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' 55 Published by P S- Wmbwudents of 91 if fb r Y """ S' 4 errL ' School X Albert Le Minnesoya 1 gp N1 Q lf' bx L Lu Q., F Qi Tag? , ff, M " M r , ' 7 ,J ffm A9 15 MJ rr jd 0 ' Y ,ly l , L - W xi -., I fffgnffj 'BD , If: "'V fliqi 51 X MJ, 3 K psy Mary Lowry-Darlene Hendrickson Uh peltz-Ray Ostrander r Co-Editors 2? Business Managers RAN J 2? f ,, if ,V K ,... A av . Lf-ff w WT, --Q-an 1 Af -.v f.ll!lffI'llfl-IIAQ ll1f',xj11'ril of ".XIrwi21'Q llmlugf',S'1ir111rCl1fl1 nfwnlfnfm wnfnx' ll fivlrl lrifr nmunrl lxlllfllffll-VI I.f1L'f 'ii K sm -W if 1 J NWN Q nflrmfflmn Ml! ,lfl'llllI'fU .Il.ll.Sf1.x IIHIIIUIIIW rf! fnffmfrfwlflllwfl ff1'1r1Kq x'lurl1'1flx' In ,mln -4. 2 Q mf z 233 is f 1? 1:-, ,va-,hw M.. ,,,., rig M 4, ., X , Q ,z haf N ff . ,Z in N 1 iifijj Q Q Sk .:., , ...I I 1 4 .. '3., 2' x' V vgm:Y5jf:v'g3,g'ggg:2,afQ3fXijfgmisz,,fvgfyff33:3 1 ,. igisfifmwfgcf- " Q ,Pi 525?zg5fQ , gg Qfs,,,,,wfid ai, if . X ., . y. sz 3 3 5. MQ , Ii 5 , A , ng 2 , , , , 5 2 . , if 1 9? 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' Fo "jfs L .X A6141 ' ,N X ,xg spy sx " .II ar 211 fav x , iw, JJ Viva ,gy ' dbg of N3 MMS Biff 47 ' Q. 1" x, I 1 V J . 'J f f ' 7 Ziff X cr xi 1 it X -Q 'K Tourists .Q . 22 Activities . . 70 Sports . . 110 Highlights . . 138 riamymmwang, 1 Swag - I ' bvvvk Eijji LOm2W g?i Qiiiivlf 531 Lbjmm L42 3 . V K Q 11111' 'i1'11I1s arf' 1'm1.s'l11nI on I 11' go. PM 111l ' OJVNQ V ll'l.' lf'AAf A If ' r fIll'ZUIl' io 1'0m nl 11pj1r1'.x'. nts' of n11'n 1fs1'11.s'1'x 1 2 I 5 I 2 I , i , I1d i 1 ,-1111 If ill 11. 1114. A , ,- , , -bb A - -- - ' - - ' x fiom nuff' ffllfll' ' lzwm r .sm 1l1rV1I.s 141111 Il H K lI 1lI'Ilf6lQ 1' In fo I ' If ' K xUW,Cm.,Q, . N M gg N 1 M . A ' L C 1 If wg, 19 Y ,EO MI ' I ,L cvvvg-D113 0 Qi Q01 1 I 1 C M L lm E C fx K LPS V QU? x L c 1 QW 62:1 L ' ' 1 W N , - K ww SD W1X I I I QL, ' f.s'j11f1'11r,zz1Qcl I'dIll'llfIOIl .Wlllgllf by III1' jwojzlz' ix . cv-'YXQ 'L-AA and I1z6!l,.s'1'llQl.Y' yijoz r 1' " zlznn. 'nt- 4 V 1 " VVL NCL' C N-QJL I I K U 1. 1111 111111 II1 11.xuIl.v nfI1111l1121g 1fI1nf.s, 1111: 1111 - -. if ' A W x .A Q Crm , I 'Ir 1ls11.YI1j'.- 1'1lu. X bvv-5 QD If I lk I Txckfa' :Qu ' 1 YL ml 1 , U Y N I .5 My CMAQ CJLQ MUVMLL ,W 5 , . m vf ,f 9 Mgpawbelpa-fm , 71 2 X " A J nv M6 L i' ff 1 .525 v fi QQ xg - - 1 05 is MX f N N f'x"e V1 U X V gQf71 QgfN . X 'N gg N N Q WWC CX u Hi. i fl!! I5 Ei? Z m'5YiI'mvw .Mm 44. , , - jgifri L? i - EIU? 4 Y f' A 3:55 fm K ww . 4 Yum, fgffuyxi . , f K 3 'JA msarf" ' ,.,, i . ig "saw u A Administrators Guide On SlIllCl'llllL'lNlk'lll .Iohn H2llX'l'l'SlJll,S come pt-tent shoultlers rests the gltill tztsk ol' zichuinister- ing the ztllztirs ol' the entire .fXlhe1't Lea school sys- teut. Ile is one ol' the niztin links that connect the school :intl the contniunity. livery tlzry is tt Inusy day for Superintendent l'lztlx'et'son. Besides his clutics and meetings in re- gztnl to the Cllllfillliill ol' the youth ol. Albert Lea, ht- is llt'llYt' in ntztny activities other than those per- taining to school. Rotary Club takes up much of his li1llC2lS do ntztny outtloot' avtivities, such as hunt- ing. fishing' :intl gztrtlenittg. 'lihe school lmoztrtl and superintendent work hztncl in hztutl. They holcl regttlztt' meetings to- gether to cliscuss Ykliiolls prolllents ztntl issues, Xvlllfll they inust liztntllt-, thztt itn'zn'iztlmly ztrise. Ninc'lt't'n huntlrecl lilly-lln'ee is the lirst year that has seen at woinan, who is Mrs. Leslie Hellie, elefletl to zt school lxozml post. Metiilnt-rs ol' this laoztrtl are elected lor three years with two lllCllllX'l'5 touting up for election each vein: "BOARD MEETING TODAY!" is 'lhe lltoughl echoing llwrcugli ' Y llie minds of flue school board members as lltey galher for an Superlnfefldenl J- John HalV9f50f" inspiring meefing. Marion Grolenliuis, Dr. L. E. Sleiner, J. John Halverson, Lawrence Allen, Y. H. Hanson. Joseph Gunderson and Mrs L Hehh. .1 E Page IO and Prepare tudents Sympathetic guidance is an important function ol' any dynamic education system. Ultimate success in a lield ol' endeavor depends upon maximum use ol the pupil's potential abilities. 'l'o direct the general nature of the learning en- vironment and to prepare the students lor gradua- tion and the lutnrc is the main objective ol' senior high principal. Mr. Louis .-Xdolphsen. Setting up an ellicient school program and guiding pupils in choosing their course of study are some ol' the many tasks ol' Mr. Vcrmund Ander- sen, junior high principal. Miss Alice Zeman, secretary to Mr. Adolphsen, keeps the academic and linancial records ol' senior high, while Miss Carol Highec. secretary to Mr. Andersen, compiles this data lor junior high. Keep- ing the books lor the school system up to date is thc duty of master bookkeeper Miss Ann Carney. Secre- tary to Mr. Halverson, superintendent ol' schools, is Miss Irene Phillips. Miss Gretchen Anderson is a supplemental aid to Mrs. Sund, while Mrs, Margaret Shea acts as secretary for vocational agriculture. Junior High Principal Vermund Andersen Senior High Principal Louis J. Adolphsen "OUR GAL FRIDAY!" could easily be the exclamation of the acl- minisfraiors as they survey the enormous volume of work performed by their secrefaries: Ann Carney, Carol Higbee, Irene Phillips and Alllice Zeman. Noi pictured: Gre+chen Anderson and Mrs. Margaret S ea. Page I I . MWA, ludents Le,a't'ngtB'eller English Fundamentals ,ew ffbm A' ull' it A .1 .I 5 'J . Dorothy Anderson English Guidance Blanche Bensen English Junior Class Adviser Future Teachers of America Grace Dahle English Edna Gerclten Journalism English Orville G-illmore English Photography Marjorie Hanson English Counselor Loras Jellum English l'i'zu'tit'ztl ztppliczition ol' linglish is the result ol grzunniztr, literzuure ztpprecizttion zintl other phases ol linglish zlbsorbetl in high school. With English us zt lounclzuion, the young nien :intl wonien ol' totlziy are learning the ztrt ol' express- ing tlieiiiselres clearly both in speech antl written inztteriztl. Beczuise ol' its great importance concern- ing ererytluy lile, English is a ronipulsory Course lor zill stutlt-nts. linglish is an important l1lClll0tl ol conununicta- tion: thus usage, capitalization, punctuation and rocztlmttlztry are vitztl assets to everyone. A knowl- etlge ol' governnientztl proceetlings :intl pztrliznnen- tary proceclure also cliztracterizes the course. .-Xinerican :intl English literature are stutlietl lor the purpose ol ztttltiztiiiting the pupil with V21- rious tnethotls ol' expressing itlezts, tlre:-uns :intl fon- YICUOIIS. I One ol' the highlights ol poetry slutlietl while at senior is "Mztc'beth," written by XVilliant Shake- speare. Meniorizing poetic sonnets proves taxing to niztny at senior's brain as tloes the spelling ol "hard- er" wortls. Learning about the library arrangements and lilings ol' books, niztgztlines and paniphlets enables e1u'h stutlenl to locate any article rapidly. A lixecl number ol' books to rezul is 21 requirement in some classes. XVhy stutly linglish? l5CK'2lllSC English is ont: ol' the niztiu retluiretneiits lor stltttfss. Ruth Johnson Stanley Mittelsladi Edylhe Olson Gertrude Piers Sybil Yates English English English English English Guidance Hi-Teens NOT PICTURED Page I2 Wayne Sfulelberg and Build ounder History Foundations History plays a tnajor part in ottr educational eurriculunt. It acquaints us with what is happen- ing in the world today attd what happened in tlte world ol' yesterday. Economies is one ol' the three principal parts covered in the social science course. All seniors were called upon to trace their latnily trees hack at least live generations wltile they studied sociology. Learn- ing the fundamentals of ottr governtnent was also included in this course. All seniors are required to take social sciettce. XVhile studying the dillerent sectiotts, the stttdenls tottred ntany lactories and husiness places in town. .-Xnterican history, the study ol' our country, is required lor all juniors. XX'orld history, the stttdy ol' the pasts ol' other countries, and world allairs are arailahle lor all students who wish to secttre a ntore suhstantial hackgrotuid, ,lunior high students are also given courses tn social science. In this course, they learn to iniprove theniselyes to heconie hetter Anierican citizens. Ninth graders start preparing lor their luture wlten they stttdy a short course on vocations. .Xll eighth grade students also study about our nation's ltistoryf. Antong iuany other things, the school lurnishes sueh newspapers as the "Our 'l'itnes," "Current Events," "Junior Scholastic" and 'I-Xiuerican Uh- serrerf' to keep tlte students ol' junior and senior high inlornted on current news happenings in the world. Evelyn Bennett Social Studies Katttyrn Coyne Social Studies Marion Fitzlotf Social Studies Miriam Johnson Social Studies Gordon LeBeau Social Studies Varsity Football B Basltetball Mary Mettam Social Studies Counselor Ruth Nelson Virginia Nelson Luther Olsen U. S. History Counselor Social Studies Guidance Social Studies Assistant Football Hi-Teens B Basketball Anne Anderson World History Guidance Elsie Sebert Rene Wambaclt U. S. History Social Studies World Atfairs Page I3 JV' ,1l9"'i- i Garrefi Ahern Inga Brenaman Millie Holm Mafhemaiics Mafhemafics Matlhemalics B Foolball Allendance Service Club C Baslteiball Florence Scholfler Malhemafics Senior Adviser Guidance if Maurice Thompson , Mafhemafics H Guidance ,lee Julian Wing 4 Algebra Audio-Visual Lucy Houlihan Edwin Nelson Malhemalics Maflwemaiics Junior Red Cross Math and cience Prove The study ol' mathematics includes a variety ol' courses ollered to every senior high student. These consist ol' plane geometry, solid geometry, advanced algebra, plane trigonometry and general mathemat- ics. Plane geometry is designed lor sophomores who wish to increase their algebraic ability and prepare for solid geometry and trigonometry in their senior year. The student benefits greatly in the process ol logical thinking. Solid geometry, an elective lor seniors, requires only one-hall year to complete. It is an absolute pre-requisite for engineering courses. Advanced algebra's main characteristic is learn- ing to solve angular problems together with skill in mechanical manipulation. Another hall'-year course is plane trigonometry. The practical aspect rather than the theoretical is considered largely in this course. Problems directly Zliiiijlillllg each student is the objective ol' general mathematics. Topics covered include installment buying. insuranfe and taxation. SOLVING THE MYSTERIES of a fhreeaway equation wiih lhe aid of Huis device designed and consirucied by Hans Wong are Pal Madden and Hans Wong wilh +he assisiance of Miss Schofller. Page I4 Burlon Jacobson Olive Johnson Warner Nelllelon Hollace Sandholm Karl Siapel Science Biology Biology Science Science Science Club Science Club Traci: Social Studies C Foolball Guidance Essential In Modern Life Science, c'onsidered a ltnulamental in zt stu dent's curritiulum, is ollered to every pupil in the ninth grade and senior high school. Ninth grade general science provides back- ground for study in biology, physics and chemistry. Such subjects as light, heat, sottnd and electricity are treated in the course. Although lrogs, worms and dissection do not appeal to some pupils, all sophomores must take a biology course. .-Xs you pass the biology lab, it is not unusual to see students working at microscopes or on a test which requires that they know the ltnulatnentals ol' plant and animal lile. Plant and animal phyla must be memorized and the lile lunc- tions learned thoroughly by sophomores. Learning the laws ol' simple machines and elec- tricity and the uses to which they are Iltll in the modern world are only two ol' the tasks that junior class physicists are trying to complete. 'l'o complete their high school scietut' studies. seniors strive to learn formulas and put them to practical use in ehentislrt lab sessions. Stttdyittg' composition ol matter and the atomic' theory are both an important part ol Chemistry. BRINGING JUNGLE ATMOSPHERE into ihe biology classroom is a 'tropical planf. Miss Johnson, Bonnie Christiansen, Herman Fransen and Donna Draayer are among lhe numerous admirers of +he specimen. Vicior Siensrud lrwin Volltman Physics Chemistry Biology Audio-Visual Student Council NOT PICTURED Sla n. Brecltner Russell Harding we Page I5 life? Q, i A 'V .laclr Coolr '71 i lnduslrial Training .,v.. ibn NEARING COMPLETION is archileclual drawing's model house which Elwood Balrlcen, Howie Hunl and Mr. Jacobsen are inspecl- ing. Elaine Hieller Homemalcing Guidance Laureen Sloughlon Homemalcing Guidance Grace Thayer Homemalcing Lois Wesiling Homemalcing Practical and Fine Arts i'iUlllC L'lI7llUlIlll'5 is mzule pussilxle lu develop ll knowleclge ol' llome :incl lzimily lile :mil lo eslzilplisli an place in llie lillllll'C :is Slli'C'L'Nhlilll lmnlemzxkers :mil lllCllllJClih nl' sociely. The projects lm' lllis year imlucleml clnllling cmlslrlxclimi. llllll'lll0ll, persmlzll gromniiig. plun- ning 211111 p1'epz11'z1lim1 nl meals, buying :mil llllllgfl- mg ol Imuls. ll1Cl'2ll'i'2lllll use nl t'lCCll'l1.' zipplizmrtes and cllllcl will-. The main olmieclixes ul lllC slump classes are lo give llle lmys CXlDCl'lClli'L'XK'lll1'll will lil their imlivicl- ual lillllllli needs. iiillllbllgll llllfhll1KlL'lll'h knmvleclge, skills. zlllilucles :xml ZlfffllllllllSlllllClll5. he will learn Zllillllillilllllll ul' llle Ubllllllg lillll1l'C. iiilll' 2ll'l'llllL'i'lll2ll mlrzuvinq vlziss plzmnecl and i umsl1'uc'lecl il scale moclel ol' 21 house. Metal slmp classes made such things :ls lin cups, cookie CllIlCl'5. lllllily boxes, scoops zlml waste paper lmzislsels. The pupils in woml slmp c'm1sl1'L1c'lecl mlesks, eml mlules. colliee lzllxles, l'llCSl ol' rll'z1wel's zlncl hook Hicks. lo lillisll their lJl'0llllIil5 they used wood slzlins zuul lilezlclies. l',ll'i'll'lllly clzlsses 5lllilIl'll llie lllllilillllvlllllls ol rzinlios, zimpliliers :mil L'0ll5ll'lll'lL'll rzlcliu sets. Russel Essen Earl Jacobsen Sydney Schwarlz Elmer Tunluri Roberl Van Tries lnduslrial Training lnduslrial Training lnduslrial Training lnduslrial Training lnduslrial Training Aeronaulics Science Slage Crew Guidance Slage Lighling C Foolball Page I6 ,......., e "SPEED," PORTRAYS a model for lhe sevenlh grade arf class. Admiring lhe dog are Marlys Klulrow, Thomas Kelly lcwner ol fhe dogl and Miss Simon. ield atisfying Lives Edward Barrows Arr Swing Band Junior Class Hi-Y il'lll'0llgl1 llic Imroacl Iiclnl ul linn- 2ll'l5. one l'flXL'li5 Y2ll'lflllh splicrcs lrrnn IOIICS to designs. lllc IJlIl'I1U5L' ul' Lll'l is Io IIIUJI lllllllilll nc-L-mls in lln' lxcsl possible ways. Rulh Bauer Latin, lllhIl'lll'lLfll by Miss Cllznu llcrmlzln willl Spanish French l'll'CllCll and Spzlnisll-langln lxy Miss Ruth liznn-r. Higeens inaclc llic snulr-nl s View ol his own language IIIUIK' ' nl' an ulmjcclivc, lllus building linguistic lJOXYl'l'5 wlnfll is one nl' lllc most lllllX'ClAS2ll crlnjcclivcs. lixpllrssillg ll1ClllsL'lX'Cs lllfflllgll art work, lln' Clara Berdan SlllilCIllh arc zissislccl by Miss Rita Sinmn and Mr. L,+Lal1" y y... ,. ,. , ,..- - , leraure Lclnalcl lmlmns to X4llllL lllkll MQIL in clcnlllllg, Jr. Classical League lllfflllgll use ol color, Spanx' and lines. .X wlnlcl' Ushers' Club zlnml il spring art exhibit wcrc llclcl mluring llli' yczn' lo dcvclnp public' llllCl'CSl. Francis Blonigan . . S . H' h L'b ln l.llS'll'lllllClll unml sung. Mr. L. Lnnnons, Ml: rubfry airy luster 5ll'lCl'llCl' zincl Nlr. Rnlzcrl L. lXlyc'rs ilCYUlL'll lln-ir 1-xpc1'icm'c lo bringing Zllitllll llzmnony anal lnnc, Several cmiccrls wcrv pmmlliccal lu display ilu' Cllccls. Sclcvlccl nnxsiriuns gj0lll'lICf ccl lo ll music A lcslival at Llwlllilllllil. .Xlinmg llu' sllcflvcs ol' lllc lllJl'2ll'y worn' luunrl Carol Easfwold kilowlcclgc Zlllll plczlslxlc in lllc' flluiccs ol' lmolgs. JV- H'9l' l-'b"3'Y l-lcllming in sacking' lllClIl wore lllc liln':n'izlns, Miss Carol EilSlWUl1l and Nlr. l:l'ZlllC'l5 lilnnigan. W ' -10" Lawrence Emmons Band Q fi . l ' Ifqfg L --irv -A- Alice Gamrnel Roberl Myers Rila Simon Lesler Slriemer Hildred Tennihill Alfendance Vocal Music Ari Orcheslra Speech Sophomore Adviser Pholography Drama Club Page I7 0 5 l an c,1.fcs. Clyde Dressen Physical Educafion Jr. High 6.A.A. C Cheerleading Lois Spencer Physical Educalion Heallh Cheerleading G.A.A. Guidance LeRoy Maas Physical Educalion lln l.l'Z1llb nccmlccl lor later lill- plus Ilia: raluc ol' cxcr " rel Physigl Coordination Charaoterizes Gym Classes 'fbllgll lllc' Ill2lIlf' lmlrasvs nl pllyslfal crnlllczlll illcy rcalifccl llial they xxx-11: lcarning' Cll2ll'2ll'lLl C181 axatiun ancl lnliysical lilncss. iclo ll llic A rcncwal ol' ll1lCl'CSl in linnbling nie ' ' 'U' 'ff U' a- Uirs. avi' ma was liviun ic lnhhllhlnl 1 lli m l li L il ll l ml ll llsl willl rullcylaall, ping lmlig, slnlfllclmaril and rllyllnns awning in floss lmliinml as lllc other lllili ac'liviIicsol'll1c 5' Buys also playa-cl lnaskcllnall anal xollcylmz C'll' 1 . lYl'CSllCll,lllllIlDlK'Illlllili'Ulll1JL'lC'll in llillfli cvcnls a ln-lil relays. Ihc nnrainural prograin was aff: P! ilmnn llIlLlllS in lcmllull 'ang will ' Tracli , Wresyling being playccl. lifllll Imp anil girls clljoyccl llic carly spring R"lgIl:hfUI'f'me'S wcallicr ln' inming rmlsiclc' lor llltfll' grin class e cs ' ' 2 f ln+ramI:raI lxnlcnlmall was playcrcl by all and touch lomlxall ancl Healfh Direcfor liclrl man-I' were playvil by ilu: boys and girls, IL slxccrliwly. Many Slllili'lllN nsvil llur Nlurin liillls llllIllHt'Hlll'l5 in llIL'll'll1'k'llfJlll'5l0 lmnrn ollkmm-ol lllcir lwnl up L'llCl'g'l'. New In ills llClI2ll'llllL'lll lllis year was llic in Qllllllilllfbll ul a Girls' Bowling l.cag11c, by thc Paul WIHIB who wcrc llllL'liC5lL'll nnclcr CL..X.,X. ilircclion. Physical Educalion II I I I I Basketball l'll'SI alll rlasscs. lilllglll ln' Nllss Lois SIDCIHLI BFoo1ball anal Mr. l'anl Willa-, wvrc 11-qiiiivnl ul' all jnnii 6u'da"ce ancl seniors. 'llicy li-arnul llic lnnmlaincnlals ral lmanclaging anal aiding Xlfllllh ul lliv cmnnuni in juries and alllic-lions in ClllCl'Qi'lll'lt'i. "ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR!" resounds lhrough lhe girls' gymnasium as Calislhenics is one of lhe maior laclors employed in The process ol Miss Spencer's iourlh hour gym class demonslrales lhe iurnping iacli. correcl body clevelopmenl of lhe girls. Page I8 fill ill nc nn z ' ' z anal lpaskcllvall Diversified Business Courses Offer pecielized Traininq Educating students lor better business and agri- cultttre alter tl1ey are graduated plays an important part in our high school education. This year the new business eourse, business machines, was introduced. It is taught by Mr. Arthur Anthony. The dictaphone, mimeograph and the time clock are some machines the students learn how to operate. Typing is ol'l'ered as early as tl1e tenth grade. Bookkeeping is ollered to any junior or senior who wishes to work with figures. Shorthand is a two year eourse lor students in their junior and senior years. Learning by prac- tical application is the main goal ol' the office prac- llt'C course. Students who work in the afternoon at jobs they plan to work at after they are graduated, take the diversified course. They learn lirst hand by working at concerns in town. ln the first year agriculture course, the boys learn about domestic animals. Learning about the feeding and the managing oi' the mature animal and how to improve soil and crops begins in the second year. The l".l".A. boys study mostly about I'arm man- agement in their third year. Besides keeping records. they judge their animals throughout the three year course. HPROMPTNESS RATES A JOB," explains Mr. Anihony io Rose- lyn Nelson and Bonnie Dirlrsen as fhey punch ihe new iime clock in business machines class. BM N RMK Donald Paulson Vcc. Agriculfure F.F.A. Guidance Lowell Ross F.F.A. Voc. Agriculiure Young Farmer Prog. Arihur Anihony Business Principles Business Machines Journ. Bus. Adviser Norman Bailey Diversified Guidance Business English Disiribuiive Club Aduli Educaiion Iva Loy Business Ed ucaiion Marie Slcjeveland Commercial Journ. Bus. Adviser so Ruih Woods Commercial Jr. Real Cross Nal'l Honor Socieiy Guidance '15 Ewa 5 X x, in V si Bak... ef s... --fsgs w - t s Q . fst. X Page I9 KEEPING TAB of students who are absent' or Iardy is +I'1e big iob underfalten by Miss Gammel. "HIGH-PITCHED NOISES" are being heard by Louise Jensen as Mrs. Sund conducts +I'te Iradilional ear Iesf. Various Agencies Propel As the year moves along Miss Alice Gammel has the task ol' recording the attendance for senior high. She also issues admits to class and special excuses during the day. In addition to this, Miss Gammel advises the sophomores in their activity schedule. Perfect health for every student is the goal ol Mrs. Helen Sund, school nurse, in this busy world where there are so many dreaded diseases. Giving eye and ear tests are some ol' the ways in which she tries to saleguard the health of every student. XVheu students need assistance in determining the vocation best suited to them, the guidance committee is able and willing to lend a helping hand. They ofler advice to seniors making their decision between college or some other held ol' endeavor. The committee helps students to plan their courses in high school to prepare them lor a place in tI1e last moving cycle ol' this busy world. A special project of the vocation committee is the animal Career and College Day in the fall. ln addition lo the vocational guidance committee, there are also two other branches ol' the guidance depart- ment. 'I'he testing committee gives various tests through- out high school to help them choose a desirable vocation and the scholarship committee aids students in acquaint- ing them with and applying for scholarships. Acting as chairman ol' the guidance departn1ent's filteen members is Miss Anne Anderson while Miss Edith Olson is secretary lor the group. LENDING A HELPING HAND fo sfudenls who seeit help in planning SECOND ROW: Woods, Thompson, Nelson and Sfriemer. THIRD Iheir curriculum are: FIRST ROW: ScI'toHIer, A. Anderson and E. Olson. ROW: Vollcman, Tunluri and Paulson. Page 20 ALHS Students 5 l 1 as ll it lt. , ,,v.v. AA,,.. M... NOURISHING VICTUALS are lhe products of the ambilious cafe+eria sialil. FlRST ROW: Mrs. Wallin, Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Mrs. Alice Anderson and Mrs. A. l.. Hove. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Crynes, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Lair, Mrs. Hiclts, Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Loulla Greengo. lfcccling ltttngry sttttlcttts and lztcttlty is 1111 CZISE' jul: Clztltrtt-1'iz1. jattitor. hremzttt ztntl cttgittct-rittg stztlls l'tn'tl1Qc'z1l'etet'iz1 slztll. l,l'ClJ2llill1g ztntl st'1't'ittg tmttrisltittg play 2111 itttportztttt mit' in tht- lilt- ul tht- sclttml. l,ittlt' X61 wcll-lmalattcctl meals is 21 tztsk clone with 21 smile. is sztitl zthuttt this gmttp. ltowttxt-1' itttpurtttttt their Linh. Mrs. Mzthcl Clryttcs. l'2ll-C'lCl'i2l sttpctwistat' with llCl' Ellicicttcy is thc:111ottfml'tl1t-tttztitttt-11111110 stz1ll'oI'tl1ct helpers, llfll only llcccl tht' jttttim' high ztt llzflll ztttcl thc' 4j1t11io1'z1t1cl scttitn' high. llztttitttrszttttlc11git1t't'1's1tt21kt-1111 scnitn' high at l2:f5ll. hut thcy lJl'UYiClL' lttttcltcs lot' thc lllls sl2ll'l. .lillCy2l1'k'l'L'SINJll5ilJlL' lot' 1'cplztt'c1t1t't1t t1l'lJl'fxlQ- graclc scltool cltiltlrctt as wcll. It is ll hig job. httt one cn lixtttrcs, sweeping Ilotmts ztml wztslting lntmatt-mls. that is well clone. Maitttztittittg thc sc'ltut1l's hunting systt-nt :ts well as .Xll lhust' stalls t1'u1'k ltJg't'lllL'l' to pmtttotte att t-V011 L'Yk'l'f'llllIlg' limit ttttlotltittg :ttttliturittttt clowns tu lixittg rttttttittg srlttml. shitting with clcztttlittcss whiclt tttztkt-s tht- lf1t'l4c1's is tht- job tml tht- tliliguttt jztttitnrs :tml night L'YCl'f' sttttlcttl prottcl t1l'.'XllJcl'l l.t':1 High Scltrmtml. XX'2llK'llllll'1l rm tht' stall. "BRIGHT AND EARLY MONDAY MORNING!" The ianilors starr lheir ROW: Charles Olson, Elmer Naylor, Bert Jensen, James Jensen, Wil- busy weeltp an endless cycle of tasks. FIRST ROW: Carl Anderson, liam Wagner and John Flynn. Norman Mangslcau, Melvin Thompson and O. E. Gucltenburg. SECOND Page 2l I f f -I G Z Z 40 ,QV , , , 1 ,Vg,O Q l M ,Q Q EMD!!! 621' All l fyi .fi- , V L., 'NH 1 -N 's , ' V-+ 2 N g - L T ful ln him rullwl ln' 1'r1lPr.Y ilu' frm! HI07llllQ', Ifllllf Yitlllllj' llll' xlIlll'VI'!flIl .vfllnrzl flows nmn' fm tllf' lllflllillfllllll llmn it I'l"l'l' !lII.Y l1r'fnn'. linrll vl111lr'nl 1'.fg11i1lr'rl along ro111'.s'1'.x' llml will ln' lrrlp lllllllflllg, jn'r1gn'.v.a'iw' fuorlrl. linrly ,'lIlII'l'l!'IIl1 vrlfnolx wwrrf jmzzrrlwfl rm .mlizl lilmml urls .mb jr'r'l.x,' l1rm'r'rw'r. gl'UTl'lIlg4 lIIIlIl.S'lTI'I'.Y null lfzrgw rilfm' !'VI'IllI'!l n I1!'l'!'.Y.YI'lj' for 'is'm'inl nrljllxlmwll nnrl HI'XIlI'l'I'!'ll!'l'U In ln' rrnlllrlwfl' mln Ilrz' r'11rr1'r ulnm. .S'l111lr'nl.x' I'lIllHlVlfI'Ilg' uprm n r'r1rr'1fr ron: nmml nltwnlirm in Illrfr fiwlrl rim' In .Yllllj-!'I'l.S' of firm' qzmliluv uml lligll .x'lnn1lrn'1l.v lrwrzlrfrl in lug .x'r'l1 rml. YEM 2 A ,mnv-W4 Hi.-4 X ,f- ......--f gh -ww .,.,,, 3 tw 565 9 3535 1: ,wQL ..-wiv, 1 ,-M V? Q , N 1 fx if fy ff till! ff,fsff:,wsHfF .. TIGERS ROAR Manhattan 1 n Merry-Go-Round 3 i JAN, ZQAND F5815 E 1 l E 5 mam ua 3 f max scuoox nuonomun 3 4 2 E 2 E "READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT on flue lirsl floor bullelin board" is a common expression around ALHS. Tl'1e lafesf in school ancl communify acfivifies is sure fo furn up lhere. Bill Sorenson poinfs ouf 'the advanfeges of one of lhe senior scholarships 'fo Lyle Biglaley, Verdelle Brand, Judy Duselr and Rhonda Bussman. k YA .hi ,YH H MV M Page 24 All Through Our Entire ear As Upperclassmen . ' "I" '45 - f I iilfiafff . . 3.522 A7 1. ' Ahern Anderson Anderson Anderson Andersen Aslce Avelar Aulwes Balabill Balrlren Becker Belirends Benson Bergen Bergen l'.-YI' .XHERX-lf1'e11c'l1 Cl11b 2, 3: lfoolbzill I. 2, fl: IIICII- I,lIJl'2l1'y Club IJXYID IEICIIRENI-JS-l7.I"..-X. I. 2. EI. uis I: Coll' 2, fl: Swing lgillltl 35. .XLION XNDER- SHIRLEY BENSf,N+Dl'?lI1l2l Cl11b EI: HI-IIiL'ClIS 2, 3: SON-lilf..-X. l. 2, II. BONNIE .XXl7liRSOX-IJi1'e1'si- C.,fX.A. 2. EI: Mzul1'ig21l Group 2. EI: ,X Chorus 2, El: Soloist liecl f,l'ClIlJ21ll0llS EI: Dislribiilive Cl11b 35. SHIRLEY 2. 3: Tigefs Roz1r3: liiuerecl l-l'0lIl Cleuwoocl. IYIIIIIICSOIZI .XNIJIQRSEX - Hi-'l'ec11s I. 2, 35: .X CIIIUYIIS 2. 3: B 2. .IOHN ISERGEN-Q-11illa11rl Scroll 2. 35: .XI1 La H11 Chorus I: Seieiiee Cl11b I, 2, fi. IJELORES AUl.XVliS- S21 2. 3: Tiger 3: Nilllllllill Ho11o1'Soc'ie1y fl: Speecli Fes- lJi1'e1'siIieclOee11l1z11io11s 3:l7is11'il1111ix'e Club 3: liruererl 111:11 2: Aluuior Classical League l. 2. 3: .-X111lio-Vin11z1l l'l'Ol1l .XllSllll, BIIIIIICSOIZI El. DUNN.-X B,-XlSl3I'I"I'-lf1'e11el1 Club 2: 1511111121 Club 2, E55 'IIIICSIDIQIIIS 2, 3: Mzisquer 2, 3: Club 2. ES: 1112111121 Club l. 2, 35: 'I'l1espiz111s 2, fi: lX'I2lSilllCl' 'l'ige1"s Roar 2, Ei: Sllilll ol SIHISII 2: George XVRISIIIIIQQIOII 2. 3: Hi-Teens 2: CHX..-X. 2: Bowling League 2: B Cliorus Slept Here 2: 'l'l1e Silver Whistle 3: Ro1a1'iz111 Represema- I: George lviwlllllgllbll Slept Here 2. ICLXVOOD BAK' tive fl. XVILLIAM BERGEN-Foolbzlll Manager l. 2. 3: KIQN-I".l".1-X. I. ALICE BECKERfSlJ2llllSl1 Club 3: .XI1 Basketball Mzumger I. 2. fl: Tiger's Roar 3. I,z1 Ha SEI 2. 25: Tiger 35: Hi-lea-11s I, 2. II: IS Chorus lg Page Z5 We irived To Maintain Our High Standing As Seniors Bergerscn Bighley Beclriordan Boe Boeller Bolnonelc Bosaclrer Bowman Boyd Brabec Brackey Brand Brand Brown Brua Nl.-Xlll,lN BERCIIQRSUN-I".I'i..X. I. I,Yl.1f l5lGHl.EY- flllfblills I. COXNIIE BCIYID-NZIIIOIIZII HOIIHI' Society 2, qlllllllll' C.lz1ss1r'z1l l1C2lgllC 2. 41: .xllkllll-XISIIZII Club 2. 5. DONNA liECK.lORDAN-Hi-'licum fi: EIIICICLI ll'OI11 SL. Paul. NIIIIIICSUIZI FS. P1-YI' 13012-,-X11 1.21 l'l2lS21 2, Ei: Tiger 3: l,ll0l0gl'3lJlly Clllll l. 21 Hi-Teens 3: GAA. I: Or- Cl1c'nlrz1 I, 2: l5z1111l I. 2. fi: li Cll1JI'lIS I. ROIJNEY BOIQIfl'ER-O1'c'l1cs11'21 I: lSz111cl I, 2, MILFORD BOHONEK-lDi1'crsiIiccI f,i'Cl1lJ2lli0lIS 3: lJisLribu1ivc Club 33. CHARLES BOSACKER-Quill and Scrinll 2, 3: A11 1,21 Ha S21 2, 3: Tiger 33: Foollmll I, 2: Hi'Y fl: 'I'igc1"s Roar 3: P10111 CIOIIIIIIIIIUC Cl1ai1'111z111 2: RfJl2lIAI2lIl Repro- sc'11lr1liVC l,Il.A ISOIVMAN-Hi-'l'Qc11s I. 2. 3: I3 Page 26 3: Stuilcnl COIIIICII II: CirIs'S1z1lc 2: IJIAZIIIIZI Clllll I, 2, 3: FIIIICSIJIZIIIS fi: HI-VIICLTIIS I, 2. fi: CAA. l. 2. 3: Maclrigal Group 2. EI: ,-X Cliorus 2, 3: I3 Cll0I'llS I: Soluisl I: Home- COITIIIIQ ,-X1lc11cla11l fi: 'I'igc1"s Roar 3: IIIUIII CIOIIIIIIIIICC Cl1air111z111 2: 'l'l1c Silver XVl1isllc 3: D..,X.R. Rep1'csc11La- tive 3. HERB BR.-XNDfSl11clc11t Co1111cil 2: O1'cl1cs1ra I. 2: Band I, 2, 3: Swing Band I, 2, 3: A CIIOYLIS l: '1'igc1"s Roar I, 2. 3: Clam Olbfer fl. VERDELLE BRAND- Uslu-rs Club I, 2. 3: C..-X..-X. I, 2, 3: I3 Cliorus I. ROB- ERT IEROXVN-Hi-Y 2. ES. FRANCES BRUA-HL 'IICCIIS I. 2. 3: C..X..X. I. 2. fi: l3owli11gI.cz1g'11c I. 2, El. As We Took Active Part In Many Co-Curricular Activities Burnett Sussman Buienhoff Butler Carlson Carson Cerva nies Christensen Christensen Chrisiopherson Clark Clausen Conell Conlan Delgaclo CAROLYX BURNETT-Spanislt Club l: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Ah L21 Ha S21 2. 3: Tiger 3: National Honor Society 3: Frcnch Club 2. 3: Hi-Tccns l. 2. 3: G.A.A. 3: Maclrigal Group 2, 3: A Chorus 2. 3: B Chorus l. Rl-IONDA BUSSNIAN--junior Classical League l. 2. 3: I-Ii-Tccns l. 2, 3: A Chorus 2, 3: B Chorus l. GERALD BUTENHOFF-French Club 2: Draina Club 2: Thes- pians 2: Hi-Y I, 2. DARLENE BUTLER-Hi-Tec-ns l, 2. VAN KIRK CARLSON-Audio-Visual Club l. 2. 3: Mamlrigal Group l, 2, 3: A Chorus l, 2, MARILYN CARSON-Hi-Tccns l, 2, 31 G.A.A. l, 2, 3. CARMISN CIZRVANTES-Drznnzt Club 3. TOM CHRISTENSEN- I-Ii-Y l. 2, 3: F.F.A. l: Bztncl l, 2, 3: Divcrsiliccl Orcupa- lions 3: Distribulivc Club 3. VERNON CHRISTEN- SEN-Ilzlskclllall l. 2, 3. ROBERT CHRISTOPHIQR- SON-F.F.A. l, 2, 3: A Chorus I. HOXVARD CLARK- Tennis l. CRAIG CLAUSEN-Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Ah La Ha 5212, 3: Tiger 3: Football l. 2. 3: Golf l, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: Maclrigal Group 3: A Chorus l, 2, 3: Soloist 3: Tigers Roar 3: Ri3l3l'l3I1 Representative 3. JOYCE CONELL-Hi-Teens 2. DAVID CONLAN- Track l, 2, 3: A Chorus l. RAYMOND DELGADO- Football 2, 3: X'Vrcstling l, 2, 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3: A Chorus I, 2, V Page 27 After Attending Classes Which Consisted ot Languages, Dempewolt Deurmier "PUT YOUR LEFT FOOT FORWARD." Gaily trying to master the steps ot the latest dance craze, the Bunny Hop, are Pat Bee, Phil Lee, Mary Searles and Bill Dillavou Dilling Bergen, Dirksen Distacl DRLORICS DlillRMIER-Spzulish Cllulm l: Hi-'l'c'a'ns l. X 2, ft. RONllil,l.l'Q l7ll,1,.XX'Oll-,Xll Lal I-lz1Szl 2, fi: li- 2 5 gm' 35: wlunim' Cllzissicul LCZIQIIC 5: llrsnnzl Club Et: Mas- 5 tlllitl' ft: The Hcircss Zi. SHIRLEY lJlLLlNCfIuniol' -'K Classical Lcllgllc fl: Hi-'l'c'ulls l: f,l'l'llL'Sl1'2l l. 2. ft: liaml f' l, 2. 35: A Klllmus 2. fl: li cillOl'll5 I. BONNIE DIRK- SIQN-Hi-'lk-mls I. 2, 31 CL..X..X. 1.2: ltowli11gl,c-zlgllc l, 2. ' ' ft: 'l'igc1's Rum' fl. IJIQLORI-18 lJlS'l'.XlJ-Hi-'lbclts l, 2, " ' ft: lDix'cl'silicml f,l't'llIJ2lllUllS 35: lJl5ll'llJllllYL' Cllulm fl. 'Wah' .---"-" "-.".' I ' g- . '- " 5 - If fi! 'F Page 28 ocial Iudies, Business Courses and Music Groups sz., ..-A5,,3.u.:s,f ,, ji Donovan Duselc Earp Enderscn Ericlcsen Evans Evans Evans Flim Flores Foley Garrell Gill Gillarcl Gilpin DAN DONOXHXN - lfooiball I, 2: llaskclball I, 2, 3: I. GIVEN ILXQXNS-Ifli-'I'ccm I, 2. 35: C..X..X. I. 2: Bowl- Scnioi' Excculivc Council .IUDY DUSEK-Hi-lccns ing Lcaguc 2, 3: Divcrsilicrl Occupalious 3: Dislribuliw I, 2, 3: CIA..-X. I, 2: B Chorus l. 2: Class Ulliccl' 2. Club 3. IVESLEY lLV.XNS-Elilercil Ironi Swca City, DAVID E.-XRI' - National Honor Society 3: Quill Iowa I. MARIA I"l.ORIiS-CA..-X. 3: II Chorus 33 En- ancl Scroll 2, 3: Ah La Ha Sa 2, 3: ligci' 3: lcrccl Ironi Crystal City. Icxas 3. RICH,-XRD IVOLIZY- Speech Festival 2: Siuclenl Council 2: Discussion Club SIIIKICIII Council 3: Iiaskciball I. 2. 3: 'I'ra4'k I. 2: Band 2: l,l1OI0gl'2llDllI' Club I, 2. 3: .junior Classical Lcaguc I. 2, 3: Swing Band I. 2, 3: 'I'igcr's Roar 2, 3. NEIL I. 2, 3: Audio-Visual Club I: Drama Club I, 2: Tlicspian G.-XRR12'I"I'- Diversiliccl Occupations 3, Dislrilnuivc I. 2, 3: Masqucr 2. 3: Hi-Y I, 2, 3: Swing Band 2, 3: Club 3. SHIRLEY CIl.I.--I-Ii-Iccns I, 2. 3: Ilixviwilicnl Nlaclrigal Group 2, 3, A Chorus I, 2, 3: 'I'iger's Roar I. 2. Occupations 33 Disl1'ibuiix'c Club 3. CiXLL.X CILL.XRD 3: Our Town I: lake Care ol' My Liulc Girl I. DIKXNIC -llslu-rs Club I. 2. 3: Hi-lccns I. 2: CL..X..X. 2. 3: Howling IZNDERSON-Sluclcul Council 3. .XLIDRILY ERICIQ- League 3: Orcllcslra I. 2. 3: I3 Chorus I: 'I'igc1"s Roar SEN-Drama Club 3: Hi-'Iccns 2, 3: C..X..X. 2. 3: Iigcfs 2, RYI' CILPIN-Spanisli Club I: Hi-'l'cc'ns I. 2, 3: Roar 2. 3: Prom CUIIIIIIIIICC Cliairnian 2. GLORIA CLA..-X. I, 2. 3: A Chorus 2. 3: II Chorus I. EVANS-I-Ii-'Iiecns I. 2. 3: EIIICTCKI I1'on1 Swca City, Iowa Page 29 The Terms Molecule and Atom, Acid or Base Became ROBERT COLISERG-Photography Club l, 2, Ei: Hi-Y l, 2, 3: Orfheslra l, 2, 3. YVILLIAM GRISXVOLD- Spanish Club I: Draina Club 2. 3: 'lhespiaus 3: Hi-Y I, 2, 3: Prom Committee Chairnian 2: George XVashing- lon Slept Here 2. PHYLISS CUNDERSON-Drama Club I: Hi-Teens I. 2, 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3: Band I. 2, 3: A Chorus 2, 55: I3 Chorus I: 'l'ig'er's Roar l, 2, 3. RICH- ARD HACEN-Audio-Visual Club I: Track I: Bowling League I: Diversified Occupations 3: Dislributive Club 3. Lire Club El: Olliee Helper I. 2, El. DANIEL HANSON- Football I: Diversified Occupations 3: Dislribulive Club El. IIE.-XNE'l"l'E HANSONfHi-Teens 1, 2. 3: G.A.A. 2: B Chorus I: Ofliee Helper 2. MARY HANSON-HL Teens 2: Diversiherl Occupations 3: Dislribulive Club 3: Enlerecl from Ypsilanti, Michigan 2. ROGER HAN- SON-lVreslling 2: l".l".A. I. KATHERINE H,'x.'xSgHl- Teens I: Dirersiliecl Occupations 3: Dislrilnuive Club 3: Entered from Lamberlon, Minnesota I. NIARLENE ALTHEA HANSEN-Spanish Club I: Drama Club I, 21 HA'l'I,ELI-Hi-Teens I. 2. 3: C.A.A. 2: A Chorus 2, 3: Thespians I: Masquer I, 2. fl: Hi-Teens I. Ei: C.A.A. I: li Chorus I: '1'iger's Roar EI. NIARLISS HATLELI-HL Bowling League 2: A Chorus 2: IS Chorus I: lake Care Teens I, 2, 3: C.A.A. 2: A Chorus 2, 3: B Chorus I: ol My Lillle Cirl I: Dirersiliecl Occupations 55: Dislribu- 'I'iger's Roar El. Ginlrel Solberg Griswold Gunderson Hagen Hansen Hanson Hanson Hanson Hanson Hanson Hass Hasdng HaHeh HaHeH Page 30 I Familiar To Us Through Ihe intricacies of Chemistry IJELORES H.XYliSAl"1'enc'li Club 2. 3: Alunior Classical I: 'I'igei:E Roar fl: Pioin Coinniillee Cliairnian 2. League l, 2, 3: Ushers Club l. 2, 31 l-li-'l"CCl1s 2, IICRULYN HEXDRICKSON-Hi-'llrelis 2, 3. l'.-X'l'- IE.-XNNE l'lli.-XTHER-I-li-'l'eens I: C.,X.,X. Ei: Bowling RICLX HENRY - Spanish Club I: Alunim' Classical League 3: Orchestra I. 2. El: B Chorus I. I-IOXYARD League 3: Hi-Teens I, 2: C..X.,X. I. 2, fi: I5 Clmrus I. HECKES-Student Cnuneil 2, 35: lfoolball I. 2, Ei: Basket' CAROL l-lliXVl'l"l'-Hi-Teens I: C..X..X. 2: A Chorus 2. ball I: 'I'1'ac'k I, 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: Tiger! Roar El: 'I'l1e Silver' Fi: I3 Chorus I. .IIXMES I-lOlfl"M,XN-Drarna Club l: hYllislle 5. SHIRLEY l-IEINE-Hi-leens l, 2, 3: .-X Howling League l. 2. CAROL l'liJUCLAND-Sllulenl clll0l'llS2,?l1 BClicn'us I. 'lllill HLIl.l,Ili-Sluclenr Conn' Council 2: Hifleens I. 2, Ei: CA..-X. l. 2. Eli Nlarlrigal oil I: l".F..-X. I, 2. LILROY HEMENWAY-lllrmograpliy Cmrilm 2, 3: .X Clmrun 2. 3: liCl1m'us I: Queen ol' Hearn Club I. 2. 3: Auclio-Visual Club 2, Ei: Hi-Y I, 2. 3. DAR- fi. DAVIIJ HORNING-lf.l"..X. I. 2, 3. HliRllliR'l' LENE HENIJRICKSON-Red Cross 2: Quill and Scroll HOUG-li.l"..X. l. 2. QIIQNNIQLLY lXGV.-Xl,lDSON- 2, 3: Ah La Ha Sa 2. Pl: Tiger Ei: National l'lcmo1'S0c'ieLy Drania Club 2. fi: Tllespians 2. fi: Ifli-Teens l. 2, Ei: Senior 2. 3: junior Classical League I, 2. fl: Dianna Club I, 2: lixeeulive Council Pl: liancl I, 2. fi: A Clinrns 2. fig li Hi-Teens I, 2. Ei: CA..-X. I, 2, fi: .X Chorus 2, fi, li clllflflln Clmrus I: 'ligerk Roar I, 2: Cl11ssOllic'c'r2i. Hayes Healher Heclces Heine Hellie Hemenway Hendrickson Hendrickson Henry Hewill Hoffman Hoagland Horning Houg lngvaldson Page 3l Through Our Participation In Speech and Dramatics CLARICE .IACOBSON-lfli-'leens I: .X Chorus 2: ll IIIQNSICN-lf.I".,X. I. 2, Ei. -lOYCli .IICNSEN-Hi-'l'eei1s Chorus I: Diversiliecl Oeciipziliolis Pl: lJisli'iI:ulix'e Club I. 2, 35. l,OlllSl'1QIICNSICN-kllllliorClzlssiezllLeague 2. fi: ROGER II,-XCOUSUN-l".l"..sX. I. 2. Ei. lD.XRl..X AIEX- lsli-leens I, 2, fi: C..X..X. 2. 3: Bowling League 2: Orelies- SEN-Hi-'I'eens I, 2, El: Orc'l1es1i'z1 I, 2, 3: Swing linsenible lrzi I, 2. 3: Bzuul I: 'l'ig'er's Rozn' I. RICHARD -IRN- 3: li Chorus l. D.-XRl.ENlf AIliNSEXeHi-leens l. 2, 3: SICN-Football l: lf.l"..X. l. 2, Il: Nlilllllgill Group l, 2. 3: B Chorus I: Diversiliecl Oceiipzuion IS: llislribulive .X Chorus I, 2, Ei: King ol Hearts Zi. RULLIN IENSEX- Club fi. ELAINE -IENSEN-Sluclenl Council I: lli-'lieens l".l"..X. I. 2. R.-XYNOLIJ AlEl'SON-lf.l"..X. l, 2. 1iY.XlJ- I, 2. EI: .X Chorus 2, 3: 13 Cliorus I. liV15l,YN.lliNSliXw Nlili .IIQRIJEIZ-Spziiiisli Club I: H i-leens I, 2. Ei: .X National Honor Society 2, Zi: llrzinizi Club I. 2. fl: llies- Chorus 2. Zi: B Chorus I. IO.-XXX UIOCHUNISIEX-,Xb plans 2. fl: Hi-Teens I, 2, 3: C..X..X. I, 2, Pi: Orclieslm 1.21 H:iSzi 2, 3: Tigerfl: lfli-leens l, 2, fi. CARY IOHN- I, 2, 3: liziml l, 2, 3: Mzulrigzil Croup 2. ii: .X Chorus 2, SON-l'l1ologi'apl1y Club fi: .Xuclio-Yisuzil Club Ii: Hi-Y 25: B Chorus I: Soloist 3: 'l'iger's Rozu' 3. EYlQRli'I"I' I, 2. fi. Jacobson Jacobson Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jepson Jerdee Joclnumsen Johnson 5 Page 32 We Gained Assurance In Speaking Before An Audience - ix, "' 2 5- I if fl' . f I ,nfl 'Q' , Il ff ,QQ QQ 'ffl CQORIDON .IOHNHCJN--l'l1ulug'rzlpI1y lllulm I. 2: 'I'1'amk W' 'Vg' W xg, ' I: Hi-Y l, 2, 35: f,I'l'lIQ'NIIi2l 2, 5: Iizuul I, 2. Ei: Mzulrigal ' lf' Jw ,' " fII'UlllJ I. 2. 3: .X Clmrlls I. 2, Fl: 'IIIgl'I"S Rozu' I: Our I jf' 5 1 Iowu I, RICIIIIXRID AIOPINSON-llivclisiIiccl Ocicupa- I ii, n 1 lions 3: lJisl1'ilJl1lix'c Club fl. ROGER JOHNSON- 'yll xr!!! S Ilrzmlu Cllulm fi: 'I'l1cspiz1us ii: 'Iiznck I, 2, 33 Hi-Y Ig A lv Ili! Q 1 ' Cllmrus I, 2, Fl, NIXRY IORIIXNY-Ifli-locus I, 23 Prowl- I xl luv' IJCZIUIIC fi XIYRAX IORIJAN-S an-cell I'ICSlIVLll 9' . .k - 71' I . -' . ' . I Q I 'I -' ' ,I A X A6 if SIIIKICIIIYIOIIIICII fl: llrzlmzl Cllulm 2: IIICSIJIZIIIS 2, 3: Mas- ' qucr 2, fit Iformllmll I. 2. fl: 'I'I'2lt'Ii I: Iigcrk Roar 31 Cicfcmlgcr XVZISIIIIIQIUII Slept Iflc-rc 2. Johnson Johnson Johnson Jordan Jordan Jorgensen "OOI'lI DREAMYV' says Carol Hewlll as she and classmales Cynlhia Loulers and WW? Carolyn Burnell checlc on lhc laiesl fashions in a downlown slore window on Ihe '- way home IFOHISChO0L Q, , .I iigiiags .V ,, .3 g ffvfffgg N gg gkxggggg Qwhiiiieif' ie Page 33 We Also Found Time For Such Organizations As Juarz Juers Kealing Keeler Kermes King King Kluender Klulrow Klulrow Knudson Kuellie Ladlie Lamberlus Langerud KIXRIQN -IUERS-Nzuionzil Honor Socivly 2, fi: Hi-Tccm I, 2. 3: Orc:l1csl1'z1 I, 2, 3: Band I, 2. 35: Maclrigal Group 2, 3: ,X Chorus 2. fl: IS Chorus Ig Soloist I, 2, 3, Tigcfs Roar I. 2, R.-XY Iili.'X'l'ING-junior Classical League I, 2: Football I, 25 Iiziskclbzlll I, 33 Enlcrccl Irom Fargo, Norlli Dakota I. C1fR.XI.IJ KEELER-Ifoolball I, 2, 3: XV1'cslli11g 2, EI, illfillfk I, 2, fl: Hi-Y 3g A Chorus l. HAR- RIEI' KERMES-Hi-'l'ccns 2, 3: B Chorus I3 Library Club 2. I'.-'YI'RlCIA KING-I-Ii-Teens I, 2, 33 C.A.A. l, 2. 3: Bowling Leaguc I. 2. Il: Diversiiiccl KJITIIIJZIIIOIIS 33 Dislrilolllivc Club 3. ROI5lQR'I' KLUILNDIQR-I".l7.A. Page 34 I, 2, 3. liRNILS'I' KLLIKOXY-I".lf.A. I. 2, fi. LUR- RIXINE KI.UKOXV-Hi-lccns I. 2, 33 B Chorus I. RICHARD KNUDSON-Sluclcnl Council 35 l"ool,bz1Il I, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 35 -llfilfli I, 2, 35 'I'igcr's Roar I. M.