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ameer Annual Staff Left to right - Betty Sanderson, Harold Hunt, Bethany Rowell, Harold Fri , Barbara Reaves, Doris Weaver, Nell Houston, Evelyn Stephens, Bobby Joe Shipp, Jimmy Smith, Joel Gorman, Bobby Winkles, Bobby Stewart, Jack Wells. Published by the Students of ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Albertville, Alabama(Contents a aMei m clivitU6............this Annual of 1950 is respectfully dedicated. To many former and present students the names of Albertville High School and yours are almost synonymous. You served this, our school, through many years, devotedly, loyally, helpfully, and most efficiently. As the arbiter of our problems. you displayed deep insight, careful consideration, and unfailing tact. The anual Staff wishes you deeply, many happy years wherever you may be.MISS GWENDOLYN RICHEY History and English MISS MARY MURDOCK Algebra and Geometry MISS INEZ WILLIAMS Commercial mr. b. e. McPherson Principal ‘-Ira- ’■ MRS. HAZEL GIPSON Science MR. P. L. COFFEY Science nPtwRiuK ©©000000®® 000QQ0OOOOO OOGO0OOO0OO §0000000800 € COACH WELLS Physical Education MISS IVA LEE MOULTRIE CommercialMISS KATHLEEN BROWN Librarian MRS. KITTY THOMASON Latin - History MRS. L. S. THOMPSON Home Arts MISS NELL BLACKBURN Home EconomicsMR. H. C. GREGORY Agriculture MR. LaWAYNE HEARD Junior III MISS JEWEL GARRETT Junior II MR. CECIL BEARDEN Junior IIMRS. CORRINE MITCHELL Junior I MR. BAILEY Junior I MISS PARRISH Junior I MR. DENNIS Junior IIMR GIPSON MRS. H. L. WEATHERS Junior II Junior IIMISS JEAN JONES Band - Glee Club MISS JANIE BALLARD Music MISS ELEANOR MITCHELL Physical Education Jack Wells ..... Herbert Stephens Billy Gore ..... Mary Gore ...... President ...... Treasurer Vice - President ..... SecretarySenior dlaii Sponiori On behalf of the Senior Class of 1950, we want to express the deepest appreciation to .Mrs. Lucille Still and Mr. Jimmy Ogle. They seemed to understand our feelings better than anyone else. To them we carried our problems, for us they solved them. Their endurance and patience will not be forgotten. They have gained the friendship of every senior and every senior extends his sincerest gratitude. Mr. James Ogle EnglishDOYLE BLAIR ‘S Wonderful ANNIE RUTH BRIGHT Never was there a girl with a sweeter disposition or a more gentle nature. BILLY RAY COLVIN Benny” A good all around person EDWIN CORBIN Chemistry took me for a ride. RICHARD COOPER Silaice is GoldenWENDELL FOWLER Just like music from the stars. HAZEL FRICKS She gives much who gives a little with a smile. HAROLD FRIX He works at whatever he does. VERLON GARNER Life is a game to him. KENNETH GILLILAND Yet in my walks it seems to me ;that the Grace of God is in courtesy. BOBBY GOODWIN Always to his own affairs he attends. And on his face you see big grim. BILLY GORE Member of practically everything.NEVAL GRIZZARD JOSEPH BERT GORMAN ••Solly’ lore BURMA JEAN HAMM A follower of The Golden Rule NILA FAYE HICKEY How good she is and just, Ever fit for our highest trusts. PAT HOUSTON Georgia on my Mind. Modest yet firm as nature's self. SUE HARPER “Olive” Love is so Terrific. NELL HOUSTON Dignity Plus HENRY HOWARD You shall have wisdom great as life can give.JOE THOMAS HUDGINS There is honor for his valor. HAROLD HUNT “Proxy” Full of wit, Full of fun, Full of life, a Happy one. TOMMY HUGHES He is little and light. JOAN JOLLEY Girl of my Dreams. SHIELDS JOHNSON Sooner or later everyone passes. I✓ DONALD JONES “Mort” Happy am , From Cares I am free. Why can't they all be contented like me? NILA JORDAN Dignity does not consist in possessing honors but in deserving them. JEWELL LOLA LAMBERT Stars in my Eyes.PHILLIP WAYNE LUTHER Not exactly afraid of work but rather not be intimately associated with it. NELL MALTBIE Beloved Friend CHARLES MALTBIE Fve had this Chemistry. HAMILTON MASTERS Run if you want to, but don't get out of Breath. Virginia McClendon As meek as a Lamb. thomas McClendon Work if you must but don't be worked to death. NELL McBRAYER A good listener is popular everywhere. MARGARET ANN MOORE “Mousie” Beauty is her Business.MARLENE MORGAN A Friend Indeed JAMES E. MORGAN A Great name is rather to be chosen than great riches. BETTY JANE NeSMITH A good example is like a bell that calls many to church. MARIE OWENS The kindest 'words she tries to say. ED ROBERTS ‘Little Ed” Beautiful Dreamer LILLIE MAE OLIVER When she doth smile Iyer face is sweet. BARBARA REAVES Whenever she is put to the test she always strives to do her best. CHARLES ROE “Bulldog” His bark is worse than his bite.BETHANY ROWELL “Theny” As carefree as the breeze. BETTY SANDERSON “Liz” A good laugh is sunshine in the house. BOBBY JOE SHIPP An Athlete Too ! EMMA JANE SMITH “Tot” The best covies in small packages. JAMES SMITH For he's a Jolly Good Fellow. JIMMY SMITH “Digger” My only books were women's looks and folly's all they taught me. EVELYN STEPHENS “Stupid” A heart as light as a blossom in June. HAMILTON STEPHENS “Slick” Handsome, nice and very neat, almost perfect, a sheik complete.HERBERT STEPHENS Herb Of him the Recording Angel shell take heed. DORIS JEAN WEAVER Dynaflow” The bud of joy. KEITH THOMASON A real scholar. LEON WELLS The things ice do for a diploma. JACK WELLS “Red” His Majesty WILLIAM MITCHELL A man clean, straight forward, and true, a loyal friend to all. BOBBY STEWART “Tex Out of question you mere born in a merry hour. yJunior CLOffi, Lceri Bobby Ledbetter Joe Brown Nancy Hooper Bob Hunt ....... ..... President Vice President ..... Secretary .... TreasurerDOILLENE BUCHANAN WILLODEAN BURKSHELEN CAMP IMO JEAN CAMP LEWIS CRYAR ALPHA DANIELLILLIAN DANIEL JIMMIE DAVIS BARBARA DECKER JACK FRICKS BETTY DUCKETT CHRISTINE GARRETT CHARLES GORERUBY KENNEDY GAY NELL KING EVELYN KING KAYE NELL LATHAM VERNON KITCHENS BOBBY LEDBETTER J. N. LUSK JOYCE MADDOXCAROLYN MATTHEWS MAROLYN MATTHEWSRANDALL NOLES MARTHA JO OWENS PHYLISS RAINS CHRISTINE RAINESDERAL SIMS JACK SNIDERDORIS STEPHENS MARY SUE STEPHENS WAYNE SMITH JAMES STEPHENS DOROTHY STRIPLIN MARY NELL SMITH EXELLA ANN THOMASON JIM THOMPSONANN TRAMNELL JESSIE TRAYLOR ANN BODDIE MARIAN PRATHER'ophomorei VERLON GLYNDELL AMASON ARNOLD BETTY JO AMOS ROBERT BELUE SYLVIA BISHOP JIMMY BOPPIVA LEE CREWS BETTY CRYARJIMMY FLOYD DOROTHY FOSSETTB. L. IIILL MACK JOHNSON NELL JONES FAYE LASSETER FRANCES ISENHOWER JEANETTE JOHNSON CHARLES KITCHENS ELOISE McBRAYERELLEN McGURRE JOE MITCHELL DOROTHY ORR JIMMY PINKSTONJIAI ROBERTS JIMMY ROBERTSMAXINE POE TAMES ROBERTSONYVOLENE BENEFIELD ILA JD BENNETT GAYLE CAMP LOUISE CAMPDIVAN CANTRELL THURMAN CARVERBARBARA DOWNEY WAURINE EIDSON FRANCIS GORE KENNETH GRAYMAE GRIZZARD MARY HALLEVELYN JARMAN GENE JOLLEY mmtI ANNE LASSETER FAY LONG JIMMY LEE LINDA MANN JAMES MATTHEWS MILDRED OGLEBARBARA PAYNE IMA JEAN PIERCE PHYLLIS PIERCE NELLIE RAE AUSTIN INEZ PRICKETT JO ANN RICHEY MARY ELLIS ROBINSON ERVIN SMITHDELAINE THORNBERRY JANNET TRAMMELLPAUL TYSON TEMPIE WALLEY GERMAINE