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s ' " The staff attempts to present herein accounts of our school days which may become cherished memories. To those v ho have helped to make this publication possible, we extend our sincere thanks. The Staff ”A. H. S. SCHOOL DAZE " Alberta High School Alberta, Virginia ANNUAL STAFF FRANCES YOUTTG EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MRS. LAVi RENCE ELMORE ADVISER BARBARA TRAYLOR SENIOR EDITOR JOAN TUCKER ASSOCIATE EDITOR MILDRED CORUM CIRCULATION MGR, ERNESTINE JOHNSON ASSOCIATE EDITOR THOMAS ROBERTS BUSINESS MANAGER JOYCE BRAGG SPORTS EDITOR PEGGY TRENT ART EDITOR CLAUDE CHEELY SPORTS EDITOR D DICA ' D ' OTA jNJ jVJOjV Of jVlAYf JflD CAX ' f A So vitally 8 part of the past, Mrs. Carter was our teacher and friend. In her passing, the school, the faculty, the pupils, and the town have suffered a great loss. With her uplifting enthusiasm and energy, her alert, unfailing youthf ullness , her keen sense of humor, and her friendly smile, her kindly estimate of others, her love of home and neighbors, she has left us a goodly heritage. ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. LAV RENCE ELMORE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL SR. SPONSOR— ENGLISH MR. J. P. ATKINSON HISTORY— ALGEBRA ENGLISH MR. LESLIE L. CARTER PRINCIPAL COACH— BIOLOGY MRS. E. P. BARROV JUNIOR SPONSOR LIBRARIAN MS. V ILTON ELMORE SOPHOMORE SPONSOR MATH MS. RUTH GOODl VYN FRESroiAN SPONSOR ENGLISH— LATIN MS. ANNA COLEM .N COMMERCIAL MISS J. SEY OUR HOME ECONOMICS SCIENCE M. H. A. GLENN AGRICULTURE SENIOR CLASS OF 51 MARY WATKINS YOUNG MASCOT SYD SETTEE VICE-PRESIDENT MOTTO: TONIGHT WE LAUNCH; WHERE SHALL V E ANCHOR. MRS. L. ELMORE, SPONSOR EMORY HALE SAMPORD MASCOT PEGGY TRENT SECRETARY-TREASURER COLORS: FLOWER: PINK AND WHITE PINK ROSE ERNESTINE JOHNSON, PRES. ANNE GLENN, PRO. CHM SENIORS JOYCE ARCHER Glee Club 1 Vice-President Pep Club-[|. AUSTIN BOWEN p. F. A. 1,2,3, Keep Virginia Green-1,2, Safety Club Baseball Team CLAUDE CHEELY Baseball Team 2, 3, Ip Basketball Team 2, 3, Ip F. F. A. 1,2,3 Monogram Club 1). JOYCE BRAGG Basketball- 1,2, 3 --Basket- ball Capt.-k-F. H. A. -2,3 Softball-1,2,3 ,k Annual Staff-k-Class Vice-Presi- dent-3 — Spotlight staff-k Member of 3,k Play Casts. MACON CLARY F. F. A. l,2,3,k ANN DANIEL Soft Ball 1 k-H Club-- -l,2,3,k Pep Club, President k Class Vice-President 1 MILDRED CORUM Basketball-1, 2, 3 -Co-Capt . k— F.H.A.-2— Cast of Jr.- Sr. Play3--Softball-l,2 Annual Staff-k — Beta- 3,k Co-Pro. Chm.k-Scorekeeper Ba3eball-2 ,3-Basketball-k LOUIS ELLIOTT F. F. A.- — 1,2,3, k Baseball Team 3,k TERRY EL ' ORE k-H Club l,2,3,k ’■ember of Junior Play Cast ALTON PIANCOCK Treasurer of Class--1,2,3 Member of Junior Play Cast Member cf Senior Play Cast Mr. Alberta 3 Baseball Team 1,2, 3, 4 AITNE GLENN Class pres. -2-Pro. chm.-k- Glee club-l-Piani3t--2,3- Latln club-k--Beta Club-- 2, 3-Pro. chm.k-Spotlight Annual staf f-k-Jr . and Sr. plays-k-H club-l-F.H.A . -2 ERNESTINE JOHNSON Class President-1, k-Latin Club-k-Paper Staff-1, 2, k- Glee Club-2,3 Beta Club 2,3,k-Peta Vice-President 3-Beta President-k-Annual Staff-k Class Plays-3,k SENIORS McENERY JOHNSON ll.-n Club l,2,3,k K. V. G. Crew 1, 2,3,4 Safety Club 4 Baseball 1 , 2,3 WILLIAM LEWIS Baseball Team 2,3,4 Basketball Team 3,4 P. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4 F. F, A. Officer 3,4 Monogram Club Reporter — BOBBY LAPOON ‘P. P. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Safety Club 4 MYRTLE MARTIN Softball Team 1,2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Secretary of Pep Club — -4 Glee Club 1 Member of Jr. Play Cast-3 W. E. MARTIN Baseball Team 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Basketball Team 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Vice-President Monogram C lub 4 Sentinel P. H. A. 2,3 P. F. A. 1 , 2,3 THOMAS NASH 4-H Club 1,2,S K. V. G. Crew 1,2, 3, 4 Safety Club 4 IRMA PERKINS Softball Team 1 4-H Club 1,2, 3, 4 Pep Club Treasurer 4 JANICE QUINN Glee Club Soft Ball Pep Club Basketball — GERALDINE MAYTON Softball Team --1,2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 VIRGINIA PEEBLES Pep Club-- 4 MARY PERKINS Editor of Spotlight 4 Pep Club 4 RACHEL ROBERTS Pep Club 4 Soft Ball 3 P. H. A. 3,4 4-H Club 1,2, 3, 4 SENIORS THOMAS ROBERTS Baseball-1, 2, 3, P. A. Reporter-3 »1|---Ba3ketball- 2,3,1 .