-XRLYS KUIi'I'I-IE-Hi-Icons 2, 3: l,ibr2u'y Club 2. JANICEI.AlJI,I1i-Hi-'lbcns 2, fi: C..'X.pX. l, 2, 3: Home- coming AIICIIIIZIIII 3. PAULINIZ L,-XMISERTUS-All 1,21 H21 SRI 2, 33 Tigcr 3. RAY LANCERUIJ-Sturlem Conn, cil 53 Hi-Y I, 2, 3: A Chorus 1.23 Our Town I: Diversibecl CJl'f'lllJ3.i.lOI1S 35 Dislribulivc Club 3: lilllcrccl Irom North' wood, Iowa I. Hi-Teens, Red Cross and Other ervice Groups www.,- www! Larson Larson Lawrence Lebeck Lee Lehmann Lhd Undahl Loken Loulem Lowry Lulces Lulces Mangslcau Marlin DAVID l,.XRSON-National Ilouor Society 2. fl: Speech CYN'lHl.'X LOUTICRS-Quill zuul Stroll 2, EI: All La Ha lfc-mlirul 2: Slucleul Council FI: IJHIIIIZI Club 2. ES: Sa 2. ES: Tiger 31 National Honor Society ES: Aluuior Clas- FIIIICSIJIEIIIS FI: Basketball I, 2. 551 Ililillfli 2, fi: Senior Ex- sical League 2, 3: lfslrery Club I. 2, 3: 'I'iger's Roar 3, CIQIIIIYC Council EI: Band I: Swing Iizuul I, 2, FI: Nlzulv I,ibrzu'yClub 3. MARY LOWRY-Rell Cross I,2: Quill rigul Group 3: ,X Chorus I. 2, Fi: 'I'iger's Roar 2, and Scroll 2, E53 All Lai H21 Dil 2. EIL Tiger fl, Speech Fes- 21 Prom CIOIIIIIIIIIUC Clrairruzui 2: The Heiress 35: lival I, 21 Discusniou Club I, 2: I'iliCllLil1 Club 2, EI: Drama ROIZIVIZIII Represeulzuixe 3: Class Ollieer 3. DORIS Club I, 2, fl: VIDIICSIDIZIIIS I. 2, FI: Mzlsquer I. 2,551 .VX Chorus l..XRSliN-I-li-leeus I. 2, 3: Library Club 2. PHILLIP 2,31 B Chorus I: Prom Couuuillee Chairman 2: Our Miss l,L1li--IXI1 La Hu Su 2, 3: Tiger 35: Drzuua Club I, 2, 3: Brooks I: luke Care OI' My I.illIe Girl I. DORIS lfoolball I. 2. 3: XvI'CSllIIIg 2. 3: Basketball I: Track I, 25 LUKES-Hi-Teens 2, 3. DOROTHY LUKESfHi-Teens A Chorus I, 2, EI: Iilixzxbexh The Queen 2: Masquer 2, 35 2, 3. CONS'I'.XNCli M.fXNCSIi.Xll-Ifreucll Club I, 2: Class Ollieer 2. IJIIANE I.IND-Dix'el'siIierI f,CC'lllJHllOIlS Hi-Teens 2, EI. IAYERNIQ M.XR'l'lX-F.F..-X, I, 2, EI: Dislribulire Club EI. I3E'l"l'Y LOKICN-B Chorus 1. Page 35 Our Class Had Many Outstanding Players In Sports HUM-1 Matthias Mehus HHELP! l'M GETTING WET!" How many bottles of H20 it lakes ol' malce one female chemist a mess is what Shirley Andersen, Phil Yauger and Marlin Bergerson Mlsgen M09 are Finding out. Victim: Barbara Wichmann. Moore Morreim q l' N3 gf MH Q V2 T 421 XX'II.l,I.XM M.'Xil"l'l'lIES-Spcrcfll l'4L?NllY2ll 23 SllIflCIll sz, C 'N , SV Q Cr11111c'il 1.2.33 l'1'csimlc11l 3: lJl'2llll2l Club I, 2. 33 Focmllmll ul T L I. 2, 3: XX'1'cslli11g l, 2. 3: 'I'1'z1c'k I, 2: .X Cll0l'llS l. 2. 3: Q ' su YQ, E 'l'igc1"s Roar 31 llftllll Cr1111111iIlc:C flll2lll'IIl2lll 2: O111' Miss WTI' f I a b X, limoks l: NIZISKIUCI' l, 2. 3: Rf11z11'iz111 l1CP1'CSClll2lllYC Fl. rl J ' x BARBARA MISGEN-Hi-'I'cc11s l: CLAA. l, 2: lJlYl'l'Sl- .I . licflOcc1111z1lir111sfl: Disl1'ilp11li1'c Cll11l1 3. JOHN NIOIQN- P 4' 4111, 0 BOYVllIlg lkilglli' l. NORMX MOOR1i-Hi-il'c'c11s l. 2, . -' 1 ' 1 3: I5 Cl1o1'11s l: Bzuul 2. ROGER MORRlilNl-XY1'cs- , rffrf l' 1' E - .1 1. .1 .f f 9 lllllg 2. 5. I .I ..-X. l. 2, J. Aww I Page 36 uch As Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Track Narverud Neist Nelson Nelson Nelson Nekon Nekon Nekon Nemd NoHe Noland Norlay Norclahl O'Byrne Ochs VIRGINIA XARYERUD-Xzlliolizll l'lo11c11' Society 2, 3: SIJN-AIIIIIIUI' Cl:1ssic':1l League I, 2: Ushers Cl11b I: Hi- Slltlltlll flflllllfll I. 2: IJ1'11111z1 Cl11b I, 2. 3: 'I'llChlJI2lIlS 2, 3: IIICCIIS I, 2. El: li Cl1Ul'lI5 I: lJl1'e1'sil1e1l Oc'c'11pzuio11s 3: Hi!I'ee11s I. 2, El: NIz11l1'ig,z1l cII'0lllD 3: A Clmrus 2, 3: B IJis11'il1u1i1'e Club 3. MARY M. NELSON-lD1'z1111z1 Club cIIlUl'Ilh I: H11111e1'11111i11g .AIICIICIZIIII 3: 'I'ige1"s Rozu' 2, 3: 2. SUSAN NEl,SONfN11lio11:1l H1111111' Society 2, 3: I'1'11111 LIUIIIIIIIIICC cIll2IlI'llI2lIl 2. BONNIE NEIS'I'-Hi- I'II'C'lIC'lI Club 2, 3: 1311111111 Club I. 2. 3: 'l'l1esl1iz111s I, 2, 3: IIICCIIS I, 2. fl: lJi1'e1'sil1ecI KJLTIIIJZIIIOIIS fi: Ill5II'IIllllIVC HI-IIIL'CIIS I, 2, Fl: Iizuul I, 2, 3: Mzulrigal Croup 2. 3: A Cl11b fl. l.I'ClLLE NELSON-Quill z111cI Scroll 2, 3: AI1 cIll0l'llS 2, 3: li cIll0I'lIS I: 'l'ige1"s Rozu' I, 2, ANN I.z1 H11 S21 2, fl: il'IgL'Il 3: N2'1lio1121l H1111111' Society 3: Hi- NERAID-C.A.A. 2, 3. EILEEN NOBLE-Hi-'l'1'e11s I, 'l'ee11s I. 2, El: C.A.A. I, 2, 3: 'l'ige1"s Roar 3. MARY E. 2, 3: C.A.A. l, 2, 3: Brmwling League 2, 3: '1'ige1"sRoa1'3. NELSON-Q'uill iltltl Scrull 2, El: AI1 L21 H:1Sz12, 3: Tiger SHIRLEY NOLAND-Sl1a11isl1 Club I: F1'e11cl1 Club 2: 3, Nillltlllill H1111111' Society 3: F1'e11c'I1 Club 2, 3: Drama Usliers Club I, 2: Hi-'l'ee11s I, 2, 3: BCl1o1'us I. ALAN Club I. 2, 3: 'l'l1es11iz111s I. 2, 3: BIZISKIIICI' I, 2, 3: Hi-Teens NORBY-Dive1'silie1l Uc'c'11p21lir111s 3: llislribixlive Club 3. 2. 3: Bancl I, 2, 3: I'1'c1111 CLOIIIIIIIIICC Cl1ai1'111z111 2: Red ROGER NORIJAHL-Coll' I, 2, 3. CATHERINE Cross I, 2. 3: Science Club I, 2: Take Care Of My Little O'BYRNE5Iu11io1' Classical League 2: Hi-'1'cc11s l, 2, 3. Girl I: Our Miss 1i1'o11ks I: George Wasliington Slept RICHARD OCHS-Bowling League 1. Here 2: 'l'l1e Heiress 3: Class Ollicer I. MARY L. NEL- Page 37 l Which Have Assisted iudenis ln Developing A Sense NORMAN Ol.SON-I".l"..fX. I. 2: Ilirersilietl Occupations 3: Ilislributire Club 3. RlililiCC.'X OLSON-I-li-'l'eeus l, 2. El: C..'X..X. 2: Orclleslra I, 2, 3. SHIRLEY OLSON- .-Xh La Ha Sa 2, 3: Tiger 3: Stuclent Council I: Drama Club I, 2. 3: 'Ihespians 2, 3: Masquer I, 2, 3: Hi-Teens 3: CA..-X. 2: .X Chorus 2. 3: B Chorus I: Soloist I: 'lige-r's Roar 2. 3: Ollice Helper 3: Take Care Ol' My Little Girl I: Our Miss Brooks I. RICH.-XRD OSBURN-Football 2, 3: Wrestling I. 2, 3: Band I. ELDORA OSTBY- Junior Classical League I, 2, Hi-Teens 2, 3: Bowling League 3: Orchestra I. 2, R.-XY OSTRANDER-Quill and Scroll 2, 3: .-Xh La Ha Sa 2, 3: Tiger 3: National Honor Society 2, 3: Speech Festival 2: Student Council I: .lunior Classical League I, 2. 3: Drama Club l, 2, 3: Thespians I. 2. 3: Masquer I, 2, 3: A Chorus I, 2, 3: 'l'iger's Roar I, 2, 3: Rotarian Representative 3: Red Cross 2, 3: Shah OI' Shush I: Our Miss Brooks I: Dracula 2: lilifabeth 'l'he Queen 2: The Heiress 3: 'l'he Silver XVhistIe 3. .IOXNNE CJYlQRC.'X.sXRlJ--lvli-leeus I. 2, 3: llowling l,L'2lg'lIC 3: ll Chorus I. ION I'.XC.'XX- llrznua Club I, 2: Football I, 2, 3: Coll' I. 2, Ei: Basketball I1 Hi-Y 32 liillltl l. -IRAN l'ALhll2R-Hi-'lieells I. 2, 31 G.fX.fX. I, 2, 3: A Chorus 2, 3: Il Chorus I. RAMON.-X PERKINSfIJiversiIiecl Occupations 3: llistributire Club 3. Al.lSlZR'l'.-X I'1iS'I'ORIOUS-Retl Cross 3: Drama Club I, 2. 3: 'lhespians 2, 3: Hi-'l'eens I: CHX.,-X. 3: Mas- quer 2, 3: Bowling League I: 'l'iger's Roar 3: George XVashington Slept Here 2. ARLENE PETIZRSON-Na tional Honor Society 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3: Junior Classical League 2, 3: Cheerleacler I, 2, 3: Hi-Teens 1: G.,-X..-X. I, 2, 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3: Hoineeorn- ing Queen 3: Prom Connnittee Chairman 2. DALE PETERSON-A Chorus I, 2, EUNICE PETERSON -Hi-Teens 2, 3: C.fX.A. 2, 3: A Chorus 2. 3: B Chorus I. KAREN I'E'l'liRSON-Stuclent Council 3: French Club 2. 3: Drama Club I, 2: lhespians I, 2: Masquer I, 2: Hi- Teens I, 2, 3: Orchestra I. 2, 3: A Chorus 2. 3: I3 Chorus I: lake Care OI My Little Ctrl I. Olson Olson Olson Oslaurn Oslby Oslrander Overgaard Pagan Palmer Perkins Peslorious Peterson Pelerson Peferson Peierson Page 38 ol Teamwork and Helped To Keep Them Physically Fil DONNA lyllfllcilisxlillllllill Honor Soeiely 2, 3: I-'reucli Club 2, 3: ,Iunior Classical League I. 2, 3: Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Hi-Teens 2: G.A.A. l. 2. CLARK PIERSON- A Chorus I, 2, PAUL l'IERSONfStucICnt Council 3: Ifoolball I, 2, 3: Goll' I, 2, 3: Basketball I: A Chorus I, 2, 3: Tiger's Roar -IO ANN QUAM-Spanish Club 2: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Ah La Ha Sa 2, 3: Tiger 3: Hi- Teens 2, 3: Library Club 2, 3. ARLENE RASMUSSENA .junior Classical League 2, 3, Hi-Teens I, 2. -IANE REYNEN-National Honor Society 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Ah La Ha Sa 2. 3: Tiger 3: .junior Classical League I, 2, 3: Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Maclrigal Group 2, 3: A Chorus 2, II: I5 Chorus l: Tigers Roar 3. DONNA RIEM.-KNN-Orcllesira I: liaml I, 2. 3: I5 Chorus I. EIJXYARIJ RcblglglINS-Plllllllgliillllly Club I, 21 Football I, 2: XYreslIiug 2, 3: liaskelball I: A Chorus I. CLAY- TON ROBINSON-Drama Club I, 2: IIIIICSPIZIIIS 2: Fool- ball l, 2, 3: Golf 3: Basketball I, 2: Track I, 2, 3: Orchestra l, 2: Band I, 2, 3: Maclrigal Group 33 A Chorus 3: Soloist 3: Tigers Roar 3. MARLENE ROLANDS- Hi-Teens 2, 3. ROGER ROLANDS-F.F,A. 1, 2, 3. HARLAN ROLI-'SON-XVrestliug lg A Chorus l, 2, EUGENE ROSNOlVfF.F.A. l, 2, 3. BRUCE RUBLE- lJl1OlOgl'?llDlly Club 2, 3: Hi-Y I, 2, 3: l".F.A. l, 2: Prom Committee Chairman 2. ELTON RUBLE-F.F.A. l, 2, 3: liaurl I. Pierce Pierson Pierson Quam Rasmussen Reynen Riemann Robbins Robinson Rolands Rolands Rolfson Rosnow Ruble Ruble Page 39 Our Vocational Training Program Has Aided Many of ,IIZRRY RUISLE-.XI1 L21 H11 S21 2. El: Tiger fl: Speech lfestiyzrl I, 2: Pliotogrztplty Cl11b l, 2. fi: .Xtulio-Yisttztl Clllll 2: Dlillllll Clttb l, 2. fi: Tltespizuts I. 2. fi: Mzistltrer l. 2, fl: Real Cross 2: Sllllll Ul'Sh11sl1 l: 'l'z1ke Care OI My Lillle Cirl l: Out' Miss Brooks l. -llC.XlYli'l"l'li Rlll'l'- C..-X..X. li Diyersilietl c,Ci'lllJZlllUllS Ei: Distributive Clttb fl. JANET RY,-XN-Iliyersiliccl Occupztlions 53 Dislributiye Club 25. DELORES SCHll'l'ER-Scierlcc Club 2. C.-XROLYN SCHNEIDER-Clz1ss Ollicer l3 National Honor Society 2, 33 Quill ztncl Scroll 2, 33 Ah L21 Ha Sa 2, 33 Tiger 33 Pltotogrzrpliy Club 33 French Club 2. 3: Drania Cl11b l, 2, 33 Thespians l, 2, 33 Masquer I, 2, 33 Hi-Teens l. 2. 5: Maclrigal Group 33 A Chorus 2. 33 B Chorus I: Hotnecorning Attendant 33 Tigers Roar 2, 3: Protn Connnittee Cl1Zlll'lIl2lIl 23 Science Cl11b l, 2, 33 Cyrano lg Take Cztre Ol' My Little Cirl I3 Our Miss Brooks l. JANET SCHOENROCK-Sllulenl Council l: Hi-Teens l. 2. fl: .-X Chorus 2. Zi: li Chorus I3 'lun- ior Clztssicztl l.L'2IglIC fi: Ushers Club Ei. MARY Slir-XRl.ES-Clztss Ollicer 2: Nzttionzrl Honor Society 35: Quill ztncl Scroll 2. Ei: .-Xh 1.21 H21 S21 2, Ei: Tiger 3: Stuclent Council Ei: l'il'ClIl'll Club 2, Ei: junior Classical Leagtte l, I 1 L. 3: 11132111111 Clllll l. L. 35: Thespians 35: Masquer ii: Hi- Teens 2, 3: SClll0l' Executive Council 3: Science Cl11b I, 2, 353 Tl1e Silver XVl1istle DARLENIZ SEVERT- SON-Quill and Scroll 2, 33 Ah La Ha S21 2, 3: Tiger 33 Hi-Teens 3: Officer Helper l. JUDY SIMS-junior Classical League 2, 33 Hi-Teens 2, 33 Orchestra l: Madri- gal Group 2, 33 A Chorus 2, 33 B Chorus 13 Soloist 1, 2, 3: Tiger's Roar l, 2, 3: Science Club 1. JAMES SKAAR- Hirestling 2, 33 F,F.A. 1, 2, 3, A Chorus 1, 2, 3. MAR- LENE SK,-XFF-I-'renclr Club 23 Ushers Cl11b l, 23 Hi- Teens 2, 3: Bowling League gl Band 1, 2. PHYLLIS SKOPHAMMER-Hi-Teens 1. 2, 3: B Chorus 1. RAMON,-X SMITH-I-Ii-Teens lg B Chorus lg Science Club 2. LOWELI. SORENSON-Coll' I, 2, Ruble Rupp Ryan Schipper Schneider Schoenroclc Searles Severlson Sims Sltaar Slraff Slcoplnammer Smilh Sorenson Sorenson Y' Page 40 Us In Choosing the Most Interesting Field of W ork RICHXRID SORICNSON-li11lL'1'ccl lrmu l'iSllIl'l'YHlL'. 1 1 V11 2. XXll.l.l.XNl l5fJRl',X5fjN-l'l'L'llK'lI f.llllJ 2. ,ll liibfilllllll 2 'i' ilil'2lC'li l' O1'cl1csl1'z1 l 2 ii IOIS SORA "U ,. ev. l,l1.N Quill lllll 541olll..i. .XI1 1,1 H1512..5. libel J, Nzuimial Hm1m'Sm'icly Ei: Cl1L'Cl'lC2lllQl' l, 2, fi: Hi-'lic'c11s Slll l 5 I1 a l, Ei: Scuim' 1iXL'l'llllYC Cm111cil fi: f,l'L'llC.' '2 . 2, Z: ' 5 if gvrk Rmu' Ii: l,l'0lll Cmiuuillcc cil1ElH'lllZlll 2. MARY ' 1, ..-- lr Sl'Elfl'X-Nzllimml H1llllJlksIJi'lCl,' 2. fi: Quill Zlllil Scroll s'f'," - 2. fi: 1Xl1 1121 H21 S21 2, Ei: Tiger 31 SlllllCIll ciillllliiil l: ,' T A - , 1 Aluuim' Classiczil League 3: Dlillllil Club l, 23 'l'l1c-slyiuiis " . .' - 41" l. 2, 31 AIHSLIUCI' 1, 2, 3: Hi-iliCL'IlS 2, 3, C..-X..-X. l, 2, 5: B Cl1Q1'us i1iigCl',5 Rmu' 3: SK'i'Cl1CC Club l. 2:'Ullice 08 54 Helper 2: 'lake Care Ol My LllIlC Cllml l. CXVEN " Q. SPR1xc111r111c1-spanisii cxinb 1, 2: Hi-'l'cc11s 1, ix I I fillfllllx 2, Ei: B Cll0l'llS l. KAREN SVFSXNLEY-U5llCl'5 Clulm l. 2. fi: .X Clmrus 2, Fi: li cillUl'llS l. Sorenson Sorenson "THlEFl" yells Jerry Ruble, as lie and Ray Oslrander, Maslers of Ceremonies, calclw . Jack Bergen snalclning silverware .vi llwe senior Clwrislmas brealslasl. Afler slraiglwlen- Sorllen Spelh ing il oul Jack impersonaled Yogi Yorgenson. Spfingbo,-9 Sfanley Page 4l From the Very First Years of Our Schooling To the , J or F r r ' r Sleen Sliebler lT'S ALMOST OVER NOW for llrese five seniors aulographing Tigers for llre lasl ' h lime. Jerry Sleen, Darlene Severlsen, Karen Slanley, Jerry Keeler and Lucille Nel- Slleglbauer Shles son look forward lo receiving 'llweir diplomas in a few days. Sloner Sundve lp , .2- wllg-Tllfua G1iR.'Xl.lJ S'lilCliN-lfrmllmzrll E53 Hi-X 3' X cllUl'llS 2: W 'l'igcr's Ruin' fl: l'illlK'l'L'll lrcmr Hzrrrrrurry, Mirrrrcsolzr 2. ' :X IUXYON Slllilil,lill-Hi-'l'L'c'rrs l, 2, fl: A Kilim-us 2,251 ---T W? -d b, 15 Cllrorun l. SHIRI L X STIEGLIS XUIQR C.,X.,AX. lg Q f, - 9.31- '- if 2' limvling Lczrglrc- I, 2. JOYCE S'llIl.ES-Ah L21 H21 Sa 'E'-01 0555 ig? 2, 3: Tigcr 25: Frurclr Club 2. fl: llilcurrs l 2' Bzrrrcl ' - -. lx li l, 2, lJAI,l" S'l'OYER-1".F.A. l, 7. 3 AI.-XCK 5 Ill xx - 9 SUNIJVE-Ifoollzzlll l: Divcrsiliccl fJI'K'llIJ2lll0IlS E53 Dislri- l I l l . ' l l ..,,:, V :fi blllivc Clllll El. , "2Qgf?n:,f,-'lgl ,f-' . or - ' fllbllll A i Page 42 0 ll c II Time We Marched To P omp and Circumslance iblr-I Syslalc Tavis Thompson Tlwrolson Tolzmann Tool Tovson Towne Trapp Troe Turlness Underwood Vande Voorl Van Engelenburq Van Wilgen MARY LOU SYSIUXIQ-I211lc1'ccI I111111 lZ111111c111s, Mi1111e- Hi-Teens I. 2, FI: C.,X..X. I, 2, EI: IiCl1c11:11s I. ISIIRTON som EI. RICIIXRIJ 'I'.XYIH-IIz111cI I, 2, 25: IQIIICTCKI l'r011'1 .Xll5llII. Nli11111'w1z1 I. IIXRYI. 'I'l-IOMPSON-Bowling IJSZIQIIC I: IJi1'c-lxiliccl f,l'LllIJ2llI0llSfI1 llislribulivc Club 3. 1 1 VIIQIXRY IHIiOl.SCJN-Spcvfll Ifc'sli1'z1I L: Slumlcul Coun- c'1l EI: III'2lllI2l Club 2, EI: I'I1c-511111115 2, 35: Masqucr 2, 3: Coll. 2, fi: blilllflgkll 621111111 fl: .X fIIl0I'llS I, 2, 3: '1'igcr's Rr1z11'2: Ilfllllflilll RcI11'csc11lzuix'c 35: lilivzxbclh 'l'I1c Queen 2: 'I'l1c Heiress 3: The Silver XVI1islIc 3. MARILYN TOIJNI.-XNN-SI1a11isl1 Club 2: .-XI1 La Ha Sa 2, 3: Tiger FI: KDITIICSIIH I. 2, 3: String E11sc111blc 3: B Cl1o1'us I. .IUNE lllfyvsflx-Dliilllkl Club I, 2, 3: Thcspiaus 2, 3: TOYVNE-Slllclclil Cr1u11c'iI 2. lI.Xlll3.AXIl.-X 'l'R.-Xl'I'- Sluclciix Cc11111cil 3: lJl'2llIl2l Cllllll I: Hi-FI'cc11s I, 2, 3: B Cl1o1'un I: Di1'c1'siliccI c,C'CllIJllll0II5 2, PI: Dis11'iI111livc Club 2, 55. MIELVIN 'I'ROI2-Fomlmzill I: Hi-Y 3: Bzmcl I, 2, 55. KIUNE TUR'l'NliSSfHi-'I'cc11s I, 2, ES. .-XRIJELI. UNIJIZRXVOOD-Iiowli11g I.C2lg'llC I: lJi1'crsiIicml f,K'C'IIIJ2l- lions 3: Di5l1'iI1uli1'c Club fi. IiVliRl2'l"I' VANDE VOORI'-Nz11iu11z1I Ho11o1' Society 3: Senior EXCCIIIIVC Council 5: F.F..X. I, 2, BIQ'l"l'Y V.-KN ENCELEN- BURG-B Cliorus I. NORNI.-X VAN XVILGEN-B Cho' rus I. Page 43 Our Goals Were Sei High That We Might Allain ww WHOOPSI A BLUNDERI Laughing al Judy Sims' mislalre is Burlon Towne, while Pal Gilpin and Ted Hellie wonder if iI's sale for fhem lo fry. Also slreplical are Janice Ladlie and Ellen Rulale. Verdoorn Ver Hey Ver Hey Wall Weclr Wiclimann IIOYCIIC YICRIJUORN-Quill :mil Scroll 2. fl: .XII 1,11 Ilzl ' i in ' -- .1 - A I ' I SZI 2,431 I iqci' .12 XZIIIHIIEII Iflmmi' Simclvli' .IL llslivrs Lliilx 2. fl: .X llliuiiix 2. fl: I3 Clliuriim I: 'l'igwi"s Ruin' fl. CLRXCZIC 'S YIQR IfI1iY--CQ..X..X.3l: .X Cllioi-in 2, fl: I3 Cllmrus I. CHAR- ...L l.O'I"I'lC xY.XI,I,gsIJR'L'llI Ifcslivzil 2: I,II0l0g'I'2lIJIly Club X . ff' I: Ilrziiiizi Clliila I. 2. fl: llllwmlllllllx l. 2. fl: IXIZISQIIICI' I, 2. El: A " C..X..X. I. 2: liziiicl I, 2. fl: Mmlrigzil Gmini: 2, fl: .X CIINJYII5 'T 9 2. fl: I3 Kilim-in I: Soloist El: 'I'ig'L-ik Roni' fl: High I'i'cssurc w x 'Af .XI'Cll I1iIi2II'iL'cI2lI'L'f,I My Lilllc Girl I:Oi1rAIisslBmok5 ' I. I'IIII,I,II' WICCIIQ-Sliulc-iii Clouncil I: I'Imiogi'ui1Iiy lllulm 2, fl: Ilruiiizi Clllili 2. fl: Ilicapizim 2, 35:XX'1'q-xlliiig I1 PM ' Hi-Y Fl: Pmiii cillllllllllllfl' Clllziiriiizin 2: 1'IlIlCl'ClI lrom " 'I' 'l n-7 Oklzillmiizi Cliiy. cllililllfllllil l. ISA-XI-lBqXR.'X XYICH- V NIAXX-Ollicc Hclpci' 21 Quill ziml Scroll 2, 55: All Lu H21 Su 2. 3: ligci' fl: Spcccli Fcmlivail 2: Drzniiu Cllul: I, 2, 2 ,-,, .. ' .. - - -- 3: 'IIIICSIJIZIIIS 2. El: Masqiicr I. 2, 3: Hi-Icons I, 2. Zig A K Q Cliorus 2. II: Ii Cliouim I: 'l'igc1"s Roar fl: Rccl Cross 251 5' -um. Nw-. XYIU Thcf Cliimcw Rang I: Ilranula 2. 5 ' Page 44 uccess As We Take Our Place In This Vasl World Wiclc Williamschen Williamson Willmerl Wolden Wong Wood Wood Woodside Woola rd Wuerflein Wulff Yoltiel Young Yauger NOT PICTURED: Kenevan Rongved Seuser DEAN XVICK-lfootbztll I. 2. 3: Ilzisketlmll I: .X Chorus I, 2, 29. DEAN XVIl,l,l.XMSCHIZN-l".I"..tX. I. 2, Fi. HAR- OLD XVOLDIQN-Diversiliecl Occupzttions 3: Distributire Club IE.-XN1i'l"l'E XVONC-Nzttionzil Honor Society 3: .-Nh L21 Ha Sa 2, 5: Tiger Ei: Speech lfestival l, 2: Pho- tography Club l. 3: French Club 2, 3: Drama Club I, 2, fl: 'lhespians I. 2, 3: Hi-Teens I, 2. 3: Senior Executive Council 3: 'l'iger's Roar 3: Prom Connnittee Chairtnztn 2: Science Club I, 23 Class Officer Ii.-XRLYNN XVOOD- National Honor Society 33 Frenrh Club 2, 3, Drama Club l, 2: Hi-Teens I, 2, fl: G..-X..-X. lg A Chorus 2, 35 B Chorus l. HARRIET XVOOD-Hi-Teens I, 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: tX Chorus 2: I5 Chorus I: Soloist I. AIACK IVOODHIDIC A liztsketbztll I. 2, EI. lil,IZ.'XI5El'H IX'UOl.,AXRD-Ili- leens I, 2, 3: C..vX..X. I: Dirersiliecl QJCCIIIIZIIIOIIS El: Dis- tributire Club HENRY XVUERFLIZIN-l".l7.A. I, 2. RICHARD WULFF-Football I, 2, fi: 'Track 2: Hi-Y 3: Maclrigal Group l, 2, fl: A Chorus I, 2, PAUL YOKIEL-Speech Festival 2: Stuclent, Council Ig Drzunzt Club 2, 3: Tliespiztns 2, 3: Football I, 2, 3: Wrestling l, 2: Track l, 2. RUSSEL YOUNG-A Chorus I, 2, PHILLIP YAUGER-Auclio-Visual Club l, 2, 3: Dratnzt Club 2: Hi-Y 3: Maclrigal Group 2: A Chorus l, 2, 3. Page 45 x EXECUTIVE COUNCIL members are Lois Soriien, Dan Dcnovan, Evereff Vande Voori and Mary Searles. 41 GRADUATION GOWNS weni firsf +o ihe class officers. Herb Brand, vice president stands fall as David Larson, president measures him. Jenneily Ingvaidson, secrefary, checks Treasurer JeaneHe Wong's gown iengfh. 'H' Wm? Among the Leaders of Our Class Were COLLEGE DAYS are planned by Romelle Dillavou, JoAnn Quam, Janef Schoenroclt and Joyce Pleiss ai Career Day. Page 46 Under the gllliiilllfl' ol Miss l'lorenn'e hcholtler, class adviser, the senior exe-cntive cotmcil planned the main senior ac'tivitic's ol' the yt'2ll'. 'l'he c'ounc'il consisted oi' the class oilwers and Iionr classmates chosen hy them shortly alter the class elections in the lall. lhe itrst responsibility ol the council was the senior breakfast. held the niorning iieiore Christmas vacation. jennelly lngvaldson was chairman ol' the project. Later silt' won an Oscar lor her outstanding job. The council planned lor Honor Night, lSac'c-alanreate and Clommence- ment. Selecting graduation announcements was also one ol' their duties. To help students gain a better understanding ol' difierent career possibilities and acquainting them with various institutions ol' higher education, a joint com- mittee from the Kiwanis Service Organization and the faculty planned for Career Day, November 30. Many colleges and universities sent representatives to confer with the students. ,-Xt an evening session, men and women from many dilferent jobs and professions met with interested students and their parents to discuss op- portunities in their respective iield. Honor. scliolztrslitp, C'Ulll'2lgL'. lL'2lllt'liSlllI1 ztnrl strtrvifc :nec thc qnztlitics tu-cc-sszti'y to ln' cligilmlc lor thc .XlllCl'lt'2lIl Legion .Xnxiliztry ztwztrcl. lliis ztwzml is lJl'l'SL'lllL'll to two slnclcnts cztclt in-zu' in t'4'w:t1'ml lot' tltvit' ztlmilily its good LllllClI5. lt was givvn to tltvin on Honor llzty, tvliicli was ltclcl on Nlzty 28. Rating tltn' lionoi' ol lrcing tltc ntost Ulllhldllfllllg fil- ilcn ol' lltc ycztr, Clonniv lioycl was crlioscn lot' tltc Zlllllllkll lJ2lllgltlCl'S ol llic .XlIlCl'li'2lIl Revolution ztwzml. Slic :ttf tcnclccl tlic slzttv contention wliiclt was licltl in Minne- apolis lot' two :lays in ftlztrflt. XVl1ilc' tltcu- slim' tonrccl thc Twin Cities ztncl ztttcnclctl zt lorinztl lJ2lll1lllL'l. Connie :incl llCl' niolltcr wcrc C'I1lCl'l2llllCCl at zt spring niccting ol' tltc lon-ul D..-LR. A cc1'tilic'z1tc ol' znvztrcl ancl at good vitifcmltip pin were prcscntccl to Connie. Ninc boys wsu' clioscn ont ol' lltc hClll0l' class to lic i'cpt'cscntatix'cs an the weekly ntccting ol' tltc Rotary Club. The lnovs were pickccl ln' zt joint connnittcc c'otnpt'isc:cl ol liilfllllf' iztncl Rotary lllCllllJCTS. 'lilxc clntics ol' tlic rcprc- sctitzttivcs wut-c to give reports on ilu- liztppcnings :tt ilu school :lncl to lcztrn ltow llic Rotztrs lnnctions. Clltoscn lDCK'2lllNC ol tlicii' tlllblilllillllg lnrztclcisliip in ltiglt school clnlps ztncl ztctivitics. Ilia' Klt'lCg2llt'S wore giwn :tn opportnnitv to Lrxptrvss lllCll' tclczts on llli' 2ll'C'Hl!llJll5ll- nic-nts ol tlic clnlm wltitli tlicy t'cpi'c-sctitctl. ,, 'Wifi AMERTCAN LEGION AUXILIARY REPRESENTAe TTVES: David Larson and Darlene Hendrickson. D.A.R. REPRESENTATIVE: Connie Boyd. These Nine Boys and Two Girls "'!?""' ROTARIAN REPRESENTATIVES: Rcporling on The aclivilies al the Clausen and Jerry Tlurolson. SECOND ROW: Jael: Bergen, Bill sclwool are Rolary members FIRST ROW: David Earp, David Larson, Mallhies, Mr. Vermuncl Andersen, Senior Rolariang James Sltaar,Cl1arl95 Ray F. Oslrancler, Mr. J. John Halverson, Senior Rolariang Craig Bosaclcer and Mr. Roberl Myers, Senior Rofarian. R QC' -4-'-gage 9' we A4 -nw- T153 ew few! ef 1 0 05" 'V' V073 O 4? ' aww QIQNO' "W" 4 'wi 1 5514.4 QAQAMQA 24448. N .fq FQWQ ' 'ww ww? 'WW fb Quo alma... 1 IQ' :img j I CRAIG CLAUSEN RAY OSTRANDER CONNIE BOYD f,lllllillk'Il 111 lu-1111111 1 111c111l1c'1' ui XX'I1f1's Ulm 111 ffl-c,lIl'l'iC'llI'll' '111 sg11if11's 111111 Imw 1011 IQ11-cl u11Isl'1111I11111' wrwlcc' 111 C17-I 111'1'11'11I'11' 'lc- Ill fL2ll'N 111 Illgll sc'I111r1l. How llltf scrwcl. an 1 lllcfl' bring c-Ium-11 IJ1 il l'z1111l1y u1111111iI11'1'. csc cigln sCl1i0l'x hzuc In-C11 1'cs11c111sil1Ic lm' lc 111111. 1l1c s111cl1'11ls us 1111-1 sl1'i1'L'1l 111 1111I1r1'cl MARY LOWRY ' "" "1fiHf'1'1 "1l 'W' 1 'giil l liX A 1 'Q ll v 1 1 mm U ,,. N, ,A .ll ll, jig, mm S 3 "uv if U U X - 1 VTTT WTI B M KU U1 QU ff, , nal III In IWW VII W KI I. L j . will ' - . ,,-1 "WNv.m..uCl lg-f XXIXN' ll'1 MKII! X II I TIFIIIII II1 II 1' ll---' I In lllc' Iinl ol'1msxiI1Ic0l1lsicIL' illlvlxwlx slum- wrcml by thc SCINJIJI for l72ll'IItIlJ2llIUI1 ul BIIIIICIIIN K . W - I up SIIICILIII counul sllfllls IIIUIIIIIIS 1 111 U plmlogxuplly. iOlll'll2lIIhlIl, class Iczulcrslmip. lm'- ' 'L 2' , mi. ciyn I2lIlf"ll2lf"CICIIIIJS. sc'icm'c nml w1'x'iL'c Ill' Ill . In . 5, -5 - . . S lllllltllh. lhc fmc zlllllurlm clcxclolml IYIIIIC vn- gugcml in lhcsc zlclivilica prmc- ilu' vzlluc ul pau'- ' ' ' ' XXINJIIIKIJCIIIIIKIIIII , . , - . . - IICIIJEIIIUII In lllcm. XXINJ5 . - . " .2 ' is am IIOIIIJI' Iacslmwcl llilllll llmw who lmvc ln'm'- cn IIICIIISCIVCS most INYWIII, in llu-sc: Iiclds. I Q77 "VI-5 I Y' Wm aj, -if . Us Ag.. 520 . 1 2 I L41 v , I 'X U I u. 1 C29 :-::-::' :. . . . : m m -1 ' , ,... I ' I ,-..-, I ,.,. : ::gg5g::5,:,3fgg:, -1 . V-:W -' .1 -:,:.:-as--5 W- I A , A ",'h .,::::' "- , ---- I I I I I III I 1 in A3 ll I 1' ' I I "" I --- I I ' 1 I 21' ". :fe I 1 I I 4' I I' I I I I 1, I 41? LK I .- I I -2 IIIIWII .-lgew 'qw' up my ,- X X l I I E I - . K J y I I x I I I I i X1 Q I I I I I I I V l I I x I I ' I1 Tir- XI ff S NIGHT OF NIGHTS, flue iunior-senior prom has arrived. Ready lo leave for an evening of dining and dancing in a "Pacific Paradise" are Tom Beles, LeAnn Wicks, Shirley Cox, Bill Bagsfad, Dave Sorenson and Pal O'Neal. The prom held April 30 successfully highlighled ihe year. Page 50 Q y fi SN Jqglx . Q all 'yt te at J "GOT IT OPEN" exclaims Alice Termalh, secreiary +o prom workers Chuclr Harry, iunior presidenfg Harlan Nelson, vice presidenl and Apryl Tosrenson, freasurer. Greater Achievements Becker: Middleclassmen LEADING THE I954-55 sfudenf council will be Peler Lloyd, presidenfg Audrey Hoyl, secreiaryg Jane Gulbrandson, ireasurer, and Rodger Squires, vice president Eagerly cliinbing the second rung in the senior high ladder, the juniors began the year by electing their class otlicers. The ollicers were assisted by Miss Anne Ander- son. class adviser. XVith appreciated help front Principal Louis Adolph- sen, the otlicers did the preliminary choosing ol' the '55 class rings. The ring, decided upon hy the class incin- hers, created an entirely new 3-D effect. Hi-lighting the year was the junior-senior proin held April 30. Prom-goers danced in a Pacific Paradise to the music ol' Henry Charles. The prom was linanced through the sale ol' tickets to the plays, "'l'he Heiress" and "The Silvc-rXVl1istle". Helping to inake the prom outstanding' were the class ollicers, connnittee chairtnen and Miss Blanche lien- son, proln adviser. Heading the various eoinniittees were: -lanice Perrin. Roger Squires, John Morrison, .Xudrey Hoyt, Shirley. Larson, Phil Knutson, .lean lierglund, Marcia Brown. Nancy Postlluntus. Pete Lloyd, -lint Nelson. Gordon Sprenger, Cynthia Peterson, -julie Alenson, Nancy Skinner. Alan Stoa, Marlys Doppelhaininer, Kay VIQHOIIIIJSOH and Alan Madson. Representing A-XLHS at Girls' state will be Audrey Hoyt. while Peter Lloyd and Rodger Squires will journey to Minneapolis to attend Boys' SIEIIC. jane Gulbrandson will participate in the National Student Council conven- tion. Page Sl FIRST ROW: Aclcland, Acosla, Allison, Alm, Anderson, J. Anderson, M. A. Anderson, M. L. Anderson, R. Anderson, W. Anderson, Andreson. SECOND ROW: Armslrong, Arnold, Baer, Bagslad, Balclce, K. Baker, A. Balrer, Barrell, Bales, Bauers. Beclciorclan. THIRD ROW: Bergerson, Berglund, Bierlre, Biorlrlund, Bioro, N. Blaclr, P. Blaclr, Blocker, Boehmlre, Bolr, Booen. FOURTH ROW: Borlr, Bollleson, Boyer, Brabec, Brill, Browman, M. Brown, S. Brown, BulenhoFl, Buffers, Carlsen. FIFTH ROW: Carmichael, Carroll, Carrow, Carler, Cashman, Chapman, l'I. Chrislensen, Chrislensen, J. Chrislensen, M. Chrisrenson, Claybourn, Clough. SIXTH ROW: Collins, Conner, Connors, Converse, Corniclr, Counlers, J. R. Cox, S. Cox, Cram, Croclcell, Cunningham. SEVENTH ROW: Dahl, Darg, Davis. EIGHTH ROW: Declcard, L. L. DeRaad, L. D. DeRaad. NINTH ROW: Dillavou, Dirksen, Dillevson. TENTH ROW: D. Doppelhammer, M. Doppel- hammer, D. Drescher. Page 52 pirilsi oar As Juniors Climb PLANNING THEIR CAREERS wilh lhe help of Miss Anne Anderson, iunior class adviser, these five junior girls carefully explore lhe fields of higher educalion. ,rl . JP I r Hu La er of Learnm en'o 'gh dd 'g TOUGH ENGLISH assignmenfs are quicIrIy finished by Ihe iuniors under Ihe walchful supervision of Miss Blanche Benson. I x ' I L ai ,X X Ii I FIRST ROW: E. Drescher, Earl, Eclrhoff, Egerfson, EII, Emmons, Engebriison, Engebrel- son, R. J. Ericlcsen, R. D. Ericllson, Espinoza. SECOND ROW: Esse, Fifzgerald, Flana- gan, FIuseI:, Freifag, Freligh, Friedman, Gallagher, GiIber+son, Gleason, Graham. THIRD ROW: Granf, L. N. Grasdalen, L. O. Grasdalen, M. Grasdalen, Groeneweg, Gulbrand- son, A. Gunderson, J. Gunderson, Hall, Halvorson, Hansen. FOURTH ROW: D. Hanson, E. Hanson, R. C. Hanson, R. Hanson, Harber, Hariy, Hayson, K. Hendrickson, P. Hend- rickson, V. Hendrickson, G. Henry. FIFTH ROW: P. Henry, Hermanson, Hoium, Holm- quisf, Horner, Horning, Hove, Hoyf, Huber, H. Hunf, P. Hunf. SIXTH ROW: Ives, C. Jen- sen, D. Jensen, J. Jensen, K. Jensen, L. Jensen, R. A. Jensen, R. Jensen, R. M. Jensen, D. Jenson, Jerdee. SEVENTH ROW: B. Johnson, D. Johnson, D. N. Johnson. EIGHTH ROW: D. R. Johnson, O. Johnson, P. Johnson. NINTH ROW: R. Johnson, R. John son, Jorgenson. TENTH ROW: Joynl, Juve, Kaasa. Page 53 - . R . s " I' Y.'. I -. I I - . - . X: .,,, .- ' . sf' 5- .v ' 5 ' I I ' - 4. fi' 5 ' 33, Q ' 'I I' -wr. 5' . . A 1 - . ZF: 4. -,. 555 ' , ' , . , 3' - ' ' ' - 35 2 f f p S: ' If -' . . ' 5 Iv ' - , . 5 A 'fi . ' Hrs. - ' ' r. - Kr xg qv : sgtygglggii -T: Y? 3 - , -vV. Q, 0 2 .r zz QL Q, . Qaftaxi . V -f,' f I ,I SI . 31. i' . fi I . ':' 'f-' 4 fav? I ' ' FIRST ROW: Kanzenloaclr, Kaizenmeyer, Kaufman, Kennedy, Ken?- ner. SECOND ROW: Kermes, Kifielson, Knulson, Kouba, Kron. THIRD ROW: Krueger, Kuilers, N. Larson, P. Larson, S. J. Larson. .1 F ' rf 2' I .. ,N fi' . 'P' . 1 .I . ' Af: 1.-'- -I "" - . ig S f-2 ,. 1.3.9. NW ....,...... Maw ... l .. -. nj N a sa. Nw W ,I - - . My . j -5 . . Q K an - - 2 "' f fr" . P - " K ,. 641 " ' 1 W3 -' V. .X i N of . f' . 'Z' .... if :Wg ' 4... - " ,,, 'fi 55.-.s f ' . I 3 ai " " . .W -. ' - ' - " -' 135 U is .: ' '1 . .-s. ., ,If . , an .,,. . A-I . h Q35 '- , f . 1 I x :gg FIRST ROW: G. McNeil, Madden, A. Madson, I. Madson, Malhews. SECOND ROW: Maison, Meyers, Miller, Moe, J. Moore. THIRD ROW: J. Moore, Morrison, Mudra, Myran, S. Nelsen. - - . I .- -. : s I - Q. HQ..: s 4 17? M I 'i i Xa' I - 5.5-fiili 1"- . f .QM I 5 2 W W M' ' Mm "' ' , f ' W Q. ' .-1" f .O 3, - K A " I Qi . .,.. . . , s f if A -3.1 ,Q -1 :' " ,iff Ii 'Q'-4 V r W V K EL :L 5 3 ,L L :1 ..: , " M 2 . I I .,..,.., , ii FIRST ROW: Oppegard, Palmer, Paulson, C. Perrin, J. Perrin. SECOND ROW: Person, C. Perersen, T. Pefersen, D. Peferson, K. Pelerson. THIRD ROW: Phillips, J. Pierson, P. Pierson, Plaii, J. E. Pleiss. Page 54 FIRST ROW: S. Larson, Lee, Lenz, Lepage, Limon. SECOND ROW: Lindahl, Livingsion, Lloyd, Loken, Loomis. THIRD ROW: Luechl, Mccormaclc, Mclnlyre, McMullen, D. McNeil. """ " " ..,. .. - . . 1 . --" - - -,f , 1 - , ' fy 5 I I . .. ' w e 3 -. ' . I . S? . 11 4 , -g . f i I V VUL, 53, . O .. -, Q Q .2 K wrhrgiig fig .g L. ---15-1i.i f 1 A. Q. T ig 2 ,. ,V .Tr 17 ,1 y 1' 555.405 jr , . I ' I gf f' .J ig' 51251 . X 'N , TI K V ,A 'J X 3 3 -Q -Mgr-,f - ' Wg-5, 41.5. me I my X '.25?,5'ggf5' 72. -M .5,,g.gfg . : bg! 5- - xlll . . A , A-' wg: 1, -. ' - 4: . gg.: . 52554 U Io. if A 5 ' ' -- 1 f 1 . ' ' - ' W . if fi .J H ' . -W5 ' . -'fx' LT. 'v -I 'zffslf ' wi? ' ,favor ' Flo fi .iigiiil ' -' ..-I . ?r , -. -.,,,E,,:K, gk, 3 ..,. ' :gi 2 4 U FIRST ROW: B. Nelson, G, Nelson, H. Nelson, J. E. Nelson, J. Nelson. SECOND ROW: R. A. Nelson, R. D. Nelson, S. Nelson, Nielson, Oliva. THIRD ROW: Olsen, A. Olson, R. E. Olson, R. Olson, O'Neal. FIRST ROW: J. D. Pleiss, Porfer, Posflwumus, Quiggle, Raben. SECOND ROW: Ral'1n, N. L. Randall, N. Randall, Rayman, Reed. THIRD ROW: Rencllin, Renslow, Reynen, D. Robinson, B. Robinson. Dr : A' ' 'W . A 5 X. . iii' 5 V . -...:, 9, 3 cu me - 15 .- ,, X xr! - X J. L, 1 W ,, 'UU A, S, if' r W., B . Q. ia '- np N X Y Tr' FIRST ROW: Roscoe, Rullesfad, Sanderson, Schoenrock, Schooen. SECOND ROW: Schwariz, SearIe, Seeger, Seuser, Seymour. THIRD ROW: Simonson, Sipple, Skaar, Slcaff, Skinner, fa :raw ig r K 'YD' We .... ,. r,,,..: . . .... FIRST ROW: S+ruyIr, Su+hers, Swenson, Sykes, Terma+h. SECOND ROW: Tews, B. Thompson, C. Thompson, J. Thompson, R. Thomp- son. THIRD ROW: Throlson, Tosfenson, Tosfrud, TurbeH', Vande- griff. in NOT PICTURED: BIynn, Brech, Goodmanson, Hagen, Long, D. Peferson, Radke, Sanderson, Simon, P. Smifh, Sofile, WiIImer+. FIRST ROW: Wesfland, Whife, Wickoren, Wicks, Wildeman. SEC' OND ROW: Winium, WuIff, WOIH, Wong, Vfrighf. THIRD ROW: Yocum. 'ez' . 33 X gin, 55.535 ss ,A gffgrq , . , . .4 H V wwf: ' -1- -V, ,. "" 2: Zi 'V - 1 : , rp .r A I .V hx bv I . I l :E -it Sk... v- A . 7 . M . :Q ,, 'i '5iff g.:. , 'QT' ' og, I , ' ,M ,, K my w. 'af'- ' .4 -.Nj N .. .. 1 A 1 , 'K' ,M . f x ' I . Il? ., 4 'Ki' Y . ' FEC ' 'ff fic: ' : . Sf: ' ' ig Q, ' W A W A :Q--.. ffffzsi 'f .M . at . ... .W gy, f N x FIRST ROW: Slcogheim, SIa+er, Smiih, Solberg, SonIcsen. SECOND ROW: A. Sorenson, D. Sorenson, P. Sorenson, Sprenger, Squires. THIRD ROW: Sfadheim, Sfegenga, O. Sfevens, R. Sfevens, Sfoa. X 'O Nw x .Cir r . if , j I! I 'II1 'I , fniy ,gy ' in 1.452 .,,. ...... - .. ..,. .f 'Q ' .. refs as ,- ' fe, -fa If , Q4 Si II ' .iff -5.. f- ssage.. .,,... , ',A,., , ,. sm, h Y ffrgfw. ,, I It gr, f I ' .... . IIC I' EI? .fi V iii! I , ..,, V ,.,,., - ff ,. 1 I ' Ii :sf :gf f R. f 4... qt Z 'afsef M42 In bmp M Eve Qs . A A . . fm. I U , t . .1-,-:ras-I - sl - . 9. ' T" . -Q m Q 'Q rf - . v uf: FIRST ROW: Vande Kamp, Vande Voorf, A. VanWyngeeren, P. Vanwyngeeren, Ver Hey. SECOND ROW: Vielcanf, Voigf, Vosbeek, Wacholz, Wedding. THIRD ROW: Walker, Walfz, Waferman, WencIeI, Wes+coH'. L . v ,. fs-gf .e :: : -:-' I E I 1 5 ' if -. 5 .--"1ii , ,Q I EXCITING NEW DESIGN besf describes Ihe 3-D effecf creafed by fhe I95S iunior class rings. An en+ireIy diFferen+ medium of design was selecfed by Ihe juniors for fheir ring which arrived in early April. Page 55 ll "TIME OUT for refresl1men+s" say fhese eighi performers af ihe annual sophomore class parfy held February I9. Harmonizing on "Head of My Hear+" were, Barb McNeese, Tom Connly, Nancy Follresiad, S+eve Leufhold and Chuck Schneider. Looking on are Sharon Harves, Lois Heclres and Clay Lyon. Paqe 56 FIRST ROW: Ellingson, Gallagher, Boolh, B. Chrislianson, Conell, Engebrelson, Boland, N. Chrislianson, J. Carlson, D. L. Draayer, Cas- lello, Galbraifh. SECOND ROW: Cervanres, Fielbrolen, English, Berglund, Brill, Ayers, D. Chrislensen, Breamer, Danielsen, J. De Raad, Felber, Flanagan, Callahan, P. De Raad. THIRD ROW: Braalen, Beclter, A. Anderson, Braloec, Chaplin, Brady, Flaien, Barlz, Enderson, C. Anderson, Doyle, Benson, Asleson, Dillavou, De Wolf, Cooling. FOURTH ROW: Bosaclter, Cady, Alm, Follceslad, Fransen, Glenn. Davis, Friday, Delgado, Connly, R. Chrisfenson, Rroslwll, D. M. Draayer, S. De Raad, Baltlten, Corniclr, Boelicher. FIFTH ROW: Belshan, Arell, Barr, Frandal, Colslrup, Gendler, Bruels, Dalcer, Cram. Darg, Carlsen, J. Draayer, Beighley, E. Enderson, Eclcarl, Buller, M. Christian- son, B. Anderson. ophomores Achieve High Goals ln New Atmosphere Moving into their lirst yeztr in the senior high the sophomores were anxious to start their tlttties. Conipzir- etl to junior highls live snhjevls, this year they were re- quiretl to curry only lotn' sttlmjetats, leaving more time lor t'o-t'ttrrit'ttl:tr activities. Many tenth graders took zttlvuntage OliC0-f'll1'l'lt'lll2ll' activities. Drznnat Club, Seieine Cltth, B Chorus, Hi- Teens, Hi-Y :intl athletics cliztllengetl these entltusiztstit' ttntlerclassmen. One ol the lirst tlnties conlronting every rlztss is the elertion ol' ollicers. The ollicers nntler the steernge ol Bliss .