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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1982 volume:

■I 9 USS ALBERT DAVID FF-1050 WESTPAC 1982 i { COMMANDER GEORGE A. KLEIN III, USN Commander George Klein was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on 18 October 1942. He attended the U. S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1966 with a B. S. degree in Naval Science. His initial tour of duty was on board USS COGSWELL (DD 651) where he served as Damage Control Assistant. After completing the Department Head course, U. S. Naval Destroyer School, Newport, R.I., in February 1969, he served as Engineer Officer, USS HENRY W. TUCKER (DD 875), homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. He commanded the ocean tug USS SIOUX (ATF-75) from July 1971 to October 1972. From December 1972 until July 1975, he served as a junior officer detailer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. In July 1975 he reported to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations where he served as Administrative Assistant (Personal Aide for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Surface Warfare (OP03). From December 1976 until June 1978 he attended the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, CA., where he earned a Master of Science degree in Financial Management. In October 1978 he assumed duties as Executive Officer of the USS FANNING (FF 1076), which participated in both Korean and Indian Ocean Contingency Operations while assigned to the U. S. SEVENTH Fleet. Before reporting to the USS ALBERT DAVID (FF 1050), he served as Chief Staff Officer, Commander Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN from July 1980 to February 1982. Commander Klein ' s personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, and the Republic of Vietnam Forces Meritorious Unit Citation. He is married to Lieutenant Commander Terry Owens Klein who is presently assigned to Fleet Combat Direction System Support Activity, San Diego. His daughter Lexi resides in Monterey, CA. CAPTAIN THOMAS L. FERRIER, USN CDR Ferrier graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Industrial Psychology in June 1961. As a member of the Regular NROTC, he was commissioned Ensign in the United States Navy and was assigned to USS HAWKINS (DDR-873) as Second Division Officer. Following temporary duty with Aviation Utility Squadron SIX for training in the DASH system as a Deck and CIC Controller, he served in USS DOUGLAS H. FOX as Officer in Charge of DASH Detachment 12, First Lieutenant, and Weapons Officer. In November 1965 CDR Ferrier was assigned to USS WILLIAM M. WOOD (DD-715) as Operations Officer for a two year tour before being assigned as an instructor to the NROTC Unit at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. During this tour he studied toward and gained a Master ' s Degree in Psychology and Guidance. In May 1970, after nine years of duty on the East Coast, CDR Ferrier was assigned to the San Diego based Staff of COMCRUDESFLOT NINE where he served as Surface Operations Readiness and Training Officer. Following this staff tour he served as Executive Officer in USS SHELTON (DD 790). Upon decommissioning of SHELTON, CDR Ferrier was ordered to duty as Director of Instruction on the Staff of COMTRAPAC in San Diego. CDR Ferrier ' s previous assignment was Executive Officer of USS WORDEN (CG18), homeported in Yokosuka. Japan. His decorations and awards include those for the Cuban Criss and Vietnam Service, the Battle Efficiency E Ribbon, the Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal (1st Class), Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Commendation Medal (with Gold Star) and the Bronze Star (with V ). Captain Ferrier assumed comand of the USS ALBERT DAVID (FF 1050) on 4 January 1980. CDR Ferrier is married to the former Jane Anne Doty of Mifflintown Pennsylvania The Ferrier s have two children: Sharon, age 15 and Andrew, 12 years old. CDR WILLIAM O. DAVIS CDR Davis was born in West Virginia in 1946 and currently maintains his permanent residence in Louisiana. He graduated from West Virginia Institute of Technology in 1968 and worked for Dow Chemical Company as a Chemical Engineer prior to joining the Navy. He attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an Ensign in 1969. His initial sea tour was aboard USS BLANDY (DD 943) where he served successively as Gunnery Officer, ASW Officer, and Weapons Officer. From 1973 to 1975 he attended Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and was awarded a Master ' s Degree in Operational Systems Technology (ASW). He attended Department Head School in 1975 and then served as Operations Officer of USS CONNOLE (FF 105) followed by a short tour as ASW Technical Advisor to Commander Task Force Sixty Following this he served a split tour as First Lieutenant aboard USS RACINE (LST 1191). Prior to reporting as Executive Officer of USS ALBERT DAVID (FF 1050), CDR Davis spent two years as Strategic Systems Analyst in the Systems Analysis Division of OPNAV. CDR Davis is married to the former Jill Stemple of Miamisburg, Ohio. They have two children, Jessica, 8, and Alicia, 7. SHIP ' S HISTORY Albert Leroy David was born July 18, 1902 in Maryville. Missouri, son of Emmett F. and Martha David. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1919 and served until 1939 when he was transferred to the Fleet Reserve. Recalled to active duty in late 1939, he was appointed Machinist in 1942, commissioned Ensign in late 1942, and progressed to the rank of Lieutenant by July, 1943. On being recalled to active duty, he spent time at Submarine Repair School and Naval Training School. He was assigned duty with the USS PILLSBURY Precommissioning Detail at Orange, Texas in 1943. Lieutenant David served as Assistant Engineering and Electrical Officer aboard USS PILLSBURY in Anti-Submarine Task Group TWENTY-TWO POINT THREE when that Ask Group captured the German Submarine U-505 off Cape Blanco, French West Africa. Lieutenant David was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty for his role in this historic seizure. He boldly led a party from the PILLS BURY in boarding the hostile submarine as it circled erratically at five or six knots on the surface, fully aware that the U-Boat might momentarily sink or be blown up by exploding demolition. Under the danger of enemy gunfire he plunged into the coming tower hatch and with his party exerted sufficient effort to keep the submarine afloat. His party then assisted succeeding and more fully equipped salvage parties in making the U- 505 seaworthy for the long tow across the Atlantic to a U.S. port. Significantly, the code books discovered aboard the U-505 were instrumental in breaking the code that the German High Command used to communicate with its submaries. For this service during the capture of the U-505, Lieutenant David was awarded the Navy Cross. This award was later withdrawn in favor of the Medal of Honor which was to have been presented to the Lieutenant at the White House on Nimitz Day, but illness prevented him from receiving it. Lieutenant David died September 17, 1945, and the Medal of Honor was presented to his