faynell Latham MOST COURTEOUS Jack Appleton — Lillie Mae Rutledge“A” CLUB OFFICE STAFFGLEE CLUBFHA CLUB FFA CLUBSCHOOL STORE AUTOGRAPHSSENIOR TEAM ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SQUAD — ‘50SUMMARY OF GAMES By Junior Holder September 15. the Aggies opened the season with a bang, beating Valley Head on the home field by the score of 28 to 7. It was a hard fought game as Valley Head was tougher than expected. On September 22. the Aggies journeyed to Gadsden to take on the Emma Sansom Rebels but after the first quartrr had passed, the Aggies seemed to quit and when the smoke cleared away from the battle they were found on the short end of a 40 to 6 score, the worst defeat an Albertville team had suffered in a good many years. Saturday. September 30, the Aggies went South to Sylaeauga. After a hard week’s practice, in trying to ready themselves for the game. It was a fine defensive game with Albertville winning 7 to 0. On October 6. the Aggies played Oneonta on the homcifield in what was expected to be a tough game but the Aggies played a very fine game with every player making a top performance and the final score was Albertville 40. Oneonta 14. On October 13. the Aggies played Arab on the home-field. A light, but tough Arab team made a hard game out of it but when thej battle was over Albertville was ahead 26 to 0. On October 20, the Aggies journeyed to Etowah to play the state top eleven. It was a terrific game with the Aggies outplaying the Blue Devils all the way but Etowah won 20 to 12. On the night of October 27th the Aggies played Lincoln from Huntsville on the home field. Every member of the team took a part in the game, with the Aggies scoring almost at will, and the final score was Albertvillei 45, Lincoln 6. On the night of November 3. found the Aggies in Cullman, in the rain, sleet and mud. The Cullman team was bigger but the Aggies had what it took to win and the final scorei was 7 to 0. In the Homecoming game with Ft. Payne on November 11. the Aggies got off to a slow start but just before the half, they caught fire and went on to beat a steady DeKalb eleven 27 to 7. On a beautiful Thanksgiving Afternoon in Guntersville. the Aggies played their last game of the season. Everyone will remetmber the first three minutes of the game when it looked likei disaster for our boys, when they were behind 12 to 0. But the Aggies came back with thei old fighting spirit, with all of the boys performing beautifully. They couldn’t be stopped and went on to win 40 to 19. The Aggies finished the Season with 8 wins and 2 losses recorded. This was very good compared to thei schedule they played. But only through the Leadership of Coaches Wells and Daniels could they have had such a fine season.ACTION V “•‘ V SHOTS FOOTBALL OUR SENIOR TEAM !! PAUL THOMPSON ----------------------- i. - .1.. «■ i- i JAMES CORBITT JACK APPLETON B. M. STONEBOBBY HENDON CHARLES DUCKETT CARL PIPERBASKETBALL ‘AM TEAM B TEAMFRANK REED BUDDY MACK MOORE JUNIOR HOLDER KENNETH DICKERSON SONNY CORBITT JOE BROWN JAMES DICKERSON B M. STONE■ ACTION SHOTS BASKETBALLB” TEAM RAY BRIDGES JIMMY ROBERTS JOE ROBERTS JIM ROBERTS BILLY SMITH COACHES SCORES Albertville Opponent 37 ...................... Boaz 36 34 ....................... DAR 31 50 .................. Sardis 26 40 ................ Scottsboro 37 52 .............. Guntersville 37 30 .................... Etowah 35 54 ...................... Arab 33 51 ............. .... Sansom 56 51 .................. Douglas 53 54 ................... Sardis 38 57 ...................... Arab 35 52 ................. Douglas 47 61 .................... D.A.R. 44 55 ................... Sansom 47 65 .................... Etowah 57 57 ............. Guntersvillei 45 49 ................. Geraldine 50 63 ................. Geraldine 60 47 ................ Scottsboro 46 MANAGERSJoyce Maddux was chosen Miss A. H. S. for 1950 and 1951. She is a member of the Senior Class.MISS ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOLMISS NANCY LEE HOOPERMISS BETTY LOU MOULTRIE COMPLIMENTS OF STERCHI BROS. STORES, Inc. FURNITURE GADSDEN, ALABAMA Compliments cf Hoffman Sons Jewelers GADSDEN, ALABAMA “Gadsden's Gift Center” Compliments of Thompson Floral Company “Say It With Flowers ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA II III limit IIIIIIMIIIIIIItlllllllt 111911101111111II •IIIIIIIIIBII9llltlllllllll9IVIIIIIIIIItl9ll|ll|IIVIIIIIIItl9lllll9IIIMIIVti M9l0tl9000000999l999ltlllll999l.ll.lll99IIU9lll.lll.llllllll9l9lllll ilium : COMPLIMENTS OF BIRCH ANDERSON CO. 525 Broad Sr. GADSDEN, ALABAMA ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 0 Sales - Repairs - Rentals Office Supplies - Printing - Office Furniture Phone 964-W Nite Phone 555 Compliments of Compliments of Clinton Smith Motors USED CARS Wholesale Retail J. W. (Cooter) Smith Clinton Smith Donald Smith Marshall County Oil Co. Your SINCLAIR Distributor Phone 340-J ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA I .....•••••...................... sifl-»«........................ ....................................................................................................... .............................................................................................. £] COMPLIMENTS OF FLOYD BROWN CHEVROLET CO. i Phone 131 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA VtMtiiiiiniiitiiiiiiiiiBOATWRIGHT'S 1 “Home of Quality Merchandise for Home and Family Your Store for Freeman, Shelby Red Goose, And Story Book Shoes Made for Comfort and Durability E at Popular Prices ■ ,, ' iiiMiiiiimMiiiminiuiiiiiiiimMiiiiiiiimmiiiini«imimiimimmm»iimmiitimm»iiiiiiiiiiiiiimiitiiiiii Olin C. Hearn Motors Compliments of Authorized Ford Dealer Ed Roberts Cars - Parts - Service { i Appliance Co. Phone 13 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA E Complhnents of Compliments of P J Pharmacy Trent Moore Sundries Motor Co. Cafeteria and Prescriptions Your Kaiser - Frazier Dealer ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA GUNTERSVTLLE. ALABAMA r £ ARROW SHIRTS MALLORY HATS J. B. ROBERTS SON, INC. ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA D. Isbell - K. D. Dcndy - O. H. Finney “Faith in the Future of Albcrtzille and Sand Mountain STAR BRAND SHOES POLL PARROT SHOESinilllHMIllHHIIIHMIllllHIIIIHIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIMIMMMIMMMMMMMM PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE through THE A. B. HOOPER INS. AGENCY A. B. Hooper, III — Win. D. Hooper ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA Compliments of Compliments of 0. H. Williams Motors GOLDEN'S Chrysler Plymouth On the Corner of iYlain Soda Fountain - Jewelry Sales - Service Sundries - Patent Medicines ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Meet Your Friends at GOLDEN’S DRUGS Compliments of Albertville Home Bakery Phone 685-J Compliments of Johnson Home Supply YOUR PH1LCO DEALER CAKES - PASTRIES DO-NUTS Phone 488-,M We carry one of the largest varieties of baking goods in ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA Northern Alabama Compliments of Compliments of DOBSON CO. Maddux Electric Co. “The Working Maris Your CROSLEY and Friend BEND1X DEALER Day and Night Service ! ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Phone 614 1 a a s fj|„ ........................................ ................................................................................................................................. COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERTVILLE NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. IT, IIMIIIIIimilllllltlllltmtfllHMNIIIIIIIIIIIIItllllHk! ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMACOMPLIMENTS OF JOSIE'S STYLE GIFT SHOPPE A I.SO BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Ross - Adams Lumber Co. | Lumber and Building Marshall Drug Co. Materials Phone 100 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Farmers Warehouse Compliments of Public Storage Weighing Whitten Parts Co. P. O. Box 449 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA 1 Phone 98 { ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of Albertville Wholesale CROFT GROCERY | Grocery Co. Wholesale Groceries Flour and Feeds PHONE 92-J Phone 153 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA  With An Adequate Capita! Structure, Modern Equipment and a Disposition To Serve; We invite Your Account. ONE OF MANY GOOD BANKS SERVING NORTH ALABA.MA W. G. Moultrie - Vice Pres. C. A. Bcthunc - Assist Cashier Advisory Committee -E. D. Vinyard J. V. Waldrop W. E. WalkerCompliments of BRINDLEY'S Three Good Places to Trade ALBERTVILLE BOAZ GUNTERS VILLE Compliments of Weil Bros. Inc. Cotton Co. SANDERSON'S HARDWARE Compliments of demon's Auto Ports Co. WH ITTEN'S THE STORE OF FASHIONS FOR LADIES AND .MEN Featuring Nationally Advertised Merchandise Next Door to Postoffice Phone 557-J ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA MIHIIIIIHIIIfltfttltlHItlflllllllfltllllHIMIIHIIIIIHHIIIIIIHItll Compliments of Cribb's Tire Service Phone 592 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA tIAOf.MAIK IIO. U. S. Ml. © . Alabama Coca-Cola Bottling Co. GADSDEN, ALABAMArgM„„................... COMPLIMENTS OF ROBBIN'S COAL COMPANY ONEONTA, ALABAMA HAVE YOU A HEATING PROBLEM? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Burn Taits Gap Coal, High in Heating Value and Low in Ash. Robbin's Coal Company Phone 392-M Where you receive a Friendly Welcome and Courteous Treatment Season and Season EGG - NUT - STOKER - MINE-RUNCOMPLIMENTS OF CAROL THEATRE-PRINCESS THEATRE SHADY SIDE DRIVE-IN MARSHALL DRIVE-IN Places where you can Ahvavs Find Good Entertainment, Enjoyment, and Relaxation. I Compliments of Best Wishes For The Success of Your School Colvin Furniture Albertville Produce Company Co. | New Used Furniture iiMimiiiMiiimiiiuiiimHiiiiiMmiiimiMiiiMmimmmiiiMMiiiiiMiMiiiMiMimMmiMiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiimiiiiMiiiiiiMiiiiiiMiMM Why do more people wear Compliments of Vance’s Shoes? WEAR LONGER Gibson Camp with Vance’s Quality Auto Parts Repairs FEEL BETTER Vance’s True Fit Phone 93 Vance Shoe Co. ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA GADSDEN, ALABAMA | COMPLIMENTS OF JOE C. WAKEFIELD LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Phone 5 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA MMMMIMI ••••••••••••• M ••• MM ••• M •••••• I ••••• Mil ■ I l inmiMnMmninmmtMimiALFORD COTTON COMPANY Office Phone 181 Long Distance 216 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP Manager — John Livingston, Assistant Manager — James K. Kelley : ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA s | Compliments of Compliments of Albertville Shoe Store i Dickson's Service “For The Best in Shoes” Station Phone 290 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA , : : COMPIJMENTS OF W. E. WALKER COTTON CO. | COTTON BUYERS Phone 111 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA = 5 = r QmIHIIIIIIIMIMIMIHMIIIIMIIMHIHMIHIIHIMIHIIIMi ■ II llllll milllllllllll Ml ||||| III mill 11| III lllllll I III! I IIIIIttlH a'f III VIHIIHIIIII COMPLIMENTS OF ROEBUCK TRACTOR CO. GADSDEN SPORTING GOODS 117 Fourth Street GADSDEN. ALABAMA “Wholesalers” Fishing - Hunting — Golf — Tennis Baseball — Basketball — Football Equipment Call Albertville 656 i t III IX » n'I ‘ 11111M111M I ■ 1111111 • 1111111111111111111111II 1,1111 • II1111111 111 For INTERNATIONAL STERLING E FINE WATCHES CHINA — CRYSTAL and GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS A. A. BENEFIELD, JEWELER i ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA : I : | : i ! |B miiiimiiiiiii 1111111111111111. ;i. £3 THE ALBERTVILLE HERALD - COMMERCIAL PRINTING - HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS We the Senior Class of Albertville High School Wish to take this opportunity to thank our Advertisers for their support of this annual. PLEASE PATRONIZE THEM B 

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