-Glee Club-2, 3“Clasa Reporter-3 — Class Play-3- Ip-H Club Pres.-l Annual Staff -Ip- -Monogram Club-Ip. HARRISON SAMFORD Glee Club 1,2 P. P. A. 1,2 Baseball 3,4 Boys s State-- 3 4-H Club 1,2 Member Junior Play Cast GERTRUDE SMITH Pep Club Ip PEGGY TRENT Class Officer l»3»Ij- Pep Club 2. Glee Club 1 Latin Club 2. Dramatics-- Club 2. Home Economics Club 2. Annual and Spot-- light Staff. Junior Play. ALVIN WHITLOW Baseball Team 2,3»Ip P. P. A. 1.2,3 Glee Club 1 Member of Senior Play Cast Monogram Club 1|. ANN V ILSON Library Club 2 Pep Club Ip SHIRLEY ROYALL Glee Club 1,2,3 F. H. A. 2 Pep Club Ip Member Play Cast 3 SYD SETTLE Glee Club 1,2; P.P.A. 1,2 President of Junior Class Vlce-Pres. of Senior Class Pres. Monogram Club — Ip Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 2; 4-H Club 1,2,3 BARBARA TRAYLOR Glee Club 1,2,3 F. H. A. -2,3 Annual Staff 4 Spotlight Staff 4 Pep Club 4 JOAN TUCKER Glee Club 1.2,3 2ep Club 4 S oft Ball 3,4 Annual Staff 4 CHRISTINE WILLIAMS P. H. A. 1,2,3 F. H. A. Reporter 3 4-H Club 1 Treasurer of F. H. A. 3.4 PRANCES YOUNG Freshman Reporter; Sect. Treas. of Beta Club 3.4 — Member of Beta Club 2,3.4 Fun Editor of Spotlight 4 Member of Junior Play Cast MAS COTS MARY WA TKnrS YOURff DAUGHTER OP MR. AND MRS. LYNN YOUNG WARFIELD, VIRGINIA EMORY HALE SAMPORD SON OP MR. AND MRS. EMORY SAMPORD ALBERTA, VIRGINIA SALUTATORY ADDRESS Parents, teachers, schoolmates, and friends, on " behalf of the senior class of 19 1 I extend to you a moat hearty welcome to this, our last commencement exercise. We owe to you our success, our place in life, and our ability to go forth this night looking toward the future with open minds, hearts free, and the ambition to move forward. To you, classmates, who plan to start working now, may your work be a means of tell- ing what kind of person you are. May it show that you have worked hard and faithfully and that you will continue to do so in the future. May we as a class make up to this school, ovir " Alma Mater, " for the suffering and hardships we have caused her. It matters little what we choose as our objective in life so long as it is hon- est, decent, and worthwhile. But the main thing to look for in any job is happiness. We must not look for the way to make the most money, the biggest name, or an easy way to get by. We must have some goal to work toward. Make this goal be one throu iAiich you will accomplish something worthwhile, and one that you will find pleasure In reach- ing, one that will challenge you forever. We are living in an age in which no one knows what he may need to do next. Each and every person should do his part in making this a better place in which to live. We are, classmates, the leaders of tomorrow. May we accept this responsibility in such a manner that those who look to us may not be lead into paths of foolishness. I hope this leadership will make this country a more peaceful place in which to live andhelp other nations to understand that the free way of life is the best and only acceptable way to live. EMERSON SAID: " Hitch your wagon to a star. " One can see in those six littlewords the summary of human ambition, and an everlasting inspiration to the future races of men. Prom Socrates to Edison, every forward step taken by mankind through revolving cen- turies, every advancement by humanity toward the ultimate goal, has been led by some valiant dreamer whose eyes were fixed upon the dawn. Moses, with dying eyes, saw a star that blazed in the