-Xlife Gammel, tollectecl tlttes ol' 50 cents lrom eztrh member. A portion ol' this money tlelruyecl their clztss pztrty expenses :intl granted Iree :admission to the stn- tlents. Proving that they would he zthle to curry on the high sehool's traditions. the sophomores pztrtietl to "Down Beat On Bro2ttlwuy" on 1"eln'ttary lil. "BUY A BOOSTER PIN" say Liz Peterson, treasurer and Marilyn Alm, secrelary lo Ralph Delgado, sophomore presi- denl' and John Wong, vice president. Page 57 FIRST ROW: Hendriclrson, Heclres, Hill. J. Jenson, J. Johnson, Hafh- away, J. W. Hanson, Hedsirom, G. Johnson, L. E. Johnson, Godlland, Greene. SECOND ROW: Kennedy, Kalzung, Herfindahl, Holway, N. Jensen, R. Hansen, S. Hansen, Graham, Green, Herman, Grove, A. King, W. Hanson. THIRD ROW: Hoyl, J. King, D. C. Johnson, D. Hanson, Harves, D. Jensen, B. King, Hoyne, A. Hansen. J. Hagen, Hunt, J. J. Hanson, L. Johnson, Heilman. FOURTH ROW: R. Johnson, J. King, Hoist, Kirsch, lngebrilson, Jerdee, P. Johnson, Hunniculf, Grorud, Horgen, Hammer, Hell, G. Hanson, H. Hanson. FIFTH ROW: Heems- bergen, Grose, Gorcler, D. R. Johnson, D. C. Jensen, R. Jenson, Kauf- man, D. H. Jensen, M. Jensen, D. R. Johnson, Halverson, S. Hagen, Kuiper, I. Jenson. Biology and English Are the tapping tones For Cold and black wall clecoralimis ellecled a nmdt-rn- istic View on New Y0rk's night lile. Chairmen ol' variotis committees were: Helen Slieler, clecoratiunsg lot-x' Reg- ISIET, prograin: .Iohn Xilong, publicity: Marilyn Ahn, refreshments: Ralph Delgado. clean-up and julie Daniel- son. tirkel chairman. FIRST ROW: Levens, Heaiher, Lincoln, S. Jensen, McGinnis, Linde- man, R. Nelson, Nichols, Levine, Nenneslad, Moen. SECOND ROW: Nash, Leulhold, Neuw, D. Larson, Lemblre, S. M. Nelson, Kuchera, McKee, Knudson, Knulson, Mains. THIRD ROW: J. C. Nelson, Larsen, Lulcens, R. Larsen, M. Nelson, Knaaclt, Melzlre, S. M. Nelson, Mc- Wilh the Swing Ilantl prm iding the niusitg more en- tertainment was furnished with Vocal nunilners and other musical selections by the students. Everyone was proud of his ellort. Nineteen sophomores participated in the Tigerk Roar. Backstage crews were helped by the sopho- nmres, Neese, McKeown, D. Nelson, McAllister. FOURTH ROW: Klulrow, Marltl, Marpe, Moyer, Harms, Hanson, Nordby, D. Nelson, Lang, Moden, Legried, O'Byrne, Melcalfe. FIFTH ROW: Moore, Miranda, Ochs, J. L. Nelson, Loulers, B. Larson, Lyon, Lawler, Kopischlre, J. S. Nelson, S. Lang, Lysne, Nordland. FIRST ROW: Quam, Sieil, W. Peierson, Sprenger, Palmer, M. M. Peierson, E. Peterson, Register, Rierson, Sfiebler, Sleinhauer, Rubin. SECOND ROW: Spain, Sieidler, Simonson, Slcogebo, Soielo, Sorenson, Riesfsema, Oliienhauser, Smiih, Sroclc, Sanderson, M. C. Peterson, A. Peierson. THIRD ROW: D. R. Sorenson, E. Olson, Reimer, Oppegard, Spiering, Partridge, Romer, Reichl, Siieler, Rusley, Oisiedahl, Pederson, Overland, Severson, Sfevens. FOURTH ROW: Schroeder. Ryan, Sltaar, C. Peterson, R. Sorenson, Osirander, Rice, Siolze, D. L. Sorenson, Roorda, W. Peterson. F. Peterson, Palmer, D. Roorda, Ress, FIFTH ROW: Perau, M. A. Peierson, Quam, G. Peterson, Schuyler, Paulson, D. Peierson, Reese, Sipple, Sleffen, Schneider, Ouisley, J. Olson, D. Olson, Ruerup. Tenih Grade iudenis To Fields of Higher Learning During their Iirst year in senior high, sophomores registered lor the two coming years. They found that many more subjects and activities would be open to them. Highlighting their sophomore year was the annual party held in February. Several students contributed to the sutcess of the 'l'igcr's Roar and other productions. FIRST ROW: Waullrner, G. Thompson, S. V. Venem, T. Thompson, Swanson, Will, Villarreal, Wedge, E. Thompson, Wihoren, Wasmoen. SECOND ROW: Tulile, Wesiland, Warner, Wendelboe, Yoccm, Voigt, Wangen, Vandegriii, l.. Thompson, M. Thompson, Vanden Hul, Wesl- land, Hoppersiad. THIRD ROW: S. Thompson, Suihers, Wolff, Thof- son, Thorpe, Sundve, Vanderheuvel, Wong, J. Verdoorn, Wallrer, Young, "Once and never again" could well be the slogan ol young biologists as they tackle their assignments in the biology classes. Oiliered only in tenth grade, biology provides sophomores with the rare privilege of dissecting crayhsh. earthwornis and frogs. In addition to this, Sill- dents learn the history of plants and animals. S. V. Venem, C. Sofules. FOURTH ROW: M. Soiules, Thorscn, Ter- maih, Tosfrud, Tosienson, Schnoorm, T. Thorson, D. Verdoorn, Tiede, Varland, Slyve, Ziebell, Vande Voorf, C. Venem, Sulivan, Siuriz. FIFTH ROW: Tapp, Ter Avesi, Siuder, M. Sullivan, Wangen, Wedge, Will- meri, Siorviclr, Siiles, Zaviiz, Veldman, Wesirum, Syverson, B. Thompson, Wahlers, Towne, Ver Hey. ef gm f L... es 9' BICYCLING IS THE WAY many iunior high sfudenfs supply fheir fransporfafion fo and from school. Before leaving for home, Ronald Teff, Den- nis Wehrhan and David Anderson exchange a few parfing fhoughfs, while Mike Peferson and Bob Bralsec are jusf leaving school, preparing fo enjoy fhe warm February weafher by a refreshing walk home. Page 60 King and Queen ot Heartsg Talent Show Festivities, Highlight ear Suspense and awe lilled the high school autlitoriuni as the trumpets hlared out to announce the ninth grade King and Queen ol Hearts. XX'ith a mighty roar, the joy- ous crowd gladly welcoined .itunes I,air and Nancy Miller as the royal couple. Coniposing their Court were Nartcy Polk, Ronnie Mathews, Carol Peterson, Curtis Rietveld, Beverly Knutson and -lerry Nelsen. Following the crowning, students were invited to attend the sunlight social in the girls' gym, depicting the thetne "Hearts Ahoy!" Relreslunents were served and music lor the afternoon was provided by the Swing Band. Those not wishing to participate in the dance remained in the auditorium lor a lull length utorie. "Bend in the River." Under the supervision oi Miss Kathryn Coyne. the c'orouzttton surpassecl those ol previous years. AlN'T NO TRAINSI Atter finding out that there are no trains coming from North, East, South or West. this 'Family decides that it is sate to cross the traclc. Representing the iunior high Drama Club in the iunior 4-59' KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS Jim Lair and Nancy Miller rule over their subiects at the ninth grade "Hearts Ahoy" social, atter being crowned at an assembly in the auditorium. high talent show are Sharon Anderson, Herbert Mehus, Janice Jepsen, Helen Butenhott, Sandra Arneson, Jerry D. Nelson, Jane Clarke and Roger Olson. ., : ',.' -,zfgjj if Page bl FIRST ROW: Brackey, R. Chrislenson, R. Carroll, Z. Baldwin, W. Bow- man, S. Allen, S. Anderson, Bullenhoff, Buffers, Converse, Arnold. SECOND ROW: P. Cashman, D. Bowman, Callahan, B. Anderson, A. Coflon, Brown, Brabec, Blunl, Bartholomew, Arneson, Bollleson, Aske. THIRD ROW: D. Bowman, V. Christensen, Carlwrighl, J. Carroll, Chrisfopherson, Behrends, Conn. Ackland, Barr, Bakken, Bock, Armell, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Carsfensen, Colslrup, Carson, Bergen, Bruning, Bartz, Cairns, C. Chrislianson, Clarke, De Vries, Barlelds, J. Armstrong, Ailig, Bruck. FIFTH ROW: D. Anderson, L. Anderson, D. Christensen, Bagslad, Berlelson, Conlan, J.. Cashman, T. Allen, D. Armslrong, K. Anderson, Blackhawk, C. Allen, D. Chrisiianson, A. Col- lon, Bork. Active Frosli Enjoy Role of Leaders In Junior High, Learning lroin their own mistakes and proliting front those of others. the ninth graders have prepared themselves for the leadership they displayed this past year. For the first time, the students had a chance to choose a subject on their own. Aside from the standard required subjects they had a choice of art, chorus, or- chestra. band, honietnaking, algebra, general math. in- dustrial arts, Spanish and Latin. FIRST ROW: Eggum, Folie, J. Goalie, S. Goefle, J. De Vries, Esson, Y. Hanson, M. Hanson, Dempewolf, Freeman, Godiland. SECOND ROW: J. Enderson, Doppelhammer, Hahn, M. Hanson, K. Dahl, Frislnie, Granl, J. Hansen, Galvan, K. Dahl, Dusek, Goodmanson. THIRD ROW: Iverson, Flim, Crouch, D. Hansen, D. Drommerhausen, Friedman, J. Dahl, .junior high girls could be heard and seen in the gyin every Tuesday afternoon enjoying a game ol basketball. soccer. volleyball or some other sports. Under the direc- tion of Miss Clyda Dressen the GA,-Yers IHCI weekly to discuss their problems and take part in some game. Sports-minded junior high boys also participated in sports such as basketball, football and wrestling led by the coaches of the various sports. Egland, M. Erickson. Flalness, G. Erickson, M. Gilberfson. FOURTH ROW: B. Davis, Dugslad, Eckari, Gulbrandson, Hagen, Gallagher, Hanke, M. Erickson, D. S. Hanson, Greenwood, Diesman, Donovan, Frondal. FIFTH ROW: English, P. Dahl, Halvorson, D. DeCora, Hall, Degn, Foley, Espinoza, Gappa, Fink, E. Hanson, Delgado, V. De Cora. FIRST ROW: J. Hendricltson, Kanzenlaach, Kenvold, Harvey, Jerdee, J. Jensen, C. Johnson, C. Jenson, Jorclan, Hillman, P. Jensen. SECOND ROW: lnselmann, Joel, D. Larson, Hycelt, E. Johnson, R. King, Hove, J. Johnson, Hottman, Hills, Hassler, Lemblte, Lawyer. THIRD ROW: R. Jacobson, B. Jensen, Johnsrud, Hoyne, K. Johnson, Hite, Jepson, V. King, O. Knutson, Kalis, Head. FOURTH ROW: E. Johnson, Kirlt, Higgens, D. Larson, R. Johnson, T. Jensen, D. Klultow, R. Johnson, Heclres, B. Klultow, Laslcewitz, Huber, Hendrickson, Lenz. FIFTH ROW: Koester, Kalis, Harty, Lair, Hellie, Holty, L. Jensen, A. Larson, Hover- son, Harbor, A. Hillman, B. Knutson, Karsiens. Anticipate Future Cultivation of Many Hidden Talents Building character and practicing correct parliamen- tary procedure are only two ol' the many purposes of Student Council. Meeting weekly, President Bob Brabee called the meetings to order. Students discussed prolmlents and suggestions that were brought to the Council hy the homeroom represen- tatires. One ol the highlights ol the Council this year was two trips to the state captial. one eaclt semester. permit- ting all Council members to attend. Another ol' the projects ol' Student Council was the annual junior high talent show presented as an audito- rium program. Ol' these acts. the hest were selected to participate in the 'I'iger's Roar. Students chosen to rep- resent junior high were Donald Skoloda and Jolene Molnely. Presiding over the meetings when the president was absent was Vice President Marlene Bottelson. Secretary and treasurer were julie XX'estcott and Gary Blunt, re- spectively. Mr. Vermund Andersen supervised the meet- ings. ST. PAUL BOUND! Ready to leave tor St. Paul with the other Student Council members are the officers Gary Blunt, treasurer: Bob Brabec, president, Julie Westcott, secretary and Marlene Bottleson, vice pres- ident. Page 63 FIRST ROW: Narveruci, Marltl. Luechf, Lynse, B. Oquisi, Muesing, May- wald, Lorenlzen, D. Olson. A. Nelson, Lincleman, McMullen. SECOND ROW: J. Olson, R. Nelson, Mehus, O'Neal, Lundberg, Oldenlcamp, Miller, Levacl, Lincoln, McNeese, O'Byrne. THIRD ROW: Olrland, Hoelscher, Matthews, Oilens, Maison, Loomis, Loper, R. Olson, L. Oquisf, S. McDonald, Lindeman, C. Olson. FOURTH ROW: Noland, S. Nelson, R. Olsen, Nienoorcl, T. Olson, K. Miller, A. Nelson, Long, Lunning, M. Nelson, G. Nelson, Micltaelis, Lien. FIFTH ROW: N. Miller, Moriensen, Henry, M. Nielson, J. McDonald, L. Olson, Lindahl, T. Olsen, Mocleen, Leschefslre, J. Nielson, C. Miller, Morton, Michelson. Three ears of Preparation ln Junior High Ends As UP GO THE STREAMERS. Tl'tal's wl1a+ 'llwese iunior high siudenis see as they put ihe Finishing touches on ilte decoraiions for a sunlighl social. Onloolcers are always impaiienl for the dance io begin. Page 64 Sunlight sociztls were at mztin pztrt ol the t'o-t'urric- ulztr activities in junior high. Sponsored by the various homerooms und clubs, these dances served in helping the students to become better ztcqttztitttccl with each other. Many novel themes and ideas were used for the sociztls as the junior highers danced to the music ol the Swing liztnd or popular records. Under the direction ol' Mr. Rolmert Meyers, the .jun- ior high choruses took part in the Clhristmzts and spring concerts. The orchestra. led by Mr. Lester Striemer, rendered beautiful music in laoth public :mtl school concerts. Mr. L. Emmons' lazmd also did their pztrt very ell'ectively in ntztny ol the concerts in which thei took pztrt. Various plays were presented hy the students ,inter- ested in drztmtics. Under the direction ol' Mr. XVayne Stutelherg, the drztmzt department included in their pro- ductions zt 'fltanksgivittg play, at skit lor the junior high talent show, three radio plztys lor .Xmerican Education Wieck, "Four On A Heath," hy Foster l'-ill-SiIIllIl0I1S and "The Sister McIntosh," lay Richard Corson. XVeekly homeroom meetings were held at Ei: I0 A.M. on XVednestlztys to teach the students parliamentary procedure. .-Xt these meetings the students discussed tnztny prolmlems that ztrose during the previous week. Presiding over the meetings were the homeroom oiheers. Quite lretptently assembly progrzuns were presented dttr- ing this period. Students also participated in other clubs and activ- ities and rendered their services to ntake all undertakings successful. FIRST ROW: J. Peierson, Schulfz, Overland, Prosser, Scoll, Sfoa, Schumacher, Palmer, D. Spain, Sfewarl, Squires. SECOND ROW: Sanders. Pesiorious, Smiih, Sioner, Sanborn, M. Peferson, Perleberg, Sanvilr, Sorby, Rusley, Sanderson, Rosnow. THIRD ROW: Sundve, Parf- ingfon, Ruble, Pierson, Rufherford, Rupp, Slevens, Pederson, Rielveld, R. Schroeder, Sieidler, Saire. Polls, D. Spain. FOURTH ROW: K. Sorensen, Talle, Rolfson, R, Peierson, K. Schroeder, Poole, R. Pelerson, J. Paulson, Reed, Simon, R. Olson, S. Paulson, C. Peierson, Searle. FIFTH ROW: Posfhumus, Sladheim, R. M. Siensrud, Shold, Severson, S. Pelerson, Rasmussen, R. Siensrud, Romer, Parlrhursl, Peal, Siclrels, D. Sorenson, Sale. Ninth Graders Enter ophomore Class In enior High Gaining nr-w lrir-urls zrnrl learning lJCllCl' social Slllllllf :mls arc' Inn two ol' thc many zrclraiilzrgcs ol' junior high. It also scrrcs as 21 prcpzrmriori and lllll'0KlllC'll0ll to senior high Zlllil collr-gc. 'lilll'fllIgll lD1ll'll1'lIJ2lllUll ol' C'O-CIIITTCIIIZII' zrclixilics, SILIKICIIIS lczirn IJCIICI' coopcrzilion in working with olhr-rs. .Xn lllll'2l-llllll'2ll progrzun has liccn sul up lor the ninth grzulc boys. lixpzlnsion ol' junior high athf lr-lirs is in lhc nr-:rr Iururc-. FIRST ROW: J. Weslcoii, Vandenheuvel, S. Thompson, Trylien, J. Wesicoii, Tuchlenhagen, D. Wolff, C. Thompson, Tollefson, Wendell, C. H, Thompson. SECOND ROW: Zerclt, Terry, Tefli, R. Thompson, Wenzel. Wedding, M. Thompson, Thofson, Waldemar, Willrinson, Venem. THIRD ROW: C. Whelan, D. Wolff, Wesfland, Warlce, Walli, R. Wil- liamson, Wachollz, F. Wuerflein, R. Waallrens, B. Thompson, Wiclr. Rr-prn'I lill'llN wore' issue-cl cvcry ninc war.-ks. lhis syslr-ni unzllilr-s slurlr-ins lo lruilrl up lllL'l1'l1l2ll'lQS Zlllll 5ll'lYC to Illillit' lhc honor roll. Most srurlcnls. zu one lirnc or zxnolhcr. NIl'lXC lo :rrliicw this goal. Many have IIPIICIKI Ihr-ir high slzuirlurrls through r-xr-ry grzulc. Oulslzrnrling in ill'l, junior high hllllll'lllS IIZIYK' rlispluycrl lllC'll' lZllClllS ro lhc public' In :url cxhiliirs lhzil arc' hclrl Ill-2illIlll2llly. FOURTH ROW: Vollum, M. Thompson, M. Whelan, C. Wedge, B. Winium, J. Wedge, Truesdell, Van Wier, Weiizel, L. Williamson, S. Winium, Voeller, M. Wuerflein. FIFTH ROW: Van Meelreren, Tosirud, Vander Siroom, Wood, Wehrhan, Troe, Veen, Ward, Verdoorn, P. Waallrens, Vosbeelr, Vorpahl. mwr,11s.,w. mo .wi FIRST ROW: C. Guclzenburg, Croclrefi, Edwin, C. Anderson, P. Baker, Caiourek, Bangerl, J. Christenson, Garrel, D. Dahl, Andresen, Godlland. SECOND ROW: S. Engle, Gallagher, Cox, Glenn, Ferguson, Greene, Drommerhausen, G. Chrisfensen, Benson, Esse, Gudvangen, Flanagan Dielrema. THIRD ROW: Carfer, Carlson, R. Gunderson, Blood. Bellner, Brandi, D. Andersen. R. Enderson, Erdahl, Biorlcland, Corniclt EII, Boclt. FOURTH ROW: Z. Besco, Boellre, Bergo, J. Davis, Brue, Bushman, R. Anderson, Gilberfson, W. Davis, Dunn, Freiheim, J. Ander- son, B. Anderson, L. Besco, Frahm. FIFTH ROW: De Bruyn, S. Anderson, Greengo, Bagley, Dilling, Berg, C. Gulbrandson, Guclcenburg, L. Christensen, Eisenbise, H. Chrislenson, Ashpole, Deihmers, P. Gunder- son, Clark. eadersliip Qualities Instilled In Eighth Grade tudents Training reeeivetl in seventh grade has been a great help to the eighth graders in their seermcl year in junior high. llnring the past yt-ar these energetic students have hc-en kept httsy with their studies ancl eo-eu1'ric'uIa1' ac- tivities. Sulijeets olleretl to the eighth graders this year are preparing them lm' next year. The niitltlleelassmen will then he reatli tu take over their new tlnties as leatlers ul the itinitn' high, FIRST ROW: B. Johnson, Hassing, Hallum, J. Jensen, P, Hanson. Hahn, Hylbalt, Hursl, Hayson, R, Hansen, G. Iverson, Hershey. SEC- OND ROW: R. Hafhaway, Halvorson, S. M. Hanson, Hubbell, Healh- er, Higlaee, J. Hanson, Kalzung, K. Hathaway, J. Johnson, S. L. Hanson, J. Hanson. THIRD ROW: G. Johnson, Indrelie, D. H. Hanson, D. Johnson, Kaufmann, J. Johnson, Hillslrom, Halch, Hegland, Kilcoyne, .Xgain this year the eighth grade hoasts the smallest class in .itniior high with an enrollinent ol' 280 stttclents. The total ntnnher ol' stutlents in junior high was 966, an increase nl' 29 pupils. Due to high enmllinent the stu- tlents hatl to lllll tip with crowded conditions that might have eausetl great eotiltisirm. These conclitions were m'erunne, licnvexer. tlirriugh the Inll emiperaliani of the stutlt-nt Imtly. L. Hammer, Kenevan, R. Hendrickson, R. Jensen. FOURTH ROW: S. Herman, K. Hanson, Helmers, R. Jensen, K. Hansen, G. Jensen, J. Johnson, L. Hansen, S. Johnson, Jorgenson, D. A. Hanson, D. Jensen, A. Jensen, Jesse, Head, D. L. Hanson. FIFTH ROW: Hamberg, E. Johnsrud, R. Jensen, Harfz, Hill, Jacobsen, L. M. Johnson, Jordahl, L. Johnson, J. Johnson, Jahns, Hayes, Heilman, J. Hendriclrson, Joel. Wwmswmssmn FIRST ROW: P. Nelson, J. Larson, Melcalfe. Modlin, B. Lee, D. Olson, Kleunder, O'Rourlte, Kreuger, Lubiens, Loge, Norlay, McCarfI1y. SEC- OND ROW: Lincoln. McGinnis, Muehe, Knolls, Neel, Peterson, Kof- sfacl, Nordal, Ochs, N. Olson, Nash, Levens, V. Livingston. THIRD ROW: D. Olson, G. Larson, O'NeaI, D. F. Olson, Kirlr. J. Larson, D. Lemlalte, Monlliei, Myers, R. Nelson, D. Paulsen, Myran, Ladlie, Marlin. FOURTH ROW: Loge. N. Nelson, S. Olsen, Madson, E. Nelson, McCornacIt, Nelllelon, Mallson, Nesje, R. Larson, D. Klultow, G. Nelson, Maflhies, Moen, Perau, K. Nelson. FIFTH ROW: K. Olson. Meyer, L. Olsen, R. Olson, Kuelhe, Kapischlte, LeBeau, Lolren, Palmer, M. Olson, Panlz, W. Olsen, D. Paulson, Mobley, C. Olson. Will Prove To Be Very Helpful ln the Cominq ear XVorking lor better tiongrttenee is the chiel aim of the junior high students. This year two separate service vltths were organized, one lor girls and the other lor boys. Miss Millie Holm and Mr. Lott Olson served as leaders for the respective clubs. Packing boxes and sending them to the needy children in loreign countries was the major project of the junior Red Cross. Again this year, Miss Lucy Hottlihan eajmalmly served as adviser. FIRST ROW: J. Pelerson, Ponlo, R. Turner, T. Wayne. Sorenson, Wan- gen, Weslermann, Sfeiner, Quiggle, Skaar, Slyve, Smillw. SECOND ROW: H. M. Sorenson, M. Schroeder, Prosser, Sanders, Romer, Slern, D. Peferson, Venem, Springborg, Van Riper, Slephenson, Sclwerb. THIRD ROW: Wallt, N. Sorensen, Wood, Samuclio, Wrigltl, Ruble, Slaehling, V. Wuerflein, Simonson, Syverlsen, M. Slevens, Oualley, Svendson. Entering the tearhing stall' this year were Miss Grace Thayer, home eeonomies instructor. Miss Rita Simon, art instrttctor, and Mrs. Glen Ives. who has been sul:- stitttting lor Miss lirelyn Bennett, whose absence is due to illness. .Xeting as rotmselors to the ninth, eighth and seventh grade tlasses were Miss Virginia Nelson. Mr. Ilollaee Sandholm, Miss Marjorie Hanson and Miss Mary Mettatn, respectively. FOURTH ROW: C. Smillw, C. Sfevens, Yerltol, Warringlon, Picltavance, Wangen, D. Smilln, Pouparl, Williams, Quam, Valdahl, Scltwarfz, Wynia, Rusley, Perltins. FIFTH ROW: Tollifson, E. Schroeder, M. Poole, Ryner- son. Swencllund, Tovson, Taclcer, Schneider, H. Sorenson, Roberls, Springborg, Radlce, H. Sorenson, Seeger, Syverson. Schuyler. FIRST ROW: Freclricltson, Booth, Fabry, Godfland, D. Anderson, Brown, M. Frahm, P. Frahm, Ginlrel, Bates, Fynbo, Callahan, Chrisienson. SECOND ROW: Ellis, Derrickson, Brown, V. Anderson, Bergstrom, Acltland, Dahl, Y. Anderson, De Malignon, A. Davis, Gillaeri, J. Ander- son, Earp, Aanerud, Gilpin, J. Davis. THIRD ROW: Conradi, Good- man, Guiney, C. Anderson, Browers, Declrard, Eltari, Grose, Ellson, Bros- Icoff, Boyd, Fisher, D. A. Anderson, Engel, Baldwin, S. Gunderson. FOURTH ROW: Berglund, Clarlt, Bleclceberg, Bulenhofi, Frondal, R. Aclrland, Breamer, M. R. Davis, De Line, Freeman, P. Chrisfiansen, De Cora, Goldman, Baker, Biclcford, Davis. FIFTH ROW: R. Brown, Carl- sen, Hagmann, Gulbrandson, Casey, Gorder, Argue, R. Barrelf, Green- wood, C. Anderson, J. Hansen, Carfwrighf, Gregerson, Folie, Bennell, Chapman, Bugor, Ellingson. eventh Graders Discover and Learn Dilierent Ideas Stihjeets ollererl to the seventh gratclers are English, ntzitheinzitics, social, 2111, home economics and wootl shop. I-'rom these subjects each student has gainecl certain knowledge that will help them not only to live with and get along with other stnrlents. lint also to he sncresslul in the worlrl. XX'hen they enter eighth grznle next year they will gain new privileges, but they will also have new responsibilities. FIRST ROW: Heemslaergen, M. Johnson, HunnicuH, L. Jenson, E. Jen- son, B. Jensen, R. Knufson, Jerdee, R. Johnson, Hoyl, M. Jensen, Herman. SECOND ROW: R. Knufson, Holsi, Jordahl, S. Jakobson, K. Jacobson, D. Hanson, D. M. Jenson, Hargem, D. L. Johnson, T. Thompson, Holly, D. Jensen, G. Larson, R. Hendricltson. THIRD ROW: C. Jensen, M. Knudfson, Klulrow, R. Knufson, J. Hansen, D. Johnson, With the help ol' their lezxrlters :intl ronnselors the seventh grzulers IIZIXC Ixeronie more use to Iile in junior high. As the year progressecl, the Imewiltlertnent they lclt at first gratlnztlly wore oli' :mtl they lxerznne better ac- qttztintetl with their Iellow students. .Xsitle lironi their regular school work these energetic seventh graders have Ionncl time to pzirticipztte in co-t'ttrric'nIar activities such tts Ilonteeoming ztnrl the junior high stntligltl soeiftls. Krosch, Lawyer, Kelley, B. Hammer, C. Jacobsen, Johansen, Kelly. FOURTH ROW: Hoyne, R. Johnson, Hershey, Laiie, J. Knufson, Hilis, Heslceii, V. Hills, R. Jenson, S. Knudson, Kasl, Iverson, Jahns, P. Jacob- sen, Kangos. FIFTH ROW: L. Larson, S. Jenson, L. Jensen, Kvale, Hassler, Hoeve, D. Johnson, Kreuger, M. Jensen, L. Jensen, Hahlen, L. Hammer, Henry, E. Hansen, King, Hoium, Heilman. FIRST ROW: F. Paulsen, P. Olson, Lloyd, Lacllie, K. Olsen, Peterson, Myers, S. Nelson, Purlcins, Nechaniclty. SECOND ROW: P. Livingsfon, Dawn Peaslee, Diane Peaslee, Limon, R. Nelson, Lunning, D. Pierson, Morselh, Meissenhalter, F. Nelsen, Pranlner. THIRD ROW: Nan- neslad, Plall, Oppegarcl, Phillips, J. Larson, Meyer, Lombard, Monlei. Palm, Oberg, Overland, Long, D. Maison. FOURTH ROW: Lsvad, J. Miller, G. Morrison, J. Olson, D. Peterson, Palmer, E. Olson, K. Poole. S. Nelson, Noland, A. Miller, D. Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Ponfo. Lindahl. K. Olsen, McGill, Reed, Porter, B. Paulson, Michels, Miellce, D. Olsen, McCall, R. Nelson, M. Nelson, De. Dee. While They Add To Previously Acquired Knowledge llniltling at lountlzition lor lutnre years, SL'X't'lllll graders are preparing to upholcl the high stanclartls ol the school, not only in classes, hut also through Student Council. 'Iunior Refi Cross. C.-XA. service clubs, Drama Club anal other various organizations. This is their lirst opportunity to work harmoniously with the faculty and fellow stuclents, Bliss Nlziry Nlettznn serves as seventh grade aclviser. FIRST ROW: Sltoloda, L. Thompson, D. Turner, J. Simon, Voigl, Seb- erson, Walker, J. Rasmussen, S. Thompson, Tapp, Sloul. SECOND ROW: Smitlh, Sleene, H. Thompson, V. Svendson, Slauch, Urschilz, West, Robbins, Schwarz, J. Wuerflein, Sorlien, Schue. THIRD ROW: D. Williams, P. Rieiveld, Slyve, Sprenger, D. Sorenson, Sladheim, Wilds. Weeks, M. Schneider, L. Schneider, Rosenberg, H. Thompson, Sonltsen. ily lt-:irning to 2lt'C't'pi criticisin. stuclents acquire a sense ol' rt-slionsilmility :intl gain maturity. Serving as apprentices, seventh gratlers learn the funtlamentals that will later aitl them in the production of the 'I'iger's Roar and the Coronation of their Home- coming queen: in general the traditions of our school will he carrietl ont lay these young 2l4lllllS. FOURTH ROW: Schoon, Sltaar, Weum, B. Salre, J. Volluni, Sanders, S. Van Riper, Whilcomb, Sfeiien, Weiser, Selle, Wesiland, V. Thompson. FIFTH ROW: M. Wayne, J. Wayne, Westergaard, Sellun, Selher, Wangen, Tarveslad, R. Smith, Ullman, Scott, J. Sorenson, Weiiiel, Voshell, J. Wood, Schaeffer, Sfeinbeclt, J. Thompson. KW X ' x V X M ACTIVITIE .xfflfl-T'llfI'Il by 1'11I1'lligf'r1r'r'. IIIIIIIIHUIIII .w'1'l:.x in- .xj11'r1'ng z'xf2r:'fr'11rf'.s' lim! nw' llllllll'IIg'flI.Q'. Trnlny ,-I111r'ri1'n Inu' fill-fl! fn llrw r11"m'11l1'rn1.x' il.x Youll: nw' r'lmn.x1'ng, Pllffl-f'ifI1HIf.S' IIN' fN'!'fJllIl-Ilg umw' pmr- Iirnl: flllj' .s'r'1'lf r'l11l1.x' llmt rlirrrllv izlxfolw'.vlrl1jw'l.x !!'lH'I1l'l1 in .w'lmr1l. 'I'l1m11gl1 tllr' .x'l111lr'r1lx' zu1'.s1 IMI' nj lr'i.s'11n' lfurw, gum! ln'l1rmiru' jmtt1'1'r1.x' nw' fl1'w'loj11'1l. Clnllx and Ufglllll-ZlIfI'0I1.Y un' ll l'!'XIlH nf' Il S'fl.IIIlllIlfI'Il I'IIlll'llfl'IHI. W .P " W ,ff 5 f W , , xx f ff A f x,' fy ' f X DAQ "-..- ...- if .muh f"'HH KB ..41u::qnovs1..nng vga, ge, xX f K A4H.,.,-N "R V Mpeg- .34 H, .A. ' i a""'4i .4 ,... BM-I-OT 'i6Q'..-,W v ' 1 . .,,,,,. ua- .A xr- 'Q x wp, "5-1. '11 'is a-nw., ..,4,,. " 1K""- . 1 6 54, 8-W'-Nm -'fi ... - V ff .ws . 4 -. 'faint' tw Q-4-asv-f'W"'L'M t I A vii V 5.4-9 -nnmm-s. mafia ,512 1- Q, W' L' nel. 'Q an ',1w. '. 'N ,bt -ax. Mf4,cM"'v'-1, vswzm-41 f 'Nu Q -,4gkmM-wen.. 4 vqwu nf Q.. ' H.. mqptfvfwqmw 'f"""Hu ' 'Nw ' x--f.:--52,"wC?::"'rw'-Hfffrfw - w -vw-.f':w tf::f"'f'ff ' in its-fbpfef-om.,-x., NWA' .Hu V 454' - ,084 4 110-uv, tx, V is 4,14 eau ,. ' - A ii, Vx. , . me an 4 xv , va-9-v u so 0 a ,,f'W-sw-uw:-9-64 -M-Nngt I ' i Q: hfliv. if-m5i.gp4fw-aww.. ,. N .V we-f..A..2p.,1f'f1m,,, 'ww 4 M, f H,.m4, ,V ., w ,A Q, . fr 14,148-um 'Wo 1 " r a vw ' ' , ,K , m-Q-vwaiwu vm , ' 4' Huw Ns., -1 , , ?"v'Nmx,:H4v-'Q tuba, . ' -1-..,"f nw., "'4"4+n,,m.4+u+ X Q f , i"f::iM.4.f-f,,:10W+g,'Nw,,u-.un a.,-mf ,I 5 -' -in mf., , , ng qua -w' A m : g.,,.wa+N 'mn 1-wg., M4 ., - , -Q. Q., u'0rnnlv"0'Nx. , I H4 1-V , - I. ,,n,gwmfg,, Ma, 4'-14 90, ,,,,,,,., 4 -, '1H"'i 1 fvff-?f"'wZ2f"-MQ'-of? 'mww , , , - NNY 9 : 'l"?4"""i4-f.."'4--Q 'Vhtwr ' t - Q nfjff K ,iii s ,ff llwd-num . . t ff -Vp' , ,,.,- -gm ,' nv ,,.""44+Q4.,,, . 1,1 if ' 'Q ,.f-':L:,..,?l,,f:: .4 ,mwmwqs 6, 1' . - ' . 41" ., '. ' '0 1,- Ak QA' l 'f' 4 fQ:'1f,f,1'?N - m mwacy' w . , Q fef..WnM,, . 'Na-www"' ww ,w OFFICIATING over The school's governrnenial body were +l1e Sludenf Oouncil officers, Connie Boyd, secrefaryg Milte Jordan, vice presidenlg Bill Ma'Hl'1les, presidenl and Arlene Pelerson. lreasurer. FULL OF PEP, lhese councilmen boosled 'flue sale ol Homecoming pins. FIRST ROW: Joyce Pleiss, Karen Pelerscn, Bobbie Trapp and Joan Ginlcel. SECOND ROW: Bill Griswold, Sian Yocum and Claylon Pelerson. Democracy Rules: Council Xvith the rap ofthe gavel, Student Council activities commenced and echoed throughout the school year. To organize student opinion, each homeroom elected a repre' sentative whose duty was to meet with the council once every week. The voice ol the students was related at these meetings and government was established with the assistance ol Mr. Victor Stensrud, adviser. Behind the scenes ol' almost every school affair, the Student Council linaneed the Swing Band, planned pep assemblies, scheduled dances, held elertions, sold activity calendars and raised money for the henelit ol' the school. Two Oscar awards were given each month to a boy and a girl who had done an outstanding job in one specilic lield of work. Homecoming was one ol' the lirst projects on the councils agenda. Using the slogan, "'l'igerize tl1e Ton- na-itesf' the enthusiastic group staged the parade, niade Z1 huge bonlire, sold booster pins and held a dance, dec- orated lmy the Hi-Teeners, following the football game. The choosing ol' queen rantlidates and the foronation of the H1535 Homt't'ominv' fJllt'tTIl were also handled through the cotiiiril. UN Page 72 TALKING OVER lite counciI's finances are SITTING: Arlene Pelerson, JoAnn Regisler and Helen Sfieler. STANDING: Duane Enderson, Pal Henry, Bill Griswold and Sieve Leulliold. .Wren Establishes Government "Manhattan Merry-Co-Romul'' was the theme ol' the '54 'l'iger's Roar, staged on january 29 and lfebruary l. This student variety show was a box olliee selleout, draw' ing a record crowd lor both perlortnanees. Produced and directed by students, the presentation was the coun- cil's number one money-making project. Assuming the leadership responsibilities ol' the "Roar" it ere Mike .lor- dan, producer: Mary Sue Speltz, director: Virginia Nar- verud, assistant direetorg -lack Bergen, script writer and senior highers who served as committee heads. To continue movement ol' the high school's rising standards, representatives attended various conventions and brought back democratic ideas for solving problems. As president and vice president, Bill Matthies and Mike Jordan were entitled to attend Boys' State in St. Paul. At that conference, Bill was chosen to represent Minne- sota at Boys' Nation in XVashington, D. C. Secretary Connie Boyd went to Girls' State and 'lll'CZlSlll'Cl' Arlene Peterson attended the National Convention ol' Student Councils in Portland, Oregon. XVinona was the destina- tion ol' eouneilmen in November when they journeyed to the Big Nine Convention. Karen Peterson and Arlene Peterson were .xllll'l'l l,e:t delegates to the Slillt' tneeting. DANCE FANS loclr over the mixer schedule. FIRST ROW: Kay Hill Howie Hecltes and David Long. SECOND ROW: Joan Ginlt Dennis Engl el, STUDENT GOVERNING is carried on by llwese homeroom represenla- lives during fhe firsl semesfer. FIRST ROW: Nanneslad, ScI1oon. Schneider, Wallrer, Peal, C. Pelerson, Bollelson, Sfyve, Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Blunf, Mallwews, Kolslad, Fralwm, Balmer, Madsen, Clarlce, Wangen, Rielveld, Weslcolf. THIRD ROW: Blood, B. Knulson, Brabec, De Cora, Van Wier, Kopischlce, Parlchursl, Lair, T. Jensen, R. Turner, Lincoln. Junior High SMILING OFFICERS are Marlene Bollelson, vlce presidenfg Bob Brabec, presidenlg Julie Weslcoll, sec relary and Gary Blunf, lreasurer. DECORATING CHRISTMAS TREES lo bring holiclay spirif lo +I1e enfrance of lhe school building are several aclive iunior liighers. Page 74 BUILDING TOMORROW, ihe second semesier Sfudenl Council upheld Hansen, Bolielson, Wesicc-H. THIRD ROW: BIun+, Gunderson, Val- democrafic siandards. FIRST ROW: D. Turner, Squires. Kycelt, Jerdee, daI'1I, Brabec, Wynia, Allen, Delgado, B. Knuison, Posfhumus, Bushman, D. Anderson, Unselh, Peaslee, Oppegard, Bales, Thompson. SECOND ROW: B. Lee, Polic, Wolff, Argue, Schroeder, Siadlneim, P. Frahm, L. Syverson, B. Sorenson. Council Adopts Policies To Guide and Govern iudents .-Xsstnning the responsibilities ol' leading the junior high activities lor the '53-'Stl school year were the Student Council ollicers. Thev began their assigned duties Oc- tober 6 at the lirst council meeting. i Each homeroom started the semester by electing a homeroom president who also served as Student Council representative. These students met every Tuesday, sec- ond hour, in room l05 with the lour ollicers and Mr. Ver' niund Andersen, council adviser. .Xt the end ol' the lirst semester, the representatives were changed. This permitted a larger percentage of seventh. eighth and ninth graders to participate in stu- dent rttn government. To stimulate junior high student social life, the council sponsored the hrst sunlight social, "Autumn Capers," which was held October 14 in the girls' gym. Music was furnished bv the Swing Band. These socials are held about once a month and are sponsored by various jttnior high homerooms and organizations. The annual project ol purchasing and decorating the junior high Christmas trees on the hrst and second lioors, was also undertaken bv the Student Council, lo educate its members tn methods ol government, the Student Council inaugurated a special excursion to the Twin Cities. October 21. The one dav trip to Minneapolis and St. Paul proved both interesting and educational. The members of the council visited the Capitol, the Historical Society. the Minneapolis Star and Tribune Newspaper, Gold Medal Flour Mills and the XVtxld-Clhamberlain airfield, A major drive to raise money lor the light against polio, cancer, heart disease and tuberculosis was super- vised bv the council. The annual "Have-A-Heart" char- ity drive ran during the week ol' February 22-26. As in past years a chart, bearing each homeroom number, was made to record the progress of the campaign and to in- crease competition between the rooms. In an attempt to raise needed funds, the junior high council launched a new project bv selling emblems im- printed with Albert Lea junior High. Cllimaxing the years council activities was the an- nual spring bancjuet. The lirst and second semester council representatives and the ollicers participated in this linal event. Page 75 FIRST ROW: Dilling, E. Jensen, Juers, Waterman, Nordby, Sprenger. SECOND ROW: S. Nelson, K. Rutherford, Cady, Booen, M. Nelson Bioro, Barr, E. Hunt, Cram. THIRD ROW: Madson, Wall, Siiles Brown, C. Peterson, J. Pleiss, Sturtz, Throlson, Ouiggle, A. Gunderson Troe, D. Jensen, Mortenson, Wedge. FOURTH ROW: Perau, Roorda, Termath, H. Hunt, Connly, Tavis. FIFTH ROW: P. Gunderson, Em- mons, A. Peterson, Lyons, Follteslad, L. Peterson. enior Band Exhibited Its Mastery Over Music ot All ,rv W? F9 5 During the first hour ol eztch clay, strains ol' music can be heard from the senior lmntl as they practice vigor! ously ttntler the tlirettion ol Hr. I.. linnnons. The band is consicleretl tin otttstztntling :asset to the school and conunttnity. as it contributes its intisic to the county fair and sunnner concerts eztth year. Senior bztntl ntt'inbt'rs hztrc' been working especially hartl this year, putting on their annual concerts and pre- paring lor their trip to XVinnipeg' in the spring. .-Xpproxiinzitely U0 people will go on this trip, which will he Ilnnt' 7-12. The money liront the spring concert and other uioney-raising projects will finance the tour. IN THEIR LAST YEAR in band are 'these seniors. FIRST ROW: Shirley Dilling, Susan Nelson, Mary E. Nelson and Pat Boe. SECOND ROW: Donna Riemann, Evelyn Jensen, Charlotte Wall and Joyce Stiles. THIRD ROW: Jennelly lngvaldson, Rodney Boelfer, Gordon Johnson and Karen Juers. FOURTH ROW: Melvin Troe, Tom Chrisiensen and Herbert Brand. Page 76 FIRST ROW: Freligh. Riemann, R. Jensen, Egerlson, Skinner, Rulleslad. SECOND ROW: G. Johnson, Kalzenmeyer, Gorder, Kuchera, A. Han- son, Syverson, Esse. THIRD ROW: R, Thompson, J. Nelson, Winium, Johnsrud, Davis, R. Hanson, Rahn, R. Johnson, D. Hanson, S. Nelson, lngvalclson, Brand. FOURTH ROW: Toslrucl, Wangen, Kopischlte Chrislenson, C. Jensen, Weslcoll, Verdocrn, Slorviclc, Oslrancler, D Sorenson, Schuyler, Foley. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Emmons, Bee, D. Soren- son, Voigl, Tosienson, Boeller. Types Al Concerts, Assemblies, Games and On Tours Spettailors will 2llWZiyN ITIIIQIIIIJCI' the spettzutllztr inarcliing exhibitions perlornietl hy the liztntl at the school loothall gznnes and in the c'ity's pzirzulc-s. Owzttonnzt was the scene ol' the Select Music' Festival this year. Representing ,-XLHS were the most tztlentetl ntetnbers of band, orchestra :intl chorus. The hztncl also journeyed with other music groups to the spring Musit' Festival helcl in Austin, May 7. Taking over the cluties ol liresitlent and vice pres- iclent ol' the hancl were Herb Bfilllil ztntl .Xl Maclson, t'espec'tix'ely. .-Xniong Nilllfy Quiggles tluties as secretary was the clztily task ol llllilllg'1lllCllll2lIli'C. SOUND OFF! These drummers play an adequale role in The senior band. Praclicing for a summer four lhal will lalre Ihem fo Canada are: FIRST ROW: Carmen Emmons, Bill Voigl and Pal Boe. SECOND ROW: Don Lee Sorenson, Rodney Boeller and Apryl Tolsenson. Page 77 .Q. Q FIRST ROW: Pollt, K. Dahl, Manihei, Narverud, Jacobson, C. Pelerson, Larson, Arneson, Warrington. SECOND ROW: M. Thompson, Cole, R. Nelson, K. Nelson, Krueger, Donovan, R. Nelson, Syverson, Norlon Rusley, Wangen, Gorder, Ellson, Bergo, Smilh, Sleiner. THIRD ROW: Bergen, Olson, Michels, Esse, Selher, Swedlund, J. Vollum, Thompson, Jensen, Greengo, K. Dahl, Saire, Chrislenson. FOURTH ROW: Jensen, Palmer, D. Olson, Hassler, Brown, Slephenson, Gudvangen, Smilh, R. Acltland, R. Acldand, Eggum, Verdoorn, Miller, Anderson, Sladheirn, Prosser, C. Thompson, T. Dahl, Wangen, Hershey, Winium, Nelson, P. Dahl, Hanson, D. Turner, Anderson, Troe, D. Sanders, B. Sanders, Ryner- son, Dilling. FIFTH ROW: Quiggle, Bellner, Hillslrom, Johnson, Aclr- land, Hills, Sundve, Allen, R. Turner, Lair, Berg, K. Olson, B. Anderson, Verdoorn, De Malignon, Chrislensen, M. Nelson, Hoverson, Peslorious, Crouch, Taslter, Linclahl. SIXTH ROW: Voigt, Nelson, N. Vollum, Knulson, Maison, Miller, Olson. Enthusiasm and Talent Mark Junior Band Performances livery dzty third hour, tlte lusty rousing tnztrthes ol' Sousa or the gentle tsetmttts ol Beethoven rottld be heard routing lrotn the band rootn. In this rootn, the lllll jun- ior band ntetnbers happily displayed their talents' on vztriotts ntttsiutl instrutnents, lztcilslittg tlte big problem ol' preparing tltentselves lor etttrztnce into senior band. these junior band ntem- bers tliligently prztrtic'etl, ttnder the capable direction of Nlr. I.. linttnons. Yztriotts ntztrclting tnztnettvers and lorntzttions were vxettttetl lit llte lwztnd wltett it plztyt-tl lot' lootlnztll entities. l'l1e bztttd :tlso plztyed lot' the I-'atirtttottt ltztsketbttll gztnte. OPPORTUNITY EXPOSES ITSELF in lhese iunior band maiorelles. Posing for lhe piclure are FIRST ROW: Loge, Bellner, Aslte, O'Neal, E. Johnson, Wiclr, Sunclve, Loge. SECOND ROW: Hills, Aclclancl, Johnson, Hillslrom, Quiggle. llte white ttnilornted junior tttusitizttts. led by skilled tttztjorettes, tnarclted in the Hotttecotning ztttd Decoration Day pztrztdes. The band entered ztnother lteld ol' enter- taining when it played for the visiting seniors at Career Day, Novetnber 30. .Ks at litting tribute, the young players appeared in the :tnnuztl Spring Concert. presented April 27. The band shztred top billing with the senior and grade school bands. Metnbersltip in the junior high band is open to any seventlt. eighth or ninth grzttler ittterestetl in and able to plztx' it ntttsicztl lll5lI'lllIlL'lll. STRIKE UP THE BAND. Firsl chair players gel logelher for a lifrla iam session all lheir own. FIRST ROW: N. Pollc, A. Warringlon, S. Steiner, M. Donovan, K. Dahl. SECOND ROW: N. Vollum, Dilling, Turner, Lindahl, B. Rusley, D. Hanson. FIRST ROW: Sorenson, Schneider, Gollaerq, Hagen, Ostlay, Voigt. SECOND ROW: Larson, Dillavou, Pierson, Nielson, Juers, E. Jensen, Dilling, Bioro. Slrinner, Rullestacl, Quiggle, Tostrud, Tolzmann. THIRD ROW: Balrer, Davis, Heather, Delgado, Moyer, G. Johnson, Katzen- meyer, Gorder, Kuchera, Johnsrud, Hanson, R. Johnson, Schuyler, Foley, Freligh, Nelson, P. Peterson, Knutson. FOURTH ROW: R. Jensen, Sorlien, K. Peterson, R. Olson, J. Olson, E. Peterson. FIFTH ROW: A. Peterson, Ress, D. Jensen, Horning. BACK ROW: Mr. Striemer, P. Gunderson, Boe, Emmons, Connly, Mathews, Gillard, L. Jensen, Gendler. Orchestras Display Talents At Assemblies and Concerts Senior Ol'Cl1CSll'2l nlctubcrs display their tztlcnts in concerts and out-ol-state tours. They also providc thc lnackground music lor plays, l5ac'c'z1l:1ttt'L'zttc scrriccs and Cotiitticticetitetit. 'Iihc orcltcstrzt played at Osage and Charlcs City on its annual concert tour in l"clirttztry. In addition to regular t'a-liczttsztls, IES tncnthcrs of the junior and scnior orclicstrzts hztvc lortucd zt co-curricular musical group known :ts thc String Choir. This group holds rcltcztrsztls oncc Zl wcck. During thc holidays they utztdc ztppc-zttxtttcr-s zu cluh lIlL'L'llllgS throughout thc city. Mcntlmcrs flgliii' that thc ctijoytncnt gained liront Illllall' is sullit'ia-nt t'uc'otttpL-ttsv lor tht' hours spa-nt in diligent study :uid prztt lift: FIRST ROW: A. Larson, Kaufman, Galvan, Scherb, O'Neal, D. Olson, Dethrners, Myers. SECOND ROW: Cairns, Stoa, Nettleton, Tostrud, Pollt, K. Dahl, C. Peterson, Warrington, C. Smith, Steiner, Ouiggle, Sorlien, Ullman, Pierson, Lee. THIRD ROW: Romer, Clarke, Hillstrom, Marld, Davis, P. Jensen, Norton, Rusley, E. Nelson, P. Dahl, Hanson. Iftttcrprisittg young tnusiciztns who :irc ntctnlncrs of the junior high orcltcstrzt arc looking l'ot'wzu'd to thc time when they will ztilvztticc to thc senior orcltcstru. These students hztrc shown outstanding tztlcnt during the past ycztr and haw ztppcztrcd in scrc-t'z1l concerts along with the senior high orcltcstrzt and thc grzttlc: school group. Mrtttlictsltip in thc junior orvltcstrzt is an itnportant step in thc nutsit-:tl cduczttion ol thc studcnl. This edu- cation lmcgznt in thc grzttlt- school. Upon zulvztticittg to thu .junior orcltuslrzt. thu 5lllflClllh lsccotnc ztctptztittlccl with rlztssir-all music and cotnpliczttcd rhythms, :ill ol' which will pri-pztrc' lltc-tn lor thu ltighcsl stcp in thcir tnusttztl t'ztt't'ct': ttt4'tttl1t't'slttp tu thc sctttot' lttglt ot'tltt'stt'zr. Turner, Taslrer, Lindahl, K. Dahl, Baller D. Jensen, C. Olson, Metcalf. FOURTH ROW: Dugstacl, Bottleson, Tollifson, Hillman, Hoium, Casey, Palm, Jacobson, R. Turner, Hoyt, Lorentzen, Slraar, K. Olson. FIFTH ROW: Arque, Hassler, Westcott, Barr. BACK ROW: Mr. Stiemer, Olson, Vollum, Gunderson, Selaerson, J. Nielson, Stensrud, K. Olson. mnw'we..a--i--in-ur' mwwmamn--mtwlfm, Me, ,WM fe , ff,,f,.fsf,f ff. ,,ws.lZ,1 W , ,- f ff . sw, . .,,.f FIRST ROW: lngvaldson, Sfanley, Springborg, Myran, Harber, M Hanson, Boelimke, S. Anderson, Bioro, Vandegrili. SECOND ROW Booen, Nielson, M. Haileli, Raben, K. Baker, Skinner, Wood, Gulbrand son, Wicltmann, Hoyi, J. Pleiss. THIRD ROW: Lenz, Hewili M Halleli, Jerclee, E. Jensen, J. Pierson, Sfruyk, A. Van Wyngeeren, Jluersi Wall, Burneil, Claybourn. FOURTH ROW: Narverud, O'NeaI, Wicks, Uussrnan, Hendrickson, Hoagland, M. Doppelliarnmer, D. Pelerson, Lang, Fransen, A. Anderson, G. Berglund, Sleen. FIFTH ROW: Kazenback. Wedge, Diflevson, J. Nelson, Leullnold, Holmquisi, C. Pierson, R. Erick- son, Glenn, Graham, R. Jensen, R. Wulfi, R. Jensen, Delgado. SIXTH ROW: R. Vandegriff, Gorder, J. Tcsirud, Connly, Young, Earp, Slor- vick, C. Syverson, Lyons, Springer, Van Wyngeeren, A. Olson, R. Olson. Aiming For Perfection, A Chorisiers Gain Knowledge In CHORUS SOLOISTS, Shirley Benson, Judy Sims, Charloiie Wall. Clay- litmztstiug zt Ititi twin- .X tliurus. NIV. liolmwt .Kiwis 'Ion Robinson and Jean j Befglund- 9f'l0Y G SOHQ BY Craig Clausen- rlircctoi: lmcgzui thc xt-zu' In prcpziieiiig tht- tliortts uicui- lwrs lm' thc lztll ctnite-rt. l'lic'i,1ts usual. gmc at lmrillizuit IJL'l'IitJl'lll2lllfC, hut as thc stluml it-zu' piugtt-ssctl tlivy sur- pzissctl this "lint slitmwiiigf' lilllllClll2ilClf lolltiwiug' tht' ztutuuiu Illitlglillll. thc gmup In-gzui to pieztcticc tliligt-lilly lm' Clliristiuzts. This uiczuit at t'fHltCl'l at thc Hotvl .Xllrcrt Im' thc Sc't'x'it'cCllt1li :tml ztlsu two pe1'lr11'iiiz11iccs iu thc high school 2llItlllUl'lllill. uric tml thc-sc iu thc QX'L'llllig' lm' thc zulults :tml QIINJIIILTI' iu thc' ultc-riitmoii lm' thc Slllllijlll hotly. Maury ztluuuii ztttrutla-cl thc- ttltwiituuii lDl'0Ul'2lllI. H .X slight slztck ui pup zuicl x'1go1'sct-lilvtl KWIIICIII ztltci' thc Yulc scztsmi, hut thc c'Iiui'istct's livcuvtl up wlwu they lmcgzui Wtlllilllg rm music' lui' thc Select Music' lfcstivztl in Owzttoiiuzt. Page 80 FIRST ROW: Reynen, Bergerson, Ginlrle, Aclcland, K. Peferson, D. Tosirud, P. Gunderson, Palmer, G. Ver Hey, Berglund. SECOND ROW: Sylres, Esse, C. Schneider, J. Verdoorn, M. Anderson, Egerison, Heine, Sfiebler, E. Jensen, Dilling, Benson. THIRD ROW: Seymour. Seeger, Cram, McMuIIin, Jenson, Andreson, M. Brown, Posfhumus, Vande Kamp. Person, P. Johnson, E. Peierson, Moe, Schoenroclz. FOURTH ROW: Whife, Lulrens, W. Peierson, D. Johnson, Venem, Rullesiad, Kron, Em- Music Appreciation, Voce XL-ii lnoncl ul lI1c'n' IIIYIIZIIIUII Illc .X ciIlUl'lI5 lmcgun n'cn'L un :in Iilllrill--IUXX'lI f0llC'Cl'l. Ilic rmcczisirmii was lin' UIJCIHIIQ ol llic new Miniicsrnai YOGIIIUIIZII lfxlcnsicni Sclmol in Xiilscczx. Using cliniinziliun ITYOLIIS Mr. Mycrs look Til incnilicrs. Mr. Willcy. IUi'lIlL'I' scnioio high principzil. inxilucl the cinm' gi-mzp in Xiuyfznu wlicrc lic is nmv prnnipzil. 'l'Iiis trip inzicla- in llic spring was one ol' ilu: highlights nl' ilu- N'L'2ll'. Singing an lln-ii' own CIIDIIIIIICIIKCIIICIII was El plcasiirc lu lllt' sciiiurs. .X Clliorns c'znnc In ilx gl'2lINIC Iinulc Im' 1953-4'i-I. lixliciniicc in .X Cllmrns in IIIYZIIIIZIIJIL' lu llic SIIICICIIIS in llicir lmsl glllilllllll'i'L'2ll'N.I.L'1ll'IIilIg lu l'L'1ltI innsic, guin- nig ll stiisc ul l'IliIIIIll :incl uma' IJIUINIIIIQ, :nv only ll Icw ol the iIlI2lIiIIk'N QQIIIIUKI. SIIHICIIIS :n'm'mnInz1iiiL'cI llic Ulm- IAIIS ill IIIL' IJHIIIU XilI'IUlI5 IIIIICS YYIIUII Il YYZIS IIl'f'1'S52II'y. Page SI mons, Swenson, Boyd, Kaasa, S. Olson, Waierman, S. Nelson. FIFTH ROW: R. Johnson, H. Nelson, Myers, Mclniyre, J. Nelson, C. Schneider, Cox, Carmichael, G. Johnson, Robinson, Malfhies, Lee, Kaizenmeyer, L. Thompson. SIXTH ROW: P. Knuison, R. Olson, Yauger, R. Osfrander, J. Throlson, D. Larson, Schuyler, Langerud, P. Pierson, Clausen, D. Wiclr, Slcaar, Thorpe. I kills and Techniques SELECT MUSICIANS Virginia Narverud, Connie Boyd, Susan Nelson, David Larson, Jerry Throlson and Diclr WUIFF receive Mr. Myer's orders. ,I f 7 ,V K f ii . ,H 11 "if I M:-hier' 1 - 3 BLENDING THEIR VOICES in perfecl harmony were II1e selecl group called lhe Madrigal Singers. FIRST ROW: Person, Slrinner, Hoog- land, Narverud, Burnell, Sims, Boyd, Schneider, Benson. SECOND ROW: E. Jensen, Walerman, Wall, Emmons, Rulleslad, Reynen, Vande- grill, Juers, Berglund, S. Nelson, Egerlson. THIRD ROW: Glenn, Holrnquisf, C. Schneider, Jerry Nelson, V. K. Carlson, Knurson, D. Lar- son, Throlson, Clausen, G. Johnson, Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Jim Nelson, WuIf'F, Gorder, Van Wyngeeren, A. Olson, Earp, Slorviclc, R. Jensen. B Chorus hows Versatility, Madrigal Captivales Crowds lu llzlvn' Iwo lJL'l'lfll'lll2llll'l'S III il clay WZINII I ll Im un' usual cluring lhc Clllrislmzls SCZISOII Im' thc ll1ll'KI-XX'!Jl'Iilllg. music'-loving Dlililflglll singers. 