wife, Mrs. Lynda Mae David. Lieutenant Albert L DAVID United States Naval Reserve USS ALBERT DAVID (FF-1050) Designed for the primary purpose of combating enemy submarines, ALBERT DAVID may be employed defensively as an escort ship or offensively as a member of a submarine Hunter-Killer force. To enable her to perform her missions effectively, she is equipped with the most modern weapons of the Navy ' s ASW arsenal, including a long range, bow-mounted SONAR, Anti- submarine Rocket Launcher (ASROC), and acoustic-homing torpedoes. ALBERT DAVID also carries two 5 38 caliber semi- automatic gun mounts. ALBERT DAVID is fitted with the Navy ' s newest distillate fueled power plant. Two pressure fired steam generators equipped with gas-turbine-driven superchargers and automatic combustion control systems burn clean distillate fuel. Superheated steam at a pressure of 1200 psi is used to drive the ship ' s main propulsion turbine and two 500KW turbo-electric generators. Two dicsel driven generators produce an additional lOOOKW of electric power. The ALBERT DAVlD ' s first Western Pacific cruise completed in April of 1970 showed that she had many and varied roles as a combatant ship. Aside from her primary role of anti-submarine warfare (ASW): she acted as a rescue destroyer for the flight operations of aircraft carriers, provided assistance in several rescue missions, and furnished gunfire support for land based forces. In this last capacity of naval gunfire support, the Gunfire Commander said: ALBERT DAVID ' s consistently professional performance while providing naval gunfire support has been a source of great satisfaction to the gunllne commander. DAVID could always be counted on to be responsive to the need of the ground units supported and her impressive gun damage assessment record shows she was accurate in her delivery of fire. This comment is indicative of the outstanding manner in which the ALBERT DAVID has functioned as an integral part of our nation ' s security. SHIP ' S STATISTICS Length Overall Beam Displacement Draft Speed Armament Command Facilities Propulsion turbi Auxiliaries Complement 414 feet, 6 inches 44 feet 3,500 tons (fully loaded) 24 feet (for navigational purposes) In excess of 27 knots ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rockets) Six Anti-Submarine Torpedo Tubes Two 5 38 caliber gun mounts Modular Combat Information Center with advanced electronic and communication systems Two automatically fired supercharged steam generators provide steam at 1200 psi to power a steam ne which, coupled through double helical reduction gearing and a 118 foot shaft, transmits 35,000 H.P. to a single, 5 bladed, 15 foot diameter propeller Two 500 KW steam turbine driven electric generators; Two 500 KW diesel driven electric generators; Five 24 ton capacity air Conditioning units Officers: 18; Enlisted: 230 Il !l It e (0 si Its is) es Its » m p. ■ 1(1 AIN ' T WE HAVIN ' FUN NOW!! OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT OC DIVISION RM SM SM2 Cetnar RM2 Picos ENS Schultz V % K i n RMS Frcizier RMS Pena SMS Howard RMSN Whitehead RMSN Watson SMSA Cantano Entering Port 12 01 DIVISION OS The other side of the coin 051 Langlois 052 Cox 0S2 Sprinkle OS2 Butler 0S2 Shaft OS3 Mehle OSS Moore OSS Mesiner OSS Taylor OSS Rennell OSSN Junk OSSN Keene OSSN Maya OSSN Taylor OSSA Anderson 1 13 Colliateral Duties Steaming with the John Young Rear Admiral Gurney presents Navy Achievement Medals. 