WHITTEN SHIRLEY WILSON DOROTHY WALDEN VILA WATWOOD SARAH WILBANKS PAT WOLFESADIE PEARL WEST MALLIE ANN WRIGHT PHYLISS ROBERTSjunior School JUNIOR II SECTION A RaT Bodineneld V C Cnn A? ?r™ning' Nenne Driver Kenneth Dunn. Frank Cebnery, Joe Decker. E. C. Baker, riahf V ti’ O L C A CamP’ Robert Cooley, John Bruce, Billy Burns, Betty Bain Second Row - Left Mlil J a in es1 e I ro WT h h'd R ow® “ JS %t°t Elr°d’ Betty Charles’ Kenneth Davis- Delano Dick, James Jo Cools rarolvn nrnwl A , Le“ ,? nf?ht ' Mrs• Weathers, Jeanette Dowdy. Eloise Camp. Anne Baily, Mary garet DfcksonMtante HuS, clT okne Bell.3 ’ JC‘an BeUy B°b°' WanZa L°U Denny' Syble Dobbills’ Mar‘ JUNIOR II SECTION B wmLR°W J Left t0 Jight. ' ' Cleta Von Garrison. Betty Fossett, Shirley Jolley, Kathleen Howard Patricia Tordan R.ii 0d«an Fer US01?’ Temple Nell Hall, Betty Johnson, Wanna Houston. Second Row - Billy Heaton Sammv Haves Billy Hayes. Carpi Jackson Bonnie Hildabrand. Fayrine Hamm. Peggy Grey, Carolyn Goodwin Nancy lane Nall T mmJv0hHo0nir3hird TV £ ue8 Jl Trls' Kenneth Garrett Bobby Jim Head. Ted Jordan. Phillip Frix, David Hayes’ Tommy Hawkman, J. T. Hall, Adam England, Clarence Holsenback, Mr. Dennis. y JUNIOR II SECTION C First Row - Left to right - - Barbara Lowery, Cheri Long, Arlene Knox, Mable McClendon, Billy Hugh Maltbie, Jimmy Long. David Lee, Duey Lyles, Frank Masters. Second Row - Left to right - - Paul Ledbetter, Corbile Land, Thomas McCafin, Kenneth Lankford, Russell Jackie Lowery, Mabary Maddox, Howard Lockhart, Malcolm Kitchens. Third Row - Left to right - - Faye Lacy, Gay Lacy, June Ledford, Mary Dell Matthews, Joan Long, Eloise Matthews, Louise Matthews, Jacqueline Lyles, Ardell Latham, Mary Nell King, Carol Lang, Mr. Gipson. JUNIOR II SECTION D First Row - Left to right - - Judith Miller, Sue Rains, Barbara Ann Mitchell, Thelma Mullinax, Edith Robertson, Dorothy Sue Minor, Vassa Mae Riddle. Virga Swords, Norma Reaves, Glynaves Scarbrough. Second row - Left to right - - Franklin Pope, Jessie Parrish. Johnny Mack Rollins. Glenn Ragsdale, Cassie Morton. Betty Jo Ragen, Mona Sue Smith, Shelba Jean Stephens. Betty Jo Oliver. E2rnestine Pinkerton, Carolyn Standy. Third row - Left to right - - Robert Morgan. Thurman Reaves. Edward Neal NeSmith, Charles Peppers, Louis Robinson. Miss Garrett, Edward Earl Morman, Edward Swords, Conrad Royston, Joe Mitchell, Georgie Rutledge, Jim Pearce, Neil Reed, Jack Monday.JUNIOR I SECTION A First row - Left to right - - Bobbie Bobbs. Ira Burgess, Shirley Baldwin, Helen Burks. Ilene Bright, Doris Blackman, Annie Beth Cook, Francis Baker. Betty Sue Baugh. Second Row - Left to right - - Mattie Lou Centers, Betty Jean Christian, Louise Cowan, Lucille Cowan. Gaynell Coby, Melba Brown. Gail Cochran. Jeanette Champion, Lois Cole, Azzie Cherry. Third row - Left to right - - Mrs. Mitchell, Edward Beam, Tom Belue, Latham Carver, Neil Belue, Scarbrough Berdan, Buddy Bonds, A. B. Cooper, Lavone Bell, Curtis Byars, Jimmy Alford. JUNIOR II SECTION E First Row - Left to right - - Marlene Tidmore. Betty Ray Yancy, Willie Ruth Vandergriff, Jean Williamson, Bobby Williams, Joyce Smithy, Elaine Shirey, Ray Williamson, Lynett Teal, Charlotte York, Lomerle Strange. Second Row - Left to right - - Mildred Vaughn. Juanette Teal, Lila Jo Templeton, Virginia Maud Smith, Virgil Thornhill, Buddy Shell, Fred Williamson, Charles Williams, Jim Williams, Wayne Washam. Trent Whitten, Billy Thomas,' Kiatha Wiliamson. Doris Ann Todd. Third Row - Left to