'lihis glfllllb, llllIllIK'l'lllg limi. is hul zz small pm-limm ol thc .X i'll0l'llS. lls lllL'llIIM'l'h gin' IllllllCl'OllS IJL'l'I'0l'lIl- :mms lm' x'zu'im1s clubs :incl Ul'g2lllll2llIOIlS in and zlmuml ,Xlhcrl l.c-21. FIRST ROW: Eclcarl, Roorda, W. Pelerson, P. Larson, Draayer, Over- land, Sullivan, Gendler, Tiede, D. Olson, Grorud, Frondal. Ress, Ter Avesl. SECOND ROW: Mains, Nichols, Caslillo, D. Draayer, J. Han- son, Regisler, Weslhuis, J. Carlson, Slovern, Cooling, B. Nelson, Hill, Danielsen, Kuchera. THIRD ROW: L. Johnson, Oslley, A. Hanson. Palmer, Nasl, R. Hansen, Slyve, Cox, I. Jenson, S. Nelson, Severson, Graham, Sliebler, Bosaclrer. FOURTH ROW: J. Knudson, J. Jenson, Umlcr thc hm, hlimling lights in .XIISIIIIIS lclc-visimi slumlio. lhc' Ixlllilflglll singurs cxlncl'ic11m'ccl ll1L'll' 'IT ala-hui. lixcilcnncxil rcigm-cl as lhcir voices :mal imagn-s wcrc: ll'2ll1S- millccl by this ncw mcclizm ol Cllllllllllllliiilllllll. lfulurc lX'l2llIl'lQ"2ll S0llgSlL'l'?s arc to hc Iouml in lhv IS C'llO1'llS. OIICL' Zlll all girl group hul now lmzlsliug Imys. Both :irc vc-ry fzlpznlnly lllSlJll'Cil hy Mr. Rolncrl Nlycrs. Tapp, Kuiper, M. Chrisfianson, Moore, De Raad, Varland, Grose, Hagen, Hunl, Kirsch, Slieler, Slurlz, Rusley, G. Hendrickson, Lemblre. FIFTH ROW: M. Knufson, Sloner, N. Jensen, J. Sullivan, Sleil, Jerdee, Wong, C. Sltaar, Delgado, C. Pelerson, Sprenger, D. Larson, Ellingson, Harves. McNeese, Balclcen, Dillavou. SIXTH ROW: Lolcen, M. Pelerson, Barr, Alm, G. Pelerson, Harlzler, Kopischlre, D. Pelerson, Darg, SIiIes,Oslran- der, Flalen, J. Nelson. Cady, F-olkeslad, Venem, O'NeiI. ,. -as Q arrival.. .s s ?if'21n1Il1 I . y FIRST ROW: Converse, P. Jensen, Wesicoll, Boifleson, Wildinson, Arneson, Lundberg, Erickson, M. Neilson, C. De Vries, Bakken, Wendell, Head, Schullz, Arnold. SECOND ROW: Lemlake, English, C. Peler- son, Barr, Polk, Salre, M. Whelan, O'NeaI, Searle, J. Carrol, S. Hanson, Long, Rufherlord, Ruble, M. Erickson. THIRD ROW: P. Hillman Eg- gum, D. Olson, Bluni, Johnsrud, Harvey, Dugsiad, DeCora, Lamberlus, Crouch, Delgado, R. Johnson, R. Nelson, Weslccli, Chrisiopherson, Goodmanson. FOURTH ROW: Halverson, Tucienhagen, M. Thomp- son, Jordon, Sale, J. Jepson, J. Neilson, Poslhumus, Cairns, Rolison, Peal, Chrislianson, Clarke, Laskewilz, Hanke, J. Johnson, Lien, J. Dahl. FIFTH ROW: Nelson, Walk, Pederson, R. Pelerson, Poole, Halverson, Mariinson, J. Wedge, Lindahl, T. Allen, Verdoorn, Ward, L. Olson, Romer, Slensrud, K. Miller, Johnson. Junior Highers Promise Fuiure Musical Masterpieces Chosen len' ihuir lllbillli :nnl 2llblJl'L'c'l2lli0ll lm' music. lhc junior high c'lnn'l1s was inzulc np ol' l57 IIILISII'-IIIIIIIICCI lil't'5Ill1lC'll. Hzuing 11-c'cix'ul their lmackgimiilml training in thc sci cnlh :incl Uiglllll giiznlcs. thc c'lnn'islc1's were well Im1'cpz1i'ccl lin' lln- Illgilllllllg' ol lllcil' Ill'5l public' zlppcar- 1lllC'C5, Wllifll l'i1llSINlL'CI ol' singing in Y2ll'lUllN zlssclnhlics and l'UllC'L'lil5. I,ll'L't'll'il lay NIV. Rulmurl Nlycrs, Zl ncrw lacr- l'ci'lion was zifllicxn-cl. FIRST ROW: Freeman, V. King, Y. Hanson, Ackland, Esson, Knuison, B. Maison, S. Paulson, J. Goalie, B. Jensen, J. De Vries, Wick, J. Pelerson. SECOND ROW: S. Goelle, Galvan, S. Winium, Hoffman, Fink, J. Miller, Tosirud, Vollum, C. Peierson, Lysne, Peslorius, M. Thompson, Buffers. THIRD ROW: C. Whelan, Dahl, Dahl, Friedman, Muesing, McMullen, Bullenhoff, S. Anderson, Pierson, Cusek, Harber, During lln- lmlimlziy sn-zisoii, lhvy zippi-zllul in thu cilllilalllllh fznnllcligln l'0lll'L'I'l wllcrc' CXCRCIDIIUIIZII ln'il- liznnc was :u'clnirc-ml in lhc lmlcncling ol' lin-ir voices in IJCYIVUTIIIIIIQ lhcii' mvn mln wink. Clznpzllmly playing' lhcii' paris we-rc il'c1'x'y Olson, Ricllzlrcl SICIISHICI, Rolxcrl Klon- ICIIMJII znnl licxcrly IXIHIISUII als lIit'1ClC'lll2ll soloists lm' lhc grmiln. XYilh lhv cunning ul spring, ilIl0ll1Cl' sncccsslnl Lull4'L'l'l was IJl'L'M'lilL'lI In thc A Cllouls ol' lo111m'1'uw. Hagen, B. Oquisl, Schuhrnacher, Dempewoll. FOURTH ROW: Hills, Hassler, R. Chrislenson, C. Thompson, Hoyne, Ollens, Olson, Blackhawi, O. Chrislenson, Ruseley, Levad, D. Drummerhausen, Narverud, Insel- mann, Talle, Aske, Voeller. FIFTH ROW: Larson, Eckarf, W. Jensen, Lair, T. Olsen, Hagen, Rasmussen, Hoeiy, Wehrl-ian, Gappa, D. Ver- doorn, Weilzel, Sloa, Frondol, L. Oquisl, R. Winium and C. Olson. Dramalisls Display Talent In Serious and Humorous Diligciil ilrzlnizllisls crmllcilccl IJl'0IJL'l'llt'5. pcclnllccl posters and pzxiulccl scls :is they pix-pzirccl l'0l'L'ZlI'l1 ol their 0lll5l2ll1Clillg' pi'ocliu'1ioi:s. Cllcwi' skiis :mil xmvcl an- ll0lllN'ClllCIllS were cmployccl by lhc 4'1'cz1lix'c im-iiilmcrs lo publicize lhcsc t'X'Clllm. "The Heiress." zi ccmsliiiiiccl pm' cliic-1ioii,zi laugh-lillccl cmiiccly, "'I'hc Silver Wliisllc-" ziml llziphnc DllAl2lllI'it'1'-N"RClJCK'l'2l.n wore' llu'c'l1uic'c'sol' Miss Hilclrul .XIIIILT lclmiliill, ilrzliml ziiicl spcrccli lll5ll'll1'l0l'. llicspizui ullic'c'i's were lccl hy l,l'L'hlfll'lll l':iill Ynkicl ziml Yicx' lJl'l'SlllL'lll .lack Bl'l'gCll. lhillllllkh worn' i'c'un'clc:cl lay Clziwmlyii Sc-limricln-r, while Bill Clriswolml ki-pl an Zlfflle Hill' ziimiiiii ul' :ill Iinziiicizil pmcccrlings. lin-lyii llciiscii sown-cl Els l'i'l'flliKllllg' scr'l'clzil'y lm' lhc group. "I'lzu'c your lirics lczlriiccl hy ilcxl wcclslu llQKi2lII'lL' 21 liiiiiilizii' plirzisc lo many sluclcnls who lnccamc Ni2l5llllC'liS hy pzirlicipziling in plays. .Xl'lc'1'cz11'l1i11g ICH poi1iLs,'l'l1cs- pizin mcmhcrsliip was zircliiirccl. Thu Ilrziiiizi Chili iiiciiilmclrs licrziiiic liamilizu' wilh Clillilfllflll lypcs ull Zlllillg' as they ,iUlll'llt'fCll lu Mason Cilyk Lilllc 'lliczilci' I7l'U4llIl'llUIlh ziml to Dcs Mnincs I0 View Drzilsc lllIlXL'l'silj"S xcrsioli ul "NIziclJclll." HANDLING TICKET SALES for plays and planning various Thespian acfivilies were Thespian officers, Evelyn Jensen, Jaclc Bergen, William Griswold, Paul Yolciel and Carolyn Schneider. BEHIND THE SCENES responsibilily for lhe success of plays falls lo lhe managers seen discussing lulure producfions wilh lheir direclor, Miss Hildred Tennihill. Bill Griswold, Roger Johnson, Donna Babbill, Charles Harly, Gail Walerrnan, Connie Boyd and Connie Rulleslad. GREASEPAINT AND BRIGHT LIGHTS are familiar lo lhese smiling Masquers who have all had paris in various school drama produclions. FlRST ROW: Wichmann, Olson, Walerman, Boyd, Rulleslad, Dillavou, Searles, Hoyl, Schneider. SECOND ROW: Ruble, Babbill, Nelson, Pelerson, Cram, Harber, Spellz, Wall, Lowry, Maison. THlRD ROW: Bergen, Morrison, Jordan, Harly, Oslrander, Knulson, Throlson, Earp, Griswold, Robinson. Page 84 Productions To Delight and Captivate Capacity Crowds READY, WILLING AND ABLE were these dramatists who, by dint ot their contributions to behind the scenes harmony and etticiency, earned the name Thespian. FIRST ROW: Gulbrandson, Nelson, Olson, Water- man, Quiggle, Skinner, Boyd, Rullestad, Dillavou, Searles, Hoyt, Wich- rnann, Schneider, Tovson. SECOND ROW: Wong, Babbitt, M. Nel- son, C. Peterson, Wall, Cram, Seeger, Berglund, lngvaldson, Harber, Tostenson, Speltz, E. Jensen, Lowry. THIRD ROW: Ruble, R. John- son, Yolciel, Jordan, Harty, Ostrander, Knutson, Sprenger, Throlson, Earp, Griswold, Matson. FOURTH ROW: Bergen, Morrison, Robin- son. A HESITANT SUBJECT, Robin Thorpe shows concern as Joyce Gendler, Charles Syverson and Margaret Kuchera prepare to use him as a guinea pig tor make-up practice. This quartet's work on various drama pro- ductions insured their tuture initiation as Thespians. THE MASTER PAINTERS might well be the name applied to these dramatists who, though they are not yet Thespians, did much ot the stage worlr on the "Silver Whistle." Taking time out to examine the programs are Audrey Erickson, Edward Levine, Carmen Cervantes and Dale Nelson. Page 85 DISCUSSING 'll-ie immediale fufure of The Hi-Teens organizafion are ifs officers: Mary Lowry, vice presidenlp Barbara Esse, rreasurer: Sue Nelson, presidenr and Jane Gulbrandson, secrerary. RACKING THEIR BRAINS for new ideas for Hi-Teens isn'l new for fhese council members. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Hansen, Apryl Toslen- son. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Bussman, Sharon Harves, Eunice Pefer- son and Carol Venem. Hi-Teeners Work Hand In Hand To Accomplish FIRST ROW: Boe, Arnold, Carlson, Egerfson, S. Larson, Carroll, Juve, Larson, P. Johnson, M. Brown, Kuchera, Jochumsen, Jerdee, Galbraifh, S. Jensen, Cooling, B. Chrisfianson, Heine, Esse. SECOND ROW: Ladlie, Danielsen, A. Hansen, T. Hendrickson. Becker, Heclces, Huber, Kron, Conner, Booen, Gilpin, Hoyf, J. Jensen, Boland, R. Hansen, J. Hansen, E. Jensen, Bensen, E. H. Jensen, Green, Gulbrandson. THIRD ROW: Brua, Halleli, Haileli, D. Hendriclcson, Boyd, J. Hanson, J. Anderson, Bowman, Hagen, Hunf, J. Gunderson, Grasdalen, Cox, Em- mons, Balclce, Knudson, J. Jenson, Hoogland, Knufson J. Jensen, Kermes, L. Johnson, Harves. FOURTH ROW: Klulrow, D. Johnson, M. Carson, Bosaclrer, Barr, Karzung, Alm, B. Andresen, Henry, Bauers, Duselc, D. Jensen, Henry, Berglund, Bergerson, Bioro, Colslrup, Gendler, M. Han- sen, P. Gunderson, M. Dopplehammer, lngvaldson, S. Eclxarf, H. Jorgen- son, Cram, Kuefhe, D. Larson, Follcesiad, Cady. FIFTH ROW: BurneH, Krueger, Swenson, Throlson, Kaasa, Kuilers, Belshan, Ericlrsen, R. Jensen, L. Jensen, Juers, Beclriordan, Hendrickson, Boehmlre, Harber, Aclrland, Vandegriff, Hayes, Grorud, King, Deurmier, G. Evans, S. Hansen, Gil- berlscn, S. Brown, P. Larsen, Grose, Kirsh. FIRST ROW: Lowry, Voigt, Stielaler, Waterman, Pierson, Wong, Schneider, Searles, Person, Nichols, Nash, M. Peterson, Rierson, Noble, J. Pleiss, Nielson, Wendel. SECOND ROW: Sorlien, Wichmann, Noland, S. Olson, Dirltsen, McKeown, Rusley, Seeger, S. Nelson, Osiby, Syltes, Sltinner, Termath, Metzlce, Sanderson, Will, Lemblte, Mains. THIRD ROW: K. Thomson, Mathews, Tosfenson, Raben, Moore, Tovson, E. Peterson, Posihumus, Narverud, Schoenroclr, J. Pleiss, Rullestad, C. Peterson, M. Peterson, Sullivan, Stieler, M. Peterson, Severison, Sturtz, Mangsltau, Moen, B. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: O'Byrne, R. Olson, Lenz, Livingston, B. Nelson, Moe, P. Sorenson, Sltophammer, A. Sorenson, J. Nelson, Myran, Wiclrs, M. E. Nelson, M. Rolands, Turlness, J. Olson, Studer, Palmer, Ostley, McNeese, C. O'Byrne, Moden, Stiebler, Ter Avest. FIFTH ROW: Sliaff, R. Palmer, Vosbeelt, Quam, Westland, H. Wood, Overgaard, D. Lultes, D. Lultes, L. Nelson, K. Peterson, J. Palmer, Speltz, Sims, Tosfrud, Tiecle, K. Olson, C. Olson, Ruip, Wacholtz, Perau, P. Peterson, C. Venem, W. Peterson, D. Roorda, J. Perrin. the Utmost In Unity and Attain New Heights 1Qn1h11si21stie high sehool girls join Hi-Teens to serve their school Zlllil eotntnnnity. prontote lrienclliness 21ncl tlevelop C'll2ll'2iClCli, leatlersltip ztntl personztlity. Their goal is to c1'e21te Zl high Sl2lll4l2ll'tl ol' itlenls lor tltetnselves anal their sehool. All senior high girls 2ll'L' eligihle lot nieinhersltip in this c'l11h. lhe lirst project the girls ttntlertook w21s tlte cleeorztt- ing ol tlte Homeeoming clanee using 21 eollegiate tl1et11e. Clhrtstntzts l'2lYtJl'h were macle Zllltl given to tlte Naeve Hos- pital. "'l'wi11l4le," Zl cllll'lSllllZlS skit, was presentetl on lleeenther lil. .X sextet anti llllb-tlilllfillg tllltt were Zlllf tlitional l'e21tt1t'es on the prograin. 1':YL'l'l'll1ll1g' l-l'OlIl llashlights to Ill2ll'SllIll2lll0H'5 2ltlUl'Il- etl the shoe-less leet Zll tlte Sock Hop which provitletl Zlll entertaining' time lor all! Prizes were given to tlte per- sons lor tlte craziest. the prettiest, the Itlttsl original anti tlte most eolorhtl socks. Proeeecls ol' the merry event were given ot tlte llnitecl Nations lor ttnclerprivilegetl eltiltlrett tltrottghottl tlte worltl. .Xnother llltlllltllllll l'L'2llLll'l' w21s Nlr. Clayton XY11li'l' talking on his ll'2lYl'lN to Nlexieo. lliillljlll Zlllll more talent! .Xn eeho ol' the '1'iger's Roar w21s the "liitten's Meow," when several original aets resottntletl. 'l4lllIllDlL'l'S, tlttets illltl skits Ixerlorntecl nncler the theme ol' "Dormitory Dale." As 21 special oeeasion this spring tlte girls invitetl their mothers to Zl style prevtte lollowetl hy il leil ill tlte aztleteria. The purpose ol this oee21sion was lor mothers. ll2lllglllCl'S 21n1l teaelters to get Zlfilllillllllil. Xvith time ehhing 2lW2ly. tlte last two meetings on the Zlgellllll were tlte elections Zlllll lllSl2lll2lll0ll ol' new ollteers. During the yC2ll' Z1 re1mresent21tive cottneil was set np. consisting ol' two girls from each class. 'Iihe ollteers Zllltl the atlvisers met with them. Their ohjeetittes were those ol' obtaining Ill2llCl'l2ll for meetings. planning tlte progrztnt lor the year anal clisenssing and evalttatittg icleas and sug- gestions 1l121t arose. '1'he thirtl xvl'llllC5Cl2ly in every month ttsnally lonncl Hi-Teens metnhers assemhletl in the high school 2111tli1o- Vllllll lor their husiness meetings. Advising the organiza- tion antl aitling the representative council were Miss Gertrttcle Piers. Nliss Ruth Bauer anti Miss Ruth Nelson. Page 87 , I . l lr 1 of ff fl I-I ff ' P fi' In M - A M im frog , 6 4.3 1, , -':g if M V4 . Z an X 5, 1 We lf? f' 1 e me 1 U' STANDING BEHIND THEIR PRINCIPLES are lhese sophomore members of lhe F.F.A. FIRST ROW: G. Quam, Ellingson, T. Thompson, Lulrens. Conell, E. Olson, Vandegrifl, Markle, D. Sorenson, Wedge, L. Johnson, D. Nelson, G. Thompson. SECOND ROW: C. Slraar, Nordby, Marpe, Riefsema, Hoyne, C. Pelerson, Enderson, Yocum, R. Larson, Wesfland, Jerdee, Fielbrolen, H. Thompson, Hanson. THIRD ROW: Toslrud, Breamer, R. Larson, Enderson, Kaufman, Paulson, Slorviclx, Sfelllen, Carl- son, J. Jensen, Anderson, H. Ouam, Halvorson, Sfevens, Monson. Future Farmers Endeavor To Gain Know How Through was conferred upon Orville Johnson, iunior F.F.A er. This award, beslowed for oufslandmg meril and quallficallons, was given al a Isanquel' honoring fhe parenls of F.F.A.'ers for lheir ooperalion wilh lhe sludenls and inslrucfors. FOR OUTSTANDING MERIT and achievemenf fhe name Slar Farmer c 22255 Page B8 XVU11 El lmiggcr 111c111lx-1'sl1ip 1l1z111 in any year ill the past. ll1c local 1'l1z1I1lc-1' ol' lllc' I'ilIIlll'C I'l2ll'I11Cl'S ol' ,3xI11Cl'lC1l l'UllSllIlIIL'S Zlll IIIIIJOILIZIIII part ul' IIIC sflmol c'111'1'ic'11l11111. lT111lc1' ll1c zllmlc fli1'cc'liu11 ol' i11s11'11c-lim M11 Lmvcll Russ Zllltl Mr. IJUII l'z111lsr111, 1110 HIS 111c111lJc1's lczlrncml lo Zllllilf' IX'llL'l' 111cll1rmcls ol' crop and livcslock 111:111z1gc:111c11L :1111I soil use. licsimlcs their lfglllill' class sluclics, cz1c'l1 111c111lJc1' lmcl 0111- or 1114111' lJl'0-ILTIS lo wllicll he rlcvolccl 111111'l1 ul' his limo. .X well slmkcrl lffllllly case zlllcsls to 1110 sllccicss ul lhcsc IJl'U'iCi'l5 in slzllc anal 1121lim1z1l c'o111pclilio11. CAPABLE LEADERS were lhe officers, La Verne Marlin, David Horning, Elfon Rulole, James Sliaar and Richard Sorenson. NOT PICTURED: Evereff Jensen. 3 3 ADMIRING THEIR TROPHY are sfafe champion soil use iudges, Roger Morreim, EvereH Vande Voor+ and Henry Vande Voori. SHOWING WINNING TECHNIQUE is Naiionai Champion Carcass Grader, La Verne Mariin, who iourneyed fo Chicago To compefe. tudy, Work and Active P I,L'I'IUl'IlllIIg :tt l'.l'..X. 1llIlI XUCYIIIIIIIZII .sXg't'ic'1iIllil'C IJZIIIKIIICIN, the-ii' mvti qiiztttc-t :tml iiiiic piece ui'c'I1csli'u ciitcitztitic-tl zttulic-tim-s with tht-ii' tztlt-tit ztticI ciitlitisiztsiii. Hclpiiig uttisttiiict zt IILWK' Iixt-stuck judging lxzivilimi :tt thc Iztii' gtmitiiils wzts um' nl thu iiiztiiy Imivicfls lllliIL'l'f tztkvii hy I".I"..X.'ci's :ts at sc'1'xitc'tu thc cmiiiiiiiiiily. l'tili1iiig mopcrztiioii Ita-tivu-it lJ2ll'Clll. iiicinhci' and IllhIlillLiIOl', I".l"..X. ztiiiis to huilcl itiurc t'IIic'icnl Iariiiers Im' .XIIICVIKTZII5 ltiturc. Clliuptei' ItlI's siicccss is sliown by . . , - I .. . . ,, . Qtlumiii Dick Stztcllivitii s ztwzliwl as .-Xiiiciwztii I'2lI'llIl'l' in IWW LEARNING TO DO, doing Io Iearn, earning Io Iive and living 'Io serve are fhese iunior and senior members of E.E.A. Chapier IOI. FIRST ROW: Kluender, Moore, Roland, Horner, Solberg, AIIison, FIuseIc, Horning, Gleason, Loomis, Erickson, Jerdee, Di+Ievson, Kanzanback, Ros- now. SECOND ROW: Wiliiamschen, D. Jensen, Wolff, D. Horning, .- I , Q '-" f Z I, 15 I j 15. , w iw p f - i I ss 5 X 7? 7 if 'f Exim .fir ,ith if W 1 f r, l . on 3213 ig. . ,,- A W ,uug . ""' .., ., i 3 I Y: "" . si i w 2 in articipation In Farm Projects Slimviiig htilh thc cliztitipitm pon ztiicl cliztinpioii hur- mw :tt thc zttiiiiiztl Spring lizirmw Show wats Odcatti .ICI'lIK'i'. It wats thc- sccotitl ya-:ti iii situvssinti that thc Iuttci' tmpliy hats rcsiclctl in thc- .Xlhcrt I.n'zt I".l"..X. Cliztpf tt-i"s sliowczisc. .Xiiiiiiztl If.lf.A. Night, I-'c:lmi'iiz1i'y 20, Ikmtiiid E58 mem- hcrs and their IllSlI'lIlIUl'?s joining l".I'i..-X.'ci's Irwin all Uvci' Nliilncsota to soc thc Nliimcztpolis Lzikcrs play Syraciisc iii the Nliiimrztpolis .XLliIIl0l'ILllT1. Versatile inciiilmcrs lm'mcmI at haskclhall tcztm and hc-Id gzuncs with lf.I"..X. tcams lrimi itc:ig'IiImot'iiig' sflitmls. E. Jensen, J. Slraar, Sorenson, Drescher, Raymon, Sfadheim, Grasdalen, R. Erickson, Jacobson, Baer, Oppegard, J. Thompson, Clough. THIRD ROW: R. Jensen, Winium, A. Anderson, Behrends, Morreim, H. Vande Voorf, Chrisfopherson, E. Vande Voori, R. Thompson, Rubie, Kermes, Marfin, KIuIrow, L. Jensen, Miller, O. Johnson, Sioner, B. Anderson. Page 89 "C'esl-ee Bon" French Club Members Comment On Paris ll llic l'il'l'lllll In-olnlv :rw guy, llicy wL'i'v rcrlzlilily wcll l'l'IJlI'NL'IllL'll by Miss Rulli llzllla-l"s sc-:mill ivan g lfrcmli Kllula. .Xllur lllgllllllklllfbll, llic glllllp ullicizilly l l lllL'l'llllg5, wlmli well' lin-lll Livery 0lllt'l' lfriclziy mluriiig flzissliilic, was ln lll'0lll0ll' Ilia' pl'z1c'lic':1l zilipliczilirm ul lliv l2lllg'll2lgL'. J ' Sclcflilig pins znicl orclcriiig lliciii was cliscussccl ill scwizrl lllCCllllgb. lfinzllly llic small gold pins Zll'l'lX'Cll ziiicl incl willi cvcrvoiids approval. "Clicvalic1's clc la 'lzililc Romlcu was llic l'avoi'iLc song aiiioiig tlic sluclcms. XX'i1li IJCl'liLTi'llUll as their goal, ilu: lluiiior lfreiicli Club rcacl skils in l'll'Cllt'll ziml listened to 1'ecurcls. llu- lfrciicli zuicl Spzmisli clubs were 1'rJ-spolisois ol El ll2llll'C in Fclmizrry 2llllL'1' llic ixllallll lmzrskclliall garlic. Nlzrry li. Xclsuii zriicl Susan Nclsmi zlrrzliigcml lui' iiilllli-culoltml clccmulimis ziml Zl llllllllll sllspvmlccl llfllll llic- 4'k'lllCl' ul lllL'Sl1'c'lllIlL'l'N. cil'llflJl'2lllllg Cllirislnlzxs ns ilu- Spzuiisli flu. Ilic Sifllllll yr-zu' Spzuiisli Cluli luuk llll'llN lililiclllolmlcml :xml lricrcl lu lm-:lk llic lllltlllllblllll lbllllllll lull ol'lz1x'm's. Olliu-is wcrc: luhiii licgislcliy lJl'C5lllL'lllI Kllllfll lijum, vim' IJl'C5lilClll1 l'lll!2llJL'lll l'1rIL-mini, 5L'C'l'K'l2ll'y ziml liurlmzirzl Mc'Ncl-sc, lI'C2lS- urcr. "lil Rznirlm Cirzrmlcn cvcliluzlllx' licczlliic' llicii' DREAMING of a lrip lo France are +l1e officers, Treasurer Mary Lowry, l'2lY1Jl'lIl' Sflllg. lil' l'Ct'Ol'tlllIg Illvll' mimics fill lllk' lllllt 11-c'ui'clilig lllllfllllli' llu- 5llIllClllS lL'Zll'llL'll limv ln IJIUA Illillllll' wmils un'lwIlx'. Presidenl Bill Sorenson, Secrelary Delores Hayes and Veep Donna Babbilf. FLEUR QE LIS Club members pose as gay Parisians. FlRST ROW: ROW: Pa'rAl1ern, Susan Nelson, Mary Ellen Nelson, Carolyn Burnell, Donna Pierce, Delores Hayes, Mary Searles, Karen Pelerson, Jeanelle Donna Babblll, Earlynn Wood and Bill Sorenson. Wong, Carolyn Schneider, Mary Lowry and Joyce Sliles. SECOND Page 90 lxcrznllu llic' l'llt'lIl' llc l,is Clluli. illlll' mrmsc ul' llicsc' Various Language Clubs Help To Liven Class Activities C'EST LA VIE! is one of lhe many expressions lhal lhe firsl year French OND ROW Mary Lou Moe, Grace McNeil, Jane Gulbrandson, Loren Club has learned. FIRST ROW: Gail Walerman, Connie Rulleslad, Grasdalen, Carmen Emmons, Cynihia Pelerson and Alice Termalh. Sharon Nelson, Elizabelh Hove, Bonnie Nelson, Mary Livingsion. SEC- SPANISH ENTHUSIASTS, who comprise lhe second year Espanol Club, JoAnn Regisler, Slanley Chapman. SECOND ROW: Sandra Nichols, can be found working diligenily in l0l P.A. every Fifth hour. FlRST Elizabelh Pelerson, Donald Rongved, Karen Bioro, Alice Becker and ROW: Sieve Leulhold, James Brill, Sharon Jensen, Barbara McNeese, Marilee Hermanson. Page 9l "THESE ARE BALCONY TICKETS." Co-adviser Miss Clara Berdan explains the seating arrangement to the Ushers Club personnel, Cynthia Louters, co-adviser Mr. Victor Stensrud, Jane Reynen and Delores Hayes. RENDERING THEIR SERVICES at assemblies, concerts and other pro- grams were the following members of the Ushers Club. FIRST ROW: Verdoorn, S. Larson, M. Peterson, Doppelhammer, Schoenroclc, D. Draayer. SECOND ROW: Noland, Pierson, Seeger, Posthumus, Myran, Conscientious Ushers Contribute To Programs With Courteous Service A-XI the closing of an zisseinlmly with Bill Nlzitthies saying. "Yon will he excused by the llbllCl'5.H nietnheis ul' the Ushers Club took their places to mmlutt zi very ur- Clerly Clismisszil. This serviee tlligllllllllllttll wus nntlei' the Clii'et'ti0n ol' Miss Cllarzi liL'l'll2lll :incl Mr. Victor Stensrntl. Besides serving at zisseinlilies, these girls were present to usher at otlier pmgi'znns in the high scllool ziuclitorinin snch as Im' miict-tts, plays and the 'l'iget"s Roan: The clnlm tneinhers mlitl not wc-ar uniiorins while on duty, hut llressecl either Ikniiizilly or inI'rn'tnziIly zicmixliiig to the type ol lDl'Ogl'iltII and whether they were posletl in the lxiluniy or on the niziin iloor. 'lhe tlntx' pl the ushers was not onli' to excuse zlncl SCZII purple, hut they took tickets :incl lizintletl ont pm' grains als well. 'lo IJCIKIIOYIII this work well recluires Irientlliness, 4'Ulll'lCSf, poise. good grocnnitig, posture zintl the ziluilily to inect people. 'lp notiliy the nienilners of the club to be present :lt 21 prograni, zippropriate signs telling the Clay and tiine were posted on the main Ilorn' bulletin Imzircl. Wiclts, Collins, Vierltanf, Egertson. THIRD ROW: Randall, Struylt, Van Wyngeeren, Louters, Reynen, J. Christensen, Bergerson, Friedman, Kruger, Ter Avest. I Page 92 vs! 54 Q. J. C. L. Sirives To Learn Ways of Ancient Roman, Greek Civilization To encourage an interest in antl appreciation ol' the literature and 2ll'l ol' ancient Rome :mtl Greece is the main aim ol' the Alnnior Classical League. 'l'he Albert Lea Chapter ol' this national organilation atltls sparkle to the school year lor its many members. llnrlei' the capahlt- direction ol' Miss Clara Bertlan, aclviser. the duh got oll' to a roaring start with the annual liall initiation. Speeclies on the .Iunior Classical League, language study anal classics were given, alter which an interesting program was renclered. '1'hirty-six new mem- bers were initiated into the club. .X highlight ol' .junior Classical League activities was the annual banquet. Moving along a tt-lt-visioti theme the program portrayed a Roman wetlcling, original clramatilations ol lamons myths and Latin ronintercials. The clecorations also helped make the allair a stlwess. As a climax to a sttrresslttl year, all .Itmior Cllassifal League nieinhers liottrneyetl to St. Olaf College lor an interesting antl eclncational state convention. Panels, speakers and lun liorinecl the agenda for the clay. FIRST ROW: Dillavou, R. Jensen, Person, Pleiss, M. L. Anderson, Ras- mussen, Vierlcani, Friedman, Vosbeelr, A. Pelerson, J. Oslby, J. Jenson, J. Anderson, D. Hendriclrson, Searles, Quiggle, Draayer, Ofsledal Dilling. SECOND ROW: Voigt, Huber, Vande Kamp, Seeger, Tosiene son, Slruylr, Myran, S. Nelson, Chrisfenson, M. Hanson, Darg, Pierson, M. Pelerson, Bussman, Sims, B. Cltrisiianson, Rusley, E. Oslby, Kaasa, O'Byrne. THIRD ROW: Egerison, Baker, Corniclt, Cram, S. Hanson, CONGRATULATIONS! Alfred Anderson receives membership info ilte Junior Classical League. Waiclning ihe presenlaiion are Paula Person, Ruflw Vandegrill, Audrey Hoyl and Phil Knulson. Wiclts, Posrhumus, Boehmlte, Madden, Reynen, Vandegrilf, Tiede, Ginlcel, Hayes, L. Jensen, Moore, Eclcari, Slyve, A. Hanson, Loulers, P. Henry, Speliz. FOURTH ROW: De Wolf, Hill, Schmidl, Sfiedler, Morrison. Keaiing, Conners, PIal+, Schumn, Freligln, Knuison, Oslrander, Earp, Couniers, Glenn, Bergen, A. Anderson, Engbrilson, R. Anderson, J. Nelson, K. Thompson, Hoyl. Page '73 1 QW' STUDENTS OF TODAY, these Science Club members are destined to become the scientists of tomorrow. FIRST ROW: Joey Egertson, Bar- bara McNeese, Rosemary Rabin, Mary Searles, Carolyn Schneider ancl Joanne Voigt. SECOND ROW: Hans Wong, Alfred Anderson, Bruce cience Enthusiasts Plan and With at merlllmt-l'sl1ipr1l'25ztrtixesttltlellls, tlteSeiem't- Clltrln sought to prmnote interest in biology. eltemistry :intl other seientilit' Iieltls. Regttlztr meetings were lteltl every other ililIllliSll2ly in rmnn lllfl with Miss Olixe llolm- son sttpervisitig. Members were eriemttngetl tu develop ltolnlmies :tml carry on pmjecls in zrcltlition to Il2tl'llt'llJZ1L- ing in eluli ztetixities. lirure Cilelm emiipletetl Zl prrmuject on IDIXJIOAUQI cultures :tml Iirepztrecl mit'1'rmsc'rmpit' slicles. EXlJC1'llIlClIllIIg with rats was liztren Bjorn, wllile Hams XVrmg lmuill :tn ClCC'll'1JSI2lllt' mzrellitle. Glenn, Mary Speltz, Mary Ann Katzung and Mary Moe. THIRD ROW: Wendy Peterson, Pat Madden, Bill lves, Boyd Reese, Jim Gorder, Shirley Andersen and Karen Bioro. Prepare Projects, Programs liesitles viewing zt series ull mrmries mi rliemislry ulitl taking lieltl trips. the 5t'iCllll5l5jtlll1'llCfCll to Nlzmkzito lor the Stienee Fair in April. lltose sttrtletits who lizicl lin- isltecl projeets were zitreplecl into the Nlimiesotzt .Xezrcleniy ul' SC'iL'lll'L' :md were ztllmvecl to zlttencl its meeting Zll Sl. Olztli College. During tlle year. the memlmt-rs slxrmsort-tl at rlzmee using the llteme, i'M2tt'sl11n:1llrmw XX'orltl." :Ks ai lzertevolerit pl-rmject tlit' grntrp eolleeletl A'St'erls lor Dutton'- rzir'y" in the spring wliirli were sL'lll to the Plliliplmitie lslztricls. "EEEKl TAKE IT AWAY" says Mary Sue Speltz who apparently does not enjoy watching Bruce Glenn and Jim Gorder disect a frog. DELVING INTO THE MYSTERIES of science are the club officers. President Hans Wong, Vice President Bill lves, Secretary Mary Searles and Treasurer Beclry Barr. 1 Ki Q INDISPENSIBLE 10 Mr, Blonigan well describes 111858 Library Club 1.ou+ers, Romana Jensen. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Quam, Niles Ran- members. FIRST ROW: Rornona Smi'r11, Helen McCorrnic11, Cyn11'1ia dell, Kennefh Sc1'1mid1and Alice Becker. I I I I Audio- lsua and Library ubs elp Expand Education Ylllllilllll' 1-X111-1'i1-111u 11'21s g21i111-11 111 1l1c 3111110111 us- S1-1'1'i11g 1111- s1'1111111 211111 111C 5111110111 lJ111l1' i11 11121111' sis121111s 215 1111-1' 21ss111111:1l 11121111 1'csp1111sil1ili1ics i11 1116 11'211's was 1111- .Xll1ll1l-xllxlllll fll11l1 11'l1i1'l1 1'11111'li1111c1l wi1l1 lil11'211'y. 1311111-s 2111- sliI1I1i11g 211111 sl1c11'i11g' lJ1111l1s. typing 1111 l'1'glllll1'llIL'L'llllg51ll'12101111111 111 111li1'C1's. 11111i1'cs. 1lis11-i1111li11g 1i111- 211111 11X'L?l'llllC slips 211111 11'111'ki11g 211 1111- 111-sk. 'l'11'11 S1ll1l1'lll5 11-111-l4c11 1-21111 l117lll' 1111-1'111g1111u1 l.c211-11i11g 111111 111 s1-1 1111 211111 11111-1'211c mpc 1'ec111'11i11g 1l1c 11211 1l111'i11g 1111-11' s111111' ll2lllS. 11ClIJ1lIg 211111 211l1'isi11g 111211'l1i11cs, 1-1-1'111'1l 1112111-is 211111 1l1c 111111111 211l1l1'css 515113111 1110 N1l11lClllS i11 lllklllf' 11'211's. 1111' 1211111115 1l21ssus 211111 l11'11g1'21111s 111 1110 s1'l11111l, was 1111- .X111li11 1l1:11211'l1111-111 1111111-1' M11 N1-1111-11111. '1'l11- Yis11211 sec- Ovcr 1.111111111-11'111111111111-1-1111111-1-1121s1-1I 1111511-2111 'l'l1c 111111 1111111 1-l1211'g1- 111- 2111 111111 211111 111111-1' 1-1l11iI11111-111 211111 z1ssis1:1111s 111-1111-11 11l2111- 1l11'N1' 111111l1s i11 111-1-11121111111 111' s1'l11-111111-11 1111- 111111111-s 1111111-1' M11 X'11lk111z111's 1li1'1-1'li1111. 1211:1l11gi11g 211111 s111-ll21111i11g 1111-111 211111 I1:1s1i11g 1111- 1111111131 111111 112111-11111-slip i11. 1111- 111111l4s 11-1-11 11'1-11 lJlI1Jlllll1'11 111 .111 1111- 11-1111'1li11gs llN1'1l lll 1111' '.'1I l1'1Ul'1l 111 s1111111l I1l:11i11g 1111-11' ,l2l1lL1'lN 1111 1211'i1111s lJlIll1'llll l111111'11s. 1-11-111s X1'1'1'1' 111:1111- 111 1l11-s1- s1111l1-11ls. MASTER OF THE MACHINES well describes Sfanley Wangen, "HERE'S HOW 1T'S DONE." Gary Jo1'1nson shows Van Kir11 Carlson, Dick Jcellen Cornic11, Sianley Chaplin, Roy Hemenway, Jol'1n Morrison Vandegrif1 and Lyle Big111ey 11ow1o 1l'1read a movie proiedor. and Rex Jensen, members of 1'11e Audio-Visual Club. S .. .mls E ew PROUD OF ACHIEVEMENTS made by the Honor Socieiy are the Connie Boyd, Darlene Hendrickson and Mary Sue Spellz. THIRD spring members. FIRST ROW: Susan Nelson. Donna Pierce, Evelyn Jensen and Carolyn Schneider. SECOND ROW: Arlene Pelerson. ROW: Jane Reynen, Jennelly lngvaldson, Ray Oslrander, Virginia Narverud and Karen Juers. NOT SHOWN: David Larson. High Rating Qualifies tudents For Society Membership cill1ll'2lt'lL'l',MlltDllll'NlllIJ. leatlershili antl service tlenote the 215 nleinhers ol the National Honor Soeiety. lfach tnetnher. when initiatecl into the Society. proniisetl to maintain his outstanding eharaeter, at least a 3.0 grade average. to continue to he a leader antl to give nnsellish servite in his honte, school. chttrelt anal eotnnntnity. v . . . , I . lhe lng ntontent arrtxeml lor I3 seniors at the lall initiation assenthly when they were invitetl to eotne into the Society In the lrl nietnlmers who were initiatetl in their junior year. Reverend DL'Xlt'll, guest speaker. tolcl sttl- tlents the relationship hetween the goals ol' the National I'-Ionor Society and worlcl leatlets. 'l'he attrilnnes ol' the Society were explained hi lonr ol the oltl tnenthers and alter the candlelight proeessional each new inenther was presented with a pin. The Hare-.X-i'leatit llrive was the lJl'g2li1l!2lll0IliS inain project. 'l'l1istlrix'eeonihines seven tlrives into one to eliminate the neecl ol' niany eainlaaigns in school. Menihers solcl hearts tlirongliont the week ol lfehrnary 8-l2 to raise inoney lol' the charities. The money was clivicletl equally among the lnncls lot' mental tleliciency, t'ant'er. heart. local school welliare, erippletl children, polio ancl tulrerenlosis. Page 96 lo stnnnlate more interest in the clrixe. votes lor the King ancl Queen ol' Hearts were given with each heart solcl. Wlten hallots were conntecl Dick qlensen antl Carol Hooglantl were natnetl the king and queen, Honieconiing Queen Arlene Peterson annonneetl the royal tonple ancl erownecl thein at the Have-a-Heart clanee whieh eliniaxecl the week ol' lnntl raising. .X new itlea in the eanipaign this year was a carnival which preeeclecl the clanee. lfach Honor Society tneniher eonstrnetetl anal ran his own booth. lnelntletl were a kissing hooth, a lortnne teller. a sitle-show, a beauty par- lor, weight guessing, inories, a shooting gallery antl re- lreshinents. Hats. halloons. noise makers, canes anal con- letti put stntlents into the carnival inootl ancl atlclecl to the lestixeness ancl IllL'l'l'f'rlll1llilllg' ol lmoth the carnival and tlanee. Xl'hen the Honor Society ntenilmers eonntecl up the last pennies, niekels and clinies alter the carnival antl tlanee, they lonntl they hail snrpassecl their goal ol' S300 by more than 5550. Xllhen stttclents came to school on Nlontlay inorning they saw that the lllC1'lllUlllClCl', which hacl heen eonstrnelecl to show the claily progress ol' the drive, haul shot right over the top and that this hail been the lrest lrlave-.'X-Heart Drive in ALI-IS. WITH THE 5300 GOAL for ihe Have-A-Heari Drive reached and lopped, Joyce Ver- doorn, Cynfhia Loufers, Jack Bergen and David Larson iurn in Their hearis and cam- paign equipmeni. Leaders Emphasize Service By Launching Heart Drive FALL INITIATES promised io uphold fheir hiqh siandards oi scholar ship, leadership, characfer and service. SPEAKERS: Ray Osfrander, Darlene Hendrickson, David Larson and Connie Boyd. INITIATES mr' A "'emsam,:waUeef main n mm: 1ue1e1.m,aa,r Qvvm L' were JeaneHe Wong, Mary Searles, Mary Ellen Nelson, David Earp, Carolyn Burneii, Presideni Jane Reynen, Lucille Nelson, Evereii Vande Voori, Joyce Verdoorn, Lois Sorlien and Earlynn Vwlood. f .. Minn 5- sum he -'fi' K111JXX'l1 111 111e s1111v, 1'11y11111111' 11ez11 111' 111eir new l1li'lllC song. "S11111e1v11ere Over l1lC R2i1111JOXV,.' 111C Swing 11211111 C'1ll11lD1Cll'l1 11s 11111111 yez1r111'ex1s1e111'1r 111' 5112ll'11lg 111 new 11e1g111s 1111111 111 KIll2l11ly 211111 1111211111151 NIaes1r11c11 by H1:r11 1Srz11111, 1111: s11'111gs1ers 2111111311 111re1: new pieces: 11 1J2l1'11l1lIC sux. 21 1111111 11411II1lDC1 211111 21 111ir11 l1'1llIl170IlCQ 11111s raising l1lC1l' 1111-111l1ers11i11 111 11111- ICCII. .Xll011lC1' 2111111111111 was 15111 11'e11ge 111111 z11'1e11 us CITZIIII1 11111 1111111g s11111 111111 j1111s as selling 1111 s1z11111s 211111 11x111g 111e llll1S1C', .X11x'ise1' Mr. E11wz1r11 112l1'l'0XX' z1r1'z111g1'11 1111111er1111s I11111111z1r 111e11111i1rs 1111' 111e 1'1lyl1llll2l1l'CS. "Blue 1'1z11111:." USIZl1'l1llSlu 211111 K'R111Jy" s111111 1lCC2ll1lC 11111 1'2lVUl'1lCS. 1i1'ery1111e Si'l'2llll1D1L'l1 1111' Zl 111:11'e 111 111e 11111: YK'11C'l1 1111- OllCl11l1g 511111115 111' "1'11e B1111111' 1'11111," 111C K'lll'l'Cl11 1'1'z111r, were lJ12lyCl1. Dz1111'1-z1111e l11ll51f' was 1111111 111 11111111 111' 1111- Swing 15211111 when 111ey 1111111 11111 11111 l':11'11r11es 11111: H111 111e B1111111," "1'11'11 U'1'1111'11 411111111," "Song 111 1Ili112li' 211111 A'.11111ns1111 Rag." '1'1111se 1'L'1llIC5l1l1g l1Illh1C w1111 fl s11111'e1' 110211 wc-1'e 111-11- 1'111e11 wi111 MA104lll11g'1l1 211111 Roses." H111111: M111111," W11llXC1117 l111111'1i1111" 211111 "My Reveric-." if i TW11 110v1:11v 11l1Ill1JL'1'5. "H11111:x' 111 1110 Horn" 211111 HOW'S THIS for a 1101 number? Adviser Edward Barrows goes over a -.SCYCH 11011011 D111-15", wmv. urrangwl 1311 All-' Baniuws' new arrangemenf wiih direcmr Herben Brand. A gr111111 1'11cz11 was 1L'2l1Ll1'L'11 111 1111111 se1e1'111111s. THE "MUS1C MASTERS" we11 describe 11'1e R11y111ma1res. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: Dave Sorenson, Dick Foley, P1111 L-irS0f1. Paf A1'l9l'f'- Ar1an Gunderson, Dave Larson, Herb Brand, Al Madsen, Dave Earp. THIRD ROW: Bob Johnson, Harry Rehn, Russ Hanson, Howle Hunf. Page 98 BLENDING THEIR VOICES in perfecl harmony are Connie Rulleslacl and Marcia Brown. Gains Popularilyg Couples Glide To Dreamy Melodies .X SIX 1112111 l,lXIL'l2ill4l lilillll w21x I111'111c1l ll'Ulll II11- g1'c11111. "-l21'IJ21." "IJa1'l41ow11 Sll'llllC'l'N. l521ll." "XY2111g XVHIIQ' Blues" 2111cl "l,ilLlc SlJ2lIllSll 'I'1111'11" wcrc' tlfblll' 111 MAKING LIKE KRUPA. PalAl1ern, drummer for ll'1E Swing U-uc Dixie Slvlcl Band, provides lhal 'solid heal' lor his colleagues. ' Q! Tl11:'l'igc1"5 R11211' 111'csc111c'1l 2111 i1l1'21l 11p11111'l1111il1' lm' 1111- Swing liaml 111 1-xl1il1il ll11-i1' skill. N1llllL'll ll1L'Nl21ll- l121l1211121i1'1'w. 1l1cy211l1l1'1l 'lI,11ll21l1y11I' l51'11211l11'21y." "1X1'1is11'y l11 Rl1yll1111" 21111l wliigc-1' Rug" 111 ll1ci1A gliflXX'lIlg lil11'211'1'. "lIl1i1121lr111'11" Zlllkl "Cl2111cl1 Lips" SllOXX'k'll ll1c 21l1ili1y ul ll1c SWIIIQ Ii21111l I112111r1111I121111 s111g1'1's. ll1c1 lllxll l111'- 11isl1c1l Illt' l1211'kg1'o11111l 11111si1' l111 l1'2111 lil'l'Q"lllllKl'H lIIli'l'- 'lilllflll ol 'AS11 lll 1,1111-"21111l li211'1'11 lllL'l'5. 1'c'111li1ic111 ol Il11'i1' new llll'1Ilt' mug. lJ211'k llllll' j21c'kcls. sol oll'l1y ll 111211111111 11c1'l4li1:, i1lc11- lllll'll thc liilllll-ill 1l11r sflmol cl2111c'c's. l'111'c'l121s1-ml I11' ll11' Sl111l1-111 Clc111111'il, lllldy wc'1'1- mlclixwx-cl xlmrlly lmulnrc lllt' 'ligc-1"s Rf1211'. G1'21cl1121li11g 5CIIl1Jl'S Wl'l'L' 111-1'111i1lc1l 111 kccp 1l1ci1' j211'l4c15 21S il liCYX'1ll'Kl lm' 1l1ci1' mc1'x'ic'cs. .X ncwl1'-11111'1'l121sc1l pi2111r1 211111 1l1'11111 sc! 21iclc'1l ll1C c111l. lJ2lIlillli'l lm' 1l1c Swing 1S21111l 2111cl their cl2llQ5 211 1l11' 111111- plclion ol lllC 21111111211 Tiger cl2111cc. Page 99 LEARNING BY DOING are Ihese members of Diversified Occupalions who apply praclical ltnowledge gained cn Ihe iob. FIRST ROW: A. Hanson, Evans, M. Hanson, Jacobson, Rupp, Anderson, Trapp, Neisl, Perlrins, E. Hanson, Mr. Norman Bailey. SECOND ROW: Underwood, King, Gill, Misgert, Woolarcl, Aulwes, Haas, Disiad, Ryan, D. Jensen, M. Nelson, Norby. THIRD ROW: Garrell, D. Hanson, D. Thompson, R. Johnson, Wolden, Lind, Hagen, Olson, Sundve, Bohonelr. Diversified and Disiribuiive Club Members Work Iiusim-ss trziiuiug while ou thc job coulcl easily hc thc tlcscriptiou givcii to thc cioursc ol' Diversilictl Occupa- tiotis. iIlIIISiJI'UQ1'LlIiiUl stucly. which iticluclcs those wishing :tu imuictliutc lnusiticss position upon graclttutiou, ctiablcs thc stuclcut to get tht' iicccssztry. rc-Izitccl zutml tlicorcticzil tulortiiztttou liCl'iZ1IlllIIg'lil tht' ttitlustry ot' tuttlcwlitrli thc pupil sclucts its his lilies work. Altliough tht- progruiti is ittll cstztlilislivtl as tttvtcly at VKZIB' lot' pttpils to utzike tuoutry while ztttcucliiig school, this L'Xll'2l rcxcttttt- cztruccl is tt llfllCH'O1'lIlV hut not tuzijor 1 lcztt urn: TAKE A LETTER Miss Neisi. Bonnie Neisl prepares Io lype a leller handed lo her by Daryl Thompson as Ardell Underwood and Mary Hanson loolt on. Eztch stuclcul scrurcs his job through thc IIlSl1'llf'l01' ol' this course. 'I hc pupil thcu reports lor work Cach school flats Zll I taxi. Business English ziutl social studies :irc Iwo rctptitvtl stthjcrts llllll supplcuicttt thc course. Mr. Nomizui li. Hztilcy, who hcttcls this clcpztrttucnt, is rn-spotisililc lot' scckitig' out ztucl zuljttstiug :my tlilhculti or prohlcui which tht' stutlcut may have whcrc hc is cuiployccl. lt is tht' iustt'tu'tot's tluty to svtitl in iuouthly reports to thc stzuc t'oitt-criiiiig thc partiripzttiug stutlcnt and also to oliscrvc thc stutlcnt whilc hc is working. "THIS IS HOW i+'s done." says linolype operalor Arihur Pelerson lo Diversified members Eileen Hanson, Delores Aulwes, Gwen Evans, Jean- efie Rupp and Pairicia King al Trades Publishing Company. 1m aol wsu-.K I A PICTURE HISTORY of Dis1ribu1ive Club in A.L.H.S. holds 1112 PRESIDING AT MEETINGS of 'Ihe Disfribufive Club were 1l'1e oF1icers, a11en1ion of members Clarice Jacobson, Al1'l'1ea Hanson, Mary Lou Deloris Dis1ad, Mary Hanson, Barbara Trapp and Jac11Sundve. and tudy To Gain Experience For Future Vocations lust 115111 1,1X1'liNll11'Ll. ll11'f'1f11111'1Ill1L'l'511l 1J1s111l111l1x'1- 111-s111cs1111-11111-1-11111111-1-111119.1111-111111-1s1121111111-111111 1111111 111rs111- 111 lJ1'g'11I XX'11l'li 1IIl1ll1'1ll2l1l'l1' Zllllll' gl'2l1l1l2l111JIl. 111 go 1111 1,1-1c121l 111111s, 1111111 2111 C111lD1lly1'1'S 211111 1-1111111111-13s 1111111111 1111-11 H1'1I11l1' 11-211. 1111-1 2111- 1-1111111111-11 111 1111- 11111-1'1 112111111101 211111 112111 ll lJ2ll'1f' ill ll1c 1111121 C11121 lgfT11llllg CI11. s2111- 111 111-111s 111 1111- 1111111113 ID1s111l111111'1- 1111111 is 111 its RC111'1'Nl1ll11'l1lS. 11111111-s 211111 11Lllll'1l1g' X1'1'l'L' 1111 11112 21g1-111121. 111111111 11-211 111 1JI1l'li2111111l 111-11-. R11l11-1 Sli211111g IJ21l'l11'N 11'1-11- 111-111 211511. Mc111l11-1s 21111-1111011 ll I1lCC111lg 211 1'12l1'1lD2ill11 1111 N111c111- .Xl11'1l 28 2lgll1ll 111111111 1111211 ll1L'11llJL'1'h 211111 1111-11 111- 1101 18 111 5111111 1'CUl'g2lI11l2l110Il 111 D1s11-11111111111 C11lllDS 1111 Ll Sll'l1C101' 111 NI111111-21l111l1s 1111 21 s12111: 111c1:1111g, 1l11S 111111- 512110 211111 1'Cg11J112l1 lJ2l51S. 211 the c1lll'11S I-111lc1. A 512110 1111-1-ling111111-lcgz111-s 211111 21111-111211cs 1111111 2111 U1111c1 1110 21I111- i11s11111'111111 111' M1. NU1'l1l2lll K. 132111cx. 1111115 1121s l1Cl1l 211 1111- 111111 1-1s111 111' X1111111-511121, QI2111112111' 5111111-111s Cl11'U1lL'Kl 111 15111-1s1111-11 fJ1'C'lll12ll111lIS 111111 111-11- 1-1. 