14 OE DIVISION ET2 Oliver ET2 Jurney ET2 Lattin EW3 Venning ET3 Medina ET3 Miller ETSN Perretta I LT Hoffman ENS Stines Tag team with the USS Manley 16 ON DIVISION i LTJG McLaughlin MAC VAN DUSEN QMC Deken QMS Garner QMS Hallback QMS Clow 17 NC, PNs, YNs, PC, And HMs NCI Thomas n I PN2 Glass YN3 Jackson SN Mohler 18 I How much a gallon? VERTREP t II I SUPPLY DEPT LT PARKER, SUPPLY CORP. MS DIVISION m MS ii MSC Benitez r -;.- Ensign Colom MSI Echinson MS2 Jones MS2 Kelly MSI Ocampo MSI Clark MSI Gumin MSI Garcia g | MS3 Hcnrickson MS3 Dutton MSSN Tinker 24 Boil, boil churn and bake 25 SH ' S WORK IS NEVER DONE Pepsi convention Is this the style? Yep, the same things there as yesterday. L o a d I n 9 a 9 a i n I STORE KEEPERS t i SKC Trinidad SKSN Mays SKI Thompson SKSN Mendoza SKSN Lawrence 27 SUPPLY AT WORK? II MAY 29, 1982 PIER 5 J TRANSIT NICE DAY FOR A CRUISE HUGH? Going to Coming from P E A R L ' ' » - Hk£S H A R B O R » -.,v-»- f i« -•Sit , • K abioV ' i THE PHILIPINES t: ' I 34 CHANGE OF COMMAND AUG 1982 Presentations Cake Cutting Presentation of the ships ' Pennant. i Change Completed CROSSING THE LINE 24 AUG 82 LATITUDE 00-00 LONGITUDE 105-35E €.« . J, -J x ' .. ,- vvt ■ 1 -vl B l! ! .Xw HH| T H v ' ) fW E A mi Sj E ,. fl V . k N M v ■ ,-. 1 F li !■ 1 - Mfc . A ' . . JJA W B R C E R MY GIRL BILL WAKKA-WAKKA-WAKKA-WAKKA D A J U D G E i i «•« THE KING AND I I BAHRAIN 11 SEPT 82 COIN ' TO A BARGE PARTY GOING HOME 1 WEAPONS DEPARTMENT LT TANNAS A S DIVISION X ft f r LT PARKER ASWO AND STG-2 ZUNKER ST 2 Stakelum ST 2 Jones i a a ik H t M m ilJ. - STGSN Longworth STG-2 Hadley TM02 Nubine STG3 Chandler TM03 Murphy GMT3 Dunbar STGSN Davis STGSN Schwartz GMTSA Olson STG2 Umphlett GMT3 Doherty 45 The reason and purpose for STG3 Branch - - [ mm i f ' iiiwVr ' a 1 JgpS IF 46 G DIVISION GMG3 Delisle FTG3 Woodford GMGSN Trousdale FTGSN Graven FRGSN Branco FRGSN LaCasse f 47 F LPOS at work Sea and Anchor BM! BH: BH; BM BM BM BM FIRST DIVISION BMI Ulit BMI Becnel BM3 Butenko BMSN Pavelka BM3 Childs BMSN Downs BMSN Pellet BMSN Clevenger BMSN Walter BMSN Smith BM MM BMSN Rettig BMSN Young BMSN Spicer SMSN Mosley I BMSN Disterhaft BMSA Osgood SA Freduluces SA Cain BMSN Motley ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LTCDR. TALLERICO LT. LAPATING MM W. I 52 M DIVISION MM MMC Abraham MM2 Alejandro MM2 Miller MM2 Davis MM2 Hertz MM2 Poole MM3 Snarms MM3 Marg MM3 Heetcr i M MMFN LaBrue MMFA Wellock i 1 BOILER DIVISION BT ENS Haughey LT Malish BTI Ping BTI Garden BT2 Quick BT3 Perrin BT3 George BT3 Brown BT3 Gline BT3 Schoager BT3 Hobbs BT3 Duff 55 BTFN Payne BTFN Transue BTFN Doubt BTFA Hughes BTFA Castlcberry (J .£ . Mm 56 o .J 4 £ Fireman Beeman Bt2 Spaniel Talking 5 4 ENGINEERS AT WORK I AUXILLERY DIVISION MM ¥i EN ENI Berglund EN3 Vincgra EN2 Ferris Lt. Lower MM2 Vondettc m 59 ELECTRICAL DIVISION EM IC Lt. Robb EMC David EMC Gonzales EMI Calingay ICl Cooke EM3 Cornell EMS Piver EM3 Smidt r rC - .r 60 IC3 Anderson EM3 Kazka I REPAIR DIVISION HT MR igr- HT2 Robenctt HT3 Duchn f% HT2 Myers MRS Estrada FN Parker HT2 McDowell HT2 Williams MR2 Pearson HT2 Lamela 62 TIGER CRUISE NOV 23, 1983 I ; 63 SHIPS SELF-DEFENSE FORCE 5 OCT 83 65 66 While operating in the Persian Gulf Albert David was commended for her quick response to a Distress call from an HS-2 LAMPS helicopter. Also during her period in the Persian Gulf Albert David received very high compliments from LT Colonel Kirkpatrick upon his completion of the ships defense force inspection. Albert David was also visited by Rear Admiral Gurney USN, who distributed Navy Achievements medals, and complemented the ship on its outstanding performance and high state of readiness. Rear Admiral Gurney, was also very impressed with the material condition of the Albert David