Promised Land; the radiance of an eternal star led Three Wise Men to the manger in Bethlehem; Columbus pinned his faith in the dawn of a new day; Kepler, announcing the laws of the unchanging spheres; Newton, watching the applefall, each looked beyond, and into the future. Class, let ' s all hitch our wagon to a star and look toward the future. We sire not going to be pushed through this world; we are going to have to pull and woric hard. Our wagons will be as light or as heavy as we choose to make them. If we do our part and sometimes more than our part, we shall make our wagons light, but if we just play aroiind sind expect others to do it and give us the benefit, we must change our ways of living now before we have to learn the hard way. To ponder, to acquire, to have, and to hold Is a gigantic conception of one very bold. To idle, to dream, to while away time. Is an early requisite of a decaying mind. One must act, act in accord With the reasonable idea, not with a sword. The mind that is active never is soddy Always remember the mind conquers the body; So pledge yourself to a difficult task Whenever in doubt remember to askl Always strive to put yourself ahead Be successful, my friend, keep out of the red. May we. Classmates, determine in our hearts to live acceptably and well. When we can give ourselves in ilnselfish, useful service to mEinkind, we will have given a meas- ure of that which God intended we should give. We will have justified the sacrlficea and investments which have been made for us. Our homes, our coramixnity, oiir school and our state can then be justly proud to call us their own. Again, ladies and gentlemen, may I say — WELCOME. We are indeed glad that you have cornel MILDRED CORUM SALUTATORIAN VALEDICTORY ADDRESS PARENTS, FRIENDS, SCHOOLMATES; Tonight Is called commencement. To us, classmates, it is commencement. It Is the beginning of a real learning. This learning which we call experience Is some- thing that no one can give us nor take from us. We have been led through the past eleven years of oior lives with the guidance and help of oxir parents and ourteachers. During this time we have been taiight the fundamental principals of life, but now it is up to us to use them to their best advantage so that we may continue mental growth, Vfe will be the men and women of tomorrow; therefore the world of tomorrow depends on us for either its success or its failure. Which are we going to make it? This is a question that we must keep before us constantly if we are going to have thekind of future we wish for ourselves and our posterity. Although o u parents, teachers, and fellow-workers have often been disgxjsted with us, we hope someday to prove to them that it was not all in vain. We realize even tonight that it has been our untiring work and determination which has given us the realization of this good. As the years roll on, we shall appreciate more and more the valuable help which you have given us. We do not wish to praise our best nor do we hope to bury it. The things which have been a part of our lives, both good and bad, will live on without any further encouragement. What we are most interested In now is what we will make of the futxare. Tonight we realize seriously that we must fulfill our life’s task. What this task is many of us do not know, and perhaps we never will know; but we see that every- thing we do must be done in a creditable way. It looks as though we have inherited the world with all of its troubles while it is in its worst condition ever, but we must not let this stop us. We must have faith and push on, constantly striving to Improve the present situations. We can not, and will not, turn our backs on these facts. Since we have been protected from these realities during otit past years, it will be hard at first, but perfection comes from experience, therefore we will go forwaidwith hope and faith for a better tomor- row. Why is