1111 1111- 11111l111s1- 111 1'lC1'11llg' s121lc 111l11'c1s 211111 2111111111-1 11112111111-11 1,1111 1111:111l11-1s11iI1 111 1111- 1lis111l111li11- f1l1IlJ. 11-21111- 211 XY21s1-121 111 1'4L'll1'll211'1'111211111111 il 111-11' 1-1111111-111. 1-11 111 1111111 ll21l'1111J1l111l1Slf 111111 g2111- 1111- 111-sl 111 s1-11111-. POOLING THEIR POWERS of persuasion 10 convince Neil Garre11 on INSPECTING THE MERITS of a model 1rac1or a1 Erland- a sale are Janef Ryan, Barbara Misgen, Shirley Gill and Ka111ryn Haas. son's are Alan Norby, Elizabe1l'1 Woollard, Darlene Jensen, Assis1ing Neil in buying are Richard Johnson and Ramona Perl1ins. Richard Hagen, Duane Lind and Norman Olson. an ' 1 1 1 1 ma1s2is'zxxm1s1ar ef i,,sfwg "'ws..,,,,x'f if-'. as STRlVlNG TO MAINTAIN lhe high standards of lhe Alpha Hi-Y are FIRST ROW: Gordy Johnson, Jerry Sfeen, Gary Johnson, Phil Week, Bruce Ruble. SECOND ROW: Robert Golberg, Ray Langerud, Jerry Keeler, C. Thomas Chrislenson, Dave Earp. Bill Griswold, Le Roy Hemenway. Alpha Hi-Y Stresses High Ideals of Christian Living gEi?i2Ll:le?. gLJgg5nEefCcT+::FmFn? Eiylhl-ZnCg':uZriiio:Zsi'iZl::f Clltristiztn tl12t1'zlc'tCr lllI'OLlg'ilOlll the scltoul anal connntt- Mrf Orville Qiimme and Bob Qolbwgv Igresident. ' ' nity was the goal ol' the Alpha Hi-Y this past year. P ' ' 1 ,. if . 5 ' Cluntptmsetl entirely ol' senior buys, the club held its 5 weekly meetings at the tit-wly-wristrurtetl Y.Nl.CI.t-X. Hull. Ret't'e:1titmz1I ztrtivities incltttletl boxing, table tennis, liil- liztrtls :intl lmztskctlmztll. ,XllYi5Cli Nlr. Orville Ciiltnore worketl with Nlt: Nl. Snytler to 0l'g2lilllL' sttitztlmle prngrzttns :intl entertztinntt-nt lor tlte tilt-t-tilttfs. ,X t'uu1tt'il cont mst-tl ul l,t-Rm' HL'IllCliA l 5 l I V Q A , wats. Cmrtly ulolinstnt, Holm Cmllmerg, loin C.ln'tstt-nsen ztntl Ray l.ztttgertttl inet with Mr. Ciiltnort- tn tliscttss the prolnletns illlfillg tltt' tllgilllillllitlll. Higltliglttt-tl lay it jtmttriicy to ii'itttmzt lor at state-wide t't1ttt't-iitimi, tltt' HiAY't-rs sputistwecl tnztny sttt't'essl'ttl proi- t:t'ls tlttring' the yt-ztr. Most pleasing' was at semi-I'tn'inal tlztnte ltclcl :tt the X Hztll. Fur their lztst regular lllCLfiiIig', tlte boys enjoyed an twernigltt stay Zll Czunp Moraine. Soltball, a steak fry anal zt sleepless night were ull inclucletl in the outing. Y.M.C..fX. ntexnlaersltip cards were presented to the lmys :tt the vmnpletinn ol' the year. These cartls grant tht-tn :ttlinittance and the right to the privileges offered ity any Y.M.C.fX. lmnilcling' in the United States. Page l02 t 5 a DISPLAYING fheir arlisfic abiliiies are Cob Golberq, C. Thomas MMM GOOD! Chuclc Bosaclrer, Dave Earp and Bill Griswold prepare Chrisienson and Roy Hemenway as lhey decorafe lhe Cliristmas free lhe lasfy refreshmenls for 'lhe Alpha Hi-Y's semi-formal dance. for lhe Y Hall. Gamma Hi-Y Provides Recreation for ophomore Boys lilllililillflllllg :intl zttlztpting tlicittnt-lws with thc high Stann ztltt-t' urgztiiifiiig, tht- hwy run into thc prtihlcin stftntlartlx ol cilll'l5lilllI L'll2lliZlCilCl', itxpotisilmilily :intl lvl' ol sclcctiitg ll sttitztlmlt- zttlx'ist't'. Mt: lflznultl Penny lIlCl ltiwsliip was thc- ntuin nlnhjt-t'tix'c nl' thc Clznninzt HieY. with thc zippmvztl :intl wma-iitctl tn gnitlc thc club. Olli- . I I Ciating ovct' thc nicctingn wats john Xlblig. Assisting hiln Hfflilmg lllcll' 11'sHl211' l"f'l'l"l95 VWVY Ntfmlfli' lllglll were lark Sprciigcty tice pilcsitlt-tit: Dwayne l'cle1'soti. in the Y.NI.CI..'X. lutiltling. thc cluh, cotnptrsccl entirely ol sCc'1ectitl'y1 lJZll'l'yl Dang. l1'cztstii't'i' :intl 'lltnn Stitrtllt-tj. chzlp- stiplimticm- lmys. eiijnyctl all tht' privileges that thc new lfllll- hull mnltl ullt-tx .Xttit itiw inrlntlctl hzukutlwull, table .,x,,,,,,,g IIN. mam I,,-,,j,.,.,x ,,,,,.,,,l,l,.,i in ,hc ,lub was tcnnim :incl xtmlltfylmll. Z1 peanut azllc to Slllilllly mint- ul tht' innch iicctlctl lttntls. TO PROMOTE CHRISTIAN CHARACTER was lhe main purpose of ROW: Mr. Howard Penny, Danny Johnson, Jack Cram, Darryl Darg, fhe Gamma Hi-Y. FIRST ROW: Jack Sprenger, Franlx Gallagher, Dwayne Peierson, Jerry Toslrud, Bruce Glenn. Argyle Lultens, John Wong, Tom Sliedler, David G. Johnson. SECOND ' f Page l03 xl' ,nt J Q v A 1 ss..- M2 e L N.. SENIOR HIGH RED CROSS members are, FIRST ROW: Rebecca Nel- Bergerson, Jo Egerfson, Joyce Pleiss, Edward While. THIRD ROW: son, Jean Anderson, Sharon Rierson, Barbara Wichmann, Mary Lou Moe, Pal Madden, Gordon Sprenger, Ray Osfrander, Miss Ruth Woods, Mary E. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Harves, Jean Palmer, Shirley Alberta Pestorius, Judy Harber, David Sorenson and Sue Mathews. Among0tI1er Projects the Red Cross F'II dA S It I Ch I lhe true giving spirit shown In' the stuclents ol' sen- .funior high .junior Real Cross set new goals last year ior high helpetl the llunior Retl Cross to tnove along hy setting an all titne high ol' M25 in the 19525 enrollment tlrire. .Xgain using the retl huclaet. won hy teachers with the largest amount ol nioney atcorcling' to students clur- ing the clay, the stuclents went all out to push the worthy rantpatgn. also. I.ecI by Miss Lucy Irloulihan. teacher sponsor. Sharon Paulson and .john Wedge. co-chairmen: Susan Heatl. secretary and Aloanne Hassler, treasurer, all worked together to make a successful year. The Red Cross enrollment drive netted approxi- .X sflltltll CIICSI WHS ZIISU lllNlCl'l2lliCll by IIIC Ullllifil in Hlfllffly 5103 and thgy 3150 fillgql going 200 gill IJQXQS, hopes ol spreading good will aliroacl. It was inacle In the shop classes and Iillecl by rontrihutions front all ol the hotnerootns. It also rontainecl an ulhutn showing Iilie in our City. Nliss Ruth XVootIs, teacher sponsor, , Durinff the Yule season. the' sCIll Clhrislntas rarcls to s I every patient in the many rest hontes. The enthusiastic' junior highers also rententberecl these people on their superx ist-tl. Inirthtlay and sent cheer at Easter tinie. JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS members are, FIRST ROW: J. Enderson, Argue, P. Fraham, E. Ellson, E. Perau. THIRD ROW: J. Wedge, M. S. Fabry, L. Sprenger, S. Hanson, M. Klulcow, S. Belfner, G. Christensen, Bergen, B. Knutson, S. Paulson, M. Barrows, C. Barr, E. Hamson. A. Warrington. SECOND ROW: S. Head, J. Hassler, A. Loge, J. Q I Page IO4 1959 THEY BRING THE NOTES Thai someiimes get you out of class for a few minuies. These senior high office girls are, FIRST ROW: Sharon Rierson, Maxine Peierson, Elaine Sltogheim, Mary Ann Seeger. SEC- Olson, Elaine Swenson, Gail Waterman, Mary Judy Sims, Pai Henry, Joyce Chrisienson, Ruth ber and Audrey Nordlancl. Kron THIRD ROW OND ROW: Shirley Vanclegriii, Judy Har Future ecreraries Obtain l'asks ol the girls working in the senior high ollice vary slightly lrotn those ol' junior high. The girls, among other things, run errands, sell stu- dent tickets lor ball games, type, cut stencils and help with mimeographing. Each hour ol the day Tour girls from the senior high study halls volunteer to assist in the two ollices. They may use the lret' time. in which they are Iltll busy with ollice obligations lor studying. HERE'S A FAMILY PORTRAIT of The senior hiqhers who worlt collecting afiendance slips, delivering notes, efc. in Principal Andersen's junior high office. FIRST ROW: Sharon Nelson, Delores McGinnis, Marlene Valuable lfrce Experience 'lliroughout the year the assistants in hoth the jun- ior and senior high ollices were kept on the move. An important job ol' the helpers was to answer the phone, while delivering messages was also a duty ol' the girls. Collecting absence slips and making note of them on the attendance record was one ol the major duties re- quired ol the junior high helpers. Mail lor the high school faculty and students is received at the junior high olhceg thus another task was sorting the day's mail and delivering packages to various lC1lt'IlCl'S and students. Sltafl, Audrene Seuser, Pal Sorenson, Mary Moen. SECOND ROW: Gloria Ryan, Sharon Ruerup, Lonene Cram, Ardelle Sorenson, Joann Grant and Arlys Ofsieclahl. vi Page I05 '12 Shullerbugs Cover Schoolg Take Pictures For Paper and Annual Slllilblylllg ilu' lJl1llll't'S I111' ilu' .XII l,.x HA S1 :11ul 'l'1r:14,R was1lu-ln'i111z11'x'l111u'1i1m111ililu-lll1ra1ug'1'z1l1l1x flluln rlirring llu- llllsl f'L'lll'. CI11111pos1'1l ol 20 lllClIllDL'l'S. lllltf 1111-l CYL'l'y Nlmulziy 11igl11 z1l11'1' Sfllllfll 11111111 llu' 5llIJL'l'- X visim1r1l'M1'. O1'x'iIl1-CQil111111'c111111 Nliss lxilzi Hllllflll. lin-1z111sc ul lllk' Illllllf rum' lllL'll1lJL'l'N 11111 z11'q11z1i11lc1l willi lllt' 1l:11'k1'1u1111, Illlllll time 1l111'i11g llll' li1'sl 111' lllL' 111:11 was ClL'HJlCll lo llllllllllllilllllg lllkflll willi lllCT C111'1'cc'1 IJliUi'L'IllIl'i' ol' prinliirg Zlllll llCXClOlDlllg' IDlI'llll'l'S. 'l'1'yi11g 111 cnsc lllvil' li11z11u'iz1l si111z11i1111, llll' sl11111c1'- bugs sprmrimlucl il l'L'lll'CSlIlIlk'Ill Slllllll ill ull llu- llflllli' liom- lmll gzriruw. In Zlillllllllll. ilu-5 also slumrisriim-1l Il 1lz11u's to mise- ilu- ru-cclccl luiuls. Yz11'ir111s L'lIlllC5lN w1'1'1' again 11Iu'1u'1l lu llu- slllllblll llllfJlUgl'2llJllL'l'N. H1lllllllg'lllL'lll1lSl 21111-11Iio11 wus llll' N11- lllbllill High Scluuml Plurm .Xwzlnl spo11s1m1'111l ln' lllt' Nil- l1o11:1l Sfllflllhlli' l'1'1-ss .Xssm1z111o11. Pins L'llg'l'2lYL'tl willi il alllllll l2llllk'l'Zl 11'c1'1' lr1'1's1'11lc1l In 1'l11lJ lllClIllJL'l'S wlum z1c'l1ic1'1'1l 11-1'1:1i11 I1lllllflgl'2llllllK' slziiul- z11'1ls. SMILE said lhe plxolographer and llie Pholography Club officers gladly obliged. SEATED: Janis Booen, secrelary. STANDING: Roy Hemen- way, vice presidenl: Dave Earp, presidenl and Bob Golberg, lreasurer. l'lOW'S THAT FOR PERFECT FOCUS? Gary Johnson prinls a piclure under llwe walchful eye ol Bill Voigl and Jerry Ruble. ARE YOU GETTING IT RIGHT? Mr. Gilmore and Miss Simon HOLD lT PLEASE Jim Nelson draws a bead on his sublecl as wafch Carolyn Schneider as she explains +l'1e uses of a flash gun James Cox and Ed While pay close alfenhon lo Jeanelle Wong. mmm . 1 1- fm. A le we Indusirious Tiger iaff Progresses While "Moving Along" On '54 Annual Mm'i11g.-Xl011g, II1e 1l1e111enl'1l1e 195-I 'I'ig'e1', was l1'llL' ol' the Fil senior io111'11r11isls who clevoleml 111os1 111 1I1ei1' time lul1l'11c1111'i11g'l1le z1111111:1I. I,1l'IlIl'C Si'I1L'KIll1II1g' began Iasl l'z1lI with ez1c11 section s1'l11'1'yi11g ln IIICCI l11eqla1111z11'y l,1Iez1rIIi11e. SllIlIl'IlI pho- log1':1p11e1's were lllll on the job to make 1111: pages the Ixesl piclnrial l'CL'01'l1 yel. XI'i111 students Iailing in l'ClD0lil llllll c'a111e1'as lailing I0 work, section lIlClllIlCl'S l'C1llCl2lI1l1y sc'11ecI111emI TCIZIIQCS. u--.- In 1110 111ea111i111e. the cover was chosen lrmn several 1l1'IISIlC designs. .-Xmlcling lo lI1e zllreucly Alllilllfillllllllg work 1'npyIJ1m'ks were assigned. 'I'e11siu11 ll1Olll1lCiI when umpylmlucizs were 1'Cllll'I1ClI lor l'01'l't'C'l10l1S as lI1e Iilemry eililor strove lor llCl'IiL'flIUl1. ,'Xl'Il1ClI wi111 1'11I1be1' CCIIICITI, 21 1'ecI pencil and 21 blank pencil, 111C Imusiness 111z1nage1's cropped pict111'es and pasted l11ClIl to be sent ln the e11g'1'ax'e1'. 'l'11e editors divided their llllll' between 1135 PA. and Tracles. Editing never ended as lllbf sought 111-iginz1Ii1y illlfl co11lin11i1y lm' 1116 f'L'lll'IJO0Ii. KEEPING THE TIGER siaff "moving aIong" are Ray Oslrander, business manager: Darlene Hendrickson and Mary Lowry, co-ediiors and Mary Spelfz, business manager. PUBLICITY STUNTS lor increasing Ihe yearbooI1's circulalion are being dreamed up by Jacli Bergen, Cynlhia Loulers, Mary Ellen Nelson, Marilyn Tolzman, Jeannefle Wong and Lois Sorlien. CLASS AND FACULTY seclions of lhe annual were arranged by CAPTIONS, COPY BLOCKS, GALLEYS were familiar Ierms 'fo lhe organiza- FIRST ROW: Pai Boe, Shirley Olson, Barb Wichmann and Joyce lion, fealure and sporls secfion wriiers. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Schneicler, Jerry Verdcorn. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Jochumsen, Darlene Severl- Ruble and Mary Searles. SECOND ROW: Joyce Sfiles, Pauline Lamberius, son, Alice Becker and Romelle Dillavou. THIRD ROW: Lucille JoAnn Ouam ancl Carolyn Burneil. THIRD ROW: Craig Clausen, Chuck Nelson and Jane Reynen. Bosaclier and Dave Earp. in WS! jf., IITTI lil if Journalists Labor To Produ ARMED WITH A TELEPHONE, lypewriler and pica sliclr, Jane Reynen, assislanl edilorg Ray Oslrander, edilor-in-chief and Mary E. Nelson, assislanl edilor worlced incluslriously lo publish lhe Ah La Ha Sa. "TURN IN YOUR ADS! Where's lhal piclure? Mail lhe papers!" Such phrases were familiar 'lo lhese hard-working iournalisls. SITTING: Joyce Verdoorn and Barb Wichmann. STANDING: Pauline Lamberlus, JoAnn Ouam, Carolyn Schneider, Dave Earp and Mary Spellz. Olson and Jeanelle Paqe IOS ce Award-Winning Paper Guiclccl lmy llic All LA H.x S,x's1'cr'o1'cI ol' pzlsi zrcliicvc- IIICIII, thc -i0l1lill2lIlSlS inowcl lllfllllgll liczulaclics, lille liours and hzrrcl work lo put our the srlicml nr-ws. Publisliirig llic paper' illIl'lllg LIIC lirsl llall 01' thc sclioul ycur were thc cxpcricncecl seniors. Their' ell'o1'1s in rcporlirrg' llic IIFXVS were l'CW2ll'llC4I willi przrisc- limn llic Nllllfhllill Sflltllilsllt' Prrrss .-Xssurizrliori :uid by the wiri- lllllg' ul' llic Gallup .fXc'Iiicx'clr1q-lil .'XKV2ll'iI. XI'ilIi Miss Eclrizr Gcrckcn to zulvisc IIICIII, llic staff zlirrrccl lm' IJCl'lil'Cll0ll in CYL'1'y issue. but put special cm- plizrsis rm thc Hornccmnirrg, Cllirislmzis anrl senior mlm- bers. With llic rrzrliorizil prvss cmiwiilimi in Minneapolis, most ol llic slzlll' gm :1 clizmcc to Sllllly new concepts of imrrrizilisrrr wliicli lliex crnplou-cl in lIlCIl' lulure issues. A Big Nina clinic :rl Rccl XX'ir1g also proviclccl 11 viewing ol lrrmlcrrr sclimml rrc'wspz1pcl' IK'i'IllllllllCS. EDITING THE PUBLICATION and managing lhe business affairs were laslrs performed by SITTING: Darlene Henclriclcson, Carolyn Burneil, Lucille Nelson and Cynlhia Loulers. STANDING: Chuclr Bosaclrer, Mary Searles, Craig Clausen and Phil Lee. USING THEIR IINOSE FOR NEWS" lo cover all school evenls were lhe senior slaff reporiers, oflen relerrecl lo as 'the "backbone" of lhe paper. FIRST ROW: Mary Lowry, Pal Boe, Romelle Dillavou and Lois Sorlien. SECOND ROW: Joyce Sliles, Shirley Wong. THIRD ROW: Darlene Severlson, Marilyn Tolzman, Alice Beclrer, Jerry Ruble and Jaclc Bergen. NOT SHOWN: JoAnn Jochumsen. Ah La Ha Sa lnlorms Public of All School Events .'XllL'l' zi llzlll your nl sliulirnis lJl'C'll2ll'2lllUll, ilu' Kiuiiim' "TOP NOTCl'l" describes The iuniors' firsl issue of The AH LA HA SA iuLii'm1lisls suclclcnly lmmcl lliciiisclws in imiiplulc pos- being fevlewed BY KaY Thompson and Joanne Volgl- esslslanf edllmsi ' Phil Knulson, edilor-in-chief: Judy l-larber and Bob Andersen, business session ol' the .Xu LA IIA SA. Pulling their training io przlcliczll use, llicy WVOIC slurics. vclilccl Ublly. simlicilml mls zlml c'lic'c'kc:cl gallcys zlncl prools. managers. .Ks silcu'ssix'c issucs ol ilu: pzipci' iollul will llic press, Iliff gziiiicml l'0llnllL'lICC in lllcir lllhlllly' in uplmlcl llw liigli Slillllllllllh ol' ilu: Iiubliczilion :md ill thc szimc lllllc lmcfzlmc- i'0ll5l'lUll5 ol llie ,iUlll'll21llSl.5 erm-iizil clcvolioll lo lllc CillK'l'l5l1Cll goal ul Quill :uid Scroll l'CL'0glllll0Il spi11'rc'cl on zlll stall' illciiilnws. il-llk' rcfcipls ol llic llonor- ccl pins iiiziikccl El liigli point lol' llic juniors. liclkm' llllilllg ovcl' llic- jul: ul' lllllllllg' out ilu: .KH LA l'l.'X SA, llic juniors liznl gained cxpcrin-mc llirougli their wm'l4 on ilu' IUS3-'51 5llIllClII lJll'L'C'lUl'f'. 800 PAPERS are dislribulecl biweekly Through The circulalion managers, while adverlising managers Tabu- lale The ads. Audrey l-loyl, Paula Person and Jane Gulbrandson assume These responsibililies. NOT SHOWN is Nancy Sylces. ROOM II3 P.A. BUZZED wilh energelic page edilors. FIRST ROW: Nancy Poslhumus, Failh Seymour, Slafl Arlisl .lean Berglund, Alice Huber and Nancy Ouiggle. SECOND ROW: Jon Holmquisl, Tom Carlson, Marilyn Hansen and Joyce Pleiss. STAR REPORTERS are FIRST ROW: Shirley Larson, Grace McNeil, Carol Kaasa and Mary Kron. SECOND ROW: Sharon Claybcurn, Jean Anderson, Sonia Myran and Janice Juve. Tl-llRD ROW: Karnella Vierlianl, Marcia Brown, Mary Moe and Elaine Swenson. FOURTH ROW: Apryl Toslenson, Shirley Jenson, Rosemary Ralaen, Alice Termalh, Pele Van Wyngeeren and Rulh Vandegrifl. FIFTH ROW: Don Johnson, J. Randolph Cox, Pal Madden and John Morrison. Page IO? PORT J,-f """ Y- 11st - ii S-, Sl1!'I'I1, f11'111'1'.x'1'1111 111111 f111y.s'11'111 li1111'.x'.x' dfllllfl' 1111' ,'11111'1'11'1111 Il1lI1I'11'. 'l'l11'1111g11 11'll7IIZl'0Tk 111111 11mf11'1'111io11 11'11111.v11'1'.x' 1111li1'ij111I1' k1'1'11 11171117141- 111111. l'Nl'07lI 111111111'111' 111 f11'11f1'.S.v11111111 11.x'j11'1'1.9, wl- 11111.v111.s'111' 11111'1'1'.x'I 111 lI11I1'1111'.Y is 1'w11I1'11l. Ywllf' high .v1'1111111 11'11111,v 1'1'1'1'1'r'1' 11.31 1111110 1111011111111 ns 1111 1111? cx,l11'1'11f111'1fd 1111110165 111 1111? p1'0f1'.v.Sz'o11111 world. Good .vj11J1'1.m11111sl11p rm 11m par! of par- 11l'l.f7IlII1.Y lllld sj11'1'11111n'.x' is 1111 115561 10 r1lI 11111Ir111' 1'1'l'II1,Y. Sf1u1'1.s' 111'1' zf11r1'1'11 1111'1111g111111l 11111 .v1'11.w111.s' 111 1l11f j'1'IIT 111111 fllkl' j11111'1r 11111110119 111111 11111 llf 1Iu1111v. ,'1111IIIIlg'1l 11111114v .-I1111'1'i1'1111 QYIIIIIZY l111111r 111'1'g1111111'11 IVII f11r1'1g11 1'1ll1II11'l-1'.Y, flllj' 1'111'1f1111111y fl11T'1' l11'1'11 1111111g1'1I 111 1111'1'1 II11' 111'1f1l.s' 111111 1'11.v- Irnnx of 1111' fl1n1'1'11'1111 f11'1:j111'. auf' Y' , ,Q E X Wm W I QQ sm, X 8 :zxttnfu x Q 'Q 4'c"' SN yfsww 9? -Tm jf? i j QV ..:.M:-3, I tt R bgnvvb KW .,.' .-'-'- - A gig- ft, 7,.k t M . I -, ,-. Clayl Robinson 'L'.L. 'M' Baclc V' , X. t fi! lar? f K '- if r 4 1b K - T: Diclt gnjtdson t it-. L 5 I 5, itaitlegiy 42 25, V im it Paul Yottet Q : ,imply KJ 4 Initial Dad's Night Proves uccesslul Keen unnpetitimi antl the loss tml' key players xia the injury route. kept the .Xllmert Lea Tigers front reaching the pre-season preclietinm ol them. The Bengals, untler veteran heatl mentor Mr. Gorclmi Lelieau. lountl such state gritliron powerhnusea as Duluth Central, Rochester. Winona. Real Ning and Owatonna t-tmtnmtittg theni in the state's twenty grill rulers. Phil Lee Guard Facing the 'lrojzttis ol' Duluth Central in their ini- tial game ol' the year, the veteran Tigers were equipped with two experienced players deep in each positiott. which aclcled up to be the year lor luntlnall in Tigertown. Iiut this mon turned to he a had tale of woe as the Ben- gals lintpetl through the neaarni with constant key players niisming lrrnn the Cherry and Blue ranks. Senior and x't'lt-ran guard, l'hil Lee, inherits-tl the eaplaittey lirntn -lm' Back lzteuln antl lerrx Crtrwlex. N32 gridiron an-eztlrtaitis. Pal Ahern T1 Guard .-.-vw,-: 1 if law UB... As Fired Up Tigers ubdue Falcons Craig Clausen Tackle Diclc Oslaurn Tackle Jon Pagan Cenler M, A , T ,. T f W T ,.., .7 Back VX. , "lN MY DAY!" Mr. Leo Yolciel demonslrales his ball-haw dling lo Clayl and Mr. Charles Robinson as Paul Yolxiel, Phil and Mr. Edward Lee, Craig and Mr. Claylon Clausen loolr on al This pre-game huddle. Page ll3 V .-fgeg, . fa NM A vu Y-:rr .. -:rg-s it ' rg? amiga-1 Q H .,,, V, J, .,.. ..,, 3, -H4 , If bw? F' s-1 37? 'R if E l Dean Wick End Paul Pierson Tackle Jerry Sleen Back r Howard Heckes Back Bill Malfhies Back Dick Wulff End Mike Jordan Guard Jerry Keeler Guard .-X llill pound bundle ol running power kept the Le- Beaumen at large, as the Tigers dropped a I9-0 decision to the Duluth Central Trojans on the latter's field. The Trojans' line running back, Rudy Tuszka, scored all of . t the gznnes' tallies. but the Ilgers play nnproved to bring the game on an even keel in the second hall. Unable to hold an early lead, the Cherry and Blue gridironmen l'ell 34-7, before a XVinona XVinhawk scoring combination ol' Dick Brown and Phil Conway. Bad passes and ltnnbles proved to be the downfall ol' the Bengals. AXLHS was not lorced to kick once on downs by con- tinually keeping the future conference champion, Ro- chester, on the inove, but lost to the tune ol l-1-li at Ro- chester. Roger Nelson scored the only Tiger tally while Pat Ahern and Cary Brabec carried the Tigers ollen- sively. Speedy XVinger co-captain. Ceorge Curtis ran the Bengal defense wild as he led Red XVing to a 51-lil win over the Tigers. -lack Connors, Clayt Robinson and Howard Heckes passed the XVinger delense honest, while Roger Nelson rontped via the groundways. Up to this point. the Bengals had lltll shown the finesse that the early season's predictions had said of thein. Nelson was the only consistent gainer with .-Xhern and Robinson shining at times. evenleen eniors Graduate PlCTURED IS THE i953 VARSITY gridiron feam. FIRST ROW: Lloyd Palmer, Leslie Sufhers, Craig Clausen, Paul Yokiel, Hoyl Mclnfyre, Capt Phil Lee, Dick Osburn, Paul Pierson, Richard Knudson. SECOND ROW: Jon Pagan, Dick Wullil, George Skaff, Gary Brabec, Ronnie Deckard, Clay? Robin- son. Roger Nelson, Mike Jordan, Pal Ahern, Bill Mallhies, Howie Heckes, Jerry Sfeen, Harry Rahn. THIRD ROW: Verle Hendrickson, John Roscoe, Brad Plall, Jerry Keeler. Ralph Delgado, Pefer Lloyd. Jack Connors, Chuck Bosacker, Al Sloa, Ray Delgado, Dick Jensen, Chuck Har+y, Torn Bales. wmm giqt ,,-.W ,f--t,. ...v,,.,,.,.,, .... vf., .,.v. , .....,.. M, s- V . -- Combining sharp passing and keeping the Tigers at bay with a stout defense, Owatonna's power-laden ln- dians performed a turn-about ol the previous year as they downed the LeBeaumen 20-ii, before a packed house of enthusiastic l-lotneeomers. The Indians, spurred on hy last year's stunning I5-ii Homecoming upset, took advantage of costly mistakes and fumbles and put them together and held a 20-0 lead at the half, which they did not relinquish throughout the second hall. Playing without the services ol' Dick linudson. Dean Wick. Patil Pierson and Ronnie Deckard, the 'l'igers roared back in the second hall' with a goal-line stand and numerous drives only to have them tall short as the Northlield Raiders sent the Bengals reeling under their sixth defeat ol the year, I3-ti. V XX'hen the linal gun sounded, the Tigers were lound within the Raiders' ten yard line and the huge crowd ol' hotnecomers heaved a sigh ol' relief. ALI-IS standouts were tnany but Captain Phil Lee and Craig Clausen opened holes at will on the lelt side ol the Tiger line for the last rising trio ol' Pat Ahern, Clayt Robinson and Roger Nelson. lightening their defense and improving their otlense, the Bengals now had a mark ol' 3.35 yards per running thrust, to their opponents' 11.5 yards. HEAD BOSS over Tiger gridiron play this year, Gordon LeBeau points out a miscue 'to his assistants, Garret Ahern, Luther Olsen and Paul Willie. From Varsity Ranksg Lee Sets Fine Leadership Pattern STOPPED! Tiger halfbaclt Ronnie Decltard drives for yardage but to no avail as a host of Paclrers stop his progress. Pai Ahern and Capt. Phil Lee come to help while Dick Knudson gets his size i3 out oi the play. rmrlvmmrew STOPPED! Tiger linebacker Jerry Sleen sfops Jim Eberl of Faribaulf as Roger Nelson moves up from Ihe secondary. V,-X RSIIY BOX SCO R ES .Xlhert l,ea Opponent IL-, We, -ulluluth Central -- e,,,,---l9 Tn, -, e,,,,.. ll'inona ...,,,,,, .....,. F 511 IL-.. ..e,,,. --,Roehester U ,-----l4 IU e,,,,... A,,,. l lcd XVing ..,,,f - -HSI ILC, ,-eOwatonna N ,ne ---2Il IS ,,,, ,.,,,,. N orthlielcl W ,,.....,, IES 7 ..e,,, ,,Mankato ,-- ..... ,NIB 20-6 ---Faribault W A,,, e,---l5 l9-i.- A,-Xustin H ,2l ee, Clausen and Nelson Gain All-Conference tatus .X lmattle ol the winless. still lelt the Cherry antl Blue gritlironnien seeking a victory as the Mankato Starlets grahhetl a I3-T victory, which lelt the LeBeaunien in sole possession ol' the cellar in the conference. Coiitinual on the spot passing by Scarlet quarlcrbaela llohn liogartl, plus a Bengal inental lapse on tlelense was the tlecitling lactor. I-lallhack Pat Ahern scoretl the lone 'liger tally with Roger Nelson converting' on a skirt arountl right encl. lVorking coinpletely as one unit antl lor their Datls. the ligertown Iavorites Iought oll' a lighting Faribault eleven in the waiting second to preserve their 20-I3 leatl, lor their first win ol a long tough season. Pat Ahern hit paytlirt twine in the Iirst quarter with Craig' Clausen con- verting' twice to put the Tigers out in lront ll-ti. Roger Nelson inatle it 20-ti on a sprint arountl encl. Sheer light antl the great tlesire to win, gave the Tigers' great rivals the A-Xustin l'at'kers. their gaine ol' the year, but the Bengals clrixe l'ell short 21-I9 as two points after touehtlowns were the all important l'ac'tors. 'l'he Cherry and Blue griclironnien, clown at hall'-tiine 2I-ll. Laine batik with I9 points antl at the Iinal gun, the Pack- ers were fighting' oil a snarling, clawing 'liger eleven. Tigertown hatl inany stautlouts in the season's liuale, but Captain Phil played the gaine ol his eareer at guard, as tlitl plunging Pal .Xhern in the backlieltl. Page II6 MEN BEHIND THE ACTION. Supplying and caring for many wanfs and needs, Bill Bergen and Jerry Nelson underialre Ihis unlieralded Iaslr. . 1 if Wffligr .A pirited Juniors Manhandle Rugged eason With Ease B SQUAD BOX SCORES NYith good passing and terrific' running, the Albert Lea Baby Bengals ended their lootball season holding a Alben LCR Ol7l""lCm live win, two loss record. 'l'lie two losses came at the 0--in ---- ---- 1 :uh-,,,,,,,l E AA-YYY H19 hands ol' I-'airmont, I9-ll and Mason City, 27-0. 2l--- ,,,Y Faribault W, ti Sweetest ol the victories. were the two games the B's H hmm 6 had with the .Xustm junior varsity. lhe. hrst eontest "M "' ' "' "' ended with the Bengals on the long end ol a I-l-ti score. 7--Y YYYW cyhialonna ZW nr li lil their second meeting .Xutsin was trampled lhl-ll. ILM, .... Mason City -- so .27 The team, eoaelied by Paul Wilke and Carret Ahern. I I Mmin 0 ty:-okg twohdeeisions lrom Owatonna by scores ol' 7-ti and "' "A "' "' Lb-lil, XVllll'll was the most decisive score ol the year. 215 ,YYY YYY, K ,XVZIIOIIHZI N, l'i U Q.7.- K a 2 it ' ...5 it Id, A, Q . The Bee squad ripped through the Faribault junior varsity by a score ol' 21-li: although the Bengals won the game, it was costly as star quarterback Bob Brabee sul'- lered a broken bone in his ankle. Stars ol' the game were hallbaeks Lowell Brady and Ronnie Rice. Hard plung- ing Steve Leuthold also was Il thorn in l"aribault's side. Rice scored the first touchdown, Brady made it I-l-0 and tallyed again adding six more points, Leuthold plunged through to score the Bengals' final point ol' the contest. Boys that are scheduled to go to the varsity next year are Lowell Brady. Steve Leuthold, Romiie Rice, Tom Connly, Clay Lyons, Chuek Selmeider. john Brabee, Dick Heilman, Armand Zavitz and a host ol' others that played on the Bee squad during the N525 season. THE MEMBERS OF THE l953 B SQUAD are: FIRST ROW: Tom Hall, Lowell Brady, Charles Smith, Bill Wedge, Lyman Sleil, Roger lngebrilson, Jim Ver- doorn, Robert' Heclies. SECOND ROW: Sieve Leuihold, Charles Schneider, Tom Connly, Diclr Heilman, Clay Lyon, Peter Johnson, Don Larson, Don Vercloorn, Dale Hanson. THIRD ROW: John Brabec, Bolo Bralaec, Harold, Truesdell, Dennis Lawler, Armand Zavilz, George Sfolze, David Johnson, Jack Cram, Roloerl John- son, Ronald Rice, Aaron Parlihurst. 1 .ag K an-J 7--Y .5 Rig!-v 'mf t. gy yi 1 'W , . . it Q sr SX Q M ,,, H tif., f 5 F f Page II7 l953-54 VARSITY COURTMEN. FIRST ROW: Pelerson,Tl1ompson, Hunl, Connors, Donovan, Sloa, Larson. SECOND ROW: Captain Wood- side, Brabec, Ralin, Madson, Keating, J. Nelson. THIRD ROW: R. Nelson, Sfegenga, Foley, Knudson, Chrislensen, Troe, Clausen. peed and Aggressiveness Nels Tigers econd Place COACH PAUL WILKE and Ca lain Jack Woodside head slral P t ' egisl and floor general, pose before opening a prac+ice session. Page ll8 Sporting a classy fourteen wins against two defeats at the close ol the regular season, Paul Wilkie's cagers captured second placeiin the grand gallop lor Big Nine laurels. Engaging Austin in district one competition, the gallant Tiger crew put up a tremendous light against the towering Packers, but .Xustin's prevailing height finally sulzdned the Cherry and lilue athletes 72-63. Showing linesse, the Bengals opened their season with a H2-5l conquest ol' Forest City, a non-ctrnlerence loe. Displaying even more grace and a hetter balance in scoring. the Tigers dtttnped Owatonna, 58-All and wal- loped Mankato, 58-359. l'or their first conference victories. Snllering their initial defeat ol' the young season. the 'liigers were uprooted by Austin 74-53. Bouncing hack from deleat they added Wayzata and XVells to tlteir slate ol' wins. lVells pressed the Xtlilkemen to the limit before Ialling :Bl-50. Captain .lack Nlioodside paced the scoring parade with a grand total ol' 22 markers. Running their winning streak to live straight, the Bengals whipped Northlield, New Prague and Xllinona. ln drowning New Prague, 81-til, the Cherry and Blue had an amazing shooting percentage ol' til percent. Winona lell victim in an overtime thriller 58-55. LOW BRIDGE! Capiain Jack Woodside drives for H19 baslrei as Dicli Knudson moves for a rebound posifion. Rocliesfefs Bob Sclwmidi fuiilely aiiempfs io block The slwoi. Finish In the Big Nine, Plus New easonal Record CAPTAIN JACK WOODSIDE adds iwo more poinis io his record .xlllllllg ROC'llCSlCl', Zlllwllltl' Bib' . V' ' ' ' breaking ioial ot' 322 couniers compiled during ihe season. if Ninn 4l1Qii1i,lull1L11 ulrczuly growing string ol YiL'lllIlS. llu' ligcrs ivuiv Nllll ' ' mls 'lim Suulli Crum ll lll L'OlllL'lll10ll lllli lC2lgllC l1llll",. ' . . 1 tffllll-Cl'ClN'C limes, l"z1ii'mrm1 :incl liluc liurlli. lull lux ilu' waysiclc. XX'ill1 ll1L'5l't'Ulllllll'NlN Il1a'cm1l'lil1n'11l Cibllllllllill llivii' clmninzilioli ul limi-willln'i'L'i1c'L' lL'2llllN. Spzlrlwil lay llu' iliiiuclllmis lzisl llll2ll'lL'l' clriviiig :mal pliclioiiiclizil sl1rmlillgol I2lc'k XX'imilsiclc'. Ilia' .XLH5 mga'- mvn gave llic .xllfyllll l'zlc'kc1's Illcii' ix'in'sl sczlim' ul ilu' sun- 5011 lbelini' yielding 4525-58, Clciilci' Dick limiclwn lq-al llic' 'lllglfl' scurixig' willi I8 Illlllilh. In lllk' IH'Cl'K'llllig week Ilia' licngzlls clincliccl scmml place in ilu' lcaguv by clmvuiiig Rwl XVing by an I2 puiiil cusliimi. lil--lil. Mzulkzllu fauna williin two Imiills ul' pulling om' ul lllc lniggcsl lllbxtls ol ilu' your wlicrii Ilia' Hllllllfhlillli' wczlk Sczlrlcls llilllglll liarcl lull won' sulmcliicml 52-50. llu' lzuls lmiil .VXLHS ll'zu'clccl to l'i2ll'llD2lllll Ullgllglllg ilu' lfzilcmis in zu lrcmcnclmis lazilllcz lml lux' luck Wumlsimlc-'s Wi points, his liigllvsi lolzil. llin' 'l'igci1'siczlil1c lmim' an lull-in YiL'l0l'. Umm' again llu' ligvrs clicl llillllk' willi lxllslill. lliis llllll' lrn'clis11'ic'l mic llolioix, The llll'lilL'5S liL'llg2ll5 lml their lourlli slrzliglil clislricl llirmvii in zi lu llarcl pluyccl gflllli' in Ruclic-sim' 72-lifi. ml l1JllQlll Page ll9 AMONG A HOST OF NORTHFIELD defenders, Craig Clausen one of Willxe's mosf able reserves, confribures a field goal fo +l'1e Tiger cause UTILIZING HIS TREMENDOUS REACH Diclc Knudson, The Tigers' fasf moving pivof man, drops fhe ball fhrouglw flie bucllef as Red Wing's Willis Fierslad malces a hopeless aifempr io sfop him. 'ruining -fn ss ww Exhibit harp hooting 2l'.XIJ I5,XSlili'I'I5,XI.l. IZUX SCORE .Xllmvrl lun fylllbilllfflll li2,, , ,,,, , ,,l"m'csl Clily -As --Y ,,,,5I 58 .,,, , CDWQIIUIIIIQI M NAI 58-, ,,,Nl2lllli2lltJ J H139 EIL ,,.xlISlilI -- -NTI 15.5, - .,,xY2lfl2ll2l -, ,MENS SIM , ,-,,XX'c'Ils W, 0,50 57s. , ,,-,Nm'lI1liclcl,, ,135 HI ,,,, .ss, N cw ljlilglll' W , lil SHN A. ,,,,,XX'i11ul1z1 ,M 55 152 .,,, .,,, l 1fll'llChlCl' H ,MSO USM, ,.,, l'i1ll1'IlI0lll W, ,H I5 452 v.,, ,s,, I Sluc lizmli ,ss Bl 58 ..,, ..,, A Xuslin .,YY 7,625 lil e,,, ,,,. I lcd XX'ing ,- ,M-HJ .32 .sss ,,,,NlZlIlli2lltJ M 0,50 fill ,sss ,,.,,I"L11rilJz1llll ,,,,..,, 0,55 1555 .sss ,,,,Xus1in-Dislricl -ss ,,,72 Page l20 High curing Quintet 3,XSIili'I'li.Xl I LUX SKK Jtll f,lliJUlILIll ml flwlllllllllzl .xlhlill W EIICIHIEIIL' Wulls W, Nurllllwlml Ncu' l'1'ugu RlK'llCNlL'I' l'.2lilgllllJlll H liluc liznrlh .xllhlill -,- Nlzulkum , l'i2ll'ilJ2IllIl - WI"IO'S GOT IT? Thai is +I'1e quesiion, as Vern Chrisiensen and Craig Clausen Iry for a rebound in Ihe midsi of a hosi of baifiing Rocixeis from Rcchesier. Kwan fam Woodside mashes ALHS Individual caring Mark Page I22 Clmnit-ctiiig Int' I.II2S points to thcit' wppmtciits' 877, thc xztrsity Ixztskt-tI1ztIIct's won I-'I ol' I7 cxititcsts to put tht-tit in sc-miiti place in thc Big Nine. Bvgititiitig thc yt-ztt' with .ittst two huys with tiittch A cxpt't'ictit'c. tht- 'Iigctx mst' tri Incumimt mit' ol tht- stzttt-'s IUIJ ptmwtis. St-tiszttiotiztl Izttk Xhmtlsitlc, tht' llIlL'UllilllL'l'llIlIt' Iittlt- cztptztili, It'tI thc stlttzlti with it III point pct' gzttiic ztvcrztgc ztiiti an .SIIII IJCHCIII at thc I'I'L'1'IIII'lHX' Iiitc. His E422 tutzti ttiztt'I4t-is Im' tht- st-mutt wt at tic-w storing t't'c'ot'tI. Ifit-ry Iitislt-t' Rzthti. NX'utmtIsitlt"s spmrtly titzttc :tt g'll2lI'lI, Ittttussctl thc tmplmsitimt with his flztssy Iiom' play zttici tlttttkccl I7I points. Igtiiky Dick Kittitlstm wats iti- clispcnszthlc with his hull Iiztwkittg zttiti aggressive play. Giving thc Ihrtigztls some much ncctlcd hciffht, Dirk haul I . N I?s5 points zttici tm ztvcrztgc 'ICI' Ullllvsl oi IlI.h. I'1Ul'H'2lliCI Ilztti Iltmmaii, czthii :tml cool, czttnc ticxt witlt at IlC2ll tutztl ol' III4 tztllit-s. Dztvc l.z1t'smi slitmwtwl his piiilmitit 2lCl'llI'2IC'i st'tit't'Iiitig thc nets Im' IIII tiiztrks. Ray Keating sllrmwcti zt .593 cliilrily Iilic ztvctltgt- :mtl zmiztssctl .'iII st'f1l't's. Ilcputtclztlmlc Clrztig Cllztttscti also saw qttitc Zl hit wi' :tctimi giving ztthlcti l'k'IlfIllIllIillg strength and sumtiiig -III mos. Small thcy wcrc, yt'l Wilkck TZIIIIIDICYS slmwccl Iinc Iiomi. spccci zttici plenty oi' iight. GO MAN GOI Wiry, agiie, a bundie of speedy dynamiie are Ihe ihoughis running Ihrough 'this Norfhfieid cIefencIer's mind as Busier Rahn, Ihe second half of WiIIre's one, Iwo back courf punch, heads baslteiwise. Junior Varsity Displays peed, Agility For the Future Under the eagle eye supervision ol' inentors, l.uther Olsen and Cortlon LeBeztu. the ,-XLHS B squztcl ttnnhlecl opponents like ten pins zts they thnnpecl ll loes while being stoppetl only once tlttring the season. Utilizing at lirewztgon last hreztk style ol' hall to cotnpenszue lor lztek ol' over-all teznn height. the Bzthy Bengals will supply zunple speecl :incl strength to next yeztr's varsity. ,XLHS's Cherry and Blue elzttl lmztsketeers hnlletl over nine consecutive opponents belore having their winning streak snztppetl by Austin, which was the only black tnztrk on their seasonal seheclule. The young Tigers clohheretl Owzttonnzt, Austin, lillentlale, XVells, Northfield, New Prztgue, Rochester. lfztirrnont, Blue Earth, Mankato ztntl entletl the seztson with 21 conquest over Fzrrihzntlt. Sharp shooting, hztrcl driving Chuek Sehneitler pzteecl the scoring parzule with zt tritnnphal totttl ol l2E5 points. Clay Lyons singetl the eortls lor lll7 counters gootl enough lor the runner-up spot. At the tltree-quztrtet rnark in the season, Lyons was protnotetl to the varsity lor his rugged play both on the lloor and on the hack hoztrtls. Cllinthing' tlte long lztcltler to 21 possible first live posi- tion on next YCZIINS varsity were loin Steitller, Duane Peterson, Lowell Bratly, Dztn Johnson, -lack Sprenger, BI Brnhe' l B'I-'z ll'--t '-ll ', on L' -lo in la Ju nu ,U xc' C Nitin WELL SATISFIED in our season say Lou Olsen and Gor- clon LeBeau eagle eye coaches ol the iunior varsity. I953-'54 JUNIOR VARSlTYincluded FRONT ROW: Johnson, Schneid- Sprenger, Bracly, Steidler, Wong. BACK ROW: Willmert, Velclman, er, B. Bralaec, Jenson, Manager Nelson. SECOND ROW: J. Brabec, Darg, Peterson, Lyons, Schnoor. an :vans-ww .gmsmn 'ssmaiaww x-11:1 seiimymmuswm is - -u ff. 'Momma PICTURED IS THE VARSITY SQUAD 'lhaf lied for second place honors in lhe conference. They are: FIRST ROW: Manager Lyman Sleil, Don Slraar. Bill Wedge, Dale Robinson, Gary Blunl, Franlt Gallagher. SEC- OND ROW: Caplain Diclc Osburn, Ralph Delgado, Phil Lee, Ronnie Declcard, Ed Robbins, Jim Sllaar. uccessful Grapplers Place econdWitl1 6-2-I Record COACH AND CAPTAIN. Veleran grappling menlor LeRoy Maas confers wilh Caplain Dick Osburn on an on-coming meel. fililllllllllg their way to a three way tie lor second place i11 Big Nine ciOIlI'Cl'CIli'C compctitiott, tlte .-XLHS lllilltllell. pared by live lettertnen. wrestled tl1eir way tlirottglt Zl Iteayy stltetlttle antl tlte best ol' cotnlrctition to Ulllllllll' at six won, two lost. UIIC tie recorcl. Letterman Zllltl YQ'IL'I'2lll. Dick Uslntrtt, reeeiyetl the vote oI'Cot1Ii1Ie11c'e lrotn ltis teatntnates, as he reeeiyecl the captaittcy i11 pre- season lzalloting. Owatotttta, CUllI'Cl'CIN'C. region and state cltatnpiott ztncl Rochester were tl1e only teznns to over-power tl1e Mztastncn i11 tlllill meets. while last yCZ1l'IS state fltatttpion, liltte Earth. lougltt the Tigers to 11 2l-21 cleacllork. Man- kato, I'ikil'IIJ2llIIl, Nortltlielcl, Winona, Austin and Osage Iell lielore El xicions Tiger onslattgltt. Before the regular season started the ntatsters Cmn- petecl in the initial Mankato State 'I'C2'lCIlC'l'S College In- yitatioital XX'restling kI40li1'll2llHCIll in wlticilt 20 varsity ltopelttls wrestletl in IJl'LTlb2lI'2llI0l1 for the regular season. Page I24 ophs, W XHXRSII Nzimc X'cm'l1l, Slvw -- Rolwiimm. Dzllc - c,SlIlll'll. Dick -- Skzlar. lion ,,,,, llclgaclo, Ralph llcckzlrcl. Ronnie Gallagllcrr, lfrzmli Lce. l'l1il ,,.... Rolnlpim, ljcl -- llkclgc, Bill --- Dclgziclo, Ray -- Blunl, Gary --- SCILIIVCS. llflgll -- Skzizir, -lim - -- Nlzlisfm, Rui' -- Y TWO POINTS! Veleran Don Slcaar slarls a single leg pick-up on Hen- fhrone of Winona wI1icI'1 he quiclcly followed up will! a fall in flue Tiger conquesl. .XIIJCII XIXI l,cz1 QSI l'Y lli.XXl SCIORICS IS .-,,...,, ,,,, K JXV2llflllll2l -- 2l--- in .1II,--- 3 7 22 ,,,, ITL-- 25-N ---Nl.111kzllo- -- ---l'zi1'1lzzlull -. -- Nrwllilim-lrl ---Winmizi --- ---Ruclimlci' -- ----Change - ,- fllblltillklll -up ----Ib --,-I3 -,li - --I7 -.QI ,---ISI edge and Delgado, Gain tate Tourney Berths XYR1iS'I'l,INGS'l'.X'l'lSl'IlIS FR.ESl-IMAN GRAPPLER, Gary Blunl, wins luis inifieil varsily N.. ln .l.- PIN' tip. nxt. Zgllnnlg Ezglillowers +I1e boom on Flo of Farlbaulf in a IO3 ----I ll Il E5 Il l,IlIlII ----7 I ll 223 25 .375 ----Ii I 2 EIU El .777 ----Il 2 I 26 III .722 ----Il 35 Il 2,1 ll .lilili ----5 I II QI Sl ..'1.'1.'J ----5 I ll Qfl I I .fwfvfv ----Al E5 2 Ili I3 .1355 ----2 2 Il Il 5 .LJIIII ----fl l I I7 I I .389 ----I 2 ll 5 III ,flilfl ----2 li II III I5 .ffrll ----I E5 Il fi Il .250 ----I I U 5 I2 .2IlIl ----II ll II Il EI .IIIIII Page I25 e m rg., j.:5.f,?i,m W 7 L i"5'- ,W ' Sparlrie Lee. Compiled e 4-3-2 record on his .lim Slcaar. Found +l'te going iough in luis I33 Ed Robbins. Hit an even .500 marlr record as second year on 'lite varsily ar the l54 pound pound division, bul wreslled oui a l-4 record. he piled up a 2-2 marlr before iniuries sidelined class. him. Veteran eniors Form Backbone ln Young Tiger Ranks "LET'S TANGLEV' Tl1a'r's wlwal Diclc Jensen is 'lltinlring as he works a double leg piclrup on Dave Johnson, Faribault, buf io no avail as lime Falcon won a 4-I decision. .Xlter going into the regional Iinztls with lonr tnen, the Maztstnen qnztliiiecl only lwtt ntzntnen lor the coveted trip to tlte slztle tournznnent. llill XYetlge ztntl llztlplt Del- ganlo, l20 :tml H55 ponnclers resper'tix'ely. i'1lI7llll'Cil tltirtl in the tourney. lint nexertltelt-ss. these solmltn gzttltereml experiettce wlticlt will lie in their lztvot' in their next two years on the varsity sqnztml. Several young Bengals won X2ll'5ily promotions clur- ing tlle year. lfreslnnan Cary Blunt, ztlter zi slow start flisplztyecl promise in the lllfi pound tlivision. Steve Yenetn anal Roy Maison cznne into tlte ll2 :incl I20 weights, wltile Rodger Squires :intl Difk Alensen sparketl the tnitlmlleweigltts. 