right - - Millard Sparks, Wyanell Winkles, Ted Wilson, Ralph Smith, Troy D. Wallace, George Shirey, Thomas Shell, Keith Shell, Wayne Stephens, Mr. Bearden.JUNIOR ONE SECTION C First row - Left to right - - Billy Ray Medford, Billy Joe McClendon. Tommy Moore .H. G. Long, Baxton Mountain Norman McSwain, Bell Johnson, A. V. McQuoter, Wayne Kettle. Second ro w- Left to right - - Billy Clay, Ray Ead Lemon Higgins, Jimmy Matthews. Kenneth Lusk. Roy Ledford. M. J. Joiner. George Kettle, Jane Matthews, Dull Mae Jones. Third Row - Left to right - - Zelma Lene Miller, Margaret Jenkins, Dorthene Maltbie. Fourth row - Left t right - - Mrs. Parrish, Bobby Sue Murphy. Shirley Jones. Hazel Lang, Lorrine Jones, Nell Lee, Kate Lowery, Merl McBrayer, Betty Moore, Shelba Marbut, Betty Sue Matthews, Betty Mayo, Jessie Mae Lyles. JUNIOR I SECTION B First Row - left to right - - Marlin Hanson. Hiawatha Eason, Tom Hearn, Sonny Darden, Welton Hayes, Freddie Farmer, Ray Duvall, James Duckett, Henry Huey, J. L. Huey. Second row - left to right - - Casey Jenkins, Edwin Ingram. Clausene Hudgins, John Hawk, Lowell Davis. Sue Harris, Jane Graham, Lynda Hulgan, Annie Ruth Jackson, Jean Herring, Faye Eslinger, Billie Hinds. Third row - left to right - - Mr. Bailey, Nanette Davis, Martha Dyar, Mary June Jackson, Helen East, Willie Faye Hale, Florinne Hall, Dianne Davis.JUNIOR I SECTION D First Row - Left to right - - Harold Reaves, , Wayne Rice, Jimmy Phillips, Clifford Earl Shirey, E. H. Patterson, Adrain Shell, Lyle Reaves, R. j. Peacock, Charles Roberts. Second Row - Left to right - - Ethelene Payne, Marjorie Roberts, Elizabeth Pritchett, Lucille Pinkston, Gwendolyn Ogles, Betty Jean Parris, Mary Lee Portwood, Mary Dell Rogers, Louise Peppers, Marie Anne Shirey, Nellie Jean Siggers, Geraldine Sizmore. Third row - Left to right - - Buck Oliver, James Roy Pierce. Aubry Pridmore. Albert Sanders. Patricia Payne, Ruby Ogles, Audrey Prid-more Mary Arlene Powell, Lucille Pinkston, Betty Sue Robertson, Anne Orr, Mrs. Lyles. JUNIOR I SECTION E First row - Left to right - - Lyndia Sterling, Larry Sterling, Wayne Traylor, Don Simms, Franklin Smith. Freddie Wilson, Norman Smithy, Lawrence Spurlin, Gerald Woodham. Second row - Left to right - - Betty Sue Teal. Martha Jean Tidmore, Gaynell Williams, Fanny Jo Wallace. Richard Thomas. Gene Traylor. John L. Thomas. Marvin Tabor, Billy Gene Thomason. Third row - Left to Right - Faye Vann, Carolyn Smith, Bettye Thomas, Carol Thompson, Barbara Roden, Joyce Srader, Francis Joe Yancy, Mary Ellen Westbrook, Venna Mae Waldrop, Mrs. Galloway.SNAPSHOTSKathryn Rains, a junior this year, was chosen as Miss A. H. S. by popular vote. She also was chosen as the Junior Beauty by her class. MISS ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SNiaaoa Axxaa itjvivd j djomojdo  SYLVIA ANN DYAR .School ,5 ivorile,6 JIMMIE DAVIS Junior WILLODEAN BURKES Junior  ■ BARBARA PAYNE FreshmanSenior Wlo’i Who MOST HANDSOME - - Bill Gore PRETTIEST - - Margaret Moore CUTEST Tot Smith Herbert Stephens MOST COURTEOUS Betty Sanderson Kenneth Gilliland BEST ALL AROUND Evelyn Stephens Billy Ray ColvinMOST POPULAR Bethany Rowell Jack Wells NEATEST Hamilton Stephens Betty Jane NeSmith MOST ATHLETIC Doris Jean Weaver Bobby Joe Shipp WITTIEST Sue Harper Ed RobertsMOST STUDIOUS Henry Howard Nell Maltbie MOST AMBITIOUS Barbara Reaves Keith Thomason MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nell McBrayer Bobby Stewart FRIENDLIEST Hazel Fricks Harold