the world in its present uncertain state? It has been tossed on the rocks and the brink of destruction because of man’s selfish, greedy disposition. In many Instances God has been forgotten. We are working continuously for pleas-ure. Nations have even turned to war to gain what they desire. Tomorrow is bringing with it many similar problems plus a few more. We will then have oiir chance to do our part in correcting these situations and to help place the world on a more stable footing with God as ovir one and only supreme being. We must decide now to portray in our own lives and deeds the things which have been set up as morally and spiritu- ally correct. Everyone wants his life to be a success, but it can not be if he refuses to do his part and lend his hand to help o thers. Giving and sharing are two of the most necessary things which go to make up success today. We may not realize their value in material rewards, but after all it is the supreme, spiritual reward that we are really working for. Each time we offer a helping hand we are coming a step closer to God and to world peace. Our class motto, " Tonight we launch; where shall we anchor? " is certainly a challenge to each member of oior class. We realize that tonight we are in a sense, launching forth on o;ar own. We will be on our own and we must make our own decisions now. It sounds exciting to some of us when we speak of venturing out into the world of tomorrow which will be made up of people oxir own ages. It will be exciting. It will be an adventure. This adventure, either good or bad, will mean very much in the history of the universe. Our adventures will not all be easy and pleasant ones; therefore it is necessary that we start from the beginning to direct o ir lives in the right direction so that we shall anchor in a long desired harbor with the satis- faction of knowing we dldo-ur part in providing for our fellowman and our posterity. To our teachers and parents who have always been willing to help us, we wish to say thank you very much. We can not find words to express our true gratitude. We have now come face to face with reality and we realize that o xr efforts were for the best althoxigh we failed to see it at times. We greatly appreciate your patience and willingness to guide us in the right direction. For everything you have done, may we say thank you. We shall go forth tonight as only one of the graduating classes from Alberta High School, knowing that the xindergraduates will take oxar places and strengthen us as we strive for a better tomorrow. CLASSMATES, FRIENDS, AND FELLOW STUDENTS, may I leave with you Rudyard Kipling ' s poem, " IF, " as a challenge; " If you can keep yoxir head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yoxirself when all men doubt you. But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Or, being lied about, don ' t deal in lies. Or being hated don ' t give way to hating. And yet don ' t look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream — and not make dreams yoxxr master; If you can think — and not make thoughts yoxir aim. If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors iust the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you ' ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. Or watch the things you give yoxir life to, broken. And stoop and build ' em up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and- toss. And lose, and start again at your beginnings. And never breathe a word about your loss;. If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them; " Hold onl " If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. Or walk with Kings — nor lose the common touch. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you. If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds ' worth of distance run. Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it. And — which is more--you ' ll be a Man, my sonj " Classmates, our parting hour is now here. We are all sad at the thought of saying farewell for we have grown to love each other through our happy associations with one another. As each goes his way, we shall hope for many happy rexinions. We must now laxmch forward into the deep. FRIENDS, PARENTS , TEACHERS, FAREWELL. ERNESTINE JOHNSON VALEDICTORIAN ( J.aAAycA Q.J UUiM oul.. Ln it ± Si - d vt . y ?.t. ' zu. 9 . vn »t T a o ■yc. ' Tcy S)t t,gi c ' t,a 2 €.. ' „ f? rx; t Axyi y J ' M c-cJ-J-- %l4 . ' Qaa ' J- C — f j o 2 x4 AZ ' ’t-£ZQ zyrggu-4 ? , , y,y7 ' • ' ’ ' V» ML t W- 5 .., ' ' go4 A ZejLg i ' ' ' t-X ue.i-tA.tik S. t.cJ. ZZ , -ZUa l . ■ ‘%ri r4 ju ' Z 4 - 4-t 4.Ag- j ?ZlL. -,. iP o ■ ? i » i O - 7 yyjy -tAJ-A- )Z y ' A — v — 1 QZIUaZL- SUPERLATIVES OP THE SENIOR CLASS JOYCE ARCHER JOYCE BRAGG Most Conceited Best Dancer MILDRED CORUM ANN DANIEL ERNESTINE JOHNSON Best All ' Round Most Intellectual Most Popular Girl MARY PERKINS Neatest Girl SHIRLEY ROYALL BARBARA TRAYLOR JOAN TUCKER FRANCES YOUNG MACON CLARY CLAUDE CHEELY Neatest Bo r Baby of Class LOUIS ELLIOTT - TERRY ELMORE ALTON HANCOCK Wolf Best Looking Boy Most Popular Boy McENERY JOHNSON WILLIAM LEWIS W. E. MARTIN THOMAS ROBERTS Best Conversationalist SID SETTLE Most Musical Boy Most Conceited Boy Clumsiest Loudest ALVIN vmiTLOW ' •Best Dressed Boy SENIORS LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN NAME ANSWERS TO NAME OP LAST SEEN FOR REWARD RETURN TO Joyce Archer " Sally " Mrs, Allen’s Restaurant Big City of Warfield Joyce Bragg " Flirt " Lawr e nc e vi lie Bobby Mildred Corum " Rip " Basketball Court Alton Anne Daniel " Anne " In a Brown Ford Irma Anne Glenn " Bimny " " Tine " Randolph Macon College E, C, Ernestine Johnson Just Typing away Hancock Brothers Myrtle Martin " Blondie " Blacks tone Charlie Geraldine Mayton " Dine " Struggling in Shorthand Maxey Virginia Peebles " Ginnle " Slaving in Kitchen Hubert Lafoon Irma Perkins " Bun " Giggling " Miss Tanner " for typirg Mary Perkins " Perk " Working on " Spotlight " " Down Kentucky Way " Pry Street Rachel Roberts " Bonnie " Porterfield Shirley Royall " Shire 1 " Dolphin Mama Gertrude Smith " Gertie " In an Algebra Class Townsend Barbara Traylor " Bob " Taking Shorthand Letters Billy Peggy Trent " Peg " With her one and only Buck Rawlings, Virginia Joan Tucker " Nonnle " With Lee A farm near Warfield Christine Williams " Chris " Up V, P. I. Way Her Mother and Daddy Anne Wilson " Dink " In a school bus Throne prances Young " Tootsie " Working on Annual Otis Lee Brown Janice Quinn " Gay " Riding around V, D. Macon Clary " Red " Grumbling His Dear English Classes Claude Cheely " Baby " In the Senior Room Mrs, Lawrence Elmore Louis Elliott " Louie " Speechless The Seniors Terry Elmore " 7 orm " " Walking " Joyce Alton Hancock " Whltle " With Rip The Corum Household McEnery Johnson " Mac " Fighting Fire Alberta Fire Department Bobble Lafoon " Shortle " Cruising arotind with Patsy Senior Class of ’52 William Lewis " Dewey " Stork Club Geraldine W. E. Martin " Mullle " Blacks tone Claude Thomas Nash " Tommie " With Hatchet " Hackle " Thomas Roberts " Dumpsle " Plowing Senior Class of 5l Harrison Samford " Honeybou " Explaining " Roots " Sydnor Settle " Syd " Shooting Bull His Pen Alvin Whitlow " Botts " South Hill Kip Austin Bowen " XYZ " Doing English???? Meredl thvllle Mrs, Lawrence Elmore " Polly " Counting School Money " Her Lawrence " Mary Watkins Yovuig " Bus ter " With Seniors Emory Halo Emory Hale Samford " Hale " With Mary Watkins Class of ’5l JUNIOR CLASS MOTTO: ITOT AT THE TOP, BUT CLITT3ING OTIG LEE BROm PRESIDEIIT FLORINE RADFORD TREASURER T.mS. E. P. BARROW JUNIOR SPONSOR MARY AINU COLEMATI VICE-PRESIDENT LYMAN FLINN ANNUAL STAFF COLORS : GREEN AND WHITE LIZZIE LEE ILAWTIIORNE SECRETARY EARL HANCOCK REPORTER TIMOTBY ADAltS MARTHA Aim ADAMS JAMES GUY BRIT T PATRICIA CHEELY OTIS LEE BROWH CORENE CLARY J. E. DODSON MARY ANNE COLEMAN