'loin Clonnly ztncl George Stolle took on the I65 zntcl llC2lYyWClgl1l chores. Coming lmzutk to booster the Tiger nun ranks next year will be lL'lIC1'H'illllCl'S Frank Ci2lll2lgllCl', Gary Blunt, Dale Robinson, Bill XVeclge, Don Skaar, Rodger Squires, Ronnie lleckzml zntcl Ralph Delgado. while Steve Venent, Dick uiensen, Yerle Hendrickson. 'loin Connly. Roy Mat- son are Ulllhlfllltliilg prospects. Page I26 Bee Powerhouse Bolsters Varsity With 5-3-I Record VIITNIUR YXRSIIY BOX SCIORICS .XII:t'rt Len Olilmoiimit IIL, , ,flXX'2IItJIIIl2l ,, , W- .28 212, ,nwlzinlazito 2 , IIJ 1ItI,,,, --Ifzn'iInziuIt , ,II 'IIN ,,,Norll1IieIcI ,Y ,, 2 EIIL, , , ,-IX'inonzi 2, 2 SI 212, ,,,,RocIiester ,, ,2tI 2I,,-, ,nlllue lizirth , -2I ISWM -...Xustin H . H23 0 X THE I953-I9S4 ALHS BEE SQUAD POWERHOUSE are: FIRST ROW: Clwrisy Slraar, Steve Venem, Ronnie Venem, Keith BuIenI'ioFI. SECOND ROW: Ray Del- 'LQ gado, Rodger Squires, Verle Hendrickson, Roy Matson. THIRD ROW: George V, Stolze, Diclr Jensen, Tom Connly. I. LJ I':1t'king il lol ol punch was the .-Xlhert lui I3 stluzttl wrestling teznn rt-gistcriiig live wins :intl Zl tie zigziinst only two cleleztts. Cozuli 1,eRoy Maas' ltltlll wus 2lllg'lllClllCtI hy plenty ol' new talent plus several expet'ieiic'etI hzincls to 1 rountl out the ztttztfk. . , - L39 7 Lezttling' the pzrcli were Rui' Ilelguclo :incl Rorlget' Squires who eaeh went untlelezttecl with live wins in coin- petition. Keith Iiutenhotl, Ronziltl Yericiii, Verle Islencl- rifkson. Roy Matson ztntl 'lioin Connly all hztcl good rt-r'orcIs: HencIrit'kson haul the most pins with Iour. .Xliltrr losing' their opener to Owzttonnu, 28-ISI, tht' young grzrpplers clelezlletl Mzinlcztto hy at nzirrow inztrgin ol' 2-I-ISI. Ifarihzuilt was then taken to the vlezniers. git- CAPTAIN DICK OSBURN displays his trademark of speed and aggressiveness as he edges out Blalce oi Winona, I-O. ing up eight pins to inzike Zl -III-II Iinztl Iigure, Northfielcl ztntl IX'inotizt were holh soundly flohlner- eil, -I-I-2 :incl 30-EI. respectively. Rocliestei' proved zi tough opponent as the locals harely squeelecl hy to their filth win. 2I-20. .Xt Blue Earth they strziinerl but coulcl only conie up with 21 tie :tt 21 zill. :Xgztinst at strong Austin rnzu tezun, the junior Nlztzis- inen lost 23-IN. :Xn exhihition zigztinst Osage Iurnishecl at Iinztle to El rztpiclly inoving, lousy season. ag,- Page I27 t W -an ,si 'tag ALHS LINKSMEN OF '53-ROW ONE: Coach Slan Brecltner, Tom Carlson, Jack Wrighl, David Crocltefl. ROW TWO: Pal Ahern, Lowell Sorenson, Paul Pierson, Capl. Craig Clausen, Jerry Throlson, Joe Schwarlz, Roger Nordahl. Title Grabbing Keynoles Golfers' peclacular Play Cltmtli Slilll lllxttlilltlx tIl4'l with stnttmt' :tml .itat in his CAPT. CRAIG CLAUSEN ANI? COAQH STAN BRECKNER reminisce colot' lmztckctl grill' cliztty ol thc iliigct' llllliSlt'l'5. Loss ol lasl Yea'5 'Nod and had Pomls Wlule qamg at llle Snow covemd - - - - . . ' f'.'+l b' htft ' '54. thc liCglUll Ont' tttlc zttttl stopping tml at wtti streak. which ground The Tlgers de 'N ey have A ng U ure m tim to Ili t't11tst't'tltit'c xit'tot'ics lxclml' lxt-ing stittllul tblll, ptmiclctl thc sm't'mt'. lhxt tltt- ligt-ts zltltlvtl ll sluztrk ol IU? tvttititttg tht' lltstttct :intl lltg Ntmr c'mtvt1s. Cllit-tty :mtl lllttt' gollcts mmm- tltmttgh with lout' H'lllS ztgztillst two losses. lmfztl COIIQIIICSIS tzltiic att thc prim ol twicc Yictititixcftl l":11'il1ztult. Xlztstm City atttl Zllfll rixztl .XlI5llll. lixctitttzxlly tht- ligcts tustctl clclleztt zlcl- itiiiiistcrccl by Mztttkato :tml Austin, Mzttikzttu t-ntl:-tl thc .Xl.l'l5 tlytiztsty ill tlli strztiglit ttiutiiphztl IIl2lll'lll'5. l'mspccts lm' tht- cmitiitg your arc not att ztll clismztl but have 21 ll2lll1Cl'lJl'llll2illl glUH'ltlll1ClIl. Rctttttiing lot' c'ot1l'ct't-ticc umtnpctitimt will he rcgirmal mcclztlist winncty Captzliti Craig Cllztttscn along with Rug Norclulil. Pat .Xltet'l1, .larry 'lilllOUl5tlll, -lack XVt'ight zttttl Paul l'iL-watt. .X 5t'lIt'tllllC ul rougli :mtl tough tiizttthcs late tlttr '1'igt't's tit thcit' lung, lizml clttiiln lnzttk to tltt' ltblb ol thc- tiiytltttztl xlillt lzztltlctx Craig Clztuscn Cllllllll-Cfl thc Nzttitmzll Coll lfmttttlzt- llt7l1ZlXX'2llll by ctmipilittg zz total ol 25358 points lllltlllglltllll tht- sczlsoti, Rug Nmtlultl lzuiclctl in scctmtl plant- lat gzttlictitig tt grztml tutztl ul' 26.3 niz1t'l4t't's. Page l28 .4-1 a . ge t ,,, A '2-- - r 1 my ww g tif if GOLF BOX SCORES 11 HSUPERSTITIOUSY NOT US!" Jerry Throlson and Rog Nordahl whip equipment into shape for the on-coming Tiger linlcs season. ANXIOUSLY WAITING THE OUTCOME of Tom Carlson's puttin an important match is teammate David Crockett. Linksmen Retain District, Big Nine Crownsp Tiger Dynasty Overthrown, Chain Cut at 46 Straight Victories .-Xlbcrl La-zz Oppum-nt S ---lfririlnzxull ,, W-, I - Y ---xlilllliiilfl U, ,Witt GWU, ,,,iXll5iiit --- ---HW ULQU- ,,,Nl2lSOIl City ,M Y JHVZ Iii -,,l'i2ll'ilD2lllll -- --- 2 8 ,,,......... ..---.xllSliil ..........,. A , I ii72--..-Iolzll stmkcs ,,,, District Cllzlmpimls ,,,- .--, l STU f5i7 ff,, total strokes .... Rvgiollal Runner-Up ,,.,,,, 3-12 482 ,,,, total smmkcs ,,,, Big Ninc Cllmmpirms ,.,..,, 487 FORE1 PlERSON'S BLASTIN6 are the cries that echo across the course as Paul Pierson prepares to come out ot troulsle as Jack Wright loolrs on. Page l29 Tiger Tltinclacls Fly Past Austing Take District Crown A.L.H.S. l954 TRACK SQUAD. FIRST ROW: Slolze, Robinson, Lee, Palmer, Caplain Heclces, R. Nelson, Reese. Johnson, Oslrander. SEC- OND ROW: Miller, Plall, Meyer, Maison, Blacltlwawlt, Mclnlyre, Os- burn, Yoltiel, Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Ollens, Cram, Randall, Blunl, .Xlbert Lea High Sc'hool's tltittrlatls started oil the N53 track season by pulling a lil'lh place in the lfztribault relays. Rog Nelson starred lor Albert Lea in the relays. by scoring a second in the broad jump and third in the hundred yard dash. Bill Bridley, captain ol' the squad, garnered a lilth place in the llfltl yard dash. Speedy Howie Heckes scored an eighth place in the hundred yard dash. The A.L.H.S. medley teatn came in to take third place in the day's events. Tiger thinclads were host to the Big Nine t'onl'erettt'e meet and were jtttlgetl lilth in the day's fontests. Rog- Nelson was again the main point-gt-tter lor the eindernten from Albert Lea, lte brought the Bengals lirst in the broad jump and high jump. Rog was also third in the hundred yard dash, lourth in the 220 yard dash and was on Albert Lea's winning medley team. Tiger runners showed terrilit' stamina and poise as they flew past .Xustin in a dual IHCCI with the Scarlets. The boys from .X.L.H.S. scored a total ol' 83 points, while the Packers only scored a total ol' ?rl. Rog Nelson again led the Tigers by scoring at total of lil points. Second in the scoring, was .-Xlbert l.ea's Captain Bill Bridley with nine points. -lim Ciroethe paced the losers with eight points. Page l30 Brady, Keeler, Olson, Sloa, lngebrilson. FOURTH ROW: Jaclcson, Warcl, Hendriclrson, Coffman, B. Johnson, R. Jensen, Taslter, Olson. Sweclland, D. Sorenson, FIFTH ROW: Manager Darg, B. Beclriordan, Luna, Lyons, De Cora, Hunl, Manager J. Nelson. LOOKING OVER THE SEASON'S SCHEDULE are assislanl coach Hollace Sandlwolm, caplain of the I954 squad Howie Heclres and llte coach of the cindermen LeRoy Maas. TIGER TRACK STAR Rog Nelson shows us his siariing position. Rog was ihe mainstay of the I953 ediiion of +he iraclr squad and also represenled A.L.H.S. a+ ihe sfaie lraclr meal. 7 11 ff QW Nelson Ramps Through Disiricip Third In the late Roger Nelson led the .Xlbert Lea thinclads during the N53 season scoring l7 total points in the Albert Lea- .-Xnstin dnal meet on May 7. the District meet on May I5, the Regional track meet on May I5, and the Regional track meet on May 22. ln the Albert Lea-.-Xnstin meet, Nelson garnered a lirst place in the I00 yard dash, the 200 yard dash and in the high jump. Nelson was second in the broad jump behind Lloyd Palmer, another Albert l,ea athlete. Nelson was again the big man in the District meet held on May l5, l953. Rug placed lirst in the hundred yard dash and right behind him was Lloyd Palmer. Nel- son again placed first in the 440 yard dash with the .-X.l,. captain Bill Bridley on his heels. Roe, was also lirst in the broad jump and was second in the high jnmp. ln the Regional meet held at Austin, Nelson scored second in the 440 yard dash, which enabled him to go to the State Track Meet, and in the broad jump. He came in with a fourth place in the hundred yard dash. In the State meet Rog garnered third place in the 440 yard dash. Here are some ol Nelson's best aecomplishments. ln the broad jump event his best was a lil foot 6 inch leap. His best time in the l00 yard dash was I0 and live tenths second. while he ran the 220 yard dash in 2Al and one tenth seconds. His best time in the LIHI0 yard dash was 52.01 seconds, which he compiled in the State trails meet. RETURNING LETTERMEN from the l953 lraclt squad. FRONT ROW: Lloyd Palmer, Caplain Howie Hecltes, Roger Nelson. SECOND ROW: Phil Lee, Boyd Reese and Roger Johnson. Page l3l DISPLAYING THE WINNING FORMATION that helped them cop squad. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ted Hellie, Terry Aslce, Burl Towne, lite inlramural foolball 'lille are The boys from Diclt Hanson's fighting Cap. Diclc Hanson, Ed Robbins, Jack Woodside and Bob Brown. Hanson's Powerhouse Grabs Intramural Football Title INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CAPTAINS who led lheir learns successfully Through The year are FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Johnson, Craig Counlers, Melvin Troe, Diclc Hanson and Dave Long. Page l32 Finishing at successful intramural football season was Dick Hanson's lighting squad, compiling a 10 win, one loss record. which was good enough to take hrst place honors in the tough league. Gaining second plaee was Bill BCYQCIIVS crew. with a nine win, one loss and one tie record. Bergen's team lost only to Dick Hanson's squad and was tied by David Longs team. XVith a record ol' seven wins. three losses and one tie, Dave Long"s team took third place. Rounding out the lirst four teams was Niles Randall's crew with six wins, four losses and one tie. Other lC2llll captains were Roger johnson, Craig' Counters and Melvin 'l'roe. One of the largest margins ol' victory was registered by Dick I-lanson's squad. against Craig Counters crew. 'Iihe I-Ianson-men ran up a 78-li score and one week later the same team trampled Niles Randall's squad to the tune ol Sl-ti. Considered the best game ol' the season was the li-ti tie between Bill llergen's team and the team captained by Dave Long. The intramural football program is lor boys who are not participating in varsity football. and want in some way to participate in the sport. The two hand touch rules are ttsed lor preventing injuries. as no pad- ding ol' any kind is used. Aliern's Team Wins Intramural Basketball ver Jordan Itllil I1l't-liking. Ilzml playing llllll kt-t'n coiiipclitioii l wort' thc lllltlll lzltlors in tht- IEIS5-51 lIllI'1llllllI'2lI lizlslscl- Iiztll i'2lc't:. iIiIIl'0lIQ"II thc SUZINUII light scores ln'cx'z1ilt'tl. Ifoi' l l tat - cxznnplc, ll .th-451 llollhlc UYLTIIIIIC hzlltlc wzls Itbllglll ht'- IXYCCII Miko -Iflliilllllis crcw :intl I,2ll .XIICIIIIS tcznn. 'IDI'- cIz1n's lt'2ll1l won lltill gznnc :intl hcltl liist plzlcc nczirly ull season until IStritgcii's lL'2lll1 ht-:ll lIlt'IIl 39-358. .Xhcrn lllltl lloitlztn cnclctl thc SCZISOII with ninc wins. one loss i'ec'oi'tls. In tht: plziyollis Aht:i'n's tcztni pit-i'zlilctI 'ISI--I2. Roy Iillglllilliflllx Htlllllllllklll' stltlzttl hclcl tlown lllllxtl Iilzltc :lil zilonc. with six wins zlnll loin' Iosscs. In Iitllllilll plzltt' wats Paul Pierson zlntl Bill licrgcn with Iixt' wins zlncl livc losses. Pit-rson's ICZIIII IJCIII Itcitgt-ii's sqnzltl IIS-2513 in il plzlyoll lol' tht' lonrlh plztct' position. IEYIICL' Rnhltfs tcznn ht-Ill clown sixth place with ll lionr win six loss rccrortl. Dust- Iizlrp :intl Ditli XVUIII ticcl Ioi' the KTCIIZII' with iclcntiull ont- win. ninc loss i'l-corals. lxzttling srortli' lol' tht- l'L'gllIZll' NCQIHOII was ,Turley Steen. Ill- t'tllllI'IIJlllt'tI at totztl ol 2l2 points loin Zlll zucratgc ol 21.2 pci' ganna. Scfoiicl in thc l'2lC'L' was lioli Brown. who Mtll'L'tI at IUIIII ol 202 points lol' at 20.2 :lu-i'z1gt-. I5lll'I iIItlXX'Il1'XY2l5 lhilxl high with lli7pointsz1ntlzl lti.7 zlwrzlgc, ilikfllf .Xskc liollowctl closcly with llisl points, hut his Z'lYCl'2lgL' was 20.5 :is lic only lJI2lyCtI in eight gznncs. JUMPING HIGH tor a shot is Kent Peterson during a bit ot action in the championship playott game. Anxiously awaiting the result are Ronnie Meyers, Terry Aslre, Bob Brown, Burt Towne and Mille Jordan. AHERN DRIVES FOR TWO, while Milne Jordan and Craiq Counters attempt to block the shot. Two of Ahern's teammates, Jaclc Brill and Niles Randall, watch the action talte place. AHERN'S CHAMPIONSHIP SQUAD, tl-lat beat out Milce Jordan's team in the playotts are FRONT ROW: Niles Randall, Burt Towne, Captain Pat Ahern. SECOND ROW: Kent Peterson, Terry Aslre, Dave Bruels. Page I33 FIRST ROW: Cashman, Carler, R. Jensen, King, Brand, Gunderson, Carlson. THIRD ROW: Kuilers, Groeneweg, C. Jensen, Boehmke, Hunl, Kron, Brown, Heckes, Esse, Brua, G. Hendrickson. SECOND Ackland, Harlaer, Gendler, Bergerson, L. Jensen, Erickson, Carson, ROW: Flores, Huber, J. Hagen, Grasdalen, Brown, Belshan, Draayer, Henry, Cacly, Folkeslad, Kirsch. J. Jensen, Anderson, D. Hendrickson, Gilpin, Kalzung, D. Draayer, The GAA'ers Explore Many Fields of ports Through lieliere it or not, the inenihers ol the Girls' .-Xthletic' Starting with kittenhall in the lull, the girls went .-Xssocizition :ire norinzilg they are not what most people IllI'0llgI'll2iI1 exeiting season ol winning and losing. 'lhey think, inusele-lnotintl girls ol' the wilcl ezue nge. lnsleacl picked the teztnis among themselves and then the group they ztre just girls ol the senior high school who enjoy piekecl their own captains, Slums cmd lmlllulmlmg In Hmm' XVhile some nlenlhers were oulsitle. others were in- sicle :intl were enjoying tahle tennis. lllltlllllllltlll. shullle lJ02ll'1l :incl ttnnhling. 'lhese sports were eontinuetl all the year. CL..X..X. has two llllllll interests: one, to encourage sports: the other. lor some girls to try zincl specialize their talents in tlillerent sports. 'I'here are about l?5ll girls that helong this year. XVetlnescl:1y atlternoon ztltersehool .Xller kittenhzlll Gllllt' volleyhzill, where they ztgztin is the time they ineet antl lmreak loose with some ol their tliriclecl into tennis ol' their own choiee. 'l'he winning extra energy. teznn was llziniee l,zncllie's. G.A.A. PRESIDENT EVELYN JENSEN points out some or lhe highlighls SCRAMBLIN6 WILDLY FOR THE BALL during The baskelball lourna- of lhe year lo grinning Secretary Lois Sorlien and Vice President Audrey menfs are Elaine Swenson, Jane Gulbrandson and June Tovson, as Jean Erickson. Palmer are Joyce Cady gel ready lo move in. l953-54 BOWLING LEAGUE. FIRST ROW: M. Hansen, Jordon, Brua, SECOND ROW: S. Hansen, Noble, Pestorious, Henry, Johnson. THIRD ROW: SI1aft, J. King, Evans, Grorud, Nash, M. O'Byrne. FOURTH ROW: P. King, Overgaard, Tiede, Larson, K. O'Byrne, DirI1son. Indoor and Outdoor Activity .-Xg11i11 11s i11 the pztst, Illllllf CQ..X..X. girls h1t111 IQIIQCII 1111 interest in I111wli11g. S11 lllli year Els i11 the P2151 they l'11r111e1I 11 1'l11I1 11111l 1'11lle1l 1l1e111s1'l1'es the liuwleretts, with I11111' 1e11111s. l'11tit111s, Spitlires, IV11lveri11es 11111I Alley Kit- tens. 'l'l1eyz1ls11 l1el1111g 111 1111-yj1111i111' l311wli11g Ce11ter11I 11'hi1'l1 they 1v1're very IJl'IPlllI. 'I'h1-1 I1111vl1-1l llll'l'L' li111's exery IIIIICMIIIS' Zll the .XISCI l511wli11g C1'1111'1'. 1,11 hI2ll't'Il 20, they hel1I their IUllI'lI2l- 1111-111 llllll SCIII 1l1eir l'L'l'f1lill 111 the SIZIIC lor 1'11111l1etiti1111. .-X1111111g' other things they sp1111s11r1'1l il 1l1111ce. the Gutter Bull, 111' which they IINCII the lllflllft' ltl help pay l11r their CXIJCIISCS. FIRST ROW: Sorlien, Gulbrandson, Hoyt, Kuchera, J. E. Pleiss, J. P. Pleiss, Ouiggle, Register, Van Engelenburg, Stieler, Ver Hey, C. Peter- son, Larson, M. Peterson, Lindernan, Stovern. SECOND ROW: Noble, Heather, Nerad, E. Peterson, Tovson, Syltes, Vande Kamp, Termath, Wiclcs, Moore, Tostenson, Throlson, Gilliard, Pierson, P. Peterson, Perau, "KEEP THE BALL ROLLING" is the theme ot Betty Tiede, Marilyn Hansen, Susan Hansen, Frances Brua and Bonnie Dirltson, otficers and team captains. Next 1111 the list was I111sk1-1I111ll,g11111es 111-111 1111 Alllll' llilfh 11111l xYl'lIlI1'hlI2ly5. 'l'l1e te11111 111l1t11i11s were: R11111111111 S11111l1'rs1111. .-Xtlclrey Hoyt, L11relie 1.1111ters, Lucille Nel- s1111, Eileen Nohle, P111 M111l1le11, fiIX2ll'C Yer Hey HIICI clilliill Llflilglllllll. lf11lI11wi11g I'Cg'lll2ll' games Wert' class t11111'11111111'111s. XVI11-11 spring 111111e 111'1111111l 11g11i11 the girls W1-111 11111 111 1l11'1Ii1111111111ls 111 lllily kittt-11I111ll. ,1Xls11 they l1el1l their i11itiz1ti1111 111 Big' lsl11111l 11111l Weill 111 the 11111111111 11l11y1I11y I111' C,..'X..X.. which wats hel1l i11 IDXVZIIUIIIIQI. All i11 ztll the se11s1111 I1r11x'e1l 111 I11- 21 very l'0IJlISI 1111e. ,Xttiug 11s their 111l1is1-1' was Bliss l.11is S111-1111e1'. O'NeaI, Sanderson, Thompson. THIRD ROW: A. Peterson, Ladlie, Wood, Louters, Ver Hey, Nelson, Mudra, Palmer, Vosbeelt, Maclden, Blocker, Van Wyngeeren, O'Byrne, Speltz, Thotson, W. Peterson, Nelsen, McNeese, E. Peterson, Livingston. FlGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! say +l'1ese five members of llie A squad. fesls were Lois Sorlien, Mary Kron, Palli Hendrickson, Shirley Larson Boosfing morale of ll'1E varsily squad boys and lalring charge of pep and Arlene Pelerson. I '0m9 ll IQBYS- Gme 0 ep l'0US0l'S The energetic B-sqllzul elieerecl ilie Baby Bengals mi Clzimlimlules Im' clieerlezimliiig were .judged on presen In x'ic'lo1'y in iiiziiiy gziiiies lin' ll suc'eessl'ul season. l'1'z1iA lflllrbll, eiilliusizisiii, Zll'lll iiiriveiiieiil, voice and l'z1c'i:ll ex lifes were every 'l'l1ui'silz1y zlllei' school willi Llssislliiice pressimi. 'l'lie lively live .Ys lead elieers lm' lioullnall :xmlzulvic-eI'mii1 Miss Lois Speiieeix lmzislwxlmzill ziiul wrestling uml pmnmlecl pep lay ussem lilies. lil zlclililiim lcv llie six fl-scliizicl piclurecl. Cllll'lSllllC , . U ,K Q , .. ,Q g ,, I Iwo new yells, Same 11521015 Amie anal zi loumiu Pllbllilllilll, Clzirolyii Dusek, Gail Suiidve :mil Eclnzi Smal l lieim slimveil interest by eomiiig to prziclires. Miss Cilyclu 101 In 1 ,111 Uresseii servecl 215 iiclviseii RADIATING PEP and energy are llie B squad cheerlead- ers. Warming up are FRONT ROW: Maxine Pelerson, Apryl Tosfenson and Elizabelh Pelerson. STANDING: JoAnn Hagen and Helen Slieler. . 's 2 cl lzllli emplizlsifecl zu'mlmiic's in llie "Big Rr :incl lhe "Sl4xi'm'kel." E r ive. "XVe'1'e lfroin A. 0l'lg'lIl2llC'4l lliis year. "Pete V -jf L W ygssf, f i 5, "l CAN DO IT" says Carmen Emmons as she prepares to serve the PROMENADE ALL. These eighl members of a ninlh grade physical ball in a lable 'tennis game. Conlemplaling her sfyle are Rosemary eclucalion class form a Texas Slar. Raben, Jeanelle Rupp and Cynthia Pelerson. Girls' Agenda Consists of ludy and Play 'l'ht- lirst :iitl mini-st' is rt-qtiiretl ul all students lmelnre they grzultizite. ln this mtirse, the sttitlents learn the Inntlznnentztls nl' hztntlling poisons, burns, l'rzic'tnres antl other cmninmi inishzips. They also leztrn the lnnctions of breathing :intl how tn give zn'tilit'iz1l l'CS1Jll'Zlll fill. For the lirst time this year, :ill stuclents who took the stztntlurcl lirst uid course were ztwztrtletl El fertilicate to show rmiipletitm in the K'Ulll'SC LOOKING PENSIVE are Evelyn Jensen, ancl Marilyn Hansen as Joyce Verdoorn Thompson practice firsl aid on lhem. r.1-n J Marlys Doppelhammer Joyce Pleiss and Kay .Xinllitiutis :intl t'iit-tgetit' stntlents, who wish to tlis- plzty their slsills, IJIll'llt'lIJ2llkf in lmllysicztl ecltitntitmti. ln this cutirse, the girls strive to gain perleft twi- urtlinatinn by ttnnhling ztntl eztlisthenits. They play such games us soc:c'er, kittenlmll, volleybztll :incl lmztsket- hzill. Learning tht- ztrt nl' X'2ll'lOllS clziitce steps is anothei ztctivity olleretl in gyni. All stntlents in high school may take part. FORMING A PIROUETTE are eighl members of a iunior high physical educa lion class while four other girls watch anxiously. I , , xv 1 R , gk f , A ' If - '-X .P f X ' Eff 77 ,, H Xu N I Y '. NY xvf K N I r .sf xi N QC, n 1 , -s X Q , Q. 4 , f 7 Q 'f I - ' .7 9 XQC7f7 ,J 4 U, - I -X f- Q X KKK . U fx . J 1 J 1 ' Q - , X4 ' yy 9 f ffff I ,JI , I " J gg?- I ll ' ' '1 ,gf , f XX X j . 611 fuif U N 0,4 1492 TSX X 2 fb fx , 75 fl , W Q EL x 'Lf x ' , JU Cwjlf XLMJJ KLLCJWW bbxlocv 7 ' Vik' - "fb ff Aja W8 - , , , , , M . , V I , U. www w MM A 'vffw T QA!! !4yf'l! ' A A '. J . . X K Y A Cl wxrv 2 l pjfrwf l' gil civil, 1 :Y I 34 ,.L,4' if-f'44f , I - VL' I I V x.5"' ,f l X A W ,Q,!rfU"fm M bv 'Q Q ,, H N! ,X I ' XA, J' I I - .1 O 1' 6 I ,jkz-IL 1 1 Muff fyyxiffh mea V., UQ' 'Q I I 1-,lf - N I ' 1 4,5 ' at W7 N Aaxyf QQ, C vf I X Ll I f Xfgaz , C ,fyrkfl"x"b' I' lllijizyfrwfwnzrrlf' 1-UI 'A 1n1lI.s' llmn I'Y'I'l' 111'- ' L' XLLJDQQ 'FF ,JXVQXY lLMQ:TIIIf'I'il'IlA fIH'lll'!1 In .w'r'l: 1'r1Ir'rIr1i11- n I 17 ' I b V Qfrnvl Illf'I1f IQ 12qP437xr4t1'n11. TIN' finr' urlx of Ihr' lllwnlffr ly' and 11121 IIIIIXI-I' uf flllllllx' und .X'wYlll!IlIUIIfl'.S' are Hi, VY .vouglll by nmny for 1lfll1I'I'l'I-llllbflll and wljuynlmll. Ilarlrz' r'r11zr'.v and rlnnu' l1fIIII1'.Y lfvwp ilu' flnzfrinul lrwrl .wfl llllflllfllg. yilllj' nr'1'r'r fail to rmfzmlfl In Illll.S'i!' for Ihr' IIIIIIIIVY Imp 1:1111 j.I'HI'I'llllg'. Il'lrr'1l !rnw'lirlg. fIIIl!'l'i1'IIII.V .wwk rmwrl f1lnr'1'.v Io rfixil. Thwy un' no! .mlixlizfrl mill: Ilia' 11511111 lrmr1'.x'l nl- lmr'lirm.s and go In grwnl Iwlgfh I0 fxjzlorr urn' fzlmwx unrl rln urn' lllfllgh Yfcv, flu' rmlinn is on Ihr' mow' In nmrc' 111111 lffllrfr lfI1lf'I'fllfl1IllI'llf. g L+ 'ff 1' ,N Us 1 I Fd: 1 Iv 4 , gf -1-'W' Y 1 533373 Q fi?-S S Arlene Peterson .X hushed stillness swept over the tlztrlsened audito- tnnn is the thorns lstgztn the lovely strains ol' "Lat Czar- ine." 'l'he eurtztins slowly pztrted revealing the 1953 otneeoniing Queen, ,-Xrlene Peterson. The stillness was then shattered lay zt thousand-voieed ery ol' ztpproxzil. .Xttired in the traditional white. Queen Arlene was surrounded by her attendants, Carolyn Schneider. Janice Lzullie, Connie Boyd and Virginia Narverud. The queen held 21 bouquet ol' red roses and eaeh ol' her Zll- tendztnts was presented with a single red rose. loin outst tntling senior boys. Phillip Lee. Herbert lhnnd, Rzty Ostrunder and David I,zn'son pledged the lox tl support ol ztthleties, tnusie, elulys :ind ztetiyities and tll'2llllllllt'h, l'C5IJL'lillYCly. Descending lroni her royal throne, Queen Arlene knelt to irotnise, "l. Oueen Arlene, do htnnlnly zledv-'e , . Y . ' P' 'sell to he lznthlul to the appointed task: nznnely to ptoniott :lt :ill tinies the general NA't'll2ll'K' ol the sehool. :ind to kee J lziith with you who liztre chosen nie your t net-n." . , l Student Clouneil president, Bill Mzltthies plzleetl at erown ol' red roses and white nnnns on ,Xrlent-'s hezul. She returned to her throne and turning to the zindienee. hunihly expressed her thztnks and ztppreeizttion lor the greztt honor bestowed upon her. ,Ks 21 litting eliniztx. Karen .luers stepped into the spotlight to yoeztlly reniintl Queen Arlene that this was l953 HOMECOMING QUEEN, ARLENE PETERSON. tllc t'l1tl ol' llel' Ul'Cl'l4'tt Day." REIGNING OVER HOMECOMING, Queen Arlene Peterson is attend- TIVES: Bill Mattlties, master of ceremonies: Herbert Brand, music: ed by tier court. ATTENDANTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Schneider, David Larson, dramatics: Ray Ostrander, clubs and activities: Phillip Janice Ladlie, Connie Boyd and Virginia Narverud. REPRESENTA- Lee, athletics and Riclti Myers, crownbearer. Reigns Over Festivities As 1953 Homecoming Queen GLOWING WITH EXCITEMENT, lhe faces of ihe five queen candidales radiale ll1eir happiness. The beaming girls are FRONT ROW: Vir- l'11ll ul lllll Elllll Imp. Quccn .X1'lvn1' ln'm'1'1l hcrscll il lI'll1' lililJl'L'5Clll2illYl' ul lhc school r1n1l M'0l'Il1y ol licing 1l11lNl'll 1I11e1'11. l711l'i11g llCl' high scliool farccr, shc was 1111 1'111l111siz1s1ic L'lll'L'l'lC2lllCl' ancl Zlll zlclivc 1ucn1lJC1' ol 1ll'l'lIL'hll'2l, X111i1111:1l l'lflllUl'SlK'l1'lf' Zlllil CL..-X..-X. l3111'2111sc' slic was Slll1ll'lll clilllllfll ll'L'1iNlll'L'li, .Xrlcnc was s1'n1 l111l11' Nlillfllllll S111cl1'111 fiflllllfll ci1JllYL'llll1lll 111 l,Ol'll2lIl1l, Orc- gon. Hci' 2lllCll1l2lllI5. also Zl1'llX'l' llll'lllllCl'S ul thc' class ul '31, all lD2li'll1'iIJ2ilCll in Hi-'l'c1:11s. .Ks Slllillflll cillllllfll sc1'1'c1z11'1'. Clrmnic Boyd rcprcsciilccl ,Xlbcrt 1,011 Zll Girls' 512111-. ciilffllyil Sclineicln-r scrvccl as Ah L21 Ha S21 2l1lYCl'- llhlllg lIl2lll2lgl'I' z1n1l Fe:11111'c cmlilm' nl' lhc Vlllfilill. .'Xc'1ing 215 llihihlillll rlircclor ol thc' 'l'igc1"S Roar 1K'l'lllJlCCl lllllilll nl' X'irgi11iz1 lY2ll'YCl'llKl'H 1in11-, while .Ianirc Lzullic spenl l11-rsp:11'1- l1o111's worlaing' ill El local 1l1'11g's1rn'1' rn' 211 CQ..X..X. "A QUEEN IS CROWNEDV' As lillle Riclri Myers looks on willw awe, Sludenl Council Presiclenl Bill Mafihies crowns Arlene Pelerson, queen of I953 Homecoming feslivilies. Page l4l ginia Narverud, Connie Boyd and Janice Ladlie. BACK ROW Carolyn Schneider and Arlene Pelerson. 'Xe BUSILY MAKING CORSAGES, 'these energetic members of lhe senior iournalism class found new ways lo malte money for +l'te I954 Tiger. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Sorlien, Carolyn Burneif, Carolyn Schneider and Punki Hendrickson, Enthusiasm, Spirits Rise Homecoming, l95?S, meant lttn and excitement as students scurried to decorate the school, lloats and loot- liall lield. Parade chairman Dave Larson directed the Homecoming parade on October 7. Beginning at 7:00 tnst.. the wheels began to turn, starting at Central Park and continued down lVater Street and Broadway. Some floats were decorated in the school colors ol Cherry and Blue, while others had original themes irom ",Xrgt'le's Soc 'Etnf' to "Tiger-liyes ilitlllllii-llCS.I. The Student Council, sponsor ol' Homecoming activities. chose the theme ol' "'I'ig'eri1e the Vlitliilill-ilCh" and supervised all events. Student Council Vice President Mike -lordon handled the many problems and headaches with ease. Clhamlzer of Commerce judges deliberated their de- cisions to pick the winners in the parade. For the second year in succession, homeroom l02 eopped grand cham- pion prize, while juniors outwitted the other classes lor a reward in the class division. Other winners were 20-1 P..'X.. 222 vlllilltll' high and lf.lf..X. .-Xlter joining' together to lorm the snake dance. cheerleaders and student body joined in the pep lest at Morin Park, ttntil the bonfire was only glowing embers. Plenty ol' pep was needed il' the Tigers were going' to "'I'igerize the lilltilillii-ll6Sn Friday night at the Home- coming game. lireryone agreed that the parade. lionlire I- - and pep lest were the lnggest and liest ever. f' " . 1' 4 . , 5 , sue!! L 53 I Yr, 5 - x lx tt X E72 v 0 i nut ft . tx fi .. t ' X 'jail Z: 'K f at at WAVING IN THE BREEZE, +l'tese "Indian skins" carry our Homeroom 305's 'theme HAS BEEN TIGERIZED told ilte sed faie of lhe owner of "SItindiens." Anoilmer Indian is in fhe process of being skinned by iwo A.L. players. lhis fornbsione, erecied by lhe Science Club. Page l42 ,gs ww? is As Parade Moves Along The corottzttitm assctnlmly :incl gridiron battle on Friclzty. Oflobvr El, cliniztxccl thc wcclis Hmnt-r'rnning' artivilics. livcrymic cxpt'rict1tictl tunsc cxcitctncnt that clay. During hull-titnc, ttnnbinctl junior and senior high bands prcscnttrcl clcvcr Iornizttions us they inztrthcrrl brisk, ly across Abbott Ficlcl. 'lihcir pmsc-titzttimi ol tht' bunny hop with cherry antl blttc lights, was grtfctccl with flitrcrs lrmn thc cxcitccl lans. Quccn .Xrltrnc and ht-r ztttcntlztnts were thcn prcscntccl to thc kcyctl-up tlirong, who clit-c't'ctl with wiltl cnthusiastn. Pep sccniecl K'0lll2igiUllS :ts c'l1ccrlcz1dcrs lead specta- tnrs in roztring yclls, while flicrry' and blnc porn punts were wztvctl vigortnlsly. .xlllllbllgll tht- Tigers lougltt with ztll their might. thcy conltl not snbtlnc tht- Owzt- tonna Indians and wcrc tlclbzttctl 20-ll. Following thc gznnc, ztltnnni :tntl stutlcnt burly gath- crcd in thc boys' gym with nntlatnpcnctl spirits. Hi- 'fccncrs provitlccl thc colorful clccrnutiotis, whilc Stnclcnt Council supervisccl the other tlctails ol thc Hfilllifiitblllillg clztnfc. CJOIBZIUCS ol brilliant hues zttltlctl thc linztl tn'tU'ic ltJllt'll. m 'm Dutlcers gliclt-cl ztcrtmss tht' llrmor to tht' strains ol' Dirk Finn-h's niusic' at thc clirnztvtit' dznirc. The hztntls nl' thc' ,,.,. ,..,Q M ,,,,,,,,,, W ' clock inorcrl all too qtttfkly :incl soon cvct'yotic batch' t goocl-lnyt' to lnlrnnctioining- l 953. WAVING POM-PONS, Queen Arlene and her attendants were presented at the half. BACK: Connie Boyd, Queen Arlene Peter- son ancl Virginia Narverud. FRONT: Carolyn Schneider, Janice Ladlie and Elton Rulale. TIGER-EYES THE TONNA-lTES,tt1e sophomore class float, attracted attention with its electric eyes and floppy balloon tongue. ILLUMINATING THE DARKNESS, the mighty flames of the bonfire leaped slryward, climaxing the excitement of the Homecoming parade. Page I43 Effective ettings and Period Costumes Enhance PARISIAN STYLES enhance +I'te plain young heiress, giving her more poise. Here she embraces her forlune-seeking lover afler a long deparfure. Shown are Romelle Dillavou as Catherine Sloper. the dis- illusioned heiress ancl her fiance. Morris Townsend IDavid Larsonl. OVERCOME WITH DISAPPOINTMENT, Catherine sobs wilh grief and despair when her 'false lover fails lo appear as he promised. Her gushy aunl slares into space, unable lo assist' lhe hearl-brolren girl. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Waterman and Romelle Dillavou. LOOKING OUESTIONINGLY al Doctor Sloper, Mrs. Monlgomery, a sister of Morris', wonders what this cold hearlless man wanls of her. Serving lea is +I'1e Itind lillle parlor maid, Maria. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Oslrander. Cynlhia Peterson and Connie Rullesfad. llratnatit-ally interpreting a frustrated love allair ol the nineteenth century. the Masquers presented Ruth and .Xugustus Goetz' story ol' "The Heiress." linaeted with professional ease, the play relleeted credit on Miss Hildred Tennihill, director ol dramaties. llarid Larson suavelt' portrayed Nlorris 'Iiownsend, a handsome, well-lured young man who upset the entire Sloper household with his courting' ol' Catherine Sloper, the unpoised heiress, played hy Romelle Dillavou. Get- ting Morris and Catherine together was the tnain scheme ol' Lavinia Penniman. Clatherine's Ilirtatious aunt, who was c'haraeteri7ed ht Gail XYatertnan. XX'ith '1'ownsend lieigning' lore lor Clatherine, hut actually only alter the money she was to inherit. and Dr. Sloper, enacted by Ray Ostrander. the only one to per- ceive his ll'llC intentions, the first part ol' the drama he- eame a struggle between the doctor and Morris for eaeh to pull Catherine toward his line ol' thought. 'lihe girl. enlranced that a man such as 'l'ownsend should court her, fell in love with hint and agreed to marriage. XVhen Sloper threatened disinheritance il' Catherine wed Morris. Townsend showed his true colors and jilted tht' heartbroken girl. Alter the doctor died. Nlorris ref turned to try once again lor the lorttme. Catherine, an embittered woman, pretended to believe his flowery lan' gttage a seeond time. hut when he came alter her. she locked the door and relused to admit hitn. Page I44 Masquers' Initial lege Production, 'The Heiress' A DECIDING MOVE gives Ihe chess game Io 'Ihe gleeful aunl. However, Ihe suave young man's lhoughls are noi on Ihe oulcome of Ihe chess game, buf ralher on how Io gain lhe immense forlune of lhe unwilling young heiress. LEFT TO RIGHT: David Larson and Gail Walerman. WAITING TO ELOPE, Caiherine holds a candle lo Iighf Ihe way for Mor- ris. Her aunl wails wilh her, impalienl io see her malchmalcing plans car- ried oui. Bolh are clisappoinled when he does noi come. LEFT TO RIGHT: Romelle Dillavou and Gail Waferman. Olller IIICIIIIJCIN ul' llie ezisl lieiglilenerl llle lensily ol llle plot willl llleir rezlcliuns to the courlsllip. Shirley Bergerson as cl2llllCl'IllL'IS other aunt. lililzilbelli Minimal, took 21 clinr view ol' Dr. Sloperk clrnnineering zillilmle, wliile -Terry ililllifllhilll :incl Mary IL. Nelson. in llreir roles ol' Arthur TIAIHYIISCIKI and Mzrrizrn ,-Xlnroncl. were corn- plelely olaliriuus lo the prwreecmliligls, lxeinff mo rnuelr IIIICIPSICKI in each miller ln note lllc 2lIlZlIl'. 5 Rounding out the Cllsi XYCl't'cIyl1ll1Iil Peterson as Mrs. AIUIIIQOIIICTT. Nlnrris' sister :mil Connie Rulleslucl, xrlnu plzryeal Maria, llie rnaicl ill the Sloper resirlenme. The luxurious selling :incl ZIIIIIICIIIIC' lurnisliings erezuecl El nrmul ul' SCKICIIIZITS' living wliicli slrmreml the un- Vllfylllg' ICIIIIDLTZIITICIII ol Dr. .'XllSllll Slolner, llie nmsler ul the lmuse zu Ili XY:1sI1ing1on Square. .Xclmling lo the illu- sinn ol' 21 bygrmne clay were the X'0lllIlllllUllS dresses ol llie women :ind llie striking elotlres ol' the nren. DISCUSSING MARRIAGE PLANS are Arfhur Townsend, Morris' plain cousin, and his bride-Io-be, Marian Almond. Hovering over Ihem wifh Ihe walchlulness of an eagle is well-meaning Auni Lavinia. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Throlson, Gail Walerman and Mary E. Nelson. Page I45 in - , w.ef:.s.w: ,f,. raw J 14 i .rr-.vaffffw " 'D'- f mv' iii f! ' 21-fegff-fffjf' I 11 1 ,ai 1 1 1 1 HCAIRO is a city so full of sin that if is hard for a normal man 'fo sin there. l lilte it!" exclaims Mr. Erwentery Ostrander, to his two friends: Throlson and Searles. RESUNG between scenes are Roy Madson, "Zeke," Jaclr Bergen, Con- nie Boyd and Howard Heclcesl Seated: Phillip Knutson and Audrey Hoyt. LISTENING SYMPATHETICALLY to fhe old ladies' problems are Searles, Throlson, Oslrander and Harfy. Seated: Waterman and Cram. ivefw Outstanding Characterization Portrayed ln 'Silver Whistle' i'Co1r1ss211 cllllllifily Cl2111tiv21tes Cmwtlf' 11e21c1 tl1e 111-2111- li11e ol' the 1-X11 LA H11 5,1 review ol the Nl2lStll1i'l'lS 11112111- ous prr1c111ctio11, "1'he Silver 1V11ist1e," clirectetl by Miss 1-Iilclretl '1'e1111i11i11. '1'he play liCI1lt'l'5 21111111111 the antics tml Oliver T.'1VCl1lC1', Ei pl1ilt1sopic1211 1111110 lJ12lyCll hy Ray f,5ll'2ll1tlCl'. who gains 21t1111issio11 to 2111 11111 peoples l1t1111e with El birth c'e1'til1t'ale stolen 1111111 2111 ash 12111. N1iss'l'1til1p fMa1'y Searlesj, the 11ll1'5C 211111 SllIJCl'111lCl1llCl1l ol' the ht1111e, 211111 even Rt'YCl'l'I1tl XV21tsr111. het' stully li112111t'e. 211'e Cl1f'11?1l1lL'C1 hy 1'1l'XVC'1llCl'iS 1'21tli2111t 11e1'st111211i1y. 1-X 1 1'llJllI1L' t'1'1t1c' tlescrilmetl l1lC 11111 ltmlk s C1l2ll'2lC'lCl'l- 121tio11s 21s u1X'l2l5ClllCli Play 0111 Age 1l111sio11 M21g11ilice111." 5111 lieehe C-121614 11e1'ge11j pmvetl quite 2ttt1'21c'tix'e Hlllljlig 111C lzttlies, especiztlly Mrs. S2llllIJ1Cl' QClt11111ie Boyclj. Mrs. H2lI11iI1L'1i f1,0IlCl1C Cl1'21111j 211111 Mrs. Gross C,'X1lC1l'CY Hoytj were skeptical 111' E1i1YCI1lCl'lS priitciples. but they too lltilllitl joy 111 his C?1l'Cl1'CC way ol 1il'e. P1111 Knutson took tl1e role ol' Mr. CllC1'l'y. the stamp co11ecto1'. and C2111 XVZIILTFIIIHII 21s Miss Hoaclley, stole the show with het' clritiking scene. E111111ett, 111eci11a1'acte1'"r1111y11a1ft11e1'e," 11ec12111se he 2lIJlJC2l1'Cil 1111 21 brick w21l1, was played by Roy hlftlstm. Zeke the 111r111key 211111 01112112 the roostet' also 4111111-il111tec1 to the pl21y's s11r'1'ess. SIN-HATING Mrs. Gross, Audrey Hoyt, tells Mrs. Hammer, Lonene Cram, that an old people's home is no place for Omar, ihe fighting coclr. ,W are sr "fre L Ft' l Page 146 if i'I HEARTSICK when he learns fha? Rebecca's boa? has been found, Maxim De Winfer, Robin Thorpe, fells his second wife, Gail Waierman, how he killed Rebecca. PROBING INTO THE MYSTERIES of Rebecca's s+range drown- ing are Bergen, Maffhies, Morrison and Sprenger. Wafching fhem is Lloyd, A BROKEN CHINA CUPID caused much disfress among ihe residenfs of Manderlay. Discussing +he unforfunare accideni are Seymour, Griswold, Walerman, Knufson and Thorpe. N-1 KX: "A TOAST lo +l1e Prom!" Jaclr Bergen and Carolyn Burnell used iheir punch cups io acclaim ihe success of lheir firsi prom. CRAZY MAN CRAZY! Man, lhal music's gone . . . gone! Sealed on a bandsiand ol gliilering lwinlrle lighls and flowers, Vance Dixon's band provided every iype of rhyihm for lhe rol- licking prom-goers lo sei lheir sieps io. Prom Splendor Depicts 'Rhapsody of easons' hlil12llJStJtly ol' SCZlhOllh.l. tht- H3535 lll'tlIll, litblllltl jun- iors Lllltl su11io1's i11 a gay llltltltl as tht-1' c11t1'1't'1l tht' gaily cl11c'oratc1l buys' gym to lincl tl1c111scl1'cs i11 Elll cxc'iti11ga11tl lzcautiliul XYtlllClCl'l2lllCl depicting the lottr scaso11s. lfntlcr thc' Cillltllly ol' a 1'o111z111tic hluc sky. thc proin- gtnci-s1la11cc:1l to thc IIlllSll'OllV?ll1CC Dixo11'sl1a1111. Music llrmatctl l'l'UlIl a g'2ll'Clt'l1 st11'1'11t111cl1-il by a white pifkct l'1'11cc ancl gay spring llmvcrs. XVhitC arches, t'm'1r1'1:1l with l1lf1ssu111s. aclclml to thc hcattty ol' thc IDYUIII. lilws atul anitnals tlcpictcil thc scenes, whilc spring llrmwcrs, gaily paintcml 111111111111 leaves and ictc and snow K'Ill'l'lCfl out thc Hlllldllhfkly ol Scas11t1s" thcnlc. High- lights on thc l11lIl'?llh 11'c1'c t1'L-cs c'm'1'1'c1l with pink antl white c'l1c111'y l11r1sw111s and s11u1v-rappccl 111r1u11tai11s glow- ing i11 thc lxrautilul rays ul thc II0l'lllCl'll lights. Pllllfll was scrvcrcl to tl1c1lcligl1tc11 1111-1'1'1'111z1kc1's l1't1111 at Ittmsty 11111111111 ol' 11'int1'y irc anal s11o11'. .Ks uittiliurs 11'atcl11-cl with priilc, they lillCXK' their p1'1m111 was 21 gltJXViIlg sttfccss. Both ilII1iOl'S and sctiiors partccl tl1at cvcning with lllillll' lll1l0l'gCIl2ll7liT 111c111111'ics. Page l48 "WATCH THE BlRDlE," inslrucied Sparliie Lee as he pre- pared lo lake a piclure ol his dale, Punlri Hendriclison and anol'l1er couple, Ralph Smifh and Francis Brua. Murals of elves behind l'l'1e "promers" depicled ihe fall season. Gdd ocks and Crazy Hats Highlight Weekend Dances "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." the Swing l5antl's thente has openetl tnauy a tlancc, inclutliug the one they slmonsoretl to raise tnoney lor new jackets. Sontetintes vocal attractions atltletl to the splendor ol' the evening. .X French antl Spanish tht-tue was representetl by the two clubs. "Continental Capers" whether by plane or by tlancing was lovely. During intermission, the Can-Clan tlancers and thc girls' sextet entertaiuetl with the song "The Continental". "Huy a heart," heraltletl the Honor Sociiety's annual Hare a Heart clrire by the crowning ol' Richartl klensen Hare a Heart tlriye clitnaxetl by the crowning ol' Richartl Alensen antl Clarol Hooglantl as King and Queen ol' Hearts. Carol receirecl zt recl rose corsage ancl Richartl a box ol' cantly. Cotnpleting the court scene were the attendants Carolyn Burnett anal Richard Osburu, Mary Searles antl Herbert llraucl aucl Evelyn 'Iensen and lVil- liatn Matthies. liach princess was presented with a recl l'tlst'. "For lfet-t's Sake" was presented by thc Hi-'leeners as the annual "Sock Hop". Gaily tlecoratetl walls re- flectecl the oclcl assortntent ol' socks. Prizes were awartlecl to the enthusiastic clancers lor the lauciest loot gear. DO THE BUNNY HOP! This fad, slarled in '53, really caughl on. Enfhusiasfic senior-highers gol in lhe swing al a Sludenl Council-sponsored dance as lhey "hop, hop, hop pedl" KING AND QUEEN of Hearls, Diclr Jensen and Carol Hoagland, smiled lheir approval as they reigned over lhe Have-A-Hearl fesiivilies. FOR FEET'S SAKE! The winners ol the Hi-Teens soc-hop conlesl proudly display lheir creafions. LEFT TO RIGHT: Palli Hendrickson, prelliesl socltsg Jean Palmer, craziesly Jo Egerlson, mosl colorful and Arlen Olson, mosl original. Y 4 Page I49 TlGER'S ROAR EMCEES seem lo be gazing awefully al 'fhe lsrillianl skyline of New York as lhey prepare lo begin lheir four of lhe greaf melropolis. LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Heckes, Barbara Wichmann, Shirley Olson and Bill Mallhies. flztpttiring thc rixicl color :incl t-xt'itcint'nt ol Nutt' York was tht' 'ill 'ligt-r's Rozir whose thcnit: was uklzin- hztttztn Merry-Co-Rottntl." lit-zttitiltil siziging' :intl tbtlt- Slillllllllg Lifts niztrlwcl thc tiitilh :tnntiztl protlticrtion with an all time rcfortl 2lllCllll2llll'L' ol over lllllll tnztking two pztckctl hotiscs. Lctl by sct tlcsigncr llonnzt Babbitt. an clliciciit trctx' protltifccl otitstztntling' ACCIICF, whirh was ltirtlitir cn- liziitfctl by t-xccllent lighting cll't'c'ts. .