Hunt liilJunior WL MOST HANDSOME Frank Reed PRETTIEST Kathryn Rains MOST POPULAR Jimmie Davis Bobby Ledbetter FRIENDLIEST Nancy Hooper Bob Huntc MOST ATHLETIC Mary Sue Stephens Junior Holder WITTIEST Jenny Head Jimmy PhillipsSIOHSd VMSyfcrmricsJUNIOR PRESIDENT Bobby Ledbetter Anne Boddie SENIOR PRESIDENT Jack Wells Bethany Rowell■1950 GRADUATESSNAPSHOTSNila Jordan our Good Citizenship Girl of the year is shown here receiving her diploma from Mr. B. E McPherson Nila also has the record of being neither absent nor tardy for twelve years.HOME ARTSLUNCH ROOM EMPLOYEESFUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA■ “A” CLUB FUTURE TEACHERSGIRLS GLEE CLUBGUESS WHO?sportsFOOTBALL SQUADSENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS First Row — left to right - - Coach Stone, Doyle Blair, Bobby Winkles, Bobby Stewart, Ed Roberts, Bobby Joe Shipp, Coach Wells. Second Row — left to right - - Junior Camp. Billy Ray Colvin, Donald Jones Jack Wells, Gary Ledbetter, Jimmy Smith. COACH STONE Line CoachJUNIOR HOLDER 1st Team - All County Fullback JACK WELLS L. H. B. FRANK REED 1st Team All County End Co-Captain SONNY CORBITT Center BILLY LEDBETTER L. H. B. JOE ROBERTS 2nd Team All-County Tackle ROY RICE R. T. THOMAS ROLLINS R. H. B.BOBBY BOWEN R. G. BOBBY KANE L. H. B. ED ROBERTS L. H. B. JIM PIERCE R. T.JIMMY FRANK SMITH lsf Team All County Tackle Captain BOBBY STEWART 1st team all County Guard NEWMAN CAMP 2nd Team all County End DOYLE BLAIR F. B. BILLY RAY COLVIN R. H. B. CHARLES DUCKETT R. T. HUGH CANTRELL R. T. CARL PIPER R. E. BOBBY HENDON R. H. B. CHEERLEADERS Edna Earl Stephens Sue Harper, Nancy Lee Hooper, Evelyn Stephens. Carolyn Hambrick Sylvia Anne Dyar, Nanette Hewett, Lynell Elrod BOBBY SHIPP R. E. HARMAN YANCY 2nd Team All County GuardBASKETBALL TOURNAMENT TEAM BASKETBALL SQUADFOOTBALL ACTION SHOTSFOOTBALL SCORES We They 19 Valley Head 0 7 Gadsden 19 0 Emma Sansom 7 34 Jacksonville 6 26 Arab 0 0 Etowah 18 27 Lincoln 0 27 Cullman 6 27 Ft. Payne 2 34 Gunfcersville 6 201 64 21 Points kicked out of 30ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BANDALBERTVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1950 ALMA MATER In the hills of Alabama In a town called Albertvjlle, There is a School, We love it’s every rule, And it’s there we’ll always be. You may search the wide world over. But you’ll f.'nd no better place, In the hills of Alabama Than the dear old A. H. S.SENIOR WILL We the members of the great and glorious Sr. Class of 1950, being of sound mind, do bequeath, to the lowly and unhonorable Jr. Class the following: I, Betty Jane NeSmith, having survived nine weary months of Chemistry, will my special right to snigger in chemistry class to Bob Hunt. I, Evelyn Stephens, will to a worthy person, Faynell Latham, my nickname “Stupid”. I, Phillip Wayne Luther, having an appointment to arrive at Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, May 23 in the year of our Lord, 1950, upon my graduation from a certain known but unnamed institute, will my gr at tenor glee club voice to the great infamous Jimmy Phillips. Barbara Reaves wills her ability :o look out the window while Miss Williams dictates shorthand, to Jessie Traylor. Charles Roe wills his little brown jug to Jimmy Phillips. James Smith wills about 25 pounds of excess baggage to Wayne Smith. I, Jackie West, will my ability to pop chewing gum in Mrs. Still’s class to Jenny Maude Head, provided she can do it without getting caught. I Keith