LYMAN PLINN MARJORIE DANIEL WILLIAM HAMMACE MARIAN GAULDIN EARL HANCOCK LIZZIE LEE HAWTHORIB RAYMOND MARSHALL MARJORIE MAYTON JESSE ROBERTS ESTHER PEEBLES RANDOLPH ROBERTS PLORINE RADPORD DAVID SCHOOLER LOUISE STOUT CHARLES WILLIAMS, JR. BARBARA WALLER CALVIN WILLIAMS LENA MAE WRAY MENZO HARRIS (Picture not available) SOPHOMORE CLASS IMOGENE DANIEL PRESIDENT HmS. ’.V. ELMORE, SPONSOR PAIGE ELLIS VICE-PRESIDENT FRESHMAN aASS RAYMOND HAWTHORNE PRESIDENT T.fRS. RUTH OOODWYN, SPONSOR JOHN HELLRIEGEL VICE-PRESIDENT CAROLYN JONES, SEC. CORA S. ' ELMORE, TREAS . DARLENEMcLAUGHLIN, REP. BETA CLUB SPOTLIGHT STAFF Lit Iy Club, Mkj. R. G oojufyn, Spcnsolr ' Pep Club, Mks. Wil-to r E lyrxOhC , Spo-nsoh ' M iSS WiY r 5 Mu,sic C) Covn vTteKcia) Oepa» ' tment‘ Mrs. Colema-n Teachep Home Ec. Depd-ttyn enf, Miss Sey’mour Teaclie ' Fu. ' t’ur-e Home na.KehS Clu-b Future Fa rTIrvCKj o-P A e ri c BASKETBALL SOFTBALL BASEBALL ELEMENTARY FACULTY r.TRS. HARRISON Seventh Grade PJIRS. MALONE Sixth Grade MRS. PEEBLES Fifth Grade IVIRS. JOHNSON Fourth Grade MRS. LITTLEJOHN Third Grade riPS. DAMERON Second Grade MRS. GOODVVyN First Grade SEVENTH grade MRS. JOSEPHINE HARRISON SEVENTH GRADE SPONSOR GENE COLEMAN RAY COLEMAN ROSS ECHOLS ELLWOOD ELLIS JAMES LEE ELMORE HAROLD GAULDIN PERCY GLENN BEN GRIFFIN WAYNE HYDE HOWARD KIRBY HOWARD LUCY THOMAS POWERS JOHN R. SETTLE KIMPER TUCKER E. B. WALTHALL, JR. FRED YOUNG HENRY E. YOUNG JOHN MCALLISTER ANNETTE BISHOP BARBARA ELLIOTT VIRGINIA ELLIOTT DORIS GAULDIN REBECCA GLENN BARBARA HURST DOROTHY MAYTON DORIS SAMFORD ETTA B. SHORT AUDREY SMITH SARAH E. STAINBACK SHIRLEY JONES MARY SEWARD Sixth Gr’aJe, Mi-j. Malov c Hca-cheh ThirJ Gra.Je Mt-s. L. Little JoKn ’TeAchet ' Fout-th Gta,Je. tAfs. Te nyiie Xk-nsert. lea.cket ' Fit ' st G a-de Mfs. V. Goodwyn Tca.cKei ' CONPUMCNTS OF Brunswick lumber COMPANY ILBERTA VA. DIAL ALBERTA hardware R FURJVITUR6 CO. Farmall Tractors, Sherwln- ' Zilllams Paints, Norgs Applianoss, Myers Water System -- Firestone Home and Auto Supplies, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors, Funeral Directors Alberta, Virginia COMPLIMEMTS OF LARRY’S LAWRENCEVILLE.VA. COMPLtMENTj OF FLINH ' 5 G-llO CERy STORE ALBERTA IRGINIA Pho e SW-I CONGRATULATIONS! BEST WISHES!!! alberta class of FRED SETTLE WAREHOUSE 1 2 COMPL I ME NTS OF THE BIG THREE WAREHOUSE YOUR patronage appreciated LAWRENCEV1LLE,VA. BANK Of ALBERTA ALBERTA, VIRGINIA n Dep e wc a i e PLa,ce To D Vo UR tNj 3 7 ye i S o us l e.fvLc.A Fe JLg 3.L t) pi sL r ' Tns uK 9,NC CoAfioA a. Vc FeJ O ' A? a. Z. SysF e. T i C O PUMENrS OF W-S ' EFBLE-S C.O. BLACK stone, VA. COMPUnENTS BLACKSTO VE GUflr 0 CO. SEST6nE5TSlHCEl99H- BLACKSTONE, VlR IWIA WHITMANS C 8 ? STOP f AND s SHOP AT MCKESSON H 0 M £ R E M E D J E S I ALBERTA DRUG CO. 1 { E.C.WILSOHOWNER ! H 5 FILMS- kodaks pencils -pens GENERAL ELECTRIC PHILCO « MAYTAG COA7 L ME VTS OF THE APPLIANCES CORNER BOTTLED GAS SALES AND SERVICE DRUG PHONE 3601 THE;o. RIP6ERGER. STORE KEN6R.I0 E, VA. LRW1?E(VCE Vi Vl ' R INf i Compliments of j. W. Nash Insurance Agency The Home of Reliable Insurance We write Fire Insurance Automobile, Life and Tobacco Hail Insurance Rhone 49 204 South Main Street Blackstone, Va . COMPLIMENTS OF FOREST DALE SERVICE STATION WAR FIELD, VA. CONCRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ALBERTA CLASS OF ‘51 ALD£ ?TA FEED AND GRAIN Your southern states agency PHONE alberta, VIRGINIA BE ST W I 5HES Ff OM kenbridge LAUH DRY 4 DRY CLEANING CO. KENBRIOGE V(RG ' » «A COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSON- WALTHAL L CO., Iwe. wholesale grocers ALBERTA, VIRGINIA HAMLEH TOEEMAH Tires, Tubes, and Batteries Feeds General Merchsindise Gas and Oil Heavy and Fancy Groceries Danieltown, Virginia CO iPLIMENTS oi A. B. ELMORE ' 5 INSURANCE AGENQ ALBERTA, VIRGINIA TRAYLOR’S SERVICE STA. CARACE Qer e L Aui ' o He p a. I R N 9 PHONE 533-5 ALBERTA, VA. COMPUMENTS 0 f BOB MOFFAT FLORIST no HICKf