-X skysr'i':tpct' back- ground set tht' niootl assistvtl by clztborzitt- inotlcrnistic' Clliinzttown :intl niglittrltib scttings. l'1lllt'lt'lll list' ol' titr- tuins antl props zicltltftl still inorc to tht' ztlniosplicrc. Ct-iitcriiig ztrotnitl thc trzircls ol four people Motit on thc town." tht' tzilcnt was lotintl :tt tht: l5oit'ci'x'. Chinat- town, Harlctn, Nlzitlison Sqtiztrt' Czirclcn, Cziriicgic Hall. Clcntrztl Park :incl tht- Stork Club. On thc lirst lztp a cluct, nzitirc Dutch tlztncc :incl at l'iI'CIICll can-t'ztti ltirtiislit-tl tht- lttn. Cluyt Robinson p'ix'c ,1 tis 21 sztniplc ol his rich xoicx- lollowvtl by ll lronibonc llll2ll'lt'l. 'l'ht- Hzttlt-li twins with Hztrlztn Nelson gave out with sonic niltv llilfllltbllllillg. 'I'ric'ky lilll stops by Ifztyc Nlztggzircl :incl Gail lX'att'r- tnztii were lit-ztttirccl. .'Xl'tt'r Alcrry Rtiblt"s porlrziyztl ol Ilcnnis thc Nlciiztnfc. ztn Irish bzillatl by llztviml Slitllflllll wats llczirtl. .X thrcc ring' crirctis t-nrlutl thc lllihl :ict with juggling. wrestling :intl llllllljllllg. .-X11 zttithcntic lnclizin clzincc by -lohn f,5ll'2iIIKlCl' :intl zi qtizirrt'l ovcr at tztxi by two l'fllll'0llH lieinztlt-s wt-tv both grztpliit' cxziniplcs ol tht- vztricty to bt' lotintl zit thc tztlcnt lillutl protltit'tion. The 1954 Tiger's Roar Tours Fabulous New ork 0 "DOWN IN FRONT OF CASEY'S . . . CASEY'S!" This melodious foursome blended lheir voices in barbershop fashion as lhey appeared in lhe Bowry lo sing "Sidewalks of New York" and "Cl'iaHanooga Shoe Shine Boy." LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Earp, Dave Larson, Pele Van Wyngeeren and Jim Gorder. THE TUMBLING SORLIENS displayed lheir nimlaleness and agilily in their novel acl. Shown in a swan forrnalion are Lois Sorlien lbolloml and Eunice Sorlien llopl. Featured in a lhree-ring circus, lhe duo- acrobafisls drew applause as they fumbled and dived. Page I50 "YOU'RE TOO OLD lo cul lhe musfard anymore," claim fhe "elderly Neese, Joyce Cady, Pal Pelerson, Lois Heclces, Nancy Follteslad, Sharon ladies" lo Their hopeful old genls. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Mc- Harves, Carol Venem and Sharon Pereau. Manhattan Merry-Go-Round lntlutletl tan the instrumental list were an organ ClllCl. El lll2ll'lI1llJ2l-lilhllltl ntnnher ztntl at twin pizurtm act. Also llC2lllll'L'll was Il pmlessifnrzll jul: by Phil Knutson on his piano solo in Carnegie Hull. Presenting at rnetlley nl Illll5lC2ll nieniuries were the soplitm1m'e thtrrtts girls. lwtm tlilzy street clezlners, liill Bergen :mtl .jerry Steen, pruvetl 21 laugh riot us tlitl Cliuck litvsacker in the nig'l1tt'ltllJ scene. llulent- Mohley cltwerly lIllIJQl'StHllilCtl singer slulrnny RRI, anal 1lSCIlltDl'gll'l5i st-xt-tte was an iinnietliztte hit with their srntwotlt version tml' "'l'he cl0IlllITt'Ill2ll.u Another mg in the wheel ol' the suct'essl'ul show was the swing hantl using the lDSCllCl0Ilylll ol' "The Manhat- l2lllZlll'CS.l' The success of this smashing protluction was largely tlne to tht- Iirotluctitm stall, Mike Alorclan, .lack Bergen. Mary Site SlJL3lll :intl Virginia Nztrvertttl. REAL WOODEN SHOES were employed by lhese Hollandale Dulch dan- cers. Piclured in colorful follr-cosfumes are LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Ver Hey, JoAnn TerAves+, Delores Roorda and Joyce Verdoorn. "TODAY'S THE DAY The lecldy bears have lheir picnic!" Having a gay lime are BACK ROW: Bonnie Nelson, Janel Pleiss, Jean Anderson, Demira Toslrucl and Mary Lou Moe. FRONT ROW: Polly Person, Karen Bicro, Barbara Esse and Joyce Pleiss. Page ISI A BOY in nurses' training? Gorden Sprenger appears to be dis- cussing the pros and cons ot nursing with the counselor while Shirley Bensen lbacll turnedl and several nurses' aides loolc on. DUNWOODY BECKONS these shop-minded boys. Here they pause to spealt with the Dunwoody School representative as they plan their careers, College Representatives Advise tudents On Future Vocations What orcupation sllall l go into? What college shall l attend? liach year the Kiwanis Service Organiza- tion has sponsored Career Day to help selliors of Albert Lea High School and ot' neighboring high schools plan their work alter graduation. Vocational success depends on skill, purpose. energy and illtegrity. Career Day was set, aside ill an ellort to aid students ill evaluating these liactors alld lor a clear patll to see their plans through. Career Day, November 50. 1955, was planned by Mr. Gay Hinthorn and Princiipal Louis Adolphseu. Opell to sellior high students, Career Day began with the movie, "Minnesota Wealth." The lilnl was ol' natural resources and the beauty ol' the Middle XVest. 'l'he narrator was Cedric .'hCl2illlS. Mr. xvlllllllll Gore, sales dereloptnent manager ol' the Minnesota lxlllllllg and Manufacturing clllllllifllly spoke at a second assembly, covering saleslnanship. dur- ing the alternoon. At the end ol' the speech, students adjournetl to the cafeteria, where they consulted repre- sentatives lronl colleges. universities and vocational schools over a period ol' two hours. This year, the occupation representatives held their meetings during the evening due to dillitiult scheduling and crowded class roont eonditions. The progranl began at 7 IKM. witll a convocation. Career c'olll'el'ellt:es were ol two sessions each, enabling students to study two choices ol' vocations. Parents attended these I1lL'CllI1gS to guide in planning, niake suggestions alld to learn about various ot'c'upations with the studellts. PONDERING THEIR FUTURES, these practical girls consider teaching. Shown reading materials from Manllato State Teachers' College are LEFT TO RIGHT: Darla Jenson, JoAnn Quam and Janet Schoenroclt. three students attending the seventh annual career day. BEAUTY OR BRAINS? Manlrato exchange assembly emcees appear a A WARM WELCOME was extended to Miss Ruth Privat, German little bewildered as they try to decide which they consider the most im- exchange teacher, when she visited here tor tour weelxs to observe portant qualification tor a secretary. Donna Aga, Pete Franklin, Elaine high school teaching methods and American community living. Kyte and Larry Kenyon. Mr. Vermund Andersen, Miss Edna Gerclxen and Miss Privat. Entertainment and Variety I I c R-R-R-RAH1 Displaying their school spirit, these enthusiastic "cheer- leaders" appeared at the pep assembly before the all-important gustgn glarrge. Mr:dOrvil1e, Gilmgare, MJ. Stanley Mittelstadt, Mr. or en e eau an Mrs. ictor tensru . .X v211'i1-11' 111' 1-1111-1'121111i11g 211111 1'11111'11li1111211 111'11g1'21111s were IJl'CSClt1C1l 111 1111- .fX1I1c1'1 11021 High 511111111 s1111111111 1111111' cluring lllc 19551-51 s1'1111111 ycur. '1'11c vi111 211111 vigor 111, .XLIIS s111111-111s was c111p1121si11'11 i11 lllillly 1'1111Cc1'1s, plays 211111 111-11 11ts1s,sl11111s111'1'11 11y 1'211'i1111s 11111111-111111115 211111 11111 5111116111 C1111111111. 1111- l111i1'1'1'si1y 111' Mi1111cs111a 11c1l1c11 111 i1111'c21sc 111C 11111111'11'1lgu 111' .-XLHS sl1111c111s with l11'11g1'21111s 511111 us 1111- Singing N1211'i111's, Il 1111211 1l11i111c1: H1r111'y Briggs 211111 Billy Cla1's1111, 12111111115 11211111'211is1s 211111 111c s1,1'2111g1- 211111 111111511211 1'11s111111s 111' l211'2111'21y 11111i21. Using 111C l111'1111' "ll11111'l1rsy ls l11111l21gi1111s," cilllilllill liillll Alilfll, 111' 1111' Mi1111cs11121 S1211c H 1g'11W21y 1'2111'111, Slblllil' 111 .-X1l11'1'1 1.021 211111 s111'1'11111111i11g s1'1111111s 1111 1110 1121- 1i1111wi111' 11211111' 1111111111111 i11 El sz11'1'1y 1'1111l'c1'1:1111- s111111s11r011 by 1111: 1111211 R11121111' Cl111l1. C1'ca1i11g 1111- 21111111211 i11s11iri11g' C11ris1111as 1'11111'us 11111- cerl were 1110 g111wi11g Cillltllcm 211111 y111c1i11c 5lJ11'1l 111 1111- M21111'ig211 S111gL'l'S, .-X 211111 11111111 gl'2ll1C 1'111j11'istc1's. lJl1l'1l1g' 1111: y1r211'. f,SK'2l1' ?IW2llillS w1'1'c gix'e11 111 s11111u111s w1111 112111 21111111011 111111111' i11 111-1'111'1'i1'111211' 211'livili1fs. '1'11csc 21w211'11s were 111'csc11l1'11 by 1111- 5111110111 fI1111111'i1. A TALENTED SCULPTOR, Mr. Raymond Borgardus, modeled taces ot tamous men trom ninety pounds ot soft gray clay at an assembly, March 1 1. Page 153 15. s "THE SISTERS MClNTOSH," one of several junior high producfions, is porlrayed by Julie Weslcoll, Tom Allen and Jane Clarlte. These lalenled iunior-highers were direcled lay Mr. Wayne Slulelberg. PLANS ARE MADE for The annual sophomore party, "Dcwnbeal on Broadway." The energetic commilfee heads are SEATED: John Wong, JoAnn Register and Julie Danielson. STANDlN6: Marilyn Alm, Ralph Delgado and Helen Stieler. Page I54 Memories Linger As School ffll tht' lUlll'llCf llll-Ullgll tht: yuan' lilfwfl-Sl, lhvrc Wcit- ntzuty stops Im' lun. wurla :tml plan. l'll'U!I1 thc' ripening ztssctiilnly iii St'IJlL'till1t't'lo llli'CUIIIlIK'llC'ClllL'lll cxciciscs iii lttm-. cwry stutlcitt pztusctl to View or lillic lJ2l1'l in Cklfll CYCIII zuttl thou movccl tm. c'zt1't'yit1g with him iiicmorics ol' every l'XI1l'l'lClIK'L'. llUlllCC't1IIllllg, with tht- lJ2ll'2lKlC, tht- Cwlktllllllltill, thc grunt' :tml thc clzmu-, was the lirst big ztllair ol the year. Xl thc sztmc' timt' CZIIIIC lootlutll games. wicm-1' zuitl mzlrsll- ztllmx' masts, 'l'B tests :tml such pnpulztt' music' as "You ' tt Yun" ztiicl "l'.S. I Lovc You." ililI2lIlli5glX'lllg Wtlll lturrietlly lay and soon lll6L'llOI'l1b prcsclitccl its Cllirislmzts lJl'0g'I'ZiIll ol't'Cligi0usn1ttsic'. while tht- scltfl Nlztclrigztl grrmttp sung :tt many holiclay activities. lhc svitiurs hclcl their ztitntiztl lnxfzlkfztst tmcl collected pictttu-s ol all thcir lrictulsz .junior high pmcltltccl its tiinuztl tztlt-tit show anal flztrccr Dux' was hclcl. Hcztcling tht: list ul 6YL'tlls ztltt-1' tht- holiclztys was the liigcfs Rout' tmtlci' thc tlto-mc Hhlllllllilllilll Mcrrv-go- muntl." .Xiiotliw show was also in thc uiztking :tt this lilllt. thc Nlztsclttcrs' c'miit'clN'. uililll' Silvci' XVhistlc." Doors Close On '53-'54 liztslectbztll :incl wrt-stlitig inoxccl into thc spotlight. and ztltcr thc gznncs clznircs wt-rc hcltl in tht- girls' gym. with music' provitlccl by thc Swing liztntl. 'lihis was 21 busy time ol' ycztr :ts thc I-Iztvc-.X-Hczti't llrivc ztncl t'zu'nix'ztl rollvcl ztrountl, together with WPA Week, thc Kittctrs Nlcow, :tn cxchznigc ztssc-inbly with Nlztnlcztto, thc Sclctt Music licstivztl :uul thc sophoinort- party. Music' next rcccivccl thc locus ol' attention as tht' Ul'CllCSlI'2l gave its public pt-rl'ortnanc,c, thc bztncl plztyctl lor an assembly and the chorus journeyed to Wztsc-at to present it c'onc'crt :it the stzuv ztgriculturztl school tlu-rc. lhcsc cvcnts soon pztssctl by and posters ztppcztrctl ztrountl thc school publicizing tht- Stuclcnt Council clcc- tions. Another play, "Rcbccca." was portrzxyctl, spring fashion shows were oflcrccl, track anal golf took ovcr thc- sport scene antl thc year began to hcztcl towztrcl its linish. Easter vacation passed by, tht-n tht- protn was bchintl. thc Music' I'iL'StlY2ll was hclcl ztntl liuzillx' li2lC't2ll2llll't'2llC ztntl citlIlllIlCllL'Clll6llt tx't'rt' at hztntl. kllfll pcrson hzul inovecl llllitbllgll thc it-zu' :intl coulcl use his pztst to lJliL'lJlll't' his lutttrc. F1 LOOKING AHEAD, the top seniors in the class of '54 wonder what the future holds in store tor them. FRONT ROW: Schneider, Peterson and Pierce. SEC- OND ROW: Reynen, Hendrickson, Boyd and Steen. BACK ROW: Throlson, Larson, Ostrander and Berger- son. AMBITIOUS JUNIORS put finishing touches on the centerpiece for their aluminum-toil prom celing. Work- ing are Audrey Hoyt, Rodger Squires, John Morrison, Shirley Bergerson and Mary Livingston. ii' f ff , ., bf 1- ti ,Q W fi t ff 'glut l:l'j.f 6 U7 S- ' ' Page I55 Barrefl, Joanne , ,, Y ----- 62 Brady. Brue. A M at ,VY ,bb A Aanerud, Carol ,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, W68 Aclcland, Barbara ,, ,,,, ,,,52, Bl, l35 Aclrland, Janice ,,,, 62, 78, 79, 83, I36 Aclcland, Aclcland, Richard ,, Roberl Acosla, Max , Ahern, Palriclr , , ,, 68, 79 , , , 68, 79 , , ., , 52 25, 90, 98, 99, ll2, II4, Il5, l28, l33 Allen, Carol ,, , ,,, ,,,,,, ,62, 64 Allen, Sally .,,,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, 62 Allen, Tom ,,,, ,,62, 75, 79, 83, I54 Allison, Jaclr - -, , ,,,,, 52.53, B8 Alm, Marilyn, ,, , Alm, Michael , ,,, ,,57, B2, 86, I54 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 52 Andersen, Dale ,, W ,, ,,,,, ,,,,66 Andersen, Roberl' V., ,, ,. ,52, 93, I09 Anderson, Al'Fred,, ,,,, ,,57, 80, 93, 94 Anderson, Allon,, ,,,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,,25, 88 Anderson, Barbara J.,, , ,,, ,,,,,,57 Anderson, Barbara W, ,,,W62 Anderson, Beverly ,,, ,,,,WW66 Anderson, Bonnie ,,, ,, ,,25, IOO Anderson, Carol ,,, ,,,, ,,66 Anderson, Carol ,,, ,,,, ,,68 Anderson, Charles,,, ,,57, 89 Anderson, David ,,,, ,, ,,,68 Anderson, David C.,, W,60, 75 Anderson, Dee Ann , ,,,68 Anderson, Donald ,, ,,,62 Anderson, Harlan W ,, ,,,,,,,, ,W,25 Anderson, Jean ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,52,8l,86, 93 IO4, IO9, l35, I5I Anderson, Joy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 62 Anderson, Judifh ,, , , 66 Anderson, Julie ,,, ,,,,68 Anderson, Karen ,, ,, 62 Anderson, La Verne , , ,,,,,62 Anderson, Lynn ,,,,,,, ,, 68, 79 Anderson, Margarel' ,, , ,,, 52 Anderson, Myrna ,,,,, ,52, 8l, 93 Anderson, Roberl L. ,52, 79, 66 Anderson, Sharon L. ,,,, ,, ,,6l, 62, 83 Anderson, Shirley,,25, 36, 66, 7l, 80, 94 Anderson, Virginia ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,68 Anderson, Wyefh ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 52 Andresen, Befhlyn . ,,,,, 52, 86, I39 Andresen, Merle ,, ,,, ,, ,,, ,,66 Arelf, Marlene , , Argue, Julie, , ,, Armell, Anna Marie, Armslrong, Dale , Armslrong, Darlene Armslrong, Jaclr ,,, Arneson, Sandra,W Arnold, Arlene , Arnold, Mariorie Ashpole, Earl ,,, Aslce, Elaine , Aslre, Terry ,, Asleson, George , Allig, Carolyn , Aulwes, Delores , ,,, Avelar, Mary Lou,,, Ayers, Roland , ,, B Babbi++, Donna , Baer, Jerome, Bagley, Alvin , Bagslad, Ronald Baqslad, William , Balrer, Alice , ,, Page I5b ,,,,,,, ,,, ,,57 ,,,68, 75, 79, IO4 62 if ff ,ez ,,, ,,, ,, ,,62 ,,,,6l, 62, 79, 83 ,,,,,,,,,62, 83 ,,, ,,,52, B6 , ,,, ,,66 ,, bl, 78, 83 ,,25, I32, I33 ,, , ,,, ,,,57 ,,,,, ,,,62 ,,,25, I00 ,,, ,,,,, 25 ,,,,,57 ,,25, 84, 85. 90 88 ,, ,,,,52, ,,, ,66 , ,,,,b2 ,, ,50, 52 ,, ,52 INDEX Balmer, Beverly , , Baller, Karen ,, Balrer, Pafricia ,, Balmer Ronald ,,, Balclre, l-lorence , Balrlcen, Elwood ,, Balilren, Janel ,,, Balrlren, Rosemary Baldwin, Terry ,,, Baldwin, Zona ,, Bangeri, Duane Barr, Connie ,,,, Barr, Rebecca,,,, Barrell, Rosemary ,, Barrows, Marlene ,,, ,, ,, ,68, 79 ,,,52, 79, 80, 93 ,, , ,66, 74 , ,, ,,,,,57 ,,52, B6 , ,,I6. 25 , W62, B3 ,,57, 82 ,,, ,,68 , ,,,, ,62 , 66 ,,62, 79, 83, IO4 ,,,57, 76, 82, 86 ,, ,, ,, ,,52 ,,, ,,,,,,68 ,,,,I04 Barfelds, Rodney ,,,, ,,62 Barlholomew, John ., ,W62 Barfz, Rulh ,,,,,, ,, 62 Barlz, Vernal ,, , ,,,,,57 Bales, Karen ,, ,. ,, ,, ,,..63. 75 Bales, Tom ,,,, ,, , ,, , ,,, ,. .50. 52 Bauers, Joanne , ,.,,,,,,,. ,,,52. B6 Beclrer, Alice ,,,,, 86, 9l, 95, IO7, l08 Becker, Roberl ,,,,,,,,,,,, .eeeee. 5 7 Beclriordan, Bill ,,,, .- ,,,l30 Beclriordan. Donna , ,.,, 26 Beclriordan, Nafhan Behrends, David ,,, Behrends, Sylvia ,, ,,,,,,,52 ,,,,25, 88 Bolt, Rosemary , ,,, ,,, ,,52 Boland, Beverly , ,,, ,,, ,, ,,,,57, 86 Booen, Janis ,,,, Boolh, David W, Boolh, Gladys , Borlc, Connie ,,, Borlr, Willa ,,,,, Bosaclrer, Charles , ,,,,, ,,, ,,26 Bosaclrer, Sharon ,, 52, 76, 80, 86, I06 , ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,68 , , , ,, 57 47, I03, I07, I08, II4 57, 82 Bollelson, Clair ,, ,, ,,, ,,, ,, Bollelson, Marlene. 62, 63, 74, 75, 79 Bowman, Dallas ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, Bowman, Deloris , ,,,,,,,,,, ,W,, Bowman, Doris ,, ,,,, 62, I36 Bowman, Lila ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,26, 86 Boyd, Carol ,, , Boyd, Conslance , 26, 4 Braalen Bra bec, 7, 72, 8I l40, I4I, l43, Boyer Lyle ,,,, , Robert ,,, , Gary ,,,, , ,,, 68 84 85, 86, 96, 97, . 82. . I46, I55 ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,52 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,57 ,,,,52, I I4, I 18 Brabec, John , , ,,,,, , ,,,, 57, ll7, I23 Brabec, Roberl ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, ,,, ,,, ,,6O, 62, 63, 74, 75, II7, I23 Brabec, Shirley , , , ,W26 Braclcey, Alfred , . , ,,62 Braclrey, Arlys ,, , ,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,, W26 Lowell ,,,,,,,,, 57, Il7, l23, I30 Beighley, Roy ,,,, Belshan, Delores ,,, Bennell, Larry ,,, Benson, Nancy ,, 57 fir, A 1 as ,,, ,,,, 68 ,,,,,,,66 Benson, Roberl ,,,..,,,,,,,.. . ..,eee 57 Benson, Shirley ,,,, 25, 80, 8l, 82, 86, l52 Berg, Roger , ,,,,,,,,,,. .,,,,, 6 6. 79 Bergen, John ., ,,,,,,,,., , ,,,,,., , 25, 4l, 47, 73, 84, 85, 93, 97, I07, l08- I46, I47, I48 Bergen, Mary ,,, , . Bergen, William ,,,, Bergerson, Marlin,,, Bergerson, Shirley ,,,,,,,,,5l, Bl, Bra nd, Herl:erlW, ,26, 46, 76, 77, 98, I40 Brand, Verdelle ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 24, 26, l35 Brandl, Jeanelfe ,, Breamer, David ,,,, Breamer, Dennis , Brill, James,,,,,, Brill, John ,,,, . , Broslrolif, Franlr ,, BroslroFl, Jean ,,, Browers, Richard W ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,b6 ,,,,,,57. 89 , ,,,, ,,,,,68 ,,,,57. 9l. I33 ,, ,,,,, 52 ,,,,,,,57 ,,,,68 ,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,, 68 ,,,,,62, 79, l04 , ,,25, 28, II6 ,, ,,26, 36, I55 86, 92, IO4, I35, l55 Berglund, Gordon ,,,,,,,,, . ,-,,57. 80 Berglund, Jean , ia6f's7lT5i,i55f'a71fio9 Berglund, Peler ,, Bergo, La Vonne, , , ,,,,, ,,,, ,52, Bergslrom, Margie , ,,, ,,,,,,,, -,68 79 , ,,, 68 ,, ,, 66, Berlelson, Kenwood ,,, ,,,, 62 Besco, Lola ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,, W -,,66 Besco, Zola ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,. ,.,,,,,, 66 Bellner, Sharon, ,,,, 66, 78, 79, I04, I36 68 Biclrford, Judilh , Bighley, Lyle , Bierlre, Keilh Biorlrlund, Floyd . Biorlrlund, Roger ,,,,. ,,,,24, 26,95 ,,, ,, ,52 ,, ,,,,52 ,, ,,, ,,,,,66 Bgoro, Karen ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, ,,,52, 76, 79, 80, 86, 9l, 94, l5l Blaclr, Nancy ,, ,, ,,, Blaclr, Phil ,,,, ,,,, ,,, Blaclrhawlr, Barry,, , Bleclrberg, Thomas , Bloclrer, Ella Mae, Blood, Don , ,,, ,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,, ,52 ,, ,,, , ,,52 ,, ,62, 83, I30 ,, ,, 68 ,, ,,52, I34 , ,,, ,,66, 74 Blunl, Garry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,62, 63, 74, 75, 83, l24, l25, l3O Boclr, Lorraine ,,, ,,, Bock Lu Verne ,, , ,, Boe, Palricia , ,, ,,,, ,,, ,, ,62 ,, , ,,,,,,6b , , 26, 28, 76, 77, 79, 86, l07, l08 Boehmlce, Sally , ,,, ,, 52, 80, 93, l35 Boellre, Janel' ,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,66 Boeller, Rodney ,,,, ,,, ,26, 76, 77 Boellcher, Joa n , , ,,,,,,,,,,,57 Bohonelr, Milford ,,, ,,,,26, I00, lOl Browma Brown, n, Sam ,,,, Allan ,,,,, Brown, Marcia, ,52 Brown, Richard ,,, Brown, Roberf E. . Brown, Roloerl F. , Brown, Sharon, ,,, Brua, Frances ,,, Bruclr, Arla ,,, rden ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,,,52 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 8I, 86, 99, I09, I35 ,,,, 68 , 26, I32, I33 ,, 68, 79 ,,, ,,, 52.76, I35 ,,,,26, 86, I35, I48 ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,b2 Bruels, David ,,,,,,,,, Bruning, Kennelh ,,,,, Bugor, Shirley ,,,,,,, .,,, Burnell, Carolyn , ,,,,,,, , 27, 33, 80, 82, 90, 97, l I48 Bushman, Allon , , ,. Bussman, Rhonda 24 Bulenholif, Gerald ,,, ,, Bulenhoff, Helen ,, ,,,,, Bulenholl, Keilh ,,, Bulenholzf, Marlys ,, Buller, Darlene ,, Buller, Shirley ,,, Bullers, JoAnn , ,, Buffers, Roberl ,,,, C Cady, Joyce , ,, , ,,,,, W 57, 76, 82, 86, Cafourelr, Darlene , , ,,,,, , ,,, ,57, I33 , ,,,, ,,62 ,,,,,,,,,,68 07, lO8, l42, ,, ,,,66, 75 27, 80, 87, 93 ,,,,,, ,27 ,, 6I, 62 83 ,, ,,,68, I27 ,,,,, ,,52 ,,,,,,27 ,,, W57 , ,,,62, 83 ,, ,52 I34, I35, l5I ,,,, 66 Cairns, Dorolhy, ,, ,,,,,,, ,62, 79, 83 Callahan, Anfhony ,,, Callahan, K. Maureen,, Callahan, Lulre ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, .68 ,,, ,62 ,,,,57 Carlsen Larry ,,, ,,,, Carlsen, Thomas, Carlson, JoAnne,, Carlson La Von,,, Carlson Lowell ,,, Carlson Van Kirlr ,,,, Carmichael, Jon ,, Carroll, Denise ,,, Carroll, Jane ,,, Carroll, Roger ,, Carrow, Jerry , Carson, Marilyn , Carson, Ronald ,,, Clarlr, Rolaerl ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Carfensen, Mary ,,, Carfer, Alyce ,,,, Carier, Judy ,,,,,,, Carlwrighl, Marilyn , , , Carfwrighl, Sharon ,, Casey, Colleen ,,,,, Cashman, Jeanefle , Cashman, Jimmy ,,,, Cashman, Palricia , Caslillo, Delores , , Cervanfes, Carmen , Cervanles, Michael ,,, Chaplin, Slanley ,,,,, , Chapman, Jacqueline Chapman, Roberl ,, Chris+ensen, Charles T. Chrislensen, David ,,,, Chrisfensen, Dean ,, Chrislensen, Garnice , Chrislensen, Hazel ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,57. 89 52, IO9, I28, I29 ,,57, 82, 86, l35 66 ,f,,11,QfQ6s ,,,,27, 95, 82 ,,,,,,,52, 8l ,,,,52, 86 ,,,62, 83 ,,,,,,62 , ,,,,,,52 ,27, I35 ,, ,62 ,,,,,62 , ,,,,,,. 66 ,,,,52, I35 ,,,,,,62 , ,,,,,, 68 ,,,,68, 79 , 52, I35 , ,,,, ,62 , ,,,, 62 ,,,,57, 82 ,,,,27, 85 , ,,, ,,,,, ,,57 , ,,57, 9I, 95 , ,,,,,,,, ,52 ,, ,,, ,68 , ,, 27, l02 ,,, ,,,, ,,57 ,,,,62, 83 ,, ,,,66, IO4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,52 Chrisfensen, Joyce ,,,,,,, 52, 92, 93, I05 Chrisiensen, Luverne ,,,,,, ,,,, .-,,66 Chrisfensen, Paul ,,.,, ,,,,,..,,.., 6 8 Chrisfensen, Tom ,,,-, Chrisfensen, Verlaine , Chrislensen, Vernon ,,, ,,,76, 77, I03 ,,,,,, ,,,62 ,,,27, II8, l22 66 Chrisfenson, Harold ,,, ,,,, ,,,, Chris+enson, Janel , ,. Chrislenson, Jerry .... . Chrisfenson, Marilyn , Chrislenson, Roger ,,,, Chrisfenson, Ronald ,, Chrisfianson, Bonnie, Chrisfianson, Carol , ,, , ,,,66, 79 --,,,,68 , .,,., 52 ,, A,., 62, 83 ,,,,,,,,,,,,57 ,,l5, 57, 86, 93 , ,,,,,,,,,, 62 Chrislianson, Darrell ,,,62, 79, 83 Chrislianson, Marlys , ,57, 82 Chrisfianson, Nancy ,,,,, ,,, ,57 Chrislopherson, Marsha ,,, , ,,62, 83 Chrislopherson, Roberl L.,,, , ,,27, 88 Clarlc, Howard ,, ,,, Clarlr, Howard R. ,,, , ,,, ,,,,, ,27 , , , ,,,,,,68 .66 Clarlre, Jane Laura ,6l, 62, 74, 79, 83, I54 Clausen, Craig , 27, 47, 80, Bl, 8 2 I28 II8,l 20, I2, Claybourn Sharon Clough, Vernon , Cole, Terry ,, IO7, l08, I44, I45 Collins, Wanda ,, Colslrup, Dennis , Colslrup, Lois ,,, Conell, Dorvan Conell, Joyce ,,, Conlan, David ,,, Conlan, John ,,,, Conn, Mary ,,,,,, Conner, Dorolhy ,, Connly, Thomas ,,, 57 ,, ,,,,, ,,,56, Connors, John,, Conradi, Roy .,,,, Converse, Jane, QQ 2, IO7, l08, II3, II4, , 52, 80, I09 52, 88 , ,,79 ,,,,52, 92 , ,,,,,,, 62 ,,,,,57, 86 , ,,,, 57, 89 ,,,,,,27 ,,,,,27 ,,,,,,62 ,,,,,,62 ,, ,,,,, ,,,,52, 86 79, 80, II7, I27 ,,,,,52, 93, II4, IIB ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,68 ,, ,,,,,, ,,,62, 83 ,,, ,,,,,52 ..,57, 82, 86 Converse, Rosem Coolinq, Marlys, Corniclr, Barbara Corniclt, Joellen Cornich, Rufh , Collon, Allan . Collon, Arnold , , ,,, ,,,,, ,57 , ,, 52, 93, 95 ,,, ,,,,. 66 ,, ,,,,,,, ,62 ,,, ,,,,,,,, 62 Couniers, Craig ,,,,, , ,52, 93. I32, I33 Cox, J. Randolph ,,,,, , ,,,,,, 52, 8l, IO9 Cox, James , Cox, Shirley,, Cram, Jaclr , ,, Cram, Lonene ,, ,, 52, 76, 8I, 84 Croclreil, David , , Croclcell, Tommy ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, IO6 ,,,,,50, 52, 82, 86 57, I03, II7, I30 , 65, elf 93,7IV05,7l46 , ,,52, l28, l29 , ,,66 Dugslad, Gary ,, , ,62, 79, 83 Dunn, Karen ,, ,,, ,,66 Duselr, Carolyn , 62, 83 Duselr, Judy, 24, 29, 86 Earl, Gerald ,,,, Earp, David ,,, ,,, ,,,,, , 53 Crouch, Ronald ,,, ,,,62, 79, 83 Cunningham, Vernon ,, ,.52 D Dahl, Dennis ,, ,66 Dahl, Janice ,,, , ,,,62, 83 Dahl, Karel , 62, 79, 83 Dahl, Karen , , ,,62, 78, 79, 83 Dahl, Palricia A. , ,,,,,,, 62, 79 Dahl, Sanford ,, , ,,,, ,,, 52 Dahle, Tom ,, ,,,,,,,,,, 68, 79 Danielsen, Julie,, ,,,,,,, 57, 82, 86, I54 Darg, Bonnie ,,, ,,,, , ,,,, ,,, ,,52, 93 Darg, Darrel ,,,, 57, 82, l03, I23, l30 Davis, Alice ,. ,, ,, ,,, ,68, 79 Davis, Barbara , , , ,,,,62 Davis, James , ,, 66 Davis, Judilh , , 52, 79 Davis, Julia , ,,68 Davis, Mary , ,,,,68 Davis, Paul ,,,, ,,,57, 77 Davis, Sharon , , ,, ,,,68 Davis, Wayne ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, 6 6 Dc Bruyn, 6eraldlne,, ,,,,, ,,..,,,,,,66 Declxard, Ronnie,,, ,,52, II4, ll5, l24 Deckard, Sharon ,, ,,, ,,, ,, ,,,.68 De Cora, David,,, , ,62, 74, 83, l30 29, 47, 80, 82, , 85, 93, 97, 98, 99, I02, IO3, IO6, I07 IO8, l50 Earp, Mary ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 68 Echarl, William ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,68 Eclrarf, Roloeri ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,62, 83 Eclcarl, Shalmerdean ,,,, ,,,57, 82, 86, 93 Eclcliofl, William ,,,, , ,, ,,, 53 Edwin, Joyce ,,, ,,,, , ,,,, ,,, ,,,,66 Egerlson, Jo ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , 53.77, 8l, 82, 86, 92, 93, 94, IO4, I49 Eggum, Jon ,,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,62, 79, 83 Egland, Rosemary ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,62 Eisenbise, Ronnie , , ,, 66 Ell, George , 53 EII, Paul ,, ,,, , , 66 Ellingson, John,,, , 57, B2, 89 Ellingson, Marlys , , , ,, ,,,68 Ellis, Cleo ,, ,, ,, ,,68 Ellson, Eloise ,,, ,, 68, IO4 Ellson, Mary ,, ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,79 Emmons, Carmen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,53, 76.77, 79,8I, 82, 86,9I, I37 Enderson, Duane ,, ,, 29, 72 Enderson, Edward , ,, 57, 89 Enderson, Eugene,, ,, 57, 89 Enderson, Jo Ann, , ,,62, IO4 Enderson, Roger ,, ,,,,, ,,66 Engbrilson, Leroy ,,, ,,,, ,53 Engebreison, Darlene ,,,,, 53 Engebrelson, Lorraine ,,,,, 57 Engel, Bryan ,,,,, , ,68 Engel, Sally ,,, ,, . 66 English, Carol , ,62, 83 Enqlish, Dennis,,, , ,57, 72 Erdahl, John ,,, ,,,,,,,, ,, ,, 66 Ericlrsen, Audrey ,,,,,,,, 29, 85, IRA, l35 Ericlrsen, Rolaerf J. ,, ,,, ,,, ,,53, 88 De Cora, Kennelh, , , ,, ,,68 De Cora, Vera Jean ,,62 Degn, Belly Ann,,,, ,,, ,,,,,, ,,62 Delgado, Francis,,,, , ,,, ,,,,,62, 75, 83 Delgado, Ralph ,,,,, 57, 82, II4, l24, l54 Delgado, Raymond ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, .,,, ,,,,,,,, 27, 79, 80, II3, ll4, I27 DeLine, Wilma ,,,, ,, ,, ,, ,,,68 De Malignon, Barry ,,,, ,68, 79 Dempewolf, lla ,,,, ,,62, B3 Dempewolf, Marlys , ,,,,, 28 De Raad, Jean , ,,,, 57 De Raad, Leslie, , ,,,,, 52 De Raad, Lillian, ,, ,,,,52 De Raad, Palricia,, ,,, 57 De Raad, Shirley,,, , ,,57, 82 Derriclcfon, Jerry ,,, , ,,,, 68 Delhmers, Dianne , ,66, 79 Deurmier, Delores ,,, ,,,, 28, I39 De Vries, Carol,,, 62, 83 De Vries, Janice, ,, ,62, 83 DeWolf, Carol Ann ,, 57, 93 Dielrema, Kennelh ,,,, 66 Diesman, Mariorie ,,, , ,62 Dillavou, Geraldine , , ,,,,,,, 57, 82 Dillavou, Romelle ,,,, , ,, ,,,, ,,,, 28, 46, 84, 85, 93, Dillavou, Sandra , Dilling, Leland ,,,, Dillin Shirle 9. Y. W Dirlrsen, Bonnie , Dirlrsen, Don , ,, ,, Dislad, Deloris ,,,, Dillevson, Thomas ,,,,,,,,,,,, 52, 80, 88 Donovan, Daniel ,,,,,,, ,29, 46, ll8, l2l Donovan, Marcia ,,,,,, Doppelhammer, Marlys 52, 80, B6, 92, I37 Doppelhammer, Richard ,,,,,,,,,,,, 52 Doppelhammer, Roger ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 62 Doyle, Gary ,,, ,,, Draayer, Donna. I5, 57, 82, 92, 93, l35 Draayer, Dorolhy ,,,, ,57, 82, l35 Draayer, James , ,,,,,, 57 Drescher, Delores ,,, Drescher, Eugene ,,,,, Drommerhausen, Dale ,, Drommerhausen, Judilh ,,,,,,,52, 79 ,, ., ,66, 78, 79 28, 76, 79, 8l, 93 ,,, I9, 28, 87, I35 ,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 52 ,, ,,28, IOO, l0l ,,,,,, 62, 78, 79 ,, , ,,,,,, ,,,57 ,,,,,,,,52 ,,,,,53, 88 ,,, ,,,,,,62. 83 ,,, 66 Ericlison, Glenn ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,62 Erickson, Marie ,, ,62, 83 Ericltson, Marlene ,,,, ,, ,,62, 83 Erickson, Robert, ,, ,53, 80, 88 Espinoza, David , ,,, ,, 62 Espinoza, Virginia ,, ,, ,, ,, 53 Esse, Anne , ,, ,, ,,, , ,,, 66, 79 Esse, Barbara 53, 77, 8l, 86, 87, I35, I5I Esson, Rhoda ,,,, , ,,., ,,, ,,,,, 62, 83 Evans, Gloria ,,, ,, ,,,,29, 7l Evans, Gwendolyn ,,,29, IOO, l35 Evans, Wesley , , 29 F Fabray, Sieve Felber, David ,, Ferguson, Carol , Finlc, Karen ,,, ,,, Fisher, Karen ,, ,, Filzqerald, Teresa ,,, Fiellorolen, Roberl ,, , 68, IO4 ,57 , ,,,,,,,66 , , ,,,62, 83 ,,,,68 ,,, 53 ,57, 89 Flanagan, Dean Flanagan, Diclr Flanagan, Micheal , Flafen, Thomas Flafness, Janice Flim, Darryl ,, Flim, Helqe , Florez, Maria , ,,, Fluselt, Eugene ,, Folcelsfad, Nancy ,,,, ,, 56, 57, 76 Foley, Arline 57 53 , 66 57, 82 , 62 ,,,EE,,62 ,, 29 ,, 29. I35 , , 53, 88 82, 86, I35, ISI , ,, 62 Page l57 Foley, Richard , , ,, , ,,,,, ,, 29, 73, 77, 79, 98, 99, Il8 Folie, John , ,,, ,,, ,, Folie, Kennelh , Frahm, Grerchen Frahm, Marlys , Frahm, Phyllis ,, Fransen, Herman ,, Fredriclrson, Jerry ,,, Freeman, David ,, ,, , ,,, ,,62 , ,,, 68 66, 74 , , 68 68, 75, IO4 ,,I5, 57, 80 ,,, ,, 68 ,,, ,,, ,68 Freeman, Marlene ,, ,,62, 83, I36 Freifag, Orville ,,, ,,, Freligh, Roberf, ,, Frelheim, Sandra , Friday, Verne ,, ,, Friedman, Audrey , Friedman, Eileen ,, Frisloie, Rulh , ,,, Frondal, Charles ,,, Frondal, Jeanelle Frondol, William , Fynbo, Winifred G Galagan, Dennis , Galbrailh, Beverly , Gallagher, Franlc , Gallagher, James Gallagher, Ma riorie ,, ,53 53, 77, 79, 93 66 , 57 ,,62, 83 ,, 53, 92, 93 ,, , W62 ,,,,,,68 ,,,57, 82 , 62,83 , 68 , 62 ,, 57, B6 , 57, IO3, l24 , ,,, ,,,,66 ,,, ,, 53 Galvan, Eslher 62, 79, 83 Gappa, Dale 62, 83 Garrell, Nancy , , , 66 Garrell, Neil ,, , 29, I00, lOl Gendler, Joyce, 57, 79, 82, 85, 86, I35 Gilberl, Sandra , ,,, ,,, ,,, 68 Gilberlson, Marvin 62 Gilberlson, Sonia ,,, , 53 Gilberlson, Viclor ,, , 66 Gill, Shirley , 29, IOO, IOI Gillard, Calla ,29, 79, I34 Gilpin, Carol , ,, ,,, , ,68 Gilpin, Palricia ,,,, 29, 44, 86, I35 Ginkel, Joan ,, ,3o, 72, 73, sl, 93 Ginlcel, Lamra ,, ,,,, Gleason, Roberl , , Glenn, Bruce,, W57, 80 Glenn, Gayle , , Godlland, Gloria Godlland, Richard Godlland, Ronald Goelle, Jeanine , W Goelle, Sharon ,, Goldberg, Roberl 30, 79 Goldman, Roberl , Goodman, Roberl , Goodmanson, Kay , Gorder, James 58, 77, 79, Gorder, Jane? Gorland, Barbara Graham, Glen Graham, Glenda Granl, Arladean Granl, Joann W, W , Grasdalen, Loren W , Grasdalen, Lowell , Grasdalen, Marilyn , 52, Green, , Greene, Vernon Greengo, Kay , W Greeno, Leon Greenwood, Delores WW Greenwood, Margorel ,,, Gregerson, Gary ,, Griswold, William , , ,,, ,,68 ,,, ,,53, 88 82, 93, 94, IO3 , ,, 66 62 ,66 , W58 , W 62, 83 , ,,, 62, 83 ,l02, IO3, lO6 ,, , 68 , , 68 62, B3 80, 82, 94, ISO , 68, 79 68 53, 80 ,58, 82 ,,,, 62 ,, 53, IO5 , ,, 53 53, 88, 9I 53, 86, 92, I35 58. 86 ,, 66 ,,66, 79 ,, ,58 ,62 ,68 ,,, ,, 68 , ,,5, 30, 72, 84, 85, IO2, IO3, I47 Groeneweg, Nelly Grorud, Janice Grose, Carol Grose, Ellen Grove, Beverly Ann , Guclrenburq, Charles ,,, Guclienburg, Harold ,, Page l58 53, I35 , 58, 82, I35 ,, ,,,58, 82 ,, ,, ,,68 ,,58 ,, 66 66 Gudvangen, Anlhony , ,,, ,,,, 66, 79 Guiney, Waller ,, ,,,, ,, ,,,68 Gulbrandson, Charles , ,, 66 Gulbrandson, Jane 5l, 53, 80, 85, 86, 87, 9l, IO9, I34 Gulbrandson, Marlr ,, ,,, 68 Gulbrandson, Paul ,, ,,, ,,,, ,,, 62 Gunderson, Arlen , ,,,, ,,,53, 76, 98 Gunderson, Julie ,,,52, 53, 86, l35 Gunderson, Phyllis ,, ,,, ,,,,,, 5, 30, eb, 76, 79, F8IT86,Fl47 Gunderson, Roberl , , W W ,66, 75 Gunderson, Sonia , , 68, 79 H Haas, Kalhryn ,30, IOO, lOl Hagen, JoAnne ,58, 7 Hagen, Richard ,, 9, 82, 86, I35, I36 ,,,, ,,,30, IOO, IOI Hagen, Ronald ,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,62, 83 Hagen, Sharon , W58 Harber, Judllh ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,53, 80, 84, 85, IO4, l05, l09, 135 Hargem, Jerry ,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,, W- Harms Waller , , Harly,ICharles W5l,W53,584'7 85Tl l4,F Harlz, Myrna K. Harlz, Theodore Harlzler, Larry , Harves, Sharon ,,,, ,,, 56, 58, Harvey, William , Hassing, Darlene , , Hassing, Geraldine Hassler, Joanne Hassler, Richard Halch, Jerry C. Harhaway, Charles Harhaway, Kennelh Halhaway, Roberl Hafleli, Marlene ,, Hafleli, Marliss , ,, Hayes, Delores, ,,, Hayes, Palsy , , Hayson, Barloara , Hayson, Tom Head, Sleven Head, Susan , ,, Healher, Jeanne,,, Healher, Nancy ,, Healher, Pally K.,, Heclres, Howard ,, 82, 86, 87, IO4, 63 83 fs3,"79,'zi5,' , ,bs ,,3,',i3'cf56 , ,,,,, 30,80 ,,,3i, 90, 92, , 53,783.3 , , 4,3l,79, , ,, 3l, 73, II4, I30, l3l, I46, 56, 58, 86, l35, Heclces, Lois ,, , Heclres, Roberl , , ,, 63, Hedslrom, Gary , , Heemsbergen, Gerfrude , 58 Heemslaergen, Marion ,,, ,,, 68 Hegland, Roberl A. ,,, , ., 66 Heilman, Joan A. ,,, ,W68 Heilman, Joan L. ,,, ,,,, ,,,,66 Heilman, Richard ,,, 58, ll7 Heine, Shirley ,, ,, , 3l, 8l, 86 Helmers, La Vonne H. 66 Hellie, John ,,,, , , 63 Hellie, Theodore ,3I, 44, I32 Hemenway, Le Roy 3l, 95, l02, l03, I06 Hendrickson, Darlene , ., ,,,,,, 3l, 80, 86, 93, 96, 97, I07, I08, I35, l42, l48, l55 Hagmann, Dennis ,,68 Hahlen, Marian ,68 Hahn, Duane , 62 Hahn, Judy 66 Hall, Terry , ,,,53 Hall, Thomas ,,, , 62, ll7 Hallum, Helen ,,, , ,W66 Halvorson, Jerome ,,, ,, 53 Halvorson, Marliss W 62, 83 Halvorson, Ronald 58, 89 Hamberg, Palricia , 66 Hammer, Annelle , 68 Hammer, Bradley ,, 68 Hammer, Clarlr , , ,,,,58 Hamson, Elaine , W, ,,,, IO4 Hanlce, Karla W, , , ,,,, W62, B3 Hansen, Allhea, , W 30, l00, lOl Hansen, Ardys,, , , 58, 77, 82, 86, 93 Hansen, David ,, ,, 62 Hansen, Edwin , , 68 Hansen, Janice ,, ,W 68 Hansen, Jean Alice, ,,, 68 Hansen, Jo Ann , ,,,, ,62 Hansen, Karen , , , ,66 Hansen, La Donna, ,,,,, ,,66, 75 Hansen, Marilyn ,,, ,W, , , ,, ,,53, 80, 86, 87, 93, l09, I35, l37 Hansen, Roger ,, , 66 Hansen, Rosamond 58, 82, 86 Hansen, Susan 58, 93, I35 Hanson, Dale 58, lI7 Hanson, Daniel W30, IOO Hanson, Darryl L. , 53, 77 Hanson, David A. , , ,,66 Hanson, David H. , , , 66 Hanson, David L. , 66, 78, 79 Hanson, Denise 62 Hanson, Dolly 68 Hanson, Elaine , 62 Hanson, Ellen 53, IOO Hanson, Gordon ,, 58, 89 Hanson, Harold , 58 Hanson, James , 58 Hanson, James A. 66 Hanson, Jeanelle 30, B6 Hanson, Joan , 58, 82, 86 Hanson, Judy A. , 66 Hanson, Kay M. , ,, 66 Hanson, Marv 30, IOO, lOl Hanson, Merlin ,,,, , 62 Hanson, Myrna , , 62 Hanson, Parricia J. , , 66 Hanson, Richard 30, l32 Hanson, Roger , 30 Hanson, Ronald , ,, ,53 Hanson, Russell 53, 77, 79, 98 Hanson, Sandra ,, ,,,, ,83, IO4 Hanson, Sharon l. , ,, ,,,, ,,66 Hanson, Sharon M. ,,, ,66 Hanson, Wesley , 58 Hanson, Yvonne , 62, 83 Harber, Jacquelin 63, 83 Hendriclcson, Gail , , ,W58, 82, Hendriclrson, Jane , ,, ,, ,,,,, Hendriclrson, Janice F.,,, ,,,,, Hendriclrson, Jay ,, ,, , ,,,,, Hendrickson, Kennelh ,, ,, , Hendriclcson, Palli, ,, 53, l36, Hendriclrson, Richard Hendrickson, Roberl K. , Hendriclcson, Terolyn , , ,, 3l Hendriclrson, Verle 53, ll4, l27, Henry, Gene , , ,, ,,, ,,,53 Henry, Palricia A. 3l, 72, 86, 93, IOS Henry, Pafricia J. ,, ,, 53, 86, I35 Henry, Philip ,,,, ,, 64 Henry, Sharon ,,, ,, ,,68 Herfindahl, Deloris , 58 Herman, Gary , , , 68 Herman, Jacqueline ,, 58 Herman, Sharon L. , 66 Hermanson, Marilee ,53, 9l Hershey, Keiih ,, , ,W,68 Hershey, Reber? B. , , ,66, 79 Hcslcell, Eldora , ,,, ,, 68 Hewill, Carol , ,, ,,3l, 33, 80 Higlaee, Tamra A. ,,, , ,, 66 Hiqgens, Palricia , 63, 83 Hill, Douglas ,, , , 66 Hill, Kay, . ,,,58, 82, 93 Hillman, Allan , , ,,,, 63 Hillman, Palricia , ,,,, ,63, 79, 83 Hills, Jane ,,,, , , , ,,W,W68 Hills, Joan ,,,, ,, 63, 78, 79, 83 Hills, Virginia ,,, W ,WWW68 Hillsrrom, Karen , ,,,66, 78, 79 Hiiu, Raymond ,, ,, ,.63 Hoelscher, Franlclin ,64 , ,,,,, ,68 Hoely, Roger Hoeve, Edward , Hoffman, Chrisline Hoffman, James Hoium, Barbara Hoium, Jeanine Holmquisl, Jon Holsf, Fred WW, Holsl, Julie W, Holi, Charles W Holly, Roger ,,,, Hollz, Harold ,,,, , Holway, Maryanne ,, WW83 ,,W,68 ,63, 83 , , 3I , 53 , 68, 79 ,53, 80, 82, IO9 68 , ,,,58 ,,,,,58 ,W63 W ,,,, ,,,, 68 , ,,,,,,,, 58 Hoogland, CaroI,,W 3l, 80, 82, 86, I49 59 Hopperslad, Marilyn Horgen, James W ,, Horner, Warren , , ,,WQQse WWS3, as Horning, David , ,,5, 3l, 88 Horning, James , , ,,53, 79, 88 Houg, Herberl ,,, ,,WWW3l Hove, Elizabeih , , ,,,53, 9I Hove, Paul ,, 63 Hoverson, Dennis 63, 79, 83 Hoyne, Gary ,,,,W68 Hoyne, Lyle , ,,,58, 89 Hoyne, Ronald , ,,,, , ,,,,,, 63, 83 Hoyt, Audrey , ,,,,A,. ,,,,, SI, 53, 80, 84, 85, 86, 93, IO9, I34, I46, l55 Hoyl, Joanne , Hoyf, Yvonne , Hubell, Sharon Kaye Huber, Alice ,,,, ,53, 86, 93, IO9, I35 Huber, Edna ,,,, W Hunnicull, Gordon , ,,,,,,, , W58 Hunnicufl, Marlene W Hunl, EIaine,,, Hunf, Howard, W Hunl, Philip R... Hursl, Janel L., , Hylbaclr, Annis , , ,,,, 68, ,,,, 58 79 W ,,,66 ,WWW,63 WWWW WW68 58, 76, 82.86, I35 I6, 53. 76.98, 99 ,53, Il8, I30 ,,W , 66 ,,,,,,,, ,66 Jensen, Everell 32, 88 Jensen, Gloria , 66 Jensen, Janis , 63, 79 Jensen, Joyce ,,,, , , ,,,,, ,32, 86 Jensen, Judilh ,, aaaaaaaaa ,66 Jensen, Julie,W,, , 53, 81, 86, 93, I35 Jensen, Kennelh W 53 Jensen, Leon W, 53,88 Jensen, Lois ,,,,,, , ,,,,, , 68 Jensen, Louise ,,,,, 20, 32, 79, 93, I35 Jensen, Luvern ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,63 Jensen, Marie , ,,,,W , 68 Jensen, Max ,,,, ,.,,,,68 Jensen, Melvyn W ,, 58 Jensen, Nancy W58, 82 Jensen, Palricia, , 63, 79, 83 Jensen, Ramona,,, 53, 77, 95 Jensen, Richard D.,,, 53, II4, I26, l27 Jensen, Richard D. 32, 80, 82, 88, I49 Jensen, Roberla ,, , ,,,,66 Jensen, Rodney D. ,,,, , , ,,,, 66 Jensen, Rollin ,,,,, W ,,,,,, ,32 Jensen, Rose Marie W,53, 79, 93, I35 Jensen, Sharon , 58, 86, 9l Jensen, Terry , 63, 74 Jensen, William ,63, 83 Jenson, Carol , ,,,, 63 Jenson, David W53, 76 Jenson, David C. ,66, 79 Jenson, Doris , , , ,,W68 Jenson, Elaine ,,68 Jenson, lone , ,, ,, 58, 82 Jenson, Joann , ,, 58, 82, 86 Jenson, Lorraine , ,,,, , , ,68 Jenson, Rex ,,,,,, 8, 80, 95, I23, l30 Jenson, Richard E. , , ,,,,,, W WW68 Jenson, Ronald . W , ,,,,, ,, 66 Jensen, Shirley ,, ,,,,, 68, IO9 Jepson, Jeanene ,,, ,,,, ,6l, 63, 83 Jepson, Raynold ,,, , , 32 Jerdee, Elaine ,,, , , , 63 Jerdee, Evadne W, 32, 80, 86 Jerdee, LoweII,,,, , ,,,58, 82,89 Indrelie, Wayne ,,,,, ,,,, , , ,,,,, , 66 Ingebrilson, Roger ,,,,, 58, 93, II7, I3O Ingvaldson, Jennelly ,,, ,,,,,WWW, Jerdee, Odean,,, Jerdee, Ronald ,,,, Jesse, Gary D. ,,,, Jochumsen, Joann Joel, James 3I, 46, 76, 77 lnselmann, Arihur . Iverson, Gary G. , Iverson, James Iverson, Sluarf W , Knudson, Richard ,,,,, , . 80, 85, 86, 96, 97 83 , W63, ,,, W ,66 ,,,, ,68 W,,62 Ives, G. WiIIiamW,,, 53, 94 J Jaclrson, Richard I3O Jacobsen Duaine , 68 Jacobsen Paul 68, 79 Jacobsen Ronald S. 66, I30 Jacobson, Clarice ,32, IOO, IOI Jacobson, Karen , 68 Jacobson, Rodney ,,,,,,, 63, 79 Jacobson, Roger ,, W,32, 88 Jacobson, Sharon , W , ,68 Jahns, Kalhleen , ,66 Jahns, Thomas 68 Jensen Adrian , 66 Jensen Barbara , W, 63, 83 Jensen, Berlyn ,, , ,,,,, 68, 79 Jensen Carolyn ,, ,,,,,, , 68 Jensen, ColIeenW ,,,, 53, 77, I35 Jensen Dale . ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,58, 89 Jensen, Darla Lou 32, 79, 86, l52 Jensen Darlene , 32, IOO, IOI Jensen Dean , ,, 58 Jensen Donald ,,, 68 Jensen, Donna ,,,,,, 58 Jensen, Dorofhy W W ,,,,, W53 Jensen, Elaine ,,,,, ,, ,32, 8l, 86 Jensen, Evelyn ,,,,,,, W W WW 32, 76, 79, 80, 82, 84, 85, 86, 96, I34, I37 Joel, Marlha J. , , ,,,,,53, 88 ,W,68, 75 ,,,,,, 66 32, 86, IO7 , ,,,, 63 ,,, 66 Johansen, David ,,,, , 68 Johnson, Beverly ,W53 Johnson, Beverly J. ,,, ,,,,,66 Johnson, Carol Ann,, , ,,,, ,63 Johnson, Daniel 58, I23 Johnson, Darlene W, W53, 86 Johnson, David L. , ,,,, ,68, I03 Johnson, David R. W , ,, 58, 73, 8I, II7 Johnson, Dean K. W, ,,66 Johnson, Deanna , W,68 Johnson, Donald ,, W68 Johnson, Donald N. ,, 53, 88, IO9 Johnson, Donald R. W W53 Johnson, Elaine , ,63, 78, 79, I36 Johnson, Evan W, WW 63 Johnson, Gary ,,,, 32, 95, l02, I06 Johnson, Gary W W, ,58 Johnson, Gerald A. ,,, 66 Johnson, Gordon ,,, , , . , 33. 