Thomason, will my ability to always keep order on the bus to Charles Gore. I. Doris Weaver, will to Marolyn Matthews my ability to get along with the Smiths. I. Charles Maltbie. will my dumb ability to learn Chemistry to James Hall. I. Shields Johnson, will my ability to gain weight to Donald Smith. I. Sue Harper, will my nickname “Olive” to Jenny Head. I. Marie Owens, will the right to finish school before getting married to Lillian Daniel. I. Wandell will my ability to gain weight to Charles Gore. I. Wandell. will my ability to lose weight to Verlon Kitchens. I. Nell Houston, will to Mary Nell Smith my place in heloing Miss Brown. Hazel Fricks wills her seat in Glee Club to Dorothy Hillsman. I. Billy Ray Colvin, will to Bobby Ledbetter my ability to win all the plates in the lunch room.. ..On the 22nd day of May, 1950. Joe Thomas Hudgins wishes to will his Democracy Book to Miss Gaynell McNeal. I. James Edvard Morgan, will my ability to be late every morning to Benson Masters. Neva Grizzard wills Christine Garrett her Ability to chew chewing gum in Miss Williams typing class. We. Margarett Moore and Evelyn Stephens, being honorable members of the great and glorious Senior Class of 1950 do will to Jenny Head and Bobbie Nell Hines our back seats in Democracy and our ability to laugh and have a good time and still pass. I, Joan Jolley, will my musical abiity to Hazel Barnes. I, Wandell, will my wonderful voice and ability to be sent out of Glee Club to Thomas Hart on this the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty. Marlene Morgan wills her ability to reduce to Evelyn King. I. Tot Smith will to Jennie Head my happy go lucky disposition. Lillie Mar Oliver wills her innocent ways to irritate Miss Richey in Democracy Class to Evelyn McNair. I. Doyle Blair, being of thick head and fallen arches do hereby will Jr. Holder my speed in football. I. Herbert Stephens, will to Morris Clark one pair of long legs and brown eyes which were willed to me last year by Taylor B. Smith. I hope you can f'nd use of them. I. Nila Jordan under oath will to Christine Garrett my seat in Glee Club. I. Bethany Rowell will to Betty Lou Moultrie my ability to not be able to get the right lines in the right places at the right time at play practice. I. Burma Jean Ham, will to Gaynell King my dignified appearance. We. Barbara Reaves and Jackie West, will our ability to look at each other and get tickled in Democracy to Jessie Traylor and Mary Sue Stephens. I. James Smith, will my abliity to pass Democracy on Bethany’s grades to Burt Davis. I. Jo Ann Burns, will my Week’s Vacation to Carolyn Hambrick. I. Dortheen Cochran will my front seat in Democracy to Faynell Latham. I. Keith Thomason will to Melvin Smith my abilitv to Make all A’s in Democracy without reading the Lesson. I, Joe Edw'ards, will to Frank Reed my ability to sleep through English class. I Annie Ruth Bright will to Jo Ann Colvin my ability to get an engagement ring during her senior year. I. Betty Sanderson, being of fairly sound mind, will to Nancy Lee Hooper my ability to pass Chemistry on D’s. I. Jewell Lola Lambert, will Jessie Traylor my abilitv to keep the conversation in home arts. I. Bobby Joe Shipp, will to Jack Appleton my ability to make all A’s in Adv. Algebra. I. Nila Jordan, being of sound mind, will to Hazel Barnes my ability not to miss a day or be late for School. I, Harold Frix will to Joe Browm my ability to get D’s in Chemistry. I. Ed Roberts, will my studious nature