STREET Dial 2» ? - Nigiit itoo LAWRfWC£V HJE, m SIMM WIHH BROWRS FURNITURE CO. lOZ U BROA 0 SrR££I PHONEZSlSLdsA. , SOUTHS! DE Vlt 6 INIl(i LARGEST ARO MDSTCOMPL ETC Furniture store sf y-BfldLfiy ' y 6LA CKSTCA E J favorite SHOPPING CEAITER SINCE 1875 . BLAC.I ST 0 N£,VA. COMPLIMENT OF 50UTH HILL MOTOR Sa)c5 Ca ys-- TVii-cKs— Tf-a.ctov ' S Soxin Mil), i- Tel. 113 SHEFFIELD FURNITURE COMRANY Ct ' osley Appli s r ce s C ovnplete pt. • ' 1 •’ Sn iyiG s BLACKSTONE, Va. C.C. JOHNSON C0MPIIT1ENT5 Al y yts. 1 iirgi’ni3 OF Bu.y 3171 S 6 1 STATE THEATRE -f a.j- ' m s, TiY’nbef ' LawKeT ce ville l a- Alu ays a. Ti v b e »- 1 3»ir d 0 ood show ' compliments OF W LTHALL " 5 GARAGE ALBERTA, V|■RGfH PHONE S ' LS-I J. H. WILLIAMSa SON SALES AND SERVICE CORNER FfFTH AVE. AN 0 BROAD STREET KEM BRIDGE, VA. A 9? 0RUC5 a9v ' ODRU ItoRE " PRESCWPTION WORK OUR. specialty " PHONE 2571 KENBRIIX EVA E. H. JOHNSON Groceries General ALBEPvTA, VIRGINIA Phone. 54 4““ O BAGLEY ' S GARAGE Portahle V eldin KdJ ator Gloss Service Phone 3 Ml KENBI .ID6£ VI K6INIA FOR TOP PRICES SELL YOUR TOBACCO WITH Tngf Hl-i-rj A- AT QK.VMREHOUSE KENBRICXSE, VA. L.A. WiEicaynSp Jeweler Sleeve Baalcley Co. FORnCRLT LaWRc vaevi . y SxoNe VJiLLi ynS ' WKere bn nlw VS Rec-C Cve CouR.feowi’ PkoNE 2.1 U-0 Li-WReNCf Wile, V »- FaLCR. COMPLin ENTS OF JONES MOTORS INC LAWRENCEVILLE, VA. DODGE-PLYMOUTHS DODGE Jol-Ml DCKS DIAL ‘2b23 NORTH SIDE GARAGE ALBERTA, VIRGINIA PHONE 5431 Autos and Earn Machinery Overhauled Cities Service Gas Oil Washing, Greasing, Simonizing Pick Up Delivery Service BLOOM BROTHERS Tamily outfitters” EMPORIA AND LAWRENCE ViLLE VIRGINIA EENBRDIGE FARMER’S SERVICE SOUTHERN STATES SERVICE AGENCY DEALERS IN HAY, GRAIN, MILL FEED, GARDEN AND FARM SEEDS, FERTILIZERS, FARM SUPPLIES, EGGS, POULTRY, AND BABY CHICKS PHONE 3731 ADAMS, HARRIS COMPANY, INC. COtiPLIMEHTS OF WHOLESALE GROCERS HEAVY AND FANCY GROCERIES W6GEH TRACTOR EQUIPMENT CO. PHONE 2381 KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA ALLI CHALM£PS new HOLLAND OUR MOTTO: NEW IDEA FARM! tAACNlNERT SERVICE PHONE 2212 TO THE INDEPENDENT RETAIL GROCERS LA RENCE ILLE, WlRGiHlA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS LADIES? READY-to-WEAR OF MRS. L. V. SMITH JOHNSON-PA TRICK MILLING CO., INC. PHONE 2282 DEALERS IN LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA ROBIN HOOD FLOUR COMPLIMENTS AND OF SHERWOOD FEEDS BROWDER’S BEAUTY SALON ”Castoi]i Grinding and Mixing” PHONE 22Z O CALL US TODAY »»COLD WAVING SPECIALTY” LA WRENCEVILLE- 5 43-2 BELLE BROV DER 8c MINNIE WASHBURN COMPLIMENTS FARMERS COOPERATIVE FERTILIZER PURCHASERS, INC. OF MANUFACTURERS OF NEW LEADER WAREHOUSE HIGH GRADE KENBRIDGE, VA . OPEN FORMULA FERTILIZERS C. W. GUNN PHONE 2511 GLENN LOVE KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA ERNEST JONES, FLOOR MANAGER FLELMORE BRQ COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAMS DEPARTBSENT STORE BLACKSTONE, VA . AUTHORIZED J3EALEI? COMPLIMSTTS OP A GeNCTSul Electric. FRIEND APPLIANCES Compliffient-s STAR BRAND SHOES of Spencer Drug Company Alberta.) VirgiHii Bla ckstone , Va • V. G. HANCOCK Gas, Oil and Groceries ALBERTA, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE PURITAN RESTAURANT LAWRENCEVILLE , VIRGINIA BLACKSTONE PRODUCE C0 3PANY WALLACE CHEVROLET SALES We Buy Farm Produce We Sell Wayne Feed Seeds BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA Phone 45 BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA BARTON’S SERVICE GARAGE A GOOD PLACE j. W. Barton, Proprietor General Auto Repair TO Tires and Tubes EAT Gas and Oil BLACKSTONE RESTAURANT ALBERTA , VIRGINIA BLACKSTDNE, VIRGINIA Printing Wedding Announcements Wedding Invitations Drop Me A Line at Anytime Day or Night We treat you right Letter Heads Envelopes Statements Office Supplies Lester Pianos Remington Rand Typewriters Remington Rand Adding Machines For Your needs in Fuel Oil, Motor Oils Kerosene and Gasoline