76, 77, 79, 8l, 82, l02 Johnson, Janel M.,,, , WW, 66 Johnson Regis ,,, , ,,, , , ...68 Johnson, RICl'IdI'd-,, ,,,,,,-33, IOO, IOI Johnson, Rober'lW53, 77, 79, 98, II7, I30 Johnson, RoberlW,W ,,,,, W63, 83 Johnson, Rcberl - , , W68 Johnson, Rodney , ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,53 Johnson, Roger ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,, ,WW , 33,8l,84,85, I3O, l3l,l32 Johnson, Ronald W.. , , , W ,W63, 83 Johnson, Roselle, .,,, ,,,..58, I35 Johnson, Shirley ,,,,, ,,.,,,, , 66 Johnsrud, David ,,,,,,, , Johnsrud, Elizabeth H. ,,,, Jordahl, Jordahl, John C. ,,,,, , Pafricia ,,,. 63, 77, 79, 83 W,,W..,, 66 . ,,,,, ,66 Jordan, Mary , W, Jordan, Myron , , ,33, I35 ,,,,,33, 72, 73, 84, 85, II4, l33, I39 83 Jordan, Rulh ,, , ,, ,,,,,, , , ,W63, Jorgenson, Gene ,,, , ,WW33 Jorgenson, Helen ,,,,, W53, 86 Jorgensen, Karen A. ,, . ,,,66 Joynl, Charles W , ,,,,,, W , W53 Juarez. Mauro , , ,, ,,,,,,,, , ,34 Juers, Karen,,, 34, 76, 79, 80, 82, 96, 97 Juve, Janice , K Kaasa, Carol ,, Kalis, Marlene , Kalis, Ronald ,,, Kangos, Roberl ,WW Kanzenbaclc, Byron , Kanzenbaclr, Richard Kaplschlse, Roberl S. Karsiens, Laurella W Kaslcewilz, Carol W, Kasl, Elroy WWW ,, , , ,,,,,, 68 Kalzenmeyer, Conrad , Kalzung, David ,,,,,,,, W , W,,,,53, 86, IO9 W53, BI, 93, IO9 , ,, ,,,, , 63 ,,,, , 63 68 , 63 ,54, 80. 88 67, 74, 77 , W ,63 ,,,,, 63 54. 77, 79, Bl , ,,,,,,, 66 Kalzung, Mary Ann ,,,,, 58, 86, 94, I35 Kaufman, Allen ,,,, . W W ,,,, 54, I3O Kaufman, Loren ,,, W , W W58, B9 Kaufmann, Roberl T.,, ,,66, 79 Kealing, Ray Keeler, Gerald , 34, 34, 93, IIB 42, lO2, II4, I3O Kelley, David ,, Kelly, Thomas , ,. , Kenevan, David J. Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Rulhann , ,,,68 ,WWI7 ,,,66 ,W54 ,,,58 Kenlner, Dean ,,, W54 Kermes, Charles 54, 88 Kermes, Harrie? , 34, 86 Kilcoyne, Terry 66 King, Marilee Judilh W53 King, Joanne, ,, ,,, 58, I35 King, LuVerne ,, ,,,, W, ,,W34 King, Palricia ,, ,34, IOO, I35 King, Roberl ,,, W, WWW, WW58 King, Ronald .W ,63 King, Virginia W, 63, 83 King, William ,, 68 Kirlc, Nancy ,,,, Kirlr, Vera A. ,,,, Kirsch, Rose MarieW Kiflleson, Gordon ,, , Kluender, Connie M. Kluender, Roberl ,,, ,,,, , 63 ,,,,, W67 Klulrow, Barbara , Klulrow, Darryl ,, Klulrow, Dennis Klulrow, Ernesl Klulrow, Lorraine Klulrow, Lowell ,,,, Klulrow, Marlys, ,, , Knaaclr, Kaihryn ,, Knofls. Curliss ,,,, Knudson, Janel ,WW , 58, 82, I35 ,, ,W,54 ,,,,, 67 W 34,88 ,,,, 63 W W63 ,WW67 ,34, 88 W ,34, B6 WWW58 WI7, 68, IO4 , ,WWW58 , , , ,,,.. 67 58, 82, 86 Johnson, Janice M.W, W WWWW Wbb Johnson, Jo Ann ,,,, ,,,, , 63, 83 Johnson, Jon C. ,,, WWW66 Johnson, Judilh ,,,, W 58 Johnson, Julene K.,, W A6 Johnson, Kennelh ,,, ,,,, 63 Johnson, LaMar M.,, , ,,,, 66 Johnson, Le Ann , 58. 82, 86 Johnson, Lois A. ,,, ,,,, 66, 78 Johnson, Lyle , ,,,,, 58, 89 Johnson, Marlys , ,,,,,,, 68 Johnson, Orville ,,,, W,53, 88 Johnson, Peler ,58, II7 Johnson, Phyllis 53, 8l, 86 , , ,34, 73, Il2, II4, IIB, II9, I2O Knudson, Sanna ,, 68 Page 159 Knudlson, Mary , ,,,,., ,68 Knulson, Beverly, ,, 63, 75, 83, IO4 Knulson, Marlc ,,, , ,,,,, ,68, 79 Knulson, Mary ,, , ,,,58, 82, 86 Knulson, Orlinda ,,, , 63 Knulson, Philip ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, 54, 79, 8l, 82, 84, 85, 93, IO9, I46, I47 Knulson, Richard ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 68 Knulson, Roberl , , ,,,, ,,, 68, 74 Knulson, Ronald ,6B Koesler, Leone ,63 Kolslad, Belly , 67, 74 Kopischlxe, Ronald 53, 82 Kouba, Craig , , ,,,,,,, ,,54 Lenz, Janel , ,, Lenz, Lois , ,,,,, Lepage, Roberl ,,,, , Leschelske, Sha ron , , 54, 80, 87 , ,,,,,, 63 ,,,,,,,, ,54 , ,,,, , 64 Leulhold, Sleven,,56, 58, 72, 80, 9l, II7 Levad, Carolyn ,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,69 Levad, Jerry ,,,,,, Levens, Barbara ,,,, Levens, Janel ,,, Levine, Edward , Lien, Jo Ann ,,, Limon, Clara ,, Limon, Jesse ,, Lincoln, Bernadine Lincoln, Janice , Lincoln, Richard , Lind, Duane,,., ,, Lindahl, Beverly , Lindahl, David, Lindahl, Marlys Lindahl, Pally Kron, Mary ,, , ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,, 54, Bl, 86, l05, I09, l35, l36 Krosch, Dale , ,,,,, , , , , ,,,, 68 Krueger, Belly ,,,,, , 54, 92 Krueger, Nordean , ,,,68 Krueger, Sandra , ,,,,, , 67, 79 Kuchera, Margarol,,58, 77, 79, 82, 85,86 Kuelhe, Curlis .,,, , ,,,,,, 67 Kuelhe, Maryls ,. , ,,,,, 34, 86 Kuiper, Trena , ,, ,,,,58, 82 Kuilers, Carolyn , ,,54, l35 Kvale, Ronald ,,, ,68 Lindeman, Carole Lindema n, Colleen , Lindeman, Livingslon. Mary ,,,, Livingslon, Livingslon, Viclor Lloyd, Lloyd, Loge, Loge, Lolren, Lolcen, Logen, Pele , William Arvis Avis Avis , Belly ,, Janice E. , Lombard, Alice ,, Long, David ,,,, Long, Dennis ,,,, Long, Roberla ,,, Loomis, David ,,, Loomis, Leo ,, ,, Kvenvold, Terry , ,, 63 Kycelc, Joseph 63, 75 I. Laason, Jeninc 68 Ladlie, Elaine C. , ,,, ,,,,,,, , , 67 Ladlie, Janice ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , ,,34, 44, 86, I34, l40, l42, l43 Ladlie, Phillip , ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,, 69 Lair, James ,,. 60, 63, 74, 79, 83 Laile, Vernon ,, ,. 68 Lamberlus, Pauline 34, I07, I08 Lamberlus, Roger ,, ,,83 Lang, Tim ,,, , , ,,,,,,,, , 58, 80 Langerud, Raymond, ,,,,,,, 34, 8I, I02 Larsen , Doris ,, ,,,, , Larsen, Palricia , Larsen, Roger , , Larson, Allan Larson Larson, David ,,,,,, 35, 46, 47, 73, 81, 82, 97, 98, Il8, I2I, I4O I44 I4 IO I55 ..5.5, , Dale , ,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,, 86 ,,,, 82, I35 ,,58. 89 ,63, 79 ,,,63 Larson, Donald , , 58, 82, II7 Larson, Donald , ,,,,, 63, 83 Larson, Doris , ,,, ,,,,, ,35 Larson, Gerald ,, , Larson, Gordon l'l. ,,,,68 ,,, 67 Loper, Leland ,,,,, Lorenlzen, Shirley Loulers, Cynlhia ,,,,64, 83 ,,,,,,58 ,,,, ,67 ,,,,58. 85 64, 83 , ,,69 ,,54 ,,,67 ,,,,,,,,,58 , ,,,,,,,, 64,74 ,,,,35, I00, IOI ,,,,,,-,,,,,,35 ,,, 64, 78, 79, 83 , , ,,54 ,,,,69 ,,,,,,.64 ee e. ,, ,,,,, -,64 Judilh ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 58, I34 54, 87, 9l, I34, l55 Roberl ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, 69 ,,,,,,67 ,,,,5l, 54, II4, I47 , ,, ,69, 74 ,,,,, 78 ,,67, 78, IO4 ,,,,,,,,,54 ,,,,35, 82 ,,,,,,67 ---,,,,69 ,,,,,73, l32 ,,,69 , 64,83 ,, ,54, 88 ,,,,,64 , ,,,,, 64 ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,64, 79 ,,33, 35, 92, 93, 95, 97, I07, I08, I34 Loulers, Lorelie , ,, Y ,,,, W ,,58 Lowry, Mary,,35, 84, 85, 87, 90, I07, I08 Lubiens, Marilyn L. Luechl, Kalhryn , Luechl, Vera Mae Lulrens, Argyle, , Lulres, Doris ,,, Lukes, Dorolhy , , Luna, Peler ,,,,,, , Lundberg, Rulh ,,, Lunning, Barbara , Lunnin , Jud ,,, , ,,,,,, , ,,,, 67 ,, ,,, ,,, ,, ,,,54 WMM, ,,,,,64 ,,,,58, 8I, 89, IO3 ,,,, ,,,,35, 87 ,,,35, 87 ,,,,I30 ,,64, 83 ,,,,64 ,,,, ,,,69 9 Y Lyon, Wm. Maclav ,,,, , , YYYY--ff f ,,,,,,,, 56, 58, 76, 79, 80, II7, l23 Lysne, Rachel ,,,,,,,, , , Lysne, Ruby , ,, , ,,,,,,,, 58 , ,, ,,,, 64, 83 M Larson, Jay , , 69 Larson, Jean , 67 Larson, Judilh R. 67 Larson, Nancy ,, 54 Larson, Philip ,,,,, 54, 98 Larson, Rhoda K. , ,, ,67, 79 Larson, Roberl ,,, , 58, 89 Larson, Shelby Jean,, ,, ,,54, 86, 92 Larson, Shirley ,,,, , , , , ,,,, ,,, , ,lO, 54, 79, 86, IO9, I34, I36 Laslcewilz, Carol ,, , ,, 83 Lawler, Dennis , H ,,,, H 58, II7 Lawrence, Shirley ,35 Lawyer, Dale ,,,,, ,,,, 6 8 Lawyer, Jeanelle ,,,, 63 Le Beau, Susan,,, ,,,,67 Lebeclr, Edson ,, 35, 7I Lee, Barbara 67, 75, 79 Lee, Dean , , 69 Lee, Kennelh ,, ,54 Lee, Phillip , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ll5, ll6, l24, 28, 35, 8I, IO8, Il2, II4, I26 l30 l3I I48 r . . l40. leqried, Eleanor , lehmann, Richard Lemblre, Dorolhy M. lemblre, Marlene , Lemblre, Roselyn Page l60 ,,,,58 ,,,,35 ,,,,67 ,63, 83 58, 82, 87 Madden, Palricia ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,Y Y ,,, , ,,,,, l4, 54, 93, 94, IO4, IO9, I34 Madeen Marvin ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, 64 Madson, Alan ,,, , 54, 76, 98, 99, ll8 Madson, lrvin ,,, ,,,.... ,,,, ,,,,, ..54 Madson, Marilyn , ,, ,,,,, ,67, 74 Mains. Carolee ,,,,, , ,,,,,, 58, 82, 87 Manqslrau, Conslanre ,,,, ,,,, 4 , 35, 87 Manlhei, Dianne ,, ,,, , ,,,, 67, 79 Marlxl, Janice ,, , ,, 64, 79 Marlil, lrvin ,,,, W 58, 89 Marpe, Kermil , ,,58, 89 Marlin, La Verne ,, , 35, 88,89 Marlin, Tom ,,, , Marlinson, Roberl Malhews, Ronald , Malhews, Susan ,, Malson, Bonnie ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,67 , ,,,,,,, 83 64, 74 ,,,,54, 79, 87, IO4 ,64, 83 Malson, Richard ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, 69 Malson, Roy 54, 84, 85, I27, l30, I46 Mallhxes, Ronald E. ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, , 67 Mallhies, William ,, 36, 47, 72, 8l, ll4, l40, l4l, I47, l50 Mallson, Sven ,,, ,,,, , , ,, ,,,, 67, 79 Maywald, Palricia ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 64 McAllisler, Palricia ,, McCall, Richard ,,,,,, McCarlhy, John M. ,,,, McCornaclr, HeIen,, Mccornaclr, Jirah , ,,,,, 58 ,,,,..,, ,69 ,,,,,,,, ,67 ,,,,53, 54, 95 ,,, ,, 67 McDonald, James 64 McDonald, Sharon 64 McGill, Lavonne , , 69 McGinnis, Deloris , ,,, ,,,,,,,,, , 58, IOS McGinnis, Merle ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,67 Mclnlyre, Hoyl ,,,,, 54, 8l, II4, II6, l30 McKee, Belly ,,,, , ,,, ,,,,,., ,, ,.,,58 McKeown, Rose Ann,, ,,,,,,, , ,58, 87 McMullen, Calherine McMullen, Joan McNeese, Barbara , , ,,,,,, 56, 58, 82, 87, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,64 McNeil, Douglas ,,,,,, McNeil, Grace ,,,,,, Mechaniclry, Lorella ,,, Mehrus, Herberl , , ,,, Mehus, Marion ,,, Meissenhaller, John ,, Melcalle, Mary Ann,, McNeese, Viclor ,,, Melcall, Shirley ,,, Melzlre, Carol Ann,,, Meyer, Belly ,,,,,, Meyer, David -e-e, , Meyers, Ronald ,,,,, . ,, Michaelis, Norma ,, Michels, Lola ,, Micllelson, Jerome , ,, Miellte, Vernon ,,,, Miller, Arlene ,,, Miller, Carol ,, Miller, Joan ,,,,, Miller, Joan ,,,,,,, Miller, Kennelh,,,,, Miller, Nancy , Miller, Ronald , Miranda, Condray Misqen, Barbara,,, Mobley, Jolene E. Moden, Marlene , Modlin, Gerald C. ,,,, , Moe, Mary Lou,,,, , ,,,,, 54,8I,87,9l Moen, lda A. , Moen, John ,, Moen, Mary ,, Monson, John , Monlei, Bonnie ,, Moore, Barbara , Moore, Janice Moore, Gerald ,,, Moore, Norma , , Morreim, Roger ,,, Morrison, Gary . Morrison, John ,,54. 73, 84, 85. 93, Morselh, DeLoris ,, , Morlensen, Roberl , Moyer, Ross ,,,,, , Mudra, Marlene , , Muehe, Billy R. ,, Muesing, Belly ,, Myers, Judy A. , Myers, Shirley , Myram, Gary O. 54, 8I ,,,, 64,83 sl, 94, 134, I5I ,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,54 ,,,,54, 9I, I09 ,,,,,,,69 ,,,,6I, 64 ,,,,,,36 ,,,,69 ,,,,,,58 ,,,,67, 79 ,,,,58, 87 ,,,,,,,,,67 ,,,,,,,,,,69 54, 8I, l30, I33 ,,,,,,,,, 64 ,,,,69, 79 ,, ,,,64 ,,,,69 ,,,79 ,,,,,,, ,,,64 ,,,,,,,,.64, 83 ,,,,,,, ,69 ,,,,64, 79, 83. l30 ,,,,,,,, ,6O, 64 ,,,,,,,,54, 88 ,, ,,,,,, , ,58 ,,,,36, IO0, IOI ,,,,,,,,,,,67 ,,,,,,58, 87 ,,,,,,,,,,,,67 m5f1,"lb11f'i65,'i5l , ,,,,,,3s 58, 87. I05 , ,58, 89 , ,,,,, ,,,69 ,58, 82, 93 ,, ,54, I34 ,,,,54, 88 , ,,36, 87 ,,36, 88, 89 , , 69 95, I09, I47, I55 , ,,,,,,,,,,, 69 ,,,,64, 76 ,,,,,,58, 79 ,,,,,54, I34 ,, ,,,,,, 67 ,,,,64, 83 ,, , 67, 79 ,,,, ,, ,69 ,,,,, , ,67 Myran, Sonia,,, 54, 80, 87, 92, 93, IO9 N Nanneslad, Judilh , Nanneslad, Roll ,,,,, Narverud, Joseph ,, ,,,,69, 74 ,,,58 64, 79, 83 Narverud, Virginia ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 37, 73, 80, 8I, 82, 87 I43 Nash, Julianne M., Nash, Marvel ,,,,, Neel, Bryan H. ,, Neinoord, Harlan Neisl, Bonnie ,,,, Nelsen, Jerry W,., Nelsen, Shirley ,,, Nelson, Allan ,,,, Nelson, Arlene ,,, ,96, 97, l4O, I4I. , ,,,, ,, ,,, ,,,67 ,5B, 82, 87, l35 ,,,,, , 67 , ,,,,,, 64 , ,.,,, 37, IOO ,,,,,,,,,BI, 82 , ,,54, 77, 79, I34 , ,,,,, 64 ,,,,, ,, , 64 Nelson, Bonnie ,, 54, 87, 9l, l5I Nelson, Dale ,,,, , ,,,, 58. 85 Nelson, Darrel ,,, ,,,,W,58. 89 Nelson, Edmund ,, ,,,67, 79 Nelson, Floyd , ,,,.,,,,, , ,,,,. .,,,,, 69 Nelson, Garlan D. .,,, .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,67 Nelson, Gerald ,,,, 54, II6, II8, l23. I3O Nelson, Gerald , ,,,,, , 6I, 64, 83 Nelson, Harlan ,,,,,. SI, 54, 8l Nelson, James ,,54, 80, 82, 93, IO6 Nelson, James C. .,,,,. ,,, ,,,,,,,, 58 Nelson, James S. , ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,WW58 Nelson, Joann ,, ,,,,54, 87 Nelson, John, , ,, 58, 77, 82 Nelson, Kay , , ,, ,,,, 67, 79 Nelson Lucille ,,,, , , , ,,,,, ,,,37, 42, 87, 97, IO7, IOB, I34 Nelson Marilyn , ,,,. , ,,,,,,,, 58 Nelson Marvin ,, , ,,,, , , ,WWW69 Nelson Mary E.,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, 37, 76, 84, 85, 87, 90, 97, IO4, IO7, l08, l45 Nelson, Mary Lou, ,,37, IOO, IOI Nelson Mary M.,, ,,, ,, 37 Nelson Milford ,,, ,64, 79 Nelson Norma ,, , ,,, ,67 Nelson. Paul ,, ,,, ,,,,,, 67 Nelson, Rebecca,,, 58, 32, 87, IO4 Nelson. Richard ,, ,,,, 64, 83 Nelson, Richard ,, ,,69, 79 Nelson, Rochelle ,, ,, ,W69, 79 Nelson Rodger D. ,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, ,54 Nelson, Roger A. ,54, II4, IIB, I3O, I3I Nelson Roselyn , ,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,,I9, 37 Nelson Roxie . ,,,,, ,, , ,,,,,67, 79 Nelson, Sandra ,,, , ,,,, 58 Nelson, Sharon ,, , 54, 9I, IO5 Nelson Sharon , ,,,, W64 Nelson, Sharon ,,,, ,,,,69 Nelson, Shirley ,,,, ,,, ,,,58, 82, 93 Nelson Susan ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , O'Byrne, Mary ,,,, , , ,,,, 37, 76, BI, Nelson, Susan , , Nerad, Ann Marie , Nesde, Merald C. Neilelfon, James ,,, Neus, Ronald ,, Nichols, Sandra Nielsen, Valborg Nielson, Janice,, , Nielson, Margarel , Noble, Eileen ,.,,, Noland, Ada ,,, Noland, Gerry , Noland, Shirley ,,, Norby, Alan , ,,,, Norby, Maryann ,,,, Nordahl, Audrey J. Nordahl, Roger,,, Nordby, Paul ,,,, , Nordland, Audrey ,, Norlon, Janel A. ,,, 0 Oleerg, Sally , ,,,,, , 82, 85. 87, 90, 96 ,,,,,,,, , ,69 37, I34 ,,,67 ,, ,,,,,67, 79 ,,,,, ,,,,58 ,,,58, 82, 87, 9I ,,,,54, 79, 80, 87 ,,,.,,64, 79, 83 ,,,,,, 64, 83 37, 87, I34, I35 ,,, ,,,, ,64 ,,,,,,,,, ,69 ,,, 37, 87, 92 ,, ,,37, IOO, IOI ,,,,,,, 67 ,,, 67 37, l28, I29 ,,57, 76, 89 , ,,,, 58, I05 ,,,64, 79 ,,,, ,,,,,,69 O'Byrne, Calherine ,,,,,37, 87, 93, l35 O'Byrne, William Ochs, Gayle N. , Ochs, Richard ,,,58. 87, I34, l35 , , ,,64 ,,,67 ,W37 Ochs, Tom ,,,,, ,, , ,,,,, ,,,,,58 Oflenhauser, Wayne , ,, ,, , 59 Ofsledal, Aryls , , Olrland, Shirley ,, Oldenlramp, Sadie . Oliva, Barry ,,,. ,, Olsen, Carol ,,, Olsen, Dale ,, Olsen, Karen ,,, Olsen, Kafherine , Olsen, Leroy , Olsen, Roger W Olsen, Salley ,,,, Olsen, Terril ,,, Olsen, Wilma ,, Olson, Arlan Olson, Carol K. Olson, Carolyn Olson, Charles Olson, Darlene, ,, Olson, Darleen F. Olson, David, Olson, David Olson, Donna Olson, Edna Mae Olson, Elard Olson, Jacqueline Olson, Janice Olson, Joyce ,, Olson, Kyle ,,,, Olson, Larry Olson, Marlha M. Olson, Nancy J. ,, Olson, Norman. , Olson, Perry ,, Olson, Rebecca,,, Olson, Rolaerl E. ,,, Olson, Rolaerl ,,,, Olson, Roger ,,, Olson, Roger ,, Olson, Ronald ,,. ,,,, , ,,,59, 93, I05 64 , ,64 , ,,54 ,, ,.54 , ,69, 79 ,, , 69 ,,69, 79 ,,,,,67 ,,,, 64 ,,,67, 79 , ,,,., ,,64 , ,, ,,,, , ,67 54, 80, 82, I49 , ,67, 79 ,,,, ,79 ,, ,,64, 83 ,,,, 59, 82, 87 ,,,,,,, ,,67, 79 , ,,64, 79, 83, I3O ,,, ,,,,67 ,,67 , ,,,,, 69 ,,,,,59, 89 , ,59, 79, 87 ,,,,,,,,69 , 64 67, 79 64, 83 ,,,, 67 , ,,,, ,67 ,,38, IOO, IOI ,,,,, 69 ,,38, 79, 87 ,,,, ,,,, 64 ,,,,,,54, 83 ,,54. 80, BI ,,, ,,6I, 65, I3O ,,,, 67 Olson, Shirley ,, ,,,, , W38, Bl, 84, 85, 87, I05, IO7, IO8, I50 Olson, Terry , ,,,, O'Neal, Beverly O'Neal, Carol , ,,,64, 83 ,,,,,,,,82 ,,,64, 78, 79, 83 O'Neal, Palricia ,,,, ,,,, 5 0, 54, 80, l34 O'Neal, Peggy J. W, ,,,, ,,, 67 e ar ,, Oppegard. Conra Oppegard, Milo Oquisl, Belly Oquisl, Lloyd K. O'Rourlce, Janef Y. Osburn, Richard ,,, 4, 88 , ,,59 ,64, 83 ,,,,64, 83 , ,,,, ,,, ,,,67 ,,,,,,38, II3, II4, I24, I27. I3O Oslby, Eldora , Oslley, Joan Oslranrler, John Osfrander, Ray F. ,,38, 79, 87, 93 ,, 82, 87, 93 ,, 59, 77, 82 38. 4l. 47. 8I, 84, 85, 9' 96. 97, I04, IO7, IO8, I3O, l40 Oflens, Henry,,,.,, I44, I46, I55 ,,, ,,,64, 83, I30 Ovelland, Donald ,,, , ,,,,, ,, 69 Overqaard, Joanne Overland, Delores Overland, Shirley ,38, 87, I35 ,, 65 , ,,59, 82 P Pagan, Jon, ,,,, 4, 38, II3, II4 Palm, Judy , , W, ,,,,,69, 79 Palme, Rosalea ,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,, 59, 87 Palmer, Craig ,, , ,,,,,, , ,,,, 65, 79 Palmer, Donna ,,,,, 59, 82, 87 Palmer, Jean, 38, 8l, 87, IO4, I34, I49 Palmer, Joan , ,,,, , , ,,,, .,67 Palmer, Leanne ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,69 Palmer, Lloyd ,,,,, ,,,,54, II4, l3l, I3O Panlr, Helen B. ,,,, Parlhursf, Aaron Parlinglon, Sandra Parlridge, James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,67 ,,,, ,,65, 74, II7 , , ,,,, 65 , 59 Paulsen, Douglas ,, 67 Paulsen, Fredriclr , ,, 69 Paulson, Allen ,,, , , 54 Paulson, Ben ,,, ,, 69 Paulson, Diane ,,,,, ,,,,, 6 7 Paulson, Harold ,,,, ,,,, 5 9, 89 Paulson, James ,,, ,,, , 65 Paulson, Sharon , 65, I04, 83 Peal, JoAnne 65, 74, 83 Peaslee, Dawn , ,,,, 69, 75 Peaslee, Diane ,, , ,,,,, , 69 Pedersen, Clarice ,,,,,,, , 59 Pederson, Myron ,,,, , ,, , 60, 65, 83 Perau, Eleanor A .,,,,,,, ,,, ,, , 67, I04 Perau, Sharon ,,,59, 76, 87, I34, I5I Perlrins, Doris A. ,,,, .. ,,,,,,,, 67 Perlrins, Ramona ,,38, IOO, IOI Perlelaerg, Elaine ,,,,,,,, 65 Perrin, Charles , ,,54 Perrin, Janice ,, ,,,, ,,,, 54, 87 Person, Paula , ,, ,,,,54, 8I, 82, 87.93, I09, ISI Peslorious, Alberla , ,,,,,38, IO4, l35 Peslorious, Elaine ,,,, 64, 65, 79, 83 Pefersen, Alice ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 59 Pelersen, Cynfhia ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, , .,,54. Pefersen, 76, 84, 85, 87, 9I, I34, I37, I44 Palricia, 59, 79, 87, I34, l5l Peiersen, Terry , ,,, ,,,,,, ,, ,54 Pefersen, Wendy, , 59, 82, 87, 94, I34 Peferson, Arlene ,, , ,,,,,,,,,, ,, 38, 72, 76, 79, 93, 96, I34, I36, I40, I4I, I43, l55 Peferson, Barbara Peferson, Carol ,, Pelerson, Clay+on,,, Pelerson, Cynfhia , Pelerson, Dale ,,, Pelerson, Dale ,, Pelerson, David , Pelerson, Deanne Pelerson, Don L. , Pelerson, Dwa ne , ,,, ,,,, 69 65, 74, 79, 83 ,,59, 73, 82, 89 ,, ,,,, , ,,83 , ,, 54 ,, 38, 80 , , 69 ,,,, ,,69 , , ,,,,,, 67 ,,4, 59, 82, I03, I23 Pelerson, Elizaloelh , ,,,, , , , ,,,, , ,,, , ,,,, ,,57, 59, 76, 79, 9l, I34, I36 Pelerson, Eunice ,, ,,,,,,, 38, BI, 87, I34 Pelerson, George ,,,, ,, James R. ,, , , ,67 Peferson, Janice Pelerson, Karen Pelerson, ,59, 82 ,,, 65, 83. I36 ,,, 38, 72, 73, 79, 8I, 87, 90 Pelerson, Kenl ,,,, ,54, IIB, I33 Pelerson, Lowell N. , ,,,,,,, ,,,67 Pelerson, Marlene ,,,,,,,,,, 59, 87 Peferson, Marlene , , Pelerson Pelerson, , Mary ,,,, Pelerson, Riley , Pelerson, Roger, Pelerson, Slanley ,,,,,,, ,65 ,59, 82, 87, 92, 93 Maxine, 59, 87, l05, I34, I36 65 , ,,65, 83 ,,, ,,,65 Pelerson, Wayne,, ,,,, 59, Bl Phillips, Bob ,,,,, ,,,, 5 4 Phillips, Bonnie ,,, ,, ,, 69 Piclravance, Carol A., ,,, ,67 Pierce, Donna,, , 39, 90, 96, l55 Pierson, Clark ,, ,, ,,,,,,,39, 80 Pierson, Deanne , ,,,,, ,,,,,, 6 9, 79 Pierson, Judilh ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,..W65, 83 Pierson, Paul,W39, 8l, ll4, I28, I29, I39 Pierson, Paul , ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,, 54 PlaH, Bradley, , ,,,, 54, 73, 93, II4, I3O Plall, Karen , ,, ,,,, ,,, ,,,,, 69 Pleiss, Janel 54, 76, 80, 87, I34, l5I Pleiss, Joyce ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,. 46, 54, 72, 87, 93, IO4, IO9, I34, I37, I5I Poli, Nancy , Ponlo, Barbara A. Ponfo, Richard ,, Poole, David ,,, Poole, Kalherine Poole, M yrna L. , , , ,,65, 75, 78, 79, 83 ,,,, .,,,67 , ,,,69 65, 83 ,,,,69 ,,,67 Porler, Keilh ,, Porler, Loren ,, Poslhumus, Marily ,, , ,,,,, ,W54 ,,,,,,,,, ,69 ,,,,65, 75, 83 Page I6I 4 al A 77 ae! 1 . , y ,Edu 1 VR jvn I 7 .6 7 Us Q fwl lr fr Jr .9 Of Posfhumus, Nan ,54, 8I. 87, 92. 93. l09 67 Povponl, John S. ,,,,.,.,........... Praniner, Tommy Prosser, Deanne ,,,,,, Prosser, Michael E. ,,, Purlrins, Dorofhy Qualley, Gerald Quam, Gaylen ,,, , .... 69 -,,,-,,65 ,,,,67, 79 ,,,,,69 ,,,,,67 ,,.,59, 89 Quam, Gerald ,,,, A,..,,, 6 7 Quam, Howard ,,,,,,......,,v,, 59. 89 Quam, JoAnn ,, . ...,,.,,,,,,,, ,- ,, ,,,4, 39, 46. 87, 95, I07, IOS, l52 Quiggle, Nancy ,,,,,,,,, , ........, , .,..,,,, 54, 76, 79, 85, 93, l09, I34 Quiggle, Sally ,,,,....,,,,,, 67. 78. 79 Quisley, Jean , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,YYY 59 R x Raben, Rosemary,54. 80, 87, 94, 109, I37 Radlre, Ronald E. ,,,,, , ,Y,,,...,,,,, 67 Rahn, Harry .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, , ,,,,,,53. 54, 77, 98, 99, II4, II8, l22 Rairner. David ,,.YYYYYYYYYYY,..YYY ,59 Randall, Nancy ,, . , ,,,,,,, 54. 92 Randall, Niles,,, 54, 95, l30, I33 Rasmussen, Arleen ,,, ,,,,,,, , 39. 93 Rasmussen. John ,, ,,.,YYY, ,65. 83 Rasmussen, Joyce ,,,,, 69 Rayman, Daylon , , 54. 88 Reed, Larry ,,,, ,69 Reed, Richard ,, Reed, Roberf ,,, ,,,,,,,i,,Q,6s , ,.,,, ,, ,,,54 Reese, Boyd eeeee ,, ,,,,,, 59. 94. l30. I3l Regisfer, JoAnn ,,,,,,,,,, , 1 59, 72, 82, 9I, l34, I54 59 Reichl, Elaine ,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,. ,,,, Renchin, Ber 'ce , ,,,,,, , , .eeeee 54 Renslow, Pauly , , ,,,,,,. .54 mRess, Cleo,FR,,,, , , 59, 79, 82 X- 'Re-yne ohn ,, ,,,,,.,, , -,,,54 SJ - . ' ,,Reyhe7 .eeeeeeee , eeeeeee J a ,fn 3, 95, 97, 107, 108, 155 Qykige, Roxnaldl, ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, 59, ll7 Q iema.r1Tl7l Donna, , ,,,,, ,,,39, 76, 77 N 'e'rso f Shiiron ,,,, ,, 59, 87, IO4, I05 1, , B l . , ,,,,,, 59, 89 X1 -2- new P....1 aaaa , ,,,,,,,b9 ,J 4. bbi I Brenda ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,. ,,,, 69 ya XJ ,,, Robbins, Edward ,,,a,e, 39, 124, IZ6, I32 X, 7Soberrs,',Laurene ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, , ,,,67 N.. obinson, Clayfon ,,, ,,,,, ,,,, y J JK, 39, 80, Sl, 82, 85, ll2, II3, ll4, rc xd - 130 X. C1 N.. 1 . Robinson, Dale ,,,, XXX wRobinson, Wilson ' ,1 Rolands, Marlene Rclands, Roger , jkisolfson Harlan JXX ,-,Xl I - , , l Rolfson, Mary Lou Romer, Barbara Romer. John , Romer, Paul Rongved, Donald Roorda, Deloris , Roorda, Gordon ,,, Rorner, Jon C. Roscoe, John ,,,,,, Rosenberg, Darryl Rosnow, Donald Rosnow, Eugene , ,54, I24 ,,,, ,,54 ,,,,39, 87 ,,,,39, 88 ,,,,,,,39 ,,,,65, 83 ,,,,59 79 ,,,, 65, 83 , ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,9I ,,,,59, 82, 87, I5l ,,,,,,,,,,,59, 76 ,,,,,,,,,,,,67 55, II4 ,, ,,. 69 ,, ,,,, 65 .,39, 88 , , , ,,,,,, 59 ,, ,,,,,, 39, lO2 Rubin, Marion Ruble, Bruce,,, , Ruble, EHon,, ,,,,,,,,,, Ruble Ruble Page , ,39, 44, 88, I43 Gerald ,,,,,,,,, , 40, 4l, 84, 85, l06, IO7, I08, l47 Roger ,,,, , , l62 ,,,,,, 67 N UC H1 0 N91 xx Vlgl' jj Su5a ,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,, 5 3 irnonson, Eugene ,, ,,,,59 ,M erfip, S on ,,,,,,,,, ,.,-59, 8 ' I05 X Simonson, Richard ,,, ,,,,55 ulle fa I Congiange , ,,,,,,,,,,,, , Simonson, Yvonne ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 67 ,J 5 , 1, 79, a1, az 84 ss, 87, 91, 99, Sims. Judifh , eeeeeee.,e,e,.......- . I44Q ' ,,,, . ,,,,,, 40, 44, 80. 82, 87. 93. I05 Rupp, Arlene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..-,65 Sipple, Alice ,.eeee.eeeeeeeee el .--55 XJ Rupp, Jeanefie ,,,,, ,,.. 4 0, l00, I37 Sipple. Rich-ard ee --. , e..-eeeeeee N59 Rusley, Elaine K. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 67 Sltaar, Bonnie ,,.. ee.....eeeee 6 9. 79 Rusley, Pendra ,,,, ,,,, 5 9, 82, 87, 93 Shear, Chrisy ,,,,,,,, .,-.59, 82. 89. l27 Rugley, Rober1',,, ,,65, 78, 79, 83 Skaar, Donald ,,,,,,, . , ,,,, 55. I24.' l25 Rufherford, Karen ,,,, , 65, 76, 83 Shaar, Gwendolyn D. , , ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 67 Ryan' Gloria-, ,,,,,,A 59, IOI, I05 Shear, James,,,,, 40, 47, 8l, 88, IZ4, IZ6 Ryan, Jane? ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,40, I00 Sheff, Donald --. eeee.eeeeeee eeeeee55 Rynerson, Roger W. ,,,, ,,67, 79 Shag, George ,,, , .,....,,,,,,,, ,,l I4 Slraff, Marlene .,,,,,,,,, 40, 87, I05, l35 Skinner, Nancy,,55, 77, 79, 80, 82, 85, 87 Shogebo, Paul ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. , .. ,-,-,59 Slrogheim, Elaine , ,, ,,,. 55, I05 Sloloda, David ,,,,,,, ,,,,,69 Sale. Beverly iiiii H iinr 55' 83 gyoiphargmery Phyllis ,, , ,, ,4O, 5 d- I R d Wi igrrr 67 a er, ane ,, ,, ,,,,,,, Sgrrrgossl Jaalzlsongw YYY-VYY 55 Smirh, Charles ,, ,, , ,,59. II7 Sanders, Beverly , ,, eeee 65. 79 gorlland 'W 'ndgg' Sanders, David ,,, ,,.--69. 79 mf ' an """ 'rr 'W' ' Sanders, Roberr ,,, ,,,,,..,,,, 67 Smflh- Duane E---W ------97 Sanderson, Romona,, ,,,, 59, 87, I34 -lh:""'e5 -- HHZ5 S d I W YYYY-YYYYY 55 m1 , ary ane ,,,,, ,, .z:,.i5Sz2...:."f?, ,,,,,,,, gmqg. eeeee eeee 4 0. gg Safre, BeHy ,,,, eeee, . U69 mf 1 Hvmon ff' WW' Safre, Marlene ,,,65. 79. 83 Sm'+l"' Terry rj "" W' 55 Schaeffer' Joyce H ffifr U 69 Sofules, Caroline ,,, 59 Scherb Jean A.,,, ,,,,,67. 79 Sofules- Maman f 'fan' 59 Schipper, Dolores ,, ,,, , 40 Solberg- Pav' fn nn55' 85 Schmidf, Kennelh ,,,,,,,,eeeeeee 93. 95 Schneider, Carolyn ,,,,e,.ee. eeee . 40, 8l, 82, 84, 85, 87, 90, 9 , 6, l06, IO7, I08, I40, I4I, I42, I43, l55 Schneider, Charles , ,,,,,, , , ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,56, 59, 79. Bl. 82. II7, l23 Schneider, John W. eeeeeeeee . H 67 Schneider, Louise ,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,, ,,,, 6 9 Schneider, Marian , .. ,,,,,, . .--69, 74 Schnoor, Delmar ,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,59, l23 Schoenrocli, Jane'r 40, 46, Bl, 87, 92, l52 Schoenroclr, Ralph , ,,,, , ,e,e ,53. 55 Schoon, Joyce eeeee 55 Schoon, Sandra ,,, , ,, ,, 69, 74 Schroeder. Eileen ,, ,,,,, ,67 Schroeder, Kafhleen ,, , ,,65, 75 Schroeder, Margarel ,,, ,,,,,59 Schroeder, Mildred ,,,, ,,,, 6 7 Schroeder, Roger ,,,, ,,,,,,65 Schue, Sandra , ,,,,,, , eeee 69 Sonhsen, Pauline , Schuhmacher, Janel, ,,, Schulfz, Shirley , ,,,,,, Schumn, Dale ,,,,,, ,,,65. 83 , ,,,65, 83 , , ,,,, 55, 93 79 Schuyler, Garry ,,,,,,,,, ,59, 77, , Bl Schuyler, Judifh Ann ,,,,,,,,,.eeeeee 67 Schwarfz, Joel , ,,,, Schwarlz, Sydney F., Schwarz, Caroline ,, , ,,,,, 55, l28 ,,,,,, 67 ,,, 69 Sccfi, DuLane ,,, ,, 65 Scoli, Gerald ,,, , , 69 Searle, Karen ,,, ,,,,65, 83 Searle, Kafhryn ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 5 5 Searles. Mary ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,, , 28, 46, 73. 84, 85, 87, 90, 93, 94, 97. I07, IO8, I46 Seberson, Gloria ,,,,,, 69, 79 Seeger, Mary Ann ,,,, ,,, , 55,8l,85, 87, 92, 93, I05 Seeqer, Sandra L. , , . ,,,,,,, ,,,,67 Selle, Shirley , Selfun, Roger , Selher. JoAnne Seuser, Audrene Seuser, Gene Severson, Keilh Severscn, Rosalie ,,,,,.69 ,,,,,,,69 ,, ,,69, 79 55, I05 ..,,, ,,,73 ,, ,,,, ,, ,, ,, 65 ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,59, 82 Severfson, Darlene 5, 40, 42. 87, I07, l08 Seymour, Faifh, , ,,,,,, , Shold, Carl , Siclcels, Milre Simon, Arfhur Simon, James 55, BI, IO9, I47 , ,,,, , ,,, ,65 ,,f,e5 ,,, 65 , 69 Sonlrsen, Shirley ,,,, Sorby, Jerald ,,,, ,,, 55 ., ,,,,,,,, 69 ,,,,,,,,,,,,65 Sorensen, Ardelle , ,,,, 55, 87, I05 Sorensen, Richard ,,, ,,,.,4I, 88. IO4 Sorenson, Arlene ,, . ,eeeeeeeee 40 Sorenson. David,,, , 50, 55, 77, 98, l30 Sorenson Dennis ,,, ,,.,,e,,, ,,,, ,65 Sorenson, .Don Lee ,,,,,,,,,.eeeee 59. 77 Sorenson, Donald R., ,,, ,, 59, 89 Sorenson Doris , ,,,,, eeeeee 6 9 Sorenson Helen J. ,, , ,,,,,67 Sorenson, Henry M. , , , ,S ,67 Sorenson, Howard R. ,,, ,, .,67 Sorenson Joyce ,,,,, ,,,, 6 9 Sorenson, Keilh ,,,, , . .- ,,65 Sorenson, Lowell ,,,,,,, ,, ,,40. l28 Sorenson, Norman D. ,,,, ,,, , ..,e67 Sorenson, Pa+ricia,,,,,, ,,,, 55, 87, I05 Sorenson, Roberf L., ,. ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,75 Sorenson, Ronald , ,,, ,,,,,,,. 59 Sorenson, William ,,,,,, , ,24, 4l, 79, 90 Sorlien, Eunice ,,, ,,,, , 69, 79, l50 Sorlien, Lois ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4l, 46, 79, 87, 97 lO7, l08, I34, I36. l42, ISO , Sofelo, Tony ,,,,,., Spain, Dale ,, Spain, Dennis ,,,,, Spain, Ronald . ,,, Spelh, Mary ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59 ,,,,65 ,, ,,,,, , ,,, ,,,, 65 ,, ,,,,,,, 59 4l, 73, 84, 85, 87, 93, 94, 96, I07, I08. l34 Spiering, Tony ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59 Sprenger, Fred ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 69 Sprenger, Gordon ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,55, 76, 80, 85, IO4, I47, I52 Sprenger, Larry , , ,,,,,, ,,lO4 Sprenoer, Jaclx ,,59, 82, IO3, l23 Springborg, Gwendolyn ,,,,, ,47, 80 Springborg, Joyce M., , , ..,,,,,,,,, ,67 Springborq, Roy R. ,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,67 Squires, David ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 65. 75 Squires, Rodger ,,55, 5l, l27. l55 Sroclr, Gerald , ,,,, ,,59 Sfadheim, Edna , , 65. 75 Sfanheim, John , ,,,, 55. 88 Siadheim, Richard ,,,, ,,69, 79 Sfaehling, David ,,,,,, , ,,,,67 Sfanley, Karen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4l, 42, 80 Sfauch, Connie ,,, ,,,,,,, 69 80 l02 ll4 II l55 Sfeen, Jerry, 42, , , , 6. Sfeene, Gary ,,, Slefien, Carolyn ,. Sleffen, Leon ,,,,, Siegenga, John ,,, Sleidler, Mary .,,, Sleidler, Thomas,,, Sleil, Lyman ,,,,, .,, Sieinbecln, Beverly Sleinhauer, Carol ,, Sleiner. Sally ,,.,,, Siensrud, Richard ,, Slensrud, Romaine Siephenson, Bonnie Slern, La rry D. ,,,,, . ,,,,,,,, .82 Sievens, Carolyn A. Slevens, Harriel ,,, Slevens, Howard ,,, Slevens, Janel ,,,,, Slevens, Marilyn A. Sievens, Orville ,,A, Slevens, Roberl . Slewarl, Theodore Sfiehler, Beverly ,, Sfeibler Lavon ,,,,. Slieglbauer, Shirlea Sfieler, Helen ,,,,, W ,..,,, . ,59, 72, Sfiles, Arvid ,,. , Sliles, Joyce. Sloa, AllenW. Sloal, Joel ,.,, Slolze, George Sfoner, Dale ,, Sloner, Sloner, Roger ., Sandra Tavis. Richard ,,,, W ,,.,,,,,,,,,., 55 Slorvick, Alvin ,, S+overn, Paf ,,,, Sloui, Sandra W Slruylc, Shirley .,,, Sluder, Elaine Slurfz, Evelyn, Slovern, Pai ,,,, Slyve, Alice A. ,,, Sfyve, John V. ,,,, Slyve, Roberl ,,, Sullivan, Mary ,,,, Sundve, Gail ,,, Sundve, John,, ,,,, - Sundve. Reber? , . Seulhers, James E. Sullivan, Joan Sufhers, Leslie , ,, Svendsen, Virdinia Svendson, William F. Swa nson. Pafricia Swedlund, Ronald , ,. Swenson, Elaine. Sykes, Nancy ,,,, . Syslalr, Marv Lou, Syverson, Charles Syverson, Sonia. . Syverlson, Kay . .. Talle, Kalhleen , Tapp, Judiih ,,, TapP. Lavon ,,,, Tarvesfad, Terry ,,, Tasher, Donald D.,,, Teil. Rona ld ,,,,,, WW69 . WW69 ,,,.59, 89 ,,,,,,,,55, II8 ,,W,,,,,,,,,,65 ,,,,59, 93, I03, I23 ,,,,59, 82, II7, I24 69 Tlflif.. ifsq , . ,,,, 67, 78, 79 ,, ,,,, 65, 79, 83 ,,,,,,,,,65 ,,,,67, 79 ,,,, .67 . , 67 59 ,..,89 ,,,,65 ,, ,,,, 67 ,. 55 . ,...55 . ,,,, 65 59, 82, 87 ,, ,.,,42, 8I, 87 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,42 82, 87, I34, I36, I54 . ,,,,, .. 59, 82 ,42, 76, 90, IO7, l08 ,,,55, II4, II8, I30 WWW64, 65, 79, 83 ,,,59, II7, I27, 130 ,WW,,,,. . .42, 88 ,. ,,,,,, . .,65 . 59, 77, 80, 82, 89 ,,,,,,,, I34 ,,,,,,, . W69 ,,. .55, 80, 92, 93 59,87 59, 73, 76, 82, 87 .. ,,,, .,82 ,,,,,59, 82, 93 ,,,,,,67, 74 ,,,,,,, 69 ,,. ,59, 82 .. 65. 78, 79 , 42, IOO, IOI ,, ,,,,,, 59 ,, , ,,,, ,59 . 59, 82, 87 ,,, ,,55, II4 ,,,, 69 ,,,, ,,,.67 ,,,,. ,,,59 W ,,,,, 67.79, I3O 55, 8l, I05, IO9, l34 ,,,,,55, 8l, 87, I34 . ,,,,, ,,,,,,, , W43' ,,, .59, 77. 80, 85 , 67, 75, 79 ,, . ,.67 T ,. 65, 83 , ,,,,,, 69 ,,,,59, 82 ,,. , .,,69 ,,,,67, 79 ,,,,,,,,,,,43, 76 . , ,,,, .. 60 65 Ter Aven, .10A.... ,,,, 59, sz, sv, 92, 'l5l Terrnafh, Alice . , . ,,5I, ss, Termalh, Philip ,,, Terry, Bruce ,,,,, Tews. Mary Ellen,, 727 7eif?1fi17d1i7 1 34 W., ,,,,,,,, .,.,,65 ,,,,.. .55 Thofson, Doris ,,,,,, ,,,59, I34 Thofson, Eunice Thompson. Beulah .. Thompson, BurdeHe ,, ,,,, 65 .,,,,,,,..,,,,,,65 Thompson, Calherine,55, 87, 93, l Thompson, Clayion ,,,,,,,,,,, , 09. I37 .65. 79 rw 1 fin. J 'B'mp5qn, Claylonrvr ,YYY 65, B3 Van Wler, Henry ....., ,...,, . ,74 Thompson, Daryl ,,, 43, 100 Van Wilgen, Norma ,,,,,,,,,,, WWW43 Thompson, Eleangr ,,,, YYYY 59, I34 Van Wyngeeren, Alice-. W55, 90, 92, I34 Thompson Gary ,,, ,,,,,, 59 Van Wyngeeren, Peler.. .,.., ,,, , Thompson, Harlan ,,, . ,,,,, 89 WW W --------. 55. 30. 32. IO9, '50 Thompson Herber? ,,,, ,,.,,69, 75 Vdrldnd. Darlene fff, ,,,,,,,,,,. 5 9. 82 Thompson, Howard ,,, ,,,,,, 69 Veen. Wilbur W .W ,,,,,, WW W65 Thompson, Joan YY, YYYY ,,,,,b9 Veldmarl, l?1erlW- ,,,, ..--,,,,59, l23 Thompson, Judean YYY YYYY 55, 88 Venem, Carol ,,,,, ,,,, 5 9, 82, 87, I5I Thompson, Laurence . ,,,.69, 89 Venem. Ronald eeee . e-,..... 65. l27 Thompson, Lowell ,,, ,,,.,. . 59 Venem. Sharon W WWWW . 59 Thompson, Mary no , , ,55, 79, 83 Venem, Sleven ,,,,,, W59. Sl, l27 Thompson, Melvin ,,,,,,,,,, 59 Veflem. Thomas A-We ,,,,,, W 67 Thompsonfi Merna , ,,,, 65, 83 Verdoorn, Daniel ..,, ,,,,, 7 9, 83 Thompson, Roberi ,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 9 Verdoorn, Daryl ,,, .,,65, 79, 83 Thompson, Roberf ,,, 7765, 77 Verdoorn, Donald ,,,, , .,59, 77, II7 Thompson Roger,,, 55, 88, II8 Verdoorn. James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59, II7 Thompson Sandra , .. ,,,69, 79 VerCl00I'h. Joyce ,,.,,,,,,,,, WWW- Thompson, Shirley ,,,, . ,,,,,, 59 WW44. Bl. 92. 97. l07. l08. l37, I5I Thompson Sylvia ,, ,,,,,, 65 Ver Hey. Alice ,,,,,,,..., W. . ,,,,59 Thompson Teodore W . ,,,,,, 68 Ver HEY. Bernard eeee . W44 Thompson, Thomas s W59, 89 Ver Hey, Grace ,,,, ,,, 44, Bl, I34 Thompson, Virginia . YYY, 69 Very Hey, Shirley ,,,, ,,,55, I34, l5l Thorpe, Robin, , ssss 59, 31, 85, 147 Viekani. Karnella. .. . W55, 92, 93, IO9 Thorson, Jgyqe Y YYYY , W YYYYY,, 59 Villarreal, Cruz . ,,, .. ,,, 59 Thorson, Thomas ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, 59 Voeller, Mary Ann,,, ,,,,,,,, 65, 83 Tl1r0l5Qn,,lerry YYYYYYYYYY-,o Krff f W Voigt Joanne,,, ,55, 79, 87, 93, 94, I09 43, 47, 73, sl, 82, 84, 95, I28, 129, 145, Voigt Susan ..... . ......,.. - 69. 79 I46, I55 Voigf, WilliamW,. ,,,, 59, 76, 77, IO6 Throlson, Nancy . .55, 76, I34 Vvllum. JGY eeee eeeeeee 6 9. 79 Tiede, Be++y ..... 59, sz, 87, 93, I35 Vellum. N-my W --65. 78- 79. 83 Tollefson, Jean ,,, . ,,,,,,, . ,65 Vofpilll. l-Suri W WWW. 65 Tollifson, Virginia K. , ,,,,,,,,, 67, 79 Tolzmann, Marilyn,. ,,,, 43, 79, IO7, IOS Tool, Bonnie ,,,,,, ,,,,, , 43 Toslenson, Apryl ,,, W,5I, 55, 77, 85, 87, 93, IO9, I34, Tolsenson, E. Jerry . , ,,, ,,,,,, ,WW59 Tosirud, Delores ,,,,,, I36 -.-,,,,,e5, 79, sa 1 l5l Tosfrud. Demifa ,,,,, .55, 79, BI, 87 W, f ff' 3 2 Vosbeelr, Camilla, Vosbeelr, Gerald ,. Voshell, Judy ,,,, W 55, 87, 93, I34 . ,,,,,,,,,, ,65 ,,,,,,, 69 Toslrud, Jerrol, ,,,,,, .59, 77, 80, 89, lO3xf7,2" Waallcens, Peler , ,,, . ,65 Tovson, June,. .,85, 87, l34 Waalkens- Reka of ----- 65 Tovson, Luveme Y N ,YYYY V67 0 fJ'CfWachol1, Helen ,,, .W55, 87 Towne, Bur+on . ,,,.43, 44, 132, 1331 . -fC"9"f1- Robeff -4-U65 Towne, Carmen , ,,,,, . ,,,, ,,,':T5 W9 , 1 AUd"eY ----- - ---95 Trapp, Barbara.- 43, 72, loo, 101 dam 1 ,xgjlv ffff. e455 Troe, Gerald . ,,, ,, .. ., . .,65, 79 , 5 ers' L9'5 ---- fe? - -59 Tree, Melvin. , ..,. 43, 76, lI8. 132 0 B af' KGY --65 Truesdell, Harold . ,,,,,, ,,,, I Wa Degbis fn s 1-67 Tryleen, Gloria . .. , ,.,. ,,,,,,, 6 I ald - -551 83 op Tuchlenhagen, Sharon , ,,,,, 65 8 a 9' alll Y axsscf, T.,,1,,,11, Eva YYYYYYY V Y KYYK 55 C Walker. Mary ., .P 740 Turner, Dale, . ., , 69,75 i Walker' Shar' "H" I ' Turner, Ray C. 67, 74, 78 79 Wal 'L Ardella M orfr ' ' A , . Turfness, June ,.,,, W43 87 5 I' 9 Y 44. 76- 81291 8 - :El Tuflle, Donald ,,,,, 59 waht' Arlfne or f-fff - 6 f 5 fi ange , ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,, ' Wangen, ar fe F. ,,,,, 6 , I Wangen, rad ,.,,,,,, 'Y , Z U Wangen CW V ..' 'l Wangen lanle ,. , . ' 5 fp ' l Ullman, Roberf . ,,, ., . 69, 79 Ward eo' ---- --65- 831 ' ' Underwood, A. Ardell , , 43, IOO We e' Bs rr "WW" '55 l Unsefh, Vivian ,.,,..,, . ,,,, 75 Wa' , ' ' "' of ' W o f ' 'L ' I Urschnzl Lima My r r ,bo warr1nglon,v1Angellne L. 67, , lO4 asmoen, ary ,WW ,,,,,,, N ' Walerman, Gail .,,,,, ,AW ' 55, 76, Bl, 82, 84, 85, , l , I4 V 145, 146, 147 Wayne, Judiih ,,,, . -69 v..1a..+.1, David A. ...... ...... 67, vs l,,'fY"e' Q4e""ff some--59, Richard ,....,. 59, so, av, 95 WaYEe'P,,.,,f" 'f -o oo r"7, Ru+h,,55, so, sz, 93, IOS, I09 Wes- A,'P 5' 44' '02 Vandenheuval, Harold ,, ,,,,,,, 59 Wedge' B,Tn ' ""' H59- 75 Vandenheuvel, Lloyd ,. .. ,,,, , 65 Wedge'd ' , 7"' 59 Bo' 89' II7' '24 Vanden Hul, Marilyn,,, ,. ,,,, ,,, 59 Wedge' JTO " "" ""' ' ""'65' 83 Vande Kamp, Genevieve,.55, 8l, 93, I34 We ,?e'Ao n W " "" ' ' WIO4 Vanderslroom, LeRoy ,,, ..., .. ,,,,, 65 ee 5' nn "f " aaa'---69 Van Engelenburg, Belly ,,,,,,,,, 43, I34 Wehrhan- Denms- 59- 55- 83 Van Meekern, Lorene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 65 Weiser, Janice ,759 Vande Voorl, Chrisiina ,,,, , . ,,,,,, 59 Wegszel, Larry AW 7783 Vande Voori, EvereH,,,43, 46, 88, 89, 97 W ., I M Vande Voorl, Henry ,,,,,, .. 55. 88, 89 el ze' My ' ' 'nbq Van Riper, Karen D.,, ., . ., .,67 Wendel' Carol -- 551 87 Van Riper, Sandra .,., ,,,, 6 9 Wendelboe, Eileen ,,,59 Page I63 X Wendell, Kalhleen ,,,, 65, 83 Wilroren, Mavis - ---..-59 Woollard, Elizalselh .,,,, ,,,45, l00, l0l Wenzel, Jeannine ,,,,,, 65 Wilds, Eugene ,,,, ,, ,,,, 69 Wrighl, Donald L. ,.... ,, ...rfff ,67 Wesf, Irene ...M nw, ,69 Wilkinson, Darlene ,.,,--65, 83 Wrighl, Jaclr ......, ss 7-55. l28, l29 Weslcoli, Joel .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,65, B3 Will, Marilyn ,,... ,,,,, 5 9, 87 Wuerfliem, Julianne ,,,,,,,,YY,, 69 Wesfcoff, Julie -, .. ,,,,,A,,,,,,, Williams, David ...,,, ,,,,,, 6 9 Wuerflein. Frances W WW65 ,,,,,,,,,-,63, 65, 74, 75, 79, 83, l54 Williams, John M. , ----,.,,67 Wuerflein, Henry H, ,,,,,45 Wesfcoll, R. Leonard ,,,,,,,,,,,, 55, 77 illiamschen, Dean , ..,., 45, 88 Wuerflein, Marlene U ,--,,65 Wesfergaard, Edward ,,..,,, , ,,,,,, 69 illiamson, Marlys H, ,,,. ,45 Wuerflein, Vione E.--,, ,,,, We, ,,,,,b7 Wesfermann, Oren K.,,, ,, U67 Williamson, Roberf H, ,,,,, 65 Wulff, Bruce ,,,,,,,,,,, serves, .755 Wesfhuis, HenrieHa W ,,,,,, 82 Willmerf, Bryan - ,,,,,,,, 45 Wulff, Richard ,,,,,,, 45, BO, BI, 82, II4 Wesfland, Dale A , ,, W59, B9 Willmerl, John W ,-.,,,,59, l23 Wynia, Dennis -, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,67. 75 Weslland, Doris ,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 9 Winium, Jamesnn, --, .,.. 55, 77, 88 Wesfland, Janel W, ,,,,, 55. 87 Winium, Roberi ,,,, ,eee , 65, 79, 83 Y Wesfland, Lois , .,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 9 Winium, Sharon ,,,, ,H , ,,,,,--83 Wesfland, Ronald H, ,,,,,, W, ,,,,, 65 Walden, Harold s, ,,45, l00 Weslrum, David .,,, ,,,,,,,,, 59 l ollif, Darrel MM, ,, , .,.. 65 Yauger, Phillip WNW, ,,,,,36, 45, 8I Weum, Karen We ..., , ,, , ,.,., 69 lfl, David ,W ,,,,, 55, 88 Yerhol, Delores , ,,,,,,,,,,67 Whelan, Carol , ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, 5, lff, Deloris , ,,,,, 65, 75 Yocum, Slanley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 55, 72 Whelan, Mary Ann ..,,. ,, ,,,,,, -A 2 Wolff, Wayne ,ss,ssses.s. ,see 59 Yocum, Richard ,,,,,.,.,.. , ,,,, 59, 89 Whifcomb, Mary ,. ...s,. ,. ,,,, ,69 Wong, Hans ,,,,, ssss ssss Y s ,l4, 55, 94 Yolciel, Paul,--,. ,45, 84, 85, II2, II4, I30 While, Edward, ,,.,.,.. 55 1 "3 06 Wong, Jeanefle ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..... Young, Edifh ,, ,,,,v,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 9 Wichmann, Barbara ,,,, ., ,,,. , ,,,45, 46. 85. 87, 90. 97, l06, IO7, IOB Young, Russell ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , ,45, 80 36, 44, 84, 85, 87, 95, W- l07, 8, ong, John,,.,,57, 59, 82, I03, l23, l54 l50 Wood Clifford .W ,..., . .... ,65 Wick, Dean , , ,,,,,,,,,,, N .45, Bl ' I4 5 Wood, Earlynn ,,,,,.,, ,, ,, 45, 80, 90, 97 Z Wiclc, Lugene ,,..,,.,,,,,,, 5, 78 I36 Wood, Evelyn J. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 67 Wicks, Le Ann ,,,,,,,,, .,,- ..... Wood, Harrief ,,,,,,,,, 45, 87, IO4, I34 Zavilz, Armand ,,,, ,,,,59, II7 -----,,,,,,-50, 55, 60, 87 2, 93, I34 Wood Judy ,--,,----,,,,,,,,,,,,e,69 Zereclt, Jean ,se nWn65 Willroren, Beffy ,, , , ,,,,, , ,, .,.. Woodside, Jaclr ,,,,,,, 45, IIB, II9, I32 Ziebell, Marian .V 59 1 x 91-PP i x if Jvwjlfuy im X u Q ,Nj Q 55438111 i Q. ' Q A of-'lg 0 I 0170 . 'V W9 fvvxge JJ 1 , fo , sy' 56,152-5 ,J WW .. H i ,QSMMW X , xx RN . X M59 Q . 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I2 Ho , Millie -I ---- - -I4 K S Anlhon , Arr r , .. U--- I9 ulihan, L y L.. , I4 I ' . San olm, Hollace ---- I5, I30 Lf Q ' S offler, Florence , I4, 20 B Q v J x chwariz, Sydney -- ., -,I6 ,I Se ,Elsie ----- .. , I3 f 1 n, Rifa ------ --I7, IO6 Bailey, Norm - ,, - ----- - 7 N! Cob en' -- ---- 'ff-'W ' ' X leveland, Marie -- -- ----I9 arrows, Edwa - A - ,-I7, 9 I fob on- B on ffff- - , pencer, Lois M. ---- - , - ---I8 Bauer, u+I1 --- ---- -, ------ --I7 9 U ' ' ' I ----- --W 4 apel, Karl - ----------I5 Bennefi, - yn -i in Y iw .V A-I3 j nson 'Fam r 6' nsrud, Viclor- - ---I5, 92, I53 Benson, Blanche - Q, I2, 53 Johnson' R 'Ve - ghfon, Loureen ----- -9, I6 Berdan, Clara , - --- ----- 92, I7 0 Mon' " - ' - - ' er, Lesler E. - I7, 20 Blonigan, Fra i - -- - ----- --I A ers, Ralph , ----- IB Brechner, Sla Ie - ----- - - -I2 ff' 'jf "'- Helen ---- - - -20 Brenaman, Inga . --- -- ---- 4 L rw ,. 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