to Harmon Yancy.Marlene Morgan wills her ability to go blind dates to Mable Bryant. i, lot smith, wiil to Sue Stephens my ability to slip through Sr. Ill English. I, Doris Weaver, will my nickname “Dynaflow” to Jimmy Roysion. I, Shields Johnson, will 'my ability to stay in school 13 years to Vernon Kitchens. I, Annie Ruth Bright, will Betty Sue Brannum my seat in Mr. Ogle's class. I, Billy Ray Colvin, will to Jr. Holder my ability to get a different name in the Football lineups. I, Betty Sanderson, will to Betty Moultrie my ability to giggle. I, Bobby Joe Shipp will to Frank Reed and Jr. Holder my ability to wander around in Miss Brown’s study hall without her sending me out in the hall for a week at a time. I, Harold Frix, being of questionable mind and unsound body do hereby will to Randall Noles my ability to sleep in Democracy Class. I, Ed Roberts, will to Frank my ability to sleep in class every day and still pass. I, Doyle Bair, being of sound mind and body do hereby will my ability to make gobd grades in chemistry to anyone dumb enough to take it. I, Burma Jean Ham, will to Betty Jean Minor my ability to persuade Mr. Ogles for an A in English. I. Jo Ann Bums, will Imogene Camp my ability to get along with Miss Williams. I. Margaret Moore, being a member of the highly esteemed Senior Class of 1950, upon the date of my graduation from this institute of higher learning do will in the presence of witnesses to Betty Lou Moultrie, a member of the lowly Jr. class, my blush, to be cherished through the coming years. I, Billy Gore, will to Frank Reed my right to kiss the leading lady in the senior play. I. Bobby Winkles, will Jr. Holder my half of Mr. McPherson’s office. I. Henry Howard, will to Frank Reed my ability . to correct the teacher wTien she is wrong. I. Betty Jane NeSmith. will to Joyce Wright my ability to catch a fish in my net. I. Evelyn Stephens, will my loud mouth to Jessie Traylor. I, Henry Howard, will my good eyes to Sonny Corbitt who can do just as well without them. I, Margaret, being of sound mind and body upon the occasion of my graduation. May 22 in the year of our Lord. Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, do hereby will my ability to get kissed in the Senior Play to Katherine Rains. I. Phillip Wayne Luther, being in a fairly well state of mind after my intensive study of chemistry, do will to the only person who is a bigger moron than I am, Randall Noles, my well known standing pace in the outer office of this well known institute of so-called higher learning. I, Joan Jolly, will to Jennie Head my authority to stay in class when Miss Richey tells me to go out in the hall. I. Herbert Stephens, will to Doris Blair my ability to make B’s in Economics and Democracy without ever reading the Chapter. I. Burma Jean Ham, will to Dorothy Hilsman my seat in Democracy. I. Annie Ruth Bright, will Ellon Grant my ability to write letters in Miss Richey’s class without getting caught. I, Evelyn Stephens, win to Sue Stephens my ability to get cheerleader in her senior year. I. Doris Waver, will my smooth unnamed walk to Carolyn Hambrick. I, Betty Sanderson, will to Barbara Decker my acting ability. I, Henry Howard, will to Bob Hunt my ability to stall off chemistry tests by talking about flying saucers. I, Bobby Winkles, will to Frank Reed my ability to play Hookey and get by with it. I, Bethany Rowell, being about half in mind after a half semester in chemistry, will to Marolyn and Carolyn Matthews my