C. B. WALLER BRUNSWICK TIMES GAZETTE OIL DISTRIBUTER DANIELTOWN, VIRGINIA SOUTHSIDE OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY LAWRENCEVILLE , VIRGINIA Phone Kenbridge 2163 Phone 2115 GEE’S JEV.TILERS COMPLIMENTS Diamonds, Watches, Silverware OF CostLime Jewelry E. H. SAMFORD Expert Watch Maker Sales and Exchange Stable A. D. Railway Watch Inspector ALBERTA, VIRGINIA LAWRENCEVILLE , VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF KENBRIDGE HARDWARE WILSON ELMORE ' S AND BARBER SHOP FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY LA ' mENCEVILLE , VIRGINIA KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS J. B. DANIEL OF RADIO SHOP BRUNSWICK SUPPLY, INC. LAWRENCEVILLE , VIRGINIA LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of W. E. Powell Dandas, Virginia ](c J|c icJtc itc 4; Jtc ](C ic 4c 4c )tc sfc ic 4c 4: COMPLIMENTS of W. H. Gary, Jeweler KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA |E4c4c4c4c4c4(4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c COir-LIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF KENBRIDGE REDRYING PLANT BLACKSTONE MOTOR COMPANY, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF DANIEL DRUG STORE LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS 4: 4: 4: 4: 4c JC 4c 4: 4c 4c 4: 4c ♦♦♦ 4: 4c 4c 4c 4c 4c 4c 4c 4c 4c OF COIff LIMENTS HEl TTT MOTORS INC. of LOVE’S JEWTILRY COMPANY KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA DUNDAS MOTOR COMPANY FARMERS SUPILY STORE DUNDAS, VIRGINIA GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Feed — Flour General Work Clothes DUNDAS, VIRGINIA " I DO NOT KEiiF THE BEST I SELL IT” GLEN iVILLE L. DANIEL, PROP. BRUNSWICK INSURANCE AGENCY, CORR Telepho-ne SLIla. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE AND SCOPE. May a review of this annual always remind you that your school days were well spent. That our growth has been steady and dependable giving you the confidence of one well trained and equipped to solve your daily problems. Our years of experience and training enaole us to offer you the finest in dependable insurance service. BRUNSWICK INSURANCE AGENCY, CORP. Lawrenceville, Virginia Telephone 2112 ioft-a eiACKSTOME LIVESTOCK YAAO THE HOME Of HI6H PRICES Sale every Wednesday 1X00 NOON BLACKSTOME V fi INIA compliments OF FAIRFAX HALL FOOD PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTED BY BARROW GROCERX CO Nc. BLACKS70NE, Virginia Wale century of service to sooth5ii € Virginia THE FIRST MATI ON AL BANK BLACKSTONE VIKGIN A CAP iTAL i 310 000 “- SURPLUR 70 , 000 — ' MEMBER FDIC CoMGRAdaUTiOMS ALbetTA Hick GraJiiTes class of l9Sf For QuicKer CooKiwg ImsTamT CLeflNer HeflTime USe PEC T G»S BruW5WicK Ice vCo tl, Co, Im:. -AvVReA ceviLLej Vi ' RCi ' WlA aL - OffiCC-a S J ' COMPLIMENTS OF L£C€ETT S OCPT. STORE lAWllENCEWtU, VIR6INM CONGRATULATIONS ALBERTA HIGH GRADUATES WHATEVER youR FUTUR-E PLANS AAAY BE we iwviTE you TO make use of THIS bank ' s facilities f5« RMER3‘ AND MERCHANTS ' BANK of LAWRENCEVaiE, VIRGINIA Sei VlYi BruvLSwicK SoutksUe CONGRAlULATt ONS ANP BEST WISHES AUEHTA CLASS or ' 5 1 ws. PEEBLES 8. CO INC. Serving Souths id e Wrglnia With Dependable Merchandise Since 1891 COAPLinENTS OF NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY 8LACKSTONE, VA. I I I I i ' 4 i’- ' z Z

Suggestions in the Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) collection:

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 5

1951, pg 5

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 37

1951, pg 37

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 34

1951, pg 34

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 18

1951, pg 18

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 26

1951, pg 26

Alberta High School - School Daze Yearbook (Alberta, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 48

1951, pg 48

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