through its tour under the arduous environment presented by the Persian Gulf. Upon being relived from the Persian Gulf and entroute towards Subic, Albert David was tasked with searching for a Russian submarine exiting the Mallaccan Straits. She was also tasked with investigating a Russian Kresta 11 cruiser, Krivak Frigate, and accompaning oiler. Just prior to exiting the Malaccan Straits Albert David was directed to proceed at top speed to intercept a Russian task force but was halted enroute and proceeded on to Subic Bay, R.P. On arrival Subic Bay, R.P. a 3M inspection was held with a successful completion grade of 85 overall. Also, the ship has had a high nunber of ESWS and SWO qualifications, Held Tiger cruise from Hawaii to San Diego successfully navigated hurricane EWA coming out of Hawaii. i SCHEDULE OF DEPLOYMENT Command History (Starting Aug 13, 1982 13 Aug 82 13 Aug 82 17 Aug 82 19 Aug 82 U W enroute Singapore 24 Aug 82 25 Aug 82 27 Aug 82 05 Sept 82 06 Sept 82 07 Sept 82 11 Sept 82 20 Sept 82 20 Oct 82 30 Oct 83 05 Oct 82 09 Oct 82 10 Oct 82 13 Oct 82 14 Oct 82 17 Oct 82 18 Oct 82 18 Oct 82 27 Oct 82 04 Nov 82 11 Nov 82 23 Nov 82 30 Nov 82 CDR Klein reported aboard Albert David in Sasebo, Japan U W from Sasebo, Japan enroute Subic Bay, R.P. CDR Klein relieves Capt Ferrier as commanding officer of USS Albert David, Arrive Subic Bay, R.P. Depart Subic Bay Cross Equator Arrive Singapore Depart Singapore U W Enroute Persian Gulf Relive USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938) Moor Sitra refueling pier in Bahrain, upon completion of refueling transfer to Anchorage U W Sitra Anchorage enroute Radar Picket Station Anchor Sitra Anchorage, U W for Mina Salman Pier Bahrain U W from Bahrain enroute RPS Anchored Sitra Anchorage Bahrain U W for RPS Lt. Colonel Kirkpatrick, UsmI onboard to conduct ship ' s self defense force inspection Anchored Sitra Anchorage, Bahrain U W From Anchorage enroute RPS Anchored Sitra Anchorage, Bahrain U W from Anchorage, enroute RPS Turn over with USS Manley, Albert David Relived in Persian Gulf by USS Manley Anchored Sitra Anchorage, Bahrain for refueling U W from anchorage enroute Subic Bay, R.P. Sonar Picket Station awaiting passage Souviet Submarine In port Subic Bay, R.P. U W from Subic enroute Pearl Harbor, HI Inport Pearl Harbor, refuel pick up tigers, U W for San Diego, CA Arrive San Diego, CA 67 The following are the personnel we didn ' t have pictures of RMC Ritter RMl Fjeldseth RMl Pitman RM2 Willard SMS Davenport RmSN Sailor LT Kelley ENS Smith OSC Bollinger 051 Fung 052 Jameson 053 Sheets OS2 Ridgel OS2 Hallam OSSN Kitchens ETC Pederson EWl Bo win ETl Simpson EN2 Thorson EN2 Redes ET2 Case ET3 Challen ENS Fowler EW2 Venning QMS Melawowski QNSN Kachele QMSN Lovcday PNC Adelung YNl Ahrens PLS Gammel YNSN Merriwcather MSSN Esplago DKSN Estrada SHSN Bedoy SH2 Mazon SHI Palostre STGl Tomcho TM02 Dennett STG3 Settles GMTSN Burgoon FTGS Bogart FTGS Baldauf BMC Johnson BMC Johnson BMC Nelson BM2 Erdmann BMSN Bollinger BM2 Johns FA Nelson FN Santana MMFN Cayanan MM2 Warnke MMS Thomas BTS Busito BTS Dombrowski BTS Bradford BT2 Morlan BTFR Sims EN2 Jones ENFN Hoppe MN2 Harris MMl Gionco MM2 Skinner MM2 Bishop MM2 Zoelzer MM2 Chanberlain MMS Soule MMFN Kaldenberg MMS Massey EMS Ferrer HTCS Berry HTC White HTl Maitland HTFN Sapien MRFN Page HTFN Kozma LT King 68 ISr s )i 69 We tried to get everyone into the cruise book with pictures we had. If we didn ' t get you this time, re-enlist there ' s the next one. STG2 Jones GMTl Rhudy GMT3 Doherty I N I II -1 - P vIV

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