abiity to fail chemistry so I can take Business Math. I. Harold Frix, being of unquestionable character will to Jack Appleton my flag making ability. I, Herbert Stephens, leave to the next treasurer of the Sr. Class all the bills we forgot to pay. I, Solly Gorman” wlil my ability to make straight A’s in chemistry to Jack Appleton. I, Keith Thompson, will to the senior class of 1950-51, my Friend Harold Hunt - Keep him. I, Harold Hunt, will to Bob Hunt the ability to keep the good name . To our beloved faculty, we will and bequelh, days of toil and night of sorrow for all the trouble they have given us during our high school days. L Harold Hunt, if possessing any good qualities, prefer to keep them. I’ll probably need them next year. We. the Senior Class of 1950. leave to the Senior Class of 1951. the handsome and distinguished looking couple, Mr. Ogle and Mrs. Still. I, Jack Weis, will to Bobby Ledbetter, my throne. We, the Seniors of 1950, bequeth to the Seniors of 1951. our happy and joyous senior year. We sincerely hope that you will have all the happiness and joy that we have had. THANK YOUCOMPLIMENTS OF Alabama Coca-Cola Bottling Company GADSDEN, ALABAMA AUTOGRAPHSARROW SHIRTS MALLORY HATS J. B. ROBERTS SONS, INC ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA D. Isbell - K. D. Dendy - O. H. 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Telephone 656 Your Ford Tractor and Dearborn Farm Equipment Dealer ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA BOATWRIGHT'S Home of Quality Merchandise for Home and Family J ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA W A V U and W A V U - FM SAND .MOUNTAIN BROADCASTING SERVICE Serving the Nation's Most Densely Populated Rural Area ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA NORTH ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP. .Manager - John Livingston Assistant Manager - James K. Kelley ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA ..............................................MttMIIIIIIIIIIHIIIMtllHttMIIIMMMMMIIIIMIIIIMMM J-IIHIIMHMMIMMMII Compliments of | . Compliments of Carol Princess Johnson's Home Supply Theatres YOUR PHILCO DEALER ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Phone 488-.M ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Alford Cotton The Company Albertville Herald B. A. Alford J. H. Alford : — COMMERCIAL PRINTING — COTTON BUYERS 1 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA r : ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA GADSDEN SPORTING GOODS CO. | 117 FOURTH STREET DIAL 2537 Wholesalers = i Fishing - Hunting - Golf - Tennis Baseball - Basketball - Football Equipment GADSDEN. ALABAMA 1 Compliments of S Compliments of ■ Benefield Jewelers j Saunders Hotel 1 ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of Joe C. Wakefield Laundry and Dry Cleaning PHONE 5 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA rj,.,,,,,, Fa Compliments of LOCKLEAR'S Sodas - Drugs - Jewelry Patent Medicines Phone 740 ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of CITY CLEANERS Carl Roebuck PHONE 682-J ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of Compliments of Sanderson Hardware Farmers Warehouse Company Public Storage and Weighing Hardware - Paints - Furniture P. O. Box 449 Phone 126 Phone 98 ALBERTVILLE. ALABAMA ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA If it’s a Sewing Machine Calf ROYAL Chester F. 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